Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 26

This is part 26.

Here is a post from a New York anti-testing group:

It’s time for Commissioner Elia to encourage principals and administrators to stop harassing parents and students about refusing the tests. Actually it is time for her to say Good-by and return to Florida where she can bask a bit more in the sun.

So many parents have come to me with horror stories. The one that I can’t get out of my head is the one where the principal knew darn well a parent wanted the student NOT to take the test and because it was on another day, the principal allowed the staff to give this poor child the test. If I had the money, I would pay for a lawyer to get this person removed from the position they are in. What happened to principal is your “pal”?
This is appalling.

Another is the ice cream gate method. Students who took the test, got ice cream; those that didn’t, well it was all over the news, so you should know.

Or how about the one principal who kept coercing the child to tell the parents to let him take the test because he was so smart?

I also want administration to stop telling teachers how horrible things are at their schools with the testing. Perhaps for a day, administration should walk in their shoes. If they can tell me they have, it is not the same. It is not the same as two years ago when I retired. Teachers have way too many demands on them. Walk a mile in their shoes. 20-25 kids in a classroom is ridiculous. I have taught in these classes and it is so very hard to say I can educate each one. We are not miracle workers. We need more one on one time. We need smaller class sizes. That’s when we can meet with success.

Oh, and throw out the tests. Better yet, sit and take them yourselves. Remember, you want the BEST answer according to the text. David Coleman doesn’t give a $$$$ about what you know. He even takes your money for the faulty SAT’s and more. It’s all a game.

I wish every parent would consider refusing the test in May for Math. If they did, imagine how awesome New York State could be for our kids?

And another post from this group:

I know a Mom that needs assistance. Her child attends Gouverneur Elementary. Principal is Charity Zawatski, , phone 315-287-2260. The mom sent in a refusal letter 3-29. She received a phone call from the principal stating that her child had to take the NYS tests because her refusal letter wasn’t in on time. The district requested them to be in by Mid March. The mom kept her daughter home on the dates that she knew the testing was taking place (the dates changed because of the computer glitches and the mom didn’t know). Upon returning to school 4-8-19 the principal made her daughter take the test! She has spoken to a board member that claims they in turn spoke to the Super and there is nothing they can do about it. This is a mom who is refusing for the first time.What can be done???????

And here are the replies to this post:

As I understand it, once they have taken the test it is what it is. I would make sure mom and kiddo knows to not even touch the pencil if they won’t accept the letter for math/science.
(our school tried to do this to my kids by refusing their letters and making them sit in the testing classroom. My kids knew not to touch the pencil so it did not change anything for them, and it made the teachers and principal look like bullys)

This should be reported to the state education department . It’s probably going to be a bunch of phone calls and a ton of bureaucracy but don’t let up. There is no limit on when you can refuse by the way . You can refuse a min. before the test . Tell your principal refusals don’t have expiration dates . Math tests are coming up in early May.

This is absolutely wrong! There is no deadline when refusal forms can be sent in. In fact they can be sent in the day of the tests!

My 6th grade grandson was told today that he needs to take the math in may, and both in 7th and 8th grade in order to graduate. Mind you my Daughter sent in a refusal letter for both just like she has for the last to years.

Don’t these people realize they are pitting parents against the school districts? They are trying to have our own children go against us. I found myself continuously telling my child to disregard the teachers.

So this got me fired up a little so I just shot a quick email to the principal, the superintendent, the asst superintendent of instruction (or some similar title), the BOE President, and Ms. Elia for good measure….
Please excuse any grammar/typos since I dictated this on my phone and my eyes are starting to go a little blurry…
Dear Ms. Zawatski,
I heard a very concerning story tonight that a parent in your district sent in a refusal letter on 3-29-19 and subsequently received a call from you stating that her child had to take the NYS tests because her refusal letter wasn’t in on time???
I certainly hope this is not accurate because I’m sure that you are aware that the tests can be refused at any time-including right up through the morning of-or even after the first day of-the tests, regardless of some arbitrary date a district requested they be in by.
Additionally, I was told that after the parent kept the child home during testing (I’m guessing in an attempt to avoid confrontation with an individual/school who is attempting to disregard a PARENT’S wishes and RIGHT) the child was given the test(!) when they returned to school.
I am trying to give the benefit of the doubt here, so I would love for you to tell me that this is a bad social media rumor.
If it’s true, I hope that the media takes this story and exposes the actions of the school. As sad as it is to hear of these occurrences, I think these types of stories may actually help the Opt Out Movement overall because one thing that will surely rally parents together is someone challenging their parental rights.
I also hope the school staff responsible are held accountable to the fullest extent allowed both within their own district and within NYSED.
It is bad enough that NYSED is willing to use our children as pawns, but for the very adults to whom parents directly entrust their children to also betray the children, the parents and the taxpayers is despicable.
If this is, in fact a bad rumor, I apologize wholeheartedly but I doubt it with the climate I have seen this year from both NYSED* and several school systems.
*Until their recent statement, which unfortunately was issued after most of the damage had already been done. I have attached and hope you will read it.

The real horror is we are still dealing with this 6 years later. The children are still suffering from all of it.

And yet another post:

Here’s the letter my 7th and 8th grader’s brought home today. They also said they were told they can’t opt out this year and it’s required. I’ll have to ask them who exactly told them that.


And here are the replies to this post:

My kids keep telling me they are told the same thing . I posted that question on here and I was told by many people they still can you just have to word it different and say you are refusing them to take the test. And they have to let them not take it.

This is not true

[name redacated]

5th grade teacher was told and there was no problem with us refusing. superintendent wouldn’t answer me when I asked if it would be respected. someone on here said she spoke with mr root and they wouldnt be offering only sit and stare for opt outs. scare tactics and lies yet again from out great school

You can definitely still refuse in Camden. There is definitely some renewed vigor in admin to take the test, but they don’t sit and stare.

any idea what they make them do if they are refusing the test? Last year I just kept them out for the first 2 hours of the day on those days but this letter says that it’s not timed anymore so who knows how long it will take most kids to finish…

yes absolutely…I teach at the middle school and my son is there, other son in elementary. They put them in the auditorium at the MS, they can read. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than sit and stare.

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Message to Texas Senators and Representatives – don’t let Gov. Abbot, Speaker Bonnen, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the RPT funders and Democrats make you look like fools to pass what is clearly the Clinton/ Bush/Obama/ Devos Ed Reform Agenda, using Texas Students as “Investment Vehicles” and “Human Capital” for their Public/Private Partnerships and Social Impact Bonds (SIBS), Pay For Success (PFS), Blended Funding Finance schemes to fund public education.

Did you know? Mental Health Screening is admitted even by experts to be terribly inaccurate, with false-positive rates of up to 84 percent seen here:

Click to access Shaffer-Validity-Reliability-2004.pdf

And, can lead to overdiagnosis and over-medication.

Dr. Mark Olfson, the scientific director of the TeenScreen mental screening program with that 84 percent false positive rate, admitted in July before the federal School Safety Commission (p. 38-39) that “the overall increase in youth psychotropic medication use has occurred among those with less severe or no impairment.”

Click to access transcript-07-11-2018.pdf

Click to learn more here:

Looks like students at Saratoga Springs High School received one of those “privilege” assigments:

Looks like Illinois is moving closer to mandatory kindergarten:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

ARE THERE OTHER SCHOOLS USING the GoGuardian software?:

Our small rural school will totally transform next year to become a Flex Mod, PBL, -1 to -1 device school. The goal is to transition to a full blown personalized (mass customized, CBE) learning environment in a couple of years.

To ensure parents that the assigned devices will be safe for student use, the administration is touting the GoGuardian software to help with abuse prevention and classroom management.

However, it looks like it has morphed and there is more behind its intended marketed use.

The man in the GoGuardian video below says if a student browser history shows anything of “self-hurt” or suicide the authorities will be brought in.

I ask what if a student goes to a gun control Youtube video and happens to make a comment about how he is not for gun control or his family goes hunting and has guns??

Will this warrant a call to authorities, also? A can of worms and more.

GoGuardian appears to be connected to SEL, MTSS,…??



Here is a post from a friend of Alice Linahan:

Two BAD Mental Health bills Scheduled for 2nd Reading in the House This Week

TUESDAY – House 2nd Reading
HB 906 (Thompson, Senfronia) Establishing a collaborative task force for school mental health

WEDNESDAY – House 2nd Reading
HB 1013 (Moody) Mental health services to persons younger than 18 years of age

Psychiatry may have a place in this world, but our schools should not start “practicing” medicine on our school children.

Please, if you care about our children’s future, please phone your TX House member and ask them to vote NO on expansion of the psychiatric workforce in Texas.

Public Schools Should NOT be converted into “community mental health care providers”

DON’T offer up our children as a boost for Big Pharma’s revenue stream.

Listen to professors of psychiatry who advise that “it is very difficult, if not impossible, to predict who is going to become violent” and admit they are lucky to get it right half the time.

Administering mind-altering drugs to children has great potential to create Rx-addicted adults.

The stigma attached to any child misdiagnosed or over diagnosed could severely damage children and their families. This is an affront to the constitutional liberties of Texas children and families.

It is the moral duty of our Legislature to vote NO on expansion of mental health services and prescribing of psychotropic drugs to our children at school.

And another post from this person:

It’s pretty bold of Rep. Senfronia Thompson to amend her bill (HB10) from the floor yesterday to specifically invite FEDERAL FUNDS to expand this drugging of our children…

“The institute shall solicit federal funding for mental and behavioral research and other functions of the institute.”

But, in reading the Texas Democrat Platform, Thompson is satisfying the goals in MANY areas.
Too bad the Republicans can’t read their Platform.

And some replies to this post:

If HB10 passes, every rep who votes for it needs to be 44’d and primaried.

HD71 was unopposed

The basic problem is not one of party. It’s one of agenda. Several groups have invested big money in promoting a false narrative about mental health, school mental health, suicide prevention and what all this can do for students. And what is amazing, is that while they act like experts, act like they know how to curb violence and suicide, they actually have no products to show for the millions of dollars in appropriations. While they tout changes in GPA, truancy, and disciplinary referrals, none of these is a proxy for suicide or violence. While these been programs have been implemented in a number of schools, and while our legislature has invested millions in school suicide prevention the only actual product that can be measured is suicide rates. And teen suicide rates have gone up. Therefore, we can either throw good money after bad, or we can have a community discussion that owns up to the fact that suicide and violence are multi-factorial and that therefore, the mental health providers have no particular ownership or expertise. Frankly, I’d welcome a discussion where clergy, community groups, parents, and just regular people get to decide how to improve communities and improve the lives of children. We could get a number of programs and solutions that truly improve our communities.

And another post from this person:

Thank you to these TX House Reps for voting to push back against the legal drugging of our children…
Biedermann; Bohac; Cain; Craddick; Darby; Frank; Hefner; King,P.; Klick; Krause; Lang; Middleton; Noble; Parker; Patterson; Sanford; Schaefer;Shine; Smithee; Springer; Stephenson; Stickland; Swanson; Tinderholt; Toth;White; Wilson; Zedler

And yet another post:

HB 10 is a DISASTER!
VOTE – NO today on 3rd Reading!

The Leach Amendment made HB 10 WORSE.
Uninformed consent is THE problem.
Acceptance of Federal money & programs allows federal DATA SHARING regardless of what HB 10 says.
Leach’s amendment even acknowledges “compliance with state and federal privacy laws”

When the State passes the budget that includes federal grants, the mandates in WIOA, ESSA, and FEPA will trump state law. When you take federal grants, you are beholden to federal data collection.

The Leach Amendment intends to give a false sense of security to parents, who wish to protect their child’s data.
MOST parents are not aware of all the entities who will have access to their child’s mental health assessment. All an entity needs to show is a “legitimate educational interest”

Here is a Common Core Diva article confirming what I’d started to suspect, that TedTalks were tied to the Common Core machine:

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I am so glad [name redacted] commented on Rep Neal Collins post bragging about his Competency Based Education bill passing in the House yesterday! I couldn’t respond… and her response was PERFECT and I hope everyone reads it: Here it is:

“In short, the CBE model stems from a variety of theories. These theories range from Edward L. Thorndike’s behaviorism theory to B.F. Skinner’s operant conditioning, a process that attempts to modify behavior through the use of positive and negative reinforcement.
As parents around the country continue to protest the globalist agenda by opting their children out of assessments, CBE removes the need for a one-time, high-stakes test required for every student. The CBE model embeds testing into each aspect of the curriculum. Parents can’t possibly opt their child out of formative assessments embedded into every chapter, required to achieve “mastery” and move to the next level.

These adaptive assessments have learning outcomes that not only test knowledge gains but also attitudes and behavior changes relating to “integrity,” “self-direction,” “global perspective,” “work ethic,” and “perseverance.” How does one measure integrity? Who decides the “competent” amount of positive moral character needed?

Learning outcomes not only emphasize the application of knowledge, but also the development of important skills and dispositions. These assessments can influence and change a child’s worldview.

Influencing state legislatures to advance his globalist agenda through America’s children, Bill Gates infused hundreds of millions of dollars into national education policy groups like Jeb Bush’s ExcelinEd. ExcelinEd was formerly known as the Foundation for Excellence in Education. The Jeb Bush policy group was paid by Gates to promote Common Core to state legislatures. The unexpected backlash from parents rebelling against the federal takeover of education caused the group to create a new image resulting in the name change.Across the country, ExcelinEd is lobbying states to adopt CBE and the Gates global initiative.

In our state, Palmetto Promise Institute, a “conservative” think tank, supports CBE and they have successfully lobbied the SC House Education Committee. State political manipulation of schools to implement a particular education model clearly undermines local control. The process of defining what our children should know and be able to do is too powerful to be controlled by state and local education bureaucrats.

Competency/Proficiency are such a palatable words. Of course we want children to be competent or have competency or be proficient. The average citizen understands what these words mean; a high aptitude, to have expertise, knack or know how, to be highly skilled, talented and very capable.

BUT what do the proponents of this effort really mean by competence/proficient?

First, it is critical to understand an important distinction:

  1. Competency relates to attitudes, responses, behaviors or actions easily scored on a machine.
  2. Education involves much more, requiring well trained, experienced human beings to assess and score.”

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

House Omnibus Education bill:

*Home visiting is embedded in several sections including full-service community schools and funding is proposed in several sections, too.

*The Birth to 3 Initiative remains via Early Learning Scholarships.

*Parents may not opt out of the school developmental screening at age 3 when on early learning scholarships.

*Early Learning Scholarship Fund is established in special revenue fund. (Ala Great Start Fund)

*Pre-K Funding and Establishment of Legislative Report on Early Care & Education Coordination. (This comes directly from the Preschool Development Block Grant.)
To: Enhance coordination of scholarships, assistance, home visiting with non-profits and Children’s Cabinet (gov appointed cabinet) for childhood systems reform effort. Tasked to develop recommendation for a consolidated Universal process.

NOTE: There is more of HF 1 in the Health Omni and likely the Job Omni.

Please call your senators!!! Senate Leadership numbers will be up in the morning. The senate must stand strong! We’ve got to have a large, strong group calling and emailing tomorrow. The Senate Ed Omnibus will be up soon for a vote.

And yes, we are standing up for the rest of the state who may not even though these issues are coming for their family.

And another post from this group:

House Education Omnibus: Compulsory law drops to age 6 and kindergarten is required at 6 in public, private, charter and home schools.

And yet another post from this group:

Reporting on the Education Omnibus bill. 8:19pm and they’re still discussing amendments. The Comprehensive Sex Ed bill is still intact within the Omnibus and so that language moves forward to conference committee with the Senate. This vote was an amendment by Rep. Peggy Scott to allow school districts to opt out of the CSE mandate. CSE becomes a state-mandated curriculum down on school districts as early as elementary.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thanks Alison Hawver McDowell for posting this:

Did you ever wonder about all the data Canvas is collecting? Well, evidently it’s about helping people “grow” “from their FIRST day of school to their LAST day of work.” The fact that Instructure (Canvas’s parent company) just bought MasteryConnect (formative assessments) indicates we are moving rapidly towards a technocratically-engineered program of “life long learning.” I’m sure the social entrepreneurs (Greg Mauro of Learn Capital, I’m talking to you) looking down from Power Mountain outside Salt Lake City are quite gleeful right about now.

From Cheri Kiesecker: Zuckerberg is lead investor in MasteryConnect. Google /Gsuite is partner w Canvas.

Here is a post that someone posted to Alice Linahan’s wall:

’m sick and tired of chasing the evil in this legislature.

Here are just 18 bills (out of dozens) that I have identified which deal with mental health and our local schools. I’m probably missing some, but these have shown movement and seem to be the ones the majority of this legislature likes.

I’m asking the Collin County legislative delegation to PLEASE read these bills frontwards and backwards before voting on them.
I have.

I’m very willing to email you my marked up bills with highlights of areas that I hope you will find to be of grave concern, and hopefully ask questions in committee or on the floor of your chamber upon the 2nd & 3rd Readings, to SHINE LIGHT on the evils of these bills for all the other legislators.

I very much appreciate our House members that have voted against some of these!

I’m sick and tired of cowing to the “under privileged” children.

I’m in this battle for MY grandkids. I’m tired of taking it on the chin for a minority of our population when the majority of kids don’t need these evil government acts.

HB 10
HB 239
HB 906
HB 1318
HB 1335
HB 1467
HB 1623
HB 1669
HB 3980
HB 4183
SB 10
SB 11
SB 426
SB 2282

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Question for all those elected officials pushing Mental Health legislation in Texas schools. Is this really the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL); “Behavioral” Competencies we want our kids to be forced into complying with in their “Character” training? When the Standards mandated by the state are no longer academics but behavioral, then anyone with an agenda has access to our children.


“One of Texas’ largest school districts told third- through 11th-grade students in a recent survey, “Sex is what a person is born. Gender is how a person feels.”

The statement was part of Austin Independent School District’s 2018-2019 Student Climate Survey administered to students this year, the Federalist reported. Following the statement, students were asked to indicate how they felt about their identities.

The answer options included: “I am a girl/woman,” “I am a boy/man,” and “I identify in some other way.” Additional space was provided for students to “describe how they identify,” but it was optional.

Austin ISD is the fifth largest school district in the state with more than 83,000 children enrolled. The Federalist estimated that 57,000 children took the survey this year, assuming the number of an even division of students across the grade levels.

The district claims that the questionnaire helps it “examine factors contributing to student success beyond test scores.”

Here is yet another post from Alice Linahan:

Desoto ISD is about to lay off hundreds of teachers yet creating a cushy new administrative job? Brett Shipp Media Investigates.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The entire home visit section of HF 1 passed into the House Health Omnibus section last night. Call your senators or email now before the Senate Omnibus is passed!! Amendments may be made from the floor.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Are teachers rewriting history? My daughter told me this morning that yesterday they learned about the WWII internment camps. Her teacher told her class that anyone who “didn’t look like they were American, mostly Asians” were taken to these camps, and that most of them went willingly because they knew they weren’t spies. She said they were all treated very well, and that no one died from illness, no one was killed, not one of them died. I’m really hoping she misunderstood her teacher, but she’s 12, and I don’t think she could really get that much wrong. They also learned about the concentration camps. Everything she told me about those seemed quite accurate. (I know the internment camps were not AS bad as the concentration camps, but still….) Why downplay history in America? Why are they sheltering our children? I didn’t have time to this morning, but I think I’m going to have to give my daughter a short history lesson tonight. ??

And some replies to this post:

Here in America there were internment camps for the Japanese (Asian) residents. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor they were gathered up and put in camps. They were treated pretty fairly and taken good care of not like the concentration camps in Europe. It is a fact.

Yes, some were treated fairly. Some were given jobs and decent living quarters, but others were forced to live in buildings where animals were once housed, like horse stalls. Due to lack of sanitation many of them died from disease. There were also riots, and some escape attempts that resulted in death. I think my daughters teacher only focused on the positive aspects of the camps, which is okay to focus on, but I don’t think it’s right to leave out the negative impact it had on the Japanese Americans.

My 11yo told me yesterday that the government made young men lie about their age so they could fight in WWII.

We did a fair amount of studying on the Japanese Internment camps a couple years back. We even went to Delta and visited the new museum out there and the Topaz site. From what I learned, the treatment of those interned varied quite a lot – but overall it was mostly humane. There were a couple of camps that eventually became designated solely for “trouble makers.” But one thing I learned that surprised me A LOT was that if you were sent to a camp, you had the option of moving EAST – like to Chicago for example – and you would be free to live your life and do whatever you wanted. (Of course, this was after you had given up EVERYTHING back home, usually in California.) So while overall these were a HORRIBLE idea and a huge stain on our history – and I teach it as that – the internment camps, for the most part, were not prisons at all. If you get a chance, take your kids out to Delta and the Topaz interment camp site and museum in town. It is SO well done. I’d like to go up to the one in Idaho, too, sometime, but we just haven’t made it up yet. They weren’t good places and I’ve taught my kids that, but I agree with what has been said above. I’m thinking the teacher was emphasizing how they were not in any way comparable to the Nazi concentration camps. I’ve been to one of those, too.

The internment camps were UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The Japanese American citizens were treated unfairly by having their homes and property taken away and put into these internment camps. We have many representatives who take an oath of office to uphold the Constitution but choose to IGNORE the Supreme Law of the Land.

I didnt know about the Internment Camps until I was 15. I was living with my good friend Tom’s grandparents. They were Japanese, sent to Internment Camp in Colorado. I was a little WW2 geek, and was shocked. Then, embarrassed. I loved Grandma and Grandpa Horito, and wasn’t a fan of those camps. I don’t claim to be an expert on the history of those camps, but they weren’t like concentration camps, with gas chambers. Etc.
Also, one of the most decorated US Army Battalions was made up of AMERICANS, of Japanese decent, who were allowed to leave the camps, join the Army and kill some freaking Nazis in Italy. Extremely high performing unit, proving they were pretty red blooded American.
This experience really entrenched my distrust of Government. Then in college I learned about the Tuskegee Expiraments. Holy h***!!

Here is a post by Shannon Joy:

Soul crushing pre-school ———>

And here is a reply to this post:

They held my son back and had him repeat kindergarten. Plus they decided to diagnose him with ADHD early on. They kept trying to force me to medicate him. In the middle of 2nd grade, I had enough when they threatened to put him in Special Ed if I didn’t drug him. They had recommended him for Gifted and Talented for the previous 2 years so they knew he wasn’t a “special ed” kid! They tested his IQ, it was way above average, he played the violin at age 6, was very social and happy and the kids loved him. But this one teacher was determined to get him diagnosed and drugged. To her surprise, I yanked him out and homeschooled him. He is 16 and doing great now. He wants to be a paleontologist. We are out fossil hunting today.
That teacher is now the principal and mothers are telling me she is pushing for more and more medicated students. In a mostly Christian, conservative town in Texas you would think our public schools would be better here.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

This should not be part of their grades


Here is another post from this group:

“A just released Education International Research report highlights Pearson’s 2025 corporate goals including digitalizing and privatizing education. According to the report, if successful, Pearson would bring “disruptive changes to (a) the teaching profession, (b) the delivery of curriculum and assessment and (c) the function of school, particularly public schools.” Pearson’s “next generation” of teaching and testing platforms, implemented through a partnership with Google Classroom, would replace teachers with Siri and Alexa. As a side benefit for Pearson and Google, children would be new sources of data to be mined and sold and become lifelong customers wedded to their products.”

And yet another post from this group:

This year the Parent Teacher Home Visits conference is being in Reno . July 10, 2019.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


$81,020,613 is the amount of taxpayer funding funneled through the MinneMinds Coalition in just 2018. This is your money!!

Did you know? MinneMinds is all about pushing all components of Great Start for All Minnesota Children. They were/are pushing the agenda before the bill is passed.. Who is funding MinneMinds? Our legislature! Tool around and see who these organizations are. Some are on the Left and some on the Right.

This is government funding the agenda they wish to see even before passing it before their constituents! Some are directly funded. H/T Childcare Coalition USA


Watch out for the schools in Baltimore:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

What would you do if your 10 yr old came home from school with the opinion that population control laws would be good for our country and our world because there is not enough food water space and too much pollution? This is not something we teach in our home. In fact it’s the opposite. The idea is against our religion, values and beliefs. Also it is not an age appropriate topic because he is too young to understand BOTH sides of the debate. I am beyond outraged this indoctrination is happening. Is this commonplace in Utah public schools and is everyone just used to this BS or is this new? I mean why are conservative parents not putting a stop to this? Help me understand. This is our first year in a government school and I’m fired up to do something about this nonsense.

And here are some replies to this post:

BYU did a documentary about this, called “Demographic Winter” (I think) it pretty much takes down all the population control arguments.

I will look for this thank you!

Oh my. Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me, this is one of the many reasons why we homeschool. ??

What school ?

ascent academy in lehi. It’s a charter school.

Maybe that’s why neighbors decided to leave that school and come back to the public school. Now I’m going to have to ask them. What is the name of the teacher?

there are private schools in Utah county which do not teach common core. Charter schools (even “online” ones that mom teaches from home) are obligated to teach common core. If you choose these, you will not only have your kids learning common core. You will also be the one teaching it. Common Core tests will still be given, too.

My high schoolers have been taught that. Go on the internet and look up northern Nevada with Google earth I think it’s called (my kids do it)to show your child. I just drove through there and my parents kept laughing about the thought of over population. Towns or rest stops were 100 miles apart with nothing in between. That said, after the nonsense my older three kids were taught in ps, I’m homeschooling my younger three.

This scare began in the 1960’s…. the scare about overpopulation – U.N. Agenda….

This happened to us whe our daughter was 11. We went to our religious information (scriptures and words of our leaders) and explained that we believe that God has said this…..and the last days we’re told that there will be a lot of confusion as well as men conspiring for their own gain. We also back this up with scripture. God’s word is always truth. We then went and showed scientific information that showed the truth of the issue and how the information that she learned in school was twisted. I’m going to have to locate the BYU documentary. Then we invited her to pray about it herself and get an answer. I love that she brings these things home and we can discuss it. Then as she is away from our home she is armed with the truth and can begin to identify ideas that are meant to deceive..

welcome to SEL this is about modification of the attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, and opinions of our students to a global view pushed by the United Nations and others.
If you do not agree to this why send your children to government schools to educate and mold them for 12+ years ?
Everyone should be aware of this by now, not only has Charlotte Iserbyt warned us we have Anita Hoge, Dr. Peg Luksik, Jane Robbins, Lynne Taylor, Karen Bracken, Alice Linahan, Karen Effrem, Alison McDowell, Jakell Sullivan, Pat Huff, Randy Houchins, Michelle Malkin, Dr. Pesta, and others have already pointed this out. Not to mention it is already admitted by those promoting it.

This is the beginning…it goes all the way through college, yes including BYU Provo…you have to prayerfully consider whether you will “counter” the anti-family, anti- religion, anti- America, anti- freedom propaganda (SEL) curriculum for your child’s entire school career, if you can as they get older and don’t share what they are learning but just accept it as “truth” or if you will move them to an education model that will teach truths Iike private school or homeschool….my advice…do talk to the teacher and admin, but consider removing your child as countering becomes difficult once children are in high school and college and they are learning from so-called “professors” whom they revere and consider “experts” and they no longer believe you have any credibility, therefore anything you’ve taught them has no credibility including religious values…I’m speaking from personal experience of course, but letting 4 of my 5 kids go through public schools has resulted in all 4 being anti everything stated above and then some, which is NONE of my husband’s and my beliefs…we are a very conservative, pro-America, pro-family, religious, former military couple and our oldest 4 don’t support any of that

This happens all the time on all sorts of topics. I had one child once tell me we should stop building in Lehi so that we wouldn’t destroy the wetlands (this was over 7 years ago). I about died laughing and we drove around Lehi to ask him where the wetlands were. The only thing we found was by the rivers and they were not being build on.

Many people homeschool in other states but think that in Utah, things will be different, so then in Utah, they send their kids to public school. I have no idea how bad things are outside of Utah, but I know things are way ti bad in Utah to have my kids be in public school in elementary, junior high, high school, or college. Yeah, I don’t even trust colleges.
The common core science, english (with social studies in it), and math (data charts, tables and graphs that fit the agenda), standards all teach this type of stuff. It was proposed by UNESCO that the U.S. be the country to lead the way in implementing a global core curriculum standards.
So yes, this is in Utah because Utah uses the common core standards.
Why are conservative parents not outraged? The big problem, as I see it, is that the fake conservative political party is the republican one. The Republican party loves the “education by the government in schools paid for by the government (ie. tax dollars)” idea. The real one is the one I am in, which is the constitution party. I have met many in this party who believe that homeschooling is the way to go nowadays.
I am one of them. I homeschool my kids. In my opinion, people who send their kids to public school have to unteach way too many things after school every day. It is so bad now that it would be impossible to keep up or keep on top of it. I started homeschooling in 2012 because my son was in the lowest math group due to the fact that he was an active math learner (learns best by moving, not sitting). He came home saying he was dumb. He also learned constantly things about suicide from his peers at recess. It was to much to unteach.
Now I do not have to unteach things, except what they learn from movies and peers who go to public school (which is less, at least).

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

TEI is bad. It is all about the data and controlling teachers. It is not actually about paying good teachers who know how to teach students reading, writing, math, and history well.

TEI is part of a nationwide agenda be to tie teacher pay to so-called test scores but they are not valid tests. They are actually assessments that produce huge amounts of behavioral data on students. The evaluation of teachers, therefore, is based on student’s behavioral outcomes mandated by the state. And those outcomes are mandated on the state by the federal government via the Every Students Success Act.
Outcome-based education has been pushed back against by real conservatives, parents and veteran teachers for years. Because, they knew it was based on the state deciding what the appropriate values, beliefs, and behaviors were. Which is completely unconstitutional and a true attack on parental rights and liberty.

What they did not have in the past was laws tying teacher evaluations to outcomes, which forces teachers to comply.

Key Players Funding and Implementing Transformation in Education are Google, Microsoft (Gates Foundation) and The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a World Policy Organization.

The OECD runs an Assessment system to support Unesco’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The OECD’s assessment director, Andreas Schleicher, a German worked with the Obama Administration to reshape the US K-12 online assessment system.

The OECD reshaped assessments so they run in the background of online curriculum.

The OECD assessments are assessing behaviors more than academics.

OECD quotes – “The skills, attitudes, and values that shape human behavior should be rethought to counter the
discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family.”
“All young people should be able to challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, to reflect on the causes and solutions of racial, religious and hate violence and to help create tolerant integrated societies.”

Look deeper and look who is really behind promoting it. Below is an information sheet you will want to look at on Teacher Merit Pay.

Look especially at Todd Williams and Commit Dallas.

Click to access Teacher-Merit-Pay.pdf

Way to go parents! We need more of this:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Last night was the Pacific Grove Unified School District board meeting. I spoke (video below) as did my husband and many others. While I spoke at the podium a teacher who supports Planned Parenthood and the CHYA texted others to ask them to hurry over to the meeting for support. This same teacher spoke at the podium about how great the Planned Parenthood presentation is and she said parents can just opt their child out or stay home from school if they don’t want their child to participate (she has no idea about the opt out issues other parents have faced in CA). She also made it sound like if we don’t agree with the CHYA then maybe we should just homeschool. Our new board trustee, Jon Walton, appeared to be purposefully delaying the meeting as a tactic to avoid the CHYA discussion which was last on the agenda. The meeting had to be extended an hour due to this trustee. Thankfully, another trustee ensured that this would not only be an agenda item for the next meeting but she thankfully made a point to request that this be heard first and she apologized to us that we waited all night and this was not discussed…she shows great leadership, maturity, and public service. Walton has not been this vocal at previous meetings but he talked in excess last night and asked detailed questions of every single presenter and then asked additional people to the podium and the room appeared uncomfortable with him and his fellow board members were clearly agitated by his behavior. Then Jon Walton’s wife spoke, Katrina McFarland, and she called the Informed Parents of California and those of us in the room who are concerned with the CHYA, a fringe group of anti-LGBTQ bigots and she sourced the Southern Poverty Law Center as she called Pacific Justice Institute a hate group and mentioned how we are associated with them. Her husband’s behavior and her verbal attacks are immature. The two who spoke in favor of the CHYA brought no evidential support for the curriculum and Ms. McFarland resorted to character assasination. The new trustee and his wife have a strong bias agenda and neither of them know any of us or have tried to talk with us. These tactics are important to be aware of in case you deal with this in a board meeting but we continue to stand up for our kids!

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group

I opted my kids out of the sage test, now called Rise.
By law, can they make my kids take another test? Because my daughter says they are having her take a different one, now and it’s harder.

And here are the replies to this post:

My kids are taking a “paper test” as they call it, and as far as I know it is allowed but they can’t grade it (or at least the results can’t go toward their grade) you could just call and ask the teacher personally what the plan is.

They have to provide an ”alternative learning assignment”. They did the same thing at my sons school so I kept him home from school on those days.

me too. It was several days over three weeks, which was annoying, but I got a schedule from the school and didn’t send them on those days.

My son’s previous school made him take an alternate. I told him to pick any answer he wanted to and not take it serious. His teacher made him take it a second time because he took the first one too fast. I began to let him sleep in and go to school late on test days after that.

the second time he could try taking it too slow. Like one nonsense answer every 30-60 minutes.

That’s a good one! I get way too much joy out of being a rebel. 😉

I took my son out of school and we went to lunch, a couple museums, to the movies and to the library that week ….we made a mini spring vacation out of it….he checked in for his first classes (middle school) and then I checked him out when his RISE(formerly SAGE) test classes came up…. I simply told the nosy school attendance secretary that he had “an appointment”…I didn’t tell her what kind, but that he was opted out of the tests so I had made appointments for him…

I would much rather my child take a test that the teacher reads and grades so they can accurately assess whether my kids learned what was taught in.that.class.

My kids have those tests or quizzes every Friday. Why add another?

But are they giving them to the Government? Remember in these Godless countries of East Germany, Russia, China, etc. they pick their jobs for them. Is that what these tests are trying to determine? Who gets knocked off and who gets what jobs the Government decides they get to have?

That’s my fear. I don’t think that’s what they’re currently used for but I think down the road it could happen.

I asked the Middle school and they are giving them to the state.

Running into issues with this, this year. Opted my girls out of Sage, and then they said it would be Rise testing, and now said that it was Aspire testing, so had to fill out another form. HEADACHE

That’s what happened to my girls. So sneaky of them to change the name!

And another post from this group:

I’ve been reviewing the proposed K-5 Science Standards for Utah. It is chalk full of indoctrination of climate change/warming. I am also concluding that it is developmentally inappropriate!

One example:
Standard 3.2.6 Design a solution to a problem caused by a change in the environment that affects the types of plants and animals living there. Generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem and evaluate the solutions based on how well each meets the criteria and constraints of the problem. Examples of environmental changes could include changes in land use, water availability, temperature, food, and changes caused by other organisms.

“Commented [12]: This could be a fun argument to engage in; should we build houses for people that encroach on an animal or plant’s environment, or should the animals and plants have priority?”

We will need the public who are just as concerned as I am, to push back! PLEASE write to the Board, before Thursday!

And some replies to this post:

Oh that’s absolutely ridiculous. Asking 8 year olds to come up with solutions to environmental problems. You are right, that is absolutely developmentally inappropriate, & clearly agenda driven. So frustrating.

not just [name redacted]’s teacher. Our son’s teacher had them reading articles on climate change. It was about Cow farts and how it is changing the climate! When my son pushed back and asked why they are learning about something that is fake the teacher told him it’s proven science!

An event with the radical Omar from MN in a school where parents and the press weren’t allowed to attend. Sounds mighty fishy if you ask me:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

COLORADO…to test measuring student GRIT

“The districts worked with education researchers to develop other criteria and ways to measure them consistently over time. Yates said educators thought about the qualities they would want to see in their own children, like grit, perseverance, and the ability to relate well to their peers, and then thought about how to set up school environments that promoted those qualities”

And another post from her:

Colo HB19-1017 experimental Kindergarten-5th grade SEL pilot targeting low income, ethnic families with NO consent? NO opt out. ==>Will be heard this evening (7:00pmish or later) in Senate Veterans Affairs. More info here:

The bill:

And yet another post from her:

This Democrat mom is deeply grateful to the Colo House Republicans who are standing up for parents and children to keep medical decisions between a doctor and a parent, NOT a state agency tracking system.
NO on HB1312

watch begins at 4hr 47min mark.
BigGov and BigPharma hands off Colo kids.

March for Our Lives, AKA Sign Them Up for Their Votes and Take Our Guns Too, now has chapters supposedly founded by Jr. High School students. It’s spreading downward into younger ages:

Here is a post from the Truth for Our Time page:

Iowans, we successfully stalled SF 376 from passing the 2019 Iowa legislative session. Adding Mental Health curriculum or screening to schools not only fulfills the Social Emotional Learning-SEL component collecting data to an infrastructure already in place with Common Core-CCSS, but it is DANGEROUS!
Check out the list of quotes and links gathered by Concerned Texans also fighting it. Read up and share dangers with Iowa legislators as to why this must NEVER happen. This is not about screening or prevention, it about controlling which students are allowed opportunities.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I spoke with a child who learned in public school about how if overpopulation is not a problem now, then it will be in the future. This child could not see my point of view because this child has memorized things in school. All the child could see was that, no, I was wrong, because (this is what we memorized in school).

This child goes to a Utah elementary school.

And here are some replies to this post:

5th grade? That is the new science standards for Common Core speaking. I previously was a general ed para and had to sit through it. It was despicable. There is no prompt in the teaching guide to show or discuss the other side. Similarly, global warming is presented as a fact and not a theory.

Let her know what happened in China when the government attempted to stop over-population. They committed infanticide and forced abortions and most of the victims were girl babies because everyone wanted a son. Now they have all these men with very few women to marry or have any families with and the government has finally realized what harm they did the nation and have lifted the strict rules. Just look at the problems our own nation is facing… economics experts are crying for more labor and the result is a flood of immigrants. If we need the labor then it seems to me that making our own is better than importing more immigrants, (whose home countries, btw, are providing the labor for much of the world because they are not controlling their own reproductive capabilities).

This happened long before common core. Parents primed children for going to school and listen to they teacher and learn things. They went to school thinking moms knew everything. They come home believing that mom knows nothing. As they grow they discover the teacher does not know everything either. As the child grows more they begin to inflate their own knowledge and think they know more than parents and teachers. Hence why people joke about teens leaving home while they still know everything.

I met someone in there twenties that thought the same thing. All because they watched some show on TV

And another post from this group:

Good morning! Hopefully I get an answer before I go to the school! I opted my son out of all test minus the required ones for 9th grade! Well he has to me he has been in another room taking paper test?! So my question is if they can’t use the data mining test for grade how can they make my son take another test? I understand he has to do something educational but a test? That will possibly be used against him??

And yet another post from this group:

Canvas is tracking your data. One student’s Freedom of Information Request found that 400,301,000 points of personal data had been compiled. More than he ever imagined. Yet, he couldn’t get an education without allowing it.

This level of individual data collection is part and parcel of UNESCO’s “life-long learning” goals where children are ranked and filed, and their learning is steered in a particular direction all the way through the workforce. We shouldn’t have to give up personal privacy (and agency) to get an education in America. This will lead to us being like China—where we can only operate in the social-credit system as we are allowed by government and its private sector partners.

This high school is thinking of removing a mural of George Washingotn because they think that he might be “offensive” to some of the students:

The California “sex ed” is truly evil!

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Can you please explain how the freaking Senate is even thinking of expanding STAAR to kindergarden kids? This is too much!

And some replies to this post:

I knew this was coming even before it was coming. They’ve been pressuring my Kindergartener hard this year. I’m lucky she’s a tough and smart little human but it’s agony for me! It’s utter bullshit!

How can they do this when this “grade” doesn’t count for anything? Literally, they do not traditionally grade Kindergarten.

they do in my small town. Its a hard grade

If this is True I am Frinking pissed off.
This Test. STARR is a joke. Just a way for the big wigs to PAD THEIR POCKETS and Dummy Down. I am so Tired of my kids getting Physically Sick over this test.

WTF?! They need to quit this crap already. If they can’t trust the teachers to do their job and let them do their job so that our kids can actually learn and not focus on a placement test then what’s the point?! It’s taking away from our kids actually learning things and totally stresses them out. My daughter is dyslexic and hasn’t passed the reading portion yet. They made her take summer school because of it when I would have rather had her work with someone with a PhD that specializes in dyslexia to really help her during that time and still let her enjoy her summer doing a summer camp. I absolutely HATE STAAR!!

This is freaking STUPID! Our son is in 5th grade. In the 2 weeks leading up to his freaking tests, he had an upset stomach EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. & he threw up at least 5-6 times.
Children should NOT be stressed out like this…especially over a freaking TEST!

my daughter is taking it for the 1st time this year and she’s been having them too

That is HORRIBLE! I’m sorry you have a little one dealing with it, too.
This is the last year any of my kids will take this test. I already have an advocate on standby & will be filling out whatever paperwork is needed. I am done.

yes they have even told her if she don’t pass it she can’t go to the 4th grade smdh like it’s all about this test than anything

My son has a long term sub for one of his teachers. This 🤬 told him that if he didn’t pass the test that it means he is uneducated…RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CLASS!

If you voted for Dan Patrick…go look at yourself in the mirror for who to blame for this insanity.

So obviously I have no children in school in Texas but what does Dan Patrick have to do with STAAR Testing?..Is that something he promoted?

He appointed Mike Morath, a man with no experience in the classroom and with no kids, to run the TEA. And he’s completely cluelss about education or the needs of children. We wouldn’t let him babysit a child – he has no business anywhere near our education system.

Yes, Mike “Hell or High Water the STAAR Must Go On” Morath was appointed TEA Commissioner by Dan “The Conman“ Patrick for one reason and one reason only; the privatization of Public Education through the STAAR test being weaponized towards this goal.

Many of us have been emailing calling writing letters and some even testifying for many years regarding these assessments. It is sickening to know that all of the testimony from experts, parents, teachers and even students went on deaf ears during the legislative sessions in March. These clowns are not representing us. They are here to be the representative of us the people and they have not done that. I’ve already pulled one child from public school and I’m homeschooling with great success. I almost think that that’s what I should be advocating for. If more of us pull out of public school maybe then we would get their attention. I am disgusted on So many levels.

My daughter is in kindergarten. They don’t start taking STAAR until 3rd grade. Even she has been stressed out about the stupid thing, which makes me wonder what the hell they are telling her.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Help! I just got a call from the school principal stating it is mandatory this year and cannot opt out as we have all past years. My son knows not to take it and is probably just sitting there and I’m tempted to go pull him out for the day. I can’t find anywhere that this is mandatory. Thanks

And some replies to this post:

Is your child at a charter school? From what I understand they can disenroll your child if you refuse the test. My kids school let my son opt out this year but they said next year there will be no opt outs allowed

It is a charter school- I’ve emailed the director and board chairperson. Printed and sent the opt out form from CCSD. There was a letter sent stating those that don’t participate won’t be allowed to participate in school activities, sports and field trips but that’s all.

At the charter school or my kids are they said the board is going to vote to require all students to take the testing or automatically be disenrolled from the school. I don’t understand why it’s such an issue to opt out at the charter school when CCSD allows it with no problems. I asked them to make alternate arrangements for my son this week. But he told me that all he’s been doing is sitting in the office reading books by himself

Yeah my son did that last year. This year a letter went out in the fall stating they have made it mandatory and they cannot opt out this year like in the past. The letter doesn’t state anything about disenrolling just that they will be taken out of school activities which is fine. The principal was nice enough to give me the dates/times of the testing and said I could pull him out during that time. I just don’t like feeling bullied into something like this.

I’m going to guess that your charter school has the same management company as the charter school that my kids go to. I think the management company is behind the testing requirement. I haven’t seen anything in writing for next year and I’ll be curious to see what they send out at the beginning of the year regarding testing. I’ll have two that will “need” to take it next year and if I have to pull them out put them in CCSD, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do

Privatization (charters) is fueled by grading schools on test scores. Charters have their own rules because they are not true public schools. Hence, they can force kids to test while public school kids can opt out.

I don’t know about Charter schools, but my son is in Clark County, and I can and did opt out. And yes, in writing, where is the statute or rule they are utilizing. How annoying they are with their bs! And if you are opposed, yes, keep him home for testing and make up testing…write a sick note.

He’s never taken it, in the past they pull him and the handful of others that opt out and they sit in another class or go to the library. Last year he was the only one and got to hang in the front office. But this year they are stating it is now mandatory and he has to take it but in searching I don’t see anywhere that it is.

my son has never taken it. I don’t leave him in school though, every single year I pull him. This year the test was from 9-11 the entire week, so I just dropped him at 11. I think they are calling your bluff, frankly.

exactly! My daughters principal tried to intimidate into having her take it and told the school that I decide what tests my kids take – period! She didn’t take the test

yea I’ve been approached in my car before as I waited for school to be over, all kinds of bologna to convince me. Silliness, I said no, I mean it, have a great day lol. In my situation, the principal of my son’s elementary school moved to his now middle school, and has finally accepted I won’t budge, so she backed off completely.

[name redacted]

and myself have opted out in years past at same charter. We saw that letter back in October and I posted on here. Because it’s a charter they can “make their own rules” at this point. John Eppolito was trying to help us with this to no avail. Basically, either our kids take the test this year at said charter, we pull them out, or they face disciplinary action up to suspension. (In addition to missing field trips, parties, academic placement next year and everything else they wrote into the charter this year. Me and [name redacted] did not have enough other parents supporting us to stand up and make a difference so nothing happened when we tried. There were very few of us raising hell.

Me and [name redacted] also wrote to board members ALL of them, Mr. Barlow, our Principal, AP, we wrote to everyone…. didn’t matter.

It affects their star rating and that’s really all that matters right now. That is the whole driving force behind it.

has said disciplinary action ever happened? Or do you think these are scare tactics?

new policy this year, but they are not playing around this year. They told me that if my children refused to take the test that they would be cited for insubordination immediately and I would be called to discuss the “punishment”

My son stayed home during the test today and will again next week. They did make him take the first part yesterday but he said the fill in parts he left blank and didn’t even read the questions just kept clicking the first option on the multiple choice. ???? hopefully it doesn’t bite us in the ass later. I told him the next couple weeks if they try to force him to finish to call me and I’ll come stop it.

My blood is boiling, forced to take an unnecessary test.

We had a bill, AB312, this session that would have added an opt-out of SBAC testing to NV law. We added as an amendment to AB312: “Parents or guardians may annually submit a written request to the school to excuse their child from any or all parts of the SBAC, and any standardized test, for the school year.” The Chairman of the Assembly Education Committee, Tyrone Thompson, would not even hear the bill. You could email and or call him,, 702-561-7976.

I am absolutely appalled about what’s going on with the CC testing. I admit I wasn’t fully aware until yesterday/today, but when my son hit the 3rd grade (now in 7th) I was informed and have refused this test from the start. But now after so much searching this is absolutely horrible and I can’t believe the school district, administration and state government can allow this. And why don’t more parents know about it? I’m tempted to find/make flyers to hand out to parents in the parking lot. I can’t believe I’m the only parent fighting this and asking the office when I took my son to school today, I’m the only one! Horrible.

people don’t know they can/could just say no. They are not informed. I feel for you, I’m not sure what I would do at this point other than try contacting legal aid to see what an attorney thinks.

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Data Miners of the SC House


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, a whopper sized article, jam packed with more evidence proving the workforce shift in education is not only global, but deeply rooted in US laws. It is CCSS, CTE, CBE, and STEM in 2019, but what was it in 1948?
Find out!!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Education Industrial Complex ———>

‘But the truth is I will not miss what education has become. A soulless industrial education complex where admin cares more about the test scores than their faculty or students.’

And here are the comments to this article:

Absolutely heartbreaking. When I think back on the teachers I had in the 70’s and 80’s, teachers who were in the profession for 30 or 40 years and still loved it, I can’t believe that it has come to this. I’ve read probably a dozen stories like this just in the past six month alone. Young teachers go into the classroom and leave three, four, five years later to do something else. It has become a revolving door profession with such a high burnout and turnover rate that in 20 years there will be NO teachers left with years of experience, only rookies and tens of thousands of substitute teachers that drift from place to place. The testing treadmill they have these people on is failing our kids. The violence in the classroom is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the level of parenting has gone way downhill, too, and lack of good parenting has just made their jobs even harder. My son had a math teacher who sometimes would have bad days where he would scream at kids without meaning to, sometimes my son would see him in his office, just sitting and staring at the wall. He had a massive heart attack in the classroom one day (luckily my son was in another class) and he did survive, but he sent a letter to the principal from the hospital. “I’m never coming back.” It’s sad that it has come to this. Our educational system, and society in general, is in a downward spiral that seemingly has no end. We have been losing ground in science, technology, manufacturing, medicine to other countries for decades. I don’t see it getting better any time soon.

many years ago (58/59} I had a history teacher who taught American history without a text book. instead we read the documents of the founding fathers. so instead of learning dates we were discussing motives, objectives and the reasoning behind the formation of a new government. our final exam was written on the black board and we were handed a college theme book to complete it. the only statement on that board was tell me everything you learned in this class. we were allowed one blank piece of paper to make an outline to follow in our theises. for two hours I wrote everything I could pull out of my brain. this teacher had to go home and read everyone of these long essays. the next semester I was put in a standard history class where you memorized nothing but dates and events. changed my entire schedule so that I could get back with a teacher that made us think and participate. we had the standard test that we had to pass per the u.s. government. that entire test was written on the board with all the answers and he told us to memorize that and we would pass that test. then we went on to learn real history. my history teacher had a doctorate in history and had been teaching in colleges when he was recruited by my high school for more money. you will not find that kind of teaching in high schools anymore. in fact I do not know what they are teaching the kids when I see some of the things that my grand children bring home. it seems as though they are spending all their time teaching what will be on some standardized test.

I am in total agreement with Jonathan. Having taught for 33 years, and now retired, I can vouch for all he has written. Counselors and administrators in our building bowed to the parents and students. Teachers were mere babysitters. Having won an educator of the year award in the part of the state I taught in, was gratifying, but I constantly was concerned that my students were taught to pass the state mandates but could not be given the time to be neither creative nor challenged in the process. Teachers were evaluated on state test score mandates rather than their true effectiveness in the classroom. I was lucky enough to have three different successful careers in my life – but the one career I cherished most, teaching, was the one that outside manipulations affected my success. I miss the kids but not everything else that clouded my effectiveness in the classroom.

I retired in 2014 after a 35 year teaching career in public high school. I have many pleasant memories of teaching, but not in the last years of my career. Huge class sizes, no voice in special education inclusion (discipline them like regular kids and then, no, they have an IEP), and discipline issues caused tremendous stress in my life. During my last year, I was hanging on by a thread. I took a two week medical five weeks before school was out. I returned for the last three weeks of school and was finally done. I do stay in touch with former students (I coached cheer and dance team) and still love them, but in the end the profession almost destroyed my mental health.

My husband and I have taught in the LA area for over 35 years, and I can’t begin to tell you how toxic the profession has become! Principals will little teaching experience who think they have all the answers and don’t; PBIS programs that take away any consequence for a student’s poor behavior and often rewards them;district employees who pressure us with one program after another; low pay;clueless parents who can’t raise their offspring;being told not to question at trainings; zero money for supplies, etc……….The list goes on. So why do I teach? I love kids and really believe my influence makes a difference. I still feel it is a calling and a noble profession. Good luck to you, sir. Thank you for your decades of service. I’m sure your kids will miss you (and they are the ones who count!?

My daughter graduated from Bowling Green University in Ohio in 2004. She came home after attending a job fair and said that she had accepted a job as a middle school math and social studies teacher with Lee county schools in Florida. She was excited because she had always wanted to live by the ocean and this was her opportunity to teach and live where she wanted.

The dream faded quickly as reality of teaching today set in. She expressed the same sentiments as the man in this article. She got tired of teaching to tests. Of administrators tying their hands on what they could and couldn’t teach or do. She had to buy the classroom supplies that she needed. She had to do other administrative tasks that were not related to teaching and that took away from the time that she had to teach. She said there were students that had been held back several years that were much bigger physically than their classmates and there were fights in her class room or in the halls. She tried to break up on altercation in the hall and had her glasses broken. During another altercation she was thrown against a wall and observed a male teacher who was watching from the door of his classroom without getting involved.

When the economy tanked in 2008 she was let go. She found other employment and worked her way up through the ranks of the company that she currently works for. She likes her current job and they are paying for her to complete her masters. She said that she didn’t get an education to become a bouncer.

After 30 years, I left the profession as well, mostly due to the poor administrators that are hired that have no clue how to respect staff, stand up to parents, handle and discipline students, Teacher’s hands are so tied that they can’t teach necessary skills and knowledge. It’s all test, test, test. The pay is not up to par with the cost of living. It was nothing for me to put in 60-70 hrs a week without one ounce of extra pay or compensation whatsoever. I also didn’t go to college and take the hundreds of courses required by districts to be a certified babysitter which is pretty much what education has come down to. I still have a passion to teach but I have to live and survive and teaching no longer affords that. The mental toll it takes having to deal with all the politics and restrictions of educating kids is horrendous. I actually ended up with some PTSD due to the abuse from admin and parents over the 30 years. I never worried about gunmen invading my schools when I was teaching (I retired 4 years ago) because people valued life then and society didn’t allow all this type of craziness that goes on today. Teachers are leaving the profession in droves and no one can blame them. They aren’t paid well and they aren’t revered or respected the way they used to be. The dummying down of education has been going on for quite some time now.

I retired from 34 years of teaching and was very concerned about the future of education in 2003. Mandates were in full swing and teachers were losing their freedom to be creative and instead being changed into teachers instructing students on how to take tests while sacrificing problem solving, vocational education, the arts, creative thinking, and individuality.
Accountability was the reason given for the new direction.
The new product was dumbed down students who might not challenge authoritarian politicians.
Test makers, test scorers, coaching book publishers, and remedial companies scored big profits.
Lost were goals of guiding kids to be life long learners and stifled was curiosity to discover.
A chronic shortage of teachers resulted as people left the profession and fewer people chose to enter the teaching occupation.
Children are our future and that future should not be jeopardized by self serving policy makers who do not realize the damage they are doing to our future for a few pieces of silver and power over others.

Very powerful, and as a parent with a high school and middle school child, it seems spot on here in New Jersey as well. Good luck sir, I wish you well in the future. Thanks you for your efforts.

I taught at a Community College for 17 years and saw the change in the students coming into my classes from HS. When I left the profession I could look out over my classroom and see the end of civilization as we know it.

I’m in my school district with 3 years left. I can’t wait to retire because every word written here in the article and the comments is true. Everything is dictated by test scores, one test after the other. I try to make a difference if not academically at times, but emotional, social, discipline, love and kindness. Our schools in my district are ranked by stars. I am at a 1 star school. The state has stepped in to make changes starting with admin. to all the way down to what makes up the rest of school staff. The education system in this country is a mess. What used to be taught at home, (discipline, respect, manners etc…), is now being taught at school. We now teach SEL which is social/emotional learning. What a mess…

Tragic but true. After teaching for 25years plus and continuing to be passionate about learning and teaching….I think I may follow his lead. Breaks my heart to say it, but it’s overwhelmingly stressful and demanding.

I am a retired teacher. I loved teaching, but the last few years of being in the classroom, I started to see the changes…changes that have only gotten worse. Teachers are overburdened with data keeping and testing, plus the need to be on the same page at the same time every day as every other teacher. There is no room for creativity or enrichment or to be able to make your classroom unique and special. Curriculums are being developed by “experts” who have never spent a day in the classroom.That happened in NY with the disaster called Common Core. Years ago the only options women pretty much had for a career was to become a nurse, secretary….or teacher! In today’s world they can go into the private sector and make twice as much money and go home at night without a pile of papers to correct and lesson plans to prepare for the next day. I have spoken to many former colleagues who, if they had the choice, would not be in the classroom today. But they are at the stage in their careers where it would not be feasible, financially or otherwise, to pursue a different career. So they go to school every day, looking towards the day they turn 55 and can retire. The passion (or respect) are just no longer there for so many of them.

High paid administrators are forever seeking ways to make themselves look good and preserve their positions. And most of the grunt work to make them look good is forced on to the backs of teachers.

This is heartbreaking. My daughter went to college to get her degree to teach AP classes at high school level and by the time she was done had heard so many horror stories about teaching that she changed her mind. She is passionate about writing and inspiring people through writing but I guess there are too many negatives for it to happen now. And this article is just scary.

I quit teaching a long time ago when I no longer could use creative methods to teach but had to “follow the book” method. I spent many hours preparing for my classes so the children could learn to love school, be inspired by what they were learning but all the school wants is “pass the tests” type of teaching. I am glad I am no longer in the schools where I would now have to worry about drugs and gun control, lock down drills. I feel sorry for anyone that goes into the education profession now as they are not allowed to be teachers but be social workers and police.

I truly understand his disdain and frustration. I was a very active father to my two sons scholastic careers. We were at school two or three time per week volunteering. I chaperoned on every field trip. However, and I hate to keep harping on this, one year we had 600 kids enrolled on the first day of school. By the end of the following week there were 800 kids enrolled in that school. The influx was from immigrant families. All our system requires is an utility bill with an address in that schools zone to enroll your child. We were hit with an influx of Hispanic families that migrated to our area, haven’t paid taxes to support the school system and were now creating a burden like no other. The school had to start implementing bringing trailer classrooms in, hiring more teachers and staff and producing more lunches for the added children. Then once settled, these families learned that with the right papers filled out, the school would feed their children breakfast and lunch for free. Now as they get older, they get more disrespectful, more angry and more violent toward the school staff and the staff are allowed to take very little action. I feel Mr. Carrolls pain and wish him the best in life and to enjoy the added time with his family. He deserves it without a doubt.

My wife is leaving teaching this year as well. She is leaving 10 years before retirement age. Things have gotten too stressful with programmed requirements and disrespectful students and parents. Its a loss because her kiddos post some of the highest growth in the district year over year.

We as Americans are to blame for this sad situation. I believe it is important to recognize that education starts at home with mother and father.

I was treated horribly by the administration when I taught. It wasn’t the children but the administrators and the constant testing. It became like the show survivor. Education is losing great teacher. Now they are arming teachers which I see as an impending disaster, as if teachers don’t have enough to worry about.

A college degree is far more expensive today and far less as valuable as it was decades ago. Governments involvement (government backed student loans) has enabled universities to raise prices to extraordinary levels. Today, more than ever, HS graduates are more likely to be better off without the financial burdens of furthering their education.

And here are some posts on Shannon Joy’s page in response to this article:

The comments to the article are heartbreaking as teacher after teacher affirms his points. They complain that the parents are a huge part of the problem . . . yet I bet 99%+ of those parents are products of the same system.

As a teacher with better than 16 years in classroom experience and another 15 working as a SEIT and providing home instruction to students through high school, I wholeheartedly agree. Education has been seriously damaged by tests and a test-driven curriculum.

As a former public school teacher, who now homeschools her own children, I can say I have never looked back at my decision to leave public education.

And I am retired. I was so tired of the testing culture, the behaviors and violence that we were supposed to deal with on our own, the administration who only want to add a feather to their cap. I miss the kids and my colleagues but not school.

I was a teacher for 26 years, one year in Utah and 25 years in Missouri.
I admire the perseverance of teachers and what they have to go through. I am amazed that teachers stay in the profession as long as they do.
It also amazes me that parents leave their children in the public school system as long as they do, particularly parents that are aware of what education has become. Granted, some states are much worse that others, and there are schools in each state that is worse than others But all of public education is all heading in the same direction.
The man that wrote this article has a pretty good handle of what education has become, both from as educators point of view and how education affecting students.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

We stand with families. Please pray for our legal team assisting a mother who was denied government benefits for her child because of her choice to home-school.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

“Across the country, kindergartners are being told what to do and how to do it, every single step along the way, all day long. They play less and study more than they did 20 years ago. This is what kindergarten has become, and it’s not a good thing.”

And some more posts from this group:

One of the big issues confronting us today is the Baby Common Core. “We must stand for the rebuilding of the American family, guard our rights as parents and protect the hearts and minds of our children.” Minnesota, Washington and Oregon top the list! Monthly government home visits delivered prenatally to child’s 3rd or 4th birthday (weekly visits prenatally – 6 months).

Wow!!!! This is crazy. A violation of so many of our rights and liberties

Yes, I write about this in my WAPIE blog. Sad state of affairs in Washington State.

Now we have a WA State Gov’t takeover of early learning as independent daycare centers go out of business or get shut down by the state. They even get harassed by the Department for Early Learning which combined with CPS and morphed into the new Dept of Children, Youth, and Families.

Yes, it is the same in every state. The fed-led QRIS system put it all in place. It’s an Anti-trust violation. A lawsuit is in order and there may be one coming out of MN.

Here is a post that was shared in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

May 8, 2019
Gary Thompson, Psy.D.
Early Life Child Psychology
12397 S. 300 E. #100
Draper, Utah 84020

Utah State Board of Education

RE: Ethical Concerns With Psychological Experimentation On Children Via On-Line Testing

Dear Honorable Board Members:

As a mental health professional, I wish to point out a rather dangerous and unethical situation regarding a testing and assessment situation involving a teenager in a Utah public school. This situation was brought to my attention on a professional level by a very concerned, and livid parent.

For the past two years, it has been the policy of Early Life Psychology to not participate in highly divisive educational political or policy matters in the State of Utah. However, we reserve the right to reach out to State Board members if a matter of severe ethical concern is brought to our attention. This matter is one where it could adversely affect our child client population.

Per my records, 16-year-old student “John Doe,” a straight-A student, studied hard for a health class quiz that was administered via Utah’s controversial computer testing system and policy.

After the computer-administered the first question, the student realized that the health subject matter being tested was not remotely anything correlated with what he studied. The student experienced severe anxiety over the thought that he was going to flunk this critical quiz.

At some point of time unknown to this author, the student, after taking the quiz and attempting to contact testing administrators, received an automated email from the test center (attached) which stated, in part, the following:

“It’s okay to tell you now that quiz 1.1 will not count toward your grade. In fact, you should consider it an object lesson. It was designed to induce a stress response by being difficult (i.e., covering topics that you are not expected to know) being timed, and by implying that this course is going to be ridiculously hard. Yes, it was a little mean. Please forgive us. All we hoped to do was help you identify what happens to your body and mind when you experience stress.”

In a State with one of the highest youth suicide rates in the nation, I hope that the Board will agree with our psychology clinic, that performing psychological experimentations on teens, designed to INCREASE stress and anxiety in an already stressful situation, is highly unethical at best, and utterly insane at worst.

During my run for State Board over two years ago, I often stated that the possibility of this type of scenario occurring would be my worse nightmare as both a Doctor and a parent of a child with a diagnosed, severe anxiety disorder. We will continue to strive to point out issues of grave concern to the Board, as well as treat the children who are adversely affected by educational policies.

We hope that the Board will recognize their role as protectors of my children, as well as the children of the thousands of parents who have brought their children for treatment by our staff.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I’ve been very impressed with this Board’s performance and professionalism these past two years. I wish you all the best of luck and continued success. The parents at issue in this letter have been “blind ‘cc’ed”. If they wish to correct the situation or reach out to you, the responsibility will be on them.

Gary Thompson, Psy.D.

And here are the replies to this post:

I’m really angry today, with the power the state has over our children and the damage they can do to just one of them.

Oh the stories I could tell you on what they get to do to our special education kiddos 😥

Yeah, weird, since this “induced stress” happens all across the country, most likely every single day, with kids k-12. It really needs to stop but this was even more bizarre with the admission that they knew they were causing stress. Malpractice, at the very least

within a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, it has been clear to me and many other doctoral level scholars that Utah’s test providers have been performing psychological evaluations/data gathering on millions of Utah children for the past 5-6 years.
….but that ship sailed a long time ago, and I have ZERO interest in getting involved with this crap again on a formal or informal professional or personal level.
My kid is out of the system. I did my due dilligence by informing the Board of these findings.
I sleep well at night.

Yes, my son had his stress-inducing assignment in wellness class! He immediately saw through it, but the kids hadn’t been taught stress-relieving techniques before this point.

Is this about teaching Grit as explained in the document provided by the feds

Click to access OET-Draft-Grit-Report-2-17-13.pdf

Competency based Ed will also test before a child has learned the material too. Similar problems have been reported when high achievers are tested on material they never learned.

Why on earth is it their business on how a child handles stress? Shouldn’t that be left to professionals? 😩😡

Professional students, perhaps, researching for their academic creds. I’m convinced the educational establishment is all about their own career advancement and not at all about the building up of children.

Schools are mental health experiments now. I can’t speak for all schools but I would guess that not many have good clinical work happening. I know in Iron County we have actual clinical therapist in the schools and that is good.

This is horrific but not surprising to me. I was the oh so unlucky kid who was “selected” for being “gifted” and got to take act, sat, and other standardized testing early in 7th or 8th grade as part of an experiment in the school district I attended in Alaska. It was supposed to be an honor but mostly it made my perfectionistic and anxiety ridden self throw up in the bathroom before and after the test. Then I got to be a sample class in 9th grade to try out the new high school qualifying exam they instituted. I passed thankfully but they later acknowledged that it was too hard for even the legislators to pass so they made it easier. Schools everywhere seem to think it is okay to test kids into Oblivion and stress them out for their own experiments.

So now our kids are lab rats?

Every public school child in the nation has been one for the past 6 years. Sorry.

i think it’s been a lot longer than that, just not to the extreme it is now. Anyone else remember “new math”, passing every studentvror thwir self esteem, adjustments to grading scales..up and down, and of coyrse the slow erosion of the arts in public schools? This spans many, many years and just keeps getting worse.

I am fighting right this very minute to get my 18 yo with severe anxiety to pass a class in the same asinine computer system
She was at 86% at one time and the next time she signed in, the system had reset her progress to 13%
Tests are proctored but only 1 or 2 faculty members are proctors and they are never available
Multiple choice questions have no “correct” answer, just a “least incorrect” answer but since it was a math class, close enough is not good enough.
Administration doesn’t care and student is getting nervous

Purposefully creating mental/emotional stress in a child is a form of abuse. The unit is titled, “Coping with Stress and Loss.” I find it concerning what they will do to the children to create loss in order to “study” it. When I was in school we learned about these types of experiments and the people who performed them on others; they were called Nazis.

My kids have asked “Why can’t we just take the test? My teacher said it can’t hurt us!” I really wish that were true.
Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for always sharing and educating us. I wish more would listen.

You are welcome. I’ve received close to 50 additional serious notifications from parents over the past two years. I’ve responded to one (this one).

Parents must wake up on their own, and become the resident experts of their own children. I’ve spent many hours in my own personal therapy over the course of the past two years dealing with my past unrealistic goal of saving every kid in this state and helping every parent who needs assistance.
Not healthy. Not possible.
“Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children.”

Read about this psychological testing years ago when studying the new Common Core curriculum coming to my state. Found all my information on our federal government’s website. It terrified me then that they thought this was their responsibility to monitor stress responses in our children and deem themselves worthy and qualified to psychologically test our children. It is sad to see it actually coming to fruition.

“All we hoped to do was help you identify what happens to your body and mind when you experience stress.”
By their own definitions in the screenshot, this statement is patently false. What they did was not to help these students experience “stress”, but “distress”.
Intentionally causing distress in an area with a high suicide rate.
How asinine is that?
I can only hope it wasn’t done at Herriman High, which has had quite a rash of suicides in the last year and a half.

This test is available to thousands of teenagers living in the Herriman Utah area. Sorry.

Bravo gary lets hope they will listen to professional like you. Very sad john doe suffered. Anxiety. My daughter developed same but did not test but it was common core curriculum itself. She was very diligent straight A student that became desengaged from her love of learning and became suicidal so i too pull her out and home school. Her mental health was a priority and doing so much better.we wished that our districthadnt adopted CC. I am shocked as their professionals turned blind eye butcagwin its all about mone y not the student . hank you Gary for your assessment and hope john doe have gotten relief from these dangerous standards.

Take a look at the USDOE report on “Grit, Tenacity and Perseverance” Put Out in 2013. It will really make you sick.

I read it 6 years ago. Met with local State politicians and education policy makers to express my concerns regarding ethics of some of the proposed practices.
Nobody cared then. Nobody cares now.

I see Instructure’s name in URL. Is this an assessment through Canvas LMS? FYI: Richard Culatta mentioned Canvas as being the 1st LMS to integrate with the Federal Learning Registry, which I understand to be a joint student data gathering project between the Dept of Defense and the Dept of Ed. JaKell, tagging you so that you see Gary’s post tied to “Instructure [software developer of Canvas] adopted the SIF open-source standard that has been championed by Bill Gates and Microsoft as a digital nervous system for schools.”

Yep. Canvas was an early adopter of common data standards through, and according to, IMS Global. The other piece of this equation, as many of us have been asking for years, is with whom is my child’s personal psychological information (data) being shared now that online curriculum, assessment and learning management system data systems are interoperable?
Behavioral data is the new gold for investors.

and most parents are unaware of what is going on, or they just don’t give a darn.

Here is a post from a New York anti-testing group:

When will it end??? They are now starting kids in 2nd Grade practicing for these tests??? (Different district).


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

The Texas senate has voted to INCREASE testing. They would add writing to grades 3,5, 6, and 8, and a reading readiness test to KINDERGARTEN! If you don’t want this to happen, you need to call your state senator and state representative and tell them that you want any additional testing removed from the school finance bill and any other bill it may be placed on. This is going to happen if Texans don’t speak up.

Let’s hope that this Illinois bill doesn’t open the door to a growth in the victimhood mentality permeating our culture:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Found out my kids were doing the Rise testing! I opted them out and the school is telling me they have no record. I found the email with their confirmation of receiving it !!! 2 days of testing here we’ve tried to keep them out of it and right under my nose their school did this! I kept them home today but still 2 days I’m furious

And here are the replies to this post:

They did the same to me.

I hear this same story all the time. They can’t afford to opt them out… there’s too much of an incentive for them. They will keep deceiving parents.

ou can go in and complain but if they purposefully or accidentally got rid of the info they will just say, oh sorry we didn’t know and go on their way. They don’t care.

document document document… and let em know youre doing it

I forwarded all of them their email confirming they received the forms. I hate this school. We always homeschooled I’m sad I had to put them into it this garbage

They said my wasn’t received too. We are painting, so I can’t get in my office to look for the returned copy. Luckily, I found out the day before so I went in that morning and filled out another form.

My daughter’s school said they hadn’t received ours either. Furious.

I repeatedly talk to my kids to let them know they are not to take any test, practice test, assessment, survey that isn’t a test created by their teacher for that specific class. I also talk about the names of tests (i.e. Sage, Aspire ACT, Rise, SHARP, etc.) so they are familiar with them. I’ve had my children call me on multiple occasions from the school office questioning if they should participate in different tests or surveys. It has saved us a few times over the years from this same situation. Make your children the watchdogs, they do a great job.

I told my daughters the same thing. I also told them that if they got pressured into filling out a form or taking a test, to make stuff up. It saved us a few times until the school got it that they were not to be tested.

It’s constant. I swear they do it on purpose. Mine were opted out and were forced into taking practice tests, even after I had spoken with the teacher and my daughter had told them she was opted out. Ive dealt with it Every. Single. Year.

they have done this too.

I’d go in and ask all of their info to be deleted from the RISE system. You did not give permission for them to submit it to RISE so I’d demand it be deleted or threaten to sue for a breach of information…I’d also try and teach the kids that they should NEVER take ANY tests on the computer, and if their teachers insist, to ask to be excused to go to the office to call you …that’s a breach of trust and shows you that while your kids are at school, the school can do whatever they want with and to your kids… ??

oh good I am going to demean they delete them! Ticks me off tried so hard to keep them out of it and they are in it now!!!

I would like to know if you can have their info deleted too?? I opted out but my son was given practice tests and also started the English test because the teacher wasn’t aware of the opt out.

Same to me. Except after the second time, as the “educational activity” they were suppose to give my daughter, they gave her ANOTHER opt out rise assessment, I think from the previous year ????
I’m currently getting written documentation from the faculty and administrators. Be sure and ask your kids to tell you if this is happening. Had my daughter not told me, and gatherers all the login in info so I could pull it all up in it computer at home and get documentation, I would have never known or been able to confront the school.
Talk to your kids and have a plan!!

My daughter got sent to the principle’s office yesterday. She was opted out of Rise and the teacher said she had to take another assessment test.
She told him that she did not but she was happy to read a book. He told her she was misinformed and to take the test. She asked to call me. He refused to let her call me and sent her to the principle. The lady in the office also wouldn’t let her call me. Thankfully, she had her phone and sent me a text. Which she got in trouble for, too.
She, of course, was bawling when I got there but I’m so proud of her and told the principle how proud I was of her!
The principle insists that she has to take the alternative test for which I replied. Then I’ll check her out everyday. Text me her testing schedule so I can get her back in time for her regular classes.
Ugh! What a nightmare!

Lisa and the others that have been trying to fight this, want all of us to report every issue like this because the other state school board members don’t believe this is a problem, so they are trying to document it…sadly, we are losing both Lisa Cummins and Alisa Ellis – two of our biggest advocates against CC and the ESSA and all that comes with it including the SAGE/RISE test- they both are moving out of state and are resigning in June- but this hotline has been set up to document ALL issues parents and grandparents are having with schools and LEAs when it comes to all of the ESSA mandates forced upon our state by the original school board signing on the dotted line to be beholden to the Federal Government

Last year they gave me a form and I didn’t watch the dates very carefully. They gave me a form with last years dates and then informed me that my kid had to take the test because it was too late–the form had to be signed by a certain date.
Michelle Boulter to the rescue–she called and told the school that we didn’t have to take it.
I didn’t reenroll my kid there. I don’t like sleezy. We online homeschool for one now and “Good and the Beautiful” for the older one.
I think third grade they took the test for her. The librarian says she took it and had a grade. I took her to lunch during the test so I know she wasn’t there. She has been instructed to do things like purposely get all the questions wrong, just fill in bubbles and say she is done if they got sneaky. They can’t complain to me that she isn’t participating because they knew I opted out.

which school was this?
Just curious.

They went to Escalante Valley Elementary School at Beryl Junction.

this happened to me as well last school year. I went back to homeschooling this year.

I can tell you for a fact that kids do this because THIS MUCH TESTING IS NOT AGE APPROPRIATE!!! Nobody has to tell them to bubble in any old answer. They all do it whether clicking answers on a computer or bubbling in sheets…I made a personal study of this after “retiring”… went back as a staff orchestra teacher early mornings. Had all day to go sit at the huge MAC SCREENS and look busy while watching kids test. Several hours. Several days throughout year end testing. Made me remember that a UTAH STATE READING SPECIALIST who taught a course in teaching methods told us this: He had spent the whole previous year travelling all over the U. S. with the mission of finding a valid reading test. His conclusion? There IS NONE….I concluded the same thing! There were kids talking about recess and strategies for getting first dibs on the equipment to play with to continue their records of playground games. Teachers do not catch all this. When the teacher DOES spot them talking they quickly started clicking one question after another just to get done and out to recess. They didn’t even read the questions. I could go on and on. Just how valid IS all this testing if the kids themselves decide to flake out. Simply because THEY ARE KIDS!!!

That is going against our Constitutional rights. Common Core is a brunt for our innocent children to progress without Government control. I am against Common as it doesn’t deliver a sound enough education for our kids. Personalized education seems the method of educational success. Getting back to the roots.

After I have a copy of the opt out. I made a copy and kept it inside my kid’s backpack. One substitute teacher didn’t care and asked my son to write an essay because he didn’t take the test. Sent an e-mail to the teacher copy to the Principal. Because of that I bought a cellphone for my 14 years old boy and now he text me if he has any situation like that again. With my daughter her teacher was intimidating her to come to class even if she didn’t take the test. I decided to have my daughter at home for those days of RiSE test.

This year I had to opt my kids out 3 time!!! 3 kids each needing to be opted out separately…3 Times! I was so mad. But I also knew I would fill it out a hundred times if they made me just to get them opted out of that stupid government test!

If I have opted out of the Rise is that the same as the Utah Composed?

Utah Compose is another computer system they use to practice writing essays, but many kids have learned to game the system and literally write garabage and get As on their essays in Utah Compose because it’s computer algorithms that are evaluating them- it’s best if a real human reads and evaluates their essays

I give a copy to the school, I keep one on my child and I keep one for myself. When the school says something to my kid( which they never do) he’s supposed to show them the opt out letter and have them contact me and he knows not to do anything he knows I’m not okay with.

This teacher in Nellie Muir Elementary School in Woodburn, Oregon appears to have led a boy to believe that he was transgender:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

“That’s one aspect sexualizing children under the guise of protecting them,” he added.

Here is a post from my friend Cheri Kiesecker:

Leap Innovation, a nonprofit promoting edtech and personalized learning, supported by Silicon Valley (biggest investor is Chan Zuckerberg) — is trying to derail a privacy bill in Illinois. Don’t let them.


And another post from her:

What do Tom Vander Ark (personalized learning, Algorithms), Laura Slover (PARCC), Michael Crow (ASU, Disrupting education) former Colo Gov Bill Ritter, former NC Gov Beverly Perdue have in common? Public Private Partnerships. ==>This group just keeps growing. RIDGELANE

And some replies to this post:

Just getting ready to put them in the slide deck for my talk.

Will your talk be recorded?

I think so.

That would be awesome! After our session is over, I’m going to turn my attentions to our HuCAPs in MN. They’re trading our kids and I want to understand more.

And yet another post from her:

In America we have freedom of speech…sometimes. Unless it’s a Colorado townhall where High School security staff apparently throw you to the ground? (The woman reportedly was taken to the hospital?) Regardless of sides/issues, we must do better. This is not acceptable.

And yet another post from her:

Knowledgeworks pushing CBE and new grading scale…

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

I will be there tomorrow to testify against SB319 as written; because, these psychological assessments/tests should NOT be done without prior parental consent.
Once these psychological tests are done records are kept, again without parental knowledge or consent.
These records will be stored in at least two places forever.
We do not know how these records will affect the future of students.

Nevada Families For Freedom
May 7 at 8:47 AM
Oppose SB319:
Gives School Psychologists and Social Workers Unprecedented Authority
Treating children/tracking children/assessing children without Parental Consent.

HEARING: Thursday, May 9, 1:30pm, Carson City, Senate Education Committee, Rm 3138, Videoconferenced to Rm 4401 of the Grant Sawyer Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

MESSAGE: Please oppose SB319 giving school giving school psychologists and social workers authority to collect and analyze data on the mental and behavioral health of pupils and to give invasive assessments on the mental and behavioral health of pupils without ever contacting the parents. It authorizes school psychologists without notifying parents to treat their child. This undermines parental authority and alienates parents when they should be involved. This bill also jeopardizes family and student privacy. (or write your own message) (more info below)


Toll Free Numbers to contact members of the committee: 800-995-9080, From Las Vegas 702-486-2626,Reno Carson 775-684-6800 or 775- 684-6789

Share your opinion on Legislative Bills:
Bill Text:…/80th2019/Bills/SB/SB319_R1.pdf
Send Testimony to:
Toll Free Numbers to contact members of the committee: 800-995-9080, From Las Vegas 702-486-2626,Reno Carson 775-684-6800 or 775- 684-6789

Testimony of Communications Director Nevada Families for Freedom, Nancy Jones, and mother of four girls.

Here are the parts of the amended bill that are still alarming to me:
Collect and analyze data on the mental and behavioral health of pupils;
(e) Administer applicable assessments to pupils;
(f) Monitor the progress of the academic, mental and behavioral health of pupils
Assist other educational personnel, including, without limitation, a school psychologist, with developing a plan for providing prevention and intervention services to pupils;
Administer biopsychosocial assessments to pupils, as necessary
None of this includes the protection that testing and monitoring and services need to occur within the bounds of written parental consent and involvement. The school counselor/psychologist can test our kids for “social and emotional health” a super vague thing, collect data and provide services without any input or consent from parents.

“I strongly oppose SB319. It gives far too broad powers and responsibilities to school psychologists including the collecting and analyzation of data on the mental and behavioral health of pupils, administration of mental assessments to pupils, and the monitoring of the mental and behavioral health of pupils. I believe this is an overreach of data collection and will lead to the loss of privacy and the mis-representation of students based on data collection of the school psychologist’s bias and reports. No mental or behavioral health or assessment should take place without the prior written consent of parents and without providing the opportunity for the parent to observe and accompany the child during such assessment or treatment. All such services should be optional and provided only at the specific request and with the fully informed consent of the parent.

“Any and all mental and behavioral health programs in the schools should be very cautious not to provide services or collect data that violates the privacy, religion, or philosophical conscience of the parents and child. The family is primarily responsible for the mental and physical health of the child, and schools, if they enter this arena at all, should simply serve to offer resources but not to independently practice mental health assessment or treatment of Nevada’s school children. Please oppose this bill.”

And here are two replies to this post:

My daughter’s friend was given this at school. Is this an example of how they are collecting this data?. The girl had to write her name on the top and turn it in but my daughter told her not to.


holey smokes. That’s insane. Taught mine early never to opine or say how they feel about… Anything.



Here is a comment from the Conservative Hammer page in response to the article about the Oregon gender confused incident:

MSA, Manatee School of the Arts, pushes alternative lifestyle. My older kids went there before it became bad. Now kids that have any doubt are encouraged, indoctrinated. Has gotten a lot worse.

Mason High School in Ohio must have REAL issues with mental health if they felt the need to get rid of valedictorians and salutatorians:

Looks like CA approved the evil sex ed standards:

Here is a post from the Informed Parents of California anti-radical sex ed group:

Want a quick 6 minute explanation of SEL (Social-Emotional Learning)? Social-Emotional Learning: K–12 Education as New Age Nanny … Every claim made by Ryan, Effrem, and Robbins has been validated by 6 years of personal research and personal observation. From the beginning, we were told of the mountain of research supporting Common Core then and Comprehensive Sexual Education now. Where is that mountain? If you find it, please let me know.

And some replies to this post:

CSE has been in public schools for awhile now. Parents are just now becoming aware of ur and how disgusting it all is. Look at this site it shows the correlation between Planned Parenthood and what’s happening. It’s way bigger than people realize. ????

WOW, everyone watch this video on the StopCSE website, this is so bigger than we thought. Talk about David and Goliath.

I’m so sad about what they’re trying to do to our kids. In my case my grandkids. ????

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

I would love to know and hear your thoughts. The Texas Legislature looks to be trying to quietly pass HB18 along with other Mental Health legislation.

HB18 ALERT. HB18 is on the Senate Regular Order of Business Calendar.

“Social-emotional learning (SEL) has been billed as a transformational tool that will propel students to greater academic achievement and personal fulfillment. Unfortunately, as a new Pioneer Institute study makes clear, the research evidence to back up these claims is thin and unpersuasive. Moreover, the risks SEL poses to student privacy and health are significant.
Proponents of SEL call for focusing less on academic content and knowledge in schools, and more on student attributes, mindsets, values, and behaviors. Not only are the goals of SEL ill-defined, but they also raise significant, unanswered questions about what attitudes should be promoted.”

Tom Luce: Luce was a key advisor to George W. Bush. “He served as U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education for Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development during the George W. Bush administration.” Currently, Tom Luce is a Consultant and Founding President at Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute.

In the Meadows, 2016 Annual Report, (74 pages) education is cited 72 times! Schools! Forty-two times. The main reference is the one connected to the Zero to Five Funders. Zero to Five is full of mental and education programs.
Source, Page 42. (*Note: there are several College and a Career Ready/Common Core-supporting efforts in education by this Foundation. The highlighted link is to their Education plan.

Click to access EducationPlanPublic_2010-2015.pdf

Teachers are being used as the scapegoat to disrupt the public schools system in order to restructure it for profit.

The Texas2036 vision Tom Luce is pushing is a continuation of Goals 2000. Their plan has been well documented and will, in fact, destroy our education system in America that actually produced the greatest nation in the world.

Kudos to these students for foiling an attempt by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and their affiliate Team ENOUGH to politicize a funeral of a high school shooting death victim by walking out so that they couldn’t be used as props for gun control:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

UPDATE: I spoke with the principal. She is telling me the school-wide policy is RISE OR an alternate test in all core subjects. There are no finals. I told her that if all the kids are not taking the test then it shouldn’t count against their grade. She asked for information on the laws regarding this. Can someone please send me links to this information so I can forward it to her?

Grading an alternate test when kids are opted out of rise is against the law right? It cannot count against their grade?

My daughter is texting me now saying her teacher is telling her she has to take an alternate test. She told her teacher no. 7th grade science.

Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group about personalized learning replacing state assessments:

“Instructure, Inc. today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire MasteryConnect, a longtime partner and innovator in the design and delivery of formative and interim assessment that supports personalized and mastery-based learning. Through this acquisition, Instructure will accelerate the shift occurring at the state level as they replace high-stakes, end-of-year testing with innovative assessment models”

And yet another post from this group:

Is the Aspire ACT done in the form of an essay by any chance? Son care home with an Assignment to research on and do an Essay arguing pro Vaccine. I’ve never heard of this before. Just wondering.

not allowed to chose pro or con. Had to write pro.

And two replies to this post:

9th grade? They have to learn to write a persuasive essay. When I taught, all the 9th grade teachers in the school picked A few current issues with 2+ sides. The students would draw out of a fish bowl what subject/m and what side they had to prepare, then write an essay and afterward participate in a Lincoln-Douglas style debate. It was a great way to learn to spot fallacies in the arguments and to learn the strengths AND weaknesses of different arguments. They also had to learn to identify credible sources, particularly on the internet, to know if what the source was saying was actually true. I don’t like them being handed all the sources, though. It kind of defeats the purpose and opens them to indoctrination.

yes and they are not given a chance to chose if they are going to write for or Against. I obviously support learning how to debate and write essays. That’s not my issue.

And yet another post from this group:

So my 8th grader just called and said she was forced to take the RISE math test! They said I didn’t sign the form! I called the VP and she said they will “look” for it and if they can’t find it I need to bring another one! My daughter didn’t take the English test because they had record of that!! It’s all on the same form!! What are my option here?? Can they delete the test? Any repercussions? I’m livid.

And here are the replies to this post:

Report this at

Wow! My kids school just did the same thing last week!

I keep hearing if the same thing happening. I wonder if they are deliberately “losing” some of the forms so their rates look better. If I had to guess, I would guess the ones getting “lost” are the students they know will perform well on the tests and raise the overall school averages.
There needs to be some kind of recourse for parents when this happens; schools need to be accountable for disregarding the explicit instruction of parents!

This is why I have been camera crazy. I’d walk into the school with the form and record me handing the form to them. Lol. I 100% believe they purposely lose the forms.

The VP called back and said we (the secretary and I ) filled it out online and we marked SAGE not RISE. Also, she said we have to have a paper copy. I said I literally remembering marking EVERYTHING for her to opt out. She said that RISE must not have converted over yet. Sorry for the confusion. 🤬

My daughter knows to refuse and ask to go to the office to call me if they pull crap like that. Thankfully her school is very cooperative. I sometimes think if the personality of the teacher is controlling or the administration …then you tend to have things like this happen.

At the beginning of the year, the forms said SAGE. They didn’t change it to say RISE until later in the school year. They should have still accepted it but I wonder if this was intentional 🤔

The VP said it wasn’t her job to call every student and let them know that the name and form had changed. That’s 700 students. I replied that not all 700 opted out. Maybe 10! She then said it wasn’t their priority. And she’s sorry that my daughter slipped through the crack.

It’s not your job to have the correct form in the school, it’s the schools job and if it has the wrong name for the same test, they should still accept it or call you, since they provided the form.

they don’t care. Having had my own issues over there, it’s an “us” against “them” philosophy.

My daughter is being a BOSS and is telling all of her teachers no even when feeling pressured. I’m so proud. But I’m sorry this happened to you.

Can we just copy this ENTIRE thread to Representative Mike Winder and the entire State School Board? Ug!

Mike Wonder doesn’t care. And his wife is just as bad. She pushes agendas with Granite, then gets special treatment for her students ( this from my friend who is is a teacher at her kids school)

[After reading some of the poster’s posts, which were done in pictures which could give away names that could possibly lead to the poster being identified, something I try to avoid on this blog (unless the person is a well-known activist, etc), but it seems she talked to the Assessment Specialist and got the situation taken care of and invalidated the test her child was made to take and got the opt out squared away for the future]

his sounds extremely frustrating, and I keep reading accounts like this. So my overarching question (not meant to be an answer to this exact scenario but inspired by these problems), is this:
Why do parents or teens yield to the authority of school administrators who attempt to bully people? (Poor kids are more easily manipulated, which makes me even more mad.) But I don’t understand how a teacher can “make” anyone do anything. What power is it they have, exactly? What are they threatening? A lowered grade? Public shaming? Some sort of violation of “law”? What have we been taught to fear so much, that we surrender our personal sovereignty and our freedom?
I have not been part of a school system for a while now, so it’s foreign to me. I am the only authority over my kids, and we do not bow to usurpers who attempt to strongarm, threaten, or force us to do anything against our will. This would be true whether or not forms were filled out correctly, or “permission” granted to not take tests we had already decided would not be taken.
Of course we should solve these issues for the sake of other families, and I think administrators should be held accountable for this abuse of power. But why do we as mature adults and guardians of our children allow it in the first place?
Would it be helpful if we talked more as a culture about how those within the school systems don’t actually own or control our children?
It seems to me that there is also value in teaching our kids (older ones, at least) that they have autonomy, and a right to engage in civil disobedience when it is necessary. We don’t want them growing up to be bullied or sexually harassed or otherwise manipulated in the work force or by the government as adults, either. Perhaps some people might be able to use these moments to teach them that there are always consequences when we refuse to be coerced into things we don’t want to do… but that some things are worth standing firm and refusing, regardless of the fierceness of the opposition??

beautifully said. I agree. First year in public school and I asked her why she didn’t say anything and she said she didn’t want to make a scene. It’s tough in middle school with peers and “authority” always looking for someone doing something wrong.

Yes, that would be really scary, especially in that environment at that age. Sounds like you had the chance to talk through that power struggle and authority dynamic now though!

Here is yet another post from this group:

most of the school district employees only know what they’ve been told. Most people in education are not following the laws. The way it works is the legislature passes a law. If it’s education-related, then the Utah School Boards Association presents it to the local school boards and the superintendents and business administrators. If it requires the board to update a board policy, then that gets put on the docket for a board action at a board meeting. If it doesn’t require a change in policy (which the board may not have a testing policy and the law doesn’t require them to have one), then it only shows up if parents complain. Two years after it was made illegal to count students who didn’t test in the average results, teachers were telling me that I shouldn’t be opting my kids out (esp since I was a board member) because it hurt them and their scores and their school. They were surprised when I told them it wasn’t the case and school grades cannot use opt out numbers by state law, in part because that’s not how the grades are calculated but also because you can’t punish a school or an employee for opt out students and students who opt out also cannot be punished. (the law is phrased that a student who takes the test can’t be rewarded. So, logically, a student who is opted out can’t be punished.) There does need to be some sort of accountability. But that will probably only come through parents knowing the law and pushing back. My neighbor told me this year that her HS-aged daughter had been told by her English teacher that the teacher would suffer a dock in pay if she had too many kids opt out. Teachers’ pay cannot be subject to state test scores. This was made illegal in 2015, and yet, this is what the kids are being told, so they won’t opt out. I’m not sure whether the teacher just didn’t know or what? But this sort of thing goes on every year, sadly. The true tragedy is that the teachers don’t understand that we are really standing in favor of their autonomy and their judgement and their teaching/testing methodology OVER that of the state (anyone seen anything that shows the validity or who was in charge of vetting the test questions??? yeah, me neither). Teachers should WANT to have autonomy over how their students are assessed. But instead, the line is that parents who opt out are hurting the schools and the teachers. It says a lot when you hear someone say, “Your kid should take the test. It will really help the school.” Why do we send our kids to school? To help the school grade by taking a standardized, non-validated test? At least they’re being honest: the testing isn’t about helping the individual child.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group, in response to a post about mental health data mining in schools:

LA just passed a tax to fund this (in my parish). Included in the tax was increased technology (data mining) including Chrome books for HS students. It was promoted as having a SRO in every school after the FL shootings and mental health in the schools after our district had quite a few suicides in the last few years. People just don’t understand what the end goal of this is. They think it’s a positive for their children.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Hot off the press, from this mornings survey at Jefferson.


Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

How do we better inform our fellow parents of RISE/ASPIRE testing?
The narrative from the school is that it is “required” testing and parents are told that make-up is required for missed test days. A couple of my friends have called me upset because they heard I opt out and the teachers are keeping their kids in from lunch and recess for make-up testing.
If parents knew it was optional and cannot by law affect the child’s grade, more would opt out. But, if they knew of the hours of wasted learning time, data mining on their kids, and how little the testing actually reflects successful learning, nearly all would opt out

And here are the replies to this post:

Most of my friends don’t opt their kids out for the tests. They told me they just tell their kids not to take it seriously. I don’t understand why they think it’s okay to waste so much time testing instead of learning.

I tell lots of people. No one seems to care.

they still dont care it means salon nail coffee gym and all their me time would have to be sacrificed.

it means they would actually have to spend the time to ask and see what their children are actually being taught and who is actually teaching it and asking the questions

it means they would have to actually think about how ridiculous it is they are handing their children over to complete strangers who work for the government to use experimental behavioral modification programs on them for 12+ years of their childhood.

I tell lots of people and they all look at me like I’m growing aliens out of my head. We live in a small community in Millard County and people are afraid to “upset the balance.” I think for most parents, they dont understand that they have the power to control their child’s education, but that it takes work and diligence. Most of which are more willing to put that work into extra curricular activities than education.

Most parents grew up in the system and don’t question it—or don’t want to question it. They tend to think, “I turned out ok, so it can’t be too bad.” In actuality, they didn’t turn out ok. None of us did. We grew up believing propaganda to a large degree and being tested for compliance. Now, we are testing our kids for compliance because that’s what will “get them a job.”
In the early days of this nation, education wasn’t about getting a job, it was about building literacy and using that literacy to know God.

A few years ago, I tried informing everyone that would listen. Nobody listened. Everyone complained about the test but few would actually opt them out. Even if the kids anxiety levels and behavior were obviously from the test, as stated by the parents. Now, I just worry about my kids and watch the legislation that comes through and beg and plead others to contact representatives. I still get little response

If more parents knew that the tests weren’t about academic assessment at all, but rather to be constantly taking the social “temperature” of their children, collecting & sharing the data, and assessing their compliance to proper, “global“ social attitudes, NO ONE would allow their children to take these tests. And that’s the only way to shut this down – starve that machine.

My son was told colleges will look at those tests to determine admission

They’ve been trying to sell that line for years. That was the original plan of some who are marginally associated with the whole ed reform movement. 1. adopt “college and career-ready standards”, 2. test those standards, and 3. use them as a measure for college-readiness/acceptance. HOWEVER, it hasn’t yet happened. But they are hoping to get to that point, no doubt.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Is there anything that we as parents can or should be doing to help rid our schools of CC? It has begun to feel hopeless.

And some replies to this post:

I’m retiring after almost 30 years as a teacher. I have seen bond votes to go toward education. I never vote for them as after the bonds are okayed I don’t know where the money goes. I refuse to keep voting to throw money at a broken system. The trend seems to be if it’s not working just do it more. Testing is an example of that. Nothing is going to change until Parents take action. Home school. Don’t show up for the tests. Don’t let the government hold $ over our children’s heads. It is not making a difference. anyway. Schools are more like prisons. Children should always want to learn but that desire is pretty much gone by third grade. So sad!

It absolutely does feel that way. The reason is because there are simply too many parents who are either unengaged, uninformed or simply too afraid to take a stand and exercise civil disobedience to opt their kids out. Until WAY more parents participate, this whole movement is stalled.

I remember when we tried stopping in the largest city in NH. You know what happened? Only a few parents showed up at the meeting when it was voted on, even though thousands were told (door knocking, mailers, fliers, radio, tv). You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Sadly, they now reap what they sowed.

Our district and school are hopeless… son’s school has a principal who has these kids convinced that they need to challenge themselves and score well on the test…..we have classrooms that depend on computers and other devices to teach them the material yet we have children without their own laptops at home to be able to do the work at home so they have to depend on the class room

When my son was in elementary school, the principal told the students if they got a 100% on the state testing, she would take them and their families out to dinner.

Homeschooling is the only way to not have any involvement with CC. Not cyber or charter school. Those are still public school at home and still use CC. Homeschoolers don’t have to use CC and we are a LARGE contingent of population and growing fast. If the govt tried to force us to use CC, they’d have a major fight on their hands. We have HSLDA, Heritage Defense and other orgs to fight for us. We have to stay diligent though and not cave to using any CC!

9 years ago we rose up- we were told we had tinfoil hats on – nobody listened – it’s a train wreck- maybe restart the revolution against CC ? I spread the word all day everyday – some parents who had kids in the same school had no idea what I was talking about – go and rise up again

As a teacher, I fought it with every ounce of my being. No one cares, it’s all about the money, and making sure that America’s students are less ready to function in the world today. After 33 years, I finally retired. I would want to see everything my child was doing in class. What they are reading, studying in science, especially what (if any) they are learning in history/civics, as well as math. If you are able, go spend time in your child’s classroom. You have that right, it’s a public school. Refuse to let your child participate in any assignment that is against your values. If all else fails, and you are financially able to……pull you child out of public school!!!

I tried to start protesting CCSS TEN YEARS AGO. Nobody listened and nobody cared. I took part in setting up town meetings, round table discussions with family members, teachers and other parents….. little to nobody showed. Only the same small group of devoted individuals came each time. I’ve printed 1,000s of flyers, handed them out at school meetings, work, gatherings, etc. I was ignored and called a conspiracy theorist. So embrace it because it’s far too embedded now and all the standards are copyrighted and corporation owned. Now foreign corporations, planned parenthood, tech companies, and commies own our children.

truth ! I was your comrade ?? in several groups and the thing was we had both sides of the aisle – Democrat’s against Common Core was a big push as well as every other group

I think one of the problems trying to get it out. Is that even in these type of groups it’s so political and the agenda is not neutral anymore. It has become Democrat versus Republican. I have removed myself from almost every against common core group.
Unfortunately I wanted to do it where my kids did not do the testing and walked out but due to pass bad experiences at schools my kids anxiety could not handle that type of production. So unfortunately my kids do the testing. It was not what my plan was but it’s what’s best for them. So I think parents want to do it and it’s not that they don’t know about it or how to it’s that sometimes you have to do what’s best for your child

The majority of teachers I know have tired of it and are finally listening to those of us who were screaming from the mountaintops from the beginning.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

If you want to know why Texas legislators won’t listen to you? Here is why… Follow the DATA!!
Margaret Spellings is back in Texas – Texas 2036- The Data is Coming…

And here is a post that someone posted to her page:

The Gates Foundation has launched a commission to determine the value of a college degree. Here are my thoughts:

“So how can this commission transform American higher education where earlier reforms have not worked? By encouraging Congress to make federal loans and grants available to students in some majors, such as engineering or business, where graduates tend to earn a high salary upon graduation. Conversely, Congress might be moved to make loans and grants unavailable for students in other majors, such as theology or humanities, where graduates do not earn as much.”

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Adversity scores. Really? A private institution the College Board that administers SAT is now going to discriminate against you based on theoretical social justice including your race.

Among the categories included in the calculation are the crime rate in a student’s neighborhood, their family’s median income and the rigor of their school’s curriculum, according to the Journal.

Students’ scores can range from 1 to 100, with 50 being average, above 50 representing an element of adversity and anything below 50 representing a degree of privilege, the newspaper reported.

YOU will never see the matrix scores. College will.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have a 7th grader at Willowcreek middle School in Lehi. I opted him out of all testing for this year. I kept him home for the math portion of the RISE test last Tuesday and Thursday, I just found out today that his math teacher made him sit in the hallway on Wednesday of this week and take the alternate test. The rest of the class did a baseball math activity, so he was basically being punished for being opted out.

I plan on emailing the teacher and principal today as well as contacting the test auditors. Is there anything else I should do?

And some replies to this post:

Unfortunately they can make them take an alternate test as long as it doesn’t count on their grade. We told our kids answer A on every question and Micky mouse if it is a written answer..there is no advantage to these teachers manufacturing stress…

they cannot make them take an alternate test on another day, after the testing is over. We checked him out on test days, to avoid this exact thing. He sat in the hallway taking an alternative test, while his class did a baseball math activity.

state law says that they cannot be rewarded for taking the test, and even with HB118 that was passed this year, the only “incentive” for those who take the test is academic…not baseball math…

My children get lectured by the teacher in front of the class about how “it doesn’t make sense that parents are opting out of testing that just let’s you show how smart you are!”
I pick them up every day of testing.

had a granddaughter miss out on a scholarship.. the year Common Core was put in…failed her MATH common core got an “F”…..was a straight “A” all her school years……we all recognize the statement “DUMBING OF AMERICA “…look at our public schools today….it is true

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

First of all, this is coming straight from UNESCO. The 2009 International Guidelines on Sexuality Education maintain that children have a right to receive instruction in sexual pleasure, masturbation and homosexuality, among other things.
UN LGBT expert from Thailand said, “Children’s attitudes on these issues are to be measured and tracked, with the standards including attitudinal outcomes. It should permeate the entire curriculum from the beginning of formal schooling. When it comes to immersing children in LGBT ideology, the younger the better.”
In early 2018, UNESCO released is Comprehensive Sexuality Education Standards for use in EVERY school in EVERY country on Earth, beginning in Kindergarten. I’m in CA where the law mandates the teaching of all genders, sexual orientations, etc., but it’s happening all over the world.
Jr. High students are being taught that anal or oral sex are safe ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. Condoms are NOT designed for anal sex and therefore, it is not safe.
In Planned Parenthood’s curriculum, Making Proud Choices for 12-14 year olds, they are teaching that:
• you can use condoms as a method of foreplay
• think up a sexual fantasy act sexy/sensual
• tease each other sexually while putting on the condom
• have fun putting one on your partner, and you can feel more relaxed and can really enjoy yourself
• condoms make erections last longer.
CA law mandates:
From pre-K through third grade, when providing instruction on sexual and reproductive organs, teachers can introduce the concept that gender does not always match the sexual and reproductive organs described. For example, teachers may share, “In the classroom, we may use the term ‘female reproductive organs’ but some people who identify as male have these organs.” The actual anatomical name for organs is utilized.
From pre-K through third grade, when the topic of masturbation is introduced or arises teachers explain what masturbation is and that it is safe and not mentally or physically harmful. This is also an important time to discuss gender, gender roles, and gender expression as puberty can be a difficult time for all students. Educators should acknowledge this and create an environment that is inclusive and challenges binary concepts about gender.

And some similar posts from this group:

just wait till HS…. at Arbor View they shove LGBQT down the kids throats. My ninth grader has never been an “outsider,” but now feels like she is a minority for being straight.
It’s very odd….

Posters, banners, home coming floats…etc. nothing promoting heterosexual couples, just LGQBT…

Our children are being indoctrinated in EVERY aspect of education – New Generation Science Standards that center around climate change and sustainable development, LGBT-inclusive history standards that include Harvey Milk, Chaz Bono, Geore Takai, etc., and Common Core math and language. Parents have got to take back their power! Federal laws forbid the governments involvement in education. It MUST stop!

Everyone this is only currently being pushed in WCSD. We have defeated it multiple time in CCSD and at the State Legislature. Just a few weeks ago the bill to mandate this to all of Nevada died.

Watch out for the resurrection. What passes in Washoe comes to Clark. Our last governor vetoed the bill.

Here is another post from this group:

Attached and below are my comments to the WCSD board last night. I spoke about how WCSD basically insured most parents in NV would remain in the dark about what has already happened and will continue to happen with their children’s data via “free” EdTech vendors. They didn’t say a word.

WCSD Board Meeting 5-14-19

INTRO: Former K-12 teacher; I have 3 kids left in District; Pres. Protect Nevada Children (PNC) – People can us on Facebook at Protect Nevada Children

PNC has been working in Carson City to protect student data for at least four years. This session we worked with Senator Mo Denis on SB403. The bill would have required school districts to educate parents on the dangers of children sharing data with “free” EdTech vendors, and then let parents decide if/when their children would start sharing personal data and school work with these vendors. On April 8th – ten people and entities spoke in support of SB403 including: Conservatives, Liberals, Moderates, and the Nevada State Education Association.

The only testimony in opposition to the bill came from Washoe County School District (WCSD).

At the April 9th school board meeting President Holland said with a smile, the District supported of the rest of the bill. There was really no “rest of the bill.”

WCSD is the only district in the state that publically stated they did not want to educate parents on: “the dangers of their children sharing personal data and school work with ‘free’ EdTech vendors.” So now thanks to Washoe County, most parents in the state of NV will remain in the dark.

Here’s what we know has happened so far:
• There has been at least one huge data breach where student data has been placed for sale on the dark web thanks to one of these “free” vendors, Edmodo
• In April 2018 the Chinese bought Edmodo, which is one of the main “free” vendors used in WCSD. Experts say the Chinese bought Edmodo for the student data.
• In September 2018 the FBI released a Public Service Announcement warning parents about EdTech vendors like Google and Edmodo

We know many of these “free” EdTech vendors, including Edmodo (in other words the Chinese) will be creating “secret” profiles on our children that we parents will never see. It is still unclear how these profiles will affect the future of our children.

Many of these vendors tell us they will share our children’s data with other “unknown” parties.

Parents deserve to know and should be able to say NO to using these products.

Find us on Facebook at Protect Nevada Children.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

My kid is such a badass.

We opt out the the staar “assessment” because…. Well…’s bullshit. So then when it’s testing days he doesn’t go to school those days. Well today he goes and they pulled him in a testing room and proceeded to administer a make up “assessment”. What does my kid do you might ask?! My quarky autistic brilliant 10 year old boy looks the asst. Principle in the face and says “I refuse. I’m opting out.” Just as cool as a cucumber. When she proceeds to tell him he will be retained he then informs her “I still refuse. 4th grade is not a retention year anyway.” Ya know….. It’s one thing to fight for your kiddo but it’s another thing to know you’ve prepared them to advocate for themselves. Damn I’m proud.

And some replies to this post:

Kept my kid (3rd grade) home Monday and Tuesday, they presented him with a make-up test when he got to school today, he told them, “I refuse to take the STARR assessment.” They removed the test and took him back to class. I’ve been impressed with this administration, especially hearing what others are dealing with.

My daughter simply sat there last year in 5th grade, didn’t even touch the pencil. But her Principal was amazingly kind and never attempted to force anything on her. After 5 minutes she was dismissed.

My 5th grader did that again today, too. In front of the entire office staff and her dad. It was her choice. She refused so we went to the local theater and watched Sound of Music on the big screen.

YAAASS! Mine is also autistic and I prepped him hard core on how to refuse the test so he doesn’t miss any days. It absolutely can be done! THIS is how you introduce your kids to activism!!!

I am against STAAR. I am also against the practice of when schools refuse to acknowledge parents who opt their children out of the STAAR test. When administrators don’t acknowledge parents opting out, then that puts students in the position of having to refuse to follow teachers’ directions, which in general, is never good for students, teachers, schools, or communities. It sends a message that the tail is wagging the dog. It also leaves the student vulnerable to disciplinary action of which he/she most likely does not deserve. And if the student did engage in truly disrespectful or otherwise punishable behavior, again he/she was put in the position to refuse the test to begin with. So schools for sure need to acknowledge parents who opt out. And even better, the state of Texas needs to do away with STAAR altogether.

Here is another post from this group:

I saw this on another page, I’ll post the link to CSHB 3906 in the comments:

CSHB 3906 (Huberty) relates to student assessment. Chairman Larry Taylor, the bill’s Senate sponsor, laid out a committee substitute for the bill, stating that all of the STAAR-related items currently in CSHB 3 were being stripped out of that bill and added to CSHB 3906. Taylor said the substitute language includes:

• Development of new English language arts and reading STAAR tests that add a writing component to tests in grades 3-8

• Limitation on the number of multiple-choice questions on a STAAR test to not more than 75 percent of the total number of questions

• Provision for a five-year transition period for the state to move to a system in which all STAAR administrations would be done online

• Administration of STAAR in shorter blocks of time, multiple times throughout a school year (Full STAAR administration security procedures would remain in place, and this would likely affect a district’s scope and sequence and curriculum.)

• Development of a pilot program to replace STAAR

• Establishment of a new educator advisory group to help with STAAR development

• Development of a new kindergarten assessment that gives the commissioner authority to develop the test and to set standards for what is deemed “kindergarten ready” (This test would be different from the diagnostic assessments that districts can select from the Commissioner’s List of Early Reading Instruments, which are vetted through the University of Houston Health Science Center and administered to students in grades K-2.)

So basically, they “listened” to all the calls and took all staar related stuff out of HB3.
And put it in a new bill. 🤦🏻‍♀️
These people just don’t get it.

And yet another post:

Today kids at school started asking my son how to refuse the STAAR and he was telling them. A teacher told him to stop talking about it and that it was only his business. 😡 Last week student council was handing out treats for STAAR to pep the kids up and my son did a thumbs down because it’s all about the STAAR. A girl that’s been picking on him all year, told on him. He got in trouble and apparently they think he’s going to be walking at recess tomorrow for it, since today was his first day at school this week.
Yup let’s silence and punish the children. 🤦🏼‍♀️

And some replies to this post:

I am so sorry. And good for him

Yep. My daughter was told she couldn’t go on the band trip to six flags. What does band have to do with staar?

you corrected them, right?

they are leaving tomorrow morning and it’s a make up day. We will see what happens when we show up. They are leaving at 3am.

definitely show up ready to go.

And she left to six flags

The principal told me son that the staar was adult business and I shouldn’t be talking to him about it. I told her that as long as it has to do with him that I will keep talking about it.

wow what’s his logic there. “Adult business” but it’s our kids that have to suffer. Dang right you should keep talking with him. That’s just absurd.

I hope you told them differently!
Document that they are attempting to punish him for talking with his friends in an email and demand to see the referral they have written up.
Your son ROCKS!!

My kids principle told me if I didnt talk negative to my kids about the Starr than they wouldnt be so worried about it and that I’m the one putting pressure on my kids and not the test.

They told my kids to shut up talking about it as well and even told me that it was “affecting the morale of the other students”. So I told them, that I would absolutely talk to my son about not discussing opting out DURING classroom instruction. However, he was born in America to American parents – both of whom have served our country in support of our freedoms – one being the freedom of speech. He is not cursing, he is not being disrespectful to his teachers. I expect his right to talk to his friends and classmates outside of classroom instruction to not be limited nor would he receive any punishment for such. He is discussing a very important political matter and it in no way is affecting the “morale” of his peers. If the peers’ parents have any questions, the school had my permission to give them my contact information.

I should add that next year I intent to send my kids with business cards after Xmas to hand to kids when they ask about opting out.

I’m going to be getting shirts made for my kids to wear next year. You know since teachers and admin wear shirts supporting STAAR, we will wear shirts refusing the STAAR. 🤷🏼‍♀️😊

I am a teacher and on testing days I wear a shirt that reads “my students are more than a score.”

Show them this, from the Texas Health and Human Services:
A singular barrier that can be both physically and emotionally harmful to children and youth is the practice of using physical activity as punishment and/or behavior management. Examples of inappropriate use of physical activity include:
• Requiring students to run laps for misbehavior
• Forcing students to do push-ups for being late to class
• Withholding recess time to control behavior or to do unfinished work
• Making students run for losing a game or for poor individual performance

And in many school districts in Texas it’s against district policy to take away recess as punishment. Check your local policy!

well, this needs to get sent to our elementary!!!

Look at it this way, your kiddo is like James Dean, only he has a cause…that stinking STAAR is taking up all the oxygen in the room. In a 9 month school year, which has only six months of days, why is this test taking up so much time. I blame it on our crony legislature which has ratcheted up this test to include closing down school districts and funnel money into those crony charter schools….you son did the right thing. If I could do his detention for him I would.

We had a meeting this morning. The principal said they don’t allow the kids to talk about STAAR, politics, etc… hold the phone…. but they have STAAR pep rallies and the student council hands out treats.
Yes the convo was recorded.

They were more worried about my son being “disrespectful”. His story and theirs didn’t match up. It felt as though they got together and came up with a story so that he would be punished. I left very mad. My husband did 95% of the talking, I just listened.

And yet another post from this group:

So my 4th grader was tricked into actually answering the questions on the computer for staar….under fear she would lose field day and the trip to the zoo (the announcements she said informed them they were unable attend less the took the staar as the ones who hasn’t would need stay and do staar. She always been emotional anxiety ridden child and fears being left out so she ended up answering)
6th grader returns tomorrow. Her preap placement depends in staar (litterly their course catalogs says depends on standrize testing) she says she is ready and only reason she do it is stay in preap. Got the little retaintion threat sorted. The teacher told me his kids has make a 46% to stay in preap program in math. If they make below that they will go into mainstream 7th grade math which is repeat from 6th grade preap math Sure sounds easy..if they weren’t taking the 7th grade staar. Teacher has tried get her to be one few 6th graders to do 8th grade staar to be in algebra 1 (passing 8th grade staar is required to take the class) but he tells me he always gets same response and I am quoting her ” are your nuts or just crazy” lol
But anyway…my 4th grader next year I want understand what I am looking at . When exactly should I ask for GPC next year? After the 1st test administration? We already have a weeksnof appointments that week
She always passes her classes with passing grades but she never tests well. CBA benchmarks staar she just doesn’t handle them well. Especially with reading. Medically speaking she has a specific learning disability in reading (therapists tested) educationally she passed their special ed testing by few points and didnt qualify for a IEP so we have a 504 for Dyspraxia anxiety dysgraphia and adhd. But teacher only care about staar prep…not helping her fill the gap so we working on it at home after school with parent bought stuff and apps so she has accelerated instruction (that would count right? We have programs Prodigy Adventure academy and loads workbooks).

And another post from this group:

All year long has been STAAR prep in math. Literal STAAR questions, all math word problems for each assignment and test. In these last few weeks of school, after the math STAAR, they are just now and only now doing multi-sensory actual math lessons.

And yet another post:

Can they really retain a child for not passing the test. I honestly think it’s ridiculous the amount of stress these kids have. I had to pick up my son from school today because he was throwing up from the stress. I was told if he doesn’t finish the test then they will most likely fail him for the year.

And yet another post from this group:

Stupid, stupid big fat lying schools. Sent son and daughter back to school today with specific instructions for them to say, “call my mom now” over and over if they were pulled from class. Son didn’t even make it passed 1st period and due to fever got sent home (7th grade). Daughter was pulled out of freaking MATH where she needed to be working on TTM because she got behind being sick, in order to take the science STAAR. She is in 5th, took none of the other parts and they pull her for that one. When she refused and told them to call me, they told her…but you LOVE science, it is your favorite subject, don’t you want to try and see how well you can do, we know you will do great. She took it! I am so angry right now I can not even think straight!!!!!! She was supposed to have time to study for a huge vocab test and do the math assigment and instead ended up taking the vocab (super fast) so she could go take that damn assessment!!! DON’T POKE THE MAMA BEAR!!! She made a 50 on the vocab test btw because she didn’t get the extra day that the teacher promised!

This morning my daughter was cleaning out her backpack and handed me four crinkled up envelopes…3 doctor’s notes and 1 opt out letter. She said, “hey, mom, were these important cause I forgot to take them to the office?” Insert gigantic deep frustrated mom sigh….here!!! No worries I will keep up the good fight and get the phone calls made despite the fact that there is data on my kid now!!

And yet another post:

Left my daughter at school for her end of the year trip. They refused to let her go because she opted out of star. I did not know today was a retest day. Can they not let her go over the star?

And some replies to this post:

Cause a scene. There was a post a few days back about how they cannot do that. It’s against some guideline somewhere…

She texted me and they tried to take her phone. I immediately called her to speak with the teacher trying to take it but she would not speak with me

Go check her out. Right away. Do not take no for an answer.

Lady in the office said she has to give it to her even if she refuses. I already know they have to offer it just didn’t know they could take her trip away for refusing.

This is unfortunately why we took it this year. My sons 8th grade field trip out of town to six flags on Friday. He wouldnt of been allowed to go smh. They bully you into it I suppose since we dont want out children to miss out.

This is just so horrible!

Totally agree!!! My son is so excited about this darn trip with his friends. I would of told him I’d take him myself but it’s with friends that are going to a different HS next year and he really wanted to go with them.

Last year we stayed out all week and when he came back that Monday they surprised him with it so I told him why did you take it I told you to refuse it he said mom is I’m sure they will never leave me alone about it

TEA told me that if they appear on campus anytime during the week of testing and before tests are returned by law they have to offer it

I hate everything about STAAR, but situations like this make my blood boil. For yrs, we’ve stayed home the main testing days and returned the following day, refused and in less than 15 min the principal had them back in class..never bothered again.. No missed field days, trips etc. There is no reason for it…but some districts ugh. When education becomes punitive, its lost.

If these districts wouldn’t put so much emphasis on the Staar and make it more fun than stressful … Then just MAYBE more kids wouldn’t shut down and be anxiety stricken and wld pass the test. In my opinion it’s the anxiety that’s causing the kids to fail or score lower. We as adults have a hard time working under pressure (well most) so why wouldn’t we see that all this added pressure and stress is not necessary. Kids should be enjoying school,having fun and learning… Not freaking out on a daily.
Public school is a freaking joke. Not to mention the disappointments they cause to children when they hype them up and then leave them out of certain organizations! Such a disappointment. I’m so done!

I wish all kids would just stand up and refuse to take this silly test!! If they all handed in the test without any markings on it, how would the state grade it? Would they grade it? There’s no marks on the test.

Principle said she could be suspended because I had her walk to the buss smh

I found this article in an Ohio anti-Common Core group. I guess it goes along with how weak our privacy laws are:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Look what slithered its way into school board policy (MSBSD)


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

David Coleman, the current CEO of the College Board, and architect of the nationwide transformation of K-12 public schools via Common Core, is now making more new plans for the SAT.

All students taking the SATs will receive an adversity score from the College Board. This score will capture social and economic backgrounds and is calculated using 15 factors. That score is sent to colleges along with the application.

“According to the Journal, a score of 50 is considered “average.” Anything above 50 proves “hardship” while anything below 50 is considered “privilege.”

The Journal reported that this new score will appear alongside a student’s SAT score and will be featured in a section labeled the “Environmental Context Dashboard.” The adversity score’s formal name on the dashboard is “Overall Disadvantage Level,” but it has been colloquially called the “adversity score” by college admissions officers, per The Journal’s article.

In a statement to CBS News, David Coleman, College Board CEO, said in part, “Through its history, the College Board has been focused on finding unseen talent. The Environmental Context Dashboard shines a light on students who have demonstrated remarkable resourcefulness to overcome challenges and achieve more with less. It enables colleges to witness the strength of students in a huge swath of America who would otherwise be overlooked.”

And some replies to this post:

I just heard him on FOX this morning. He said the SAT scores aren’t changing just getting more info from students taking it to “see if their score shows how they overcame adveristy to get that score”

Data mining is priority one.

The SAT was redesigned in 2016—a huge revamp that has been linked to the Common Core and attempts to re-secure market share lost to the ACT.

As a person of color, I find this extremely demeaning and insulting to my capabilities. It’s really just another way to track us and track the smart ones.

And another post from this group:

What do I need to do to opt my child out of the SBAC testing? I just found out testing is next week. TIA!

And some replies to this post:

Which school district? You write a letter saying you refuse to permit the testing of your child and expect the district to provide an educational opportunity while testing is taking place. Others may have specific ideas on wording. Basically, write your letter as if you call the shots…. because you do.

Gah! I have been fighting with WAVA ALL dang day trying to opt my 5th grader out but they absolutely will NOT budge stating that on line programs have much more rigorous rules about SBAC being mandatory for all their students and blah blah blah….

Besides the fact I don’t agree with standardized testing, I opt him out because he has chronic migraine headaches and stress is a huge trigger. Testing is very stressful for him and the amount of time spent looking at a computer screen (straight without plenty of breaks) will likely result in stated headaches which will make his testing invalid….clearly not good for all entities involved

Here is a post I wrote about WAVA and CVA. If you have no other options, then I understand.

You don’t opt out. You have to refuse. Keep your children home if you have too. You can refuse I just filled out a WA state form they sent. Just make sure you send everyone including superintendent etc. It’s your right as a parent

those with IEP etc do not get extra time etc so it adds to the long list of why my daughter is not taking these test. Even though I did not list those as reasons

my daughter has a 504 and we were doing k-12 for 2 and a half years…they will make accommodations for your child (ie test proctor can come to your house, if you have medical documentation about test anxiety), but you didn’t hear it from me….however they have to do the test, no matter what…so with that plus another problem we had, we put her back in B&M school….we have all the documentation and she was able to opt out…for now…but they said she will have to pass it in order to graduate highschool…its rediculous

they told me that he will be accommodated appropriately according to his 504, but what they fail to understand is he just completed a battery of special education testing and his 504 is being updated but the earliest we could get the meeting was Friday and that is already day 2 of 3 for testing! So exactly how are the accommodating him without the updates?
I am sure his teacher was not supposed to tell me this but she said to show up each day, start the exam and if 30 minutes into it he gets a headache then they legally have to let him go and he gets credit for attempting each exam…..

I totally understand why you would make that choice…6 and 7th was not so bad (even though they changed the work at your own pace guidelines the year she started. We felt lied to in a way….however, again, 6th and 7th went extremely well, because she had wonderful patient teachers…8th grade came and she only had 1 wonderful patient teacher…1 was so bad my daughter cried everyday because she just didn’t understand. We then hired a professional tutor out of a company in Seattle (and had homeschooled her own kids). We had her go over the lessons, and listen to the class connect and even she said there was a huge disconnect with the math and it was being taught was horrible…pretty bad when my daughter totally understood the substitute but not her own teacher. Her teacher was very good at throwing information up on the board but not instruction at all..1 teacher destroyed all the confidence we had worked so hard building the first 2 Years ???? lots of condescending people in there as well…smh

This is my favorite form*
I like this form best because you can download it and tweak the wording and then save as a PDF. You can “electronically sign it” using YOUR NAME and converting to the font: Right click-FONT- change to “Script MT Bold”. Electronic, Hassle-Free- EASY PEASY! You can change the wording from Refusal to OPT OUT**

Five Things every legislator should know about high-stakes standardized testing.*
These tests are untested. Computer Adaptive Testing- never been tried in the history of the US on such a large scale at the elementary level. Validation requires the test developer to show that the test actually measures what it claims to measure. This has never been done for these tests
These tests don’t tell us where we can improve. Many assessments such as classroom and performance tests have diagnostic and instructional value but high-stakes standardized tests have no such value. Teachers and students are barred from seeing the direct results of the tests to discover what went wrong.
The tests distort what and how teachers teach. What gets measured is what gets done, and not much else gets done. The tests cut out instruction in subjects not tested. Yet Teacher Evals will eventually be tied to these tests.
The tests have shown no positive results. After more than a decade of standards and testing accountability efforts there has been virtually no increase in achievement outcomes.
The tests are incredibly costly in both time and money. Lost instruction time.
Also note that:
~ The SBAC is a major tool for data collection and COLLECTS non cognitive (psychological) data as well as cognitive data. It doesn’t just appear to collect it. It DOES collect it!
~ The Smarter Balanced Assessment (the SBAC, which tests learning of the Common Core standards) is NOT standardized. Almost every child will answer a different set of questions. ~ The SBAC is entirely online. This means a) it can be changed at any time by the testing company, b) there is no pencil and paper option for students who require it, and c) there will likely be no method for parents to view their child’s test as we could with the MSP. ~ The SBAC (and PARCC) was funded by the federal government via the RTTT Grants. ~ The state has established a student database to which schools upload private data regularly without your permission. This data is also made accessible to the federal government and third parties like the Seattle Times without your permission or knowledge. ~ College entrance exams, like the SAT, have changed to align with the Common Core standards which have never been validated/tested.” **

This testing system, the graduation requirements is like a cottage industry… it employs lots of people to keep track of stuff. Otherwise, what are the real life benefits of testing in the lives of children or society? It’s a bureaucracy we don’t need.

And another post from this group:

This is our first year in Washington public schools and I can say I am not impressed. I thought for sure would be on the upside of Ohio. Along, with medical care, cutting edge technology etc. That being said I know education has been going downhill since common core and testing. Can someone please tell me if my 7th grader has to take the state mandated test and if you have an opt out form for Washington state you can share?

I wish people would wake up. I can’t believe all the hate and the disrespectful kids and parents just makes me sad. No matter what I have taught my child learning and seeing at school and around the world. I feel helpless. I will keep trying but I feel like I have lost my girl that was so outgoing, loved school, was kind, talanted, loved to be around others. Now, hates school, antisocial, quit everything she loved, is bullied and hates me and she is twelve.

Here is a post that was shared in this group:

Another fabulous piece of legislation:

HB 2158 – 2019-20
Creating a workforce education investment to train Washington students for Washington jobs.
Sponsors: Hansen, Tarleton, Ormsby, Sullivan, Robinson, Bergquist, Slatter, Pollet, Valdez, Sells, Tharinger, Ortiz-Self, Appleton, Dolan, Macri, Senn, Thai, Kloba, Goodman, Stanford, Orwall

And yet another post from this group:

My child is in 8th grade and took a history “CBA” test back in February. It was graded then returned 6 weeks later. He did not do well on it (and it is counted in his grade). He can redo it, so he was showing me the assignment and the rubric used to grade it. The rubric read like it was for a language arts assignment. It was really grading the writing, not the knowledge of history. It included things like MLA format, which was not taught in class, but a website was given for them to look at. I asked the teacher what the purpose of the test was and the answer I was given was “it’s state mandated”. I really want to know why and what they are looking for. Does anyone here know the purpose of these tests? It obviously was not about his knowledge on history, that was not included in the grading rubric.

And some replies to this post:

I didnt think a CBA was a test either. My youngest does them and they are more writing assignments and as of late, kids are picking highly controversial topics and its becoming about agendas and how to pick sides. I really dont like it at all.

my son’s was about the death penalty

yeah, kid are writing about abortion, specific lifestyles choices, 2md ammendment, vaccines or anti vax etc. Why not write about a book we used to do?

what district are you in?


Are you allowed to see the graded paper? Were there many choices of topics besides the death penalty? See if you can find out.

yes, he has the paper and showed it to me. He did say there were other topics to choose from. I will ask what they were exactly. My problem with this test is I want to know what they hope to gain from it and why they would grade on something never taught in class (MLA format). He is an A student and this assessment brought his grade to a C, so it is weighted pretty heavily. It’s a shame, he has always loved history and now he just feels like ‘what’s the point?’

“Classroom-based assessments in Social Studies, The Arts, Health, Physical Education and Educational Technology continue to be widely used in Washington schools, and OSPI support and training for their use needs to be on-going. OSPI will use data reported about commonly-used assessments to target professional development for educators.
The baseline data gathered about instructional opportunities in Social Studies, The Arts, Health, Physical Education and Educational Technology will be helpful to track in the coming years to ensure that all students have access to these important subjects throughout their school experience.”

I am an elementary art teacher and am required to give an art CBA to my fifth graders. Several model assessment are offered but the problem I found was in the grading scheme. It is what I call a “bean counting” approach: the presence or absence of certain elements in the drawing are counted and tallied to produce a grade. We were given the opportunity to modify the test so I completely rewrote the rubric to something I feel is fair and reflects the test requirements. And, yes, none of this is reported, only the final count of how many students completed the test.

Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

first comes vibrations then comes electric shocks

And some replies to said post:

For some with sensory issues it could feel like an electric shock.

that is next i am just waiting for it.
This company is posting facebook ads stating the dept of ed approved grant money for them and it is in use in over 20000 schools.

Here is a post from a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

Next House Session Thursday, May 23
at 10:00 a.m.
BILL: SB 196 Relative to Non-Academic Surveys Administered by a Public School to its Students
STATUS: The Committee vote was “Ought to pass with amendment” (the amendment did not affect the substance of the bill).
Many parents OPPOSED. SB 196 because it would roll back a 2017 law protecting student privacy and parental rights. Instead of giving parents the right to “opt-in” before a non-academic survey is administered to their children in school, it would switch to an “opt-out” policy – meaning that if a parent doesn’t actively say NO, the school will administer the survey to the student.

Here is a post that I found on tbe CASEL FB page:

Education Week: From diversity training for teachers to implicit bias training—a big and important step. SEL

Here is a post from a page from Virginia. I think they’re talking about a Virginia test:

Dear maker of the SOL,

I am writing to thank you for those amazing tests that you came up with as a way to test how much knowledge our kids retain in a years time and to see if the teachers are actually teaching what they are supposed to. You have single handedly caused kids from 3rd-12th grade to know what a panic attack is, learn what the fear of “I may never graduate” is, and stole the creativity from some great teachers, all in the name of “no child left behind”.

So for you sir, I say thumbs up to you. I so appreciate watching a child get completely tore up about never graduating (and they haven’t even made it to high school). I even more am thankful for having all confidence that I have tried to put into my kids being totally ripped out after the child failed your gem of a test by 2 questions. You have even convinced some of your teachers with your highly intelligent thinking and got them on the band wagon of bullying kids into believing they will fail if they do not pass their SOL’s. Thank you beyond measure for making my child say the words “I’m Stupid!!”

In case you are so book smart that you can not read through my thick sarcasm, let me spell it out a little easier for you, since I’m sure you have the time. You dear sir are the only thing that’s SOL in these kids lives. You are SOL because you never get to meet these wonderful kids in the school system. You don’t get to see them smile when they actually do pass a test, or celebrate the small victories of finally “getting it” when things don’t always make sense. You are SOL for not knowing each of their stories and what an accomplishment it is for some of these kids to even get to school some days because of the crap they live through each night. You are SOL because you think these kids should be cookie cutter book smart common sense lacking fools that can pass a test with info on it that they will never use again. Pat yourself on the back buddy, you are seriously SOL.

So to you, you heartless turd, I would like to give you a high five…straight to the face!! Thank you for making May one of the most dreaded months of the year. Hope you are enjoying your big salary that you receive for selling your “SOL’s are needed” bullcrap to all who believe you. I hope you and I never have to sit in the same room together, because I have one heck of a momma speech that I would love to give you.

One tired and irritated UNKNOWN momma

And some replies to this post:

I left my ten year career as a teacher due to the no child left behind act. I call it the “No Teacher Left Behind” act. Since I was a very young girl I dreamed of becoming a teacher. Neither one of my parents went to college, needless to say that my Dad could not help me financially, so I took out student loans to pay for my degree. Then I did a Fellowship with Loyola University Maryland in which if I taught for three years in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, I could get my M.Ed for no cost.
I moved to Katy, Texas about three years ago, a good friend lived in the area and kept telling me about how great the Katy Independent School District (Katy ISD) is and how they are ranked one of the highest in the country. I wasn’t necessarily going to teach, but moved to the area anyway.
I found out the truth about KISD very quickly. There is a very large Asian population here; which makes the bar very high. For example, I tutor a 3rd Grade student whose parents were both born and raised in Korea. I absolutely love working with him! However… if he gets anything below a 90% he gets physically punished. First time in 20 years that I had to call CPS for a student. Since both parents are physicians, CPS did nothing.
The pressure on students to “perform” is so great that bullying is at an all time high; rates of anxiety/ depression, etc… Yes, KISD is nationally recognized; but for what exactly, and at what cost?!
When I advertise for private tutoring, I tell parents up front that if they are looking for their child to be a better “test taker” that I would not be a good fit for them. I advertise that I teach the basics; phonics, spelling, cursive writing, creative writing, vocabulary.
I love kids and love to see them grow and learn… and to enjoy the process of learning. It is unfortunate that I could never teach in a public school again ( did private as well, the parents can drive you out of the very quickly). Until then I will enjoy tutoring students one on one. So much less stress and waaaaaay better money.

Oh my goodness, my ten year old was bawling the other day!! And this girl is in the gifted program! She was worried they hadn’t done long division yet in class so she thought she was going to fail. I could not calm her down for anything!!! They make such a big deal out of it.

This is by far your best letter! It is so on point. You should send this one to Congress because SOLs have robbed a lot of children of alot of things. If they are not passing they immediately want to throw them into a different diploma catagory so they are not counted instead of trying to figure out a better way of teaching them.

I’d like for someone to explain why a students who has straight As fails an SOL Test? Not because they aren’t smart enough but because we have placed so much stress on these students to pass that they can’t. How can a test with 8 passages to read clearly measure their reading and comprehension. At this point you are merely measuring stamina. Well guess what? If your child has ADHD and is given a test that takes the majority of students 3 hours to complete, you just made sure kids with attention problems never pass! So so over it all!

As a teacher who was around long before the SOLs, I can say that SOLs have never been a good test of progress. They were flawed from the beginning and have done nothing but hurt our educational system in this country. There are many ways of measuring true progress….SOLs don’t measure true progress.

What are SOL’s? [name redacted]’s goinv into first grade in the fall. This sounds bad.

Standards Of Learning (SOLs), but this author is referring to the assessment linked to the SOLs.

And another post from this page:

Dear School Districts –
Please be advised that just ‘showing up’ at a parents home right after the child has gotten home for school to deliver paperwork that could have easily went into his back pack as it has many times before – is a serious violation of privacy and feels very harassing to the Parents.

Know in the future that the US Mail, book bag, or a simple courtesy phone call to ASK if you can stop by is a simple social skill that you need to consider making better ‘choices’.

If the Parent just happens to stop your house at dinner time would you feel comfortable with that at your house?

Please remember in the future that we ‘special’ parents are not asking for more respect than the other parents but instead we are fighting to be treated like we would be IF our children were not disabled. How many regular education parents houses have to DROPPED in on?

Yours truly,
Ms. Respect is Mutual

And some replies to this post:
Wait this has actually happened? Are you serious?

This happens more than people think – especially when you and district are ‘fighting’ over services or when the district is just use to doing it that way for many years, too and nobody had ever questioned it — rural districts

This happened to us one evening three teachers showed up unannounced and it was 7:30 pm. Very true we were fighting for services~ they came the “head bully from special education department” called to say she could do whatever she wanted & we had to go along with it. She was very combative. It was a nightmare dealing with her. ??

happened A LOT to us a few years ago. When we were waiting on a FAPT meeting for [name redacted] to go to Residential. They would essentially invite themselves in and once stayed for an hour even when I said I was cooking dinner. The LAST time they tried I opened the door and said right now isnt a great time, BUT if you give me an hour we can hold this unofficially meeting at your house. That way you can get settled. Whats your address? I can bring my recorder and we will invite the whole team and have an official meeting for my kiddo.

When my son was in preschool this happened. His teacher just showed up after school to do exactly as you said. Bringing you these papers I forgot to send him with Landon Ms. LaVan. Yep. If they did that now I’d take my son and step outside to talk to them. I dont like outsiders in my home. I have trust issues. We are both autistic and DO NOT like unscheduled meetings.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:


The “SYSTEM” to control AMERICA is working in lockstep.
As the battle in Washington is underway pushing the federal bill HR5 known as the Equality Act. We must understand and tie it to state legislation that is working its way through the process, showing how they are locking the “SYSTEM” in place. This is happening at the state level across the country.

For example, Texas’ HB 366 would have mandated “healthy relationships” in public schools.” It died after a hearing, BUT it’s been incorporated into the “School Safety” Mental Health legislation SB 11.
HB 366 was listed as a “reproductive rights” bill by the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), founded by Planned Parenthood former President, Cecile Richards. TFN was founded to “combat” what it calls “the anti-choice, radical policy agenda of the extreme right in Texas” – Reproductive rights include abortion, contraception, and sex education.
HB 366 died BUT SB 11 (which passed the Senate and will be heard on the floor of the Texas House tomorrow, May 21st) has this mandate in it: (3) appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction and “HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS EDUCATION” (the words in all CAPS are added to the Education Code by SB 11).

While the passage of the Chick-Fil-A Religious Liberty Bill would be great and I fully support it; do people realize the organization that wrote SB10 and SB11 and was the expert witness during Committee hearings on all these “school safety” Mental Health Bills; the (Meadows Mental Health Foundation) is supported by one of the largest donors to Planned Parenthood in Texas?

Meet Laura and John Arnold:

“The Arnolds have personally donated millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and Planned Parenthood’s powerful political arm. In the past two years alone, the Arnolds contributed to the following pro-abortion entities:

Planned Parenthood Action Fund ($5,000,000-$9,999,999)
Planned Parenthood Federation Of America Inc. ($5,000,000-$9,999,999)
Center For Reproductive Rights ($1,000,000-$4,999,999)
Guttmacher Institute, Inc. ($1,000,000-$4,999,999)
Planned Parenthood Texas Votes ($100,000-$499,999)
National Network Of Abortion Funds ($50,000-$99,999)

This is a very well coordinated attack against parental rights. When you shift the focus of education away from knowledge-based academics and to the behavioral, anyone with an agenda, whether we agree with the agenda or not, has access to our children and our tax dollars.

Additionally, we must be asking… CANiSEE? WHO is financially benefiting from the online curriculum products on which my child’s teacher is evaluated?
BECAUSE; when the NEXT GENERATION OF ASSESSMENTS and INSTRUCTION are online and adaptive, there is nothing to get between that child and their learning.
Take the time to listen to this short 7 min. Education International warning that artificial intelligence poses serious concerns for student privacy and the number of teachers.

Then consider, as I wrote here:
Whether it is the Bush Clan/Betsy Devos and Obama with their “Connect All Schools”, “Learner in a Networked World” plans or Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath and his philanthropic advisor Stacy Hock and Laura and John Arnold (major Planned Parenthood donors) through their Evidence-Based Online Digital Learning/Predictive Analytics plans through Artifical Intelligence (AI).

All these people, (whether they know it or not), are leading America and our children to the same end game. In this new age of Artificial Intelligence, (AI) is being used to turn our children’s minds into a new form of capital, via predictive analytics technology. Predictive analytics uses mined education data to create software programs that have the ability to predict and modify the behaviors of ALL students.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My daughter said they make her do the sage/rise tests no matter what even if opted out its a written test with the same content. The teachers also told her that the tests count towards high school in what classes she will be “allowed” to take. Also, because she does not try and hits random answers; (on purpose because she is sick and tired of tests, pretests, and tests for tests); she will be considered for stupid classes only in high school.
(Her words.)
Tadaaa -_-

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Just receiving information on a 5-state Home Visit Program collaboration that includes Minnesota with Utah, North Carolina and 2 other states. Someone is funding our part in this collaboration and we are going to find that out. Funding without representation.


And some replies to this post:

I have been receiving calls once or twice a week for the past month regarding home visits. I was wondering if anyone else was receiving them. I have Health Partners Insurance. I have never answered the calls and always just let them go to voice mail. The calls state that they from a group authorized by my insurance company to provide in-home health visits and wanted to know if I was interested.

Can you call them back? Let’s get some information!!!

Okay, here is what I found out. I called the number back. It showed up on my phone as Health Partners but when you call it back you get Matrix Medical Network. I called them and indicated that I was interested in setting up an appointment for a visit. The operator told me the following info: They are “temporarily” providing a single in-home health visit by a nurse practitioner through Health Partners Insurance. This is available to all Health Partners members. Matrix is based out of Florida and Arizona. The nurse who comes out will discuss medications, circulation in arms/legs, environmental issues, and dietary issues. I asked if this would include info for my children and she said yes. She said the nurse’s visit will determine if there are any additional services that I or my family would quality for.

Nice job! There is another 7-state collaboration that Lynne learned of that is all about data integration.

Says well child visits are offered as services. In home vaccinations.

Maybe it’s a pilot for Nationwide tracking?

Just got off the phone. There is tracking and it’s for every child and family.

so no income limit and no requirement to have a new baby to get put on it?

and going to be nation wide? No opting out?

No limits. MN is in a collaboration with other states. I don’t know yet if states are organized in various collaborations or we’re just the guinea pigs.

I wonder if they’re just going to integrate people who are already in the programs like help me grow or if it’s going to be the hospital home visiting programs or what

Like where they pulling all the data from

I believe they are working from all angles. The schools are working family by family to set up intake on data for preschools. Just rec’d note from someone “in the know” in a MN district. As soon as they can get the data on each child, they start making $$$s.

hmmm so what happens if you drop all health insurance and refuse to take state insurance? Are you “off the grid”?

I’m wondering where the access point for the data is. Seemed like help me grow was via provider. I wonder about this tracking

Help Me Grow was provider and anyone. Anyone can refer via Help Me Grow.

so they expand it to pharmacy and dental etc. I’m assuming they will advertise and encourage referrals somehow

They can simply put the kids in the system when they’re born. Hospital.

Sure and if the elite want to opt out of the matrix they give birth where full term abortion is legal.

Funding of, by and for the interests of the people? I think not. Just the newest means of consolidating authority and control. Government by and for the elites.

Watch out in North Carolina. Central Park School for Children in Durham is inviting over drag queens:

My friends found something from Illinois that may be tied to the home visit scheme talked about in the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

They also said that Pew Charitable Trusts was involved as was a group called Blue Ribbon.

Here is a Common Core Diva article that also may shed more light on what is going on:

After mentioning this Wrench in the Gears article ( ) I got the following reply:

Pritzker is bad news. “James Heckman; Arthur Rolnick, former senior researcher at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve; and Robert Dugger, venture capitalist and ReadyNation advisor, have worked together for decades.” That’s our “Art Rolnick” who brought Minnesota HuCAPs (Human Capital Bonds). Soros help fund former Gov. Dayton’s campaign. His hand is known in our state. After a while, one can begin to see how foundations are holding hands with the right and the left. Milton Friedman Foundation.

Someone also posted this, which is from Washington State:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group about the home visit scheme:

This article alone won’t give us too much information other than the announcement that 5 states are to be included in the Early Childhood Data Systems SHINE Initiative. Those 5 states are Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Utah. Lynne M Taylor will have more information tomorrow since she had opportunity to attend a presentation in North Carolina.

And some replies to this post:

Do you know if Child Trends is wrapped up with Kids Count Database?


KIDS Count has been working on collecting data on our children since 1990. Wow, just wow!! (Not surprising but just seeing it looking at me….)

It’s so sad 😭 kids have been trafficked for nearly 100 years now through HuCap.

When I posted in the Utah anti-Common Core group about the home visit thing, I got the following reply:

I have a friend who is a teacher and she said her principal is really pushing them to do home visits. I told her that teachers have enough work to do, and besides, home visits under the guise of “connecting with students” is not the teachers’ place. They need to find other ways to connect with students on school time and stay away from homes. If there is a problem, that is for social workers, not teachers.

I found a partner of Child Trends called Early Connections Learning Center, which appears to be in Colorado, which is either a member of or accredited by a group called Colorado SHINES.

When I went to this Colorado SHINES thing, I found this:

Someone tied the Dallas Federal Reserve to Commit which I tied to StriveTogether.

And some replies:

United Way gets mega funding in MN.

The federal reserves are all tied because they likely have the human capital investments flowing through them. The more kids that are on assistance the more they make.

Colorado Shines is Gates $$

I found this from ReadyNation in 2015. It’s about Early Childhood and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:

One of the guys in here is Art Rolnick
Former Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve
Bank of Minneapolis.

Yea, that’s our guy. Art.

Colorado SHINES is part of the QRIS systems that stem from the Federal Child Care Development Block Grant in 2014. It’s Art Rolnick’s brain child aka research that introduced the child care HuCap Bond in 2014

I found something about a College Board data breach from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Picking up news from 2 school districts so far that we’ve had a data breach. I’m guessing it is at least state wide. Total Registration. The College Board’s 3rd party just breached. I have another link that indicates this might be national.

Yes, the data breach with College Board is NATIONAL. Total Registration is a 3rd party and breached student information from around the country. Notification went out to schools on May 9th 2019. Notification should have been made much sooner according to our Chapter 13.

Here is another post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

According to Lynne M Taylor, who attended the home visit session in NC yesterday, the VISION of the home visit program in NC will include: “All NC children, not simply public school children; will keep family and children in the center of all alignment.” Is it here tomorrow? No. But the machine of govt, foundations and non-profits are now in place and ready to greatly expand home visits, which we have also heard in communication with the Help Me Grow home visit referral program and the MDE.

And don’t forget the data bases for early childhood are well developed and ready for data collection/mining.

Think Babies! works with the 5-state collaboration of which MN is now a part. Evidently, every family needs a home visit to know how to best raise their family, get them off to the doctor on time and take that extra stress of children off the backs of parents. Government, foundations and non-profits to the rescue! Read this carefully to see what they’re all about.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex group:

“You can use Prom prep as a chance to visit a clinic for birth control or STD testing.”

Confirmed today that my middle school is using Positive Prevention Plus curriculum, and here are some supplementary materials used. The last slide is an example from, one of the “resources” shared with students.

Notice the attitude and messaging that Prom is a “chance to visit a clinic” for some birth control and grab some “free condoms.” you know. just “in case someone needs them” because “everyone deserves to have fun at prom!’

District: LAUSD
Middle School (7th grade)


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Now isn’t this interesting…
Santa Fe shooting 5/18/18.

Mental health bills supposedly in response to Santa Fe shooting, but these meetings for behavioral health plans go back to 83rd reg session.

These aren’t school safety bills, this effort to create a statewide consortium for wrap-around services to children has been in the works since 2013.
Behavioral Health Advisory Committee | Texas Health and Human …

Children and Youth Behavioral Health Subcommittee

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Please pray as our legal team assists a public school family who called after finding out their child was being subjected to Eastern religious practices at school.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

‘An LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in the Rocklin School District, near Sacramento, is riling parents, resulting in 700 children being pulled from classes last Friday.’


Another drag show shown in a public school:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan’s wall:

I think there has been a lot of confusion by House (and Senate) members over the content of SB10/11 and it’s unfortunate that those of us who worked extremely hard all session to bring light to the dangers of these mental health bills were ignored by most even on the last night of the vote. Many knew how to contact us and could have asked for clarification.

There is still a lot of mental health in SB11 and most definitely SB10. It is by no means gutted. And what was stripped by section 2 of SB11 is in HB18 already headed to the Governor’s desk.

The mental health education is a threat (with sex-ed and “healthy relationships” taken from a failed and dangerous HB366 and added into SB11). The threat assessment teams are a threat that goes beyond mental health. They are a threat to civil and parental rights (INFORMED parental consent being very different from just consent, and there are no Miranda rights when it comes to a threat assessment team). There are already problems regarding consent with the Governor’s TWITR suicide prevention program that has obviously not prevented suicides all these millions of dollars later.

There is an entire rewriting of the education code to include a controversial and fluid program known as Trauma Informed Care (TIC), as well as controversial language of Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social & Emotional Domain, School Climate that has no consensus anywhere and are in fact all terminologies being used by radical liberal groups to bring in their social agendas into the schools.

The Consortium being made up of 13 psychiatric heads of universities and non-profits that could easily have ties to pharmaceutical companies will no doubt be problematic. In 2015 Texas Tribune revealed that pharmaceutical company partnerships with public universities are part of the new reality for medical research and such funding arrangements have raised questions about the increasing role profit motive plays in science; and whether it delegitimizes the results of academic studies.

There are so many more problems regarding what a community mental health provider is and the fraud that has surrounded them.

Basically they would have to gut the whole thing to fix it. It’s very unfortunate all the confusion surrounding these bills. We still need to call the Governor’s office to VETO SB11 and HB18.

Look what I found:

H.R. 2862: To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for a national system for surveillance of vaccine rates, to authorize research on vaccine hesitancy, to increase public …

Look what else I found:

To amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes.

Here is a post from a California anti-radical sex ed group:

So here’s another dilemma we as teachers must face in the classroom with the sex Ed curriculum. We have parents who DO NOT want to educate their children about sex. They see it as the educators job to “educate” their children on health and all aspects of it. If we refuse, then these children are finding their knowledge in other ways, and as a result, we feel like we have failed to educate these children properly. I am in no way supportive or in favor of this curriculum, but we are getting hit hard by both sides. We have parents who support the teachers when we say we will not teach this, but on the other hand we have parents who want us to teach it because they feel it’s our job as educators. We don’t want these children to get the wrong impression about sex and all that comes with it (which they will with this curriculum) and we definitely don’t want them to look on the internet, but we have this dilemma on our hands now, and all we want is for our students to be safe.

I had a parent become somewhat irate with me when I told them I would not teach this, and she stated “it is your job, your educational obligation to teach these kids, my child included, not a nurse, or someone from PP, or anyone else. It is your job, as my child’s teacher, to educate her because she trusts you and respects you!” I stood my ground and told her that I wouldn’t, and she called me insubordinate and threatened to “report me to the board”.

As parents, myself included, please understand that we teachers are doing the best we can to make sure your babies are safe. A vast majority of us are sick to our stomachs with this issue. We are fighting with you and will do whatever we can.

Thank you.

And here are the replies to this post:

I think this represents the biggest problem in our society. People looking to the government to solve our problems and raise our children. This is one of the main reason we have so many social programs. Some people are unwilling to take personal responsibility. The more we look to government to solve our problems, the more problems are created.
On another note, you should never feel obligated to teach something you are uncomfortable with. That’s an infringement on your personal freedom.

I agree with this. My oldest son started asking questions about the birds and the bees around 10. I kept putting it off because I thought he was too young. At 12 he heard it all from a friend and would not repeat what he heard. I just wanted to make sure he heard the truth. I finally cleared it up with him and look forward to him hearing the education part at school but obviously will keep him out if it’s the inappropriate new stuff. We need to talk to our kids about it at home as well as in school as uncomfortable as it can be.

It’s not your job to teach about sex and the things I have read and heard about this goes way farther the sex Ed. Parents need to be parents and not there kids friends and do there job. As a grandparent and my grand kids come home and tell me what they learned I will be at the school immediately. Don’t be pushed around by someone or something you don’t believe in.

The problem is that the government has used the schools for decades to steer the culture by indoctrination. The schools should teach reading, writing, science, critical thinking, and social studies without commentary! Teachers are put in a terrible position when this goes against their conscience. For decades we have ignored the minor culture steering issues and now it’s coming in at title wave. The same thing has happened in the media! Enough is enough!

I am so sorry for the public school teachers and for the position that our sick legislators have put you all in. But you are correct in not teaching this garbage to the kiddos. If you did you would be complicit in spreading pornography. So I for one am so proud of teachers like you! It is not your responsibility. That parent was completely out of line!! It is HER responsibility to teach her child about sex and all that goes with it. Keep up the good fight. We are all on your side and I am praying for you.

We, as teachers, have our hands tied. Our unions in California heavily fund planned parenthood which is strongly pushing this but opting out of a union is basically professional suicide. It’s a horrible catch 22.
I will NOT teach certain aspects of this especially the gender stuff. It’s not science or biology. It’s ideology. Not my place to teach feelings and opinions. I have 28 teaching years under my belt though so I don’t have the pressure that other younger teachers would have.

There’s a big difference between what I would call old school sex Ed and what’s being proposed today. Old school sex Ed, yes, most parents probably feel more comfortable having the teachers teach it vs planned Parenthood. 2019 CA sex Ed – no way. Perhaps this parent isn’t fully informed on what 2019 CA sex Ed entails?

I would never want anybody from the LBGT, ACLU, or Planned Parenthood teaching my children or grandchildren anything about SEX! Because of these three we have perversion running wild in our society and now they want to pollute our children. Homeschooling is the only way to keep them safe and to keep them moral!

PP needs the customers. If abortion is restricted, then they need another income stream. Supplying “trans” people with hormones, perhaps with gov’t. funding, is the next big thing for them. But they need to develop that customer base now. Ask yourself, which party does PP usually support? Part of their “income” is earmarked for political contributions.

I’m praying for you and all teachers faced with all of this. I disagree with the curriculum and believe that parents will decide for their children. What I don’t agree it that families need to opt out instead of opt in. Many parents work long hours and are overextended with life. Many are not even aware of what’s going on. Why not teach about the importance of abstinence and family life? Why bring Planned Parenthood and not a another organization that will encourage and educate about abstinence and adoption? Why all those graphic pictures and gender confusion that will bring upon our children?

Well, that parent needs to know that this is a PP curriculum. Yes, it would be better for the curriculum to be filtered by you… But you won’t be her teacher next year 😒… Than taught full on by a PP employee/volunteer. If you are just objecting to this particular curriculum, then she has nothing to worry about. Her child will learn about the 🐦 & the 🐝. What grade?


The sex Ed system of curriculum is built on the Alfred Kinney “research” he did in raping babies and children ages 5 months to preteen in the space of 24 hours and recording how many orgasms they had in the space of time. He did this in support of a statement he made saying humans are sexual from birth and that all ages should have sex including infants…yes infants. Yes even a newborn baby. The man was a pedophile and homosexual sadomasochist. His work is what the current sex Ed has been built on from the very Inception of sex Ed in public schools. Please do your research. Sex Ed doesn’t even belong in school, it sexualizes our children, and it destroys their innocence with the primary goal of normalizing pedophilia

It’s one thing to teach our kids about sex when it’s age appropriate, but when the school board who wants to take it to the next level and where I find it pornographic. They are taking it way to far and that’s where I draw the line in the sand. I’m not okay with my child being thought about changing genders, or different ones for that matter. When he knows the correct genders and doesn’t need to be confused by all this bs. It’s way to much for these young kids to process, its only scares them. I do not agree with it nor will I ever . My son now has been thought to reject this when he’s in class and he is to call me. I don’t even care at this point if he makes a scene in class either. I’m infuriated over this. This has gone to far with me. I will teach my son what he need to know. This mama bear don’t play around. I’m done.

I admire teachers like you. I am extremely careful of teachers like my son experienced and third grade at Barnes Elementary School in Beaverton Oregon. It was his math and science teacher, he was an openly gay man, which we didn’t have a problem with. We were actually excited because he had a special curriculum planned for the advanced Learners of the school. It wasn’t until later in the school year when he decided to take it upon himself to read the book Jacobs new dress. A book about a transgender boy. He then gave a science lesson to the kids about gender fluidity. He then read a book he wrote himself called I like to fly my rainbow flag. And talk to the class about his sexual preference to be with a man instead of a woman. My son came home extremely distraught and not understanding. Up until then my son had been in a private Christian School in Oklahoma. I felt bad for so many reasons but extremely angry that the teacher did this to my son in 3rd grade. No letters were sent home, no notes to the parents. No ability to opt out. Teachers like that teacher are part of the indoctrination process.

It is a law now. AB 329 Comprhensive sexual education passed two weeks ago. So, it will make it teachers responsible divinity to instruct the children according to the textbooks that the school district decided to use.

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I urge everyone to take a look at the United Nations’ (actually UNESCO) “International technical guidance on sexuality education: an evidence-informed approach.” It’s a long read, 139 pages, but I think you’ll all see similarities in everything recommended within these pages with the SEXXX-Ed Curriculum here in CA. Everything from the school’s role, to developing comprehensive curriculum, to gender identity, to HIV education and awareness. If you look at who the “funding” partners, low and behold you’ll see the International Planned Parenthood Federation. California is just a jumping off point. This is the end goal of Agenda 2030 and it’s Global Sustainable Development Goals.

And some replies to this post:

some documents date back to 2007 or 2008

The icing on the cake. “The review shows that curricula are likely to have the desired positive effect on young people’s health outcomes when they feature certain characteristics that define them as being ‘effective’ at achieving the goals of CSE (see Table 4), when they are comprehensive in scope and delivered as intended. The review also concludes that school-based sexuality education should be a part of a holistic strategy aiming to engage young people in learning about and shaping their sexual and reproductive future, encompassing multiple settings, including schools, the community, health services and households/families.”

I believe it. Got this from a person’s page I follow from South Africa. It was posted this last week. It is being implemented there too.

You’re exactly correct!!! Once you read this, it connects all the dots! And identifies the Legislators for the traitorous Globalists they and exactly who is pushing this.

People Get ready for the Rupture!

No stand and resist, not looking for an escape route, our job has just begun.

We need to fight fire with fire! I’m so glad to see so many people here who are awake!! Spread the word and spread awareness! Globalists want us to be dumb sheep who follow blindly. We are fighting the spirit of the anti-Christ, this is spiritual warfare, unfortunately. The battle is real. But we need to be strong and resolute in our faith to fight! I thank the good Lord Jesus Christ for this group and for everyone here!! Gives me hope for our children’s future!

Just in case anyone is still uncertain as to where the UN fits into all of this, they are and always have been globalists. They want a One World Government and no sovereignty for anyone. When the UN assigns a country like Iran to the womens rights committee’s, certainly that exposes their treachery.

That is a big bingo. Just like Political prostitute Pelosi appointed our walking talking Iran analogy – Omar – to what? The Foreign Affairs Committee (as a freshman) We are at war, like it or not – MassResistance is a good organization to be in they organize OUT in the field. But they stopped Washington State from passing their sexxx ed bill.

Is this information that the teachers receive or is this what they will actually give the students to read. I’m sorry I just getting informed of all of this and I want to know who this supposed to be for?

this info is not intended for teachers at the instructional level in the classroom.
This information is part of a policy called Agenda 21 or perhaps Agenda 2030, I could be wrong. Did you know, there is even an Agenda 2050, called Vision 2050? They are all the same agenda, only at different stages of planning and development.
So this agenda is about an effort to implement and put into place a global, world-wide plan to create a New World Order, or a One World Order (they are both the same.) Have you heard of the illuminati? That’s when all of this started, hundreds of years ago. It is globalist elitism, where a small group of powerful and wealthy control everything and make decisions that affect all of us.
You’ve heard of the United Nations in New York City? This agenda is created and made into policy through the United Nations. They do not have our best interests in mind, because they want individual countries to stop being their own nations, and they want to create one big global country, where all the citizens of the world have to answer to them, to their government, to their constitution, to their unelected leader. They want one global currency, or money, they want one religion (anti-Christ) and they even have their own United Nations military, where their militia wears blue helmets. They want to dictate who and how the world’s resources are used, control populations, and do away with our flag, our government, our Constitution, and make us answer to them. We would not have individual rights or liberties or freedoms like we have now as Americans. They want to do this with ALL countries, not just the U.S.
Also, in Europe, there is another group called the European Union and they have already succeeded in erasing borders and making the European people from different countries fall under one government. They have the Euro dollar, and they are doing the same thing that the United Nations wants to do here.
Trump is the only politician who ran for President here in out country who wants to stop the United Nations and their New World Order Agenda. This is why every American needs to vote for him again in 2020.
So this policy that [name redacted] posted is a small excerpt from the UN agenda, explaining how they plan on controlling our children with their sexually explicit and sick curriculum. This is only one small part of their bigger plan on controlling how we live our lives.
Do you know all of the people who are coming over the border, they are all being funded by the globalists affiliated with the UN and the NWO. Have you heard of George Soros? He is a billionaire who wants to see our country and other countries fall under the NWO and he and others are aggressively doing everything in their power to weaken our country and to destroy us, and take our resources.
This is a lot of information but I hope it helps. But that’s what Trump stands for is keeping the United States its own sovereign nation, fighting to keep our individual rights and freedoms intact, keeping our Constitution intact, trying to keep our borders safe (but the Democrats will not allow this and want to keep the borders open) Trump is fighting to keep our country alive and from being taken over by globalists and the New World Order.

The hormone disruptors (aka “gender benders”) in the vaccines, pills, and Big Ag products are causing identity disturbances or gender confusion for more people. The main person credited with the vaccine industry’s early start by way of his Cowpox vaccine was Edward Jenner, the acknowledged Father of Immunology / Vaccines. Cancer skyrocketed shortly after the introduction of the Cowpox vaccine. He is listed as a distant relative of Bruce Jenner, coincidentally.

Yes, I also agree that Agenda 2030 is the driving force behind the push to break up families, mandated vaccines, high-density housing, Cap and Trade Gas Tax (California is the first place to have this tax in the world), the digital connection of the world at faster 5G rates, the reduction of privacy rights, the erasing of parents from their children’s lives, and the promotion of the normalization of pedophilia. Next year (October 2020), the national Real ID card will be in place that may later include our medical records at some point (i.e., “no MMR shot, no travel”). Regardless of your actual gender or gender beliefs, it’s a war on people who breathe.
As it pertains to children, the governing rule of the land that dates back to the old British legal doctrine named “parens patriae” (“parent of the country” or “state is the parent”) gives the dystopian state the right to make decisions on behalf of the alleged “best interests” of the children even when it clearly is not. To me, Agenda 2030 is akin to “parens patriae on steroids” which will likely transfer more rights and assets from the people to the state.
The state may continue to push for in-home visits for mandated vaccines like they are working on in Oregon right now. If you disagree, then the state may try to take your children away using “parens patriae” authority powers.
“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ― Adolf Hitler
California is effectively ground zero here in the U.S. for Agenda 21 (“sustainable living in the 21st century” that first began at the Rio Summit of 1992; it’s been openly endorsed by the last four U.S. presidents). Agenda 21 then later evolved into Agenda 2030 (or the year 2030). For the almost 40 million residents here in California, we only live on approximately 5% of the state’s land. Regional Transportation Centers are being designed at a cost of $1 TRILLION (not billion) dollars (or more toll roads and new driving mileage taxes) between San Diego and Sacramento. None of these new “high-density” housing options are “affordable” or “save the planet.”
California is already home to the Top 4 most densely populated metropolitan regions in America in spite of how much land that we have here in the state.
America’s Most Densely Population Regions (per U.S. Census)

  1. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, California: This Southern California region has almost 7,000 residents per square mile. There are 640 acres within a square mile, so these numbers are equivalent to almost 11 people per acre (43,560 sq. ft.).
  2. San Francisco-Oakland, California: There are an estimated 6,266 people per square mile in this Northern California “Bay Area” region.
  3. San Jose, California: This high tech or “Silicon Valley” region has an estimated 5,820 people per square mile.
  4. Delano, California (Bakersfield or Kern County Region): This Central California region has approximately 5,483 residents per square mile.
    As such, the push for mandated vaccines, high-density living, Sheeple breathing taxes like Cap & Trade, and the promotion of breaking up loving families are all tied together under Agenda 2030 dystopia. Even if the puppet masters hide their negative strategies under friendlier Orwellian euphemisms like “Green New Deal” or “Sustainable Living,” it’s still equivalent to the transfer of rights, assets, and decision-making authority of families to the state. Once you can see it, you can’t unsee it.
    How to better understand Agenda 2030:
    “Since these supposedly non-binding international agreements can sometimes be a bit tricky to decode, what with all the weaponized buzz terms and semantics games, we’ve prepared a handy dandy translator on the 17 new Agenda 2030 goals below.
    Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
    Translation: Centralized banks, IMF, World Bank, Fed to control all finances
    Goal 2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
    Translation: GMO
    Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
    Translation: Mass vaccination, Codex Alimentarius
    Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
    Translation: UN propaganda, brainwashing through compulsory education from cradle to grave
    Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
    Translation: Population control through forced “Family Planning”
    Goal 6: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all
    Translation: Privatize all water sources, don’t forget to add fluoride
    Natural and Non-Toxic Products. Up to 50% Off – Every Day (Ad)
    Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
    Translation: Smart grid with smart meters on everything, peak pricing
    Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
    Translation: TPP, free trade zones that favor megacorporate interests
    Goal 9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
    Translation: Toll roads, push public transit, remove free travel, environmental restrictions
    Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries
    Translation: Even more regional government bureaucracy
    Goal 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
    Translation: Big brother big data surveillance state
    Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
    Translation: Forced austerity
    Goal 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts*
    Translation: Cap and Trade, carbon taxes/credits, footprint taxes (aka Al Gore’s wet dream)
    Never buy another battery again (Ad)
    Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development
    Translation: Environmental restrictions, control all oceans including mineral rights from ocean floors
    Goal 15: Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss
    Translation: More environmental restrictions, more controlling resources and mineral rights
    Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels
    Translation: More UN “peacekeeping” missions (ex 1, ex 2), remove 2nd Amendment in USA
    Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
    Translation: Remove national sovereignty worldwide”
    Source: Agenda 2030 Translator: How to Read the UN’s New Sustainable Development Goals by Truthstream Media

Porn and smartphones (“digital drugs”) create pain, shortened attention spans, and disconnection from self and others around them as partly noted by the following statistics:

  • 60% divorce rate in California.
  • 74% divorce rate in Orange County, California.
  • 22 million American children erased from at least one parent.
  • All-time record high parental alienation perceptions in children for one or both parents.
  • 7 to 8-second attention spans for Americans and Canadians, per two separate Microsoft studies.
    It’s bad enough when young teenagers get hooked on porn. How much worse will it be when 3, 4, or 5-year old children are exposed to it, especially after they continue to grow up?
    “Other Shocking Porn Data:
    ● As of 2014, there were an estimated 4.2 million porn sites on the internet. Each day, this number compounds and grows at an exponential rate.
    ● Over 30% of all internet traffic worldwide now goes to porn sites.
    ● The average American high school student spends at least two hours on porn sites each week.
    ● 83% of all U.S. boys and 57% of girls have seen group sex on the internet.
    ● 40% of study respondents who self-identify as Christian men admit to watching “excessive porn” and 64% of Christian men watch porn at least once per month, and 65% of non-Christian men viewed porn at least once a month, 15% of Christian women viewed porn monthly, and 30% of non-Christian women watched porn each month, per ProvenMen and their 2014 Porn Study.
    ● According to The Journal of Sex Research’s 2017 study entitled Unbuckling the Bible Belt: A State-Level Analysis of Religious Factors and Google Searches for Porn released on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), the Bible Belt, or Deep South region of the United States, is the #1 location for most watched online porn.
    How Porn Rewires Your Brain
    Is online porn creating a nation and planet of Cheaters, Sadists, Rapists, Abusers, Sociopaths, Borderlines, and / or Narcissists?
    Joel Hesch, the founder of Proven Men Ministries, and primary sponsor of their 2014 Porn Study, has been quoted as follows about their discovered online porn results in this summary here:
    “What we are seeing can also be described as an epidemic. Viewing pornography can quickly turn into a very real addiction. Just like drug or alcohol use, what starts off as a seemingly innocent or fun act can quickly spiral out of control. If left unchecked, it will consume your time, energy, and resources. Once hooked, it’s hard to break loose.”
    One of the main traits assigned to people perceived as having “personality disorder” or “high conflict personality” (no formal medical diagnosis required; it is more of a description of observed behaviors) traits is “lack of impulse control” behavior. Lack of impulse control behaviors can include drug and booze addictions, excessive shopping, road rage, excessive food binging (and purging?), overwhelming anger and rage issues, television, serious gambling problems, identity disturbance, and addiction to social media and online porn. In 2017, it might be challenging to find a few people who don’t readily admit to self-describing their behavior as “addictive” to at least one or two things in their life.
    Watching online porn and hanging out on various social media platforms can effectively be the equivalent of combining the Real World with the Digital World. Many times, our brains cannot differentiate between the two real and virtual worlds, or separate or compartmentalize the two worlds. In the world of “fake news”, terror drills gone live, and fake currency systems backed by nothing but “thin air”, do we even have a “Real World” anymore?
    Sadly, people begin to “objectify” others around them as they increasingly view others as “objects of lust” as opposed to living, breathing people. As a result, their empathy skills for self and others around them rapidly fall.
    Neurons fire together in our brains by way of neurotransmitters (our brain’s “highway system” for emotions, messages, memories, and perceptions). Dopamine helps us regulate movement and emotional responses. Dopamine is also described as the brain’s “pleasure chemical” linked to things such as food, drugs, alcohol, music, and sex that helps reduce pain or negative emotions.
    Porn causes our brains to release higher levels of dopamine until eventually our dopamine levels may later drop significantly and deplete to unhealthy levels. A way to visualize this is to imagine your stomach that is probably currently the size of your fist. Now, please imagine your same stomach as the size of your head. Would you need to eat a lot more food to feel full with a much larger stomach? The answer for most people would be “yes” as they may double their food calorie intake.
    Dopamine enables us to not only seek rewards, but to aggressively take action to move towards and find them as quickly as possible (or new “lack of impulse control” behaviors). A deficiency in dopamine can later lead to Parkinson’s disease and other serious health challenges. People with lower levels of dopamine activity can also be more prone to addictions such as found with drinking, drugs, gambling, shopping, and porn.
    If the dopamine receptors in our brain are changed too significantly, it can turn people into “sensation-seeking people”, or “risk takers” found with people willing to drive 100+ mph on the freeway on their motorcycle without a helmet, people willing to end up homeless in order to support their drug, booze, and / or gambling addictions, and people willing to resort to raping women or men in order to satisfy their overwhelming desires for lust.
    The modified dopamine levels, in turn, create feelings of disconnection from self and others around you while later causing both increased emotional and physical pain. If so, the person may turn to drugs and booze in order to suppress these overwhelming negative emotions.”

Here is a post from an anti-early childhood Common Core group:

Congratulations to Gwinnett County for successfully testing their youngest learners for 23 straight days!

Here is a post that someone posted in reply to a post of mine in the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

currently Dakota County CPS is being sued for legalized kidnapping. We also have “education” bills here in MN they are trying to push through where children would start “school” at birth and be tracked by the government with mandatory home visits for all birth to age 3. They are pushing for that same government tracking under “education” from cradle to grave. We are also completely common core, which is embedded into the ESSA. Currently Minnesota schools are fully ESSA compliant with some pretty alarming new stuff. I would encourage you to read Minnesota’s current ESSA compliant education bill that recently passed (if I am remembering correctly…long day) as well as what is being proposed. Good post! Keep digging!

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Please pray for our legal team as they advise a concerned public school mother in Indiana who is battling a recent immoral addition to their school curriculum.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

On House floor before midnight, SB10 was added onto SB11 as an amendment and SB11 was passed to 3 reading. Speaker Bonnen completely showed utter corruption by shutting down Rep. Stickland and his inquiries.

These bills setup the framework for complete federal unconstitutional control of our children.

When you shift the focus of education away from knowledge-based academics and to the behavioral, anyone with an agenda, whether we agree with the agenda or not, has access to our children and our tax dollars. This is beyond disgusting, unethical and immoral!

Texans will not forget the corruption and injustice of being ignored by the people they worked hard to get into office. Special thank you goes out to Rep. Jonathan Stickland for standing up, when No one else would to protect Texas children. YOU ARE A HERO JONATHAN STICKLAND!!

When the grass is cut, the 🐍 snakes will show!! The grass was cut today and the snakes 🐍 are in full view. And, they have both Rs and Ds by their names.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Do not ask me what this has to do with Common Core.
If you don’t know by now, you need to stop asking and admit that you just don’t want to know.

Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

A Mental Health Worker to be placed in 8 pilot schools- to follow the children throughout elementary into middle school.. hmm.
couple that with yesterday’s video.. and.. i’m curious about your thoughts Colorado?

Here is a post that I found on Facebook:

I received a package today from two Littleton elementary school teachers. They sent 45 letters from their 3rd grade students regarding HB19-1261, the Colorado New Green Deal. I did not vote for the legislation and for good reasons. This is one example, but most were written with a fatalist view…I am very concerned. (Please take the time to read)


This is a bit dated, but it shows that the events like the March for Our Lives walkouts may be the result of the social emotional learning push in schools:


Heads up in Michigan:


I found this post shared in the Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Poudre School District attendees:

Urgent need to comment by Tuesday to PSD. The new Sex Ed curriculum for 5th graders is available for viewing and comment at PSD admin building today and tomorrow, 7:30am-4:30pm 2407 Laporte Ave. The course recommends vaccination for pregnancy and measles to 5th graders! No informed consent, risks, “ask your parents.” Vaccines have NEVER been tested for safety on pregnant women, there is a FOIA request proving this. They also told kids that 4 out of 5 people will get HPV in their lifetime. No source, no information that 90% of people clear the virus who get it. They did not recommend HPV vaccine, but may as well have.

If you can, PLEASE go see the curriculum and make a comment about it being inappropriate to recommend medical procedures without informed consent and parental consent to children.

The person to comment to is: Laura Grissom 970-490-3105

I know I am not comfortable with my 5th grader learning about these things. Let’s keep it at reproductive anatomy and body changes they will be experiencing for this age.


Here is another post that was shared in the Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Age of 12 seeming to become the “new” age of consent…So ask yourself parents, with Doctor patient privilege, will you be kept in the loop? We see every day what a bad narrative can do. Do you know how is this funded?
HB1120 Youth Mental Health Education And Suicide Prevention a bill signed into law allows a minor 12 years of age or older to seek and obtain psychotherapy services with or #without the consent of the minor’s parent or guardian if the mental health professional determines the minor is knowingly and voluntarily seeking the psychotherapy services and the psychotherapy services are clinically necessary. ReadTheBillHere
While Suicide is the leading cause of death for kids ages 10 to 24, according to Children’s Hospital Colorado. An estimated one out of six teens has a diagnosable mental health condition. Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus alone has seen a 600% increase in child and youth hospital admissions for attempted suicide in the last decade.

Here is a post from a page in Colorado:

To help boost the mobility of young people, Denver will offer 12- to 18-year-olds free transit passes usable with their smartphones this summer.

The On My Way transportation program will run from June 1 to Aug. 31 and will pair with youths’ My Denver card, a pass to pools, libraries, museums and other city-run places.

City and school officials initiated the program to help more teens reach those programs, said Nicole Portee, who heads transportation for Denver Public Schools.

That’s not the only driving force behind the program. Officials also see it as a way to discover how many students will use the transit pass. Portee said ridership data collected during the program could help build a case for offering a pass throughout the school year.

And another post from this page:

Douglas County Ranch View Middle School anti-oppression lectures cause furor among parents …Self-described Littleton anti-oppression activist Regan Byrd was paid $2,100 by the Douglas County School District to present two lectures to 7th and 8th grade students at Ranch View Middle School, one Feb. 27 and the other April 29, eight days before the Highlands Ranch STEM school shooting. … Ranch View parent Kim Donahue told Complete Colorado in an interview that she removed her 14-year-old daughter from the April 29 presentation after her on-line research of Byrd’s program led to concerns about bias. “Some of the topics that were on that list were white anti-racist ally-ship, anti-oppression, the history of police in America, the history of race and white supremacy and dismantling toxic masculinity,” said Donahue. “What I found was that she is highly anti-white, anti-male and anti-cop, which I am not going to be a part of.”
… Asked about whether her presentation should be counterbalanced by other points of view Byrd said, “There is no other side of what I’m talking about unless you’re going to bring in a white nationalist or something.” ReadMore

Shame on the school boards in Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, and Fairfax County Virginia:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

My daughter came home from her last day of school today and was pretty mad. They took her to the computer lab and asked all the kids to do a “climate survey”
She said the whole survey asked personal questions, ex: do you like yourself? How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel like you can talk to adults? She said there was a choice on there to pick a choice like prefer not to answer. That’s what she picked for all of them 🙌🙌(she’s 10) they also asked how she felt about the survey and how they can make it better. She stated, don’t give this survey, it asks too many personal questions and that’s not ok!! So proud of her for speaking her mind, so pissed that this survey was even given!

And some rpelies to this post:

Personally I do not want CASEL within 100 miles of my kids. I’m not positive that CASEL gets the data from WCSD’s Student Climate Survey – but my guess is – they do.
At the bottom of page 24 it says: “CASEL also works directly with education agencies to develop SEL assessments. For example, CASEL teamed with the Washoe County School District in Nevada and the University of Illinois at Chicago to create the Washoe County School District Social and Emotional Competency Assessments (a project funded by the federal IES). But these assessments are all versions of student self-report, and therefore of questionable reliability.”

Click to access ED593789.pdf

Too late for this year but for next school year.

Click to access 2018-2019%20School%20Climate%20and%20Safety%20Surveys%20-%20Consent%20Form%20general.pdf

I was not even aware of this survey until she came home and told me about it! Sounds like more psychological profiling!!😡😡

This is one of the big problems; things being done in our schools that some parents would object to are simply done without notifying parents. This was the reason for SB403. It would have required school districts to educate parents on the dangers of children sharing personal data and school work with third party vendors, then let parents decide if their children would use these vendors or not. 10 people and entities (on the right and left) supported our bill, WCSD is the entity who spoke against it. WCSD was able to gut the bill, because they want to FORCE children to log-in and share data and school work with third party vendors.

I’m just really glad that I’m as open as I can be with my kids about all of this stuff and they truly listen and understand. If they ever have questions they don’t do it or answer like my daughter answered today. I’m glad even at their young ages they understand how important their privacy is.

What she did is pretty incredible considering her age!

I was actually pretty surprised and ever so proud of her as she was telling me. I talk very openly to them about privacy issues, data mining, psychological profiling, etc. I want them to know the truth about it all.

We refuse SEL material and any behavioral modification as well as any psychological or psychometric everything with our children, including climate surveys.

Dang, I’ve never even heard of these in Clark County. Where do you click none of your business, freaks!

ffs, my son took it, 8th grade – jeez. He was not allowed to use their chromebook all year, so he says teacher handed hers to him. Assholes

And no he never told me

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Remember this? 2013 US DOE document titled, “Grit, Tenacity & Perseverance”. At the time, we thought it was just “creepy”! Now we know it was all about data collection, expansion of testing and assessments from birth (Gates was part of this project) and pushing kids (and their parents and teachers) to be ever-compliant with government and elite corporate overreach into families and schools.

And another post from this group:

Still reading omni bills. Right now the Health Omni which has some home visiting and oodles of grants. Wowee! Here’s one…. Targeted universalism.
605.29 Subdivision 1. Establishment. The commissioner of health shall establish the community
605.30 solutions for healthy child development grant program. The purposes of the program are
605.31 to:
Article 11 Sec. 107. 605
05/24/19 REVISOR ACS/EH 19-5223
606.1 (1) improve child development outcomes as related to the well-being of children of color
606.2 and American Indian children from prenatal to grade 3 and their families, including but not
606.3 limited to the goals outlined by the Department of Human Service’s early childhood systems
606.4 reform effort: early learning; health and well-being; economic security; and safe, stable,
606.5 nurturing relationships and environments by funding community-based solutions for
606.6 challenges that are identified by the affected community;
606.7 (2) reduce racial disparities in children’s health and development, from prenatal to grade
606.8 3; and
606.9 (3) promote racial and geographic equity.
606.10 Subd. 2. Commissioner’s duties. The commissioner of health shall:
606.11 (1) develop a request for proposals for the healthy child development grant program in
606.12 consultation with the Community Solutions Advisory Council;
606.13 (2) provide outreach, technical assistance, and program development support to increase
606.14 capacity for new and existing service providers in order to better meet statewide needs,
606.15 particularly in greater Minnesota and areas where services to reduce health disparities have
606.16 not been established;
606.17 (3) review responses to requests for proposals, in consultation with the Community
606.18 Solutions Advisory Council, and award grants under this section;
606.19 (4) ensure communication with the ethnic councils, Minnesota Indian Affairs Council,
606.20 and the governor’s early learning council on the request for proposal process;
606.21 (5) establish a transparent and objective accountability process, in consultation with the
606.22 Community Solutions Advisory Council, focused on outcomesthat grantees agree to achieve;
606.23 (6) provide grantees with access to data to assist grantees in establishing and
606.24 implementing effective community-led solutions;
606.25 (7) maintain data on outcomes reported by grantees; and
606.26 (8) contract with an independent third-party entity to evaluate the success of the grant
606.27 program and to build the evidence base for effective community solutionsin reducing health
606.28 disparities of children of color and American Indian children from prenatal to grade 3.
606.29 Subd. 3. Community Solutions Advisory Council; establishment; duties;
606.30 compensation. (a) No later than October 1, 2019, the commissioner shall convene a
606.31 12-member Community Solutions Advisory Council as follows:
606.32 (1) two members representing the African Heritage community;
Article 11 Sec. 107. 606
05/24/19 REVISOR ACS/EH 19-5223
607.1 (2) two members representing the Latino community;
607.2 (3) two members representing the Asian-Pacific Islander community;
607.3 (4) two members representing the American Indian community;
607.4 (5) two parents of children of color or that are American Indian with children under nine
607.5 years of age;
607.6 (6) one member with research or academic expertise in racial equity and healthy child
607.7 development; and
607.8 (7) one member representing an organization that advocates on behalf of communities
607.9 of color or American Indians.
607.10 (b) At least three of the 12 members of the advisory council must come from outside
607.11 the seven-county metropolitan area.
607.12 (c) The Community Solutions Advisory Council shall:
607.13 (1) advise the commissioner on the development of the request for proposals for
607.14 community solutions healthy child development grants. In advising the commissioner, the
607.15 council must consider how to build on the capacity of communities to promote child and
607.16 family well-being and address social determinants of healthy child development;
607.17 (2) review responses to requests for proposals and advise the commissioner on the
607.18 selection of grantees and grant awards;
607.19 (3) advise the commissioner on the establishment of a transparent and objective
607.20 accountability process focused on outcomes the grantees agree to achieve;
607.21 (4) advise the commissioner on ongoing oversight and necessary support in the
607.22 implementation of the program; and
607.23 (5) support the commissioner on other racial equity and early childhood grant efforts.
607.24 (d) Each advisory council member shall be compensated in accordance with Minnesota
607.25 Statutes, section 15.059, subdivision 3.
607.26 Subd. 4. Eligible grantees. Organizations eligible to receive grant funding under this
607.27 section include:
607.28 (1) organizations or entities that work with communities of color and American Indian
607.29 communities;
607.30 (2) tribal nations and tribal organizations as defined in section 658P of the Child Care
607.31 and Development Block Grant Act of 1990; and
Article 11 Sec. 107. 607
05/24/19 REVISOR ACS/EH 19-5223
608.1 (3) organizations or entities focused on supporting healthy child development.
608.2 Subd. 5. Strategic consideration and priority of proposals; eligible populations;
608.3 grant awards. (a) The commissioner, in consultation with the Community Solutions
608.4 Advisory Council, shall develop a request for proposals for healthy child development
608.5 grants. In developing the proposals and awarding the grants, the commissionershall consider
608.6 building on the capacity of communitiesto promote child and family well-being and address
608.7 social determinants of healthy child development. Proposals must focus on increasing racial
608.8 equity and healthy child development and reducing health disparities experienced by children
608.9 of color and American Indian children from prenatal to grade 3 and their families.
608.10 (b) In awarding the grants, the commissioner shall provide strategic consideration and
608.11 give priority to proposals from:
608.12 (1) organizations or entities led by people of color and serving communities of color;
608.13 (2) organizations or entities led by American Indians and serving American Indians,
608.14 including tribal nations and tribal organizations;
608.15 (3) organizations or entities with proposalsfocused on healthy development from prenatal
608.16 to age three;
608.17 (4) organizations or entities with proposals focusing on multigenerational solutions;
608.18 (5) organizations or entities located in or with proposals to serve communities located
608.19 in counties that are moderate to high risk according to the Wilder Research Risk and Reach
608.20 Report; and
608.21 (6) community-based organizations that have historically served communities of color
608.22 and American Indians and have not traditionally had access to state grant funding.
608.23 The advisory council may recommend additional strategic considerations and priorities to
608.24 the commissioner.
608.25 (c) The first round of grants must be awarded no later than April 15, 2020.
608.26 Subd. 6. Geographic distribution of grants. The commissioner and the advisory council
608.27 shall ensure that grant funds are prioritized and awarded to organizations and entities that
608.28 are within counties that have a higher proportion of people of color and American Indians
608.29 than the state average, to the extent possible.
608.30 Subd. 7. Report. Grantees must report grant program outcomes to the commissioner on
608.31 the forms and according to the timelines established by the commissioner.


Stories of H1B Visa Abuse Part 4

This is part 4.

More OPT abuse:

Here is a post that I found on Reddit. Not sure if it’s true or not (I’m surprised someone would admit that they work at such a place, but I do have strong reason to believe that such places do exist):

I work for a company currently providing fake resume contractors to Nike. They are systematically replacing all high pay IT professionals with H-1B candidates with fake credentials from India. These workers accept the positions at 60% the going rate of American IT professionals. The way Nike does it is super sneaky. First, they post the job on their site as though they will legitimately hire someone but will set a secret internal salary cap at 1/2 the market rate, so no Americans will accept offers, even if they successfully interview. After they find “no appropriate candidates” they change the posting to “requesting outside contractors.” By doing it this way, they no longer need to sponsor the visas these contractors need themselves. The public has no idea of the number of H-1b employees being used because nike is not “employing” them. They let the Indian owned contracting companies do it for them. Some of the hiring managers at Nike are secretly part owners of the contract companies they are hiring from and are manipulating the interview process from inside.

Don’t believe me? Search for “Java Developer” or “Hadoop Developer” or “.net developer” at Nike Portland on LinkedIn. Not an American in sight.

And here are two replies to this post:

I am not surprised, most fortune 500 comapnies are using this path to discriminate american workers. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike… all using this loophole. Now days they only hire in house managers and H1b contractors.

Theres another article about Cisco using the same strategy, cant find the link

The ridiculous thing is that Nike is making money hand over fist – the shoes they import have a declared value for US customs of under $10. and we all know what they retail for. They do not need to skimp on hiring US workers.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

When globalization hit my career, my mortgage was less than $30k, the size of a car loan. I had about $700k in savings. I was in reasonably good shape, but over a decade until I would retire. The things I did in globalization were 1) a California real estate broker license, 2) bought income property, 3) put myself through law school, and 4) raised two children, alone. The three years of unemployment and stock market losses really messed me up. But I’m clawing my way back now. The really bewildering thing, is people see I’m messed up, and almost instantly conclude it’s the result of my poor planning or laziness or some other failure. It’s astonishing. In all honesty, when people do this, I promptly remove them from my social circles. Sadly this even includes some family members. But I mean what is it that induces people to assume the worst like this?

And some replies to this post:

In this new contractor driven IT environment. It is very easy to be out of work 6 months or longer. Easy to go through savings when cash stops coming in, but bills still need be paid including mortgage. Cobra or ACA costs almost $20000 for a couple

That is hands down the most demoralizing aspect of the whole thing. That’s why I was always telling nurses and others “just wait til it happens to you”.
I wanted to get out of tech for a long time due to their treasonous ways but then it spread rapidly to all business sectors and has left many americans living in the damned street. Yet, even those poor folks are thought ok of as lazy or not motivated or bright enough. That’s what has emboldened these Visa holders to start abusing us openly treating is like crap in our own country. Talking shit abt us like we are backwards and lazy when we are just trying to survive like they are. Except we dont trash them for trying to improve their lives.

Where the hell do they think the 500k ppl living on our streets came from??
I dont understand why the connection is not made in govt and media.

They know well the connection. That’s the damning thing.

how do you figure? They act like they cant figure out why we basically have hoovervilles in every major city while the various Indian and Chinese communities flourish. In point of fact, My Indian immigrant landlord that I rent from works for Oracle and is doing so well he bought a house in a much nicer area and rented put to a poor American like me who scratched and scraped to keep a job.

That is why people need to find jobs that are protected. And US gov needs to get off its butt.

The US gov is the admin of the corporations.

The US government is nothing but a semi irrelevant jurisdiction to globalist corporations.. one of these days the US government better start representing the people, and reaffirm the right of the nation-state over the corporation.

I have this theory that in addition to stagnating wages, immigration also inflates housing costs from bottom up demand.
Some Americans, those with fixed mortgages, are not immediately affected by this phenomena. Not realizing that their employment is not covering their living expenses, the cover they shortfall with credit card debt and then roll that debt over into refinanced mortgages — taking advantage of the inflation and tax-exempt interest payments.
So, we are a country divided, immigration benefits those with fixed mortgages through cheaper labor / maintenance costs. Variable interest mortgage holders are just one recession away from becoming renters, and renters are experiencing 10% inflation in housing, 2% in the devaluing dollar and stagnant wages.

zero interest rate policy (ZIRP) and quantitative easing are what pushed real estate values and rents way up.

On a rental property, you have to make the payments, without renters you are hosed regardless as to the interest rates. Additionally, loans on investment property are completely different from primary residences.
To increase the value of any commodity, you have to make it scarce.
Quantitative Easing began after the fact, it was a gift to the banks to keep them solvent, it was not lent into the housing markets, it was lent so that corporations could buy back their stock at fire-sale prices on low interest rates.
Immigration policy is to inflate the housing bubble and “control” wages, Greenspan told us so, we only have to read between the lines on his public statements.

Greenspan said this was the intention?

Yes, he said allowing more H-1B will solve income inequality. His idea of income inequality is to knock the higher earners (to exclude CEO) down rather than bringing the lower earners up.
It is very rare that economists will mention immigration or population (except in paper specifically about immigration).

dammit! I have often wondered how immigrants can come to this country and apply for a home loan when I have bad credit due to constant layoffs where my cars were repossessed and sold off. It’s gd difficult to qualify for a home loan w hatchet hanging over your head all the time when you are even lucky enough to get a contract. Couple that with not wanting to take on major debt anyway due to uncertainty in career stability.
Im sick of these elite millonaires treating this country like thier own personal cash register. 😦

Think about this. Once you’ve purchased the home and made payments for a few years, the bank has a financial interest in seeing you fail. They want that equity if they can engineer a way to get it.

sigh. Nothing but predators 😦

people are in general, assholes. That is what I think. They judge us when they don’t have the experience of being discarded at mid life from a career you love.

There are many people including high school dropouts I know that bought a $17 civil service exam study guide, spent two weeks going through the guide, took their civil service test and then waited about a year to get called after the minorities with lower test scores were hired before them. They joined unions, never were laid off, did not attend college at high costs and spend anytime studying, they were not displaced by foreign visa workers, have no computer skills, do not know what a resume looks like or ever applied for jobs after landing their civil service jobs. They made tons of $$ through mandatory overtime pay, invested in real estate with their large amounts of overtime pay cash funds and after 20+ years are retired with large pensions including the same benefits they had when they were working. These are the same people that do not understand how well educated college degreed professionals can not find jobs in the IT or science field when the news media that they watch on their new 75 inch OLED tvs informs them that there is a techie shortage in the USA. They also watch Indians buy houses in their area and bulldoze them to make new McMansions that are as large as Indian palaces and that image of Indian wealth and success translates to the Indians being superior to the lazy out of work USA college degreed professionals. As long as the Indians have the image of superior knowledge and success the USA citizen techie has no way of pushing ahead. Is Donald Trump or his advisors going to have a round table meeting with unemployed USA citizen techies that have nothing to offer on his agenda or is Trump and his advisors going to meet with highly paid and successful Indians that offer ways of improving the USA business climate?

In order for the Venture capitalists to bring down the economy they needed to drive a wedge of lower wages that would spear a hole in the pricing models real estate cut the wages in half the people who own the mode mortgages get wiped out.
Richard Wales is the brother of Thomas Wales who was murdered in Seattle one month after 9/11, if anybody remembers the virus called nimda if you don’t look it up as I’ll tell you right now the murder of Wales a US attorney, my role in 911 at AT&T and my role with PG&E I can tell you right now I am very close to the people I suspect you’re going to be arrested, they won Millions from me in 1989 by killing my witness in the matter of Bennett versus Southern Pacific.
I have been researching what they’ve done to me and I’ve been in close contact with many in high-level law enforcement and I’m sick and tired of being on the other end of a dirty game, I happen to know personally David O’Reilly former CEO of Chevron who is one of the companies that benefited by taking over Iraq

I work at a Bank. A corrupt Hiring Manager hired 8 incompetent IT managers, mostly all Americans (I don’t care about anyone’s religion/nationality), and none of them have any real IT degree or relevant IT/PM experience. The same person is left and right hiring TCS contractors. I feel those IT PM and other jobs should go to deserving job applicants. How can I report this while staying anonymous ?

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article (ironically,one claiming that companies are getting fewer H1B visas):

As a citizen of the United States who was laid off recently I can tell you the large corporations are flat out discriminating against citizens in favor of non citizens mostly Indians and Chinese. I had so many recruiters and interviewers that had such thick accents I could barely understand them and of course they had zero personality.

This H1B visa scam is and has always been a lie. Just remember these a holes are basically saying that Americans are too stupid to do these jobs but yet we are told are colleges are the best.

There are many qualified unemployed American workers over the age of 35 that are being ignored by American employers. It has nothing to do with the applicants being on drugs, lacking a college education or the right degree or having no work ethic..etc. Age discrimination is huge in America and it starts early every year.

Age discrimination is huge in America: It certainly is.

White male here. I’ve got great experience in my field and verifiable success.. Crickets whenever I apply anywhere. Cant even get to an interview. Been this way for two years now.

There are plenty of American citizens who are being under utilized because of “diversity” bs in the workplace. Start training us and paying us proper wages. Every job has some training involved when you start.

Yeah, it’s crazy how companies want to do zero training. I get they don’t want to spend the money.
I work in an area with lots of H1Bs and I have seen examples where the companies hire someone (an American) and just throw them into the job, sink or swim. Some of those folks aren’t making it but they probably would with just a bit more time and training to transition into the job.

Companies seem to think if you needed training, you must not be a go-getter and so they don’t want you. But I do think that’s unfair.

From this link that somebody at was kind enough to post, it appears that Xerox, a company already known to make Americans train their H1B replacements, is planning four waves of layoffs this and next year with known American-hating visa-abusing Indian body shop HCL and that they are planning to replace American jobs with people from India and Guatemala: (Note, it appears that someone pulled the original from Imgur, but luckily I had the good sense to back up the page, which can now be found here):

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Over the last 4 or 5 years the job interview experiences that I have been on have been so frustrating and angst ridden that it is not even funny. Usually when I go on a jobs interview I have to travel out of town seeing as how the city I live in is not exactly a buzzing beehive of activity for engineering or the IT industry. So most of the time I end up having to travel out of town on my own dime for jobs interviews, which BTW can get pretty expensive to say the least.
The thing about it all is that the jobs interview process that I have to endure has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare. Like having to go online and take all kinds of technical tests most of which only the top 1% gurus can pass and do well at, or technical phone screens that are technical phone screens straight from hell that no amount of preparation can get you to perform well at.
Or there is the phony feedback from companies that I get via the technical recruiters after the interview has been completed. I have heard all kinds of bullshit feedback via technical recruiters from jobs interviews that have told me things about myself during the interview process like “the candidate was “too nervous” or vague bullshit feedback from the perspective employer that said “candidate gave non-specific answers to specific questions” Excuse me!??!! How vague and and “non-specific” is that kind of feedback? That makes no sense whatsoever!!!
Of course one of my favorites in the way of the feedback jobs interview loop from a technical phone screen that I had with Blackhawk software corporation of Dallas, Texas was that “he failed the AngularJS portion of the jobs interview process on the technical phone screen”. Excuse me? The technical phone interviewer didn’t ask me any AngularJS questions to begin with, so how could I have failed the AngularJS part of the technical phone screen? As a matter of fact the technical phone screener only asked me two technical question about Javascript that were so rudimentary that I answered both technical questions with flying colors. Of course my all time favorite negative feedback from the jobs interview process was from the Secret Direct corporation of Phoenix, Arizona was and I quote “Candidate was too honest”. WTF????!!! I was too honest? As opposed to be to being dishonest? Give me a break
These are but a few examples of the many, many frustrations I have faced in my jobs search for a new job after DELL computers of Austin, outsourced my Job to China. The question then becomes if there is such a huge shortage of IT and Engineering people out there today then why are Employers so picky and why are them engaging in such underhanded subterfuge to eliminate qualified American workers during the jobs interview process? For the most part I have given up the jobs interview process and I have come to the conclusion that the whole system is rigged and I don’t bother wasting my time anymore because it is a huge waste of time, effort and money.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

Any underdeveloped country will gladly ship us millions and millions of doctors, teachers, engineers, programmers, … that will gladly take our jobs, move to our houses, occupy our schools and hospitals. And where are we to go?

Our kids don’t even dream about summer jobs anymore…
Students after graduation can’t find jobs and have to volunteer and do free internships for years…

Approximately 10 Million Work Visas are issued Annually! Enough to displace all Corporate upper and lower management, regular workers and cleaning personnel over the last 25 years!

Report on Classes of Nonimmigrants Issued Visas. Fiscal Years 2014-2018 Totals:
2014 = 9,932,480
2015 = 10,891,745
2016 = 10,381,491
2017 = 9,681,913
2018 = 9,028,020

Click to access FY18AnnualReport%20-%20TableXVIA.pdf

Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

Sen. Kamala Harris, one of the many running for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency and called the “LGBT favorite for 2020,” has introduced legislation to build a “pipeline of diverse talent for STEM jobs” to help address the “projected shortage of approximately 1 million STEM professionals by 2025.”

Her legislation would “authorize a $40 million competitive grant program for school districts to improve participation in STEM education.”

If you have thoughts on this, please share here or with Sen. Harris. Her Twitter account is @KamalaHarris, and her FB page is

Harris is a cosponsor of S 386, which will allow workers from India to dominate the Green Card process for years to come.

You might ask Harris how conitinuing to support the importation of cheap foreign labor aligns with hiring American STEM workers.

And another post from this page:

Another one guaranteed to make your blood boil! Post your comments in the comments section under the article on the Boston Herald site.

“Of all America’s immigrant visa programs, arguably the most successful for the U.S. economy has been the H-1B program. This program admits highly skilled foreign workers who fill vital employment niches to make our Made in America businesses more successful in international markets. Larry Kudlow, the director of President Trump’s National Economic Council, calls these immigrants the ‘brainiacs.'”

And yet another post:

Congressman Ro Khanna (D-Calif.) presses Slicon Valley billionaires to change their selfish ways, but, along with The Washington Post, doesn’t talk about the fact that 70 percent of the Silicon Valley tech jobs and many other tech jobs throughout the U.S. have been filled by foreign workers on H-1B visas brought in by Indian multinationals.

Yes, American workers are angry! Hello, Rep. Ro Khanna!

“The billionaires in Khanna’s district, meanwhile, were consumed by a different worry. Mixed in with the valley’s usual frothy optimism about disruption and inventing the future was a growing sense that the tech economy had somehow broken capitalism. The digital revolution had allowed tech entrepreneurs to build massive global companies without the big job-producing factories or large workforces of the industrial era. The result was more and more wealth concentrated in fewer hands.”

Khanna now is working for Bernie Sanders, a declaration that capitalism is dead?

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article on Americans being replaced with H-1B Visa workers:

I’m 56 and lost my job to a H-Visa worker last year, I have over 25 years experience, several MCSE and MCSA certifications but can’t find a job because of the cheap India labor that has flooded our IT industry.

All H-1B visa holders must be sponsored by the company they work for. Let that sink in for a minute. Shortage of STEM workers is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard.

I’ve been in IT for 20 years, and work for one of the larger well known tech companies. I see the carnage first hand. I’m on here to sound the alarms — this H-1B visa issue is real and getting worse by the day for local talent to find jobs. My IT department (500+ employees) is easily 70%, if not more, Indian workers. At least 7 out of 10 of the managers are now Indian, and they only hire Indians. It’s scary!!!

I have personally witnessed this betrayal having worked in the IT industry for the last 25 years. The executives in our corporations want these workers and demand a continual supply to help keep the labor costs down. When I go to hire for a position the recruiting companies send me a bunch of resumes of foreign workers first. I always have to ask for resumes of US citizens and hope I don’t get labeled as a racist. These foreign workers are willing to work for much less, so it’s a boon for the staffing agencies as well since they have a higher margin on placing them vs. US citizens.

Meanwhile they are moving into our neighborhoods, having children, and bringing over their extended families by chain migration. Our city is being totally transformed. My kids go to school with a bunch of foreigners. What the f? I didn’t sign up for this! Our livelihood and land is being given away right before our eyes so an elite few can have even bigger houses and nicer cars on the west side of town. Meanwhile their kids probably go to the best private schools, set to be the next generation of corporate business owners and executives, and are insulated from all this.

This isn’t a conspiracy. It’s real.

Everything in this article is a true statement. I work in State Government and have watched while the State has replace all of our developers systematically with less skilled H1B workers. The only reason I have not been replaced is because they do not know the policy behind the work they do. These are $85 to $105 thousand dollar a year jobs. They then bring their wife’s or brothers over to take the same type of jobs. IBM is one of the biggest offenders.

IBM is one of the worst zombie tech companies in the world. What relevant tech have they introduced in the past decade? Also, state gov? I rest my case: Only very bad management is stupid enough to fall for the H1B scam nowadays, and that’s been true for at least a decade.

My husband saw it in his private sector job as well. The foreign worker’s are good at ONE task. Anything outside that task in the development process is ignored. They don’t verify, troubleshoot, or follow requirements. Heaven forbid they have a female supervisor.

I work for the Feds and we have so many H-1B visa holders from India – why are we allowing foreigners to take jobs these contracting jobs that Americans, but right of citizenship, should get. We need a requirement that all Federal contractors MUST be American citizens. It’s unfair that our taxes are going to foreign workers.

This is a National security issue. You think all these foreigners working on our IT in our big companies have any loyalty to our intellectual property?? Their greed for cheap wages /profits outweighs their common sense!!

I studied mathematics, and I havent worked in my profession. Id like to, but these indian guys rule my field on H1-Bs. I can testify to this personally.

My sister worked for Met Life Ins. They have a huge beautiful building here and got massive tax breaks for building it. They have gradually outsourced to Indian workers. She worked for them over 30 years and was required to train someone to replace her.

Didn’t G H Bush receive a cellphone contract to build a nation wide cellphone network in India? If true, perhaps a quid pro quo is at the heart of India receiving H visa’s, after all, we expect our politicians to set themselves up for life when the go to Washington, it’s the kind of dirty rotten dealings we expect out of our greedy self-serving politicians.

I work for a very large telco. In my location which is one of the technology hubs and almost everybody in the building works in IT. About two years ago it was about 20% Indian. Now, its about 60%. They are very cliquish and once you see an Indian at the director level it’s lights out for Americans under them.

What has happened to the Houston area over the last several decades is beyond depressing.
A few months ago I was visiting the Spring Branch area and it’s like you’re not even in this country anymore. When I was a kid that was a nice up and coming area too.
Relocating my family to a rural area before my kids started school was one of the single best decisions of my entire life.

I was laid off by my H1B Indian manager in a department of 8 H1B Indians and myself. Even if US citizens get engineering or computer programming degrees it won’t matter since they are run by H1B Indian managers who are only going to hire H1B Indian workers. US citizens are locked out of good job sectors. How is it that I am an American citizen, and I lose my job over them? This is another piece of immigration that must be fixed if we want American citizens to prosper. Stupid politicians. They will sell their own mother for a buck. I used to say I live in America, but work in little India. Now I am looking for work. I was interviewed by 4 H1B Indians for a tech job at Comcast in my last interview. I didnt get the job. No surprise. At the bank job i was laid off from, the entire 2nd floor of my building was only H1B Indian visa holders. This problem is out of control. We need to start a website and track all the companies that choose non citizens over citizens and only do business with them. I know all the big banks would be on it. It’s law that they can’t be paid less than a US worker, and they require sponsorship so why do these corporations choose them over us? I don’t get it.

I was laid off in March by one of the 4 large insurance companies. It has created a subsidiary in India, with IT workers in India, while filling up floors in it’s Atlanta office with H1B workers. What lobbying group can I give my savings to, to fight these anti American US companies?

US workers are being replaced by legal permanent residents. New scam in town(happening for the past 7-10 years now). Companies such as Infosys, Tata, Cognizant, Wipro etc are filing huge number of “Multi-national” manager green cards called the EB1C. These visas allow companies to bring managers from other countries to manage US operations. There are no educational, salary or job requirements and no wage determination or DoL certification needed. Massive numbers of low skilled folks are being brought in en-masse by these companies and paid low salaries and direct EB1C green cards are being filed for them. These are the people who are replacing US workers and these are the “new jobs” that are showing up on monthly job reports…. spread the word on Eb1c

All this is true-I got out of IT (retired) AND I refused to train my replacement

Then the company I retired from wanted me to come back and work for a guy named Praheet. I went ballistic on them before saying NO.

IT wages have dropped at least 20% in just the last few years….that’s due to H1Bs

Well some of us don’t have such an option. I’m the one mentioned in the article about being a father of a handicapped child. As a contractor at Siemens ICN Lake Mary,FL, I wasn’t offered a severance but I was NOTabout to leave a paying contract which would put her medical insurance at risk.

With premiums of $943/month I stayed on training my 3 ‘trainees’ until I landed another job. Then I left mid-training and exposed Siemens ICN/Tata for what was happening. I absolutely enjoyed making the PR dept’s life a living hell. We gave them 4 years of negative press.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Representative Van Taylor, the latest POS Republican Texan White Guy Fucking Over his Texan constituents, look at the Immigration Voice H1B’s swarming all over him, he never showed up for the meeting he had scheduled with our group.

Van Taylor, is an American businessman and politician from Plano, Texas. He is the U.S. Representative for Texas’ 3rd congressional district. He is an ASSHOLE.


Here are some posts from another Breitbart article:

I’m in IT. All the job postings and calls I get for jobs are ALL centered to get an H1B person. It’s rare I get a real serious job email or call. This program is being gamed by every company out there. It has suppressed wages for American workers in the space for more than a decade. End it!

My husband worked in IT for Merrill Lynch which was taken over by BOA.

When he started working there, there were large numbers of very talented and qualified American employees.

After BOA took over, almost everybody was laid off and replaced with about 1/3 that number of Indian recruits.

And I am NOT talking about American citizens of India descent. I mean Indians who were brought over here to take American jobs.


I work at a large, well established American laboratory and research facility that does biological research. Our director is French, his CFO is from Ghana and every research scientist we have is a foreigner…Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, Peruvian etc. all on Hb1 or similar Visas. Only ONE is a white American. There has been a lot of turnover and whenever there is a position open, its a foreigner who comes to interview. The funny thing is, they all hate each other and argue and complain aobut the other. Diversity is definitely NOT working for them. Our country has hundreds of indigenous Americans who are much better trained to work there but they are not wanted. We are seeing the slow destruction of the USA in real time.

About 30% off the people where I work are H1B foreigners. I always wondered how Americans justified losing these jobs. Usually ii seemed hear Americans only complained about losing low paying jobs.

Here is another post from this anti-H1B visa group:

1,275,000 or more H1B visa workers here in the US. Double or triple this amount when adding H4 EAD Visa workers. I have been out of work for over a year now. I have over 20 years of strong IT experience and can’t land a gig mostly because the H1B visa workers who have been here for a while are now hiring managers who hire Indian workers solely. I have been an interviewing machine however, I find out later an Indian person would get the job. It is a conspiracy of sorts. Out of control!!

I feel like a prisoner. I am just on my phone and internet all day applying for jobs and interviewing. I have no money to leave the house. I try to conserve gas for grocery runs. I have food stamps thank God. My son gave me the last hundred dollars I had. My mom gave me some money for Christmas. All that is gone now. I sell my personal belongings on Facebook and OfferUp. I try to rent one of the bedrooms on Airbnb. I am flat broke at the moment, but I must keep trying. I believe God will make something happen for me real soon. Thanks for asking.

And another post from this group:

The Mainstream Media Does not report H-1B Cheap Labor Stories because the Media Companies Themselves Employ H-1B Cheap Labor. Surprised?

Neit Munro reports on the deceit and the decay of the MSM Self Destruction.

NOTABLE QUOTE: “The issue has been closely covered by Breitbart News, but few progressive reporters have highlighted the massive levels of outsourcing, perhaps because many corporate parents of media companies use the H-1B program. For example, hundreds of media jobs are being cut at HuffPost, which is owned by Verizon. The parent company is also replacing thousands of American information technology experts with Indian visa workers supplied by an Indian firm, Infosys.”

“Hundreds of American journalists, editors, computer experts, and videographers are being laid off from their jobs at HuffPost, Buzzfeed, Gannett, and Billboard Media, while those U.S. media jobs are being filled by cheap visa workers.”

“In 2018, for example, U.S.-based companies asked for visas to import 138 editors, 88 producers, 221 writers, six publishers, and 347 graphic designers, according to the website.”

“Companies are allowed to import H-1B visa workers without offering the jobs to Americans and are allowed to pay them far less than American graduates. Many of the visa workers are eager to work for very low wages because the American jobs get them out of their home countries and give them and their families a chance to win the hugely valuable prize of green cards.”

“In 2017, companies asked for temporary visas to import 222 editors, 95 producers, 237 writers, ten publishers, and 556 graphic designers, mostly for jobs in New York and California, according to the site”

“Companies also asked for visa workers to fill a variety of jobs which are often sought by people in the media industry. In 2018, they asked for 285 lecturers, 248 public relations experts, 41 advertising professionals, and 1,354 teachers. There are so any visa workers at U.S. universities that Americans’ wages have dropped to the point that many thousands of American “adjuncts” rely on welfare programs.”

“The outsourcing of these “arts” jobs is just part of the broader economic trend to outsource high tech middle class jobs. In fact, many media companies have already replaced American technology experts in their back offices with many visa workers. The discarded American technology experts flood into other sectors, including the overcrowded and underpaid media sector.”

“This massive backroom outsourcing has largely been ignored by reporters and editors — even though the number of white-collar visa workers in the United States has exploded to at least 1.5 million.”


Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

This is an important listen as hundreds of thousands of workers since the early 1990’s have seen their jobs offshored and the destruction of their livelihoods quickly dismissed by media outlets with bullshit comments like, “there are jobs that don’t have an economic right to exist,” or we’ll retrain them for information technology jobs, learn to code. . . This comment on the YouTube page stood out and I think many tech workers can relate to it:
Valkyrie Sardo
7 hours ago
“Learn to code, huh? I was a steelworker for 19 years, until they shut the plant down and shipped the machinery to Mexico. So I jumped into college and got myself a Bachelor’s Degree in computer programming. I’d never touched a computer in my life and couldn’t buy one until my sophomore year. Nonetheless, I graduated with a near perfect GPA. But here’s the kicker. I couldn’t get a job in programming, “no experience”. So I took a helpdesk job and worked my way into a system engineer promotion. Ah but then the corporation downsized some 400 IT and my work was outsourced to India. For me that “learn to code” meme translates to “go to hell”.?”

Here are some posts from a New York Times article:

I received my undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Illinois in 1981 and started working at a telecommunications company. Back then companies actually subsidized employees who wanted to continue their education so in the mid 90’s I got a master’s degree in computer science. In the early 2000s my telecom employer started outsourcing lots of jobs overseas so I decided to go back to college again and get another degree in computer science, but this time I focused on cybersecurity and because the government was looking for people to work in this field I was able to get a Department of Defense scholarship. In my mid-40s I was learning object oriented sotfware and Java. My last coding task a few years ago was in Python. I have been extremely fortunate and have been lucky enough to make a shift at just the right time. Unfortunately I know too many colleagues who are just as hard working and smart and they were laid off in their 40s and never found a really good job again. The companies don’t invest in their workers anymore. It’s hard for me to encourage young people to study hard in a STEM career when I believe the companies will leave them unemployable after 20 years. Somehow private industries and the government need to work together on a solution to continue using the talent of people as they age. Most of us are willing to re-train but few of us are given the opportunity to do so.

Bill Joy ( a co-founder of Sun Microsystems and VC star ) once said that he would not encourage his children to become Computer Scientists. The reasons were many – read why the “Future Doesn’t Need Us”. The field has changed.

I have a comp sci degree PhD as well as an ed degree. I teach grad students and working adults. There are many fine and some not so fine “coder” schools and courses on line to learn coding. So you may not need to major in Comp Sci to code get a job coding. Just like you need not be an automotive engineer to become a car mechanic( I like mechanics ) .
From my perspective teaching adults with skills versus younger students, is that younger people don’t have the skills to move stuff from prototype into production. Universities don’t teach that mundane sys ops stuff. This is a big gap and no company wants to train younger people to do this, in the meantime, they FIRE the older workers who have thee tricky skills well in hand. IBM layoffs come to mind here.
Also, the many students who are non US citizens have seats paid for by their governments or families. The issue I see is that US students have large student debt while the foreign students may not have to worry about that. There are solutions to this.

The last thing , many undergraduates really don’t think through what they would like to do FOR A TIME. Tech is transient, Aristotle isn’t.

Unfortunately, the end result will be a lot of unemployed people with this degree. Which is a shame because one of those people may be very talented but can’t find room because all of the spots have been taken by previous graduates.
I saw this coming a few years back when there was a clarion call for computer programmers by the industry. We got the kids all excited (which is understandable) about coding and such but you had to see that a glut was inevitable.
High school counselors and career centers would be wise to give these students better advice and a dose of real world medicine before students enter a field such as this at this time.

My late husband was one of the first to receive a BS in computer science at Ohio state in 1977. He also graduated summa cum laude. He took logic and philosophy courses as well , not only for their inherent value in and of themselves, but as Road maps for understanding coding in general. Because he was one of the first in programming, he understood the basics on which more sophisticated programs were built on. But as his salary increased over the years, companies looked to younger people to work on the newer programs. Of course, when problems arose, they turned to my husband and others of his generation to help them , as they were never taught the building blocks, so to speak. Eventually, companies felt the older programmers were “dinosaurs “ and one by one, let go, often just months away from their retirement dates. I have no sympathy for companies now scrambling for workers; during the last recession, thousands of older experienced workers were left behind for younger, cheaper employees, many from overseas.Some never found work again and if they did, their salaries were greatly reduced. That, in a nutshell, is the computer science field. Good luck young students, you will find, unless you are from Mumbai or Bangladesh, no one is indispensable. Btw, I have no problem importing smart young people from overseas, just sad the true innovators were tossed aside.and all for a few cents profits.

I have lived the same experience in electrical engineering computer logic and architecture design. Back in the day we were paid more than an English major to start, but not a lot more. We also got reasonable raises as we advanced through the ranks of the company. But relatively soon the raises and promotions stopped. Engineers in most companies were not considered promotable beyond certain levels and only marketing and sales people were considered. This caused a lot of highly technical companies to be run by people with almost no understanding of the underlying technology and no sense as to what the future of technology would need. This demoralized my engineering department and I realized my only choice was to leave and start new somewhere else or stay and be laid off. And since the recessions of the 2000’s it is almost impossible for someone nearing fifty to get any kind of a job no matter how long and prestigious their career.
There are many reasons that American high tech industry is lagging and that most technology, including computers, are designed overseas, but one of the contributing reasons is the incredible lack of loyalty to the engineering establishment caused by the blindness of business management and the misunderstanding of the role of technology in society. We live in wasteland of destroyed engineering careers and potential and if we don’t change we will be overwhelmed by other countries who have better ethics and a longer term outlook.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Trump and his administration want to make it appear that they are assisting USA workers but they are not, and by not utilizing the now REQUIRED online H-1B registration process is another example of Trump making India first through the RHC’s (Republican Hindu Coalition) orders. The required online registration process for 2020 H-1B applicants was to include pre-registration screening of H-1B applicants. By not using the new online registration process employers can instead submit a flood of paper petitions with no prior pre-screening of applicants making it difficult to filter and select the qualified candidates. For 2020 the new H-1B “selective” hires under the newly released and revised Trump administration H-1B selection and hiring rules will be no more qualified than in previous years due to not using the online registration.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa/outsourcing group:

You know what is sad, a friend of mine I have two, well educated 50 year olds looking for work. One went to a job fair for aerospace here in Los Angeles, she sent me a photo of the long line of engineers , who all looked like they were in their 50s…waiting to get into the job fair.. I hate it when I hear….we have a shortage…

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article talking about Jeb Bush’s support of Trump’s H1B plan:

I work in an IT department with 50 people from India, China, and Pakistan and there are 5 of us who are Americans. These are high paying jobs that Americans could be doing. They drive down our wages and send most of their money back home, so they don’t contribute much to our economy. Don’t be fooled by Trump. He is a billionaire who represents the interests of his fellow billionaires.

Trump pushing this? I have to rethink some things about him. Trump you’re probably through with me. I never thought I’d be writing this but I cannot vote for him ever again. By the way any adulation from Bush is the kiss of death. Coulter is right about you. You and people like you are killing this country. Why don’t you put this H1B policy up for a vote?

Glad I’m about to retire from the IT world … What you have happening is these companies bring in these people in for 50 cents on the dollar, then hold their VISA over their head and make them work 60 to 80 hours a week, so now for 1 American worker they have 3 foreign ones. Companies use to train their employees when technology changes, now its just bring in the next set of foreigners and lay off the Americans….. That and the Indians will take certification tests for each other, and also will do phone interviews for each other…. who you hire might not be the same person who shows up

Some history…
Before Y2K, IT managers were often shunted off to dark corners, and many firms had no general list of all the technology that affected their operations.
The bug changed all that. For the first time, top executives had to defer to tech people, who were called upon to take on management duties in companies—to find all the systems vulnerable to Y2K and look for the cheapest ways to solve them. But the American tech industry—preoccupied with the billions that could be made on the emerging Web—couldn’t easily satisfy the demand for programmers.

The economists Devashish Mitra and Priya Ranjan argue that the search for cheap coders led American firms to India, which had legions of programmers who’d long been trying to get a foot in the American economy. Indian outsourcing firms—including Infosys, Wipro, and TCS—booked billions in business from American companies looking to fix their Y2K woes.

But here’s the interesting part: After Y2K was over, American companies retained their taste for Indian programmers. “Outsourcing kept increasing well after the Y2K problem became a thing of the past,” Mitra and Ranjan write. In this way, Y2K has parallels to the oil shortages of the 1970s, which helped popularize Japanese cars—a classic example of a temporary economic shock that produces a permanent change. Mitra and Ranjan, like many economists, are in favor of outsourcing and see Y2K as increasing the net benefit to American firms; people wary of the rise of the Indian IT industry (like many American programmers who are understandably worried about their job security) might feel otherwise.

Too funny how everyone thinks Americans are just unskilled to do these jobs. Last real job I had on the last day when me a 4000 other US Citizens were laid off yet again. I remember changing a root password and informing the Indian consultant to boot to a cd to change that root password in 24 hours. Of course I would always do that to follow ITAR policy to verify the next day. Even put it in writing on my board as a top priority. Wasn’t there the following day due to contract not renewed but the Indian were still there. I guess they didn’t know what Carphone meant. So many other ITAR policies being implemented by non US Citizens. So many basic and common sense rules that they just can’t comprehend. So many systems vulnerable still to this day it’s not even funny. I just was able to putty into some still. These tech companies can’t even program a simple cash register key to charge the correct price for a sandwich in their cafeterias. Oh this is going to be fun. You are so screwed if we don’t have real jobs soon.

74,000 h-1bs in the Dallas area…

“Controversial H-1B work visas used more in Dallas-Fort Worth than in Silicon Valley”

The controversial H-1B non-immigrant visa used heavily by Silicon Valley tech firms to acquire talent is much more widely used by companies in Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City, according to new research.

From 2010 to 2016, employment of foreign workers with H-1B visas was centered in East Coast metropolitan areas, along with significant numbers in Texas, the Pew Research Center reported Thursday, basing its findings on government data on 68 metropolitan areas obtained via a public-records request.

Dallas-Fort Worth trailed only New York City in obtaining H-1B visas. NYC-area companies obtained 247,900 H-1B visas, while North Texas firms received 74,000 and metropolitan D.C. took 64,800.

“Demand for the high-skilled worker visas has boomed in recent years, and the H-1B program is now the primary way employers in the U.S. hire high-skilled foreign workers,” Pew said.

Almost a third of the visas, which are intended for workers in jobs requiring specialized knowledge and a bachelor’s degree or higher, went to businesses in greater New York City, with Dallas and Washington, D.C., having the next-highest numbers of approved visas, Pew reported.

Trailing behind with the 10th-highest numbers was the metropolitan area encompassing San Jose, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale with 22,200. The San Francisco region, which includes Oakland and Hayward, received 11,300.

With Trump’s new ‘America first’ focus, visas that bring tech workers, teachers to Texas become a target
The H-1B visa has become a flashpoint in the U.S. immigration debate, with major tech companies among the loudest voices calling for more visas, while critics point to highly publicized reported abuses involving companies. The University of California, San Francisco, allegedly used the program to replace Americans with outsourced workers.

A bill introduced in January by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, and Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., supported by the tech industry, would boost the base allocation of H-1B visas to 85,000 from 65,000, and opens the way for an additional 110,000 per year, depending on demand. It would also give priority to holders of master’s degrees or higher, and ban replacement of U.S. workers with H-1B visa holders.

To fight abuse of the visa, the Trump administration in February imposed new rules on employers, making those using H-1B visas to hire workers provide more details supporting their need to hire foreign workers.

I find it both amazing and shocking what the republicans are doing. And I’m a Republican. This is sanctioning white collar jobs to foreigners instead of using young Americans. Most of these H1Bs went to college in their country and have no education related debt. Americans pay a fortune to raise their children her in the USA and send them to expensive colleges all to sanction their unemployable circumstances. Has anyone in the GOP asked Jen Bush, the Koch Bros, and all the GOP in the pockets of corporate giants “why do you have so much zeal for foreign workers taking away American jobs”. What is their response to this question. We will never know because it is never asked.

To further my point and the spirit of the question, we seem as people to settle for the presumed answer that foreign labor is cheaper. But we don’t make these politicians answer the question directly “why are you so fervently seeking foreigners when taxpaying citizens with higher cost of living and who prop up this country every day…why are you sanctioning the removal of their opportunity”. And to the reply about best qualified below, not true. I’ve been in software for many years. The best software is produced by Americans. When corporations outsourced to India, the code is dirt cheap but comes back with more holes than Swiss cheese. The American work ethic is still the best in professional jobs.

Being in IT, I have has a personal run in with companies and H1b’s. The company is a major auto leasing co. They posted an IT job a few years back and I applied for it. It was a PERFECT skills match for me. No call, no interview. I found out from a current employee that many had applied and there were several perfect matches. BUT the Co went crying to the Feds saying they could not FIND anyone. Low and behold a few months later I was working part time as a favor to an auto repair shop and in walks an Indian who barley spoke English and and needed a repair. So we talked and I suddenly realized that this is the GUY that got the job! H1b’er. So I asked him some technical questions about the job. He didn’t know much. But that is ok because they ended up hiring TWO Indians for the position. So maybe the other one is the brains.


I worked for a small tech company. They teamed up with a “head hunter” who advertised fake jobs requiring experience with the software they serviced and that was how they generated leads to learn which companies had the software licenses.

Then they would sabotage the client’s database and sell them more service hours to fix it.

If it was that shady before the cloud, image how well managed (stolen) a company’s data is now.

My co workers figured out that I was honest and had figured out their game. The liars and thieves with no morals were the foreigners. They were unscrupulous and woukd do anything –anything—to have that so called Americam dream because they view the US as so materialistic.

They smile and preach world peace but beware they don’t like Americans and will stab you in the back with the chance

Americans have tech skills, they just aren’t getting hired at the same rate as Asians

My computer science degree continues to be: Worthless
Had I known I would have skipped college and saved all that time, effort & $$$.

Where I work, only 3 employees were born in this country. I remember one interview, at the last shop, where we found an excellent qualified local candidate for an open position, and she was a recent graduate with an advanced degree. The “foreign born majority”, wanted to hire someone from India, instead.

Only employers benefit, when they replace people with cheaper labor. I work at the same rate as I made during the Clinton years, and 85% of my coworkers are foreign born whom are reluctant to hire people born in the USA.

I remember 15-20 years ago, many companies were willing to train their existing workers, instead of hiring foreigners. Now it’s very rare, a company is willing to invest and train their workers. Hiring at half of the wages what they pay to Americans is the way to riches for them.

The H-1B program takes tech jobs away from Americans and gives them to foreigners. I’ve seen it first hand where corporations hire H-1B foreigners because they work cheaper and being on salary they don’t mind working many free hours of overtime because the foreign workers are just happy to be here. I’m a long time Trump supporter but this is NOT America first!

Not a day passes at the Megacorp where I work that an American worker isn’t marched to the door by security after he finishes training his H-1B replacement. It’s a sad sight, usually a guy in his 50’s pushing a cart full of his belongings down the hall with a tear in his eye as two security guards follow behind.

Add Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) to the list of RINO traitors:

And here are some posts in this article:

Very good point. My nephew learned computed programming in a 4 year college and is now working as a Staples clerk. Let Indians and Chinese find jobs at home.

I have seen this first hand. It’s the onshoring of offshore workers. It’s all fine and dandy to a very small degree. Organizations must be capped on how many roles they can fill with visa workers. That should include contractors and sub contractors too. Citizen graduates are getting screwed!

this is the crap that annoys me… so many of the contracts at microsoft are being re-bid and awarded to tech mahindra because tech mahindra can lowball the contracts with underpaid indian h1b’s (because they work real cheap to keep their h1b status and the offer of a green card down the road) or outsource to their india tech shop… with really low paid workers. The contracts are usually a combo of both a small amount of local h1b’s and the large group of tier 1 support out of india.

Again, we have professional IT jobs in our area that require a 4 year degree and professional certification that are paid LESS than a full time cashier at Hobby Lobby. This is LEGAL IMMIGRATION causing this problem!!!!!

And here are some posts from a Breitbart article on the federal bust of Indian labor traffikcers at a fake government-run sting “university”:

As someone in tech who has seen the entitled arrogant self congratulatory and hypocritical hindus take the helm in company and company, this warms my heart. However too little and too late. A friend of mine working for a major company in Chicago told me the first thing their new hindu CFO did was to remove the very loyal and technically sound white CTO and replaced him with his hindu buddy. They’ve taken over the entire tech sector and are playing the system to take over other industries unless we put a stop to it. Voting will never change that

Yep. My employer used these laws to hold down the wages of all the engineers I worked with. Dozens of my friends laid-off because they brought in Indians to do the work. Questioned my boss once about the fact whatever work these SCABS did do, it required having them redo it because it was wrong. His answer? “We could have them redo it four times if that’s what it takes based on what we pay them”

When I was forced to retire before I was ready along with 1k or others whom were 55 or older from a large microprocessor manufacturer I knew many IT and engineering folks who were affected by this. Trying to prove it in court is almost impossible as they retain the best lawyers money can buy and they’ll keep it tied up in court until you run out of money.

This mass restructuring (company speak for forced retirements/layoffs) occurred in 2015 in which surprisingly this sham U opened, the VP of manufacturing was forced to leave/retire in 2014 and a new VP was hired whom is an Indian national (can’t even begin to spell his name), then in 2015 a large contingent in Indian nationals was all of a sudden hired just before the mass restructuring. Just a coincidence…yeah right.

TN and j-1 are clearly abused…most institutions ARE required to have an I 20 current of students… my time seen more fraud associated with these I 20s not quite as much as the B-1 so called visitor , tourist visas generated. They. Generally encompass the millions here unlawfully overstays who cannot the located. They usually ditch the documents they arrived with an falsely acquire licenses social security cards etc etc. we are talking about millions not to mention the actual illegals who entered thru a hole fence or smuggled in. Very very serious problem

As a Chemist Tienanmen Square essentially destroyed my career. Salaries in the field have been flat or falling for 25 years after 10,000 unneeded Chinese Chemists were granted permanent visas. Thank you Congress.

Between taxes, regulations, and bad immigration practices, the field has basically been killed off. Good luck sourcing base chemicals when the Chinese won’t deal with us.

Here is a post I found from an anti-H1B visa group:

I came to End the H1b (closed)group to say this.

I cannot understand why this movement of displaced workers is so lackluster and unwilling to speak up or raise HE– abt being displaced?

I and Golda George worked to try to get a worker in the H1boot process at a company near Dallas to talk w Kevin Lynn and John Miano. last year. They (Keven and John)were prepared to make a game plan to out the employer, expose them for what they were doing and a number of other tactics BUT-

The contact of Golda’s wanted Nothing to do with it. We tried contacting them thru various ads and even thru linked-in but Golda was told by her contact that they wanted NOTHING to do with any of it.

Why could this be?

Why are so many american workers willing to sit silently by smiling while their careers are tanked and they are left in a “van down by the river” wokring as a walmart greeter or an amazon fulfillment-bot for minimum wage??
Are americans that easily brainwashed to believe the daily rhetoric that there “aren’t enough skilled workers” here??

I got fed up. I still am fed-up. I wax and wane between several lines of thought which are:

  1. Americans deserve to be homeless and destitute if they are willing to sit by and let pirates take their jobs.
  2. Americans have grown complacent due to affluence and they aren’t yet starving on the streets. If they are too affluent to care, what point is there in trying to goad them into action? They don’t care and thusly will be left to the dustbin of history apparently. Takea look at the RHC. They have thousands of ppl coming to their events, they see this opportunity to invade and take our livelihoods and they are acting on it. They are organized, energetic, they have full time ppl in washington daily beating on the doors of our politicians. We do not. They use the power of social media to collectively communicate. A mere few of us use it to scream into the ether as to why this is happening…. Share articles about various layoffs and the latest non-action by the big Cheeto. … oh, or watch in shock as the likes of Rand Paul is shown sharing glad pics with RHC leaders. The plight of american workers is like a black mark, a subject spoken abt in whispers of the halls where I work. The place where we are outnumbered by a landslide. It’s taboo and we are told to shut up, not have an opinion about it while the big corps that run this country continue to post record profits and basically write the laws that allow this system to thrive. They appear NOT care about the ppl in this country where they were able to innovate and get their ideas going. They care only in that we continue in silence while they prosper and add to their many houses, boats, cars and expensive education of their progeny.

This story is as old as the hills really. One entity, co-opting and obliterating eveyrthing in it’s path for personal gain.

They are actually very good at the game they’re playing. They squashed the unions (that gave us min wage and weekends). They squashed COLA wage increases and pension funds. Remember those?

There are no more pension funds bc they were raided. They dominate the military contracts. They dominate educational institutions where a text book on average costs $100. They dominate oil companies that take over small countries and wipe out indigenous ppls. The list could go on and on.

Anyway, I said all that to say that I am now finally coming off of a contract and onto a permanent job w my company and I get it. I cannot, under my personal, legal name publicly support controversial movements in any way shape of form due to the risk of impact to my job.I’ve worked 3+ years at this particular contract just to get to the point where they will value my contribution. and frankly, the fact that I add to their females in STEM goals probalby helped me. (This would be the FIRST time that being a female in STEM for 25 y rs has been to my benefit so calm down )

I think that our politicians probably do think that there are just a disgruntled few americans and most are resettled into other jobs now. They are too cash drunk to see our exploding homeless problem as related to loss of american occupied jobs. Again, kudos to the system, they have managed to keep all of the plates spinning thru media or think tanks. You gotta give em credit.

Until we find a way that ppl can safely come forward and join a movement without repercussion, we have no hopes of gaining any traction. The few that are willing to come forward, like Dawn, John, Kevin, Neil, Chris, Sarah B are doing their own silos of action but as yet there has been no nationwide organization.

The CT rally: it was heartening to see John and Kevin speak and the follow on articles they posted from the local press , they said abt 30 ppl were present. Either that represents that there * isn’t really an issue of displaced americans……… or there is but they can’t rally in public because of repercussion/ retaliation.

I know one thing, I could never jeopardize my new gig and I can only imagine what H1booters feel as they are bullied out the door with a wink and a nod. they know that there will be no food on the table or car payments or even healthcare if they violate their NDA or compensation pkg. It’s a hostage situation and until we find a way to make it safe, this isn’t likely to change.
thx for giving me a space to speculate free from – err- things.

And some replies to this post:

I am now retired. Before retiring, I had my employer listed on LinkedIn. I made a couple of pretty mild posts about H-1B, and was told by my supervisor that I had to take them down, or remove my affiliation, which I did. This was not given as an optional choice. I was told that “H-1B employees feel bad when posts like that are up”. Employers want to keep the slaves happy.

exactly, I was told my a colleague to make sure my facebook or other public accounts were “scrubbed” before onboarding bc my background check would include a close look at my social media. I don’t post much H1 stuff but a little slips thru on to my feed in the way of articles. I also post or comment regularly on the other H1b sites like ustechworkers or H1b and IToutsourcing but I do that with caution anymore because it’s public. I come to this group to post in freedom bc it’s closed.
It’s a pretty strange feeling to be having to censor myself abt a situation that ultimately affects the livelihood of my fellow citizen, friends and family. As I said, they have it locked down pretty well by negative labeling of those that oppose the status quo and giving preferred status to those who are taking advantage of our weakness. In the scheme of evolution, they have out manuevered us and our kids will suffer for our apathy.

Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I think that it is going to have to take another massive economic crash like what we saw in 2008-9 and 1929 for the people of this country to wake up and realize that they are just getting totally screwed over to the max. Then and only then will their complacency hopefully disappear and they will take to the streets and say enough is enough and put it all down, ala the French Revolution. The yellow vests are coming, the yellow vests are coming. You want the kinds of real change that you are talking about in your posts that can make things better for everybody in this country? Then the only way it can happen is to do like they are doing in France with massive push back protests in the streets ala the Yellow vests. The yellow vests are coming because what is going on in this country is not sustainable for any real length or period of time. The H1B visa thing is just another outward manifestation of neoliberal globalism that destroying our American way of life and is in the process of turning us into a third world Banana Republic.

I think they control that too. When the financial sector starts melting down, they force the govt to bail them out. They (corporate America) ended pension funds and forced everyone to move to 401k’s which are stock market dependent. Ni,ce so when they fuck up, we lose our retirement savings.

Millenials see straight thru them and one hopes they will keep pushing for reform. Our generation seems content to go quietly off of the cliff, afraid to upset anyone publicly bc of retaliation. They got us at a vulnerable time but I guess that’s what predators do.

You have the Federal Reserve’s plunge protection team stepping in every time the market begins to tank they will step in an buy up all of the securities on the stock market and artificially pump the financial system back up. How much longer they can continue to do that is anybody’s guess.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa/outsourcing group:


American Workers, please unite and raise! We need your help!

February7, 2019, U.S. Representatives Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), Ken Buck (R-Colo.), and 112 bipartisan members of congress have reintroduced the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (now called H.R. 1044 instead of H.R. 392). At the same time, Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) introduced the companion bill in the Senate with 13 cosponsors.

  1. IMMEDIATELY, we are starting a calling campaign – NO H.R. 1044!!

Everyone in this group is asked to call and email your Senators and Representatives urging them to VETO AND NOT SUPPORT this legislation!

You can find the name, phone numbers and email address of your Senator by going to…/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm.

You can find the name, phone numbers and email address of your Representative by going to…/find-your-representative.

We should also DEMAND H-1B AND OPT PROGRAMS to be TERMINATED IMMEDIATELY, because of enormous amount of abuse, fraud, and espionage, and most importantly the ADVERSE and HARMFUL EFFECTS ON THE AMERICAN WORKERS!!!

Lastly, we should DEMAND USA GOVERNMENT to deny Indian community Green Cards and Citizenship for at least next 25 years because of the enormous FRAUD and ABUSE that they have conducted on the American Soil, as a way of punishment!


  1. We are reporting to USCIS every single day! FRAUD and all NEWS about H-1Bs (everything you’ve heard today) should be reported to:

Any day spent without messaging to USCIS is day spent in vain! 5 – 10 emails to USCIS is a MUST!
USCIS listens! They want us to talk to them via the link above!!!

  1. We GROW this group and bring in more people! We spread the news to other groups – so more and more people know!!!

I am a MEMBER of some groups with 10,000 people and more! “i am a Brooklynite” , ” I am a New Yorker “, “Russian NY Parents” , “Russian NJ Parents” ( I speak Russian and a lot of Russians are programmers) – I CONSTANTLY REPOST all important articles from our group to these groups!
DO IT!!!

WE HAVE TO FEED every single article from this group to American Students, American Universities!!! We have to penetrate and have our supporters in All Facebook Groups for American Students in all University Campuses across America! American Students HAVE TO KNOW THE TRUTH! They are listening and they will help us FIGHT!
Please people with such connections HELP US!!!

We are also asking for “US Tech Workers” group and Dawn Collins and her team to keep us informed about their activities regarding this matter and KEEP US INVOLVED!

Here is a comment that I found in a Boston Hearld article about the fake American IT shortage:

am an IT Professional, I have lived in the H1B world I for years. This is what is going on. American IT workers are being crowded out by ALL Indian shops across the USA . Where can an American IT Pro get a job? Certainly not on the East and West coasts, also in the CT and NJ area, and in the Dallas area. Literally everywhere! The banking industry in places like Charlotte and Dallas are totally dominated by Indians where they work for the Indian IT diems such as Infosys as indentured servants, working 12 days and weekends under the guise of peer group pressure to benefit the bank and crowd out American IT professionals.

Discrimination throughout the country against American IT workers is massive, Not only do the companies such as Infosys, HCL, Wipro, Cognizant and Tata discrimination against USA workers, these companies are totally dominated (95%) by Indians, if an American is hired they are shunned and used as a ported plant placeholder, a token. Throughout the country as time prevails, the Indians have moved into leadership and hiring manager positions. They are clannish and exhibit behavior patterns that derive from Indian ancient sectarian group conflicts. These hiring managers hire only Indians and often hire Indians from their own sectarian geographical area, if you are an American, the Indian hiring managers most likely will not hire you. American IT Pros often suffer throughout interview processes that are set ups for failure while Indian counterparts march into to jobs often with fake resume in hand, they get the job, YOU do not. IT Pros are struggling to stay in technical positions, but they are not hired, some are force to leave the profession and attempt to branch into business analysts and other roles; that is if you have the architectural and writing and presentation skills. Some of us are born to code – now deprived of that right in our own country. One of my friends lost his job to H1B, he lost his home and condemned to poverty in a trailer for the rest of his life.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Professor Ron Hira, inquiring mind wants to know how you made it on this list ??

Here is another post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Report on Classes of Nonimmigrants Issued Visas (Including Border Crossing Cards)

Fiscal Years 2014-2018 Totals:
2014 = 9,932,480
2015 = 10,891,745
2016 = 10,381,491
2017 = 9,681,913
2018 = 9,028,020

Click to access FY18AnnualReport%20-%20TableXVIA.pdf

And another post from this group:


February 7, 2019. A plan known as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act – H.R. 1044, would eliminate the U.S. country caps in the legal immigration system and would fast-track outsourcing of white-collar American jobs to mostly Indian and Chinese nationals imported to the country by businesses, outsourcing firms, and multinational corporations. NOT INDIAN? NO GREEN CARD FOR YOU for the next 12 YEARS!!!

Facebook, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Bloomberg, State Farm – ALL MAJOR AMERICAN COMPANIES ARE 50% – 90% H-1B AND OPT VISAS WORKERS!!!

Silicon Valley billionaires, big business elites, and outsourcing firms, are going to use H.R. 1044 to import more lower-paid Indian and Chinese foreign workers to take American jobs, which would have otherwise gone to American citizens.

Communities and Ethnic groups around America UNITE and ACT! Do what GREEKS did:

Send a message to your Senators and Representatives to VOTE AGAINST H.R. 1044:


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Tucker Carlson highlighted on his show tonight the Trump Administration change to support more Immigration. He also showed poll that 73% Americans think current level is Too much/ Just Right. A bit of disconnect. Amazing since Tucker’s brother is a pawn of Immigration Voice

And here are some replies to this post:

I was on the camera when a white guy alert went off and Kumar the Republican Hindu Coalition GURU brought in Tucker Carlson’s brother Buckley Carlson to the love fest. I get it now why Fox News does not cover the Green Card Giveaway and IT layoffs.

And Tucker is a former fellow of CATO.

Here are some posts from a Breitbart artice on a new green card bill:

I have been in the I.T. Industry more years than I care to admit. I was forced into consulting because of being replaced by two H1B Visa Indians. Everywhere I consult, in state or out of state, it looks like Bangalore. I for one am not afraid of the repercussions of testifying on the abuses in our system. When I was replaced by the two H1B Visa Indians I tape recorded my boss stating how cheap they are and the rebates the company is getting by using them. The younger Americans are going to be the ones that suffer and all of these Senators and Representatives pushing this travesty should be put in the unemployment line

Not just younger though. The older ones (50s, 60s) making good money are on the chopping block. It’s not just India, Poland is another place they’re coming from and they take low pay and are happy.

I’m so glad I finally retired in January from my IT career, my last position in state government. There were very few Americans left working in our building when I left and most of those just trying to hang on another 10 years without being replaced on site by Indians working for Deloitte.

An engineer relative (50s) saw the handwriting on the wall, took his 401k, put it into rent houses and figures he’ll have an income when the hordes descend. Wont’ be long.

I spent 30+ years in IT. 10 years ago I was force into retirement due to H1B.
Unfortunately The USA is facing the same fate as Rome. Rome also imported herd of non Romans who destroyed Rome from within.

Many years ago, our CEO had a company staff meeting, which I attended. This was/still is a high end telecom company. He told us to prepare. He could hire three or four foreign workers for what we were making on average. No shi+! He actually said that.
I let go maybe 30-35 engineers before my number came up. ARRRRGH!

I went to Raleigh NC recently-it was as bad anout having excessive Indians as MN with Somali Muslims and then I remembered it is that globalist bunch in the Research Triangle hiring them all. These same people encourage US youngsters to study crap in college like gender studies or progressive activism or journalism and then say they have to bring in Indians to do software

I commute into NYC every day on NJ Transit NE Corridor line. Every train is 60% or more Indian and it has the ambiance of it too. Entire townships in NJ are now Indian as most of the H1B’s never return to India and then Chain Migration takes over. Regardless of how many Chamber of Commerce Republicans vote for more H1Bs, when these people get the right to vote, 999 out of 1,000 of them vote Democrat. Regardless of how you see them, they seem themselves as non-white. Go to any Indian blog and see what they write about “whites.” They are for every bond initiative, more government programs, more taxes which they cheat on without hesitation. Go into any Indian business in NJ and there are two prices — one with tax if you pay with credit card, the other no tax if you pay cash. They are the biggest scammers and fraudsters around. Medicaid/medicare/insurance fraud. They make the Russians in Brooklyn look like Cub Scouts.

It is difficult reading this as my stomach is churning. I see names of those who are backing a merit based immigration bill, yet want to let Indians just flood in. I guess they’re worried about the Mexicans taking the Indians, taking the Americans jobs. I’m sick of the whole betrayal of our fellow countrymen, to what our Founding Fathers invisioned.. American born workers are on the endangered species list and about to become extinct. It’s getting harder and harder to tell young people “you can be whatever you want to be if you just work at it”. So much for the Spirit of America.

This, my friends, is exactly why I never donate to the RNC. I get about three solicitations per week which all go into the trash. This will continue to happen until the GOP leans on these traitors to get in-line with the Trump MAGA Doctrine and support this Good Man. I will not give money to an organization that passes-on my hard-earned cash to these RINOS.
I hereby encourage all Trump MAGA supporters to do likewise.

True story: I earned an engineering degree in the mid 80’s from a highly ranked private engineering school. At the time, starting salaries averaged $30K and cost of attendance was about $40K including room and board. Fast forward to two years ago when I took my daughter for a tour and starting salaries were $75K and cost of attendance around $250K. That’s the con known as STEM

I have been involved in business leadership since 1993, and have been involved with India-based resources for IT since 1998. For certain projects, it makes sense for 24X7 project efforts to have offshore resources. It makes no sense to have H-1B’s in the US to take American jobs. In the last decade in St Louis many IT-related “trade” schools have closed because their graduates do not get jobs because of H-1B’s. This effort by politicians is just a pure play for India-based and US Chamber of Commerce (and its member businesses) campaign contributions. As always, follow-the money.

I’ve been working in IT for 25 years and in the last 10 in my particular field I’ve seen exactly 1 American college kid hired and probably 10 foreign kids brought on as interns. Either there are no American kids applying or there is serious bias.

If I was starting out now I wouldn’t even consider going into tech.

It is obvious the bias exists and will only get worse as the government brings in more Indians.

I will explain to you all how this works, first hand knowledge. You, with 3 degrees in your field and 30 years of experience, get a phone call from a “headhunter” with an accent so thick you can barely understand him. He has a “job” you may be interested in, but after translating what he tells you and having him email you the job description, this position is either 1) Not really in your area of expertise or 2) offering over 50k less than you were bringing home 10 years ago.

Now his job is done, because you turn him down or just blow him off. Voila! “Hey Uncle Sam, we can’t find an American to take this job, so can I bring in my cousin Ravindra from India?”

These Congressmen know what is going down, they are just far more loyal to the USCOC than they will ever be to their constituents.

Verizon is one company who brought in thousands of workers from India, forced employees to train them for two years, then these Indian workers will return to India and take the jobs with them. This forces the laid off/fired Verizon workers to find other jobs. Disney did the same. These companies are NOT legally allowed to fire US citizens and then bring in foreign workers. Now these companies are wanting to give green cards to bring in foreign workers, instead of hiring well trained US College graduates. Call these so called Senators and let them know this is NOT acceptable.

I lost 3 great paying jobs to H1-B VISA India Indians. 2 @ Fidelity Investments & 1 @ Stop & Shop grocery. Even though India Indians are sub par compared to American engineers for the price of 1 American an employer can get 3 India Indians. (They live 12 per one bathroom studio apartment)

My low life Congressman Steve Stivers is a co-sponsor, I knew without looking. Most people just vote for this P O S just because he has an (R) after his name, they have no idea what he does. The death of the media has been good for Republican criminals too, not just the Democrats.

If you have a child with a STEM degree, as I do, and see them unable to find work in their field, you know the whole labor shortage thing is a hoax. Republicans never miss an opportunity to disappoint. Trump is trying to bring jobs back and those idiots are handing the jobs over to foreigners. Corrupt to the core.

Here is a post that I found in an anti-H1B visa group:

Above the fold , first page in today’s Chicago tribune Business section, I wonder why the Tribune doesnt do a piece on American IT workers displaced by H-1b? Of course, it repeats the myth of the H-1b as a ‘genius visa’ when mostly the visaholders are more pedestrian in skills.

While trying find this digitally for sharing ( I read it in the print edition today), searched on h-1b at the chi trib and found that most of their coverage is pro h-1b. Incidentally, I had seen an item a few yrs back that teh tribune outsourced many in their IT dept to foreigners. Of course, they do not disclose this.

googling, I find our friend Patrick T’s article

‘Publisher of LA Times and Chicago Tribune sends IT jobs overseas
If major newspaper chains move IT work offshore, will that hurt coverage of job outsourcing?

Patrick Thibodeau By Patrick Thibodeau
Senior Editor, Computerworld | MAY 17, 2016 ‘

H-1b search at chi trib…

here is one article…

‘These visas are intended for use by employers when they can’t find a qualified U.S. worker to hire. Ideally, the American education system would churn out enough qualified graduates in the science/technology/engineering/math realm to fill every possible job slot. Why that’s not the case is a conversation for another day.’

‘Editorial: The case for importing skilled foreign workers: Trump’s Kenosha doctrine is good for America
President Trump Visits Snap-On Tools In Kenosha, Wisconsin
President Donald Trump signs an executive order to try to bring jobs back to American workers and revamp the H-1B visa guest worker program during a visit to the headquarters of tool manufacturer Snap-On on April 18, 2017 in Kenosha, Wis.
Editorial Board

And another post from this group:

The Justice Department announced this week it will fine CFA Institute (CFAI) more than $320,000 for choosing to discriminate against qualified American workers by specifically hiring foreign workers imported through the H-1B visa program.–R1OE

And yet another post from this group:

I just got this message from a former Indian worker that Infosys brought over on a H1B visa – he was an hourly paid worker. He would go weeks without a paycheck and when he did receive one he didn’t get his full pay. He filed a lawsuit in New Haven Federal Court and won! See below

Hey! Just an update I settled my case with Infosys of unpaid wages and although I am barred from disclosing it’s terms, the copy can be obtained by a FOIA request to DOL

Everyone – Here is the rest of the conversation – we need to get this information and expose the truth – this man risked everything and wants to help us American IT workers who lost our jobs to Infosys

Thank you, I will prepare my case against wage and hour division this week. But I was also hoping if someone from public can submit a request for a copy of the settlement agreement. If people get to know the settlement amount they will be surprised to know, about how much an average employee gets cheated on wages

Sure will – how can we proceed to do that

Thank you! Let me send you the details, here is the case docket
Case number to be entered is 2019LCA00004

Thanks for sharing – I’ll get the word out

The final order talks about settlement agreement being made public under FOIA. Here are some instructions.

And another post:

Very upsetting news – Having held a rally against Governor Lamont giving Infosys a 14 million grant to open a tech center in Hartford that they would create 1,000 job and then having a meeting with his aide and Communications Director Colleen Flanagan Johnson to inform her of our concerns regarding Infosys hiring practices – He engages Indra Nooyi to have Infosys double their presence in Hartford

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

“Now put this legislation in perspective. When the University of California was replacing American employees with H-1B workers or when Southern California Edison replaced hundreds of Americans with H-1B workers did Eshoo or Lofgren rush to introduce legislation to ban such replacements, which directly affected their own state’s residents?

Of course not. It’s almost as if Eshoo and Lofgren do not work for Americans citizens.

But when the spouses of those foreign workers replacing Americans are threatened with losing their jobs, Eshoo and Lofgren spring into action. Should these members of Congress have registered as foreign agents?”

And another post from this group:

“Both Stratford and VIU not only have a high proportion of foreign students (though this percentage has declined with VIU lately), they both took full advantage, early on, of the Optional Practical Training program for subsidizing the wages of alien graduates of U.S. colleges and universities. OPT grads, for either one year or three (depending on their field of study), do not have to pay into the usual payroll taxes (nor do their employers), giving them a marked advantage over citizen and green card grads, who (along with their employers) have to pay the full freight of Medicare and Social Security taxes. Those in the STEM field get this unusual tax break for three years.

At one point, in 2011, Stratford, as noted in the previous link, had 737 of its graduates in the OPT program, which was then twice the number of OPT workers from all eight of the Ivy League schools. As recently as 2017, according to DHS statistics, VIU had 965 alumni in the OPT program, making it the 87th largest institution in this field, and ranking ahead of such well-known places as Yale and Southern Methodist.”

And yet another post from this group:

“According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) corporate recruiters survey 2019, released on Wednesday, 48% of US employers have planned or are willing to hire the same number of international candidates as last year (47%). In 2017, the companies had HIRED AS MUCH AS 55% INTERNATIONAL CANDIDATES.”

“Despite the recent changes in the H-1B visa rules, companies in the United States may not change their hiring patterns for MBA graduates.”

Here is another post from this group:

Question for the group. How long is it taking to find a new job in IT?

And some replies to this post:

On my third month, the longest it has ever taken me to find a job. I am refusing to move though – I’m tired of left holding an apartment when the company goes bankrupt, is bought out by a larger company, or the contract ends. Tired of moving, especially when I am told what I do can be done from a remote place. (Yes, I have lived in the “gig” economy since the 1990’s.)

Yeh, i have been stuck with $2,000/month apt 3 times during gov’t shutdowns… no more! REMOTE POSITIONS ONLY, if they can ship their fucking work to India they can allow US based employees remote work. I like the gig I have now but they are harder to come by than they should be.

I get tremendous resistance when I mention the words “some remote.”

I must say it is getting to be almost impossible! Donno what to tell you. Find soemthing else to get into!

And another post from this group:

Looks like somebody realizes the alleged skills shortage problem is NOT the U.S. Education system. Also provides some interesting numbers on income/wealth inequality:
“From 1979 to 2017, as the average real annual wages of the top 1 percent of Americans rose 156 percent (and the top .01 percent’s wages rose by a stunning 343 percent)”

“four of the five occupational categories projected to add the most jobs to the economy over the next five years are among the lowest-paying jobs: “food preparation and serving” ($19,130 in average annual earnings), “personal care and service” ($21,260), “sales and related” ($25,360), and “health-care support” ($26,440).”

“Today, after wealthy elites gobble up our outsize share of national income, the median American family is left with $76,000 a year. Had hourly compensation grown with productivity . . . that family would now be earning more than $105,000 a year.”

You read correctly folks – the inbred moneyed aristocracy is costing each median American family nearly 30,000 $/yr on average. Talk about transfer of wealth.

And another post from this group:

Founder of Infosys now is a Trustee at the Ford Foundation.

And yet another post from this group:

The Master Neil Munro Reports the Koch Brother Con Game on the Health Care Industry, you Guessed it, Foreign Cheap Labor with Questionable English Skills

“The federal government should provide an unlimited inflow of foreign H-1B visa workers into the nation’s healthcare sector, says the immigration director at a Koch-funded advocacy group.”

“The [annual] cap [of 85,000 work visas] should be repealed altogether for the healthcare sector, as it is for the university and non-profit sector already,” Daniel Griswold, the director of trade and immigration issues at the Koch-funded Mercatus Center in Arlington, VA, told the House committee on small business.’

“Damn, wow,” said Kevin Lynn, founder of Progressives for Immigration Reform. Unlimited H-1Bs “means more nurses from the Philippines and more medical grads from India … It means that Americans who have invested greatly to study medicine at college, or nurses who have studied at a community college, might not be able to practice medicine,” he said.”


“The army is large and well paid because even slight drops in the cost of labor are enormously magnified when Wall Street converts future profits into present-day stock value. This process is exemplified by, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and other West Coast investors to reduce the cost of the white-collar and blue-collar labor needed by investors to serve as workers, consumers, and renters.”

“On the other side, there are few advocacy and education groups — NumbersUSA, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the Center for Immigration Studies. But they are being complemented by a new series of groups formed by American graduates whose sectors have been shredded by the outsourcing visas.”

“These graduates’ groups include Gamm’s American Workers Coalition and Lynn’s, alongside ProUSworkers, No on H.R. 1044, and The Multinational Coalition Against H.R. 1044/S. 386.”

“In turn, these groups are backed up by a few sites that are tracking the scale and location of the outsourcing industry in each legislators’ district. The sites include and “The scope of this thing is really unbelievable,” said one researcher.”

And yet another post from this group:

Don’t listen to what Kamala Harris says; Watch what she does.

She is actively destroying the US middle class with her pro-India immigration policy.

And yet another post from this group:

According to Senator Mike Lee, Chuck Grassley has apparently caved in. S.386, the companion bill of HR1044 now has Chuck Grassley’s support. This bill will remove the per country cap on employment based green cards.

The only concessions that Grassley received is that they promise to begin to enforce the law that is supposed to protect US workers. Where have you heard that FAT LIE before?

And another post from this group:

Mike Lee, Kamala Harris, Tom Cotton, and Susan Collins don’t have the guts to try to pass S.386 through regular order. Instead they prefer to try to sneak their bill through the Senate through unanimous consent to deny the victims of massive abuse of cheap labor work visas their chance to speak out regarding this corruption.

And another post from this group:

“Yesterday Bloomberg ran a story blowing the lid of Boeing‘s outsourcing engineering work to $9/hr foreign workers from 5th biggest Indian outsourcer HCL.

Not only is that visa fraud if the foreign workers worked in the US, but it’s also paying 1/5th the prevailing wage, which is illegal.

It is illegal to employ any H-1B foreign “skilled” worker in the US unless they are paid the prevailing wage. The prevailing wage for most engineers in the US is around $45-70/hr. Assuming $45/hr, Boeing + HCL only paid foreign engineers (who failed the project BTW) 1/5th the prevailing wage, which is totally illegal.

And that makes all the H-1B visas for those workers fraudulent since those who filed for them knew the prevailing wage wasn’t $9/hr.

Why are Boeing + HCL execs not brought up on visa fraud charges? That is 1/5th the prevailing wage and if those workers are working in the US, they are all working here illegally. Hiring foreign workers is one thing, but criminal fraud is quite another.

On top of that, this amounts to wage-fixing, which is also illegal under US laws.

These corporate execs are getting away with economic murder on the American people + should all be prosecuted immediately.”

And yet another post from this group:

Here is why is not ending H1-B is complete treason.

Today’s employment data. I quote “Professional and business services added 51,000 jobs in June, following

little employment change in May (+24,000). Employment growth in the

industry has averaged 35,000 per month in the first half of 2019,

compared with an average monthly gain of 47,000 in 2018.”

Down on average 12000 a month from just a year ago. A NEGATIVE ~26% from a short year ago How is that for progress? And from the lower pool of open jobs, there are more students taking on cheap wages from visa mills universities state schools and now even IVY schools printing out degress for $$$.

And yet another post:

The primary lobbyist for S.386, Leon Fresco, had some not-so-kind words for displaced US STEM workers in his public Sunday conference call. Fresco sees everybody as a racist if you oppose his hyper-expansion immigration bills that will MASSIVELY expand the displacement of US STEM workers.

It is not enough for Leon Fresco for US workers by the hundreds of thousands being drummed out of their profession with his cheap labor work visas that he has become extremely wealthy for his support. Fresco has to pile on. Fresco has to mock and humiliate and taunt disenfranchised US STEM workers with accusations of being racists!!

In case you missed it, Leon Fresco joined the administration at the same time that the advocate for US STEM workers, Francis Cissna, was being fired by the Trump administration.

And here are some posts from this Breitbart article:

My company over the last few years has slowly replaced americans with indians. On my team specifically we had 87 applications for an open spot. Over half of those apps were from Americans that could have started right away. Instead we waited over 4 months so that the guy they picked could get through all the immigration BS. They bent over backwards to hire this guy. He’s rude and difficult to understand. Makes working with him a pain. There are some projects he can’t even work on due to not being a citizen and the requirements of various contracts with government & military.

I lost my high paying IT Systems Administrator position to a H!-B Indian who took my old job for a third of the pay! The whole Health Care industry is replacing Americans with cheap labor…
Anyone heard Boeing using $9 hour Indian software developers on both the 737 max and 787 OMG why are we taking this??

I worked at a place where the IT director had a fascination with cheap Indian programmers. They wrote crap code, couldn’t follow rules, and thought we should honor their exalted status in the Indian caste system. One guy said he was some kind of prince and he was better than the rest of them.
I got out of that place and increased my salary by 50% taking a job with the state.
It was peaceful here until we had a sudden need for 300 bad Peoplesoft developers. Now there are parts of the first floor that are no-go zones.

I don’t blame the Indians, it’s big business who is to blame. Presbyterian Healthcare has half of their IT staff as H!-B workers and they use them as leverage against the American staff. Also I got a local independent healthcare provider for my medical needs!

I applaud the thrust of this article, Breitbart. But, two things – we
should be targeting Senator Lee, the author of this bill, and not just
Rand, but all the Republican senators that have sponsored this bill.
Also, it is not just millennials that are being targeted for lower and
lower pay, replacement by Indians, are even the elimination of their
jobs altogether to offshoring. It is all of us.

I am an IT manager at a large American bank. I can’t tell you the number of Indians that are in our IT division. And, they definitely band together to ensure that every opportunity is provided including promotion and pay raises.

In addition to the above situation, we have an IT division in India itself that is constantly growing and being promoted by the managers here to great applause by senior management.

Trump wants to bring in more of these foreign workers. That is very wrong. My neighbor’s son, who worked for Microsoft for 22 years and has two children, lost his job(his entire department was laid off), due to these foreign workers. America’s shame, allowing this to happen.

This is what I’m always on about! We are told that we have to get a college education, preferably in STEM, to have a middle-class lifestyle (you know, the one our parents had right out of high-school,) so we rack up 60k in debt with nothing to show for it but a piece of paper that is supposed to make us employable, and then have the rug pulled out from under us by cheap, foreign labor. Great job, good work everyone!

Here is a post from a Breitbart article:


My wife & I both experienced this “Real-Life” example as to how devastating the hideous “H1B” program is to the wealth & prosperity of “AMERICAN CITIZENS.”

We both worked for the Dept. of Agriculture in KC, MO. (I – as a programmer/analyst & my wife – as a software certifier. The KCMO facility is the USDA’s National computer center. The facility was “fully staffed” & had been for many years.

However, in 1994 (2yrs. Into CLINTON’S term) – incredulously the agency announced the establishment of an entire section of “3rd party contractor employees” to “augment” the programming & software testing divisions (that were already fully staffed). Here’s an itemization of the lies & effect this had on ???? Citizens:

LIE – The agency touted this as a huge cost savings due to the “lower” salaries of the contractors.

  1. ALL of the contractors were EXCLUSIVELY Indians hired under H1B. ???? Citizens were EXCLUDED FROM CONSIDERATION.
  2. EVERY PENNY spent for their training/employment was an EXTRA EXPENSE not a savings.
  3. The programmers were worthless & incompetent and every FEMALE hired into the testing area – from day one – showed up pregnant & could not communicate with co-workers & clients due to their language incompetency.
  4. Over the next 5-10 yrs. EACH & EVERY INDIAN employee was converted to permanent Federal employee status with full pay – vacation/holiday/sick pay – retirement & insurance benefits.
  5. The most egregious part is that all these federal jobs pay in excess of $100,000 and they’re reserved for foreigner INDIANS.

Now multiply this “Stinking H1B FIASCO” by all the federal agencies – and you see that “We The People” are paying FOREIGNERS billions of dollars to live comfortably in jobs that AMERICANS ARE EXCLUDED FROM.

Here is a post from the anti-H1B visa group:

450,000 undocumented Indians in US: study. That number is staggeringly high. And its just the tip of the iceberg — legal or illegal they’re here to steal. From YOU. And you can’t do a thing about it… ….. ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

And another post from this group:

AT&T outsourced 10k employees to Indian company IBM today. The new game lay them off have the outsourcer hire them so they lose any severance benefits and let IBM do their dirty work and let them go shortly thereafter.

We need Sara Blackwell to look into this and get the same deal for laid-off AT&T workers that she got for Verizon a little while ago. I think with the merger there is a lot more replacement on the horizon at the good old AT&T.

And another post from this group:

“In her 25-year congressional career, Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who introduced HR 1044, has amassed the most solidly anti-American worker voting record as any of her peers. Lofgren has, 100 percent of the time, voted in favor of more employment-based visas for foreign nationals, and amnesty for illegal aliens that included lifetime work authorization.

Lofgren has voted against tightening border security, closing asylum loopholes, ending chain migration and eliminating amnesty entitlements. No one in Congress has more completely failed at protecting American workers or the best interests of U.S. citizens than Lofgren. Not just tech workers would be affected by Lofgren’s legislation, but a wide swath of white-collar employees would also become vulnerable.”

“Lofgren’s fascination with foreign imports begs for a closer look at what’s happening in the district she is supposed to represent. While Lofgren is working tirelessly on behalf of Indian and Chinese nationals as well as multinational tech giants, a growing percentage of her San Jose constituents are living on the streets.”

And some replies to this post:

My congressman, Florida Representative John ‘Reprobate’ Rutherford joined this anti-American Worker and middle class killer.
I have contacted my, Florida Representative John ‘Reprobate’ Rutherford to explain why he voted for this anti-American Worker and middle class killer. ‘Reprobate’ Rutherford doesn’t respond to my requests and hasn’t posted any bragging rights on his twitter or web site.

The member of Congress that represents me is Lois Frankel. The most dangerous place on the planet is to be in between Lois and a TV camera when Lois is in her virtue signalling song and dance. Lois likes to act in the role of being compassionate. However, she is only acting in that role when the issue benefits the financial interests of her billionaire corporate sponsors, like when she can feed the narrative of their open borders agenda.
When it comes to being compassionate for displaced US workers, displaced by foreign workers on cheap labor work visas, Lois is silent. In fact Lois too voted for HR-1044 without any open hearings or public debate. They just RAMMED the bill through the House.

And another post from this group:

Aren’t they are all the same???

“President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he’s seriously considering looking at a Pentagon contract that’s said to be worth up to $10 billion for Microsoft or Amazon.

“I never had something where more people are complaining,” Trump said, adding that he’s going to take a close look at it.

“We’re getting tremendous complaints from other companies,” Trump said in a press pool at the White House during a meeting with the prime minister of The Netherlands. “Some of the greatest companies in the world are complaining about it.” He named Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.”

Microsoft Corporation has filed 15586 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5670 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Amazon Corporate Llc has filed 7095 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 3798 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Oracle America, Inc. has filed 2527 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 2115 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

IBM Corporation has filed 32018 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 792 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Any underdeveloped country will gladly ship us millions and millions of doctors, teachers, engineers, programmers, spies … that will gladly take our jobs, move to our houses, occupy our schools and hospitals. And where are we to go?

And another post from this group:

“Bills H.R.1044 and S.386 — both titled the “Fairness to High-Skilled Immigrants Act” — will accelerate “the active stripping of the United States” via the “outsourcing of white-collar jobs” to H-1B visa workers, explained Kevin Lynn, executive director of Progressives for Immigration Reform. “

“Lynn recalled his time volunteering and working for Ross Perot between 1992 and 1994. “[Ross Perot’s] big thing was fighting NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO. We failed, and a good portion of our manufacturing base was shipped overseas, and what we’re seeing now [is] the outsourcing of white-collar jobs. We look at a lot at tech workers, but it’s really beyond that — it’s any white-collar job — [and it has] been happening since the late 1990s.”

“It seems as if this is a giveaway to the corporations that are — let’s just be honest — trying to replace American workers with cheaper labor because it dramatically cuts their overhead and increases their profits. … This mass inflow of cheaper foreign labor is felt overall by every American all across the American workforce, not just the tech sector. This reduces wages for all Americans, eventually.”

“We have the brains,” said Lynn of Americans’ abilities to compete with foreigners in the workplace. “We have the talent. We have the numbers. But what we’re seeing now is this great displacement that is so large.”


And here are some posts in this Breitbart article:

One of the first times I have seen anything labelled “progressive” get it right.

I have a theory I will share here and it comes from own personal experiences and observations. I call it “Replacement Management”. Basically, what I see is a new management style that has evolved over the last two decades. It is fundamentally a never ending cost cutting strategy that can be done even in high employment times like now. It is essentially replacing every category of worker with a cheaper one, even if you need more people. It is replacing older with younger, younger with new, Americans with imported, full time with part time, long term with short term/contract (rampant in my industry), skilled with semi-skilled, in-house with outsourced (including foreign), RN with LPN, LPN with MA, MA with CNA, doctor with PA, and so on. Generally speaking it reduces salaries, tenure, benefits and pays a very high price in reduced skills, loyalty and self-development.

I think it accounts for the reason that you see relatively flat income growth despite supremely low unemployment. Most wage gains are at the lower end of the spectrum which is where you would expect them. They are not very replaceable since they are already entry level, part-time and no benefits. You cannot go much lower…except through illegal immigration, of course. I also think you can expect flattened home sales no matter the interest rates. How do you take out 30 year loans when you know your job can evaporate instantly, even if your company is doing well? When Disney replaced their IT workers with H1b visas they were not having bad years or near bankruptcy. They were doing well.

USA sells American products to India and wants more “Trade” access to India… The President himself wants more trade and better access to American countries into the 1.3 Billion and fast growing Indian market.. for retail, commercial, defense, agricultural, and manufacturing…. can’t have it both ways. The Indians will want the same.

They already have it. They also get a lot of outsourced work and they lie about their ability to do it. Read up on Boeing and the origin of their 737 problems. They dumped virtually all their old engineers and subcontractors and outsourced to India for $4-9/hour. China, too. It was insane and they constantly made errors and overlooked things that American engineers knew how to do. I would suggest personal liability to all those who made those decisions.

There is also a book, “Bottle of Lies” where pharma outsourced their manufacturing to…you guessed it, China and India who completely lie about their capabilities and falsify their quality control. Huge numbers of substandard and contaminated generics flow into the USA because of it. The FDA can only catch a fraction of it.

Those of us in the construction industry have battled the open borders brigade for years. No one gave a rat’s ass when legitimate contractors – paying a living wage – were forced to competed with illegal cash crews … no enforcement ever.
Bravo if white collar types win this. In the mean time, welcome to our world.

Same thing in warehousing… In the 90’s an individual could get a good paying job in a warehouse paying around $12-$15 per hour. Queue 2019 and warehouse wages are about the same as they were 20 years ago. In some places you’re lucky to make $10/hr because of illegal and legal immigration. And again the US citizen gets screwed

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Only one out of two STEM grads are finding a job in a STEM related field.

And some replies to this post:

In NYS in 2012 they created an agency called HBITS (Hourly Based Information Technology Services) to formalize the I.T. Vendor Contractors. We have 6 colleges in the NYS capital district. Recent graduates have reported that they can’t even get an interview with these Contract holders unless they are H1B Visa holders. The contractor prefers someone that they can commit to the length of the typical 3 year contract and use the excuse that a domestic worker leaves after they gain experience. But that has been the norm for decades. So they are penalizing domestic workers that don’t want to commit

Do you have citations to support that report?

personal experience and conversations from when I first started In 1980. In 2012 every permanent employee in a Information Technology title was involuntarily transferred to Information Technology Services. The agency. Everyone knows the effect of working with HBITS Employees and their lock on contracts. The part about recent college graduates I get from living in the NYS capital district and listening to alumni. IT employers even look unfavorably on domestic workers who move around a lot. A lot of things that they had to tolerate because of Specialized skill sets, they don’t now because they have options

Our focus must be on trends in H-1B renewal rejection rate, also called continued H-1B rejection rate, because that is the key to a healthy H1-B program. If it is trending up then we know that H-1B program is returning to its original intended purpose of providing temporary skilled workers.

Rejection does NOT matter on new applications, because a rejection will be filled by another worker. Rejections on renewals are good because that worker is gone until he can come back in as a new worker.

And here is a post that was shared in this group:

The whistleblower alleged that the companies engaged in a scheme to unlawfully use B-1 visas because they didn’t have enough H1-B visas.

Here is another post from this group:

The employer here is F18 Consulting. They are PUBLICLY showing their intention to discriminate against any worker not from India and not on a work visa. I encourage everyone to apply for a job. If you are not hired, file complaints of discrimination against this company with the authorities, USCIS, USDOJ, EEOC, etc. I applied for the job myself. You probably will have grounds for a class action lawsuit.

When you see an ad like this, please notify this group. Allow the members here to apply. For those who apply, go to the advertisement and apply. Print the ad to a pdf file and save the ad for evidence.

PLEASE NEVER REPORT THIS TO INDEED! Simply apply for the job, let us know here, and let the activists here take over.

The employer here is F18 Consulting

And the post quoted:

Here’s one for you this morning:

San Francisco Bay Area, CA
$40,000 – $80,000 a year – Contract
Job Summary
Immediate need of Indian OPT/H1/CPT candidates on our W2 for multiple locations for Contract roles. CA, MA NJ, TX
Immediate interview and sure shot Closures.
Please share your profile – jagdish at f18 consulting dot com
Responsibilities and Duties
Need candidates with minimum validity of 6 months on there Visa, who are eligilble to work 40hrs a week.
Key Skills
Any technology knowledge is fine Java, .NET, DevOps, Network engg, ERPs
Required Experience and Qualifications
Minimum Bachelors
No benefits as these are contract roles.
Job Type: Contract
Salary: $40,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year
Work authorization:
United States (Preferred)
Contract Length:
7 – 11 months
1 year
Work Location:
Multiple locations
Professional development assistance

And here are some replies to this post:

This employer F18 Consulting is located at 2175 California Street, Concord CA. It just so happens that there are a bunch of cheap apartments at the same address.…/3cktqwg/

They look bogus to me.. I think it’s a front site. i did save the whole thing, each page, to the wayback machine so at least we have evidence. Wish we’d had the chance to do the same with the Indeed job posting itself.

Of course this guy is bogus. The ad said to ask for jagdish.

$40,000-80,000 in SF? starting salaries are usually around $140k in SF. I get over $200k. You can’t live in SF off $40-80k. You’d make more waiting tables.

Sure, let’s give out more visas to replace Americans with foreigners!

And some replies to this article:

To anyone who is calling this bill “RACIST”, look at this ( article whereby a Korean American lad is filing a lawsuit against Intel saying they discriminate against non Indians IN THE US. THIS is what bringing in truckloads of these hindus would do to other professions.

Those of us who are in the know understand that this will be a disaster on the wider american middle class. So organize and fight if you wish to have a future for your kids and yourself

Grassley and McConnel and Mr.Lee with soon be teaching classes at Harvard on how too sell-out America under the radar and get RICH at the same time.

Thank You 
Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley

We need more like you to stand up against the Globalist Hacks

Rep. Dan Crenshaw has shown he can be bought

Yet a Veteran?

“EB-5 industry to continue to recruit new investors

LOVE it – Grassly is NOT objecting to HB visa giveaway that will take hundreds of thousands of more jobs from America – he’s only objecting to this little part

kind of tells you – Grassly has a vested interest somewhere here

What a wonderful government we have. As Will Rogers said, “We have the best government that money can buy”. Mike Lee used to be a reliable conservative. He has changed. He now serves the Chamber of Commerce, not the people.

Yes, he is now one of Mitch’s tools. No unlike John Thune, Roy Blunt, John Cornyn, Joni Ernst, and so on….I could go on and on….all part of the Senate Country Club. Lifetime membership. Gotta be a tool though…

Sold out even by Jordan, Crenshaw, Nunes, Zeldin, Ratcliffe, Gaatz. This is sedition. They can put out lengthy twisted explanations but plain and simple: 300,000 Indians and their entire families will be here to take our American graduate’s jobs and other professionals. Don’t our young people deserved those jobs after investing in their very expensive college educations that were probably free for the Indians?

Everyone should post the WH # as the guy did below on every post: 202-456-1111. It only takes a minute.

Here is a post from the anti-H1B visa group:

“The pattern for H-1B teachers is the same as for Silicon Valley tech workers – the H-1B visa program expands the pool of young, cheaper workers with mostly basic skills and legally displaces Americans, often experienced workers over age 35, with guest workers who earn lower wages, and are tied to the employers who hold their visas.

The H-1B program’s dual intent allows employers to sponsor workers for Green Cards, which extends the period the worker is tied to the employer – indentured servitude 21st century style. It also creates long backlogs of foreign guest workers who hope to permanently resettle in the U.S. Immigrants are allowed to bring their spouses on H-4 visas, a category that includes employment authorization, thanks to an executive order signed by former President Obama.

Whether the profession is tech or teaching, no shortage of potential workers exists. The issue is one of wages.”

And a reply to this post:

A quick study of the H1-b visa sponsor database will show that this practice has spread far and wide to all US business sectors. 
Everything from allied health (drs, nurses, even ultrasound techs), education( teachers, principals), financial sector( fund managers, insurance adjusters), and of course tech sector (across the gamut- programmers, HW, PJM’s, PM’s, HR, Executive leadership). What isn’t occupied by this program is picked up by L1, H4ead, OPT and any other alphabet program you can think of. 
If you don’t believe me- verify here:

The apps for 2019 were in the hundreds of thousands. 
The fact that they are limited to just 65k is rediculous bc that’s 65k/year and the message is clear : If we could have more this is how many we wish we could have. They play the long game, they play the lobbyist game and they win.
It’s almost too late but we seem to be unable to coalesce or compete on their level. 
Unless we band together as a lobbying body, we might as well start learning diff languages and cultures because we will be taking their orders at Mcdonald’s while we sweep our sub-bridge concrete floors. Oh wait, or Amazon Fulfillment centers from our RV’s if we’re lucky.

Here is an article about Indian managers at Intel discriminating against a Korean American:

Korean-American software engineer claims discrimination by Intel managers of Indian descent

And here are some of the comments on this article:

Oracle is being soon for the same thing. Discrimination against American workers, by Indian management.

China has developed its own DBMS. Soon it will serve the worldwide companies and lead the industry compared with the indian-dominant Oracle because of the employment of true merit-based talent pool instead of speaking “Telugu” or coming from “Andhra”

Everything he says is true in my experience. Indians expect 4-6 weeks of leave to go home and visit family and to renew their H1 visas. They also state they are ‘working remotely’ to get more time off. My experience is that they hire their own and make no excuses for it. My company is 80% Indian engineers.

So true in my experience too. There is a ‘ruse’ they use to get more time off. My own roommate did this and her explanation was “If I’m spending all this money (air tickets much more expensive than to, say, Europe) to get home, I want to spend at least a month there”. When I saw this happen several times with Indian colleagues, I knew what they were up to. It goes like this: worker is granted two or three weeks of earned vacation, but they book return tickets for 4-6 weeks after their departure. Then a few days before they’re due to return, they call the boss and claim some kind of emergency has delayed them: parent or grandparent is deathly ill in the hospital, personally ill and can’t fly or flight has been canceled, and they can’t get another flight back to the US for another week or two (i.e. the return date they originally booked, but the boss doesn’t know this.) Or string the boss along for a couple of weeks, until said ’emergency’ has passed. Easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission I guess.

Hello to all. I worked for Samsung Research America, my manager was Rahul Karwa and HR was Sanchita Gupta. I was there a Front End Developer, I worked for that company 1 year and 7 months and was in a Green Card processing, before to receive my GC, Sanchita Gupta and Rahul Karwa fired me. Before fire they hired other 3 Indian Descendents. Before he fired they said I need to teach new team, which were all from Indians, also somehow they did not pay my salaries. So Sanchita Gupta and Rahul Karwa discriminated because I am European. So in Samsung Research America are a company with racists!!!! SRA you are racist!!!!!

Indian discrimination is worst against Engineers from Pakistan and Bangladesh. They will simply not let others get hired, promoted or survive. I have seen so many strong resumes from whites filtered out because Indian management, which now goes from middle to VP level, does not like any other demographic to prosper.

I have stopped applying to tech companies for that reason. On paper I
qualify for many STEM jobs, but I have a strong feeling the “diversity 
checkbox” has been an ongoing issue. It is sad that the diversity drivw is taken to such a level that a qualified american is denied the opportunity over an H1B candidate that should not happen if that american was qualified.

I swear the only reason I’m still working in tech at 58 is because I check off three diversity boxes: disabled, female, LGBTQ. Never mind that I didn’t formally start in tech until my 30s.

Ageism is real, and is compounded by the preference given to young, single, White, Indian or Chinese men.

It’s a fact that all technical workers in the US are so familiar about – for teams with American/European/Other Asian managers, the team remain diverse. For a team with Indian manager, in two years, everyone in the team is Indian. When an Indian manager becomes director, the whole department will hire Indians only.

It’s not only Silicon Valley or Intel, it’s happening everywhere, including IT companies, IT department of non-IT companies. At IBM, Goldman Sachs, etc. when you walk on a floor with IT employees, you would think you are in India.

I worked with many Indian IT workers, many came in last decades through massive H1B abuse by Indian consultancies — such as filing 10 applications for one person, or file H1B for non-existing project and have the person stay in India, only moving them to US when there’s a project. When I saw the statistics, I was blown away. Indians take 3X more H1B than ALL OTHER COUNTRIES COMBINED. This, combined with wide spread nepotism as we observed, is pushing all the Americans and talents from other countries out of the IT industry slowly but surely.

If you are from non-IT industry and think it won’t affect you, think about the software written by $9/hr Indian consultants that crashed two Boeing 737, killing 300 people.

Yes, I worked for Intel in Santa Clara, and I can prove it is very common situation in Intel. The Indian managers only promote Indians, and they don’t even want to pretend be fair. Our team has became more than 80% are Indians. the reason is our director is an Indian, and we kept losing non-Indian engineers, and hiring Indian engineers as replacement. He only promoted Indian descent engineers no matter how good other non-Indian descent engineers were. Those non Indian engineers being treated unfairly just chosen to leave.
I would donate some money to this victim who dare to fight this race discrimination in Silicon Valley.

The business unit I was in for 2 yrs at Cisco was 95% Indian. Never got a raise or promotion and they made my life a total hell, always criticizing my work. I (white, US-born/raised, senior S/W engineer) was forced to resign after a year of this treatment. They even denied giving me my bonus upon leaving, even though I was eligible and supposed to receive it.

I’m of Indian origin , “South Indian” . I am with the Korean gentleman who had the guts finally to go against which has been going on for “decades” . I applied for a similar post at intel I was interviewed by a bunch of Indians – the only difference was that he asked if I was from “ Andhra and spoke telugu “ I told him no. They didn’t show interest after that and had a short interview . The hiring managers give preference to vendors which is run by their friends or relatives . If you want to get into Cisco , Facebook , Sfdc , Oracle or any of these companies look for “preferred vendors” who will get you in even if you are not qualified !!!! So if you get in by passing this gangs who control the hiring process – you will end up back with them where their team won’t give you the info required to complete the work and will threaten and make life hell for you till you resign … the solution for this is that all companies should put in their website the statistics or a dashboard of their hiring number …

So looks like it’s pure corruption and nothing else! If you are speaking same language, vendors of their friends and relatives back home in India would be much more comfortable I guess! Believe me Private industry has lot of such corrupt practices to award contract for back end / software development to their own companies or companies which was established by their relatives to do jobs for US companies where they work! So in a way it’s a vested interest to have same language person, so this doesn’t get exposed!

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

“Google has more temporary and contract workers than full-time employees, and that workers in those categories remain in them long-term, even if the work they are doing is permanent and equal to that of directly employed workers … we urge Google to end any abuse of these worker classifications and treat all Google workers equally,” says the anti-outsourcing letter, which was provided to the New York Times.”

“Google employs roughly 121,000 outsourced workers, according to a March 2019 New York Times article. The NYT article did not say how many of those outsourced workers are imported from countries such as India and China or are selected by foreign-run outsourcing companies.

Government data shows the company sought to hire 11,000 new H-1B visa workers from 2016 to 2018, and also tried to get green cards for 3,300 imported workers, including 1,660 Chinese and 952 Indian workers, according to The site’s government data also shows that Google asked for visas to import 7,475 H-1B workers in 2019, despite the huge number of Americans at other companies who would eagerly work for Google.

There is no shortage of Americans who want to work for Google. reported August 5 that 39,271 “software developers” nationwide are seeking new jobs.”

“Current laws do not set a cap on the number of Indian who can take college jobs in the United States. For example, up to 100,000 recent Indian graduates are using the “Optional Practical Training” program to keep working in the United States.

Another 300,000 Indian H-1B tech-workers are allowed to stay long past the customary six-year time limit on H-1B visas because their employer has nominated them for green cards.The huge army of Indian temp workers suppresses salaries for a large number of American graduates in a wide variety of careers.”

And another post from this group:

“If you’re interested, you can now head over to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) website and download a massive (over 100MB!) dataset of H-1B data for fiscal year 2019 (it’s under the ‘Disclosure data’ tab). Not only does this spreadsheet contain a detailed breakdown of over 412,425 H-1B cases, but it also reveals the “secondary entities” where primary employers might send H-1B workers, along with average H-1B salary for, well, pretty much everybody.

For example, Amazon isn’t just a primary employer of H-1B workers (with 5,558 cases currently listed on this disclosure); it also contracts out H-1B workers from other firms (93 cases).”

Average H-1B Salary: How Does It Compare to Yours?

And some more posts from this group:

The careers of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of the GREATEST scientists, engineers, and mathematicians to ever walk the face of this earth have already been destroyed in favor of training and hiring foreign workers from India and Communist China.

like mine I am a top database engineer and could not get hired in the private sector after HDS sent my job to India and had to take a low paying govt job to pay the bills. It took me 2 years to find work too.

Two hiring standards at companies today- one for Indian and Chinese foreign nationals that get a free pass and fast tracked into jobs and the other for Americans which suffer endless long day long technical quizzes and home work lab assignments that are designed to reject them from the workplace. Datastax is one company that plays this sick game.

I worked at a firm that the culture was like yours. I was a DBA and the better assignments tended to go to the contractors like new projects with new technology.

And yet another post from this group:

US Senators ask Google to hire 120,000 H-1Bs and OPTs from India and China, while most US Banks openly outsource all Middle Class Jobs to India!!!

Why do we need these companies, if they take away American Jobs and ship them overseas!? They bring in H-1B and OPT Foreign workers for the jobs that have to stay in America! These companies also ship all OUR PERSONAL DATA overseas, so they can sell it later for BIG PROFITS and create millions and millions of jobs in Foreign countries with cheap labour, to store and “massage”/manage OUR American Data! All that, while having generous government tax breaks and protection, and EXCLUSIVE access to the American Capital Markets!

These companies should be only traded on the American stock Exchanges as ADRs – American Depositary Receipts! OR, give them NO ACCESS to the American Financial Markets AT ALL!!! They are Foreign Entities – these companies BRING NO VALUE TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE! Only AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR THESE JOBS!

American Data is American Treasure! For America to lead in this data-driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Data of American Citizens should be handled by American citizens and stored on American soil! Foreign citizens, such as H-1Bs and OPT, SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T EXPORT IT OVERSEAS!!!

Jpmorgan Chase & Co. has filed 1613 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 0 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Citibank, N.A. has filed 2207 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 344 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Bank Of America N.A. has filed 3164 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 529 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Bloomberg, Lp has filed 1552 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 730 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

August 5, 2019:
“A group of Democratic senators has demanded in a letter sent to Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that the internet giant convert its more than 120,000 temporary and contract workers to full-time employees.”

“The senators pushed for a number of changes to how the company treats temps and contractors, including moving them to full-time status after six months as well as equalizing their wages and benefits with permanent staff.

While many of the temps and contractors sit in the same offices as Google employees and often do similar work, they usually make less money, have significantly worse benefit plans and do not enjoy the same rights.”

“Though Silicon Valley companies are among the richest in the world, they have embraced employing temps. And while the pay for engineers and executives in Silicon Valley continues to rise, a growing faction of workers at many of those companies are not sharing in the success.”

“Google Inc. has filed 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.”
“Google Inc. has filed 120,000 + 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card for fiscal year 2019?” <— This is a very Accurate Estimate for 2019, if Google SIDES with Seniors and the letter… NO AMERICANS WILL BE HIRED!!! Americans don’t have H-1Bs!

“Employers addicted to cheap labor covet OPT workers, reporting that employers get a “15.3 percent tax discount for hiring OPT workers instead of U.S. workers.” Among those that have profited the most by spurning Americans in favor of international students are the usual suspects: Amazon (3,655), Intel (1,707), 
—> GOOGLE (1,501) <— 
Microsoft (1,022), Facebook (798) and IBM (633) were in 2017 top OPT employers. DHS data showed that Amazon earned nearly $25 million in tax breaks for hiring foreign nationals instead of U.S. tech workers.”

Students and White-Collar American Workers – SIDE WITH AMERICAN WORKERS! Join OUR MOVEMENT!!!

And another post from this group:

Another H-1B only job; another charge of discrimination for the USDOJ. Keep ’em coming folks!!

I tried saving the link about to the Wayback Machine but, for some odd reason, it wouldn’t work, so I got the company itself which showed the H1B-ONLY posting and I was able to capture that:

Here is another post from the main anti-H1B visa group:

Amazon ships ALL American Jobs to China:
“Hundreds of schoolchildren ranging in age from 16 to 18 who have been classified as “interns” are working at Amazon’s supplier Foxconn to assemble the popular devices, in defiance of Chinese labor laws.”

US Senators ask Google to hire 120,000 H-1Bs and OPTs from India and China, while most US Banks openly outsource all Middle Class Jobs to India!!!

Why do we need these companies, if they take away American Jobs and ship them overseas!? They bring in H-1B and OPT Foreign workers for the jobs that have to stay in America! These companies also ship all OUR PERSONAL DATA overseas, so they can sell it later for BIG PROFITS and create millions and millions of jobs in Foreign countries with cheap labour, to store and “massage”/manage OUR American Data! All that, while having generous government tax breaks and protection, and EXCLUSIVE access to the American Capital Markets!

Foreign company’s stocks are traded as ADRs in America! These companies should be only traded on the American stock Exchanges as ADRs – American Depositary Receipts! OR, give them NO ACCESS to the American Financial Markets AT ALL!!! GO UNDERWRITE in India and China, where you employ your workers! These Companies are Foreign Entities – they BRING NO VALUE TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE! Only AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR THESE JOBS!

American Data is American Treasure! For America to lead in this data-driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Data of American Citizens should be handled by American citizens and stored on American soil! Foreign citizens, such as H-1Bs and OPT, SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T EXPORT IT OVERSEAS!!!

Citibank, N.A. has filed 2207 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 344 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Bank Of America N.A. has filed 3164 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 529 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Bloomberg, Lp has filed 1552 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 730 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

August 5, 2019:
“A group of Democratic senators has demanded in a letter sent to Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that the internet giant convert its more than 120,000 temporary and contract workers to full-time employees.”

“The senators pushed for a number of changes to how the company treats temps and contractors, including moving them to full-time status after six months as well as equalizing their wages and benefits with permanent staff.”

“while the pay for engineers and executives in Silicon Valley continues to rise, a growing faction of workers at many of those companies are not sharing in the success.”

“Google Inc. has filed 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.”
“Google Inc. has filed 120,000 + 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card for fiscal year 2019?” <— This is a very Accurate Estimate for 2019, if Google SIDES with Seniors and the letter… NO AMERICANS WILL BE HIRED!!! Americans don’t have H-1Bs!

Amazon Corporate Llc has filed 7095 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 3798 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

“Employers addicted to cheap labor covet OPT workers, reporting that employers get a “15.3 percent tax discount for hiring OPT workers instead of U.S. workers.” Among those that have profited the most by spurning Americans in favor of international students are the usual suspects: —> Amazon (3,655) <— , Intel (1,707), —> GOOGLE (1,501) <— 
Microsoft (1,022), Facebook (798) and IBM (633) were in 2017 top OPT employers. DHS data showed that Amazon earned nearly $25 million in tax breaks for hiring foreign nationals instead of U.S. tech workers.”

And some replies to this post:

“The senators pushed for a number of changes to how the company treats temps and contractors, including moving them to full-time status after six months as well as equalizing their wages and benefits with permanent staff”
Somewhere in the late 90’s Microsoft had a lawsuit filed against them by contractors who stated that the tech giant kept them on as contractors for 3+ years. They settled the suit but for decades after tech companies in my area cited this lawsuit and their response was to a hard limit the duration of the contracts to 9 months to escape possible liability. You were required to take a 3 month break in contract time and could then return to the company but by then, the job you had before was filled by someone else. 
Congress sat by and did NOTHING!
Imagine my surprise to see a bill by senators showing concern for contractors. 
My “career” (if you can call it that) has been severely impacted by the boom bust nature of tech and the contractor scourge in particular. I just now spent several years as a contractor and finally got hired FT after threatening to leave. Others here have been contracting for 5 years in the same position because some BU’s found a way around the 9 month policy. 

Verizon has a 30 month policy. After that, no more contracting for you. Our Congress and Senate are too far out of touch with what is really happening to understand the impact of what they are doing.

I’m not sure that policy helps or hurts

it hurts because they don’t apply it to the hordes of H1B bodies they bring on. It is applied only to the folk who don’t come through one of the India Inc. outsourcers.

so basically they want to commoditize people – expend them so that they will become expendable ?

When they need real talent, they will hire outside of the Visa pool, but only for 30 months. But, that is the old world…their entire IT was sold to InfoSys about a year ago. Likely the hiring managers ( in IT ) of old have been or are soon to be eplaced by those from InfoSys…and the cycle continues.

Yes and the crux of it is that these companies will do ANYTHING to secure their profits. They will bust up unions, lay off to stimulate stock prices, bring in cheap labor, off shore jobs. Hell if they had to move to the moon to avoid taxes they’d do it. Snd they spend millions to buy political power. I wonder if the net gain is worth it. They are short sighted, petty little addicts. They wd throw their mama under a bus if it meant they cd benefit from it. Utterly cynical. 
The biggest lie they cloak it in is that they need *skilled labor that isnt here. If it is there, which is debatable, cd it be the chicken -egg scenario? Why TF wd I go into a field that has little potential? If this was rly tru, the answer is to implement training programs for the local population while u bring in temporary workers…..NOT replace them permanently in their own goddam country. 
I maintain that this is the root cause of our homeless population. Ppl wax abt the cost of living, mental health etc. Fact is, these are hoovervilles that grew over decades until tilt has become a way of life and it is decoupled from the loss of jobs. It’s pretty heinous for guest workers to move here and live in nice communities while our ppl starve on the streets. 
Many of the folks I work w have better jobs than me, have been here 20 yrs. Got their green card and own homes, have their own communities within ours. My landlord in fact owns 2 homes and rents to me. Hes from India, works for Oracle. Another person where I work is a 2nd gen from Pakistan. His parents came here in ’99. Using chain migration, they brought their entire family of abt 30 ppl over. These corps caused a sea change in America but they refuse to admit it. They’re just junkies in suits.

Foxconn and others have been doing this since at least mid 2000s. Manufacturing devices for Apple and Microsoft.
“The best gifts are those made by your children.”

And another post from this group:

So, I do as I preach – I go out to other groups and publish my long posts. One of these groups is “New York University,” where I’ve got my Masters. Group has 3,700 members.

Over the last few months the only people posting in that group are me and this guy on the picture. He provides legal services for H-1Bs and OPT and advertises his services to the group, and I post my regular ANTI H-1B and ANTI OPT posts… We post side by side. FUN!

Question: Could someone please contact Facebook and see if this guy is in the right? If Facebook changes for advertising, then this guy should go via the appropriate Facebook procedures to advertise, not just post in the group which potentially has 40% of their direct clients – for free…

“2004-2016, Number of OPT Participants:
New York University 26,800″

‘New York University has filed 516 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 41 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.”

<—- ALL POTENTIAL DIRECT CLIENTS. Even 516 University Staff Members!

The same guy recently posted in the group this article:

Bringing Bollywood Home

“New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has possibly visited India more times than many Indian-Americans. He has experienced interaction with Indians through numerous avenues and has a deep dive into Indian culture and business,

In the run up to his September 13-22 economic mission to India, Gov. Murphy has been meeting the Indian-American business community as well as attending various events organized by the community, including Indian Independence Day celebrations around the state.”

Here is another post from this group:

“The threat is real. A Washington Examiner op-ed supported Senator Rand Paul’s radical bill, the BELIEVE Act, to more than double employment-based visas. This is an American job-busting idea so far off the rails that it’s impossible to digest. Paul proposes that the total number of employment-based visas allotted increase to 270,000 from 140,000, and would also grant work permission to foreign nationals’ spouses and their teenage children.

For American workers, the post-Labor Day legislative session represents crunch time; it’s well-heeled lobbyists and their compliant congressional friends versus citizens who repeatedly have expressed a desire for less immigration. The outcome is uncertain, but crucial to the nation’s future.

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years.”

Here is a post from about State Street Corp:

When the great CEO Marsh Carter retired, that was the start of the end of State Street. 
Every CEO since has done the same thing , yearly layoffs, outsourcing jobs outside the U.S , brining in 
thousands of H1-B workers from India. 
No raises and bonuses for 3 to 4 year periods.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

This is not winning. Like Reagan once said if you tax a thing enough you will get less of it. When are they going to update the tax code subsidies to the outsourcing corporate cats to knock this sh*t off!?

And here are some comments in this article:

I employ a dogwalker when my wife and I travel. He is 24 years old American and graduated with an IT major in Washington. I asked him why he didn’t have a job in IT. He said he had over 100 rejection letters and was doing dogwalking to pay the bills.

Well now I know why Arkansas congressmen continue to vote for more H1B and increase of other green cards. When I write to Steve Womack an voice my opinion I am told that the US needs these workers. In other words Womack needs the Walton Walmart money.

I worked for Walmart a long time ago, and there were a lot of customers that knew Sam Walton and they’d always say “this wouldn’t have happened if Sam was here,” and I will admit, I thought they were just whining. Now I know they were right.

it would appear that no matter what people vote for the policies always become replacing the nation and founding people of the country

how can incompatible people form a nation not to mention a country?

They can’t and that’s the plan. They want us at each other’s throats, division between countries, races, genders, age, income, politics, etc. They want us preoccupied with fighting one another instead of watching the magic trick over there. Problem, reaction solution. They create the problem, we all fight, then they offer the solution – One World Government. It needs open borders, blended races, blended genders, the elimination of the middle class, and all shoved in the cities with no cars and no planes (sound familiar? AOC was gunning for it) to succeed, but of course they don’t give up a dime and get to run around in their jets and yachts and new tech. Funny thing is, the same bloodlines created the borders to begin with!! Now they want to erase them! It’s how they control us. They are tired of living in the shadows, so they want more control. Obviously they are a satanic coven. But shadows no more! They are front and center in your face now! Fight back.

More Walmart stores outside the US than inside: 5,993 to 4,769

• Walmart U.S. expects to open fewer than 10 stores

• Walmart International expects to open slightly more than 300 new stores primarily in Walmex and China

FY 2019 US Sales: $332 billion (73%)
FY 2019 International Sales: $121 billion (27%)

They’re expanding in Mexico and China, but nearly 3/4 of their sales are in the US. Mexico has 2,442 Walmarts and China has 443.




My local university has an IT program. There are no more waiting lists for classes. Students are wising up to what corporate America is doing. Why get a degree that your parents have only to loose you job like what happened to them.

Corporate America has caused the shortage (if there is one). If I had it to do over again I would have picked a different college major or better yet train as mechanic, HVAC tech, etc. Something that can’t be outsourced. Become a business owner and bleed those visa workers of their money for service work. Haha what goes around comes around. Gonna cost you India person $3,000 to grease your exhaust system. That bank you got the vehicle lease is gonna stick you for non-maintenance if you don’t maintain the vehicle. .

I also resent that Walmart is the biggest user of Snap- the taxpayers subsidize their workforce to a great extent- also true of Amazon where many of their workers can’t afford to live on their wages so we make up the difference and Jeff B is raking it in…

Most in our country don’t even realize this is happening. They are too busy buying the latest cell phone or video game or waiting on their ebt card to be re-loaded. If people would rise up and stop shopping there and initiate a serious boycott of the companies that do this it would change.

The majority of the population is ignorant, or they are apathetic. They don’t care. They’re too comfortable. Their bellies are fed. They have all the social media and technology they want. These people really don’t care much about their culture or society. They have no preservation instincts. It’s sad what mass entertainment and brainwashing can do to people.

They keep lowering our pay, yet costs for homes, cars and everything else continues to rise. It makes me SO angry. All crud about “there aren’t any Americans qualified”. Yeah-I’ve watched companies I work for do the same thing. Makes my blood boil

This has been happening over the last few years… In Healthcare I lost my Senior Systems IT position to an H1-b visa Indian worker, ALL high level IT staff lost our 6 figure jobs to these guys who will work for less than a 3rd of my former salary! Contact Congress, Trump and say Enough already with this crap!

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

This confirms that I was right about something going on with contracting vs. hires and staffing firms.

And some replies to this post:

The problem is WORSE than reported in this story. This practice is discrimination-by-proxy! 
Major corporations are enabled by the USDOL, USCIS, and USDOJ to discriminate against American workers by age, ethnicity, gender, disability, and national origin in favor or workers from foreign low cost labor centers, primarily India and Communist China.
First of all foreign workers are not only inexpensive. More importantly, foreign workers are also disposable, submissive, transient, and to a large extent, FROM INDIA.
Not only does the employer like foreign workers, management which is also often from the same low cost labor centers, especially prefer disposable, submissive and transient workers that will not be a threat to the foreign worker manager that has a very tenuous employment relationship with their employer. Disposable, submissive subordinates do not make waves!

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m seeking only contractor jobs these days. I have a number of hot skills. I was being bullied at a long-term full time job about 3 years ago and dressed up my LinkedIn profile. I got mobbed by foreign staffing companies who had what looked like great openings that were a good fit, with a good rate. Once I signed an RtR, that was usually the last I heard from them. Not even a phone screen. 
A friend told me that American candidates were being used as sort of comparison to make the candidate they actually wanted to place (a foreign visa holder usually) look good by contrast. They did this by quoting us good rates, getting our agreement, then presenting us as one of several alternatives: this guy at $X/hr vs. this other guy at $X-Y/hr. It sounded crazy at the time, but then I got an email from an agency I was working with about a job they were supposedly setting up an interview for me with, but it had a foreigner’s name in the salutation. So at the very least, I was not the only candidate they were presenting. Nada results for me. I lost count of how many RtRs I gave out that year when I was trying to escape a bad spot I was in, but none of them ever generated so much as a phone screen. 
Then there was a new foreign recruiter working for an American company that had successfully placed me 5 years prior. He must’ve submitted me for over 25 empty seats (some reqs were for 2-4 seats to fill). All jobs I could do in my sleep. Only one phone screen out of the entire run with him. No on-site interview, no jobs. So, how was he presenting me? 
Whereas, when I work with American recruiters (ok, one guy was a British ex-pat living in AZ), and American companies, I usually get interviews and often get hired. With the same resume. WTH?

[name redacted]

said: “Once I signed an RtR, that was usually the last I heard from them. Not even a phone screen.” To this I reply and say this has happened to me so many times in the past that it is not even funny. In the past I used to get those kinds of calls all of the time, and I would do like you have done, jump through all the hoops and fill out all of the forms and then I never so much as got an interview or even a phone screen. While all of this time these people told me that I was supposedly being submitted to jobs at big companies like Bank of America, Walmart, American Airlines, etc, etc. and yet despite doing all of that I never, ever hear back from them. I have wasted many years fiddling around with that kind of stupid bullshit. Believe you me it was a huge waste of my time that could have been used more productively. Now when those people call me, I either hang up on them or I tell them when they call for me,”he doesn’t live here anymore” and then just hang up the phone then I go to my blocking phone calls functionality on my iphone and block that guy from ever calling me again. Or either that I just let it go straight to voicemail and if it is some foreign sounding guy with a really bad accent leaves a message on my voicemail , I delete the message out of my voicemail and block the phone number from ever calling me again. Take my word for it, I have blocked literally hundreds and hundreds of phone numbers from ever calling me again.

I’m thinking that another purpose of them being so anxious to get an RtR from us is simply to tie up our candidacy for a particular opening they have their eye on, since duplicate submissions get you kicked out of the running. So they grab you, tie you up with them, and either submit you in a poor light or not at all, and voila, no job for you, while their guy gets a statistically better chance of walking in the client’s door. If you try to get submitted by someone else for that same req, you are automatically discarded.

And another post from this group:

Ok, I’ve gone back to a certain LinkedIn group and am finding postings with openings plus names of the companies. My oldest is 2 weeks old (no point going farther back, right?) but going forward I will grab these. Skillset, city, and company.

And some replies to this post:

useless to get a job in linkedin

These are the recruiters asking for candidates. These are clues to where jobs needing certain skillsets in certain cities for certain companies. Normally, by the time we find out about these jobs, if we ever do, they are already filled and the project is underway.

the recruiters on LinkedIn are notorious time wasters and resume collectors.

This is a private group where they specifically try to place people. Recruiters post lists of available contractors and lists of openings they are trying to fill. It’s mostly foreign and not geared for us. These postings are clues to contract jobs that we will never normally see. It is by and for foreign workers. This is where many of our jobs went.

I posted that my contract is ending in October. Let’s see how they react.

I’m not hoping for a job from them, I’m hoping to help illustrate the gravy train that brings contract jobs to them and diverts contract jobs from us. This is a completely different job stream than for full-time hires. Normally, easier to get hired, paid higher hourly rate – very desirable for some citizens, yet drying up just as full-time did.

I have only landed work from LinkedIn and that was over 7 years ago- since then it is a waste of time for me.

I can’t tell you how many trips that I have taken out of town trying trips in order to make myself gainfully employed in the IT industry only to come up empty handed time after time after time. Most of the time when I go to an interview there is at least one Indian H1B visa worker sitting across the table from me interviewing me asking me all kinds of questions about technologies that are not listed on my resume. Gee I wonder why they do that? Or if they don’t do that, then they make me take some kind of really ridiculously hard test that only about 2% or maybe 3% of all programmers could pass successfully. The whole jobs search thing is just one big ponzi scheme and so far Trump has done virtually nothing about this massive importation of foreign guest visa workers into this country after promised repeatedly to do something very meaningful about it while he was campaigning for President.

The whole experience is horrible. If you can even understand what they are saying with their heavy accent! My daughter had to request one of these idiots ‘can you please speak slowly’?!

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

“Among the IBC’s proposed changes were:

  • Meaningfully expand H-1B visas and exempt workers with degrees in needed fields from U.S. universities from the program’s annual cap.
    • Offer work authorization provisions for spouses of certain H-1B workers, to compete with other countries that allow the authorizations.
    • Simplify the H-1B processing program for employers with proven records of compliance
    • Speed up visa processing to eliminate the current backlog of approved employment certifications.

Beyond its immigration recommendations, the Iowa Business Council also advocated the “swift passage” of the United States-Mexico-Canada, or USMCA, trade agreement.

The IBC report can be see at

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

Oracle has a caste called Indian Nepotism.

Notable quote: ““The concept of ‘cultural fit’…has been taken as the holy grail for hiring in many tech companies,”

“Nepotism also runs strong in India. Nearly 85% of the country’s businesses are family-run, and Bollywood is dominated by just a few families. Even job-seekers with impressive resumes have to fall back on personal connections to find work.”

“Those dynamics are now playing out at Oracle, the $160 billion California-based software giant run by Larry Ellison. Earlier this week, the US Department of Labor (DOL) sued (pdf) Oracle for wage violations and hiring bias, alleging that the company displayed “hiring discrimination against qualified White, Hispanic, and African-American applicants in favor of Asian applicants, particularly Asian Indians.”

And here are the replies to this post:

This article is more recent –

not just the Indians have this bias – they do , certainly, — but HR from native US corporations also have this built in bias since this is where they already go to get labor as their default , their easier first choice. It seems built in to the operations almost.
Example: i know somoene worked as a summer intern at a place near his campus ; it is a us company; I asked if they have any Indians working there; he said , yes, ‘lots’. anyway, they needed about 5 people to ramp up the coding phase of a project and boom , in a few days they came — from India , 12,000 miles away even when this company is a mile from one of the best IT colleges in the usa ( uinv ill urbana ) with Indiana U and PErdue nearby too. as well as chicago and its labor pool 2.25 hrs away
I assume they simply clicked a few buttons to get these people. so it is about operational normal practices since the offshoring has been happening now for almost 2 decades.

As a data guy, Oracle won’t hire me for jobs in my field.

I worked as an Oracle DBA for years, my ex-employer laid off 25 DBAs for Wirpro contractors. Then about a month later, Wirpro screwed up big time when on call and the CIO got on the call. Later that day the CEO commented to all. Yet they continued using to this day the India Wirpro contractors. This occurred starting in Feburary 2019 when they gave 60 day notices to the 25 employees.

same here- HDS laid me and most engineers off and sent work to a third party crap Indian outsourcer overseas in Bangalore.

I was very near SS retirement age anyways. Maybe it is time to fine a safe goof off job with minimal responsibility. But I find potential employers are scared off when a person has a couple college degrees and MBA.

It’s a problem of too much experience, expertise, education, age, and being a U.S. Citizen. 

this is sad since companies used to look for the best, not the near best or a maybe. But as you stated, to much knowledge can hurt a person looking for a job. I was told something along the same line years ago when I thought of going back to school for a PHD in business and technology after my MBA. I interviewed many for positions in my line of work and would focus on the best person based on experience and education, and the jobs paid a very good wage with benefits. I looked for people showing responsibility and owership in their work. Now companies bring in these foreign temporary workers at a dime a dozen at numbers that surprise me. These temp tech workers and now other non-tech workers take little pride and ownership in their work.

I don’t think this is the case only with Oracle. It is with almost all company, specially one when 1 indian is in top position. the company I work for now has almost 98% Indian in IT department and CTO is Indian

True that. The takeover began circa 1999. You guys were fast asleep, waiting for elevators to crash and clocks to stop   

Here are some posts from this group:

I’d like to see a comprehensive list of former H-1Bs who became citizens and by doing so lost the ability to get hired. Did they suddenly become less “best and brightest”? Or what?

They just couldn’t find work, I know three of them. It’s sad because they came with families and all these promises. Maybe it’s inevitable with any industry, but in a way they are stranded here without their community to help. But yeah if the skills really are so rare, why aren’t companies lining up to hire them anymore?

It’s a demonstration that the skills of the person are not the issue, but rather the ability to put a person in an “indentured servitude” position.

Here is another post from this group:

Walmart just announced the firing of 600 accounting and finance personnel to be replaced with H1B Visa workers from India. Wal-Mart proudly announced they are “saving $25,000” per replaced U.S. citizen worker. Wal-Mart has literally replaced thousands of U.S. citizen workers with foreign H1B workers. Wal-Mart is just one of many U.S. -based corporations routinely displacing U.S. citizen workers and replacing them with foreign workers. Now U.S. citizen workers in the fields of engineering, health care, accounting and finance (as well as the continued displacement of information technology workers) will be faced with stagnant wages and uncertain job security.

Ironically, the Democrat Party has been more forthcoming and honest about its abandonment of middle class U.S. citizen workers, as it vigorously champions legal immigrants and illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.

Who represents the interests of middle class U.S. citizens in Congress? No one! When it comes to politicians, ignore their words. watch their actions!

HR1044 is now pending in the U.S. Senate. Will Senators Inhofe and Langston betray middle class Americans too?

Don’t count on the Republican Party

And another post from this group:


“After a series of meetings including supporters and opponents of a much-delayed proposed work ban for spouses of H-1B holders, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security IS STILL WORKING ON THE PLAN, according to a new court filing.

Federal authorities have been promising to impose a new rule estimated to bar some 100,000 foreign nationals from working, but have failed several times to meet deadlines they’ve set.”

“Since late 2017, Homeland Security has been pledging to reverse that authorization. In an online notification last fall, Homeland Security said of the planned ban, “Some U.S. workers would benefit from this proposed rule by having a better chance at obtaining jobs that some of the population of the H-4 workers currently hold.”Details of the planned ban won’t become publicly available until the rule is published in the Federal Register, immigration-law firm Fragomen noted in a blog post.”

“Once the White House’s Office of Management and Budget clears the plan and it’s published in the Federal Register, a public comment period is expected to follow. After that period, Homeland Security will review the feedback, then kick the proposed rule back to the budget office for further review before publication of a final rule, according to Fragomen.”

Meetings held, feds still working on jobs ban for H-4 visa spouses of H-1B holders

And some replies to this post:

In other words, H4EAD isn’t going anywhere. DHS is filled with Obama appointed business loving hacks.

This is the usual sneaky tactic, just talk about it to shut us up and then delay it forever…

exactly. the illusion of progress.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

California companies applied for a Total of 248,871 H1B Workers in 2017. A stunning number that repeats itself year after year. There are not enough bunk bed in California. Here is a sample of what is going on:





This goes on and on in all professions. I dare your to download, the H1B California Facts are huge, 62.9 MB:

And another post from this group:

Do these clowns on the courts/justice department know WellCare execs are all from Anthem/UnitedHealth, then, 70% of CVS and Aetna’s employees are male contract workers from India who probably move back and forth from CVS, ExpressScripts, Aetna, UnitedHealth, Anthem, then of course back to CVS? They don’t care about our laws. Then they have to divest their Prescription Drug Plan to WellCare??

And some replies to this post:

CVS as a company has lost its reputation with the opioid scandal / there prices are high / there web page sucks / their stores are ugly bright / all contract workers does not surprise / I had to call the Help desk because I did not remember my childhood dog name as part of my password. Dumbass shit. I only go there when I have to / bottom line I hate CVS. I did not have a childhood dog  maybe that is part of the problem.

according to wiki – “After leaving the Department of Justice, Delrahim joined the law firm of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, in Los Angeles, California, where he focused his work on antitrust, intellectual property and appellate matters. His clients included Google, Apple, Anthem Inc., Qualcomm, and Zuffa.[5][6][7]”

And another post from this group:

“A San Jose subsidiary of an Indian digital-services company favored hiring Indian and South Asian workers for its U.S. jobs, and used the H-1B and another visa to accomplish its discrimination, a new lawsuit seeking class-action status claims.
Happiest Minds, which has its U.S. headquarters in San Jose, used visas and discriminatory hiring and firing practices to fill its ranks with South Asian workers, most of them Indian, the suit alleged. At least 90 percent of the firm’s U.S. workforce is South Asian, while the rate is about 12 percent across this country’s information-technology industry, the suit claimed.”

“The suit was filed by San Jose sales professional Tami Sulzberg, who said in a court filing that she started at Happiest Minds in January 2018 as a director of business development and was fired about four months later. Sulzberg claims she was replaced by an Indian man who was on an L-1 visa. The L-1 is a non-immigrant work permit for managers or executives transferred into the U.S. from a company’s affiliate office in a foreign country.”

“Sulzberg’s suit, filed Friday in U.S. District Court in San Jose, alleged that Happiest Minds received 188 new H-1B visas or H-1B visa amendments between 2013 and 2018, plus 12 new L-1 visas in 2018 alone.
“To fulfill its employment preference for South Asians and Indians, Happiest Minds seeks to maximize the number of visas it receives each year from the federal government,” the suit alleged. “All, or substantially all, of the individuals for whom Happiest Minds secures visas are South Asian and Indian.”

H-1B: San Jose tech firm discriminated against non-Indians, favored visa holders, lawsuit claims

And yet another post from this group:

“President Donald Trump will appear at a political rally for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Houston, Texas, amid the growing push by business lobbies to raise the inflow of H-1B visa workers from India.”

A White House statement described the September 22 event with India’s political leader:
“In Houston, President Trump will participate in an event with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. The event, “Howdy, Modi! Shared Dreams, Bright Futures,” is expected to draw tens of thousands of people. It will be a great opportunity to emphasize the strong ties between the people of the United States and India, to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the world’s oldest and largest democracies, and to discuss ways to deepen their energy and trade relationship.”

“Many U.S. investors and business leaders want to embrace the promised U.S.-India Outsourcing Economy to offset the economic impact of the expanding trade conflict with China.

U.S.-China free trade allowed many U.S. investors to transfer millions of U.S. factory workers’ jobs to low-wage Chinese workers. But the proposed U.S.-India alliance would transfer a flood of Indian college graduates into the U.S. jobs now held by American professionals and college-graduates, including doctors and engineers, software writers and designers. For example, Walmart is outsourcing 569 finance and accounting jobs in North Carolina to Indian contract-workers who will be imported by a U.S. outsourcing firm, Genpact. “

And here is a post from this article:

I have been working in IT for 24 years and had a great career, but I have watched this massive swing to outsourcing and the replacing of US workers with Indians. I harbor no personal animosity towards them but i have watched my income be slashed while also watching my kids outlook become much cloudier as they now approach college age. I really fear for their future since they are both white males that will probably end up holding engineering degrees. As you see in many BB articles, Indians are now taking over much more than just IT jobs. Any office or professional area is now being inundated by low cost indentured servants that will work for nothing in the hopes of obtaining a green card. I am a big Trump supporter – but this is an issue that has greatly impacted me personally and could ultimately put me completely out of work and put an end to my kids futures before they even get a chance to start..

Here is another post from this group:

I’ve been a hardcord developer for over 35years. My current job I’ve been in for a year. I’m making less than I was 2 decades ago. Prior to this job I was 6.5 years unemployed. I have a very good resume. I’m so pissed at the Federal Gov’t for betraying me as an US STEM worker.

The only reason why I got my current position is because I know the CEO who is an H1b immigrant. The whole office is nothing but H1b workers.

And another post from this group:

Back in the 70’s and 80’s the average age of good American software developer was around 45 and the developer age range was from 25 to 70. 50 was considered an optimal age where a programmer had garnered enough experience to be a “senior”. Fast forward 2010 and beyond the average age drops to 32 and developer age range goes from 20 to 50 with 50 being branded as “too old to develop”. Yet if today’s software can do wonders it is because it stands on the shoulders of the giants of 70’s and 80’s. Is the influx of cheap imported labor into the market the real reason for this shift ? Or is the industry manufactured myth that programmers loose their edge with age really true ? This is important as this forms the basis for big tech to claim shortage of labor.

And some replies to this post:

When I was downsized in my mid 40s, I was getting GOOD at my profession. We know what works, what doesn’t, and why.
Finished a MS Info Systems from Stevens Tech in my late 40s w/ 3.75 GPA.
Teaching myself new programming languages in my late 50s.
Industry does NOT want to pay us experienced, seasoned professionals what we are worth. So industry created the myth there is a shortage.
Question answered.

same here I had top reviews and awards and published books on database technology. I suffered almost 2 years of unemployment and every interview except the last one where I landed a job was over 90% HINDU in the places I had interviewed. I took a 70% paycut to keep working.

It’s all about the perception of cheap labor for the stockholders and saving money, who cares if the system crashes or if their are bugs and Or barely running, they can tell the stockholders it only cost $X to implement. I worked with developers for years, I used to think they were the most intelligent and innovative people in their 40s and 50s. I think it’s experience as said above, they know what works and what doesn’t work. I’m an IT analyst and have had younger analysts say, you are so smart how do you know all this? It’s age baby, I’m at my prime. I can guide these young whippersnappers so they don’t make the same mistakes, but I’m on my third layoff due to outsourcing, though I’m rehired again recent,y, expensive but they are listening to me now…maybe the tide is slowly turning, I hope so.

Here is a post that was shared in another anti-H1B visa group:

“Georgia businesses lose hundreds of millions in sales each year because employers are replacing middle class Georgians with cheap H-1B workers, according to a review of federal data

The data shows U.S. companies asked for 20,000 H-1B workers in 15 career tracks during 2017, and likely received 8,000 of the requested lower-wage workers.

Robert Heath, a programmer in Boyington Beach, Florida, compared the pay promised for the 8,000 imported H-1Bs to the higher pay which is already being earned by Americans who are working in those careers in Atlanta.

The comparison showed that promised wages for the 8,000 H-1Bs are far below the wages paid to Americans with average skills.”

“Perdue is now blocking a bill by Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee that could dramatically increase the payroll loss caused by the cheap visa-workers imported into the United States. The bill should be delayed until legislators can study the impact more, Perdue said.”

And here are the replies to this post:

The loss of wage revenue in Georgia, Utah, and Missouri results from the differential in the median wage for each occupation when compared to the median wage for the general population for the same occupation.
Remember the premise of the H-1B visa is that the visa is for “highly skilled” workers? If these workers were truly “highly skilled,” shouldn’t we expect that these foreign workers would be compensated at least at the 75% percentile, or more appropriately at the 90% percentile.
Well we have the data. The data comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Office of Foreign Labor Certification. I would be DELIGHTED to review the data with any public official or anyone else.

So Perdue is blocking S386 because he is investigateing how this bill dramatically increases the payroll losses for States and Government?
This it the real reason?

that would be nice but alas no, Perdue has said he is in favor of the bill. I think he just wants his pork to be included to get his full endorsement. They don’t care about the loss of payroll to the people or who the people really are for that matter.

And another post from this group:

Well, the AHA (American Hospital Association) doesn’t like S-386. Where in the hell were they? BTW, Bruce Morrison is one of their lobbyists.

So they were working the Senate. You have to believe that it was Bruce Morrison that got to Rand Paul.

Here is a post I found on concerning AT&T:

Has anyone in ATO reported H1B abuse to USCIS?
I see a number of shady things in ATO but not sure how to gather proof of legal violations.

Is it enough to report the below patterns? What other things could be reported?
I would really like to see USCIS do an investigation for potential violations.

Majority of organizations in ATO ~70-80% appear to be made up of H1B contractors.
ATO hiring managers of Indian heritage exclusively use Indian H1B outsourcing firms vs. hiring American FTEs or local US contracting companies. Some hiring managers seem particularly invested in specific contracting firms and will use the same firm for many years with questionable motives.
H1B contractors are forced to work weekends and nights but still only bill 40 hours to the client.
Employees over 40 are transferred to outsourcing companies for “a year and a day” agreements. Pay/benefits are then renegotiated by outsourcing company to a fraction of what they were. This allows AT&T to get rid of older workers without reporting or paying agreed severance.

And some replies to this post:

This bills will speed up all India H1b permanent residents. Too sad to say all of our jobs are in danger now.

not sure you have noticed but trump has made friends with 50,000 indians in houston this past weekend after he figured out we can export a but load of oil to them. it’s the art of the deal i guess, expect more visas to come.

Yes, unfortunately no one complains to USCIS. The issue is AT&T is not hiring them as H1B Visa holders but they are hiring them as contractors through the Indian companies. Indian contracting companies treat the employees very bad including not paying wages when they are benched, overtime pay, etc. I know lot of personal stories. To even circumvent legal H1B rules, some of these Indian employers will pay them officially during their bench period but the employees has to give them back in cash what ever NET they got paid. The reason H1B Visa holders itself would not complain because they are at their employer’s mercy to be in the USA. Now-a-days, if you look at India churns out dime a dozen engineering graduates with very sub par quality and skill set. Up until mid 80’s it was very hard to get into Engineering colleges in India (Only very top cream of the crop) was able to get in, so the engineers who came here to do MS and subsequently got their GC’s were of exceptional quality. Now 80% of the Indian graduates who come to work these high end slave jobs through H1B are very sub-par quality. 9 years back, I was trying to get rid of one Indian Contractor as I have to spoon feed her every step of the work and ended up doing her job and finally my manager at that time got rid off her after 6 months of me constantly complaining, only to be replaced by another Indian contractor -only good thing this replacement contractor was at least following directions!

The political problem is both parties are to be blamed. They succumb to pressure from companies like Microsoft, HP, Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. to increase H1B quota so that they can hire these cheap labors, where they get their funding for re-election. USA is not a true democracy, it’s lobbyist(money powered) democracy.

H1B rules needs to be drastically changed – Faster H1B but not through contracting houses. But if companies like AT&T, Microsoft, Apple, etc wants to hire H1B then they have to directly pay them based on the comparable legal USA citizen/permanent resident would be paid for the same job. Those wages has to be reported to the Labor department. If these tight rules are bought in, USA citizen/permanent residents would not loose their job to be replaced by low paying H1B workers.

I am happy to see Trump is going after China, to stop flooding the USA market with garbage and in turn taking 1/6 off trade from USA.

I can go on…

With the money the corps give to government good luck getting it enforced. But the working 60 hours and getting paid for 40 show what corporations really want. This is why lobbyists should be illegal because it leads to fascism which can take many forms.

“H1B contractors are forced to work weekends and nights but still only bill 40 hours to the client.”

This gives the false impression that the H1B contractor is more efficient than the FTE with usually far more experience.

This is especially problematic with hourly contractors who subcontract below one of the large outsourcing firms. They work 60 hours but report and get paid for only 40, a clear violation of FLSA.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Bloomberg: “Workers are more reluctant to ask for pay hikes out of fear that their employer will replace them with robots.”


This is really where the jobs go:

Google Inc. has filed 16842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Microsoft Corporation has filed 15586 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5670 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Amazon Corporate Llc has filed 7095 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 3798 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

IBM Corporation has filed 32018 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 792 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Any underdeveloped country will gladly ship us millions and millions of doctors, teachers, engineers, programmers, spies … that will gladly take our jobs, move to our houses, occupy our schools and hospitals. And where are we to go?

Our kids don’t even dream about summer jobs anymore… Students after graduation can’t find jobs and have to volunteer and do free internships for years…

Facebook, Google, Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Bloomberg, State Farm – ALL MAJOR AMERICAN COMPANIES ARE 50% – 90% H-1B AND OPT VISAS WORKERS!!!

90% of Silicon Valley are H-1Bs and OPT VISAS. Of cause you are going to have cofounders from Foreigners! H-1Bs and OPT VISAS foreigners are THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE GETTING JOBS, AND EXPERIENCE AND COMPENSATION RIGHT NOW IN CORPORATE AMERICA!!! American Workers are all completely EXCLUDED!

Approximately 10 Million Work VISAS are issued to FOREIGNERS ANNUALLY!!! Enough to displace all corporate upper and lower management, regular workers, and even cleaning personne over the last 25 yearsl!!!

Employers addicted to cheap labor covet OPT workers, reporting that employers get a “15.3 percent tax discount for hiring OPT workers instead of U.S. workers.” Among those that have profited the most by spurning Americans in favor of international students are the usual suspects: Amazon (3,655), Intel (1,707),

—> GOOGLE (1,501) <—

Microsoft (1,022), Facebook (798) and IBM (633) were in 2017 top OPT employers. DHS data showed that Amazon earned nearly $25 million in tax breaks for hiring foreign nationals instead of U.S. tech workers.”


Why do we need these companies, if they take away American Jobs and ship them overseas!? They bring in H-1B and OPT Foreign workers for the jobs that have to stay in America! These companies also ship all OUR PERSONAL DATA overseas, so they can sell it later for BIG PROFITS and create millions and millions of jobs in Foreign countries with cheap labour, to store and “massage”/manage OUR American Data!

What about Environmental Pollution caused by flying Cheap Foreign Labour all the way from India and China in hundreds of thousands! All that, while having generous government tax breaks and protection, and EXCLUSIVE access to the American Capital Markets!

Google is a Foreign Entity and should be allowed to trade only ADRs on the American stock exchanges. An American depositary receipt (ADR) is a certificate issued by a U.S. bank that represents shares in foreign stock.

OR, give them NO ACCESS to the American Financial Markets AT ALL!!! GO UNDERWRITE in India and China, where you employ your workers! Google does not employ American workers – it BRINGS NO VALUE TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE! Only AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR THESE JOBS!

American Data is American Treasure! For America to lead in this data-driven revolution, we will have to migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Data of American Citizens should be handled by American citizens and stored on American soil! Foreign citizens, such as H-1Bs and OPT, SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T EXPORT IT OVERSEAS!!!

Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

Well, this one is funny …

That it’s dubbed a “Landmark Immigration Bill.”

And the idea that “Durbin just doesn’t want Republicans to get a win.”

And … well, just read the mish-mash … share your comments after the article at the Daily Caller …

And here is a reply to this post:

This article is NONSENSE!! The ownership of the Daily Caller, specifically Neil Patel, is closely aligned with Immigration Voice, the perpetrators of this ANTI-AMERICAN, BRAZENLY DISCRIMINATORY BILL.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Google is committing to a White House initiative designed to get private companies to expand job training for American workers.

CEO Sundar Pichai was making the announcement Thursday during an appearance with White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump at El Centro community college in downtown Dallas.”

“”Today I am proud to join more than 350 American businesses in signing ’The Pledge to America’s Workers. ’ This will take Google’s commitment even further by creating 250,000 new training opportunities for American workers over the next five years,” Pichai says.
“We know that in order to be competitive in this world, we need to invest in America’s greatest asset, our workers, and help fill the openings in the IT field,” Ivanka Trump says in prepared remarks.

“Google’s pledge to train 250,000 Americans for the technology jobs of tomorrow helps us achieve our mission,” she says.”

And here are the replies to this post:

Ivanka Trump – R U SERIOUS?

Any “Pledge to American Workers” from US Corporations needs to include statements regarding intent to hire Americans before Foreign Guest Workers on Temporary Work Visa. That is what we need. What we don’t need is another meaningless gesture from a CEO that paints the picture of Americans not having the talent to do the work. I have the talent, training and experience and I represent thousands of IT tech workers that have been displaced by this CEO alone. We don’t need training. We need a fair shot at getting considered for a role/position that is being offered up right now only to the foreign guest visa worker.

What happened to US Citizens right to work in their own country?
It’s a shame that administration and political leaders have to make a show of extracting phony pledges from business leaders instead of enacting law to explicitly prohibit businesses from replacing US Citizens with alien workers.
Donald Trump isn’t ashamed that Harley Davidson laid off workers, relocated plant outside USA right after he gave them a tax break in return for setup manufacturing in US and hire Americans.

This is a publicity STUNT! There is NO SHORTAGE of high skilled American workers!

yeah, I read the fine print – 50,000 per year, kids – Hell we only create about 134,000 jobs per year to start with – if anything, that will force more of us out.

Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

“Census data shows that one-in-seven software developers in Hudson County, New Jersey, were born in the United States, down from a six-in-seven share in 1980.”

“This wholesale replacement of American software experts by foreigners — mostly by Indian visa workers — is repeated in many counties across the United States, according to 2017 federal census data analyzed by R. Davis, a software developer in Silicon Valley.”

And here are some posts in this article:

Dallas is really crazy when it comes to this.

You’re right. The second map at shows that Collin, Dallas, and Denton counties have the highest percentages in Texas.

It’s much worse in states like Washington, where Microsoft and Google have their HQs. One can tell by how neighborhoods around Seattle have changed.

Caterpillar Corp. trains Indians, Chinese, and Pakis offsite then uses them to take the jobs of Engineers. I know because I was one of the replaced. That was 11 years ago.

6 more years, and I can retire, I hope I make it.

I am ahead of you in age, I made it to age 63, the discrimination stopped me cold, I consider my self the lucky one, I had multiple skill sets also.

Obama and Hillary were gutting the country as our congress critters, governors and mayors were gutting our cities – San Fran, Chicago, Baltimore, LA…. Let’s look at the big picture. Indians were/are taking our software jobs. Were they going back to India well trained after the total destruction of the US? Were/are they here to take over the industry so that when their nefarious plans (Trump has thwarted) to destroy America was accomplished they could continue over in their own country with whatever the tech companies needed out of the US? As each day goes by I’m seeing more and more of a big picture emerge. They thought she would win. We’re going to see what they had planned for us as it was all nearly in place. The TPP, the Paris Accords, the UN, on and on. Get mad.

I can’t speak for California but you might as well call Middlesex County, NJ Bombay, India. And the days of saying that immigrants only take jobs that Americans won’t do or aren’t qualified to do are over! You’ve got many of these H1-B visa holders pulling down six figures, or close to it. Next thing you know the whole extended family is here. Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother you name it. The town of Edison, NJ smells like a gigantic jar of curry powder. This is in addition to the illegals who are branching out into far more than landscaping and maid service. The construction industry is riddled with illegals. Roofing, siding, auto mechanics. I’ve seen it all. These are decent paying jobs! It has been stated that 1 out of every 8 jobs in New Jersey is held by an illegal immigrant. From what I’ve seen I’m beginning to believe that it may be even more than that. Both legal and illegal alike are depressing wages.

This was bound to happen. This is one of the reasons why we left NJ.

Immigrants from India get affirmative action status over Americans as soon as they get in the country. The H1B is bad, but the affirmative action is outrageous. They get preference in government jobs too, over Americans. Who is responsible for this?

The New World Order crowd. The destruction of the US and Europe. How do you destroy a culture? Bring in another and the original goes away. The corporations and their bosses (royalty, Vatican) wanted to open up India, Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East (after they get it all rearranged and the pipelines in) and Africa to consumerism. A whole boatload of fresh meat to exploit. The TPP was headquartered in Southeast Asia. Do you think Prince Harry is in Africa just for a vacation? Lol! I read these plans 20 years ago.

Boston, MA – Here in the financial district I have lost 3 great paying tech jobs to H1-B VISA India Indians. These Indians live 12 to 15 per one bathroom apartment and work for about 1/3 what an American engineer like me will work for.

Their presence has driven down tech career wages so low that I left the field years ago rendering my engineering degree worthless.

two things,

1 – cheep labor. This is to eliminate the middle class, and ultimately any competition.

2 – Academia’s greed. State universities and collages are giving preference to foreign students under the guise of cultural diversity. Their motivation is the fact that they can charge 3-4 time the tuition rate for out of state students. Further they falsely claim that there are not as many Americans that want to go into STEM programs. This has been going on at an ever increasing level for decides.

the more h1-b we import because of so-called “shortages” the more we become dependent on foreign skilled labor. is it any wonder why american kids choose an mba or law dgree over stem/IT? they see what is happening, they see that they will have to compete with all of india and china to simply have a job in the usa.

A law degree is not the ticket so much anymore. I personally know many young bar-admitted attorneys who cannot find a job and work in doc review to pay their bills, and huge student loans. Too many lawyers. A law degree is no answer to this foreign invasion.

I left IT around 3 years ago I couldn’t buy an interview ageism and too much experience spelled too high of a salary. I saw all of this Indian and Chinese stuff when I worked in the industry the so called shortage of American’s with skills was driven by the lowering of salaries due to these practices. What American kid is going into a field where he’s going to make 20-40hr out of school? Not to mention these people are abused by their companies and apparently not even the liberals want to help them on that score.

I would not give guidance to young people to go into software development. Big corporate IT shops (no software development) have been working and continue to work to outsource to likes of IBM, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Deloitte Touche.

Add to that wall street vulture capitalist funds like Eliott Group. The buy a chunk of stocks of a company, then push to get board seats and push their agenda. Outsourcing and surplus and cost reduction. Their new targets Marathon Oil and AT&T. They ruined Hess and before that many others.

Corporations have become share holder first. Bernie and Elizabeth Warren would ban share buybacks, will put employee, customer and community first, and make sure there is employee representation on boards. Otherwise, it is all talk as boards only answer to shareholders.

IT is filled with Indians on Visa. Sadly they are far under paid. Their wives can’t work. I find them to be very nice, and mostly timid people. They do not want to make any mistakes that could send them home.

If they would just pay them what a comparable American citizen should get paid. Still a surplus of professional workers in any field will lower wages / income.

Despicable. Jobs go to foreigners and the connected americans. Student loan debt, a trillion plus will never repaid, especially since many not STEM but affirmative action useless social justice degrees. Yet, disenfranchised Americans taxes will rise when government forgives student loan debt.

Sad. Only consolation for me is that I’m retired and not out about as much to see what would sicken me. I so feel for my fellow patriots that are being crushed by our uniparty congress that has given up on the future of our citizens and their children. Greed, plain and simple!

I’m so doomed. The company got another 40 india born workers the other day, at less then I make.

YOur story is very common.

Right there with you … had 40 Americans in my department … now have 7 with 35 Indians … just a matter of time. Do NOT waste your time with an IT degree that field is closed.

More results from those GREAT TRADE DEALS like NAFTA and the ( Almost ) TPPC …These horrid Trade deals were sold to the American people are Great for American jobs…That was all politicians LIES to let corporations out source jobs and move Manufacturing of shore ( China ) and bring it back in with low or No tax or tariff….and Who is finally doing to theses countries what they have been doing to us for 30 plus years …Donald J Trump….Our politicians are selling America out ,,,,Back Trump,,,Please

It is time in our history to rise up and throw out all the Corrupt career scumbags in Washington D.C. The Declaration of Independence requires that the people stand up to a corruption Government. Our corrupt elite political class has lost the right to rule over us. Time to take our Constitutional Republic back from the SCUM running it.

I remember when people advised smart young men with technical aptitude to go into IT. I don’t recommend it now – if the decision makers are not busy taking your role offshore, you have to worry about your office being overrun with H1Bs or HR insisting that there are too many white men in management. Even if you are good at and enjoy the tech itself, you will be miserable. You’re better off doing something else until that field is similarly destroyed.

I agree with you totally. After 50 years in IT, I no longer advise students to go into that profession (even though I loved it). Very sad state of affairs.

The only advantage in Indian software developers is pay. The quality, expertise, skill and integrity is definitely no better than American workers.
I work in IT and see this firsthand

This has been going on for years. It’s not just in the tech industries. It’s all over corporate America, engineers, marketing, sales, etc. These are mid level jobs in many cases. The H1B visa workers basically become slaves to the corporation. If they don’t do what they say, they lose their visas. A corporation can hire 3 H1B visa workers for every 1 American worker. I lost my job after 10 years with the company and 25 years industry experience. In the 2 years since I was let go the company has been through 3 H1B workers. But they have saved a lot of payroll money and as anyone in corporate America knows it’s all about making that monthly/quarterly/yearly number no matter how you do it.

A lot in civil service system at local, county, state and federal level and USPS.

In 1968 the Ted Kennedy’s Grand Replacement plan was innitated. Europeans were practically barred from entering the country. Only people with non Western values were allowed to come in which is why half of India is now here. Now the plan has been speeded up with the boarders being taken down. Whites from middle class families hold 90% of the student debt will foreigners are given free education. My friend from Africa, who no longer works in the US has two sons going to prestigious universities, all expenses paid. It’s been the plan all along.

NO! No, no,no. Indians are NOT driving Americans out of jobs! A certain bunch of American s* head politicians are enabling certain American employers to offer jobs to Indians at a salary 5 times what they would make otherwise, and they, understandably, accept the offer. As the senator from NY, Hillary pushed through the hiring of a large number of Indians from a particular Indian company, and that company made a sizeable “charitable” contribution to the Clinton foundation, and flew Bill Clinton to India to give a 20 minute speech for a half million dollars. We need to keep our eye on the ball – it’s the politicians who sell out America who are the problem here, not the Indian tech workers. Blaming them is like blaming the illegal immigrants for “stealing” jobs. It’s dead wrong and hateful, and the left wrote the playbook on wrong and hateful, and we cant beat them by playing their game. If we play their game, we become just like them and then we lose because they are so much more talented and skilled at the wrong and hateful game. We play our game, point the finger at the s* head politician and say “You are the problem, go away.” Drain the swamp.

It starts with the politicians but don’t kid yourself. It’s the Indian Tech workers as well stealing the jobs One senior Tech person will take a phone interview securing a job and then they send an unqualified person to actually take the job. All the indians will help this unqualified do his/her job until they get up to speed. THAT’S STEALING AND CHEATING! I have seen it with my own eyes more than once.

I didn’t know that and you’re right. Corruption on both sides makes sense. The thing I dont want to do is to hate on people who are doing what I would do in their position. That includes anyone accepting a job offer at five times their present income to feed their families. That does NOT include selling out my country to the highest (corrupt) bidder. That means not falling into the stupid immoral trap of the left, hating on “Mexicans” or “Indians” for “stealing” our jobs. That’s their racist stock in trade and I ain’t buying. And that’s why I object to the title of this article.

The left’s only defense is to scream “racist!” and if we’re not, they will do their level best to goad us into it. It’s their stock in trade and I ain’t buying. And the thing is, in his heart, I don’t think Trump buys it either. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

And Burr and Tillis are all on board with this Globalist garbage. Wake up North Carolina!

Most of the uniparty nationwide are on board. Republicans take turns helping Dem bills pass to keep us off our guard. Now do it in open and don’t plan on changing their ways

From 2012-2017 I saw my office dwindle from 200+ to about 40 people while the Bangalore office went from 20 to 300. I left the company. It seems the only strategy for me is to work for a start-up that can’t afford to sponsor H1-Bs, get bought by the bigger beltway or big six companies, ride that out, and then do it all over again. I’ve been through 2 of these cycles in my IT career. In fact, the start up I work for just got bought a couple months ago. Here we go again.

My son worked for an IT company in a pretty high position. An IT individual from India was placed in charge of his area. The white individuals were slowly weeded out by giving them projects to handle and then faulting them for not doing other projects that “they should have known needed doing.” Their end of the year bonus required doing all the projects assigned them and part of it being withheld because they didn’t do work they didn’t know about.

When the white individuals quit (came you blame them?), the Indian supervisor who graduated from a particular university in India would hire other graduates of that particular university. Talk about discrimination!

It starts with consulting and ends with layoffs.

I live in Seattle near the “Amazon Campus” a few blocks from downtown and if you want to verify for yourself the large number of Indian “techies” working from Seattle’s major employer go there during the lunch hour – The streets are owned by a horde of Indians going to lunch….American Amazon “techies” are outnumbered ten to one.

Great article BB, indeed. You captured pretty much everything. It is so bad, I recommended my son not go into engineering. A BS costs about 100k here in US. It only costs 2k in India. Why acquire that much debt when you will be replaced by two Indians 50k each?

This is corporate profit driven, capitalism at its finest. Engineers are not considered value added but only a burden like taxes and utilities. You give you manager a reduced budget, then he decides who he has to cut. One 100k plus American or two 50k Indians with no experience? He thinks, well maybe I can train? He never haves the time and development grinds to a halt. Oops, now we need to become an Assembler instead of an OEM.

Notice all the Indian doctors? We must get our costs down……I know replace American doctorswith inexpensive Indians.

Did costs go down? No. Did medical stocks go up? Yes. Has prices gone up so much that people actually consider socialized medicine?

Well, when you have 30 million people with out insurance because the are illegal, health care costs for those with insurance goes up.

Everything is more expensive because the government has been printing too much money… wall street bailouts, student loan programs, continuous wars, social programs, etc

It’s a shame but my generation got destroyed that’s why we had to outsource. Most of us are in our late 20s and early 30s. We have kids, we served in the endless war. A lot of us came of age during the recession, We were taught college would help, but it ended up being some indoctrination camp that puts you in debt for life. A decent house costs over 150k in a rural area and well over 300k in a more populated area. I was 13 during 9/11, the same age my daughter is now. I joined the military in 09′ and sustained an injury where I can never have any more kids. My baby’s mother died from OD when I was in Iraq. I live with my daughter, 13 years old in a 1 bedroom apartment for 1250 a month nothing included. Millennials got screwed by those damn liberal hippy boomers. Thats why it’s all outsourced.

I have millennial friends, they have a salary half of my salary when I started (without counting the inflation, counting it would make it even lower), but they call me far-right, and they would never, ever vote for Trump.

There are a lot of good millennial people, but they are completely brain washed.

Glad this article is raising awareness about this. A lot of baby boomers think that as long as you major in a practical, non-liberal arts field, you’ll have no trouble with your career. This is not the case at all. STEM graduates who didn’t attend Harvard or MIT are having a terrible time forging a career and paying off their student loans. The H1B visa is a huge part of this, as well as tech and engineering work being outsourced to India and other countries. The American worker who likely is carrying huge student loans for decades gets screwed.

I work at a Fortune 20 telcom in a site that is mostly populated by tech workers. On my way into work today I decided to count. From the time I parked my car, until I got to my desk, I counted over 80 Indians, about 18 whites, and 4 african-americans.

That doesn’t count the untold thousands who are working offshore in Megabad or wherever.

Edit–One each of the whites and AA’s were security guards.

It’s the perfect storm. We teach the kids to play on computers not develop on them when they’re in younger grades. We place emphasis on not leaving any child “behind”. Those that make it through higher education are broke by greedy colleges. Leftists want open borders affecting many jobs. Dare say something and you’re a xenophobe, sexist or something or another. What outcome was anyone otherwise expecting?

The company I work at hired a Indian born manager. He promptly fired half of the IT people and started to hire other people from India.

It’s really time to end this…I’m pretty sure Charlotte NC, a large banking hub with many IT firms and contractors serving the banks, must be like 10 – 15% Indian foreigners. I have nothing against them looking for a better life….but this is WAY too much and is obviously being done to drive down wages…
And in the end, it will leave our cyber-security exceptionally vulnerable.

President Trump is such a hypocrite. He accuses Democrats of being for “totally open borders” because illegal immigrants will vote Democrat, but illegals CANNOT VOTE.

Trump on the other hand is OPENLY courting the vote of Indian immigrants with his “Howdy Modi” rally with the Indian Prime Minister in Houston, will sign a bill MASSIVELY increasing Indian tech H1-B visas, and most hypocritical of all PROMISING THE INDIAN H1-B immigrants A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP to buy their votes!
“H1-B holders in the United States can rest assured that changes are soon coming which will bring both simplicity and certainty to your stay, including a potential path to citizenship”
-President Trump

Trump FALSELY accusing Democrats of making policy to buy immigrant votes, then turning around and OPENLY AND PROUDLY DOING THAT EXACT THING!

“Rest assured” H1-B immigrants. No need to worry yourself. Our President promised to take care of you.

Let me guess, is Herndon and Ashburn on the list?

You got it and Aldie

Add the Richardson and Plano areas of Texas.

I was warning people about this when the housing market exploded in ’08. I KNEW the cause because I was in property management at the time and saw big tech (Intel and Apple mostly) ordering dozens of year leases at the time and filling them with Hindus fresh from another country. Probably on hell of an incentive to do a good job, get to work or go back that hellhole.

GO to Atlanta, Forsyth county , buy a $500k dollar house, and YOU will be surrounded by INDIANS, YOU will be shunned and feel like your out of place in your own country.
Here in Denver area, go to any charter school, middle school and lower, and you will find 50% are Indians.

Northern Virginia too, some towns are full of them

When I started at my SV s/w company in 1997, we were roughly 80% American, mostly white and maybe 15% Asian. When I was laid off in 2011, we were 80% Indian and maybe 10% white and 5% Asian. Lots of H1-B slaves.

I was laid off in 2009 for the same reason. Had to help train my replacements but they wanted the short answer, not the logic behind it. Needless to say, when the company was left with their new staff it was a disaster that affected stock prices.

Lee and Crenshaw too. Traitors. I keep saying all Trump has to do is hold a press conference with a bunch of moms and their kids. Explain how CEOs and the Chamber of horrors wants to give jobs to foreigners who undercut wages. Veto the H1 giveaway. Explain how all the saving of money for college is a waste since their kids won’t be able to find a good job since CEOs would rather sellout their kids than pay Americans a decent salary. LANDSLIDE VICTORY

No wonder software is so corruptible. Even Apple is dropping the ball.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

No power in California. Look who the utility company hired and fired:

And some replies to this post:

The no power thing is part of UN Agenda 21/2030 and their “Sustainable Development Goals”. Part of the SDGs agenda is open borders, by the way.

Looks like this is a trend for power companies. Entergy out of New Orleans did the same in 2014. It didn’t work so well. They kicked out the Indians this year only to replace them with another company known this time for « inshoring », which apparently still means sending jobs overseas, but not as far east. All decision makers doing this should be prosecuted for treason if you ask me.

Michigan’s Consumers energy based out of Jackson Mi, had outsourced most of its SAP implementation & management to HCL for many years.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

“Uber Technologies Inc. is laying off 400 American employees at its California offices while seeking to import hundreds of foreign workers through the H-1B visa program. The majority of the layoffs are SOFTWARE ENGINEERS.

The Mercury News reports that Uber was able to import nearly 300 H-1B foreign workers this year — about double what the tech corporation had previously imported. In 2018, Uber imported about 152 H-1B foreign workers and in 2017, nearly 160 H-1B foreign workers were imported.”

“Big Tech is laying off hard working Americans and replacing them with cheap foreign workers with H-1B visas,” Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) wrote in an online post. “Silicon Valley should be hiring American workers FIRST.”

Uber Technologies, Inc. has filed 2426 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 798 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Google Inc. has filed 16842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Microsoft Corporation has filed 15586 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5670 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Amazon Corporate Llc has filed 7095 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 3798 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

IBM Corporation has filed 32018 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 792 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.

Google employs 16,842 H-1Bs + 1,501 OPTs in the house + 120,000 H-1B contractors!!!

Google’s HR does not process American Students and Workers for hiring, they are IMMIGRATION OFFICE now, working exclusively with H-1Bs and OPTs – future Green Card holders: “One way to support hiring a large number of women engineers is actually to fix immigration.” Google doesn’t hire American Women from STEM – they don’t have H-1Bs!

“Vorhies stated that by the time he had left Google, a MAJORITY OF PEOPLE ON HIS TEAM WERE FROM CHINA, in the United States on H1B visas. Forward was founded and funded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”

Meanwhile, August 5, 2019:

“A group of Democratic senators has demanded in a letter sent to Google’s chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that the internet giant convert its more than 120,000 temporary and contract workers to full-time employees.”

“The senators pushed for a number of changes to how the company treats temps and contractors, including moving them to full-time status after six months as well as equalizing their wages and benefits with permanent staff.”

“And while the pay for engineers and executives in Silicon Valley continues to rise, a growing faction of workers at many of those companies are not sharing in the success.”

“Google Inc. has filed 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.”


“Google Inc. has filed 120,000 + 16,842 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 5825 labor certifications for green card for fiscal year 2019?” <— This is a very Accurate Estimate for 2019, if Google SIDES with this letter… NO AMERICANS WILL BE HIRED – THEY DON’T HAVE H-1BS!

“Employers addicted to cheap labor covet OPT workers, reporting that employers get a “15.3 percent tax discount for hiring OPT workers instead of U.S. workers.” Among those that have profited the most by spurning Americans in favor of international students are the usual suspects: Amazon (3,655), Intel (1,707),

—> GOOGLE (1,501) <—

Microsoft (1,022), Facebook (798) and IBM (633) were in 2017 top OPT employers. DHS data showed that Amazon earned nearly $25 million in tax breaks for hiring foreign nationals instead of U.S. tech workers.”

Why do we need these companies, if they take away American Jobs and ship them overseas!? They bring in H-1B and OPT Foreign workers for the jobs that have to stay in America! These companies also ship all OUR PERSONAL DATA overseas, so Foreign Workers in Foreign Countries store, access and “massage” it, and sell it later for BIG PROFITS!

What about Environmental Pollution caused by flying Cheap Foreign Labour all the way from India and China in hundreds of thousands! All that, while having generous government tax breaks and protection, and EXCLUSIVE access to the American Capital Markets!

Google, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Microsoft, IBM, Bloomberg, State Farm, Amazon are all FOREIGN ENTITIES!!!

Every One Percent Increase in Foreign Workers in American Corporations should result in One Percent increase in Corporate Taxes for that company. American Jobs are for AMERICANS ONLY!

Any American Corporation that employs more than 10% of Foreign Workers Should Be denied participation in American Financial Markets and its financial instruments delisted from all American Stock Exchanges and Trading Platforms! GO UNDERWRITE in India and China, where you employ your workers! American Corporations: Google, UBER, Amazon – that don’t employ American workers – BRING NO VALUE TO AMERICA AND AMERICAN PEOPLE! Only AMERICANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR THESE JOBS!

American Data is American Treasure! For America to lead in this data-driven way of life, we MUST migrate the control and ownership of American data back to America — in other words, AMERICAN WEALTH back to every American! Data of the American Citizens should be handled by the American citizens and stored on the American soil! Foreign citizens, such as H-1Bs and OPT, SHALL NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T EXPORT IT OVERSEAS!!!

I found this post on for AT&T:

I sent this to my congressman. Any suggestions? I may send other copies to other government officials. Feel free to use if you like.

This year, AT&T has had several partnerships with large outsourcing companies including Tech Mahindra, IBM, and Accenture. As a condition, AT&T employees are “rebadged” to these other companies. Rebadging means that employment is being terminated with AT&T in favor of a negotiated job offer with one of the global outsourcing firms. Severance payouts and unemployment compensation are not options as they are offering legally suitable employment. If we refuse, we get nothing. However, many affected employees have ethical reasons for not wanting to join offshoring contracting companies. Furthermore, from discussions and meetings it appears that this is affecting disproportionately large numbers of older (40+) workers. It seems like this is a way for AT&T to get rid of older workers without any kind of reporting requirement or government oversight.

Although these companies are offering a one year negotiated employment with similar pay and benefits as existing with AT&T, the implicit understanding is that we will eventually be required to train our H1B/Offshore replacements and our pay and benefits will be reduced. This also resets the clock on any severance payouts.

I am requesting that your office investigates this employment practice that is becoming increasingly common. I would like to see more protections for employees. Specifically:

Training H1B or offshore employees should never be a condition of employment.
Rebadging to a global outsourcing company should not be deemed suitable employment if the employee has moral and ethical reasons for not wanting to join.
Expansion of the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act to cover employees being forcibly rebadged. The company should be required to release ages and job titles of employees in the rebadging process as they would for layoffs.
I appreciate your time.

And I found these posts on another thread concerning AT&T:

Can AT&T be sued for the way they are sending the employees to Accenture. The way AT&T set this deal up, is if you don’t take the Accenture offer, you loose your prorated bonus, severance package and receiving unemployment. This, you have to take the offer. It seems like they are moving cattle in a direction they need to. Is what AT&T doing here legal?f

IBM only offered a one year contract to the outsourced folks….not two years

“Can AT&T be sued for the way they are sending the employees to Accenture”.

The short answer is no they cannot. You’re an employee at will, which means they could also just simply terminate you. It sux, but that’s the way it is.

the Rebadging practice is nothing new, In my experience I saw many Business Solutions teams outsourced to IBM in addition the pretense of re-orgs. hundreds of 50+ accomplished professionals were cut, and replaced with newbies and indians alltogether starting in 2015.
Not sure why people are panicking. same sh– different day.

This practice (outsourcing) is prevalent in most companies with a large IT departments (and even in areas of financing, banking,etc). I’ve yet to hear of ONE lawsuit where employees rebadged to another company prevailed. It’s not illegal. The only way to fix this is to 1) change the law, or 2) make it so financially detrimental (fees/taxes), that monetarily it’s not worth doing for the company. I feel for the outsourced AT&T employees. I was an outsourced Vz employee but because Vz screwed up and did our rebadging at the same time they offered an early out program to other employees, many of us older folks fought back and were able to leave with the enhanced separation. If not for that, we’d have been in the same boat – take the rebadge or you’re terminated. Keep your chin up guys. It may be a blessing in disguise that you will see in time.

Contractors going to Tech M had their salary cut 10% & the jobs will be off shored after knowledge transfer in a few months. All were told start looking for employment elsewhere. Isn’t Corporate America great?

it will never stop, The garage sale that Randall just had with Puero Rico and the US Virgen Islands impacted 1,300 current AT&T employees, and 2,600 contractors.
Their new employer will pay close half their salaries when the deal completes, sooo sad

Good luck. I hope someone sues and wins. But AT&T has gotten very good at this and I am sure that they closed loopholes etc. They have an army of legal, HR people, and consultants on their side that do outsourcing for a living. One of the reasons you will see the outsourcing company present a two year deal is that is a statue of limitations to bring on any kind of lawsuit. Also since you are offed a job at the same location typically with the same base pay (but less benefits) their are no damages to sue for or discrimination.

Being a person who was outsourced we did not have a choice. Either you take the job or it is considered you electively quit.

Basically between a rock and a hard place.

Plus we had to start as new employees and lost all our time prior.

And yet more posts from concerning AT&T:

I was at one of the Accenture presentations for the TechDev employees being transitioned. Looking around the room, everyone looked 45+. It looks like AT&T is using this apparent loophole as a way to get rid of older employees.
Does anyone have any experience with Accenture as a 40+ yo employee? Based on reputation I am thinking it will be uncomfortable at best but possibly outright discriminatory.

Myself and few of my colleague who are in mid 30s are also impacted and sent to Accenture. Att covered it well to avoid any age discrimination lawsuits.

No, 45-50 isn’t old but they’re purpose is to get rid of the employees who are getting close to pension eligible!

AT&T is facing a class action (Case No. 3:17-cv-04827) because last year they surplussed mostly older workers.
These rebadging efforts look like a way to skirt another class action. They offload older workers on vendors and force them to do their dirty work. They don’t have to pay large severances and get rid of their older American workforce. Vendors will in turn renegotiate pay/benefits after the one year or tell employees they have to relocate or else.

Don’t worry, they always include just enough younger people to skirt the age discrimination claim to stay within the law. Unethical? Probably

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 25

This is part 25.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Standards Based Grading (SBG) is the next step in comparing Commoncore apples to apples …or human capital widgets to human capital widgets. It is a grading scale for interoperable data.

“SBG allows for data gathering on children to be linked directly to the standards. During the 2012 Datapalooza, the CEO of Knewton, Jose Ferreira, talked about his company’s software being able to predict a child’s grade – as long as teachers were consistent graders. SBG is the solution to that irksome old problem of unpredictability!
The bottom line is: SBG is the next level of data mining on our kids. You don’t have to compare end of year assessments across schools or states. SBG can be linked nicely to ed tech programs that will pump out a 1-4 grade per standard, presented in real time. Johnny’s parents may someday know that he is ranked 111,114 in the nation in math,and then, be able to predict whether or not he’ll be accepted to Stanford at the age of 8. Talk about a brave new world of potential-limiting prophecy!”

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The DHS pushed for this legislation. The DHS is also in charge of child care providers and oversees childcare programs. The DHS works with Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system. Hmmm.. It appears we need to completely clean house over at the DHS and then take this up with our legislators in the House. (Please note: Rep Pinto is also the chair of the Early Childhood Committee in the House.)

RELEASE: No Joke: Party-line vote to will allow convicted murderers, child sex offenders, drive-by shooters to work in DHS programs
Monday, April 01, 2019
ST. PAUL, MN—House Democrats voted Monday on a 73-54 party-line vote to pass HF2265, authored by Rep. Dave Pinto, DFL-St. Paul, that would allow individuals convicted of a variety of crimes including murder, drive-by-shooting, felony-level stalking, child abuse, and solicitation of children to engage in sexual conduct, to be eligible to work in a variety of positions that require Department of Human Services (DHS) background studies including Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), providers of home and community-based care services for Minnesotans with disabilities, adult day services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) drivers, and more. The bill would require DHS to consider granting a set-aside or variance to anyone who otherwise would have been disqualified as a result of a variety of serious felony and criminal convictions that are more than twenty years old.

“This bill opens the door to allowing literal murderers and child sex offenders to work alongside Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens with no guarantees or safeguards that they have been rehabilitated and ready to rejoin the workforce,” said Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu, R-North Branch. “Too often this session, Democrats have been focused on restorative justice by any means necessary, even if it puts Minnesotans at risk.”

All of the crimes listed under 245C.15, Subdivision 1 with the exception of those exempted in the bill would fall under the crimes that must be considered for a set-aside or variance. For your convenience, attached is a copy of 245C.15, with some of the most egregious crimes highlighted, and the crimes exempted from the changes under HF2265 crossed out in black (corresponding with lines 1.21-1.23 of the bill).

Here is a post from an anti-testing page:

Oswego NY:
letter to middle school students. Signed by students in class. “Yes to the Test”


And another post from this page:

My daughter’s teacher told her today that she had to sit quietly in class during the test and was not even allowed to read. She may only sit there. I guess that is our punishment for refusing.

And yet another post:

Update in comments about the alternative Benchmark test if you refuse NYS:
Well, here we go again. It seems there are several teachers telling students that this year the State Test will count as a grade. Also some schools are implementing another test made by the school itself for students that are not taking the State Test. New York Mills is one of those. Neither test counts towards our children’s grade no matter what teachers are saying. The test made up by our teachers Im told is just to get an idea of where the students are at this point. I myself feel that the regular testing and quizzing already given throughout the year and assignments show this. I was going to allow my daughter to take the other test as its a local exam, however now that I’ve confirmed our school is actually lying to students about what will happen with these grades my girls will not be taking that either. Im tired of the political and misleading band wagon so many of our faculty members are willing to jump on!!! Please inform others. Several parents have come to me nervous now asking what has changed. Nothing has changed except some schools are now willing to outright lie in order to get the results they want. Disgusting. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

And here is a post from a New York opt-out group:

Well even though I emailed and had several phone conversations with our principal and superintendent at New York Mills school about lying to our kids they have still decided to tell them this morning that if they’re refusing the New York State test today they will be graded on a benchmark today given in its place. Thank you to those at NYM that will lie to children for showing us your true colors. I new we were screwed when our administration was replaced with those that would follow this corrupt agenda.

And yet another post from this group:

My thoughts on the test… we always opt out. I work within a school, and it is disheartening to watch kids take a test that has no merit on their grade. Testing all day. Having to wait to eat lunch with a teacher after all the other kids have finished the test and eaten lunch. Still testing well after 2 pm. Having to take stress breaks from the exam. These kids have now missed learning time that all their other classmates got after they finished testing. Missed specials. Have had NO contact with other kids all day. mind you these kids are at all learning levels. Two days of hours long testing for what? No relevance to their grade. A civil service exam doesn’t even take this long. This is just cruel treatment, especially to kids as young as 8 years old.

And yet another post:

Jarvis Middle School principal Charles Pratt is telling parents who refuse that these assessments are mandatory! 😦 Terrible!

And yet another post from this group:

Curious to see how all of this plays out at CVA tomorrow. After 2 separate emails from the Principal regarding my refusal letter; my son came home today and told me that all of his teachers stressed to the kids that they can’t opt out this year as the rules have changed. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve instructed him to not so much as touch a test. Just so disappointing.

And yet another post:

In Moravia district, the students who are refusing the state tests are being given local tests written by our teachers. While I prefer a local test written by our teachers I don’t like the fact that our refusal is just turning into another test. Students who take the state exams do not need to take the local test. In years prior we refused the alternative test. Another year all children were given the local test and then our children took it. This year they are grading the children on their efforts and utilization of strategies, meaning, if they don’t take at least one of these tests, they will get a zero in the grade book!

And some replies to this post:

Look at my Post on the page about New York Mills. They are doing the same. The Local test really isnt local. They copied part of the State exam. Its a manipulation technique. Refuse Refuse Refuse. 👍🏼

Ask for this policy in writing!! I guarantee there is none. No policy- no test! Or all kids have to take it- they cannot single out students, period! Do not let them intimidate you!

Oh don’t worry they messed with the wrong people

isn’t it ironic when administrators tell students not to bully and lie, now they are doing it.
It’s pathetic.

Keep them home and take them out to lunch for some 1:1 time. Time spent with you will make a much bigger impact on their life than the stupid tests 😁

And yet another post from this group:

New York Mills Parents. This year our school has thrown a hurtle out in front of our 3rd-8th graders in hopes to cahors them. Our previous Principal and even our Superintendent allowed refusals without any strings attached. The game has changed. I have gone through several phone calls and emails in order to understand what they are trying to accomplish and here are the facts. The school has informed students that if they refuse, they will be given a Benchmark exam instead that will be graded. First off, the Benchmark will not be graded. Second, the Benchmark exam contains questions taken from the NYS exam that teachers basically put together.
I assume Superintendent Dr Shelmidine believes parents will give in, thinking their children who refuse will just be given another exam anyways so why refuse anymore. This is nothing but manipulation. I can only speak for myself in saying I will not be manipulated by the people who are supposed to have our children’s best interests at heart. Manipulating them to get what they want (Participation) is the opposite. When this became a political game some 6 or so years ago we had an administration who stood by our side. They allowed parents a choice to guide their own child’s education. It was unfortunate when that administration was driven out of our small district. What it has been replaced with is nothing more than you’ll get at a high priced lousy Buffett. These are your choices, take it or leave it.
My children will not be taking the NYS test. Neither of them have over the last 6 years, nor will they take the new alternative as a consequence to refusing. I have received a email saying my daughter must stay home if Im refusing both. Im sure there are parents who are not aware of this alternative test being given in the NYS tests place. Please share this, nothing about this was sent home to parents. I had to hear about it from my daughter and others who were told they will be graded on a test if they refuse the NYS exam. Please note this is not a battle with any of the wonderful teachers at our school.
Here is the last reply email I received this afternoon:
(I spoke with Dr. Shelmidine after she spoke to you and she reiterated that all students who are not participating in the state tests are required to take the local benchmark exams on the testing days for data purposes. She expressed that she did let you know the only alternative to this would be to keep “student” home during the testing period. This is your prerogative and if you did this “Student” would not be required to take a make-up for either test format)

And yet another post:

Heads up to those in Liverpool. Please help inform parents: The principal of Long Branch Elementary just told my step son’s mother (in that follow up opt out call), that State Testing is now Mandatory as of this year and that there is no “opt out” option. Only refusal. We all know that’s crap, but parents who are new to this or who are worried about getting into “trouble” may need to be reassured in that area. I am so glad she didn’t cave in, but called me instead to find out. THIS IS GETTING SO RIDICULOUS!!

And yet another post:

My daughter just told me that the principal told them, if everyone in each class takes the test, they will get a party. So, because she wont be taking it, her class wont get a party. I think she is worried that people will blame her. Plus she is saying the kids get candy if they take it. I have candy here, I have no problem sending a bag full of candy for her (if she goes in for 1/2 day). I just dont want her singled out. WTFFFF

And some replies to this post:

Keep her home then…just sick.

They will continue to do this, unfortunately it’s because the teachers are getting pressure from higher ups. And even the teachers do not agree with this test crap. I would just keep her home and not let it bother her at all.

which district?


My son’s English teacher said the same thing. If there was a 10% increase in test taking they would have some kind of party. He’s in 8th grade and understands the importance of not taking the tests and wont be swayed. Sad that they’re resorting to bribery.

My daughter mentioned a bag of candy to me too. I’m sending her with her own bag when I drop her off after testing. Thankfully, no party mentioned here, but the letter I received from the principal acknowledging my refusal was not pleasant.

just got a message from a parent in our district that said her daughter is flipping out because she wants to take the test. Those that take the test can have a snack off of the PTO snack cart. Those that are refusing, can not.

I just can’t with this school!! Angers me so much the bs that goes on because of these stupid tests. I’m sorry(not sorry), but they’re just that; stupid. And every damn year our kids are pressured and reprimanded over this bs. These tests are not life or death. Damn administration needs to stop with the tactics and grow up.

Here is a post that I found in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Guerrilla Warfare in Education: the Sabotage of the Common Core through the Exercise of Parental Rights

By Michael Bohr, CI

The Common Core Agenda is a system that takes.

It takes our education dollars and feeds it to investors. Those investors included multi-national corporations, Wall St hedge funds, (allegedly)non profit Foundations, politicians (via campaign donations from
Investors) and Teacher Unions (through Professional Development programs run by union leadership and their bureaucratic cronies).

It takes our children’s privacy, personal data, health and familial information, their educational opportunities for future excellence and, more importantly, their childhood happiness.

It takes parent and teacher time, patience and peace of mind.

Take, take, take!

And the sad part?

We give it to them. Willingly.

The entire Common Core Agenda/System is dependent upon one thing: Data.

Without the data collected from students, the system would crumble. Fast.

So why are we even allowing them to have the data?

Not surprisingly, we do this because of peer pressure from other parents, pressure from the school systems, pressure from our children, along with our own ignorance and apathy.

At the beginning of every school year, we as parents are handed mounds of papers from the school that we faithfully sign off on and return. And then we spend the rest of the school year watching our children suffer, as we ourselves approach Xanax level anxiety attacks trying to fight back against these inane “reforms” and abuses… The ones we enabled by blindly signing all those “permission” slips.

We are at war against an enemy who has dedicated every waking moment of it’s existence to getting what it wants and is equipped with a vast treasury to fund itself and an army of dedicated, sycophantic lawyers, psychologists and “education professionals” hellbent on achieving victory at any cost.

On the other hand, we are a ragtag militia of insurgent parents who are poorly funded, ill-equipped and understaffed who are currently being lined up against a wall and nearby a large hole in the ground, topped with a headstone that reads: “Freedom 1776-2019”!

Why 2019?

Because if we don’t do something NOW, by 2020 there may not be anything left that we can do.

Education as we know it… ALL education, including preK, Public, Parochial, Homeschool/Unschool, Private K-12, as well as all trade, college and university… Will be under the control of the people we are fighting today.

But what of that first date? The “born” date: 1776.

The very war that was waged back then, that was supposed to insure our freedom for all time, holds the key to our success and survival today.

Against the most powerful military force on the planet, a ragtag militia of parent insurgents waged a war of guerrilla tactics… And won!

Knowing that they could not win by simply engaging the enemy on the enemy’s battle field, using the enemy’s tactics, the parents of early America harassed and harangued the British (yes, the irony of Pearson, a British company, being today’s enemy is not lost on me) to fight on unconventional battlefields and denying them what should have been an easy victory.

This is what we must do today!

There are many ways in which we can, and must, wage this guerrilla war.

First off, attack the supply lines. It’s all about the data, so easy access to our children’s data must be denied the enemy.

Our battlefield? Parental Rights.

Refuse the tests! This is already a battle front that is gaining success for us, but alone it will not be enough. While this is vital information for the enemy to have, it only compliments the data collected throughout the year. It is that data that must be denied as well!

Remember those permission forms? Don’t sign them!

Do not allow the schools easy access to the data by collecting it on computers. Force the school to either print out or purchase good, old fashion text books.

By denying permission for your child to access and use the computers at school, the enemy’s supply lines of data is severely damaged while your families and your children’s privacy is bolstered.

No, this will not completely secure all of it, but it will make it too costly and labor intensive to collect. This is akin to forcing our enemy to travel through a swamp on foot, thereby slowing them down, instead of allowing them easy travel and comfort on dry roads. Just as our Foreparents did against the British.

Parents can also wage this guerrilla warfare against the reformers by severely restricting what schools are taking for granted under the legal doctrine of “En Loco Parentis”.

“En Loco Parentis” is the legal concept that, when you leave your child under the care of someone else, that they can act as the parental authority. This used to mean such things as authorizing medical treatment for injuries and medical emergencies, minor disciplinary corrections for a misbehaving child and other day-to-day matters involved in their care and well being.

However, in today’s world of education, schools have expanded this to mean such things as conducting psychological examinations, medical decision making that far exceeds emergency medical care and delves into so-called preventative medicine.

Minor behavioral infractions that would normally prompt a call home to the parents are now being used to engage the legal system and police interventions first… And a call to mom and dad secondary and only as a notification instead of seeking permission for corrective actions.

Under the umbrella of “Zero Tolerance” policies, schools are denying parents and children of their rights, much as the British did in the 1700’s, and convicting them to legal sanctions. These otherwise minor infractions are then recorded on their (now truly) “permanent records” and transmitted to government and corporate databases that will follow them throughout their lives.

The reformers, aka the enemy, are literally making up the rules as they go along, then charging, questioning, indicting, judging and convicting our children of made up crimes without any due process or legal representation. When you hear people talk about a “school to prison pipeline”, this is it.

Parents must be proactive in fighting this by issuing legal notifications to school administrators that any potential disciplinary investigations or corrections that could result in negative notations on a child’s school records, or lead to possible police interventions and legal ramifications must first be preceded by parental notification that allows our children to be represented legally by a parent and/or guardian.

Guerrilla warfare isn’t easy but in today’s world where schools are acting like the monarchal tyrants of this nation’s past, it is our only recourse. When the chewing of pastries can lead to the arrest of a 7 y/o child on weapons charges, parents must stand in between their children and the “legal” system and fight.

The machine of education reform which denies ourselves and our children of their natural and constitutional rights to be free from state sanctioned harm and oppression must be opposed at every level and we as parents, the legal guardians of our children’s rights, must fight back using guerrilla warfare to do so.

At every turn, we must use what ever resources are at our disposal to sabotage the education system stolen from us and being used against us and our children, until such time as the enemy has been defeated and driven from our schools.

Whether sitting upon a throne in a far off land, in a corporate board room, a Dept of Education Office building, a Board of Education council or an office marked “Principal” or “Superintendent”… a tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant and those who bring tyranny down upon the heads and hearts of children are the worst of the worst.

We may not be able to defeat them “head on” on their battlefields of courts and legislature but we can, and must, draw them out into the open and force them to defend themselves on a battlefield of our choosing… Where we are strong and they are weak.

So let the lamps be lit, one if by land, two if by sea and three if by the classroom door.

To arms, to arms and fight from behind the brush if you must… But fight you must!

-Michael Bohr, Contemporary (and parent) Insurgent


More gender confusion being taught to kids in Colorado:

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Well I went to the administration today to turn in my opt out letters and they tell me that it is against the law to opt out.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Montana wants a piece of the action.

And another post from this group:

Morning! Are any here seeing data collection via “universal identifiers” through bills in your state? Here’s the language in MN.
Subdivision 1. Definition. For purposes of this section, “commissioners” means the
commissioners of education, health, and human services.
Subd. 2. Identifier established. By July 1, 2021, the commissioners must jointly
implement a universal identifier or similar cross referencing system that allows for
identification of individual children across programs.
Subd. 3. Applicable programs. The universal identifier applies for a child participating
in one or more of the following:
(1) child care assistance programs under chapter 119B;
(2) early childhood developmental screening under section 121A.17;
(3) early childhood family education programs under section 124D.13;
(4) early learning scholarships under section 124D.165;
(5) family home visiting programs under section 145A.17;
(6) Head Start and Early Head Start programs under sections 119A.50 to 119A.545;
(7) kindergarten readiness assessment under section 124D.162;
(8) school readiness programs under sections 124D.15 and 124D.16; and
(9) voluntary prekindergarten programs under section 124D.151.
Subd. 4. Purposes. (a) The commissioners may only access private data disseminated
through a universal identifier to:
(1) provide coordinated early care and education service delivery, including through
family referrals and follow-up activities;
(2) reduce burdens on families and program participants;
(3) identify early care and education service gaps;
(4) eliminate unnecessary overlap or duplication of services;
(5) create efficiency in program administration;
(6) identify developmental outcomes for children; and
(7) evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of the programs under subdivision 2.
(b) Personally identifiable data must not be used for the purposes specified in paragraph
(a), clauses (6) and (7).
Subd. 5. Data sharing; consent. (a) The commissioners must jointly develop a form
by which the parent or guardian of a child participating in an early care and education
program under subdivision 3 may consent to share private data. The consent form must
specify what data is being shared, what government entities will have access to the shared
data, and the purpose for the data sharing. The consenting parent or guardian may withdraw
consent, in writing, at any time.
(b) The ability of a parent or child to receive services is not affected by a refusal to give
consent under this subdivision.
Subd. 6. Data sharing; authority. (a) The following private data on individuals may
be disseminated under this subdivision:
(1) educational data, as defined in section 13.32, subdivision 1, paragraph (a); and
(2) data collected, maintained, used, or disseminated by the welfare system as defined
in section 13.46, subdivision 1, paragraph (c).
(b) For the purposes specified in subdivision 4:
(1) the commissioner of education may disseminate to the commissioners of health and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in the programs specified
in subdivision 3, clauses (2) to (4), and (6) to (9);
(2) the commissioner of health may disseminate to the commissioners of education and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in family home visiting
programs under section 145A.17; and
(3) the commissioner of human services may disseminate to the commissioners of
education and health private data relating to an individual’s participation in child care
assistance programs under chapter 119B.
(c) The commissioners may only access private data on an individual whose parent or
guardian has consented to share data as provided under subdivision 5.

And yet another post from this group:

Can anyone share a simple breakdown of what digital badges are and why its more sinister that it seem? Something that includes the tracking and funding implications would be great!!!

And here are the replies to this post:

Badges = edublocks

Here is a post that someone made on Alice Linahan’s wall:

I think all of us should look at what doors SB10 opens. You are going to allow non trained well meaning people decide that your child needs medication among many other things that this bill covers….this will mean if you disagree with an untrained person”s opinion CPS can be called –it also means that the State believes that it can be a better parent than you can or will be…Look at the state’s record of what happens to the children removed from their home–family–school–community—everything familiar….that data shows that most children regardless of the age (baby–teen–boy–girl) suffers their FIRST sexual assault within 4 months….how can that be better than the enviorment the state deemed unsafe or dangerous??? This should be looked at as losing your parental rights of decision making for your children…

Another document that ties the vaccine push to the Common Core agenda:

One of their goals is to support:

practices that promote children’s health and safety—in particular,
receipt of prenatal care, breastfeeding, vaccination, ensuring
children’s adequate nutrition and physical activity, monitoring, and
household/vehicle safety; and use of appropriate (less harsh) discipline

The study sponsors are:

Administration for Children and Families
Bezos Family Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Department of Education
Foundation for Child Development
Health Resources and Services Administration
Heising-Simons Foundation
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Based on some of the content in this document, I believe that this might be related to the home visit bills and early childhood bills we’re seeing popping up across the country.

Click to access ParentingMatters.pdf

Here is a post shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:


It is imperative that we express our opposition to SB 10 to our House Representatives and to the members of the House Public Health Committee. It is a foolish plan establishing a Mental Health Consortium that could result in disaster for vulnerable Texas children.

SB 10 creates a massive state government program. It establishes a framework for a Texas Mental Health Consortium using twelve university health related departments and redefines our schools as “Community Centers.” The Senate promise of “monitoring” this massive consortium is an empty one. We may have a very different Senate with each biennium, and I have great concerns as to how this promise will be carried out, if at all.

Initially, $100 Million will be sent to liberal academia psychiatry departments in order for them to develop standards on who is mentally fit or unfit. These departments will have access to our school children in order to have “expanded training and development opportunities.” What could possibly go wrong? There are far better avenues to help our children by improving existing mental health programs.

Currently, Texas already spends $2 Billion on mental health programs in Texas. Why not use one of the agencies already in place? A consortium comprised of a new un-elected quasi-governmental agency spending millions of taxpayer dollars is not the answer. Use of taxpayer funds should go to programs and agencies that must come under the provisions of a Sunset Review. How about working with educators, where “the rubber meets the road” through allocating more resources to local ISD’s for full-time, on-campus school psychologists and licensed school counselors. Parents and educators know their local campus and students’ needs best.

It should be noted that in rushing SB 10 through the Senate, Senate Rules were suspended in order to have all four required readings of SB 10 held on the same day and on a day when the Session was adjourned at 1:00 P. M. This lack of transparency clearly minimized citizens’ opportunities to comment, which is the essence of good policy. In addition, there were three amendments offered on the floor that day dealing with parental consent. There was clear concern over the consortium operating under the guise of “research” and therefore by-passing the parental consent language in the bill.

I encourage you to read SB 10 and compare it to the ideals contained within our Republican Platform. Republicans in support of SB 10 are using a single plank of the RPT Platform regarding mental healthcare (taken completely out of context) in order to try to justify such an intrusive expansion of government, which is like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Much of the wording in SB 10 is taken straight out of the Democrat Platform, which is why all Senate Democrats joint-authored SB 10. Further, the mental healthcare plank is not one of the five legislative priorities of the grassroots. SB 10 is in fact the antithesis of the legislative priority on privacy; the bill grows state government; and SB 10 opens the door for federal grants with the usual onerous federal requirements. Conflicts of interest from pharmaceutical companies, special interests, and the universities themselves will be unavoidable under this structure not to mention a growing financial burden to taxpayers.

I believe very strongly that my duty as an SREC member is to express the will of the delegates who elected me, which is to uphold the RPT Platform in all that I do. As a member of the Legislative Priorities Committee, I am to consider all proposed bills against the words contained within our RPT Platform, no matter who authored the bill. The delegates who created our Platform at the convention understood that words have meanings. The grassroots wants fighters who will stop massive government intrusion into their personal lives.

Republicans care about mental health issues and recognize that we need resources for schools, students, and families in crisis; but we also believe in the principles of limited government, the proper role of government, parental rights, and the privacy rights of students.

Principled Texas House members are the last hope of stopping this terrible legislation and I hope that you will tell them to stand for what is right for the citizens of this great State.

Terri Leo-Wilson SREC Member from SD7
Former State Board of Education Member
Retired Educator ( December 2018)
Currently serving those in need of mental health care through Homeless Outreach

More political censorship in our nation’s classrooms:

Here is a post from an anti-testing page, albeit from two years ago:

You may read this and think, “oh no, not in my school” BUT IT HAPPENING! Did you know that some educators could push a child to the breaking point like this?

6th grade ELA day 3: Student who took Day 1 and 2 just couldn’t take it anymore. Just gave up and was hitting his head on the desk. Told the proctors he just didn’t care if he failed, he wasn’t writing anything, he just couldn’t do it anymore. Said his head hurt from trying to read the passages, refused to go to the nurse, didn’t want to “rest his eyes” or take a break. Was of course told to try, just try. Student understood he would fail if he didn’t take the 3rd day, the first 2 days would have been for nothing. So he writes to get the proctor off his back. Proceeds to write in the answer spaces about how this pain needs to end, he’d rather fail than have this pain in his head, in his eyes, why can’t he leave to a refusal room, why does the state torture the kids like this, he’d rather fail than hurt, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. Admins came in, guidance came in, didn’t matter. Without parent consent, the kid can’t “officially refuse” so he had to sit there, banging his head, crying, writing how he felt, and fringing (ripping) his test book, instead of being moved to an opt out room. (And I have to say, my school was very respectful about opt outs, we had a lot of them and they were very accommodating. But if a kid refuses and has no letter, they call the parents. If the parents say no the kid does not have my consent, then the kid gets the test. They didn’t force him to erase his “work” but he did need to stay in that room until testing was over because of this. )

Here is a Common Core Diva article tying the vaccine push to the educratic “health” and home visit agenda as well as explores recent developments with the Gay/Trans Agenda being pushed in schools and hospitals:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

So, Colorado Dept of Ed wants the State Board to approve a High School Workforce Diploma. (They vote this week.)

Click to access PWR%20Criteria_April%202019%2004%2002%2019.pdf

And another post from this person:

Mandatory Home Visits: Extensive Data Collection Without Consent

“Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data…”

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m furious! My son wrote refuse on his test today and turned it in. The school calls me to make sure I know what happened. Of course I do! I told him to. They made my son sit in the hallway while the rest of the class took staar and kept screaming at him that he was going to miss an elective next year. Any suggestions on how to proceed? He’s 5th grade. I can’t keep him home tomorrow cause he already has tons of absences due to an illness.

And another post from this group:

I am so mad! Our son wears an apple watch that monitors his heart rate per his physician! The school made him remove it today for testing.

And yet another post:

I’m HOT PISSED!!!!!!! I emailed my letters weeks ago, confirmed with the VP and [name redacted]’s teacher confirmed with her last week that she was still not planning on participating I sent my 5th grader to school today with a book. The teacher passed out the STAAR (as expected) [name redacted] handed it back to her. About 30 minutes in the teacher approached my daughter, started to whisper to her “you can do this” “it’s up to you” etc. Apparently about 15 minutes later My daughter went to the teacher and got her test to start……… while I am frustrated that my daughter went against my wishes and did the assessment. I am FURIOUS that the teacher got into my kids head and pressured her!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have a message into the VP, waiting for a call back. This is not the first run in we have had with the teacher this year. I also spoke with the kiddo who sat next to her in class today (she didn’t hear what was said) but corroborated the timeline.

And yet another post:

My 5th grader came home so upset and stressed over today’s STAAR crap. She is really upset and refusing to even go to school tomorrow.

I’ve read nearly all the pinned posts and articles (I’m also working full time at a ranch and have my 2 youngest with me at the moment) but am wondering if I can have my kiddo write her name and “Refused” on her test for tomorrow?

She said they take their tests on the computer. Tomorrow is a reading test, and she has a hard time with it since she’s special needs and didn’t start reading until she was in kinder. She’s Deaf, wasn’t identified until 1 and a half, and was just shy of 2 years behind on language when activated with implants

I’m most definitely a mommasaurus, and the majority of the teachers I know fully understand that I will fight and have in the past for what my kids need.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My child received this assignment. A current issues class at AFHS, to debate the topic and the teacher assigned the teams. Yes, let’s have kids who’s brains are not fully developed make arguments as to why children younger than them should be allowed to change their gender. 🤦🏻‍♀️


And some replies to this post:

And yet I still keep hearing “not in Utah” …

sadly, Utah is dang near like any other state now. too many parents are ignorant to what the school districts are up to. look at SLC. as liberal as any other city in the US. and that leftist mindset is creeping into the suburbs and into the counties north, for sure. and trying to make it’s way into Utah County.

I attend an adult singles ward in Salt Lake and they are extremely liberal! I have to teach and clarify every Sunday to correct false liberal doctrine infecting the community

Current Issues was developed by progressive educators as another means to drive out learning that could be better focused on correct history and truth-based principles. You are right. This is one way to control the narrative. No wonder we have so much anxiety and suicidality in Utah. Kids are longing for a rich education that fills their souls, as opposed to emptying their minds. Parents and teachers are failing them.

AFHS is a high-school correct? This was a Current Issues class, correct? And, THIS is a current issue that a lot of those students are hearing about everywhere – I think a classroom setting with a teacher to facilitate is a fantastic place for kids to talk this issue out

no. Home is an excellent place to talk about it.

What grade level was this given in? It’s inappropriate at any HS grade, but I’m wondering.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

NEW ARTICLE on Minnesota Great Start for All Children Bill, HF 1, and in particular, Home Visits. HF 1 is referred to as a, “utopian Baby New Deal”. #READ the entire article, it’s not long, and #SHARE. Here are a few bullet points from the article. Thank you, Karen Effrem!

“Lack of Consent for Referrals
The word “consent” for referrals does not exist in the Minnesota, Oregon or Washington bills. This means that government bureaucrats are or will be mining the poorly protected (by HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) health, education, social services, family, and other data of expectant mothers and siblings to determine which families need a visit from Big Brother. Although several of these bills say that families may refuse the visits without consequences, this is another data point that will be added to the family’s lifelong government data file.

Loss of Fourth Amendment Rights
Families may unknowingly give up Fourth Amendment rights by accepting home visits from mandated reporters who collect much data on the family and whose government-determined opinions and cultural norms may be quite different from the families they visit when deciding what constitutes abuse or neglect.

Also alarming on the parental rights front is an Iowa bill that requires home visits by school officials once per quarter for homeschooling families, and if the parents refuse, the home visitors can get a court order with “probable cause” to enter the home anyway to interview and observe the child. Kiesecker asks the very relevant question:

The 4th Amendment says probable cause means when you have reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime will be found in the place to be searched. Is home schooling a crime? [Emphasis in original]

Differences in Philosophy Between Parents and Home Visitors
Any parent knows that there are a myriad of views on a whole range of parenting issues from discipline to if, how and when children are evaluated and treated for social, emotional issues when the screening instruments are admitted to be far from reliable. These differences are exacerbated by cultural differences among the many ethnic groups that may be receiving home visits.

However, under American cultural and historical tradition and current jurisprudence, parents, unless there is evidence of real abuse or neglect, have the ultimate right to make decisions about the raising and upbringing of their children. These bills are trying to end that parental autonomy and turn us into a literal nanny state like Norway.

Extensive Data Collection Without Consent
Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data, even though it is very hard to accurately assess even for highly trained professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists:

By documenting, on a regular basis, how children are developing in key domains—including literacy, executive functioning, socio-emotional security, and fine and gross motor skills—family support providers gain critical information for improving program content, and states gain confidence in the ability of these investments to improve school readiness.

Inconsistent Training of Home Visitors
As with preschool and K-12, especially regarding SEL issues, the level of training for visitors can vary substantially. One study found that success varied with how the program was organized even when attempting to implement an established home visiting model. Additionally, the study found there was “difficulty programs faced in retaining participants.” Finally, as also discussed above, information presented may be unscientific or biased, resulting in government-directed parenting.

Poor Research Evidence for Success
This is obviously a key factor, even when listed last. To summarize, based on federal research, 87.5 percent of primary (as measured by direct observation and standardized instruments) parameters showed “no effect” of the home visiting program, and only 12.5 percent of these parameters were “positive” among all of the programs that the federal government listed as meeting “the criteria established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for an ‘evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model’ for the general population” in the child development domain. Data for other domains like child abuse is similar.

However, as with preschool programs, even though much data is invasively collected, if it does not line up with the objectives of the organization promoting the policy, that data will be ignored. Grover Whitehurst, former director of the Institute for Education Sciences that oversees all federal education research efforts, calls this selective use of data “policy-based evidence-making” instead of evidence-based policymaking. This is one of the many reasons we so vehemently objected to the passage of the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act (FEPA) that will allow such distorted and politicized data to be shared among every federal agency.

Similarly to the Pioneer Institute white paper on SEL, Wrench in the Gears warns about the ominous surveillance state the United States is becoming at the sacrifice of privacy, parental autonomy and freedom — beginning with the poor:

We live in an era where data is gold. Poor people needing services (or education) are seen as potential goldmines by predatory financiers, assuming their poverty can be “profitably managed.” We are sliding into a new economic paradigm, one where people are valued as consumers of social services and producers of “impact data.” If we don’t speak out, eventually large segments of the population will be tracked via screen and wearable technologies, generating data linked to public benefits whose value is contained and regulated through digital platforms.

Minnesota’s home visiting program is only one piece of a larger bill that could be dubbed a utopian “Baby New Deal.” It contains massive expansions of government pre-K and childcare programs with the quality rating systems imposing state early childhood standards on private and religious providers.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Seriously? COSN is promoting that preschoolers and kindergartners need social media accounts.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group, in reply to a post of mine of uneasiness about “coming out” in support of marriage, life, etc or oppose LGBTQP or “climate change” online for fear of losing friends or even being banned from communities:

you think its bad in real world you should see middle school. My daughter was subjected to an assignment. A group assign. They had to pick a topic that is hotly debated and write a bill on it. abortion was the topic her group picked pro life bill. the filters on the school internet did not allow any pro life articles to come up for the research. My daughter researched at home and found the so sad pics and cried over the whole thing. My daughter was the presenter for the group. Toward the end of her presentation with her group behind her the teacher asked about free choice and stated she is for choice since its a woman’s body which incited the other class members to chant and heckle my daughter yelling ‘free choice my body my choice’. The teacher allowed the heckling it went on till the class ended so a few minutes.

Mass Resistance and bottom-up resistance helped defeat a radical sex-ed bill in liberal Washington state:

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

So my daughters missed school yesterday due to their Dad having surgery and of course it was Mock Biology test day. LOL Anyway, today teacher sends me an email explaining that since she missed the mock test she didn’t hear it was for extra credit and will need to stay after school and take the test before next Thursday. Well that was not a good thing to tell a mother of a child with 504 that is ready to make phone calls to end this stupid assessment. I emailed her back and said she doesn’t need extra credit for she has a 96 in your class she will not be staying after school for said test. Are they kidding me!

And here are the replies to said post:

I am an elementary teacher and I HATE STAAR and those mock assessments and I can’t stand teachers that push it.

My parents and students know my hatred for that test and every year I get called into the office and griped at because I tell them the real truth about the STAAR and how it measures nothing. Like if a student is in 3rd grade they have it written for 3rd graders at like a 5th or 6th graded level questions. The students are setup to fail from the start. They do that because when a student fails that means more money in the pockets of testing companies who print out the test, test creators, politicians and the corrupt people who work at the Texas Education Agency or as I call it Terrorism Education Agency because TEA to me is a terrorist organization that terrorizes students, children, teachers, parents and others with this Damn test.

My 4th grade son stayed home Tuesday through Friday this week because of the writing STARR and today is the mock reading STAAR. I told his teacher I didn’t want him to take it since he’s severely dyslexic and it would’ve a waste of time. Initially she tild me he would have to take it upon returning to school because they were using it like a benchmark (this came from the principal) but his teacher is so awesome and went back to the principal and they removed that requirement. Good thing too because I was about to completely lose it on the school admin and district. Stupid STAAR. (Dripping Springs ISD)

My daughter is dyslexic too and for the Writing STAAR this week she as in the room for 7 hours without getting up or anything just to finish the stupid assessment. her eyes have been swollen since and hurting. I beg them to not take it but the school has scared them telling them they can’t graduate if they don’t take it. Even prisoners get a yard and smoke break! LOL

Oh that breaks my heart – I am so sorry!!! It’s almost abuse what this stupid STAAR is putting our kids through, especially the SPED kids. Hugs to you and your daughters.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Oh looky here. Here’s a new Senator Patty Murray (D) bill: an extension of her data-guzzling Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R). The endorsing partners of this bill include CoSN: UNESCO’s partner to globalize curriculum using Common Core Education Data Standards. If you read some of the included links, it’s all about progressive-ideology-supporting digital literacy curriculum and global digital citizenship curriculum.

Local curriculum control is quickly becoming a myth, folks. It cannot be restored without ending the Obama Administration’s signature education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Here are some posts from the anti-CBE group about digital badges:

The idea of badges is that people will be continually re-skilled for jobs that may not exist by the time they are processed. But the impact investors will profit, because the success metric will be badges attained in this “lifelong learning” continuum, not gainful employment. The processing will start with home visits / pre-k and go on from there. The groundwork for the badge system was set up by Common Core. Each standard = badge. Now they are doing behavioral compliance badges-soft skills. It is all part of predictive profiling. Here is my piece on Strive. We are the raw material. Badges are they way they will keep track of us along the supply chain.

This IS happening in FL and all the other states Laura McCrary. It started with the forced SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) all states were mandated to put in place prior to CCSS rollout nationwide. They have linked the SLDS’ together and sell access. They built the SLDS’ under the guise of parents wanting to know how their child’s cohort is doing in other states. Like parents care about that. Every state now has an SLDS where everything is being stored. Everything.

FL ladies, don’t forget Jeb. Also DeSantis is a liar about dumping CCSS. I dug into his EO & plan.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Please pray as our attorneys assist a public school student and his parents who called to find out his rights after he was assigned an immoral book as a school assignment.

And here are some replies to this post:

I’m not really sure what the issue is. When my mom had a problem with a book I had to read, we just asked the teacher for a different book. We did this twice, with no complications from the teacher. This was back in the early 1990s.

well that’s almost 30:years ago…

I had the same thing happen at my daughter’s former school and was told they would not give an alternative book for just one student. In fact, the principal walked out and instructed the teachers to no longer speak to me. I tried reaching out to the school board and couldn’t even get a response. The solution of the school was to put my daughter into a classroom that was a grade beneath her for half the schoolday. I was finally forced to remove her from the school and homeschool her for the remainder of the year until we could find a new school for her.

And another post from this page:

Please pray for our attorneys as they assist a public school teacher in Kansas who is dealing with new curricula covering unbiblical views on gender identity.

I’ve found a Maine bill to create an early childhood workforce (meaning preschool, child chare, etc). It is laced with CTE funding.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Lobbyists for online ads sent this letter trying to kill TX privacy bill that asks for opt-in consent.

This is what I’m talking about! We need to do this all over the country! Well, mostly (I disagreed with the way the boys in Alaska handled it, as it only brought more trouble.)

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

I am seeing a lot of conversations about misconduct with teachers, staff and administration over opting out of the STAAR and its remedial components. Under the Texas Education Code there is a section called parental rights and under those rights you have to right excuse what your child will be a part of in the public school setting including any state mandated assessments. ‘

Parents if you come across anybody from the district who is having a serious issue with misconduct you need to file a grievance with the district. Every school has a policy it is tiered or leveled. Level One is with the principle, level two is with the super and level three is with the school board. You can appeal to TEA if you aren’t happy with the school board’s decision. Now with Teachers you can file a educator’s misconduct grievance with TEA.

All of this information is found on the TEA’s website.

OCR complaint

Click to access how_to_file_a_civil_rights_complaint.pdf

If it is a question of FAPE then file a special education complaint with TEA, for IEPs. 504 plans are under OCR.
Now if there is an issue with bullying, harassment, or your child was forced to take the STAAR after you advocated opt out then these fall under OCR regulation. Any type of retaliation is against the law, period. It damages your relationship with the district and your child’s mental health.

I were any of you dealing with retaliation right now about opting out of the STAAR I would make it very clear to the school that you know your rights and misconduct is a form of retaliation and it needs to stop right now. I would inform the school in an email to all parties involved.

And here are the replies to this post:

Yes! This! So few parents know their rights in their child’s education. Thank you!

Time For TEA to go down and disassembled and labeled exactly what it should be labeled and that is a homegrown Terrorist organization that terrorizes students/children, teachers, and parents in Texas. I have made it my life mission to make sure this STAAR test shit and this organization gets destroyed forever. I don’t know how I am going to get it done but I will and I know that I am not alone in this thinking. So get ready TEA your end is near. We together are S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers which will avenger our children and students and liberate them from this test once and for all.

They only way to get something done with TEA is through the governor’s office. He appointed the person who is running the show right now. Write emails/phone calls, etc tell them parents aren’t happy.

I am an elementary teacher. I hate that damn test and this agency. My parents and students know how much I ate and despise TEA and the STAAR test.

What if it’s the principal doing the threatening? Do I still file a level 1 with him?

My 15 said kids were asking why he wasn’t taking the assessment so he told them. The principal called him to his office and told him if he kept spreading lies he would send my son to ISS (in school suspension)

ISS on what grounds? Unless your child violated the schools code of conduct which I don’t think your child did. No this principle is using ISS as a scare tactic that needs to stop.

exactly. He and I had words about this a few years ago. Apparently I’m uneducated and my daughter (oldest kid) won’t graduate… she’s a Jr. , top 10, NHS. The counselor & I created her alternatives to EOC. Counselor was excited to learn there were options for those seniors who couldn’t pass.

Threatening him with ISS for talking with his friends?
Oh, yes, document that up the chain immediately. That way, if he gets ISS later, you will have massive ammo to fight it.
Did you have any emails that you can use for evidence of his threat?
I would send him one asking about the incident.

We were told if we opt out child, they will have to turn in their STAAR test with a zero grade. (We are in elementary)

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

The Story Behind Ole’ Betsy’s (DeVos) Twisted and Distorted CHOICE Trap. READ this statement from DeVos….. She is telling you straight up that vouchers will result in private schools following public education mandates. She is also obviously pushing her religion. You do know she is a devout Catholic and is pushing catholic school education. Just research the woman!!!!!!!!!

March 11, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced at the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) State Directors Annual Meeting that the Department will no longer enforce a restriction barring religious organizations from serving as contract providers of equitable services solely due to their religious affiliation. Many religious and private schools were rejoicing. Why, when these schools are being set-up?

Did Betsy DeVos Just Spill The Beans:

“She has also made clear that she believes that any education program funded with taxpayer dollars is “public,” even if it is a private religious school that accepts students funded with publicly funded vouchers or tax credit programs.”

DeVos Says Ban on public money to religious schools “should go to the ash heap of history.”

The target of DeVos’ wrath: so-called “Blaine” amendments to state constitutions that prohibit public funds from being used for religious purposes. DeVos said these amendments, many of which originated in the late 1800s, began as “bigoted” against Catholics

Kudos to this girl and shame on North Pole High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. Also, this is related to my earlier post above about resistance to the transgender agenda in Nebraska and Alaska. While I credit the boys in Alaska for opposing the transgender bathroom push by the school, their actions were in the wrong and they brought themselves and the poor girl into trouble.) Double shame on North Pole High School. First, for putting the gender confused boy in the girls bathroom, and second, for suspending the girl for fending off boys who blocked the door to the girls restroom.

Two students in NJ were suspended from school for three days and given detention on the weekend for posting photos of them going to a shooting range on Snapchat:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

UNESCO paper
published Nov. 1984

“A Methodological Guide
to the Application of the Notion of Common Core
in the Training of Various Categories
of Education Personnel”

by J.C. Pauvert

Here is the link I found that someone told me about.

Here are some posts I found online in an AlphaNews article:

my son graduated high school believing that America STARTED WWII over imperialism. My Dad had to explain Pearl Harbor….how freaking sad is that?!?

so much of the root of the ignorance is the careful control (stranglehold?) on the current political / historical narrative in our high schools and post-secondary institutions. Case in point: my daughter’s liberal arts college offers students free access to The New York Times app. The left-leaning, “progressive” New York Times, that is…is it difficult to guess on which side of the political aisle does the school administration and teaching staff land?


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thoughts on RISE score affecting final grade?

And here are the replies to this post:

Where did you get that?

Sent home with a student

what district


It’s because of a State Board Rule that has been challenged, but I don’t think it’s going away, especially with HB118 passing. The most important part is that it is ONLY by the request of a parent. It cannot be used on grades otherwise. We also need to be watchful to make sure children who opt out are not negatively impacted by it. It gives the advantage to students who take the test, which has been pointed out, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

Here is a post from a California group:

I’m at loss of words right now.
One of my girls in 4th grade came home today and told me that she had a “weird” substitute teacher. Of course I thought she was being dramatic. She went on to describe a person who looked like a man, talked like a man and wore a dress and a wig. This person stated that they don’t celebrate holidays and they live in a trailer with just a couple boxes of things. Apparently the kids kept referring to “him” as “Mr __” and he corrected them and said that “Ms” is how you should refer to “her”. The kids seemed to think otherwise.

I was not imagining that I would have to have a conversation now about how to address people who assume an identity they were not born with, much less gender identity issues at all.

I’m thinking about writing a formal letter to the principal to share my concern about choice of substitute teachers, but I don’t know how to share it in a way that express my concern about the risk to children of exposing them to people who choose alternative sexual identities and do not choose to fit into social norms.

I’m also thinking I should send a quick note to the other parents in the classroom too.

And some replies to this post:

What district?

San Marcos in San Diego County

We have a transgender teacher at our middle school. It was tough at first to send my son to that class everyday not knowing if it was going to be a platform for the teacher but it ended up being okay. Its sad that we have to worry, not everyone that is different is bad but it’s so hard to trust that they have our child’s best interest in mind too.

wow– this is definitely unfolding. I just got the first response from a parent and it looks like the exposure is WAY MORE than just appearance and gender identity. This is what I just read:
There was also a discussion and debate on religion today, on whether God exists or not, and that the substitute does not celebrate holidays like Christmas. The substitute apparently told the students that she does not believe in God, and does not believe in giving or receiving gifts. I don’t have a problem with any of that and what anybody believes or thinks at all, but I am not sure why these kinds of discussions are necessary or important in a 4th grade class. I was not there myself, but I think there is some truth to some of this from my son. I do have some concerns myself about the material that was discussed today.

YES .. They had one purposely substitute at Sierra High School Manteca Ca. I am actually grateful for this experience because it ‘shook’ my daughter up to lean more to the right. Very eye opening.

I’m definitely going to focus on the basic aspect that it’s very distracting within the learning environment. As I’m learning more from other parents, this person engaged students to talk about atheism in the 4th grade classroom- which should be enough to be booted. (my girls don’t have phones yet– we are waiting a few years

I was told that they would slowly start introducing teachers who are more agreeable to teach these concepts. I guess when they are hiring new teachers, they can show them some pretty controversial curriculum and ask, “Are you comfortable teaching this material to a class?” The ones that are okay with it will turn out to be a “better fit” for the job. This could be just the beginning of a very interesting turnover in faculty.

This, along with other reasons, is why I am retiring in June from my public school position. I’m so saddened and unhappy about the way things are headed for our schools. God help us.

Are you raising the white flag in defeat and retreating?
Keep your position, it is not up for replacement by one of those, certainly. It is not over till it is over.

we are heavily considering homeschooling 😟

not sending the white flag up at all. I’m 66, have worked for my school district for 34 years, and I’m basically just done. But things like this make me really sad for the future of public schools.

I wasn’t a teacher but I fear what this will do to our next generation.

I just learned of these changes about 3 weeks ago (via a paid ad by this group) and I have been so stirred by what is going on! It is bad on so many levels. My mama bear is kicking-in big time!!! I need to know what I can do to help change this mess!

Yes, so sad. I’m an elementary teacher, 21 years with retirement way too many years away.😭😭😭

One thing you can do on your way out the door that will help others, is to encourage younger teachers to opt out of the union. The sooner they cut off the CTA from union dues, the sooner we stop feeding the beast that has created this nightmare. Here’s a great resource for teachers to find info to opt out of unions and to get insurance that will actually protect them more reliably than the unions

I’d be pulling my children from these schools so damn fast, that “things” wig would spin right off! Pull your kids, people! Pull them out of these demonic indoctrination camps immediately! Don’t send them back until the state stops with all this insane gender bender bullshit!

Not everyone can do that, we’ve got to stay, speak up and be heard

Maybe not, but at this point, something drastic has to happen. What’re you going to do? Go to the PTA meetings? How are you planning on speaking up and being heard? Before it’s too late…? Sounds like it’s already too late! They’re already implementing this crap…they’re already hiring teachers, at least substitutes…that are men wearing dresses…to teach your children. Teach them what…? How to be totally confused? How to be gay? How to be transgender? What the hell happened to reading, writing, & arithmetic?

And another post from this group:

I have been meeting with parents to discuss some concerns with the new sex ed curriculums which are being implemented this year. Many of the parents I have spoken to were not aware that their 12 year old child is allowed to leave the school campus without parental notification or permission to have an abortion, receive birth control/counseling and STD/STI testing and treatment.

I believe every parent should be aware and has a right to know of such a heinous overreach by the state of California. I will attach some pictures of the actual page from one of the sex ed curriculums with the laws/codes “TELLING” us parents we have no say on wether or not our child is to have a risky procedure.

Cal. Family Code 6925 states “A minor may consent to medical care related to pregnancy-related medical services except sterilization”. However, sterilization is a potential complication from having an abortion.

Like any other surgery, an abortion is a surgical procedure which may potentially have serious complications. Yet, the state of California does not believe parents of these children need to be informed nor have any input.

Our children cannot watch a rated R movie, have a cavity filled or get a physical without parental notification and consent. However, California says they can have an abortion and us, the parents of these children have nothing to say about it.

Link to the page where your child is coached on how to approach the school office, what to say to them and what steps to take in order to keep us parents in the dark.

This is a link to a video the ACLU crafted to notify your children about their rights to “reproductive care” without your consent.

And yet another post from this group:

Article in the number one korean newspaper in america the korea times titled “How is this sex education? This is sexually explicit material…”

The korea times covered the board meeting in Anaheim California on 4/11/19.
Many concerned parents came out for the public hearing. Some concerned mothers testified to please remove planned parenthood from their schools and sited facts on how they were not there to help stop sex in schools but to promote and stimulate it.
One mother spoke after her conversation with her son. Her son had said that the planned parenthood guest speaker showed them a video of a girl getting raped. Then they went into discussion on what to do if that had happened. Obviously they are implanting ideas into the minds of 12 year olds.

And yet another post

This is what was taught today in my sons class. They keep teaching the victim mentality, this entire thing is disturbing.


And here are the replies to this post:

What grade is this being taught??

9th Grade Inspire High. It’s called Inspire High School of the Arts and Sciences in Chico. It is a charter school.

Charter?? Aren’t you able to choose your curriculum?? We can with our charter.

we don’t choose the curriculum. I can opt out, and isn’t it convenient that they include the opt out letter in a lengthy email mixed in with random stuff? I did know this was coming because of the internet, and I also know my son is very strong in what he knows to be true. He was allowed to attend on a recon basis. Lol. He took a lot of notes and wrote down conversations for me. Why do I do this? Because I fear we wouldn’t really know the scope of the Indoctrination if we didn’t have students like him.

You are brave, I couldn’t let my daughter go to a class like that…..then again she’s 6. Schools are scary places these days.

my daughter wouldn’t be able to handle this either. And they are the same age. She isn’t even in that school, she is on homeschool and I am her teacher. My son is a musical genius and needs to be around his music classes and such that I cannot provide for him to the level this school does. He is the one kid to stand out and has taken a lot of heat for it, but he is strong. It is a very LEFT school. It cannot even be labeled liberal at this point due to the fact it has completely gone off the deep end. Then walks in my kid with his American flag jumpsuit, or shoes, or hat, or what have you. And they have given him so much grief over it. But he says I love my country and I stand up for what I believe in, if this offends you, that’s your problem.

Thank you for having your son do this recon. You’re right, we wouldn’t know the full scope if someone doesn’t attend and see what they are up to. I can’t believe that crap! Absolutely teaching them victim mentality and other kids that don’t have a mom with their head on straight like you do will totally buy into this. This whole thing bothers me to my core.

This is an outrage!
Growing up is hard enough we are either to thin, too fat, to short, too tall, shy, or talkative. Why add more doubts to kids to question themselves. Why not help them get an education so kids can choose a college a career a profession not a gender.
This comes with an agenda to recruit more homosexuals. It is for the majority a learned behavior, of course with a few exceptions. The percentages of kids going through puberty I think the percentage is at present 1 percent gay but they are trying to make our kids LGBTQ.l

you are correct. It’s rampant in our schools. My daughter had 11 on her volleyball team this past year and out of them 7 claimed to be lesbians. I said well, statistically that’s in accurate. I told her that at the most 1-2 of those girls will still be lesbian when they grow up, and that’s being generous with my stats. They are literally brainwashing our kids.

7 out of 11 is insane! My best friends daughter is 14 and I can’t believe the amount of gay and lesbian kids she goes to school with. My daughter is 21 and it was not like this when she was that age. None of them have any idea what they are doing or talking about. I pray they wake up and grow up to see that the left is indoctrinating them with BS.

Yes agree they talk about Torrence and discrimination but what if they had a club at school heterosexual abstinence until marriage club at school? You know that wouldn’t go over at all. I was a virgin when I got married (unheard by today’s standards) my husband was too. We figured it out just fine. Why do kids even need to be thinking of sex at such young ages. This is insane! I am a Christian and was taught that sex between a man and woman is sacred. This is crazy our poor little kids are going to be so confused.
This should be illegal! This is just wickedness of the worse kind to prey on the helpless and the most precious and trusting and innocent in society!

A list of “privilege injustices” could be compiled for anything deviating from the norm. I could decide that my nose is an ear and have, therefore, three ears. My list of grievances would begin with people with two ears not having to worry about finding earmuffs equipped with three muffs. That is grounds for launching a campaign against the privilege of “ear duality.” There is no end to the infinite ways a deviation from the norm can be construed as an unfair privileging of the norm. If left unchecked, this is a virus that will contaminate reason itself, and in a decade or so my absurdist example will seem mild.

Seems like that’s part of the goal… the more we are preoccupied with biased opinions and hatred in between each other based on bullshit privileges and tolerances the less government has to worry about us standing up united against gun control and other laws that will strip us of defense and finances.

This is no different that what was done in Germany under the Hilter Youth movement to change a nation’s culture & values. Replacing the holy trinity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit with Volk, Fuehrer & Vaterland (people, ruler, & fatherland). Boys born in 1926 became cannon fodder in the final futile attempts to keep Hitler’s Reich alive. A generation of wasted lives.

And another post from this group:

Los Angeles Department of Health has this “Adolescent Provider Toolkit” posted on it’s website. Here is a page literally explaining how to perform a “parentectomy” (their term) – to get the parent out of the room for the confidential portion of the child’s exam.

Click to access Adolescent_Confidentiality_Toolkit.pdf

And some replies to this post:

Just yet another reason why I don’t take my kids to allopathic doctors.

You people in Cali better get mad as hell and fight back this indoctrination ! This is spreading all across the country, but you guys are the main one so far’. STOP it in its tracks. We MUST protect our children at all cost. They are setting them up for their own agenda’. Washington State Christians fought for it for now, but they are already working on a stronger plan for next year”.

unfortunately people in CA are apathetic. Too busy buying their Tesla’s, vegan and PETA all come first. I know I live here. It’s pathetic. So unwilling to open their eyes or go against the grain…90% at least

So they are complicit in the agenda to undermine parental rights & authority. Disgusting. Parents, have such a great relationship with your children that they feel comfortable talking openly with you, and no one can ever come between you.

“A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent” WHATTTTT??????? 😡😡😡😡

That’s what the state says. And kids are told this in SeXXX ed class.

the state actually REQUIRES that 7th-12th graders be taught that they can get an abortion/etc without parent’s knowing, that they can obtain Medi-Cal coverage to pay for it, and they can get out of school without their parents knowing if it is for “confidential medical services”!!!

NOTE: there is not age restriction for abortion. ANY AGE a child can consent. And if the child is less than 14 and having sex with someone also less than 14, it is not reportable (OR if the child just doesn’t offer the information, since the provider is not even required to ask the 11 year old girl who she was having sex with in order to give her a dangerous medical procedure).

It’s actually in the parent-student handbook, also: “School authorities may excuse any student, age 12 year or older, from the school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical
services without the consent of the parent or guardian.” It’s been clarified by various legal input that “may” means just that this child “might” request the absence. The school must grant it.

Click to access PSHB_2018-19%20SY_Eng_FINAL_WithForms.pdf

They have done this for years already it’s just more scary today than it was then. My 20 year old and 24 year olds dr did this at their visits once they hit 13 or 14 I believe . Good morals and communication in the home are key

unfortunately the brainwashing is way more intense these days in schools !!

brainwashing in the doctor’s too! I had to fight the doctor in front of my kids when he tried to insist my son needed the HPV shot because it helps prevent all kinds of cancer now. According to him it even helps fight skin cancer… wait, what?!? Then he talked all about the “bad” info out there on the shot. Man I was pissed because I did my research on that shot and he’s full of it! I had to say NO very firmly SEVERAL times before he gave up!

yep so true! It’s a pharma corrupt business in there!

This EXACTLY how it went when I took my teenage son in for a referral to podiatry. On base- at the naval hospital. Last year.

yeah, I took my kids to a doctor who told me'” we see teens alone- parents do not come in.” I never returned to that office. my daughter wants me there so it’s not like she’s asking to go alone. I don’t trust anyone who is meeting with and examining my child alone behind closed doors. I seriously question the motives of any health professional insisting to meet with my child alone. parents should always be welcomed and respected. we are our children’s caregivers and advocates and others are there to support us in our efforts to best parent our children. if they have something to say to my child they can say it while I’m in the room. whatever education they have regarding health they care to share with my child will be best applied if they educate me as the parent as well. no one should undermine the role of the parent-it’s primary!

I have 7 now adult children. I have been through this many times and you have to TAKE A STAND AS A PARENT. NEVER allow schools or Doctors to intimidate you for staying with your teen. Until the age of 18 they are still children under your parental care and responsibility. Red flags if you are asked to leave them alone.

I’ve already been introduced to this at my kids doctors office. We discuss it before we go in that the doctor is going to ask me to leave and I tell them that they can say no, that they want me to stay. I just ask my kids in front of the doctor if they want me to leave. They’ve always asked me to stay. Doctor can’t argue what the child is asking for. I leave it up to my kids and so far they’ve always wanted me in there.

I will have to try that. Our kaiser doctor acted like they didn’t have a choice!

I will happily disclose before any appointment that it is not acceptable for them to ask me to leave until they are 18. Heck, I will make them put it in my children’s chart notes that as a parent, I have the right to have this question removed from their routine appointments with my children. I set boundaries during pregnancy, I set boundaries and pushed for testing that wasn’t required for my children’s health like bloodwork and EKGs (and they found a potential problem!!), and certainly I will continue to be their advocate without being dismissed!!

Truth on Vaccines Part 2

This is part 2.

And yet another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

So I work as an answering service and some of our clients are hospitals, pediatricians, and obgyn offices. It is so heartbreaking to hear people calling in who are pregnant after they get the tdap vaccine or their children after getting vaccines, wanting to speak to the on call dr because of the reactions.. we cant advise anything, only take the messages and text the doctors, so hearing it and knowing their pain but not being able to tell them what it is from or say to stop vaccinating… ugh it breaks my heart 😭😭 I just had a call today from a woman who is 30 weeks pregnant and is bleeding from the tdap 😭 this job is overwhelming

And some replies to this post:

I know the feeling as I work at a pharmacy bah

I work at a medical clinic and I know what you mean 😦 literally calling the next day or several days after there well check where they got vaccines, to say they have high fevers or were hospitalized and have to follow up with there provider. So so sad breaks my heart. I wish I could tell them too

Ooooh I couldn’t do that. 😭😭

I could never not say ” consider the vaccinations” I don’t care if I was fired over it. People’s lives matter more to me then just doing my job

I would keep a personal journal and document everything you hear from people… maybe you could use it for something someday…

I found out, thanks to a friendly informer, who gave me a source directly from the CDC itself, that the MMR vaccine (the measles one) that Rockland County was trying to mandate (or ban you from the public if you didn’t get it) has WI-38 in it. Wi-38 is a diploid human cell strain composed of fibroblasts derived from lung tissue of a 3-months gestation female fetus.

Click to access excipient-table-2.pdf

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

GREAT news – A judge has blocked the Rockland County, NY order banning the ‘unvaccinated’ from public spaces ———>

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Those of you that once vaccinated and then stopped , what was your number one reason why? Really just trying to educate myself further. I’m completely against them for myself and my kiddos .

And here are the replies to this post:

My daughter was injured

Found out aborted fetal cells were used and I was like I’m
Done. I didn’t have a clue. That was over 10 years ago.

My daughter was constantly sick. We practically lived at the doctors office. After hearing “it’s normal” too many times, I did my own research. Stopped vaccinating at 12 months. She’ll be 4 in May and has been sick once a year for less than 24hrs

My last daughter had aweful reactions

The death of my child did it for me

Daughter ended up comatose for 13 days

My youngest daughter was injured when they held her and me down and gave her 8 shots at once

I wasn’t educated at all of what the ingredients actual were, the dose amount dangers, the risks/side effects, the poisons etc NOW I’m aware and woke! My niece was diagnosed with a cancer type most likey caused from the Flu Shot:(

My child cried constantly for weeks after well visits. Then I did some research and spoke to friends who had made the same decision. We stopped after his 6 month appt.

A vaccine killed my perfectly healthy son.

My son had a severe reaction to his 4 month set of shots, plus he was 9 weeks premature and still got them on time…makes me nauseous to think about. None ever again after that and my second son is completely unvaccinated.

The 2nd MMR booster made my then 4yr old change/regress overnight. His developmental doc proved he had a reaction to the vaccine and it overwhelmed his immune system and he developed PANS. I’d take measles any day over what we’ve lived through. But my son is now healed at 6yr old and doing incredible but we had to spend thousands of hours and $$$$ to recover him

Oldest had a seizure following 12 month shots. Second child had an adverse reaction to Hep B that was given in the NICU without our consent

My son had his first vaccines and his personality immediately changed, that very day. He didn’t have any more and neither did my daughter.

I read the ingredients.

Vaccine damage. Both my daughter and I ended up with severe damage that required intensive and long term “rehab”.

At 6 months she had vaccines and that night stopped breathing turned blue and purple. Thank God I got her breathing again. She was put on a breathing monitor for 3 months. Stop all vaccines

I was always leary because of issues vaccinating dogs do I wanted to delay and space out. The ped we had with the twins talked me into the hib at 2m and they had a reaction which the ped of course denied was related. I refused any more for months until we moved and saw multiple peds that all said they had to be “caught up”. I finally let them get a dtap which they didn’t seem to have an issue with. We started a new ped after that and a few months later got another where one twin stopped responding to his name and lost receptive speech. I refused to do any more after that. We found a new ped that has never pushed us and started there with the birth of my next. We’ve been there since and they’ve never tried to force us to do any more.

We did delayed schedule with my first. No help at birth, and he got that at two months, and at six months he got his two month vaccines. He was very lethargic and feverish afterwards, and it scared me. That’s when I started to research. I learned enough to where I decided that it was too risky to continue. My failure, though, was I stopped researching. I was afaraid of tetanus, and so, two years later when my son was bit by a dog, I consented to a tetanus booster. I asked for it split, they made a big show of looking for one and ultimately gave him TDaP without informing me. I didn’t know that it was completely useless against tetanus if he had been infected. Within days, the change happened. He was nearly three- been potty trained for almost a year, no accidents, could draw remarkably well, neatly, in the lines. Dress himself. Speaking very well. Play quietly by himself or sit through a movie no problem. He became fussy, throwing fits, freaking out over things. He started having accidents. Neat drawings became scribbles. He started hand flapping and jumping up and down in place, couldn’t focus on a task for a long time. He lost a lot of coordination, struggled to dress himself. Started not stuttering, but struggled to put his words together or focous on what he was trying to say so would repeat words, over and over until he could peice it together. You could see his frustration. He was aware that it was happening band it upset hiqm. He didn’t understand why.
My husband had instinctively never wanted to vaccinate him. I was scared. The guilt is something i will never get over. He better now, very functional. It’s been 7 years. He still has some sensory issues, I’ll have to remind him to go to the bathroom sometimes. He still jumps up and down, always has to be moving. He toe walks, severely.

As a child I always ended up with pneumonia after shots. Senior year in high school, my body couldn’t take it anymore… After flu shot I got pneumonia once again, but this time I ended up in a coma for two weeks, almost dying from septic shock. It’s been 10 years now and I haven’t had a vaccine since, haven’t had pneumonia since either. It’s not worth taking the risk, not knowing if my son could have the same poor respiratory reactions like I had.

My 3rd born had seizures and totally stopped talking after his last vaccines…. he hasn’t spoke to say mom, no,dada, dog….nothing. When I researched ingredients- I would never have given consent if I had known.

Eczema, constant earaches, some learning disabilities(including a son who didn’t talk a word till over 3) a daughter with a febrile seizure at 3 yo not normal reseach I began back in he 80s made me realize the risk/benefit ration just not worth it.

My first born ended up with damage to his pituitary gland. He was diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism due to the lack of growth hormone his body was able to produce. God made my heart heavy when it came to his next round of vaccines so I decided to wait. Since then I have started researching and found that a lot of his medical issues are found in the vaccine inserts as adverse reactions. He has had no more vaccinations since and maybe a year or 2 later he started growing again. Thank God, he is now a normal height, but some issues have remained. My second hasnt had even 1 vaccine and is the picture of health. At 2 he is larger than my oldest was at 5…. and that is no exaggeration!

Worked at a pediatric hospital and witnessed all the vaccine injuries.

My oldest is a vaccine injured child. She was constantly sick as a baby, has processing disorders, celiac disease… numerous things that point to vaccines!

My son became autistic overnight after MMR

Vaccine injury (Anaphalaxis) with my first 2 of 3….

4 kids third kid got a reaction at 12 month shots. Stopped speaking started regressing. 4th kid injection free. First 2 kids have asthma, exzema, adhd, odd, all had screaming, high fevers after shots. Slept the infancy away. 4th baby never sleeps like her brothers did. All 3 boys have gut issues as well.

I was vaccine injured. I got the Gardasil vaccine and was paralyzed for a year

My 5 year old son had seizures and was lifeless after DTAP and MMR. Thankfully I was at the lake and the first people I found were first responders (crazy!) He is still alive, his blood pressure was in the 190’s. He’s since developed sleep apnea, has thyroid issues and I’m thinking early puberty. He also has gained 45 pounds in a little over a year.

And another post from this group:

Guess who is behind this “UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE” ?

“PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION” — This is how fear-mongering tactics are implemented. First scare the shit out of people by predicting a GLOBAL PANDEMIC – Give maximum publicity & coverage for your statement via multiple news outlets – Then later come out with the solution, which GATES himself had been funding and developing – the UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE.”

Apr-2018 – “….BILL GATES warns – 30 MILLION People Could Die From FLU PANDEMIC …”

While in the background, BILL GATES was overseeing the development of a UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE


Apr-2018 – Bill Gates pledges $12 million for UNIVERSAL FLU VACCINE

Dec-2018: – “What I learned at work this year” – By Bill Gates

Apr-2019: – NIH begins first-in-human trial of a universal influenza vaccine candidate


“I had hoped that hitting the 100th anniversary of this epidemic would spark a lot of discussion about whether we’re ready for the next global epidemic. But if anything is going to kill tens of millions of people in a short time, it will probably be a global epidemic. And the disease would most likely be a form of the flu, because the flu virus spreads easily through the air. Today, a flu as contagious and lethal as the 1918 one, would kill nearly 33 million people in just 6 months….”

“I have been studying this for several years. To be prepared, we need a plan for national governments to work together. We need to think through how to handle quarantines, make sure supply chains will reach affected areas, decide how to involve the military”

There has been progress toward a Vaccine that would protect you from every strain of the Flu.

This year I visited the U.S. National Institutes of Health and got an update.

The challenges of making a “Universal Flu Vaccine” are fascinating. All strains of the virus have certain structures in common. If you’ve never been exposed to the Flu, it’s possible to make a Vaccine that teaches your immune system to look for those structures and attack them. But once you’ve had the Flu, your body obsesses over the strain that got you sick. That makes it really hard to get your immune system to look for the common structures.

So it is clear how we could make a “Universal Vaccine” that would protect anyone who has never been exposed to the Flu before.

To make the most of these scientific efforts, the world needs to develop a Global System for Monitoring and Responding to Epidemics.

That is a political matter that requires international cooperation among government leaders. This issue deserves a lot more focus.

Here is a Common Core Diva article tying the vaccine push to the educratic “health” and home visit agenda:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I have had such a heavy heart lately over the push for mandatory vaccines. My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 and half with autism. When my son was one I knew there was something wrong but I was such I young mom I didn’t think twice about not vaccinating. It was just what we were all to do for our children to keep them free of disease. I never thought the sleepless nights, emergency room visits for seizures, ENT visits and neurologist visits had anything to do with the 8 vaccines my son received in one day. There was absolutely no informed consent and there still is none and this just blows my mind.

I was researching and researching trying to figure out what was wrong with my son then doctors started talking about “autism” concerning my now 19 year old son. I started digging and finding out as much information as I could about autism and then I came across many people questioning vaccines. I still didn’t stop vaccinating.

Even though I was still vaccinating my children I did slow their vaccine schedule down. My decision to stop vaccinating in 2004 happened when my daughter who was around 18 months received a couple vaccines and woke up the next day with no speech and she began walking on her tippy toes. She had at least 20 words and no stemming symptoms prior. My daughter then all of sudden required pre-primary impaired services.

I changed our entire lives at that time. No more vaccines for all four of my kids! I changed their diets and had very expensive blood testing done for my children concerning gut allergies so I knew who could eat what. I also added essential supplements.

Long story short, My daughter made a full recovery. Her older brother did not but he did start talking and we rarely had to go to the doctors anymore. Life became a lot easier.

In 2012, I was scared by my children’s pediatrician that they needed the dtap due to an outbreak of whooping cough. I thought they are old enough it shouldn’t hurt them. Once again we ended up at doctor after doctor with my son that has autism. We ended back up at the neurologists and psychiatrists. Up until this point my son was able to be medication free. [name redacted] started spinning out of control and then they did an MRI where they found a golf ball size cyst in the midline of sons brain with absolutely no answer except to say it has probably been there most of his life but something recently must have aggravated the cyst. Smh ????? On December 10th of 2018 my son had to undergo brain surgery at the University of Michigan.

During this same time shortly after the vaccine in 2012 my now typical developing daughter became very depressed and was showing extreme signs of ADHD.

Both are doing better now but I did fire the pediatrician they had from birth. [name redacted] will always have severe issues and I am under so much stress daily because I have a now 2 year old who has never been vaccinated. I have 5 kids total. 21,19,16,15 and 2. My two oldest fully vaccinated with Autism, Allergies, Asthma, OCD and ADHD. Partially vaccinated, my middle children- ear problems when they were little and like I said possibly adhd and regression after vaccines…but my daughter is doing better now.

My youngest OMG! Nothing and no vaccines! Watching her grow up so healthy is something I have never seen before. Absolutely no developmental issues whatsoever! One antibiotic so far and that was because she got a staff infection on her finger and a couple viruses nothing odd. It’s beautiful watching her thrive but at the same time I cannot stand myself for being misinformed about the possible consequences of vaccines.

I am scared every single day now I am going to wake up and vaccines are going to be mandatory and either way I lose my 2 year old.

To those who are borderline on this matter please know we didn’t just research we witnessed!!

And here are some replies to this post:

You did what most of us Mothers did… trusted your Pediatrician. Unfortunately, most Doctors don’t know any better or if they do, they’re too afraid to speak out or they’re just as corrupt as the CDC. I feel for you. My one and only child was vaccinated until 2 years old. He got very sick after his 12 month vaccines. Then ended up in the hospital around 15 months. That is when he lost all speech and started showing signs of autism. After a year of speech and occupational therapy and not much change, he was diagnosed with autism just before his 3rd birthday. After getting him into a better therapy program, he’s made so much progress in just a few months. We’re still looking for ways to detox him, but getting him to eat healthy food is almost impossible. He’s starting food therapy this month while we look for other ways to help him. Thank you for sharing your story!

I believe it. 5 kids here. 1st fully vaccinated kid has most problems and last totally unvaccinated and NO issues. I witnessed.

Beautiful and heartfelt. I have the same story. I wish I didn’t.

Fox news just had a Doctor on selling the vaccines. I thought thay had a knowledgeable team research or are thay afraid to tell the other side?

I just watched that too. I was disappointed on their stance.

Thank you for sharing!!!?…my son too stopped making any kind of sound for two weeks after just one shot…this is the second experience I’ve read on here today with that as part of the side effects…I had started to believe I was crazy to notice that with my son, but no, it was real…I had a friend warn me just a week before I was about to give birth to him about the dangers of vaccines & I know that is the only reason why his injuries were not worse, before that I was completely clueless to the risks…after researching the dangers & the combo from that & the pressure from his pediatrician I agreed to space them out, but I regret the few I let them do…makes me angry doctors, the media are so pushy and the vaccine companies have zero liability for what they do to our babies. Thank you again for sharing!!!? You have a beautiful family ??

Its like you took a page of my life and spoke to everyone here. I wish I could say something that’s makes this better.. Its so incredibly sad at times, I blame myself a lot.. Looking at my beautiful son, and wondering what he would have been like. I do my best to make sure he is very happy.. Its all I know how to do. God bless you and your beautiful family.

The warriors momma bears are roaring and they’re gonna hear us all roar! ThankYou for sharing your story and being apart of this movement!
I too see a difference between my three older and three younger children. The older ones are fully vaccinated the middle ones partially and the last one who is also 2 is not vaccinated and is amazing! I’ve never witnessed this kind of intelligence and verbal skills in any of my other children.

I asked in the vaccine skeptic group for accounts of people who used to be pro-vax doctors or pharmacists who later became alarmed at what they saw and switched to the vaccine skeptic side.

I got the following replies:

  1. Dr. Bob Zajac is a board-certified pediatrician with additional expertise in asthma/allergy care, developmental/behavioral pediatric care, and natural/holistic care. He received his degree is Child Development,and pursued an additional four years of training in a PhD program (Early Childhood Special Education), followed by his medical degree (MD- University of Minnesota-2000) and residency training (pediatrics 2000-2003). Prior to starting New Kingdom Pediatrics, Dr. Bob completed his master’s of business degree (MBA, Crown College, 2011-2013). “I was a vaccine bully”.
  2. Dr. Suzanne Humphries-
  3. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny-
  4. Dr. Nancy Banks-
  5. Dr. Russell Blaylock-
  6. Dr. Shiv Chopra-
  7. Dr. Larry Palevsky-
  8. Dr. Tony Bark-
  9. Dr. Merly Nass-
  10. Dr. Raymond Obomsawin-
  11. Dr. Robert Rowen-
  12. Dr. David Ayoub-
  13. Dr. Bob Haley PhD-
  14. Dr. Rashid Buttar-
  15. Dr. Roby Mitchell-
  16. Dr. Ken Stoller-
  17. Dr. Mayer Einstein-
  18. Dr. Frank Engley PhD-
  19. Dr. David Davis-
  20. Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych-

Pharmacy tech of 20 years here. I was as pro vax as they came. Got my flu shot every year (even while pregnant with all 3 kids), dtap during pregnancy, vaccinated all my kids on time, every time. UNTIL my daughter regressed after her 4 month shots (that I was bullied into getting after expressing my hesitancy post the 2 month round). She stopped making eye contact. Stopped babbling. No laughing or smiling, hardly any interaction with anyone. She was lost inside her own head. She is 22 months and non-verbal, but i am seeing some progress in that area as well as others. We have been detoxing her since last Sept and have seen some real improvements.

I didn’t go back to pharmacy work after she was born. I couldn’t. There’s no way I’d have been able to keep quiet as reports of “vaccine-eligible” customers were compiled based solely on their age (we did adult vaccines ie:pneumonia, shingles, flu, etc) and insurance coverage (because they certainly want to get paid with no issue) and absolutely no consideration of their medications or health conditions. Looking back now it’s hard to assuage the guilt I feel for not only playing a part in my own daughter’s injury, but also encouraging (read: scaring) people to get their shots, and fast!

same here. I let my license of 15 years go.

Looks like Brooklyn is now issuing forced vaccination edicts:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

EDIT- in Kentucky
Hey everyone! So I just got a call from my daughters school that they do not have record of her second hep a dose (they don’t because after my husband and I got custody of her we stopped vaccinating her) and that if she didn’t get it that she would not be allowed to participate in field trips or extra curricular activities. Are they allowed to do that?! I’m so upset. I am getting the religious exemption notarized today and turning it in AGAIN. But what would you all do in this situation? I do not want my daughter to be excluded and it’s completely unfair to her. She already has a hard enough time making friends.

And yet another post:

Today took husband to doctor to follow up and when we were updating his information on the iPad they use a page came up that hasn’t been there before because I just did mine a few weeks ago a vaccination page for you to sign up to be put on national database even ask for mother’s maiden name it’s strictly voluntary right now and of course I walked up and told them I choose to opt out because it wouldn’t let me move to next page and they were confused so I educated ever so nicely and told them once again we will not do this and so they removed it but think how many won’t know they have a choice so their starting to put feelers out which is one if the bills they introduced in Texas where I am

Here are the replies to this post:

National registration has begun. You are right. It is voluntary for the moment.

exactly I was shocked I ask when they added and she said its been there and I said hell no it hasn’t cause I was just here two weeks ago

I saw this too when taking my daughter for her yearly physical- the pedi recently changed offices and while updating info, I noticed this came up as well.

My adult medical records use a system called My Chart. The vaccine section is flagged as out of compliance and I am not able to delete, only date completed. Sure does appear like adult mandatory vaccinations are in the future.

It’s ‘strictly voluntary RIGHT NOW’ is the bottom line…they obviously will move forward with it and it won’t continue to be voluntary. We already do not qualify for decent discounts on our health insurance because we refuse to participate in their ‘wellness’ program, which requires us to speak to a nurse regularly and provide all sorts of personal information and ‘wellness’ visits. Nope.

Wow, thank you for posting. Have been watching for what you have already experienced.

Right now that’s also voluntary but it means we have to pay more than someone who participates. And it’s enough money that most would not feel they could choose. It’s a very involved and intrusive process as well. My husband started out willing to participate to save money but got angry the more involved it became.

Here is a tyrannical bill from Colorado, HB 1312:

The bill requires the department of public health and environment (department) to:

Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a medical exemption to an immunization; and
Develop a standardized form and submission process to claim a religious or personal belief exemption to an immunization.
The department is:

Required to develop educational materials regarding immunizations to distribute to health care providers and facilities;
Required to present immunization exemption information during its annual SMART Act hearing; and
Required to use the existing immunization tracking system.
The state board of health is:

Required to promulgate rules adopting the medical exemption recommendations from the advisory committee on immunization practices of the centers for disease control and prevention in the federal department of health and human services, or any successor entity (ACIP);
Required to promulgate rules adopting the immunization recommendations from the ACIP;
Allowed to promulgate rules adopting additional immunizations not recommended by ACIP; and
Allowed to promulgate rules establishing the timing by which schools, parents, legal guardians, and students must demonstrate compliance with immunization requirements.
Concerning the immunization tracking system, the bill:

Requires a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to inform a parent or legal guardian who is claiming a medical exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student’s immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student’s immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system;
Requires the department or local or county, district, or municipal public health agency to inform a parent, legal guardian, or student who is claiming a religious or personal belief exemption that he or she may choose to exclude the student’s immunization information from the immunization tracking system before the student’s immunization data is sent to the immunization tracking system; and
Requires a practitioner who is a licensed physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice nurse to submit immunization and medical exemption data to the immunization tracking system. However, the practitioner is not subject to a regulatory sanction for noncompliance.

Here are some posts from the vaccine skeptic group in reply to a post, that, unfortunately, had images with social media posts with people’s names in it not blocked out, so I’m reluctant to share the images in case the powers that be go after these people, but the essence was that one person said that the doctor accidentally gave them the insurance vaccines despite them being uninsured and hence gave them the “wrong” vaccine and was billing them $700 for it. And somebody else replied that it was true and that they had two vaccines in the refrigerator at work and that it depended on the insurance of what vaccine they received:

Private insurances and government insurances receive two different vaccines. The same, but i think private are made more thoroughly or something. No clue.

I had a nurse friend that told me some years ago they were doing this.

I have a nurse friend who not really questioned me about not vaccinating my daughter. But she did state something about “it’s needed and i should consider it”. She hasnt been in the field long but i find it interesting that she wouldn’t inform me. But it’s more of my job to stay informed for my own child’s safety.

it’s possible she is naive and doesn’t realize the possible implications? This society and generation are taught to implicitly follow the lead of the medical field without thinking things through or searching.

This is true. I have a friend that went in for an appointment and as sent home because they only had “insurance” vaccines.
I didnt even think anything of it back then other than that that was stupid.

They arent wrong. That’s part of the agenda but they really just want us all dead

i really think this is true. Before we knew the truth we went to a pediatrician who told us they didn’t have the ones we needed in stock and would have to go to the health department. That wasn’t true… they just didn’t have the ones for kids on Medicaid.

Testing… People who pays get the good ones.. That is why they keep them in “lots” which are sent to be administrated to determinated neighborhoods and determinated ethnic groups

The city of Washington DC has a bill out that would allow kids to go and get themselves vaccinated without parental consent:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Just heard the most disgusting form of propaganda on the radio (I’m in SoCal) and even my husband (who isn’t as opposed to vaccinations as I am) agreed that it was laughable and sounded like a commercial trying to sell something!

To quote this ridiculous PSA- the mother says to the father “aww, do you remember when she (baby) got her first vaccination at birth?” ?? Like it’s the sweetest memory they have of their child as an infant! It closes with saying that vaccines are her “best shot” (get it?)

IT BOILS MY BLOOD that they’re promoting it like it’s a trip to the happiest place on earth meanwhile so many children suffer death and damage from these shots AND THEY KNOW IT! ??

And another post:

I was watching an old “Leave It To Beaver” rerun last weekend and in the episode, Beaver is invited to a party so he called up his friend to see if he was going. After he hung up the phone, his brother Wally asked Beaver if his friend was going to the party and Beaver nonchalantly answered “No he can’t go. He has the measles.” And that was it. They went onto something else. No horrific or alarming responses, no comments about vaccinations, and no sorrowful looks on their faces. Just a reason why a friend couldn’t attend a party. What has happened in our society to make measles look like such a deadly disease when it really isn’t??

Here is another post from this group:

Wow, sad that even conservative radio is pushing vax and agreeing there is no link between vax and autism. I guess I just thought they would be more open minded but Ben Shapiro just made disturbing push for mmr and Rush Limbaugh has parroted the same. If major conservative voices wont even be open minded and admit vast corruption of CDC etc etc, just makes me feel like the fight is even harder.

And here are the replies to this post:

Ben is a hopeless cause because he thinks he already knows it all, but I believe Rush could be educated…we all need to help him know the truth.

In the end they will follow the money. This needs to fasttrack to the SCOTUS

Hopefully they’d rule correctly but what if they didn’t?

Then citizens must unite in mass noncompliance.

Ben Shapiro’s wife is a pediatrician….

Was very disappointed in rush. And during all this news of mandating vaccines all conservatives talk about is Russian collusion and trump.

I’ve been legitimately shocked at how many fellow conservatives are ok with forced vaccination. It’s like their brains won’t engage with the fact that there couldn’t be a more dangerous precedent to give the government. If they’re able to get people on board with forced vaccination due to a measles “scare”, what happens in a couple generations when they fear-monger about over-population? Forced birth control? I don’t get how people can’t see two steps down the line.

Forced euthanasia

I marvel at the short-sightedness, too. It’s like they can’t see past their noses.

Me too. You can’t claim to be a conservative or libertarian and be for small govt and in the next breath be for forced vaccination. How can you say that you think marijuana should be legal and the govt shouldn’t interfere if people want to use drugs – even if it harms them. But then say we shouldn’t have the choice to chance getting measles and chicken pox???? Everyone is bought. On both sides. Deep state or Big Pharma. They all are in someone’s pocket. Yes, I know. My tin foil hat probably needs adjusting.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck is not really on our side either. I really hoped he would see the light.

Michale Savage is on the Vax train too, as is Matt Walsh. I haven’t heard Michael Knowles or Mark Levin say anything about vaccines.

And here is another post from this group:

I’m wondering why the health insurance companies care so much about if a child is vaccinated? A friend got a call from her insurance asking why her child hadn’t been vaccinated ….can anyone explain how they benefit from a child being vaccinated…apparently they do or they wouldn’t care right?

And here are the replies to this post:

Money they are all getting kick backs friend

Even without kickbacks or rebates there are incentives in the affordable care act for preventive medicine. The more disease is prevented the more favorable treatment given to insurance companies by the government. This includes subsidies for preventive care outreach and affects the formulas used to justify/approve premiums. Plus preventive care has become theft bread and butter to medical care reimbursements.

Its another way so they can get out of paying for healthcare if you become ill and are not vaxxed then you won’t have coverage.

Because they all get money if you vaccinate your child(en). The more you vaccinate the more they get. I saw where some doctors get $20,000 from the ins company for so many vaccinations done. ??

BCBS offers $40,000 for every fully vaccinated child if the doctor is able to have a percentage of vaccine compliance for all their patients regardless of what insurance they all have.

My boys have Medicaid for vision and dental they call me and send me reminder cards that my kids are missing their scheduled shots. It’s all about money!! I just ignore them.

I’ve got letters from my insurance stating that if child had all of her vaccines by 18 months I would get $80 from them. Really, $80?!?

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

‘’Anti-Vaccine Japan Has World’s Lowest Child Death Rate & Highest Life Expectancy Fact: Japan has the lowest infant mortality rate following ban on mandatory vaccinations, they urge other countries to follow this firm stance …’

Way to go Missouri!

Looks like the American Medical Assocation had written Big Tech asking them to censor us.

Maine has a bill that would remove a bunch of vaccine exemptions and require children to be vaccinated before they could attend school:

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Just got this paper from my daughters school today. 😡 We live in Southern California. The law hasn’t even passed and they’re saying the state won’t accept any waivers!!! Going to stop comments. We now know theres a difference and I went cray cray when I got this form from school today. Off to try and get a medical exemption for my daughter that has Hashimoto’s. Thanks!!!


And another post from this group:

If you’re Delivering a baby at Torrance memorial in California, be prepared for the staff at Labor and Delivery. I’m so disappointed. It all started because I explained to my sister in law the use of pitocin and she decided that she did not want it. She told this to the nurse and they STILL hooked it up to her. Later the nurse came in and credited the progress of her contractions to the pitocin, unaware that my sister in law removed the pitocin IV from her arm as soon as she read the label on the bag after they hooked it up. So when I told the nurse that it’s not even hooked up she said oh that’s so rare (that her contractions are progressing without it) and I told her she already said she didn’t want it. Then after numerous attempts at trying to get my sister in law to vaccinate her newborn the nurse told the other nurse “you deal with her” this same nurse laughed in me & my mother in laws face when we were talking about the autism topic saying “haha oh that’s been debunked” Then when her lactation consultant came in while she was having trouble latching because of inverted nipples the LACTATION CONSULTANT told her to “get some similac”. Im guessing they discussed my sister in law and each situation amongst themselves cause I can’t seem to find any other reason three different professionals at a hospital would treat her like that. I’m just disgusted right now.

They were also sarcastic and treated us as if we were uneducated fools. I have heard so many great things about this hospital and our experiences with ALL other staff was great. So I’m very disappointed to have to give this review.

And here are the replies to said post:

it’s happening everywhere. Don’t let the staff take baby anywhere out of sight. They will vaccinate baby when you’re not looking.

That’s absolutely unacceptable! My mom has been a labor and delivery nurse for 20 plus years. She nor her dept here would ever treat someone like that. Plus with my preemie my lactation consultant was amazing at helping me avoid formula.
I’m so sorry she had this experience. I’m glad she has a supportive sister in law.

I delivered my two sons there, everything they did was awful. Now my first son has autism, they vaccinated him without my consent, I asked why, they said when I was admitted in the yellow paper it says I consent to anything they want. So yes! I didn’t know they made me sign without even reading, like I was going to read while I was in labor pains

I was a CNA for 5 years at a Rehab hospital. It was RARE, IF EVER, that a nurse, RN, took the side of a patient, ANY patient, over the doctor or supervisor. I worked 40+ hours a week, in the nitty gritty of a REHAB hospital with very, very sick, saddened and distraught, confused patients of so many kinds. Stroke, heart attack, hip, knee, and shoulder replacement patients, dementia and 600+ pound obese patients. But people, none the less. Strangely, the ONLY ones who treated them like PEOPLE was Us, The Techs, the CNAs who listened to their pain, and agony, and sadness at how they WEREN’T listened to, or helped or stuck up for by their doctor, let alone their nurse. It DIDN’T happen. In 5 plus years. So don’t try to dismiss me as if I don’t know FIRSTHAND how nurses are PUPPETS for the doctors. I know. I lived it.

where I live in Bellingham, WA both drs and nurses are complete pos’s. They do not help their patients, they are judge mental and try to push their opinions/agendas. They refuse to treat you bc of their judgements- it never has anything to do with the actual issue at hand. They lie, lie, lie. It’s really bad here. Most offices are part of a monopoly that basically runs this town medically- it’s a Catholic based agenda (no offense to anyone that is Catholic- everyone has a right to their beliefs) so they do not allow you to make choices for yourself or your family unless it is in accord with their beliefs. The hospital here drugged my newborn with morphine for 9 days and she was so high her eyes were rolling back in her head bc I have very severe chronic pain and was absolutely miserable from about 6 months on and about two weeks or so before I was due I had taken a single pain pill and told my dr. She had me go straight to the hospital and they induced. They let my epidural bag run dry while I napped and of course they ua’d me and there was only a trace amount so they took blood from my baby and sent it to another state’s lab (OR) for testing although they had their own facilities. The test took over the 9 days she was doped up and came back negative of course. I believe it was day 6 when I saw her eyes (we weren’t allowed to stay with our child) and I told the nurse on duty that if they didn’t get my daughter off of the dope I was calling a lawyer and pressing charges bc she was obviously high! I was livid!!! Still am and she’ll be 8 at the end of the month. She is ADHD (as is her dad) and I often wonder if it is bc of the drugs they forced on her from birth. Their reasoning was that bc she sneezed multiple times in a row off and on that she was going through withdrawals! She still sneezes no less than 5/6 times every single time she sneezes! So they’re obviously full of shit as 8 years later she wouldn’t be going through withdrawals lol. No lawyer in this county will touch St. Joe’s Hospital bc they run this town and they all work together. It’s absolutely sickening! But the nurses are the worst…..

This attitude is so much more common than you think! Happens all the time. I have 15 grandchildren and been present to see and hear this type of unprofessionalism.

I’ll just say. I’m thankful that I’m low risk and can do home births. I did two hospitals and two out of hospitals.
Doctors, nurses and hospital staff too often treat patients like ignorants, low class citizens with the IQ of dandelions and incapable of making any kind of decisions.
And oftentimes you won’t know this till birth time and it’s too late. And yes. They can and often times call CPS on you if you refuse to vaccinate your newborn at birth.

Very similar experience in Santa Maria, CA at Marian Medical, actually even worse. Ours ended with a cop posted at our door. 5 years later still makes me sick to think of it.

why’d you have a cop outside your door?!

just for intimidation, when my wife was ready to leave the hospital they brought in the cops to stop her from leaving. Also they brought in the cops when I refused to give them a blood sample from my daughter for the state’s database. They also tried to give my daughter a SSN without our consent. When we first got the thospitol the first thing they wanted to do if get an IV in my wife’s arm, she said not thank you and it never stopped after that. We were treated with disdain from that moment on. And funny enough, we were probably the only people in the ward who was actually paying to be there. Santa Maria is famous for having illegal immigrant anchor babies.

Never leave a new mom alone, as they will LIE to her. They lied to my daughter to try to get her to vax the new baby, but she’s a very strong woman, even after delivery, so they got nothing over on her. The sooner you get OUT of those places, the better. Oh…and the ONLY reason for a “well baby” visit is to push vaccines.

This was about two years ago in Germany. This “get the measles vaccine or pay a fine” trend appears to be global.

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I just got asked to leave our pediatrician’s office because of not agreeing to do the MMR (their policy is to have it done by age 2 or it’s goodbye). I told the doctor that on top of not being ok with the risks mentioned in the manufacturer’s insert that that I also had a religious objection because of the vaccines having been developed with the use of aborted fetal cells. I told him that every ingredients list I have seen mentions the presence of traces of DNA from those aborted fetus’ and I would feel like a hypocrite if I said ok to those vaccines. He said that this was wrong and there are no actual traces of these aborted fetal cell DNA in the vaccine. Can anyone please tell me what the truth is on this matter?

And here are the replies to this post:

The age 2 is telling. If the majority of their patients get ALL the CDC recommended vaccines by age 2 they get $400 for each child. Most Peds have many patients so their yearly bonus is in thousands. That is why he said age 2. It is all about the money and also under the law you can’t sue if the vaccine were to hurt your child.

Go find a family practice they’re not nearest pushy with vaccines

Your doctor is lying to try and manipulate you to have the shots, most doctors don’t have a clue about vaccines, as soon as they really do, they either give informed choice or deceive patients and parents for pure greed.

I love Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on her vaccine 101 talk.
She says,
So you have been kicked out your pediatricians practice, well it’s probably the best thing that could have happened to you!

Also – they work for us, not the other way around. We need to stand up for ourselves so they stop getting away with this crap.

And yet another post from this group:

I had an appt scheduled to try and get my girls medical exemptions and the doctors office just called and said that as of July 1, 2019 they will no longer be accepting family history as a reason for exemption. She said he just got the call this morning. We are in California. Anybody heard this? Are the misinformed?

And another post from here:

Here’s a 1889 book you’ll want to check out.

It’s titled “VACCINATION Proved Useless & Dangerous – From Forty-Five Years of Registration Statistics”

Here’s the link to download the entire book if anyone would like to read it! Spread the news. Do NOT let people try to FORCE you to get vaccinations.

Click to access b2136140x.pdf

And yet another post:

I was just informed my daughter was vaccinated without my permission and I am LIVID..I literally signed every refusal paper as soon as I found out i was going to have her in that hospital. I just recently moved to another city and they requested her records, and the lady told me they havent sent over anything besides her hep b vaccination! I said WHAT FUCKING HEP B VACCINATION?! I was totally unaware! Is there anything I can do legally, it even says in her discharge paperwork that i declined ALL vaccines! I dont care if she had a reaction to it or not, who the fuck do these people think they are to vaccinate my child after I said no?! Sorry for the profanity, but i am literally on fire right now it’s hard for me to even type this post my hands are shaking so bad! PLEASE HELP WITH ANYTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THIS MATTER..THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ?????

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That’s what they do and have been doing. Any person going in to a hospital now, needs to protect themselves and watch their child every minute. Do not allow them to go in another room under any pretense, with your child. It’s all in the word “biologics” ,when you step in to a hospital. They have used the word biologics, to do what they “deem neccessary” as part of your care, and of course you sign when going in to the hospital. “biologics” include blood transfusions and other, plus vaccines. If you have an unethical nurse or doctor- look out, many vigilante’s.

I have a feeling Dr.’s are putting it on peoples records and then extinguishing that particular shot in gauze. This way even though someone refuses it they can report it as a shot given and put it in THEIR records so they can get the kick back for it. Or it’s habbit.

I am going through the exact same thing with my oldest right now. He got the Hep B even though I told everyone that he was not to get it. Problem is, I did not find out until almost 7 years later and the statute of limitations seems to be 4 years.
Even if it was a mistake,
they do need to be held accountable for falsifying medical records.
Our patient visit papers from that dr always said no vaccinations, but the state vaccine records and the records sent to his new pediatrician says he received hep b. Makes me wonder if they tried to cover it up.

They did that to me too and my daughter was born premature and is now autistic. Scored fine before they forceably injected her. Sue them for malpractice. Get a lawyer

Most likely she did not actually get it. Medical transcription are often incorrect because there are “standards” that are put on the bills and notes and unless the transcriptionist notices the decline paperwork, it’s just “assumed” that they/you got the “standards”. You might have her titter tested to see if she might have actually gotten it.

I was just told by someone at the hospital she was born that all of their records indicate I declined and she was not given the hep b vaccine..I still requested copies of her record so I can see for myself. It has to be a mistake because her actual pediatrician she went to (chop) did not administer her any vaccines not even her 2 month shots and she never left my sight. At this point I’m hoping it just an error because it says it was given to her the day she was born but she didnt go to her pediatrician until a week later..

did this happen in a hospital? they are almost required to ‘catch kids up’ (an opportunity) regardless of parent’s wants…i hear threatening to sue for MEDICAL BATTERY might work to keep them off..but they are surely on the road to thinking parents don’t know what is best for their kids and will do it anyway…the state stepping in, so to speak. THAT is the argument for all the growing number of mandates…

yes, it happened at a hospital, and they are saying their record indicate I declined and it wasn’t given to her.. they had no problem with me declining and gave me the refusal papers, no questions asked.. I really hope this is a mistake

Sorry for your experience.
Vaccinated with Hep B against my wishes. She DIDN’T even meet the Manufacturers specified weight for that shot. Anyone born <2500g SHOULD NOT receive Hep B. My daughter was 2040g at birth. They anticipated a reaction. They brought in the Crash Cart “just in case”, and despite my CLEAR objection & protest, they vaccinated her.
It’s been 4 years and I’m still now pursuing legal action with the hospital who administered the shot.
She has not had a SINGLE shot since that day, but she is on the Autism spectrum.
I believe vaccines work (in some newborn babies brains) the way Thalidomide poisoned fetuses in utero. It didn’t matter if their Mom took1,000 pills, or just 1. A single capsule during pregnancy was all it took to disfigure their child.
Vaccine Injury is similar. It can be 100 shots, or just 1, but once the damage is done, it’s done.

Unfortunately I’ve researched into this because I thought the hospital did this to my daughter and you cannot legally sue or anything unless you have proof the vaccine hurt your child severely

She may have not been vaccinated and the hospital committed insurance fraud to get more money, saying they administered something they in fact didn’t. Also a possibility. I hope that’s the case.

The same thing happened to me with my first ;( (at kaiser) i had no idea until his 3rd peds “well baby” check and saw his records ??. He was born not even crying and was the calmest baby and by the first night he was screaming all night long and didn’t stop for 3 months and we just thought it was colic until I found out. ??????

Also what is happening to parents rights being respected. What is happening to America land that I love!

This happened with my son… I told them I was waiting on hep b til he was older. Found out at his drs office that it was in his med records that they gave it to him! I was livid and didnt know what to do (the NICU nurse also told me he gets his circumcision (when I didnt know much on that topic) at the drs office and when I asked the office they looked at me like I was stupid because they NEVER do that ???????)

I declined the MMR for my daughter (now waiting on an autism evaluation NYS won’t give unless I get her caught up on her vaccines, after declining my religious exemption)
When I pulled her vaccination records from her former pedi, the records she she did in fact have the MMR, regardless of me declining it.
I’d like to believe that they just enter that info routinely and forgot to take the MMR off but I doubt it.

And another post from this group:

I worked with an Acupuncturist and she specialized in pediatric cancer. I realized that all I was seeing were vaccine injured babies and children. No one made the connection. When I would bring up the possibility of our patients being vaccine injured I was quickly shut off and was ask not to bring it up. I wanted to tell every parent that their child was injured by vaccines. We even had a few patients whose parents were Doctors and none of them made the connection.

And another post from this group:

I am terrified, absolutely terrified… My son is Vaccine injured, with what I thought was from the MMR, it wasn’t, it was from the DTAP, I didn’t realize it until I received a letter in the mail about him not receiving the MMR, I was not aware of all the danger’s of Vaccines but now I am fully aware and thankful to all of you for your help on shedding light on this outrage!! I will certainly not get him his MMR shot, I have seen some of the mother’s posts about receiving shots and the next day or so their sweet angels have passed away. My question is this please I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to diseases, but since I refuse the MMR if my son does get the Measles by chance the thing that I am terrified over is him getting encephalitis from it… I don’t know if that is a rare occurrence or if it actually happens a lot. Some one told me vitamin A if he gets Measles. So how much would I give him where can I find it in liquid form and is this encephalitis a huge problem with Measles or am I still trapped in the fear mongering game. I have to go to work but if anyone could please leave some information about all of this it would be greatly appreciated I need to put my mind at ease because I will never vaccinate him again. Thank you all in advance ????

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My daughter got encephalitis from her MMR. She is permanently disabled and in a care facility and in diapers unable to speak at age 17. Was perfectly developed and normal and talking and walking and singing until the day after she got her vaccines.

Dtap did it for us too…ugh

the DTAP messed me all up too… I didn’t know at the time.

Your parents generation and all the generations before them had all these normal childhood illnesses! Only considered deadly once Big Pharma came out with money making vaccines! Yes they could be deadly in third world countries and places with bad sanitation or lack of nutrition. I had measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox! No one I ever grew up with had any complications! My children had chicken pox and definitely ran high fevers and had spots but no permanent damage…..unlike the damage my son got from his baby shot. Wish I never vaccinated them!

In the Dtap insert it has SIDS as an adverse reaction. They blame it on a sleep position. Some parents have gone to jail for shaken baby syndrome rather than blame a vaccine.

A pro-Vax Nazi MN group mentioned this bill. I think we should look into this:

A bill for an act
relating to health; establishing a grant program to fund immunization-related
activities for geographic areas and populations experiencing or at risk of
experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease; appropriating money.


Subdivision 1. Grant program established. The commissioner of health shall establish
and administer a two-year, targeted grant program to fund immunization-related activities
to address outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases and lower the risk of outbreaks of
vaccine-preventable diseases in communities with low immunization rates. Grant recipients
shall use grant funds to provide immunization information and education to, and engage in
immunization awareness and support activities with, individuals in geographic areas or
populations experiencing or at risk of experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable
disease. Entities eligible for grants under this section are community health boards, as
defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 145A.02, subdivision 5, and community-based
nonprofit organizations experienced in serving geographic areas or populations experiencing
or at risk of experiencing an outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease.
Subd. 2. Application. Entities seeking a grant under this section shall apply to the
commissioner in a form and manner and according to timelines established by the
commissioner. The application must include a complete description of the
immunization-related activities the entity proposes, the geographic area or population to be
served, the amount of funding sought, and a proposed budget detailing how the funds will
be spent.
Subd. 3. Information and education materials; content. The commissioner must
develop or provide grant recipients with culturally competent information and educational
materials on immunizations, based on materials available from the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention. The information and educational materials must be available in the
primary languages of the populations experiencing or at risk of experiencing a
vaccine-preventable disease outbreak and must at least address:
(1) the benefits of immunizations to individuals and communities;
(2) health information about the safety of immunizations;
(3) the recommended schedules of immunizations for children, adolescents, and adults;
(4) programs that provide free or reduced-cost immunizations to eligible individuals;
(5) health clinics, health care providers, and other locations at which individuals may
obtain immunizations.
$……. in fiscal year 2020 is appropriated from the general fund to the commissioner of
health for the targeted grant program to address outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases
under section 1. This is a onetime appropriation and is available until June 30, 2021.

And yet another post that was shared in this group that was from a sinister group called Minnesota Childhood Immunization Coalition:

Parents are not employers in the doctor-patient-caretaker triad. Both providers and parents have responsibility to keep children healthy using the standard of care. Children are not the property of parents.

And here are the replies to this post:

My child is 100% my responsibility and 0% theirs. If I need to hire them to stitch a wound, that’s where their rights and responsibilities begin and end. At this point in American history, I am here to protect him from them and they can fuck off in chemical hell.

Uhm my child isn’t the healthcare providers property either ?? however I am the one who will have to deal with it if my child gets injured from a drug or medical procedure. Is the doctor going to pay for the medical expenses? Pay for the funeral expenses if my child dies? Cater to my childs every need if they become paralyzed from a vaccine? No, that’ll be me and my husband. This is ridiculous.

This is terrible. So the Doc gets to decide everything??? What does parent mean?? Not they are not my property, they are MY responsibility. NOT THE DOCS OR THE GOVERNMENTS. If i was unfit and lot my kids then and only then would they be a ward of the state. NOT BEFORE>

CPS opened a case against my family 5 years ago and in a team meeting with them…hand to God….a case worker said to us, “you may think your children belong to you but they don’t. They actually belong to America.” We were dumbstruck. This is the direction our country is headed.

This is what’s on its way to a clinic/hospital near you. After that, adult mandated vaccines where they state that your physical bodies do not belong to you, but to the state.

While trying to find supporters of mandatory vaccination on DuckDuckGo,I found something good for a change that somehow came up in the search query. It turned up a doctor group supporting parental rights over mandatory vaccinations. They’re called the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

They wrote:

To: Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, House Energy and Commerce Committee

Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

Re: Statement federal vaccine mandates

Feb. 26, 2019

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines. After being fully informed of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, patients have the right to reject or accept that procedure. The regulation of medical practice is a state function, not a federal one. Governmental preemption of patients’ or parents’ decisions about accepting drugs or other medical interventions is a serious intrusion into individual liberty, autonomy, and parental decisions about child-rearing.

A public health threat is the rationale for the policy on mandatory vaccines. But how much of a threat is required to justify forcing people to accept government-imposed risks? Regulators may intervene to protect the public against a one-in-one million risk of a threat such as cancer from an involuntary exposure to a toxin, or-one-in 100,000 risk from a voluntary (e.g. occupational) exposure. What is the risk of death, cancer, or crippling complication from a vaccine? There are no rigorous safety studies of sufficient power to rule out a much higher risk of complications, even one in 10,000, for vaccines. Such studies would require an adequate number of subjects, a long duration (years, not days), an unvaccinated control group (“placebo” must be truly inactive such as saline, not the adjuvant or everything-but-the-intended-antigen), and consideration of all adverse health events (including neurodevelopment disorders).

Vaccines are necessarily risky, as recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court and by Congress. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has paid some $4 billion in damages, and high hurdles must be surmounted to collect compensation. The damage may be so devastating that most people would prefer restored function to a multimillion-dollar damage award.

The smallpox vaccine is so dangerous that you can’t get it now, despite the weaponization of smallpox. Rabies vaccine is given only after a suspected exposure or to high-risk persons such as veterinarians. The whole-cell pertussis vaccine was withdrawn from the U.S. market, a decade later than from the Japanese market, because of reports of severe permanent brain damage. The acellular vaccine that replaced it is evidently safer, though somewhat less effective.

The risk: benefit ratio varies with the frequency and severity of disease, vaccine safety, and individual patient factors. These must be evaluated by patient and physician, not imposed by a government agency.

Measles is the much-publicized threat used to push for mandates, and is probably the worst threat among the vaccine-preventable illnesses because it is so highly contagious. There are occasional outbreaks, generally starting with an infected individual coming from somewhere outside the U.S. The majority, but by no means all the people who catch the measles have not been vaccinated. Almost all make a full recovery, with robust, life-long immunity. The last measles death in the U.S. occurred in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Are potential measles complications including death in persons who cannot be vaccinated due to immune deficiency a justification for revoking the rights of all Americans and establishing a precedent for still greater restrictions on our right to give—or withhold—consent to medical interventions? Clearly not.

Many serious complications have followed MMR vaccination, and are listed in the manufacturers’ package insert, though a causal relationship may not have been proved. According to a 2012 report by the Cochrane Collaboration, “The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate” (cited by the National Vaccine Information Center).

Mandate advocates often assert a need for a 95% immunization rate to achieve herd immunity. However, Mary Holland and Chase Zachary of NYU School of Law argue, in the Oregon Law Review, that because complete herd immunity and measles eradication are unachievable, the better goal is for herd effect and disease control. The best outcome would result, they argue, from informed consent, more open communication, and market-based approaches.

Even disregarding adverse vaccine effects, the results of near-universal vaccination have not been completely positive. Measles, when it does occur, is four to five times worse than in pre-vaccination times, according to Lancet Infectious Diseases, because of the changed age distribution: more adults, whose vaccine-based immunity waned, and more infants, who no longer receive passive immunity from their naturally immune mother to protect them during their most vulnerable period.

Measles is a vexing problem, and more complete, forced vaccination will likely not solve it. Better public health measures—earlier detection, contact tracing, and isolation; a more effective, safer vaccine; or an effective treatment are all needed. Meanwhile, those who choose not to vaccinate now might do so in an outbreak, or they can be isolated. Immunosuppressed patients might choose isolation in any event because vaccinated people can also possibly transmit measles even if not sick themselves.

Issues that Congress must consider:

Manufacturers are virtually immune from product liability, so the incentive to develop safer products is much diminished. Manufacturers may even refuse to make available a product believed to be safer, such as monovalent measles vaccine in preference to MMR (measles-mumps-rubella). Consumer refusal is the only incentive to do better.
There are enormous conflicts of interest involving lucrative relationships with vaccine purveyors.
Research into possible vaccine adverse effects is being quashed, as is dissent by professionals.
There are many theoretical mechanisms for adverse effects from vaccines, especially in children with developing brains and immune systems. Note the devastating effects of Zika or rubella virus on developing humans, even though adults may have mild or asymptomatic infections. Many vaccines contain live viruses intended to cause a mild infection. Children’s brains are developing rapidly—any interference with the complex developmental symphony could be ruinous.
Vaccines are neither 100% safe nor 100% effective. Nor are they the only available means to control the spread of disease.
AAPS believes that liberty rights are unalienable. Patients and parents have the right to refuse vaccination, although potentially contagious persons can be restricted in their movements (e.g. as with Ebola), as needed to protect others against a clear and present danger. Unvaccinated persons with no exposure to a disease and no evidence of a disease are not a clear or present danger.

AAPS represents thousands of physicians in all specialties nationwide. It was founded in 1943 to protect private medicine and the patient-physician relationship.

Respectfully yours,

Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My 17 yr old daughter is at the ER. Her sister took her in because I’m an hour n half away with a sick toddler. They just have her a tetanus shot without my permission! Is this legal?

And another post from this group:

Crazy story!

I just spoke with a lady that took her 3 year old child in to the doctor when he was 2 months old..
Vaccines are NOT mandatory here

Well she tried to refuse vaccines and the Doctor literally called CPS to the clinic and held them there until she decided to vaccinate
saying “You can leave but the child wont be going with you” (again this is just what I was told)
Has it been to long for her to do something about it?
Isn’t that kidnapping??? Unlawful imprisonment??
She now has a 2 month old daughter and she is scared to death of what’s going to happen if she doesn’t get her vaccinated…

(I believe her story mainly because this is the same doctor that was on call at the hospital when I delivered my second son and tried to push vaccines on me BUT since I can’t be 100% sure that this actually happened I’m not going to release the doctors name to anyone.)

And here are some replies to this post:

It’s happening in Oregon now. A friend had CPS show up at their house and do the same thing because the school turned them in for not vaccinating.

I’m in Oklahoma. There are quite a few crunchy doctors around here and wonderful midwives with holistic services. I hope she can find somebody new to visit if that’s her thing. As for the doctor….I’d be reporting the shit out of them until something is done. You may not know the whole story, even if exaggerated….non the less who knows how many other parents have had continuous bad experiences with them, right!! Please report this doctor, expose them, and let’s get their ass kicked to the curb! I so tired of these jerks thinking they own our children! If you don’t speak up, others are in danger of similar experiences!

If the child doesn’t need to go to the dr why take them. So you can get bullied! My son is almost 3 and has been to the dr twice. He got the rotavirus at age 2 from his vaccinated half brother and was hospitalized. He has only went back once after that. Not sure if i can believe this whole story the lady told you because it’s very contradicting. There’s alot of reasons why this couldn’t happen. One is hippa law and cps has no jurisdiction over vaccines

CPS medically kidnaps children for parents refusing doctor recommended treatment – refusing to vaccinate is refusing recommended treatment.

CPS can get involved but they have to take you to court to take your children. My first daughter who is now 18 was born early at 32 weeks after a week in the hospital she was fine except for gaining weight. I finally had enough and told them I was taking her home regardless what they said. CPS was called they talked to me made a report and because there was no neglect nor did they have evidence of me being unfit they never called or showed up again. So some people’s experience are different. Where im from you dont even have to talk to them unless they have a warrant and take you to court.

I think the not talking to them without a warrant is law in all states, but they can take your child if they deem it an emergency and you don’t know your rights then court is all about jumping through hoops to get your kid back. Some states are worse than others, though, even on a county by county basis. My point is that CPS lies and will do what they want to parents who don’t know their rights – in some areas of the country, point taken.

you are exactly right. Alot of people don’t know their rights and allow this stuff to happen. CPS plays the scare tactic so unless your informed on what control they really do have you might end up being a victim

I would have grabbed my child and left. And if they tried to stop me, I carry a gun.

Did this happen to be Dr Ferguson? He’s a fucking piece of shit asshole. He bullied the absolute crap out of me and did unecessary things and took advantage of the fact that I didn’t know much

CPS will do anything sto get involved with your life. They get into peoples lives daily by false allegations and even if the allegations themselves were false if they see something they do not like they will still open a case and force a case plan even if they have no probable cause. They do this because they know people are in fear of losing their children and will do anything to try to keep their child and will Jump when told to and trust that CPS is telling the truth but in reality its just a Power Trip and a way to get into your life and BIG brother to stay in your life.

Child protection services have way to much power. Sometimes its any excuse. Medical kidnapping of vaccine damaged kids is a big problem too. Anything to stop the truth coming out

if you read the book, Medical Kidnapping, 80% of the kids in foster care are there due to medical kidnapping. But once in state care they are vaccinated. The whole system is sick.

Oregon passed a law “allowing” parents of newborns to be visited up to 3 times at home by a healthcare worker. This is just one more way that state will intrude and try to intimidate parents into vaccinating and possibly turning them into CPS. Scarier still is a Federal law passed saying states can sell newborn babies DNA to companies for medical research. They take the DNA from dried blood spots from the birth. The law states parents don’t have exclusive rights over their baby’s DNA. Are you freakin kidding me. They ruled the state is entitled to a person’s DNA. And I just read today the reason they are pushing to make vaccines mandatory is because they will put the microchips in the vaccines to chip everyone. The New World Order has arrived. I live in a country where I can legally own an assault rifle easier than I can refuse a flu shot at work. WTF?

And yet another post from this group:

Hi everyone.
update: my son can no longer attend his pre school because they changed their policy in 24 hours from medical only exemptions being allowed to NO exemptions. So I’m going to their board meeting on Thursday. I want to begin it with a bunch of FACTS and quick numbers. If you have any time, would you mind throwing my way any awesome facts/info you think could be helpful for me? Anything from vaccine injuries to autism! I’ve got very little time to put this together so I’ll take as much help as I can get! I really appreciate any help!

And yet another post from this group:

Just had the talk with my kids’ pediatrician. Apparently they’re worried about the measles outbreaks so she and her partners are going to stop allowing unvaxxed kids in their practice. We can stay with them if we decide to continue not to vaccinate while we look for another doctor. So frustrating! It took so long to find this pediatrician and now we might have to find yet another doctor for our kids. Need advice where to look. Pm me if you want the pediatrician’s name so you can avoid them. They’re in Randallstown, MD.

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Today, the WHO is the world’s largest and most influential public health agency with an annual budget for 2018-2019 of $4421.5M ($4.4 billion). 55 About 20 percent ($956.9M) of the WHO budget is funded by assessments on member states and the remaining 80 percent funded by “voluntary contributions”
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest non-state funder of the WHO, having donated more than $2B in earmarked grants to the international health agency since 1998, and is the second largest WHO funder overall (after the U.S. government). Because Gates Foundation grant money is earmarked for specific programs, such as vaccine purchase, delivery and promotion, the Gates Foundation significantly influences the setting of WHO’s program priorities.
In 2010, after a joint investigation by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in collaboration with the London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, an article was published in the BMJ revealing that three key scientists, who influenced the WHO’s decision to declare a swine flu (H1N1) influenza pandemic in 2009 and recommend that all countries use and stockpile vaccines and pandemic flu drugs, had financial ties to pharmaceutical companies profiting from the WHO recommendations (GlaxoSmithKline and Roche).
WHO was also criticized for lack of transparency for refusing to release the identities of the 16 members of an Emergency Committee formed in 2009 to guide pandemic policy.
The 2009 pandemic H1N1 vaccine, which was rushed to market to address a WHO declared pandemic that did NOT happen, triggered an autoimmune reaction in more than 1,300 people in Europe who got GSK’s Pandemrix vaccine and left them with narcolepsy, an incurable immune mediated neurological disorder.
in 2013, the CDC Foundation received three grants totaling $13.5M from the Gates Foundation to globally “advance the implementation” of meningitis and rotavirus vaccine programs. The Centers for Disease Control and the CDC Foundation have received more than $167M from the Gates Foundation. Vaccine manufacturers have also received millions of dollars in grants from the Gates Foundation, including GlaxoSmithKline (over $50M); Merck $1.4M; Pfizer $16.5M; and Sanofi Pasteur $3.6M.

And yet another post:

Pre-K teacher here. 4 year old student get 4 vaccines yesterday and he is a MESS today. Any advice on what I can do?

And yet another post:

WakeUpAmerica Over 1000 concerned citizens showed up and 500 were scheduled to speak against vaccine mandates against only 5 doctors who were for the mandates. Isn’t this a country “for the people and by the people?” How does this happen? It happens because so many are still asleep along with the hidden agendas and an avalanche of lies, myths, deception, and greed! WiseUp You’re out of time for political correctness amid this laissez-faire corruption! EnoughisEnough RiseUp and occupy the state capitol now! Raise your voices! There is no hiding place or anywhere to run! Either you take back your government through civil peaceful disobedience or you will perish under the myriad of fascist tyranny that’s in the pipeline!

And yet another post:

PLEASE, just answer my questions. I’m literally freaking out about inside..

So, in Colorado, hb19-1312 has passed through committee.
-I have no family support
-I cannot lawyer up
-I cannot move
-I don’t have money for things like finding a human rights dr that would write my kids a medical exemption.

SO I’m saying these, how do I go about vaccinating? I mean does this bill go for adults as well? Or just children?

Which vaccines first? How far should I space them out?

With this new bill coming up, are we even allowed to space them out?

And with CPS supposedly getting involved?! I’ll loose their health insurance (Medicaid) and food assistance and childcare assistance. Most likely.

Apparently the court ruling wasn’t enough, because Rockland County is back, this time with $2000 fines:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I am completely new to all of this. I have a vaccine injured child. I’ve spoken to a few of my anti-vax friends or vaccine injured friends and they have referred me to this group as well as brought up detoxing.
I have no idea where to even start.
My son was walking at 8 months, saying words at 6-7 months, speaking by 11 months. And then somewhere around 12 months (I believe) we took him in to get vaccinated and his whole demeanor changed from there. He turned into a zombie, he forgot every single word he ever knew, his motor skills regressed a ton. His ped is a huge vax pusher and is now “testing” him for autism (of course), also sending me in to “just check” for a brain tumor which is “very unlikely”. But I know what actually happened. Since that day he hasn’t been the same. We’re at 2 years old now and he hardly says mom and dad.
So my question is, what is detoxing, how do I do it. WHAT do I do?

And yet another post from this group:

The Pediatrician just called and said I need to bring my daughter in for a wellness check. The thing is they kicked us out the last time when we refused vaccinations for the 100th time I was even told that we couldn’t come back there! Is this normal? Am I being set up? I have really bad anxiety and separation issues so I don’t want to show up to an appointment and the worse happens…..
I have no time for police nor a social worker….
My daughter is 16months….

And here are the replies to this post:

Don’t go!!! Less is more when talking. You can tell them you transferred care, but you do not have to tell them anything else or if you even did or to who you transferred to! Just cancel any appointments if you have any so you aren’t considered a no call no show. Remember they kicked you out so you did not do anything wrong! But if you go and do not comply with what they are wanting you to do they could most definitely call DHS/CPS even if they have no right to at all and you’ve done nothing wrong. And until they’ve done an investigation who knows what they would do. It’s sad and it’s scary and they should definitely be put in prison for any kind of false accusations against a parent. Make sure you are polite and not rude that way if anything ever happens you have always been respectful you showed up for your appointments you were the one kicked out you didn’t make a scene you do not have to go to that doctor it’s your right it’s your choice it’s your child no one should ever make you feel bullied into a decision you do not feel comfortable with.

Their clinic wants their bonus? Need to shift some about to expire vaccines? Theyll probably have needles ready as soon as you walk in and hoping to sway you.

why don’t call them back and ask about sudden change of heart? You can remind they kicked you out, so what’s changed? It could be just an administrative glitch. The receptionist had to go through all the records in the practice to check who is due, and your name popped up. Do they keep electronic records or are still on the paper? Anyway, it’s unusual if the Dr calls him/herself, usually it’s the office staff job.

Tell them “sorry, I fired your office because you were not on the same page with me” Thank you for following up. The person making appointments does not have your medical records, they are just calling everyone who’s not been in for a while, a way for docs to stay in business.

You don’t owe them any explanation, nor are you obligated to bring your daughter in for well visits. They don’t deserve your business. I took my son to his first well visit and never went back. He’s 17 now.

The doctor is chasing revenue. They not only called you, they called everyone that they can update vaccines on. Since they still have you listed in their practice you are one of the many, and growing, number of patients who detract from their bonus. If they do not achieve the prescribed level of vaccine compliance, they lose $400 bonus per patient. Yes, they will bully and threaten to get that money. They could give two shizzles about your child’s health.

we all know that they just need to pick up the phone and call CPS if they don’t think you are taking your daughter to her wellness checks…

I don’t understand that; wellness checks aren’t even required by law until school age

what’s scary is it’s called gunpoint medicine…all they have to do is make an annonymous call and say they are concerned you might be neglecting your baby. It’s above the law and done all the time using CPS.

Huh? My pediatricians office sends reminders but never actually called and said i had to come in. Thats weird. Just disregard it or tell them youve found a new doc ??????? pay them no mind

Make sure you say you have a new dr so they dont have reason to call CPS claiming you refuse medical care for your child. If they are willing to go this far to call and badger you, they will go further. Please find a better doctor or hopefully you already have.

You are right. You are being set up. Find a family friendly physician recommended by parents in your area who share your same health concerns. This office may have Child Protective Services workers waiting outside.

I didn’t know there was such a dr.

I’ve had this happen.. walked right past them and moved to another state…

Don’t go! Find another pediatrician. Wellness check ups are only for vaccination if you think about it. Oh yeah height and weight but you can go online for that!

When my pediatrician kicked me out for not vaccinating and then called me for another appointment I told them to lose my records.

Don’t go. Call back and tell them you changed pediatricians. This happened to me, and they called and harassed daily! We haven’t been back since February 2018- NONE of us have been to the dr

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My heart is breaking and I know I need to have faith this is part of my journey. My Dad and I had breakfast this morning. He told me that since my sister is pregnant and I have made the decision to discontinue vaccinating my 5 year old autistic son, that we cannot celebrate holidays together anymore. They think because of the stories in the media are all about measles outbreaks and since my son only got one MMR (which he had severe reaction to at 12 months old) that he could contract measles and give it to the baby. So I was asked to not participate in family functions and to keep my family away. I don’t even know where to begin…I tried to explain that every time they are in public they come in contact with unvaccinated people and they just don’t know it. I would never take my child out of the house to a family function if I thought he was coming down with any illness. Maybe many of you have experienced this…How do I heal my heartache and let this go? I truly feel like I just had a death in my family.

And another post from this group:

Hi guys, I was just reached by my kids school district notifying me that I need to show proof of a TDap for my upcoming seventh grader. I have a ME that I am going to present. What is the law that protects them from sharing his ME to other parties? Hippa ? How should I go about it? I am terrified, this is the first time I will be showing this document. ??????I have to turn it into the nurses office, what if the nurse asks me why he got one? Do I have to answer her? What can I say that it’s private information between meAnd her doctor.

And here are the replies to this post:

Any medical records you share with the school are no longer protected by HIPPA. They would be protected by FERPA instead and become a permanent part of your child’s school record. You are NOT required to sign any releases for them to contact your child’s doctor. If they call your child’s doctor and doc discusses/confirms/denies or even acknowledges your child is a patient, without your permission, the doctor would be in violation of HIPPA.

FERPA was gutted by Obama a while back and further gutted by a bill called FEPA that President Trump unfortunately signed back in January. Also, I’ve heard talk that CONgress and others were thinking of blurring the lines between HIPPA and FERPA in the future. They may have already done it with FEPA.

FERPA was bad back in 2013:

FEPA (2018-2019) is even worse:

HR 4174 – Foundations in Evidence Based Policymaking Act (FEPA) Just Eliminated Or Severely Gutted 9 Constitutional Amendments

And another post from this group:


And another post:

Unbeliveable! Attention patients with vaccine medical exemptions!

A new California bill was just introduced by Senator Pan. SB 276 – Elimination of all past and future medical exemptions. We are fighting this hard, BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. If we don’t defeat this bill, every single one of your vaccine medical exemptions will be disqualified on June 1, 2020.

And another post from this group:

Venting n seeking help.
I took my unvaxxed boys in for their second wellness check ever (scary) and the doctor honestly was great, informative but not pushy. But after we got home i started doing more research into how or what i could do to get my boys exemption so they could attend school this year without being forced to vaccinate. My oldest is 5 and we live in colorado.
Honestly it about put me in tears. It feels like theres no “safe” option now much less if that bill passes the senate. Idk what to do. Im hurt n furious that my boys arent allowed to attend school. My oldest LOVES to learn and i am and would make a terrible teacher. He would love school and he is denied an opportunity for a standard education, sports, social interaction, and everything because i refuse 80+ very dangerous preventative shots. Grrrr! Im so mad.
If anyone lives in northern colorado and has been through this is there any help?? Please?

And here are the replies to this post:

You can home school wothout being the teacher. Check into Abekka. Its a great program my grands use.

if the bill passes, she won’t be able to. Homeschoolers follow same rules as schools in CO

I am not sure what these legislators are thinking. That number of people showing up should be a RED Flag that they are NOT on the right page.

I am just as shocked and disgusted as you are. I listened through most of the 13 hours the committee went on for. They have to be real monsters to react and behave the way they did.

Let me say, I had the same worries. I’m in CA and things are getting worse. But, my kids have zero interest in going back to public school. I was shocked! If you homeschool, do it. If you can’t afford to, find like minded parents that can help. Anxieties and school drama are…gone!

unfortunately homeschoolers follow the same rules as all school age children. It’s our law. ?? The bill affects all children k-12, homeschooled or not.

CO law states all homeschoolers, whether they are just at home, have to turn in exemptions. The new bill will put all exempt kids in a database because our exemptions have to be signed by three health department. This takes their FERPA rights away.

I read earlier today that Colorado is in a race to the finish line for the craziest out of control state! ??I can’t agree more.
HB19-1312 was PASSED by the house early yesterday morning. If the Senate passes this bill I can’t even imagine what’s next!!
If you are silent in this matter please know just a few things you are agreeing to. I will add some more info in my comments so you can read the full bill on your own.
-The less than 3% who file for an exemption will be put in a tracking system with a parents signature stating something along the lines of how they agree they are failing to protect their child and putting them in harms way. (which could be used against them in the future) This tracking system will also have their child’s/children’s name, address and private health information (current law keeps information private within the school because of HIPAA). This bill basically removes HIPAA and allows vaccines records to be released and whatever else they may require. This bill states changes can be added at anytime. So they can add in that students info can be available online for others to view. They can do whatever they want being it states changes can be made at anytime.
-More vaccines will be required to attend school in Colorado. We will have to follow ACIP recommendations. Their recommendations include an annual flu vaccine. If flu vaccine is not given then a child will need an exemption.
??Our exemption rates are less than 3%, with these changes I can almost guarentee exemption rates will go up because not everyone wants the flu vaccine or hpv vaccine.
-State money will be used to educate on the benefits of vaccines only, not risks!
-This does impact homeschooled students

I’m in Michigan and choosing to homeschool because the schools are actually less than standard and there’s so many budget cuts that kids are actually struggling and suffering from the fact that bullying is a huge problem and with budget cuts there’s less staff to actually care for the needs of kids and I’m not even going into the special needs Department because that’s worse but all the kids across the board are not getting anything out of going to public school. My kids have an individual academic goal set being homeschooled and we have groups where we meet up and socialize and they play with kids their own age but it’s so much more relaxed and enjoyable. And I cannot describe the best experience of seeing your child learn and seeing how they learn that’s why they love to learn. When you go to a public school you are told what to learn and told how to learn that’s why it’s called standard and you are cloned education minded to be like everybody else. I struggled with this in public school myself and I hated being there because I never got the support or individual attention that I needed to thrive in areas I was interested in. And when I graduated I was told to get a job or go to college and I still never had opportunities to thrive in interest. Now doing homeschooling the parents are that full opportunity to help your child thrive. There are still Sports and activities and group outings to meet up in your local area to do other things. But even depending on your child’s personality and interest homeschooling actually gives them more. And it’s definitely not worth injecting them with neurotoxin poisons and the risk of injury or death. And I say the injury part with a heavy heart because my youngest who is 7 suffered from vaccine injuries and now has autism as a result from all of the setbacks that came with the reactions after the vaccines. I did not know then what I know now and I live with heavy regret for not doing any research or questioning. And even with him homeschooling has just been a safe haven because autism is it self very hard to deal with and large buildings with a lot of noise and the social aspect is just not there. Anyways moms teach their babies honestly before they’re even born it is just naturally there. Just don’t compare yourself to how you should do it with the standards of somebody else or the schools. Do it how your family works and how your child’s personality and interest are growing.

I just want to say, I pulled my kids out of school and homeschooled, for different reasons. It was one of the top 10 BEST decisions I’ve made for my kids! It was so much fun, though taxing for sure. I am so proud of those years. You will be a wonderful teacher! All the curriculum and learning tools were provided for free, along with support and a computer. My teenager got a laptop to use for H.S. I pulled my son out in 8th grade because he was struggling so hard and getting terrible grades, and my daughter followed soon after, in 4th grade. My son was on the Dean’s list through H.S. and finished his senior year at the public H.S. with A’s and B’s.
My daughter was able to spend 20-30 hrs per week dancing and earned a scholarship.
I’m sorry the circumstances have forced you to seek alternatives, but I just want you to know that the option of homeschooling is not a terrible one, and if I could go back, I would’ve done it much sooner!!

And yet another post from this group:

I got CPS called on me.

A bit lengthy of a story, but I just had my baby boy and denied the Hep B vaccination.
We spent three days in the hospital, my test results for pre eclampsia came back negative and his bilirubin (jaundice) test came back so low it was almost non existent.

They wanted to keep us another day even though (this being my second child) I was fairly confident in my judgment especially considering he was eating and pooping (a healthy color) regularly, and passed all his hearing and other tests with flying colors. I was ready to go home. I wanted to sleep in my own bed. The hospital stresses me out and there was literally NOTHING wrong with either of us so I asked the doctor if I could go home, and he said “Even though both your tests for pre eclampsia came back negative we still want to keep you another day just in case.”

My first thought was “No you just want to keep me another night to line your pockets.”
And to be honest, it had to be one of the worst hospital stays I’ve ever experienced. I was lied to three different times about the hospitals regulations and other things.
I felt fine, I didn’t even tear during labor, I wanted. To go. Home.

So I signed a form saying I was leaving against medical advice and took my baby home, put him in the sun, two times a day to kick whatever touch of jaundice he had, and just got a call today from Social Services saying they received a report about the well being of my infant and that they want to come to my house tomorrow to check on him.

I’ve literally got nothing to hide. I’m just more irritated in the fact the hospital would literally go that far just to report me over something so fucking small.
I’ve never had this problem in Texas where I had my first.
I almost want to call the hospital tomorrow and tell them I’m going to fucking sue their shit when the social worker leaves tomorrow empty handed.

Fucking eye roll.

And some replies to this post:

Be careful letting them in. They will try and find anything to hold against u

dead right. If they turned up while you changed a nappy and talked to them, one would be taking a photo claimong you had the whole house covered on dirty nappies. CPS is vile, evil and corrupt.

Exactly, or a couple dirty dishes in the sink will be ” dirty dishes piled high in the sink”

yeah, you better NOT HAVE A SINGLE DISH IN THE SINK! Even with an attorney, that’s why it’s better to go to their office, so you don’t have them in your house trying to find shit that’s wrong

Remember CPS are just sniffer dogs on a leash. They are always hungry.

Tell everyone you know what happened…
The way to impact them is in their wallet. Also file a complaint with the deportment of insurance.
Post your story EVERYWHERE!!! Also go into why the stay was bad… so even pro-vaxxers will also be leery. Leave yelp reviews etc!!

I am soooo sorry. Can I ask you what state u r in? This just scares me..


Record the whole visit from CPS on your phone!


At least you got a call. They just showed up on my door step claiming I failed their drug test. I didnt even take tylenol when I was pregnant. The worst substance I had in my system was caffeine. The hospital called CPS on me for drugs they pumped me full of when they slammed me under for an emergency c section. After spending 8 days in NICU and finally bringing her home, less than 24 hours later, I have some chick basically calling me a druggie on my front porch. 8 week investigation was proven unfounded. She tested negative for everything. But it traumatized me. Still says in her records that she will “be delayed due to mother’s drug use.” Fuck CPS
Fuck OU medical
Fuck all that bullshit!

So basically the hospital threw a tantrum because they didnt get their way so they did a tit for tat maneuver and called cps? Wow they’re shitty. .

Doesn’t matter if you don’t have anything to hide and yes you’re a wonderful mother and you did everything right by that baby, keep them out of your house, do not let them in your home at all this is a violation. They have no rights it is like the devil he can’t come in that door unless you open it and invite him in. They are not welcome…

Research Title IV-D and E of the social security act! Newborns are in HIGH DEMAND with CPS! They want to take your child, give you a false sense of security by giving you a “reunification plan” and then they’ll just deny and terminate your rights. I’ve been blessed and never gone through this myself but I’ve seen many, many parents go through it! DO NOT LET THEM IN! And if they show up with cops, CALL A LAWYER AND DEMAND A WARRANT!

They can make big money off of you from taking your child all the stuff that you have to go through to get that baby back cause big time money

I’m pretty sure calling CPS is standard procedure at any hospital when you leave before they say they’re done caring for you after childbirth. I’m surprised people don’t know this

as a nurse, yes I can attest to this. It is standard procedure in most hospitals to call CPS if a mon signs out AMA.

COPIED FROM [name redacted]
CPS visits. Because I see this happening to parents who choose not to have their children vaccinated:

  1. THE KEY: Be polite & SAY AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE. You might be terrified inside. You might be absolutely angry if you feel there is injustice going on, but the number one thing you can do is stay calm and be polite. Anything you say can be twisted. Do NOT DEFEND YOURSELF. Do NOT volunteer information.
  2. Do NOT let them in your house. Be nice but STAY FIRM. Have one statement ready and repeat it over and over “I know you are just doing your job, but my main obligation is to my children and to help them avoid unnecessary trauma.” If they do not have a warrant and there is no obvious emergency, they are not allowed access to your home. If a police officer is with them, they all know it is illegal to enter a home unless you CONSENT, or unless they have a warrant, or can hear an emergency situation going on. DO NOT CONSENT.
  3. Ask permission to ask THEM questions. “I realize you are just doing your job. Would it be ok if I asked you a couple of questions?” Then, ask if you can record the conversation. If you need to get your cell phone, close the door and say, “I need to get something.” These are the questions to ask them:
    • “Firstly, do you have some identification? After you get their ID, write down their name, then ask, “Can you give me the name and phone number of your supervisor?” Write it all down. Take your time.
    • Next “What are the exact allegations that have been made against me? Federal law requires that I should be informed of any allegations against me.”
    • Ask them if they have a warrant. Be direct. “Do you have a warrant to search my home or speak to my children?” If they produce a warrant make sure it is signed by a judge and dated.
  4. Tell them you are going to contact your attorney and when you get them on the phone, you will allow them to speak to your attorney. Close the door. Have the attorney speak to CPS.
    I pray you will never need to use this information. Unfortunately, in the present time of extensive government involvement in the lives of parents, many parents have found themselves in complex situations with CPS. It is better to be forewarned and forearmed. Your number one desire is to protect your children from harm. Too often CPS has brought more harm than help.

Do not let them inside your home! #1!!! Tell them you will bring your healthy baby to them!!! #2 Jaundice is so common amongst babies born in hospitals it’s not even funny,why do they even pretend to care about that? CPS are legal kidnappers, I thought everyone knew this…?? they are just as crooked as all our politicians. Don’t be nice

I felt the same when I had my son on the 6th. 6 hours after he was born, I was asking to go home lol I just did not want to be there. They refused to let me leave until we had been there for at least 24 hours. They ended up discharging us around 30 hours after he was born. I was not being a very pleasant patient lol Especially because they pushed formula the entire time.

Yep. I put a blanket under my daughter. I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that. They never corrected me. N we left the TV off the whole time, and when she slept were on our phones. CPS showed up at my house the very next day after our discharge

Iv delt with cps over stupid crap meet them at the door step outside and close it behind you no entry unless a warrant. I always have a camera recording I recorded one just walking into my home I reported her. Watch what you say they will twist your words my daughter told them my dog got into a fight with another and they called the cops on me saying I was holding a dog fighting ring when all I did was foster a dog that didn’t like mine it went back to the rescue same day. Wishing you luck

And another post from this group:


We’re losing our rights

And another post from this group:

This judge is a twonk change my mind

And another post from this group:

A few honest, ethical judges still exist.??
“Measles: Judges deny Rockland’s appeal on emergency declaration.

And another post from this group:

I’ve been told I’m not aloud to attend easter with the family because my kids are not vaccinated. I cried a little and now my stance on it is even stronger and it makes me want to be even more vocal. Thanks family for the lack of support its actually very motivating. ??

And yet another post from this group:

We’re likely going to be forced to vaccinate. We’ll know forsure in a couple weeks. So in anticipation of that, how can we help him before and after the vaccines to flush them out?
He’s 2 if that matters.

Required for daycare/school here in Cali.

No we’re not moving again or homeschooling.

We know vaccines are bad.

Our son has eczema, anyone have info on if/how that qualifies for an exemption?

We’ve made it nearly 2 years without vaccinating, so don’t assume this is because I WANT to vaccinate suddenly.

And here are some replies to this post:

I have a severely brain damaged son of 40. He recieved 1 vaxx,and with 4-6 hrs after the vaxx and I will never give up fighting against vaccinations.

I am so sorry this happened to you and your son. Thank you for not giving up.

My husband and I sold our house and our stuff and bought an RV and got out of CA. No job at all. Then, thank God, my husband found work right away. And then a new job when he wanted better pay in our new state.

Those families who suffer this type of injury don’t always get the care they need and I watch my aging friends suffering physical injury themselves from their child slamming their head into their parents. Breaking mirrors and windows and doors, being physically bigger and stronger than their parents who can’t ever get a break, assistance runs out and friends disappear. No help in sight.

Even with medical exemptions daycare in California is now given the right to refuse service to people who are not vaccinated. I was worried about vaccinations with my children as well. I simply had them give him 1 at a time. This gave his body a chance to fight each one as he got it. No the many that they push at once. It sucks that you pretty much have no choice if you want child care.

Also parents needed start teaching their kids about everything is in the vaccines before they brainwash them to get vaccinated at 16 if they pass that mandate as well

Screw that. I still wouldn’t vaccinate. Tell them to F off. Personally I’d just find a way to forge the paperwork… Find a daycare that doesn’t need your child to be vaccinated. Surely there are some out there.

Honestly try harder please. If there is will there is a way. If you have to lie to save your baby lie, if you have to inconvenience yourself do it. You can’t take back irreversible damage. Unfortunately being blissfully ignorant isn’t an option for you because you know the truth. If he has eczema his body is already telling you “hi I don’t process toxins very well” please don’t respond to it with “hi here’s a bunch of toxins it would take someone thrice your size to process” ??

I know you don’t want to hear this, but please don’t vaccinate under any circumstances. That vaccine could very well end his life. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but you have to think about it that way. His life is more important than some bullshit law. Find someone who runs a private daycare out of their home. Find a babysitter or nanny. There are always options. It’s Russian roulette when you vax. Don’t take that chance.

I live in WV where we don’t have exempt. Moving wasn’t an option for me at this time and I work full time so homeschooling became difficult. I got into a homeschool mommy group and found another mom that is actually a former public school teacher. She was glad to take my daughter so it gives her child and mine a playmate and I pay her a small amount monthly. My child is fluourishing. She is above grade level. She is very happy! She thinks of them as family now. It has been a God send. You always have options and choices. My older three boys are fully vaxxed and in public school. Two have injuries from shots. Even one can cause irreversible damage in children. There are text books from 50 years ago stating that children with ezema should not be vaccinated but they won’t recognize that now. Pray about it. Keep looking there could be a good soulution with another homeshcooling family. It is a win win for us!

You’d have to step over my cold dead hands before you forced me to vaccinate my child just so I can go work away from them.. nothing makes sense anymore. Fuck the government.

they have to pry my son out of my dead cold hands before they touchdd him with a needle


I agree no need for vaccinate stand up for yourself fight then illegal vaccines

Refuse. Don’t do it. We can’t move out of every state enacting this fascist legislation. Refuse to comply.

This is why they get away with doing what theyre doing. I would flee a whole country with my babies to get away from vaccines. If your son ends up sick, can you look at him and tell him you did everything to prevent it, or just tell him it was becuase you needed an education (Thats mind control/slavery to be cookie cutted into what the government wants) theres no way ??

they will have to seriously kill me before forcing me to inject my kid. This is absolutely nuts!

seriously! Its like “here son, drink this cup of poison, only thing tho…you might die, but its to better yourself in society” wtf

Yes! This is one sick country. Here’s the thing…vaccines cause more issues with the human body which then creates more business for the medical world. So the big pharma and government are all about keeping Americans sick and making sure this group who has decided to say umm no f that gets shut down because they fear us!

exactly! We are paychecks!!!! Thats why i have a hard time believing theyll do the right tjing and test these vaccines for safety. Why would they test something to orove how dangerous they are that creates bread for their table? They will not prove or give us proof of studies on tjede vaccines in our favor! It won’t happen. We are their income, cash flow, we are the cattle! Fuck the government and people need ro take a stand and over throw them! Its our country and we are in control of them, they work for us but 98% of Americans have forgotten that.

ugh! Ill never send my babies there! My oldest is 8 and non verbal and in a wheelchair and ive seen too many videos of teachers abusing special needs. I would bring down the whole world if someone touched my baby or mistreated him. I dont understand how people believe theyre so weak and have no power then use the constitution to have the rights they believe in protected but theyve forgotten about the part that says if the government has too much power we step in and overthrow them?! Its passed time for a revolution.

Just because of the fact that they are pressuring so hard I will never ever comply no matter what. And since I know they have trolls reading this and recording this let me make it clear those shots are getting into my child over my dead body! They will have to walk over my dead body first after they kill me because I’m not letting it happen no matter what. People have fled persecution throughout history this is not new

He already has vaccine reactions ?? why would you put him through any more? Fuck that state..get out of California (?? ex-Californian) as fast as you can. You’d be shocked as shit at how much better life will be for your family once you’re out.
We have a family of 5 living off 1 income and I homeschool. There’s no point to work to pay for child care – especially when you’re forced for your child to be subject to vaccination to do so. Nothing is worth it. Nothing.

Im pretty sure its not mandatory til Kinder…If your daycare is demanding it …Find a new daycare. My son was vaccine injured and started having seizures from the toxins that went to his brain. I WILL NOT CONSENT. EVER EVER AGAIN….

I’m feeling for you mama, I have 3 children (2 vaxxed and 1 who is) – she happens to be because she’s our oldest and we couldn’t get an exemption from school. I feel you mama. I hear you. I’m not going to tell you to move or homeschool or be a stay at home mom. That is not fair. But I will answer your question, as you came here to find out ways to help your son detox not to be told to just pick up your life and move somewhere else. It’s scary to say, but I fear that we all will be forced to vaccinate our children soon and the best thing we can do is educate ourselves on how to help our littles detox and get through it.
Key things:

  1. Vitamin C up his intake weeks before getting vaccinated
  2. Space them out. One vaccine at a time. Separate the combined ones.
  3. Bentonite Clay IMMEDIATELY after being injected. You want to put a thin later over the injection sight- this will help out toxins
  4. Detox Baths
  5. Chlorella Tablets (found at any health food store)

CDC says if your child or family member has “an immune system disorder” which eczema is, then they should NEVER get he MMR. Says it on their own website!!! Your child is high risk for a reaction if they are already having immune system problems.

I remember getting vaccinated before middle school many years ago, my excema got so bad it hurt all the time!!always red and itchy around my nose of all places.

I will pray for your innocent child. I would give anything to have NOT vaccinated mine. No detox can undo the damage. Sorry, I just dont have any words that make the truth more palatable. You risk killing your child, or maiming him for life. He will never be the same. ??

I am disgusted that parents are just willing to comply. Why do you even ask this question here? For me it sounds like you are ok for your child to be raped and you are not willing to find another solution , and somehow the rape part is going to be better because the child is 2 years old.

Your comment sounds harsh , but I have to say I agree 100% We need to do EVERYTHING possible to stand up for our god given rights ! If that means quitting jobs , downgrading vehicle choices , , budgeting groceries tighter , not going on that trip , shop thrift instead of new , sell stuff . Start networking work it out with another parent to co-homeschool so that you share it and each of you can work . Do WHATEVER it takes to not inject your child and put them in harms way . In my opinion if you proclaim that you would die for your child , or you would protect your child with your life , here’s your chance DO IT !

You have a choice, mama. Born and raised in Cali. Struggling single mom here. Somehow made it until he was 3 without. Then we made the very hard, sacrificial decision that seemed like the only one—- to leave all of our friends and family and move across the country without anyone or anything. SO WORTH THE SACRIFICE to save my babies health/life/future. Hardest and best decision I’ve ever made. He’s 5.5 now and so much healthier than majority of children around. No chronic issues at all and hardly sick except a few minor colds. Can go to school here w no issues at all. Do what’s needed for your family’s health and well being— even if the decision is very hard. It’s worth it all. Big hugs ??????.
A detox can only do so much. Much of it can be irreversbale damage ??

what could possibly be more important than avoiding the high likelihood that your child will be damaged for life? a job? a home? so sorry, we know this is not your choice, but I hope you won’t do it.. I talked to a father recently who started to get their 3 year old “caught up on shots so he could go to school”.. they watched him regress into autism after just a few shots.

We should demand that any legislator who supports forced vaccination be vaccinated on live TV with the many, many vaccinations required of an infant. The amount of adjuvants should be adjusted for legislator by body weight to match the toxicity level of a 6-20 pound infant. The authenticity of each vaccine needs to be verified…no saline vaccinations. They have no right to enforce these vaccinations if they are not willing to suffer the same consequences. With voices banded together, this request must be made for all to hear.

Here is a post that was shared in the vaccine skeptic group:

The ADA pushing Gardasil. Evil working overtime. Please listen to the 2.5 minute snippet of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr discussing Gardasil in the comments ?? 1 in 40 chance of getting autoimmune disease in 6 months. 50% showed some other major injury within 6 months of taking Gardasil. HPV Please donate to Children’s Health Defense

And another post from this group:

So according to a friend (who recently found out my son is unvaccinated) im uneducated, irresponsible, ignorant and apparently im also a pro plaguer. I guess we are no longer friends. Oh, she works in the medical field and is 10000% pro vaccines and doesnt believe in vaccine injuries existing. Almost 10 years of friendship gone because she wont respect my decision on what to do with my child.

And some replies to this post:

I’m sorry your friend is such an ignorant person, but I’m glad you found out now. I lost a forty year friendship over politics.

Yep this is happening to me also. Its sad.

lost a good friend too over it. Oh well ??????? it sucks but in the end your child is the only thing that matters. Pro vaxxer logic is ridiculous. I used to be pro vax till somebody told me about vaccines and I’m a huge anti vax now

its crazy because a friend of hers had commented on the post. Shes pro vax but she said that when her child received his 1 year vaccines he stopped talking and shes sure it was the vaccines. Im gonna send her a private message and discuss vaccine injury and vaers.

When I worked on ICU, I remember that I was the last awake nurse out there among very “smart pants” girls who graduated 5-10 years ago. They were at least vaccine-hesitant in general and a few of them refused flu shots despite harassment and threatening with termination of job. I didn’t understand at that time, now I have a baby and I saw what vaccine does. You have to keep going to live your life in peace, no one can understand your statement better than people (growing number of people!!!) who know someone who was vaccine-injured. You are a good mom and your friend is as well, because we all do what we think that it’s the best for our children.
Hugs! ??????

That happened to me recently too. So sad to lose a friend over such a thing. But there wasn’t much I could do about it.

She literally told me that she hopes my child gets sick so I “learn my lesson”. She’s a nurse.

Ive lost a ton of friends n even family over my decision not to inject poison into my son. It hurts but life goes on and at the end of the day he’s my number 1 priority n my focus. Fuck them if they can’t respect your wishes or at least agree to disagree. It sucks so i know exactly how you feel. But i will NOT be moved. I will never ever vaccinate my son. I’m woke and if people want to weed them selves out of my life because of it, good riddance.

My Best friend is pro vax and her kids are 100% immunized and mine are not. We have never had a fight about this. She tells me before I go to her house if they have recently had any. She listens to my warnings which are never forceful. We absolutely love each other despite our many differences. Religion is in that too. But my point is that you can co exist just fine if both people can be respectful and honest. Of coarse that means both people. She was definitely not respectful toward you.

I have a 21 year old, 19 year old and 5 month old. My oldest kids where vaccinated because i didn’t know any better n did what my pediatrician suggested like all the sheeple, n yes i regret that now because my oldest children really weren’t ok growing up. Always sick. Ashthma so bad n always had colds n ear aches. My 19 year old has serious mental health issues n i wouldn’t be surprised if vaccines caused alot of that. My 5 month old will never get shots! Ever. I know better now.

I lost a 20 year friendship over this, as well. It’s really sad to see the division and anger over this. Ironically she is pro choice on everything else but not this!

I walked away from a 30 yr friendship due to her Verbally Attacking my Daughter for not Vaccinating my granddaughter. So many Hateful things came out of her mouth. I was Shocked. Including your killing your daughter. Was said to my daughter. I was cleaning her house when this happened. After all she said she had the nerve to say I Love You. I finished what I was doing. Handed her the keys back & told her I won’t be back. Stood my ground and always will. God Bless to all that have to deal with this. Granddaughter is 4,1/2 now. Very Healthy, Very Smart. She did have eye goop and Vit K at birth. Nothing else since. Protecting those we Love Most.

I was in the medical field and most my clinical friends are AGAINST vaccination because we get them forced on us and they make us sick. But that’s a handful of the whole pot of clinical people.

I’ve lost 3 separate 15 year friendships this year because I don’t vaccinate. Sorry for what you’re going through. It’s hard to process.

The power of programming. It can disconnect one from reason and from their heart. Have compassion for her. At some point she may wake up, she will need a lot of support when she reflects upon how she used to be.

Im in a similar boat. My friend for over 17 years now took the “if you dont vaccinate, you shouldnt be allowed to leave your house, shouldnt be allowed to see a Dr if you’re sick etc” approach.. So I no longer talk to her. Her and her pro vax friend go back and forth and make comments directed towards me. Like I did something terribly wrong. 3 of my 4 kids are fully vaccinated. My youngest had pretty severe reactions to his last round of shots. I started digging. Come to find out all of my kids have had listed known reactions (via the vaccine inserts) and I was oblivious

I finally got called names yest for the first time… by a “friend”
She asked me to donate $ for something. Than proceeded to call me an idiot… for my views and how we were killing people. I told her I’d sure like to help but they prob don’t want my $ it’s prob all covered in germs! ?????????

This always happens with medical professionals especially younger ones. Don’t blame them, you wouldn’t want to admit your training was corrupted and that you participate in harming children either- Having invested in that education and career.

Speaking up and pointing out the things regarding vaccines that need to be pointed out and questioned, definitely comes at a cost in today’s society. If we are not conforming to the “norms” of our society we are ridiculed and cast out.
I had a good number of local friends, after 3 years of speaking out, I’m down to 2, of which live very busy lives already, so close friendships are non existent. Every time I meet a new friend it goes great until they find out we don’t vaccinate, and what my strong viewpoint is. We also just recently had to switch to an earlier service in our church due to this. Thankful that this time it’s mainly 40year+ age range and that I will not be planning to fully know past Sunday. Apparently they all forgot God’s word and the sermon of loving others including those you don’t agree with…
So fully can relate…

As a person who had seizures for two years after being vaccinated an arrogant and ignorant person such as your socalled friend would be thrown on the rubbish pile with no reservations.She doesnt care about your kids.She worships big pharma her cash cow and cannot cope with being questioned. I would rather have questions I cannot answer than answers I cannot question. She is a member of a toxic cult.

I feel ya my sister threw away over 25 years of friendship when she got married he’s very pro vaxx and she knew before but when she got with him she turned to “it’s not my fault you don’t vaccinate, vaccinate and you can see your niece again I don’t want her catching diseases from you”. We even lived together at one point and her daughter was constantly sick my son only caught what she had once and was over it within 24 hours. My niece has chronic health problems and my kids are healthy as can be. I wish she would see that she’s poisoning her.

And another post from this group:

Took my daughter into urgent care today because she was running a fever on and off the past 5 days. The NP literally lectured me 3 different times about vaccines. In the end she told me, “well I hope your daughter can stay healthy and avoid death.” I almost smacked her. She bullied me, laughed at me when I shared my concerns about shedding. I’m so livid right now!!!

And yet another post from this group:

Super long story ahead. So I had my first negative anti-vaxx experience this weekend. We took my 4-month-old daughter to ER for breathing problems. The first nurse asked if she was up to date on her vaccines, and I hesitated, and then finally said, no we haven’t vaccinated her yet. Then another nurse came in and asked the same thing, this time I said we’re delaying until she’s older. Then a 3rd nurse came in asked again, I said no, we’re delaying, she hasn’t received any. She said, so you don’t vaccinate? I said no. The first doctor also asked, but didn’t seem too concerned. I’m thinking, do they not communicate or are they just harassing us? Then they give her a chest x-ray. 30 minutes later a 2nd doctor rushes in and sits down by the bed and starts grilling me about every little thing then finally said she was asking me “all these questions because the chest x-ray came back (dramatic pause) pneumonia.” She then said we need to start IV fluids and antibiotics immediately. My daughter had nursed about 6 times in the 2 hours we’d been there, she was plenty hydrated. I also didn’t want to start antibiotics until we knew whether it was viral or bacterial. She also informed me that some pneumonia is vaccine-preventable (and later told my husband it was likely bacterial because viral doesn’t look like that on an x-Ray). So I texted my husband to come in the room and he asked the nurse for some clarification. She did not like that. So he asked to talk to the doctor. The doctor told us she needed to be admitted because we need to monitor her for 2 reasons: to make sure the infection doesn’t reach her blood and turn septic and because she’s unvaxxed so her immune system is weakened. Why would my baby’s immune system be weakened because she HADN’T had poison injected into her? And the other nurse felt the need to tell us babies need antibiotics whether it’s viral or bacterial since their immune systems can’t fight anything. Wrong. Either she was stupid or she thought we were. The sepsis discussion kinda scared me, so we said fine, start the IV and antibiotics. They took some blood and were gonna start an IV but her vein blew. So they admitted her and sent us upstairs. The next 2 doctors who saw her were baffled by the pneumonia diagnosis, and thankfully saw no need for an IV. They gave her one dose of antibiotics while we waited for the blood culture and said they would stop immediately if it turned out to be viral. The results came back and it turned out to be (dramatic pause) rhinovirus. I really feel like the dr downstairs was punishing us for not vaxxing and gave us a diagnosis that could probably be passable, but the other two doctors didn’t buy it from the get-go. Thankfully we were admitted and out of her care along with the nurses in the ER. I was afraid to go to the ER for this very reason, and I hope we don’t have to go back. All I could think of was medical kidnapping. Thank God we got out of there the next afternoon.

I see no need why they need to know her vaccine status. How does change the way they treat patients? It’s not like they quarantined us or anything. I see no reason why they need to know vaccine status in the first place. Even it is a vaccine-preventable illness, they still need to treat it, right? But I guess if a kid came in with measles and they were vaccinated, they may call it something else ????? but probably not during this measles “outbreak”.

And yet another post from this group:

Had my annual with the OBGYN and explained to her that we will soon be trying to conceive. She wrote me a prescription for blood work and said they are checking for rubella antibodies… if I come up as not being immune she said “then we will take care of that” I said by take care of that what do you mean? She said well we would immunize you for rubella. I said you mean you would give me the MMR vaccine? She said, yes.. you have to get it if you’re not immune. I said, oh, I “HAVE” to get it? She says well, it’s highly recommended yes. But it’s your choice.

Time for a new OB.

And some replies to this post:

However it is recommended to not get pregnant too soon after getting an MMR so look that up.

didn’t know that. These doctors are nuts! She also made fun of me because we don’t use birth control pills. We family plan naturally by not having intercourse on fertile days. She laughed and said how unreliable and inefficient that method is.

And here these docs go! They probably have a new compensation plan we aren’t aware of that the more people in general that vaccinate for anything the more $$$$.

Haha yup
After I have birth I had a young nurse come into my room and proceeded to tell me I was going to get the MMR vaccine. I told her nope. She seemed surprised then said you have no immunity to ruebella, so we are going to vaccinate for it. I said No, stop bringing it up. And she left, looking all bewildered. Lol

Oh my days! See how they try and suck you in ???????
So many health associated risks and deficiencies with bcp too. I heard someone told that it would ‘save her egg store’…that’s the lies they tell, it’s bloody crazy!

totally tried to suck me in. If I didn’t know that “immunize for rubella “ was code for MMR vaccine she would have never ever said the words MMR or vaccine. It’s almost like they know the stigma now associated with MMR and they purposely dance around the term to suck you in through another route. It’s very sneaky

Off the insert: “Women of childbearing age should be advised not to become pregnant for 3 months after vaccination and should be informed of the reasons for this precaution.” pg: 3

Click to access UCM123789.pdf

This happened to me. Through ivf. Private clinic would not progress without MMR. Luckily the NHS clinic were happy to proceed without MMR and thats how i went.

When I had my son couple years ago the hospital pushed for the MMR because I’m non immune. Every time a shift change nurse came in they all brought the vaccine with and gave me a speech about how it “really” should be done. ??

The dr threw a big fit while I was pregnant and had the nurse give me “info” cause I didn’t want the flu shot or tdap

Sadly a lot of doctors push vaccines on pregnant women too so be warned. They pushed every appointment (so we’re talking every 1-2 weeks at the end) for me to get a FLU SHOT when I was pregnant.. even though CDC specifically says it hasn’t been tested for safety on pregnant women AND this was in May/June/July/August!!! Not even “flu season” but my doctor tried telling me that flu season starts in May now ??

I had the Mmr vaccine as a part of green card processing and wasn’t immune to it during my pregnancies. Just pumped me with toxins and it was hard for me to conceive afterwards. Although my side of family is quite fertile and never had any problems with it.

are you trying to conceive currently? Did you have any adverse reactions when you got the vaccines?

No I’m done. I had three pregnancies, I lost my first boy to stillbirth at 37 weeks (developed cholestasis during pregnancy), it was 3 years after those vaccines.
But when I was 6 and in kindergarten (during Soviet era) they gave vaccines to all kids and I had a reaction! I felt unconscious for I don’t know how long. They didn’t ask parents consent whatsoever. My parents didn’t even know I had that reaction.

Good grief! After I had both my C-sections. They kept trying to push pain medication and stool softeners. I finally convinced them I didn’t need the pain medications I was feeling great. They kept on pushing stool softeners. Even though I am super regular 3-4 X a day. It didn’t change. Finally my last day they left me alone!

Yep my MIDWIFE tried to give the MMR vaccine to me while I was pregnant.. very scary and they all told me the Victim K shot was just vitamins.. I was also the only person they knew to ask questions about the Vitamin K shot and decline it.. Also only person to suggest not drinking the “orange drink” and substitute for smarties..

Looks like Ben Shapiro has joined the “conservative” mandatory vaccination bandwagon:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Vaccines given in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana causing infections,” read one headline that was suppressed to the deepest darkest depths of the search engine algorithm. After all, it’s hard to foster fear over a non-existent epidemic to encourage people to vote away their right to informed consent when the very medicines being mandated are found to be contaminated and causing infections. But that is exactly what happened.

Looks like Washington state is taking away some vaccine exemptions:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Had a follow up appointment with MD today for a health issue, he looked at my records and says “I see you haven’t gotten a flu shot in a few years”. Before I can tell him that is because I refuse to put needless chemicals in my body he says “that was smart, because the flu shot didn’t help one single person this year. it Never does.” Glad I didn’t need to argue about immunizations with this provider.

Look out Wisconsin:

Looks like Argentina, no doubt as part of UN Agenda 2030, last year made vaccines mandatory:

In Illinois, it looks like, from these two articles below, that the state department of public health is will work with, among others, religious organizations and the state board of education to try and increase vaccination rates:

Here is a post from the vacine skeptic group:

So yesterday I got a letter from our “communities caring for children”. They looked up my child’s vaccine status without my consent and sent a letter stating how he needs to be caught up to “protect” him. I want to write back or even call because is this NOT a violation??

And yet another post from this group:

My baby had his first well visit today and it went so badly… My baby is healthy completely unvaccinated, exclusively breastfed and almost 11 pounds at 1 month old. However this doctor tells me I am not giving him the best quality of life because he is not vaccinated. I told her I haven’t had any shots since I was in elementary and she said don’t cut your child’s chances at living because you parents cut yours.. She told me to not come back if he im choosing not to vaccinate because she doesn’t want difficult parents.. Apparently there are too many diseases floating around this country (DOminican Republic) for me not to vaccinate.. it really scared my hubby he says I should chose some to give to him.. these conversations are so difficult!! Why is this choice so political! I’m getting frustrated .. She even said I have never hear of the 1 in 10,000 people who get a vaccine reaction only the many who get reactions from not doing it …

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

MUST Watch.

This 22 year nurse blows the whistle on the CDC. Her children were diagnosed with Mumps after being fully vaccinated- the CDC refused to disclose that they were vaccinated in the official letter to the school district fueling a social media attack labeling her family ‘anti-vax’ …

Common sense and reason abound in this post.

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group from someone who said this about Rio Rancho High School in Rio Rancho New Mexico:

So I was just told that the high school near us is making the HPV vaccine mandatory! Wth! I thought my state was safe!

Here is anohter post from this group:

So my 16 year old daughter and I just had a educational discussion on vaccines because in SCHOOL BIOLOGY CLASS they are following the “measles outbreak” and “educating the kids on how important vaccines are!! I’m kind of upset about this.

And yet another post from this group:

“Merck founder George Merck famously told TIME magazine in 1956 that you don’t sell the drug; you sell the disease.

This time it’s measles, and the more the media can gin up hysteria about measles, the more, (and more often – don’t forget your “booster” shots) they can scare people into vaccinating their children. Merck makes the enormously profitable MMR vaccine administered to millions of non-consenting children; the potentially lethal Gardasil vaccine; and also the dangerous and arguably less-than-worthless Zostovax vaccine which has been the subject of several hundred shingles vaccine lawsuits.”

CBS news used this child photo to make people think he had the measles when in fact he had a reaction to the MMR vaccine.

And yet another post from this group:

You guys, I’m heartbroken ??
At 15 months old, my daughter suffered a severe reaction from her MMR vaccine. She spiked a 105° fever, and later had a seizure. She developed permanent allergic shiners around her eyes, suffers chronic ear infections, and was speech delayed, uttering just a handful of words by 4 years old. When she DID finally speak, she habitually repeated 3 words: “My belly hurts.” Today, she is 7 and still struggles with ALL of these issues.
My sister knows what happened to her niece. She also vaccinates her children. About 6 months ago, she really started to question vaccinating, and stopped bringing her baby in for well check ups. I was so proud! Her baby has SEVERAL PHYSICAL MARKERS of an MTHFR gene mutation, as well as horrific flare ups of dermatitis.
Well, this morning my sister took her (12 month!) baby in to the pedi and she convinced her to get MMRV. I’m devastated! She said she didn’t even “want to” but the doctor pressured her, because of the “outbreaks” NONE of which are close to us!
I’m COMPLETELY BESIDE MYSELF! HOW can someone literally see the results of vaccine damage, within their family, and still allow someone to jab your kid, even IF it goes agaibst your gut! How can parents just ignore the risk?! I know I’m more hurt by my sisters decision than I should be, but I it comes from a place of love for her & her child.
If she told me a product, ANYTHING hurt her child, I’d AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS for mine.
Why aren’t parents confident enough to use that same level of discernment when it comes to vaccines?

And some replies to this post:

I’m so sorry. I completely understand where you’re coming from. It blows my mind. I have experienced something similar recently and as difficult as it is, I have to walk away. I educate, make people aware, I live the life I live for a reason. Honestly some people just dont care or see the risks because they choose not to.
I truly hope your niece is able to overcome this and does not have permanent damage.

I have read far more stories of vaccine injuries and deaths than I have of injuries and deaths from diseases. For this reason I could not vaccinate my son. In my opinion vaccines are far more dangerous and deadly than the diseases they offer NO guarantees to prevent. I cannot fathom how anyone could risk their child’s health and life with a toxic shot to only “maybe” protect them from something that odds are wouldn’t kill them anyway

My sister recently had a baby and circumcised him and gave vaccines and vitamin k. Didn’t matter that 2 of my 4 kids have had vaccines reactions. She literally did no research, didn’t read the resources I recommended, nothing. All this after saying how upset she was when my 2nd was harmed. She’s watched how extremely healthy my kids are without vaccines. Stupid is as stupid does.

that is so sad that she would not listen to her wise sister. At least she can’t say she was never warned. I so wish someone had warned me about vaccines. I did question many medical professionals but all insisted they were safe and needed. I did at least have a few brain cells in that I spaced them out and only did 1 or 2 at a time with my oldest. But I so wish I could back in time and refuse ALL of them. I was a bit smarter with youngest who had none until age 2 and then only a couple. But he still get very sick from his one and only Dtap shot at age 5.

Some doctors are soooo good! I seriously swore my kids had vaccine injuries. My son did not walk for a month after his MMR! He was 4!!! I was bullied for 30 minutes and I caved! I was so stupid! My third spiked a fever!! High and then it ventured low for a long while…. he had GI issues and so many problems! I felt so stupid! It took my third child to be 100% woke!!! He stopped talking for two weeks and when he started talking again, he had same speech issues as other two children! I have videos of before and after!

And another post from this group:

Our local News just reported cdc is now recommending MMR vaccine at 6 months instead of 12 months old for international travel due to recent “outbreaks”?????? I’ll see if I can find the news clip I should have recorded it.

First Wisconsin wanted to simply ‘enable more people to get around barriers to vaccination’. Now they want to start taking away exemptions. Slippery slope:

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Just saw a post on ELCA ministry talking about the possibility of not letting unvaxxed kids into VBS. There is 1 immune compromised volunteer, I asked about recently vaxxed since they shed and a nurse of 20 years came on and said there is no such thing as shedding. I said not very Christian to tell unvaxxed kids they cant come to vacation bible school.

And another post from this group:

PORTLAND, Ore. — A new bill that would allow dentists to administer vaccinations just passed the Oregon Legislature with unanimous support.
Next year, Oregon dentists will become the first in the nation to give their patients immunization shots. House Bill 2220 will allow dentists to give any vaccinations — from measles to HPV and annual flu shots.
Gov. Kate Brown is expected to sign the bill into law in the next day or two.

A Colorado vaccination bill has been killed in the Senate:

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My little sister came home with this today… 

Did I read that right? The child was vaccinated?!?!?🤔🤔🤔🙄


And another post from this group:

So today I requested my entire medical record from my last delivery for personal reasons I was completely blown Away they snuck in a MMr shot wth and before I delivered my baby why ?

And some replies to this post:

I got my son’s records and he was given hepb the day after he was born and 3 days later. He has had a total if 5 doses of hep b.
note I used to be very pro vaccine and had him completely up to date until he was almost 2 and in 20 months he got 5 doses of this one.

They Are really pushing this vaccine stuff to dang far and now while your pregnant I don’t believe that’s safe at all and I believe anything and everything concerning my children should be my choice just makes me sick and I’m not sure the Ill effects it could have had seeing that my daughter was medflighted to a children’s hospital after delivery for respiratory distress

You’re absolutely right. It actually says right in the MMR insert that it is not to be administered to pregnant women. I’d raise some hell.

Get ALL your medical records as far back as possible. You will be appalled at the lies and mistakes. Mine had dozens and dozens of errors including saying I had an appendectomy that never happened.

How did you go about getting them? I was alone during and after birth because they wouldn’t allow my kids to come back with us so my husband had to stay home with them. We have no family or friends here.
I’m scared they snuck hep b and vit k in, I let them take her back for the ped to do a well check I guess and I’m regretting it

They did that too me too, stabbed me and said that it was “for German measles” without even asking me, I was half asleep from exhaustion when they did it!

I had an emergency c section. Didn’t know my son had any vaccines they kept me pretty doped up afterwards. I apparently consented after coming out of anesthesia. More reason to have a birth plan and have it signed by your doctor that’s going to be in your delivery. Edit to add: I severely hope they just charged my insurance. Fingers crossed 🤞

This is awful. When we came to NY, our first visit to a pediatrician ended up giving my daughter a shot which is not mandatory for school, without my consent, they first gave it and then told me. After, they wanted to give her a chickenpox shot, though she’s immune, as had chickenpox twice when was little. They didn’t even check her medical records from the embassy. If we didn’t come to America, I wouldn’t ever started my research to know what I know now. Thank you everyone that you are here to support and advice.

If you signed the consent to treat forms when you entered the hospital then you signed consent for them to give you anything they want.

this! My mom has said for years if something happened to her don’t take her to a hospital for this reason. And if we absolutely have to them to not leave her side. It says in admitting forms that the hospital will do whatever it deems necessary for your health. They lump vaccines under this and if you sign those forms they can pull that kind of crap.

yes, specifically they have included the term biologics, in consent forms, which is a term for vaccines. The third leading cause of death in the US is medical intervention.

They delete here after 10 years so what I have and lucky i had a lot as he was extremeyl sick from 2 weeks on (hep B ) now severely autistic seizures etc etc. But now am wondering about me…

They delete after yrs??? that’s actually scary! My 4th daughter had meningitis at 17 days old, no cause found.(15 days after hep b). Her cousin also had meningitis at months old, no cause found. I never hear reactions from hep b in particular!

yes in indiana at our hospital went to get my sons records from when he was around 5 hes 22 and they said everything gets destroyed after 10 years that seems criminal as there are a lot ofnpeople now who are looking back and will have no way of connecting the dots.

Looks like Twitter is now trying to suppress vaccine information:

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Hepatitis A post

So there was a breakout in the Tampa Bay area and my company, along with a bunch others around here are mandating that we get the Hep A vaccine in order to keep our job or we are fired ..

For all the experts on here, can you provide me with proper information that I can do full on research to help decide .. I really don’t want to inject myself with any vaccines being that I’m a grown adult , but want to know the pros and cons. Anyone who has had it ? Just any information that can help. Please and thank you!

This poster said they were from blooming brands (carrabbas, outback, bonefish and Fleming’s steakhouse ).

And another post from this group:

The air Force is making me get the hpv vaccine, any ideas on how to get out of it? I’m male just FYI.

And some replies to this post:

I once faced a decision about leaving the Reserves and the anthrax vaccine. Luckily, this vaccine was soon made a requirement for only those deploying to certain regions. Still the entire force became a guinea pigs at one point. I also learned that a former chairman of the joint chiefs was on the board of the company that made this vaccine. People don’t realize how much freedom is given up when serving, this is one area. Best wishes to you.

Air Force Veteran here, not sure you have a choice. You could try talking to your supervisor or go to the First Sergeant and see what can be done. Likely you’ll have to get it or risk an LOC or LOR for not getting it.

the army use recruits as guinea pigs. They have much more vaccine than a regular civilian people. Soldiers are given anthrax vaccine, and malaria and all the exotic diseases vaccines we don’t even know about

Once you sign up for the military they own you. I know of a chiropractors son who was vaccine-free, went into the army and had to get all of his.

My husband is Air Force and he said this one is not mandatory as of now. Are they saying you are required to get it? He has not had to get this one and from when he looked this was classified as a volunteer one only at this point

I have a neighbor kid that went in the military last year. He told me a couple nights ago that he’s been a guinea pig to all kids of vaccines in the navy – and hasn’t even been told what’s in them – just that the military is testing them out. He told me some of the guys in his last group got super sick and had had to go get checked out by a doctor there.

My Dad. He was in the Army for 25 years and he was on tour twice. He said they lined them up while deployed nearly every morning to give them injections. And he had severe reactions to them one day and could not walk anymore. Also now that I am thinking about it my one retired friend in the army also said this.

I begged my son not to enlist. He did it anyway. They infiltrated his body with cancer shots oops I mean vaccines. When you enlist, you become their guinea pig. He’s been in two years. They even made him get what he proved he had already been vaccinated against (before I did my research!) Just the other day, he told his sister and me that ever since he got the vaccinations, his body has changed and that is also when he started to get acne.

President Clinton signed into law that vaccines are mandatory for all military personnel.

I was in the AF. I had a reaction to the mandatory flu shot. Within 2 seconds of the shot, felt like I was having a heart attack. Every year that followed, I went to the dr for a waiver. The first few years, they would give me a smaller dose intradermally. They said it was worthless, but allowed them to check the box saying I was vaxxed. Finally, after a few years, a wise and wonderful dr gave me a waiver. So, what I’m saying is, it’s just a matter of finding the right dr.

The irony is just overwhelming in this scenario. You want to fight for freedom, but in order to do that, you have to bend to the will of the powers that be. Something has gone very wrong in our country. I’m not sure it can be fixed.

It’s not even fighting for freedom. It’s fighting for what the corrupt government and ruling powers say to fight. Usually it’s about money and power. Never freedom.

Look what I found:

H.R. 2862: To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for a national system for surveillance of vaccine rates, to authorize research on vaccine hesitancy, to increase public …

Looks like Maine is clamping down on vaccine exemptions:

Look what else I found:

To amend the Public Health Service Act to condition receipt by States (and political subdivisions and public entities of States) of preventive health services grants on the establishment of a State requirement for students in public elementary and secondary schools to be vaccinated in accordance with the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and for other purposes.

And another congressional bill:

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My foster child has to have MMR and Varicella vaccinations before I can adopt her next month. How long do these shed? I have a 15 month old unvaccinated and they play together all day long. How can I detox her and him if needed?

I found this post shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Poudre School District attendees:

Urgent need to comment by Tuesday to PSD. The new Sex Ed curriculum for 5th graders is available for viewing and comment at PSD admin building today and tomorrow, 7:30am-4:30pm 2407 Laporte Ave. The course recommends vaccination for pregnancy and measles to 5th graders! No informed consent, risks, “ask your parents.” Vaccines have NEVER been tested for safety on pregnant women, there is a FOIA request proving this. They also told kids that 4 out of 5 people will get HPV in their lifetime. No source, no information that 90% of people clear the virus who get it. They did not recommend HPV vaccine, but may as well have.

If you can, PLEASE go see the curriculum and make a comment about it being inappropriate to recommend medical procedures without informed consent and parental consent to children.

The person to comment to is: Laura Grissom 970-490-3105

I know I am not comfortable with my 5th grader learning about these things. Let’s keep it at reproductive anatomy and body changes they will be experiencing for this age.

Found this post shared in a vaccine skeptic group:


Synopsis As Introduced
Encourages adolescents in Illinois to receive the HPV vaccine to protect themselves against HPV infection and HPV-related cancers.

This resolution will be heard in the Senate Public Health Committee on Tuesday, May 28 at 11 a.m.


Step 1: File an OPPONENT witness slip.
Firm: Self
Title: Mr, Mrs, etc

Step 2: Contact members of the Senate Public Health Committee.

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

So our wonderful governor has decided to sign a bill eliminating personal and religious objections to vaccines ?? I’ve gone 9 years protecting my babies and in 21/22 school year I will be forced to vaccinate my 9 and 7 year old for them to attend public school. I don’t know what to do ~ we’ve tired the homeschool thing in the past and it wasn’t working for us.

And yet another post from this group:

CDC getting your kid’s science teachers to market HPV vx in school via curriculum !

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

ALERT! A bill to eliminate parental rights and religious exemptions for vaccines is being voted on TODAY!
Your call could HELP!!!
Details below —–>

Assembly bill A2371a, the bill to eliminate the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school, Is on the agenda for the Assembly Health Committee this Thursday, June 13. See:

We have also learned that the bill has been scheduled for a floor debate today which will culminate in a vote on the bill. The session will begin at 10 am today in the Assembly Chamber on the third floor of the Capitol building.

we have an unconmfirmed report that the Senate Health Committee may consider the bill today, but there is no possibility of us stopping the bill there.

Your child’s religious exemption is on the line. The meeting will be “off the floor,” meaning inside the Assembly Chambe,r and not accessible to the public. We need to pack the lobby to the Assembly with as a very visible statement. Anything is possible in Albany, but we do not believe there are the votes to pass the bill in the Assembly Health Committee. Let’s use our physical presence as an incentive for the Assembly to do the right thing and vote ‘No” on A2371a.

If you value your child’s religious exemption please come to Albany on Thursday. Call ahead for an appointment with your State Senator and Assemblymember or their staffs. But if you can’t get an appointment, stop by their office and ask if they can spare a few minutes to talk about the bill. Always be polite.

You can also ask to see the legislator “off the floor.” That is a meeting in the lobby of the Assembly on the third floor of the Capitol. Give a note with your name, and what you want to talk about, and the name of your Assemblymember, to the doorman and they will give it to the member and sometimes they come out and talk to you and sometimes they don’t.
If you have a vaccine-injured child who has a religious exemption because your doctor would not give you a medical exemption due to the difficulty of getting a medical exemption, or fear of investigation please write up your story in a letter and bring multiple copies, and then share your story with your legislators or their staff.
Please share this message widely via and email and social media. If we can keep 13 of the 26 votes on the Health committee we may be able to stop this.
Please share with everyone you talk to that according to the NYC Department of Health there have only been 5 new reported cases of measles in NYC during June (in a city of 8.5 million people.) Clearly the outbreak of measles is just about over. There were 172 new cases in April, and 73 new cases in May.

Please call your Assemblymember and ask him or her to oppose A2371a.

Asm. Anthony H. Palumbo
(518) 455-5294
Please call your State Senator and ask him or her to oppose S2994a.
Sen. Kenneth P. LaValle
(518) 455-3121
Please call each of the members of the health committee below and urge them to vote “No” on A2371a
Kevin A. Cahill: 518-455-4436, (845) 338-9610
Steven Cymbrowitz: 518-455-5214, (718) 743-4078
Nader J. Sayegh: 518 455 3662, (914) 779-8805
Robin Schimminger: 518-455-4767, (716) 873-2540
Ron Kim: 518-455-5411 (718) 939-0195
Rodneyse Bichotte: 518-455-5385, (718) 940-0428
Charles Barron: 518-455-5912, (718) 257-5824
Michaelle C. Solages: 518-455-4465, (516) 599-2972
Aileen M. Gunther: 518-455-5355, (845) 794-5807 and (845) 342-9304
Sandy Galef: 518-455-5348, (914) 941-111
Amy Paulin: 518-455-5585, (914) 723-1115
Linda B. Rosenthal: 518-455-5802, (212) 873-6368
Phil Steck: 518-455-5931, (518) 377-0902
Edward C. Braunstein: 518-455-5425, (718) 357-3588
Andrew Hevesi: 518-455-4926, (718) 263-5595
Ellen Jaffee: 518-455-5118, (845) 624-4601
Jeffrey Dinowitz: 518-455-5965, (718) 796-5345
Kevin Byrne: 518-455-5783, (845) 278-2923
Marjorie Byrnes: 518-455-5662, (585) 218-0038
David McDonough: 518-455-4633, (516) 409-2070
Andrew Garbarino: 518-455-4611, (631) 589-0348
Jake Ashby, 518-455-5777, (518) 272-6149
Ed Ra: 518-455-4627, (516) 535-4095
Andrew Raia: 518-455-5952, (631) 261-4151

Key talking points:
Students with religious exemptions are only one out of 1000 people in the state,
Students with religious exemptions are less than 1% of students statewide,
Students with religious exemptions are less than .5% of students in NYC,
There are eight times as many students without religious exemptions who have not had the MMR vaccine as people with religious exemptions according to the CDC. A2371 nothing about that.
With the Democrats: This bill is established that the State has the power to tell people what to do with their bodies and their children’s bodies? What ever happened to “My body, my choice.”

With the Republicans: This bill is a gross infringement on parental and religious rights and takes away a right we have always had in New York for no rational reason.
We have no data at all showing that students with religious exemption have any role in the outbreak.

Even Mayor de Blasio admitted that.…/de-blasio-measles-reality

How are children with IEPs and 504 plans going to get the services that school districts must provide, whether the child is in school or not? And how much is this going to cost?
What is going to happen to the students who have medical problems deserving of a medical exemption who were told by their doctors to go get a religious exemption because getting a medical exemption is so difficult. Senator Gustavo Rivera, Chair of the Senate Health Committee, has a bill right now, S477, to fix this problem.

Please share this message with friends and family, and please share on social media while we still can.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

The erosion of parental rights is progressing at an alarming rate. Regardless of what your thoughts are regarding immunizing, this is yet another example of a school bypassing parental consent and knowledge. Something which is becoming the norm.

Colorado pushing more vaccinations. I’m sure the Commie governor’s talks of respecting religious exemptions is a ploy to get us off our guard and that the statists will later revoke the exemptions based on “important new research” that they found based on doctored studies that they made so that they will declare the “need” to get rid of the exemptions later as part of the Healthy People 2020 agenda:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:


And another post from her:

I feel like crying. Honestly.

While looking up this group for supporting an evil vaccine bill in NY, I came across them mentioning another vaccine bill that would allow treatment and diagnosis of STDs, including, if they think it necessary, vaccination of minors WITHOUT parental consent:

Here is a post from Karen Bracken:

These are the kind of laws they pass in Communist countries. It is clear that NY is being run by a band of Communists.

BUT understand, any law that violates your constitutional rights is not a law any of us have to follow.

Get a lawyer if your child is denied access to PUBLIC SCHOOL because you refuse to inject poison into your child’s body.

If the people of New York do not fight back on this issue don’t be surprised when they start mandating other controls on you and your children.

The issue here is NOT vaccines but do you want the government to mandate what you put into your body or the body of your children.

If they can do it with vaccines what will be next…..believe me there WILL be a “next.”

PULL YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS and keep them out until they repeal this law. Believe me it won’t take long.

And another post from her:

A message about Gardasil from TN Director of Eagle Forum, Bobbie Patray. Very important information!!

This New York bill would allow for involuntary and possibly, indefinite, detainment of those deemed public health risks for communicable diseases:

Here is a post that I found on Facebook:

SB276 passed today. Children in California have been stripped of their medical exemptions.??

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

“This year, we’ve seen an unprecedented push to implement censorship across all online platforms, making obtaining and sharing crucial information about health in general, and vaccines in particular, increasingly difficult

Google’s June 2019 update, which took effect June 3, has effectively removed from Google search results

When entering a health-related search word into Google, you will no longer find articles in the search results. The only way to locate Mercola articles is by adding “” to the search word(s) in question

Mercola’s fully referenced content has been at the top of health search results for over 15 years

If undesirable pages don’t vanish automatically in the new algorithm, Google’s quality raters will manually manipulate crowdsourced relevance to bury the page or pages”

And another post from this group:

From New York: they are now threatening CPS if parents don’t comply and get their kids vaccinated!!!


And another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

Well Meghan McCain is the next “celebrity” to come out on twitter telling people to vaccinate their kids!

Heads up in Ohio:

Looks like the New York vote to get rid of the religious exemption may have broken the rules.

More bad news in Ohio, according to this post shared in the vaccine skeptic group:

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Removal of Vaccine Exemption Rights for ALL Ohio School Students…

On July 6, 2019, the Dayton Daily News reported that “Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Peggy Lehner, R-Kettering, is pushing a bill to only allow Ohio children to skip vaccinations for medical reasons… Lehner and state Sen. Sandra Williams, D-Cleveland, this week asked colleagues to join them in sponsoring a bill to remove all non-medical exemptions from vaccine requirements for children attending public schools or child care facilities.”


1 – SIGN the letter of opposition, which will email your opposition to the Senators! Sign here:

2 – CAHeLL, email, or visit if you can, the Senators to express your disapproval of this proposed bill. Contact info here:…/proposed-senate-bill-removing-vacci…/…

3 – CALL, email, or visit if you can, your State Senator to express your disapproval of this proposed bill. Find your Senator:…/senate-directory

Another NY school has threatend to call CPS over non-compliance with the NY vaccine mandate:

Here is a sad post from the vaccine skeptic group:

On July 1st,2019, my 11 year old daughter was finally diagnosed with autism… 😔 While it’s bitter sweet, we waited five long, awful years wth no help or services.. All programs denied her services because she is “high-functioning”. Being a single parent, being the only one to try for her, I failed her so often, being a sensory adult…

In fifth grade, my girl was restrained, suspended, talked down to, made to feel like absolute crap because she can’t keep up with the academics and is forced to work at the rate of her peers… The last time there was an incident, they set her up for failure.. They knew their decision would make her break down. By the time I picked her up, her eyes had no whites left to them…

My baby Auzilyn was a normal baby, seemingly.. She was on time for all her shots… But after her round at about seven months, she changed… I wouldn’t know until almost three years later what caused her regression. Her eye suffered nerve damage, as well…

For 11 years of my beautiful child’s life, she’s been treated like a bomb. Evacuate the room from my ticking child, about to explode.. Make sure she feels inadequate.. They’ve told me she manipulates, they say she makes these decisions to get her way. And that’s where they stop the statement. They don’t say, she does it for a reason.. It isn’t because she has a need, at all… They suspended her for a week, because of what her diagnosis manifests… After consistently making her feel that she’s wrong..

I refuse to send her to middle school. This district is run by morons…

And another post from this group:

Vermont has a mandatory immunization registry.. Conveniently the health commissioner is allowed to give out the names and addresses of minors to college professors that double as reporters for the new york times….WTF

Here is a post that was shared by Shannon Joy:

The New York Exodus begins
Religious persecution and medical apartheid drive New Yorkers from their homes

Yesterday we received word from two upstate New York families who as a consequence of the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school, have put their homes up for sale, and both families, coincidentally, are moving to South Carolina. We have heard from many families who are talking about moving, but this is two actual listings in one day. And many more are sure to come.

These are young, intact families, hardworking people engaged in their communities. One of the families celebrated the birth of a daughter this week. And they see no future for themselves or their children in the State of New York.

People leaving upstate NY is nothing new. Hundreds of thousands of upstate New Yorkers have left for economic reasons. But these families have secure jobs. They are fleeing something new: state-sanctioned religious persecution, and medical apartheid. Our governing class has created something new: religious refugees fleeing New York.

Population loss was once a problem confined to the upstate rustbelt and farming areas. Now it is statewide according to information released this spring by the US Census Bureau. New York City, Long Island and Westchester are all losing population. People continue to vote with their feet. And now we have one more reason to leave. Never mind what may be in store for us.

If you are leaving New York because of the repeal of the religious exemption, please let us know. Please contact John Gilmore at

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. If you aren’t worried about confidentiality, contact your Assemblymember, State Senator and the Governor’s office and let them know that you are leaving and why.

And some replies to this post:

We sold our home on Long Island, moved up to Saratoga NY for a slower pace of life, and now here we are …3 little kids who can’t go to school! Weighing our options, considering going to Vermont or Massachusetts but there’s already a bill on the table for both those states to end religious exemption.. afraid to make a move and then for it to ultimately happen there too

exactly! I truly think its sickening in America that we as a people dont have consent over our bodies&that of our children(according to people who made these laws and ruining our federal government) it wont be long before every state goes this way so no matter where you live it will happen unfortunately as I foresee it! Then what! We as a people need to stand up &fight for those rights! Right now, unless you give in and move you are just a small# to these corrupt politicians. !

just to be aware – there is also a federal bill on the table…so there is an actual possibility of this becoming a national mandate with one fell swoop

We are moving as well. Live in NY listed our house and sold in a week. Moving to SC as well. It stinks and this is not what my family intended, but I can not live in a state that has taken my rights away. I will not support them with my tax dollars anymore especially since my kids are no longer welcomed at school.

Yes we left NY 2 weeks ago for Charlotte NC. I will never let my children be vaxxed again as my daughter already suffered a permanent cognitive disability from vaccines. She is 7 now and functions on a 2-3 yr old level and still in diapers. We have already suffered enough.

My husband is already interviewing for jobs out of state and if he takes one, then the house goes up for sale and we leave. He has an excellent job here with amazing pay, but having kids home everyday to homeschool means I can never return to work myself. Time to go elsewhere that will allow us to make medical choices for our own kids.

This is my exact story. Upstate NY, loving it here, great jobs, fantastic schools, our kids are thriving, our home is beautiful. But we can’t keep any of it because of the vaccine mandate. I’ll send an email.

So sad. Then when all other states follow, we will have a war. This is the reason we came to America in the first place. Freedom. It didnt take long for those in power to take it away.

Exactly. This is outrageous. My father is dead, 11+ years Army, fighting for this countrys “freedom,” it enrages me. Such a lie.

I’m so sick over this. I’m disgusted by what is being done and even more disgusted by those turning a blind eye because it doesn’t affect them yet.

I was born and raised in NY. I wish me and my husband could move! Unfortunately our jobs are keeping us here. We are struggling over this vaccine mandate. I am disgusted and upset that my children have to suffer at the hands of money and politics!

We will be moving as well. Have 8 kids I’m due with 9th soon. Loved living here, just bought a new home but now we are looking where to move that we can still not vaccinate and keep our religious and conservative beliefs.

We have been trying to play around with where we are going to be moving if this unjust law is not lifted. I have a 2 year old daughter and we are looking to leave before she starts school. That include my mother and my sister as well. We are all small business owners in Long Island. My family has a chiropractic business for over 30 years here and I myself have a therapy practice for the last 5 years.

We are considering moving as well because of the RE Repeal. Why should we pay exorbitant school taxes when our children are not allowed to attend!

My family has to separate my other half works for the state his whole life 8 years shy of retirement my children and I unfortunately must leave even if I home school my autistic son cant get services my whole family is heartbroken for our family and many others

Unfortunately, some can’t afford to leave. I know of one family that spent all their money to get to NY because there was a program they wanted their child to be in. Now this mandatory vaccinations happened, and they are stuck, feeling forced to do something they don’t want to and should not do. They both need to work, so homeschooling isn’t an option. Plus, their child is pretty severe and needs the extra support. Sad really!!!!

Sadly, we are preparing to uproot our family due to similar mandates here in New Brunswick, Canada. All we can hope is our Charter or Rights protects our choice.

My husband and I are seriously in discussion about moving out of NY for precisely those reasons listed above. It has been tough economically living on LI even with two good jobs but this is inexcusable and we do not see a future for ourselves or our children here as a result

We are leaving the state hopefully before Sept because of this law. My son has an IEP and requires a 12 month program and homeschooling is not an option since according to DOE I am not qualified to meet his specific needs. He is regressing significantly since not being able to return to his program. It has been 3 weeks and counting. I have 3 children and this cannot continue for us therefore we are currently in the process of moving

Shame on Florida!

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Heads up, Massachusetts. If you are like our family, with auto-immune disease, MTHFR and prior vaccine reactions, you’re going to want to fight this.

Here is an article that Shannon Joy shared to me:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

anyone have experience with ut connections academy? school starts Monday but they will not continue the registration for my son because he is missing 2 shots, tdap and hpv. Why is immu required for online school to register or attend???

And here are the replies to this post:

You can opt out of vaccines in Utah.You just have to get the exemption form. You can do it online or in person @ the Health Dept. They can’t keep you out because you don’t vaccinate

You can even hand write a note that it expresses a religious exception. Those cost 0 dollars. It is against most religions to potentially harm your children. Most religions anyway.

And the HPV vaccine is voluntary anyway. Don’t do it.

You can take an online module and get an exemption online at your county health department’s website.

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

My kindergartener brought home a flu vaccine consent form. I’m not filling it out and she has a medical exemption but I’m still paranoid they’ll give it to her 😕

And here are the replies to this post:

Keep her home that day!

If she has a medical exemption that would defiantly be one hell of a law suit if they give it to her. They shouldnt have even given her a form. Contact the school and find out what day. I wouldnt care what they said i would keep her home that day

I tell my kids to start screaming, kicking, biting, etc and yell my parents will sue. They know vaccines are poison and painful.

this! I told my daughter to immediately say call my mom and throw a huge fit if needed!

yes I teach mine the same thing!

Yep my kids were thought to run nothing in

Yep, I taught them where to hit to make it count and to scream as loud as they can. Also, we homeschool.

They will. I wouldnt send her to school on that day.

They’ll vaccinate them all. I would keep your kiddo home that day. They’ll just line them up, shot, next, repeat.

My daughters school has done things I didnt sign for like flouride rinse when I specifically told them no. The day they do the vaccines, do yourself a favor, keep your kid at home,

Absolutely keep her home from school that day.

It’s a consent form, they already know how screwed they would be if they gave her the shot anyway.
It’ll be fine.

Have them sign their own release form written by you stating they will be held responsible if they give her the vaxx w/o your express consent as she has a Med. Exemption.

In California consent is implied by sending them to school on vaccination days

I saw where one school a mom wrote all over the form NO consent, DO NOT vaccinate and they said bringing the form back WAS consent and vaccinated!!😳💔

That paper it’s for them to know they give you the paper just to be safe it’s doesn’t me they are going to do anything

My daughter was vaccinated with HPV in NICU even though I refused multiple times and said that I’d get it done by her pediatrician. Just because your situation worked out doesn’t mean everyone’s does 😕

She got a full body rash that lasted weeks afterwards and she’s also got extreeeeeeeeeemly sensitive skin now 😕

I think maybe you mean the hep b vaccine? Not HPV? (Surely to God they didn’t give your baby HPV in the NICU!!!)

I keep my kids home flu shot day. For their note I write a nice letter explaining how according to the w.h.o. attendence is considered consent and considering I do not nor ever will consent they had to stay home.
It’s a page worth of note that I dig up facts for every year (gotta keep it utd 😉 ).
There have been MANY cases of children getting it after their child has been excused from it per the form.

How is that legal to give your kid a flu shot f you sign a consent excusing them? That has to be a lawsuit.

Not in the current environment. And I don’t want to be the parent who moves forward with a lawsuit because my child has vaccine damage. Be suspicious.

Keep her home from school.
A local group to me was just discussing this and their kids and friends kids were vaccinated regardless of no signiture and regardless of medical exemption.
They say if your kid is there then its implied consent.

My biggest fear. I would not send her to be honest. Or I would drill my girl and mark her arms. She also has an exemption. But we’ve all seen things before of “accidents”

Remove her from public school immediately!!! If not, they may kidnap her and you may never see her again. It’s happening everywhere.

uhh what ….🙄 I would keep my kid home to assure she doesn’t receive the shot. You can be kidnapped anywhere.

Child Protective Services kidnaps kids when parents don’t comply.

They give flu shots at school?! Are they part of the mandate??? They have so much aluminum and they do have mercury

Find out when it will be given and keep her home. Too many people have related stories about refusing vaccines and them being given anyway, because these corrupt ‘health providers’ have said that the child’s attendance is taken as consent to vaccinate.

Keep her home on those days! Also tell her to kick scream yell and throw the biggest hissy fitif they try to give her anything&she will get rewarded for it!

Not filling out the form is mistaken as consent, marking out things on the form or writing NO on it then signing it is also often used as consent. Please keep your child home, and teach your child what to do if they are ever coerced or forced to take a shot. My children knew, to say No my mom will sue you, they also knew to kick scream, punch, bite, etc all while yelling help. 🤷🏻‍♀️ you can never be too safe!

Same here, my kindergartener brought one home too. I didn’t sign and send in, however, his teacher said she doesn’t know what day they will give the vaccine, I want to keep my child home that day!!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Google + Vaccine Industry.
What could possibly go wrong?

As I predicted would start to happen, now the state of California is cutting off government assistance to those that don’t vaccinate:

Here is a post that was shared in a vaccine skeptic group:

Gonna get your guns to avoid adult mandates, eh? People are really talking like this. I lose hope for the anti vax movement when I see this. Any good general knows that the quality of his troops is very important in determining the outcome of a battle, and thus the war. This is why they train. Is this the extent of your ability to think through what is going on here?

They are not going to be coming door to door forcing adults to get vaccines. Instead, they are going to tie basic functions to vaccination status. Bank accounts. Passports. Driver’s licenses. Jobs. Etc.

It is fun to imagine a gun battle with the cdc cops and their needle junkies, kind of like what we’ve all seen in movies, but that is not how this is happening. It is creeping.

Want to work with kids? Want to be a firefighter? Work in health care, which accounts for one fifth of the jobs now?

I had a friend who worked as a temp in the office of a construction company involved in remodeling a hospital. Not even on the hospital grounds, and she had to get her flu shots. As just one example of how adult mandates are already progressing.

I knew a young man who wanted to become a firefighter but had no way to enter the academy without getting his shots.

In another example of something that actually already happened, in one Missouri county, to combat a hep A outbreak, all employees at 500 restaurants in the area had to get their hep A shots before they could return to work. What are you going to do with your gun then? Are you going to shoot the boss? The health department head? The governor? The county supervisor? Is that going to solve the problem?

If people can’t think for themselves, fine. Let them be followers. Sadly, they can’t do that either. I am pretty sure we’re fucked.

The anti vax movement is not really a movement. The leaders are celebrities, not generals, let alone organizers. Kvetch all you like, but men like Guevara, Chavez and Castro were generals with vision, understanding, plans, organizations. They surrendered their privileges, lived in the jungles, spent time in the prisons of their enemies. They and their troops devoted themselves fully to their cause, and won.

In the anti vax movement there is no understanding of strategy or tactics and no interest in learning or discussing. There is no training, no aim but mindless fear. No story that provides a workable frame, a way to get a handle on the situation and engage in a way that produces results.

If we are lucky we stave off the worst of a school mandate while all the jobs and social tools like passports are locked behind vax compliance and all our neighbor’s children are succumbing.

There are no guerilla hideouts, no long term plans, no vision of an alternate world. Everybody is just hoping to deflect the needle from their child for another moment. Soldiers on the battlefield dodging bullets without anybody who has a sense of the meaning or purpose of the war.

Why are they coming for us? Do you really think it is all because Bill Gates and George Soros want to kill all humans? Do you really think if we can convince the rest of the people of this, we are going to stop vaccine mandates and save the next generation of children?

Even if this is the case, what is your strategy? Is it private? Do you think you are going to fend this off on your own? With two or three like minded friends? You gonna dig a toilet in the mountains and figure out how to make mountain lion stew?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but if we don’t start asking the questions and discussing the possibilities now, we’ll be left brandishing our gun at the nineteen year old kid who tells us we can’t get our money out of the bank because we haven’t had our shots.

If we want an effective strategy, it has to be at the level of the opponent’s strategy. Agenda 21 level, or really, even far deeper than that. We are currently dodging incoming fire, and there is nobody at hq. There isn’t even an hq.

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My great-aunt was recently admitted into a nursing home (against our wishes,) and the nursing home is requiring all visitors to show proof of a flu vaccine just to be able to visit??? 😡😡

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Pretty sure that is not legal

I asked my best friend about it and she told me that when she used to volunteer at a nursing home, they also started requiring flu shots for everyone. Not sure how long ago homes started doing this because I used to volunteer too with no issues

Ask to see this rule in writing. ALL they are doing is trying to protect their employees. Call offs due to the flu are an inconvenience to them. To hell with the patients. They could probably care less about them. They are merely $$$$$$. and I do not mean this to the people on the low end of the totem pole. It is the big cheese who makes the cash.

Ridiculous! My mom was in a nursing home, given routine flu shots, and then had to be in quarantine for a few days on a regular basis, due to flu going around. Now, if the vaccine worked, why did they get the flu and have to be quarantined in their rooms? 🤔

And the flu shot only works like 15% of the time, so an unvaccinated bloke like me is as capable of spreading it as a fully vaxxed nurse

it doesn’t work and they know it. They also know the seniors flu Vaccine is super toxic with many serious side effects like pneumonia….. That’s what put our dad in hospital winter just gone…and he got flu whilst in hospital…

Ask them if they keep visitors away that actually have the flu!! And I’ll
guarantee you their employees are still required to show up for work with the flu unless it’s really bad. (“We’re shorthanded”)
But we all need that shot!! 🙄

My mom is an RN and would NEVER reccomend flu shot for anyone. She sees that everyone that gets the shot ends up with the flu or very sick

We hear that story more and more! So sad. ☹️

This is what happens when people are controlled by the medical careers they’ve chosen. Rx funding also drives people to make stupid decisions in those careers.

That’s stupid. I heard that whenever they give flu shots to residents in nursing homes, most of them become ill and some DIE!!!

that’s true, flu and pnuemococcal vaccine kill more than they save. Especially in the elderly

it the whole idea is to sterilize and kill people off with the chronic illne$$… a sick and indebted population can’t fight back

I know a nurse who works at a hospital where there were 6 deaths from flu shot in one month. They were under a gag order. Anyone who believes the bs about these vaccines is brainwashed. I’m agrain for us all.

Nursing homes need to pay the rent. Flu vaccine will guarantee that. Mercury in the vaccine will produce plenty of patience w dementia.

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I cant comment on a recent post, it was closed to comments…. concerning politics. But I have to say I no longer can support Bernie, the sticker is removed from my car. My sticker now says “my child my choice”. our rights are being taken away and our politicians are sleeping with Pharma. its scary times people

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What politician doesn’t support BIG pharma? There’s more issues at stake than madatory vaccines which can always be fought, or you can homeschool.

We are fighting mandatory vaccines in CA and it is appalling the corruption that has been exposed around this issue. Yet, our politicians are moving forward in taking away the rights of a parent to make this important medical decision.