Agenda 21 and the Green Meanies Part 6

This is Part 6.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Emergency staff from several local fire departments responded to a fire at festive foods in the town of Belmont. Many were at the scene for nearly nine hours.

Festive foods is a food processing plant that makes frozen pizzas. It’s located south of Amherst, near the Waupaca and Portage county line.


And another post from her:

The Dutch Government has announced that it was cutting livestock 1/3 to reduce nitrogen pollution from animal waste and will buy out or relocate the farmers…. What is happening now ? Farmers and citizens protesting


And yet another post from her:

1000s Of Sydney Homes Plunged Into Darkness As Aussie ‘Price Cap’ Policy Sparks Energy Shortage

Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine from Australia:

I thought I would provide some clarification to my post the other week about sharing game meat.

These are the changes in the bill which will make it illegal to share outside your home.

38(1)(a) Meat Industry Act. The bill removes the wording “Other than Game”, when this is removed it essentially bans you consuming meat from a game animal unless it is processed by a meat processing facility. This was clarified by Ms Tierney in the upper house who said that you could use it for personal use for yourself and your household, but you CANNOT gift the meat outside to those who do not live in your home.

The current bill to be changed:

38 Slaughter at unlicensed premises

S. 38(1) amended by No. 40/2019 s. 61(1).

(1) A person must not—

(a) slaughter for human consumption a consumable animal other than game; or

(b) dress the carcass of a consumable animal for human consumption; or

(c) process game or poultry—

at a place or vehicle that is not a meat processing facility licensed for that purpose.

Penalty: First offence 100 penalty units.

Subsequent offence 500 penalty units or 24 months imprisonment or both.

(Note: From 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022, the value of the penalty unit is $181.74)

(2) This section does not apply to the slaughter of game.

S. 38(3) inserted by No. 40/2019 s. 61(2).

(3) A person does not commit an offence under subsection (1)(c) if the game is processed at a meat processing facility that solely processes game that is not intended for sale.

In the new Bill

In section 38(1)(a) of the Meat Industry Act 1993 to omit “other than game”.

You will in section (2) it refers to slaughter of Game ONLY. Not processing or dressing.

I’ve attached an image of the relevant section of the Meat Industry Act 1993 so it makes sense to people. Amendments from the recent Ag bill are noted.e noted.


3,000 cattle dead mysteriously in Kansas:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Australia is already in the early stages of Communism.

Households across NSW are being urged to reduce their energy consumption right now to avoid a blackout TONIGHT.

It comes hours after the regulator suspended the energy market – nationally – for the very first time in an effort to keep lights on. 9News


Here is another post from her:

Los Angeles may ban new gas stations to help combat climate emergency


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is how they create SMART FARMING and WILDERNESS areas. STEER CLEAR!!

And the post she quoted:

By 2040, 18.4 million acres of American farmland and ranchland will be paved over, fragmented, or compromised without smart growth and good land-use planning.
The nation has a choice: allow unchecked sprawl to erode this critical resource, or safeguard it with policies that protect farmland and smarter land-use planning that leads to efficient growth.
Farms Under Threat is AFT’s multi-year effort to advance cutting-edge solutions for farmland protection. We use high-resolution spatial analysis tools to identify exactly where agricultural land has been converted to urban and low-density residential land uses—and to anticipate future threats. We have also done a deep analysis of every state’s policies for protecting farmland and ranchland, promoting agricultural viability, and helping transfer land to the next generation of farmers and ranchers.
Learn more from AFT’s new report Farms Under Threat 2040: Choosing an Abundant Future.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Bill Gates, who already owns close to 270,000 acres of land in the U.S., has been granted the legal authority to buy another 2100 acres in North Dakota despite protests by local residents.


Here is a post that I found online:

Interesting how coordinated all the Western nations are, as if they are all working from the same playbook. Fuel poverty, food insecurity, rolling blackouts will cause fear, a population in fear is far easier to control & manipulate. I bet there are nudge units behind this.

The government has drafted a new emergency bill, giving the State unprecedented powers to manage the entire coal & gas industry in France.

Allowing it to ration as it sees fit. Preparing for an ‘Energy War economy’.


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The trucking industry and supply chains are about to take another HUGE hit.
If you remember a few years ago when Uber and Lyft drivers started demanding benefits and California passed AB5 in 2019.
The California Trucking Association appealed and has been fighting it since then with injunctions granted and lawsuits delaying it, until now. The US Supreme Court just denied an appeal to delay implementation.

And another post from her:

The Dutch protesters are pouring manure on government offices, flooding streets, and becoming all together ungovernable. This uprising is in response to the WEF controlled government shutting down farms to “save the planet.” You have to see this:

Here is a post I found from the Syrian Times. It appears that Bashar al-Assad is in on the larger globalist agenda, much like Putin. That means he’s as much to blame for the suffering of his own people due to the proxy wars as Volodymyr Zelenskyy is for his (Also, this isn’t the only instance of Syria/NWO cooperation that has helped to change my opinion of Bashar al-Assad being a victim of the NWO. I’d also seen several posts talking about how Syria was working with UNESCO and WHO as well.):

Katowice-Poland (ST): The Eleventh Urban Forum concluded its activities today, with the participation of Syria, represented by a delegation headed by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Eng. Suhail Abdel Latif, and the Syrian Ambassador, Radwan Lutfi, with a closing session that dealt with what governments have accomplished within the framework of the goals of the new urban agenda and future work plans, emphasizing the importance of follow-up work within specific operational time frames.

With the participation of Syria, Eleventh Urban Forum concludes in Poland



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The World Economic Forum promotes “Circular Economies” as a means to rebuild Sri Lanka’s economy. As a result of the Great Reset, all products will become services, so “you’ll own nothing and be happy”.


Here is a post from a friend of mine from Florida:

Well they’re so open with it I guess I should have known. This is gentrification. Met a guy at the dog bar who studies and writes and does so much research on gentrification and segregation. It’s called @segregationbydesign on Instagram. He is currently studying Palm beach county. He said this place is in the middle of being gentrified right now, so the fact I’m losing my place so a bunch of freaking yuppies can move in, doesn’t surprise him.
“Take a good mental snapshot of Boynton Beach because you won’t recognize the city in 10 years.
That’s the opinion of political leaders and administrators who are overseeing a transformation designed to reshape the city’s future.
If there is a theme to Boynton’s plans, it might be: Out with the old stuff and in with the new shiny projects.”
Getting pushed out are old buildings along Federal Highway and Boynton Beach Boulevard as well as the city’s reputation as a haven primarily for retirees and snowbirds. Coming in will be Town Square, which will give Boynton its first downtown in decades; and construction of hundreds of apartments and condos that are attracting young professionals looking to start a family and having the effect of changing the city’s demographics.
Therefore, if you’re rich and white and you have a tech job- by all means. But if you’re struggling or poor or black, then who knows.
“Boynton is growing rapidly,” said City Manager Lori LaVerriere, citing figures showing Boynton’s population is expected to grow by 7 percent over the next five years. “We’re coastal, affordable and a fun place to live. From a quality-of-life perspective, people are becoming very attracted to Boynton Beach.”
Any talk of what Boynton looks like in 2030 begins with Town Square, the massive 16-acre project that will include a new city hall, library, fire station, amphitheater, several parks, a hotel and thousands of square feet of commercial and residential space.
“Town Square is going to give Boynton Beach a downtown for the first time since the 1950s when Henry Flagler still had his train station on Ocean Avenue,” Mayor Steven Grant said. “The way I see it, Town Square is the start of the next century for our city.”
Change is also coming to the Boynton Beach Mall, a victim of the retail world’s move away from big-box stores. The site developer, Washington Prime, is expected to present a master plan that includes hundreds of apartments and office space to go with retail stores and restaurants that are accessible from the outside.
Grant said he would like the “new mall” to be an ““entertainment complex versus just a shopping and living complex” that could include a small-capacity arena, while Commissioner Justin Katz, whose district contains the 116-acre mall site, said he prefers a retail and dining combination with a “Delray Marketplace-vibe.”
I hate the Delray market place YUPPIE-ville vibe.
There are other apartment complexes that are going up or have been opened since the start of 2018, including the six-story 500 Ocean, at Federal Highway and Ocean Avenue, which will ultimately have nearly 350 residences.
“There are consequence to growth,” Katz said. “You can’t stop growth but you can take lessons that we’ve learned from cities that have already developed around us and make sure that whatever pitfalls they have now as a result of their growth, we pay attention to them and have plans to mitigate those things so we don’t repeat those same mistakes.”
Yeah, I’m sure they care SO much about misplacing poor residents so they can bring in wealthy people. Ight.

And some replies to this post:

I grew up on the Delray border and watched it happen in real time. The gentrification over the last 20 years made that place unrecognizable from when I grew up. It was a sleepy little beach town with not a lot of crime. Fancy stores, townhouses, and everyone thought it was so great while people got pushed out crime increased and widened the divide between haves and have nots

This is a real shame as Boynton used to be an affordable, fun place to live. Now it will be like a rip off of Delray, which has been steadily going downhill with its marketplace and the like garbage retail and dining options. It’s almost as if they’re intentionally ruining everything, making it both less affordable and lower quality.
Justin Katz is also the Palm Beach CTA president so I’m well aware of him and his covid antics as well. Nothing good comes of this with people like him involved

He sits right there next to us Liberty minded parents, laughing at us as we spoke to the board about school closures, masks, etc. He is not “for the people”

Berkeley is turning into a mini-Manhattan downtown, with hi rises popping up elsewhere, and a mile from me is a growing bio-tech area heavily involved with implementing 4IR, connected as well with the Cal campus, which looks like a bio-tech lab. Every year the change is more drastic.

I see changes like this happening in Jupiter. People want to keep this area “small” and “coastal” but they also beg for shiny projects. The new loggerhead marine center feels like a spaceship. The small town feel is gone and that’s just one example.

UNINVOLVED men and women.
We were warned years ago about the words sustainable and smart.

Should have been stopped at air port searches and camera’s at traffic lights.
I went to many many Town Hall meetings and school board meetings and not many people ever show up.

I found this post on FB:


State takeover of private land accelerates – Statement by Groundswell NZ

Anyone that owns, leases, or manages property or land in New Zealand, both urban and rural, should be very concerned about the latest developments on the West Coast. That is the message from Groundswell NZ, after over 1500 West Coast property owners received letters in the mail, out of the blue, stating that their properties had been zoned for takeover by state control and that restrictions would take immediate legal effect. There was no consultation with affected property owners and no compensation for loss of use or drop in property value. Property owners have been left in a state of shock and angry at the lack of respect and fair process.

This takeover of private land came about after the four West Coast councils released a combined district plan last week, called Te Tai o Poutini. The zonings include sites of significance to Maori, historic areas, outstanding natural landscapes, and significant natural areas (SNAs). Both urban and rural residents are impacted.

In taking this draconian action, the councils have now turned anything that has cultural, historic, or natural value into a liability. Would you want any of these features on your property if it would make you vulnerable to losing the use of your land and the resulting drop in the value of your property?

This state takeover of private land is accelerating throughout New Zealand, as local councils are being forced by Government directive to enforce unworkable regulations. The raft of ill-conceived regulations coming out of Wellington is causing considerable stress and anxiety for the thousands of people caught up by the legislation. This is the main reason Groundswell NZ started campaigning.

Groundswell NZ are calling for the West Coast councils to immediately withdraw the Te Tai o Poutini plan and to support their communities in lobbying the Government for workable legislation that focuses on achieving positive environmental outcomes, while working with and respecting the rights of people and communities.

Groundswell NZ


Here is a post from my friend from Australia:

Just wondering what you think because the only supermarkets within 45minutes of me have discontinued most of their organic lines, and now the glass bottled spring water is also gone.
It’s an awesome place to shop for hundreds of synthetic cocktails (solid, liquid, and everything in between) comprised of high fructose corn starch, glucose syrup, chemical compounds coded with numbers for concealment and brevity, fake meat, fake alcohol, fake eggs, fake cheese, fake butter, fake ice cream, plant based concoctions packaged in plastic that’s more biodegradable than what’s inside, and an endless supply of biofuel waste converted into indigestible caloric soy mass.
On the contrary, the fresh produce section is abysmal in variety and quantity.
Nothing tastes good anymore. All the joys of life have been obliterated over the decades. I’m starving for the life we could’ve had, and could be having.

And some replies to this post:

I’m seeing it and tasting the horrible excuse for produce. Even the organic produce is terrible.

I got a bag of organic nectarines and they were mush inside and just got a bag of peaches yesterday and am returning them today. There’s been a chemical aroma and taste to a lot of veggies. Cucumber and celery are two that have gone dry in texture too.

I call it “Corporate Organic” .. there has been so much loosening of requirements to meet the qualification of “Organic” , that corrupt federal agencies issuing and granting the “Certified Organic” label , is almost MEANINGLESS

.. I ‘m thinking the ONLY way now to get the equivalent of organic or beyond organic food , is to grow it yourself , or know a grower you TRUST

I do frequent our local organic store but these purchases were at Harris Teeter’s and another chain grocery store. I have been able to find an organic stand at the farmers market but it’s a small selection. I tried to save a few dollars but I’m going to have to spend the extra at our local store. I’m trying so hard to grow hydroponics but not having much luck. I think they got to the seeds too.

I shop at a local Harris Teeter and in the past their organic selections – especially produce – have been phenomenal , but of late ? .. NOT SO MUCH

Yes, I’m noticing the same here in Canada. Everything organic is tasting lackluster, that which I can get. Organic celery and cucumbers have always been a favorite mainstay…now, meh! These are from the organic section of a large corporation though..will see how to source locally

I never realized how bad Australian supermarket food is until i discovered Japan – after my annual holiday to Japan for a month i would return home to Oz and upon the next visit to Coles or Woolworths or IGA i would literally do a complete run of all aisles and find NOTHING appealing – trolley would be empty – i then would tell myself; “Ok I’m not in Japan anymore I’ll have to drop my standards if I want any affordable food,” and then do another round to put something in the trolley. That was after just a month in Japan and acclimatizing to better food grades. Now after almost 10 years in Japan if i went back to Oz i don’t think i could adapt back.

I never realised just how much PLASTIC PACKAGING there is in food now. I buy organic in bulk, and only shop once a month with the occasional fresh produce run, and honestly the plastic. THE PLASTIC in food packaging is hard to comprehend.
I bought some organic soup and looked at the pouches – throw in the bin as land fill but they ship better – eg they can put more in a box than canned. It is a market where the circular economy is about the money in the pockets going from on corporation to the other. That’s the true circular economy here.

Same in the U.K. my local supermarket that has the best (and most expensive) selection of healthier foods is a Waitrose and they had a catastrophic warehouse fire recently that affects all the Waitrose’s in the country 🤔

It looks like shopping baskets are now also taking a turn for the worst.


FFS! As if the supermarkets aren’t already a science !
“can’t identify you (clause) ‘personally’.” Meaning it identifies you without receiving all your details. That could mean everything but your name. It means it’s locked out of some parts of your digital identity. Disgusting They want to get into people’s minds by getting into their shoes. Our devices, appliances, cars and the cameras and microphones everywhere aren’t already enough!!!

I could not agree more it’s absolutely vile!. scanners that film you at checkout, documenting every purchase, now baskets, if they win the cashless war .. it won’t be long before all systems connect … the vice is tightening … meanwhile the normies swing their baskets down the isle with glee!

I remember when loyalty cards that gave you points were first introduced. Many people for reasons of personal privacy did not want them in order to keep their purchasing choices private. Now look where we are.

I’ve been angry, sad, sicken, all the emotions about shopping in the last year especially. Nothing I want can be bought locally anymore They want you to have to order everything so it’s traceable to you. My favorite farmer closed his farm this year The weather has been horrendous Noone’s gardens are thriving. The grocery stores, ugh! Not dependable to find anything in there anymore Occasionally still get what we want but can’t count on it. And I completely agree, the flavor of produce has been terribly altered.

Sri Lanka wanted to go 100% organic and ban agrochemicals, but they weren’t allowed to. A bit like Gaddafi wanted to ditch the dollar…and wasn’t allowed to.

As an aside (or maybe not), Sri Lanka has been earmarked by WEF to be the centre of the ‘Reset’ for Asia. I guess it had to be destroyed in order to build back better.

Has anyone looked at the price of bulk herbs lately? Small companies being bought out and consolidated into the Corporations. It’s all a part of Codex Alimentarius. The incremental end to our availability to herbs and alternative/natural medications/supplements.: Started in 1962 by UN, Imposed by WTO Sanctions
Codex Alimentarius was created in 1962 as a trade Commission by the UN to control the international trade of food. Its initial intentions may have been altruistic but it has been taken over by corporate interests, most notably the pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotechnology and chemical industries.
Codex Alimentarius is backed up by the crippling trade sanctions of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Any non Codex-compliant nation would face huge economic punishment since they would automatically lose in any food-trade dispute with a Codex compliant country.

the food and grocery stores here in the us, especially on the east coast, is the worst. my saving grace is going to a local farmers market and buying the best organic produce at a very resonable price from an Amish farmer. Stock up on organic seeds for sprouting to get your nutrition. Stock up up on heirloom seeds and grow your own, there are lots of seeds in heirloom plants and you can keep plantinig them, unlike the shite gmo foods.

Here is a post that was shared to a wall of a friend of mine:

This be a pretty serious intrusion into traditional property rites


And some replies to this post:

They want to do the same in Germany. They completely ignore the fact that those people who have private wells on their properties have already incurred enormous costs associated with their construction at the beginning. And this is how people are robbed frequently.


This is a concern in Maryland too. I have a well, and I am charged for Takeaway water services. Acceptable. But…..I am also taxed for whatever amount of rainfall falls on my property over the year. Truth


This is already happening in Catalunya, Spain. A friend of mine has a well on his land. They came along and put a meter on it….then made him build a permanent cover over the well. He is billed for his own water.


I threatened in writing to sue Excel electric utility company if the stepped on my property. Same thing in another state I’m in. Nothing happened. Yet. This was in 2012 in CA akd again in 2022 in CO. If you forbid them on your property the installers usually back off. I’m wondering if enough people do this will it stop this Plan ???


Here in Spain..from what I can see…..people accede to authority. They are conditioned to believe that having water on your property is a luxury/privilege and conditioned to believe that water is scarce. I don’t believe any of this is true…..but my friend does, so he did as he was told.

I’ve listened to Deborah Tabares from over the years and learned the truth.


In California, you don’t have mineral rights to your land (property rights established during the Gold Rush). Due to mismanagement of water resources and political shenanigans, California is drying up her aquifer. This was all preventable. California has an abundance of water which they allow to flow out to sea every year. Planned scarcity.


If the gov wants to charge them for the water pumped by the well, they should reimburse for replacement costs for a new well first. The well is part of the surface property improvements, and the rights of water pumped from the depth at the time of this feudal move, is grandfathered. It’s not a mineral rights issue. This is part of Agenda 21.


I agree. I think this is legally actionable. Look at nestle. They have “ grandfather rights and pay Hundreds of dollars to pump MILLIONS of gallons of spring water. It’s got to be actionable. I believe a recent court case ruled in their favor sadly. But good news in terms of standing legally.


That’s cuz Nestle is in on Agenda 21:é_S.A.



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Blackstone already owns almost $300 billion in real estate and will pour in another $50 billion during the next real estate crash, turning swaths of neighborhoods into giant rental communities. Expect rental prices to soar as wealth is drained from the middle class. The goal of Technocracy is to place all physical assets into the hands of a few super-elitists, creating a neo-feudalist world. ⁃ TN Editor

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Manchin’s statement said that the deal invests in technologies that would bolster various types of energy, including fossil fuels, renewables, nuclear hydrogen and energy storage.
Manchin says he has reached a deal with Schumer on taxes, climate

And another post from her:

Billionaire-funded eco group quietly taking farmland out of production in rural America

And yet another post from her:

Rabobank is refusing loans to Dutch farmers that refuse to cut nitrogen by 50%, cattle stock by 95%, and pig, chicken and turkey farms by 80%.


Here is a post from another friend of mine:

The “GREAT RESET” scam is really all about bringing in a one-world Carbon-Credit economic system, brought to you by the criminal cabal at the UN and WEF!
And in case you wondered why Bill Gates and his criminal buddies are buying up so much land, well it’s worth a fortune in carbon credits!
Now for today’s carbon credit news…

August 13, 2022
Time To Combine Forces?
Lots of news this week: Two powerful markets (potentially) join forces, India keeps its credits in-house, and half a million forest credits auction.
But first, let’s dig into how smaller landowners can get in on the carbon game.
Free Money In The Woods?
Roughly 39% of America’s forests are in the hands of small private landowners with between 30-2000 acres.
Those landowners are now starting to realize the value of the carbon locked up in their trees.
Thanks to the American Forest Foundation, small landowners can enroll their trees in the Family Forest Carbon Program. The program essentially groups offsets from smaller parcels into a sort of carbon credit co-op, which then allows them to be sold on to corporations.
The program provides environmental benefits as well as a source of income for small landholders.
ICE Auction
More proof that forest landowners are winning more share of the carbon market? Planned carbon credit auctions.
The leading global provider of data, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) plans to auction 500,000 reforestation carbon credits for GreenTrees.
GreenTrees’ program enables landowners to receive carbon credits in the earlier years. As the planet continues to get warmer, more firms will invest in emissions reductions and removals.
That could mean trading carbon credits generated from protecting forests will also grow.
India Bans Carbon Credits Exports
Last week, India earned the spotlight with its multiple climate pledges. But that seems not enough for the South Asian nation which made another loud noise.
They began banning carbon credit exports until India meets its climate goals.
In the aftermath of the decision, the shares of India-based EKI Energy were down over 17%.
EKI is the developing world’s largest carbon credit producer, with a focus on renewables and energy efficiency.
Joining Forces: Australia Seeks A New Path For Carbon Credits And Offsets
With a new government comes new plans, and Australia’s new Labour government is full of them.
One of the most noteworthy is the goal of reducing CO2 emissions by over 40% from 2005 levels by 2030.
One way of achieving those goals is to integrate existing voluntary reductions (offsets) and regulatory limits (credits) into a single market.
This National Carbon Market would streamline the entire process and integrate federal and local governments and individual efforts at a deeper level.

And some replies to this post:

This isn’t that new. The former government for the province of Ontario legislated a cap and trade deal with California 2013-2018.
There was transport scam that took advantage of this for a few years till caught. It would send empty railcars stateside and the same railcars would return, claiming carbon green credits both ways. The costs of the railcars was minimal in comparison.
An article on money from nothing (credits).

Sounds similar to tax credits given to land-owners for not farming their land. btw recently my city school board ex-president purchased and moved to CT, to an 8 acre parcel of largely forested land. Hmmm… wonder what he knew. He was one of the worst in terms of mandates, etc.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Plans from the Food Vision Dairy Group show they want the Irish government to compensate farmers up to 5000 euro per animal to cull their cows. Crazy people are creating a food crisis.

And another post from her:

Australian bank announces it will BAN loans for petrol or diesel cars in order to fight climate change and encourage electric vehicles


And yet another post from her:

FRANCE – The Minister of the Interior has announced his aim to create 3000 “green police” positions, to combat climate change.

Great Reset: French Govt to Recruit 3,000 ‘Green Police’ over “Climate Change” following calls from European Union bigwigs for the creation of a bloc-wide “Civil Protection Force” to fight the effects of climate change under the control of Brussels.


Here is a Youtube video made by one of the friends of mine:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Appliance companies are phasing out gas stoves and switching to building electric stoves because its greener[ to meet green energy demand] . –


Watch out for the climate cops in Canada:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Another food processing facility burned …

A commercial fire burned a poultry business in Montebello Sunday afternoon. QC Poultry at 1111 W. Olympic Blvd. sustained building damage, and several commercial vehicles may also have been burned, a spokesperson for the city of Montebello said.



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