Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 11

anti-common core part 11

I’ve decided to make a  part 11.

Now Parkland Schools are harassing an anti-gun control student for tweets he made of going to the gun range with his father:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Hey ya’ll! My friend was told by the Principal that she could opt her son out of Sage but it would effect his grade and they would find something harder for him to do. They opted another son of hers last year and they did give them harder stuff. So my questions are, what are her options? Should she report this principal? Where is the law that states no penalties? Where can she get her own form to opt out?

He made her feel really guilty saying “it’s your choice, it’s your choice. But it’s good practice for the act”


And here are some replies to said post:

This principal is a “BULLY” he needs to be gone!


yes and no. It could just be a misunderstanding 😬. I doubt it. But I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs. Just corrected.


yes I understand but experiences go far past this and I’ve been to the District and nothing changes.


You should be able to find the opt out form online at the Utah state education website. Sage is not required. Have her sign the paper and turn it in. Then if he continues to be annoying just have her check her child out whenever there is a test.


Illegal! Illegal! Illegal! Tell her to contact the assessment director or the superintendant.


If you message me and tell me the school district, I can help you find your first point of contact.


Emery County School District


These decisions belong 100% to the parents, not the principal at a government school. Tell your friend to go in and ask this principal if they can sit down and review this test together so she can see if it’s appropriate for her student. He will tell her that no one, including himself is allowed to see the questions. So how does he know if it’s a good practice for the ACT?… They should not be administering tests that they cannot see the questions to. If they want to administer an alternative test, have her ask to review that one as well. Opting out of SAGE testing cannot affect their grade.


She’s kinda nervous to report him bc it’s a small community and her son is in sports. Can it be anonymous?
Doing what she feels is best for her child is always the right decision. If she’s already talked to them then they’ll most likely know it’s her. If I was her I would go in and sit down and explain that as the parent she will not be allowing her student to take this test, and she would appreciate it if they would kindly respect her parental rights and wishes for her child. I would respect a parent more if they came in and were kind but very straight forward about what they wanted for their child.
I have had the same experiences. Will you please PM me the principals name?
Here is a post  from Alice Linahan:

This should be of great concern to ALL Texas Parents.

“The State Board of Education will now require the use of machine-readable curriculum standards when publishers create new high school reading language arts instructional material. This is the first step towards requiring interoperability.”

“Project Unicorn partners presented at SXSWedu March 2018. Dell Foundation presented that data interoperability meant a 360-degree view of student data, information on past test scores, attendance, behavior, etc. right there on the spot and the USDoE’s Digital Promise, who is interested in leveraging the mind, brain connection in education, moderated a panel on bringing brain scanners to measure students’ learning. Read more about this and Bill Gates’ investing in a brain research company that develops next-generation Mind Tracking Solutions, which can be integrated into existing eye tracking devices and software here. ]

alice l image
And another post from her:


“So Mike Morath, Texas Education Agency (TEA) commissioner, failed at his Home Rule attempt in Dallas (See Panning a Charter Takeover of all public schools). So via legislative mandate in SB 1882, Texas has now empowered TEA to use gangster moves to force schools into private management.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

can Nebo District do this?
Email from teacher below. I will post her first email from during school yesterday in the comments. This is what she sent today.

“After I emailed you last, I attended an ethics training for SAGE and received new policy information from the district and state. This year, schools are required to provide an alternate learning experience during SAGE. That means that opt-out students will have a different assignment that will still be required–so if you were to check out Trent on those days, he will still need to make that assignment up. Just for your information, this is found in Utah Code 531-15-1403: “Teachers may not reward or punish a student for being excluded from testing. Schools are required to provide an alternative learning experience for the student while the rest of the class takes the assessment.” This particular alternate assignment is the same for each 7th-grade English class at our school. This assignment will neither be a punishment or a reward–just a different option for those opting out.

As far as grading for SAGE goes, we have been directed to give participation grades–this has nothing to do with how well they score on SAGE or whether or not they opted out, but it is based on their effort in participating. Students who opt out of the SAGE will earn these points by taking the opt-out assignment, which will also be graded based on effort–not mastery. If you’d still like to check Trent out of school, he can make up the assignment at home.

If you have any other concerns or questions about the new policy, my administrators would be happy to explain this further.”


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Watch out for these freaky educational mind-benders …
They’ll infuse ‘em with norms and ethical standards … which they’ll approve … and auto-correct their emotions so they lose any traces of childhood … and become perfectly calibrated, social creeps.

And that’s how they’ll retool your kid’s personality … and rehabilitate their identity … pretty much without bothering you at all. But that should bother you to no end.

Read on … and see what you’re up against …

kid zombie


And here are some replies to said post:

I went to my great-grandaughters school to have lunch with her (that’s nice that the school allows that) as I stood in the hall watching the class arrive I thought “my Lord it’s the Hitler army” perfectly straight line of perfectly spaced littles, no touching!!, no talking (pretend you don’t see Grammy standing over there) God forbid that she show any delight in seeing Grammy. A far cry from my school days when “best Friends ( you are not allowed to say the “best” part anymore) actually held hands in the hallway on the way to lunch. It’s no wonder when I greet a teenager on the street they look at me like I have 3 heads! It’s so pathetic – indeed no joy.

This is my 10 year old daughter’s vocabulary words this week. Thought you would appreciate this 😔

 hard voacb
my son hasn’t seen spelling words since 3rd grade & they weren’t little words. Yet he cant spell small daily words. I’m doing spelling, cursive & the states with my kids over the summer. my daughter is 15 & my son is now 12. They don’t know much of any of that.
I’ve seen the same. The village mayor’s son taught 1st grade. He literally told the kids to look straight ahead, eyes on the back of the head in front of you. haven’t you heard the little songs they sing while being on line. indeed looks like prison.
I’m really considering pulling my last 2 (of 4) out of school and home schooling. I am seeing my bright vibrant children being literally dummed down and commonsence being squashed. Heartbreaking to say the least.
My seventh grade granddaughters are going on a field trip, job fair! Can you believe that!? But they make kids believe that is a good thing!
 I guess we need to protest harder, they are losing their childhood.
 Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Assemblyman Ra and Assemblyman Murray Disappointed the Assembly Majority has Blocked Transparency in Schools

Assemblyman Ed Ra is disappointed to announce that his bill, the “Standardized Testing Transparency Act” (A2312) was held in the Assembly Committee on Education. The legislation would have allowed the Commissioner of Education to release all questions and content on state tests as well as data on the number of students who completed, opted out or were eligible to be tested within 30 days following the test.

“We need to provide our families with this information so they can feel confident when making their personal decision on whether or not to have their children take the new Common Core tests,” said Ra. “Students and parents deserve this transparency, as it will help them determine what is right for their families, as each family has a unique situation. By blocking this legislation, Assembly Democrats are once again refusing to allow families the opportunity to decide what is right for their children. Our teachers are also being let down, as they are caught in the middle of all this. It is already known that there are issues with the content of the tests and its administration, this secrecy is not helping anyone. Though the Assembly Democrats continue to refuse to help students and their families, I will continue to fight for this transparency. We need to be open and honest about what is going on behind the scenes so each family can decide what is right for them.”

“It was disappointing that Assembly Democrats once again let down our teachers, parents and students by blocking the Standardized Testing Transparency Act, legislation that would have given families peace of mind in helping to determine if it was appropriate for their children to take these standardized tests. We have already seen a myriad of problems with the contents of the test’s questions and with how they are administered. I will continue to fight for the highest level of transparency and accountability in regards to the curriculum being taught and the tests that are administered, to help our parents make the best educational choices for their children,” said Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue), the Ranking Republican Member of the Education Committee.


University of Utah has a crying closet for snowflakes to use:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

A good friend of mine spent $40K per year to send her child to a good private school to avoid Common Core and the school to work infiltration. She wanted a truly educated child not human capital for the planned economy. The result for her sacrifice…..her daughter could not score well on the SAT. Even though this child had a 4.0 gpa and had all AP classes. The problem, she knew real math but did not know Common Core math. So her mother had to put out $80 per hour all summer so her child could now learn the CC way to do math and score better on the SAT. I tried to convince her to by-pass the SAT and go directly to the college entrance exam but she was stuck in the same paradigm as many other parents. They think the SAT is the only way to get into college. There is sadly only one solution to this problem. We need to stand up and STARVE THE BEAST. We need to take down this system. Make implode upon itself. But it will take parents willing to stop sending the children into the belly of the beast. If we could get 30% of parents to pull their kids we just might be able to bring it all down. If not we will have 30% of future population with a real education.

I found this post from a California group, though the post was from 2016:

Do you want your student’s data collected and housed in a longitudinal data system outside of the CDE? Well, it’s happening.

The CORE districts are experimenting with your kids. After conducting a two year pilot on ways to measure social emotional learning (SEL), the lead psychologist (Angela Duckworth) backed out of CORE’s project. She felt the implementation of SEL measures was ahead of the science, but that hasn’t slowed CORE down.

CORE Districts are now collecting extensive data on your kids that reaches well beyond academics.

More importantly, this data is being collected and housed outside of CDE’s data system, CALPADS.

Per CORE’s federal wavier, these districts agreed to build a robust longitudinal data system, which is housed at Stanford’s John Gardner Center for Youth. The system was designed to share data across key sectors related to education, such as heath and human services, welfare and criminal justice departments, after school and community programs etc.

The goal is to generate a comprehensive digital profile of every student in order to track his/her performance and progress from cradle to career. The endgame is a sustainable (planned) economy. Although the shift to SEL is couched in the well being of students, it is actually driven by corporate interests, folks who see your kid as human capital.

Thanks to FERPA and CORE your child’s data can and will be shared widely with any number of third parties that have a “legitimate educational interest.”

This year CORE has added several more schools and charters into the fold. From the first federal waiver, CORE intended to scale its approach across the state.

The extensive data collection is a threat to your child’s privacy and safety. More importantly, it won’t improve the quality of his/her education.

So, if you don’t want your child’s personal information collected and shared, you have to speak up. Opt out of adaptive learning software. Demand textbooks and teacher generated assessments, old school paper and pencil tests.

Looks like another student has been suspended for a gun range post on social media:
I found this post in an anti-Common Core group:
Teachers on strike in Arizona, marching in Colorado. I went to some of the Red for Ed Facebook pages, all are supported by “BATS”. That should tell you everything you need to know about Red for Ed. :\    BATS is run by Mark Naison who is a close friend of Bill Ayers. BATS is not Against Common Core! They are all about empowering the Teachers UNION.
 Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Hill told Harris that she left the AEA after her first year of teaching. She is not alone.

Because AEA has failed miserably to represent teachers in the state for years, fewer and fewer teachers belong to the organization. This is not strictly an Arizona phenomena. In fact, across the country, as teachers’ associations took on political fights that had nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with progressive issues like climate change, membership has fallen off.


A  Nevada school that let their students participate in the National Walkout Day is being sued for barring a student from wearing a pro-gun t-shirt:


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Excerpt –Google measuring “soft skills” in k-12 NH schools:
“According to this recent article in the Manchester Union Leader, SNHU received a $1 million dollar grant from Google to develop an assessment to measure “soft skills.”
Soft skills include behaviors, attitudes, and the mental health of the person being assessed. In NH, these soft skills are being assessed k-12 too. In some cases this is being done without parental knowledge or consent. This is part of the Competency Based Education model that includes measuring attitudes, dispositions, and behaviors.”


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

NWEA MAP TESTS. Parents, did you know that all students who take the NWEA MAP growth test, have a separate ENGAGEMENT profile? (It has nothing to do with whether they answered the questions correctly or incorrectly.)
What follows is a brief account of a nearly 7 month NWEA Q & A communication and related FOIA. Many questions remain unanswered. I invite NWEA, teachers, students, other parents to give input — as this is something that potentially affects millions of US students. If you are short on time, here is the very short ‘Top 10’ version:

1. NWEA rebranded in 2017, won award for new Social Emotional Assessment tool for MAP Growth, announced new “engagement” profiling for every student, and hired new CEO, Chris Minnich, of CCSSO, the Common Core copyright co-owner.

2. Detecting Social Emotional skills is a $43 Billion global market for edtech.

3. NWEA maintains one of the largest repositories of student growth data in the nation. Why hasn’t NWEA signed the SIIA privacy pledge to not sell student data?

4. Where is NWEA data being shared; how is it being used and analyzed? Collaborators, Researchers, Hitachi.

5. Do parents know their child has an engagement profile with NWEA ? Can parents opt out of this profile? (No).

6. In a study with Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research Proving Ground Network , and a Gates funded CORE school district, NWEA has used personal data from the NWEA engagement profile and COMBINED this pii data with personal, student-level (pii) data from students’ self-reported behavior surveys. NWEA’s study concludes that test disengagement (rapid response) is “connected to risk of dropping out of school …and a lot of deep-rooted problems”.

7. Who will be able to see if a student has been flagged as disengaged (or at risk for these “problem areas”) by NWEA? (ie: Will this disengagement profile or flag ever be shared with colleges, employers?) Did parents give informed consent for this NWEA study that combines and potentially re-purposes sensitive student data? In asking NWEA and FOIA of the school district, (here), I could find no evidence of explicit permission or informed parent consent. Will NWEA obtain informed consent in the future and allow parents to opt out of SEL or Engagement data?

8. Accuracy?

9.NWEA Reading Fluency now uses Voice Recognition technology. How is THAT data being analyzed, used?

10. NWEA and researchers, edtech, Congress can learn from the Facebook scandal. Children’s data should not be taken without consent, should not be repurposed, researched, and analyzed without transparency and consent. You need to do better. We deserve #GDPRfor ALL.

And here is another post from said group:

The SREB, an unaccountable, unelected regional board encompassing 16 states is now marketing itself on facebook. Don’t take the bait. They are NOT our friends. They have way too much influence in our state government.

positive learning sneaky
 Here is a post shared by Alice Linahan:
Curious about who KISD is selling your information to? I gathered the list into a single PDF, so you can easily search it.
I am one of those requesters, as you‘ll see. I was denied further information, which I explained here:
There were 22 requests for the student directory just this year, below are a few of the businesses, but you can also find the individuals who requested here:
University of Houston
SafeKeys Driving School
Language Kids World
White Rhino Financial
Strawbridge Studios, Inc.
Air Force
First Community Credit Union
 Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:
NEA bad boys.jpg
 It looks like the Parkland school wasn’t safe and that security measures that were supposed to be implemented weren’t and that loads of money allocated for school safety wasn’t used for it.   And, he too found the Obama disciplinary regulations to be at fault.  (Of course, the school called his report “fake news”, but that’s what illiberals do when exposed.)  We can thank one student journalist, who has more integrity than all of CNN put together, for finding this out:
 Here is another post from Alice Linahan:

The Interagency Day Care Standards of 1971 federal law.
Excerpt: “Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

Then, in 1981 the American Legislative Education Council, formed by Paul Weyrich (“We are radicals who want to change the existing power structure. We are not conservatives…”), mailed to 16,000 state and federal officials and legislators a suggested educational voucher.

Thomas A. Shannon, Executive Director of the National School Boards Association, said, “Tuition Tax credits for private schools profoundly change the character of private education. Private schools that operate with public money will be subject to public regulations.”

Sure enough, concurrently, on July 18, 1971, key federal legislation underlying and controlling any subsequent education legislation was adopted.

This master control system, “The Interagency Day Care Standards,” hinged upon the federal government’s own definition of day care: “Day care is defined as the care of a child on a regular basis by someone other than the child’s parents for any part of the 24-hour day.”

It states that “Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

School Choice Corporate Reformers are not pushing quality education, they are just pushing… “Choice” and “Competition”.

Who could be against “Choice” and “Competition” in America?

As my friend Michael Bohr correctly states…
“Parents, who are the first and forever educators of their children, are the only people who hold the right to determine “the best interests of their child.

Everyone one else has an agenda that puts their best interests over those of the child and they have done so by taking control of our government.

Their hope is that we continue to fight the false battles they lay down before us and forget that we, the parents, are the sole authority in determining the education and upbringing of our children.”


Does Brent Lawson know what has been written into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which is the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), originally passed in 1965, opening the door for Title 1 federal dollars to go to economically disadvantaged students?

Anita Hoge clearly laid it out…..

“Specialized Student Support Services” and “Direct Student Services” mandate equitable services to all private schools, the same as in public schools. This is referred to in the ESEA legislation as “meaningful choice.”

There are specific lists of providers that must be used, as well as, an ombudsman that will oversee compliance in private schools. This is where the mandate will force teachers to identify students as being At-Risk of not meeting College and Career Ready/Common Core as a disability and perform psychological services paid for by IDEA. These interventions are defined as positive behavior intervention and supports, PBIS, multi-tiered system of supports, MTSS, response to intervention, RTI, and early intervening services, EIS, etc.

These interventions are happening NOW because of the Flex Waivers.
By identifying students as At-Risk under Title I, ALL will receive psychological treatment and interventions on your children in private, Catholic, and Christian schools, as well as homeschools (defined as a private school.)


Regular classroom teachers are being trained to identify children who would need services through PBIS, RTI, EIS, & MTSS.

Once EDUCATION SAVING ACCOUNTS (ESA)’s are in full operation, dedicated to each individual student, an individual career pathway meeting College and Career Ready/Common Core soft skills (Grit) interventions and a treatment plan which will be funded by direct student services known as psychobabble.
Because these specialized services are defined in the legislation as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc, these services will be mandated. These members of the psych profession will be in a position for MEDICAID TO BE BILLED FOR SPECIALIZED STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES. This is your meaningful CHOICE.

Medicaid is on the scene as mental health wrap around services. Your family and child will be assigned a case manager. This initiates an individual family service plan. The federal government has just walked into your front living room door.


Bell has written extensively about parents not being capable to raise their own children.)


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

I just received this email from an angry parent who lives in another state. I’m trying to figure out if this is a ACT requirement or a local one. Has anyone’s child had a similar experience?

“Hi All,

My son took the P-ACT this morning. He came home angry because the first hour was spent collecting data on the students, question after question regarding their preferences on various topics. Because he is my son, he entered “indifferent” to all that would allow him to do so.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the questionnaire, he had to sign a waiver to allow third parties to use the data collected on the data sheet. Though he did not want to agree, he didn’t feel he had any choice but to sign off on the waiver.

Not surprising yet very upsetting.”


The University of Texas has tragically caved to the gender confusion insanity:


More anti-Christian censorship in Alabama:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

87% of Teachers vote to DISASSOCIATE from the NEA teachers union. One of the Nations two largest teachers unions (the other is AFT)

“Las Vegas teachers, fed up with how their dues are being spent, voted overwhelmingly late Wednesday to cut all ties with their state and national parent unions.

The vote by the members of the Clark County Education Association, which represents almost 20,000 teachers in the Las Vegas area, is a significant loss to the National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union.

It devastates the NEA’s Nevada affiliate, the Nevada State Education Association, as the Clark County local makes up half the membership of the entire state.

The national NEA now has a $2 million hole in its budget for this year, and it will also need to send money to the state affiliate, which won’t be able to sustain itself and will likely see staff layoffs.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

The first #SEL #Accountability bill?
Colorado has a bill to assess students’ attitudes and disposition and tie it to accountability.

Have you seen this SEL accountability pilot in other states?


And here are the replies to this post:

The problem resides with top-down accountability itself. Accountability—which started here in Texas with GW Bush and his faux “Texas Miracle” turning around “failing schools”—is a set of neoliberal management tools deployed to undermine local democratic control of public education, destroy public unions, disempower parents and educators, and ultimately privatize public education. We should work to oppose all forms of hierarchical, top-down accountability. Schools instead should be accountable to students, parents, and the local community.

California piloted SEL in 2016-17 in 10 big, urban districts. The pilot was done with Transforming Ed out of Massachusetts, who created MESH.

the CORE districts are the same districts where they did this NWEA study— and I can’t find evidence that parents consented/ knew that stidnets’ Pii survey data was given to NWEA MAPs and they tied students’ quick response times to deep-rooted problem areas. I worry this (accurate??) NWEA SEL algorithm will be used as a predictor.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

My 6th grader came home worrying about SBA testing and having to write an argumentative essay. She said something about failing 6th grade if she doesn’t do well. I told her that was garbage, they couldn’t fail her for this test but now I want to make sure. Anyone know off the top of their head?


Somebody needs to tell this Virginia high school that 9th grade sex ed courses that mention oral sex and sex toys are INAPPROPRIATE:


Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

The best thing about being a Dyslexia mom with a reputation for advocacy? Other moms are always still telling me about their kids successes and struggles. The recent instructional tour with its pictures has sure brought out a few discussions.

Flipped Algebra in 8th grade. Did you know it is almost completely digital? Students are assigned videos, they take Cornell notes at home and return to school to work in class. I actually had a kid whose teacher started this more than 5 years ago. But, what this mom was telling me, actually it is 2 moms. The videos aren’t always the same presenter or the same quality. Kids come to class and use the new NSpire calculators purchased by the district. No longer does the student need to understand factoring, they just need to understand how to translate the problem into equations on the Nspire “scratch Pad” and allow the calculator to solve. The work is multiple choice. If the answer isn’t one of the 4, assume you typed it in wrong. The “I am a mean mother,” of the 2 moms who brought up Algebra, says she has been teaching her student how to actually solve problems all year; factoring, the quadratic equation, systems of equations…she makes her child demonstrate he can solve Algebra problems based on knowledge. This is very different than when her older students took Algebra. And she is concerned because it is always a battle. Her student just wants to plug in answer choices and see which ones work. The teacher does not grade, the answers without work are simply reported into a google doc. Her concern is that the kids aren’t really learning Algebra and will not be prepared for HS science or math courses. Her older students have not graduated from high school.

Parents with students in Algebra, using the Nspire calculator, it is the end of the year, if your student had a paper and pencil test, could they solve Algebra problems?


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Superintendent McGrath states that they want to reduce over testing. But the students in 8th grade have always taken state math tests and one day of a math final, same as this year. The difference is they have ADDED a day of the math final to punish kids whose parents have opted them out state tests. Unfortunately, those kids are already sitting through the flawed state test which wasted their instructional time and your taxpayer dollars.


Here are some frightening stories about the teacher strikes and what is going on behind the scenes.  It also mentions other forms of indoctrination in schools too:


Here are some posts from the anti-competency based education group:

Workforce = competencies. Education is now a talent pipeline and about earning a set of competencies / skills needed by business and workforce. ACT follows this w their Career Competencies model:
“Industry competency models are descriptions developed by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) to establish the skills, knowledge, and abilities required in growing industry sectors. The models help individuals obtain the training needed for various career paths in a specific industry, and they identify skills that are transferable across an industry. They are important because they promote an understanding of the skill sets and competencies that are crucial to building a globally competitive American workforce.
How does the ACT National Career Readiness Certi cate (ACT NCRC®) align with the models?
Each USDOL industry competency model is built on a series of tiers. At the base, Tiers 1–3 represent the essential foundational skills. The ACT NCRC, based on ACT WorkKeys assessments, certifies these skills and enables an individual to rise to the next tier—to advance toward success in a chosen occupation.”…/doc…/WK-Brief-CompetencyModels.pdf


Why they are killing the GED: “Skills-based hiring has provided the city of Albuquerque a higher quality applicant pool and significant return on investment in our hiring practices. It has also allowed us to replace the GED requirements with skills scores which then opened up a significant population of applicants we would not have seen before.

– Vince Yermal, Director of Human Resources, City of Albuquerque”


Albuquerque was the one city I did research on for the WorkKeys, career pigeonholed assessment. The City was using it on their perspective employees as well as current ones. Passed it off as happier employees. The sales pitch WorkKeys video expressly states no national work certificate, no job.


Ugh. It is so insulting as a older worker to have to take a skills assessment to get a job. Your resume and work experience mean almost nothing to today’s HR. And no test currently used accurately measures soft skills. Companies are missing out on great candidates because the 20 somethings in HR only know how to read a score not a person.



Maybe if we spent less time doing walkouts to protest Trump and guns and less time doing pointless testing, we’d have more students that could read well:


Sorry, not buying it, UC Berkley:


In response to an article, on an Illinois anti-Big Government group,  about the costs of higher education, one person said:

It wasnt the cost that drove my son out of an Illinois college. It was the constant barrage of politics. The damned teachers spent so much time bashing Trump and the Republicans you’d swear they were running for office. Complaints to the school, state and the feds went nowhere. The students are quite tired of not learning what they signed up for. I’ve spoke to dozens of students who are leaving Illinois colleges and you would be shocked to learn how many actually say they are not learning anything because of the agendas.


And some other said:

I see a lot of that at the high school level.
That’s exactly why I just pulled my daughter out of her High School…..she’s going to a private school next year.
What college was this?   What high school was that that you pulled out of?
 Daughter in Bartlett HS…..son was at Elgin College.
Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Freight Train UPDATE. Those that know what CASEL is all about, will be alarmed. NYS has led the way she nice 2013 voluntarily being the piloting grounds for SEL. Linda Darling Hammond and CASEL essentially run NYSED. As cohort II (2013) NYS is NOW the first State to implement SEL Pre-K-12 embedding in curriculum.

The state Board of Regents May meeting kicked off at 9 a.m. TODAY in Albany for a morning session and an overview of new new guidance and resources for social emotional learning.


Here is another post from the Illinois anti-Big Government group:

My daughter and I went to a University of Chicago Admissions event. They disgusted me during the event with their Liberal agenda. The deciding factor putting them OUT of the running was when they started talking about Obama having “been a teacher” there. No mention that faculty rejected him and that he was a token patronage appointment on a non-tenure track position. She is very happy at Purdue.


Yet another instance of persecution of students who support the 2nd Amendment:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Looking for clarification. I’m in Nebo district. I’ve got an 8th grader who keeps getting put in in-school suspension because he is opted out and isn’t doing the alternate assignment. Is he required to do it? From what I’m reading on the group, the school is required to offer one, but he’s not required to do it, right?


And here are the replies to this post:

No, he’s not required to take it. I wish this were more clear on the books, though.


That’s how I understand it. Personally, I would be okay with alternate assignments as long as it isn’t SAGE related & as long as it doesn’t effect their grade.

This is what the rule says: “(9) An LEA shall ensure that a student who has been exempted from participating in a state required assessment under this section is provided with an alternative learning experience if the student is in attendance during test administration.”

And the Testing Ethics Policy gives some examples, but they are only examples & not requirements:
“Students are provided an educational activity if they are opted-out of a state assessment
Some examples are:
*LEA, school, or teacher created assessment on course standards
*A short essay (grade appropriate expectations) related to a Utah Core standard which could be student selected or assigned”…/bd4cdc0e-1892-4b64-bac4…


And here is another post from said group:

Anyone know if a law got passed—if a school District approved full-day optional kindergarten they would receive more funding? I know it was talked about a few years ago. But I can’t find anything recent. Also, I need opinions about KEEP. I’m trying to determine if I should opt out. Thanks in advance!


And here are some replies to this post:

I have administered the KEEP assessment, I think it’s a well designed test. I think the data could be used to show that full-day kindergarten has benefits with the assumption that the full-time kindergarten children will score better that 1/2 day children


I’m not sure about the law & funding, that might take a little while to find. The search function hasn’t been working for me since they updated the website. I am very concerned with the KEEP assessment though. The questions are fine, but I don’t like the social-emotional questions. A huge thanks to [name withheld] that those questions aren’t reported to the state (originally they would’ve been, but she stood firm during the State Board meeting to protect our children’s privacy). I will be opting out of it, even though it’s not listed on the state opt out form. We are over testing our children in our obsession with data & I don’t want to encourage it, especially when it’s coming from the state level & not the local level.


My school district has recently adopted an all-day optional Kindergarten. My main concern is not academics, it’s the reason behind the move. I tend to look at things in a macro-scale. Why after all these years are they doing this? Is it for the good of the child or is the real reason, their pocketbooks. I have done a little research and two years ago it was proposed in the Utah Senate that schools who offer full day Kindergarten vs half day could get more money for funding. Even if it’s offered as optional. It has always been optional at certain schools in our county, Huntington, for example, but why make it District wide? The more I research the more I find its less about the children and more about their own bank accounts. I think the reason I’m really upset about it, is because I see my influence upon my children moving more and more toward the government. Us commoners don’t know what’s best for our children. They take God out of everything at school, while we teach it at home. It’s no wonder our society is turning less and less to God. I don’t like that most of his friends are going to do it. It puts a lot of pressure on me to be full day, even though it’s optional. He’s going to wonder why his friends get to stay. I’m going to have to pray about it a lot. My sister’s kids do a full day in Texas, and they come home tired and wanting to sleep. We need to protect our little children, not burn them out. So what if they can read at 5? I want to know if he can be kind and learn to play nicely with others. The more practice he has at that, the more I can see his leadership skills, creativity, etc. He’s taken 2 years of preschool and has done UpStart this past year, already beginning to read. But he’s just a child and people will soon forget that, if their not careful. Thanks for the insight. I have a lot to think about.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

My Thoughts on college degrees..

Most college degrees are completely and utterly worthless.

From my recent job hunting experience, I saw tons of jobs that “required” a bachelor’s degree yet only paid just a tad over minimum wage.

Why would anyone in good conscious saddle their children with $60,000+ (usually more) of debt that they had no chance of ever paying off in their entire lifetime when their fancy degree doesn’t even help them get better than a minimum wage job?

They wouldn’t even be able to afford basic necessities such as rent, utilities, food, etc and this doesn’t even remotely include the costs if they decided or happened to have children of their own.

Trade classes in middle/high school are all but extinct and it seems that there is no push at all for any trades. People need people who know how to build and fix things.

There are virtually no classes or parental involvement to teach kids how to cook, take care and clean up after themselves, how to be a decent human being and not treat others like complete crap either. This list could go on for quite a while.


I truly feel bad for the educators that truly give a shit..

You have so many things stacked against you and I don’t blame any of you that haven’t been able to take it anymore and left the industry.


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Substitute Teacher Observes Blatant Indoctrination In A Public School Classroom

For her exposure of partisan politics in the classroom and support of the #purpleforparents group, Jennifer Hill came under attack on social media.

On Friday, Hill, a 20 year veteran teacher, who has been a certified substitute teacher for the Chandler Unified School District since 2012, was notified that she had been fired.

“I have been speaking out against the #redfored “movement, have been posting my opposition in a respectful manner and have been on the radio speaking about the facts on the progress and budget. In the week before the teacher walk-out/strike, the district began canceling substitute jobs I had accepted and planned to work,” said Hill. “During the strike of course, there was no work. I had substitute jobs scheduled for after the strike and next week. The District cancelled all of them. On Friday morning I began to get harassing messages from teachers in the District saying they got me fired. They said they hoped that I would never sub anywhere else, ever again, and were laughing at me.”


And another post from this group:

Perhaps if Gates really cares about the learning disadvantage he should stop pushing the vaccines that are causing so many children to be on the autism spectrum. Or perhaps her should study the effects of the rise in fatherless homes on a child’s ability to learn. Gates has long been involved in research to change brain function and other sicko projects. He was involved years ago in an education initiative with Bill Ayers that fell flat on its face and cost Gate billions. His involvement in Common Core is failure #2, Common Core 2.0 will also fail and this new venture again it is marked to fail already. The man is a leper and does not have the best interest of education or our children in his hear. How come his boys went to a private school that does not use Common Core and only limited technology. He is a guy with a big fat check book that thinks he is God. He is a rich guy that wants to be even richer and make all of his buddies richer. We have people buying education that have no clue. This includes our President, our First Lady and the US Secretary of Education. Parents………listen up…..there is only one way to fix this situation because believe it or not it is functioning as it was intended to function 100 years ago…..they just didn’t have the technology back them. So you cannot fix what is not broken. We need to circumvent their plan to train workers for the planned economy. We have to pull our kids out and work together in the community to educate our children outside the federal institutions. Just research John Dewey and Horace Mann. They say it outright. Public school is not to educate but the train workers. They perpetuated illiteracy because illiterate people are easy to control and make into obedient workers. How many of you have churches that sit empty all week? We need to fill those empty church rooms with community school run by community workers using Freedom Project Academy we do not need trained or license teachers…..FPA is teacher led. let me know if you are interested in finding out more. But we need to fight a battle we are not going to win and think outside the box to circumvent these vulchers that see our children as nothing more than human capital.


A NJ high school falls prey to the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality:


Here is another post from the Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Que the ban scissors movement. By the way, schools don’t care who is at fault, they punish everyone involved. My son was the victim and was also suspended for defending himself. Wake up parents!


Here is a post from a Mississippi anti-Big Government group:

The State Testing that we have in place in Mississippi is a waste of time and taxpayers dollars and needs to be done away with beginning next year. There are teachers all over the state who are into double digit days of testing / retesting and it’s ridiculous. I spoke to one teacher who stated she was on her 18th day, that’s 18 days of instruction that isn’t taking place because of testing. I’d like to discuss options with as many teachers as possible to get opinions, but I think we need 3 different tests for students to graduate.

1. The ACT for college bound students as well as any other student wishing to take it.
2. A Career entry exam for graduates planning on entering the workforce upon graduation.
3. A Special Education test for students with disabilities.

Our Focus in Mississippi has to be shifted to doing what’s best for our kids instead of doing what’s best for testing companies.
How do we do this?
Expand Job Training Vocational courses in High School.
Auto repair, welding, electrical, HVAC, CDL, Large Equipment Operation, Carpentry, Website building, Masonry, etc.

Our Motto should be “Let Teachers Teach!” not “Let Teachers Test!”

 Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

If you’ve been wondering why everyone is so ‘triggered’ these days…

(This is my son Teddy’s Kindergarten worksheet, part of the SEL curriculum.)

This is not all bad but there are some pretty nasty, underlying elements of ‘Social Emotional Learning’ that parents need to look out for. I’ll elaborate tomorrow on the radio program!

worksheet of SEL
 Kudos to Project Veritas in exposing another fine example of corruption by those charming teachers unions:
 Here  is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:
A certain 3rd grade teacher I know called home in tears because the SAGE math test questions were over-the-top difficult for her students. “It’s so hard they’re just all shutting down!”
 Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Can someone please give me a law to rub in my daughter’s counselor face.She keeps trying to scare my daughter who is a junior to believe that if she is opt- out she will not go to college
And here are some replies to this post:
that is a scare tactic and not true.
My daughter has also been told this, that the SBA is on equal footing with the SAT/ACT in that colleges look at that score as well. This won’t help with the law part of it, but there were a few colleges at our local homeschool convention, and very, very few homeschoolers subject their kids to the state standardized tests. The only thing the SBA did for my daughter was to allow her to walk at graduation with her class and be handed a diploma, whatever that is worth.

What about students who get sick, miss the tests, miss the make-up days, etc.

He/She is using scare tactics.


No law for something that isn’t illegal. (In other words, the existing laws you will find do not support what she is saying)

I don’t know where you are, but what I would do is dial a local community college admissions office on my phone and ask put it on speaker.
When they pick up, ask “I was told by [WOMAN’S NAME] that it is your policy not to admit students who have not taken [TEST].”
Let this imbecile listen when they answer.

Personally, I would go a step further and write letters to local colleges explaining that your school officials are telling kids they should not apply to their college if they haven’t tested. I would say this represents potential economic harm to the college, and if this is not the case, the college admissions office should call [WOMAN] and tell her the actual policy.f

My daughters school (CA) told me that if I opted out, she would have to take a hard test that will go on semester grade instead. Very effective blackmail. 😞
And here is another post from this group:
Opted out my kids from state testing. Two days ago I get a phone call that they need bodies in front of the computer to get their 95% participation. Why don’t they just leave me alone? I had a few choice words for them, but bit my tongue 😣
And here are some replies to this post:
So funding isn’t dependent upon 95% PASSING the test, just TAKING the test?
Im in California. Only 37% passed the math last year. I don’ t think they are going for quality LOL
Which completely negates the purpose, and proves it’s political.
That is, essentially, correct. Varies state to state a bit, but to get their “grade” a school has to have 95% participate. Less than that costs them on their grade. They also get to designate a certain percentage of their students “untestable” so it doesn’t skew their score (or arguably, accurately represent it).
That’s correct. It’s an ESSA requirement. Below 95% makes the test results invalid statistically speaking.
It sounds as if you have 95% participate, but only 30% pass, you’re fine with your funding?
It is all about participation. We wouldn’t even get the results of the test. It is all for funding purposes
I cant see how having your kids just sit in front of the computer could help them achieve their participation count. Typically, from what I’ve heard, is that they at least need the children to log into the test for it to count. I was told they could just log in but wouldnt have to take it. I said “Um….no way!.” They can eat the loss but my children would NOT be logging in to anything. They could either arrange for them to be somewhere else or I would come and get them just during testing hours and bring them back when it was done. I did that for 3 days with my 4th grader. Took him out of school each of the days for about an hour and a half and brought him back. (Pulled them from public school after that year and are in year 3 of homeschooling now so things may be different now…idk).
That’s what I’ve learned. The federal law states they could lose funding, going below 95%, but that has never happened. The law is not being enforced. (Even if it was, I really wouldn’t care. That’s really my point, I am not happy with schools doing this so if they hurt a little, maybe they’ll rethink this crappy system. I wish more families opted out so they’d get our message loud and clear!)
I don’t bite my tongue. My kids school flips out when my kids are absent 1 day…gotta get all the head count for the $ they are not helping our kids out with 😠
Don’t bite your tounge they can’t keep running all over us. Stand your ground put your foot down (hugs to you) Good luck
I live in CA, and my high school daughter was bullied into being at school for 4 hours while the rest took the test. I have been backed in a corner by teachers about the blasted test. One told me that my daughter’s results would help her look good on the test and another one told me that they needed that data to help the teachers.  The teachers even wanted my children to do the practice test! I give the teachers one chance to find something for my children to do during the test, if not I find things for my children, so the stupid school can get their money for the child for the day.
The thing is my kids don’t give a rat’s patootie about the test. It is my stand on the political agenda of it. If we are to fight this crap, I have to stand my ground, and not bend over backwards for them. Giving in would be giving up on this fight
They told me that my special needs high schoolers (who are easily manipulated by authority) HAD to be there but it was their CHOICE to open the test. I can only hope that whatever they DID take helps to skew the school’s stats since they are being “graduated” with a first grade reading level.
We had our Principal and Vice Principal call multiple times to both mine and my husband’s cell phones. We have high testing special needs kids. They are the gold mine in the school funding world for testing. I didn’t find that out until I became the school’s Special Needs Parent Representative.
Can you opt out in Michigan the school has told me numerous of time’s I can’t opt put it’s Michigan Law?
I’m in Michigan. My girls do not take the test. Technically, it’s not “opting out.” If you use those words, they may tell you that you can’t. There is no law that says your kids must take the test. Hence, no reason to “need to opt out.” Make them SHOW YOU THE LAW, requiring they take the test. There is none. If they refuse to honor your request (& u think they are going to try & make them test) I’d keep them home. I was told they had no place for them to hang out during testing (3rd&4th grade) which is ridiculous. But I gladly kept them home. Then in 5th grade I pushed back, due to their age. They “found” a place for them. Same this year for 6th grade.
Is this opt out option only for certain states? Washington state requires us to give pur kids an end of the yr test. We keep the results. I test my kids on their subjects all yr, I never understood why I need to do the end of the yr test.
My kids test the week of May 14 and the week of May 21. They took their last math unit test last week. They won’t have another test but are reviewing each unit now with review homework for prepping for the SBA. There is NO MORE LEARNING FOR THE NEXT EIGHT WEEKS!!! What the heck are we paying teachers and admin for if they are done teaching math and English for two whole months. 140 days out of 180 are scheduled learning and 40 days are wasted. I’m ready to pull them since they aren’t taking SBA. This just seems like a complete waste and a cram session for the next two weeks. So sad.
And another post from said group:
kid abused by testers
 A 12 year old autistic student was ARRESTED for shooting an IMAGINARY gun at school:
 Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I hope parents see what is happening here. This is the same agenda that forces parents to shoot poison into their children’s bodies in order for them to attend public school or daycare. Of course I blame parents for complying but that is just me. But this article again demonstrates how they are forcing compliance to follow an education agenda that is nothing more than training for obedient workers. You either follow the agenda or you don’t go to college, you don’t play college sports and even worse you are not employable. This is straight up Communism. Parents are still sitting back and playing right into their hands. The agenda is called DELIVEROLOGY. Deliverology is a plan for implementing change created by Sir Michael Barber of the UK. He also works for Pearson (surprise, surprise) He also is the founder of the Education Delivery Institute (EDI). Deliverology teaches change agents how to implement change that in a way that it is irreversible. This is exactly what we are seeing. I cannot speak for any other state (you might want to do some research) but I can speak for Tennessee. In 2010 the state of TN entered into a contract with EDI to implement Common Core. I bet if you dig deep you will find not only TN hired EDI but other states did too.

We have been deceived into a global agenda that if parents do not bring it down NOW will forever hold our children captive as obedient workers filling the human capital needs of the planned global economy, not their own wants, needs and dreams. PARENTS it is time to stand up and wage war. It is time for neighbors, friends, relatives, communities to come together get our kids out of these hell holes and educate them outside the system. You can NEVER say you weren’t warned.


Now the California State Teachers Retirement System is trying to use its financial might to attack the 2nd Amendment:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This is Vivienne Ming’s project Socos Labs. She spoke at the New Schools Venture Fund Conference this week. “Naturalistic Data
Data from the real world is noisy and confusing, full of holes yet still flooding in at dizzying speed. Microphones in classrooms, real-time wearable data, pictures of kids’ artwork, information flowing through corporate social networks, and so many more forms of naturalistic data seem overwhelming, but they reveal insights into human behavior that structured surveys, high-stakes exams, and annual 360’s can never achieve. For example, we’ve shown how a bot monitoring free-form discussions among students could outperform final exams in assessing their conceptual understanding of course material, and do it starting on week one.”

NDD image


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Sent from Parshall, North Dakota:
Freshman physical science class assignment in Parshall. May 14. INSANE.


Here is a post from an Alabama anti-Common Core group:

Pray for Election June 5th–Share Please Share this list of Candidates statewide. Make a Stand so Children and US can have a better future

We have seen the harm and have been ignored, ridiculed. The children have been harmed thru mis-education or call it indoctrination. Pray to God for mercy that we can stand in the gap against those who would make the children of promise to be their slaves and bring Socialism here. Truth is out Common Core aka College and Career Readiness has failed but it is being used as a vehicle for change . Your vote and prayers needed. Remember to vote June 5th!

Please pray for Venezuela and US that God would end the evil mindset of these evil leaders. Vote for the right leadership matters…

“It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:2

For Governor: Scott Dawson

For Lt. Governor: Will Ainsworth

For Attorney General: Alice Martin

Secretary of State: Michael Johnson

For State Auditor: Jim Zeigler

For Commissioner ofAgriculture: Rick Pate

For Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Tom Parker

For Associate Justice Place 1: Debra Jones

For Associate Justice Place 4: John Bahakel

For Court of Civil Appeals Place 1: Michelle Manley Thomason

For Court of Civil Appeals Place 2: Terri Willingham Thomas

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1: Richard Minor

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2: Chris McCool

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3: Bill Cole

Federal Races:

US Congress District 2: Rich Hobson

US Congress District 5: Mo Brooks

State Board of Education:

District 2: John Taylor

District 8: Wayne Reynolds

State Legislature

For Alabama House of Representatives

District 3: Andrew Sorrell

District 4: Tom Fredericks

District 9: James R Bowling

District 10: Charles A. Orr

District 12: Corey Harbison

District 22: Ritchie Whorton

District 23: Tommy Hanes

District 31: Dustin DeVaughn

District 39: TJ Maloney

District 42: Jimmie Hardee

District 49: April Weaver

District 64: Stephen Sexton

District 73: Matt Fridy

District 87: Adam E Parker

District 88: Will Dismukes

District 89: Wes Allen

District 91: Lister H. Reeves, Jr.

District 105: Janet Brown Oglesby

For Alabama Senate

District 2: Tom Butler

District 4: Paul Bussman

District 7: Sam Givhan

District 10: Mack N. Butler

District 12: Wayne Willis

District 13: Tim Sprayberry

District 21: Gerald Allen

District 25: Will Barfoot

District 32: David Northcutt

District 34: Jack Williams


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

“A Harlem elementary school aide with a ‘history of assaulting students’ is accused of dragging a kindergartner by his shirt — causing deep scratches — according to a $10 million lawsuit filed by the boy’s mom.

The Countee Cullen/Public School 194 elementary aide, referred to in court papers as Mr. Kaseem, allegedly dragged the boy off a school stage on Dec. 7, 2017, according to his mother’s Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

Countee Cullen administrators didn’t tell the boy’s mom, Bernadette Torres, about the alleged incident, the suit says. Torres found out when her son, identified as ‘JL’ in court papers, came home ‘with a ripped shirt and deep scratch marks across his chest,’ she told the Daily News.” — New York Daily News’ Laura Dimon and Victoria Bekiempis.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This just happened today!
Any of these terms sound familiar? smh
“”I do think we should look at alternative pathways to graduation, not that we would lower the standards,” Chartrand said.

Others concurred, although Grady again stressed the need to focus on learning and skills rather than credentials.”


An Islamic assignment in West Virginia:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is illegal, correct?

utah sneaky


And here are some replies to said post:

No it’s not legal.

it is written in Utah code that there is to be no reward for taking the test. Utah code is the law.


My school has a sage reward, but even those who opt out get to participate. Make sure you verify that. Sometimes they just use it as a way to explain why they are having a party


My 7th grader’s school advertised rewards for Sage that did originally exclude some students. I complained about it violating the law and it was changed to include all students. I didn’t have a problem with them getting to watch a movie once testing was done, so long as it wasn’t in any way related to how they did on the Sage testing and whether they completed it.


I may make a call to the state. A teacher at this school also instructed my son’s class to be sure not to opt out because it’ll affect her paycheck. My son said she basically said that if you opt out you’re an idiot and don’t care about her job.



Yet another inappropriate sex ed assignment:


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

I have just had a serious awakening. My granddaughter just told us “they” lost points in school today because one kid didn’t sign their name on their homework in their class. Excuse me? What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means folks. It means our kids are being taught to think and act like little automatons. To do what is “good for the group” and encouraged to NOT be individuals. “They,” (as in the class), get rewarded with a party if all goes well and everyone does as they are told. Demerits for the group if not, such as today, because one child forgot to write their name on their homework. Does this not blare out warning bells??


And here are some replies to said post:

Wow! Not ok. My son has lost credit for forgetting his name on classwork/ homework but only as an individual as it should be. I would complain with your teacher and principal directly.


They also have what they eloquently call the “golden plate” and “golden whistle” in this school. Children are judged on which is the best behaved class (ie who is the quietest) in the halls, outside on the playground and in the lunch room. We unfortunately can not afford private schooling for the kids. Homeschooling is a hopeful alternative


A child forgetting his name on a paper isn’t the concern of everyone else. It’s demoralizing and embarrassing to the student.


I totally agree. That’s one of the things my granddaughter and I were discussing. She was saying that she was the “fault” one day because she forgot her name and the date at the top of one of the numerous sheets of homework one night, and was disdainful of the child who’d forgotten recently. We had to have a heart to heart on that one. It seems like such a little thing but it’s indicative of what’s going on in our public school systems. I also understand that those in authority don’t want chaos in the lunch room but a “golden” prize to the ones who (do not speak and) stay quiet?????


I became suspicious of ‘group work’ about 7 years ago when I noticed the desks in my kids classrooms placed in clusters of 3 or 4. Teachers said collaboration was good because the advanced learners would push the slower learners along. I had several issues with that reasoning- 1. I didn’t send my child to school to ‘teach’ the other children. 2. One time my child was told by the teacher she could not advance to the next problem until all in the group were ready to move to the next problem. 3. My child was not necessarily grouped with ‘slower’ learners, but sometimes the ‘class clown’ who had no interest in moving in a forward direction. And 4. when members of the group agreed to do different ”parts of a single assignment, sometimes not all kept up their part of the bargain, so I made my kids do the entire assignment to be sure they didn’t lose points.


I am frighten for the future of these children. Truly.


Me too. So many young parents I know seriously believe I’m a nut and none of ‘this’ affects ‘their’ child. I saw and I KNOW what my children lost after 2012. Never to be made up.


keep up the good fight. I know my son’s school principal and teacher are sick of me because I have had many meetings about the way my son has been treated. The teacher uses parties as rewards also comparing what each child does and deducting points. Also, being quiet at lunch, (when this supposed to be when talking is allowed) but yet they have a game to keep them quiet. It’s manipulative.

They do the party thing as a “reward”’for good little robot behavior here too. Horrendous.


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

And today’s school shootings tie in the “Rethink” and Promise Programs” it’s Gun Control. Don’t believe me?

“But even before victims were laid to rest after their fatal shootings, former U.S Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel exchanged messages on how to frame the tragedy, politically.

During a roughly 10 minute period, the native Chicagoans exchanged seven messages two days following the massacre, in which Mayor Emanuel, who had previously served as President Barrack Obama’s chief of staff, advised Secretary Duncan on what position he should take on the Sandy Hook shootings.

At 6:57PM EST on December 16, 2012, Duncan wrote to Emanuel in a message titled “CT shootings.”

Duncan asked the Chicago mayor, “What are your thoughts?”

Five minutes later, Emanuel responded, “Go for a vote this week before it fades. Tap peoples emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”

Duncan responded immediately, “Yup- thanks.”

“When I did brady bill and assault weapons for clinton we always made it simple. Criminals or war weapons,” Emanuel said in the email to Duncan.

“Gun show loophole?” Duncan responded. “Database? Cop-killer bullets? Too complicated?” he said.

“Cop killer maybe,” Emanuel responded. “The other no.”

The exchange ended when Duncan concluded with, “Got it.”

Two days after the Sandy Hook massacre, the former education secretary and the sitting mayor of Chicago were already discussing a national strategy…”


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

HORRIFYING !!!! I assisted a 7th grader get wi-fi access to her school iPad for her “English Language Arts” homework. She needed to read 13 articles from the school district “NewZella” site and answer questions. Well folks….. the first article was about the shooting in Texas. Absolutely nothing about one’s right to self defend, nothing about the 2nd Amendment. Nope! Only about how the Florida Parkland students had solidarity with the Texas students is creating “reasonable gun laws”. Another article was about how Prom King and Queen could be transgender. PURE DESPOTIC PROPAGANDA!! If that’s not enough, then she “answered questions”. WOW! These were not questions which required critical thinking or English language skills. Nope! There were plainly data collection on what position this child held toward their social agenda. Folks, the schools today are not only NOT EDUCATING kids, they are patently collecting data on kids so as to peg hole them in life by an overreaching, fascist government. They are plainly EVIL!!!!!! This child has been in private schools previous to this year and based on what I see, I would venture to say that this 7th grader has a far better education already than does her “college educated” teacher. PLEASE PARENTS!!!! Get you kids out of these “schools”. They are a real danger to your child.

BTW: This school is in the conservative state of South Carolina in a country town with a population of 540. How bad is it likely in the big city schools in Northern and Western States. GET YOUR KIDS OUT NOW !!!!!

Ask me how.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Our charter school is considering the Go Math! program. Do any of you have experience with or insights on it?


And here are some replies to said post:

It’s junk. Common core junk. My son had it in public school, in 1st grade and I wanted to pull my hair out. 😖


I think that’s what we did when I lived in Colorado a few years ago. I would give it a definite thumbs down! It was awful!


It’s the math curriculum in granite school district. It’s basic common core math.


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Thank you, Chris Berg, for reporting and admitting to blushing as you read the questions. Now, how about exposing the Youth Risk Behavior Survey with its “blushing” questions? According to one ND parent, who after picking up her child from school one day, said her daughter asked what “Oxxx SEX” meant. The mom said she almost crashed the car. Why did the child ask such a question? The YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) had just been administered at her child’s ND school. Chris Berg, will more reporting from you on all of this be coming shortly? Many parents and children will thank you for this and certainly there will be a special blessing from heaven for you, also.
Inappropriate freshman physical science class assignment given in Parshall, ND. May 14. INSANE. Please note this dovetails right with….
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) given to our ND students is from the CDC. How many parents are aware that the survey contains many vulgar sex questions. Links provided below for Middle and High School Survey questions. From the survey results, many funds/grants have been given to some schools deemed at risk due to the results. The validity of the results has and will always be in question due to the fact some kids just answer whatever way let alone that surveys with such questions of attitudes, behaviors, values, beliefs where no parent notification was given makes them “illegal”.
Youth Risk Behavior Survey HIGH SCHOOL grades 9-12:
Youth Risk Behavior Survey MIDDLE SCHOOL grades 7-8:
Here is information on the Youth Risk Behavior Survey from the ND Dept of Public Instruction site:
“North Dakota began participating in the YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) survey in 1995. Students in grades, 7-8 & 9-12 are surveyed in the spring of odd years. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous.”
Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey was developed in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor priority health risk behaviors that contribute markedly to the leading causes of death, disability and social problems among youth and adults in the United States. 


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Reading Plus was just approved after a one year trial in our district. I tried to get the board to vote against it and thought I had done it but then they went ahead anyway because our asst super of curriculum told the board that teachers and students that used it this year just love it!

before I found this source I tried to do a lesson on my own on the website. IT WAS HORRIFIC. Then I found this. Read the comments below. I really wonder if this is not a great idea to get our districts to stop buying this garbage.

My district dropped 266K on this garbage and another 218 on school city assessments. That is almost a half million bucks on garbage.

Any other info on reading plus. I will continue to bring the issues to our board regarding this. This will be in all of our middle schools and high schools next year. What a waste of money.


And here are the replies to said post:

I remember getting a survey from someone on this asking us what we LIKED about Reading Plus, and what our kids liked, but nothing about what we didn’t like. I’ll bet they used that information as the green-light to go ahead.


Odds are our deputy superintendent of curriculum lied like a rug.. you try doing a lesson from their website. It’s awful. It gave me a headache and blurry vision and i could only answer the comprehension questions based on prior knowledge. I go before the board to co test every single CBE purchase and for the last 4 years this same deputy super says the same bs. I’m sick and tired of school boards refusing to research any of this garbage.boards rubber stamp these purchases sight unseen with zero data to justify buying more CBE. Is there any way that we can educate our local school boards? We need more investigative journalism done by parents abs students.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Maybe after Zee State has #identified the “potentially violent” students [probably children of those pesky bitter gun clinging constitutional conservatives], they can make them wear a proud *Lone Star of Texas* on their clothing too, so others are fully aware.


And here are some replies to said post:

With all the nuts in the mental health field and in schools Heck no to Mental Health programs ….this is just bring in part of the health care bill that was killed. Leave the kids alone if we had people acting responsibly in this country and hearing each other we wouldnt have these issues.


Folks this has been in the works for a long time. Anita Hoge has been warning it was coming for years now.

In 1994, Anita Hoge was asked to testify as an Expert Witness, at the Department of Interior National Infrastructure Health and Education Data Security hearing. On December 8, 1994 she presented a paper entitled “Exposing The Medicalization of Schools.” This paper and presentation explained how Medicaid would become the financial vehicle mandating and remediating mental health outcomes. It documented how schools would be required to obtain a partial hospitalization license to bill for Medicaid through Mental Health Wrap-Around Services at school through the identification and re-definition of disabilities of ALL children as “AT RISK” through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. This substantiated the following statement by Ira Magaziner of the Hillary Care hearings in Washington, D.C., in which he said: “Medicaid would merge into the main healthcare system.”


Education, Mental Health, and 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

Hillary’s agenda has always been control – control the kids and control guns… through mental health. If Hillary would get her way, mental health at school under the soothing banner of social, emotional, and behavioral standards, will fully implement her original plan from 1993, which will eliminate the 2nd Amendment by coding children with mental health disabilities.

ObamaCare, the successor to the HillaryCare plan, has funded school-based health/mental health services called Promise Neighborhood Schools, as a precursor to the next step in this agenda. ESSA has legislated Promise Neighborhoods and Community Schools which have now merged with ObamaCare. Here Common Core psychological standards have been legislated to identify and label kids as disabled for normal behavior using Title I and IDEA Special Education. CHILD FIND uses scavenging psychological techniques to identify and put as many normal children as possible into the brain-dipping meat grinder. (See my previous articles for extensive documentation on these key points.) These psychological techniques identify children who are leaders and followers. Leaders are the target for interventions. Go along to get along are the global citizens of tomorrow.


These intervention strategies will change our American children into the worker drones for the global economy birth to age 21. No child will escape, especially independent thinkers, children of patriotic parents, or any child who refuses to bend under the grip of these “change makers.”

The Common Core social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our children, their personalities, are the target. CHILD FIND promises to find every normal American child and mold them to the international globalist agenda, Common Core and Common Core psych interventions.

Bill Clinton had a favorite slogan that was popular when he was President,
“It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

But, Hillary’s slogan is just as potent and much more dangerous,
“It’s mental health, stupid!”


Here is another post from Alice Linahan:

Think the state is not taking over local control of traditional public schools? Think Again!

The decision by Tx Commissioner of Education Mike Morath highlights risky nature of PSJA Superintendent Daniel King’s scheme that promises to protect teacher rights while proposing a charter-like takeover of the entire district.

“The commissioner of education has published regulations that he is now simply ignoring,” said Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro. “His agenda of promoting charter school takeovers of public schools is more important to him than the rights of school employees spelled out in the law. In his rush to rubber stamp charter takeovers, he flouts his own regulations and violates the spirit of the law that speaks to the preservation of basic teacher rights.”

“All the assurances Superintendent King has been selling his teachers are being denied by TEA in the San Antonio case,” Malfaro said. “What the Commissioner is telling school districts (and by extension school district employees) is that even if districts want to preserve the rights of teachers and students in these contracts with partners, they can’t do it. These entities taking over the neighborhood schools have to have total autonomy in almost all areas, according to Commissioner Morath.”


A high school won’t let a senior wear an army sash at graduation:

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I am the mother of an identified gifted learner. Proficiency Based Learning has turned our world upside down.  My daughter is in the 7th grade. She’s going through everything – physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically – that every 7th grader goes through. And then they decided to experiment and throw this on top of it all. She cries every day. At school and at home. This is not right.


And here are some replies to this post:

Homeschool if you cannot afford a private school


Homeschooling is not, in my opinion, a very good option


homeschooling may be the only option for a family in order to obtain an education for their child. We must protect educational liberty which allows the parent-guardian to make educational decisions for their children, unlike school choice where the government makes the decisions.
But to dictate that every student must learn on a device and that is what is going on here. They can use any glamorous terminology they want it is wrong and still a one size fits all.


I’m not worried about individual teachers. I believe that, as teachers, we must refuse to comply with abusive policies.
because , when there are no more professional teachers ,
there will be no more “real” education” except for the very wealthy. ( and I speak as a refuser)


I call it abuse of the worst kind.And teachers, although most do not like it, have been too slow to refuse to participate.( And I speak as a life long teacher and worried grandmother)


Every time a teacher implements anything in their classroom that packages learning, they are assembling the same box that will ship them out of a classroom.


And to carry on with your perfect image, that same box will morph into a coffin for the “good little teachers” who tried to appease.!


And NONE of this is what’s best for children. I promise you, it’s the CC standards themselves. They drive this machine of profit, data collection and mining. They drive the tech use and the related social dysfunctions. The Standards are the uranium in this bomb.


Thank you for all of your very thoughtful responses. I’m hoping other parents – and maybe some teachers – will share their war stories. I knew this was going to be a disaster for my daughter from the outset. She is creatively gifted (although I hate to use the “g” word since so many people have an allergy to it). Past classroom awards she has received include “Most Animated Learner” and “Most Creative – For always being an original thinker.” How (and why) could anyone rein in all of that unbridled creative energy and try to shove it into little boxes? You’d have to break her first. The biggest tell in this is that she’s having the most difficult time in Language Arts. Language Arts! She writes books in her spare time, for goodness sakes! Really good books. But she’s being told that she needs to meet a long list of very dry standards, and told to “Be creative!” while slogging through all of the requirements. She stopped doing the work – and I really can’t blame her. Nothing ruins a fun time like a bunch of useless rules. Thanks for letting me vent.
i am afraid you can talk to the district until you are blue on the face. There is only one thing you can do opt your child out of all technology period. No digital for assessments classwork, homework, or games etc and only allow pencil, paper, and books. However depending on where you are it may not be an option. You have to protect your child and ensure an environment that is comfortable for her needs and the public school setting may not be it. Know you are not alone your family is one of many.
 Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Please do not believe Betsy DeVos when she said “Common Core is Dead.” It’s not. It’s everywhere still. It’s our WA State Learning Standards.

Online digital learning platforms use Common Core (as it was designed to do) to build their software.

We still need to keep fighting Common Core.


And another post from said group:

Update: It’s Third Sector Capital working with DEL. I do believe I have seen ReadyNation also working with WA, but I can’t find the link right now. I will post it in the comments. I am sure that Third Sector Capital works with ReadyNation.

ReadyNation is a Social Impact Bonds Group that has received lots of monies from the Gates Foundation.

They are holding a pre k Summit for business people only.

Yep they are trying to make money off of preschoolers.

BTW our DEL already works with these people.

Ready Nation is a Social Impact Bonds Group that has received lots of monies from the Gates Foundation.


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

DEAR, PARENTS WERE YOU POLLED? No? Me either. Let’s be clear this is UNION —->

The UNION letter was addressed to state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, who later said during a Newsday interview that NYSUT and other educational groups had been consulted before the state regulations were drafted.

The regulations would restrict the way that penalized districts spend federal Title I dollars by requiring them to set aside money to be used in encouraging greater student test participation, according to union analysts who have reviewed the 95-page regulatory document. (Hate to say it BUT, Told ya!)

Details on the amount of money to be set aside would be worked out after the regulations passed, education experts said.

In addition, “analysts” said, the proposed rules would change the way test-participation rates are factored into schools’ overall academic ratings, making it more likely that schools would be classified as scholastically deficient. (AGAIN, Told ya)

This could pressure reluctant parents into allowing their children to be tested, NYSUT officials said. (Wait, you guys supported passing ESSA right?)

The disputed regulations, posted last month by the state Education Department, are intended to meet requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, which was approved in 2015. New York State’s Board of Regents is tentatively scheduled to take up the regulations for adoption at its next meeting June 11-12. (Of course they are, this is no surprise right?)

Previous state regulations required districts with low test participation to come up with plans for improvement but did not include sanctions like those evidently spelled out in the latest proposals. (Stop acting surprised will ya.)


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Alice Linahan

In a nutshell-
While elections divide us- And, unelected bureaucrats like the Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath regulate us, and while America’s children are being shot in their classrooms; all of us are being controlled. How?

A system has been locked in place by both federal and state legislation. With government regulated “choice” comes accountability through rules and regulations by unelected bureaucrats.

Even if the US Department of Education is dismantled there are federal education dollars tied to mandates coming in via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) from the Departments of HHS, Labor, Defense, and Education.

Below are the purposes of the College and Career Readiness/Common Core National Standards now codified into law through the passage of (WIOA) and the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA).

Shifts Education Philosophy– from an education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity) based on academics; reading, writing, math, and history to an education of equity (Equal Outcomes) based on attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors.
Broadened Impact – The College and Career Readiness/Common Core National Standards expand the target from K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to a P-20W (Pre-school through College, Trade or Graduate School) workforce system.
Testing Based Outcomes– The College and Career Readiness Common Core National Standards shifts from the “Mental” (Academics and Knowledge-Based Tests) to “Behaviors” (Performance Standards and Competency for the workforce).
Adjustments to Ideology– Change American’s worldview from nationalism into globalism and allows for a government controlled economy known as “Dirigisme” or the more common use–a dirigiste economy. It means essentially a state-directed economy.
Dismantle traditional public schools– With locally elected school boards, in favor of charter-like structures (public/private partnerships) that will be forced to generate student data for global corporate profit and state control.

This NEW system known as a P-20W system will now track, psychologically profile and sort students from Pre-school through the Workforce.

Eventually, any student who opts out of the P-20W system will not be able to get a job in the workforce. Competency-based credentialing begins in Pre-school with this system. Therefore, it negatively impacts a student who does not take the state or federal dollars.

When they say…
Every Student Succeeds they mean Lifelong learning so every student means EVERY American from pre-school through the workforce.


Here is a post from Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva:

If ever we needed proof what “education” has become..
Remember this the next time someone says we need skilled workers. Many of us here know that has been the plan all along. The CCSS Machine isn’t hiding this truth anymore. ESSA made no bones about it, “all education must be aligned to post-secondary readiness as laid out by WIOA”. (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

apprenticeship sneaky sneaky sneaky


Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

If you think small time media hasn’t sold out to the CCSS Machine, take this truth, for example:
I gave a fact based, truth filled interview a couple of years ago to this magazine as the ‘con’ side to Common Core in NC. My 5 pages, was of course, reduced, but the content was re-arranged so more room was available for the pro side. Here is their latest set of lies, and my response.


And yet another post from her:

Warriors, I’ve recently returned from and education related conference. Sex Ed and its inappropriateness was a key portion. Did you know “Dr.” Kinsey was NOT anyone of scientific worth?
His ‘research’ was forced. His victims abused (some died). Parents were not informed of his activities. All our modern sex ed is based on this quack’s findings. WHY?

sex ed bad


And here are some replies to said post:

Yes, I’ve known about him for years. His research subjects were generally men from mental hospitals and prisons. They participated in every kind of sexual deviancy known to man. He used this data to make it seem like this type of behavior was normal within the general population. That’s the equivalent of using members of an AA meeting to provide statistical proof that addictions are so ubiquitous that they must be typical human behavior.


have your read Dr. Judith Reisman’s evidence? She was granted money by the US Dept of Justice to investigate Kinsey. Her proof was so powerful and truthful DoJ buried it.


Yes, I am aware. I’m also aware of the trash…reworking of the DSM. How do you even begin to deal with this when it’s infected the culture to this extent?


I don’t recall reading anything specifically by her, but it doesn’t surprise me that evidence was buried. Kinsey has been the driving force behind so much of the sexual education movement, and of course comprehensive sexuality education is a very critical component to the overarching plan to destroy traditional morality. To do this, the plan’s proponents must undermine the thinking/reasoning centers of students and feed the emotional, instinct driven centers of the brain. It sure makes it a lot easier to move from a society focused upon individual action and accountability and founded upon “natural rights” to one that acts collectively and venerates “human rights” if you can move a large group of people to endorse your political platform based solely upon emotional appeal. Normalizing all types of sexuality also feeds the diversity beast and promotes the idol of “tolerance”.


And yet another post from her:

Dr. Judith Reisman, head of the Child Protection Institute, has a 2nd edition of her book (Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences) out. This is page 274. Note the date. Have things improved since the 1950s?! No, the federal/ corporate intrusion has worsened terribly.

 chart of evil
And yet another post from her:
Warriors, I am on the road, but fed Ed news won’t escape me while away from my desk.
NC’s death knell notice for education was announced today.
education dies in NC
And here is another post from her:
My local news just reported that Charlotte-Mecklenberg schools are devoting over $40 million of it’s 2018-19 budget to pay for school psychologists, school social workers, etc. Teachers not set to receive any of the funds, so they are protesting tonight for an extra 5.9% raise on top of NC’s raise. Then, at tonight’s meeting, universal Pre-K implementation. Can anyone say #agenda?
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Sometimes when I do the math I become very angry. Utah has just approved two new state wide testing contracts to replace the SAGE test. I added up the price tag for the two and the total is $80,243,642. Lets just say that a teacher’s benefit package equals $100,000 (which was not my case but lets pretend). These tests are costing the state of Utah the equivalent of 800 teachers. Will this test tell us more about the education of our students then 800 teachers could? Will it enhance our student’s education more then 800 teachers would?” Thanks Joylin Lincoln, very well said.

What irks me more is the pretending that RISE is somehow different from SAGE even though the questions are the same. What is a shiny new outhouse when you leave the inside the same? Just saying….


And here are some replies to said post:

The rebranding price tag of $44,000 was more then my salary last year.


What happened today with the discussion for opt outs? With SAGE gone, is there still a parents right to opt out of these two tests?


Yes, they are applying for a moratorium for a year why they try to develop a plan.


Spending another $80m of our taxpayer dollars to perpetuate common core. 😡


Utah is going interoperable with other states with assessments. This is the next step towards the complete loss of local curriculum control. Parents need to understand that curriculum IS assessment and assessment IS curriculum. Common Core was always about “Next Generation Assessments.”


both are STILL aligned to CCSS, both data rape students. I have researched both before. Let me know if you want the truth USBE left out


It irks me too. It is so frustrating that the rebranding is happening. Every parent needs to know they are the same test. Opt out!


It’s election time people! Let’s get out there, GET VOCAL and make sure we get pro-parent candidates who have their eyes open to what CC really is elected and fighting for what will ACTUALLY help our children’s education.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

“Children are naturally curious and learning is naturally pleasurable. Small releases of dopamine in the brain encourages a child to persevere with the long-term difficult practice needed to build skills naturally over time, such as with sports, arts, and music.

What Silicon Valley is banking on, is to bypass human social interactions and community education experiences by hijacking children’s brains directly with more potent and powerful interactive technologies, where larger doses of dopamine are released, such as happens with drugs, video games and gambling. Their goal is to make the education software as addictive as possible, and they are quite up-front about that.”

And it then quotes another post:

“Many parents intuitively understand that ubiquitous glowing screens are having a negative effect on kids. But it’s even worse than we think. Recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain’s frontal cortex — which controls executive functioning, including impulse control — in exactly the same way that cocaine does.

Technology is so hyper-arousing that it raises dopamine levels — the feel-good neurotransmitter most involved in the addiction dynamic — as much as sex. This addictive effect is why Dr. Peter Whybrow, director of neuroscience at UCLA, calls screens “electronic cocaine” and Chinese researchers call them “digital heroin…”

~Nicholas Kardaras, M.D., August 27, 2016

Source: It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

“The Edu-tech Revolution has begun. At this very moment new computer games and education software are being developed to teach children academics one-to-one via computers. Following on the success of the hi-tech gaming industry, the goal is to use technology to transform schooling.

By merging education and entertainment technologies, advocates and investors of these products stress the potential for educating children faster, more effectively and less expensively than schools currently do. Unfortunately, there are a number of potential problems.

First, many of these new programs are being designed to collect data from children so as to maintain individual personal profiles, that investors and corporations can utilize to design future products and monitor individuals as they move from education into the workforce. T

Moreover, some investors hope to use this data to construct what they expect will become a trillion dollar education market (such as we had with housing) to bundle and sell school and software investments on Wall Street.

Also VERY concerning, is that many Silicon Valley engineers are attempting to make edu-tech software as “pleasurable” as possible, using addictive video “gaming” strategies to design their education products.

Children are naturally curious and learning is naturally pleasurable. Small releases of dopamine in the brain encourages a child to persevere with the long-term difficult practice needed to build skills naturally over time, such as with sports, arts, and music.

What Silicon Valley is banking on, is to bypass human social interactions and community education experiences by hijacking children’s brains directly with more potent and powerful interactive technologies, where larger doses of dopamine are released, such as happens with drugs, video games and gambling. Their goal is to make the education software as addictive as possible, and they are quite up-front about that.”

Source: Edu-Tech’s Brave New World – How Education Software is Being Designed to Hijack Children’s Brains


Here is a post from an Illinois anti-Common Core group:

This filthy anti American progressive agenda driven organization has infiltrated the NW suburbs school systems as it says; Yo collect data and push their agena with the information collected from students their families and the schools. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY QUESTIONNAIRES OR SURVEYS OF ANY KIND. We need to get a full transparent accounting of how their tentacles are in the schools and who asked us.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

“The most recent casualty was Utah which had requested a waiver for the 95% test rate to comply with recently passed state statute which says students can be opted out of statewide testing by their parents and, the school and its employees are to suffer no ill effects as a result of a parent exercising those parental rights. Secretary Devos, carrying out the instructions of the publicly unknown members of the plan review committee, denied this waiver request.”


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

The state’s Board of Regents, in a split vote Monday, tentatively agreed to controversial new rules aimed at school districts on Long Island and across New York where large numbers of students boycott state tests.

The new regulations — which among other provisions could result in some schools being required to set aside federal aid money to encourage greater student test participation — passed with 14 Regents in favor and three abstaining.

Regent Roger Tilles, who represents Nassau and Suffolk counties on the board, voted with the majority but expressed continuing concern over what he described as “onerous” sections of the regulations.

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, whose staff drafted the regulations, emphasized at the board meeting that a final Regents vote on the rules would not be held until September and that the public would have another opportunity to comment on the regulations in the meantime.

“Everybody didn’t get everything that they wanted,” the commissioner said. “But we came up, I think, with a very comprehensive plan.”

Some board members contended that parents and others with misgivings about Albany’s testing program probably would be confused by certain aspects of the new regulations, including the use of complex formulas to factor in test opt-out rates as part of school district’s academic ratings.

“I think our message is garbled,” said one of the Regents who abstained, Susan Mittler of Ithaca. “There is not an understanding of what these tests are and why we are asking children to take them.”

The rules, aimed at districts with high test-refusal rates, are part of broader regulations that would enforce a federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, which was adopted in 2015.

ESSA, like a previous federal statute that it replaced, requires at least 95 percent of eligible students in every public school nationwide to take annual state tests in English and math. Only a handful of schools on Long Island meet that requirement due to a series of massive annual test boycotts.

In April, nearly half of all eligible students in Nassau and Suffolk counties — 91,974 in all — declined to take the state’s English Language Arts assessments in grades three through eight, a Newsday survey showed. The inquiry drew responses from 115 districts out of a regional total of 124.

The state’s latest regulations would affect schools falling below the 95 percent benchmark in several ways, both financial and academic.

On the fiscal side, the regulations would authorize the state education commissioner to take certain steps, “which may include requiring that the district set aside a portion of its Title I funds to use on activities to increase student participation in state assessments.”

Title I is a major federal program that provides more than $15 billion a year nationwide, mostly to help students struggling with their math and reading lessons.

Groups representing unionized teachers and the parent boycott have attacked the new rules, which are more sweeping than regulations initially proposed in April.

On Wednesday, leaders of New York State allies for Public Education, a statewide parent and education group, sent a letter to Elia contending that the rules would allow her to “impose a financial penalty” on districts — action that the state has not taken in the past. New York State United Teachers, a union group, takes the same position.

Elia aides disagree that the Title I set-asides would constitute a penalty. So does the Education Trust – New York, a nonprofit private agency based in Manhattan that supports ESSA as a means of raising academic achievement, especially among minority students.


And here are some replies to said post:

You just don’t get it and why my child no longer attends public school.

They just keep doubling down on this shit testing!
Who is looking into the Algebra Regents!!!! Another set up for failure today!!!
Can you opt out of regents and still get a Hugh school diploma? I thought they only give regents diplomas now
That is correct, as far as I know. Only Regents diplomas.
If they have IEP they can score a 55 on the regents and earn a local diploma.
 I switched from an IEP to a 504 because the SPED in my district is horrific and totally counter productive, so what now ? Also NYS requires 2 years of foreign language for HS, tried to get an exemption from this and cannot get it without putting him back into SPED. Devastating and infuriating.
Sick! And we (taxpayers and parents) are allowing this???!!!!
Take away the $$$$by removing the children from public schools & see how fast they change! Parents need to speak with their actions
Looks like Roger Tilles isn’t REPRESENTING us at all!
None of them do. They nod like Pavlov’s Dogs. So does Elia and Rosa to Linda Darling Hammond.
Notice NYS first in nation to implement SEL curriculum. Smh
Time to leave New York State. Forcing you to take the test!! It is all about the money!! Aren’t there laws against bullying???😂😂😂
They know there’s a diploma crisis that’s impacting tens of thousands of students who won’t be able to go to college, vocational school, the military, or apply for civil service jobs. There have been incremental changes, but it’s far from resolution of the problem and leaves far too many kids with no future – leaves them twisting in the wind. And that is after twelve or more years of working hard toward a goal – and being denied because They. Can’t. Pass. A. Standardized. Sub-par. Test. that neither the BoR or Ms. Elia has vetted.

Let’s NOT forget that parents were dismissed and told to stand in the corner. Take care of the teachers and APPR and it will trikle down dontcha know! Happy teachers will make happy classrooms, then they can “shut their doors and do what they need to do” they said.

SEVEN YEARS later, parents are still waiting for the teacher’s union to come out strongly against the reforms. Bill Gates said he needed 10yrs for the experiment, folks we are going into year 8.

When are we going to start to stop?

 Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

GEF has released a new report. Peter Senge wrote the intro. I had extensive conversations last year with one of the authors concerning their last report and the dangers of so much celebration of an edutech-centric future.

Is this much better, a bit better or… not?


And here are some replies to said post:

Can you imagine a radical shift in the way we teach kids to walk? Of course not.

The proposal of where we need to go is scary. “Societal wisdom” sure sounds like indoctrination.

Are the authors suggesting our founding fathers had no wisdom? The citizens who supported the noble ideals presented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution had no societal wisdom?

We need to stop meddling in K-12 education, return to the proven practices to teach kids to read, write, do math and know stuff. The future belongs to them!


“Protopia” sounds a lot like a pseudo-utopia wherein technology and AI will be used to “make today a little better than yesterday”. Tell that to the dying man, eh!


Biofeedback devices? Personal competence profile and personal reputation….??? 😦


This is all very exhausting! It’s hard for me to imagine learning this way. So many children and adults learn by doing, project-based learning, growing plants, drawing, painting, investigating how cells work, making new discoveries from manipulating variables, observation and study of animals, etc. The only way I see to counteract this technical system evolving for profit, is to work around it and create environments that most people can relate to, that draws them, ignites their interest, that pulls them into wanting to learn more. Much of what students have learned in the fragmented educational system has left them with the question, “Why do we need to know this?” When we get to work and collaborate ideas and expertise and create projects and hands-on real-life experiments that immediately show us why we are learning it, then maybe we can beat this thing. Being physical while working is also mentally and physically healthier. I don’t know, I think we better start collaborating with scientists, artists, horticulturist, farmers, culinary and nutritionists, environmental engineers etc, and create model learning environments in the real world for our future education. Whatever we teach, whether it is math or reading, we need to make many living connections to it.


Working in the International Baccalaureate, I see this all the time: good ideas about student at the center of education then turned into a massive set of criteria and metrics surrounded by impenetrable language and constant micromanaging of the students themselves. This is not what is needed; it is just another competence based system with fancy graphics. We need kids in real life with real people and real problems.


totally agree. It’s often all about hidden control, for various motives, like sales of tech metric systems to teachers fearing chaos in class, but perhaps most of all, states fearing critical citizens.


and of course fearing chaos in class comes from large classes of disaffected students, so there is a positive feedback loop that is constantly, if not purposefully, amplified.


Exactly. I think we need a deep study into loop cycles that make matters worse, and stack logical expansion on logical expansion into madness, like if one test works, why not two, why not prepare for the tests better, why not drop everything else just to be sure students score the best, then why not bring in tech that measures every tiny choice leading up to the test, and why not then call those who fail or drop out losers? etc. Similar with our whole society and surveillance. oh boy.


And another post from this group:

Wow-just wow. “However, we added a little wrinkle just to be spicy. Working with our behavioral research team, we modified a player’s charity vote by their in-game honor level, or how sportsmanlike and pleasant they were to play with. The higher their in-game honor level, the more weight their vote carried. Our goal was to link the in-game behavior to real-world implications in order to help change the self-narrative of players, both in and out of the game…We are excited to continue exploring what we can do to help mobilize our players (and ourselves) to keep making social impact and changing the narrative about what it means to be a gamer.”

Riot Games is funding Institute of Play, which is promoting gamification of education. If folks are looking for a summer read, check out Daniel Suarez’s books “Daemon” and “Freedom.” The first is a bit schlocky, but you have to read it to get to the next one which is more thoughtful IMO.


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core chart:

ALG II conversion chart

conversion chart of cheats and lies


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

If you haven’t seen this graphic from global education futures, it shows what is really meant by “student centered.” See competence portfolios on the right hand side?

poor mistreated student

Now look at the video that was posted below…


And here are some replies to said post:

Graphic above from this doc:


This is a frightening document. Who could believe that education would become a science fiction novel:(


It is simply a Communist type form of government that runs your life, and tells everyone what they are allowed to do.


This explains it… has been in the works for a long time. This is bigger than the US, it is world wide, but Hillary is implicated.


An entire global population whose psycho-social development is mediated through authoritarian instruction/directions on a digital screen?


OMG!! Orwellian, Huxleyan! What an old school thinking with new tech. More disconnection, more measuring, more testing, more competition, more refined demanding and less humane presence.


Yes. And this kind of ed is being implemented NOW.. its not a future vision, its a blueprint being created and tested on children at this very moment.


Yes and they seem to be taking the education language like “student centered learning”and applying that language to their program.


Yes, exactly. And they are adopting all the best ideas from positive and motivational psychology, emphasizing social and emotional intelligence and growth mindset. BUT, they don’t just want to help support these skills, they want to measure and assess them, monitor students, rank and score them.


It’s really the old repackaged with new language. We have already seen what schools have been doing around the nation. I have been in schools recently that have 50 kids in one classroom all sitting facing a computer screen. Charter schools around here are not held accountable at all. I worked for a school that took all of my language, and still uses it today but does not have a program that represents the language.


Yes, education has become highly profitable with the charter schools and new Edtech methods which they call “personalized” “learner-centered” and competency based. But it really means more time putting kids on computers.


And is there any link between New America and GEF? A friend who had contact with some GEF advisory board members (they wanted her to join) said her sense was they don’t have much money. New America appears to be rolling in it…


I haven’t done much research on the advisors, though a number of Emily’s posts discuss Vander Ark. GEFF is headed by Pavel Luksha, with the Skolkovo Institute in Russia. Obviously the current political climate has put a damper on US/Russia partner initiatives. I think MIT pulled out of a relationship they had had a few years back. I don’t know of a direct tie between New America and GEFF.


“The primary operator of GEFF is Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, a world-class research institution co-founded by Skolkovo Foundation (Russia) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). RF Group serves as the initiative co-founder, and sets the initial context of the event with our Education Futures Global Agenda report.”


In 2014 the FBI warned MIT about their concerns over espionage linked with Skolkovo.


Are there other American ed tech company consortiums that have a similar manifesto?


Tom Vander Ark got his start with the Gates Foundation and is one of the main advocates for CBE/digital curriculum in the US. He is a GEFF advisor and is a partner in Learn Capital. This is their portfolio:

He was also on the board of iNACOL. Through him GEFF has some tie to most ed-tech initiatives in the US.


New report from GEF…


#Deepshit We live in a system where profit at the cost of the whole is rewarded, where destruction of nature makes sense, and smart new forms of slavery are welcomed by the ‘owners’. We live in a system where children either learn to support the system, for if they’ll fail, they’ll feed the system with forced labour if need be. Countless people seek alternatives, seek change, address issues. But the core is rotten, succesfull change far away. Ideas of how to change it are many, but none yet succesfully going viral across the globe igniting a massive shift. What essential arguments, would make all eyes go open en all teachers join the revolution? Sadly the insights above, many here will share, aren’t doing it.


If you are in Norway, you should have NORDEFCO on your radar. It is an Scandinavian extension of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative that originated in the US Defense Department. They, in partnership with the US Department of Education, have largely coordinating been coordinating the ed-tech transition here since the late 1990s. I believe they are behind the shift in places like Finland to tech-heavy “phenomenon-based learning.”


This looks like the International Baccalaureate on tech steroids. The problem is our whole system of evaluation:


One of the early pioneers of Facebook and its first President Sean Parker, voiced his regret regarding helping create social media in the form we know it today, saying:

“I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because of the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other… God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

Parker says the social networking site exploits human psychological vulnerabilities through a validation feedback loop that gets people to constantly post to get even more likes and comments.

“It’s exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology,” he said. “The inventors, creators — it’s me, it’s Mark [Zuckerberg], it’s Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it’s all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway.”


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Cathy Ruse reports for Family Research Council, May 15, 2018, that public school students in Fairfax County, Virginia, are subjected to 80 hours of “Family Life Education” sex ed — on the kids’ evolving “sexual identity,” the proper handling of contraceptive drugs and devices, and how to give consent for sex.

But Fairfax County’s longtime Democrat-controlled school board is set to take things from bad to worse…


Students in South Carolina being indoctrinated against the police in high school English:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Her mother says that she was told by the principal that her daughter did not meet all of her graduation requirements for the 2018 school year – specifically for not taking one of two required Ohio State tests.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Moms and Dads in Millard County. Guess what? Your district has now become the pilot rural district for “personalized,” global-citizen-based, curriculum. If you wonder why your kids are getting Google Chromebooks, it’s because your district has sold out to UNESCO—the UN’s education ministry.

Millard District has received a grant to partner with the Consortium for School Networking. The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is a partner with UNESCO—the UN’s education ministry. President Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have called UNESCO anti-Israel for a reason. If you need that translated, it means anti-Christian.

This technology partnership is designed to, eventually, gut local curriculum control through online learning. UNESCO is heck-bent on sexualizing curriculum worldwide. This is well documented. Just do a quick search for UNESCO, Planned Parenthood and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). CSE is designed to integrate throughout online, globalized curriculum—including through subjects like Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy.

Dads. On this Father’s Day, this is your battle cry. Don’t march in Millard’s 4th of July parade, or bother watching it, unless you truly defend America’s children—your children. Rise up and protect your children from these soul-destroying, globalist tyrants. You’re selling your souls for a mess of pottage.

I grew up in rural Utah. Dads in rural Utah “get” freedom and what it takes to defend and maintain it. It’s time, Dads.



And here are some replies to said post:




“there is need for ongoing technical guidance, mentorship and supervision of teachers; moreover training for school inspectors is required to ensure there are mechanisms in place to ensure effective monitoring at the district level.”


Yep. They’re tracking districts through the data systems.


I’m in Millard County and often wondered about the Chromebooks… what do I do about it? Can I keep my kids off of them?


Yes! You are the parents!!


But, just know that the school will likely challenge you because the entire district is starting to grade children on their global competencies: values, attitudes and behaviors.


The reason they need each child on their own Chromebook is that children are supposed to be moved from 3x per year assessments into curriculum-embedded assessment so that their behaviors can be tracked (and shaped) continuously. When your children can’t be tracked, their “growth” can’t be measured and so the school gets caught between federal laws for student growth measurements and parental rights to control curriculum.


The district has received a grant so they cannot back away from this plan now. They have chosen money over parental rights.


Please, do what you can to protect your own kids and keep us posted on this thread on how the district and school react. They will tell you that local/state teachers are developing the curriculum, and there’s nothing to worry about. But. The young teachers are being trained to choose pre-curated curricukum. Often, they don’t actually vett the curriculum. And, logistically, they can’t vett it if every child is learning something different on a computer-adaptive platform. When the online curriculum adapts, in real time, it can’t be vetted—by design.


I would encourage you to watch the video I posted above where I explain the goal for Google, Microsoft and UNESCO. Share it with any parents who will listen. I would be happy to come to Millard and give the presentation in person too, where I could answer questions.


Prayers for you and yours!


I spoke with the principal at the high school about their increased usage of electronic learning last year and how it was affecting my kids and unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.


In our school district’s enrollment process, there is a question that asks parents if we would allow internet access. Does your enrollment process ask that? If so, just say no. And even if it doesn’t, just tell the teacher you want paper printouts for everything. No online assignments.


Our district does digital citizenship and I opted my kid out. I later found out that one of the software questions asks kids if they considered a truck a gift option for a boy birthday and a doll a gift option for a girl birthday. When answered yes, the student was told that is a sexist thing to think and then it explained why. This was through the (not-so) Common Sense Media online program. This group has backed legislation here in CA that is anti parental rights under the guise of “helping” kids. Thankfully it was defeated, for now. The group frequently backs children’s privacy legislation but their own privacy statement does not. Complete hypocrisy! Wolves in sheep’s clothing all over the place!


The power of Common Sense Education is in their content curation systems which are starting to precurate online content for teachers. Have you seen Common Sense’s Digital Citizenship curriculum for 6th-8th graders? I can email it to you if you want to message me your email.


I have had a preview of it through an hour long district presentation. But more info. would be great! I will message you my e-mail. I know they also give surveys at the end without parental notification or permission. CSM is a huge political thorn in my side! The Steyer brothers are political activists and Chelsea Clinton is on their advisory board. Bad news all around.


Yep. Bad news! And with teacher training favoring their friend Darling-Hammond’s SEL (InTASC) Standards, it’s going to get much harder for parents to fight Common Sense curriculum integration into the schools.


Public schools all around our nation aren’t teaching our innocent children what they deserve toward their futures. Instead reformation and rewriting American History as well as other mandatory learning textbooks aren’t even mentioned anymore. This in itself is the downgrading producing more illiteracy than good. Homeschooling and Charter is much more effective as a proven accomplishment students deserve.


UDPATE: The first link about Millard and CoSn didn’t work. Here is the corrected link. I’ve tried to update it on those pages that shared it, but not everyone’s page is public. Please revise it if you’ve shared this story so that people can access it:—cosn-improve-student-success-through-new-technology


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

THIS IS BAD. Really, really, really bad ———->

Every child to labor for the corporate elites, wholly owned by the GOVERNMENT. Groomed and tracked in government schools. 21st Century Slavery.

This will be SPUN as ‘Trump abolishes the Dept. Of Education’ or ‘shrinks government’ … don’t be fooled.

(BTW – we’ve been telling y’all this was coming for the past 3.5 years!)



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

WE KNEW IT!! Unions will hold hostage schools in the Fall? Rumbling across states of Fall mass strikes

“Ms. Harrison urges a change in public schools from “an education model” to a “medical/behavioral/tactical model” where teachers will become well versed in medicine, fire arms handling and psychology so as to be better able to do the government’s work of treating, protecting and molding the minds of the state’s children.

Of course, it’s all tied together with more training, more administration and more money for the public school leviathan. So it goes. Big government grows bigger by creating legions of government employees represented by big government supportive unions who have a vested interest in supporting even bigger government. The rest of us are left to watch and experience government’s continual incremental takeover of just about everything…”


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

**The History of Goals 2000**
In 1989, a coalition of state governors concerned about the ailing state of America’s public schools proposed a solution: “Goals 2000.” This program would set educational goals for the nation’s public schools to be achieved by the year 2000, create a framework for implementing the goals, and provide incentives for the states to cooperate in meeting the goals.
By 1994, the eight national goals were in place and Goals 2000 was an official federal program.

The Eight National Goals

1. By the year 2000, all children will start school ready to learn.

2. By the year 2000, the high school graduation rate will increase to at least 90 percent.

3. By the year 2000, all students will leave grades 4, 8, and 12 having demonstrated competency over challenging subject matter including English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history, and geography, and every school in America will ensure that all students learn to use their minds well, so they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our Nation’s modern economy.

4. By the year 2000, the Nation’s teaching force will have access to programs for the continued improvement of their professional skills and the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to instruct and prepare all American students for the next century.

5. By the year 2000, United States students will be the first in the world in mathematics and science achievement.

6. By the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

7. By the year 2000, every school in the United States will be free of drugs, violence and the unauthorized presence of firearms and alcohol and will offer a disciplined environment conducive to learning.

8. By the year 2000, every school will promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.

Students are calling for the removal of a brave school board member in Elgin, IL because she suggested that the new rules of student code of conduct may consider it bullying to address a “transgender” person by the “wrong” gender pronoun:


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, take note: the merger of Ed and Labor will not rest solely on PreK to College education, but on every single American citizen in need of going to work or getting ‘education’ to earn credentials TO work.
The merger will NOT close the U.S. Dept. of Education, but enlarge it. The merger will disrespect your school choice.
Both Ed and Labor Cabinet Agencies are ILLEGAL. Why do we need to comply?
We should revolt.
Quote me, if you like.


Here is a post from Women on the Wall:

“Jane Robbins, senior fellow at American Principles Project (APP), told Breitbart News in a statement the administration’s proposal is “riddled with problems.”

“Rather than returning government to the people as the president promised, it centralizes government,” she said. “It codifies the Common Core-type workforce development model of job training, rather than genuine education, and gives Big Business outsized influence on what happens in schools. It promotes data sharing and citizen tracking for the benefit of a government-managed economy. It’s a mess. We can only hope Congress rejects it outright.”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Eunie Smith, president of the Eagle Forum, said the administration’s proposal is mind-boggling in its apparent acceptance that it is the role of the federal government to plan the workforce.

Smith said the proposal is a “Jeb Bush-type plan” that suggests “the only purpose of education is to prepare a citizen for a slot in the workforce.”

“Rather than equip an individual to pursue whatever goal he sets for himself as part of his God-given freedom, this is, instead, the German model being pushed by misguided business interests and some state interests,” she explained. “As a result, the type of education an individual would receive would be influenced by crony corporations dictating to schools the skills needed for future workers.”


Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

This graphic appeared in a 4 part video series from Freedom Project Media in 2017. I was one of the 3 expert panelists. With the HEA (Higher Education Act) being re-vamped by the same Sellout Congressional traitors as ESSA, we saw the writing on the Wall.
With the Ed/Labor merger, this is all we will know in America. Look how closely we are to the end game goal: global workforce training.

time running out


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

YOU are witnessing Marc Tucker’s “necessary revolution in school policy” brought to the country by Lamar Alexander & the Education Cartel…….Common Standards, High-Stakes Testing, Career Ladders, Pay-for-Performance, Charter Schools, No Child Left Behind, Every Student Succeeds Act, Pay-for-Success and now…….federal Career Tecnical and Higher Education Acts…..all to complete the data collection system necessary to use predictive analytics to place your child on the pathway in the New American Schools human capital (education/labor) development system……….It has taken 30 years to get to this point……Will America choose to continue to sit on the sidelines?

And here is a post that was quoted by the post above:

On the Hill next week: Career and Technical Education Act (CTE)(also called Carl D. Perkins Act) is BEING MARKED UP…watch for the Fast Track! Over $1 BILLION on the line.

National Governors Association (NGA) is telling the Senate education committee “Perkins must be connected to state economic development and workforce systems.” Politico

Senate HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander doesn’t need to be told. He was in on the ground floor of this deal since 1986 (at least).


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor:

Is this really education’s goal? It wasn’t supposed to be. How to think, act, and live; not what the think do, or where you will work.

no no we wont go


And here is a reply to this post:

I still remember the day my principal stood before me in a staff meeting (way back in about 2000?) and asked, “what should be the purpose of education? Shouldn’t it be workforce ready?” I was like No. Hell no.
That was back in NCLB years (and anyone who complained, about how we were actually REDUCING education, and NARROWING it, was accused of just suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectations ) and I’ve had to watch the nonsense train ever since, especially since it’s through constant measuring and torturing of data in accountability that forces compliance.
So, Big business and monopoly power, has already changed the purpose of education to fit big business, –mostly, but not completely–this is just a final continuation of that and digital makes it all the easier.
Two words: Powell Memo. Oh, and one more: Greed.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group that helps explain why more attacks are happening at schools:

“…Under Mayor de Blasio, the Department of Education required teachers provide full documentation of a range of non-punitive interventions to at least three midlevel offenses before asking their principal to issue a suspension. Principals, in turn, had to apply in writing to a central office that often rejected their requests.”

And another post from said group:
The Poughkeepsie school district board just sent me a statement, announcing the 2018 four-year June graduation rate for Poughkeepsie High School: 48 percent.
 It is tragically ironic how this 13-year-old faces a FELONY for doing (recording someone without their consent) what Ed Tech companies do to HUNDREDS of students EVERY DAY without repercussions:
 Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The letter lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce.

The letter makes it clear that Hillary participated in the development of that plan some time before the election, though it was scarcely reported at the time. The plan is sweeping in scope, and largely signed into law in 1994 by Clinton’s Democratically controlled Congress (in the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

That legislation continues to move our system today, and is being implemented in all fifty states, driven by money and mandates from the federal level.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

🚩🚩🚩A bipartisan agreement has been reached to update the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Act. It DICTATES at least $1 billion of our federal tax dollars on career and technical education programs. Fine? But…

THE PLAN: “Broad authority” to the States to develop their own improvement plans. BUT if states don’t hit their goals, then the Secretary of Education could “hold them accountable.”
That PLUS the Trump administration proposal to merge the Education and Labor departments and Education Department funding !!!!! #StopFedEd

Marc Tucker


Here is a  post from the anti-CBE group:

[name withheld] and I went down to Washington to confront the impact investors about their “secret bipartisan political plan” to privatize pretty much everything.


And here are some replies to said post:

[name withheld], you regularly do yeoman’s work to expose the economic and workforce development agenda (and for anyone chancing to read this comment who hasn’t figured it out yet, workforce development is simply the education arm of economic development). This article is yet another example. Thank you. You and [name withheld]  are two of my preferred sources when I’m looking for details to back up what I’ve been saying to the conservative and libertarian crowds for a long, long time now–that the economic/workforce development agenda is not free, open, or voluntary in any way. It is, rather, the exploitation of the many by the few.


I chuckled when you said that people seemed confused by your presence. I’m sure they were. The whole goal of the economic/workforce development crowd is to do their deals in a way that excludes the rest of us. And to a large extent they’ve succeeded in keeping it this way because most people are (sadly) not going to go to the lengths you do to investigate, analyze, and understand what is being done to them and their children in the name of “public good.”


We are up against giants. Now that I‘ve seen the machine, I have to contest it. I‘ll go down swinging anyway.


Just an addendum…You know, we’ve been trained so thoroughly, most of us. Folks on the so-called “Left” have been conditioned to side with the unions as at least the more trustworthy of government “partners.” Folks on the so-called “Right” have been conditioned to believe that the unions are the devil, while Big Business is the great savior. It occurs to very few that corruption pervades all of these institutions/groups, that they’re all mixing it up together to a greater or lesser degree, depending on what’s to be gained…and that none of them can be trusted to do the right thing. It’s up to us, and us alone, to engage and expose the truth. I thank you for all you do to disabuse people of the notion that the people who pose as saviors are anything of the kind, to let the corrupt know we’re watching, and to put the truth out there for all to see. I am more than grateful for you.

I was particularly peeved when both teachers unions threw us under the bus. While I dread the thought of no unions at all, what use are they if they’re bought out by Bill Gates? At the first NPE convention, Diane Ravitch extracted a promise from both unions not to accept more Gates’ money. Three days later, they accepted a grant from him.

In Chicago? I was there. I heard that promise from both union leaders. And sad to say, I was not surprised when they both broke those promises. What is more surprising to me is that Ravitch and the rest of the NPE crowd, some of whom are extremely intelligent, principled people (Cody, Burris, others) have failed to take a stance that holds union leadership to any substantive account.

I wasn’t there, but I followed the convention online. I will never forget it either. Or forgive.

Have you seen this? Ohio just voted down a bill to combine the state’s school, university and workforce development systems into a single new Department of Learning and Achievement — and now here it is at the Federal level. Plus MORE!

And frankly it’s a miracle that Ohio voted the measure down. Now that the Feds are openly heading that direction, Ohio is likely to follow suit…unless the people of Ohio throw themselves on the train tracks.

With the Feds pushing it, no need for states to do it too. Or maybe it was our legislators growing a backbone. Or Kasich wanting to appear to thwart Trump without actually doing so. Like the old Chinese curse, we DO live in interesting times.

The Feds will do what the Feds always do. They’ll pass enabling legislation that incentivizes the states to go out and do likewise. In a word: comply.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

From today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Small quote from me, also Paul Thomas. I said so much more to Bender, including our decision to opt out of Google classroom, but that didn’t make it in. Full text below, because it is behind a paywall.…/code-org-google-facebook-microsoft-…

Kindergarten coders: When is too early to put kids in front of screens?
Updated: JUNE 27, 2018 — 5:00 AM EDT

Jennifer Lentz with her children (right to left) Bryan, 7, Daisy, 4, and Thomas, 9, reading in their Swarthmore home. Lentz has concerns about her children’s screen time exposure.
by William Bender & Kristen A. Graham – Staff Writers

Last year, Jeremy Seedorf’s 9-year-old daughter and her classmates received tablet computers from their Lancaster County school. He wouldn’t let her bring one home: “The iPads were coming, and there was nothing we could do about it.”

In the Neshaminy School District, Jessica Reeder was taken aback when she discovered that her daughter had to use the Internet to do her 1st-grade homework: “That was a little bit concerning to us.”

Jennifer Lentz limits screen time at home for her sons, but she can’t stop the increasing amount they are getting in class at their Delaware County elementary school: “There are a lot of parents who feel like me. But I think they feel defeated.”

Hadi Partovi might consider that a victory.

Partovi, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of the nonprofit, is leading a national effort to convince schools that more and younger is better when it comes to coding and computer science. Tech giants Microsoft, Facebook and Google are among’s financial backers. The goal is to fill the next generation of computer-related jobs. has expanded its reach even as parents such as Seedorf, Reeder and Lentz try to slow the tech tide for their own children.

Twenty-five percent of all U.S. students now have accounts and 800,000 teachers use the site for class lessons, according to the nonprofit. Partovi said two-thirds of all 5th graders in the country have an account.

“It’s mind blowing, considering it’s something I started five years ago,” Partovi, an early investor in Facebook and Airbnb, said in a recent interview with the Inquirer and Daily News., headquartered in Seattle, has been pressing states to pass laws and adopt policies that support computer science, and, by extension, put technology in the hands of students at a younger age.

“Many would say we’re leading the movement,” Partovi said.

Gov. Wolf has embraced the tech approach, hoping to fill an estimated 17,000 to 21,000 computer-related jobs in Pennsylvania. Advocates say early access to technology in schools can help break the cycle of poverty for disadvantaged students.

“There is definitely a supply and demand gap,” Judd Pittman, a STEM consultant to state education secretary Pedro Rivera, said of unfilled jobs that require computer skills.

Wolf’s latest budget proposal includes a $50 million job training initiative to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and computer-science education. At a summit being held in Harrisburg this week, elementary school teachers can take’s one-day computer science fundamentals course. Over the past year, more than 1,300 teachers have been trained through a collaboration between the state’s intermediate units and

In New Jersey, where says demand for computer jobs is even higher, all high schools are now required to offer computer science classes. and its partners have provided K-5 computer science training to 3,350 teachers. has had remarkable success in advancing its agenda by offering free programs for schools and through a social-media-savvy marketing campaign and lobbying. It has raised $70 million since 2013. So far, 43 states have adopted education policies supporting computer science, Partovi said.

In Pennsylvania, has hired Bala Cynwyd lobbyist Sean Reilly, who served as political director for former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum. Reilly said is seeking state funding for computer-science training for teachers. The state has endorsed computer-science standards and now allows those courses to count toward graduation, he said.’s critics, however, question whether Silicon Valley should have so much influence over public education.

“Why is Bill Gates concerned about schools? He sees it as another market. He sees students as workers,” said Paul Thomas, an education professor at Furman University and a former high school English teacher. Thomas doubts the value of teaching so narrow a skill as coding.

“It’s better to teach them literacy, numeracy, how to think, how to be critical,” Thomas said, “so then they can kind of adapt to whatever the future requires.”

Lentz and other like-minded parents worry not just about excessive screen time, Internet addiction and data privacy. They ask whether the new courses are being taught too early in the name of workforce development – and at the expense of more fundamental skills, like critical thinking, empathy and collaboration.

“They should be doing what kids do and not thinking about their careers, when they’re eight years old, in a field they may not even go into,” said Lentz, a former Philadelphia assistant district attorney whose sons are in the 1st and 3rd grades.

Alison McDowell, a Philadelphia education activist and mother of a high school junior, questions’s motives.

“They’re pushing it down into really young grades,” she said. “Do we send kids to school so Oracle can pay people less because they have twice as many people for the jobs?”

Partovi, a father of three, describes computer science as a “basic foundation” for current and future jobs, not just in the tech industry, but in government, finance, manufacturing, entertainment and other industries looking to hire technology talent.

“The screen time, I think, is harmful when kids are just watching movies or playing video games,” Partovi said. “But if a student is creating a video game, that’s very different. Taking that away from a student would be like taking a paint brush away from a student that’s learning to paint.”

At Ridge Park Elementary school in Conshohocken, five- and six-year-olds are introduced to coding through Kodable, an education program with the tagline, “Learn to code before you know how to read.” Teacher Brian Adams said such lessons emphasize perseverance, problem solving and efficiency.

“I tell them to think logically,” said Adams, who has been using Kodable for four years at the K-3 school. “You’re trying to get from point A to point B. What’s the best way to get there?”

Mimi Ito, a cultural anthropologist at the University of California, Irvine who has researched educational software, noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics has loosened its screen time guidelines for children, emphasizing instead high-quality programming and parental involvement.

“If your kid is doing something valuable and creative at school and happens to use devices, I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” Ito said.

In the Philadelphia school district, 129 schools have a digital literacy and technology teacher for grades K-8. Students can learn to program a spherical robot called Sphero through a Bluetooth-connected iPad, then use it, for example, to power a model boat or test a model bridge. They have programmed an Ozobot robot to follow a paper map of the Underground railroad, with colored markers, not a screen.

“We want students to understand coding, but in context with everything that’s going on, because that’s how our world is,” said Luke Bilger, senior project manager in the district’s office of education technology. “Everything you do, there’s some sort of programming involved.

Parent Bob Stewart is taking it a step further, supplementing his 8-year-old daughter’s education at Anne Frank Elementary School with a week-long robotics camp this month.

“I want her to understand that she can do these types of things,” Stewart said. “I think it’s important, almost like another language. I don’t know where the jobs are going to be in the next 10 or 15 years.”

But demand is also up for no-tech education at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, a small private school in Germantown that teaches children from 24 months until eighth grade – without iPads, Chromebooks, or any screens whatsoever. There is a waiting list for first grade and other programs, according to Alexandra Borders, the school’s director of advancement and enrollment.

“I used to have to explain why we’re a tech-free school,” Borders said. “Now, I find parents are actually searching us out. They get it.”

Several Silicon Valley executives and other tech industry employees from companies like Apple, Yahoo and eBay have sent their children to Waldorf schools.

So does Zack Seward, the Philadelphia-based editor-in-chief of technology news network His 7-year-old daughter will be entering the 1st grade at the Kimberton Waldorf School this year and his 4-year-old son will start kindergarten.

“Skills like being present and thinking creatively and imaginative play are so much more important than any technical skills that can be offered at a young age,” Seward said. “It bums me out when I see a kid absorbed in a phone.”

Seedorf, the Lancaster County parent and guidance counselor, has since relented and allows his now 10-year-old daughter to bring her school-issued iPad home to manage her school assignments. But he thinks the “train is moving too fast” when it comes to technology initiatives that are getting schoolchildren online at earlier ages.

“It’s like everyone is caving and accepting this is the new norm,” he said, “and not taking into account what some of the consequences might be.”

Published: June 27, 2018 — 5:00 AM EDT


And here are some replies to said post:

This year in Virginia our Standards of Learning include standards to be met in computer science in grades k-12. Code.Va is offering teachers free professional development to incorporate the standards as they’re incorporated into so many subjects. I’ve asked if the teachers will be paid for their PD time but no response. I don’t think they are being paid to do this training and right there we have people working for free for corporations.


The thing I don’t get is what exactly do they mean by “coding”? There are many different computer languages and they change over time. One thing that does need to be taught – and not in kindergarten, more like middle/high school – is computer literacy. Not tablets, computers. How to save a file, how to hook up a printer, stuff like that.
One needs to have a good foundation of math skills, writing, and logic to code. It’s not just learning to code.


My sense is coding will be the next sweat shop, low wage work required to manage cyber warfare threats posed by the vast expansion of IoT. They don’t want thinkers, questioners or designers.


You got it. It’s all about expanding the labor pool to decrease worker pay and compensation and increase insecurity knowing you can easily be replaced. Meantime actual top-tier coders and CS people are saying that future coding will be AI-assisted and won’t require writing base-level code as much as an being able to design, create, and critically curate systems.


I once led a CS PD with New York High school teachers focusing on defending against digital surveillance and critiquing Facebook and the social impacts of automated systems and algorithmic bias. My sense was that such critical “digital literacy” skill-development was not what the higher ups behind the CS push were interested in. They wanted kids coding, not exploring ethics, thinking critically about the unseen embedded values and biases in digital networks, or how these systems work as mechanisms of social control, exploitation, and oppression.


They just want obedient, trained worker bees.


And another post from this group:

I wish IL parents would wake up.

And here is a post that was quoted by the post above:

Illinois’ current competency-based learning pilot districts are in Springfield today for “Incubators of Innovation: Expanding the CBE Toolkit.” They engaged in the “Infusing Cognitive Rigor Into Your CBE Model” session this morning with Dr. Karin Hess from Educational Research in Action.#CompetencyEd


And yet another post from said group:

#Read this study commissioned by Google for Education.

Who knew Google played a role in the ed-workforce talent (data) pipeline? But of course Google is involved in this–it’s good for business, right? No need for knowledge when you can Google it. More users dependent on Google means more data, more ads, more marketing…more Google business. As Google points out in the study, “Technology has a central role to play in skills development.” Chromebooks, G-Suite, Google Classroom, Google app bundles are ready to help!… and Google today is teaming up with Common Sense Media to create Digital Citizenship Curriculum. How …fitting.)
Google for Education commissioned a 2015 study entitled, Driving the skills agenda: Preparing students for the future. The report apparently tries to predict how to best prepare for an unknown future and jobs that don’t yet exist, as evidenced by the following quotes,

“This research programme, sponsored by Google, [is] to examine to what extent the skills taught in education systems around the world are changing. For example, are so-called 21st-century skills, such as leadership, digital literacy, problem solving and communication, complementing traditional skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic? And do they meet the needs of employers and society more widely?”

“How can education best prepare young people to navigate their way through an increasingly interconnected and complex world in which factual recall will perhaps matter less than their ability to understand differing perspectives?”

“As proponents of 21st-century skills point out, we have no way of knowing what challenges tomorrow’s graduates will face, and still less what jobs will exist for them to apply for. The best education can hope to do is to equip students with sufficiently transferable skills to be able to respond to whatever the future holds.”

“The business executives surveyed agree that broadening access to technology in schools and universities is one of the top three ways in which the education system in their countries could benefit business.”
Tech in schools to benefit business. That’s rich. What about education benefitting …children?
If the Trump Administration is looking to do a little pruning with their recent proposal; maybe they can **instead**, hone their focus and make some cuts to the unconstitutional, incredibly expensive, non-consensual student data pipeline.


 And her are some replies to said post:
Have you seen that HSLDA is pushing GSuite into homeschool co-ops? Makes me wonder what deals are going on.
If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, “Unknown future and jobs that don’t exist yet.” How ugly is this future going to get? We’ve never had a crystal ball about future jobs and trends.
LIkely pretty ugly as so many businesses/schools will be closed. They’ve been saying this since that 1989 NGA education conference in Kansas with Lamar A, Shirley McCune, et all.

I would be curious to know how many states (like Idaho) are STILL using DMV records to link SSNs with data from SLDS. ( … the white papers that Inlink to at the end of this blog are from 2013 and 2014– when state Dept of Ed was still telling parents they didn’t get student Pii and didn’t share it. ) Wonderng if WDQI is still handing out grants for this data questionable matching.

I believe we found 3 years ago that our SLEDS (MN version – cute, right?) had PII and it was social security numbers
If your state is on this grant awardee map, your SLDS (or SLEDS, as the case may be) is sharing data w workforce… “Each WDQI grantee is expected to fully develop (or expand in the case where states have a database underway) their workforce longitudinal database in addition to using that database to conduct analysis of state workforce and education systems. Additionally, WQDI grantees are expected to use this data analysis to create materials (i.e., scorecards) on state workforce performance to share with workforce system stakeholders and the public.”
 The  Neenah  school district in Wisconsin has adopted a radical K-5 sex-ed curriculum:
 A Pennsylvania school district was forcing students to watch LGBT indoctrination videos and parents weren’t even allowed to know what their kids were being shown:
 Looks like the Dallas Fort Worth school district is also keeping sex ed material from parents: 

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 45

This is part 45.

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

Friday musings…..
Schools requiring masks have normalized kids wearing masks any time they are around another human in public- even outside. Over the summer I only saw a handful of kids wearing masks in the grocery store or anywhere else in public, really. Now they have become accustomed to it and it is no big deal to them. BOOM! Just like that, millions of kids have been conditioned to wear masks forever. It is up to the parents to deprogram them, but first the parents themselves have to be deprogrammed.

And some replies to this post:

I’ve noticed this too. In Colorado kids 10 and under are not required to wear, yet they all are. I even say maybe an 18 month old at Bass pro, sleeping in a stroller with one on 🤦🏼‍♀️. She had two older (maybe 5&7) siblings walking around with them on. My youngest never has, my oldest (11) almost never does. She has to when she enters and leaves the ice arena, she’s a figure skater, they know her age and doesn’t want to lose ice privileges.

Yes! Here in Texas it is supposed to be 10 and under don’t have to muzzle up. However, since the schools require it for all ages, even down to pre-k babies, it is normal to see all ages now wearing masks in public. It really makes me angry to think about the role the schools have played in this plot.

Yep! It absolutely breaks my heart to see kids wearing them…especially when they are outdoors. I have seen some kids about the same age as mine (5 and 9) and they seem socially ackward after months of distancing and masking. Ironically, my homeschooled kiddos are “normal” now. 😂 SC is luckily pretty laid back…I haven’t masked up either of my girls, nor have I received flack for it, either. For us, personally, the one place where we don’t push back are doctor appointments. DD9 does have to wear one at co-op because of an “outbreak”… but I had her mimi sew her a 1-ply mask from a muslin blanket. Enough of us parents complained to where they backed off on the rule a good bit. And the kids in DD9’s class all talk about how they hate masks and that they are stupid. Generally, homeschoolers are not comformists. 😆

Brainwashing the younger generation was one of Hitler’s tactics. Children were ratting on their parents in Nazi Germany because they had been indoctrinated to believe the political rhetoric.

My kids won’t wear masks. I have 7, the oldest is 8, and we live in New York where it’s “mandated” over the age of 2.
I have been so disappointed seeing photos of friends kids on Facebook from all over the country. They all said they wouldn’t mask their kids and here we are a few months later with photos of their kids in masks. I can’t believe none of them stood their ground.
It’s cruel to the children, terrible for their development, and it’s just plain stupid (if you’ve ever watched a kid in a mask, they touch it constantly).

The boy I nanny wants to leave the park once people start coming.

Why does he want to leave?

cause other kids are there. We are at one now and there is a kid 4 maybe wearing a mask. He keeps looking over at him and playing away from him. His mom has him wearing mask.

Also being conditioned to accept guns pointed at their heads daily. The temp guns drive me absolutely nuts. Why do we allow this? Wrist, elbow, all work, but we insist on putting a gun to childrens heads. Sick

My kids don’t wear masks either (homeschool now for us). I see so many young children in masks in stores than ever before makes me so sad:( saw a little girl mYbe 3 yr old , crying uncontrollably in a mask. I thought she was going to hyperventilate and mom just kept saying we will be done soon. I wanted very badly to tell her to take the mask off it was awful

Here is an article from the Common Core Diva:

And another one from her:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Congress created digital wallets for every American to go into effect in January 2021.
New York State is considering legislation to mandate the COVID vaccine for all residents of the state.
Lawmakers are discussing tying stimulus money to proof of vaccination. As well as tech that will enable governments and corporations to limit your ability to travel, move freely, and participate in society without disclosing your medical information.
Small businesses have been and continue to be decimated, while mega conglomerates are raking in the bucks in a massive transfer of wealth that has bankrupted tons of regular American citizens.
And some of y’all are STILL thinking if we all just comply and stay home and wear masks we’ll go back to how things used to be?!?”

And some replies to this post:–1244416

This has been the plan all along. We are not in the equation. Doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican. You see how Bernie running down the dead end streets. Trump ain’t going to save nobody. Warp speed. Goodbye Constitution liberties and freedom.

I believe you’re correct. It’s hard to believe that this is the plan, but so far all that has been spoken about is coming to fruition and happening fast. I don’t see a floor yet. I think 2021 is going to be the most challenging year of our lives.

I agree. There’s so much programming that that’s been done. I don’t see how we can fight back there’s so many. Lost souls so to speak. Very difficult times ahead. Family members against one another friends against one another this is crazy

I know. I have family that are on the other side. My own kids too. This is splitting up families, communities, relationships, even communication. This is very bad. It might turn out to be “brother against brother”

Where do we go from here as far as organizing. They’ve got done a good job dividing us

based on my military experience, you first and foremost have to gather your resources and set up your defenses. Then you have to establish communications with any allies. Then you’re able to make a plan. Without communication, it’s challenging. It does not necessarily have to be electronic communication since that can be tapped. But you have to have lines of communication. I hate to say it, but there has to be a CCHQ for organizing. You have to have staging areas for planning, drills, etc. You basically are starting a reactive unit for survival.

Same divide in Canada!

I think our best hope, at least one of them, is that the sheriffs and other law enforcement are organizing big time to protect our Constitutional rights. You aren’t going to hear about it too much on the mainstream news, mostly you will hear defund the cops and bad cop videos, but the sheriff of Riverside County, in California, for example just came out against enforcing many of the unconstitutional edicts in his county and many other sheriffs are joining all over the country. You can try to organize the citizens, do petitions, and all that, but if these illegal rules are not enforced, then they do not really exist and the power of the governors is gone. Look at what they did in Oregon. They made the Governor back off, even her own State Patrol. There is a group that is organizing all the sheriffs nationwide. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and we may as well try to do all of them.

Do you know if some of the veterans are oath keepers? I know that some of the National Guard are. Many of the sheriffs are coming out against the edicts put out by the governors. Many here in Washington state, Oregon, and even in California. Some of the sheriffs in huge counties like Riverside County with millions of people are flat out saying that they will not enforce some of these unconstitutional edicts. Peggy Hall and Tammy Clark, I think it is, the OSHA consultant and leader in StandUPMichigan are actively talking about the sheriffs now. Sheriffs do not answer to anyone except the voters in their counties, not even the President or a governor. I know that many sheriffs are oath keepers as are many EMTs and firefighters. I’m not a conservative like many of them are, but if they want to uphold their oaths to the Constitution, I’m all for that.

I’ve found the issue with the local governments. 1.) They are in a world of hurt in finances, as are state governments. 2.) Their pensions and stuff would go “bye bye” if they revolted. I found out as much back in 2019 when Nasty Northam threatened to kill the pensions of any local law enforcement/sheriffs going against his gun control. If they revolt, they starve/suffer like the rest of us. If they comply and be good globalists, they get it better than us. Most of the smaller and medium businesses are being destroyed, leaving the foreign run (think China), multinationals like Comcast, AT&T, Apple, Google, etc, and government jobs. Private sector is really going to be in the toilet as automation and globalization drive wages through the floor and government jobs will make it harder to bite the hand that feeds them. Problem is, if we axe the pension system and whatnot, they’ll cite the US Constitution’s cluase of meeting obligations as we’d have to pay the people that we promised we’d pay. Problem is, they’ve set up the system so it never has enough dough to ever fully meet the obligations. But if we axe it, they’ll cite the Constitutional clause about meeting contractual obligations. And besides having to nullify the Constitution (or the loophole it left open) to save it, we also will have unions and people throwing a fit, and that just is talking about officers and sheriffs and their pensions, let alone dealing with the DMW workers, mayors, aldermen, county officialis, etc and all the way up through state and federal who aren’t going to want to see their gravy train, plus what they paid into it legimatiely as well, go bye bye. Same thing with social security being set up to have more payouts than dough in system, and killing it is a death wish for a political party. So we need to find some way to take care of all of those people so that they can stand up without being thrown to the wolves and also so seniors, disabled, etc don’t starve to death if the system collapses or if the government cuts off their funding. And, naturally, the government and others will find excuses like “climate change”, covid, etc to criminalize such efforts to help these people in all sorts of benign sounding ways.

This will not merely be resolved at the ballot box (and pray to God it doesn’t have to go all the way to the cartridge box!) but will involve jury nullification, boycotts, civil disobedience, likely some forms of guerilla warfare/resistance, etc. This is NOT something one can do by hiding behind a keyboard or hoping political pundits like Trump, Biden, or Sanders will save them and do all the work for them. This will involve getting out into the community and speaking out and fighitng back and heading right into the storm of opposition and persecution and sacrifice.

also known as the Biden Plan aka Dark Winter

you are right. This winter will be dark and long. They know it too. They’re causing it. Controlled demolition.

Except Dark Winter is not the Biden plan, it’s a globalists plan. They’re all complicit.

PLEASE SEE WHERE SHE TALKS ABOUT the Dark Winter Exercise but more importantly the TIP exercise.

The TIP Exercise is where John Podesta of Pizzagate fame played the role of Joe Biden and they wargamed this election. Naturally, you never got to hear about Jolie Diane for President, now did you??

thank you, this is a great summary! I believe I ran across TIP in my research, and recall that Podesta played a part. I had no idea though that Michael Steele was involved, that’s very surprising.

it stands for “The Transition Integrity Project (TIP)”. It’s an exercise within Event 201 whereby John Podesta played the role of Joe Biden. It’s explained in the piece that [name redacted] posted above.

I was tangentially involved with DARK WINTER at the defense company I worked for. [name redacted[ I have worked with Jolie Diane on The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act. She has been trotting around the US helping regular people in at least 15 states now create legislation for Weather Modification and other Earth Changes connected to military budgets She asked me for input about Dark Winter for her “THIS IS A LIVE EXERCISE” piece. this is me, giving my testimony on the RHODE ISLAND GEOENGINEERING STUDY COMMISSION. I start @1:50 Look at the lower left corner for the GOLD TO DOLLAR RATIO. CRYPTO is listed and notice how the value of it was HIGHER in 2013. Now it’s at the same value all most as Gold was when the original Brenton Woods Agreement happened and USA conned the world to us USD fiat money as the standard of exchange. That was back when you could go into a bank and cash out your money for silver. The dollar reall was as “good as gold” at that point…but we soon got rid of that. 🙂 I noticed that the US credit card debt is way down now too. Card debt is DOWN to $6000 a citizen now. It WAS at $13,000. And before that at the beginning of the Covid thing it was in the over $20,000 zone for US credit card debit per person. That means the the CARES Act money hasn’t gone to support local businesess but mostly it has flowed to BANKS as people started paying off their credit cards with it. (which is a smart thing to do.)

thanks for the link. That is an amazing site. So you’re saying that the CARES act has paid the credit cards (what is owed to the banks) on our behalf? I’ll have to study this site. You make a great point about the gold. For quite sometime there is a lot of talk that bitcoin will be good or better than gold. That is fool’s speak. But I’ve noticed the trend. I worry that that market is going to be wildly manipulated.

Thank you for the Links! I watched about half of the Corbett Report video the other day and intended to finish it today. It’s unnerving how giddy these globalist are to implement digital currency, CBDC. If this really is the way of the (very near) future, how will the US maintain our sovereignty? It seems that the world has already been bought and the endgame is inevitable…or is It?

not exactly. The CARES Act, as you know, almost everyone got a crumb of money of it EXCEPT the “upper middle class” who make more than a certain amount a year and are working in corporate type jobs – they got furloughed (less hours less money but still had a job). They were the ones who got pinched here but still are doing ok. Everyone else got $1200. The original idea by the Sec of Treasury was to give everyone almost $4,000 to get through the covid19 disaster. This whole CARES Act was submitted January 2019 and wasn’t even about CornaVirus. It was about buttressing the failing USDollar. Trump signed it and gave BLACKROCK the world’s largest ShadowBank (without any Request for Proposals – which means Blackrock probably wrote the darn act) the abilty to buy and sell stocks on behalf of the Federal Reserve which the Fed had never been able to do – ever. And of course the CARES Act married the Fed to the “The People’s” TREASURY. I have no idea how they got away with this as this is completely unconstitutional. Anyhow, Blackrock is now keeping the US Stock Market afloat in order to keep the US dollar afloat. Blackrock is using it’s Artificial Intelligence called ALDIN which is running on Microsoft’s cloud called AZURE. The regular people are recognizing that they have to get out of debt ASAP which is great. They should! So they are paying down their credit card debts. It appears that the $1,200 went to pay of many people’s credit card debts. For more information about The CARES Act please listen or read this post by TOTALLY UNAFFILIATED with any political party Jolie Diane’s post

I think USA has been holding on because we have military literally everywhere on the planet making sure other countries are using USdollars. Most of the “money” the Federal Reserve is “printing” up right now is actually landing over in Europe. THE PEOPLE will soon experience the call to govern themselves. Most people don’t ever go to a Town Council meeting or to their State House to introduce legislation. Corporations (corporate personhood) have taken that function over and people think voting for president is the most important voting they can do. This is very wrong thinking. Here in USA we are the most powerful at the state level. A state can tell the federal government of F-off completely by the book (10th Amendment). And local communities can tell the State to back off too! It’s a pretty awesome set up we have here, but people don’t know how powerful they are. Seriously, the jokers and DC want us all fighting each other that’s why this election is a complete and total sh*tshow. I was all by design. I’m not even kidding. It’s not a conspiracy – it’s just fact. Everyone in DC of any importance knew this was going to happen.

There is going to be MASSIVE FORECLOSURES happening in January. MASSIVE as if the homeless count wasn’t horrible enough. REALLY RICH PEOPLE do not pay as much taxes as the poor. This pandemic is designed to flatten the curve – not THE HEALTH CURVE – but the wealth curve. USA will be REALLY UBER RICH and at the same time most people will become poor – very poor – and will be very eager to UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME which is linked to the conversation about CBDCs. I appoligize [name redacted] – you are right. ARGENTINA THE COLLAPSE is the best example as to how this might pan out.

I’m inclined to think a lot of people refinanced homes with cash payout and used the $ to pay of credit cards. Any thoughts/info what the future holds for housing market/mortgage debt?

yeah that’ probably exactly what they did. I hope they got a fixed rate on that. It’s a smart thing to do. But if it’s adjustable rate they are screwed. The real estate markets are doing things regionally because people are MIGRATING. Where I live we are seeing EPIC rise in house prices because people are moving out of New York. Same with people moving out of California to lesser known areas. It’s popping the price of real estate HOWEVER all the states are now pretty much broke thanks to Corona Virus “pandemic” and every state will have to raise property taxes. There is going to be a massive bunch of FORECLOSURES in January based on the LATE payments or simply not paid bills. The banks are already getting ready for this internally and investing their money accordingly.

My thought on “debt forgiveness” is that those that still have mortgages will gladly accept the “forgiveness” and then rent their homes at the same or higher rates from the bank. Those that have paid off their homes will likely see massive property tax hikes so they too might exchange that for paying rent on the home. No one will inherit their parent’s homes anymore…”no one will own anything and will be happy”.

You have good and insightful information. What about the notion that the rich are purposefully causing this housing / real-estate situation so that they can buy up land in accordance with what the leaders of WEF have written about and attempts to make land “sustainable” according to the UN SDGs? Buying up all private and public land?

I AM SO SORRY. I was just speaking to a woman who is literally living under a bridge. She is in her 60’s. This whole thing is a complete and total mess and I swear to G*d. There is actual TREASON going on to accomplish what is happening in USA right now. Treason is punishable by DEATH and I’m not talking at all about the election. I believe the election was devised as cover for this theft. This is the LARGEST THEFT / TRANSFER OF WEALTH IN HUMAN HISTORY. Most people in USA are getting the short end of the stick regardless of what is in (or not in) their banking account. [name redacted] I honestly wish that it wasn’t like this for you or anyone for that matter. The amount of suffering going on financially is huge but what “they” are doing psychologically and physically is diabolical!

(and purposely causing the fires on the west coast for the same reasons )

the VERY RICH have been buying up land like gang busters for the past few years as it is the safest place to put wealth when everything is in chaos. REAL ESTATE and GOLD and of course GUNS and AMMO are always prudent investments. The very rich have been waiting on this since the 80’s actually. The new super rich like the Elon Musk’s are making out like Gang Busters right now on the stock market. The BLACK LIVES MATTER protests that when all fire-y seem to have occurred exactly where wealthy entities could swoop in and buy up the destroyed area and get GRANT MONEY from HUD to develop the area. Catherine Austin Fitts saw that connection immediately. (Google that – you’ll see it.) As far as the AGENDA 21 /30 stuff goes… I’m not so sure if “the rich are purposefully causing this housing / real-estate situation”. I think they see real estate as a wealth vehicle and don’t take it as personally as us normal people. You know, like it’s our HOME. They don’t have that connection. All markets can be manipulated with enough financial encouragement. But right now this, I believe, is the logical progression of SHUTTING DOWN THE WORLD ECONOMY which fits perfectly with the introduction of new money and laws. So in that case…it fits but I don’t think the start point of this disaster was specifically because of the want for sustainable land.

that made me cry for so many reasons. Thank you and again I truly apologize for anything other than Kindness that I previously replied. Thank you for your kind heart and I’m so sad to hear about that lady in every single one of us that are being forced into poverty. I manage to pay my rent every month until now but this month I cannot.I do not know how long it will be in touch I will be evicted.Again I’m not OK but really working on it. I know that everybody on this thread is in it with us we are all here together. I love you all.

I’m aware of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Bush’s and others buying up massive land in past decade. Gates, for instance has said (last year I think) that he wants to create a tech city. A city of the future. You have a bunch of billionaires doing the same. Buying up massive land for future development. The Chinese have been buying up millions of US acres for agriculture. We are being displaced and sold off to private interests. That is why I stated what I stated, something I know have been written repeatedly about by the authors and heads of WEF. And they are all painting it as for the purpose of “sustainability” and green deal. But instead what you really see is buying up land, rationing it’s resources and placing us in an automated surveillance technocratic system. Cashless, mind you, using a blockchain system for inventory and management purposes. I’m a programmer for 30 years and have seen all this coming from the tech side. I worked as a software engineer for AIG bfore the financial crisis of 2008. I’ve programmed with all this tech. I was a war veteran 13 years. So I know what we really go to war for. I’ve worked as an engineer for DoD and I know how corrupt they are. So I have a bit of a viewpoint from inside that nasty circle. So none of this is surprising me. What is surprising me is that it is so deep and no one is stopping it.

“no one will own anything and will be happy” it all started with the RENT A SNEAKER idea. I couldn’t believe people were doing that. Putting sneakers on payment plans. “Yeesy” GenX got slammed and every generation after that has had less and less to work with financially. So RENTING and living life to it’s fullest, experiential, exotic vacations while still paying off college loans and credit cards became much more ordinary for people in USA. We have a real opportunity here IF we don’t all just kill each other (which would be just fine for the people who created this disaster – in fact it’s probably the preferable outcome for them). We have an amazing CONSTITUTION (rule book) let’s make sure that doesn’t get trashed because that’s how we legitimately get OUR MONEY BACK. See Jolie Diane’s Post (funny no one ever heard of her – right??? I wrote her in on the ballot 🙂 ) and make sure your STATE constitutions don’t get torn up either. We have to be very CREATIVE and KIND to each other in these coming years. Most people have been under extreme stress and actually have been unwittingly submitting themselves to brainwashing techniques. (main stream news and Internet marketing) It is going to be enormously tough, but I have faith in humanity. I really do. The LANDLORD thing you are talking about is part of the wealth transfer. Landlords were originally the only people who could vote back when the Magna Carta got written! I’m pretty sure someone would prefer it like it like that right now. 🙂 But if you look at real estate as a “vehicle” and not a “home” sure rent and make as much money as you can off the thing. In fact that how a lot of people were able to survive the Collapse in Argentina.

yes, as aptly stated on a WEF page, we will own nothing and be happy. And you can only get there if you have UBI, blockchain inventory tracking system, cashless society, mass surveillance, and a gig economy with “life long learning” earning digital badges and certificates for a stratified class feudal caste system that races to the bottom. Oh and let’s not forget making us lifelong bio-medical products hooked up online to a brand new VR based digital economy with unlimited fake digital resources.

or people could just throw out their cell phones and not accept the vaccine. We can always just say no thanks. yeah…it’s the path less taken and all that but someone’s gotta do it. Doesn’t have to be massive march with pitchforks. Just people opting out and staying out the way works too. After having worked at a defense contractor, I now TAKE THE BATTERY OUT of my cell phone except for when I need to use it. Which is very rarely – tops, a couple times a week and that’s usually for a text to verify something. People can do the mass surveillance thing…heck they already have, sure no problem. It’s only the brainwashed who will feel as if they have no choice in the matter. I think you are right though, it will be a tough transition no matter how well people take to these proposed technocratic “solutions” after the incited violence of the “election” and the financial hardship brought on by the cornavirus19 flattening the curve – or will people refuse all this stuff? I’m sure the money players will be making offers that will be hard to refuse. I’m not against technology. But I’m against the powers that have always tried to create reality for society. It used to be religion that got cultures to unify and move and FIGHT on behalf of the wealthy. Now, “science is the winner TM” <<thanks Pfizer.

yes, I agree. I too have nothing against technology. I have invested my entire life to it. I actually love technology, but I do not appreciate it being used as a tool to manipulate and deceive people into giving up their freedom and liberties. I don’t believe in tech that harms people. Nor any tech that intrudes into people’s lives. There is so much good that tech does, like me typing on the keyboard to someone I’ve never met and yet have instant communication and exchanges of the mind. How marvelous is that? But we do this voluntarily for our own benefit. Not because we’re forced to or stand to lose our homes. And, I don’t ever carry my phone with me. It always stays home. Always. If I go out, I leave it behind. And my phone ringer is off, my GPS is off, my bluetooth is off, my auto updates are off, etc. I think people that know the true dangers of tech, like myself and yourself, tend to use the devices less. And I agree with you, perverted science is the new religion. Another tool to instantly manipulate the people at will.

It’s called a CBDC. A CENTRAL BANK DIGITIAL CURRENCY. most people will not feel any difference when it happens.
This an hour long and very important. We are experiencing financial history being made. It’s not conspiracy theory or investment opportunity. It just is and it will be how central banks will move money around. Which means it will be how they will accept taxes. I noticed that the USDebtClock started listing CRYTPO (not Bitcoin nor any of the cryptos at CoinDesk) to Dollar ratio. I have a lot on my page about this if you want to click over and look there. I believe the CRYPTO they are listing is the CBDC.

There’s no truth to this post – but digital wallets are coming and badly needed. No proof of vaccinations will be required except in public schools and universities – as mandated by state laws and health codes.
A digital wallet will be helpful in distributing tax refunds, social security, disability payments, military pay … etc. in a paperless world.

First you start with “there’s no truth to this post” and then you end it with “except in public schools and universities – as mandated by state laws and health codes”. You clearly made my point. And I recommend you understand how smart contracts blockchain works and how it will be used.

why does my iPhone have a preinstalled wallet app, that can’t be removed?
And a preinstalled “health” app that is also permanently imbedded.

I hope there’s a way to find techies who can clean these slave-control, surveillance state insertions from our technological devices.
The next booming trade, I imagine.

I didn’t know that wallets were being pre-installed. Not good.

and this is an iPhone 7, probably 4 or 5 years old. They’ve been setting up the chess board for a very long time.

I agree – I’ve never ever been able to delete the wallet and the health app.

I don’t use them, often wondered why they were on my phone, but now I understand 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Guess it’s time to unleash myself into freedom. Biting the Apple is not worth it. The latest update is even more intrusive!

In 1974, Trilateral Commission member and academic Richard Gardner wrote an article “The Hard Road to World Order” for Foreign Affairs magazine, predicting the future of the Commission’s self-proclaimed New International Economic Order. Gardner spoke of an “end-run around national sovereignty”, a “booming, buzzing confusion” and building it from the “bottom up” rather than attempting an “old-fashioned frontal assault.” After almost 45 years, it is time to examine the record. In Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order, Wood traces the steps and developments that led to the United Nations’ establishment of Sustainable Development as an outgrowth of historic Technocracy from the 1930s. UN programs such as 2030 Agenda, New Urban Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement are all working together to displace Capitalism and Free Enterprise as the world’s principal economic system. As a resource-based economic system, Sustainable Development intends to take control of all resources, all production and all consumption on planet earth, leaving all of its inhabitants to be micro-managed by a Scientific Dictatorship. Topics covered include the devolution of federal governments combined with the rise of global Smart Cities. Tools are examined, like ubiquitous surveillance, collaborative governance, Public-Private Partnerships, Reflexive Law, Fintech, including crypto currencies and the drive toward a cashless society. The spiritual aspect of Sustainable Development is also explored as an important component of manipulation. Looking underneath the cover of globalization, Wood shatters the false narrative of a promised Utopia and exposes the true nature of the deception used to promote this new economic order. Those elite who hate the bedrock of American liberty and its time-tested Constitution have pulled out all the stops to destroy both, and it’s time for citizens to stand up to reject them. As always, Wood closes with the nature of effective resistance and the tools that can help to achieve success.

this is a great narrative summary of what is happening. In a nutshell, we’re seeing a techno-feudalism rolling in. Almost impossible to believe in the 21st century!

this is the Act introduced it is not law yet…/116th…/senate-bill/3571/text

The communitarian guru and his son are the moral justification for the techno fascism, it’s communitarian. Oren Etzioni is a major player now, recently working with the Korean Supreme Court on the new laws. What we’re seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg made of 100% shit.

I have the court link on my wall. Here’s another

It’s South Korea, four years ago. I’ll be looking into this more.

That Etzioni guy is some character. I don’t subscribe to his belief system (because that is what it is, a belief system and not pure science) and how he wants to apply it. I don’t trust him and his relatives. Their philosophy suits themselves, and not us. Also, his desire to want to write the rules of AI only invites more trouble. This guy is a dangerous entity that people need to be made more aware of. He works too quietly in the background with the elite.

Yeah he’s written out of all the most popular analysis. Ask Patrick Wood (who popularized the term tecnocracy) why he left Etzioni out of his story. Or Rosa plagiarist Koire.

I figured out the way the Zionists would bury my work in 2012. They all follow the same pattern as their communitarian handlers. It’s what they don’t say that’s most relevant. Which obviously makes it hard to see their agenda if you don’t know what they’re writing out.

I’ve noticed that too in a lot of the popular speakers and “advocates”. It’s have they are herding you away from the source of the issues. They clamor about the pressing issues, which one will agree with, but they completely leave out a vital component that you should be aware of but are never told. It’s deceitful and manipulative. Either that or they are cowards. My best guess is they are both. You bring up good points and I’m taking notice. Thank you for bringing this up.

The LA21 resistance writers in the late 90s were all far right Christians and John Birchers. They spent years trying to convince me to stop using the word communitarian and replace it with an easier term. They shut me out of their back slapping web promoting because i refused to comply. I only bring it up now because you’re new to the scam and i think you have potential to wade through the disingenuous players. They thought they had it all boxed up in 2000, and they’ve had 20 years to prepare to mislead you. They’re the best liars you’ll ever meet.

Looks like Korea has been prepared for communitarian changes for a while.

Here is a post that was shared in the anti-mask group:

Our children are in trouble. I listened to SO many concerned parents over the weekend. These parents shared about their usually straight A student who is really struggling to maybe get a C or D right now. The parents feel like they are failing. The kids are deeply discouraged and depressed. Multiple parents also shared about their children not leaving the house for days on end. The parents can’t get them to go outside, go on a walk, or engage in anything beyond a game on their phone. This is not working. Overall, the children are now a year or more behind in school. The kids in Wuhan, China went back to their classrooms in September. So did the kids in Russia.
One of my cousin’s kids who has high functioning Asperger’s and is incredibly smart is struggling to keep up with lessons where he would previously excel. He needs the structure of his classroom. He needs his teachers who are trained and who can walk him through his school work IN PERSON. He needs his peers IN PERSON to connect with. He has a hard enough time connecting, and it is NOT working virtually. And he is a really smart child and shows great leadership skills when he is given the option. But presently, he stays frustrated and lags way behind in this virtual world that cannot offer what he needs to learn, develop and grow. My neighbor’s two boys are the same way. And there are countless children without learning disabilities who have never struggled before who are falling way behind in their studies and assignments. It is not only slowing down their development, but is doing serious harm to their self-esteems and psyches. I don’t know how much more our kids can take.

And a reply to this post:

This is beyond wrong. My 11th grader is usually a straight A student. She is also in marching band and drumline. She is always going going going, between school, practice games and competitions. She is struggling big time. She rarely leaves the house, is always on her chromebook doing homework (after 6 hr days of zoom meetings). Her only socialization is on discord with her friends playing games. She has lost any chance of taking her SATs. She has lost he chance to gain extracurricular advancement of her music career or scholarships. This is just not right at all. She had plans to major in engineering with a minor in music and wanted to be a mechanical engineer. Now she has no interest in anything after school.

Here is a post from Alison:

We must ensure the social impact investment sector’s tentacles are kept out of the homes of the poor. In China digital recordings are used to trigger “impact payments” on blockchain. Spying on people’s parenting under the guise of “home visits.”

Heckman was part of this.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

These young adults are trying to move through college and or work and it’s not going so easily. College closures moving to all online is truly isolating in conjunction with governor executive orders not to invite people over outside your own family. Like you and I, we’re hearing that all jobs will be soon be automated. For example, Univ of South Florida, Tampa, is completely closing down their college of education. The College of Saint Mary in NH will no longer offer degrees in the humanities (arts, music, humanities) as well as math. Evidently, these degrees are no longer necessary in an “advanced society.”
“More than 25% of young Americans aged 18-24 have seriously considered killing themselves during the last month, according to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report released on Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The dollar is down, 97% since 1971, (in real terms or gold), and down 85% since 2000. So the hyperinflationary phase could start in 2021, 99 years after Weimar. Or will it be in 2022 on the 100 year anniversary?
Hyperinflation is a currency event. This means that it arises not as a result of rising prices but due to the collapsing currency. The dollar index is already down 12% since the March high. The combination of the Covid crisis, debt explosion and money printing could easily start a dollar waterfall in 2021. This would mean that hyperinflation starts.

And another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

Back in October, team GlobaliD attended the 31st biannual Internet Identity Workshop (IIW), the premier conference dedicated to building collaborative environments that foster the development of open standards around all things digital identity. According to legend, it’s the birthplace of SSI

And yet another post from her:


And yet another post from her:

World Governance through Environmental Management
In April of 1991, a conference titled Global Pollution Prevention was held in Washington DC. Two of the sessions were broadcast on C-Span. Two of the presenters at the beginning of conference were Dave Buzzelli, then Vice President and Executive Director for Health and Safety at Dow Chemical and Hank Habicht, Deputy Director of the EPA. What these two men said at this conference reset the philosophy of government in the United States. Buzzelli talked about process analysis at Dow Chemical including waste reduction. Habicht described how the EPA would be implementing Total Quality Management and life cycle analysis. The second session of the Global Pollution Prevention conference was the Role of the Media for the global pollution prevention movement.

And yet another post from her:

Here is a post from Alison:

We need to be talking about population-level bioengineering. These folks are not healers – they are engineers.

And a reply to this post:

A little info on Australian TGA regulator who is fixing to approve Pfizer BioNTech vaxx.
BIO AND TECH, get it?
He is also a prominent Freemason and recipent of the Cross of Malta award.
You know who else has the Cross of Malta??
Marina fucking Abramovic.

And another post from her:

Interesting that besides Chan Zuckerberg – the Helmsley and Klarman Foundations are backing the Human Cell Atlas. Click through to see who else the latter funds (hedge fund $).

And yet another post from her:

Evidently youtube pulled this from JP and Julie’s channel. If you haven’t watched it already – check out what “lifelong learning” under techno-fascism has in store. They were able to weave quite a bit of my research into this piece. Their art is really wonderful at communicating complex information that might otherwise be a pretty dry read.

And the post that was quoted:

Update! YouTube has reversed their decision and the video is now back on our channel. Please subscribe to
This is one of our more popular videos on our channels. It has about 5000 views – On December 14, 2020 YouTube blocked it, claimed there was a copyright violation. We have proven there is no copyright violation and are waiting for them to unblock the video. We are also in the process of uploading it on our backup channel, but this takes a long time. In the meantime please take a look at “Lifelong Learning”
Please go to and become a patron. We are seeking 9 new patrons to make our year end goal. Thank you, JP & Julie

And yet another post from her:

Guess what? He’s also big into unlocking health data / bioinformatics… MalthusianModeling HedgeFundShorts

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“the Internet of Behavior is something we’ll become increasingly aware of in our daily lives and work. It combines existing technologies that focus on the individual directly – facial recognition, location tracking and big data for example – and connects the resulting data to associated behavioral events, such as cash purchases or device usage, said the research firm.
Organizations use this data to influence human behavior. For example, to monitor compliance with health protocols during the ongoing pandemic, organizations might leverage IoB via computer vision to see whether employees are wearing masks or via thermal imaging to identify those with a fever.
Likewise, a single device, like a smartphone, can track your online movements as well as your real-life geographic position. Today, brands know a lot more about you—your interests, dislikes, the way you vote, and the way you purchase. Uber, for example uses IoT data about drivers, traveler locations and preferences to reimagine the end-user experience.”
What Are the Gains and Risks of Internet of Behavior (

Here is a post shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Breaking News!! A group called Schoolhouse Rights filed a federal lawsuit in Nevada on behalf of a mixed-race child who was traumatized by coercive SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum in a public charter school. Their press release:
“On December 22,2020 Schoolhouse Rights’ first supported litigation effort was filed in the US District Court of Nevada. The lawsuit is on behalf of a single-mother and her son, who is a high school student at a public charter school. The student was coerced, under a “Critical Race Theory/Intersectionality” – based curriculum, to make statements contrary to his personal conscience and beliefs, and he was retaliated against when he objected conscientiously. Our case argues that this “coercive and intrusive behavior compelled[the plaintiff’s] protected speech and invaded his privacy, violating his constitutional rights under the First Amendment and his due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment.” We believe our civil rights case to be the first of its kind across the nation.”
From page 2-3 of the complaint:
“NATURE OF ACTION A. ASSERTING INTEGRITY OF CONSCIENCE AGAINST STATE DISCRIMINATION AND COERCION 1. Plaintiff, William Clark, brings suit for injunctive relief and damages against Defendants for repeatedly compelling his speech involving intimate matters of race, gender, sexuality and religion. Defendants compelled Plaintiff William Clark to make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments which were subject to the scrutiny, interrogation and derogatory labeling of students, teachers and school administrators. By directing Plaintiff William Clark to reveal his identities in a controlled, yet non-private setting, to scrutiny and official labeling, Defendants were and still are coercing him to accept and affirm politicized and discriminatory principles and statements that he cannot in conscience affirm. Defendants “invade the sphere of intellect and spirit which it is the purpose of the First Amendment to our Constitution to reserve from all official control.” West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette, 319 U.S. 624. Defendants repeatedly threatened William Clark with material harm including a failing grade and non-graduation if he failed to comply with their requirements. When he declined to participate in these confessional exercises and assignments, Defendants rejected his requests for reasonable accommodation and acted on their threats. Defendants’ coercive and intrusive behavior compelled William Clark’s protected speech and invaded his privacy, violating his constitutional rights under the First Amendment and his due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. 2. Plaintiff, Gabrielle Clark, a black woman, is William Clark’s mother and only living parent guardian. William’s father, now deceased, was a white man and an attorney. Plaintiff Gabrielle Clark brings suit on her own behalf and asserts her Fourteenth Amendment substantive due process right to family integrity and autonomy, which the Defendants deliberately threatened and undermined in word and deed, directing her son in class to “unlearn” the basic Judeo-Christian principles she imparted to him, and then retaliated against her son with a failing grade and threats of non-graduation when he declined to participate. Parents possess a right and covenant to guide and direct the upbringing of their children, and courts have repeatedly honored and upheld this right. See Troxel v. Granville, 530 U.S. 57, 66 (2000) (O’Connor, J., plurality); see also Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390, 401-02 (1923) (upholding the “power of parents to control the education of their own.”) 3. Defendants, who include a state funded and sponsored charter school, teachers and senior administrators, have deliberately created a hostile educational environment for Plaintiff William Clark, who, unlike his classmates appears to be and is regarded by his peers as white. Defendants thus discriminated on the basis of race and color, in addition to sex, gender and religion, in violation of Title VI and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, 20 U.S.C. §§ 1681 et seq. As Gabrielle Clark told Defendants in a meeting seeking accommodation, “you put a bullseye on my son’s back.” The following illustration is copied directly from Defendant school’s mandatory class material annexed hereto as Exhibit A and exemplifies the glib discriminatory tone of the compulsory instruction: (see picture below)”
Read the full brief here:

Here is a post I found shared in an America’s Party group:

It’s clear that during the founding of America from the Pilgrims all the way up until the middle of the nineteenth century, education was a private affair. In fact, as late as 1860, throughout all the states, there were only about 300 public schools. At this time there were over 6,000 private institutions, but the vast majority of educational “institutions” were at home.
Yet, though education was a thoroughly private affair at the time, masses of children did not fall through the cracks. In fact, literacy was extremely high even in rural western areas, comparable to educated Britain at the time and close even, one could argue, to the U.S. today.
For example, roughly 48% of rural Britons could read at the time, compared to roughly 70% in rural America. Urban Britain was 74% literate, whereas urban America was nearly 100% (based on signatures on deeds, wills, militia rolls, voting registers). Far western, rural Connecticut (e.g., the town of Kent) saw nearly 100% literacy; they took private education so seriously that the locals chartered a school even before the church, and the ministers taught at the school—and it was private.
In rural South Carolina, like in most places, education was also carried out mainly by local pastors. Literacy there was 80% in general, and even 90% among the German population.
Cremin concludes, “[T]hese rates are extraordinary, and stand as eloquent testimony to the power the tradition of learning had acquired in the minds of provincial Americans,” and he notes that this was driven purely by churches and households.
Cremin was a liberal and a progressive, so he had no particular fondness for America’s Christian history, and yet, while writing his definitive four-volume history, he was faced with and was compelled to transmit these clear facts:

  1. The Bible was “the single most important cultural influence in the lives of Anglo-Americans.” It thus formed the core of American literary and moral education.
  2. The household or family was “the principal unit of social organization,” and “the most important agency of popular education.” “The family undertook the training of children ‘in some honest calling, labor or employment.’ “
  3. In cases where the family was unable to advance education any further in a calling or trade, businesses or apprenticeships would provide a “direct example” and “immediate participation” in a trade through which a young person could learn a trade, find employment, and contribute to society.
  4. Entrance into apprenticeship programs was free and easy. Unlike in Europe or Britain at the time, there was high demand for skilled laborers, an absence of guilds that monopolized and controlled labor, no informers, no legal obstacles, no Statute of Artificers, no fees, and no property restrictions.
  5. Additionally, there were private night schools for working adults to improve their English and vocational skills.
    Restoring America: One County at a Time
    Chapter 1: Education

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

16 and 17 year old girls can now get abortions in MA without parental consent and with no judicial bypass. This means that a minor girl can make a life-changing decision with grave spiritual, emotional, and physical consequences without involving an adult in the process.
This law will leave young girls vulnerable to coercion and victimization at the hands of abusers and manipulative boyfriends.
This law also expands abortion through all nine months for any reason and does not require that life-saving measures be given to babies born alive during an abortion. This is INFANTICIDE.
Parents, foster open and honest communication with your daughters. Make sure they know that they can come to you about anything.

And another post from this group:


There is currently an advanced effort underway in the Scituate school district to hire a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Director. This is a trend that I have been seeing across the state. These directors create a framework of ideas to be inserted into curriculum and school programs. In this framework everyone is placed in the category of an Oppressor or Oppressed. LGBTQ ideology, along with other objectionable theories are taught to students without parent’s knowledge or consent. In some cases, these DEI lessons are beginning in kindergarten!

DEI Directors DO NOT bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to school communities. In fact, they do the opposite by marginalizing and silencing portions of the student population, undermining parental rights, and lowering the quality of academic content and instruction.

ALL students should be treated with kindness, respect, and equity. Fostering a nurturing learning environment does not require the teaching of corrosive social theories. DEI directors are pushing unscientific theories that conflict with many families’ deeply held beliefs and that arbitrarily and unfairly categorize students. Not to mention paying these directors is a mismanagement of tax payer funds. The average salary of a DEI Director is more than $100,000!

Scituate parents, to learn more about the current situation in your school district join the Scituate For Education Not Activism FB Group (link is below). This group is run by a group of parents who are gathering information and uniting local parents to address this issue and other concerns in the Scituate schools.

Parents, if there ever was a time to engage, it’s now.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

BREAKING MAJOR NEWS from US Treasury OCC, the largest US banking regulator [USOCC], with new guidance allowing US banks to use public blockchains and dollar stablecoins as a settlement
infrastructure in the US financial system
The new interpretive letter establishes that banks can treat public chains as infrastructure similar to SWIFT, ACH and FedWire, and stablecoins like USDC as electronic stored value. The significance of this can’t be understated.
Decentralized, permissionless, open source and internet mediated software is literally becoming the foundation for not just the US financial system but for the global economy.
We are on a path towards all major economic activity being executed on-chain. It is tremendous to see such forward thinking support from the largest regulator of national banks in the United States.
This paves the way for the use of leading dollar digital currencies such as USDC as a mainstream payment medium for all forms of payments and settlement, and helps put the US in a leadership position in embracing the power of public blockchain.
Beyond payments and settlement, and unlike legacy settlement mediums, public chains combine transactions and compute,
enabling a radically new modes of financial and commerce apps to be built.
It also sets the stage for more regulated financial institutions to run blockchain nodes, and even become validators.
This is a HUGE way to start 2021, the year that crypto and stablecoins go mass market
News Release 2021-2 | January 4, 2021
Federally Chartered Banks and Thrifts May Participate in Independent Node Verification Networks and Use Stablecoins for Payment Activities
WASHINGTON—The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today published a letter clarifying national banks’ and federal savings associations’ authority to participate in independent node verification networks (INVN) and use stablecoins to conduct payment activities and other bank-permissible functions.
“While governments in other countries have built real-time payments systems, the United States has relied on our innovation sector to deliver real-time payments technologies. Some of those technologies are built and managed by bank consortia and some are based on independent node verification networks such as blockchains,” said Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian P. Brooks. “The President’s Working Group on Financial Markets recently articulated a strong framework for ushering in an era of stablecoin-based financial infrastructure, identifying important risks while allowing those risks to be managed in a technology-agnostic way. Our letter removes any legal uncertainty about the authority of banks to connect to blockchains as validator nodes and thereby transact stablecoin payments on behalf of customers who are increasingly demanding the speed, efficiency, interoperability, and low cost associated with these products.”
The agency letter concludes a national bank or federal savings association may validate, store, and record payments transactions by serving as a node on an INVN. Likewise, a bank may use INVNs and related stablecoins to carry out other permissible payment activities. In deploying these technologies, a bank must comply with applicable law and safe, sound, and fair banking practices.
Engaging in INVN within the federal banking system may enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and stability of payments activities and achieve the benefits of real-time payments already enjoyed in other countries. For example, such activities may be more resilient than other payment networks because of the decentralized nature of INVNs, which allows a comparatively large number of nodes to verify transactions in a trusted manner. An INVN also limits tampering or adding inaccurate information to the database because information is only added to the network after consensus is reached among the nodes validating the information.
Banks must also be aware of potential risks when conducting INVN-related activities, including operational risks, compliance risk, and fraud. New technologies require enough technological expertise to ensure banks can manage these risks in a safe and sound manner. Banks have experience with managing such risks, which are similar to those of other electronic activities expressly permitted for banks, including providing electronic custody services, acting as a digital certification authority, and providing data processing services. Among the compliance risks, banks should guard against potential money laundering activities and terrorist financing by adapting and expanding their compliance programs to ensure compliance with the reporting and recordkeeping requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act and to address the particular risks of cryptocurrency transactions.
Banks should develop and implement new activities consistently with sound risk management practices and should align with banks’ overall business plans and strategies.

And a reply to this post:

I’m trying to get a handle on this…

UPDATE: Though I’m still not done copying material to my blog, Alison’s maps have been deleted from LittleSis and her maps have all been deleted (though hopefully we can find backups on Wayback Machine and Yahoo and Google caches.)

Thus, her maps will no longer be there (unless we can get them back.)

Further UPDATE from Alison:

So, it seems that my maps have been restored – though my IP is still banned. If there are folks who are willing to archive links to some of my 350+ maps, please message me your email. I will give you editing access to my spreadsheet where we can aggregate the links in case this happens again. Thanks for all your voices of support. It really meant a lot to me.

Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires video for January 6th, 2021:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Breaking: Google announces that it has suspended Parler from the Google Play store until it implements a moderation policy.

Breaking: Apple gives social media platform Parler a 24 hour ultimatum to implement a moderation plan. If the ultimatum is not met, Apple plans to remove the app from the App Store.

And another post from her:

Nothing like being in debt because of the other fellow

And yet another post from her:

IMF calls for more debt creation. “The International Monetary Fund’s top economist says governments and central banks need to continue to stimulate their economies.”

And yet another post from her:


And yet another post from her:

Announced Monday, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to build out a “virtual assets ecosystem and national digital currency of Ukraine.”
The National Bank of Ukraine has been researching the possibility of CBDC implementation since 2017, and the Stellar partnership will now be the basis of its virtual currency development, according to Digital Transformation and IT Deputy Minister Oleksandr Bornyakov.
“The Ministry of Digital Transformation is working on creating the legal environment for the development of virtual assets in Ukraine,” Bornyakov said in a statement. “We believe our cooperation with the Stellar Development Foundation will contribute to development of the virtual asset industry and its integration into the global financial ecosystem.”
Stellar, the cryptocurrency and non-profit organization launched in 2014 by Ripple co-founder Jed McCaleb, was selected last month by German bank Bankhaus von der Heydt (BVDH) as the means to issue a euro stablecoin. German regulator BaFIN has also approved the issuance of tokenized bonds on Stellar.

And yet another post from her:

Central Bankers are seeing the success of Stablecoins, Digital Tokens pegged to National Currencies and they Fear being left behind as people are using the new Innovation. <- Concerns of a surveillance society using digital currency ;
From Asia to Europe, major central banks all around the world are expected to announce their own digital currencies soon. [ Add our country to this too – The whole world will be one digital system]

And yet another post from her:

By 1940, the American Liberty League formerly disbanded. However with FDR’s death its cabal of controllers spawned dozens of new think tanks that were enmeshed with the Council on Foreign Relations and Mont Pelerin Society mothership founded in 1947 by von Hayek and a group of eugenics-loving oligarchs whom we will encounter in a following report..
Over the coming decades, the Liberty League morphed into hundreds of new think tanks which began with the American Enterprise Association (AEA) [later American Enterprise Institute] founded by Liberty League leader Raymond Moley and sponsored by General Mills, Chemical Bank and Bristol Meyers.
Other think tanks built up by this network over the years included the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, Hudson Institute, Mises Institute, Manhattan Institute etc… which would set the groundwork for the later “conservative revolution” of the 1970s. This “Austrian School” revolution would spring to life once the 1945-1971 Keynesian perversion of Bretton Woods ended with the 1971 floating of the dollar off of the fixed exchange rate gold reserve system.
Under this post-1971 era, a new god of the “markets” would replace the old god of “the state” and a new ethic of post-industrial consumerism would replace the former system of Keynesian controls that defined the post-WWII era. Those anti-Keynesian leaders of the American System tradition such as Henry Dexter White, Franklin Roosevelt, Wendell Wilkie, Sumner Welles, and Harry Hopkins were taken out of power through various means between 1945-1946 as the Anglo-American establishment regained control over U.S. foreign and internal policies. This Keynesian takeover destroyed the positive potential of the Bretton Woods Institutions which were designed originally to internationalize the New Deal via the creation of cheap credit for global development and win-win cooperation.

And yet another post from her:

I told ya … this was coming … This will also be used in our country mark that down .
State Dept. to Create New Cybersecurity & Technology Agency—threats/state-dept-to-create-new-cybersecurity-and-technology-agency/d/d-id/1339853

And yet another post from her:

Just wait till the new leadership uses Palan.tir against the general public . The new Agency director was an executive and founder of the technology – so it will be quick.

And yet another post from her:

The point of the tech/ global governance gulag was to remove a person from society so they could not influence the thoughts of the sheep.
When they suspend all your social media, cancel your mobile phone and home internet accounts, and close your bank account… you’ll get it.
I earnestly tried to tell ya ..

And yet another post from her:

Combined, Google and Apple control 99.9% of the American mobile OS market -If they kick you off their app stores you are done

And yet another post from her:

This purge we are witnessing could be related to CCP social credit system twists, now underway across America.

Here is a post that someone made on Alison’s wall:

as you know, they are starting operant conditioning on our children through programs like Achieve3000. After all the years I spent locally trying to educate parents and teachers about this I still see teachers who “agree” with me placing their own children on these programs. We need to to build outside of this system.

Here is a post from Alison:

Really important to understand that our digital lives are actually signals intelligence informing the military and hedge funds. They make it a game to get more data. Data informs the bets being made on our lives.

And another post from her:

Here’s the video of the lovely conversation I joined in yesterday with Deepti, Sandi, and Yogeeta

And yet another post from her:

The concept of a global gig economy depends on successfully breaking work down into very simple tasks (micro-work – picture Fordism for everything) AND overcoming language barriers AND possibly literacy, too. If AI is going to use blockchain to sift through thousands of global applicants’ “badges” to assign “work,” those in power do not want to be limited by language proficiency. I think that’s why automated language translation is sucking up so many resources now. THAT is why they want us to talk to devices – to train them in language.

And yet another post from her:

I also think the push to text therapy and teletherapy is not just about lean production, but about training machines to assess “emotion” in more nuanced ways.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Question: My 7th grader has a “health and wellness” class which is an assigned class for all 7th graders in his school. If I don’t agree with the material being taught for religious reasons (which includes material relating to New Age religious practices, yoga, meditation, crystals, etc.), do I have a legal right to have him taken out of the class completely and given some alternative lesson plan or study period? Basically the material so far this year is either inappropriate or just completely useless for his education. As a student in a public school, is he required to take all the courses they assign, or should we have the option to opt out of this one class? We really don’t want to change schools, it’s just this class that we have a problem with.

And a reply to this post:

Great questions, [name redacted]. Per MA state law, you can opt your child out of the sex ed portion of health class. There is a sample opt out letter you can use in the files section of this group. The school must provide an alternative activity for your child during the time when sex ed is covered.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Walmart launches fintech startup to build digital financial products for customers, employees

I know our local assistant manager – When I was able to get out before I got sick she and I talked one day – Walmart is preparing for digital currency to be used

And another post from her:

The director of national intelligence announced today that the U.S. Space Force has been designated a part of the intelligence community –

  • Space Force Designated as Part of Intelligence Community

And yet another post from her:

Developed through a multi-year collaboration between the State Bank of Pakistan and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with support from the World Bank, Britain and the United Nations, one goal for Raast is to boost involvement of women in the formal economy.
Pakistan government announces new instant digital payment system

Just what we need in Illinois, more school testing! NOT! And I bet this bill, supposedly made to help minorities, will do the exact opposite!

Here is a post from Alison:

Fair warning – I have a friend who finds way more scary stuff than I do, and she just sent me this article from 2002, “Small Security: Nanotechnology and Future Defense”

Click to access Small%20Security.pdf

And another post from her:

Super important to recognize digital payment systems are bound up with avionic surveillance, and SIM cards can be remotely deactivated. Billionaires want a low-cost mobile in the hand of every poor person on the planet.

And a reply to this post:

Now they will start giving mobiles away and claim this is to protect the health of the population.

This is what Google did in India in 2015. Apparently they are winding it down now.
‘Google said on Monday that it is winding down Google Station, a program that rolled out free Wi-Fi in more than 400 railway stations in India and “thousands” of other public places in several additional pockets of the world. The company worked with a number of partners on the program.’
‘Caesar Sengupta, VP of Payments and Next Billion Users at Google, said the program, launched in 2015, helped millions of users surf the internet — a first for many — and not worry about the amount of data they consumed.’

And yet another post from her:

Lockdowns are being used to create vast markets in poverty mining with e-gov digital ID tied to privatized social benefits that will run through data-driven P3s. This map of Idemia shows links between biometrics, conditional welfare, social impact, surveillance, and defense.

note Glickman top – Accenture and smart card welfare / pay for success.

Idemia is in NSW

And some replies to this post:

So are they going to tie this to US welfare programs, Social Security, VA Disability and other benefits programs? What about banking transactions? Will this all require smart contract ID systems, all up for conditional access to assets? Will this be implemented stealthly via P3s or will it be openly legislated into law? So many questions. This is insane, if you ask me and hard to believe.

Look at Glickman – I think that is the plan – the Fed Wallet. It may take some time, but people need to zoom out – and see the links to defense interests and satellite surveillance and cheap mobile phones… in SAFRAN / Idemia it’s all connected.

isn’t that what the Obama phones were about? I believe it was the largest Telco company in Mexico that was making the phones and acting as the carrier. Owned by the most powerful man in Mexico. At the time I didn’t understand why, until a few years ago when I realized the desire to monitor everyone’s online habits, including the very poor. So is there a connection with this company as well?

So Mexico had the first Conditional Cash Transfer program – I will look to see if it is connected. That’s my next map.

“The richest man in the world, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, is making millions in profits from a government program that supplies poor Americans with free cell phones.
Mr Slim, who is worth an estimated $69billion, owns the parent company of both the service provider and phone producer which creates the phones used in the Lifeline program.
The government program was originally enacted under President Reagan’s administration in an effort for poor Americans without access to phones to have a way to contact prospective employers, arrange for healthcare, and be in touch with their children’s schools.”

In Australia, the federal government have been trialing a cashless welfare program in select communities for some time. They are desperate to roll it out nationally, but were narrowly defeated in parliament recently. They did however, manage to extend the trial for another two years, despite protests by human rights groups. The system disproportionately affects indigenous communities (something like 85% of recipients of the program are indigenous.)–welfare–card-trial-must-stop.html

For these interested how people managed on an Indue Card: this study is a real eye opener.
33 pages: – if you’re happy in your smart city nappy clap your hands, 👏👏🙄

Now there doing mining with linguistic to censor. I wonder if this will be used for precrime beatdown in poor neighborhoods?
We know something is always listening. Will this technology move to a Social Credit Scoring?

And yet another post from her:

Recent conversation with Greg Carlwood from The Higherside Chats. Podcast here.

And yet another post from her:

Mr. Kennedy is a venture partner at VantagePoint Capital Partners.
“Green energy,” how convenient for the post-Covid reskilling structured debt human capital markets.

“VantagePoint Capital Partners (formerly VantagePoint Venture Partners, until 2011) has more than $4.5 billion in capital under management and invests in the cleantech, healthcare, and IT sectors.”

And some replies to this post:

Catherine Austin Fitts BELIEVES in capitalism, heart, body, soul. She doesn’t remotely understand it, i.e. does not understand how it is rooted in dispossession and ecocide, starting with its emergence via the Enclosures in late Medieval England. To her, it’s just private enterprise, a totally natural human endeavor, she has swallowed the Adam Smith tripe that the “propensity to truck, barter, and exchange” was inherent in human nature and gave rise to things such as the division of labour (1776) … His conclusion was that it was a “natural” and not an “artificial” aspect of all humanity. The fact that humans have in fact not done that all much till the last few hundred years have not come into her awareness. Smith was in fact involved in furthering the Enclosures, late in the game but still on-going in a massive way.

These were actions by large landowners starting in late Medieval England to enclose (literally put fences) around the lands owned by small subsistence farmers who were living as tenants under the feudal system, as well as the Commons, lands owned previously by no one,preventing the use of these lands for farming, hunting or gathering. Most inhabitants were just pushed off, left to fend for themselves, with a few being left to work as wage workers for the enlarged estates, which became primal capitalist agriculture enterprises, functioning to produce stuff for sale, with the goal being enlarged sums of money or its equivalent in tools, resources,… i.e. capital accumulation.
This process accelerated through time, continuing into the 19th Century, resulting in large numbers of people with no way to survive except selling their ability to work in return for a wage, or turning to crime and other marginal activities. Many in fact became indentured servants and were sent to England’s colonies. This expanded into Scotland, Wales, Ireland and eventually the continent and the rest of the world, that’s how capitalism conquered the world.
A couple of highly recommended readings, with detailed sourcing.

Yasha Levine on Michael Perelman’s The Invention of Capitalism. The writer is also the author of Surveillance Valley, a great book about the origins of today’s surveillance regime.

Like Kennedy, Bush is playing both sides. The information on the climate change and Covid hoax is available. To come to their conclusion on climate change and not see the connection to Klaus Schwabs Fourth Industrial Revolution / Great Reset is absurd. Research material is available on both topics. Their position on climate change is very revealing to who they are loyal to. Fearmongering people into believing in the imminent threat of climate change is how the globalist are convincing the unassuming masses that The Great Reset is a good thing. These two wolfs in sheep’s clothing are the globalist’s persuading sheepdogs to get that job done. As far as I am concerned these two are very dangerous to our cause and are used to distract the the masses from the bigger picture that will enslave them into a digital world. They are gatekeeper’s like Noam Chomsky and are guilty by omission in not talking about other truths such as 911 or parrot the official government narrative on 911 and climate change.

Just going back to the original post – it is directing people to the fact that as a partner in a major “green” VC fund that will benefit from financial “innovations” tied to securitization of debt linked to post-lockdown “reskilling” of people who have lost their jobs into one of that fund’s targeted investment sectors (smart energy) – it is unlikely that he is going to straight up call out the UN SDGs and ESG investing in “Green” projects and human capital. Calling out the Reset is not the same thing as implicating global capital flows – flows that will run through people once the biometric IDs are in place. Again – several people have told me they are reaching out to push on this. We shall see how he responds if at all.

I spent years watching Diane Ravitch corral all the activists fighting against privatization interests in the schools to realize later that she was working for the wrong side – to keep everyone busy and distracted and drive them off the cliff. Everyone wants a hero – that’s what public faces are for.

And yet another post from her:

OK, this is one of the maps I talked about on the live stream this morning. It documents a blockchain smart contract home visit pilot program launched in Boa Vista, Brazil. You can see how it’s woven into the global web of human capital finance. Interactive version here.

And yet another post from her:

About tiny houses as data-pods. Imagine the psychological warfare you could wage on people using the “remote control” housing brain and 60+ connected devices…

Here is a Moms Watching Media episode with the Common Core Diva:

Here is a tweet from Lynne Taylor:

Ahh, making Lamar proud..his mold of cradle to grave education will be filled with his sidekick’s like-minded grabs for your babies.
Don’t forget, Murray was lead co-sponsor of Every Student Succeeds Act..

Here is the Setting Brushfires intervew for January 13th with Lynne Taylor:

Looks like the Covid vaccine mandates are ALREADY happening for schools in LA:

Agenda 21/2030 being implemented in Wales:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

I do know how they will implement this green agenda – Corporations, businesses and Mom and Pop stores do not abide by the green economy they will not receive loans from banks or supplies from large corporations / industry – This is how they plan to bend the system into their will . [ The agenda is you do what I say or you will not have a business ] In one country they have been training the youth to not have any dealings with business nor companies who are not “green”
The Bank of England told banks and businesses to start assessing the risks they face from climate change immediately, and brace to pay much more for polluting.
The regulator’s warning to businesses is a clear sign that the bank sees the price of carbon as a risk to companies as the world seeks to eliminate greenhouse gas pollution by 2050 in order to prevent catastrophic climate change. That puts pressure on executives to assess those risks and disclose them to investors or even to upend business models to adapt.

And another post from her:

Denmark’s new climate law plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% below 1990 levels by 2030—an even more ambitious goal than the EU’s 55% target.

And yet another post from her:

Former UN climate head Christina Figueres joins the board of Impossible Foods

And yet another post from her:

Here is yet another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

Awe yes I told ya history repeats itself .. ” papers please “

And yet another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

People were so up in the air thinking this administration was the one who would save us – Not in the least – Trump’s administration launched what is called National AI Initiative Office
“The Office is charged with overseeing and implementing the United States national AI strategy and will serve as the central hub for Federal coordination and collaboration in AI research and policymaking across the government, as well as with private sector, academia, and other stakeholders. ” DO YOU SEE THE WORD STAKEHOLDER !!!!!

Found this article from RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense site about Oracle and vaccination:

Found this post that was tweeted by The Hill:

Bill Gates is now America’s biggest private farmland owner, says new report

Looks like the Ohio sex ed groups I mentioned in that past that were active around Columbus, Ohio ( ) have taken their plans into action: The article mentions one of the members, Nationwide Children’s Hospital:

Looks like the state of Virginia is pushing the radical trans agenda:

Here is a post from Alison:

Dear E-Citizens,
Digital ID and blockchain smart contracts are meant to make electoral politics irrelevant.

And some replies to this post:

No words. MIT !!!! Thanks for this.

a decade ago, I was given the outline for understanding this by Catherine Austin Fitts.
She earned it the hard way from inside HUD, decades ago.
Once upon that time, the San Francisco area had a truly independent publicly funded radio station, KPFA, that interviewed her somewhat regularly, along with other probing minds.

Yeah – the smart voucher housing is going to suck.

just like every other HUD program ever.
Some genius back in the mists of time discovered that aggregating basic human needs made them exponentially more exploitable.

And another post from her:

Cornell-Technion is a major piece of the biosecurity state / human capital finance puzzle.

And some replies to this post:

Technion? Is it a coincidence that Israel’s oldest tech school is called the Technion? It was around when i was growing up, in the ’50s, located in Haifa, former chief port city, petrochemical center, now a tech center.

It’s a partnership – Two people there are part of the CommonPass project.

This is on Roosevelt Island, which anchors the 59th St Bridge. Used to be called Welfare Island when i was growing up in New York in the ’60s. Not making me feel groovy. 😉

Symbolically significant – FDR park at end facing UN in distance (Bretton Woods) then small pox ruin, then the campus…

Speaking of bio security state – just seen this ?

And another post from her:

Marathon 4-hour conversation on social impact investing and social finance in Israel this morning. Hope to have a link, soon. Meanwhile here’s the slide deck in case anyone’s interested.

Here’s the video.

And yet another post from her:

Prediction – “smart” housing vouchers are going to be a BIG problem in the coming years. Thanks Blackstone…

And some replies to this post:

I’ve heard from a few sources, including an architect, that “smart” houses will have windows that don’t open, air will be filtered through the building and we will no longer have gas boilers, it will all be electric. How will they remove people from older properties? I’m still quite new to all of this, trying to figure out how they’ll herd everyone into “smart” containers.

I am hearing rental companies are turning people away who don’t have vouchers.

Wow, that’s awful. What happens if you own your property? I need to look into all of this, it’s horrendous.

A combination of high property taxes and increased insurance premiums which just jumped 300%. Also where I live investors buy everything with cash within 24 hours leaving no chance for real homeowners

Is this in the US? I know it will follow suit here in the UK, plus I suspect the NHS is being privatised as we speak, so that combined with health insurance will push people further into debt, which is the plan.

thinking long term.. those who do own properties now will pass away and need to be placed into care homes, taking away their assets to fund it. (£1000+ per week in the uk) younger generations won’t inherit and won’t be able to afford a mortgage, the next generation won’t stand a chance .. I know this has been going on for quite a while, but it’s getting worse now. Renting will be the only option unless your minted.
Personally being an off-gridder we face a different scenario. We own our home, but rely on diesel, gas and coal/wood for electric & heating water for showers/ washing up, cooking and heating our home. We know those things will be banned in due courses .. so if we don’t convert our engine to electric, fit radiators and change our gas oven to electric we’re stuffed… it will cost 10’s of THOUSANDS to change those things.. and there isn’t any electric hook ups here on the canal, so we will need a turbine and solar panels on top of all that.. I’m at my wits end I really am

Oh my goodness! It sounds like some of us need to group together. I’ve been trying to get my parents to move into a larger house with us to avoid care home fees, but maybe they’ll find a way of preventing us from doing that, I’m sure they’ve thought through every scenario. Upgrading older properties will be another strategy, I can see Prince Charles being behind that mission with his eco-dictatorship, they’ll probably condemn certain properties that don’t meet their regulations. People desperately need to wake up, this isn’t going to go away and nobody is entirely safe.

there is also a massive campaign now to target those of us who use stoves for heating our Homes, I’ve tracked down the woman who’s promoting this and she’s a trained UN change agent .. we are under attack from so many angles it makes my head spin. Financial, Education, health, transport, work, energy, food.. the bastards have everything covered

And yet another post from her:

Picture a world where people getting assistance for a disability must wear smart clothing for impact investors…thank goodness for prestigious universities and hospital systems making such things happen. 🙄

And yet another post from her:

I very much feel we need to look to our nation’s reprehensible treatment of Indigenous peoples to understand what is coming under the global reset. These boarding schools are about family separation – like the Indian “residential” schools. Don’t let them sell you on posh, exclusive branding.

And yet another post from her:

What if Bloomberg’s “calorie count” legislation was actually setting up techno-fascist digital accounting for energy inputs / outputs – not about fast food or soda at all…

And some replies to this post:

BINGO! it’s about energy input/output in a resource economy …… tied to eventual carbon credits, moderated by AI and crypto carbon tokens. Ding ding ding! You’re getting close. ❤
I have a paper I should send you….. you’ll find it super intriguing.

Interesting. That’s like in Marine boot camp, they know your diet needs over 4,000 calories per day. But, purposefully watch you eat to keep it around 3,300. They want you lean.
Whereas, the general population is just a barometer to determine what your worth on average as far food rations go.
I can definitely see the carbon credit thing coming into play on the productivity side of things. They’ll decide what you earned for the day, just like a recruit and how accepting to indoctrination you are.
I remember earning an apple and four peanut butter packets one day.

Have you ever seen the short animated film by a group called Forum for the Future? It is called Planned-opolus and shows what the world could be like by 2030 / 40. It had a bit where they were in a supermarket and she said the world food council controlled the food supply, they get meat once a year on their birthday and there was a bit about calorie rationing too

Found it

And yet another post from her:

I just read a thread on Naomi Wolf’s twitter where she decried the NY government’s use of credit card payment data to contact trace diners without permission. I am appalled at the degree to which which she was attacked on that thread. The responses were straight-up fascist. I feel really sheltered over here with you folks. You know why I am not afraid to speak out? I would never want to live in that world. Never. I will go down fighting.

And yet another post from her:

Biden’s school Covid testing program is very likely going to end up with most of the country’s children being set up with blockchain electronic health records, which will open the door to schools as sites of data extraction for social impact futures markets. The model program is in Chula Vista, CA with Kahala Biosciences. Delaware was a pioneer in blockchain EHR. Are we surprised?

And some replies to this post:

Yup. And the thing is, even if they don’t manage to do it with this, there’s at least a hundred other ways to set up the kids for digital blockchain slavery. From that suicide prevention app on their phones, to the vaccine records, to their report cards, to their teacher’s behavioral evaluation for grit.

Covid-19 Dashboard? Wow! They are gamifying the virus. Hmm tokenized health credits/tokens of children? Oh, and just because “personal privacy” is “encrypted” does not mean it still does not get commoditized. Also, It means that though your next door neighbor does not know that data, Uncle Sam or corporations know everything about you. You think they will allow your data to be fully inaccessible? Nothing is changing, it’s such a rigged system.

I wrote this about education dashboards a few years ago… they love their dashboards… I wonder if the hope is to have “education” and “health” data all on one dashboard.

Most likely they will have all the key metrics on display for whomever is willing to pay for it. Nothing is sacred to the predator class. The same class that has no problem starting wars and droning hospitals.

yes I absolutely agree. With all of the biometric data now available, access to DNA and family tree databases, measurements of behavior, and more, they’ll be able to pick those that they think are most qualified and best suited for their matrix machine. The culling will be “transformational” and deliberate.

The weak point is energy. The military knows this. That is why some of them want to dump liquid fuels for solar and other quiet electric forms of energy. Some of them do not like losing people in convoys for noisy, smelly stuff that makes them easy to pick off and makes them sick in the lungs as well as anybody else they are targeting.

Saw this today…

Blockchain everything records

10/06/20 expanded into San Antonio as well. 😳

I’m not surprised it’s in Chula Vista. This is the southern part of San Diego which has a large Hispanic population which I believe is being targeted by big pharma and other predators.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Please share! A close friend of mine has a son that is well aware of what is going on in the world and shared this with his parents. The teacher manually added this question and is known for pushing anti-Trump agendas in class. Call or email the school, district, etc. This should not be happening in our schools!

Sunset Jr High

1610 N 250 W, Sunset, UT 84015

(801) 402-6700

And another post from this group:

UPDATE: the school is actively working with parents to resolve the issue and the Second Step program has been suspended.

Twice this week I have heard from parents. Please talk to your kids daily to know what they are learning. There is a state school board hotline to report your concerns. Parents can no longer sit on the sidelines and just hope that everything will be ok at school. Send me your email address and I will send you important opt out forms and information on how you can proactively protect and advocate for your children!

This is being read in their Elementary School:

A parent sent it to the PTA president and she responded, “looks like it’s an age appropriate way to discuss transgender.”
From the child’s parent, “She said she found out these bundles are being read in classrooms of all ages and deal with topics like this and racism. In her school they’re calling it the “Second Step” program”

And some replies to this post:

Parent met with their attorney, the principle and the HR supervisor. The program has been suspended until further notice which took place every Wednesday on various topics. This one will need to be watched. I’m sure they’ll try to sneak it in again soon.

Here is a link to Second Steps anti-racist training for teachers and all grade levels. This is about reprogramming our children, strengthening their bonds with the school, and weakening their familial relationships.

In addition to lessons on sexual orientation and gender identity, also be on the look out for any lessons about power, privilege, identity, oppressor vs. oppressed, and intersectionality. These are all stem from the Marxist Critical Theory learning model delivered most often through Social Emotional Learning programs that are sweeping the country!
Parents are beginning to stand up!
“The lesson caused an immediate uproar among Meyerholz Elementary parents. “We were shocked,” said one parent, who agreed to speak with me on condition of anonymity. “They were basically teaching racism to my eight-year-old.” This parent, who is Asian-American, rallied a group of a half dozen families to protest the school’s intersectionality curriculum. The group met with the school principal and demanded an end to the racially divisive instruction. After a tense meeting, the administration agreed to suspend the program. (When reached for comment, Jenn Lashier, the principal of Meyerholz Elementary, said that the training was not part of the “formal curricula, but the process of daily learning facilitated by a certified teacher.”)

Was this in a School district in Utah? There are so many parents who think it can’t happen in Utah. They have no idea who’s running the show.

yes, in Murray, but it is not an isolated incident.

This program just rolled into my kids homeschool charter school. They go a half day one day a week for extracurricular classes with other homeschoolers. It just started up this semester (starting in 2 weeks) and was described to us as a type of leadership class. If it can happen there, in a place where parents are already very strict and protective of curriculum and choices and very involved in children’s educations, it can happen anywhere.

where do you live?

Davis county. This was at davinci distance charter school.

I found out today it is also at West Jordan Middle School

Here is a post from Alison:

Ugh – these blockchain people are totally out of hand. Just got trolled on my biometric passport talk by this guy. Social impact, mental health, and psychedelics ON BLOCKCHAIN. Wow – so you can keep track of your digital assets throughout your “trip.” Gah – this is too much!!!!!

And some replies to this post:

Meet Nick “VC” – he puts babies on blockchain via “fun lifestyle apps” ….

JFC – wow – how am I not surprised.

You have to go through this – Omidyar is behind the Goal Mama home visit pay for success pilot in SC.

is Nick’s (and his brother’s) previous career working at an investment banking firm noted on his LinkedIn account too, or is that a bad look?

It’s a pretty distinctive last name for sure – of course the brother was Goldman Sachs. These origin stories are so obvious. Ugh.

Like the Airbnb cover story – “the founder rented out an air mattress in his lounge room and the rest is history”. Oh puhleeze! Not like it was funded by SilVal from the get-go as a digital gatekeeper to the huge travel accommodation market (taking a colossal 15% cut of all mediated transactions for not much more than aggregating listings.)

these corporate predators are going after all the children and are set on making them all lifelong customers and slaves. Reading all the comments I’m disgusted with what I’m learning about these ruthless investors. Tracking babies? Wow.

My nephew is working for a company building large I cloud storage units in military bases in UK, any ideas what this is for? I’m imagining it’s collecting our data on us for block chain/human capital bonds etc? Or something else?

Sadly it is to track people. That is scary that they are doing it on the bases in the UK. I guess that is what side they are on. If you go watch some ted talks on trans humans, that is pretty much the end goal. We will be changed and tracked. I hope the US military is on our side. I have seen the UK police appear to be against the people. We have not had to much of that, police against us here in the US.

my father in law is delivering paint to cloud storage buildings in the Dulles airport area outside of DC. He said there’s just tons of them, big cement brick “data centers.”

there was a Bill they tried to pass in Florida a couple of years to take a picture of each newborn’s retina or something crazy like that. I wonder if it ties in.

We have a huge center they built here in Las Vegas called Switch. I heard it is for block chain too.

How much of the economic collapse under covid is INTENTIONAL in order to FORCE markets (consumers and businesses of all scales) into this new economy of completely unnecessary FinTech BS (which they otherwise might choose not to bother with) ?!!!

all of it.

So then – this is the biggest scam since the Federal Reserve over 107 years ago – and actually, even bigger!

During the stupid shutdown here in WI, (March 17- May 26), I kept wondering…why are they crashing the economy?? And took a deep dive into that….🙄🙄 My research was not as extensive as Alison’s, but upsetting nonetheless

I’ve seen in happen where I live in Massachusetts. Our Governor has imposed some of the strictest regulations in the country. Our small businesses are struggling or shuttered yet Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target and Costco remain strong and never shut down. Our public schools are remote yet daycares and preschools remain open with newly implemented technology created by gates and other investors in Wal-Mart. vac seens are mandatory along with the covid health passport and we now have more restrictions with only 25% capacity which doesn’t apply to Wal-Mart, Target, Costco and Home Depot somehow but every small business.[0]=AZX_7PmZMmV1vNvn2uR2Tt-mWkoswct5CGGK0pOCbJkGIwCZbtpSo4Np1QoNzxA7jy1PJaZiZ7FxjVsNo2C7Hg4Fjcmo6H75yadH9Sdixr7husX9vyP1jUi_SqeT003S9sk&tn=R]-R
this is in a daycare preschool in my city

And another post from her:

3-hours on the Internet of Bodies, pay for success finance, B Corps, wearable tech, and value-based payments. Did they tell you when we get single-payer it comes with fitbits and brainwave monitoring headbands?

And yet another post from her:

Busy week for online discussions. Here’s another one touching on the Internet of Bodies and tokenomics with Oakland-area friends at “What’s Left?”

And yet another post from her:

37 seconds – Goldman Sachs, among others, is literally going to hold our futures for ransom on blockchain as bundled “social impact deals.” Someone commented on the video I did with Sayer Ji that I was crazy. I’m not. I’m not crazy. I just not afraid to actually look and see the world for what it is.

And some replies to this post:

people are under the impression that if they have a mortgage – they own their house – not true – the banks own you through your debt to them…education & health are the new mortgages and they’ll play the big short on those too

At min 28 to 29ish she says that if the kids in the schools aren’t succeeding at school (aren’t profitable) that they just dump em and find a new batch of kids the following year who are more profitable haha.
So why don’t these people talk about the impacts of industrialization and poverty and technology and how a psychotherapy or rehabilitative structure based on economics and data surveillance doesn’t work b/c it is fitting people into schemas and contexts that don’t recognize the hidden unmeasurable signifiers that are responsible for “bad behavior” — behaviors which arise out of families who don’t love each other or are poor or abusive or neglectful or controlling and domineering (just like impact investors are domieering b/c they are the top dogs and are the only ones designing it with no review or input from the impovershed subjects of the capital bonds who have not been invited to weigh in on how the program gets designed. B/c lets face it Goldman Sachs and all these technophile neophytes don’t think you and I are bright enough to weigh in or govern ourselves LOL)
They need to read and watch stuff like Alexander Niell’s “Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing” and Elizabeth Marshall Thomas’s “The Harmless People” about the last hunter gatherers of Africa.
Kids need to be talked to and trusted by responsible adults who have NO ULTERIOR MOTIVES — especially motives geared towards fitting them into an economic industrialized death machine.

11:48 – “New York state was really interested in testing whether this would be a sustainable finance source going into the future. So when we told them we secured Bank of America Merrill Lynch to be the placement agent they were really excited about potentially unlocking a new form of capital”
Right there from the horse’s mouth, in case anyone had any doubts. To the predatory managerial class:
sustainability = sustainable markets
capital = human lives and poverty management


And yet another post from her:

Hey, guess what? I figured out I could cut and paste from my list of maps in LitteSis into a spreadsheet. So here it is if you want to climb inside my digital “brain” and poke around. I don’t think you need a login to access the maps – hyperlinked in this sheet.

And yet another post from her:

The guy who runs Fulgent, the outfit doing Covid testing for NYC schools, made his money in biometric fingerprint processing for FBI, DHS, RCMP. Coincidence? “After two and a half years, he decided to start his own business. He founded Cogent Systems Inc. which offered fully automated, high-speed biometric fingerprint system. The company began receiving numerous government contracts and now includes the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Prisons, FBI and Royal Canadian Mounted Police amongst its customers. He was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2015.”

And yet another post from her:

Someone posted something in the past few days about the Harvard endowment, Catherine Austin Fitts, HUD housing contracts, and a rental firm – maybe Newmark? If that was you can you share the link with me below?

And some replies to this post:

Here you go:
Catherine Austin Fitts looked at cities around the US in which the Federal Reserve has a presence. 34 out of 37 of these cities had major riots this year. She then mapped opportunity zones in these cities (essentially tax shelters for capital gains accrued on stock sales – established in 2017). She found that the destruction of property consequent to the riots was primarily located in the opportunity zones. She concludes that this was not an organic riot pattern, but a real estate acquisition plan.
Watch the video. She starts with Minneapolis at 28:40 mark.

Are you referring to the REIT, “AIMCO … the nation’s largest owner of affordable housing and the sole provider of such homes in many markets”? I don’t believe Newmark is referenced in this article.

Ok – yes this is it. Thank you!

Nashville explosion was in an Trump Taxcut Opportunity Zone

Nashville explosion was very likely a false flag.

It’s definitely an operation. It’s a little unnerving operations are going to bombs instead of BLM and ANTIFA ( private military contractors) destroying middle class businesses in Opportunity Zones. The Smart Grid Real Estate Redevelopment program just went wide in Nashville.
3100 countries all with multiple Opportunity Zones and the Technology Sector in a hurry to reinvest all those capital gains tax free…

I’d also suspected that BLM and Antifa were being funded and organized by someone more sinister than merely George Soros (sure he’s PART of it, no doubt) and that the CIA or something was behind that to cause chaos. Glad to see that I wasn’t going crazy to believe that and that others also suspect it.

you’re not crazy

One cannot use ATT and get to CAF’s stuff. ATT is much implicated in censorship, in tracking peaceniks, and in alienation of cohorts and in fanning of class/ and race/ resentments. Also, I heard there were Dominion voting machines in there. Looks to me to be destruction of evidence/obstruction of justice. The agencies are the ones covering up stuff. Whether those suing for discrimination have enough evidence to continue is a question I have. Motive, means, opportunity. Tennessee has been corrupt for ages, sadly.

Here’s one of her latest where she talks about neighborhoods being destroyed in economic oppy. zones…

And yet another post from her:

Online degree mill graduate programs for “educators” and “educational administrators” are a scam and a HUGE part of the problem. The credentialed ones are trained to push digitally reimagined “education,” and student debt is the gun at the heads of those who would oppose it.

And yet another post from her:

So what do folks know about nano and “liquid computing?” The work of Charles (Harvard / Wuhan University of Technology / Thousand Talents Plan) Lieber featured in Harvard Magazine back in 2001. How much of this stuff is in our bodies already awaiting 5/6G?

And yet another post from her:

Harvard is evil. That is all.

And some replies to this post:

Isn’t that where the American eugenics movement began?

Yeah, and it’s literally 10 blocks down Mass. Ave. from my Central Square neighborhood here in Cambridge, MA. But MIT is awful too (robotic AI crap being developed there constantly for the military). And to top it off, Moderna is in Cambridge too.

David Rockefeller and his wife live in a house on Craigie St. here in Cambridge, about 1.5 miles away from me. I once did some temporary secretarial work for his wife at their house in the 1980s. A lot of very dangerous people live here.

And….. Facebook was developed in a dorm room at Harvard.

Not really, it was created by the CIA.
That’s the cover story. But the CIA and Harvard are tight.

Well, that explains, what I have always wondered, how a twerp like that, pulled it all off.

Check out what he did with AIDs, he made billions for pharma, that’s why they are sticking with him.

I coincidentally just stumbled across those connections the other day.
DARPA project “LifeLog” with stated goals to develop software that deduces behavioral patterns from monitoring people’s daily activities.
LifeLog cancelled February 2004.
Facebook launched February 2004.

From 2002 Catherine Austin Fitts reports

The article singles out the use of the Promis software. Guess who’s behind that intelligence gathering and management product. (If you guessed Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, you’d be right. Such a tight bunch, are they not?)

so Mossad agents?


Catherine Austin Fitts has done battle with the Harvard Endowment … and lost valuable business assets due in part to their actions as truth destroyers

Johns Hopkins (the ”science” responsible for the pandemic hoax and lockdowns), Columbia, MIT, University of Chicago and Stanford are also at the top of the list of ”influential” academia to question and avoid. (Those are the ones at the forefront that I can recall right now; there are many more of lesser import that are just as ”spooky”.)

My daughter is applying to a masters program @ Yale next year. She wants me to go with her to visit. It’s all I can do to not be like.😭😫😖😭😫😖

Many Yale professors have been placed via China

I IMPLORE People to check this out!
The Digital Health World Congress is planned to take place in London on 30 & 31 March 2021. The list of agenda items gives you an idea of the direction we are heading ….. here are just a few examples:
Personal health records and their role/utility in the pandemic
Future of Digital Health with AI
Update from the front lines of remote patient monitoring
Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Digital Health Market
Future of Healthcare with Nanotechnology, Sensors and Machine Learning
Wearables: disrupting health in 2021
Military Digital Health Technology – its application to civilian life
Digital Health Market – Emerging new verticals and opportunities
Design & Develop Smart Clothing
Econsult: How technology and a digital front door is supporting the NHS through the Covid-19 challenges
Here is the link:

Remember when we thought Rhodes scholars were role models

Rhodes’ estate was managed by the Rothschilds. They have used his ill gotten gains to perpetrate more evil.

Cecil Rhodes = DeBeers corp
Big fat scam

And they were fully onboard with the propaganda push for the White Helmet terrorist psyop that the US and UK governments carried out in Syria. Now You See Me” – Over 100 White Helmet Self-Posted Facebook Images Expose Fake Humanitarian Group as FSA Terrorists Linked with Al-Qaeda

Wasn’t it Harvard that was working on a mass marketing (propaganda) project to convince the “vaccine hesitant” to take the needle?

My son went to Davis. They support GMOs

To have someone like Alan Dershowitz employed I would agree

And yet another post from her:

We really need to view these “gamified” online learning systems as behavioral medicalization of needy kids for the purposes of social impact profit taking. It’s despicable.

And some replies to this post:

Totally gamified.

Keeps getting better
Because they care…
🤣🤣🤣…You do see this, right…JP Banking Money on the Jab.
Lyft has partnered with health insurance giant Anthem, JP Morgan Chase and the United Way to get Americans to and from Covid-19 vaccination sites.

They will have blockchain tokens for ride access soon. I know it.

They are going to steal play from children and give it back as reward and prescription. Super sad when it is fundemental to learning.

Nice Saturn symbolism in that logo.

And yet another post from her:

This isn’t education. It’s brainwashing. Integral part of childhood education my ass.
“KNeoMedia publishes and markets from its US-based subsidiary, KNeoWORLD Inc., and sells on a microsubscription and Apps basis through the games portal, Apps Stores and via distribution agreements and education departments.
Games Based Learning is an integral part of childhood education. Growth in educational markets, combined with advances in mobile devices and connectivity, will continue to accelerate innovation, adoption, and affordability of our products around the world.”

And yet another post from her:

Sucks when your kid thinks you are racist for trying to speak out against racial capitalism. What are they teaching in college these days…

wrote an article in a paper they said was being promoted by “white supremacists,” so obviously nothing I have done in all my work matters, right?

And some replies to this post:

I understand. It’s heartbreaking. The same has happened in my family. Those who are not adherents to the official reality are censored. We are not allowed to speak period.
After this Christmas I am limiting my exposure to them.
It’s heartbreaking. Particularly knowing what we know.
I’m really sorry Alison. I’m truly heartbroken for you.
I apologize. I thought you were talking about a reporter.🙏🤲🏾

remember when you were that age? The social pressure to conform is stronger today than it was when we were young, particularly on a few select issues. Kids are terrified of being stigmatized these days, and the fear is justified – people are losing jobs and academic placements for merely being suspected of thought crimes!

the pressure to conform is incredible–PLUS–the experience and fear of shaming that goes on in social media is much worse than face to face. I have noticed in my own CoVid scamdemic journey–when I started to post information that was against the majority trance-I was wholly emotionally unprepared to deal with the bashing and aggression. And I am middle aged!!! Many of my friends who agree with me will NOT like my posts or post anything because they simply cannot tolerate the backlash…..Getting bashed online is much worse shaming power than face to face…and shame is the moderating factor in group membership–ostracism means death to our unconscious survival instinct……I have taught university kids for many years..

whihc is why of course, they want to isolate people, prevent fce to face encounters and keep everything on internet social media interactions, which are very different quality than face to face…

It’s the most painful aspect of awakening, loved ones not on the same page. Two of my five children aren’t speaking to me. I’m now a crazy conspiracy theorist. Hurts like hell! Divide and conquer.

The concepts you are presenting, I don’t think many people who have only been on this planet for only a few decades can comprehend. I’m 40, I have watched what has happened politically during my adult life, I can put the pieces together. I know the story, lived through it. It would be hard for younger people to do this. I’m also seeing I have older friends with in the system who are not able to stop and question it or believe that anything bad could be going on. Too much to process? I’m not sure, easier to ignore this monster I suspect. 🙁

I’ve two daughters. The elder is convinced there’s validity in what’s being promulgated, and is validated & reinforced in this by her fairly tight social circle, her “quaran-team”. Although she did come for Xmas, she’s now home & re-quarantining herself for the recommended 14 days. We’ve spoken little about it after agreeing to disagree. I’ve two younger sisters as well, the elder of whom buys in. A kindergarten teacher for many years, she’s quit, and has been conducting some sort of lessons in her upscale neighborhood driveway, with kids masked & masked herself. Naturally, considering masks on kids abusive (as well as ineffectual) I was appalled. The younger of the two, a professional auditor (excellent math skills) finds C.A. Fitts quite credible & isn’t buying the B.S. at all. Many years ago I began a lot of reading about Vietnam and, at age 16, began arguing, with increasing heat, about it with my Dad. Over the intervening years there’ve been Tonkin, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Weapons of Mass Destruction, etc. to underline the ongoing issue of govt. & media veracity deficit. Some 50 years after the fact Dad grudgingly admitted I hadn’t been wrong on Vietnam. Sadly, while it’s cold comfort, I know I’m not wrong on this either. Reminds me of reading about families along the Mason-Dixon line.

this of course is one of the biggest problems in media, or rather the way we consume media. The critique of the original source becomes more important than the source and amplifies the political agenda or position of the critique over the message in the original source. People now don’t really read, they only react to what is said about something rather than reading it themselves and making up their own mind.

my oldest thinks I’m a “false teacher” & “turned me over to Satan” & hasn’t let me see grandkids for 5 years now… My son just tells everyone I’m dead.

you know at this point… it’s kinda nice actually… less attachments and drama… It’s been 8 years since I stepped out of the cultural “successful” life which was little more than slavery for $$ and physical security (or illusion of it)… highest credit rating wins… aey… well… they ALL turned their backs on me… husband at the time filed for divorce locked me outta house and canceled credit cards… acted like i was gonna kill him… paid $8,000 for an uncontested divorce and held it up as long as possible… then kids ALL turned on me… 8 years later i’m living with one and have come full circle to a place of mutual respect & appreciation with 2 of the 4…. parents who once said “don’t burden us again” now say “you don’t sound so crazy now”… what i see is it’s the cost of coming out of pluto’s cave… walking da talk regardless of whether we’re approved of or not as that’s the people pleasing/socially acceptable that kept us trapped… the blowback is INTENSE and led me to being in tents (or even without even that) but… my best day behind that desk…in that huge house… was worse than my worst day on da streets wit da real peeps… who get it… life ain’t bout $$$$ and 4 walls ain’t necessarily “shelter” or a home… ❤

I didn’t pay much attention to the people crying about propaganda in our colleges until I had a college student. Thankfully, my son sees through it but he feels like he has to tow the line so he’s not attacked. It’s beyond propaganda, really. It feels like the Cultural Revolution but without the purge… yet. I’m sorry. Hopefully they see through this soon.

They are teaching them identity politics combined with reformist BS regarding making capitalism more fair, inclusive,….

professors that get paid well to work 2 days a week teaching identity politics might find they do not like the world they are creating. Wondering what the need would be for universities as we are going forward into digital AI world?

In politics, I have yet to find clean hands, only lesser of two evils. They’ll learn that the innocent politician who lives in a glass house doesn’t exist. Support of one on a united front doesn’t mean you agree 100% on everything else. Care to discuss student loans and ties to racial capitalism? Does carrying student loans paying into those pockets mean they are morally supporting them as well? It’s a conscious decision to take and sign for a loan with interest profiting the same people? Have them research ‘divide and conquer ‘ war tactics.

This was an article about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and lockdown. We all know no one is electing this system in or out.

Its so weird to me how the left wing of the establishment consistently makes everything into racism. That is, if what someone is promoting is contrary to what the media is pedaling.

It all really comes down to the simplistic tropes all “woke” followers are taught by the MSM, & in schools, when confronted w data/analysis outside their “safe space” — invariably, the sources of the dissident info/views are pigeonholed as racist, misogynist, anti-semitic, &/or pro-Trumpers. And so the disturbing info/views are dismissed w/o needing to be examined.

Until we break the stranglehold that identity politics has put on public discourse, we’ll be trapped in a hatred mindset… Especially true in the narrow corridors of college… 

I am truly horrified. My child with whom I up until now had a decent relationship with would cut me off because someone included my research in a publication that was later promoted by some other problematic group that wrote an article about the paper. My god, do they not even know how the internet works? Are we really talking about that level of censorship and thought police? I mean my work speaks for itself and I stand by it.

Alison my son is 20 and it’s hard to realize how much tech they been exposed to versus older folks and vaccines too plus propaganda and just look at shows now versus when we were younger …it’s blatant now and that’s an insideous truck on its own… I honestly think it’s more witchcraft than a reflection on you as a mother💧📜

Like my son thought Walmarts robot bees were cool…it’s creepy- it’s a completely diff mindset…me and my child had a close relationship and he filed a protective order against me. I said some awful things but I was 14 hours away and it was through text to my own phone line in only my name cuz I paid his bill- got a electronic harassment charge and can be elevated to a domestic terrorism charge- came from my own child who I was trying protect and he knows I love him…it’s the metal and the tech plus multiple other toxins💧

I’m mapping this guy – says it all – drugs, 9/11, innovative mixed media entertainment – targeting his new online education products at special education students in NYC – demoralizing.
“Frank created and implemented the promotional and sales programs for the launch of the prescription drug Valium. Mr. Lieberman’s marketing company, Entmark Group Ltd., was a forerunner establishing blueprints for today’s multi-faceted entertainment companies entering the emerging cross electronic media superhighways (cable, Internet, new publishing, etc.). His understanding of future entertainment delivery systems put his company in a unique position to benefit firsthand from these profitable areas. Following the 9/11 attacks, a second company founded by Mr. Lieberman pioneered the wide scale introduction of additional various elements of his unique cross-media concepts and developments.”

Yes as others have said your child has been taught new extremist rules on identity politics and other things.
Their environment has been weaponised to the extent that if they do not show support for the new rules then other indoctrinated students could perceive them as the problem.
They are probably scared of being isolated and excluded from their student communities.
Scared of being shamed.
The academic institutions I think are no longer about free thinking they are about right think. They do not care about individual expression, they are communitarian and they are taught any action is justifiable if it follows their cause.
They academic institutions are thus extremist and in breakdown.

I used to work at Boise State in the Sky Center with all the convention areas and GameDay suites. One day I was on the 5th floor which was only a partial floor and looked down onto the 4th floor. There was a convention of college professors or something on the 4th floor and I overheard just a part of what they were talking about and I was livid. I KNEW about how they instill liberal values in college, but I actually heard them talking about how they cannot force people to think like them so they have to change them slowly through the education system. They were having a meeting discussing brainwashing students as far as I was concerned! This happened maybe 4 years ago.

It doesn’t help that a lot of the COvid questioners like to label the great reset communist, when it’s not at all. It’s FASCISM, pretending to be socialism. This makes the younger crowd think it’s some kind of new red scare.
I also am disappointed in the neo-progressives that don’t seem to care to help people by putting up a fight, instead they point the finger at the right, while themselves voting for the horrible stimulus and war bills.

I spend hours a week trying to educate people on communism vs. socialism vs. fascism – do you realize that to install socialism as they desire, their methods are of fascism, that is the story of many socialist-system countries (like china) – yes, they’re fascist, but they are merely fascist to apply their socialism

My dad plays piano at a restaurant near OU. He told an Asian waitress who showed interest in his playing that Asians have remarkable piano skill and pick it up very quickly. Well she flipped out and called him racist and told all the waitstaff what a racist he is😑 All the waitstaff also complain about being born white and stomp around expressing their shame.

Mine has masters in history and still marches with antifa 🙁

I’ve run into the same problem for trying to make my sons aware of the many corporate funded and controlled social constructs. According to my sons, I was spreading hate and intolerance. It was impossible for them to see beyond the propaganda and PC identity politics. It’s truly disturbing how deeply affected our children are by all of it. They’ve been indoctrinating them for a very long time, and had I understood how much so, I would have pulled them from school long ago, and homeschooled them.

Alison, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can relate. We’re doing our best to keep channels open with our 15 yo. I noticed this new kind of weapon used in academia and social groups not too long ago in Germany. The most “dangerous” opponents are being made to seem untrustworthy simply because their fan club includes individuals with undesirable beliefs (right wing extremists, in that case). I’m constantly trying to explain to my children that people doing good work cannot be held responsible for all the non-overlapping areas of this Venn Diagram of belief systems. The outlying areas are other people’s opinions, and no matter how bad those are, we have no control over who associates with part of our message.
The most important thing is to know that you have done your best to teach your child to be an critical thinker. This too shall pass (it did with me), and they will come to their senses eventually. Hugs to you.

Social justice, like climate change has been hijacked by the behemoth and is nothing more to them than ripe investment opportunities.. It’s crucial for the success of such endeavors to cultivate on a mass scale willful kool-aid addicted bots, that have an emotional attachment to their narratives – manipulative in the extreme – fueled by Edward Bernays disciples to cultivate uncritical Pavlov dog kinds of knee jerk responses to anything anathema to such dogma, i.e., the cultivation of Greta Thundberg as an ecological champion.. basket of warm kittens media star who’s minions regard any such questioning of her behemoth sanctioned dogma as nothing short of treasonous heresy against the Queen – on the order of off with their heads!, really because of the media cultivation of hatreds and shameless ego-stroking group think. As a one time tremendously enthusiastic Lance Armstrong fan, I can fathom well the wholecloth dissillusionment waiting in store for such well meaning but sadly misinformed kinds of people – so how to break thru? 1000 dollar question, eh? I dunno, but kindly, rationally, understandingly, like there’s more to this picture than meets the eye kind of prodding.. I know there was very much widescale pushback against gmo/Monsanto kind of thing, so for a while I’d remind people of the Bill Gates connection with all such, when those singing his altruistic praises came across my path.. Ya know, there’s more to picture than meets the eye, Bill Gates in bed with Monsanto, and also point out that for those reliant upon mainstream sources for their info, that they have a kind option re Gates, because he’s bloody well PAID FOR IT – So plant those seeds, nurture the ground and try to detach yourself from expecting immediate results.. I regularly get the smuggest kinds of ignorant, arrogant blowback from people I know who are basically good hearted swamp monsters- the swamp’s been very very good to them, so such questions are really an existential threat to their outlook.. Such outlooks so firmly ingrained, entrenched and often that emotional attachment, like an irrational cultist really, but they’d never in a thousand years comprehend that because the “conspiracy theorists” carry such derogatory implications within their mindset – brainwashed like the pow’s in the garden club scene in the original Manchurian Candidate.. It’s sad sure, sure.. These days the overt power grabs are so blatant there must be that opportunity to at least open some eyes.. Of course Trump’s role in all such was that of diversion – to keep such kind hearted swamp monsters safely oblivious to the actual dynamics at play.. Spiritual civil war.

I am so sorry Alison. Yesterday I had a conversation with the mom of a junior high who wants to move out because the family is not “behaving responsibly” and socializing too much: the teen is feeling guilty towards friends. There were tears and hugs. The social pressure is at its high and it must be really hard to be young and in search of yourself during these times. I think your kid knows who you are and where your heart is. You are an inspiring advocate for humanity, for the indigenous and the disadvantaged minorities. My heart hurts for you momma, I feel your pain ❤

And yet another post from her:

What’s missing in that recent viral video made by Catherine Austin Fitts? Sometimes what is NOT said tells you a lot.

And some replies to this post:


in at least one previous talk she used the Aaron Russo expose to demonstrate the point regarding and including Rothschild.

Huge influence, of course, but like Gates such a name provides cover for a lot of other stuff. Easier to talk about them than say, our pension funds.

Do I understand, correctly? You’re saying we are funding the whole operation? (Well, not me. I have no pension and live now, not waiting to do it in “retirement”) I have heard her say we fund them a few times. Use community banks!! Or are you pointing to a different omission?

Many sources, but pension funds, insurance premiums, church endowments are all being channeled into these planned bond markets.

Fitts has talked about how “the people” are financing the decline of their communities. This was the gist of her Pop-sicicle Indext, which she developed over 20yrs ago.

Has she spoken of the nefarious aspects of ESG investing? From what I have heard it seems she thinks investing our pensions in “good” things is the answer. If we don’t address ESG for what it actually is – that is dangerous advice IMO.

I’m seriously curious to hear what you all think. In the end she asserts that we should know the machine and then be intentional about operating outside of it. She talks about digital slavery and currency control in a broad way. She mentions credit unions (which in the US are on the vanguard of digital ID BTW). But there are a lot of things that remain unsaid. For someone who knows about bio-nano-things tied to blockchain it’s rather thin on the specifics about how this presents in our lives.

She downplayed (or did she even mention?) the depopulation agenda, there is no mention of detention facilities and mass incarcerations being planned. Those are two off the top of my head.

she did mention the depopulation agenda. She also named Gates in reference to that. It was not downplayed at all. It’s part and parcel of how she portrayed techno oligarchs as inhumane and regrading individuals as commodity cattle.

I presume you’re pointing to human capital bonds and trading

Well sure – the San Francisco Fed has been developing those with Goldman Sachs for years for just this moment.

I don’t recall if she mentions the UN Sustainability Goals.. Going from memory. (Watched it yesterday.)

That is a big one. Yes.

If we are to understand the system of control over our lives it is impossible to overlook the structure of the UN SDGs – poverty, food, health, education, gender, smart cities, “justice reform,” etc.

those “goals” are the insidious part of it…framed as a new “equitable” future for the world. How all teh grassroots justice movements have been hijacked and co-opted and being sold back to us to trap us.

Right – nothing on that or Agenda 21 or “green” capitalism / eco-fascism.

Yup Yup Yup. And it wasn’t until this year, after researching the WEF and the “Great Reset” that I was able to fully grok this whole concept that the green movements and social justice reform movements were being coopted by these psychopaths. Up to 9 months ago, I never would have imagined that that could be the case. It’s kind of shocking to realize the bigger picture.
There are moments, when I am trying to grok the big picture, that I sometimes waffle back and forth, and wonder if there is some kind of beneficial or positive aspect of this whole thing.

Anything that rests on blockchain, finance, and nano-neuro-tech is profane IMO. Until people acknowledge that we cannot move forward, which is why the fact that people which much larger audiences continue to obscure this part of the machine is such a problem.

Hmmmmm… Interesting. I think one of the big problems or hurdles is going to be getting people past the level of propaganda and indoctrination with all of the “green new deal” and “sustainability” verbiage, because that appeals to A LOT OF PEOPLE. And I know a lot of people that immediately cringe and vomit in the direction of anything that makes them question any of this stuff, especially when they are starry eyed in the direction of sustainability and future tech stuff.

This is their vision.

There was a link to her website where you can find more information on the report she highlighted in the video, found the interview very helpful along with the deeper analysis you provide.

Wow – Glover on “community currencies.” I have butted up against him here. I don’t think people truly understand what is coming with scrip.

She speaks of the “digital control system” and she says we should not comply – but then she doesn’t actually lay out any of the professions that will be the everyday perpetrators of the regime. This includes refugees and returning citizens who will have to code it.
Military – Space – Big Pharma – Central Banks
Most people will not see how this is going to happen – it’s your doctor, your social worker, your therapist, the city planner, the data analyst, etc. It’s not “out there” it’s us.

I left Kaiser to go to an integrated medicine clinic and they had a Very thick records admission packet — one of the docs expressly authorizes them to use some sort of a computer tool to document all their meetings with you – I think I’m gonna say no.

For someone who speaks on media propaganda and mental manipulation – it is interesting that the role of the video gaming industry and militarized mixed reality is left out. Also the way in which the education system is facilitating it. There were ample opportunities to reference this in this interview.

And yet another post from her:

Ok, knowing that UNICEF innovation is pushing to replace face-to-face education with VR experiences, this document from Lucis Trust about “awakening consciousness” is pretty scary.

And some replies to this post:

The Lucis Trust was established by Alice and Foster Bailey as a vehicle to foster recognition of the universal spiritual principles at the heart of all work to build right relations. The Trust was incorporated in the State of New Jersey, USA, on April 5, 1922. A separate limited company, Lucis Trust Ltd. was established as an educational charity and incorporated in the United Kingdom in 1935. And in 1951 Lucis Trust was established as a legal entity in Switzerland, with an office in Geneva.
A publishing company, initially named Lucifer Publishing Company, was established by Alice and Foster Bailey in the State of New Jersey, USA, in May 1922 to publish the book, Initiation Human and Solar. The ancient myth of Lucifer refers to the angel who brought light to the world, and it is assumed that the name was applied to the publishing company in honour of a journal, which had been edited for a number of years by theosophical founder, HP Blavatsky. It soon became clear to the Bailey’s that some Christian groups have traditionally mistakenly identified Lucifer with Satan, and for this reason the company’s name was changed in 1924 to Lucis Publishing Company.

VR Distance education has been going on since the mid 90’s for remote native communities in northwestern Ontario with very small populations as an alternative to people having to leave their communities for larger centers.

And yet another post from her:

The denial of opportunities for social play is causing tremendous harm to our young. The consequences will be long-lasting. The adults are the ones who must be held accountable.

And some replies to this post:

I can not even imagine how the young ones will turn out because of this fiasco 💔💔💔

Not only are masking and social distancing traumatic torture tactics but occult cleansing practices. My heart aches for the newborns and children as well as the sheeple…

ugh yeah newborns are going to be completely fucked up. 🙁. children too of course but newborns will not know facial expressions. will they know how to smile? will the smile become obsolete??

I sometimes think about when I graduated from kindergarten and what was required: Writing my name, knowing my address and phone number, tying my shoes and following directions. We had play areas, craft time, milk & cookie time, music time, nap time, story time. We didn’t even get into reading, really, until 1st grade. We didn’t have “play dates”, we might be invited to friends houses, but basically we were let outside into our neighborhoods. We had a “woods” down the road, we had spaces to play baseball where all the kids played: Older kids and little kids (little kids were divide up and allowed to hit “grounders”). We played “pie” in the winter and made snow forts, ice skated in frozen fields. We climbed trees and ate apples and peaches and rhubarb. We played board games and rode our bikes all over the place. Seriously, it wasn’t always idyllic: we fought, we left others out, didn’t always play “nice”, we settled disputes our own way. If it was serious, a parent might be told, but basically we didn’t want parents involved.

Here is a hit piece our local SF paper did on my close friend Kam Mobasser . He held this sign up outside Mayor London Breed’s home in the Lower Haight district.
By and large people have lost all touch here in the Bay Area, he was trying to make a strong appeal to an empathy with children that should be inherent in any thinking feeling adult but people have drifted too far from the shores of reality to get the message.
They recommend masks for pre-school age children here, that along with school closures etc. is based on zero grounds scientifically (even by mainstream standards) or ethically, it’s a real transgression against kids by a scared and foolish generation of adults. Of course those in this group understand why the behavior modification of children is strategic to those interests that are pushing this transformational agenda.

My daughter takes her children to playgrounds twice a week. Months ago she, along with other parents, was removing the caution tape, now they powers that be don’t bother putting it up anymore.
Where we live we are trying to keep it as “normal” as we can. Stores and restaurants and battling to stay open. I’m proud of my community.

The “adults” forcing this situation are already telling the kids that parents are “dinosaurs”. And the kids are believing it.

well hell why shouldnt kids believe it when they are with adults other than their parents for 6+ hours a day 5 days a week – they trust them

yeah, telling them that teachers were authorities was a mistake!

Called Privacy officers of TWO major melbourne hospitals and let the shit fly in respects of usage of COVERT facial recognition technology in direct contradiction to Ethics Commitee Research.
Asked them about non-disclosure of these technologies to the patients— and asked them about private Chinese market research company which covertly collects the information of australian users of Aged Home Services.
Asked them why the usage of facial recognition technology is NOT mentioned on either hospital website and EITHER hospital privacy and information diclosure brochures.
Both Privacy Officers claimed to know NOTHING about facial recognition technology used under the guise of camera operated temperature-screening stations — and promised to ” get someone to call me back”.
After 2 hours, I am still waiting.
We have RIGHTS and responsibilities as patients.
Monash University ( connected to Monash Hospital) website clearly states that surveilence data goes to ” partners”== aka shady chinese company specialising in market research.
Monash website also clearly states that data WILL be used for future temperature screening and COVID screenings— id assume it will ABSOLUTELY be used in conjunction with COVIPASS AND COVID VACCINATION STATUS WHICH IS CONNECTED TO COVIPASS.
without disclosing this information to the patients.

Did you listen to that disgraceful WEF podcast on online learning, delivered by ‘Grover’? Completely delusional.

It’s disturbing in my city , how people openly discuss the harm the lack of incidental socialisation has done to PUPPIES while refusing to acknowledge the harm to children in their first four years ( including the harms to infants via their mothers being isolated ).

Completely agree! Suicide among 8 to 14 is very real. No one is talking about it.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 44

This is part 44.

Watch out for radical sex ed in Ohio! It can even sneak in via counseling services.

A student at Massabesic High School in Maine was kicked out of her Zoom session in class for having a Trump flag in her room:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

I simply can not understand why so many people can not see what is happening
Europe’s central bank moves toward introducing digital euro

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Several years ago when I was researching Michael Crow and Arizona State University and the Koch money flowing into it – a lot of it ostensibly for “sustainability” – I came across a document talking about how it would be much better for the environment if people didn’t go away to college, but just did it all from home. You know, to reduce car trips. That seemed kind of far-fetched just two years ago. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how it would happen. Now I am mapping all the investments of Charles Giancarlo, former Cisco CTO and now venture capitalist – SO MANY video conferencing companies. You know they knew all along how they wanted this show to run. It is making me more and more upset every entry that I add to LittleSis. We are being robbed of our lives – every damn day. 😕

And another post from her:

Doesn’t leave you with a good feeling when the co-founder of the “Digital Dollar Foundation” (former Fin-Tech Policy Director at the Milken Institute and Innovation Officer for the Commodities Futures Trading Commission) names his newest venture “Gattaca Horizons.” Right?

Seriously had NO IDEA that GATTACA was based on DNA nucleobases.

And yet another post from her:

All in a day’s work – this map shows Rockefeller and Harvard’s plan to track food purchases by Medicaid recipients for social impact investment purposes. Weaponized public health systems – food as “medicine”- will probably be tied to genetically bio-engineered food down the line. The tracking will be made possible via blockchain health records and digital food vouchers. Remember, you can click a dot or line to open the record – source URLs on the right. Interactive version here:

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Kids have to scan a QR code to go to the bathroom at LHHS contacttracing

And some replies to this post:

Do what? What school?

Lake Highlands High School in RISD

and Pearce

My niece in Frisco has to make an appt to go to the bathroom!! Maybe the same thing? And bathrooms shut down during passing time…😝🤯🙅🏻‍♀️

getting the next generation immune to whats coming making it look normal

It’s all a bit of idiocracy. Our district pushed the hybrid model and then went 100% online. Just learned they don’t even know how to operationalize a return at this point. They laid off a bunch of staff. I’d be thrilled for the QR stupidity if it meant my kids got to go back at all this year.

That’s exactly what they’re HOPING for, to make you so miserable that you will BEG for the vaccine and surveillance in order for a closer return to things as they were before.

just one of the many ways schools are butting into family business. Last weekend, Austin ISD announced its intention to do 1-Minute Zoom Interviews to conduct a mental health check in with each of its 80,000 students this semester.

And another post from her:

Back in May, I did an interview with Michelle Malkin regarding Abbott’s ties to Big Pharma and the K-12 lobby.

This should be a red flag to both liberals and conservatives. Abbott needs to be exposed.

And the post that she quoted:

Abbott Wants to Keep His Dictatorial Power So He Can Mandate COVID Vaccinations.
Huge Fortunes $$$ for Big Pharma, Lobbyists and Politicians
Lt. Gov. Patrick’s “silence”, AG Paxton’s defense of Abbott, and Abbott’s lust for power are likely a result of the enormous influence exerted on these men by the Texas Legislature’s Big Pharma lobbyist, Mike Toomey.
Abbott wants to keep his unconstitutional authority and power, so that he can mandate the COVID-19 virus vaccine without legislative approval. The powerful politicians, Big Pharma and their lobbyists will make a fortune with forced vaccinations.
The politicians who support forced vaccinations will receive a “piece of the profit pie”.
The language Abbott uses in his public statements clearly indicates that he is planning to force the population to be vaccinated. If a person refuses to be vaccinated, then his ability to participate in work, school, travel, etc., will be greatly limited.
Through his executive orders, Abbott has deprived Texans of their life, liberty and property without legal due process in violation of the Texas Constitution. Millions of Texans have suffered the loss of jobs, loss of businesses, loss of homes, and even loss of life because of Abbott’s tyrannical actions.
Only the Texas Legislature has the authority to suspend or make laws.
The Texas Constitution states in Article 1, Section 28 that “No power may suspend laws in the state except the legislature.”
In the emergency act of 1975, the legislature delegated this authority to the governor in time of emergency in Texas Government Code, Section. This is in clear violation of the Texas Constitution as noted above. The legislature cannot delegate to the governor the authority to legislate, an authority which the Texas Constitution strictly gives to the legislature.
Abbott placed Big Pharma lobbyist, Mike Toomey, in a position of prominence on his “Coronavirus Strike Force.”
Toomey is infamous for serving as the driving force behind former Governor Perry’s disgraceful HPV vaccine mandate debacle in 2011. This established Toomey’s role as Big Pharma’s puppet master within the office of the Texas governor.
Investigate and research regarding Gov. Perry and Mike Toomey. Read the articles relating to Toomey and his questionable appointment to the governor’s “Coronavirus Strike Force”.
Why do you need a forced vaccine for a viral infection that has a 99.2% survival rate of the mere 2% of the population that has even had a COVID-19 infection with symptoms. Only 6 out of every 10,000 people have died COVID, the average age those who have died is approaching 80 years, with 50% of the deaths in nursing home residents.
Annually, 22% of the over 2,800,000 deaths in America are nursing home residents. That’s 618,000 annual deaths of nursing home residents.
According to the CDC less than 11,000 people have died of COVID-19 alone. The rest of the people who died with COVID-19 had 2.6 pre-existing health conditions, i.e., heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, diabetes, obesity, liver and kidney disease, etc.
The COVID-19 virus is easily treatable with Hydroxychloroquine (HCL), Zithromax and Zinc, and with corticosteroids, like Dexamethasone and Budesimide. Additionally vitamins A, B complex, C, and D3, magnesium and probiotics have been clearly demonstrated to strengthen the immune system which helps prevent or minimize the effects of viral and bacterial infections. There is no need for a COVID-19 vaccine.
If the COVID-19 vaccine is mandated for everyone, then a significantly larger number of people would develop side effects from the vaccine than the number of people who contracted COVID.
The flu vaccine has proven ineffective, because the flu virus mutates. The flu vaccine is derived from the previous year’s flu virus. By the time a person receives the flu vaccine, the flu virus will already have mutated. The same thing is happening with the coronavirus, COVID-19. It has already begun to mutate.
COVID-19 is an insignificant cause of morbidity and death when compared to the multitude of causes of the over 2,800,00 annual deaths in America; heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, kidney and liver disease, auto accidents, accidents if all kinds, drug and alcohol abuse, pneumonia, tuberculosis, strokes, flu, etc.
The mass hysteria and panic over COVID-19 is a media and political ploy to get people to sacrifice their Constitutional rights and liberties for a delusion of safety. They have neither.
Big Pharma lobbyist Toomey and his political puppets will line their pockets with money from Big Pharma if vaccinations for COVID-19 are mandated.
The whole plannedemic Is about power, control and money.
Steven Hotze, M.D., CEO
Conservative Republicans of Texas

Here is a post from Alison:

Take a good look. It’s people like Gary Glickman who’ve spent their careers preparing markets that will put toddlers on blockchain. From his Forum On Youth Investment bio. “He has written and spoken extensively on the subjects of social impact bonds, integration of human services, electronic benefits transfer, biometrics, smart cards, and identity management.”

Gary is a piece of work.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The Bicycle and The Great Reset
Here’s a small little snapshot of our life that perfectly illustrates what’s happening on a global scale and how it affects each of us on the micro level. So, my son broke his ankle mountain biking a month ago. Of course I couldn’t go into the urgent care with him because of COVID and they sent him home with a cast and a X-ray. His follow up appointment was made with their managed care dashboard (Fourth Industrial Revolution, 4IR). He was never seen by a doctor or any specialist on his follow up visit (4IR).
Now that his ankle is healed (we hope), he wants to get his bike fixed. It took him weeks to find this bike because there’s a bicycle shortage due to COVID-1984 (The Great Reset). He took his bike to a repair shop and they said he will have to order the crank shaft he needs from Amazon because the supplier has an exclusive deal with Amazon that prevents them from selling to other retailers. Once he gets that part from Amazon, he can bring it to them for repairs. This bicycle company will not be able to pay their rent or employees by selling services only. To make matters worse, by design, California has Prop 15 on the ballot that will increase the property taxes of commercial property which will in turn increase the rent for these small businesses. They will close and the small time commercial real estate owners will default on their loans. This Prop 15 is backed by Chan-Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg, and the whole merry cast of neo-liberals. When these properties default, Blackstone will scoop them up at rock bottom prices. Facebook will not pay this new commercial property tax because they are converting their San Jose campus to a live/work/company housing building which exempts them from the commercial property tax they are supporting. Expect to hear the other mega corps to convert their buildings in California to a live/work/company housing as well (4IR, Agenda21, SDG2030).
According to Business Insider, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth rise an estimated $48 billion from March to June of 2020. Meanwhile, who will replace the bicycle repair businesses? There will probably be a badge for that someone can earn and they will advertise their service in the new gig economy and we’ll pay for it with our Federal cryptocurrency and verify the exchange on the new Federal Reserve blockchain.

And a reply to this post:

So 2 weeks ago Costco nearby changed the payment registers to no longer allow customer to withdrawl out cash back, from when you use your bank debit card. Now 7-11 is currently to change their registers as well. The owner I spoke to said Something about rounding up amount and then donating your coin change to their charity.
2 days ago I noticed they changed the bank machines at my bank, not sure why. They still give cash .
Yesterday McDonald owes me 0.23, this time they rounded up to a quarter change, whereas they have been trying to keep my exact coin change and I stand in the drive through until they do things right.
These times are strange ones……
Prop 15 ….

And a post from another friend of mine:

Tulsa Smart Cities Plan – get ready to lose your car.–NpaYIjfaX3RWytD7K/view

And another post from her:

The threat of child abductions will be used to push digital identity.
Cybersecurity REQUIRES public private partnerships.
Wasn’t Avril Haines at Event 201? 👈👈


And some replies to this post:

Was she at event201 w/Palantir?

Former CIA

Also former owner of a Fells Point bookstore / cafe that did monthly erotica readings….

This research has some interesting twists and turns…I suppose her line of work could be good on the blackmail front.

Reminds me of how the FBI council’s/trains informants to form relationships with frontline radicals, for the purposes of gathering intel.
Like the story of the sister from Standing Rock, Red Fawn Fallis, who was setup by her boyfriend who was, unbeknownst to her, a federal informant.

Not entirely unconnected, but since the beginning of this whole episode, I keep coming back to the question:
What’s the connection between Epstein and Gates?
I had an epiphany in April about Epstein’s role ( blackmail in exchange for celebrity endorsement) that my intuition is fairly certain of by now, but the possibilities are likely to extend beyond realm we’re privy to.

Epstein is tied to Israel’s Mossad or something.

And yet another post from her:

Tulsa, are you paying attention?!
The future of smart cities is based on the integration of Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) as a backbone for all forms of communications. Whether it be person to person, application to application, or devices to devices, ICT plays an important role in maintaining the continuity of data and information being exchanged or harnessed by programs such as healthcare. As smart cities are being redefined by the concept of their liveability where urban spaces take into account the quality of its air, the sanitation of its environment, the sustainability of its structure, and the quality of life being experienced by its citizens, data-driven information is being harnessed more and more to enact policies towards the future of healthcare.
Interoperability of Electronic Health Records
As networks and devices are converging over a person’s set of records, new integrated services are being created to personalized healthcare. As cities are expanding their medical facilities and enacting new laws on privacy and user-consent, computational trust over a person’s healthcare records are made certain that the patient owns their records and would give permission to physicians, medical specialists, and medical aid groups to preside over their records in an emergency situation.
EHR interoperability is also vital for the public healthcare space as hospitals that suffer from long waiting hours over a doctor’s clinic hours will be able to streamline their patient experience as public doctors will have more time in making diagnoses compared to the time spent on medical questioning presiding on each patient. By encapsulating patient records over the public hospital space for specialist collaborations, we are able to uplift the efficiency and quality of healthcare coverage of public hospitals.

See also:

Here is a post from Alison:

Ok, here’s today’s map – testimony by J. Christopher Giancarlo (Catholic per Wikepedia), former chair of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and co-founder of the Digital Dollar Foundation to the US House Committee on Fin-Tech in June. Note the role Accenture is playing in devising “pay for success” policies as well as pushing the digital wallets / Central Bank Digital Currencies that will enable tracking of “impact” through the lives of the poor. See pilot projects in Canada, Eastern Europe, Sweden, and Singapore. Know that the plan is to use Covid to set up Fed-accounts linked to relief payments. This is moving full speed ahead. Bottom are committee members. Is your state involved? Left side is the work history of Giancarlo – note ties to Milken, junk bonds, futures trading, and asset backed securities. This is is the Peoplenaire Project well underway. Interactive version here – click any dot or line to open the database record – source URL hyperlink on the right.

And another post from her:

After lockdown comes comorbidity impact markets…that’s the Gates / Bloomberg social engineering panopticon.

Here is a post on her wall:

I thought you might find this interesting – an article in a Dutch newspaper about a Dutch school where they are handing out coins (tokens?) to students if they wear a mask and sanitize their hands when they arrive, with which they can then buy school necessities in the school shop, or a sleep in card if they get enough coins. This helped me understand what you talk about with tokens.

Here is yet another post from her

Limiting food access / food sovereignty is a longstanding strategy of social control. I continue to say Gaza is the model for “smart city” open-air prisons and THAT model is based on what the US Government has done to Indigenous people. By removing them from their lands, they cut off Indigenous peoples’ access to independent food sources. Hydroponic greens in cargo containers – weaponized weather – printed CRISPR protein – this is all a legacy of colonial domination by financiers. That is what the Rockefeller food system transformation is about. People need to realize the past matters, because it is not even “past.” For really important insights into this read Nick Estes’ book “Our History Is The Future.”

Here is a post on Shannon Joy’s wall:

Hey Shannon I was just informed that my remote students have to fill out a Covid screener every morning.. my kids are AT HOME! What’s next, mandatory Covid testing for remote students? Cuomo is just itching to get those numbers up.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

‼️🔥 Attention Parents – Beware of Planned Parenthood and Social Emotional Learning 🔥‼️
Planned Parenthood gains access to students in MA schools in multiple ways, through their Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum taught in about 150 schools across the state, by partnering with organizations like Girls Inc. and Advocates for Youth who also push CSE curriculum, by recruiting students to become peer sex educators in the schools through their Get Real Teen Council program, and by offering training and classes for teachers, just to name a few.
See the training they are offering to educators below. This webinar will help teachers learn how to incorporate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into sex education classes.
SEL is the vehicle being used to psychologically prepare your students to accept sexual orientation and transgender identity lessons by focusing on feelings as facts and doing away with the notion of objective truth, like believing that there is such a thing as male and female and that no one is born in the wrong body.
SEL replaces parents and seeks to capture the heart and mind of your child. Parents don’t suspect a thing, because SEL teaches things like kindness, empathy, and compassion – all values that are important to all of us.
But, SEL uses these shared values to manipulate children into rejecting what their parents have taught them about sex and gender. SEL teaches that kindness, empathy, and compassion requires consensus on issues of sex and gender. SEL promotes group think. Disagreement = hate.
Is Planned Parenthood in your child’s district? Has your child’s health teacher ever attended a training by PP? Find out.
Opt your child out of CSE classes. Use the sample Opt Out form found in the files section of this group.

And some replies to this post:

The SEL is running rampant on distance (virtual) “learning”. It takes up the first hour of the day. It even includes yoga for mindfulness. I may be the only one here to say this, but I’m not a big fan of the teachers calling the children “my friends” . To me it seems like they’re putting themselves at the same level as the children. When they should be at a level of mentorship.

my son is 10 and he has known from the first day of school that mommy and daddy are in charge the teachers work for us anybody says anything or does anything that goes against what mommy and daddy have taught you then you tell them you want to go to the principal and have your parents pick you up from school. Our son also knows that you don’t just blindly trust a doctor because mommy and daddy always know better we always have the last say never let a doctor or a nurse or anyone do anything to you without us being there without our permission. We have to stop allowing the school systems to try to overrule us and stop society from teaching children that just because someone have a paid for title somehow makes them a good moral honest person when we all know that that is not true.

What grades are they presenting this to?

it varies, but SEL lessons usually begin in elementary school. CSE usually starts in middle school.

SEL was a class for my 8th grade child in Haverhill MA. Was. I now homeschool

It is being incorporated into classes at all levels, elementary, middle, and high school. Some of the buzz words are “growth mindset,” “grit,” “non-cognitive skills,” “skill set,” “self-awareness,” “self-management,” “social awareness,” “empathy,” “appreciating diversity,” “communication,” “cooperation,” “responsible decision-making,” etc. On the surface it appears to teach things we can all agree on and in some cases that might be true, but the problem is in the application of these things. SEL psychologically prepares students to accept much of the indoctrination happening in public education. Also, it often incorporates Buddhist meditation, although it isn’t framed that way. SEL is difficult for parents to recognize, because after all what’s wrong with teaching empathy? The problem is like I said, how these things are being defined and applied. For instance, if you believe that a child who is struggling with their gender does not need to be affirmed in their confusion, but helped to accept the reality of their biological body then you are not empathetic and you don’t appreciate diversity. When it is included in CSE classes, “responsible decision making” is using contraception, not choosing to abstain. SEL replaces the parent and the church. Now educators are the moral instructors of our children. Very dangerous. I have written a brief document on it that can be found in files section of this group.

The University of Pittsburgh has jumped on the gender bender bandwagon:

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

My teen attended outdoor 3 hour training camp for the school district figure skating team. Outside and in August (heat, humidity) Team claimed to be REQUIRING masks. I asked about medical exemption. They told me EVERYBODY had to wear or mask or don’t come. I argued it and they wouldn’t budge. So I went to district Athletic Director and even after he said quite clearly that mask are NOT required in the district for sports, they were still pushing me on it. So bottom line was that I would have settled for an exemption for my 1 kid. But because they were being jerks, they wound up having to change the training event to masks are encouraged but not required. I told my kid that maybe she won’t be the only one without a mask now! So we show up and guess what? All the others STILL had a mask on!!! She was so nervous but so brave! They took a team picture where they were all spaced at least 6ft apart and my kid is the only one with a big smile on her face. The others all were covered up in their masks.

Here is a post form the Common Core Diva:

Anti Fed Ed Ws, a video article for you. Latest from Dept Ed is more overreaches & taxpayer abuse; NM Sheriff group overreaching into family homes so parents get kids online for virtual Ed & CSE overreaches from OH Syntero

Here is a post from Alison:

Folks need to understand that AFTER we are released from lockdown and get our biometric health passports – the focus will be preventative health MANAGEMENT linked to value-based payments developed by THIS GUY Michael Porter from Harvard Business School. Social Determinants of Health are being weaponized and linked to pay for success contracts. So when someone tries to tell you Harvard docs are for the people – remember they are part of a club you’re not in. This guy is partnered up with Boston Consulting Group and their game is GLOBAL.

Here are some more posts from Alison:

Internet of Bodies = Healthcoin Electronic Health Records on Blockchain

Does the medical community know what’s coming with Globalization 4.0? Do they care?

The paper goes into use of blockchain to log remote patient monitoring as well as insurance processing – imagine how that all links together…

I will not last long in this Skinnerian world.

Do you see why we can’t be trusted to run our own bodies? If we did, how would the venture capitalist class make money off health-tech “moonshots?” The folks at StartUp Health just dropped a ton of money into CityBlock – blockchain healthcare / social determinants of health – spun out of Google’s smart city program Sidewalk Labs. Sounds positively delightful! Note “pandemic response” is in there.

On the second round of CityBlock investments.

I suspect raiding Medicare/Medicaid is probably an even bigger coup than raiding all our public education funds. What do you think?

Here is a post from an anti-Drag Queen Story Hour/radical sex ed group:

There is a huge effort in our public schools to push transgender ideology on kids today.
Here is a document written by a teacher to help other teachers defend pushing Transgenderism in literature. They know that parents will push back if they find out, and they want to shut down parental objections.

Here is another post from Alison:

No surprise that Grover is a pitchman for the Great Reset. Sesame Workshop and its venture capital arm are agents in the human capital program – they want the kids. From 2009 – super creepy.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Pope Francis issues a plea for the nations of the world to hand their reins of power over to the United Nations, which Francis says will lead us all into the New World Order.

Here is another podcast with Tara Gowen Fricano and the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Welcome to UN Agenda 21/2030 – Smart cities are coming
US will ‘become a renter nation,’ says real estate investor

And another post from her:

3 magic words ” public , private , partnership -> which is United Nations words .
The upshot would be a “public-private partnership” analogous to FirstNet, the dedicated communications network for first responders that AT&T operates under a federal contract.

And yet another post from her:

U.S. consumer prices rose for a fourth straight month in September

And yet another post from her:

IMF, World Bank, G20 Countries to Create Central Bank Digital Currency Rules

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Portland NWEA MAP tests on hold after parent pushback
“Last week, parents in Portland Public Schools received an update from district officials about the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test which, on its face, is intended to give teachers a sense of student aptitude levels at the start of the school year.
But by Monday, they’d reversed that decision, just as the planned assessments were set to begin.
The back-and-forth began last week, when families were informed via email that testing would continue as planned. In a fun bonus for all the working parents out there, the district wrote that “many students, especially younger children, will need assistance from an adult in the home,” to complete the tests.
(Note: administering the tests was expected to take at least two hours, and teachers would likely have had to break students into groups to administer the tests, thereby cutting into already reduced instructional time for all.)
Then, on Monday morning, the district announced via email that all MAP tests were suspended for the fall, effective immediately.”

Here is a Setting Brushfires interview with the Common Core Diva:

The United Nations October Surprise: A Trick Or A Treat?
The UN has declared October as “their” month. As such, what does that actually mean? They are actively promoting October as LGBTQ+ History month. How does that affect you? Between the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) & education, this all infiltrates our lives in every aspect. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me for this episode of Rotten to the Core Wednesday on The Sons of Liberty to explain that this is not a treat, but a trick in usurping more power and control by the UN.

Globalism strikes the Philippines.

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

Federal Highway Administration (US Department of Transportation); the US Environmental Protection Agency; the Federal Transit Administration (DOT); the Rural Economic and Community Development Administration (US Department of Agriculture). All of these agencies were members of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development which ran from 1993-1999.
Private funders included the Siemens Corporation; Henry M. Jackson Foundation; Annie E. Casey Foundation; and the American Planning Association. These private organizations promote smart growth.
Siemens, for instance, benefits from the development of the ‘smart grid’ and is a key private for-profit corporation for solar, biomass, and other subsidized power generation. This huge multinational corporation is involved in health care, building systems, financing, communications, and more.
Siemens is a German company that was nearly bankrupt until Hitler supplied free slave labor and money for technological development. Siemens USA has revenue of over $20 Billion. They also just appointed Michael Kruklinski Head of Siemens Real Estate for the Americas. In this role he’ll oversee all operations for Siemens Real Estate in the U.S. He also is on the NEW YORK CITY REGIONAL PLAN ASSOCIATION BOARD.

Here are some posts that I found:

One positive test over the weekend has now sent nearly 50 kids home for two weeks thanks to “contact tracing”….they were in class with the positive test. Never mind behind plexiglass cages and masks – it’s all BS

same in frisco. [child name redacted]’s desk was 2” not far enough. I said the same thing. Why are they wearing masks all day then??

A high school cousin in GA was sent home to quarantine for two weeks because she sat in the same seat in a class that a COVID-positive student had occupied earlier in the day. Wow. (Spoiler alert – she didn’t develop COVID.)

my daughter finally understands why I fight so hard. She is living under the Aggie gestapo with dorm mask police (RAs) and crazy testing and contact tracing. She had to quarantine for 14 days even though she wasn’t sick and never tested. I told her quarantine is when they restrict the movement of sick people, tyranny is when they restrict the movement of healthy people. She gets it now.

Here is a post from Alison:

Career Impact Bonds – opening new markets in Income Sharing Agreements (to be securitized straight way). New Jersey is first out of the gate. Someone commenting on my blog post tipped me off. The great reset is all about reskilling human capital to build the global digital prison. That’s why Fatima can’t be a dancer anymore. Cyber-fascism for predatory impact investors. Will post about ALICE below. Lots of links between this program and the United Way Effort.
“Career Impact Bonds (CIBs) are a distinct form of income share agreement, designed to upskill low-income and underserved learners and workers to achieve economic mobility, made possible by leveraging philanthropic, corporate, and for the first time, government funding. New Jersey will be the first state to launch and dedicate government resources toward a CIB Fund. CIBs pay for the cost of the training programs and wrap-around services on behalf of the student beneficiaries. Students then pay back the costs over time once they attain and maintain employment with a salary above a certain threshold. The repaid money is recycled to fund training for future students.”

United Way Northern NJ set up the ALICE program – data-mining the working poor.

Eventually will be human capital investment platforms automated on blockchain. That is the plan.

Here is a post that was shared in the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Here’s what’s going on NY:
We’re BROKE & the state will NEVER reopen schools if they can get away with it.
MUST READ ————->
From Dr. John Metallo, Slingerlands, NY:
(The author is a retired teacher and administrator. Among the positions he has held are principal of Albany High School and adjunct instructor at the University at Albany and SUNY Plattsburgh.)
The biggest disaster in the history of education is about to destroy a number of school districts across New York State, many which serve the most disadvantaged children in the state.
Schools in these districts are not going to open. They are going to implement “on-line home instruction” which,simply stated, amounts to no instruction for the majority of kids. The motivation for this move is especially troublesome. The schools are not being shuttered due to the Covid 19 panic. They are failing to open because they do not have enough money to support traditional instruction due to reductions in state aid made by the administration of Governor Andrew Cuomo.
The most dangerous aspect of these draconian steps that are about to be taken are largely bring ignored by community leaders, school boards and the parents of students.
The thought of not opening school buildings for financial reasons would have resulted in an uprising in any community 365 or even 180 days ago, now due to the corona conditioning to which we have all been exposed it is being accepted by many in a ho hum fashion.
The truth is no public school in New York State is set up to deliver effective on-line instruction across all grades. In most cases it would be teachers emailing students work to complete on their own. The schools do not have the technology to conduct classes on line. Those who believe that are being duped. So if that is the plan it would be better to close the schools period.
Further, opening schools at half capacity, social distancing etc can be done but at a huge cost because at least 2 sessions (shifts) per day would be necessary … including double bus runs… additional staffing and expenses would be cost prohibitive. Neither Governor Cuomo nor any other politician has a clue as to what it would take to “open” schools per the above scenarios.
So the choice is to fully open the schools or shutter them for the year and furlough or lay off staff.
Not a good choice ….
Open them up !

More surveillance at hospitals:

I TOLD people this would happen! They said I was nuts!

Poor France, first banning homeschooling, now this:

Here is a post from Alison:

They are literally rolling out indentured servitude and almost no one is talking about it. The “future of work” is being narrowed to IT, healthcare and “green” energy. I’m sick. I don’t know how to relate to the vast majority of people anymore.

And another post from her:

This is “learning is earning” coming online now.

these guys have a Psychedelic Business Law division.

this guy is based in Los Angeles!

And some replies to this post:

Fully automated. yikes. He is building off Simon Dixon–even mentions him in his talk.

These people are insane. They are going to bet against student’s future salaries while the kids are still in school? Trading “revenue streams” on the market? This is the danger of blockchain. This is exactly what I have stressing about for quite some time. EVERYTHING that can be given a metric, can be tokenized and traded. EVERYTHING! Before you know it, your reputation will be on the market, your thoughts and emotions. Your walks to parks and stores will be tokenized. Your study or reading habits. Your showers and toilet use will be tokenized and on sale on the market. Even a person’s time in rehab or prison will be measured and tokenized and traded on. Blockchain is an idea that sounded good in the beginning, but is now a runaway train and it’s not even reached full steam. Anyway, this is the beginning of what I believe will become a very dystopian future.

This is what is going to happen.

WOW!! That is predictive journalism right there! They are telling you what is coming. Investing against your LIFETIME earnings for an education. 10 to 60 % of your earnings taken for life! That’s f***ing insane! So, that is very similar to what is above with Josh Lawler and his TISA proposal he’s pitching in that video. That has got to be STOPPED! That is predatory capitalism on the poor, who are desperate to survive. And don’t think this won’t fall on the parents as well. For LIFE! It’s sickening and has to be exposed.

And “wrap around services” in the program – not just “training.” The blockchain company store of social services. It is the most twisted thing imaginable.

Psychedelic business law for “visionary clients”? That’s from the actual law practice, not the Onion. Psychedelic business laws apparently have to do with patents. I guess Zuber Lawler knows how to get creative about slapping patents for their visionary clients onto certain botanicals that would ordinarily defy patent law because they occur freely and grow naturally. Everything is becoming a commodity that can be bundled up in derivatives on a blockchain system.

And here is yet another post from Alison:

Thanks to [name redacted] for unearthing this foresight document created by Social Finance (UK) and the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). They are the ones behind the UN SDG-aligned impact opportunities aka “wrong kind of green” + poverty mining pay for success ventures. Imagine these are the documents they leave lying around for public view! It’s all here: smart cities, regionalism, build back green, racial “equity,” health service backlog, mental health management, mergers/public-private partnerships, and cashless society. The cashless society part is lined up at 24 months out from July 2020 after the “second Covid.” Full document here.

They seem to be targeting “Key Cities” in the UK – mid-sized cities as follows: BCP, Blackpool, Bradford, Carlisle, Coventry, Doncaster. Gloucester, Hull, Kirklees, Lancaster, Medway, Newport, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Preston, Salford, Southampton, Southend-On-Sea, Sunderland, Wolverhampton.

See above Gloucester. This is a related document / plan for take over of councils.

For those who don’t already know – Social Finance is the project of Sir Ronald Cohen, father of UK venture capital and creator of the social impact bond. This is the LittleSis profile. Much of it is information I have gathered.

Cohen on remaking the Third Sector for stakeholder capitalism.

EVPA is partner in this based in Brussels bankrolled by King Baudouin Foundation.

This is what is being set up. A lot of it will be tied to “healthy” cities and “resilient” cities with IoT and social prescribing / surveillance / predictive profiling linked to cashless privatized social welfare – all conditional.

And yet another post from her:

It is Democratic governors like career financier / former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy who are setting up the human capital market – techno-fascists. Progressives, you are doing grave harm to the future of humanity if you support people like this. They are a fraud. Murphy is behind the first Career Impact Bond trial in the US.

“Personal wealth
Murphy’s position at Goldman Sachs when the firm had its IPO brought his net worth above $50 million.[20] By one estimate, reported in Der Spiegel in 2009, his wealth after leaving the firm was in the range of several hundred million dollars.[21]”

And yet another post from her:

Oh, the things you learn on LinkedIn – this from logging supporters of the New Jersey Career Impact Bond Fund pilot. Who knew that the CEO of Verizon and manager of the largest 5G testbed in North America was the former CEO of Ericsson (spent 21 years there) AND has been on the board of the United Nations Foundation since 2015? No hero worship of Sweden please – they’re endgame 4IR for IoT “impact.” Got it?

And yet another post from her:

Career Impact Bonds – Social Finance Podcast

Shame on University of Northern Iowa!

And yet another post from her:

Ok – so human labor is rapidly being replaced by AI and robotics. We are valued insofar as we play our roles in the elite’s game of good behavior. In the next phase “good behavior” means agreeing to be re-skilled for jobs that we will likely never get – so social impact investors can gamble on if we comply or not and manage us via income-sharing agreements. The whole program hinges on their ability to eliminate most of the jobs and disrupt our patterns of consumption and social relations. I think “re-skilling” is the whole point of Klaus’s “Great Reset.” It reboots us into their game – kind of like Tron.

And yet another post from her:

I have no idea if these maps are useful to anyone else besides me, but here is context for the New Jersey Career Impact Bonds, a new Income Sharing Agreement. Lots of reskilling for “impact.”

And yet another post from her:

They aim to use pension funds to digitally enslave us as the robots take over. Pension funds will be invested in “pay for success” deals that will continue to mine the impoverished masses for data and manage their behaviors.

And yet another post from her:

If you don’t get a handle on “structured debt” and how it relates to global bio-fascist police state, you’re not going to understand what’s going on right now.

Moving forward all types of labor, including knowledge and service work are being platformed for the next phase of Globalization – Globalization 4.0 / telepresence work, gig work awarded based on reputation scoring in a worldwide competition for rock-bottom wages and no benefits or stability – ever. Human value exists to the degree that you comply with the self-improvement pathways assigned to you. These are laid out based on predictive profiles of each person’s degree of “brokenness” within the capitalist system. The stakeholder capitalists have created a game – we are born with a certain debt burden on society. Once calculated they can package their “evidence-based” “solutions” to ameliorate our perceived future burden on society. Those debts relate to training, healthcare, food, housing – the basic needs of life. All of that debt is being set up as “products” by global financial interests. They need to track it in real time. Watch “The Big Short.” Understand how mortgage debt was bundled and reworked over and over into ever more toxic debt commodities – all so the game could continue. The next phase is privatized welfare debt. The global police state comes in with respect to 24/7 compliance tracking. This means social control, but also to inform the hedge funds that are betting on the game. It runs on smart city surveillance, digital identity, and automated policing. It all runs together.

And some replies to this post:

That is a good summation of the system that is being set up. It bears noting that it is merely a tweaking of the existing system. What though, in essence, is debt? And to the issue at hand, what is “structured debt”?

Privatized social welfare – the ability of dispossesed people to survive.

Structured Debt / Structured Finance = synthetics – the financiers make shit up to keep the game going.

FIAT CURRENCY is “structured debt.” Let us go there, for, that is where we need to go in order to come to grips with what is going on with the yoking of the self-aware ape to the 21th Century computational devices.

That is what is so terrifying to me – the extension of ISAs to include “wrap around services.”

Check this out – part of a longer series.

And yet another post from her:

This is the phrasing of the IMF – note the military framing and global context.

And yet another post from her:

How much does the average person need to understand about global economic policy to come up with effective strategies to oppose the global reset? How important is it? Because I feel we are woefully unprepared to have these conversations. Maybe folks abroad are more sophisticated in their understanding than we are here in the US. Thoughts? Have been doing some data entry re IMF reset policies today. This gives you an idea of where everything is headed – nothing terribly new, just further confirmation.

And yet another post from her:

Imagine how social credit scoring will factor into this…Bloomberg journo floated this in February. It’s all about “equity,” you know?

And yet another post from her:

So is the plan going to be to force people into IT training programs that are funded through ISAs and if they don’t go along, the government cuts off their assistance? Is that the game? And now people can learn “anywhere,” including from home, so even the elderly and people with disabilities will be pressured to code the global jail. Is that the game? No escape…

They are teaching pre-k children to code with blocks.

Digital sweatshop work – piecework – like coding training data for autonomous vehicles.

They pitch STEM as glamorous, but it’s anything but.

Just watch.

And some replies to this post:

Yes. Here our Governor already started the retraining program and Dassault announced their retraining program. I know where our Governor got it from, the globalist. I told my daughter to go apply and go in and find out what is going on. lol

You’re in RI – I’ve been meaning to write up this webinar forever, but this maybe of interest.

This is the webinar.

Remember the Johan Uvin and Seth Andrews connection. There’s gotta be a primary connection at Brown.

Thanks I will have to listen to it tonight. Yes we are screwed here. We are going first. We still have Gina no matter what. They are trying to tell us now wear your mask at home, when you are having coffee after church at your friend’s house. Yeah ok. We will not be back to normal until vaccine. She is forcing the college students to test to get her asymptomatic numbers. I am starting to think that maybe these sensor dassualt talks of are in the tests already.

Thanks I will have to listen to it tonight. Yes we are screwed here. We are going first. We still have Gina no matter what. They are trying to tell us now wear your mask at home, when you are having coffee after church at your friend’s house. Yeah ok. We will not be back to normal until vaccine. She is forcing the college students to test to get her asymptomatic numbers. I am starting to think that maybe these sensor dassualt talks of are in the tests already.

Yeah – Brown hosts one of the six key data labs.

Gina Raimando met with DASSAULT in May 2016 in Johnston at their office. Every one thought Hillary would win the election.

Dassault is a global company. They are at the center of the Global agenda. They had a major hand in writing the Global Innovation Index 2020. Down load, go to page 58. The global tech companies have advised policy makers that nationalism must be adverted. The 2030 Agenda must be pushed up now and much more shady stuff in that yearly report.
Dassault teamed up with Bill Gates in 2004 with Microsoft.

Dassault and Microsoft team up with Medidata in 2006. Medidata is leading the digital transformation of life sciences, creating hope for millions of patients. Medidata helps generate the evidence and insights to help pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, and academic researchers accelerate value, minimize risk, and optimize outcomes.

Dassault purchased Medidata in 2019.

Dassault plans to make virtual twins of humans like they did airplanes and cars. End game everything about your body will be on the net.

The DigiTwins initiative, a
large-scale research consortium involving
118 companies and academic institutions
worldwide, has set itself the goal of
producing a personal digital twin for
every European citizen. page 17 in pdf

Medidata teaming up with Moderna on the vaccine. Medidata owned by Dassault.

Technology in the vaccine.

This paper was written in 2012. Nanosensors to track the fate of engineered nanomaterials in the body, consumer products, the workplace and the environment. Everything has been done except the body.

Dassault plan in wikipedia. 2020-present – 3DEXPERIENCE from Things to Life: with the advent of virtual twins for people, the human body can now be modeled and tested as precisely, safely and effectively as products in traditional industry such as cars, buildings or airplanes.
This report was written in 2016 and as you read it, you will see that it is happening now about changing the globe.

Value of virtual twins pdf. Real-time remote monitoring and control: Generally, it
is almost impossible to gain an in-depth view of a
very large system physically in real-time. A digital twin
owing to its very nature can be accessible anywhere. The
performance of the system can not only be monitored but
also controlled remotely using feedback mechanisms.
I did not re read the whole thing again. I have read so much but I had saved it as serious.
Another pdf with the global tech companies collaborating including Dassault. On page 22.
The ability of digital twins to replicate human cognitive processes and to perform tasks. There are five levels
of intelligence. At level 1, the twin has no intelligence. At level 2, the twin has reactive intelligence (the twin only
responds to stimuli, cannot use previously gained experiences to inform their present actions). At level 3, the twin
uses learning to improve its response and are also capable of learning from historical data to make decisions. At
level 4, the twin understands the needs of other intelligent systems. Finally, at level 5, the twin is self-aware with
human-like intelligence and self-awareness;tn=R]-R&c[0]=AT2raHtfRI97nUORpv5hXn709v7rf523_xO9rVGwSE6yAqs8zm2pw8G9ZZVVEBUbCPXvZWlcl7cqv3PE0Og1uyIOJor9KmurMEtsqkP2mPlRCPfo6Bi4qO29WPeopM7aOB7YDnx2R_KOJaue

Dassaullt runs the simulations for everything prior to enacting until they have real time. This is not about the virus. Going forward, Dassault Systèmes will focus on three main economic sectors, namely:
Life Sciences (LS) & Healthcare They are a tech data compnay and they want all the data and who will control that.
Infrastructure & Citiesèmes-evolves-and-drives-a-post-covid-world

Top company profile Dassault. “Our aim is to virtualize as many industrial processes as possible so companies can ‘make it right first time,’ eliminate waste and cut out mistakes in the real world at every stage from production to end of life disposal,” says Ferret.
“All industries, if they don’t adopt this trend, will disappear eventually.”

The Holy Grail of Life Science and Healthcare is the development of a virtual human model. This means that creating your digital twin requires modeling of each individual cell, as wel as it’s interactions with the others in a systematic aproach. “We choos to focus on a purpose that excites people and is relevant to their life. We are committed to choosing purpose over money.” Dassault.

Dassault plans to make a lot from their purchase of Medidata in 2019. Yeah, they care about people over money from above.
Fauci said in 2017 that there would be a pandemic in this administration.

Fauci said in 2017 that there would be a pandemic in this administration.

Comparing te working of digital twins for machines and for future humans. Pg 4 diagram of Future Human Health a bit disturbing. Baby getting shot, sensing advanced sensing. Lets take care of ourselves as well as we do with our machines. Pg 36 There are also economic consequences that are not understood. Do we mess with Evolution? For machines and equipment technology is good but for our bodies all over the net. Um no.

3) Digital Twin If the data flows between an existing physical object and a digital object, and they are fully integrated in both directions, this constituted the reference “Digital Twin”. A change made to the physical object automatically leads to a change in the digital object and vice versa. Pg 2
Interesting read.
Besides being a health crisis, coronavirus brings an imminent restructuring of global social and economic order. Most countries are still at the stage taht the coronavirus problem is not resolved yet. It will take time and unfortunately, countries will pay a heavy human lives toll. The human lives toll will not be from the virus.

Coming embedded sensors.

Combined with hydrogel biosensor, which to do not suffer from rejection, instead becoming one with your own tissue, we may also find outselves permanently connected to the internet based cloud,for better or worse.

There is also a need for digital solutions for contact tracing and control of citizens. There are 24×7 command and control centers for Covid-19.
The public distribution efficiency monitoring is also taking place. There will be blockchain-based citizen tracking for misuse and hoarding prevention. The citizen risk monitoring and access control will have app color codes for citizen risk factor such as red, yellow, or green. We will see a world evolving that will be much more smarter and digital place in future.
Thanks Dassault.

Containment zones??? If you do not think they are not going to try this around the world, think again.
Dassault Systemes showcased a “Planning Pandemic Emergencies” solution that can enable public authorities and city administrators with thorough preparedness and response planning for a large-scale healthcare crisis. It offers a single window for “Area Referential for Pandemic Emergency Planning”, “Citizen Sentiment Analysis for Improving the Services Rendered” and “Mass X-ray Analytics for Testing and Segregation of COVID-19 positive Patients”. The 3DEXPEREINCE Platform enables digital referential for city, planning the hotspot clusters and containment zones in 3D context, planning the access to essential services, generation of heat maps based on data sets and analytics.–sustainable-and-resilient-urban-future-dassault-systemes

From a healthcare perspective, a digital twin of the human could be built organ by organ. If successful, it can enable comprehensive digital twin tracking of an individual from birth to death.

Gina’s new work force and Dassaults version. Gina I bet got hers from them.

It’s been pushed big time by unemployment here in IL. It seems to be targeting a small market first. My mom had to attend the job training seminar that introduced the federal funded retraining opportunities. I didn’t but I heard it along with her. I even looked into it a little. They use a nonprofit organization to funnel the students into specific training schools depending on interest. It was $10K to do the IT training and certification. $8k through government funds and $2k from private investors.

It’s called “reskilling”

For all those folks who think the Trumps are saving us from the NWO, take note that Ivanka is totally on board with this project. Or is she playing 4D chess like her Daddy?
Disclaimer: I think Biden is just as evil, if not worse.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

After dismissing the school officers, Minneapolis Public Schools sought to “build trust between students and adults.” Instead, Minneapolis spent $355,000 to fund a surveillance tool to spy on their own students. While students are a “captive audience” under primarily distance learning, we have to ask the question if this AI surveillance will be more problematic than school officers? Indeed students’ every keystroke is being collected and inherant bias built. Are teachers and parents aware of this nefarious program?
For years, MACC (and the ACLU) have worked at the MN Capitol to pass legislation for student data privacy in the schools. To be truthful, the big tech companies’ big monied lobbyists have won out so far. It does not make this situation right and we are always grieved for our Minnesota kids. (Check out the ACLU statement (Ben Feist) at the end of our comments.)
“Gaggle is currently used in hundreds of districts across the U.S., relying on artificial intelligence and a team of moderators paid as little as $10 an hour to scan billions of student emails, chat messages and files each year in search of references to sex, drugs and violence.”
“But there’s little research to back up the company’s claims and critics argue that Gaggle and similar products could be detrimental to child development and amount to pervasive government surveillance. Civil rights groups and racial justice advocates are especially concerned about online surveillance tools during the pandemic as students across the country spend the majority of their academic lives in front of screens.”
“Ben Feist, the chief programs officer at the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, has urged the state to adopt student data privacy protections for years, due in part to surveillance concerns with companies like Gaggle. In an interview, he said the Minneapolis district’s partnership with Gaggle is “massively intrusive” at a time when students’ use of technology for school has reached “complete saturation.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Record government subsidies projected to make up more than a third of farm income in 2020. So one could say that “the government” is taking a massive stake in our food supply… A scary prospect.🤨

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

I know this is not unique to just my little town in California, but this is ridiculous! Our school district was just approved for a waiver, and if we choose the in-person option, my youngest would go to school physically two days a week. Here’s what school will look like as of October 26th:
If a family does choose to have their child attend school, the students:

  • Will be required to wear a mask while on campus.
  • Will be required to have their temperature checked daily.
  • Will be expected to remain at home if they are not feeling well or displaying symptoms.
  • Will be required to practice social distancing of 6 feet with all other students, as well as their teacher and other adults on campus.
  • Will remain at their desk in the classroom (desks will all face forward and are spaced 6 feet apart).
  • Will be in a class with no more than 14 students.
  • Will be required to eat lunch in their classroom (Weather and schedules permitting, students may be able to eat outside in the quad area).
  • Will have the option of receiving a FREE school lunch or can bring their own lunch from home.
  • Will be required to bring their charged chromebooks to and from school.
  • Will be required to bring any school supplies that they have been issued in a backpack.
  • Will be required to wash or sanitize their hands at the beginning of the day, prior to and after eating meals, after using the restroom, and upon entering and leaving the classroom/office etc.
    This is not a welcome learning environment. This is a prison.
    **Edited to add: I’m not sending him back.

And another post from this group:

My son has his school picture day tomorrow (Scottsdale AZ) and they are “required” to wear masks so their photo can be used for their ID, since they all walk around masked. What’s the point of picture day? They should just take a photo of their eyes. 🤮

Here is a post from Alison:

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Investing in the backbone of “stakeholder capitalism” that aims to put all of life on earth under digital surveillance for hedge fund bets. New America, largely funded by Eric Schmidt (Alphabet / Google), has been calling for a “Bretton Woods II.” Now we are hearing the same from the IMF. Eyes open everyone. In the top 15 “responsible” asset allocators are numerous pension funds in Canada as well as the state pension funds of CA and NY. Any wonder why the biosecurity state is in overdrive there right now? Scroll down for the list of funds that go with this map.

Who’s heard of New America? Time to get real familiar.

They are running the human capital bond markets.

Here is a post that was shared in the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

This is what our kindergarteners are being taught in MN. To sing songs like this one “Stay Apart” and are told repeatedly that they arent stuck at home, they are safe at home. I’m sure that wont have any psychological impact on them throughout their lives.

And a reply to this post:

My grandson came home from his once a week half day kindergarten crying saying i just wanna play but the kids will make me sick. I asked him who told him that? He said Mrs Baca did, I told him Mrs Baca is an idiot.

Here is another post from Alison:

This is a map of the information about Dassault and Rhode Island – from jet fighter planes to digital twins to vaccine platforms to blockchain identity management and reskilling. Life is a game and most of us have no understanding of what we are in.

And a reply to this post

Interesting post Alison! I invite you by the way to watch a video I made today and put up. Ontario has announced ID2020 is coming next year (of course they don’t use that term) and I just found out changes are being made right now in the overnight settlements system for currency and interest rates etc. I created a complete information package for my Rainbow Warriors group and then decided the info is too important not to share with everyone. The links in the comment section are also very important, especially the first two. You would really like the Max Igan video too, and the technology so people can kiss via plastic devices you attach to a phone. NWO Agenda 2030 is speeding up like crazy.

Northern Illinois University is another school doing wastewater covid tests:

Here is another post from Alison:

Tulsa is a testbed of technocracy. I was so lucky to get to go to Tulsa this January and meet Julianne and her lovely family in person. This is a great interview. When people ask who I trust? I trust people like Julianne – moms who are in this fight to protect the children. Thanks again Jason for sharing your talents and getting these stories down to share.

She is very brave. This is her work on George Kaiser in North Tulsa.

Actually Julianne Romanello was among many people who protested Gist cutting Native Education Services – in the Tulsa Public Schools this was all going down at the time of my visit – in fact the meeting went on until midnight the night before I arrived.

Kaiser is using the surveillance play tables in Educare headstarts in North Tulsa already.

And some replies to this post:

About “pipeline” as a buzzword in education, it is not new. It appeared in this context:

This from 2013:

So, the thing we need to recognize is the intentional framing – the wording “school to prison pipeline” is THE COST OFFSET. That has been the set up all along. Not that it wasn’t real or that it did not do harm. It did. BUT the model will use the stats built up by THAT pipeline and channel children into the CRADLE TO CAREER pipeline – also predatory, also to profit investors at the expense of black and brown communities.

You notice how they were always saying they set aside money for jails based on third grade test scores. How many times did we hear that one? Over and over and over – and now, voila, we have social impact bonds tied to third grade reading scores.

In fact with the NEW (same as the old) model the children will be put in the pipeline to CODE the digital jail. How about that?

y’all need to unplug from the dictatorship that is “whiteness” and crash the system. Think y’all can do that?

The overwhelming majority of “white folk” had nothing to do with the creation of this system (even though many benefited from it). Framing it as “white folk” vs. everone else actually serves power. They are now incorporating more black and brown managers as well as women into leadership roles and using identity politics to get people to fight each other rather than focus our collective energy on them. It is true that most white people have a lack of understanding and acknowledgement of the history, their privilege and their biases and that needs to change but in trying to change that we shouldn’t play into the hands of the power establishment, which is quite effectively channeling people’s indignation into new forms of division and acquiescence through nonprofits and NGOs who still serve capital and their own control. “White” means one thing to activists and left academics but something completely different to the average “white” person. “White” shaming is a completely counter-productive approach.

Yes – in my city it is Black and Brown Democratic politicians that have cozied up to the impact investors and hedge funds. Does that mean I should just shut up and get in line behind some pay for success funded poverty-management activism group? Because I’m not going to do that.

we fought it as hard as we could! And there’s still no resolution on that. The situation with the Tribes here is more complicated than I can describe here -or understand myself. But it’s important that the University of Tulsa tried to eliminate the Indian Law Program, the only one of its kind in the nation. They were largely successful in that, and have pivoted the program to health law and health impacts on Native American peoples. The tribal leaders seem to be aligned with our philanthro-capitalists, whereas the people of the tribes are often left out of the decision-making processes.

I was naive about so many things. But one thing I wasn’t naive about was that the Tulsa plan sought to deprive ‘first-generation college students’ of an education that aimed to equip them for independent thought. The plan would have those students turned into coders or change-makers. And, to me, that seemed wrong.

And yet another post from her:

This map is what it looks like when the billionaire class is aiming to short the lives of people who’ve been pushed out of their livelihoods into perpetual retraining pathways – up-skilling. The lead in securitizing Income Share Agreements (ISAs) is the grandfather of CDOs – the collateralized debt obligations that crashed the global economy in 2007. Sounds about right. This is real folks. Will we learn from the past?

Here is a post from the anti-mask group:

Super quick help! I am about to call my sons school… I took him to the doctor on Friday last week and he was granted a partial exempt form and was told by the doctor that he was allowed to take his mask off outside at recess… THE SCHOOL HAS NOT LET HIM TAKE OFF THE MASK OUTSIDE EVEN WITH THE NOTE. WHAT DO I DO?!
edit I talked to the principal and she said they need to file a 504. To work out how to address his “disability” and to keep him away from the other kids!! He’s not disabled he just gets headaches breathing in his CO2 and his body just needs fresh air! That’s laws broken!
Seclusion. They can’t do that.
Anything that obstructs breathing.
Masks. Mechanical restraints.

Here is another post from Alison:

When the pharmaceutical companies making the vaccines hold a population hostage so they can reskilll them as a cheap labor source to do more Pharma – Healthcare R&D. A twisted logic I suppose. Important to remember the collective impact poverty management program called ALICE started in the Northern NJ United Way – Booker and Zuckerberg in on that I’m thinking. Remember re-skilling won’t mean people will actually get jobs – but they will have stackable credentials for the gambling game in human capital management. Look at Prudential – that is what they’ve been up to with all of those skills initiatives.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Food Trust. Food on the blockchain.
As a former blockchain developer, I still get all sorts of emails by big companies to test and use their blockchain platforms. Here, IBM is pitching to me their platform and giving me a demo to try.
So, if you don’t think that this technocracy is in “warp speed”, then look again. With all assets tagged, tracked and traced and all accounted for, tied into a society that also is hooked into the same system via an crypto ID, AI, facial recognition, robots and a cashless society that also runs on a blockchain, what power group(s) would not have the desire to change your behavior and punish you for non-compliance? We are literally designing our own prison system.

And some replies to this post:

“We are literally designing our own prison system.” Love it. Not only are we designing it, we are locking ourselves in chains and delivering ourselves and the keys to our captors.

Exactly. That is what we are doing and they are using our children to be the new architects of this system, with badges, certificates and bells and whistles. It’s disgusting. Which is why we need to step our game.

Not my chosen path. I never in a million years would have thought I would ever be swallowed up into sci-fi nightmare.
But then, I don’t live in a city – I live on the outskirts of the Olympic rainforest surrounded by lush living things. Is that going to earn me a negative score on the upcoming social credit system? Or will I be deemed unworthy to remain living here and be herded, inoculated and chipped in a mega city diaspora?
I might choose to circle my wagons and protect my stewardship.

I don’t know that answer, but I do know that the members of the WEF and UN have stated repeatedly that private ownership of land is antiquated and no longer “sustainable” and so the quest to acquire land, from land-owners, is in full force. This is all in accordance with UN’s 17 SDG for climate-change, population management, and management of resources. It’s all spelled out in their websites. In nice pretty words of course, but the outcome is real. So, I’d imagine that after suburbs are decimated and the inhabitants herded into smart cities buildings, the rural areas would be next.

i believe they are goibg to tax us out of our homes force us in stackable housing

Well, I found that they are still charging businesses FULL property taxes despite the lockdowns and limited capacities. This is worse BS than King George III put on our ancestors.

They’re bringing the fires too.

Agenda 21 will make living in rural areas illegal.
They want to move everyone in “smart cities.”

And the riots. I’m SURE they’re behind them too.

And the virus too. I’m SURE they had a role in that.

I was trying to explain to someone that blockchain is not “darkweb” dodgy stuff. These corporates and globalist think it is a relatively decent audit finance and trading system. It’s why small businesses need destroyed and money outlawed

Exactly. Most business will present it as similar to Bitcoin (something that no one thinks is harmful) and then implement a very draconian system that monitors and tracks anything that it is attached to.. forever. All in real-time, thanks to 5G. This is the bigger picture.

what can we do

We continue to spread awareness on this scam and build up a greater number of people and allies that can protest in their face, telling them we do not approve, consent nor will we comply. We need numbers. We need more awareness. Then we can take action in large mass.

Of course…I was wondering if there is anything we can do online to thwart them…I am not up on technology.

well, they perform a lot of predictive analysis with the hashtags we add so don’t use them. Don’t use too many recommender systems like in netflix, youtube, FB, etc. don’t join any groups. Thosee are all meant to track and analyze your behavior. Not much more you can do. Oh, and avoid the online quizzes, they are there to learn behavior.

Also, turning off siri automated suggestions, etc. if you have an iphone. I had to turn it off in each app. I couldn’t believe how much data it was collecting!

yes, especially those spy contraptions. That and alexa and google’s assistant. They are all spies gathering data on our daily conversations.

We are in a pickle right now. Online we have Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, etc censoring us, backed up behind the scenes, no doubt, by the CIA and DARPA guys. As for meeting in person, they’ve virtually criminalized that in the name of “keeping the public healthy”. They’ve busted people in Australia and the UK for protesting and put them in jail for speaking out.

The communitarian plan is definitely in warp speed, and there is no great mass of people who will fight it since most still have no idea what it is and who’s behind it. I remain convinced that as long as we call it by any other name than what it is we’re never going to stop it or learn to survive in it. But, that’s just my opinion. 😇

You’re correct and we’re now racing against time. But, if we don’t stop this, then no one will be safe now matter where we live. The super wealthy and “noble” are hell bent on “managing” us with extreme prejudice. I’ve read some of your material and your work should really be more out there. I don’t know why more people are not aware of communitarianism. Maybe we can change that.

Here is a post from Alison:

Tidying up a bit more data entry – this map shows a break out of recent IMF topics of discussion tied to New America’s plans for a Bretton Woods II – digital currency for impact program. Lots of reskilling plans in this mix. Ed-tech – it’s not just for kids anymore! Lifelong learning means big bucks for tech, debt, and deep state surveillance / social control. Interactive version here – click on lines or dots – URL source materials hyperlinked on right side of each record.

Here is a post from Setting Brushfires:

Bombshell Report: Samaritan’s Purse & The UN – Partners In Globalism?
Samaritan’s Purse is a non-profit group headed by Franklin Graham. It has literally reached millions of children during the Christmas holidays, but in this exclusive report, we’ll see how the organization is partnering with the United Nations, and even ties to the Clinton Foundation in order to promotion the UN’s sustainable development goals. Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me for this exclusive bombshell report.

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

So I finally got a face shield to use when I take my boys to school. Now the school says its not good enough it’s not a mask, even though that’s not what their policy states, or the executive order states, or even what the head of special ed has stated in an email. So this morning the vice principal who threatened to with hold my children from me (yes I have it recorded) met my children and myself at the gate with the security guard and refused us admittance onto the school grounds so I could take my children to school. I tried to get around them and was met physically with refusal, they physically blocked me and keep getting in my face. This greatly affected my 2 boys and gave them extreme mental anguish after awhile we were allowed onto the school grounds so I could take them to school. My oldest son Christopher took over a half an hour to even enter the school and keep trying to elope from the school and staff, my youngest after about 10 minutes went to school. So this is what staff (vice principal, principal, and security guards) that work with special ed students do, it was appalling with their behavior and now has brought me to take legal actions. I am so glad I have recorded every encounter with the school, staff, parents, etc. Any attorneys interested?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

My son told me he got a threatening email from SDSU today about going out for Halloween. He lives at home. I am putting this out there to manifest and make it happen… my son WILL be attending an in-person university next year. Fuck SDSU.

And some replies to this post:

I know. It’s sad. My son got his 3rd infraction at school for walking around OUTSIDE without a mask. When the security guard told him the dean would be calling his parents, he said, “Well, that’s gonna suck for him.” And he got another infraction for being a smart ass.

what school? SDSU?

We’re in OC. Crean Lutheran.

Here is another post from the anti-mask group:

Where do we go for help with schools? They are demanding our children mask to return for 2 days of learning a week. They will only be allowed to u mask at lunch. We are being told our children cannot remain remote and they will be marked absent if they do not show up. Keep in mind half the school will be remote and half in person on the same day.
Edit to add: I’m in Michigan… 🙃

Here are some more posts from this group:

I live right accross the street of a school. The only outside activity they get is a forced 6 foot apart game of red light green light WHILE WEARING MASKS!! Makes me so upset!

We are still online even though 70% school kids are back in school. My child gets to be taught by teachers with no mask. I passed by the school today and kids were in PE with masks on. Kids from one class were filed in a line all wearing masks. Was surreal.

And yet another post from this group:

HELP! I’m in Georgia and my child attends a school outside of our district (they can kick her out if they want to) that does NOT have a mask mandate. However, SEVERAL teachers are “requiring” them to wear them in their class and/or to do group work. My child is not being permitted to do group work and is about to be kicked out of weight training because I have told her not to wear a mask. I am going to war with the school about this and I want to make sure I am within my rights because I don’t want them to kick her out of school because of a mask. Any advice is welcome!

Here is a post from a friend of mine from Utah:

This is so wrong! Schools should NOT be conditioning our children to think like this. This just in from a mom in Provo, Utah. Her 8th grade daughter received a failing grade (1/25) on this health assignment.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

The Bloomfield School District electioneering for Democrats? This is absolutely unacceptable.

Mass Resistance exposes more ties between the LGBT movement and the BLM curriculum being taught in schools:

Here is a post from Alison:

From an IEEE overview on the development of digital identity – yeah – the money came from the Department of Homeland Security. I’m sure it’s going to be so liberating.

And some replies to this post:

This is what I was telling you about the internet becoming a “Turing Machine”. The internet, would in essence, have a layer on top of it, a makeover if you want, in that it would be come a global blockchain. In order to buy/sell or do any kind of navigation on the internet, you would have to provide your ID credentials to this new internet at your browser. The smart contracts would then allow you to transact on it. I’ve been telling this to people for about 4 years of this danger. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, has lusted for the desire to have his system become the Turing machine of the world. This is not old news, but this is now up front at the Warp Speed of things happening. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is part of this W3C group that seeks to turn the internet into one giant ID checking system Turing Machine and he’s an advisor sitting as an advisor for MeWe. There is more than meets the eye and if you’re a tech person like myself, you learn these things way in advance of when the happen.

Yes – but I didn’t know that DHS was the bank roller.

Oh yes, the DHS, the Rockefeller Foundation, The Ford Foundation, IBM, and so many more powerful entities all sit on the panels of the W3C. They are at the apex of the tech protocols hierarchy. If you want to know what is going on in the tech world with respect to global networking and protocols, this is the group you need to keep an eye on.
“The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. Led by Web inventor and Director Tim Berners-Lee and CEO Jeffrey Jaffe, W3C’s mission is to lead the Web to its full potential.”

For the CDOs

In 2018, Sir Tim Berners-Lee declared, “The intent is world domination.”

I heard that the CIA was behind the blockchain development.

Wow! Your link just led me to this: . It’s basically a standard that the W3C has adopted for reading credentials, verifying them and comparing them to other credentials, for whatever reasons. They are much further along in creating a credentialed internet than I had thought. Soon, none of us will be able to use the internet unless we have verified (vaccine) ID credentials and kids will automatically have all the badges and credentials tagged along with them wherever they surf. They’ll also have pathways planned out for them as they surf the net with ads posted especially and uniquely created for them.

think it was NSA

the man that claims he he Satoshi Nakamoto, is an Australian top computer science professor that also runs a company and is a contributor to the intelligence commnunity to the western powers.

but if I’m not wrong, he was proven not to be the inventor. Bitcoin prob invented by AI vs one person/organization. NSA released…/money/nsamint/nsamint.htm

He seems to have proved himeself crypto graphically. But, makes no difference to me. The damage is very well done. That genie is out of the bottle and never going back in.

interesting they are also a criminal government agency collecting data on everyone. Makes sense they would help develop the one world currency used to track everything we buy and sell.

i knew the W3 guy was on the Ford Foundation back. I found that out quite a while back when I found that then Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, was also on the board (and she still is, last I checked, which was quite recently). FF also helping with sex ed/population control agenda (though so is Packard Foundation, big time!) both here and abroad, including in Africa. I knew that Gab and other alternative social media sites were being persecuted by PayPal, Microsoft, Apple, etc and was curious why Mewe was doing so well. Also, figured it was the most immediate alternative and was wondering if they had planned to use it to trap the people fleeing the Stalinistic censorship at FB. So I checked and first didn’t find much (on the CEO of Mewe itself) till I found out about the W3 guy on the advisory board when it mentioned him directly on the CEO’s linked-in, and that’s when I looked up the advisory board and found this:

I thought Ripple was the developer of the NWO currency.

“Two wireless power transfer methods, microwave and laser, were integrated into satellite constellations and the overall system architecture. The two architectures were modeled, analyzed, and evaluated to determine which method is more feasible. The results showed that while both the use of microwave and laser transmission were feasible, the microwave approach produced large transmitter and receiver antenna sizes driving unreasonable cost. The laser transmission approach showed less end-to-end efficiency and therefore higher per satellite cost but resulted in a lower total system cost and was the more feasible architecture. ”

Every moment is one of discovery albeit of decades-old events.. We keep surprising ourselves with old news but the point is to stand in the moment and change the reality by anticipating the future actions and ACTING to counter same.

Well I did help write and get passed a resolution against this very thing, last year. Which isn’t exactly peanuts.

I have to take on Naomi Klein on Monday and I have spent all day trying to write my paper. I found this piece trying to get clarity on the timeframe of decentralized ID development. I think the direct involvement of the Department of Homeland Security is relevant, especially given there are sort of crypto agorists who think there is some liberation in Blockchain. I am a researcher not a strategist but I appreciate you wanting to move things along.

This might help. She co-authored this thing:

This might also help for Canada:

And this:

We are chattel slaves in the era of machine intelligence, remote surveillance, etc. There is a single question that concerns us, that question being, how do we cast off the yoke? We’ve described the system. It is time to analyze it with a view to determining its fundamental weaknesses. And we shouldn’t inform the machine of its weaknesses so that it can adapt.

I found this post on a Youtube chat:

​I saw my teenage niece over weekend @Lynne Taylor and they are being asked to write 10 page essays about how they feel “adults are taking care of the world”.

Teachers are pushing “solutions that your parents refuse to try to understand”.

Good to report my niece says that she and the other teens see what is happening, realize schools are being overcome with evil. Asked to be homeschooled! AMEN

And another post from this chat:

I Work for Texas A&M University. It is required for all employees to wear. or be disciplined or terminated

Here is a post from Alison:

We are working on getting a clipped video of the presentation I gave today, but I have blogged a transcript of my remarks along with the slide deck. “This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow.” (But I suspect Naomi would prefer that part be kept under wraps for the time being). 😉

And another post from her:

So, Naomi Klein’s brother is employed by a Canadian policy center working in the social impact bond space. Huh.

And yet another post from her:

Yeah…she really didn’t want to hear what I had to say.

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

Masks were a great idea right? All kids should wear them in school to stay safe. I wish they will see what they just did. I have to share what I saw this morning as I am walking my dog. I have been walking my dog for 3 years. No matter which direction we take, we always walk by a school. This morning we walked by the middle school. All these kids are masked. The school put tape all over the sidewalks(which of course, came out the next day and now we have trash all over the sidewalk) and painted some hideous orange circles. The kids are supposed to stay within a circle(1 person per circle) and keep their masks on at all times. What did I see? FILTHY paper masks that have soil all over them, most of them were touching their faces over and over and they were exchanging mask. They were even spitting at each others masks on purpose. Does the school not realize that all they did was create an even bigger hygiene issue? Now we have that tape all over the grass and sidewalks and the school, of course, is not cleaning it. Disposable masks all over the sidewalks, and some fabric ones as well. But the worse part, these kids are touching every one else’s face, something they would not be doing other wise. On top of that, the crossing guard approached me to tell me that I need a mask to be WALKING on the SIDEWALK around the school!!! This is WHERE I LIVE. I pay my school taxes and I have been walking on that sidewalk EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past 3 years!!! Suddenly I can’t do it any more because these schools own the sidewalks? Seriously!! What are these people thinking!!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

What in the fresh hell?
They’re imprisoning kids on campus? 😂
Where are our REBELLIOUS college kids?
Forget the kids actually … PARENTS THIS IS YOUR MONEY!!! Tell Jr. to take a GapYear and work. You’ll learn a hell of a lot more in the real world.
Refuse the dumb test and unenroll your kid.
Stop payments IMMEDIATELY.
Sue SUNY for breach of contract.
College sucks now anyway and they’re going full remote for the rest of the year.
I wouldn’t stand for this as a paying customer.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

ISN”T THIS WHAT THE ELITES HAVE WANTED ALL ALONG? TO (1) CLOSE THE SCHOOLS and (2) MOVE KIDS TO ALL ONLINE LEARNING? We might not be completely there yet, but we’re getting closer. Arne Duncan told us we were living through the “Wild, Wild West of Education!” Bill Gates wants us to “reimagine education” and All of society for that matter. We just didn’t see the strategy that would be used to accomplish the task.
“Minnesota educators are stressed, overwhelmed, and worried — and 29 percent of them are considering quitting their jobs.”
“That’s according to a survey recently published by Education Minnesota, the state’s largest teacher union.”
“Denise Specht, the president of Education Minnesota, said low educator morale is the result of a pandemic that has forced the majority of the state’s students out of full-time in-person learning and virtually all educators to change the way they teach.”

Here is a post of a friend of mine (I removed the pictures):

Get to know Naomi Klein.
First Pic:
Susan Rockefeller, holding Naomi Klein’s book “This Changes Everything”, Co-Executive Producer of the “This Changes Everything” documentary film and founding partner of Louverture Films, LLC. Louverture is the production company for the documentary film “This Changes Everything” (with The Message Productions, LLC / Klein Lewis Productions ). Photo: Rockefeller at her home on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York, on Sept. 8, 2015. Samira Bouaou/Epoch Times)
Second Pic:
(L-R) Executive Producer Alfonso Cuaron, Producer Pamela Anderson, Journalist Naomi Klein and Director Avi Lewis attend the “This Changes Everything” photo call during the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 13, 2015 in Toronto, Canada.
Third Pic:
(L-R) Author Naomi Klein, Mrs. Universe Ashley Callingbull and director Avi Lewis attend the ‘This Changes Everything’ premiere during the Toronto International Film Festivival (Crédito: Dominik Magdziak Photography)
““The New York-based Sustainable Markets Foundation (SMF) is another significant fiscal sponsor. Unlike Tides, Inc., it is a relatively unknown quantity. SMF only exists on paper and has zero public presence – no website, no Facebook page, no Twitter account, nothing. Accordingly, only an extensive review of its IRS Form-990s can inform the public of its activities; however, this review was limited to 2010 and 2011 because SMF’s IRS Form-990 for 2012 is not public. Through meticulous research, the Committee identified Jay Halfon, previously discussed in this report, as the director and general counsel of SMF. The group was also the fiscal sponsor of the controversial Moreover, nearly all of the members of the Billionaire’s Club donate to SMF, including Schmidt, Global Wallace Fund, RFF, RBF, Park, Energy, and Tides.
“The Message” is a multi-platform project on climate change. The first part of the project is a non-fiction book expected for release in fall 2014 by Naomi Klein, to be followed by a documentary currently in production. In 2011 and 2012, SMF received donations for and distributed grants to “The Message.” Specifically, in 2011, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave SMF $50,000 for “The Message,” Wallace Global Fund gave SMF $75,000 for “The Message,”and Schmidt Family Foundation gave $40,000 to SMF “to support development of a film titled, The Message.”
While those donations total $165,000 in 2011, that year SMF gave $112,360 – the difference seemingly represents SMF’s fiscal sponsor fee. The following year, the Schmidt Family Foundation gave SMF $100,000 “to support ‘The Message’ film.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Talloires Declaration is very important . It defines the role of Universities as the “social and economic” leaders of the New World Order of psychotic environmentalism. Their role includes propagandizing not only the students but the communities in which they reside as well. There are 10 important steps that everyone needs to read .
What is the Talloires Declaration?
Composed in 1990 at an international conference in Talloires, France, this is the first official statement made by university presidents, chancellors, and rectors of a commitment to environmental sustainability in higher education. The Talloires Declaration [TD] is a ten-point action plan for incorporating sustainability and environmental literacy in teaching, research, operations and outreach at colleges and universities. It has been signed by over 500 university leaders in over 50 countries.

The Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF) is the Secretariat for signatories of the Talloires Declaration (1990), which has been signed by over 500 college and university presidents and chancellors worldwide. ULSF supports Talloires signatories and promotes sustainability as a critical focus of teaching, research, operations and outreach in higher education through publications, research, and assessment.

And another post from her:

Funding for Club of Rome’s Planetary Emergency Plan 2.0 will come from the WEF Great Reset

And yet another post from her:

[The UN’s agenda is to eliminate meat of any kind and for you to have on your table for alternative meat is bugs and worms- Prince Philip served as president of the World Wildlife Fund [WWF] from 1981 to 1996]
Duncan Williamson, food policy manager at the World Wildlife Fund, UK, estimates that approximately 30 percent of global biodiversity loss can be attributed to aspects of livestock production.

And yet another post from her:

Addressing sustainability has become a global priority as the world works together to achieve carbon net-zero by 2050. Financial technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrency, are well-positioned to lead global finance’s commitment to a sustainable future, with new research suggesting now through 2023 are the most critical years of adoption growth for crypto. As the world becomes increasingly digital, ensuring fintech is sustainable becomes even more critical. Ripple is committing to lead this effort with strategic technology and conservation organizations, including REBA and Rocky Mountain Institute.
“Global finance is a key driver on the path to achieving a zero-net emissions energy future industrywide,” says Jules Kortenhorts, CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute. “Blockchain and digital assets are transformative technologies and will play a pivotal role in the future of finance. Ripple is taking the lead to ensure fintech is part of the effort to build a sustainable future that is not only transformative for banks and consumers, but also beneficial for the planet.”
In partnership with Energy Web Foundation, Ripple has co-created EW Zero, a new, open-source tool that will enable any blockchain to decarbonize through the purchase of renewable energy in local markets worldwide. Following today’s release, any blockchain developer can access and leverage the tool. The XRP Ledger Foundation will be the first to use EW Zero to ensure offsets are purchased for consumption on the XRP Ledger.

And yet another post from her:

Ripple is a founding member .
The INATBA COVID Task Force is convening key players in the global blockchain ecosystem to identify deployable solutions that address governmental, social and commercial challenges caused by COVID19.

[ A member of NATBA is ” Climate Change Coalition”]
The INATBA COVID Task Force is convening key players in the global blockchain ecosystem to identify deployable solutions that address governmental, social and commercial challenges caused by COVID19.
We’re thrilled to be a founding member of NATBA and look forward to being a leading participant

Shame on Stanley Middle School in California for threatening a 7th grader with arrest merely for missing 90 minutes of online “learning”:

Shame on Rockville High School in Maryland for trying to make a student wear a mask during a Zoom call:

Here is a post from an Illinois anti-Covestapo group:

I really feel for all of the kids in IL dealing with the crazy regulations along with missing school. Little kids go to school but not the big kids. 🤷‍♂️Now basketball is postponed = cancelled for this year. Football is suppose to be in the spring so when are you gonna make up basketball & other winter sports JB? Another reason we must open IL and say NO to anymore unconstitutional mandates by this governor. Open the schools IL! Other states are up and running & lockdowns only make things worse especially for kids.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

🔥 WARNING – INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT: Do not watch this video with your child close by. 🔥
Just when I think I have seen the worst of Amaze videos, they publish a new one. Look at their latest video that shows what happens when a girl is sexually aroused. The video uses what appears to be a tween girl to illustrate. Between showing a boy with an erection and zooming in on a picture of a girl’s genitalia, I just don’t know Amaze hasn’t been shut down yet. Maybe the use of state of the art animation and calling this ‘education’ provides them cover, but any responsible adult knows that this kind of content serves to sexualize children.
Amaze videos are in use in schools all around the country, including MA. Ask your school officials if they are included in the sex education curriculum in your district.
Here are some quotes and scene descriptions from the video:
Speaking of having an erection, “My little man has a mind of his own…” Then the large letters “boner alert” appear on the screen.
“Girls get sexually aroused, just like boys do. You might even say they get a lady boner.”
To explain how a girl gets sexually aroused they show a naked female with a close up of her genitalia and then show her breasts growing larger and a penis growing to demonstrate how she has a similar erection of the clitoris.
Then the boy declares, “Wow, I can’t wait to tell my friends, girls get erections too!”
Then when the video ends it says, “Find out more about erections, right here on Amaze.” Links to two other Amaze videos appear on the screen, one titled “How the Boner Grows” and the other “Females and Masturbation.”
And I must point out another observation that might be missed. Notice that the title of this video is “What Happens When A Person with a Vulva is Aroused.” Allow me to translate what that means. Not all persons with penises are boys and not all persons with vulvas are girls. Dangerous transgender ideology and language is being drilled into our children’s heads in school, sometimes overtly and other times not so obviously, like in this video. Language matters. If you can control language, eventually you can change definitions, thoughts, AND beliefs. This is called rhetorical agency, the capacity to effect change through speech.
This isn’t education. It is grooming.
Opt your child out of sex ed. Use the sample opt out letter in the files section of this group.

Here is a post from Setting Brushfires with the Common Core Diva:

The New World Order Cometh: Trump, The UN, Samaritan’s Purse, Vatican & More
Globalism is the New World Order and many involved have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof (2 Timothy 3:5). Many are deceived and deceiving. In a follow up to last week’s episode on Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse’s ties to the UN’s SDGs, we’re now seeing his ties to the Vatican and more. In this episode, we’ll expose the ties of Graham’s ministry to the NWO, as well as Freemasonry and occultism, including the World Council of Churches. We’ll also touch on the President’s embracing of UN Day, which is the furthest thing from “Making America Great Again.”

Here is a post from Alison:

So the guy who jumps onto Jason’s youtube channel to tell me I was out of line with Naomi Klein works for this company? Unbelievable.

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

Head over to their facebook page. People are all about oppressing children and forcing them to mask mask mask! They think it is to protect other people, but could care less about their child’s mental state or physical state. I have never in all my mind ever thought parents would teach their child to hold their breath, reduce their ozygen, cover their heads, their face with a cloth diaper to protect someone else. Who is protecting these children from adults in their life?

And a reply to this post

This is happening in my state of CT. We will hear the judges ruling tomorrow! I’m the Chief Executive Assistant for CT Freedom Alliance, the organization that started the lawsuit along with parents of children who’ve been affected by wearing masks.

The ruling tomorrow is for an “emergency temporary restraining order” to immediately stop the masks in school. If he rules against us, we still have the initial lawsuit, but litigation takes forever! So we’re really praying and hoping for this win!!! The judge has seemed pretty fair.

Here is a post from Alison:

I just had a terrible vision flash before my eyes of a future where Jimmy Carter’s technocracy manifests as legions of dispossessed people building “smart” “tiny” houses for other dispossessed people – all of it wrapped up with skills and behavior metrics tied to social impact investments. Triggered by the LinkedIn of Peter Beard.

And another post from her:

Video of my interview with Brendan D. Murphy on Great Reset and weaponization of the social determinants of health.;tn=%2CmH-R&c[0]=AT32aCdfW-cCD7p1gjrciQ87_4rRoKqO1q-SUs2GO42QNPN7AcWIrmpXWShZWvc5_SsM5V4PC8gh7MTjb1c0XMYF7MN4tRNqVSwpgkx0P4VtUZcblA_sPBmh216MjrrFuLRDpuMy4z3wfyEQosWhSd9P4w

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group from someone from PG High School:

Ugh! My 10th grader’s English assignment:
Learning Target–I can read “Origins of the Black Lives Matter Movement” and then write a RICE paragraph in response to this prompt: According to this article, what’s one reason that the Black Lives Matter movement has grown since it began in 2013?
The phrase “Black Lives Matter” first appeared on Facebook in 2013 when activist Alicia Garza posted her response to the Zimmerman verdict. Garza’s friend and fellow activist Patrisse Cullors saw the post and repurposed the phrase as a hashtag, sharing it on Twitter (Links to an external site.) and launching the campaign on social media. Garza, Cullors, and Opal Tometi, another activist friend, began promoting the hashtag to mobilize protests against the Zimmerman decision. However, the phrase resonated with Black Americans who felt that the criminal justice system valued the lives of Black people less than the lives of others.
In July 2014 mobile phone footage was released of white New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo using excessive force on Eric Garner, an unarmed African American man. Garner died during the encounter. He could be heard repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe” in the footage, and the phrase became a rallying cry for BLM supporters.
Less than one month after Garner’s death, a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, shot Michael Brown, an unarmed Black eighteen-year-old. Marches, protests, and rallies in response to the incident were promoted through the BLM social media campaign. Protests took place around the country shortly after Brown’s death and in November following a grand jury’s refusal to indict the officer for Brown’s murder. Protesters in Ferguson were met by a police force armed with military assault rifles, shotguns, pistols, body armor, armored fighting vehicles, and chemical agents banned in warfare, such as tear gas.
The demonstrations in Ferguson brought national attention to BLM, establishing the movement as something more substantial than a social media campaign. Amid national awareness of the protests, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) opened investigations into the Garner case and on racial bias and the use of force within the Ferguson Police Department. In 2015 the DOJ published its findings about policing in Ferguson, concluding that the city prioritized revenue over public safety needs, and the city’s police force and courts held racial biases that adversely affect African Americans (Links to an external site.).
Despite the efforts of BLM, many police officers accused of using excessive force have avoided punishment (Links to an external site.), even those for whom damaging evidence has been captured on video. Officers have had charges against them dropped or reduced, while others were not charged at all. For example, the 2017 acquittal of Minnesota police officer Jeronimo Yanez for the 2016 shooting of Philando Castile received significant attention because Castile’s girlfriend streamed the aftermath of the incident live on Facebook.
A few convictions of officers have occurred, including the 2019 sentencing of Chicago officer Jason Van Dyke for second-degree murder in the 2014 death of seventeen-year-old Laquan McDonald. The DOJ opened an investigation into the city’s police department following McDonald’s death. However, another three officers, including Van Dyke’s partner, were charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice and were ultimately acquitted. In July 2019 the Chicago Police Board ruled to dismiss four other officers from duty for their roles in misrepresenting Van Dyke’s actions through false statements.
Work Cited
“Black Lives Matter.” Gale Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection, Gale, 2020. Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints,|WOEOFW399146747&v=2.1&it=r&sid=OVIC&asid=29fc603e

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

WA state passed the nation’s first ever voter-approved sex ed mandate. All roads lead back to Planned Parenthood of course. They worked their connections and wielded their influence with their usual campaign of lies and deception.
There was a very vocal and courageous group of WA parents who worked incredibly hard to get this referendum on the ballot. They had hoped to overturn a state senate bill approved in March of this year. That bill, which now remains in effect, will require WA state’s 295 public school districts to choose or create curriculum that aligns with the new wide-ranging sex ed standards. These standards take local control away from school districts and instead give it to unelected bureaucrats. Now WA children as young as kindergarten age will be taught Comprehensive Sexuality Education, like the kind I post about here. Visit Informed Parents of Washington to learn more.
Dawn Seaver and friends, you fought hard. You fought well. Your friends in MA commend you for your efforts. Keep fighting the good fight! Don’t give up! ❤️👏👊
Here is the statement published on IPOW FB page from earlier today:
How do you measure success? Is it only achieving your goal at the end of your quest? Or do you find success in the journey?
In the last 11 months, we’ve accomplished a lot together. We fought bravely for our children, showing up at early morning committee meetings giving concerned and often vulnerable testimonies, sacrificing our time to make phone calls, write letters and send emails to our legislators, and gathering from all over the state to make our voices heard down in Olympia.
We stood in the cold, the wind and the rain collecting signatures-or left the safety of our homes during uncertain times to make sure we found a petition to sign. We joined forces with groups from around the state to create a pony express, a network of concerned citizens crisscrossing the miles of road between us, united in our goal to make sure this Referendum got on the ballot.
And we made history. State history by gathering the most signatures ever for a referendum under the seemingly impossible conditions of a global pandemic and total shutdown and with no paid signature gatherers. National history by being the first sexual education measure to be determined by a vote of the people.
But most importantly, we saw clearly, perhaps for the first time, just how far the state and our education system has strayed from the values and goals we have for our children. We realized we can no longer give blind rule to those we entrust our most precious possessions to and we can no longer leave our elected officials unchecked in Olympia.
We might have lost this battle, but there is still a war raging and our children and parental rights are at stake. Informed Parents isn’t going anywhere. We’re still in the fight- it’s too important. A new session will be starting shortly, and we will be there, hopefully joined by you all, as we battle bureaucrats for the sake of our children, because they need us to be their voice.
Thank you ALL for fighting with us. For your tireless dedication and stalwart spirit.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

What do you think?
Gov Walz will be meeting with superintendents across the state tomorrow to likely discuss his Executive Order. The order “strongly” directs all in-school classes replaced with distance learning. He has handed authority over to the MDE Commissioner to oversee which might mean budgets will be involved. Additionally, while K-12 students will be on computers at home, birth to 5 children may be in the schools either for free or paid daycare. “Clarifies that districts must provide free school-day child care for the children of “Tier I” workers only if every parent or guardian in the home works in those critical fields. Tier I jobs includes health, law enforcement, food, judicial, education and child care workers.” This category of Tier 1 families includes free daycare for older children who would complete their computer assignments at school. Special education children will be allowed to continue at school. In the end, there will be a wide variety of students who will be allowed at school and many more who will not.
Also within the order: Teachers are to be given an extra 30 minutes a day for planning. No one would disagree especially for those teachers who are teaching hybrid and even for the distance learners.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

State leaders want to take the tyranny to a whole new level. This is shocking and outrageous! Tyranny exercised for the benefit of its victims is no less tyranny. I recommend calling your legislators and the governor’s office and letting them know this is unacceptable.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

In recent days, sources in multiple Monroe County schools have reported that they are being instructed to prepare for a second round of complete school lockdowns at any time in the near future. Emails have been sent to parents as well as teachers/staff in multiple Monroe County school districts as well as private schools that we have received and shared to this group strongly urging school employees and families to consider what their remote plans will look like and also trying to identify technology needs for full remote learning.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

My 6th grade daughter had to sketch this for art class.

Here is a post from Alison:

Ok – a few edits. Thanks for the feedback. I think this goes over a bit, but hard to know what to cut.
I’d like to start with a moment of gratitude for the efforts of those who brought us together, to the creator for putting this work on our hearts, and to the Kanien-kehaka on whose lands we have gathered today. John Trudell, a leader of the American Indian Movement and prophetic voice for this time, said that it is our responsibility to use the intelligence given to us by the creator to be thinkers willing to put our minds and bodies against the machine of tech-no-logic now epitomized by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
We are called to act or face a future of digital chattel slavery, our freedoms stolen by automation, artificial intelligence, ubiquitous surveillance, and synthetic biology. Track and trace apps will be replaced with injectable nano-robotic biosensors. Look to Profusa’s collaboration with DARPA and Moderna’s “software of life.”
Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum along with Gates and Bloomberg would disconnect humans from Mother Earth and plug us into an Internet of Bodies under their control. They would render us digitally, feed us into markets, trade us as data commodities, and harness our spirits to hasten the Singularity. Once our jobs are given to robots and algorithms we will be expected to embrace transhumanism to fuel their anti-life Matrix.
Eric Schmidt advances a reimagined education program where artificial intelligence feedback loops will condition children to think virtual is normal. That is why I am here today on behalf of the mothers to say we refuse this insidious programming. We will not fit our magnificent life force or that of our children into the technocrats’ puny vision of a heartless industrially engineered “sustainable” world. We do not consent!
Why would those in power do such a thing you ask?
Perhaps they actually believe they’re saving the planet or solving poverty. They ARE remaking the global economic system to function in a world of finite resources. But rather than pursuing de-growth, reciprocity, and right relationships they’ve chosen to build a militarized simulation. In this illusion, humans, as avatars, can continue to consume unlimited virtual items and generate vast quantities of data until we kill the planet.
Capitalism is shifting to the virtual realm, a move that allows the ruling class to further concentrate their wealth and power. Through gamification and augmented reality, stakeholder capitalists aim to reengineer life so it can continue to serve the interests of consumer culture and debt finance. Digital twinning will emerge in a few more years once 6G replaces 5G. NYU Tandon is working on that now.
Social impact investing, pay for success finance, and development impact bonds are aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Fourteen of the seventeen relate to vaccination, a central feature of the cybernetic program.
Biometric passports will set up digital identities to aggregate the data that will justify returns in human capital bond markets. “Smart” environments with sensors as small as dust will transmit information about our activities from the cellular level to our social relations in real time.
In the decade leading up to the Covid reset, financiers designed markets in measurable behavior change. Silicon Valley refined technology to predict and track it. Universities provided equations that will underpin this twisted gambling program. The United Way set up a campaign for it – ALICE Assets Limited Income Constrained, Employed. Human capital futures markets will be fueled by misery, poverty and trauma, all of which are in abundant supply with these lockdowns.
Ed-Tech / Teletherapy / Telemedicine / Smart Home Gadgets and Meters
Digital Public Benefits Like Education Vouchers, Medicaid, and Food Assistance
All of it used to calculate one’s perceived value or burden on society.
Vaccine passports are meant to hold more than just health data. Eventually all that other information will be layered in, catalyzing commodities futures trading in life outcomes. 2,000 of the world’s largest asset holders, members of the Impact Management Project, are waiting with bated breath to run their capital through our bodies. Davos desperately needs widespread adoption of vaccine mandates. Without them Schwab’s vision for stakeholder capitalism and a financialized “green” totalitarian world cannot proceed. They need real time data, and they need for it to be interoperable. The health passports make that possible.
IBM, Google, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs are among those who will be upset with Governor Cuomo if we stop this program, which is exactly why we must. I’m here to stand against what is patently an anti-life agenda.
We must mend our relationships to the earth and one another, but we should honor the practice of Indigenous peoples, especially here on the lands of the Iroquois Confederacy. Let us awake from this distorted dream and begin to walk the difficult but necessary path towards healing, joy, and abundance in a very beautiful, very real world given to us by the Creator.
United we can put our efforts against the machine of Tech-No-Logic, and I know we will prevail.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Is releasing student data really legal in utah? Another vote made by our state board caused this to happen this week.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

My sons current homework. We reside in CT. He is a junior in high school and is in Honors English (they call the class “Voices of America” now because they changed the whole curriculum)

And another post from this group:

The National Core Arts Standards are presented in classifications of Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre & Visual Arts. Read beginning with gr 12 goals & see how they are backmapped into earliest grades. THEN you will understand how seemingly innocuous kindergarten activities are ACTUALLY part of the orchestration to create “civic activists.”
Like other College & Career-Ready standards, they include a set of “Anchor Standards” that overarch or coordinate with the other standards. For each art classification, the standards operate within categories of Creating; Performing/Presenting/Producing; Responding; & Connecting.

And yet another post from this group:

Maryland high school Honors “English” class – “Contemporary Voices”
“College-bound juniors and seniors analyze issues, perspectives, and author’s craft in a range of multicultural works through guided and independent study, seminar and writing. While the subjects may be historical, the voice of each author is decidedly contemporary in that it gives full expression to a frank examination of human sexuality, of violence, and of social and economic status; therefore parents must give written permission to register a student in this course.”

Here is a post from Alison:

New map – e-government / social impact investing Israel / Rhode Island links.

And another post from her:

So the lockdowns and coercive online life make much more sense once you understand free market interests want to create coded corporate “countries” on blockchain. Read what Tim Draper had to say about Estonia’s e-residency program in 2016. You know who’s going to set up these DAO “countries?” The stakeholder capitalist class.

And yet another post from her:

Today’s mapping project – interesting to note that the former president of Estonia who set up the blockchain e-government, e-residency program actually grew up in Leonia, NJ, went to Columbia and UPenn and now holds a visiting fellowship at Stanford’s Hoover Institution. Follow the money – it always seems to flow back to Silicon Valley. See Draper’s on virtual countries and DAOs bottom left. Interactive version here.

Here is another blog entry from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from Alison:

Another map – this one of Rhode Island / Israel data-driven government for impact markets. It’s what I do.

Relates to this webinar.

And another post from her:

One of the faces behind the biosecurity state. Still working on the RI / Israel Digital Government Webinar

It’s all about big data, pricing, and predictive analytics (oh, and military signals intelligence).

Bottom section is important as key players with The Commons Projects (Rockefeller Foundation / WEF) have ties to Cornell-Technion in NYC – small data lab tracking health data analytics. Estrin is one of them – she was key figure in roll out of IoT “Embedded Everywhere” report from 2001.

Here is a post in reply to a Wrench in the Gears blog entry:

The psychosis has been artfully manufactured – turning a flu-like illness, into bubonic plague – and most fell for the nonsense. To the point of mass psychosis.

Covid is simply the new label being applied globally to all seasonal viral infections, as part of the current popular propaganda and fear porn that has replaced terrorism and the various wars on words, like poverty , crime , and drugs. What is truly frightening is that 70% of masses in the so called developed world have embraced this panic without protest.

If they had been using the PCR tests at 40 cycles, as they are doing now, for the common flu we would have had a “declared pandemic” every year for the past two decades.

“Covid” is simply being used as cover for crashing the economies in the Western world. There is not now and never has been a “pandemic”- that is all Kabuki theater to disguise the reality of rapid economic decline brought on by the Ponzi Schemes of financial institutions over the past few decades.

The US (and much of the Western world) is in economic free fall. This was occurring long before Covid Mania was engineered but now it is moving with much greater velocity.

The collapse started in 2008 and attempts to salvage this Leviathan have been failures only delaying the inevitable. Fast forward to 2019 and the crisis began to unravel again. There was a dramatic decrease in industrial production and then showed up in the banking crisis of August of 2019- the so-called Repo crisis when suddenly banks started to refuse US sovereign debt instruments as collateral of overnight loans forcing the Federal Reserve to step in and basically print money to cover this massive shortage.

So by the time the “Corona virus” appeared the economy of the United States and many other Western countries were in full blown collapse.

The “Corona Virus” has proven to be very useful (poetically and coincidentally showed up just in time) by political leaders to mask (metaphor and reality) what was and is going on in the “real world” of the financial trenches. The economic destruction that it is being blamed for this is absolutely extraordinary.

We are suppose to pretend that it’s not economic policy decisions made through the years by financial parasites (who are now here to save and “reset” us) that are destroying our lives but some alien virus. It’s all lies.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

“The consulting firm will investigate the district’s culture, hiring practices, and pre-K-12 curriculum, which Montgomery County says should be tailored so that it ‘strengthens students’ sense of racial, ethnic, and tribal identities, helps students understand and resist systems of oppression, and empowers students to see themselves as change agents.’ “
The “consulting firm” is the nonprofit, “Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium,” about which I have posted in past years.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

With a few subtle differences, the situation in Germany is the situation in the UK is the situation in the US and all over the world. It’s all from the same playbook.
“The means of domination of the centers of power is the “infection” state of emergency with the exclusion of civil rights.The Merkel clique and their entourage have cold-cleaned the Basic Law. From now on, the state of emergency can be declared a permanent state at any time.
Even “democracy” in its deficient form of party democracy has been suspended by the Covid state of emergency,and the separation of powers has largely collapsed.
Bill Gates and his scientific and political collaborators do not want us to ever return to the pre-Covid 19 state (4).
This is the end of the democracy project and the final takeover by the plutocracy, a silent coup d’état
Democracy as we knew it belongs to the past. Bernd Hamm wrote about this already in 2017: “The neoliberal ideology has helped to reduce state regulations & accumulate wealth at 1 percent. The rich are able to influence a considerable part of state legislation in their favour.
“They and their wealth are advised and protected in their services by hosts of parliamentarians, managers, accountants, lawyers, tax advisors, think tanks, radio stations, film studios, publishers, media, researchers, hacks, lobbyists, bodyguards and other lackeys. …
The centers of power intend to enforce several lockdowns to achieve their goals. Ultimately, they aim to reset the world economy (7).
They want to “rebuild” the “old” globalized disaster capitalism that brought the planet to the brink of collapse. But the fundamental goal is to maintain the capitalist system under the newly created conditions of the 4th Industrial Revolution after the Great Reset.
The states are to be fully subjected to the control of the international financial industry.
Before the Corona crisis, Germany had national debts of around 2 trillion euros. It took Germany 75 years to accumulate these. It took the Merkel team 3 months to double this national debt.”

And another post from her:

‘Big bets’ on human Social behavior outcomes. On Environmental outcomes. On Governance outcomes. ESG/impact investing is about using private capital (often held by tax-exempt foundations) to drive ‘systems transformation’ and ‘social change’ through an economic model that is sustainable. ‘Sustainable’ here means that the investment opportunity is based on some unlimited resource or on a limited resource that is universal and so carefully managed as to prevent its exhaustion.
The techno-fascist bad dream that we’re living through right now is designed to set up the surveillance infrastructure (SMART cities, blockchain identity, and quantum dot tatoos, e.g.) that will be ‘pivoted’ toward the speculative sport of impact investing. This infrastructure generates a treasure trove of human data that helps ESG investors predict (and control) the market position of some particular security. Armed with that data, the investor can go long or go short, essentially creating the conditions that led to the 2008 recession. But this time the junk-mortgages are human beings and society. And the casino-language of ‘big bets’ ought to make everyone remember that the game is rigged The house always wins. In the linked Bloomberg article , we read the about a most decadent manifestation of this extortion: huge investments in software that will allow players to make bets on their performance in eSports games. You might remember that these games capture physical, behavioral, and moral/ethical data on the game users. The gamers are feeding into human capital and ESG investors’ hands by revealing how they respond to crises and terror. They are also training the robots to be more human-like. See how this bet is hedged??!
“Launched in May, Stakester’s mobile apps have attracted some 15,000 players of games such as ⚠FIFA 21, ⚠Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and ⚠NBA 2K21, many of them
⚠👉men from ages 25 to 35 and located in the U.S. An average user participates in five to 10 matches a month, wagering around $10 in each, according to the company. The proceeds, as well as additional prizes, go to the winner, while Stakester takes a 10% cut. …
Stakester is betting that the surging popularity of esports, in which fans watch professional gamers compete, will change all that [the sluggishness of the eSports wager industry]. The hope is that ⚠👉 as more people watch esports and wager on them, many may wish to make bets when they play with friends.
Globally, the⚠👉 total esports audience will grow by about 12% to 495 million people this year, according to researcher Newzoo. The Covid-19 pandemic paused many live events but has led to faster growth in streaming. …
Legality of wagering varies by jurisdictions, and largely depends on the age of the players involved (they generally need to be 18 or older). Stakester is rolling out a system that will ⚠👉 verify users’ identities by scanning a passport or a driver’s license before allowing withdrawals.

On big bets:
Big bets and covid:

On data capture in esports:

Here is a post from an anti-mask group:

I’ve been screaming to the rafters since March… if you give an inch they will take a mile. This is a school notice sent to parents in San Diego. So now, it’s masks, social distancing, isolation, and no talking. Kids will flourish in this inviroment. At least they are still alllowed to eat.

)The anti-mask group was deleted by Facebook because the group was un-PC.)

Here is a post from Alison:

The real money from Covid will be in the reskilling of millions of people forced out of their jobs to code the digital prison. That is what these repeated lockdowns are for. If you’re not inclined to fight for yourselves, at least fight for your kids and grandkids and future generations.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

So the children are put in a lottery each week so that 20% can be chosen as tributes and tested. NYHungerGames

Word On The Street ——>
Dr. Mike Mendoza is sending the schools COVID tests that are NOT designed to detect COVID in healthy, asymptomatic people.
If true – this ‘forced testing’ (like masking) is nothing other than a conditioning excercise in coerced medical interventions. And maybe a data collection excercise as well …
What’s say you Dr. Mike?
Let’s see the tests.
Package inserts please!!!

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from Alison:

We have to understand how the last global economic crash set the stage for stakeholder capitalism. There is a push in the public housing sector towards privatization and vouchers. Blackstone scooped up untold housing units in 2008+ and is now the largest player in the single-family home rental market. Now imagine that some of these post-Covid re-skilling programs will be tied to the trades – upgrading housing via public-private partnerships to be “smart” and “sustainable.” Really, they will be creating digital prison pods masquerading as homes. We really have to wrap our minds around this NOW. What will it mean to live in a place where the owner controls all of your appliances, access, and temperature? I’m pretty sure he’s an asset, but Cory Doctorow’s novella “Unauthorized Bread,” in his book “Radicalized” paints the picture very well.

And some replies to this post:

Oh, and your owner is AI. And lets not forget that the owner is monitoring you via biometrics with IoT and IoB. Hopefully you don’t get geo-fenced for not complying enough. So be a good little slave and go get those badges, certs and social credits or you’ll see your UBI funds get sucked like a vacuum. Welcome to the Great Reset, NOT!

Social housing too, has been on the EU agenda for ‘smart’ upgrading since at least mid-decade, with the enticement of funding and potential drop in overheads/service costs for HAs….all going smoothly to plan – soc.ho. tenants are a ready captive market – this from the oecd. org affordable housing database/social housing policy brief 2020 – recognisable lingua? >>
“Third, investments in social housing can also support a greener economic recovery, helping governments to accelerate the take-up of environmentally sustainable construction techniques (OECD, 2020[84]). Drawing on lessons from the global financial crisis, large-scale investment in social housing renovation and refurbishment, which is central element of the European Green Deal, can support environmental sustainability objectives.
Together, such investments can boost well-being among residents across the OECD and EU, helping to ensure that more people have a safe, affordable place to call home.”

I can see them pitching some sham “co-op” model where you “pay” with your piezo-electric human energy harvest – only kind of kidding here.

I see “democratic think tanks” pushing Social impact investing PFS and SIBs on to co-ops and the blind obedience of the co-op world
no is talking about the dangers of this. I hope to start a presentation after the 1st of the year when my time permits to get into conferences, Which is easy these days since they’re all on zoom.

The mindset of the money class hasn´t changed and will not change:
«The best way to address climate change is not through wishful thinking but by using the tools we have –
and that includes the established corporate model of maximizing shareholder value. Already, many companies are showing the way, having recognized that going green can generate immediate profits.»
Rebecca Henderson, Oct 1, 2020

And another post from her:

Wow, it feels like the push for crappy online learning over months and months and months was a set up intended to be used to justify intrusive in-home visits to “check-on” the children. These folks really are devious. Horrible. Teachers who continue to enable this program really need to think long and hard about what you are allowing to take place in the name of “safety.”

And yet another post from her:

Enforced confinement and limited access to nutritious food is about MARKET-SHAPING for pay for success deals in diabetes management. Before you’re tempted to get too judgmental about other people’s health options, consider if you would willing to subject your fellow humans to this. From Social Finance Israel.

And yet another post from her:

The head of standards for education in the UK was long time policy director for ARK – ABSOLUTE RETURN ON KIDS. Former career in accounting and finance. They don’t even hide their plans. Dig into ARK and see plans for social worker credentialing for all the children who are not logging into their online school accounts I’m sure. Interactive link here.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:
In simple terms, The Great Reset is the installation of a new economic and world governing system that supposedly is meant to conform with the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals. It’s supposed to work in conjunction with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), in a way that allows for management of all people and things. Tools such as blockchain, AI, camera surveillance, body sensors, edge sensors called Internet of things (IoT) and wearables called Internet of Bodies (IoB) are supposed to help computers keep track of all resources. In reality, what is being installed is a new economy where humans will be bio-metrically measured as human capital for the future digital workforce, starting with re-skilling our children. AI will analyze our behavior and nudge us into paths that it finds most suited, via lifelong planning paths and careers. Robots and automated machines will replace most of our jobs and so humans will have to move towards virtual worlds, from home, to earn a living. Or rather, in a cashless society, where your value is measured in badges and certificates, you’ll have to build your digital portfolio and reputation from there. There is more to all of this, but this is a “short simple” explanation of the Great Reset. I hope this helps somewhat. It’s all happening right now and fully explained by the “stakeholders” of the World Economic Forum in public writings and their websites.

And some replies to this post:

I get most of that but still struggle a little bit with the badges and certificates aspect. Is this basically to treat us like we are in a game and we have to keep chasing prizes? If so, what is the value that can be obtained by the stakeholder capitalists in keeping us in a game?

That is a great question! To answer simply, yes, we are in a game. We are all being simulated in a Twin Cities simulation, as stated by WEF website. And as a game developer myself, I can tell you that the digital characters in a simulation observe what is called path planning. You see it in most games, where characters have to traverse terrain in order to get from point A to point B. But path planning can also be done with other metrics, such as career planning. An assessment of your traits and character are performed and based on your score, a planning algorithm will then map out a path that suits your abilities, with a series of skills that you can try to attain. There is an algorithm called Goal Oriented Action Planning that was invented for the game FEAR where your goals are met by performing action (skills and learning) in order to get to the goal. The computer will map out those steps for you. So, your attainment of “badges” and “certificates” are the actions you are taking that was created by AI. So long as you meet pre-conditions, you get to advance to the next action, state, level of the game. And yes, impact investors are in the mix of all of this. Investing in future human capital. I hope this helps answer question.

could this be why my children are playing Minecraft and Roblox? Because this all sounds a lot like their games 🙁

yes, they are harvesting data to later assess and analyze. Kids show their creativity and traits in those settings to they can get cherry picked. Oh, and it’s all done by AI. Roblox, is definitely a data harvester.

China did this for many decades. Scouts would continually tour the country, & children barely school age even, were taken to training camps for the sport, music etc. they were thought a good possibility for. Trouble is. it was practice, practice all day. I remember seeing a film of violin master, Isaac Stern doing a tour of China, & he tried to show all those little note perfect musicians how to play from the heart, & the looks of sheer joy & wonderment on the faces of the ones that ‘got it’ was stunning. – they are breeding us into emotionless, introverted, empathy-less robots.

Yes – there is a reason Microsoft bought Minecraft (now for education) and LinkedIn.

Yes, well put. If you don’t qualify, you don’t count – you have to earn your relevance to their aims, fit with their means, or risk having the plug pulled; there is no room for dissent or deviation. Its only a small step from the world of apparent freedoms which we have been born into now, except its all about the reintroduction of a global feudal system, sugar coated and deadly, and you are its slave – the lowest rung on the value ladder is no better than the ‘human battery’ – a poker chip in a rigged game. We all know differently, being in our humanity.

yes, the point is, that we shall not exist OUTSIDE the game – hence taking away all property that would enable us to live outside.

‘we’ have been held within the thrall of the game for a very long time, only now its getting increasingly difficult to maintain a hold on self-possession, let alone possessions – but, that ability is, at least an important part of, the antidote, imho….

I’m sorry but that’s the way dog breeders act. They look for preselected traits and rank dogs accordingly. Breeders are very picky when the time comes to determine which dogs will engender nice puppies. Its all about criteria, performance and merit. Makes me think a lot about the program you’re describing! Because what’s in it, apart the fact that we will be treated as dogs? In the Digital Kennel the new barking will sound as “Schwab! Schwab! Schwab!” (Irony on steroids.)

I guess that’s why they call military ID tags “dog tags”.

And another post from him:

Yes, we are in a game. We are all being simulated in a Twin Cities simulation, as stated by WEF website. And as a game developer myself, I can tell you that the digital characters in a simulation observe what is called path planning. You see it in most games, where computer AI characters have to traverse terrain in order to get from point A to point B. But path planning can also be done with other metrics, such as career planning.
An assessment of your traits and character personalities are performed and turned into a profile. Based on your score, a planning algorithm will then map out a path that suits your abilities, with a series of skills that you can try to attain (re-skilling).
There is an algorithm called Goal Oriented Action Planning that was invented for the popular game F.E.A.R. where character agent’s goals are met by performing various pre-determined actions (skills and learning) in order to get to the goal. These actions all have preconditions. The computer will map out those steps for the characters (you). So, your attainment of “badges” and “certificates” are the pre-conditions for actions you will be taking that was created by AI. So long as you meet these pre-conditions, you get to advance to the next action or state or level or goals of the game, as decided by AI. And yes, impact investors are in the mix of all of this. Investing in the future human capital.

And some replies to this post:

And what if I don‘t want to play? Exit?

stay off the blockchain. That is how they will track you and assess you. Medical Passport ID’s are what they are trying to push on us to get us all on these global blockchains.

I started listening to conferences the globalist had in october. We have access to them. Many of them. Going to take me days. This one these people are straight up grandiose. Around the 26 min mark talking that if we do not comply in about two years you will lose your businesses everything.

here is the link to the main page.

it’s going to be DAO (distributed autonomous governance). Governance by AI and blockchain.

I think a lot of us have made the decision to die rather than submit, which is a really good thing. When people have nothing to lose, they become unstoppable.

The programming runs deep and decolonising thinking is almost equivalent to unlearning and relearning, which is a tall order for many – even the idea of ‘alternative’ is a pernicious slip hazard in translating thought to action, as there is a difference between doing something that is ‘alternative’, ie fringy, outside ‘the norm’, and something that is ‘the original way’, which is exactly what has happened in the case of medicines and foods, for example, even though, in reality, they refer to the same thing.
Its more a matter of not losing touch with what is indigenous to humans, and reclaiming grounds for living that have been sequestered out of our hands by predatory cultures….400 treaties, broken, but, if the memory is held, the spirit and heart are indestructible.

Here, the EU vaccination roadmap / Commission proposal for a common vaccination card/passport for EU citizens…/docs/2019-2022_roadmap_en.pdf

They are already getting ready to twist arms if you resist.
After they are done eliminating the middle class with lockdowns many will have no choice.

feeling like we all need to be starting food/clothes banks for people so they can refuse! I dont know how to help this! Ahhhhh

Every notch up in the unemployment rate ensures the loyalty of the police to the police state. These blue collar guys have no other options, they need to feed and insure their families. But we need to try to relate to them and this is a good time because “defund the police” has driven a wedge.

A few days ago I posted a letter written by a citizens organization in Bristol, UK to their police constabulary wherein they laid out the hoax of Covid-19 and made the case for treason on the part of the government and asked the police to stop enforcement of lockdowns, et al, and to join the people in opposing all of this. I think we all need to employ this strategy! It is the only nonviolent means available to us to defang the powerful…

This is the same game the celebrities (actors and singers) are forced to play since decades. Do they want fame and fortune – sign here with your blood, show your dedication with some blood ritual murders. Those who talk will die. See the Doorknob murders, Paul Walker, Marilyn Monroe, Brittany Murphy, and on and on..
Bur OUR game will not center about fame, fortunes and ferraris. Our stakes will be a halfway decent living, being permitted a child or two – until they are taken away for whatever purposes…

As I am not a gamer, I would never had seen this explanation myself. Always hated monopoly. Wow. Now it is so clear, so obvious…

somewhat off topic but what are your thoughts on Q? Would you agree with the critiques of Q being most likely created by a game developer? Or do u think it is an intelligence insider having some fun with its trails of clues for the public?

I don’t know the answer, but when I have read the Q posts, they have the signature of a military outfit. I suppose it might be an intel post or some psyop but it definitely looks military, based on my own military experience. I would suspect it’s part of some ploy to keep the populace subdued while operation warp speed is in effect. That’s just my guess and hunch.

Well, if you surmise, as I do- that The Pentagon and DHS are actually ‘running the country’ with FEMA as the ‘secret hand’ this premise would make some sense re Q. Wow! When one door closes…

it could very well be. I know that DARPA has a big hand in the bio-tech portion of this and they are investing heavily in vaccines and AI. So it would not surprise me the least bit if this were an entire military operation.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

BREAKING: New York City schools to close starting tomorrow amid rising COVID cases

Here is a post on Tara Gowen Fricano’s wall:

Reposted this from someone in a group I belong to.

Here is a post from Alison:

My interview with Shannon Joy (audio only) based in Rochester, NY last Friday.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

My son got a new laptop from NVHS.
It won’t let me install accountable2you on it.
This makes me soooooooooooooooo angry. Seriously, LIVID right now.
Incognito mode is NOT disabled. Safe search is just one click to off.
How many kids will be addicted to porn by the end of this school year?????

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Just got an email from my daughter’s Jr High about emergency preparedness and it really disturbed me.

Here is another blog from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a Common Core Diva Video on education and Noahide:

SHAME on the governor of Vermont and any schools that go along with him:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Using Student Data to Identify Future Criminals: A Privacy Debacle
By Mark Lieberman on November 24, 2020 4:10 PM

Experts on data privacy and student security are calling for investigations and parents are expressing alarm after a news report last week revealed that a county police department in Florida uses sensitive data from the local school district to keep a secret list of middle and high school students it deems as potential future criminals.
The Pasco County sheriff’s office uses academic performance and discipline data from schools, as well as records from the state Department of Children and Families, to identify “at-risk youth who are destined to a life of crime,” according to an 82-page sheriff’s office intelligence document obtained by the Tampa Bay Times. Slightly more than 400 students out of 30,000 in the district’s secondary schools are on the list, the sheriff’s office told the Times.
Students can be placed on the list if they get a “D” grade in a class, miss school three times in a quarter, get a single discipline referral during a quarter, or have experienced childhood trauma, according to the Times report.
The Pasco sheriff’s office has said it uses the list as a tool for targeting students who need additional support and mentorship.
The existence of the list was not public knowledge until the Times report was published Nov. 19. Students on the list and their families have not been told that the sheriff’s office has identified them as potential future criminals. District superintendent Kurt Browning and two Pasco County school principals told the Times they weren’t aware the list existed.
Browning, who in 2012 was elected to the superintendent role and this month won re-election to a third term, said he wasn’t troubled by the revelation.
“We have an agreement with the Sheriff’s Office,” the superintendent said in an interview with the Times. “The agreement requires them to use (the data) for official law enforcement purposes. I have to assume that’s exactly what they are using it for.”
Stephen Hegarty, a spokesperson for the Pasco County school district, told Education Week on Nov. 20 that he hadn’t had a chance to discuss the Times investigation at length with the superintendent. “We’ll look it over,” he said.
Hegarty said it’s too early to say whether the district will contact families about this issue or suspend the practice of sharing student data with the police department. The need for a strong relationship between police and schools, according to Hegarty, was highlighted by school shootings like the one at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. in February 2019.
“We’re not going to make any rash changes in terms of our relationship with the sheriff’s department,” he said.
A spokesperson for the Pasco sheriff’s department told Education Week in a Nov. 24 email statement that the department has no plans to change its policies and procedures around student data. “We stand by this program and are proud of our partnership with Pasco County Schools,” the spokesperson wrote.
Both the sheriff’s department and the school district shared with Education Week a copy of a written agreement that requires the police officer assigned to each Pasco County middle and high school (also known as a “school resource officer” or SRO) to “hold any education records in strict confidence” and “fully comply” with federal and state data privacy laws.
The district pays the sheriff’s office $2.3 million a year for law enforcement services in schools, according to the Times.
Experts on student data privacy believe the existence of the list may represent an illegal use of student data. Regardless of legality, they say, the list puts students and families at risk of being unfairly targeted before they’ve done anything wrong.
The risk could be particularly harmful for students of color, who are already subject to disproportionate scrutiny from police nationwide. In the wake of nationwide protests for racial justice this summer, several school districts severed ties with police departments, while others considered removing school resource officers but decided against it.
“What’s happened here is they’ve got an apparently improper use of FERPA data,” said Pam Dixon, founder and executive director of the World Privacy Forum. “This is a lot more problematic than the school district is apparently understanding.”
Deb Herbage, who has a daughter in 10th grade at a Pasco County high school, told Education Week she felt “mortified” when she first read the Tampa Bay Times article.
She’s not concerned that her daughter, a straight-A student in Advanced Placement classes, is on the list. But her friend’s son was struggling to keep his grades up during remote learning this year, and his school had called home to ask why the student had missed so many deadlines.
“That fact alone would scare the heck out of me,” Herbage said. “Now, I’d be thinking, ‘My kid’s on the list.'”
Is the list illegal?
Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), schools can share student records with a contractor or outside party to whom the school has outsourced certain functions, if that outside party (like a designated school resource officer) meets all three of these conditions:
The outside party is performing a service that would otherwise be performed by school employees.
The outside party’s use of education records is under the direct control of the school.
The outside party does not use the education records for anything other than the reason they were originally shared, and does not share the education record with anyone else unless it secures written consent from the parent of the student.
Dixon said she believes the Pasco sheriff’s office’s list of potential future criminals violates at least two of these conditions. School employees would not keep a list of at-risk students for the purpose of identifying future criminals, and the Pasco district officials have said they are not involved in the sheriff’s office’s use of the data.
Harold Jordan, a senior policy advocate who works on federal and state education issues for the American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania, believes the Pasco program may also run afoul of federal allowances for sharing student data with law enforcement officers.
According to his analysis, FERPA allows schools to share data with police in three situations:
To protect the health and safety of students or other school community members in an emergency situation. According to Jordan, the U.S. Department of Education has issued several guidance documents clarifying that this rule applies to emergencies on the scale of a school shooting, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or epidemic outbreak.
If a judge signs a formal court order allowing a student to be investigated for a particular crime.
If a law enforcement officer in a school has been designated as a school official with “legitimate educational interest.” The district would have to disclose that designation at the beginning of each school year, and the officer could only use student data for educational purposes, not law enforcement.
The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act includes similar requirements for sharing student data, focused on students with disabilities, Jordan said.
“This notion that you can do mass sweeps of students’ records and combine it with other kinds of information — that is clearly not what federal privacy law intends,” he said.
What are the long-term risks of the list?
The factors that determine a student’s designation as “at-risk” may not be evidence of future criminal activity, experts say.
If a student’s presence on this list ends up in their records long-term, it could affect their ability to be admitted to college or hired by employers, experts said. Police officers could also inadvertently use their perceptions of students who appear on the list to make decisions about how to adjudicate a crime that takes place, according to Jordan.
“I don’t think it’s much of a step to suggest that these kids are likely to be subject to suspicion and harassment in a school environment,” Jordan said.
Subsequently, students might be less inclined to trust adults in the school building, and less likely to share useful information in the event a crime does take place or the school community is threatened. Research suggests students’ trust in teachers and school officials has made the difference in many school shooting situations that have been prevented before they happen, according to Jordan.
“You’re really undermining the trust of the adults who run the school system, and the law enforcement that works in schools,” Jordan said.
What should happen next?
Several experts told Education Week they believe the school should temporarily stop sharing data with the sheriff’s office.
Linnette Attai, president of PlayWell, a privacy compliance consulting firm with education clients, said she’d advise the district to “undergo a thorough and transparent review, report on it, and really consider whether or not this is something they believe is lawful and ethical.”
She also believes parents of students on the list deserve full transparency from the district and the sheriff’s office about why they’re on the list, where the list has been shared, how they can request to be taken off the list, how they’ll be notified in writing that their name has been removed, and “assurance about how they might be able to trust this would not happen again.”
Herbage said she posted the Times article on some local Facebook groups. Several people responded saying they wanted to find out if their kids are on the list, she said.
The Tampa Bay Times pointed readers to contact information Pasco parents can use to find out whether their children are on the list. It’s unclear whether the Pasco police will disclose that information upon request.
Experts said they haven’t seen evidence that the practices revealed in the Times article are happening on a bigger scale nationwide.
“I think we have every reason to believe that the overwhelming majority of schools are being run by thoughtful people and care deeply about their students,” Attai said. “To the extent that there might be outliers out there, it is critically important that we shed light on that quickly and meaningfully.”

And another post from her:

Vision AI will be the next worldwide web
Cameras and their related processing powers are eclipsing other types of sensors, driven by useful cell phone app experiences and digital culture ranging from Instagram to Pinterest to TikTok to facial recognition technology embedded into sporting events. The cameras and related processing power are becoming incredible and eclipsing other types of sensors. Why use a magnetic proximity sensor that must have something placed on a door when you can point a tiny inexpensive camera at the door and know if it’s open? Why use a temperature sensor when a camera can see reflected light frequencies and determine the temperature? The latest cellphones are integrating LIDAR sensors into their cameras, and I believe the camera sensing suite will become even more sophisticated. Combine this with emerging computer vision technology powered by AI, and together you have Vision AI.
Vision AI has the power to unlock the future of automation in a way not seen since the Web Revolution where every form and phone call was turned into a site, and we unlocked all the resulting searches, analytics, and automated processing that is now commonplace. Just like there are web boot camps, there will soon be computer vision boot camps to enlarge the circle of access to this new technology.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

“Governor Walz launched a MN State tracking App, CovidAware, for your phone where you can constantly self report your location data, who you meet with, when and where you visit. This app is launched at a time when the Governor has issued unilateral law dictating it is a crime for you to meet with anyone outside your immediate household, punishable by a $1,000 fine and up to 90 days in jail for both you and the person you are reporting to have met with. This seems reasonable.” Rep. Munson
As announced two weeks ago, Governor Walz is pushing a phone app for Covid. For now, the app will contact trace and set up records on your Covid encounters. Later, Covid test results and vaccination records could be filed. Whatever this app looks like now will undoubtedly change from anonymous to public and for other uses such as in travel, doing business, purchasing, etc. The Covi app or passport will become a requirement unless we resist. For such a time as now!

And some replies to this post:

Heard that insurance companies are using such an app already, you speed or etc, you have an accident, they don’t cover

Yep, people are allowing themselves to be monitored in order to prove the greater good in themselves.

A friend in NV was called that she was near someone who had COVID from an app on her iPhone she didn’t know she had. She was not allowed out of the house for 2 weeks and not allowed to go to get tested. They kept track of her many times a day. Never got sick.

As I drove past the Armory in Anoka this evening, I saw lots of people lined up for their free COVID tests. It immediately occurred to me that not only will they track your COVID results but perhaps even your DNA??

The Gaystapo is asking the possible President Biden to strip Christian colleges that won’t bow to their radical agenda of their accreditation:

Here is a post from Alison:

Do we think the health defense community is going to be able to broaden their understanding to include human capital finance? I’m starting to feel that they are not going to get there.

And some replies to this post:

They don’t want to get there because they ARE the investors. They are fully aware of the game they are playing. They are just hoping that no one catches onto them and they are not going to acknowledge your existence.

You think so? Do you think it’s about social impact in alternative health?

How unlikely do you think it is that they don’t have anyone sitting on the board of directors that is from the “other side”? It appears to me that the non-profits and private-public groups, philanthropists, etc., have infused themselves in every facet of life. If you go to CVS, or Walmart, or RiteAid, etc., you’ll see alternative vitamins and health supplies on the shelves, garnering billions of dollars yearly. You don’t think don’t that hasn’t attracted the attention of big pharma? And that they have not somehow weaved themselves into these alternative health suppliers board rooms? I could be wrong, but my common sense and understanding of greed tells me that it’s likely. Stakeholder capitalism has seeped into every corner of the commercial world.

in South America among the poorer and indigenous echelons of society there are low-scale village shops and street vendors and practitioners of traditional remedies and techniques, curanderas and shamans and that’s where the people go for help. These networks are kind of under the radar and of course they have always been there. Your glossy health food and natural medicines people in the so-called developed world, in their shops in malls and the “natural health” shelves in pharmacies for sure that are corporate capitalist businesses. Their individual identities are incorporated into the Borg.

I agree with you. The only problem here in the US is that all of the small mom & pop shops have disappeared. Stores like Walmart, Kroger, ShopRite, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc. have obliterated the small businesses. So we’re all forced to buy from the big chains. And now we’re discovering why this was a big big mistake. I’ve been warning people about Walmart since the 90s when they started displacing small businesses using predatory tactics. Now we’re dependent on low-quality supplies and food.

We are not forced to buy from big chains … respectfully … that’s a cop out. If we buy from the big chains it is because we’ve chosen comfort over change – and we have thereby chosen to be a part of the problem. I stopped buying at Walmart over a decade ago and never looked back … it’s not too late for us to change things with how we consciously spend a dollar.

The rush for cheap food from the corporation at the expense of the little guy really is the chess game that’s got everyone trapped – I know it’s obvious now !!! but to think that so so many must followed the ‘cheap price wars’ instead of sovereignty of collective resource availability … it’s our only hope to get away from being trapped now

There are small towns that literally have no other stores other than Walmart. I’ve seen these small towns. Yes, it’s their fault for allowing it, but the damage is done. Walmart and other big chains promised the local officials perks and jobs. Now look at where they stand. I’m in a city so I have options, but small towns really are left with little options unless they drive 10 or 20 miles to a small retail store or market. Those are the observations I have made and they are all over the country.

you’re right … I’ve seen that too … I saw it in 29 palms recently when I went to visit my son in the military … nearly all of the small stores closed … the local grocery store boarded up … 105 degrees in the shade and the only alternative to buy food from a restaurant was ‘outside dining’ on the tarmac in the heat … craziness

but the other thing is that an hour down the road from there … there were thriving little mom and pops gas stations, little pizza places and a restaraunt crammed to the brim with non masked people …. and folks that coincidentally happened to be all Trump … so the deal is to retain one’s right to decline to participate in the foolishness … that’s what I saw … and those folks were taking care of each other’s needs in the ‘middle of nowhere’ without complying to masking etc. The mask is the marker … the trigger of the rest …

looking back it makes you wonder if this was the plan all along, since these people work and plan generationally. Even last year I started noticing that the big stores were stocking up on their shelves less and less and it baffled me and then came Covid.

no doubt this has been in the works for a while … certainly the policies have been marched into place legislatively and still are being (in CA it’s AB 262 that was passed last Oct long before the general public had any inkling that state health departments would become the medical martial law gestapos…)

and certainly the big boys (Amazon, Wallie World, etc.) have been in on it to a degree because they have been assured a piece of the pie

I recall seeing a ‘beta testing’ grant awarded by the USDA to ensure that folks receiving USDA subsidized food assistance in CA and AZ would no longer receive the monetary allocation to their ‘EBT’ cards … but would instead only be able to directly debit an account with Wallie World … creepy … and in store for the rest of us if we allow digital economy to replace cash …. likely much more quickly that we may think …

yes, and did you notice that all of the sudden, before the virus, all these big chains were automating at a more rapid pace? That too caught my attention. Then you hear that late last year, executives of these big chains were either resigning, stepping down or cashing in the stock options, and shares. All seemed so strange, but then came covid.

I’m a federal grantswriter … so I stay abreast of federal grant awards which aren’t all that much different than the infusions of ‘philanthropic’ dollars from some nefarious sources to accomplish certain ends … and for sure we’ve seen that hard core with the “CARES Act” funding coming on communities like a fire hose to distract them into compliance as they attempt to ‘get their fair share’ of the dollars …

absolutely … I do recall that on the wave of ceo’s leaving … I wonder why? was it out of conscience? or simple self preservation? why not stay and play if you were assured a win?

even the Chinese got part of the CARES share. That has got to be one of the biggest thefts I’ve ever seen. Trillions of dollars going to businesses that then pay off their debts and buy up on the cheap assets that the poor people have just lost. Oh, and then the banks that received money turn around and LEND money to the people, their OWN money! What a scam! It’s hard to believe one is even witnessing this and there is no penalty for it.

the pattern isn’t new … remember ARRA money to distract everyone from the banks being bailed out under Obama … the thing that concerns me more than the cash flows (because if we look at it another way that exorbitant influx of cash proves that it can be done for any reason — and rapidly — so the general population could demand that remain the case WITHOUT giving up their individual rights or soveriegnty over their own bodies) … but what concerns me is if in the legislation already passed and coming to be passed there are codifications for contact tracers and the like at the federal level to match the wrongdoing begin authorized by state codes …regarding the new ‘sick until proven healthy’ mindset (funny how we never would have stood for ‘guilty until proven innocent’ …. yet ‘sick until proven healthy’ flies?)

You make a good point there. I don’t know if such legislations would be Constitutionally valid, but Congress could go ahead and pass such legislation and by the time the Supreme Court sees the case, all of the damage will have already been done. So, I don’t know if federally it can be done because of state laws. I hope it does not come down to that. If Biden, as president calls for it or signs an executive order, then it’s trouble. Now however, I don’t know if under FEMA it can be done. That would be another avenue. In that event, the president will have lost control of his position. I don’t know. I don’t know law enough to say.

when I worked in DC … this is what I learned … laws (Acts passed by Congress) aren’t about justice – they are about money … they are essentially long winded line item budget justifications … the laws simply define how the federal budget can or cannot be spent (eligible and ineligible costs to do ‘this’ or ‘that’) … and historically all sorts of bad deed doings have been authorized by any number of Acts that then get codified into the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) so … those codes are where the expansion of an authorization say to train and hire contact tracing workers or to pay for the development of apps and other technologies under the framework of ‘increasing health’ that really means ‘imprisoning individual choices’ get defined … it can be done pretty easily … and especially easily when you have a populace distracted (on purpose?) by chronic chaos …

so I’m sure they can bury in some act that then authorizes those measures. But they are considered spending measures? How do you appeal it, or can you?

Can you place an injunction or moratorium on any of those measures in the acts? I don’t know how DC, government procedures and law work, not at that level of detail.

well new legislation is put forward all the time … and if passed can amend or delete portions of prior passed legislation …

that I know, but that has to go through committees and that can get killed off before every seeing the floor.

The real thing is to read the federal acts being passed now CARES and any others … and then also pay attention to what is going on in each person’s individual state … and then mobilize to thwart it via public opinion

and more and more I see it being local … as our only hope … talking to our neighbors, our town councils, our city folks …. local … one on one or a few at a time … that’s why they want us only communicating via screens it’s another way to diminish the power of our voices … just like masking … never mind that every keystroke can be monitored …

please do keep an eye on that and please do broadcast out to us and maybe, collectively, we can stop it. This is insane what they are proposing. It’s not even constitutional. The supreme court would knock it down, but to take it up you have to show standing and jurisdiction and harm done to yourself or in a class action. If I understand correctly.

yes, I agree that the real power is at the local level. Nothing can be enforced if not enforced and executed at the local level. I totally 100% agree on that.

yes … I’ve set up a site to start to be able to track things on the state by state level … and have one topic there too that is focused on “laws” and another that is focused on “lawsuits to stay free” … would love to have you and any of your circle join …

And another post from her:

These are the people responsible for making your children slaves to digital education.

Convened in 2015 by Solberg of Norway [name redacted]: “The Commission was initially co-convened in 2015 by Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Norway, former President Michelle Bachelet of Chile, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, President Peter Mutharika of Malawi and the former Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova. The UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown, serves as the Chair of the Commission.”

UK folks the head of this group is Gordon Brown. I guess now we know Labour = Closet Techno-Fascists

And yet another post from her:

Pre “pandemic” I thought digital identity would be scaled through education vouchers (choice and “free” college) with blockchain learning transcripts (lifelong demonstrations of needed “skills”). Of course we all know the plan is now to enforce this agenda via biometric health passports, which will capture far more people. Still, I know the education piece is out there and Australia is the testbed. Keep an eye on Gillard. The more I dig in, the more I realize this has always been Labour party politicians providing cover for a planned global economy that will profit fin-tech. Appalling, really.

And some replies to this post:

Thus, this big push for Medicare for all, ect…people are too reliant on the medical mafia (I felt this myself) I like the old ways…

yup. Per my exp assisting w Medicare signups, They’ve gone from over 50 companies to choose a variety of plans, to about a dozen now, who are really just subsidiaries of the Big 3. Every yr, it’s more consolidated. Pretty soon, one plan, one company for ALL ..

this was so informative

Australian education system has gone backwards. Content has being dumbed down dramatically, a huge push for STEM for the last few years. The curriculum has changed to teach children to believe what they are told and create persuasive arguments for why we should believe them. Julia Gillard makes me laugh. The liberal party is the same.

hanks for looking into Australia. They are running quite the show down here.
The man keeping Victoria under lockdown, is Christian Porter (can’t make this up). He’s linked pretty directly to digital money (he also suspended Australian workers rights back in March).
Good friends with Alan Tudge and Andrew Forrest (mining magnate and big time stakeholder in human impact bonds through social services)

And yet another post from her:

For Later

And yet another post from her:

Standardized learning “at scale” is just livestock processing.

And some replies to this post:

It was so frustrating to see my wife get on our son’s case for not checking his email daily. He is 11 and I personally want to delete his gmail account until he is a teenager at least. If he has an distance assignment why not just go through the parents solely? Are we not to filter his web activity?My wife is just trying her best to help him be a good student but in this framework he is just a swipe in and a compliance bot. Its starting to hit home.

💯…my 11 yr old was given an email acct thru his private school. Right now, he has 1599 UNopened emails since Sept . He’s been signed up and logged into dozens of “learning websites” w/o us authorizing or wanting it, however at this point, you can’t ‘not’ do it. We’ve tried the Homeschool route and it’s no better, plus the isolation and loss of daily social interaction/routine did more harm than this awful curriculum they’ve foisted upon us all. Its caused so much unnecessary stress we never exp w our older child who had NONE of the CORE/STEM/SEL BS, yet it’s the same school. They’ve all been given over– private/charter /_public– doesn’t matter.

And this is where it starts. I’m being bombarded with this kind of advertising. Ugh

new moms are all about this technology because they’re afraid of their own instincts because they get all their info from pediatricians!

the concern about it is out there. Look at New Hampshire!

Alison question…those standardized tests that’s schools get paid to make their students take… who owns those? Someone has my kids test scores and is clearly gonna use them in their data base of humans, right?

the state uses those to compile statistics about their learning successes/failures per school, per district, per county, per region, per demographic.

The most valuable data is the social emotional data.

See the SEL embedded even in the math problems. Parents look at assignments asking the child to write what it feels like to be the last leaf on a tree in the fall, and think “oh, what a sweet assignment “– NOT.. I guess my kids analytics outcomes are gonna be all twisted since I’ve taught him why they’re doing it and to write the opposite of what comes natural to him. Every day, he asks me, ‘is this really true?’, and most of the time I say “no, but learn it for the test..” and then I tell him what really happened.

WA state passed a “comprehensive sex education” bill which utilizes social emotional teaching strategies. It’s sickening.

tweeted by Anita Hoge
Data Baby Monitoring Ounce Scale CommonCore 4 Babies

Its not just schools it been going on in public sector training for at least a decade now and it is absolutely repugnant

Albert Einstein compared standard education to dog training. My 37 years at UC Berkeley would lead me to agree with him, and you, Alison. When i’d walk around campus after finals ended (often in a conditions of very enhanced perceptions), i often felt the vibes of a slaughterhouse.

And yet another post from her:

Not hidden. Not hidden. Not hidden.

F*ck these companies.

And yet another post from her:

How do you suppose they go about the “learning engineering” (cough, cough – brain-washing) that yields the desired “measurable outcomes?” That would be digital surveillance friends.

And yet another post from her:

How is it that the woman who’s been put in charge of running the apparatus to digitally enslave all of humanity has only been out of college for nine years? I mean shouldn’t we have someone with a tad more life experience running the gulag?
Dakota Gruener
ID2020 Executive Director
San Francisco, California, United States
Brown University
Degree NameBachelor of Arts
Field Of Study Human Biology and Political Science
GradeMagna Cum Laude
Dates attended or expected graduation2007 – 2011
Activities and Societies: Brown Varsity Women’s Equestrian Team from 2007 – 2011 (Captain 09/2009-05/2011). Brown University Democrats from 2007-2010 (Treasurer 01/2010 – 05/2010)

And some replies to this post:

Brown University cabal

Oh look – her college “research” at the intersection of biology and politics – American Samoa – freaking health imperialism. “Created a database correlating exercise habits to indicators of health status, with particular emphasis on the link between diet, exercise, and the emergence of cardiovascular disease in American Samoa.”

American Samoa is the same place where they had the measles outbreak after demanding that people get vaccinated and also is home to the bat coin.

“ID2020 is a public-private partnership accelerating technology to ensure that every person on the planet has a unique digital identity as part of their basic human rights.”
*Also, Dharma is a data company?! These people and their doublespeak are chapping my hide.

And yet another post from her:

I worry about the intersection of eugenics and transhumanism – a lot. I feel like am on this very strange journey, presented with experiences that feel significant. My trip to Dallas in January was one of them. Why would the doorway to the Old Parkland Debate Room be flanked by DNA and computing? This feels so much more ominous now with my understanding of human-computer interfaces and nano-tech. The head of ID2020 worked for Pershing Square. Their foundation gifted Cold Spring Harbor a $10 million endowment for genetics research in 2015. These people are playing god. It’s not right.

Cold Spring Harbor = Eugenics

Dakota Gruener – Director ID2020
Portfolio Manager
Company NamePershing Square Innovation Lab
Dates EmployedSep 2015 – Feb 2016
Employment Duration6 mos
LocationGreater New York City Area
First hire of the Pershing Square Innovation Lab, an early-stage funder for social enterprises. Built out the Lab’s strategy and operations.
Investment and portfolio management responsibilities including deal-sourcing, due diligence, definition of performance indicators, and mentorship of portfolio organizations.

And some replies to this post:

Bill Ackman is founder and CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management, a hedge fund management company, established Pershing Square Foundation and the Innovation Lab.
‘Billionaire investor Bill Ackman is hedging the pandemic again after raking in $2.6 billion from a similar bet in the spring’

‘COVID-19 response
Ahead of the 2020 stock market crash, Ackman hedged Pershing Square’s portfolio, risking $27 million to purchase credit protection, insuring the portfolio against steep market losses.[57] The hedge was effective, generating $2.6 billion in less than one month.[58]
On March 18, 2020, in an emotional interview with CNBC, Ackman called upon President Trump for a “30-day shut down” of the American economy to slow the spread of coronavirus and minimize loss of life and ensuing economic destruction resulting from the shutdown.[59] Ackman warned that without intervention, hotel stocks were “going to zero” and said that America could “end as we know it.” He also cautioned U.S. companies to stop stock buyback programs because “hell is coming.”[60]
Ackman later received criticism for actively buying discounted equity stakes in the very companies he was warning could fail;[61] however, Ackman already had realized roughly half of the gains before appearing during the CNBC interview.[62]’ Wikipedia

I guess it is coming.
P.S. In late 2019, emails obtained by The Boston Globe showed Ackman requesting that the then MIT Media Lab director avoid naming his wife (Neri Oxman) when responding to press inquiries about a $125k gift given to her lab in 2015 by Jeffrey Epstein.

I’m in DFW area and the things I learn about Dallas and Texas are disturbing

Like what have you heard? … not that I really want to be any more disturbed

oh just that Dallas is a hot spot for psy ops and race war stuff, pilot programs and rollouts and just that texas has deep Masonic roots. And just Austin is nuts. Texas is a mandated mask state which I thought would never happen so that’s fishy since it’s supposed to be conservative and about personal freedoms. Border state. Just got a lot of funny stuff going on it seems!

Isn’t a city in Texas being used for a test run for Agenda 21/30? Heck I guess every city and town is at this point.

And yet another post from her:

Can anyone point me to an organization fighting the weaponization of social determinants of health / health equity? This is horrendous. How can it be that people on the Left refuse to see that this is going to be digital enslavement?

And yet another post from her:

So imagine you have a social impact “philanthropy” set up on blockchain as a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). That DAO pays out on deals where “pay for performance” metrics are achieved based on Internet of Things / Internet of Bodies sensor data.

Our living environments are all wired up with augmented reality ubiquitous computing – a panopticon where the physical and economic environment adapts in real time based on input data.

Now imagine the debt on the “social impact” services is securitized with some hedge funds placing “shorts” that the outcomes won’t be met.

Meanwhile the public on some sort of government assistance is trapped in this twisted “social impact” game, having their behavior monitored (perhaps even via tech embedded in our bodies/cells) and the world around them adjusts to optimize profit for those making the bets.

Once this becomes even more automated are we going to see AI vs AI – algorithms adapting our worlds and our behaviors to achieve or fail at the impact metrics?

I know this seems a stretch, but within 5-10 years we’ll be there. Maybe we out better starting thinking about it now. Where are the ethicists? Buehler, Buehler? Certainly not in the universities.

Meanwhile the IoT data capture on our behaviors continues to train the AI to become more “human.”

And yet another post from her:

Quite a big map of UK Education I’ve been working on for much of the week. Have had a rather a crappy day – if anyone feels like throwing a bit of cheer in the comments, it would be most welcome.

And yet another post from her:

Just read between the lines. We allow this, because it has the veneer of “respectability” conveyed by all of those Ivy League credentials. Guess what? It’s not ok.

And some replies to this post:

Brown University Cabal.

lots of Brown graduates in my area pushing guaranteed income, remote learning and covidhealth passport 🙄

could you expand on this? would be interested in digging deeper here

Brown U is pushing the social impact agenda that Alison writes about in her blog. I’m in Tulsa, and the executive dir of one of the vulture philanthropy foundatioms that is, in effect, colonizing our region, is from Brown. He’s set up an entire “Brown in Tulsa” exchange to bring in change-makers and thought-leaders. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Annenberg School at Brown has been setting up this social transformation program for decades. It’s a socially-acceptable mafia org.

“the education system produces many unemployable youths with few skills for economic survival…..”
A World Bank Policy Research working paper indicates that, contrary to popular belief, money spent on education often increases inequality in a country.
“The dirty underside of our system is that schools as we know them today are structurally designed to fail a reliable percentage of kids. Interestingly, they reliably fail a much higher percentage of kids in low-income areas than they do in affluent areas, and this is true from Detroit to Gilgit-Baltistan. When we put children from traditional rural areas into school, what we’re doing is transitioning them from a non-cash land-based economy where nobody gets rich but nobody starves into a hierarchical system of success and failure in which some lives may get “better,” but others will get much, much worse. Guess which club has more members?
Welcome, boys and girls, to the global economy.”
Carol Black is so brilliant on this – she made the film SCHOOLING THE WORLD (with Manish Jain interview) …
This is the video of all the things you don’t wanna hear…
Submit submit submit… Do as you’re told… be a good citizen… the book of common prayer… mixing of religion and government has happened before…. this time it’s science… as religion… say your prayers now ya hear… Biometric surveillance… Authority & Belief… $$$ Jeez(it’s)U$ Butthole recognition “for your safety” Choices….
I must say I’ve never been so grateful for 8 years as a renunciate…I have yet to wear a mask, be tested, or for a second have thought of my fellow human beings as bio-hazards…I still hug people…it prevents suicide… As a renunciate i don’t go out much into commercialism however when i do it’s as I have for last 8 years… barefoot, braless…and if they’re lucky i might be wearing underware…
Denial of fact (“That’s not true”)
Denial of awareness (“I had no idea”)
Denial of responsibility (“It’s not my fault”)
Denial of impact (“That wasn’t my intention”)
Denial is initially an unconscious adaptive response. It can also be one of the most primitive, meaning that while it can be very effective short-term, it is ineffective and potentially harmful in the long-term. Staying in denial interferes with change.
“For many centuries humans have created unsustainable societies… the only way they were able to sustain large populations was thru raiding their neighboring societies.
Mindcontrol is a technological expansion of this insanity and there is no place that a soul can really go to avoid the fall out of billions who live unsustainably, while destroying the life support mechanisms that Earth has always freely supplied, yet humans quantified, qualified and monetized.
The only way that humans could deny these insane “living” techniques was through force and compliance. Those who used force hoarded wealth to maintain control, and those who complied utilized ideologies that helped them cope with the injustice of this, such as positive thinking and/or religion.
Positive thinking and religion have denied and systematically demonized rational fear… the kind of rational fear that would have taken action to restore justice and sustainability. Denying rational fear, in favor of ungrounded ideas, such as “rise above it” is what brought us to this moment in time, where there IS no place on Earth to hide from this pandemic of denial!
When fear is denied, it becomes terror then rage (the flip sides of the same coin that is denial). Here we are again in the “end times of denial” with no place left to hide from this. the dominant paradigm is a belief structure that billions of Earthlings agree to with each waking moment and breath they take – our collective breath. This paradoxical agreement field is the real culprit as the so-called “woke” among us try to convince us that fear is the problem, while also trying to educate us about conspiracy theories that almost alway suggest we are victims of genocidal over-controllers. Do you see the paradox?
Let me say this, bc I have had enough of this cesspool of denial – the agreement field demands genocide, as the masses hypnotize one another with spiritual platitudes meant to “help us” cope with our free will killing agreement! Do not listen to those who want you to accept injustice and the mindcontrol that is required to keep billions in a passive state, as they are herded like cattle to slaughter!” @Lori Ekwe
Certainly there is no shortage of parental neglect, brutality, or sexual abuse in the modern world. Much of the time, therefore, it is not necessary for therapists to look any further for the cause and the release of the embodied symptoms we have described. But as more and more therapists are discovering, there are all kinds of neurotic complaints of both an emotional and a physical nature that simply refuse to be resolved through exploring infantile stories, no matter how early we trace them back. Many children, it is now being admitted, are obviously born fearful, depressed, rage-filled, withdrawn, unable to eat (i.e. starving), desensitized, and so on. It is precisely in such cases that past-life exploration is proving particularly effective, now that we are free to ask the very questions that Freudianism and the tabula rasa doctrine of development have proscribed for so long.

And yet another post from her:

The business model of the coming 10-20 years will be to process life on the planet in preparation for a transhumanist future. Economic dispossession, re-skilling, vaccine regimes, Internet of Bodies, conditional rights based on biosensor data are all part of the program.

And some replies to this post:

It is being discussed.

This is horrific.

Beyond horrific. I have not gotten through all of them yet. Corporate Governance. They expect it will take two years for us to get vaccinated. Businesses that do not comply will no longer have a business. All in their own words.

they won’t be mass vaccinating for at least two years. They can’t allow the public to go back to normal and the public would never go for a vaccine which won’t give them their freedom back. They have deliberately planted stories about the trials to make the public terrified of the vaccine. And there’s simply no way they can forcibly hold 7 billion people down and vaccinate them against their will without a massive uprising, even if they mandate it. I’d say the vaccine will be better received by the public in 5 years time when it won’t seem rushed, in the meantime, folks will be settling into their new normal on their own and policing each other. It’s a brilliant plan really.

THEY actually started doing it in India now. Only 2-3 months remained after that they will start vaccinating people

all they have to do is not allow people to do things without proof of vaccination. They don’t need to force anyone, because the ppl will choose to take to vaccine in order to be allowed to participate in society

they sold out there people

absolutely. There will be 90% compliance without forcing. I’m the only one of a kind that walks in my town without a mask. The herd are toeing the line.

I did an interview with [name redacted by me], on Zoom today, sharing my PC workspace, and showed with graphics, games and blockchain demonstrations with code, how everything you just stated in this post header works. Everything you state is true and it’s not pretty. But we can still stop them.

And yet another post from her:

This is off the LinkedIn profile of the current developer of Social Impact Bonds for Social Finance Israel. 1999 feels kind of early for telemedicine development. The Peres Center For Peace was created in 1996.

Look to Ronald Cohen and tentacles of Harvard Business School.

Because of the public benefits offered (not unlike UK / NHS) the Israeli people are being set up for social impact data commodities. Working through this now.

Look familiar Lynn?

And some replies to this post:

Israel has always been a pioneer investor in fringe securitech, and that may have been partly out of existential insecurity, a salient feature of israeli culture

‘Lately’ isn’t the word indeed, for ‘israel’ has occupied and oppressed the indigenous Palestinians for over 70 years and ongoing. They have been testing all the bio-weapons, surveillance and technology, digital and otherwise, on Palestinians for years. And yes indeed, israeli Jews are not Torah Jews, they’re European and US ashkenazi. They’re not Semitic people at all, the indigenous Palestinians are Semites.

Many such systems were developed in coordination with US defense / tech interests, our nation also possessing legacy of indigenous oppression. It is important to understand this in a global context.

Social Finance has several offices – I have done extensive work on their UK and US operations. Now it is important to dig into the Israel office, which was set up in 2015. Much of the bio-tech / AI development is coming out of data mining via the Israeli health system linked to Unit 8200 alumni who operate a social impact accelerator. Very fluid back and forth as we see with the Covid Rhode Island reopen program and shift to e-government.

Lovely – [name redacted]

Fort Benning trained.

the IDF’s siege on Gaza is a preview of what the “smart city” prison camps will be like

Wharton grad focus on proptech for real estate markets including “smart” housing.

Like I say if you know the history and have eyes to see, none of this is hidden. I’m sure this ties into Opportunity Zone developments. He was a long-time actor in NYC real estate investment markets.

You know it’s crazy – I remember clearly maybe 4-5 years ago walking through Penn’s campus. I think I was actually going to a lecture on AI education and I walked by a yard sign outside the Veterinary School pitching social impact investing – some student competition. Funny how these things stick in your head…

to read:

es, this is what I’ve stated a few times on these threads, that members of other nation’s military train on our bases. I used to see them come here for infantry training (Fort Benning was one such place), for artillery training (Fort Sill), for special operations (Fort Bragg), and others. This bozo is proud to state that he was a commander of a platoon fighting who? People in Gaza or Palenstine? Women and children? F pathetic! So now he wants to help create a system that does more of the same? Fucking Israeli Zionists (nothing against Jews, I have good jewish friends in NY. My beef is with the zionists).

They were testing & implementing in early 90’s I witnessed in texas.
“Though some prisons used telemedicine as early as the 1980s, its use has dramatically increased with the arrival of vastly improved technology, electronic medical records, and pressure to control ever rising medical costs”
“Florida was the first to experiment with telemedicine in prison, introducing it in state prisons in the late 1980s. But the technology was primitive.”

Not exactly “tele”, but in the 1980s there was a lot of buzz around “expert systems”. The usual example given was a manual for aircraft maintenance crews running on a bulky portable to be used in the field. A large number of parameters could be entered, including photographs, and a plan of action was returned. The other common example was always medical diagnosis.

in nursing “care plans” were introduced

In pharmacy, techs are becoming “compliance officers” and the reimbursement from insr is much higher for “medication therapy management ” than simply billing for the filled Rx. A stores “star” ratings shoots up the more compliance checks they do.. $$$ for getting patients used to being monitored– & the customer prob thinks the pharmacy cares about them…. sad.

And yet another post from her:

All eyes should be on Tulsa, a canary in the coal mine. Excellent discussion on how the Great Reset is playing out in a town run on oil, finance, and now cyber-security. Hint – the new commodities are the children and displaced workers. The currency is conformity. Thanks Jason and Julianne for making this conversation happen!;tn=-UK-R&c[0]=AT0l41MwvtS4_Q0A7_h_Bnw9My635n2dhoCFtnqMOd6fVlYHyueWhhOmv-i2Bjy-wAtydZjLaIwIaBb7fXEi3Zf9-_94Ssy7wWhcfwj5tYRS4ZTJ7MT6i3yF1Wj0PfcnswnxJtIGhvLhPYtiMNzHaaS41g

And yet another post from her:

Idemia “augmented identity” / digital driver’s licenses has new kiosks at security gates Charlotte Airport. See logo on white box. Of course I asked if they are new. They are. GreatReset BiosecurityState

Your global overlords…

And some replies to this post:

Holy shit! Did you see the section on biometric data and automotive!

That’s what I’m saying – kind of makes me was to say FU to the whole rideshare concept – will be totally linked to social credit scoring.

Ok – now I see. The plan IS to eliminate private mobility options and tie everything into biometric tracking. F*ck

Note the “Green Pay” money card on the home page, too.

What is it for?

Security gate at the airport – where you show your boarding pass to go through the xray machine.

Idemia is “for” control of all human life -because “pandemic preparedness.”

The website says “to Enable Financial Inclusion”— well that right there says it all, doesn’t it? Yo azz wont be included unless you kiss the toe of these yokes.

I hate all the “touchless” stuff, and make a point to do things the old fashioned way everywhere I go.

They wouldn’t allow me on a flight until taking my temp, smack center of my third eye. The wrist is as reliable. I once loved traveling.

this happened to us on our last (connecting) flight from Denver. We didn’t have to get temp checks from San Diego to UT, nor from UT to Denver, but Frontier decided Denver to San Diego needed forehead temp checks so I asked for a manager and told her the same thing. I was with my 11 year old and I told her we consent to wrist temps. I explained that it gives a more accurate read, since this is about science 🙄, but she said it was mandatory on the forehead! I was LIVID! I told her it’s out of line, and we would be filing a report, and that Frontier is the absolute WORST airline and would not ever be flying with them again. She smirked and said to be sure to report to the 800 #. I just wanted to throat punch her.

Yep, Frontier. I was told I’d have to wait for a flight the next day or allow it. Denver airport is a Satanic hub!

What does it do? How does it work? Any idea?

It’s where the security guy scans your board pass – but I’m sure the plan is all of the “augmented ID” cross referencing that will be linked to it.

They’re making bank “facilitating” us. “Facilitating airport passengers’ journeys.”

This says is all. More invasion of privacy and more data mining and more control of people with behavioral compliance.
“ID2Travel manages the different stages in a passenger‘s journey through an airport, based on biometric identification. It offers enhanced quality of service for travelers at every step making the crossing of checkpoints faster and less intrusive at bag drop, airside access and passport control, as well as at boarding control.
Because of the automation and traceability of all passenger checks, ID2Travel is the ideal solution for airlines, airports, regulators and passengers. It also comprises a central system that manages passenger identification through all the identity checks needed for authentication and identification of the passenger.
It‘s the first time that facial recognition technology will be used at Changi Airport. The solution eliminates the need for manual identity verification by staff.”

And yet another post from her:

There’s that UN rainbow again…from “start-up” nation to “impact” nation. Israel – where high-tech meets global finance.

And yet another post from her:

Next…really, you’ve got to be kidding me. This is just too over the top. Tracking the board of Social Finance Israel.

And some replies to this post:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [US Army CoE] deep ties to Israel —One of the roles of the Corps of Engineers—that of supporting American policy overseas through management of construction projects—is not widely known outside the Corps. One of the Corps’ major projects that was undoubtedly a crucial and pivotal success in this regard was the design and construction of two modern Israeli airbases.

Don’t forget that it was the same U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that back in 1948 assisted in the forced arm twisting tactics of taking nearly all the tribal lands of North Dakota away from native tribes there, using the old justification “to build a huge hydroelectric dam!”. Today the Corps of Engineers works hand in hand with the quasi federal agency DUCKSUNLIMTED, a favorite of duck hunter Dick Cheney.

Right now the future doesn’t look too good to us.” —George Gillette, chief negotiator and chairman of the tribes of Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nations, 1948.”
If Native Americans took up practices and beliefs and rituals of Judaism, would they get more help & support & media attention as a persecuted race, which they justly deserve on both North & South American continents?
What else historic can you recall happened in 1948 in which a mythical chosen tribe was GIVEN other natives cherished land with the eventual backing of Army Corps of Engineers [US Army CoE] & United Nations (and Westinghouse Inc.’s pre-fab houses donated to illegal Orthodox settlers of Palestine)?
Photo Credit: “North Dakota State Government George Gillette (left), chairman of the Fort Berthold Indian Tribal Business Council, weeps as Secretary of Interior J.A. Krug signs a contract whereby the tribe sells 155,000 acres of its reservation in North Dakota for the Garrison Dam and Reservoir project, 1948.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers [US Army CoE] completes the Garrison Dam on the Missouri River at Fort Berthold Reservation in New Town, North Dakota enabling the reservoir to flood one-quarter of the reservation, destroying the tribal headquarters, their hospital, and 154,000 acres of fertile tribal farm land.
“We will sign this contract with a heavy heart … With a few scratches of the pen, we will sell the best part of our reservation.
Right now the future doesn’t look too good to us.” —George Gillette, chairman of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation, 1948.”

Exactly – the Pick Sloan Dam Projects were largely about removal. So important.

The point I want to make clear is that we are up against militarized fin-tech, which is not limited to any single jurisdiction. It is a STRUCTURE of domination that is very much linked to a settler mindset, a colonial mindset. What I am seeing is that the Israeli people are being set up for social impact finance by the Rothchild bankers and US based tech companies like Salesforce with outposts in Israel. It is messy, messy, messy – but in the end it is raw power against almost all the people of the world. We need to understand it that way and try to awaken people to the true nature of the threat.
See Brookings on health SIBs in Israel.

must ordinary Israeli people are intended to be not just targets direct targets in this , but also scape goats , with the perpetrators actually stoking misdirected resentment against them. … This has happened before. ( Last time the equivalent victims weren’t yet Israelis, but rather people forced towards being selected / deselected for the Zionists project as they were targeted in Europe.
The people who we hold to account for the last holocaust were indeed as guilty as people can be , if unforgivable crimes . But there are others who multiply that guilt, and who were not held up account , instead posing as a refuge to the victims.

They are mining the health records of Israelis to refine the AI systems, just like is the plan with NHS.

Both parties in the US sold out to the Zionist faction years and years ago. Dr Alan Sabrosky ( I think I have his name right) talked about this. It was his appearance on Pacifica Radio that ended Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner . The zionists didn’t like that truth and they forced her show off. They have gone way down hill since that time.

But I would assert who claims Oracle? IBM? Dell? Salesforce? At this point it is a web that is so interwoven it is hard to pull apart. Same with China. Silicon Valley and US Defense Interests are very much players in letting the genie out of the bottle.

absolutely! We see the top tiers of IT executing this global coup. There are a lot of elites that stand to benefit immensely.

one can see the chain of command. How far back? Many years. Easily 1929 with Rothschild forming the state of Israel along with the help of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, and that group. WWI, WWII were part of that plan.


diamond mining? Yes. Mining=money. Money = power. More money=more power. nothing new here, however, look at the last 20 years and the shift of money and how that correlates to the shift in power. More resources as a result of austerity. The entire planet shifted with the use of technology toward those at the top of the food chain because WE DID NOTHING ABOUT IT. Again, nothing here that you don’t already know but what do we see that is different? Peter Phillips talks about this and it is consolidation of power and technology. Who are the actors? That is what you are showing us. Look at one of the biggest all time players, Henry Kissinger. There is a lineage. The Clinton, PNAC and all of this really does go back to Israel. Schwab.

Biothermal human data mining via sensor surveillance and d wave integration systems to keep track of us real time on the grid.
They’re going to want to know where their “assets” are ALL the time.
Their plan is sick.

Is PERP Yad Hanadiv a member of Yale Skull and Bones also?

Yad Hanadiv is a philanthropic organization –

Thanks for correction. It seems The Gottesman Family has lots of pull in these Aliyah Global Occupy Palestine Agencies….
“Gottesman’s maternal family, the Garfunkels, came to the United States before the Civil War. Moses Garfunkel sent money to Sir Moses Montefiore to support the purchase of land in Palestine for those making aliyah.
The family does not court publicity, and it’s rare that they consent to interviews. An occasion when Gottesman did agree to speak about his charitable giving came in 2016 when he acknowledged to a Jerusalem Post reporter that he contributed a major gift along with that of Sir Jacob Rothchild, to fund the new building of the Israel National Library. Already past his ninetieth birthday, he said that he hoped to live long enough to see it open in 2020.”

Some history regarding Jews and Zionism/Israel: The Transfer Agreement is Edwin Black’s compelling, award-winning story of a negotiated arrangement in 1933 between Zionist organizations and the Nazis to transfer some 50,000 Jews, and $100 million of their assets, to Jewish Palestine in exchange for stopping the worldwide Jewish-led boycott threatening to topple the Hitler regime in its first year.

My point here regarding fascism, Zionism and social impacting investment is this, the zionists have a political agenda that runs against the interest of jews. This was never about a Jewish homeland or helping working class Jewish people. Israel/Zionism was always about ruling class interests and enacting the ruling class dream of creating platos republic through class struggle and now specifically through imperialist plunder and technological slavery like Alison has so documented so well. Understand the history of Israel without all the disinformation and anti Semitic slander, it all makes perfect sense through a class analysis with no need to lump in Judaism with this horrible ruling class war against humanity

that is why I feel that explaining the intentions of Social Finance Israel are so important – this is a big piece – ties to California and Milken (Enron, junk bonds, innovative finance).

And yet another post from her:

For later.

And yet another post from her:

So, I think one of my happiest moments so far in this struggle was hearing Sandi Adams call out Sir Ronald Cohen in Trafalgar Square. I’m prepping information for an Israel-focused social impact podcast. Made this tremendous map of Cohen’s ties. He’s the father of UK venture capital you know. Check it out – especially his Big Society sidekick Nick O’Donohoe with ties to Gates, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Interactive version here.

This next –

And yet another post from her:

One more – the board of Social Finance Israel. Spun out by Ronald Cohen in 2015 – includes Rothschild backed philanthropy, multiple banking interests, as well as Chemi Peres (youngest son of Shimon) with many, many, many board positions in tech – impact investing. Interactive version here.

And yet another post from her:

More word spells. IRIS = social impact metrics, GIIN’s rules for the global digital prison. Iris is the messenger of the gods in Greek mythology and personified by the rainbow. Iris used for retinal scan digital payment systems. I also imagine IRIS is a reference to the all-seeing eye of the billionaires’ panopticon.

I should have known “the left” was useless when I couldn’t turn anyone out for a May 1st (May Day) protest of the Total Impact conference in downtown Philadelphia. Credit to Cheri Honkala who came out for a bit. It was just the two of us confronting global financial power. I have this very clear recollection of telling these suits that the poor were not “things” they were entitled to “impact.” That many people don’t want to be “impacted.” It seemed to jar them a bit, but then I’m sure they just took the elevator up to their conditioned “reality” and forgot about me.

Yes – GIIN was created by Judith Rodin, former UPenn president when she went to the Rockefeller Foundation. This is very close to home for me.

And yet another post from her:

For later:

And yet another post from her:

Wait a minute…is Israel colonizing the UK? Is the UK colonizing Israel? Are fin-tech and the central banks colonizing everybody? This might explain some things about NHSx.

And yet another post from her:

Since the mid-1990s, Israel has cultivated an identity of being a high-tech “start-up” nation. Now they’re shifting to being an “impact” nation. There needs to be a use for all that tech AND a “remedy” for the wealth inequality that has resulted from the fin-tech economic model. Below are four early-stage SIBs that have been advanced by Social Finance Israel. Note the use of IoT monitoring of the elderly, patients, and students. This is a (data) mining process.

And a reply to this post:

I noticed the Diabetes prevention snd wearable technology. Already advertising in US for people to get these wearable detection monitors that are implanted on your arm. So you don’t have to do that painful finger prick the way the commercial says. Then you hold your phone up to it. WTH

Here is a post on her timeline:

Hello Alison I’m new to following you and your work is extremely interesting and eye opening to what’s happening out there.
I live in the uk in Surrey and we have recently had posters put up on benches and lamp posts etc asking to text a number to talk to them!! I wonder if you have heard about this concept?

And some replies to this post:

Wow – that’s a new angle. I suppose it is layering information into the new AR / mixed reality scheme. The term “human centered design” is always a give-away – that is humans teaching the AI stuff. Don’t feed it. This webinar might help you understand

The Playable City concept has captured the imagination of cities across the globe, offering a new way of connecting people, and thinking about the city.
In places as diverse as Bristol, Lagos, Recife and Tokyo we have explored the future city with teams of local creatives – generating new ideas directly rooted in the specific city environment.
Elsewhere we have staged workshops and installed previous Playable City Award winners, inspiring new partnerships and future interventions – from Austin to Bordeaux, Singapore to York.
Playable City connects this insight, experience and data back to our Playable City Network, an expanding global community of cities and creatives innovating in public space to drive new smarter city conversations and generate new models of citizen engagement.

Poor Austin, TX:

What is Watershed from Bristol doing in Texas?

Hello Lamp Post was developed as a collaboration between PAN Studio, Tom Armitage and Gyorgyi Galik.

^ Look at their buddies.

Playable City is a trademark of Watershed, a Registered Charity No.284188 and a Social Enterprise.

And yet another post from her:

Finance, cyber, and bio-tech – lead investors in Social Finance Israel.


And yet another post from her:

Government accountants intend to push the poor into permanent digital surveillance to see how they can more efficiently “help.” There is no data-driven “humanity,” only OmniHuman processing. Cut it out.

“CIPFA’s predictive income tool” right….

And yet another post from her:

“CIPFA’s predictive income tool” right….

And some replies to this post:

”We were immediately able to identify 1,114 households, who were not currently engaged with any council services but have significant debt of over £1,000, are over 65 and live alone. In the first week of using the case management system, 58 identified households were referred to a service area for further support. One View identified 1 or more risk factors for 99.6% of the individuals who self-referred to the NHS prior to receiving confirmed data from the NHS.”
This is surely against the law? Framing it as a social “good” for now, but imagine what else it could be used for! 🤯

Uncovering “hidden harm” from the lockdowns ….

NESTA is the hydra


They ARE after the children.

I’m seeing this being implemented in the non profit for the mentally disabled. We just set up what’s called “icare” where we must enter in data every hour. This is more important to the non profit than actually giving good care. The data collection is a royal pia and takes away from what really matters. I haven’t found the proof but I’m pretty sure the care plans are being created based on putting this data into a program that spits out the care plan. We just did a zoom care plan with a coordinator for one of our residents. I wish I had put my phone on record because it was shockingly stupid and so out of touch with what is really needed. I understand this coordinator, robot, never even met the patient. That was the first time I ever appreciated having to wear a mask on the job, because I couldn’t hide my reaction to the insanity.

It is disturbing. My brother that has down syndrome is in a group home. I know the people that take care of them are great and stuck in this situation. They are not taking the vaccine. I told them I do not want my brother to have it. they are going to go after these people first I believe.

And yet another post from her:

Hold onto your hat Emma. This is the AR video game world – key is digital declaration, Blair P3 context, poverty management, threat of family separation, and behavior modification all linked to NYU Govlab (hedge funds and smart cities) via Bloomberg. Covid is the pass to make all the data interoperable within the system Bloomberg set up aligned to UN SDGs and NESTA “impact” for innovation.

Participatory Cities and Digital Declarations

And some replies to this post:

This is such a large scale and complex operation that it’s hard to even imagine how one begins to explain to the honest politicians, let alone the general public, what is going on, from the perspective of the bigger picture. How does one even begin?

under this new “stakeholder capitalism”, they are not seeking persmission. They are going around our laws using public-private partnerships. They’re using private companies to carry out all these measures. None of it holds water, but most people don’t realize it. People are giving consent to private institutions. Our major leaders are riding along with it. It’s corruption on a massive scale.

I’ve just been discussing this with a friend about the school system in the UK. It’s riddled with public and private partnerships now and the heads are bullying parents and children alike. The tone in all their correspondence is appalling. You are ostracised if you don’t follow their rules and regs. My daughter’s school have cleared their debts by signing up to an apple i-Pad scheme and their maths block was payed for by GCHQ. I take it access to our children is the trade off.

yes, children are a prime target for their next generation systems of investments. They are not interested in your consent. The private side of public private partnership are free to make any kind of draconian rules, knowing that they can always say “you can always use another system or company”. Thus, govenment is not tied to any of the regulations and corporations are not exactly forcing anything on anyone, but in a real world sense, we are not given many other choices and our governments are not looking out on behalf of our interest. They have both gone to bed with each other. As a result, we’re left with globalists now rewriting the rules of the world. And we have no voice in the matter.

That’s exactly how it feels, thanks for the clarification. Are they using legalese and clever word play too? The government managed to wrangle themselves out of all responsibility for our children’s education during the last lockdown by arguing that they were merely offering guidance to schools and that state education doesn’t have to take place in a school building, so if a school provided you with online learning that was perfectly adequate. The heads are easy prey for private vulture capitalists as they are so underfunded and desperate to balance the books, which is why we are seeing their infiltration.

it’s a common trend that you see a lot. They only “recommend”. The WHO says it, the CDC says it, the government agencies say the same, and so on. No one takes full responsibility, but at the lower ranks, where people are not paying close attention, they carry out the “recommendations” as if they were law. And that are not. We are giving these criminals consent every step along the way. Even our police are ignorant of the laws they are meant to uphold. They are all giving consent to the psychopaths. And yes, financial profiteers and predators, see our children as huge business opportunities in the coming technocratic future.

that is so true – government recommending and people rushing to obey everything in order to be good, responsible citizens. They even pull masks over their childrens faces, small faces. I feel a deep sadness seeing this and knowing I can do NOTHING to persuade these good citizens to THINK.

It’s the pyramid structure and years of conditioning, if advice comes from above, people below will follow. I find it so maddening, I’ve never trusted authority. The virus is corruption. Sadly too many people follow the path of least resistance and they know this, anything for an easy life. Things are going to have to get really bad in order for people to wake up.

it just breaks my heart that there can be such massive abuse and yet no one in authority is stopping it. It saddens me that our children’s future is being decimated and are being groomed to be tech-serfs in a panopticon rigged gig economy that few will survive. It’s hard to just sit by and not say or do something. Our children can’t fight. It’s our job to fight for them. And btw, thank you for the kind words. Best of wishes to you and everyone else.

the largest hospital in our area in the city right next to me did that back in May. This hospital took over many smaller ones in Western Mass and has many clinics all of which are being used as test sites. Seems the only thing people are able to go to the doctors, clinics or hospitals for these days is covid. My friend was tested for the virus seven times before they would “let” him get his chemotherapy.

can you point me to the list of the vocational regions planned by the WEF in the US? I do not seem to be able to find that. You did post it once.

Look up the workforce innovation and opportunity plan for your city / region – WIOA.

Are you referring to how each state is administering the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act through its government agency? For example, Maine has a Workforce Development Board that appears to have identified 3 regions in Maine for purposes of an economic plan from 2020-2026. Just checking to see if I am looking in the right place. Interestingly, I crossed the path of this outfit/board on a couple of other occasions in trying to better understand certain local anomalies. For example, a state Senator for our city received incredible amounts of dark money in the local state election contest this fall….hugely disproportionate to other spending and obscenely over and beyond the challenger to this incumbent. While trying to discern what might be driving this huge amount of support from outside sources on a seemingly harmless local race, I noted the incumbent state senator sits on the Workforce Development Board. Oh….and he’s a dem.
Also, a fellow parent locally always challenges me around the nature of “lifelong learning” when I raise it in relation to upskilling and certification programs. He also challenged me on the relative merits of competency based learning. I recall being surprised because he is smart and has young kids if his own. However, I soon figured out his ‘bias’….he works for the state Workforce Development Board at our local regional center. Upon reflection (because when I was knee deep in the PBL debate I did not have the benefit of the bigger picture we see now), I better understand why he talked at me at the regional center for more than an hour about the good side of PBL when I was asking for his signature on a petition, as a fellow parent, to challenge it. I do not believe he grasps at all the scale of the social impact Investment market or even its nature….but as I say, upon reflection it would seem there is an indoctrination trickle down effect from the highest levels. Frightening, really.
I have also seen it in the administrators of our college state system….blind sheep trusting the benevolence of a system that was hijacked. Unfortunately, trying to make them see cause those employed in “the system” to be defensive. Nobody appreciates being told that they are being played….it threatens their identity, purpose and sense of self.

no, that’s not it. You once mentioned there were six regions or something and that they each had a focus, like cybersecurity for Rhode Island, etc.

Maybe you are thinking about FEMA regions.

This is the website for PA – the state has multiple regions within it.

Unfortunately….part of the strength of the current coup is that “the system” has, over time, laid in at its foundation ‘loyalists.’ That is, it has emboldened and groomed many who are not critical thinkers to carry their water. The investors in the human capital market have appealed to the average Joe’s need to feel important and enlightened in an increasingly complex world where one can feel insecure about their ability to compete with their peers.
To me this is also part of the phenomenon surrounding your frustration with the left that fails to see how the progressive ideals are being used to make techno fascism seem desireable. People are engaging in virtue signaling over conversations of substance because it satisfies their ego. Lack of real relationships (increased time on social media and digital platforms) only makes the need to be affirmed greater.

I’m adding to some of the entries. Just leaving this one here because Wowza!


Tulsa again. And ROI Community- return on investment. I don’t think that qualifies as a mitzvah.

And yet another post from her:

As Israel shifts from “start-up nation” to “impact nation,” it’s important to keep tabs on who’s funding those social impact summits – hint, quite a presence from Switzerland (banks, blockchain, UN). Interactive version here.

And yet another post from her:

Last map of the night – when Jewish ideal of Tikkun Olam “repair the world” intersects with “start-up nation” (military / cyber origins) and “impact” nation. We have to think long and hard about how much repair can be done with an app and wearable tech – even if well intentioned. Interactive version here.

And yet another post from her:

The public-private partnership is a cornerstone of
21st-century fascism.

And some replies to this post:

Exactly! That is how they are bypassing our legal system. They are installing draconian measures at the corporate level and forcing us to have to abide by their business guidelines or else we can’t do business with them. We are not left with many choices since our small businesses are shutting down forever, leaving only the big mega corporations. And then the corporations are putting out grants to all our public institutions, making them accountable to the corporations. Censorship is rampant at the corporate levels and nothng government can do because there is no government censorship. We are so screwed. We have allowed this and we still have time to stop this BS. But we don’t have much longer.

What can we do to stop this?

This is exactly it! I can start at a local level with my children’s school. I know I will be ostracised, that’s already happening, but I won’t give up. The corporatocracy are dead, I need to nudge these heads back into the land of the living.

we have to sustain ourselves and not depend on them. Do not comply if you can do so. Do not consent. Civil disobedience if necessary. But we have to not comply and we have to help each other. Self-sustenance. For now that is the best we can do and don’t forget to keep telling others so that our voice grows larger and we’re heard.

yes, start making YOUR life and not allow others to make that dictate for you. You are in control of YOUR life and your Children’s lives. We all have to start working together. Band together and stop them from forcing us to live a life that is unnatural.

thank you everyone. we need to band together in actual, physical space, because the web (a trap, like the ‘net) is theirs. so: how?

I agree. I think we need to find our communities and start with them. Politics, economics and life is local. Start with local. If you can solidify that, then you can venture outward. Venturing out alone is risky. Stay in community groups. It’s safer. Strength in numbers. But never give in to group think. Remain independent minded at all times. Question everything. And then do it again.

perfectly said & the reason our concerns have to be local, as well, is that the engineers of society can do nothing on their own; our compliance is crucial for their plans for us to succeed. ‘where the rubber meets the road’: that’s us. our police forces, our sherriffs & town supervisors; our neighbors. this is the only way they can win: through us. this is why media ownership is so important; media is how we’re reached. generations of study have shown what the media can accomplish. they’re 6 steps ahead. we are those who haven’t been reached through conventional channels, so we’ll be reached through our well being, now. our personal economies & where they meet the larger economy. seems like our greatest mistake, as a species, was to move from the land that sustains us. we see why now.

World events most of which are ‘engineered’ leave a trail that leads to the architects. We next discover that there are 3 cities on earth that come under no national authority, they have separate laws, they pay no taxes, they have their own police force and even possess their own flag of ‘independence’. These 3 cities control the economy, military onslaughts and the spiritual beings of those in powers. The 3 cities are actually corporations and they are the City of London, District of Columbia and the Vatican. Together they control politicians, the courts, educational institutions, food supply, natural resources, foreign policies, economies, media, and the money flow of most nations as well as 80% of the world’s entire wealth. Their ultimate aim is to build a totalitarian rule on a global scale where people will be divided into rulers and the ruled after they have depopulated the world to numbers they wish to rule over. What we need to understand is that the world does not work according to what we have been led to believe. We are drowning in misinformation.

When people stop purchasing products they do not need Mega-corporations will go bankrupt, and their control over us, world economies, governments, societies, etc. will end.

The Global Elite programmed us and our children to be mindless consumers with insatiable cravings so we will give our lives to the corporations we work for- work, produce, consume, repeat. This mind raping, enslaved labor to the Corporate World crippled us and devastated the earth. When corporations control earth, nature dies. Corporate monetary power must be broken or we will not survive.

Form a district to unite your neighborhood and give it a name. Have a brainstorming session on talents, abilities and skills to share. Exchange work projects amongst each other: home maintenance, sewing, car repair, carpentry, painting, plumbing, etc. Exchange services like yard work, babysitting, dog walking, grocery shopping, day care, meal deliveries, house cleaning, massage and therapy sessions. Organize carpools. Create support systems for those with special needs. Have project parties for every house in the district. Close the day with a community meal.
Pool money to buy bulk foods and tools that you share. Remove fences and share yard space. Build community shops to hold tools, bikes, storage, etc. Plant community herb and veggie gardens, orchards and berry bushes. Share pasture and compost. Study permaculture. In The Sharing Solution Orsi and Doskow list ideas on sharing your house, car, talents, possessions, business, etc. Organize a standing army to protect your sovereignty and human rights.

The merging of authoritarian systems has been ongoing. The PP Partnerships have been a powerful tool of UN and Co. to undermine and destroy local, bottom up government. Green/”sustainability” also shares the same deep fascist roots.

And yet another post from her:

Thanks [name redacted by me] for the heads-up. Useful pull quote here for the piece I hope to write. Tikkun Olam = IoT Tech + Impact Finance

And some replies to this post:

So Israel feels it’s their obligation to “fix” the world? According to what belief? I hope it’s not according to the Talmud. Because if it is, we’re are just Goyim in their world. Meant to serve them. According to passages written in the Talmud.

So the thing is that many faith communities have long been providers of social welfare services – not just Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. etc.
So now with the P3s they will be channelling global capital. And data will be replacing faith and charity.
In reality I think MOST people want to be good people – to help. BUT if the only way to do that causes harm, then it is going to b a problem. How to break that spell of people doing bad things but thinking they are being good people.
That is what I am trying to unpack.

Because Israel is the start-up nation, and their expertise comes in large part because of networks like 8200 Unit – the faith and the geopolitics and the money gets all sloshed around.

my biggest worry is that we’re gonna get screwed. The zionist teach that you never give charity. That it’s better to lend a man money because he is then indebted to you. He owns you. Though they rationalize that it teaches the borrower the value of money. But the jew is not doing it with any benevolence. He adds usury and turns it into a profit machine. It’s just business as usual. My worry is that you are not going to get something for nothing, though they are going to force us to recieve their help. This too comes from Talmudic teachings.

Well as you know I look at lots of different pieces. This is one piece. Tencent and China and virtual reality gaming culture with social credit scoring is another. The company running Idemia is out of France. The blockchain is Swiss. So it doesn’t serve to make any single group the focus of our inquiry – it’s raw power that is the issue. I have written on the Vatican in this before – the Pope is a central player. There are people of truth faith and people who seek to misuse faith to accrue power for themselves on earth. That is what I keep saying – we are in a battle of spirit and that struggle takes place largely within each of us.

you need to see what has and is happening with the Noahide laws. Our friend Lynne Lynne M Taylor has written and spoken about it on the education side but it is much more than just affecting the education system. Please take some time to listen learn and share.

I had written before that there are different factions vying for power. Each with different agendas. That this situation is not a monolithic situation. These factions are going to try to up one another, but for now, they are all working together to get the globe digitized because they all want and need it for their continued success of uber-richness. I have no doubt the Vatican, the Zionist, the Technocrats, Transhumanists, etc., are all vying for power and control. As you say, we have to keep an eye on all of them and we have to shout out loud to all fo them that we do not consent and we will not comply and start acting without them. They are all insane.

look into the Chabad Lubavitch cult, which Jared Kushner and Ivanka belong to. Ken @ redefining god exposes their ideology (and his conclusions) on this site. (FB tells me it won’t allow the link because it goes against community standards, so I’ll try it this way…) redefininggod . com/trump-and-putin-agents-of-chabad-lubavitch/

There is a whole group of Jews who have been ostracized from what has become the mainstream Jewish community and have often been persecuted. This group has traditionally followed the Torah and for the most part, if they are true to their religion, live a simple life and believe in repair of the world in a genuine sense and would not be allowed to profit from SIB’s etc if they were unethical, which we know they are. It becomes dangerous to this group and others when talking about Israel’s activities as if they were supported by all Jews this is not the case.

What I am grappling with is that we have built a global economy that runs on finance and tech (often with military underpinnings), so if we want our children to have some sort of economic stability, you have to raise them to be fed into this system. I don’t think most families whose adults earn a living from “start up nation” companies realize what is coming. For them, they are just doing what society tells them is the path to success. Same with Bay Area…Boston….the question is how do we actually remake the system for actual “repair” rather than predation, which is what is coming. Heaven help us now that bio-nano-tech is in the mix.

i find it disappointing that our presidents have signed onto the noahide for many years and people are ignorant as to the influence the UN and globalist elite are doing to undermine what this country has been founded on. I have friends that are jewish and they see this happening.

This article gets to the mindset behind this mess.

Bloomberg Innovation put money into creating this new Innovation District. Sound familiar? I guess this is university as anchor????
“The plan focuses on development of a continuous district containing Soroka, the university, an IDF computer center to be built, the Gimmel and Daled neighborhoods, and the area around the railway station. Ben Gurion Boulevard, a traffic artery along its full length that connects Yitzhak Rager Boulevard with Eliyahu Nawi Road (the road to Shokat Junction), will become a street bustling with urban life. The planners cite Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv as their inspiration for the district….
Beersheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich told “Globes” that he believes in the process. “Beersheva understands that if it wants to be a relevant city, it has to be ahead of its time. Knowledge, innovation, and technology are becoming very, very critical, and we’re making progress in this. It’s all starting to focus on the city, largely because of the transfer of elite IDF units, the National Cyber Security Authority, and very soon construction of the intelligence center. All of these things show that the city is a lot more than its internal convergence. It has the potential to be part of something global.”

I don’t want to point fingers at anyone or any specific group, but if we want to get serious about exposing this pandemic swindle, we absolutely have to look at which ‘special’ interests or community has the means, opportunity and motive. In order for the swindle to advance, the entire media industrial complex must be complicit, in addition to the medical industrial complex, big tech industrial complex and of course governments. I’ve noticed people in key positions share the same ideology.
And sadly, i think their interpretation of ‘fixing’ the world involves stopping ‘climate change’, which in their minds equates depopulation. I think that’s what we’re witnessing, sorry for having to say it.

Here’s another pretty terrifying piece I found. Doesn’t exactly give an impression of “repairing the world.”

And yet another post from her:

I know you all have been waiting for my next map, lol. This is, I think, one of the last ones I’m going to do linking US / Israel coding bootcamps / healthtech reskilling with Tikkun Olam social impact investments. From Boston to New Jersey to DC to Tel Aviv – the common denominator is forcing the dispossessed to get skilled in what the powerful want them to do – ie code the digital jail and push the cyborg-transhumanist agenda. Interactive version here:

And yet another post from her:

This is not the “new economy” the people need. And to think there are still many people who can’t wrap their minds around the fact that this is a coordinated global coup. They don’t believe such a thing could be coordinated, and yet there it is being coordinated.

And a reply to this post:

It’s hard for people to
Connect the dots. For example, yesterday I saw that sucker berg is going into public housing. It
Was only later in the day I realized that to live there will require shots, and then he will also get bonuses from big pharma for
Compliance . (Just a guess, I could be wrong and I’m not evil enough to think out
The full chain into action!)

And yet another post from her:

OK, so the bit in here about transnational global capital managing the “mental health” and “wellbeing” of workers in this “future work” globalization 4.0 dystopia is quite chilling. Workers unite to quash this “re-skilling” abomination!

And some replies to this post:

Last night I watched an interview with a Dr from Switzerland who when he stood up to denounce what was happening with the PCR test and spoke about hydroxyl chloroquine they arrested him.
They put him under a 7-Day mental health hold.

I’m a third of the way through, so far the best they got for their Brave New Workforce is ‘everybody get used to working on Zoom’.
I don’t doubt their resolve, and I don’t doubt the robots are coming, but I’ve been watching their own WEF Zoomfest (the panels on their homesite) and it’s not terribly impressive.
Completely disrupt the economic and social cohesion of the planet just so everyone can awkwardly grapple with the overly compressed audio and video streaming from their laptops and devices (and not wear pants to work)?
There’s certainly an aspect that’s scary here, but also a healthy percentage of stupid going on.

stuff like this is my concern, especially in light of revisions to disability assistance programs in Australia and the UK.

And yet another post from her:

Crap – timestamp 16 minutes on “micro-mobility” post-Covid. THAT is the reason for all of those IoT bike shares and awful scooters. They will say that it’s not “safe” to ride a bus or subway (or own your own care). We have to do “remote work” or work within a walking – biking – scooter distance so they can track our every freaking move. Stop this ride, I want off. This is NOT “green.” This is fascism.

And yet another post from her:

They will train the children to code the virtual world, but they won’t tell them it’s intended to be an open air prison.

And yet another post from her:

It’s bizarre to me that teachers’ unions are feeding the free-market / voucher / “choice” agenda by refusing to provide a humane education to children around the country. Please realize the “fund students not schools” mantra is about setting up digital vouchers for human capital investment markets tied to WEF’s Internet of Bodies. It’s a lose, lose situation.

And yet another post from her:

This is not charity, but early stage tokenomics – this is where theological social welfare meets techno-fascism.


And some replies to this post:

Dollar Tree. Dollar General and Aldi too

Wait a second, I didn’t see anything in the news piece about blockchain or tokens or any influence from big tax exempt foundations. This could just be the idea of a local non profit and a school. It’s not all part of the Great Reset / 4IR.

I know these players. The good deeds will be tokenized.

Technological systems have their roots in oppression. All of our data is being harvested to catalyze the singularity. They will have control over ALL of it.
It’s really not a stretch.. Blockchain is helping building a nuclear weapon. If not worse..
I want to live in a world without an imposing value system like currency. That strips the inherent value of people and things to a $.

Albertson’s is part of the next-gen high school redesign program.

And it’s a member of IBM Food Trust too:

And yet another post from her:

OK – look at this and imagine it being upgraded to include a geo-fencing “social distance” component. You can earn tokens to get food for your hungry family in the school-based food pantry. All of it tied to “social impact.” I think that is what is coming. Teachers I have been telling you “community schools” are not what you think.

And yet another post from her:

Covid will be used to raid Medicaid and use real concerns around health equity and access to push Black and Brown communities into the Internet of Bodies in order to fuel social impact markets. Central Bank shenanigans.

And some replies to this post:

I’m a little reluctant to post, because I am very new to your work (although I read through your piece on Bloomberg, open-mouthed, some time ago). This is happening in Melbourne right now. My husband and I have chosen to opt out of the Federal database ‘My Health Record’, but there is no opt-out of this proposed state database. The last line of the article is the kicker: ‘According to the discussion paper, the “CIS solution” will be expanded over time to include information about treatment pathways, family and social history and lifestyle factors.’ As a low-income family with a disabled child, we’re very concerned.

FYI, the entire state of Victoria is part of the Strong Cities network, the capital, Melbourne is a Rockefeller Resilient City, and our previous Lord Mayor was a member of Bloomberg’s Global Parliament of Mayors, until he was removed from office during metoo. The globalists are all over my city.

Medicare and Medicaid are already being raided and have been for years; the raiding was exacerbated by Obamacare and the Obama/Trump administrations. Social Determinants of Health programs were initiated to bring other public goods and services into the fold of healthcare and Big Health, i.e. privatization of these using public-private partnerships externalizing cost and risk and privatizing profit.

Here is my post from 6 July 2018:
We are not moving towards a single payer plan; we are instead expanding the use of the current health care multi-payor (private middlemen – insurers) model to cover other public goods and services. (1 and 2 and 2 more articles in comments below to be read together).

  1. Expanding the taxpayer subsidized health care space to include any and all kinds of public goods and services.
    This is privatization of all Federal public assistance programs through consolidation under the CMS, based on the private health care insurance/payor model.
    CMS Ex-Acting Administrator and ex-CEO of Optum/UnitedHealthcare, Andy Slavitt is there to cash in on this trend through his Town Hall Ventures. Socially Determined co-founded by Advisory Board (healthcare business acquired by UnitedHealth Group’s Optum) associated persons. (main link).
    “Major players such as Town Hall Ventures, Socially Determined and Amazon’s offer of a Prime discount to Medicaid members, highlight the new investment and focus” in this space.

  1. I recently posted an article about CMS approving increased spending exclusively on the private plans in Medicare, i.e. Medicare Advantage, to cover “social determinants of health” (SDOH). More on this:
    “The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has also encouraged states participating in 1115 Waiver Programs to improve population health through addressing SDOH. Several states have adopted meaningful programs designed to address SDOH, either through Medicaid managed care or otherwise. New York State, for example, has adopted a comprehensive plan aimed at employment and employee benefits, community-based preventative services, transportation, education, housing, nutrition and job training as part of its Medicaid Redesign Initiative to address SDOH.
    Private payors have also joined the ranks. Most recently, a coalition of commercial payors and other healthcare organizations launched Aligning for Health (AFH), which is exploring and advocating for the integration of social service programs into the health care system to improve health outcomes. AFH stakeholders have cited research that suggests social factors including access to healthy food, safe housing, and financial security account for nearly 70 percent of all health outcomes.
    More than 80 percent of payers are integrating SDOH into their benefit programs and initiatives, according to a new survey released by Change Healthcare.”

“Reorganizing safety-net programs into a Department of Health and Public Welfare.”

“renames HHS the Department of Health and Public Welfare (DHPW). To provide for even more coordination across all Federal public assistance programs, this proposal also establishes a permanent Council on Public Assistance, housed in DHPW and composed of all agencies that administer public benefit programs, including USDA, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and others.”

And yet another post from her:

So Sweden is using this “Health Integrator” software in the world’s first “Health Impact Bond” for diabetes prevention. What will it mean to have investors in “public health” dictating your life via an app? Let’s not find out. How about LET’s NOT BE LIKE SWEDEN. “Fredrik Söder, the Health Movement project leader and CEO of the Health Integrator company, calls the Health Integrator a “digital vaccine against unhealthyness.”

And yet another post from her:

Pardon me, but our bodies and our behaviors are NOT “structured bond” opportunities.

And some replies to this post:

Unfortunately we need to access the current system for our health care, health care insurance and other basic needs. SDOH ensures that our entire being and lives will become captive to their plans for extraction of profit. We need to take back our government one way or another. Without an enabling government they could do none of this without the risk to them outweighing their return.

Well, they’ve already come up with impact securities for when the governments are all bankrupt.

There is no healthcare. There is only managing and profiting of diseases. The science to heal most western diseases has been known for a hundred years now, but it’s been buried to sell us unnecessary and often sick making meds and surgeries, because back then the hospitals emptied and no one was making big bucks anymore. This is a topic I’ve been researching for years now and I’m healing the autoimmune disorder I’ve had since early childhood, which I realised was caused by medical malpractice in the first place.

Yes, they hedge their bets even while they are backstopped by our government using our money and credit! It is a win for them every which way and then some. Is it any wonder that they are going along with the lockdowns and mandates while local businesses that are not equipped to play this game are being devastated?

I just watched a lecture by Michio Kaku discussing this back in 2009. Wonder if he considered this stuff when he was helping to create it.

Oh I just remembered. I got a message from Blue cross Blue shield to do an initial virtual interview. I am not returning that call.

And yet another post from her:

So, a person who keeps an online archive of activist work has been making their way through my interview series with Jason and weaving in bits from my other blogs. The interviews are excerpted, not fully transcribed, but I’m rather touched that someone would take the time to do this. In case you want a link to pass along to folks who prefer to read than listen, this might be for you.

And yet another post from her:

So it’s just too over the top to have an MBA program run by Opus Dei (conservative self-flagellating Catholics) be a partner in “innovative” health management apps, right? That crosses a line.

See IESE Partner

And yet another post from her:

This gathering of all living presidents on Independence Mall in April 1997 in partnership with 1,000 Points Of Light for a “youth summit” feels important. America’s Promise ended up playing a significant role, spinning out ReadyNation which undertook development of human capital bonds for pre-k and workforce development. TBH looking back – this feels like a ritual, especially if you imagine “points of light” referencing the Illuminati. Those of you who are better acquainted with such things – do you see any significance in the date – April 28, 1997?

And some replies to this post:

talked about 1000 points of light. I know there is a foundation by that name too. Didn’t know about the summit.

I made this map a few years ago.

Weird thought- I just woke up so not completely tangible but the word independence stands out….in Independence Missouri is where Truman memorials are and one the pending places for the New Jerusalem with the LDS church….
Wonder if any coorelations💧📜

ike Oral Roberts U here in Tulsa

Truman added Solomon to his name and was a 33rd degree Mason (WITCH) means human sacrifice and that’s when NATO, CIA, State of Israel, 33rd president, atomic bomb, ect was but he is still a factor in all this I guarantee it💧❤️📜❤️

The Promise of American Life, written by Herbert Croly, published in 1909. He was a eugenicist.

AT&T is at the top of the Corporate Council for Points of Light. I know that 5G is the biggest thing they need to launch this to the next level. Coincidence?

I think AT&T was at one time (and may well still be) owned by either Rockefeller or Morgan. Or at least that’s what Caroll Quigley said.

Notice also the use of Inalienable Rights instead of Unalienable … That reveals that those rights have been “Balanced” from negative to positive rights.

I think that time period would coincide with the Beltane time period. Folks in this circle of influence don’t much appreciate David Icke but this is a fascinating video on this.

And yet another post from her:

Anyone want to lend a hand getting these folks into LittleSis? Just create a member relationship.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Who can we call? My granddaughters drama teacher said she will receive an F if she doesn’t get tested for covid!

And some replies to this post:

Our drama teacher insisted on a covid test in order to perform in the play this weekend. She said test or you don’t perform. My son now has an understudy that has to learn his parts fast, and she said she would come up with an alternate assignment for my son.

The covid test is only required if they want to participate in anything outside of the class schedule. If it’s for class, then the test isn’t required. If they don’t want the test then they don’t get to participate in the extracurricular activity, which isn’t a part of the grade.

In high school many years ago, my grades in band were tied to participation in performances. That is definitely something to ask about.

Student athletes and coaches that want to participate in their sport will be tested every 2 weeks in Davis county. If they refuse the test it’s counted as a positive. The team gets 3 positives at a time before they a quarantined for 2 weeks.

Refusing counts as a positive? That’s insane!

Anything that meets at the school and outside of the school as a school group is required to be tested.
And not getting tested does count as a positive. So hopefully everyone gets tested.

This is only for extracurricular not co-curricula. For example if there’s a choir performance for a choir class they do not have to test because it’s tied to their grade.

There needs to be massive migration out of public school. The district has fast become a dictator of teachers who have to pass their rules to parents. Without a product you do not have a business.

Ugh! This is like punishing kids for not taking the SAGE test. How is it legal to force someone to quarantine if they choose not to take the test?

This is an absolute deal
breaker and complying will only prolong this nightmare! Everyone needs to pull their kids out of this school.

Someone on the school board, read my daughters post and checked on it! It was not done properly, it was to go somewhere but they were given the paper to fill out themselves and sign the same day without parents knowing, lucky my daughter has raised her kids to tell her everything, so her child called her, very upset because this was going behind her Moms back. Mom told her to come home right then!
Not sure what has happened or been said to teacher, but what this type of thing is doing to our kids is unforgivable!
Stay strong and on top of things out there! I’m afraid it’s going to get worse.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 43

This is part 43

Here is a post from Alison:

Sooo….in the spring of 2018 I wrote about Google putting sensors in a public park in Kirkland, Washington to track student “learning.” You know that “anytime, anywhere” learning ecosystem stuff? So now it looks like this same parks system is offering Covid “school” with regular public schools closed. Go figure, right?

I’m guessing this really has NOTHING TO DO WITH PUBLIC HEALTH.

For those who laughed off the idea of governments forming quarantine camps when we started voicing concern as early as last year when NY was making bills to this effect, we TOLD you so!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

USPS files patent for secure blockchain voting system back in February. Now it might not happen if Trump has his way
“A voting system can use the security of blockchain and the mail to provide a reliable voting system. A registered voter receives a computer-readable code in the mail and confirms identity and confirms correct ballot information in an election. The system separates voter identification and votes to ensure vote anonymity, and stores votes on a distributed ledger in a blockchain.”

And another post from her:

We warned people.

Here is a post from Alison:

I think the progressive / liberals want to believe all the privatization of education is coming from the right. Nope – look at crunchy Vermont going all in on the “flexible pathways” to graduation. Online education, work-based learning, 21st century skills. You don’t need a classroom for this. You don’t human teachers for this. The steps children take on their “pathways” will be tracked by xAPI as structured data to refine AI. So tell me what a great guy Bernie is again… CovidReset MyTeacherIsAnAlgorithm

And some replies to this post:

The teachers are playing into their hands:

“BREAKING: Durham is reopening public elementary schools as ‘learning centers.’ They are charging families up to $140 per child per week. That’s on top of what families already pay through property taxes.

Geez – looks like Nellie Mae scrubbed their grants database. Oh well. Lots of $$$ flowing into VT for “voice and choice” education – as long as it’s on your assigned “path.”

Bernie is a product of the Fabian Society. Saw through him and chirpy, oh so trendy Jacinta and Obama. All smell the same.

What about Jacinda Ardern was da question… for those interested in what’s going on in NZ…
Start…what is Jacinda Ardern’s background in 7 minutes or less..

If prefer reading…

Then perhaps check in with Ben Vidgen…I know Ben personally… he’s reported on her and before her much that’s relevant now… here’s his youtube channel… i’ll keep looking see if I can find something direct from him. if you have questions might pop onto his page and ask em.
He’s got me blocked over a personal tiff…lol… but he’s an EXCELLENT investigative journalist with integrity and heart for the Common People.
From another brother on the ground…
“Rose Roa lots of helicopters with no identification on Flightradar24 and Lear jets during the last lockdown. Even though Auckland is lockdown there’s plenty of air traffic from there to Queenstown, the safe haven for billionaires and millionaires alike
NZ is all part of the Belt and Road initiative along with all other countries with this technocratic industrial revolution” [name redacted]
“Cos nothing say happy as much as a bunch of flying nano death-bots in the hands of a bunch of psychotic despots.”
“Some of the happy happy corporate strategic partner in this fun fun fun forced happiness plan include Bayer (Monsanto share holder Bill gates) , Du Pont, Coca Cola (Bill Gates share holder), Nestle Bill (Bill Gates share holder) BP (Bill Gates Share holdr), Cheron oil, Vision 2030 the Saudi arm of agenda 2030 outed by murdered journalist Jamal Kashoggi as a blue print for Saudi along with weapon manufacture like Lockheed turning Saudi Arabia into a biotech smart weapons manufacturing hub.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Reminds me of all the things I have read of past history of the Soviet Union – Can we say Surveillance?
As colleges across America reopen for in-person learning this fall, some are asking students to report peers who might not be following guidelines that universities have set up to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Is anyone active in athletics? For example, swimming is allowed at schools this fall. However, due to the drastic changes with COVID19, I am looking into swim clubs. I learned Owatonna’s swim club has been denied access to OMS pool, which they usually use, so they cannot have a season. Likewise, Atlantis in Faribault and Storm in Lakeville do not allow registration on their websites. My fear is they are shutting down the private swim clubs (denying access to public school pools for practice) so anyone who wants to swim 6-12th grade has to feed through the public school swim team.

And another post from this group:

“If the child tests positive, the school must contact the county, who will interview the children and family and contact tracing will begin.”

Anderson confirmed, “We have a dedicated secretary as a hub for all COVID related cases. We will have that person tracking every day and communicating with parents.” H/T Minnesota Citizen Lobbyist

And some replies to this post:

my kid goes there…I wonder what would happen if you refuse to talk to the county

I’m a physician, you can choose to keep them home 14 days and not test as of now, you don’t have to talk to the county.
Most pediatricians offices will not see/handle covid and return to school notes. The county is not medically authorized to write medical return notes.

My concern is that some schools may not give parents information until their kids are already attending.


This is from a friend in North Dakota (I assume very similar to MN process). I haven’t read the entire “Contact Tracer Guide” yet, but OMG!!

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

So there’s a lengthy contact tracer document for the state here. Now I want to see what Minnesota has which may be a complete replica in every state.

Agree, likely the same (or worse) in MN. We are now “cases” not people. Our privacy is going out the window. We can be turned in to the State for non-compliance!! Just UNBELIEVABLE! How’d this happen in just 6 months?

Someone needs to tell Bill that people are not like software. You can’t beta test vaccines on real people like how he uses his customers as beta testers for his software. I’d be really happy if he could just vaccinate his software from all the viruses it catches. He should use his influence and wealth in things he might actually know a little bit about.

And yet another post from this group:

REMOTE LEARNING (IN SCHOOL) in New Hampshire Shared from my friend, [name redacted], NH education researcher and activist.

“BTW, this isn’t innovative, it’s intentional.
As I’ve said, this is all part of the redesign in public education that was formulated by education reformers MANY years ago.
They are using the current pandemic to move it forward. I suspect this will be challenged in court due to the NC Constitution.
…families will pay a $35 registration fee and a monthly weekly rate as follows:
Regular rate: $140″

And some replies to this post:

Didn’t you have a post last year before COVID showing about what a personalized learning style classroom would look like? This is nothing new, just an opportunity to advance what was the goal all along. Get all of the middle men such as the teacher and the text book out if the way and connect the child online to the government directly. With 100% online learning, no need to wait for new text books to be revised and updated with the latest socialist narrative and agenda, government can update the social studies/history/science/literature immediately! They can get their latest message/narrative out in all subject areas right away!!

Wow. They have figured out how to have parents pay twice for even less education.

Faribault just announced hybrid learning. So kids will need supervision a few days per week via daycare.

BTW, I think Durham is in North Carolina, not New Hampshire.

And yet another post from this group:

Yet another takeover in what was our schools! Excelsior Elementary has a very nice teacher giving an explanation of all the health requirement hoops. First, children must be socially distanced 6 feet apart. Parents: Please realize that your kids will be isolated all day. Teachers, in this case, will only be with students for 1/2 of the day and paras will apparently help with their online homework for the rest. (School is open but teachers are not teaching. The computers are now teaching.) Children will be masked. No one will know how your child is feeling or whether they understand the lesson. Pod groups are the mainstay. Small groups of children who will have online class together, eat together in the same room, and have recess together. Together but alone! The teacher explains, in comments, that the reason for pods is for the contact tracers and school appointed-tracers to keep an ever-close eye on each child.

More of Agenda 21 being played out in Commiefornia!

Here is a post from talk show host Tara Gowen Fricano:

Had a thought…. With city schools systematically announcing the shift to remote learning because they can’t accommodate the ridiculous mandates from the state, do you think all the new taxpayer funded low income housing will be offered to parents who need to stay home due to this heinous mess? I’ve always wondered how they were going to imprison citizens in cities that weren’t already tied into the system… What are your thoughts??

And some replies to this post:

The govt will use all of this to formulate their idea of what Neighborhoods should be made of, who lives in them, and, how the system can control it all.

That’s AFFH

I completely agree! Dictator Cuomo rushed low income housing projects ALL OVER New York State over the last few years! MANY were abandoned SCHOOL buildings. We have a school building TRANSFORMED into housing here in our city and the apartments are even filled! Who would want to live in an old school building?! Oh, wait… Those that have been beaten down by our government 😦

what’s Affh?

That’s where they bring in low income families and move them into middle class neighborhoods. It was a big battle in Westchester County NY in 2013. The County exec fought it tooth and nail. It gets in by accepting grants. Other localities across the nation have seen the same. It’s for “equality” it’s funded thru HUD

Nassau and Suffolk Counties were URGED to have 45,000 NEW LOW INCOME UNITS in by 2020…how ironic 🤬

And another post from her:


Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

KTSP: “Shadow Schools” to monitor student “education” via online computer learning

“Shadow Schools” are acceptable, but not actually attending school? Will teachers be hired? No need! Artificial intelligence and EdTech companies are now teaching your kids. Who are they and what is their agenda? School districts will train YMCA and LifetimeFitness counselors, who we’re sure are very nice but aren’t actually teachers. But this goes to show that with EdTech we really don’t need teachers anymore.

Remember the “Great Start for All Minnesota Children” bill introduced in 2019? MACC gave a tremendous group effort to thwart these plans. It included Child Care Assistance for families making up to 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Guideline. For a family of 4 that threshold is approximately $120,000. It included placing babies in schools because some in the legislature think that all parents are idiots, we guess. Additionally, the bill included weekly home visits which were mandatory at one point for all pregnant women up to the 3rd year of the child. Then they switched this bill making it all about “health equity”. Home visits for health. Authored in 2019. Before the Pandemic. The GSfAMC was the largest piece of legislation in many, many years. (28 pages or so)

Keep your eyes open at the next Special Session. By that time school will be in session and with all of these children in need of child care, keep your eyes out for the agenda.

A storm is on the way. Be ready!! H/T Minnesota Citizen Lobbyist

And a reply to this post:

This was interesting too. Brings to mind so many questions and problematic senerios.
“Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles said “NO!!!” to Gov. Bill Lee’s Big Brother-style child wellbeing program that plans to send government officials to families’ homes to do welfare checks of children.
The Tennessee Department of Education says it released a toolkit on child wellbeing checks to ensure the needs of children are being met during and after extended periods away from school. It is promoted as protecting children.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


My “in” to unpacking the world of techno-fascism and human capital futures markets was through EDUCATION. My friends who know me beyond Facebook will remember that I was a teacher at a private liberal arts university here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was “reimagined” in April of 2019, and for the life of me, I couldn’t understand why the (then) top-100 research university with a $1.1 Billion endowment was (seemingly) suddenly doing an about-face to offer a sub-par 21st-century education to “first generation students.” TU was going to become a professional, practical school that would focus on healthcare, aeronautics (drones), and – my personal favorite! – cybersecurity because that was what future-workers expected of a university education. My first thought was, This sounds like a program straight out of the Cold War era! So I started to search for the buzzwords and jargon that permeated the university’s nefarious plan. Long story short, I was right. And I discovered that the same nefarious strategy is not only happening in every educational institution in Tulsa (creating the P20 pipeline), but it’s actually happening everywhere. EVERYWHERE. And it is for the purpose of turning children and young people into digital slaves. For billionaire investors. Who are NECROMANCERS to the core.

This 50min video clearly explains this very complex assault on children. It explains everything I’ve been trying to communicate about the HORRIFIC CRISIS that we are in right now.

If you are a PARENT who cares at all about your child’s future, please take 50 minutes to watch this expose’ of an oft-neglected form of CHILD SACRIFICE. I understand this system, and the film still chills!!

Book of Ours has done everyone a tremendous service by making this film. Please support their work by sharing and/or donating if you are able.

If you’re in Tulsa, I’m happy to help you understand how this works locally and who supports it. We have the SURVEILLANCE PLAYTABLES here, you know.

Here is a post from a worldwide anti-Covestapo/tyranny group:

And some replies to this post:

Here in UK they are doing more or less the same. They claim it’s not viable. Small towns and villages loosing their atm’s if I need the bank I have to catch a bus, which is every two hours, travel 8 miles. I refuse to bank on line or shop on line.

could it be because of the new currency reset? according to a few other articles this is going to happen around the world.

I haven’t seen removing ATMs in Illinois, USA, but did hear talks about a coin shortage (LOL, very funny, as dollar bills break apart easily and it’s rare to see any older than 15 years, yet I’ms till finding coins older than 50 years and I’m sure there are some out there, probably not so much in circulation, older than 60 years.) However, I did see a gas station, Speedway I think it was, have something at the counter about a coin shortage and suggesting that we might give the change to a charity or something.

So some friends and I were talking about how we noticed a trend of how Obama was talking about federalizing elections back in 2016 after the so-called Russia hacking stuff broke and also after we suffered a series of cyber attacks. He made some moves in that direction in 2017 right before leaving office. We’d also noticed our foes at the Council on Foreign Relations talking about putting the post office into the work of digital idenitty and all of that, and I’d wondered if that was some setup that would work on to not only track mail (supposedly to make things more efficient, but also to go after the people who might try and organize things against the powers that be by mail, given how they’re increasingly being snoopy online) and seeing how this social distancing crap is meant to also keep us apart, anyway, not only to do that, but possibly to have something to tie in with mail in voting and a possible move toward blockchain voting.

I’d just thought on that and we were wondering about it and we swear we hadn’t seen this article from two mere days ago talking about how the USPS had been setting something up LAST YEAR for blockchain VOTING, and that they just recently revealed it to public record. The article seems to mention that it likely won’t be in place by the 2020 election, but might in the future.

And that’s very interesting as if Trump wins, the Left will say it was Russia hacking or something, and if Biden wins (and likely steps down and lets Harris take over), then the Right will say it was voter fraud via mail-in-voting and corruption. Either way, they’ll use the fuel of half the country thinking the election was cheated to push us in the US toward blockchain voting for future elections. And if they can tie that into other blockchains, like Real ID or ID2020 and vaccine IDs, they might use it to lock people out of the voting system that won’t play along.

Here is a post from an anti-trans transitioning group:

Madison school district trains teachers to help a child of any age transition without parental knowledge or consent. Attorney Luke Berg discusses his case John Doe et al v. Madison Metropolitan School District.

And some replies to this post:

This is terrifying. They are targeting the “gay-acting” kids for sterilization. That is literally what is happening. And it’s so horrible and so blatant that people have cognitive dissonance and can’t believe it’s really happening. Nobody’s sex is being changed, it’s being REMOVED.

Great interview! Every parent with kids in public school needs to see this interview. Problem is most parents don’t even know it’s an issue because the schools are so secretive about their transgender policy. And you don’t even know about this policy until it affects your child. Then once the school plants the seed by affirming the child as a different gender, pronoun and name, good luck finding any help to get your child back and reverse all the damage.

They had a plan.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

They really want the kids to just suck it up and code the virtual world so they can run their impact markets. Higher education is so complicit is this awfulness – horrifying. Teachers College Columbia saying that critical thinking isn’t really all that important.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Shutter the school – then open it as a day care center. And double charge parents their taxes PLUS day care fees. CRAZY ——->

‘Even though they are not offering in-person instruction, parents (and all taxpayers) are required to pay taxes to pay for district schools. As frustrating as that may be for parents, some districts—including Fairfax County, Virginia; Howard County, Maryland; Gilbert, Arizona; and Durham, North Carolina—have decided to open up classrooms to groups of children, basically providing day care.

The kicker? Parents must pay the public school to participate in these custodial programs.’

In addition to lower level schools bieng intrusive, there are also colleges making us hook up to 1984 tech as well:

BioButtons? Ech!

Looks like colleges were using this kind of surveillance technology BEFORE covid hit.

And this too from last year:

Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

One of the worst CCSS Machine educratic undermining leaders, has passed.
MSM is heralding him as a good guy.
Sir Ken Robinson’s Pearson ties and alignment to Common Core, they have ignored.

Watch out for BLM in LA public schools online sessions:

I think it’s safe to say that you can cross of Dordt University as a possible place to send your children for college if they’re going to be THIS oppressive on the covid matter:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Story time. My son came home from school yesterday- he is a junior- with a story. He said he had a disagreement with a teacher. My son is a free- thinker and very opinionated. We have taught him well. Anyway, there was a particular class activity, a picture of a group of teenagers was shown, and the teacher asked the students what it was that was wrong with the image. My son said that he didn’t feel anything was wrong in the picture. He ended being pulled into the hall and told he needed to answer what was wrong. Any guesses what the picture was? The teenagers didn’t have masks on. THAT was what was wrong. My son said that there was nothing wrong with that and then gestured to the class with their masks and stated that that was the true problem. Indoctrination at it’s finest. I submitted our mask exemption for him that had been prepared by Defending Utah, but the district is not budging. I withdrew him from school today. I wanted to give the district the opportunity to do the right thing. They’ve failed.

And some replies to this post:

What school is this?


I’m not surprised. We had a problem with our school on Monday. We have pulled our son and he will be going to Private school. Anyone know when the deadline for the un-enrollment? I want to make sure they are not getting money for my child!

My wife subbed in a PE elementry class today teaching games on how to social distance. What is this world coming to?

The sad thing is the governor has the school by a string and he could cut them at any time. I think that is why schools are being so strict about the masks. I don’t agree with it but if we want our kids to go to school we have to follow these stupid mandates.

I agree it will be tough, as they will threaten to send kids home and inconvenience parents if we fight, but if we don’t fight, then they’ll keep adding stuff, playing off the fears of having the schools shut down if we don’t comply. What we NEED is an across the board rebellion both in schools and in the distance learning where we don’t play their game. It’s time parents and teachers got off the sidelines and stopped making excuses and stood up for the future of America. I agree it won’t be easy, will be an uphill battle, and will involve personal costs, but I DON’T see another way if we hope to be rid of Common Core, mask mandates, vaccine mandates, etc unless we stand up to these bullies.

Three kids and all of mine are free thinkers. They don’t fit in to school systems. Oldest took his GED and got out a year early because he said the pace and subject matter in HS were BS. He scored 99% on the GED. The second went to adult high school mid way through junior year and did packets and online, he hated the whole drama, drama, high school scene. My daughter chose an alternative high school after doing traditional homeschooling for 9th grade, Valley High and she did amazing. She also didn’t want the BS of traditional high school

mine all had their bachelor’s by 18 because I homeschooled them and they tested out. The public system is a waste of time. If you really want them well educated, you are best to do it yourself.

What class subject was this for? It sounds like propaganda 101. Not that people shouldn’t wear masks or choose to wear masks, but the required conclusion that they must wear masks is the issue. As it was once said, a picture is worth 1000 words but what a person sees in a picture can be a perception. This class is teaching someone to have a perception, not the ability to analyze. The bully-approach had to be used when the outcome was not arrived. This is the problem with ideologue propaganda teaching, there is no room for values, opinions, and discussion. One size fits all. Thank you for this posting. Sure raises the bar of ignorance and concern about this hearld garbage. We need to demand better out of the schools even if we don’t have our kids there. It is our nation that we are losing.

Every class period every single day my freshman’s teachers read off a list of covid symptoms. Every. Single. Day. This week.

unbelievable. Where is your student?

Skyridge high school. Alpine School District. I’m not sure if this is being done in elementary and jr high schools. My other students are homeschooled and not through Alpine SD.

We have had discussions with our daughter about the less than .1% risk of her age group having complications if she contracts covid. She’s not scared of it…yet. 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I do know one of her friends thought the death rate was 30%. Until her mother told her the real data. Terrorizing is right!

We are going through some similar stuff with my kid in Alpine school district too.

which school? Making any progress?

Lehi High, they still haven’t responded. I’ll be going in person Monday if they don’t do anything by tomorrow morning.

Please congratulate your son for me for standing up for his principles. It’s really tough today for kids. With all of the indoctrination in our schools the easy thing for them to do is just to go along. You should be very proud of him for not caving and being strong enough to stand up for his Constitutional rights and freedoms. He did a great job. And you did a great job raising that boy! We need more parents like you.

What are the school board members saying about masks in general? Are they someone we could reach out to on this?

no, they will be no help. Hundreds of parents made comments at their board meeting two meetings ago. So many parents expressed their desire to make this decision for their children. They said they’d consult with the health department. Then, parents were ignored. They claim they are interested in our opinions, just as the governor claims, but then they do as they please- all for the almighty federal dollar. There was one board member who was sympathetic, however.

the state or county health boards?

The school board voted to make is a choice, but Governor Herbert along with the health department made it mandatory. Many school board members are upset about it, but because its public school they “have to comply” that’s what our school superintendent said when I checked mine out of the school district to homeschool. Its sad

Wow. I pulled my 2nd and 6th graders last week here in GA. I saw day 2 in my 6th graders science class, the teacher was playing an animated video all about Covid and all the characters had masks on. That was the end for us.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, we all know President Carter’s creation of the US Dept of Ed was unconstitutional, but evidence is now exposing a much more sinister agenda was being put into place.
Every President since Carter has extended the erosion of our nation, using EDUCATION as the hammer and sickle.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Allow me to introduce Stephen Schwarzman –
Stephen was initiated in Skull and Bones in 1969. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin became a Bonesman in 1985.

Steven is CEO of the largest Wall Street private equity firm Blackstone Group .
Blackstone is one of the investments funds of Jacob Rothschild. The Blackstone Group was founded in 1985 by Peter George Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman….
In 2015, Jared and brother Josh Kushner, with Ryan Williams [of Blackstone, who became Cadre’s CEO] founded the investment firm Cadre.
Steven Schwarzman is a key part of tight-knit group of billionaires and influential political figures, like Henry Kissinger and Eric Schmidt, that are working to create a “global compact on the research, introduction, and deployment of AI”. Schwarzman has heralded the coming age of AI as representing a “fourth revolution” for humanity.
Oxford University given record £150m donation to fund AI ethics institute

The case for a global compact on artificial intelligence: Stephen Schwarzman

Blackstone is hunting heads and cutting checks as it doubles down on tech

Ghislaine Maxwell and Stephen Schwarzman attend NEW YORKERS FOR CHILDREN Spring Gala, apparently without any sense of irony.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Mask disciplinary in our schools is bullshit! Tyranny!

  1. 1st refusal is a warning
  2. 2nd refusal is to Principals office
  3. 3rd refusal is put in a “quarantine” room and parent is called.

And some replies to this post:

I’m just going to throw this out there…. Kids could miss an entire year of school and they would be just fine. They would not get “behind.”
If everyone pulled their children and did nothing but field trips and help their children find what they’re passionate about, the year would be a succes!

I could not agree more. My 16 year old son and his brother started a mobile interior car business during these last 5 months. They bought the equipment, advertised, made business cards. Learned what if takes to build a business, learned some awesome entrepreneurship skills and how capitalism works. There business is actually going quite well. Not to mention that he picked up more lawn mowing jobs and learned how to do the stock market. My kids actually all did really well without the 7 hours of school. Most of that time is wasted anyway.

I wish I could keep mine home… my husband doesn’t agree that pulling kids out of school is the best option. Our three kids are all on different school plans this year, so we’ll see who does the best. My 9th grader can’t miss school this year. She’d lose her spot and she is getting college credits. My jr. will be homeschooled..not online school, just homeschooled. My youngest is 3rd and she is going in everyday. We’ll see how it goes. I think I’ll be extra lenient with the “sick” days this year.

So I turned the exemption to the school. My child went to school for 2 days with no mask. The only one in the school not wearing one. On the 3rd day I got a call from the assistant principal. Who said they couldn’t find the exemption… but it was the wrong one..?? (How could he know if it was the wrong one if he hadn’t seen it?) Anyways….he then called me again and said that I needed to come pick up my child because my child refused to put on a mask or face sheild. (I was so proud) So I picked up my child. They had them stand outside of the school with “the proper” exemption form from the district. They said I needed to haveit filled out by a physician. I was told by a very reliable source that doctors had been instructed to only give exemptions to those with down syndrome or autism. So long story short….I have an appointment on Monday with the principal and the assistant principal. I will not stop fighting!! They do not have the right to do this!! I part time homeschool and could full time but this is about so much more than a mask!!it’s a violation of our parental rights. It violates the oath that they took to support support and defend the Constitution. Our tax payer dollars payed for their building and pay for their salaries. Enough is enough! I’ll keep you posted and let you know what happens after the appointment on Monday. I’m going to make sure and record the event. I’ll try my best to stay calm and not get so upset that I forget everything that I have to say to them. Pray for me. Pray for all of us. We can not comply!! It only takes good men to do nothing..right?? Well they had better hang onto their shorts!! Because I am not famous for doing nothing:)

A friend of mine sent me this:

Secretary DeVos Issues New Distance Learning Regulations to Spur High-Quality Distance and Competency-Based Programs, Better Serve Diverse Population of Higher Education Students

August 24, 2020

Full press release:

The final regulations:

Emphasize demonstrated learning over seat time.
Remove confusion over whether a course is eligible for Title IV aid by defining “regular and substantive” interaction between students and instructors.
Clarify and simplify the requirements for direct assessment programs, including how to determine equivalent credit hours.
Add a definition of “juvenile justice facility” to ensure that incarcerated students remain Pell eligible.
Allow students enrolled in Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA)-eligible foreign institutions to complete up to 25% of their programs at an eligible institution in the United States. This provision is particularly important for students temporarily unable to attend courses abroad due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Encourage employer participation in developing educational programs.
Create a new, student-centric system for disbursing Title IV, HEA assistance to students in subscription-based programs.
Require prompt action by the Department on applications to participate, or continue to participate, as an eligible institution in the HEA, Title IV program. In the past, these applications have been stalled for months or even years.
Allow clock hour programs, which often lead to state licensed occupations, to utilize innovative learning models.

Here is a post shared by Shannon Joy:

The CDC Introducing “emergency sleepovers” at schools.

I want out of this low budget pandemic horror film now.

I don’t trust the CDC.
If something happens I’m coming to get my kids whatever it takes. You are not quarantining, medicating or vaccinating my kids and keeping them overnight at all.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Could this be the reason why remote education providers for K-12 do not want parents looking at their coursework? Your kids might be learning about the 4IR’s new token gig economy without your knowledge.

Thanks [name redacted]
So a generation of children is about to transform, on Blockchain, as a raw material for the “impact economy”, a system that will work on predictive profiling and real-time ′”smart city” data aggregation. This is what is now being discussed in Davos under the flag of ′′ stakeholder capitalism “, neoliberal poverty management carried out as an extension of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Blockchain credentials promoters advertise their convenience and ability to aggregate demonstrations of skills acquired from a variety of sources. This, of course, is the necessary infrastructure to create ′′always and everywhere lifelong learning ecosystems”. It will also allow people to keep track of economic production compared to their ′′education′′ over time, opening the door to the widespread adoption of distribution agreements of income. Both are crucial elements needed to climb global human capital investment markets. If social impact funders get what they want, future generations will no longer have access to physical school buildings in their communities. It will be in the interest of the elites to suppress social discourse and free sharing of ideas among the masses as the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins to speed up. Instead, we will witness efforts to move to screen-based and wearable technologies that provide ′′personalized just-in-time′′ learning content via OER (open educational resources)
The blockchain will be used to ′′verify′′ that individuals, now reduced to raw material for digital processing, have acquired the skills that chamber of commerce managers consider desirable to keep planned regional economies.

As people progress along the assigned paths ′′from cradle to career”, service providers and global investors will collect ′′impact′′ payments. Children and ′′lifelong students′′ are expected to be more great demonstrate ′′success”, jumping through the circles designated by government officials and investors who have established ′′pay for success′′ Offers. “Education′′ will turn into an exhausting playful exercise carried out in a world of augmented reality, of surveillance from which there is no escape.

Right now children are being introduced to a new school learning model that will never help them move forward in life. This new model will only lead them to a lifetime of debt and servants. In the early stages of life, how a child is perceived or how he behaves now will determine his future and how he will live for the rest of his life.

So a generation of children is about to transform, on Blockchain, as a raw material for the ′′impact economy”, a system that will work on predictive profiling and aggregation of ′′smart city′′ data in real time. This is what is now being discussed in Davos under the flag of ′′stakeholder capitalism”, neoliberal poverty management carried out as an extension of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Right now, children are being taught how to build their own brand.

Right now children are being transformed into slaves. And they are taught: that it is better to be slave than to be free.

And some replies to this post:

I’ve been aware of these math (stem) websites for yrs and why they use the stars and tokens for correct answers. The avg teacher and parent don’t have a damn clue and don’t care when you do inform them of the obvious purposes of these online ‘education’ websites set up as games. People just cannot see the damage its doing and going to do in the future. They get a glazed over look and that ‘you’re a crazy conspiracy anti’vaxxer’ idea when you attempt to educate them . it’s quite sad, and scary.

So sadly true and this is why, in the context of what is happening today, I’m hoping that people will now see and make the connection of what is really happening. I’ve been noticing this for over a decade and it’s had me alarmed, but not until this ushering in of the 4IR and the Great Reset did it all click together and become an imminent threat.
Now is the time sound the alarm. Let’s just hope people start to have a clear understanding and act.

I am learning how all these surveillance systems work by reading their coding API libraries, their hardware and figuring out their vulnerabilities/weaknesses, and there are plenty!

Im not entirely sure whats being said? What we already have is a token economy…
Modern money is a glorified token system. How to keep what is a simple tool for measuring value from taking over the planet.

This will all be tied to a blockchain system, coupled with a cashless society that will have a reward-punish system attached to it. If you don’t comply, you’ll be punished and not receive your “tokens”. Our current monetary system is not based on this model – yet.

How is it not already a reward punish system? Credit ratings etc?

you’re partially correct, but it is not implemented on a vast scale. The plan is to have every person on the planet tracked of their behaviors and actions and then impose a reward-punish scoring to it. A highly surveilled micro management system of all persons and resources.

[name redacted] is totally right about this building on existing credit rating systems. This is one of the figures in human capital investing – if you look at his background you can see how this goes – this is not a “China” thing, but very much a US finance/ tech thing.

War war war — the purveyors of the military state, the CIA, NSA, DoD, Cops, etc., they have Trumped Us All — What better game than war war war: ‘Fraught as all of that may be on future battlefields, replacing generals and admirals with robots is another matter altogether. Not only do legal and moral arguments arise with a vengeance, as the survival of major civilian populations could be put at risk by computer-derived combat decisions, but there’s no guarantee that American GIs would suffer fewer casualties in the battles that ensued. Maybe it’s time, then, for Congress to ask some tough questions about the advisability of automating combat decision-making before this country pours billions of additional taxpayer dollars into an enterprise that could, in fact, lead to the end of the world as we know it. Maybe it’s time as well for the leaders of China, Russia, and this country to limit or ban the deployment of hypersonic missiles and other weaponry that will compress life-and-death decisions for humanity into just a few minutes, thereby justifying the automation of such fateful judgments.” [..]

  • The goal is rather obvious – Terrify the population with poverty, internal conflicts and a broken supply chain until they lobby the establishment for help. Then, offer the “solution” of medical tyranny, immunity passports, martial law, a global economic system based on a cashless digital society in which privacy in trade is erased, and then slowly but surely form a faceless “multilateral” global government which answers to no one and does whatever it pleases.
    I remember back in 2014 when Christine Lagarde first began talking about the reset. That same year she also made a very strange speech to the National Press Club in which she started rambling gleefully about numerology and the “magic number 7”. Many within the club laughed, as there was apparently an inside joke that the rest of us were not privy to. Well, I would point out that the World Economic Forum meeting on the global reset in 2021 will be held exactly 7 years after Lagarde gave that speech. Just another interesting coincidence I suppose.

Some of these I recognize as visual aides for people with autism.

Yes, true that some are from autism education. But much of what is learned here is extended to other early childhood learning. There has been debate and suspicion that autistic children are targeted and exploited for behavioral studies and often funded by philanthropic institutes that at face value look like they mean well, but do they? Is there another agenda? Are they studying and determining ways to control any person’s behavior? If so, how?
Here is from one site:
“How do you collect data in the classroom and track behaviors? Read more on collecting behavior data in special ed or Autism classrooms and make your BIPs amazing! Includes tips and ideas on ABC data, frequency data, duration data, and more!”

That’s from aba therapy – applied behavioral analysis. They pride themselves on observing behavior, recording data, and making recommendations based on the data. For example – they might notice that the child has a meltdown after announcements on the p.a. because they are sensitive to sound. It’s an approach that can be severely misused – but when the child has limited language to explain – it can be helpful. I don’t think its bad in and of itself – its its the application that is good or bad.

I see no place for artists, entertainers, creativity, spontaneity t any of the greatest joys in life in the cold and heartless technocratic system. I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN THAT WORLD AND BE ENSLAVED!

And another post from him:

AI in education. What could go wrong?
“A significant aspect of the social life of AIed is the controversies emerging over automated decision-making and judgment by opaque systems. In summer 2020 this became especially apparent in relation to predictive grading. The first case was the predictive grading system used by the International Baccalaureate Organization to replace exams during Covid-19 school closures. Rather than basing grades on exam scores, the IBO employed an algorithmic grading and awarding model based on student coursework, teacher-delivered predicted grades and historical prediction data. The system, many have argued, is unfair and potentially discriminatory, with more than 20,000 students signing a petition protesting the algorithm. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority has since ordered the IBO to provide further detail on the model as part of an investigation into whether it violated the European General Data Protection Regulation.

The use of statistical modelling and historical performance data to predict and award grades in the four UK nations, and the inequalities of outcomes that resulted from this standardization process, fueled further public, legal and media backlash over the use of predictive algorithms in education. At one protest in London, affected students began chanting ‘fuck the algorithm‘, a phrase quickly taken up on social media. It resulted in eventual political capitulation, the abandonment of algorithmic awarding models, and the reinstatement of teacher assessed grades. One UK Conservative politician later lamented that the scandal was the result of ‘technocratic governance and government by computer’ that failed to recognize ‘that the decisions that are made affect the lives of thousands of people individually’. Although exam grade prediction, moderation and standardization is certainly not unique to these events, the widespread outrage at the outcomes in this case meant governmental trust in numbers in the four education systems of the UK was not able to withstand public calls for returning trust in teachers and legal demands for fair outcomes for students.”

And a reply to this post:

Testing the AI system.. at the expense of real human lives. Many of my friends children were subjected to this 😢.
Now our NHS has gone digital, NHSx, no A&E walk in’s allowed from November .. our health care system is now telemedicine/telehealth.
Yet most people here still think it’s about COVID..

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

A school board member is asking if there are any reports of students passing out or getting dizzy at school. If you have incident to report you can MESSAGE HER as indicated in her post TO MAKE AN OFFICIAL REPORT.

And the post quoted:

Parents, I need your help again. If your child has passed out at school or gotten dizzy due to dehydration or their mask, please message me. I am hearing reports of this and it really needs to be documented.

And here are the replies to this post:

And I have realized that when I wear the mask for over one hour, I actually get itchy all over my torso. It lasts about two weeks. I’ve never had it before, didn’t change anything about diet or cleaning products, and each time this began when mask was on over an hour (different material masks, so not chemicals from that), and lasted two weeks. So add itching to the list.

I saw a woman nearly pass out in a mask today at the dentist’s office. She had to take it off to breathe. 😦

Escalante High school has had three just today. The school doesn’t have air conditioning and then there’s the masks. Even teachers are getting sick.

Multiple kids a day throwing up, headaches, dizziness, anxiety you name it. It is all happening and absolutley ridiculous!

Hypoxia causes increased anxiety because when the brain doesn’t get the oxygen that it needs, it freaks out.

I get lightheaded and my heart rate increases within a few minutes of wearing a mask in warm temperatures. I’ve tried several different fabrics/designs. I withdrew my kids from their gifted magnet school because mask wearing for 7 hours is an unacceptable condition for children. In stores, I go into empty aisles to slip my mask down to breathe.

Headaches for my kids

Migraines for my kids. 😦

One my child’s teacher had to leave the classroom yesterday because she got an anxiety attack from the mask. She had to leave the classroom to take her mask off and breath/calm down.

I almost passed out, twice, at my obgyn’s office.

From a friend who is on administrative paid leave in Nebo School District for refusing to wear a mask while teaching, is reporting that Utah Valley Hispital was filled with kids yesterday (Tuesday )with respiratory problems from wearing masks at school.

My 9th grader gets light headed just about every day and he’s only at school a couple hours in a mask

Mine keeps coming home with head aches. She sleeps right after she comes home and says it’s hard to hear what is being taught. She loves the teachers and thrives in that environment but it’s hard to see her come home physically worse than a construction worker in heat

yep headaches and fatigue are sign of hypotoxia and wearing masks too long. She needs a medical exemption.

I heard they won’t give those anymore. We are in Tooele so we only have to wear them in class. Which isn’t good but I told her to get up and walk out to get some air. If they have a issue I will go all momma bear on their butts

my daughter has said that the last two days as well. My other daughter hasn’t complained about headaches but comes home and sleeps (both of my kids are).

my daughter went in for kindergarten testing yesterday and scored very low. I was surprised (she does know her alphabet) so when I asked her teacher about it she said well it was kind of hard to hear. Well no duh you covered up her face. Hello!

yes we have kids in school with speech struggles and it was already hard to understand and masks are making it so hard!!!! I feel bad asking them over and over again what they said but also want them to know they are heard

that’s one of the reasons why I pulled my child out. When I have to ask her a few times what she just said, she tells me “nothing don’t worry about it.” 😭 I don’t want that happening at school.

I am hearing impaired so my daughter knows how I can’t understand people with masks on and will tell waitresses “my mom is deaf she can’t understand you with the mask on”. The other day she told her kindergarten teacher (teachers wear masks kids don’t) “I can’t understand you. Please take your mask off”.

Yes, my 9 year old daughter came home school with a major migraine (she’s never had one before) she couldn’t even form a complete sentence. She was scared and disoriented. I felt so helpless. This is not how her back to school experience should be….

3rd grade- headache everyday, can raise her hand and point to her mask and she’s allowed to go to the corner and remove her mask 🙄
6th grade- wears his mask under his chin, behind his ears are sore.
8th grade- no mask breaks, mask police all over the school, headache everyday, no lunch during school because there’s too many kids in school and it’s too hard to be safe and feed the kids, ears are raw, chin is all broke out, light headed and dizzy when he had to go up the stairs for class.
All my kids come home so tired and ornery.

Wth? No lunch at all? How can the school do that?

lunch is provided at 1:30-1:45 if they choose to stay.. otherwise school gets out at 1:30. They said that teachers will allow the students to snack during class… but most of them do not because they don’t want the mess.

My senior told me tonight when I asked him about it that at the end of the day he starts feeling lightheaded. Their school is from 8 to 3:30. My 10th grader said that they ran a mile outside for PE , then went inside to get a drink of water but had to mask up. He felt that he needed to breathe.

My son passed out at school this morning he got dizzy passed out and when he fell he hit is head really hard he doesn’t remember anything after he passed out just that he woke up in a chair

Our 17 yr old has had incident with dizziness. She mostly complains about headaches. Once the mask is off she’s fine. We’ve tried 5 different types of masks for her also. We found one she likes but still struggles with it… just struggles less I guess.

My 6th grader has had 4 bad headaches, two that were migraines causing him to throw up, since school started.
My first grader came out from school crying today from a bad headache. She has been fine until today. We had to switch from a clear plastic mouth shield to a full face shield so I am assuming that the full shield is the culprit.
My fifth grader seems to be the least affected. She has had mild headaches on the days she wore a cloth mask but has fared ok when wearing the mouth shield.

my 6th grader has had the same problem! I sent him yesterday with the clear plastic mouth/nose shield and he was feeling fine until one of his teacher made him put a mask on.
I got a call and he barely made it to the bathroom and puked in the mask. 😔

my 10yr old got in the car after his first day and sobbed! They made him wear his mask outside during recess in the heat! He told the aide he was dizzy, and sick to his stomach. He was told they’d take his temperature later, but never did. They were put in zones separately. No playing together. So, I don’t see why the masks are mandated there. He tried to tell his teacher later in class because by then his head was hurting too, but she said he needed to stay in his seat. He was so excited to go back and see everyone, but in the way home amidst sobs begged me “please don’t make me go back!”
This is seriously insane! If I covered my child’s nose and mouth restricting their breathing for 8hrs a day, isolated them, and psychologically messed with their heads by telling them to stay away from people that they were dangerous and could kill people I would have CPS CALLED ON ME! We need to turn the GOVERNOR IN FOR CHILD ABUSE!

I work in a school and wear a mask for that period of time. I am also a crossing guard. While crossing outside for an hour and a half, I am required to wear a mask. We run sometimes. After the first half hour, I develop a headache. An hour, my focus is shot. Its really difficult to pay attention. By the time I’m done, I go home feeling exhausted with a headache. I’m afraid with the focus problems, I may misstep and it could be serious for the kids.

WE can thank Dirk Burton. Dirk is fine with the closed playgrounds they had all over the city back in March. Dirk is aligning himself with the county mayor, wilson.

First day for my kids. My 15 yr old said he only had a headache for half the day, and his throat feels raw. They only had lunch time to have a break from the mask. Something needs to change. Kids are not getting sick, no masks needed, or let them wear a shield!

My 12 year old in middle school has complained every day of being dizzy, having headaches, and feeling nauseous due to her mask. This isnt healthy

My 6th grader who has asthma came home today with a headache and said he felt dizzy his 5th hour class. When I asked him how come he didn’t call me he said he was afraid to ask because all the teachers just get mad at the kids all day long. I hope this can be stopped. I hate that they have to wear these things

My 6th grader is getting headaches from the mask. He was rubbing his temples in class and the teacher told him to go call home. Instead he locked himself in a bathroom stall and took his mask off so he could breathe. After about 10 minutes his headache went mostly away and he returned to class. This breaks my heart. My 2nd grader has a rash all over his chin from the mask and on the back of his neck from the lanyard they have him wear to hold the mask when he takes it off. This is not healthy. Thank you for listening and caring and standing up for what is right.

My 7th grader has gotten headaches and very lightheaded while wearing the masks. My 5th and 2nd grader has cone home with headaches as well. Kinder started today for us so I’m not sure what they will feel like. I can only imagine how scary it must be for them and top it off with not being able to breathe it’s a downright nightmare.

My son has not passed out, or gotten dizzy.
His eyes are getting swollen,red, and irritated from his breath being forced upward into his eyes. He can’t even barely open his eyes up after school. When he gets home we take a cool wash cloth to them and after a few hours they start to clear up ……. until the next day.

It’s disgusting what schools are doing to children.
Please end the mask mandate!!!
This was in one of the groups I follow posted by the father.
[name redacted by me]
Excitement to tears.
Meet my son [name redacted by me]. He has been diagnosed Autistic and also has a genetic condition. He has sensory issues and doesn’t like people/things to touch his face.
He was refused entry on his school bus because he couldn’t wear an ear loop mask (he pulls his shirt over his face in areas a mask is required, it’s pretty cute.)
After militantly stating the Governor’s order (I’m sure the assistant was just doing what she was told). We said we would drive him to school. When loading him in the car he said “I don’t want to go to school any more”. Totally breaks my heart.
Governor Herbert, teacher’s union, Davis School district … remind me the science behind cloth masks?
I’m in health care and it’s obvious to me we are acting out of fear rather than science. And giving up so much freedom in the process.

My 7 year old wanders around the field by herself each recess, because she was told if she is alone she won’t have to wear the mask. Walking alone is the only time she has to take a break from the mask so she has yet to make any new friends. She says it’s hard to breathe and hear what anyone is saying, so she is better off alone.

My daughter told me that she started getting a headache about halfway threw school today. It was our first day of school. Got home from school and told me she wanted to go to bed before having to go to work. This needs to end before all our kids and up in the hospital or worse

My child is IEP eligible and is in preschool. He has a speech delay and they are saying in order for me to have him made exempt from wearing a mask I have to hold another IEP meeting when they already know that he is there for speech therapy and he doesn’t understand why he has to wear it. And it doesn’t make sense for a child who has a communication problem to wear a mask. Thank you for addressing these concerns.

Mine came home today (third day in school) and said that he just randomly got a bloody nose while sitting at his desk. He felt something and looked in his mask and the inside of his mask had blood in it. :/ My daughter says that the masks give her a terrible headache, but within 10 mins of having it off, she says that goes away too.

My 14 year old son is getting stuffy noses and can’t breathe. Once he takes it off after school, it goes away. He says that the teachers are constantly on any kid who has one below the top of the nose and if he takes a second to pull it down to breathe… the teachers will say something.
Way to cause anxiety in children. Good job Gary!
My second grader and nurse/office staff called from the school office today to tell me he had a sore throat but it was a dry throat from not being able to breathe and getting dehydrated. He asked me to let him come home because the teachers won’t let him pull down the mask to breathe.
Sick of this. This is after my kids begged me to let them go and were excited. It’s been one week. My two of three are now asking to homeschool. They are just so bothered by the mask and have lost that excitement for school not to mention that they can’t really socialize very well, at least that’s what my middle schooler says.
We went into this with the very best attitude and were hoping for the best. I want them in school so they can have a life away from home.
This is abuse.

My 9 year old daughter complains of a headache almost everyday when she gets home from school, my 6 year old hasnt made as many complaints but says sometimes it’s so hot that he starts getting dizzy.

12th, 9th, and 7th graders are getting headaches and nausea at school. 9th grader is deaf in one ear and can’t understand a thing anyone says because of the masks.

My asthmatic son had to use his inhaler 2 times yesterday cause he couldn’t breath with his mask on. Not to mention it made him super grouchy ( not sure if it was a headache or just the lack of oxygen

the first 9 days of school for my 7 year old went really well considering masks on in the school. the school has made mandatory mask breaks through out the day and also have no masks on at recess or lunch time unless they want to use them outside. during lunch they have to wear masks in line to get the food but get to take them off to eat and go outside to play. as for hydration her school also made a new rule about water bottles so the kids n teachers have their own water to drink when the want or need to. daughter came home the first day and second with headaches and really tired its wasnt all about the mask it was also because she wasnt used to being in school and having fun with friends also we live in a spot where its 100 pluse everyday still and that always will play a huge part if being tired and thirsty and hot! I personally dont like or agree masks on kids all the time in school or other wise but I know it may help the spread of the virus slow down a bit. I want my daughter to be in school and have a normal childhood as much as possible and wearing a mask todo so well anything to let her have some normal! I just hate masks!

My tenth grader feels dizzy and lightheaded after wearing a mask and he only attends two classes at the high school!

Yes all four of my school aged children have been coming home with major headaches. Two of them lightheaded.

I’m in Colorado, so I don’t know if that means you can’t use my story, but my oldest has an IEP. I think some parents pointed out that the state has to provide services to kids with IEPs because they are the only kids in school in our district.
But I talked with her teacher before school started because my daughter has anxiety and is on the autism spectrum (with other developmental delays). Her teacher said she didn’t think kids with special needs would tolerate masks, and not to worry.
Then on the second day of school, she came home with a mask. Because she wore it most of the day, they want to put it in her IEP as a life skill. They are ignoring her disabilities and American Disability Act, AND she has a doctor’s note giving her an exemption, but they’re disregarding that, too.
I have never had any troubles with the district or any of the teachers, but they are pushing me to the breaking point.
They also won’t let the other kids go to school and e-learning for a boy with ADHD doesn’t work, and neither does online Kindergarten. 😡

My sixteen year old is coming home with headaches. Once he comes home, he passes out in his room and sleeps for long periods of time.

My two school age daughters (7th and 12th grade) have started getting bloody noses every night. This started after the first week of school

My daughter had a headache every day by second period. She is in 8th grade.

I’m a para and get a headache every day and can’t breath in the stupid masks! This mask crap needs to go away.

The bus is also an issue. They are cramming a whole bunch of kids on a hot bus with sub par air conditioning and won’t let them even take their masks off for a moment. We live out by the Arizona border and so our kids are on that bus for about 50 min before they reach home. My kids get hot an anxious and feel like they can’t breath but get yelled at by the bus driver if they pull down their masks even for a moment.

I have a child home today because she has been complaining about being light headed at school. Today is day #7 of school. I’ve had one child miss 4 days, another miss 2 days and another miss 1 day- because of the masks.

My 7 year old started school about a week and a half ago. She goes to a charter school in person. She comes home every day with a headache and dehydrated. She almost passed out at school. She HATES masks. She also has anxiety and it makes it so much worse. She said it’s hard to breathe in them. She tries to pull the mask down below her nose sometimes to breathe better but she’s been threatened a few times for doing so. She’s nearly in tears every single day. She broke down crying this morning and had an anxiety attack saying she can’t go. I let her stay home today. I’m going to have her do school at home. We tried in person because she normally loves school and does better in person. She says she hates school now. 😥 My son is 4 and starts preschool next month. He’s on an IEP and also has sensory processing issues. He can’t stand things touching his face. His preschool told me several times even though he’s on an IEP he has to still get a medical exemption. His doctor won’t sign an exemption for him. He definitely needs to go to school in person. He’s also in speech therapy. They just don’t care though! This is making me sick 😡

My 19 and 16 year old girls have become more tired and irritable from wearing the masks for work. I worry how it will affect my 16 year old when she’s in school all day.

Here is a post from a California group:

Any parents whose children are doing online education through Chico Unified or any other school district I urge you all to monitor their Zoom classes!
During my High School freshman’s biology class this morning the teacher was introducing the scientific method. The teacher had them watch a video which depicted the use of face masks in preventing laboratory induced “smoke coughs”. The video stated that masks are to be used by the public to protect those around us, and that those who do not wear masks are irresponsible!
There was no context or further information provided about particle size differences (smoke/saliva vs. Virus), particle size filtration for different face masks, health risks associated with face mask use, long-standing medical practices for face masks in healthy populations, Etc.
Whatever your stance or political beliefs on mask use is this type of propaganda should not be taught in our children’s school!
I’ve already contacted the school and the district and of course I’m now concerned about what other information they will be trying to teach my child that has nothing to do with the subjects she is enrolled in.
This is what our schools are now and parents need to be aware.

And some replies to this post:

My friend’s daughter, in middle school, was told that eating meat will cause cancer. Veganism was pushed in PE.

this happened in my nieces cheer team in high school from the coaches. I was outraged by it to be honest. Teach nutrition not what you like to eat. Goodness

If teachers don’t stand up to the blatant indoctrination and propaganda proscribed by their schools & unions, then I see no reason to stand up for the teachers. It takes COURAGE to buck the system. I have an education degree myself and worked in the field of museum ed for 22 years, writing curriculum, training docents, teachers and worked with thousands of children from K-college. As in any field, there are outstanding teachers and less than stellar teachers (that’s being kind). I met both types. But as parents and grandparents we have a responsibility to insure that the children are receiving a quality education based on TRUTH, not a political agenda. I very much appreciate the work of this group. Keep it up and spread the word.

I do agree with this. There was an incident in town today with middle school students getting a lesson on tolerance and George Floyd was the theme and the teacher started bashing the police. If my children get a lesson like this and police are bashed, that is going to be an issue because their grandfather is a retired officer and I know my kids, they will stand up for their beliefs.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Brighton, NY.

This principal is not only coercing CHILDREN to embrace a specific political agenda, he is also enriching a privately owned company with sales of gear and paraphernalia.

I wonder if he’s being paid a commission?

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota is now sending out surveys to childcare providers asking them to care for children whose parents are hospitalized with COVID. What’s next? Caring for children exposed to Covid?
In June, childcare providers were told to continue working and especially for kids of “essential workers”. This was in the form of a “decision tree” based on children’s symptoms. In August, another update was required of providers, the covid preparedness plan and Make-A-Plan Minnesota.
And now? Providers are encouraged to care for children who have been exposed to Covid and whose parents have been hospitalized! This action is reminiscent of the long-term care facilities taking on positive cases.
Do you recall Make-A-Plan Minnesota where parents gave up personal information about their children – their favorite foods, toys, stuffed animal as well as information about parents’ Last Will and Testament? Now the MN DHS states the opposite.
“Unfortunately, this virus doesn’t provide families time to make plans including for the care of their children.” Note the reasons for alternative plans may include a family without other plans but also parents who’ve been hospitalized and children who’ve been exposed.
Each day, this entire event is more and more dystopian.


Here is another post from Shannon Joy:

This is criminal.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

A quiz my daughter took today. 9th grade, Skyridge High School, Alpine SD. (The same school who’s teachers are required to read a list of covid symptoms every day, every period). She sent me her response. What are your thoughts and what action against the school would you take? Curious if you think this is overstepping their boundaries as educators or if this is a lost cause. Tia.

Here are the repleis to this post:

Pure Indoctrination and forced surveillance of a child’s willingness to comply to the State. [name redacted] Do you know where this survey system is coming from? Is it crossing the line of legality because it’s a survey?

surveillance…I hadn’t thought of that but yes makes sense they would ask them why. 🙄

Some types of surveys are illegal under Utah law. The people I’ve tagged should know if this crosses that legal line.

Is it any different than the “educational” video and quiz you have to go through to obtain a vaccine exemption for your kids? They’ve been getting away with garbage like this for years. No one has ever stopped them before from trampling on our parental or medical rights.

here is the code:

This isn’t education, this is indoctrination. This is a new trendy attemp to guilt the kids out of normalcy. If this virus were killing people like we were told it was supposed to, we wouldn’t need anyone to tell us to wear a mask or avoid people or stay home. This is abusive overreach and over-reaction from people the students are supposed to trust & respect. These kids don’t deserve this garbage.

The overwhelming reason there is such a huge push on this is to create a hype and scare to encourage more testing.
“EACH” positive test in Utah takes in $94,000 in federal aid (taxpayer money).
Some people that test positive are tested multiple times.
Very few are hospitalized, but the majority are sent home. The only service they received was a swab in the nose.
West Virginia alone bags $471,000 in federal aid for each test. And you wonder why they encourage lock downs and more testing. This is very disturbing folks.

Honestly, schools are always indoctrinating our kids. I’ve been through it on other topics with my kids teachers. They will get defensive and then back peddle to make it sound like my student just didn’t understand the assignment. While I hate this.. loathe it.. it happens every year.

And another post from this group:

I am livid…. I don’t know where else to post this, felt this was a good spot. First week of online school (through a Charter) and everything is going…well we will say “ok”… Then today they are doing an art project to draw a self portrait… with a face mask!! – WHY is this OKAY!? I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do…. conditioning our children even through an online platform? They don’t have to wear the mask while drawing it, but they have to draw the mask on their face!?

And some replies to this post:

Good time to have a discussion with your kids about propaganda and how to recognize it and have critical thinking skills. We all need to be teaching this to our kids in our homes. The school platform is turning them into sheep who can’t think for themselves.

My second grader is in person and they made “mask books” the first week.😡 Now let me clarify, there is absolutely NO way I could get through to this kid doing homeschool, so yes he is in person, but definitely has his opinion on masks.

I had him draw a self portrait with NO mask… I’m trying to figure out how to word an email to the teacher because it is ridiculous!!

So this was my final draft and sent email to the teacher… we shall see if anything comes of it!!
Hi xxx,
Can you kindly help me understand why the art project is for the students to be drawing themselves with face masks on? Self portraits are great, but they are just that, a self portrait. Their faces do not come with masks.
XXX drew his self portrait as it should be done. We will not allow for conditioning and political indoctrination. Sadly, 6 months ago this would not have been a discussion or an assignment that would have been a thought in anyone’s mind.
We need to keep life as normal as humanly possible, not the “new” normal, but normal. Things like this should not affect what is taught to our children in school. History is still history and self portraits should still be self portraits.
Thank you,

I’ve been disappointed in the online learning for my kindergartener. We get done with their garbage if I even let him do it then I do practice writing, reading, phonics, spelling and math. Some days we even do science or geology. My kid loves rocks. I feel as if they are dumbing him down. I’m ready to pull him too

My kindergartener first assignment through the charter school was decorate & color the paper mask. I didn’t jet him do it or any of the other crap on germs, etc. this is out of control. I’ll give it a month but I’m already doing my own curriculum and in a month, if it’s not better, I’m pulling him out.

When someone (a teacher) has proven that they are willing to indoctrinate your child, why would a parent trust that person ever again? No amount of emailing or discussions will change the fact that that person is willing to indoctrinate your child…and that they will do it again.
Be brave parents. Walk away from the broken system and let’s build our own family systems. Drawing self portraits can happen at home…so can every other subject.

Exactly 100% spot on. I have watched this for nearly 3 decades now.
Something happens at the schools, the parents complain and gripe, and the schools do whatever they want because the parents will not leave.
Ultimately you have zero leverage unless you were willing to leave the system. People have become so dependent on someone else to educate their children, that they simply refuse to take back responsibility.
And the unions and the administrators all know it.

I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment. Is it possible that the teacher was trying to come up with a way to help the students feel more comfortable adjusting to wearing a mask in school? I can’t speak for all teachers, but most have good intentions. Wearing a mask is awful, and I don’t like doing it all day. If I could, I would teach without it. I understand your concern though. But just know that us teachers really do care about your kids, and we’re trying to do the best we know how to do.

it is possible. However we are an all online group of kids. Not to mention I don’t feel it’s the teachers place to do a bunch of “masks” projects. Especially on a self portrait. Then you have the other individual who’s 9th grader had a test on masks. It all just feels to outta place. We shouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place. 6 months ago a self portrait would have been just that

Maybe the teachers shouldn’t normalize this either. Maybe the teachers should teach the students the fundamentals of the subject they specialize in. Maybe the teachers should say NO this is not teaching. This is “masking “ these children’s individuality, their personality. Maybe the teachers who say they love the kids they teach should stand up for their students right to breathe clear and free. Teachers are people in power, use it.

That’s the dumbest damn thing I have ever heard, this is the second art project I have seen posted today which includes a mask.. the other one was for little kids, to cut the mask out and paste on a picture… I would turn one in without the mask..

And yet another post from this group:

Can anyone tell me about Raz kids? I’m concerned that my child may be reading inappropriate materials. Anyone have experience with it?

And some replies to this post:

Honestly, some of the books my kid brought home we would not read, because I didn’t think it was appropriate, others my kids refused to read and then some my kids actually enjoyed reading.

My daughters both used raz kids for online schooling end of last year, but I wasn’t aware of inappropriate materials. Now I’m curious… what specifically did you discover about it?

I have heard of there being BLM-ish material. I’m just wondering if it’s a fact

In the past there has not been. There might be this year. I recall a book about President Obama once. I read it because I wanted to know what they were teaching. It was fine fairly neutral. Overall they are good but I would keep watch and scan books that seem biased.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Google is getting into the health insurance business: meet Coefficient Insurance Company.
Combine this with Google’s bid to acquire Fitbit and get access to vast amount of health data, and Google’s access to health related search queries, and you get the full picture: insurance premium to be decided & defined by Google.

And another post from her:

“U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services wants to greatly expand its processing of our personal information, in the name of containing COVID-19, but without showing actual benefit to public health.
EFF opposes this data grab.”

And a post from another friend of mine:

“All over the Western world ever since 9/11 there have been incremental steps towards what many liberty advocates would call a “police state”; a system in which governments are no longer restricted by the boundaries of civil liberties and are given the power to do just about anything they want in the name of public safety. The use of “the law” as a tool for injecting tyranny into a culture is the first tactic of all totalitarians.

The idea is that by simply writing government criminality into the law books, that criminality somehow becomes justified by virtue of legal recognition. It’s all very circular. Whenever government abuse of the people is initiated, it’s always initiated in the name of what’s “best for society as a whole”. To save society, the individuals that make up a society must be sublimated or destroyed. This mentality is the complete opposite of what the Founding Fathers in America fought and died for, but as Thomas Jefferson once said:

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

In countries like Australia, which claim to value Western democratic principles of liberty and rule by the people, the perception is that civil rights are codified into the legal framework just as they are in the US. However, there are some glaring differences and issues; specifically, Australian citizens (like many European citizens) have absolutely no means to compel their government or the elites that influence their government to limit themselves. It is these nations, in which the populations have been mostly disarmed and pacified, that any agenda for tyranny will first be established. But we will get to that in a moment…

Make no mistake, there is a very OPEN and easily identifiable agenda on the part of globalists to establish a heavily centralized police state system in every country they are able. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is conspiracy fact.

For many years now there have been numerous analysts, economists and geopolitical experts in the alternative media that have predicted and warned the public about the globalist strategy of “order out of chaos”. In other words, the ultra-wealthy power brokers that hold influence over most governments on Earth seek to “reshape” the existing social order through the creation of crisis and disaster. By engineering public desperation, they hope to lure us into accepting restrictions on our freedoms that we would have never considered otherwise.

The goal of a single global economy and government has been spoken of by elites time and time again, yet it is still to this day called “conspiracy theory” or “paranoid delusion”. I could quote these elites and their organizations all day long, but I’ll cite a few choice statements to make my point.

As former Deputy Secretary of State under Clinton and Council on Foreign Relations member Strobe Talbot wrote in an article for Time Magazine in 1992 titled ‘America Abroad: The Birth Of The Global Nation’:

“In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”

As elitist and Fabian Socialist HG Wells outlines in his non-fiction treatise titled ‘The New World Order’:

“…When the struggle seems to be drifting definitely towards a world social democracy, there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people … will hate the new world order … and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people.”

And how about one of my favorite revealing quotes from Trilateral Commission member Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations under Kennedy and Johnson? He wrote in the April, 1974 issue of the Council on Foreign Relation’s (CFR) journal Foreign Affairs (pg. 558) in an article titled ‘The Hard Road To World Order’:

“In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

Members of globalist foundations and think-tanks like the CFR have inhabited nearly every US government office and presidential cabinet for the past several decades. This includes the two dozen or so CFR members in Donald Trump’s cabinet. Draining the swamp? Not going to happen.

As Harpers Magazine candidly revealed in a 1958 expose titled ‘School For Statesmen’:

“The most powerful clique in these (CFR) groups have one objective in common, they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the U.S. They want to end national boundaries and racial and ethnic loyalties supposedly to increase business and ensure world peace. What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people. The CFR was founded for “the purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all powerful one world government.”

The easiest method for the globalists to get what they openly say they want is to either conjure a crisis or exploit an existing crisis in order to “erode sovereignty”. The current pandemic fits this plan perfectly, but before sovereignty can be eliminated on a national level they need to undermine sovereignty on an individual level first.

Actions within the US and nations allied to the US suggest an accelerated attack on personal liberties is at hand.

There are sister foundations to the CFR in many other countries. For example, in Australia they have the highly embedded and influential Strategic Policy Institute, which has been consistently advocating for complete centralization of government power in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Their stated plan is to concentrate policy administration in the hands of a new “commission” or “department” made up of the “brightest minds”. This commission would not be tasked with getting Australia back to normal, but convincing the public to ACCEPT the “new normal” beyond the pandemic.

The ASPI enthusiastically heralds the idea in an article titled ‘Coronavirus Response A Chance To Reimagine Future For Australia’:

“The agenda of such a department now is not about getting Australia back to normal after the pandemic. It’s about re-imagining what Australia can be and how we can thrive and prosper in our future beyond the coronavirus and in light of drought, bushfires and climate change. Think about the kind of new economy we can have after the forced, rapid adoption of dispersed home working and schooling through digital means. We can be the leading digital economy the prime minister desired before the pandemic, not by 2030 but much earlier.”

This reminds me immediately of the post 9/11 push to rapidly remove constitutional protections while the public was blinded by fear and confusion. As US globalist Rahm Emanuel would say:

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

The ASPI reveals the true agenda, which is the complete federalization and unilateral implementation of law without public approval. The plan is to do this by exploiting the pandemic event to its full potential and then applying the rapid societal changes in government structure. This will then be carried on long after the coronavirus disappears in the name of the economy, welfare programs and so-called “global warming”. The pandemic response is just a means to an end, and the end game is total dominance of the population.

I focus on Australia and the surrounding regions in particular because this seems to be the place where globalists are enforcing technocratic policies first. Or at the very least, they are test-running their strategy and using Australians as guinea pigs. When the ASPI says they plan to keep the pandemic changes in place well after the virus is gone, they aren’t just talking about shifting into a digital economy.

Right now, Australia and New Zealand are slamming citizens with perhaps the most draconian measures yet in the Western world. These are policies that the elites want to introduce everywhere, but they are going full bore in Australia, and it just keeps getting worse.

In various areas of Australia “Level 4” response measures have been enforced for at least the next six weeks, including curfews, strict mask policies including people being forced to wear masks OUTSIDE (contrary to everything science and virology has to say about low possibility of transmission in sunlight and open air), residents are not allowed to travel more than 3 miles from their homes and only one person from a household is allowed to leave at any given time. Citizens violating these rules are subject to $10,000 fines or arrest. And yes, people are being arrested simply for not wearing mask or being too far from home.

In New Zealand, the situation has become exceedingly grim and I think it should be treated as a warning to Americans specifically as to our potential future is we allow the narrative of “public health security” to be turned into a vehicle for tyranny.

While Australia has been using quarantine facilities to force people considered high risk to isolate, NZ quarantine camps are now fully under the control of the military, and ALL citizens that test positive or are suspected to have Covid can be separated from their families and placed in the camps, which are hotels converted into prisons.

It is the complete erasure if personal liberties all because of an increase in cases which has amounted to a mere 525 deaths in Australia and 22 deaths in New Zealand.

I believe the reason Australia and New Zealand have been targeted with this level of restrictions first is because they have been almost fully disarmed and have no means to defend themselves from government overstep. That said, I see signs that similar measures will be attempted in the US as well. In states like New York, there are low key programs to set up Covid checkpoints stopping and checking vehicles coming into the state. This is where heavier restrictions start.

First, checkpoints will be established in the name of keeping infected people out of a state or city. Then, those same checkpoints will be used to keep people from leaving a state or city. Then, checkpoints will be set up at random to test people for fever or symptoms of illness. If allowed to continue, the natural progression of checkpoints is to terrify the population into not traveling anywhere for any reason. Like in Australia and NZ, people will effectively be imprisoned in their homes. At this stage, bringing in laws or executive orders punishing people for leaving home will be easier; they will have already acclimated to being trapped at home anyway.

Furthermore, elites and globalists within the US are calling for hard lockdowns for at least six weeks, just like the Level 4 lockdowns in Australia. Federal Reserve member Neel Kashkari recently asserted that Americans are saving more, thus they should be subjected to hard lockdowns “because they can afford it”.

Virginia is planning mandatory Covid vaccinations, even though vaccines for SARS like viruses have proven impossible to develop in the past, and rushed vaccines have a history of harming or killing people rather than protecting them. Set aside the issue that giving government the power to force citizens to inject anything into their bodies is immoral.

What’s next? Covid camps? Well, yes, unless Americans make a hard stand. Mainstream media outlets have been suggesting this strategy for months. The Washington Post applauded the use of forced isolation camps in other nations and asks why the US has not yet used them beyond ports for foreign travelers? The reason is this: Many Americans will not go along with such measures, and will use force in-kind against anyone trying to lock them up because of a virus that is a moderate threat at most to a small percentage of the population.

That said, don’t assume that the establishment will not eventually try it here. They will. Be ready when they do so. Look to the actions in places like Australia and NZ and ask yourself, am I willing to go along with that? And if so, for how long? Because the globalists intend for these restrictions to become the “new normal”. They intend for this nightmare to last forever.”
The thorn in globalists’ side is 197 sovereign nations, each with their own legal and tax systems, inconsistent regulations, court systems, etc. Grabbing global resources is effortless when the nation-state system is destroyed. Trilaterals understood this in 1973 when they reintroduced Technocracy a…

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Weekend read, Anti Fed Ed Warriors. Very, very important education news you won’t get anywhere else.
More on Noahide laws ruining our lives, AI from the feds which will only increase, and, much more.

Here is a post that was shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

“I’m not sure how to begin this post except by saying, masks are causing harm! I am not a scientist and I’ve read stories from people on both sides of the debate but let me share an experience that is close to home.

My dear wife is a 2nd grade teacher in the Alpine School District. Utah Governor Herbert mandated masks for all employees, students, and visitors in schools this year. School started on Tuesday, August 18th, just 2 days ago and my wife has not been excited that she has to wear a mask for the full day. Side note, my daughter is a 1st grade teacher in the same school district.

“Masks don’t hurt anybody”, “masks allow airflow”, “there is nothing wrong with wearing a mask”, I’ve heard it all. Well, here is what is happening right now.

My wife came home from school on Tuesday (first day of school) with a slight rasp in her voice. She wears a microphone in her classroom so there is no need to speak loud enough for all the children to hear but the full day of teaching and masking caused her voice to start going out. Yesterday, she comes home and more of the same symptoms but now her chest also hurts, almost like it feels congested. After a couple of hours of being home with no mask, she begins to feel better and her voice returns — for the most part.

She told me that she is not alone. The teachers at the school are all having similar issues due to the fact that they are teaching, talking, and wearing a mask all day. (Now let me insert here, “doctors and nurses wear masks all day”. Yes, they do but they are not talking and teaching for hours on end and they remove the masks when not in with patients). Many of the teachers remove their masks as soon as the day is over even though they are still at the school and technically, breaking the mandate.

The school district has provided face shields for the teachers to use but the mandate states that they must wear a mask even if they wear the face shield. So, she is doing her best to comply.

However, last night was the breaking point. As we were laying in bed, she literally started crying and saying she did not want to go back. She’s cried herself to sleep before but this was different. She’s hurting, not just physically but emotionally. She loves to teach and she loves the children but not being able to communicate with them effectively is breaking her heart. After two days she is telling me stories about how the kids look at her with the “can I take my mask off” look in their eyes. The kids are confused and hurting. They want to be with their friends and teachers while at school but they cannot — “social distancing”. One of her students even told her that he likes it better when she takes her mask off (which she has done a few times so the kids could see her mouth).

My daughter is having the same experiences at her school. She had a rough cough yesterday due to wearing the mask all day.

This is not a political post and I will delete any comments that come across that way. I am simply sharing my first-hand account of what is happening. Our teachers are not going to make it. They won’t make it a year, a month, or maybe not even a couple weeks. The children are so confused. The State of Utah, Governor, and school district need to make changes. I don’t know what the answer is but I do know that the masks are causing more harm than good and the way this is playing out has a very bad ending.”

And some replies to this post:

My 10 yr old son is starting to get daily headaches, I don’t feel good about giving him pain reliever every day. I think that our government officials need to know what’s going on.

Because the “ officials “ have staked this out as the hill they want to die on, I am not sure any rational, scientific fact based studies or arguments will work. If enough teachers refuse to teach in person or online because it is negatively impacting the children, then it may be reviewed. If parents refuse to send their children to these schools or pursue Utah online school options, schools loose money for lack of attendance. Money talks, bull poop walks. Think about it. A few weeks of civilly disobedient non-compliance can make a big change.

I’ve said this several times, and I will say it again! I strongly believe that within the first month of Teaches and Students being forced to wear facemasks, we are going to start to see MANY severe medical conditions.
Anyone who is being forced or threatened in any way about wearing a facemask, should file a lawsuit against any lawmaker that is mandating the wearing of facemasks.

My high school daughter is required to wear a mask at her work (we live in Ok) She has been battling a skin rash around her mouth all summer from “masking” the 4-6 hours, 3-4 days a week. She is now on steroid medication to try to control it. We are NOT looking forward to “masking” during school!

my daughter (a nurse) is battling the same. “Mascne” and it’s just getting way worse…

People, listen. “THEY” DON’T CARE! Mark my words