Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 27

I’ve gone to part 27.

Here is a federal sex ed bill that I found while looking up vaccination bills (vaccination was mentioned in here too):


Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Human Capital Bonds. Making money off people who have opioid addiction? It appears to be the investment trend of our government. Didn’t Minnesota just pass a huge bill to help with the opioid crisis? They’re making money off our children for early childhood education, too.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Desperate for guidance….My senior was just notified on Friday May 24th she can’t walk the stage with her class on this Sunday. With only one Biology Passed, very close in Math but not passed as well as the remaining courses. She’s 504 as well. I can’t get a refund for buying cap and gown why do they wait until the last freaking minute to return test scores? ??These kids work hard have their credits and because of this foolery of an assessment they can’t participate.

And here are some replies to this post:

Go to a local junior college and take the tsi. Take those scores to the school and ask to sub them. She needs 2 passing scores to take them

That is despicable that they waited so long to tell you.
Has she earned all of her credits? If so, consider this. It is a fully accredited private school diploma:

If you go the TSI route, this article has a link to the scores needed to substitute (from TEA’s website). Note that qualifying scores on the English TSI can substitute for both the English 1 and 2 STAAR. A qualifying score on the math will substitute for Algebra 1. TSI scores are returned immediately.

what District are you in?

I’m in SAISD San Antonio

please print out this San Antonio ISD policy and take it to the school. They should permit her to participate:

Click to access 176

If they are not helpful, start calling elected officials.

What high school are you dealing with?

Sam Houston in San Antonio TX

I thought if they passed courses but not assessments they were allowed to walk stage and be handed an empty diploma. Just what I’ve heard don’t want to spread false info. This is what I worry about with my upcoming senior this fall. She has finally passed three of the five. But has struggled to pass English one and two. I pray I don’t have to deal with any of this with her and pray by the time my 6th grader gets to hs something has changed. Prayers for you and your daughter. I know this is terribly hard for y’all.

Its been happening for years. I was just told this am by her counselor that last year kids were not allowed to walk either.

STAAR is a crony politician’s test to justify crony charter schools…vote out Abbott and Patrick and things will change.

I feel ya, girl. We just found out last week that my senior boy can’t graduate tomorrow because he passed all his classes, but failed 3 STAAR tests (Biology, English 1 and 2) and because as a newcomer he was exempted from taking English 1 as a Freshman, that counted a s a failure when he had his IDG Committee last Thursday. He too is 504. We are absolutely devastated with the news and I can’t believe that Conroe ISD can’y do anything in his favor. He had done a portfolio for his meeting and everything. But because the education laws say that a student can only fail two instead of three and go to an IGC to be able to graduate, this particular “law” messed everything up. Plus the school failed to tell us that the exemption was going to count as a failure for him in senior year. My husband and I were so ticked off, you can imagine how we felt! He doesn’t want to go through the ged thing in August and taking an TSI test isn’t an option on such very short notice. He has a plan A for June and if plan A doesn’t work which I’m just going to let him get one try, we are going for plan B which will be the CVEC program from the private school in FL.

Here is a post from a Florida anti-testing group:

Today, Geneva Elementary in Seminole County gave i-Ready Excellence awards during their 5th Grade Award Ceremony.

And here are the replies to this post:

So did Lake Silver yesterday in Orlando. My daughter got one for both math and reading. 🙄

Redbug gave a president award for kids with straight A all year and got 4&5 on last years FSA which we didn’t take :/ my son missed out because of
That stupid test !

He did not miss out. You have taught him an advocacy skill. That will serve him much longer that a score or an award based on a lie.

oh I know I just wish he wasn’t singled out for not taking the test it’s been a hard year for him at home with family issues and it would have ment a lot
For him to be recognized for his accomplishment of straight A’s

And another post from this group:

“Have our children had their educations disrupted, their schools turned into test-preparation factories, merely so our state can celebrate a few points improvement on a national standardized test?

Or has standardized testing been given “squatter’s rights” on our children’s school year to encourage the expansion of public funding to private, “school choice” options?

We fear the latter is closer to the truth.

Either way, we agree with Mercedes, “this is not a work of excellence.””

And yet another post from this group:

I have spent the last 5 months trying to have my son’s Pii deleted from CA after we decided to not participate in it. We received notice the information would be obfuscated 🤦🏻‍♀️ and I responded with my concern about it still not being completely gone. I also wanted more information about IReady being peer reviewed and have evidence based research to its validity since it’s being used as diagnostics in grade progression of all things and also because it was being referenced as an assessment.

Below is the response I received from our district (Clay) and they actually included a response from CA to why it was obfuscated rather that deleted.

Notice all the links they provided for IReady validity is research done by CA itself 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. I’ll keep you posted as I press them on PEER REVIEWED, EVIDENCE BASED RESEARCH.

I also included the information from the Student Code of Conduct which she references stating the district can share any Pii without parental consent. I know I have read somewhere about COPPA…if someone can help me with that, I would appreciate it.

And some replies to this post:

I have asked these same questions in St. Johns County and was met with basically the same non-answers. What is even scarier (at least in my son’s particular school) is that they are using the diagnostics for the children, but they are NOT using any of the iReady tools. So where are they really getting this so-called “individualized instruction” if they’re never using any of the tools the diagnostic is supposed to recommend? I have also asked if there is peer-reviewed research on the effectiveness of the diagnostic and they can’t answer me, either. It’s sick, honestly. CA has basically scammed school districts all over the country and are making money hand over fist with absolutely no real evidence that it works. And in the meantime, we’re subjecting kids to crazy amounts of testing and judging their intellect based on it when they might never have even been on a computer before (or used a computer in any other situation aside from the diagnostic). It’s horrifying. Oh – and please don’t try to ask to see a sample question set – it’s like you’re asking to see classified documents. I simply cannot understand how I’m not entitled to see what types of questions my kids are being asked. I’ve offered to pay for a login and everything – and still they won’t hand anything over. I’m not done fighting this in St. Johns, either.

My child’s iready scores came back saying he tested out of phonemic awareness but when I requested a formal eval it showed his PA skills in the very low range. Like frighteningly low. They said the iready diagnostic shows he’s making gains……so they basically ignored the eval by their own diagnostician for the iready diagnostic report

I am in st.johns county too and my daughter is on RTI and when I told them she won’t be doing I ready next year they said they don’t know how they will measure progress then. I was like I guess we will have to go back to paper pencil method. I was told by Lynn Atkins with the district that I ready has a 17% inaccuracy rate. My son measured at a 7th grade level at the beginning of the year but a 3rd grade at the end of the year. My 4th grader was complaining that the she had not done anything that was on the iready in school and my 1st grader said there was multiplication on his and that isn’t taught til 3rd grade

My son is in 1st grade is having trouble with blending words. He knows all of his letter sounds, can sound everything out great but is just having trouble hearing the word when he’s trying to blend the sounds together. His comprehension is excellent (I know from working with him, and his teacher has said the same), but he got progressively worse on comprehension on the last diagnostic which makes literally no sense. He also maxed out of the test on Phonological Awareness – like WHAAAT? He is having trouble blending but he maxed out? I’m seriously getting so frustrated and I can’t believe I’m treated like a crazy person because I want to understand the types of questions he’s being asked. He is already starting to feel like “he can’t do it” which is insane to me. He’s 6 years old. Why are we doing this to our kids? You can sit a 13 year old in front of a test and tell them – you will see questions you don’t know the answers to, and it’s okay – but if you do that to a 5, 6, or 7 year old they don’t understand. They just feel like they don’t know something and they don’t understand why. I proctored a test at my son’s school because I wanted to see what the environment was like, and I saw 6 year olds getting so nervous they were in tears. How is this good? The last thing I’ll say is that I teach a graduate school course. If I gave my students a test, and then refused to tell them what questions they got wrong and just said, “Well, based on your answers, you need to work on X, Y, Z, and I’m going to put you in a remedial program, but you can’t actually see what specific questions you didn’t get right,” I would literally lose my teaching position. It makes no sense.

Here is a post from someone from Florida:

For those who wonder why I am frustrated with FL public schools and the high-stakes testing that determine EVERYTHING about our educational system here: this is the practice benchmark test Z brought home.

Note the question and his answer, and then look at the sentences below, and tell me how a child is supposed to tell, based on this information, that “Africa” as opposed to “Middle East” is the correct answer to this question. There is NOTHING in the text that makes it clear that Africa has “the most” cheetahs. They are supposed to infer that, based on the statement that Namibia is “home to a large number of cheetahs”. But pointing out that one country has a large number of something is not the same as stating it has the most. This is NOT an example of good deductive reasoning. It is, in fact, an good example of making an illogical assumption based on insufficient information.

Now imagine a child who speaks no English at home trying to make sense of this question.

These tests are the most poorly-written, confusing garbage imaginable. They have a built-in failure rate of 30% and kids who make As and Bs all year can be forced to repeat 3rd grade if they do not pass this nonsense. Too many fails and the school rating drops, and its funding drops, teachers don’t get raises, etc, etc.

Ending Common Core does absolutely nothing to solve this. Nothing. This is why people opt out of the tests as acts of civil disobedience. This is why it matters who we vote in. This is why parents pull kids out of public school and stick them into privates on vouchers and scholarships – some think, by design. This is why people homeschool.


Here is another post from the Florida anti-testing group:

Has anyone tried to have iReady removed from their student’s school issued device?

And some replies to this post:

I tried to have it removed from our district portal. It’s a nightmare that is still haunting me. Our district and CA have a partnership with Performance Matters and that’s where I am now with it. CA said the information was obfuscated, not deleted as their website claims would happen. It’s very troublesome.

you were able to get your student’s id/log in info removed, right? What happens if your student clicks on the icon or attempts to log in?

an error message appears

And another post from this group:

Is anyone here familiar with LULAC who is giving Saunders their state’s top award?

“Manatee County Schools Superintendent Cynthia Saunders will receive the state’s top honor on Saturday from the League of United Latin American Citizens for her efforts in expanding educational opportunities for Latino children.

The school district plans to launch a dual-language immersion program next year at Daughtrey Elementary School and is establishing a community school providing a bevy of services at Manatee Elementary. Next year Palm View Elementary School will be the first school in Florida to implement “Woz Career Pathways,” a program developed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. All three schools have large populations of students from Latin America who are learning English.”

How does someone get an award for programs that are planned to be launched. There is no data that they even work or if Saunders will even follow through with them.

Saunders is negotiating with the state to keep her teaching license because she was found guilty of targeting Latino children whose families spoke no english to re code as homeschoolers so as to inflate graduation rates for the district for her personal financial benefit.

Does this seem absurd to you?

Saunders also has our ELL learners spend the majority of their state mandated reading block on iReady and Imagine Learning. In some cases I have been told by teachers that these kids are spending the entire 90 minutes being taught by a computer and not a teacher.

I did notice that one of the biggest sponsors of this event is Curriculum Associates, the iReady company.

Are there seriously no other administrators or teachers across the entire state of FL who have actual programs in place that are showing great results with data to prove it that are changing the lives of Latino students instead of hurting them?

Do these people in this organization not read what has been out in the media based on the investigative reporting by Ryan McKinnon and the Sarasota Herald Tribune?

Here’s a post that I found on Facebook:

Stand Up and Fight – An Open Letter of Resignation

There is no business model that can fix education. Students are not products and services that can be quantified. They are living, breathing human beings and their complexity cannot be reduced to cells on a spreadsheet.

Each child comes with their own set of needs, strengths, and abilities. Teachers must be provided the freedom to address those in the way that they professionally know is best based on their training and education.

My expertise is in a Language Arts classroom, so this is what I see most clearly. Students can analyze the hell out of a text. But testing has chipped away at the time teachers have to help their students write to inspire, write to express, write to create, write to change the world. Because what matters, in today’s education system, is one single way of writing. The thing is, our students are whole people, and this only provides them a chance to show a tiny sliver of who they are.

It’s not only Language Arts, though. This toxic testing nightmare has stripped students of the opportunity to foster their creativity in every single subject area. Children are being denied the right to express themselves in their own unique ways. They yearn for the chance to be artistic and imaginative, to be inspired and inspire others, and to innovate and build and solve. They are capable of more than simply working toward a test score. They deserve more.

And it is time for me to stand up and fight for them and the profession I love.

After twenty years, the decision to resign did not come easily. In fact, it has taken me two months to process and collect my thoughts and to muster up the courage to share them here.

Leaving my stable, secure career as a classroom teacher was risky. I was willing to risk everything because giving it all up feels like freedom in comparison to the restriction in which I was living.

My decision to walk away was not impulsive. It was years in the making. I almost walked away last year. I almost walked away two years ago. When I finally gained the courage, it wasn’t the administration, the school, or the students. And it certainly wasn’t my wonderful colleagues. None of those things drove me away. Instead, I was battle weary from years of working in a broken system. And honestly, I could not face another testing season.

I thought this transition would be more difficult than it has been. I thought I would be devastated and depressed. But I haven’t been. Now, I realize why. The truth is, I have been grieving the loss of my profession for years. I was grieving the time I used to have to foster meaningful relationships with my students. I was grieving a time when I was trusted to teach well, based on my training and knowledge. I was grieving a time when student creativity was valued over a test score.

But that simply isn’t the reality anymore.

Over the past six years, I changed grade levels, campuses, and roles. I even returned to the school that felt like “home” with the people who I consider family. I searched tirelessly for the thing that would reignite my passion for teaching and renew my sense of hope for the future of the public school system. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t find it.

And I’m not alone. This has been called a silent strike – teachers exiting the profession prematurely or retiring early. But I, for one, will not leave silently. Although I can no longer work within this broken system, I will stand and fight from where I am now. I will work to fix it.

I am not writing to encourage others to leave teaching. This was a personal, individual decision that I made to preserve my physical, mental, and emotional health. But if you do decide to walk away, as I did, please do not be silent. If you’ve already exited or retired early, for your very own unique reasons, please speak up. This shouldn’t be a silent strike. It should be the loudest protest of all time because speaking up for public education is speaking up for our children and, quite frankly, for the foundation of our democracy.

To my colleagues who continue to work for change within their classroom walls, I am standing by your side. I support you. I know you are doing what is best for your students, even with mounting pressures, longer task lists than ever before, and mandates upon mandates. I applaud your strength and dedication. I can’t wait to meet Bella’s amazing teachers during her upcoming journey as a public school student. I hope they are just like you.

To my former students, you are the reason I stayed for twenty years. As a teacher, I learned so much from you. And now, I marvel at your continued success, your ability to achieve your dreams, and your capacity to tackle the obstacles of life. I was proud of you then, and I am proud of you now – every single day.

To the Polk Education Association, I thank you for your tireless efforts to quell the overwhelming tide of negativity. I know that you fight tooth and nail for every single right, benefit, and dollar that PCPS employees get. I am proud to have been a member of the union. I may not be working from the inside anymore. But I will be here, battling right alongside you. After all, you’re the ones who taught me how.

I’ll be honest. When I was a Polk County Public Schools employee, I didn’t take a stand each time there was an opportunity to do so. But I know that I did not take this career risk to sit on the sidelines and watch.

I’m standing now.

I am standing for our students.

I am standing for our teachers.

I am standing for public education.

In solidarity,

[name redacted]

And here are the replies to this post:

I’m right there with you. *You were always so amazing! A Truly gifted, caring teacher! I remember when you first came to our “school” . I was in awe with how your classroom looked, how happy, cheerful, encouraging .You always were so optimistic! I was always inspired by you 🌠! Unfortunately, after many years, I saw things deteriorate & crumble right before my eyes within the public school system. (I knew I was at the end of my rope & it was truly heartbreaking. I would come home from work, sit in my car & cry for about 30 minutes, before I could even go inside. That’s how bad things got for me! *This year my daughter graduates👩‍🎓 from high school with honors, I am so grateful & glad to say we are officially finished with high school! I’ve been homeschooling my 11 yr old son.. because he definitely didn’t fit into the confines & structures of the public school system & he does not “test” well. I knew he would not get the kind of education that my daughter received. [name redacted] I love💖 YOU to the moon 🌙& back🌙! If you’re happy, then I’m VERY happy for you!! I know that you only ever had your students best interest at heart & I applaud👏 you for your 20 years of educating, & shaping the 💖hearts & minds of so many young people! 💋

wow. Powerful. I had no idea you left this year. I think about leaving almost daily and am frozen with fear about what I’d do instead! I no longer even recognize the district I started working for 19 years ago. What have we become???

I am beyond happy for your decision. You were always there when you knew how hard it was for me in school and in general many years after I left your classroom. I’ve never had anyone do that for me. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know because you CARE. I love this post and I can only hope that this will go beyond Polk County and will be seen throughout the state. I was afraid for myself in school and I am afraid for my kids in the future. I am not afraid to tell the people around me that I struggled in school, cried everyday because of “testing”, and hated going most times because of how the school system was set up (and more not just testing). I know what I’m capable of and I will always tell myself that these particular things do not define my intelligence and creativity. I thank you for all of your hard work and determination. Although… please do not give up because I know what you’re capable of doing and our present/future needs you! You will always have my support, love you girl! 😇❤️

Thank you for all that you’ve done for your students throughout all the years! You taught me and so many other students how to WRITE. And write WELL. I will never forget how much your class taught me and prepared me for the rest of my education/life. You are such a wonderful lady. This post was so powerful to read. I hate to hear how frustrating it is, but I know that you taking a stand will help make a difference! Again, thak you for all that you’ve done. ❤️

As much as I hate to see that you have been robbed of your passion or love for teaching by a system or group of people that have no idea what they are talking about, I can’t help but feel that the experience has inadvertently fueled your passion and enabled you to fight against them! As a nurse, governed by business-minded leadership, I understand that people (education/healthcare), can’t truly be measured as in productivity. Hospitals are held accountable for the decisions of individuals regarding their own health, just like teachers are held accountable for students who choose not to study or do their homework. Those teachers who are still teaching have no voice due to fear of losing their job, just as it is in healthcare. We are forced to stay silent. I am so happy to see that there is someone who is educated, and has the ability to speak eloquently, using professionalism and relevant information, about the life of a teacher in the public school system. I pray that this does not fall on deaf ears, and that those with the power to make an impact, join you in your efforts.
I’ve told you before, how much my kids enjoyed having you as a teacher, and the impact you made on them. You may not be teaching right now, but I have a feeling you will again. After you’ve succeeded in what you are currently being called to do. Good for you, a language arts educator, using your voice to make a difference 😘

your departure is a sad day for education. You are incredibly passionate about what you do and put your heart and soul into your passion. Your sentiments mirror why dedicated teachers can no longer pursue this path; it feels like trying to work with shackles on. Your 20 years have been a blessing for your students. I am beyond saddened by the damage done to public education by our legislators. Wishing you well!!

I understand completely and admire your courage. Many of the best and brightest , like you, are leaving education. We are all losers.

First, Thank you for 20 years of service to our kids. As a parent of a child in NE Polk it’s appreciated.
It is sad to hear of good teachers leaving a profession they once loved. It’s also unacceptable that today’s society sits by idle and is more upset about who directs a movie or a TV show is cancelled.
I struggle every year with keepibg my son in public school due to the insane pressure of testing, seen first hand as a volunteer and as a proctor on FSA exams.
Kindergarten kida should not be stressed about a reading test on a computer when they don’t even know what a mouse is.
Third grade students should not have panic attacks during a test, nor told despite your A honor roll or A B honor roll if you fail this ONE exam you don’t go to Fourth grade.
I don’t think this is a Republican or Democratic issue as much as TOO many parents are uninformed and refuse to stand up for thier children and schools and say to the school districts, state and feds enough is enough.
Of everyone who has said Kudos for your decision, who has said to thier kid’s school, the district, the state and federal government enough.
I urge each of you to write letters to the administration of your child’s schools, the district and all our reps at all levels of Government. Email them. Then just resend the same email every week.

That was a very powerful and meaningful statement from you. I have two daughters who are leaning toward teaching careers. I hope the fact that more teachers are retiring than entering the profession causes lawmakers to fight for the types of changes teachers and students both need. Good for you for taking a principled stand. Proud of you cuz!

I know this was a hard decision for you and a huge loss to the students you would have taught. Everything you wrote is true. I have another dear friend who has decided that she can’t teach anymore under the circumstances. Good luck to you.

I am speechless!!!! This is the MOST AMAZING THING YOU HAVE DONE!!! I have always admired your passion and ability to create an “outside the box” environment for your students to thrive and grow in!! I am proud to have been a former teacher with you!! You are so eloquent in explaining the situation we face today. I too feel exactly like you! I personally could no longer ask my students to comply with a system that did not have their best interests at heart!! I retired early after 37 years. I was 58. Four years away from early Social Security. But my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health was taking a heavy hit from the stress and wrongness of it all!! I have fumed and spoken out on behalf of teachers everywhere. I applaud those who continue to be there for the kids!! I became weary!! I believe in public education with all of my ❤!!! Thank you [name redacted] for your courage and conviction to speak out. It encouraged me to add my two cents!! I would love to see you some time soon. Thank you again for making and continuing to make such a huge difference!! Love you!!

This article is spot on. I feel so sorry for our students who spend endless hours practicing for the tests instead of being creative in their learning!

This! This is why so close from the finish line, I just can’t finish.

Testing is toxic and sad. The best days of your life are childhood, and they put so much pressure on children to meet insane, stressful standardized testing guidelines. Some of the times I learned the most is when I was allowed to express creativity, I know that’s how a lot of kids learn too. 😭

Thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for the children and the teachers. These tests used to be used to show where the students needed help not stop them from graduating. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Sending prayers for you.

I am so moved by your story. Mine is very similar. I left my district of 18+ years after the horrendous regulations that were put in place to maintain and improve test scores. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I could no longer stand behind the instruction we were being forced to deliver. Thank you for your courage in sharing your experience.

You want the reality of k-12 education, then no need to talk to your PhD colleague… it’s time for you to get in the trenches… Go talk to actual teachers from a wide demographic of schools, find teachers on Twitter and talk to them, read their blogs, Etc. Hearing your daughters perspective on things is 1 side of the issue… What students e it’s not always the Clearview. However, I will say that an [name redacted] goes to a pretty decent School overall AND she’s in the IB Program. Not too long ago, I seem to remember he’s thinking out loud that maybe it would be a good idea for you to get in the classroom… so maybe that was a call to you. Maybe you should seriously consider getting your temporary certificate so that you can get in the classroom. There’s no better way to get in the trenches then to physically get in it and live in it day after day after day. As much as people would like to simplify the problem with education or try to err on the positive side, the reality is it’s more than a little problem it’s an all-out War on education that’s happening right now. And that’s not trying to be negative at all. It’s just the reality.

Conscientious Objectors unite. I too am grieving.

Correctly expressed. Retirees and former Employees are the ones who can safely advocate for Public Education. We have the experience, and knowledge of what is happening in the Classroom, and what NEEDS to happen in the Classroom. I continue to stand beside Teachers and Students. Retirees and former Teachers with recent experience, please join me in taking a stand with me. God Bless America, and God Bless Public Education.

Yes! I recently resigned and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Very well expressed. I am sorry for the situation you and all teachers face every day. I hope somehow things can and do get better. Thank you for all you have done and given to your students.

After 38 years I retired from teaching agriculture for those same reasons (I left Polk county years ago)

As a mom of an upcoming high schooler I thank you!! Many moons ago I wanted to be a teacher to help shape young minds as I loved kids. Seeing what my son has had to go through (testing) and now reading your open letter I’m siting here with tears in my eyes because it should not be this way! There shouldn’t be a fight for our kids education. I thank you for all you have done and for you holding on – your students are the lucky ones to have had such an amazing spirit!! Nothing but best wishes for you and what your future may hold. 💜

Here are some more posts from the Florida anti-testing group:

The Sarasota school board meeting where iReady execs bragged that their product is fabulous fir children with dyslexia is the biggest lie we’ve heard from the company thus far. We already have it in writing that it’s not to be used with dyslexic students. It’s also stated in a Baltimore Public School Board Meeting. It’s laughable that Sarasota Board Members didn’t call that into question.

shame on those Sarasota board members. Taking a company that is all about profit at their word. Where are the peer reviews ? No one wants to attach their name to it. Misconceptions from parents ?? We are in it. There are no misconceptions. It’s complete garbage

I posted this in the Florida anti-iReady group:

I believe, based on some posts that I’ve found, that I can guess the long term goal of the tests like STARR, PARCC, SBAC, RISE, MAP, etc. I believe they want to go to more “personalized learning” like I-ready. What their real goal is is to data mine and behavior manipulate, not from end of year tests, but from everyday assessments. Personalized learning is really code for them assessing you in an “individual” way so that the parents will have no idea what’s going on. I also believe this to be a scheme to phase out the teaching profession and replace them with “learning facilitators”.

Here are some of the posts I found as evidence:

Thanks Alison Hawver McDowell for posting this:
Did you ever wonder about all the data Canvas is collecting? Well, evidently it’s about helping people “grow” “from their FIRST day of school to their LAST day of work.” The fact that Instructure (Canvas’s parent company) just bought MasteryConnect (formative assessments) indicates we are moving rapidly towards a technocratically-engineered program of “life long learning.” I’m sure the social entrepreneurs (Greg Mauro of Learn Capital, I’m talking to you) looking down from Power Mountain outside Salt Lake City are quite gleeful right about now.
From Cheri Kiesecker: Zuckerberg is lead investor in MasteryConnect. Google /Gsuite is partner w Canvas.

“Instructure, Inc. today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire MasteryConnect, a longtime partner and innovator in the design and delivery of formative and interim assessment that supports personalized and mastery-based learning. Through this acquisition, Instructure will accelerate the shift occurring at the state level as they replace high-stakes, end-of-year testing with innovative assessment models”

Lynne Taylor (the Common Core Diva) said: of course the assessments are rigged for such. It is part of the agenda embedded in ESSA. Plenty of info, if needed.

I found this group called Project Unicorn that pushes for “data interoperability” and they have tons of these vendors, including Achieve 3000 and Curriculum Associates, working with them.

I found all of these guys tied to them:

It is my belief that, like how they made Obamacare so bad that it would break everything so that then they could advocate for single-payer or some government-run healthcare scheme as a “solution”, they are making the tests bad on PURPOSE so that people will flock to these “personalized learning” vendors as a “solution”.

I received the following replies:

Hmmm, well I know several parents that do their child’s iReady for them at home. It’s excruciating. So much for their personalized learning.

well you are not alone in your belief and i woudprobably say this is almost fact

and parcc is already going by the wayside replaced by pearon’s revamped CBE tests

Nailed it!

Florida will replace the FSA with the SAT for high school graduation accountability. It’s ridiculous.


LGBTQP sensitivity training in CA? Yikes!

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

I wanted to post about an experience I had today, attending a school program at the Arts Magnet school where my kindergarten granddaughter goes. Each class did a piece of history and in each I noted the nuances of progressive propaganda. Can’t go through all of them, but the costumes and songs they sang reflected a politically correct, revisionist view of history. It began highlighting an inspiring array of Native American dancing and songs. A few early settlers costumes were seen but seemingly just a token visual of their existence with no skit depicting anything they experienced or contributed.

The 4th graders dressed up in Civil War era costumes. Black students were chosen to wear Yankee attire, and a female student wore the highest ranking officer’s uniform. White students were given Confederate outfits (no exceptions here) and there were many more students in Yank vs Confederate costumes, indicating that it could have been more evenly depicted but I’m guessing they wouldn’t put any black student in a Confederate uniform. They also did a skit about slavery clothed in the expected garments and sang a little ditty about the way of life in that era, staged with cotton branches laying about.

5th graders did a thing on the “Great Depression” and carried crafty signs with ‘Hooverville” emblazoned on them, dressed in roaring 20’s attire, dancing to a song ending with them all falling down on the floor, depicting the crash of ’29. The signs clearly sent a subtle but obvious message that Hoover’s administration was responsible. Truth and facts tell us that Woodrow Wilson and his Fed Reserve were the catalyst along with other collateral damage that ensued.

There was not an American flag to be seen in the auditorium although they did sing a song about being Americans. I noted on one wall there was a poster about a learning segment spent on “Liberty and American DEMOCRACY”. They’ve been calling our Republic that for 50 + decades now, and few actually know the difference, nor have they likely ever heard John Adam’s quote: “Democracy… while it lasts is more bloody than either aristocracy or monarchy. Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There is never a democracy that did not commit suicide”

Lots of other historical ‘slants’ I noted in the 2 hour program were so tenuous, I won’t go into them but I was thinking to myself, “I’ll bet the teachers don’t know any different. They were probably indoctrinated the same way”. Then I thought of all the schools around the country doing the same and how the art of liberal brainwashing inculcated through such gradual, entertaining means, seems ‘too big to fail’ at this point. I don’t know how we can turn this around given all that is going on now in the entire scope of education, not to mention the broken immigration system. It’s overwhelming to think about!

Here is a post from a friend of mine in New York:

Facial recognition software. First in nation.
$4 million from the Smart Schools Bond Act. Yeah the $2 billion dollar bond we opposed. The one we the taxpayers are on the hook for 30 years.

LOCKPORT — The Lockport school district in Niagara County on Monday is poised to become the first educational setting nationally to use facial recognition technology as part of its security system.

Another student suspended for social media posts of firearms:

Judicial tyranny in Iowa protecting evil Planned Parenthood sex ed:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Please inform your friends and family who are parents! Parents feeling badly about their kid getting teased or simply a lack of effort to take time to understand what would be taught made them not opt out and made these kids see and hear things they can’t unhear and unsee.

The Capistrano Unified School District has completed its first week of Comprehensive Sexuality Education instruction. One of the teachers who works at a CUSD middle school shared this report (parenthesis were added to make some things more clear, since letter was redacted to protect this teacher’s identity):

We are one week in on our sex-ed lessons and have some feedback for you.

The number of opt-outs has risen to about 45 or more, total. (There are) new students joining (the opt out class) each day as (students) share the (Sex Ed) discussions at home, or are very uncomfortable with the material.

The students opting out are the really good kids, usually GATE or very high achievers, with traditional families and parents who are involved. But even then, we would have expected many more.

The peer pressure to NOT be singled out by opting out is quite high.

The instruction is still so explicit that most of our students would never have heard of the sexual activities. So, as they leave class you can hear them (saying things like), “I didn’t know you could do that.” Since these thoughts have never crossed the minds of most of our students, the seeds are now planted and there is a LOT of discussion about sex now. Granted, we had small groups of boys who would look at porn regularly on their cellphones, even at school, but this is a very small percentage; same with the idea of sexual activity. A very small number of our students are having or thinking of having sex. But, everyone now has this graphic information and one boy even approached his teacher and told her he was very uncomfortable because the lessons make it seem like he is expected to be having sex now.

One of my nicest girls just opted-out yesterday. She is brilliant and has a great family. I had forewarned my families at Back to School Night and several times during the year with personal emails advising them of the availability of the materials to review, giving them links, meeting dates, etc. and even parents like this one did not look into it until now, midway through, when her daughter came home and asked to be opted out.

At the beginning of the week, the kids were fairly interested, wanting info on how their bodies work, changes, anatomy, etc. But, once this new stuff started being drilled into their heads, especially the how-to parts, the kids started coming into class asking when this was all going to be over. By 40 minutes into the period, the teachers would ask if they had had enough for the day, and the resounding answer was yes! They said they’d rather watch (a movie). The next day … same deal.

I have a Special Ed aide that is a great mom, fabulous values, wonderful relationship with her daughter who is in 8th grade at our school. She knew about everything as we discussed it and I gave her materials all along. She did NOT opt out, I think feeling the peer pressure, and she is in the science classroom during these presentations. She and her daughter were stunned, and this is with expecting the worst.

She is now going over the lessons this weekend to see if she will opt out for next week. This is the obstacle: Most parents just don’t read their emails, investigate for themselves, and let things go. Most parents will not hear the details from their kids and will never know.

As for the teachers, one of them has been breaking out in a rash. The others definitely do not want to be doing this, and we have just one teacher who doesn’t seem to care much.

Next week, sex-ed is about rape, trafficking, and all the rest …

And here are the replies to said post:

My daughter is in 4 th grade and came home upset with what the 5th grade girls had seen and shared. Some of the 5 th grade girls were crying they were so upset and scared by what was shown. It’s a shame!

So on point regarding so many detached parents doing little to no research on what is happening in the classroom. Very sad our beloved teachers are faced with this. Heartbroken for the kids, this curriculum has absolutely stolen their innocence.

It is pornography! The LBGT is pornography! Planned Parenthood advocates murder! Why would you allow a public school to take such control of your children? California lives in a cesspool!

This is nationwide. If you haven’t yet, be ready for the news that it is at your school.

That’s what I thought today when someone asked how many people are thinking about moving out of California. PP goal is to have this insanity go world wide. We must fight for our children and grandchildren! God help us!

Capo district here. This was the last straw for us, we pulled our daughter out after 7th grade. My daughter said, “mom, even if I wanted to learn this stuff now, the last place I’d want to learn about it is in front of these kids. I don’t think I could look at them the same way ever again”. She says there are kids that are sexually active but most kids just want to stay Kids. Wanting to stay a kid is very different from the childhoods of the now adults making these laws. Back then all we wanted to do it get older, do older stuff. This is NOT how the majority of kids feel today. I have observed this through children I interact with and read a study I wish I could provide a link for here. Let them stay children, the time for sex and adult problems will come soon enough. The problem is the parents supporting this are dragging all the innocent children with them. That’s criminal! Make the program optional, after regular learning hours.

And this material is mild compared to the new Framework in California that has been approved by the STATE for the beginning of the year. With NO OPT OUT opportunity.

Sex Ed (which is what this post is referencing) is once in middle school and once in high school and you CAN opt out. What you can not opt out of is the gender lessons (gender identity, gender expression, etc.) that can be woven into any subject like History or Language Arts, K-12th.

This is their plan:
1.) Plant these ideas early
2.) Influence the kids to be hypersexual or at least think that activities such as urine and blood play or multi partners are run-of-the-mil stuff (“Oral sex is like hugging a fried”) ??
3.) Lower the age of consent (so if a 50 year old wants to “date” a minor it’s no longer statutory rape),??
4.) Rebrand from child molester to “minor attracted” and place this group of child molesters under the protected umbrella of LBGTQ
5.) Place PP as a resource, &
6.) Remove parental authority/consent or at least drive a wedge between parent and child by allowing kids to hide trips to PP or perform an abortion…. Do you see how it is all connected?

She is spot on… this is real and is happening right before our eyes…

I want to say that every Capo teacher my daughter has had, with one exception, was amazing. I also know that many do not agree with this sex Ed but have no choice, it’s law.

My son is a 5th grader, we opted out. He said his friends were coming back to class with stomach aches, some feeling like they would throw up. Many said they did not want to hear this information or they said they should not be hearing this until they are in college. Out of the mouth of babes……so sad

those are trauma responses. Those children are being emotionally and mentally violated. Heartbreaking.

What grade are they teaching this in?

depends on your school district. Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE) is mandatory for middle and high school. It is not required for elementary, but it’s permissible (legal). That’s why it is so important that you contact your district curriculum director and make an appointment to go in and check to see how they plan to implement AB329 and SB48. Take someone with you, take photos of anything that is questionable or not age appropriate and keep notes on who you talked with. Also, if you choose to opt your child out of the CSE, contact your school principal, homeroom and Science teacher – in writing. Explain to your child/children why you have taken this step. Good luck..

I opted my daughter out. There were three others in her class who did the same. The children whose parents did not opt out brought up to my daughter several times how uncomfortable they felt and that the whole thing was just weird! As the lessons continued, little by little more students began opting out. I think at first, parents do not realize the vulgarity of it all and once they do they regret having their kids in there in the first place!

Capo family here with an 8th grade daughter. Her school is in the middle of these lessons right now. My daughter was “in” for the first 2 lessons (there are a total of 6 lessons for 8th grade, and 6 different lessons for 7th grade). These first 2 lessons for 8th grade were the most mild topics; I had reviewed all the material. They covered the topic of pregnancy, where they learned about the egg, sperm, fertilization, and a developing baby (fetus) – it actually looks like straight forward stuff like from the “old days” of sex ed. The next four lessons will each have some valid content, but are also tainted with many of the unnecessary topics. I was going to have her opt out of these next lessons anyway, but, I have to share what came out of our discussion tonight. We talked about the first 2 lessons which were the mild lessons with nothing controversial. But, she still felt uncomfortable with the way it was presented. She felt it was presented in such a way that sex was not treated as a private and personal thing. Basically, it was not being treated with the respect it deserved. So, I didnt have to tell her I was going to opt her out of the next lessons, because when I told her SHE could opt out of being in class for the remaining lessons and we could just discuss topics together as a family instead, she said that she definitely wanted to do that. So, SHE will be opting out of the the remaining lessons by HER choice!

Yes! And we parents can still save our kids by teaching them to stand up for themselves in these classes like my classmates and I had to do years ago in my school. Because we as kids stood up to these adults and call it for what it was they stopped teaching it to us. I believe that we need to make sure our kids know they have the power and right to say no and not cave to any vulgar and inappropriate teachings and pressure no matter from who it comes from.

I am so with you on this. It is crucial that they know that they can/and must stand up for what’s right. It’s not just the adults. No matter what the outcome. I always tell them, One person can move mountains and you each be that person to stand up for this blessed country, your faith, your right. Well said!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

No. No. No. No.

The state DISSOLVING a democratically elected local body (a school board) established by federal law and affirmed by multiple Supreme Court decisions is completely, absolutely wrong.


Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:

My 6 year old is a very smart kindergartner. She’s top of her class, but HATES going to school. All we do is work work work, she says. I literally am in tears for her because I hate seeing the dread on her face. When my now 15 year old was in kindergarten it was so different. I just don’t understand how parents can come together during a teacher strike but for education in general I hear crickets. 😭

And here are the replies to this post:

I don’t understand it either. Do the best you can do for your daughter- refuse everything that is killing her spark. Most people don’t understand that California is a social promotion state so absolutely nothing in K-8 matters (except for high school level language and math in 7 & 8 which only counts towards graduation.)

thankfully, we are moving out of state (NV) beginning of next year. Her teacher is great but I can tell he doesn’t like the pressures against him. He actually strongly recommend I have her tested in 2nd grade for the gifted program. I wonder if she just bored, but I know it’s not just that.

Do you work outside of the home? If not, I would pull her out of school since you’re moving out of state anyways. I gave this advice to my neighbor with a Kinder who was also hating school and moving out of state and it was awesome for him. More time with family and more authentic learning at home.

My son strongly dislikes school too. He’s in 5th grade. They never get to play he says … sit, sit, sit. Or are made to run laps instead of having free play or getting recess. No indoor games or activities on rainy days. It’s absolutely disheartening. I feel you.

my cousin is in 4th, never had school issues but now he says he “done”. To the point where my aunt has had to meet with the principal twice this month. He also says his teacher is stressed out because it’s testing time. 😞

Along with mandatory vaccinations, California just completely scares the hell out of me. You question one thing and you get bombarded. It’s a shame.

Omg! 😭This was me exactly 3 years ago! My bright 6 year old daughter told me she hated school because all they do is work work work! She said exactly the same thing!And don’t get me started on all the hw she had after school! Not enough time for gymnastics and sports. It was the hardest decision, but with the support of some knowledgeable parents about academics, I pulled both of my kids out of public school elementary and put them in a local private school with no Common Core curriculum. We may be tight on $$ now but their smiles and desire to go to school and learn are far worth it!

My biggest concern is that a good majority of these poor kids are going to get burnt out way to early and lose interest in going to school all together. What is wrong with this education system? If these kids are getting burnt out in Elementary, just imagine what is going to happen when it’s time for high school, where their education really matters. We will most likely put our kids back in public school again during high school.

I argued this to my husband who likes to just sugar coat things and say we all had homework in kindergarten. Umm NO! When I compare the work she brings home to my now sophomore daughter, it is a drastic difference. At first it started as I miss you I want to be home which is not unusual. Then comments now and then about when will the weekend be here to flat out ugh, I don’t want to go to school every single morning. She tried to be excited but then something will happen like having to miss PE to do work and then all hell breaks loose. Thank God there’s only a few weeks left.

Just heart breaking! I remember my daughter tried to get her grandpa (a Dr) to write her a note that she was sick behind my back. That’s not normal behavior for a bright child, that was a cry for help! It certainly wasn’t normal for her and she never gets sick.

I’m a high school teacher and have taught for 32 years. Probably 99% of us agree with you, but we have little to no power to change things. Parents are the ones with the power; you’re the ones who can effect change! Someone has to be the one to get the ball rolling, though. Raise your concerns at the next PTA meeting. Get other like-minded parents to go with you to a Board of Education meeting. There’s power in numbers! Teachers will support you, but this can’t come from us. Believe me, we don’t like this either. I won’t teach junior English anymore because of how stressful all of the testing is. The first year SBAC testing was added, I got a nasty case of vertigo that left me incapacitated for almost two weeks. If change is going to happen, the best bet is for it to come from parents.

Educrats are always experimenting on children (not talking about teachers, here, but the educational politicians who create this nonsense), it’s just more obvious now. Kids are taught to the test and really aren’t learning much of value. My youngest is graduating high school next month. I home schooled him all the way up to sophomore year, as well as his siblings. We read A LOT of books, which taught history, geography, social studies, etc and we added in science, math, and other subjects. His junior year, I asked him if they were reading any books for his different classes. Nope. Only textbooks, were they are getting mere dry kibble nuggets of “knowledge.”

My 8yo tells me that they are learning Cursive next year. He’s in an elementary school in Oak Park, CA. I’ve had private convos with 2 of the teachers and a principal at this district. They HATE common core, and do all they can to limit the stupid crap in it. Knowing these things gives me hope.

I’m in Agoura. Would you happen to know what math program they use? We use GoMath and its heavily CC aligned. I have a 3rd grader.

I’m feeling your pain right now. My 5th grade son is in the middle of state testing and it’s ruining his confidence and self esteem

Have you all seen the lunches recently? The so called healthy ones? Either a bag with 3 baby carrots or 2 cherry tomatoes and a slice of zucchini and a tub of salsa. Most get thrown out because they aren’t even ripe. Least here in California anyway. Check out the school, seriously folks. These “meals” are the most some kids are getting. Ask your child, the lunches can be a reflection of the education experience.

Here is a report for Illinois by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, a subgroup of the sinister Council for a Strong America. It suggests that by the early childhood push (require kindergarten, more preschool, etc) that kids will be less likely to be criminals if they go through the government’s parent replacement program:

This article here mentions ReadyNation (another member of Council for a Strong America) and Fight Crime: Invest in Kids are pushing this early childhood stuff. It also mentions the early childhood education scheme being one of Pritzker’s top priorities (which it naturally would as he and his partner James Heckman profit off of all of this!)

On a similar note, ReadyNation was kind enough to post this list of about 47 business leaders from Maine trying to push “early childhood education” (read “planned feudal workforce tracking”) there:;%20filename=”ReadyNation%20Maine%20Letter%202019.pdf”)

Here is a post that I found shared in the Florida anti-I-Ready group:

Get to know Jeb’s helpers and profiteers in the school choice movement. Let’s start with Jonathan Hage.

Hage has been in the news recently for running Renaissance charter school in Palm Beach County with a high percentage of unlicensed teachers (…/underpaid-undertrained-un…/1).

Hage’s company Charter Schools USA built a school in my district, so I looked into them a while back. CSUSA works with Summit Construction ( and Red Apple Development (; see map) to build new charter schools. They contribute to the campaigns of FL reform leaders to the candidates and/or to PACs that help elect them. (See CSUSA contributions in 2018, including a $350K contribution to the $1.2 million FL Education Empowerment PAC. Other contributors: John Kirtley, who heads Step Up For Students and American Federation for Children, and Jim Walton, Walton Family Foundation). This PAC spent $1.1 million on school choice marketing in Florida. Bit of trivia: ~$50K went to MVP Strategist owned by a frequent commenter on Gradebook, Shawn R. Frost, in the last half of 2018.)

Hage was founding director of the Florida Charter School Alliance with Miami-Dade’s Judith S. Stein ( and Ignacio Zulueta (Z brothers made millions in real estate and charter school deals;, John Kirtley (founder, Step Up for Students, which manages $1 billion FL Tax Credit Scholarship voucher program), Patty Levesque (CEO of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education); Emilia Fanjul (daughter of Pepe Fanjul, Fanjul Bros., a sugar and real estate conglomerate that expanded into charter schools around 2000; Current board of directors:

Hage was Director of Research for Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future (Foundation for Excellence in Education) where he worked on education, tax and welfare policy reform. He served on multiple boards including Broward County’s Charter Task Force and the State of Florida’s Charter Review Panel appointed by the Senate President. He also assisted in the early development of the first charter school in Florida, the Liberty City Charter School, a collaboration between Jeb Bush and T. Willard Fair, President of the Miami Urban League (source: Bloomberg).

A 2012 Florida Trend article, describes his Tallahassee charter schools:

“Governor’s Charter Academy, a $11.4-million public school that opened in August with 515 students in grades K-6.

The school was designed to be tour-friendly. Classrooms have glass walls, microphones and speakers so that someone standing outside the room can see and hear what’s going on inside. The principal can observe a teacher in action, for example. And a disruptive student removed from the class can still hear a lesson while sitting in the hallway. Sixth-graders learn on iPads, and teachers use Apple TVs and laptops.

‘We designed things here that we thought would be innovative,’ says Jonathan Hage, CEO of Fort Lauderdale-based Charter Schools USA, which built and manages the school.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, political science, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Master’s degree, liberal studies with a focus on economics and public policy, Georgetown University.

Family: Proposed to his wife atop the Washington monument. He had known her since the third grade. Sherry Hage now works at Charter Schools USA as chief academic officer.”

Looks like Colorado passed the evil sex ed bill:

Here is a wise post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

STOP. Just stop. Stop letting people tell you what you can opt your child out of and what you cannot. Almost every other post in this group mentions something like “I was told I can opt my child out of the Sex Ed portion but not the Gender Ed (or LGBTQ) portion.” STOP. Stop giving YOUR power as a parent away to the state. If you can’t move out of state, if you can’t afford private school, if you can’t or don’t want to homeschool – and your only choice left is to keep your child in traditional public school – then STOP. Stop letting other people tell you what is right for your child. I’m still undecided about my children’s educational choices, so I’ll share with you my thoughts on the matter… If I keep my kids in traditional public school I will (and in many ways already have): 1. Be 100% informed and involved in your local school district and in your child’s school. 2. Make yourself known to the principal, assistant principal, nurse, health clerk, teacher, teacher’s aides… anyone who may come in contact with your child or who may make decisions for your child in your absence. 3. Make your wishes known REGARDLESS of the AB329 law in person (conference) and in writing. Have a letter drawn up and put in your child’s cum folder. Make copies for everyone. 4. Meet your PTA President and explain why your school’s PTA should be a PTO instead. (PTA was/is a supporter of AB329.) 5. LOOK AT EVERY BOOK, WORKBOOK, etc., especially in the upper grades. Don’t let your local school district fool you into thinking their curriculum choices are benign. Last May, I checked out all materials (from the middle school’s library) that my incoming 6th grader would be learning from, and I took pictures of anything concerning. Doing this will give you an advantage, of sorts, to be prepared for the “Mrs. So-and-So, when do you plan to teach about Harvey Milk?” talk. 6. Have CONSISTENT discussions with your child’s teacher(s) and request that he/she email you their syllabus and weekly updates, including books to read, worksheets to complete, and tests/quizzes to take. (Many upper grades teachers post this information on their class websites.) If you notice that a certain objectionable topic will be taught on a certain day, KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME. And don’t pander to the teacher… “What can my child do to make-up this assignment?” Don’t give the teacher that much power. 7. Talk to your child, over and over again, about his/her rights in school. If your child expresses discomfort related to his/her physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health, your child has the right to GET OUT OF CLASS and go to the office/nurse (your child should then contact/call you immediately). No teacher can force your child to read, listen to, or watch ANYTHING that is objectionable to you or to your child. Don’t just have this discussion once with your child… this needs to be a scripted response in case your child’s teacher tries to teach something that is completely unaligned with your belief system. 8. Network, network, network. Talk to other parents in your community. This one’s been hard for me, because even in my conservative community I get a lot of “crickets” from friends – I assume they think this could NEVER happen in our school district. 9. Pass out IPOC flyers (on public property, not school property) and attend IPOC meetings. 10. Opt your children out of state testing. 11. STOP voting for Democrats!!!

AGAIN… don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t opt your child out of questionable and/or objectionable material! Contact attorney Nada Higuera for pro bono advice, if needed.

And some replies to this post:

EXACTLY my thoughts!!! Thank you for taking the time to type this! It’s all about staying in constant communication with our children and teachers! Ultimately the teachers will be the ones making choices for their classrooms. ❤️🙏👐

I would add: If your child’s class uses computers or iPads, opt them out of all digital lessons or deny permission to use electronics in the classroom. Too much data is gathered and safety filters on these devices are not adequate. There could also be assignments that you, as the parent, will never see because they never come home. Anything online can always be printed to be completed on paper and brought home.

Some parents shy away from pulling their kids out because of fear of violation of truancy laws. Or something “serious” like that. But what if the worst happened and a parent were cited and it was taken to court and the WHOLE ISSUE became a matter of a public trial and/or lawsuit? I can’t think this is anything the Dept. of Ed. wants to get out into the public domain. God forbid some parent should get persecuted in this way, but the state has just as much to fear from publicity. Parents should keep this in mind when they confront the school system. As [name redacted] has said, we don’t have to act like the slaves of Sacramento.

Loving your neighbor as yourself means you will protect your neighbor kids and all the kids of California by fighting in the voting booth, staying engage, sharing this info with people (even when they don’t get it and give you a five mile stare) and fight like crazy at the state level too. Kids are worth it. Every single one of them.

I am so surprised by the cricket responses from my conservative friends. Everyone has the wool pulled over their eyes and doesn’t think this stuff is real.

I’m experiencing the same thing only in another realm – people who should care, don’t. I’ve noticed that at the slightest challenge in life, some people just pull the blanket over their heads. I think, wow, if you can’t even stand up to something like this, how will you ever stand up to larger injustices, as people throughout history have had to do?

Agree. I tell people in person about this all and they mostly respond with “hmmm”. Meanwhile I am getting heart palpitations every time I read posts on this group.
It’s all very sad.

Finally! A voice of reason. Stop asking permission and start laying down expectations. It’s a state/school/district, not a legal guardian or parent. We tell them, they don’t tell us. When we stop with our expectations and thinking for ourselves in the best interests of our kids is when we become sheep. We are NOT sheep! We are NOT complacent!

Great post and you are right saying about the crickets from parents. In fact I got laughed at when I showed one parent what the sex ed material contains. She laughed and said the school would never teach anything like it and that my source is basicaly full of crap. Some parents are in denial and fully trust the schools. That is how we were programmed!

The denials are pretty scary, to me more scary than the curriculum itself. I say this because this curriculum, as bad as it might seem to us it’s not the final step. Much more to come. Each time they roll something out they want to see how much people are aware and each time full grown adults are blind to it, they are more embolden. This is why seemingly it’s “gotten so bad” but not really, it’s been in the works for a long time.

I came from a country where this madness was being implemented in national level
We prayed a lot
We went to streets
We made so much noise
The President (communist) was impeached, the curriculum was banned, and now things are way better
We need to do more noise
These politicians care a lot about votes and media attention

Where are you from?


I would add (to my original post): if you can be a substitute teacher or a volunteer in your district (specifically in your child’s school), that will help the cause. You will teach multiple subjects in many different classrooms. You will network with other parents and will get to know every teacher in your child’s school. You will have more support from the teachers, staff and administration because you, in turn, supported them when they needed someone to cover their classes or when they needed help with volunteering. I am very much a presence on my kids’ school campuses. Teachers and staff know that I am there to help and to give support, but that I also expect respect and support in return.

We have to protect our children – that’s number one, without a doubt. Usually I don’t understand people who deny reality, but, I do understand being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do. Most parents have full time jobs, some more stressful than others, are single or have unsupportive spouses, and are frankly just trying to get through each day meeting their responsibilities. Now along comes a perversion laden leftist indoctrination curriculum that threatens their tenuous balance in daily life. It would be tempting to look at that and say “maybe it’s not that bad.” Unfortunately, it IS that bad! [name redacted], all your advice in theory is great! But I’m thinking – the mothers who have the time to substitute teach or hang out at the school are probably not holding down a job outside the home and are in the best position to homeschool. Mothers who can’t homeschool because they must work full time are the same mothers who can’t spend time at the school. It is really a terrible situation with no easy answers and certainly no single answer that suits all. Everyone has to figure out what they are going to do to protect their children from this crap, but the first step is to acknowledge that there’s a serious problem that needs dealing with.

this is why everyone with any bandwidth must engage. We need to be an army fighting at the top down and cheering each other on. It’s truly a war for the hearts and minds of the next generation!

There’s the checkmate.
Step 1: Convince women they don’t need no man (1970-1980). Glorify single motherhood through media (ie: Murphy Brown).
Step 2: Marginalize men, fathers, husbands in media (1990-2000). Eventual decline in family unit (Phase 1).
Step 3: Keep raising taxes so both parents (if there is even both parents) must work.
Step 4: Increase population but don’t improve infrastructure causing more and more traffic – working parents are drained so they don’t have enough resources to properly raise children (Phase 2).
Step 5: Infiltrate schools.
Step 6: Parents you’re looking pretty stressed financially, mentally, and emotionally there – don’t worry we’ll take care of your kids. Thanks. We got it from here. (Phase 3).

I agree! I was told by a teacher once “you as the parent are the best advocate for your children” I talked to the teacher if that did not work I talked to the principal and the science teacher! I also spoke to the school district superintendent a couple of times if I was not happy with the direction things were going at school for my child. I got to know everyone in the front office, secretaries, school nurses, volunteers, crossing guards, janitors etc., be involved and listen to your kids.

Absolutely. As a former public school teacher I see how many parents don’t know their powers and rights and just take whatever teachers and schools say as the word of god. Stand up for your kids. Go to the office, write emails to the teachers and principals. Make your face and presence known and make them all uncomfortable! They don’t like that and will be more likely to work with you. You have the power as parents. Unfortunately, the more kids who pull out of the public school system the better…and that is probably the strongest message to send to the state—but I know not everyone can do that. If you can find a way to pull out if things don’t go your way and get bad enough, do it. The best way to hurt the public schools is by pulling their money from them. Even for a year or two as this stuff goes through. If they see that they might be more likely to make changes to the curriculum and these laws…but it’s doubtful. It’s hard to go back once something has been done. I never in a million years thought I’d want to homeschool but I’m feeling more and more forced into it these days.

Omg I LOVE YOU! Iam In OR & I do this EXACT same thing! Every week Iam putting out small fires !!!BUT I do not care I will be in charge .

Love this and love this group!! We have recently lived this in our district (RUSD) with a new principal to our school, community & district. She has overstepped her boundaries with this mama 100%
I’ve had to talk with my 11 Y/O about her rights and given her instruction to walk out of class,our teacher is in a rough spot because she loves her students and this principle has not even been open with her staff or communicated with them 😟
Many parents have contacted the district with our concerns, most of them about how our children no longer feel safe and supported by administrators. Our particular issue is regarding AB1266 where any student who identifies with an opposite sex, can & will be able to use facilities (including but not limited to the restrooms & locker rooms) regardless of the sex listed on that students enrollment. Our district has no actual plan to protect the “UN” protected-class & these kids are feeling neglected, their emotional distress is at a never before seen high. The mental health of the entire school body is not even being discussed over fear of being sued by one student. It’s a whole mess of things….I found this group by chance and boy am I grateful for it ❤

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group from someone from the oak park district:

My school has officially approved “Gender Identity Curriculum” for K-5. I cannot opt out. This is essentially a “welcoming school”. Is there any way I can fight this? Can I get a religious exemption for my kid? HELP?? (I know I can leave, but I’d want to fight this).

And another post from this group:

I think something funny is going on with AMAZON! I mean, any parent who reads these books (based on recommended age range) would NOT be ok with the material and how it’s presented. So how the heck can all these positive reviews be written? I have attached links to all these books….just look at the reviews! ?? I SEEN these books today and skimmed through and I felt like ??!! I can show pics in comments if needed of the content material but it’s pretty explicit. I do notice none of the amazon reviews had at least 1 page to show of this book… I feel like buying them just to post MY review and snapshot of pics but 1- I DO NOT want to support these people and 2- my review might not get published because I want to show that this is straight up pedophilia/pornography! I know every parent has their way of speaking to their children but I do not think these reviews are legit. Do you?

It’s perfectly normal-

What’s happening to my body (boys)-

What’s happening to my body (girls)-

Sex is a funny word-

S.e.x. The-all-you-need-to-know-sexuality-guide-to-get-you-through-your-teens-and-twenties-

And here is a reply to this post:

I agree. I believe the reviews are staged. Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other big tech firms have agreed to use algorithms to support the UN’s sexual rights agenda (The UN and Planned Parenthood worked hand in hand to create the Comprehensive Sexuality Framework and to nationalize online curriculum). See the big tech groups’ support of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Artificial Intelligence Principles. The Principles are backed by groups like the anti-family, anti-Christ Southern Poverty Law Center.
Parents don’t seem to realize that these big tech firms worked with the Obama Administration to nationalize K-12 assessments—to control local curriculum. These Amazon reviews are similar to the curriculum reviews that teachers are starting to get for online curriculum, ie; “Use this curriculum to help your students get the best test scores.” They are training (propagandizing) teachers to groom children as sexual rights activists.

I was looking up StriveTogether (a group that appears to be nearer the root of all of this corporate crony rot) and “kindergarten readiness”. Interestingly, I found this 29 community partnership with these groups for birth to three work.

I found these groups tied to it. Furthermore, thanks to the kind article they posted, I found these 29 commmunities tied to whatever this partnership is.

National Association of Counties
National League of Cities
Center for the Study of Social Policy
National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ)
Pritzker Children’s Initiative (PCI)
Sorenson Impact Center, housed at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business

Center for the Study of Social Policy

Boston, Massachusetts
Denver, Colorado
Guilford County, North Carolina
Los Angeles County, California
Kent County, Michigan
Multnomah County, Oregon
Orange County, California
Onondaga County, New York
Ventura County, California
Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida

National Association of Counties

Boone County, Missouri
Champaign County, Illinois
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Pierce County, Washington
Ramsey County, Minnesota
Washington County, Virginia
Watauga County, North Carolina
Tarrant County, Texas

National League of Cities

Austin, Texas
Baltimore, Maryland
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Cleveland, Ohio
Denver, Colorado
Minneapolis, Minnesota

National Institute for Children’s Health Quality (NICHQ) and StriveTogether

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Memphis, Tennessee
Norwalk, Connecticut
Salt Lake City, Utah
Spartanburg County, South Carolina
Tucson, Arizona

I found another group with all of the same players as above and then some! I found it by trying to look up connections between StriveTogether and Child Trends. This group here appears to have both of those two entities involved. Both the NCIT and the partnership above are involved in birth to three work.

Found a birth to 8 thing that appears to be tied to the Build Initiative, one of the partners of the NCIT. I already knew Build Initiative was Gates funded, as, apparently, was this report here:

Here is a NCIT and Child Trends document that I found:

Found this too:

Found this Child Trends report mentioned in a Data Quality Capaign page:

Found this from Data Quality Campaign, a Gates-funded group. In particular, they mentioned this about the report (above) from Child Trends:

“Last year, Child Trends released an extremely compelling summary of research on what they called “integrated student supports (ISS)” that illustrated why it matters that data belong to and follow students, and not get stuck within bureaucratic silos. These “ISS” initiatives—sometimes called community schools or collective impact networks—prioritize similar strategies: they carefully assess individual students’ needs and coordinate with trusted community partners to get those needs met. They take a whole-child perspective and are rigorous about using data as the currency for communicating with each other and with families about what’s working, what isn’t, and what’s next.

What Child Trends’ analysis confirmed is that these strategies are powerful—consistently increasing the attendance, reading and math achievement, grade completion, and overall GPA of students—and that they are worth the public and private dollars we spend on them.

It would be a no-brainer to expand these strategies if it weren’t also so difficult. And a central difficulty for most of these communities is how to share and use data: how to ask the right questions, empower educators to act on the answers, and use FERPA as a guide for safely sharing data rather than as an excuse for locking it away.

DQC is very proud to have partnered with StriveTogether this year to create a new set of resources to help communities tackle this challenge head-on. We structured these resources around seven principles that our organizations have seen work again and again, in communities across the country to help schools and their partners create the kind of student supports that Child Trends’ report endorsed. And because we know that schools need partners they can trust, we helped to advise StriveTogether’s terrific set of student data privacy best practices for nonprofits and community-based organizations.”

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex group:

This is what San Juan Unified School District is doing to us, the parents. I just received a letter from them about MANDATORY orientation for sexual education class. The letter was received on 5/30/2019, dated 5/20/2019 but actually sent by them on the 5/28/2019, as you can see on the postage/envelope. It informs me that my child is already enrolled in this class and the orientation is MANDATORY. Also, it tells me that I can examine the instructional materials on 5/30/2019 from 3:00 to 4:00 PM, by appointment. Also, they tell me that if I don’t want my student to participate in Comprehensive sexual health or HIV prevention education in summer school to provide a written notice by 5/30/2019. The letter by itself is very confusing about options and due dates. It doesn’t give you time to call them and ask questions about the program. THIS is outrageous. They don’t give us time to review the material or to even write them a message by the due date set by them. You can read the letter by yourself.


Bottom up resistance wins again!

Here is a post that was shared in the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Here’s “Woody” – the condom demonstrator, starting in the 8th grade. Maybe it would be better named as the “Weber.”


Here is a post that I found shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Flocabulary – first time I’ve ever heard of this, yet it is evidently permeating the public schools. Parents, you must WATCH this short video, but I must WARN you, that it’s vulgar and horrific – sadly, it’s what’s being taught to innocent children. If you haven’t been convinced to pull your kids out of public school, this just might be the straw that breaks your camel’s back!

I agree with this article:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:


Dr. Walter Ralston Intermediate School – Garden Grove, CA🔥🔥

Will be teaching Sex Ed TODAY in Social Studies. Apparently, they started yesterday.

Parents are saying they didn’t know! Parents said school told them emails when out. School told ME they sent letters. PULL YOUR KIDS NOW!!

Amd another post from this group:

Got this from one teacher

I work in a large urban school district (in Senator Pan’s district actually). Last week I had to attend an “equity training” where we were informed of new policies our board just adopted for our district. Some goodies include:

  1. A gender fluid student must be allowed to use whichever restroom “they” choose, based upon whichever gender “they” identify with on any given day. If one day “they” identify as male they use the boys bathroom…if the next day “they” identify as female “they” can use the girls restroom. And we are not allowed to question this or stop it because we don’t have a right to pry into their confidential gender equity rights.
  2. Repeat above for locker rooms
  3. (This one’s my personal favorite) If a student wishes to be known as a preferred name and gender, and chooses to have their gender changed in our database we have to honor that. The new name and gender (or non gender) will be entered and the “dead” name and gender will be noted. To not address a student as they choose is discrimination. When a student makes this change two student IDs will be issued, one with the dead name and one with the new name. A student does not have to have parental permission nor a legal name change for us to honor this…(and here’s my favorite part)…. We can NOT notify the parents/guardians unless the student requests it!!!! Can NOT tell parents!!! This is regardless of age. This is not just for students 18 and up this is for all students, right down to Kinder (and K-2 is where I’m seeing the most gender confused kids in my district btw). So we have to address kids by a name their parents didn’t give them, create IDs in these non legal names, and remember to use the kiddos dead name when calling home…and at no point are we allowed to say “Hey Mom and Dad, Suzzie now goes by Bob at school” all because “protecting students confidentiality is our top priority” and “some parents just don’t get it and can’t accept their poor kids for who they are.”

I swear I am living in the Twilight Zone…and I quit the job, next week is my last week in this Matrix.

Heads up in Madison, Wisconsin. Schools there are giving kids transgender indoctrination lessons without parental permission:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Most people who spoke were against the new sex ed. curriculum; District said it was the biggest meeting they’ve ever had; the board approved the curriculum 5 to 2; removing lesson one and one of the approved links.

And here are the replies to this post:

Can you tell us who the two no votes were?

Caudill & Minetto

Incredibly disappointing-HOWEVER-there is victory in the number of parents who showed up and the amazing ACCURATE and truthful info they gave in testimony. WCSD showed tonight that they don’t care about parent voice.

I would have preferred the trustees to have said’ “We have already made up our mind on how we are voting, if you would like to stay and make a comment, please do so” rather than staying for 5 hours to see it through, and end as predicted.

I was there tonight and spoke at the meeting, asking them to vote no.
By far the majority of the people who showed up to the meeting were opposed to the new curriculum. They seemed to be almost at capacity since they needed several overflow rooms.

Time to pull kids out of school!!!! Homeschool

Even if you opted out your kids will be exposed by the kids who don’t opt out.

depends on the activities your children attend. Think about it you would be teaching your children about sex with curriculum of your choosing for support not strangers and their opinions from some government approved curriculum.
And so what if your children run into public school children. It isnt common anyway you would be too busy with socializing at meetups you wouldnt really run into them much.
We hardly see them on our block anyway the past few years have been quiet on our block. the kids must be inside playing on their school issued chromebooks.
We are hiking biking swimming etc.
And when we want to go on a vacation as a family we can. The school isnt dictating when we get up when we can go somewhere or how long we can be ill.
I sm surprised so many families let the school dictate so much of their everyday lives.

They flat out didn’t give a crap that for the first time-Parents flooded the board room and 5 overflow rooms to oppose!

Gear up everyone-this is not over!!! Settle in for the long haul-we are not making this easy on them.

there will be another meeting for lesson one that they are reworking. They didn’t get everything they wanted and now that the door has been opened, they will push for more changes constantly. The vote last night was just for this to be taught to 9th grade. We’ve already been told the vote next time on this will expand it to 9-12 and then lower grades. Parents were AMAZING and it was the biggest turnout ever. We need to keep adding to that turnout.

Disgusting!!! What is evil is good… what is good is evil!!! There is a sin problem and closed eyes and hearts

So Scott Kelly was a yes vote?


I posted in an Ohio anti-Common Core group the following:

Just curious, has anyone in Ohio encountered transgender lessons, stuff about anal sex, oral sex, dental dams (which, apparently, from what I heard from a description of a school pamphlet, appear to be some sort of condom/contraceptive to be used for oral sex in order to reduce STD risk and I didn’t care to investigate further), Planned Parenthood sex ed with referrals to abortion clinics, drag queens, gender pronoun edicts to staff or students sent by the school board or some jerk educrat ruling from on high, any books about same sex couples, transgender kids, etc being read, etc?

I received the following replies:

The Washoe County, NV, school board just passed Chapters 2 through 6 of the curriculum. They have to rework chapter 1. See John Eppolito on FB Protectnevadachildren.

What goes on in Washoe County (Reno) will work it’s way to Clark County (Las Vegas) for another fight. The drag queen came through Las Vegas story time last summer and Boulder City last fall.

Yes. It is everywhere. Cuyahoga County Board of Health (mini California?) strongly promotes these ideas on their webpage and it is in several schools. Six large Columbus school districts are bringing in Syntero for mental health- who has a Lgbt group for teens teaching these ‘inclusive’ topics. Come to Protect Ohio Children meetings that are being held across the state. Go to to register. Ohiovaluevoters has just helped facilitate the cancellation of two drag queen teen only public library events. Next meeting is in Lorain, Ohio this Saturday.

Someone needs to build a “sex wall” on behalf of and for our children!

And yet another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

So, this says materials used by outside speakers must “align” with the liberal “CA Healthy Youth Act.” Yet it doesn’t state that parents may review these materials. It sounds like a loophole that will allow things in that a parent never gets the opportunity to preview and opt out of. I guess we also need to be asking what outside group is speaking, and demand to see their content and lesson plans ahead of time. This sure requires a lot of trust on the parents’ part. I think we need bold parents to keep their kids out and monitor the teaching of the lessons, and share everything publicly!


And some replies to this post:

I told our children if they go to an assembly that is clearly inappropriate that they text me and I will personally go down to the school and take them out of it. The problem is they will most likely be so embarrassed and fear “rocking the boat” that they may not do it.

It’s hard for adults to look different, if we’re honest with ourselves…

When I was young my mom gave us a code word for if we were ever a friend’s house and wanted to be picked up. It was “is Aunt Jennifer there yet?” which would create the excuse to be picked up. Perhaps you could think of something for your children (that might involve a little white lie to their friends) like “my mom has to pick me up early today for xyz”

A must watch!!!!
Protect our Kids Conference, Temecula -watch this on YouTube

Most of the time the “outside speaker” is planned parenthood.

And that is disgusting! I don’t want to think about what is in their printed materials, let alone what they would say to our kids, even beyond the printed filth! 😡

Here is a post by someone from Michigan:

Michigan does NOT require Sex Ed be taught in our schools, yet many do. Parents and communities members need to check what children in your public schools are being exposed to and take a stand. If the School Boards do not eliminate offensive materials, PULL YOUR KIDS OUT!

And some replies to this post:

Public schools are a disaster. They seek first and foremost to undermine Christ in every possible way

Yes, however, we are seeing local districts in WA develop tactics to implement by hosting parent only workgroup meetings with a max of 50-75 parents. SB 5395 will be back with a vengeance in the 2020 state legislative session. A massive opt out of Sex Ed campaign has launched with yard signs in a few districts. It’s also school board campaign season and there are tactics to keep the issue fresh and alive!

Dexter Public Schools are a mess and driven by Leftists and Progressives that call themselves Republicans. Laura Jones in particular.

Michigan parents have the right to pull their student out during reproductive health as well as view the content.

exactly. Tho some report harassment of kids pulled out. Seriously though, why do PreK kids need to hear about gender choice? And why does any kid need diagrams on alternate methods? Sick.

I didn’t see that with my youngest who went through Pre K in KPS..nor in the elementary did they discuss gender choice other then boy/girl (he’s now in 4th grade and just recently completed sex ed at Gull Lake).

Like I said, MI schools are not required to teach sex Ed. Your local boards CAN control this.
By the way, have you looked at Light if Christ Academy at St Ann’s? An excellent NOT Common Core classical curriculum. If you really want your kids well educated, this is an awesome choice!

CSE will get embedded into the curriculum over time.

And another post from her:

Local school districts have been aggressively marketing this “Shared Time Services” program to local private schools. First, how does this program survive the Blaine Amendment? Manpower instead of money to religious schools? Second, the program is a net revenue producer for public schools. As a taxpayer, I consider it fraud. Teachers hired into the public schools NOT teaching public school kids. Pupil-teacher ratios are a lie. And finally, these teachers must be MI certified, ie Common Core indoctrinated and not necessarily aligned to the values and morals of the private school. Another example of how “the state” is using money to get THEIR way. We should ALL oppose this charade.

And yet another post from her:

Parents, See what is happening in public schools. This is NOT the exception! Even if you are an atheist, this should outrage you!

“As a Christian and 11th-grader at La Plata High School in Maryland, Caleigh Wood was taught that “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.” She was also required to profess in writing, the Islamic conversion creed, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Ms. Wood believed that it is a sin to profess by word or in writing, that there is any other god except the Christian God. She stood firm in her Christian beliefs and was punished for it. The school refused her request to opt-out or give her an alternative assignment. She refused to complete her anti-Christian assignment and consequently received a failing grade.”

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Does anyone know about Modern States classes? It says it’s a series of on-line classes for free to prep students to take CLEP tests and AP exams. I’m wondering how influenced they are by Common Core ideas.

“Modern States, the New York-based charitable organization behind the effort, has funded production of online courses taught by college professors. The courses prepare students for introductory College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams in Economics, Sociology, Algebra, and other areas. “

And some replies to this post:

Two of the named people are Steve Klinsky and David Vise. Does anyone know anything about them connected to Common Core “values”?

Judging from this article, they are solely focused on Common Core-aligned test prep. It’s a corrupt system that simultaneously profits the College Board and data investors—while narrowing curriculum around Common Core. ASU is THE model for reforming college courses to Common Core and they are partners in this program.
Word to the wise: If something is “free”, there is always a catch.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

This is coming quickly to Monroe County as leftist agitators mobilize a small but loud group of Urban/Suburban families to accuse suburban schools of institutional racism. (Without FACTS or proof BTW).

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

This is a huge breach. Excellent job reporting, Ann Costantino.
“It is unknown how long the records have been open to thousands of students and employees and whether there was a larger scale breach of the data.
The Baltimore Post reached out to an information technology contact at Baltimore County schools on Wednesday night prior to publishing this story. The contact confirmed that the error stemmed from a “share all” function on Microsoft Office 365 and a search bar that permitted any user to search for any subject – without restriction. Microsoft and the district have since fixed the error and are working to identify other areas of concern on the platform.
Along with student projects and staff presentation materials, records detailing some student assessment scores for PARCC, MAP and PSAT have been available for anyone with a log-in and password, which includes 114,00 students and thousands of teachers and staff members. Some information – such as PARCC assessment scores – were modifiable, although official scores are kept behind a firewall, according to a district employee.
Detailed personal student discipline, suspension and special education plan data were also open for view, along with some special education referral letters and emails. Medical information for some students and staff members, as well as all student contact information were also open for viewing.
In some cases, students’ home addresses and official student identification numbers were also available for examination. Additionally, some staff meeting notes and specific details from some Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings on student and family history were also available…”
Schoology COSN TLE privacy seal BCPSbreach

And another post from this group:

Great Start for All Minnesota Children Act: Short-Term Battles Won; Long-Term Battles Remain. Summary of the 2019 legislative session regarding HF 1 in particular. Great Start initiatives are found not only in the Education Omnibus, but also Health & Human Services, Higher Education and Jobs Omnibus.

Big policy (statutory law) changes did NOT happen for which MACC is tremendously grateful to the Senate there. However, expanded funding for Home Visits and Early Learning Scholarships did The ELS are the vehicle for the HF 1 Birth to 3 initiative which equals free or nearly-free childcare for All. The legislature moves forward with Great Start via incremental funding expansion.

Here is a post from someone on Alice Linahan’s wall, which also quotes her:

Once again, Texas is in the forefront. Have you ever wondered why all the media uses the same language, and subtly changes the language as your ears become accustomed. Start listening for mental health to be tied to threat assessment. Think about the 50 identically designed SLDS. Think about evidence based policy making. Realize, our state like the other 49, is slated to provide documented mental health to our students through a school psychiatric wrap around. And now, at the federal level, each citizen will be provided a mental health threat assessment. Only in America does the population give up their freedom so easily.

Thanks Alice Linahan

All in coordination with the State level SB 11!!
The P-20W system of control is locking in place like a set of gears.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

America’s schools are hastily erecting a massive digital surveillance infrastructure, often with little regard for either its effectiveness or its impact on civil liberties.

Social media monitoring companies track the posts of everyone in the areas surrounding schools, including adults. Other companies scan the private digital content of millions of students using district-issued computers and accounts. Those services are complemented with tip-reporting apps, facial-recognition software, and other new technology systems.

Florida offers a glimpse of where it all may head: Lawmakers there are pushing for a state database that would combine individuals’ educational, criminal justice, and social-service records with their social media data, then share it all with law enforcement.

Or companies like Securely….

Securly also began offering “sentiment analysis” of students’ social media posts, looking for signs they might be victims of cyberbullying or self-harm.
In 2016, the company expanded that analysis to students’ school email accounts, monitoring all messages sent over district networks. It also created an “emotionally intelligent” app that sends parents weekly reports and automated push notifications detailing their children’s internet searches and browsing histories, according to a presentation delivered at the conference.
Then, in 2017, Securly also began monitoring all that information for potential signs of violence and attacks. It added a tip line, plus a layer of 24-hour human review of flagged threats schools can opt into.

Florida law directs new office to “coordinate with the Department of Law Enforcement to provide a centralized integrated data repository and data analytics resource to improve access to timely, complete, and accurate information.”
Work on the new repository has already begun. According to the law, data sources must include, at a minimum, the state’s departments of Children and Families, Law Enforcement, and Juvenile Justice; local law enforcement agencies; and “social media.”

Here is a link that my friend shared:

Click to access five_steps_child_advocates_can_take_to_expand_access_to_state_data_1.pdf

Here is another post from her:

Project Unicorn / ISTE Summit in Philly.

June 23rd.

Thank you for registering for ISTE’s inaugural Vendor Summit!
The Summit will be held Sunday, June 23, 12:00-2:30 p.m.

The event will kick off with a special guest speaker, followed by a series of panel discussions and a closing reception for networking and discussion. More details and agenda will be sent to registrants closer to the event.

See you in Philadelphia!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

GOVERNOR ABBOTT has signed SB11 giving the state access to collect private personally identifiable data, monitor, and provide state intervention into your child’s mental health! Their access point? Your children’s school. Much like at the federal level, our politicians are using a crisis to impose more control.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

We need to do better. We need to support the good members on our State School Board. We are all busy with our lives & a thousand other things, but they cannot stand against national standards alone. We all need to do better.

Go back & watch the meeting today & you will see why.

And here are the replies to this post:

How do we do better? There is so much going on all of the time that we have to watch. How do we know when to write the board members? I feel like I’m sinking in all that I have to watch. It’s difficult to keep up.

I feel the same, it is really hard, but I also feel that we failed & left it all on the shoulders of a few. I think we can do better at posting when to write in this group, that’s the easy part, but the problem is we’re strapped so thin, we can’t help people understand what to write. That has to be on them to study. We just need more people actively involved again.


The meeting is still going, so you won’t be able to go back & watch until it ends, but you will be able to find it here:

When I’ve gone, I can’t see that it’s made any difference. I don’t mean to sound jaded, truly. I’ve gone, I’ve prepared remarks, I even requested a hearing. I’ve never seen a group of parents make any difference in a board’s decision in the six years I’ve been paying attention and trying to give input. So sorry to sound so discouraged. I just see that board as another impervious government entity who’s forgotten whom they work for. 😦

I can understand that too. I think I’m going to switch my thinking & instead look it as supporting my friends. They can stand & say parents don’t want national standards (or any other issue that’s brought up), but unless the other board members are also hearing from a lot of parents, they won’t believe them. It might not change their minds, but at least it will give the good members some proof, some kind of back up when they need it. The last fight with the health standards was really discouraging, the science standards seemed a hopeless cause, but I just watched amazing women fight for everything I care about while I did nothing, so I’m going to try not to do that again, no matter how daunting it seems. We’re all tired, we’ve been doing this for a long time & this isn’t the only issue we care about, so it is very difficult.

It’s difficult! And this makes me want to cry. I’ve attended school board meetings in CA and then here. So few parents cared and school board members seemed unconcerned. And the opposition seems to be a few steps ahead.

The article may claim that they were just talking nice ways to fight racism, but Shannon Joy has told us on her show that ROC 2 Change is actually a race baiting group:

Here is the ROC 2 Change site:

As you can see, these guys have been at the following New York school districts:

Spencerport Central School District
Brighton Central School District
Churchville-Chili School District
?Brockport Central School District
Rochester City School District
Greece Central School District
Penfield Central School District
West Irondequoit Central School District

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:


Per Karen Bracken:
This article is critically important for all parents in every state to read. PLEASE take the time to read what is being shared. She knows what she is talking about. I have many good friends in TX that have been fighting this legislation and today the Governor of TX signed SB11 into law. Texas is the first but they will not be the last. THIS is exactly what ESSA was all about. It never was an education bill. It always was a mental health bill. What better way to control how our future generations think, what they believe, their attitudes and dispositions than to control their mental health. These programs will make healthy people believe they are sick. Especially if they refuse to conform. I pray that this is the straw that breaks the backs of our parents and makes them see that public school and charters and soon private school too (via vouchers) are not safe for your children. It is time for parents to do some real soul searching and do whatever it takes to protect their kids. The only answer at this point is to get your kids out of the system. If you want to you will find a way, if not you will find an excuse. Public schools are no longer about academics. They are all about changing the world view of future global citizens.

And another post from her:

Take a listen. Learn some truth about education.

And yet another post from her:

Pearson a humanitarian hoax. And TN just hired them to create our children’s assessments. There are many very good, informative links in this article. CALL GOVERNOR LEE’s OFFICE. Tell him we do not want Pearson in our state. 615-741-2001

And yet another post from her:

This applies to charters in ALL states not just FL. They are a business and the bottom line is their priority and no manner of denial by those pushing charters can change the facts. Charters and vouchers is how they will privatize education which IS the real agenda.

And yet another post from her:

This all sounds great but how will this team address the fact that all the books published today, GED, SAT, ACT and the international PISA are all aligned to Common Core standards? How will this team address the ESSA plan FL had approved by DeVos and the threat of losing federal funds for not adhering to ESSA? Common Core aligned standards are codified into federal law because of ESSA. Common Core is global. It was implemented, under the tutelage of Sir Michael Barber (Pearson), in such a way that it cannot be undone. This is why they aligned all the books and tests (GED, ACT, SAT, PISA). There is so much more to this story. Barber and Pearson’s goal is to support and infiltrated the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals/UN 2030 Agenda which DeVos openly supports) in all education (indoctrination) and they are winning. The big picture is much deeper than the standards. I remain skeptical and it would be wise for others not to be falsely blinded into thinking the problem will be solved by changing Florida’s standards.

And yet another post from her:

What does Pearson, the Middle East, Tennessee and Governor Haslam all have in common???

Now we can add Governor Lee to the list.

Pearson has been hired to write assessments for TN. PARCC hired Pearson a long time ago to write their assessments so in essence we have PARCC back in our state. Pearson is a foreign company with a globalist platform. Pearson wants to own ALL aspects of education across the entire world. they are in bed with Bill Gates, UNESCO, AIR, PARCC, IMS Global just to name a few.

CALL GOVERNOR LEE AND TELL HIM we do not want Pearson in Tennessee. 615-741-2001

And yet another post from her:

So now they are rebranding tests just like they rebranded the Common Core standards. Bottom line……only the name changes and parents should be happy about this??? So NJ still has Common Core and PARCC just some new names. 4 tests or 6 tests Common Core and PARCC is not good for education.

And yet another post from her:

Whether President Trump understood this or not the fact remains Opportunity Zones which have been pushed by this President and his tax cut policies truly has benefitted the rich and famous and also has promoted UN Agenda 21 (2030 Agenda). There apparently was a lot left unsaid to the public about tax cut legislation and what was included in the Jobs Act part of it.

Here is a post (by Lynne Davenport) shared by Karen Bracken:

Education and workforce are two separate things. After nearly a decade of serving unemployed people in Dallas, I know this to be true. We can’t skip over the necessary basics of knowledge and learning to satisfy the needs of business interests. A solid education can be the ticket to lifelong employment. Employers needs skills and trained workers but not at the expense of academic learning for the individual.

Eric Johnson is talking about appointing a workforce czar if elected on June 8. What does that mean? Listen to the audio from his meet & greet with Dallas elite:

Cato Institute’s Neal McClusky warned about a workforce czar after Trump’s attempt to merge the Department of Education and the Dept of Labor last summer:

“We cannot trade in education and labor secretaries for a new workforce czar, and that appears to be either the goal of creating a Department of Education and the Workforce, or at least its likely outcome. And it’s tied to this idea that everything should be run “like a business.”…/upon-further-review-do…

This is a bipartisan effort that dates back to the 90s:

“Marc Tucker, author of the infamous Dear Hillary Letter, and President of NCEE, The National Center on Education and the Economy, has long had a vision of transforming American education into workforce pathways and linked data pathways like those in Switzerland and Germany.

Interestingly, US Secretary of Ed, Betsy DeVos also likes the Swiss education-workforce pipeline and wrote about it, just days prior to the White House announcement of the proposed Ed-Labor merger.…/

Eric tagged the Dallas Regional Chamber in his workforce czar post. Let’s examine the DRC’s role in education and the home rule takeover attempt of 2014:

“Since 2011, Educate Dallas, a PAC backed by the Dallas Regional Chamber (the local Chamber of Commerce), has raised $661,953 in cash on hand for its school board war chest, and the Dallas-based education reform PAC Kids First, led by millionaire tech CEO Ken Barth, has raised $661,616. The majority of their donations come from Dallas’ famous aristocrats, including Barth, Ross Perot, Ray Hunt—an oil heir with a net worth of $5.8 billion—and Harlan Crow, a real estate heir and buddy of Clarence Thomas.”

Here is a post that I found in the California anti-radical sex ed group:

“A major conservative commentator is blowing the whistle on what may be the most extreme push for homosexual indoctrination and forced adherence to pro-LGBTQ ideology ever. On the table is a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives for homosexuality and transgender ideology and even sexual practices to be required teaching in all venues of education:

No exceptions – that means, including in private and religious school settings.

Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate USA, called the “Student Non-Discrimination Act” nothing short of a deceptively named campaign for indoctrinating an entire generation of American children with pro-homosexual propaganda.”

Here is another post from this group:

I live in Iowa. The state visited by everyone who desires to be president. This affords me opportunity to meet every single candidate. Every single democratic candidate believes that government functions as a ‘parent’, the better parent for every child. Every democrat in our state legislature believes the same thing and desires to eliminate parental choice in education. I’m sure this is consistent in USA.
You cannot fix or win this battle by opting out of a sex ed curriculum since these government approved beliefs are woven into each subject. Textbooks have inserted political values into the books our students must use in classes. Online versions permit minute by minute ‘updates’. Geography has become a cultural study of equal rights and minimum wage rather than rivers and mountains. History is revised to approve and glorify leaders of socialist agendas that ‘failed but they meant well’ scenarios. Don’t get me started on literature choices used in middle schools. Parents, we must opt out of government controlled corporate education now or we will lose another generation to the distorted perversions seen in gender fluidity discussions with 6 year olds.
You control the schools not a superintendent or educator. You can recall school board members. Go into the school, sit in the office until you see the curriculum, visit a classroom without an appointment. Remove your children from what you deem inappropriate education. Homeschool or find a private option if you can. Remember federal dollars are tied to “everything goes” education. Research the laws. Become an expert in your rights. Teach your child their rights.
In the long run, a full ride scholarship earned at the cost of a child’s lost soul isn’t worth it. Take a risk!
You are the parent and have authority over your children. Don’t believe the lie masquerading as a ‘school law’. We withdrew our child at age 8 -mid year- and literally ran to a homeschool cooperative in another city. He thrived. As I learned and gained confidence, with support and guidance from new friends (those who knew much more than I did), I became active lobbying my legislators. My legislators didn’t know a whole lot about homeschooling and I was able to educate them to our positive outcomes (testing) and bring my child with me to meet them. Many ways to educate a child (think state house field trips).
Take back your children! I encourage you in other states to stand up, speak out this summer. You are never alone in these issues. Find a supportive friend, an attorney (HSLDA and state groups), and a guide (someone who knows more legal stuff than you about navigating the laws) and take back your student:s education. You may surprised to hear from teachers who are struggling privately (usually threatened with loss of their jobs) with using these textbooks and implementing these rules. Check out the homeschool laws in California and write letters of support for laws that protect your parental rights. If I can do this, you can do this. We are in this together.

And yet another post from this group:

So, my kids sat out today, and I did register. My wife called into the school to tell them why my kids won’t be there. They did not know anything as to what she was told about the sex ed. My wife only told her about the transgender conversations that will start at kindergarten. She knew NOTHING about it, and also got a little pushy telling her that she needs to inform herself and call the school board, and that the school is in more of a conservative district (which it is). Why do the teachers and school employees know nothing about this??? She found it to be disgusting and that they were not teaching that stuff, but still knew nothing about it. Was she playing dumb? Or are teachers in the dark? How could this story be so quiet?

And some replies to this post:

I am a teacher and only found out about all this on Facebook. We teach nothing of the sort and have heard nothing of the sort either 🤷🏼‍♀️

You have been kept in the dark on purpose. Read on.

If it hadn’t been approved by your local district by now, it isn’t coming for next year. She was not playing dumb. Tons of districts are not enacting this. It’s a recommendation not a mandate. Districts and teachers have local control. Keep fighting at state and local levels but don’t expect teachers or staff will have a plan or even have this on their radar.

It’s appalling to me that they are not aware of what is going on with legislation that absolutely affects the ability for them to do their job. I find any teacher principal administrator that isn’t aware of what is happening to be completely negligent and derelict in their duties to our children

As a teacher, I must disagree. If we are never asked to teach something, how in the heck would we know about new legislation that MIGHT require us to teach something in the future? I follow political news closely, especially what our CA nutjob legislators have been enacting with their Democrat supermajority in recent years. I even campaigned for a conservative candidate for Assembly last year. However, I am just hearing about this through FB!

I have worked at a school for years, and our school, and school district does not teach this stuff. And as far as the sit out or whatever it is, it only hurts the kids. They are now behind and have to make up work that they missed for no good reason. Always check with your school before assuming something.

This filth was approved and voted in to start next year. The sit out does not hurt the kids!! It had to be done. And there will be many more in the near future. And you who are still in the dark, hurry and investigate. This is not sex ed. It is Social Studies and is mandatory for all teachers to cover it!

it does not hurt the kids one bit! That is a lie educators tell kids and parents. One day to stand up to protect their innocence is way more important than any classwork they missed!! It is not going to be detrimental to their education. It was for extremely good reason.
It’s not assuming. I checked with my conservative district and school and still chose to keep my 3 out. It’s not just about the sex Ed… It’s about all of the indoctrination going to be happening starting at kinder level.

it does not teach yet just wait for the fall , when the new school year starts.. not all teachers know about this but it’s all over . The schools are being quiet about it.

I understand that you work very hard for your students and families. However our children will be with us long after they pass through your class. We MUST teach them to stand for what we/they believe, especially in this culturally perverse society they are growing up in. WE will take an active interest in how and what they are taught and protect them as best we can. This disgusting, pornographic material IS coming your way whether or not you have heard about it. And the whole homosexual agenda is now being laced through ALL curriculum materials. So yes, we chose and choose to take stand.

She’s not playing dumb. Most of the principals don’t know either. They don’t follow the news, and there’s no training for stuff like this. Until each school district decides what to do and trains the teachers, no one is likely to be aware of any changes.

Plus the news is not really informative except on topics of their personal interest.
This curriculum is designed to be a sleeper that slips in and spreads until it is difficult to stop

I’m a news junkie, always have been. But as I talk to friends and neighbors, the most they know about current events is that Trump tweets a lot, and Game of Thrones has done … whatever they do. The vast majority of people I meet simply do not pay attention to any of what I consider critical issues, outside of Hollywood. My mom is one of them. It stresses her out to hear about violence. I get that, but I consider my duty as a citizen to keep track of what my representatives are doing, and what is happening on the world stage. It IS absolutely appalling, and it’s one significant reason why our culture is declining and our government is growing. We the people are supposed to be a “check” on the government, and we’ve been falling down on the job for a long time!

I am a para educator in Tracy school & saw staff members about a month ago leave a meeting disgusted, appalled, aghast, saying “I’m not reading that book” & others shaking their heads in disbelief not knowing what they would do

Our teachers have had several staff meetings already this year and even have skipped lessons planned . They know !

Yes, they do know. My friend is a Kindergarten teacher in Santa Ana Unified. They also had staff meetings about this curriculum in advance. She’s livid about it!

They know!! See how the “Los Angeles County Board of Education” tried to INTIMIDATE parents today! Video by Informed Parent leader Aileen. 👇👇

But, what are they going to DO about it? They need to come together and DO SOMETHING. Just like the parents. This is WRONG. If they cannot stand up now, about this, for God’s sake, (literally) WHAT WILL BE NEXT!?!?

It’s hoped that pressure from parents will change this situation. However, after rallies and parents’ testimonies at the State Board of Education in Sacramento, the Board is adamant in enforcing this framework. Also, here’s what Informed Parents recommends as one of its next steps. Be sure to see the video link attached to this petition. It will prove that the PTA is not advocating for parents in this matter.

Put yourselves in the shoes of conservative teachers, and understand that liberal district leaders have ZERO interest in our opinions about Common Core, Sex Ed, PBIS (which removes punishments and increases misbehavior), etc. We speak up and all we get is eye rolls, comments like we can’t handle change, less favorable duty assignments, possible grade or room changes, and/or poor evaluations. There will be pushback as there is for naysayers in any organizations. Parents have leverage! Teachers do not!

The principal and asst. superintendent at our middle school in Encinitas hadn’t watched all the videos they are playing for the kids in our school. I opted my son out and the alternative assignment is a punishment. It’s super difficult and he has to check into their learning commons (library) and have a proctor check him in and out. It’s like he’s in detention with a very lengthy alternative research project/assignment. I told him that because I opted him out that I’d do most of this assignment for him whereas most of his friends who were opted out went home crying and their parents put them back in. Guess I’m doing 7th grade homework through the end of the school year

Good for you for not caving!!

It’s because I want to teach our son my morals and values, not the teacher teaching him hers. The other parents are simply pulling their children out on the day they play the transgender video, as “by law” you can’t opt out of it. But I don’t want him filling out their paperwork which goes into that part of the lesson. So I can’t even allow him to attend science class for the end of the year

A local church brought teachers who attend together last Sunday to discuss what this means for them and how they sqaure it with their faith. Half the teachers said they hadn’t heard anything and half said they have seen disturbing directives that are making them (the teachers) pull their kids and consider homeschooling if not a christian private school at the very least.

I’m a teacher, and I didn’t know anything about it until I read Rebecca Friedrichs’ book, “Standing Up to Goliath.” My colleagues didn’t know until I told them. My District, Saddleback Valley Unified (Orange County, CA) is just now getting around to informing the teachers about the Social Studies curriculum which includes lessons on the contributions of LGBTQ people. It was the main topic of our staff meeting last week. We haven’t heard anything from the District yet about the Sex Ed curriculum.

I’m in SVUSD. Thank you for being an informed teacher. If you are on this side, I would love to have you on our SVUSD page as well. Would you consider being out liason and “informant”? It would be wonderful to have an ally on the inside who will be honest and forthright about what teachers know and are being told.

I could be putting my job in jeopardy if I were to do that. Also, I am retiring—in large part because of this-on June 13. 💙

My sons teacher at Stella Brockman wasnt told anything either, but told me she was glad I kept him home.

I’m a teacher and we received an email yesterday about it. I learned about it earlier on FB from Informed Parents and told my principal and coworkers about it and no one believed it. After they received the email they are shocked and sickened by this. Many talking resigning/ retiring. I believe the state doesn’t want anyone to know until it’s too late to fight it. Catch us all by surprise

The way it works is…. First they get it into the frameworks then the standards then the curriculum then the teachers are REQUIRED to teach it.

exactly! Most of us who aren’t in the education business don’t understand the process… But this has been well planned and has been in the implementation for years. While we are in the pot and they’ve been turning up the heat…

From what I’ve gleaned after four days of intense research: The ‘SexEd’ portion is mandated for middle and high school students. This had been in effect since 2016. The law requires it for those two groups, but made it optional (legal) for school districts to include it in lower elementary grades. Some are, some aren’t. I think teachers in those districts that have no intention to include this in the elementary grades are unaware of the danger. The proposed texts for these lower grade classes is wildly inappropriate and borderd on kiddy porn. Some of these texts were eliminated from the framework recently due to the bravery of concerned parents who actually used their comment time to READ excerpts of these books (I have screen shots of many of these pages – wow!). The State BOard of Education was exposed and embarrassed and they backed down. Except, these texts are still available in the online library. Dirty little secret not widely known. They are still available for liberal educators to access. Supplemental materials don’t have to undergo a curriculum review like framework materials. Parents can opt out of this for middle School and high school parents and for any elementary student if their district has adopted it. For all the good that will do. Once the genie is out of the bottle…..
Now, the gender identity crap is mandated for all ages beginning in the 19/20 school year. The proposed curricula is bound to be confusing for many students. Parents cannot opt out of this. Period. It will be woven into each and every subject. English, Social Studies, math, PE. If your child is in a public school, they will be subjected to it.
If an elementary district elects to include the Sex Ed into their curriculum, it triggers the HIV, LBTQXYX training. Which, again, is mandatory.
To add to this, I have read that PP employees (or ardent supporters) have been entering credentialing programs so they are prepared to step in and cover the Sex Ed curriculum. The framework/standards require “subject matter competency” and most teachers either don’t want to teach this stuff or aren’t qualified. So PP is now the only game in town. Viola! See how this works?? 😡
This is what I’ve pieced together. I think (hope) I’ve finally cobbled all this info correctly.
I welcome updates….

A friend and neighbor who are teachers were told not to talk about it and if they had questions to communicate with the contacts listed on their directives that were passed out and no one else. 🤨

Can’t trust the schools, our children are already damaged, just research the statistics and the fact that we are 47th in the nation academically. These schools don’t even know the state mandates and they are the experts molding our children. Be must be warriors for our families. Our loyalty is to our children, we can’t allow damage to be done, we have to be preventive. Mandatory vaccines, mandatory sexual perversion inflicted on our children, our daughters able to get abortions without our parental consent, because of the schools. Question: If you home schooled what could your child do without your consent???

I am an Orange County elementary school teacher. I found out about this curriculum through Facebook. Our district emailed us yesterday for the first time. Teachers are outraged. The union will not intervene in this. Many teachers at my school are seriously contemplating resigning/ retiring if we can’t stop this. The state, the districts, the Board of Education could care less if we quit. They will easily replace us with leftists who will LOVE to teach this filth and indoctrinate our kids. You are SO wrong about teachers. We are being kept in the dark about this.

Also, not to forget the COMPLICIT MEDIA, who keeps the truth under wraps so the “people” have no idea what’s happening half the time.

media has been SUPER QUIET !!!!! I have sent messages to Hispanic Media radios, Tv, no answerA

There you go! And people call us “conspiracy theorists” when we talk about the “controlled media.”

Print this. Read it. Know it. Fight with truth.

Click to access Reisman.McAlister.Rondeau.pdf

They’re keeping them in the dark! I’ve asked a few friends and family who are teachers in different public school districts in CA and they knew nothing! Some asked fellow teachers who also had NO idea! They’re probably keeping in the dark bc they know teachers are not going to want to teach kids pornography. they will probably just hand them the manuals and books next school year and say” ok teach this”

Who knew dodgeball was oppressive?

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

ANSWER REPOSTED FROM A COMMENT BELOW. This is frightening, it more important to protect a “potential ” gender fluid child than protect the entire class. That sums up their ideology perfectly. That’s why its so frightening. The needs of the potential 1 vs the many.
“As a member of an advisory committee on “sexual health,” we had a nurse-parent suggest that some of the 6th grade courses involve breakout sessions. This would allow the genders to be separated for some of the more “sensitive” lessons. She stated that the kids in her daughter’s 6th grade class were so embarrassed by some of the content, that they were unable to take in the intended information. In addition, a group of boys simulated self pleasuring, which created a sexually harassing environment. She understood the reason why they were combined, but that maybe with the disparity in maturity level, some separation should be considered. It was completely rejected by the program director. Reason? It was more important to protect potential gender expansive student. The girls and even other boys present, had no rights to be free of embarrassment/harassment – because of a potential, that a gender expansive student might feel discomfort. This is a reminder that this isn’t about basic health, but about deconstructing heteronormativity so that queernormativity becomes the new construct. Fluid-flex-bodies & pleasure.”

And some replies to this post:

I think back to the early 2000’s when I asked if I could be with my daughter in class (public school) to watch the 5th and 6th grade Sex Ed movie/talk and was denied. The school didn’t want to make the other students feel uncomfortable having a parent in class with them. I was told I was the only parent who asked if I could be there. Naturally I kept my daughter home those days. I wanted to be the one to explain things to her if she had questions. Eventually she ended up going to private school. As a grandmother I am horrified for these children.

We should teach our children to walk out of class when ever they feel uncomfortable sexually.
If they can walk out against other issues they should be able to walk out when they are feeling sexually harassed in ANY class. If we don’t agree with them and encourage this to protect their emotional well being they will ask us later “why didn’t you tell us to do that” we tell them “clean your room, do your homework, be home by….” how can we not say to walk out? And do it in masses.

that is what I am telling mine. Walkout and Your family will support you.

Well should we really try and word what it said really well and post it and re post it and repost it? Shoot I will make it my cover page on Facebook. It makes a powerful message and saves our children. And not just girls boys too. Even the “undecided” must also feel uncomfortable, all these children need our encouragement to stand up and walk proudly out saying you pushed the boundaries of our safety!

If you read the definition of sexual harassment…99.9% of this IS sexual harassment of children. Its unwanted and a uncomfortable situation that they are being FORCED to be a part of. I think massive sexual lawsuits is the way….

Wow, thanks for sharing. Completely on the mark in that this is without a doubt an ideology. So many don’t understand what’s unfolding, or they refuse to believe this is happening. It’s all beyond disturbing.

Complete denial. So many of my teacher family/friends “oh, that won’t happen here..” “wait and see” it’s driving me nuts!!

No, part of the agenda and the reason for keeping the two genders together is to purposely diminish the modesty of girls in front of boys. It is calculated to do away with personal-space boundaries, and erase reluctance to “give in” to sexual pressures. This is anti-‘woman’ with a vengeance. Wake up parents. Your kiddo’s are under attack by a real and virile enemy.

I found this post in response to someone mentioning the Texas mental health bill:

MD is trying to do it too!! You wouldn’t believe the “medical health” form they wanted me to fill out!! Asking my 14 yr old if he “harms small animals”, is “quick to anger”, “hears voices”, thinks about “harming himself or others”. I refused to answer the questions! It’s pretty tough to diagnose young teens with some of the things the questions were asking…like hearing voices? Schizophrenia is typically diagnosed in late teens to 20s for male & DID is typically diagnosed later and typically affects women on top of it being a very rare disease!! The same questions were asked of my 10 yr old! TEN!!! We desperately need mental health services in this country but we need to focus the efforts where they are really needed…not will small children!

I found this post from Alice Linahan:

I would love to know your thoughts in light of the passage of SB11 and the claim students have privacy.

And the replies to this post:

The Park cites was probably one of the very last schools to succumb to Cscope common core crapola. We had a completely public school system there for decades but they took no State or Federal funds. I know i lived there and went fo school there. The park cities privately funded with donations and fund raisers. Wished we could go back to that

Dr. Orr, former HPISD superintendent and co author of TASA’s vision, along with a rubber stamp school board, voted to begin taking federal funds in 2010, unbeknownst to taxpayers. In 2011 HPISD became a part of the Texas High Performance Consortium which began implementing TASA’s Vision/aka common core. It is a shift away from academics to values attitudes world views and social and emotional.

This is tied with the Federal Push for surveillance…the TAPS Act

Ah ha! So it’s rolling out from an initiative. Wouldn’t it be great to show people that in an easy format so everyone could understand. Because I’ve been following this since 2009 and i STILL cant figure it out.

our public schools are now turning into mental indoctrination centers this is just nuts

The law was not Germaine. The power is not relevant to fixing the problem. The more power taken away from parents the more they either have to submit or remove their children from harm. The writing is on the wall…as it has been for quite some time.

when I see the convergence of state and local laws, and I see the rise in SPED laws….we are not just controlling K-12, we are eliminating potential soldiers. A student I know is being removed from bootcamp when they saw ADHD on his record and he had not disclosed it. ADHD is a situation where psychiatry in the classroom will limit future choices for students. While the discussion to parents is that it should be destigmatized, the laws for many professions, including most first responders, do not allow for this.

Sen Larry Taylor actually authored it but I believe the Liberal Texas Freedom Network was behind it.

SB11 is bigger than Texas Freedom Network (TFN). Watch and then look into the Meadows Foundation

Are those groups FOR this bill are against it?

Meadows Foundation was key in helping write it. Here is insight into who the “Players” are with Meadows.

Here is the link to the inter local with UP. HP is the same, though they made a mistake replacing the town name in the contract.
It is some creepy stuff. I wouldn’t want my kid being surveilled all day at school
Essentially, we give up our rights under the guise of safety…

This contract is only with Parkl Cities. I do not see a contract with Dallas which would cover school number 5 which is located in Dallas. So I guess HPISD is only worried about the safety of those in the four schools in Park Cities and not our 5th school in the City of Dallas?

Taken at face value, the TAPS Act sounds like a noble attempt to stop school shootings but not all is as it seems.
Crystal Ball-Reading Police to Predict if You Pose a Future Threat
The TAPS Act would encourage law enforcement to give everyone a personal threat assessment (kids and adults) and single out those that they deem as future threats. (Click here to see how our homes receive threat assessments.)
“By bringing threat assessment experts together, and utilizing evidence-based behavioral threat assessment and management processes, we can bolster public safety by implementing strategies to identify and stop dangerous individuals before they can commit an act of violence. We have the expertise to combat the targeted violence plaguing our schools, places of worship, and public spaces, but we have yet to fully implement it to prevent attacks.”

This is tied to the federal push for surveillance being disguised as local control “HPISD and the City agree that it is in the best interest of the community and all people in- volved that public safety personnel responding to an emergency have access to immediate and precise intelligence in order to ensure an accurate and effective response. The protection and safety of HPISD students, staff, and visitors is of the utmost importance for HPISD and the City.”

Here is a post that I found on Facebook:

From a parent:
This was a homework assignment for a freshman in Clovis…I want to make it clear, what the worksheet says isn’t that bad…what bothered me was the conversation with my son. I told him I didnt like that he needed to find a clinic…that instead the answer should be “talk to your parents about where to go” his response was “yes, mom, I agree, but it is part of the mandatory curriculum. Our teacher had to inform us of our “right” to get this kind of medical thing done without our parents knowledge, and we have to know where we can get that without our parents”

Just so everyone knows…teaching kids not to go to their parents with sexual things IS being taught in our schools today!!

I don’t care if the law mandates this, it is NOT OKAY!
Education Code section 48205 requires schools officials to excuse students from school to attend confidential medical appointments. The school cannot require that the student have parent or guardian consent in order to attend the appointment and cannot notify parents or guardians. Confidential appointments are appointments to receive services that minors can obtain on their own consent under state or federal law.
(Chapter 5, Page 56 of 106, Line 1294-1301)

Confidential medial appointments include HIV/STD testing and treatment, pregnancy testing and abortions.

And BTW, these are NOT infections, they are diseases!


Here is a post from Karen Bracken:

The best way to teach our kids to defend themselves against a bully is to teach them how to throw a good jab to the chops when necessary.

All this psycho-babble they are bringing into the schools is not about bullying. Bullying is the mask they use to hide the fact they are trying to make sissies out our children. Obedient sissies afraid to stand up and defend themselves whether it be verbally or physically.

We don’t need a team of people, who probably need more treatment than our kids, coming into the schools to twist our children’s minds. It is very easy to convince a child they have a problem when no problem exists.

The problem starts in the home and that is the only place it can be fixed.

When you hand your babies over to someone else to raise then stick them in front of a TV, IPad or computer when they are with you don’t be surprised when you have problems with them. Kids don’t want strangers to raise them. They want and deserve YOU. The screen of a gadget is no replacement for YOU. If YOU don’t want to be a real parent then YOU should not have kids. When handed off they feel unwanted and unloved and the result is resentment, disrespect and anger.

What makes it worse is this psycho-babble they are bringing into the schools has nothing to do with helping kids. It is to get federal money; to manipulate the value system of our kids and to collect data that will follow your child forever.

Remember, any mental or physical health screening/treatment is not protected under HIPPA when administered through the school.

Schools need to get out of the business of the affective domain and get back to teaching kids to read and do math. But dumbing them down is also part of the plan to control them in the future.

And another post from her:

The information provided in this article does not only affect Tennessee. How timely is this article for the folks in Tennessee that are preparing to sign a contract with the evil Pearson. There was also a very revealing study done on the methods of Pearson recently put out that was not very complementary of their vision and their tactics.

Pearson is a global organization that supports the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in other words they are all about UN Agenda 21 (renamed 2030 Agenda when too many folks catch on to the truth they just change the names).

Instead of stopping the education insanity our new Governor of TN is digging our hole even deeper into the globalist agenda.

I have done extensive research on Pearson and the man that had a strong influence over Pearson Education, Sir Michael Barber (who BTW has DEEP ties in Tennessee)


And yet another post from her:

Do not underestimate the connections and influential people connected to Cory Booker. He is not just some little socialist from North Jersey. He will be well funded and supported during his run for President.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Olivia Higgens of Queerly Elementary has a You Tube video [name redacted] shared with IPOC.
MY town of Moraga School District in Contra Costa County paid her to give a “how to create a gender supportive” talk at a mandated staff mtg.
To date no speaker has been invited to discuss parental rights, freedom of speech, religious freedom rights, Constitutional conflicts with SB 48, AB329 or the Health Framework.
Sample suggestions from Olivia Higgens to Moraga schools staff
-Use preferred pronouns/nouns
-Reduce or eliminate the practice of referencing kids as girl/boy
-Read ( lgbtqia affirming) books to increase teachers knowledge and gain confidence
-Work with families to increase their understanding of gender and answer questions
-Review curriculum
/assignments to identify areas that need to be updated to better reflect gender identities, roles and expressions
-Teach Resources using Teaching Tolerance, HRC Welcoming Schools, …Respect For All Project

Restroom and Locker Accessibility. All students should have access to a safe and accessible restrooms and locker room that corresponds to their gender identity
-Reduce or eliminate segregating by gender. This includes in PE /sports
Check in regularly. A student’s needs may evolve over time. Check in to update previously developed plans and identify any additional areas that may need to be addressed.

These are a portion of the recommendations.

These recommendations ignore the rights of biological science supporting parents and Moraga community members.

Our public schools have a duty, an obligation to equally respect the rights and security of all.

This duty is being ignored. Public schools must not be allowed to discriminate against those who adhere to science and our Constitutional rights.

If you live in Contra Costa County please join our new Informed Parents of Contra Costa.

  • a public school teacher

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This morning in #KellerISD, the @KidsRock Rise UP Summit is happening. The Keynote Speaker is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)/ Mindfulness Trainer Meena Srinivasan. You can listen to this short clip of her to get a clue on what the focus of her work is all about. Oppression by the dominate.

Question: is this what Texas parents send our kids to school for?

As I have said and will continue to say; the fundamental shift in education today is from a knowledge fact based education of opportunity, where children learn to read well, write well, do math and know history, to an education of equity based on attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors.
Then the question becomes; whose values, beliefs or behaviors are our children being taught are correct?

When education is focused on how students perceive the world, that is known as critical theory or cultural marxism.

As noted in a new study of SEL:

“SEL would further erode the fundamental right of parents to control the education and upbringing of their children due to unjustified expansion of the schools beyond their basic mission of academics.

Some SEL assessments and lessons promote highly controversial topics that, regardless of one’s view of them, ought to be up to parents to decide how to discuss and present to their children.

Even proponents of SEL have admitted there is a lack of consensus in defining it and multiple flaws in the research, with mixed or negative evidence of academic improvement.

The teaching and assessing of SEL by untrained or minimally trained, already overburdened school personnel, as well as the linking of SEL to violence and suicide prevention via mental-health screening, can lead to many problems such as biased or inaccurate assessment based on subjective criteria, improper referrals, diagnosis and over-treatment with potentially harmful medications.”

ROCK Rise Up Summit: Creating a Culture of Belonging: Schedule

And another post from her:

The Session on “Supporting our Trans/Gender Youth”, interestingly, is being given by Finnigan Jones who ran against Tony Tinderholt. Finnigan’s organization can be found at this link.

On a hunch that there was a tie in between Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and March for Our Lives, I DuckDuckGoed the two terms and came across this. It’s a known SEL group that I’d already found in my research. It mentions, presumably for lessons to be used in actual schools, a student led revolt against a tyranny in the past and has tie ins to the modern “student led” movements such as “Dream Defenders” and “March for Our Lives”:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I just left one of the junior high schools in Ceres. We went there to ask to see and find out more about the curriculum that they will be teaching. I noticed that they teach these kids that they don’t need a parent’s permission to go get birth control or an abortion. The teacher then informed me that they are allowed to check themselves out of school if it is related to getting information about birth control or an abortion. Which sent up a bunch of red flags. First of all if I am a kid in jr high amd high school, why wouldn’t i check myself out if I could. Secondly, I asked do you guys give them a ride to their appointment as well? Because what if something happens to that child on the way to their appointment, who is responsible? How is this safe? Lastly, how long before these sick individuals who prey on kids and teens figure out these kids can check themselves out of school, and they convince the kids to actually do it? They would have free access to take advantage of our kids and we would have no idea, because we think that they are at school where we left them. I don’t understand what the people who voted for these laws are thinking. SMH.

The thing is there are so many people who try to convince other parents that the information we are all sharing in this group is wrong. But sadly it’s not. Everything I have read in this group was confirmed today. They won’t come out and tell you I had to ask questions. Once I started asking questions that’s when it started coming out. I read in this group that they are teaching the kids that they can leave school to have an abortion and they don’t have to tell their parents. So I asked about that and to my surprise the teacher said yes that’s true and we have to teach that to these kids. I asked do you teach them about anal sex, the teacher said yes! These are Jr high kids in 7th grade. I am all for teaching these kids about their bodies and the changes they will be going through, but sexual acts in 7th grade is to much.

And some replies to this post:

You know what, abortion is very safe according to kids textbook.
(This made me so mad after reading this with my own eyes at school district office, this is medically inaccurate)


And some replies to this post:

Wow!! Seriously, this is sickening.

yes, I’m surprised that possible risks for abortions has not mentioned.NONE!
It’s simply tell kids abortion is a perfect way to end it. It’s not only safe, and you can keep this secrets from parents.
How terrible!

Wow! The way they made adoption seem so hard and difficult sounding compared to how light and breezy the abortion sentences are. How sad!

they should list abortion risks in big bold letters! It’s sickening how they make it sound as if it was a simple medical procedure without any physical and psychological complications.

of course,I agree with you. This is a false information and I can’t believe this is what school will introduce to all kids.
Does an abortion fix everything? This is totally brainwashing without considering serious outcomes.
I’m wondering who proved these statements?
I was a nurse for couple years and I doubt this came from any medical professional. Any invasive procedure comes with potential risks.

believe this is from the Positive Prevention Plus curriculum. But you should be able to go to any Jr high and ask to see a copy of the curriculum and they should allow you to look through it.

They say adoption is not easy, yet won’t say what an abortion can mentally do, especially to kids who still don’t know how to manage their emotions.

Very good points. Until something like you described happens and they are all sued, sadly, they won’t change these laws until there is enough push. But sadly it might be too late for some poor victim.

The teacher didn’t know what to say when I asked that question. She just said well no one has ever checked themselves out of school for this reason as long as I have been teaching. My response was. Well now days these kids are a lot smarter and if they cam figure out a way to check themselves out of school it’s only a matter of time before they actually figure out what you are telling them.

We’re living in the Twilight Zone

Seriously, that is how I have been feeling lately. I thought it was just me.

You know what’s worse than that? People who don’t believe you when you tell them and even show them these laws! I have family members that have stopped taking to me because I tell them what’s happening in the schools and they get mad at ME and never even check with the school! Twilight Zone for real!!!

I have gotten the same reaction: “Oh, those are radical evangelicals-or right wing nuts!” 🙄

This is exactly why I went to the schools myself. I kept seeing people posting things and I wanted to know for myself. And I was shocked.

So, a kid can check herself out to see about an abortion without consequence, but if I were to take her out to go on an educational trip with me, she would be considered truant. That makes perfect sense…

ugh , what world are we living in?! 😳 this is a great point. And so disturbing.

just tell them you’re taking your student to see & hear the drag queen story time at the public library! Not only will it be ok, she would get extra educational points for social justice and diversity!

I worked for Ceres Unified many years ago and I am not at all surprised by what you’ve said. As a former educator I’ve decided to start a school that accepts zero public funding. Which also means we are free to teach our own curriculum. In the fall of 2020 my husband and I will be opening Trinity classical Academy of the Central Valley that uses the method of the Trivium to teach children. If you’re looking for an alternative, please look into classical education. I actually have a meeting on Tuesday about renting a building for our school in Ceres.

Do we really think these laws were voted in? I don’t think they were. We have a huge amount of fraud in our state!

I know but people need to wake up and start asking questions. We need to hold these people accountable who are passing these laws

yes that is true, remember this state said NO to same sex marriage.Not here to discuss that political agenda, just to say that the agenda was not passed but then the vote was over ruled by the district court. The same people that cause the fraud did not realize that they didn’t have to protect the vote so they didn’t. There are more good people in this state that folks realize. Yes, Keep talking about these issues but realize there are many people behind the task of doing the right thing in this state we call home.

Everyone needs to watch this documentary to understand what is going on.

My father in law is on me for homeschooling.
He doesn’t want his grandkids to grow up ‘weirdos’ as he says 🙄
I was homeschooled my entire life. It’s what I know- I’m so thankful my mom was proactive. She set the foundation for me to do the same. These new laws are unacceptable!!

one of my employers homeschooled his kids. They are so smart and responsible. The eldest son is an engineer, was even chosen to work for NASA through his company. The younger son studied French literature and taught some classes at Pasadena College. The youngest, daughter learned sign language so she can work as a translator and also plays piano.

my giant graduating class was a big ol whopping 9 kids 😆
All college graduates, one has their doctorates in physical therapy, another is an attorney and another owns a successful company and another Is a missionary In Turkey.
Most of my friends were all homeschooled, I don’t think a single one of them is struggling in life. No drugs or alcohol issues (that I know of)
I think A LOT of that has to come from our parents being so involved and protecting us from corruption.

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Couldn’t have agreed more!!! 🙏

Under the pretense of stopping transgender and homosexual bullying, California lawmakers want to force teachers to learn how to affirm the LGBTQ identities of students.

Greg Burt of California Family Council says that puts teachers in the position of supporting values they might not agree with.

“And that is an issue. It’s bullying itself,” he argues. “It’s fighting bullying by using bullying. So the state’s now the bully.”

And some replies to this post:

Public schools are getting scarier by the minute. God Help us all. Just teach academics and leave the rest for the home

too late for that. Either you are for them or against them. As for me I am strongly opposed. And so is God

I will keep my morals and belief in God till the end. It’s a disgrace what the system has a whole has done to corrupt the minds of such young innocent children

My friends husband stopped by today. He’s a LA deputy. He just got off a 36 hour shift patrolling the gay pride parade.
Not only was he accused of being a homophobe when he said no thank you to a rainbow necklace (he’s on patrol) but was told by his higher ups that if he saw any nudity, inappropriate gestures or public intoxication to let it go.
They don’t want to be accused of not being tolerant!
Talk about a double standard! If anybody else walked through the streets naked or piss drunk they’d be arrested.
So over this state and their bs agenda!

Wow! These people can truly get away with anything! They are above the law. Gays rule the world! Such bs, and now they are pushing pedophelia 2, and of course they will get away with it.

It is very disturbing to see this activity and orders in which the law enforcement officers are given, unfortunately there is ‘selective enforcement in every community in this Country’, which benefits only a greater level of dysfunctionality. The collapse of our Social Structure is by design.

Not even trying to hide it anymore. They know they’ve indoctrinated at least two generations of brainwashed sheep who will reign it in for them.

I never thought I’d seriously consider retiring from teaching after only 20 years.

I was thinking that for teachers, how could you stay?

God calls us to draw a line in the sand. He WILL bless you for following Him.
I almost had to make that decision. I’m a RN and my work had a doctor who practiced End of Life Option Act, “killing people”. He was known as the death doctor. I went to my bosses and said how I felt. They felt the same way and he’s gone.

I have always taught my children to question what is going on and what they hear. We went to the library to confirm social studies and science and make sure the books assigned aren’t bias. In some cases the whole thing was and in some cases parts were. You never know until you delve into the curriculum yourself.

This is going to be mandatory starting in pre-k.

I have been homeschooling on and off since 2011. Only God knows what we have been through when my kids desired to go back to public school for a year or so, I remember days dropping them off and parking on school campus and praying before I could drive off. But this madness is pure evil. They are openly planning on destroying lives. I’m praying first of all for all parents and children, teachers who are awake and get the agenda, and everyone else who is being impacted- that’s everyone. 🙏

I feel bad for the teachers. What a position to have to be in. I imagine during all their schooling this what not what they expected to have to teach on. Pray for our teachers.

I’m a teacher and yes you’re right!

I just spoke with one of my friends who’s son attends Catholic school. She said they’re pulling him out and she will homeschool now because at his Catholic school they are already teaching this agenda. At CATHOLIC SCHOOL Y’ALL!!!

This all comes under the guise of California Healthy Youth Act which is designed to indoctrinate children into having sex at a very early age. It was sponcered by left lobbying groups like planned parenthood.

When my daughter’s middle school had gay pride last year with clubs, decorations, customs etc.. I spoke up. I was discriminated against by superindent, principal, teachers and all. I am a disgrace to the school. When I email anyone for any situation they won’t respond because it’s taboo to give your opinion where the President of the school board is a transgender and also an attorney for gay and Lesbian rights. What a conflict of interest. God will never approve how they are destroying our children’s minds with these demon thoughts

because they know my sister’s opinion she is not allowed to advertise her business in the school district news letters.

I think if the teachers came together and went on strike it would work! They could stop this!

there aren’t enough teachers who would take a stand. I’m a conservative Christian in the mix of very liberal teachers who support this information. The teachers union supports this so there is no way anyone would strike. It has to come from pressure from the parents.

Here in Santa Ana they brought a Drag Queen to an Intermediate school, my daughter and I were sickened by this act that was not shared with parents beforehand…parents have tried to protest at the School District only to be disrespected and scolded by them, like if parents are the ones that are wrong…shame on them.😠

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Drag Queen Story comes to Washoe County (Sparks July 20). I don’t think this is related to new approved SHARE (sex ed.) program, but interesting timing.

And some replies to this post:

HT to you. I saw it in your post and called the library. They are also participating in the Gay Pride Parade.


Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

James Heckman is a Nobel laureate economist that some of the Commit people idolize. The DMN featured him on several occasions.

As Ohio is poised to adopt statewide social-emotional learning standards, people really need to watch this short clip from Heckman’s SEL research gathering at the University of Chicago. These guys are from Otus, a for-profit ed-tech company. They mentioned being excited for the day that schools agree to use wearable technology to track students. His software is designed to profile the “Big 5” OCEAN traits (including “N” for neuroticism) of children using online platforms. Westman states he used to be a middle school principal in the Chicago suburbs.

Watch this disturbing video.

And another post from her:

Tonight RISD will adopt their Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion policy, even though they don’t follow the existing policies already in place. They say nothing about the inequities involved in the excessive drill-and-kill testing strategies targeting RISD’s economically disadvantaged and majority minority schools. This is especially rampant in the ACE campuses:

J. The District will use disaggregated qualitative and quantitative data to monitor and address practices that could result in disproportionality in student success and achievement, including the use of assessments and assessment data, which could lead to overrepresentation of students of color in areas such as, but not limited to, special education and discipline, and their underrepresentation in programs such as, but not limited to, Gifted and Talented and Advanced Placement.

But who’s paying attention?

And yet another post from her:

Pre-Kindergarten Program Changes:

Earlier this year, the Administration presented its plans for an initiative to expand RISD’s Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program to provide full-day Pre-K classes at some schools. The initiative includes the transformation of Dobie Primary and the Skyview Annex to Pre-K schools that offer full-day, tuition-free Pre-K classes for eligible students. Dobie also will continue to serve Pre-K age students with disabilities who are served in centralized programs operated at the campus. In addition, Dobie will offer a limited number of seats for a tuition-based, full-day program for employee’s children. Further changes include a tuition-based, full-day Pre- K program at Spring Creek Elementary School for employees’ children, and a tuition-free full-day program for a limited number of eligible students. Kindergarten students who previously attended Dobie will now attend kindergarten at their home schools of Carolyn G. Bukhair or RISD Academy. In addition, RISD will continue the pilot programs began at Forest Lane Academy and Thurgood Marshall last year to provide full-day, tuition-free Pre-K classes to eligible students who reside in the neighborhood attendance area for the campus. To implement these changes, the neighborhood attendance boundary descriptions and grade configurations at selected schools must be amended.
The following changes are recommended, effective as of the 2019 – 2020 school year, for the implementation of expanded Pre-K services.
Dobie Primary
Campus Name: Recommend changing the campus name to Dobie Pre-Kindergarten School to identify
the students being served more clearly.
Neighborhood Attendance Area: Dobie no longer will be aligned with a neighborhood attendance
area. Students eligible for tuition-free Pre-K classes will be assigned to Dobie based on lottery application for full-day Pre-K classes or assignment to program for students with disabilities. Students eligible for the tuition-based classes will be assigned to Dobie based on application and available space.
Grade Configuration: Pre-K
Carolyn G. Bukhair Elementary School
Neighborhood Attendance Area: No changes
Grade Configuration: K – 6
RISD Academy
Neighborhood Attendance Area: No changes
Grade Configuration: K – 6
Skyview Annex
Campus Name: Recommend naming the facility Skyview Pre-Kindergarten School to identify the
students being served more clearly.
Neighborhood Attendance Area: Skyview Pre-Kindergarten School will not be aligned with a
neighborhood attendance area. Students eligible for tuition-free Pre-K classes will be assigned to
Skyview based on lottery application for full-day Pre-K classes.
Grade Configuration: Pre-K
Spring Creek Elementary School
Neighborhood Attendance Area: No change for students in grades K through 6. Spring Creek will
offer a limited number of tuition-free seats for full-day Pre-K for eligible students and a limited number of seats for a tuition-based full-day Pre-K program for Pre-K age children of RISD employees. Students will be assigned to the tuition-based Pre-K program based on application and availability of space. Students will be assigned to the tuition-free program based on lottery application for full-day Pre-K classes.
Grade Configuration: Pre-K – 6

The Superintendent recommends that the Board of Trustees approve the program changes and campus name changes as described herein to support expansion of the Pre-K program.

WHEREAS, Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) education is critical to support students and prepare them for success in
school; and

WHEREAS, RISD desires to expand its services to Pre-K students by offering full-day pre-kindergarten classes at certain campuses; and

WHEREAS, expanding educational opportunities for Pre-K students supports the Board’s Strategies to ensure we have diverse and engaging programs and learning and to guarantee that all students will perform at or above grade level; and

WHEREAS, changing campus attendance boundary and grade configuration descriptions ensures clear communication of programming and

WHEREAS, specifically naming the Pre-K school facilities to describe the program provides a meaningful and appropriate name and is consistent with the requirements of policy CW (Local);

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the RISD Board of Trustees hereby approves the following changes to support the expansion of the Pre-K program:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

WARNING TEXAS ALREADY HAS SEL!! #SB11 sets up the funding framework for SEL!
States Rush to Adopt “Social Emotional Learning” Standards, Despite Red Flags

“Despite all evidence and even advice from proponents to be careful in the implementation, supporters of social emotional learning (SEL) standards, assessments, and data collection are following the same playbook as those who imposed Common Core standards with little discussion or buy-in from parents and teachers.

There is new evidence that SEL is too subjective to assess and should never be used for any kind of accountability system. A new review of the ongoing SEL value-added school climate surveys and other data being collected since 2013 shows yet again that SEL is nearly impossible to accurately measure. The study — done for the California CORE of eight large districts, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and operating under a waiver from the federal government under No Child Left Behind — shows the following:

“…the estimated school effects [on SEL] are not stable from one year to the next year for most schools… This lack of stability points to the likelihood that survey-based measures of SEL may not be accurate enough to create school growth measures that identify true differences in school performance consistently over time.”
“Given these constraints, our results suggest that school value-added measures based on SEL surveys should not be used for high-stakes decision making.”
Sadly, that is not stopping them from trying to measure and use SEL, which does not prevent our children from being psychoanalyzed via survey and having their privacy violated by use of all these school culture and climate surveys:”

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Pritzker is deeply entrenched with StriveTogether which is Commit’s national network partner. We have multiple data sharing agreements with Commit. They had a data breech in December, but I doubt anything was done. Pritzker is featured in this impact investing movie where investors can make money in social ills:

PreK data is the big focus
I’m assuming you saw Alison Hawver McDowell’s piece on Heckman and Pritzker Pitch Apps as Poverty “Solutions” Yielding a 13% Return on Investment

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Translation: Anywhere, anytime “learning”. We know what you’re up to JB Pritzker!

And another post from Lynn Davenport:

I’ve said from the beginning that under HB 1842, Districts of Innovation (DOI) is about undoing the seat-time funding or “butts in the seat” funding so they can allow for anytime, any place, any path, any pace learning on a device which will eliminate the need for bricks-and-mortar schools. These DOI champions are ushering in blended and personalized learning that will lead to the elimination of their positions. Yet, another thing Alison clued me into…

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Could someone please explain what this is about? This ad doesn’t even mandate any specific education requirements on someone who is being hired to “coach” schools how to improve.

And here are the replies to this post:

These are coaches/coordinators who will work as local advisors to schools/school boards to help justify the endless data collection. It’s another program that will demands ever increasing funding from the state (more taxation of the people) with very little value returned.

Again, this is a Washington Roundtable crap. Career Connect Task Force. Private enterprise profiting off of public education.

Undoubtedly they are hiring some one who has no experience whatsoever in education (ie: Betsy Devos, Arne Duncan. That’s exactly the type of expertise which is needed said no one ever.

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

FYI Notice sent to staff at SJUSD.
Note it says “At this time San Juan will not consider requests for removal from ANY CONTENT TAUGHT in the context of History-Social Science, as the INCLUSION of all groups is DISTRIBUTED and EMBEDDED throughout the materials.”


And the replies to this post:

They aren’t considering requests for an opt out? I don’t think so. I’m the parent and I will opt out of anything I deem inappropriate.

it’s embedded in the curriculum, that’s what the letter says… so kind of hard to accommodate opt out requests and parents won’t even know when to request.

they are doing it this way to take away our rights in my opinion!

of course. It is well planned like this 😥

Oh believe me, I’m fully aware. I played the game of opting out of things so often that it became apparent I needed to opt my kids out of public school. But if I were a parent that felt I absolutely had no other choice than to keep my kids in public school, this mama bear would DEFINITELY be opting out.

Oh heck no!!! My child would be instructed to walk out! Use the ED CODE for the History Lesson!

What is the ED CODE

Going to be an epidemic of “sick” kids in SJUSD.

I can’t believe they actually put this out there. This angers me!!! What a slap in the face to parents who are trying to protect their children. Keep fighting SJSD. Instruct your kiddos to walk out of any lessons they find uncomfortable or that goes against their parents wishes.

I can’t read everything but I assume this is a joint statement between the teachers union and the school district? In that case this is a clear message that no teachers can vary from this policy. And it would be logistically impossible to honor any opt out requests. I respect their transparency vs the usual evasive tactics you get. So now parents in this district have been fully informed and should choose schooling options that work for their family.

that was the intent of sharing this info to let everyone know so they can make decisions. The school district certainly does not have our children’s best interests in mind with this! The teachers appear to have their hands tied.

I think it’s awesome you posted this. This is so crystal clear about who’s in charge and dismissive of parental rights.

Homeschooling isn’t for everybody. It is a lot of work, but I am so glad we homeschooled our children. They all went to college and did very well. I am happy to discuss this option with anyone who is interested. There are as many ways to homeschool as there are families doing it, i.e. there isn’t one right way.

I’m not trying to be rude but I don’t know any other way to say it. As long as you keep your kids in public school, you are basically letting them call the shots. The only way to be out from under their control (and control of the teachers unions) is to pull your kids out of the school. You can homeschool, join a homeschool hybrid charter school, and or find an online schooling option. It’s like being in an abusive, controlling relationship – nothing changes until you get out of it.

Charter schools are public schools basically that are more corporate run. They will NOT exempt from Common Core or the sex ed stuff for long. Online is likely to be taken over too.

As I’ve stated earlier, I believe their eventual target is accreditation, meaning “Sure, you can teach what you want but good luck getting into college or getting a job without teaching things our way!”. That will take out the homeschools and the private schools and colleges.

Time to break the power of the teachers’ union! Teachers, OPT OUT of your coercive union! School should be safe for all our kids!

I like the walk out idea. They used it for gun control and the Green New Deal. Why can’t we use it to fight this?

A lot of parents are training their children. I told my son to walk out and call me. I pray he listens to me.

thank you for sharing this! We’re fighting SAN JUAN trying to negotiate, create policies etc. apparently they’re getting some alternate influence from the UNION and ACLU which is expected but sooo LAME and politically driven!!

Parents if you can sit in the classrooms as often as you can. You have the right as the parent to observe what happens in the classroom.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport that I received when I mentioned the TAPS Act:

Threat Score:

“……and they soon hope to add 400 more streams from cameras worn on officers’ bodies and from thousands from local businesses that have surveillance systems.”