Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 22

This is part 22.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Red Alert-Del Bene (IoT leader) appointed to committee to “modernize” congress. I am thinking this is about FEPA and anything “evidence” based.


And here are some replies to this post:

DAO and „smart contracts“

yes that’s what I’m thinking. Plus I get Microsoft will get the contract to do the “modernizing”.

Are you aware of this?

that seems like career connected learning.

I bet this is why our Governor just introduced a bill to bring broadband to all rural communities in WA.

I heard this from our Governor during his New Year’s speech. I don’t think he mentioned schools, just jobs it will bring. I’m sure they will get tax incentives like Amazon to come here. Alison Hawver McDowell any thoughts on this?

VA is big into cyber / IT skills

we got the same rural broadband bill–passed last year

This Modernizing Congress fits in with Gardner’s AI in Gov Act and Hurd’s Open Gov Act. …and HART.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, HR 62, another push from the Feds for our babies. This bill allows Head Start and Early Head Start to shift from specific funding to block grants, embeds public money for private Pre K vouchers AND so much more.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m in Conroe ISD. My kids went to public school K-8, and K-7 never taking STAAR. My oldest is now a Senior and is going to college in the Fall and not a single college asked for STAAR scores. Not even Tx A&M.

I took it on the chin not allowing my kids to take STAAR. My admins were for the most part VERY supportive until Jr Hi. Some teachers were supportive, some actually rolled their eyes to my face, and others engaged in scare/persuasive tactics both to me and my kids.

Admins made announcements on the PA DAILY as STAAR approached “reminding 8th grade students you must pass STAAR to go to 9th grade.”

Admin told my child (I was standing right there) “I’m not sure how not taking STAAR will affect your ability to go to college.” (I was livid)

District admin told me EVERY YEAR “I’ve never heard of someone opting out, you’re the 1st..” (every year?!?)

My kids were pointed at and singled out “YOU missed STAAR! You can’t do that!” by other kids.

My kids are going to graduate HS without a single data point from their time in public school. Not one.

So why do I comment, give advice and call out the lies? Because if those of us who took it on the chin and stood up literally when no one else did when STAAR first came into being after TAKS, then it was all for nothing.

I’m just a taxpayer now, and have zero skin in the game as my kids are no longer in public school. But I’m here to help and will meet with anyone for coffee, help via phone call or text. I work, and have two kids just like alot of you, but this is important. I will help if I can..Don’t let the schools lie & bully you or your kids. Stand up to this. We did..& it works.

And another post from this group:

And so it begins… I typed up opt out letters for my 4th grade daughter in NISD San Antonio TX and gave them to her teachers for math writing and reading as well as copies to her principal. Today was the writing Mock staar. My phone was ringing bright and early from her principle this morning informing me my daughter refused to do it. I went over that she would be opting out (2nd year to opt out) and addressed our reasoning, thr principal tried convincing me just how “wonderful ” of a test and that its very beneficiary that they use these tests to figure out where our children are in their learning and they use them to figure out what needs a need for the next year as well both the staar mock in the staar testing, that I should reconsider.
I explained on testing days that my daughter has appts scheduled would I be able to bring my daughter in to write refuse… She said she would have to go to class and write refuse and could leave? Same for make up days she would be presented the test vpuld write refuse and could return to normal class…. Does this sound correct?

And some replies to this post:

These tests help teachers keep their jobs.

This is exactly why I Opt my kids Out of STAAR. Teachers should not have such a vested interest in how kids do on the test because kids aren’t teacher evaluators. My child is not a tool for the system to use to intimidate teachers and children and principals and neighborhood schools and communities.

I don’t mind my kids doing the Mock staar…. unfortunately alit of times I’m.finding that it’s tied to a benchmark grade . This is a double edge sword. However, it does work to my kids advantage with attendance and their good grades so I can/ have more to fight with.
But actual staar will not be happening.
I do know teachers that have moved to grades where they don’t do staar or other schools than
It teach and take staar

At my daughter’s school it isn’t tied to anything and angry that they have students test for 4 hours for a practice assessment ridiculous

wow. It’s so sad isnt it? The teachers and kids confirm that it’s tied to the grades. We need the public schools back to basics . These kids are not prepared .

Unfortunately there isn’t anywhere “normal” for her to go if “all classes are testing” I AM WITH U ON THIS- just saying as I am a teacher and I know both sides- when we have opt out kids we don’t have a place or a person available to watch them-

It’s a long long week for all of us-

It baffles me that a school would recommend a student come to school and write refuse on it instead of choosing to be absent. A blank test turned in is scored zero and affects the school’s pass rate. An absent student does not affect the rate so why would a school want their own passing rate to be compromised. It doesn’t make sense. ?????

One part of the rating is also attendance, so that could be part of it.

If they are at home, the school can’t pressure them to take the assessment. If they put a little kid in a “testing environment” teachers can start telling her how smart she is and doesn’t she want to “show how much she learned” and “show how she can use her strategies” (Barf) and eventually the kid caves to the adult pressue.

That is why my son does NOT go to school on testing days. Last year, he came home weeks before the test and began begging to take the test. He skipped a grade and is in the GT program and is highly competitive. The school knows all of this. They had begun telling him that he could be the “first kid in 3rd grade to get a 100” and that he “should change his mind” because “he’s so brilliant”. I shut that down immediately. Had I let him go to write “refused” on the test, then he would have 100% been pressured into taking the test.

And yet another post from this group:

And so it begins…..Mock STAAR in high school yesterday. 3 freakin’ hours of no class time. Do these have to be retaken if they fail them?

He was told he had to retake because he failed the Reading portion. Sadly, he had the onset of flu ??right before the test. He’s home today out sick.

And here are the replies to this post:

To give mock/practice STAAR (EOC in HS) are all local decisions. Each campus or District decides if they want to do them, not TEA. Ours were called “benchmarks” and were for actual grades. I let my kids take them since they were for grades and the teacher actually graded it. I picked my battles and didn’t sweat the practice ones. I would, however, bring it up whenever a “due to the lack of time” email was sent regarding a change in reading lists and remind them had they not spent so much time on STAAR they would have time to actually DO the lessons they had planned and not cut the kids’ actual classroom-level work, short.

Yes, I suppose they could called Benchmarks, but they never say. I’ll check with the English teacher since it was for reading. My concern is those STAAR questions are so badly worded, Year after year. I’ve heard from several kids that they hate that “what is the BEST answer?” They say it makes them second guess themselves. If it’s not for a grade, I’ll tell them I don’t want him to retake unless they’re willing to come in on their own time to test him but not during learning time.

If they aren’t for a grade, refuse to take them.

If they are for a grade, raise holy hell. They were NEVER designed to be given mid year (not all TEKS taught yet) and have a grade assigned (super low pass rate, no curve).

Or for giggles, print out the previous 2 years released EOCs and ‘study’?? them to get a perfect score ??

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

About the FL news with Gov. DeSantis ending CCSS, Thank you, but, it is a ruse. His Ex. Order won’t stop it til 2020, replaces it with fast track career paths, which is more CC.
Fox35 in Orlando (where the Gov was), also is wrong about how CC got started.
Don’t fall for the hype.
He has decried CC, but accepted ESSA. To accept ESSA is to have CC.

And a reply to this post:

That’s what I thought. What do you think they will do? I live in Tennessee, here is our problem, Chiefs for Change wrote TN ESSA plan. TN Republicans rebranded Common Core. We have awful TNREADY. the new governor and many State reps ran on getting rid of what was left of common core, they lied for votes. Then the new governor hired Penny Schwinn also from Chiefs for Change. I do not like when politicians lie and have no idea what they are talking about.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

REAL Reform? Or the Rename Game?

Cautiously optimistic about this turn of events … however a few things were conspicuously MISSING from Governor DeSantis’ executive order:

  1. Parental Control of the education & upbringing of
    their children.
  2. LOCAL Control of taxpayers over the curriculum
    and standards in county public school districts.
  3. Rejection of federal funding which is absolutely
    necessary if a state seeks to emancipate
    themselves from the federal standards.
  4. Elimination of ESSA mandated federal testing
    which will commence in April, 2019.
  5. Elimination of ESSA mandated Longitudinal Data
    Systems put in place as a requirement for Race
    To The Top grant funding & ultimately codified as
    a requirement for federal funding.

Just my 2 cents.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, an in-depth look at KS, GA, and CT. They are the latest in ‘grab for babies’ in your own home. These 3 join UT, OR, MN. The other States are in the works.
** Would you believe cortisol swabs, tracking into your teens, and personal ecosystems which leave parents?
You cannot say you haven’t been warned.

And another post from her:

Part 2 of my DeSantis statement:
I do not see how you can celebrate when the Gov clearly is going full on CCSS via “personalized learning” and College/Career Ready. Those ARE CCSS, just dressed with different names and tied to ESSA funds.

And some replies to this post:

Who from FL can give a precise pivot of what has been done, and what DeSantis plans?
For example- CT has been in Commons Core since 1998, when teachers were being trained in it – so it has been in CT earlier than most know. Common Core did not change- no modifications- just name change which everyone ignored. So we have full blown CC.
ESSA being the recent “improvement” – college and career ready- plus data collection– what is DeSantis action for developmentally appropriate academics ?

All DeSantis’ talk about “Workforce” training shows he is for the ESSA agenda. He must be called on this as well.
“Workforce training is NOT about vocational training. Rather it is a vehicle for a new governance structure that opposes free enterprise and representative government in favor of a centrally planned and managed economy. The government – in alliance with Big Business – herds unsuspecting parents and students into early workforce paths in order to crank out ready-made “widget-producers” or coders for Big Business. Rhetorical flourishes aside; this is a freedom-crushing individual liberty-stealing plan”.- JoAnn Fleming

OK, so for those of you that think he is a liar and this is false hope, what is your strategy get rid of CCS and ESSA?
Apparently the strategy for the last nine years hasn’t worked.

you know as well as I, we the people have tried with due diligence to end CCSS. You also know educrats and the CCSS Machine have ignored us. The plan is to send as much truth about CCSS to the leaders in FL. Will they see the light then? Who knows. As far as ‘negativity’ toward the news? No, it is brutal honesty. We are to call out the lies, are we not? Silence means compliance. Those of us speaking out are sick of these leaders assuming we will fall at their feet with adoration with a few words we long to hear. Talk is cheap and right now, the actions match the talk. I would much rather see real action. Only a repeal of ESSA will kill CCSS’s momentum. Even then, we have other tenacles to address.

btw Alabama had a plan under Michael Sentance and they did amend ESSA at state level per former State Board member Bettypeters but was thwarted by other State Board members

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

CommonCore activists need to FLOOD DeSantis’ office with calls and messages explaining to him how to really get rid of Common Core. If a Red State is allowed to rebrand CC and call it repeal we will be set back another 2 years.

This should be top priority for the next 30 days.

And here are the replies to this post:

Red States have already rebranded Common Core and my State Kansas we had the strongest repeal bill in the country and our Red State Conservatives tried to gut it every single year and replace it with a bill that would allow CC supporters to just rebrand and keep it in place.
It will be interesting to see if this EO by DiSantis actually happens in the Land of Jeb Common Core Bush. If they don’t replace every book then it won’t happen and you can’t even get non-Common Core math books today. It’s not as easy as passing an executive order because it is so entrenched in public education today like Obamacare in our health systems, that it will take a lot of understanding and oversight to make sure it is actually removed from the State.
Like will all of the data mining and Common Core standardized testing be removed because many of those systems have been contracted with the Feds and their corporate friends?
We shall see…

Unfortunately most “Republicans” don’t understand the issue well enough to know what needs to be repealed or to get it out of the schools or they are too in the pocket of the establishment or the Chamber of Commerce to actually do it. Most just want to use it to get votes…

Yes, it’s been designed to be very complicated . . .hard to go back . . . like putting toothpaste back into the tube!

they have had this particular plan in motion since 1992. I said particular because this crap has been going on for decades but this particular plan was orchestrated by Hillary Clinton & Marc Tucker.

Arizona did the same garbage and people still think we got rid of it ??

people think we did in Ohio and all they literally did was change the name. People will believe anything.

That’s why we refused to support any changes to our strong bill in Kansas. Republicans tried to gut our strong bill in Kansas and replace it with language from the Indiana bill that did not repeal Common Core that was passed and signed by then Governor Pence.
The EO in Florida is worse if it does not have specifics on what must be done to actually get it out of the system. Because every Republican will say it’s already repealed and not lift a finger to do anything else to actually get rid of it.

They literally just changed the name here. That’s it…

When I ask about the standardized testing that CC aligned I get the zoned out zombie look because they don’t get it

I had to step back from being involved for my own sanity after awhile because these bureaucrats are 20 steps ahead of us. I still run a Facebook group just to share information but that’s it. I spent 4 years involved in grassroots efforts. My husband was starting to get upset with me because of it consuming me. A handful of people in each state is not enough to fight the machine behind this. They are organized educrats.

the words “Common Core” are being repealed, nothing else.

they just call it _ State Learning Standards.. aka: work force development.

I know I had to dial back my involvement as well because I was gettin threatening and harassing messages and whatnot from fellow republicans for calling out their mistakes
I’m a single mom and didn’t feel safe making my kids and myself a target

in Kansas the State School Board was on one hand fighting to keep Common Core in the legislature and on the other traveling around the State having meetings saying that we don’t have Common Core, but a different curriculum they are calling Kansas Kan. It’s hard to believe that they think we are that stupid.

I’m not a bit surprised. These people are ruthless. In fact, the Common Core fight has opened my eyes to more than just education.

We have a bipartisan crisis of a threat of globalism in this country. I was one of those republicans who had no idea just who was involved in this agenda. Common Core helped open my eyes.

Yep. It opened up a bunch of eyes here in Kansas too. A huge majority of the citizens of Kansas wanted CC Repealed. We went out the last year of our fight and got thousands of petition signatures from angry parents and Republican voters when each of the last primary candidates for president came to our State. Every Kansas Republican voter in those lines aggressively wanted CC Repealed.
Our Republican leadership in the State were refusing to let the bill on the floor for a vote because it would pass until after they got the petitions. Then they hatched a plan to gut our strong bill at the last minute and put in non-repeal language. We caught and exposed them and now they are sitting at home wondering why they lost their last elections. We lost a lot of Republicans since then.

déjà vu… We had ONE rep in Ohio dedicated in fighting this along with our mainstay mom, [name redacted[ leading the fight. We got absolutely no where except kicking Pearson out of Ohio but, as usual the bureaucrats were waiting to immediately replace PARCC with AIR which are the leaders in psychological/psychometric testing to begin with.

The one positive thing that I can say is.. Rob DeSantis is publicly acknowledging that CC has been rebranded in that state and saying that he is wanting people like Sandra Stotsky to help in this process.
This is a first coming from a governor. He may just shock everyone. What a blessing this would be for the rest of the country if he follows through on this.

And another post from Shannon Joy:

‘Personalized Learning’ = MACHINE Learning.

?Your child, strapped to a computer, led through federally mandated curriculum as the system monitors their progress, sucks up personal data and builds an electronic dossier to be shared with educrats & corporatists. ?

No more teachers – only facilitators. And the goal is a human WORKFORCE to be built & controlled based on the labor projections of corporate statists. Not literacy, creativity, critical thinking or competency.

Just an FYI.

And some replies to this post:

This means that their version of homeschooling is government-issued computers and curriculum. Which is not actually homeschooling. It’s public school at home. But they make it sound so appealing when they give you a “choice” to homeschool.

you forget, there is an adult in the room…but we know nothing about content and are instructed to keep them quiet and not help or answer questions. we had 3 data collecting tests in 3 weeks..

A couple of a veteran teacher’s frustrations:
1) the groundwork that is the basis for individualized extension (read personalized) requires a personal touch
2) students crave relationships with their teachers; not with their Chromebooks
3) there is plenty of direct instruction required in how to work independently, and, in my opinion, is not occurring.
4) just as not all students are ready to read or do complex math problems at the same time, neither are all students ready to work from a computer at the same time or the same depth.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

What a scam.

actually I really liked what Greta Thunberg had to say on the issue of hope. Hope is what you get when you come together to act. Not the other way around.

Yeah. I just feel like they are using her, too. The Green New Deal is all impact investing. It will be corporate led and advance IoT surveillance of everything. But I do feel better when I am with people. It’s just hard when so many don’t have all the pieces and are pursuing tactics that seem to advance the agenda of the people we are fighting. ??

Yea, I googled the CEO that came in to help Greta…voted the entrepreneur of the year by Ernst and Young. I mean, really? E and Y cannot be trusted for anything other then profit over people and planet; agree that they’ll try and use the NGD, (and homelessness etc.) directly or indirectly, in securitization schemes (just as you write about in impact investing) the way corporate used the need for helping low income folks get housing loans, -that then turned out to be a sub prime trading frenzy. They were fraudulent with helping Lehman Brothers that crashed the economy.

These guys never sleep. They take every good thing and ruin it for the rest of us, including kids like Greta, trying to secure a future 😦

And another post that was shared in this group:

It’s Tech Week for our office! Proud to Co-Chair Blockchain Caucus. We are also re-filing our bills to make America more economically competitive for artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency currency. We must be well-positioned for the 21st Century Economy!

And some replies to this post:

How does he tie to FEPA, WIOA, ESSA, Common Core, CTE, data mining, etc?

He has a history as a friend of public education, while serving at the state level. My first thought was, “how naive”. I don’t know the answer to your question. I have met him many times and his wife was a local teacher. I’m going to need to send him a few things.

I just tweeted him a bunch of stuff, but surely he must have ties to Orlando ADL don’t you think?

This group?


ADL developed xAPI that will track anywhere lifelong learning into the cloud.

Orlando is the military office. Much of the VR / Gamification / Simulation systems are developed with DoD to test military strategies and “cultural” training, etc.

I honestly did not know they were here but looking at it, I am pretty sure I know someone who is involved.

My god. It is a horror. Elaine Raybourn spends a lot of time in Orlando working on this stuff. She’s a loaner from Sandia National Labs.

Look out in New Jersey! The LGBT Agenda is at it again:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:


A bill that would allow RISE test scores to be used on student grades will be in committee MONDAY Feb 4th!

This will result in the coercion of parents to have their students take a test that has never been validated.

Link to the bill:

Write committee members before the meeting or plan to attend to testify against the bill.

The meeting will be held at 2 PM in the House Building (northwest of the State Capitol building – 350 State St, Salt Lake City), Room 30, see map:

Committee member e-mails:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

I told ya, I told ya, I told ya. The states are pushing vouchers because the federal government wants a federal program. They knew the best way to do it was through the states. WELL HERE YA HAVE IT. You can bank on the DC voucher legislation being spread across the country in the future. Vouchers will mean ALL schools including homeschool that take voucher money (and they all will) will have to follow the federal mandates. So much for choice. You will have choice of location but no choice in what your children are taught or not taught. THIS is NOT choice. This is federal overreach again. It is how they will get ALL children into the data pipeline. It is the privatization of public education. We have warned that DeVos was for privatization . CHOICE. WHAT IS CHOICE. What choice do parents not already have? You can send your kids to private school, religious school, homeschool, Charter schools, traditional public schools. So WHAT choice do you not have????? This is not about choice. This is all about who pays for your choice and when the government pays the government makes the rules. You darn fools. WAKE UP!!! REFUSE their schemes. And the FAKE Heritage Foundation applauds DeVos.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Please read the message below I just received…

“Sources in DC tell me the Trump administration is preparing to release a major push in the next week (possibly as part of the SOTU) for a federal school choice program that would entail federal regulation of private schools. It may also affect homeschooling — that depends on how the bill is written.

The administration has put pressure on conservative organizations to support this under the banner of school choice. Some plan to openly support it because they do not fear federal regulators being able to decide under what conditions private schools can accept federal tax-credit scholarships.

Apparently nobody in the White House or Education Department has paid attention to the way the left has been treating Karen Pence’s Christian school even though it doesn’t receive any federal funds. We are in a culture where schools being Christian is enough grounds to threaten their accreditation and participation in extracurriculars such as sports.

The Obama administration blatantly rewrote Title IX to force every public school in the country to allow boys and girls into each other’s bathrooms and locker rooms. What do Trump officials think a President Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren’s education department would do with a federal school choice program? Or how many religious schools that had perhaps grown financially dependent on such a program would react to new bathroom rules or other bans on practicing their religion in their own schools?

This policy makes a freeway to speed Common Core 2.0. Republicans need to get this issue, and they simply don’t. With Democrats controlling the House, such a bill is thankfully not likely to pass. But responsive lawmakers need to be educated, especially since this push comes directly from DeVos’s office with, my source says, Sen. Ted Cruz running the bill.

All of you who have public platforms need to use them on this issue (I certainly will), be prepared to complain loud and clear on Twitter on SOTU night if this plan is released then, and all who have voices on Capitol Hill and in the White House need to complain about this to all related contacts as soon as it’s released. If you’re a Cruz constituent or know some, flood his office especially.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I am new to this page and I am sure these questions have already been answered on this page somewhere, so please forgive me…. My kids are in the 8th and 5th grades. The 5th grader is 504 dyslexic. I spoke with our testing director at our school district about opting out and I want to make sure the info I was given is correct. I was told that there is a lot of “wild info” on the web about how we have the option to opt out, but that is not true. That it is required by law that each student take the test. She did go on to say that my kids could just click “finished” and not answer any of the questions. If we went this route that they would have to be pulled to special classes to prepare for the next test because it would be considered a fail. They would have to go through this process all three times that the test is given and complete summer school to advance to the next grade due to it being SSI years. I am FIRMLY against summer school when my kids make great grades and their attendance is never a problem!! Any help is appreciated. I am gathering facts before I act due to me being a nurse in the district and feeling bullied already with just one request…🥺

And some replies to this post:

Start with fully reading Pay attention to the GPC and AI information. It will make sense once you read through the site.

I also highly recommend you read the most recent Dyslexia handbook published by the TEA. Someone published the link on this page about a week ago.

There’s no option to “opt out”, but you sure can REFUSE!
My daughter refused in 4th, 5th, 6th (and now 7th), and my son refused in 7th, 8th, Freshman, (and now Sophomore)
We did the GPC in 5th and 8th, and promoted based on core subjects.
We did not do remedial classes, accelerated instruction, any type of tutoring, or summer school.
And yes, you heard that right…. we are refusing eoc’s in high school. 🤗

Ha! She lied.

My 5th grader is not taking it and has never taken it. She will stay home and there will be a grade placement committee (if they even bother…my guess is they will just pass her on) that will move her on to 6th grade based on her grades.

It goes along with the same lies and scare tactics they tell 3rd graders…that they have to pass to go to 4th grade

Of course that’s what the school says..our school admins told me the same..they aren’t going to give permission, but it doesnt mean they are correct.

My Dyslexic with an EIP will take the test but she will only because I prefer her (or me) be hassled over it. I tell her EVERY SINGLE DAY that tests and grades do not matter to me. Our only reason to take is to gather information. It is in no way a reflection of her abilities. I may have to do a placement meeting but she will go to sixth grade and will NOT go to summer school. I think it is the parent’s responsibility to buffer their children and keep it all in perspective. But this is a life lesson that you don’t usually get to opt out or refuse just because you disagree. But you have to make decisions as to what is in your child’s best interest.

And another post from this group:

My 6th grader came home today saying that he is not allowed to take pre-algebra for 7th great if he doesn’t take the STAAR assessment. He takes all pre-AP classes right now and hasn’t taken the STAAR assessment the last two years. This doesn’t make sense 🥴. Any tips?

And the replies to this post:

As a middle school counselor, I always go with teacher recommendations first.

your school is simply trying to intimidate you into having your son take STAAR. Who does he claim told him that?

Absolutely [name redacted], I know they are. He said 7th grade counselor told him.

I hate this tactic. My 5th grader was not placed in advanced classes (not AP just regular advanced) b/c he didn’t take STAAR last year. After speaking with the counselor and looking at his straight A report card since kinder, she placed him in the advanced classes. She was very helpful and not discouraging either about the STAAR. I was surprised honestly. I hate the scare approach and that so much is based around STAAR.

Happen in my district my 6th grader is preap and her and her BFF was in gifted and talented together in elementary , the BFF didnt take staar and wasnt allowed take preap cause of no staar scores. Now my daughter is paranoid cause her math teacher just told them they had take 7th grade math staar or be in regular math

My daughter took pre-algebra 7th and now algebra 8th, so it clearly can be done. They are just being difficult.

Grand Canyon University has caved to political correctness and canceled Ben Shapiro’s speech:

I found this post from someone in Washington:

The Welcome to Washington Baby Act of 2019 is going to have a hearing in Olympia soon.

The House and Senate bills will give the state the right to send home-visiting nurses to your home to assess your newborn, your parenting skills, and observe how you care for your child/ren. Families will be required to follow or comply with the standards already in place under this Act.
This is NOT the same or comparable to having that first check up with your Dr after your child is born. This is not what that is.

The same agency that removes children from homes and places them in foster care is within the same agency that will oversee this home-visiting program.

If you’d like to attend these hearings or testify please let me know via DM.

Remember, these bills are in place at the request of the Governors Office. These were not proposed by a lawmaker, nor did a citizen request these on behalf of their lawmaker.
Governor Jay Inslee wants this legislation to pass here in WA.

***Please click on the links below and comment on the bills to let these sponsors know how you feel about this intrusion into your home and family.

***Please also call the hotline in Olympia to leave a message for your 3 legislators that you want them to VOTE NO on HB 1771 and SB 5683.


Your legislators are given these messages directly! They are given a tally of how many of their constituents support or oppose a certain bill.
Our elected officials need to hear from parents, grandparents and anyone who cares about parental rights in general. The state should not dictate how families raise and care for their children.

SB 5683

HB 1771

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I have become such a cynic. I have volunteered with Straight Streets and the first thing I thought of was what data is being collected on our homeless folks here in Orlando.
I looked at the Chapman Foundation and didn’t see any red flags but UCF may have their own agenda.

And here is a reply to this post:

Philadelphia is being set up for the first safe injection site in the US based on a Vancouver model that is a social impact enterprise. It will be paid for with private funds and my understanding is that people at UPenn are developing biometric wearables that will likely be rolled out as part of this. I know that there are very intense projects underway to count unhoused people for the census, and while I would like to believe it is for the right reasons, my hunch that it is to develop baseline data for impact investing.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

More on Sex Ed in schools

I found It’s Perfectly Normal available thru the Marion Public Library….Reducing the Risk is taught thru a PERP program to state agencies aimed at teens……PP is associated with this program

Here is a post that was shared in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota Pushes Baby-Readiness for the Workforce as Means for Infant Education by Linda Bell
From MN House testimony: “James Heckman, Nobel Laureate at the University of Chicago estimated an 8% return on early childhood programs. The rate of return to private capital in the stock market is doubled rate of return. If you invest $1 for 20 years @ 8%, you make $50.00.”[per child] Really!!!
“Essentially, Sojourner feels strongly that prenatal home visits and school by year 1 for all children is optimal for their “brain growth” and good for our state’s “economic development.”

Watch out in Idaho:

Here is another post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

BOTTOM LINE: TN Legislators sold our children’s future for money. They signed on and agreed to national standards they hadn’t even seen. They were not allowed to see the application for RTTT money so there was no way for them to know the promises that were made. Would you buy a house without seeing the house, knowing how much it would cost, would the house truly meet the needs of your family? No you wouldn’t but our TN legislators signed on to something without knowing anything about it. Again, bottom line the driver here was MONEY not education. Our House and Senate Education committees should be ashamed for what they have done and many of them are still holding elected office. They lied to us, they deceived us and they are still lying and deceiving to this very day. The new TN standards were rebranded Common Core standards and where we did make changes according to the 2 top rated standard experts in the country the changes were worse than the original Common Core standard if that is possible. This evaluation of our new standards was sent to every TN legislature and it was totally ignored. It is time to drain the swamp right here in Tennessee. This board member is also right about Charters. Another lying, deceptive scheme. From 2010: Only 3 Senators voted against this scheme. Sen. Mae Beavers (she said it was a violation of the 10th Amendment) Sen. Thelma Harper (she said it would destroy public education) Sen. Morano (sp?..said it was an assault on teachers and teachers stood by her and she will stand by them). H/T Tennessean, Karen Bracken

And yet another post from this group:

I am VERY CONCERNED about these bills for Birth to 3 years old popping up in the House and now in the Senate! New ones today authored by Carla Nelson (R-Rochester). All weekend, I’ve been reading not just the bills but those who are invited to testify before committee. Unlike the bills, which will give expansive funding to accomplish this task, the intent from invited testifiers is to place ALL infants in schools for “child development purposes” and “the benefit of the workforce.” We are well within a time frame where these kinds of bills will definitely damage various kinds of school options. Privitization and government are working hand-in-hand. The cookie-cutter system continues to taking shape! Keep your eyes open. Action coming soon!

Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Join the Rally tonight —

DougCo Residents, Elected Leaders to Protest School Board for Silencing Community Reaction to Controversial Teacher

WHEN: Tonight at 5:30 pm
WHERE: DougCo Schools administration building
620 Wilcox St, Castle Rock

Residents are furious after Mountain Ridge Middle School teacher and union leader, Michelle Grissom, publicly tweeted about a student from Covington Catholic a rally in Washington, DC being a member of the “Hitler Youth” and attempting to instigate an online mob against a child.

Several DougCo residents signed up for public comment during the Jan. 22nd Board of Education meeting to complain about Ms. Grissom’s behavior, but school board prohibited them from speaking. Board President David Ray cut the mic of a parent and Castle Rock resident for speaking the teacher’s name while addressing the district’s social media policies. Ray then had him escorted out by law enforcement.

Residents are protesting the strident behavior of Ms. Grissom and the condensing reaction of the school board. Community members are demanding an apology from the board, action taken against Ms. Grissom and clarity around DCSD’s social media policy.

And another post from this group:

Gov Polis has a grand plan for free kindergarten…. however it will cost our tax $$ to pay for it. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Let’s call it for what it is 💰💰

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Not related, but I’m not sure who else to ask. [Name redacted] was helping the school library today. She was asked to check copyright dates and if the book was older than 2000 and is not checked out regularly, they get destroyed. She is in Davis County. Has anyone heard of this? I don’t understand why they would destroy a book instead of just giving them away if they are not used.

And some replies to this post:

Yes it happens and it is sad

This happens in other places, too. They want space for more current books. I think sometimes they get sold for super cheap, rather than destroyed. The classics get replaced by popular, but not worthwhile books.

When you have government controlled libraries, they do whatever they want. Citizens should really try to read books before 1920 because you have a lot of REVISIONIST history going on.

The government controlled libraries pick and choose those books which will help push their agenda. They purchase books that you would NEVER ever checkout, I am referring to immoral books, but yet, they are using your tax dollars to BUY THEM!

These are some reasons why the government should NOT be involved in education or libraries!

That is so sad! I think my local library tries to sell them cheap to raise money.

this is at her elementary school library. I can’t see why they wouldn’t give them to the students to take home or donate them in some way. Such a waste.

Ohh, ok. That is sad. I know our schools threw away a lot of older textbooks this last summer. Someone actually found them and were giving them away to homeschoolers.

They should give them away to the title 1 schools to giveaway to their students. You hear of so many that don’t own their own books. Having them on hand can only help. Community centers with a large refugee population would be another good place.

They want to change social culture, history and behavior.

Yes, you are correct!

Gotta make room for more minecraft books………..

There are so many classics that are older I have tried to check out at the library and they don’t have them. When I ask for them, they look up the publication date and tell me, “oh that’s old! We don’t usually carry books that old (except for a few of the well known ones they use in school regularly). We try to stick more recently published books.” I was APPALLED. Is this not what a library is for? To preserve and stock all kinds of books and information from all eras?

yep i am hoarding good vintage books and curriculum once i purchase them

same here!

I think they may be reasoning that older books could be obtained for free or cheap online so having newer more popular literature would better increase literacy access. I disagree of course but can see how cheap and convei $4 books off of amazon and books before 1920 made free through kindle would make it harder for libraries to comptete.

I understand trying to change them out for newer stuff – especially if it’s popular series that help get kids to read. My issue is that they destroy them. They could easily donate them to any number of charitable causes or students. I’m hoping to hear back from the district on this issue.

That is so Farnheit 451. Creepy!

A school teacher told me I should not be teaching my kids to read with old books, “because they are just OLD!” In my opinion, the older, the better!

Scary. The scriptures are pretty old – but I account my oldest’s reading ability in part due to us reading them together. Now my 1st grader gets mad if I don’t wake her for scripture reading because she wants to be part of it and read too.

Love our old books and what they teach.

If interested, contain older brooks you can purchase or some of them have been put online for free. Marlene Peterson of “Well Educated Heart” has spent numerous hours collecting stories. This is a homeschooling group and it is awesome!

And another post from this group:

ATTENTION: Please contact your state legislators, esp House members to begin with, and ask them to VOTE NO on HB118, Incentives for Statewide Assessments (aka we’re going to make it really, really hard for parents to tell their kids they don’t want them to take the new RISE or ASPIRE tests–formerly SAGE). So much for inalienable, parental rights. Should this bill pass, RISE/ASPIRE scores CAN be used for grades or advancement. Students who TAKE these tests CAN be rewarded which means that a student who doesn’t take the test is at a disadvantage. So much for caring about kids with learning disabilities or special needs or anxiety. AND this means we are willing to submit to all things which the state assessment system deems necessary for our kids—parents’ rights are only allowed as long as the state thinks they are important. If you disagree with the educational plan the state of Utah has determined for your kid, well too bad! High anxiety? Stress? Well, make sure you get an IEP or a 504. You, as a parent, know NOTHING about what your child needs. And teachers? Support for this bill just means everything is dependent on the testing. Tying teacher pay to these evaluations will come back when it’s tied to federal dollars.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texans Beware: The Full Texas Senate is on board with the “Medicalization of Education” All have signed onto SB 63 and now SB10.

Please take the time to read Anita Hoge’s article linked below:

“We are witnessing today what could be described as the grandest expansion of the Nanny State in the history of America. We believe this expansion to be one of the most diabolical, intricate, and subversive schemes to plague the landscape of American public policy toward Socialism.
This atrocity is “The Medicalization of Our Schools.”

A view from the classroom of today would astound onlookers that mental health and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions have replaced academics. With these wrap-around mental health services and interventions into personalities, values, beliefs, and dispositions at school, teachers are expected and forced to monitor and collect personal behavioral data on our children that has nothing to do with education. Data is collected, logged into state longitudinal data systems, shared, and ultimately, exposes our children to ‘surveillance capitalism.’ This personal data is freely given and used by outside contractors, foundations, and businesses to create software, curricula, activities, and programs that delve into changing the personal qualities of children and their families according to a government set of objectives. Schools represent a “captive audience” and as such, prime targets for social policy change.”

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Rosemary Stein MD

Parents: Teach your children to follow the money. In North Carolina, the Superintendent of Public Instruction took the maximum donation from pro Common Core Democrat Michael Bloomberg and his Teach fro America daughter. It should be of no surprise that Common Core is still destroying the lives of North Carolina children. It would be interesting to follow the money when the North Carolina Board of Education, under the leadership of Bill Cobey, refused to vote out Common Core. You will remember that the republicans ran on defunding Planned Parenthood. However, when it came time to vote, they refused to do so. Follow the money. Our country deserves better leadership. You are going to have to take your duty to vote seriously. To save America, we must save one child at a time. Join the cause. Invite a friend.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Question: my 7th grader (With no accommodations) has been told there will be no paper test for Math STAAR this year (and I believe Reading STAAR as well). I am wondering if this is a change across all of 7th grade in TX or just a change at my child’s school. Also, are parents able to request paper administration? My daughter has a hard time taking online math assessments and is very anxious about this change. Thank you.

And some replies to this post:

I just said this! Like how do you know all kids can use computers well? ??.

Like you are used to testing on paper and how do they know their isn’t glitches?

This will be a VERY common thing with most schools. Computer-based assessments are cheaper, and pretty much everything about STAAR revolves around money in some way or another. Also, computer-based assessments encourage the sort of posh, over-paid administrative positions that are all the rage these days within large districts–who needs to deal with kids when you could pull down six figures while setting up old laptops and sending out mass emails telling classroom teachers about some Google Classroom feature they’ve already been using for the past three months?

Most of your kids’ teachers will be on your side. I’ve been a part of two different teams now that have repeatedly pushed for paper tests, as our kiddos invariably perform much better in that format (it’s not just your kid), only to be shot down for vague lip-service reasons.

Go to the admins and insist on a paper test option. Rock the boat. Make waves. Go to your school board. Annoy them. Parents are the only thing admins and board members are actually afraid of.

Computerized testing is being pushed more and more. The accomodations on the computer are different than paper tests and one could argue that they are better. As a teacher, I do not recommend computer testing for math assessments. Students generally do poorer. Computers can and have led to problems on testing days. Even if everything gets sorted out, it doesn’t mean that students are not stressed and frustrated. These can lead to poorer performance. If your student does not have the option to take the test in any other format, I would insist that they get proper training and practice on several occassions to feel comfortable with the technology including how to use the online tools like monitor adjustments, highlighters, and reading assistance tools if available.

I’ve done both math and ELA, and it’s the same for both. Something about computer-based testing leads to poorer performance regardless of the subject matter. When I taught high school ELA, I’d see students leave the entire essay section blank, despite months of preparation. Now that I’m teaching math, it’s the same sort of thing–computer-based assessments feel irrelevant to students for some reason (probably because they’re a lot smarter than any of these test-loving buffoons think) and lead to poorer scores.

One could argue the accommodations are better, but the TEA would actually have the research, just like when they tested their ELL accomodations and found they made no difference to the ELL student performance. Gee thanks. And who does the use of computer impact most? Lower income families with less everyday access to computer technology. Typical STAAR thinking. Let’s find more way to label lower income schools and students.

yes! She almost always gets A’s in math and they did their last test on the computer and she got a 75. She was devastated.

I was hearing about this, too! Usually A’s for mine but she made an 80 on that test they took online. She was so upset and said doing it on the computer was so much harder than with pencil and paper. It doesn’t seem to bother her much for ReLa but she hated it for math and said she knew she would have done better if it had been a traditional test. She and I both are so upset they have chosen to do the STAAR this way this year. ??

I should have stated that my daughter has no accommodations. Maybe this it’s just a district decision to have all the seventh graders take it on the computer…they did a math test last week on the computer. She usually gets high grades in Math and she got a 75. She had been getting great scores on the preceding homework. She was devastated.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

years ago I was at a HS conference and HSLDA had a booth directly across from where the booth I was helping with was. This was maybe 2013? Anyway, o heard one of their well known folks misleading several families who stopped by about how safe they were from CCSS. The lady’s booth I was helping with had made me promise not to bring up CCSS. So there I am, listening to all the lies, and not able to speak. When the HSLDA folks left for lunch, they left out free resources. So I wandered over and looked at the publications. The CCSS one was awful. In it was CTE, Career paths, dual enrollment, early college..and more. I knew then every stinking bit was CCSS.

And here are some replies to this post:

Interesting! I also was manning a booth for MACC in 2014 at our MACHE conference in MN. I went to visit the HSLDA booth and talk a bit of course bringing up CCSS. I had spoken 1 hour earlier to a packed room of 350 people and they had had to turn away another 200 I was told. So there was great interest and HSLDA lead did talk with me but seemed not to know very much. Later, the two younger men (teens/early 20) assistants for HSLDA who were helping came over to my booth and stated, “You know, HSLDA isn’t really working against Common Core.” And so, that’s why I’ve never trusted their AP program online, etc.

AP is a sell out, too. Look at the Leadership of said group, then know an agenda all their own links to DC. As proved by the appearance during School Choice Week.

Well, now we have Trump speaking about choice in his speech last night. Don’t we have enough problems without getting into another??? Is Charlotte Iserbyt writing anymore??

not sure if she is. Yes, Trump has always had a skewed Ed agenda. His pick of Pence proved that.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

If policy makers in Utah pass HB118 they will have to admit one of two things, that they favor a national curriculum or that they are unqualified to set education policy because the have no understanding of how it will affect the system.

The claim is that Utah “writes” its own standards (despite the observable fact that they are identical in many respects to national standards) and that even where they are aligned, they are “just” standards, but…

If tests based on nationally-aligned standards can be used for valid course credit, we already have a national curriculum.

If they are not an assessment of course curriculum then giving academic credit for them is not a valid educational practice but an unethical political nudge to ensure we do adopt a uniform national curriculum.

The saddest part is there are way too many who couldn’t explain in the first place why in the history of America the idea of a national curriculum was antithetical to the rights of conscience, academic freedom, and pluralism that was at the heart of everything this country stood for regardless of political party.

And here are the replies to this post:

I listen to the proposal. When it was stated (not verbatim)“teachers may choose not use the test scores because it’s not relevant to what they are learning…” wow! Since when do teacher not teach what is relevant to year end tests?

Side note but still an honest question because I’m not understanding: how are there national standards without a national curriculum?

there isn’t really. But it’s what they claim. I’ve compared it to a prison. “You’re not chained! You can go anywhere you want… as long as it’s within the four walls of this cell.” This latest policy just exposes the charade for what it really is.

In other words, when our state is required to use a a nationally-aligned test that determines our funding, it puts a couple prison walls around us.
Our state education plan, according to ESSA, must be personally approved by the federal department of education– or we lose our funding. There’s another wall. It turns out they do have an agenda with this — one of those federal state plan requirements is for 95% of students to take the nationally -aligned test –which was un-piloted, not age-appropriate, is unavailable for either parents or teachers to review, and was not tested to see if it’s a valid test of what it hopes to test.
Utah parents have been objecting to this test, and last year a little more than 5% of students were opted out. So our state superintendent wrote a letter asking for a waiver to the 95% participation requirement. It was denied.

Who has the power to control Utah education?

If our legislators cave and write law incentivizing participation in this test, it shows they prioritize federal control of education, rather than parental say.

Prioritizing federally-aligned tests means school time is used to teach to it. That makes it a defacto educational standard.

This appears to be a way to force K-12 Schools to use Federal Standards regardless if the State accepts federal funding. All the Federal Department of Education has to do in the future, is tell Colleges if want to continue getting federal assistance, research grants, or get Title IV status/funding, or government-backed student loans, or anything really, they can only accept k-12 transcripts that contain those classes the Federal DOE has pre-approved.

In other words, you can graduate from High School, but not all of your classes will be accepted by your College unless your classes were already pre-approved by the Federal DOE. By forcing Colleges into only accepting K-12 classes the Federal Government has preapproved, the Federal DOE controls everything being taught. This would allow the FED to control the classroom content without having to use money going forward.

I believe this is the Federal Governments ultimate goal. They eventually see States being pressured by the residence to stop taking Federal funding. This would allow the Federal DOE to continue to control content by taking those State k-12 funds and put them into Higher Education, which in turn forces the Colleges to comply with whatever the Federal DOE requires, including telling local K-12 school boards, if you are not following Federal Guidelines we will not accept your graduating students.

Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government authority to be involved in Education? It doesn’t, so the Governor and State legislature need to declare NULLIFICATION, we will not obey this USURPATION of power that was NEVER granted!

You’re right, and they’ve never forced it. It’s all been done by grants/bribes. Utah could, today, refuse to go along with this and the consequence would be that we wouldn’t get a small percentage of “our” federal funds for which the testing is a condition. This current bill is Utah VOLUNTARILY giving up parental rights currently protected in state law to get the money. It’s selling our birthright for a mess of pottage. Two other states got their funds with much higher opt outs than Utah – 19% in New York compared to Utah’s 6% – because they said they’d send one set of numbers to the feds but for the purposes of accountability at the state level they won’t factor in the opt outs. This is better for schools and teachers and makes it so they don’t feel pressure to bully kids into the tests for school grades. Utah could have done this too, but those pushing this bill caved before even trying despite the valiant efforts of a few good board members.

Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

For anyone wanting the 5 page document exposing the shifty rebrand game currently making headlines.
This document of mine has been requested all over the nation. It is being shared with elected officials, school boards, and concerned citizens.
As I pointed out yesterday on Shannon Joy’s radio show, no State can wait a year.
*** Sen. Alexander (TN) lacks only ONE piece of legislation to complete the cradle to grave career tracking, HEA (Higher Ed Act).
**Every bit of the CCSS is in the plan FL has laid out. A federal end CCSS bill is also a shell game for Fed vouchers. CT’s proposal to end CCSS is only in the early stages, but is backed by Workforce Ed sellouts.
**Every bit of THAT is in the HEA, WIOA, and, ESSA.
We cannot simply trust these leaders have our students as a priority.

Watch out in South Carolina! Your legislature appears ready to sell you out to be data-mined:

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This was reported from a parent in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Ypsilanti Middle Academy and High school is near Ann Arbor.

The narrative below was posted in the Choose to Refuse Common Core Facebook group.
The link provided is the district’s Facebook page.

The school’s vision is to be “the first choice for an exceptional cradle-to-career education.” This is the mantra of the CCS agenda. ??

****EDITED to add: I looked back on the parent’s other posts and realized that she is a member of the school board. I think the school administrators are not being honest in their response to concerns parents and citizens. They most likely were scared from the complaint from a member on the school board and changed the itinerary when she called to complain. I wonder if she has a copy of the original itinerary for the event.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

The bills that will remove our ELECTED State School Board & replace it with a 9 member board APPOINTED by the governor is on the agenda for MONDAY Feb 11th at 3:40 PM.

There are two parts to this which requires both a bill & a resolution to pass. The bill provides the details, the resolution sends it to the voters because it will require a Utah Constitution Amendment in order to pass the bill into law. We need to stop it in the legislature.

If this is allowed to pass we will lose our voice as parents in education. When a State Board is no longer accountable to their constituents, they will simply rubber stamp anything the governor or the federal government tell them to.

Please come to the committee meeting! It will be held in the House Building at the State Capitol Room 30.
Map to the building (Rm 30 is downstairs):
Parking map:…/capitolhillcomplex2014.…

Write the committee members & urge them to vote NO on HB242 & HJR13!

Committee info:…

Committee e-mails:;;;;;;;;;;;;

Links to the bills:

Language from HB242 describing the appointment process:

Current members would serve out their term and once membership drops below 9 members, the governor will begin to appoint, with the consent of the Senate.

And here are some replies to this post:

What is maddening about this is that because of the political leanings of the majority of the elected board, they basically rubber stamp what comes from the feds anyway. They have lost the notion that their role is to DIRECT the State Office of Education and do the bidding of parents

If they do this, what is the point of HAVING the board?!

Who is Ballard? Seems this Representative is voting all the wrong ways? I thought this original idea was from Dan McCay? Do you think Ballard got it from him? Whoever it is, needs to be schooled quickly on how Governor- appointed school boards is how Utah got entrenched in Common Core and all the ESSA mandates in the first place, and we only recently were able to change it! We also need to put a moritorium on any Legislation being brought up about this in the future as this is getting hard to fight every year!

When you have voting by mail, the government is choosing the representatives, that is why they are pushing citizens into this type of voting system by eliminating or drastically reducing the polling locations.

No one is addressing VBM issue, why? Our Utah Constitutional right to a “secret ballot” in Article 4, Section 8 is being destroyed. The “secret ballot” is a pillar of a Republic form of government.

See left column of the below picture on the very bottom.

Also, if we were a LIBERTY minded people and representatives, there would be NO government controlled education!

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

I wrote this 4 years ago. The book referred to is The Cult of Common core by Brad Mcqueen.

Our Children

I was told by a teacher if I couldn’t afford to put my kids in private school. …to just accept it because it is the law.

A lot of teachers do not like it, but are forced to teach it or risk losing their job.

Teachers knew nothing about it and were told to just accept it and teach it.

A teacher in Arizona went to the conference in Chicago in 2 0 1 0 to get some knowledge about it and develop the standards. He was told to stop asking questions.

This same teacher had a question about a student writing sample. He was told, “We don’t ever care what the kids opinions are. If they write what they think or put forth their opinion they will fail the test. “

This teacher states: ” I have always taught my students to think for themselves. They are to study multiple views on a given topic, then take their own position and support it with evidence. He was told, “That is the old way of writing. We want students to repeat the opinions of the experts that we expose them to on the test. This is the new way of writing. “

It is bank rolled by Bill Gates.

It is….Common Core.

If any of you really know me, you know when I feel something is wrong, I will speak out for the truth. This is how I was raised both at school and at home. I was taught that one didn’t just do what one was told if it was wrong. Those who fought in war fought for our right to oppose….not appease the wrong.

Common core testing begins this year. I would encourage parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends to learn about Common core for themselves. Don’t take the media opinion or even mine. Research and be open minded about it.

We owe it to our children, our country, and our future.

The teacher I mentioned wrote a book about his experiences. Books are a good place to start.

Thank you for reading this.

Here is another post that was shared in this group:

Yesterday one of my daughters was doing some online homework for Lone Peak Highschool and told me she was uncomfortable with the questions. I helped her through the questions which unfortunately were very inappropriate for public schools to be asking children in high school in my opinion. There were a lot of questions regarding whether these students like people who are gay more or less than those that are straight. Very inappropriate in my mind. I helped her through the survey and for nearly every question I had to tell her to choose not to answer the inappropriate questions. I took a couple of screen shots (I should have taken more of them).

Tell me if you think it is appropriate for schools to ask kids these types of questions.

And here are some replies to this post:

What class was this for?

I believe it is for Sociology

I’d find out the purpose and who has access to this info. before I got too upset. A single teacher should not be asking these questions. What is the data used for and by whom?

they also asked questions about religious beliefs. I don’t think there are too many people that I want knowing all this info about my daughter.

Aside from learning techniques and standardized testing, this is unfortunately what common core is all about — psychological assessments to determine how/where students will fit into society as they grow older and enter the workforce. It is most likely the reason Bill Gates has poured so much money and effort into common core and why everything is technology based (Google Docs and Google Drive track students even outside of the classroom). I would strongly advise opting out of Common Core so you and your children can flat out refuse tests like this. There are FB groups you can join for more info. When the time comes, I’ll be opting mine out.

We refuse to do those surveys!! They have them in Ks. My granddaughter was handed one and just sat there in class and handed it in/submitted it blank

It’s all part of SEL…. embedded in Every Student Suceed Act passed by Congress…”they” want to change your child’s attitudes and beliefs so they line up with UNESCO…

Data mining.

Can you imagine if they asked
if you were born into a family that was taught to believe in God?
Were you taught to pray? How often?
Do you still consider yourself a Person of Faith…?
Has your beliefs changed from when you were born?
And if at the end they DEBRIEFED YOU and said…
: you probably are more agnostic, than a true believer, your answers indicate you struggle with principles of an all knowing being, since He does not intervene in suffering you are not sure He exists…etc
Based on your answers…you get “debriefed” about your religious preferences?
Wow. It is horrific.
I can’t believe some parents think this ability to question students like this…is good…is wow. Not okay.
Schools interviening or trying to educate you and debrief you in matters of HOW YOU THINK about any subject…is terrifying.
Subjective education is NOT education at all.

You all know you can opt out of the standardized teste right? My kids do not take these tests ever! I do sllow them to take the MAPS testing.
I never let them because of the strees fir kuds, and teachers are punished with these tests.

I don’t play ball with MAPS testing anymore either…doing the usual BS data mining (jumping to ridiculous conclusions) inappropriately with our children with this one now too.

I mean seriously…??

Social engineering/social emotional learning and behavior modification.

For the information of any who are interested, this survey is called and IAT which stands for Implicit Association Test. It is entirely anonymous and was created by Harvard. This means that the teacher of this class has no way to access her students results. In my training to be a teacher we have focused extensively on multicultural education. It is important to be aware of different cultures, even if you don’t agree with them. Sociology is the exact class I would expect this to come up in.

Please research data mining.
It’s not the teacher anyone is worried about.

They are COLLECTING THE INFORMATION and it WILL be in the child’s RECORD!!!
Depending how the child answers, if they don’t like the answer they WILL COUNSEL the child until properly INDOCTRINATED!!!

This is their means of “changing the child. ” The point of school today under Common Core is mindset-shaping away from traditional, family, patriotic, biblical values and toward the government-approved mindset of social justice ideology. Bit by bit. Drip. Drip. Drip. Save her while you can.

This perversion doesn’t stop just with sex Ed. They are also destroying the history of our nation. They are now teaching globalism. Parents need to watch very carefully what they are teaching. They truly are not interested in educating your children. Propaganda and reeducation.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

NEW from the DFEReady Colorado Stands on Children to Succeed Campaign and

….The Colorado Moneyball for Government “Education Leadership Council” 2030 plan for K-12 education as workforce training .. “competencies”.

When you read this remember Dear Hillary and Betsy Devos’ creation of a joint Dept of Ed/Workforce idea? ….and ESSA pathways to Competency Based Education and k12 workforce data badges? Colorado came up with this plan all on their own?… wonder how many states might have 95% similar plans. 😦

Powerpoint presented to State Board Thurs Feb 14, 2019:

From 58 page Report CBE…”Competency-Based Education & School Finance: Lessons from Online and Community-Based Courses. …innovative approaches to relevant, experiential learning opportunities and social emotional learning, shifting away from the focus on seat time. Relevant research, studies, and resources”

ROI…”Establish monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure that education funding is directly spent on meeting its intended student outcomes and, to the extent possible, share return-on-investment information with all stakeholders.”

REPLACE TEACHERS? …”Consider the cost increases, savings, or reallocations associated with responsive systems, in terms of different staffing models, technology needs, advisor roles, professional learning, etc. •Continuously learn from the implementation of various agile learning models with the goal of determining the best use of resources for developing agile learners.”

“Research also confirms that children and youth who participate in well-structured and well-implemented community programs and activities reap a host of positive benefits in a number of interrelated outcome areas—academic, social/emotional, prevention, and health and wellness.11The ELC’s Community and Family Partnerships Subcommittee focused on strategies that will allow communities of various demographics and areas of need to leverage family, community, and school partnerships in order to meet students’ essential needs. Discussions included topics such as the expansion of two-generation policies and ractices, learning more about integrated service models, like community schools, and facilitating community asset mapping in order to provide wraparound services for school communities.
…Nurture students’ physical, mental, social, and emotional health [and collect SEL data beacuse…] “According to the McKinsey Global Institute, by 2030, the need for basic cognitive skills and physical and manual skills will be far outpaced by the need for technological skills, higher cognitive skills and social and emotional skills.”

…The near future includes a wide array of jobs that do not currently exist, and technological advances ensure the loss of many jobs that do. As a result, lifelong learning has become essential, and our education system will need to support seamless and frequent re-entry. If the state of Colorado is to prepare its students for these changing workforce and learning demands, it must invest more in the educational attainment of all Coloradans at every level.17Even now, there are multiple educational pathways to good jobs:preparation inhigh school; postsecondary apprenticeships, certifications, and associate degreesthat lead to middle-skills professions;and careersrequiring at least a bachelor’s degree.18Each has value and deserves support. We must also address the persistent achievement and postsecondary attainment gaps associated with race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. A system that works for the future is one that works for all Coloradans. It is imperative for Colorado to leverage industry and cross-sector partnerships to bolster student-learning experiences and ensure that every student is prepared for successful transitions. Whether entering the workforce with a relevant industry credential…citing Marc Tucker’s “Building Blocks for a World-Class Education System”.

Be sure to look at the Gates Funded folks on the Committees and in the Acknowledgement section.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Happening in Pennsylvania! Be on the watch for the compulsory age to eventually go lower. It doesn’t have to happen this year in every state. The states have the grant money already and are legislating to implement the federal policies of prenatal home visits, Universal preschool and, in some cases like Minnesota, Baby Birth to 3 education.

And here is the post that was quoted below:

Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing for a younger school start age. He’s hoping to lower the legal age children have to start 1st grade to 6-years-old. Right now PA doesn’t require kids to start first grade until they’re 8-years-old. Click the link to read more:

And here are some replies to this post:

What’s wrong with requiring school before 8? Key brain development occurs between 0 and 5 and some kids are not getting help at home. Unfortunately, some kids’ problems and abuse are being hidden at home.

Compulsory age in most states is still at 7, like Minnesota, not 8. If you’re speaking of kindergarten at 5, then 6 in first grade and 7 in second grade, yes, our society has been herded this direction and accepted it. However, requiring school at birth or the first birthday is akin to what statists and dictators had planned. We can easily see that throughout history as the little children were brought into systematic education well, it certainly sends up a red flag. Reminder: MACC is for local control not international or federal control over the states. We feel that parents, teachers, schools are the best deciders as they are closest to the community and kids. “Key brain development occurs between 0 and 5 and some kids are not getting it at home,” sounds a bit like what all the corporate foundations, non-profit think tanks are promoting. These ideas are fluid throughout our communities and nation because they’ve been heavily marketed. You certainly raise a plethora of questions for me. These ideas are coming through federal grants which will have to be implemented. It has no authentic springboard from the public here in Minnesota. These decisions are being made far, far away. Are you advocating placing all 1st year babies or babies at birth into schools or institutions?

At birth? This article is talking about kids starting at 6. I would think that this would require parents to either have kids in school or be homeschooling them by the age of 6. Eight years old seems a little late to me.

Oh, no. Perhaps I conflated two issues. But check me! I believe they’re talking about the compulsory age decreasing to 6 years old. The reason for my alarm is because we are seeing compulsory ages going down to match the agendas across the country to bring in prenatal home visits for everyone to the child’s 3rd birthday and baby birth to 3 in schools and head starts. These are bills now at our MN legislature being considered due to federal grants which the MDE and MHD have accepted. The compulsory ages will continue to get lower and lower to match all these bills based on grants.

This short article describes the ideology being pushed throughout the business world into acceptance of infants on up in schools.

I personally don’t want the government in my home for “the good of the herd.”. You can catch abuse by being a good neighbor and active in your community.

science says 7 or 8 is ideal. Mostly play before that age is best for the growing mind.

Here is a post from someone from New Hampshire:

SB 196, Relative to Non-Academic Surveys in Schools:
The full Senate will vote on the bill Thursday, February 14
WHY: SB 196 would roll back a 2017 law protecting student privacy and parental rights. Instead of giving parents the right to “opt-in” before a non-academic survey is administered to their children in school, it would switch to an “opt-out” policy – meaning that if a parent doesn’t actively say NO, the school will administer the survey to the student. Read Cornerstone’s written testimony here

Urge your State Senator to overturn the committee
recommendation of “ought to pass with amendment” and instead vote INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE.

IF you sent testimony to the Committee, please forward that to you State Senator.

Here is a post from someone from New York:

Does anyone have a Saratoga Springs High School students that was given, or asked to
fill this form out today or yesterday? We have been contacted by multiple parents with children in varying classes and grades that were given this. We have also been told when a student posted this on social media he was called to Principal Tsao’s office and forced to take it off of his social media. We also have been sent a video, but do not want to post it and call out one teacher when there were many that distributed this.

We have concerns that some of the information on here including religion and sexual orientation are private issues. Even more concerning is the use of the term “Retard” which is offensive. Lastly, some of the questions seem poised to highlight issues regarding confidence in teens.


Saratoga Springs City School District
Saratoga TODAY Newspaper
The Daily Gazette of Schenectady
WTEN News Radio 810 & 103.1 WGY WRGB CBS 6 News, Albany John Gray- Journalist & Writer

And some replies to this post:

This is in conjunction with data mining…All of these questions are being asked in many Michigan Schools ..yet people don’t care.. The school system has indoctrinated Children for decades….and its in full speed ahead with ObamaEd… Parents should be bombarding their State. Capitals and not expecting a handful of Patriots to do the work for them without support.. This and so many other teachings are being used to control you government indoctrinated child.. wake up

maybe some parents should go the the principles office … I would already be there

Social engineering…proving to them that there is bias in the world…someone attached “grades” to each of these conditions

I dont think this is very productive… its creating a victim mentality…. This is telling young kids whether they are “privileged” or not…. this is then going to make the kids who get the “un-privileged” score self-esteem drop. How is that good? Also what does any of this have to do with school? And learning? You can shove this down their throats but you dont teach them how to balance a check book, change a tire, or file taxes ya know important adult thing?!

that’s not the purpose of school. Do you imagine the olden academic institutions teaching how to repair a wagon wheel? No. Those “adulting” skills have always come from living, not academics ffs. Stop expecting academic institutions to teach life skills that’s LITERALLY NOT THEIR PURPOSE.
School is for book learnin’, theoretical knowledge, not tires or taxes or balancing checkbooks per se.

if this was a basic survey without a scoring system and it was optional, I wouldn’t see an issue. now, to base this paper on a scoring system to find out about being privileged or not is absurd. my child would not be made to fill this out. instead, I would have them respond with a letter including a couple sentences for each question that stated how they feel about the topic and maybe stop bullying by finding out where the most division is or something. but to make it all about judgement is ridiculous.

Someone mentioned to me that Indiana is also trying to push for mandatory kindergarten:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Pittsford parents & students invited to explore their white supremacy at this feel-good seminar sponsored by the PTSA!

This is for people who identify as white racists ONLY … so as not to offend people of color.

Good times.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Warriors, HR 280 from OH Rep. Beatty..will data track 5-21 yr olds in every youth sports group. In the name of injury prevention. National streamlined collaboration with said data, too.

Here is another post from Shannon Joy:

The point of a school board is to represent the taxpayers of Rochester. To simply dissolve the people’s representation and hand a public entity to Mayor Warren (aka Cuomo) is a complete bastardization of representative government.

Sadly – this kind of self imposed castration by locally elected school board members is all too common in NY and across the country.

The answer (imperfect as every political answer is) is MORE local control, neighborhood schools with parents & teachers in charge. Get Albany OUT of our classrooms.

And another post from her:

This headline is not accurate.

Every charter school is Common Core compliant to my knowledge.

If they say they’ve ditched it they are misleading you. They way to find the truth is to call the school and ask them if they’re administering the federal testing. Eventually they will admit they are. I’ve done it a dozen times with ‘Classical Curriculum’ charters. While they might be slightly less hostile to conservative America they are absolutely 100% compliant with ‘federal college & career standards’ AKA Common Core.

Charters have to administer the CC tests each spring and collect gross amounts of data in order to be eligible for federal funds. If they’ve tweaked the way they teach phonics that’s fine … but overall they are absolutely drenched in federal curriculum.

Just an FYI.

Here is a post from an anti-Commmon Core group:

our kids just had a survey- no notice to parents- 8th graders…supposedly college info…what do you want to go to college for, where etc…but hidden within it it was a lot of questioning regarding religious affiliations, “health care” needs, and lgbtq stuff….parents had no notification at all…and it’s a third party survey. My 8th grader said that in small print on bottom it stated that info would not be sold etc…yet it doesn’t need to be sold, they just acquired it free of charge through a survey…and much of the info asked should be privacy protected- so why are third party groups allowed to come in and “host” surveys to our students?

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Breaking news:
Dreaded CCSS “queen”, Linda Darling Hammond is new CA Ed Head!

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

SIGN of the TIMES! “P” to “E” to “B”. When MACC was organized in 2013, all the grants were P-5 or P-20. “P” stands for preschool. Then within a year, grants went to “E” for early learning. Even one of our legislative committees was named “E-12 Education Policy.” Now the grants are for “B” for birth. This is the announcement for the Preschool Development Grant PDG B-8 and how much each start was awarded. December 2018.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I think all of the 14 NAY votes on HB118 “Incentives for Statewide Assessment Performance” deserve our heartfelt thank you’s! If you have a chance, please write a quick thank you e-mail.

Click on their names to get their contact info:

And here is a reply to this post:

Susan Pulsipher is too stuck in Obama’s ESSA- after I warned her a few months ago at a town hall, and she acted like she knew nothing about it, then come to find out she’s a CO-SPONSOR! Once pro-Federal Education implimentation, always pro-Federal education implimentation! She needs to be CALLED out!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

I ask you to please listen to the video below to hear for yourself about the real threats facing students in classrooms from Pre-K through the Workforce across America and how it ties specifically to Texas via Gov. Abbott’s Fast tracked SB10. Then, please click “Share” because either FB is blocking me from sharing or someone who does not want this information out is reporting me to FB. This would be a good video to send to Texas Senators and Representatives and their staff so they understand the full picture of what is happening instead of bowing down to the wishes of Gov. Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

And here are some replies to this post:

The COST for SB 10?
The Fiscal note for SB 10 states…
“The cost, timing, and institutional recipients of the grants authorized by the bill are not known. Costs of the grants may vary depending on the size, infrastructure, and existing resources of the member institutions.”
HOWEVER, of the 13 state funded university campuses that will create these “COMPREHENSIVE CHILD PSYCHIATRY ACCESS CENTERS”, the Legislative Budget Board published that…
“For illustrative purposes, the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth estimated they would need approximately $1.8 million per fiscal year to implement the provisions of the bill related to access centers and workforce expansion.”
That’s just one of thirteen campuses currently listed in the bill.

Just look at the organizations that are “for” SB 10 – all stand to gain increased monetary benefits by establishing “COMPREHENSIVE CHILD PSYCHIATRY ACCESS CENTERS”

The South African psychiatric hospitals that were used as slave labor camps during Apartheid were a Public Private Partnership.

“Sec. 113.0105. GIFTS, GRANTS. AND DONATIONS. Authorizes the executive committee to accept on behalf of the consortium gifts, grants, or donations from any public or private source for the purpose of carrying out this chapter.” What???


The committee also coordinates grants or other funding.
The MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH PLAN will leverage additional funding to ensure “effective and targeted research”. They’re using our kids as lab rats while they’re on a government school campus.

Yup. There is actually an article about that being done by UTSW in conjunction with a school MH program in the DFW area. I’ll see if I can find it. I thought the original bill only allowed them to accept gifts, grants, etc. from entities that didn’t have a conflict. I was wrong. But truthfully, even if the individual consortium member doesn’t have a conflict, what about their department? Don’t they also have to worry whether their department will lose research money from ANY source? What that means to me is that the conflict of interest risk in the bill is incurable. They could go for complete transparency and disclose not only personal money but also research funding coming into their department. But of course that only works if people are honest, and if people read the annual report.

Thanks Alice! Another great education event that I am sure opened the eyes of more of our TX patriot friends. I hope you got to go into detail with them about how the “data” they collect from our children also includes “data” on the extended family via their questions re: gun ownership in the home! Think our 2nd Amendment warriors are not going to be happy about that sort of information being collected. Also, hope you were able to connect the dots on how many of the “shooters” were on the same medications that they are shoving down our kids throats and how this legislation will only increase that dangerous practice. As we know, many of our children are frequently misdiagnosed as ADHD/ADD and the drugs many are forced to take are of growing concern.

This bill would properly be referred to as the Texas Home School Expansion Act because it’s likely to further the Exodus from our public school system. Unfortunately it isn’t just limited to schools. It also contemplates tele-psychiatry access through your pediatrician’s office.

….and only if folks know. So we need to let them know!

Glad this parent fought back and that she got other parents to join in. Kudos to this mother and to Mass Resistance. Everyone across the country should emulate their example:

Also, MassResistance, no fair-weather stinky RINO group, is an organization in for the long haul and doesn’t care what names the Regressive Left, its corproate allies, and the Republicans-in-name-only say about it or if they support them or not.

Utterly despicable the lengths they’ll go to improve those stupid test scores:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I also think that the suburban schools that are “A” rated are not seeing the severe assignments, intrusive surveys, etc as often. I have been following CC since 2014 and have talked to dozens of parents and I noticed a trend…the poorer schools in lower income areas seems to see more of this far left radical stuff. People in the rated “A” schools were only seeing things that someone who knows what’s going on would pick up on. “They” need most of the youth, not all of it, so, my paranoid theory is that they figure there is more parent involvement in “A” rated schools so they don’t hit those schools as hard with the propaganda. Think about all the crazy shit people have posted over the years…radical indoctrination in homework assignments, prayers to Islam, etc….it’s not happening in the wealthier schools. ??

Williams College jumps on the white privilege brigade:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Hmmm…Gates and Koch? We shall see.

: Koch network poised to scale up efforts to remake K-12 education

By James Hohmann

January 29

Brian Hooks, chairman of the Koch network, and Charles Koch, its main patron, speak to donors Saturday night during the Koch network seminar in Indian Wells, Calif. (Seminar Network)

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. — The donor network led by billionaire industrialist Charles Koch will launch a new organization next month to focus on changing K-12 education as we know it.
The effort will begin as a pilot project focused on five states with a combined school-age population of 16 million kids, but officials said Monday that they aren’t ready to identify them yet because they’re still finalizing partnerships with some of the country’s leading educational organizations.
The still-unnamed entity purportedly plans to focus on three buckets: changing public policy to address “the root causes” of failing schools, developing new technologies to promote individualized learning, and investing in teachers and classrooms.
The announcement came Monday at the end of a three-day seminar where 634 donors who have each committed to contribute at least $100,000 annually to Koch-linked groups gathered under palm trees at a luxury resort in the Coachella Valley.
The Koch team is modeling its amped-up education efforts on its successful overhaul of the criminal justice system, which began in friendly states before moving to the federal level. In that case, Koch World sought out unlikely allies and played the long game for years before any big legislation passed.
In the past, most conversations about education at these twice-annual Koch confabs have quickly turned into bashing teachers unions. So it was notable when Brian Hooks, the chairman of the Koch network, went out of his way to praise teachers and acknowledge that many have been picketing recently.
“For too long, this issue has been framed unnecessarily as us vs. them, public vs. private, teacher vs. student, parent vs. administrator,” Hooks told a ballroom of donors. “The teachers who have expressed frustration in the past several months are good people. I mean, they’re teachers. We all remember the positive impact that a teacher or several teachers have had on our lives. They’re expressing legitimate concerns. But the current approach means that nobody wins, so they need better options.”
Hooks recognizes that many will question their motives, but he said the goal is to “really shake things up” by “coming alongside concerned teachers” to “find a better way.” Teachers union leaders, who are closely aligned with the Democratic Party, have accused the Koch groups of trying to undermine traditional public schools. Koch and his allies say the system is broken and requires wholesale changes. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been a longtime ally of the network.
“This is a tough one, no doubt,” Hooks said. “It’s a challenge that a whole lot of people look at and say is impossible. But we see a tremendous opportunity to unite people to help ensure that every kid has the opportunity to succeed.”
Philanthropist Stacy Hock of Austin, a major Koch donor who has been funding education efforts at the state level in Texas for years, says that traditional forms of classroom instruction encourage “soul-crushing” conformity, and she has emerged as an outspoken advocate of “personalized learning.”
“Families are getting more and more comfortable with experimenting and taking risks,” she said on the sidelines of the meeting. “Education should be getting way, way better and way, way cheaper, but the opposite is happening.”
Hock said the new Koch initiative, as it ramps up, will identify what’s working at the local level and push for those things to be replicated elsewhere. “What we’re seeing all across the country are little flames,” she said. “What I don’t yet know is how to throw gasoline on all those flames.”

Thousands of teachers march in the rain through Los Angeles earlier this month while striking for smaller class sizes, better school funding formulas and higher teacher pay. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)

— The network’s pivot toward education is partly because a personal interest in the subject by Chase Koch, Charles’s 41-year-old son. He is an executive in the family business who has been taking on a more prominent role inside the network his dad began convening in 2003. Chase’s wife, Annie, a neonatal nurse by training, opened a private school in September called Wonder on the campus of Wichita State University. It’s initially for elementary-age children, and the plan is to phase in middle and high school programs. There’s lots of experimentation going on, with the goal of letting children pursue what interests them the most and not follow a strict curriculum.
— Previewing their K-12 push, Koch strategists pointed to research being conducted with their financial support by Ashley Berner at Johns Hopkins University’s Institute for Education Policy. Her main interest is expanding what she calls “educational pluralism,” which is when the government funds all types of schools, including explicitly religious ones, but does not necessarily run them.
“Berner points to examples such as the Netherlands, which funds 36 different types of schools, from Islamic to Jewish Orthodox to socialist,” the Charles Koch Foundation notes in a summary of her work. “Alberta, Canada, funds homeschooling along with Inuit, Jewish, and secular schools. In Australia, the central government is the nation’s top funder of independent schools. Other countries with plural school systems include Denmark, Finland, Germany, and Sweden.”
“It’s the democratic norm around the world. In pluralism, choice and accountability are two sides of the same coin,” said Berner, who wrote a book in 2017 called “Pluralism and American Public Education: No One Way to School.” “We’ve got to start supporting politicians who are willing to make compromises. Americans are tired of the battles between charters and district schools; these take up too much energy and resources. A pluralistic system doesn’t pit entire sectors against one another.”
— Koch will continue to make heavy investments in higher education as well. The Charles Koch Foundation already provides financial support to more than 350 colleges and universities, which has generated controversy and pushback on many campuses.
John Hardin, the director of university relations for the Koch Foundation, said the network’s investments in education “laid the intellectual foundation” to achieve the public policy changes the donors wanted on criminal justice. For example, the donors helped finance an Academy for Justice conference that convened 120 scholars on criminal justice to talk about their research. “This is how you get it done and change the paradigm,” Hardin told donors during a presentation. “The Academy for Justice is changing the debate.”
A booklet provided to donors, which outlined some of the network’s major investments, highlighted support for the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, which produces research that is routinely cited by allies in government. “Mercatus scholars are re-shaping the field of regulatory economics and changing the debate over rightsizing the administrative state,” the handbook noted.
— The Koch network is also setting its sights on publishers of pricey textbooks. The foundation, which is part of the network, is supporting OpenStax at Rice University, which produces books that are available for free online to students. Charles Koch put up the money for a series of textbooks about business, including ethics, entrepreneurship, principles of management and organizational behavior. David Harris, the editor in chief of the project, said in an interview that Koch gave his team full editorial independence, that the books are all peer-reviewed and that OpenStax receives financial support from liberal foundations, too, including the one funded by George Soros. About 30 free open-source texts are now available, and more are in the pipeline.
— The goal of all this investment is to change “the trajectory of the country.” Kevin Gentry, a top Koch lieutenant who works for Koch Industries, told donors yesterday that they can have perhaps the greatest impact by focusing on civil society initiatives like these. “Those of you have been coming to these meetings for a long time know we’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs,” he said. “A lot of times we would say, ‘Okay, this was good, but were we really … changing the trajectory of the country?’ … We feel like a couple of years ago we began to turn the corner, but now is the opportunity to scale.”
— One reason the wealthy donors are so amenable to investing so much in education is alarm about the next generation. Recent polling shows younger people have a more favorable impression of socialism than capitalism. “The younger generation is less sympathetic and less understanding of limited government conservatism,” said Art Pope of North Carolina, a fixture of Koch meetings. “They’re more sympathetic or more willing to give not just social justice but outright socialism a chance. … It used to be you didn’t have to have a serious conversation about socialism in American politics. Now you do. So what is the appeal of that? How do you message?”
— Many progressives are dubious and skeptical of the Koch rebranding effort, which I wrote about in yesterday’s Daily 202. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) wrote in: “I’m not convinced by the Koch network’s new charm offensive; nor should your readers be. Until we know how much the Kochs, and the 634 other mega-donors who joined them, are spending on dark-money campaigns to block action on climate change, undermine public unions, confirm obedient judges, and cut their own taxes by billions of dollars, we should view their latest PR effort as more obfuscation. … If Charles Koch’s top goal is ‘uniting with people across the whole spectrum,’ he should unite them around honest facts and science, not deceitful campaigns funded by dark money.”
— While they may still share many of the same goals, especially when it comes to judges and regulations, there is mounting tension between the Koch network and the official GOP apparatus. My colleague Michelle Ye Hee Lee, who covers money in politics and has also been here for the donor meeting, scoops that the data firm aligned with the Republican National Committee does not plan to renew a data-sharing agreement with the Koch network for the 2020 cycle, after years of working in tandem to enrich voter files for GOP campaigns and state parties. Henry Barbour, the chairman of the RNC-backed firm Data Trust, said the split was prompted by the network’s decision not to endorse President Trump for reelection in 2020 or to support Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) last fall.
“In the past, [the Koch network’s data operation] i360 was a consistent supporter of the Republican and conservative ecosystem, so we have worked with them to help win elections, but that has changed,” Barbour said. “I don’t see a path where we have an agreement with them in the 2020 election cycle.””

I also find this interesting.

k-12″ Wonder” school in Kansas. “There won’t be traditional grades, report cards or homework, Koch said. “:

Looks like Ohio State University and Planned Parenthood are working together:

Alabama A&M University joins the legion of thought police colleges:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

URGENT!! HB118 that allows teachers to use SAGE/RISE assessment for course credit and grading has passed the House with overwhelming support and is in the Senate. Legislators are rationalizing that giving credit doesn’t penalize those that opt out. Those of us who’ve experienced how this “carrot” to take the tests has been turned into a stick need to speak up now, and loudly! We’ve asked that you share your stories with your Reps, but if you will post them here in the comments we can show that it’s not an isolated incident, but there’s a pattern of manipulation.

Homeschooling is being threatened in Iowa:

I’m glad that AFA PA helped stop this plot by Planned Parenthood and AccessMatters to get clinics in this school:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

What good is that? This company supports Common core!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Nevada… Character Lab is not your friend.

As long as we are talking about snakeoul on twitter….
Alison Hawver McDowell check out this. Employed by cooney.

Seriously, he’s saying teach kids to “walk around while using their iPods.” And teach on screens outdoors. Wtf

Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

HB 1032 Comprehensive Sex Education Passed today. Republicans, fought the good fight on the house floor all day. They argued for the rights of parents, the safety of our students, and presented factual information. Minority Leader Patrick Neville, Rep. Shane Sandridge, Rep. Lori Saine, Rep. Dave Williams, Rep. Kim Ransom, Rep. Steve Humphrey, Rep. Tim Geitner, Rep. Susan Beckman, Rep. Perry Buck, Rep. Mark Baisley, Rep. Terri Carver, and Rep. Matt Soper and many others joined in. They speak out for the best interests and way forward for Colorado. Thank you all who gave testimony, who wrote letters and sent emails, and made phone calls

Looks like Indiana is pushing a mental health “education” bill:

Here is a post from a Maine anti-Common Core group:

Write a short letter to the Maine Education and Cultural Affairs Committee before 9 am on Monday the 11th. Tell them to vote NO on LD 151. Include your name and town. Your voice matters.

Here is a post from a friend of mine from Georgia:

Jane Robbins: “Do we want our children to be flagged by the government based on an algorithm when we don’t even know who created the algorithm or what factors go into it?”

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 21

This is Part 21.

Thanks to an ally in an anti-Common Core group, I’ve found, with great horror, a post that shows that they are already using the BrainCo brain scanners in the United States already at Catholic Memorial, a college preparatory school for boys grades 7–12 in West Roxbury, Massachusetts:

Everyone agrees: students learn best when focused and a good teacher keeps them captivated.

But, what if educators could precisely measure what teaching practices captivated students most? And, what if students received specific training to train their focus?

In November, we partnered with BrainCo Technology to take an active step in answering this two-fold question. BrainCo, a brain-machine interface company founded by scientists from Harvard University, provides headsets that measure the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Several members of our faculty volunteered to implement the company’s technology in their classroom with the consent of their students’ families.

Students hone their focus at the beginning of each class with a collaborative brain-based exercise. They “flex” their mental focus muscle to make an animated rocket ship fly, or a forest of trees grow tall. Students use this real-time feedback to see if they are getting their brains into a more focused state.

So, when students in Mr. Patrick Murray’s freshman computer science class built their own arcade games last week, BrainCo headsets measured which games captured students’ attention most.

Even In the middle school, Ms. Ellen Eberly has noticed an immediate impact in her eighth grade class. She says it best:

“The presence of BrainCo in my classroom has heightened my student’s awareness of the importance of ‘one’s focus’ with respect to their learning. More specifically, they are learning strategies to control the level of their focus and they are finding such awareness as personally empowering. The percentage of my students completing assigned tasks has only increased.”

According to this article, it appears that BrainCo has a ton of Chinese investors and also, in addition to working with China and that Catholic college prep school, is also working with some school in Long Island, NY:

Here are some posts from the anti-CBE group:

at this point you have to take matters in your own hands, i wouldnt start a charter school that accepts federal funding which has requirements like the state assessments which are aligned to the federal national standards and data mine students. if you start a school i would suggest offering fulltime and part time options and bring in the homeschooling community and teachers that have left the system. join together their is a ton of knowledge and expertise you can use.
and market that you can offer a tech free education which does not use children as guinea pigs in an experiment

Even the Barney charters (Hillsdale) take public dollars, correct? Your suggestion is the only way to ensure there is freedom to teach your children without any government interference or control.

“The initiative, which has said it wants to support 50 charters nationwide by 2022, is backing a local effort to open the Chicago Classical Academy in 2018. While Hillsdale’s charter initiative is privately financed, the proposed new school would be funded by Chicago Public Schools.”

… “”I think the citizenry is eager to have choice. Parents want choice,” Kilgore said.”

Also remember Iserbyt warned us several times about the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups.

I dont know about you but an education aligned to the federal national standards which forces students to be data mined is not a choice that we want. Educational liberty not school choice is what we should be promoting.

here is an informative page on how charters are funded in each state

“Eric Coykendall, associate director of the Barney Charter School Initiative”

““The Barney Charter School Initiative takes no position for or against the Common Core,” Coykendall replied.”

So then look up the particular charter they discuss you will find this …

“Core Knowledge Sequence — a specific, K-8 grade-by-grade core curriculum of common learning; Core Knowledge (CK), Riggs Phonics, and Singapore Math align with the PA Core Curriculum that requires academic progress and growth in grades K- 8, and builds foundations of knowledge in the early years that prepare students for the rigor of high school and the goals of career and college ready. “

This is just one example.

Look out Iowa homeschoolers! Big Brother is planning to pay you a visit if this bill passes:

Looks like Indiana is implementing the globalists Career Pathways scheme:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Parnell: Administrative Order 266 20130826
Fixing Regulations and Statues to make sure the state can receive Fed funds. (Ccore and new AK DL)

This Order is intended to accomplish the following objectives:

Minimize the cost, time, and burden to the affected public of complying with State regulations and encouraging State agencies to work with all stakeholders, to meet the objectives of Alaska Statutes;
Reduce administrative cost and burden;
Ensure that State regulations are consistent with Alaska Statutes and limited to carrying out the statutory purpose;
Further the State’s interest in preserving our State’s rights in adopting regulations to implement federal programs and to receive federal funds.
Background and Purpose
For many years, State agencies responsible for implementing State statutes and federal mandates have not consistently

Reviewed, overseen, amended, or repealed existing regulations to streamline program operations and create efficiencies;
Considered and communicated with the affected public regarding the cost and impacts of proposed new regulations; nor
Modified proposed regulations in response to concerns raised by the affected public.
The public is best served when State agencies operate under direction such as REGS to ensure that regulations are up-to-date, clearly and plainly written, carry out the statutory purpose, take into account the costs imposed on individual Alaskans and those doing business in the state, particularly small businesses, and allow State agencies to facilitate implementation of a law in the most reasonable and cost-effective manner possible.

And another post from this group:

Parnell: Administrative Order 261 20111205
Educational Data collecting and sharing needed for Ccore

Background and Purpose
AS 14.43.840, enacted by the Legislature in 2010, directed State agencies and the University of Alaska to share data in order to report to the Legislature on outcomes of Alaska’s educational systems. Currently, Alaska’s educational programs operate without the benefit of specific outcome data that demonstrate whether programs and interventions are effective in meeting State and policy goals. Reliance on one-time studies, framed within the interest area of a single entity rather than longitudinal studies designed to meet key public policy objectives, is inadequate and an inefficient way to measure program success or return on investment.

Alaska’s three educational agencies – the Department of Education and Early Development, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education – administer various programs in which K-12, postsecondary, and workforce/ employment data is collected. This Administrative Order constitutes direction authorizing the agencies to share unit record data among the agencies, to the extent permitted and under the conditions required by applicable statutes and regulations, to facilitate the evaluation of education program outcomes.

The EDS policy will reduce barriers to sharing unit record Alaska education pipeline data, while protecting personally identifiable information. Specific benefits and results include:

Enhanced ability for education agencies to share data while ensuring Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance;
Enhanced ability to measure the impact of educational programs – concrete outcomes in terms of postsecondary and career success, resident hire, etc. – rather than just program costs and inputs;
Enhanced efficiency for agencies relative to data management; and
Enhanced protection of personally identifiable information through shared agency data governance and management protocols.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I am seriously considering homeschooling my 2 boys next year!!! I have a now 4th grader and 6th grader!!! My 4th grader has been behind for 2 years because of the constant pressure of the STAAR from school and teachers!!! Granted he did pass last year! He is still be considered as behind!! I would rather teach them myself!!! Open to opinions and help!!! Please let me know if this has been a consideration to any of you guys!!

And some replies to this post:

My kids are in 4th and 6th. I have considered homeschooling. I just have to develop confidence and research in my ability to do so.

I feel the exact same. It’s frustrating to say the least

I withdrew my daughter Friday afternoon and started homeschool today.

I’m a former public school teacher, and when I had children, homeschooled them because of stuff like the STAAR…

Let me know if I can help you.
I founded the community homeschool center 10 years ago. We have five kiddos, ages 10-17.

Never have had them in public school- all Geniuses. 😉

We still give them standardized tests. It’s just on our schedule, not the systems.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’m sad for Midvale Elementary tonight. The school is fighting for its life and being forced to adopt federal Social Emotional Learning (SEL) reforms. For those who haven’t studied the roots of SEL reforms, it’s about teaching children from a worldview of racism, discrimination and sexual rights. Planned Parenthood is a major backer of SEL. Minority children are always targeted first.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Memes are hugely popular with kids, especially teens. Never to skip a chance to generate more data…FB has created #LOL.
“After Facebook Watch, Lasso and IGTV failed to become hits with teens, the company has been quietly developing another youthful video product. Multiple sources confirm that Facebook has spent months building LOL, a special feed of funny videos and GIF-like clips. It’s divided into categories like “For You,” “Animals,” “Fails,” “Pranks” and more with content pulled from News Feed posts by top meme Pages on Facebook. LOL is currently in private beta with around 100 high school students who signed non-disclosure agreements with parental consent to do focus groups and one-on-one testing with Facebook staff.”

And another post from this friend:

Oh Look: A (purposely?) biased hit piece in The Hill against state student privacy law, from the Future of Privacy Forum, gets called out by teacher Mercedes Schneider. Note that FoPF is funded by many Silicon Valley and BigData grabbers. Expect more of these op-eds to pop up all over the country, in their campaign to weaken state privacy laws in favor of a weaker, tech-friendly, federal law.

And yet another post from this friend:

OMG. This is terrifying.
Mouse hovers, clicks, AI, hidden algorithms to measure a student’s cognitive abilities. It is a marriage from hell: College Board/AIR joins McKinsey.

“From the looks of Imbellus’ employment opportunities and McKinsey and Co.’s plug, Imbellus assessment will involve testing the thinking one uses while playing games. An excerpt from the 2018 McKinsey paper indicates as much and includes a word on Imbellus’ assessment aspirations:

We designed each scenario in the assessment based on a set of problem-solving constructs and workplace activities wrapped in a natural world setting. For example, in one scenario, users may be researching and evaluating an infected species in desert terrain. As users play through a scenario, we test them on both their cognitive process and product by capturing their telemetry data. These hovers and clicks are captured as evidence to make inferences about their cognitive processing. …

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Imbellus, an assessment company pushing the bounds of simulation-based measurement, today announced the appointment of Dr. Sean P. “Jack” Buckley as President and Chief Scientist. Dr. Buckley, formerly Senior Vice President of Research at the College Board and Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, joins Imbellus from his most recent role as Senior Vice President of Research and Evaluation at American Institutes for Research (AIR).

“Jack has an extensive track record of leading interdisciplinary psychometrics, learning science, data science, and engineering teams to help the world measure student achievement and growth,” said Rebecca Kantar, Founder and CEO of Imbellus. “His move demonstrates a commitment to the next generation of high-stakes assessments, and we are thrilled to welcome him as a champion of our novel approach.”

This quote from about 7min mark of Imbellus video: “Imbellus will build an abstracted but true to life simulation of the natural world and will be able to evaluate human potential…: and predict outcomes.

And some replies to this post:

Hard to listen too because she talks so fast. And she seems so incredibly young and arrogant.

This is pretty consistent with what we are seeing with SEL data capture via gamified platforms-“people analytics” and Knack. Of course we know the future is very little college and mostly job access via competency badges-many of which will be tied to having the proper mindset-and of course there is impact investing profit in the SEL interventions.

The hedge fund people are ALL about gamification.

Wehrbach is BIG into Gamification and Blockchain-both. At Wharton.

Here are some posts from a Rhode Island anti-Common Core group:

I recently discovered that Catholic HS Mount Saint Charles is moving over to Summit learning. Basically learning by computer modules with the teacher as facilitator. $14k for that lovely perk. YUK! The parent is thinking of leaving the school for another NOT using this type of learning!

what no one is talking about is the removal of the role of parents as primary educators. They will no longer be able to review exact curricula and lessons before the semester begins. Data collected and algoriths will generate lessons for each student on demand.

That is a key factor. As a retired teacher of ELA, I am appalled and disgusted by the poor quality of the digital teaching materials and the misguided belief that algorithms can do better than professionally trained teachers.

alorithms already ruining lives ..

quality has been degrading for years parents should compare what is being used to what could be used it speaks volumes.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

HF 116 authorizes school boards to renew expiring referendums via the school board, not the voters.

It is my hope that the boy doesn’t comply with this because this kind of evil assignment SHOULD NOT be complied with:

Someone in an Alaska anti-Common Core group mentioned something called Real ID and how it might tie into the Alaska data mining bills I mentioned earlier. I went to their FB page to see if they said anything more about it and found this:

REAL ID Problems…
I’m posting CA’s REAL ID issues because the REAL ID is a problem and the finale of this progressive system is now here. It began in 2005 at the National level hidden in an NDAA bill. It violates both the US and Alaska Constitution and therefore oaths of office. It started in Alaska in 2014 with the new Alaska DL which was in violation of statute but implemented anyway. The legislators and governors did nothing to stop it. If fact, the majority ushered it in.

You know something is wrong when you explain this to a 16 year old, who has not yet been conditioned, and watch the look on their face especially when you tell them about the sensitive data being collected (facial recognition photos) and who it is shared with (GEMALTO, company from the Netherlands who does this for over 80 different countries). Add to that it is being done without their knowledge or consent.

Unfortunately this article was written to show the inability of the CA DMV Director to implement the program and not show the resistance from the legislators or the people. However, it does brings up more examples of why the REAL ID Act is wrong.

Governor Dunleavy is well aware of this problem and I expect to see Alaska leading the way in protecting the privacy of it’s people which is currently NOT being done.

Noted in the Article…
• AUTO-REGISTER Remember the ballot measure that passed, Automatic voter registration for PFD applicants, and the problems that resulted from that? Hope you didn’t vote for that? When these type ballot measures appear on the ballot, one should always question where they come from and what is the motive. Apparently, auto-registering is not just being done in Alaska.
… “During Shiomoto’s tenure, the department struggled to implement new laws, including the state’s Motor Voter program — which launched earlier this year to automatically register people to vote when they visit the DMV. The department announced in September that it had improperly registered thousands of Californians through the program.”

• WHY? Why does one need a “REAL-ID or PASSPORT” to travel within their own country? Think through these things carefully. The REAL ID was rejected by several states because it violates the constitution, property rights and privacy rights. It was recommended from the “American Administrative Motor Vehicle Association Best Management Practice” that new ID’s be implemented to reduce and eliminate fraudulent licenses. Notices were sent out to all Alaskans stating this new DL was not part of the REAL ID. It was later stated (3-years later) in public testimony that all the data necessary for the REAL ID was being collected currently with the new Alaska DL. We were lied to. Also, the DEADLINE Date continues to be delayed depending on the states ability to implement the program. No state has taken a stand against it. Know that no other state has a stronger constitutional protection for privacy than Alaska.
… “The DMV has also faced increased challenges with issuing federally-mandated Real ID cards, which are required by Oct. 1, 2020 for people who want to board airplanes and enter other federal facilities without a passport. The agency cited Real ID as a major cause of rising wait times this summer. “

When asking the Common Core Diva my thoughts on this matter, she replied:

there was a Real ID Act passed in 2018. Look at the US Dept of Homeland Security. Interesting that FEPA stayed in Senate Homeland Security Committee for about a year.

Do a search with “real ID FEPA” count the States you see.

I found this post on a page of a friend of mine:

I worked on a grant proposal that included one of these…preschool kids were the guinea pigs…very disturbing.

And here is a post from this friend herself:

Well whatdya know? The linking of our data – WITHOUT OUR CONSENT – is already underway. And it will be SUPER-CHARGED with the passage of FEPA (HR 4174,) They’ll “transform” something, alright…
“The two companies said they were brought together by the joint recognition of a need and an opportunity to fully integrate healthcare delivery to make it cheaper and more efficient ‘through data-driven insights.'”

And some replies to this post:

They have been taking baby steps towards this goal??our 2 youngest kids are adopted via DCF. They are doing phenomenal in school and are extremely well adjusted given the trauma they faced from birth to age 2/3. A couple years ago Florida legislature passed a bill that allows DCF to share information with the DOE. It makes me ill that they have extracted this data. The biological parents were the worst society has to offer. Are our kids going to have to live in that shadow through out their lives? And I’m sure they are building algorithms around these kids to try and see what their outcomes will look like. ??

Yep. They are trying to PREDICT who will commit crimes. And DATA can’t be questioned. IT IS SICK!

I have worked so hard to protect the privacy our 2 youngest for this very reason. I feel like it’s been tossed out the window. I wish we could return to home schooling. Not possible at the present.

And so much for HIPPA!

And another post from this friend of mine:

As if the IRS data spying isn’t bad enough, add to this the river of data and the Orwellian Federal DATABASE created by FEPA (HR 4174). This bill allows the Federal Government to combine ALL of your data (education, gun ownership, income, law enforcement, medical, etc.) and to penalize you for it, under certain circumstances! SOMEONE with a lot of resources and a concern about preserving America’s privacy needs to challenge the unconstitutional law in The Courts!

Here is a post that I found in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Take a look…Elementary School Lesson Plan

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

SB 5082 – 2019-20
Creating a committee to promote and expand social emotional learning.
Sponsors: McCoy, Hasegawa, Kuderer, Saldaña

Brief Summary of Bill

Creates a permanent committee to promote and expand social emotional
learning (SEL) with certain duties and members.
Requires the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction to align the
programs it oversees with SEL standards and to integrate the standards
where appropriate.

Social Emotional Learning Indicators Workgroup In the 2017 Operational Budget, ESSB 5883 Sec 501 (31) directed OSPI to convene a workgroup to build upon the work of the social emotional learning benchmarks work group established under section 501(34), chapter 4, Laws of 2015 3rd sp. sess. The work group must identify and articulate developmental indicators for each grade level for each of the social emotional learning benchmarks, solicit feedback from stakeholders, and develop a model of best practices or guidance for schools on implementing the benchmarks and indicators.
The workgroup will submit recommendations to the education committees of the legislature, and the office of the governor by June 30, 2019
Authorizing Legislation
ESSB 5883, Sec 501 (31) – 2017

And another post from this group:

SB 5395 – 2019-20
Concerning comprehensive sexual health education.
Sponsors: Wilson, C., Randall, Keiser, Saldaña, Takko, Mullet, Wellman, Das, Nguyen
By Request: Superintendent of Public Instruction
Companion Bill: HB 1407

HB 1407 – 2019-20
Concerning comprehensive sexual health education.
Sponsors: Stonier, Goodman, Orwall, Jinkins, Santos, Davis, Ortiz-Self, Dolan, Wylie, Pettigrew, Riccelli, Senn, Cody, Sells, Frame, Pollet, Hudgins, Stanford, Doglio, Fitzgibbon, Slatter, Bergquist, Robinson, Macri, Kloba, Peterson, Thai, Fey, Appleton
By Request: Superintendent of Public Instruction
Companion Bill: SB 5395

And some replies to this post:

And now we have to get written permission to excuse our kids, and we have to put into writing requests to see said curriculum.

So it wasn’t that way before? Usually parents put things like that in writing anyway.

my parents never had to, and before I had yanked my daughter out of public school, I had made it clear she was not going to be involved.

Schools are not even required to tell the parents unless the parents write a request is what I am getting. Who pays these guys? Oh, right, the taxpayers do…

So sad the world today with all the hate and kids are confused even more with genders etc and just trying to fit in. Oh and I forgot social learning and data mining. Along with outpstient clinics seeing patients at school. Of course their medical record is no longer confidental. They want a global world. Hopefully, we see the corrupt government go down. Along with the IRS Fed and Department of Education!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Did you know…
The YOGYACARTA PRINCIPLES (YPs) are a detailed manual for implementing gender ideology worldwide; free choice of gender, sexual orientation, and identity.

“A group of “renowned human rights experts,” having no official authorization of legitimization formulated these principles in 2007 at a conference in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. In March of that year, they presented them to the public at the United Nations (UN) building in Geneva to lend them a glow of authority.

The YPs are a “new tool for activists.” They are furnished with a 200-page handbook called ‘An Activist’s Guide to the Yogyakarta Principles’, which translates the Yogyakarta Principles into political action.”-
The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom by Gabriele Kuby

Fact: The key to the YPs enforcement is admitting “sexual identity” into the constitution as an anti-discrimination criterion.

The principles demand that all countries of the world take totalitarian measure to change their constitutions, laws, social institutions, education systems, and their citizens’ basic attitudes in order to enforce…

Fact: The Obama administration, in an October 2010 “Dear Colleague” letter, Office of Civil Rights (OCR) issued guidance on clarifying that Title IX (9) protects LGBT students from harassment on the basis of sex stereotypes.
OCR wrote unequivocally that “Title IX’s sex discrimination prohibition extends to claims of discrimination based on gender identity or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity and OCR accepts such complaints for investigation.”

Fact: According to the YPs definition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” it is a matter of feeling- that is, of a person’s arbitrary, purely subjective self-definition- what one’s gender is.
The activists’ guide adds: “Requiring a person to subscribe to a particular identity group would only perpetuate the oppression that the rights are seeking to combat.”

I am reading Gabriele Kuby’s book, ‘The Global Sexual Revolution: Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom’. Chapter 5 is titled Totalitarian Acess: The Yogyakarta Principles where she gives important information. Here is a link to The Yogyakarta Principles website.

And a reply to this post:

the one word change in Title 9 shifted the agenda

YES IT DID!! I find it really interesting the timing of the Yogyacarta conference and Obama’s Title 9 word change.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Hi there,
New member here. I have a 5th Grade daughter who is dyslexic. She was diagnosed in 1st grade, and has been receiving 504 accommodations since. She had a representative from her upcoming junior high come to the school last week and was told if she doesn’t pass this stupid STARR, that she will not be allowed any electives. She came home nearly in tears. She’s very artistic and wants to do art or orchestra, and I think it’s ridiculous to take that away over a test. She did not pass math STAAR in 4th grade. What are my options here?

And some replies to this post:

Opt out, refuse prep classes next year. Take electives like normal.

How do I refuse? Who do I need to speak with? I’m sitting here holding her schedule wish list, and don’t know what to write. They’re having an electives fair tonight at the junior high, and I don’t want her to feel like there’s no reason to get excited.

For the electives fair and request forms act like she is going to be taking fun electives.

For the opting out, read through our main article

This STARR TEST is a nightmare 2 of my grandchildren have Dyslexia, are ADHD, Are on the 504, but still are told they need to pass Reading and Math or stay in the same grade they are in the 7th and 8th grades. I read here that patents opped out or their children are absent on the day of the test and they still go to the next grade! I’m very worried that my grandchildren won’t pass. I feel that if we opt out the administration will be against us and my kids will be outed out ?? . They both took electives but they won’t be going to them they will instead be going to tutoring ( I don’t have a problem with that cause I want them to pass!

My daughter went to the school counselor, there was a form to sign – elective was given.
Many times art and music are more important than tutoring just over a failed assessment.

My 5th grader isn’t taking it. I will keep her home those weeks of testing.

STAND YOUR GROUND! DO NOT let them lie and bully you into anything. You CAN opt out. She CAN choose her electives. She CAN be promoted. Some schools will lie. Go to the link that was shared with you in the comments. Do NOT back down. Once they figure out you know you’re rights and they can’t bully you they will back down.

And another post from this group:

EOC’s, has anyone taken that on yet? Is it the same exact process as with the STAAR? I don’t know why skipping EOC’s intimidates me more than the STAAR. This will be my first year to skip both. I informed the elementary at my daughters ARD meeting and they showed as much support as they possibly could in their position- so grateful!
My son is in 9th grade and their intimidation/consequence game is on a whole other level at the high school. Any additional tips are greatly appreciated.

And some replies to this post:

I told the folks at my son’s high school that it was their job to get him through his classes, and let me worry about the graduating part…we’ll see if they freak out on him as STAAR days get closer, but so far, so good.

I plan to do the credit evaluation and transfer in when the time comes for my son, also in 9th grade.

Know your options!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

pparently, Scott Placek with “Texans Take Action Against the STAAR” does not like anyone questioning proposed legislation his law firm supports, that is making its way thru the Texas legislative process; that may have dangerous unintended consequences.

We as parents need to ALL be asking ourselves, why this law, HB 736 (amending the current Texas Education Code) is needed in the first place? Why are Texas students failing the STAAR (in Algebra 1 passing is in the 30s) or needing an alternate pathway to graduate or receive a diploma?

What Scott and others will NOT seem to do is acknowledge the facts… And if questioned, they personally attack or remove anyone from their group who will not comply with their agenda. (RED FLAG)

We watched these same tactics used when they passed HB5 that set up the pathways to graduation. Now every 8th grader has to decide what they want to be when they grow up.
Yet, the marketing to get HB5 passed was “Get rid of the STAAR!!”

When it comes to legislation proposed this session regarding STAAR assessments, it is important to understand…
Our traditional public schools, with locally elected school boards, have been set up to fail; intentionally!

This video is from the Women On the Wall- “Can I See the Solutions” Conference back in 2014. Listen to this short clip and ask yourself, why would state-mandated standards, curriculum, and assessments (CSCOPE) (College and Career Readiness Standards) be designed knowing students would fail before the “system” would work?

Who should be held accountable for an education system designed to fail students? Isn’t that what an attorney, working with parents needing to navigate around the invalid STAAR assessments and test failure be asking?

Should it be students and teachers in public schools? Or, the legislators who have mandated the harmful Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards shift in our public schools?

When former Gov. Rick Perry, and former Attorney General Greg Abbott, and former Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick, along with the Democrats, go around saying they stood against Common Core in Texas; here is proof they are NOT being honest. When they, (Texas Leadership) requested a waiver from the federal government from the mandates of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) they knew full well we were aligned to the Common Core National Standards. They just call them “College and Career Readiness Standards.
Here is a link to the documented proof. (See pages 13 and 14)

If we do not address this directly, parents will continue to be deceived into thinking the problem has been fixed with the passage of state legislation like Representative Brooks Landgraf’s HB736, when in fact, it simply digs us deeper in the hole and sets the stage for the next scene in the take over of public education; The Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability. Of which, the number one recommendation in online adaptive assessments and instruction.

Quoting Rep Landgraf “When it comes to the public school system he wants to take the STAR exam and replace it with something that could still hold schools accountable.”

Is this bill setting the stage for the Next Generation of Assessment and Accountability known as “personalized learning” meaning online daily assessing and remediating via online adaptive computer algorithms?

Representative Landgraf came into office in 2015, does he have any idea of the battles fought by parents against CSCOPE, a curriculum management program that locked the system to fail Texas students in place. In fact, Ector ISD, in his district, back in 2011 spent $1.7 million to expand CSCOPE as noted here:

The new system being put in place is known as the P-20W (Pre-school through the Workforce) digitally based system of assessments and instruction. Legislation passed at the federal and state level has been passed to lock this system in place like a set of gears.

The P-20W system restructure has been put in place over many years. Most notably, with the passage in 2014, of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA) and then in 2015 the Every Student Succeeds Act and in 2018 the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act (FEPA), making all the state and federal agency’s data, legally, “interoperable”.

When reading Landgraf’s HB 736, as it states, in current the Texas Education Code (TEC) that Landgraf’s bill does NOT eliminate…

, “AA Job Corps diploma program shall: (1)A A develop educational programs specifically designed for persons eligible for enrollment in a Job Corps training program established by the United States Department of Labor; (2)A A coordinate educational programs and services in the diploma program with programs and services provided by the United States Department of Labor and other federal and state agencies and local political subdivisions and by persons who provide programs and services under contract with the United States Department of Labor; (3)A A provide a course of instruction that includes the required curriculum under Subchapter A, Chapter 28; Chapter 28 are the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards aligned to the Federal mandates in ESSA.

THIS BILL EXPOSES THE CURRENT TEC IS COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! And, the Third-party public-private partnerships!!

Additionally, it exposes the power granted to the appointed Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, per existing law, he writes the rules and regulations for the laws passed to amend the TEC. There are pieces in there that was “predicted” back in the mid ’90’s.
Data mining and tracking in full force!!

It would be very interesting to know what think tanks, non-profits or trade organizations helped Rep. Landgraf in drafting HB736?

Please take note of the purpose behind Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards put in place by President Obama and promoted and funded by Jeb Bush’s ExcelinEd.

Shifts Education Philosophy– from an education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity) based on academics; reading, writing, math, and history to an education of equity (Equal Outcomes) based on attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors.

Broadened Impact – The Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness ESSA Mandated National Standards expand the target from K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to a P-20W (Pre-school through College, Trade or Graduate School) system.

Testing Based Outcomes- The Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness National Standards shifts from the “Mental” (Academics and Knowledge-Based Tests) to “Behaviors” (Performance Standards and Competency for the workforce).

Adjustments to Ideology– Change American’s worldview from nationalism into globalism and allows for a government controlled economy known as ”Dirigisme” or the more common use–a dirigiste economy. It means essentially a state-directed economy.

Dismantle traditional public schools– in favor of charter-like structures (public/private partnerships) that will be forced to generate student data for global corporate profit and state control.

In the P-20W system of education students are seen as “investment vehicles”, not the next the next generation of Americans who are taught reading, writing, math, and history.

And another post from her:

When reading Landgraf’s HB 736, as it states, in current the Texas Education Code (TEC) that Landgraf’s bill does NOT eliminate…

, “AA Job Corps diploma program shall: (1)A A develop educational programs specifically designed for persons eligible for enrollment in a Job Corps training program established by the United States Department of Labor; (2)A A coordinate educational programs and services in the diploma program with programs and services provided by the United States Department of Labor and other federal and state agencies and local political subdivisions and by persons who provide programs and services under contract with the United States Department of Labor; (3)A A provide a course of instruction that includes the required curriculum under Subchapter A, Chapter 28;

Chapter 28 are the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards.

THIS BILL EXPOSES THE CURRENT TEC IS COMPLETELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! And, the Third-party public-private partnerships!!

Additionally, it exposes the power granted to the appointed Commissioner of Education Mike Morath, per existing law, he writes the rules and regulations for the laws passed to amend the TEC. There are pieces in there that were “predicted” back in the mid ’90’s.
Data mining and tracking in full force!!

And two replies to this post:

I do not disagree that legislation affecting education is unconstitutional. Who’s bringing suit? What group is raising money to sue the state? Maybe we should focus on a gofundme for donations?

**My small city has broken TOMA and violated FOIA laws – they do it continually without any fear of retribution, because City Hall knows the only way to enjoin their efforts is by a resident bringing a suit with the county and/or the OAG. The same applies to our state legislation and legislators – they aren’t going to listen intently until they are sued.

the Texas Education Code I am referring is the co-ordination with the Federal Labor Department.
The federal government has NO constitutional role.

And another post from Alice Linahan:

It would be very interesting to know what think tanks, non-profits or trade organizations helped Rep. Landgraf in drafting HB746?

Please take note of the purpose behind Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards put in place by President Obama and promoted and funded by Jeb Bush’s ExcelinEd.

Shifts Education Philosophy– from an education of Opportunity (Equal Opportunity) based on academics; reading, writing, math, and history to an education of equity (Equal Outcomes) based on attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors.

Broadened Impact – The Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness ESSA Mandated National Standards expand the target from K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to a P-20W (Pre-school through College, Trade or Graduate School) system.

Testing Based Outcomes- The Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness National Standards shifts from the “Mental” (Academics and Knowledge-Based Tests) to “Behaviors” (Performance Standards and Competency for the workforce).

Adjustments to Ideology– Change American’s worldview from nationalism into globalism and allows for a government controlled economy known as ”Dirigisme” or the more common use–a dirigiste economy. It means essentially a state-directed economy.

Dismantle traditional public schools– in favor of charter-like structures (public/private partnerships) that will be forced to generate student data for global corporate profit and state control.
In the P-20W system of education students are seen as “investment vehicles”, not the next the next generation of Americans who are taught reading, writing, math, and history.

Representative Landgraf came into office in 2015, does he have any idea of the battles fought by parents against CSCOPE, a curriculum management program that locked the system to fail Texas students in place. In fact, Ector ISD back in 2011 spent $1.7 million to expand CSCOPE as noted here:

The new system being put in place is known as the P-20W (Pre-school through the Workforce) digitally based system of assessments and instruction. Legislation passed at the federal and state level has been passed to lock this system in place like a set of gears.

The P-20W system restructure has been put in place over many years. Most notably, with the passage in 2014, of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA) and then in 2015 the Every Student Succeeds Act and in 2018 the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act (FEPA) making all the state and federal agency’s data, legally, “interoperable”.

And some more posts on this page:

I’ve not seen anyone saying this will end STAAR, it won’t. But, it does appear to eliminate the high-stakes associated with the test. In my case, that will allow my straight-A student, who doesn’t take the STAAR (and therefore “fails”) to not have to suffer through threats of consequences or actual consequences. (e.g. “you’ll be held back if you don’t pass!” or “You’ll have to take them in high school or you won’t graduate!”)

to your very important point.
Parents need understand that students have been set up to need this bill to be passed.

What this is doing is setting the scene for the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability which are online adaptive assessments and daily instruction. Just as you said, your daughter in class is making straight-A.

The appointed Commissioner of Education who writes the rules and regulations for these bills once they are passed is in complete control. Not the Parents and certainly not students.

So, what are the changes / amendments we should push for in this bill? Are there reps who are sympathetic to these concerns who might step up as a co-author to push needed changes?
My student is forced to use technology at school and I can already see that it’s replacing good old fashioned teaching. Currently it’s iPads, next year it will be Chromebooks. I hate them – turns her into a technology-zombie. The school refuses to give us a non-tech option although some teachers are sympathetic to my concern and adapt the assignments away from the tech. Ultimately, what would be an ideal course of action going forward?

I think the answer lies in protecting students from the data mining and adapt assessments that are created to give power to an algorithm vs a teacher.

The first step is educating legislators and parents as to the existing law that gives power to the commissioner vs local districts and parents.

We need to limit the commissioners power…while we correct all the mistakes he’s made.

Only thing I can tell you is to call the switch board in Austin and tell your representatives was such a Bill Zedler and Tony Tinderholt for districts 94 and 96 2 vote against this bill we want Star gone next STAAR not star gone and we want Morath asked to resign and we want someone who will be fair and who is important and likes to be educating children not getting the best price for books or tests because it’s not right someone who is actually been an educator should be in that role not someone who has been a bureaucrat

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Silicon Valley is banking on education; here’s the playbook.

And some replies to this post:

“We believe that Math, English (or local language), science, and social studies (“The MESS”) is no longer the right foundation of – or primary organization of – education for all. “

George Carlin
“They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying — lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want — they want MORE for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They DON’T want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting by system that threw them overboard 30 ‘ years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want OBEDIENT WORKERS. OBEDIENT WORKERS. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly ** jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. “

21st Century skills (SEL) to replace traditional Math, English, Science and Social studies (“MESS”)


hmmm. There are some familiar names here. Alison Hawver McDowell, I believe you have written about many of these folks, yes?

I know of Prensky and Engle. Engle was superintendent of a local s d where he bought in Prensky to create their strategic plan

Engle was Very community – tech driven…and then he resigned.

where did he resign from?

I have not researched this but Yong Zhao is dirty and associated with NLET.

is this related to anytime anywhere learning?

Looks like it to me. Looks like decoupling “education” from school, and also redefining education in a way that (oddly?) mirrors impact investing… part of their pitch is that kids can make a “positive impact in a measurable way!” … also, I didn’t recognize all the players, but yong zhao is on there and is a total wolf in some pretty weak sheeps clothing … and we know which way UNESCO has gone too …

Look at the founder’s bio and his books… all digital game based data crap. This is just more of the same, repackaged once again …

same with Esther Wojciki, a CORE member. “Dr. Wojcicki is considered the most influential educator in contemporary times[8] and her pedagogical and epistemological philosophy is being adopted by local Silicon Valley schools, national and global educational programs.[9][9][10] Woj is the pioneer of Moonshot Thinking in schools and her influence in technology enabled schools”

Hmmm… David Engle. CORE member.

interesting. He was supe for Pt Townsend SD a very small coastal town. They had never passed a levy or bond, and he was able to pass a giant 41 million dollar bond to rebuild the elementary school. It’s designed for CBE. Then they passed a tech levy-that the SD can not afford. It even states in the levy that there was only enough money for four years but there no money to replace the required 4 yo devices. He retired after that and I’m sure the district will be filing bankruptcy soon.

BTW the town has less than 21,000 people.

wow. Sad for the town and the students. When a Supt is financially irresponsible with taxpayer/district money, is there no legal recourse?

nope, the towns voted for it after a slick PR firm made shiny glossy brochures.

“The Mess”

Yeah, it’s a MESS alright. We have got to just stop them. I just had a suggestion tossed out at me that we do a nationwide testing strike.
If that included all the online ones also, it might disrupt things.

oh did you see IEN survey?

Here is a post from an Idaho education page:

Learn more about what Idahoans say about their public education system.

And here are some replies to this post:

Wait, what? Base teacher and school effectiveness on student achievement. Isn’t that what we did all through the No Child Left Behind era? That was over 14 years of Outcome-Based “Accountability” and what did we learn?

Nothing that we want to openly and clearly talk about, I guess…?…Well, maybe “we” do but the powers that be don’t seem to want to.

And it sure looks like we need to talk more about charter schools. Their popularity nationwide has dropped as more problems have come to light so I’m very surprised to see 75% of Idahoans being reported as favoring them….Does that mean they want more charters, more expansion of school choice without local control of costs?

We are going to end up like Ohio and Michigan.

Here’s the Ohio information I was looking for.

Enrollment based funding is perfect for charter expansion. So if Idahoans want more charters and a de facto voucher system in the works—- just DO NOTHING about the Terry Ryan supported Ohio plan for Idaho.

The $17.1 million awarded to Bluum (by DeVos) to support charters here will run out about the same time the “hold harmless” part of the new funding formula.

Want to destroy traditional schools? This sure will rock the foundation.

Questions 37-41 Ask: “When it comes to each of the following, do you think Idaho should expand, reduce, or leave things as they are? And then they were asked about internships and work experience, online learning, pre-K, and Vocational education classes.”
Were the people being “surveyed” given a list of the current options available? How would someone know that options need to expand if they don’t even know the current options?
When I speak with people, I’m always surprised by how little they actually know about the options available in their local public schools. Dozens of times I’ve had people say to me something like, “The schools need to offer vocational classes.” And when I tell them the Boise schools has the Dennis Technical Education Center since 2000, they are always surprised and most have never heard of it. And then when I engage further with them and ask why their student isn’t taking courses there, it is apparent that they want more vocational classes for other peoples’ kids, not theirs.

I want less government interference in the classroom. I want teachers to teach and not prepare our kids for state mandated testing. I want our teachers to be paid and given state benefits like every other state employee so they can actually afford to get the healthcare they need and so that they’ll stay in Idaho to teach our kids, instead of every great teacher quitting or moving away.

How about the clearly leading aspects of this question? “Charter schools are public schools that have a lot more control over their own budget, staff and curriculum, and are free from many existing regulations. In general, how much do you favor or oppose charter schools?” The question left out that charters pull money from traditional public schools and virtually every long-term study has found that students do not perform any better at charter schools.
This, ahem, “survey” is simply more propaganda from the Albertson’s Foundation. It is; however, very slickly packaged. Kudos to the marketing people.
Please go check out the questions for yourself:

The question also leaves out that these charters don’t have to take students with special needs nor provide transportation. A more accurate question would be, “Charter schools have fewer poor, brown kids. In General, how much do you favor or oppose poor, brown kids?”

Yeah well. We’ve heard from this group before. The nonpartisan public opinion research firm The Farkas Duffett Research Group conducted the research for this study, which was facilitated by Idaho Education News and paid for by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation. The FDR Group conducted 1,000 phone interviews with a randomly selected representative sample of Idaho adults at least 18 years old.

Maryland high schools are giving out free condoms:

Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

From the Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor:
Just about the time FEPA was passed, House Ed/Workforce Cmte announced a new round of preK development grants.
These grants landed in 45 States and territories. In various Depts and offices; from a university to social services, to workforce boards, community college boards, governor’s office, HHS (state level), and, oh yeah…state education depts.

The trail of CCSS Machine educrats is deep, the research subjective. The goal: all little learners in all families. Why?
ESSA ‘student success’ and ‘family engagement’ for across the board workforce alignment. In home visits are part of the package!


No, despite what George Mason High School in Falls Church, VA may tell you, they are NOT perfectly normal:

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

1st Grade.
Posted in my local moms group for help.
I hate it!

And some replies to this post:

You use the 5 now. For 3+5=8. It’s insane

Yep, still doing it in 3rd. Simple math that could be mastered is made so much more complicated than it needs to be. I hate it too.

This makes me SO ANGRY!!!!!

Common core math is age inappropriate and a disaster. I hold an MA degree in education and the math curriculum across the country is beyond description, it is just horrible. Parents need to stand up against it

I think parents should refuse to let their children be taught this nonsense, my kids are out of school now in college but if they were still in i would refuse to let , them be taught this garbage and i would teach then math the right way, I don’t think it’s against any laws to refuse to have them learn common core math, it’s just a pocket liner for king cuomo !!

I live in a small district in Western Colorado. My children are grown and I have grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter learned math using Saxon math, so did my grandson and his oldest sister. Our district was a late comer to Common Core. They adopted Go Math, which is just off the charts age inappropriate, confusing and badly written those are some of the better qualities of the curriculum. I retired from teaching a few years ago, so volunteer in my youngest granddaughters 3rd grade class, this way I can watch the curriculum, I meet with the Superintendent, who happens to be a neighbor about the math curriculum regularly. I use Saxon math to help my granddaughter understand the basic math concepts. It is not about kids or learning its about putting money in the states pocket, following the feds mandates. The problem I face, parents will complain to me in person after school or on Facebook, but will not show up to a meeting so that we can organize and go to the board. It is easy to complain on Facebook, but harder to take that complaint where it will do some good

Math… Divides family’s as a whole?? parents taught 1 way, children taught another way…. But the schools want family connect night?? teach my kids how I was taught and everythingwill be perfect again! Can we build a wall around common core ???????????

Exactly! I used to say that CC took the harmony from my home and family, a harmony I had worked hard to instill.

Too many steps to do this way. Why?? The old way works just fine. This just confuses them. Then they have to learn the right way anyway. What a waste of time plus parents have trouble helping their kids. SMH

I’ve had the painful task of being a substitute teacher down here in Florida where the common core is used. I understand that New York is going to abandon Common Core but I shudder to think what may be next.
My degrees are in mathematics and physics and I am appalled with this set of quote-unquote standards.
This whole program which is Nationwide and one-size-fits-all although people may argue to the contrary was dreamt up by Bill Gates one year after UNESCO entered into an agreement with Microsoft.
Since 2009 with early adopters we have Shunk to an appalling level behind Nations that barely have flush toilets and electricity.
Mister Gates put 5.9 billion dollars into this.
By the way there is no share button for this and it just a shame.
I will be returning to Upstate New York shortly and I will once again be a substitute teacher because it gives me freedom.
It would be wonderful if we returned to the old curriculum of algebra geometry intermediate algebra and trig and then maybe AP Calculus which really isn’t very rigorous anywhere.
I have talked I have proctored the regents many years ago and although I work primarily as a research mathematician are computer scientist and engineer in my career I don’t see how we can get out of this unless we abandon this set of Standards which is really not a set of Standards at all.
But I will keep trying to make sense.
I teach you the fundamentals and do not introduce things until students have sufficient maturity to not just passively understand them but to actually comprehend these all too important basic foundations

New York is all in on CC. They renamed it, as many states have done to fool parents. It’s still the same crap, just called The Next Generation Learning Standards.

4 HOURS spent in one evening on SECOND grade math is WAY too long. This garbage needs to go!!

It is insane wait till your baby is in 3rd. We are doing multiplication/division. The book had the nerve to ask to do long division using bar models. I give a 20 min math time slot for homework. If hes not done, we stop and if he has a meltdown then a note is sent. And my son is actually the highest leveled in the class. He has no issues. But the issue is that he finds this math annoying. He can look at the problems and do them in his head. He says im bot drawing circles and boxes. Its ridiculous

my notes get ignored or when I just tell her to do it the normal way… If you get the answer right what difference does it make how you got it? These methods we’re tools when I was a kid. Now they have names and they’re required to remember all the names and insane methods over really knowing the math….

And all my kids help me at my farmers markets and do this quick math in their heads helping customers…. So when they struggle with it in class it drives me mad!

I hate that they send this kind of work home because parents do not understand it. They were not taught this way, but playing with numbers in school should be seen as fun. I do think this is to abstract for 1st grade, but perhaps the desire to play with numbers and instill a sense of numbers needs to be done before a fact is memorized. Once it is memorized it is too hard to see beyond the “answer”.

This drove my son nuts too. He knew his math facts and could add, subtract and multiply super easily (not counting fingers). He was a little wiz. Just keep going over the math facts with her/him. They need that foundation. I get why they are doing this, but I think they are still too young and it just frustrates most of them. My son used to love Fact Freaks, I highly recommend that site to practice.

I’m a first grade teacher who is being forced to teach this. I hate it, too!!!!

That comes close to causing an anxiety attack for me. Oh the memories from doing this with one of my kids years ago
… The sheer torture….

Same here. My son is graduating in June. It’s a little PTSD-sh for me.

I taught my kids the way I was taught and then would write a note on her paper saying there was no need to do it this way as she was taught the correct way to do it.

Too many steps= too many chances of errors

Exactly!! One of the many problems with common core. My son understands the math. But sometimes he makes a mistake along the way with all the steps. Needless to say, he’s not doing well in math. Damn shame!

This is crazy!!!! As a high school math teacher his makes my hair stand on end.

I have to actually reteach all the content from every unit to my first grader. Not only do I have to teach her the math functions, memorization and problem solving strategies I have to work with her in the format of the Eureka worksheets so she is familiar with their wonky expectations. This is a child who has a highly elevated IQ, has the ability to follow verbal and written instructions and focus on classroom expectations.

Is the skill addition or subtraction? I teach 6th grade math and they cannot add or subtract using the standard algorithm!

What the ever luvin….. They go from 15 to 10 with no transition? And a teacher was A OK schlepping this onto a child 72 months old?

Ridiculous curriculum! Kids are just learning what it means to add and subtract so why not complicate it by adding 10 more steps!

I work in a Kindergarten class as an Aide. This is being taught already in Kindergarten. They spend a good hour or more on this Math every day. Yep, already stressing the little kids out at 5 yrs old.

it’s so sad! This is such a horrible way to teach young children math. The old way wasn’t broken and children learned fast. This version is abuse. It dumbs down our children. Once these kids graduate from high school, they won’t be able to add or subtract especially if they work as a cashier. I’ve seen them take a calculator to see what the change is an certain transactions or when I say how much I am getting back, they look at you like how did you do that so fast! Yeah these kids are in trouble

One word: ABUSE.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This is what “Education Reform” (Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness) has done to America‘s children. It is beyond shameful! Legislators do you see what the consequences are of what YOU have legislated!!


UPDATE: It seems that, so far as I can find, Scott Placek and his law firm are NOT promoting STARR and that he and Alice Linahan just had a disagreement about how to handle a bill in Texas.


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I have searched and have followed this page for almost 2 years. Lurker, learner, first time poster. Anyhow my now 8th grade came home with a “PGP” personal graduation plan. Since he “failed” staar last year. (Pretty much had been following but to scared to opt out so told my boys I don’t care if you just bubble in w/o reading the questions) well that is what my now 8th grader did. They tried to pull him from Art at start of year and I called school and politely requested him to be placed back in art class since i did not agree with staar. No issue from school (Conroe ISD) today he brought home this PGP since he did not pass. Why do they care what an 8th grader plans on doing AFTER HS grad? And do I (or he) really need to fill this out?? As you can see he already filled parts out prior to giving to me. Should I email the counselor and tell her that he will not be returning this form? Toss in trash? He also said there “were a ton of kids” called down to be given the same form. Ideas, comments or help. TIA (side note: this page is amazing)

And some replies to this post:

State law requires??? Normally state law and state assessments in the same question is made up. Ask them where it says they must complete it.

thank you! That is what ticked me off! After following this page the word “required” always makes me mad! I’ll contact counselor!

My child failed every single one in middle school and we never filled one of these out! I would email principal and ask for a written copy of this law.

I had to do one of these for my son in La Porte ISD. It’s stupid.. kids have no idea what they want at 8th grade.

that’s what dad and I were just talking about. What 8th grader knows what they want to be or where there what to go to college or jr college! I mean mine know that he wants to go to a trade school but not sure what to do yet (even tho he put welding )

I’m in Conroe ISD. CISD is a special kind of District when it comes to STAAR. Rogue admins everywhere. What school?

irons JH

don’t send it back. Keep it tho. Don’t let ur kids participate in STAAR. There is NO mandate to PARTICIPATE in STAAR. None. It is IMPLIED. Feel free to DM me. I’ll help you.

I have to fill these out for any student that is considered “at risk” for not graduating. It can be for any number of reasons. We just fill it out as best we can and move on. Nobody takes it too seriously.

Just SMH at this. The Staar assessment does not show who will or who will not go to college or graduate from high school. This is just a scare tactic they use with public school students. Colleges and employers could careless about the Staar. While PS students are stressed out about taking the Staar, private school and homeschool students (Staar not required) are graduating and going to college, trade school, etc.

Actually, STAAR and the new “adaptive” online tests, like MAP Growth, do evaluate whether students are at risk of not completing HS and/or college. I just read another recent article about a company working on new tests that they’d like to replace SAT/ACT. The tests won’t just assess what you know, but will also assess how you know by “hovers and clicks.”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

As Robin Eubanks, author of Credentialed to Destroy stated on her blog .
“The model of Next Generation Learning and Competency-based is to get rid of traditional tests altogether, opting out may be the proverbial jump from the frying skillet into the fire itself. Let’s quote an April 2013 Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) document called “The Pathway to Possibility” on the new type of “measures of learning” desired.
“Different approaches to learning and revised definitions of success require new metrics that accurately reflect both the process [of personal change] and the product [the changes in the student] of learning and attainment. Such a shift would mean enormous changes in measurement design by itself, but that level of change is compounded by new thinking about the role of assessment in learning, both in the United States and internationally. Rather than being used primarily (often solely) for summative purposes–e.g., an on-demand final exam–assessment is increasingly understood to be an essential, ongoing, highly integrated component of the learning process.”
Embedded then in classwork like gaming or the online software increasingly ubiquitous in classrooms, this change the student capability goes by the names “assessing for learning” and “formative assessment.” If parents are unaware that changing how the student perceives the world from the inside out is the new purpose of curricula and what happens in the classroom, they may miss that the Opt Out hype aids this always intended transition. I personally believe that the pain of constant testing has been deliberately heightened precisely so that frustrated parents will proclaim no more objective measuring of what is happening in the classroom. It’s too frustrating for the kids. Then the real extent of the psychological shifts and the lack of real factual knowledge will be easy to miss. At least until the transformation is irreversible.
It’s just a matter of social science theory and our children and society itself are the intended guinea pigs for real-world testing. Wish we could opt out of this. Maybe we can if enough people are aware in time.”

And here is a post on her wall:

ESSA also continues the requirement that states administer assessments aligned with their standards. For mathematics and reading or language arts assessments, this must be done
in grades 3–8 and once in high school. For science assessments, this must be done once in each of the three grade spans (3–5, 6–9, and 10–12).
page 24
‘‘(A) I
.—Each State plan shall demonstrate
that the State educational agency, in consultation with
local educational agencies, has implemented a set of high-
quality student academic assessments in mathematics,
reading or language arts, and science. The State retains
the right to implement such assessments in any other
subject chosen by the State.
.—The assessments under subpara-
graph (A) shall— ‘‘(i) except as provided in subparagraph (D), be—
‘‘(I) the same academic assessments used to
measure the achievement of all public elementary
school and secondary school students in the State;
and ‘‘(II) administered to all public elementary
school and secondary school students in the State;
‘‘(ii) be aligned with the challenging State academic
standards, and provide coherent and timely informa-
tion about student attainment of such standards and
whether the student is performing at the student’s
grade level;
‘‘(iii) be used for purposes for which such assess-
ments are valid and reliable, consistent with relevant,
nationally recognized professional and technical testing
S. 1177—25
standards, objectively measure academic achievement,
knowledge, and skills, and be tests that do not evaluate
or assess personal or family beliefs and attitudes, or
publicly disclose personally identifiable information;
‘‘(iv) be of adequate technical quality for each pur-
pose required under this Act and consistent with the
requirements of this section, the evidence of which
shall be made public, including on the website of the
State educational agency;
‘‘(v)(I) in the case of mathematics and reading
or language arts, be administered—
‘‘(aa) in each of grades 3 through 8; and
‘‘(bb) at least once in grades 9 through 12;
‘‘(II) in the case of science, be administered not
less than one time during—
‘‘(aa) grades 3 through 5;
‘‘(bb) grades 6 through 9; and
‘‘(cc) grades 10 through 12;

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I have to vent, but I also have a question.
We recently moved to a new school district and everything about the school year revolves around staar assessment. The principal had an assembly just to let the kids know that they received and “A” rating last year and were expected to do the same again this year. I recently found out that every student is forced to participate in “intervention” for math and language arts for one block, 2 days a week. I was never told about this or even asked permission for my kids to be in it or not. Our old district did not put so much emphasis on it and never gave you a hard time if you kept your kids home or even “opted out”. If they thought your child needed intervention they called and asked permission first, if you say no, they would say okay, no problem. I’m actually nervous about even keeping them out the week of testing this year, the move has been hard enough on them, I hate to put a target on their backs ??
I’ve searched this page for anyone else in the district, but only found 1 person ??
My question….are there any other districts out there that are allowed to do this? Is this even legal?

And some replies to this post:

What school district?

Barbers Hill

I would ask for everything in writing. I don’t think they can “force” intervention anymore than any other district They obv just haven’t had the experience with parents opting out as MISD.

yes, I get the feeling no one wants to say or do anything against the grain around here. They really don’t seem to want much, if any, parent involvement in the Jr high. I have no idea what is going on.
Apparently they’ve been doing interventions all year, I only just found out about after the kids told me they had to take online staar tests in istation last week

Is what legal? Our last district double blocked math for every single kid, for the entire year, in order to boost their math STAAR scores.

Put kids in intervention when they dont need it and without notifying the parents.
They are double blocked (not back to back) for math and LA, that I understand and like. But for one block of math and one block of LA, 2 days a week they have intervention for every student. And apparently this is also when they give Istation tests to collect data. Our old district only pulled kids that didn’t pass staar the year before and would call the parent to get permission first.

Here is a post that someone from an anti-Common Core group sent me that further explains part of how the education system in America was fundamentally transformed:

Read The Leipzig Connection

Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

another scary video from MDE about their control of your child’s academic and psychological well being

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’m passionate, but not easily shaken. However, as I’m reading through an education report, my heart is racing and tears continue to fill my eyes. I’ve known all of this for years, which is why I am so passionate about educating people, but I want to run through the streets screaming at the top of my lungs for parents to get their children out of the system! What’s happening in education is NOT an accident. It is part of a United Nation’s document created in 1992 known as UN Agenda 21. George W. Bush was an advocate of New World Order and he signed us into this agreement. As a result, education is being used to transform humanity!

90% of American children are having their minds shaped by those who oppose God, individual freedom and self-government because of Agenda 21, and they placed education at the heart of their plot. In “Rescue Mission” Planet Earth – A Children’s Edition of Agenda 21, an image shows storks carrying around babies, while a pagan god appears bewildered and troubled. “The planet groans every time it registers another birth”, suggesting that babies are somehow bad for the planet and that the gods are upset about people being fruitful and multiplying. And we wonder why NY just passed a law that abortion is legal right up until birth. It’s NOT an accident people! IT IS PART OF THE PLAN!

In an interview, whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt, a senior policy advisor in Reagan’s Department of Education said, “You think the purpose of education is reading, writing and arithmetic. The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions and feelings of students”. In her book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, she documents the deliberate plan to dumb down American children, and SIDELINE PARENTS. Parents, that is why you can’t help your children with their math. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO!

Bottom line, the secret weapon of those seeking to transform our society is indoctrination while deguising itself as education.

(More to follow.)

Here is a post by the Common Core Diva on someone’s timeline in reply to a post about a new college entrance exam called the Classical Learning Test (CLT):

My reservations surround a lot of this. CLI ( Classical Learning Initiative) is the parent of CLT (exam). However, the CEO has written and published articles for a NC based Ed policy group which can be tied to the Koch Brothers. On the board is Hillsdale, which doesn’t sound bad til you see how badly they are using charters, which are P3s ( public private partnerships), thus fascism.
I would approach with much discernment. The CCSS Machine has purposed to undermine ALL educational choices ( thus the curriculum and testing).

I was referring to the CEO of the Test, not the Conversations.

the CCSS Machine is already in colleges. With the HEA being rewritten and used to align the last bits of cradle to grave, we should be not only fighting back, but warning others that all the curriculum and assessments will be unified to support the cradle to grave. This means that all citizens are to be impacted. I am not alone in this concern, nor research bearing this ugly truth out. Lamar Alexander will have the HEA passed before he leaves Congress.

as far as avoided agenda and aligned tests in Community Colleges,please read my article about the president if their national group

Here is a post of someone from California:

If this PROPOSED HEALTH FRAMEWORK is not stopped:

Instruction about gender or sexual orientations will be implemented through the option of the Framework and is exempted from parent notification and opt out requirements.

Pre-K-third graders will be taught that genders are unlimited and ever-expanding, rather than confined to two biological genders. (Chapter 3, Line 1847, the draft recommends the book Who Are You?)

Children will learn the terms asexual, pansexual, polysexual, and much more. (Chapter 6, p. 35-36, Line 938)

Instruction and materials on sexual health content MUST affirmatively recognize diverse sexual orientations including examples of same-sex relationships and couples. (Chapter 5, Page 22 of 106, Line 603-608)

PARENTS WILL NOT NEED TO BE NOTIFIED at any grade level (and there is NO OPT OUT) when teaching these gender ideologies and sexual orientations as long as human reproductive organs are not being taught at the same time?

IF this Framework is adopted “AS IS” in May 2019, gender teachings could be taught IN ALL GRADE LEVELS in the context of anti-bully assemblies, Diversity Week, story reading, Social Studies, library books, English Language Arts, and of course required Sex Education/Health classes for Middle School and High School.


And another post from this person:

Spoke to a teacher at church today who agrees that education has changed, and the biggest change is the emphasis placed on test scores. One of her special ed students scored 77% last year so the student was removed from the SPED program. His recent scores were 27%. Depending on their accommodations, most SPED students have the state exam read to them, which gives them a huge advantage. If fact, most of them outscore their peers, but the results are not valid. How can comprehension be accurately tested when the test is read to them?!

It is not a standardized test. Your children’s scores hold no merit! It is ALL about data collection!

Here is a post from someone from Texas:

There is a reason more states are spending more money to place young children in front of computer screens. It is called the “Childhood Workforce Index.” Texas may not yet have the Index, but, I expect to begin hearing about it soon.

I was able to find what she was talking about:

And another post from this person:

If you care about kids in education, please note: “HB 736 does not end STAAR testing in Texas!” The purpose of the language changes the graduation and promotion requirements.!”

In other words, some children will be left behind and no one will be able to complain! Personalized education is driven by computer algorithms that change the content and the rate of academics. If your RATE is ALWAYS SLOWER and CONTENT is ALWAYS LOWER, a student is incapable of reaching the same end. This bill effectively guts the requirement students meet performance thresholds to be promoted or graduate.

And some replies to this post:

It is nice that it removes the punitive aspect that hinders some kids from receiving their diploma…

a diploma that does not guarantee the student has not even been exposed to the expected body of knowledge. The TEKs, as much as I dislike academic skills being broken in to line items, no longer have to be met.
Employers and universities will use digital badging to determine students’ credentials. The skills gap is designed to further differentiate less worthy members of society. And make no mistake, this is about determining the worth of humanity to the work force.

Why we homeschool.

But ALL State and National (accredited and accepted) tests are aligned to the Common Core (Federal) Standards. We know that the College Board (SAT) and the ACT “lent their expertise” (their own words) to create the Common Core State Standards. We know those tests have changed from aptitude (intellectual intelligence) to an achievement (of a set of standards) tests.
For example: The SAT was previously referred to as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test, and now simply the SAT. It is a standardized test used for college admissions. Social norm assessing is contained throughout.
And we know teachers do “teach to the test.”
The intent of “No Child Left Behind” includes those in the homeschool system. (And, no, I don’t wear a tinfoil hat. ??)
If at all possible, parents of and homeschoolers should become (if they are not) and remain vigilant to the attempt by the “no child left behind” education reformers to infiltrate homeschool the way that so many of the State of Texas legislation bills worked to weasel the fake accountability assessment measures into the homeschool sector.
Choose the Classic Learning Test. It was created by homeschoolers to be an alternative for those opposed to the shift being levied against us all by the College Board and the ACT. It is accepted at almost 150 colleges and universities, including Hillsdale College, Liberty University, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Thomas More College
Learn more about why Jeremy Tate created the CLT, please listen:
NOTE that the CLT is not accredited or accepted by any Federal or State education entity.

It looks like California is going to try and make kindergarten mandatory:

Based on this article here of JB Pritzker’s agenda and one bullet point being to lower the mandatory school enrollment age from six to five, it may also be in the works in Ilinois as well:

Watch out for the schools in Clark County, Nevada. One of the districts has a principal that is pushing teachers to push the gender-confusion agenda:

Here is another post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, the 116th Congress barely has one month’s “work” under its belt and already, 96 data related bills have been introduced.
Currently, 6 are education based and four will tie back in some way. The rest of the 86? Three are healthcare related. Two have 2nd Amendment implications. One will mess with property rights.
Now, consider all this in light of the recent passage of FEPA which feeds off citizen Data.
You really think the “Swamp” has your best interest at heart?

Here is a post from Wrench in the Gears:

The game of impact investing is based on the model of carbon credit trading-there must be some negative future threat (that can be measured and quantified) against which to take a cost off set for an early intervention. That is where the impact investors take their profit. That monitoring structure is what enables ongoing surveillance of oppressed communities-to track “outcomes.” That is why they need interoperable data warehouses-a place to put the monitoring (surveillance) data. You can’t pretend pre-k is a cost-off set for prison or addiction if the data is kept separate. I speak more of the in this post. It’s an important concept.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

For those that know me well, and especially for those of you whose children I tutor, you know I HATE sight words. Whole language, the memorization of words, was first exposed as quackery over 150 years ago when it was first tried in Boston under Horace Mann. The dangers of whole language has been exposed several times since then, by Rudolf Flesch and Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld. In “Crimes of the Educators,” the late Dr. Blumenfeld called the whole word approach “the most confusing, irrational and nonsensical reading program ever invented by so-called educators.”

On October 26, 2018, the New York Times exposed this in a piece headlined “Why Are We Still Reading the Wrong Way?” And yet “sights words” are still mandated in government schools across America, starting in kindergarten. The memorization of “sight words” is producing life-long reading disabilities in tens of millions of American children. It has also produced a hatred of reading.

According to the government’s OWN National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP0, almost two-thirds of high-school seniors are not even proficient in reading.

The whole word method is pure stupidity and we can thank UNESCO, (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, and Obama for forcing whole language and Common Core on America.

And some replies to this post:

Excellent post! We pulled our children out of Catholic school recently where sight words drills ( as well as MAP tests and learning to read by using Common Core aligned textbooks and apps ) are required in kindergarten.

its terrible private schools falling for federal funding and those that do not but still fall for aligned curriculum.

ou need to get that Catholic school a copy of the February 4 “The New American” so they can read what education is doing to their students.”

And remind them, Luke 17:2 Amplified Bible (AMP)
It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were hurled into the sea, than for him to cause one of these.

I found information about a bill pushing for home visits in Minnesota:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Grant announcement from the MDE for coordination of Early Learning Systems. This works with HF 1 for prenatal care, home visits, Birth to 3 education, and all-day Pre-K. “The Minnesota Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, along with the Children’s Cabinet, will study and plan for how to best coordinate policies, programs and resources across departments. Grant funding will be used to conduct a statewide needs assessment with stakeholder and community feedback, take a comprehensive look at multi-agency data systems for early learning programs, and build a strategic plan to better coordinate Minnesota’s early care and education system.”

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Question please- I refuse the MCAS test for all of my children. I just received a letter saying that my child was chosen to participate in the NAEP exam. Curious your thoughts… thanks!

And some replies to this post:

Hhmmm… I do know the wording sounds enticing, like “your child has been chosen”. I think I would read more into it before refusing/accepting though.

I agree with [name redacted]. Something sounds fishy to me

The NAEP is the National Assessment of Educational Progress and if I were you, say no!

“Unlike your state’s assessment, which is mandatory for students, NAEP is voluntary.”

I am sorry. I should have been more clear. The middle school was selected to participate and my child was selected to take an assessment in mathematics, reading or science. My inclination is to say no but was curious your thoughts! Thanks!!!

I would say no!

I’d say no. I declined for my elementary aged child several years ago.

Just a comment to say that my grandson took MCAS and did so well he won a four year tuition free scholarship to any Mass college or university………..just saying.

that’s the Adams scholarship and it does provide money for students which is great but what the “catch” is is that the state colleges and universities will charge a very low tuition for these students which is 100% covered and then kill them with fees. For example, UMass charged approx $1700 per semester for tuition and then $17k is fees that were not covered. You are right, though; it may be something if interest to some parents.

All children have been selected or chosen. I got the same crap when my son was “selected” to participate in PAARC several years ago. I kept him out of school during the test, brought him in late and told them why. Only then was I told it is optional. I had the letter with me and asked them to show me where it says that. The cop out answer was that person didn’t write the letter. It’s called lying by omission. I say no to the unknown test.

Here is a post from an Alaskan anti-Common Core group:

Does anyone know anything about the NAEP testing? My child is supposed to take it next week and I’d like more info to know if I should allow it or not. Thanks!

And here are some replies to this post:

Opt out

EdWeek article on NAEP- NonCognitive aspects

‘Nation’s Report Card’ to Gather Data on Grit, Mindset

The nation’s premiere federal testing program is poised to provide a critical window into how students’ motivation, mindset, and grit can affect their learning.

Evidence has been building for years that these so-called noncognitive factors play a role in whether children succeed both academically and socially. Now, the National Assessment of Educational Progress, often dubbed the “nation’s report card,” is working to include measures of these factors in the background information collected with the tests beginning in 2017.

“Teachers self-report spending 10 percent of their teaching time on noncognitive skills. That’s more time than students spend on any subject other than English and math—more than they spend on arts, for example,” said Chris Gabrieli, an adjunct lecturer with the Transforming Education project at Harvard Graduate School of Education and a co-founder of the National Center on Time & Learning in Boston.

“It’s not a question of whether schools are going to do more working on noncognitive factors,” he said, “it’s of whether we are going to have any instrumentation at all that lets us know which things are working and which things are not.”

Researchers from the Educational Testing Service described the project at a symposium here last month at the annual conference of the Association for Psychological Science. The background survey will include five core areas—grit, desire for learning, school climate, technology use, and socioeconomic status—of which the first two focus on a student’s noncognitive skills, and the third looks at noncognitive factors in the school. These core areas would be part of the background survey for all NAEP test-takers. In addition, questions about other noncognitive factors, such as self-efficacy and personal achievement goals, may be included on questionnaires for specific subjects to create content-area measures, according to Jonas P. Bertling, ETS director for NAEP survey questionnaires.

Careful Wording

Researchers tested different variations of the questions with 140 students in grades 4, 8, and 12 from a representative sample of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in a three-state area around the District of Columbia. Students were led through a 90-minute interview, in which they answered the survey questions and then discussed their individual thought process in responding.

For example, students across all grades showed no difference in how they rated themselves on questions that asked them about their mindset in different contexts, and they reported preferring general questions rather than those specifically about school, said Jan M. Alegre, an ETS researcher.

“A majority of students preferred questions that went beyond a simple yes or no, whether they did something or not,” she said.

Small changes in phrasing make a difference in how well students respond to the questions. For example, “4th graders didn’t know what ‘thinking abstractly’ meant. … Students had difficulty describing what experiencing failure meant and what it meant to be committed,” Ms. Alegre said. As a result, the researchers changed survey questions asking whether students had “experienced failure” to “making mistakes” and changed “committed to goals” to “continue to work toward my goals.”

The background questions will go through a third and final round of review in spring 2016, before the questions are administered beginning with tests in 2017.

Not for Accountability
Schools will not be judged based on the NAEP noncognitive measures of their students, but other such tests for accountability purposes may be on the horizon.

A coalition of seven California districts that have received waivers from some federal accountability requirements are developing a new accountability system, in which 40 percent of a school’s evaluation will take into account school culture and students’ social and emotional learning. Within the latter section, researchers are completing the field testing of growth mindset, self-efficacy and self-management, and social awareness measures with 9,000 students and 1,000 teachers. Mr. Gabrieli said the new measures are expected to be in place next year. He is helping to develop the new measures.

However, while poor performance on academic accountability measures can lead to sanctions in many districts, coalition schools with poor ratings for noncognitive skills will simply be paired with a higher-scoring mentor school.

As measures of noncognitive skills become more ubiquitous, Mr. Gabrieli said, it will be important to track disparities between students’ reports of their mindset and tenacity, and teachers’ observations of them.

“I have often seen in data collected in smaller samples this tendency for teachers to rate students on separate [questions] basically the same, as if they have one view of Johnny as a good kid or less-good kid,” Mr. Gabrieli said. “It’s hard to get teachers to follow the rules of ‘this construct is about self-regulation and that one is about interpersonal skills.’ ” ***

What grade and school? 4th?

8th Birchtree

Nooo!! They won’t tell you what’s in the test!! My daughter never did one. My daughter never did any surveys either. Or map, amp, peak etc. in fact she never did any standardized test from 6th grade until now and she is a senior this year. Never was held back or failed. Don’t let the teachers or admin bully you.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Pretty easy for me to see how school shootings and stuff happen now. My third-grade grandson has a kid in his class who’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s or some such, and the kid is the terror of the class. One day all the other kids had to go out in the hall because he was having a tantrum and throwing desks around and such. My grandson has been stabbed in the head with a fork and had a deep bite on his arm (all the way through his jacket) from this kid, but apparently there are no repercussions, consequences, or restrictions on this kid . . . no discipline, no telling his parents he’s not ready to be in society . . . nothing. Wait until he’s in the 10th grade and brings a gun to school. (I know, I know . . . then we can blame the guns). You can teach a rat to avoid pain. When/where I went to school, there were no “resource” people and no psychologists. This kid would have been taught a lot very quickly with the first incident, and if the parents whined, he might not even be in school any more. But that was so barbaric, right? You bet . . . barbaric. Uh huh.

And here are the replies to this post:

You’re saying that with an incident that big with a child attacking another that there was no consequence? No removing that child from the classroom or moving classrooms for your grandson for his safety? I hope that’s not the case. It is sad but there are a lot of kids with sensory issues or on the autism spectrum on heavy doses of medications that instead of making them do better make the situation worse. What a scary situation and I can see why you’re upset. I hope they are working to resolve this

Yeah, apparently the principal, Dr. Ms. So&So is walking on eggs, and figures the best approach is to do nothing, and maybe just discuss it a little more. I think my daughter is considering threatening them with a lawsuit if it continues, because that’s the only language they understand. If my grandson retaliates, he’ll be even more of a villain than he already is for having the audacity to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t need a Ph.D. in child psychology to tell someone that, again, you can teach a rat to avoid pain. I told my daughter that my grandson is whole lot more patient than I would be, because the perpetrator would get a whole heavy dose of education in a very short period if he tried his stuff with me. My youngest daughter met her junior high principal on her first day there, which was his first day also. He saw a kid hit the floor at her feet, and ran over and asked what happened. She told him that she warned the kid not to step on her shoes, and he did anyway, so he got an uppercut to the solar plexus. The principal went ballistic and say, “We don’t fight here!” Her response was, “Tell him that . . . because if he steps on my shoes again, I’ll hit him again.” She cemented a pretty good relationship with the principal from that day forward.

I would see with throwing a fork (or purposefully stabbing), and biting hard enough to break skin clearly this kid had escalated way out of control. I’m sure that was scary for all of the kids in the class. Was this an isolated event or an ongoing problem? Here in Utah they have a special school (I think there’s a few) that specializes in autism. For this particular kid that may be a better fit. It’s too bad that discipline in general has taken such a dramatic shift. No one can discipline without getting in trouble. You can watch YouTube videos of teens completely beating the crap out of teachers and they can’t even fight back

I am sorry your grandson, daughter and yourself are having to go through this. Although I very much feel for the other child’s family and their daily struggles also. It is a hard situation. The school is not helping anyone by not doing anything. There are many options for special needs children to still get an education, get socialized and also have the behavioral interventions they need in place, unfortunately most public schools do not fully if at all accommodate these children and families the way they need, but do accommodate in not intervening in situations such as yours. I hope for your grandsons, daughters and your sake that something will be figured out very quickly and no more harm will come from the behavioral outbursts.

He’s not ready to be in society?… can’t disagree more with that statement.

My son having autism and meltdowns does not make him a child who will bring a gun to school.

Removing the other children is the safe decision if the child was destroying the classroom.

Exactly one of the reasons I removed my son from public school in 6th grade…he had to deal with some severe situations that I had no control over…I’d rather choose who he spends time with and with whom and what he learns, than roll the dice and “hope” my child’s psyche isn’t damaged too much as my older children’s were…
And I’m not talking about kids on the spectrum, I’m talking about kids that have difficultcult home situations who come to school calling everyone the F -bomb and who think it’s ok to physically harm my kid…I spent more time trying to protect my son than he was able to learn, and yes the kids were reprimanded, but that didn’t change the damage done, and after this child’s two older brothers had incidents in middle school, where they finally retalliated, and one got detention, and the other one was threatened with suspension, I could see the writing on the wall for the youngest one…

We have an education system that is afraid to discipline for fear of consequences. Are you aware of Restorative Justice? Obama implemented it which is why children are allowed to carry on like this in school. All they have to say is, “I’m sorry.” When RJ was first implements, a high school in Oakland, CA set a girl’s hair on fire and all she had to do is apologize! Completely insane!

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

2019 MN ED Lobbyists & Legislative Goals
The Minnesota House and Senate invited interested organizations to present their legislative goals for the 2019 session. Sadly, every one of the following organizations are aligned with Common Core and Fed Ed-Led Reforms. Almost all are state affiliates of a national organization as well as an international organization. Let that sink in!

The lobbyists make up a very high percentage of who is speaking with your legislators, perhaps stopping in every week. Because they are paid lobbyists, this is their job unlike our MACC volunteer citizen lobbyists. Education makes up 41% of the state budget.

I found this post in an Oregon anti-Common Core about the Oregon home visit bill:

SB 526 is a dangerous Oregon Senate bill which could end up sending licensed health care providers into homes throughout Oregon without consent.

It appears that SB 526 is connected to a proposal by the Governor and would only be for newborns. But the bill itself is written very broadly and could include every home in Oregon.

SB 526 authorizes the Oregon Health Authority to “study home visiting by licensed health care providers.” It does not specify any limitations on what types of home visit programs could be considered.

Specifically, mandatory programs are on equal footing with voluntary programs as far as the study and its recommendations are concerned, according to the bill language.

Kate Brown is asking this program to be implemented statewide. It’s not a study of what’s currently in place. It’s in addition to what’s already in place. Bloomberg/Gates are behind FamilyConnects and intention is to make mandatory. The program is currently only in one town, as a testing ground. They are asking for $4 million which does not include $2 million from Gov Brown for existing home visiting programs (in 17 counties and not included in this new program, would be in addition).

Here is a post from a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

DEMOCRATS in NH are attempting to REMOVE the PARENTAL RIGHTS provision in NH state law.

Parents fought for a decade to make sure that schools had to get their consent before their children could participate in the controversial and invasive surveys. Democrats are rolling back that important law by repealing the OPT-IN requirement.

It is CRITICAL that parents show up to the hearing at the Senate Education committee on Tues 1/29 at 10:15am
LOB room 103 (building behind the State House in Concord)

It’s important to get parents to this hearing. If you cannot make it, send an e-mail to:,,,,,

And another post from this page:

Implemented under Governor LYnch
Facilitated by Governor Hassan
Supported by the BIA (Business Industry Assoc.) and Reaching Higher NH

WE need people in positions of power to learn how to think critically.

And yet another post from this page:

The House Education Committee will be taking up proposed legislation to establish a commission on mental health education programs.??The duty and the role of public education is to teach academics, NOT to treat children for their mental health. The State should be taking no role in developing any mental health program in our local public schools. This should be a local decision, decided by the local community. This is a serious overreach.
??Please attend the hearing on January 16th at 10:15am ROOM 207 at the Legislative Office Building in Concord. ??Read the text of the proposed legislation here:

We’ve already seen school administrators ignore their lawful obligation to acquire informed consent from parents/guardians when screening and treating New Hampshire children.
Teachers have expressed that they are uncomfortable and unqualified to subjectively assess and treat students for mental health in their classroom. (DESSA/Plymouth State Project)
Our schools should not be turned into mental health treatment centers. Instead, a child who needs intensive therapy should be referred to outside mental health organizations. They are mental health professionals who are educated, trained, and licensed in the mental health field.
New Hampshire residents recently voted for an amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that says: “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential and inherent.” Children in our public schools should be free from this kind of intrusion.
If you cannot make the hearing, please send written testimony to the members of the House Education Committee:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texas Mental Health Consortium SB 63 is coming…

“In a sometimes rare occurrence, all 31 members of the Texas Senate have signed on as co-authors of SB 63, which creates the Texas Mental Health Consortium. This Consortium will be made up of an advisory board of representatives from the state’s health-related higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations which focus on mental health. The Consortium will work together to find ways to improve early identification and access to mental health services, addressing psychiatry workforce issues, promote and coordinate mental health research and strengthen judicial training on juvenile mental health.”

Texans are we really okay with this? Think 2nd Amendment!!

Here is a little history lesson, and if you don’t think this could happen in the US, remember the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards here in TEXAS are based on the learning theories of Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s Theory of Social Development. LOOK IT UP!!

FYI- The Federal law… Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making Act (FEPA) signed into law on Jan. 14th makes all agencies data bases legally interoperable. Making all data collected on a student from Birth through the workforce accessible to the government and their 3rd party contractors.

This is a complete violation of privacy. The data collected on that child will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Now, in America, a child’s past will dictate their future, controlled by the

More free speech sacrificed on the altar of political correctness:

And free speech is lost, not just for students, but for teachers as well:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

If you are not familiar with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (which has been ratified in every country except the US and Somalia) then you will see where this is coming from and where it is leading. Parents have no rights over their children. NONE. If a child runs away at 10 you cannot go after them. You cannot determine a religious belief for them and they can be admitted to a hospital without you ever knowing. I have a friend in Canada and she has told me some horror stories. Under this treaty the UN also has control over your welfare program. This is one reason why Obama wanted to get many more people on the welfare list. Obama and Hillary both tried (unsuccessfully) to get this ratified in the Senate. Since when does the government or a hospital decide when a parents rights begin and end??

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texas Mental Health Consortium SB 63 is coming…

“In a sometimes rare occurrence, all 31 members of the Texas Senate have signed on as co-authors of SB 63, which creates the Texas Mental Health Consortium. This Consortium will be made up of an advisory board of representatives from the state’s health-related higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations which focus on mental health. The Consortium will work together to find ways to improve early identification and access to mental health services, addressing psychiatry workforce issues, promote and coordinate mental health research and strengthen judicial training on juvenile mental health.”

Texans are we really okay with this? Think 2nd Amendment!!

Here is a little history lesson, and if you don’t think this could happen in the US, remember the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness standards here in TEXAS are based on the learning theories of Soviet psychologist Lev Vygotsky’s Theory of Social Development. LOOK IT UP!!

FYI- The Federal law… Foundations for Evidence Based Policy Making Act (FEPA) signed into law on Jan. 14th makes all agencies data bases legally interoperable. Making all data collected on a student from Birth through the workforce accessible to the government and their 3rd party contractors.

This is a complete violation of privacy. The data collected on that child will follow them for the rest of their lives.

Now, in America, a child’s past will dictate their future, controlled by the government.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:


Opt-out forms:

Parents may exercise their inherent rights to exempt their children from state required assessments. Links 1 & 3.

SAGE test results may NOT be used to determine student grades or grade level advancement. Links 2 & 4.

Schools may NOT reward students for taking the SAGE test. Links 1, 3, & 4.

Schools may not punish students for opting out. Except the Civics test is required for graduation. Link 2 & 4

An LEA may request, but MAY NOT REQUIRE, a parent to meet with a someone regarding the parent’s opt-out request. Link 3

Links to documentation:

(1) Utah Code 53G-6-803 – See subsections (1)(a) & (9)(a) & (9)(c ):

(2) Utah Code 53E-4-303 – See subsections (4):

(3) Utah Administrative Code R277-404-7 – See subsections (2)(a)(b), (3), (8), & (6):

(4) Standard Test Administration and Testing Ethics Policy For Utah Educators (page


And a reply to this post:

Hey everyone! I just found out that in Davis School District children are given an email/internet account in KINDERGARTEN!!!! But supposedly they “are not taught to use it till 33rd grade”! I am not even on with my child havi g their own email until age 16! I talked to the district and they said I can have my children’s email and internet account deleted and do all paper asignments BUT my child will be “different” and possibly made fun of because he is not doing what everyone else is doing! Any information, input and advice needed!!!

Here is a post that was shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

That’s a lot of money — and to put kids’ info in a database without restrictions on who can access it is a big red flag.

They call Christian schools “unsafe”. So what does that make public schools?

I found a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core group that shows that the mental health screening/profiling is going in the works there as well:

This calls for teachers to psychologically profile children with NO reprecussions for inaccuracies. In today’s day and age, that is dangerous.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 20

This is part 20.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

My wise friend Cheri Kiesecker is quoted in this DMN opinion by guest contributor, Michelle Malkin:

Parents across the political spectrum understand “personalized learning” is Silicon Valley propaganda to distract from the true aim: grabbing student and family data under the guise of “innovation” and luring the next generation of addicted consumers. Another unhealthy byproduct of the tech toy infiltration: an onslaught of online ads. Education watchdog Cheri Kiesecker reported this month that Missouri schoolchildren required to download educational apps, sign up for online accounts, and use tech devices logged into Google products were exposed to advertising for everything from vaping to “insurance, medicine, automobiles, toys, clothing, candy and a wide range of apps and video games.”

And here are some replies to this post:

we have been in public education for over 20 years and have seen it all. We are now introducing a new versatile LMS platform for a fraction of the costs of Blackboard and Canvas, but we are fighting an uphill battle due to all the “freebies” that are thrown at school districts. We also provide districts with their own technology and secure their data to be exclusive to the district administrators. All the “free stuff” is subject to exposure outside of the district. Another
“Trojan Horse” is K12 Insight. (you can trace their executives back to K12, Inc who is gaining access to student data and pushing for vouchers to build their virtual and charter schools). Add Pearson to the mix, and you can follow the money and see why these huge companies are giving away so much technology.

If we had a comprehensive federal law that requires consent before companies can collect and process user (student) data, along with endurable penalties and robust fines, this free use and #abuse of student data would be greatly reined in.
We need to repeal the changes that weaken FERPA and restore parent consent. Then we need a law that regulates data, metadata, AI. Europe has GDPR, we should too.

one of the reasons I moved closer to Austin is to lobby in the legislature for these type of provisions.

We need folks like you. thank you! and please do not fall for the fake privacy bills that say giving parents consent is too complicated or burdensome….They are selling the Data Care Act as privacy but it has NO CONSENT and NO real PENALTY. (That is the tech industry trying to avoid GDPR in the US.)

we are also introducing secure Apps for Anonymous Bullying Notification, Anonymous Suicide Intervention, and Social Emotional Learning Assessments. All of our programs are very secure within the district (the district can include each parent with their students data). We are finding that there are tons of “Free Apps” out there that do this, but the data is not secure and can be compromised. It’s amazing how these large tech companies pump money into politicians pockets and large organization’s sponsorships. If these companies keep getting access to student data, the kids will be the losers in the long run. We will continue our battle to provide secure databases for each district.

Are you familiar with what Darv Winick and Paul Resta are doing? Pretty sure most parents wouldn’t be happy to find out their children are being managed via tech for global human capital pipelines.

No edublocks for me thanks. You all up to speed on blockchain education credentials and digital vouchers? If not, I’d be looking into that if I were you.

And another post from Lynn Davenport:

Have you heard of Smart Cities? Dallas is becoming one right under our noses with each decision by Mayor Rawlings and his love for public-private partnerships (there’s no “public” in P3s). I attended this Smart Cities & Liberty event last month:

“Perhaps, the best part of the night was the very end with a comment from an attendee sitting next to me who said, “Let me in here…I’m the old guy that should be up on the panel. I’m the analog guy in the digital world. I’m the guy that’s gonna say 10 minutes after you implement it, Trey, I’ll have it hacked…We have to be careful what we implement.”

He said, “Sweden, I love them with 5G. Let them fry their childrens’ brains first. 5G is not an extension of 4G. Ma’am, I’m an analog guy. It’s a whole new wavelength we’re playing in, and there’s known dangers. So, any Formula One driver will tell you, to get around the corner quickly, you tap the brakes a little bit. It’s time to tap the brakes a little bit and take a good look at where we’re going, Trey. We’re going into dangerous territory when you start implementing things that I’m going to hack the next day after you put it into your house…So, when when we’re starting to talk cities and we’re starting to talk technology, we gotta push our technology geeks out of the seat. Because they just think they are bringing the best thing every time. We need some old guys in the crew.”

Another old guy was credited with saying, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”-Ronald Reagan

And some replies to this post:

Loss of freedom…..starts with mandatory smart uniforms will end with mandatory implanted chips.

here are every one of my articles on Smart Cities and how the ruin education. Dallas is also part of the Resilient Cities Initiative by Rockefeller. That streamlines everyone through mental health.

Thank you, Lynne M Taylor! I also wrote about Dallas being part of the Resilient Cities Initiative.

this is in Nashville too

“This is a global plan implemented locally”

YIKES! It looks like the genderbread men are showing up in private schools now:

And some posts in reply to the Activist Mommy article about the above topic:

My kids are in the Trio Upward Bound program at LSU and they tried to pull this. My kids are smart enough to know better but I did register a complaint and they said they wouldn’t be using that anymore.

Not surprised we had a similar incident at my kid’s school we addressed it immediately. We must be vigilant always.

Charter schools are the ones you really have to watch out for. .

I live in Spain (where it is illegal to homeschool) and my daughter did this curriculum last year in 7th grade. The students complained to the teachers because they repeated the entire curriculum 3 times in one month. They were literally beating the kids over the heads with it. The result was very interesting. The kids were so irritated and put off that they stopped teaching it! This is definitely a terrible curriculum and it’s confusing and contradictory. But thankfully the kids can see how dumb it is.

Is called brainwashing till the subconscious takes it as normal. 😢 our schools have become a place brainwashing generation to come.

Now we’re cooking with gas! Because, unlike the majority of people who are compelled to send their children to public school, some of the people who send their kids to private school will have the financial means to take their displeasure to court! Let’s have a few devastating lawsuits, and see how this changes the game. Are you aware, for instance, that the entire police system, in the U.S., was changed, sometime in the 1970s, by a landmark lawsuit, the results of which were that the police department went from claiming to “serve and protect”, to “law enforcement” – – with the enormous alteration of that agency, that this signaled? Law suits: they’re game-changers.

The “Genderbread” curriculum teaches that gender is different from biological sex. There are not two genders, male and female, but rather an endless array of genders. The possibilities include genderqueer, non-binary, pangender, androgyne, neutrois, gender-variant, AG, cyborg, two-spirit, glitterbutch, genderfluid, trigender, stud.

The genderbread character is prominently featured in a large bulletin board display in the halls at the middle school. Children as young as 10 years old – the school includes fifth graders – walk by it every day. The website discusses sex toys, a** play and links to a gay hookup app, GROWLr, for men to meet hairy men.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, a minute long PSA (public service announcement) is hiding tons of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) agenda. While ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) increased SEL, it isn’t new. SEL is a global push to micromanage everyone, student or not. Part of the push? Competency Based Education.
Fifteen States, in particular, have more SEL than others, right? Maybe.
Heads up: MI, MS, NM, SC, UT, WA, OH, TX, VA, IL, NY, CA, FL, ID, and, WI. Puerto Rico’s involved, too.

Montclair State University has jumped on the United Nations New World Order-approved gender ideology bandwagon:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

HeadsUp: COLORADO’S NEW BLUEPRINT FOR EDUCATION, (2030 plan) will be up for vote this year. Read about it here:

Read the Dec 2018 “State of Education” report here: (#Hint: try searching the document for key words like: data and talent (as in workforce talent pipeline) and credentials (k-12 student data badges), and personalized (as in online personalized learning).

==>We hope legislators consider adding a provision that would give parents #CONSENT over how children’s and families’ personal data are collected and shared and analyzed by this new system. There are NO current federal or state laws that give parent consent over student data.

And another post from this friend:

Read this. Excellent FollowTheMoney piece on EdSurge. (Remember EdSurge is a Project Unicorn partner)

“Edsurge announced in July that it had received grants from the Gates Foundation and from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative totaling $1.45 million. And in December, the media company announced it had raised $2.5 million in venture capital.

The latter brings the total of its venture funding to $8.2 million (according to Crunchbase); it’s taken in almost $7 million in grants from the Gates Foundation alone.

Edsurge often claims that the money it’s raised does not shape its coverage – something about “full editorial control.” But the grant money clearly supports research and writing on specific topics – personalized learning and the “whole child” in the case of the CZI funds. Edsurge’s assertions about its independence seem like half-truths at best.

Moreover, Edsurge runs sponsored articles on a regular basis (rarely marking these as such when they’re shared through social media or read through RSS feeds). This year, Edsurge published articles sponsored by Course Hero, Espark Learning, Metaverse, Zspace, Peergrade, OpenStax, UNC School of Education, Kiddom, Practice Labs, Salesforce, Massmutual Foundation, Dadaabc, the McGraw Hill Prize in Education, Screencast-o-matic, Newsela, Learnlaunch, D2L, Empatico, Classlink, Classcraft, Digital Promise, First, Covitality, Intuit Education, Magicears, Rethink Ed, Really Good Stuff, Woot Math, Edmentum, Knowledgeworks, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Reading Plus, Amazon Web Services, IMS Global Learning Consortium, Oneder, Microsoft, Vivi, Plagiarismcheck, Google, Gutenberg Technology, Advanced and Measured Progress, Achieve3000 Inc, Kami, Digitaled, and Discovery Education.

And yet another post from this friend:

Just in time for the federal evidence based data catalogue (HR4174 #FEPA) the Data Quality Campaign and the Wallace Foundation are working on interventions based on students’ “evidence based “ SEL Data .

It is with great regret that I must state that governor Greg Abbot of Texas has decided that if the Houston Independent School District doesn’t like public private partnerships and having the Common Core/Global Ed/Workforce Development shoved down their throats, that he is going to do away with their elected school board and put in cronies loyal to the United Nations:

This Texas legislator appears to agree with Abbot’s bad behavior and is planning to file a measure to try and take over the district:

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Tembo, Inc. is the company that came on the radar after the TEA had undergone the extensive audit for selling private, sensitive IEP (special ed) data to SPEDx. We were all focused on the SPEDx and Cambiar startups and didn’t see the other contracts embedded in these no-bid, sole-sourced deals. The state auditor’s report is linked in this DMN article from September:

TEA failed to catch conflict of interest in $4.4M no-bid contract award, Texas auditor’s office finds:

“Tembo was hired to add video, interactive tools and other user-friendly information to the state’s, which helps parents, educators and taxpayers find out about how a campus or school district is performing. However, the agency ignored problems with Tembo’s bid and made scoring errors as it weighed bids, the auditor’s report says.”

So what is the TEA up to now? They want to get the interactive school report cards up and running so they can negatively label the public schools that are being drained of resources by charters. The TEA is being run by countless TFA and charter school proponents. The other plan is to give parents a search tool to choose the best school for their child. It’s really just a tool to promote charters. Here is a LinkedIn article from a TEA employee:

Portfolio strategy is more than a charter school growth strategy

”Far too often, we run into situations where stakeholders believe a portfolio strategy is nothing more than a charter school growth strategy. We encourage city leaders to think beyond the obvious. While we ultimately aim for a system of autonomous and accountable schools, we know there may be more than one path to get there.”

Here’s where Tembo, Inc. comes in. They have been hired to do both the school report card and the school finder interactive tools.

If you follow the privatization efforts and what Thomas Ultican calls the DPE (Destroy Public Ed) movement, you’ll find our tax dollars are being used against us from those who are on the inside.

Tembo, Inc. tweeted this on December 7:
Tembo has been thrilled to work with DC, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas on their #schoolreportcards. And more to come!

Here is a post from a Wisconsin anti-Common Core page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? If you’re familiar with Sesame Credit, or Facebook Trust Score, and what is happening in China, this makes total sense. It’s only a matter of time before this “suddenly and unexpectedly appears” in Wisconsin.

“A high school that requires some students to wear ID badges announcing their failing grades is causing bullying and public ridicule, especially for students with learning disabilities, and has caused the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to step in.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Over $500,000 but no education grants? For needy minority children. It’s for the children right?

A nonprofit run by state democrat lawmakers to raise scholarship money for needy minority students spends most of the cash on its lavish annual soiree — including $6,000 on limos — and gave out no grants the last two years, The Post has learned.

The New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators organizes a “Caucus Weekend” — a series of workshops, concerts and parties — in Albany every February for minority members of the Assembly and the Senate.

The group charges sponsors up to $50,000 for a chance to party with lawmakers at events that have ­included Grammy Award-winning rappers and high-profile speakers such as Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

The nonprofit charges sponsors like Unions, lobbying firms and corporations up to $50,000 for a “Platinum Package” which includes tickets to workshops on expanding access to government contracts for minority and women-owned businesses, on gun ­violence, and parties where participants can rub elbows with lawmakers and “ a large community of advocates.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is one of the visuals of what the final fed data base might look like. Lamar Alexander pushed another bill just before Christmas about college data. It will probably go in his push to over haul the Higher Education Act. But right now, it is FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking) that needs to be stopped… isn’t what the title says.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

My daughter has learning disabilities its so heartbreaking! She’s so smart and fully capable of learning. But is only being taught to pass tests. Not being taught to learn the lesson. It is so infuriating! She deserves an education. Not a corrupted government using her to make schools fail.

Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

This just shared:
S GA spending $10k to increase exposure to classroom tech. Watch the video, then ask yourself:
A: What if my child has an eye sensitivity issue?
B: What if I don’t want my child to use this technology?
C: If we want children to experience reality, why switch to virtual?
D: How will this work for those who need glasses? Those who have migraine headaches will also suffer.
E: What time frame has been given to stop the technology in the event grades slip?
Doesn’t seem parents and students come first. Just the tech company.

Here is a post from a California anti-radical sex-ed group:

😡😡😡PARENTS 😡😡😡
4th-6th Grade CA Health Framework 2019
Teachers should normalize sexual feelings and explain to students these feelings do not mean that students should feel pressured to participate in sexual activities. If the topic of masturbation arises, teachers may explain masturbation is not physically harmful. This is also an important time to discuss gender, gender roles, and gender expression as puberty can be a difficult time for young transgender students. Educators should acknowledge this and create an environment that is inclusive and challenges binary concepts about gender. Refer to the Gender Socialization Classroom Example found later in this section. For additional resources on how to support transgender and gender non-conforming students in the classroom, visit the GLSEN Web site.

Public Comment Period DEADLINE: Jan. 11,2019
California is in the final phase of updating its comprehensive health education curriculum framework and is actively gathering public comment on the current draft of the 2019 Health Education Framework.
DEADLINE: Jan. 11,2019

Learn more:

And another post from this group:

Hi California, I’m in Australia where we are currently also fighting against Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

Although we are on different continents, the agenda remains the same. The source of all these programs comes from UNESCO best practice.

It’s all focused on ‘sex positive’ approach. A global HIV agenda.

And yet another post from this group:

Opt out letter for our seventh graders came in the mail Capo. This is an opt-out for the survey. There is no information in the letter discussing the curriculum, opting out of portions of the curriculum or in what class and when it will be taught. There is a link in this letter if you want to take a look at the surveys.

And some replies to this post:

The California healthy kids survey and the sex Ed curriculum are two completely different things. You will get a separate opt out letter two weeks before sex Ed will be taught.

I was told by a parent at Djams the survey was given to his daughter after the curriculum was taught. Is this not correct?

The survey is always given in January and the sex Ed curriculum is taught in the Spring. Capo is still in the process of finalizing their sex ed curriculum that is supposed to be CHYA compliant. It is currently under review with the IMRC and will be voted on by board members in February. Still, the survey has nothing to do with the California healthy youth act and sex ed. They are completely different and require completely different opt out forms.

this is for the healthy kids survey, not the sex ed. PLEASE opt out of this survey as well. The info is used to justify the need for the new sex ed programs. Don’t give them this power. Don’t let them bully your child into completing it. This has happened to other parents. Say NO!!!!

Remember, the law ties districts hands in terms of an opt out letter for the sex education instruction. They are not allowed to send a form letter, parents must write their own letter. The districts are not allowed to make it easy.

And yet another post:

California Health Framework
Chapter 6, Page 37, Grades 9th-12th

Amd yet another post:

‼️ALARMING ‼️Concerns with the new 2019 California Health Framework

“Students will EXPLORE and DISCOVER their gender, gender expression, and sexuality through their education . . .” (Ch. 1, pg.14, Introduction)

“Fifth grader students will have an opportunity to learn that gender is not strictly defined by physical anatomy or sex assigned at birth.” (Ch. 4, pg. 65, 4th-6th Grade)

“Teachers should be mindful of personal bias and use gender neutral language . . . For example, use “they” instead of using “he/she”.” (Ch. 4, pg. 66, 4th-6th Grade)

“Partnering with your community: Students can learn more about puberty using age-appropriate, creative, and interactive online resources such as PBS’s online videos on puberty or TRANSITIONING” (Ch. 4, pg. 76, 4th-6th Grade)

“Some students may be non-monogamous and the term “partner(s)” may also be used to be more inclusive.” (Ch. 5, pg. 34, 7th-8th Grade)

“It is also important that educators are mindful that some students are not comfortable discussing their gender identity or sexual orientation and to ensure a student’s gender identity or sexual orientation is never revealed or discussed with anyone without the student’s consent. This is especially pertinent when educators communicate with other students, teachers, or students’ families.” (Ch. 6, pg. 35, 9th-12th Grade)

Just a few quotes out of the over 1,000 pages of the framework.
Submit your public comments before January 11, 2019

And some replies to this post:

Two things. First, it’s important to point out that the health framework covers several content areas, not just CSE. Sex ed is actually a relatively small section when looked at as a whole. Second- is anyone going to Sacramento for the review and public comments before this is approved? I heard that many supporters went to the September meeting and gave public comments in person- some were from San Diego and Orange County. All public speakers were in support of the current version!! Is anyone going to offer some counter arguments? I know that we are all sending in comments online, but public comments in person can also be impactful, especially if all they hear is one side.

Yes your absolutely right. It covers their 8 OVERREACHING STANDARDS. That’s their terminology, they are obviously not hiding the fact that the CA Government is using the education system to overreach beyond their proper roles in to the family life and stripping parents of their rights. They are very clear they want “The Whole Child” and they have crafted the CA Health Framework to take full responsibility ( minus the financial responsibility, that is still left to the parents, of course) to mold OUR children into who they want OUR children to be. I didn’t want the video to be to long but we have added the link for everyone to go see for themselves 😉

who wrote this? Do you know if there any connections to Trish Hatch at all?

here are some folks that worked on the revision. It’s all on the CDE website.

And here is another post about the sex-ed curriculum:

What’s more, this curriculum is funded by Planned Parenthood, a chief sponsor to the teachers union. Teachers are not allowed to speak out against it, and this was confirmed to me by a former teacher via another social platform, while discussing another matter (new CA taxes)

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:


And some more posts from this group:

Please! My child has a 3.2 gpa but may not graduate because of the math test. How motivated is she to continue?

My son had to drop out due to not passing his math test on his second try… went to Shoreline CCand got his GED. I bet a lot of kids will become disheartened by these requirements and drop out. He then got an AA and got on honor roll and is now studying to be a Med Assistant. It’s a very sad state of affairs when kids are made to feel stupid. A lot of kids can’t pass these tests.

Aren’t there alternate grad options after attempting the SBA once?

yes there are but they are not easy. We are pursuing those options.

I hear ya. OSPI does not care if your children graduate or not, especially with a 504 because that mean squat to them.

Time to fire OSPI — they should work for US!!

she’s not motivated at all

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is HORRIFYING—-> Lewis’ agency recently released data showing almost half of young Kentuckians start kindergarten already behind. Lewis said “research is clear that brain development begins very early, with much of it complete before kids enter kindergarten. … An essential element of improving education, workforce and the life outcomes for Kentuckians is focusing on kids’ early learning and readiness for kindergarten.”

Read more here:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Important #Read, considering all Coloado students are required to take College Board tests.
“An earlier College Board tax filing let slip their real identity in a footnote: they are hedge funds. The corporate partnerships resemble a game of musical chairs. There were 12 in 2010, identified only as A, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M (note: no B), and 16 in 2013, identified as B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, P, Q, S, and T (note: no A, M, O, or R).

A for-profit arm of College Board, with a quarter billion dollars nestled in offshore tax havens, has not paid any tax in the several years it has filed separate returns. Deductions, credits, and paper losses seem available aplenty. Nonetheless, despite seemingly limping along without taxable gains, the fund has grown mightily, or did until the 2015 tax year when it was, apparently, tapped to plug the hole in revenues left by the various aforementioned fiascos…”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Conservative friends, I beg you to contact the President and ask him to VETO HR 4174!
“Superficially, HR 4174, sponsored by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), improves the federal government’s production and maintenance of statistical databases. In reality, HR 4174 begins the construction of the statistical infrastructure that the federal government would need if it were to build big, new entitlement programs.

In a manner of speaking, HR 4174 is the Trojan horse for single-payer medical care, general income security (we know it as “paid family leave”), and universal child care.

The key term in HR 4174 is “evidence-based policy making.” By scrapping duplicative statistical products, the bill seems to be an efficiency-improving measure. In reality, it is the first step toward large collection of new “evidence” for entirely new “policy making” purposes.”

I found a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group that also mentions FEPA:

This is ties into the UNs them for CSW 2019: Priority theme: Social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Hello everyone. I need some assistance. I am a former 2nd grade teacher. I have a former student whose parents I have been in touch with since I stopped teaching elementary. His parents opted him out in 3rd, and 4th grade but they don’t know what to do now that he is in 5th. I have no idea what to tell them because I don’t know either and I know this is the year they say scores count but they want to opt him out and again but they are afraid they will not let him go on to 6th grade even though he is passing all subjects in the classroom. Please help me so I can tell them something. He is in Plainview ISD and is in 5th grade @ Highland Elementary.

And some replies to this post:

Easy peasy. Opt him out anyway, and then request a grade placement committee meeting. The parents are members of the committee, and they get a vote.
If there is no STAAR data to take into consideration, they base the promotion on core subjects, just like every other grade.
I have been through this personally. 5th, and 7th grade.

Here’s an article, and…. don’t fall for the summer school or accelerated instruction bit, either.

And another post from this group:

And so it begins….

And some replies to this post:

Wait…. So new concepts not yet taught but they dont want the parents to help AND it’s a grade?!?!?! Time for Mama??!

and a monetary fine.

So “growth mindset” means learning on your own without any teaching? More like torture mindset. Freaking ridiculous.

The kids earn fake money for auctions or treasure box items. I’m sure that’s what they’re referring to

Regardless, it is ridiculous.
That they want you to watch your 4rh grader struggle at home with concepts they have not been taught in class is educational malpractice, at best.

Right, WHO CARES if they can actually fine you or not? They are threatening to! This is overt intimidation of the parents and completely unacceptable.

Which school/district?

Aledo. 4th grade. You know ‘We’re Growing Greatness’…here.

I would sign it with “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this. Try teaching my student instead?”

Sadly, the teacher probably hates this just as much as we do but her hands are tied.

As a teacher, I still have integrity. I’d rather lose my job, than saddle my kids with this torture.

My first thought, as a signature, was Are You Kidding Me

I would send one back hahaha
I expect my student to be taught in a safe setting
I expect my student to fully understand basic math and a good reader
I expect my student to have a full 30 min recess and uninterrupted lunch
I expect my student to love school
I expect the school to understand I am in charge of my childs education and well being so my student will not be participating in the assessment or its prep. Thank you signed mama bear

This gave me anxiety. 4th wasn’t like this back when my kids attended years ago. This is absurd.

The last bullet point is horrible….can you imagine a parent saying that to a child about anything? Horrible.

Wow. This whole thing is ludicrous. My gosh! ??

I’m a teacher and no to this. I teach younger grades but I did teach 4th before. Due to my beliefs about testing I will not teach a STAAR grade because I would probably lose my job for refusing to participate in test prep of any kind. The pressure of STAAR on kids and teachers is out of hand and this proves it!

I do not send home any “STAAR prep”. I teach 5th grade math. My students take very little work home. My goal is for them to be able to finish at school so I can help iron out the wrinkles. I do my darndest to not even mention the STAAR test in my classroom let alone send home test prep for it.

So much for supposedly pulling out of UNESCO. Looks like they screwed us on December 5th in Brussels.

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From [name redacted by me]

I am posting my response to one of Rachel’s post as a post all by itself so that all of you can read this response. Just so you know, I have been fighting this fight for 5 years with my local school system and no one listens. My daughter gets no spelling, grammar, literature, drama, or poetry instruction. She does not do any creative writing. They have not even taught her how to write a letter. Many of those absurd math worksheets that Rachel [of the Choose to Refuse Common Core group] shows you has been sent home to my household. They are teaching my daughter almost no social studies at all. In Seminole County, Florida, the only thing that matters is the standardized test score. They do not care about anything else. And, they have the highest test scores in the state of Florida because they have deleted entire necessary skill sets in order to do nothing but teach to the standardized test. There are children in this school system who are assigned 3 and 4 hours of homework per night so that they do not see the light of day and do not play with friends, or ride their bikes, or get any outdoor fresh air and exercise. They have been trying to put a whole lot of kids on drugs in this school system to claim they have ADD or ADHD while they do not even give them P.E. and they make them sit in front of computer screens all day and all night. There is no common sense. And, I feel like I have made no progress at all as a parent who advocated for a return to the classic curriculum which as a complete and well rounded curriculum. I also advocated for the purchase of textbooks for academic subjects. My daughter was given only a math textbook and a science textbook. They did not buy any other textbooks for the academic subjects. My son did not have a science textbook last year and they even tried to teach World History without textbooks. I only succeeded in getting textbooks to teach World History. But, my son was so relentlessly retaliated against that I had to pull him out of the school system. The standard method they use to handle their many problems is ILLEGAL RETALIATION, ILLEGAL HARASSMENT, AND ILLEGAL TARGETING of YOUR CHILD BECAUSE YOU FILED COMPLAINTS AFTER THEY DID THINGS THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. They would not even let my son use the toilet at school. This is how bad things are for some of these students. And, they did not follow his IEP for 7 months. They gave him the wrong speech instruction for 6 months. They gave him no math instruction at all for 5 weeks. They refused him his IEP accommodations. They violated his constitutional rights. I can go on. They have a mess. Their official reaction to their mess is to illegally retaliate against anyone who has an ounce of common sense who says that anything is wrong. My son did not receive any social studies grade on a report card in 4th grade because the class did not do enough social studies during that grading period for grades to be given out. The only thing that matters to SCPS is the standardized test score. They do not care about anything else. And, they run the school system like an organized crime mafia. Some of you are arguing about transgender restroom use. In SCPS, they were not allowing middle school students to use the restroom at all. So, the argument is whether or not middle school students can use the restroom during the school day at all. Who even cares about transgender restroom rights at that point? A teacher sang to my son about how it was “against policy” for my son to use the restroom during his class. This is the garbage we tolerate. You have to get a doctor’s note for your child to use the toilet without harassment, abuse, or discipline over it. You have to get a doctor’s note for your child to take year round P.E., and they want it documented WHY your child needs to take year round P.E. This is because they don’t want to pay P.E. teachers. And, they abuse employees by using them as P.E. teacher aids for a third of the pay of a P.E. teacher. But, the P.E. teacher aids do the exact same job as the P.E. teacher for a third of the pay. I can’t even make this stuff up. They punished my child for scratching ant bites and for coughing up mucus while coming down with the flu. They punished my child for wanting broccoli with his lunch and for wanting a free soufle cup of granola instead of croutons or crackers on his salad. I can go on and on with these horror stories. They never ended. This is Seminole County Public Schools. It is a horror show. And, they wonder why people are pulling their kids out of this school system to home school. Home school is growing like crazy around here. People cannot take this horror show. They are over it. I consider it to be child abuse.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Here is some of the BS Teachers have to deal with concerning the STAAR.

And some replies to this post:

That’s age discrimination right there!

Not surprised! Hope teacher will start speaking up!

Sad reality. Total truth across the board

Teachers need to stand up and be LOUD. It’s not a big leap for school districts to have “one teacher per subject” that gives the lesson virtually (online) then low-level aids/facilitators in the classroom. That’s why I was so appalled 6-yrs ago when my now Senior had a pre-AP Science “flip” class. The teacher didnt grasp that she was embracing the very concept that would take her job away. Nevermind the actually “teaching” was too one-dimensional and left ZERO oppty for thinking/raising questions in real-time.

Walk Out on STAAR test days! Lets get all the schools to do it!

An issue with teachers speaking up, about anything really, is the fear of retaliation: moved to a position they don’t like or won’t do well with, nit-picky or vague infractions, or the coup de gras a nonrenewal of their contract. That last one is a kiss of death when it comes to finding a job somewhere else.

Here are a bunch of posts in reply to a Federalist article of why teachers are leaving the profession in droves:

Or the case of one of my children’s godmother who teaches in NYC, getting the snot beat out of her by an 8th grader, not being able to defend herself because laying a hand on a student, even in self defense will get you charged. Then, after returning to school after her injuries healed, finding out that the kid is still in school, because in Red Bill DiBlasio’s city, expelling kids that commit assault is considered racist. That’s a real motivator.

I got into teaching English twelve years ago so that I could teach literature and writing to young people. Nobody informed me as a naive college student that public education was not actually about teaching anything, though. In my teacherly opinion, schools can’t function when everyone is forced to attend. They’re too big, there are too many kids who don’t want to be there. Teachers end up spending all their time trying to “motivate” kids who have no desire to learn, and everyone just gets passed along because we’re not allowed to let anyone fail, flunk, or drop out. Not a good recipe for academic success.

We keep decrying the fall of our education system and yet we keep doing the same things that caused our education to fall in the first place.

From the right, we demand accountability! Well, great. How do we measure that? Test scores? Right. Cause my student who’s homeless and isn’t sure where his next meal is going to come from is going to accurately reflect via test score the kind of teacher I am. Student economic outcomes? Well, that’s better, but it’s difficult at best to connect economic outcomes at age 18 or 20 to kindergarten or 1st grade teachers/education. Plus, as we’ve seen in recent studies and polls, economic success isn’t everything. So, how do we measure accountability?

From the left we demand teachers get more help with all of the different problems that affect our students! Great. But guess what. Giving my school another psychologist and counselor and a million other specialists still isn’t really going to help that kid who’s homeless and isn’t sure where his next meal is going to come from. You know what would? Having a firmer home life. Well, that’s outside the realm of education! Yes, yes it is. The left sees the problems in education, in some ways far better than the right, but instead of seeing the root problems (namely, the destruction of the family and the constant encouragement of poor personal responsibility) they just see opportunities to throw more money at a problem and more specialists with more and more advanced/specialized education.

On both sides, we like to try and treat the symptoms without treating the underlying causes. On the right, we do encourage the kinds of things that would make education more effective and easier on teachers. More and better families and communities and less government oversight. But we rarely, if ever, make the effort to show and discuss the ties of these kinds of policies and initiatives to education. On the left, we do have a tendency to more often recognize all the problems that our students face outside of school more and acknowledge how they affect students schoolwork, but we rarely if ever acknowledge that in school solutions will never work.

I taught in a public school system that only permitted one failure in grades K through 6, and one in grades 7+. As a result of that, nearly 30% of my sixth grade students could not read beyond the second grade level. That means that they could not understand any textbook used in that grade level. They could not grasp the History, the Geography, the Science, or the Mathematics (as word problems are a very large part of middle school math). Of course, as they had not developed basic reading skills, they could not comprehend the literature used at that level and could not grasp the basic grammar rules or essential vocabulary to write properly. Disruptive student removed from the classroom were regularly returned to the classroom in less than an hour. In my humble opinion, disruptive students should not be suspended. Rather, one parent of the child should be sent to the classroom for a period set by family court judges, with a minimum of five days per disruptive event. If there are two parents in the household, that responsibility should shift with recurrences. Loss of income can be great motivator for parents to correct discipline problems, Violent students should be removed, and never be allowed to return.

Florida pay 10 years ago was $39,000 , today $41,000 while housing, rent, taxes etc through the roof. Left after 10 years and doubled my income, not worth it, besides these kids and parents are nuts. Turnover and a teacher shortage is on the horizon.

Money helps. My niece is a teacher. She started 10 years ago. THREE degrees; 2 bachelors and a Masters. Starting pay? $37K.

The US spends more per student than almost any other country in the world.. what you should be looking at is where is that money going instead of to the best teachers.. administration bureaucracy and a large government take and require a lot of maintenance..

The product is high-quality education for the children and most other countries get a lot more bang for their buck.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

It was said in the State Board Standards Committee meeting that our standards were written by teachers. While this may be true of some of the standards, this is not true of all of them.

One of our Board members asked if the standards that were copied word-for-word from other standards could be cited so we know where they were pulled from. I absolutely agree this is what should be done!

As I have compared the new revised health standards with the National Sexuality Standards, I have found that many of them are word-for-word identical. I did this on my own time because of concerns I have with the national standards. Here’s my comparison

We should not be telling the public that our standards were written here in Utah, if they were not.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

My oldest is 10 today. He is in 4th grade. He told me at dinner last night, that he was learning about WW2 in school. He said the teacher talked about Hitler. The points of the lesson he remembers, was that Hitler committed suicide and killed his wife.
There are no textbooks allowed to come home. There has been no homework coming home, despite me asking about it. All 3 of his 4th grade teachers have been absent A LOT so far this year. Students are doing rotation of classes and teachers for different subjects. I never did that until 6th grade. The teachers are very hard to reach. Only one answers her email and I work full-time. I can’t just drop everything and run to the school to address every question or concern. If I could do that, I would homeschool!
If we as parents do not ask or do not keep the lines of communication open, we will never know what are children are being taught in school. The public school system today, is different. It is designed to keep parents in the dark about what they are teaching. We must be diligent and fight for our children! JOIN US AT OHIO CHRISTIANS AGAINST COMMON CORE.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Question ….
I was told today that my daughter would not be able to get off periods her senior year unless she passed all 5 starr test. Is this something the school can do?
Please share your thoughts and give me some insight.
Thanks ??

And some replies to this post:

If she has all her credits she should have an off period. (Edit: as in, there shouldn’t be anything preventing the possibility, especially punitive)

When they something that sounds stupid, call them on it. Ask to see the policy IN WRITING. If they can’t produce it, it doesn’t exist.

My kiddo is a jr and is working on a Distinguished Plan. He doesnt have a single off period all 4 years.

The issue is clearly that the school is tying the off periods to STAAR? Why? Becuase they are planning to fill that with remediation.

They have already placed my daughter in a English class that is only for kids that failed the starr and all they do is starr prep.I asked them if this class affects her GPA they said no its counted as a regular english class

my daughter has been working on her credit dor high school since middle school and since high school has been taking classes during the summer to earn credit too

then she should have plenty of left over slots!

Yes she does that is what am saying.But they are telling me they are only offering students 1 period off but only if they are passing all classes and have passed the starr testing she is in 11th grade and has only been able to pass 3 so far she is under 504 plan due to her having dyslexia and dysgraphia and we still have to worry about them letting her graduate it just blows my mind that even with my daughter having this she works her butt off to make all As and B’s in her classes and that should be enough but NO we have to deal with this stupid StARR that counts for nothing!

I havent dealt with high school level yet (my kids in highschool just take the STAAR to not stir the pot even tho they didnt take them in junior high) but sometimes admin will say things like this because they have to recommend the child be put in a class to help pass staar, you are able to decline their recommendations!

My senior has never done well on those staar assessments, but has her credits in line to graduate in June. GPC agreed to accept her scores as they are….and she has off period every day….out of school at 12:30. I agree with others: if it sounds utterly ridiculous, it probably is. Good luck!!

Here is a post in this group that was in response to a Tucker Carlson video about big tech data mining students:

This is why when the school sent me a request to approve my child, who was in the 3rd grade, to access homework, I denied it. Our technology specialists then called to find out why. It was odd that our district could afford this, but not offer fine arts. Well I gave her an ear full. My children’s data will not be sold.

Here is a post that was shared in a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Last night at the Pickens Legislative Delegation meeting I was once again saddened by the number of attendees. The time they pick for these meetings is horrible. 5:30 pm is too early for people who work to make a living…and on the night of the Clemson Championship game??? Plus they only allow 3 minutes for you to speak to your employees??? It makes it look like “they”really don’t want to hear from WE THE PEOPLE…

Here was my speech:
I am speaking on behalf of United States Parents Involved in Education to recommend an education governance structure change.

It is evident SC public schools are failing after the latest results of the Nations Report Card. It is a disgrace. Our rankings have gone further downhill. This is not acceptable. We must change our leaders who are making decisions about education. We need to give parents back control over the direction of education.

Unelected people in the Education Oversight Committee and the State Board of Education have had their chance and have failed miserably. It is doubtful that your average parent can name anyone who was appointed to represent them on the State Board of Education or even name anyone who sits on the EOC. In fact most don’t even know the EOC exists. Our local school boards have little to no control over what is being taught.

These unelected people are responsible for the original recommendations to accept Common Core and they since have doubled down on approving supposedly new standards for ALL SC public schools which are over 90% in line with failed Common Core!

There is legislation in place now to abolish the EOC in both the House and the Senate. Simply eliminating the EOC isn’t enough… because there will still be an unaccountable appointed Board of Education making decisions with no direct accountability to WE THE PEOPLE.

So we need parents and taxpayers to be in the driver seat for a better education for their children through true representation by voting. We would like to see the State Board of Education members changed to elected positions. These seats can be based on the present Judicial districts with the Governor’s ability to appoint one member. The members should have 4 year terms that are staggered and the elections should be partisan and held in November every two years. To summarize…too many appointed people in the kitchen are spoiling the soup.

Abolishing the EOC and electing our State BOE will provide decentralization of the current pitiful, unaccountable education bureaucracy in which no one is being held accountable for the poor decisions that continue today.

We also advocate for opening up school choice. True school choice would involve a free market system with local schools being allowed to choose their own standards and curriculum. True school choice is NOT just allowing parents to choose which brick and mortar building for their child to attend with the same failed mirrored Common Core Standards and tests.

South Carolina children deserve a quality education, It’s time YOU’s time you handed the EOC and the State BOE a report card of a grade “F” for failing children.

Sign on to legislation to change the governance of our most precious resource…children and their future.

Let’s face it we’re at the bottom and these changes couldn’t make it any worse.

Good job kids! Don’t let the athiest thought police push you around!

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Has anyone seen this survey? Anyone has any idea about the usefulness or waste of time this will be?
“SHARP Survey
Cache County School District has approved/requested all 10th and 12th grade students participate in the SHARP (Student Health and Risk Prevention)
Statewide Survey. Only 10th & 12th grade students will be surveyed.
Students will need a parent permission slip to submit a survey. Permission slips will be available on Green Canyon’s website. Hard copy slips can be picked up by students from their 3rd hour teachers. The survey was designed to assess adolescent substance use, anti- social behavior, and the risk and protective factors that predict these adolescent problem behaviors.”

And a reply to this post:

Don’t give permission.

This video explains why, starting at the 6 min mark:

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

All true! With every year, the percentage of 4th graders reading decreases and the percentage of adequate IQ students with unexpected failure to read increases…..This is by design.

Here is a post from a friend of Alice Linahan:

visited Flower Mound this evening where Alice Linahan was discussing the need to protect our students. In a highly structured presentation, Alice laid out the steps and legislation that have occurred over the last two decade in order to reach HR 4174, Evidence Based Policy.

First, between 2005 and 2015, under federal grants, more than 50 states and territories created identically structured Student Longitudinal Data Systems. These systems were designed to k-12, then expanded P-20 to help states, districts, schools, educators, and other stakeholders to make data-informed decisions to improve student learning and outcomes; as well as to facilitate research to increase student achievement and close achievement gaps.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, became the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

In 2012, FERPA was legally modified. Student data could be used facilitate research without parental consent. The last Nation’s Report came out digitally and represents a fully functioning national system.

In 2014, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) bound the Dept of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Dept of Education to create normalized regulations for workforce development, workforce certification and standardized data for life long workers.

By 2015, legislators are beginning to pilot and create the legislation for “Evidence Based Policy,” In Nov 2017 Paul Ryan and Patty Murray indicated identical laws had been written in the House and Senate. It took a full year for them to be reconciled; but, before leaving when no one could agree on a budget in Dec. 2018, HR 4174, known as FEPA, Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, was passed by voice vote, without opposition and delivered to the president for his signature. On Jan 12, 2019, if President trump does not VETO FEPA, it will become law and data privacy will be lost forever. Without consent, data can be passed among governmental organizations as they see fit.

Contact the White House and ask the President to VETO FEPA, HR 4174…..this makes FB marketing look like a kid with a pair of binoculars on the house roof.

Under the Umbrella of the Commission for Evidence Based Policy, FEPA will be administered by a quasigovernment orginazation paid for with public funds and accountable to themselves.

And another post from this person:

Every Time I hear the Mike Morath supports a program, I investigate who is benefitting. The return to “pay for success” corparations far exceeds the benefit to students or their communities. With every act of privatization of public schools more tax payer dollars are taken out of the influence of duly elected trustees and moved into the hands of appointed boards. Those boards are not responsible to the citizens of their communities, they are responsible to corporate profits. The data associated with demonstrating student success under “pay for success” schemes is used to generate corporate profits, therefore, there is nothing philanthropic about corporations supporting student endeavors. Rather, as the testing that has been used to deliberately fail public schools is replaced with adaptive monitoring of student performance inside of Ed Tech, the standards will not be controlled to demonstrate true academic performance; therefore, they will be worse than faulty STAAR testing.

Here is a post from Allison (AKA Wrench in the Gears):

Read this excerpt to my husband just now and his reaction was wow, Jerry Brown is on your page. Please read this. The welfare state and the warfare state work hand in hand. Cal-pass is the pre-k to workforce pathways database program.

“Harris: What’s an example of that (totalitarianism) being pushed by the liberals?

Brown: An example would be measuring each individual child from preschool to beyond college, and keeping those as permanent records in the computer, that would measure discipline and mental attributes. Just the general centralization of information, which is being billed as the way to help the poor but which will enable an authoritarian to totally monopolize and control the society.

In fact, we have something called “Cal-PASS,” a state computer, which I kept in check. And I think now it’ll be full throttle to collect as much possible data and measure people in all sorts of ways. I think it’s dangerous. I don’t think it’s very useful, except for academics who have to write theses and do research. We had one on the teachers, which we stopped.

See, the trouble is the computer can collect a lot of information and regurgitate it in many different ways, and people are fascinated by that. Controlling and measuring everything. … We’re all ranked. And who’s it for? Now, if it’s for the academics, they’re relatively harmless. But then it’s going to ultimately be used, at some point, and it has kind of a smell of eugenics, that we want to purify this kind of motley race called human beings and if we can measure all the different attributes, we can then make normative the right path and the right way to be. I think that is the absence of diversity and the absence of freedom.

I would just say, spoken in a somewhat abstract level—it’s not just me who says that. I mean, there are political theorists who notice that the welfare state and the warfare state work hand in hand. They both want to see more power. They want more engineering of things. And, in many ways, that’s mass society, that’s an inevitable trend. But we do need to—we, the government—so that it can function is guard against that. And some of these big issues are not thought about.”

Combined the Jerry Brown comments with a pretty awesome infographic I did awhile ago on the intersection of redesigned education, digital labor and social impact investing. Check it out. If you find the infographic useful, you can download it, too. Blogged it with a bit of background information here:

And another post from her:

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. The character avatar to whom the avatar of former head of the MacArthur Foundation is speaking is Cory Ondrejka-former Naval Academy graduate, weapons systems designer, creator of 2nd life, and VP of engineering for FB working on Oculus Rift. Check it out-this is from 2009, a decade ago.

Augustana College in Illinois is hosting a Winter Symposium Day that features social justice, and one of the workshops includes using a game of monopoly to teach students about “privilege”:

Here is a post that I found in reply to a post by Alice Linahan:

thank you so much for your service and fight for our children and future children.I am a former SPED teacher (and my husband is currently still in the classroom). I became disillusioned and angry about what I was being required to do and was scared for my own children. I started homeschooling my children 5 years ago for this reason. Thank you for continuing the fight!

Here is a post that was shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

“Ensuring our students have professional mental health support is a public safety issue, a public health issue and an education issue. It must be a top priority in the coming 2019 legislative session.” Morgan Meyer

The 86th legislature begins. Pay close attention to the push for Mental Health Legisaltion by our own Morgan Meyer. Though I believe his intentions are sincere his desire to use the the strong arm of the government, legislation, to impose mental health screenings on American citizens is unconstitutional.
I testified against mandated mental health screenings stating, ““Somebody needs to push back against the idea that we’re going to do mental health surveys on every child in the state of Texas and if we find a diagnosis that they’re all going to be prescribed medicine. That just doesn’t make sense.”
I also questioned State Lawmakers asking “if it’s the role of the Government to legislate character development, collect mental health data on students and store personally identifiable information in Fusion Centers throughout Texas. Fusion Centers engage in surveillance of students social media and to use predictive analytics generated by an algorithm to create a threat-score for our children.”

And a post that goes along with this post:

This table from a training webinar for teachers and administrators shows how the MAPS test, a computer adaptive test, tracks and evaluates social emotional data, which is embedded in the curriculum, for each student. Based on a student’s scores, that student is then labeled by category as a serious risk, moderate, low or some risk to high strength(See second photo.). Our children’s mental health is no longer private either……how will this be used in the future? The second amendment comes to mind.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core page:


The HPISD Learner Profile was in the works dating back to 1974 and 1976 when Dr. Orr assisted his father in writing the “Pupil Profile” and “Teacher Profile” on The American Sponsored Overseas Schools, A Research Matrix. He used HPISD students as guinea pigs for his vision to produce global citizens:



Former superintendent, Dr. Dawson Orr used HPISD as a pilot for the UN/UNESCO global transformation of American education.

In 2011 Dr. Dawson Orr praised the HPISD Global Partnership program, remarking that the program is led by excellent SMU staff (he is now dept chair at SMU)

and will add a global dimension to teachers’ studies. He noted that the World Affairs Council will also bring valuable resources to the district. He congratulated a “Teacher on Special Assignment for Global Connections Department, Edna Phythian for leading the program”

Dawson Orr Global Initiative Fund

Why is HPISD the only school district in the US with a membership to the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE)?

Highland Park High School’s Model UN team was named best delegation at the 2016 North Texas Invitational Model UN conference at UNT April 2, where they competed against six high schools.

Former HPISD Superintendent Dawson Orr’s father, Paul Glenn Orr, groomed him for the globalization of American education. Page 8 acknowledges him in this extensive research matrix

This publication was made possible under a grant between the US Government acting through the State Department and the Center for International Education of the Massachusetts State College System.
American Sponsored Overseas School Research Matrix by Paul Glenn Orr, Ph.D

Perhaps the most disturbing part is found in the epilogue on page 134.
EPILOGUE Published by Dr. Orr in 1974

Pablo, Dawson and Caryl: Heritage Fulfilled

The Conference Committee of the International Congress was scheduled to meet on August 11, 2017. The members would arrive at agreements which would have direct impact on the relatively stable world population of two billion people. Experts in the 1970’s had projected a doubling of the 3.9 billion people by 2009 but they had not realize the magnitude of population decline which occurred after the catastrophic famine of 1977.
Pablo O’Leary, representing the African Complex, reflected on his heritage: an American grandfather, a Welsh mother, a Mexican wife whose grandfather was Ecuadorian, and he was among the first of nationality called Man. His grandfather had told him of a diplomat in the Pre-Hydrogen Energy era with whom he had chatted frequently, who have been the first to suggest that international law was the precept on which a peaceful world could exist. The personal stories had whetted his interest during his post-doctoral study in international law at the UN University in Nairobi in 1982. His father had told him often of his own early days of schooling in a multinational, bilingual setting and how the understanding gained had helped in founding the International Universities throughout the world.
Dawson Hauer was the Conference Committee’s expert on “selection for the right to work”. With only 20 percent of the world’s peoples needed to work in order to provide the goods and services for all, the topic was a persistent problem. With increased emphasis on the abolition of most remaining personal services, the committee was confronted with serious choices.
Dawson reflected on the changes in his lifetime. His grandfather had told him many times during his high school days in the early 1970’s that something no less dramatic and awful than nuclear holocaust would bring about mankind’s full understanding of his interdependence. It was regrettable that he didn’t live to see the most dramatic change in history occur in only two decades: the accidental discovery of the means of harnessing and storing pollution free hydrogen fuel catalyzed by solar energy in 1977 and production of limitless and cheap energy by 1979; devastating famine in which 900 million people died in 1977-1984; threatened and near nuclear attack by a starving country on its neighbor in 1982; outline internationally all nuclear devices and weapons in 1983 and their exit into space in 1984; nitrogen fixation from air in 1985 providing abundant fertilizer paralleled by criss/cross irrigation and water transportation systems throughout the world; and solar powered desalinization of seawater and topsoil recovery capability. The capstone was the formation of the International Congress in 1986 with sole power to maintain a peace keeping force and with final power to judge all disputes through international law. That civilization had taken a quantum jump was a realized fact that had only been a dream and hope for the 22nd century.
Dawson could barely conceive that energy was free and abundant, that food, water, shelter, clothing and climate control were available to everyone in this year of 2017. He was plagued with the speculative question if this could have happened without a cost of the lives of two billion people. The Nation States of Europe which he represented had funded an in-depth research project in 2002 to treat the question. The young researcher, Caryl Soloman, was the current representative from the Americas and the third member of the conference committee.
Caryl Soloman’s grandmother Connie Brecker, had been the first woman President of the United States. Caryl had learned much from her. Caryl’s major contribution had been the ability to reduce complex concepts into simple understandable terms. Her earlier research which I guided many post-famine precepts was reducible to simple terms. International law was a transcript of natural law; with no fear of failure combined with security for self and family, people could pursue their potentials without fear, hate or anxiety; that indeed interdependence was a given.
The peoples of the world felt secure and well represented as Pablo O’Leary called to order the session of the Conference Committee.

American Overseas Research Centers
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3) January 14, 2013 – Went with Johnny Vaselka (TASA) and Dawson Orr (Supt. HPISD and Co-Chairman w/Dr. Turner of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium)to discuss the need for federal waivers if Texas allows the pilot group of school districts (THPSC) to operate outside the current accountability system and seek help applying for those from the U.S. Dept. of Ed. – Aramark paid

And a reply to this post:

I guess the epilogue’s prediction was thwarted by Trump’s election? ?? Fascinating stuff. Do people realize what is happening in HP with the transformation to skills and workforce training over knowledge and individuality? It’s a slow boil I guess. It all started with the Cathy Bryce on that TASA Vision consortium funded by Stantec. She passed the torch to Dr. Orr. Trigg will finish the job.

Here is a post on this page that explains what is going on in Houston and what Governor Abbott and his henchmen are up to:

I think it is important to grasp the significance of what is happening first in HISD, and second what is happening in our state. The Houston School Board has said NO to giving up on their four schools and handing them over to a charter organization, such as what was done by Waco ISD. Waco handed over their four schools to a charter type private business organization that will take over their “improvement required” schools for an indefinite period of time. This means neither the parents nor the Waco ISD will have a say in what goes on in those schools. Because HISD is not following suit, there is a very good chance that means the Commissioner will move to replace the Board with a Board of Managers. While we should commend the HISD Board for not handing over their schools to privatization, we should now encourage the HISD Board to fight back against any appointed board. How they choose to fight back will be up to them, but we should support their efforts to oppose this takeover by the TEA. Yes, the laws are written such that the TEA can move to take over the Board, but that is an unjust law built on data that comes out of those same unjust laws. The Accountability System is the cause of all of these misplaced judgements about the four schools in HISD. If the Commissioner is successful in his efforts, which school district will be next? Most school districts have schools in neighborhoods of poverty that are very close to falling into IR status or go in and out of IR status from year to year. All it takes is one school to be targeted and the Commissioner can move in on that school district next. Let’s support HISD’s Board in their fight to resist takeover. Your district could be next. The laws are unjust. It may take a court battle to change the laws. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Teach for America: Their Harmful Effect on Special Education – ?

?“The ultimate goal for TFA is not to create a teaching service to fill the need for a teaching shortage, as advertised. Their objective is to privatize public education and end the teaching profession.?

?TFA CMs also, despite their insufficient pedagogical and experiential background, rise to powerful administrative positions in local, state, and federal general and special education oversight programs. See below.?

?TFA alums can be found in a gazillion non-profits set up to dismantle public schools. Here is one, a description of Bellwether. ?

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Strange bedfellows from the left and right side of the aisle:

This review examines the biased report entitled Time to Change Course: Reclaiming the Potential of Texas Charter Schools by Adam Jones and Amanda List and funded by ExcelinEd (think Jeb Bush & DeVos) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The report is billed as a case study of the charter school authorization processes employed in Texas and the relationship between this process and the number of new charters accepted by the authorizer—in this case, the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The report is an explanatory study in that it attempts to identify a causal relationship between the authorizing process and the number and characteristics of approved charter schools.

Adam Jones, author of TPPF report is an advisor listed on the Safal Partners web site – the group that got the TEA contract. He was the COO at TEA for a long time. He’s a good one to add to the “web” of interconnected individuals and entities.

How does TPPF feel about Gülen Harmony charter schools?

On January 11 TPPF hosted a panel (all with ties to TFA) moderated by Emily Sass, TPPF school voucher proponent.

The panel included :
Penny Schwinn (TFA) – TEA Deputy Commissioner of Academics
Tom Torkelson (TFA) – founder/CEO IDEA charter schools
Pedro Martinez (TFA contract)- Superintendent of SAISD
Luzelma Canales (TFA Board) – former ED of RGV Focus Collective Impact at *Educate Texas

And another post from her:

Can you imagine if I had won the Place 7 seat? That would have put a major kink in their plans for a “pay for success” model of educating kids in RISD. Does anyone understand why I keep harping on this? We have a HUGE conflict of interest on our board and no one is calling it out. We are part of a nationwide experiment through StriveTogether (Commit is the Dallas network partner). I have a copy of our data sharing agreement with Commit if you would like me to share it with you.

In education, when you hear the term “Collective Impact” that means baseline data is collected and investors come in to fund a “pay for success” model through social impact bonds. Education is remade to serve the needs of big data. Emily Talmage wrote:

“In 2013, San Diego Unified partnered with “StriveTogether,” a subsidiary of the Gates-funded KnowledgeWorks Foundation. In communities across the country, StriveTogether – with support from corporate giants like MetLife, the Ford Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and Target – is attempting to build “cradle to career” networks of data-driven public-private partnerships using controversial (some would argue unethical) methods.”

This article below is an interview with RISD Trustee Kristin Kuhne’s coworker, George Tang. He’s the COO of Educate Texas:

“After a successful career introducing predictive analytics to marketing, George Tang returned to his hometown of Dallas to serve as the COO of Educate Texas.”

“New tools for segmenting students based on their needs and beliefs are available based on our work being supported by the Gates Foundation.”

“Currently, there are many collective impact efforts that are underway across the state.“

“We have seen the impact and scale of effectively using this public private model and we are committed to seeing how we can use this approach to further accelerate our shared vision.”

Educate Texas is going to continue to focus on four key areas:

• College Ready Standards and Practices
• Postsecondary Access and Success
• Human Capital
• Collective Impact ??

“With Collective Impact, we have gained firsthand experience in supporting and leading these efforts in Dallas and the Rio Grande Valley. By engaging our historical partnerships across the state and combining it with the support of Strive Together ??, we plan to stand up more communities in Texas who are using this theory of action. Educate Texas also plans to serve as a connector and supporter of these various communities so that regions can form a unified voice to address common challenges and advance key strategies.”

“We have learned that the public-private partnership can serve as the “lynchpin” to taking ideas from small scale pilots to systems change. Over the next decade, the final chapter of this epic journey will defined by the level of ambition and commitment of our partners. I hope you will join us in connecting these dots to Educate Texas.” – George Tang

StriveTogether investors include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Ballmer Group, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Ford Foundation, KnowledgeWorks and Living Cities.

StriveTogether began taking shape in 2006 as a local education collaborative in Cincinnati. It became the support system for a national network of communities in 2010 intent on ending disparities and closing gaps. Based on lessons from Cincinnati and other communities including Dallas, Memphis and Tacoma, StriveTogether’s nationally recognized collective impact framework defines and measures progress to improve educational outcomes and expand opportunities.

I found out more information about FEPA from this post of a friend of mine:

Interesting that EPIC supports HR4174; EPIC sued the federal government for weakening federal privacy law FERPA. The gutting of FERPA (in 2011) allows collection and sharing of personal student data to state databases and authorized school officials (such as Google). EPIC said that this amassing of non-consensual student data is a privacy fail. HR4174 does not fix that loophole. Nothing in HR4174 says that the nonprofits or other govt agencies MUST anonymize the data that they take from the state databases. it says they can… and we all know that with AI / machine learning, data can be combined and Re-ID’d very easily. If HR4174 allowed for consent BEFORE student data were put into these now linkable databases, I would not be opposed.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

It’s campaign season, so municipal and school board candidates will likely repeat the stupid statistic below. I heard it during my race in 2017. The chambers of commerce repeat the same scare tactic across the state. ??Curmudgucation blogger revisits the myth:

“Following the reform play book, Schmedlen started by telling scary stories.

Nearly two-thirds of today’s students will work in jobs that have not yet been created. Tomorrow’s workers will move much more from job to job. They will work in a competitive, diverse and global workplace. Students will need critical thinking skills, and they will need to learn to collaborate and innovate.

Sigh. It’s been over a year since Matt Barnum decisively debunked the whole 65% of tomorrow’s jobs haven’t been created yet statistic, yet here it is again, still without any foundation.

The rest is interesting from a corporate honcho, because it’s so cool and dispassionate and prescriptive (“workers will”) while failing to acknowledge, as is usual, why this ugly future is on the way. Imagine if a corporate exec said it this way–

In the future, we will offer no loyalty or job security to our employees– we’ll just keep giving the job who can do it well enough for the cheapest price, wherever they are in the world this week, and we’ll dump those workers next week if we find a cheaper replacement. Workers had better be quick at picking up work requirements, because we don’t want to waste time training them, and keeping meat widget costs down is more important to us than hanging on to experienced worker. I read the critical thinking, collaborate, innovate thing off some 21st century skills list thing, but yeah– you need to be quick on problem solving and getting along because we expect you to cope with all this disruption and instability on your own– or else we’ll replace you with someone can. Meat widget problems are not management problems.”

I don’t believe that Dr. King woudl have approved of Indiana University’s “Interactive Privilege Simulator”:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:


We knew there would be a bill making it more difficult to opt out & here it is.

Currently, Utah law states that a student’s score on a statewide assessment may NOT be used to determine their academic grade or grade advancement, and a school may NOT reward a student for taking the test.

This bill would change it so their RISE (formerly known as SAGE) test score could be used to improve their academic grade or demonstrate competency. It also changes the wording to allow for a student to be rewarded for taking the test as long as it’s not a “nonacademic reward”.

What will this look like in real life? Students will be pressured into taking the test for a chance to improve their grades or possibly skip portions of the course if they can prove their competency (by taking a test that has never been validated to show it accurately assesses what it is meant to assess).

This bill cannot be allowed to pass. The Legislative Session officially begins Jan 28th. Start talking to your legislators now about your concerns with HB118 INCENTIVES FOR STATEWIDE ASSESSMENT PERFORMANCE

Here is a post that someone put on Alice Linahan’s wall:

All the usual players have come up with the next scheme to appear to support education while creating funding plans that do more damage to the least among us. Talk about kick the dog, while they are down…Outcome based education, rewarding districts for good performance….sounds so equitable, until you read the formulas and realize that those with the most resources have the most opportunities to perform. They will perform well with or without additional funding. There is only 1 goal in this plan, facilitate the TEA takeover of low performing schools by further requiring them to spend more money with education technology, they do not have, that has not been determined to create better learning, and documents their performance as lacking. The formula described shows that the highest performing district, normally the wealthiest/student, will receive additional funding/student for the next year, while those who may have more obstacles to performing, including lack of financial support in their homes, will receive less funding for the next year. Thus, the gap between the haves and the have nots grows! I can tell you, I am seeing many haves not concerned with whether students are learning, they are focused on increasing the amount of money they either keep, or spend with selected vendors. Something happens to adults, when “piles of money” become the driver…and no one is talking about real education. No one in the discussion talks about students learning to read better, write better, perform math correctly…..everything is based on faulty standards that may or may not apply to life. This is my soap box. It doesn’t take expensive education technology to determine if a child is learning…. Outcome based performance, just another way to cast aside those who are not easy to teach and justify their lack of worth, all the while titling the bill to say something else. Look who is on this committee, think about the economic schemes they repeatedly design to fund education. Austin is a hill of fire ants. They need to be eradicated or packing into retirement, where their damages will be minimized.

And some replies to this post:

CA title one schools are subsidized by Federal Govt. up to 85% of any CA school are ESL. CA is scrambling to find ways to fill in that gap, talking about taxing water yesterday. Carbon tax is about taxing the air. TX is don’t far behind CA, the real scramble is structuring to be on the tit of the federal govt. The Federal govt is closed and needs to stay closed because the irresponsible in DC print and borrow money ( it’s not federal taxes) that is subsidizing the state boondoggles. Ron Paul (former TX congressman) is right, the real 1% is government and its cronies.

Here is a frightening example of OBE. Chan Zuckerberg CZI Summit Learning in Pasadena ISD

Mr. Ohio moves to Idaho.

And someone had better look closely at our new dollars for reading. I know there aren’t supposed to be strings (local control and all) but the legislature might attach them last minute.

And here is a post that someone else left on her wall:

At a recent Board mtg. of one of the large, urban districts, a discussion included info re what technologies would be used in the classrooms. Yes. The “babies” in pre- and elementary would have regular access to various types of digital equipment. I wanted to scream at those presenting!! Have they not researched anything??? There’s enough info out now to at least research and question the validity of putting technology into the hands of 4 and 5 year olds!!

Here is a post by Alice Linahan:

What makes a TPPF Education Policy Advisor an Expert in Education?

I encourage someone to try and prove what I have written in this article wrong, but it must be with documented proof, as I have provided. If you can not, please be very careful moving forward in this legislative session if you are supportive of TPPF’s Education Finance Reform and Property Tax Reform. All is not what it seems.

Texas Public Policy Foundation’s legislative and policy history is important because they are pushing property tax reform and education finance reform as if it is limited government and free market capitalism. Yet, the reality of TPPF’s policies and their history of coordination show they are promoting legislation and policy that is the antithesis of limited government and free market capitalism with NO adherence to the Constitution. In fact, the very policies and legislation they have championed are, in fact, doing great harm to Texas students in the classroom and will have a very negative impact on Texas’ economy.”

And some replies to this post:

Not to go back into the stone age of all of this, but Abbott knew about Texas alignment from the very beginning. Abbott was the attorney general and had knowledge of the 501c3 that was set up for the creation of CScope. His office was notified by yours truly that we knew he knew. I wrote a certified letter asking to please clarify why they had allowed our tax money to fund the creation of this “Race to the Top” Obama styled education and force fed into Texas schools. Snakes.

They need to continue to hear that we know the truth. And, these so called education policy advisors who are now being hailed as experts by TPPF need to be exposed. They are the ones who brought this crap in, and need to be held accountable. From my perspective they get an F-!!

but how? People are SO blinded by there…well…bs

That is why I put this out. Those of us who are politically active need to be questioning these people and questioning them publicl

Yes I know. I did for years. I wished i could be more active in fighting this. Im battling our city and county to keep our land right now. Also headed to State to help change policy there. So much is happening so fast. My child is only 10 and we are in full swing homeschool as well as our 2 businesses. If only more would take interest. ??

All of this is connected. Our borders are being flooded with illegals so our failing public schools are overflowing and continuing to go into their failing spiral. The non tax payers are using services that they don’t pay for, so simple math explains why our schools are going broke. Where does our government get its money? Well, from us the tax payers of course. And guess what? They’re running out of “other people’s money”!!! So here comes the money hungry city to gobble up our rural land and make it city land so they can charge more city taxes!!!

you are right on target!!

And here is a post from a Florida anti-testing page:

Parents can do the one thing they have the power to do: Deny the data used to harm their children. OPT OUT.

And here are some replies to this post:

Not to mention some of our middle schools are now sharing the Math FSA data with FSU. You did have to opt in. However all class rosters were shared so they have your students name and id number. The district is stating it did not share any data however FSU stated it has all the class lists so they delete the data when they receive it. That they only use the data they have permission to use. So is the school only sending the data they have permission? No one will answer that. My daughter against her liking will not be participating in her math FSA this year no matter what.

FSA screws my son every year. He gets A’s and B’s all year then fails his reading portion to be put in intensive class every year also making him ineligible for better classes or Duel Enrollment due to not having 3 open available electives

Fight every year for correct class placement. School thinks lack of FSA grade means remedial classes even tho child is in AP and honors classes with no less than a B. You’d think they’d get sick of me complaining

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

I need help. I’ve Been out of FIGHT mode for a while and I need a refresher. There’s a parent In my district being bullied into making her child take iReady after she specifically refused them for her child. Her child had taken them in the past because she was unaware that she could opt out of them. Child did poorly and is now in RTI classes. Which they do not want the child in any longer. (See how that worked ). Remind me the semantics of this garbage again so I can advise because she’s been put in touch with me as an advocate. I’m dusty & rusty and a quick refresher is greatly appreciated. TIA ??

And another post from this group:

Is this text book Common Core or not?

And some replies to this post:


It looks to me as if the Standards are printed within the book somewhere, which would have required permissions—thus the copyright line. But the following line is just a cover-your-ass legal disclaimer that while the Standards appear in the book, that the book isn’t officially endorsed by CCSS. All that to say, yes, it looks to me as if the book was written to accord with the Standards. I don’t know if CCSS endorses any particular textbook—that line may be pretty meaningless, a legal formality.

Most likely. Irene Fountas wrote materials prior to common core, but since this book was published in 2014 it’s probably aligned to the standards like every other text book.

Simple! YES! It is published by one the principal publishers of Common Core materials… Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt.

Yup, it’s CCRAP

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Breaking news: President Trump signed into law HR 4174, among other bills.
Justice, liberty, freedom, and life as we know it will forever be marred.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Someone help?!???!!!!!!!!!

And some replies to this post:

I wish we could. This makes me sad for the families & the teachers. The laws need to change, but we are under the federal government’s control as long as we take their money (our money) & the requirements they attach to it. It’s wrong!!

All we can do is make tweaks to the law (from the looks of things, there are a couple bills that may do this), but the end result will be the same. There will be more schools that fall victim to these horrible policies that put the test above all else. You can’t have control unless you have data & tests have a wonderful way of providing all the numbers you need without having to see the faces behind them.

I’m sorry. 😦 I wish there was something we can do. All we can do is help our state legislators see where this is coming from & tell them to stop bowing to the federal funds.

Too bad we can’t pick and choose which schools to participate in federal programs. If a school fails in a federal program, then rather than shutting it down it should just go to a 100% non-federal budget. I would be interested to see the quality of kids that come out of schools that are not in federal programs.

This is a lot to throw out all at once, but these are screenshots of the federal law ESSA & some screenshots of current state law comparisons. It shows where these ideas are coming from & why we have the crappy state laws we have & what we can do to get out of it.

(1 of 9)
(2 of 9)
(3 of 9)
(4 of 9)
(5 of 9)
(6 of 9)
(7 of 9)
(8 of 9)
(9 of 9)

This is ridiculous. Our entire education system needs to be reworked. It’s just asinine to close a school because they are performing low on tests. Why don’t they shuffle the staff around, make some changes to leadership, things like that. This must be common core logic.

It’s all part of the plan. The tests are designed to fail. Once a school fails, the feds take it over. This way, all schools eventually become 100% federally-controlled without a vote. They bypass the Constitution with business contracts. End the Dept. of Education and take back our local schools!

I actually really like that editorial. They can see clearly that the school was closed because of a test, but they aren’t quite making the connection of why we have the ridiculous state laws we have & if they had been watching the State School Board, they would’ve seen that there were a few Board members who were willing to make the hard decisions to get us out of all this, but there weren’t enough of them for it to pass.

This year they took out the state rule protecting schools and teachers from being harmed by the testing scores. The federal government refused to let us remove opt-outs from the overall school and teacher data. Teachers and Schools will now push testing as if their jobs depend on it. And they will blame the parents for wanting special treatment, instead of the US department of education for funding this ridiculous bureaucracy. Why? They’ll always say because “we need the money.”

Here is a post from an anti-data mining group:

What We Do: Refuse ALL student data to corporations and tech industry “philanthropies” . We want to end corporate control of students, schools, and communities. Data Disruptors create actions to eliminate the mining, tracking, and surveillance of student data by government and corporate entities.In an increasingly technologically driven world, data is the new oil. Data leads to control, surveillance, and colonization of the public by private profiteering interests.
The outcomes (one personal, one more social/public) are 1. protect our individual children/students from corporate surveillance, and 2. dismantle corporate-led education policies that place public education into the hands of private corporate interests intended toward greater social surveillance and control.
Our two stages are: 1. awareness, and 2. building actions. Until there’s awareness we cant have effective mass action (need to build interest in taking action)

And some replies to this post:

The D.C. think tankers say we are a small group that stood against FEPA. I think that implies we are insignificant. Does this group see the federal government as an insignificant player in all this? Our opponents don’t. They are using our government quite effectively.

We are insignificant to them. People don’t seem to care. We are preaching to the choir. Just wait until people are being forced to wear fit bits for insurance or mandatory home visits by the state. Then maybe people will wake up. At this point, they don’t think it will affect them.

I’m always willing.
However, By using only social media, I am ineffective anymore. Most people, except those who sing my song, have either unfriended me or unfollowed me. I’m sure they got tired of seeing my posts. How do I know they have unfollowed me? They don’t “like” the photos of my grandbaby. It’s very easy to tell.

If there’s going to be an action, For me it has to be outside of social media.

I am persona non-grata in my community. No one wants to acknowledge what is happening. They hate me for telling them, and I try over and over. Hard to organize under such circumstances.

We are all in the same boat. I had someone I considered a friend when my first book came out say to me, ” I’m not going to read it because it probably will make me feel like I should ‘do’ something.” …… Gotta appreciate that honesty, right? ??

But seriously, we need a plan and a strategy just like the disruptors did. Do unto others as they have done.

Is this the place to organize? Admin? Trusted members? … It is too big a group to know, I think.

NO support from teachers here. I have been told not to talk about certain things. Bad for « organizing » etc. Honestly, I’m pretty down on teachers now. It is discouraging. That is why I am working bigger, surveillance of the poor.

No support from teachers here either but we have a bigger potential audience to appeal to what parents want….and they do want a voice in what they think is best for children.

I said many years ago that the new teacher evaluation systems that were part of the package of RttT initiatives were meant to scare teachers into compliance or keep them so busy chasing their own tales they wouldn’t be able to summon the energy to fight back. I think so many are caught up in day to day survival of what has already happened to the profession that they can’t wrap their heads around all of the new threats.

I also think the messaging has been an issue. I find it difficult to absorb the complexity of what is being shared on a day to day basis and I’m retired and not living under the stress facing teachers today. Teachers where I work vocally support test refusal, they show up at protests and rallies organized by their union and they’re wearing red to support LA teachers, but if we want them on board to fight the data beast we need to simplify the message and suggest specific actions.

To be honest I don’t share much of what crosses my news feed anymore because I know by the lack of response and shares that those on my friends list scroll past posts that reflect more depth than they can understand. They’re not interested in connecting dots to know the “why” and “how” this is happening. I learned that when I tried to educate some of my colleagues about what was coming at our profession from the reformers a decade ago.

Just my opinion and I don’t have answers as to how we change this.

I was in D.C. for the SOS March in 2011. I tried to get others to join me but only ONE teacher in my large school would commit to attending with me. I was viewed as a kind of a “lone nut, conspiracy theorist” until my colleagues started living what I had been warning about. I’m not so sure it’s different now. As a profession teachers tend to be rule followers and only a minority seem willing to buck the system until they experience pain.

As you read this, please keep in mind that I am in one of the poorest school districts in Idaho AND my son began kindergarten ~1992 the year Lamar Alexander was sec of ed and he was working off of the Tucker plan……of course I did not know that at the time. I just knew things were bad for the students….teachers for the most part weren’t talking and were giving the new “innovative” shit a try.

I say this all the time. Most didn’t agree because they weren’t and they didn’t even agree 15 years ago in MOST places. Charters took care of that

Ugh. Disappointed by the President signing FEPA. Waiting for what improvement might come…

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Privatizing Public Education is NOT about Free-Market Capitalism. The key is to follow the money.

The goal is the Takeover Of Public Schools, accessing a “Captive Market”, for those who see America’s students as an “investment vehicle” for profit and a product for the government to control and manipulate via the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

This is a very important, well-documented article by William Gumbert that I encourage you all to read and understand.

And here is a reply to this post:

Interesting that the article includes data showing schools which received a failing grade of “F” from the state, including 3 campuses of International Leadership of Texas charter schools (Lancaster, East Fort Worth and Windmill Lakes) . IL of TX has acquired hundreds of millions of bond debt and “A financial adviser hired by the district, Drew Masterson, told IL Texas leaders, “Your financial position is serious. It’s tenuous.” And yet these charter schools are the model that the state wants to impose upon taxpayers, who will shoulder the burden for financial failures? Scary.

Here are some posts from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have actually had my kids science teacher tell me that the sage test is very important because he uses the results to know what they have learned and how he needs to adjust his teaching. But my understanding is that they don’t get to see really what its all about they may see a percentage but not really know how to change anything in their teaching because they don’t know what they are getting or not isn’t that correct?

we had this same discussion in my sons high school where the science teacher said the same thing. One year his SAGE scores were low, but the kids were learning a lot and enjoyed his class. Unfortunately to try and bring up his test scores, he changed how he taught and only taught to the test, the kids went from loving his class to hating it because all they did was practice for SAGE. It took him over the summer but he caught on and apologized to us for the way he had done things.

I’m so confused by all the different tests still. Today some teachers were talking about a test only the 8th graders took that prepares them for the ACT. Is this the same test or something different? Arise or Rise or Aspire or something.

Aspire is an ACT prep test however a huge portion of the test asks your child personal info as far as their likes and dislikes and then tries to create a portfolio of what kinds of careers your child should go in to…in other words, it creates a social and emotional profile of your kid …my son got agriculture or veterinary- he’s highly allergic to most plants and as much as he loves animals has ZERO desire to go into animal medicine…once he did this we proceeded to get spammed via email and snail mail with offers having to do with these two areas as ACT sells your personal data and info….I started having my younger kids answer C’s all the way down the page as it is another way for ACT to collect data they shouldn’t have…on a personal note, my son went in to aviation…not even close to anything ASPIRE decided he should look into…it’s really quite a joke as ACT and SAT are now changing to be more Common Core aligned

Utah Aspire Plus replaced the SAGE test in the older grades. It’s the same test with the same questions, just a different name & testing provider. This is a link to the announcement. I’m not sure why they are giving it to 8th graders though? They should still be taking RISE.

The opt out form has an explanation for all the state tests on the last couple pages. Maybe the school added a test for ACT prep?

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

As you know, there have been pushes to close down opt outs in Minnesota in the last 2 years by the legislature and the MDE. This year in particular, certain Metro schools who used to casually accept opt outs, began propagandizing kids and parents on the “importance of the test.” UTAH: “The rule protecting schools and teachers from being harmed by opt-outs this year was removed by our State Board upon insistence by the US department of Education. Expect schools to push testing as if their jobs depend on it.” Public (govt) and private (corp) hands working together to regulate every part of the schools.

And another post from this group:

OREGON: Universal home visits for all families are on the docket this session. Minnesota also has a home visit section as part pf one of the new bills. Do we want government, or for that matter, corporate entities entering our homes?

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

One of the most important things Alison Hawver McDowell’s work does is it allows us to see how Big Finance Plans embed themselves in policies that we might not immediately recognize as predatory. She gives us the knowledge we need to guard ourselves from manipulation. Read this updated piece to understand how and why Big Finance and Big Tech are lurking in friendly sounding concepts like “Community Schools.”

And another post from this group:

So I created this very large map on impact investing and pre-k programs / Educare over the weekend and tried to distill it down to a more readily-digestible infographic to write about. Is this useful in thinking about how this machine was built / is operating? Here is the

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Here’s how it will work. All schools will be mandated to teach all children about all kinds of sex (not kidding, read CO HB 1032, it’s explicit). Next will be the ban on gay conversion therapy for minors (Denver law now, no doubt soon to be statewide before May). So the state will forcibly teach and tempt your kids into all kinds of sex including lgbt sex. And then you will be prohibited from getting professional therapeutic assistance for your minor children regarding the sexual activities the state has forced onto your kids. That’s no constitutional republic. That’s flat out tyranny and mind and body control. And we are the subjects.

Even worse, from what I can find from a post below it, is that a Republican is co-sponsoring it, again showing the bipartisanship of the growing tyranny in the USA:

This horrid bill is being cosponsored by Reblublican Don Coram.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Senator Ted Cruz still does not get it!! Parents!! Do not be fooled. You take the $$ or tax credit in exchange for your child to be data-mined and controlled, (UNCONSTITUTIONALLY), by the federal government, from womb to tomb in the P-20W system that they’ve locked in place through federal and state legislation.

I thought Ted Cruz was a Constitutional Conservative??? Obviously, he is NOT. This is why he is NOT President today. He would NOT listen to parents, especially homeschool parents across America. This is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO ROLE TO PLAY IN EDUCATION. I continue to be very disappointed in Sen. Ted Cruz.

Here is a post that was shared on her wall:


This is a list of groups that received a request for proposal from DallasISD to run some Dallas schools based on HB1882. DallasISD will still fully fund the schools
by paying all staff including the Principal, teachers, office workers, janitors, cafeteria workers, and operational cost, but this arrange could bring in
about $1800 per student for the charter to spend.

These entities would have their own board and your elected representatives will have NO say in the operations of these schools. These contracts will last 3 to 10 years and there does not have to be any experience in running schools.

The first few names are daycare providers that currently have their own operation.

Today’s Date: 1/15/2018
Trustee Request
Requesting Trustee: Lew Blackburn_________ Responding Dept.: Strategic Intiatives___________________ Responding Chief: Brian Lusk _____________________
Trustee Request/Questions:
10.A. Consider and Take Possible Action to Adopt Board Policy ELA (Local) Campus or Program Charters Partnership Charters (Second Read, Sponsored by Brian Lusk, Chief of Strategic Initiatives) Who has already received information about the RFP.
o ChildCareGroup
o Head Start of Greater Dallas ISD
o Mi Escuilita
o American Care Academy
o Aisha’s Learning Center
o ALC Early Care and Education
o Braswell Child Development
o Bryan’s House aka Open Arms, Inc.
o For Keep’s Sake, Inc.
o Golden Minds Academy
o Good Street Learning Center, Inc.
o Heavenly Learning Center
o Kids Concepts
o Neighborhood Christian Learning Center
of Dallas, Inc.
o Pace and Ross Learning Center o Union Christian Academy
o United Way
o YMCA Dallas
o Shelton School, Private School o Dallas Teacher Residency
o Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation
o Commit
o Dallas County Community College District o 3DE / Junior Achievement
o Yorktown Education, K-12 Private School o Alt Schools
o Friends of Solar Prep
o StrongMinds
o Downtown Dallas INC
o Big Thought
o Southern Methodist University
o UNT Dallas
o Leadership ISD
o Montessori In The Public Sector
o UT Southwestern
o Purpose Built Schools
o Teaching Trust
o CitySquare
Cabinet staff preparation time: _ Non-cabinet staff preparation time:

And some replies to this post:

What “vetting” has been completed to approve each of these “vendors?” Does TEA approve their applications or does the district have any right to approve or disapprove? What standards must they meet? What standards must their employees meet? What is the complaint process? What are their line-staff / compliance requirements? What do their programs look like? Monitoring? Accountability? So many more questions.

most have no programs but when I saw Commit, Leadership ISD, Teaching Trust, CitySquare, Big Thought, YMCA and United Way I clearly got the picture. It’s all about profiteering at the expense of our children and taking control from the elected body.

YUP! Outsourcing.

All the usual suspects that are part of the new patronage

Just Wow!!!! Because they don’t have the fortitude and can’t/won’t step up to the plate to do the right thing for ALL the children of Dallas, they are willing to turn over “select” schools to private entities to shift the blame and responsibility of educating our children! Just Wow! Nothing more than organized educational genocide….

This is from a research manual written in 1994 on Goals 2000 America 2000. Looks like Dallas ISD is right on track, and Yes!!! It is very scary!!

Dont forget that Disd closes, and shifts schools in order to get new state reporting numbers and say “we’ve changed”, so ratings start over with the state. I am convinced it is a magnificent Bait & Switch to make those at the top look as if they know what they are doing.

It’s so unfortunate that they basically have to outsmart the state given the flawed standardized test based IR system and HB 1842- which says that if ONE public school fails state standards for five or more years, then the Education Commissioner must either close that school or replace the district’s entire school board with outside managers. We need to adjust HB 1842 – write your legislators to ask them to replace 1842 with this:
Remove ONE and make it 15% of schools for 5 or more consecutive years.
Then we wouldn’t be wasting so much time and energy chasing test prep.

Yes, that is exactly what all the previous school closings and repurposing has been about. They just shift the students who don’t score well around to different schools rather than doing the hard work of actually providing them with an education. SMH.

That’s what I am hearing about one of the comprhensive HS. How many have been sent to Dallas Can, because they don’t score or do well….oh, with promise often they can come back and graduate with their class….NOT! You aren’t a part of their #’s anymore!

They can’t have it both ways: if the media is going to tell us how wonderfully DISD is performing, all the good things happening and that we should support our schools (all of which is true), then how can they turn around and say that now we need to turn over the schools to someone else? If DISD is so good, why give it away????

I can’t believe YMCA had the nerve to submit an RFP. The biggest complaint parents have at our school is the YMCA’s afterschool program. If they can’t run an after school program, I sure as heck wouldn’t want them running an entire school.

nd they won’t! Where there’s chaos there’s smoke! That’s a smokescreen with a paper trail tracked back to Washington DC.

this is exactly whats happening with Los Angeles Unified School District

Same agenda. Some of the same players.

Does anyone remember the “12 Model Cities Plan” implemented out of WA, DC in the late 60’s? Ours was called “Goals for Dallas.” The Goals for Dallas Project I worked on at SMU was synonymous with Goals for LA Project I worked on with Coldwell Banker and LA’s City Council in the late ‘70’s. Carole Hall, same agenda.
This public school education overhaul involves the same 12 major cities. I can’t prove that but Betsy Devos probably can. That’s the plan. I bet government grant monies are fueling the opportunities for selective inclusion too. The communities are not supposed to act. They’re not included deliberately in the projected timeline to apply in a timely fashion. I see divide and conquer .
If I’m allowed to indulge, I can’t sit back and not express my assumptions. We’ve seen all this before. If the Republicans can keep their actor #45 forcing shutdowns, demonstrators, treasonous indictments, Mueller investigations, and hamburgers, the locals can commandeer applications which bypass the folks with the needs by their storm of political noises.
The Naval Credit Union is offering Government furloughed employees 0% loans minus $500 of their regular salaries which will be paid back directly to the Navy when the shutdown is over. So everyone furloughed gets a $500 cut in salaries to be back payed when their “Actor” is put down. There is so much manipulation of money and laws going down. I read something today that said Trump would resign in exchange for his children’s freedom from prosecution.

As some parents found out in Philadelphia, they couldn’t even get into a “Board” meeting because they were not “investors.” It appears that Dallas has taken a very long, careful time getting into all of this. It’s been done under the radar. While some of the adults have been serving with authenticity, others have participated out of intentions not quite so honorable. To me, withholding information is sabotoge and sabotage is abuse. Been a whole lot of “withholding” going on.

Let me get this straight…DISD is paying non-profits to take their students who are “not progressing”

Because it would make them look bad. How many students have been sent to Dallas Can?

The application must already be completed because some of the partners on the list are talking about future plans in the schools.

Why is UNITED WAY on the list? Hum!! Well because they are funded by private entities that instructed them about 4 years ago to target certain school with funds especially since the grow south grow strong initiative, their not trying to help the southern sector they want the southern sector. Fatten up then slaughter. .

Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

What’s your opinion about Connections Academy curriculum?

And some replies to this post:

It’s public school and common core.

It’s owned by Pearson… the company who makes the tests we’re all opting out of.

Thank you all! It seems like nothing has changed since we first learned about Common Core.

Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

This bill will stop Common Core in North Dakota. How can Republicans vote against such a needed bill? Look at the groups that illegally lobbied against this bill. When will the legislature stop these taxpayer-funded groups from violating North Dakota laws by going before these committees and opposing or supporting bills? This has got to stop. And I am also talking about police and law enforcement officers testifying with their uniforms on.

Representatives from North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL), North Dakota School Boards Association (NDSBA), North Dakota Education and Standards Practices Board (NDESPB), Family Voices of North Dakota, and North Dakota United (NDU) all opposed the bill. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) was technically neutral, but their testimony was somewhat negative

Here is a post from a New Jersey anti-Common Core page:

PARCC and high school exit testing needs to end!

And public schools must always put the needs of children first, and listen to parents!

From a Mom in Ocean, NJ:

“My daughter, who has autism, but is high functioning, attends Ocean Twp High School, Class of 2020.

We refused the PARCC from the beginning, much to the school’s disappointment. Despite written notice to the Superintendent that our daughter will not be taking PARCC, the District continues to pressure us to have her make up the test.

Last Thursday, she again was given a note with a room assignment and a time for her to leave class to take the PARCC test. She asked me what to do. I said stay in class and don’t go.

Unfortunately, Tuesday, she again was called to guidance to take PARCC. She was forced to leave class and go to the test room. She was scared and anxious, and texted to ask me what to do. I called the school and told them that she is not to take it. Thankfully, she was sent back to class.

This constant push to have her take PARCC, against our wishes, puts my daughter in a very uncomfortable position. She has autism and anxiety issues and this has made her feel that she was being bad, and really upset her. I’ll now deal with the consequences as I help her with anxiety and generally negative feelings about school.”

And some replies to this post:

They don’t care about the anxiety they cause in children with the inane testing. It’s a multimillion dollar industry filled with corruption that has little to do with actual education.

I have told my kids if they ever feel pressured to take it, to politely walk out of class, go to guidance and ask them to call me. No arguing, no disrespecting, just politely go.

My child also has anxiety and very high functioning ASD. He is a Freshman in hs this year. I normally send in a letter of refusal of the PARCC. He has never taken it. I got the feeling when we went to back to school night that it is a requirement for Alegebra 1 in his Freshman year. Is this so or can I send in my letter of refusal?

You can refuse. The graduation requirements for his class were just struck down by the Appellate Court and we won’t know what if any new requirements there will be for a while, but they won’t be Algebra 1 and 10th grade ELA PARCC because the court said those were in violation of the law.

I hate how the schools push. I wanted my daughter with anxiety opted out of PARCC the first year, but the district that year wouldn’t allow parents to do it ahead of time. My 10 year old had to tell the teacher she wasn’t taking it. Then the school called me to confirm. Needless to say, they changed their approach for the following year. 🙄 However, the pressure put on our kids with anxiety remains in different forms. Ugh.

Here are some more posts from this page:

I just pulled my son out of his refresher alg1 course and told school he will not be retaking the Alg 1 exam (he’s a sophomore). They gave me such a drama about it. Actually told my son that it could impede his graduation! Really? I’m pretty confident the new requirements for 2021 class will go through at a minimum. The DOE has until the end of the month to appeal the court decision striking down the graduation testing requirement completely. It would be great if the school administration could get with the program!!! And hey if nothing goes through I guess he will take it as a jr.
he’s already taking two math classes this yr which seems to be enough!

The school sent a strong letter that my son will be taking the PARCC during the school day next week. I just want to confirm that It’s my right to email them and refuse the PARCC for my son. They can not force my son out of class to take the test? My son has anxiety, and the thought of them coming after him in class has really caused stress for him.

you absolutely have a right to refuse him. We recommend doing so in writing as soon as possible to ensure that the school is aware your son will not be taking the test.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

What do you think?

Here is a post that I found on an Idaho anti-Common Core page:

Moms and Dads need to put their foot down! I reviewed my grand daughter’s papers from Kindergarten. Kindergarten has become the new second grade! It needs to stop before they destroy the kids. This is a plan to 1- reinforce the false narrative that schools are failing so that the gullible will abandon their locally controlled public schools… and…2- a means of breaking the kids so they become compliant human capital for the corporate state. RESIST!

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m a constituent in Representative Landgraf’s district. This was one of my major concerns when I first met him. He has a little girl who is not in school yet. I actually approached him completely OFF RECORD about my concerns over STAAR after seeing my step daughter have an all out anxiety attack before going to school during STAAR week her 5th grade year. She struggles with school, but was passing her classes (a C average but still passing). She was in tears over having to pass this stupid assessment to go to middle school. At the time, I had no clue you could opt out or I would’ve approached her mom about it. Instead, I happened to run into Mr. Landgraf in the halls at my office and I asked him if he could look into the STAAR and what he could do from a legislative standpoint. It’s taken 4 years, but I’m glad he’s filed the bill. Please, ask your reps to help get it a hearing in committee and then support it coming to the floor, going to the senate, back to the house then to Governor Abbott’s desk.

And another post from this group:

My sons in HS first year, when or how many state tests is he going to have to take in HS?
He is special ED. He is on the spectrum and has ADHD
I tried to refuse in the past and was
Told I can’t or if I try if would be very difficult.
He called me today upset saying he failed 8th grade English and he’s stupid ????. The stress put on theses kids is breaking my heart. We reside in the
Williamson Co Austin area. Thank you !!!

And some replies to this post:

What are they telling him at school about 8th grade and “failing”? They have no business talking about that. He is in 9th now!!

My son is also in 9th and I know how much your heart breaks when school makes them feel “less than”.??

I can write a book on how many ways and times he has been let down by schools. You name it, he has been through it ?? we moved from NY to TX . I’ve had advocates and lawyers before. It amazes me how no one cares unless someone has a child with the same diagnosis or knows someone ??

I am still not understanding why they were talking with him about 8th grade English…

He’s not stupid (I know you know this). I have spent the last 7 years trying to undo the damage done to my son at school…all of these awful blows to their confidence and self esteem are so infuriating and unnecessary.

Texas is awful to kids with differences. Special education here is a sad joke. That’s why they’re being investigated by the feds.

agree. Texas is horrible for Sped kids. Our district has less than 4% Sped. They don’t want to help them even when they do have an iep.

turns out,they just starting taking him out of 3rd period to go to the cafeteria with other kids who failed English in the 8 th grade,( test) to work on their computers and pretty much study to get a better grade next time.( what he told me when he got home)

that is wrong on SO many levels!!

Did you give them permission to remove him from class for test prep? You don’t have to let him go…

It’s bullshit that they do that…they may as well have stood those kids up in front of the whole school and put a dunce cap. Even if making test results public wasn’t a violation of FERPA (it is), it is educational malpractice.

Are you planning to let him sit for STAAR?

I called my local representative, They said that you can ask for a grade placement committee to pass your son to the next level and it will not matter if he passes the STAAR or high school EOC’s test or not. They said the school wont tell you about that because they get graded for STAAR results too. My son cant keep testing over and over because he has Anxiety. He can do Math but not on that crazy test. My advice is to call you representative . My Senator is Kel Seliger. They have someone in their offices who handles all the Education stuff and can help you.

On a hunch, I was wondering if Harvard (which is itself Gates-funded)-funded BrainCo (the one developing the brain-scanners that the Chinese government plans to use on students) had some tie in with Massachusetts-based and Gates-funded Boston Consulting Group. After doing a DuckDuckGo search on the two groups, I found that BrainCo and Boston Consulting Group were working together to develop smart houses (no doubt as part of the globalist IoT scheme):