Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 11

anti-common core part 11

I’ve decided to make a  part 11.

Now Parkland Schools are harassing an anti-gun control student for tweets he made of going to the gun range with his father:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Hey ya’ll! My friend was told by the Principal that she could opt her son out of Sage but it would effect his grade and they would find something harder for him to do. They opted another son of hers last year and they did give them harder stuff. So my questions are, what are her options? Should she report this principal? Where is the law that states no penalties? Where can she get her own form to opt out?

He made her feel really guilty saying “it’s your choice, it’s your choice. But it’s good practice for the act”


And here are some replies to said post:

This principal is a “BULLY” he needs to be gone!


yes and no. It could just be a misunderstanding 😬. I doubt it. But I don’t want anyone to lose their jobs. Just corrected.


yes I understand but experiences go far past this and I’ve been to the District and nothing changes.


You should be able to find the opt out form online at the Utah state education website. Sage is not required. Have her sign the paper and turn it in. Then if he continues to be annoying just have her check her child out whenever there is a test.


Illegal! Illegal! Illegal! Tell her to contact the assessment director or the superintendant.


If you message me and tell me the school district, I can help you find your first point of contact.


Emery County School District


These decisions belong 100% to the parents, not the principal at a government school. Tell your friend to go in and ask this principal if they can sit down and review this test together so she can see if it’s appropriate for her student. He will tell her that no one, including himself is allowed to see the questions. So how does he know if it’s a good practice for the ACT?… They should not be administering tests that they cannot see the questions to. If they want to administer an alternative test, have her ask to review that one as well. Opting out of SAGE testing cannot affect their grade.


She’s kinda nervous to report him bc it’s a small community and her son is in sports. Can it be anonymous?
Doing what she feels is best for her child is always the right decision. If she’s already talked to them then they’ll most likely know it’s her. If I was her I would go in and sit down and explain that as the parent she will not be allowing her student to take this test, and she would appreciate it if they would kindly respect her parental rights and wishes for her child. I would respect a parent more if they came in and were kind but very straight forward about what they wanted for their child.
I have had the same experiences. Will you please PM me the principals name?
Here is a post  from Alice Linahan:

This should be of great concern to ALL Texas Parents.

“The State Board of Education will now require the use of machine-readable curriculum standards when publishers create new high school reading language arts instructional material. This is the first step towards requiring interoperability.”

“Project Unicorn partners presented at SXSWedu March 2018. Dell Foundation presented that data interoperability meant a 360-degree view of student data, information on past test scores, attendance, behavior, etc. right there on the spot and the USDoE’s Digital Promise, who is interested in leveraging the mind, brain connection in education, moderated a panel on bringing brain scanners to measure students’ learning. Read more about this and Bill Gates’ investing in a brain research company that develops next-generation Mind Tracking Solutions, which can be integrated into existing eye tracking devices and software here. ]

alice l image
And another post from her:


“So Mike Morath, Texas Education Agency (TEA) commissioner, failed at his Home Rule attempt in Dallas (See Panning a Charter Takeover of all public schools). So via legislative mandate in SB 1882, Texas has now empowered TEA to use gangster moves to force schools into private management.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

can Nebo District do this?
Email from teacher below. I will post her first email from during school yesterday in the comments. This is what she sent today.

“After I emailed you last, I attended an ethics training for SAGE and received new policy information from the district and state. This year, schools are required to provide an alternate learning experience during SAGE. That means that opt-out students will have a different assignment that will still be required–so if you were to check out Trent on those days, he will still need to make that assignment up. Just for your information, this is found in Utah Code 531-15-1403: “Teachers may not reward or punish a student for being excluded from testing. Schools are required to provide an alternative learning experience for the student while the rest of the class takes the assessment.” This particular alternate assignment is the same for each 7th-grade English class at our school. This assignment will neither be a punishment or a reward–just a different option for those opting out.

As far as grading for SAGE goes, we have been directed to give participation grades–this has nothing to do with how well they score on SAGE or whether or not they opted out, but it is based on their effort in participating. Students who opt out of the SAGE will earn these points by taking the opt-out assignment, which will also be graded based on effort–not mastery. If you’d still like to check Trent out of school, he can make up the assignment at home.

If you have any other concerns or questions about the new policy, my administrators would be happy to explain this further.”


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Watch out for these freaky educational mind-benders …
They’ll infuse ‘em with norms and ethical standards … which they’ll approve … and auto-correct their emotions so they lose any traces of childhood … and become perfectly calibrated, social creeps.

And that’s how they’ll retool your kid’s personality … and rehabilitate their identity … pretty much without bothering you at all. But that should bother you to no end.

Read on … and see what you’re up against …

kid zombie


And here are some replies to said post:

I went to my great-grandaughters school to have lunch with her (that’s nice that the school allows that) as I stood in the hall watching the class arrive I thought “my Lord it’s the Hitler army” perfectly straight line of perfectly spaced littles, no touching!!, no talking (pretend you don’t see Grammy standing over there) God forbid that she show any delight in seeing Grammy. A far cry from my school days when “best Friends ( you are not allowed to say the “best” part anymore) actually held hands in the hallway on the way to lunch. It’s no wonder when I greet a teenager on the street they look at me like I have 3 heads! It’s so pathetic – indeed no joy.

This is my 10 year old daughter’s vocabulary words this week. Thought you would appreciate this 😔

 hard voacb
my son hasn’t seen spelling words since 3rd grade & they weren’t little words. Yet he cant spell small daily words. I’m doing spelling, cursive & the states with my kids over the summer. my daughter is 15 & my son is now 12. They don’t know much of any of that.
I’ve seen the same. The village mayor’s son taught 1st grade. He literally told the kids to look straight ahead, eyes on the back of the head in front of you. haven’t you heard the little songs they sing while being on line. indeed looks like prison.
I’m really considering pulling my last 2 (of 4) out of school and home schooling. I am seeing my bright vibrant children being literally dummed down and commonsence being squashed. Heartbreaking to say the least.
My seventh grade granddaughters are going on a field trip, job fair! Can you believe that!? But they make kids believe that is a good thing!
 I guess we need to protest harder, they are losing their childhood.
 Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Assemblyman Ra and Assemblyman Murray Disappointed the Assembly Majority has Blocked Transparency in Schools

Assemblyman Ed Ra is disappointed to announce that his bill, the “Standardized Testing Transparency Act” (A2312) was held in the Assembly Committee on Education. The legislation would have allowed the Commissioner of Education to release all questions and content on state tests as well as data on the number of students who completed, opted out or were eligible to be tested within 30 days following the test.

“We need to provide our families with this information so they can feel confident when making their personal decision on whether or not to have their children take the new Common Core tests,” said Ra. “Students and parents deserve this transparency, as it will help them determine what is right for their families, as each family has a unique situation. By blocking this legislation, Assembly Democrats are once again refusing to allow families the opportunity to decide what is right for their children. Our teachers are also being let down, as they are caught in the middle of all this. It is already known that there are issues with the content of the tests and its administration, this secrecy is not helping anyone. Though the Assembly Democrats continue to refuse to help students and their families, I will continue to fight for this transparency. We need to be open and honest about what is going on behind the scenes so each family can decide what is right for them.”

“It was disappointing that Assembly Democrats once again let down our teachers, parents and students by blocking the Standardized Testing Transparency Act, legislation that would have given families peace of mind in helping to determine if it was appropriate for their children to take these standardized tests. We have already seen a myriad of problems with the contents of the test’s questions and with how they are administered. I will continue to fight for the highest level of transparency and accountability in regards to the curriculum being taught and the tests that are administered, to help our parents make the best educational choices for their children,” said Assemblyman Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue), the Ranking Republican Member of the Education Committee.


University of Utah has a crying closet for snowflakes to use:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

A good friend of mine spent $40K per year to send her child to a good private school to avoid Common Core and the school to work infiltration. She wanted a truly educated child not human capital for the planned economy. The result for her sacrifice…..her daughter could not score well on the SAT. Even though this child had a 4.0 gpa and had all AP classes. The problem, she knew real math but did not know Common Core math. So her mother had to put out $80 per hour all summer so her child could now learn the CC way to do math and score better on the SAT. I tried to convince her to by-pass the SAT and go directly to the college entrance exam but she was stuck in the same paradigm as many other parents. They think the SAT is the only way to get into college. There is sadly only one solution to this problem. We need to stand up and STARVE THE BEAST. We need to take down this system. Make implode upon itself. But it will take parents willing to stop sending the children into the belly of the beast. If we could get 30% of parents to pull their kids we just might be able to bring it all down. If not we will have 30% of future population with a real education.

I found this post from a California group, though the post was from 2016:

Do you want your student’s data collected and housed in a longitudinal data system outside of the CDE? Well, it’s happening.

The CORE districts are experimenting with your kids. After conducting a two year pilot on ways to measure social emotional learning (SEL), the lead psychologist (Angela Duckworth) backed out of CORE’s project. She felt the implementation of SEL measures was ahead of the science, but that hasn’t slowed CORE down.

CORE Districts are now collecting extensive data on your kids that reaches well beyond academics.

More importantly, this data is being collected and housed outside of CDE’s data system, CALPADS.

Per CORE’s federal wavier, these districts agreed to build a robust longitudinal data system, which is housed at Stanford’s John Gardner Center for Youth. The system was designed to share data across key sectors related to education, such as heath and human services, welfare and criminal justice departments, after school and community programs etc.

The goal is to generate a comprehensive digital profile of every student in order to track his/her performance and progress from cradle to career. The endgame is a sustainable (planned) economy. Although the shift to SEL is couched in the well being of students, it is actually driven by corporate interests, folks who see your kid as human capital.

Thanks to FERPA and CORE your child’s data can and will be shared widely with any number of third parties that have a “legitimate educational interest.”

This year CORE has added several more schools and charters into the fold. From the first federal waiver, CORE intended to scale its approach across the state.

The extensive data collection is a threat to your child’s privacy and safety. More importantly, it won’t improve the quality of his/her education.

So, if you don’t want your child’s personal information collected and shared, you have to speak up. Opt out of adaptive learning software. Demand textbooks and teacher generated assessments, old school paper and pencil tests.

Looks like another student has been suspended for a gun range post on social media:
I found this post in an anti-Common Core group:
Teachers on strike in Arizona, marching in Colorado. I went to some of the Red for Ed Facebook pages, all are supported by “BATS”. That should tell you everything you need to know about Red for Ed. :\    BATS is run by Mark Naison who is a close friend of Bill Ayers. BATS is not Against Common Core! They are all about empowering the Teachers UNION.
 Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Hill told Harris that she left the AEA after her first year of teaching. She is not alone.

Because AEA has failed miserably to represent teachers in the state for years, fewer and fewer teachers belong to the organization. This is not strictly an Arizona phenomena. In fact, across the country, as teachers’ associations took on political fights that had nothing to do with teaching and everything to do with progressive issues like climate change, membership has fallen off.


A  Nevada school that let their students participate in the National Walkout Day is being sued for barring a student from wearing a pro-gun t-shirt:


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Excerpt –Google measuring “soft skills” in k-12 NH schools:
“According to this recent article in the Manchester Union Leader, SNHU received a $1 million dollar grant from Google to develop an assessment to measure “soft skills.”
Soft skills include behaviors, attitudes, and the mental health of the person being assessed. In NH, these soft skills are being assessed k-12 too. In some cases this is being done without parental knowledge or consent. This is part of the Competency Based Education model that includes measuring attitudes, dispositions, and behaviors.”


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

NWEA MAP TESTS. Parents, did you know that all students who take the NWEA MAP growth test, have a separate ENGAGEMENT profile? (It has nothing to do with whether they answered the questions correctly or incorrectly.)
What follows is a brief account of a nearly 7 month NWEA Q & A communication and related FOIA. Many questions remain unanswered. I invite NWEA, teachers, students, other parents to give input — as this is something that potentially affects millions of US students. If you are short on time, here is the very short ‘Top 10’ version:

1. NWEA rebranded in 2017, won award for new Social Emotional Assessment tool for MAP Growth, announced new “engagement” profiling for every student, and hired new CEO, Chris Minnich, of CCSSO, the Common Core copyright co-owner.

2. Detecting Social Emotional skills is a $43 Billion global market for edtech.

3. NWEA maintains one of the largest repositories of student growth data in the nation. Why hasn’t NWEA signed the SIIA privacy pledge to not sell student data?

4. Where is NWEA data being shared; how is it being used and analyzed? Collaborators, Researchers, Hitachi.

5. Do parents know their child has an engagement profile with NWEA ? Can parents opt out of this profile? (No).

6. In a study with Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research Proving Ground Network , and a Gates funded CORE school district, NWEA has used personal data from the NWEA engagement profile and COMBINED this pii data with personal, student-level (pii) data from students’ self-reported behavior surveys. NWEA’s study concludes that test disengagement (rapid response) is “connected to risk of dropping out of school …and a lot of deep-rooted problems”.

7. Who will be able to see if a student has been flagged as disengaged (or at risk for these “problem areas”) by NWEA? (ie: Will this disengagement profile or flag ever be shared with colleges, employers?) Did parents give informed consent for this NWEA study that combines and potentially re-purposes sensitive student data? In asking NWEA and FOIA of the school district, (here), I could find no evidence of explicit permission or informed parent consent. Will NWEA obtain informed consent in the future and allow parents to opt out of SEL or Engagement data?

8. Accuracy?

9.NWEA Reading Fluency now uses Voice Recognition technology. How is THAT data being analyzed, used?

10. NWEA and researchers, edtech, Congress can learn from the Facebook scandal. Children’s data should not be taken without consent, should not be repurposed, researched, and analyzed without transparency and consent. You need to do better. We deserve #GDPRfor ALL.

And here is another post from said group:

The SREB, an unaccountable, unelected regional board encompassing 16 states is now marketing itself on facebook. Don’t take the bait. They are NOT our friends. They have way too much influence in our state government.

positive learning sneaky
 Here is a post shared by Alice Linahan:
Curious about who KISD is selling your information to? I gathered the list into a single PDF, so you can easily search it.
I am one of those requesters, as you‘ll see. I was denied further information, which I explained here:
There were 22 requests for the student directory just this year, below are a few of the businesses, but you can also find the individuals who requested here:
University of Houston
SafeKeys Driving School
Language Kids World
White Rhino Financial
Strawbridge Studios, Inc.
Air Force
First Community Credit Union
 Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:
NEA bad boys.jpg
 It looks like the Parkland school wasn’t safe and that security measures that were supposed to be implemented weren’t and that loads of money allocated for school safety wasn’t used for it.   And, he too found the Obama disciplinary regulations to be at fault.  (Of course, the school called his report “fake news”, but that’s what illiberals do when exposed.)  We can thank one student journalist, who has more integrity than all of CNN put together, for finding this out:
 Here is another post from Alice Linahan:

The Interagency Day Care Standards of 1971 federal law.
Excerpt: “Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

Then, in 1981 the American Legislative Education Council, formed by Paul Weyrich (“We are radicals who want to change the existing power structure. We are not conservatives…”), mailed to 16,000 state and federal officials and legislators a suggested educational voucher.

Thomas A. Shannon, Executive Director of the National School Boards Association, said, “Tuition Tax credits for private schools profoundly change the character of private education. Private schools that operate with public money will be subject to public regulations.”

Sure enough, concurrently, on July 18, 1971, key federal legislation underlying and controlling any subsequent education legislation was adopted.

This master control system, “The Interagency Day Care Standards,” hinged upon the federal government’s own definition of day care: “Day care is defined as the care of a child on a regular basis by someone other than the child’s parents for any part of the 24-hour day.”

It states that “Any agency, public or private, which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

School Choice Corporate Reformers are not pushing quality education, they are just pushing… “Choice” and “Competition”.

Who could be against “Choice” and “Competition” in America?

As my friend Michael Bohr correctly states…
“Parents, who are the first and forever educators of their children, are the only people who hold the right to determine “the best interests of their child.

Everyone one else has an agenda that puts their best interests over those of the child and they have done so by taking control of our government.

Their hope is that we continue to fight the false battles they lay down before us and forget that we, the parents, are the sole authority in determining the education and upbringing of our children.”


Does Brent Lawson know what has been written into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which is the re-authorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), originally passed in 1965, opening the door for Title 1 federal dollars to go to economically disadvantaged students?

Anita Hoge clearly laid it out…..

“Specialized Student Support Services” and “Direct Student Services” mandate equitable services to all private schools, the same as in public schools. This is referred to in the ESEA legislation as “meaningful choice.”

There are specific lists of providers that must be used, as well as, an ombudsman that will oversee compliance in private schools. This is where the mandate will force teachers to identify students as being At-Risk of not meeting College and Career Ready/Common Core as a disability and perform psychological services paid for by IDEA. These interventions are defined as positive behavior intervention and supports, PBIS, multi-tiered system of supports, MTSS, response to intervention, RTI, and early intervening services, EIS, etc.

These interventions are happening NOW because of the Flex Waivers.
By identifying students as At-Risk under Title I, ALL will receive psychological treatment and interventions on your children in private, Catholic, and Christian schools, as well as homeschools (defined as a private school.)


Regular classroom teachers are being trained to identify children who would need services through PBIS, RTI, EIS, & MTSS.

Once EDUCATION SAVING ACCOUNTS (ESA)’s are in full operation, dedicated to each individual student, an individual career pathway meeting College and Career Ready/Common Core soft skills (Grit) interventions and a treatment plan which will be funded by direct student services known as psychobabble.
Because these specialized services are defined in the legislation as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, etc, these services will be mandated. These members of the psych profession will be in a position for MEDICAID TO BE BILLED FOR SPECIALIZED STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES. This is your meaningful CHOICE.

Medicaid is on the scene as mental health wrap around services. Your family and child will be assigned a case manager. This initiates an individual family service plan. The federal government has just walked into your front living room door.


Bell has written extensively about parents not being capable to raise their own children.)


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

I just received this email from an angry parent who lives in another state. I’m trying to figure out if this is a ACT requirement or a local one. Has anyone’s child had a similar experience?

“Hi All,

My son took the P-ACT this morning. He came home angry because the first hour was spent collecting data on the students, question after question regarding their preferences on various topics. Because he is my son, he entered “indifferent” to all that would allow him to do so.

Furthermore, at the beginning of the questionnaire, he had to sign a waiver to allow third parties to use the data collected on the data sheet. Though he did not want to agree, he didn’t feel he had any choice but to sign off on the waiver.

Not surprising yet very upsetting.”


The University of Texas has tragically caved to the gender confusion insanity:


More anti-Christian censorship in Alabama:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

87% of Teachers vote to DISASSOCIATE from the NEA teachers union. One of the Nations two largest teachers unions (the other is AFT)

“Las Vegas teachers, fed up with how their dues are being spent, voted overwhelmingly late Wednesday to cut all ties with their state and national parent unions.

The vote by the members of the Clark County Education Association, which represents almost 20,000 teachers in the Las Vegas area, is a significant loss to the National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union.

It devastates the NEA’s Nevada affiliate, the Nevada State Education Association, as the Clark County local makes up half the membership of the entire state.

The national NEA now has a $2 million hole in its budget for this year, and it will also need to send money to the state affiliate, which won’t be able to sustain itself and will likely see staff layoffs.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

The first #SEL #Accountability bill?
Colorado has a bill to assess students’ attitudes and disposition and tie it to accountability.

Have you seen this SEL accountability pilot in other states?


And here are the replies to this post:

The problem resides with top-down accountability itself. Accountability—which started here in Texas with GW Bush and his faux “Texas Miracle” turning around “failing schools”—is a set of neoliberal management tools deployed to undermine local democratic control of public education, destroy public unions, disempower parents and educators, and ultimately privatize public education. We should work to oppose all forms of hierarchical, top-down accountability. Schools instead should be accountable to students, parents, and the local community.

California piloted SEL in 2016-17 in 10 big, urban districts. The pilot was done with Transforming Ed out of Massachusetts, who created MESH.

the CORE districts are the same districts where they did this NWEA study— and I can’t find evidence that parents consented/ knew that stidnets’ Pii survey data was given to NWEA MAPs and they tied students’ quick response times to deep-rooted problem areas. I worry this (accurate??) NWEA SEL algorithm will be used as a predictor.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

My 6th grader came home worrying about SBA testing and having to write an argumentative essay. She said something about failing 6th grade if she doesn’t do well. I told her that was garbage, they couldn’t fail her for this test but now I want to make sure. Anyone know off the top of their head?


Somebody needs to tell this Virginia high school that 9th grade sex ed courses that mention oral sex and sex toys are INAPPROPRIATE:


Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

The best thing about being a Dyslexia mom with a reputation for advocacy? Other moms are always still telling me about their kids successes and struggles. The recent instructional tour with its pictures has sure brought out a few discussions.

Flipped Algebra in 8th grade. Did you know it is almost completely digital? Students are assigned videos, they take Cornell notes at home and return to school to work in class. I actually had a kid whose teacher started this more than 5 years ago. But, what this mom was telling me, actually it is 2 moms. The videos aren’t always the same presenter or the same quality. Kids come to class and use the new NSpire calculators purchased by the district. No longer does the student need to understand factoring, they just need to understand how to translate the problem into equations on the Nspire “scratch Pad” and allow the calculator to solve. The work is multiple choice. If the answer isn’t one of the 4, assume you typed it in wrong. The “I am a mean mother,” of the 2 moms who brought up Algebra, says she has been teaching her student how to actually solve problems all year; factoring, the quadratic equation, systems of equations…she makes her child demonstrate he can solve Algebra problems based on knowledge. This is very different than when her older students took Algebra. And she is concerned because it is always a battle. Her student just wants to plug in answer choices and see which ones work. The teacher does not grade, the answers without work are simply reported into a google doc. Her concern is that the kids aren’t really learning Algebra and will not be prepared for HS science or math courses. Her older students have not graduated from high school.

Parents with students in Algebra, using the Nspire calculator, it is the end of the year, if your student had a paper and pencil test, could they solve Algebra problems?


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Superintendent McGrath states that they want to reduce over testing. But the students in 8th grade have always taken state math tests and one day of a math final, same as this year. The difference is they have ADDED a day of the math final to punish kids whose parents have opted them out state tests. Unfortunately, those kids are already sitting through the flawed state test which wasted their instructional time and your taxpayer dollars.


Here are some frightening stories about the teacher strikes and what is going on behind the scenes.  It also mentions other forms of indoctrination in schools too:


Here are some posts from the anti-competency based education group:

Workforce = competencies. Education is now a talent pipeline and about earning a set of competencies / skills needed by business and workforce. ACT follows this w their Career Competencies model:
“Industry competency models are descriptions developed by the US Department of Labor (USDOL) to establish the skills, knowledge, and abilities required in growing industry sectors. The models help individuals obtain the training needed for various career paths in a specific industry, and they identify skills that are transferable across an industry. They are important because they promote an understanding of the skill sets and competencies that are crucial to building a globally competitive American workforce.
How does the ACT National Career Readiness Certi cate (ACT NCRC®) align with the models?
Each USDOL industry competency model is built on a series of tiers. At the base, Tiers 1–3 represent the essential foundational skills. The ACT NCRC, based on ACT WorkKeys assessments, certifies these skills and enables an individual to rise to the next tier—to advance toward success in a chosen occupation.”…/doc…/WK-Brief-CompetencyModels.pdf


Why they are killing the GED: “Skills-based hiring has provided the city of Albuquerque a higher quality applicant pool and significant return on investment in our hiring practices. It has also allowed us to replace the GED requirements with skills scores which then opened up a significant population of applicants we would not have seen before.

– Vince Yermal, Director of Human Resources, City of Albuquerque”


Albuquerque was the one city I did research on for the WorkKeys, career pigeonholed assessment. The City was using it on their perspective employees as well as current ones. Passed it off as happier employees. The sales pitch WorkKeys video expressly states no national work certificate, no job.


Ugh. It is so insulting as a older worker to have to take a skills assessment to get a job. Your resume and work experience mean almost nothing to today’s HR. And no test currently used accurately measures soft skills. Companies are missing out on great candidates because the 20 somethings in HR only know how to read a score not a person.



Maybe if we spent less time doing walkouts to protest Trump and guns and less time doing pointless testing, we’d have more students that could read well:


Sorry, not buying it, UC Berkley:


In response to an article, on an Illinois anti-Big Government group,  about the costs of higher education, one person said:

It wasnt the cost that drove my son out of an Illinois college. It was the constant barrage of politics. The damned teachers spent so much time bashing Trump and the Republicans you’d swear they were running for office. Complaints to the school, state and the feds went nowhere. The students are quite tired of not learning what they signed up for. I’ve spoke to dozens of students who are leaving Illinois colleges and you would be shocked to learn how many actually say they are not learning anything because of the agendas.


And some other said:

I see a lot of that at the high school level.
That’s exactly why I just pulled my daughter out of her High School…..she’s going to a private school next year.
What college was this?   What high school was that that you pulled out of?
 Daughter in Bartlett HS…..son was at Elgin College.
Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Freight Train UPDATE. Those that know what CASEL is all about, will be alarmed. NYS has led the way she nice 2013 voluntarily being the piloting grounds for SEL. Linda Darling Hammond and CASEL essentially run NYSED. As cohort II (2013) NYS is NOW the first State to implement SEL Pre-K-12 embedding in curriculum.

The state Board of Regents May meeting kicked off at 9 a.m. TODAY in Albany for a morning session and an overview of new new guidance and resources for social emotional learning.


Here is another post from the Illinois anti-Big Government group:

My daughter and I went to a University of Chicago Admissions event. They disgusted me during the event with their Liberal agenda. The deciding factor putting them OUT of the running was when they started talking about Obama having “been a teacher” there. No mention that faculty rejected him and that he was a token patronage appointment on a non-tenure track position. She is very happy at Purdue.


Yet another instance of persecution of students who support the 2nd Amendment:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Looking for clarification. I’m in Nebo district. I’ve got an 8th grader who keeps getting put in in-school suspension because he is opted out and isn’t doing the alternate assignment. Is he required to do it? From what I’m reading on the group, the school is required to offer one, but he’s not required to do it, right?


And here are the replies to this post:

No, he’s not required to take it. I wish this were more clear on the books, though.


That’s how I understand it. Personally, I would be okay with alternate assignments as long as it isn’t SAGE related & as long as it doesn’t effect their grade.

This is what the rule says: “(9) An LEA shall ensure that a student who has been exempted from participating in a state required assessment under this section is provided with an alternative learning experience if the student is in attendance during test administration.”

And the Testing Ethics Policy gives some examples, but they are only examples & not requirements:
“Students are provided an educational activity if they are opted-out of a state assessment
Some examples are:
*LEA, school, or teacher created assessment on course standards
*A short essay (grade appropriate expectations) related to a Utah Core standard which could be student selected or assigned”…/bd4cdc0e-1892-4b64-bac4…


And here is another post from said group:

Anyone know if a law got passed—if a school District approved full-day optional kindergarten they would receive more funding? I know it was talked about a few years ago. But I can’t find anything recent. Also, I need opinions about KEEP. I’m trying to determine if I should opt out. Thanks in advance!


And here are some replies to this post:

I have administered the KEEP assessment, I think it’s a well designed test. I think the data could be used to show that full-day kindergarten has benefits with the assumption that the full-time kindergarten children will score better that 1/2 day children


I’m not sure about the law & funding, that might take a little while to find. The search function hasn’t been working for me since they updated the website. I am very concerned with the KEEP assessment though. The questions are fine, but I don’t like the social-emotional questions. A huge thanks to [name withheld] that those questions aren’t reported to the state (originally they would’ve been, but she stood firm during the State Board meeting to protect our children’s privacy). I will be opting out of it, even though it’s not listed on the state opt out form. We are over testing our children in our obsession with data & I don’t want to encourage it, especially when it’s coming from the state level & not the local level.


My school district has recently adopted an all-day optional Kindergarten. My main concern is not academics, it’s the reason behind the move. I tend to look at things in a macro-scale. Why after all these years are they doing this? Is it for the good of the child or is the real reason, their pocketbooks. I have done a little research and two years ago it was proposed in the Utah Senate that schools who offer full day Kindergarten vs half day could get more money for funding. Even if it’s offered as optional. It has always been optional at certain schools in our county, Huntington, for example, but why make it District wide? The more I research the more I find its less about the children and more about their own bank accounts. I think the reason I’m really upset about it, is because I see my influence upon my children moving more and more toward the government. Us commoners don’t know what’s best for our children. They take God out of everything at school, while we teach it at home. It’s no wonder our society is turning less and less to God. I don’t like that most of his friends are going to do it. It puts a lot of pressure on me to be full day, even though it’s optional. He’s going to wonder why his friends get to stay. I’m going to have to pray about it a lot. My sister’s kids do a full day in Texas, and they come home tired and wanting to sleep. We need to protect our little children, not burn them out. So what if they can read at 5? I want to know if he can be kind and learn to play nicely with others. The more practice he has at that, the more I can see his leadership skills, creativity, etc. He’s taken 2 years of preschool and has done UpStart this past year, already beginning to read. But he’s just a child and people will soon forget that, if their not careful. Thanks for the insight. I have a lot to think about.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

My Thoughts on college degrees..

Most college degrees are completely and utterly worthless.

From my recent job hunting experience, I saw tons of jobs that “required” a bachelor’s degree yet only paid just a tad over minimum wage.

Why would anyone in good conscious saddle their children with $60,000+ (usually more) of debt that they had no chance of ever paying off in their entire lifetime when their fancy degree doesn’t even help them get better than a minimum wage job?

They wouldn’t even be able to afford basic necessities such as rent, utilities, food, etc and this doesn’t even remotely include the costs if they decided or happened to have children of their own.

Trade classes in middle/high school are all but extinct and it seems that there is no push at all for any trades. People need people who know how to build and fix things.

There are virtually no classes or parental involvement to teach kids how to cook, take care and clean up after themselves, how to be a decent human being and not treat others like complete crap either. This list could go on for quite a while.


I truly feel bad for the educators that truly give a shit..

You have so many things stacked against you and I don’t blame any of you that haven’t been able to take it anymore and left the industry.


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Substitute Teacher Observes Blatant Indoctrination In A Public School Classroom

For her exposure of partisan politics in the classroom and support of the #purpleforparents group, Jennifer Hill came under attack on social media.

On Friday, Hill, a 20 year veteran teacher, who has been a certified substitute teacher for the Chandler Unified School District since 2012, was notified that she had been fired.

“I have been speaking out against the #redfored “movement, have been posting my opposition in a respectful manner and have been on the radio speaking about the facts on the progress and budget. In the week before the teacher walk-out/strike, the district began canceling substitute jobs I had accepted and planned to work,” said Hill. “During the strike of course, there was no work. I had substitute jobs scheduled for after the strike and next week. The District cancelled all of them. On Friday morning I began to get harassing messages from teachers in the District saying they got me fired. They said they hoped that I would never sub anywhere else, ever again, and were laughing at me.”


And another post from this group:

Perhaps if Gates really cares about the learning disadvantage he should stop pushing the vaccines that are causing so many children to be on the autism spectrum. Or perhaps her should study the effects of the rise in fatherless homes on a child’s ability to learn. Gates has long been involved in research to change brain function and other sicko projects. He was involved years ago in an education initiative with Bill Ayers that fell flat on its face and cost Gate billions. His involvement in Common Core is failure #2, Common Core 2.0 will also fail and this new venture again it is marked to fail already. The man is a leper and does not have the best interest of education or our children in his hear. How come his boys went to a private school that does not use Common Core and only limited technology. He is a guy with a big fat check book that thinks he is God. He is a rich guy that wants to be even richer and make all of his buddies richer. We have people buying education that have no clue. This includes our President, our First Lady and the US Secretary of Education. Parents………listen up…..there is only one way to fix this situation because believe it or not it is functioning as it was intended to function 100 years ago…..they just didn’t have the technology back them. So you cannot fix what is not broken. We need to circumvent their plan to train workers for the planned economy. We have to pull our kids out and work together in the community to educate our children outside the federal institutions. Just research John Dewey and Horace Mann. They say it outright. Public school is not to educate but the train workers. They perpetuated illiteracy because illiterate people are easy to control and make into obedient workers. How many of you have churches that sit empty all week? We need to fill those empty church rooms with community school run by community workers using Freedom Project Academy we do not need trained or license teachers…..FPA is teacher led. let me know if you are interested in finding out more. But we need to fight a battle we are not going to win and think outside the box to circumvent these vulchers that see our children as nothing more than human capital.


A NJ high school falls prey to the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality:


Here is another post from the Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Que the ban scissors movement. By the way, schools don’t care who is at fault, they punish everyone involved. My son was the victim and was also suspended for defending himself. Wake up parents!


Here is a post from a Mississippi anti-Big Government group:

The State Testing that we have in place in Mississippi is a waste of time and taxpayers dollars and needs to be done away with beginning next year. There are teachers all over the state who are into double digit days of testing / retesting and it’s ridiculous. I spoke to one teacher who stated she was on her 18th day, that’s 18 days of instruction that isn’t taking place because of testing. I’d like to discuss options with as many teachers as possible to get opinions, but I think we need 3 different tests for students to graduate.

1. The ACT for college bound students as well as any other student wishing to take it.
2. A Career entry exam for graduates planning on entering the workforce upon graduation.
3. A Special Education test for students with disabilities.

Our Focus in Mississippi has to be shifted to doing what’s best for our kids instead of doing what’s best for testing companies.
How do we do this?
Expand Job Training Vocational courses in High School.
Auto repair, welding, electrical, HVAC, CDL, Large Equipment Operation, Carpentry, Website building, Masonry, etc.

Our Motto should be “Let Teachers Teach!” not “Let Teachers Test!”

 Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

If you’ve been wondering why everyone is so ‘triggered’ these days…

(This is my son Teddy’s Kindergarten worksheet, part of the SEL curriculum.)

This is not all bad but there are some pretty nasty, underlying elements of ‘Social Emotional Learning’ that parents need to look out for. I’ll elaborate tomorrow on the radio program!

worksheet of SEL
 Kudos to Project Veritas in exposing another fine example of corruption by those charming teachers unions:
 Here  is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:
A certain 3rd grade teacher I know called home in tears because the SAGE math test questions were over-the-top difficult for her students. “It’s so hard they’re just all shutting down!”
 Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Can someone please give me a law to rub in my daughter’s counselor face.She keeps trying to scare my daughter who is a junior to believe that if she is opt- out she will not go to college
And here are some replies to this post:
that is a scare tactic and not true.
My daughter has also been told this, that the SBA is on equal footing with the SAT/ACT in that colleges look at that score as well. This won’t help with the law part of it, but there were a few colleges at our local homeschool convention, and very, very few homeschoolers subject their kids to the state standardized tests. The only thing the SBA did for my daughter was to allow her to walk at graduation with her class and be handed a diploma, whatever that is worth.

What about students who get sick, miss the tests, miss the make-up days, etc.

He/She is using scare tactics.


No law for something that isn’t illegal. (In other words, the existing laws you will find do not support what she is saying)

I don’t know where you are, but what I would do is dial a local community college admissions office on my phone and ask put it on speaker.
When they pick up, ask “I was told by [WOMAN’S NAME] that it is your policy not to admit students who have not taken [TEST].”
Let this imbecile listen when they answer.

Personally, I would go a step further and write letters to local colleges explaining that your school officials are telling kids they should not apply to their college if they haven’t tested. I would say this represents potential economic harm to the college, and if this is not the case, the college admissions office should call [WOMAN] and tell her the actual policy.f

My daughters school (CA) told me that if I opted out, she would have to take a hard test that will go on semester grade instead. Very effective blackmail. 😞
And here is another post from this group:
Opted out my kids from state testing. Two days ago I get a phone call that they need bodies in front of the computer to get their 95% participation. Why don’t they just leave me alone? I had a few choice words for them, but bit my tongue 😣
And here are some replies to this post:
So funding isn’t dependent upon 95% PASSING the test, just TAKING the test?
Im in California. Only 37% passed the math last year. I don’ t think they are going for quality LOL
Which completely negates the purpose, and proves it’s political.
That is, essentially, correct. Varies state to state a bit, but to get their “grade” a school has to have 95% participate. Less than that costs them on their grade. They also get to designate a certain percentage of their students “untestable” so it doesn’t skew their score (or arguably, accurately represent it).
That’s correct. It’s an ESSA requirement. Below 95% makes the test results invalid statistically speaking.
It sounds as if you have 95% participate, but only 30% pass, you’re fine with your funding?
It is all about participation. We wouldn’t even get the results of the test. It is all for funding purposes
I cant see how having your kids just sit in front of the computer could help them achieve their participation count. Typically, from what I’ve heard, is that they at least need the children to log into the test for it to count. I was told they could just log in but wouldnt have to take it. I said “Um….no way!.” They can eat the loss but my children would NOT be logging in to anything. They could either arrange for them to be somewhere else or I would come and get them just during testing hours and bring them back when it was done. I did that for 3 days with my 4th grader. Took him out of school each of the days for about an hour and a half and brought him back. (Pulled them from public school after that year and are in year 3 of homeschooling now so things may be different now…idk).
That’s what I’ve learned. The federal law states they could lose funding, going below 95%, but that has never happened. The law is not being enforced. (Even if it was, I really wouldn’t care. That’s really my point, I am not happy with schools doing this so if they hurt a little, maybe they’ll rethink this crappy system. I wish more families opted out so they’d get our message loud and clear!)
I don’t bite my tongue. My kids school flips out when my kids are absent 1 day…gotta get all the head count for the $ they are not helping our kids out with 😠
Don’t bite your tounge they can’t keep running all over us. Stand your ground put your foot down (hugs to you) Good luck
I live in CA, and my high school daughter was bullied into being at school for 4 hours while the rest took the test. I have been backed in a corner by teachers about the blasted test. One told me that my daughter’s results would help her look good on the test and another one told me that they needed that data to help the teachers.  The teachers even wanted my children to do the practice test! I give the teachers one chance to find something for my children to do during the test, if not I find things for my children, so the stupid school can get their money for the child for the day.
The thing is my kids don’t give a rat’s patootie about the test. It is my stand on the political agenda of it. If we are to fight this crap, I have to stand my ground, and not bend over backwards for them. Giving in would be giving up on this fight
They told me that my special needs high schoolers (who are easily manipulated by authority) HAD to be there but it was their CHOICE to open the test. I can only hope that whatever they DID take helps to skew the school’s stats since they are being “graduated” with a first grade reading level.
We had our Principal and Vice Principal call multiple times to both mine and my husband’s cell phones. We have high testing special needs kids. They are the gold mine in the school funding world for testing. I didn’t find that out until I became the school’s Special Needs Parent Representative.
Can you opt out in Michigan the school has told me numerous of time’s I can’t opt put it’s Michigan Law?
I’m in Michigan. My girls do not take the test. Technically, it’s not “opting out.” If you use those words, they may tell you that you can’t. There is no law that says your kids must take the test. Hence, no reason to “need to opt out.” Make them SHOW YOU THE LAW, requiring they take the test. There is none. If they refuse to honor your request (& u think they are going to try & make them test) I’d keep them home. I was told they had no place for them to hang out during testing (3rd&4th grade) which is ridiculous. But I gladly kept them home. Then in 5th grade I pushed back, due to their age. They “found” a place for them. Same this year for 6th grade.
Is this opt out option only for certain states? Washington state requires us to give pur kids an end of the yr test. We keep the results. I test my kids on their subjects all yr, I never understood why I need to do the end of the yr test.
My kids test the week of May 14 and the week of May 21. They took their last math unit test last week. They won’t have another test but are reviewing each unit now with review homework for prepping for the SBA. There is NO MORE LEARNING FOR THE NEXT EIGHT WEEKS!!! What the heck are we paying teachers and admin for if they are done teaching math and English for two whole months. 140 days out of 180 are scheduled learning and 40 days are wasted. I’m ready to pull them since they aren’t taking SBA. This just seems like a complete waste and a cram session for the next two weeks. So sad.
And another post from said group:
kid abused by testers
 A 12 year old autistic student was ARRESTED for shooting an IMAGINARY gun at school:
 Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I hope parents see what is happening here. This is the same agenda that forces parents to shoot poison into their children’s bodies in order for them to attend public school or daycare. Of course I blame parents for complying but that is just me. But this article again demonstrates how they are forcing compliance to follow an education agenda that is nothing more than training for obedient workers. You either follow the agenda or you don’t go to college, you don’t play college sports and even worse you are not employable. This is straight up Communism. Parents are still sitting back and playing right into their hands. The agenda is called DELIVEROLOGY. Deliverology is a plan for implementing change created by Sir Michael Barber of the UK. He also works for Pearson (surprise, surprise) He also is the founder of the Education Delivery Institute (EDI). Deliverology teaches change agents how to implement change that in a way that it is irreversible. This is exactly what we are seeing. I cannot speak for any other state (you might want to do some research) but I can speak for Tennessee. In 2010 the state of TN entered into a contract with EDI to implement Common Core. I bet if you dig deep you will find not only TN hired EDI but other states did too.

We have been deceived into a global agenda that if parents do not bring it down NOW will forever hold our children captive as obedient workers filling the human capital needs of the planned global economy, not their own wants, needs and dreams. PARENTS it is time to stand up and wage war. It is time for neighbors, friends, relatives, communities to come together get our kids out of these hell holes and educate them outside the system. You can NEVER say you weren’t warned.


Now the California State Teachers Retirement System is trying to use its financial might to attack the 2nd Amendment:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This is Vivienne Ming’s project Socos Labs. She spoke at the New Schools Venture Fund Conference this week. “Naturalistic Data
Data from the real world is noisy and confusing, full of holes yet still flooding in at dizzying speed. Microphones in classrooms, real-time wearable data, pictures of kids’ artwork, information flowing through corporate social networks, and so many more forms of naturalistic data seem overwhelming, but they reveal insights into human behavior that structured surveys, high-stakes exams, and annual 360’s can never achieve. For example, we’ve shown how a bot monitoring free-form discussions among students could outperform final exams in assessing their conceptual understanding of course material, and do it starting on week one.”

NDD image


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Sent from Parshall, North Dakota:
Freshman physical science class assignment in Parshall. May 14. INSANE.


Here is a post from an Alabama anti-Common Core group:

Pray for Election June 5th–Share Please Share this list of Candidates statewide. Make a Stand so Children and US can have a better future

We have seen the harm and have been ignored, ridiculed. The children have been harmed thru mis-education or call it indoctrination. Pray to God for mercy that we can stand in the gap against those who would make the children of promise to be their slaves and bring Socialism here. Truth is out Common Core aka College and Career Readiness has failed but it is being used as a vehicle for change . Your vote and prayers needed. Remember to vote June 5th!

Please pray for Venezuela and US that God would end the evil mindset of these evil leaders. Vote for the right leadership matters…

“It would be better for them to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble.” Luke 17:2

For Governor: Scott Dawson

For Lt. Governor: Will Ainsworth

For Attorney General: Alice Martin

Secretary of State: Michael Johnson

For State Auditor: Jim Zeigler

For Commissioner ofAgriculture: Rick Pate

For Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: Tom Parker

For Associate Justice Place 1: Debra Jones

For Associate Justice Place 4: John Bahakel

For Court of Civil Appeals Place 1: Michelle Manley Thomason

For Court of Civil Appeals Place 2: Terri Willingham Thomas

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 1: Richard Minor

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 2: Chris McCool

For Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3: Bill Cole

Federal Races:

US Congress District 2: Rich Hobson

US Congress District 5: Mo Brooks

State Board of Education:

District 2: John Taylor

District 8: Wayne Reynolds

State Legislature

For Alabama House of Representatives

District 3: Andrew Sorrell

District 4: Tom Fredericks

District 9: James R Bowling

District 10: Charles A. Orr

District 12: Corey Harbison

District 22: Ritchie Whorton

District 23: Tommy Hanes

District 31: Dustin DeVaughn

District 39: TJ Maloney

District 42: Jimmie Hardee

District 49: April Weaver

District 64: Stephen Sexton

District 73: Matt Fridy

District 87: Adam E Parker

District 88: Will Dismukes

District 89: Wes Allen

District 91: Lister H. Reeves, Jr.

District 105: Janet Brown Oglesby

For Alabama Senate

District 2: Tom Butler

District 4: Paul Bussman

District 7: Sam Givhan

District 10: Mack N. Butler

District 12: Wayne Willis

District 13: Tim Sprayberry

District 21: Gerald Allen

District 25: Will Barfoot

District 32: David Northcutt

District 34: Jack Williams


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

“A Harlem elementary school aide with a ‘history of assaulting students’ is accused of dragging a kindergartner by his shirt — causing deep scratches — according to a $10 million lawsuit filed by the boy’s mom.

The Countee Cullen/Public School 194 elementary aide, referred to in court papers as Mr. Kaseem, allegedly dragged the boy off a school stage on Dec. 7, 2017, according to his mother’s Manhattan Supreme Court suit.

Countee Cullen administrators didn’t tell the boy’s mom, Bernadette Torres, about the alleged incident, the suit says. Torres found out when her son, identified as ‘JL’ in court papers, came home ‘with a ripped shirt and deep scratch marks across his chest,’ she told the Daily News.” — New York Daily News’ Laura Dimon and Victoria Bekiempis.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This just happened today!
Any of these terms sound familiar? smh
“”I do think we should look at alternative pathways to graduation, not that we would lower the standards,” Chartrand said.

Others concurred, although Grady again stressed the need to focus on learning and skills rather than credentials.”


An Islamic assignment in West Virginia:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is illegal, correct?

utah sneaky


And here are some replies to said post:

No it’s not legal.

it is written in Utah code that there is to be no reward for taking the test. Utah code is the law.


My school has a sage reward, but even those who opt out get to participate. Make sure you verify that. Sometimes they just use it as a way to explain why they are having a party


My 7th grader’s school advertised rewards for Sage that did originally exclude some students. I complained about it violating the law and it was changed to include all students. I didn’t have a problem with them getting to watch a movie once testing was done, so long as it wasn’t in any way related to how they did on the Sage testing and whether they completed it.


I may make a call to the state. A teacher at this school also instructed my son’s class to be sure not to opt out because it’ll affect her paycheck. My son said she basically said that if you opt out you’re an idiot and don’t care about her job.



Yet another inappropriate sex ed assignment:


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

I have just had a serious awakening. My granddaughter just told us “they” lost points in school today because one kid didn’t sign their name on their homework in their class. Excuse me? What does that mean? I’ll tell you what it means folks. It means our kids are being taught to think and act like little automatons. To do what is “good for the group” and encouraged to NOT be individuals. “They,” (as in the class), get rewarded with a party if all goes well and everyone does as they are told. Demerits for the group if not, such as today, because one child forgot to write their name on their homework. Does this not blare out warning bells??


And here are some replies to said post:

Wow! Not ok. My son has lost credit for forgetting his name on classwork/ homework but only as an individual as it should be. I would complain with your teacher and principal directly.


They also have what they eloquently call the “golden plate” and “golden whistle” in this school. Children are judged on which is the best behaved class (ie who is the quietest) in the halls, outside on the playground and in the lunch room. We unfortunately can not afford private schooling for the kids. Homeschooling is a hopeful alternative


A child forgetting his name on a paper isn’t the concern of everyone else. It’s demoralizing and embarrassing to the student.


I totally agree. That’s one of the things my granddaughter and I were discussing. She was saying that she was the “fault” one day because she forgot her name and the date at the top of one of the numerous sheets of homework one night, and was disdainful of the child who’d forgotten recently. We had to have a heart to heart on that one. It seems like such a little thing but it’s indicative of what’s going on in our public school systems. I also understand that those in authority don’t want chaos in the lunch room but a “golden” prize to the ones who (do not speak and) stay quiet?????


I became suspicious of ‘group work’ about 7 years ago when I noticed the desks in my kids classrooms placed in clusters of 3 or 4. Teachers said collaboration was good because the advanced learners would push the slower learners along. I had several issues with that reasoning- 1. I didn’t send my child to school to ‘teach’ the other children. 2. One time my child was told by the teacher she could not advance to the next problem until all in the group were ready to move to the next problem. 3. My child was not necessarily grouped with ‘slower’ learners, but sometimes the ‘class clown’ who had no interest in moving in a forward direction. And 4. when members of the group agreed to do different ”parts of a single assignment, sometimes not all kept up their part of the bargain, so I made my kids do the entire assignment to be sure they didn’t lose points.


I am frighten for the future of these children. Truly.


Me too. So many young parents I know seriously believe I’m a nut and none of ‘this’ affects ‘their’ child. I saw and I KNOW what my children lost after 2012. Never to be made up.


keep up the good fight. I know my son’s school principal and teacher are sick of me because I have had many meetings about the way my son has been treated. The teacher uses parties as rewards also comparing what each child does and deducting points. Also, being quiet at lunch, (when this supposed to be when talking is allowed) but yet they have a game to keep them quiet. It’s manipulative.

They do the party thing as a “reward”’for good little robot behavior here too. Horrendous.


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

And today’s school shootings tie in the “Rethink” and Promise Programs” it’s Gun Control. Don’t believe me?

“But even before victims were laid to rest after their fatal shootings, former U.S Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel exchanged messages on how to frame the tragedy, politically.

During a roughly 10 minute period, the native Chicagoans exchanged seven messages two days following the massacre, in which Mayor Emanuel, who had previously served as President Barrack Obama’s chief of staff, advised Secretary Duncan on what position he should take on the Sandy Hook shootings.

At 6:57PM EST on December 16, 2012, Duncan wrote to Emanuel in a message titled “CT shootings.”

Duncan asked the Chicago mayor, “What are your thoughts?”

Five minutes later, Emanuel responded, “Go for a vote this week before it fades. Tap peoples emotion. Make it simple assault weapons.”

Duncan responded immediately, “Yup- thanks.”

“When I did brady bill and assault weapons for clinton we always made it simple. Criminals or war weapons,” Emanuel said in the email to Duncan.

“Gun show loophole?” Duncan responded. “Database? Cop-killer bullets? Too complicated?” he said.

“Cop killer maybe,” Emanuel responded. “The other no.”

The exchange ended when Duncan concluded with, “Got it.”

Two days after the Sandy Hook massacre, the former education secretary and the sitting mayor of Chicago were already discussing a national strategy…”


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

HORRIFYING !!!! I assisted a 7th grader get wi-fi access to her school iPad for her “English Language Arts” homework. She needed to read 13 articles from the school district “NewZella” site and answer questions. Well folks….. the first article was about the shooting in Texas. Absolutely nothing about one’s right to self defend, nothing about the 2nd Amendment. Nope! Only about how the Florida Parkland students had solidarity with the Texas students is creating “reasonable gun laws”. Another article was about how Prom King and Queen could be transgender. PURE DESPOTIC PROPAGANDA!! If that’s not enough, then she “answered questions”. WOW! These were not questions which required critical thinking or English language skills. Nope! There were plainly data collection on what position this child held toward their social agenda. Folks, the schools today are not only NOT EDUCATING kids, they are patently collecting data on kids so as to peg hole them in life by an overreaching, fascist government. They are plainly EVIL!!!!!! This child has been in private schools previous to this year and based on what I see, I would venture to say that this 7th grader has a far better education already than does her “college educated” teacher. PLEASE PARENTS!!!! Get you kids out of these “schools”. They are a real danger to your child.

BTW: This school is in the conservative state of South Carolina in a country town with a population of 540. How bad is it likely in the big city schools in Northern and Western States. GET YOUR KIDS OUT NOW !!!!!

Ask me how.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Our charter school is considering the Go Math! program. Do any of you have experience with or insights on it?


And here are some replies to said post:

It’s junk. Common core junk. My son had it in public school, in 1st grade and I wanted to pull my hair out. 😖


I think that’s what we did when I lived in Colorado a few years ago. I would give it a definite thumbs down! It was awful!


It’s the math curriculum in granite school district. It’s basic common core math.


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Thank you, Chris Berg, for reporting and admitting to blushing as you read the questions. Now, how about exposing the Youth Risk Behavior Survey with its “blushing” questions? According to one ND parent, who after picking up her child from school one day, said her daughter asked what “Oxxx SEX” meant. The mom said she almost crashed the car. Why did the child ask such a question? The YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) had just been administered at her child’s ND school. Chris Berg, will more reporting from you on all of this be coming shortly? Many parents and children will thank you for this and certainly there will be a special blessing from heaven for you, also.
Inappropriate freshman physical science class assignment given in Parshall, ND. May 14. INSANE. Please note this dovetails right with….
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) given to our ND students is from the CDC. How many parents are aware that the survey contains many vulgar sex questions. Links provided below for Middle and High School Survey questions. From the survey results, many funds/grants have been given to some schools deemed at risk due to the results. The validity of the results has and will always be in question due to the fact some kids just answer whatever way let alone that surveys with such questions of attitudes, behaviors, values, beliefs where no parent notification was given makes them “illegal”.
Youth Risk Behavior Survey HIGH SCHOOL grades 9-12:
Youth Risk Behavior Survey MIDDLE SCHOOL grades 7-8:
Here is information on the Youth Risk Behavior Survey from the ND Dept of Public Instruction site:
“North Dakota began participating in the YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Survey) survey in 1995. Students in grades, 7-8 & 9-12 are surveyed in the spring of odd years. The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous.”
Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
The Youth Risk Behavior Survey was developed in 1990 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to monitor priority health risk behaviors that contribute markedly to the leading causes of death, disability and social problems among youth and adults in the United States. 


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Reading Plus was just approved after a one year trial in our district. I tried to get the board to vote against it and thought I had done it but then they went ahead anyway because our asst super of curriculum told the board that teachers and students that used it this year just love it!

before I found this source I tried to do a lesson on my own on the website. IT WAS HORRIFIC. Then I found this. Read the comments below. I really wonder if this is not a great idea to get our districts to stop buying this garbage.

My district dropped 266K on this garbage and another 218 on school city assessments. That is almost a half million bucks on garbage.

Any other info on reading plus. I will continue to bring the issues to our board regarding this. This will be in all of our middle schools and high schools next year. What a waste of money.


And here are the replies to said post:

I remember getting a survey from someone on this asking us what we LIKED about Reading Plus, and what our kids liked, but nothing about what we didn’t like. I’ll bet they used that information as the green-light to go ahead.


Odds are our deputy superintendent of curriculum lied like a rug.. you try doing a lesson from their website. It’s awful. It gave me a headache and blurry vision and i could only answer the comprehension questions based on prior knowledge. I go before the board to co test every single CBE purchase and for the last 4 years this same deputy super says the same bs. I’m sick and tired of school boards refusing to research any of this garbage.boards rubber stamp these purchases sight unseen with zero data to justify buying more CBE. Is there any way that we can educate our local school boards? We need more investigative journalism done by parents abs students.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Maybe after Zee State has #identified the “potentially violent” students [probably children of those pesky bitter gun clinging constitutional conservatives], they can make them wear a proud *Lone Star of Texas* on their clothing too, so others are fully aware.


And here are some replies to said post:

With all the nuts in the mental health field and in schools Heck no to Mental Health programs ….this is just bring in part of the health care bill that was killed. Leave the kids alone if we had people acting responsibly in this country and hearing each other we wouldnt have these issues.


Folks this has been in the works for a long time. Anita Hoge has been warning it was coming for years now.

In 1994, Anita Hoge was asked to testify as an Expert Witness, at the Department of Interior National Infrastructure Health and Education Data Security hearing. On December 8, 1994 she presented a paper entitled “Exposing The Medicalization of Schools.” This paper and presentation explained how Medicaid would become the financial vehicle mandating and remediating mental health outcomes. It documented how schools would be required to obtain a partial hospitalization license to bill for Medicaid through Mental Health Wrap-Around Services at school through the identification and re-definition of disabilities of ALL children as “AT RISK” through Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. This substantiated the following statement by Ira Magaziner of the Hillary Care hearings in Washington, D.C., in which he said: “Medicaid would merge into the main healthcare system.”


Education, Mental Health, and 2nd Amendment Gun Rights

Hillary’s agenda has always been control – control the kids and control guns… through mental health. If Hillary would get her way, mental health at school under the soothing banner of social, emotional, and behavioral standards, will fully implement her original plan from 1993, which will eliminate the 2nd Amendment by coding children with mental health disabilities.

ObamaCare, the successor to the HillaryCare plan, has funded school-based health/mental health services called Promise Neighborhood Schools, as a precursor to the next step in this agenda. ESSA has legislated Promise Neighborhoods and Community Schools which have now merged with ObamaCare. Here Common Core psychological standards have been legislated to identify and label kids as disabled for normal behavior using Title I and IDEA Special Education. CHILD FIND uses scavenging psychological techniques to identify and put as many normal children as possible into the brain-dipping meat grinder. (See my previous articles for extensive documentation on these key points.) These psychological techniques identify children who are leaders and followers. Leaders are the target for interventions. Go along to get along are the global citizens of tomorrow.


These intervention strategies will change our American children into the worker drones for the global economy birth to age 21. No child will escape, especially independent thinkers, children of patriotic parents, or any child who refuses to bend under the grip of these “change makers.”

The Common Core social, emotional, and behavioral aspects of our children, their personalities, are the target. CHILD FIND promises to find every normal American child and mold them to the international globalist agenda, Common Core and Common Core psych interventions.

Bill Clinton had a favorite slogan that was popular when he was President,
“It’s the Economy, Stupid.”

But, Hillary’s slogan is just as potent and much more dangerous,
“It’s mental health, stupid!”


Here is another post from Alice Linahan:

Think the state is not taking over local control of traditional public schools? Think Again!

The decision by Tx Commissioner of Education Mike Morath highlights risky nature of PSJA Superintendent Daniel King’s scheme that promises to protect teacher rights while proposing a charter-like takeover of the entire district.

“The commissioner of education has published regulations that he is now simply ignoring,” said Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro. “His agenda of promoting charter school takeovers of public schools is more important to him than the rights of school employees spelled out in the law. In his rush to rubber stamp charter takeovers, he flouts his own regulations and violates the spirit of the law that speaks to the preservation of basic teacher rights.”

“All the assurances Superintendent King has been selling his teachers are being denied by TEA in the San Antonio case,” Malfaro said. “What the Commissioner is telling school districts (and by extension school district employees) is that even if districts want to preserve the rights of teachers and students in these contracts with partners, they can’t do it. These entities taking over the neighborhood schools have to have total autonomy in almost all areas, according to Commissioner Morath.”


A high school won’t let a senior wear an army sash at graduation:

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I am the mother of an identified gifted learner. Proficiency Based Learning has turned our world upside down.  My daughter is in the 7th grade. She’s going through everything – physically, emotionally, socially and psychologically – that every 7th grader goes through. And then they decided to experiment and throw this on top of it all. She cries every day. At school and at home. This is not right.


And here are some replies to this post:

Homeschool if you cannot afford a private school


Homeschooling is not, in my opinion, a very good option


homeschooling may be the only option for a family in order to obtain an education for their child. We must protect educational liberty which allows the parent-guardian to make educational decisions for their children, unlike school choice where the government makes the decisions.
But to dictate that every student must learn on a device and that is what is going on here. They can use any glamorous terminology they want it is wrong and still a one size fits all.


I’m not worried about individual teachers. I believe that, as teachers, we must refuse to comply with abusive policies.
because , when there are no more professional teachers ,
there will be no more “real” education” except for the very wealthy. ( and I speak as a refuser)


I call it abuse of the worst kind.And teachers, although most do not like it, have been too slow to refuse to participate.( And I speak as a life long teacher and worried grandmother)


Every time a teacher implements anything in their classroom that packages learning, they are assembling the same box that will ship them out of a classroom.


And to carry on with your perfect image, that same box will morph into a coffin for the “good little teachers” who tried to appease.!


And NONE of this is what’s best for children. I promise you, it’s the CC standards themselves. They drive this machine of profit, data collection and mining. They drive the tech use and the related social dysfunctions. The Standards are the uranium in this bomb.


Thank you for all of your very thoughtful responses. I’m hoping other parents – and maybe some teachers – will share their war stories. I knew this was going to be a disaster for my daughter from the outset. She is creatively gifted (although I hate to use the “g” word since so many people have an allergy to it). Past classroom awards she has received include “Most Animated Learner” and “Most Creative – For always being an original thinker.” How (and why) could anyone rein in all of that unbridled creative energy and try to shove it into little boxes? You’d have to break her first. The biggest tell in this is that she’s having the most difficult time in Language Arts. Language Arts! She writes books in her spare time, for goodness sakes! Really good books. But she’s being told that she needs to meet a long list of very dry standards, and told to “Be creative!” while slogging through all of the requirements. She stopped doing the work – and I really can’t blame her. Nothing ruins a fun time like a bunch of useless rules. Thanks for letting me vent.
i am afraid you can talk to the district until you are blue on the face. There is only one thing you can do opt your child out of all technology period. No digital for assessments classwork, homework, or games etc and only allow pencil, paper, and books. However depending on where you are it may not be an option. You have to protect your child and ensure an environment that is comfortable for her needs and the public school setting may not be it. Know you are not alone your family is one of many.
 Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Please do not believe Betsy DeVos when she said “Common Core is Dead.” It’s not. It’s everywhere still. It’s our WA State Learning Standards.

Online digital learning platforms use Common Core (as it was designed to do) to build their software.

We still need to keep fighting Common Core.


And another post from said group:

Update: It’s Third Sector Capital working with DEL. I do believe I have seen ReadyNation also working with WA, but I can’t find the link right now. I will post it in the comments. I am sure that Third Sector Capital works with ReadyNation.

ReadyNation is a Social Impact Bonds Group that has received lots of monies from the Gates Foundation.

They are holding a pre k Summit for business people only.

Yep they are trying to make money off of preschoolers.

BTW our DEL already works with these people.

Ready Nation is a Social Impact Bonds Group that has received lots of monies from the Gates Foundation.


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

DEAR, PARENTS WERE YOU POLLED? No? Me either. Let’s be clear this is UNION —->

The UNION letter was addressed to state Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, who later said during a Newsday interview that NYSUT and other educational groups had been consulted before the state regulations were drafted.

The regulations would restrict the way that penalized districts spend federal Title I dollars by requiring them to set aside money to be used in encouraging greater student test participation, according to union analysts who have reviewed the 95-page regulatory document. (Hate to say it BUT, Told ya!)

Details on the amount of money to be set aside would be worked out after the regulations passed, education experts said.

In addition, “analysts” said, the proposed rules would change the way test-participation rates are factored into schools’ overall academic ratings, making it more likely that schools would be classified as scholastically deficient. (AGAIN, Told ya)

This could pressure reluctant parents into allowing their children to be tested, NYSUT officials said. (Wait, you guys supported passing ESSA right?)

The disputed regulations, posted last month by the state Education Department, are intended to meet requirements of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, which was approved in 2015. New York State’s Board of Regents is tentatively scheduled to take up the regulations for adoption at its next meeting June 11-12. (Of course they are, this is no surprise right?)

Previous state regulations required districts with low test participation to come up with plans for improvement but did not include sanctions like those evidently spelled out in the latest proposals. (Stop acting surprised will ya.)


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Alice Linahan

In a nutshell-
While elections divide us- And, unelected bureaucrats like the Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath regulate us, and while America’s children are being shot in their classrooms; all of us are being controlled. How?

A system has been locked in place by both federal and state legislation. With government regulated “choice” comes accountability through rules and regulations by unelected bureaucrats.

Even if the US Department of Education is dismantled there are federal education dollars tied to mandates coming in via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) from the Departments of HHS, Labor, Defense, and Education.

Below are the purposes of the College and Career Readiness/Common Core National Standards now codified into law through the passage of (WIOA) and the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA).

Shifts Education Philosophy– from an education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity) based on academics; reading, writing, math, and history to an education of equity (Equal Outcomes) based on attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors.
Broadened Impact – The College and Career Readiness/Common Core National Standards expand the target from K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to a P-20W (Pre-school through College, Trade or Graduate School) workforce system.
Testing Based Outcomes– The College and Career Readiness Common Core National Standards shifts from the “Mental” (Academics and Knowledge-Based Tests) to “Behaviors” (Performance Standards and Competency for the workforce).
Adjustments to Ideology– Change American’s worldview from nationalism into globalism and allows for a government controlled economy known as “Dirigisme” or the more common use–a dirigiste economy. It means essentially a state-directed economy.
Dismantle traditional public schools– With locally elected school boards, in favor of charter-like structures (public/private partnerships) that will be forced to generate student data for global corporate profit and state control.

This NEW system known as a P-20W system will now track, psychologically profile and sort students from Pre-school through the Workforce.

Eventually, any student who opts out of the P-20W system will not be able to get a job in the workforce. Competency-based credentialing begins in Pre-school with this system. Therefore, it negatively impacts a student who does not take the state or federal dollars.

When they say…
Every Student Succeeds they mean Lifelong learning so every student means EVERY American from pre-school through the workforce.


Here is a post from Lynne Taylor, the Common Core Diva:

If ever we needed proof what “education” has become..
Remember this the next time someone says we need skilled workers. Many of us here know that has been the plan all along. The CCSS Machine isn’t hiding this truth anymore. ESSA made no bones about it, “all education must be aligned to post-secondary readiness as laid out by WIOA”. (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act)

apprenticeship sneaky sneaky sneaky


Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

If you think small time media hasn’t sold out to the CCSS Machine, take this truth, for example:
I gave a fact based, truth filled interview a couple of years ago to this magazine as the ‘con’ side to Common Core in NC. My 5 pages, was of course, reduced, but the content was re-arranged so more room was available for the pro side. Here is their latest set of lies, and my response.


And yet another post from her:

Warriors, I’ve recently returned from and education related conference. Sex Ed and its inappropriateness was a key portion. Did you know “Dr.” Kinsey was NOT anyone of scientific worth?
His ‘research’ was forced. His victims abused (some died). Parents were not informed of his activities. All our modern sex ed is based on this quack’s findings. WHY?

sex ed bad


And here are some replies to said post:

Yes, I’ve known about him for years. His research subjects were generally men from mental hospitals and prisons. They participated in every kind of sexual deviancy known to man. He used this data to make it seem like this type of behavior was normal within the general population. That’s the equivalent of using members of an AA meeting to provide statistical proof that addictions are so ubiquitous that they must be typical human behavior.


have your read Dr. Judith Reisman’s evidence? She was granted money by the US Dept of Justice to investigate Kinsey. Her proof was so powerful and truthful DoJ buried it.


Yes, I am aware. I’m also aware of the trash…reworking of the DSM. How do you even begin to deal with this when it’s infected the culture to this extent?


I don’t recall reading anything specifically by her, but it doesn’t surprise me that evidence was buried. Kinsey has been the driving force behind so much of the sexual education movement, and of course comprehensive sexuality education is a very critical component to the overarching plan to destroy traditional morality. To do this, the plan’s proponents must undermine the thinking/reasoning centers of students and feed the emotional, instinct driven centers of the brain. It sure makes it a lot easier to move from a society focused upon individual action and accountability and founded upon “natural rights” to one that acts collectively and venerates “human rights” if you can move a large group of people to endorse your political platform based solely upon emotional appeal. Normalizing all types of sexuality also feeds the diversity beast and promotes the idol of “tolerance”.


And yet another post from her:

Dr. Judith Reisman, head of the Child Protection Institute, has a 2nd edition of her book (Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences) out. This is page 274. Note the date. Have things improved since the 1950s?! No, the federal/ corporate intrusion has worsened terribly.

 chart of evil
And yet another post from her:
Warriors, I am on the road, but fed Ed news won’t escape me while away from my desk.
NC’s death knell notice for education was announced today.
education dies in NC
And here is another post from her:
My local news just reported that Charlotte-Mecklenberg schools are devoting over $40 million of it’s 2018-19 budget to pay for school psychologists, school social workers, etc. Teachers not set to receive any of the funds, so they are protesting tonight for an extra 5.9% raise on top of NC’s raise. Then, at tonight’s meeting, universal Pre-K implementation. Can anyone say #agenda?
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Sometimes when I do the math I become very angry. Utah has just approved two new state wide testing contracts to replace the SAGE test. I added up the price tag for the two and the total is $80,243,642. Lets just say that a teacher’s benefit package equals $100,000 (which was not my case but lets pretend). These tests are costing the state of Utah the equivalent of 800 teachers. Will this test tell us more about the education of our students then 800 teachers could? Will it enhance our student’s education more then 800 teachers would?” Thanks Joylin Lincoln, very well said.

What irks me more is the pretending that RISE is somehow different from SAGE even though the questions are the same. What is a shiny new outhouse when you leave the inside the same? Just saying….


And here are some replies to said post:

The rebranding price tag of $44,000 was more then my salary last year.


What happened today with the discussion for opt outs? With SAGE gone, is there still a parents right to opt out of these two tests?


Yes, they are applying for a moratorium for a year why they try to develop a plan.


Spending another $80m of our taxpayer dollars to perpetuate common core. 😡


Utah is going interoperable with other states with assessments. This is the next step towards the complete loss of local curriculum control. Parents need to understand that curriculum IS assessment and assessment IS curriculum. Common Core was always about “Next Generation Assessments.”


both are STILL aligned to CCSS, both data rape students. I have researched both before. Let me know if you want the truth USBE left out


It irks me too. It is so frustrating that the rebranding is happening. Every parent needs to know they are the same test. Opt out!


It’s election time people! Let’s get out there, GET VOCAL and make sure we get pro-parent candidates who have their eyes open to what CC really is elected and fighting for what will ACTUALLY help our children’s education.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

“Children are naturally curious and learning is naturally pleasurable. Small releases of dopamine in the brain encourages a child to persevere with the long-term difficult practice needed to build skills naturally over time, such as with sports, arts, and music.

What Silicon Valley is banking on, is to bypass human social interactions and community education experiences by hijacking children’s brains directly with more potent and powerful interactive technologies, where larger doses of dopamine are released, such as happens with drugs, video games and gambling. Their goal is to make the education software as addictive as possible, and they are quite up-front about that.”

And it then quotes another post:

“Many parents intuitively understand that ubiquitous glowing screens are having a negative effect on kids. But it’s even worse than we think. Recent brain imaging research is showing that they affect the brain’s frontal cortex — which controls executive functioning, including impulse control — in exactly the same way that cocaine does.

Technology is so hyper-arousing that it raises dopamine levels — the feel-good neurotransmitter most involved in the addiction dynamic — as much as sex. This addictive effect is why Dr. Peter Whybrow, director of neuroscience at UCLA, calls screens “electronic cocaine” and Chinese researchers call them “digital heroin…”

~Nicholas Kardaras, M.D., August 27, 2016

Source: It’s ‘digital heroin’: How screens turn kids into psychotic junkies

“The Edu-tech Revolution has begun. At this very moment new computer games and education software are being developed to teach children academics one-to-one via computers. Following on the success of the hi-tech gaming industry, the goal is to use technology to transform schooling.

By merging education and entertainment technologies, advocates and investors of these products stress the potential for educating children faster, more effectively and less expensively than schools currently do. Unfortunately, there are a number of potential problems.

First, many of these new programs are being designed to collect data from children so as to maintain individual personal profiles, that investors and corporations can utilize to design future products and monitor individuals as they move from education into the workforce. T

Moreover, some investors hope to use this data to construct what they expect will become a trillion dollar education market (such as we had with housing) to bundle and sell school and software investments on Wall Street.

Also VERY concerning, is that many Silicon Valley engineers are attempting to make edu-tech software as “pleasurable” as possible, using addictive video “gaming” strategies to design their education products.

Children are naturally curious and learning is naturally pleasurable. Small releases of dopamine in the brain encourages a child to persevere with the long-term difficult practice needed to build skills naturally over time, such as with sports, arts, and music.

What Silicon Valley is banking on, is to bypass human social interactions and community education experiences by hijacking children’s brains directly with more potent and powerful interactive technologies, where larger doses of dopamine are released, such as happens with drugs, video games and gambling. Their goal is to make the education software as addictive as possible, and they are quite up-front about that.”

Source: Edu-Tech’s Brave New World – How Education Software is Being Designed to Hijack Children’s Brains


Here is a post from an Illinois anti-Common Core group:

This filthy anti American progressive agenda driven organization has infiltrated the NW suburbs school systems as it says; Yo collect data and push their agena with the information collected from students their families and the schools. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR KIDS TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY QUESTIONNAIRES OR SURVEYS OF ANY KIND. We need to get a full transparent accounting of how their tentacles are in the schools and who asked us.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

“The most recent casualty was Utah which had requested a waiver for the 95% test rate to comply with recently passed state statute which says students can be opted out of statewide testing by their parents and, the school and its employees are to suffer no ill effects as a result of a parent exercising those parental rights. Secretary Devos, carrying out the instructions of the publicly unknown members of the plan review committee, denied this waiver request.”


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

The state’s Board of Regents, in a split vote Monday, tentatively agreed to controversial new rules aimed at school districts on Long Island and across New York where large numbers of students boycott state tests.

The new regulations — which among other provisions could result in some schools being required to set aside federal aid money to encourage greater student test participation — passed with 14 Regents in favor and three abstaining.

Regent Roger Tilles, who represents Nassau and Suffolk counties on the board, voted with the majority but expressed continuing concern over what he described as “onerous” sections of the regulations.

State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia, whose staff drafted the regulations, emphasized at the board meeting that a final Regents vote on the rules would not be held until September and that the public would have another opportunity to comment on the regulations in the meantime.

“Everybody didn’t get everything that they wanted,” the commissioner said. “But we came up, I think, with a very comprehensive plan.”

Some board members contended that parents and others with misgivings about Albany’s testing program probably would be confused by certain aspects of the new regulations, including the use of complex formulas to factor in test opt-out rates as part of school district’s academic ratings.

“I think our message is garbled,” said one of the Regents who abstained, Susan Mittler of Ithaca. “There is not an understanding of what these tests are and why we are asking children to take them.”

The rules, aimed at districts with high test-refusal rates, are part of broader regulations that would enforce a federal education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA, which was adopted in 2015.

ESSA, like a previous federal statute that it replaced, requires at least 95 percent of eligible students in every public school nationwide to take annual state tests in English and math. Only a handful of schools on Long Island meet that requirement due to a series of massive annual test boycotts.

In April, nearly half of all eligible students in Nassau and Suffolk counties — 91,974 in all — declined to take the state’s English Language Arts assessments in grades three through eight, a Newsday survey showed. The inquiry drew responses from 115 districts out of a regional total of 124.

The state’s latest regulations would affect schools falling below the 95 percent benchmark in several ways, both financial and academic.

On the fiscal side, the regulations would authorize the state education commissioner to take certain steps, “which may include requiring that the district set aside a portion of its Title I funds to use on activities to increase student participation in state assessments.”

Title I is a major federal program that provides more than $15 billion a year nationwide, mostly to help students struggling with their math and reading lessons.

Groups representing unionized teachers and the parent boycott have attacked the new rules, which are more sweeping than regulations initially proposed in April.

On Wednesday, leaders of New York State allies for Public Education, a statewide parent and education group, sent a letter to Elia contending that the rules would allow her to “impose a financial penalty” on districts — action that the state has not taken in the past. New York State United Teachers, a union group, takes the same position.

Elia aides disagree that the Title I set-asides would constitute a penalty. So does the Education Trust – New York, a nonprofit private agency based in Manhattan that supports ESSA as a means of raising academic achievement, especially among minority students.


And here are some replies to said post:

You just don’t get it and why my child no longer attends public school.

They just keep doubling down on this shit testing!
Who is looking into the Algebra Regents!!!! Another set up for failure today!!!
Can you opt out of regents and still get a Hugh school diploma? I thought they only give regents diplomas now
That is correct, as far as I know. Only Regents diplomas.
If they have IEP they can score a 55 on the regents and earn a local diploma.
 I switched from an IEP to a 504 because the SPED in my district is horrific and totally counter productive, so what now ? Also NYS requires 2 years of foreign language for HS, tried to get an exemption from this and cannot get it without putting him back into SPED. Devastating and infuriating.
Sick! And we (taxpayers and parents) are allowing this???!!!!
Take away the $$$$by removing the children from public schools & see how fast they change! Parents need to speak with their actions
Looks like Roger Tilles isn’t REPRESENTING us at all!
None of them do. They nod like Pavlov’s Dogs. So does Elia and Rosa to Linda Darling Hammond.
Notice NYS first in nation to implement SEL curriculum. Smh
Time to leave New York State. Forcing you to take the test!! It is all about the money!! Aren’t there laws against bullying???😂😂😂
They know there’s a diploma crisis that’s impacting tens of thousands of students who won’t be able to go to college, vocational school, the military, or apply for civil service jobs. There have been incremental changes, but it’s far from resolution of the problem and leaves far too many kids with no future – leaves them twisting in the wind. And that is after twelve or more years of working hard toward a goal – and being denied because They. Can’t. Pass. A. Standardized. Sub-par. Test. that neither the BoR or Ms. Elia has vetted.

Let’s NOT forget that parents were dismissed and told to stand in the corner. Take care of the teachers and APPR and it will trikle down dontcha know! Happy teachers will make happy classrooms, then they can “shut their doors and do what they need to do” they said.

SEVEN YEARS later, parents are still waiting for the teacher’s union to come out strongly against the reforms. Bill Gates said he needed 10yrs for the experiment, folks we are going into year 8.

When are we going to start to stop?

 Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

GEF has released a new report. Peter Senge wrote the intro. I had extensive conversations last year with one of the authors concerning their last report and the dangers of so much celebration of an edutech-centric future.

Is this much better, a bit better or… not?


And here are some replies to said post:

Can you imagine a radical shift in the way we teach kids to walk? Of course not.

The proposal of where we need to go is scary. “Societal wisdom” sure sounds like indoctrination.

Are the authors suggesting our founding fathers had no wisdom? The citizens who supported the noble ideals presented in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution had no societal wisdom?

We need to stop meddling in K-12 education, return to the proven practices to teach kids to read, write, do math and know stuff. The future belongs to them!


“Protopia” sounds a lot like a pseudo-utopia wherein technology and AI will be used to “make today a little better than yesterday”. Tell that to the dying man, eh!


Biofeedback devices? Personal competence profile and personal reputation….??? 😦


This is all very exhausting! It’s hard for me to imagine learning this way. So many children and adults learn by doing, project-based learning, growing plants, drawing, painting, investigating how cells work, making new discoveries from manipulating variables, observation and study of animals, etc. The only way I see to counteract this technical system evolving for profit, is to work around it and create environments that most people can relate to, that draws them, ignites their interest, that pulls them into wanting to learn more. Much of what students have learned in the fragmented educational system has left them with the question, “Why do we need to know this?” When we get to work and collaborate ideas and expertise and create projects and hands-on real-life experiments that immediately show us why we are learning it, then maybe we can beat this thing. Being physical while working is also mentally and physically healthier. I don’t know, I think we better start collaborating with scientists, artists, horticulturist, farmers, culinary and nutritionists, environmental engineers etc, and create model learning environments in the real world for our future education. Whatever we teach, whether it is math or reading, we need to make many living connections to it.


Working in the International Baccalaureate, I see this all the time: good ideas about student at the center of education then turned into a massive set of criteria and metrics surrounded by impenetrable language and constant micromanaging of the students themselves. This is not what is needed; it is just another competence based system with fancy graphics. We need kids in real life with real people and real problems.


totally agree. It’s often all about hidden control, for various motives, like sales of tech metric systems to teachers fearing chaos in class, but perhaps most of all, states fearing critical citizens.


and of course fearing chaos in class comes from large classes of disaffected students, so there is a positive feedback loop that is constantly, if not purposefully, amplified.


Exactly. I think we need a deep study into loop cycles that make matters worse, and stack logical expansion on logical expansion into madness, like if one test works, why not two, why not prepare for the tests better, why not drop everything else just to be sure students score the best, then why not bring in tech that measures every tiny choice leading up to the test, and why not then call those who fail or drop out losers? etc. Similar with our whole society and surveillance. oh boy.


And another post from this group:

Wow-just wow. “However, we added a little wrinkle just to be spicy. Working with our behavioral research team, we modified a player’s charity vote by their in-game honor level, or how sportsmanlike and pleasant they were to play with. The higher their in-game honor level, the more weight their vote carried. Our goal was to link the in-game behavior to real-world implications in order to help change the self-narrative of players, both in and out of the game…We are excited to continue exploring what we can do to help mobilize our players (and ourselves) to keep making social impact and changing the narrative about what it means to be a gamer.”

Riot Games is funding Institute of Play, which is promoting gamification of education. If folks are looking for a summer read, check out Daniel Suarez’s books “Daemon” and “Freedom.” The first is a bit schlocky, but you have to read it to get to the next one which is more thoughtful IMO.


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core chart:

ALG II conversion chart

conversion chart of cheats and lies


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

If you haven’t seen this graphic from global education futures, it shows what is really meant by “student centered.” See competence portfolios on the right hand side?

poor mistreated student

Now look at the video that was posted below…


And here are some replies to said post:

Graphic above from this doc:


This is a frightening document. Who could believe that education would become a science fiction novel:(


It is simply a Communist type form of government that runs your life, and tells everyone what they are allowed to do.


This explains it… has been in the works for a long time. This is bigger than the US, it is world wide, but Hillary is implicated.


An entire global population whose psycho-social development is mediated through authoritarian instruction/directions on a digital screen?


OMG!! Orwellian, Huxleyan! What an old school thinking with new tech. More disconnection, more measuring, more testing, more competition, more refined demanding and less humane presence.


Yes. And this kind of ed is being implemented NOW.. its not a future vision, its a blueprint being created and tested on children at this very moment.


Yes and they seem to be taking the education language like “student centered learning”and applying that language to their program.


Yes, exactly. And they are adopting all the best ideas from positive and motivational psychology, emphasizing social and emotional intelligence and growth mindset. BUT, they don’t just want to help support these skills, they want to measure and assess them, monitor students, rank and score them.


It’s really the old repackaged with new language. We have already seen what schools have been doing around the nation. I have been in schools recently that have 50 kids in one classroom all sitting facing a computer screen. Charter schools around here are not held accountable at all. I worked for a school that took all of my language, and still uses it today but does not have a program that represents the language.


Yes, education has become highly profitable with the charter schools and new Edtech methods which they call “personalized” “learner-centered” and competency based. But it really means more time putting kids on computers.


And is there any link between New America and GEF? A friend who had contact with some GEF advisory board members (they wanted her to join) said her sense was they don’t have much money. New America appears to be rolling in it…


I haven’t done much research on the advisors, though a number of Emily’s posts discuss Vander Ark. GEFF is headed by Pavel Luksha, with the Skolkovo Institute in Russia. Obviously the current political climate has put a damper on US/Russia partner initiatives. I think MIT pulled out of a relationship they had had a few years back. I don’t know of a direct tie between New America and GEFF.


“The primary operator of GEFF is Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, a world-class research institution co-founded by Skolkovo Foundation (Russia) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). RF Group serves as the initiative co-founder, and sets the initial context of the event with our Education Futures Global Agenda report.”


In 2014 the FBI warned MIT about their concerns over espionage linked with Skolkovo.


Are there other American ed tech company consortiums that have a similar manifesto?


Tom Vander Ark got his start with the Gates Foundation and is one of the main advocates for CBE/digital curriculum in the US. He is a GEFF advisor and is a partner in Learn Capital. This is their portfolio:

He was also on the board of iNACOL. Through him GEFF has some tie to most ed-tech initiatives in the US.


New report from GEF…


#Deepshit We live in a system where profit at the cost of the whole is rewarded, where destruction of nature makes sense, and smart new forms of slavery are welcomed by the ‘owners’. We live in a system where children either learn to support the system, for if they’ll fail, they’ll feed the system with forced labour if need be. Countless people seek alternatives, seek change, address issues. But the core is rotten, succesfull change far away. Ideas of how to change it are many, but none yet succesfully going viral across the globe igniting a massive shift. What essential arguments, would make all eyes go open en all teachers join the revolution? Sadly the insights above, many here will share, aren’t doing it.


If you are in Norway, you should have NORDEFCO on your radar. It is an Scandinavian extension of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative that originated in the US Defense Department. They, in partnership with the US Department of Education, have largely coordinating been coordinating the ed-tech transition here since the late 1990s. I believe they are behind the shift in places like Finland to tech-heavy “phenomenon-based learning.”


This looks like the International Baccalaureate on tech steroids. The problem is our whole system of evaluation:


One of the early pioneers of Facebook and its first President Sean Parker, voiced his regret regarding helping create social media in the form we know it today, saying:

“I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because of the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other… God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

Parker says the social networking site exploits human psychological vulnerabilities through a validation feedback loop that gets people to constantly post to get even more likes and comments.

“It’s exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology,” he said. “The inventors, creators — it’s me, it’s Mark [Zuckerberg], it’s Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it’s all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway.”


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Cathy Ruse reports for Family Research Council, May 15, 2018, that public school students in Fairfax County, Virginia, are subjected to 80 hours of “Family Life Education” sex ed — on the kids’ evolving “sexual identity,” the proper handling of contraceptive drugs and devices, and how to give consent for sex.

But Fairfax County’s longtime Democrat-controlled school board is set to take things from bad to worse…


Students in South Carolina being indoctrinated against the police in high school English:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Her mother says that she was told by the principal that her daughter did not meet all of her graduation requirements for the 2018 school year – specifically for not taking one of two required Ohio State tests.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Moms and Dads in Millard County. Guess what? Your district has now become the pilot rural district for “personalized,” global-citizen-based, curriculum. If you wonder why your kids are getting Google Chromebooks, it’s because your district has sold out to UNESCO—the UN’s education ministry.

Millard District has received a grant to partner with the Consortium for School Networking. The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) is a partner with UNESCO—the UN’s education ministry. President Trump and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have called UNESCO anti-Israel for a reason. If you need that translated, it means anti-Christian.

This technology partnership is designed to, eventually, gut local curriculum control through online learning. UNESCO is heck-bent on sexualizing curriculum worldwide. This is well documented. Just do a quick search for UNESCO, Planned Parenthood and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). CSE is designed to integrate throughout online, globalized curriculum—including through subjects like Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy.

Dads. On this Father’s Day, this is your battle cry. Don’t march in Millard’s 4th of July parade, or bother watching it, unless you truly defend America’s children—your children. Rise up and protect your children from these soul-destroying, globalist tyrants. You’re selling your souls for a mess of pottage.

I grew up in rural Utah. Dads in rural Utah “get” freedom and what it takes to defend and maintain it. It’s time, Dads.



And here are some replies to said post:




“there is need for ongoing technical guidance, mentorship and supervision of teachers; moreover training for school inspectors is required to ensure there are mechanisms in place to ensure effective monitoring at the district level.”


Yep. They’re tracking districts through the data systems.


I’m in Millard County and often wondered about the Chromebooks… what do I do about it? Can I keep my kids off of them?


Yes! You are the parents!!


But, just know that the school will likely challenge you because the entire district is starting to grade children on their global competencies: values, attitudes and behaviors.


The reason they need each child on their own Chromebook is that children are supposed to be moved from 3x per year assessments into curriculum-embedded assessment so that their behaviors can be tracked (and shaped) continuously. When your children can’t be tracked, their “growth” can’t be measured and so the school gets caught between federal laws for student growth measurements and parental rights to control curriculum.


The district has received a grant so they cannot back away from this plan now. They have chosen money over parental rights.


Please, do what you can to protect your own kids and keep us posted on this thread on how the district and school react. They will tell you that local/state teachers are developing the curriculum, and there’s nothing to worry about. But. The young teachers are being trained to choose pre-curated curricukum. Often, they don’t actually vett the curriculum. And, logistically, they can’t vett it if every child is learning something different on a computer-adaptive platform. When the online curriculum adapts, in real time, it can’t be vetted—by design.


I would encourage you to watch the video I posted above where I explain the goal for Google, Microsoft and UNESCO. Share it with any parents who will listen. I would be happy to come to Millard and give the presentation in person too, where I could answer questions.


Prayers for you and yours!


I spoke with the principal at the high school about their increased usage of electronic learning last year and how it was affecting my kids and unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.


In our school district’s enrollment process, there is a question that asks parents if we would allow internet access. Does your enrollment process ask that? If so, just say no. And even if it doesn’t, just tell the teacher you want paper printouts for everything. No online assignments.


Our district does digital citizenship and I opted my kid out. I later found out that one of the software questions asks kids if they considered a truck a gift option for a boy birthday and a doll a gift option for a girl birthday. When answered yes, the student was told that is a sexist thing to think and then it explained why. This was through the (not-so) Common Sense Media online program. This group has backed legislation here in CA that is anti parental rights under the guise of “helping” kids. Thankfully it was defeated, for now. The group frequently backs children’s privacy legislation but their own privacy statement does not. Complete hypocrisy! Wolves in sheep’s clothing all over the place!


The power of Common Sense Education is in their content curation systems which are starting to precurate online content for teachers. Have you seen Common Sense’s Digital Citizenship curriculum for 6th-8th graders? I can email it to you if you want to message me your email.


I have had a preview of it through an hour long district presentation. But more info. would be great! I will message you my e-mail. I know they also give surveys at the end without parental notification or permission. CSM is a huge political thorn in my side! The Steyer brothers are political activists and Chelsea Clinton is on their advisory board. Bad news all around.


Yep. Bad news! And with teacher training favoring their friend Darling-Hammond’s SEL (InTASC) Standards, it’s going to get much harder for parents to fight Common Sense curriculum integration into the schools.


Public schools all around our nation aren’t teaching our innocent children what they deserve toward their futures. Instead reformation and rewriting American History as well as other mandatory learning textbooks aren’t even mentioned anymore. This in itself is the downgrading producing more illiteracy than good. Homeschooling and Charter is much more effective as a proven accomplishment students deserve.


UDPATE: The first link about Millard and CoSn didn’t work. Here is the corrected link. I’ve tried to update it on those pages that shared it, but not everyone’s page is public. Please revise it if you’ve shared this story so that people can access it:—cosn-improve-student-success-through-new-technology


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

THIS IS BAD. Really, really, really bad ———->

Every child to labor for the corporate elites, wholly owned by the GOVERNMENT. Groomed and tracked in government schools. 21st Century Slavery.

This will be SPUN as ‘Trump abolishes the Dept. Of Education’ or ‘shrinks government’ … don’t be fooled.

(BTW – we’ve been telling y’all this was coming for the past 3.5 years!)



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

WE KNEW IT!! Unions will hold hostage schools in the Fall? Rumbling across states of Fall mass strikes

“Ms. Harrison urges a change in public schools from “an education model” to a “medical/behavioral/tactical model” where teachers will become well versed in medicine, fire arms handling and psychology so as to be better able to do the government’s work of treating, protecting and molding the minds of the state’s children.

Of course, it’s all tied together with more training, more administration and more money for the public school leviathan. So it goes. Big government grows bigger by creating legions of government employees represented by big government supportive unions who have a vested interest in supporting even bigger government. The rest of us are left to watch and experience government’s continual incremental takeover of just about everything…”


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

**The History of Goals 2000**
In 1989, a coalition of state governors concerned about the ailing state of America’s public schools proposed a solution: “Goals 2000.” This program would set educational goals for the nation’s public schools to be achieved by the year 2000, create a framework for implementing the goals, and provide incentives for the states to cooperate in meeting the goals.
By 1994, the eight national goals were in place and Goals 2000 was an official federal program.

The Eight National Goals

1. By the year 2000, all children will start school ready to learn.

2. By the year 2000, the high school graduation rate will increase to at least 90 percent.

3. By the year 2000, all students will leave grades 4, 8, and 12 having demonstrated competency over challenging subject matter including English, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history, and geography, and every school in America will ensure that all students learn to use their minds well, so they may be prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in our Nation’s modern economy.

4. By the year 2000, the Nation’s teaching force will have access to programs for the continued improvement of their professional skills and the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to instruct and prepare all American students for the next century.

5. By the year 2000, United States students will be the first in the world in mathematics and science achievement.

6. By the year 2000, every adult American will be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

7. By the year 2000, every school in the United States will be free of drugs, violence and the unauthorized presence of firearms and alcohol and will offer a disciplined environment conducive to learning.

8. By the year 2000, every school will promote partnerships that will increase parental involvement and participation in promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.

Students are calling for the removal of a brave school board member in Elgin, IL because she suggested that the new rules of student code of conduct may consider it bullying to address a “transgender” person by the “wrong” gender pronoun:


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, take note: the merger of Ed and Labor will not rest solely on PreK to College education, but on every single American citizen in need of going to work or getting ‘education’ to earn credentials TO work.
The merger will NOT close the U.S. Dept. of Education, but enlarge it. The merger will disrespect your school choice.
Both Ed and Labor Cabinet Agencies are ILLEGAL. Why do we need to comply?
We should revolt.
Quote me, if you like.


Here is a post from Women on the Wall:

“Jane Robbins, senior fellow at American Principles Project (APP), told Breitbart News in a statement the administration’s proposal is “riddled with problems.”

“Rather than returning government to the people as the president promised, it centralizes government,” she said. “It codifies the Common Core-type workforce development model of job training, rather than genuine education, and gives Big Business outsized influence on what happens in schools. It promotes data sharing and citizen tracking for the benefit of a government-managed economy. It’s a mess. We can only hope Congress rejects it outright.”

In an interview with Breitbart News, Eunie Smith, president of the Eagle Forum, said the administration’s proposal is mind-boggling in its apparent acceptance that it is the role of the federal government to plan the workforce.

Smith said the proposal is a “Jeb Bush-type plan” that suggests “the only purpose of education is to prepare a citizen for a slot in the workforce.”

“Rather than equip an individual to pursue whatever goal he sets for himself as part of his God-given freedom, this is, instead, the German model being pushed by misguided business interests and some state interests,” she explained. “As a result, the type of education an individual would receive would be influenced by crony corporations dictating to schools the skills needed for future workers.”


Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

This graphic appeared in a 4 part video series from Freedom Project Media in 2017. I was one of the 3 expert panelists. With the HEA (Higher Education Act) being re-vamped by the same Sellout Congressional traitors as ESSA, we saw the writing on the Wall.
With the Ed/Labor merger, this is all we will know in America. Look how closely we are to the end game goal: global workforce training.

time running out


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

YOU are witnessing Marc Tucker’s “necessary revolution in school policy” brought to the country by Lamar Alexander & the Education Cartel…….Common Standards, High-Stakes Testing, Career Ladders, Pay-for-Performance, Charter Schools, No Child Left Behind, Every Student Succeeds Act, Pay-for-Success and now…….federal Career Tecnical and Higher Education Acts…..all to complete the data collection system necessary to use predictive analytics to place your child on the pathway in the New American Schools human capital (education/labor) development system……….It has taken 30 years to get to this point……Will America choose to continue to sit on the sidelines?

And here is a post that was quoted by the post above:

On the Hill next week: Career and Technical Education Act (CTE)(also called Carl D. Perkins Act) is BEING MARKED UP…watch for the Fast Track! Over $1 BILLION on the line.

National Governors Association (NGA) is telling the Senate education committee “Perkins must be connected to state economic development and workforce systems.” Politico

Senate HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander doesn’t need to be told. He was in on the ground floor of this deal since 1986 (at least).


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor:

Is this really education’s goal? It wasn’t supposed to be. How to think, act, and live; not what the think do, or where you will work.

no no we wont go


And here is a reply to this post:

I still remember the day my principal stood before me in a staff meeting (way back in about 2000?) and asked, “what should be the purpose of education? Shouldn’t it be workforce ready?” I was like No. Hell no.
That was back in NCLB years (and anyone who complained, about how we were actually REDUCING education, and NARROWING it, was accused of just suffering from the soft bigotry of low expectations ) and I’ve had to watch the nonsense train ever since, especially since it’s through constant measuring and torturing of data in accountability that forces compliance.
So, Big business and monopoly power, has already changed the purpose of education to fit big business, –mostly, but not completely–this is just a final continuation of that and digital makes it all the easier.
Two words: Powell Memo. Oh, and one more: Greed.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group that helps explain why more attacks are happening at schools:

“…Under Mayor de Blasio, the Department of Education required teachers provide full documentation of a range of non-punitive interventions to at least three midlevel offenses before asking their principal to issue a suspension. Principals, in turn, had to apply in writing to a central office that often rejected their requests.”

And another post from said group:
The Poughkeepsie school district board just sent me a statement, announcing the 2018 four-year June graduation rate for Poughkeepsie High School: 48 percent.
 It is tragically ironic how this 13-year-old faces a FELONY for doing (recording someone without their consent) what Ed Tech companies do to HUNDREDS of students EVERY DAY without repercussions:
 Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The letter lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce.

The letter makes it clear that Hillary participated in the development of that plan some time before the election, though it was scarcely reported at the time. The plan is sweeping in scope, and largely signed into law in 1994 by Clinton’s Democratically controlled Congress (in the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

That legislation continues to move our system today, and is being implemented in all fifty states, driven by money and mandates from the federal level.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

🚩🚩🚩A bipartisan agreement has been reached to update the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education (CTE) Act. It DICTATES at least $1 billion of our federal tax dollars on career and technical education programs. Fine? But…

THE PLAN: “Broad authority” to the States to develop their own improvement plans. BUT if states don’t hit their goals, then the Secretary of Education could “hold them accountable.”
That PLUS the Trump administration proposal to merge the Education and Labor departments and Education Department funding !!!!! #StopFedEd

Marc Tucker


Here is a  post from the anti-CBE group:

[name withheld] and I went down to Washington to confront the impact investors about their “secret bipartisan political plan” to privatize pretty much everything.


And here are some replies to said post:

[name withheld], you regularly do yeoman’s work to expose the economic and workforce development agenda (and for anyone chancing to read this comment who hasn’t figured it out yet, workforce development is simply the education arm of economic development). This article is yet another example. Thank you. You and [name withheld]  are two of my preferred sources when I’m looking for details to back up what I’ve been saying to the conservative and libertarian crowds for a long, long time now–that the economic/workforce development agenda is not free, open, or voluntary in any way. It is, rather, the exploitation of the many by the few.


I chuckled when you said that people seemed confused by your presence. I’m sure they were. The whole goal of the economic/workforce development crowd is to do their deals in a way that excludes the rest of us. And to a large extent they’ve succeeded in keeping it this way because most people are (sadly) not going to go to the lengths you do to investigate, analyze, and understand what is being done to them and their children in the name of “public good.”


We are up against giants. Now that I‘ve seen the machine, I have to contest it. I‘ll go down swinging anyway.


Just an addendum…You know, we’ve been trained so thoroughly, most of us. Folks on the so-called “Left” have been conditioned to side with the unions as at least the more trustworthy of government “partners.” Folks on the so-called “Right” have been conditioned to believe that the unions are the devil, while Big Business is the great savior. It occurs to very few that corruption pervades all of these institutions/groups, that they’re all mixing it up together to a greater or lesser degree, depending on what’s to be gained…and that none of them can be trusted to do the right thing. It’s up to us, and us alone, to engage and expose the truth. I thank you for all you do to disabuse people of the notion that the people who pose as saviors are anything of the kind, to let the corrupt know we’re watching, and to put the truth out there for all to see. I am more than grateful for you.

I was particularly peeved when both teachers unions threw us under the bus. While I dread the thought of no unions at all, what use are they if they’re bought out by Bill Gates? At the first NPE convention, Diane Ravitch extracted a promise from both unions not to accept more Gates’ money. Three days later, they accepted a grant from him.

In Chicago? I was there. I heard that promise from both union leaders. And sad to say, I was not surprised when they both broke those promises. What is more surprising to me is that Ravitch and the rest of the NPE crowd, some of whom are extremely intelligent, principled people (Cody, Burris, others) have failed to take a stance that holds union leadership to any substantive account.

I wasn’t there, but I followed the convention online. I will never forget it either. Or forgive.

Have you seen this? Ohio just voted down a bill to combine the state’s school, university and workforce development systems into a single new Department of Learning and Achievement — and now here it is at the Federal level. Plus MORE!

And frankly it’s a miracle that Ohio voted the measure down. Now that the Feds are openly heading that direction, Ohio is likely to follow suit…unless the people of Ohio throw themselves on the train tracks.

With the Feds pushing it, no need for states to do it too. Or maybe it was our legislators growing a backbone. Or Kasich wanting to appear to thwart Trump without actually doing so. Like the old Chinese curse, we DO live in interesting times.

The Feds will do what the Feds always do. They’ll pass enabling legislation that incentivizes the states to go out and do likewise. In a word: comply.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

From today’s Philadelphia Inquirer. Small quote from me, also Paul Thomas. I said so much more to Bender, including our decision to opt out of Google classroom, but that didn’t make it in. Full text below, because it is behind a paywall.…/code-org-google-facebook-microsoft-…

Kindergarten coders: When is too early to put kids in front of screens?
Updated: JUNE 27, 2018 — 5:00 AM EDT

Jennifer Lentz with her children (right to left) Bryan, 7, Daisy, 4, and Thomas, 9, reading in their Swarthmore home. Lentz has concerns about her children’s screen time exposure.
by William Bender & Kristen A. Graham – Staff Writers

Last year, Jeremy Seedorf’s 9-year-old daughter and her classmates received tablet computers from their Lancaster County school. He wouldn’t let her bring one home: “The iPads were coming, and there was nothing we could do about it.”

In the Neshaminy School District, Jessica Reeder was taken aback when she discovered that her daughter had to use the Internet to do her 1st-grade homework: “That was a little bit concerning to us.”

Jennifer Lentz limits screen time at home for her sons, but she can’t stop the increasing amount they are getting in class at their Delaware County elementary school: “There are a lot of parents who feel like me. But I think they feel defeated.”

Hadi Partovi might consider that a victory.

Partovi, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of the nonprofit, is leading a national effort to convince schools that more and younger is better when it comes to coding and computer science. Tech giants Microsoft, Facebook and Google are among’s financial backers. The goal is to fill the next generation of computer-related jobs. has expanded its reach even as parents such as Seedorf, Reeder and Lentz try to slow the tech tide for their own children.

Twenty-five percent of all U.S. students now have accounts and 800,000 teachers use the site for class lessons, according to the nonprofit. Partovi said two-thirds of all 5th graders in the country have an account.

“It’s mind blowing, considering it’s something I started five years ago,” Partovi, an early investor in Facebook and Airbnb, said in a recent interview with the Inquirer and Daily News., headquartered in Seattle, has been pressing states to pass laws and adopt policies that support computer science, and, by extension, put technology in the hands of students at a younger age.

“Many would say we’re leading the movement,” Partovi said.

Gov. Wolf has embraced the tech approach, hoping to fill an estimated 17,000 to 21,000 computer-related jobs in Pennsylvania. Advocates say early access to technology in schools can help break the cycle of poverty for disadvantaged students.

“There is definitely a supply and demand gap,” Judd Pittman, a STEM consultant to state education secretary Pedro Rivera, said of unfilled jobs that require computer skills.

Wolf’s latest budget proposal includes a $50 million job training initiative to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and computer-science education. At a summit being held in Harrisburg this week, elementary school teachers can take’s one-day computer science fundamentals course. Over the past year, more than 1,300 teachers have been trained through a collaboration between the state’s intermediate units and

In New Jersey, where says demand for computer jobs is even higher, all high schools are now required to offer computer science classes. and its partners have provided K-5 computer science training to 3,350 teachers. has had remarkable success in advancing its agenda by offering free programs for schools and through a social-media-savvy marketing campaign and lobbying. It has raised $70 million since 2013. So far, 43 states have adopted education policies supporting computer science, Partovi said.

In Pennsylvania, has hired Bala Cynwyd lobbyist Sean Reilly, who served as political director for former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum. Reilly said is seeking state funding for computer-science training for teachers. The state has endorsed computer-science standards and now allows those courses to count toward graduation, he said.’s critics, however, question whether Silicon Valley should have so much influence over public education.

“Why is Bill Gates concerned about schools? He sees it as another market. He sees students as workers,” said Paul Thomas, an education professor at Furman University and a former high school English teacher. Thomas doubts the value of teaching so narrow a skill as coding.

“It’s better to teach them literacy, numeracy, how to think, how to be critical,” Thomas said, “so then they can kind of adapt to whatever the future requires.”

Lentz and other like-minded parents worry not just about excessive screen time, Internet addiction and data privacy. They ask whether the new courses are being taught too early in the name of workforce development – and at the expense of more fundamental skills, like critical thinking, empathy and collaboration.

“They should be doing what kids do and not thinking about their careers, when they’re eight years old, in a field they may not even go into,” said Lentz, a former Philadelphia assistant district attorney whose sons are in the 1st and 3rd grades.

Alison McDowell, a Philadelphia education activist and mother of a high school junior, questions’s motives.

“They’re pushing it down into really young grades,” she said. “Do we send kids to school so Oracle can pay people less because they have twice as many people for the jobs?”

Partovi, a father of three, describes computer science as a “basic foundation” for current and future jobs, not just in the tech industry, but in government, finance, manufacturing, entertainment and other industries looking to hire technology talent.

“The screen time, I think, is harmful when kids are just watching movies or playing video games,” Partovi said. “But if a student is creating a video game, that’s very different. Taking that away from a student would be like taking a paint brush away from a student that’s learning to paint.”

At Ridge Park Elementary school in Conshohocken, five- and six-year-olds are introduced to coding through Kodable, an education program with the tagline, “Learn to code before you know how to read.” Teacher Brian Adams said such lessons emphasize perseverance, problem solving and efficiency.

“I tell them to think logically,” said Adams, who has been using Kodable for four years at the K-3 school. “You’re trying to get from point A to point B. What’s the best way to get there?”

Mimi Ito, a cultural anthropologist at the University of California, Irvine who has researched educational software, noted that the American Academy of Pediatrics has loosened its screen time guidelines for children, emphasizing instead high-quality programming and parental involvement.

“If your kid is doing something valuable and creative at school and happens to use devices, I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” Ito said.

In the Philadelphia school district, 129 schools have a digital literacy and technology teacher for grades K-8. Students can learn to program a spherical robot called Sphero through a Bluetooth-connected iPad, then use it, for example, to power a model boat or test a model bridge. They have programmed an Ozobot robot to follow a paper map of the Underground railroad, with colored markers, not a screen.

“We want students to understand coding, but in context with everything that’s going on, because that’s how our world is,” said Luke Bilger, senior project manager in the district’s office of education technology. “Everything you do, there’s some sort of programming involved.

Parent Bob Stewart is taking it a step further, supplementing his 8-year-old daughter’s education at Anne Frank Elementary School with a week-long robotics camp this month.

“I want her to understand that she can do these types of things,” Stewart said. “I think it’s important, almost like another language. I don’t know where the jobs are going to be in the next 10 or 15 years.”

But demand is also up for no-tech education at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia, a small private school in Germantown that teaches children from 24 months until eighth grade – without iPads, Chromebooks, or any screens whatsoever. There is a waiting list for first grade and other programs, according to Alexandra Borders, the school’s director of advancement and enrollment.

“I used to have to explain why we’re a tech-free school,” Borders said. “Now, I find parents are actually searching us out. They get it.”

Several Silicon Valley executives and other tech industry employees from companies like Apple, Yahoo and eBay have sent their children to Waldorf schools.

So does Zack Seward, the Philadelphia-based editor-in-chief of technology news network His 7-year-old daughter will be entering the 1st grade at the Kimberton Waldorf School this year and his 4-year-old son will start kindergarten.

“Skills like being present and thinking creatively and imaginative play are so much more important than any technical skills that can be offered at a young age,” Seward said. “It bums me out when I see a kid absorbed in a phone.”

Seedorf, the Lancaster County parent and guidance counselor, has since relented and allows his now 10-year-old daughter to bring her school-issued iPad home to manage her school assignments. But he thinks the “train is moving too fast” when it comes to technology initiatives that are getting schoolchildren online at earlier ages.

“It’s like everyone is caving and accepting this is the new norm,” he said, “and not taking into account what some of the consequences might be.”

Published: June 27, 2018 — 5:00 AM EDT


And here are some replies to said post:

This year in Virginia our Standards of Learning include standards to be met in computer science in grades k-12. Code.Va is offering teachers free professional development to incorporate the standards as they’re incorporated into so many subjects. I’ve asked if the teachers will be paid for their PD time but no response. I don’t think they are being paid to do this training and right there we have people working for free for corporations.


The thing I don’t get is what exactly do they mean by “coding”? There are many different computer languages and they change over time. One thing that does need to be taught – and not in kindergarten, more like middle/high school – is computer literacy. Not tablets, computers. How to save a file, how to hook up a printer, stuff like that.
One needs to have a good foundation of math skills, writing, and logic to code. It’s not just learning to code.


My sense is coding will be the next sweat shop, low wage work required to manage cyber warfare threats posed by the vast expansion of IoT. They don’t want thinkers, questioners or designers.


You got it. It’s all about expanding the labor pool to decrease worker pay and compensation and increase insecurity knowing you can easily be replaced. Meantime actual top-tier coders and CS people are saying that future coding will be AI-assisted and won’t require writing base-level code as much as an being able to design, create, and critically curate systems.


I once led a CS PD with New York High school teachers focusing on defending against digital surveillance and critiquing Facebook and the social impacts of automated systems and algorithmic bias. My sense was that such critical “digital literacy” skill-development was not what the higher ups behind the CS push were interested in. They wanted kids coding, not exploring ethics, thinking critically about the unseen embedded values and biases in digital networks, or how these systems work as mechanisms of social control, exploitation, and oppression.


They just want obedient, trained worker bees.


And another post from this group:

I wish IL parents would wake up.

And here is a post that was quoted by the post above:

Illinois’ current competency-based learning pilot districts are in Springfield today for “Incubators of Innovation: Expanding the CBE Toolkit.” They engaged in the “Infusing Cognitive Rigor Into Your CBE Model” session this morning with Dr. Karin Hess from Educational Research in Action.#CompetencyEd


And yet another post from said group:

#Read this study commissioned by Google for Education.

Who knew Google played a role in the ed-workforce talent (data) pipeline? But of course Google is involved in this–it’s good for business, right? No need for knowledge when you can Google it. More users dependent on Google means more data, more ads, more marketing…more Google business. As Google points out in the study, “Technology has a central role to play in skills development.” Chromebooks, G-Suite, Google Classroom, Google app bundles are ready to help!… and Google today is teaming up with Common Sense Media to create Digital Citizenship Curriculum. How …fitting.)
Google for Education commissioned a 2015 study entitled, Driving the skills agenda: Preparing students for the future. The report apparently tries to predict how to best prepare for an unknown future and jobs that don’t yet exist, as evidenced by the following quotes,

“This research programme, sponsored by Google, [is] to examine to what extent the skills taught in education systems around the world are changing. For example, are so-called 21st-century skills, such as leadership, digital literacy, problem solving and communication, complementing traditional skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic? And do they meet the needs of employers and society more widely?”

“How can education best prepare young people to navigate their way through an increasingly interconnected and complex world in which factual recall will perhaps matter less than their ability to understand differing perspectives?”

“As proponents of 21st-century skills point out, we have no way of knowing what challenges tomorrow’s graduates will face, and still less what jobs will exist for them to apply for. The best education can hope to do is to equip students with sufficiently transferable skills to be able to respond to whatever the future holds.”

“The business executives surveyed agree that broadening access to technology in schools and universities is one of the top three ways in which the education system in their countries could benefit business.”
Tech in schools to benefit business. That’s rich. What about education benefitting …children?
If the Trump Administration is looking to do a little pruning with their recent proposal; maybe they can **instead**, hone their focus and make some cuts to the unconstitutional, incredibly expensive, non-consensual student data pipeline.


 And her are some replies to said post:
Have you seen that HSLDA is pushing GSuite into homeschool co-ops? Makes me wonder what deals are going on.
If I had a dime for every time I heard someone say, “Unknown future and jobs that don’t exist yet.” How ugly is this future going to get? We’ve never had a crystal ball about future jobs and trends.
LIkely pretty ugly as so many businesses/schools will be closed. They’ve been saying this since that 1989 NGA education conference in Kansas with Lamar A, Shirley McCune, et all.

I would be curious to know how many states (like Idaho) are STILL using DMV records to link SSNs with data from SLDS. ( … the white papers that Inlink to at the end of this blog are from 2013 and 2014– when state Dept of Ed was still telling parents they didn’t get student Pii and didn’t share it. ) Wonderng if WDQI is still handing out grants for this data questionable matching.

I believe we found 3 years ago that our SLEDS (MN version – cute, right?) had PII and it was social security numbers
If your state is on this grant awardee map, your SLDS (or SLEDS, as the case may be) is sharing data w workforce… “Each WDQI grantee is expected to fully develop (or expand in the case where states have a database underway) their workforce longitudinal database in addition to using that database to conduct analysis of state workforce and education systems. Additionally, WQDI grantees are expected to use this data analysis to create materials (i.e., scorecards) on state workforce performance to share with workforce system stakeholders and the public.”
 The  Neenah  school district in Wisconsin has adopted a radical K-5 sex-ed curriculum:
 A Pennsylvania school district was forcing students to watch LGBT indoctrination videos and parents weren’t even allowed to know what their kids were being shown:
 Looks like the Dallas Fort Worth school district is also keeping sex ed material from parents: 

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 26

This is part 26.

Here is a post from a New York anti-testing group:

It’s time for Commissioner Elia to encourage principals and administrators to stop harassing parents and students about refusing the tests. Actually it is time for her to say Good-by and return to Florida where she can bask a bit more in the sun.

So many parents have come to me with horror stories. The one that I can’t get out of my head is the one where the principal knew darn well a parent wanted the student NOT to take the test and because it was on another day, the principal allowed the staff to give this poor child the test. If I had the money, I would pay for a lawyer to get this person removed from the position they are in. What happened to principal is your “pal”?
This is appalling.

Another is the ice cream gate method. Students who took the test, got ice cream; those that didn’t, well it was all over the news, so you should know.

Or how about the one principal who kept coercing the child to tell the parents to let him take the test because he was so smart?

I also want administration to stop telling teachers how horrible things are at their schools with the testing. Perhaps for a day, administration should walk in their shoes. If they can tell me they have, it is not the same. It is not the same as two years ago when I retired. Teachers have way too many demands on them. Walk a mile in their shoes. 20-25 kids in a classroom is ridiculous. I have taught in these classes and it is so very hard to say I can educate each one. We are not miracle workers. We need more one on one time. We need smaller class sizes. That’s when we can meet with success.

Oh, and throw out the tests. Better yet, sit and take them yourselves. Remember, you want the BEST answer according to the text. David Coleman doesn’t give a $$$$ about what you know. He even takes your money for the faulty SAT’s and more. It’s all a game.

I wish every parent would consider refusing the test in May for Math. If they did, imagine how awesome New York State could be for our kids?

And another post from this group:

I know a Mom that needs assistance. Her child attends Gouverneur Elementary. Principal is Charity Zawatski, , phone 315-287-2260. The mom sent in a refusal letter 3-29. She received a phone call from the principal stating that her child had to take the NYS tests because her refusal letter wasn’t in on time. The district requested them to be in by Mid March. The mom kept her daughter home on the dates that she knew the testing was taking place (the dates changed because of the computer glitches and the mom didn’t know). Upon returning to school 4-8-19 the principal made her daughter take the test! She has spoken to a board member that claims they in turn spoke to the Super and there is nothing they can do about it. This is a mom who is refusing for the first time.What can be done???????

And here are the replies to this post:

As I understand it, once they have taken the test it is what it is. I would make sure mom and kiddo knows to not even touch the pencil if they won’t accept the letter for math/science.
(our school tried to do this to my kids by refusing their letters and making them sit in the testing classroom. My kids knew not to touch the pencil so it did not change anything for them, and it made the teachers and principal look like bullys)

This should be reported to the state education department . It’s probably going to be a bunch of phone calls and a ton of bureaucracy but don’t let up. There is no limit on when you can refuse by the way . You can refuse a min. before the test . Tell your principal refusals don’t have expiration dates . Math tests are coming up in early May.

This is absolutely wrong! There is no deadline when refusal forms can be sent in. In fact they can be sent in the day of the tests!

My 6th grade grandson was told today that he needs to take the math in may, and both in 7th and 8th grade in order to graduate. Mind you my Daughter sent in a refusal letter for both just like she has for the last to years.

Don’t these people realize they are pitting parents against the school districts? They are trying to have our own children go against us. I found myself continuously telling my child to disregard the teachers.

So this got me fired up a little so I just shot a quick email to the principal, the superintendent, the asst superintendent of instruction (or some similar title), the BOE President, and Ms. Elia for good measure….
Please excuse any grammar/typos since I dictated this on my phone and my eyes are starting to go a little blurry…
Dear Ms. Zawatski,
I heard a very concerning story tonight that a parent in your district sent in a refusal letter on 3-29-19 and subsequently received a call from you stating that her child had to take the NYS tests because her refusal letter wasn’t in on time???
I certainly hope this is not accurate because I’m sure that you are aware that the tests can be refused at any time-including right up through the morning of-or even after the first day of-the tests, regardless of some arbitrary date a district requested they be in by.
Additionally, I was told that after the parent kept the child home during testing (I’m guessing in an attempt to avoid confrontation with an individual/school who is attempting to disregard a PARENT’S wishes and RIGHT) the child was given the test(!) when they returned to school.
I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, so I would love for you to tell me that this is a bad social media rumor.
If it’s true, I hope that the media takes this story and exposes the actions of the school. As sad as it is to hear of these occurrences, I think these types of stories may actually help the Opt Out Movement overall because one thing that will surely rally parents together is someone challenging their parental rights.
I also hope the school staff responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent allowed both within their own district and within NYSED.
It is bad enough that NYSED is willing to use our children as pawns, but for the very adults to whom parents directly entrust their children to also betray the children, the parents and the taxpayers is despicable.
If this is, in fact a bad rumor, I apologize wholeheartedly but I doubt it with the climate I have seen this year from both NYSED* and several school systems.
*Until their recent statement, which unfortunately was issued after most of the damage had already been done. I have attached and hope you will read it.

The real horror is we are still dealing with this 6 years later. The children are still suffering from all of it.

And yet another post:

Here’s the letter my 7th and 8th grader’s brought home today. They also said they were told they can’t opt out this year and it’s required. I’ll have to ask them who exactly told them that.


And here are the replies to this post:

My kids keep telling me they are told the same thing . I posted that question on here and I was told by many people they still can you just have to word it different and say you are refusing them to take the test. And they have to let them not take it.

This is not true

[name redacated]

5th grade teacher was told and there was no problem with us refusing. superintendent wouldn’t answer me when I asked if it would be respected. someone on here said she spoke with mr root and they wouldnt be offering only sit and stare for opt outs. scare tactics and lies yet again from out great school

You can definitely still refuse in Camden. There is definitely some renewed vigor in admin to take the test, but they don’t sit and stare.

any idea what they make them do if they are refusing the test? Last year I just kept them out for the first 2 hours of the day on those days but this letter says that it’s not timed anymore so who knows how long it will take most kids to finish…

yes absolutely…I teach at the middle school and my son is there, other son in elementary. They put them in the auditorium at the MS, they can read. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than sit and stare.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 25

This is part 25.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Standards Based Grading (SBG) is the next step in comparing Commoncore apples to apples …or human capital widgets to human capital widgets. It is a grading scale for interoperable data.

“SBG allows for data gathering on children to be linked directly to the standards. During the 2012 Datapalooza, the CEO of Knewton, Jose Ferreira, talked about his company’s software being able to predict a child’s grade – as long as teachers were consistent graders. SBG is the solution to that irksome old problem of unpredictability!
The bottom line is: SBG is the next level of data mining on our kids. You don’t have to compare end of year assessments across schools or states. SBG can be linked nicely to ed tech programs that will pump out a 1-4 grade per standard, presented in real time. Johnny’s parents may someday know that he is ranked 111,114 in the nation in math,and then, be able to predict whether or not he’ll be accepted to Stanford at the age of 8. Talk about a brave new world of potential-limiting prophecy!”

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The DHS pushed for this legislation. The DHS is also in charge of child care providers and oversees childcare programs. The DHS works with Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system. Hmmm.. It appears we need to completely clean house over at the DHS and then take this up with our legislators in the House. (Please note: Rep Pinto is also the chair of the Early Childhood Committee in the House.)

RELEASE: No Joke: Party-line vote to will allow convicted murderers, child sex offenders, drive-by shooters to work in DHS programs
Monday, April 01, 2019
ST. PAUL, MN—House Democrats voted Monday on a 73-54 party-line vote to pass HF2265, authored by Rep. Dave Pinto, DFL-St. Paul, that would allow individuals convicted of a variety of crimes including murder, drive-by-shooting, felony-level stalking, child abuse, and solicitation of children to engage in sexual conduct, to be eligible to work in a variety of positions that require Department of Human Services (DHS) background studies including Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), providers of home and community-based care services for Minnesotans with disabilities, adult day services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) drivers, and more. The bill would require DHS to consider granting a set-aside or variance to anyone who otherwise would have been disqualified as a result of a variety of serious felony and criminal convictions that are more than twenty years old.

“This bill opens the door to allowing literal murderers and child sex offenders to work alongside Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens with no guarantees or safeguards that they have been rehabilitated and ready to rejoin the workforce,” said Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu, R-North Branch. “Too often this session, Democrats have been focused on restorative justice by any means necessary, even if it puts Minnesotans at risk.”

All of the crimes listed under 245C.15, Subdivision 1 with the exception of those exempted in the bill would fall under the crimes that must be considered for a set-aside or variance. For your convenience, attached is a copy of 245C.15, with some of the most egregious crimes highlighted, and the crimes exempted from the changes under HF2265 crossed out in black (corresponding with lines 1.21-1.23 of the bill).

Here is a post from an anti-testing page:

Oswego NY:
letter to middle school students. Signed by students in class. “Yes to the Test”


And another post from this page:

My daughter’s teacher told her today that she had to sit quietly in class during the test and was not even allowed to read. She may only sit there. I guess that is our punishment for refusing.

And yet another post:

Update in comments about the alternative Benchmark test if you refuse NYS:
Well, here we go again. It seems there are several teachers telling students that this year the State Test will count as a grade. Also some schools are implementing another test made by the school itself for students that are not taking the State Test. New York Mills is one of those. Neither test counts towards our children’s grade no matter what teachers are saying. The test made up by our teachers Im told is just to get an idea of where the students are at this point. I myself feel that the regular testing and quizzing already given throughout the year and assignments show this. I was going to allow my daughter to take the other test as its a local exam, however now that I’ve confirmed our school is actually lying to students about what will happen with these grades my girls will not be taking that either. Im tired of the political and misleading band wagon so many of our faculty members are willing to jump on!!! Please inform others. Several parents have come to me nervous now asking what has changed. Nothing has changed except some schools are now willing to outright lie in order to get the results they want. Disgusting. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

And here is a post from a New York opt-out group:

Well even though I emailed and had several phone conversations with our principal and superintendent at New York Mills school about lying to our kids they have still decided to tell them this morning that if they’re refusing the New York State test today they will be graded on a benchmark today given in its place. Thank you to those at NYM that will lie to children for showing us your true colors. I new we were screwed when our administration was replaced with those that would follow this corrupt agenda.

And yet another post from this group:

My thoughts on the test… we always opt out. I work within a school, and it is disheartening to watch kids take a test that has no merit on their grade. Testing all day. Having to wait to eat lunch with a teacher after all the other kids have finished the test and eaten lunch. Still testing well after 2 pm. Having to take stress breaks from the exam. These kids have now missed learning time that all their other classmates got after they finished testing. Missed specials. Have had NO contact with other kids all day. mind you these kids are at all learning levels. Two days of hours long testing for what? No relevance to their grade. A civil service exam doesn’t even take this long. This is just cruel treatment, especially to kids as young as 8 years old.

And yet another post:

Jarvis Middle School principal Charles Pratt is telling parents who refuse that these assessments are mandatory! 😦 Terrible!

And yet another post from this group:

Curious to see how all of this plays out at CVA tomorrow. After 2 separate emails from the Principal regarding my refusal letter; my son came home today and told me that all of his teachers stressed to the kids that they can’t opt out this year as the rules have changed. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve instructed him to not so much as touch a test. Just so disappointing.

And yet another post:

In Moravia district, the students who are refusing the state tests are being given local tests written by our teachers. While I prefer a local test written by our teachers I don’t like the fact that our refusal is just turning into another test. Students who take the state exams do not need to take the local test. In years prior we refused the alternative test. Another year all children were given the local test and then our children took it. This year they are grading the children on their efforts and utilization of strategies, meaning, if they don’t take at least one of these tests, they will get a zero in the grade book!

And some replies to this post:

Look at my Post on the page about New York Mills. They are doing the same. The Local test really isnt local. They copied part of the State exam. Its a manipulation technique. Refuse Refuse Refuse. 👍🏼

Ask for this policy in writing!! I guarantee there is none. No policy- no test! Or all kids have to take it- they cannot single out students, period! Do not let them intimidate you!

Oh don’t worry they messed with the wrong people

isn’t it ironic when administrators tell students not to bully and lie, now they are doing it.
It’s pathetic.

Keep them home and take them out to lunch for some 1:1 time. Time spent with you will make a much bigger impact on their life than the stupid tests 😁

And yet another post from this group:

New York Mills Parents. This year our school has thrown a hurtle out in front of our 3rd-8th graders in hopes to cahors them. Our previous Principal and even our Superintendent allowed refusals without any strings attached. The game has changed. I have gone through several phone calls and emails in order to understand what they are trying to accomplish and here are the facts. The school has informed students that if they refuse, they will be given a Benchmark exam instead that will be graded. First off, the Benchmark will not be graded. Second, the Benchmark exam contains questions taken from the NYS exam that teachers basically put together.
I assume Superintendent Dr Shelmidine believes parents will give in, thinking their children who refuse will just be given another exam anyways so why refuse anymore. This is nothing but manipulation. I can only speak for myself in saying I will not be manipulated by the people who are supposed to have our children’s best interests at heart. Manipulating them to get what they want (Participation) is the opposite. When this became a political game some 6 or so years ago we had an administration who stood by our side. They allowed parents a choice to guide their own child’s education. It was unfortunate when that administration was driven out of our small district. What it has been replaced with is nothing more than you’ll get at a high priced lousy Buffett. These are your choices, take it or leave it.
My children will not be taking the NYS test. Neither of them have over the last 6 years, nor will they take the new alternative as a consequence to refusing. I have received a email saying my daughter must stay home if Im refusing both. Im sure there are parents who are not aware of this alternative test being given in the NYS tests place. Please share this, nothing about this was sent home to parents. I had to hear about it from my daughter and others who were told they will be graded on a test if they refuse the NYS exam. Please note this is not a battle with any of the wonderful teachers at our school.
Here is the last reply email I received this afternoon:
(I spoke with Dr. Shelmidine after she spoke to you and she reiterated that all students who are not participating in the state tests are required to take the local benchmark exams on the testing days for data purposes. She expressed that she did let you know the only alternative to this would be to keep “student” home during the testing period. This is your prerogative and if you did this “Student” would not be required to take a make-up for either test format)

And yet another post:

Heads up to those in Liverpool. Please help inform parents: The principal of Long Branch Elementary just told my step son’s mother (in that follow up opt out call), that State Testing is now Mandatory as of this year and that there is no “opt out” option. Only refusal. We all know that’s crap, but parents who are new to this or who are worried about getting into “trouble” may need to be reassured in that area. I am so glad she didn’t cave in, but called me instead to find out. THIS IS GETTING SO RIDICULOUS!!

And yet another post:

My daughter just told me that the principal told them, if everyone in each class takes the test, they will get a party. So, because she wont be taking it, her class wont get a party. I think she is worried that people will blame her. Plus she is saying the kids get candy if they take it. I have candy here, I have no problem sending a bag full of candy for her (if she goes in for 1/2 day). I just dont want her singled out. WTFFFF

And some replies to this post:

Keep her home then…just sick.

They will continue to do this, unfortunately it’s because the teachers are getting pressure from higher ups. And even the teachers do not agree with this test crap. I would just keep her home and not let it bother her at all.

which district?


My son’s English teacher said the same thing. If there was a 10% increase in test taking they would have some kind of party. He’s in 8th grade and understands the importance of not taking the tests and wont be swayed. Sad that they’re resorting to bribery.

My daughter mentioned a bag of candy to me too. I’m sending her with her own bag when I drop her off after testing. Thankfully, no party mentioned here, but the letter I received from the principal acknowledging my refusal was not pleasant.

just got a message from a parent in our district that said her daughter is flipping out because she wants to take the test. Those that take the test can have a snack off of the PTO snack cart. Those that are refusing, can not.

I just can’t with this school!! Angers me so much the bs that goes on because of these stupid tests. I’m sorry(not sorry), but they’re just that; stupid. And every damn year our kids are pressured and reprimanded over this bs. These tests are not life or death. Damn administration needs to stop with the tactics and grow up.

Here is a post that I found in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Guerrilla Warfare in Education: the Sabotage of the Common Core through the Exercise of Parental Rights

By Michael Bohr, CI

The Common Core Agenda is a system that takes.

It takes our education dollars and feeds it to investors. Those investors included multi-national corporations, Wall St hedge funds, (allegedly)non profit Foundations, politicians (via campaign donations from
Investors) and Teacher Unions (through Professional Development programs run by union leadership and their bureaucratic cronies).

It takes our children’s privacy, personal data, health and familial information, their educational opportunities for future excellence and, more importantly, their childhood happiness.

It takes parent and teacher time, patience and peace of mind.

Take, take, take!

And the sad part?

We give it to them. Willingly.

The entire Common Core Agenda/System is dependent upon one thing: Data.

Without the data collected from students, the system would crumble. Fast.

So why are we even allowing them to have the data?

Not surprisingly, we do this because of peer pressure from other parents, pressure from the school systems, pressure from our children, along with our own ignorance and apathy.

At the beginning of every school year, we as parents are handed mounds of papers from the school that we faithfully sign off on and return. And then we spend the rest of the school year watching our children suffer, as we ourselves approach Xanax level anxiety attacks trying to fight back against these inane “reforms” and abuses… The ones we enabled by blindly signing all those “permission” slips.

We are at war against an enemy who has dedicated every waking moment of it’s existence to getting what it wants and is equipped with a vast treasury to fund itself and an army of dedicated, sycophantic lawyers, psychologists and “education professionals” hellbent on achieving victory at any cost.

On the other hand, we are a ragtag militia of insurgent parents who are poorly funded, ill-equipped and understaffed who are currently being lined up against a wall and nearby a large hole in the ground, topped with a headstone that reads: “Freedom 1776-2019”!

Why 2019?

Because if we don’t do something NOW, by 2020 there may not be anything left that we can do.

Education as we know it… ALL education, including preK, Public, Parochial, Homeschool/Unschool, Private K-12, as well as all trade, college and university… Will be under the control of the people we are fighting today.

But what of that first date? The “born” date: 1776.

The very war that was waged back then, that was supposed to insure our freedom for all time, holds the key to our success and survival today.

Against the most powerful military force on the planet, a ragtag militia of parent insurgents waged a war of guerrilla tactics… And won!

Knowing that they could not win by simply engaging the enemy on the enemy’s battle field, using the enemy’s tactics, the parents of early America harassed and harangued the British (yes, the irony of Pearson, a British company, being today’s enemy is not lost on me) to fight on unconventional battlefields and denying them what should have been an easy victory.

This is what we must do today!

There are many ways in which we can, and must, wage this guerrilla war.

First off, attack the supply lines. It’s all about the data, so easy access to our children’s data must be denied the enemy.

Our battlefield? Parental Rights.

Refuse the tests! This is already a battle front that is gaining success for us, but alone it will not be enough. While this is vital information for the enemy to have, it only compliments the data collected throughout the year. It is that data that must be denied as well!

Remember those permission forms? Don’t sign them!

Do not allow the schools easy access to the data by collecting it on computers. Force the school to either print out or purchase good, old fashion text books.

By denying permission for your child to access and use the computers at school, the enemy’s supply lines of data is severely damaged while your families and your children’s privacy is bolstered.

No, this will not completely secure all of it, but it will make it too costly and labor intensive to collect. This is akin to forcing our enemy to travel through a swamp on foot, thereby slowing them down, instead of allowing them easy travel and comfort on dry roads. Just as our Foreparents did against the British.

Parents can also wage this guerrilla warfare against the reformers by severely restricting what schools are taking for granted under the legal doctrine of “En Loco Parentis”.

“En Loco Parentis” is the legal concept that, when you leave your child under the care of someone else, that they can act as the parental authority. This used to mean such things as authorizing medical treatment for injuries and medical emergencies, minor disciplinary corrections for a misbehaving child and other day-to-day matters involved in their care and well being.

However, in today’s world of education, schools have expanded this to mean such things as conducting psychological examinations, medical decision making that far exceeds emergency medical care and delves into so-called preventative medicine.

Minor behavioral infractions that would normally prompt a call home to the parents are now being used to engage the legal system and police interventions first… And a call to mom and dad secondary and only as a notification instead of seeking permission for corrective actions.

Under the umbrella of “Zero Tolerance” policies, schools are denying parents and children of their rights, much as the British did in the 1700’s, and convicting them to legal sanctions. These otherwise minor infractions are then recorded on their (now truly) “permanent records” and transmitted to government and corporate databases that will follow them throughout their lives.

The reformers, aka the enemy, are literally making up the rules as they go along, then charging, questioning, indicting, judging and convicting our children of made up crimes without any due process or legal representation. When you hear people talk about a “school to prison pipeline”, this is it.

Parents must be proactive in fighting this by issuing legal notifications to school administrators that any potential disciplinary investigations or corrections that could result in negative notations on a child’s school records, or lead to possible police interventions and legal ramifications must first be preceded by parental notification that allows our children to be represented legally by a parent and/or guardian.

Guerrilla warfare isn’t easy but in today’s world where schools are acting like the monarchal tyrants of this nation’s past, it is our only recourse. When the chewing of pastries can lead to the arrest of a 7 y/o child on weapons charges, parents must stand in between their children and the “legal” system and fight.

The machine of education reform which denies ourselves and our children of their natural and constitutional rights to be free from state sanctioned harm and oppression must be opposed at every level and we as parents, the legal guardians of our children’s rights, must fight back using guerrilla warfare to do so.

At every turn, we must use what ever resources are at our disposal to sabotage the education system stolen from us and being used against us and our children, until such time as the enemy has been defeated and driven from our schools.

Whether sitting upon a throne in a far off land, in a corporate board room, a Dept of Education Office building, a Board of Education council or an office marked “Principal” or “Superintendent”… a tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant and those who bring tyranny down upon the heads and hearts of children are the worst of the worst.

We may not be able to defeat them “head on” on their battlefields of courts and legislature but we can, and must, draw them out into the open and force them to defend themselves on a battlefield of our choosing… Where we are strong and they are weak.

So let the lamps be lit, one if by land, two if by sea and three if by the classroom door.

To arms, to arms and fight from behind the brush if you must… But fight you must!

-Michael Bohr, Contemporary (and parent) Insurgent


More gender confusion being taught to kids in Colorado:

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Well I went to the administration today to turn in my opt out letters and they tell me that it is against the law to opt out.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Montana wants a piece of the action.

And another post from this group:

Morning! Are any here seeing data collection via “universal identifiers” through bills in your state? Here’s the language in MN.
Subdivision 1. Definition. For purposes of this section, “commissioners” means the
commissioners of education, health, and human services.
Subd. 2. Identifier established. By July 1, 2021, the commissioners must jointly
implement a universal identifier or similar cross referencing system that allows for
identification of individual children across programs.
Subd. 3. Applicable programs. The universal identifier applies for a child participating
in one or more of the following:
(1) child care assistance programs under chapter 119B;
(2) early childhood developmental screening under section 121A.17;
(3) early childhood family education programs under section 124D.13;
(4) early learning scholarships under section 124D.165;
(5) family home visiting programs under section 145A.17;
(6) Head Start and Early Head Start programs under sections 119A.50 to 119A.545;
(7) kindergarten readiness assessment under section 124D.162;
(8) school readiness programs under sections 124D.15 and 124D.16; and
(9) voluntary prekindergarten programs under section 124D.151.
Subd. 4. Purposes. (a) The commissioners may only access private data disseminated
through a universal identifier to:
(1) provide coordinated early care and education service delivery, including through
family referrals and follow-up activities;
(2) reduce burdens on families and program participants;
(3) identify early care and education service gaps;
(4) eliminate unnecessary overlap or duplication of services;
(5) create efficiency in program administration;
(6) identify developmental outcomes for children; and
(7) evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of the programs under subdivision 2.
(b) Personally identifiable data must not be used for the purposes specified in paragraph
(a), clauses (6) and (7).
Subd. 5. Data sharing; consent. (a) The commissioners must jointly develop a form
by which the parent or guardian of a child participating in an early care and education
program under subdivision 3 may consent to share private data. The consent form must
specify what data is being shared, what government entities will have access to the shared
data, and the purpose for the data sharing. The consenting parent or guardian may withdraw
consent, in writing, at any time.
(b) The ability of a parent or child to receive services is not affected by a refusal to give
consent under this subdivision.
Subd. 6. Data sharing; authority. (a) The following private data on individuals may
be disseminated under this subdivision:
(1) educational data, as defined in section 13.32, subdivision 1, paragraph (a); and
(2) data collected, maintained, used, or disseminated by the welfare system as defined
in section 13.46, subdivision 1, paragraph (c).
(b) For the purposes specified in subdivision 4:
(1) the commissioner of education may disseminate to the commissioners of health and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in the programs specified
in subdivision 3, clauses (2) to (4), and (6) to (9);
(2) the commissioner of health may disseminate to the commissioners of education and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in family home visiting
programs under section 145A.17; and
(3) the commissioner of human services may disseminate to the commissioners of
education and health private data relating to an individual’s participation in child care
assistance programs under chapter 119B.
(c) The commissioners may only access private data on an individual whose parent or
guardian has consented to share data as provided under subdivision 5.

And yet another post from this group:

Can anyone share a simple breakdown of what digital badges are and why its more sinister that it seem? Something that includes the tracking and funding implications would be great!!!

And here are the replies to this post:

Badges = edublocks

Here is a post that someone made on Alice Linahan’s wall:

I think all of us should look at what doors SB10 opens. You are going to allow non trained well meaning people decide that your child needs medication among many other things that this bill covers….this will mean if you disagree with an untrained person”s opinion CPS can be called –it also means that the State believes that it can be a better parent than you can or will be…Look at the state’s record of what happens to the children removed from their home–family–school–community—everything familiar….that data shows that most children regardless of the age (baby–teen–boy–girl) suffers their FIRST sexual assault within 4 months….how can that be better than the enviorment the state deemed unsafe or dangerous??? This should be looked at as losing your parental rights of decision making for your children…

Another document that ties the vaccine push to the Common Core agenda:

One of their goals is to support:

practices that promote children’s health and safety—in particular,
receipt of prenatal care, breastfeeding, vaccination, ensuring
children’s adequate nutrition and physical activity, monitoring, and
household/vehicle safety; and use of appropriate (less harsh) discipline

The study sponsors are:

Administration for Children and Families
Bezos Family Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Department of Education
Foundation for Child Development
Health Resources and Services Administration
Heising-Simons Foundation
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Based on some of the content in this document, I believe that this might be related to the home visit bills and early childhood bills we’re seeing popping up across the country.

Here is a post shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:


It is imperative that we express our opposition to SB 10 to our House Representatives and to the members of the House Public Health Committee. It is a foolish plan establishing a Mental Health Consortium that could result in disaster for vulnerable Texas children.

SB 10 creates a massive state government program. It establishes a framework for a Texas Mental Health Consortium using twelve university health related departments and redefines our schools as “Community Centers.” The Senate promise of “monitoring” this massive consortium is an empty one. We may have a very different Senate with each biennium, and I have great concerns as to how this promise will be carried out, if at all.

Initially, $100 Million will be sent to liberal academia psychiatry departments in order for them to develop standards on who is mentally fit or unfit. These departments will have access to our school children in order to have “expanded training and development opportunities.” What could possibly go wrong? There are far better avenues to help our children by improving existing mental health programs.

Currently, Texas already spends $2 Billion on mental health programs in Texas. Why not use one of the agencies already in place? A consortium comprised of a new un-elected quasi-governmental agency spending millions of taxpayer dollars is not the answer. Use of taxpayer funds should go to programs and agencies that must come under the provisions of a Sunset Review. How about working with educators, where “the rubber meets the road” through allocating more resources to local ISD’s for full-time, on-campus school psychologists and licensed school counselors. Parents and educators know their local campus and students’ needs best.

It should be noted that in rushing SB 10 through the Senate, Senate Rules were suspended in order to have all four required readings of SB 10 held on the same day and on a day when the Session was adjourned at 1:00 P. M. This lack of transparency clearly minimized citizens’ opportunities to comment, which is the essence of good policy. In addition, there were three amendments offered on the floor that day dealing with parental consent. There was clear concern over the consortium operating under the guise of “research” and therefore by-passing the parental consent language in the bill.

I encourage you to read SB 10 and compare it to the ideals contained within our Republican Platform. Republicans in support of SB 10 are using a single plank of the RPT Platform regarding mental healthcare (taken completely out of context) in order to try to justify such an intrusive expansion of government, which is like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Much of the wording in SB 10 is taken straight out of the Democrat Platform, which is why all Senate Democrats joint-authored SB 10. Further, the mental healthcare plank is not one of the five legislative priorities of the grassroots. SB 10 is in fact the antithesis of the legislative priority on privacy; the bill grows state government; and SB 10 opens the door for federal grants with the usual onerous federal requirements. Conflicts of interest from pharmaceutical companies, special interests, and the universities themselves will be unavoidable under this structure not to mention a growing financial burden to taxpayers.

I believe very strongly that my duty as an SREC member is to express the will of the delegates who elected me, which is to uphold the RPT Platform in all that I do. As a member of the Legislative Priorities Committee, I am to consider all proposed bills against the words contained within our RPT Platform, no matter who authored the bill. The delegates who created our Platform at the convention understood that words have meanings. The grassroots wants fighters who will stop massive government intrusion into their personal lives.

Republicans care about mental health issues and recognize that we need resources for schools, students, and families in crisis; but we also believe in the principles of limited government, the proper role of government, parental rights, and the privacy rights of students.

Principled Texas House members are the last hope of stopping this terrible legislation and I hope that you will tell them to stand for what is right for the citizens of this great State.

Terri Leo-Wilson SREC Member from SD7
Former State Board of Education Member
Retired Educator ( December 2018)
Currently serving those in need of mental health care through Homeless Outreach

More political censorship in our nation’s classrooms:

Here is a post from an anti-testing page, albeit from two years ago:

You may read this and think, “oh no, not in my school” BUT IT HAPPENING! Did you know that some educators could push a child to the breaking point like this?

6th grade ELA day 3: Student who took Day 1 and 2 just couldn’t take it anymore. Just gave up and was hitting his head on the desk. Told the proctors he just didn’t care if he failed, he wasn’t writing anything, he just couldn’t do it anymore. Said his head hurt from trying to read the passages, refused to go to the nurse, didn’t want to “rest his eyes” or take a break. Was of course told to try, just try. Student understood he would fail if he didn’t take the 3rd day, the first 2 days would have been for nothing. So he writes to get the proctor off his back. Proceeds to write in the answer spaces about how this pain needs to end, he’d rather fail than have this pain in his head, in his eyes, why can’t he leave to a refusal room, why does the state torture the kids like this, he’d rather fail than hurt, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. Admins came in, guidance came in, didn’t matter. Without parent consent, the kid can’t “officially refuse” so he had to sit there, banging his head, crying, writing how he felt, and fringing (ripping) his test book, instead of being moved to an opt out room. (And I have to say, my school was very respectful about opt outs, we had a lot of them and they were very accommodating. But if a kid refuses and has no letter, they call the parents. If the parents say no the kid does not have my consent, then the kid gets the test. They didn’t force him to erase his “work” but he did need to stay in that room until testing was over because of this. )

Here is a Common Core Diva article tying the vaccine push to the educratic “health” and home visit agenda as well as explores recent developments with the Gay/Trans Agenda being pushed in schools and hospitals:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

So, Colorado Dept of Ed wants the State Board to approve a High School Workforce Diploma. (They vote this week.)$file/PWR%20Criteria_April%202019%2004%2002%2019.pdf

And another post from this person:

Mandatory Home Visits: Extensive Data Collection Without Consent

“Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data…”

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m furious! My son wrote refuse on his test today and turned it in. The school calls me to make sure I know what happened. Of course I do! I told him to. They made my son sit in the hallway while the rest of the class took staar and kept screaming at him that he was going to miss an elective next year. Any suggestions on how to proceed? He’s 5th grade. I can’t keep him home tomorrow cause he already has tons of absences due to an illness.

And another post from this group:

I am so mad! Our son wears an apple watch that monitors his heart rate per his physician! The school made him remove it today for testing.

And yet another post:

I’m HOT PISSED!!!!!!! I emailed my letters weeks ago, confirmed with the VP and [name redacted]’s teacher confirmed with her last week that she was still not planning on participating I sent my 5th grader to school today with a book. The teacher passed out the STAAR (as expected) [name redacted] handed it back to her. About 30 minutes in the teacher approached my daughter, started to whisper to her “you can do this” “it’s up to you” etc. Apparently about 15 minutes later My daughter went to the teacher and got her test to start……… while I am frustrated that my daughter went against my wishes and did the assessment. I am FURIOUS that the teacher got into my kids head and pressured her!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have a message into the VP, waiting for a call back. This is not the first run in we have had with the teacher this year. I also spoke with the kiddo who sat next to her in class today (she didn’t hear what was said) but corroborated the timeline.

And yet another post:

My 5th grader came home so upset and stressed over today’s STAAR crap. She is really upset and refusing to even go to school tomorrow.

I’ve read nearly all the pinned posts and articles (I’m also working full time at a ranch and have my 2 youngest with me at the moment) but am wondering if I can have my kiddo write her name and “Refused” on her test for tomorrow?

She said they take their tests on the computer. Tomorrow is a reading test, and she has a hard time with it since she’s special needs and didn’t start reading until she was in kinder. She’s Deaf, wasn’t identified until 1 and a half, and was just shy of 2 years behind on language when activated with implants

I’m most definitely a mommasaurus, and the majority of the teachers I know fully understand that I will fight and have in the past for what my kids need.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My child received this assignment. A current issues class at AFHS, to debate the topic and the teacher assigned the teams. Yes, let’s have kids who’s brains are not fully developed make arguments as to why children younger than them should be allowed to change their gender. 🤦🏻‍♀️


And some replies to this post:

And yet I still keep hearing “not in Utah” …

sadly, Utah is dang near like any other state now. too many parents are ignorant to what the school districts are up to. look at SLC. as liberal as any other city in the US. and that leftist mindset is creeping into the suburbs and into the counties north, for sure. and trying to make it’s way into Utah County.

I attend an adult singles ward in Salt Lake and they are extremely liberal! I have to teach and clarify every Sunday to correct false liberal doctrine infecting the community

Current Issues was developed by progressive educators as another means to drive out learning that could be better focused on correct history and truth-based principles. You are right. This is one way to control the narrative. No wonder we have so much anxiety and suicidality in Utah. Kids are longing for a rich education that fills their souls, as opposed to emptying their minds. Parents and teachers are failing them.

AFHS is a high-school correct? This was a Current Issues class, correct? And, THIS is a current issue that a lot of those students are hearing about everywhere – I think a classroom setting with a teacher to facilitate is a fantastic place for kids to talk this issue out

no. Home is an excellent place to talk about it.

What grade level was this given in? It’s inappropriate at any HS grade, but I’m wondering.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

NEW ARTICLE on Minnesota Great Start for All Children Bill, HF 1, and in particular, Home Visits. HF 1 is referred to as a, “utopian Baby New Deal”. #READ the entire article, it’s not long, and #SHARE. Here are a few bullet points from the article. Thank you, Karen Effrem!

“Lack of Consent for Referrals
The word “consent” for referrals does not exist in the Minnesota, Oregon or Washington bills. This means that government bureaucrats are or will be mining the poorly protected (by HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) health, education, social services, family, and other data of expectant mothers and siblings to determine which families need a visit from Big Brother. Although several of these bills say that families may refuse the visits without consequences, this is another data point that will be added to the family’s lifelong government data file.

Loss of Fourth Amendment Rights
Families may unknowingly give up Fourth Amendment rights by accepting home visits from mandated reporters who collect much data on the family and whose government-determined opinions and cultural norms may be quite different from the families they visit when deciding what constitutes abuse or neglect.

Also alarming on the parental rights front is an Iowa bill that requires home visits by school officials once per quarter for homeschooling families, and if the parents refuse, the home visitors can get a court order with “probable cause” to enter the home anyway to interview and observe the child. Kiesecker asks the very relevant question:

The 4th Amendment says probable cause means when you have reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime will be found in the place to be searched. Is home schooling a crime? [Emphasis in original]

Differences in Philosophy Between Parents and Home Visitors
Any parent knows that there are a myriad of views on a whole range of parenting issues from discipline to if, how and when children are evaluated and treated for social, emotional issues when the screening instruments are admitted to be far from reliable. These differences are exacerbated by cultural differences among the many ethnic groups that may be receiving home visits.

However, under American cultural and historical tradition and current jurisprudence, parents, unless there is evidence of real abuse or neglect, have the ultimate right to make decisions about the raising and upbringing of their children. These bills are trying to end that parental autonomy and turn us into a literal nanny state like Norway.

Extensive Data Collection Without Consent
Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data, even though it is very hard to accurately assess even for highly trained professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists:

By documenting, on a regular basis, how children are developing in key domains—including literacy, executive functioning, socio-emotional security, and fine and gross motor skills—family support providers gain critical information for improving program content, and states gain confidence in the ability of these investments to improve school readiness.

Inconsistent Training of Home Visitors
As with preschool and K-12, especially regarding SEL issues, the level of training for visitors can vary substantially. One study found that success varied with how the program was organized even when attempting to implement an established home visiting model. Additionally, the study found there was “difficulty programs faced in retaining participants.” Finally, as also discussed above, information presented may be unscientific or biased, resulting in government-directed parenting.

Poor Research Evidence for Success
This is obviously a key factor, even when listed last. To summarize, based on federal research, 87.5 percent of primary (as measured by direct observation and standardized instruments) parameters showed “no effect” of the home visiting program, and only 12.5 percent of these parameters were “positive” among all of the programs that the federal government listed as meeting “the criteria established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for an ‘evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model’ for the general population” in the child development domain. Data for other domains like child abuse is similar.

However, as with preschool programs, even though much data is invasively collected, if it does not line up with the objectives of the organization promoting the policy, that data will be ignored. Grover Whitehurst, former director of the Institute for Education Sciences that oversees all federal education research efforts, calls this selective use of data “policy-based evidence-making” instead of evidence-based policymaking. This is one of the many reasons we so vehemently objected to the passage of the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act (FEPA) that will allow such distorted and politicized data to be shared among every federal agency.

Similarly to the Pioneer Institute white paper on SEL, Wrench in the Gears warns about the ominous surveillance state the United States is becoming at the sacrifice of privacy, parental autonomy and freedom — beginning with the poor:

We live in an era where data is gold. Poor people needing services (or education) are seen as potential goldmines by predatory financiers, assuming their poverty can be “profitably managed.” We are sliding into a new economic paradigm, one where people are valued as consumers of social services and producers of “impact data.” If we don’t speak out, eventually large segments of the population will be tracked via screen and wearable technologies, generating data linked to public benefits whose value is contained and regulated through digital platforms.

Minnesota’s home visiting program is only one piece of a larger bill that could be dubbed a utopian “Baby New Deal.” It contains massive expansions of government pre-K and childcare programs with the quality rating systems imposing state early childhood standards on private and religious providers.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Seriously? COSN is promoting that preschoolers and kindergartners need social media accounts.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group, in reply to a post of mine of uneasiness about “coming out” in support of marriage, life, etc or oppose LGBTQP or “climate change” online for fear of losing friends or even being banned from communities:

you think its bad in real world you should see middle school. My daughter was subjected to an assignment. A group assign. They had to pick a topic that is hotly debated and write a bill on it. abortion was the topic her group picked pro life bill. the filters on the school internet did not allow any pro life articles to come up for the research. My daughter researched at home and found the so sad pics and cried over the whole thing. My daughter was the presenter for the group. Toward the end of her presentation with her group behind her the teacher asked about free choice and stated she is for choice since its a woman’s body which incited the other class members to chant and heckle my daughter yelling ‘free choice my body my choice’. The teacher allowed the heckling it went on till the class ended so a few minutes.

Mass Resistance and bottom-up resistance helped defeat a radical sex-ed bill in liberal Washington state:

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

So my daughters missed school yesterday due to their Dad having surgery and of course it was Mock Biology test day. LOL Anyway, today teacher sends me an email explaining that since she missed the mock test she didn’t hear it was for extra credit and will need to stay after school and take the test before next Thursday. Well that was not a good thing to tell a mother of a child with 504 that is ready to make phone calls to end this stupid assessment. I emailed her back and said she doesn’t need extra credit for she has a 96 in your class she will not be staying after school for said test. Are they kidding me!

And here are the replies to said post:

I am an elementary teacher and I HATE STAAR and those mock assessments and I can’t stand teachers that push it.

My parents and students know my hatred for that test and every year I get called into the office and griped at because I tell them the real truth about the STAAR and how it measures nothing. Like if a student is in 3rd grade they have it written for 3rd graders at like a 5th or 6th graded level questions. The students are setup to fail from the start. They do that because when a student fails that means more money in the pockets of testing companies who print out the test, test creators, politicians and the corrupt people who work at the Texas Education Agency or as I call it Terrorism Education Agency because TEA to me is a terrorist organization that terrorizes students, children, teachers, parents and others with this Damn test.

My 4th grade son stayed home Tuesday through Friday this week because of the writing STARR and today is the mock reading STAAR. I told his teacher I didn’t want him to take it since he’s severely dyslexic and it would’ve a waste of time. Initially she tild me he would have to take it upon returning to school because they were using it like a benchmark (this came from the principal) but his teacher is so awesome and went back to the principal and they removed that requirement. Good thing too because I was about to completely lose it on the school admin and district. Stupid STAAR. (Dripping Springs ISD)

My daughter is dyslexic too and for the Writing STAAR this week she as in the room for 7 hours without getting up or anything just to finish the stupid assessment. her eyes have been swollen since and hurting. I beg them to not take it but the school has scared them telling them they can’t graduate if they don’t take it. Even prisoners get a yard and smoke break! LOL

Oh that breaks my heart – I am so sorry!!! It’s almost abuse what this stupid STAAR is putting our kids through, especially the SPED kids. Hugs to you and your daughters.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Oh looky here. Here’s a new Senator Patty Murray (D) bill: an extension of her data-guzzling Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R). The endorsing partners of this bill include CoSN: UNESCO’s partner to globalize curriculum using Common Core Education Data Standards. If you read some of the included links, it’s all about progressive-ideology-supporting digital literacy curriculum and global digital citizenship curriculum.

Local curriculum control is quickly becoming a myth, folks. It cannot be restored without ending the Obama Administration’s signature education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Here are some posts from the anti-CBE group about digital badges:

The idea of badges is that people will be continually re-skilled for jobs that may not exist by the time they are processed. But the impact investors will profit, because the success metric will be badges attained in this “lifelong learning” continuum, not gainful employment. The processing will start with home visits / pre-k and go on from there. The groundwork for the badge system was set up by Common Core. Each standard = badge. Now they are doing behavioral compliance badges-soft skills. It is all part of predictive profiling. Here is my piece on Strive. We are the raw material. Badges are they way they will keep track of us along the supply chain.

This IS happening in FL and all the other states Laura McCrary. It started with the forced SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) all states were mandated to put in place prior to CCSS rollout nationwide. They have linked the SLDS’ together and sell access. They built the SLDS’ under the guise of parents wanting to know how their child’s cohort is doing in other states. Like parents care about that. Every state now has an SLDS where everything is being stored. Everything.

FL ladies, don’t forget Jeb. Also DeSantis is a liar about dumping CCSS. I dug into his EO & plan.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Please pray as our attorneys assist a public school student and his parents who called to find out his rights after he was assigned an immoral book as a school assignment.

And here are some replies to this post:

I’m not really sure what the issue is. When my mom had a problem with a book I had to read, we just asked the teacher for a different book. We did this twice, with no complications from the teacher. This was back in the early 1990s.

well that’s almost 30:years ago…

I had the same thing happen at my daughter’s former school and was told they would not give an alternative book for just one student. In fact, the principal walked out and instructed the teachers to no longer speak to me. I tried reaching out to the school board and couldn’t even get a response. The solution of the school was to put my daughter into a classroom that was a grade beneath her for half the schoolday. I was finally forced to remove her from the school and homeschool her for the remainder of the year until we could find a new school for her.

And another post from this page:

Please pray for our attorneys as they assist a public school teacher in Kansas who is dealing with new curricula covering unbiblical views on gender identity.

I’ve found a Maine bill to create an early childhood workforce (meaning preschool, child chare, etc). It is laced with CTE funding.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Lobbyists for online ads sent this letter trying to kill TX privacy bill that asks for opt-in consent.

This is what I’m talking about! We need to do this all over the country! Well, mostly (I disagreed with the way the boys in Alaska handled it, as it only brought more trouble.)

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

I am seeing a lot of conversations about misconduct with teachers, staff and administration over opting out of the STAAR and its remedial components. Under the Texas Education Code there is a section called parental rights and under those rights you have to right excuse what your child will be a part of in the public school setting including any state mandated assessments. ‘

Parents if you come across anybody from the district who is having a serious issue with misconduct you need to file a grievance with the district. Every school has a policy it is tiered or leveled. Level One is with the principle, level two is with the super and level three is with the school board. You can appeal to TEA if you aren’t happy with the school board’s decision. Now with Teachers you can file a educator’s misconduct grievance with TEA.

All of this information is found on the TEA’s website.

OCR complaint

If it is a question of FAPE then file a special education complaint with TEA, for IEPs. 504 plans are under OCR.
Now if there is an issue with bullying, harassment, or your child was forced to take the STAAR after you advocated opt out then these fall under OCR regulation. Any type of retaliation is against the law, period. It damages your relationship with the district and your child’s mental health.

I were any of you dealing with retaliation right now about opting out of the STAAR I would make it very clear to the school that you know your rights and misconduct is a form of retaliation and it needs to stop right now. I would inform the school in an email to all parties involved.

And here are the replies to this post:

Yes! This! So few parents know their rights in their child’s education. Thank you!

Time For TEA to go down and disassembled and labeled exactly what it should be labeled and that is a homegrown Terrorist organization that terrorizes students/children, teachers, and parents in Texas. I have made it my life mission to make sure this STAAR test shit and this organization gets destroyed forever. I don’t know how I am going to get it done but I will and I know that I am not alone in this thinking. So get ready TEA your end is near. We together are S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers which will avenger our children and students and liberate them from this test once and for all.

They only way to get something done with TEA is through the governor’s office. He appointed the person who is running the show right now. Write emails/phone calls, etc tell them parents aren’t happy.

I am an elementary teacher. I hate that damn test and this agency. My parents and students know how much I ate and despise TEA and the STAAR test.

What if it’s the principal doing the threatening? Do I still file a level 1 with him?

My 15 said kids were asking why he wasn’t taking the assessment so he told them. The principal called him to his office and told him if he kept spreading lies he would send my son to ISS (in school suspension)

ISS on what grounds? Unless your child violated the schools code of conduct which I don’t think your child did. No this principle is using ISS as a scare tactic that needs to stop.

exactly. He and I had words about this a few years ago. Apparently I’m uneducated and my daughter (oldest kid) won’t graduate… she’s a Jr. , top 10, NHS. The counselor & I created her alternatives to EOC. Counselor was excited to learn there were options for those seniors who couldn’t pass.

Threatening him with ISS for talking with his friends?
Oh, yes, document that up the chain immediately. That way, if he gets ISS later, you will have massive ammo to fight it.
Did you have any emails that you can use for evidence of his threat?
I would send him one asking about the incident.

We were told if we opt out child, they will have to turn in their STAAR test with a zero grade. (We are in elementary)

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

The Story Behind Ole’ Betsy’s (DeVos) Twisted and Distorted CHOICE Trap. READ this statement from DeVos….. She is telling you straight up that vouchers will result in private schools following public education mandates. She is also obviously pushing her religion. You do know she is a devout Catholic and is pushing catholic school education. Just research the woman!!!!!!!!!

March 11, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced at the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) State Directors Annual Meeting that the Department will no longer enforce a restriction barring religious organizations from serving as contract providers of equitable services solely due to their religious affiliation. Many religious and private schools were rejoicing. Why, when these schools are being set-up?

Did Betsy DeVos Just Spill The Beans:

“She has also made clear that she believes that any education program funded with taxpayer dollars is “public,” even if it is a private religious school that accepts students funded with publicly funded vouchers or tax credit programs.”

DeVos Says Ban on public money to religious schools “should go to the ash heap of history.”

The target of DeVos’ wrath: so-called “Blaine” amendments to state constitutions that prohibit public funds from being used for religious purposes. DeVos said these amendments, many of which originated in the late 1800s, began as “bigoted” against Catholics

Kudos to this girl and shame on North Pole High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. Also, this is related to my earlier post above about resistance to the transgender agenda in Nebraska and Alaska. While I credit the boys in Alaska for opposing the transgender bathroom push by the school, their actions were in the wrong and they brought themselves and the poor girl into trouble.) Double shame on North Pole High School. First, for putting the gender confused boy in the girls bathroom, and second, for suspending the girl for fending off boys who blocked the door to the girls restroom.

Two students in NJ were suspended from school for three days and given detention on the weekend for posting photos of them going to a shooting range on Snapchat:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

UNESCO paper
published Nov. 1984

“A Methodological Guide
to the Application of the Notion of Common Core
in the Training of Various Categories
of Education Personnel”

by J.C. Pauvert

Here is the link I found that someone told me about.

Here are some posts I found online in an AlphaNews article:

my son graduated high school believing that America STARTED WWII over imperialism. My Dad had to explain Pearl Harbor….how freaking sad is that?!?

so much of the root of the ignorance is the careful control (stranglehold?) on the current political / historical narrative in our high schools and post-secondary institutions. Case in point: my daughter’s liberal arts college offers students free access to The New York Times app. The left-leaning, “progressive” New York Times, that is…is it difficult to guess on which side of the political aisle does the school administration and teaching staff land?


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thoughts on RISE score affecting final grade?

And here are the replies to this post:

Where did you get that?

Sent home with a student

what district


It’s because of a State Board Rule that has been challenged, but I don’t think it’s going away, especially with HB118 passing. The most important part is that it is ONLY by the request of a parent. It cannot be used on grades otherwise. We also need to be watchful to make sure children who opt out are not negatively impacted by it. It gives the advantage to students who take the test, which has been pointed out, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

Here is a post from a California group:

I’m at loss of words right now.
One of my girls in 4th grade came home today and told me that she had a “weird” substitute teacher. Of course I thought she was being dramatic. She went on to describe a person who looked like a man, talked like a man and wore a dress and a wig. This person stated that they don’t celebrate holidays and they live in a trailer with just a couple boxes of things. Apparently the kids kept referring to “him” as “Mr __” and he corrected them and said that “Ms” is how you should refer to “her”. The kids seemed to think otherwise.

I was not imagining that I would have to have a conversation now about how to address people who assume an identity they were not born with, much less gender identity issues at all.

I’m thinking about writing a formal letter to the principal to share my concern about choice of substitute teachers, but I don’t know how to share it in a way that express my concern about the risk to children of exposing them to people who choose alternative sexual identities and do not choose to fit into social norms.

I’m also thinking I should send a quick note to the other parents in the classroom too.

And some replies to this post:

What district?

San Marcos in San Diego County

We have a transgender teacher at our middle school. It was tough at first to send my son to that class everyday not knowing if it was going to be a platform for the teacher but it ended up being okay. Its sad that we have to worry, not everyone that is different is bad but it’s so hard to trust that they have our child’s best interest in mind too.

wow– this is definitely unfolding. I just got the first response from a parent and it looks like the exposure is WAY MORE than just appearance and gender identity. This is what I just read:
There was also a discussion and debate on religion today, on whether God exists or not, and that the substitute does not celebrate holidays like Christmas. The substitute apparently told the students that she does not believe in God, and does not believe in giving or receiving gifts. I don’t have a problem with any of that and what anybody believes or thinks at all, but I am not sure why these kinds of discussions are necessary or important in a 4th grade class. I was not there myself, but I think there is some truth to some of this from my son. I do have some concerns myself about the material that was discussed today.

YES .. They had one purposely substitute at Sierra High School Manteca Ca. I am actually grateful for this experience because it ‘shook’ my daughter up to lean more to the right. Very eye opening.

I’m definitely going to focus on the basic aspect that it’s very distracting within the learning environment. As I’m learning more from other parents, this person engaged students to talk about atheism in the 4th grade classroom- which should be enough to be booted. (my girls don’t have phones yet– we are waiting a few years

I was told that they would slowly start introducing teachers who are more agreeable to teach these concepts. I guess when they are hiring new teachers, they can show them some pretty controversial curriculum and ask, “Are you comfortable teaching this material to a class?” The ones that are okay with it will turn out to be a “better fit” for the job. This could be just the beginning of a very interesting turnover in faculty.

This, along with other reasons, is why I am retiring in June from my public school position. I’m so saddened and unhappy about the way things are headed for our schools. God help us.

Are you raising the white flag in defeat and retreating?
Keep your position, it is not up for replacement by one of those, certainly. It is not over till it is over.

we are heavily considering homeschooling 😟

not sending the white flag up at all. I’m 66, have worked for my school district for 34 years, and I’m basically just done. But things like this make me really sad for the future of public schools.

I wasn’t a teacher but I fear what this will do to our next generation.

I just learned of these changes about 3 weeks ago (via a paid ad by this group) and I have been so stirred by what is going on! It is bad on so many levels. My mama bear is kicking-in big time!!! I need to know what I can do to help change this mess!

Yes, so sad. I’m an elementary teacher, 21 years with retirement way too many years away.😭😭😭

One thing you can do on your way out the door that will help others, is to encourage younger teachers to opt out of the union. The sooner they cut off the CTA from union dues, the sooner we stop feeding the beast that has created this nightmare. Here’s a great resource for teachers to find info to opt out of unions and to get insurance that will actually protect them more reliably than the unions

I’d be pulling my children from these schools so damn fast, that “things” wig would spin right off! Pull your kids, people! Pull them out of these demonic indoctrination camps immediately! Don’t send them back until the state stops with all this insane gender bender bullshit!

Not everyone can do that, we’ve got to stay, speak up and be heard

Maybe not, but at this point, something drastic has to happen. What’re you going to do? Go to the PTA meetings? How are you planning on speaking up and being heard? Before it’s too late…? Sounds like it’s already too late! They’re already implementing this crap…they’re already hiring teachers, at least substitutes…that are men wearing dresses…to teach your children. Teach them what…? How to be totally confused? How to be gay? How to be transgender? What the hell happened to reading, writing, & arithmetic?

And another post from this group:

I have been meeting with parents to discuss some concerns with the new sex ed curriculums which are being implemented this year. Many of the parents I have spoken to were not aware that their 12 year old child is allowed to leave the school campus without parental notification or permission to have an abortion, receive birth control/counseling and STD/STI testing and treatment.

I believe every parent should be aware and has a right to know of such a heinous overreach by the state of California. I will attach some pictures of the actual page from one of the sex ed curriculums with the laws/codes “TELLING” us parents we have no say on wether or not our child is to have a risky procedure.

Cal. Family Code 6925 states “A minor may consent to medical care related to pregnancy-related medical services except sterilization”. However, sterilization is a potential complication from having an abortion.

Like any other surgery, an abortion is a surgical procedure which may potentially have serious complications. Yet, the state of California does not believe parents of these children need to be informed nor have any input.

Our children cannot watch a rated R movie, have a cavity filled or get a physical without parental notification and consent. However, California says they can have an abortion and us, the parents of these children have nothing to say about it.

Link to the page where your child is coached on how to approach the school office, what to say to them and what steps to take in order to keep us parents in the dark.

This is a link to a video the ACLU crafted to notify your children about their rights to “reproductive care” without your consent.

And yet another post from this group:

Article in the number one korean newspaper in america the korea times titled “How is this sex education? This is sexually explicit material…”

The korea times covered the board meeting in Anaheim California on 4/11/19.
Many concerned parents came out for the public hearing. Some concerned mothers testified to please remove planned parenthood from their schools and sited facts on how they were not there to help stop sex in schools but to promote and stimulate it.
One mother spoke after her conversation with her son. Her son had said that the planned parenthood guest speaker showed them a video of a girl getting raped. Then they went into discussion on what to do if that had happened. Obviously they are implanting ideas into the minds of 12 year olds.

And yet another post

This is what was taught today in my sons class. They keep teaching the victim mentality, this entire thing is disturbing.


And here are the replies to this post:

What grade is this being taught??

9th Grade Inspire High. It’s called Inspire High School of the Arts and Sciences in Chico. It is a charter school.

Charter?? Aren’t you able to choose your curriculum?? We can with our charter.

we don’t choose the curriculum. I can opt out, and isn’t it convenient that they include the opt out letter in a lengthy email mixed in with random stuff? I did know this was coming because of the internet, and I also know my son is very strong in what he knows to be true. He was allowed to attend on a recon basis. Lol. He took a lot of notes and wrote down conversations for me. Why do I do this? Because I fear we wouldn’t really know the scope of the Indoctrination if we didn’t have students like him.

You are brave, I couldn’t let my daughter go to a class like that…..then again she’s 6. Schools are scary places these days.

my daughter wouldn’t be able to handle this either. And they are the same age. She isn’t even in that school, she is on homeschool and I am her teacher. My son is a musical genius and needs to be around his music classes and such that I cannot provide for him to the level this school does. He is the one kid to stand out and has taken a lot of heat for it, but he is strong. It is a very LEFT school. It cannot even be labeled liberal at this point due to the fact it has completely gone off the deep end. Then walks in my kid with his American flag jumpsuit, or shoes, or hat, or what have you. And they have given him so much grief over it. But he says I love my country and I stand up for what I believe in, if this offends you, that’s your problem.

Thank you for having your son do this recon. You’re right, we wouldn’t know the full scope if someone doesn’t attend and see what they are up to. I can’t believe that crap! Absolutely teaching them victim mentality and other kids that don’t have a mom with their head on straight like you do will totally buy into this. This whole thing bothers me to my core.

This is an outrage!
Growing up is hard enough we are either to thin, too fat, to short, too tall, shy, or talkative. Why add more doubts to kids to question themselves. Why not help them get an education so kids can choose a college a career a profession not a gender.
This comes with an agenda to recruit more homosexuals. It is for the majority a learned behavior, of course with a few exceptions. The percentages of kids going through puberty I think the percentage is at present 1 percent gay but they are trying to make our kids LGBTQ.l

you are correct. It’s rampant in our schools. My daughter had 11 on her volleyball team this past year and out of them 7 claimed to be lesbians. I said well, statistically that’s in accurate. I told her that at the most 1-2 of those girls will still be lesbian when they grow up, and that’s being generous with my stats. They are literally brainwashing our kids.

7 out of 11 is insane! My best friends daughter is 14 and I can’t believe the amount of gay and lesbian kids she goes to school with. My daughter is 21 and it was not like this when she was that age. None of them have any idea what they are doing or talking about. I pray they wake up and grow up to see that the left is indoctrinating them with BS.

Yes agree they talk about Torrence and discrimination but what if they had a club at school heterosexual abstinence until marriage club at school? You know that wouldn’t go over at all. I was a virgin when I got married (unheard by today’s standards) my husband was too. We figured it out just fine. Why do kids even need to be thinking of sex at such young ages. This is insane! I am a Christian and was taught that sex between a man and woman is sacred. This is crazy our poor little kids are going to be so confused.
This should be illegal! This is just wickedness of the worse kind to prey on the helpless and the most precious and trusting and innocent in society!

A list of “privilege injustices” could be compiled for anything deviating from the norm. I could decide that my nose is an ear and have, therefore, three ears. My list of grievances would begin with people with two ears not having to worry about finding earmuffs equipped with three muffs. That is grounds for launching a campaign against the privilege of “ear duality.” There is no end to the infinite ways a deviation from the norm can be construed as an unfair privileging of the norm. If left unchecked, this is a virus that will contaminate reason itself, and in a decade or so my absurdist example will seem mild.

Seems like that’s part of the goal… the more we are preoccupied with biased opinions and hatred in between each other based on bullshit privileges and tolerances the less government has to worry about us standing up united against gun control and other laws that will strip us of defense and finances.

This is no different that what was done in Germany under the Hilter Youth movement to change a nation’s culture & values. Replacing the holy trinity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit with Volk, Fuehrer & Vaterland (people, ruler, & fatherland). Boys born in 1926 became cannon fodder in the final futile attempts to keep Hitler’s Reich alive. A generation of wasted lives.

And another post from this group:

Los Angeles Department of Health has this “Adolescent Provider Toolkit” posted on it’s website. Here is a page literally explaining how to perform a “parentectomy” (their term) – to get the parent out of the room for the confidential portion of the child’s exam.

And some replies to this post:

Just yet another reason why I don’t take my kids to allopathic doctors.

You people in Cali better get mad as hell and fight back this indoctrination ! This is spreading all across the country, but you guys are the main one so far’. STOP it in its tracks. We MUST protect our children at all cost. They are setting them up for their own agenda’. Washington State Christians fought for it for now, but they are already working on a stronger plan for next year”.

unfortunately people in CA are apathetic. Too busy buying their Tesla’s, vegan and PETA all come first. I know I live here. It’s pathetic. So unwilling to open their eyes or go against the grain…90% at least

So they are complicit in the agenda to undermine parental rights & authority. Disgusting. Parents, have such a great relationship with your children that they feel comfortable talking openly with you, and no one can ever come between you.

“A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent” WHATTTTT??????? 😡😡😡😡

That’s what the state says. And kids are told this in SeXXX ed class.

the state actually REQUIRES that 7th-12th graders be taught that they can get an abortion/etc without parent’s knowing, that they can obtain Medi-Cal coverage to pay for it, and they can get out of school without their parents knowing if it is for “confidential medical services”!!!

NOTE: there is not age restriction for abortion. ANY AGE a child can consent. And if the child is less than 14 and having sex with someone also less than 14, it is not reportable (OR if the child just doesn’t offer the information, since the provider is not even required to ask the 11 year old girl who she was having sex with in order to give her a dangerous medical procedure).

It’s actually in the parent-student handbook, also: “School authorities may excuse any student, age 12 year or older, from the school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical
services without the consent of the parent or guardian.” It’s been clarified by various legal input that “may” means just that this child “might” request the absence. The school must grant it.

They have done this for years already it’s just more scary today than it was then. My 20 year old and 24 year olds dr did this at their visits once they hit 13 or 14 I believe . Good morals and communication in the home are key

unfortunately the brainwashing is way more intense these days in schools !!

brainwashing in the doctor’s too! I had to fight the doctor in front of my kids when he tried to insist my son needed the HPV shot because it helps prevent all kinds of cancer now. According to him it even helps fight skin cancer… wait, what?!? Then he talked all about the “bad” info out there on the shot. Man I was pissed because I did my research on that shot and he’s full of it! I had to say NO very firmly SEVERAL times before he gave up!

yep so true! It’s a pharma corrupt business in there!

This EXACTLY how it went when I took my teenage son in for a referral to podiatry. On base- at the naval hospital. Last year.

yeah, I took my kids to a doctor who told me'” we see teens alone- parents do not come in.” I never returned to that office. my daughter wants me there so it’s not like she’s asking to go alone. I don’t trust anyone who is meeting with and examining my child alone behind closed doors. I seriously question the motives of any health professional insisting to meet with my child alone. parents should always be welcomed and respected. we are our children’s caregivers and advocates and others are there to support us in our efforts to best parent our children. if they have something to say to my child they can say it while I’m in the room. whatever education they have regarding health they care to share with my child will be best applied if they educate me as the parent as well. no one should undermine the role of the parent-it’s primary!

I have 7 now adult children. I have been through this many times and you have to TAKE A STAND AS A PARENT. NEVER allow schools or Doctors to intimidate you for staying with your teen. Until the age of 18 they are still children under your parental care and responsibility. Red flags if you are asked to leave them alone.

I’ve already been introduced to this at my kids doctors office. We discuss it before we go in that the doctor is going to ask me to leave and I tell them that they can say no, that they want me to stay. I just ask my kids in front of the doctor if they want me to leave. They’ve always asked me to stay. Doctor can’t argue what the child is asking for. I leave it up to my kids and so far they’ve always wanted me in there.

I will have to try that. Our kaiser doctor acted like they didn’t have a choice!

I will happily disclose before any appointment that it is not acceptable for them to ask me to leave until they are 18. Heck, I will make them put it in my children’s chart notes that as a parent, I have the right to have this question removed from their routine appointments with my children. I set boundaries during pregnancy, I set boundaries and pushed for testing that wasn’t required for my children’s health like bloodwork and EKGs (and they found a potential problem!!), and certainly I will continue to be their advocate without being dismissed!!

Truth on Vaccines Part 2

This is part 2.

And yet another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

So I work as an answering service and some of our clients are hospitals, pediatricians, and obgyn offices. It is so heartbreaking to hear people calling in who are pregnant after they get the tdap vaccine or their children after getting vaccines, wanting to speak to the on call dr because of the reactions.. we cant advise anything, only take the messages and text the doctors, so hearing it and knowing their pain but not being able to tell them what it is from or say to stop vaccinating… ugh it breaks my heart 😭😭 I just had a call today from a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant and is bleeding from the tdap 😭 this job is overwhelming

And some replies to this post:

I know the feeling as I work at a pharmacy bah

I work at a medical clinic and I know what you mean 😦 literally calling the next day or several days after there well check where they got vaccines, to say they have high fevers or were hospitalized and have to follow up with there provider. So so sad breaks my heart. I wish I could tell them too

Ooooh I couldn’t do that. 😭😭

I could never not say ” consider the vaccinations” I don’t care if I was fired over it. People’s lives matter more to me then just doing my job

I would keep a personal journal and document everything you hear from people… maybe you could use it for something someday…

I found out, thanks to a friendly informer, who gave me a source directly from the CDC itself, that the MMR vaccine (the measles one) that Rockland County was trying to mandate (or ban you from the public if you didn’t get it) has WI-38 in it. Wi-38 is a diploid human cell strain composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-months gestation female fetus.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

GREAT news – A judge has blocked the Rockland County, NY order banning the ‘unvaccinated’ from public spaces ———>

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Those of you that once vaccinated and then stopped , what was your number one reason why? Really just trying to educate myself further. I’m completely against them for myself and my kiddos .

And here are the replies to this post:

My daughter was injured

Found out aborted fetal cells were used and I was like I’m
Done. I didn’t have a clue. That was over 10 years ago.

My daughter was constantly sick. We practically lived at the doctors office. After hearing “it’s normal” too many times, I did my own research. Stopped vaccinating at 12 months. She’ll be 4 in May and has been sick once a year for less than 24hrs

My last daughter had aweful reactions

The death of my child did it for me

Daughter ended up comatose for 13 days

My youngest daughter was injured when they held her and me down and gave her 8 shots at once

I wasn’t educated at all of what the ingredients actual were, the dose amount dangers, the risks/side effects, the poisons etc NOW I’m aware and woke! My niece was diagnosed with a cancer type most likey caused from the Flu Shot:(

My child cried constantly for weeks after well visits. Then I did some research and spoke to friends who had made the same decision. We stopped after his 6 month appt.

A vaccine killed my perfectly healthy son.

My son had a severe reaction to his 4 month set of shots, plus he was 9 weeks premature and still got them on time…makes me nauseous to think about. None ever again after that and my second son is completely unvaccinated.

The 2nd MMR booster made my then 4yr old change/regress overnight. His developmental doc proved he had a reaction to the vaccine and it overwhelmed his immune system and he developed PANS. I’d take measles any day over what we’ve lived through. But my son is now healed at 6yr old and doing incredible but we had to spend thousands of hours and $$$$ to recover him

Oldest had a seizure following 12 month shots. Second child had an adverse reaction to Hep B that was given in the NICU without our consent

My son had his first vaccines and his personality immediately changed, that very day. He didn’t have any more and neither did my daughter.

I read the ingredients.

Vaccine damage. Both my daughter and I ended up with severe damage that required intensive and long term “rehab”.

At 6 months she had vaccines and that night stopped breathing turned blue and purple. Thank God I got her breathing again. She was put on a breathing monitor for 3 months. Stop all vaccines

I was always leary because of issues vaccinating dogs do I wanted to delay and space out. The ped we had with the twins talked me into the hib at 2m and they had a reaction which the ped of course denied was related. I refused any more for months until we moved and saw multiple peds that all said they had to be “caught up”. I finally let them get a dtap which they didn’t seem to have an issue with. We started a new ped after that and a few months later got another where one twin stopped responding to his name and lost receptive speech. I refused to do any more after that. We found a new ped that has never pushed us and started there with the birth of my next. We’ve been there since and they’ve never tried to force us to do any more.

We did delayed schedule with my first. No help at birth, and he got that at two months, and at six months he got his two month vaccines. He was very lethargic and feverish afterwards, and it scared me. That’s when I started to research. I learned enough to where I decided that it was too risky to continue. My failure, though, was I stopped researching. I was afaraid of tetanus, and so, two years later when my son was bit by a dog, I consented to a tetanus booster. I asked for it split, they made a big show of looking for one and ultimately gave him TDaP without informing me. I didn’t know that it was completely useless against tetanus if he had been infected. Within days, the change happened. He was nearly three- been potty trained for almost a year, no accidents, could draw remarkably well, neatly, in the lines. Dress himself. Speaking very well. Play quietly by himself or sit through a movie no problem. He became fussy, throwing fits, freaking out over things. He started having accidents. Neat drawings became scribbles. He started hand flapping and jumping up and down in place, couldn’t focus on a task for a long time. He lost a lot of coordination, struggled to dress himself. Started not stuttering, but struggled to put his words together or focous on what he was trying to say so would repeat words, over and over until he could peice it together. You could see his frustration. He was aware that it was happening band it upset hiqm. He didn’t understand why.
My husband had instinctively never wanted to vaccinate him. I was scared. The guilt is something i will never get over. He better now, very functional. It’s been 7 years. He still has some sensory issues, I’ll have to remind him to go to the bathroom sometimes. He still jumps up and down, always has to be moving. He toe walks, severely.

As a child I always ended up with pneumonia after shots. Senior year in high school, my body couldn’t take it anymore… After flu shot I got pneumonia once again, but this time I ended up in a coma for two weeks, almost dying from septic shock. It’s been 10 years now and I haven’t had a vaccine since, haven’t had pneumonia since either. It’s not worth taking the risk, not knowing if my son could have the same poor respiratory reactions like I had.

My 3rd born had seizures and totally stopped talking after his last vaccines…. he hasn’t spoke to say mom, no,dada, dog….nothing. When I researched ingredients- I would never have given consent if I had known.

Eczema, constant earaches, some learning disabilities(including a son who didn’t talk a word till over 3) a daughter with a febrile seizure at 3 yo not normal reseach I began back in he 80s made me realize the risk/benefit ration just not worth it.

My first born ended up with damage to his pituitary gland. He was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism due to the lack of growth hormone his body was able to produce. God made my heart heavy when it came to his next round of vaccines so I decided to wait. Since then I have started researching and found that a lot of his medical issues are found in the vaccine inserts as adverse reactions. He has had no more vaccinations since and maybe a year or 2 later he started growing again. Thank God, he is now a normal height, but some issues have remained. My second hasnt had even 1 vaccine and is the picture of health. At 2 he is larger than my oldest was at 5…. and that is no exaggeration!

Worked at a pediatric hospital and witnessed all the vaccine injuries.

My oldest is a vaccine injured child. She was constantly sick as a baby, has processing disorders, celiac disease… numerous things that point to vaccines!

My son became autistic overnight after MMR

Vaccine injury (Anaphalaxis) with my first 2 of 3….

4 kids third kid got a reaction at 12 month shots. Stopped speaking started regressing. 4th kid injection free. First 2 kids have asthma, exzema, adhd, odd, all had screaming, high fevers after shots. Slept the infancy away. 4th baby never sleeps like her brothers did. All 3 boys have gut issues as well.

I was vaccine injured. I got the Gardasil vaccine and was paralyzed for a year

My 5 year old son had seizures and was lifeless after DTAP and MMR. Thankfully I was at the lake and the first people I found were first responders (crazy!) He is still alive, his blood pressure was in the 190’s. He’s since developed sleep apnea, has thyroid issues and I’m thinking early puberty. He also has gained 45 pounds in a little over a year.

And another post from this group:

Guess who is behind this “UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE” ?

“PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION” — This is how fear-mongering tactics are implemented. First scare the shit out of people by predicting a GLOBAL PANDEMIC – Give maximum publicity & coverage for your statement via multiple news outlets – Then later come out with the solution, which GATES himself had been funding and developing – the UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE.”

Apr-2018 – “….BILL GATES warns – 30 MILLION People Could Die From FLU PANDEMIC …”

While in the background, BILL GATES was overseeing the development of a UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE


Apr-2018 – Bill Gates pledges $12 million for UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE

Dec-2018: – “What I learned at work this year” – By Bill Gates

Apr-2019: – NIH begins first-in-human trial of a universal influenza vaccine candidate


“I had hoped that hitting the 100th anniversary of this epidemic would spark a lot of discussion about whether we’re ready for the next global epidemic. But if anything is going to kill tens of millions of people in a short time, it will probably be a global epidemic. And the disease would most likely be a form of the flu, because the flu virus spreads easily through the air. Today, a flu as contagious and lethal as the 1918 one, would kill nearly 33 million people in just 6 months….”

“I have been studying this for several years. To be prepared, we need a plan for national governments to work together. We need to think through how to handle quarantines, make sure supply chains will reach affected areas, decide how to involve the military”

There has been progress toward a Vaccine that would protect you from every strain of the Flu.

This year I visited the U.S. National Institutes of Health and got an update.

The challenges of making a “Universal Flu Vaccine” are fascinating. All strains of the virus have certain structures in common. If you’ve never been exposed to the Flu, it’s possible to make a Vaccine that teaches your immune system to look for those structures and attack them. But once you’ve had the Flu, your body obsesses over the strain that got you sick. That makes it really hard to get your immune system to look for the common structures.

So it is clear how we could make a “Universal Vaccine” that would protect anyone who has never been exposed to the Flu before.

To make the most of these scientific efforts, the world needs to develop a Global System for Monitoring and Responding to Epidemics.

That is a political matter that requires international cooperation among government leaders. This issue deserves a lot more focus.

Here is a Common Core Diva article tying the vaccine push to the educratic “health” and home visit agenda:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I have had such a heavy heart lately over the push for mandatory vaccines. My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 and half with autism. When my son was one I knew there was something wrong but I was such I young mom I didn’t think twice about not vaccinating. It was just what we were all to do for our children to keep them free of disease. I never thought the sleepless nights, emergency room visits for seizures, ENT visits and neurologist visits had anything to do with the 8 vaccines my son received in one day. There was absolutely no informed consent and there still is none and this just blows my mind.

I was researching and researching trying to figure out what was wrong with my son then doctors started talking about “autism” concerning my now 19 year old son. I started digging and finding out as much information as I could about autism and then I came across many people questioning vaccines. I still didn’t stop vaccinating.

Even though I was still vaccinating my children I did slow their vaccine schedule down. My decision to stop vaccinating in 2004 happened when my daughter who was around 18 months received a couple vaccines and woke up the next day with no speech and she began walking on her tippy toes. She had at least 20 words and no stemming symptoms prior. My daughter then all of sudden required pre-primary impaired services.

I changed our entire lives at that time. No more vaccines for all four of my kids! I changed their diets and had very expensive blood testing done for my children concerning gut allergies so I knew who could eat what. I also added essential supplements.

Long story short, My daughter made a full recovery. Her older brother did not but he did start talking and we rarely had to go to the doctors anymore. Life became a lot easier.

In 2012, I was scared by my children’s pediatrician that they needed the dtap due to an outbreak of whooping cough. I thought they are old enough it shouldn’t hurt them. Once again we ended up at doctor after doctor with my son that has autism. We ended back up at the neurologists and psychiatrists. Up until this point my son was able to be medication free. [name redacted] started spinning out of control and then they did an MRI where they found a golf ball size cyst in the midline of sons brain with absolutely no answer except to say it has probably been there most of his life but something recently must have aggravated the cyst. Smh ????? On December 10th of 2018 my son had to undergo brain surgery at the University of Michigan.

During this same time shortly after the vaccine in 2012 my now typical developing daughter became very depressed and was showing extreme signs of ADHD.

Both are doing better now but I did fire the pediatrician they had from birth. [name redacted] will always have severe issues and I am under so much stress daily because I have a now 2 year old who has never been vaccinated. I have 5 kids total. 21,19,16,15 and 2. My two oldest fully vaccinated with Autism, Allergies, Asthma, OCD and ADHD. Partially vaccinated, my middle children- ear problems when they were little and like I said possibly adhd and regression after vaccines…but my daughter is doing better now.

My youngest OMG! Nothing and no vaccines! Watching her grow up so healthy is something I have never seen before. Absolutely no developmental issues whatsoever! One antibiotic so far and that was because she got a staff infection on her finger and a couple viruses nothing odd. It’s beautiful watching her thrive but at the same time I cannot stand myself for being misinformed about the possible consequences of vaccines.

I am scared every single day now I am going to wake up and vaccines are going to be mandatory and either way I lose my 2 year old.

To those who are borderline on this matter please know we didn’t just research we witnessed!!

And here are some replies to this post:

You did what most of us Mothers did… trusted your Pediatrician. Unfortunately, most Doctors don’t know any better or if they do, they’re too afraid to speak out or they’re just as corrupt as the CDC. I feel for you. My one and only child was vaccinated until 2 years old. He got very sick after his 12 month vaccines. Then ended up in the hospital around 15 months. That is when he lost all speech and started showing signs of autism. After a year of speech and occupational therapy and not much change, he was diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday. After getting him into a better therapy program, he’s made so much progress in just a few months. We’re still looking for ways to detox him, but getting him to eat healthy food is almost impossible. He’s starting food therapy this month while we look for other ways to help him. Thank you for sharing your story!

I believe it. 5 kids here. 1st fully vaccinated kid has most problems and last totally unvaccinated and NO issues. I witnessed.

Beautiful and heartfelt. I have the same story. I wish I didn’t.

Fox news just had a Doctor on selling the vaccines. I thought thay had a knowledgeable team research or are thay afraid to tell the other side?

I just watched that too. I was disappointed on their stance.

Thank you for sharing!!!?…my son too stopped making any kind of sound for two weeks after just one shot…this is the second experience I’ve read on here today with that as part of the side effects…I had started to believe I was crazy to notice that with my son, but no, it was real…I had a friend warn me just a week before I was about to give birth to him about the dangers of vaccines & I know that is the only reason why his injuries were not worse, before that I was completely clueless to the risks…after researching the dangers & the combo from that & the pressure from his pediatrician I agreed to space them out, but I regret the few I let them do…makes me angry doctors, the media are so pushy and the vaccine companies have zero liability for what they do to our babies. Thank you again for sharing!!!? You have a beautiful family ??

Its like you took a page of my life and spoke to everyone here. I wish I could say something that’s makes this better.. Its so incredibly sad at times, I blame myself a lot.. Looking at my beautiful son, and wondering what he would have been like. I do my best to make sure he is very happy.. Its all I know how to do. God bless you and your beautiful family.

The warriors momma bears are roaring and they’re gonna hear us all roar! ThankYou for sharing your story and being apart of this movement!
I too see a difference between my three older and three younger children. The older ones are fully vaccinated the middle ones partially and the last one who is also 2 is not vaccinated and is amazing! I’ve never witnessed this kind of intelligence and verbal skills in any of my other children.

I asked in the vaccine skeptic group for accounts of people who used to be pro-vax doctors or pharmacists who later became alarmed at what they saw and switched to the vaccine skeptic side.

I got the following replies:

  1. Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician with additional expertise in asthma/allergy care, developmental/behavioral pediatric care, and natural/holistic care. He received his degree is Child Development,and pursued an additional four years of training in a PhD program (Early Childhood Special Education), followed by his medical degree (MD- University of Minnesota-2000) and residency training (pediatrics 2000-2003). Prior to starting New Kingdom Pediatrics, Dr. Bob completed his master’s of business degree (MBA, Crown College, 2011-2013). “I was a vaccine bully”.
  2. Dr. Suzanne Humphries-
  3. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny-
  4. Dr. Nancy Banks-
  5. Dr. Russell Blaylock-
  6. Dr. Shiv Chopra-
  7. Dr. Larry Palevsky-
  8. Dr. Tony Bark-
  9. Dr. Merly Nass-
  10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin-
  11. Dr. Robert Rowen-
  12. Dr. David Ayoub-
  13. Dr. Bob Haley PhD-
  14. Dr. Rashid Buttar-
  15. Dr. Roby Mitchell-
  16. Dr. Ken Stoller-
  17. Dr. Mayer Einstein-
  18. Dr. Frank Engley PhD-
  19. Dr. David Davis-
  20. Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych-

Pharmacy tech of 20 years here. I was as pro vax as they came. Got my flu shot every year (even while pregnant with all 3 kids), dtap during pregnancy, vaccinated all my kids on time, every time. UNTIL my daughter regressed after her 4 month shots (that I was bullied into getting after expressing my hesitancy post the 2 month round). She stopped making eye contact. Stopped babbling. No laughing or smiling, hardly any interaction with anyone. She was lost inside her own head. She is 22 months and non-verbal, but i am seeing some progress in that area as well as others. We have been detoxing her since last Sept and have seen some real improvements.

I didn’t go back to pharmacy work after she was born. I couldn’t. There’s no way I’d have been able to keep quiet as reports of “vaccine-eligible” customers were compiled based solely on their age (we did adult vaccines ie:pneumonia, shingles, flu, etc) and insurance coverage (because they certainly want to get paid with no issue) and absolutely no consideration of their medications or health conditions. Looking back now it’s hard to assuage the guilt I feel for not only playing a part in my own daughter’s injury, but also encouraging (read: scaring) people to get their shots, and fast!

same here. I let my license of 15 years go.

Looks like Brooklyn is now issuing forced vaccination edicts:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

EDIT- in Kentucky
Hey everyone! So I just got a call from my daughters school that they do not have record of her second hep a dose (they don’t because after my husband and I got custody of her we stopped vaccinating her) and that if she didn’t get it that she would not be allowed to participate in field trips or extra curricular activities. Are they allowed to do that?! I’m so upset. I am getting the religious exemption notarized today and turning it in AGAIN. But what would you all do in this situation? I do not want my daughter to be excluded and it’s completely unfair to her. She already has a hard enough time making friends.

And yet another post:

Today took husband to doctor to follow up and when we were updating his information on the iPad they use a page came up that hasn’t been there before because I just did mine a few weeks ago a vaccination page for you to sign up to be put on national database even ask for mother’s maiden name it’s strictly voluntary right now and of course I walked up and told them I choose to opt out because it wouldn’t let me move to next page and they were confused so I educated ever so nicely and told them once again we will not do this and so they removed it but think how many won’t know they have a choice so their starting to put feelers out which is one if the bills they introduced in Texas where I am

Here are the replies to this post:

National registration has begun. You are right. It is voluntary for the moment.

exactly I was shocked I ask when they added and she said its been there and I said hell no it hasn’t cause I was just here two weeks ago

I saw this too when taking my daughter for her yearly physical- the pedi recently changed offices and while updating info, I noticed this came up as well.

My adult medical records use a system called My Chart. The vaccine section is flagged as out of compliance and I am not able to delete, only date completed. Sure does appear like adult mandatory vaccinations are in the future.

It’s ‘strictly voluntary RIGHT NOW’ is the bottom line…they obviously will move forward with it and it won’t continue to be voluntary. We already do not qualify for decent discounts on our health insurance because we refuse to participate in their ‘wellness’ program, which requires us to speak to a nurse regularly and provide all sorts of personal information and ‘wellness’ visits. Nope.

Wow, thank you for posting. Have been watching for what you have already experienced.

Right now that’s also voluntary but it means we have to pay more than someone who participates. And it’s enough money that most would not feel they could choose. It’s a very involved and intrusive process as well. My husband started out willing to participate to save money but got angry the more involved it became.

Here is a tyrannical bill from Colorado, HB 1312:

The bill requires the department of public health and environment (department) to:

Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a medical exemption to an immunization; and
Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a religious or personal belief exemption to an immunization.
The department is:

Required to develop educational materials regarding immunizations to distribute to health care providers and facilities;
Required to present immunization exemption information during its annual SMART Act hearing; and
Required to use the existing immunization tracking system.
The state board of health is:

Required to promulgate rules adopting the medical exemption recommendations from the advisory committee on immunization practices of the centers for disease control and prevention in the federal department of health and human services, or any successor entity (ACIP);
Required to promulgate rules adopting the immunization recommendations from the ACIP;
Allowed to promulgate rules adopting additional immunizations not recommended by ACIP; and
Allowed to promulgate rules establishing the timing by which schools, parents, legal guardians, and students must demonstrate compliance with immunization requirements.
Concerning the immunization tracking system, the bill:

Requires a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to inform a parent or legal guardian who is claiming a medical exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student’s immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student’s immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system;
Requires the department or local or county, district, or municipal public health agency to inform a parent, legal guardian, or student who is claiming a religious or personal belief exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student’s immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student’s immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system; and
Requires a practitioner who is a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to submit immunization and medical exemption data to the immunization tracking system. However, the practitioner is not subject to a regulatory sanction for noncompliance.

Here are some posts from the vaccine skeptic group in reply to a post, that, unfortunately, had images with social media posts with people’s names in it not blocked out, so I’m reluctant to share the images in case the powers that be go after these people, but the essence was that one person said that the doctor accidentally gave them the insurance vaccines despite them being uninsured and hence gave them the “wrong” vaccine and was billing them $700 for it. And somebody else replied that it was true and that they had two vaccines in the refrigerator at work and that it depended on the insurance of what vaccine they received:

Private insurances and government insurances receive two different vaccines. The same, but i think private are made more thoroughly or something. No clue.

I had a nurse friend that told me some years ago they were doing this.

I have a nurse friend who not really questioned me about not vaccinating my daughter. But she did state something about “it’s needed and i should consider it”. She hasnt been in the field long but i find it interesting that she wouldn’t inform me. But it’s more of my job to stay informed for my own child’s safety.

it’s possible she is naive and doesn’t realize the possible implications? This society and generation are taught to implicitly follow the lead of the medical field without thinking things through or searching.

This is true. I have a friend that went in for an appointment and as sent home because they only had “insurance” vaccines.
I didnt even think anything of it back then other than that that was stupid.

They arent wrong. That’s part of the agenda but they really just want us all dead

i really think this is true. Before we knew the truth we went to a pediatrician who told us they didn’t have the ones we needed in stock and would have to go to the health department. That wasn’t true… they just didn’t have the ones for kids on Medicaid.

Testing… People who pays get the good ones.. That is why they keep them in “lots” which are sent to be administrated to determinated neighborhoods and determinated ethnic groups

The city of Washington DC has a bill out that would allow kids to go and get themselves vaccinated without parental consent:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Just heard the most disgusting form of propaganda on the radio (I’m in SoCal) and even my husband (who isn’t as opposed to vaccinations as I am) agreed that it was laughable and sounded like a commercial trying to sell something!

To quote this ridiculous PSA- the mother says to the father “aww, do you remember when she (baby) got her first vaccination at birth?” ?? Like it’s the sweetest memory they have of their child as an infant! It closes with saying that vaccines are her “best shot” (get it?)

IT BOILS MY BLOOD that they’re promoting it like it’s a trip to the happiest place on earth meanwhile so many children suffer death and damage from these shots AND THEY KNOW IT! ??

And another post:

I was watching an old “Leave It To Beaver” rerun last weekend and in the episode, Beaver is invited to a party so he called up his friend to see if he was going. After he hung up the phone, his brother Wally asked Beaver if his friend was going to the party and Beaver nonchalantly answered “No he can’t go. He has the measles.” And that was it. They went onto something else. No horrific or alarming responses, no comments about vaccinations, and no sorrowful looks on their faces. Just a reason why a friend couldn’t attend a party. What has happened in our society to make measles look like such a deadly disease when it really isn’t??

Here is another post from this group:

Wow, sad that even conservative radio is pushing vax and agreeing there is no link between vax and autism. I guess I just thought they would be more open minded but Ben Shapiro just made disturbing push for mmr and Rush Limbaugh has parroted the same. If major conservative voices wont even be open minded and admit vast corruption of CDC etc etc, just makes me feel like the fight is even harder.

And here are the replies to this post:

Ben is a hopeless cause because he thinks he already knows it all, but I believe Rush could be educated…we all need to help him know the truth.

In the end they will follow the money. This needs to fasttrack to the SCOTUS

Hopefully they’d rule correctly but what if they didn’t?

Then citizens must unite in mass noncompliance.

Ben Shapiro’s wife is a pediatrician….

Was very disappointed in rush. And during all this news of mandating vaccines all conservatives talk about is Russian collusion and trump.

I’ve been legitimately shocked at how many fellow conservatives are ok with forced vaccination. It’s like their brains won’t engage with the fact that there couldn’t be a more dangerous precedent to give the government. If they’re able to get people on board with forced vaccination due to a measles “scare”, what happens in a couple generations when they fear-monger about over-population? Forced birth control? I don’t get how people can’t see two steps down the line.

Forced euthanasia

I marvel at the short-sightedness, too. It’s like they can’t see past their noses.

Me too. You can’t claim to be a conservative or libertarian and be for small govt and in the next breath be for forced vaccination. How can you say that you think marijuana should be legal and the govt shouldn’t interfere if people want to use drugs – even if it harms them. But then say we shouldn’t have the choice to chance getting measles and chicken pox???? Everyone is bought. On both sides. Deep state or Big Pharma. They all are in someone’s pocket. Yes, I know. My tin foil hat probably needs adjusting.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck is not really on our side either. I really hoped he would see the light.

Michale Savage is on the Vax train too, as is Matt Walsh. I haven’t heard Michael Knowles or Mark Levin say anything about vaccines.

And here is another post from this group:

I’m wondering why the health insurance companies care so much about if a child is vaccinated? A friend got a call from her insurance asking why her child hadn’t been vaccinated ….can anyone explain how they benefit from a child being vaccinated…apparently they do or they wouldn’t care right?

And here are the replies to this post:

Money they are all getting kick backs friend

Even without kickbacks or rebates there are incentives in the affordable care act for preventive medicine. The more disease is prevented the more favorable treatment given to insurance companies by the government. This includes subsidies for preventive care outreach and affects the formulas used to justify/approve premiums. Plus preventive care has become theft bread and butter to medical care reimbursements.

Its another way so they can get out of paying for healthcare if you become ill and are not vaxxed then you won’t have coverage.

Because they all get money if you vaccinate your child(en). The more you vaccinate the more they get. I saw where some doctors get $20,000 from the ins company for so many vaccinations done. ??

BCBS offers $40,000 for every fully vaccinated child if the doctor is able to have a percentage of vaccine compliance for all their patients regardless of what insurance they all have.

My boys have Medicaid for vision and dental they call me and send me reminder cards that my kids are missing their scheduled shots. It’s all about money!! I just ignore them.

I’ve got letters from my insurance stating that if child had all of her vaccines by 18 months I would get $80 from them. Really, $80?!?

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

‘’Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate & Highest Life Expectancy Fact: Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on mandatory vaccinations, they urge other countries to follow this firm stance …’

Way to go Missouri!

Looks like the American Medical Assocation had written Big Tech asking them to censor us.

Maine has a bill that would remove a bunch of vaccine exemptions and require children to be vaccinated before they could attend school:

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Just got this paper from my daughters school today. 😡 We live in Southern California. The law hasn’t even passed and they’re saying the state won’t accept any waivers!!! Going to stop comments. We now know theres a difference and I went cray cray when I got this form from school today. Off to try and get a medical exemption for my daughter that has Hashimoto’s. Thanks!!!


And another post from this group:

If you’re Delivering a baby at Torrance memorial in California, be prepared for the staff at Labor and Delivery. I’m so disappointed. It all started because I explained to my sister in law the use of pitocin and she decided that she did not want it. She told this to the nurse and they STILL hooked it up to her. Later the nurse came in and credited the progress of her contractions to the pitocin, unaware that my sister in law removed the pitocin IV from her arm as soon as she read the label on the bag after they hooked it up. So when I told the nurse that it’s not even hooked up she said oh that’s so rare (that her contractions are progressing without it) and I told her she already said she didn’t want it. Then after numerous attempts at trying to get my sister in law to vaccinate her newborn the nurse told the other nurse “you deal with her” this same nurse laughed in me & my mother in laws face when we were talking about the autism topic saying “haha oh that’s been debunked” Then when her lactation consultant came in while she was having trouble latching because of inverted nipples the LACTATION CONSULTANT told her to “get some similac”. Im guessing they discussed my sister in law and each situation amongst themselves cause I can’t seem to find any other reason three different professionals at a hospital would treat her like that. I’m just disgusted right now.

They were also sarcastic and treated us as if we were uneducated fools. I have heard so many great things about this hospital and our experiences with ALL other staff was great. So I’m very disappointed to have to give this review.

And here are the replies to said post:

it’s happening everywhere. Don’t let the staff take baby anywhere out of sight. They will vaccinate baby when you’re not looking.

That’s absolutely unacceptable! My mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for 20 plus years. She nor her dept here would ever treat someone like that. Plus with my preemie my lactation consultant was amazing at helping me avoid formula.
I’m so sorry she had this experience. I’m glad she has a supportive sister in law.

I delivered my two sons there, everything they did was awful. Now my first son has autism, they vaccinated him without my consent, I asked why, they said when I was admitted in the yellow paper it says I consent to anything they want. So yes! I didn’t know they made me sign without even reading, like I was going to read while I was in labor pains

I was a CNA for 5 years at a Rehab hospital. It was RARE, IF EVER, that a nurse, RN, took the side of a patient, ANY patient, over the doctor or supervisor. I worked 40+ hours a week, in the nitty gritty of a REHAB hospital with very, very sick, saddened and distraught, confused patients of so many kinds. Stroke, heart attack, hip, knee, and shoulder replacement patients, dementia and 600+ pound obese patients. But people, none the less. Strangely, the ONLY ones who treated them like PEOPLE was Us, The Techs, the CNAs who listened to their pain, and agony, and sadness at how they WEREN’T listened to, or helped or stuck up for by their doctor, let alone their nurse. It DIDN’T happen. In 5 plus years. So don’t try to dismiss me as if I don’t know FIRSTHAND how nurses are PUPPETS for the doctors. I know. I lived it.

where I live in Bellingham, WA both drs and nurses are complete pos’s. They do not help their patients, they are judge mental and try to push their opinions/agendas. They refuse to treat you bc of their judgements- it never has anything to do with the actual issue at hand. They lie, lie, lie. It’s really bad here. Most offices are part of a monopoly that basically runs this town medically- it’s a Catholic based agenda (no offense to anyone that is Catholic- everyone has a right to their beliefs) so they do not allow you to make choices for yourself or your family unless it is in accord with their beliefs. The hospital here drugged my newborn with morphine for 9 days and she was so high her eyes were rolling back in her head bc I have very severe chronic pain and was absolutely miserable from about 6 months on and about two weeks or so before I was due I had taken a single pain pill and told my dr. She had me go straight to the hospital and they induced. They let my epidural bag run dry while I napped and of course they ua’d me and there was only a trace amount so they took blood from my baby and sent it to another state’s lab (OR) for testing although they had their own facilities. The test took over the 9 days she was doped up and came back negative of course. I believe it was day 6 when I saw her eyes (we weren’t allowed to stay with our child) and I told the nurse on duty that if they didn’t get my daughter off of the dope I was calling a lawyer and pressing charges bc she was obviously high! I was livid!!! Still am and she’ll be 8 at the end of the month. She is ADHD (as is her dad) and I often wonder if it is bc of the drugs they forced on her from birth. Their reasoning was that bc she sneezed multiple times in a row off and on that she was going through withdrawals! She still sneezes no less than 5/6 times every single time she sneezes! So they’re obviously full of shit as 8 years later she wouldn’t be going through withdrawals lol. No lawyer in this county will touch St. Joe’s Hospital bc they run this town and they all work together. It’s absolutely sickening! But the nurses are the worst…..

This attitude is so much more common than you think! Happens all the time. I have 15 grandchildren and been present to see and hear this type of unprofessionalism.

I’ll just say. I’m thankful that I’m low risk and can do home births. I did two hospitals and two out of hospitals.
Doctors, nurses and hospital staff too often treat patients like ignorants, low class citizens with the IQ of dandelions and incapable of making any kind of decisions.
And oftentimes you won’t know this till birth time and it’s too late. And yes. They can and often times call CPS on you if you refuse to vaccinate your newborn at birth.

Very similar experience in Santa Maria, CA at Marian Medical, actually even worse. Ours ended with a cop posted at our door. 5 years later still makes me sick to think of it.

why’d you have a cop outside your door?!

just for intimidation, when my wife was ready to leave the hospital they brought in the cops to stop her from leaving. Also they brought in the cops when I refused to give them a blood sample from my daughter for the state’s database. They also tried to give my daughter a SSN without our consent. When we first got the thospitol the first thing they wanted to do if get an IV in my wife’s arm, she said not thank you and it never stopped after that. We were treated with disdain from that moment on. And funny enough, we were probably the only people in the ward who was actually paying to be there. Santa Maria is famous for having illegal immigrant anchor babies.

Never leave a new mom alone, as they will LIE to her. They lied to my daughter to try to get her to vax the new baby, but she’s a very strong woman, even after delivery, so they got nothing over on her. The sooner you get OUT of those places, the better. Oh…and the ONLY reason for a “well baby” visit is to push vaccines.

This was about two years ago in Germany. This “get the measles vaccine or pay a fine” trend appears to be global.

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I just got asked to leave our pediatrician’s office because of not agreeing to do the MMR (their policy is to have it done by age 2 or it’s goodbye). I told the doctor that on top of not being ok with the risks mentioned in the manufacturer’s insert that that I also had a religious objection because of the vaccines having been developed with the use of aborted fetal cells. I told him that every ingredients list I have seen mentions the presence of traces of DNA from those aborted fetus’ and I would feel like a hypocrite if I said ok to those vaccines. He said that this was wrong and there are no actual traces of these aborted fetal cell DNA in the vaccine. Can anyone please tell me what the truth is on this matter?

And here are the replies to this post:

The age 2 is telling. If the majority of their patients get ALL the CDC recommended vaccines by age 2 they get $400 for each child. Most Peds have many patients so their yearly bonus is in thousands. That is why he said age 2. It is all about the money and also under the law you can’t sue if the vaccine were to hurt your child.

Go find a family practice they’re not nearest pushy with vaccines

Your doctor is lying to try and manipulate you to have the shots, most doctors don’t have a clue about vaccines, as soon as they really do, they either give informed choice or deceive patients and parents for pure greed.

I love Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on her vaccine 101 talk.
She says,
So you have been kicked out your pediatricians practice, well it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to you!

Also – they work for us, not the other way around. We need to stand up for ourselves so they stop getting away with this crap.

And yet another post from this group:

I had an appt scheduled to try and get my girls medical exemptions and the doctors office just called and said that as of July 1, 2019 they will no longer be accepting family history as a reason for exemption. She said he just got the call this morning. We are in California. Anybody heard this? Are the misinformed?

And another post from here:

Here’s a 1889 book you’ll want to check out.

It’s titled “VACCINATION Proved Useless & Dangerous – From Forty-Five Years of Registration Statistics”

Here’s the link to download the entire book if anyone would like to read it! Spread the news. Do NOT let people try to FORCE you to get vaccinations.

And yet another post:

I was just informed my daughter was vaccinated without my permission and I am LIVID..I literally signed every refusal paper as soon as I found out i was going to have her in that hospital. I just recently moved to another city and they requested her records, and the lady told me they havent sent over anything besides her hep b vaccination! I said WHAT FUCKING HEP B VACCINATION?! I was totally unaware! Is there anything I can do legally, it even says in her discharge paperwork that i declined ALL vaccines! I dont care if she had a reaction to it or not, who the fuck do these people think they are to vaccinate my child after I said no?! Sorry for the profanity, but i am literally on fire right now it’s hard for me to even type this post my hands are shaking so bad! PLEASE HELP WITH ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THIS MATTER..THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ?????

And some replies to this post:

That’s what they do and have been doing. Any person going in to a hospital now, needs to protect themselves and watch their child every minute. Do not allow them to go in another room under any pretense, with your child. It’s all in the word “biologics” ,when you step in to a hospital. They have used the word biologics, to do what they “deem neccessary” as part of your care, and of course you sign when going in to the hospital. “biologics” include blood transfusions and other, plus vaccines. If you have an unethical nurse or doctor- look out, many vigilante’s.

I have a feeling Dr.’s are putting it on peoples records and then extinguishing that particular shot in gauze. This way even though someone refuses it they can report it as a shot given and put it in THEIR records so they can get the kick back for it. Or it’s habbit.

I am going through the exact same thing with my oldest right now. He got the Hep B even though I told everyone that he was not to get it. Problem is, I did not find out until almost 7 years later and the statute of limitations seems to be 4 years.
Even if it was a mistake,
they do need to be held accountable for falsifying medical records.
Our patient visit papers from that dr always said no vaccinations, but the state vaccine records and the records sent to his new pediatrician says he received hep b. Makes me wonder if they tried to cover it up.

They did that to me too and my daughter was born premature and is now autistic. Scored fine before they forceably injected her. Sue them for malpractice. Get a lawyer

Most likely she did not actually get it. Medical transcription are often incorrect because there are “standards” that are put on the bills and notes and unless the transcriptionist notices the decline paperwork, it’s just “assumed” that they/you got the “standards”. You might have her titter tested to see if she might have actually gotten it.

I was just told by someone at the hospital she was born that all of their records indicate I declined and she was not given the hep b vaccine..I still requested copies of her record so I can see for myself. It has to be a mistake because her actual pediatrician she went to (chop) did not administer her any vaccines not even her 2 month shots and she never left my sight. At this point I’m hoping it just an error because it says it was given to her the day she was born but she didnt go to her pediatrician until a week later..

did this happen in a hospital? they are almost required to ‘catch kids up’ (an opportunity) regardless of parent’s wants…i hear threatening to sue for MEDICAL BATTERY might work to keep them off..but they are surely on the road to thinking parents don’t know what is best for their kids and will do it anyway…the state stepping in, so to speak. THAT is the argument for all the growing number of mandates…

yes, it happened at a hospital, and they are saying their record indicate I declined and it wasn’t given to her.. they had no problem with me declining and gave me the refusal papers, no questions asked.. I really hope this is a mistake

Sorry for your experience.
Vaccinated with Hep B against my wishes. She DIDN’T even meet the Manufacturers specified weight for that shot. Anyone born <2500g SHOULD NOT receive Hep B. My daughter was 2040g at birth. They anticipated a reaction. They brought in the Crash Cart “just in case”, and despite my CLEAR objection & protest, they vaccinated her.
It’s been 4 years and I’m still now pursuing legal action with the hospital who administered the shot.
She has not had a SINGLE shot since that day, but she is on the Autism spectrum.
I believe vaccines work (in some newborn babies brains) the way Thalidomide poisoned fetuses in utero. It didn’t matter if their Mom took1,000 pills, or just 1. A single capsule during pregnancy was all it took to disfigure their child.
Vaccine Injury is similar. It can be 100 shots, or just 1, but once the damage is done, it’s done.

Unfortunately I’ve researched into this because I thought the hospital did this to my daughter and you cannot legally sue or anything unless you have proof the vaccine hurt your child severely

She may have not been vaccinated and the hospital committed insurance fraud to get more money, saying they administered something they in fact didn’t. Also a possibility. I hope that’s the case.

The same thing happened to me with my first ;( (at kaiser) i had no idea until his 3rd peds “well baby” check and saw his records ??. He was born not even crying and was the calmest baby and by the first night he was screaming all night long and didn’t stop for 3 months and we just thought it was colic until I found out. ??????

Also what is happening to parents rights being respected. What is happening to America land that I love!

This happened with my son… I told them I was waiting on hep b til he was older. Found out at his drs office that it was in his med records that they gave it to him! I was livid and didnt know what to do (the NICU nurse also told me he gets his circumcision (when I didnt know much on that topic) at the drs office and when I asked the office they looked at me like I was stupid because they NEVER do that ???????)

I declined the MMR for my daughter (now waiting on an autism evaluation NYS won’t give unless I get her caught up on her vaccines, after declining my religious exemption)
When I pulled her vaccination records from her former pedi, the records she she did in fact have the MMR, regardless of me declining it.
I’d like to believe that they just enter that info routinely and forgot to take the MMR off but I doubt it.

And another post from this group:

I worked with an Acupuncturist and she specialized in pediatric cancer. I realized that all I was seeing were vaccine injured babies and children. No one made the connection. When I would bring up the possibility of our patients being vaccine injured I was quickly shut off and was ask not to bring it up. I wanted to tell every parent that their child was injured by vaccines. We even had a few patients whose parents were Doctors and none of them made the connection.

And another post from this group:

I am terrified, absolutely terrified… My son is Vaccine injured, with what I thought was from the MMR, it wasn’t, it was from the DTAP, I didn’t realize it until I received a letter in the mail about him not receiving the MMR, I was not aware of all the danger’s of Vaccines but now I am fully aware and thankful to all of you for your help on shedding light on this outrage!! I will certainly not get him his MMR shot, I have seen some of the mother’s posts about receiving shots and the next day or so their sweet angels have passed away. My question is this please I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to diseases, but since I refuse the MMR if my son does get the Measles by chance the thing that I am terrified over is him getting encephalitis from it… I don’t know if that is a rare occurrence or if it actually happens a lot. Some one told me vitamin A if he gets Measles. So how much would I give him where can I find it in liquid form and is this encephalitis a huge problem with Measles or am I still trapped in the fear mongering game. I have to go to work but if anyone could please leave some information about all of this it would be greatly appreciated I need to put my mind at ease because I will never vaccinate him again. Thank you all in advance ????

And some replies to this post:

My daughter got encephalitis from her MMR. She is permanently disabled and in a care facility and in diapers unable to speak at age 17. Was perfectly developed and normal and talking and walking and singing until the day after she got her vaccines.

Dtap did it for us too…ugh

the DTAP messed me all up too… I didn’t know at the time.

Your parents generation and all the generations before them had all these normal childhood illnesses! Only considered deadly once Big Pharma came out with money making vaccines! Yes they could be deadly in third world countries and places with bad sanitation or lack of nutrition. I had measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox! No one I ever grew up with had any complications! My children had chicken pox and definitely ran high fevers and had spots but no permanent damage…..unlike the damage my son got from his baby shot. Wish I never vaccinated them!

In the Dtap insert it has SIDS as an adverse reaction. They blame it on a sleep position. Some parents have gone to jail for shaken baby syndrome rather than blame a vaccine.

A pro-Vax Nazi MN group mentioned this bill. I think we should look into this:

A bill for an act
relating to health; establishing a grant program to fund immunization-related
activities for geographic areas and populations experiencing or at risk of
experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease; appropriating money.


Subdivision 1. Grant program established. The commissioner of health shall establish
and administer a two-year, targeted grant program to fund immunization-related activities
to address outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and lower the risk of outbreaks of
vaccine-preventable diseases in communities with low immunization rates. Grant recipients
shall use grant funds to provide immunization information and education to, and engage in
immunization awareness and support activities with, individuals in geographic areas or
populations experiencing or at risk of experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable
disease. Entities eligible for grants under this section are community health boards, as
defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.02, subdivision 5, and community-based
nonprofit organizations experienced in serving geographic areas or populations experiencing
or at risk of experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.
Subd. 2. Application. Entities seeking a grant under this section shall apply to the
commissioner in a form and manner and according to timelines established by the
commissioner. The application must include a complete description of the
immunization-related activities the entity proposes, the geographic area or population to be
served, the amount of funding sought, and a proposed budget detailing how the funds will
be spent.
Subd. 3. Information and education materials; content. The commissioner must
develop or provide grant recipients with culturally competent information and educational
materials on immunizations, based on materials available from the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention. The information and educational materials must be available in the
primary languages of the populations experiencing or at risk of experiencing a
vaccine-preventable disease outbreak and must at least address:
(1) the benefits of immunizations to individuals and communities;
(2) health information about the safety of immunizations;
(3) the recommended schedules of immunizations for children, adolescents, and adults;
(4) programs that provide free or reduced-cost immunizations to eligible individuals;
(5) health clinics, health care providers, and other locations at which individuals may
obtain immunizations.
$……. in fiscal year 2020 is appropriated from the general fund to the commissioner of
health for the targeted grant program to address outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases
under section 1. This is a onetime appropriation and is available until June 30, 2021.

And yet another post that was shared in this group that was from a sinister group called Minnesota Childhood Immunization Coalition:

Parents are not employers in the doctor-patient-caretaker triad. Both providers and parents have responsibility to keep children healthy using the standard of care. Children are not the property of parents.

And here are the replies to this post:

My child is 100% my responsibility and 0% theirs. If I need to hire them to stitch a wound, that’s where their rights and responsibilities begin and end. At this point in American history, I am here to protect him from them and they can fuck off in chemical hell.

Uhm my child isn’t the healthcare providers property either ?? however I am the one who will have to deal with it if my child gets injured from a drug or medical procedure. Is the doctor going to pay for the medical expenses? Pay for the funeral expenses if my child dies? Cater to my childs every need if they become paralyzed from a vaccine? No, that’ll be me and my husband. This is ridiculous.

This is terrible. So the Doc gets to decide everything??? What does parent mean?? Not they are not my property, they are MY responsibility. NOT THE DOCS OR THE GOVERNMENTS. If i was unfit and lot my kids then and only then would they be a ward of the state. NOT BEFORE>

CPS opened a case against my family 5 years ago and in a team meeting with them…hand to God….a case worker said to us, “you may think your children belong to you but they don’t. They actually belong to America.” We were dumbstruck. This is the direction our country is headed.

This is what’s on its way to a clinic/hospital near you. After that, adult mandated vaccines where they state that your physical bodies do not belong to you, but to the state.

While trying to find supporters of mandatory vaccination on DuckDuckGo,I found something good for a change that somehow came up in the search query. It turned up a doctor group supporting parental rights over mandatory vaccinations. They’re called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

They wrote:

To: Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, House Energy and Commerce Committee

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Re: Statement federal vaccine mandates

Feb. 26, 2019

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines. After being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, patients have the right to reject or accept that procedure. The regulation of medical practice is a state function, not a federal one. Governmental preemption of patients’ or parents’ decisions about accepting drugs or other medical interventions is a serious intrusion into individual liberty, autonomy, and parental decisions about child-rearing.

A public health threat is the rationale for the policy on mandatory vaccines. But how much of a threat is required to justify forcing people to accept government-imposed risks? Regulators may intervene to protect the public against a one-in-one million risk of a threat such as cancer from an involuntary exposure to a toxin, or-one-in 100,000 risk from a voluntary (e.g. occupational) exposure. What is the risk of death, cancer, or crippling complication from a vaccine? There are no rigorous safety studies of sufficient power to rule out a much higher risk of complications, even one in 10,000, for vaccines. Such studies would require an adequate number of subjects, a long duration (years, not days), an unvaccinated control group (“placebo” must be truly inactive such as saline, not the adjuvant or everything-but-the-intended-antigen), and consideration of all adverse health events (including neurodevelopment disorders).

Vaccines are necessarily risky, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court and by Congress. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid some $4 billion in damages, and high hurdles must be surmounted to collect compensation. The damage may be so devastating that most people would prefer restored function to a multimillion-dollar damage award.

The smallpox vaccine is so dangerous that you can’t get it now, despite the weaponization of smallpox. Rabies vaccine is given only after a suspected exposure or to high-risk persons such as veterinarians. The whole-cell pertussis vaccine was withdrawn from the U.S. market, a decade later than from the Japanese market, because of reports of severe permanent brain damage. The acellular vaccine that replaced it is evidently safer, though somewhat less effective.

The risk: benefit ratio varies with the frequency and severity of disease, vaccine safety, and individual patient factors. These must be evaluated by patient and physician, not imposed by a government agency.

Measles is the much-publicized threat used to push for mandates, and is probably the worst threat among the vaccine-preventable illnesses because it is so highly contagious. There are occasional outbreaks, generally starting with an infected individual coming from somewhere outside the U.S. The majority, but by no means all the people who catch the measles have not been vaccinated. Almost all make a full recovery, with robust, life-long immunity. The last measles death in the U.S. occurred in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Are potential measles complications including death in persons who cannot be vaccinated due to immune deficiency a justification for revoking the rights of all Americans and establishing a precedent for still greater restrictions on our right to give—or withhold—consent to medical interventions? Clearly not.

Many serious complications have followed MMR vaccination, and are listed in the manufacturers’ package insert, though a causal relationship may not have been proved. According to a 2012 report by the Cochrane Collaboration, “The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate” (cited by the National Vaccine Information Center).

Mandate advocates often assert a need for a 95% immunization rate to achieve herd immunity. However, Mary Holland and Chase Zachary of NYU School of Law argue, in the Oregon Law Review, that because complete herd immunity and measles eradication are unachievable, the better goal is for herd effect and disease control. The best outcome would result, they argue, from informed consent, more open communication, and market-based approaches.

Even disregarding adverse vaccine effects, the results of near-universal vaccination have not been completely positive. Measles, when it does occur, is four to five times worse than in pre-vaccination times, according to Lancet Infectious Diseases, because of the changed age distribution: more adults, whose vaccine-based immunity waned, and more infants, who no longer receive passive immunity from their naturally immune mother to protect them during their most vulnerable period.

Measles is a vexing problem, and more complete, forced vaccination will likely not solve it. Better public health measures—earlier detection, contact tracing, and isolation; a more effective, safer vaccine; or an effective treatment are all needed. Meanwhile, those who choose not to vaccinate now might do so in an outbreak, or they can be isolated. Immunosuppressed patients might choose isolation in any event because vaccinated people can also possibly transmit measles even if not sick themselves.

Issues that Congress must consider:

Manufacturers are virtually immune from product liability, so the incentive to develop safer products is much diminished. Manufacturers may even refuse to make available a product believed to be safer, such as monovalent measles vaccine in preference to MMR (measles-mumps-rubella). Consumer refusal is the only incentive to do better.
There are enormous conflicts of interest involving lucrative relationships with vaccine purveyors.
Research into possible vaccine adverse effects is being quashed, as is dissent by professionals.
There are many theoretical mechanisms for adverse effects from vaccines, especially in children with developing brains and immune systems. Note the devastating effects of Zika or rubella virus on developing humans, even though adults may have mild or asymptomatic infections. Many vaccines contain live viruses intended to cause a mild infection. Children’s brains are developing rapidly—any interference with the complex developmental symphony could be ruinous.
Vaccines are neither 100% safe nor 100% effective. Nor are they the only available means to control the spread of disease.
AAPS believes that liberty rights are unalienable. Patients and parents have the right to refuse vaccination, although potentially contagious persons can be restricted in their movements (e.g. as with Ebola), as needed to protect others against a clear and present danger. Unvaccinated persons with no exposure to a disease and no evidence of a disease are not a clear or present danger.

AAPS represents thousands of physicians in all specialties nationwide. It was founded in 1943 to protect private medicine and the patient-physician relationship.

Respectfully yours,

Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My 17 yr old daughter is at the ER. Her sister took her in because I’m an hour n half away with a sick toddler. They just have her a tetanus shot without my permission! Is this legal?

And another post from this group:

Crazy story!

I just spoke with a lady that took her 3 year old child in to the doctor when he was 2 months old..
Vaccines are NOT mandatory here

Well she tried to refuse vaccines and the Doctor literally called CPS to the clinic and held them there until she decided to vaccinate
saying “You can leave but the child wont be going with you” (again this is just what I was told)
Has it been to long for her to do something about it?
Isn’t that kidnapping??? Unlawful imprisonment??
She now has a 2 month old daughter and she is scared to death of what’s going to happen if she doesn’t get her vaccinated…

(I believe her story mainly because this is the same doctor that was on call at the hospital when I delivered my second son and tried to push vaccines on me BUT since I can’t be 100% sure that this actually happened I’m not going to release the doctors name to anyone.)

And here are some replies to this post:

It’s happening in Oregon now. A friend had CPS show up at their house and do the same thing because the school turned them in for not vaccinating.

I’m in Oklahoma. There are quite a few crunchy doctors around here and wonderful midwives with holistic services. I hope she can find somebody new to visit if that’s her thing. As for the doctor….I’d be reporting the shit out of them until something is done. You may not know the whole story, even if exaggerated….non the less who knows how many other parents have had continuous bad experiences with them, right!! Please report this doctor, expose them, and let’s get their ass kicked to the curb! I so tired of these jerks thinking they own our children! If you don’t speak up, others are in danger of similar experiences!

If the child doesn’t need to go to the dr why take them. So you can get bullied! My son is almost 3 and has been to the dr twice. He got the rotavirus at age 2 from his vaccinated half brother and was hospitalized. He has only went back once after that. Not sure if i can believe this whole story the lady told you because it’s very contradicting. There’s alot of reasons why this couldn’t happen. One is hippa law and cps has no jurisdiction over vaccines

CPS medically kidnaps children for parents refusing doctor recommended treatment – refusing to vaccinate is refusing recommended treatment.

CPS can get involved but they have to take you to court to take your children. My first daughter who is now 18 was born early at 32 weeks after a week in the hospital she was fine except for gaining weight. I finally had enough and told them I was taking her home regardless what they said. CPS was called they talked to me made a report and because there was no neglect nor did they have evidence of me being unfit they never called or showed up again. So some people’s experience are different. Where im from you dont even have to talk to them unless they have a warrant and take you to court.

I think the not talking to them without a warrant is law in all states, but they can take your child if they deem it an emergency and you don’t know your rights then court is all about jumping through hoops to get your kid back. Some states are worse than others, though, even on a county by county basis. My point is that CPS lies and will do what they want to parents who don’t know their rights – in some areas of the country, point taken.

you are exactly right. Alot of people don’t know their rights and allow this stuff to happen. CPS plays the scare tactic so unless your informed on what control they really do have you might end up being a victim

I would have grabbed my child and left. And if they tried to stop me, I carry a gun.

Did this happen to be Dr Ferguson? He’s a fucking piece of shit asshole. He bullied the absolute crap out of me and did unecessary things and took advantage of the fact that I didn’t know much

CPS will do anything sto get involved with your life. They get into peoples lives daily by false allegations and even if the allegations themselves were false if they see something they do not like they will still open a case and force a case plan even if they have no probable cause. They do this because they know people are in fear of losing their children and will do anything to try to keep their child and will Jump when told to and trust that CPS is telling the truth but in reality its just a Power Trip and a way to get into your life and BIG brother to stay in your life.

Child protection services have way to much power. Sometimes its any excuse. Medical kidnapping of vaccine damaged kids is a big problem too. Anything to stop the truth coming out

if you read the book, Medical Kidnapping, 80% of the kids in foster care are there due to medical kidnapping. But once in state care they are vaccinated. The whole system is sick.

Oregon passed a law “allowing” parents of newborns to be visited up to 3 times at home by a healthcare worker. This is just one more way that state will intrude and try to intimidate parents into vaccinating and possibly turning them into CPS. Scarier still is a Federal law passed saying states can sell newborn babies DNA to companies for medical research. They take the DNA from dried blood spots from the birth. The law states parents don’t have exclusive rights over their baby’s DNA. Are you freakin kidding me. They ruled the state is entitled to a person’s DNA. And I just read today the reason they are pushing to make vaccines mandatory is because they will put the microchips in the vaccines to chip everyone. The New World Order has arrived. I live in a country where I can legally own an assault rifle easier than I can refuse a flu shot at work. WTF?

And yet another post from this group:

Hi everyone.
update: my son can no longer attend his pre school because they changed their policy in 24 hours from medical only exemptions being allowed to NO exemptions. So I’m going to their board meeting on Thursday. I want to begin it with a bunch of FACTS and quick numbers. If you have any time, would you mind throwing my way any awesome facts/info you think could be helpful for me? Anything from vaccine injuries to autism! I’ve got very little time to put this together so I’ll take as much help as I can get! I really appreciate any help!

And yet another post from this group:

Just had the talk with my kids’ pediatrician. Apparently they’re worried about the measles outbreaks so she and her partners are going to stop allowing unvaxxed kids in their practice. We can stay with them if we decide to continue not to vaccinate while we look for another doctor. So frustrating! It took so long to find this pediatrician and now we might have to find yet another doctor for our kids. Need advice where to look. Pm me if you want the pediatrician’s name so you can avoid them. They’re in Randallstown, MD.

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Today, the WHO is the world’s largest and most influential public health agency with an annual budget for 2018-2019 of $4421.5M ($4.4 billion). 55 About 20 percent ($956.9M) of the WHO budget is funded by assessments on member states and the remaining 80 percent funded by “voluntary contributions”
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest non-state funder of the WHO, having donated more than $2B in earmarked grants to the international health agency since 1998, and is the second largest WHO funder overall (after the U.S. government). Because Gates Foundation grant money is earmarked for specific programs, such as vaccine purchase, delivery and promotion, the Gates Foundation significantly influences the setting of WHO’s program priorities.
In 2010, after a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in collaboration with the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, an article was published in the BMJ revealing that three key scientists, who influenced the WHO’s decision to declare a swine flu (H1N1) influenza pandemic in 2009 and recommend that all countries use and stockpile vaccines and pandemic flu drugs, had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies profiting from the WHO recommendations (GlaxoSmithKline and Roche).
WHO was also criticized for lack of transparency for refusing to release the identities of the 16 members of an Emergency Committee formed in 2009 to guide pandemic policy.
The 2009 pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which was rushed to market to address a WHO declared pandemic that did NOT happen, triggered an autoimmune reaction in more than 1,300 people in Europe who got GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine and left them with narcolepsy, an incurable immune mediated neurological disorder.
in 2013, the CDC Foundation received three grants totaling $13.5M from the Gates Foundation to globally “advance the implementation” of meningitis and rotavirus vaccine programs. The Centers for Disease Control and the CDC Foundation have received more than $167M from the Gates Foundation. Vaccine manufacturers have also received millions of dollars in grants from the Gates Foundation, including GlaxoSmithKline (over $50M); Merck $1.4M; Pfizer $16.5M; and Sanofi Pasteur $3.6M.

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Pre-K teacher here. 4 year old student get 4 vaccines yesterday and he is a MESS today. Any advice on what I can do?

And yet another post:

WakeUpAmerica Over 1000 concerned citizens showed up and 500 were scheduled to speak against vaccine mandates against only 5 doctors who were for the mandates. Isn’t this a country “for the people and by the people?” How does this happen? It happens because so many are still asleep along with the hidden agendas and an avalanche of lies, myths, deception, and greed! WiseUp You’re out of time for political correctness amid this laissez-faire corruption! EnoughisEnough RiseUp and occupy the state capitol now! Raise your voices! There is no hiding place or anywhere to run! Either you take back your government through civil peaceful disobedience or you will perish under the myriad of fascist tyranny that’s in the pipeline!

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PLEASE, just answer my questions. I’m literally freaking out about inside..

So, in Colorado, hb19-1312 has passed through committee.
-I have no family support
-I cannot lawyer up
-I cannot move
-I don’t have money for things like finding a human rights dr that would write my kids a medical exemption.

SO I’m saying these, how do I go about vaccinating? I mean does this bill go for adults as well? Or just children?

Which vaccines first? How far should I space them out?

With this new bill coming up, are we even allowed to space them out?

And with CPS supposedly getting involved?! I’ll loose their health insurance (Medicaid) and food assistance and childcare assistance. Most likely.

Apparently the court ruling wasn’t enough, because Rockland County is back, this time with $2000 fines:

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I am completely new to all of this. I have a vaccine injured child. I’ve spoken to a few of my anti-vax friends or vaccine injured friends and they have referred me to this group as well as brought up detoxing.
I have no idea where to even start.
My son was walking at 8 months, saying words at 6-7 months, speaking by 11 months. And then somewhere around 12 months (I believe) we took him in to get vaccinated and his whole demeanor changed from there. He turned into a zombie, he forgot every single word he ever knew, his motor skills regressed a ton. His ped is a huge vax pusher and is now “testing” him for autism (of course), also sending me in to “just check” for a brain tumor which is “very unlikely”. But I know what actually happened. Since that day he hasn’t been the same. We’re at 2 years old now and he hardly says mom and dad.
So my question is, what is detoxing, how do I do it. WHAT do I do?

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The Pediatrician just called and said I need to bring my daughter in for a wellness check. The thing is they kicked us out the last time when we refused vaccinations for the 100th time I was even told that we couldn’t come back there! Is this normal? Am I being set up? I have really bad anxiety and separation issues so I don’t want to show up to an appointment and the worse happens…..
I have no time for police nor a social worker….
My daughter is 16months….

And here are the replies to this post:

Don’t go!!! Less is more when talking. You can tell them you transferred care, but you do not have to tell them anything else or if you even did or to who you transferred to! Just cancel any appointments if you have any so you aren’t considered a no call no show. Remember they kicked you out so you did not do anything wrong! But if you go and do not comply with what they are wanting you to do they could most definitely call DHS/CPS even if they have no right to at all and you’ve done nothing wrong. And until they’ve done an investigation who knows what they would do. It’s sad and it’s scary and they should definitely be put in prison for any kind of false accusations against a parent. Make sure you are polite and not rude that way if anything ever happens you have always been respectful you showed up for your appointments you were the one kicked out you didn’t make a scene you do not have to go to that doctor it’s your right it’s your choice it’s your child no one should ever make you feel bullied into a decision you do not feel comfortable with.

Their clinic wants their bonus? Need to shift some about to expire vaccines? Theyll probably have needles ready as soon as you walk in and hoping to sway you.

why don’t call them back and ask about sudden change of heart? You can remind they kicked you out, so what’s changed? It could be just an administrative glitch. The receptionist had to go through all the records in the practice to check who is due, and your name popped up. Do they keep electronic records or are still on the paper? Anyway, it’s unusual if the Dr calls him/herself, usually it’s the office staff job.

Tell them “sorry, I fired your office because you were not on the same page with me” Thank you for following up. The person making appointments does not have your medical records, they are just calling everyone who’s not been in for a while, a way for docs to stay in business.

You don’t owe them any explanation, nor are you obligated to bring your daughter in for well visits. They don’t deserve your business. I took my son to his first well visit and never went back. He’s 17 now.

The doctor is chasing revenue. They not only called you, they called everyone that they can update vaccines on. Since they still have you listed in their practice you are one of the many, and growing, number of patients who detract from their bonus. If they do not achieve the prescribed level of vaccine compliance, they lose $400 bonus per patient. Yes, they will bully and threaten to get that money. They could give two shizzles about your child’s health.

we all know that they just need to pick up the phone and call CPS if they don’t think you are taking your daughter to her wellness checks…

I don’t understand that; wellness checks aren’t even required by law until school age

what’s scary is it’s called gunpoint medicine…all they have to do is make an annonymous call and say they are concerned you might be neglecting your baby. It’s above the law and done all the time using CPS.

Huh? My pediatricians office sends reminders but never actually called and said i had to come in. Thats weird. Just disregard it or tell them youve found a new doc ??????? pay them no mind

Make sure you say you have a new dr so they dont have reason to call CPS claiming you refuse medical care for your child. If they are willing to go this far to call and badger you, they will go further. Please find a better doctor or hopefully you already have.

You are right. You are being set up. Find a family friendly physician recommended by parents in your area who share your same health concerns. This office may have Child Protective Services workers waiting outside.

I didn’t know there was such a dr.

I’ve had this happen.. walked right past them and moved to another state…

Don’t go! Find another pediatrician. Wellness check ups are only for vaccination if you think about it. Oh yeah height and weight but you can go online for that!

When my pediatrician kicked me out for not vaccinating and then called me for another appointment I told them to lose my records.

Don’t go. Call back and tell them you changed pediatricians. This happened to me, and they called and harassed daily! We haven’t been back since February 2018- NONE of us have been to the dr

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My heart is breaking and I know I need to have faith this is part of my journey. My Dad and I had breakfast this morning. He told me that since my sister is pregnant and I have made the decision to discontinue vaccinating my 5 year old autistic son, that we cannot celebrate holidays together anymore. They think because of the stories in the media are all about measles outbreaks and since my son only got one MMR (which he had severe reaction to at 12 months old) that he could contract measles and give it to the baby. So I was asked to not participate in family functions and to keep my family away. I don’t even know where to begin…I tried to explain that every time they are in public they come in contact with unvaccinated people and they just don’t know it. I would never take my child out of the house to a family function if I thought he was coming down with any illness. Maybe many of you have experienced this…How do I heal my heartache and let this go? I truly feel like I just had a death in my family.

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Hi guys, I was just reached by my kids school district notifying me that I need to show proof of a TDap for my upcoming seventh grader. I have a ME that I am going to present. What is the law that protects them from sharing his ME to other parties? Hippa ? How should I go about it? I am terrified, this is the first time I will be showing this document. ??????I have to turn it into the nurses office, what if the nurse asks me why he got one? Do I have to answer her? What can I say that it’s private information between meAnd her doctor.

And here are the replies to this post:

Any medical records you share with the school are no longer protected by HIPPA. They would be protected by FERPA instead and become a permanent part of your child’s school record. You are NOT required to sign any releases for them to contact your child’s doctor. If they call your child’s doctor and doc discusses/confirms/denies or even acknowledges your child is a patient, without your permission, the doctor would be in violation of HIPPA.

FERPA was gutted by Obama a while back and further gutted by a bill called FEPA that President Trump unfortunately signed back in January. Also, I’ve heard talk that CONgress and others were thinking of blurring the lines between HIPPA and FERPA in the future. They may have already done it with FEPA.

FERPA was bad back in 2013:

FEPA (2018-2019) is even worse:

And another post from this group:


And another post:

Unbeliveable! Attention patients with vaccine medical exemptions!

A new California bill was just introduced by Senator Pan. SB 276 – Elimination of all past and future medical exemptions. We are fighting this hard, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. If we don’t defeat this bill, every single one of your vaccine medical exemptions will be disqualified on June 1, 2020.

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Venting n seeking help.
I took my unvaxxed boys in for their second wellness check ever (scary) and the doctor honestly was great, informative but not pushy. But after we got home i started doing more research into how or what i could do to get my boys exemption so they could attend school this year without being forced to vaccinate. My oldest is 5 and we live in colorado.
Honestly it about put me in tears. It feels like theres no “safe” option now much less if that bill passes the senate. Idk what to do. Im hurt n furious that my boys arent allowed to attend school. My oldest LOVES to learn and i am and would make a terrible teacher. He would love school and he is denied an opportunity for a standard education, sports, social interaction, and everything because i refuse 80+ very dangerous preventative shots. Grrrr! Im so mad.
If anyone lives in northern colorado and has been through this is there any help?? Please?

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You can home school wothout being the teacher. Check into Abekka. Its a great program my grands use.

if the bill passes, she won’t be able to. Homeschoolers follow same rules as schools in CO

I am not sure what these legislators are thinking. That number of people showing up should be a RED Flag that they are NOT on the right page.

I am just as shocked and disgusted as you are. I listened through most of the 13 hours the committee went on for. They have to be real monsters to react and behave the way they did.

Let me say, I had the same worries. I’m in CA and things are getting worse. But, my kids have zero interest in going back to public school. I was shocked! If you homeschool, do it. If you can’t afford to, find like minded parents that can help. Anxieties and school drama are…gone!

unfortunately homeschoolers follow the same rules as all school age children. It’s our law. ?? The bill affects all children k-12, homeschooled or not.

CO law states all homeschoolers, whether they are just at home, have to turn in exemptions. The new bill will put all exempt kids in a database because our exemptions have to be signed by three health department. This takes their FERPA rights away.

I read earlier today that Colorado is in a race to the finish line for the craziest out of control state! ??I can’t agree more.
HB19-1312 was PASSED by the house early yesterday morning. If the Senate passes this bill I can’t even imagine what’s next!!
If you are silent in this matter please know just a few things you are agreeing to. I will add some more info in my comments so you can read the full bill on your own.
-The less than 3% who file for an exemption will be put in a tracking system with a parents signature stating something along the lines of how they agree they are failing to protect their child and putting them in harms way. (which could be used against them in the future) This tracking system will also have their child’s/children’s name, address and private health information (current law keeps information private within the school because of HIPAA). This bill basically removes HIPAA and allows vaccines records to be released and whatever else they may require. This bill states changes can be added at anytime. So they can add in that students info can be available online for others to view. They can do whatever they want being it states changes can be made at anytime.
-More vaccines will be required to attend school in Colorado. We will have to follow ACIP recommendations. Their recommendations include an annual flu vaccine. If flu vaccine is not given then a child will need an exemption.
??Our exemption rates are less than 3%, with these changes I can almost guarentee exemption rates will go up because not everyone wants the flu vaccine or hpv vaccine.
-State money will be used to educate on the benefits of vaccines only, not risks!
-This does impact homeschooled students

I’m in Michigan and choosing to homeschool because the schools are actually less than standard and there’s so many budget cuts that kids are actually struggling and suffering from the fact that bullying is a huge problem and with budget cuts there’s less staff to actually care for the needs of kids and I’m not even going into the special needs Department because that’s worse but all the kids across the board are not getting anything out of going to public school. My kids have an individual academic goal set being homeschooled and we have groups where we meet up and socialize and they play with kids their own age but it’s so much more relaxed and enjoyable. And I cannot describe the best experience of seeing your child learn and seeing how they learn that’s why they love to learn. When you go to a public school you are told what to learn and told how to learn that’s why it’s called standard and you are cloned education minded to be like everybody else. I struggled with this in public school myself and I hated being there because I never got the support or individual attention that I needed to thrive in areas I was interested in. And when I graduated I was told to get a job or go to college and I still never had opportunities to thrive in interest. Now doing homeschooling the parents are that full opportunity to help your child thrive. There are still Sports and activities and group outings to meet up in your local area to do other things. But even depending on your child’s personality and interest homeschooling actually gives them more. And it’s definitely not worth injecting them with neurotoxin poisons and the risk of injury or death. And I say the injury part with a heavy heart because my youngest who is 7 suffered from vaccine injuries and now has autism as a result from all of the setbacks that came with the reactions after the vaccines. I did not know then what I know now and I live with heavy regret for not doing any research or questioning. And even with him homeschooling has just been a safe haven because autism is it self very hard to deal with and large buildings with a lot of noise and the social aspect is just not there. Anyways moms teach their babies honestly before they’re even born it is just naturally there. Just don’t compare yourself to how you should do it with the standards of somebody else or the schools. Do it how your family works and how your child’s personality and interest are growing.

I just want to say, I pulled my kids out of school and homeschooled, for different reasons. It was one of the top 10 BEST decisions I’ve made for my kids! It was so much fun, though taxing for sure. I am so proud of those years. You will be a wonderful teacher! All the curriculum and learning tools were provided for free, along with support and a computer. My teenager got a laptop to use for H.S. I pulled my son out in 8th grade because he was struggling so hard and getting terrible grades, and my daughter followed soon after, in 4th grade. My son was on the Dean’s list through H.S. and finished his senior year at the public H.S. with A’s and B’s.
My daughter was able to spend 20-30 hrs per week dancing and earned a scholarship.
I’m sorry the circumstances have forced you to seek alternatives, but I just want you to know that the option of homeschooling is not a terrible one, and if I could go back, I would’ve done it much sooner!!

And yet another post from this group:

I got CPS called on me.

A bit lengthy of a story, but I just had my baby boy and denied the Hep B vaccination.
We spent three days in the hospital, my test results for pre eclampsia came back negative and his bilirubin (jaundice) test came back so low it was almost non existent.

They wanted to keep us another day even though (this being my second child) I was fairly confident in my judgment especially considering he was eating and pooping (a healthy color) regularly, and passed all his hearing and other tests with flying colors. I was ready to go home. I wanted to sleep in my own bed. The hospital stresses me out and there was literally NOTHING wrong with either of us so I asked the doctor if I could go home, and he said “Even though both your tests for pre eclampsia came back negative we still want to keep you another day just in case.”

My first thought was “No you just want to keep me another night to line your pockets.”
And to be honest, it had to be one of the worst hospital stays I’ve ever experienced. I was lied to three different times about the hospitals regulations and other things.
I felt fine, I didn’t even tear during labor, I wanted. To go. Home.

So I signed a form saying I was leaving against medical advice and took my baby home, put him in the sun, two times a day to kick whatever touch of jaundice he had, and just got a call today from Social Services saying they received a report about the well being of my infant and that they want to come to my house tomorrow to check on him.

I’ve literally got nothing to hide. I’m just more irritated in the fact the hospital would literally go that far just to report me over something so fucking small.
I’ve never had this problem in Texas where I had my first.
I almost want to call the hospital tomorrow and tell them I’m going to fucking sue their shit when the social worker leaves tomorrow empty handed.

Fucking eye roll.

And some replies to this post:

Be careful letting them in. They will try and find anything to hold against u

dead right. If they turned up while you changed a nappy and talked to them, one would be taking a photo claimong you had the whole house covered on dirty nappies. CPS is vile, evil and corrupt.

Exactly, or a couple dirty dishes in the sink will be ” dirty dishes piled high in the sink”

yeah, you better NOT HAVE A SINGLE DISH IN THE SINK! Even with an attorney, that’s why it’s better to go to their office, so you don’t have them in your house trying to find shit that’s wrong

Remember CPS are just sniffer dogs on a leash. They are always hungry.

Tell everyone you know what happened…
The way to impact them is in their wallet. Also file a complaint with the deportment of insurance.
Post your story EVERYWHERE!!! Also go into why the stay was bad… so even pro-vaxxers will also be leery. Leave yelp reviews etc!!

I am soooo sorry. Can I ask you what state u r in? This just scares me..


Record the whole visit from CPS on your phone!


At least you got a call. They just showed up on my door step claiming I failed their drug test. I didnt even take tylenol when I was pregnant. The worst substance I had in my system was caffeine. The hospital called CPS on me for drugs they pumped me full of when they slammed me under for an emergency c section. After spending 8 days in NICU and finally bringing her home, less than 24 hours later, I have some chick basically calling me a druggie on my front porch. 8 week investigation was proven unfounded. She tested negative for everything. But it traumatized me. Still says in her records that she will “be delayed due to mother’s drug use.” Fuck CPS
Fuck OU medical
Fuck all that bullshit!

So basically the hospital threw a tantrum because they didnt get their way so they did a tit for tat maneuver and called cps? Wow they’re shitty. .

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything to hide and yes you’re a wonderful mother and you did everything right by that baby, keep them out of your house, do not let them in your home at all this is a violation. They have no rights it is like the devil he can’t come in that door unless you open it and invite him in. They are not welcome…

Research Title IV-D and E of the social security act! Newborns are in HIGH DEMAND with CPS! They want to take your child, give you a false sense of security by giving you a “reunification plan” and then they’ll just deny and terminate your rights. I’ve been blessed and never gone through this myself but I’ve seen many, many parents go through it! DO NOT LET THEM IN! And if they show up with cops, CALL A LAWYER AND DEMAND A WARRANT!

They can make big money off of you from taking your child all the stuff that you have to go through to get that baby back cause big time money

I’m pretty sure calling CPS is standard procedure at any hospital when you leave before they say they’re done caring for you after childbirth. I’m surprised people don’t know this

as a nurse, yes I can attest to this. It is standard procedure in most hospitals to call CPS if a mon signs out AMA.

COPIED FROM [name redacted]
CPS visits. Because I see this happening to parents who choose not to have their children vaccinated:

  1. THE KEY: Be polite & SAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. You might be terrified inside. You might be absolutely angry if you feel there is injustice going on, but the number one thing you can do is stay calm and be polite. Anything you say can be twisted. Do NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. Do NOT volunteer information.
  2. Do NOT let them in your house. Be nice but STAY FIRM. Have one statement ready and repeat it over and over “I know you are just doing your job, but my main obligation is to my children and to help them avoid unnecessary trauma.” If they do not have a warrant and there is no obvious emergency, they are not allowed access to your home. If a police officer is with them, they all know it is illegal to enter a home unless you CONSENT, or unless they have a warrant, or can hear an emergency situation going on. DO NOT CONSENT.
  3. Ask permission to ask THEM questions. “I realize you are just doing your job. Would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions?” Then, ask if you can record the conversation. If you need to get your cell phone, close the door and say, “I need to get something.” These are the questions to ask them:
    • “Firstly, do you have some identification? After you get their ID, write down their name, then ask, “Can you give me the name and phone number of your supervisor?” Write it all down. Take your time.
    • Next “What are the exact allegations that have been made against me? Federal law requires that I should be informed of any allegations against me.”
    • Ask them if they have a warrant. Be direct. “Do you have a warrant to search my home or speak to my children?” If they produce a warrant make sure it is signed by a judge and dated.
  4. Tell them you are going to contact your attorney and when you get them on the phone, you will allow them to speak to your attorney. Close the door. Have the attorney speak to CPS.
    I pray you will never need to use this information. Unfortunately, in the present time of extensive government involvement in the lives of parents, many parents have found themselves in complex situations with CPS. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed. Your number one desire is to protect your children from harm. Too often CPS has brought more harm than help.

Do not let them inside your home! #1!!! Tell them you will bring your healthy baby to them!!! #2 Jaundice is so common amongst babies born in hospitals it’s not even funny,why do they even pretend to care about that? CPS are legal kidnappers, I thought everyone knew this…?? they are just as crooked as all our politicians. Don’t be nice

I felt the same when I had my son on the 6th. 6 hours after he was born, I was asking to go home lol I just did not want to be there. They refused to let me leave until we had been there for at least 24 hours. They ended up discharging us around 30 hours after he was born. I was not being a very pleasant patient lol Especially because they pushed formula the entire time.

Yep. I put a blanket under my daughter. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that. They never corrected me. N we left the TV off the whole time, and when she slept were on our phones. CPS showed up at my house the very next day after our discharge

Iv delt with cps over stupid crap meet them at the door step outside and close it behind you no entry unless a warrant. I always have a camera recording I recorded one just walking into my home I reported her. Watch what you say they will twist your words my daughter told them my dog got into a fight with another and they called the cops on me saying I was holding a dog fighting ring when all I did was foster a dog that didn’t like mine it went back to the rescue same day. Wishing you luck

And another post from this group:


We’re losing our rights

And another post from this group:

This judge is a twonk change my mind

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 24

This is part 24.

Here is a post that I found on The Activist Mommy page from a poster:

My husband is a 30 year CA educator. He ran the Students for Christ club on campus for almost as many years. Each year it was more hoops to jump through for the club to exist during non-education hours..
This past school year he left the traditional classroom for a position facilitating a blended online/charter school (within his district) because we both saw the writing on the wall. It’s a shame, many Christian educators are barley holding on to their jobs because they are not teaching this poison.
We totally agree that PARENTS need to stop letting the village raise their children. Parents need to get aggressive imho. Flood the board meetings, pull kids out so the schools don’t get their ADA $. Make a loud statement with your tax dollars. This is evil and evil needs called out and stopped.

I found this post, albeit from back in 2014, that was shared recently in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:
The only thing my 7 yr old got out of the lesson on the Declaration of Independence

“The Declaration of Independence is not fair because African American people were slaves. It was not fair because women could not vote”

While her sentences at that time in our history reflect true statements, there was so much more to learn than “why it wasn’t fair.” Why does she not know what this means: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Homework has been basically null and void here for this grade since parents pitched a fit in September….so the “gems” are starting to come home in mass volume

(Neither a worksheet nor the original question is attached anywhere so unfortunately I can not provide you with that at this time)

All I can say is if THIS RIGHT HERE, doesn’t make you go out and VOTE this November, I don’t know what will wake you up to the indoctrination that is happening here!! This isn’t about political parties, this is about our future as a Nation and since NYS Governor Cuomo won’t stop it, then he needs to go!

My email response I sent to the Super and BOE tonight: I have attached one of many classwork sheets that came home in the last 2 school days with my first grader Bella Stevens. I have no idea when it was completed as piles of other Math and ELA sheets of classwork came home with it. I am requesting to know why this was the only piece of information that my daughter understands about the Declaration of Independence? I am also requesting to know which module or to obtain a copy of the lesson to know in what context this was taught to my daughter so I know how to go about un-teaching it to her.
For the last 10 months, I have done my absolute best to mind my manners, be thankful for an amazing staff and all of their hard work, and to be helpful in any way that I could be from events at school to traveling to events in Albany to fight for better education (twice in the last 3 weeks as a matter of fact have I been there on ALL of our behalf). So, I do hope that you understand that my absolute anger over this assignment is completely out of character for me.
However, I have been warning the Board of Education and Superintendent Calkins of my concerns over the Common Core/EngageNY mess that we are in is much, much bigger than the implementation alone and I refuse to allow this education reform to alter the history of our nation out of convenience. I was POSITIVE that when I saw assignment after assignment similar to this coming home from schools around the state, that Alfred Almond had it under control and wasn’t allowing such nonsense to be taught to our children.
I have never once mislead this group and if there ever was a time to tell me straight, this right here is it. Is Alfred Almond going to continue to allow Common Core and EngageNY to change the history of our nation for a mere $33 per child in our school district so that they have opportunities to read non fiction out of context, take 10 minutes to solve a math problem that can be done in 30 seconds in your head, and will experience severe gaps in being able to attend a 4 year college…or will you make children and their future the priority?
My daughter is 7…SEVEN…can you imagine what must be going through her mind to think its more important to learn where the Aztecs lived than where she herself lives? To learn about the United Kingdom and their laws, but our Declaration of Independence was simply “not fair”? Her foundation, her basis to our history, our way of life is being altered via Common Core ELA and if you want to continue to stick your head in the mud and not believe what I’ve been trying to prove to you month after month after month, then please, by all means say so point blank without beating around the bush so that my husband and I can make an educated decision about choosing other schooling options for our children.

HERE is THE LESSON IT CAME FROM: This assignment came from
A New Nation: American Independence 11A | Liberty and Justice for ALL? pg. 133-134
© 2013 Core Knowledge Foundation
Comprehension Questions 10 minutes

  1. Literal What are the two big words that you were listening for
    in the read-aloud? (liberty and justice)
  2. Literal The Declaration of Independence of the new nation
    states that “. . . all Men are created equal . . . “ What groups
    of people that you heard about were not given certain rights
    at the time that the Declaration was written? (women, African
    American slaves, and Native Americans)
  3. Inferential If a woman wanted to fight in a battle, what did she
    have to do? (dress in disguise) In what ways were women not
    given liberty or justice? (They were not able to fi ght for their
    country and were not allowed to vote.)
  4. Inferential In what ways were African American slaves not
    given liberty or justice? (They didn’t have freedom and were
    not allowed to vote.)
  5. Inferential In what ways were Native Americans not given
    liberty or justice? (They were pushed off their lands and were
    not allowed to vote.)
    My second response after 2 BOE members replied: Now that I have had a chance to calm down I would like to explain my feelings in a more precise manner to you.
    1)I’m not mad at TEACHER. While I do wish she had caught it, I am in firm belief that ALL teachers have been overworked this year, made to make last second decisions because preparation time across the entire state was not sufficient due to the state’s lack of resources. I also think this discussion was extremely inappropriate for this age group, thus a discussion that she more than likely wasn’t used to having and why she didn’t catch it. Also why I didn’t go to her first, I knew it had to be a module and I already knew how I felt about her role to catch the mistakes that should have been caught long before they reached the local, frontline.
    2) I am slightly upset with the Board and Mr Calkins because I asked over and over and over again in public comment to stop this curriculum until the school was ready and the appropriate time to hash out modules like this had taken place. Local schools, from what I understand like Avoca for example, were behind AA in implementation so that they could take the time…there was no need to rush in a “race to the bottom.” You, or even we, could have had a great discussion about how to dance around the system to make sure this took place.
    3)I’m livid at NYSED, Governor Cuomo, Assembly people, and Senators for not once, at any point, pushing through something that would protect the children from all of this not, rather just from the impact of the testing score (which only helped NYC).
    4) This was unfortunately the last straw for us. We are having discussions as to what next year holds for our girls, as regardless of our love and absolute respect for the teachers of AA, we cannot continue to subject our children to these standards nor the curriculum as we refuse to have them be guinea pigs for this education reform. I honestly have no desire for them to return to public school next year for that specific reason and my husband and I are discussing alternative options. I wish the Board had stood up, fought back like Avoca BOE, like Middletown BOE and administration, like Comsewogue administration, but can minimally understand the allegiance to our BOCES district and NYSED.
    5)I feel it is very important to reiterate that the standards dictate the curriculum and that everything has a certain degree of copyright to it, making it difficult, even more difficult in the future, to make changes. In addition, the Common Core tests are not seen by the teachers nor the parents, so if you were a teacher would you stick to the modules to make sure the children could hopefully pass the tests so that you didn’t become effective or worse yet ineffective teacher based on, up until recently, the enforced APPR requirements?? There are AMAZING teachers that were facing the possibility of termination due to the results of last years’ Common Core tests, and I’m not talking NYC, I’m talking locally.
    Ms TEACHER never once said anything negative about us refusing ALL testing even though my daughter would have been one of the highest scorers for her.
    With all that being said, I never wanted to be in this place. I never wanted to challenge people who have degrees in education, who have sat on the BOE for over a decade. I feel the way I do and act in the manner I do because this is fundamentally wrong and all it takes is the indoctrination of 1 generation to ruin our (their!) future.
    Because 3 out of the 5 BOE members work for the local colleges, I also find it important to finish with yes, my daughter is a very intelligent 7 year old with great writing and reading skills to have written that so well. I understand the challenges of the students enrolling in higher education right now and the lack of “college and career ready” but unless there are special needs or a severe poverty situation at home, ALFRED ALMOND was not producing “those students” at the college level that have been now mentioned several times at meetings or in email.
    Ask Ms. TEACHER, as she told me that this year, all 3 classes of first graders are good, eager to learn kids, “a great group”. The families who aren’t or don’t have the ability to “pay attention” have no idea of the impact Common Core and EngageNY will have on these impressionable little minds. But I do and I will stand up, all alone, for ALL of them if that’s what I need to do. I am on a regular basis uncomfortable myself by the position I’m in, but I know that I am educated, informed, and correct on my stance.
    So with respect, I appreciate your responses and I hope that you can respect and understand mine.

Guess children aren’t safe from being indoctrinated at John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

A Florida middle school is showing LGBTQP indoctrination films:

Also, kudos to the writers of the article for making the tie-in between globalist ideals such as the LGBTQP agenda and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

I love your products, Crayola, but you’re dangerously missing the mark here. Parents of young kids, please reject this thoroughly. This is madness.

Kindergarten readiness is problematic enough — the entire point of someone’s first year of school should be to BEGIN SCHOOL. That’s it.

How much more should the point of preschool be to prepare kids for school? Not to be a benchmark in and of itself. At 3-5 years old, kids are prepared for school by being given time and opportunities to develop social and emotional skills, problem solving and conflict management, and figuring out their role as a person among other people. And that happens through play. Children are literally wired to learn these skills THROUGH PLAY. The physical brain connections necessary for reading do not generally happen at this age. The pathways in the brain that support reading and the preliteracy skills kids need in order to learn to read are built through play.

Stop trying to improve or rush child development. There’s no benefit. There’s no need. Trust the kids.

Parents. YOU ARE NOT BEHIND. Your kid is not “behind” because there is no timetable. We’ve been told and sold the idea that there is. It is a lie. Don’t believe it.

Let your kids color and create and draw, because creativity is worthwhile and wonderful in and of itself and because it will prepare them for LIFE, not school. Give them crayons and paints and markers and blank paper, give them play dough and slime and shaving cream but maybe give it to them outside because that stuff is a mess.

That is what they need. Not this. They have their whole adult lives to do paperwork. They’re ready enough to be exactly who they need to be right now — children.

edit: wow guys. If you like this you’re going to love the blog I never update because apparently I only write when struck with the impulse in meijer, but here you go: It’s fun and I forget it exists. I emote there sometimes too.

Here is a post that I found in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This is from a mother of another group, who wants to remain anonymous.

Interesting week for me. My son not focusing in class and having to catch up with some assignments at home actually ended up being very eye opening for me. I am already not a fan of common core but have been turning a blind eye except the occasional opt out of test forms because I don’t know what else to do. After receiving all the links to the missing assignments and reading them they left me very upset. Climate change, white American males are the worst, how to protest, big business is the devil, oh and an assignment about Islam.
I then asked the teacher to send me all of the assignments. She is a sweet teacher and she did, except for the book on Islam. She said he could do that in class. I asked her to not have him do it in class and to go ahead and give him a zero. She sent the book about Islam home for me to read to ease my mind. I’m sick!!
Ugh…. this is a 4th grade class at a charter school in alpine school district.
I told her I will want to see all of the assignments for next term as well so that I can work on reversing all of the indoctrination he is getting. So now I’m contemplating homeschool which scares me to death.
This book tells about how peaceful Mohammed was and about the peaceful religion. This is 4th grade common core.

And here are some replies to this post:

This reads like an identical story to what we went through a few years ago. Please send me to wherever this mom posted and I will give her step-by-step instructions on what to do with her child.

Homeschool is the only solution…..I homeschool my 3 grandchildren..there are so many courses out there I did alpha and omega. It is a God based course and they actually teach the right way

Alpha Phonics, by Samuel Blumenfeld, is wonderful for beginning readers.

From jakell Sullivan
I don’t think most parents have studied the roots of Common Core well enough to answer your question, Why Islam? But, the answer is that the very purpose of education has been changed. Remember, President Obama’s administration said that they were “fundamentally transforming” both education AND the federal role over it. What his administration did was to push K-12 schools into computer-adaptive BEHAVIORAL assessments. This means that the purpose of education was changed from teaching academics to teaching progressive beliefs.
You’ll note two things on your son’s textbook:

  1. The company name Amplify. Amplify is an online curriculum, assessment and teacher training company that was on the ground floor of data interoperability with Common Core. If you google Amplify and IMS Global, you will see them listed as an affiliate. IMS Global is the global data standards setting organizations that the Obama administration worked with to get online curriculum, assessment and learning management systems sharing children’s private behavioral information across platforms. The goal is to track your son’s values, attitudes and behaviors over time in order to shape his worldview—AWAY from a Christian worldview and toward an anti-family, anti-freedom worldview.
  2. This is an English textbook. The purpose of Common Core was to integrate all topics into all subjects. In this way, progressives can water down a child’s knowledge of an actual subject AND insert indoctrination on any given social justice issue. Remember, the Common Core English Standards are called: “Common Core English Language Arts AND Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.”
    This watering down of actual subjects creates children that think in terms of moral relativity, not truth.

I’d like to thank Illinois Family Institute for pointing this bill out to me. They were alarmed by, as was I, this part of the bill:

In public schools only, the teaching of history
shall include a study of the roles and contributions of
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history
of this country and this State.

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

I am a Christian conservative republican , a proud “deplorable” who teaches in the public school system. I know I’m in the minority these days. But I refuse to hide. I feel God put me there at age 43 for a reason, though it’s coming increasingly difficult. ( high school).

And here are the replies to this post:

I can imagine but i would be interesting to know specifically what kind of difficulties you are encountering these days?

I would assume the difficulty is largely with what has been instructed to be taught, the method, the proposed perspective in which something is instilled and with critical facts and history being left out.

I cant speak to much of that, I teach art and pretty much stay to myself and teach what I know and if it’s asked, what I believe. I don’t know what goes on in other classes, though I do know more liberal young teachers are coming in every year and I can’t agree with most of the new protocol. I can say though, a history/economics teacher across the hall believes the same as me and instills truth in what he teaches. Honestly I feel most of it comes from colleges as I’ve witnessed the switch in many passed students while in college. But it hurts when others assume just because I’m a public school teacher I’m “ a liberal” when I loath everything they stand for. Public ed needs to get back to the fundamentals. New is not always better. All this new use of technology where teachers become facilitators, the endless mandates, endless standardized testing are destroying public education and our children’s learning for authentic understanding. In truth, I’ve had enough. I’ll never make retirement coming in at the age I did, I don’t need the insurance benefit because I’m on my husbands. God led me here simply to teach and share my career experiences.

You are a saint!

no, far from it, I just have a natural ability to teach (I’m told)…but there are many others like me, teaching because we were called too, out of other careers and we are all fed up with “the system” the last several years, it’s scary and sad what’s happening. I’d be out now if I could restart my first career monetarily but it will take a while. I’m already 59! To me the pay is not the big issue, it’s everything else ( behavior, mandates, extra teacher courses that do nothing to help student scores or aptitude, Endless PD’s, and standardized tests upon tests, fighting cell phones (band in my room)ear buds, Netflix during lectures, video games, texting, personal “ learning devices” (kids are smarter than we are about getting through firewalls). Grades and productivity have been cut in half by implementation of these devices. I could go on…. it’s insane. I’m just thankful I have an administration that supports me.

And another post from this group:

“South Carolina’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were not ended, only renamed and replaced with standards almost entirely identical, the South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards (SCCCRS). This is not just my assessment but is the conclusion reached by Achieve, an organization supported by Bill Gates, a major power and influence behind the Common Core.

The following assessment is detailed and thorough. It appeared in 2015, shortly after I made my statewide protest in February 2014, as a practicing teacher, on the Statehouse steps in Columbia against the Common Core and how it was adopted in South Carolina.

An excerpt from this review:

“4. Despite the departures noted above, South Carolina’s standards are otherwise closely aligned with the expectations spelled out in the CCSS and Indiana Academic Standards.

Despite the concerns voiced above, South Carolina’s standards compare favorably to the CCSS (and
Indiana Academic Standards) across a range of categories. The state’s standards oftentimes are identical
to the CCSS, and most differences are merely a matter of phrasing.”

Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

The following is a highly unpopular fact that the educrats, victim makers, and public school low achievement enablers refuse to acknowledge, BUT it needs to be said and understood BY EVERY PARENT who sends their children to public school:

When the school offers to make accommodations for your child – low grades/lack of learning, behavior issues, etc. SAY NO!

Your children have a narrow window in life to learn basic, academic building blocks.

If by 5th or 6th grade, your child can not add, subtract, or multiply single digit numbers in his/her head – the very foundations of math- your child will be given a calculator “an accommodation” and both the motivation and opportunity for you child to ever learn these skills on his/her own diminishes significantly.

If by 5th or 6th grade, your child cannot read with competence and requires an accommodation of an adult reading the content outloud to your child, you have allowed the system to rob your child of the ability to read.

The schools phrase their accommodations as helping your child, meeting your child’s “needs”. That is BS. Your child NEEDS to learn to do basic math and read on his/her own, unassisted.

Allowing your child these “accommodations” sets your child up for failure of learning going forward.

Unless the child has an IQ in the mental retardation range, the child must learn the basics. It’s sooooo important.

Most parents (voters) have passed through the dumbing-down U.S. public school system, so expecting parents to recognize the flaws is unlikely. We are on a path to institutionalized idiocy!

I’m not even going to start on the accommodations for bad behavior. “Oh Johnny needs constant breaks if he gets upset”. No. Johnny either needs to learn to handle his emotions or Johnny needs an alternate educational setting. Johnny is in school for an academic education. Johnny is not in school to take constant breaks.

Make excuses all you want for why Johnny can’t …, but in the end the only one being hurt (robbed of the opportunity of an education) is Johnny.

If your child can’t do basic math or read on their own by 5th grade 1. The public schools have failed to educate your child. 2. You need to recognize that you could have done more to ensure your child learned these things. 3. Maybe public schools aren’t the answer to your child’s learning deficiencies or disabilities. 4. You owe it to your child (and yourself) to find the means (and/or time) to educate your child properly.

Accommodations are not the solution. Accommodating problems perpetuates the problems. Accommodations gloss over the problem and neglect to fix the problem.

Schools do not and cannot replace you as your child’s first and most important education advocate! You know best what your child needs and it’s your job to fix what the school either can’t or won’t. The score on a test is not the end goal of an education. A high school diploma or college degree is not the end goal of an education. The end goal of an education is a child who can function competently as a growing individual. A child who doesn’t have to depend on others as an adult to survive. A child who recognizes why a quality education is power and crucial for not only his/her freedom, but the freedom of all.

Sadly, the parents and teachers who need to hear this the most, won’t. And far too many have egos that will allow them to ignore it.

You are not a good teacher or a good parent if you allow the public school system to fail to educate your child. Accommodations are not education. They are temporary bandaids that will disguise a life-long scar.

There are no buts about this. Life only gets more challenging as we age. Children must learn the basics before they can move on to the next steps. By not ensuring your child learns the basics, you effectively cripple your child’s learning process.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

(Feel free to share this post)

I have had several moms contact me regarding the Student Health and Risk Prevention Survey or the SHARP survey. Here is some basic information and references so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to allow your child to participate in the survey.

  • Some of the changes to the survey are included at the bottom of the post. The green images are from previous years. The red include the 2019 changes.
  • The survey company is Bach Harrison, L.L.C. founded in 2001.

  • For those that like to look at research this is the original project used as a foundation for the SHARP survey and Communities that Care Model:

  • The survey is administered in the spring of ever odd year… so right now is the perfect time for your district to be sending out consent forms.
  • The survey is designed to be completed within a single class period or about 45-55 minutes.
  • The survey is taken by paper/pencil or online.
  • Three different surveys are to be administered in Utah: Survey A, Survey B or YRBS (Youth Risk Behavioral Survey).

  • A student will only take one of the three surveys.
  • Survey A contains 136 questions with 257 collectable data points.
  • Survey B contains 129 questions with 219 collectable data points.
  • The YRBS contains 99 questions. Utah’s format is slightly different from the national survey.
  • The YRBS is given nationwide to teenagers.

  • Some times professionals call the survey the Prevention Needs Assessment PNA.
  • Students taking the survey are in grades 6-12. Some districts don’t give it to all grades.
  • The data gathered from the survey is used to bring in funding for things like prevention programs. Some schools might use the information for statistics to show risk and protective factors in their school or as a school climate measurement tool. Government entities use the data for a variety of reasons including making laws, directing programs, etc.
  • The SHARP survey is “free” to districts because funding comes through federal block grants.
  • Districts choose to administer the survey.
  • There is no mandate by the state for local districts or schools to use the survey.
  • Not all schools in Utah administer the survey.
  • Teachers are incentivized for giving the survey. (I don’t know what the incentive is. I am checking on this)
  • Similar to other assessments, schools are not to use rewards or punishments for returning the permission form or taking the survey. Any abuses can be reported to the school hotline found here
  • Children should not be singled out or shamed in any way for not taking the survey. An appropriate activity can be given to those that are not taking the survey. This should not be punitive in nature.
  • Although the survey is anonymous the child does disclose personal information about him/herself, family and community members including teachers.
  • Utah is an Opt-in state. This means parents have to give written permission before the survey can be administered to students. If a survey is not returned then no survey is to be given.

*Parents have to give their consent because of the nature of the questions.

  • Utah Law: Here is a portion of the law in regards to surveys. Parental consent must be given when the “purpose or evident intended effect is to cause the student to reveal information, whether the information is personally identifiable or not, concerning the student’s or any family member’s:
    (a) political affiliations or, except as provided under Section 53G-10-202 or rules of the State Board of Education, political philosophies;
    (b) mental or psychological problems;
    (c) sexual behavior, orientation, or attitudes;
    (d) illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
    (e) critical appraisals of individuals with whom the student or family member has close family relationships;
    (f) religious affiliations or beliefs;
    (g) legally recognized privileged and analogous relationships, such as those with lawyers, medical personnel, or ministers; and
    (h) income, except as required by law.”

  • Parents or students can choose at any time to take or not take the survey. Even the day the survey is to be administered.
  • Students can answer one, all, none or any other number of survey questions.
  • Some reasons students take the survey: they want to contribute data for the school, they are not bothered by the questions, they are asked by an educator or administrator, parent wants them to take it.
  • Some reasons students don’t take the survey: they find the questions invasive, there is exposure to negative content or unfamiliar behaviors, concerns over family privacy, parents don’t want them to take it.
  • A debriefing is very important for children who are given the survey. Even though it is anonymous, students will have disclosed private information about themselves, family, friends, illegal behavior, mental health, religious information and personal opinions.

I encourage all parents to make sure they take a few minutes to read through the survey before making a decision about whether their child should take the SHARP Survey.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

This is kindergarten. I’m over it. 10+3=13. That’s all I care about

And some replies to this post:

Who said it was a column anyway. I’d fill the boxes left to right.

My kids get so annoyed drawing counters. They make more mistakes with the stupid counters than the actual math.

Omg that’s just being anal !! That teachers not meant to teach kindergarten

This is about power, not teaching. Did the student show aptitude for the skill in math? Yes.
Side note: mama’s penmanship is on point!

Veteran teachers such as myself know this is BS. I was removed from teaching kindergarten for speaking up. ??

Oh my god this is exactly what I went through with my son when he was in grammar school!!! He used to make himself so sick because he knew very well how to count add and subtract but the teacher would give him zeros that he would not want to go to school. It was the worst time for him ever. Than they wanted me (in which stupidly at first I did) to get a private tutor to teach him the proper way to do these type of problems. I sent him to two one hour sessions it cost me $150 out of my pocket. I refuse to ever do it again and flipped on the teacher the principal and our superintendent. Omg, this is the most ludicrous thing ever to put our children through

Oh girl! Just wait until 2nd grade math. I sent the teacher a note saying: “if the math is correct and he showed his work, who cares if he doesn’t do this wack method of addition?”
I now have a parent teacher conference for tomorrow ???????

been there. I have a third grader also

Recent research is actually showing that teaching students multiple methods of addition and subtraction is decreasing scores and confusing students further. (I know – you don’t need research for this! But common sense ain’t so common anymore.)

I was a school based occupational therapist. Sitting in the teacher’s lounge, i would hear teachers say that students would get the right answer, but didn’t solve the math the right way. So they couldn’t get full credit.
Made me so sad.
I homeschool my kids.

Here is a post that was shared in this group:

The So-Called “Instructional Shifts” of the Common Core and What They Mean

The San Luis Coastal Unified School District is in the central coast area of California. It includes schools in San Luis Obispo and the nearby towns of Morro Bay and Los Osos. The district, under the direction of the current superintendent, follows the trend of teaching that adheres to constructivist-oriented approaches; i.e., inquiry type lessons, with teachers facilitating rather than teaching. The math text used starting in middle school through sophmore year in high school is CPM, an inquiry-based program.

The district is so much beholden to this philosophy that part of the interview procedure for teaching jobs entails giving a mini-lesson to students, which is in turn rated according to criteria in the Danielson Framework. The Danielson Framework is (according to their website) “a research-based set of components of instruction, aligned to the INTASC standards, and grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching.”

In other words, traditional-minded teachers need not consider applying for a teaching job in the District. (For followers of my writings, I wrote about two teaching assignments in the District in “Confessions of a 21st Century Math Teacher”.)

I am always curious about math teaching positions that are advertised in the District. As of this writing, two positions are open. The application always asks for the same essay-type question which I’ve always found intriguing: “Describe your knowledge of the shifts occurring in Common Core State Standards.”

The “shifts” in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are not something that are stated as standards. Rather, people who subscribe to the view that the CCSS are game changing, refer to the change of the game as the “shifts”–a change in how math is being taught because of the standards themselves.

Read the rest here:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

MORE marketing for our MN HF 1! MEGA FUNDING – $6.3 Billion is set to fund child care/early learning from the President’s 2020 Budget. $6.3Billion! Best check your party politics! MACC reports on the Left and Right. Now NOTE how the monies will be implemented. That’s right! Through the Child Care Block Grant, ie. Congress & Legislative Personal Care Grant (for personal gain). This will be the topic of the Office of Legislative Auditor on Wednesday! “It would be implemented through the Child Care and Development Block Grant program, which in the past two years saw its funding significantly boosted by Congress in spending bills ultimately signed by President Trump. A White House official, who declined to speak on the record because the budget is not yet public, said the president’s 2020 budget proposal calls for spending $5.3 billion on the program, the same level that Congress set aside in 2019 and a big increase over what past Trump administration budgets asked for. The $1 billion one-time fund would come on top of that.” Yes, this is embedded into HF 1!!!

And another post from this group:

MACC has researched the educational ideologies from at least the 1980s. All babies and toddlers in the schools is just part of the long-term plan. Expect to see great marketing around the idea that parents are conflicted with parenting and the state is the superior “mama”. This plan has emerged before but this time is different. MEGA FUNDING is available and govt will throw out all the stops. Here we go! The marketing has begun!!!!

“[Elizabeth Warren] recently proposed a shiny new policy idea fresh from 1971: government-funded, universal pre-school.

Decade after decade, this old chestnut is trotted out as a pro-family, pro-middle-class reform, and every time, assumptions about government’s competence to perform this task are blithely assumed.

In a manner similar to the tyrannical arrest of Christian Bill Whatcott who was hunted down for arrest in the People’s Republic of Canada for the “hate crime” of handing out tracts at a Pride event, a Christina girl in OHio was given an in-school suspension for putting Bible verses (on paper presumably) on student lockers.

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

SB 5082 – WSPTA #1 priority Social Emotional Learning – passed the Senate 30-18.

Congradulations to the mayor of DEVERS, Texas who is engaging in local resistance by refusing to alow the evil Texas Common Core-aligned STARR test to be administered wtihin the city limits:

Here is a post from Lynne Davenport:

Interesting…My friend’s daughter has 5 college acceptances so far and never created a Naviance account.

“Of course the point of Naviance is to preemptively erase people like me. It won’t do for scrappy, critically thinking, non-cooperators to remain on the board when gameplay begins. The “college and career readiness” enforcers expect everyone to passively accept their assigned slot; to be grateful to even have a slot; so grateful they won’t risk imagining another future or challenging the status quo to create an alternate reality. Which is exactly why our family refused to allow our high-school daughter to create a Naviance account two years ago. Parents in other states are doing the same.

But now, as a senior, she had to figure out how to get transcripts to apply to college. In a growing number of school districts Naviance holds families hostage. If they refuse to set up an account and complete all the surveys their children cannot graduate, request letters of recommendation, or have transcripts sent.

Naviance, a private company whose profits are manufactured from the student data they collect, is becoming a gatekeeper to college admission. Plus, our district paid them $750,000 (plus the $750,000) for the privilege! Below is a comment on a recent blog post to that effect.”

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Yay! More testing for our kids in CCSD! When on earth will they find the time for this? Is there an opt out form for MAPS? ????????????

And here are some replies to this post:

This is another computer adaptive test in my mind that makes it an invalid test.

Yes, I am a 30 veteran Nevada teacher. When kids take the MAP they do not all get the same questions. Likewise, at different test administrations the same child does not necessarily get the same test questions.
The MAP is a useless measure because it’s data is not precise, not accurate, the teacher does not know what questions were administered and only vague “strand” data is shared – no specific links to skills or standards are provided to the educator. The MAP is a waste of instructional time.

I was a teacher for the last 12 years and quit this year. I have background in giving MAPS as well.

As a teacher it’s a waste of time. I don’t like how the level of questions changes as the kids answer right or wrong. I don’t feel like the scores were equivalent to the students actual grades. As a teacher I could get better information by listening to a student read to me for 5 minutes than from a test that took almost 2 hours. One reason I left the field was due to over-assessing students. I hated it! I felt so bad having to always test and never being able to teach. All administration cares about is test scores and how your going to get the kids to show growth. Teaching is not fun anymore. They tell you what to teach, how to teach it, and even when to teach a certain topic. Teachers have very little say. It’s so sad, I’ve seen some amazing teachers leave the field because of where education has gone. ??

they do formative and summative assessments also. I did the math and students are spending an entire month taking assessments. An ENTIRE month is wasted on test taking.

I’ve been saying this forever! But all the teachers defend it and some aggressively. The story that joe Hart did on the asst principle that got fired as retaliation proved my assumptions

The MAP test’s expected yearly growth falls within its margin of error. I have seen kids score several years’ growth in one year. The test is neither precise or accurate. Furthermore, using the MAP test results to guide teaching has been shown to have no effect on improving reading scores of 4th and 5th graders (see executive summary, pages xi-xii).

My 3rd grader supposedly was reading at an 11th grade level according to MAPS. She’s a great reader but I don’t think it’s accurate by any means.

With a computer adaptive test not all kids in the same grade take the same test. This six minute video explains some of the other issues with computer adaptive tests. Once the MAP got changed to a computer adaptive test I no longer allowed my kids to take it.

And another post from this group:

They are having a meeting specifically for north valleys on the 20th at 5:30 I believe at obrien middle school. Last time they had one of these at nvhs at 6pm and I was the only parent that showed up. I had full attention. My kids came and shared their thoughts. How is anything going to change if no one shows up? They all bitch on fb but won’t show up where they can make a real difference. I do know that many parents firmly believe it’s a waste of time. The district has proved time and time again they don’t listen to us.

And some replies to this post:

Same thing with opting out nothing changes. You have to protect your children. It is up to you.
You can bet there would be lines out the door if it comes down to cutting or changing schiol hours or an increase in their wallet. Otherwise there will not be enough speaking out. You are on your own its sad but thats just the way it is today.
Unless it affects their children in a seroius way or takes from the parents me time or wallets the numbers arent there.

It’s my understanding that some of the schools in the North Valleys use ClassDojo. I would not let the school enter any data about my children it ClassDojo. From this article: “Concerns have been raised over who owns this behaviour data and how it might be used in the future. There is potential for behavioural data profiles to follow students through school. It’s too early to tell how they might be used in the future and what problems this might present.”

From this article: “Tony Porterfield, a software engineer in Los Altos, Calif., asked a teacher to remove his son’s information from ClassDojo. He said he was concerned that it might later be aggregated and analyzed in unforeseen ways.” There are also some articles warning about ClassDojo in UK publications: The Guardian and The Times

the hard part is most parents out here like class dojo. It’s almost like a fb for our kids classes. It is used way more now that teachers can post pics of class activities. My experience was positive. I never saw negative info on there about my kids

Anti-Israel/pro-Palestine bias at Autrey Mill Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Not my children’s school, but a neighboring school. They are trying really hard to get no refusals!


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

One would hope that parents would be making sure that their children are not participating in the perpetuation of this wealth redistribution scam.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

So when I opted my kids out of sbacs today they said some things I find concerning: one, it’s bad for the school. Why?
Two, there’s 9 steps to actually opt out.
Three, it’s the state that is making them do it. All agreed with my reasons to opt out but still put up a good fight to convince me to not opt them out. Are we fighting at the state level? It doesn’t sound like the district has any say.

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Colorado MassResistance!

We had a great team of people go to the Colorado State Legislature this past Friday! A report on their success in confronting lawmakers and their staff will be published shortly.

Already, we have begun exposing major problems among the different lawmakers on the SeXXX-ed bill HB19-1032.

The staffers had to admit that they didn’t even KNOW what was in the bill!

I want to thank our team members who were able to go to the state house last Friday.

I also want to let everyone know that you have another opportunity for winning civic engagement this weekend.

On March 16, 2019, the chair of the CO State Senate Education Committee, Rachel Zenzinger, is holding a town hall which is open to the public.

She is in a swing district, too (and she was recalled successfully a few years ago!).

We believe that she is quite vulnerable, and with more pressure applied to her, she will either pull this terrible sex-ed bill from consideration or at least vote it down, thus killing it effectively with the four other Republican members on the 10-member committee.

Here’s the info about the event:

Saturday, March 16th, 2019
10:30am — 12 noon
Covenant Village (50+ Community)
9153 Yarrow Street
Westminster, CO

I already have two people committed to attending. We need at least ten more. Hacing 15 members of MassResistance there would be great!

Gloria Belden has agreed to lead for this event. She will have Colorado MassResistance signs and the talking points for the two bills.

She is pictured in the black coat below:

Can you be there this Saturday?

Call me or email to let me know. You can also contact Gloria at :

Phone: (970) 324-3735

We are winning! Let’s keep up the momentum!


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

And here is a post that, though it’s about a Tennessee school district, was also shared in this group:

The Williamson County School System will send teachers to a series of workshops in Franklin this coming May that is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to a source.

The event’s website clearly identifies it as an SPLC project.

Those workshops, called Teaching Tolerance, are scheduled for May 3 and May 4 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Franklin, according to

“Social Justice 101” is one of the scheduled topics.

And here are some replies to this post:

Wow, Who infiltrated the Williamson County School Board? Families by the dozens have left Davidson County because the schools were so bad and moved to Williamson because of schools and teaching family values.

not anymore. Parents recently forced two teachers to resign after their homework assignment ‘Imagine You Own Slaves’, and WC teachers just finished a series on “white privilege”. Hiring Southern Poverty Law Center, who listed Dr. Ben Carson as “extremist”, and Chick-Fil-A as a “hate group”, because both oppose gay marriage, is a red flag for Marxism.

This is why we need school choice and vouchers.

if private schools take state or federal money they too will be under the same standards as public. Parents can pull their children now, but they won’t.

[name redacted]

is right I looked it up school vouchers is just another way for the government to ruin good schools.if you take government money then you are a government school. That is what happened at my kids private school tca they were trying to get common core accredited and the biblical training started getting watered down and ruined right away.

ever wonder why our local Williamson Herald doesn’t report on this type of nonsense?

my perception is that the Herald is complicit with this leftist school agenda – and has demonstrated protection of Looney at all costs.
The radical left has overtaken our local schools with the full support of the county politicians and the liberal media.

I was a little riled up when I heard they were invited to MTSU last year to pander to unassuming college students; and the idea that they’re now attempting to indoctrinate elementary and high school teachers and students is infuriating. Public schools should not be affiliated with SPLC in any way. Parents had better wake up.

I worked for Williamson County Schools when Rebecca Schwab was the superintendent and we NEVER had issues like this…Mike Looney is living up to his last name. Stand up WCS parents…this is YOUR tax dollars working for you! It’s shameful!

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group. It’s not education related but is related to data mining and UN scheme to take us over:

VetoHB290 Send this to Gov. Herbert and your Reps. Do you want geneticists getting your private info from the DMV? With this info, health insurance, job offers, mortgage loans, consumer credit, scholarships, college admissions, and government bureaucracies will eventually use your data to make decisions about eligibility. Most people don’t understand the ramifications.

And here are the replies to this post:

Who is the sponsor of this atrocity? This is Nazi registering on 21st century technology steroids.

Rep. Lee Perry and Senator Lyle Hillyard:

the U.N. is doing this, but the U.S. is part of the U.N. That is our issue. If we get the U.S. ouf of the U.N., that will help a ton!

every state senator and house rep in every state in the U.S. is sent blueprints on how to make state bills. Every nation is sent blueprints on bills for their governments. This is all United Nations.

But you’re forgetting the lack of protection in current statute (at least how DPS/DLD interprets it). As I understand HB290, it is better than the practice of DPS/DLD under existing statute. HB290 is now more transparent about where your data is shared.

Even so.. it’s horrifying and not acceptable on any level. So they are more transparent about stealing our info. I sure hope we don’t think this is a good idea on any level. We should be banning it all together.

This is to prep us for having a social credit system. They will fully implement it in Beijing in 2020 (required for all). Then it will come to the U.S. and the rest of the world. That is my bet.
This is just a step in the process to get us ready for that.

And another post from this group:

I took my kids out of their charter school Monday to homeschool. Their school wouldn’t give me the copies of their birth certificates or exemption forms! I am so mad and afraid that they have that information!! They said it’s law that they need to keep a copy of those. Does this sound right to you guys? Is there anything I can do to get them back?!

And here are the replies to this post:

That does not sound right at all.
Why would they possibly need it?

They said they need a paper trail in case they are enrolled in another school in the future so they can send the new school their records.

Considering that you ARE the new school, it still doesn’t sound right.

Usually the have their school records but not those kind of records! That’s crazy

By law they do have to keep records of students for a certain amount of years. There are expungement laws. I need to go back and see what the parameters are though. The Student Data Privacy Act has all this detail.

Tell them to make a copy and give you the originals! Also, talk to a lawyer as well.

They did do this thankfully. But still. With the mandatory vaccine law trying to be passed I don’t want anyone have those exemption forms with my childrens information. Especially because the wording they use on it tries to make the parent look like they are willfully neglecting their child and endangering them. I wished I had never signed those forms until I had at least changed the wording on them.

This LGBT indoctrination is further proof that kids need to stay out of public schools:

Here is a post that I found in a Breitbart article:

Fox 5 KRBK Springfield MO. Public Schools: The “Google drive” for Springfield Public School STUDENTS (obviously not informed adults) automatically begins to download ALL KINDS of information from ANY DEVICE the drive is used on. This includes browser history and personal information such as files and passwords. The parents have now found even more sensitive information that’s been surreptitiously downloaded and stored to their daughter’s “school” Google Drive, including 139 passwords to both her and her husband’s different accounts and also voice recordings of both her and her children.

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Since SC lawmakers are so set on collecting data on BABIES in order to be kindergarten “ready,” I thought I’d share a study of the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK) which is the first randomized control trial of a state pre-k program.

The Study finds…

“At the end of pre-k, pre-k participants in the consented subsample performed better than control children on a battery of achievement tests, with non-native English speakers and children scoring lowest at baseline showing the greatest gains. During the kindergarten year and thereafter, the control children caught up with the pre-k participants on those tests and generally surpassed them. Similar results appeared on the 3rd grade state achievement tests for the full randomized sample – pre-k participants did not perform as well as the control children.”

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group from Pearland isd. It appears that they have finished the regular curriculum and are now doing testing for the rest of the year:

My sons 8th grade teacher sent this to students today.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

This was the last BOE Meeting I attended before I resigned my seat on the Wappingers BOE.

And this is the reason why, after fighting like mad for 2 plus years to get elected, that I resigned 17 months into my 3 year term.

The “Standards” which drive your children’s ENTIRE EDUCATION; their EVERY DAY EXISTENCE –

were deemed

Read it again –
The STANDARDS which drive every ounce of curriculum and testing that your children are taught and tested on, were deemed 55% and 60% FLAWED.

Yet, not one single NYS school or district even blinked.

The BOE and Administration in every school in NYS, tested every single student in the state on standards they KNEW were SUBSTANTIALLY garbage.

This is about MONEY.
And your children are being eaten alive by the system.
And three years after I resigned in disgust, because no one would even stop to look, the parents remain fully oblivious to the disaster that their children are consumed by every single day.

I refused to allow my life and my family to be swallowed up by the corruption by remaining on the Board while no one else sans a handful of dedicated Moms, paid an ounce of attention or concern.

But I will still share the info as I can, for the sake of any parents who might actually want to pick their heads up and save their own children.

I hope you’ll watch and share the video and information.
Thanks as always Mert Melfa for the videos and your tireless efforts on OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN’S BEHALF.

You are a hero.
God Bless you always.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Until the last few years I was not political. Now I know, both parties are using our children to gain control over the future of society while pretending they care. It was never possible to legislate morality. Stop trying, it takes away personal accountability and freedom.

Did you know stopping the school to prison pipeline focuses on mental health as a wrap around service of our schools?
Truly bipartisan, the next step of education reform demonstrates that R’s are on the fast track implementing the D platform in Texas.

-an increased budget for counseling services to assist student at all of our Texas school districts;
-including comprehensive training of school district, administration, staff and law enforcement (school resource officers), including training for Children’s Crisis Intervention Training (CCIT), trauma-informed care (TIC) and restorative justice (also known as restorative discipline);
creating more recovery-oriented educational supports, such as School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (SWPBIS) and classroom-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL);
-using positive behavioral interventions and support on a school-wide basis;
-discontinuing the use of extreme measures such as restraint and seclusion, as well as any measures that cause the physical, emotional, or psychological pain of students, with or without disabilities, for any reason;
-reducing the use of punitive discipline, up to and including police arrests, as manifest in the “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which students–disproportionately African American–are alienated from academic pursuits and become increasingly subject to the criminal justice system;
-expanding the use of proactive, trauma-informed, equity-driven approaches that lead to more positive behavioral outcomes, including but not limited to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL);
-repealing traditional, exclusionary approaches to discipline, such as expulsion and suspension, which disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minority students, as well as special education students;
-repealing the use of any measures that cause the physical, emotional, or psychological pain of students, with or without disabilities, for any reason, such as the use of extreme measures, such as restraint and seclusion.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

If you see this Facebook ad don’t buy the Propaganda!! InvestedTx is not a friend to teachers. One only has to look at who the supporters are to see this is a bait and switch.
They are restructuring Public Education for Profit!

FYI- They are also who is behind HB3 the School Finance Bill. It is a complete merging of the Republicans and Democrats in the Texas Legislature! Both sides have been bought off.

This is why you see Republican Leaders pushing what is clearly written into the Democrat Party Platform.

This Texas Plan is, in fact, a plan to align with global education investors that funded the Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness that is causing the huge uptick in student suicide and mental issues in our children. Be looking for how they structure the Public/Private Partnerships also known as “Blended Funding”, Social Impact Bonds (SIBS), or Pay For Success (PFS).
When you see who is supporting this plan, they are the same ones that support using our kids as lab rats.

Here is a timeline of Texas’ Compliance to the restructuring of education.

“If you are in the business world, it is likely you have heard the term Total Quality Management (TQM).

TQM is a business model for accountability. A “system” to control the quality of the end product. Most would agree this is a very important system to have in place in the private sector when creating a good product that will successfully be sold to consumers. In order to control the quality of the product, you must collect a lot of data.

But, what if the “product” is a child?”

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Will this make it easier for Microsoft to spy on children?

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Thanks to Sue Jeffers for getting the word out on House File 1! We talk about the five sections in HF 1: prenatal care 2: home visits for health equity 3: establishing the Great Start Fund 4: babies birth to 5 in schools and 5: grants galore and Greater Minnesota Child Care Facility Capital Grant Program. Also discuss some CCAP fraud and embedding into House File 1.

Here is a post from a poster on an Illinois political page:

In Rockford, the district spent $53,000 for a custom made meeting table, so that board members and bureaucrats had a fancy place to park their ass. That’s $53,000 that won’t go to the classroom. But what was offensive was that the board’s spending rationale for the new meeting table was that it would impact learning in the classroom. That caused some head-scratching.

I don’t like this idea. It sounds like a way for the state government to be able to consolidate districts they don’t like into a crony one. For instance, if your district was being too resistant to any crazy education policies they put out, they could use this as an excuse to merge you with a nearby liberal district and make your new school district, at least for you, more liberal. Also, this Classrooms First Act creates a new government entity called the School District Efficiency Commission. I don’t see how CREATING a new government entity in a state with an already bloated government could be a good thing for local control.

A poster from the same Illinois political page as earlier seems to agree with me:

This proposal is ironic in the sense that we already have school boards elected by voters in each district. These boards are charged by law with hiring school administrators and teachers to operate the local schools. The legislature, through this proposed bill, is saying that those elected school boards are incapable of making decisions when it comes to the operation of their districts and that the very same voters who elected those board members should have the right to propose changes in how their local schools are administratively staffed. Hmmmm. Think about the fact that we voters in Illinois have likewise elected members of the Illinois state legislature who have proven to be among the most incompetent legislators in the country. If local voters should have the right to override elected school boards, then perhaps we Illinois voters should also have the right to override the stupid decisions made on a daily basis by our elected state legislators regarding such things as how our tax money is spent or, perish the thought, NOT spent. Is it any more foolish to hire an assistant superintendent of schools at a high six figure salary than it is to oversee a totally dysfunctional state government having a $135 B debt, perennially unbalanced state budgets, and underwater pension systems? No, I don’t think so. This is another sad example of the legislature saying: Do as I say and not as I do. Frankly, it’s insulting to the people of Illinois. But these legislators cannot be shamed into doing the right things to turn our state around. That much is obvious. What we need is something our state constitution does not allow: the reforms known as citizen initiative (the right of the people to propose laws), recall (the right of the voters to recall elected officials and remove them from office for not doing their jobs), and the right by referendum to adopt changes in public policy. You never hear these potential populist reforms mentioned in the context of fixing what’s wrong with Illinois state government. I believe it’s time to begin that conversation in earnest. Our legislators seem to like what’s good for our school boards, which are just about the last bastion of actual local control in government. We voters should be able to override our legislators (both individually and collectively) when they refuse, refuse, refuse to use common sense to address the mess they’ve created for our once great State of Illinois.

Here is a post that I found in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

This was posted by a member of another closed group. I’m leaving out the name. This is HORRIFYING:
So I was invited into this group and I can see why, but I find myself shaking my head and saying to myself, “If they only knew…” But you likely have never heard this because I, one of a few who know, didn’t say a word. And we had our reasons. That’s on us, and I, for one, apologize.
I was a teacher for New America School in Northglenn/Thornton. My second year there, another branch of the charter school was opening and Jared Polis stepped down as chair of the school board to run for Representative. As a science teacher, I was told the Title 5 would go to the new school that year and I thought it was a great idea. Part way through the year, however, I came up with a great idea that would just take a tiny bit of cash to implement in the classroom. The principal gave me permission to call the other school to ask for a little of the Title 5 back if there was any left before going to the Board.
I was told by the other school that they thought our school had it all. I called the other two schools and was told the same thing. Then I reported back to the principal what I was told.
But it made no sense. The Title 5 for four schools should have been an enormous amount to fund tons of math and science curriculum. No one school could have spent it unless starting from scratch without even so much as a lab to work with. On top of that, we couldn’t spend any of it without the Board’s approval, so even if we had “taken it all,” the Board, who had told us that it was all going to the new school, would have known first, before it was spent.
Not knowing any better of it, I emailed Jared Polis my suspicion that the Board was hiding the Title 5. The next day, the principal was replaced and five of us were told our contracts would not be renewed for the next school year. Publically, the Board said the principal had spent the money on T-shirts (again, keep in mind that this would have been an enormous amount of money). Privately, all the rest of us knew better. Still, I was a scientist. I needed proof. I looked on the public websites showing the campaign financing of one Jared Polis. Under “Anonymous” was a donation number that equaled the missing Title 5 funds, no more and no less. I didn’t want to believe it, especially since I still believe in the need for ESL schools, and so I swept it under the rug for fear of someone getting wind of it and closing the schools.
Then came the next year.
I got a job with a private school that I will leave nameless. Most of the children there were from rich families of Boulder County. I was fired again within 2 months. After searching for another job, I finally called a friend down in Montezuma County’s district office to see if she could look into why I wasn’t getting any callbacks. She nearly hung up on me, but not before telling me I was blacklisted in the state by the Board of Education and CDE.
So there it is. I lay it bare for all to see. I kept it quiet for the kids, but we have a fox in the henhouse and I take responsibility for my part in that. Before you ask, no, I erased that data years ago. Sorry. God help us. Let the flames commence.

I found a Michigan bill that now requires that teachers get mental health training:

I found a Michigan bill which looks like it requires all schools to provide kindergarten and that it requires all parents or guardians to send their kids to schools starting at age five:

Looks like Michigan is creating a Child Care Task Force now:

Looks like this Missouri bill is trying to push high school students into the Career Pathways “workforce development” scheme:

SB 411 – This act requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to convene a workgroup to develop and recommend rigorous academic performance standards relating to workforce development for students in grades nine through twelve. The work group is to be comprised of nine individuals appointed by the Governor. The work group shall develop, and recommend for adoption by the State Board of Education, alternative academic achievement standards for high school students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The work group shall also develop an employability skills curriculum to provide students with career and college planning resources.

The work group may present recommendations to the State Board of Education at any time regarding the education of students who receive special educational services.

The work group shall dissolve one year after presenting the assessments, standards, and employability skills curriculum to the State Board and making any requested modifications.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Pearson / Credly Databadge patents upset IMS Global and others doing ‘Open Badges’. (Lumina owns Credly, Credly bought Pearson’s badge system Acclaim… so now Credly has the patents. )

Badges will be the future of k-20 education, so there’s money ( and LOADS of valuable, predictive data) in badges.

Hmmm. I’d say the STUDENT owns the data in the badge… do they address that? Nope.

“That group of colleges, companies and nonprofits is working to build an openly licensed Open Badges platform for digital certificates that professionals and students can use to show they’ve mastered ces,ertain skills (either academic or so-called “soft skills,” like collaboration or problem solving).
Part of the reaction was disbelief, since the Open Badges platform was launched back in 2011 to great fanfare (it was originally called Mozilla Open Badges, but Mozilla has since transferred coordination of the standard to IMS Global Learning Consortium). Much of the funding came from grants from the MacArthur Foundation. How, they wondered, could a company claim to have just invented something that is so well known?

Originally, the curriculum and textbook giant Pearson filed for the pair of patents in 2017, on behalf of the online credential product it made at the time called Acclaim. The action caused criticism by some in the Open Badges community, and Pearson agreed that it would issue something like a waiver to anyone in the IMS Global community working on Open Badges. Technically, that waiver is called a RAND license (which stands for reasonable and non-discriminatory), and the goal was to say to the community that they could continue their work without fear of a challenge from Pearson.

But even before the Patent and Trademark Office came to its decision on whether or not to grant the patents, Pearson sold Acclaim to Credly, a company with a competing service. It’s worth noting that both Pearson and Credly had long been working with the Open Badges community.
The question in the Open Badges community now is, what will Credly do with its new patents?
A few representatives of the Open Badges community brought their questions directly to Credly and IMS Global during an online conference call in October.
Doug Belshaw, who is involved in Open Badges and now works for Moodle, asked why it was in Credly’s interest to hold the patents, and mentioned a recent decision by Microsoft to transfer some of its patents to what he called “community ownership.”
…Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global, the standards group now overseeing the Open Badges framework, says in an interview that he is encouraged by Credly’s endorsement and expansion of the RAND license. “What you really want at the end of the day is that nobody sues anyone else,” he says, noting that such lawsuits can hinder innovation.
A more pressing concern, he argues, is that some other company not working with IMS will come along and assert patents around digital credentials.

“Salesforce has patents that relate to open badges, and they’re not even involved” in the community, says Abel.”

Here is a post from a conservative page:

Chalk up another victory for the Gay Mafia.

Illinois House votes to require LGBT history curriculum be taught in schools

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Warning Warning Warning Warning

This concerns me greatly. DallasISD Trustee Miguel Solis is contemplating expanding the Early Childhood charter Partnership to mirror a newly established one in San Antonio by Mayor Castro. This Is not a proven program and has no real curriculum but will create its own partnerships with organizations and individuals. Preying on our youngest children with no elected oversight.


[name redacted]


”Providing high-quality Pre-K and early childcare to Dallas kids is the most important thing we can do to prepare them to succeed. It also serves as critical child care for many working parents. Study after study shows that Pre-K for 3 and 4-year olds yields lasting academic gains. But today, too many parents either can’t access Pre-K due to a lack of facilities or can’t afford Pre-K unless they qualify for state subsidies. Furthermore, a shortage of quality early childcare providers serving children from 0-3 years is having a direct impact on working families. As mayor, Miguel Solis will bring new ideas and a creative approach to expand Pre-K and early childcare to every child. He’ll convert underused city facilities and partner with public, private and non-profit organizations to create more classroom space, secure more funding from various sources, and support efforts to create a pipeline of qualified teachers and raise the quality of childcare across the city.

On the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, Solis created the district’s first-ever early childhood education policy and led the effort to expand Pre-K to fifteen thousand children. As mayor, he’ll finish the job, making high-quality Pre-K and early childcare available to thousands of children who aren’t enrolled.

Pre-K Has Lasting Benefits for Kids

Studies show overwhelming evidence that Pre-K dramatically benefits young people throughout their schooling. A major study from Tulsa, OK, that followed kids from Pre-K through middle school found that Pre-K students “have higher math test scores, are more likely to enroll in honors courses, and are noticeably less likely to have been retained in grade.”

The Dallas school district’s investment in early childhood education is paying off with test gains that outpace many others in the state. And next door in Fort Worth, they’ve made Pre-K for any parent that wants it a reality, through a combination of public funds and private grants, and they’re seeing the results. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said that an assessment of new kindergartners found that “those who attended pre-k could better identify letters and sounds. They were further ahead in reading, math and science.”

Solis Plan to Expand Pre-K to Every Child

The state currently funds Pre-K for a half-day of instruction for 3-year olds and 4-year olds who are considered high need: limited English proficiency; homeless; in foster care; military children; or economically disadvantaged. The Solis plan would expand this instruction to more children that qualify and put quality, affordable Pre-K and early childcare in reach for every Dallas child.


Under the leadership of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the city established Pre-K 4 SA, an innovative program that leverages city resources to expand access to Pre-K. The City of Dallas can match this effort by partnering with local districts to assist in expanding seats for our youngest children as well. The biggest hurdle to expanding Pre-K and early childcare for every Dallas child is a lack of existing classroom space. This will not require major new construction—the Solis administration will examine city facilities and identify vacant or underutilized space that could be converted to classrooms. In addition, Solis would develop public-public and public-private partnerships to create more seats by creating interlocal agreements with municipal and county institutions that will identify spaces for service and by incentivizing developers to include space in developments through city and federal dollars.


By creating more classroom space and forming strategic partnership agreements, Dallas can draw down millions in additional state funds to subsidize Pre-K for children who currently lack access. In addition, Solis would propose incentives for local businesses who help their employees pay for Pre-K or early childcare for their children and those who decide to create a program on-site. When developers want to build buildings, Solis would propose tax incentives (or other incentives) for developments that include dedicated space for early childhood. Solis would further use city resources and the bully pulpit to encourage businesses of all sizes to assist their employees with their childcare costs. Finally, Miguel will work with Dallas districts to expand below market tuition-based Pre-K by ensuring each local partnership agreement led by the city includes spaces for children of these families as well. Any revenue generated from this element of partnerships can be used to offset costs to programming or sent directly back to the partnering districts.


For Pre-K and early childcare to be effective, it must be high-quality. In fact, studies show that well-trained teachers and well-developed programs made a significant difference in the academic achievement of students in the future.

As a condition of any city supported Pre-K and early childcare effort, Solis will work to ensure that instructors have an early-childhood certification and follow programming standards laid out by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. As part of the Dallas ISD’s career academies and vocational training programs, Solis will advocate for an expanded early childhood education track so that Dallas youth can get on a path to becoming a Pre-K instructor.

To make sure that we have high quality instruction, we have to value—and properly pay—our Pre-K teachers. Solis will also push for higher wages for instructors as part of any public-private partnership, to ensure that those entrusted with our children’s learning are being valued accordingly.


The next Mayor of Dallas must be a champion of early childhood education-doing anything less compromises the future our city deserves. That’s why upon election, Miguel will appoint and convene a standing “Early Learning Commission” made up of early childhood education experts from across Dallas. The Commission’s focus will include identifying early learning best practices from across the region, state and nation; developing concepts to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood education; building public-public and public-private partnerships to support current Pre-K and early learning efforts; generating new streams of funding to expand early education opportunities. As mayor, Solis will leverage the power of the bully pulpit to ensure more families have access to quality early learning opportunities because he understands this issue is one of if not the most critical issue our city faces.


Miguel Solis has been a champion for children and he will be the education Mayor—because if our young people get a good education and the skills they need for good jobs, our economy will continue to grow and people in every neighborhood will share in Dallas’ success.”

And here are some replies to this post:

you are right to present this info with a caveat. The benefit of Pre-K programs is now widely disputed. All too often programs that sound too good to be true, really are not as they seem. The whole concept of private-public partnerships comes into play with agenda and connections that far surpass parents and local entities. You said it well—-WARNING!

DISD is unable to keep PreK teachers in the classrooms they have now. DISD spends enormous amounts on Pref Dev and training not to mention recruiting and the turnover is huge even by DISDs own research and accountability department reports. So is this his big idea for mayor or is he really campaigning for a DC job with one of the folks named on the baby onesies ?

When we were fighting for more money to renovate SOC and Carter, he was watching the basketball game on his phone during the board meeting. Even laughed out loud at something and had the nerve to say “Oh I’m sorry..”. If he exhibits that behavior toward the children in the district, imagine how he’d treat the adult, tax-paying citizens of the city as their mayor! No thank you Mr. Solis!

Why do you think the Dallas Federal Reserve is working with Commit? Why did the president testify at the lege? Why are the Commit people so enamored with economist Jim Heckman?

Here is a post that I found shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

[Notice: this post contains a statement from the attorney representing the family of the student and a news release from the Celina Schools]

Mar 15, 2019
Celina School Suspends student after “Fallen Soldiers Monument”

The Following is from Attorney Travis Faber:


3/15/19 – On behalf of the student’s family, Attorney Travis Faber today expressed deep concern with the conduct and actions of the Celina City School District related to the suspension of Tyler Carlin (13).
Tyler, a Celina Junior High student, received a 3 day suspension for what he believed was a teacher-approved art project that represented a “Fallen Soldier Battlefield Cross”. The Battlefield Cross art project was part of an ongoing project Tyler was doing for his Junior High history class that involved raising awareness for the sacrifices our brave men and women in uniform have given to our country.
The Battlefield Cross traditionally employs a fallen soldier’s rifle, boots, and helmet. With his teacher being informed of his intent to recreate the Battlefield Cross weeks in advance, Tyler recreated the monument using a plastic helmet, a toy NERF “Dart Blaster,” and a pair of children’s boots which were secured to the Nerf dart toy with zip ties. Tyler had previously received permission for this project and had discussed specific aspects of the project with his teacher days before his suspension.
When Tyler delivered the assignment on March 5th, he was told to report to the office and the school district undertook disciplinary action, claiming that the NERF dart toy was a firearm prohibited from school. The district made several threats of severe punishment to Tyler’s family and gave Tyler in-school suspension for 3 days. Nonetheless, the school determined that Tyler was not a threat and allowed him to return to class for the remainder of the day.
Faber, representing the family as they seek to resolve this matter with the school, said that this is a terrible example of inconsistent discipline and decision making from the school.
“Tyler Carlin is an upstanding student interested in studying and honoring our fallen heroes,” Faber said. “He’s never shown any bad intent and he clearly shouldn’t have faced the overly aggressive response from the school over an art project protected by his 1st Amendment Rights.”
Unfortunately, even as Tyler deals with this wrongful punishment, the School has worked to direct attention away from their misdeeds and flawed decision making.
“Tyler and his family were told, at first, that he was being suspended for bringing a firearm to school,” Faber said. “Now, and only after the school district was confronted by the inconsistent and illogical bases for Tyler’s suspension, did the school change their stated rationale for his suspension to “insubordination,” reporting the same to the local press in potential violation of Tyler’s privacy rights. This is an outlandish claim to make about a student seeking to hand in an art project that supports the troops, and it could potentially be proof of further wrongdoing and even illegal acts.”
Faber continued by stating that the family will consider all their options to protect Tyler’s academic and disciplinary record. He said the family is also committed to ensuring that the school district doesn’t use this situation in the future as grounds to impede upon other students’ rights.
“We are greatly concerned about the message the actions of the Celina School District will send to our community’s youth. Tyler was trying to do his part to preserve the memory of fallen soldiers and to support wounded warriors. He should be thanked for his hard work and dedication to our veterans and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Faber said.

The following is a statement released by Celina Schools:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the Celina City School District Board of Education from disclosing protected personally identifiable information regarding Celina City School District students. Accordingly, the Board may not provide information regarding specific

student discipline matters.

“Student conduct is governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Board requires all students to comply with these school rules,” said Dr. Kenneth Schmiesing, the Superintendent of the Celina City School District. “Respect for the rights of others,

consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship is expected of all members of the school community. The Board of Education has zero tolerance of threatening, disruptive, insubordinate, or inappropriate behavior by its students, and enforces the Student Code of Conduct fairly and even-handedly.”

“The Board proudly supports service members and their families. This school year, the Board held a Military Appreciation Night where it recognized students who are choosing to enter the military following high school, as well as veterans and current military members.” Dr. Schmiesing continued, “the Board maintains a positive relationship with the local VFW and American Legion, has POW/MIA seats located in prominent locations in the football stadium and field house, and hosts Veterans Day celebrations with military members throughout the

District.” Finally, Dr. Schmiesing stated that, “the Board looks forward to continuing its tradition of partnering with local veterans’ service organizations to support military members and their families.”

Celina City School District
Board of Education
Press Release
March 14, 2019

For Immediate Release

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the Celina City School District Board of Education from disclosing protected personally identifiable information regarding Celina City School District students. Accordingly, the Board may not provide information regarding specific student discipline matters.

“Student conduct is governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Board requires all students to comply with these school rules,” said Dr. Kenneth Schmiesing, the Superintendent of the Celina City School District. “Respect for the rights of others, consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship is expected of all members of the school community. The Board of Education has zero tolerance of threatening, disruptive, insubordinate, or inappropriate behavior by its students, and enforces the Student Code of Conduct fairly and even-handedly.”

“The Board proudly supports service members and their families. This school year, the Board held a Military Appreciation Night where it recognized students who are choosing to enter the military following high school, as well as veterans and current military members.” Dr. Schmiesing continued, “the Board maintains a positive relationship with the local VFW and American Legion, has POW/MIA seats located in prominent locations in the football stadium and field house, and hosts Veterans Day celebrations with military members throughout the District.” Finally, Dr. Schmiesing stated that, “the Board looks forward to continuing its tradition of partnering with local veterans’ service organizations to support military members and their families.”

Here is a post from the ParentStrike group:

“Two years ago (2016), a self-described soccer-mom from Florida, Deb Herbage, wrote a well-documented article about the CA flagship product iReady. She gave it the title “i-Ready?…………More Like i-SCAM and Other Deceptions.” Herbage wrote:

“i-Ready Diagnostic exploded onto the scene like … other “competency based education” (CBE) curriculums since the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is now believed by many that the implementation of the CCSS and the focus on the standardized tests that went along with the CCSS was yet another extremely, well-crafted and timed implementation to distract parents, teachers, students and some school officials while district and state officials put in place the many ed-tech companies, corporations, investors, foundations, and non-profit companies … who all quickly and methodically jumped on the CCSS bandwagon …. While we were distracted with the CCSS and end of year standardized testing – in school districts all across the state of Florida and across the country, i-Ready Diagnostic, owned by Curriculum Associates, implemented and deployed their much touted “progress monitoring” curriculum – i-Ready Diagnostic.””

And another post from this group:

Seattle Action Request

“Seattle SD uses online Amplify Science for MS and HS. All online with no labs. It’s horrid. Many other WA districts use it too. There’s a movement to stop it in Seattle and they need Seattle parents to step up and help end it:

URGENT! We have just one week to save science in our schools and remove a terrible online curriculum that is turning kids off of science in droves.

This Friday and Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd, the SPS Science Curriculum Adoption Committee will be meeting. Mary Margaret Welch, head of Science for SPS, will likely call for a vote on adopting Amplify Science.

Students, parents, and teachers across the district have been raising serious concerns about this curriculum. It is an online-only curriculum in which kids stare at a computer screen rather than engage in the hands-on projects or instruction from a teacher in the classroom that are essential to effective science education.

Welch has been blocking the Adoption Committee from seeing performance data on Amplify Science in 8 Grade Schools, and 11 Middle Schools, for 2017-2019. This is contrary to the requirements spelled out in Board Policy 2020, for Waiver Curriculum Materials adoption (new materials being tested). This is also in spite of the fact that Welch was quoted in Amplify’s promotional materials, creating an unethical conflict of interest.

Please write to the Board and tell them to get Amplify science OUT of our classrooms:

The Board needs to hear from a large number of parents and teachers, especially those who have been affected by the Amplify Curriculum, which was imposed without Board approval – a distortion of the Waiver Process.

If you’re able to attend the meetings this Friday and Saturday, here’s the info:

March 22, 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., JSCEE, 2765, 2750
March 23, 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., JSCEE, Auditorium”

Illinois has a bill to make kindergarten mandatory:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

March 20 sbacs 11:09-1:30 school ends 1:30
Spring break March 25-April 8
April 11 sbacs 11:39-2:15
April 12 sbacs 11:39-2:15
April 24 sbacs 11:39-2:15
May 1 sbacs 11:39-2:15
May 15 maps
May 22 maps
Finals June 3-6
June 7 schools out for summer.
These are all the tests for just one team of middle school teachers of 6th graders. They are 4th period through 6th period. 3 periods 50 min long each period. 2.5 hours long of sitting at a computer and us parents just let them do it. According to my kiddo they added another maps test. They do fall winter and now spring map testing. I would like to know when the teachers are supposed to teach the curriculum?

And here are some replies to this post:

So 10 hours just for the SBAC? Plus all the time prepairing for the tests. Some schools actually have practice SBAC tests.

ours does the week before for one period. I didn’t opt my kids out In time to avoid those.

Someone just called me about this. The school doesn’t come out and say SBAC test. Any test that’s computer adaptive is either the SBAC or the MAP, looking at the amount of time it must be the SBAC test. Most schools allow about 10 hours for the test, plus make up days.

I found it interesting that they don’t call it SBAC. Maybe to avoid parents opting out.

I thought the same thing…

Well, this is the opt out form that the district has not posted on its web site and are trying to force parents to go to the schools to sign them. It is harassment plain and simple!

So now that I opted my children out their teacher said the will go to the office and sit for 3 hours!!!

The testing takes away from the curriculum. Last year my kids teacher did not complete their required math curriculum.

that’s what every other teacher I e spoken to has said

I made this same post on the community page out here and this is what a teacher wrote that does not teach out here.
“We are a test taking society. There’s no getting out from that. What would be better is the schools (starting at the admin level) build the stamina up for these big spring tests so the kids are not as overwhelmed. The schools need this data. They use it to make decisions on how well students are doing in school and what services or funding should towards services should be allocated. This is how the state measures knowledge learned. Parents may not like it, but it is necessary to evaluate the quantitative results these tests give administrators and teachers in order to meet the needs of all students not just those that take assessments for IEPs. These tests allow teachers to provide better scaffolding and make adjustments and changes to the curriculum for the following year. These test scores are also needed if you want your child to graduate high school. These become their exit exams. I’m sorry to be the bearer of impending doom but this is not going away. Better to build up your student and encourage them to give their best so they have accurate data to measure them and their needs. If everyone throws the test (which many kids do) then the data is inaccurate and funding isn’t placed where teachers and students really need it.
I know I’m going to get my head chopped off for saying all this, but this is the truth. This is why we need the testing. The curriculum is paced to accommodate to testing season. And in the 1980’s we had the CTBS Tests, a paper and pencil test which our parents complained to school boards across the country as being a waste of time as well and how it was u healthy for our eyes to be reading such small print all the time and how unfair the test was because if the student got off a number on the answer sheet they were declared a special needs kids. The point being, parents will always complain and there is no way around this. We look out for our kids. We want what’s best for them. But some things are the way they are for very legit reasons. We need these tests in order to give your kids the best. This is what I tell our parents at my school and this is what I will share with all of you. It is in the best interest of your kid, we are not harming them. And believe me, they get far more screen time with their phones and video games in one sitting they they will with these tests.”

actually, the reasons for SBACs are for school funding and selling data to private corporations at a profit. Since when has any school truly cared about individual student test scores? Like never

There is a lot wrong with the teacher’s comments above.
1) SBAC test results will be not be sent to local schools until the next school year.
2) The SBAC test is more of data mining tool than a CRT.
3) Numerous third parties (some nefarious) and the NV Dept. of Education all get way more data from the SBAC test than Washoe County and parents, I suspect the teacher has no idea.
Maybe you should send, better yet post, this link and ask the teacher to respond.

Here is a post from the anti-Competency Based Education Group:

Just heard that Prairie Capital Funding is going to be paying for in-school preschools run by “Right at Home” to increase kindergarten readiness.

This is a private for profit company running daycares housed within public schools.

Anybody ever heard of it? Or have info?

Here is a Common Core Diva article linking the global “climate change” push to the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals, to STEM/STEAM, to Smart Cities, to 5G, as well as to “education”:

And the attacks on books continue as the globalist elites now set Huckleberry Finn in their sights to ban:

I guess, as this incident at Arizona State University shows, the globalist brainwashing is working in our “education” system:

I guess exercising your free speech rights can get the police called on you at Georgia Southern University:

I found this post in an anti-Common Core group:

“Prevention Needs Assessment Survey” for public schools. This particular copy is printed, distributed, and collected by a Utah company, but my understanding is that this comes from the Department of Education and is a nationwide survey… Worth checking out if you have kids who will take the survey:

Looks like the Madison, WI schools have jumped on the LGBTQP bandwagon with “Welcoming Schools”, the Human Rights Campaign’s propaganda outlet inside America’s classrooms:

Welcoming Schools have made their way to Houston, TX schools as well:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Section 1111(e)(2) of federal ESSA education regulation says districts are supposed to inform parents that they have the right to refuse/opt out of testing.
FNSBSD is not doing that.
Did your child’s school let you know?
Notice how the form came pre-filled was opting this child out of only the science assessment, not the PEAKS tests.

[Note, for some reason, FB won’t let me copy the image or the link to it.]

And another post from this group:

Don’t forget to OPT OUT! PEAKS testing starts in some schools on Monday. The PEAKS test still operates under this grant which EXPANDED the P-20W ANSWERS database and has likely been renewed again or is set for renewal soon. New test, same problems. It’s still a Common Core test. Opt your children out.

And yet another post:

PEAKS tests are made by Data Recognition Corp. (DRC), part of the SBAC Common Core testing consortium. It is a Common Core test. Opt out!
Note DRC listed in this 2015 article as Michigan’s test vendor under SBAC.”

Here is a post on Alice Linahan’s wall from someone:

The abuse my daughter endured at the hands of a teacher that knew she suffered from an anxiety disorder because she had a 504 changed her. She was an honor student and half way through her junior year in a school I chose so carefully. The school refused to protect her, kept the teacher employed after years of complaints who was finally fired within a couple of years for hitting a child. She has to this day difficulty leaving home. She should be in college starting her life. And when it happened NO ONE would help us. OCR did go in and investigate but allowed the school to end it by some crap agreements. How the hell did that help my child. She lost faith in humanity.

I’m still devastated that she wasn’t able to go back to school because the school was going to force her into class with this teacher at least two class periods a day that she was terrified of and she knew no matter what she did the admin wouldn’t believe or protect her if she went back and anything happened. Plus she had already physically held her and said she would let her go when she promised to fix herself. So she knew if she got her alone anything could happen and it seemed to be acceptable. She invested so much into the school she had to audition and get accepted into. They refused to give her homebound instruction and eventually withdrew her. So she missed her entire senior year, graduating with the children she had gone to school with since third grade, prom, senior trip, receiving her diploma and all the scholarship opportunities she would have had being an advanced honors art student. OCR said the school needed to consider accepting her homeschool credit and giving her a diploma if it met their requirements. I asked the principle to outline those for me so we could make sure they did and he refused. So she has no high school diploma or even homeschool diploma at this point. She finished all the required coarse work but I have no idea how to get her a homeschool diploma and can’t find anything that tells me how. She deserved to be in school and experiencing what all kids work so hard and get so excited for. Her senior year was ripped from her. She had NEVER had even one disciplinary action in the entire eight and a half years she attended that school. Yet this teacher had numerous complaints and a child had to be taken out the year before for the exact same thing. The superintendent even lied to the police detective that was on my daughters case saying there had never been a complaint about this teacher. I had parents I didn’t even know contacting me that were saying she had tormented their child years prior. It’s so sad that there is no where to turn and no one to step in immediately to keep a child in school and the teacher removed until resolved. They legally should have provided homebound because her anxiety prevented her from being able to hang out with her abuser 2 hours a day and she had a 504 that it was proven this teacher violated.
I knew pursuing it wasn’t going to help my daughter and it didn’t but I have to believe because I did pursue it for a good year and a half after my daughter was no longer there when it came up again with this teacher it forced them to finally fire her. So maybe it saved to many more from suffering at her hands. However that admin is still in place and I believe wouldn’t do anything different if they could hide it. It’s disgusting.

The school counselor had known for a couple years this teacher was bullying my child. Made excuses then claimed she never knew once the schools attorney was present. I love more than anything when I encounter people that work with children that truly care and want to lovingly guide and direct them without bias. Sadly that seems rare.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

The National Association of School Psychologists is clear about where they are headed—“affirming” gender confusion. Gender confusion is what Medicaid will fund in schools. The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) assessments will determine which kids are not exhibiting the “right” progressive behaviors and which need further nudging to the correct behaviors through Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS), Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Congress has set in place a federal Universal Data Base on students from Pre-K through the Workforce. Attached has links to documentation for the information below if you need them.
State level mental health legislation puts the infrastructure in place, at the state level, for the collection of student data funded through federal grants and Public/Private Partnerships (P3)s known as Blended Funding or Social Impact Bonds (SIBS) or Pay For Success (PFS).
2001 Not Child Left Behind (NCLB) set up 50 separate longitudinal databases systems.
2012 Obama gutted the Family Rights and Education Act (FERPA) regulation making data available to 3rd parties without consent for research. Two “conditions” in the regulations totally open the data floodgates:
(1)(B) A contractor, consultant, volunteer, or other party to whom an agency or institution has outsourced institutional services or functions may be considered a school official under this paragraph…
(6)(i) The disclosure is to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, educational agencies or institutions to (A) Develop, validate, or administer predictive tests; (B) Administer student aid programs; or (C) Improve instruction.
2014 the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA) binds education, Pre-K through the Workforce, under the Department of Labor, HHS, Defense, and Education. Meaning federal grant dollars that come through these departments for education services align their service to the College and Career Readiness mandates laid out by (ESSA).
2015 the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) codifying the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness behavioral standards into law. When the state budget is passed, that includes federal grants, from any agency, the state hands over sovereignty and must align, Pre-K through the workforce to the ESSA behavioral standards.
2019 the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act (FEPA) makes legal for all government agency public/private databases to be inter-operable.

The principal of Cumberland County High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. is trampling on the First Amendment by barring students from handing out Bibles at lunch:

Here is a post that I found on someone’s FB timeline:

our district worships the sky and ground because every morning the kids have to say good morning sky and good morning ground. Not once but twice and then Fold
THeir hands in prayer. Parents dont seem to pay attention or care. It’s so frustrating. And every day they have to do a mindfulness meditation. I refused and had to farm out my students to another class

Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

Thanks to public school (common core) data collection, they will now track our children through college and then as they enter the workforce. As if government wasn’t intrusive enough.

Here is another post from this group:

After 11 years, my husband has resigned from teaching because as a professional teacher, he knows what he’s being forced to teach is not educating his students. He knows they were learning when he was allowed to teach the way he knew, but now he knows they are not. And there’s nothing he can do about it. But we can and should!

Here is a post from a Tennessee anti-Common Core page:

Here are the first 5 to say with their vote today, they do not care what their School Board Members, County Commissioners, Teachers, Staff, Parents, & other Elected Leaders want……. Out of Pressure, Lack of information ( Can’t be that) Lack of Knowledge, whatever their reason they voted to move forward that the STATE take control away from your County School Boards, and put themselves in charge of the Charter School Distribution,.Thus taking MORE funds from the already financaily strapped school districts in TN!

Two Heroes Voted NO – They believe this is wrong to put the State in Charge – Adding more government to our schools is not the answer it is the problem now Rep. Leatherwood (R) Shelby County & Rep Dixie (D) Davidson County – Thank you Gentlemen!

Five YES Votes who sent a resounding message that they do not care, and feel change is needed with more government in our schools – Moody (R) Tipton County Dunn (R) Knox County Baum (R) Rutherford County DeBerry ( D) Shelby County White (R – One who wants free tuition for illegals) Shelby County

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Sexualizing K-12. Watch this important video. This is from our friend Alice Linihan in Texas. Notice that a brave Dad testified to the Texas legislature about digital curriculum referring children out to Planned Parenthood curriculum. This is happening in Utah right now. In fact, if you know about the group that advised Utah on its Digital Teaching and Learning law, Common Sense Education, (a Planned Parenthood partner), then you know that digital curriculum can groom children as Planned Parenthood customers. And. It’s not just health curriculum. It’s all subjects.

And here is a reply to this post:

Ho-Lee Crud! I found the Planned Parenthood “Consent” video they’re showing to kids grade 6-9. I can’t tell you how livid I would be to find my child had viewed this. It made ME uncomfortable watching it. If you’d like to view it yourself l, here is the link.

Here is a post from someone on Shannon Joy’s wall about opting out:

I have opted my kids out for years. The school does try to treat them like shit though to be honest.
Make them go to school and sit in one chair basically doing nothing for the days of the testing. If we keep them home they can’t go on a trip that all of the complying children get to go to or assign something so the non compliant have late or missing assignments.

And some more posts from her wall from people:

The testing for the 3rd graders at my sons elementary school is April 2&3.

yes, in Indiana it’s called Iread. My twins tested last week. If they don’t pass, they’re not supposed to go to 4th grade. This ridiculous-ness had all of the third graders frantic that they wouldn’t pass.

Yep! I’ve opted my kids out for the past 3 years and I will never let them take those stupid tests again!

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Ok, I’ll do my yearly advocation. Yonkers public schools, 3rd grade, my daughter became stressed at home, not like her. She said she had to do really well on the test or her teacher would get fired. She was shaking and crying. My kid is the cool cucumber type, not much rattles her. I was alarmed. A little delving and wow was I shocked. She did take 3rd grade assessments as I was not researched enough. Never took another state test…great teachers on board, the repetitive homework ended, straight A’s, secured a private academic high school scholarship, 9th grade now and excelling. Get your kids out of government run schools if you can. Refuse the tests absolutely. There ain’t a damn thing they can do to make you and they can’t hurt your kid.

And another post from this group:

I sat on my school board when the policy was adopted.
(2nd largest independent BOE in NYS)
This is a state issue.
And the state does not recognize a single use bathroom as a solution.
See page 10

Here is a post from a Michigan opt-out page:

This is by no means a statement of consent regarding this hideous mandate. It is a means to know what is to come. The more you know…

And here are the replies to this post:

My daughter is currently in second grade. She reads about a fifth or sixth grade reading level, over 150 words per minute, etc. I have older children who I have always opted out of the MSTEP, but my concern with her is that next year she will run up against this law and if she does not take the MSTEP, we will have issues with her passing third grade. This is the first document I have seen that appears to offer any options other than the MSTEP for proving she can read about the third grade level. What should parents in our situation do next year in addition to refusing the Mstep to ensure that we are not setting our children up to fail third grade? I know if I ask my district, they will tell me that I’m legally not allowed to opt out. They will “allow“ it like they have been doing, but I’m sure they will not provide me any additional information on what additional assessment or portfolio I should demand.

be aware of the 30 day window that you will have to write your recommendation for her not to be held back. From my understanding if you miss that window you miss your opportunity.

I am so sorry. We/The Opt Out Florida Network had to start a group specifically for Third. Such a punitive practice.

And here are some more posts from this page, concerning teachers opting their own kids out of the evil standardized testing:

I never have, only because I fear I may lose my job or become a target.

Because I know it just makes more work for my already overworked counselor. Then it reflects poorly on the school’s AER, which in turn could impact the number of families who enroll their children, which impacts funding, which impacts the quality of education at my children’s school. This is what happens when we give away too much of our power and elect politicians and not representatives.

I opted my kids out, for years. I couldn’t get others to see that if we all did it, we could change the conversation.

I had to refuse the test for my children. Received my first “Minimally effective” evaluation in 17 years and experienced a great deal of work stress. It took a toll on my health and wellbeing.

that’s not ok. What you choose for your own children should not affect your evaluation at work. I’d fight that with my union’s help.

It was several years ago now and unfortunately I did not have the emotional or physical strength to do it at that time. They also reduced my position to 60% and changed my teaching assignment moving me from the building I had been teaching for 14 years. Thankfully, I am in a much better place now and only have one child to refuse the tests for instead of 3.

that is just BS bullying

Agreed. But thankfully I have a new position that I love and am much happier and healthier than I would have been with all of the other changes that have taken place at that building since then. Sadly, most of my colleagues that are still there are counting the days until they can retire; while those that could have already retired.

Not all districts allow opting out – or make it extremely difficult to do so

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Another bill being heard soon. It requires child care providers to be a part of the Parent Aware system, and something called Building Quality (wow!) in order for students to be eligible for early learning scholarships. The regulations just never stop!
A bill for an act
relating to education; modifying early childhood program eligibility; amending
Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 124D.165, subdivision 4.


Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 124D.165, subdivision 4, is amended to read:
Subd. 4. Early childhood program eligibility. (a) In order to be eligible to accept an
early learning scholarship, a program must: (1) participate in the quality rating and
improvement system under section 124D.142; and (2) beginning July 1, 2020, have a three-
or four-star rating in the quality rating and improvement system. All programs that participate
in the Parent Aware rating system, including Building Quality, are eligible to accept early
learning scholarships.
(b) Any program accepting scholarships must use the revenue to supplement and not
supplant federal funding.

(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), all Minnesota early learning foundation scholarship
program pilot sites are eligible to accept an early learning scholarship under this section.

And here are twoo replies to this post:

What is ‘BUILDING AWARE’ that children/parents must enroll?
Do kids get a personal ID#; is this a data tracking thing?

This bill pertains to childcare providers. It is a requirement that the providers (Ie. like the schools) are members of Parent Aware. Took another look. It’s “Building Quality” which might be a statement or actual building code standards. That’s new to me, too! Here’s building standards for Minnesota. What a mess! They’re all locked down, too.

And another post from this group:

Here we go again! SF 855 is about Prenatal care with stated goals of increasing immunization rates. No matter how you may feel on this topic, healthcare is absolutely a part of the HF 1. Half is health and half is education. When it comes to parental rights and local control, the hallmark of MACC’s foundation, we must side with the decision made by parents for their own children and not legislation drafted by the Department of Health.

Here is a post from an anti-early childhood Common Core group:

This came across my feed yesterday.

Worst mistake I ever made was enrolling mine in the pre-k program.

It’s time to abolish government pre-k!

And here are the replies to this post:

I totally agree! We are just reving up the fight against prek in ND… so far this legislative session we have been able to defeat any attempt by the Dept of public instruction to get their hands on our youngest citizens, we are gearing up for a big fight next session in 2021…I am curious why you say prek was the worst thing you did for your child. Can you elaborate on that please? And would you be ok with me sharing your thoughts with other members of my small but mighty group of concerned citizens in ND?

IL has proposed a bill lowering compulsory school age to FIVE (from 6). And on other end, theres a new proposed law for holding kids in til 18.
We are beside ourselves at the stupidity.
It’s a money grab attempt. By the Chicago Brd of Ed. That’s confirmed via the sponsor.
Did I mention that IL is BROKE? Like legit—BROKE?!

The government will take as much as they can. Parents are the only ones in their way. They want 3 year old year-round.

The government gets more influence in your childs upbringing. They want your child away from you as long as possible and in doing so have more adult influence over them. Remember these are the years your child soaks up learning like a sponge. Do you want them influenced by the UN plan or yours?

the most sickening 15 second audio clip you will ever hear-

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Competency Based Education is being pushed by the SC House in their recently passed H. 3759.

Could Competency Based Education be greatest thing since sliced bread? Could it be a disaster? Could it be the silver bullet SC needs to improve our rankings in educational achievement? Could it actually widen the gaps between the haves and have-nots in our counties? Could it make the children who daily struggle to give up on their dreams of being a doctor or lawyer or entrepreneur altogether? Could it be just the ticket to inspire children not to drop out of high school? Could it be the latest boondoggle band wagon that only makes those who want to data mine children rich while using children as guinea pigs?

Let me ask you this question… Who in their right mind would recommend an experimental drug on a child that has not been proven to be in the best interest of that child? Would the FDA approve a drug that has not had proven success? Who wants to approve the use Competency Based Education in k-12 with little to no concern for the possibility that this style of education could actually harm a child or have damaging unintended consequences?

I for one am tired of our teachers having to switch horses in the middle of the stream and take on a new educrat pushed agenda as the next fad in supposedly a quality education. It’s no wonder quality teachers are quitting and no one wants to enter the teaching profession anymore. Teachers are not being allowed to do what they were trained to do…and that is teach! They are being forced to take a back seat and only be facilitators of the educrat legislators” latest boondoggle education reform many of these legislators haven’t ever taught or been in a classroom for more than an hour, as well as many legislators who don’t even have a child of their own who sponsored this bill.

Please educate yourself on the dangers of Competency Based Education and where it will lead us in SC. Call your SC Columbia Senator and tell him this CBE House Bill 3759 is just another costly boondoggle which will not produce the outcomes needed in SC for public schools to improve…and in fact only serves the purpose of making children human capital and cogs in a wheel worker bees.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Are we starting to feel a little less free, Minnesota? Required entry testing by the MDE for kindergarten, lowering the compulsory age, mega data collection an daycare ombudsmen to check high and low on every childcare provider are just a few of the nearly hundred bills for early childhood. Are we all aware that the MN DHS has been bullying childcare providers for years? By bringing regulations upon home-based and small center providers only, the DHS has prodded 30% of daycare providers right out of business. We know some of them! And now the state can come in and legislate lots of money to pay for free everything. What’s happening to those who wanted to strike out and own their own businesses? Sure feels like the state wants to own every piece of Birth to Five!

And another post from this group:

With all the discussion of expanded home visits in Minnesota, an existing program, Help Me Grow (HMG), is already referring parents and children with or without parental consent. Parents do need to be aware of possible referrals when your local school district calls for home visits.

And here are the replies to this post:

I used to get stuff in the mail for this program when my older 2 were under 5, so I know I’m on the radar. I never consented. Is there a way to opt out once they opt you in?

At this point, they’re still “building the machine” for the Baby Common Core, which is what this is. Parents may decline unless we pass a law on home visits.. As you and I know, the regulations continue to pile on during these legislative sessions. How about some REPEALS for all the bad laws already on the books???

I just caught Nelson’s Senate Ed committee and just about over. I should have posted it for everybody. It’s a bill that is going to be passed for Kindergarten Entry testing. Yes!! Test their entry in order to make sure the the little ones are in school for a few years so they’re “ready”. (Relph, Wiger, Eichorn, Nelson) Wiger wants this data in the SLEDS database and included in the World’s Best Workforce “prison”. Nelson and the others love it all!

I found the bill that the poster was talking about:

The commissioner of education must provide a process for measuring the kindergarten readiness
of incoming kindergarteners. Districts must choose from a menu of valid and reliable
measurement instruments provided by the Department of Education that are aligned to the
state early childhood indicators of progress and kindergarten standards that are based on
the Department of Education school readiness study and meet the world’s best workforce
goal of measuring school readiness.

Here is a post from a Florida opt-out page:

OptOut season begins next week. You can find the toolbox here

And here are the replies to this post:

My youngest is being left out of the ice cream party because I won’t let her participate. She was told it was only for the kids who write all the essays.
My oldest got the backing of one of her teachers for making the right decision

What if you’re at a school that tells you “this is not an option for parents”? I followed the instructions to a tee and was told this by the principal. I ended up pulling her out last week to homeschool. Do I have any options? She is really missing her friends but we hate the toxic test climate.

she is wrong if she told you this about the FSA.

My daughter unfortunately is scared to death of administration there. She told me”mom they’re scarier than you”.lol. I instructed her to refuse the test if given and she started crying saying she could never do that. I hate to have to put her in this position that’s why I pulled her out.

it’s a lie. Yes you absolutely have options. What grade and what county ?

5th and Brevard county

I am so sorry for the stress your child was under. I am a retired teacher (5th was my favorite grade) from Duval. Students absolutely can opt out/refuse the FSA. My own grandchildren have as well as students in my class. FSA is not used for promotion in 5th so the only repercussions would possibly be refusing a remedial class in 6th and/or fighting for an advanced placement if desired.

The problem is in the act of refusing the test. She is a good kid and an immense rule follower. I’ve tried to pump her up and we’ve all talked to her that we support her and ultimately it us she needs to answer to, but she is so scared of administration at the school for some reason that she crumbles and cries when I bring it up. I could keep her out on test days but they will continue to pull her and she said when they pull kids they need to take test in the principal’s office, she’s petrified of this. I personally do not like the administration at our school, they both came in 2 years ago and the tone has changed. the principal is very abrasive..I can see her intimidation. She intimidates me. There were other issues at the school but this was one of our biggest.

I’m here in Lake county and no FSA no remedial classes and placed in advanced classes based off her grades because there was ZERO testing info. It was hard fought but can be done!

Even this compromise wasn’t enough for the Transtapo so they are suing this Minnesota school district for “not doing enough” for a boy that wanted to be on the girls’s swim team:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:


THIS IS A TERRIBLE BILL! Please email the Committee Mananger Betty Kaminsky at:
and let her know you oppose this bill!
My comments at the hearing,

start at the 2:30:26 mark and go for two minutes.
You can see Janine Hanson’s comments starting at the 2:27:53 mark.
It’s important to note that none of the legislators including the primary bill sponsor responded to our comments.
My comments:
We at Protect Nevada Children are against SB319 as written for three reasons:
1) Everything noted in sections three, four, and five of this bill is done without parental consent!
2) Nothing in the bill addresses how the psychological and “mental” data will be stored and by whom, who will have access to it, how it will be used, and if it will ever be deleted.
3) It appears parents are not notified of how the psychological and mental data on their child will be stored, analyzed, and possibly shared, and how this data may affect the future of their children.

Quick Story:
In the spring of 2016, without parental consent, Washoe County School District (WCSD) gave a psychological assessment, the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) to all students in at least four schools (attached). At the September 12th 2017 WCSD board meeting at least 11 of us spoke up and asked and asked why the District gave a psychological assessment to students without parental consent. At the end of the meeting Superintendent Davis said the District would not be using the DESSA for the 2017-18 school year. We do not know if the DESSA has been used since then or not. We know a third party, Aperture Education, has psychological data on all the children in at least four WCSD schools, but parents have not been informed. We do not know how that data will be used, who it may be shared with, if it will ever be deleted, and how it may affect the future of the students in these four schools.

One of our board members Don Gallimore who is an officer of the Washoe County NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) asked me to tell you: “These psychological and mental assessments will likely more negatively affect minority students.”

And another post from this group:

SB320 –

See – Section 1, Sub-section 1 of the bill
MY CONCERN IS THAT THIS BILL WOULD REQUIRE STUDENTS TO TAKE THE SBAC PRIOR TO BEING PLACED IN ADVANCED CLASSES. Currently the SBAC is not required for anything, and it’s a waste of 10 hours of class time.
If you are concerned SB320 will force students to take the SBAC prior to being placed in advanced classes and don’t agree with this, email Betty Kaminski Committee Manager, Senate Committee on Education at:
Video of the hearing 3/27/19
Listen to the discussion from
1:34:40 to 1:37:30
Between Meredith Smith, Senator Pickard, Senator Denis, and Senator Dondaro-Loop
Especially listen from 1:35:50 to 1:37:12 as Senator Dondaro-Loop makes it sounds like criterion-referenced exams like the SBAC would then be required for placement.
Listen to my comments and Senator Hammond’s response from
1:47:50 to 1:52:18
What do you think?

And some replies to this post:

They already tell the students this

But at the moment it’s a lie, I think if this bill becomes law it will no longer be a lie.

Happened to us! Said no honors math, but then she was advanced through anyway.

They are already doing this in Charter schools. They are taking away electives and putting kids in “boost” classes for either opting out of testing or not doing well on testing. They are building the kids schedules based on SBAC and MAP scores alone and not what their ACTUAL grade in that class is!!!!

Here is a post that somebody posted on the wall of Michael Farris:

I’m taking a basic business law class for my accounting degree and the authors of my textbook don’t seem to understand that the US is a Republic, not a democracy. In the chapter on the Constitution the authors write something like, “many people believe the electoral college is undemocratic.” When I read that I thought, “well yeah, because we aren’t a democracy. It’s intentionally undemocratic.” When college level courses are teaching that kind of ignorance, is it any wonder this is happening?

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

STEM is code for Climate Change & Sustainability Science Curriculums. Just an FYI ——>

And here are the replies to this post:

I have been saying for many years, the emphasis on STEM is a de-emphasis of literature. That removes culture from our children. They don’t understand the human condition, the process of growing in knowledge. the struggle that is necessary for maturity. They don’t understand history, personal and national or global. They have no ability to think critically and apply learning. Reading a paragraph or excerpt of great literature does not allow understanding of why. Common Core was planned and constructed to do this.

yes, and STEM was a UN influenced marketing tool the National Science Foundation coined to deceive the citizens. The goal was never Common Core, it was STEM. A report given to President O, stated STEM was to roll out near the same thing me so no one would notice. In that report, STEM education for a STEM citizenery with STEM jobs in a STEM nation with a STEM economy. All for the greater global good.

Last year my 5th grader was told we are going to run out of fossil fuels by 2030 and that I should ‘stop watching fox news’.
I home correct the science teachers lessons and my daughter isn’t afraid to tell the teacher.
This year my daughter did the ‘my dad says’ again.
The teacher said their is scientific facts and being political about it. I’m going to teach you facts , your dad is being political.

I’m fine with the concept but not when it robs form.the arts. Music, literature, cursive writing are all important areas of study to develop critical thought. Schools are designed to create factory workers. Fortune 500 executives note that finding job applicants capable of expressing a cohesive written thought is difficult, even among college grads. Interestingly shop has been moved onto the STEM category.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

[name redacated]

called our office nearly in tears after her recently saved seven-year old daughter was angrily told by a teacher to stop praying before her lunch. Our attorneys were able to assure [name redacted] that this teacher was flat wrong – her daughter had every right to quietly pray before eating lunch.

The Department of Education has issued express guidelines stating that “students…may say grace before meals…to the same extent that they may engage in comparable non-disruptive activities.” Call our office with your story so that we may help you as well.

And another post from this page:

Please pray for our attorneys helping a pastor in Washington as he counsels a church family whose public school children are being forced to use gender neutral terms in the classroom.

And another post from this page:

Does your local public school allow fliers for student distribution? If they decide to allow fliers from outside organizations, the public school absolutely cannot refuse fliers solely because of their religious nature. Call our office to speak with an attorney about your specific situation.

Found this shared in an anti-Agenda 2030 group:

In Indiana today. What Propoganda looks like in Public Education.
The danger of these electronic tests or curriculum…is a good US history or civics teacher would not have tolerated this tripe:

More indoctrination on digital curriculum. Teachers do not have time to go through all the slides…so garbage questions that are subjective with politcal messages slip through.

“This is my daughter’s online Homework given to her by her school. I am appalled at this political “Question” she is being asked and when she gives her answer she was marked WRONG. THIS IS A OPINIONATED QUESTION THAT CLEARLY ONLY IF A DEMOCRATIC ANSWER TO THIS CLAIM WAS GIVEN WOULD MY CHILD HAVE BEEN CORRECT. I am disgusted that her Middle School would be involved in such discriminatory and unethical behavior. Both are claims and are Opinions.

The question “Claim” being called here in a nut shell was : Should the Electoral College be abolished?
Her Answer: No. She apparently chose the wrong one.
RESULT:Incorrect, it should be abolished.”


Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic group:

Apparently (in Grand Blanc Michigan) they are teaching children about the negative affects of the “anti vaxxer movement”
I for one am PISSED!


Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota Act Early! Get your free growth charts with developmental milestones. Sounds like a good thing, right? Think again! Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system will have your child (and family) referred if your child doesn’t line up with their developmental charts. Remember, your doctor or childcare provider needs no parental consent. (Scroll down to read the Help Me Grow article.) This will kick off years of home visits. Did you know Dakota County is building a prenatal to 8 yr database? They’re going to collect developmental milestones on babies and toddlers and everything they find from your expectant mom months. Wow! Sounds like they’re interested in home visiting. The director of the Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association stated they are collecting “massive amounts of data”. And now we have Minnesota Act Early! Let the marketing begin!!!

And another post from this group:

UPDATE on the Welcome to Washington Baby Bill we reported on a few weeks back. Just to make it perfectly clear that there’s more than one way to push an agenda the government (and their foundation/non-profit friends) have. The WA state bill for Universal Home Visits stalled a few weeks back. However, Piece County (Tacoma, WA) just passed a resolution and ordinance for universal home visits birth to 3 for all their county residents! Take away: Watch your counties, Minnesota! We are on the very same path as Washington. We have news that Dakota county is building a prenatal to 8 yrs old database. It all ties in together! Will have more out on this shortly. So, if you don’t like House File 1 and all the Senate portions that were passed, then also watch your counties and city councils. btw: The “national organization” referred to below is Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system already in Minnesota who can refer children and families without parental consent. There’s got to be a LOT of money being spread around. Keep you eyes and ears open!

From Karen Larsen, WA Activist:
Quick Update on the vote before the Pierce Co Council last night.

Resolution 2019-6 – Passed
Ordinance 2019-15 – Passed

Amendments were added, mostly changing the language.

A few major changes were:

  • the shift in language from “Prenatal”, to “Birth”
  • the change of the Commission, to an Advisory Board
  • members of the board will serve until a sunset date of Dec 31, 2021

With the passage of these, Pierce county has made a commitment and officially agreed to partner with a national organization on Birth to 5 policies.

In my testimony last week, I brought up the concerns of the loss of local control. I’ve watched the erosion of this the last 6 years.
The majority of our council, who represent the citizens of Pierce County, decided that corporate organizations and philanthropists have more power and say than we do.

I’d be willing to estimate that 99% of private citizens here in Pierce Co opposed these. I sat in 2 public hearings, and have read the comments that have been publicly submitted online.

Resolution — 38 pages of public comment, only in 4 support, all the rest opposed.

Ordinance — 43 pages of public comment, only 4 in support, all the rest opposed.

What does this tell you?

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

I find it hard to believe that the # students opting out this year has changed so drastically. IF the numbers are correct, my district went from about 40% last yearto 21% today.??

And here are some replies to this post:

In our school, my kids said that only 10 kids opted out, down from about 20 the previous year ???????

My son was the only 1 from his class and about 20 kids for all the grades and classes of testing age ??

Only 1 (out of 16) in my son’s 8th grade class TOOK the test…hearing numbers in our district are up. Very supportive superintendent and school board.

did you see the big push from our administration? It was relentless propaganda and testing details were sugarcoated data snowflakes. Parents ate it right up! It’s a done deal, 6+ years mainlined right to the children at the hand of BOEs, administration, teachers and parents who are to willing to trust their schools. ??????

My daughter said there is hardly anyone in her school. We are talking 6th, 7th and 8th less then 20 kids total!

Out of 56 I believe in my daughters grade there were only 13 who took the test.

Our school bribed kids with a fun day afterwards.

for all kids or just the ones that took the test?

Just those who took the test.
Dodgeball, scooter races, a DJ was in the gym at the middle school

That is INSANE!

that’s really sad. My sons school kind of did the opposite.
They sent home a blank opt out form, and made it known they would have other activities available during testing “student-focused, emotionally supportive activity”..
Doesnt sound like they’ll be taking alternate tests, or kept from a private party, that’s for sure.
I understand the need for funds, I really do. But I just wonder how people who choose to educate can find any value in these exams? And for those who recognize the flaws to still push the kids to take them? Even resort to bullying (because that is what I am reading about-straight up bullying coming from the same people trusted to educate these children) how do they sleep at night?
Especially when in reality it is OUR choice as parents, not the minor child.
They won’t let kids hand out birthday invites in class, because they’re worried about kids being excluded, or feeling left out.. but it’s okay for them to knowingly, purposefully exclude children from events due to thier parents choice?? Ohhh… I would be LIVID if my sons school did that. I’d make damon sure to help my son crash that party.
But I’m a b***h like that ??

Our district made calls to get kids to test because they are rating low and losing funds & “in need” from kids opting out

they do not lose funds under ESSA, but are required to spend more funds to encourage students to take the tests.

Our schools went on a watch list for low scores as a result of many kids opting out is my understanding. Now, yes they are using funds to “encourage” all kids to take them

My daughter was the only one in her class that opted out. The principal called me and practically begged me to reconsider. My daughter has very good grades, which means very good scores! ?? I said no thank you we opt out. Even though she missed out of the pizza party she understood and was ok with it.

Only 10 out of a class of 42.
People I talk to believe the propaganda that says its not common core anymore or its good for them to practice taking tests.

t’s a lot of us parents who had kids starting k and in early elem. school. Our kids are now in middle school. Parents today have never known anything different. They missed the uproar, the passion in the beginning, etc. it’s not that they are being bullied and beaten down necessarily, they just don’t know any better or understand.

Administration is fighting back. We received a call and a meeting was set st all the school with the head of the Boardnof Ed claiming if students keep opting out then the school will miss out on much needed funding. Idk. I think thst might have done it
Hide or report this

I was speaking with a lady at work today and she was u see the assumption that the state tests weren’t allowed to be opted out of as that’s what the school has always told her and she never questioned it. Her children are in 3rd and 5th and have horrible test anxiety. I gave her some information and two refusal letters.

I just had a conversation with a parent whose son was stressed out because of the test and then the “glitches” yesterday escalated his stress. When I suggested she opt him out, she told me that he used to opt out and hated the way they (the opt out kids) were treated so he’d rather just take the test.

There is little to no homework anymore and not much gets sent home, so parents have no idea how bad common core is.

I asked a friend of mnine if the home visits for vacciniation that I found in this Healthy People 2020 document were tied ot the home vistis we were seeing for Medicaid and “early childhood” popping up across the country

I received the following reply:

I have no doubt. The proof is over in the agency documents. Read the Preschool Development Block Grant. Everything in those grants are universal.

Help Me Grow is slated as “targeted universalism”. Yes to your link. This is directly laid out in Health People 2020 a branch of the federal Dept of Health.

The latest iteration of the home visit portion of our HF 1 was amended to “home visits for health equity”


Some say that CPS is meant to protect children. Others accuse it of having it in for Christian families, especially homeschoolers. Still others have accused it of being used for sex trafficking. I’ve decided to find out the truth.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 23

This is part 23.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Student perspective of identity politics; “During my last year in high school, all seniors were required to write a speech about the topic of their choice and present this speech to the student body and faculty. My essay, titled “Division”, dealt with how identity politics ruined the last few years at the high school that I attended. It was summarized well here.

In the weeks following the presentation of my speech, I remember being asked what led me to choose the topic, a topic of which could very likely lead to ridicule and even hostility from those listening. What defining moments compelled me to challenge the way in which I was being taught? Also, did I receive any backlash from my essay?”

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

I am reaching out to this group because I don’t know who else to ask.
My child is experiencing A lot of political indoctrination.
For example last week is social studies teacher in 7th grade said that she could not get through the state of the Union it was making her sick watching that monster talk about destroying the country.
Another example would be several months ago he came home with a list of what the republicans and the democrats stand for and it was extremely biased over simplified and put together in a way to leave a child with only one outcome.
I looked on the washer county school district website for somewhere to file a complaint and I could not Find anything like that.
We would like to just remove him in put in in a Christian school but we cannot afford to do that.
We want to have a way to hold these people accountable.
Does anybody know where to start or who we could talk to?

And here are the replies to this post:

I would suggest talking to or having your child talk to their counselor. They can switch classes. My son goes to Depoali and he had a Social Studies sub one day who told the class that Pearl Harbor wasn’t such a big deal because other countries were at war, it’s just that the United States is greedy. ?? This person is also a professor at UNR.

Up until this school he has been extremely fortunate with the staff that he has had around him when he was at Jesse Hall or deidrichson or Alice Smith
Those schools all have fantastic teachers counselors principals everything.
I had no idea what any of their political views were at neither did my child they were only there to support and educate him so I am not bashing the schools at all as much trouble as I have with some of the things that go on I feel those people of done an extraordinary job. This particular school though I have an enormous amount of issues with the entire Crew from counseller to Principal or vice principal some of them are more capable and intrested than others but I believe when you have this much dysfunction in one staff it tends to be like a cancer.
So we are done talking to these people.

One of my grandfathers was present for pearl Harbor. My father Was born on a military base because of this attack his father was not present.

our experience has been the same. All the other schools that all of our boys have gone to have been wonderful. Depoali has been not good. This is not the only instance, but there’s also been safety concerns and the principal called me to personally grill me when I opted my son out of the SBAC last year after the previous year was a disaster. No one should know a teacher’s political leanings. My family had people involved with WWII as well, and my two oldest sons are currently active duty. We don’t appreciate these unprofessional jerks trashing the USA to their classes.

We should be naming these teachers.

if you are really interested in a Christian school, but can’t afford it. Look at the Nevada Opportunity Scholarship Program. This program is specifically for students who attend private schools and who qualify based on income. Good luck

Same thing at my daughters high school and if you tell the administrators they just roll their eyes at you

My kids do k12 so while it is public school curriculum I control their lessons. I make changes when needed. However, i am so fearful for next year. My kids both want to go back to brick and mortar schools. My daughter is waiting to see if she was accepted into LVA and my son has applied to a technology school. But my son is going into 10th grade and there will most likely be no spots for him. So he may end up in our zoned highschool. Both kids are well aware of teacher bias at many schools. If I hear of it I will complain . If nothing is done unfortunately I will bring them back home. No one will attempt to brainwash my children. Especially into disrespecting our president or our country.

I like listening to this guy’s channel, he really opened up my mind about the indoctrination that’s going on.

You can file a complaint with this form – just web search form CCSD CCF-660 , they have 10days to respond. You can also call Compliance & Monitoring but the form will get more action because it’s seen by the school board.

My stepson gets the same thing from Green Valley HS in Vegas. It’s terrible!

The fact that they can’t get through a lesson unbiased means they SHOULD NOT BE A TEACHER! RIDICULOUS!!! Ccsd Ed shed on flamingo and Pecos I think? You can go in there and ask where to go to file a complaint. Teachers are hired from there. Go straight to the source

Safevoice. It is an app that can be used to file a complaint it goes to principal and his boss. But your child will be better for having that teacher. He us learning to identify bullshit.

You need to check out Leadership Academy of Nevada (for a new school that is). Fabulous online classes with classical based curriculum that teaches morals and high quality education. See the new website (some of it is still being built out).

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Is anyone familiar with Melissa Ballard? She responded to my letter to the representatives asking them to not support the initiative for appointed rather than elected state school board members and she sounds very hostile to those who want elected representation. I am curious what impression she has made on any of you who may know her.

And here are the replies to this post:

Ms. Ballard is the sponsor of the bill to change from elected school board to appointed.

Well that explains why she did not like my letter.

she sounded condescending in the hearing too saying something about everyone testifying being self-appointed experts. I find that so ironic. Getting elected doesn’t suddenly make one an expert either, least of all on the subject of ending elections. Isn’t that the whole premise of self-government? That we don’t turn our lives over to supposed “experts” but get to make the majority of decisions for ourselves? I hope I misread that condescension and she was just sensitive to the rejection of her bill.

She had that same attitude with me.

“My vision…” says it all.

This attitude of condescension speaks of a meta message sent by these so-called philanthropic representatives. We’ve strayed so far from the true purpose and role of government in the people’s lives, they actually think their job is to manage. They’ve completely forgotten the role of government is to PROTECT. RIGHTS. I don’t need the government to manage my life, liberty, or property – I need them to PROTECT it. And my-oh-my, have they lost sight of that. 😦

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I have the contracts for the EdTech that our Orange County Public Schools are using. They include Character Lab, College Board, Curriculum Assoc., Khan Academy and Naviance. I think I need some advice on what “red flags” I should be looking for. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

And here are the replies to this post:

Look for Jumprope or PowerSchool

read their privacy agreements

Here is another post from this group:

New to the group, is there anything wrong with proficiency based teaching?
I am currently teaching Spanish and our county is big into proficiency based foreign language instruction. They’ve presented lots of positives but what’s the bigger picture?

And here are the replies to this post:

Thanks for asking. So, it is important to understand the broader context of proficiency-mastery-outcomes based education. The goal, ultimately, is no neighborhood schools and few teachers. There will be “learning ecosystems” where students learn “anywhere” on devices or via community based “projects” that capture information on their competencies that are uploaded to learning lockers. I know it sounds implausible, but that is what they’ve been working on for several decades and support for it is bipartisan. Knowledgeworks and Global Education Futures Forum (Tom Vander Ark, a Gates guy) have been shepherding it through. Here’s a place to start:

The idea is that competencies will be kind of check box items and will not only include academic knowledge, but behavioral competencies as well. These check boxes will equate to “badges” or codes that will be contain in the Learning Record Stores being set up by IMS Global et al.

Increasingly this data will be pulled not only from screen-based learning platforms, but from Internet of Things tech, immersive and wearable tech capturing skills training for say work-based learning-advanced manufacturing, etc. All of this tech comes out of Defense Department research dating back to the mid 1990s and the creation of the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative, which has outposts in Alexandra, Madison, Nashville, and Orlando

Just so you don’t think you’ve fallen into the rabbit hole, this is actually happening. NH just pushed for a Learn Everywhere program that is just that.

Who are the beneficiaries of proficiency based curriculum?
Has there been an extensive study done on the effectiveness of proficiency based curriculum

There is no one “proficiency” based curriculum. It is a free for all. The premise is that there will be no school or certified teachers. The beneficiaries are 1) tech and cloud computing companies 2) private investors in pay for success deals tied to badge acquisition 3) general social control through online platform data collection. Also corporations are able to engineer a workforce to their changing specifications for the 4th industrial revolution to ensure the lowest cost/wages.

Don’t confuse proficiency as it refers to world languages with the proficiency based teaching fad. They mean different things. Also, how in the world does one create “tasks” one is to be proficient in while becoming bilingual? Do you dissect everything into little pieces: a) can say hello, b) can say their name, etc. So how do they gain fluency or literacy then?

Side note: it’s like ACTFL can do statements on steroids. Those are meant to guide kids and show them the purpose of a lesson not become the end goal. I’m sure you know all this, I’m only brainstorming what you might want to point out to your evaluator. It may “work” for math, but not for a second language.

Thank you for the clarification, I wasn’t quite understanding the connection between the two proficiency models.
How effective has the world language based proficiency model work for v you?

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

SB83 will be in the House Health & Human Services Committee TOMORROW at 2 PM. This bill flew through the Senate without a single no vote, so it has to be stopped in the House!

Committee info/e-mails:;;;;;;;;;

Here’s more info on it, if it helps:

And here is a post from a page in Utah:

SB83 Partnerships for Healthy Communities sets up public/private partnerships between the Dept of Health, “community based organizations” (United Way), & others (lines 54-64), that will put together a plan to improve the health & education “outcomes” of 0-6 year olds. Communities will create these partnerships & apply to receive a grant from the state to help implement their plan for their “shared goals & outcomes” for these children (line 98-103).

As part of this plan, participating communities will gather & share data among the various partners & with an Independent Evaluator who will “assess the impact of a partnership on early childhood health outcomes” (line 125-135).

The data that will be used to “measure” outcomes of babies & toddlers & will be “reported” to the Governor’s Early Childhood Commission. That data includes the following (line 108-123):

-How many premature births?
-How frequently did children under age 6 have well-child doctor visits?
-How often were health screenings (hearing/vision) conducted for children under age 6?
-What were the results of the social/emotional screening tool given by the child’s caregiver?
-How many children under the age of 6 are covered by a public or private health insurance plan?
-How many times did children under the age of 6 visit the emergency room?
-How many in the community adhere to the state-approved immunization schedule?
-Are children in this community kindergarten ready?

Here is a post from a Florida opt-out page:

Urgent action needed. (Please read entire post.)

Last week HB401: Mastery Based Education sailed through the House Innovation Committee.

The bill renames the CBE pilot, Mastery Based Education.

If you watch the video, you will see representatives from PK Yonge explain how such instruction must be technology based. They see it as the education of the future and want to help “transform” education to this tech focused personalized learning.

Here is the current annual report for the CBE Pilot that the bill is planning to expand, allowing all 67 districts to participate, despite no data showing it is effective. Please note page 4 where Palm Beach County uses iReady to accelerate Math as part of the pilot.

Next stop is House Education Appropriations
Senate Companion Bill is SB226

Find your Florida House and Senate reps and tell them your student deserves an education without surveillance, data mining and tracking.

And another post from this page:

“By hiding voucher funding in the FEFP, ever increasing voucher funding could lead to “record public education spending” while literally defunding traditional public schools. Tax payers may barely recognize they are funding the demise of public education which, it appears, is the plan.”

And yet another post from this page:

Ed Reformers have been “fixing” our schools for the past 20 years. They want to “fix” them some more.
They call the new plan, “Charting a Course for Florida to be #1 in the nation in Workforce Education by 2030”

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Why are some of the wealthiest Republican men with Dallas edtech companies endorsing Eric Johnson? Forrest Hoglund is behind Reasoning Mind (recently acquired by Imagine Learning) which has a big contract with TEA and DISD. Richard Collins is behind Istation which also has a huge contract with TEA. Peter Beck is on the Commit Leadership Board and the Commit Early Matters Dallas Board. Doug Deason serves on the TPPF board. TPPF promotes the privatization of public education. What do they think Eric can do for public education and the advancement of edtech? Istation’s Collins and Fisher held a huge fundraiser for Congressman Van Taylor. Remember my issue with Van Taylor was when he passed a bill with Morath and Reasoning Mind to allow social impact bonds (SIBs) for investors to turn a profit on kids’ math scores. I wrote about it here:

If Eric becomes mayor will he carry the torch of Mike Rawlings and the privatization efforts? Who will Eric’s education advisor be?

“My third thought is that all those folks who signed that letter are Republicans, while Johnson is definitely not a Republican. It’s one thing if you’re Mike Ablon. Does he lean Republican? I don’t know. He’s a developer. His parents live in Lake Highlands. So probably. But who knows? Johnson, on the other hand, has served as a Democrat for a decade, doing all sorts of very Democratic stuff, including but not limited to serving on the Democratic National Committee. So it’s really refreshing that these wealthy Republicans can ignore their party differences and give their money to Johnson.”

And another post from her:

Remember when I wrote about Commit’s parent organization and asked the school board if we were sharing private student data with them under our Data Sharing Agreement?

“Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer knows the plan. His wife Connie serves on Strive’s board, and his investment firm just put $59 million into Social Solutions, a software platform to track performance measures in social service delivery. They’ve also directed $50 million into Blue Meridian Partners, a “results-oriented” philanthropy focused on children and youth. Wink, wink, Ballmer’s not just in it “for the kids;” he’s in it for the kids’ data.

Watch Ballmer’s speech from a 2017 Dallas County Education Investors meeting in here.

Strive’s influence extends to early childhood, early literacy, and community school programs in nearly seventy communities that touch 13 million children. Click here to see the list of participants: urban and suburban, affluent and poor spread across every corner of the United States. Those funding home visit programs, the foot in the proverbial “cradle to career” door, are the very ones behind the tech takeover of public schools and the development of global impact investment markets.”

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Pleasure above consequences!!

This org is actually encouraging a ‘pleasure-focused’ sex education because apparently sex education should be all about instant gratification and not all about those pesky STDs, emotional effects, or THE POSSIBILITY OF CREATING A NEW LIFE.

Good job. ??????

Here is a post that I found online on FB:

Interesting isn’t it? GENDER INDOCTRINATION IS BEING FORCED IN OREGON SCHOOLS NOW, too! ODE has told districts they have to implement the new Standards which includes Gender Identity teaching BEGINNING IN KINDERGARTEN!
“The California Department of Education is asking parents to review its proposed K-12 health curriculum framework, which seeks to radically transform the way public school students think about gender and sexuality. This written set of goals and objectives, revamped in light of the state’s new LGBT affirming sex education law (the Healthy Youth Act), will guide curriculum development over the next decade. Yet children of Christian and other conservative minded parents will find many of the new health lessons in conflict with the values taught at home.”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

ACTION ALERT: SB10 is a RedFlagLaw and ALL 31 Senators have signed on as authors of this very DANGEROUS!

Please contact Texas Senator and House members and say…Oppose SB 10 it is a RedFlagLaw in Disguise.
This is a backdoor threat to 7 of the 10 Bill of Rights. 1st, 2nd 4th, 5th,6th, 9th and 10th. Look them up to refresh your memory.

Please note: If you read the bill (SB10 or SB63) it states on page one… “Community mental health provider means an entity that provides mental health care services at a local level. The term includes community centers established under Subchapter A, Chapter 534.”

If you read Chapter 534’s definition of a community center, it specifically states “school district”
Your School District will (actually it already is) aid in the expansion and delivery of mental health care by way of providing lab rats (children) for psychiatric training for pediatricians & primary care providers.

The following is an excerpt from a letter address to President Trump describing “The Medicalization of Our Schools”. But, ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS NEED TO KNOW THIS…

“A view from the classroom of today would astound onlookers that mental health and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions have replaced academics. With these wrap-around mental health services and interventions into personalities, values, beliefs, and dispositions at school, teachers are expected and forced to monitor and collect personal behavioral data on our children that has nothing to do with education. Data is collected, logged into state longitudinal data systems, shared, and ultimately, exposes our children to ‘surveillance capitalism.’ This personal data is freely given and used by outside contractors, foundations, and businesses to create software, curricula, activities, and programs that delve into changing the personal qualities of children and their families according to a government set of objectives. Schools represent a “captive audience” and as such, prime targets for social policy change.”

Please click below to sign this letter and join parents across America saying… NotMyChild

Kudos to this parent for kicking the butt of those pushing the radical gay/trans agenda in a California school and even managing to scare off a radical school board member from seeking reelection. This is how we fight back from the local level:

Here are some posts from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My oldest child was called out by the teacher in front of the whole class because she wasn’t taking the test, because she was opted out. The teacher pointed at her and said you should be taking this test, why did he want her to take it because she is a great student but then he points to another child and says, “I don’t care if he takes it, but you should be.”
My middle school student was opted out and when she told the teacher she was, he said this, “this one doesn’t even count just take it for practice.” He was telling her To go against what her parents had said. Then when they were taken to the library to take the test, my child then told them again that she was opted out and she asked to call me, her mom and she was told no. Needless to say I was angry.

I have opted my 3 children out of the state mandated tests SAGE and now RISE and ASPIRE since they first were put into effect for a variety of reasons. Initially, it was a nightmare! I had an elementary school principal try to tell me that I couldn’t opt my children out and that if I took them out of school during the tests they would just have to make them up. I had to show her the Utah code and then also the teachers so they could understand the law. Then at this same school, my children were denied the incentive given to the other students. Oh, how to explain to young elementary age children that it’s not their fault, nor their parents but an out of hand government that would pit teachers and administrators against parents and students exercising their God given rights. Eventually things at the elementary school got better. My children were able to read while the other students were testing and they were respected. Meanwhile at the junior high where my oldest son was attending, it was by far the best interaction of understanding and respecting my parental rights to opt my son out. I give that credit to the amazing principal at the time. By the time my oldest reached high school, the nightmare was back! I had teachers that tried to use the SAGE test score in place of taking the final in class. When, I pointed out that they could not do that, my son was blamed, in front of the class, for everyone in the class having to take the final. Additionally, I had to show the principal and teachers the Utah code and explain it to them. All they knew was how to bully and manipulate. It has taken a number of years for these administrators and teachers to back off and let parents choose for their children what they will and won’t do when it comes to testing. If this “INCENTIVE” bill is passed it will become a nightmare again. Standardized testing is a huge waste of time and a huge waste of money! Putting it on a pedestal and incentivizing it is a disservice to teachers, students, and parents.

I sent the following to my state rep and senator: Senator Anderegg-
I wanted to express why I am opposed to HB 118. I am the mother of 4 children. I choose to opt my children out of SAGE/RISE. Let me explain why.
When my oldest child was in 9th grade, it was the first year that students took SAGE. I had my doubts about the test, but had her take it anyway. At around the same time, she took the ACCUPLACER to test into an early college high school. She is a kid who always does her best and I have no doubt she put her best efforts into both tests. When we received the results from both tests back, I was shocked. My daughter scored so high on the ACCUPLACER that she was able to test out of all of her remaining high school math classes and immediately start a college algebra class her sophomore year. She excelled in this area and has received As in all of her college math classes. But her SAGE test scores showed that she was only “approaching proficiency.” We knew then that the SAGE test was seriously flawed and have chosen not to have our children participate.
Even more disturbing than the flawed test results was the attitude within schools regarding SAGE. Teachers put more emphasis on the SAGE than they did on the ACT, even though the ACT impacts their ability to get into college while SAGE does not. When my youngest started 3rd grade, she was so excited for that year! She came home from the second day of school and stated that her teacher said they had to work hard that year so that they could do well on the SAGE. It was sad to me that this teacher’s view was that the whole point of learning was to do well on a test. And I believe it was a poor message to send to a child. I have a child who has many learning disabilities and also has poor working memory. He will never do well on a standardized test due to this. But that does not mean he should stop learning or trying.
I guess my greatest concern is how this change will impact our children. Even though it has been illegal to reward or punish children for taking the SAGE, we have encountered a lot of pushback, from several schools when we have tried to do so. My elementary aged child was sent to the principal’s office for the day when he was opted out. My fiercely introverted child was told that if she did not take the SAGE, she would have to get up in front of the entire class and give a speech. I was told by one teacher that my children would be denied access to honors or advanced classes if they did not take the SAGE because they would not be able to prove they were “proficient.” Another child was forced to take the SAGE when a clerical error occurred and when my child stated that he was opted out, the teacher refused to listen or contact the office for clarification.
I don’t blame the teachers. With school grading and teachers concerned about how SAGE could impact their performance reviews (I know this is not legal, but some teachers still fear it), there is a huge amount of pressure on them to bring up scores and Student Growth Percentile. The unfortunate reality is that pressure is passed down to students.
So, if I opt out, why do I care if an academic incentive is given to students who do take the test? Because even when my children were legally protected from being punished, they weren’t. Any incentive for test taking will inevitably cause serious issues for children who opt out. I have heard the argument that children should be able to use their SAGE/RISE test score to get out of taking a final since they have already proved their proficiency. But SAGE/RISE is now only offered for grades 3-8. Why are we pressuring 8-year-olds to take a test? For 7th and 8th graders, some teachers do offer finals, but in my experience, most do not. The students who would benefit the most from something like this would be high schoolers, but they do not even take SAGE/RISE.
I would also remind you that Utah code states that parents are primarily responsible for educating their child while the state plays a secondary and supportive role. Please do not pit teachers and parents against each other by passing HB 118.

All 3 of my kids have been left of of various “incentives” even though it was against law. My high school boys have had teachers try to bribe them into taking it by offering to skip the final at the end of the year. My elementary school-age daughter has had teachers give out candy and other treats and had to sit out of parties that rewarded student who took the tests. All of which was illegal but happened anyway. Tell me this isn’t punishing them for opting out?

All of my children are different and taking the tests or opting out has been on an individual basis. I have a child with a lot of test anxiety and she is already taking assessment tests so the teachers knows how she is in reading, writing and math. The sage testing and state tests are just more tests and they are completely unnecessary. She has an IEP to help with accommodation for her learning already. She does not need to be singled out and made to feel humiliated and stupid because she opts out of another test. I feel that my other kids would do just fine taking the Sage/Rise tests but we choose to opt out because these test wastes so much time in the years curriculum and really need to be changed. My kids sit and read while their classmates take the tests and my kids still are top of the class with or without these wasteful time sucking tests. They don’t tell the teachers anything they don’t already know.

My son was only in 4th grade when these test started, he was pressured to take the test or go to the principal office. Him and his friend stood up and went to the principal office. I taught my children if they are opt out, they don’t need to be afraid to speak up. Now, my daughter is in 6th and the teacher is preparing the kids to have the sage test now call RiSe. I talked to this teacher in PTC and I was very clear about my daughter is opt out. This new teacher told my daughter to take it anyway (practice the test for the real Rise) I had to go to the office printed another opt out (rise ) and made a copy and send it to the teacher with a note. I think teachers spent more time to train the kids how to make the kids ready for a test instead of teaching them learning things. We the parents have more rights to teach our kids than the government, not because you pass a bill make it right, like other states like NY or NJ approving to abort babies even at 40 weeks. You guys probably don’t have kids at the school. Every teacher knows who has support at home, I have kids in honor roll, gpa 4.0 and I don’t believe a Rise/AsPire test will tell me that my kids are not doing good. Teachers don’t need so much test, you can’t imagine how much pressure you are putting in the youth with weekly test, and more chapter test, final test and then SaGe/ Rise. Arise tests, and after that parents can’t even see the test. My husband and I are engineers. Did you see the statistics of the last 8 years in home schools? Think carefully what are you guys doing, the new milenios have less knowledge of history, economics, etc. Instead of paying the teachers more in their salaries you guys are spending money in people to make more test. God bless you all

I have opted my 3 children out of the state mandated tests SAGE and now RISE and ASPIRE since they first were put into effect for a variety of reasons. Initially, it was a nightmare! I had an elementary school principal try to tell me that I couldn’t opt my children out and that if I took them out of school during the tests they would just have to make them up. I had to show her the Utah code and then also the teachers so they could understand the law. Then at this same school, my children were denied the incentive given to the other students. Oh, how to explain to young elementary age children that it’s not their fault, nor their parents but an out of hand government that would pit teachers and administrators against parents and students exercising their God given rights. Eventually things at the elementary school got better. My children were able to read while the other students were testing and they were respected. Meanwhile at the junior high where my oldest son was attending, it was by far the best interaction of understanding and respecting my parental rights to opt my son out. I give that credit to the amazing principal at the time. By the time my oldest reached high school, the nightmare was back! I had teachers that tried to use the SAGE test score in place of taking the final in class. When, I pointed out that they could not do that, my son was blamed, in front of the class, for everyone in the class having to take the final. Additionally, I had to show the principal and teachers the Utah code and explain it to them. All they knew was how to bully and manipulate. It has taken a number of years for these administrators and teachers to back off and let parents choose for their children what they will and won’t do when it comes to testing. If this “INCENTIVE” bill is passed it will become a nightmare again. Standardized testing is a huge waste of time and a huge waste of money! Putting it on a pedestal and incentivizing it is a disservice to teachers, students, and parents.

Mike Winder look what you’ve done. I don’t know what you were thinking if you were thinking at all. Your bill is not good for the children. Its not good for the parents. You are selling our kids. Shame on you.

This bill is simply empowering teachers to academically reward a student who does well on a standardized test. If a student takes a test and demonstrates some level of competency, a teacher should be allowed to let that score replace a test from earlier in the quarter they did poorly on, for example. The bill expressly prohibits teachers from using nonacademic rewards (like pizza parties) for kids who take the test. Those families who choose to opt out still can without penalty. Their rights are protected. Those students who do poorly on the test will still receive no consequence. But those who take the time to take the test and do well on it should have it count for something. It is unfair for the 7% of families in the state who don’t like the test and opt out to hold hostage the remaining 93% who do take the test and to insist that the test taking students are wasting their time. I don’t care what standardized test we decide to use in Utah (SAGE, Rise, SAT, ACT, Iowa, etc)–let the State School Board determine that–but I do believe that there is value in having uniform statewide data points where we can compare the proficiency levels of district to district, school to school, etc. If we can’t measure, we can’t manage, and with the billions of state tax dollars going into public education we better have some accountability metrics.

Mike Winder you mean to tell me that 7 percent of parents opting out our kids are holding the rest of the kids hostage? What about you and other representatives letting the federal government hold the entire state hostage for measley percentage of the total funding to take this test that has little to no merit. Or the fact that these tests arent validated to even test what the kids are learning? Dont you think teachers know how their kids are doing well before these tests ever take place?

I absolutely agree that you and others have sold our kids out. Your job is not to manage. Its to protect liberty and in this bill you have most certainly not done that.

I have seen it before it was legal and it will continue after you legalize it. Teachers will hold this over our kids heads, asking them to convince their parents to let them take the test for a grade or to skip a final, or any other number of other incentives – pitting student against parents and parents against teachers. Did you take the time to see mine and others parents experiences with incentives that are in the comments on this thread? You should. Its very disappointing

Mike Winder It’s great that you responded here, but your response shows that you didn’t read parents’ personal stories. That is an unfortunate way to go about “representing” citizens rights.
Please pull this bill.

Mike Winder is telling everyone that his bill will correlate how well they did on the test with how much credit they get, but that’s not what the bill says. It just allows the teacher give academic credit. There’s no rubric or other guidelines. It’s completely subjective and therefore only an incentive, as the bill title says, to coerce participation.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

No No No!!! Parents heads up.
Schools sharing student data directly with non-profits. !!!
First of it’s kind that I know of. (Steve Ballmer , former Microsoft CEO, and Strive ….pilot project…. this will be expanding.)

Looks like, according to this bill, that Illinois is now sending CPS to visit homeschoolers:

Amends the School Code. Provides that, after a home-schooling registration form is submitted, the State Board of Education must request a Child Protective Service Unit of the Department of Children and Family Services to investigate the home in which the home schooling will occur to ensure there is no suspected child abuse or neglect in the home. Provides that after the investigation by the Child Protective Service Unit is complete, the State Board must notify the school district in which the home is located that the child is being home-schooled. Provides that once every 2 school years, the State Board must inspect the academic records of a registered home-school student. Amends the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act to require a Child Protective Service Unit to investigate the home of a child upon a request from the State Board. Effective immediately.

It looks like Iowa, which is already trying to crack down on homeschoolers, is using Medicaid to try and push for home visits as well:

Maine also wants in on the home visits:

New Hampshire is tying home visits to Medicaid:

New Mexico is also doing home visits through Medicaid:

Here is a post that I found shared on an Idaho anti-Common Core page:

Morality is under attack everywhere. But, I suspect that many parents are missing what’s happening to secularize and politicize K-12 assessments. Let me ask you something:

• Do you see your children’s online K-12 assessments?

• Do you realize that they are computer-adaptive BEHAVIORAL assessments? (Utah’s RISE assessments included.)

• What moral and political values and behaviors do you think secular progressive research companies are assessing your children for?

Computer-adaptive behavioral assessments have the power to shape a child’s worldview over time. (There’s a reason that they weren’t used in K-12 until recent federal initiatives). I guarantee that secular progressive research companies’ values are not your values.

Christian parents should be boycotting computer-adaptive behavioral assessments in K-12 if they want to preserve a moral people.

*Please share this if you want to help parents protect their children.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

UPDATE: Per mom K will NOT be going into ISS for her “misinformed outburst”. Misinformed? I think not. I’m sure that someone filled a teachers head with utter nonsense. Now, as for the principal….. I met with her and formally introduced myself. She was very nice til I mentioned my reason for the meeting. Once again I was told that without staar K will not be ALLOWED to be promoted to the next grade. After stating that at no time has the ASSESSMENT been mandatory for the student that yes, the school is LEGALLY required to administer it. After some back and forth I was told that “we can not allow K to miss out on this TEST”. When asked if I could view the test it all of the sudden became an assessment again. I then proceeded to inform the principal that I was NOT asking for her permission to not have K take the staar but was letting her know that I was INFORMING her that my child will be unavailable those days to participate in the assessment. Each and every time they referred to staar as a test I asked to view it and was refused. The principal then went on to say that any child who is not allowed to participate in staar will have to deal with CPS in regards to educational neglect. I about lost my damn mind on that simpleton!!!! I told her that should it come to that…… I would be more then happy to take it to the school board or even to court should that be the way they choose to deal with it. As I was leaving I may or may not have made a comment about small minded and brain washed individuals.
I don’t feel like I’m wrong!!!! My child will NOT be a statistic! I will not bow down to a bunch of people who want to bully my child and myself.
Oh, btw they did say she could take staar during the summer. I LMAO’ed all they way out.

And here are the replies to this post:

She really threatened you with CPS?!?!

They did it last year too. I’m not afraid of them!!! [name redacted] helped me through last years issues with the old principal. At least this one didn’t yell and treat me like the old one did.

She went too far. I would take that to a school board meeting and publicly let them know that she threatened you with CPS.

This is our 2nd year in this diistrict and I HATE it here

What district are you in?

Elkhart ISD

I know that they are getting more aggressive in our school district about absences and leaving early but I have no idea what they would do if I pulled my kids. Although two of them like taking the test. One of them stresses out so much and has an IEP but I heard, in the last board meeting, that the state is going to change how we accommodate for kids like my son. Not for better but for worse.

The special ed director, in the board meeting said that they will now only make accommodations for kids who can’t feed themselves or use the restroom independently. I have that on my list to research but there’s so much garbage that is coming down from the state that I can’t keep up.

there shouldn’t be staar anyway. EVERY childlearns differently and no ONE test can be used to cover all students

That CPS threat would stress me enough to make throw a fit lol I’m not good at calm when those kind of things get thrown out there,who do they think they are!

i can’t believe they threatened CPS, that is such an abuse on so many levels. wasting time of already short staffed CPS to have to answer this call when there are children’s lives at risk?? i would so do what i could to make the media aware and make that go viral.. UNREAL!

[name redacted]

tried to get the press involved last year. She and i were theonly ones in thedistrict making waves.

When my daughter was in the hospital at Texas Children’s this summer we refused to sign the discharge papers because we didn’t feel like she was ready. We were told if we didn’t sign them we would be reported to CPS. I flipped!!!! Talk about trying to coerce a parent. I reported them to the hospital regulatory board and they informed me that the hospital had way overstepped their boundaries by threatening us. I would suggest that you report the principal.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

My response from Senator Riebe.

“Thank you for contacting me.

My constituents demand accountability, and over ninety percent of Utah families believe our schools and teachers should be accountable. I will be voting Yes on House Bill 118.”

I would venture to guess that they are using “90%” as wanting accountability because those are the ones who let their kids take the tests, but I would also venture to guess that more than half of those have no clue who our representatives are, what they do, and have no clue that those representatives continue to restrict us. Meanwhile the ones that do follow the issues get snubbed.

And here is a reply to this post:

Where i live, the majority are afraid to opt out because of this sort of pressure. The more i educate, the more these realize that this testing is unnecessary. Grassroots education on this subject. That’s where it’s at because the amount of corruption and ignorance at the top is astounding.

This hasn’t anything to do with accountability. This has to do with money and control.

I found a Tennessee home visit bill that appears to be for new parents, etc and appears to be extending existing programs and also applying for federal funding to run these programs (which, as we all know, will lead to the federal government demanding more and more control of these programs and taking away local control.)

A RESOLUTION to encourage the Bureau of TennCare to improve access to and quality of evidence-based home visitation services.

WHEREAS, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has encouraged states to use Section 1115 demonstration projects to address pressing healthcare issues in the states; and

WHEREAS, evidence-based home visiting programs are widely viewed as beneficial and have received the support of the Tennessee Department of Health and other agencies; and

WHEREAS, in this State, there are currently three evidence-based home visiting program models receiving state or federal funding, which include Healthy Families America (Healthy Start), Nurse Family Partnership, and Parents as Teachers; and

WHEREAS, the Medicaid program in this State operates under a Section 1115 waiver as the TennCare program and covers over one million Tennesseans and many births in this State; and

WHEREAS, evidence-based home visitation programs for pregnant women and parents with infants who face medical, social, or environmental risks provide a variety of beneficial services, such as mother and child health and developmental assessments and screenings for co-occurring risk factors, including maternal depression, everyday stress, and domestic violence; and

WHEREAS, the preparation of action plans developed with infant caregivers through such programs that are designed to monitor the progress of an infant’s health and development and the family’s progress encourage a baby’s health, safety, and optimum development; and

WHEREAS, such programs present a variety of educational topics and tools designed to address identified issues and to support family strengths and improve parenting skills; and

WHEREAS, an appropriate federal waiver program could beneficially enhance access in this State to quality evidence-based home visitation services for the babies and their families; now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE ONE HUNDRED ELEVENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES CONCURRING, that this body encourages the Bureau of TennCare to seek an appropriate Section 1115(a) waiver, or an appropriate amendment to the existing TennCare II Section 1115 waiver, in order to improve access to and quality of evidence-based home visitation services for pregnant women and parents with infants who face medical, social, or environmental risks in order to promote positive health and well-being outcomes.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this body further encourages the Bureau of TennCare to utilize otherwise available federal funding, grants, and private sector contributions.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that an appropriate copy of this resolution be prepared for transmittal to the Governor of Tennessee and the Bureau of TennCare.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Argh! Excuse me while my head explodes. My 5th grader brought this home today.

Some choice quotes: “In 1776, Thomas Jefferson famously wrote in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal.” Women weren’t mentioned at all.” ?????

And “And voters have never elected a female president.” (As if we should elect someone purely based on their sex!)

Needless to say we had a good talk with my daughter tonight.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

This showed up on my Facebook feed yesterday.

Here is an article by Wrench in the Gears tying P&G to Strive Together:

And here are the replies to this article:

I thought it odd that the head of Peninsula Boys and Girls Club would advocate for charter schools at SSIR. I thought it odd that United Way in Utah would be on the side of Goldman Sach’s SIB’s.
After reading this article, the pieces begin to fit together.
The most dangerous word in Silicon Valley right now is UP“scaling up”.
Thanks to the author for the very important work she is doing.

Thank you [name redacted]. The United Way is a key play in the “collective impact” program-they help put together the deals. The Boys and Girls Clubs will be the badge providers. You can look it up. They already have a whole system of badges you can earn. They are working with HP and Comcast on STEM education and I believe they’ve also teamed up with Disney around Black Panther and “science.” Here’s a leader board of badges:

People just have no idea.

I wish I were making this up, but alas, this insane Illinois bill is real:

Amends the School Code. Provides that a school district shall make feminine hygiene products available, at no cost to students, in each bathroom of every school building (rather than in bathrooms of school buildings). Effective immediately.

UPDATE: It appears that as of 2/21/2019, that the Illinois CPS/homeschooling bill has been tabled. Let’s hope that it stays that way.

Nice “education” bill you’re got there South Carolina. I noticed this part and found it to be kissing the behind of DC (sorry it’s in all caps, but it was copy/paste):


Another school that has let a child down:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Sad times we live in. [name redacted] told me today that a lot of kids ask him to read the clocks on the school walls. We taught him to read a non digital clock. The ones at school are not digital and the schools never taught them to read clocks. These kids are in 5th grade! [name redacted]’s spelling is terrible. I asked his teacher why they didn’t have spelling or spelling tests in school. She said she didn’t know. He rarely brings home any work from school. So, if I want his spelling to improve, I have somehow figure out what words he needs to learn and try to help him. This is the result of Common core! This is the result of teaching to a test. We need to wake up!

University of Buffalo SUNY has joined the race baiting brigade:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Yesterday the State School Board took a vote of support for HB118 Incentives for Statewide Assessment Performance. I was one of four board members that voted against it. Now this “support” is being used to sway our Senators to vote yes.

This bill will allow teachers to incentives students to take the SAGE/RISE test and will allow for academic rewards. Every year our State Board office receives phone calls from parents reporting that:
Their child has been coerced into taking the test
Their child is being bullied into taking the test
There is a reward for taking the test.

If this bill passes, ALL of this will be legal. Supporters of this bill say that opt-outs are still allowed. While that may be true in some sense, this bill will increase the pressure for students to take the test.

Basically, we will legalize the bullying of children and families whom the state is supposed to serve, not the other way around.

Perhaps instead of trying to incentivize people to take the test, we need to start asking why people don’t find any value in it.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

My daughter is in the fourth grade. Today in school they took the”mock” test. Not only that, they acted like it was the real day…no recess, no talking, no talking at lunch and they did away with snacks and water during the test. The teachers have also told the class that they will be back in fourth grade if they don’t pass. Which of course I know is nonsense but telling a child that is a different story. I can only imagine how these kids feel on days like this. We need to end this assessment.

And some replies to this post:

I jad a teacher in 5th grade orientation tell all the parents id they didnt pass starr they woild be held back…i calmly raised my hand…and said no she is wrong. My other grandson in 8th grade…and didnt pass.staar

is it not true?? That’s what my daughters teacher told her that in 5th grade she HAS to pass it

if that were true 5th and 8th grade classes would be twice the size as all other classes in our schools!

we just moved here from Ohio 4 years ago and so I have no idea! In Ohio we have OGT but that doesn’t have to be taken till 8th grade and we have till 12th to pass them! It’s redic for little kids to be taking tests like this!

When I taught elementary I never told the kids that but other teachers did and it would make my blood boil. I am sure my blood pressure went sky high as well.

The overall creator of this test H. Ross Perot is the devil and the people at TEA who create it and make us as educators administer it are all full blown Terrorists in my book.

not quite. Perot was part of the push with then Gov Mark White in the 80s for the “No Pass/No Play” law (HB 72?) that included limiting extracurricular activities to 8hrs/wk ushering in the “specialization” of kids (Theater OR basketball OR student council OR band..) I was in Jr Hi at the time and this affected my HS years immensely keeping many of us from pursuing more than one activity. The “test to graduate” was part of that, as my Sr Class was the 1st yr in TX to have to pass it. Perot didn’t create it, but he sure helped. He had a lot of help from Gov White and the then only 10yr old U.S. Dept of Ed.

Many don’t realize that the Dept of Ed was not around til the late ‘70s which means prob the vast majority in Congress (Texas and Fed) were educated WITHOUT the Dept of Ed at least some of the time.

This makes me so sad. I teach 4th, and we do have practice tests 🙄😬, however, they get snacks (2) and water, however many bathroom breaks they need, get to talk at lunch (b/c test is over by lunch) and “extra” recess and large group. I try to be as low key as possible. “I’ve taught you all you need to be successful, so no worries! You’re ready!”

I’m also a 4th grade teacher, and I do the same thing. I can’t imagine putting that stress on a child!

my son is an 8th grader with severe test anxiety and has failed STAAR many times, that’s why I’m in this group. I’ve learned so much.

When I taught in HISD the students knew more about the test and STAAR skills then they did actual history, science, English, or literature… the pressure was horrible on them too. Everything was about “the tests”. That’s not an education. It’s an imprisonment for children to become robots with no free thinking skills. I agree. This needs to end.

One of my daughters (7th grade) actually said to me “Mom can you just homeschool us? This place is literally like I’m in prison and I didn’t do anything wrong” Made me sad and now I’m researching homeschooling.

So right. All over the state…I teach dual credit English and it is sad how little my juniors and seniors know..

I homeschool my oldest right now. We are finishing up high school this year. The laws are so relaxed on homeschooling in Texas it’s unbelievable. You don’t have to check into any one organization or the state to homeschool. It’s just bizarre. My daughters have been trying to convince me to homeschool them as well. My son has flourished with me, however he has high functioning autism so this was the best move for him by far. My daughters are typical and very social. I’m not sold on homeschooling them yet. Good non-biased co-ops are very hard to find. This is just my .02!

We do need a reform in our public education though… also HISD is too big for its britches and needs to be separated into 4 districts vs one. If I’m remembering correctly HISD is the 4th or 7th biggest school district in the country. When you have this many schools in one district and funding is allocated based on property taxes and potential administrative/school bonuses based on the test? That’s treading in some major muddy waters…

They get recess? Ours dont get recess anymore, and its pissing me off.
What? No recess in 4th grade?!


in Elem school, ours didn’t get recess either. The whole school was on lockdown for practice STAAR incl “quiet lunch”

they dont ever get recess. They get “enrichment time” in the gym.

no they never get recess! Only “enrichment time” 3x a week. Where they go “play” in the gym. Which loosely translates as most of the kids sit on the bleachers while just a few get up and go play basketball or whatever, for 30 minutes.

No, no recess on any test days…even when other grades are taking test

I dont know why the hell these teachers are allowed to threaten our children. My son’s class was also threatened in 3rd and 4th grade. One teacher told his class that she and the homeroom teacher would “fight” to keep them in 3rd grade. I think it’s a load of shit to scare the living out of our kids like that and for them to be allowed to add such unnecessarily pressure. Excuse my lanuage, but this kind of stuff, makes my blood boil.

hold them accountable. Put what happens in writing via email to the schools. These are OUR children NOT school property or minions.

I did everything possible, I went to the Principal, I went to the district, but nobody did a dam thing.

That is so wrong on so many levels.

Yes it is and what’s worse is that nobody does anything.

did u put it in writing? Things tend to change drastically when things are documented.

I wrote, documented and it still didnt do anything. I even wrote to the TEA with attached copies of everything and those bastards sent it back to the district to handle and of course the district didnt do anything. Therefore teachers at this school who write and write to the district and TEA and nothing is done.

what District?

El Paso independent. This district is a mess, recently the Board president had to resign because he moved from the district he was originally representing and didnt notify the district. It’s a disaster.


And another post from this group:

Parents who are used to keeping kids home for a week during STAAR assessment may face steeper hurdles this year. A two week online assessment window offers uncooperative districts an extra week to attempt to compel assessment.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

THANKS TO ALL WHO TESTIFIED TODAY OR CAME FOR ‘MORALE SUPPORT’ on the HOME VISIT BILL!! GREAT testimony by all! We appreciate all of you. However, this bill is likely moving forward. So, what happened the early evening prior to the hearing?? A brand new bill was dropped to replace the old bill (called a delete all amendment). There were quite a few changes and it’s at least a page longer. A number of our testifiers didn’t feel they could testify on such short notice. Hours of research. The bill really has more questions than before. However, one good feature, is that the bill no longer requires a new mother to stay with home visits for 3 years by law. That portion was removed and I thanked Rep Bahner. (But we need to watch because it could surely come back as a late amendment.) My understanding is that the Dept of Health budget came out today and fiscal notes are available for both the home visits and baby birth to 3 education.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group in reply to my comment about the New Mexico home visit bill:

BUILD Institute is all about predictive diagnosis! It’s in the NM bill, too. (1) ethically identify risk factors that would enable prediction and prevention of problems;

(2) analyze measurable benefits on participants;

(3) provide a comprehensive measurement of future cost savings tied to specific programs;

(4) provide information on the full spectrum of services being provided to children and families;

(5) determine the effectiveness of specific programs and whether specific programs are achieving their stated goals;

(6) develop evidence-based policy to improve the lives of families and children in the state;

(7) identify areas for cross-sector collaboration;

(8) maximize the utilization of available resources; and

(9) create high-level knowledge to inform agency policies and practices on the case management of families and children.

And another post from the same person as above in this group when talking about home visit bills popping up across the country:

Medicaid seems to have some commonality. WA baby bill is using Medicaid, also.

Here is a post that I found on the wall of Alice Linahan:

The House Public Health committee will be hearing HB 10 (Senfronia Thompson) on WEDNESDAY
HB 10 seeks “to increase the number of residency positions leading to a medical specialty in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and associated behavioral health issues affecting children and adolescents.”
With a bill number this low, we know it’s part of the Governor’s priorities (i.e. tied to the goals of the Mental Health Care Consortium, in SB 10)

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Check this out…
Please take note that Education Testing Services (ETS), mentioned in this chapter, is currently the 3rd party contractor Texas uses to administer the unconstitutional federally mandated STAAR assessments.

And another post from her:

Question- after reading the two bills, HB 17 and HB 1754: Why does the unelected, Commissioner of Education, Mike Morath, continue to be given complete authority to write the rules and regulation for legislation, which gives him complete power to take over locally elected school boards and replace them with contracted public/private partnerships?
It looks to me as if we are no longer governed by law, but by rules and regulations, written and enforced by unelected bureaucrats.

And here is a post below that was quoted:

Dr. Greg Bonnen
February 13 at 4:54 PM ·
Students and parents expect their schools to be a safe and secure environment. That’s why I filed HB 17 and HB 1754.

House Bill 17:

• Provides guidance on safety measures through coordination with the Texas School Safety Center
• Sets accountability metrics to ensure that each campus security plan meets a statewide minimum standard
• Requires enhancements to school facility construction and operations standards, training for employees and substitute teachers, and greater public input
• Works with other legislation addressing mental health in schools, law enforcement training and coordination, and other measures to comprehensively improve our ability to provide a safe and healthy learning environment in our public schools

House Bill 1754:

• Creates a school safety allotment to assist school districts with additional funding as they implement the safety measures outlined in HB 17

My colleagues in the House and Senate will all have a hand in crafting the final bills before we send it to the governor’s desk, and I know that working together we will get this done. Our students deserve it.


Here is a post that somebody put in reply to me warning about the South Carolina Career Clusters bill:

my small district in PA is already implementing this. There will be 5 paths/tracks for students to choose while in 10th grade and will be in effect for grades 11&12. There wasn’t even a parent/student informational meeting held.

Glad that these CA parents are fighting back against SJW “implicit bias” training:

It would appear that, based on this link, that in New York City, the Drag Queen Story Hour is partnering with schools:

According to this page, the following schools in NYC have already held Drag Queen Story Hour events:

PS 118, the Maurice Sendak Communnity School
PS 63, Star Academy
Brooklyn Friends School
Saint Ann’s School
Maple Street Preschool
Downing Street Preschool
Bija Kids
Chickpeas Preschool
Camp Alamander at the Brooklyn Free School

Here is another post from Wrench in the Gears:

Predatory impact investors are behind the push for expanded pre-k services. How do we protect children while ensuring families have access to affordable, developmentally appropriate day care and pre-school? This post spans Blockchain ID in IL, early childhood education bills in CA, and proposed pre-k charters in Dallas. A partner in this film is iLabs at the University of Washington pushing technology based brain training for young children. Temple University has been doing neuroscience work with them.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

This is what your child is being taught in public school.
Tonight I signed off on my son’s high school Freshman course selection.
Biotech is an elective.
Read the description:

  • vaccine development to save lives
  • GMO development to prevent hunger
    What BS
    I had my son read the description and he knew straight away done this was fishy.
    School curriculum is bought.
    Lunches suck
    Health classes suck
    Now some electives suck
    Honestly, I’m really considering homeschooling all three of my boys. 10, 13 and 16.
    Homeschool? How do you do it? Hire a teacher? Online programs (without agendas…)
    Unimpressed with our country these days.
    Where are the politicians who actually want to serve the people vs taking money from corporations?


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Your child is now seen as an “investment vehicle” for venture capitalists like Sec. of Education Betsy Devos and former Enron Hedgefund Billionaire, John Arnold, and former Goldman Sachs guy Todd Williams, and Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF)’s Stacy Hock; who is behind getting Texas Commissioner of Ed, Mike Morath in position to restructure education in Texas.
I have a message for people like them… #NotMyChild

Here is information on a page that Alice Linahan shared on her wall against the “Teebow bill” in Texas:

The “Tim Tebow Bill” -HB1324/SB718- has been filed again this session. We oppose this bill as it is written because:

It contains an unequal testing requirement that undermines the parental authority of the homeschooling parent.
Homeschoolers in other states don’t have as many freedoms as Texas does. We can’t compare apples to oranges when it comes to how regulations might have increased or decreased in other states with this law in place.
It changes the long-standing definition of homeschool and creates a new class of student by separating “private” and “homeschools.”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

The following is an excerpt from a letter addressed to President Trump describing “The Medicalization of Our Schools”.

This would be a good letter to send to Texas State Senators and House Reps., who are pushing for “Mental Health” legislation such as SB10, HB1448, HB199, HB204, HB10, and others. Looks like the focus of Texas Education is to Medicate, Not Educate.

“A view from the classroom of today would astound onlookers that mental health and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions have replaced academics. With these wrap-around mental health services and interventions into personalities, values, beliefs, and dispositions at school, teachers are expected and forced to monitor and collect personal behavioral data on our children that has nothing to do with education. Data is collected, logged into state longitudinal data systems, shared, and ultimately, exposes our children to ‘surveillance capitalism.’
This personal data is freely given and used by outside contractors, foundations, and businesses to create software, curricula, activities, and programs that delve into changing the personal qualities of children and their families according to a government set of objectives. Schools represent a “captive audience” and as such, prime targets for social policy change.”

A Letter to President Donald Trump
Please click here and sign the letter.
Join parents from across America, who are saying…


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

From the author: “There are a number of connections between WestEd, SBAC and educational leaders in Nevada. Most notably, former State Superintendent Steve Cavanero and former Assistant Superintendent Dena Durish sit on the WestEd Board of Directors. Nevada Board of Education member Tonia Holmes-Sutton is on the WestEd board as well; as are former CCSD Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky, Northern Nevada Regional Professional Development Program staff Thomas Reagan, Dean of UNR College of Education Kenneth Coll, and Robert McCord and William Speer of UNLV. I would also like to point out that Speer, the Director of the Mathematics Learning Center, is also a governing member of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC). All of these individuals have professional ties to the implementation of testing in the state of Nevada. One could argue that a favorable WestEd audit would be in all of their best interests.

The audit finds that the only necessary improvement to testing in Nevada’s public schools is improving assessment literacy. Given the information that I have shared above, this is not surprising. My conclusion is that the WestEd document is not an audit at all, but rather a feel-good piece supporting testing as it’s currently implemented in Nevada…”

“Data-mining is criminal. Over-testing our children is equivalent to child abuse. It’s wrong, and it needs to stop.”

And some replies to this post:

See all those big education names. Wonder why we test so much?

Other’s covered the same story:


And here is another post from this group:

Good morning. The Senate Committee on Education will be discussing the results of an audit regarding school testing. It’s important that we get some educators to speak on it. It will convene at 9:30 am. If you can please go to the Grant Sawyer building and feel free to speak in public comment about this. Thank you.

Amd some replies to this post:

Which day? What is the bill number, please?

It was a report. They paid $100,000 to Nevada State Board of Education Tonia Holmes Sutton’s group WestEd to write a report that was late.

It was supposed to determine if we are doing too much testing

Yes a Board Member paid her group to assess if we are doing too much testing.

There is Tonia with WestEd the “auditing” group?

The school testing discussion starts at about 1:50:00 in the hearing [name redacted] posted directly above.

you have to hear the part about the autopsy. Yes, testing is an autopsy. We perform it on kids after we kill them?

This was Joyce Woodhouse’s bill. Everyone was disappointed in the results. The acting TFA Superintendent was a joke.

And Tonia now has $100,000?

This is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with public education.

In addition to Tonia Holmes-Sutton the following people are also on WestEd board: Steve Canavero, Dena Durish, and Pat Skorkowsky. CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

And yet another post from this group:

Unless I’m missing something WCSD will be classifying “free” EdTech vendors, including a Chinese company (government), as “school officials.” See 1) d) ii.

Recall, Edmodo one of the most widely used “free” EdTech vendors in WCSD was bought by the Chinese.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:


Destroying the rights of parents and making children the property of the state. Oh … and they’ll take your guns too.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

This is a grave warning out of Washington state over their Early Start Act! Same thing happening in Minnesota now! Call your rep and senator now to say we do not want an expansive program of home visits and baby birth to 3 going into schools and head starts across our state. The funding is proposed and bills are metastasizing. Call today!

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, with ESSA, there is very little difference between “mentors” and ‘mental health interventions’. That was a built in deception. Learn how HR 804 seeks to manipulate the deception even more. IN Rep. Carson sponsored the Eli Lilly & Co. backed bill.
Several States have similar legislation in the works: TX, MN, GA, IL, and others.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This one could, and frankly should, ruin Sen. Ted Cruz’s political career. He has clearly partnered with the Bush regime to globalize education under UNESCO and ensnarl our Private and HomeSchools into this global system. Many of us have been warning and sadly true Conservatives have been deceived.

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

A Boulder Valley School District elementary school (see article below) is letting a group called “A Queer Endeavor” teach kids as young as 5 that their gender is whatever they FEEL it is, not connected to their bodies! They admit their goal is “queering the classroom” and show kids films – “ No More Gender Roles,” “ He, She, and They – What is Gender,” This is coming to ALL CO schools if radical sex ed HB19 1032 passes. NEXT chance to stop it: email your opposition to Democrat members of Senate Appropriations Committee : say stop sexualizing our children! Email Repubs on Committee – thank them for voting NO on this terrible bill!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Look who’s paying teachers & districts to get #SEL into schools.
“NoVo Foundation, in partnership with Education First and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, aims to seed projects that foster social and emotional competencies in students in grades PK-12. Whether you have an idea for a new initiative or want to expand or continue an existing project, we want to hear from you.
For the 2019-20 school year, we are inviting applications from two applicant pools:

Individual teachers or teams of teachers seeking to implement SEL initiatives in your classroom or school in the 2019-2020 school year, and

District-level applicants seeking to implement SEL initiatives district-wide and/or across multiple schools within one district (including a charter network).

Grant awards for teacher-led projects will be a maximum of $5,000 each. District-level grant awards will be a maximum of $25,000 each. For the first time, we will also award a small, select number of two-year grants. Find more details in the RFP document below.”

Yes, despite what the Florida legislature claims, this is RIPE for abuse:

This George bill is also easily abused:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Wouldn’t it be better to put the $65+ MILLION on-going funds towards the WPU instead of burdening schools under the “Teacher & Student Success Act”? SB149 is NOT local control.

And here are some replies to this post:

Pam, can you explain this bill a little bit?

This is basically the Our Schools Now ballot imitative without their massive tax increase. That’s where this all started. OSN made a deal with the legislature to set up the Teacher & Student Success fund late last year during the session & put the question on the ballot to raise taxes with the gas tax (which failed, thank goodness!). Now, they are back trying to fully implement their plans.

Basically, it ties funding to test scores. Schools have to submit their “success” plans in order to get the funding; then, in order to maintain the funding they have to keep their “School Grade” (which is not called a School Grade anymore) up, which means the focus on the test increases because that’s the only way schools improve their “performance”. If they aren’t making “improvements”, they lose control over those funds & it will be dictated to them where & how those funds will be used (some suggestions in the bill include: before & after school programs, early childhood education, summer school, technology, counselors, social workers, community partnerships, etc. Can you tell it’s a Millner bill? She has 5 more just like it, including SB83.).

It’s EXACTLY what the federal government does. You want funding? Submit your plan. We can approve or we can disapprove it. We set the requirements. You follow them. You don’t follow them. We find ways to enforce them by controlling you with the money we so benevolently give you.

If this bill failed, we could instead put that money towards the WPU which goes directly to the schools without any strings attached. THAT is local control. SB149 is all about top down regulation & control.

Has it gone to committee yet?

It will be in the House Education Committee on Monday at 4 PM. We have to stop it in the House. It already passed the Senate (with literally no debate).

What is the WPU?

It’s called Weighted Pupil Unit. It’s funding that goes directly to the schools to use however they need it.

“Utah uses the weighted pupil unit, commonly called the WPU, in distributing state dollars on a per-student basis. Schools are given the flexibility to use WPU dollars on a variety of local needs”

Each year the legislature decides how much they will allocate to WPU. If we stopped passing pet project education program bills that cost millions of dollars every year, we could use that money instead to increase the WPU, which is what schools should be fighting for & anyone else who wants locally controlled education.

This is from 2013, but still has an explanation of WPU that hasn’t changed:

Here is another post from this group:

Discussing HB118 now:


And here are the replies to this post:

I texted Fillmore just now to say thank you

What was just passed?

H.B. 118 Incentives for Statewide Assessment Performance

Senator Grover in his presentation of the bill doubled down on the point that this will not affect opt outs. He’s wrong. We showed proof, but it was ignored. On top of that, this test is not valid to be used for student grades in the first place. This bill shouldn’t have passed.

Thank you to the NO votes. Thank you for listening.

Ug! Who are the Republicans that voted yes besides Dan McCay?

Bramble, Grover, Hillyard, Hinkins, McCay, Millner, Okerlund, Sandall, Thatcher, Weiler

Okerlund is my rep. He is in big trouble. He will be getting a large letter of disappointment along with a huge dose of education. This isn’t over everyone. Now is the time to start educating our friends and family. Then let’s really start the letters and phone calls.

I wonder if life feels any better when your reps aren’t always in the group that’s tearing down freedom.

I don’t know but I would love to found out what it would be like have elected officials that believe in freedom and aren’t into the power, money, and corruption of politics. Part of the big reason that I think that there should be term limits on everything and also why it should all be voluntary. No money involved whatsoever. That the laws that they make are the same ones that they live under. That they all have normal jobs and meet to resolve issues and make laws when necessary. Watch our country change back to the Republic that defends our God-given freedoms as it was formed to do. When since did the servant become the master? (I can say when ignorance led to apathy. When the Constitution and real history was no longer taught schools or by parents.)

Actually, luckily in Utah we already have that (except for the term limits), but our legislators are citizen legislators that go back to their jobs after the 45 day session. I agree, that’s absolutely important that they have to live under the laws they create! I wish that they would have seen how this bill will hurt us.

I honestly think that most voted out of pure ignorance. People, if you have had an issue with the testing in the past, please keep sending such accounts into all representatives. Not just your own.

I’m not at home, but I’m ready to make a meme with each of these Republican Senators pictures on it that says “These Utah Republican Senators voted to cement Obama era Education mandates into Utah state law- if you’re a Republican, you might think twice before voting these Senators back in”

Mandatory depression screenings from PA? Sounds so depressing seeing so many bills like this. I hope they don’t schedule me for an “intervention” for being too depressed:

Here is a post that Alice Linahan shared:

I received this from TEA on March 1, 2019 regarding grants for charter operator in school districts and DallasISD was mentioned. People please know it is not about educating our children but all about privatization of our educational system.

News Bulletin
Department of Contracts, Grants and Financial Administration
March 01, 2019
TEA is announcing the availability of grant funds for the 2019–2021 Public Charter School Program Start-Up Grant (Subchapter C). Request for Application (RFA) #701-19-103 is authorized by Public Law (P.L.) 107-110, Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), Title V, Part B, Subpart 1; Texas Education Code (TEC), Chapter 12. The RFA is available on the TEA Grant Opportunities Page.
Eligible applicants are charter schools that meet the federal definition of a charter school, have never received funds under this grant program, and are one of the following:
A campus charter school authorized by the local board of trustees in Boles Independent School District (ISD), Dallas ISD, Edgewood ISD, Fort Bend ISD, Longview ISD, Palestine ISD, or San Antonio ISD pursuant to TEC, Chapter 12, Subchapter C, on or before April 26, 2019, that submits all required documentation as stated in this RFA. A campus charter school must apply through its public school district and the application must be signed by the district’s superintendent or the appropriate designee; or
A campus charter school authorized by the local board of trustees in any school district not listed above pursuant to the TEC, Chapter 12, Subchapter C, on or before April 26, 2019, that submits all required documentation as stated in this RFA. A campus charter school must apply through its public school district and the application must be signed by the district’s superintendent or the appropriate designee. Note that any campus charter school authorized by the local board of trustees in any school district not listed above is considered eligible to apply for the grant. However, the United States Department of Education (USDE) must approve the school district’s charter authorizing policy prior to the charter receiving grant funding, if awarded.
Any charter school that does not open prior to Wednesday, September 2, 2020, after having been awarded grant funds, will be required to forfeit any remaining grant funds, and may be required to reimburse any expended amounts to TEA.
Grant Period
July 1, 2019, to February 28, 2021.
It is anticipated that approximately 4 to 8 grants will be awarded ranging in amounts from $400,000 to $800,000.
The purpose of this grant program is to provide financial assistance for the planning, program design, and initial implementation of charter schools and to expand the number of high-quality charter schools available to students.
Application Deadline
Applications must be received by the Texas Education Agency by 5:00 p.m. (Central Time), April 30, 2019, to be considered for funding.
The Texas Education Agency will improve outcomes for all public school students in the state by providing leadership, guidance, and support to school systems.

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-big government group:

PARENT ALERT: KINDERGARTNERS are being forced to watch this indoctrination video linked below in all-school assemblies in Boulder Valley elementary school – NO parental opt-out allowed. It’s something called “Queer Kids Stuff” and they post videos like this encouraging kids NOT to accept the body they were born with. They sell homosexuality and transgenderism with a cute teddy bear and fun little jingles – twice a week on YouTube! Radical sex ed bill 1032 now coming to the Senate Appropriations Committee is the beginning of destroying “gender norms” and confusing our kids with propaganda like this.
NEXT chance to stop it: email your opposition to Democrat members of Senate Appropriations Committee : say stop sexualizing our children! Email Repubs on Committee – thank them for voting NO on this terrible bill!

I found two bills that were supported by Planned Parenthood and involved sex ed. One was in Illinois and the other in Minnesota.

The Illinois one, like the Minnesota one, brought up the topic of consent. The Illinois one doesn’t even require that a school teach sex ed, says that if it does, that parents can see the material, says to teach that abstinence is the best policy, and only adds the consent requirement to schools that do teach sex ed.

Minnesota, on the other hand, basically says that there is some model of sex ed stuff they want (doesn’t say if it’s a static model or if it can be changed), but stated that all schools must either teach what the model says or get signed off on their own plans by some government bureaucrat. Thus, the Minnesota one is unnerving as it seems to leave open the door to mandate the radical sex ed we’re seeing in California and Colorado.

Here is the text so that you can see for yourself my concern:

This bill requires the commissioner of education to identify one or more model sexual
health education programs. School districts and charter schools must either develop their
own sexual health education programs and submit them for approval, or implement a
model program

Section 1:

Subd. 1. Model program. Requires the commissioner of education to identify one
or more model comprehensive sexual health education programs for elementary
and secondary school students, and make the program accessible to school
districts and charter schools. Requires the model program to include instruction
on particular topics. Defines “consent.”

Subd. 2. School programs. Requires school districts and charter schools to
implement a comprehensive sexual health education program for elementary
and secondary school students starting in the 2021-2022 school year. Requires
the program to include instruction on topics in the model program. Requires a
school district or charter school that does not adopt the model program to
submit its sexual health education program to the commissioner for approval.
Allows instruction in a sexual health education program to be provided by a
person without a teaching license. States that sexual health instruction is subject
to parental curriculum review requirements.

Section 2:

Sexual health education report.
Requires the commissioner of education to report to the legislature on sexual health

Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Wendy Hart? and I discuss a new law that Utah is proposing, SB149 Teacher and Student Success Act. It mimics the Federal Government’s Top Down approach to education that limits local control.

The UEA has listed some points of concern that I completely agree with about this bill.

Here they are:

SB149 is redundant. It creates yet another public education funding distribution method on top of the existing Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU), School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and others.

SB149 is overly prescriptive. The bill usurps control from locally elected school boards by defining what school boards and individual schools must do to receive funding.

SB149 creates additional bureaucracy. The bill imposes an unnecessary new burden on schools and districts to create and manage plans in order to receive a funding distribution.

SB149 is unnecessary. Given adequate funding, currently established financial distribution methods (like the WPU) can provide all the needed resources for student success.

SB149 inappropriately relies on test scores as a primary measure of school success. Standardized test scores do not fully describe student learning or teaching effectiveness.

If you’ve been watching my posts about HB118 for opt-out, this is worse. This bill will all but do away with your ability to opt out because once money is tied to test scores there will be tremendous pressure to take the tests.

SB149 is in the House Education Committee this Monday, March 4th at 4 PM. Please call, write, and test both the Education Committee and also your representative.

Please write the committee members & urge them to vote NO on SB149!;;;;;;;;;;;

And another post from this group:

I’m compiling a list of anti-family, pro sexual rights and gender confusion statements from the major education associations and organizations that are working to enforce ESSA on states/schools. What groups need to be added to this list? Please post in comments:

•National Education Association
•Council of Chief State School Officers
•National School Boards Association
•State Education Technology Directors Association
•National Association of School Psychologists
•National Association of School Librarians
•College Board (over AP curriculum)
•The major assessment companies
•Groups like Microsoft, Google and Amazon that are curating online curriculum

An Arizona school has punished students (and one parent who complained about said unjust discipline) for wearing MAGA clothing to school:

It appears that the Austin Independent School District’s board has adoped the radical National Sexual Education Standards:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Unfortunately, in Texas, Republicans and Democrats have been working in lockstep to disrupt the Public Education system. And, Texas students are paying the price. They have set our kids up to fail; intentionally, so they could “disrupt” the system in order to restructure it for profit.

Need proof- Watch this video. If you want to know why there is such a growing need for “Mental Health” services in our schools; one only has to look at the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness Standards our public schools are mandated to align to.

Parents must understand, subjective and non-academic standards have been added to College and Career readiness, Common Core-aligned standards.

“Mental Health” therapy has been legislated into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as social,
emotional, and behavioral objectives. Examples: positive behavior intervention and supports, response to Intervention, multi-tiered system of supports, specialized individual support systems, early intervening systems, universal design for learning.

Non-academic standards are embedded in academic programs. These techniques monitor behavior in the classroom.

What behavior is “appropriate” and to what degree? How does Your Teacher identify or log a “proficiency” level or rating for dispositions? How is aggressive behavior defined or how are interpersonal skills monitored before Interventions or Experimental Treatments are applied to your child? Do teachers keep logs of the attitudes, values, and behavioral assessments? Does this subjective, personal data go into the state longitudinal data system? Are data re-disclosed?

Who decided what IS the CORRECT attitude, value, disposition, or behavior? Special Education teams are teaching teachers psychological therapies to control and monitor the behavior of normal children in the classroom. CHILD FIND experimental techniques have been named in the ESSA legislation. Do these special education teams have the right to access your child without your permission? Have parents been sidelined when the school thinks they know better than the parent? Have you been informed when these interventions begin?

How will my child’s social, emotional, and behavior be remediated? What are you going to do to my child to change their attitudes, values, and dispositions in order to conform to social and emotional standards? Is artificial stress applied to a child’s decision making, interpersonal skills, environmental attitudes, or adapting to change? Is this personality change? What interventions and techniques will be used? What risks are involved? What justification does the school have to change my child’s attitudes, disposition or personality traits? Are we talking about mental health psychotherapy without the consent of parents?

What if the parent disagrees with how behavior and values are measured or how interventions will be applied in the classroom? Who has the ultimate authority over the child… is it the parents? Did you give informed written parental permission? Who gets this personal data? What about privacy? Data tracking? Data Trafficking? Civil Rights? Can the federal government create standards for values and dispositions? Can parents opt out of an intervention mandated by ESSA for “correct” attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions? These
statements and questions clarify problems with non-academic standards

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

History of Our Schools Now (& SB149):

Gail Miller, Scott Anderson (CEO Zions Bank), and other influential people got together to use their money to bring the Our Schools Now ballot initiative.

BEFORE they had enough signatures to get on the ballot, they cut a deal with the legislature. They would drop their ballot initiative, if the legislature raised property taxes (which they did) & put the question on the ballot to raise gas tax (which they did). They also created a “Teacher & Student Success Account”, that they put money in & gave flexibility of how to use that money to the schools/districts.

Now, they’re back with a bill this year (which is EVERYTHING in their original ballot initiative, except for the massive tax increase). They are saying that it was part of their “deal” with the legislature in case their gas tax question failed.This bill uses the Teacher & Student Success Account to force schools to jump through hoops by burdening them with extra requirements (lines 620-641, 705-741) and stipulating how the money will be spent (lines 642-702).

This is wrong, and we ALL know it. When the UEA and regular parents can come together against a bill, YOU KNOW IT’S A BAD ONE. We don’t agree on most things (like HB118), but we agree on this.

SB149 will burden schools and it will hurt education and we can all see that. Don’t let money and influence rule us. We don’t want what they are selling.


And another post from this group:

This is exactly what SB149 does on the state/local level. You want funding? Submit your “framework” & your plan (lines 620-625, 691,698). It will be approved or disapproved (line 729-730). We set the requirements (lines 620-690). You follow them. You don’t follow them (or you don’t improve test scores), we find ways to enforce them by controlling you with the money we so benevolently give you (lines 749-761).

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Heads up Pierce and King Co! Pierce Co has a proposed Ordinance to create a new 21 member “Prenatal to 25 Commission for Infant, Child, Youth and Young Adult Development”.

King Co also has a similar program, Best Starts for Kids which focuses on babies and families Prenatal to 24.

Both counties are gearing up to implement the next phase in the Birth to 5 Initiative.
I speculate this could be why the Welcome to Wa Baby Act was introduced this year, and the reason why there was an “emergency clause” attached to the bill (I addressed this with the committee members, asking why the bills would constitute an “emergency”).

The state has built up a P-20 data system. This includes all K-12 data, and now Birth to 5 data.

This is what their goal is for your child:

  • Full day programming for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
  • High quality college ready programs for children under 5
  • Data collection and measurable results
  • Achieving outcomes is the goal

We can see what these top down policies have done to children and education within K-12 in the last 20 years. NCLB in the early 2000’s, then accepting RttT with the Common Core Initiative tied to it in 2009.

Washington is a front runner in all of this. King Co is a model for the rest of the nation in this federal P-20 system.
Pierce Co is not that far behind.

Is this really a program and system we want to leave for our children and grandchildren?
Federal and state dictates and control, including arbitrary standards for all from Prenatal into the Workforce?

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Is there anyone in the group that has a child that attends Coral Academy of Science..we just got a notice that parents are not allowed to opt out (SBAC) and that if kids are absent the days of testing, they will be given the tests upon their return. ??

This is what was emailed – and Dear Parents and Guardians,

In compliance with the Nevada Department of Education’s test participation requirements[1], as outlined in its “Test Security Procedures 2018-2019” manual, every child enrolled at CASLV must participate in statewide-administered testing. As a state public charter school which must comply with Nevada Department of Education policies, CASLV does not recognize any option for parents or students to opt out of such testing or to refuse testing. Students who are not in attendance during scheduled mandatory testing days will (1) be subject to the CASLV attendance policy and (2) be given the assessment upon their return to school. For questions and concerns, including information regarding how opt-outs can negatively impact charter schools, please contact us at

And here are the replies to this post:

It isn’t in the NRS

Not taking them does impact the school, that’s true. But there’s no law saying it’s illegal to opt out.

When we were at NV Connections Academy online, I wrote the school to let them know my son wouldn’t be taking them. They insisted it was mandatory but I just didn’t show up. Nothing happened and I’d given them notice so they couldn’t say we no-showed. ???????

Any child can opt-out with a note from their parent.

Some of the charter schools do not allow opt-outs of SBAC.

Then get out of that crappy charter. Charters do not graduate. Not sure why folks are in a rush to get over to the sub-par scammers.

Move to a Magnet which is the best in the natio

kind of defeats the purpose of opting out of testing due to data and third party vendors – when you enroll in a third party corporate for-profit privatizer.

They want money.

And Gulen expects tithing to his cult from the “teachers” working at his charters. It is weird.

Last I heard, Coral has excessive on-line computerized instruction so there is every key stroke recorded too.

Yes the Coral Academies in Nevada ARE Gulen schools. The last time I looked the people who run the Reno schools are

my daughter goes to coral. I was pretty freaked out when I found out about gulen schools and the fact coral is ran by Turkish people. But honestly, it’s a good school. I haven’t seen anything “extreme” about them.

Folks need to be careful and do your research. Almost all charters are really sub-par and the graduation rates are in the dumper.

When corporations are allowed to run unregulated – you get some bizarre things happening. And who knows about your child’s data. It could be going anywhere and sold for whatever.

How is it that they can’t opt out of the school is a charter? Last year, CCSD’s charter, Delta Academy, tried to tell us that our children would be unenrolled immediately if we opted them out! How can they say that??

NV law was silent on allowing opt outs and left opt-outs up to local school districts. We think all NV school districts now allow opting-out of the SBAC, with the exception of some public charter schools. Some of the districts make it difficult but if a parent continues to say no they will allow the opt-out.

And another post from this group:

Filming special education children non-stop. They say it protects children?

And some replies to this post:

When we researched the NAA (Nevada Alternative Assessment) given to some special education children, we learned the entire test was filmed. We asked the WCSD school board what happens to all the videos they would never tell us. About two years later a District administrator told us all those videos are shipped back to Data Recognition Corporation – without parental consent or knowledge.

right! That’s why I was so upset and went to the board meeting like are you people serious? Never ever did I let him take that test!

I suspect a lot more parents would not let their kids take the NAA if they it was filmed and the video was sent to DRC. Like with all of this stuff, no one has to, and no one does, tell the parents!

Here is a post from another Nevada anti-Common Core group:

My refusal form has been sent in and received, acknowledged… apparently my request for them to have schoolwork during pointless prep time isn’t being honored.

So far it’s not showing up as part of her grade, but the fact that it’s even in infinite campus pisses me of

the screen shot is from infinite campus, where their grades are kept.
I refused SBAC testing, so her having grades on SBAC entered kind of irritated me.
The grade she got in this was not counted towards her course grade, but the fact that she is taking anything SBAC after I refused is rubbing me the wrong way

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

Another money making scheme for schools. It is NEVER about the kids or education. It is ALWAYS about MONEY!! They are billing medicaid in some areas already here in TN. I think if people took the time to do some research they would find most states at some level are doing this but it will eventually be a common practice in all schools. FACT: HIPAA does not apply to services offered inside the school. Any issues they “feel” your kids have will be on their permanent record, it will be shared and one day could cause them not to get hired or possess a firearm. Do you see the slippery slope here? Also, REMEMBER schools get more money for kids diagnosed with mental issues. Nothing to worry about here now is there? If you feel your child has a problem handle it outside the school. I truly believe schools are no longer safe for our children and that includes private schools too because the funding schemes (vouchers, ESAs etc.) will suck all kids into the system if you take the money. GET YOUR KIDS OUT. Time to STARVE THE BEAST.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

NH. The legislature that wants to take away existing student protections. WHY? The bill would give testing vendors student name, date of birth, student ID, and ability to “analyze” the data. AND the bill gives exemptions for data sharing and removes requirement for testing vendor to destroy data when no longer needed. Again…WHY?

Look out in California. The legislature seems to be trying to push Planned Parenthood on all of the schools:

Looks like the Gay/Trans Agenda has infiltrated Read Across America:

This part of this Utah “school safety act” is concerning:
(6) (a) A student data manager may share student data, including personally
identifiable student data, in response to a request to share student data for the purpose of
research or evaluation, if the student data manager:
(i) verifies that the request meets the requirements of 34 C.F.R. Sec. 99.31(a)(6);
(ii) submits the request to the education entity’s research review process; and
(iii) fulfills the instructions that result from the review process.
(b) (i) In accordance with state and federal law, the board shall share student data,
including personally identifiable student data, as requested by the Utah Registry of Autism and
Developmental Disabilities described in Section 26-7-4.


I just heard from someone in a Utah anti-Common Core group that the bill above failed today March 5th, 2019 and died in a committee.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Incline Elementary School bribes kids to take the SBAC this year. I don’t think IES has ever had 95% participation.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

RED ALERT! 8-page HF 1 has been scrapped! A NEW 26-PAGE HF 1 BILL has emerged. It includes all of the components of the first HF 1 but is now 26 PAGES LONG!!! It’s huge! This is funding to transform every town, city, county, region via government and business to influence decisions for the early stages of life. Initiative Foundation and others. Millions and millions of dollars. SHARE SPREADTHEWORD Continue to help people understand about this legislation. We truly value your help!

And another post from this group:

Babies in our schools is not a new idea! #LISTEN to the 1989 Governor’s Conference with Lamar Alexander, who is still in power over education, by the way!!! “I would go down to the local maternity ward of the hospital and find out how many babies are born out of wedlock, how many babies are born with single parents, just so you know that. I would think the Brand New American school would be open year-round, open 6 to 6. 2nd characteristic might be that these schools will serve children from age 3 mos old to age 18. That may be a shocking thought to you. But if you were to do an inventory of every baby in your community and think about what the needs of those babies were, for the next 4 or 5 years, you might see that those needs might not be served in any other way. They have to be served in some way and that may be around the school. Or if you studied a little more you might go back and think the school might need to serve the pregnant mother and the baby in terms of prenatal health care with teams of teachers. Albert Schenker suggested that there ought to be a team of teachers attached to that child from the day the child arrives and stay with that child all the way to the 8th grade. All this would mean is that there would have to be a very professional core of teachers. They’d have to be very, very good because they would be dealing with lots of volunteers.”

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

South Carolina’s omnibus, 84-page, Republican-led H.3759 and S.419 is a step toward centralization of power, mass data collection, and unaccountability to parents and individual voters.

H.3759 is a Republican-led, 84-page workforce development bill. This bill isn’t about education.

Many do not realize Competency Based Education is imbedded in this huge Education Reform Bill the SC House and Senate ( H 3759/ S 419 ) … Folks, CBE is nothing more than a name change of failed Outcome Based Education…and will even make MORE testing of children…PARENTS NEED to understand this! CBE is just another boondoggle that has already been tried…it was just rebranded…much like Common Core Standards were rebranded College/Career Ready Standards…

Call your House member and tell them this bill stinks!

I found this Nebraska mental health/school bill:

A BILL FOR AN ACT relating to schools; to provide duties for school
districts, the State Department of Education, and the Department of
Health and Human Services with respect to mental health services.
Be it enacted by the people of the State of Nebraska,

Section 1. (1) On or before August 1 of each year, the State
Department of Education in consultation with the Department of Health and
Human Services shall provide each school district with a registry of
state and local mental health resources available to work with students
and families by geographic area. The registry shall be updated at least
annually and include resources for both school-based services and
services accessed by families and individuals outside of schools.
(2) Each school district shall designate one or more mental health
points of contact for each school building or other division as
determined by the school district. A mental health point of contact may
be an administrator, a school nurse, a school psychologist, or another
designated school employee. Each mental health point of contact shall be
trained in mental health issue identification and have knowledge of
community service providers and other resources available for students
and families.
(3) Each mental health point of contact shall facilitate access to
mental health services during the school day at the school the student
attends whenever possible.
(4) Each school district shall report the designated mental health
points of contact to the State Department of Education prior to the
beginning of each school year.

This teacher is either ignorant or anti-religious:

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

So it begins
-.- my 6th grader was bullied to take this last week, as it’s a regular test grade and determines her placement next year. I looked it up its last years staar labeled benchmarks. Yes she did well but seriously she has stressed out over this. She was told she would recieve a 0 if she didnt take it
Before anyone asks She is in PreAP hence why 7th grade
She suddenly has Irlen syndrome testing during staar ??.I just made a week full appointments in april for her 4th grade sister.

Here is a South Dakota early childhood bill. Looks like they are having members of their Early Learning Advisory Council appointed by the governor:

Due to looking to see what states had these Early learning Advisory Councils, I found out that loads did, in part thanks to a 2007 federal law:

Here is a post from a Connecticut anti-Big Government page:

Regionalization should never be forced. Every school has a different identity and different needs. It should be left up to local municipalities to consider regionalization with neighboring schools.

“When it comes to proposals to require regionalization of smaller school districts, the resounding message at the state Capitol on Friday was, ‘Hey government: Leave our kids alone.’ “

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

I received this notice of non-discrimination today from my kids school. It seemed odd to get now and the wording is even more so. Genetic information? Is this just a huge blanked notice or is this because of the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) so they can add genetic information on this notice? How would the school district get genetic information unless they can see your family medical files? Anyone know what this is all about, the form, the wording?

Here is a post from an anti-testing page:

It’s that time of the year again.
NY. “Looking for some info…. my daughter is in a middle school in central New York. Her 7th grade ELA class was told, by the teacher, if they take the state test they won’t have to take the ELA final at the end of the year. However, if they opt out they will have to take final. What do people advise on how to further address this… as this is 100% not acceptable. Thanks!”

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 22

This is part 22.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Red Alert-Del Bene (IoT leader) appointed to committee to “modernize” congress. I am thinking this is about FEPA and anything “evidence” based.


And here are some replies to this post:

DAO and „smart contracts“

yes that’s what I’m thinking. Plus I get Microsoft will get the contract to do the “modernizing”.

Are you aware of this?

that seems like career connected learning.

I bet this is why our Governor just introduced a bill to bring broadband to all rural communities in WA.

I heard this from our Governor during his New Year’s speech. I don’t think he mentioned schools, just jobs it will bring. I’m sure they will get tax incentives like Amazon to come here. Alison Hawver McDowell any thoughts on this?

VA is big into cyber / IT skills

we got the same rural broadband bill–passed last year

This Modernizing Congress fits in with Gardner’s AI in Gov Act and Hurd’s Open Gov Act. …and HART.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, HR 62, another push from the Feds for our babies. This bill allows Head Start and Early Head Start to shift from specific funding to block grants, embeds public money for private Pre K vouchers AND so much more.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m in Conroe ISD. My kids went to public school K-8, and K-7 never taking STAAR. My oldest is now a Senior and is going to college in the Fall and not a single college asked for STAAR scores. Not even Tx A&M.

I took it on the chin not allowing my kids to take STAAR. My admins were for the most part VERY supportive until Jr Hi. Some teachers were supportive, some actually rolled their eyes to my face, and others engaged in scare/persuasive tactics both to me and my kids.

Admins made announcements on the PA DAILY as STAAR approached “reminding 8th grade students you must pass STAAR to go to 9th grade.”

Admin told my child (I was standing right there) “I’m not sure how not taking STAAR will affect your ability to go to college.” (I was livid)

District admin told me EVERY YEAR “I’ve never heard of someone opting out, you’re the 1st..” (every year?!?)

My kids were pointed at and singled out “YOU missed STAAR! You can’t do that!” by other kids.

My kids are going to graduate HS without a single data point from their time in public school. Not one.

So why do I comment, give advice and call out the lies? Because if those of us who took it on the chin and stood up literally when no one else did when STAAR first came into being after TAKS, then it was all for nothing.

I’m just a taxpayer now, and have zero skin in the game as my kids are no longer in public school. But I’m here to help and will meet with anyone for coffee, help via phone call or text. I work, and have two kids just like alot of you, but this is important. I will help if I can..Don’t let the schools lie & bully you or your kids. Stand up to this. We did..& it works.

And another post from this group:

And so it begins… I typed up opt out letters for my 4th grade daughter in NISD San Antonio TX and gave them to her teachers for math writing and reading as well as copies to her principal. Today was the writing Mock staar. My phone was ringing bright and early from her principle this morning informing me my daughter refused to do it. I went over that she would be opting out (2nd year to opt out) and addressed our reasoning, thr principal tried convincing me just how “wonderful ” of a test and that its very beneficiary that they use these tests to figure out where our children are in their learning and they use them to figure out what needs a need for the next year as well both the staar mock in the staar testing, that I should reconsider.
I explained on testing days that my daughter has appts scheduled would I be able to bring my daughter in to write refuse… She said she would have to go to class and write refuse and could leave? Same for make up days she would be presented the test vpuld write refuse and could return to normal class…. Does this sound correct?

And some replies to this post:

These tests help teachers keep their jobs.

This is exactly why I Opt my kids Out of STAAR. Teachers should not have such a vested interest in how kids do on the test because kids aren’t teacher evaluators. My child is not a tool for the system to use to intimidate teachers and children and principals and neighborhood schools and communities.

I don’t mind my kids doing the Mock staar…. unfortunately alit of times I’m.finding that it’s tied to a benchmark grade . This is a double edge sword. However, it does work to my kids advantage with attendance and their good grades so I can/ have more to fight with.
But actual staar will not be happening.
I do know teachers that have moved to grades where they don’t do staar or other schools than
It teach and take staar

At my daughter’s school it isn’t tied to anything and angry that they have students test for 4 hours for a practice assessment ridiculous

wow. It’s so sad isnt it? The teachers and kids confirm that it’s tied to the grades. We need the public schools back to basics . These kids are not prepared .

Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere “normal” for her to go if “all classes are testing” I AM WITH U ON THIS- just saying as I am a teacher and I know both sides- when we have opt out kids we don’t have a place or a person available to watch them-

It’s a long long week for all of us-

It baffles me that a school would recommend a student come to school and write refuse on it instead of choosing to be absent. A blank test turned in is scored zero and affects the school’s pass rate. An absent student does not affect the rate so why would a school want their own passing rate to be compromised. It doesn’t make sense. ?????

One part of the rating is also attendance, so that could be part of it.

If they are at home, the school can’t pressure them to take the assessment. If they put a little kid in a “testing environment” teachers can start telling her how smart she is and doesn’t she want to “show how much she learned” and “show how she can use her strategies” (Barf) and eventually the kid caves to the adult pressue.

That is why my son does NOT go to school on testing days. Last year, he came home weeks before the test and began begging to take the test. He skipped a grade and is in the GT program and is highly competitive. The school knows all of this. They had begun telling him that he could be the “first kid in 3rd grade to get a 100” and that he “should change his mind” because “he’s so brilliant”. I shut that down immediately. Had I let him go to write “refused” on the test, then he would have 100% been pressured into taking the test.

And yet another post from this group:

And so it begins…..Mock STAAR in high school yesterday. 3 freakin’ hours of no class time. Do these have to be retaken if they fail them?

He was told he had to retake because he failed the Reading portion. Sadly, he had the onset of flu ??right before the test. He’s home today out sick.

And here are the replies to this post:

To give mock/practice STAAR (EOC in HS) are all local decisions. Each campus or District decides if they want to do them, not TEA. Ours were called “benchmarks” and were for actual grades. I let my kids take them since they were for grades and the teacher actually graded it. I picked my battles and didn’t sweat the practice ones. I would, however, bring it up whenever a “due to the lack of time” email was sent regarding a change in reading lists and remind them had they not spent so much time on STAAR they would have time to actually DO the lessons they had planned and not cut the kids’ actual classroom-level work, short.

Yes, I suppose they could called Benchmarks, but they never say. I’ll check with the English teacher since it was for reading. My concern is those STAAR questions are so badly worded, Year after year. I’ve heard from several kids that they hate that “what is the BEST answer?” They say it makes them second guess themselves. If it’s not for a grade, I’ll tell them I don’t want him to retake unless they’re willing to come in on their own time to test him but not during learning time.

If they aren’t for a grade, refuse to take them.

If they are for a grade, raise holy hell. They were NEVER designed to be given mid year (not all TEKS taught yet) and have a grade assigned (super low pass rate, no curve).

Or for giggles, print out the previous 2 years released EOCs and ‘study’?? them to get a perfect score ??

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

About the FL news with Gov. DeSantis ending CCSS, Thank you, but, it is a ruse. His Ex. Order won’t stop it til 2020, replaces it with fast track career paths, which is more CC.
Fox35 in Orlando (where the Gov was), also is wrong about how CC got started.
Don’t fall for the hype.
He has decried CC, but accepted ESSA. To accept ESSA is to have CC.

And a reply to this post:

That’s what I thought. What do you think they will do? I live in Tennessee, here is our problem, Chiefs for Change wrote TN ESSA plan. TN Republicans rebranded Common Core. We have awful TNREADY. the new governor and many State reps ran on getting rid of what was left of common core, they lied for votes. Then the new governor hired Penny Schwinn also from Chiefs for Change. I do not like when politicians lie and have no idea what they are talking about.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

REAL Reform? Or the Rename Game?

Cautiously optimistic about this turn of events … however a few things were conspicuously MISSING from Governor DeSantis’ executive order:

  1. Parental Control of the education & upbringing of
    their children.
  2. LOCAL Control of taxpayers over the curriculum
    and standards in county public school districts.
  3. Rejection of federal funding which is absolutely
    necessary if a state seeks to emancipate
    themselves from the federal standards.
  4. Elimination of ESSA mandated federal testing
    which will commence in April, 2019.
  5. Elimination of ESSA mandated Longitudinal Data
    Systems put in place as a requirement for Race
    To The Top grant funding & ultimately codified as
    a requirement for federal funding.

Just my 2 cents.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, an in-depth look at KS, GA, and CT. They are the latest in ‘grab for babies’ in your own home. These 3 join UT, OR, MN. The other States are in the works.
** Would you believe cortisol swabs, tracking into your teens, and personal ecosystems which leave parents?
You cannot say you haven’t been warned.

And another post from her:

Part 2 of my DeSantis statement:
I do not see how you can celebrate when the Gov clearly is going full on CCSS via “personalized learning” and College/Career Ready. Those ARE CCSS, just dressed with different names and tied to ESSA funds.

And some replies to this post:

Who from FL can give a precise pivot of what has been done, and what DeSantis plans?
For example- CT has been in Commons Core since 1998, when teachers were being trained in it – so it has been in CT earlier than most know. Common Core did not change- no modifications- just name change which everyone ignored. So we have full blown CC.
ESSA being the recent “improvement” – college and career ready- plus data collection– what is DeSantis action for developmentally appropriate academics ?

All DeSantis’ talk about “Workforce” training shows he is for the ESSA agenda. He must be called on this as well.
“Workforce training is NOT about vocational training. Rather it is a vehicle for a new governance structure that opposes free enterprise and representative government in favor of a centrally planned and managed economy. The government – in alliance with Big Business – herds unsuspecting parents and students into early workforce paths in order to crank out ready-made “widget-producers” or coders for Big Business. Rhetorical flourishes aside; this is a freedom-crushing individual liberty-stealing plan”.- JoAnn Fleming

OK, so for those of you that think he is a liar and this is false hope, what is your strategy get rid of CCS and ESSA?
Apparently the strategy for the last nine years hasn’t worked.

you know as well as I, we the people have tried with due diligence to end CCSS. You also know educrats and the CCSS Machine have ignored us. The plan is to send as much truth about CCSS to the leaders in FL. Will they see the light then? Who knows. As far as ‘negativity’ toward the news? No, it is brutal honesty. We are to call out the lies, are we not? Silence means compliance. Those of us speaking out are sick of these leaders assuming we will fall at their feet with adoration with a few words we long to hear. Talk is cheap and right now, the actions match the talk. I would much rather see real action. Only a repeal of ESSA will kill CCSS’s momentum. Even then, we have other tenacles to address.

btw Alabama had a plan under Michael Sentance and they did amend ESSA at state level per former State Board member Bettypeters but was thwarted by other State Board members

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

CommonCore activists need to FLOOD DeSantis’ office with calls and messages explaining to him how to really get rid of Common Core. If a Red State is allowed to rebrand CC and call it repeal we will be set back another 2 years.

This should be top priority for the next 30 days.

And here are the replies to this post:

Red States have already rebranded Common Core and my State Kansas we had the strongest repeal bill in the country and our Red State Conservatives tried to gut it every single year and replace it with a bill that would allow CC supporters to just rebrand and keep it in place.
It will be interesting to see if this EO by DiSantis actually happens in the Land of Jeb Common Core Bush. If they don’t replace every book then it won’t happen and you can’t even get non-Common Core math books today. It’s not as easy as passing an executive order because it is so entrenched in public education today like Obamacare in our health systems, that it will take a lot of understanding and oversight to make sure it is actually removed from the State.
Like will all of the data mining and Common Core standardized testing be removed because many of those systems have been contracted with the Feds and their corporate friends?
We shall see…

Unfortunately most “Republicans” don’t understand the issue well enough to know what needs to be repealed or to get it out of the schools or they are too in the pocket of the establishment or the Chamber of Commerce to actually do it. Most just want to use it to get votes…

Yes, it’s been designed to be very complicated . . .hard to go back . . . like putting toothpaste back into the tube!

they have had this particular plan in motion since 1992. I said particular because this crap has been going on for decades but this particular plan was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton & Marc Tucker.

Arizona did the same garbage and people still think we got rid of it ??

people think we did in Ohio and all they literally did was change the name. People will believe anything.

That’s why we refused to support any changes to our strong bill in Kansas. Republicans tried to gut our strong bill in Kansas and replace it with language from the Indiana bill that did not repeal Common Core that was passed and signed by then Governor Pence.
The EO in Florida is worse if it does not have specifics on what must be done to actually get it out of the system. Because every Republican will say it’s already repealed and not lift a finger to do anything else to actually get rid of it.

They literally just changed the name here. That’s it…

When I ask about the standardized testing that CC aligned I get the zoned out zombie look because they don’t get it

I had to step back from being involved for my own sanity after awhile because these bureaucrats are 20 steps ahead of us. I still run a Facebook group just to share information but that’s it. I spent 4 years involved in grassroots efforts. My husband was starting to get upset with me because of it consuming me. A handful of people in each state is not enough to fight the machine behind this. They are organized educrats.

the words “Common Core” are being repealed, nothing else.

they just call it _ State Learning Standards.. aka: work force development.

I know I had to dial back my involvement as well because I was gettin threatening and harassing messages and whatnot from fellow republicans for calling out their mistakes
I’m a single mom and didn’t feel safe making my kids and myself a target

in Kansas the State School Board was on one hand fighting to keep Common Core in the legislature and on the other traveling around the State having meetings saying that we don’t have Common Core, but a different curriculum they are calling Kansas Kan. It’s hard to believe that they think we are that stupid.

I’m not a bit surprised. These people are ruthless. In fact, the Common Core fight has opened my eyes to more than just education.

We have a bipartisan crisis of a threat of globalism in this country. I was one of those republicans who had no idea just who was involved in this agenda. Common Core helped open my eyes.

Yep. It opened up a bunch of eyes here in Kansas too. A huge majority of the citizens of Kansas wanted CC Repealed. We went out the last year of our fight and got thousands of petition signatures from angry parents and Republican voters when each of the last primary candidates for president came to our State. Every Kansas Republican voter in those lines aggressively wanted CC Repealed.
Our Republican leadership in the State were refusing to let the bill on the floor for a vote because it would pass until after they got the petitions. Then they hatched a plan to gut our strong bill at the last minute and put in non-repeal language. We caught and exposed them and now they are sitting at home wondering why they lost their last elections. We lost a lot of Republicans since then.

déjà vu… We had ONE rep in Ohio dedicated in fighting this along with our mainstay mom, [name redacted[ leading the fight. We got absolutely no where except kicking Pearson out of Ohio but, as usual the bureaucrats were waiting to immediately replace PARCC with AIR which are the leaders in psychological/psychometric testing to begin with.

The one positive thing that I can say is.. Rob DeSantis is publicly acknowledging that CC has been rebranded in that state and saying that he is wanting people like Sandra Stotsky to help in this process.
This is a first coming from a governor. He may just shock everyone. What a blessing this would be for the rest of the country if he follows through on this.

And another post from Shannon Joy:

‘Personalized Learning’ = MACHINE Learning.

?Your child, strapped to a computer, led through federally mandated curriculum as the system monitors their progress, sucks up personal data and builds an electronic dossier to be shared with educrats & corporatists. ?

No more teachers – only facilitators. And the goal is a human WORKFORCE to be built & controlled based on the labor projections of corporate statists. Not literacy, creativity, critical thinking or competency.

Just an FYI.

And some replies to this post:

This means that their version of homeschooling is government-issued computers and curriculum. Which is not actually homeschooling. It’s public school at home. But they make it sound so appealing when they give you a “choice” to homeschool.

you forget, there is an adult in the room…but we know nothing about content and are instructed to keep them quiet and not help or answer questions. we had 3 data collecting tests in 3 weeks..

A couple of a veteran teacher’s frustrations:
1) the groundwork that is the basis for individualized extension (read personalized) requires a personal touch
2) students crave relationships with their teachers; not with their Chromebooks
3) there is plenty of direct instruction required in how to work independently, and, in my opinion, is not occurring.
4) just as not all students are ready to read or do complex math problems at the same time, neither are all students ready to work from a computer at the same time or the same depth.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

What a scam.

actually I really liked what Greta Thunberg had to say on the issue of hope. Hope is what you get when you come together to act. Not the other way around.

Yeah. I just feel like they are using her, too. The Green New Deal is all impact investing. It will be corporate led and advance IoT surveillance of everything. But I do feel better when I am with people. It’s just hard when so many don’t have all the pieces and are pursuing tactics that seem to advance the agenda of the people we are fighting. ??

Yea, I googled the CEO that came in to help Greta…voted the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst and Young. I mean, really? E and Y cannot be trusted for anything other then profit over people and planet; agree that they’ll try and use the NGD, (and homelessness etc.) directly or indirectly, in securitization schemes (just as you write about in impact investing) the way corporate used the need for helping low income folks get housing loans, -that then turned out to be a sub prime trading frenzy. They were fraudulent with helping Lehman Brothers that crashed the economy.

These guys never sleep. They take every good thing and ruin it for the rest of us, including kids like Greta, trying to secure a future 😦

And another post that was shared in this group:

It’s Tech Week for our office! Proud to Co-Chair Blockchain Caucus. We are also re-filing our bills to make America more economically competitive for artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency currency. We must be well-positioned for the 21st Century Economy!

And some replies to this post:

How does he tie to FEPA, WIOA, ESSA, Common Core, CTE, data mining, etc?

He has a history as a friend of public education, while serving at the state level. My first thought was, “how naive”. I don’t know the answer to your question. I have met him many times and his wife was a local teacher. I’m going to need to send him a few things.

I just tweeted him a bunch of stuff, but surely he must have ties to Orlando ADL don’t you think?

This group?


ADL developed xAPI that will track anywhere lifelong learning into the cloud.

Orlando is the military office. Much of the VR / Gamification / Simulation systems are developed with DoD to test military strategies and “cultural” training, etc.

I honestly did not know they were here but looking at it, I am pretty sure I know someone who is involved.

My god. It is a horror. Elaine Raybourn spends a lot of time in Orlando working on this stuff. She’s a loaner from Sandia National Labs.

Look out in New Jersey! The LGBT Agenda is at it again:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:


A bill that would allow RISE test scores to be used on student grades will be in committee MONDAY Feb 4th!

This will result in the coercion of parents to have their students take a test that has never been validated.

Link to the bill:

Write committee members before the meeting or plan to attend to testify against the bill.

The meeting will be held at 2 PM in the House Building (northwest of the State Capitol building – 350 State St, Salt Lake City), Room 30, see map:

Committee member e-mails:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

I told ya, I told ya, I told ya. The states are pushing vouchers because the federal government wants a federal program. They knew the best way to do it was through the states. WELL HERE YA HAVE IT. You can bank on the DC voucher legislation being spread across the country in the future. Vouchers will mean ALL schools including homeschool that take voucher money (and they all will) will have to follow the federal mandates. So much for choice. You will have choice of location but no choice in what your children are taught or not taught. THIS is NOT choice. This is federal overreach again. It is how they will get ALL children into the data pipeline. It is the privatization of public education. We have warned that DeVos was for privatization . CHOICE. WHAT IS CHOICE. What choice do parents not already have? You can send your kids to private school, religious school, homeschool, Charter schools, traditional public schools. So WHAT choice do you not have????? This is not about choice. This is all about who pays for your choice and when the government pays the government makes the rules. You darn fools. WAKE UP!!! REFUSE their schemes. And the FAKE Heritage Foundation applauds DeVos.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Please read the message below I just received…

“Sources in DC tell me the Trump administration is preparing to release a major push in the next week (possibly as part of the SOTU) for a federal school choice program that would entail federal regulation of private schools. It may also affect homeschooling — that depends on how the bill is written.

The administration has put pressure on conservative organizations to support this under the banner of school choice. Some plan to openly support it because they do not fear federal regulators being able to decide under what conditions private schools can accept federal tax-credit scholarships.

Apparently nobody in the White House or Education Department has paid attention to the way the left has been treating Karen Pence’s Christian school even though it doesn’t receive any federal funds. We are in a culture where schools being Christian is enough grounds to threaten their accreditation and participation in extracurriculars such as sports.

The Obama administration blatantly rewrote Title IX to force every public school in the country to allow boys and girls into each other’s bathrooms and locker rooms. What do Trump officials think a President Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren’s education department would do with a federal school choice program? Or how many religious schools that had perhaps grown financially dependent on such a program would react to new bathroom rules or other bans on practicing their religion in their own schools?

This policy makes a freeway to speed Common Core 2.0. Republicans need to get this issue, and they simply don’t. With Democrats controlling the House, such a bill is thankfully not likely to pass. But responsive lawmakers need to be educated, especially since this push comes directly from DeVos’s office with, my source says, Sen. Ted Cruz running the bill.

All of you who have public platforms need to use them on this issue (I certainly will), be prepared to complain loud and clear on Twitter on SOTU night if this plan is released then, and all who have voices on Capitol Hill and in the White House need to complain about this to all related contacts as soon as it’s released. If you’re a Cruz constituent or know some, flood his office especially.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I am new to this page and I am sure these questions have already been answered on this page somewhere, so please forgive me…. My kids are in the 8th and 5th grades. The 5th grader is 504 dyslexic. I spoke with our testing director at our school district about opting out and I want to make sure the info I was given is correct. I was told that there is a lot of “wild info” on the web about how we have the option to opt out, but that is not true. That it is required by law that each student take the test. She did go on to say that my kids could just click “finished” and not answer any of the questions. If we went this route that they would have to be pulled to special classes to prepare for the next test because it would be considered a fail. They would have to go through this process all three times that the test is given and complete summer school to advance to the next grade due to it being SSI years. I am FIRMLY against summer school when my kids make great grades and their attendance is never a problem!! Any help is appreciated. I am gathering facts before I act due to me being a nurse in the district and feeling bullied already with just one request…🥺

And some replies to this post:

Start with fully reading Pay attention to the GPC and AI information. It will make sense once you read through the site.

I also highly recommend you read the most recent Dyslexia handbook published by the TEA. Someone published the link on this page about a week ago.

There’s no option to “opt out”, but you sure can REFUSE!
My daughter refused in 4th, 5th, 6th (and now 7th), and my son refused in 7th, 8th, Freshman, (and now Sophomore)
We did the GPC in 5th and 8th, and promoted based on core subjects.
We did not do remedial classes, accelerated instruction, any type of tutoring, or summer school.
And yes, you heard that right…. we are refusing eoc’s in high school. 🤗

Ha! She lied.

My 5th grader is not taking it and has never taken it. She will stay home and there will be a grade placement committee (if they even bother…my guess is they will just pass her on) that will move her on to 6th grade based on her grades.

It goes along with the same lies and scare tactics they tell 3rd graders…that they have to pass to go to 4th grade

Of course that’s what the school says..our school admins told me the same..they aren’t going to give permission, but it doesnt mean they are correct.

My Dyslexic with an EIP will take the test but she will only because I prefer her (or me) be hassled over it. I tell her EVERY SINGLE DAY that tests and grades do not matter to me. Our only reason to take is to gather information. It is in no way a reflection of her abilities. I may have to do a placement meeting but she will go to sixth grade and will NOT go to summer school. I think it is the parent’s responsibility to buffer their children and keep it all in perspective. But this is a life lesson that you don’t usually get to opt out or refuse just because you disagree. But you have to make decisions as to what is in your child’s best interest.

And another post from this group:

My 6th grader came home today saying that he is not allowed to take pre-algebra for 7th great if he doesn’t take the STAAR assessment. He takes all pre-AP classes right now and hasn’t taken the STAAR assessment the last two years. This doesn’t make sense 🥴. Any tips?

And the replies to this post:

As a middle school counselor, I always go with teacher recommendations first.

your school is simply trying to intimidate you into having your son take STAAR. Who does he claim told him that?

Absolutely [name redacted], I know they are. He said 7th grade counselor told him.

I hate this tactic. My 5th grader was not placed in advanced classes (not AP just regular advanced) b/c he didn’t take STAAR last year. After speaking with the counselor and looking at his straight A report card since kinder, she placed him in the advanced classes. She was very helpful and not discouraging either about the STAAR. I was surprised honestly. I hate the scare approach and that so much is based around STAAR.

Happen in my district my 6th grader is preap and her and her BFF was in gifted and talented together in elementary , the BFF didnt take staar and wasnt allowed take preap cause of no staar scores. Now my daughter is paranoid cause her math teacher just told them they had take 7th grade math staar or be in regular math

My daughter took pre-algebra 7th and now algebra 8th, so it clearly can be done. They are just being difficult.

Grand Canyon University has caved to political correctness and canceled Ben Shapiro’s speech:

I found this post from someone in Washington:

The Welcome to Washington Baby Act of 2019 is going to have a hearing in Olympia soon.

The House and Senate bills will give the state the right to send home-visiting nurses to your home to assess your newborn, your parenting skills, and observe how you care for your child/ren. Families will be required to follow or comply with the standards already in place under this Act.
This is NOT the same or comparable to having that first check up with your Dr after your child is born. This is not what that is.

The same agency that removes children from homes and places them in foster care is within the same agency that will oversee this home-visiting program.

If you’d like to attend these hearings or testify please let me know via DM.

Remember, these bills are in place at the request of the Governors Office. These were not proposed by a lawmaker, nor did a citizen request these on behalf of their lawmaker.
Governor Jay Inslee wants this legislation to pass here in WA.

***Please click on the links below and comment on the bills to let these sponsors know how you feel about this intrusion into your home and family.

***Please also call the hotline in Olympia to leave a message for your 3 legislators that you want them to VOTE NO on HB 1771 and SB 5683.


Your legislators are given these messages directly! They are given a tally of how many of their constituents support or oppose a certain bill.
Our elected officials need to hear from parents, grandparents and anyone who cares about parental rights in general. The state should not dictate how families raise and care for their children.

SB 5683

HB 1771

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I have become such a cynic. I have volunteered with Straight Streets and the first thing I thought of was what data is being collected on our homeless folks here in Orlando.
I looked at the Chapman Foundation and didn’t see any red flags but UCF may have their own agenda.

And here is a reply to this post:

Philadelphia is being set up for the first safe injection site in the US based on a Vancouver model that is a social impact enterprise. It will be paid for with private funds and my understanding is that people at UPenn are developing biometric wearables that will likely be rolled out as part of this. I know that there are very intense projects underway to count unhoused people for the census, and while I would like to believe it is for the right reasons, my hunch that it is to develop baseline data for impact investing.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

More on Sex Ed in schools

I found It’s Perfectly Normal available thru the Marion Public Library….Reducing the Risk is taught thru a PERP program to state agencies aimed at teens……PP is associated with this program

Here is a post that was shared in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota Pushes Baby-Readiness for the Workforce as Means for Infant Education by Linda Bell
From MN House testimony: “James Heckman, Nobel Laureate at the University of Chicago estimated an 8% return on early childhood programs. The rate of return to private capital in the stock market is doubled rate of return. If you invest $1 for 20 years @ 8%, you make $50.00.”[per child] Really!!!
“Essentially, Sojourner feels strongly that prenatal home visits and school by year 1 for all children is optimal for their “brain growth” and good for our state’s “economic development.”

Watch out in Idaho:

Here is another post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

BOTTOM LINE: TN Legislators sold our children’s future for money. They signed on and agreed to national standards they hadn’t even seen. They were not allowed to see the application for RTTT money so there was no way for them to know the promises that were made. Would you buy a house without seeing the house, knowing how much it would cost, would the house truly meet the needs of your family? No you wouldn’t but our TN legislators signed on to something without knowing anything about it. Again, bottom line the driver here was MONEY not education. Our House and Senate Education committees should be ashamed for what they have done and many of them are still holding elected office. They lied to us, they deceived us and they are still lying and deceiving to this very day. The new TN standards were rebranded Common Core standards and where we did make changes according to the 2 top rated standard experts in the country the changes were worse than the original Common Core standard if that is possible. This evaluation of our new standards was sent to every TN legislature and it was totally ignored. It is time to drain the swamp right here in Tennessee. This board member is also right about Charters. Another lying, deceptive scheme. From 2010: Only 3 Senators voted against this scheme. Sen. Mae Beavers (she said it was a violation of the 10th Amendment) Sen. Thelma Harper (she said it would destroy public education) Sen. Morano (sp?..said it was an assault on teachers and teachers stood by her and she will stand by them). H/T Tennessean, Karen Bracken

And yet another post from this group:

I am VERY CONCERNED about these bills for Birth to 3 years old popping up in the House and now in the Senate! New ones today authored by Carla Nelson (R-Rochester). All weekend, I’ve been reading not just the bills but those who are invited to testify before committee. Unlike the bills, which will give expansive funding to accomplish this task, the intent from invited testifiers is to place ALL infants in schools for “child development purposes” and “the benefit of the workforce.” We are well within a time frame where these kinds of bills will definitely damage various kinds of school options. Privitization and government are working hand-in-hand. The cookie-cutter system continues to taking shape! Keep your eyes open. Action coming soon!

Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Join the Rally tonight —

DougCo Residents, Elected Leaders to Protest School Board for Silencing Community Reaction to Controversial Teacher

WHEN: Tonight at 5:30 pm
WHERE: DougCo Schools administration building
620 Wilcox St, Castle Rock

Residents are furious after Mountain Ridge Middle School teacher and union leader, Michelle Grissom, publicly tweeted about a student from Covington Catholic a rally in Washington, DC being a member of the “Hitler Youth” and attempting to instigate an online mob against a child.

Several DougCo residents signed up for public comment during the Jan. 22nd Board of Education meeting to complain about Ms. Grissom’s behavior, but school board prohibited them from speaking. Board President David Ray cut the mic of a parent and Castle Rock resident for speaking the teacher’s name while addressing the district’s social media policies. Ray then had him escorted out by law enforcement.

Residents are protesting the strident behavior of Ms. Grissom and the condensing reaction of the school board. Community members are demanding an apology from the board, action taken against Ms. Grissom and clarity around DCSD’s social media policy.

And another post from this group:

Gov Polis has a grand plan for free kindergarten…. however it will cost our tax $$ to pay for it. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Let’s call it for what it is 💰💰

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Not related, but I’m not sure who else to ask. [Name redacted] was helping the school library today. She was asked to check copyright dates and if the book was older than 2000 and is not checked out regularly, they get destroyed. She is in Davis County. Has anyone heard of this? I don’t understand why they would destroy a book instead of just giving them away if they are not used.

And some replies to this post:

Yes it happens and it is sad

This happens in other places, too. They want space for more current books. I think sometimes they get sold for super cheap, rather than destroyed. The classics get replaced by popular, but not worthwhile books.

When you have government controlled libraries, they do whatever they want. Citizens should really try to read books before 1920 because you have a lot of REVISIONIST history going on.

The government controlled libraries pick and choose those books which will help push their agenda. They purchase books that you would NEVER ever checkout, I am referring to immoral books, but yet, they are using your tax dollars to BUY THEM!

These are some reasons why the government should NOT be involved in education or libraries!

That is so sad! I think my local library tries to sell them cheap to raise money.

this is at her elementary school library. I can’t see why they wouldn’t give them to the students to take home or donate them in some way. Such a waste.

Ohh, ok. That is sad. I know our schools threw away a lot of older textbooks this last summer. Someone actually found them and were giving them away to homeschoolers.

They should give them away to the title 1 schools to giveaway to their students. You hear of so many that don’t own their own books. Having them on hand can only help. Community centers with a large refugee population would be another good place.

They want to change social culture, history and behavior.

Yes, you are correct!

Gotta make room for more minecraft books………..

There are so many classics that are older I have tried to check out at the library and they don’t have them. When I ask for them, they look up the publication date and tell me, “oh that’s old! We don’t usually carry books that old (except for a few of the well known ones they use in school regularly). We try to stick more recently published books.” I was APPALLED. Is this not what a library is for? To preserve and stock all kinds of books and information from all eras?

yep i am hoarding good vintage books and curriculum once i purchase them

same here!

I think they may be reasoning that older books could be obtained for free or cheap online so having newer more popular literature would better increase literacy access. I disagree of course but can see how cheap and convei $4 books off of amazon and books before 1920 made free through kindle would make it harder for libraries to comptete.

I understand trying to change them out for newer stuff – especially if it’s popular series that help get kids to read. My issue is that they destroy them. They could easily donate them to any number of charitable causes or students. I’m hoping to hear back from the district on this issue.

That is so Farnheit 451. Creepy!

A school teacher told me I should not be teaching my kids to read with old books, “because they are just OLD!” In my opinion, the older, the better!

Scary. The scriptures are pretty old – but I account my oldest’s reading ability in part due to us reading them together. Now my 1st grader gets mad if I don’t wake her for scripture reading because she wants to be part of it and read too.

Love our old books and what they teach.

If interested, contain older brooks you can purchase or some of them have been put online for free. Marlene Peterson of “Well Educated Heart” has spent numerous hours collecting stories. This is a homeschooling group and it is awesome!

And another post from this group:

ATTENTION: Please contact your state legislators, esp House members to begin with, and ask them to VOTE NO on HB118, Incentives for Statewide Assessments (aka we’re going to make it really, really hard for parents to tell their kids they don’t want them to take the new RISE or ASPIRE tests–formerly SAGE). So much for inalienable, parental rights. Should this bill pass, RISE/ASPIRE scores CAN be used for grades or advancement. Students who TAKE these tests CAN be rewarded which means that a student who doesn’t take the test is at a disadvantage. So much for caring about kids with learning disabilities or special needs or anxiety. AND this means we are willing to submit to all things which the state assessment system deems necessary for our kids—parents’ rights are only allowed as long as the state thinks they are important. If you disagree with the educational plan the state of Utah has determined for your kid, well too bad! High anxiety? Stress? Well, make sure you get an IEP or a 504. You, as a parent, know NOTHING about what your child needs. And teachers? Support for this bill just means everything is dependent on the testing. Tying teacher pay to these evaluations will come back when it’s tied to federal dollars.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texans Beware: The Full Texas Senate is on board with the “Medicalization of Education” All have signed onto SB 63 and now SB10.

Please take the time to read Anita Hoge’s article linked below:

“We are witnessing today what could be described as the grandest expansion of the Nanny State in the history of America. We believe this expansion to be one of the most diabolical, intricate, and subversive schemes to plague the landscape of American public policy toward Socialism.
This atrocity is “The Medicalization of Our Schools.”

A view from the classroom of today would astound onlookers that mental health and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions have replaced academics. With these wrap-around mental health services and interventions into personalities, values, beliefs, and dispositions at school, teachers are expected and forced to monitor and collect personal behavioral data on our children that has nothing to do with education. Data is collected, logged into state longitudinal data systems, shared, and ultimately, exposes our children to ‘surveillance capitalism.’ This personal data is freely given and used by outside contractors, foundations, and businesses to create software, curricula, activities, and programs that delve into changing the personal qualities of children and their families according to a government set of objectives. Schools represent a “captive audience” and as such, prime targets for social policy change.”

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Rosemary Stein MD

Parents: Teach your children to follow the money. In North Carolina, the Superintendent of Public Instruction took the maximum donation from pro Common Core Democrat Michael Bloomberg and his Teach fro America daughter. It should be of no surprise that Common Core is still destroying the lives of North Carolina children. It would be interesting to follow the money when the North Carolina Board of Education, under the leadership of Bill Cobey, refused to vote out Common Core. You will remember that the republicans ran on defunding Planned Parenthood. However, when it came time to vote, they refused to do so. Follow the money. Our country deserves better leadership. You are going to have to take your duty to vote seriously. To save America, we must save one child at a time. Join the cause. Invite a friend.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Question: my 7th grader (With no accommodations) has been told there will be no paper test for Math STAAR this year (and I believe Reading STAAR as well). I am wondering if this is a change across all of 7th grade in TX or just a change at my child’s school. Also, are parents able to request paper administration? My daughter has a hard time taking online math assessments and is very anxious about this change. Thank you.

And some replies to this post:

I just said this! Like how do you know all kids can use computers well? ??.

Like you are used to testing on paper and how do they know their isn’t glitches?

This will be a VERY common thing with most schools. Computer-based assessments are cheaper, and pretty much everything about STAAR revolves around money in some way or another. Also, computer-based assessments encourage the sort of posh, over-paid administrative positions that are all the rage these days within large districts–who needs to deal with kids when you could pull down six figures while setting up old laptops and sending out mass emails telling classroom teachers about some Google Classroom feature they’ve already been using for the past three months?

Most of your kids’ teachers will be on your side. I’ve been a part of two different teams now that have repeatedly pushed for paper tests, as our kiddos invariably perform much better in that format (it’s not just your kid), only to be shot down for vague lip-service reasons.

Go to the admins and insist on a paper test option. Rock the boat. Make waves. Go to your school board. Annoy them. Parents are the only thing admins and board members are actually afraid of.

Computerized testing is being pushed more and more. The accomodations on the computer are different than paper tests and one could argue that they are better. As a teacher, I do not recommend computer testing for math assessments. Students generally do poorer. Computers can and have led to problems on testing days. Even if everything gets sorted out, it doesn’t mean that students are not stressed and frustrated. These can lead to poorer performance. If your student does not have the option to take the test in any other format, I would insist that they get proper training and practice on several occassions to feel comfortable with the technology including how to use the online tools like monitor adjustments, highlighters, and reading assistance tools if available.

I’ve done both math and ELA, and it’s the same for both. Something about computer-based testing leads to poorer performance regardless of the subject matter. When I taught high school ELA, I’d see students leave the entire essay section blank, despite months of preparation. Now that I’m teaching math, it’s the same sort of thing–computer-based assessments feel irrelevant to students for some reason (probably because they’re a lot smarter than any of these test-loving buffoons think) and lead to poorer scores.

One could argue the accommodations are better, but the TEA would actually have the research, just like when they tested their ELL accomodations and found they made no difference to the ELL student performance. Gee thanks. And who does the use of computer impact most? Lower income families with less everyday access to computer technology. Typical STAAR thinking. Let’s find more way to label lower income schools and students.

yes! She almost always gets A’s in math and they did their last test on the computer and she got a 75. She was devastated.

I was hearing about this, too! Usually A’s for mine but she made an 80 on that test they took online. She was so upset and said doing it on the computer was so much harder than with pencil and paper. It doesn’t seem to bother her much for ReLa but she hated it for math and said she knew she would have done better if it had been a traditional test. She and I both are so upset they have chosen to do the STAAR this way this year. ??

I should have stated that my daughter has no accommodations. Maybe this it’s just a district decision to have all the seventh graders take it on the computer…they did a math test last week on the computer. She usually gets high grades in Math and she got a 75. She had been getting great scores on the preceding homework. She was devastated.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

years ago I was at a HS conference and HSLDA had a booth directly across from where the booth I was helping with was. This was maybe 2013? Anyway, o heard one of their well known folks misleading several families who stopped by about how safe they were from CCSS. The lady’s booth I was helping with had made me promise not to bring up CCSS. So there I am, listening to all the lies, and not able to speak. When the HSLDA folks left for lunch, they left out free resources. So I wandered over and looked at the publications. The CCSS one was awful. In it was CTE, Career paths, dual enrollment, early college..and more. I knew then every stinking bit was CCSS.

And here are some replies to this post:

Interesting! I also was manning a booth for MACC in 2014 at our MACHE conference in MN. I went to visit the HSLDA booth and talk a bit of course bringing up CCSS. I had spoken 1 hour earlier to a packed room of 350 people and they had had to turn away another 200 I was told. So there was great interest and HSLDA lead did talk with me but seemed not to know very much. Later, the two younger men (teens/early 20) assistants for HSLDA who were helping came over to my booth and stated, “You know, HSLDA isn’t really working against Common Core.” And so, that’s why I’ve never trusted their AP program online, etc.

AP is a sell out, too. Look at the Leadership of said group, then know an agenda all their own links to DC. As proved by the appearance during School Choice Week.

Well, now we have Trump speaking about choice in his speech last night. Don’t we have enough problems without getting into another??? Is Charlotte Iserbyt writing anymore??

not sure if she is. Yes, Trump has always had a skewed Ed agenda. His pick of Pence proved that.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

If policy makers in Utah pass HB118 they will have to admit one of two things, that they favor a national curriculum or that they are unqualified to set education policy because the have no understanding of how it will affect the system.

The claim is that Utah “writes” its own standards (despite the observable fact that they are identical in many respects to national standards) and that even where they are aligned, they are “just” standards, but…

If tests based on nationally-aligned standards can be used for valid course credit, we already have a national curriculum.

If they are not an assessment of course curriculum then giving academic credit for them is not a valid educational practice but an unethical political nudge to ensure we do adopt a uniform national curriculum.

The saddest part is there are way too many who couldn’t explain in the first place why in the history of America the idea of a national curriculum was antithetical to the rights of conscience, academic freedom, and pluralism that was at the heart of everything this country stood for regardless of political party.

And here are the replies to this post:

I listen to the proposal. When it was stated (not verbatim)“teachers may choose not use the test scores because it’s not relevant to what they are learning…” wow! Since when do teacher not teach what is relevant to year end tests?

Side note but still an honest question because I’m not understanding: how are there national standards without a national curriculum?

there isn’t really. But it’s what they claim. I’ve compared it to a prison. “You’re not chained! You can go anywhere you want… as long as it’s within the four walls of this cell.” This latest policy just exposes the charade for what it really is.

In other words, when our state is required to use a a nationally-aligned test that determines our funding, it puts a couple prison walls around us.
Our state education plan, according to ESSA, must be personally approved by the federal department of education– or we lose our funding. There’s another wall. It turns out they do have an agenda with this — one of those federal state plan requirements is for 95% of students to take the nationally -aligned test –which was un-piloted, not age-appropriate, is unavailable for either parents or teachers to review, and was not tested to see if it’s a valid test of what it hopes to test.
Utah parents have been objecting to this test, and last year a little more than 5% of students were opted out. So our state superintendent wrote a letter asking for a waiver to the 95% participation requirement. It was denied.

Who has the power to control Utah education?

If our legislators cave and write law incentivizing participation in this test, it shows they prioritize federal control of education, rather than parental say.

Prioritizing federally-aligned tests means school time is used to teach to it. That makes it a defacto educational standard.

This appears to be a way to force K-12 Schools to use Federal Standards regardless if the State accepts federal funding. All the Federal Department of Education has to do in the future, is tell Colleges if want to continue getting federal assistance, research grants, or get Title IV status/funding, or government-backed student loans, or anything really, they can only accept k-12 transcripts that contain those classes the Federal DOE has pre-approved.

In other words, you can graduate from High School, but not all of your classes will be accepted by your College unless your classes were already pre-approved by the Federal DOE. By forcing Colleges into only accepting K-12 classes the Federal Government has preapproved, the Federal DOE controls everything being taught. This would allow the FED to control the classroom content without having to use money going forward.

I believe this is the Federal Governments ultimate goal. They eventually see States being pressured by the residence to stop taking Federal funding. This would allow the Federal DOE to continue to control content by taking those State k-12 funds and put them into Higher Education, which in turn forces the Colleges to comply with whatever the Federal DOE requires, including telling local K-12 school boards, if you are not following Federal Guidelines we will not accept your graduating students.

Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government authority to be involved in Education? It doesn’t, so the Governor and State legislature need to declare NULLIFICATION, we will not obey this USURPATION of power that was NEVER granted!

You’re right, and they’ve never forced it. It’s all been done by grants/bribes. Utah could, today, refuse to go along with this and the consequence would be that we wouldn’t get a small percentage of “our” federal funds for which the testing is a condition. This current bill is Utah VOLUNTARILY giving up parental rights currently protected in state law to get the money. It’s selling our birthright for a mess of pottage. Two other states got their funds with much higher opt outs than Utah – 19% in New York compared to Utah’s 6% – because they said they’d send one set of numbers to the feds but for the purposes of accountability at the state level they won’t factor in the opt outs. This is better for schools and teachers and makes it so they don’t feel pressure to bully kids into the tests for school grades. Utah could have done this too, but those pushing this bill caved before even trying despite the valiant efforts of a few good board members.

Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

For anyone wanting the 5 page document exposing the shifty rebrand game currently making headlines.
This document of mine has been requested all over the nation. It is being shared with elected officials, school boards, and concerned citizens.
As I pointed out yesterday on Shannon Joy’s radio show, no State can wait a year.
*** Sen. Alexander (TN) lacks only ONE piece of legislation to complete the cradle to grave career tracking, HEA (Higher Ed Act).
**Every bit of the CCSS is in the plan FL has laid out. A federal end CCSS bill is also a shell game for Fed vouchers. CT’s proposal to end CCSS is only in the early stages, but is backed by Workforce Ed sellouts.
**Every bit of THAT is in the HEA, WIOA, and, ESSA.
We cannot simply trust these leaders have our students as a priority.

Watch out in South Carolina! Your legislature appears ready to sell you out to be data-mined:

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This was reported from a parent in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Ypsilanti Middle Academy and High school is near Ann Arbor.

The narrative below was posted in the Choose to Refuse Common Core Facebook group.
The link provided is the district’s Facebook page.

The school’s vision is to be “the first choice for an exceptional cradle-to-career education.” This is the mantra of the CCS agenda. ??

****EDITED to add: I looked back on the parent’s other posts and realized that she is a member of the school board. I think the school administrators are not being honest in their response to concerns parents and citizens. They most likely were scared from the complaint from a member on the school board and changed the itinerary when she called to complain. I wonder if she has a copy of the original itinerary for the event.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

The bills that will remove our ELECTED State School Board & replace it with a 9 member board APPOINTED by the governor is on the agenda for MONDAY Feb 11th at 3:40 PM.

There are two parts to this which requires both a bill & a resolution to pass. The bill provides the details, the resolution sends it to the voters because it will require a Utah Constitution Amendment in order to pass the bill into law. We need to stop it in the legislature.

If this is allowed to pass we will lose our voice as parents in education. When a State Board is no longer accountable to their constituents, they will simply rubber stamp anything the governor or the federal government tell them to.

Please come to the committee meeting! It will be held in the House Building at the State Capitol Room 30.
Map to the building (Rm 30 is downstairs):
Parking map:…/capitolhillcomplex2014.…

Write the committee members & urge them to vote NO on HB242 & HJR13!

Committee info:…

Committee e-mails:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Links to the bills:

Language from HB242 describing the appointment process:

Current members would serve out their term and once membership drops below 9 members, the governor will begin to appoint, with the consent of the Senate.

And here are some replies to this post:

What is maddening about this is that because of the political leanings of the majority of the elected board, they basically rubber stamp what comes from the feds anyway. They have lost the notion that their role is to DIRECT the State Office of Education and do the bidding of parents

If they do this, what is the point of HAVING the board?!

Who is Ballard? Seems this Representative is voting all the wrong ways? I thought this original idea was from Dan McCay? Do you think Ballard got it from him? Whoever it is, needs to be schooled quickly on how Governor- appointed school boards is how Utah got entrenched in Common Core and all the ESSA mandates in the first place, and we only recently were able to change it! We also need to put a moritorium on any Legislation being brought up about this in the future as this is getting hard to fight every year!

When you have voting by mail, the government is choosing the representatives, that is why they are pushing citizens into this type of voting system by eliminating or drastically reducing the polling locations.

No one is addressing VBM issue, why? Our Utah Constitutional right to a “secret ballot” in Article 4, Section 8 is being destroyed. The “secret ballot” is a pillar of a Republic form of government.

See left column of the below picture on the very bottom.

Also, if we were a LIBERTY minded people and representatives, there would be NO government controlled education!

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

I wrote this 4 years ago. The book referred to is The Cult of Common core by Brad Mcqueen.

Our Children

I was told by a teacher if I couldn’t afford to put my kids in private school. …to just accept it because it is the law.

A lot of teachers do not like it, but are forced to teach it or risk losing their job.

Teachers knew nothing about it and were told to just accept it and teach it.

A teacher in Arizona went to the conference in Chicago in 2 0 1 0 to get some knowledge about it and develop the standards. He was told to stop asking questions.

This same teacher had a question about a student writing sample. He was told, “We don’t ever care what the kids opinions are. If they write what they think or put forth their opinion they will fail the test. “

This teacher states: ” I have always taught my students to think for themselves. They are to study multiple views on a given topic, then take their own position and support it with evidence. He was told, “That is the old way of writing. We want students to repeat the opinions of the experts that we expose them to on the test. This is the new way of writing. “

It is bank rolled by Bill Gates.

It is….Common Core.

If any of you really know me, you know when I feel something is wrong, I will speak out for the truth. This is how I was raised both at school and at home. I was taught that one didn’t just do what one was told if it was wrong. Those who fought in war fought for our right to oppose….not appease the wrong.

Common core testing begins this year. I would encourage parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to learn about Common core for themselves. Don’t take the media opinion or even mine. Research and be open minded about it.

We owe it to our children, our country, and our future.

The teacher I mentioned wrote a book about his experiences. Books are a good place to start.

Thank you for reading this.

Here is another post that was shared in this group:

Yesterday one of my daughters was doing some online homework for Lone Peak Highschool and told me she was uncomfortable with the questions. I helped her through the questions which unfortunately were very inappropriate for public schools to be asking children in high school in my opinion. There were a lot of questions regarding whether these students like people who are gay more or less than those that are straight. Very inappropriate in my mind. I helped her through the survey and for nearly every question I had to tell her to choose not to answer the inappropriate questions. I took a couple of screen shots (I should have taken more of them).

Tell me if you think it is appropriate for schools to ask kids these types of questions.

And here are some replies to this post:

What class was this for?

I believe it is for Sociology

I’d find out the purpose and who has access to this info. before I got too upset. A single teacher should not be asking these questions. What is the data used for and by whom?

they also asked questions about religious beliefs. I don’t think there are too many people that I want knowing all this info about my daughter.

Aside from learning techniques and standardized testing, this is unfortunately what common core is all about — psychological assessments to determine how/where students will fit into society as they grow older and enter the workforce. It is most likely the reason Bill Gates has poured so much money and effort into common core and why everything is technology based (Google Docs and Google Drive track students even outside of the classroom). I would strongly advise opting out of Common Core so you and your children can flat out refuse tests like this. There are FB groups you can join for more info. When the time comes, I’ll be opting mine out.

We refuse to do those surveys!! They have them in Ks. My granddaughter was handed one and just sat there in class and handed it in/submitted it blank

It’s all part of SEL…. embedded in Every Student Suceed Act passed by Congress…”they” want to change your child’s attitudes and beliefs so they line up with UNESCO…

Data mining.

Can you imagine if they asked
if you were born into a family that was taught to believe in God?
Were you taught to pray? How often?
Do you still consider yourself a Person of Faith…?
Has your beliefs changed from when you were born?
And if at the end they DEBRIEFED YOU and said…
: you probably are more agnostic, than a true believer, your answers indicate you struggle with principles of an all knowing being, since He does not intervene in suffering you are not sure He exists…etc
Based on your answers…you get “debriefed” about your religious preferences?
Wow. It is horrific.
I can’t believe some parents think this ability to question students like this…is good…is wow. Not okay.
Schools interviening or trying to educate you and debrief you in matters of HOW YOU THINK about any subject…is terrifying.
Subjective education is NOT education at all.

You all know you can opt out of the standardized teste right? My kids do not take these tests ever! I do sllow them to take the MAPS testing.
I never let them because of the strees fir kuds, and teachers are punished with these tests.

I don’t play ball with MAPS testing anymore either…doing the usual BS data mining (jumping to ridiculous conclusions) inappropriately with our children with this one now too.

I mean seriously…??

Social engineering/social emotional learning and behavior modification.

For the information of any who are interested, this survey is called and IAT which stands for Implicit Association Test. It is entirely anonymous and was created by Harvard. This means that the teacher of this class has no way to access her students results. In my training to be a teacher we have focused extensively on multicultural education. It is important to be aware of different cultures, even if you don’t agree with them. Sociology is the exact class I would expect this to come up in.

Please research data mining.
It’s not the teacher anyone is worried about.

They are COLLECTING THE INFORMATION and it WILL be in the child’s RECORD!!!
Depending how the child answers, if they don’t like the answer they WILL COUNSEL the child until properly INDOCTRINATED!!!

This is their means of “changing the child. ” The point of school today under Common Core is mindset-shaping away from traditional, family, patriotic, biblical values and toward the government-approved mindset of social justice ideology. Bit by bit. Drip. Drip. Drip. Save her while you can.

This perversion doesn’t stop just with sex Ed. They are also destroying the history of our nation. They are now teaching globalism. Parents need to watch very carefully what they are teaching. They truly are not interested in educating your children. Propaganda and reeducation.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

NEW from the DFEReady Colorado Stands on Children to Succeed Campaign and

….The Colorado Moneyball for Government “Education Leadership Council” 2030 plan for K-12 education as workforce training .. “competencies”.

When you read this remember Dear Hillary and Betsy Devos’ creation of a joint Dept of Ed/Workforce idea? ….and ESSA pathways to Competency Based Education and k12 workforce data badges? Colorado came up with this plan all on their own?… wonder how many states might have 95% similar plans. 😦

Powerpoint presented to State Board Thurs Feb 14, 2019:

From 58 page Report CBE…”Competency-Based Education & School Finance: Lessons from Online and Community-Based Courses. …innovative approaches to relevant, experiential learning opportunities and social emotional learning, shifting away from the focus on seat time. Relevant research, studies, and resources”

ROI…”Establish monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that education funding is directly spent on meeting its intended student outcomes and, to the extent possible, share return-on-investment information with all stakeholders.”

REPLACE TEACHERS? …”Consider the cost increases, savings, or reallocations associated with responsive systems, in terms of different staffing models, technology needs, advisor roles, professional learning, etc. •Continuously learn from the implementation of various agile learning models with the goal of determining the best use of resources for developing agile learners.”

“Research also confirms that children and youth who participate in well-structured and well-implemented community programs and activities reap a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas—academic, social/emotional, prevention, and health and wellness.11The ELC’s Community and Family Partnerships Subcommittee focused on strategies that will allow communities of various demographics and areas of need to leverage family, community, and school partnerships in order to meet students’ essential needs. Discussions included topics such as the expansion of two-generation policies and ractices, learning more about integrated service models, like community schools, and facilitating community asset mapping in order to provide wraparound services for school communities.
…Nurture students’ physical, mental, social, and emotional health [and collect SEL data beacuse…] “According to the McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030, the need for basic cognitive skills and physical and manual skills will be far outpaced by the need for technological skills, higher cognitive skills and social and emotional skills.”

…The near future includes a wide array of jobs that do not currently exist, and technological advances ensure the loss of many jobs that do. As a result, lifelong learning has become essential, and our education system will need to support seamless and frequent re-entry. If the state of Colorado is to prepare its students for these changing workforce and learning demands, it must invest more in the educational attainment of all Coloradans at every level.17Even now, there are multiple educational pathways to good jobs:preparation inhigh school; postsecondary apprenticeships, certifications, and associate degreesthat lead to middle-skills professions;and careersrequiring at least a bachelor’s degree.18Each has value and deserves support. We must also address the persistent achievement and postsecondary attainment gaps associated with race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. A system that works for the future is one that works for all Coloradans. It is imperative for Colorado to leverage industry and cross-sector partnerships to bolster student-learning experiences and ensure that every student is prepared for successful transitions. Whether entering the workforce with a relevant industry credential…citing Marc Tucker’s “Building Blocks for a World-Class Education System”.

Be sure to look at the Gates Funded folks on the Committees and in the Acknowledgement section.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Happening in Pennsylvania! Be on the watch for the compulsory age to eventually go lower. It doesn’t have to happen this year in every state. The states have the grant money already and are legislating to implement the federal policies of prenatal home visits, Universal preschool and, in some cases like Minnesota, Baby Birth to 3 education.

And here is the post that was quoted below:

Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing for a younger school start age. He’s hoping to lower the legal age children have to start 1st grade to 6-years-old. Right now PA doesn’t require kids to start first grade until they’re 8-years-old. Click the link to read more:

And here are some replies to this post:

What’s wrong with requiring school before 8? Key brain development occurs between 0 and 5 and some kids are not getting help at home. Unfortunately, some kids’ problems and abuse are being hidden at home.

Compulsory age in most states is still at 7, like Minnesota, not 8. If you’re speaking of kindergarten at 5, then 6 in first grade and 7 in second grade, yes, our society has been herded this direction and accepted it. However, requiring school at birth or the first birthday is akin to what statists and dictators had planned. We can easily see that throughout history as the little children were brought into systematic education well, it certainly sends up a red flag. Reminder: MACC is for local control not international or federal control over the states. We feel that parents, teachers, schools are the best deciders as they are closest to the community and kids. “Key brain development occurs between 0 and 5 and some kids are not getting it at home,” sounds a bit like what all the corporate foundations, non-profit think tanks are promoting. These ideas are fluid throughout our communities and nation because they’ve been heavily marketed. You certainly raise a plethora of questions for me. These ideas are coming through federal grants which will have to be implemented. It has no authentic springboard from the public here in Minnesota. These decisions are being made far, far away. Are you advocating placing all 1st year babies or babies at birth into schools or institutions?

At birth? This article is talking about kids starting at 6. I would think that this would require parents to either have kids in school or be homeschooling them by the age of 6. Eight years old seems a little late to me.

Oh, no. Perhaps I conflated two issues. But check me! I believe they’re talking about the compulsory age decreasing to 6 years old. The reason for my alarm is because we are seeing compulsory ages going down to match the agendas across the country to bring in prenatal home visits for everyone to the child’s 3rd birthday and baby birth to 3 in schools and head starts. These are bills now at our MN legislature being considered due to federal grants which the MDE and MHD have accepted. The compulsory ages will continue to get lower and lower to match all these bills based on grants.

This short article describes the ideology being pushed throughout the business world into acceptance of infants on up in schools.

I personally don’t want the government in my home for “the good of the herd.”. You can catch abuse by being a good neighbor and active in your community.

science says 7 or 8 is ideal. Mostly play before that age is best for the growing mind.

Here is a post from someone from New Hampshire:

SB 196, Relative to Non-Academic Surveys in Schools:
The full Senate will vote on the bill Thursday, February 14
WHY: SB 196 would roll back a 2017 law protecting student privacy and parental rights. Instead of giving parents the right to “opt-in” before a non-academic survey is administered to their children in school, it would switch to an “opt-out” policy – meaning that if a parent doesn’t actively say NO, the school will administer the survey to the student. Read Cornerstone’s written testimony here

Urge your State Senator to overturn the committee
recommendation of “ought to pass with amendment” and instead vote INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.

IF you sent testimony to the Committee, please forward that to you State Senator.

Here is a post from someone from New York:

Does anyone have a Saratoga Springs High School students that was given, or asked to
fill this form out today or yesterday? We have been contacted by multiple parents with children in varying classes and grades that were given this. We have also been told when a student posted this on social media he was called to Principal Tsao’s office and forced to take it off of his social media. We also have been sent a video, but do not want to post it and call out one teacher when there were many that distributed this.

We have concerns that some of the information on here including religion and sexual orientation are private issues. Even more concerning is the use of the term “Retard” which is offensive. Lastly, some of the questions seem poised to highlight issues regarding confidence in teens.


Saratoga Springs City School District
Saratoga TODAY Newspaper
The Daily Gazette of Schenectady
WTEN News Radio 810 & 103.1 WGY WRGB CBS 6 News, Albany John Gray- Journalist & Writer

And some replies to this post:

This is in conjunction with data mining…All of these questions are being asked in many Michigan Schools ..yet people don’t care.. The school system has indoctrinated Children for decades….and its in full speed ahead with ObamaEd… Parents should be bombarding their State. Capitals and not expecting a handful of Patriots to do the work for them without support.. This and so many other teachings are being used to control you government indoctrinated child.. wake up

maybe some parents should go the the principles office … I would already be there

Social engineering…proving to them that there is bias in the world…someone attached “grades” to each of these conditions

I dont think this is very productive… its creating a victim mentality…. This is telling young kids whether they are “privileged” or not…. this is then going to make the kids who get the “un-privileged” score self-esteem drop. How is that good? Also what does any of this have to do with school? And learning? You can shove this down their throats but you dont teach them how to balance a check book, change a tire, or file taxes ya know important adult thing?!

that’s not the purpose of school. Do you imagine the olden academic institutions teaching how to repair a wagon wheel? No. Those “adulting” skills have always come from living, not academics ffs. Stop expecting academic institutions to teach life skills that’s LITERALLY NOT THEIR PURPOSE.
School is for book learnin’, theoretical knowledge, not tires or taxes or balancing checkbooks per se.

if this was a basic survey without a scoring system and it was optional, I wouldn’t see an issue. now, to base this paper on a scoring system to find out about being privileged or not is absurd. my child would not be made to fill this out. instead, I would have them respond with a letter including a couple sentences for each question that stated how they feel about the topic and maybe stop bullying by finding out where the most division is or something. but to make it all about judgement is ridiculous.

Someone mentioned to me that Indiana is also trying to push for mandatory kindergarten:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Pittsford parents & students invited to explore their white supremacy at this feel-good seminar sponsored by the PTSA!

This is for people who identify as white racists ONLY … so as not to offend people of color.

Good times.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Warriors, HR 280 from OH Rep. Beatty..will data track 5-21 yr olds in every youth sports group. In the name of injury prevention. National streamlined collaboration with said data, too.

Here is another post from Shannon Joy:

The point of a school board is to represent the taxpayers of Rochester. To simply dissolve the people’s representation and hand a public entity to Mayor Warren (aka Cuomo) is a complete bastardization of representative government.

Sadly – this kind of self imposed castration by locally elected school board members is all too common in NY and across the country.

The answer (imperfect as every political answer is) is MORE local control, neighborhood schools with parents & teachers in charge. Get Albany OUT of our classrooms.

And another post from her:

This headline is not accurate.

Every charter school is Common Core compliant to my knowledge.

If they say they’ve ditched it they are misleading you. They way to find the truth is to call the school and ask them if they’re administering the federal testing. Eventually they will admit they are. I’ve done it a dozen times with ‘Classical Curriculum’ charters. While they might be slightly less hostile to conservative America they are absolutely 100% compliant with ‘federal college & career standards’ AKA Common Core.

Charters have to administer the CC tests each spring and collect gross amounts of data in order to be eligible for federal funds. If they’ve tweaked the way they teach phonics that’s fine … but overall they are absolutely drenched in federal curriculum.

Just an FYI.

Here is a post from an anti-Commmon Core group:

our kids just had a survey- no notice to parents- 8th graders…supposedly college info…what do you want to go to college for, where etc…but hidden within it it was a lot of questioning regarding religious affiliations, “health care” needs, and lgbtq stuff….parents had no notification at all…and it’s a third party survey. My 8th grader said that in small print on bottom it stated that info would not be sold etc…yet it doesn’t need to be sold, they just acquired it free of charge through a survey…and much of the info asked should be privacy protected- so why are third party groups allowed to come in and “host” surveys to our students?

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Breaking news:
Dreaded CCSS “queen”, Linda Darling Hammond is new CA Ed Head!

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

SIGN of the TIMES! “P” to “E” to “B”. When MACC was organized in 2013, all the grants were P-5 or P-20. “P” stands for preschool. Then within a year, grants went to “E” for early learning. Even one of our legislative committees was named “E-12 Education Policy.” Now the grants are for “B” for birth. This is the announcement for the Preschool Development Grant PDG B-8 and how much each start was awarded. December 2018.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I think all of the 14 NAY votes on HB118 “Incentives for Statewide Assessment Performance” deserve our heartfelt thank you’s! If you have a chance, please write a quick thank you e-mail.

Click on their names to get their contact info:

And here is a reply to this post:

Susan Pulsipher is too stuck in Obama’s ESSA- after I warned her a few months ago at a town hall, and she acted like she knew nothing about it, then come to find out she’s a CO-SPONSOR! Once pro-Federal Education implimentation, always pro-Federal education implimentation! She needs to be CALLED out!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

I ask you to please listen to the video below to hear for yourself about the real threats facing students in classrooms from Pre-K through the Workforce across America and how it ties specifically to Texas via Gov. Abbott’s Fast tracked SB10. Then, please click “Share” because either FB is blocking me from sharing or someone who does not want this information out is reporting me to FB. This would be a good video to send to Texas Senators and Representatives and their staff so they understand the full picture of what is happening instead of bowing down to the wishes of Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

And here are some replies to this post:

The COST for SB 10?
The Fiscal note for SB 10 states…
“The cost, timing, and institutional recipients of the grants authorized by the bill are not known. Costs of the grants may vary depending on the size, infrastructure, and existing resources of the member institutions.”
HOWEVER, of the 13 state funded university campuses that will create these “COMPREHENSIVE CHILD PSYCHIATRY ACCESS CENTERS”, the Legislative Budget Board published that…
“For illustrative purposes, the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth estimated they would need approximately $1.8 million per fiscal year to implement the provisions of the bill related to access centers and workforce expansion.”
That’s just one of thirteen campuses currently listed in the bill.

Just look at the organizations that are “for” SB 10 – all stand to gain increased monetary benefits by establishing “COMPREHENSIVE CHILD PSYCHIATRY ACCESS CENTERS”

The South African psychiatric hospitals that were used as slave labor camps during Apartheid were a Public Private Partnership.

“Sec. 113.0105. GIFTS, GRANTS. AND DONATIONS. Authorizes the executive committee to accept on behalf of the consortium gifts, grants, or donations from any public or private source for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.” What???


The committee also coordinates grants or other funding.
The MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH PLAN will leverage additional funding to ensure “effective and targeted research”. They’re using our kids as lab rats while they’re on a government school campus.

Yup. There is actually an article about that being done by UTSW in conjunction with a school MH program in the DFW area. I’ll see if I can find it. I thought the original bill only allowed them to accept gifts, grants, etc. from entities that didn’t have a conflict. I was wrong. But truthfully, even if the individual consortium member doesn’t have a conflict, what about their department? Don’t they also have to worry whether their department will lose research money from ANY source? What that means to me is that the conflict of interest risk in the bill is incurable. They could go for complete transparency and disclose not only personal money but also research funding coming into their department. But of course that only works if people are honest, and if people read the annual report.

Thanks Alice! Another great education event that I am sure opened the eyes of more of our TX patriot friends. I hope you got to go into detail with them about how the “data” they collect from our children also includes “data” on the extended family via their questions re: gun ownership in the home! Think our 2nd Amendment warriors are not going to be happy about that sort of information being collected. Also, hope you were able to connect the dots on how many of the “shooters” were on the same medications that they are shoving down our kids throats and how this legislation will only increase that dangerous practice. As we know, many of our children are frequently misdiagnosed as ADHD/ADD and the drugs many are forced to take are of growing concern.

This bill would properly be referred to as the Texas Home School Expansion Act because it’s likely to further the Exodus from our public school system. Unfortunately it isn’t just limited to schools. It also contemplates tele-psychiatry access through your pediatrician’s office.

….and only if folks know. So we need to let them know!

Glad this parent fought back and that she got other parents to join in. Kudos to this mother and to Mass Resistance. Everyone across the country should emulate their example:

Also, MassResistance, no fair-weather stinky RINO group, is an organization in for the long haul and doesn’t care what names the Regressive Left, its corproate allies, and the Republicans-in-name-only say about it or if they support them or not.

Utterly despicable the lengths they’ll go to improve those stupid test scores:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I also think that the suburban schools that are “A” rated are not seeing the severe assignments, intrusive surveys, etc as often. I have been following CC since 2014 and have talked to dozens of parents and I noticed a trend…the poorer schools in lower income areas seems to see more of this far left radical stuff. People in the rated “A” schools were only seeing things that someone who knows what’s going on would pick up on. “They” need most of the youth, not all of it, so, my paranoid theory is that they figure there is more parent involvement in “A” rated schools so they don’t hit those schools as hard with the propaganda. Think about all the crazy shit people have posted over the years…radical indoctrination in homework assignments, prayers to Islam, etc….it’s not happening in the wealthier schools. ??

Williams College jumps on the white privilege brigade:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Hmmm…Gates and Koch? We shall see.

: Koch network poised to scale up efforts to remake K-12 education

By James Hohmann

January 29

Brian Hooks, chairman of the Koch network, and Charles Koch, its main patron, speak to donors Saturday night during the Koch network seminar in Indian Wells, Calif. (Seminar Network)

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — The donor network led by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch will launch a new organization next month to focus on changing K-12 education as we know it.
The effort will begin as a pilot project focused on five states with a combined school-age population of 16 million kids, but officials said Monday that they aren’t ready to identify them yet because they’re still finalizing partnerships with some of the country’s leading educational organizations.
The still-unnamed entity purportedly plans to focus on three buckets: changing public policy to address “the root causes” of failing schools, developing new technologies to promote individualized learning, and investing in teachers and classrooms.
The announcement came Monday at the end of a three-day seminar where 634 donors who have each committed to contribute at least $100,000 annually to Koch-linked groups gathered under palm trees at a luxury resort in the Coachella Valley.
The Koch team is modeling its amped-up education efforts on its successful overhaul of the criminal justice system, which began in friendly states before moving to the federal level. In that case, Koch World sought out unlikely allies and played the long game for years before any big legislation passed.
In the past, most conversations about education at these twice-annual Koch confabs have quickly turned into bashing teachers unions. So it was notable when Brian Hooks, the chairman of the Koch network, went out of his way to praise teachers and acknowledge that many have been picketing recently.
“For too long, this issue has been framed unnecessarily as us vs. them, public vs. private, teacher vs. student, parent vs. administrator,” Hooks told a ballroom of donors. “The teachers who have expressed frustration in the past several months are good people. I mean, they’re teachers. We all remember the positive impact that a teacher or several teachers have had on our lives. They’re expressing legitimate concerns. But the current approach means that nobody wins, so they need better options.”
Hooks recognizes that many will question their motives, but he said the goal is to “really shake things up” by “coming alongside concerned teachers” to “find a better way.” Teachers union leaders, who are closely aligned with the Democratic Party, have accused the Koch groups of trying to undermine traditional public schools. Koch and his allies say the system is broken and requires wholesale changes. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been a longtime ally of the network.
“This is a tough one, no doubt,” Hooks said. “It’s a challenge that a whole lot of people look at and say is impossible. But we see a tremendous opportunity to unite people to help ensure that every kid has the opportunity to succeed.”
Philanthropist Stacy Hock of Austin, a major Koch donor who has been funding education efforts at the state level in Texas for years, says that traditional forms of classroom instruction encourage “soul-crushing” conformity, and she has emerged as an outspoken advocate of “personalized learning.”
“Families are getting more and more comfortable with experimenting and taking risks,” she said on the sidelines of the meeting. “Education should be getting way, way better and way, way cheaper, but the opposite is happening.”
Hock said the new Koch initiative, as it ramps up, will identify what’s working at the local level and push for those things to be replicated elsewhere. “What we’re seeing all across the country are little flames,” she said. “What I don’t yet know is how to throw gasoline on all those flames.”

Thousands of teachers march in the rain through Los Angeles earlier this month while striking for smaller class sizes, better school funding formulas and higher teacher pay. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

— The network’s pivot toward education is partly because a personal interest in the subject by Chase Koch, Charles’s 41-year-old son. He is an executive in the family business who has been taking on a more prominent role inside the network his dad began convening in 2003. Chase’s wife, Annie, a neonatal nurse by training, opened a private school in September called Wonder on the campus of Wichita State University. It’s initially for elementary-age children, and the plan is to phase in middle and high school programs. There’s lots of experimentation going on, with the goal of letting children pursue what interests them the most and not follow a strict curriculum.
— Previewing their K-12 push, Koch strategists pointed to research being conducted with their financial support by Ashley Berner at Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Education Policy. Her main interest is expanding what she calls “educational pluralism,” which is when the government funds all types of schools, including explicitly religious ones, but does not necessarily run them.
“Berner points to examples such as the Netherlands, which funds 36 different types of schools, from Islamic to Jewish Orthodox to socialist,” the Charles Koch Foundation notes in a summary of her work. “Alberta, Canada, funds homeschooling along with Inuit, Jewish, and secular schools. In Australia, the central government is the nation’s top funder of independent schools. Other countries with plural school systems include Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.”
“It’s the democratic norm around the world. In pluralism, choice and accountability are two sides of the same coin,” said Berner, who wrote a book in 2017 called “Pluralism and American Public Education: No One Way to School.” “We’ve got to start supporting politicians who are willing to make compromises. Americans are tired of the battles between charters and district schools; these take up too much energy and resources. A pluralistic system doesn’t pit entire sectors against one another.”
— Koch will continue to make heavy investments in higher education as well. The Charles Koch Foundation already provides financial support to more than 350 colleges and universities, which has generated controversy and pushback on many campuses.
John Hardin, the director of university relations for the Koch Foundation, said the network’s investments in education “laid the intellectual foundation” to achieve the public policy changes the donors wanted on criminal justice. For example, the donors helped finance an Academy for Justice conference that convened 120 scholars on criminal justice to talk about their research. “This is how you get it done and change the paradigm,” Hardin told donors during a presentation. “The Academy for Justice is changing the debate.”
A booklet provided to donors, which outlined some of the network’s major investments, highlighted support for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, which produces research that is routinely cited by allies in government. “Mercatus scholars are re-shaping the field of regulatory economics and changing the debate over rightsizing the administrative state,” the handbook noted.
— The Koch network is also setting its sights on publishers of pricey textbooks. The foundation, which is part of the network, is supporting OpenStax at Rice University, which produces books that are available for free online to students. Charles Koch put up the money for a series of textbooks about business, including ethics, entrepreneurship, principles of management and organizational behavior. David Harris, the editor in chief of the project, said in an interview that Koch gave his team full editorial independence, that the books are all peer-reviewed and that OpenStax receives financial support from liberal foundations, too, including the one funded by George Soros. About 30 free open-source texts are now available, and more are in the pipeline.
— The goal of all this investment is to change “the trajectory of the country.” Kevin Gentry, a top Koch lieutenant who works for Koch Industries, told donors yesterday that they can have perhaps the greatest impact by focusing on civil society initiatives like these. “Those of you have been coming to these meetings for a long time know we’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “A lot of times we would say, ‘Okay, this was good, but were we really … changing the trajectory of the country?’ … We feel like a couple of years ago we began to turn the corner, but now is the opportunity to scale.”
— One reason the wealthy donors are so amenable to investing so much in education is alarm about the next generation. Recent polling shows younger people have a more favorable impression of socialism than capitalism. “The younger generation is less sympathetic and less understanding of limited government conservatism,” said Art Pope of North Carolina, a fixture of Koch meetings. “They’re more sympathetic or more willing to give not just social justice but outright socialism a chance. … It used to be you didn’t have to have a serious conversation about socialism in American politics. Now you do. So what is the appeal of that? How do you message?”
— Many progressives are dubious and skeptical of the Koch rebranding effort, which I wrote about in yesterday’s Daily 202. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) wrote in: “I’m not convinced by the Koch network’s new charm offensive; nor should your readers be. Until we know how much the Kochs, and the 634 other mega-donors who joined them, are spending on dark-money campaigns to block action on climate change, undermine public unions, confirm obedient judges, and cut their own taxes by billions of dollars, we should view their latest PR effort as more obfuscation. … If Charles Koch’s top goal is ‘uniting with people across the who