Economic Evils Part 3

This is Part 3.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

I’m so screwed. I cannot afford $3500 a month INCREASE as opposed to $650. That’s such an increase I can’t even begin to understand.. and our buildings in a lawsuit. I’m so fked. How dehumanizing these rich fks and banks can just kick you out of your home and say SORRY you can’t live here cause you’re not rich enough. Well F y’all. SCREW the rich. I’m OVER everything. They’re locking us in here. And taking our homes right from under us. I am so beyond sick of you NEW YORK investors. I’m gonna have to end up doing something illegal or stupid AGAIN just to fucking LIVE.
What was I thinking? ‘yeah I can live here and afford this” NOT. Fuck everything

And some replies to this post:

I feel ur pain same shit happen 2 me

Hows that legal??? Go talk to a lawyer

apparently we have zero protection and a couple of rich investors from NY took over the board and boom were fked. They’re getting a 1.9 Million dollar loan from the bank. My total costs monthly is $3500 NOT including food, water, misc bills, GAS, ETC

I can honestly say I feel you….
I’ve got an 8yr old daughter and a dog and have had to live with friends and their family for going on two years now bc of this bullshit (plus my ex). They are wanting their home back to themselves (completely understandable) but I’m fucked bc I can’t afford anything else and due to the weird parenting plan it’s hard to find employment that pays enough and works with my schedule…..TN isn’t any better…..Shit is getting real, really fast….I’m with you on your current thinking too but can’t get too crazy bc of my daughter. I pray someone will help you or something will give, you don’t deserve this bullshit!🙏💞

I understand this completely. Last august a place I rented in Lake Worth for years tried increasing the rent from 1500 to 2500 in a year which was crazy. I found a nice cottage off 46th and Broadway which I’m 1 block from Broadway which is crazy and 1 block from the inter coastal which is peaceful for 1300. Now the scary thing is a new managment company bought the property a couple weeks ago and I need to find out what the next year lease is going to look like because I have a feeling which is happening to all of us down here a spike in rental prices going onto the 2nd year now. I feel for you but look around and you might find something that might not be ideal location but everything you need like in my case.

I bet it will be ridiculous. It’s such a shame. These investors are killing us. So are the banks. And thank you. Good luck to you as well 🙁

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Mexico inflation at 21-year high, central bank seen hiking rates again


And another post from her:

This was sent to some truckers in the N. East on May 5


I just spoke to a friend of ours, who owns the service station where we buy gas and diesel – I was told they placed an order for diesel. The guy , who takes the orders said their company was completely out of diesel and could not fill any orders for service stations and truck stops – I guess our farm tractor will be used only for dire emergencies now and remain parked in the barn. No joke we are thinking of locating some goats for sale to help keep the pastures under control at this time.


And yet another post from her:

The BIS in Basel, Switzerland is the central bank to central banks all of which represent a giant vampire squid on planet earth. When CBDC accounts are opened directly by the public, the U.S. Treasury will be obsolete and powerless, as will our Congress that has responsibility to coin money. This means total control over currencies by one monolithic structure that sits out of reach from all governments. ⁃ TN Editor
The Bank For International Settlements Goes All-In For Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)

And yet another post from her:

Don’t be surprised to pay $15.00+ for a loaf of bread this fall IF you can find bread. Input prices are 100% a barrier to harvesting EXISTING crop in the ground and right now it looks very bad.



Here is a post from my friend from Australia:

Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺
This is it folks. Now entering the Metaverse.


And some replies to this post:


Melbourne Museum cash banned for use!!

Melbourne Zoo cash banned for use!!

Melbourne Cricket Club members have been issued with a cashless card to use at the Melbourne Cricket Ground


American Express is to no longer accept cash deposit through Post Office as of June.



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Sri Lanka will be in the hands of the IMF
Sri Lanka to default on debt, no money for fuel, minister says
Sri Lanka currently has no dollars to pay for petrol shipments

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

8 minutes.


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