Stories of H1B Visa Abuse Part 3

This is part 3.

I found this post in a comment on the US Tech Workers page:

Qualcomm is opening a campus in India after laying off hundreds of Americans in San Diego. This past week 269 employees were let go. Bleak times for many of us


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Just a quick poll, if you, like me, got sacked from about 2008-2012, 1) are you now working? 2) how long were you unemployed, and 3) approximately what is your income now, compared to your last full time job (a percentage will suffice). I’d like to see some evidence of this “recovery“ we keep hearing about. Do you think it’s real?

And here are the replies to this post:

I was out of work for almost TWO YEARS and only because I applied for government jobs am I now back and employed again. I went from making 165k to 72k. BUT at least I can get retirement pension hopefully in 20 years plus social security and hopefully more stable job long term and good benefits.

Always worked non stop but had to travel long distances sometimes. Wages were up a d down. 2010 was the worst for me. IT industry only got better a little bit with election of trump in 2016. Not much positive change but a little bit. Why? I see it at my work place. They started hiring a little bit more Americans. Not enough though

in my case when Trump got elected, it got way worse for me. Lost my job at HDS, took 2 years of pain to find a job. Trump failed us.

I was unemployed 3 years, starting in 2012. I was terminated by people in their 70’s, and I was rehired through a friend in a different state at 90% of my old salary, but I’m up for a promotion so that could change. I don’t fault trump because the H-1b is a congressional law. But I don’t think Trump has much leverage to be effective in our plight.

I lost my job in 2008, then had my job outsourced again in 2015. Both times I was able to find new jobs in about a month. Both times I increased my pay. It has gotten harder for me to find new jobs but I think that is mostly due to the fact that my salary is high and there are simply fewer jobs at that level. I live in Orlando, so we don’t have as many high tech companies as the West Coast, NYC, and DC areas. I think the economy is better with companies hiring, but the H-1B program has two adverse effects. First, it provides employers with a steady stream of offshore workers so even though there are more jobs, there are also more potential employees. Second, the extra workers are countering what should be a normal market cycle that makes labor scarce and increases wages. So I don’t think its a bad time to be getting into the IT field, but it is a bad time to be a veteran IT employee with a high salary.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

A group of American tech workers oppose the plan of Indian IT outsourcing company Infosys to open a hub in Hartford, Connecticut, which was announced by outgoing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Although these Indian owned IT bodyshops like Infosys promise to create jobs where ever they expand, they are well-known for discriminating against American workers in favor of Indian IT workers, for abusing H1-B / H4 visas, and for several other frauds. Please support this group of American tech workers to save their jobs by calling the Connecticut governor’s office at (860) 566-4840 and expressing your opposition to the expansion of Infosys in Connecticut.

And some replies to this post:

They will hire people of Indian decent or Indian people in general. They may hire a few native born American people with American lineage as tokens, but that’s about it. This is crazy. I am shocked this practice and these types of companies has been happening for as long as it has been happening. It’s shameful, really.

The same in Phoenix ..

Yes …what you have mentioned above is 200% the truth …these hindu organizations are very racist …They keep hiring only indians ….

And another post from this group:


This document is a collection of various SAITJ
posts describing the Indian IT Mafia and their counterpart antics and
visa corruption from late August 2014 to Year 2018.

Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS),
Syntel, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Mahindra Satyam, Satyam,
Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, Amdocs, Vidyatech.
These Indian companies have ignored or shoved aside American IT
professionals for years, whether through layoffs or by employment
discrimination. These companies are 95% Indian and IT professionals
who have trained their H-1B IT replacements are on the street
unemployed. Many IT professionals have lost their homes and
careers permanently. The Indian IT Mafia has through the year’s
violated U.S. discrimination laws and has been subject to several
fines and has been found guilty of labor law violations and software

The raft of corruption and misdeeds range for epic incompetence of
clients contracts by the Indian IT Mafia, to fake resumes by F-1
student visa holders, lying about the student OPT program, Indian IT
recruiters that discriminate against American applicants, companies
with Indian hiring mangers rarely hire Americans, if Americans get an
interview, it is a token interview to satisfy EEOC diversity
requirements, the interview will be rigged against the Americans, if
they do hire an American, he or she will become token potted plant,
not given work or crowded out of project work. The visa fraud
corruption scales are off the chart for fake resumes for fake students
for fake universities. The Indian IT Mafia is merciless in their treatment
of their Indian subjects or employees or indentured servants. They
command long hours and low pay, minuscule benefits, after all if any
Save American Information Technology Jobs
Indian looks behind them, they will see plenty of applicants ready
and waiting. The Indian IT Mafia body shops are notorious for their
treatment of their own people, they know that a visa termination is
only one airplane ticket away back to paradise. It is a form of
modern slavery.

Click to access the-indian-it-mafia-and-h-1b-f-1-opt-l-1-corruption.pdf

And another post from this group:



For Immigration Voice, it is all about green cards, I want them now, I want green cards for my family members so that they can escape miserable India.

The fact that Americans worker jobs are lost to these hoards rarely enters their minds for Immigration Voice is a par for the course a self interest group. Any group or individual who opposes them is a racist, the race card is their favorite weapon of choice, the racism they learned in India has crossed the shores to the USA where Indian companies choose wide spread discrimination and fake resumes and rigged interviews and out right firing of native US citizens out of work and on to the pavement.

Click to access meet-the-indian-lobbyists-meet-the-india-first-america-last-congress.pdf

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article about Trump’s plan to include a pathway to citizenship for H-1Bs:

I work for big pharma and we employ an army of these Indian lab assistants. That’s a lot of potential entry level and summer work for recent graduates in the STEM fields that is taken off the job market through H-1B, all to save a few bucks. This is not because there aren’t enough graduates in STEM fields; it’s because these companies find they can trim their bottom line, so why not?

This is such a mistake. I am in the software industry and since Trump has been in we have experienced abnormal wage increases. Prez Trump: Don’t negate your own progress!!

My wife got a degree in computer programming and the company she worked for years ago started out at 24k a year. Their senior employees topped out at 35k. I literally made more unloading trucks. Grant it, we lived in Georgia at the time.

Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

US Tech Workers
January 11 at 9:42 AM ·
Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) an Indian lobbyist front group that pours $$$ into DC and congress and works with Immigration Voice to get green cards for every one of the H-1Bs and their family members. THEY ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN JOY, THEY CANNOT BELIEVE THEIR LUCK! TRUMP TO US TECH WORKERS – DROP DEAD!

And another post from this page:

A New Yoder Emerges: “Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who is the new chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, is pro-immigration, as is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the incoming chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Both would likely support a bill to increase the number of H-1B visas, though they have also favored more restrictions on “outsourcing” companies. Given how antagonistic the Trump administration is toward high-skilled immigration it is difficult to foresee an H-1B bill that would earn the administration’s support that employers would consider favorable to business.”

“Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the incoming immigration subcommittee chair, is a big supporter of legislation to eliminate the per-country limit for employment-based immigrants. Bills to eliminate the per-country limit have passed the House before. The Senate has been the problem. If a per-country limit bill passes the House in 2019-20, the challenge again will be to find a way to make it through the U.S. Senate.”


Here are some posts from a Breitbart article, now about three years old, concerned the Disney layoffs:

I have worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and this kind of abuse has been going on for well over 15 years. I had tried to explain it to co-workers and friends and was always blown off as a bigot or xenophobe. It’s good to see people are finally waking up. It’s also unfortunate that it may be too late. People also don’t realize that there are loopholes to keep foreign workers in the US such as the L1 and F1 visa programs. I currently work for a large tech company and over a third of the workforce are here on H1B visas.
For those of you that say you wouldn’t train your replacement.. Well the bad news is that you can be let go and denied severance. In some states you can be denied unemployment as well. Also in my industry if you are over 40 good luck finding another job anytime soon. Yes, ageism is rampant in most industries and the tech industry is one of the worst.
PLEASE go to the NumbersUSA and FAIR websites and get active. This can happen to you no matter what kind of job you have.

I lost my 20 year career in IT because of the H-1B visa fraud.

Thanks, Ted Cruz, for the H-1B visa expansion. I hope that you were well paid for your treason against the American IT workers.

Rubio pretends he knows nothing about the Disney abuse of H1-B visas, and he’s the senator from Florida!

He’s either lying or incompetent.

If I know about it, he does too. Another Rubio ruse.

I called AT&T the other day about a phone issue and possibly upgrading my account.
I got a pleasant enough person on the other end, but with a definite accent. In jest, I made the standard joke about talking to someone in India, at which point he politely chuckled and told me that I was talking to him in India.

We need those jobs back. We need to stop shipping so many out. And we have such high unemployment and people with skills, who have been pushed out of the job market due to “age” (but have the talent and desire to work) that we DON’T need to bring foreigners in. It’s disgusting how politicians keep throwing Americans under the bus.

Unusual he let the “I am in India” truth slip out. Usually they are trained to use an American accent and to talk about American sport and weather etc.
My charming employers sacked hundreds of IT workers last year. They designed ads etc. Most of the work went to India.
We were not allowed to say anything about it to anyone.
People were sent overseas to train their Indian replacements.
At least they got a trip overseas.

I worked in IT as well and saw this. It was not a few routine jobs being sent out, it was a key function, skilled and well paid. At one large and well known company it was an entire floor; first they hired all Indians, there were 3 non Indians, 2 of them contractors. Then the entire sub-department was physically relocated to India.

In 2013 Senator Cruz submitted 2 amendments to Senate bill 744 that called for large increases in the worker and H1-b quotas.
Senate Amendment 1324 – Cruz called for an increase in the worker visas to 1,012,500. 607,500 of these visas are reserved for STEM degree foreigners.
Senate Amendment 1325 – Cruz called for an increase in the H1-b visas from 65,000 to 325,000. That is a 500% increase.

In 2013 there were, and still are today, over 90 million Americans out of work. These amendments are definitely not conservative and looking out for the American workers. It’s just giving his campaign contributors what they want, more cheap labor.

I don’t buy Cruz’s explanation that he just found out about H1-b abuses at Disney. Being a programmer, I’ve been laid off twice and each time it took just over a year to find another job because I had to compete with the cheap labor H1-b programmers. If Cruz is the government scholar that people claim he is he should have known of the H1-b abuses in 2013 as the H1-b program has been abused since the early to mid 1990’s under Bill Clinton’s first term.

The accounting industry has been doing it for years too. They use H2-b temps to do your taxes….feel better about your personal information now?

Here is a post I found from someone who is against the Infosys expansion into Connecticut:

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont plans to allow InfoSys to instantiate a presence in Hartford using taxpayer dollars of $13 million with a reciprocation of merely 1,000 jobs, and NO guarantee that the jobs will be filled by American citizens.

InfoSys is notorious for discriminating against (and firing) Americans, and other non-south Asian, workers. The NY Times reported just this past October that InfoSys employs 80% of its 200,000 workforce in India with the remaining 20% in the United States being mostly H1B visa workers. Connecticut is one of the most hallowed-out states in the country for American tech workers due to years of unfettered foreign worker visa abuse. IT’S TIME FOR AMERICAN WORKERS AND AMERICAN COLLEGE GRADS TO TAKE A STAND!

Here are some posts from another Breitbart article about Trump H-1B visa betrayal:

There should be a government program where you can sell your degree back to the government to pay for your federal student loans, as a citizen who went to school and receive a S.T.E.M degree I could not find any employment opportunities.

(shaking head) What can be done to reign Trump in? He seems to go off the rails on a regular basis…..usually after those damn big business Republicans get to him.

We need to find a way to start a new party with disaffected Dems and Republicans – so we can leave gridlock and traitors behind.

H1-B visas need to be severely limited. First, NAFTA created an atmosphere in which blue collar jobs were moved to other nations, and then the H1B visas came along to replace all the white collar workers.

The trend is to turn the USA into a 3rd world nation. By eliminating the vast majority of blue and white collar jobs, the overall wages for the middle class fall dramatically, and with it the entire middle class begins to collapse.

Peter Roskam, now former Congressman, just lost a long-time Republican suburban Chicago area House seat – formerly held by Henry Hyde, largely due to his support for H-1B foreign labor visas.

Get the H1B Facts for your State and Congressional District – The numbers tell the horrors.

Save American IT Jobs H-1B Facts for NY, NJ and Connecticut Apply to All Occupations – Find Out for Yourself:

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts Southeast is H-1Bad–rqhJ9lzgHbm8&cuid=1290197

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts is a Midwest Basket Case:

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts are a Mess in Texas:

Save American IT Jobs has Some Western H1B Facts, Truth Be Told, It is Ugly:

Anyone who is honest should not be surprised by this. The trumpists will claim 825d chess, or whatever, but it is a documented fact that trump made his money by using illegal labor, and that his resorts prefer to use visa workers over Americans.

Combined with trump’s almost life long contempt for 2A and a fortune spent to repeal it, it is obvious that trump is still the same liberal he always was.

If Trump allows more visas I will leave the 2020 Presidential ballot blank. Trump will lose in 2020 without the support of IT workers. I have lost 3 jobs to visa holders.

This is a huge mistake by the President. I work in IT for State government and 80 percent of the American developers in my area have been replaced by H1B Visa holders mostly from India over the last 12 years. This program is replacing $115 thousand dollar a year jobs with H1B Visa holders and paying them $85 thousand a year. Then they bring their brothers, sisters and spouses over who also go to work in IT and immediately start having babies. One woman was hired and went on maternity leave four weeks after starting. She hid her pregnancy. She now has an American baby and is pregnant again.

A friend of mine at work has a son that recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science. He had excellent grades from a prestigous University. He interviewed at COMCAST in Philadelphia 7 times with different departments. All of the interviewers were of Indian decent. Out of 7 interviews he was not offered one job. All of the departments were predominantly Indian. He was well qualified for the job but was shut out of the job by Indian managers that just go through the motions to interview Americans but only hire Indians. What is it going to take to wake up America and stop this clearly racist hiring policy by COMCAST? The H1-B Visa program not only needs to be stopped but the people that have abused it need to be prosecuted and the companies need to be severely fined.

I personally prepared, submitted and coordinated the processing of MANY H-1B visas for F-1 visa graduate students to become post-doctoral employees for the same professors they had worked for as grad students. The professors wanted to keep them on as glorified grad students at cheap salaries. We lied on the applications on behalf of the professors about how their Glorified Grads were the only ones who could do the jobs and, more often, once the position was advertised as an open recruitment, American grads were not even granted interviews. The whole system was rigged not only in favor of the cheaper H-1B worker, it was rigged in favor of the targeted individual, in violation of “Equal,” opportunity recruitment requirements. “Do as I say, not as I do.” US guvmint.

I’ve worked for 4 fortune 50 companies.. trust me, H1B’s are used when management can’t pull their heads out of their own arses and need immediate cheap labor or labor they can toss at anytime without having to pay unemployment.

in essence, they’re designed as an escape hatch for Harvard MBA’s. ( See General Electric)

I am a senior engineer at a large auto Mfg company – the largest. I have NOT interviewed an American Engineering college grad for a position in over 5 years. Ive interviewed plenty of Indian and Asian applicants and ZERO American applicants. The public needs to be made aware of what is going on/ Our headquarters looks like the U.N.

They have not addressed the intellectual property theft by H-1Bs, legal residents and naturalized citizens who transfer knowledge back to their country of birth including to government agencies of countries hostile to the US. China is notorious in this regard.

They even receive US and state government funding for their R&D. One local company in my area owned by Middle Easterners receives $100Ks funding each year from a state economic development agency and hires students from their home country and their birth country’s nationals living in Europe and the Middle East; not a USC name listed anywhere.

I was employed as a systems software developer for over thirty years, but I haven’t worked in the field for a number of years, not by choice. I do not like the overuse of the H-1B program, a program where the participants cannot negotiate for higher wages because their labor is tied to a particular company. This is not free market capitalism. The market for software developers was destroyed by H-1B visas.

It also affects experienced workers. I have previously posted my story, and I won’t repeat the whole thing here due to length, but the short version is a professional with 14 years of tertiary education and more than 25 years of sterling experience and reputation gets displaced by an Indian H1B with nothing more than a masters from some school that might as well be a diploma mill (based on what this “highly educated expert” didn’t know about the basics of his “profession”) – because the H1 salary was less than a quarter of what I or anyone like me would be paid.

I entered the workforce with more than a half a million dollars in debt in 1981, and I had barely finished paying back my loans when I last had employment in my field! I worked as a junior grade technician until I could retire, because EVERY decent job that matched my CV was taken by low grade Indian H1 employees. This is literally immoral.

31 May 2018. [More than 5K Cases of H-1B Visa Fraud, Abuse Reported Last Year.]

More than 5,000 cases of alleged abuse in the H-1B visa program have been reported
in the first year since President Trump created the fraud hotline.


Officials with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told Newsweek that as of May 21, more than 5,000 cases of H-1B visa abuse have been reported.

Every year, more than 100,000 FOREIGN workers are brought to the U.S. on the H-1B visa and are allowed to stay for up to six years.

There are about 650,000 H-1B visa FOREIGN workers in the U.S. at any given moment.

Americans are often laid off in the process and forced to train their FOREIGN replacements, as highlighted by Breitbart News.

More than 85,000 Americans annually potentially lose their jobs to FOREIGN labor through the H-1B visa program.

Last year, Trump’s USCIS created the tipline


to allow Americans to report H-1B visa fraud and abuse.

As Breitbart News reported, tech conglomerates like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple hide their H-1B FOREIGN worker hires through OUTSOURCING FIRMS like:

(1) Cognizant,
(2) Tata, and
(3) Infosys.

The practice allows the corporations to claim they are not undercutting or replacing American workers at extraordinary rates, as they simply contract the FOREIGN workers through the outsourcing firms.

Meanwhile, the H-1B visa program and importation of FOREIGN workers has crowded out American young people and STEM graduates from high-paying jobs in Silicon Valley, the tech hub of the world, Breitbart News reported.

Most recently, Breitbart News reported how:

*Amazon is importing more H-1B FOREIGN workers than Facebook and Google combined to the U.S. to take coveted tech industry jobs in Silicon Valley.

*The FOREIGN-born population in Silicon Valley is likely heavily weighted and biased to:

*male Indian nationals, as they make up nearly 70 percent of all imported FOREIGN workers on the H-1B visa,

*as cited by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The banks are very, very big on outsourcing to India. These big banks have turned their backs on American workers.

I am the only us citizen in my 12 member technology group at work. I tell myself that I live in America and work in india. The entire 2nd floor of my building is hb1 visa holders. This is outrageous. It is good to read someone in America gets home bad this issue has become. That being said, American college students need to wake up from their snowflake mentality and stop getting stupid and unemployable college degrees. A huge reason the hb1 visa people, who are very smart and willing to work very hard, are here is because we can’t find educated American citizens to fill the jobs. Take a survey. Ask US college kids what they are studying. You’ll be lucky to find many in the engineering field.

This is as big an issue as the illegal alien issue. Middle management, white collar jobs held by Americans are fading. My last company cut 30% of us and hired H1-B visa holders from China at at least half the price. There has been a rather large turnover of the H1-B visa workers as they cannot do the work or speak the language.
Upper management doesn’t care because companies are on a month to month / quarter to quarter profit schedule.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see what is happening in this country. I travel frequently for work meeting with engineers, quality technicians, etc. (White Collar). Majority of all the large companies I visit have a significant force of foreign workers. We keep hearing that the college grads can’t find jobs. You know why they can’t find jobs is because of all the insourcing of foreigners. Some people say that these people are so smart. This is pure BS. We sent a man on the moon 50 years with American know how and work ethic. We don’t need any more foreigners in our country taking jobs from us. The foreigners can go home and fix their own country.

Lots of insurance companies do that. American Automobile Association is one of the biggest culprits in their IT department. Next step is to start hiring Indian executives (hello Google) who then start hiring more Indians (it’s a Hindu thing).

I was in the domestic Engineering and Construction business for 35 years and found myself working in an environment that was asymptotically approaching 99% Asian and Indian. I’ve had to report to Indians that were 20 years younger than me and I was laid off in 2016 at the behest of a swine of a muslim immigrant, who, being a ‘minority’, was quickly promoted up and up.

I was forced into early retirement because of this and it makes me sick to see all this happening in my country – and to me. Between outsourcing of engineering work to ‘low cost’ locations and en masse importation of foreign engineers, American engineers don’t have much of a chance, and it’s only growing worse. Soon, that $100,000+ engineering degree will become about as worthless domestically as a degree in Gender Studies so far as employment opportunities go.

You Have Been Warned.

This affects a LOT more than just the recent grads. The H-1B visa fraud ended my 20 year career in IT. I’ve contacted as many people as I could that I’ve worked with in the last 10 years and NONE of us are even still in IT because we’ve all been pushed out by this fraud.

They’re moving into the financial sector too. I’m a mortgage underwriter and I’ve seen the Indians attempting to move underwriting and processing offshore. At least the forensic, pre-purchase or pre-funding review work. Origination is a different animal. They’re struggle with it because of the complexity, but they’re still trying to make it happen. Trust me you do not what your entire life being reviewed by someone over in India.

I worked for a large risk mitigation firm that was purchased by an Indian company in 2012. They immediately laid off a bunch of people. Those of us that they kept had to train Indians to underwrite. They were attempting to use this massive template the had built into a software program I had never see before. You know to make it idiot proof. The probable is to really see possible problems with a mortgage loan you really need to be inculcated into our culture. That’s one of the problems they were having. They eventually gave up and began to expand the company here in the US.

The practice of medicine in the US especially suffers with the hiring of foreign workers instead of US trained workers from techs, to nurse, to docs. I’ve worked with foreign trained personnel who believe that mental illness is caused by demonic possession and that medication is ineffective. Meanwhile they are working as techs or even RNs in the psychiatric profession. It is an outrage and of course it affects patient care quality. It takes it back to the Middle Ages.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I just have to get this off my chest.

I got lucky because I got into IT undergrad school in 1995 and had my first internship in 1997. From there, I was able to work my way up into the very low $100,000’s range today. Back then, employers were thirsty for workers and would train you on the job as long as you were getting good grades and had the will to succeed. The trick was getting your foot in the door and getting the necessary on the job training to go forward and get new jobs with yet higher salaries.

Our new American IT graduates don’t have it so good. They compete against these workers from foreign nations that:

1) Are slave labor because they don’t dare complain about anything going on or they get booted back to Mumbai Crapistan. It is very hard for them to get a new Visa to get sent back to the USA when they have a record of being “a troublemaker”. So they keep their mouths shut.

2) Parents raise Indians to be loyal to a fault, so they do not report the illegal activities of their unethical employer. That way, when an employer is partaking in “funny business”, those employers can bet they won’t be ratted out to law enforcement

3) They get paid much less than their American counterparts.

I can remember posters in the university I went to for new graduates to earn $75,000/year if they just had one year of Visual Basic under their belts. This was in 1996, folks! This was in Omaha, Nebraska where the cost of living is very low.

If these wages had kept up with inflation, a typical IT worker fresh out of school, with a year or two of programming training, would be earning at least $85-90,000/year.

And why in the hell is the government giving grants to Indian companies to outsource American jobs? What is wrong with this country?

And this is why I do my best to discourage STEM careers for younger people. I trained as an engineer many years ago, had a PE license, etc. I got out of engineering also many years ago because the careers were no longer there and disappearing. I could see quality and results were less important than cheap labor. Cheap labor provides a short-term boost to executive salaries.. Enough said.

Head up Tommy Tillis, (North Carolina’s second RINO in Chief) the college crowd is waking up to your treachery!

the University of Connecticut sponsored 1,133 visa workers in 2017, according to federal data…..These universities don’t mind taking the two hundred thousands dollars that was borrowed by their students, but god help them find a job.

Universities pushed STEM knowing H1B robots would take American Jobs from new grads. Traitors. In the upcoming Revolution, the University elites will make the hanging list as well – history repeats itself.

In November of 2018 I visited family in Apex, NC in (in the Research Triangle area near Raleigh, Chapel Hill & Durham), went to the local Costco and was shocked to see that the majority of shoppers were of Indian or Oriental descent. There were Americans working there but the majority of customers were definitely Indian families- not just parents and children but elderly grandparents as well, many in traditional dress. I felt like a stranger in my own country. I could only think of the displaced American workers they must have replaced. Why does our government and companies want to destroy the American middle class for short-term profit?

The TN NAFTA visa is being abused by Indian pharmasists who get into Canada then come to US with the visa. Shameful

Here are some posts from an anti-H1B visa group:

One visa program that runs under the radar is L1. L1 is truly meant for corporate employees who will do corporate functions such as Sales, Finance and HR. They can also do product development if the employer is a product company. L1 is never meant for service jobs. However, all of these outsourcing giants abused the L1 program to bring people in to US to place them in customer sites in revenue generating roles. That’s a complete violation. There is no annual limit on how many L1 visas are issued. Moreover spouses of L1 visa holders can also work the day after they land in US. This entire abuse of L1 visa program must be stopped.

GE was replacing U.S. workers with H1B then sending them home to India when they were in CT. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts – MassMutual – MAY 31, 2016

“MassMutual IT employees believe visa workers are on-site at the Springfield, Mass. offices. Some of these workers recently arrived from India, said two employees.”

I lived 30 years in Mass. In the early 90s during the recession digital was hiring h1b by the boatload claiming they couldn’t find people. Eventually ICE caught up and fined it in the middle 90s. Even though I continue to live in Mass I had to work elsewhere on the east coast, refusing to work for substandard contract rates companies were offering in mass.finally moved to Arizona where h1bs are not a problem

Here is another post from this group:

Protect U.S. Workers to make Noise in Connecticut Protest on the State Sponsored Infosys CON Job, Ron Hira’s New Study Comes to the Playground. Hillarie Gamm Exposes the Suffering and Demise of Connecticut and H1B Facts Brings Home the Ugly Numbers.

Neil Munro on the Scene:

“An expanding group of American professionals is building support for a January 26 protest against the outsourcing of middle-class jobs via the H-1B visa program.
The Protect U.S. Workers group has scheduled the protest in Connecticut, where the state’s governor is providing a subsidy to an Indian company which uses H-1B visa-workers to outsource U.S. middle-class jobs back into low-wage India.”

“The planned protest against the H-1B visa comes as the Atlantic Council published a report slamming the H-1B visa program because it “creates new market failures and exacerbates existing ones.”

“The report says the H-1B program: has never been fixed to meet the original [1990] promises made by Congress of safeguarding US jobs. Instead, the program has been expanded to allow even larger numbers of H-1B workers, admitting them for longer periods of time, while its flawed governing rules have remained as they were in 1990.”

“The report is titled “Reforming US’ High-Skilled Guestworker Program.” It was written by Ron Hira and Bharath Gopalaswamy.”

The Atlantic Council’s scathing report on the H-1B program offered four fixes to the H-1B program:

“The first, and most important, reform is to substantially raise the wages of H-1B workers. If the United States is going to invite in the “best and brightest” workers, they ought to be paid in the top quartile. The statute requires there to be four wage levels, but it doesn’t specify how the DOL calculates those wage levels. The Labor Department should raise the Level 1 wage to the 75th percentile, to ensure that the workers being recruited are indeed highly skilled and are not undercutting US workers. This can be done through an administrative procedure, either via policy guidance or a regulation.”

“Second, employers should demonstrate they have actively recruited US workers, and offered positions to qualified ones, prior to turning to the H-1B program. … A recruitment requirement would also stamp out the preferential hiring practices used by many mass H-1B employers.”

“Third, the program needs an effective and efficient enforcement mechanism. Current program compliance is complaint-driven, resting almost entirely on whistleblowers to reduce fraud … US workers who blow the whistle risk being blackballed from the industry, and there are no cases to date in which US workers have been successful … The government can randomly select a small percentage of employers to audit each year for program compliance. To ensure compliance by all employers, sufficient punishments should be meted out, with significant consequences such as debarment for willful violators.”

“In addition to these three core reforms, there should be adjustments to the allocation process. It makes no sense to allocate H-1B on a first-come, first-served basis or, even worse, by random lottery—as occurs when the program is immediately oversubscribed. Instead, as the Buy American Hire American EO suggests, visas should be allocated to the best and brightest first.”

“Hilarie Gamm is the pseudonym for a software manager who has tracked outsourcing in her home state of Connecticut. In a post for the U.S. Techworkers group, she wrote:

“Hartford, the state’s near-bankrupt capital, is a ghost of its former self. Never making the news is the impact of foreign labor on white-collar Connecticut professionals. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 150,000 tech workers were non-U.S. citizens working in Connecticut in 2016 …”

“At The Hartford Insurance Company, for example, both technology employees and IBM contractors were required to train their replacements from Tata Consultancy, the Mumbai, India-based multinational IT service, and consulting company. Mass Mutual Insurance in Enfield replaced its tech workforce with H-1B workers from Cognizant, another multinational that provides IT services, and India offshore labor.”

“Further, Connecticut General Life Insurance, The Prudential in Hartford, Prudential Annuities in Shelton, Aspen Insurance, Hartford Fire Insurance Company, The Travelers Insurance and Chubb Insurance all have laid off Connecticut white-collar professionals and replaced them with workers in the Philippines and India.”


“One victim of the national outsourcing trend was Donna B. She is now retired to a small town in Arizona and earns so little money that she is not required to pay off the $50,000 in student loans she owes from her software education in 1989.”

“Divorced and with five children, “I was 36 years old when I started” in 1989, she told Breitbart News. After her first job in Connecticut, she moved to Arizona by 1993, where she met her first Indian H-1B workers. “They did not mix with any of us and could not speak English,” she said.”

“In 2002, “I had my first layoff and I could not find a job anywhere for four years,” she said. She applied for a job in Boston to repeat the same work she had done in Arizona, but “I could never get an interview, I was being stalled and nothing happened.” She eventually landed a job at Caremark but was laid off in 2010 after the company merged with CVS. “The next year they brought in Indians to do exactly what I had been doing,” she said.”

“I never found a job after that … I applied for tons of jobs, tons … I never got a response except ‘Thank you for applying.’” Many of the job interviews were conducted with Indians from the outsourcing companies, each of which has an economic incentive to fill jobs with cheap Indian H-1Bs, not Americans, she said. “I’ve gotten calls and I’ve gotten emails from Indians [when applying for jobs] … It just goes nowhere,” she said.”

“Last year I retired, so my retirement is peanuts,” she said. “I live in a tiny town called Arizona City, which doesn’t have mail service.”


And a reply to this post:

Save American IT Jobs H-1B Facts for Connecticut Apply to All Occupations – Find Out for Yourself:

Here is a post I found from another anti-H1B visa group:

No one is highlighting the immense fraud in h-1b by the so called “small business” IT consulting companies. They are dummy companies with a fake website talking about providing consulting services but they are just body shops. There are over 5000 such body shops each employing on a average of 30 to 50 h-1b employees each. Every foreign student who cannot find a job after graduating from US university goes to these body shops and they provide a letter saying they are” training them” and this becomes the basis for the foreign students geting their F1 OPT extension. from there they are placed in customer site based on a fake resume. Unless these body shops are put out of business by restricting the body shops and placement agencies from hiring f1 students and h-1b, the abuse will never end. H-1b applicants should not be allowed to work as consultants(contractors), they should be allowed to only work as Full time employees to the company that applied for the h-1b visa, h-1b applicants should not be allowed to work as contractors at other customers or in any other location other than the company address.This provision alone will end more than 50% of the abuse in h-1b and 100% abuse in f1 student visa.

I found this post on the US Tech Workers page:

A bunch of young Indians, all young male took over IT shops all over America. Women get the Indian Male chauvinist treatments all around them, the street talk leads to no interest in STEM.

IT Women “There was a time when working in IT was a good job, she said. Back then, there was promise, and computer science was a worthwhile major.”

“I’ve been telling high school students and college students that you should not major in computer science anymore,” she said. IT work has “turned into a factory job.”

“There was a time when working in IT was a good job, she said. Back then, there was promise, and computer science was a worthwhile major.”

“The fate of women in the IT workplace is a public policy issue. Less than 15% of the bachelor’s degrees awarded in 2014 in computer science and computer engineering went to women, according to the Computing Research Association’s annual survey of enrollments at Ph.D-granting institutions.”

“It’s very devastating to see your friends saying good-bye. It’s very devastating to see your friends crying. It’s devastating to have to talk to [the contractors] — to give them your job,” this worker said.”

“For women, the experience of training offshore contractors may be particularly difficult.”

“Karen Panetta, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Tufts University, has testified in Congress on behalf of IEEE-USA on the impact of the H-1B program on women.”

“The vast majority “of imported STEM workers” are men, and they “do not treat U.S. women well, or any other woman in the workplace well, because they come from cultures where women are not treated as equals,” Panetta said.”

“We are importing bad work cultures along with this cheaper labor. U.S. women will walk off the job rather than be treated like dirt,” Panetta said.”

“This is just another added barrier that helps justify to girls another reason why STEM careers are not for them. It hurts,” she said.”

And a reply to this post:

so true. I was outsourced to India a year ago, along with 3k others at my company. How demeaning to have to train my Indian replacement via video call.

And some more posts:

The H1-B visa government program for corporations has killed the career of many IT professionals.

indeed. I have been in this field 30 yrs. It’s appalling what has happened.

My degrees are math and computer science. I should have gone to med school. IT is a joke. If you haven’t lost your job yet to offshoring or to an H1b taking it, just wait until you’re 40.

Had a career in IT and in the late 90s during Y2K the big banks started bringing in the H1B scabs. Since then all that was left was job crumbs and my resume got wider and wider employment gaps. State in Florida agencies would use Deloitte H1B Scabs for projects. Now H1B Visa companies like INFOSYS control the hiring process with prejudice. As a result, there is no incentive for young people go into IT as a career and the H1B Visa program is alive and well with no end in sight.

agreed. I tell this to all my friends whose kids want to major in it. Not a good career. I couldn’t have foreseen the outsourcing of white collar jobs when I was in college late 80s. IT has been decimated.

Even med school has no promise of a secure income. Check

ugh. I have 2 high schoolers. What is a good career, not endangered of being outsourced??

In the 80s, ‘Outsourcing’ wasn’t even a word used the discussion of jobs and careers.

I know. Wasn’t even in the vernacular. How I wish I’d had a crystal ball. My campus at work is 95% H1b. Thousands. I feel like I’m in a foreign country. And it’s widespread. All of my colleagues in other industries say the same about their IT shops. ??

That is for sure. I’m always fighting with them on YouTube. They really believe this country owes them.

And another post from this page:

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Oracle discriminated against non-Asians for hiring, purposely hired non-citizens on visas to suppress wages and keep them indentured. The article conveniently avoids mentioning H1-B, F1, OPT, CPT, and other visas types that these big tech companies often take advantage of to hire indentured cheaper labor foreign workers to replace American workers.

And two replies to this post:

If anyone of you is working on Oracle site or for that matter any site that has Asians, Indians or others especially from Indian IT Bodyshops such as TCS/Infosys/WIPRO/Cognizant, please be very careful.

I have had people report incidences such as – An Indian H1B subcontractor was hired at a site where an American contractor was working. One week into his hire the Indian H1B went hook line and sinker to discredit American contractor. The H1B performed queries to dig results of inconsistencies in data and sent the results to business team management violating his terms of contract which stipulated that such reports be sent only to IT Department managers. The American contractor was placed under microscope for quite some time. During in depth reviews it was learned that IT department folks had massaged the data without raising incident tickets for data fixes. Some of the data issues were due to Oracle malfunctions which by the way happens to every product of every other vendor and is not typical of Oracle products.

My point is to be absolutely on guard if you have an H1B/L1 working in your team from TCS/Infosys/WIPRO/Cognizant/HCL etc. They are under instructions from their own BodyShop-Managers to systematically discredit Americans. Note that when your client sees VP Mike Pence and Suresh V. Garimella (Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships for Purdue University) standing next to snake oil salemen like Ravi S Kumar (Infosys Conman), it gives the H1B/L1 crooks even more credibility and legitimizes their bad behavior. It is absolutely necessary to hammer Mike Pence for his support of snake oil salesmen/conman of Indian IT Industry.

As far as Oracle’s own actions are concerned, Larry Ellison and his team is under pressure to sell products at huge discounts which leaves them no choice but to offshore. This has lead Oracle to transfer even all of it’s internal jobs of many products to it’s sites in India. Oracle business model has changed from deploying Oracle Consulting Services to deploying it’s OPN partners that inadvertently gives crooks at TCS/Infosys/WIPRO/HCL/Cognizant etc free reign to do whatever they want.

“demanding that Oracle lose its $100 million worth of annual contracts with the government.”

OUCH! Who is this organization DOL Federal contract Org. Do they really have any teeth?
I’ve watched completely guilty ppl sit before a govt panel where politicians rant and rave at them for hours on end. In the end, they get up and walk out scot free. (GM)They might see a fine but they just see it as the cost of doing business.
Ultimately, these companies run this thing.


Here is another post from this anti-H1B visa group:

1,275,000 or more H1B visa workers here in the US. Double or triple this amount when adding H4 EAD Visa workers. I have been out of work for over a year now. I have over 20 years of strong IT experience and can’t land a gig mostly because the H1B visa workers who have been here for a while are now hiring managers who hire Indian workers solely. I have been an interviewing machine however, I find out later an Indian person would get the job. It is a conspiracy of sorts. Out of control!!

I feel like a prisoner. I am just on my phone and internet all day applying for jobs and interviewing. I have no money to leave the house. I try to conserve gas for grocery runs. I have food stamps thank God. My son gave me the last hundred dollars I had. My mom gave me some money for Christmas. All that is gone now. I sell my personal belongings on Facebook and OfferUp. I try to rent one of the bedrooms on Airbnb. I am flat broke at the moment, but I must keep trying. I believe God will make something happen for me real soon. Thanks for asking.

And another post from this group:

The Mainstream Media Does not report H-1B Cheap Labor Stories because the Media Companies Themselves Employ H-1B Cheap Labor. Surprised?

Neit Munro reports on the deceit and the decay of the MSM Self Destruction.

NOTABLE QUOTE: “The issue has been closely covered by Breitbart News, but few progressive reporters have highlighted the massive levels of outsourcing, perhaps because many corporate parents of media companies use the H-1B program. For example, hundreds of media jobs are being cut at HuffPost, which is owned by Verizon. The parent company is also replacing thousands of American information technology experts with Indian visa workers supplied by an Indian firm, Infosys.”

“Hundreds of American journalists, editors, computer experts, and videographers are being laid off from their jobs at HuffPost, Buzzfeed, Gannett, and Billboard Media, while those U.S. media jobs are being filled by cheap visa workers.”

“In 2018, for example, U.S.-based companies asked for visas to import 138 editors, 88 producers, 221 writers, six publishers, and 347 graphic designers, according to the website.”

“Companies are allowed to import H-1B visa workers without offering the jobs to Americans and are allowed to pay them far less than American graduates. Many of the visa workers are eager to work for very low wages because the American jobs get them out of their home countries and give them and their families a chance to win the hugely valuable prize of green cards.”

“In 2017, companies asked for temporary visas to import 222 editors, 95 producers, 237 writers, ten publishers, and 556 graphic designers, mostly for jobs in New York and California, according to the site”

“Companies also asked for visa workers to fill a variety of jobs which are often sought by people in the media industry. In 2018, they asked for 285 lecturers, 248 public relations experts, 41 advertising professionals, and 1,354 teachers. There are so any visa workers at U.S. universities that Americans’ wages have dropped to the point that many thousands of American “adjuncts” rely on welfare programs.”

“The outsourcing of these “arts” jobs is just part of the broader economic trend to outsource high tech middle class jobs. In fact, many media companies have already replaced American technology experts in their back offices with many visa workers. The discarded American technology experts flood into other sectors, including the overcrowded and underpaid media sector.”

“This massive backroom outsourcing has largely been ignored by reporters and editors — even though the number of white-collar visa workers in the United States has exploded to at least 1.5 million.”


Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

This is an important listen as hundreds of thousands of workers since the early 1990’s have seen their jobs offshored and the destruction of their livelihoods quickly dismissed by media outlets with bullshit comments like, “there are jobs that don’t have an economic right to exist,” or we’ll retrain them for information technology jobs, learn to code. . . This comment on the YouTube page stood out and I think many tech workers can relate to it:
Valkyrie Sardo
7 hours ago
“Learn to code, huh? I was a steelworker for 19 years, until they shut the plant down and shipped the machinery to Mexico. So I jumped into college and got myself a Bachelor’s Degree in computer programming. I’d never touched a computer in my life and couldn’t buy one until my sophomore year. Nonetheless, I graduated with a near perfect GPA. But here’s the kicker. I couldn’t get a job in programming, “no experience”. So I took a helpdesk job and worked my way into a system engineer promotion. Ah but then the corporation downsized some 400 IT and my work was outsourced to India. For me that “learn to code” meme translates to “go to hell”.?”

Here are some posts from a New York Times article:

I received my undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Illinois in 1981 and started working at a telecommunications company. Back then companies actually subsidized employees who wanted to continue their education so in the mid 90’s I got a master’s degree in computer science. In the early 2000s my telecom employer started outsourcing lots of jobs overseas so I decided to go back to college again and get another degree in computer science, but this time I focused on cybersecurity and because the government was looking for people to work in this field I was able to get a Department of Defense scholarship. In my mid-40s I was learning object oriented sotfware and Java. My last coding task a few years ago was in Python. I have been extremely fortunate and have been lucky enough to make a shift at just the right time. Unfortunately I know too many colleagues who are just as hard working and smart and they were laid off in their 40s and never found a really good job again. The companies don’t invest in their workers anymore. It’s hard for me to encourage young people to study hard in a STEM career when I believe the companies will leave them unemployable after 20 years. Somehow private industries and the government need to work together on a solution to continue using the talent of people as they age. Most of us are willing to re-train but few of us are given the opportunity to do so.

Bill Joy ( a co-founder of Sun Microsystems and VC star ) once said that he would not encourage his children to become Computer Scientists. The reasons were many – read why the “Future Doesn’t Need Us”. The field has changed.

I have a comp sci degree PhD as well as an ed degree. I teach grad students and working adults. There are many fine and some not so fine “coder” schools and courses on line to learn coding. So you may not need to major in Comp Sci to code get a job coding. Just like you need not be an automotive engineer to become a car mechanic( I like mechanics ) .
From my perspective teaching adults with skills versus younger students, is that younger people don’t have the skills to move stuff from prototype into production. Universities don’t teach that mundane sys ops stuff. This is a big gap and no company wants to train younger people to do this, in the meantime, they FIRE the older workers who have thee tricky skills well in hand. IBM layoffs come to mind here.
Also, the many students who are non US citizens have seats paid for by their governments or families. The issue I see is that US students have large student debt while the foreign students may not have to worry about that. There are solutions to this.

The last thing , many undergraduates really don’t think through what they would like to do FOR A TIME. Tech is transient, Aristotle isn’t.

Unfortunately, the end result will be a lot of unemployed people with this degree. Which is a shame because one of those people may be very talented but can’t find room because all of the spots have been taken by previous graduates.
I saw this coming a few years back when there was a clarion call for computer programmers by the industry. We got the kids all excited (which is understandable) about coding and such but you had to see that a glut was inevitable.
High school counselors and career centers would be wise to give these students better advice and a dose of real world medicine before students enter a field such as this at this time.

My late husband was one of the first to receive a BS in computer science at Ohio state in 1977. He also graduated summa cum laude. He took logic and philosophy courses as well , not only for their inherent value in and of themselves, but as Road maps for understanding coding in general. Because he was one of the first in programming, he understood the basics on which more sophisticated programs were built on. But as his salary increased over the years, companies looked to younger people to work on the newer programs. Of course, when problems arose, they turned to my husband and others of his generation to help them , as they were never taught the building blocks, so to speak. Eventually, companies felt the older programmers were “dinosaurs “ and one by one, let go, often just months away from their retirement dates. I have no sympathy for companies now scrambling for workers; during the last recession, thousands of older experienced workers were left behind for younger, cheaper employees, many from overseas.Some never found work again and if they did, their salaries were greatly reduced. That, in a nutshell, is the computer science field. Good luck young students, you will find, unless you are from Mumbai or Bangladesh, no one is indispensable. Btw, I have no problem importing smart young people from overseas, just sad the true innovators were tossed aside.and all for a few cents profits.

I have lived the same experience in electrical engineering computer logic and architecture design. Back in the day we were paid more than an English major to start, but not a lot more. We also got reasonable raises as we advanced through the ranks of the company. But relatively soon the raises and promotions stopped. Engineers in most companies were not considered promotable beyond certain levels and only marketing and sales people were considered. This caused a lot of highly technical companies to be run by people with almost no understanding of the underlying technology and no sense as to what the future of technology would need. This demoralized my engineering department and I realized my only choice was to leave and start new somewhere else or stay and be laid off. And since the recessions of the 2000’s it is almost impossible for someone nearing fifty to get any kind of a job no matter how long and prestigious their career.
There are many reasons that American high tech industry is lagging and that most technology, including computers, are designed overseas, but one of the contributing reasons is the incredible lack of loyalty to the engineering establishment caused by the blindness of business management and the misunderstanding of the role of technology in society. We live in wasteland of destroyed engineering careers and potential and if we don’t change we will be overwhelmed by other countries who have better ethics and a longer term outlook.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Trump and his administration want to make it appear that they are assisting USA workers but they are not, and by not utilizing the now REQUIRED online H-1B registration process is another example of Trump making India first through the RHC’s (Republican Hindu Coalition) orders. The required online registration process for 2020 H-1B applicants was to include pre-registration screening of H-1B applicants. By not using the new online registration process employers can instead submit a flood of paper petitions with no prior pre-screening of applicants making it difficult to filter and select the qualified candidates. For 2020 the new H-1B “selective” hires under the newly released and revised Trump administration H-1B selection and hiring rules will be no more qualified than in previous years due to not using the online registration.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa/outsourcing group:

You know what is sad, a friend of mine I have two, well educated 50 year olds looking for work. One went to a job fair for aerospace here in Los Angeles, she sent me a photo of the long line of engineers , who all looked like they were in their 50s…waiting to get into the job fair.. I hate it when I hear….we have a shortage…

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article talking about Jeb Bush’s support of Trump’s H1B plan:

I work in an IT department with 50 people from India, China, and Pakistan and there are 5 of us who are Americans. These are high paying jobs that Americans could be doing. They drive down our wages and send most of their money back home, so they don’t contribute much to our economy. Don’t be fooled by Trump. He is a billionaire who represents the interests of his fellow billionaires.

Trump pushing this? I have to rethink some things about him. Trump you’re probably through with me. I never thought I’d be writing this but I cannot vote for him ever again. By the way any adulation from Bush is the kiss of death. Coulter is right about you. You and people like you are killing this country. Why don’t you put this H1B policy up for a vote?

Glad I’m about to retire from the IT world … What you have happening is these companies bring in these people in for 50 cents on the dollar, then hold their VISA over their head and make them work 60 to 80 hours a week, so now for 1 American worker they have 3 foreign ones. Companies use to train their employees when technology changes, now its just bring in the next set of foreigners and lay off the Americans….. That and the Indians will take certification tests for each other, and also will do phone interviews for each other…. who you hire might not be the same person who shows up

Some history…
Before Y2K, IT managers were often shunted off to dark corners, and many firms had no general list of all the technology that affected their operations.
The bug changed all that. For the first time, top executives had to defer to tech people, who were called upon to take on management duties in companies—to find all the systems vulnerable to Y2K and look for the cheapest ways to solve them. But the American tech industry—preoccupied with the billions that could be made on the emerging Web—couldn’t easily satisfy the demand for programmers.

The economists Devashish Mitra and Priya Ranjan argue that the search for cheap coders led American firms to India, which had legions of programmers who’d long been trying to get a foot in the American economy. Indian outsourcing firms—including Infosys, Wipro, and TCS—booked billions in business from American companies looking to fix their Y2K woes.

But here’s the interesting part: After Y2K was over, American companies retained their taste for Indian programmers. “Outsourcing kept increasing well after the Y2K problem became a thing of the past,” Mitra and Ranjan write. In this way, Y2K has parallels to the oil shortages of the 1970s, which helped popularize Japanese cars—a classic example of a temporary economic shock that produces a permanent change. Mitra and Ranjan, like many economists, are in favor of outsourcing and see Y2K as increasing the net benefit to American firms; people wary of the rise of the Indian IT industry (like many American programmers who are understandably worried about their job security) might feel otherwise.

Too funny how everyone thinks Americans are just unskilled to do these jobs. Last real job I had on the last day when me a 4000 other US Citizens were laid off yet again. I remember changing a root password and informing the Indian consultant to boot to a cd to change that root password in 24 hours. Of course I would always do that to follow ITAR policy to verify the next day. Even put it in writing on my board as a top priority. Wasn’t there the following day due to contract not renewed but the Indian were still there. I guess they didn’t know what Carphone meant. So many other ITAR policies being implemented by non US Citizens. So many basic and common sense rules that they just can’t comprehend. So many systems vulnerable still to this day it’s not even funny. I just was able to putty into some still. These tech companies can’t even program a simple cash register key to charge the correct price for a sandwich in their cafeterias. Oh this is going to be fun. You are so screwed if we don’t have real jobs soon.

74,000 h-1bs in the Dallas area…

“Controversial H-1B work visas used more in Dallas-Fort Worth than in Silicon Valley”

The controversial H-1B non-immigrant visa used heavily by Silicon Valley tech firms to acquire talent is much more widely used by companies in Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City, according to new research.

From 2010 to 2016, employment of foreign workers with H-1B visas was centered in East Coast metropolitan areas, along with significant numbers in Texas, the Pew Research Center reported Thursday, basing its findings on government data on 68 metropolitan areas obtained via a public-records request.

Dallas-Fort Worth trailed only New York City in obtaining H-1B visas. NYC-area companies obtained 247,900 H-1B visas, while North Texas firms received 74,000 and metropolitan D.C. took 64,800.

“Demand for the high-skilled worker visas has boomed in recent years, and the H-1B program is now the primary way employers in the U.S. hire high-skilled foreign workers,” Pew said.

Almost a third of the visas, which are intended for workers in jobs requiring specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s degree or higher, went to businesses in greater New York City, with Dallas and Washington, D.C., having the next-highest numbers of approved visas, Pew reported.

Trailing behind with the 10th-highest numbers was the metropolitan area encompassing San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale with 22,200. The San Francisco region, which includes Oakland and Hayward, received 11,300.

With Trump’s new ‘America first’ focus, visas that bring tech workers, teachers to Texas become a target
The H-1B visa has become a flashpoint in the U.S. immigration debate, with major tech companies among the loudest voices calling for more visas, while critics point to highly publicized reported abuses involving companies. The University of California, San Francisco, allegedly used the program to replace Americans with outsourced workers.

A bill introduced in January by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., supported by the tech industry, would boost the base allocation of H-1B visas to 85,000 from 65,000, and opens the way for an additional 110,000 per year, depending on demand. It would also give priority to holders of master’s degrees or higher, and ban replacement of U.S. workers with H-1B visa holders.

To fight abuse of the visa, the Trump administration in February imposed new rules on employers, making those using H-1B visas to hire workers provide more details supporting their need to hire foreign workers.

I find it both amazing and shocking what the republicans are doing. And I’m a Republican. This is sanctioning white collar jobs to foreigners instead of using young Americans. Most of these H1Bs went to college in their country and have no education related debt. Americans pay a fortune to raise their children her in the USA and send them to expensive colleges all to sanction their unemployable circumstances. Has anyone in the GOP asked Jen Bush, the Koch Bros, and all the GOP in the pockets of corporate giants “why do you have so much zeal for foreign workers taking away American jobs”. What is their response to this question. We will never know because it is never asked.

To further my point and the spirit of the question, we seem as people to settle for the presumed answer that foreign labor is cheaper. But we don’t make these politicians answer the question directly “why are you so fervently seeking foreigners when taxpaying citizens with higher cost of living and who prop up this country every day…why are you sanctioning the removal of their opportunity”. And to the reply about best qualified below, not true. I’ve been in software for many years. The best software is produced by Americans. When corporations outsourced to India, the code is dirt cheap but comes back with more holes than Swiss cheese. The American work ethic is still the best in professional jobs.

Being in IT, I have has a personal run in with companies and H1b’s. The company is a major auto leasing co. They posted an IT job a few years back and I applied for it. It was a PERFECT skills match for me. No call, no interview. I found out from a current employee that many had applied and there were several perfect matches. BUT the Co went crying to the Feds saying they could not FIND anyone. Low and behold a few months later I was working part time as a favor to an auto repair shop and in walks an Indian who barley spoke English and and needed a repair. So we talked and I suddenly realized that this is the GUY that got the job! H1b’er. So I asked him some technical questions about the job. He didn’t know much. But that is ok because they ended up hiring TWO Indians for the position. So maybe the other one is the brains.


I worked for a small tech company. They teamed up with a “head hunter” who advertised fake jobs requiring experience with the software they serviced and that was how they generated leads to learn which companies had the software licenses.

Then they would sabotage the client’s database and sell them more service hours to fix it.

If it was that shady before the cloud, image how well managed (stolen) a company’s data is now.

My co workers figured out that I was honest and had figured out their game. The liars and thieves with no morals were the foreigners. They were unscrupulous and woukd do anything –anything—to have that so called Americam dream because they view the US as so materialistic.

They smile and preach world peace but beware they don’t like Americans and will stab you in the back with the chance

Americans have tech skills, they just aren’t getting hired at the same rate as Asians

My computer science degree continues to be: Worthless
Had I known I would have skipped college and saved all that time, effort & $$$.

Where I work, only 3 employees were born in this country. I remember one interview, at the last shop, where we found an excellent qualified local candidate for an open position, and she was a recent graduate with an advanced degree. The “foreign born majority”, wanted to hire someone from India, instead.

Only employers benefit, when they replace people with cheaper labor. I work at the same rate as I made during the Clinton years, and 85% of my coworkers are foreign born whom are reluctant to hire people born in the USA.

I remember 15-20 years ago, many companies were willing to train their existing workers, instead of hiring foreigners. Now it’s very rare, a company is willing to invest and train their workers. Hiring at half of the wages what they pay to Americans is the way to riches for them.

The H-1B program takes tech jobs away from Americans and gives them to foreigners. I’ve seen it first hand where corporations hire H-1B foreigners because they work cheaper and being on salary they don’t mind working many free hours of overtime because the foreign workers are just happy to be here. I’m a long time Trump supporter but this is NOT America first!

Not a day passes at the Megacorp where I work that an American worker isn’t marched to the door by security after he finishes training his H-1B replacement. It’s a sad sight, usually a guy in his 50’s pushing a cart full of his belongings down the hall with a tear in his eye as two security guards follow behind.

Add Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) to the list of RINO traitors:

And here are some posts in this article:

Very good point. My nephew learned computed programming in a 4 year college and is now working as a Staples clerk. Let Indians and Chinese find jobs at home.

I have seen this first hand. It’s the onshoring of offshore workers. It’s all fine and dandy to a very small degree. Organizations must be capped on how many roles they can fill with visa workers. That should include contractors and sub contractors too. Citizen graduates are getting screwed!

this is the crap that annoys me… so many of the contracts at microsoft are being re-bid and awarded to tech mahindra because tech mahindra can lowball the contracts with underpaid indian h1b’s (because they work real cheap to keep their h1b status and the offer of a green card down the road) or outsource to their india tech shop… with really low paid workers. The contracts are usually a combo of both a small amount of local h1b’s and the large group of tier 1 support out of india.

Again, we have professional IT jobs in our area that require a 4 year degree and professional certification that are paid LESS than a full time cashier at Hobby Lobby. This is LEGAL IMMIGRATION causing this problem!!!!!

And here are some posts from a Breitbart article on the federal bust of Indian labor traffikcers at a fake government-run sting “university”:

As someone in tech who has seen the entitled arrogant self congratulatory and hypocritical hindus take the helm in company and company, this warms my heart. However too little and too late. A friend of mine working for a major company in Chicago told me the first thing their new hindu CFO did was to remove the very loyal and technically sound white CTO and replaced him with his hindu buddy. They’ve taken over the entire tech sector and are playing the system to take over other industries unless we put a stop to it. Voting will never change that

Yep. My employer used these laws to hold down the wages of all the engineers I worked with. Dozens of my friends laid-off because they brought in Indians to do the work. Questioned my boss once about the fact whatever work these SCABS did do, it required having them redo it because it was wrong. His answer? “We could have them redo it four times if that’s what it takes based on what we pay them”

When I was forced to retire before I was ready along with 1k or others whom were 55 or older from a large microprocessor manufacturer I knew many IT and engineering folks who were affected by this. Trying to prove it in court is almost impossible as they retain the best lawyers money can buy and they’ll keep it tied up in court until you run out of money.

This mass restructuring (company speak for forced retirements/layoffs) occurred in 2015 in which surprisingly this sham U opened, the VP of manufacturing was forced to leave/retire in 2014 and a new VP was hired whom is an Indian national (can’t even begin to spell his name), then in 2015 a large contingent in Indian nationals was all of a sudden hired just before the mass restructuring. Just a coincidence…yeah right.

TN and j-1 are clearly abused…most institutions ARE required to have an I 20 current of students… my time seen more fraud associated with these I 20s not quite as much as the B-1 so called visitor , tourist visas generated. They. Generally encompass the millions here unlawfully overstays who cannot the located. They usually ditch the documents they arrived with an falsely acquire licenses social security cards etc etc. we are talking about millions not to mention the actual illegals who entered thru a hole fence or smuggled in. Very very serious problem

As a Chemist Tienanmen Square essentially destroyed my career. Salaries in the field have been flat or falling for 25 years after 10,000 unneeded Chinese Chemists were granted permanent visas. Thank you Congress.

Between taxes, regulations, and bad immigration practices, the field has basically been killed off. Good luck sourcing base chemicals when the Chinese won’t deal with us.

Here is a post I found from an anti-H1B visa group:

I came to End the H1b (closed)group to say this.

I cannot understand why this movement of displaced workers is so lackluster and unwilling to speak up or raise HE– abt being displaced?

I and Golda George worked to try to get a worker in the H1boot process at a company near Dallas to talk w Kevin Lynn and John Miano. last year. They (Keven and John)were prepared to make a game plan to out the employer, expose them for what they were doing and a number of other tactics BUT-

The contact of Golda’s wanted Nothing to do with it. We tried contacting them thru various ads and even thru linked-in but Golda was told by her contact that they wanted NOTHING to do with any of it.

Why could this be?

Why are so many american workers willing to sit silently by smiling while their careers are tanked and they are left in a “van down by the river” wokring as a walmart greeter or an amazon fulfillment-bot for minimum wage??
Are americans that easily brainwashed to believe the daily rhetoric that there “aren’t enough skilled workers” here??

I got fed up. I still am fed-up. I wax and wane between several lines of thought which are:

  1. Americans deserve to be homeless and destitute if they are willing to sit by and let pirates take their jobs.
  2. Americans have grown complacent due to affluence and they aren’t yet starving on the streets. If they are too affluent to care, what point is there in trying to goad them into action? They don’t care and thusly will be left to the dustbin of history apparently. Takea look at the RHC. They have thousands of ppl coming to their events, they see this opportunity to invade and take our livelihoods and they are acting on it. They are organized, energetic, they have full time ppl in washington daily beating on the doors of our politicians. We do not. They use the power of social media to collectively communicate. A mere few of us use it to scream into the ether as to why this is happening…. Share articles about various layoffs and the latest non-action by the big Cheeto. … oh, or watch in shock as the likes of Rand Paul is shown sharing glad pics with RHC leaders. The plight of american workers is like a black mark, a subject spoken abt in whispers of the halls where I work. The place where we are outnumbered by a landslide. It’s taboo and we are told to shut up, not have an opinion about it while the big corps that run this country continue to post record profits and basically write the laws that allow this system to thrive. They appear NOT care about the ppl in this country where they were able to innovate and get their ideas going. They care only in that we continue in silence while they prosper and add to their many houses, boats, cars and expensive education of their progeny.

This story is as old as the hills really. One entity, co-opting and obliterating eveyrthing in it’s path for personal gain.

They are actually very good at the game they’re playing. They squashed the unions (that gave us min wage and weekends). They squashed COLA wage increases and pension funds. Remember those?

There are no more pension funds bc they were raided. They dominate the military contracts. They dominate educational institutions where a text book on average costs $100. They dominate oil companies that take over small countries and wipe out indigenous ppls. The list could go on and on.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I am now finally coming off of a contract and onto a permanent job w my company and I get it. I cannot, under my personal, legal name publicly support controversial movements in any way shape of form due to the risk of impact to my job.I’ve worked 3+ years at this particular contract just to get to the point where they will value my contribution. and frankly, the fact that I add to their females in STEM goals probalby helped me. (This would be the FIRST time that being a female in STEM for 25 y rs has been to my benefit so calm down )

I think that our politicians probably do think that there are just a disgruntled few americans and most are resettled into other jobs now. They are too cash drunk to see our exploding homeless problem as related to loss of american occupied jobs. Again, kudos to the system, they have managed to keep all of the plates spinning thru media or think tanks. You gotta give em credit.

Until we find a way that ppl can safely come forward and join a movement without repercussion, we have no hopes of gaining any traction. The few that are willing to come forward, like Dawn, John, Kevin, Neil, Chris, Sarah B are doing their own silos of action but as yet there has been no nationwide organization.

The CT rally: it was heartening to see John and Kevin speak and the follow on articles they posted from the local press , they said abt 30 ppl were present. Either that represents that there * isn’t really an issue of displaced americans……… or there is but they can’t rally in public because of repercussion/ retaliation.

I know one thing, I could never jeopardize my new gig and I can only imagine what H1booters feel as they are bullied out the door with a wink and a nod. they know that there will be no food on the table or car payments or even healthcare if they violate their NDA or compensation pkg. It’s a hostage situation and until we find a way to make it safe, this isn’t likely to change.
thx for giving me a space to speculate free from – err- things.

And some replies to this post:

I am now retired. Before retiring, I had my employer listed on LinkedIn. I made a couple of pretty mild posts about H-1B, and was told by my supervisor that I had to take them down, or remove my affiliation, which I did. This was not given as an optional choice. I was told that “H-1B employees feel bad when posts like that are up”. Employers want to keep the slaves happy.

exactly, I was told my a colleague to make sure my facebook or other public accounts were “scrubbed” before onboarding bc my background check would include a close look at my social media. I don’t post much H1 stuff but a little slips thru on to my feed in the way of articles. I also post or comment regularly on the other H1b sites like ustechworkers or H1b and IToutsourcing but I do that with caution anymore because it’s public. I come to this group to post in freedom bc it’s closed.
It’s a pretty strange feeling to be having to censor myself abt a situation that ultimately affects the livelihood of my fellow citizen, friends and family. As I said, they have it locked down pretty well by negative labeling of those that oppose the status quo and giving preferred status to those who are taking advantage of our weakness. In the scheme of evolution, they have out manuevered us and our kids will suffer for our apathy.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I think that it is going to have to take another massive economic crash like what we saw in 2008-9 and 1929 for the people of this country to wake up and realize that they are just getting totally screwed over to the max. Then and only then will their complacency hopefully disappear and they will take to the streets and say enough is enough and put it all down, ala the French Revolution. The yellow vests are coming, the yellow vests are coming. You want the kinds of real change that you are talking about in your posts that can make things better for everybody in this country? Then the only way it can happen is to do like they are doing in France with massive push back protests in the streets ala the Yellow vests. The yellow vests are coming because what is going on in this country is not sustainable for any real length or period of time. The H1B visa thing is just another outward manifestation of neoliberal globalism that destroying our American way of life and is in the process of turning us into a third world Banana Republic.

I think they control that too. When the financial sector starts melting down, they force the govt to bail them out. They (corporate America) ended pension funds and forced everyone to move to 401k’s which are stock market dependent. Ni,ce so when they fuck up, we lose our retirement savings.

Millenials see straight thru them and one hopes they will keep pushing for reform. Our generation seems content to go quietly off of the cliff, afraid to upset anyone publicly bc of retaliation. They got us at a vulnerable time but I guess that’s what predators do.

You have the Federal Reserve’s plunge protection team stepping in every time the market begins to tank they will step in an buy up all of the securities on the stock market and artificially pump the financial system back up. How much longer they can continue to do that is anybody’s guess.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa/outsourcing group:


American Workers, please unite and raise! We need your help!

February7, 2019, U.S. Representatives Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Ken Buck (R-Colo.), and 112 bipartisan members of congress have reintroduced the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (now called H.R. 1044 instead of H.R. 392). At the same time, Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduced the companion bill in the Senate with 13 cosponsors.

  1. IMMEDIATELY, we are starting a calling campaign – NO H.R. 1044!!

Everyone in this group is asked to call and email your Senators and Representatives urging them to VETO AND NOT SUPPORT this legislation!

You can find the name, phone numbers and email address of your Senator by going to…/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.

You can find the name, phone numbers and email address of your Representative by going to…/find-your-representative.

We should also DEMAND H-1B AND OPT PROGRAMS to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY, because of enormous amount of abuse, fraud, and espionage, and most importantly the ADVERSE and HARMFUL EFFECTS ON THE AMERICAN WORKERS!!!

Lastly, we should DEMAND USA GOVERNMENT to deny Indian community Green Cards and Citizenship for at least next 25 years because of the enormous FRAUD and ABUSE that they have conducted on the American Soil, as a way of punishment!


  1. We are reporting to USCIS every single day! FRAUD and all NEWS about H-1Bs (everything you’ve heard today) should be reported to:

Any day spent without messaging to USCIS is day spent in vain! 5 – 10 emails to USCIS is a MUST!
USCIS listens! They want us to talk to them via the link above!!!

  1. We GROW this group and bring in more people! We spread the news to other groups – so more and more people know!!!

I am a MEMBER of some groups with 10,000 people and more! “i am a Brooklynite” , ” I am a New Yorker “, “Russian NY Parents” , “Russian NJ Parents” ( I speak Russian and a lot of Russians are programmers) – I CONSTANTLY REPOST all important articles from our group to these groups!
DO IT!!!

WE HAVE TO FEED every single article from this group to American Students, American Universities!!! We have to penetrate and have our supporters in All Facebook Groups for American Students in all University Campuses across America! American Students HAVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH! They are listening and they will help us FIGHT!
Please people with such connections HELP US!!!

We are also asking for “US Tech Workers” group and Dawn Collins and her team to keep us informed about their activities regarding this matter and KEEP US INVOLVED!

Here is a comment that I found in a Boston Hearld article about the fake American IT shortage:

I am an IT Professional, I have lived in the H1B world I for years. This is what is going on. American IT workers are being crowded out by ALL Indian shops across the USA . Where can an American IT Pro get a job? Certainly not on the East and West coasts, also in the CT and NJ area, and in the Dallas area. Literally everywhere! The banking industry in places like Charlotte and Dallas are totally dominated by Indians where they work for the Indian IT diems such as Infosys as indentured servants, working 12 days and weekends under the guise of peer group pressure to benefit the bank and crowd out American IT professionals.

Discrimination throughout the country against American IT workers is massive, Not only do the companies such as Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Cognizant and Tata discrimination against USA workers, these companies are totally dominated (95%) by Indians, if an American is hired they are shunned and used as a ported plant placeholder, a token. Throughout the country as time prevails, the Indians have moved into leadership and hiring manager positions. They are clannish and exhibit behavior patterns that derive from Indian ancient sectarian group conflicts. These hiring managers hire only Indians and often hire Indians from their own sectarian geographical area, if you are an American, the Indian hiring managers most likely will not hire you. American IT Pros often suffer throughout interview processes that are set ups for failure while Indian counterparts march into to jobs often with fake resume in hand, they get the job, YOU do not. IT Pros are struggling to stay in technical positions, but they are not hired, some are force to leave the profession and attempt to branch into business analysts and other roles; that is if you have the architectural and writing and presentation skills. Some of us are born to code – now deprived of that right in our own country. One of my friends lost his job to H1B, he lost his home and condemned to poverty in a trailer for the rest of his life.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Professor Ron Hira, inquiring mind wants to know how you made it on this list ??

Here is another post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Report on Classes of Nonimmigrants Issued Visas (Including Border Crossing Cards)

Fiscal Years 2014-2018 Totals:
2014 = 9,932,480
2015 = 10,891,745
2016 = 10,381,491
2017 = 9,681,913
2018 = 9,028,020

Click to access FY18AnnualReport%20-%20TableXVIA.pdf

And another post from this group:


February 7, 2019. A plan known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act – H.R. 1044, would eliminate the U.S. country caps in the legal immigration system and would fast-track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by businesses, outsourcing firms, and multinational corporations. NOT INDIAN? NO GREEN CARD FOR YOU for the next 12 YEARS!!!

Facebook, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Bloomberg, State Farm – ALL MAJOR AMERICAN COMPANIES ARE 50% – 90% H-1B AND OPT VISAS WORKERS!!!

Silicon Valley billionaires, big business elites, and outsourcing firms, are going to use H.R. 1044 to import more lower-paid Indian and Chinese foreign workers to take American jobs, which would have otherwise gone to American citizens.

Communities and Ethnic groups around America UNITE and ACT! Do what GREEKS did:

Send a message to your Senators and Representatives to VOTE AGAINST H.R. 1044:


Here are some posts from a 2-year old Breitbart article:

35 years ago, at my first tech job, there was one programmer who was an immigrant. Everybody else was born in this country. At my current tech job, only one other guy, older than me, was born in this country. Everybody else is an H-1b worker.

We put a man on the moon without H-1b workers. But our corporate overlords would now have you believe we must import half the population of India to code web sites and Java apps.

Americans have stopped majoring in engineering and computer science because they know that after all that trouble and money they might get a job in their early twenties when they’re cheap, but by the time they’re 30 they’ll be replaced by an H-1b worker. Eliminate the H-1b program and yes, the only country that put men on the moon will start producing engineers and programmers again.

Americans still major in engineering and computer science in large numbers. They run into a brick wall when they try to get into the workforce as the employers are hell-bent on hiring foreign nationals on the OPT and H-1B visa programs.

Sadly there are many American that do not understand the hardship that these H1Bs have caused. I was replaced and there are not similar jobs open for Americans. When I attempt to discuss my situation a lot of folks think that I should just be able to easily get another job at another company. There is not enough news that highlight this theft of Americans jobs to inform the public. Seems like only those that have been impacted understand what is going on.

Here in the heartland I know plenty of people that have been replace by H1Bs. Also, we have plenty who’s jobs were moved to Mexico and Korea. Homies had to train their replacements in order to get their severance packages. People on the coast wonder why everyone in the middle voted for Trump. these were middle class jobs that supported families. It has been devastating. Finally we have hope again that things are going to turn around.

And at this rate, I’m starting to give up ever landing a programming job. -_- Yes. Most places want to hire for entry level but expect you to have the knowledge and experience of a senior.

Yup. Or they engage in outright trickery. A Microsoft interviewer questioned me about a proprietary development tool only available within Microsoft, despite me telling him that I had never worked for Microsoft. Over-the-phone coding tests are notoriously unprofessional. Credentials such as quality CS degrees are not respected by the employers one bit. All part of a schema designed to remove US citizens from employment consideration so they can hire foreign nationals.

My new medi care supp has a network I have to pick from for a DR. Three fourths of them are indian names and I have no way to get a reference or background of their ability or history. The same people I cant understand when I call Dish or my credit card now could diagnose my health. Just Lovely and where did all the americans go?

This is the reality…I work in one of many office buildings in the Silicon Valley for a high tech company you have heard of. A full 65-85% of the people walking around on my floor are East Indians on these H-1B visas. Same on the other floors. Same in the rest of the many office buildings. Are they doing jobs Americans cannot? No. In fact they are doing it more poorly. They are doing the jobs Americans can do except it costs the company less to hire foreigners so the company chooses to increase their own profit by refusing to hire Americans. The company can pay the Indians less and also does not have to pay their Social Security. This is gross abuse of a specialized program which the Obama administration and Democrats allowed. Meanwhile the American college graduates are working at Starbucks and waiting tables. Poor getting poorer. And building developers are building hundreds of five-story apartment complexes the Indians pay $2500-$3500/month to live in. Which blows up the housing market across the board and makes it impossible for an American college graduate got out and live alone on his own. Rich get richer. Silicon Valley has been allowed to get away with this reprehensible abuse. It needs to end.

Barbara Comstock (R) from Northern Virginia is another Pro Indian work force proponent and USA American job killer, she has been hiding from her constituents for the last weeks. People want answers as to why foreigners get the jobs and Virginians are left to work at Home Depot, that is if you can get a Home Depot job.

Federal Caucus Member Lewis, John R. D-h05 Atlanta

Ha. So much for Old Lewis caring about unemployed black men. He could care less, is all talk, and a stab in the back.

Obama tried his best to utterly destroy the American middle class.
High taxes, unending regulations, open borders, Obamacare, and the H1-B visa program were are used to crush America, and pave the way for the great progressive “utopia”. I’m a well trained and experienced chemist. But I’m also a white American male. The job market in chemistry, and academia has consisted of nothing but low paid temporary jobs. Obama effectively ended my career and handed it to a low-paid foreigner.

The traitors are at the top. They live like kings and have no regard for the people they consider peasants.


and on and on and on.

Here’s a tip of the iceberg…
Abbott Labs
Adobe (2008)
AIG (2002-2003)
American Express
AT&T (2000, 2004,2009)
Avaya (2003)
Bank of America (2002,2013)
Best Buy
Bristol Meyers Squibb (2002)
Carnival (2016)
Catalina Marketing (2015)
Caterpiller (2016)
Cengage (2015)
Citizens Bank (2015)
CSC (2003)
Dell (2016)
Disney (2014)
Emblem Health (2016)
First Advantage
Fossil (2015)
General Mills
GM (2009)
The Hartford (2014)
Harley Davidson (2013)
HcSC (2016) (Illinois BCBS)
Hertz (2016)
Highmark Blue Cross
IBM (2014)
Lucent (1996)
Marriott (2013)
McDonals (2016) – Accounting
MassMutual (2016)
The McClatchy Company (2016)
Merrill Lynch (2000)
Microsoft (2014)
Molina Healthcare (2010)
New York Life
Newmont Mining
Nielsen Media Research (2008)
Northeast Utilities (/Eversource) (2014)
NYK Line Logistics (2011)
Pfizer (2008)
Siemens (2001-3)
Southern Cal Edison (2014)
Texas Instruments (2009)
Toys R Us (2015) – Accounting
Tribune Publishing (2016)
United Health
University of California, San Francisco
WalMart (2104?)
Warner Music
WellPoint (2009)
American Bureau of Shipping (federal agency)
Wells Fargo

People in the skilled tech industry have been screaming about this for months and months. I personally know people, code writers and the like, who were forced to train their replacements and then sacked. We need to send the h-1b folks back home. Employ Americans FIRST. Then we can bring people in on h1b visas

This foreign worker stuff boils my blood. I work in a hospital, and at least 50% of the new nurses are foreign-born. Their lack of English-speaking skills is frustrating too. Surely there are tons of natural-born citizens that would love to go to nursing school.

I see it all the time: in every large company I worked for, I saw hundreds upon hundreds of those foreign workers, mainly from India and China. Not all of them work for the IT depts. – some have high level executive and managerial jobs! What an insult to American workers and college grads!

The H1B program was and is specially designed to feather the nests of the lobbyists and the universities……….taking these students means the special interests the lobbyists represent get bargain rates for salaries of foreign students that come debt free because the tax payer footed the bill for their education………….universities love H1B students because they get paid big bucks by the government to take them, don’t have to worry about who pays for their educations and there is a 100% certainty that no matter how stupid they are they graduate………..then they are given priority for hiring so the schools can brag about graduates job success rates……….and all the time the American students are pushed back…………just another politicians wet dream for getting money from the lobbyists……

$21 an hour. Universities absorbing the PhD glut pay the $21 an hour. UC Irvine, Wayne State, etc. And bill out their “university research” at $240 to $480 an hour.
It’s a racket.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Tucker Carlson highlighted on his show tonight the Trump Administration change to support more Immigration. He also showed poll that 73% Americans think current level is Too much/ Just Right. A bit of disconnect. Amazing since Tucker’s brother is a pawn of Immigration Voice

And here are some replies to this post:

I was on the camera when a white guy alert went off and Kumar the Republican Hindu Coalition GURU brought in Tucker Carlson’s brother Buckley Carlson to the love fest. I get it now why Fox News does not cover the Green Card Giveaway and IT layoffs.

And Tucker is a former fellow of CATO.

And some more posts from this group concerning this Bloomberg article (

Some comments from people:
“My husband works as an Electrical Engineer in the power plant sector. His company brings in H1B visas from India because they have “a masters degree in engineering” but don’t know JACK about anything within this specific field! Then they “train” them for 9 weeks here before releasing them onto a job site and they have NO CLUE what they are doing. My husband has been in this field now for over 2 decades and it takes at LEAST 4 YEARS worth of field work under someone more qualified to actually do this job without costing lives or power outages!
The whole reason to hire these “qualifed” visas??? They are CHEAPER than Americans with the qualifications needed to do the job safely and correctly! They aren’t qualified to do this kind of a job in the first place as they were “educated” in their own country and have minimal book knowledge but have never done ANY field work!”

my experience from technical screening of IT candidates: many H1Bs seem to have a strong textbook knowledge of a programming language but know nothing about the business that they apply for. Also deficient in communications skills.

More Comments:
“Oracle’s main head quarter’s is in RedWood City, my wife USED to work there now-a-days good luck finding anyone except people from India and Mexico there.
All the people from India have all the high tech jobs and all the people from Mexico have all the jobs like grounds keepers,cafeteria workers, & custodian jobs.”

Nice comment:
“It’s not just IT work, and it varies by locality. One poster said he couldn’t find one single qualified U.S. citizen for a spcialized skill. Where? Somewhere NO one wants to be? Let’s talk about nursing. There may be shortages and nursing schools are packed in Texas, but a skilled, experienced nurse in the SF bay area can’t get a position because hositals are bsing the gov’t because they love hiring nurses from Kenya and the Pillipines willing to put up with staying understaffed and underpayed because it’s still better than where they were.”

City College of SF board of trust just declare the administration will cut 41% classes in Nursing by 2025, claiming students staying in the program too long instead getting jobs. True, recent grad find nothing. The administration rather re-allocate the funding for DACA and free healthcare for illegals. Meanwhile only 1 in 6 applicants are able to enter the program. State of California only protect cheap labors program for their lobbies and donors. Time for political revolution.

wow that is outright unfair and horrible. Trump needs a second term to go full berserk and end the visa abuse once and for all

Studies of IT staff that are overworked to ridiculous levels, say 80 hours or even 60 hours a week is unproductive, one finds one’s self in a brain fog subject to mistakes, one becomes a walking zombie. Programmers must be clear headed and awake to code and test software. 60 hours a week is about all people can take and be even close to some form of productivity. Even that is a stretch. This constant level of fatigue eventually leads to fatigue and zombie hood every hour of the day, for the individual has not been able to recover from the constant ordeal of an 80 hour day. That not is not a life. It is a torture chamber. It is immoral and cruel.
I quote Stanford on the Crunch Mode Reality: “This dramatic decrease in average productivity can be explained in two primary ways. First, it may be the case that employees simply become much less efficient: due to stress, fatigue, and other factors, their maximum efficiency during any given work day may become substantially less than what it was during normal working hours. Thus, overworked employees may simply be substantially less productive at all hours of the work day, enough so that their average productivity decreases to the extent the additional hours they are working provide no benefit (and, in fact, are detrimental). This explanation is certainly very possible. As will be discussed in the next section, overwork very often leads to sleep deprivation, for example, and sustained reduced sleep is known to negatively impact productivity at all hours of the day.”

Let us keep our fundamentals clear

  1. H-1B/L-1/H4EAD/L2EAD are legally adults who are legally capable of making decision for their own welfare under US Laws
  2. They know the deal they are getting into when applying for employment as H-1B/L-1/H4EAD/L2EAD which includes long hours, no overtime pay, restricted paid leaves, scrappy medical insurance
    I have no idea why Sara Blackwell is sympathetic to these H-1B/L-1/H4EAD/L2EAD, may be it is an act that is part and parcelnof her being a labor lawyer but I have no tear to shed for their plight given that they are willing partners in an overall big scam that is killing jobs for US IT professionals

CEOs and Companies Owners are GUILTY, TOO!
BLOOMBERG – the publisher of this article is 80% H-1Bs and OPT, like Oracle!
Beautiful, beautiful 731 Lexington Avenue office! NOT FOR AMERICANS!

American contractors are also abused not just H-1B.

If u r a contractor u get abused and harassed, and that why u make big bucks. H1b workers are victims. The real culprits are the hiring managers who take bribe to provide insights on the projects and bidding info. In my BU I see people openly accepting gifts as bribes to hire non qualified. If u complain they change their Teams. I work at a bank however I cant trusr them with my money knowing what kind of incompetent people are building and testing those applications. No their is no Indian/H1b involvement. The hiring managers are white americans who hire anyone ready to pay bribe. A boor camp grad is making 90K with zero work exp.

no one even speaks about the subversive actions H-1Bs/L-1s undertake to help eliminate American IT Professionals from their jobs. eg you ordered a change, the change was done, tested and approved and deployed. The next morning you get a call, the customer orders are not processing correctly – a new bug has been introduced by the deployment.
The root cause – H-1B/L-1 Manager and his team in India deployed incorrect code. Since they are the sole custodian under contract no one can challenge their action.
Result – you get 15 days notice and fired on the spot
Result – Tilak and Bob Igor happy that headcount has gone down by one without them having to do any explanation to shareholders

And another post from this group:

Microsoft is 99% H-1B and OPT VISAS workers. They fired all American Employees 20 years ago and for every American guy hired 3 Indian guys.

There is NOTHING American in Microsoft product! There is NOTHING “made in America ” in this company and what it sells! Bill Gates should REMOVE:
Country of Origin = USA
from MSFT US Equity Financial Analysis (FA) Statement and Microsoft stocks SHOULD NOT BE TRADED on the American Stock Exchanges!

Google, Facebook, Ebay, Bloomberg, Apple, Oracle – all major American companies followed his lead..

Because of his business model, his leadership, and his greed most IT AMERICANS are now UNEMPLOYED, in despair, and some even became part of the American Opioid Crisis, and Bill Gates schools us how do taxes now.

I wonder what he has come up with? American workers who built his company are too expensive for him. This greedy man for extra few billions in his pocket destroyed the WHOLE American IT industry. Now he is ADVISING COUNTRY-WIDE on taxes. Very, very interesting!

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

My former company got around the H1B visa issue by just opening a division in India and kept on laying us off. When needed, they brought some over on some sort of sneaky 6 month temp visa. This continued for a few years.
I was eventually laid off, but am sure they are still doing it.
The main issue is most of the big corp CEOs/board members and also the many of our politicians have dual citizenship and are not loyal to the USA and it’s citizens. They bribe, lobby and even quietly sneak in changes to the law/policy to allow even more outsourcing every year. ????????

And here is a reply to this post:

The six months temp visa that you are talking about is called the L1 visa and according to Michelle Malkin’s book “Sold Out”, the intentional overstays past six months for Tech workers using the L1 visa program is nothing short of absolutely rampant.

Here is a post from a different anti-H1B visa group:

What follows is an excerpt from an email thread between myself and someone out there claiming to represent a job that I should be able to get. This recruiter was very honest today, admitting the position was for visa worker only:

From: akash panwar
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 2:06 PM
To: [name removed to prevent retaliation]
Subject: RE: Oracle DBA :: Plano, TX


From: [name and email removed to prevent retaliation]
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 3:04 PM
To: akash panwar
Subject: Re: Oracle DBA :: Plano, TX


That sounds like a visa job only, right?

From: akash panwar
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 1:56 PM
To: [name removed to prevent retaliation]
Subject: RE: Oracle DBA :: Plano, TX

Hi [name removed to prevent retaliation],

Client is Wipro and End client is Capital One

From: [name and email removed to prevent retaliation]
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 2:55 PM
To: Akash panwar
Subject: Re: Oracle DBA :: Plano, TX

Who is the client?

From: on behalf of Akash panwar
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 1:40 PM
To: [email removed to prevent retaliation]
Subject: Oracle DBA :: Plano, TX

My name is Akash panwar and I am a Staffing Specialist at E-Solutions INC. I am reaching out to you on an exciting job opportunity with one of our clients.

Job Title – Oracle DBA
Location – Plano, TX

Duration: Contract’

Visa: USC/GC/TN/(H1B/H4 with passport No.)

Interview Mode: In person Interview in Plano, TX

Job Description:-

• Good Experiernce in Oracle

Thanks & Regards

Akash Panwar

Talent Acquisition Executive

E-Solutions Inc.


Here is a post that I found online and it appears to be talking about JCPenney:

My team has some hourly contractors on h1b they are made to work 12 hours regularly and on weekends. They fear that they would get fired if they dont work that much. They are paid minimum wage at their level and with the amount of work they are doing they are paid less than prevailing wage compared to a citizen. Also they dont have a manager onsite, so employer employee relationship is not maintained. This is bringing down wage level and also 1 person is taking 2 iobs and getting paid much less and no benefits. Can i report anonymously to USCIS?

And here are the replies to this post:

Can consulting company alone do this or JC Penney is the one that is bigger culprit here ? JC Penney gives the pay and overworks the contractors. Offcourse they know the visa status of those contractors, or atleast the glaring low pay.

Sure we should prevent H1b abuse but I am amazed how American businesses escape from the abuse they are doing in H1b.

As an H1B holder myself, please report it. Fuck these shitty companies.

Yes absolutely. I’m Indian too and I hate those consulting agencies who abuse the system. Report it.

Because of consulting companies like these, other legal immigrants with genuine use case of h1b are made collateral damage

Yes please do. Thanks to these consulting companies we now have premium processing suspended till almost infinitely.

Like so many others here, I’m on H1B too; but please do report them! They are abusing this visa and we are all collateral damage.

lol so many think that uscis has nothing else to do but as soon as it’s reported people will get deported. There is a process and it takes time to prove something which is reported and loopholes in law.

Long term fix the damn law so this doesn’t happen at the very first place. Not expecting miracle to happen here as they may work zillion hours but might put 40 hours on time sheet

This is so true and I have seen this in one team.Manager has asked everyone to put 40 hours by default no matter how many hours they work.

I found these posts in an article about H-1B visa abuse (though from 2015):

Importing all this cheap and inferior labor to the American tech industry will turn out badly. I dropped out of the industry because it was very hostile to women. The foreign influence will make it even more hostile. It is not politically correct to bring it up but Indians, Asians, and even Europeans have negative attitudes towards women in the work place.

The quality of the skill set you bring to a tech job is also very important because the basic asset is the people. When you push the good ones out you diminish the company. Most non technical managers have no way of evaluating this metric. They look at the numbers and think cheaper is better. They don’t see the value in systems that are running smoothly. They think the job is so easy anybody can do it until everything breaks.

I will recount something I experienced some time ago. I was programming money transfer systems for a bank purchased by the biggest bank in Hong Kong. The new Chinese manager informed the NY group that the new system we were coding would be worked on by the NY group during NY business hours and the HK group during HK business hours. Same code worked on by different groups at different times with a considerable language barrier. I quit shortly thereafter. I later learned that during a major system test nothing worked. The NY team learned that the Chinese coders wrote code but never tested any of it because testing wasn’t part of the spec. No American programmer, even the bad ones, would find that reasonable.

It’s worth than you know:

US Gov’t funnel billions of dollars to immigrant business owners.

In order to understand how the H-1B sets up an indentured labor system (in addition to accelerating outsourcing), read this investigative report in detail. This investigative report seems to cover only the H-1B visa abuse so far.

In addition to the above H-1B visa, there are also other “nasties” like L-1 and B-1 visas and these visas don’t even have wage filing with the DOL. So what happens with these visas? This is what:

Note that this came to light only because someone felt bad and reported this 🙂
The entire L-1 and B-1 visas should have close to a 100% abuse rate as shown above, but no one knows since I am not sure whether anyone even keeps track of these wages at all.

DOL wants to suppress the H-1B wage info (as soon as some investigative reporters started asking questions) even though it will cost only a few GB to store this info. Does this look like a good idea?

If you are an investigative reporter, perhaps you might want to file an FOIA and get this info before DOL destroys incriminating evidence or you can investigate the L-1 and B-1 visas.

Or you can publish the details on the FOIA process (and your experience) as an article, so that mere mortals can learn from the experience.

By the way, this H-1B visa was a relatively harmless public policy until 1998 or so (until that point this visa was given to students who finished their MS and PhD degrees in STEM fields from US universities and even now this is not a problem). But in the late 1990s a few Wall Street analysts started putting out research reports with “Y2K labor shortage in STEM fields” scare (i.e., these were probably the only few quarters/years when the US workers’ “real wages” increased slightly during the last 40 years 🙂 ). Immediately legislature sprung into action and added new sections in H-1B visa bill to bury the citizens. Yes these were the same superstar Wall Street analysts who were pushing worthless dot com stocks on to unsuspecting public (and since this dot com junk got in to total stock market indices even the ones who didn’t speculate got loaded with junk in their portfolios).

The late 1990s was a fertile period for bad legislation which were instrumental in emptying the citizens’ bank accounts over the last 15 years. This is when the congress was doing its “bi-partisan thing” and dug many holes for the middle class through bad legislation. (examples: H-1B visa changes to allow indentured labor to be imported into US directly to accelerate outsourcing, Derivatives deregulation, Repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, Fannie/Freddie lax oversight and many more gems). Every one of these bi-partisan gems turned out to be worthless (and toxic) glass within the next 10 years.

[name redacted]

your experience with your IT job sounds eerily similar to my own in the car business. The company I was working for imported a new (at the time) scheme called the track system, and took the negotiation part of the sales job out of salesman’s purview and added a greeter to the mix.
Since the job payed commission it took the incentive out of the job. Your salary was affected by the negotiation of management, and the best you could hope for was that your negotiator was a good closer. They weren’t – they made their salaries whether they were good or not.
Things came to a head one day when one of these geniuses had angered a customer so badly he was ready to walk. On my own initiative I stepped in and calmed the man down and closed the deal. The newbie salesman was grateful but management was furious. I was chewed out for recognizing the problem and acting on it. I was not a team player, they said.
I do not suffer fools gladly. Shortly thereafter I gave notice and had a trucking job lined up. Back then this was a tough nut to crack. Trucking companies wanted two years experience and had waiting lists of applicants.
When I gave notice the boss sneered that I would never amount to anything. “That’s right,” I said. “I’m not a team player.”
33 years later I’m still truckin’.
I am, Madam, Your Humble Servant [name redacted]

Actually, the way our representatives advance corporate over public interest are more more varied and devious still. You note here that a safeguard designed to prevent what is – if we are to be honest with ourselves – the core goal of the program was watered down. True enough. Know too that the Departments intended to exercise those safeguards – DOS and DHS – are provided no resources to do so… How are they supposed to know if workers are laid off as a result of approval of H1Bs?

I mean in general, logic dictates that this is the point. Only the ignorant, the stupid, and self interested could believe the “jobs that Americans won’t or can’t do” pablum marched out by our corporate overlords for every immigration debate. But in specific? Somebody will actually be laid off and that specific job given to this applicant? The bureacrats don’t know, can’t know, and don’t want to know.

Both agencies have a culture of compliance with Congressional and corporate wishes, which are typically one and the same. It works like this: a rare, low level adjudicator refuses an obviously bogus application: the wages are too low, the candidate unqualified, or the evidence that no citizens available completely bogus. Company calls Congressperson, who then files an inquiry with the responsible office. Upper management, promoted precisely for their sophisticated, nuanced view of the law and their moral flexibility lean on the adjudicator, who can then comply or face the consequences.

Middle class America isn’t going to win a fight it barely understands.

Been studying this for sometime now and I recently put together this video showing that it is happening to every occupational group that pays more than $35,000.00 per year.

America, you need to wake up or you’ll be nearly homeless like me.

Myself, I believe we need to do more to Keep America At Work by hiring Americans in America.

I just watched your video. Pretty frightening. I wish I knew the answer to all of this. Or rather, how to get our reps to man up and do the right thing.

One of the factors I can come up with to explain the temporary H1B workers in California and the North East, including the Northwest is the huge migration of workers OUT of those areas. In California, it’s just been amazing as people have hightailed it out of that state as fast as they can.

But this would only account for a portion of the H1Bs.

Since I’m in the engineering field, I can attest to the problem with finding engineers to hire. One of the problems is that engineering companies will hire hundreds of engineers and then within a few years fire them. A number of engineers have just given up and gotten out of the business altogether. They were just tired of the hire/fire cycles. Consequently, many young inexperienced engineers have been hired with no one to guide them or mentor them. I’ve been approached to join a very major oil technology firm specifically for this very purpose.

Many plants are out in the middle of nowhere. It’s tough to entice engineers out of major cities like Houston, Dallas, Atlanta, etc.

So, a lot of the H1Bs in engineering are to bring in some experienced help. But…usually, the quality of these engineers from 3rd world countries is not very good. Good ones are hard to find. I’ve worked with a number of them and I am impressed with their capabilities. Luckily, most of the poor ones are not hired, but we review their output here and it is usually sadly lacking.

A lot of media and people wanting to bring in h-1b visa holders to displace Americans will say there is no wage difference.

The most requested H-1B visa is for Computer Systems Analyst
So I put together a map for 2015 and 2014 showing a blue icon if they are being paid more than an American and a red pin if they are being paid less.

You be the judge:

There is one explanation in that these H1B visa holders are hired through contractor companies. The contracting company beats down the worker so that they can contract them out at lower rates to win bids. The company using the workers is charged a percentage above this as their profit. The company never sees these lower wages.

I know this for a fact since I have had to deal with these guys. I have 34 years experience as an engineer and they wanted to contract me out at almost half of what I was earning as a direct employee.

I have worked with some direct hire H1B guys, but I don’t know what they were being paid. But as soon as they get a green card, they can jump ship and play with the big boys and get paid what US citizens get paid. They aren’t stupid. They KNOW they are being exploited.

My son is in the IT business with a large online retailer. I’ve asked him some questions regarding what you have posted. I’ll let you know what he says.

How much money has been looted from the US tech workers approximately so far with the H-1B visa bill?


Approximate total number of people employed as Software Engineers in the US = 1 million

BLS data on the Software Engineer employment can be found here:

Main figures and assumptions:

number of visas issued = approximately 100,000 visas/year “every year over the last 15 years”

Difference in wages (less wages) paid to each of the above H-1B visa holder (when compared to a US STEM worker)= $30,000/visa/year (If you look at the DOL wages, you will find that the difference in wage is even greater, but I have used this wage difference for illustration purposes)

Approximate wage of a US STEM worker assumed = $100,000 / year (from BLS data it is slightly lower, but I have used this for illustration)

Loss calculation for tech workers:
Approximate loss just from recruiting these H-1B visa holders instead of US tech workers and paying them approximately $30K below market wages
= 100,000 visas/year * $30,000 /visa/year = $3 billion/year

Approximate loss from exactly one US tech worker laid off for each H-1B visa issued
= 100,000 visas/year * $100,000 /US worker laid off/year = $10 billion/year

In addition, 2 to 4 additional US software engineers in the US are usually laid off (sometimes with a few months lag so that the US software engineers can transfer knowledge to the outsourcing firm workers before they are laid off) for each H-1B visa issued to the outsourcing firm (one H-1B visa holder usually will “manage” around 10 to 20 engineers in “back offices in poor countries” and the work will be slowly transferred from the US and after a few months/years permanently out of US). The H-1B visa holder is the “anchor” who is imported into the US precisely for this reason. i.e., to move projects out of US.

Approximate Loss from 2 additional US tech workers laid off per year for every H-1B visa issued
= 100,000 visas * $200,000 (wages of 2 additional US workers laid off/visa/year) = $20 billion/year

Approximate Loss from overall wage reductions to US tech worker wages (a minimal amount assumed at $5000/US tech worker/year) due to excessive oversupply achieved through these “indentured laborers on H-1B visas”
= 1 million US Software engineers * $5,000 per US Software Engineer per year = $5 billion/year

Total Loss for tech workers in the US “per year” = 3 + 10 + 20 + 5 = $38 billion

= Total Loss for tech workers “over the last 15 years since this H-1B gravy train started”

= 15 years * $38 billion/year = $570 billion

There might be some disagreements about the figures used above and good labor market researchers can use their own figures. But it should be obvious that the loss for US tech workers over the last 15 years through these “H-1B visas” are in the hundreds of billions of dollars, regardless of the assumptions used above.

In addition, there are additional losses to the society through downstream wage loss (workers who rely on US tech worker spending), federal income tax losses, FICA tax losses, property tax losses, sales tax losses etc., I have not even included these societal losses in the above calculation.

So who has been pocketing the above looted amount for the last 15 years?
Have you been reading the SEC 10-K filings for publicly listed tech firms and tracking the stock option award recipients in those filings?

How can the legislature write such a bill?
Have you tracked (if it can be tracked at all) the political contributions from the “stock option awards recipients”names that you found in the 10-K filings above and from the tech firms to both political parties ? Even worse, the political contributions are usually from the “corporate account” (i.e., shareholder money)!

Truly a beautiful system where all money outflows are from common shareholders and general public and all money inflows are for personal benefit of the 0.01% and the legislators (who are also in the 0.01%!).

This is what is possible when there is “bi-partisan” agreement on some issue in the legislature 🙂

“Tragedy of the commons” indeed.

So what is your “friendly legislators and lobbyists” have been up to (in addition to H-1B visa laws) over the last few years in this area?


The lobbyists have decided that the looting from H-1B visas was not enough, so they have written the following bills and are trying to pass them through the legislature.

While reading these bills, refer to the labor force growth projections from BLS and see how absurd the visa numbers in these bills really are.

BLS projects a “total labor force growth (not yearly)” in software engineers until 2022 of 140,000 engineers. This is the total growth projections until 2022 and is not a yearly figure. Every one of these bills below has H-1B visas which are more than this total labor force growth “every year”!

So US would end up with 1.5 million “immobile indentured bonded foreign engineers” by the year 2022 with these bills even though BLS projects only 140,000 new jobs in this field.

These are the bills which increase these H-1B visa numbers (from the “already excessive as a percentage of total US tech workforce”) even more. To add insult to injury to the US tech workers, these bills are being written (and some even passed) during the biggest economic depression in the US in 100 years! This is the legislative body at work and at its finest!

As you can see, the lobbyists are “extremely well organized” and try many different tactics (some bills in house, some bills in senate and through both parties) to get these bills passed while no one is watching.

By the time the confusion settles with so many different numbers in various bills citizens will not even know what just happened. Some lobbyists are so good that they don’t even mention any numbers in the bills when the bills are written. The bills just have some vague statement like “repurpose any unused visas from other areas as H-1B visas” and citizens have to calculate these numbers!

Note: I suspect (or perhaps this is common knowledge) most bills in the legislature are written by lobbyists since no one else has a vested interest in writing new legislation which can be used in innovative ways to transfer money from the middle class. In other words, the benefits from these bills are “highly concentrated” but the loss is “widely diffused” across the population.

Does anyone have time to follow all these bills and the wording in these bills?
This is the “dazzle them with BS” principle at work.
Every legislator, lobbyist and tech industry executive knows “exactly what these numbers in these bills are/will be” since they derive monetary benefit from these bills based on these numbers.

There might be even more bad bills like this, but I did not have time to search them all.

  1. S. 744 – Human Trafficking Reporting Act of 2013 – (Title IV, Subtitle A, SEC 4101, clauses (9)(A) and (9)(B) ) – The H-1B numbers in this bill are 2 to 3 times the already excessive number of H-1B visas which are issued currently. This bill has passed senate (during economic depression)!
  2. S.169 – I –squared Act of 2013 – This bill increases the already excessive number of H-1B visas currently by about 2 to 3 times.
    See Section 101: Market Based H-1B Visa limits, (9)(A)
  3. H.R. 2131 – Skills Visa Act – See Section 201: H-1B visas, entire section has excessively large numbers of H-1B visas (multiples of the already excessive current numbers) buried inside it.
  4. H.R. 459 – STEM visa act of 2013 – Section 3 of this bill “repurposes any unused visas from other categories and makes them as H-1B”. This will again be a very large number (many times higher than what it is currently). I did not have the time to derive this number.

Some of the major tech companies have announced public support for these visas. How about an out right boycott of their products to bring attention to the issue. Nobody needs to be on those major “advertising” sites. Tell your friends to withdraw and tell them why.

Something similar happened to me in 1980. I worked as a specialized float pilot on the BC west coast. All our competitors were Union and made a decent wage with benefits. Our non-union company under-cut their rates by paying us less money and hiring low-timers for new positions. We met with management and requested our renumeration be based on piece work known as base pay and mileage. We were also willing to take a lower scale than nearby competitors. (The company makes money…we make money.) They declined and kept us on salary and over time increased our hours of work and duty time. The company managers increased their perks and pay to the point of pissing us off, mightily. One day I hopped on a plane and a series of busses and visited a Teamsters business agent in Burnaby, BC (Vancouver Suburb). I left with a sheaf of sign-up cards and the warning to be careful as they (the owners) would try to fire me or hurt me if they found out. We had 100% sign up. The owners spent thousands in fighting union certification and managed to include the entire company in a vote to defeat the pilots. They boasted, “they had it in the bag” and compiled a hit list of who they would fire after the vote. Most of the pilots were to be replaced. We won the vote, despite both owner’s relatives (kids) etc being allowed to vote. I was 26 years old with a mortgage and a wife at home looking after our young baby. It took over a year to achieve our first contract and I was subsequently laid off Nov. 24th in order for the company to avoid paying Christmas and Boxing day stats (holiday pay). I said to the owner, “Merry Christmas”, and asked him how he could live with himself with that kind of attitude? He looked sick with the truth of it all, but denied he was being vindictive. I never returned because I was good at my job and I soon found another one, and despite having to move it was a net positive. In subsequent years some jobs were union, and some were not, but I always insisted on fairness and respect wherever I worked. I also busted my ass for my pay, ‘believing in a good days work for a fair days pay.’

Today, aviation companies are still doing the same thing, hiring foreign workers. The helicopter industry is the worst. However, due to recent protests and newspaper articles our Canadian Federal Govt has had to restrict the applications for foreign worker permits. Companies were outraged and protested but to no avail. The Conservative Govt and participating companies were exposed and have had to retreat in the face of public anger.

There are solutions. Change is possible. But complaining about it is only the first step in taking your jobs back from vested interests; the 0.01% who pay the lobbyists and control the media.

I spent four years in Thailand and learned the following: their labor protections, particularly at the low ends, were massive compared to those in the US. You can’t just move to Thailand from the US and become a bricklayer or a carpenter or deliver pizzas on a motorbike, because Thais can do those jobs, so why would they hire you? (at any price). Without that visa everybody quickly knows who you are and you get picked up fast–no welfare for that, or period. The idea of illegal immigrants or even legal immigrants getting paid far less does exist (mostly from Myanmar or Cambodia) but they try to stem it. Either we can go back to a protectionist policy that tries not to give away the good jobs to the lowest bidder, or we can wait 20 or 30 or 50 years for the world population to begin their own union agreements globally (and hope the powers that be don’t try to fly the remaining jobs to outer space). We could also wait for the powers that be to self destruct, but they’ve proven pretty hardy so far. Or we can all walk away from money…literally. I mean the concept of money as it’s understood now entirely…

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

“In a wide-ranging exploration of working conditions at Facebook’s content moderation facility in Arizona, which is operated by a vendor called Cognizant, The Verge described an office where employees cope with intense stress by using drugs and having sex at work. One employee told The Verge he brought a gun to work because he feared retaliation from former employees.”

Here is a post that someone made on the US Tech Workers page:

Interviewed with CSX in Jacksonville Florida the manager that escorted me from the lobby to the board room said there were approximately 400 H1B programmers in that building alone. The lobby looked like a busy Mumbai street corner as I was waiting.
That’s a lot of IT jobs in Jacksonville and only with one company. Merrill Lynch & Bank of Amerika are notorious H1B heavy in Jacksonville and many of the hiring managers are done by H1B scabs. No prejudice there.

Here are some posts that I found on an thread:

the H1B visa program invites foreign workers to apply for temporary employment in the United States. One requirement for the visa, is that foreign candidates should not displace a United States citizen with comparable skills.

These Indian “recruiters” are farming identities, contacts and resumes of United States citizens, to prove to the Department of Labor (DOL) that they have done due diligence to first find United States citizens to fill open high technology positions.

H1B visa reform is needed, this will be quite costly time consuming. Just imagine how much effort this will require. The DOL will require that all recruiting agencies prove they actually interviewed each qualified candidate, and show that each candidate was ranked, assuring qualified U.S. citizens are considered first. Unfortunately this process can also be scammed.

I recently received a call from an employee of an American recruiting agency, call him Ray. They do placements for contract software developers in the financial services industry. His role is to prepare candidates for their interviews, including background about the employer, what questions to expect, corporate culture and general interview preparation. I asked why was there a requirement for a photo of myself holding a state issued ID.

The financial institution Ray had placed foreign workers at had discovered that hundreds of foreign workers, including temporary and full-time employees, had falsified their educational credentials, work experiences and professional references. The extent is not fully known, but there is evidence that these foreign candidates had a surrogate fill in for their technical phone screenings.

Indian recruiters are gaming the system for mostly selfish reasons. Though legitimate up front, the idea is to initiate and prove contacts with potential US Citizen candidates whom have unknowingly price themselves out of the position with a high rate. The Indian company knows the rate is low but gets the US Candidate to unknowingly price him or herself out of the range of the hiring company. That way they can go back and promote a foreign worker at a much cheaper rate with the promise of the foreign worker being immigrated and sponsored on a H1B.
It meets all the requirements of the H1B visa program to the actual hiring company. No viable candidates (US Citizens) are seemingly found so foreign workers are promoted and immigrated instead.
Meanwhile, US candidates whom are still looking for a job never really hears from the Indian recruiter again. That’s why one of the first things they ask in the initial contact is what pay rate are you looking for. 😉 Beware!

his is becoming a big nuisance ever since I posted my resume on Dice and Monster, my , will phone never stops ringing. Indian name/sounding person using magic jack number is calling displaying Wyoming,New Jersey or Nebraska numbers. Will ask you to fill some forms that does ask for SSN, DOB without year and so forth. One idiot even asked for a copy of green card. These people are actually telemarketers based in India and working for some Indian recruiting agents in USA screening candidates for them. now unfortunately the story does not end here. The USA based Indian recruiters have contacts in the client IT organizations who are also from India and his/her job is to push their candidates and get a cut from recruitment fees. They collect resumes and while the interviewers from client side are also Indians, they reject many deserving candidates which is in blatant violation of Equal opportunity Law (EEOC), collectively push for hiring from India and also outsource the work to India. I had about 15 interviews in the last few months and in every interview there was an India who attitude clearly reflected rejection of my resume. This is a big racket going on in USA despite very strict EEOC laws how no one takes notice. This has to be stopped now. People should write to EEOC and ask for the laws to be more strictly implemented. Please visit this page post you complaints and concerns so that this malpractice by Indian recruiters is brought to an end.

There is a very specific directive these Indian recruiters are carrying out. And it goes like this- U.S. companies want to continue the hiring of cheap H1b visa workers INSTEAD of hiring U.S workers.In order to this, they must justify to the DOL (Dept Of Labor) that they have no viable U.S candidates avilable, they do this by filing an LCA (Labor Conditions Application) an LCA is a statement from the hiring company to the DOL that the “labor conditions” are such that there are no viable U.S candidates and we have no choice but to request an H1b candidate. Here is where HR departments get sneaky HR department will defer to the Indian recruiting agencies to filter through the candidates and to make sure that there are no viable U.S. candidates found. THIS IS WHY U.S. CANDIDATES WILL OFTEN GET THESE FLIMSY LEADS FOR POSITIONS THAT JUST HAPPEN TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY OR THEY MAY BE POSITIONS THAT ARE ALMOST A PERFECT FIT BUT THEN FIND OUT THERE IS A PARTICULAR SKILL THAT IS REQUIRED BUT THE U.S CANDIDATE DOESNT HAVE. SOMETIMES THE CANDIDATE WILL GO SO FAR DURING THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THE POSITION IS A THIRD SHIFT (EVEN FOR AN ENGINEERING POSITION) OR IT COULD BE SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS ACTUALLY INTENDED TO BE A DEAL BREAKER AND CAUSE THE U.S. CANDIDATE TO WITHDRAW. When this happens the the recruiting agency is then able to file the LCA stating that they made the effort to hire a U.S. candidate but they turned out to not be viable. Whats really ironic is they have outsourced this sneaky process to to overseas Indian workers.

What you describe is a classic example of violating Equal Opportunity law which should be reported. If people can write to the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) and report this wide spread breach happening in our daily life. I had done 6 face to face interview and in each one of them there was an Indian involved and with their way of questioning in each one of the interviews I know that he is creating impression in front of the other interviewers and making justification to reject me. And that always happened. The fact is that, these Indians who have already landed jobs in North American are there to support the IT industry in their country and I have reason to believe that they get kickbacks for their services to their country’s IT industry.

This has to be stopped. For the sake of new job seekers entering the market, please write to your congress-person and EEOC with any factual examples highlight the problem ASAP.

dog the bounty hunter in Charlotte, North Carolina said: Even if a few companies actually use them it’s probably a safer bet to ignore them from a security standpoint. I’ve had many fake recruiters pitch a job to me and then casually start asking personal information.


Even then Indians have placed themselves strategically in companies like Chase Morgan, Accenture, PW&C taking control of the recruitment process of these companies, rejecting local candidates on one pretext or another and trying to bring people from India. This is a big Scam that the USA and Canada are going thru with. On top of that, you got them behind IRS and CRA scams milking millions of Dollars out of the unsuspecting people like pensioners. And yet Mr. Trump call them America’s best friends.

In North America, you will find hordes of Indians in every large accounting firm like Earnest and Youngs, Price Waterhouse, Grant Thornton, and Accenture etc. These companies offer consulting services to their clients and that includes IT advisory as well. The Indian staff assigned to such project will phish the necessary information and pass it to the IT companies back in India and make all the necessary justification and arrangement to outsource the project or bring Indians to North America, That is how IT companies have multiplied their businesses in this region. And this is from where all these IT companies businesses flourished here. I have stopped responding to ads from those aforementioned companies because it will be just awaste of time. My best advice to deal with this menace is to write to and explain to them your experience.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:


While lobbying Congress for more H-1B visas, industry claims H-1B workers are “the best and brightest”. Come payday, however, they’re entry-level workers.

The wage rules for H-1B and green card sponsorship are broken down into wage Levels I, II, III and IV, with Level III being the median. For software developers, the most common type of foreign worker on H-1B, the green card data show the following percentages of foreign workers at Levels I or II making below-median wages: Amazon 91%; Facebook 91%; and Google 96%. These firms, putatively in the vanguard of advanced technology and certainly in the vanguard in Capitol Hill lobbying regarding H-1B, are paying almost all of their foreign workers – ostensibly, the “best and brightest” – wages below the median for the given region.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) put out a report on the H-1B visa that discusses at some length the fact that the vast majority of H-1B workers are hired at the entry-level wage level. In fact, most are at “Level I”, which is officially defined by the Dept. of Labor as those who have a “basic understanding of duties and perform routine tasks requiring limited judgment”. Moreover, the GAO found that a mere 6% of H-1B workers are at “Level IV”, which is officially defined by the Dept. of Labor as those who are “fully competent”.

This all belies the industry lobbyists’ claims that H-1B workers are hired because they’re experts that can’t be found among the U.S. workforce.

And another post from this group:

“The government sets an annual cap of 85,000 H-1B visas.”

“A 2018 report from the Migration Policy Institute, a think tank, found MOST H-1B VISAS WERE ACTUALLY AWARDED OUTSIDE THE CAP. An AVERAGE of 212,000 such petitions were approved annually in the last five years.”

85,000 + 212,000 ~ 300,000 !!!

  • Set it to ZERO!!!

“USCIS charges $460 to process the application and also collects three additional fees: $1,500 to fund U.S. worker training programs; $500 for anti-fraud efforts; and an additional $4,000 from employers whose workforce is more than 50 percent sponsored employees.”

  • when these fees are so low, American Workers will NEVER BE ATTRACTIVE TO CORPORATE AMERICA!!!


And another post from this group:

And here is a reply to this post:

This gig economy thing is happening in all industries and has been going on for a while. I know a graphic designer who was fired from his job and then rehired as a freelancer just so the employer wouldn’t have to pay legally mandated benefits of Obamacare. It seems that tech workers get really upset about it because they thought that with their mad skill set they would be immune to this BS. No one is immune. If things keep going in this direction, I am afraid at some point there will be a big socialist backlash. Whether or not it will be effective in dealing with this will be debatable.

And another post from this group:

“U.S. higher education has become one of our nation’s largest “exports”; selling education to foreigners. With unencumbered access and opportunity, foreign students are being educated and employed in the U.S. in numbers unseen in our nation’s history. In 1950, America educated fewer than 25,000 foreign students in total. The U.S. has doled out more than 2 million F1 visas in the last few years, with more than 1 million Chinese students, alone, studying in the U.S. today.

Established in 1990, and expanded in 2008, under OPT (Optional Practical Training) foreign students on F1 visas, can work full time – tax free – while enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. OPT offers the added bonus of providing employers a 15% tax break in hiring foreign students in place of Americans. With no limit or restrictions, OPT is now larger than the H1B visa program.”

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

How to quickly sniff out the FAKE job emails

See the attached images with the yellow highlights:

1) Seeing “Urgent Requirement” in the header is the number one red flag. Expect to smell lots more curry traces as you look further.

2) If the Name of the person sending is Indian, then it is very obvious, but as of recently, many of these sneaky buggers use American names. “Daniel White” ????

3) If it is a “contract” type role in any random state. Then the curry smell is getting stronger.

4) Look at the recruiting company name. These idiots often put Indian sounds into the name, but regardless, Google it and find out where the headquarters are located.
Here the name is “Deegit Inc”. Oh Ohh, I smell more curry.
I looked up the company and as expected, the head office is in India. “Beside Minerva Coffee Shop, Hyderabad”.
Coffee Shop…????? ????????

The curry smell was overwhelming so I just applied to the job with my email’s “SPAM” button ??????????

[Note, FB is censoring the images, pretending that they are videos and giving me the “Oops something went wrong” message.]

And some replies to this post:

I’ve received many e-mails for contract jobs in Richmond VA, but different company. As always, required different skill set than I currently have.

The skill-set is irrelevant. Just learn not to waste your time on this spam they are spewing out. If you are observant you will notice a pattern. I have become very efficient at filtering out this crap. I only focus on what appears to be legitimate job opportunities and no longer waste my time on the curry crap.

I just delete them and set up the domain to head straight to spam. I have never, ever once had a positive outcome from dealing with these clowns – it’s a waste of time. They ask for your resume and to send a statement that they will be the only consulting firm you will use for xyz position. That way they can be sure you can be excluded from consideration and they get a real resume.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

So somebody please tell me what is going on here!!! For the record, so that you know my background, I am a very seasoned IT engineer. I have all kinds of experience in all kinds of top level cutting edge technologies like Javascript, AngularJS, JQuery, C++, HTML, Twitter Bootstrap, etc, etc.You can look on my Facebook profile to see my certifications and my background just in case you might be interested to see for yourself. I live in a town that doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for someone with my background in cutting technologies so I have to apply for a lot of jobs that are out of town and not located in my area of the country.
Because of that I have traveled to many out of town destinations for jobs interviews. I have gone to many places like San Diego, LA, Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and those are just to name a few for jobs interviews, almost always at my own expense. I have literally made trip after trip after trip after trip to literally dozens and dozens of places out of town and I have come back each and every time empty handed with no jobs offers ever.
I have received all kinds of feedback as to why I am not hired and it is for the flimsiest of reasons you could ever imagine. Like for instance once reason that they gave was because “he gave non-specific answers to specific questions.” WTF???!!! He has no experience with AngularJS when in reality I have five certifications in it and I have created about 11 website apps with AngularJs and I am (or at least I was) and expert in that Technology. One company in Phoenix, Arizona, by the name of “Secret Direct” told the recruiter that sent me to the job that they didn’t want to pursue the job hiring process any further because in their own words because “I was too honest”. WFT??? Another place in Austin, Texas told me that I was “too nervous”. WTF???? To me that is just plumb loco plain crazy talk in the extreme.
I mean I could go on and on and on with example after example but what would be the use? My jobs search for about the last 4 to 5 years has been nothing but an exercise in frustration and futility. Then if potential employers don’t use flimsy excuses not to hire me, the employers throw these insanely, insanely hard technical tests that only a super expert could pass and do if you are really lucky. Most of us are super duper experts at all of the technologies out there, but they expect us to be when we go on jobs interviews. It is nothing short of insane. Totally crazy to the max.
Yet I keep on hearing the talking heads on Fox News, and MSNBC and CNBC and from the billionaire elites talking on Sixty Minutes how there is this big STEM shortage out there and that Americans are stupid idiots who are not worthy of any anything or the time of day. Anybody here want to fill me in why all of this happening to me on a very regular basis? The excuses that they have given not to hire me are beyond the craziest realms of reason or logic.

And some replies to this post:

I think the only solution is to found a company that competes for business. Have you considered that? Banding together with others in your situation, competing for contracts (esp those requiring USA citizenship)?

Would be nice if I lived in a city where I could do such a thing, the only problem is that this town doesn’t have any high technology whatsoever and so there is nothing here locally to compete for. Secondly you would have to compete with companies that are hiring foreign guest visa workers and outsourcing the jobs to cheap/slave labor countries like India and China and you would consistently underbid and shortly put straight out of business. There many attempts at something like that in Austin, Texas where I used to live and they promptly went right down the tubes very fast. I saw it firsthand and even participated in that kind of situation and it was a exercise in futility.

PS FYI: I do do Freelance work and have advertised online for work through those websites that you can advertise your services for hire (like Craigslist) and there are at least 500 other people advertising for the same services that I offer. So that is not much of an option to begin with. So the competition for work there is just as fierce there as it is in the jobs market if not more so.

I had applied for a permanent position out of state. Their concern was everyone else that applied was in state. I had told them I will travel there for the interview at my own expense, if hired I would pay my own relocation expenses, etc. They still would not even give me the interview because I lived out of state. They even said I was well qualified and better than most.

That was another of one of the many reasons that they passed on hiring me, they said that they wanted to go with the local candidates even though I was the best candidate for the job. As a matter of fact if you look on many of the jobs boards you will see in their online ads displayed very prominently: LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY!

I even told them I could move quickly and be relocated in a couple weeks. (I did not tell them that I planned to get an apartment and see how the job went and check out the area before putting my house up for sale and moving my wife there). I think either they thought it was easier to find someone local or maybe they had been burnt before by someone from out of state

It is really a pretty big advantage if you are a local candidate if you are applying for jobs locally. But then again you are having to compete with so many foreign guest visa workers or with workers from offshore that there really is no point in it at all.

I had consulted at two large corporations locally along with hundreds of H-1B people. Both had major cost cutting efforts which resulted in most consulting people gone. Now we have some openings but rates have been cut very low to where they are not worth giving up a crappy job at a poor rate to take a 6-12 month consulting job that could end in a couple of months. One of the companies is known for changing direction quickly and dumping projects and people.

Here are some posts from a Mother Jones article, albeit from 2013:

You probably never got to meet those of us who were pushed out of tech by the influx of H1b visa holders.

Every tech company I ever worked for had a lot of foreign workers so everyone was used to getting along and working with each other and learning some of the cultural differences. However, as the H1b visa program grew and then the bubble broke in 2000 the experienced workers found they couldn’t find jobs. I also know experienced foreign workers with Green cards or citizenship who have been displaced by these H1b Braceros/Guest Workers.

Even college graduates in STEM have had a terrible time in the job market in the past decade. I personally know grads from 2001, 2002, 2003 who are still unemployed or underemployed even to this day. Employers not even giving their resumes the basics of professional consideration, before immediately hiring the foreigners. There’s some really talented people in this dreadful situation.

They have been intentionally killing competition and wage growth since the mid to late 80’s – they simply do not want high paid workers for technology. You are better off becoming a tradesman.

Going into IT was the worst mistake I have ever made. I made a decent living up until the tech boom, and now, nothing. As soon as the web was commercialized, employers bastardized the workforce intentionally – and it destroyed a huge sector of the middle class.

H1B visas are double speak for outsourcing.

“Bullshit” doesn’t do it justice – its collusion and a disgrace of enormous proportions.

Right you are! My husband dropped out of high school and makes 4x my wage working construction. I have degrees in chemistry and math and 15 yrs experience working for chemical companies. My reviews are “greatly exceeds expectations” the highest rating, and yet, I don’t merit health benefits. Thanks, H1-B visa abusing employers!

Maybe nobody noticed! Candidate Barack Obama DECLINED campaign matching funds, the first presidential campaign candidate to do so. Candidate Obama also declined to abide by the limitations of corporate campaign contributions.

Because candidate Obama was not restricted by the limitations of corporate campaign contributions, candidate Obama was able to collect millions of dollars from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Oracle, GE, Apple, Bank of America etc in corporate campaign contributions.

Dick Cheney met with his campaign contributors from Exxon and Texaco and Halliburton behind closed doors to craft legislation beneficial to his contributors. Barack Obama is meeting with his campaign contributors from Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Intel behind closed doors to craft legislation beneficial to his contributors.

Dick Cheney is TOTALLY CORRUPT! Barack Obama is TOTALLY CORRUPT!

Obama made several Air Force One trips to attend private fundraising events with Redmond WA elites… These costly trips involved massive security, police and law enforcement resources and caused massive traffic delays in Seattle. All of this gala – presumably to “influence” matters important to tech billionaires, including the latest immigration bruhaha – courtesy of American taxpayers.

I work in Silicon Valley. I have a difficult time getting a job because I’m over 50, yet all these young H1bs are hired like candy. Some of them are great people.

But when they get here, having been promised the world, they find out that they are indentured servants, their pay does not keep up with inflation, and they can’t change jobs. Since they are “professionals”, they are made to work 50 – 70 hour weeks, and if they complain are told that they can “quit and go back to their home country”.

The ones that finally, after 8 – 10 years, get their company to sponsor their green card leave the sponsoring company almost as soon as they get their citizenship, sick of being treated like dirt.

You want to bring talent in? Fine, make a genius path to a green card, but don’t let the corporations use it to screw people – either the incoming immigrants or the people they displace. Make them as free to change jobs as those who are here, so the companies can’t screw over citizens (including former H1bs) in wages and hiring. Bring in the smart, and make corporate America bid for them in a competitive market.

Not too many young Americans left in the Silicon Valley, eh? I’m always shocked when I visit and can’t find any of the trappings of a youthful population with a lot of money. Finding a drink in downtown San Jose after 10pm, forget it. 24/7 restaurants, well there might be a truck stop, but from my hotel on North First Street, there was nothing in walking distance for food after I arrived on a delayed flight.

I am originally form Canada and I’ve been at least left of center my whole life. Age discrimination is a real issue. People who have devoted themselves to years of training (on the job and in school) in STEM careers have a right to expect that the government act responsibly and not implement policies that will force their careers to be offshored, depress their wages and force most of them into unemployment before age 50.

I think we can all agree that China and India have a lot of problems. Most of us Americans cannot work there and it is not acceptable for our government, the people that are supposed to represent us, to push for policies that push our jobs offshore.

By the way, all Americans suffer from outsourcing. African Americans, Latinos and women have been complaining for years about their under-representation in the STEM workforce.

I’m an IT worker and I hate seeing the fraudulent degrees, the exaggerated skill sets, and the overall fakery that has accompanied this program. For every one of them who is really sharp, there have got to be 999 that are at best average workers with common skill sets, and there is a disturbingly high percentage of outright incompetence. To them, America is just one big cookie jar and they will scream “unfair” until they all get their hands in. Their horrifying level of ignorance as to where the modern IT profession came from and how America got to be such a great place to live is surpassed only by the heaping scoops of contempt they pile upon American workers. It’s not just Americans who “dunno much about history.” And they are rewriting history to portray themselves as the creators of the modern technical world. You can see this in their press. India alone outnumbers America by about 4 to 1. How many of our jobs must we hand over to the third world before they will rest content? And what will be left for us once they are satisfied? And what will our children be allowed to do for a living in America after the foreign workers have their way? You don’t want to know the answer.

After more than 25 years in IT, I was “laid off”, along with most American employees, because the consulting company I worked for was under pressure to use Indian workers for less money. The customer at that time was PSEG of NJ. At the same time, many corporations and even our State, City, and Federal governments were doing the same thing. So I enjoyed my years as a developer and team leader, but probably this sort of thing will never be available again to the young people of this country. It’s a race to the bottom.

This is such a great article and excellent video!!! The issue is that big corporations just want the least expensive labor they can find. I just went on an interview with Deloitte. I have excellent skills. When they gave me the list of interviewers, it was all Indian men. I’m a woman and I’m 50 yo (business degree from elite school as well). The interviewer asked me a) how I planned to ‘fit in,’ and b) how I expected to keep up with the ‘young’ people because they are fresh out of school…blah, blah. I about jumped across the desk to strangle him since I remembered my mother not being able to get an apartment after my parents divorce in the 1970’s because women couldn’t get credit. It puts a whole new spin on discrimination.

The reality is that they don’t want to pay US workers. The VMO (Vendor Management Organizations) are barriers to fair and free markets and are used to price fix and burden smaller businesses, ultimately driving US workers into ‘slave’ labor.

Yet, the Indians I’ve worked with in the past 12-15 years are no more intelligent or educated than a US citizen, still desire US higher ed. and probably were bare foot and used an out-house before coming to the US to take over our jobs. And yet, they seem to be more qualified.

One cannot even go on without seeing companies with ‘fake’ names and NJ area codes that are forwarded to India for hiring.

It’s such a scam. The multi-national firms had to have been ‘bought’ by India.

yep, welcome to IT, where American citizens, in their own country and profession – a profession created by Americans – are discriminated against. It’s sickening. They probably did you a favor, when I was at an entertainment company in L.A., and D&T was there, they had the absolute crappiest low/no-skilled H1b’s there. Believe me, you don’t want to work around that group, it would drive you crazy…..and like you said, H1b are far from the “best and brightest”. Almost sounds like you have a valid age discrimination suit

Eventually, it will kill American companies. Just look at Dell Computers who offshored manufacturing and services and everything they could. The company is ready for the trash heap.
Their CIO killed the company and left to take a job at another company and is offshoring everything at this new company. That company too will crash and burn eventually.

The President is wrong in saying that employers are using the H-1B’s only for getting workers that they are unable to get here, when he speaks to that woman in the video. I personally know a nurse from Massachusetts that was not able to get employment in California. Yet, a friend in the same town went to the hospital and got attended by young inexperienced nurses from Philippines. In another article, a professor mentioned here, I think is the same one that on PBS radio mentioned a big U.S. computer company( I will not mention the name, for other companies have probably done the same.) that laid of 4,000 workers with a lot of experience and went screaming to congress because they did not have enough workers to fill those positions if congress did not speed up the H-1B visa process.

It might not be not be intentional of the President; he might just be ignorant of what’s going on.

I believe the problem is only going to be solved by going back to something that was being used in New Jersey years ago. There should be a national job referral system that would match unemployed Americans with employers’ job referrals. Only when there would absolutely be no match, would there be any need to immigrate somebody. But, if the employer does not find a candidate in his own state, he is not excused to hire a foreigner but must look for candidates in other states and pay for their transportation and lodging as he would for a foreigner.

Also, under the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission(EEOC) law, congress should add a provision that would allow an American citizen to sue an employer on the basis of discrimination against U.S citizens.(I got this idea from an EEOC worker.) The employer would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his choice of a foreign worker was better. And, if it goes to court, all expences would have to be paid by the employer.

If this two things that I mention here are not instituted, we should be seeing more revolving door employment were American employees are bumped out of jobs by hordes of invading unneeded workers.

I am losing my job at a major telecom company after being here 7 years. I was told my position was going away and that is was not based on performance. However, on of my co-workers who is here on an H1B from India is keeping his job. We have the same title and do the same job function.

The original H-1B idea was indeed to bring specialized workers to the US. Not just to work but also to train US workers to do that job in the future. So basically an H-1B worker had to make himself redundant during his time in the US. The visa was valid for three years and could in very pressing circumstances be renewed for three more years.
The H-worker was also obliged to keep his address&household going in country of origin as his return had to be ensured.
One of the consequences of this idea was the H-4 visa for the wife, meant only for visiting the US, not living here too.

This indeed sounds like contractor visa. If it had indeed been that and INS/USCIS had made sure it stayed that way it would have been a good idea. Income for the H-worker then would have been at least two/three times what a USer was making in a comparable job because of double expenses (home here – home there), insurances, travel costs, down time after the job was finished, etc.
However employers lobbied and managed to have the rule implemented that ‘prevailing’ wage had to be paid. By understating a job description they could get the H-1B worker even cheaper.

Where it went really wrong was when staffing co.’s got into the game. They managed to turn the H-1B into a conveyer belt for foreign workers into the US. These staffing co.’s are usually owned by Indian co.’s like Tata.

Thus H-1B was turned into the scam is mostly is nowadays and that is how US workers were taken to the cleaners.

I lost three of my engineering jobs to H-1Bs. I tried for years to obtain jobs in engineering but only received a few calls for possible jobs after the H-1B visa quotas were filled by October 3rd just a few days after the H-1B hiring takes place every year. Politicians and corporate lobbyists want us techies to fail. So I then went to Italy and sold two of my nano technology patents to a start up company there. So I am making sure that my patented technology is never touched by an H-1B on US or any other soil. Italy will be in the forefront of nano technology with my patents and other US ccitizens patents. I am being compensated for my patents through a foreign financial setup where no USA taxes are paid. By doing that I also am eligible and collect $17,000 of public assistance from the USA federal government every year. So if you have been adversely affected by the H-1B program and you have technical skills going to waste then do something similar to what I have done, it is all legal, I consulted with several patent and overseas financial attorneys before I made the decision to do this.
So without the H-1B program I would be putting my nano technology patents and expertise to good use for the USA economy and technological advancements. I would be paying approximately $27,000 in federal taxes each year, and another $7,000 in state taxes.
With the H-1B program I pay no taxes, instead have the US government pay me $17,000 every year. I am busy working with my patents with the Italians.
So thank you USA politicians for your corrupt ties to greedy corporations that hire H-1B foreign visa workers to replace us techies. Because of you I am way ahead and YOU are falling behind.

I am an early middle-aged, “obsolete”, “unemployable” American programmer. The H1B visa has destroyed my career.

Man, I can relate! I’m 61, and a “beached white male.” Too young to retire, too broke to retire, too old to start over, and too old to be attractive to employers. Over the last ten years, I’ve spent nearly 3 of them unemployed. My 30 experience in IT is worthless in the face of the onslaught of H1B workers. “Computer science is the career of the future!” (Maybe if you’re Indian and want to work in the US.)

It’s also accounting and finance workers. Half of all the large companies in Tampa, FL are HB1 visa workers.

Everyone has missed the biggest reason companies prefer to hire h-1bs. It is because the h-1b visa is an enabler of offshoring. Companies benefit not only by bringing in a cheap h-1b but also because each h-1b supports upto 20 offshore workers. They are used to transfer work, information and technology to their offshore counterparts using email, chat and conference calls. Work and technology is going out the window via the internet. Each h-1b results in 3-4 jobs being lost and a huge tax revenue loss to the country. This is the real truth.

Limit the number of h-1bs to about 30,000. This will bring in the best and the brightest. It will support job growth in the US. If the h-1b has to remain at current levels, it should be disallowed for companies with offshore IT development centers and companies that use third party offshore development centers. Just these changes will help the 99% pull themselves up. It will force companies to train people instead of whining about education deficiency. It will help the average waiter/pizza delivery person with some STEM interest move up. It will cause wage increases for minimum wage workers without having to enforce a minimum wage.

The government is probably the worst offender for exploiting imported slave labor through their crony contracting schemes. AKA the continuing meltdown of OloserCare internet networks (snarc/). This is exactly what crony contracting using slave labor will buy you every single time. How many of these were no bid, screw America contracts?

Those in favor of the H-1B are not IT professionals. The H-1B is being dumped on the IT industry. Spread it out and IT will not hurt so bad. Allow only 20% of the H-1Bs for IT. That is a large percentage considering that IT contributes to a much smaller percentage of the GDP. Let’s get some H-1B plumbers and Doctors and Lawyers and electricians and Managers etc. Spread the 80,000 or so H-1Bs. Let them contribute their hard work and creativity to all those fields. Why just IT.

I’ve been in IT in the booming Dallas market for 30 years. I make about the same money today I made in 1996, without benefits, as a contractor. I spent 3 months unemployed last year. English is a second language at my company due to all the H1Bs. Even the recruiting firms that contact me are offshore. A job that paid as much as I make today in 1996 required 2 or 3 software proficiences, and provided health care and 401k benefits. Today, that same job requires up to a dozen proficiencies, is contract work (translation: temporary) and I have to underbid H1Bs to get it. The Univ of Illinois Chicago published a paper in 2004 in which they cited that over the previous 5 year period, over 400,000 IT jobs had simply vanished (tech bubble burst, NASDAQ crash.) Taken all together, I’m amazed I’m even able to find work. I wish I’d become a plumber.

I would love to see Marco Rubio’s response if an H1B pHd got his job.

I have worked IT sector for 30 years and advocated international sharing of resources and ideas. But, the influx of visa Indians and Asians is lowering salaries for Americans (yes, even Indians and Asians).
We do not do enough to prepare Americans for these technology jobs and therefore have to resort importing cheap labor. Not to mention we are destroying our country from within as they bring all their mongrels to further set this country up for other social and provisioning issues down the road.
Time to invest in the Americans and have Indians take care of their own starving and decrepid nation.

am an Indian on h1b and fortunate enough to work for reputed IT companies in niche skillsets.

While working on some complex projects recently I have observed one interesting trend with some partnering Software Consulting firms —

  1. There are some American workers in hi-tech industry who are not upto the mark ( in terms of quality , speed, innovation , positive attitude)
  2. Their H1B counterparts are WORSE
  3. The Indian offshore team (working in India and not on H1B) are leaps and bounds ahead of BOTH

When I asked a couple of the really bright guys in India that why don’t they come to US on H1B as it would be a win-win situation — they mentioned that they are happy in India and are NOT desperate enough to go through the hassles of the US immigration system

This tells me that the whole system is broken.

Frankly speaking, a very large majority of people from India coming to US are those who are mediocre (in all sense ) and mainly who are DESPERATE enough to struggle through the US immigration system. These bunch of desperate mediocre people are most often “puppets” in the hands of scamming consulting firms (nicknamed “desi” firms in US — not to forget some of the IT giants as well who are equally well established in this scamming business) who squeeze the last drop of blood from these “happy” h1b guys and worse — destroys the whole eco-system by lowering wages and even worse — creating this justified feeling amongst US citizens towards the H1b workers.

The focus for US should be on QUALITY and NOT quantity and once the quality is met the law should allow easy path for these qualified professionals to settle down in the US (for those who wish to). In this way the US would attract quality workforce — and not cheap desperate workforce which it is doing nowadays.

From my experience — I would still say that out of 10 H1B professionals I have worked with — not more than 3 appear to be of high-quality and signficantly better than their US counterparts (thats just 30%). If not for the social security , corruption and limited infrastructure in India — this number would probably come down to below 10%

Also believe that foreign nationals who pass out of US universities with good grades are very different from IT professionals who are directly coming from India — and Immigration laws whould be made easier for them as well

I don’t think any educated hard-working American hates foreign workers — they just dislike the whole broken system which is bringing in cheap mediocre workers at the cost of American jobs. As an Indian — I too dislike this very fact

In my last 10 years in US — I have seen many H1B colleagues — really bright , intelligent , smart , social , speaking grammatically correct english (haha ) leave US to go back to India mainly due to the broken immigration system which did not allow them and their family to make any long term plans and lead a QUALITY life (EB2 / EB3 Gren card takes 8 to 12 years for Indians due to the “large quantity” of applications)

US is a land of opportunity– thats why it attracts people from all across the globe — hope it remains great and the only way to do so is to welcome the best people from all walks of life !

My kids are Americans and am glad they do not have to go through this broken immigration system IF they decide to stay in the US.

What Pfizer did should be illegal. I don’t understand why it is not illegal, in fact. You should have to demonstrate inability to hire qualified US workers, which is what I recall from dealing with HR in these circumstances. H1-B is not a mechanism to depress wages by “internal outsourcing.”

I do want people to come to this country and prosper. I myself immigrated from India when I was 6 (with my parents obviously).

Before we can even think about raising the H1B cap it must be massively reformed.

  1. Block outsourcing companies from getting H1B Visas. Currently, “body shops” like Tata, WiPro, etc are some of the top H1B sponsors. This needs to stop.
  2. Appoint a review board of veteran tech workers to review H1B claims. ‘Purple Squirrel’ jobs that companies try to post to prove no worker can fill a job need to get their application turned down. Also, audits of companies need to be done by competent former tech workers to make sure there aren’t loop holes being exploited.
  3. Make companies bid on H1B visas OR have an review/audit board of veteran tech workers (as mentioned above) determine if a prevailing wage is being offered. This will make it less attractive for companies trying to get cheap labor.

HOWEVER, I think lowering H1Bs and raising the number of Green Cards is a much better idea. Since:

The proponents of non-immigrant visas claim that increasing the H1B cap will stimulate tech entrepreneurship. However, the H1B doesn’t allow you to found a company. It is an EMPLOYMENT visa. You are tied to one company. It is true that A FEW H1Bs might turn into Green Cards eventually, but that number is very small.

How many immigrant founders of U.S. companies are or were H1Bs? How many of them come from Indian body shops like Infosys, WiPro, etc?

Having more Green Cards and Entrepreneurship visas allow an immigrant to be mobile, obtain funding and create startups.

I disagree. “Fuel innovation” was the selling point fed to the public to encourage acceptance. Undercut labor and offshore jobs to foreigners was always the real reason.

And this is why business also insists on high levels of legal immigration. Screw the US laborer and give their jobs to someone else for less.

Importing workers and offshoring jobs is why I ditched computer science as a major over 10 years ago.

Here it is plain and simple and the brutal truth: There is no lack of IT and STEM American applicants. It’s all horse shit. H1bs are simply used to save on cost on paying worker salaries. Nothing all. East Indians, they get their foot in the door by coming into the USA by first attending a graduate program. They forge their bank statements and financial papers to prove they can afford to pay their tuition in the United States college. Once they arrive to college, they start seeking jobs off-campus which is a violation of their student visas which states that you cannot seek off-campus employment. They will work for other Indian people at restaurants and most of the time, get paid under the table. Thus, they are not contributing to taxes! Once they graduate, our immigration allows them to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) which is can last up to 2 years if they graduated with a STEM degree. Once they get employed with a company, they hope for that company to sponsor their H1b visa. Once they get the H1b visa, they ask the employer to sponsor them for a green card. If they succeed at a green card, then after 5 years, they apply for their US citizenship. And once they get their US Citizenship, then they start sponsoring their parents, sisters, brothers, family relatives and start getting them to come over to the country. Meanwhile, keep in mind, most of the East Indians that come here are the lowest class of their society. They dress really bad, have bad hygiene, and lust for western women. East Indians want to run away from their country, hope to bed a white woman, and pray to get their green cards. That is the most simplest fact. This is all BS argument that they are hoping to improve our economy and one day will change create more jobs for Americans. The only East Indians that truly do that are the ones who went to MIT, Yale, or Harvard. Not the East Indian who applied to Silicon Valley University just so he could get his visa papers in check. That is who the government should be targeting. Not the really gifted ones.

Most of the last 6 years I have been unable to buy a interview, let alone a job.

This is my state of the union.

I hope yours is better

Remember those “Occupy” protests? Young people get out of college with a ton on education debt only to find no jobs. Meanwhile Corporate America keeps telling Congress there is a shortage of labor here. All lies. Lets allow our young people to get a job. That would help solve the education debt problem too. Also remember that the H-1B visa program allows UNLIMITED numbers of people to come here to work for non-profits like universities. Those are jobs that used to go to American grad & doctoral students. Not any more. This change to the visa program is long-long overdue. I want to also mention that this is more than tech jobs. Recently McDonald’s replaced 80 of their accounting staff with H-1Bs. Where do we draw the line?

I just finished working with 13 H-1B workers from India. We worked tickets for our IT department. While I went to work on day one they received two months of training.

After they finish training all they could do is work the tier 1 tickets. While I had to work tickets for all four tiers. Tier 1 tickets are the simplest tickets to work. You don’t have to know any coding, most of the time all you have to do is resend files and look for missing records.

I had heard that the H-1B program who to fill jobs that Americans can’t do. So why were these 13 people over here doing tasks that a high school student with two months of training could do.

I found out why. It is because no student would work under the slave like conditions that they made them go through. They worked seven days a week and 10 to 12 hours a day. They fixed the time card so that you could only enter 40 hours. After you account for the real hours that they worked they were really only making about 15 dollars an hour.

Here are some posts from a City-Data thread:

Originally Posted by BC1960
“A businessperson from North Carolina pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit visa fraud for submitting false and misleading information in support of at least 183 initial H-1B petitions and 100 H-1B extension petitions, according to the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The falsification brought in at least $26.2 million in revenue for three firms: Kronsys Inc., Cygtec Inc. and Arkstek.

The defendant, Sairam Yeruva of Cary NC., faces a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine according to the US Attorney’s Office.

Yeruva’s petitions H-1B petitions claimed the workers would be at specific locations in Raleigh, NC, or Aurora, Colo., and paid the prevailing wage throughout the entirety of their H-1B status, according to the US Attorney’s Office. However, the workers were provided to clients throughout the US and many workers were benched without pay while between assignments.”

Hmm, when I was a software contractor, my assignments were “all over the country” and when on the bench I was not paid, that is just standard procedure in the contracting business. So, what the point of this is, I couldn’t tell you.

However, lets just get down to the nub of it. H-1B Visas are a sham where people are hired because (a) they can be paid slightly less, and (b) they can easily be coerced into working a lot of hours for no extra pay. The overall effect being that they look like they are officially paid standard rates, but are actually paid far less per hour than should be.

At the same time, they mostly produce crap. Because they are foreigners? No, because they are not experienced. The program is supposed to be bringing in the cream of the crop – experienced programmers. Yet, in every shop I worked with H-1Bs, they barely knew how to write simple code. These “children” are mostly hired right out of the diploma mills, cribb to pass interviews when they cannot outright cheat on the online exams, then labeled “qualified” and shipped to America to start their lives making $45-$65 an hour as experienced, professional, skilled H-1B developers. Many of them, because they are willing to work hard will gain some skills during their time in the barrel, but because they have no clues as to how to actually “engineer” software – as opposed to slapping it together – they will likely fail – to be covered up by others who are responsible for their work.

Why can’t we provide these same opportunities to young American programmers?

The current model of American senior developers leading offshore teams is loaded with skilled local programmers working great hours to correct the flood of bad programming submitted from offshore.

Like the offshore people, many of the H-1Bs here work in blind silos of effort and never are given the “big picture” of the design – because there is no big picture design, at least none that is documented. They struggle to get their sections of code completed, and then it fails integration (or even unit) testing because of that same lack of design and documentation.

Even if such documentation items existed, they are never maintained; changes are made on the fly and not communicated to those who need to know so these unskilled developers who barely know how the development language works are sent back to make correction without knowing what (or why) it is broken. But… They will grind out the hours making “fix and try” corrections through the night until someone says it’s good enough – or some other crisis supplants the criticality of the current problem.

The whole problem with the H-1B program is that it is built on old “cowboy” coding practices and not proper engineering because middle managers believe that the number of hours put into the project are the only metrics that count and that the design and documentation aspects don’t matter at all. (I once had a manager complaining that I was wasting time designing – and that he wanted to see some code ASAP.) They don’t see the time spent thinking and designing as “productive.” Crack the whip, and we will get more out of these people! Anyone with real software engineering experience knows that this is bass-ackward and the real reason huge software programs fail.

A perfect example is the Healthcare.Gov website. It is so fragile that I bet there are no efforts to fix it – else the whole thing will collapse. When you have a program such as this where after you have enrolled, selected a plan, and have been accepted; YET you are forced to reapply (a complete new application) just to change the mailing address on your application there is really a lot of things that have gone wrong. Bad programming like this can cause your coverage to be thrown into limbo while you are re-evaluated for coverage that was already settled. You may even be rejected or have a change in coverage cost – all because someone couldn’t figure out how to manage applicant supporting information – separate from critical program requirement.

The web is full of examples of these failed or just barely working software put together by unskilled H-1B labor. H-1B is just a sign of, and a band-aid put in place to try to get around the true cost of software development. If American Management was not so uninformed, there would be no need or desire for this program.

All of this is absolutely spot on, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed this cycle repeat:

  • Poorly-coded software that ends up costing more to maintain than the ROI the project was originally expected to return.
  • Abysmal documentation, if any provided at all, littered with bad grammar which makes transition of the project to a more competent team literally impossible.
  • Every short-cut in the book taken, with an emphasis on giving the outward appearance of success at the expense of internal implementation
  • Designed more with “future offshoring” in mind than long-term customer satisfaction or future maintainability, the goal often seems to crap things up so badly that the client will have no choice but to send it all overseas after the initial visas expired.
  • Nepotism and collusion corrupt the team dynamic, things are done to the advantage of “one of their own” while simultaneously hiding it all with top-notch salesman ship, smiles/handshakes and polite mannerisms.

Don’t get me wrong — this does not describe ALL people from ANY country, that’s not what I’m saying. I have worked with developers from all over the world, and I’ve seen talented developers (and sometimes good communicators) emerge from almost every country of any significant population. But there are A LOT of talented American developers that are chased away from specific companies or projects because of the problems I’ve mentioned above. I am not describing people as individuals here, I am describing the overall (typical) impact of H1B having a significant staff presence.

And from a simple perspective of what’s good for our country, it is NEVER a good idea for temporary workers, who may or may not have any plans for staying in the US long-term, to be the keepers of a companies internal knowledge. It just results in brain-drain when they leave (which they are often happy to hook you up with an offshoring scenario in order to “help”), and it means that all the knowledge about how things work internally is no longer under American control.

I’m sorry but that’s just NOT good for the USA.

The reality of the job market as far as H1B is concerned is that there are whole department where Americans cannot get jobs in our own country because that department have been taken over by foreigners. As I was exiting the profession, I saw more (not less) of these situations. And yes, I do believe a lower skilled American should have preferential hiring to even a slightly better H1B.

Unfortunately, in my experience, the opposite seems to be true.

Originally Posted by munna21977

Actually abuse in H1B visa program has been going on for more then 2 decades now. It intensfied around 1999-2000 Y2K period.

Yep I been in IT since 2001 and I have always had to stay a steps ahead of the jobs getting offshored or eliminated and turned into a contractor position.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 19

This is part 19.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

More “Promise Programs” This agreement between OCR and Wake County Schools includes “peer mediation” and “restorative justice circles” instead of suspensions.

The district must continue to make changes with discipline policies, practices, and procedures, data collection and self-monitoring, and district staff training. All of these changes must have the aim of reducing minority discipline levels.

It was also revealed that the creation of the over half a million dollars a year “Office of Equity Affairs” was a requirement for quelling the complaint filed against the district. This office is now tasked with the development discipline “equity plans” for the entire district.

The Office of Equity Affairs started with only 3 employees, including a Social Justice Warrior from the Southern Poverty Law Center being paid $85,000 a year. A 4th employee was added over the Summer – Christina Spears. More details on how much Spears is costing taxpayers will be reported as they become available.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Heads up- Listen Live: 
Congressman Louie Gohmert is on the House Judiciary Committee and will be questioning the CEO of Google on Dec. 11, 2018. You can listen by clicking below:

As a parent of a former public school student, who opted our daughter out of having a district-issued Chrome-book and a district-issued g-mail account back in 2015. I can tell you it was impossible for our daughter to do her school work without accessing another student’s Gmail account in order to get assignments completed. Today, it is not even possible for a student to take a class in Texas public schools without being fully exposed to google classroom and Google’s Gmail system. Which is why I am now a homeschool mom for our youngest child and testified on Nov. 27, 2018, in front of the Texas Senate Education Committee on the issue of Data Privacy.


And someone’s reply to this post:

we went to an orientation, not at a public school even, a catholic school and they announced they got a grant for chrome books for the kids that year, they were so proud of that fact and it seemed in talking with them after, they were unaware of the implications. Being informed, this was a huge red flag when we hard that. Needless, to say we homeschool now


And another post from Alice Linahan:


“To begin with, the assumption that moving to the technologically-driven curriculum is the answer to education’s many problems today is an erroneous one. It’s still about working with the people inside the buildings who must choose to work with any proposed and proven curriculum, no matter what its form. School leaders should be required to know what results have been shown by a program and in what specific environments. Otherwise, it’s just another fad from another vendor. Most good teachers recognize fads. They also know how to avoid wasting time on them.

Therefore, it seems reasonable that those who are designing new curriculum materials, whether online or in print, for teachers and students should get to know what actually goes on in a classroom. The results of a statewide digital program, Think Through Math (TTM), which is part of the online SUCCESS program (Texas Students Using Curriculum Content to Ensure Sustained Success), shows a serious lack of that knowledge about teachers, student behavior, and administrative participation by those who tried to implement it.

Based on the report’s summary, whether or not the TTM curriculum was valuable and improved student learning could not be accurately assessed. One wonders why such a massive effort would have been agreed to by the Texas Education Agency instead of setting up small pilot programs with defined groups of children across this giant state.

At least the researchers admitted to many of the problems that prevented an appropriate assessment of their program. Some of the mistakes they cited were as follows:”


Here is a feed that was shared in an anti-Common Core group.  It related to the mindfulness stuff talked about in the Utah anti-Common Core group:


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Ironic story: I met with the administration at my kids school to tell them it was not ok that they set up an account for my kids that are under the age of 13 on Khan Academy. I told them about Khan’s privacy policy and that I can actually sue them along with every other parent that has a child under the age of 13 that had an account created for them….. this meeting was about 2 weeks ago. This now comes home with my daughter today 😒


And some replies to this post:

First came Common Core, then came nationwide software like Khan Academy that “teaches” to CC. The good news is we are working on a opt-out of SBAC bill through the NV legislature.


What would an opt out bill do?


Allow parents to opt their children out of the SBAC test like many other states like: CA, OR, UT, and many others…


We already opt out. That’s why I guess I was confused


Not everyone in the state has the “right” to opt-out😢


We need opt in not opt out its proactive not reactive.


Why is Kahn academy bad? It is so much easier to understand when I have to help my kids with math


I’m fine with my kids doing Khan if they create their own account with me at home. Not at school with school ID linked to IC and all of our personal family information



An update on the story of the teacher fired in VA for not bowing down to the Transtapo.  Apparently students tried to start a petition going for the teacher’s reinstatement, only for it to be confiscated by the principal.  However, the principal has relented (under threat of legal action, of course!) Now the students are staging a walkout to protest the unanimous decision by the transfascist school board to terminate the teacher.  I applaud their standing up to the tyrannical school board.  May students across the country emulate their example:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

From IDEA Manual put out by the ARC/Disability Rights TX – I thought the STARR replaces TEKS. The statement below confuses me. Are TEKS and STARR going in tandem?


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:



And some replies to this post:

So they dont like biometric data really tgen why havent they opted out of ed tech completely or pulled their children from federally funded schools yet ? They must not have figured out that the SLDS already has fields for biometric data on each student.


Federal government has been promoting collection of biometric data for years. And every biometric device company is looking to get the big school contracts. There are news stories of kids having to give retinal scans to get on the bus. It’s Orwellian for sure.


pearson is testing it on children in india


I believe it.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Together, we can make the internet a great place for children to grow up. Ummmmm no.

The message implies it’s okay for children to grow up with a screen – as long as it’s approved content by the sponsor: Common Sense Media. But with its Project Inicorn partners, Silicon Valley BigData funders, why am I surprised? #HardPass.

And here are some replies to this post:

Common Sense is an excellent resource for books as well. Not sure how this email implies anything but making sure kids are safe when they use the internet. Better to make it safe, than ignore the fact that kids will and do use screens at some point in their life.

I take issue with Common Sense Media’s statement that the internet is a great place for kids to grow up. The recent 60 Minutes piece show research how children’s brains change when exposed to screens, their cortex is thinning. In general, these children have a 2 year lag in language development. There is also research that shows blue light from screens damages the retina, causes blindness. Screens are addictive, linked to depression in children and teens. I wish that an organization who gives advice to parents about protecting their children, would not promote screens and instead, would actively work to inform parents of the risks. There’s also the risk of data privacy. Hidden data collection (meta data, keystrokes, algorithms) combined with other data collection (surveys, assessments, etc) makes online “personalized learning” very predictive, with the ability to collect millions of data points per child. There are no federal laws regulating the collection, use, selling of this data. Rather than make student data MORE shareable, I wish Common Sense Media would support parents and say that we need a federal law giving parents consent before their children’s data is collected, processed, shared outside of school.

“Together, we can make the internet a great place to grow up” is very different than your paraphrasing. Have you read beyond that statement or looked at their website? You may not like the looks of this one page but it doesn’t appear that you know much about Common Sense.

If you can show me where Common Sense Media supports a federal law giving parents consent over their children’s data collection, I will gladly change my statement.

Common Sense Media is partnered with CCSSO (the folks who co-own the patent to Common Core State Standards), and others in bigtech, on Project Unicorn. Common Sense Funders include The Bezos (Amazon) Family Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of NY, Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Overdeck Family Foundation, R.K. Mellon Foundation Symantec ,The Anschutz Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation. Another of their investors, Omidyar Network . I wish they would use their influence to protect student data, return parent consent and alert parents on the danger of screen time in the classroom

Geesh, everyone has connections to them. Like I said, have a good day.

please continue to shine light on the obvious conflicts between big money and big data and big government. Together we can restore FERPA and get FED LED ED out of our lives. For now, just get your children out of public school. Trust is earned. The internet; doe; boe; pta; uft and public schools…have failed to secure our trust – and failed our children. Teach them well.

Here is a post that I found shared in the ParentStrike group:

Iowa’s graduation rate is 90%. 80% have plans to continue their education. Their ACT scores for students meeting all 4 benchmarks has consistently been above the national average.

YET, the corporate “reform” model invaded that highly-performing state! Change collective bargaining law, expand vouchers, establish Education Savings Accounts and expand tuition tax credits that fund nonpublic school scholarships, and cut funding among other measures. TELL US AGAIN WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT?


And another post shared in the ParentStrike group:

Using a Disney-like mascot to promote test-prep software i-Ready is how you put lipstick on a pig.
“But above all else, the iReady Universal Screener is a dangerous assessment because it is a dehumanizing assessment. The test strips away all evidence of the students’ thinking, of her mathematical identity, and instead assigns broad and largely meaningless labels. The test boils down a student’s entire mathematical identity to a generic list of skills that ‘students like her’ generally need, according to iReady. And yet despite its lumping of students into broad categories, iReady certainly doesn’t hesitate to offer very specific information about what a child likely can do and what next instructional steps should be.”


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

One of the leaders in the one to one movement in public schools, Baltimore County Public Schools….


Here is a post from Alison from the anti-CBE group:

Re: Cradle to Career Pathways, this map will be of interest. This is why Lumina is pushing competencies, to feed into the skilling / reselling pipeline to automate the labor force via Microsoft / Linked in. Ties to Walmart and Northrop Grumman. Great. Interactive version here:…/3650-credential-engine-lumina-labor…

Skillful is rolling out in 20 states. CO was first, now IN.…/indiana-governor-eric-j…/


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Where Else The Road Leads:

Recently, I was researching for an interview about the U.N.’s overreach into American Education. I found the trail leads to a couple of places you Warriors may know (or may not). The latest FAFSA information for those students wanting to go to college (or are being forced to fill the form out to graduate high school) contains all kinds of information which could be another article all by itself. However, as many times as the College Board is mentioned, I looked at bit closer. Buried in the College Board’s fine print for taking the SAT exams is this:

(The College Board document can be found here. The added emphasis you see is from the UNESCO Archives as well as the U.S. State Dept. Archives.

If you wish to see where else UNESCO Coupons are issued or accepted, visit here.
To see the complete list of USA UNESCO Coupons suppliers and those groups accepting them, find that here. Warriors, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that some key CCSS Machine groups are in the UNESCO Coupon system.

Another road stop? The UNESCO ASPNet, spread across the globe. Here in the USA, 27 States and the District of Columbia are members of this network. What’s ASPNet?
The U.N.’s Associated School Project Network.


And another post from this friend:

Rules are about to be adopted based on the new Computer Science Standards that were adopted in August. 
Here is what I sent to the State Board of Ed. I’m concerned about the overreach in the standards when they include direction to the teacher in HOW to teach. Standards should be academic content. The HOW should be left to the local communities (teacher) to decide. That’s where I object to what’s been adopted:

After reading through the draft Computer Science Standards, I’m submitting proposed changes to the first draft.

Who developed the Computer Science Standards? What are their credentials? 
What teachers were involved? Were there any early childhood experts? 
Did any expert offer guidance on whether these standards are developmentally appropriate for the age group targeted?

What math skills are necessary for a solid understanding of computer science?

Guiding principles discussing the importance of literacy skills in learning the content, should be included.

Our biggest concern, and therefore our most important suggestion, is the removal of “practices” included in the standards. 
Dr. Sandra Stotsky, content-standards expert, referred to the practices as a way of inserting pedagogy in the standards. When I asked her about the practices she said, “Practices should not be in a standards document.”
Inserting pedagogy is an overreach on the part of the State. This limits a teacher’s ability to change teaching-methods, if a method does not work well in the classroom. An example of this is in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices. Math teachers have explained the numerous problems when the practices tell a teacher how to teach.

Assessing practices becomes subjective, and in some cases impossible to teach, according to the Manchester teacher who presented testimony before the Manchester Board of School Committee.

New Hampshire State Law RSA 193-C requires statewide assessments to be valid, appropriate and objectively scored.…/ht…/XV/193-C/193-C-mrg.htm. Practices would be assessed in a subjective manner, violating state statute if they are assessed on the state standardized assessment.

Assessing practices takes away from what should be taught in the classroom, and teachers will not have the flexibility to change teaching methods, if they are not working well. Practices included in and assessed as standards, will be essentially forced on teachers. If parents object to the teaching methods used by the teacher because the methods are not working well, the likelihood of a teacher changing their methods is slim to none. If a child is going to be tested on a specific practice, the teacher is essentially forced to use those methods in their class, even against the teacher’s better judgement.

This is an overreach on the part of the State. The State should not be involved in telling a teacher how to teach in a classroom. That’s best left up to local districts to decide.

Any assessment based on practices will not give parents a clear picture of their child’s proficiency in the core subject. While academic content may be assessed, so may behaviors. Collaboration and communication will be assessed since they are part of the practices. If a student excels in the academic content but doesn’t display a certain behavior, the student will be penalized. The assessment then gives parents a skewed picture of their child’s proficiency in the core academic content.

Dr. Stephen Wilson, Professor of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, explained how this becomes problematic when testing children on mathematical practices. In Dr. Wilson’s critique of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, Dr. Wilson said:

1) The conceptualization of mathematical understanding on which the Smarter Balanced Assessment will base its assessments is deeply flawed.
2) The consortium focuses on the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) at the expense of content, and they (Smarter Balanced Consortium SBAC) outline plans to assess communication skills that have nothing to do with mathematical understanding.
3) In addition, they (SBAC) will be unable to provide student-level data for critical procedural skills, instead providing data only at the classroom or school level. 
4) ….the draft supplies little guidance for curriculum developers or for the assessment of mathematical content knowledge.
5) Communication skills are NOT critical to mathematical understanding, and insisting on them in order to judge mathematical understanding is misguided at best.
6) Mathematical Practices, or what are usually called process standards in most states, do little more than describe how someone pretty good at mathematics seems to approach mathematics problems. As stand alone standards, they are neither teachable nor testable.
7) Mathematics is about solving problems, and anyone who can solve a complex multi-step problem using mathematics automatically demonstrates skill with the Mathematical Practices, whether or not communications skills are present.
8) Problem solving leads to mathematical practices, not mathematical practices leads to problem solving.
9) This Draft does not give good guidance for curriculum developers, because content is an afterthought. 
10) It appears that the assessments will stress communication skills and Mathematical Practices at the expense of content knowledge.

Barry Garelick also critiqued the Standards for Mathematical Practices. He has written extensively about math education in various publications including The Atlantic, Education Next, Educational Leadership, and Education News. He recently retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is now teaching middle and high school math in California. He has written a book about his experiences as a long- term substitute in a high school and middle school in California: “Teaching Math in the 21st Century”.

Garelick said, “The SMP promotes developing habits of mind used in abstract and quantitative reasoning. It is not directly teachable.”
He goes on to give an example of how this idea of standardizing practices doesn’t work:

“While abstract and quantitative reasoning are important goals of algebraic thinking, the SMP opens itself up to the prevalent belief in the reform math camp that students can be taught various algebraic habits of mind outside of an actual algebra course. An example of this type of thinking can be seen in a certain type of problem presented to students in early grades. For example, the students are shown pictorial problems like black and white beads in a numbered series of growing sequential patterns. The problem shows the first three patterns and asks students to predict the number of white beads in pattern 5, say. Students in fifth grade have not yet learned how to represent equations using algebra. Also, the problem is more of an IQ test than an exercise in math ability. Furthermore, such problems ignore the deductive nature of mathematics. An unintended habit of mind from such problem is to encourage inductive type reasoning. Students then learn the habit of jumping to conclusions once they identify a pattern, thinking nothing further needs to be done.”

There is a common theme among experts who’ve looked at these kinds of practices included in the Common Core Standards. With the numerous problems that arise by including practices, these decisions are best made at the local level. Giving teachers flexibility to change methods that do not work well at a specific grade in a specific classroom is important. Taking that local control away from the teacher, parent, administration and school board should be avoided, especially when there are no peer-reviewed or independent studies that show improvement in academic outcomes when practices are included in academic standards.

A specific academic standard that offers clear academic content to the classroom teacher should be the main focus when developing content standards. Any such standard should be developmentally appropriate for the child who is learning a content standard at each grade level. Including standards that are not grounded in academic content in computer science should be reviewed and removed if the standard is focused on the practices.

For instance, Impacts of Computing: 1A-IC-16 Compare how people live and work before and after the implementation or adoption of new computing technology. This standard has nothing to do with academic content, but appears to be included as an effort to make students aware of the impact of computer technology. The standard also references the communicating and computing practice. This could become a time-consuming assignment that offers no actual academic content in the course. 
Teachers are certainly free to include these practices in their classroom if they find value in them, but should never be included in the standards if that will force certain practices upon each district and each teacher in the classroom.

We need to trust the local teacher to make these important decisions based on what content needs to be covered and on the age and maturity of students, while still maintaining the ability to change methods if the teacher sees that a particular method is not working in the classroom.

Some key areas of concern with the standards:

1A-CS-01 Select and operate appropriate software to perform a variety of tasks, and recognize that users have different needs and preferences for the technology they use.

The first part of the standard appears to be a direct task that can be tested. The second part relies upon “recognition,” which may be a difficult behavior to teach and assess.

1A-CS-02 Use appropriate terminology in identifying and describing the function of common physical components of computing systems (hardware).

The description under the draft standard offers teachers a better and clearer standard: Students should be able to identify and describe the function of external hardware, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet devices, monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers.

For instance

Students (SHOULD) would be able to use simple troubleshooting strategies. 
Compared to: 1A-CS-03 Describe basic hardware and software problems using accurate terminology.

To contrast with the concerns I’ve mentioned, here is an example of a clear content-based standard: 
1A-DA-05 Store, copy, search, retrieve, modify, and delete information using a computing device and define the information stored as data.

This standard eliminates problems that can arise when the standard directs the teacher how to teach a practice.

Input is needed from high school math and science teachers especially because these standards should be allied to the content in math and science in advanced high school coursework. We also recommend a review by a large number of high school math, science, and English teachers anonymously, to protect their identities.

Ann Marie Banfield 
Education Liaison, Cornerstone Action


And yet another post from Ann:

The Democrat controlled NH Senate has renamed the standing Education Committee the “Education and Workforce Development” committee.

As I’ve been saying, public education is being dumbed down via workforce development. Looks like the Democrats in NH are thrilled about it.

NOTICE how they didn’t include LITERACY ?


And some replies to this post:

The suggestion that preparation for the workforce is the justification for dumbing down school curriculum makes no sense If anything people need to be better educated in STEM areas today than before

We see it in NH with Competency Based ed.
The focus shifted away from literacy in the core subjects to empty workforce skills.
Some may be valuable but forced on every teacher in every grade isn’t the solution.

An example I use is from a parent who contacted me a while ago. She had home-schooled her son for 8 years then put him in a public school. She called to complain to me about how her son was required to do a “math project” with another student. This was done to meet the collaboration competency.
So they worked on the project for a week.
The mom said she could have covered the chapter they were working on in a day or two. IT took them a week.
Over the year, students fell further and further behind what she could have taught in the same time period as a home-schooler.

It’s forced on every class regardless of whether it’s good for that subject or not.

Except.. I think that things are often called STEM.. and they really aren’t. Just because there is a computer involved doesn’t make it STEM.
Sally can make a powerpoint..great.. that is not a STEM skill.
Logic and Math is really want is needed.
What is an empty workforce skill?

The collaborative work theme is central to ed school doctrine

I would not be opposed to workforce training if it were real Students do need to be prepared for the workforce in fact and over and above preparation for college degrees SO many college degrees leave students in deep debt and still unable to advance into well paying jobs and professions

I saw one skill as “appreciation for diversity”

I think there is certainly value in some of these skills, but forcing teachers in every subject in every grade?
We know it then shifts focus away from the academics.

I agree that colleges are NOT preparing students for jobs and I think there needs to be some serious consideration given to Marco Rubio’s idea. He suggested that colleges be required to give students and parents an idea of what kind of future a student has once they graduate from the degree program they are considering. Will they be prepared for a job or just heavily in debt? Will they be able to expect a certain salary level that will allow them to cut the cord from living at home?

The dangers of common core run WAY deeper that what is being discussed though. People are in for a rude awakening.

Which makes me wonder why they support free college tuition for all.

Colleges today brainwash and indoctrinate and awful lot outside the hard sciences It makes perfect sense to then push colelge for all
I think C.S. Lewis summed it up the best:

This education model of workforce training is based on the failed model from the 90’s Outcome Based ed.

I think future employers would be thrilled if kids graduated literate.

I guess naming it the “Care and Feeding of Educrats and Bureaucracy Committee” was too long (and too honest).

ROFL..leave it to you Jon to come up with the perfect summary.

They are re-naming it all over the country. Is this an HONOR to Bad Boy “Clinton”. If most women were smart they would vomit on hhim!

I had a very interesting conversation w a professor from a local community college in town. We happened to be volunteering together this week and he was expressing his frustration over kids the last 3-5 years not being able to do basic algebra. The best part – he admitted to me he doesn’t know what’s happening in public education; basically admitting colleges and high schools don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground and don’t even communicate with one another.

I heard today that the NH DoE is involved with a grant so that Nashua students can get credit for Algebra 1 for participating in some robotics thing.
I have to get more info on it, but my jaw dropped.

That’s what they think school is — preparation to be a cog in the workforce.

I believe that whether you go to college or not the determination of your success lies within you. People can have many degrees and accomplish nothing and others with just the will to survive can improve greatly.

And here is a post on Ann’s page, in to response to an article about the Virginia teacher fired by a Transtapo school board:

In [child name redacted by me] class (grade 8 ) 25% of the girls are lesbian, trans or bisexual. That statistically makes no sense. (Which I’ve told her.) Its trendy. Since when is sexuality trendy. Possibly for the reasons you’ve stated. But sexuality should not be a trend.

And another post on this discussion:

I had a paraprofessional working in a local school tell me that it’s cool to be LGBTQ now.
Peer pressure maybe?
Years ago it wasn’t so accepted.
Now that it’s trendy, kids may be trying or experimenting.
That was her take based on what she saw.

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Teacher tells us we have to give our daughter computer time because MCAS is all computerized this year. Isn’t that literally her job? To teach the skills? Like, isn’t the point behind MCAS to find out what the kids are learning from their teacher? I’m so frustrated!

And some replies to this post:

So is she saying computer skills are the priority? Or the curriculum.

she’s saying that because the MCAS is taken by computer, I have to teach her to type.

I’m not against my child learning to type, don’t get me wrong. They’re just not super into devices and I don’t push it. She’s asking ME to push it because of this test that tests HER ability to teach. It doesn’t make sense!

So much wrong with this! Paper and pencil is more appropriate.
Results for my kids were not sent to parents until October, if they were supposed to help teachers or students, results 2 months into a new school year are helpful to no one.

Here is a post that someone made on the page of the Common Core Diva:

BTW! This is the junk they are pushing on our local middle school.


A Leftist teacher has blocked a 2nd  grade student from reading the Bible at show and tell:


Here is a post that was shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is extremely upsetting to me. Oquirrh Hills didn’t fail. The system as it is set up failed them.

Standardized testing failed these children. “Rigorous” standards that are inadequate and have severely limited our students who come to school with many set back already, are a set up for failing.

These students were striving in other ways, but those were not highlighted.

The morale of the community is down. As the article states, parents are worried their children will be labeled at their new schools, as they will be spread out to neighboring elementary schools. I see this as making the community break apart, not coming together. Disgraceful.

I am so sorry that the Turnaround Assessment Measurements have caused this, though I have spoken against this in the past.

Will anyone listen and look at causation instead of spending tax payer monies on turnaround venders who do not help, placing bandaids on bleeding cuts?


And another post from this group:

As the final meetings of the Health Standards Townhalls approach next week, really pay attention that these standards fall in line with the National Health Standards put forth by the CDC and other national organizations. Notice coercion and peer pressure is encouraged, at the national level.


And I found a post from the Common Core Diva in this group, which shows the Education and SEL material in the Farm Bill, as well as the tie in with the Agenda 21/2030 and the SDGs, which aim to not only control our education and create a global workforce, but also control food supply and production as well:

Warriors, Congress wants to spend $876 billion of our taxpayer dollars to reform not only how Farmer Brown grow crops, but how Americans learn to eat. SEL in the classroom via your food? Oh, that’s only the beginning of this bad egg.
H/T Utah!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would require middle school and high school students to undergo an annual mental health exam.


Here is a post from my friend Ann from New Hampshire:

I have concerns about this. First of all, I think the Commissioner has his heart in the right place by wanting to make sure that if a student does learn the academic content (let’s say through an online course, etc. ) that they receive credit.

However, the prior Deputy Commissioner gave an example of when a student works at a hospital, earning biology credit. NO, it’s not the same.

It really depends on who is offering the credit and if they are making sure all content has been learned.

I would call myself cautious at this time. I do think down the road, we may hear about how kids aren’t really learning what they should learn in an entire course.

This week I sat with a teacher who said she’s teaching 75% of what she used to teach years ago. She’s been forced to use authentic tasks/workforce skills, and so now students do not learn as much of the academic content. This was brought to NH by Fred Bramante’s push for Competency Based Ed. 
Workforce training = dumbed down schools. 
Prove me wrong.


Here is a reply to a comment of mine that asked why we allow the discrimination against Christians and Christ in schools and that we should stand up to it:

My three grandchildren saw i was there at their “holiday” program , i read the program and saw the trees , Santa . deer and sleighs but not one song mentioning Christmas or our Savior Jesus’ birth . I got up and walked to the entrance where the teachers were standing and handed them back their program and told them they were celebrating Paganism (a religion) but totally removing Christ from this celebration. And then told them i was leaving and not returning to any of their functions until they stopped being prejudice against Christians. They appeared to silently want to agree with me but the fear of loosing their pay checks kept their mouths shut. Christians must stand up and leave these Godless functions, and take their kids with them.


Here is a post shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Information Needed:
Parents and teachers, I need your assistance, please. Those of us who have followed education know that many, many changes have taken place that have affected the landscape of student learning. What I would like to learn from you is, to what extent has fear been an influence?
Fear can be a positive motivator if it is applied to move a person in a direction that betters their current condition. Fear can also cripple and stifle creativity if it is used to condition and manipulate individuals.
Parents, what are you witnessing with your children when it comes to this element of fear as it applies to their school work, teacher relationships, fear of passing STAAR and even perhaps their outlook on their future?

Teachers, I would love to get your input. The fact that teachers are afraid to speak out on the topic of fear in the school workplace points to the reality of the topic in the first place. For the veteran teachers, I would love to get your perspective on how you have seen the element of fear affect how students learn and the overall workplace environment, from the early years in your career to the present day.

If you would be so kind to contribute with your comments, both parents and teachers, I will compile the information into an article so we can all try to understand this element of fear and how it affects student learning today.

And here are some replies to this post:

My son is now 23.
Background: He has always scored off the charts on all tests. We moved here from SD, which has one of the best school systems we have ever seen. My oldest son was one of four National Merit Scholarship Finalist in his high school there. His graduating class had 101 kids. Four NM scholarship finalists is HUGE. My younger son was always in GT classes and was placed in AP and honors courses based on his abilities.
As the new kid at WCJH he was bullied, and NOTHING WAS DONE! We were told that is “just how some people are,” and he needed to learn to deal with it. He was on FB someone had sent him a page that was set up to talk about how everyone hated a particular student. The principal said there was nothing she could do. A dedicated hate page by her students and she was not going to even talk to the kids about it. (I went with him to report it. He was so nervous!) After moving up to SLHS, he found a safe haven with his band and the directors. But the fear mongering in his classes caused severe anxiety. We started counseling and my son was diagnosed with severe anxiety and major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation. I guess not being exposed to this earlier in life made him more susceptible??? It was a shock to his system to not be encouraged to explore all his interests and LEARN and told to focus only on those classes that would give him a
“competitive” GPA and encouraged to be result oriented vs. process oriented.
His drs both advised it was the educational environment that created this ridiculous sense of fear of failure and we should consider different placements. For a formerly confident and extremely successful student, it was a hard diagnosis to accept. The constant “grade whoring” (NOT sexual, but the terms the students used to describe the tactics to get a “bump” in their grade) and his unwillingness to be a part of that, was what led to the depression. He had absolutely no reason to have any fear of failure but that is literally all that he heard.
Fear was created to control the students. I started volunteering more (outside of band) at the high school to get even more involved and actually see what was going on 1st hand. I was shocked (and frankly disgusted) to hear other parents discuss how to get any edge they could for their children. Hours of how a student should not take certain classes (even if it was their passion) because it would not benefit the all
mighty GPA. A few weeks of listening to this nonstop, I was developing anxiety and actually had a panic attack trying to explain what was going on to my husband. One day I just got up and walked out of the portable we parents were working in. I went to the counselor’s office and had my son brought in. I offered to pull him out and either find a private school or home school. Although he was conflicted about having to leave the band, he did not hesitate. He cried he was so thankful to even think about getting away from the craziness. We unenrolled and found an excellent private school that focused on developing the “whole” child and allowing them to find their passion, with no negative consequences.
To this day, if we have to attend an even at one of the public schools in Katy, his anxiety rears its ugly head. (They all look like SLHS.) we even left a concert without going in because it was just too stressful. When a I drive anywhere near SLHS I start feeling anxiety creep in. It makes me sick what happened to my child there and I waited 18 months to pull him out.

It’s terrible that happened to your son and to you. As a teacher I began having anxiety attacks at the school where I taught. Even when I moved to another school and district that was MUCH better, I continued to have PTSD anxiety attacks and nightmares about the previous school. They finally stopped when I realized I was not going to be screamed at. Now that I’m retired I still have “school dreams” but they are happy ones. I pray that you and you son will eventually forget the “bad things” and that his school experience will be positive and supportive.

I quit teaching preschool at the end of last year after I was diagnosed with PTSD. I think mine was a culmination of what we want through with my son and then admin changes at my school that were nightmare inducing. I taught part time threes and the amount of academics (that were not developmentally appropriate) made me so sad for those kids. I had a three year old whose parents took her to Kumon for tutoring on her days off so she would “be ahead of the game.” It made me cry for her. Her parents thought they were creating this “genius learner” when all they were doing was not allowing her to develop age appropriate skills. Things that are learned when they play and interact. Things like problem solving, language development, thinking creatively, social skills. If it was not a structured activity she was lost. Her parents wanted her to “do work.” At center time she would ask me for worksheets. Not drawing. Not art. But a worksheet with a right and wrong answer. She was not ahead of any of her peers academically and certainly behind socially, especially her speech and language.

I believe a certain amount of fear can be healthy BUT when expectations far out weigh the resources provided, it makes teachers desperate. Desperate to keep up with the curriculum, desperate to get grades in, desperate when dealing with behaviors… the list goes on. Keeping up with very fast moving curriculum causes teachers to scrape the tip of the iceberg instead of going in depth with their teaching. This results in children lacking very important understanding and application of concepts needed to progress through the rest of the curriculum. When I went from being a general education teacher (only being aware of what was going on within my 4 walls) to being an LSSP, it was very eye opening. Our sped babies, who need us the most, are suffering terribly. In some cases, I believe they’d be better off not being identified. It causes some teachers to focus on their “bubble kids” and depend on the special ed “label” to allow a sense of something to fall back on or use as an excuse as to why they don’t pass. The lack of special education teachers and support staff make it very difficult, even for teachers with good intentions and work ethic, to REALLY individualize instruction and target weaknesses. In my experience, the majority of these kiddos are just being “passed through” and we are failing to teach them with intentions to close the gaps. I also want to add that when TEKS were moved to a lower grade level (5th grade math TEKS to 4th grade) (oh and the level at which kindergarteners are “supposed” to read), it caused an all new kind of desperate! This is developmentally inappropriate. Children are still developing at the same rate as they were 50 years ago! Why are we expecting more of their brains than physiologically possible? The results of this movement include extreme behaviors, whether it is to avoid tasks they can’t be successful with or when frustrations reach its max. These students are not learning to be social either, because teachers are too worried about curriculum… I won’t even go down that rabbit hole.

I want to add the dependency on technology to “teach” our kids is not beneficial either. There are appropriate times for technology but teaching a concept is not necessarily one of them. Technology can be helpful when a student is practicing a concept that has already been taught (or mastered for the most part) and fluency is the end goal.

When all this nonsense first came out, I mostly ignored it and continued to seek out new and creative methods for involving my students and pointing them toward the love of learning. Those were my best teaching years. Then as administrations changed at my original school in Texas (not naming names) the shaming began from principals and district officials. Weekly Department chair meetings where we were expected to present weekly statistics on how well the students mastered weekly objectives. Each teacher had to administer weekly quizzes measuring mastery of objectives. I then had to compile the data and report it to the principal and other department chairs. Then came the district 6 weeks assessments which were reported to the principal, district coordinators, and eventually the superintendent. Out went the creativity and joy of learning. Out went the fun learning experiences that stayed in the minds of students forever. By that time I was fed up with the paranoia and changed school districts. I even took a pay cut to do so. For awhile things were great and teachers shared creative techniques with their peers. But eventually the almighty State reached its tentacles to even the more successful districts. Once again the creativity and exciting learning experiences disappeared and teachers were forced into daily meetings about assessment strategies. Campus and district assessments increased. As one of my former students told me, “The most exciting thing in class now is when the PowerPoint has a sound effect!” As more of the same continued, I decided it was time to retire, partially from fear, but more from disgust. Education just wasn’t fun anymore for me and my students.
(Pat, you know the districts and schools to which I have been referring.)
“What we learn with joy we never forget.” – Matt Chinworth

I specifically remember being told in a faculty meeting in the mid 2000’s to “get rid of the fluff”. “No more fluff; Testing objectives only”.

the fluff is the bait that catches students’ attention. Then you “reel them in” to the core of the lesson.

My daughter goes to TMHS and overall it’s a really good school and the teachers (at least the ones my daughter has) are really good and encouraging. But that STAAR test mess has just got to go. It stresses everyone out and to what end? It’s like telling the kids that no matter what they did or the grades they got all can go down the drain with that test. Awful. I will say that my daughter seems less stressed since she saw how I handled a prior STAAR test debacle while she had straight A’s.

As a grandparent of elementary school aged children I’ve witnessed my grandchildren fear those people that we call trusted adults. My granddaughter was very afraid of going back to school with homework that was not done by methods taught by her teacher. It’s math, so if you show how you got your answer it should be marked correct, right? NOT. Well my granddaughter didn’t understand it with the one method that her teacher demonstrated and neither did either of her math wiz parents soooo my daughter taught her the method that was taught to her years ago and she understood it BUT she cried so hard because Ms. Ruiz was going to be mad at her. My granddaughter was also fearful of telling my daughter about any discipline that took place in the school because she didn’t want to “get in trouble”. Ultimately my granddaughter has been enrolled in another school and she is now a totally different child. Administration never believe what the children say and stand behind their staff and as a grandparent I was fearful because of the backlash that my grandchildren would receive. There is so much more to my story but because we are actively fighting with these people I’ll digress. This is a public charter school and she’s now enrolled in a public neighborhood school that was closed down by TEA 2 years ago and doing much better.

Not sure if my 2cents is helpful..but heres a snippet of my opinion.
Always an elementary teacher, no matter what other role ive held on my campus, unfortunately the fear of how a campus performs or underperforms affects the instruction of all students.
Far to much time is spent teaching test taking strategies vs core curriculum. Depending on the grade level n which content is assessed…other content is pushed aside, not taught or crammed in after testing season ends…which is a huge disservice to our children…we seem to assess n assess n assess some more to see how students are performing…but not leaving time to provide deep teaching n learning to take place. Fortunately many of my teachers feel comfortable enough to talk to me without fear of being ridiculed….they are frustrated. THE education world is very frustrating today

I’m in my 31st year, and I don’t remember being fearful until the last few years. I don’t like walking in each morning not knowing what to expect. I’m a planner, and changing things every week (and sometimes every day) is driving me crazy. I don’t feel like there’s a true plan. It’s like everyone is flying by the seat of their pants every day. We lost some really good teachers last year with no explanation. We’re going to lose some more this year because it’s just too stressful now. It’s no longer about the kids. It’s about the numbers and having perfectly written documents whether they can be implemented with fidelity or not. The high school students I work with are extremely fearful. They know they aren’t prepared to enter the real world. We are no longer teaching “life skills” because we have to make sure we address the high stakes testing objectives. It makes me sad. I had numerous teachers that taught me about “life” and I’m extremely grateful for those lessons. I wish we had time to continue those important conversations with students.


Washington State University has caved to the gender-bender insanity:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m not new to this, but I’m new to this part. I would really appreciate some help on how to handle this with my daughters school. Please note that it is an IB school, if that matters lol, and would not let us opt out. But any help would be appreciated before I go up there unprepared. Thank u!


And some replies to this post:

Let you?

Yes sir. Mrs Dye, the principal, told me her school being an IB school that they dont allow it

You must be pretty new to this. Schools don’t raise your kids and you don’t need their permission to opt out.

My daughter failed it because we opted out, we are at an IB school in Round Rock ISD and they do not do this at all!

I wish they all could be accomodating!! These kids need to be kids and not worry about all this starting so young.

my daughter goes to an IB school. When the principal received my email her response was do you want to keep her out for testing days or the entire week?
Wow. Mine offered to remove her from testing, put her in another class with worksheets, and not be on lockdown. Or that I could keep her home but they would accomodate if I wanted to send her.

Here is the first article you need to read:

I’m from Lubbock and their school district is awful and frendship isn’t any better. Anyways my daughter went to an IB school in Denton ISD and trust me it doesn’t mean anything and the STAAR Test won’t have anything to do with her college courses. Opt out and stand your ground. This group has plenty of resources to get you started on the right direction.

Schools don’t “let” people opt out their kids. People opt out & schools have to deal with it. That said, summer school is only one way to address AI, and it isn’t the best way. Develop your own plan to take to the GPC, & inform them that your child won’t be participating in summer school.

And another post from this group:

I will have my sons ARD the first week in January. He is doing amazing in school right now but math is still a struggle. This is the year the school will want to retest him to high heavens if he fails the STAAR (he’s always passed). I allow my child to take this test but he will only take it one time!!! What is the difference in opting out or telling them he only takes it ONE time?

And some replies to this post:

Ummmm..they have a record of his score? Not being snarky, but why even allow him to take it? PLENTY of us have had our kids not take it and be successful. And, for the record…NO ONE CARES ABOUT STAAR for college. No one. Not one admissions counselor or app has asked for it.

Opting Out for many is about the injustice of the entire system and the weaponization of a child’s good scores to harm students/ communities who don’t score well. So allowing your child to score well on the test lends itself to that end.

My kids are both in AP classes in HS and never took a single STAAR. My oldest has scholarships to some of the best/top schools in the U.S. Not allowing them to take STAAR is VERY MUCH about not participating in something I know is wrong. I have been in this fight since we had TAKS. Not a single “state mandated” score is anywhere for either of my kids. Because of my stance and my kids’ non-participation it has very much helped others. I refuse to participate. Good luck to you!

The data ‘can’ be used against you.

For instance…If the child has made ‘progress’ on the STAAR between years they act like the child is doing great… even if the kid failed BOTH years… so NOT great. So basically since the child is making ‘progress’ there is no educational need 🤦🏼‍♀️

Or if your child IS doing well, they can use that data to reduce/deny services.

I have NEVER seen STAAR data used in a way that actually benefited the kid.

They tried this with is in middle school. They tried to say that even though my child had failed both 6th, 7th, and 8th grade that he was making gains in closing the gap, therefore he didn’t need intervention. Shut that down quickly!

My child hasn’t taken the staar since the 5th grade. This yr she is in the 8th. They already know how I feel and where i stand and of course they still try and convince me to have her take it. Umm no not going to happen

my son failed the reading Starr 3 times and took summer school. He was so stressed. I was stressed. It’s horrible.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Do you remember Marc Tucker, president of NCEE, who wrote the well-known “Dear Hillary Letter”? Interestingly, the man is a self-appointed adviser to a number of presidents, including current president Trump. Here Tucker encourages candidate Trump to move on the workforce agenda and to follow the lead of Switzerland (DeVos signs MOU with Swiss for apprenticeship program) and for which DeVos has acted. There are so many forces pushing against our elected officials. Start talking to your reps and senators now!

And here are the replies to this post:

Tucker wrote a letter to DeVos, herself, dated July 2018. If I’m remembering correctly. Edit:

Looking forward to reading this. I’m wondering if he also went after Ivanka. Ivanka has been leading charge with the workforce agenda.

And another post from this group:

My jaw “kind of” dropped when I read the IMAM’s comment. Truly, this “is” what it’s all about. 😳 I’m not okay with this.


Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

“Watching the video just showed how controlled and cowardly the Republicans truly are. Not just the obvious sell-outs, but also the supposed champions. You can actually see a few Democrats who gave floor speeches encouraging their colleagues to vote no on legislation such as the ‘A-F’ grading system that would allow an unaccountable bureaucracy to rank schools based on how well they implement Common Core in the classroom. Many liberal lawmakers opposed this measure because it is undemocratic and a proven disaster for children. The Republicans, on the other hand, kept quiet because getting uppity might cost them that next DeVos check. The Republicans clearly know their place, but the Democrats to their credit are far less cowed than their opposition.

The ‘A-F’ grading scale creates a new board that will essentially be the Common Core police. Under the new Snyder-backed reform, it impossible for our schools to improve. For example: If your school is brandished a “C” by the state, the local leadership will focus on abiding by anything the unelected bureaucrats tell them in order to need to get a “B” grade. It has nothing to do with improving student performance. Every state that has tried this system is near the bottom of the national ranking, and each of those states got worse in the course of time that it was being done. It was Democrats, not Republicans, making some these points on the House floor. It was refreshing to see Democratic legislators arguing passionately for their point of view. Their constituents must be pleased that they have representation that will fight for their values. It would be nice to know that feeling.

Here is a post that was shared on this Michigan anti-Common Core page:

Tim Kelly basically lied to Gongwer in his explanation for passing “Innovative School” legislation. These bills are an attempt to bribe schools into adopting Common Core based Competency Based Education which is another unproven experiment.

Here is Mr. Kelly’s quote:
Tim Kelly:
“We need to be able to have schools get up and running and quickly learn if something works. If it fails to retry and try something new.”

We exactly know Common Core does not work, yet he refuses to support legislation to empower schools to drop it!

No, Mr. Kelly seems to think our kids are just guinea pigs in an expensive education experiment designed and controlled by the education cabal, not parents or local communities.

And here is a post from someone from Michigan:

Sadly, even now, when he does not have to cowtow to big money folks, Senator Patrick Colbeck who lost his bid for governor because of a schism in his conservative base, still can not find it in his heart or brain to vote right on education policy. He voted YES on the stupid, not conservative, big government Common Core policy of A-F grading of schools. Folks, he was not our hero. Yes, I do not think a D governor will do better. But Colbeck just proves once again, he is no hero for grassroots.

And another post from this person:

What could go wrong? Mandatory high school & middle school mental health assessments. Schools fail to teach our kids to read, write and do math. Now parents should trust them to evaluate our kids mental health? Ideas like this spread. Coming to a MI legislature near you?

And some replies to this post:

The teachers are already doing this to some existent! Every parent should go to school and pick up a copy of their child’s file! Yes there is a file and you never see it. Then you will see brick and mortar schools fall so fast the government will flip. All their hard work will be destroyed by the parents. I get a copy every 2 year. You will be shocked to see what teachers put in them about your child.

excellent advice. Kalamazoo Public Schools told some parents NO, they could not have a copy of the file, NO, they could not bring in an attorney to look at the file with them, NO, the file will not be changed. KPS says parents can come in to the school, alone, and look at the file, period! They, the superintendent and school attorney, claim these are the rules in FERPA, the law our Congressmen claim protects kids and parents!

When you request a file you must be specific to include ALL records or you will only get a partial file.

then the parent should have the Attorney subpoena the file. It’s worth the couple hundred bucks. Kalamazoo public schools must have stuff they are hiding otherwise they would have no issue with this!

I did the first one from day one of school through 3 rd grade then went from there.

I am nearly 70 years old. We moved to Georgia when I was 11. The principal of the middle school we went to called my Mother, had her come in and gave her files which I believe we’re called CA39s. They had been sent from our school in Michigan. He said we don’t keep things on children like this, take them. It was disgusting what these teachers were writing . We did move back to Michigan eventually but no records went with us nor did we have any further personality problems with teachers who had read files and treated you as you were labeled.
Just to say this has been going on a long time. Like you I would strongly urge parents to find those files and read them.
Thank goodness we had a man with compassion and sense who understood children. He certainly gave me the clean slate I needed to enjoy and succeed in my schooling. ( By the way our children went to Christian School ).

just your health care parents need to be proactive in regards to education and their child’s file. Sad thing is over half could care less and this is why kids are still at home at 30 among or things which are not related to this topic.

You know that, eventually, any child whose parents are raising him to be conservative will undoubtedly be found mentally incompetent… Some of the sci-fi movies are turning out not to be so fiction!!

Thanks to God for guiding me through the last 5 of 32 years teaching. It gets MoreCrazier and Crazier. A college student would need to be either Insane or Truly Dedicated to go into Teaching. Especially since in the near future, they will be mere Facilitators of Digital Learning Platforms.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I went to the standards meeting last night in Logan. Only me and another guy in the room were mentioning the inclusion of families and parents more in the processes and he mentioned the impact of family support in better mental health.

IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING IN DRAPER TONIGHT! Not being there or speaking is seen as support.

The mentions-

-glad dental is included as dental health is important for overall health 
– need to add HPV to the AIDS/HIV standards because kids are being vaccinated for it it should be discussed as another disease of this type. And it is a huge cause of oral cancers. 
-need to acknowledge the various sexualities 
-there was surprise of parental notification and consent for teaching topics such as safe touch, reproductive anatomy. Surprise that contraceptives and Intercourse were not demonstrated. 
-mental health concerns for LGBTQ 
-one woman thought that men in the legislature should know about women’s health issues and that contraceptives are used for more things than birth control such as weight control, acne, etc. she thought since she knew about men they should know about women 
– lots of mentions of sexual abuse being from family and parents (not sure it was an accurate statistic as the source was not mentioned) from what I have read and observed it is usually a step parent or a live in significant other. 
-the need to teach about dental dams 
– one was questioning the zero alcohol is safe being taught because her kid’s teachers taught alcohol in the home was bad. It was explained that for children under 21 it was both illegal and scientifically not appropriate for alcohol consumption on development. 
– health department representative mentioned services and resources offered through them. 
– there were a lot of special interest type representation like victims of assault advocacy, CAPSA, health teachers, etc. the democrat candidate for one of the house races was there and commented. 
– A “women’s health advocate” talked which to me means planned parenthood.

Overall there was support for the standards and the undertaking. 
The one health teacher there said that 90% of forms from parents are signed. For good or bad, this is taken as support. The health teacher also mentioned opt outs are not for sheltering reasons but also concerns over past porn addictions or other very compelling reasons which I liked. 
– there was a woman there who was new to Utah who was surprised multiple times throughout the meeting that certain things were against the law. (Demonstrating contraceptives, the laws on how that could be discussed, not talking about how to have sex, no mentions of gay sex, that the state is abstinence based …) by the end of the meeting she said, I’m getting it that most of this is a legislative issue. I fully expect she will be taking her ideas and issues to the legislature to discuss.

Some of my concerns
-appropriate touch is introduced in 1st grade but the handout of the standards doesn’t specify what that means, I was told there is a terms and definitions page. 
– trusted adult is used multiple times, I’d like to see that specifically say parents then trusted adult if your parents are unsafe because when I was in 3rd grade, telling my mom wasn’t emphasized as much as telling someone and I told my friend who was also in 3rd grade. 
– I like that parents are notified by law because then when my 2nd header comes home and us discussing anatomy I don’t worry that something has happened to them but understand they learned it at school. It also helps to be able to facilitate conversations throughout the years about these topics and add in our family view. I’m also one of those parents that actually goes to the classroom and meets the teacher to get a feel for where they’ll take the discussion and to review the materials used. 
– a lot of implying the need for CSE type standards.

There were things that I did like too.


And another post from this group:

“If you want to see how far into the weeds test-centered schooling can go, then take a trip to Florida, where some folks are worried that four-year-olds are not experiencing enough rigorous testing…”


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Just got this text from XQ Schools : Announcing a NEW, FREE online course on competency-based education developed by the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (edX) with support from XQ. Sign up now.

Important to remember that edX is part of k-12 Workforce databadging Pilots started in AZ and CO :

And some replies to this post:

Our new Commissioner of Public Ed in FL will be looking to this I’m sure. FL just took a terrible hit to traditional public schools yesterday.

Your legislature needs some schooling FAST! …. First one to the trough has been the name of the game. #HitPause makes more sense. I think it appeals to ordinary people.

Disrupt their conversations for a change. Introduce doubt. #HitPause Offer a better way that actually benefits kids, families, and communities. I’d love to see FL lead the way on this. The infrastructure exists in FL — believe it or not.

Here are some posts on an anti-Common Core page in reply to an article about CPS cracking down on parents:

Parents in WA State have reported to me that their children were stripped naked in an elementary School by CPS, in front of the Principal and their bodies searched for bruises. Right in the principal’s office. parent knowledge until after.
That’s just 1 example.

I’m not the least bit surprised by this. Happens in CA every day

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

We need help this school district is crazy. IT’S VERY LONG.

WE NEED HELP! WE NEED PROTECTION FROM DCSD. We are being threatened by DCSD with a trespass order. We are accused on 11-30-18 of refusing to meeting with the teachers which isn’t true and due to a death in the family the kids missed 3 days of school so because Ms. White made the statement that we refuse to meet with the teachers, my husband dropped off the packet of missed work along with a model of the earth for my son. He signed in at the school prior to school hours and he happened to sign in under Ms. Cronin Mack who signed in at approx. 8:15 am and my husband at approx. 8:39am, 6 minutes before the start of school. He spoke to the teacher about our son’s work with our son standing next to him. The teacher’s desk is against the wall and she was behind her desk when he came in. My husband didn’t do anything to the teacher. They talked about the work, math and reading assignment that was marked as homework but not sent home, and the email that Ms. White sent stating it was school work yet it was marked homework on the “We missed you!” page, so my husband wanted to verify so our son gets the credit. Here are a couple of emails from Ms. White. She attached my email to the teacher below. The email threatening us with a trespass order is not C.C. to Cronin-Mack or Thomas More why would that be? I stated before that this school district is doing everything they can to set us up, make us look bad so they can get their desired outcome which is no paper trail communication. ZCES/DCSD called the police on my husband back in about 2014 because my husband didn’t sign in at the office. Our son called us crying in 6th grade, so he went to the school to talk to our son, the office staff had to call our son from class and we received calls on our home and cells the next day from the police stating we didn’t sign in and found with the police report that the teacher was told to place a restraining order against my husband, because my husband was talking to the teacher in the hallway. This is 6 years of harassment and bullying from DCSD. They are angry that we won’t comply, we ask questions and they are punishing our family for it. I can only imagine what they are doing to our son in school because of this.

Recent interaction with teacher
Wed, Dec 19, 2018 8:01 am
Teresa White ()

Dear Mr. and Mrs. [name redacted],
As I stated in my previous email, your communications with our teachers at Zephyr Cove Elementary School have made both of them feel uncomfortable and harassed. I have read your complaint about feeling the same. As you stated, we do not get to tell anyone how to feel, like you do not have the right to tell them how to feel. Once our teachers feel harassed or intimidated, it is incumbent upon their supervisors to mitigate that feeling, as we have attempted to do for you on countless occasions through multiple teachers and administrators. Since your correspondence to our teachers has made them feel this way, we have respectfully requested that you communicate through me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack. Your recent emails to the teachers indicate that you are not willing to follow our request. That is your prerogative, but our teachers will not be responding to you directly. They will send correspondence to me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack and we will respond.

Today, Mr. [name redacted] entered the school and went to Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom. Mrs. O’Dconnell felt intimidated and trapped. Such interaction is unacceptable. She was behind her desk and Mr. [name redacted]’s physical presence blocked her from being able to move out from behind her desk. This created a very uncomfortable environment for Mrs. O’Donnell. Additionally, Mr. [name redacted] confronted her on the emails coming from administration. Again, making her feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

I would hate to have to provide a trespass order to a parent, but you may not come on any of our campuses and make our teachers feel the way you made Mrs. O’Donnell feel today. The District believes that we have done everything in our power to partner with you in the education of your children. Their safety, education and well-being are of utmost important to us, as is that of all children in our schools. Today, your actions caused Mrs. O’Donnell to be shaken as she prepared to start her day with her students. This is unacceptable.

Normal school protocol requires all visitors to check in at the office upon entry. From this date forward, you are strictly required to follow this protocol should you or Mr. Grammar desire to speak to any teacher of your children in person. Upon checking in, school staff will escort you to the classroom and be physically present to provide some measure of comfort to the teacher. Your failure to comply with this normal protocol shall result in me asking the School Resource Officer to issue a trespass order for the protection of our staff.

Thank you for understanding our position and please let me know if you have any further questions.
Teri White

Fwd: [child name redacted]’s missing assignments
Fri, Nov 30, 2018 11:57 am
Teresa White twhite
Cc Romelle Cronin, TC Moore

Dear Mrs. [name redacted],
Thank you for your inquiry of Mrs. O Donnell. This email was forwarded to me. Staff at ZCES are feeling somewhat whelmed by your emails, particularly since you refuse to speak with them or meet with them. It is not right that our staff be asked to correspond with you differently that we correspond with other parents, particularly since your emails are lengthy, often contain insinuations about staff intent, and make our staff feel harassed to some degree. For those reasons, all future correspondence should be directed to me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack.

Please know that we will do our best to answer your questions however, if the email or written correspondence continue to be excessive, as expressed in previous years, we will cease to correspond in this manner and require meetings or conversations to update you about the progress of your children in our system, as is the protocol used with all other parents in the District. We are happy to answer questions, but simply cannot continue to permit our staff to feel attacked by your excessive email correspondence and expectations that they communicate with you differently than they communicate with all other parents.

Regarding your inquiry with this email:
• Fridays are regular school days for all children. Mrs. O Donnell usually makes assignments due on Fridays so that she may grade them over the weekend. Thus the dates of the work indicate Friday as the due date.
• The missing work is classwork. The expectation for all children is that they complete the work in class. It will not be sent home for completion. If it is not completed in class, any grade assigned will remain a zero. Your son is prompted multiple times to complete the work, but usually sits and does not do it, or reads, even after multiple requests by his teacher to complete his work.
• Your son was not made to stay in at recess. He elected to stay in at recess to work on his missing work so that he would be able to participate in the school-wide reward time held at the end of the day.
• Of the papers sent home, some are graded and some are not. If they have no mark on them, they were not graded.
• The “Interpreting Characters” assignment was actually a post assessment to the unit and was given on October 12. Your son completed it one month later and was permitted to take it home. The assignment was to write a paragraph for each question. Your son wrote 1 sentence for each. He was graded accordingly.
• The determination to promote your son to the next grade will be based upon his mastery of the 4th grade content. If he is unable to demonstrate mastery, or otherwise refuses, retention will be a conversation that we will need to have sometime in April or May. Teachers base this decision on a year’s worth of work and performance on grade level assessments and do not pre-determine such outcomes.
Thank you, again, for your inquiry. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


I received the papers showing [child name redacted]’s missing assignments for 11/9/18 & 11/16/18, thank you. Spelling: Comic- le- words due 11-9-18 & Picture words due 11-16-18. In language he is missing The Nose Knows work, due 11-9-18 and in Science he is missing the same The Nose Knows due 11-9-18.

What is happening on Friday’s in your class? The assignments missing are both dated on a Friday. Where is the work? Is there a reason that you didn’t send it home for him to complete when you sent the printed I.C. missing assignment papers? He said he didn’t refuse to do the work but that he ran out of time. He also said that you kept him in snack recess today to complete the mountain/lakes map of the U.S. assignment. I’m confused on why he was kept in from recess at all, especially for one assignment but not the others? Why couldn’t he take the work home to finish? Will you be providing the work home so that he can do it?

Also, I was looking over the work sent home in his Friday folder today and [child name redacted] has many math assignments without grades or stars or some kind of markings to show that it was graded or acknowledged. Is it graded or how does that work, especially since he is doing poorly in math according to you? Another thing is the assignment from a day that he was absent (11-19-18) titled “Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story- Grade 4: Fiction, Unit 1” It’s marked as 7/10 but doesn’t show what he was marked down for in each of the 4 questions. Also if it’s his interpretation of the story, how did he get anything wrong? What is marked wrong with that assignment?

Lastly, [child name redacted] is going to be absent Monday 12-3-18 and from now on if there are missing or incomplete assignments please, send them home with [child name redacted] so that he can finish it and bring it back the next day just as the other teachers do. Are your intentions to fail [child name redacted] and keep him as a 4th grade student next year?

I am not being uncivil, harassing, disrespectful, uncooperative or anything else that DCSD has called and labeled me for the last 6 school years, yes this is necessary information.. Also, it’s stressful for me to have to write this just to ask questions about my son’s schoolwork or education. I’ve been programmed by DCSD that I have to defend my every action or writing so that teachers and staff don’t think or say I am being disrespectful, uncivil, uncooperative, harassing, cynical, derogatory, etc, etc, etc Thanks for your understanding with why I have to include this information.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

This just in and a TERRIBLE blow to every citizen’s freedom to right to privacy in their personal info. H/T Karen Bracken.
How does this impact students, teachers, and schools? #studentdatarape
HR 4174 (FEPA) was just passed by the Senate and now can go on to signed into law.
Link to my research on HR 4174:

Here is a post from Wrench in the Gears:

My response to a recent e-newsletter article from the National Education Policy Center’s about the Summit Learning protests in Brooklyn. Long read, but useful overview regarding impact investing, automation of instruction, defense research in ed-tech, and ties to larger global struggles around online surveillance education.

Here is a post from a page called Anne on the Issues:

I would like to make something abundantly clear for people who may not grasp the magnitude of this situation (which are by far, most people):

Two years ago when the Roy C. Ketcham Pride Club showed up en masse to protest my presence on the Wappingers BOE, it was because the Board was voting to approve a policy of allowing anyone of any sex and any age to use any restroom or changing facility of their choosing based on the premise that gender is a matter of opinion and that anyone who challenges the concept is effectively guilty of bigotry and violation of the Equal Rights Amendment.

And it’s not just bathroom use.
The policy also presumes the affirmation of the premise of “transgender” in ALL activities AND curriculum.

And I was the sole member of the Board not just to challenge the policy; but to even merely request a delay of the vote in order to engage in discussion and consideration.
The policy was passed by a vote of 8-1 that very night.

But here’s the piece that most concerns me and which I’m 100% certain the vast majority of people are absolutely clueless about-

Obama instituted the policy NATIONALLY.

It was subsequently ruled unconstitutional as a national policy.
But MOST STATES including of course, NY, CA, MA….. had already adopted and with breakneck speed, implemented the policies STATE WIDE and HAVE NOT REVERSED IT.

So for people who think it’s just a handful of rogue districts or schools or states dealing with this issue….

Or that the teacher who was recently fired for refusing to overtly refer to a girl as a boy is an anomaly…

You are GROSSLY underestimating the magnitude of this agenda.

Both in it’s scope and in it’s intent.

I guarantee that the very VAST MAJORITY of the children of people reading this post are being taught and at the very least being held subject to these policies.

The rare occurrences you hear of, such as myself and the teacher who was fired, are the VERY VERY FEW WHO HAVE actually PUSHED BACK AGAINST THE AGENDA.

The vast majority of the people involved in education and media and public works of any kind (including libraries [“trans” reading to the kids]), are simply being subjected and compliant.

They have been programmed.

I originally just typed “are being programmed”.
But I deleted it and changed the wording.
It’s done.

Here is a post from the page For Kids & County:

Highlights from article by trusted educator / school board member Brenda Lebsack:

“As a public educator for over 20 years, some changes in the proposed California Health Framework concern me…In Chapter 3, Line 1847, the draft recommends the book Who Are You? for pre-K–3rd graders as a “guide” to develop their gender identity…In the book, gender is described as, “boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two spirit…”

“The California Department of Education is inviting input on the proposed health framework draft. The deadline to give input is January 11, 2019…” See article for links and details.

Here is a post from a California anti-evil-sex-ed group:

I just got an email from our Middle School principal about a 6th grade health survey…

Dear …. Families,
I wanted to send you a quick email to be sure you had received the consent forms for a social emotional health survey that 6th grade students will be given next week. English teachers handed them out this week in class and I have included it in this email. CoVitality Permission slip.pdf

The survey is a brief, universal screening tool we (…………. Middle School) is using to measure social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Participation is confidential and voluntary. Only our school psychologist, her intern and myself will see the results. Please refer to details in the attached letter. If you do not want your child to complete the survey, please contact the school psychologist,

I have heard about ‘surveys’ recently (not sure this is that) that are very suggestive in their questions about gender and sexuality and that has me concerned.
I question the need for these surveys and the purposes behind them.

  • – – Any experience with this ? ? ?

And some replies to this post:

They don’t have to take them. U can and should opt out. My 11 yr old did not take it, but his friend did.. and was mortified… asked how u identify urself… gay lesbian bisex…etc etc. The kid did not know what bi..was and a classmate explained it to him in vulgarity . It’s wrong and i thought about this today.. my company would get sued for asking me those questions. Opt out!!! And share w other parents its not mandatory

of course I will opt out but this is all about all the other kids whose parents don’t opt them out and they have no idea what’s going on – and this is how they spread the gender confusion

Was this the Healthy Kids Survey or Social Emotional?
What District?

San Diego. I don’t know what it’s called yet.

In my district this survey (healthy kids) is for 4th and 5th graders. Personally, I opt out of everything that is opt-out-able! (is that a word? LOL) School is for academics and they don’t need to know one extra dam* thing about my kid.

Its in DSUSD website, even their 2015-2016 Report

Here’s a sample of the Climate Survey for Elementary and Middle School/High School.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
Principals coffee this morning with a principal that I like respect and Trust.
the 6th grade survey that only this Middle School is doing is a follow-up to responses to the 7th grade California state healthy kids survey.
Our middle school and teachers are concerned about kids dealing with bullying and self esteem issues and falling through the cracks.
they’r using a survey that seems very simple about how they’re feeling about themselves school and their surroundings. I did get and read a copy.
He did tell me that the 7th grade State survey does have an additional LGBTQIA module that San Diego added last school year.

And another post from this group:

Anaheim Union High School District
Parents?? did you know that your children are being survey about they’re sexual practices at the Jr. High and High School.
As adults, are you ok with the government asking you about your sexual practices??? Why is it ok for the government to ask our children about their sexual practices???
Something is seriously wrong with that on multiple levels, let’s start with these are Children and this is invasion of privacy.

And yet another post from this group:

Beth Swann shared a link.
December 15 at 8:01 PM
A friend of mine who has been digging deep into education research for years recently shared these comments regarding mindfulness and SEL and how it all ties into globalized education and CSE:

Parents are woefully unaware of the way that standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) laws have been rigged by sexual rights activists. Mindfulness is part of grooming children as political and sexual rights activists. The US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos recently signed the G20 Education Ministers agreement to implement the UN’s Education 2030 Framework for Education. Google it and get educated about it.

But, for a primer, you can read here about how mindfulness is being used to train teachers and children to question their thinking….to question reality. People who question their foundation can be easily controlled by anyone with a political or social agenda.

See that Planned Parenthood (a UN 2030 partner) is ready to prepare youth with Mindfulness programs:

The roots of the “feelings” movement in education go back to 2003 when UNESCO (the UN’s Education division) sent 130 Education Ministers around the world a report about developing Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) in children. Now, 15 years later, the ideology in that report has taken over US teacher training and SEL is part of Common Core’s federal education reforms. Schools receive funding and principals and school leaders see their schools receive better school grades when they implement SEL.

From a Christian perspective, we understand the importance of planting our roots in a truth-based foundation. So, it is important for parents to know that UNESCO is an openly anti-family, anti-Christian, pro-LGBTQI organization that uses education policy to change the beliefs and behaviors of cultures. The educator that they credit with helping them spread sexual ideology into most curriculum subjects is an SEL “expert” named Linda Darling-Hammond. She designed the policies for standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) in the 2016 federal education Common Core law the Every Student Succeeds Act. Her SEL-promoting company called the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is working with school districts to ensure that schools adopt SEL policies and reforms.

Pro-family groups like Family Watch have warned Americans for years about UNESCO and its agenda to politicize and sexualize what’s taught and tested. SEL is being used to change children’s Christian values.

Here is an article promoting SEL from Common Core advocate Edutopia:

Got SEL? Teaching Students to Describe Emotions | Edutopia

Here is a link to Stella Morabito and Karen Effrem’s resources warning parents about SEL. They have PowerPoints and videos at the link. Please read their impressive bios. I have great respect for both of these courageous women and my education research dovetails theirs. Pro-family groups like Family Watch have shared their materials widely:

For those here who have seen “positive” SEL programs, I would just say, nothing is ever implemented 100% at the beginning. They boil the frog in the pot slowly. Once people are persuaded that education can’t be done without focusing on emotion, then they can be convinced to focus on how their beliefs affect other people’s emotions. Then, the political indoctrination can easily take hold. Children, by nature, feel sympathy and concern for other people. Their feelings can easily be manipulated to embrace anti-Christian ideologies when they are told that their beliefs are hurting others feelings.

And yet another post from this group:

Saddleback Valley Unified School District is introducing guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music to your children.

And yet another post from this group, from someone talking about the article about CPS being weaponized against parents:

This is the true story of a friend of mine and her son >> read it. She continues to fight hard to bring the corruption to light. You can’t even imagine the resistance and coverups she constantly encounters.

And yet another post from this group:

January 1, 2019, California schools must allow students to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice. Go to your school boards and demand privacy for your children. They have to provide a separate bathroom for your child.

And some replies to this post:

The parents at my school district have submitted a legal letter (names redacted), can either of you attach the letter template that was used by PYLUSD here?) to our principal and teachers, demanding that our children be allowed to use a single-stall bathroom on campus. We have one in the nurse’s office that some of the children have been using consistently. In the beginning of the school year, some staff were giving our kids hard time about their right to choose to use the single-stall bathroom. But the parents kept complaining and submitting emails. Now, all the staff have been trained to let the kids use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable in. Don’t give up, parents! We have to stand up and speak out to keep our kids safe. If we don’t, nobody else will.

The bathroom law is a real problem. A little girl in Georgia, was sadly assaulted in a multi-stall bathroom in her elementary school. How many kids need to be assaulted before our school districts wake up and do something about it??

our current bathroom law in itself is a problem. Any boy can walk into the girls’ bathroom and vice versa. My family has run into issues with multi-stall bathrooms at our local library as well as at one of the fast-food chain restaurants. Nowadays, anyone can walk into any bathroom, which compromises everyone’s privacy and safety.

And here is a post that was shared in this group:

Parents in Elk Grove, California, are being asked to review proposed K-8 social studies curriculum this week that includes a third-grade lesson on honesty and bravery using famed LGBT politician Harvey Milk as a role model.

Some parents and community leaders are alarmed the school district would use Milk, well known for his pederasty, as a role model, especially after several of its teachers were recently fired and arrested for sexual contact with students. They are also upset with sexualized topics, like homosexuality, being introduced to impressionable young children with little concern for how these lessons will contradict the values children learn at home.

“What kind of message are school officials trying to send student, parents, and teachers by making Harvey Milk a hero to third graders?” asked California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “Harvey Milk’s past behavior with teens would disqualify him from being a teacher with in the Elk Grove School District, so why would the district consider textbooks that encourage 8-year-old kids to admire him?”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Please take notice of what is said in this press conference at time stamp 18:37. It is shocking that Azar flat out said we need to put more kids on psychotropic drugs, not to mention wanting mandated mental health screenings. 
Folks, it is the Education Reformer’s College and Career Readiness Common Core-aligned Standards and Accountability system (pushed and funded by Devos herself) along with the state-mandated technology in the classroom that is actually causing much of the mental health issues in our children today. And they want access to give American Students more drugs? Folks this is beyond deceptive.
It is unethical, immoral and wrong. 

(Note, for some reason the video wasn’t showing up. (It may be outright censorship as I’ve had FB links work before and even copying the URL sees to not only not show the video, but not show the URL to the video either, forcing me to use a URL shortener. Please copy the link below into your browser as it won’t work as a link as is.) )


Here is a post from a Wisconsin anti-Common Core page:


We are interested in learning whether your voucher school has changed its curriculum to Common Core. Has state money come with strings attached? Are parochial or private schools changed by participating in the voucher program in Wisconsin? Please post your experiences here.

And here are some replies to this post:

My children go to a private christian school on the voucher program but they do not use common core

Do they explicitly choose non-CC materials? Do you know, for example, which mathematics curriculum they are using? How long has this school been accepting vouchers? Do you know what measures the school has taken to avoid CC in the classroom? Does the school advertise themself as non-CC?

I don’t have answers to all these but they certainly are good questions to ask, that I’ve honestly never thought of before. I do know math is Saxon and that when they were in public school, all there books stated common core on them but none of the books at this school do. I believe this is the 3rd year on the voucher program.

There are requirements to have voucher students take the Forward Exam which is CC aligned. The school needs to do well enough on the Forward Exam in order to keep its ability to accept vouchers.

Because of this, schools will have a tendency to:

1.) Have all students (not just voucher students) take the Forward Exam


2.) Align curriculum with the test so that performance is increased.

Public schools who choose to use alternative standards or non-CC curriculum would face the same problem, except, of course they are required to do the Forward Exam for ALL their students.

This is a way for DPI to say that it dEducation Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? You’ve raced towards data mining, embedded common core, tried a rebrand hocus pocus, neglected and arrogantly ignored parents for years. Sadly this pattern wasn’t limited to Wisconsin Education Committee Chairmen. But you are in a position to do something. Now.

“If educrats really want to prove they are listening then they need to positively respond to criticism: jettison social-emotional learning, return to classical education instead of the hyperfocus on STEM, address data privacy concerns with real solutions.”

“They lost trust when they responded to calls to repeal Common Core by providing a rebrand and, in some states, just changed the name. Real listening will result in real changes and revisions to their agenda not just a pat on the head.”

oesn’t require schools to adopt CC, but still get most schools to adopt it anyhow.

It would be interesting to see whether anyone has experience with this actually happening in their school.

Most parents are not aware you can opt out your children of the Forward Exam. We opt our children out of that test. It is nothing but data mining.

And another post from this page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? School to work has failed. Computers in the classroom aren’t the technological fix for poor policy and lack of teacher support. Who.Da.Thunk?

“This movement is also part of the competency-based education and school-to-work effort that is seeking to move away from the teaching of students by human teachers and toward computerized skills training with near constant assessment and data mining of five to ten million data points per student per day, including affective data mining and personality profiling. This is the type of education lauded by the National Center on Education and the Economy former chairman Marc Tucker and board member Anthony Carnevale, who clearly support the idea of government-corporate controlled apprenticeships as done in the European social democracies.”

The European/Soviet/Swiss/Fascist model of learning has failed. Multiple times. Stop pursuing failure. “This Swiss model of apprenticeship has students being funneled into career paths in 6th or 7th grade and then starting apprenticeships in 10th grade. When Bill Gates did a similar career-based smaller learning communities model in the U.S. before pushing Common Core, it failed miserably. Unfortunately, that is not deterring Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss government to expand such programs in the U.S.”

And yet another post from this page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? You’ve raced towards data mining, embedded common core, tried a rebrand hocus pocus, neglected and arrogantly ignored parents for years. Sadly this pattern wasn’t limited to Wisconsin Education Committee Chairmen. But you are in a position to do something. Now.

“If educrats really want to prove they are listening then they need to positively respond to criticism: jettison social-emotional learning, return to classical education instead of the hyperfocus on STEM, address data privacy concerns with real solutions.”

“They lost trust when they responded to calls to repeal Common Core by providing a rebrand and, in some states, just changed the name. Real listening will result in real changes and revisions to their agenda not just a pat on the head.”

Here is a post from someone from Wisconsin:

“STEM” IS PART OF THE EDUCATION SCAM. Looking at the table that’s reproduced in this article, it should be utterly apparent to even the casual observer that “STEM” is all about centralization of so-called education and the control of people’s lives. At the risk of repeating myself:

1) There is no actual STEM shortage; it is utterly fabricated in order successfully to market centralized education “reforms” (actually deforms).
2) The growing deficits in education are CREATED, not fixed, by the elite class of politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Business types who control our education system.
3) STEM “education” (actually low-level skills training combined with social-emotional conditioning) definitely WILL NOT provide the high-level science, technology, engineering, or math jobs it’s so regularly claimed it will, nor is it actually designed to do so.
4) STEM is ABSOLUTELY part of the school-to-work/workforce development pipeline for forming, labeling, slotting, and supplying low-level workers to those areas that the elite class deems appropriate.
5) STEM “education” (again, actually mere skills training at a very low level) facilitates ONLY the theft of children’s opportunities–their ability to forge a successful future of their own individual making.

I’m all for kids becoming scientists and engineers and mathematicians if that’s what they want to do. But STEM, as proffered by the corrupt partnership of Big Government and Big Business, is not going to get kids there.

Stop believing the STEM lie.

And some replies to this post:

I don’t trust Betsy DeVos, if that’s where he’s getting his information from.
Why doesn’t someone introduce Trump to the American Principles Project? He would get the truth about what STEM really means!

STEM didn’t just start with DeVos, just a continuation policy from previous administrations

Started with a book. A Nation at Risk.
Study Marc Tucker.

And the agenda to create “worker bees” for the oligarchy started with the very advent of government-sponsored schooling as we know it today (i.e., late 19th/earth 20th century). The “fathers of modern public education” tell us that in their own words and it doesn’t even take much digging to find it. But, of course, the masses are willfully ignorant…just as the system planned to make them from the get-go.

The problem is that, while Arnie Duncan his predecessors were largely transparent about their socialist bias, DeVos is a Trojan Horse (perhaps even to Mr. Trump). She got the position based, I am sure, on hefty campaign donations and was proffered to the president by RINOs (in fact, it’s probable that she is one of the threats to his presidency recently mentioned as still in the administration) because she called herself an “education reformer.” But when one really digs into her true views, she makes RINOs seem liberty-minded! I think Trump doesn’t realize that – and certainly hasn’t thought about how the DOE’s very existence is unconstitutional. I know he’s not perfect but in this case he’s trusting a viper masquerading as a dove.

You’re totally right, [name redacted], that STEM didn’t start with this administration. It’s been around for a while. But it hasn’t seemed to get any less effective. In fact, if anything, it’s a more successful lie now than when it was first introduced.

Agreed, [name redacted]. I’m not what one would call a huge Trump fan, but it seems to me that on education he took the worst possible advice he could have. It mostly came from the Jeb Bush camp. And that’s a nightmare.

So true. It’s also infuriating that complex demands for Science Fairs are placed on the shoulders of 3rd graders who haven’t developed the ability for abstract thinking yet. It results in a disparity for kids coming from parents who understand scientific procedure and can help their child and those who don’t . The kids who have uneducated parents learn that they are “bad students” which is so so sad for them. They believe the kids with the good reports actually did them on their own.

I never did one Science Fair in K-12 and somehow managed to ace research and design in college when it was developmentally appropriate and relevant to a career that I selected.

you know I have tons of research tying STEM to the UN. Ivanka and DeVos are pushing the STEM fallacies as a team. I his is why the President isn’t stopping the federal educratic overreach. May I use your post? Thanks.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

So this happened in NOLA today..the precedent has now been set.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This is the webpage used as a resource for NE Ohio’s Cuyahoga County teens. Some glossary terms on this site:

open marriage = Refers to the relationship or union of two people who agree that they each can have other sex partners.
biphobia = Refers to negative attitudes, fear or dislike of bisexual individuals.
pansexual = A term that describes people who are attracted to people across a range of genders and/or gender identities.
You can also download the ‘gender unicorn’ coloring page from this site.
Join Protect Ohio Children ( Next mtg is in the Columbus area on Thursday, Jan 17th

Upon reading Charlotte Isberyt’s book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, I noticed on pages 448-449, that it said that Michael Farris of Homeschool Legal Defense Assocation (HSLDA) supported at least since 1995 the apprenticeship part of the school-to-work model and praised the Swiss apprenticeship system. In light of the recent deal between DeVos and Switzerland, I wonder if he still supports said model and what his other positions of the STW model he now may support. Considering that, in 1999, Mr. Farris had Patrick Henry College implement the apprenticeship system, to some degree, it may be that that college has been infiltrated by the Common Core Machine.

Also, from this book, I found that the Heritage Foundation is definitely a WILLING part of the Common Core Machine and has been globalist possibly as early as the mid-1980’s. Their support for other globalist schemes such as the First Step Act (AKA Jailbreak) should also be red flags as to their true loyalties.

The book mentions, around page 450, of this program between HHS and DOE called “Together We Can” that was brought about in 1999. No doubt this was part of Agenda 21, the forerunner to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. The more recent programs such as 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Career Clusters, Career Pathways, Cities of Learning, etc, appear to be more recent implementions of these evil schemes to destroy the United Nations and create a global government.

Look out, there’s gender unicorns in Arizona schools:

Here is a post that was shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:

If charter and private schools continue to creep into our area DallasISD will find its self in the same predicament. The issue is who will accept all student and that is not charter or private schools who traditionally cream off the students and leave the rest for public schools.

From the article:
El Paso Independent School District officials are anticipating a $2.8 million budget gap in the coming school year, even after the recommended closure of four schools and despite additional funding for operations approved by voters.

And here are the replies to this post:

Who’s at fault? Is it our Texas Legislators? Where does the root of this problem start?

legislators who opened the door for charter schools that were suppose to help in areas that are failing but that is not the case.

Let’s talk about Samples went to an open enrollment district and took students with him from Skyline. I looked at TEA enrollment numbers from DISD from 2011 to this fall. DISD numbers have always varied slightly each year but remained consistently in the 154K range for students +/-2K students. Charters are really the culprit??? And now private schools are the new culprit??

I am not myopic, I am looking at the overall picture and when we attempted to bring 300 students from St. Anthony charter you and others opposed that. I am not familiar with Samples taking Skyline students but a few students compared to thousands of students do not equate to the big problem of charter schools who in this area from the DallasISD enrollment have about 34,000 students and most in Southern Dallas.

The culprits are those who sit on the board of Trustees some who are elitists and fail to fund our neighborhood campuses properly by continuing to approve budgets that are not campus need based. Allowing the central administration to destabilize our schools with constant churn and not keeping talent on our campuses, poor planning and lack of planning as was evident in bus debacle and bond program. Putting forth a plan to demolish or close 47 schools -really? Pogo quote here: we have met the enemy and they are us.

I did oppose St Anthony deal. I thought it was hypocritical of you to blast charters all the time and then try to strike a deal with one. I am very surprised about the loss of students to open enrollment campuses south of COD and you are completely unaware of it. You are supposedly on top of everything, how would this slide by you? DISD hasn’t ever had that high of enrollment that 34K students left and went to charters. That would have put DISD enrollment count into the 170K and over and never has enrollment been that high. Peak I saw was 161K for one year. Y’all should do better with the story of enrollment. The numbers don’t add up.

As far as the budget, I was opposed to giving more money without full transparency on where every dollar goes. They dollars nor the student enrollment is being fudged.

You can forget about getting a decent education from a charter school. When the primary motive is the profit motive, education will always take a back seat. The theft of public funding for a privately run “school” operation is criminal .

these people have no clue that the charter schools are not educating our children. Most of what we get is lip service and opposition to educational opportunities that make since. It baffles me that someone in South Dallas would oppose bringing 300 children in a charter school on to DallasISD where there would be more resources. Go figure!!!

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

2/4/2010 DESTRUCTIVE TO OUR SOVEREIGN SURVIVAL AS AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY: In-Class: United Nations Simulation and Global Education in Community College Settings

And another post from this group:

In 2014, the Qatar Foundation International partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program to connect all U.S. Schools with classrooms abroad by 2016 – offering $$$THOUSANDS to American schools. The stated goal of the initiative is to “…connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016.” We notice that there are over 2.5 MILLION subscribers in 2018 and a long list of “sponsors.” Where’s Davoss?

This is not the QFI’s first foray into the U.S. education system. The Qatar-based foundation awarded “Curriculum Grants” to … U.S. schools and language organizations to “…develop comprehensive and innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom”. QFI, based in Washington, DC, is the U.S. Branch of the Qatar Foundation, founded in 1995 by Qatar’s ruling emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalfa Al Thani. He is still the group’s vice-chairman, while one of his three wives, Shekha Moza bint Nasser, chairs the organization’s board. Thani also launched Al Jazeera in 1996 and served as the television network’s chairman. The Qatar foundation is close to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This ad came up on my fb page:

I had to search around for a while to figure out that EHR means electronic health record.

And a reply to this post:

Evidence Based treatment centers are a big huge fat JOKE. They do not allow therapists to use whichever form of treatment they see fit for the client-they can only use the prescribed “evidence based” form-like CBT. They keep the therapists in a box, basically. And they are not allowed to go outside the box. It’s all based on “outcomes” “What separates us is a focus on clinical outcomes,” he said. We have a new therapist on staff who came from one of these outcomes based groups (Youth Eastside services) and she said it was horrible. Most of our therapists worked there once since its’ a training facility for new therapists to get their internships. They never recommend the place. And this place-YES-is administering Mental health evaluations to ALL our MS and HS students in a couple districts in the area.

Here is a post from a page called The Crucial Voice of the People:

If you listen to the People, you will hear many on both sides of the political divide blaming “the other” party. Today I see remarks to the effect that Democrats had nothing to do with The Privatization Movement that is destroying our public schools. #Listen

At minute 33:30 Marc Tucker begins to explain the plan that became The Privatization Movement. He takes 8 minutes and 72 seconds to do so. At minute 42:02, then Governor Bill Clinton sums it up

President Clinton became the first to put standardized testing and charter school funding into federal law. He was not the first president to put exploration of “national standards” into law; that was Reagan. Both parties set out to use education to float the tech economy…….NOT TO “reform” but to “transform” the system into a publicly-funded privately run “quasi-governmental” system.

And some replies to this post:

Democrats called it GOALS 2000, Republicans called it America 2000, but it was exactly the same plan just a different name.

And before that — in 1988 — the Southern Regional Education Board set “Goals for Education: Challenge 2000.”

If any of this had been a sincere effort to make things better for all children, they had plenty of time to communicate with parents.

You’ll see some familiar names on this commission.

After reading The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, I found that TH Bell, the guy that Reagan appointed as Secretary of “Education”, was in large part responsible for the creation of outcome based education, which was revived within the last few years as “competency based education”. Also, while serving as the US Commissioner of Education in the 1970’s, he recommended the creation of the US Department of Education to Congress!!! He was the one that pushed that all students have computers and predicted that books would be gone by 2000 (luckily, he failed in that endeavor, but his evil dream is, via Common Core and other programs, being realized, and continued by Betsy DeVos.) Furthermore, this globalist pig fired Edward Curran, the director of the National Institute of Education, when Curran tried to persuade President Reagan to get rid of the NIE (a predecessor to the DOE).

Furthermore, he pushed for changing education to be more geared toward “workforce readiness” and also even suggested remaking adult education.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, are you aware that beginning 2018-19, ANY student wishing to play in EVERY NCAA division sports team MUST be aligned to CBE and CCR (both are a combo of CCSS and STEM)?
I have the proof here. An article jam packed with research, links, and revealing the entire agenda
*Please share.

Looks like Montana State University has fallen to the Trans Thought Police:

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Seattle, King County. Best Starts for Kids wants to know all about your child and their developmental issues to best inform their new developmental screenings for ALL children born in King County.

Here are some posts in reply to an article warning about HR 4174 (the FEPA bill):

Thank you.

Also: UNESCO recently published a paper showing (for people that understand) that data interoperability is helping them control curriculum–as their 2004 Microsoft contract put in motion. The paper is called “Future Competencies and the Future of Curriculum”:
In the foreword, they thank Australian Anthony MacKay who is Marc Tucker’s replacement at the NCEE. So, MacKay is helping UNESCO use interoperable data to control curriculum.
Anthony MacKay and Linda Darling-Hammond will be keynote speakers at a personalized learning summit in Portland in April. The conference is sponsored by UNESCO’s 2030 partner the Collaborative for School Networking (CoSN). CoSN is controlling everything the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) does for data interoperability:

A “Fact Sheet” on HR 4174 states some key misleading “facts”: (I’m spitting mad as I paste this):

“Does the bill create a central tracking system for the American public?

No, the legislation does not establish a new database nor does the legislation authorize any new data collection. CEP specifically recommended against the establishment of a data warehouse or clearinghouse in its final recommendations and the Ryan-Murray legislation would not create such a clearinghouse.”

(Giant omission alert. While the bill doesn’t create a NEW federal database, it does LINK all the existing ones, and makes sure everything is interoperable nationally. De Facto, that’s NEW as a system, and yes, it’s national. Just like China. Control-freak Communist China.)

The fact sheet goes on:

“How does the legislation address existing bans on data collection and use?

The bill does not modify existing bans on data collection or use. CEP specifically identified the “student unit record” ban in its final report as one potential ban that Congress may want to revisit.”

(Oh, really!? Lifting the student unit record ban means deleting the last vestiges of personal privacy. The fact that CEP recommends that is all you need to know! The fact that Obama appointed the chair of the CEP to be the chair of the CEP is also all you need to know.)

found at

Here are some posts in the anti-CBE group about Smart Cities, which are related to personalized learning, Ed Tech, and surveillance:

In all the Smart City Contracts, Drones, Cameras, Personalized Learning and edtech and analytics (AI) in schools, we worry about how this data can be biased, wrong, repurposed, used in ways to limit or predict or penalize people, especially children. (And we are told we are tin foil hat wearers, conspiracy theorists.)–okay– Do ANY of these contracts state the data cannot be used in certain ways? cannot be combined with certain sensitive data, cannot be further shared, or repurposed, analyzed? and is there a huge penalty attached, right of action for citizens to sue the bad actors who misuse data? …NOPE. why not? If there truly is nothing to worry about, then these criteria should be required in EVERY CONTRACT.

contracts are not even worth the paper or image they are written on any more. people must reject the tech intrusion in the privacy of their homes, communities, work places, places of worship, etc in order to ever combat the reality of the threat.

Colorado is working on becoming a smart city. Looks what is coming to keep us “safer”.??

^^^been in the works awhile. and in 49 states…will soon be a requirement for new cars to have compatible tech built in. “this internet of roads project is based on technology being implemented today. Wyoming already has a V2X pilot program spanning 402 miles on Interstate 80. And automakers are building it into cars. It’s being used in 70 locations and “thousands of vehicles already on the road,” according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is working on a potential rule requiring future cars to be built with the technology inside.

The $20 million grant awarded in December is part of the federal agency’s BUILD program to support transportation infrastructure projects.

While I’m glad he won the settlement, parents might want to think twice about sending their sons to a place like the University of Cincinnati where he can be expelled for the mere allegation of sexual assault (of which he wasn’t allowed at all to defend himself):

Here are some posts from an Illinois anti-Common Core page:

.I’ve put my 35 years of service into the education of children in the state of IL and have been retired for 10 years. That being said, I have a very difficult time believing that this “reform”, if it is indeed being introduced into curriculum, is the fault of the teachers, administrators, superintendents, etc. All the reforms that I had to deal with were thrust upon my colleagues and I by politicians who thought they were experts in the schools just because they were once in one. Again. Let me say: I’m retired and OUT of this debacle called Common Core. I saw it coming years ago and knew it would be a disaster. So, I guess I could be considered a prophet! If schools really ARE doing this SEL…..the authors of this are right about one thing: parents better get ahead of this and speak up. Fast.

you are spot on! Teachers are at the mercy of politicians in just about every way! Like [name redacted], I was hugely opposed to Common Core and spoke against it often. Even the teachers unions got on board! ?? Parents do need to wake up and parent. Stop abdicating their important role to the schools. Common core IS a disaster and has damaged countless students across America!

Too many of the good teachers end up “voting” with their feet and retire or switch careers or… leaving those that follow the union that colludes with politicians… Who will stand up for our children?

What can I say….? We have an aging workforce anymore in the education business….people are retiring. The real problem is that teachers are so poorly thought of anymore, fewer and fewer people are even enrolling in education programs at university. In answer to your question, “who will stand up for our children?”….it’s simple: their parents.

Of course parents (and grandparents) should be standing up for their children. But, so many of these young adults who only have or two children assume the teacher (who is highly trained) must be the expert. Many of the young teachers have been taught the latest “fad” theory, but do not have children of their own and don’t know how things were done just a few years ago. So often things like Social emotional learning sound good at the high level. The devil is in the detail.

and a lot of the younger teachers believe in all this social emotional learning stuff. They have VERY different behavior management styles and expectations for students. We have a teacher who spends 30 minutes a day doing yoga and mindful meditation. That time would be better spent playing outside.

teachers aren’t parenting experts and very few are even experts. Maybe those with 25 plus years in the classroom. But they most certainly have much to learn coming right out of college. However, some think they know everything and ignore the ones who can help them. . .the veteran teachers who have been there done that.

Educated parents, kept busy by a mirad of daily demands, many times inadvertently abdicate the teaching of personal responsibility for feelings. Emotional health is not learned by directions, it is learned by experiences and example.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

So I go to my sons school to give him a.m. med for his tics, (which I
can’t stand the med)& nurse says “ok hurry up cuz ya gotta get back & finish your test. (Benchmark🙄🙄🙄) and I nicely say “ok, can
we not have him choke his meds down & RUN back to his class?? The test can wait a few minutes”!”😡😡Is health staff trained too to never take kids outta class, even if it’s for medication!?? Good grief. Needless today there was no “happy holiday” wish to me as I walked out!!! Good ridden for 12 days to school!!!😡😡😡😡

And here are some replies to this post:

I would have told her off. Don’t rush my kid to take his medicine because he had a test. I’m sure the teacher would give him more time if needed. Ugh she sounds like she’s having a bad day and should have left that at the door.

“And the benchmark can WAIT.” -this mom. btw My son has tics too. Both vocal and motor.

Refuse those benchmarks! Pointless&abusive! Using your child as a Guinea pig!

I did address her w/tone, believe me. She gave me an eff you look. Not first run in I’ve had w/her. Annnd I said my remark as she was was telling him to get back to the test..not after she said it. I kinda cut into her remark. Too bad.

You should be discussing this with the Superintendent of that school instead of Facebook.

did it ever occur to you that it is said on Facebook because supers or other do nothing but permit it?!!!!!!!

Benchmarks are a common core issue. The superintendent can’t do anything about them.

what [name redacted] doesn’t know is that I have complained & I email complaints too, to have documentation.😉

it is shameful — kids are already attacked educationally —- then to be treated poorly is gross —- so many experience the same and it is important to share these stories as well as the educational stories — it speaks to the atmosphere that our children face and are subjected to. The abuse has severely grown!

I found this post on a City-Data thread:

A friend of mine was teaching in Vegas; she recently left after having a heart attack. She said way too many standardized tests and not enough time teaching what they should really soured her. It was a very stressful job when they took her out of her last teaching position 3 years ago to move her to the one she quit.

I found this post in an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

PTO’s and PTA’s are being replaced by an internal Title 1 parent liaison. Titile 1 is federal and this means more bureaucracy and probably LGBQT initiatives.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

Our government created this crisis on purpose. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. They create the desired crisis in order to put in the desired outcome. In this case the desired outcome is to destroy the teaching profession so they can use the computer to teach the propaganda and use room monitors or better yet kids just go anywhere they want to plug in. We are moving down a slippery slope quickly and most parents are to blame for allowing it to happen.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 18

This is part 18

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“Wrap your brain around this point in my testimony: There has to be, by law, a bottom 5% of schools designated as failures each year. These are the Improvement Required schools you hear so much about. There is no percentage bar that has to be reached to keep from becoming IR. It’s just the lowest 5% of school’s testing outcomes. That means there always will be a crisis of failure in the public schools. They have built in failure so there can always be a crisis. That’s how money is made!” Dr. Pat Huff


Here is a post from Alison in the anti-CBE group:

This document seems to be a key piece of the puzzle. Anyone interested in helping me get some of these folks into Little Sis? National Laboratory for Education Transformation.

“NLET as a private organization seeks to emulate the way the U.S. national laboratories investigate answers to large complex problems through research and development starting from first-principles.

The National Laboratory for Education Transformation, “NLET,” is a California non-profit corporation (501C3) that was incorporated March 15, 2011.

The concept for the non-profit grew out of conversations in 2009 with individuals at the San Jose Unified School District (Marcy Lauck, Bill Erlendson), who were national experts at data warehousing and community building for the personalization of education and the management of academic performance. The conversation was expanded to individuals at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where there is an interest in producing future engineers and scientists, to faculty at the University of California Santa Cruz, which has a commitment to widening education access and redefining learning and to the University of Texas Austin where there is an interest in the visualization of education data.

Gordon Freedman, the founder and president of NLET believes that there should be a “Manhattan Project” of education in the U.S. to address fundamental changes in education necessary to match the needs of the information age. Such a project, he feels, should be able to address the simple question, “how many kindergartners does it take to produce a PhD, an engineer or a professional, and is that number of kindergartners growing larger or smaller?”


Congratulations to this Michigan school for telling the militant atheist Grinches to take a long walk off a short pier:


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

NYSED is at it again … for those parents who choose not to use the public school system —>>> IT’s not bad enough NYSED destroyed public education these elitists now want to go after the other education options parents are “free to choose” for “their children”.

MAKE NO MISTAKE FOLKS, THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN EDUCATIONAL COUP BY NYSED … pure, simple and completely overstepping a parent’s right NOT to be involved with the crap public school system!

Make no mistake folks this is nothing more than an education coup by NYSED!

And some replies to this post:

Two years in the making and now the coveted toolkit’s and comment periods. Oh joy

They want total control over EVERYTHING that has to do with education because kids today get such a good education with the public school system and CC!

This is F”ing laughable … So the high school my daughter is planning on attending is an independent, catholic high school located in Mt. Vernon (actually the Fleetwood section)… You mean to tell me that cesspool school district is going to determine if my daughter future’ high school is meeting its SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENCY … WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH … This high school does oral testing … and is way beyond the bullsh*t crap of CC!

are you surprised? It was written into ESSA. you know, the one that the folks over on LIOO said was better than nothing?

No, not surprised at all . I knew this was in the works I was privy to some of the meetings they had last summer about it.

Tim Farley and his ilk were all in cuz they got marching orders from Randi

Of course they did … that’s the only thing they cared about

This is all in the interpretation of ESSA. Nysed has been salivating over this potential for some time now. We (parents) are out numbered, out maneuvered, and overpowered by Fed Ed and Nysed. People will get the education that they fight for……I’ll just be over here fighting for my own kids.

nysed makes me sick! They suck at education and want to ruin private schools too.

Substantially equivalent for now means providing English, math history science etc. writing at certain levels for example in particular grades.
The slope is getting oiled to be slippery and what follows is what many ran from…

and MANY SAID WE WERE ALL CRAZY … (oops all caps… did I trigger someone? .. LOL )

Yeah the usurping minions from Opt Out, the leaders, the tools, that took momentum from parents by convincing parents protect teachers first from evaluations and kids will be fine as long as they’re not fearing APPR.

Killed opt out as a means to kill common core, for those of us that knew no fight against common core was the death knell. Reforms were being cemented.

THEN the audacity to support Federal law ESSA even though NCLB had been expired for 7 years…oh no!! They had to pass it, it was better than “status quo”!!! What they really did was gamble that Randi was gonna get APPR eliminated federally and Hillary was a shoe-in. Assholes. Epic failure and cement dried.

What worse, oh yes it’s worse…SEL the brain manipulations developers led by Linda Darling Hammond sat at the helm of NYSED AND REGENTS unofficially and pounded the nails in the coffin. They nod like Pavlov’s pups.

See the toolkit’s for comparison charts and check off lists. I’m appalled that local superintendents are now in a superior position over private to make judgments

Make no mistake folks this is nothing more than an educational coup by NYSED!
There can be no alternatives. None. Every last red cent belongs to unions via blackmailing tax payers that only public schools are entitled to that perpetual pool of money. Can’t have kids educated outside the progressive social justice camps. That’s a threat to their existence even though it’s not.

At one point we had what I would call a movement. With a mere 16,000 or so members here we managed to collect 100,000 signatures to create a ballot line. Then of course that was taken from us, and then we were usurped by the unions stealth operation via Lady Deutermann on Long Island.

Trust us she said.
I’m just a mom she said.
Refuse the tests she said and continues to say.
Take care of teachers and it will trickle down there said.

I’m in this going on 8 years and my bones a growing stiff waiting for it.

How many parents right here think that sending their refusal letters are enough ” resistance”
Boy complacency do us in

The choices are getting wider, therefore, the idoctrination net must also…the globalists need ALL children brainwashed! They are losing far too much “human capital” to the charters, privates and homeschooling…I would get the HSLA on this stat if they already arent! This IS a soft ed coup, no doubt about it!

I believe this is an attempt to address the Yeshivas of Brooklyn and elsewhere in NY where they don’t teach anything beyond basic math and English before dropping all secular studies altogether. It has been criminal what they have done to those students. They don’t know any science or English literature as well as no US or World history. No secular education at all beyond elementary language and math.

The NYTimes today reports that the state education department has assigned a task force to investigate these schools starting with the one’s that have actively barred inspectors. There is a democratic state senator from these districts who only voted along the Republican line in the senate to give them the majority which prevented a mandate to do these investigations. The new state senate has a democratic majority even without him now. Inspections will occur now. “In parts of New York City, there are students who can barely read and write in English and have not been taught that dinosaurs once roamed Earth or that the Civil War occurred.
Some of them are in their last year of high school.
That is the claim made by a group of graduates from ultra-Orthodox Jewish private schools called yeshivas, and they say that startling situation has been commonplace for decades.” NYTimes

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

Kinda long post.
So let the fun/bs begin. I received a call from the principal at my son’s school today. My son is a 10th grader this year and he has not taken any kind of STAAR assessment since 6th grade and no EOC’s last year. The principal called to inform me that the English make up EOCs were today (morning ) and wanted to know why my son wasn’t there. Mind you no one ever took the time to see that he has late arrival due to sleep disorder and also has other disabilities. So if it’s so important do the footwork. I told him everything above and that I did not want him taking it. First of all no warning and preparation for
him to arrive early. Besides the fact that I don’t agree with it at all. He said thank you and hung up. Then I find out this afternoon from my son that the principal pulled him from
class after my conversation with him. He ask him hundred questions and how he felt about not taking it. Needless to say I’m pissed. I had already handled it and last I checked my son is not an adult. It amazes me that the school will count a kid absent for entire class period if they are a few minutes late but then will completely pull them from class to go to the principal’s office for this. I believe it’s a form of bullying and manipulation. Not happy and I will
be calling the school in the morning.

And another post from this group:

School will be recommending the STAAR ALT for my child. After looking at the requirements to take this alternative assessment I notice this clause!

For a student whom the ARD committee deems eligible to take STAAR Alternate 2, the committee understands that instructional and assessment decisions made may impact a student’s graduation plan in high school, as described in 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §89.1070.

The testing window is open for to 2-3 weeks in April. We could have her read an “opt out statement each day for the STAAR ALT 2, but also don’t want to send the wrong message either.

We would accept a basic diploma but not a participation certificate.

Is anyone knowledgeable about this Alternative assessment and that it means for her future?
Thank you in advance

And yet another post from this group:

Just dropped off my HS sophomore son. On the way, he was informing me how they had a math professional come talk to his remedial algebra class. She told them next week is the algebra retake. Then she went on to bully & intimidate them by saying if they don’t pass, they will be like the HS senior she met last year who was crying his eyes out because he was not permitted to graduate. This really pisses me off! I was totally against my son taking a remedial math class anyway, but these idiots at the school talked my husband into it by saying our son won’t graduate if he don’t pass the math STAAR. So my poor son has to take 2 maths now.
Btw, my son is a straight A student. My son just told me his concerns of not being able to graduate & I told him you will, you just get your diploma in the mail. They punish you by taking away the glory of walking the stage with your friends. That’s how they get back at you. This is a rotten thing that they are doing. Trying to put fear of God onto my kid. Grrrrrrr……

And some replies to this post:

Have him read this article and decide which path is best for him. Have him look at the various substitute assessments that can be used in place of EOC’s. Ask him about the importance of walking the stage. Also check with the school and see if a student who has completed the course work but has not passed the EOC’s can walk the stagehands and receive a certificate of completion even if they aren’t receiving a diploma.

oh we talked to the dumb counselor already, school won’t budge. No matter if they are honor roll students or not, if any of the STAAR has not been passed there will be no graduation AND she & the Dean of the HS claim no college will take him either.

They are saying there won’t be a diploma. And according to current TEA rules that is ‘true’.

Some schools offer a certificate of completion if a child has finished all of the coursework and earned all of the required credits. This enables them to walk the stage with their peers, but doesn’t give a diploma until EOCs are passed.

He could then utilize the CVEP program for the diploma.

The college thing is BS.

And he can also use substitute assessments in place of the EOCs and still receive diploma.

SAT, ACT, pSAT, TSI, AP/IB can all be used in place of EOC.

You are so correct about the school bluffing on the no college will take him.

I work for a Community College. If the son passes the TSI he is considered college ready. Even if he doesn’t pass, he can take developmental classes that if completed with a C or higher will consider him TSI complete. He can put in a semester or two at the community college level and transfer to a 4 year. That is mostly why community college graduation rates are so dismal as it is mainly a back door into a 4 year institution.

You have this diagnosed correctly. The school is telling lies to intimidate you. Sorry to hear it worked with your husband. Men are often bigger sheep and feel like they have to do whatever the authority figure tells them. Schools confronted with mothers who stand their ground are notorious for going behind the back to the father and getting him to go against his wife with some really chauvinistic arguments.

At any rate, understand that if your child finishes his coursework, he can graduate. The diploma might have the name of another school on it, but he will be perfectly able to go to college. Also, have him take all the substitute assessments (and check the scores on any he already took!). Schools are famous for retesting kids who failed STAAR but had passing scores on PSAT.

Read the What About High School article and ask questions until you understand it. And tell your district to go to hell.

My son didn’t pass 3/5 EOC, but had enough credits to “graduate”. The principal told me that he was allowing my son to walk the stage because he knew he was a hard worker, but the diploma and transcripts with graduation dates were out of his hands. He walked and got an empty diploma cover and a note saying when the next testing dates were. He ended up getting his diploma elsewhere and moving on. Sucks how they can demonstrate to teachers the knowledge to pass the class but the STAAR can’t be waived after ELEVEN attempts. I literally asked for data showing that students finally passed after taking a test 10 times. They couldn’t produce it. Where is the logic?

the PSAT,ACT, SAT can all be used in place of the STAAR for high school students to graduate…. I realize that doesn’t help your kiddo now but I wanted to make sure others here are aware

yup, we knew that then. He wasn’t college bound and he was turned away during the school’s TSI testing day the week before graduation. I even attempted a GPC in December of his senior year. He slipped thru the cracks. STAAR rules did not work in his favor and almost screwed him of his coveted US ARMY career. Long story, but he was gifted the walk across the stage which can vary between schools.

Here is a post that I found on The Conservative Hammer page:

This hangs in the gym of Handley Highschool in Winchester, Va.


Here is a post that I found on a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

Check your local district to see what they are doing in terms of Social and Emotional Learning. It’s all tied to the Common Core Education reform:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Ann Marie Banfield
Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 4:39 PM
Subject: Request for an investigation by the Attorney General in NH
Cc: David Solomon, Dr. Gary Thompson, Ward, Ruth,, John Reagan, Rick Ladd, Glenn Cordelli, Edelblut, Louis (Frank),,, Kate Cassady, Sally Griffin,,,

Dear Governor Sununu,

I am contacting you on behalf of children in the state of New Hampshire about the data mining and the release of personally identifiable information which includes mental health social, emotional, and behavioral data. Our children are being universally diagnosed for mental health interventions in the classrooms of New Hampshire. These techniques are widespread in our state without giving parents informed written parental consent and any disclosure of harmful effects.

I have included in this letter an attachment with questions to the Commissioner of Education and the Attorney General concerning the legality of psychological and psychiatric assessments and treatment in violation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment and SEC. 4001 in ESSA, for Parental Informed Written Consent. Mental health identification and interventions in social, emotional, and behavioral programs are being initiated WITHOUT informed written parental consent. Many marketing propaganda materials are used to “engage” parents to agree to these conditioning concepts without truthfully explaining the appropriate meaning to such techniques and the future impact of their children with mental health coding on their records.

I have attached a list of possible violations that must be investigated to sort out the illegalities of data mining, data sharing and mental health treatment that is being implemented in New Hampshire without the informed written consent of parents.

I am also including information from correspondence between myself, school administrators in New Hampshire and, researchers at Plymouth State University. They will reveal the practice of assessing, diagnosing, treating children and sharing this sensitive data with vendors and researchers.

Teachers in New Hampshire have revealed to me their discomfort with their new role and admit,they are not educated or qualified to treat students. Yet, that’s exactly what they are now required to do in the name of social and emotional learning.

With the recent passage of the amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that states, “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential and inherent,” this also applies to students attending public schools in New Hampshire.

I am requesting that you intervene immediately. Please request that the Attorney General call a halt to educational data mining activities, and force compliance with all privacy laws for the protection of our children in New Hampshire. Informed written parental consent must be initiated, with penalties for violating our children’s’ privacy through data mining or sharing of personal information.

I will be looking forward to your reply,

Ann Marie Banfield
Education Liaison, Cornerstone Action

Violations of Privacy Laws and Data Mining Personal Data on Children

Data Tracking: Collection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on babies, children, and teachers identified with a unique national ID, contracted by Institute for Educational Sciences, NCES/IES. Compliance to Obama’s FERPA Executive Order 12866 expanding FERPA to collect and share data.

Data Trafficking: Release Of Personally Identifiable Information, PII, to 3rd Party Contractors: State DOE’s and local schools are able to enter into written agreements with businesses, foundations, higher education, and other Departments, releasing PII because of the loopholes in FERPA, (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) that redefine school officials. PII, Social,Emotional Behavioral Data, and “womb to workforce” data, is freely given to 3rd party contractors through written agreements contracted by each state DOE.

Treatment, Interventions, Psychological Abuse: ESSA mandates PII collected on attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions (grit) carried out by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). All students, birth through college-aged students are identified under Title I for social, emotional, and behavioral change, Child Find. Techniques defined in ESSA include mental health interventions: Positive Behavior intervention and Supports, Response To Intervention, Multi-Tiered System Of Supports, Universal Design For Learning which are performed WITHOUT informed written parental consent.

Privacy Violations: Sharing and Re-Disclosure of PII continues, including data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions, without the knowledge or consent of parents. Directory information is cross-referenced with a unique national ID aligned with teacher collected social/emotional behavioral data collected on the local level. No privacy disclosures are used. Children are being used as a commodity.

Violations Under ESSA, Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA: Violations under Title I school-wide through the use of psychiatric, psychological examination, assessment, evaluation, or testing; Psychiatric or psychological treatment/interventions deceptively used in classrooms without the knowledge, disclosure, or written permission of parents. ESSA forbids mental health screening without consent, yet the abuse continues.

Civil Rights Violations: Interventions, treatment, and re-education of attitudes, values, dispositions, and beliefs of children are profound violations of 1st Amendment protections of our God-given right to “right of conscience” and the 4th Amendment protection of our God-given right “to be secure in their persons.”

Public Law 103-33, General Education Provisions Act, Sec 438: Federal Government is supervising and directing curriculum creating a “model national curriculum” and a national test. NCES/IES evaluates and monitors students, teachers, funding, principals, schools, districts, and states for mental health data.

Malpractice and Maltreatment of Children and Babies by Teachers and Preschool Caregivers: Teachers/preschool caregivers, (exceeding their professional certifications), are required to screen, evaluate, perform anecdotal behavioral assessments, conditioning, and implement mental health remediation of the child’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions called social, emotional learning to comply with global initiatives under ESSA. Standards defined by Department of Labor SCANS Report, create the process of “supply-chain management to humans.” This system sets up schools to begin Medicaid reimbursements. All Illegal.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Don’t take that extended family vacation, and heaven forbid your child gets really sick — your attendance data labels you. (Thanks ESSA) Gates funded #DataQualityCampaign on giving that data to nonprofits and local agencies:
“high chronic absence rates in a classroom, school, or district can also be a key indicator of broader, systemic problems in a community. In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (which includes the city of Pittsburgh), the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania (UWSWPA) identified chronic absence as a key issue affecting local students and teamed up with schools, nonprofits, and local public agencies”

And another post from this friend:

The US DoE signed an MOU w Switzerland for this k-12 workforce pipeline. ??!!

And some replies to this post:

Wow “Companies start recruiting students in the 7th grade with apprenticeships starting in 10th grade.”

The Swiss model is (Hickenlooper’s) Colorado model …and Arizona’s… and now Washington state’s.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Well my son just told me that he was taken out of class today to retake the STARR that he didn’t pass last year. Also he has to take another one tomorrow. Well guess what he will be at home tomorrow and I will talking to the school in the morning. I’ve read from other people that this has happened and sure enough CISD is falling suit. This has to stop!!


And another post from this group:

Submitted my opt out letter for my 10th grader.

Leander ISD states that they will follow up in regards to a district response outlining “long term implications”.

Long term implications -this will be fun 🤓

So thankful for this page 💗


Here is a reply to this post. It was from a different person than the OP:

Here. Here’s my email today. It ended with the principal apologizing. This has been happening since 9th grade with ONE test because she chose to opt out on this one test. She’s a senior now.

Good morning!

It has been brought to my attention that you have once again asked my daughter to take the English 1 Staar assessment that she has opted out of since freshman year. This time she was threatened with being counted as absent from school if she didn’t come take the test, and told she would not graduate. Again, my daughter is an exemplary student who does not need to take the English 1 staar in order to graduate. Again, the law clearly states that an alternative assessment can be used in place of the English 1 test, and that can be a myriad of assessments including AP tests, the ACT, the SAT (not for both English 1 and English 2 but for one or the other), and a few other assessments. This is all state law, and again, I am surprised you aren’t aware of this.

Rest assured I know it comes down to money that your school receives for kids who pass, and rest assured we don’t care.

In case you aren’t aware of the law, I have again done some research for you and pasted the links in this email so that you can become enlightened.

Here are the assessments that can be used in place of staar. Notice some will actually help her get accepted into colleges, unlike staar, which has no value.

Click to access 19_0101_4002-1.pdf

Here is the section of the law that clearly states there are alternative scores that can be used if a child doesn’t pass/take a certain test.

High School Graduation: Students must pass the five end-of-course exams or an acceptable substitute in order to graduate, as described above. A student who does not perform satisfactorily on the STAAR test in no more than two courses may be permitted to graduate if an individual graduation committee determines the student is qualified to do so. By local policy, a school district may also issue a certificate of coursework completion to a student who successfully completes curriculum requirements but who fails required state assessment tests. Tex. Educ. Code §§ 28.025(d), .0258; 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 101.3022.

While I understand that you would rather her take the English 1 assessment, and if you (who ever it was this morning) wouldn’t do things like threaten her with not graduating or being counted absent when she is very much present, she would probably be more willing to take it.

Just allow her ACT scores, her AP testing scores to count. I’m not opting her out this time, she is 18 and she has chosen to stand her ground. She is highly intelligent and very mature, and would appreciate if whomever dealt with her this morning would have taken the time to find out from Mr. Dhalla that this is a subject that has been talked about and handled several times over the last four years.

I could ask you how the [name redacted by me] twins graduated last year when they didn’t take even one EOC but I’ll not. Please don’t tell her she won’t be graduating when she most certainly will.

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

And we wonder why so many children are struggling. (Note, this is not about parents utilizing having to utilize daycare; this article is about kids being pressured to learn at such early ages.)

And some replies to this post:

Tell it to this guy, because apparently he doesn’t ‘get it.’-

I wish I didn’t remember this. Absolutely sickening.
This has to be shared far and wide, until it sinks in. Who in God’s name would support this?? Well, except for the thieves of children’s minds.

as always, it’s all about the benjamins. #followthemoney

It’s been in the making for a long time…maybe longer-

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Please PLEASE read this report from OSPI on integrated student supports.

This is IT folks. It’s being discussed in the legislature TODAY.

And here are some replies to this post:

Don’t parents realize students need these supports so ‘the policy makers can fix the problems they created for the children?

CISL’s Mission To connect people to the research and information they need to eliminate educational opportunity gaps and improve learning and teaching in Washington State*+

CIS is also part of the Social Innovation Fund and they make no secret that they want to use SIBs as a way to finance this.

I see the words Data Tracking and expanded learning time.

Oooooh this is a pretty graphic. Let’s skate Figure 8’s on the ice all day!


Here is the legislation that made it possible for thIs report to come to fruition….


So essentially they are outsourcing education and using computers…. where is the teacher’s union?


this is outsourcing all the peripherial stuff-like mental health, mentoring, ELO’s, preschool, K. It’s all data gathering. I find it interesting that Third Sector Capital (SIBs) is also working with Child Trends.


this is what’s really happening with this legislation…/pay-for-success-and-the…/


It’s a strange report. It talks out outcomes but nothing about how to achieve them.

But even more performance review for teachers will be a disaster for teachers. More will leave. It will become like engineering. Only people from authoritarian cultures will be able to have a job. That’s the idea.

The report is so unclear. What is it exactly?


Ho boy they sure do bring up data collection a lotta times without /saying/ ‘data collection’, don’t they? 

“) Community providers who work in school but AREN’T school staff are given adequate space and access to relevant STUDENT INFORMATION, and their roles and responsibilities are clearly understood by staff, students, and families.
4) All ‘STAFF’ are involved in supporting students and linking them to supports through IDENTIFIED CHANNELS.
5) Staff are trained to deliver and MONITOR supports in the setting that is least disruptive to the student’s normal daily routine.
6) Strong ‘COMMUNICATION’ CHANNELS between community providers, schools, and home allow for SHARING OF INFORMATION ”


That’s ugly…


Has anyone written an article on this particular bill?


Alison has written a lot about this stuff in general. I don’t think anyone has called out WA specifically. When I went with [name redacted] to the ELO public event, it was very clear they were going to be partnering with YMCA, B & G clubs, etc. But the problem is those private clubs get all teh data on the kids. And vice versa. We have become a data-driven society.

In the K12 power point, it references a group called “The Barr Center” which is a push in model for integrated student supports. Here’s their website:

Now, I suspected that the Barr Center is positioning itself to move to PFS or SIBs financing. And I found this-under America Forward-a Pay for Success and Social innovation fund coalition:

Here is a post from two years ago in this group:

Informative article on Kindergarten and Early Childhood programs in various states, including Washington. Worth the read.

“Washington state is phasing in a program intended to lead to full state funding for full-day kindergarten by the 2017-18 school year. The state is starting with the lowest-income districts, which means that more affluent districts such as Lake Washington, east of Seattle, are still charging parents.”

And here is a recent reply to this post:

Heard ‘on the street’:
“My daughter is in kindergarten this year and there is NO play. No house, no rice bin, no cooking, no puzzles, no art. We asked about it at conferences and were told it was a building decision… as I have two friends with kindergarteners at two different schools and they both have play time. My daughter has brought home two “art” projects this year. One she painted a paper, someone else cut out the flower, and she glued the flower with a printed poem on another paper. The other was her painted hand print on paper with another printed poem. Both very nice… but I want to see HER work. The first Saturday after her first week of school, we had to leave in the morning. Her comment was, “ I just want to stay home and play. I don’t get to play at school.” For a 5 year old to make that realization was heart breaking. She had played hard for 5 years and now has to sit and focus on academics for 5 hours a day.”

And yet another post from this group:

Policy: 2020
Section: 2000 – Instruction

Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials

The board recognizes its responsibility for the improvement and growth of the educational program of the schools. To this end, the course designs shall be evaluated, adapted and developed on a continuing basis. Instructional materials shall be selected to ensure alignment with state learning standards and enable all students to master foundational skills and knowledge to achieve college and career readiness.

For the purpose of policy and procedure 2020, the following definitions will apply:

Course Design is the process that includes identifying and sequencing essential content supporting students’ skill development towards state learning standards. Course design involves providing appropriate instructional materials, professional development, and support systems for teachers as they implement the course.

Instructional Materials are all materials designed for use by students and their teachers as learning resources to help students to acquire facts, skills, and/or to develop cognitive processes. These instructional materials, used to help students meet state learning standards, may be printed or digital, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational media, and assessments. They may carry different licensing types from open to all rights reserved. For the purposes of this policy, there are five categories of instructional materials:

Core Instructional Materials are the primary instructional resources for a given course. They are district-approved and provided to all students to help meet learning standards and provide instruction towards course requirements.

Alternative Core Materials are the primary instructional materials for a given course that are used with a subset of students. These materials are intended to replace approved core materials and may be used for specialized course offerings or flexible learning environments.

Intervention Materials are designed to support strategic or intensive intervention for students who are at risk of not meeting established learning standards. Intervention materials are used with students to accelerate progress toward particular learning goals based on systematic assessment, decision-making, and progress monitoring.

Supplemental Materials are used in conjunction with the core instructional materials of a course. These items extend and support instruction. They include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, visual aids, video, sound recordings, computer software and other digital content.

Temporary Supplemental Materials are those items used in conjunction with the core instructional materials of a course that are of interest or value for a short period of time and are chosen within district-established guidelines. They are not intended to supplant the adopted curriculum nor be used on a regular instructional basis. Examples might include timely articles from relevant, reliable sources, websites, or news broadcasts. The use of temporary supplemental materials for time periods of over one year requires consideration of the material as either part of the core instructional material for a course or supplemental material for the course depending on the nature and scope of the material.

Instructional Materials Committee is the body that makes core instructional materials adoption recommendations to the School Board based on superintendent-established procedures.

Course Design
The superintendent or designee will establish procedures for course design that:

• Provide for the regular review of selected content areas and implementation of any suggested changes.
• Provide for involvement of community representatives and staff members at appropriate times.

Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials
The primary objective in selecting instructional materials is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the schools. All instructional materials will be selected in conformance with:

  1. Applicable state and federal laws;
  2. Goals and/or learning standards of the district and state; and
  3. Procedures established by the instructional materials committee which address the criteria detailed in the corresponding procedure 2020P.

The board is responsible for the adoption of all core materials used in the district.

The superintendent, or designee, will establish procedures for core material, alternate core, and intervention material selection and adoption using criteria around evidence-based practices.

The superintendent will ensure that a listing of all core instructional materials used within the school curriculum is maintained in the district and is available for public review either in-person or online.

The intent of the board is that the superintendent delegate responsibility for examining, evaluating, and selecting all supplemental and temporary supplemental materials to the professional staff of the district. This includes preparing all student reading lists. Staff will rely on reason and professional judgment in the selection of high quality supplemental materials that align to state learning standards and are appropriate for the instructional program and developmental level and interests of their students.

Cross References: 2027 – District Ownership of Staff-Created Work

Legal References: RCW 28A.150.230 District school directors’ responsibilities
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Chapter 28A.640 RCW Sexual Equality
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Management Resources: 2015 – December Issue

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Classification: Essential
Revised Dates: 04.99; 06.11; 04.15; 12.15


Found this in a Breitbart article.  No doubt this action is part of Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  This also has CTE stink all over it!

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos joined with the secretaries of the Departments of Labor and Commerce Monday to sign onto a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss government to promote collaboration between the two nations in the area of workforce development.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I received an email from my kids’ school saying they’d like to start private and group counseling sessions during school hours with parental consent. I’m just curious, is this something all public schools participate in? And is the information gained during sessions protected under health privacy laws or is this another way to data mine?


And here are the replies to this post:

Wow I’d be careful and get more info. Is this counseling just for how to do well in school and apply for collage or are we talking therapy? Will the parents have full access to notes and treatment plans? Who else would have access? Also be aware that most school counselors have a social work degree that offers less schooling and most do not know the proper way to run a group or private session. On the flip side some social workers are fantastic. I’d suggest meeting with the counselor. Find out what their degree is, what the goal from the sessions are, and that you have access to full knowledge over everything said. If it were me I’d say no to the school sessions and find my own therapist if I feel my kiddo could benefit.

I agree, there’s no way I would let the school do more psychological profiling than they are already doing. I wouldn’t give schools any more information than is absolutely necessary.

Usually it’s done to help with socializing and behavioral problems. You’d have to ask the school for more details, but from my experience it’s pretty common

The privacy laws are completely gutted. Even if it’s for a legitimate reason, I wouldn’t let my child near it.

Counseling as in tutoring? Or mental health? I’d steer clear.

Unless the parents or your own private physician has seen a need for your individual child to need counseling I would not subject them to these sessions. Even if you did see a need, I would go through your own private doctor to find counseling specifically directed to your own child’s needs. I think a school group is not only not appropriate for general counseling, it is more likely being used as a way to spy on each and every family by encouraging kids to talk or even planting false memories and ideas in their heads. The only way I would allow participation in something like this is if there were a specific school- related event that is going to be the specific topic, such as if a classmate died or there were a shared traumatic event that occurred at the school or to a student or teacher at the school.

Counseling for what?
good question. And sounds like an expense who is paying for this a grant ?

Sometimes that is conducted by on-site school counselors, interns,or non-profit orgs. In any case, you need to see and know who, what, when, where, and why? Will this be done within class time? That means your youngster will miss out on instructional time.(?) What info is documented in and out of the sessions? Lots of questions. What determined your child’s eligibility for theis? And on it goes. Do not be intimidated.

No privacy there! I would absolutely steer clear of this.

All counseling sessions are private under FERPA Sometimes it’s through the counselors at school (that have to have a minimum of a Master’s degree) and sometimes it’s through the local behavioral health office and the therapist comes to the school. Parents have access to all plans & notes. Just ask the counselor what they are suggesting it for. I work at a Junior High directly with the counselors.

FERPA allows the data collected to be shared with third parties. They changed this a number of years ago to open up the data to researchers.

Nothing’s protected under FERPA anymore. Nothing done in school is private, except federally-mandated testing, which is private from parents. Not a chance I’d let my kid engage in this! Nothing but data collection.

Dealing with this right now with IEP. School system says similiar form that applies to counseling must be signed in order to obtain group social skills in IEP. Not happening

That sounds pretty manipulative on their part.

Nope. I would say no. If anything comes up at all the school won’t hesitate to call DCFS.

Because the data is collected by an entity receiving funds from the US Department of Education the data collected is legally considered Education data and NOT Health data under federal law. Meaning it does not have the same legal protections that such private data collected by a private counselor or psychiatrist would have. It is also shareable with third parties for use in research.

HIPPA and FERPA may be being merged soon.


It is part of the SEL or SEI. Stay away from it.

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

“Students experiencing gender dysphoria deserve our love and support. But my privacy rights shouldn’t depend on what others believe about their gender.”

…”Our school is Boyertown Area High School in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, and my reason for suing was to restore the bodily privacy we used to enjoy in locker rooms and restrooms on campus. Now, we have asked the Supreme Court to review our case.

“I’m OK with the school district’s desire to hear voices other than mine on this issue. But I have a voice, too — and Boyertown officials have little interest in my perspective. They didn’t even bother to tell me or the other students that they changed school policy to allow students to choose their locker rooms and restrooms based not on their sex, but on their beliefs about their gender.

…”My parents were no less shocked by this new policy. Boyertown officials kept it a secret from them, too. The administrators never sent home a memo saying that, from now on, our school locker rooms would be open to students based on what sex students believed themselves to be.

“Instead, our parents first learned of the policy when I found the boy in the girls’ restroom, and when others, like my classmates identified in the suit as Joel Doe and Jack Jones, were changing clothes in the boys’ locker room and looked up to find a girl changing clothes beside them.”


The fascist gender pronoun police have claimed a victim at 
West Point High School in Virginia:


Here is a very disheartening, though, as always, cold hard honest truth, post from Alice Linahan:

Folks – Please do not be deceived by the Hillsdale Barney School Project and their live-streamed fundraiser tonight.

It is interesting to note the close ties between Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett. 
Remember: Bill Bennett was a key player in pushing the Common Core in America. It just so happens that Bill Bennett has been in the UnConstitutional Federal Control of Education business for a very long time. Please take note of the photos from a 1994 research manual I will include in the comments section of this post. 

The Barney Charter Schools takes both state and federal tax dollars. $$. In Texas, they access Millions in taxpayer money and must align to the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness Federal standards. To finding the financials you will want to look under the name ResponsiveEd.

In Texas alone, the Barney Project’s Responsive Ed took in $179,507,253 in State and Federal $$ When you take the money you take the federal mandates. Sadly, Hillsdale has sold out.


And here are some replies to this post:

I was very disappointed to see this. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh knows? After all he is a big promoter of Hillsdale.


 I don’t suppose this issue was addressed during the telethon (I forgot to call in!). I sent in a question on why they chose a model that requires them to implement state and federal mandates. 
This could have been such a great program, if they had done it as a private effort. They should know better, given the history of Hillsdale College refusing to take federal and state funding to remain free of government mandates. Their Hillsdale Academy also has an excellent curriculum which could be used as a model around the country.


When I saw that it was Hugh Hewitt hosting and knowing his close ties to Bill Bennett it all made sense and made me very sad. You are right [name redacted] it could have been a very good private program. It is the public/private partnership that makes it a no go. We are losing countless numbers of outstanding private schools because they can’t compete with the federally controlled Barney project schools.

it was asked and they skirted around the question. They made it sound like they were not controlled because Hillsdale College does not take federal or state funds or funds from the Barney Project. It was very deceptive in my opinion. I would be very happy if someone could prove me wrong. But I am seeing first hand here in Texas just how deceptive Responsive Ed is.

I used to teach for ResponsiveEd. They hire their own family members and when I was at training if they have their own children in the school no one would answer. Tells a lot if you won’t put your own children in their schools.

Are you saying Hillsdale is lying in their intentions?

I am saying that the Barney Project gets both state and federal tax dollars. Therefore they must align to the Federal mandates written into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which mandates the Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness standards.

They either know this and they are lying, or, they themselves are being deceived. Bill Bennett knows exactly what is happening.

did they deny taking state and federal money?

It sounds like they never answered the state/federal money issue, and denied there would be Common Core in their schools, which they should know is inaccurate, since most state tests (which are required for all public schools), are CC aligned.

Listen to Larry Arnn at around timestamp 6:55

He makes the statement that the charter schools never give Hillsdale college any money. But they provides all these services. But they charter schools do get State and Federal dollars.

At timestamp 43:00 or so, a caller asks about government strings. Arnn says that yes, the government could come in and regulate the charters, but there is a contract, and those are hard to change. So has anyone read one of the Barney Charter School initiative contracts with the state of Texas? The contract would have to specifically reject all state/federal mandates. I doubt any do, or would be allowed to.

Hugh is a huge Rino.

Think of it in these terms. When you hear Larry Arnn talk, he is speaking in terms of a Classical education. Which sounds very nice. But listen to what he is actually saying…
Hillsdale views the purpose of the curriculum (provided by Hillsdale) as creating the desired character and sense-making in the student, instead of a transmission of knowledge.

So… When we do not want the STATE or FEDERAL government in charge of forming and modifying the values, beliefs, and behaviors of our children. does an education funded by the state, where the goal is modifying the values beliefs and behaviors of our children any different because it has the Hillsdale brand on it?


Loudoun County, Virginia is trying to strip parents of their inalienable right to homeschool for religious reasons:


Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, to say I’m shocked would be a lie. Maybe you haven’t heard President Trump just unleashed a 5 year STEM workforce plan. As you know, I have been proving the tires between STEM, STEAM, Common Core, and Career Tech Ed to the United Nations. STEM is 100% UN and is the change agent thrown on education. 
Trump won’t be ridding us of Common Core, or data mining. He’s just shown us America needs to become a copy cat, cookie cutter member-state by so embracing STEM. Ivanka and DeVos are just as big a sales pitch team for STEM.
Hate me all you want for pointing out the truth. 
This President is just as sold out as those before him when it comes to educratic BS.
Link to the 5 year STEM news:…/trump-emphasizes-workforce-trai…
Link to my years of research and proof behind the STEM hype:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Just wondering, if anyone has heard of what they are calling mindfulness, into the schools.
It’s a meditation tool. for the behavior emotional learning.
I myself don’t like this.
To me, it’s a self hypnosis training.
This is, to me, is another way of doing.
Just putting this out there to inform parents, teachers.
If this has reached your schools yet.

And here are the replies to this post:

I’m concerned about it as well.

“Mindfulness” was added to the new health standards that are up for a 90-day public review. I’m going to ask that it be removed.

Kindergarten Standard K.MEH.2: “Practice methods to calm down (e.g., deep breathing, counting to 10, mindfulness).”

Grade 4 Standard 4.MEH.1: “Identify healthy ways to manage and reduce stress (e.g., exercise, hobbies, mindfulness, time management, organization).”

It is part of the sel or sei, social emotional intelligence. Not the place of a a government arm.

It’s about the new age and preparing us for the new world order religion of the occult, mysticism, and the new age! I have been studying this for years and have so much to say about this, it’s evil and wrong! The new age is replacing God and Jesus Christ and pushing people to accept self worship!

That’s interesting to me….. I’ve thought it was a way for us to choose faith instead of being crippled by fear.

Faith in self not faith in God.

I am intrigued by your thoughts and honestly want to know where you are coming from. Meditation and mindfulness are tools I utilize almost everyday to quite my mind and prepare my heart for pray/scripture study/ different conversations where I need an extre measure of love etc. since beginning to utilize these tools I have found my ability to listen to the spirit increase because of the decrease of fear and anxiety. I have felt closer to the spirit and more concerned for the welfare of others. All things that I feel are positives results. Can you help me understand your perspective?

It sounds like you are using mediation the correct way. You are honoring God in your use of it to prepare for a spiritual experience. Schools cannot mention God or our relationship to him. Big difference! Mindfulness is the job of the family, not government schools. The practice is being manipulated to suit their purposes, not God’s purposes.

Parents are woefully unaware of the way that standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) laws have been rigged by sexual rights activists. Mindfulness is part of grooming children as political and sexual rights activists. The US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos recently signed the G20 Education Ministers agreement to implement the UN’s Education 2030 Framework for Education. Google it and get educated about it.

But, for a primer, you can read here about how mindfulness is being used to train teachers and children to question their thinking….to question reality. People who question their foundation can be easily controlled by anyone with a political or social agenda.

See that Planned Parenthood (a UN 2030 partner) is ready to prepare youth with Mindfulness programs:

One of the key tenants of mindfulness is “there is no right or wrong, no judgement, things just are.” It’s teaching and training children to shut out the spirit and avoid identifying things that are evil and wrong but be more “open” to other points of view. It’s very scary stuff if you stop and think about it instead of just blindly “open your mind.”

Wow! I had no idea Planned Parenthood was getting into this area too. What won’t they do to try to get to our children? The rest of our new health standards aligned to the National Sexuality standards (written by PP & others) would allow this to happen.

There have been schools in Salt Lake who have used Planned Parenthood programs in the past. I think it’s possible they could easily pick up this ready-made source for this purpose as well. We aren’t immune from the worst because the resources are already out there.

I think another way of looking at this is that we are asking teachers more & more to be mental health experts without training in psychology, etc. This isn’t individualized treatment for children who may need it, this is done as an entire class with no possibility for concerned parents to choose not to participate. Could it be harmful rather than helpful to some? It could be. It won’t be taught the same way in every classroom & there’s some concerning programs/methods out there. Right now we’re just chasing fads & this is the latest & greatest.

 The roots of the “feelings” movement in education go back to 2003 when UNESCO (the UN’s Education division) sent 130 Education Ministers around the world a report about developing Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) in children. Now, 15 years later, the ideology in that report has taken over US teacher training and SEL is part of Common Core’s federal education reforms. Schools receive funding and principals and school leaders see their schools receive better school grades when they implement SEL.

From a Christian perspective, we understand the importance of planting our roots in a truth-based foundation. So, it is important for parents to know that UNESCO is an openly anti-family, anti-Christian, pro-LGBTQI organization that uses education policy to change the beliefs and behaviors of cultures. The educator that they credit with helping them spread sexual ideology into most curriculum subjects is an SEL “expert” named Linda Darling-Hammond. She designed the policies for standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) in the 2016 federal education law the Every Student Succeeds Act. Her SEL-promoting company called the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is working with school districts to ensure that schools adopt SEL policies and reforms.

Pro-family groups like Family Watch have warned Americans for years about UNESCO and its agenda to politicize and sexualize what’s taught and tested. SEL is being used to change children’s Christian values.

Here is an article promoting SEL from Common Core advocate Edutopia:

Got SEL? Teaching Students to Describe Emotions | Edutopia…/got-sel-teaching-students…

Here is a link to Stella Morabito and Karen Effrem’s resources warning parents about SEL. They have PowerPoints and videos at the link. Please read their impressive bios. I have great respect for both of these courageous women and my education research dovetails theirs. Pro-family groups like Family Watch have shared their materials widely:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group from Alison:

I’ve been doing some thinking on “Anytime, Anywhere Learning” and biocapitalism this morning. If you have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them. PDF of this accessible via this link:

And some replies to this post:

innocent question: so this won’t affect those who have light colored skin & live in America? My children are a mixture of races, look Caucasian, but have attended schools that have adopted UN agendas, 1:1 technology. My daughter teaches in a religious school where their mission statement includes lifelong learning & all kids are issued a chrome book…data is collected somewhere, use powerschool, school system is aligning to ISTE standards, administer computer adaptive indoctrinating MAPs test as well as state test designed by AIR. The public school in our area partners with the manufacturers, have STEM centers at school partially funded by manufacturers, students are being trained at school to work at those manufacturing companies, & have gamified SEL. All kids are being groomed for these companies no matter their race/status. It seems like this system is oppressive for all of us, but maybe what we’ve experienced is a whole different unrelated animal than the system in your diagram?? I would really like to understand the difference.

Within the construct of global impact investing the most profit for venture capital is to be made managing the outcomes of those whose algorithmically-assigned “risk” profile identifies them as being both the most in need of “fixing” with the greatest potential to be “fixed” using low cost digital interventions-aka success according to the data dashboard. I say “fixing” in air quotes, because the intent is to alter people to fit a very broken system. The “fix” is simply a mechanism to manage people’s lives via ed-tech and non-profit wrap around services.

Thus the primary targets for SIBs and DIBs and PFS are in the Global South and also communities in “opportunity zones” or “promise zones,” which are low income, because that is the federal requirement. Due to a long history of structural racism and redlining these zones are occupied primarily by black and brown communities and indigenous communities, though not exclusively. These are the areas targeted for very repressive ed-tech deployments like Rocketship charters.

The new “Swiss model” being adopted is designed to push 2/3 of students into sub-baccalaureate credentialing. Those who can afford elite K12 private educations (Andover, etc.) will be in the group that can access a traditional 4-year college (see Mastery Transcript Consortium Schools for example).

The remaining students will be profiled via data. My sense is those identified as “opportunity youth,” which are the oppressed communities will be channeled into systems that promote alternative pathways to precarious employment. The “stackable” credential will be the success metric for PFS deal evaluation purposes, not living-wage employment. So communities that have faced long-standing discrimination will continue to experience this as they are churned through training and re-training. Meanwhile investors will take the profit each time credentials are logged regardless of whether or not the life outcomes of those students have improved.

In communities that have some stable advanced manufacturing in place, youth not identified as “opportunity” will have economic value insofar as they meet the skills qualifications (including mindset) for regional enterprise and comply with their place in that system. They are not going to be profitable for impact investing, so they are less likely to be churned. Less room for “improvement” if your data profile shows you are coming from a home with some measure of economic stability.

Sir Ronald Cohen has promoted impact investing to the Vatican. The Vatican has held multiple conferences on impact investing. Many of the PFS interventions have ties to Catholic Social Services, so you are correct in that religious schools have been integrated into this system.

Just to sum up. I am seeing four tiers:

  1. Global South and refugee populations (DIBs)
  2. Opportunity youth (historically oppressed communities, SIBs and PFS)
    Above churned through precarious gig employment, re-skilling, intrusive data tracking via social services / development aid
  3. Non-opportunity youth (not subject to impact investing but tracked into sub-baccelaureate credentials)
  4. Elite students (magnet, boarding etc. access to 4-year degrees)

Again, this is all unfolding, but based on my reading of the landscape this how I am thinking about it.

Thank you so much for explaining in such great detail! I have grave concerns about Catholic schools’ participation in these plans. Their strategic plans continue to line up to the global elite agendas, & I plan to continue to fight them. I would really like to know more about the impact investing conferences at the Vatican & PFS interventions tying to Catholic Social Services. If you have a link to that info, I would greatly appreciate it! For the past 5 years, we have lived in a small town near the Green Bay, WI, area. Prior to that we lived near San Antonio, TX. I am seeing schools more lined up to UN agendas here in WI than in TX, but it could be that UN agendas have ramped up substantially over the last 5 years. I did see a tremendous amount of social services being received by populations in the TX schools; however, none were tied to “performance” at that time. That may come later.

Here is my write up that includes info on one of the Vatican conferences.

I am in the process of doing the write up, but here is the map of the origins of the Santa Clara Pay for Success projects. Step Up Silicon Valley had ties to both Catholic Social Services and Santa Clara University, a Jesuit school in the area. The head of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the largest in the US, came to the Bay area from Minneapolis. Steve Rothschild was the originator of the “human capital performance bond.” He was brought in to pitch it to funders. There are quite a few tech / data dashboard analytics companies in MN. Not sure if the influence is spilling over to WI, too.

This summer was the Vatican’s third impact investing conference. The others were in 2014 and 2016.

While the UN SDGs are key as is the digital identity systems for refugees being pushed (like ID2020), we have to understand that this infrastructure is being set up to enable new systems of capital flow for global finance. UN SDGs IS impact investing. But the investors are at the top of it all. They have to find ways to keep capital flowing and their wealth concentrating even as the number of poor and dispossesed grow beyond what we can imagine with climate catastrophes and economic and military unrest and massive movements and dislocation of populations. These digital systems are being set up to try and manage these crises in such a way as to profit those who already have the most wealth. Meanwhile the Saudi Sovereign Wealth fund, another huge bunch of capital, is pulling out of oil and investing in AI and Robotics and Smart Cities. Lots of moving parts here.

Wow! Thanks so much for connecting all of these dots!!! This is all very helpful in seeing the bigger picture!

Just found this via Strive Together. Doing workforce alignment in Racine County, south of you but still good to have on your radar.

Here is a post from a Florida anti-Common Core group:

So a parent had a dispute with a “government agency” aka public elementary school. The nature of the dispute is not known or reported by this newspaper. Then the parent was arrested on trespassing charges and resisting arrest. The school further “robocalled” a narrative to the school community prejudicing the arrested parents “speech” and school dispute before his due process hearing. Police reports are public records right, but nature of dispute missing?

And here are the replies to this post:

My Principal at KB K8 Center Sylvia Tarafa went to City Hall tried to have me arrested as I was distributing flyers for the YES vote on pending conversion to charter intra-school election. Mind you, I was PTA President at the time. The KB Police refused to respond.

I don’t think the public at large understands how a school district is built and operates. Parents don’t even know how Government agencies “work together” to stack odds against Parents. It could be law enforcement or for example a scenario where a 1. school contracting with the 2. “health care district” for school nurse services, who then calls 3. Department of Families & Children (government agency x 3). Parents don’t have any idea what is happening to them and how the prejudice and record builds against a Parent. Especially a non compliant parent who doesn’t support the government decisions and disputes such.

The government agencies have grown so strong and stealth— the shadow government is real not a conspiracy and I bring it up here because it’s relative to USPIE movement. If Parents don’t know the flow chart or how policy reaches, they can’t mount any defense. The USA is in a position where IMO our Constitution framers never intended to use “enabling powers” or “spending powers” to cripple families and parents from due process… it’s harrowing to say the least

what grounds did principal think he had to arrest you? Did he use trespassing? If Public schools are public places where elections take place and signs allowed where do they place boundaries for members of community?

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I need to rant as I am Soo angry at this point my blood pressure is sky rocketing. I have a child (and I only have had her living with us since her Jr. year) who suffers from anxiety and suffers migraines because of stress and anxiety. She has passed three of the STAAR after numerous retakes. She is a senior. This week she missed Monday because of the history EOC, (already failed it once) they made her take it Tuesday, she missed Wednesday because of the English II that she has already failed numerous times. She went today with a letter stating that she would be picked up at 11:30 for a doctor ‘s appointment. The school started hunting her down like a dog a little after 8 even though she does not have class until 8:50. The school texted teachers, was looking everywhere for her, asking her boyfriend if he knew where she was. She had to hide in the bathroom. She texted from the bathroom to let us know what was going on. I called the principle. I did tell him that I am not trying to be a pain in the butt but would they please quit hunting her down like a dog. I was basically told that: We were dodging the test (duh, and I called it an assessment, told that we could argue about that one all day long), told that there were rules and regulations that they had to follow, told that GPC decides on projects and the ability of how much the student tries on the STAAR according to what ever it is 463, so if she is seen by the committee to not be trying hard enough on STAAR she will not graduate and that he would rather she walk across the stage. Yes I do see that as a threat. So obviously three passing EOC’s and passing grades are not enough. My reply was there are GEDs and home school diplomas. I was also told that sometimes we need to teach our children that there are things we have to do in this life even though we do not want to. I guess hiding in the dark under the covers, on drugs and a icepack on your head to survive the pain does not matter. Well Roger ISD we also teach our children to stand up for what is right and not be subserviant mindless drones that bow down to bullies. The United States was built on the premis of standing against what is wrong and doing something about it otherwise we would still be a subject of England. So I sit here at the table with forms for announcements and graduation robes, adding up to almost $100 (and that is the cheapest I could get) that is due today and I just want to hurt someone.

And some replies to this post:

Do they make the kids sit in the room for the entire time or do they release them to return to class when done?

If she’s passed 3 of 5 EOCs she can graduate. This year’s Sr class is the last one to fall under that guideline. The TxLege convenes in 2019 and could make that change permanent but as it stands, this is the last year for 3/5 EOCs.

Look up and the “What About High School” tab

And the IGC committee should have been formed at the beginning of her Junior year, with a project/portfolio assigned by beginning of Senior year

yup! The amount of hysteria I’m hearing about in schools this year is telling..the TEA is doubling down cuz they know the gig is up soon.

They have to sit for awhile not sure how long. She said about two hours

Go pick up your daughter. Your child. Not the school’s. Period.

But the principle stated very clearly that THEIR GPC would not let her graduate if they believed she was not trying her hardest on the EOC

you’re a member of the GPC. If you are not a part of that mtg, it’s not a GPC

and their “belief” on how hard she tries is not a part of the criteria for GPC. Read the article posted.

That’s not allowed. He is wrong on the law, and wrong as an educator. He is wrong as a human being. He is just wrong.

Picked her up as soon as I hung up.

poor kid. I think I’d file a complaint with the School Board and let them know you’re filing a complaint with the TEA.

If she is a senior and they don’t have a graduation committee already in place, they are not following the law.

There is NOTHING about “trying hard” anywhere in the law. She has passed 3, made an attempt at the others, now the IGC MUST be set up. She completes the work that the committee decides on (and you MUST be a part of that committee) and she graduates. Period. End of story. All the rest of what they told you is pure bullshit.

I totally agree with the bullshit part. Just because some parents fall for it does not mean that all of the parents do. They also have known about my feelings about the STAAR since my son started his freshman year here in 2015.

if a student is present they must be presented with the test. but she should have been allowed to hand it back in blank and return to class.

that’s not true, my son was present all week. I called school to let them know he will be there in class & they will not be bugging him or calling him to take the STAAR. She tried her bs but I told her my son my decision. He hasn’t been bothered all week cause I stood up for my son.

My child after forced re-takes. She literally had a “cardiac event” due to anxiety/panic/stress. Assistant principal Sat across the table after my child texted me..”mommy my chest hurts” and they walked her up and down the halls instead of calling nurse or me. She tried writing and telling principal that she will not take it again and they cornered her and told her I said she was to take take it. Then, didn’t alert me of her missing 3 classes until after re-take was done. Called SRO officer about the extreme bullying from principals and he said “nothing criminal and would not file a statement!” So, I had my child write one up and dropped at Anna PD. On the way to pediatricians…she got all worked up about their threats of not cheering and not graduating and couldn’t breathe. Wound up taking her to ER. I am beyond livid.

My kids did not take ANY Staar tests since 8th grade. No grade placement committee. They both graduated (and walked the stage) in June of this year.

And another post from this group:

I have an ARD meeting scheduled for Monday from 9-10.

I need to know what law states that absences must be made up (Im guessing the TEA is the holder of this). Some very kind people have linked where it states it doesn’t have to be after school or on Saturdays, but then others have said that it doesn’t need to be made up at all.

I need to know what accommodations have been asked for and granted in the past that can address my daughter’s need for frequent doctor visits. I’ve been told to not mention that that she suffers from panic orders, depression, or anxiety and to only say she needs to go to the doctor. I don’t know if this is good advice.

I need to know that if this goes to an Attendance Committee (it will) if I can ask for a medical waiver? I need to know where that it is written so that I can have it at the ready.

My plan is to have as many pages pulled from the TEA or State Law as I can and hand them out to each member of the ARD.

I received a call from the Special Ed Chair (finally) and she asked me why I was calling this meeting. I said that my daughter was not receiving her accommodations outlines on her recent IEP. My daughter is to receive small group instruction in Math as she struggles to remember from day to day. Once she is reminded what was covered previously, she is quick to pick it back up and can then learn. The Chair said there is a TA in the class. I said that my daughter has never received support from her. Chair replied “Well, it is a big class so what you want a more restrictive environment for your daughter?” I said no, I want her to receive the accommodations that are due her. My daughter is to sit close to the teacher since she is easily distracted and has concentration issues. A new teacher made everyone move seats in an alphabetical order so it would make it easier for her to learn names. My daughter emailed the teacher (with my help) asking to be moved back because she has an accommodation. The teacher replied that there are 20 other kids in her class that are 504, she can’t possibly remember everyone’s accommodations, and she would move her back once she knew everyone. My daughter is not to have attention drawn to her or made to be the focus of the entire class, but she reports that all of her teachers call on her.

Not only am I having to defend my daughter against the 90% rule, I’m having to fight to get what she already should be receiving.

I know that it is only going to get worse the closer we get to STARR.

Thank You ALL!!

Oh, If anyone knows of facebook groups that help parents with kids who are disabled, please let me know that as well.

1st UPDATE: My daughter was on 504 when she first entered AISD. We pulled her out for a year to try a Charter School to see if that helped (it didn’t), so we re-enrolled the next. Even though she was out only a year, they stated a new evaluation had to take place. I never met with the person who evaluated her or was involved in the process. It was decided that she should receive services under Special Education but not under 504. She has an active IEP, but attendance is not addressed as it wasn’t an issue before.I don’t know what the different rights and types of accommodations are for the different umbrellas of Spec. Ed vs 504, My guess is that Spec. ED is way more limited or they wouldn’t make the difference.

I plead to the Hive Mind – my daughter is in the 7th grade at O’Henry Middle School in the Austin ISD. She just received her first notice of the 90% attendance policy. The notice states she is to meet with the VP of the school to make an attendance plan. My daughter suffers from anxiety and severe depression. There are days spent going to emergency counseling sessions. All absences are excused, but to this policy it does not matter. I know she will be home on STARR dates so we are looking at trouble heading our way. The policy states this is true from the age of 6 to 18 but this new evil has never been presented to us. Matthews Elementary was an awesome experience for us. The P, VP, Admins, and teachers all knew of my daughter’s differences and worked hard to support her. We had to have grade placement committee meetings, but never because of this 90% rule. I need help. Has anyone navigated this before? Can I be on the “Attendance Committee” like I am on the Grade Placement? Does the Grade Placement trump the Attendance Committee? The school’s Special Ed person is completely MIA and my daughters counselor doesn’t respond to my emails. I’ve met the VP and P in a parent’s tour night and to be frank, they were horrible.

And the replies to the post:

Get her on a 504 ASAP, with an absence accommodation.

She has documentation for ADHD, severe depression, anxiety, and pervasive developmental disord

Wow, a denial for 504 with all of those conditions would be a blatant legal violation. She likely needs a full evaluation and possibly special ed services. The school can provide counseling and psychology as well. How long ago was that denial?

didn’t her doctor contact her school for 504 accommodations? That’s the first thing my doctor did when my daughter was diagnosed with the same thing at the beginning of the year

Also when my daughter had to miss a lot of days at the beginning of the year bc I couldn’t get a freaking doctors appointment she did a couple of Saturday school to make up work and time. I did get the truancy letter and that took care of it. I always kept her teachers abreast of the situation via email. I have to say that my school has been amazing. This is a nightmare to go through with all the accommodations granted. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Praying everything gets better for your daughters sake.

Did they just flat out deny her or did they do an evaluation first and then deny? If you have presented documentation of her diagnoses, I would either file for due process to appeal or tell them you’re going to contact OCR. That usually lets the school know you mean business and gets them moving in the right direction.

The school did the evaluation and I submitted the documents from her doctor as well. Their finding was that she should receive Special Ed. services, but not be under the 504 umbrella.

This breaks my heart. My daughter missed 15 days of school as her appendix ruptured leading to emergency surgery and a hospitalization, and I STILL received a truancy notice stating it was unexcused, and she was in danger of being held back in 8th if she missed more than the allowed 18 days. I had all documentation and a surgeons note. Didn’t matter. Makes me sick how our children are treated at times. Prayers to you and your daughter. She should be on a 504 point blank. There should be laws to protect children like her. I have two kids on 504’s myself.

the best thing to do is a surgical situation is to go withdrawal your child to temporary home school and you don’t have to deal with this.. but for a child with an ongoing anxiety depression issue they need provisions and the law should protect them.

it really ticks me off when I hear stuff like this. My daughter’s friend missed 15 days of school for a trip to Brazil. No truancy notice, no attendance committee meeting, no threat of being held back, nothing. At a recent 504 meeting, I approached the idea of my 5th grade son missing half of each Monday for a weekly medical appt (OIT updosing for food allergies which he has the 504 for already) and the school flipped out on me saying he would be failed in his Monday afternoon classes for attendance. I offered to take his class work with us since we will be driving from Houston to Austin and back for the appt so plenty of time to get the work done. He is in GT and dual language and makes straight A’s every year. How can they fail him!? So a family vacation is a-okay but valid medical appts are not!? Our kids are treated so unfairly sometimes.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Homeschoolers. In August of 1995, the Education Reporter covered the National Education Association’s annual convention, at which delegates passed at least five resolutions “indicating the NEA’s antagonism toward parents who make private school or homeschool choices.” The Education Reporter stated, “One resolution attacks homeschooling directly, claiming that it is tolerable only if parents are licensed by the state and use a curriculum approved by the state education department.”

As an ardent supporter of parent-directed homeschooling, Phyllis recognized the importance of mothers and fathers educating their own children. Homeschooling is a bright spot in today’s education landscape. Homeschooling cooperatives, both formal and informal, have sprung up around the nation to support parents and to provide interaction among students.

Phyllis was always ahead of her time. The Education Reporter warned parents in 1995 to be aware that “the NEA wants teaching about homosexuality always to be part of sex education.” Today even kindergarten students are forced to learn about sex, homosexuality, and transgenderism.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

“President Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ could be referred to as “No American Left Alone” since what we are looking at is what the National Alliance of Business, which supports “planned economy,” refers to as Kindergarten through Age 80 Education/Training. This is basically the United Nations Lifelong Learning-Brainwashing Agenda under the umbrella of what will eventually be “unelected” school and community councils (council is defined as “soviet” in many dictionaries) which will make all decisions for us at the local level. Former Senator Bill Bradley, N.J., called for this on one of the Sunday morning talk shows about four years ago. The Governors, very recently at their NGA conference, discussed the use of unelected (politically-correct?) citizens to police our communities. This is so unbelievable I find it hard to even write about it.”
Charlotte Iserbyt April 12, 2002


And another post from this group:

.. “The goal of the Goodlad Study, which was made available to all fifty state commissioners of education, was/is to change United States education in order to merge it into the global education system. Iserbyt later came across a federally-funded grant entitled Better Education Skills through Technology (Project BEST). Having served as a local school board member, she was shocked by one page marked CONFIDENTIAL which stated “What we (U.S. Dept. of Education) can control and manipulate at the local level,” which listed (to be controlled) selection of members of task force, content of curriculum, etc. Iserbyt leaked the entire grant to Human Events, a D.C. weekly journal, but not before she had removed all other controversial anti-family/anti-American curriculum plans/documents from her office to her apartment.” Charlotte Iserbyt

…”use the schools to change America from a free market system to a ‘planned global economy’.”


Here is a post from an Idaho anti-Common Core page:



Kudos to these California parents for standing up the radical sex ed curriculum in their school:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Getting ready for middle school fun!


And some replies to this post:

If you don’t fight it and insist on better


Both my daughters did lose electives their entire middle school years due to failing the STAARS, but looking back, I should have not allowed that to happen. They absolutely don’t have to lose an elective. Fight that. I wish I had. I didn’t know any better at the time.


What do you tell them to fight it? We are about to have our ard meeting for my daughter to go into 6th and the Jr high teachers will be in on this meeting so what do I say to tell them they will not take away her elective. She hasn’t passed a star test yet.


My son failed all three STAAR test last year. This year he is taking the science, math, and, reading. I’m a little scare he may not passed them. How do I go on about fighting for his right


I didn’t realize PE was an elective option. I thought it was required in MS.



Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

This special commission takeover of state board passed. 
“Kelly claims the innovative districts would be the very ultimate in local control. Kelly is full of it. First of all, unless every one of these future “innovation zone” districts has been clamoring for CBE, then the first act of this “local control” move will be for the state’s unelected shadow board of education to impose a new, untested, unproven educational system on the local school district. That’s the opposite of local control. Then, since modern CBE is most often a computer-based program delivered and controlled by an outside vendor, it is a system that is at odds with local control. It will make a bunch of people a bunch of money, but it will not give control to the local district. Kelly is full of something, and it’s not Michigan snow.


And another post from this page:

HB 6314, with a sub version, passed the Michigan House Education Committee, sadly with All “Republicans” voting yes. A sub bill is not what people say. Read it yourself. It is a “Mother May I” bill, some say increases local control. If a district has to ask permission, is that local control? And the bill language uses a confusing combination of “and” and “or” that we believe forces CBE, another unproven experiment, on districts seeking more flexibility. Rep Tim Kelly has a clear workforce development agenda. Why are “our” guys caving?


And I found a follow-up post on this from someone from Michigan:

So disappointed in our “Republican” Michigan House. They passed another education reform bill that encourages districts to “innovate” using unproven practices including Competency Based Education. Some will suggest the bill eliminated this requirement, but that is not clear. And some suggest, since it is voluntary, schools are free to choose. This is NOT local control, when districts must ask MDE “ Mother may I” with limited options of what innovation entails.

HB 6314 and HB 6315 passed 56-53 and 57-52, respectively.


And yet another post from this person:

The “Republican” majority over the last 4 years has destroyed public education and set a path to undermine parents from conception as their plans are Pre-natal into adulthood. Third grade reading achievement is at an all time low. The Feds Have Michigan on a “needs improvement” plan for our deplorable outcomes for special needs kids. Yet MDE has been authorized to expand their influence beyond K-12 to P20. Insane. No wonder Republicans lost this year.


And the replies to this post:

Governor Snyder Executive Order 2010-15 P-20 Longitudinal Data System…/0,4668,7-277-57738_57679…

SIGNED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 2010 – 15 – This Order is effective October 18, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Michigan this 18th day of August, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and ten. JENNIFER M. GRANHOLM GOVERNOR – BY THE GOVERNOR:…/mileg.aspx…

Governor Snyder Common Core Connected to Snyder’s P-20 Longitudinal Data System
How is the Common Core Connected? The adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards has furthered the government’s expansion efforts, because the authors of the Common Core are clear: the success of the standards hinges on the increased collection of student data.


Second time watching her. Chica says this with a Straight Face. Is she merely reading or does she understand the ramifications of her words on a deep level ? On one hand, what she says is Gobbledygook. As a practitioner dealing with KinnyGardeners, Third Graders, CrayCray Jr High Kids, its Pure Gobbledygook a.k.a. Unadulterated Bull Shit. On the other hand, it’s Fascist Totalitarianism. Prenatal though higher ed. Holy Shit ! WPD no long says stuff about how badly Kids are doing on Standardized Tests. Tests are not Educational Tools, but Political Tools. Reiterating the Fascist’s line about poor test results just gives the RATBastards more power. There really is no such real thing as 3rd Grade Reading, anyway. Third Grade Reading is a totally contrived construct. Over time, the meaning of “reading” changes. If kept simple, like “what color is the dog in the story ?”, there can be a somewhat reliable and valid measure of reading. But on a higher level – Application thru Evaluation on Blooms (DOK 2,3 on Depth of Knowledge), Reliability drops, Validity more than problematic. Skrew what Shiela has to say. Skrew Business, Government, Military interests in the Education Sector.

Democrat Politicians seem to offer Zero Hope. Teacher Union Bosses are Functionaries of the Democrat Party. Teachers will not be hearing Truth from AFT – American Federation of Teachers NEA Today. Individual Teachers may offer some hope – providing that they are open minded. Teachers are under siege, from Crazy Kids, Crazy Parents, Crazy Teachers, Crazy Administration, Crazy Politicians, Crazy Society. Those teachers who have not drank the Democrat CoolAide perhaps offer hope, if they have not already began taking sips of juice from Establishment GOPs. Whitmer cannot pass anything on her own. Perhaps the new crop of GOPs will stay true to “Principle over Party”, “Principle over Power”. WPD will be issuing no hall passes for those who stray into Establishment territory.

There are actually a TON of reasons why Republikrats lost this year and if they keep acting like the Demokrat-Communists, they, AND TRUMP are gonna lose in 2020 too. The only problem is, I’m not so sure the rest of us deserve to lose.

Here is a post from another person in Michigan:

I’m hearing some Lansing Republicans want to force schools to adhere more closely to Common Core, by grading schools (A-F) based largely on the statewide, Common Core-aligned test. 


And another post from someone in Michigan:

Michigan “Republican” Legislature is moving aggressively to further the Chamber-DeVos-Big Business agenda against the grassroots. Here is a proposal to allow Great Start to expand, enrolling three year olds despite the clear evidence that it is a huge waste of money for 4 & 5 year olds. The ONLY value is to separate kids from their families and begin the socialist brain-washing sooner. Call your MI Senator. Mine is Tonya Schuitmaker

SB 1186 of 2018
School aid; categoricals; appropriation for great start readiness program; revise to allow participation by 3-year-olds. Amends secs. 11 & 32d of 1979 PA 94 (MCL 388.1611 & 388.1632d).