Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 42

This is part 42

Here isa post from a friend of mine:

This was in the USMCA document which was signed by Mexico, United States and Canada
“U.N.’s model e- commerce law”….

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

US Taxpayers, while Bigtech is testifying in the Swamp, did you know US House Appropriations Bills are out? Do you know the federalized national plans for your internet will cost us almost $20 billion?! Do you know the educratic BS laced into gov’t designed neighborhoods? Will you care that Dept of Ed will devote millions to streamline data tracking your children everywhere they go? What about quasi-healthcare in the name of student ‘outcomes’? Lastly, millions for alien children’s well being is set aside for SEL testing.
I hope you are mad enough to read & rise up against tyranny like this!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Event Sept. 21- 24 …… The COVID-19 crisis wracked havoc on societies and economies and dealt a major setback to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement. Putting the world back on a path of sustainable, equitable and inclusive growth will require more than a global recovery; it will require a Great Reset of social and economic systems.
Taking place in the context of the United Nations General Assembly, the World Economic Forum’s fourth and, for the first time, fully virtual Sustainable Development Impact Summit will convene leaders from government, business, international organizations and civil society along with a diverse group of experts and innovators to initiate, accelerate and scale-up entrepreneurial solutions to tackle climate change and advance sustainable development.

Here is a post from Alison:

So the guy bringing the world Covidpass (blockchain health passport) is a World Economic Forum affiliate, Harvard/Oxford graduate with a background in urban design and social innovation who worked with the UN and World Bank on public private partnerships and risk assessment and “smart technologies” tied to carbon trading. I mean how much clearer can the agenda get folks. It’s not that hard to see.

CovidPass is the brainchild of one of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, Mustapha Mokass.

And some replies to this post:

And it’s the solution for the travel industry. Imagine that.

Lots of trails to follow from exploring that link. Ya pretty much read what’s coming, how they’re gonna do it and who’s involved. Their article on the dangers of capitalism and how its the worst system in the world is quite disturbing. Coming from those people, who wdnt even exist without capitalism…I suppose they are fixing to place the capstone on the pyramid cuz they talk like the Great Work. “The Enterprise” is just about complete. Jerkwads.

Um – this is running through Davos. We are here because of capitalism. You think the WEF is something other than capitalist. The whole thing is being orchestrated out of the US Chamber of Commerce (with the US military).

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

During his decade there he also consulted for the National Security Agency (NSA), helping integrate the agency’s networking software with the existing security and public key infrastructure technology. In other words, Schwartz was gaining a working knowledge of cryptography at a high level. “It was a fantastic experience,” Schwartz says.

In short, Schwartz wants to disrupt SWIFT, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a Belgian cooperative organization founded in 1973 that counts more than 10,000 financial institutions as its members and is the ultimate middleman in banking.

Ripple, Bill Gates and Google join forces to provide access to financial services worldwide

How many of you have heard of Ken Kurson ? Kurson a board member of Ripple.
In 2011, Kurson was the one that pursued Donald Trump to run for presidential elections, and he was in charge of preparing some of the speeches that Trump used in the campaign that saw him winning the elections.
Kurson also has close ties to good old Rudy Giuliani. Kurson co-authored a book with Rudy titled Leadership , was on bestseller list for twenty-five weeks of the New York Times Bestseller List
Kurson also has deep ties to Jared Kushner . January 2013, Kurson was named the editor of The New York Observer by the newspaper’s publisher, Jared Kushner

Just wait there are more dots to connect concerning Ripple and the federal and state governments . How about Gov. Cuomo?
Ben Lawsky is on the Board of Directors of Ripple
Ben has over 20 years’ experience in law and financial services regulation at both the federal and state levels, including being the former superintendent of financial services for the state of New York, chief of staff for Governor Andrew Cuomo, and co-chair of Governor Cuomo’s Cyber Security Advisory Board. He also created BitLicense — an industry-leading regulation for digital-asset businesses operating in New York state.

Anja Manuel is on the board of directors of Ripple – Look at her background …
Former diplomat, author, and advisor on emerging markets, Anja Manuel is Co-Founder and Partner along with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in Rice, Hadley, Gates & Manuel LLC, a strategic consulting firm that helps US companies navigate international markets.

She is the author of the critically acclaimed This Brave New World: India, China and the United States, published by Simon and Schuster in 2016. From 2005-2007, she served as an official at the U.S. Department of State, responsible for South Asia Policy. Earlier in her career, Ms. Manuel was an attorney at WilmerHale working on corporate governance, international and Supreme Court cases, and represented special committees of major corporate boards before the US Congress, Department of Justice and the SEC. She was also an investment banker at Salomon Brothers in London.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and Stanford University, Manuel now also lectures at Stanford University. Ms. Manuel serves on a number of corporate and non-profit boards and is a frequent commentator on foreign policy for tv, radio and print press. She is the Director of the Aspen Strategy Group and Aspen Security Forum — the premier bi-partisan forum on foreign policy in the U.S. — and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Craig Phillips is on the board of directors of Ripple
Craig Phillips brings more than 35 years of private and public sector leadership experience to Ripple, having held senior roles at BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. Most recently, Craig served as Counselor to Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin where he oversaw Domestic Finance. In that capacity, he led policy development for regulatory reform of the financial system under Executive Order 13772, representing a dynamic calibration of the regulation through an agile and properly tailored approach. He also supported the policy development for housing finance reform and supported efforts to enhance the financial sector’s cybersecurity. Craig holds a degree in economics from Vanderbilt University.

Ken Kurson interview …
Ken Kurson – a Board Member of Ripple – who has been a friend with Donald Trump personally and he did help Trump’s prepare for a few speeches during the campaign.

Susan Athey, a senior economic consultant to the Microsoft and Ripples’ board member, is another key player. She is responsible for the partnership between Ripple and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This partnership aims at ‘banking the unbanked’ in the developing countries, where nearly 2 billion people neither have a bank account nor use any financial services.

Gene Sperling was the chief economic advisor to Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign, and served as the National Economic Council Director and National Economic Advisor under Presidents Clinton and Obama.

Ripple invited Clinton not only for his fame and influence in general, but also for his proven experience as a politician in drafting policies for emerging technology.
During his presidency, Clinton signed the historic Telecommunications Act of 1996 to govern the then-nascent internet industry. The law was a major overhaul of the Communications Act of 1934 (which had been in effect for over six decades) and was regarded as a defining piece of legislation that kick-started the modern age of int

All roads lead to Rome that is RIPPLE – Ripple has connections to former presidents Bush, Clinton, Obama and also Trump… That is one way to make sure you will be the ummm top dog of the digital currency

I think the fitting name would be The Ripple Mafia … all tied up into a red totalitarian bow
David Schwartz, Ripple’s lead developer, used to be on Ripple’s board before he gave his spot to Ken Kurson. David has worked for NSA on multiple occasions. [ Ken Kuson has ties to Rudy Giuliani, Jared Kushner ,and Donald Trump ]

Milton Friedman talked about electronic cash back in 1999

How about us going back to 1993 concerning a digital currency ? A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto

How about 1982 ? David Chaum wrote a paper on anonymous electronic money all the way back in 1982.

Ryan Fugger started developing Ripple in 2004.

In 2012, it was turned into OpenCoin Inc. by Jed McCaleb,

Arthur Britto, David Schwartz and Chris Larsen. A year later, the company was backed by some of the best-known venture funds in Silicon Valley.

They include Google Ventures, Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, and Andreessen Horowitz, the company that sold Skype to Microsoft for the whopping $8.5 billion.

Andreessen Horowitz is connected to Jared Kushner Cadre, a real estate startup backed by investors including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Andreessen Horowitz and Jared Kushner, lost a top executive in its investments team.

Peter Thiel is a Marxist

Chris Larsen, the Executive Chairman of Ripple, believes that XRP could even help prevent the next financial crisis by releasing the tied up capital.

Susan Athey joined Ripple shortly after attending the Bilderberg Group meeting in 2013.
Susan Athey, a senior economic consultant to the Microsoft and Ripples’ board member, is another key player. She is responsible for the partnership between Ripple and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This partnership aims at ‘banking the unbanked’ in the developing countries, where nearly 2 billion people neither have a bank account nor use any financial services.

Here is a post from someone from the UK:

Enter: SMART Pods

I’m sure all of us who’ve visited city centres in the last few years have noticed the dizzying number of new flat builds shooting up everywhere, as well as a lot of super-modern “student housing”. What’s it all for? Up to now, there hasn’t been any mass exodus from the suburbs and countryside to the city, nor has the nation’s student count suddenly shot up.

Now we see what it’s all been for. All these people about to be made homeless are going to be herded into the city-centre builds, all of which will have been fully kitted out with 5G and SMART-everything. Your fridge will literally be watching you, whilst you’ll be bathed in constant high-frequency EMF exposure, leading to possible radiation poisoning. And what are the symptoms of radiation poisoning? Wouldn’t you just know it, they just happen to be respiratory! They just happen to resemble almost exactly the symptoms being attributed to “coronavirus”. So there’ll be a lot of sick people, helping to further perpetuate the illusion of a “second wave”, and we will then see all those extra “emergency hospitals” that have sat completely empty until now, getting some use.

Universities, meanwhile, are never going to return to the traditional model – everything will move online and students will “Zoom from their room” at home, which begs the question of what will be done with all this “student housing” that’s gone up everywhere. Same answer. These have all been designed to be used as 5G-enabled SMART-pods; environments deftly designed to have complete surveillance over people’s every move and to create sickness (to further the illusion of a “deadly pandemic”) and premature death (to meet Agenda 2030 depopulation goals).

Crazy conspiracy theory? I sincerely hope so – but once the government has been called on to fix a problem caused by the government, we know there can only ever be catastrophic consequences.

And some replies to this post:

I knew someone in York who got planning permission to commence the building of ‘SMART housing’ on the site of an old gas works, somewhere in the city centre (this was last year, and I expect work may have started on it by now). I saw the plans, and he was very excited about it, as it was quite a big deal. Everything in the original post was described – SMART meters, SMART everything. The people involved in the building of these things actually believe they are involved in ultra-modern ‘progress’ – “a whole new way of living”, as I once heard it described. They are useful idiots with no idea whatsoever what they are helping to usher in. They also stand to make a lot of money, so I can’t see them being particularly receptive to any information that contradicts their current understanding of SMART.

I’ve been telling people this for years now, with regard to the huge numbers of high rise prison dwellings going up round Manchester city centre. It’s Agenda 21, I cried, in vain. It’ll get worse when October comes and the furlough schemes stop, and there are millions of new unemployed unable to pay their rents/mortgages. 😦

Absolutely, I call them stack n packs, these we’re rolled out in a major towns & cities that were bribed with the “regeneration” of their town centres.
I literally watched it happen where I live and everyone cheered it on, while I tried to tell people you’ve just destroyed all those independent run business and allowed big business to monopolise them all.
You can go to any town or city now and it’s the same shopping centre just in a different area.

It’s happening all over the U.S. Seattle, where live, is being destroyed.

yeah every western nation signed up for this BS agenda21 way back in the early to mid 90s and all councils on a local level too

yep, I live in walking distance of Brum city centre and theres been a frenzy of flat building which seems to be connected to the destruction of the pub trade, two local pubs, one of them listed, have been demolished for small flats, the listed one caught fire of course

It makes you wonder whether the massive expansion in the university sector over the past 20 years was just an excuse to build lots of student flats in city centres as part of the ‘sustainable development’ agenda…

A very good point, because it was always obvious this wasn’t about improving the prospects of students, tens of thousands of whom have ended up with useless degrees, a drinking problem, and £££s in debt. What you say makes perfect sense.

Yes!! This has been happening in Coventry city centre for the past 3-5 years!! Apparently a Chinese investor owns the majority of these buildings. Warwick university isn’t even close to the town centre!! We’ve often discussed the fact that there’s no need for so much “student accommodation”. Now after reading your post it makes perfect sense what it’s all for 😳

And another post from her:


I am becoming increasingly convinced that a major agenda item of the overlords is to scrap traditional schools (and colleges and universities) and move everything online.

I know in the first instance this seems difficult to believe, as schools have played such a central role in indoctrinating the next generation and moulding them into good little NWO foot soldiers; the “elite” would not have been able to sustain their servile and psychopathic system so effectively were it not for the machinations of school. After all, the only real purpose of school is to knock any individuality or rebellious spirit out of people, so they grow up to meekly and unquestioningly serve the agenda (see the brilliant books of award-winning teacher, John Taylor Gatto, for more on this).

However, it’s important to bear in mind how different the world looked when government schooling was first instituted. A million miles away from the digitised, technicised, information super-highway we have today, and where the only way of the state getting into the minds of children was by physically removing them from their homes.

Now, that is not necessary. The state can have full invasive control over a child’s mind via the most powerful and addictive mind-control device ever known to man: the screen. Children LOVE screens (a lot more than they love teachers), and every home is now equipped with several of them. Therefore, the overlords now have the infrastructure in place to dismantle physical schools, isolate children from friends, and have them sitting alone in their rooms, plugged into the grid, 24/7.

We can see with the current “lockdown” measures, such as social distancing, banning large gatherings, and even the demonisation of large families (that’s why “local lockdowns” only target areas with large immigrant populations, where multigenerational living is common) how keen the overlords are to put an end to socialising and strong social bonds. These are typically formed at school, and many people make friends for life there. I, like most people, am still in touch today with people I was at school with decades ago (and am delighted to see that several of them are wide awake 😊).

The elite doesn’t want this. They want isolated, atomised people with few or no social bonds, because this makes them as controllable by and dependent on the state as possible.

My prediction is that the much-vaunted “second wave” will hit around September-time, schools will shut down again, and within a few months, it will be declared schools simply cannot be made safe enough for pupils to return – ever.

I also think pressure is intentionally being put on schools to apply utterly ludicrous “safety measures” that they won’t be able to reliably adhere to, and that parents and children alike will hate, thus preempting many parents to remove their children before the schools are officially shut down.

Most parents will feel utterly unqualified to homeschool their children themselves, which is when the government will “benevolently” step in with its online curriculum. Then the overlords have what they want; children sitting alone in their rooms, separated from family, severed from friends, and with no remaining distractions left from full-on, inescapable, 24/7 state mind-control.

I know all this sounds a bit bleak (and indeed, what doesn’t these days…), but I’m just giving a heads-up of what I think is a very likely scenario, for anyone with school-aged children. It may be a good idea to look into homeschooling and link up with other homeschooling families now, to get ahead of the curve and ensure you’re not left at the mercy of the government’s “online curriculum”, the horrors of which we can only imagine.

Obviously, I’m all for homeschooling in the traditional sense and it is infinitely superior to any kind of government-controlled school. But the one redeeming feature school has is the presence of other children; the engagement and distraction of friends play an enormous part in ensuring children don’t get too “radicalised” by the state’s agenda. So imagine if that distraction is removed, and instead of “school” meaning boring old Mr. Jones droning on whilst children ignore him and whisper to each other, it instead means being plugged into a super-interesting and modern, all singing and dancing, internet extravaganza, deftly perfected to ensure maximum immersion and engagement?

I think this could be a very real future scenario and that it would be a really good idea to prepare for this possibility whilst one still can.

And some replies to this post:

That is totally the plan 100% has been in the works since the mid 1990s at least. See this 10 minute testimony from December.

Blogged here.

Blockchain badges and human capital futures markets. Three hour talk on this if you are up for it.

This one.

I’ve already seen commercial online ‘high schools’ popping up, grabbing their market share of what’s to come. What will become of us thousands of redundant teachers in this scenario?

Batteries in the matrix. Human capital data commodities.

Sadly, I foresee teachers being in the same predicament as many – redundant; skilled and qualified in an industry that’s collapsed, and with no similarly sized industry emerging to replace it. Obviously an online system will need to employ FAR fewer people than a country full of physical schools. Thus many teachers will become reliant on government assistance, and that assistance will come with conditions, such as mandatory annual vaccination. It’s the same pathway they have in mind for many. 😦

I hate to sound harsh but teachers have been somewhat complicit, agents of their own destruction led by Marxist unions. They should have thought about this and spoken out long ago but instead they have gone along with it even as the schools have opened. And before anyone jumps down my throat my husband was a secondary teacher and also a local secretary of the NASUWT. My husband had teachers interests at heart, but the NASUWT or the other lot the NUTs did not, the NUTs were rabidly Marxist, no idea if they still exist, hope not.

Homeschool will not be the same once community based learning spaces, even libraries, start taking the digital vouchers and having to align curriculum to standards / badges and feed back the data to impact investors.

People don’t understand the origins of ed-tech and online education in the military industrial complex.

I’m in Scotland, we’ve just been told all schools will be returning as normal in 11 days, no face coverings, no social distancing by the pupils although they will be doing ‘additional surveillance’ by randomly testing some staff and puplis who are showing no symptoms!

I think it is just an excuse to find positive cases that don’t exist to shut down schools in a local lockdown tbh. We all know that coming into winter you’re going to catch a cold and this will show as a positive result 😦

Please read this post. It went semi-viral for me in Scotland when I first wrote it. Scotland is being set up as the first “ACEs Aware” nation – ties to Silicon Valley, Kaiser Permanente/NHS, Annie E Casey Foundation, Carnegie Corporation. Be very aware of in school mental health services and profiling. Huge ties to forced family separation (criminalized poverty) linked to the now jettisoned named person scheme.

Also, beware that test! [name redacted] and others have made a very compelling test the nasal swab is being used to covertly vaccinate people and/or infect them with something.

I have told both my children to run if they see a swab coming, even if it means leaving the building and coming home. I’ll deal with the fallout later!

I think the same for workers too. Apparently gov, big corps and NGOs had all this work from home set up in 2010. Again the aim is to isolate people. Lots of people talk at work. Can’t have that!

Yes, completely agree. Many people are now too scared of the virus to go back to work, and many employers realise there are a lot of financial and administration benefits to not having to run physical premises, ergo, homeworking becomes the “new normal”.

Military personnel and police officers have been feeling alot of pressure these days under this New Coronavirus system, because they are being forced to do things which they know are against the law and immoral (ie., breaking social gatherings, forcing people to wear masks, fining innocent people for no reason etc.). My guess is that when the next schooling season comes around, teachers will also be uncomfortably pressured to do things which feel objectionable. They will have to operate under new rules that feel painfully unnatural, and insulting to the human spirit.
Just like police and military officers, teachers are going to have to make a choice as well. Will they serve the Lord, and all that is good and holy, or will they serve Baal for a paycheck and fear of lack.
This mental psychosis which has been
foisted upon the world – although obviously evil and terrible – has still been good for one thing. It is truly revealing the difference between those men and women who choose to stand on principle, and those who will make compromises.

I am sure that the police know what is going on. What will it take for them to come clean?

It will ultimately take the fear of God being instilled into their hearts.
Police officers must be unafraid of the threats that this system throws at them, whether it be social ostacisization, unemployment, loss of income, or any other manner of persecution.
They have to make a conscious choice to fear God, and not their government. Because in truth, God is above all of their plotting, planning, and scheming, and he will provide for those people who choose to follow after what’s morally right.
That’s what it will take for them to come clean. A change in mindset.

India have just announced a revamp of the education system,

Seems highly likely. The only thing is that in many families nowadays both parents go out to work and rely on the kids going out to school to make that possible.Maybe there will be a combination of job losses and working from home that would make that irrelevant.

Yes, that’s what I think – there’s going to be so many job losses once “furlough” ends, and so many moves to permanent home-working, it will make it possible for children to remain at home.

Another thought , maybe its a round about way of discouraging people from having children . Some couples may be less keen if they think they are going to have to take care of their children 24/7 365.There already seem to be quite a few who are eager to dump their kids in nursery / childcare as early and often as possible.

You have to protect your oral history and make the kids understand that they are being exploited by their government.

I think you’re probably right! 🙁
I’ve been a secondary school teacher for 14 years and I’m dreading going back in September. I’m no longer able to teach in my art classroom which means the children won’t get their usual learning experience like painting, sculpture etc. The new everyday guidelines are absurd and totally unrealistic. If my school brings in masks I will walk out! Also planning to move in with family so I can leave my job if necessary and home school my daughter.

This will all contribute to the pre planned economic crash. Student let’s, empty offices, empty city centres. Huge domino affect on suppliers and contractors in different sectors. Not to mention mass unemployment and culling of businesses.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Here’s the latest video release from the sex educators over at AMAZE. This video tells kids its ok to masturbate all day long if they want to. You have to watch it to actually believe it. This isn’t sex ed, this is grooming.

AMAZE videos are listed as a recommended resource in Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum being taught in some MA schools. Find out if your school district uses or recommends AMAZE videos. Let school officials know you object. Opt your child out of CSE classes.

Be equipped to protect your kids!

And another post from this group:

More inappropriate and harmful content for our kids from the sex educators at AMAZE. Watch this video for a sample of the kind of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) that is being taught in MA schools.

This video sends the message that the only factor in determining when to have sex is to whether you feel ready. It makes no mention of age or marital status.

Some of the scenes include youth dressed up as characters getting into bed, insinuating fantasy role playing, a boy and girl exchanging sexual history with the girl sharing a long list of people she has had sex with previously, and even suggests that some youth might like to have sex with older people and shows what is clearly an adult man, but then adds a disclaimer about laws that might exist against that sort of thing (mind you, it doesn’t necessarily disapprove of sex with an older person).

Really?! This is the kind of sex ed that our legislators want to mandate with the so called “Healthy” Youth Act, now pending on Beacon Hill?!

WE CAN DO BETTER! Find out if AMAZE videos are used in your child’s school. Tell school officials you object. Opt your child out of CSE lessons.

Be equipped to protect your kids.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

😮 Teacher training: Measuring SEL during online learning. Get familiar with MAKING CARING COMMON… a project from HGSE.
“Making Caring Common is among several initiatives nationwide that support school districts’ efforts to implement SEL. A project of the HarvardGraduateSchoolofEducation, it has partnered with more than 200 K-12 nationwide to train educators on how to develop empathy in students. And part of that work involves helping teachers broaden their own empathy.”

Here is a post from an anti-covid mask group:

I work in public school system. We recently received an email stating that we will have to perform “extra duties“ corresponding to Covid. They’re asking us to help clean, monitor students, monitor their seating charts, and also taking students temperatures. I feel so uncomfortable that they’re asking us to do this. I am not a nurse, I don’t wanna be involved with anything medical like. Surely I’ll be able to opt out and just clean desks extra?? 😕😕

And some replies to this post:

are they offering to pay more for you or anybody else to perform these duties that don’t fall under your job description? Not that this answers your question except maybe you could ask for more pay since they are asking you to do more.

I’m sure they won’t. It was not mentioned in the email. I am close to calling my principal. I don’t want to make a fuss, but this gives me extreme extreme anxiety. I hate it all.

You can’t take a temp???

i can, but I don’t want to.

It’s how it happens. Slowly, slowly….take away rights, add more pressure. It’s just a mask, it’s just this, it’s just that…’s just a vaccine. Fuck that. They are breaking us down emotionally. Well, they are to me anyway.

This is not right. If you’re a teacher how will you have time to teach? Are you seriously expected to keep them in their seat? I guess kids aren’t allowed to be kids anymore. This is wrong on so many levels.

I am not the certified teacher. I am a para. I understand extra cleaning. But i swear I will look the other way if I see students out of line or not wearing their masks. Too much responsibility, I am responsible for myself and that in itself is a task. 😔😫

I was a sub but I’m not going back. Looking at kids in masks will break my heart. I’m upset enough knowing it will happen. My only hope is that those in power who forced masks on our children will answer for it. Karma now, not later.

My take on this is that they are going to make every teachers job a living hell, specially on the districts that are not happy about reopening. Why? If the teachers are unhappy they can blame them and tell the parents that the teachers are being forced to work against their will. I actually know a lot of teachers that want to go back. But their job as a teacher is that, TO TEACH. I do not expect nor will I want my child’s teacher to take my son’s temp every day(which really is not an indicator of the virus and a lot of those thermometers are not very reliable. I would not expect, nor would I want a teacher to waste her/his time telling kids that they need to wear a mask, or monitor them to make sure they do. Or even making sure that the kid stays on his/her little quadrant/bubble. They already have enough work.

And if the kid has a temp, will you be responsible for having to report it and totally F up somebody’s family. Will you be responsible for a kid being taken away from his family to “safely quarantine” to make everyone else “safe” especially when they have proven that the tests are faulty?

Looks like Ohio is mandating masks for all schools now:

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Are you ready to see how HR 2 will make Johnny, Suzy, and, you a credentialed placeholder? Part 2, in my new series shows how the “Moving Forward Act” plays right into the CCSS Machine’s Competency Based Education.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Working towards the end of the $$$$$$$$$$…… the entire plan IS to end the dollar because The Fed. has a NEW dollar 100% ready to roll out.–vglSc

And another post from her:

The U.N. & Central Banks: A Rockefeller & Rothschild Coup

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

By [name redacted], just now:
🌹 I saw a grade school today holding a relay race in the park. 90% of the kids had masks on including the teachers. These kids were running relays with face diapers on out in the park, beautiful 70 degree-breezy California weather and these covidians are outside with muzzles on. Running. In the open air park. Unbelievable. I guess the parents will learn when they start dropping dead. Where is common sense anymore? Maybe I should embrace this as a survival of the fittest and just enjoy the show and keep my Temple strong and mind my own business. ❤🌿🌹

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Parent alert!! Sen. Rand Paul just unleashed a new Bill for Fed funds to follow your children.
This is a trap! It promises “choice”, but doesn’t mention the data tracks attached to these funds. Page 17 of ESSA killed true school choice! You’ve been warned several times by the likes of Charlotte Iserbyt, Alice Linahan, myself, and others who have evidence from DC about this trap.
Be wise! Tell Sen. Paul, “No!”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Cashless society is coming and sooner than I thought . There is a massive cryptocurrency ecosystem being created which includes central banks , cross boarder payments, payroll gifting, and I Hub innovations … all of these are partners of Ripple ..

Simple TRANSLATION: Expect that The Fed. will VASTLY and I mean VASTLY increase its asset acquisitions, and debt purchases.

Four Fed. Reserve presidents in the last 2 days stating “The Fed. is willing to do more”.. This means issue more debt in any amount. Are you seeing a pattern? The intentions are to deliberately kill the dollar to issue in a new system.

They finally have ditched the dollar , other countries will fall right in line with China and Russia – The end is very near for the dollar as the global reserve currency and then onwards to digital ..

China and Russia ditch dollar in move toward ‘financial alliance’

Good bye dollar – I knew you when …

US dollar headed lower, in retreat against the euro: Reuters poll

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

We just picked up yearbooks for our kids this morning. I’m guessing next year’s edition will be pointless due to lack of content. Virtual events aren‘t really worth capturing, are they? Who wants to see pictures of their kids in masks while surrounded by plexiglass or 6ft apart?

Meet Alvah Clayburn Lewis. This is his yearbook photo below. He had his whole life before him that day. Despite the odds, he went on to become a successful lawyer and was elected to Dallas County Judge over the Commissioners Court with JJ Koch, John Wiley Price and others. He now goes by Clay Jenkins.

Coach-led practices in our public schools were supposed to start this Monday. Clay J called a special meeting recently to tell the area superintendents they cannot hold fall sports practices and he will put a temporary restraining order (TRO) on any district that goes against this order.

RISD and the coaches have been working diligently to implement a set of protocols and procedures to keep the kids safe during practices only to be undermined by this runaway judge with an ego the size of his hair.

The next commissioners court meeting is on August 18, the day before distance learning begins. Will you sign up to speak (virtually)?

My son plays soccer on a club team and the LH varsity team. He has been practicing with his club team for weeks, safely, with his coach who works for a private school. Private schools are not under this order and they have also been practicing without the overreach of Clay J. Once again, our public school children are screwed. fakequity 

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

We expect to have a new article out tonight around 10:00/10:30pm on new policies which removes superintendent/school authority and replaces with state/regional authority over students in the public and charter schools re: testing, tracing and quarantining.

We’ll be including the video as well as a lengthy transcripted segment regarding students and teachers for those who prefer to read or re-read.

And another post from this group:


Look what we just found!! Have you ever wondered why our educational system seems to be promoting United Nations standards in our schools and in our curriculum texts and online curriculum? That’s because our country is teaching the sustainable development goals of the UN. This US government page shows how we in our country are tracking our children in their understanding of UN SDGs.

The SDGs have become more important than academics. They are the crux of social-emotional learning, comprehensive sex education, online distance learning and every other agenda being pushed alongside academics, and frankly, squeezing academics out!

Tool around and take a look! Go to SDG #4 Education. You’ll see SDG 4.1.1. You can choose look at the report statistics. It’s obvious they are back filling data to at least the year 2000. SDG 4.1.1. pertains to testing children in the 3rd, 5th and 8th grade which we see now has been a UN requirement.

There’s a lot to see here. Enjoy and wake up! The UN’s structure has been used to push a global education agenda on each country.

Look out for Hindu meditation in Chicago schools:

Here is a post from talk show host Tara Gowen Fricano:

If you are handing your children over to an insane system that does this.. It’s on you!
Many of us warned you about the TRACKING SYSTEMS that were already occurring for YEARS NOW… you laughed, you mocked, you told parents that were taking THEIR OWN TIME to research what was occurring in our education system that they were nuts!! Well, at this point… Who is the crazy ones now???

UMMM➡️ NJ. New Jersey’s Butler School District wants students to wear health-related armbands (page 16).
“Butler School District has worked with Accwell to purchase armbands (Appendix K) that all students and staff will wear daily while on the premises. Armbands will provide daily temperature readings. Armbands will provide daily reports to our nurses to track wellness within our school district.

Students and staff will be responsible for charging their armbands daily and wearing them to school – students who do not have their armbands will not be permitted into their classrooms.

The Butler School District will provide the armbands – in the instance of loss or breakage,families will be responsible for replacement and students will need to remain out of the building until a replacement is in place.”

Here is a show of hers with the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

What connections between global groups to your student mean more radical distress?
How the CCSS Machine has used this against us all.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Kids have to wear their masks at home while virtual learning? WTH??

From a Port Arthur TX school district —->

And another post from her:

This is how Bill Gates & Andrew Cuomo are ‘re-imagining’ education for your child.

And they’ll make gazillions …
Wake up people!

Translation: It will be harder to indoctrinate children behind parents’s backs:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

MUST WATCH VIDEO for California parents! As you know, Social and Emotional Learning pedagogy grooms kids to embrace and agitate for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). Teachers are being trained as Social and Emotional Learning (CSE groomers) while online curriculum will be the syringe that delivers most CSE curriculum.

Pay attention to the fact that CA’s State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, State School Board President Linda Darling-Hammond and the Governor’s wife Jennifer Newsom have partnered with Beyond Differences to bring a Social and Emotional Learning tidal wave into schools (see 2nd link). Then, watch the video below from Beyond Differences’ Youth Board members and prepare to see how kids are being turned into hate-filled, sexual rights marxists.

It’s time to protect your children and families from this tidal wave.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Look what Advocates for Youth (AfY) is up to. They are recruiting your 11-15 year old daughter to participate in a study about the birth control pill to be used for their Free the Pill Youth campaign.

They posit that the shelves at CVS have ✅ condoms, ✅ emergency contraception, ❎ but no birth control pills? And they want teachers and organizations that work with young people to help them spread the word to help with their recruiting efforts.

‼️❎‼️ “It’s crucial that we recruit as many young people as possible, particularly those who are 11-15.” ‼️❎‼️

Parents, how do you feel about YOUR 11 year old little girl having access to over the counter birth control without your knowledge or consent?

Easier access to birth control for minors = more teen pregnancies. The failure rate for oral contraceptives is higher for teens because it requires correct usage in order to be effective. The more kids having sex, even if they use contraception, the more customers and profit for Planned Parenthood (an ally of AfY) who sells STI treatments and abortions.

Former PP manager Ramona Treviño says, “Planned Parenthood is not in the business of prevention. Preventing unplanned pregnancy doesn’t generate a profit. Promoting abstinence, self-control, or monogamous marriage does not keep the blood money flowing in. SEX. Sex is how Planned Parenthood meets its abortion quotas.”

Get AfY and PP out of our schools!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The old “brick-n-mortar” classrooms and schools of the past you once knew are history. This “pandemic” has made sure of that. Now be prepared for a blockchain-AI-crypto based education system within this new gig economy.

“The coronavirus pandemic is transforming the education sector as much as it is transforming various important aspects of our lives. The majority of teaching and learning has been transferred to digital platforms as many cities remain in quarantine or begin to ease lockdown restrictions. But the education sector will never be the same again.

Education is going through several developments and changes. These changes were accelerated over the last few months by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the novel virus did not outrightly halt the delivery of education. It merely demanded new ways of delivering and receiving learning content. One of those ways includes peer-to-peer learning, which has been around for some time.

In a formal classroom setting, an educator shares knowledge with students. In peer-to-peer learning, students share knowledge with other students. P2P learning extends to workplaces and industries. It should be noted that peer-to-peer learning is supplemental learning and not meant to replace formal education.

Peer-to-peer learning should provide benefits to those who share and receive knowledge. Students need to learn as much as they would if they were in a formal classroom. The same applies to workers who have to acquire as much knowledge as they would from a hired external expert. Some of the benefits of this kind of learning include:

A study, conducted by Degreed, found out that employees prefer to learn new things from their peers rather than approaching their bosses.
Peer educators understand what learners go through every day. They know the experiences that learners face and this gives them an edge over external trainers or teachers.
Peer-to-peer learning is changing as the online education sector grows. Some students prefer to watch video content instead of reading notes. The same thing can be said for young professionals who are likely more interested in watching practical projects in advancing their careers. Peer-to-peer learning platforms are aimed to bridge this gap by providing practical step-by-step learning content delivered in video format.

Blockchain technology has been called a hammer looking for a nail because of its ability to solve problems found in many industries. Blockchain’s use cases in education are as important as the technology’s application in finance and payments. The technology’s applications in education include identity management, verification of degrees and certificates, cloud storage, record management, digital rights protection, security and tracking donations made to educational institutions.

An increasing number of students are taking online courses. More than 6 million Americans are taking online classes and looking forward to getting degrees. Some of the online students are career professionals who are either looking to switch or accelerate their careers. This growing number of online students could easily pave the way for counterfeit degrees and certificates. The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland introduced a blockchain pilot project to verify the authenticity of its degrees. Using such a system would reduce the amount of time required to verify degrees from a few days to just seconds.

Students have lots of records to keep. These include attendance, modules, grades and even payments, among others. Instead of these records belonging to institutions, they can be recorded on the blockchain, where the data is immutable. The students can access their data whenever they want without going through the hustles of contacting their alma mater. The University of Nicosia in Cyprus has developed a blockchain system to store students’ information such as grades, certificates and more.

Blockchain is still an emerging technology and its true potential and limitations are yet to be fully explored. The technology will likely have more use cases in the education sector in the future. What is clear so far is that the coronavirus pandemic has shown the need for new, innovative ideas in the delivery of education. Students need a new way to learn while young workers could use online platforms to advance career skills.”

And here is a reply to this post:

Interestingly, Eric Schmidt former CEO of Alphabet/Google -and- Bill Gates were selected by Gov. Cuomo to determine how school systems can more easily integrate technology and remote learning.

Also note* Eric Schmidt is now the Chairman of the NSCAI: National Security Council on Artificial Intelligence.
On August 13, 2018, Section 1051 of the Fiscal Year 2019 John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 115-232) established the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence

And this:

And another post from him:

As many of you might know, Ripple (XRP) recently signed a deal with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a blockchain to create a financial and services app for 1.7 billions of people around the world. More than 100 financial institutions have partnerships with Ripple, including the Bank of England, The Federal Reserve Bank, The Royal Bank of Canada, JPMorgan, major credit card, etc.

Well now BlackRock, the company that stepped in to manage the Federal Reserve Banks and the U.S. Treasury, from collapsing, is now restructuring it’s operations and hiring a former founding executive of Ripple.

“BlackRock Inc., the largest asset management company in the world is set to undergo a massive management overhaul with the aim of focusing on alternative investments. The company recently hired a former executive of Ripple who is tasked with leading the digital asset team in the firm.”

And so it begins. The transitioning to a blockchain slave society. It begins with offering all public services on a blockchain. It places all tangible (hard) assets on a blockchain. Soon after society goes 100% digital and is pushed into accepting a cashless society. That cashless society has to then digitally identify itself on a global blockchain identity network. Data that is scattered around the world, regarding your personal traits and habits, gets consolidated into a super data store, supercomputer for analysis, scoring, and predictive analysis. Your profile is created on a blockchain. With the advent of mass surveillance, you’ll be monitored in real-time using creative means 24/7 on 5G and later on 6G high-speed networks. You’ll not be able to buy or sell anything without proper credentials and acceptible social credit scores. You credits will be your currency. Bad social credit, no food. Bad social credit no home. Bad social credit, no travel.

You’ll have a wallet that transacts these social tokens off and onto the blockchain if you’re a good “global citizen”. If you do not comply, you’ll be sanctioned, punished, shamed, isolated and geo-fenced, and possibly worse, just as is done in China.

With the collapse of brick-and-mortar retail businesses, you’ll be forced to buy and sell online. You’ll also have to work online since jobs will have evaporated. In the new gig economy, you might want to work in a VR world acting as an administrator or moderator. Maybe you’ll have a job in customer support? Or perhaps doing gig services when they become available, but only if you have enough badges verifying you can fulfill the position.

You might want to trade virtual assets used in video games (that are all unque on a blockchain. Yes, imaginary digital assets that gamers would buy and sell!

You’ll have to constantly go to school online for specialized online jobs that you hope will land you high on a dashboard-leaderboard. You’ll have to compete with the rest of the world for the top 10 spots that employers look for.

This is the danger of being on a government (public-private partnershiped) blockchain. Along with blockchain ID and a digital mass surveillance and predictive analysis machine that is scoring you in real-time. You’ll become tokenized workforce assets for “stakeholders” world-wide to be traded on the market, like chips in a casino. Only this will happen in high-speed trading with you being the actual chips or tokens.

The ONLY way to avoid this nightmare scenario for you and your loved ones is to not let it happen this way. You really have to let your voice be heard and say you will not accept this new digital human capital economy.

And some replies to this post:

Pulled from my files – before some of you became friends I had posted this – Here is some more to add to what you have . Fink’s letter to investors and guess what ? His sentence “I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.” Another quote from his letter “in the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.”
Fink mentions climate Change so what else could Fink be thinking of when he mentions the 2 above ? Could it be social credit score, digital currency, digital identity, and a Universal Basic Income.?………… And “We are a signatory to the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment, and we signed the Vatican’s 2019 statement advocating carbon pricing regimes, which we believe are essential to combating climate change.”

mentions SASB – Let’s look at the donors

demonizing blockchain technology is like demonizing computers when they started getting used by governments.
It’s a tool, not a literal chain for enslavement. There’s way more blockchain crypto-currencies out there that are completely out of any banks control and will never be in a banks control becasuse they are distributed networks….like pirate bay torrents, they can’t shut them down or ‘own’ them.
It’s all a matter of which cryptos the public allows to gain support. Don’t support ripple. I’ve never liked it honestly. It seemed from the get-go to have been set-up by the bad players.

and also coincidentally ripple has been surging in price erratically lately completely out of step with the rest of the cryptos….which suggests to me it’s getting a leg-up on the competition from suspicious donors

RFID chip inside YOUR BODY linked to crypto! Wake up! Patent granted to Microsoft. The triple 6’s are an interesting ”coincidence”.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Common Core Diva Lynne M. Taylor :” ALL tied together to indoctrinate YOUR entire towns, not just schools.”
War Against The Core: Satanism, Earth Worship & UN Indoctrination Coming Into Public Schools

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

You are always being profiled. As a seasoned game developer of many games, one of the tasks I had to perform was developing character traits or personalities for game characters. This allowed for variations of characters in games just by changing the numerical parameters of these traits. One could use these traits to “genetically” evolve characters over time using genetic algorithms. One could also learn, with neural network AI, the behavioral patterns that certain character traits displayed during game play in a game arena. Character analysis and behavior modification could then be applied to each character profile as needed when needed, if needed.

The metric often used for character traits (among many others) was the popular Myers-Briggs Personality Types. This metric requires 4 key categories, with each category having 2 choices as inputs:

1) Interaction with World
I = Introverts
E = Extroverts
2) Absorption of Information
N = Intuitives
S = Sensors
3) Decision-Making
F = Feelers
T = Thinkers
4) Organization
J = Judges
P = Perceivers

The combination of these choices give 16 sub-categories.

So, if for example the character is calculated to have the traits of being extroverted, sensory, thinker and judges, then that person is an ESTJ. According to this classification, ESTJ people make up 11% of the population and are suited to become a:
Project Manager
School Admininstrator
Factory Supervisor
Military Officer
Public Official
Bank Officer
Insurance Agent.

Where as an INTP (5%) is classified to become a:
Computer Programmer
Chemist / Biologist
Financial Planner
Technical Consultant
Artist / Photographer
College Professor

This metric, Myers-Briggs, is used by hiring companies that often as a potential employee candidate to take an online test. These online test measure your traits and determine, algorithmically, if the candidate is suited for the job they are seeking. There are of course many other personality metrics in use in the field besides Myers-Briggs. They do come with many criticism but nonetheless, they are used.

Dating companies use them to build up your profile by asking you to build your profile by asking many personal questions. The answers are used to classify you in a Myers-Briggs table and then are used to compare your traits with others. There is a sample in the pics I’ve added here.

Other companies use other forms of profiles to invoke their AI data-driven recommender systems. Amazon and Facebook are famous for that.

Now the reason I am bringing all of this up is because I know how AI and algorithms work. I know how gaming works. In a sense, we are all in a virtual game. Your profile is either out there or waiting to be created. Your child’s profile is ready to be created as well. This type of testing (and much more advanced testing) can assess your child’s character and personality and algorithmically determine that the best pathway for your child’s learning might be best suited in a field that you or your child might not like. If your child wants to become a musician, the AI educator might disagree and nudge your child to become a veterinarian. If your child wants to become a doctor, the AI teacher might disagree and instead lead them to become a factory supervisor. I think you get my point.

Take a close look at each of these image and realize we are already living in this kind of world, but once we are in a cashless society, with online commerce and online education being the mainstay, and our ID tied to blockchain and all public services online, you will realize that we will be ruled in a world where smart-contract tokens determine what you can and cannot do, in an AI governed world.

You are being profiled and manipulated.

And here are some replies to this post:

People need to understand that the push for gathering “social – emotional” data in schools is related to this and it is an impact market. Thanks Teacher’s College Columbia. A lot of the online platforms capture information about OCEAN “big five” traits.

These are the kind of metrics that are used by algorithms. I’m just hoping that if we educate people more about how this actually works, they’ll see it’s not made up “stuff”.

People also don’t seem to realize that a lot these online apps/quizzes are feeding data. 🙃
It isn’t the same things as circling answers in a paper magazine, these exist for a reason.

I have also seen a shit ton of terrible games being advertised on fb, but they’re mainly almost always these games that need a choice of 2 things.
I have also seen so much stuff with animal crossing pushing people towards VR life 🙃

.to be fair, a lot of people are still out here claiming to be left vs right brained or that they know “how many spiders the average person swallows per year” 🙃

you’re right. All those quizzes are feeding knowledge to machines. The same goes for labeling pics with names.

I realized it a while back that these online personality tests for jobs were data mining you. Problem is, it’s impossible, unless you know someone, to get around them, and with HR and the system in the way, getting around it is getting harder and harder.

I think FB’s AI is telling whoppers too. It keeps saying “so and so invited you to play such and such and such game” or “so and so invited you to like such and such page”. Eventually, it dawned on me that likely these people weren’t actually inviting me but instead Facebook itself was sending this out based on what games they were playing and pages they were liking. Granted, I DO believe that people can try and add you to a group and you get an invite that way, but I think the other things are computer-generated.

Listen to this clip about labelling children neurotic in school settings.…

it’s always altruistic at first. That is how they sell us our poison. People fall for it everytime. And yet, after damage is done, people go right back to accepting altruistic presentations once again. Why are we not enforcing more strict restrictions?

our new state gun legislation, called the Ohio Strong bill is all about labeling children for purposes of pre crime. It’s totally a “mental health” bill thinly disguised as “sensible gun control.”

Tech workers (some) wanting to push out of part of the colony, the hive –

What’s the biggest obstacle workers face: “Office tech workers are recognizing that their technologies are inherently political and are never ‘race neutral,'” Gonzalez said, pointing to the growing surveillance state and “the insidious relationship between tech corporations and law enforcement.” Gonzalez said that at companies like Google and Microsoft, “tech workers have made clear demands that all contracts with law enforcement be dropped, a necessary and long overdue step.”

I totally agree. Many of the tech jobs have slants and biases that are not friendly to the public.

did you see this?
”To address this problem, biometric digital IDs can be a game changer. For example, Simprints has deployed biometric IDs on health and humanitarian projects across 12 countries, which have increased health care visits and quality while preventing fraud. It is now partnering with Japanese telecom giant NEC to develop an affordable, interoperable, biometric solution for vaccines that can identify patients even in rural and offline settings. Using robust digital tools can help governments overcome identification barriers to ensure that everyone receives a Covid-19 vaccine.”

That is the goal. To get everyone registered on a global registry (blockchain) so that resources can be “sustainably” rationed to each and every person if they are socially credit worthy. I’m sure you get the idea.

Do you know anything about the Gallup personality analysis used by companies in the work setting?

I once had to take a personality test for a job at a video store (back in the day). Apparently I failed. They told me so in so many words. What was hilarious about this is that I have a passion for film and knew more about movies than probably most of their employees. I always wondered what on that test made me unqualified to work at a video store. 😆

they were not looking for your qualifications. They were looking to see if you were docile. If you took orders. If you were not a trouble maker. If you would not be seeking a raise soon after. If you were a took initiative without incentives. It was your character they were measuring. This is common in many of the chain stores across the nation. Prospective candidates take a test and fail because they have too much independent thinking.

That must be why I could never get a job and had to go into business for myself, I have to say when in the army they also gave me a really hard time as well 😂

So, having worked with just released prisoners and others not high on the American totem pole of Capitalism and legitimacy (sic), I have helped them navigate employment applications for major grocery, hardware, retail companies. ALL hands down have the personality tests — I am talking about 35 or more minutes of absurd, Joseph Mengele, BF Skinner, punishment society type questions that are supposed to match the person with the job, or in many cases, eliminate the person from the job applicant pool . . . Imagine how stupid this is, but this is the way of Lowes, Nordstrom, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Costco, et al . . . . For YEARS now. You want to know how many ex-felons (always carrying that label to the grave!) make it through that bullshit set of hurdles? Then the “intelligence” tests on top of that . . . word problems (math) and other word association and shape association problems . . . Several hours of a person’s time before the messed up face to face or Zoom interview . . . all for that golden $12 an hour job! Gulag America!

Yes, that is what the tests are for. To eliminate candidates. Recidivism is high in the US because of the damn tests. The companies are looking for docile people that take orders and ask no questions. No trouble-makers. That is what they are for.

Gulag America is right! Combine it with place-based neighborhood planning and, yes, we’re right there in the Hunger Games.

This is very disturbing and the saddest part is that none of these tests are fluid like humans. Once you test a certain type, that’s will be where you are locked. A personal example, in high school I was extremely left brained, advanced math and other courses, became a computer programmer, data analyst, governmental accountant, but as I matured, I became off the charts right brained and explored my unknown artistic talents, humanitarian side, and became a missionary. My Hermann brain quadrant tests CHANGED over time. Now I am both left and right, and flow in both as needed. LIfe consequences, socio-economic, and location greatly affects the person, in different seasons of their life. These computers are not adequate in assessing a miraculous human being! Or able to help them reach their full potential and self-actualization. What about spiritual development and maturity? Is that part of human kind even considered in these AI systems?

The algorithms do not take that into account, that you can evolve or that you can become a different being. These tests only look at you as a workforce component. And, if on the blockchain, your profile plasticity gets rigid. There are so many faulty aspects of these stupid tests.

Oh, come on, this country’s education system was based on a Prussian model from the 1860’s. So, gong from there, PK12 has been a success for colonizing minds, for turning creative youth into dead brain thinkers, for making an almost-entire populace compliant to the masters’ orders. As my black friends remind me, “This is not our house, Paul. And as a revolutionary and way beyond socialist, it is not your house either.” So you can think you are in Richard Florida’s Creative Class, or working for a really progressive corporation or organization, but it ain’t our house, man. John Taylor Gatto wrote about it, and I know in my 37 years teaching in colleges/PK12/gang prevention programs/prisons/more venues (add a few more years as a dive master) that the only way “it” works (learning) is way outside the box (prisons) of traditional learning. I am talking about experiential learning, outdoor learning, what the youth want to learn, and actually respecting and loving the youth that we teach. None of that is happening to scale, maybe in school districts (like the woman I just met on the beach from Issaquah School District) where there is so much more to teaching than a battery of tests, assessments, idiotic stuff. Even so, the youth are not learning enough and have no sense of vital history. Gatto —

Most “leadership” seminars offer these assessments. At the university where I taught, freshmen would take a gallup strengthsfinder assessment -ostensibly for helping them to understand themselves better and to make prudent choices about a major, etc. But in reality these assessments were – just as Joseph says – for identifying which students would be the change-makers and thought-leaders. Those students would be flattered and weaponized against their peers to spread an ideology on campus. At TU, our situation was a particularly gross example of it. The University president was a military psychiatrist who worked with US Dept of HUD, UPenn, and the NSF!

here’s a slide from the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education that mentions how Leadership programs are used to “seed” the student population. The language is really perverse if you ask me.

Looks like they were using the students as agents of change for their own agenda and also as a supplemental workforce. Sad that they are mass brainwashing them before they even get out into the real world.

I began to notice the “every student will attend college”. push as a new teacher (second career) and it just felt wrong to me. It was one of the first things I noticed in addition to the the constant diversity training (more important than teaching methods/classroom management). I tried to explain my feelings to some friends, but now those friends don’t talk to me because in their minds I am some right-wing elitist.

I empathize completely! No one wants to face the fact that schools and universities are controlled by human capital speculators. The content of the indoctrination doesn’t even matter – it’s the hamsterwheel of training that allows no time for genuine thinking that is the real weapon here. It’s a seige – just wear out the thinkers so that the followers are the only ones who remain.

rapid successions of events don’t leave much time for critical thinking and reflection. I can see your point. Kind of like a strobe light causing a seizure.

Yes, I feel worn out. from trying to function in that system when all I wanted to do was help kids. To trying to wake people up. My mom was a teacher for like 33 years and she saw it, especially the college push when volunteering a little while ago and she knew that some of the kids she was quoting would excel in a different environment, but how dare you say it. She and other notice things, but when I talk about the “agenda” the eyes glaze over…

Not sure if this post, shared by a friend of mine, is true or not, but it’s NOT the first such story of the Covestapo causing meat and livestock shortages and wondering if they are doing it deliberately to create shortages. As some in the comments have suggested, all they’d need to do shut down everything again for a so-called second wave and more stores would be hit. This would lead to more shortages of food and thus leave people more at the mercy of the government and the corporate allies. Also, even more insidious, some stores, and perhaps governments were banning the sale of seeds or something like that too. With them putting the food supply on blockchain, the idea of them doing this for some kind of control scheme seems all the more believable.


And the replies to this post:

Who slaughtered what cattle?

Health Department or FDA orders due to fake virus.

They are preparing us for food shortages.

COVID is the excuse for everything. Nobody is sick where I live, yet we have to wear masks . . .

We cannot get in to see our doctors because they are all part of the virus regime. The hospitals are empty, so no one can get regular health care . . .

it’s to intentionally have a food famine. When they manufacture the second wave, stores will be forced to shut down again, including grocery stores and unless you have the means to grow and preserve your own food, you will be at their mercy in order to survive. Depending on the area you live, you see retailers claiming a coin shortage or no cash accepted policy, as digital currency takes over. With the lockdown extending out indefinitely, more and more will become dependent on the Gov. in order to survive and at that point, they will make you do do whatever they want – take the drugs, snitch out other people, lie for them, they will “provide” some kind of shelter and tell you where you get to live, work whatever job and hours they give you, take your kids away – if you do not comply. This mask wearing is to see how well the public will comply – unfortunately, I’d bet even they are surprised by how easily the masses have just bought into this. The list of compliance is endless and killing off the food supply is just part of the end goal. Very Orwellian, I know, but there are very few other reasons that it could be than to make us surrender.

And people don’t even see it coming. Sheeple are blind. Just wait until you have a starving mob of people who are not ‘nice’ and want to try to take what the want, will be much worse that the looting that is already going on

Well, on the Ice Ag frmer, it was stated that state and federal governments are also buying up as much food as they can, so much that there’s back logs. So even if people order things online, there would still be severe back logs. They have certainly thought this out quite well

plus, the very companies – like Amazon, who got so rich, by having such low prices, will now jack the prices to levels most cannot afford and that segment will have to do what they are asked, as something of a barter to earn what they don’t have the means to buy and they could be asked to do some very ugly things just to stay alive. Everything we’ve been seeing, from the opiate epidemic to autism, cancer, diabetes and every other chronic illness, has been intentional. For those who survive – We are entering The Hunger Games.

And the inflation coming from the lockdown (and of course the coming lockdown), and also the high demand with limited product – Will certainly add to the same. Making people more afraid, more dependent on government, more acting based on fear, like you’re saying

All the insurance companies are in on COVID-19 —- anyone with health insurance will be told they have to vaccinate to keep their insurance. All these big corporations have to go down.

do you have a link to this info about cattle? I can’t find a single story online about it that’s within the last couple of months

Google is suppressing a lot of information and the TV is not going to tell you. Just try to find canned beef anywhere . . .

You have to make phone calls. Go ahead and look up meat companies and phone them as I did.

Lots of lab grown meat companies on the scene. Bill Gates had invested in Beyond Meat a while ago, but read recently that he had sold his stock. Notice they refer to it as “Clean Meat”.

Yes, they are also setting us up for lab-grown meats.

Meat prices here in NC are astronomical

Remember when the Clinton’s had the Haitians peasant farmers wild pigs slaughtered? They did it because the farmers refused the free GM seeds they tried to manipulate them I to using after the earthquake. They starve people into compliance it’s a tactic they’ve used from time long long ago

Starvation is the fall back mode of population reduction. (All bison were slaughtered to reduce a particular population not so – very long ago.)

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

It’s the latest fad? Remote learning— in school. But no teaching IN school.
Oh and you pay EXTRA for the “childcare” while they’re IN school.
Not being taught in class — but REMOTELY.

And some replies to this post:

Wait, I don’t even understand…if they can do this why wouldn’t there just be class?

It’s a long-time agenda to get all kids onto devices. It is believed by some that kids’ minds can be trained and indoctrinated more easily through devices.

and isn’t another goal to get rid of teachers and buildings, use AI to teach and monitor/spy on people’s homes? Alexa kind of does this already.

This was the goal. The big common core device push was all a part of this set up.

yes! I agree. And now there’s the perfect excuse. Parents must get involved and speak out if they want teachers and classrooms on a regular basis again.

agreed!! And we must see that even this, is a part of a larger plan.

Maybe this could work to the advantage of parents who want to know what their kids are learning. Could parents be allowed if requested to have access to the same online material their kids are learning from? Could I, from home on my computer, log into what my child is doing online at school? If so, it might provide greater transparency.

I doubt most parents would have the time or inclination, and they know that. It’s about surveillance, biometrics and data mining.

Right. Which they can also do during distance learning from home. Either way, it’s very hard to know what your child is exposed to online, as they are increasing replacing textbooks with online learning.
For example, my daughter’s math book was here at home during distance learning this spring. It wasn’t touched. Nothing was assigned from any of the textbooks. It was all online, Kahn Academy, teacher led, etc.

right. Even Catholic online courses provide material online. My biggest concern is what the content is and whose agenda is being taught…..

Laugh. Cry. Laugh. Cry. It’s ridiculously stupid. I’m so glad I homeschooled my kids. Public schools have been prisons for many years and it’s becoming blatantly obvious now. What a bunch of fools!

Yes, I’m thankful for homeschooling too. But some people can’t, or won’t homeschool. Those people should and can speak up about more transparency in the public schools, more input. All the taxpayers deserve that.

I have done that, ask for transparency, especially when it comes to the push to legislate mandatory comprehensive sex education curriculum. It is absolutely horrible and unacceptable, however all but 2 democrats in the MN Legislature voted for this bill the last time it was introduced. I have written to each MN legislator and state senator to oppose this ‘education’ and I get nowhere – just cut & pasted talking points. Make no mistake, I will continue to make my voice heard – but they don’t want to hear it for whatever reason. Gross! But we do need more people to stand up against the landslide of legislation that is coming from outside the state to change our way of life in MN.

I tried working with teachers when my kids were in school. My son got locked in one of those closets because the IEP thought he may act out. He spent half the day in that closet and he didn’t even do anything. There were other major problems I had with the industrial school complex along with the medical industrial compex. I have talked to legislators and while some of them do care, the majority of democrat LAs won’t even allow you to book an appointment to hear a bill. Federal education needs to be abolished. Schools belong to communities and the state needs to stay out of it. The system is corrupt and there is no working it out anymore. The taxpayers need to wake up and take their schools back or have their kids turn out to be indoctrinated stompers of the state.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Canadian friends – digital identity and blockchain credentials coming online with the national “Talent Cloud.” Pay attention.

And another post from her:

US Chamber of Commerce setting up longitudinal tracking of “lifelong learning” against income for their human capital bond markets. Crazy given what we know is coming with the Fourth Industrial Revolution that anyone would think there is going to be a guaranteed income tied to ANY credential. This is all a scam pushed by Bill Gates.

And yet another post from her:

OK – I’m asking all of you out there who are still Bernie supporters to check out this guy’s resume. Peter Smith spent much of this career setting up online higher education and digital credentials. He’s now advising Ridge Lane – Tom Ridge’s merchant banking firm. He’s been in and out of Vermont since the 1970s, holding three elected offices and serving on education committees. Can you look at this, knowing that Vermont is NOT a big state, and tell me Bernie and Jane know nothing of this? That they don’t get that the “free college” proposal will be this stackable badge model? This is part of a larger research project I have underway around the takeover of Marlboro College by charter school interests. We’re going to have to be our own heroes.

Linked in profile:

If you don’t have a LinkedIn log in see this PDF of his profile.

And some replies to this post:

You realize that the “stackable” badge model lines up with the e-learning protocol of the “stackable” knowledge storing that is used and implemented with xAPI? AI will navigate your pathway, but it also opens the door for tokenizing each and every “experience” you have in your career and life as part of your profile. It opens the door for predictive analysis of your future actions. Think futures market.

I do. I have known it for a long time. And xAPI is wearable tech, so spatial computing. The true all seeing eye.

xAPI is a format that allows for interoperability (system to system sharing) of accumulated knowledge. Both people and devices will be entering data into these formats that can then be stored, indexed, searched and sorted. It can then be used for analysis and predictive analysis as well. It is data of the human experience. AI will be able to predict the best actions against you or for you. Right now this is in the early stages, but education schooling is a center piece to getting this much needed knowledge/info/data.


And what is more amazing and eerie is that all this accumulated xAPI knowledge that is accumulated and indexed, can later be used by AI, after it has learned the outcomes of “experiences” of humans, to do the jobs of humans. It will know all the “pathways” of human experiences, competencies and decisions. In other words, all the data will be available for it to mimic humans in the workforce.

ODEM is a smart contract based on Ethereum. In this system, a student places a “stake” (money) and by doing so, unknowingly, secures the network more so that transactions can occur. The more you place a stake, the more you recieve, but unknowingly, people (investors) with greater stake will make more money with your help of “securing” the network, due to your staking. That is how proof-of-stake consensus works for writing blockchains in the smart contract platform, like Ethereum. Just thought you might want to know that.

You know Ocean protocol?

And yet another post from her:

This is a rather chilling bit referencing Uber pattern sense-making to education systems, especially considering predatory management of global labor markets by automation-loving billionaire impact investors.

“GPS applications offer clues to a navigational model for learning. When the creators of the Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation system were designing it, did they anticipate that businesses would emerge from the ecosystem that GPS made possible?

For example, Uber relies on the affordances of the navigational ecosystem—a place where people travel as nodes tracked by sensors within maps supported by guidance systems. But Uber is doing much more. It is building atop the sensors and flows of data at new levels in order to understand the patterns in a different way. This understanding allows the company to connect all passengers with drivers to get them to their destinations. And if there aren’t enough drivers, Uber finds ways to push the pool to meet the needs of the riders—Uber’s understanding of patterns creates a balance within the ecosystem. This balance is causing new value to emerge from the network. In fact, there are already many business models that take advantage of the affordances of the GPS ecosystem, and the number of examples is growing.

Navigation using GPS relies primarily upon the ability to define a destination. What makes GPS navigation really smart is that it can also include:

Maps of the terrain
Data from other travelers before you
Data from other travelers right now
These data, in concert, allow some amazing things to work automagically.
What does this have to do with the xAPI and the learning ecosystem?
Are there value creators that can emerge from learning ecosystems, similar to the way Uber emerged from the GPS ecosystem?”–0autTZvwU16dobMsVrjjpAR2yTyZJtIj54AD_MKY0HzcCks

And some replies to this post:

“What are our maps for learning? We don’t really yet have a “global map.” We have a lot of data, but we don’t have a global standard. Different products or projects try to tackle this at different levels.
Efforts like LinkedIn Skills lists, the Learning Registry and even Wikipedia are trying to map the world’s knowledge and learning. We don’t yet have the whole map—we essentially have only local versions available within a company or domain.
Competencies and experiences (content) are the key to making the map. Think of competencies as intersections of pathways or roads. They are the little destinations that someone can get to from a number of directions while the content provides the steps between the intersections.
Competency models and maps take many forms and have no unified data models in practice. Currently, we have the equivalent of hand-drawn maps of villages or towns. We have “cave-like” line drawings of steps as well, such as in onboarding. We need better ways to describe and map competencies (yes, and knowledge, skills, behaviors, and measures) and their relationship to content or experiences.”

This is an interesting article. It spells how building a map of human knowledge and then navigating it, like one does in navigating terrain in a 3D game. I understand fully what they are attempting to do. It’s actually easy.

What is missing is billions of profiles that are later built up with experiences denoted as nodes in a graph. Each node (experience) is connected to another node as pathways or “competencies”.
In game AI, if an AI agent wants to traverse some terrain, there are certain terrains (nodes) that should be avoided. Mud, rock, fire, water, etc. So the AI does a search from terrain node to terrain node and builds a list of the least cost path to take. The path with the lowest cost of traversal to a goal is the path the agent will take.
So in essence, this is what is being created. Create a bunch of nodes, in this case, profiles of people and their experiences, and then connect from experience to experience their competeencies towards a goal using a least cost effect calculation. That is how the AI is going to determine what badges or courses you need to learn in order to reach you career goal.

Of course, this can be used for so much other applications, including military and impact investment.

And yet another post from her:

Please keep in mind many people do not have access to affordable healthy food or a home where they can cook it. Many people are not in a position to devote lots of time to self care. Under techno-fascism “healthy” behaviors will be mandated and digitally monitored to serve impact market investors. We need structural change that allows everyone to heal and live their best lives on their own terms. Be VERY careful when making pronouncements about what people SHOULD be doing to “protect their health.” You can be sure health mandates are on the way – stuff like eat your vaccine-laced salad, upload your step counts, and show us your brain waves, or else.

They are weaponing social determinants of health, so Black and Brown and Indigenous communities that carry health-impacting trauma will be targets of these interventions. They will frame it as recognizing their past mistakes to do better, but they are lying. It is a giant trap.

And some replies to this post:

My best friend is a disabled woman and I’m worried for her and her family who are all disabled or elderly.

We need to look at this with clear eyes and be willing to take stands for them. I am not 100% sure what that looks like, but that day when we have to stand up against Google and AWS and Palantir is going to come.

What happens to our disabled community? I already know the answer…

They are the test bed.

This is what is behind the Victoria lockdown I think.

a friend of mine in Australia is mad about the lock down but she said most people are cheering for it. Said it is completely baffling that no one is fighting against it.

UN Agenda 21/2030

Very 1984 Big Brother. UN SDGs 2 and 3.

Thank you for this – yes to all of it. We are in Philly and Comcast wanted to use their IoT sensors in the garden where I work. Knight Foundation pushing “hydroponics” when the whole point of our garden is land-based healing. Clearly the intent was green-washing drone IoT agriculture. I am just sick at how big this is. Duke is behind the impact markets – David Gergen and his son is at Duke in impact investing – NC has the video game development industry in the research triangle – they are building the virtual world. Soon I think the plan is for them to just pump crap into our stomachs and give us VR so we can imaging we are eating real food. I don’t think I’m too far off.

All of it is about remaking life as data to be controlled on a dashboard – plant life, water, people – to the billionaires we are just molecules to be managed for profit, and yet maybe a tiny fraction of a percent of people understand what is coming.

As long as we permit a handful of financiers to own our central bank, their agenda will proceed.

Do you have a sense if those advancing public banks have an understanding of the human capital bond market? My fear is that public assets will be channeled into these instruments and framed as “doing good.”

I’m one of the founders of the Public Banking Institute, but have never heard this term until you used it. If the central bank were public, then capital itself would be eliminated (we would return to money being the value created by labor, and not a commodity [capital] created when interest is charged] and the way that bonds work would also be different. I cover this in chapter four of my last book, “7 Steps to Global Economic and Spiritual Transformation.” I have one post from 7 years ago that has a section which covers how this works. It’s about 40% of the way into the article. If you search for “mathematics,” you’ll get to the start of it:

Do you know [name redacted] This says she is also with the Public Banking Institute.

I think it’s really vital and people working in the public banking space understand “pay for success” finance.

We should talk. Short version.

Long version.

The Fed has set up the markets – derivatives markets in toddlers. If advocates don’t know, you all are going to end up carrying water for them. All public benefit systems and most economic activity will be channeled through these deals. They would love to virtue-wash it through public banking.

I understand the issues with capital. All these programs are perpetuations of this system of debt slavery, just like “public-prirvate” partnerships. I’m opposed to capital in all its forms, so I’m not “carrying water for them.”

If you don’t understand pay for success you’ve missed that capitalism has jumped into the AR / VR panopticon. Trust me.

Yes, the Anglo-Euro-American banking cartel is now trying to follow its German model and confine public banking to city, county, and state banks, to facilitate what you are describing. I get that.

I’m just asking you to get up to speed. You can’t do the work of the people if you don’t dig into this. It is an entirely new form of capitalism. Militarized, financialized biocapitalism. It’s one thing to say you all know and are ensuring it doesn’t happen. But that’s not what I’m hearing.

Public banks should be on the vanguard of exposing this and speaking against it – there should be a resolution against Pay for Success human capital finance in all forms and against blockchain ID. It is the only thing to stave off full-on “moneyball” government.

UBI is not the answer – it has all been set up for blockchain token economies – behavioral scrip. There were never going to be no strings attached. ALICE is the model – libertarian billionaires like Thiel are ready to swoop in.

And yet another post from her:

Our tax dollars go to fund military research for war game simulations the outcomes of which are handed over to the educational technology companies to profit from digitally brainwashing and profiling our children. For all those lobbying for “quality” online education – realize THIS IS THE BACK STORY. If we want a peaceful world, unplug the children. Stop deluding yourself that any of what is happening now is ok.—%20%28IITSEC%29%20Presnall%26Radivojevic%20-%20Learning%20Analytics%20with%20xAPI%20in%20a%20Multinational%20Exercise.pdf

How silly I was back in 2017 to think that there would still be classrooms.

Can you spare 90 seconds – this is where things are headed:


And some replies to this post:

It dawned on me this morning, with more mental clarity than visceral repulsion, my discomfort and anger around cameras on during distance learning and the constant scolding of the children around comportment. They’re grooming our kids to be docile & manageable under house arrest & getting us in the habit of reinforcing the home invasion in the name of education & our hopes for ease in our children’s futures. It’s fucking disgusting. I never understood so thoroughly the link between ‘compulsory education’ & incarceration. I’ve been a tool and I’m angry & disappointed with myself for being so slow to see it.

More here.

We have been conditioned intensely over the last decade to embrace online information absorption. The technocrats were out in force during the Common Core debacle with intense legislative agenda to uncouple funding from school districts to allow for anywhere anytime learning. Teachers were suddenly evaluated on their incorporation of tech in the classroom and K12 Inc. and Smarter Balance Reps were snuggling up with Broad Certigied Superintendants who were rapidly moving their way through districts. While the threats of charters loomed, the greater evil was the automation of learning despite the cry from reformers to take back our schools from rote learning models Think ‘Kids Aren’t Cars’ and ‘Waiting For Superman’, each with their distinctive funding sources and agendas. Lobbyists were everywhere. And those of us who were trying to engage our kids brains in real world activities and reading books for pleasure, were horrified.

And yet another post from her:

Attention social justice people – now is the time to get very clear on this point. Those in power intend to tie survival to submission to digital nudges and perpetual surveillance of the poor. If you are not surfacing this in your movements for liberation, you are in fact helping the augmented reality jailers. If you have questions about this, ask me. There is no excuse for not committing to figuring this out – unless perhaps you are not actually for liberation, but rather for fleeting validation that you are a “good person.”

And some replies to this post:

what are digital nudges?


Wearable and ICT data collection devices that shape behavior via an app or by limiting rights and privileges based on the data collected.

Grounded in Internet of Things and pay for success – measurable behavior change financial deals.

Tied to behavioral economics – Richard Thaler, Cass Sunstein, Ideas42, Behavioral Insights Team “Nudge Unit” in UK – Bloomberg brought it over.

Ultimately Ivy-League eugenics

if you haven’t seen the Galton one above, I think you would appreciate it.

I cannot believe she is openly and proudly teaching Galton. LOL. I studied him in grad school 20 years ago and NOBODY praised him. Everyone understood his role in the rise of Nazism and the inherent evil of selective breeding and discrimination based on genetics.

Operation Paperclip 🤦‍♀️

Wasn’t Operation Paperclip where the government brought the Nazis into Hollywood and other industries? I do know that mostly hidden dark secret that the whole eugenics thing that Hitler implemented was actually already being talked about in elite circles in the US and UK. The Rockefellers, among others, were big proponents of it.

See reference to Haussler

Data feeds to NIC to Fusion Centers

I am probably one of the few people who gets how vast this is.

NIC = Stewards of Change

The DNA nudge band.

GEF – Maps and Posters Tab

PDF here

So, I got them all into LittleSis now.

Texas Workforce Board and 60×30 is in this mix.

I wish to thank you for your remarkable research work. Thanks to you and to the high standard in the discussion under your posts I am now better equipped to face the unfolding situation. Tomorrow, I’ll be among the thousands Quebeckers outside the provincial police headquarters in Montreal asking for help against the current corpo-fascist assault against the People of Quebec. We will remind them that police officers must take heed of the Nuremberg Code. Canada’s national security is endangered as never before. The Chinese possess many assets. The Canadian Parliament passed a bill allowing members of the Chinese Army to watch their assets on premise. CTV has reported that there have been many sightings of Chinese military personnel in British Columbia since 2018. We learned this week that Chinese investors want to buy a gold mine in Nunavut (Northwest Territories) offered to a bargain price. That mining facility has the size of Paris. The silence of our political class and media is deafening. Since Harper, we’ve been sold out to China.

Some issues not mentioned in the above posts:

  1. Starting in the ’60s, the sugar industry bribed scientists to falsify data to claim that cholesterol causes heart disease when in fact SUGAR causes heart disease. Most cholesterol is MADE BY THE LIVER bcz it is required to sustain life, incl glucocorticoids. Statin (anti-cholesterol) drugs ‘work’ by inhibiting the cholesterol anabolic pathway every early on so that other products required for life are also inhibited. As we age, our brains’ requirement for cholesterol increases in order to keep neuronal membranes fluid enough for neurotransmitter receptors to be able to change conformation, i.e. function. The war on cholesterol is a SETUP FOR FAILURE which will cause Alzheimer & other neurodegenerative disease.
  2. Mammograms CAUSE breast cancer. The easiest way to eliminate breast cancer is to abolish bras outright. Epidemiology in Africa in the ’90s confirmed the link. This is bcz bras cut off the circulation of lymphatic fluid which is needed to remove carcinogens from the breast. This is why bra cancer involves the lymph nodes. Mammograms are a SETUP FOR FAILURE.
  3. BMI is junk science. The real causes of heart disease besides sugar are caffeine, tobacco, psychiatric drugs, street uppers & stress from oppressions, e.g misogyny, racism, elitism, classism, homophobia, ageism & ableism. Fatphobia is another SETUP FOR FAILURE.
  4. Vaccines cause autism & ADHD, etc. Reams have been written on this subject although it hasn’t been my strong suit bcz I came to it later than I shd. Another SETUP FOR FAILURE.
  5. Racism isn’t the only oppression at work here. There’s misogyny, elitism, classism, adultism, homophobia, xenophobia, Russophobia & Slavophobia, ableism & more. The impacts of all of these are more SETUPS FOR FAILURE.
  6. High carb diets (the food pyramid, another failed theory) are another SETUP FOR FAILURE. Real scientific evidence points towards low carb diets as optimal for nearly everyone. While meats contain no drugs of abuse, carbs break down into sugar which is as powerful a drug as cocaine. All this sugar is guaranteed to cause diabetes 2.
    With all of these SETUPS FOR FAILURE, what’s going to happen to the victims whose health is actually ruined by all these nudges? They can be intentionally be given a killer in the guise of a ‘COVID’ ‘vaccine’ which will eliminate the hassle & inconvenience of boxcars & gas chambers.

And yet another post from her:

I need people to realize squabbling over Covid-specific details at this point is NOT helpful. We must instead confront the global biosecurity apparatus head-on. Those in power are now able conjure up a health threat from a cauldron of data whenever it suits them. We need structural analysis and strategy, not diversionary infighting. In the coming months students in San Diego schools will have their blood put on blockchain. Gee, thanks again teachers. Just like with the Austin homeless, you go after the powerless first.

Once again – this is NOT ok.

At this point it is NOT about Covid anymore – the specifics of the illness, treatment of it, source of it, presentation, etc. – because it was NEVER about a single event. This is a new STRUCTURE where public health threats can simply be created at the will of global finance. We need to understand THAT is the thing we need to deal with – this is the trial launch. If if was truly about caring for the health of people, it would have been handled very differently.

And some replies to this post:

But people THINK it is. That’s all they’re thinking about. So nudging them in this direction is important.

Which is why the nature of the conversation HAS to change.

They want us dithering around fighting over HCQ, etc. It is a vast time suck.

storing DNA- Rna is the next step ushered by Covid testing….. all as planned for the rulers

Once we feel like we are making ground with Covid – poof- you can be sure Rockfeller will unearth some new “asymptomatic” threat.

we need to be talking about the system being imposed and the constant blood draws and analysis, especially with AI machine learning, it is like a vampire.

What I’m saying is that instead of talking treatments, source, numbers we should be talking about health passports, DNA profiling, e-carceration / quarantine, abuse of all of us via social isolation especially children and the ederly, bodily autonomy. Because those are the things that will carry over to Goldman Sachs’ next imposed lock down.

Are they taking our DNA when they do the Covid swab tests? it seems very similar to the tests from In my area there’s a huge push for people donating plasma who have had the virus so it can be used as a treatment? Baystate Medical center which I’ve long felt is a human trafficking, harvesting source( we’ve had too many people, mostly younger, missing in this area and end up being found dead or never found at all, very bizarre) has been pushing this on all media outlets.

I feel sure they must be feeding the DNA into some machine learning systems for AI, but I do not know the specifics.

do you know about this? Ancestry was bought by Blackstone for 4.7billion 👇🏾 this from a bloomberg article ..

when i talk with people in person, i talk about the endgame. for the most part, blank looks, mouth agape. however, most, by this point, have heard of 5g, and some, the controversy surrounding it, so i try and start there.
of my fb friends (incl family, etc), there is a wide range of people, to those (few) who are aware to those who are in fear of a ‘virus’.

And what do you know?? A Covid-19 health dashboard! There it is! I’m not so crazy now am I?

San Diego is a “smart” city, also LRNG, also badges. They’ll be able to tie it all to DNA profiling.

everything is happening so quickly from every angle. We need to focus at the head of the snake.

what is that ? what is the head of the snake?????? who sits at the apex?????? who’s runnign the script????

I have to say that the earth is being turned into one big giant corporation, or rather, a federation of corporations, whom are all members of the WEF, IMF, World Bank, UN, NGOs, and philanthropists. Our economy is being transformed into a global stakeholder capitalistic system, also known as Technocracy. Where all stakeholders are following the agenda of UN-SDG and Agenda 21/30. Those are the people at the head of the snake. They are the ones declaring this GREAT RESET.

I’ve gone pretty far up the ladder. I keep running into the Rothschilds, JP Morgan, Rockefellers, etc, and also, back in US history, go back from the Fed to Abraham Lincoln and his growing the government and all and then back to his pal Henry Clay in the Whig Party and their support of mercantilism and then back to Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists and their support of big government and a centralized bank to enrich the 1% at everyone else’s expense. Supposedly around the time of the Napoleonic Wars, the Rothschilds took over the UK by manipulating both sides and then finding out early that the French had lost but making the public believe that they were winning, which caused a mess in the UK market for a while and they took advantage of it. However, there’s also Freemasonry in there, and I’m finding stuff from the Kabbala and the Talmud possibly too and maybe even Noahide (which was subtly made our National Religion in 1991 by a Congressional Proclamation signed by George Herbert Walker New World Order Bush, and which has been continued (at least supporting some Noahide Rabbi) even through Trump. But it goes back to Carter, the same guy who made the DOE and also was from the Trilaterial Commission. Anyway, was able to tie to Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House back to the Rothchilds. Anyway, further back, I’m trying to figure out the link between these Talmudic Bankers and the Vatican and the Jesuits.

What I’m also finding is that from the Bolshevick Revolution through the current rioters like Antifa, they are actually being funded by industralists/capitalists like George Soros and the Rockefeller famiily. So the commies, including perhaps the USSR, the “evil empire”, were never THE real threat. Which makes me wonder if they were an excuse to go interfere in other countries and topple their leaders during the Cold War under the guise of stopping communism. At any rate, if so, it seems that the policy has been continued in areas like the Middle East under the guise of fighting the War on Terrror.

Also finidng that CFR had ties to the CIA and may have helped form it, in fact. Mr. Allen Dulles was a member. And there are talks about the CIA wanting JFK axed. And also rumors that JFK wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve but was unable to do so before his assassination.

And the CIA-backed company In-Q-Tel helped start Google with some cash, and now Google is in our schools and other places and owns Youtube, etc, and is silencing people contradicting the WHO and others on covid, among other things.

Oops, when I said “national religon” for Noahide, I meant that they declared Noahide and hence the Kabbala and Talmud as our national backbone, instead of the Torah and the Gospels, which would have made both the Founding Fathers and their ancestors, the Pilgrims, roll over in their graves, as they were hoping to make a free system based on the Gospel and the Torah, not the Talmud.

Some of those works in the Torah and Kabbala, or so I’ve heard, are Jewish supremacist. Kind of like how in Islam, one wants to subject the “infidels” to Islamic subjection, they seek to the same here with Gentiles.

In much the same way that the Catholic Church was a mixture of the Gospel of Christ and the Torah with Roman/Greek/Assyrian/Egyptian/Babylonian paganism and sought to subjugate “heretics” during the Middle Ages.

It seems that all of these groups, Catholics, Talmudic Jews, Muslims, communists, technocrats, etc have their own plans for a totalitarian system and seek to wipe out and subjugate any “heretics” in their way.

Do parents know neither the Covid test nor this Adiona platform are FDA approved at this time?

This is creepy.

^^^ Blood sacrifice?

What about HIPAA? It is just waived? People don’t know what block chain is. I had to look it up.

No HIPPA in schools.

I was told on the phone recently that the digital medicine is waived from HIPAA. I did quite a bit of digging and couldn’t find anything about the HIPAA laws that are currently in place.

In schools FERPA applies and Obama gutted it in preparation for this.

Remember Clinton came to San Diego to sign Goals 2000 – that is going to be blockchain biocapitalism.

the company had a partnership with a Salt Lake City biotech firm, too.
“The company initially partnered with Salt Lake City-based Co-Diagnostics Inc. to distribute the latter’s Logix Smart COVID-19 test, which received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the U.S. FDA in April.”

Please read this article written by Jonathan Johnson—Utah’s top blockchain evangelist. You might be shocked to read that Johnathan is promoting the idea that it’s a good thing that blockchain-based COVID immunity passports will be used to allow or deny people access to the economy. In this article, Johnson tells us that blockchain-based immunity passports will allow us the “freedom” to participate in the economy and that it will, essentially, be a good thing when businesses can deny access to people without immunity. He’s espousing forced compliance. (So Libertarian of him: Not!)

Then, check out Johnson’s twitter feed and see that he’s very focused on blockchain voting.

As Utah adopts blockchain tech in all the various economic sectors (which we are doing at lightening speed due to COVID), we are being moved into a digital currency and losing our Republic to the Big Tech overlords.

“Thanks again teachers”? I am confused and saddened by the teacher bashing going on right now. It’s such a bummer to see that on your posts and the comments of your posts. I remember serving with you on Meredith’s H and S years ago. Have you forgotten those teachers? All your years in Philly public schools and you so readily join the teacher vilification camp? If you’re trying to spread awareness and concern about high-minded concepts of government control, then it baffles me that you include the public school workforce as a group to point fingers at. I was following you, but I think I’m out now. You just sound political, sadly, like so much else right now.

The teachers are sell outs. I deeply regret all the hours I gave advocating for them. What they are doing now made it a farce.

Interesting as someone who has home schooled / unschooled all of your own children and never engaged in any of the content I have been diligently sharing since all of this began. Those teachers have turned their backs on the children and you of all people know you would never force your own children to submit to what they have planned – blood draws on blockchain.

Where are the teachers speaking out against medicalizing schools? Against imposition of digital contact tracing? Against twisted social isolation protocols? Instead they are begging Comcast to take over their jobs to put children and families under digital surveillance and calling it “resistance.” The “social justice” teachers are completely MIA. Put in a fork in it – it’s over. Let the robots take over. I weep for the children.

I would not trust these people to teach my child. I just didn’t see who they actually were at the time. Now I know better. They have made that very clear. Their job is to serve up the next generation to meet the demands of virtual world builders and jailers.

A generation raised on Khan Academy will not resist techno-fascism. Rather they will be trained to compete against one another on behaviorist gamified platforms to see who can the most conformist.

Soon they won’t need human leaderboard managers – the AI can just zing them points for compliance.

I do homeschool, and I have taught in schools, and my kids have attended schools (currently one does now), and we worldschool, and my husband teaches in school, so we are all over the map in terms of schooling. We are flexible and would not paint any group of professionals who work with children with such a broad, negative brush. Teachers are the workforce, not the authorities, not the administrators, not the big-wig decision-makers, and not the think-tanks. Teachers go into teaching in order to teach. Generalizing teachers as the boogieman seems really misguided. This is like a twighlight zone conversation.

Good teaching, teaching that moves hearts and minds IS political – but not in a partisan way. Your decision not to have your kids in school and to take them to other countries for cultural experiences IS a political choice, too. It’s ALL political. I would challenge you to show anything in my threads that is partisan. I suspect there are people from across the political spectrum who contribute to these threads, but we understand that EVERYONE is in on the game, which is why we don’t talk about political parties. We talk about what is right and humane for children – period.

We have a RESPONSIBILITY to be role models and do the right thing. Silence, as so many social justice folks like to say, is complicity. If you are not fighting these draconian policies, you essentially endorse them.

I find it terrifying that so many people are willing to throw away the last vestiges of freedom remaining to us, all so that they can feel safe again – worse, that they are willing to sacrifice the freedoms of others, usually more vulnerable than themselves, so that they can enjoy the privileges of their lifestyles. That desire for safety is something that can never be satiated; it is essentially limitless, a false infinity opening up within a disordered soul, like an addiction, like the desire of the rich to heap up ever larger piles of (digital) wealth in their bank accounts – there’s never enough money, one always needs just a little bit more. So also with safety, and the desires for regimentation and control that are being supercharged by the desire for perfect safety. There will never be enough.
America was sold that lie after Sept. 11, 2001, and at least a million, probably 2 or 3, perished as a result of this illusion. How many lives will be stunted, foreshortened, reduced to something inhuman and buglike in the years to come, all to pursue this illusion of safety, or protection from illness?
I’ll give it to the technocrats, though: they learned from the failure of the Global War on Terrorism and the attendant security theater productions – not enough were convinced that this was the thing over which all liberty should be surrendered to the Panopticon, to the godawful blockchained anthill society elites have planned for us (and which they tell us about in their dull books). But disease – that’s the thing that will keep on giving – and taking: it will never go away, and neither will the human fear of mortality, especially among people stripped of any spiritual foundations. Stoke the infinite fires of the fear of disease and death, and many will beg to be treated like bugs or lab rats, or cattle on a feedlot, just to keep alive the thin, wan hope that they’ll somehow get out of this place alive.
I’m truly disgusted, really. Because of my job, I’ve been reading about smart cities planning since the mid 90s. I didn’t do all the research, or connect all the dots; but I kinda knew what the geography was. I didn’t want to know all the details, because knowing the basics was terrifying enough, like a glimpse into the palantir in Lord of the Rings. But now, it’s just disgusting how people are rushing to comply with this anti-human future, believing that somehow compliance will save them. That future isn’t for us. It’s being done to us, for Them, for the technocrats, the people who draw up the plans beyond the reach of any democratic mechanisms I know of.

I could not agree more. As I said in my videos – the resistance is not going to come from the middle or professional class. They are brainwashed for the most part and unwilling to examine their complicity in the system. Most of us are complicit, but we have to wake up and make a plan. The above exchange shines a glaring spotlight on that. Many seem to prefer a pretend reality where they imagine they still have freedom while living in chains.

the librarians have disappointed me as much or more than the teachers. Removing books and putting in ridiculous alphabet climbing walls. It’s like some terrible dystopic novel, but it’s totally real and I feel like I am in bizarro land trying to point it out to people who refuse to look.

they are literally blockchaining toddlers and homeless people- no one left behind – Amply will be in my city soon – and yet rather than trying to wrap our minds around this problem far too many “intelligent” people seem to want to double down on their right to NOT know and be given a pass on the fall out. I just don’t get it. It must be psychology, compartmentalization, something, but I never studied it. Still – this is real dammit.

I have been quietly lurking trying to figure out how I’m to do this in a few weeks. If my district mandates staff and students to wear masks, temperature check, plastic partitions and I don’t agree, or I want to speak my opinion to students, how can I make a difference if they fire me?

at this event at Temple the community outreach coordinator for WHYY (NPR) said when I told her about PBS’s predictive profiling behavior training apps that she made her career on Ford Foundation grants and what did I expect her to do about it. AND the one women who raised the issue of race in the discussions ended up being part of the Solutions Journalism scheme and told me that she had been briefed on Amply. Banner day for sure. But hey, people are insisting I not panic, right? Because none of this is happening…only they are wrong.

Aren’t teachers mandated reporters? I think you could make a solid argument that what is being advanced is child abuse

that is why I am trying to figure out a sustainable living situation for people. I foresee a day when I will have a vaccine mandate for my job – or we will be meting out badges and I will have to figure out what to do next. We know how terrible things happen – people are afraid to speak up. I know none of this is easy, but sometimes it just takes a few people speaking out to change the trajectory. Also try to connect with your internal greater power – the power for good in the world. I was never a spiritual person before all of this hit – but there is a reason we are drawn together. There is something we are supposed to do and we are not alone. The creator would never want something to happen to hurt children. We have to believe that those forces for good are with us when we stand up. Reflect and ask for guidance and let the truth of your good heart shine through. I believe that like attracts like. I know it’s not easy. I hear you. These are scary times, but we are made for them.

I agree that it is child abuse and more. Much more. The community of parent and students are being shamed to do all the things to get the virus “under control” so we can open schools. So, implying that it’s their fault their children’s education is going to shit.

We have to be able to risk talking to each other about this – I mean I wonder if there could be a group of families willing to gather at a school board building and have a social learning experience. I think there is a lot of power in that – of non-violent resistance, but it would have to be everyone willing. You know if there are people who want this crazy medicalized blockchain model online – ok, but all children have the right to a free and appropriate public education and those who want to have a human-based education should be able to get it. The thing in the unions are solidly against it, so it would mean going against them to do it.

After talking to a colleague, I am wondering if actually one form resistance might take is all of us teachers going to our schools, inviting our students and families to join us and then just setting our own school schedule but learning together. A very weird work action..but I think one thing that might affirm we were on the right track was if the school district, city or state brought police to shut it down. It’s a confusing time. Forces being arrayed against us, but really hard to figure out how to fight them.

I just had to drive to the coast for an annual mammogram and saw that a local coffee place looked like it was open so I stopped, but instead of being open the door was blocked by a table where two young college students (Arctata is a college town ..Humboldt University) were masked behind the table and asked if I had a mask and said they could not serve me if I did not have one on. I said you know, this is probably the way this is meant to be forever more and they both said, yes, we know. I asked if they were OK with that and rthe girl said, we have to protect the community. I said Protect the community! You know you are giving up your futures, don’ you? At which point they both got condescending and said loudly GOODBYE! If college aged people are this unquestioning and compliant, I fear we are doomed. How do we fight back? On the hour’s drive home through the mountains I started thinking about the sales pitch and remembered the slogan “For the greater good.” If only we could help the youngsters who are thinking they are sacrificing for the greater good understand exactly what the greater good is. That the greater (the too big to fail corporations owned by the multinational billionaires) good (what’s good for the corporates and the rich)..not for us. How to do that before it’s too late? Any suggestions?

Have to say I feel like I’m bumping up against this with my own college student. Maybe the answer is a coven in the woods for the oldsters to wait out the asteroid hit or pole shift, lol….

And yet another post from her:

RANDA is pushing blockchain credentials – what you are seeing below is NOT just about education “accountability” or even “pay for performance.” No, this is about free market education linked to a digital all-seeing-eye, harnessed to serve global impact markets. The plan is no more schools – every “teacher” a free agent – every “learner” a free agent – but not actually free, because everyone’s “fitness” and “growth” will be tracked on blockchain forever – pre-k to grey. Teachers when you sit on your hands and listen to your union leaders and beg Comcast for Internet for your students – this is what is coming. If I seem angry with you, it’s because I know the future and I am trying to protect children.

This is Colorado.

And some replies to this post:

Alison Hawver McDowell is correct… RANDA has been in Colo since 2013. The RANDA Tower system observes / evaluates (including videotapes) teachers. It also collects student Pii.
Colorado requires contracted vendors to post their contracts. Here’s a list of state contracts

Here is Randa contract (click the little 4+on the top right of page)

Teachers are an impact vertical. 🙁

Article references GreenLight

Looks like Randa is also a member of Project Unicorn vendor coalition.

And yet another post from her:

If you doubt the plan is to put us into a digital performance panopticon using wearable and eventually implantable or ingestible technology, I invite you to check out this woman’s IEEE appointments. Here are her publications. Remember xAPI is the digital system to upload data from sensors in “smart” environments. LinkedIn profile here:

I’m thinking the social workers and human resources people are going to be our digital jailers – you know – continuum of care services for “impact.”

And some replies to this post:

That would make sense. Social workers seem to have a lot of power, especially when it comes to children.
HR are often dragons.

“Abolish the police” & “abolish prisons” are Trojan horses for private mercenaries, biopsychiatry & geofencing. Don’t be fooled! Social workers are the new Gestapo.

This is where VR comes in.

This just in:

And yet another post from her:

Let this sink in – the plan is to put everyone on the ledger from pre-k to grey. Look at the photos they are using here.

Looks like the governor of Tennessee has taken advantage of the covid choas to try and sneak in covid wellness checks at homes:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

When your online friends, your words, your internet usage predict and profile you — be very aware of putting kids in front of a Videoconference or Edtech app.

“In the past, capturing information about somebody or analyzing a person’s statements to make a diagnosis relied on the skill, experience, and opinions of individual psychiatrists. But thanks to the omnipresence of smartphones and social media, people’s language has never been so easy to record, digitize, and analyze. And a growing number of researchers are sifting through the data we produce—from our choice of language or our sleep patterns to how often we call our friends and what we write on Twitter and Facebook—to look for signs of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other syndromes.

To Rezaii and others, the ability to collect this data and analyze it is the next great advance in psychiatry. They call it “digital phenotyping.”

And anohter post from her:

Time to reimagine Post Offices as Digital Identity trackers? This Council of Foreign Relations publication is from June 2019:
“Thus, the Better Identity Coalition and other leaders in the field have looked to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to provide in-person identity-proofing services for online accounts, as it does for passport applications. While the USPS role would be useful for the online identity ecosystem, identity-proofing services would be far from the core mission of the postal service today: delivering the mail. Yet with mail volumes down and revenues declining, the postal service needs to find a way to stay relevant in the digital age, or it risks privatization, as proposed by the Donald J. Trump administration. Instead of taking on a limited role in in-person identity proofing, USPS should make identity services the cornerstone of a suite of new service offerings.”

And yet another post from her:

Workforce Databadges are here. Meet the “MyHub Universal Wallet” a joint venture of Credly (Lumina) and the National Student Clearinghouse… to meet “data exchange demands across the K-20 to workforce continuum.”

This has been in the works for soooo long. Wrote about in 2016

[name redacted] wrote about it in 2014

again in 2016

and another K-12 badge pilot in 2016 with Markle Foundation, LinkedIn, Jobs for the Future: CareerWise. The project also expanded to include more schools and gained 9.5 Million in investments from Bloomberg and JP Morgan Chase

NEPC also warned about digital badging in 2019

And some replies to this post:

have gotten my articles on HR 2, massive data tracking & cradle/grave credentials

Yup. Once FEPA passed, this was inevitable.

certainly. USMCA, too

And yet another post from her:

EdTech is growing at 16.3% and will grow 2.5x from 2019 to 2025, reaching $404B in total global expenditure. Even at this level, EdTech and digital expenditure will only make up 5.2% of the $7.3T global education market in 2025.
Driven by Higher Education tuition deflation, combined with faster/cheaper credible alternatives and digitization driving a lower administrative cost base across all sectors, HolonIQ has revised our Global Education and Training market size, downgrading total spending by ~$500B in 2025 compared with HolonIQ’s Pre-COVID outlook. We now expect the global education and training market to reach $7.3T in total expenditure by 2025 (all products and services and including digital).

And yet another post from her:

There’s no such thing as anonymous data.
There’s no such thing as anonymous data.
There’s no such thing as anonymous data.
There’s no such thing as anonymous data.
There’s no such thing as anonymous data.

And some replies to this post:

check out the data trails in HR 2:

The HR 2 will take millions to streamline the WQDI, Workforce Quality Data Initiative. Millions for the IES, Inst. of Ed Sciences for increased data tracking & Common Ed Data Standards updates.

It’s SLDS for adults. It’s almost comical how we predicted this.

And yet another post from her:

Attention parents!
Zoom has changed their K-12 privacy policy several times, including July 2020. They also changed their opt-in advertising cookies.

When you visit the Zoom for Education webpage, you will see a pop-up box asking if you want to opt-out of third parties using your information–DON’T IGNORE THIS WHEN YOU SEE IT; this alert doesn’t appear every time you visit the page. Every parent and school district, education official should click More Info and review the cookies on the Zoom for Education website.

Common Sense Media recently gave Zoom for Education a high rating for privacy even though they admit to the following uncertainties:

User information can be transferred to a third party.
Unclear whether users are notified if their information is transferred to a third party.
Unclear whether user information can be deleted prior to its transfer to a third party
Unclear whether the vendor describes their deidentification process of user information.
Unclear whether data are shared for research and/or product improvement.
Unclear whether contractual limits prohibit third parties from reidentifying deidentified information.

And when they ask if there are advertisements or tracking, they say:

Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
The vendor can send marketing messages.
The vendor does provide promotional sweepstakes, contests, or surveys.
Users can opt out of traditional, contextual, or behavioral advertising. [should be opt-in for student advertising]
Users can opt out or unsubscribe from marketing communications. [should be opt-in for student advertising]

What (little things) you can do to protect your student on Zoom.

In March 2020 we wrote a piece advising parents and educators to seek alternatives to screen time, get outdoors, cover your camera when possible. If your school requires your student to use Zoom, ask your school if your student can keep their camera off. We would add to turn off (opt-out) of non-essential cookies when possible. If using your home computer or device, you can install free plug-ins like EFF’s privacy badger, Lightbeam, Ghostery, UBlock that will also alert you or block third party trackers. You can also use a web browser like Brave or Firefox that will block ads and spyware.

Read more about Zoom and its long history of privacy and security concerns…

And some replies to this post:

This following happened to a friend in Arizona. Have you heard anything about what she’s talking about? My High School Junior just told me something very disturbing.
One of his teachers asked him to stay on the zoom session after everyone logged off. She told him he was being targeted among a few other students. Being watched “his camera pinned” in every class. She vouched for him as staying logged in and keeping camera on and staying engaged. As did his other teachers. She also stated she doesn’t like it. And she’s not supppsed to say anything.
I understand the legality. My kids were required to use school provided chrome books. Something that initially gave me pause when we were notified of it.
I’m just trying to understand the need for the targeted watching? While he’s in his home? And what is the plan with this?
When students disengage, slack off, don’t show up, don’t do their homework, lack focus and as a result they perform poorly on tests and earn a poor grade. That IS the consequence. A few things could happen in between. A teacher could reach out with concern based on what she’s seeing in the classroom and based on the turned in work. If it’s about attendance you’ll be noticed by the attendance line. The student doesn’t earn a good grade or falls behind and has to catch up. It’s an organic choice leads to consequence effect. Watching or spying is not ever been necessary or a even a thing.
My son is not currently guilty of the above. He’s engaged in each class with his camera on. But that isn’t why I’m disturbed. Like he said “what are they going to do with this?”
Any raw and authentic insight and opinion would be appreciated. We are all navigating this untraveled path with our children. And I appreciate hearing about anyone else’s on going on-line school experiences 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

In response to those saying “It’s just reality-We live in Zoom now”
Perhaps. However, even more so, with kids being required to use these virtual platforms, we should be requiring that companies comply with all security and privacy laws — and be transparent about how they use, profile, or sell kids’ info.
… I think I speak for most parents when I say that Zoom for Education (and all the virtual learning companies) should be required to tell parents how their children’s voice and video and data are used, and should be required to let parents know who else has access to our kids’ information. These companies should not be allowed to exploit students for marketing and advertising. This pandemic is tough enough, the last thing parents need is worrying about a company profiling their student.

Can’t find a non-subscriber version of this yet but it’s another argument against virtual schooling.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 41

This is part 41.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

The Texas Tribune recently did a deal with ProPublica for a “jointly operated, 11-person investigative reporting unit serving Texas — an initiative that will invest more than $1.6 million a year into critical accountability and watchdog journalism.”

Guess who is a big funder of the Tribune deal? The guy from Enron who worked with Morath to take over Dallas ISD.

It’s kind of like the recent deal with the Dallas Morning News where local philanthropies are funding the education news they already control. They are all buddies:

DMN’s Mike Wilson said, “I think 10 years ago, I might have been more skeptical of this model, but we’ve seen it play out effectively in a lot of other contexts in journalism, including nonprofits like the Texas Tribune, and for-profit newspapers like the Seattle Times.”

We are the media now. They have abdicated their roles to bow at the feet of the fauxlanthropists.

Here are some of the fun guests for the upcoming Texas Tribune virtual event:

And some replies to this post:

I’ve been (casually) keeping an eye on university newspapers and journalism depts, and they are absolutely under attack from propagandists. The faculty who taught the reporting of facts have been pushed out. Empathy and social impact journalism are all that remain.

people can’t see it. Alison Hawver McDowell called it “solutions journalism” and “impact media”, I think. Our newspapers and media outlets are being nudged into this space in order to stay alive. They are beholden to the oligarchy. Now it makes more sense why Steve Ballmer came to town and why DMN wrote about it TWICE.

Education Writers Association is funded by Gates and all the other global impact investors

No way!!! That says it all!

We have all this trauma-informed bs.

Interesting history…

This is how thick it is in Oklahoma. Can’t imagine Texas!

👆your collective impact article is one of my favorites!!!

when people use that term I pay close attention. Trauma has a big payout. 😓

Here’s how they are kicking old school journalism profs to the curb. OU is run by David Boren.😨…/02/12/ok-boomer-slur/

On the OU scandal… “he should have known better”…
No more freedom of thought.

And who isn’t being traumatized right now?! They’re making sure that EVERYONE is an impact opportunity. DontTakeTheBait

Look who is funding Pro-Publica: Lisa and John Pritzker Family Fund, Knight Foundation, Open Society Foundations (Soros), MacArthur Foundation , Ford Foundation , Annie E Casey Foundation, etc

the adorable Pritzker family. The pillars of fauxlanthropy

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

But we’re so resilient, adaptable, gritty, kind, empathetic, vibrant, inclusive, diverse, equitable, committed, trusted, reimagined, transformed, sustainable… !!!

And another post from her:

Heckman. The same guy who developed the equation for determining the economic value of a child’s life.

“James Heckman, a Nobel Prize–winning economist at the University of Chicago, suggests researchers need to take to heart former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s adage: Never let a crisis go to waste. “Here, scientifically, I think we need to operate on that credo,” Heckman says. “We’re getting new information. It’s very valuable information.”

For some researchers, the pandemic has created an unexpected opportunity to run “natural experiments.” Unlike physicists or biologists, social scientists are frequently constrained from using controlled experiments to test hypotheses. No university, for instance, would approve an experiment that involved firing one group of workers and seeing how they fare compared with their still-employed colleagues. But interventions such as natural disasters—or a pandemic—can help create such experiments, if a researcher is ready to take advantage.

And yet another post from her:

Social credit score by any other name….

“According to the World Health Organization, Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age that impact their health. Socioeconomic data is information that provides insight into those conditions so healthcare organizations can better understand how the combination influences health. You will often hear terms like SDOH, socioeconomic data, and sociodemographic data used interchangeably in the market.”

So there’s this:

And the Oklahoma version is THIS:

And a reply to this post:

I see they really target “medication management” with the excuse that rural areas and older people may not have access to a pharmacy. They’re damn right bc they ran the Independant pharmacies out of business w Marxist regulations. The “corner drugstore” and neighborhood pharmasict used to be a mainstay of every community. They’re replacing family responsibilities for hirelings collecting a paycheck.

And yet another post from her:

This is from an excellent blog that I recently discovered. Here, the author describes the regional planning networks (with cool maps!) that have been operating as shadow governments for decades. Later in the post, which takes Colorado (the vanguard of blockchain life!) as an example, the author explains the connection to broadband agreements and the surveillance panopticon. The Colorado example is very helpful for understanding what is happening in Oklahoma as well.

“Central economic planning for a communist system of economic management must begin with baseline information on the current economic status of a region. Michael Porter, Harvard University was the key “thought leader” in describing what came to be called Cluster Studies. A cluster study identifies businesses in a region and the relationships between businesses to identify the supply chain structures fo those businesses. The economic planners then use that information to increase the strength of a desired business or to put a business out of business by bringing in competitors using loss leader pricing. The Chamber of Commerce as an anchor institution with a membership of businesses is the facilitator of this aspect of central economic planning behind the rhetorical propaganda of competitiveness.

The following are several reports concerning cluster studies and their use:

A Governor’s Guide to Cluster-Based Economic Development

Industry Cluster Analysis: Regional Economic Base: Analysis

In previous work titled, The Organization of Power (Part 3), it was found that the Chamber of Commerce has a subgroup of executive leaders (Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives) and within that subgroup, there is another subgroup called the Alliance for Regional Stewardship. The history of the Alliance can be read HERE. You can go to the current website for ACCE and type in the search box Regionalism or Alliance for Regional Stewardship and you will find more information on their regional activities.”
________“The person who discovered the data said previous attempts to flag similar weaknesses in information security at the department were ignored years earlier.” If this doesn’t infuriate you… WTF.

“Angela Morabito, a spokeswoman for the Education Department, acknowledged the error but called it “nonevent.” The data was “was on the department’s secure, internal server, and there is no indication anyone outside the department could have had access to it,” she said. “There is also no indication anyone inside the department handled this file improperly.”
But anyone at the federal agency, and some of its contractors, could have accessed the personally identifiable information through a shared folder before it was secured on Friday, putting thousands of people’s personal information at risk, according to internal documents obtained by The Washington Post….

“… A person with access to the database, who spoke on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retribution, found files in December containing the Social Security numbers of nearly 200,000 applicants. The files, which should not have been accessible by this person, were available on a shared folder that is used by some contractors and various divisions within the agency.

Morabito said “department protocols prevent sensitive data from being emailed,” and that the department’s cybersecurity team would know if anyone tried to remove the data from the government’s servers. Asked if the department was certain that no one with access could have simply written down Social Security numbers for later use, Morabito did not respond.
Cybersecurity expert Tony Scott, who served as the federal chief information officer during the Obama administration, said in general, federal agencies should encrypt files containing sensitive data, or create a two-step authentification process to secure the information.

“There is a legitimate need in some cases for people to share personally identifiable information,” Scott said. “But the policy is, generally, people have access just on a need-to-know or need-to-use basis.”

The person who discovered the data said previous attempts to flag similar weaknesses in information security at the department were ignored years earlier. So when this latest gap was discovered toward the end of last year, the person alerted congressional committees and expected the issue to be resolved.

During a House Education Committee hearing in December, Rep. Alma Adams (D-N.C.) didn’t mention the files specifically but asked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos whether she was taking appropriate steps to protect the personal information of defrauded borrowers.
“Can you commit to reviewing the security of that data and reporting back to this committee to assure that current and future applicants and their data is being managed responsibly? Can you commit to that?” Adams asked DeVos.

“Yes, I commit to that, just as I commit to continuing to being responsive to data security across the board,” DeVos responded.

Everyone thought the issue had been resolved. But when the person looked at the shared folder last week, the files, now containing the sensitive data of about 240,000 people, were still accessible.

“The Department of Education’s mishandling of personally identifiable information adds insult to injury for defrauded borrowers, some of whom have waited more than three years for relief,” Rep. Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.), chairman of the House Education Committee, said Tuesday. “The Department’s failure to faithfully implement Borrower Defense has already forced hundreds of thousands of borrowers to put their lives on hold. Now, it appears the Department exposed borrowers’ private data — an issue Secretary DeVos committed to addressing months ago.”

The Education Department’s Office of Inspector General contacted the department Thursday after learning about the files, according to Catherine Grant, a spokeswoman for the inspector general. Grant would not disclose whether the office has launched an investigation into the matter.

In an email exchange Thursday, IT contractors working for the department warned an internal cybersecurity team that the Federal Student Aid office had a bigger problem on its hand than it realized, and that there were ways to block access to the folders, according to documents reviewed by The Post.

By the next day, the department had shut off access to the data.

“We learned of this issue late Thursday, and within 24 hours, restored the proper file permissions to a more limited number of employees,” Morabito said. “We are currently conducting a comprehensive internal review.”…

It’s called a breach. Data should be encrypted. Access to files should be password protected. been ignored for years….WHO is making sure this doesn’t happen again? Will students be notified? Don’t collect, if you can’t protect.*

And another post from her:

Google GSUITE for Ed — fired.
“After more than 14 years at Google, my last day is today,” Jaime Casap, the company’s former chief education evangelist, said in a YouTube video posted on June 27. “This isn’t my choice. Several months ago, during one of Google’s reorganizations, it was determined that my role wasn’t vital and therefore was eliminated.”

And a reply to this post:

From the “reorganized” link in the article:
“Ben Gomes moves from Search to Education
Gomes isn’t leaving Google; he’ll be taking on a new role connected to various Google education and learning initiatives: Google for Education, Google Scholar and education search, as well as Google Arts & Culture. These areas are said to be a “big priority” for the company with the increased importance of distance learning in the wake of COVID-19.
Gomes, according to a Google spokesperson, will also remain a technical advisor to Search. Gomes has been at Google for 20 years and was one of its first principal engineers. He’s also described as “one of the founders of Google search.”
This move makes total sense if one understands how Big Tech is starting to curate (control) online curriculum for states, districts, teachers and kids. We are losing local curriculum oversight to the radical ideologues that are creating internet search algorithms.

And yet another post from her:

Summit Learning (Chan Zuck Initiative) is under fire for how it uses and shares children’s data.

Over the past five years, the Summit Learning Platform has become one of the best-known online platforms and is now used in hundreds of schools. The closure of schools this past spring because of the coronavirus pandemic suggests that it could gain wide prominence.

The platform was developed by the Summit charter school network with help from Facebook engineers, and grew with the backing of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a for-profit business that started with a focus on individualized online learning.

The Summit platform markets itself on its website as a “complete, customizable, standards-aligned curriculum for grades 4 -12 in core subjects” that “comes with hands-on projects, teaching and learning resources, as well as assessments — all of which are customizable by educators.”

In recent years, concerns about student data privacy have been raised, and there have been protests in multiple places by students and parents objecting to the digital learning culture that it fosters.

On Thursday, the National Education Policy Center at the University of Colorado at Boulder released a research brief that critiques the Summit platform, titled “Big Claims, Little Evidence, Lots of Money: The Reality Behind the Summit Learning Program and the Push to Adopt Digital Personalized Learning Programs.”

The post below was written by Alex Molnar and Faith Boninger and is based on the new brief. Molnar is the publications director of the National Education Policy Center and a co-director of the center’s Commercialism in Education Research Unit. Boninger is also a co-director of that unit.

I asked Summit to respond to some questions raised in the research brief and its response follows the post.
By Alex Molnar and Faith Boninger

The covid-19 pandemic has intensified the focus on virtual education and digital technology in schools. Technology platforms are now being marketed as affordable solutions to the problems that have arisen as schools search for safe ways to provide high quality education programs.

The Summit Learning Program, including the digital Summit Learning Platform at its heart, is among the most prominent and widely promoted digital personalized learning packages in the United States. We have spent the past year studying Summit Public Schools and the Summit Learning Program (a/k/a “Summit Learning”) it created. Our findings offer a warning to communities, schools, and states currently exploring virtual learning, particularly in the form of “off-the-shelf” digital personalized learning programs.

We found no solid research evidence to support the claims Summit Public Schools makes related to the success of its whole-school digital personalized learning program. Instead, we found anecdotes and fragments of self-selected data served up by a Chan Zuckerberg Initiative-financed marketing program designed to “create the societal conditions” amenable to widespread adoption of personalized learning and to persuade potential and current “partner” school communities that “Summit Learning works.”

We also found a curriculum and assessment program that requires that massive amounts of student data be recorded by Summit’s proprietary digital platform. And finally, we found provisions in contracts with partner schools that provide for the transfer of the student data collected by its digital platform to Summit Learning and thereby also to its long-term technology partner, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, for their use in perpetuity.

Summit Public Schools, founded in 2003, currently operates 11 schools enrolling approximately 4,675 students in California and Washington State. In 2013-2014, there was no Summit Learning Program or “partner” schools. Things changed quickly after a 2014-2015 agreement between Summit and Facebook established the goals of enhancing Summit’s self-created software platform and collaborating on a marketing strategy for its nationwide adoption.

Since then, Summit Public Schools has received extensive technical support from Facebook and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and almost $200 million in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and others.

Summit Public Schools claims that its educational program does an exceptional job of preparing students for college and that its graduates succeed in college. Its specific claims are that its students are “100 percent Eligible For 4-Year College,” that “98 percent [of its students are] accepted to four-year college,” and that its students graduate from college at “2X the national average.”

These claims are at the heart of the marketing pitch made to schools across the country by Summit Learning. Schools that agree to become “partner” schools agree to adopt Summit’s free off-the-shelf program, use its digital platform, and participate in the required staff trainings and Summit-organized support activities.

“Partner” schools are told that, as a result, their students will be equipped with the skills that colleges and modern workplaces demand; that their teachers will be freed from mundane tasks so they can mentor students; and, that student achievement and life competence will improve.

This marketing pitch has met with considerable success. By the 2018-2019 school year, nearly 400 schools nationwide, with nearly 3,800 educators and more than 72,000 students, were using the Summit Learning Program.

Summit Public Schools — and, since 2019, T.L.P. Education, an organization Summit Public Schools spun off to manage the Summit Learning Program — has persuaded schools to adopt a program based on largely unsupported claims of Summit Public Schools success, even as it gets millions of dollars of support from well-heeled backers.

This may be the reason Summit Public Schools leadership maintains a careful public face and assiduously avoids providing more or different information than it has chosen to share as part of that public face. Our experience researching Summit Public Schools and Summit Learning mirrors the struggle of some district officials and parents who have tried, with limited if any success, to obtain information about their schools’ use of Summit Learning.

We found Summit Public Schools unwilling to provide basic information about the educational program and platform that it created and has aggressively promoted. When we requested information from Summit Public Schools related to its claims of success, its instructional program, its curriculum, and its digital platform, Summit staff were unfailingly polite, but nonresponsive. They declined our request for an interview.

When we submitted our questions via a California Public Records Act request on Nov. 5, 2019, Summit Public Schools’s lawyer claimed that the Summit Learning Program and Summit Learning Platform, created and used by Summit Public Schools, had nothing to do with the operation of Summit Public Schools.

He declined to answer questions about the Summit Learning Program and the Summit Learning Platform, including questions about data security and the procedures Summit Public Schools followed upon receiving a request from a partner school to destroy its students’ data.

As of June 25, Summit Public Schools has failed to provide any of the information we sought in our public records request. T.L.P. Education, the nonprofit organization that currently administers Summit Learning, never responded to our many inquiries and is not subject to California’s Public Records Act.

We were able to obtain copies of a few contracts between Summit Public Schools and “partner” schools. What we learned was troubling.

The Summit Learning Platform collects a lot of data about “partner” school students. It obtains some of these data — such as English Language Learner information, school attendance information, state assessment data, and bus pickup and drop-off locations — from school data systems as part of Summit Learning’s contractually defined status as a “school official.”

It gets other data — such as project grades, student goals and mentoring notes — when teachers and students voluntarily enter them in the Summit Learning Platform. It collects still other data automatically as students work within the Summit Learning Platform. Among these are such details as students’ content assessment attempts and results, times and locations of activity, and IP addresses.

Particularly disturbing is the careful distinction the contracts make between personally identifiable “student data” and “de-identified data.” The contracts set limits only on the use of “student data,” and Summit’s privacy policy notes that it de-identifies “personal information” for uses including research and product improvement.

The 2018 contracts we examined allow Summit to retain and use “de-identified data” in perpetuity for any legal purpose. They also allow Summit to “destroy” the identifiable “student data” by de-identifying it. “De-identifying” student data does not “destroy” it in the sense that most people understand the term.

Nevertheless, the term “de-identified data” sounds reassuring. It seems to promise that anyone who possesses those data will not be able to identify individual students. This is, however, not the case. Computer scientists and data experts have known for more than a decade that so-called de-identified data can be easily reidentified.

The contracts we examined allow Summit to share de-identified data with third parties such as the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, its long-term technology partner. “Lawful” uses of those data may include analyzing it for insights about student learning and psychology using big data statistical methods, selling it to third parties or creating for-profit enterprises to exploit it — all of which may legally be done without the knowledge and consent of either students or their parents.

Given this context, it is concerning to note that compared to the 2017 contract we reviewed, the 2018 “partner” school contract we analyzed expanded Summit Learning’s (and thereby the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s) right to access and use de-identified student data.

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have taught the world that data are fungible and can mean big money. And, also that data can be very dangerous when controlled by an opaque organization immune to public oversight. Regardless of who is named the owner of student data in partner school contracts, as Summit Learning’s technology partner, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has full access to the de-identified data and certainly has access to the technical expertise to re-identify it.

Though it is often thought of as a charity, it is important to note that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is neither a charity nor a philanthropic organization. It is a limited liability corporation. A business. As a result, although it may make charitable contributions, it may also make political contributions, engage in political lobbying, and invest in for-profit companies.

Among the things the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative can gain from its collaboration with Summit Learning is access to significant amounts of student data that it can convert into a considerable amount of money.

The Summit Learning Program is a slickly marketed digital personalized learning program that has provided no solid evidence that it can or has delivered on its promise to provide a higher quality education with superior student outcomes in the schools that adopt it.

Moreover, aside from any valid education purpose, its approach to assessment and collection of information about students through the Summit Learning Platform, coupled with enabling contract language, opens the door to the transfer of large amounts of student data to third parties without oversight or accountability. These concerns are compounded by the overall lack of organizational transparency of Summit Public Schools and now also of T.L.P. Education.

The rapid spread of the Summit Learning Program since 2015, despite the lack of convincing evidence that it can deliver on its promises, provides a powerful example of how schools, their leaders, and their communities have been outgunned and outplayed by a well-financed push to get them to adopt digital personalized learning programs.

There is now an urgent need for policymakers to move quickly to protect the public interest by establishing regulatory oversight and accountability mechanisms related to digital platforms and personalized learning programs.

Based on our research, we have made a number of recommendations to state policymakers. For example, we recommend that states create an independent government entity to evaluate and publicly report on the pedagogical approaches, assessment, and data collection embedded in digital personalized learning products before determining whether they may be used by public schools.

To avoid creating privacy threats to student data and undermining their pedagogical program we recommend that before state, district and school-level officials consider digital personalized learning programs they first define their values, goals, and practices and clarify how a proposed digital personalized learning approach would advance those values, goals and practices.

Establishing state oversight and conducting the kind of rigorous review we recommend is more complicated and more difficult than quickly adopting a slickly marketed, turnkey digital personalized learning program.

Summit submitted a lengthy response. Here is an edited version:

TLP Education has one of the toughest privacy policies in the field. Educators, students and families control their own data. … Protecting student privacy is our top priority and data is solely used for educational purposes. There are no exceptions to this, and we share our privacy policy on our website in our dedicated Privacy Center for full transparency.

Common Sense Media — one of the most trusted and objective independent evaluators — gave Summit Learning one of the highest possible scores in a recent evaluation. You can find their evaluation of the Summit Learning program on their website here. When you are referring to student data, it’s important to note that the only information we have access to is the academic information that teachers outside of our platform have been using for years to drive student progress — information like grades, progress, and attendance. School staff, parents, guardians, teachers and students own and control their own personal information.

In addition to having one of the highest possible privacy scores, we also go above compliance to ensure student information is safe. On top of our compliance with federal privacy laws like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we voluntarily comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and are committed to the Software & Information Industry Association and Future of Privacy Forum’s Student Privacy Pledge …

We’re proud of the progress and positive data we are seeing in our partner schools across the country. Schools and districts across the country using Summit Learning have reported positive impacts of the program, including higher test scores, increased student engagement, stronger attendance rates and improvements in student behavior.

Look what I found:

Black Lives Matter at School

It even has resources for preschoolers! And, I guess to cover their bases, they have stuff pushing the transgender agenda in there too.

I noticed in there also something from TURN (NJ) (Which I’m guessing it the group Teachers United Reform Network) for BLM.

This is TURN (or I think it’s the same TURN):

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

In both Canada and the United States, new companies and technologies are changing the world as we know it, faster than ever before.
The Ellen MacArthur Foundation works with these cutting-edge companies to design circularity into their business models, and to discover how they can enable the transition to a circular economy.
Collaborating with city governments helps to understand how the circular economy can be implemented in dynamic and diverse urban environments, and how citizens, the environment, and the economy will benefit.

A circular economy is a systemic approach to economic development designed to benefit businesses, society, and the environment.,the%20consumption%20of%20finite%20resources

Circular economy goes hand in hand with eugenics
See From Agriculture to Agricology: Towards a Global Circular Economy. SEE PAGE 62

Circular Economy was created by the Club of Rome in a report in 2017 … Circular Economy is actually The New Green Deal ..

Circular Economy was created by the Club of Rome in a report in 2017 … Circular Economy is actually The New Green Deal ..

The new paradigm, circular economy,[ New Green Deal] is based on three principles: design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use and regenerate natural systems. Another way to put this is consuming better, spending less and using rather than buying.There is a catch to all of this industrialists that run the United Nations are not the ones stepping up to build recycling stations and governments are not pushing recycling as was once done in the 70s and 80s. It turns out that the recycling industry is a failure as a money maker. So, the industrialists that run the United Nations have stuck with the primary source of income – what they can dig out of the ground to make into products. A circular economy requires limiting growth. Limiting the growth of what? Limiting economic growth. But that leads to the need to limit the growth of something else.. What is that something else ? Think of eugenics by a virus . Think who are the real useless eaters at this time . Could it be the elderly , could it be those with a immune deficiency ————- those who can no longer work .. The climate change lies did nothing to make John Q. Public fall in line with the narrative that the planet is dying. The planet is not dying but the global governance elites are killing it and their lust for power is what is unsustainable. The more the ego gets, the more it wants.
Climate change – Green New Deal recycling – and COVID-19 are deliberately , planned disasters designed to work together to show the servants who is in power

The definition of a circular or “green” economy is to increase recycling and stopping the use of non-renewables like trees. “Green” for you and me means more trees and less people.
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says over 300 companies have agreed to help plant one trillion trees

There is no democracy on earth now. All the nations use the word “democracy” to keep people believing they have rights but people’s rights have been removed step by step since the Reagan years. Both circular economics and viral epidemics destroy economies and people.

federal government regulation of GM foods was set in 1986 during the Reagan administration, in a document by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy called the Coordinated Framework for Regulation of Biotechnology. The document concluded that foods made with genetic engineering techniques are not fundamentally different from conventional foods in terms of overall composition, so there was no need for legislation specifically dealing with GM foods. In other words, agencies should use the same regulatory processes to evaluate conventional and GM foods. Ultimately, the document established that regulation should focus on the nature of the final food product rather than the process by which the food product is made

2014 article,quality%20of%20life%20while%20lowering

2014 article –
The Club of Rome is a Swiss-based global think tank founded in 1968 consisting of current and former heads of state, UN bureaucrats, government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists and business leaders.
Its latest report, to be released on 12th June, conducts a comprehensive overview of the history and evolution of mining, and argues that the increasing costs of mineral extraction due to pollution, waste, and depletion of low-cost sources will eventually make the present structure of industrial civilisation unsustainable.

2017 article from archive – Have you heard of the circular economy ?

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

I write a lot about Social Impact Investing, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, and other topics that might not be familiar to a wide audience. This short video gives a good intro to the horror that awaits us and our children if we don’t resist the economic implosion that is being forced upon us. PLEASE take a few moments to view this. When the Chamber of Commerce talks about “workforce development” and “lifelong-learning,” THIS is what they mean. Social impact investing in Human Capital projects is when investors support the development of human capital skill sets through edublocks/ledger technology.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Did you know that the UN’s UNESCO holds an international education database? Why does the most powerful international and intergovernmental organization in the world want to know your child? How does this databank tie into the UN/UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals? Data collection is always for a purpose!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Breanna Taylor’s neighborhood was zoned for the Vision Russell development plan which is part of the Choice Neighborhood Iniative, under ICLEI and Agenda21. “Sustainable Development” is language the political class uses to hide their looting of land and resources.

“Lawyers for Taylor’s family allege in court documents filed in Jefferson Circuit Court Sunday that a police squad — named Place-Based Investigations — had “deliberately misled” narcotics detectives to target a home on Elliott Avenue, leading them to believe they were after some of the city’s largest violent crime and drug rings.”

And here is a post from another friend of mine:

National coin shortage prompts Giant supermarkets to limit cash transactions

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

Any investigative bloggers out there who could help cover an ongoing crisis in Melbourne, Australia? There’s a public housing development that’s been locked down and it’s very serious. Reach out if you or someone you know could help. I’ll continue to post updates from my local friend. Thank you!

And some replies to this post:

Praying for those involved. I can easily see something like this happening anywhere ; given there doesn’t seem to be masses of people waking up to the true agenda. There is no let up on this mask fiasco that I’ve seen. And its hitting 100 degrees! Those who continue to swallow this agenda will have to swallow their pride to admit they were conned. If we want our children to have a fighting chance in this world run by priests of mystery babylon, we’ve ggot to wake up .

Everyone complies with the mask mandate, but a segment of the population such as special ed and rape victims have issues with mask compliance. It is easier for schools to offer some students 100% remote learning and avoid labor costs by simply denying real education to those who can’t wear masks. No masks, no entrance? Smart move! Kids who want some social experience will accept whatever just to get a spot in school.

You’re right. Of course, the “independent” , very small private school I’ve been shelling out huge bucks to for 14 yrs is “following CDC guidelines” — just received an email outlining the fricking rules for kids to play sports..(NO passing, throwing, kicking or serving any balls to another student)— I kid you not. And you can’t get out of contract signed last Jan,unless you move 300 miles away.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

So many 5G towers along midwestern interstates. Hardly a stretch where there isn’t one on the horizon. This taken at an Iowa rest stop advertising IoT wireless vending – all the better to track your junk food / soda intake so it can be factored into your health behavior compliance score. Smart LED lights in the parking area. The picnic shelters all had quotes – this one from the Music Man. Have to say the trouble is going to come from the 4IR robots, not the pool tables. Better that people start gathering in pool halls to strategize how to derail the coming techno-fascist regime now being ushered in under the guise of medical apartheid. Oh yeah – Hoover wayside. Prepare for IoT Hoovervilles in the post-Covid economic collapse aka Davos reset. Did you miss my cheery posts, lol?

And some replies to this post:

I was seeing those things along I-80. Was pretending to shoot them as we went to PA and back for my brother’s wedding. I even think I saw a 5G tower right by the Tower of Voices at the 9/11 memorial in PA.

SO MANY – it’s creeping me out. I keep wondering if any of the other drivers get it…but probably listening to the “Robopocalypse” audio-book has primed me. Check it out – it’s better than the title suggests. Human resistance based out of the Osage Nation, OK.

Seeing all these in industrial corn fields makes me think they are getting ready for autonomous harvest / planting / drone spraying IoT ag systems. But along interstates could also be driverless trucking, too.

I think it might be vehicle tracking. My aunt, who used to live in Singapore, told me that over a decade ago, they had something in their cars or whatever that would charge them a toll when they went into the downtown. They could use these things to track for mileage taxes, tolls by miles, etc, as well as movement. And my concern is that it won’t be just phones being tracked by this stuff, but all sorts of IoT stuff, even watches and possibly pacemakers.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

~ Andrew Cuomo aka CoronaNazi

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

See how this is coming together? My journey to techno-fascism began with a question I had about education, and why it was that so many ed-tech companies were using the same language (of impact, workforce development, 21st century skills, innovation, equity, etc.), taking such a keen interest in academia, and partnering with Chambers of Commerce and Venture Philanthropy.

The answer: they want children’s human capital data. They want everyone’s data, but the younger the person, the greater the ROI for impact investors. Because impact investing ROIs are determined by future-cost offsets that are linked to specific behaviors, and because younger children can be shaped and managed more efficiently than older persons, personality data and data about how young children make decisions is particularly valuable. Recorded on the blockchain ledger, this data will contribute to the child’s SocialCreditScore.

ONLINE GAMING COLLECTS THIS DATA FROM CHILDREN. And it will be used to refine algorithms guiding Impact Investors’ big bets on human capital outcomes.

Social Distancing and Video Games: A New Way to Learn and Interact

Sofía García-BulléJuly 3, 2020

Online games offer children an opportunity for human contact and socialization in times of social distancing.

Last March, one of the most widely used platforms worldwide to play online games, Steam, surpassed 20 million active users, while the “Call of Duty: Warzone” game reached 15 million. In May, “Animal Crossing” attained 11 million players.

An unprecedented digital exodus is happening in the community of gaming fans. However, how does this relate to social distancing and the mental health of children and young people?

Because of the precautionary measures that have closed millions of schools and college campuses around the world, students find themselves not only in need to continue learning but also in search of interaction and socialization outside the school to continue developing their social skills and emotional intelligence. Surprisingly, that space is being filled with video games.

A change in the gamer community

Before the pandemic, the interest of video game fans dominated the dynamics of the gaming community. People meeting each other in multiplayer video game sessions usually became friends after playing the same title and joining the game consistently in the multiplayer modes. Nowadays, we are experiencing the phenomenon in reverse. Young girls and boys use the gaming platforms to have contact with friends from school from whom they have become estranged because of the social distancing measures.

The video game creation platform Roblox is one of the most used by students to engage in cooperative online activities, be creative, and maintain a healthy frequency of social interaction with other children and young people.

Roblox is similar to Minecraft in the sense that it provides users with a set of tools to create various environments from scratch. Yet, Roblox takes it a step further, facilitating the creation of complete games that can be shared and sold on the platform. In this way, the players are not only having fun and sharing with other users but also learning the basics of how a game is structured based on code.

A game with a purpose

The response of children and young people to games that allow them to be creative and social has been enormous. Roblox has 120 million active users per month. According to company statistics, 52% of adolescents are spending more time with friends they previously knew in person, and 69% are playing more because of the isolation conditions imposed by the pandemic.

Besides the positive effects that this exercise of creativity and socialization is having on students, these types of games offer the possibility not only of learning to program video game designs but also really earning an income by creating a new game.

Success stories about young programmers who used Roblox to potentialize their intellectual properties (IPs) show the power of the platform beyond its use as a creative pastime and a vehicle for interactions to alleviate the effects of isolation.”

See how this is coming together?
“Letting your kids know ahead of time that schools may need to close again will help them to be prepared for the period of adjustment ahead. It’s also important to continue to remind them that learning can happen anywhere – at school and at home – and that they can also keep in touch with and support their friends online in the meantime
Safe and monitored use of online games, social media and video chat programmes can provide great opportunities for children to connect with, learn and play with their friends, parents and relatives while at home. You could also encourage your children to use their voices online to share their views and support those in need during this crisis.
You can encourage your children to take advantage of digital tools that get them up and moving, like online exercise videos for kids and video games that require physical movement. Remember to balance online recreation with offline activities, including time outside, if possible.”

Here is a post from Alison:

Where are the teamsters on 5g and autonomous truck transport? I saw a number of towers in IL that had empty brackets indicating recent installation.

And here is a reply to this post:

They used lockdown to install without resistance. Just like the ALEC legislation passed in 2011 for education privatization and oil /gas drilling ( preventing local control), states passed legislation allowing installation in towns across this country. Our town had installation within the first three weeks of lockdown.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

HeadsUp: Zoom. Colorado Board of Education voted to have the state Attorney General investigate privacy and security issues surrounding Zoom use in schools. The Board will be discussing Zoom at tomorrow’s Wed July 8,2020 Board meeting. One HUGE issue: Zoom, as a contracted vendor in some schools, is not compliant with state law– has not told schools or parents what data points it collects, how Zoom uses student data, what subcontractors have access to student data. #HB1423
Does Zoom get a free pass?

Watch live here:

See presentation from AG office here:

And another post from her:

Broadband companies suing Maine state law– in hopes of quashing broadband privacy laws in all states.

The Most Important Privacy Case You’ve Never Heard Of

Privacy:from the pay-attention dept
Tue, Jun 30th 2020 12:00pm — Gigi Sohn and Jeff Gary

“One of the most important privacy cases you’ve never heard of is being litigated right now in a federal district court in Maine. ACA v. Frey is a challenge by the nation’s largest broadband Internet access providers to a Maine law that protects the privacy of the state’s broadband Internet users. If the broadband providers prevail, this case could eliminate sector-specific privacy laws across the nation, foreclose national privacy legislation, and have broad implications for broadband regulation generally.

In May 2019, the Maine legislature overwhelmingly passed LD 946, “An Act to Protect the Privacy of Online Consumer Information.” The law largely tracks the now-repealed FCC’s 2016 broadband privacy rules, requiring broadband providers to obtain customer consent before disclosing, selling or otherwise using customer personal information. When the Maine bill was being considered, broadband providers complained that the law didn’t apply to online companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon. If everyone was treated the same, they claimed, they would support privacy legislation.

But the industry’s lawsuit shows that its true intent is to avoid privacy regulation of any kind. Instead, they claim that giving consumers any control over their own data violates the First Amendment rights of the broadband providers to market goods and services. The industry also claims that by targeting only broadband providers, and not edge providers or any other company, the law is based on their status as a “speaker” and should be subject to “strict scrutiny” under the First Amendment, which requires a law to be “narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest.”

The court should reject these arguments. Should it accept them, it would set the stage for overturning any and all sector-specific privacy laws as unconstitutional “speaker-based” violations of the First Amendment. If that were the case, then federal and state laws regulating the privacy practices of, among others, hospitals, financial institutions, pharmacies, credit reporting agencies, and libraries would all fall. Maine alone has nearly a dozen sector-specific laws. Now multiply that by 51.

The broadband industry argues that there’s no good reason to regulate it differently than any other company. But their claim that “no special characteristics of ISPs justify that distinction” doesn’t reflect reality. Broadband access providers do have “special characteristics” that other companies—including edge providers—do not.

As the FCC found in 2016, a broadband provider “sits at a privileged place in the network, the bottleneck between the customer and the rest of the network.” This gatekeeper position allows broadband providers to see every piece of digital information a customer sends and receives over the Internet while on the network, often including the content of the information. Broadband providers see every website a customer visits, every communication they make, every device they use and, in many cases, every location they have visited.

Despite Big Broadband’s breathless objections, the principles underlying Maine’s broadband privacy law are nothing new. Instead, the law fits within a longstanding tradition of state and federal laws that prohibit those that deliver messages of all kinds—whether paper or electronic—from disclosing any information relating to those packages; in other words, a duty of confidentiality. This “common law” covers everyone from the post office to the telephone company to a broadband provider.

The reasoning is simple: in order to receive service, customers must expose their personal information to those entities. Like the post office or a telephone company, broadband providers shouldn’t be allowed to unfairly exploit that information or reveal that information to others for profit. None of these laws violate the First Amendment. If this duty of confidentiality were found to be unconstitutional, all these laws, and those that protect lawyer/client, doctor/patient, and other fiduciary relationships would fall as well.

In any case, the core behavior prohibited by the statute—collecting and selling data—isn’t even speech. The First Amendment typically protects “expressive” activity—something meant to convey a message. Instead, the law regulates the commercial exchange of data. Just because the data could potentially transmit information does not make it expressive. My former colleagues at Public Knowledge said it best in a “friend of the court” brief supporting the State of Maine:

Selling a collection of data to be used as a tool to develop products, enhance a search engine or develop marketing strategies is no more “expressive” than selling inside information to enhance a stock trade or selling paper at a retail outlet. The customer data is not commercial speech “proposing a transaction,” it is the object of the transaction. [. . . ] No one has ever found that regulation of raw materials – such as marble or paper – that imposes incidental burdens on speakers as well as others raises First Amendment concerns.

While the broadband industry should lose this case, there are never any guarantees. A decision favoring the broadband industry would put every consumer privacy bill and law—including those seeking to regulate the data collection and data protection powers of big technology companies, retailers, banks, hotels, credit reporting agencies and others—at risk, whether or not they are sector specific. Worse, a broad ruling in favor of the industry’s First Amendment “rights” could put other regulations at risk, including net neutrality and other efforts to protect consumers and promote competition. While normally a federal district court case in the sparsely populated state of Maine wouldn’t raise much nationwide attention, ACA v. Frey should. The future of consumer privacy protections may depend on it.

Jeff Gary is a project manager at Georgetown Law, where he runs technology-focused educational and training programs for state attorneys general and researches digital advertising. Previously, he worked in congress, federal agencies, and civil society on privacy, content moderation, and data security policy. He is a graduate of Georgetown Law and holds an M.A. in sociology of religion from King’s College London.

Gigi Sohn is a Distinguished Fellow at the Georgetown Institute for Technology Law and Policy and a Benton Senior Fellow and Public Advocate. She served as Counselor to Former FCC Chairman from November 2013-December 2016. While at the FCC, she worked on the 2016 Broadband Privacy Rules. She testified before the Joint Committee on Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications of the Maine Legislature on April 24, 2019 in support of the LD 946, Maine’s Broadband Privacy Law. “

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Pennsylvania is forcing masks on schoolchildren all day except to eat, along with social isolation.
20 minutes in the grocery store, huh?
We’re living in a mentally ill society.

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China lost no children to Covid19 but several children to mask wearing whilst exercising.

At the begininng I figured this was a test to see how they could push us. I no longer think it is. I think this is it. Everything will just keep sliding from here until we have to physically fight our way out of being chipped and locked in smart cities

I agree. We’re grieving so hard bc it feels like we’ve been given a terminal diagnosis, and basically we have.

Sometimes I get depressed, especially because of the financial hardships this is bringing. But then I remember I always knew even as a very young girl, spiritually, that I came here to this time by my choosing and for a reason. I now know what that reason and while we may wish we didn’t have to go through it I think many if not most of us who can see what is happening and aren’t fooled came here for this. To be here. To fight. And it’s not that it makes it any easier but it reminds me to take responisbilty and follow the destiny I chose for myself. To fight empire.

funny I had this same sense as a child. It was not empire but evil that I had to fight.

I think they are the same. But I hear ya ❤✨. Too bad our society wants to indoctrinate our innate connection to the universe and conditions us to ignore it and turn it off. And I think this is why the point of this post is so pwerful
They accomplish the complete subjugation of our spirit and love starting as a child
Imagine the future generations if we do not stand up and stop this? How will it effect children spiritually and psychologically to be muzzled and forced to stay apart from each other? It truly breaks my heart imagining it. I know I will fight this with everything in me including my life if I have to because it is atrocity.

Rumor has it that Governor Northam in Virginia is going to extend the mask mandate until June 2021. This is 4th or 5th hand information so take it with a grain of salt. Meanwhile, Maryland’s governor is off on a book tour……

How often will they test school children?

With the fraudulent nonsensical tests? idk but this whole operation is about exploiting them & stealing their future.

And the data shows unequivocally that children are largely unaffected by covid, with a 0.0% chance of dying from it.

They will shove a swab somewhere. The baseball players are tested every two days. They will torture the children without thought.

Yes it’s what they do. I saw a headline that children are best tested rectally.

It’s starting to make me feel off that’s for sure. The feeling of a bleak future is not helping either what next?

I really hope it’s starting to dawn on more people that we are under attack.

They better not make them wear masks when they are exercising. Those masked kids in china who were running died, and several masked adults who were running had collapsed lungs.

As I understand it they will be forced to wear masks during gym.

This was yesterday at my son’s summer camp… in 85 degree humid weather! My heart breaks to see these kids muzzled. My son is the only one NOT wearing one (he’s not pictured here) with a medical exemption written from his doctor. [Picture removed by me]

oh my gosh!! Where do you live? Most of the camps around me make you wear them at drop off and pickup which is stupid. I guess the virus can tell the difference.

I’m in Massachusetts. It’s been ridiculous here from the start. We’ve had a mask mandate for almost 2 months now and the masses are getting vicious towards “non-compliers”. I got ridiculed, shamed, and attacked yesterday at the store for not wearing one. It’s horrible. 😦

I’m in MD. We’ve had thr mandate since April I think. Its getting really bad here too with mask shaming. My husband had the police called on him. Luckily they didn’t show up.

I have a medical exemption because of a breathing condition. My doctor told me not wear a mask two years go. It’s very upsetting to go to a store and they have these signs everywhere and arrows on the floor and 1984 talk from the speakers telling you to social distance, blah, blah!
And that’s if they even let you in. The larger chains usually do if you call ahead because they know that they cannot legally make you wear a mask because it’s technically practicing medicine without a license. I called our health department to see if I needed a doctor’s note because I’m exempt and the person I talked to said I simply can’t go in. I told her about the ADA and she didn’t know what that was!

Again this reminds me off what men did and to women in a patriarchal society,it is a repression and control in that case and the CV19
Both of which will use a mirriads of excuses and reasons to justify such abuse and if we do not nip it at the bud it will be that much harder to weed out

It seems very dominating and ominous to look at the picture of the man standing above (like a position of power) over the toddler girl and place the mask upon her face. It gives me the creeps and I suffered a horrible series of violent attacks when I was 17 by a few men and was gagged over the mouth. My heart races when I put on the mask (we have to in California to enter any indoor facilities)

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Remember when Ventura County threatened to remove family members from the home?
Deaths are decreasing, we’ve reached herd immunity, why now?
What if it’s your child and you’re not allowed to see them?

July 2: “Toronto’s top public health official is recommending that the city establish a quarantine facility to “support members of the general population who need to self-isolate but are unable to do so safely.”

The recommendation is contained in a report by Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa that was considered during a virtual meeting of the city’s board of health on Thursday morning.

In the report, de Villa says that idea behind a centralized quarantine facility would be to provide a safe space where “specific groups of cases and contacts where home isolation or quarantine is likely to be suboptimal” could reside.

An example of this would be people who live in large, crowded households where adequate space is not available to follow isolation or quarantine guidelines,” she said.

The risk of COVID-19 shouldn’t depend on where you live, how much you make, or how many bathrooms you have in your home”, Board of Health Chair Joe Cressy said in a press release following the meeting.”

Here is a post from Alison:

It feels like everything I’ve been working to expose about the amplification of public education as a racist technological vehicle for privatization, social surveillance, and human capital finance is rushing forward at full tilt and most educators – even ones I thought understood the dangers – are embracing it. All that research – straight in the giant Covid rubbish bin. Welcome to anytime, anywhere, AI learning folks. Once that horse is out of the barn, face-to-face instruction will be a luxury available only to the rich.

And another post from her:

Pit stop at Loomis Physics Laboratory on the campus of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Home of US military-backed, Skinnerian operant conditioning via online education – PLATO. Very relevant as the same military / finance interests seek the complete takeover of “education” delivery for human capital markets.

We can say NO to the Covid reset – no liberation in the PLATO model for those forced to consume content and demonstrate compliance – the only “freedom” lies in the hands of those tapped to code the game. Highly recommend the book “The Friendly Orange Glow” that lays it all out.

Be sure to read Paul (edu-block) Leblanc’s pitch to the World Economic Forum that online higher ed is the only option in the Covid era. Predators – then and now.

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My sister, used to have prof tenure at a college. She dropped it to write a novel which never happened, due to other unforeseen circumstances. She now teaches L A high school online zoom Eng comp/lit classes. She says NOT ONE student turned in their final assignment. I’ve heard the same news from other teachers face-to-face and online. Online/zoom education is NOT WORKING, at least below 12th grade. Kids are not benefiting at all.

This is Leblanc.

That is interesting information. I’ve known about “PLATO” but never knew from whom or where is started, and I think most online school follow that model like Phoenix Univ, DeVry, etc. I wonder what it looks like now.

It was taken over by Control Data Corp in the 1970s.

Lives on in Edmentum.

23% of students on the campus are international students and will have their student visas revoked by ICE if classes are all online in the fall.

A work around at Cal?

I just saw the news that the CSU chancellor is saying that California state schools may be online up to 24 months at a minimum. Is there any college immune to this? I don’t know what to tell my boys.

maybe Hillsdale, but I don’t know of any others.

And another post from her:

Stopped in Indianapolis today on behalf of many mothers to say we do not give our consent to the Lumina Foundation, Salesforce, Eli Lilly Pharma or the Lilly Endowment to carry out their human capital agenda through debt, surveillance of social work or education activities, or bio-engineering. We must be willing to see it and fight together, especially on behalf of targeted communities.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


Fullerton School District unveils what school will look like in just a short while. Here’s just a few highlights…

  • social distance bus wait
  • temp checks at the bus door
  • sit isolated from others
  • thermal temperature check (and 4 more temp checks)
  • the wellness tent
  • distanced desks

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Accenture is not only involved with Ripple but also with ID2030 and Rothschild investments

And here is a post on her wall:

A Stepping Stone towards an Economic “New World Order”. Could 2024/2025 complete digital banking ??? There are a lot of variables that can impact this timeline examples as bull runs and Chinese competition.. I hope everyone will read this article

And yet another post from her:

The Support for Global Financial Institution Pandemic Response Act urges the Treasury Department to use its vote at the IMF to free up 2Trillion Special Drawing Rights (SDR) for member nations.

And another post from her:

The Group of Thirty has launched a study on digital currencies and stablecoins. The project will be led by co-chairs Raghuram Rajan and Kenneth Rogoff. [ Rogoff wrote a paper on the need to be rid of cash a few years ago ]
This project hopes to guide central banks and regulators with the large number of policy choices presented by new payment technologies and the entrance of tech players in the global payments arena.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Indoctrination sample. This was a University of Michigan Teachingworks training. It was given in a California District training where all teachers attended.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Breaking News :Nashville Schools Will No Longer Reopen in August, Students Will Start Year With Online Learning

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Stockholm Syndrome. Pay the Techno-fascist system to learn a “skill” that comes naturally for humans who aren’t geofenced. Every part of your life is now a commodity.


And a post from yet another friend of mine:

What is evident is that the deeper a corporation’s ties with the WEF, the greater its ability to ‘shape‘ the group’s agenda. Which brings us to what the WEF call their Strategic Intelligence platform – the mechanism which brings all the interests that the WEF concentrate on together.

They describe the platform as ‘a dynamic system of contextual intelligence that enables users to trace relationships and interdependencies between issues, supporting more informed decision-making‘.

As for why the WEF developed Strategic Intelligence, they say it was to ‘help you (businesses) understand the global forces at play and make more informed decisions‘.

Growing the platform is an ever present goal. The WEF are always looking for new members to become part of Strategic Intelligence by joining the ‘New Champions Community‘. But they will only allow a new organisation on board if they ‘align with the values and aspirations of the World Economic Forum in general‘. A 12 month ‘New Champions Membership‘ comes in at €24,000.

In arguing for the relevance of Strategic Intelligence, the WEF ask:

How can you decipher the potential impact of rapidly unfolding changes when you’re flooded with information—some of it misleading or unreliable? How do you continuously adapt your vision and strategy within a fast-evolving global context?

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


More pictures are circulating from people who live close to Sunrise Middle School in White Bear Lake school district. Here is what one individual wrote about what they encountered.

“UNBELIEVABLE- White Bear Lake, MN

“It was true. Hundreds and hundreds of books regarding American history including Black History and Civil Rights, Native Americans, foreign nations far and wide, the Holocaust and even Mister Rogers, found in dumpster behind Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake. No sign of any fiction books, just non-fiction regarding history, cultures, wars, tyranny, communism, politics, etc.

My child is supposed to start kindergarten in WBL this fall. Now I have MANY questions to ask the school district, as should many, regarding this disgusting and sickening sight. Cancel culture happening here I’m certain.

This was a very ugly sight and it got me a bit emotional. Books regarding of our Flag, those that served and our Constitution should NEVER be placed in the trash. NEVER!!!!!”

And some replies to this post:

This is horrible. I can’t throw away any book , much less children’s books. And. The older they are, the most likely to be decent, moral and contain accurate information. Thus crap my kids get from scholastic and modern companies are full of sjw, and other agendas like climate change and totally inaccurate , unproven “science”. Uggh..Orwell 1984 100 %. I’m so thankful my mother saved my old books from the 70s. We use a 1979 set of encyclopedias for assignments sometimes. 😠

Our library has been culling the past few years. We have gotten Many history books in their weekly book sales.

the social engineers are trying to erase historical memory! And they want to track all the information that people encounter. If it’s digital, they can track it.

They can track it and edit it whenever they want to edit the narrative.

This is nothing new. I got my Masters of Educational Technology in 2012, and I was getting all this propaganda then, only I had no clue as to the direction it was taking.

And another post from this group:

March 2015. Out with the Old? Replace with the “new” (everything is Common Core now) books. Library throws out over 100,000 books that are less than 5 years old. We’ve been going digital (baby!) for quite a few years.

(I’ve heard that Hennepin County Library is also throwing out books into their dumpsters. I can’t remember when our public libraries or school libraries would ever throw out books without donating first. This is not an isolated incident.)

And yet another post from this group:

MACC Reported on districts and individual schools throwing out books in the past. This article occurred closer to the inception of the Common Core.

To us, books are friends (many) and it is a waste. This one from 2014 about the time that Tom VanderArk spoke on that infamous video about how “personalized learning” which means online, will overtake the schools. (He was speaking to school supers and administrators on the future of ed.)

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Are you ready for digital currency?

Monetran has developed Moneda, an asset-backed, redeemable, stable token. Moneda has been designed to maintain its value, making it a true store of value and a perfect medium of exchange. Moneda encompasses all of the features necessary to achieve mass adoption and is poised to obtain the popularity needed to become a universally accepted method of payment on the internet.

In the preceding pages we have introduced Moneda, an asset-backed, redeemable stable token issued by Monetran and created for use on the Stellar network. Moneda has been transfused with tangible value from its inception, with a viable plan to increase its value over time. It is redeemable – something that no currency has been since the days of the gold standard – for a portion of the principal in an asset account which contains income producing U.S. Government financial instruments. Built on the ultra-rapid Stellar network, Moneda is built to enable swift, secure, economical transfers and transactions for any amount, large or small, either domestically or internationally. Because Moneda is backed by Government assets and redeemable, it has a high degree of stability with a likelihood of gradually increasing in value, making it a perfect store of value.

In short, Moneda has been designed to encompass all of the qualities that any currency, digital or otherwise, should possess to be accepted as a universal medium of exchange. We believe that this demonstrates that Moneda, issued by Monetran for use on the Stellar network, is indeed a cryptocurrency worthy of mass adoption and everyday use in internet transactions.

The many advantages of Monetran / Moneda / Stellar

Is SEC compliant and available to U.S. investorsThe Stellar Network will enable transactions in 3-5 seconds

Moneda is backed by a portfolio of U.S. Government financial instruments

Will provide very economical transaction fees

Will enable micropayments – even those less than $1.

Provides token stability benefiting customers and merchants

Moneda functions as a store of value and increases gradually

Will enable P2P international transfers including conversions

Will not require mining which wastes valuable resources

Will be available in areas underserved in financial systems

Federated IDs take the place of complicated cryptographic keys

Stellar NetworkStellar is an Open Source, Distributed Ledger Technology

Stellar is a complex, distributed ledger blockchain system which enables financial transactions that resolve in approximately 3-5 seconds. It operates on protocols known as a Federated Byzantine Agreement, which differs from the way Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other blockchains work. This method of consensus, or verification of transactions, was created by Professor David Mazieres and forms the backbone of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP.) The Stellar network enables Monetran to make swift, economical transfers of funds on a global scale. It also eliminates the need for “mining’” which requires an extremely large use of electricity, thereby increasing cost and causing undue environmental strain.

One of the features exclusive to Stellar are federated IDs. Federated IDs are akin to email addresses and they take the place of the long, cryptographic keys which make systems work. This makes sending money on the Monetran system as easy as sending an email. This will be extremely important in helping the public at large use blockchain systems such as Monetran.

“One of the reasons that no cryptocurrency has achieved mass adoption by the public is the complexity of making transactions. Being able to substitute federated IDs for complicated cryptographic keys will go a long way toward making things simpler and easier for customers.”


In addition, Monetran has designed its token to be stable, redeemable, and to serve as a store of value. This makes Moneda a perfect candidate to serve as a universal medium of exchange and, therefore, a candidate for mass adoption. Monetran intends to use its system to enable all types of payments over the internet in a faster and cheaper manner. With this in mind, Monetran expects to eventually forge partnerships with major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart as well as any other business that accepts payment over the internet. At every turn, Monetran plans to earn transaction fees for the company.

“What Amazon did in the retail space we hope to achieve in the financial quarters, and that’s a possibility once Monetran is widely recognized. There’s no reason why we can’t achieve it. Our idea and plan are that revolutionary.”

Don Bielak

Company presentation at the Washington, D.C. Elite Blockchain Summit

And some replies to this post:

All this is, is a centralized crypto currency system. No “mining” means there is no distributed consensus and no distributed storage of the blockchain. What this means, is they have FULL control of all decisions and entries into the “ledger” they have created. All that will be needed is your ID (which Bitcoin and Etherium do not require) to verify your person so that it can add and subtract entries on your behalf. You, of course, can not do it yourself (unlike with Bitcoin). There is much more I can add, but bottom line is this is a complete CENTRALIZED SYSTEM FOR CORPORATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS. This is not a real blockchain system.

The only part I don’t exactly know what they are referring to is the “assets” by which the tokens are backed by. Are they physical assets such as gold, minerals, oil, etc., or are the assets such as T-Bonds, other bonds, stocks, etc.? They did not clarifiy that point. That makes it very suspicious to me. VERY suspicious!

that’s what immediately struck me about this company. I wondered if they were Pay for Success contracts!

now that would be interesting!! Digital slavery that drives the currency. That’s kind of circular. Slaves that create the currency they need with currency that creates the slaves.

circular economy = sustainable development.

If it was a basket of country assets that would be more interesting.
Agree this is just a centralized crypto.
What I envisioned in the former project I worked on was a global member owned credit union. Members were part of governance, was not state owned or corporate owned. They were also distributed back their share of all network fees.
This again just makes a classic rent seeker rich.
The enlightened form of capitalism..
Cooperatives. Of the people.

Because of SEC guidelines a stable coin in the US was a de facto money transmitter and had to get licenses in each of the 50 states. Like Western Union or Money Gram. It put a project like ours out of the big boys game.

I wonder if this has anything to do with SDRs “Special Drawing Rights”, created by the IMF, where countries created with gold, currencies and other assets created a currency reserve and then other countries would draw or “borrow” from the IMF based on their assets.

[name redacted] what kind of crypto did you try to create? Was it based on a particular platform such as Bitcoin, Altcoin or Ethereum? I’m curious. Do you develop or just trade?

we had a three tier crypto system designed. I was a co-founder. We were building on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet , it is a POA Proof of Authority design. We were going to fork Ethereum when we were ready.
Top tier were utility tokens to be Mints, these were businesses creating network value (storage, network or compute transactions), not rent seeking banks. They minted second tier network tokens to pay nodes completing transactions. Mints vote quarterly on the base price of network 2nd tier token and the network was designed to let it float 10% above and 10% below that price before system kicked in with supply and demand mechanisms…taking from mint’s reserve accounts or additional supply minting to bring price back in range.
The 2nd tier was designed to be primarily used to pay nodes from mints and for traders to play within a predictable range.
The third tier was our XUSD, XEUR, XMXN, which were our base token represented in local form, XEUR is always worth one euro of the base token, XUSD is always worth one dollar of our base token etc.
To truly scale for the public benefit we understood business and public are comfortable pricing and thinking in terms of regional currency value and volatility in price and transaction speeds was not scalable.
All participants had private anonymous wallets and could transact peer to peer, and were only subject to a mints aml/kyc requirements if they decided to use their services.
We were going to deploy an atm network, which could be Mints in countries so we could keep regional cash in circulation.
All transactions were honored instantly by network and mints settled weekly with a traveling salesman algorithm and winning node was awarded a scarce new mint utility token.
Foundation verified all Mints, they were known and why all transactions were honored by network. Design was to Aml/kyc all Mints NOT users.
Mints had their own side chains, and only data that needed to be on the blockchain went there.
We were setting up as a foundation and I was going to attempt setting up the first member owned global nonState or bank run credit union. Completely decentralized.
We would then have system owned by the people, where they could then make institutions that served them transparent.
I was deep in this design for several years.
Sorry if I rambled on, it is the end of the day and I am tired.

And another post from her:

Have you heard about the partnership between The University of Tulsa and Team 8 (IDF and NSA) for TU’s new cybersecurity complex.

“We are serial entrepreneurs, former leaders of Israel’s technology and intelligence Unit 8200, startup executives, researchers, marketeers, business developers and talent recruiters, applying our domain expertise and company-building experience to accelerating the success of transformative companies.”

And a reply to this post:

Unit 8200 sure turns up alot:

It sure all runs VERY deep:

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Here is a post that was share by yet another friend of mine:

Another big chain goes cashless—-notice how it says”To PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 WE WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING CASH PAYMENTS” .

Just one more example of how this COVID thing is being used to implement a plethora of agendas, all designed to give those pushing this more power over our lives.

And some replies to this post:

The pizza hut in my town still accepts cash.

At our store you can not get a roll of quarters to do your laundry. The bank has limited coins. This is a major Corporate grocery store company that owns 15 chains though out the states

they’re pulling coins out of circulation

Saw that crap too online in some places talking about a “coin shortage” Dang Federal Reserve and their Rothschild and CFR overlords messing with stuff, as usual.

Dollar generals , whole foods, and rite aid here in Pa Want either exact change or card payments. So far. I’ll have to drive by pizza hut lol.

Saw a sign at Subway today, at least one of them, that said that a certain 2 $5 footlongs for $10 or something like that would be only for the remote app. Also heard that they are getting rid of roast beef and some kind of chicken, so there goes the Subway Club. Beyond the pale!

I see that University of Illinois-Springfield has taken the Covid stupid pill:

Face coverings, hand sanitizer and frequent cleaning are all part of the University of Illinois Springfield’s plan for students to return to campus in the fall.

The university will offer both on-campus and online options for students this fall up until November 25. After the Thanksgiving holiday, all classes will be online through the end of the semester.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

There is truly ZERO silver lining to what is happening in education in relation to COVID. However, the more draconian agenda is being overlooked.
Don’t be fooled, the government’s biggest moves to barely educate, over-medicate, and slot your job for life are all in the USMCA.
Which was kicked off officially this week.
Are we going to sit by and do nothing, once again?! Time to wake up, Americans!

Education: COVID’s Jackpot!

Here is a post from Alison:

Ok so can anyone guarantee me that DNA collected from students during COVID testing isn’t going to wind up in a “student genetic passport?” Folks, don’t give them your DNA and for goodness sake protect the children. Source:

It’s about the human capital markets. But people are not resisting.

From below this entry in the map: “The Matrix Has You – Standardization of educational trajectories imposes limitations on special skills development.”

Also: “HR Companies Become Talent Investors – HR companies merge with MOOCS to become investors in talent.”

Also: “50% of the employed work flex-time: knowledge nomads work flex-time with no fixed workplace.”

All THIS based on genomics. This is biocapitalism

Meanwhile the educators are hysterical about all the wrong things, because they refuse to open their eyes and are just swept up in the behavioral programming.

And another post from her:

So this map expands on a transaction in which Oracle and Walmart are planning to purchase a significant portion of stock in the Chinese company TikTok, creating a new entity, TikTok Global. The company’s platform supports short videos and is now pushing “educational” content under Covid lockdown in partnership with STEM personalities like Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The map shows global capital flows East / West – Silicon Valley / Beijing. It also touches on how digital interactions feed signals intelligence and privatization interests. Ellison and Oracle being the big data partners with ties to Israel, and Walmart being the education privatizer shifting into human capital management. Click the link for the interactive version – if you select a circle or line it will open up the database record behind it.

And some replies to this post:

former local union guy here, now in politics toes the digital learning like a puppy, not a ounce of a brain……. my oh my

The union leadership will be pushing the pension assets into human capital investments – of course the pay for success deals require digital real time surveillance than means people replaced by AI / online systems.

I was so disgusted when I heard this guy……. also always pushes lockdown narrative….. a turd…..

Plus there are all the people signing up for 23 n me and whatever other genetic testing companies sales pitches….
Then there are plenty of people who feel the medical necessity to attain some sorts of genetic testing….
It should be private and protected sensitive medical information.

So, a cotton bud with a little spit on it can give you a complete DNA history of whether or not you come from the Vikings, but it takes a swab from the back of your throat to figure out if you have covid. And people don’t question it.

the key to the creation of the human capital markets is that all the data be interoperable and for that they need to implement “self sovereign” digital identity. The data from your genomics will factor into the predictive profiling, but each new bit of data from wearable tech or ICT inputs further refines your “risk / value” profile. Right now they have the DNA, but it isn’t yet interoperable. That is what the National Interoperability Collaborative is setting up.

And at the end of this.

“A central player in Santa Clara County’s impact investing program is their Office of Education, which has built a centralized education data warehouse called “Datazone.” Their language around data integration indicates it may be a prototype for an interoperable platform that would expand impact investment markets by linking education data with out of school service providers. Datazone is a hub for the Silicon Valley Regional Data Trust (SVRDT) launched with financial support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative in January 2017.
SVRDT is one of six founding partners in the National Interoperability Collaborative (NIC), an outgrowth of work done by Stewards of Change and Academy Health. This collaborative intends to pull together health, human service, criminal justice, child welfare and health data across platforms. Funders include, not surprisingly, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Microsoft, and IBM. But the Kresge Foundation is the lead funder. Kresge, based in Troy, Michigan, participated in the financing of ROCA, an early juvenile justice Social Impact Bond in Massachusetts. On that project they were teamed up with Third Sector Capital Partners, Goldman Sachs, the Arnold Foundation, New Profit, and the Boston Foundation.
In addition to NIC’s six founding partners there are eighteen other “members.” Most work in healthcare, workforce development, and social service spaces, but there are two outliers. Of grave concern is the fact that The National Fusion Center Association and the National Council on Crime and Delinquency are also on the list. Fusion Centers are part of the Homeland Security apparatus. My sense is impact investors need to have seamless data integration with the justice and surveillance system, because public expenditures associated with predicted future incarceration will be the primary cost-offset that permits profit-taking for “impactful” youth interventions. We are very likely looking at replacing the school to prison pipeline with compulsory “pre-carceration” intervention services.”

“One of the Chinese generals responsible for organ trafficking in Chinese prisons was sitting on the Board of Directors of one of the liquid natural gas companies.”

And you know LNG is being promoted as sustainable. It is interesting that both Luksha and Vander Ark had backgrounds in mining and geo-engineering.

I do think Covid will usher in next-gen work houses and boarding schools for the poor. It’s going to be terrible.

it’s already here unfortunately.

Yes – this is the model – pay for success.

this has been rehearsed and rehearsed in Asia since early 2000’s.

Technologies that enable ore-natal education, based on big data, audio visual stimulation and biofeedback.
PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS improving cognitive skills-
SPIDEY-SENCE SIMULATORS, virtual simulation systems for high risk activities. After 2020: psychological patterns can be simulated-
GERBIL ON A TREDMIlL, helping socially marginalized people to self-actualize
by involving them in alternate reality games-
This is demeaning, dehumanizing, and implies a level of arrogance that’s just off the charts. Who must they think they are to design the optimal life for a child from birth to death without any need or for input from those they imagine they have the right to control. This says the public only matters if they play along and submit.

Here is a very helpful link from Sons of Liberty:

Here is a helpful podcast from Mom’s Watch Media with the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


We are just keeping an eye on this situation. Arkansas is removing Covid patients to an isolation facility. This short article doesn’t mention the age and states that removal to an isolation facility would be decided based on family considerations.

Do you remember MAKE-A-PLAN MINNESOTA? A plan to include lots of personal information (even a parent’s last will and testament) to have on record, should they have to come to remove your child.

At first, Minnesota agency officials stated that families who are sick may quarantine together. Then it appears, officials changed their minds to include a quarantine outside the home.

Please feel free to contact MACC is you here of isolation camps being set up in our state. Thanks!

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From a Concerned Teacher

As a teacher, I want to make something very clear about what the president said in his speech last night about the indoctrination in education. Trump was not attacking the great teachers in the USA. He was attacking the system that has developed.

I grew up in a small, close-knit, working class community. We had teachers who taught us well. We learned history from the perspective of loving this nation, knowing our heritage and how history teaches us lessons moving forward. Sometimes, reminders of the wrongs of the past teach us lessons we cannot understand without studying them. I grew up in a Christian home, a Christian community, and my teachers loved children, valued life, and taught from a perspective of faith, family, and country. We said the pledge every day and proudly learned true history, its ills as well as its greatness. We learned of ALL of our American culture and we cherished it.

When I became a teacher, in the beginning I was not constrained by a federally mandated curriculum that sought to prove my worthiness of being a teacher by constantly assessing my students on government mandated standardized tests. Those tests would be the evaluation of how I was teaching what the government deemed appropriate for my students to know.

No, I was allowed to teach from a perspective of allowing my students the ability to learn to think, at a higher level. I was an English/Language Arts teacher, but I taught from an historical and sociological standpoint. I was able to get them to dig deep and research, to discern truths from various credible sources. I taught them about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and I played his “I Have a Dream” speech. We talked about his vision and I had them look at the world and write their own Dream speech.

We studied the Civil War and looked deeply at all the different types of people who lived at that time: the average Southern farmer, the plantation owner, the slave, the northern factory worker, the free black living in non-slave states, the abolishonists, and those who housed runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. We looked at the different causes of the war. And, we looked at all of history. We read slave diaries and stories of divided families who chose different sides during the war. We looked at the complexity of all aspects of our divided nation. And, we learned why our nation reuniting as a whole and being rebuilt during Reconstruction made for a better and stronger nation.

When we did our folktales unit, we looked at the heritage of the Native American and the stories they told. We looked at how so many of the folk tales from their heritage paralleled the stories from the Bible. When we read the classic American Folk Tales, we closely examined how they promoted the American Pioneer Spirit. These were stories of characters with Super Human abilities and strength. But, they were the characters that encouraged adventurous Americans to move West, to forge out new land. They encouraged self-reliance, perseverance, and determination. They gave young people an ability to dream and never give up.

In everything I taught, I was able to stretch the imaginations of my students, encourage their ability to “Dare to Dream”, as my class theme. I was able to make my students believe that as Americans, they could accomplish anything and be anything if they worked hard and gave their all.

But, as time passed, the government came in and tied my hands. They robbed my classroom of autonomy, innovation, and creativity. We first were handed NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, which was just the opposite. Tests became the focus. The ability to score a minimum standard in order to be called— NOT EXCELLENT, NOT SUPERIOR, NOT EVEN GOOD—-but adequate. We had to make Adequate Yearly Progress.

I had worked very hard to continue to teach toward excellence and in preparation for all students to strive to achieve their goals, no matter how many obstacles they had to overcome. I had an established, engaging, thought-provoking yearly curriculum. I did not want to let that go for the sake of enough students mastering a minimum score on a standardized test to be called adequate. So, I took a novel my students always loved reading and formatted it to fit our testing format. I took the novel chapter by chapter and re-wrote the chapter questions, quizzes, and final test in standardized test format. Then, in meeting with my principal and explaining what I had done, I was shocked by the response I got. I was told in harsh, blunt words, “Forget about that novel. Get out those test prep books, and get them ready for that big test. We must pass AYP.”

Then, on top of NCLB, came Common Core dangled out for states to apply through funds from RACE TO THE TOP. States had to apply and willingly accept the terms because it was illegal under 3 federal laws for the US Government to mandate a national curriculum.

But, states got greedy and wanted that money. In the middle of fighting against Common Core on a national level, I participated in the state review of textbooks for adoption for the state of Alabama. I was appalled by what was contained in those textbooks. They were full of left-wing bias, indoctrination, opinions stated as fact. They were anti-Christian, and they promoted socialist viewpoints. There were literature selections that promoted everything from abortion, to promiscuity, to values opposed to basic, traditional family values.

The more I researched, the more I learned about a bigger picture. This was exactly what my president spoke about last night. There is a BIG AGENDA. It even had a name. At that time, it was being called Agenda 21. Later, it was known as Sustainable Development, and currently as Agenda 2030. The atheist globalists want our nation, as a new nation. They want to create an America that is fundamentally different from the America as it was founded.

As I spoke across the South and the nation, on radio and tv shows, I encountered college students in teacher education programs at various colleges and universities. And, I discovered that my greatest fear had come to pass. These bright, young minds with caring hearts for children had been sold a bill of left-wing goods and had bought it whole-heartedly. They had been indoctrinated and were not being taught the realities of anything in our history, in our culture, in our AMERICA. They had accepted the lies as fact and as the great plan to bring Hope and Change.

But, that plan destroyed hope, created the division we see now and brought about a change that looks nothing like the America I grew up loving. We are once again in a civil war. We have seen violence, destruction, bloodshed and death. But, the real battlegrounds for this civil war are the battlefields of the mind and heart.

Pay attention to what is happening. Pray for our AMERICA, the one created by our Declaration of Independence and our US CONSTITUTION.

Another large school district going virtual in the fall:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Did you know that two mints closed before there was even a “pandemic?” – This coin shortage was all planned. But people don’t believe it. San Francisco and West Point is what I hear.

Here is a post from Alison:

Hey educators, which of these new jobs would you want?
Just know this is “ad-hoc” employment, part of a “swarm.”

Learning Pathway Designer
Competency Tracker
Pop-Up Reality Producer
Social Innovation Portfolio Director
Learning Naturalist
Micro-Credential Analyst
Data Steward

Read up here:

And another post from her:

Are there ANY pro-public education people out there who have been following my research over the past five years who understand that the Covid response is THE FINAL stage of privatization for the purposes of advancing biocapitalism?

That learning ecosystems will use biometric e-wallets to pay for community-based skills badging and online data-mining. That the digital vouchers will be linked to predatory pay for success deals? All tied to UN Sustainable Development Goal 4.

That the program will not only tank public schools, but will also harness charters, private, religious, and even traditional home school / unschool families into the data harvest IF education partners take the vouchers. This includes libraries, makerspaces, community sports and theater, art centers, etc.

Reimbursement = hand over impact data for investors.
That means perpetual data surveillance of children.
The data profiles will triage human capital.
If deemed good workers, children will be slotted into the gig economy. Regional economies are planned to benefit transnational corporations.

Do you understand that now this will all be justified in order to meet “social distancing” requirements?

That manipulatives, labs, sports equipment, art supplies will eventually disappear to be replaced by VR head sets and haptics? That probably there will be no more choral singing or woodwinds in the orchestra – too dangerous – you know.

Or has everyone been body-snatched?

And some replies to this post:

where to go, beyond fb? Its infuriating and agonising…

I have two young grandchildren so it is very scary to me.

Bless you. Do not be disheartened. As a whole we have come a long way in awakening. Every little matters. X

I have 7 young grandchildren & I’m listening & learning. I live next door to a school. My grandsons teacher quit.

We’ve been a public school family and do agree that the recent implementations (in the last four years especially) are all about data mining and virtual ‘learning’ among other disagreeable agendas.

I am new to following you, but I am terrified of what you are saying here. This whole technocratic, cybernetic nightmare crap scares the shit out of me, especially in regards to children being raised as though it is at all in any way “normal”
So, apparently I’ve not been body snatched anyhow.
Thank you for the work you are doing 🙏

Crystal clear. I have no children in school but I have a lot of nephews and nieces I hate to see this happen to but the parents won’t even consider looking around. Channel 13 is God.

I am new to following you, but have been following the education shift for years. I do understand. I know others who understand.
I couldn’t explain as concise and as in depth as you are able to.
I just sound crazy when I try to explain.

Yup – we aren’t crazy. This really happening. It may take 3-5 years for every bit to fall into place, but it could happen much faster than that. I really, really thought we had more time, like 10 years to try and educate people. I did not see that pandemic would be their tool of choice

New to you as well but I hear what you’re saying and completely agree with your points. This whole time those that are close to me scoff at me when I speak of my views and berate me as if I am being selfish because I don’t want to be inconvenienced. How many times have I heard-‘if we all would just comply and do what they say we could all go back to normal faster’
I get called crazy when I say things like-‘you think they’re just going to give us all our inherent rights back?’ Nothing but eye rolls and it is very discouraging but I remain humble and hopeful trying to spread love wherever I can. I absolutely refuse to live in fear of any virus or my fellow brothers and sisters.

And if you are an educator who claims to be about social justice and are not fighting to keep contact tracing out of your schools, shame on you. I challenge any teacher who claims to care for undocumented students and their families to prove to me this will not cause far more harm than good.

We’ve been at this for quite awhile, eh? I still remember you telling me about the online profiling with the kid on the camping trip and the candy bar. Oh my. Now here we are.

I’ll take the camping trip!! This is how they are getting schools online and the community centers – my dad talked about this when I was a kid. I always thought it would be a hard sell and it otherwise would be. Now parents are demanding online education and social distancing … be careful what you wish for. 😢😢

I’ve been hearing this and agreeing with you for years – it’s hard knowing what the future is going to be like for our children and their children. Makes me want to cry every time I think about it. You are so right when you speak of staying connected to the earth and humans … that’s where we are nourished. I appreciate all your efforts and research!! ❤️

The teachers and my former teachers union colleagues are falling for the distance learning bs because of fear of a virus that has a 99.97% survival rate. They are digging their own graves as teaching professionals. The oligarchic masters will replace them with a master, super-teacher that will instruct thousands at a time. Meanwhile the children will become robotic and dehumanized, lacking the human social interaction that only a real, caring teacher and warm peer interactions can provide! More school lockouts will help to kill public schools that we once knew!

Very true. I feel so bad for the children. We need to be building survival schools just to preserve humanity.

Yup..the teachers / admins in my area have bought this “health” scare 100%. Heck, I cdnt find one person that opposed CCore over the last 3 years. They are absolutely clueless around me, at least. The difference between him and his older brother who was was in the last “traditional” class is nite and day. Nobody has a flipping clue .

Even the social justice radical educators stayed mum when i tried to expose the dangers of ed-tech. At this point I’m not really about the adults but rather working so that maybe the kids come out ok.

agree. Since I’ve got 2 still in school, my interaction w teachers / admin is frequent. We never even did public sch. thinking we wd avoid it. Private / charter and home school have all been co opted in my area– I’ve tried all 3 w my 6th gr. We’re heading back to private next month simply for more socialization. He misses his old friends and as at a vulnerable age – dreaded middle school where few kids know where they fit in.

I think it was very intentional on the part of the philanthropcapitalists to pit parents of students in public school against parents with kids in charters and private schools and home school. As Aduku has noted – this machine is coming after everyone. If we don’t unite, and do it soon, the next generation will simply be handed over en masse through the various channels to AI for racialized processing and sorting.

Thinking back over 2 decades, you can put pieces together. The “virtuous” safety program “Identikid” in case of kidnap or lost children was a primer for data collection b4 computers. The anti-bully campaign was a primer for being able to teach gender/ sex identity issues… Pre-school and Head start to capture the mind younger…
Everything they do under the guise of safety and health is always a ruse w the same end goal– technocractic slavery.

You had a sense of urgency about you when you came to Dallas. Little did we know why… We did not see this pandemic coming, but we did see the potential fallout.

Can you put it in simple terms please?

No more school buildings other than drop in centers.
Children assigned permanent tracking number attached to a voucher/payement.
Wearable tech tracks them in real time to document “skills” and competencies that are used to slot them into workforce pathways.
Hedge funds cover “education” costs as investment deals in human capital and get paid for student behavioral compliance.
Total regulation of body, mind, and spirit.
Children become roboticized data commodities.
Mental illness rises – mental illness digitally treated as an impact market.
Wash, rinse, repeat.

There are a ton of whitepapers on the Knowledgworks website.

So, I’m just wondering – is it really that we are only isolated individuals in our various locales – or are there others out there to join with? I do believe we HAVE to make provisions to preserve human knowledge sharing and human connection. I think that could easily be lost within a three year timeframe. How do we do that? Because I really think we need to be preparing now – finding locations, securing books and paper, all of that.

I’m thinking we need a land as pedagogy school focused on food independence with a rich curriculum of real hands-on learning and literature attached to that.

Waldorf sort of has something like that – expensive schools tho

I was channelling more like the Black Panthers / AIM. Because after that kind of education you won’t fit into the AI badge economy. So it would have to feed into a larger alternate economic system / community structure.

You might be interested in Deep Green Bush School in NZ

This is their goal. Children “living” in a VR world that the powerful control in order mine their life force. We can’t let this happen.

This is not a joke either – see this defense contractor slideshare about xAPI and skills tracking.

There are dark forces at work here and we have to wake enough people up to refuse this future.

When I went to Cincinnati and did a sage cleansing of Knowledgeworks, StriveTogether, and Procter and Gamble I found out that the P&G headquarters faces the Masonic Temple across a plaze and the Nielsen Consumer Neuro-Lab Building was at the far end. Seriously – same sign below as in the blog post above.

Not shocked that P&G Corp faces a Masonic Temple in Cincinnati. Did you know Foster Gamble of the documentary THRIVE is of the P&G family? He says he was introduced to U.S. Pres. Ford before pursuing an alternative path.

I’ve followed and agree completely. I do hold some hope as the bulk of what I’ve heard thus far about pilots of using community partnerships has been decidedly negative. Getting teachers to understand this while unions chiefs are yelling about how it’s not safe to open schools due to the lack of PPE etc. is imperative but extremely difficult.

Remind me – what state are you in NH?

Yes, I’m in NH and teach in MA.

So NH is the pilot for the ELOs. I would be interested if you hear anything more tied to school reopen and community based partnerships.

I heard of a problem in MA and another in Maine. In one case, the Boys & Girls Club offered class credit for going to homework help sessions (with non certified staff). The students who went through traditional class, did homework, tests etc. got the same credit, same diploma as the kids who went to the homework sessions. It caused some ill feelings with students and parents. (That’s the extent of what I know.) In the other case, someone told me that her daughter’s high school internship was completely botched in regards to scheduling it, making sure her daughter even had an internship etc. I will keep my ears open for anything new tied to reopening.

Again, we have to presume given their plan to make a world for robots – it could “work” for the billionaires even if the children are completely robbed of an authentic education.

They are definitely being robbed, and now at a breakneck pace.

“As we find ourselves in this new normal, we have seen long standing agendas, which have remained behind the scenes, hidden away from the public, now being offered as solutions justified by this crisis.
The World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ and the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ are perfect examples of prepackaged ‘solutions’ being rolled out to save us from ourselves. Today we will dive deeper into this agenda and also focus on how it may reshape our lives if the technocrats have their way.
In this episode, Spiro is joined by John Klyczek, an Adjunct Professor, researcher, contributor to Activist Post as well as several other alternative news sites and the author of the book ‘School World Order: The Technocratic Globalization of Corporatized Education’
For generations the social engineers have used the strategy of indoctrination to target societies most impressionable minds, our children, through many avenues but primarily through our education systems. In this interview, Spiro and John Klyczek break down the how this longstanding and effective tactic is being ‘reimagined’ by the usual suspects, to reshape the future of humanity.”
John Klyczek’s Website

Were teachers doing more than obedience training? Never met any who were rebellious enough to do anything but. Not surprised that they are falling in line en mass.

Further, are not the teachers the stewards of the school-to-prison production line? Or is it that Black folk just made that up?

Well when I started out around 2013 let us say my structural analysis was not great – I was coming to the problem of the destruction of urban public schools in a very naive way. You are right, of course. The schools are fulfilling their function. Once the digital vouchers tied to biometrics are put into place, the only knowledge sharing that will not be subject to surveillance will be sequestered. The unschooling people will be sucked in as well – if the community resources they use take the vouchers. So I am thinking what do we need to do to create spaces for knowledge preservation and for companionship and support among those of us who refuse to comply with the coming facist program.

The school to prison pipeline model is going to transition to different types of state control – that will come via the school social workers. The “community school” model. But my guess is the “schools” will really only be drop-in centers like a combo HR / probation office for poor families. They need the schools to be that because HIPPA doesn’t apply in schools and FERPA was gutted.

Smash the prisons. That has always been the imperative. It ought be of the utmost urgency now for “White” people.

For the geofencing we will have to smash the 5G infrastructure and refuse digital identity. I feel the urgency, I just don’t have an audience. Also many prisons are of the mind. I sense that is part of the problem.

The homes – regarded as sanctuaries only a few months ago – are now prisons. Thanks to the teachers, who have created a nation of morons, this phase of the mass incarceration has been achieved with remarkable efficiency

The actual model will not be so posh – BlackRock will do pay for success job training programs to have cargo containers adapted.

The Omidyar / Unicef backed pre-k franchises with blockchain ID – these are the “classrooms.”

Evidently the rulers became impatient with the school-to-prison pipeline; they’re taking the prison cells to the children.

With capitalist “growth” everything gets broken down into smaller and smaller bits for the purposes of value extraction.

The nature of state control is in flux. It is going to look different, but some will not recognize it as a system of control. It will be framed as paternalistic care.

I see it and agree with you. This covid is not just a virus… it’s a trojan horse… It lines up with Agenda 2030… as do you. Top down control system, no freedom..massive poverty. It’s easy to see but many people separate Covid from the rest.

This whole situation seems like a loaded dice where, if we don’t resist en mass, they’ll win either way. You see, if they can get everyone to go online, they’ll get into the homes with surveillance and increase home visits and quickly phase out schools with their personalized learning, competency based stuff, and anywhere anytime learning. If they can get us back to schools, they’ll have gotten so many to agree to put up with whatever “safety” measures they agree to (masks, temperate checks/scans, etc) and limitations just so that parents can be able to work and send their kids to school.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

If you have children or grandchildren in public school you might be interested in reading this article – Remember Peter Thiel is a Marxist

And another post from her:

Hubby went to the grocery store this morning to buy a little meat – Ground round is $5.99 per lb. but get this – He looked at other meat and wrote down the prices for me .. T Bone steak per lb is $10.99 ,Chuck roast is $4,99 per lb. and a Eye of Round roast is $9.69 per lb…
He bought 4 lbs, of ground round the total for ground round was over $24.00 , 2 bottles of jalapeno peppers @ $.2.79 per bottle, 1 pkg. of hamburger buns $2.29 , 1 bag of potato chips $3.78
I can not get over how food prices especially meat has gone up .. A long time ago i could buy around $200.00 worth of groceries which would last us over 2 weeks this included meat.. not any more ..

And yet another post from her:

I guess I am just going to have to give up my rolled coins in the bottom of my purse- I was planning on using as protection as whopping the hades out of some one if they tried to steal my purse – sigh

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

If the DMN wants to be the voice of parents and teachers, they should probably just ask us what we want. Instead, they have set up a philanthropy-driven Education Lab. They call it a lab, because it is a human experiment funded by elites. 

“Davenport isn’t the only skeptic. In a Twitter tweet about the newly announced Morning News’ community-funded partnership, New York Times reporter Matthew Haag said he covered Dallas schools for five years.

“These groups and their allies, especially Todd Williams, tried behind the scenes to derail our tough reporting, including trying to get me fired. Looks like they found another route to influence the coverage,” Haag posted June 20.

Dubbed the Education Lab, Davenport says reporters enrolled will likely be indoctrinated with a limited view of schooling that will include reforms, such as year-round classes, merit pay tying teacher salaries to test scores, standardized testing, full-time e-learning or distance learning and wrap-around services, including health care, meals and mental health counseling, that replace the academic institution schools are intended to be.

“These reforms will collapse the public school system, which will divert funds so that federal money will follow the child instead of school buildings,” Davenport said in an interview. “It’s a neo-liberal agenda and a neo-liberal agenda basically aims to decrease public funding in order to increase the private sector by diverting funds.”

Here is a post from Alison:

“Smart” shopping carts. Online food ordering? It’s all about future risk-profiling you and your family via your data dust. The predator energy system plans to suck you dry. All of these changes to how we access food? You can be sure this was planned – in the works for years. Now with Covid there will be a push to “maintain your health” and embrace “preventative care.” Here they are pushing the carrot, but hidden behind that rabbit logo are sticks. There will be many more sticks than carrots. Be cautious about the narrative pushing healthy lifestyles – yes, you are right, but it will feed this monster. We have to be strategic.

She is a monster – one of Bloomberg’s monsters.

And some replies to this post:

This is a major factor with the UN SDG and Agenda 21/30 plans; adjusting global food consumption. The high-frequency part tells me this is going to be monitored in realtime via 5G network.

The less we do for ourselves, the more they learn about us.

This is also another way to fuck over the poor; most of us out here don’t have cars and live in a food desert.
Doing things like grocery shopping and laundry is incredibly tasking

not to mention the workers being fucked over and will eventually lose even those gig jobs due AI

Smartphones examining impulse control?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

WEF is a totally godless, modernist, materialist organization. It is backed by companies such as Microsoft and Mastercard (some call this fascism), entities that would provide essential elements for a new global economy that ushers in the aforementioned “fourth industrial revolution” – a technocracy featuring a new electronic world currency.
WEF is represented by Big Industry, Big Finance and Big Fame.
To name names, members of its board of trustees include: Yo-Yo Ma, the noted cellist; Jack Ma, head of the Alibaba group (China); former U.S. vice president Al Gore; Peter Maurer, head of the Red Cross; Christine Lagarde, International Monetary Fund; and David Rubenstein of the Carlyle Group. It is also in league with The Council on Foreign Relations, The Group of 7 (largest nations), and the Bilderberg Society. The United Nations does its bidding.

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Hi! Welcome to Kindergarten! I’m going to be your teacher, Miss Litten. I know you can’t see me because I’m wearing this mask with a shield over my face. Oh, no, hunny. It’s ok. I’m not scary. I’m smiling at you underneath all of this. Come hold my hand… ummm…nevermind. Let me give you a hug…errr…Let’s take a look at all the toys we will play with this year. Bummer, that’s right. Nevermind. We can’t share toys this year. But hey, you’re going to meet so many new friends in Kindergarten! You’ll get to play with them and everything!! Well, not play with play with. I mean like you’re six feet apart and you’re each bouncing your own ball. That’s fun, right? Well, anyways, here’s our library. We can’t have books on the shelves. You can’t touch the same books as your classmates because of those silly little germs! So, instead, I’ll give you these black and white paper books that I stapled together and put in your very own cardboard box! You can take it to your seat aaaaalllllllll the way over here. I’ll be aaaalllllll the way over there if you need me. Oh, what’s that? Your shoe is untied. Let me tie it for…did you just have that shoe lace in your mouth? Sweetie, I can’t tie it now because it has those pesky germs on it. Just tuck them in your shoes. Ok. Now let me see if you can write your name. That’s not how you hold your pencil, Kiddo! Here, let me show you. I’ll put my hand over your hand and guide you…oh, I mean, let me just show you how to hold it. Put your pointer finger…no that’s not pointer…oh, shucks. Nevermind. We will be using computers most of the time anyways, who needs to learn pencil grip?! Here’s your computer 💻. Isn’t it so neat and shiny?! I know it looks like everybody else’s but I also know that as a five year old you can keep track of yours and bring it to and from school everyday. We need computers this year because we might not be at school very long. If too many people get sick, I may not see you for a long time. But, I’ll email you and we can learn from our computers. What’s that? You want to learn how to read? We will try the best we can, Kiddo! Why are you crying? You’re hot with that mask on? Me too. No, Sweetie, we don’t have air conditioning at school. Water? We can’t use that water fountain anymore, Dear. Here’s a water bottle to fill up. You’re tired? I know, me too! Welcome to Kindergarten in 2020!

•••I had to capture my thoughts of what’s to come and the REALITY of it. No matter what schools choose to do, or what parents choose to do, I feel terrible for all students having to endure the school year ahead! I know I’ll try my very best no matter what, Kiddos!

And another post from this group:

My Granddaughter just left to go back to get settled in at the UofOregon, one Professor, one, is holding classes, the others are all on line! How frustrating is that?

I sent this to the Common Core Diva:

Have you heard of “place-based curriculum”? It was mentioned in this article which ties environmentalism, education, communities, and sustainable development:

I received the following reply:

Found this file:

links to several CCSS Machine groups, UN, UNESCO & uses STEM for SDGs in churches, schools, communities.
I already found an ag archive of mine which more likely be tied. Article:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

A common feature in Socialist Revolutions is the closure of schools. Mao & Castro forcibly closed schools for at least ONE year and Stalin oversaw a 50% decline in schooling in the early years of his revolution. Food for thought …

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

well UN Sustainable Devopment/ Agenda 21 was signed by ush in 1992 ( I think that was the date) ipon the first Rio Earth Summit. Walmart were sponsors at that Summit. I worked for WM from 2003-13. In 2012 I hosted an Agenda 2q Expose that was presented by Hal Shurtleff of the John Birch Society i was running Round inviting people from work. Despite their ‘ no politics ar work’ policy they czlled a big meeting of all the employees. ( several 100 ar a big distribution center) They proceededto bore everyone to tears for an jour telling us about their proud role sponsoring the 2012 Earth Summit. Of course they fidnt say ‘ Agenda 21’ but just Sustainable Development. I was likely one of the few people not falling aslerp becsuse I was livid with the propaganda being spewed. . Pretty sure they didntblike me much anymore and spent the next year trying yo chase me out the door. It hot so bad that I found another job and gave notice. I have read articleswhere past CEO Lee Scott dpecifically talked about Agenda 21. As far as Sam, I have heard that he wasnt the darling everyone made him out to be but was in charge of the Japanese interment camps. Dont know if it’s true.

I might have the specific article bookmarked on my tablet.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Months from now, when America wakes up , people will ask “When did we get a permanent Cyber Czar with 75 employees in the White House?” Well, it’s happening in the NDAA .

And another post from her:

During a recent webinar hosted by The Block, when asked about the U.S.’s take on central bank digital currencies (CBDC), Bench said that work is being done on the technology front that could further the mission of the Federal Reserve system.
Sweden for instance, he said, faced a challenge wherein the use of cash slowly dwindled and was eventually replaced by a cashless model

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston’s Bench says the U.S. ‘better be ready’ for a future digital currency issuance

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

A word of EXTREME caution to anyone who is supporting the mass closure of schools as a win for ‘the right’ …

A common feature in ‘Socialist Revolutions’ is the closure of schools. Mao & Castro forcibly closed schools for at least ONE year and Stalin oversaw a 50% decline in schooling in the early years of his revolution.

What is even more important is what they DID with the children.

They did not relinquish them to their parents for homeschooling – They ushered the children into new ‘educational entities’ and WEAPONIZED them as foot soldiers for the state. Mao created the Red Guards & Fidel created the ‘Literacy Brigade’ which was forced labor and military service.

So Conservatives – Be VERY careful about advocating for mass closure of schools (even though we know they are liberal). I’m quite convinced that there will be an alternative put in place (especially for lower income children) and it will be FAR WORSE than existing public education. We’ll need to fight that.

And be ready for a battle if you choose to homeschool.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This strategic plan is taken from the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

You’ll notice that the very first goal is to subordinate education to the “needs” of business and industry. In other words, how to transform a child into a means of economic production. I’m astonished that more people aren’t taken aback by this.

Skilled Future – Workforce Development:
-Implement a comprehensive strategy to align educational curriculum to the needs of regional business and industry.
-Convene and collaborate with regional partners to increase regional attainment of post-secondary degrees and certificates.
-Attract and retain skilled talent through recruitment tools and programs.
-Assert Tulsa’s regional identity to attract skilled talent through branding and public relations strategies.
-Strengthen and build upon the strategic objectives and programming of Tulsa’s Young Professionals (TYPros) to continue efforts to attract and retain young talent.
-Impact local, state and federal policy to secure education funding and skilled worker tax credits while protecting and improving the region’s higher-education infrastructure.

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This link describes the process by which giant corporations hope to get everyone to accept the shift from university education to national credentialing databases, where every person carries a record of microcredentials that prove his or her economic value. All the pipeline language in “education” these days is curated to get us used to thinking of ourselves as commodities, the stuff of employability accounts.

I am astonished and appalled at the dehumanizing language and totalitarian program outlined in Adecco’s whitepaper:

“Arguably, companies are obliged to drive change in how intangible value assets are recognised. Doing so helps free them from shareholder constraints, increases competitive advantage, benefits the workforce and strengthens national economies. These efforts should be supported by cultural, political and economic incentives and include:
• Companies, together with special-interest groups, must address standard-setting bodies for change in the way human-capital investments are constricted and assets are recorded.
• CFOs and business leaders must become more forward-looking and actively promote creative solutions to training costs and mitigating associated risks.
• More weight must be given to value creation and value reporting to stakeholders, particularly in relation to training expenditure, in order to make the most of accounting possibilities.
• Companies should publicly and politically stress the benefits that human-capital investments are creating for society especially in the context of rising skills-motivated redundancies. This includes addressing the ageing population and widespread shortage of new hires. Companies should motivate peers to push for similar change and statements.
• Policymakers must explore feasible tax incentives or the foundation of value-add employability fund accounts. They should look to similar programmes like those in France and those proposed in the US, as a mechanism to reduce national unemployment and increase productivity.

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How do you feel, what do you think about this?

A friend of mine in California just sent me this… An entire living complex forced into mandatory testing and lockdown regardless of what the testing reveals for each individual person.

Medical Note

Detection of SARS-COV-2 protein sequences using a PCR molecular tests DOES NOT CONFIRM that a person has an active COVID-19 infection…they are 2 very different things.

It is possible to be positive for SARS-COV-2 weeks after your immune system has effectively cleared the infection, developed antibodies along with ready to act Memory Cells and T-Cells, and you are therefore no longer contagious.

A positive PCR test alone is NOT definitive medical proof of an active COVID-19 infection unless there are also definitive symptoms to corroborate the positive test.

What you have been told about asymptomatic transmission is not based in immunological science…it’s just a severely flawed theory postulated by the WHO and CDC.

And some replies to this post:

Any way to confirm this? I’ve looked for news sources. I sent to a sheriff’s deputy. Not finding anything official yet.
Although I believe we are headed in this direction now or later.

This is the result of contact tracing. Anybody who supports such measures needs to know that this is what it looks like. At any point, you could be pulled from your job and put into quarantine for two weeks. I hear people talking about it casually, as though it’s the best approach. I imagine it’s only a preferred method until you’re the one being locked up.

already happened in public housing in Melbourne.
3,000 people forcefully held by 500 police in 9 20-floor towers.
Follow hashtags 9Towers and 33AlfredStreet to know more or look up posts on my timeline

Is it section 8?? I think they are purposely using government programs to force testing in these areas. No way I would get tested unless I had symptoms that needed attention!

AZ public Health and safety Authority during a state of emergency has some revised statutes. 🥺

The British Virgin Islands just imposed mandatory lockdown and testing for everyone on the island Jost Van Dyke.

Follow-up to this story…
As of Yesterday 7.21, and thanks in large part to public pressure in the form of a large volume of phone calls, the Ventura Public Health Department lifted the lockdown and asked the 4 out of 78 people who tested positive to self-quarantine for 14 days.
Incredible what coming together can do isn’t it? 🙂

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No end of year High Stakes Test?.. No problem. Formative, CommonCore aligned, data collecting online tests with hidden algorithms are here to save the day. 😉 NWEA MAP, iReady and more…
CompetencyBasedEd=No more “data poverty”
CA has approved these formative tests to “examine student progress”:
“The CDE has approved a set of assessments for diagnostic testing in ELA and mathematics that meet the requirements of EC Section 60644. These assessments have been identified as aligned with the Common Core State Standards and can be used for tracking learning progress and for guiding instruction mapped to student needs. They are listed and described on the CDE website (refer to the Grade Two Diagnostic Assessments web page) as well as in table 1, below. (We note that other publishers have inquired about adding their resources to this list; however, funding is no longer available for vetting additional grade two diagnostic assessments.) LEAs can certify to the CDE the number of students in grade two who are administered these assessments pursuant to EC Section 60644 for the purpose of determining apportionment funding as set by the California State Board of Education annually.

These assessments were initially evaluated for grade two diagnostic testing, but all are scaled assessments that show how students are progressing along a continuum that extends across grade levels and can be used over multiple school years to inform instruction. LEAs that already use one of these assessments can examine student progress over time from prior years to the present and into the coming year(s).“
See full list here

Data driven algorithms : it’s what’s replacing teachers.

And some replies to this post:

Never mind that there’s not one iota of evidence that supports the use of iReady in the classroom!

Back 10 years ago before I retired from teaching at the RI School for the Deaf, the school had started using NWEA. I saw it first hand–complete crap.

IReady has truly replaced teaching in FLorida. I am shocked at how fast the teachers gave away their super power to teach. The sales pitch was pretty slick. Now with distance learning all of our Elem. kids will be on it with little hope of opting out.

Candidate Jamaal Bowmen former principal of CASA, just beat NY Rep Eliot Engel for his Congressional seat, endorsed by AOC. Jamaal piloted iReady in his school in the Bronx. He received accolades from NYCDOE for highest test score increases that year. The boxed drop down menu curriculum included assessments. Oddly enough he was an Opt Out of testing proponent.

Are these the tests that, instead of measuring knowledge, force compliance with radical ideologies in order to progress?

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

The plan is to track your child’s mental state in school to triage them as human capital and benefit investors. Would you want some software system labelling your child neurotic? To go on their permanent blockchain record? This is where things are going folks. Straight from the oak-paneled rooms at the University of Chicago. These folks are not playing. Very short clip – listen.

In this one the Nobel Prize winning economist proposes to incentivize parents of Headstart kids to get their kids to use data-mining apps by gamifying it with pornography (for the parents) – you know a “good incentive.” These people are sick.

And some replies to this post:

I live in metro Detroit and was inundated with these tech sales people proposing all sorts of technical solutions to our supposed educational problems under the guise of austerity measures and attacking those horribly selfish teachers. Most were lobbyists working for Mackinac Center (SPN think tank started by DeVos in early nineties). I was in shock because these folks were my neighbors and had kids in our district. There was clearly a disconnect between what is developmentally appropriate and recommended and what would make money for their sponsors. Their goal was to eliminate teachers all together. Of course, this is when the ‘Right To Work’ frenzy was sweeping the nation and education was under assault via ALEC. It is as if we have been slowly boiled to the point where we are willing to accept the absurd under the guise of progress. These industries and their minions make me ill.

So the thing with SEL (social-emotional curriculum) is that they have created investment markets in behavior change, and the plan is to track and measure children’s behavior using these technologies. So it is FAR more awful than just making money on the software itself. It is the predictive profiling and surveillance and using children as portfolio assets that is so treacherous. Also this is bipartisan. Many times I think ALEC provides cover for a lot of liberals to overlook the Silicon Valley surveillance machine. Also SICK of unions. They don’t actually protect children and their leadership is working with these people. So a lot of the simple framing they would like for use to believe to keep us divided is actually pretty harmful.

Also, the teachers aren’t fighting this. I begged them for years and they really didn’t care. They shunned me for it.

I suspect the teachers are not fighting this because they can not fight it. Public school teachers have been under assault for years. Unions have pros and cons but that is another subject. The driving down of wages was the obvious reason behind the assault but what you are exposing is obviously far more frightening. Yes, I get that this is a bipartisan effort. The fact that Race To The Top was a Federal program while ALEC legislation was state level assault, made the whole education debacle a political nightmare with everyone siding with their respective lens. I am well aware of the way politics has been used to divide us and blind side us. Similar tactics were used by the oil and gas industry.

Quantities of profitability via hyper-categorization, overruling the unmeasurable freedom of making human mistakes, and non-linearly failing our way into success and mastery of our own dreams? Dunno!! Most people call me insane these days.

Too bad they’ll never bother reading this

And also seemingly super important.. existential maturity and emotional intelligence

The 2nd is probably more relevant to what I was trying to say. First one is a bit intense and deeper into other matters

I Can’t believe that rhe superintendents AREN’T TELLING THE PARENTS about this. How about designing a query for the fekin parents first LOL

I guess policy doesn’t have to be run by everyone first. Then nothing would get done right? Technological Progress and Profit stops for no one? Dunno! Can we soend some time designing a new regenerative economy?
I guess it just is what it is.

If they give them mental health labels then we can determine whether they ever get to own a firearm for self protection, whether they are eligible to live freely, make their own decisions in healtjcare, housing etc. Who needs parents!?

That’s why redflag are being passed linking fire.arm ownership w mental health. There were already laws on the books re people being a danger to themselves or others and certain restrictions. Redflag open it up to more diagnosis and less proof needed for confis.cation.

University of Chicago is a Friedman Mecca, the origins of our testing frenzy and the Chicago boys. Frighteningly rich and detached folks making profits off of looting and exploiting.

Backed by Soros

If you don’t know the Heckman Equation

Perhaps this explains all the new surveillance cameras at the Antigonish education centre

And another post from her:

Still not clear how digital ID and digital education vouchers advance global human capital markets? Wake up, the Libertarians (Reason Foundation = Libertarian think tank) want to “invest” in your children’s (mis)education using Education Savings Accounts. Homeschool / Unschool families, this means you, too. Institutions that take the federal money will be hooked into the blockchain data mining system. We need to be making plans now. This is not “revolutionary” but rather counter-revolutionary.

I swear to god if there are any educators left following me, LOOK at this. LOOK at the image presented here. Consider its meaning, its implications for the future of humanity. This child’s companion is a stuffed animal. Is this what you really want moving forward?

And some replies to this post:

They just don’t get it.

These are not dumb people. I think they could get it if they really wanted to. I mean they don’t even oppose my assertions. They just stay silent.

Agree. They don’t want to get it. I’ve explained simple yet worrisome consequences to ‘decision makers’ in my little area, with no response. I suppose when your paycheck is tied to whether you toe the line or not, the paycheck is a the necessary factor. I honestly wish I cd go back to that state of innocent bliss when I, too didn’t know a thing about what’s coming.

This was a good episode from Corbett Report about people pretending to be asleep

Nevermind..the folks running the private sch I’ve been living pay check to pay check for 15 years to avoid my children being eaten by the technocratic monster do not have one clue what’s going on. My child has 5 students in his 6th grade class… 5– and the avg class size is less than 10 students. Yet these bureaucrats have decided to comply w all govt and cdc guidelines— masks, social distancing, no changing classes, no electives — the whole gamut. We are a tiny sch in a rural, conservative area– the only reason they wd follow same guidelines as the largest inner city public school in the state is because they don’t have a clue. They saw ZERO wrong w adopting CCore 3 yrs ago and they see nothing wrong w 10 yr olds wearing masks in a huge classroom w less than a dozen humans near them. Alll I see is cruelty to children . they say “saving lives”…

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. It’s like a steam train..and all the teachers are jumping on board with armfulls of coal.😟

Why yes, yes they are. Soon to be micro-credential analysts.

have you been in touch with any of our former comrades in the CTU or other unions? From what I can tell, they are on board with schools not even reopening 😦

Well, you know Chicago = futures markets.

This dedication to catalyzing the destruction of in-person education and data-mining our students has a Ro number much larger than Covid-19 and has infected the entire population of educators. It’s grotesque.😠

It really is. The long term consequences are grave. I mean I am not super-surprised among the general educator population, but it seems many of the social justice groups have been lined up to advance the impact agenda whether they understand that or not. I mean I have been telling anyone within earshot for five years, but really have gotten no traction. Who knows – maybe some seeds will bear fruit eventually, but I am worried we are running out of time.

But don’t worry – I hear this avatar is awesome on engineering “equity.” He delivers great ROI “impact” with data fidelity.

^^^ And whether we like it or not these celebrity figures are tapped to deploy identity politics as cover for the oligarchs’ treacherous agendas. They are insulated from critique, hand-chosen for that purpose.

This will shift to AI control shortly – though it will be sold to the unthinking masses as “liberation” from the system.

And yet another post from her:

When a key figure pushing MMT (modern monetary theory) is the research director for the Digital Fiat Currency Institute, you kind of have wonder why these folks are not vehemently opposing the rise of blockchain digital ID and UBI / digital benefit payment systems? Are MMT folks educating people about the very real dangers of human capital markets? Sorry, just like the Green New Deal – this MMT stuff is a scam of faux progressivism. Many of their economists are on the payroll of I-NET and Open Society. They hated me for pointing that out to them.


Look how many economists they bought for $5.5 million in 2015. Lol, the overhead for the group was amost double that at $10.5 million.

And yet another post from her:

Not sure who needs to hear this, but your UBI / housing voucher is going to come with a side of Palantir’s data surveillance.

And some replies to this post:

Most people won’t care. They just look at the “free” money.

Not enough people even know what Palantir is.

that is true to, but they would probably still have the attitude of “if you’re not doing anything wrong, then what have you got to worry about?”. I’ve had that debate many times with people and they don’t care or think it’s a big deal. Now you throw in UBI free money, and they’ll run with the money. This is from my experience.

People are way too trusting. Many do not fully appreciate the deep depravity embedded in the systems they are navigating.

yes people think this is all for their own good. it will keep them safe, they get free money, and the tech is cool. that is what i am hearing from the neolibs.

yes. The tech is presented with pretty colors, pleasant voice, lots of cute bells, dings and whistles, and full of hope, meanwhile, it’s tied to databases that are analyzing our every move, monetizing our every action, manipulating at every turn, and punishing us for not properly allowing their data extraction with sanctions and restrictions. It’s for our own good, but meanwhile, the super rich are invisible to the same systems.

People who are desperate for housing will not be able to refuse it on the terms offered by the “great reset”.

Correct. Not unless we organize an alternative.

i know, it’s weird. is it the nano/chemtrails, is it the food…Or is it simply that people’s brains are damaged from too much screen time? i read this book called “Alone Together” written several years ago, by an MIT professor who examined the effects of tech/phones/internet on the brain and physiology. Much of her research was funded by Kurzweil and co., but it is fascinating how this stuff changes our brains, and our nervous systems, reduces capacity for empathy and relating to others, short circuits the ability to put two and two together, to synthesize information, and more. It’s a fascinating book and without saying so directly it sort of outlines the birth of transhumanism and our slow but steady indoctrination to it.. children growing up with furbies, robots to take care of the elderly, etc. etc. Anyway i think peoples brains have been so damaged by screen addiction they literally cant’ think beyond the screen, what is right in front of them, happening Right Now. there is no future, no past, no seeing patterns, no analysis…

It’s like a 20-level game – they’re still at level-1 (what they learned at high school – university grads maybe reached level-2 (with a bit of narrow specialty technical skill but never learning any more about general social control systems than they were taught at high school – not much more than “go to university and get a specialty skill to get a job to get into debt to the banks”) – and when people at even level-5 (probably as with a lot of us here – who learned through independent media about, for example, the monetary system etc) try to tell them what they’ve learned outside formal education and have come to understand – they already look at you sideways. This was the case even with 20th century financial system architecture – so now with this new 4th IR digital economy system being another order of magnitude further again – i can’t see any chance of them waking up – fundamentally they are totally uninterested in any knowledge outside the formal education and professional systems – they don’t actually really care at all – they’re not curious to know stuff – they are motivated only by socio-economic status – they just want to play the game to “get ahead”.

that is it in a nutshell and I totally agree with that statement. Most people just care about their short game and their status in their local group. Anything else outside that local group of influence is not of their concern and so they informally and indirectly give consent to the overlords, and we are all screwed royally.

Right on – i had one of them respond to me literally with what you just said – he said “Your focus of concern is outside your focus of influence – dial it down to things you can affect” What an attitude! Absolute slave mentality! SMH

and that itself is part of the problem. People are self-compartmentalized and so the problem continues. It’s selfish to think of their own immediate interests and not of their neighbors, their history, those the sacrificed their lives, and the future generations. It’s just pure self-centered thinking.

And the Vatican Bank’s hand are all in this, too. Philly I’m talking about Project Home cozying up with the predator impact investors and the Federal Reserve. Dig deeper. You are being fed lies and misinformation.

Human capital data collection notes: education / health / housing. See where it fits into the “smart” city program.

Do you see Palantir’s surveillance being significantly more of a threat to our freedom than surveillance from, say, Google or the federal gov’t? And if so, why/how?

Oh – Google, Palantir, and AWS are all working in this together, through P3s the government has outsourced their “big-brother” program.

In project “Welcome Home” the seed money was in part from Google. Palantir was the “third party” data verifier and they run their data through AWS. Is it starting to get clearer?

At DMV rn and they ask you to get a number online. But 1st that means do an “” NO THANKS!!!

Yes – the DMV is the point of data interoperability. The soon to come digital driver’s license. That is where all the data will intersect AND allow them to control mobility.

No real I D for me
Refused it. See how long I can go w out

Look up Idemia – “augmented identity.” First pilots rolling out in various states. Soon it may not be an option to not go digital.

do you mean the next stimulus check? Or are you talking about a different payment?

Could start with the stimulus payments if they tie it into the Fed as some wanted to do. Part of a larger global program of human capital investment.

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

So now there are commercials for this product, they are really pushing the grass fed concept. It just means that there can only be 1 cow for about 2 acres. You can see from the ad that they have to add dried forages to the grass that their cows eat so I don’t know how many cows that they have per acre but the goal seems to be to radically decrease the number of bovines in the world along with people.

And a post from this friend:

The idea of a U.S. digital dollar is no longer a fringe novelty. Now, it may be a means to an end.

The U.S. Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Policy conducted a hearing on “Winning the Economic Competition” between China and the U.S. on Wednesday. Once again, the idea of a Federal Reserve-administered central bank digital currency reared its head.

Much of the hearing was about America’s economic relationship with China, and both nations’ economic relationships with the rest of the world. Four of the five speakers had no close ties to the crypto space, and discussed issues like supply chain dependence and technologies like 5G.

Rather than focus a major part of the hearing on crypto, as two previous hearings did, crypto was brought up as one of many possible tools to maintain U.S. economic supremacy. This could be interpreted as crypto’s increasing acceptance as a mainstream idea.

Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman Christopher Giancarlo, a longtime advocate for a digital dollar and one of Wednesday’s witnesses, once again called for the U.S. to begin conducting pilot programs to test out different facets of a tokenized dollar.

The idea is not just academic, said Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), who chairs the subcommittee. During a previous hearing, Cotton also advocated for modernizing the dollar, saying it would need to be better than bitcoin.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


One young ladies’ capture of a teen’s life in lockdown in conjunction with distance learning.

“This is just a generalization of the feeling of isolation, not my personal feelings, I for sure haven’t been enjoying quarantine, but some have it worse. We have all been going through stuff right now, especially with Black Lives Matter, my struggles are in no way comparable to some things people are going though right now. this is my own experience, some are a whole lot worse than mine. I’m just showing what I know.

This is a mini film, Numb by me. I did this for a school project but I’m really happy with how it came out, so I’m posting it here. This took me a combined 3 weeks or so. hope you enjoy! please feel free to share as much as you like, just please credit me and M83, the band who made the music.

This is a COVID-19 youth mental health resource hub if you’ve been negatively affected by isolation.

song: my tears are becoming a sea – M83
directed by, edited by, written by and starring me”

Here is a post from Alison:

Compliance currency – the children will be indoctrinated to this global economic human capital system. Back-to-school arguments are beside the point if you can’t grasp this.

And another post from her:

From a talk on blockchain education skills badging I gave in January (pre-Covid). Are we there yet, lol?–0nCr6MstpTor8oY6GCd7sA6dWJcI/edit?usp=sharing

Video of the talk – be advised it’s a LOOOONG one. 🤓

And yet another post:

Keep your eyes on the monsters.

And yet another post from her:

School-based “social work” hubs are about the rise of a “pay for success” soft police state. Obama gutted FERPA for a reason.

This is a like a slow-moving nightmare.

And yet another post from her:

This makes NO sense if these people were truly concerned about limiting potential exposure. This isn’t about public health, it’s about privatization and human capital markets.

For goodness sake if you want to limit exposure, kids should be able to attend the same school all week. Don’t mix groups of kids between schools and out-of-school time child care. SMH. How do people actually make sense of this?

And some replies to this post:

this can’t be about exposure. it has to be about engineering for optimum behavior as capital. (as public schooling generally is, really.)

No one can justify this in terms of a public health intervention.

“Free childcare”, even if the article were taken at face value, it definitely isn’t “free”.

“The program will serve students from age 3 through eighth grade”.
They are coming for our children.

Yes. Yes they are. I predict residential schools for homeless children soon.

Absolutely! This is completely nuts and sooo transparent. And we have seen this before: Remember when they shamed everyone and their grandmother for not wearing masks, one week, and then cheered all the unmasked not-social-distance-complying demonstrators the next week?

Minnesota announced free child care for all kids of “essential workers”. Pretty soon all workers are essential workers. The childcare was primarily offered in public schools, head starts and chain centers. These were the “winners” of the 4-star rated QRS system with Race to the Top – ELC. Bonus: I believe the QRS is tied into Pay for Success.

And yet another post from her:

For those who need to hear it: our children do not have to learn to code the virtual world in service of digital capitalism.

And some replies to this post:

What are your thoughts on good potential careers for kids to aim for that wouldn’t be technology based?

TBH I think in the coming decade it will be at least 90% of humanity put on data dashboards as impact commodities and then a group of data analysts and coders and cyberwarfare specialists. We have to STOP this world from being built at all. Even if a person “wins” and isn’t on a dashboard they will be compelled to perpetrate violence against their fellow humans and the planet. They will be mentally devastated. As a mom of a 19 year old, I think about that a lot.
The future of work is AI dictated microwork tied to skills badges and social credit / reputation scoring.

Self-employment. Organic farms. Naturopathic medicine. Barter economy/gift economy. Separatism. Buy guns, ammo & more weapons. Lots of them. We’re going to need them. One cannot negotiate w/ psychopaths. Period.

They should become farmers carpenters electricians roofers so we can keep ourselves housed and fed


Hi. What do you mean “Even if a person “wins” and isn’t on a dashboard they will be compelled to perpetrate violence against their fellow humans and the planet.”?
So you think the 25-35 year old kids who are now really good at programming, know all the graphic skill sets, 3-D modeling used in computer games are going to be persuaded to do psychopathic service/work? Asking for clarification…Personal concern…

For those who haven’t yet read this post.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

As students and professors move across campuses, they leave plenty of digital traces—such as when their smartphones connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, or when they swipe their keycards to unlock buildings or enter dorm rooms.

Some campus officials plan to use that data to try to contain COVID-19 when campuses reopen in the fall. That information, they say, can be useful to health officials trying to track down people who have come in contact with students or professors infected with the virus.

But tapping into such data systems is unusual, if not unprecedented, and some worry about whether the practice overly invades personal privacy.

Officials plan to inform the campus community about the tracing effort, and notify users when they log into the network that “OSU explicitly reserves the right to share necessary information from its computing system with appropriate authorities during a health and/or public safety emergency.”

There will be no way to opt out

That seems to go against a best-practice recommended in a recent report by EAB, an education consulting firm, which says the use of contract-tracing apps should be voluntary. That said, the report and other experts note that participation in any tracing program must be widespread to be effective.“

Here is a MassResistance article about BLM targeting schools for indoctrination:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

MN Testing/Contact Tracing in Full Swing at Retirement Homes and Some Small Childcare Centers

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

One important point that the author of this article misses is that these housing bills ARE part of the post-pandemic plan in California. Just as we are going to see the Chan-Zuckerberg Schools and Communities First/Prop 13 proposition that will raise taxes on commercial properties, these businesses owners won’t need to worry about it because they never intended for workers to go back into these buildings after COVID is over. These commercial properties will convert to pack-n-stack housing and avoid the higher property taxes. Social Impact Bonds will pay to build the housing. It’s a financial windfall for these companies! SDG2030 Agenda21 fourthindustrialrevolution

“Among other things, this package would effectively end single-family zoning in California, a longtime Wiener goal.”

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Oh look – the Federal Reserve is really excited about Covid and child care. 🙄 Cue the surveillance play tables. Seriously – f*ck these people.

Who Will Mind the Children? The Impact of COVID-19 on the Child Care Market

Join us to learn how public policy and non-government organizations can address child care challenges that existed before and are exaggerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Child care plays a critical role in people’s ability to work, but many lower-income households do not have the economic resources to afford high-quality child care. On the provider side, already-low margins mean many providers may close due to pandemic-related cost increases and revenue reductions.

Speakers will discuss how a successful response to the pandemic will require strengthening the child care sector to address both the short-term economic threat and also provide for a more sustainable business model for child care operators. The program will highlight how bolstering the sector can advance progress on racial and economic equity through access to high-quality child care.


Julia Barfield, Senior Manager of Policy and Programs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
Eric Buchanan, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Buffett Early Childhood Fund
Bevin Parker-Cerkez, Managing Director, Program Services & Senior Director, Early Childhood Education, Reinvestment Fund
Ben Horowitz, Senior Project Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Matuschka Lindo Briggs, Director of Communications and Strategic Support, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (moderator)
Register for this session at the Connecting Communities® website. Participation is free, but preregistration is required.

Session Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Session Times: Hawaii: 9:00 a.m.; Alaska: 11:00 a.m.; Pacific: 12:00 p.m.; Mountain: 1:00 p.m.; Central: 2:00 p.m.; Eastern: 3:00 p.m.

The Connecting Communities© webinar series is a Federal Reserve System initiative intended to provide a national audience with timely information on emerging and important community and economic development topics. The webinar series complements existing Federal Reserve community development outreach initiatives that are conducted through Reserve Bank regional offices and at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C. All past sessions are in the Connecting Communities archive. For more information about this series, send us an e-mail at

And some replies to this post:

It’s moving so fast.
It’s just unbelievable .
Treasurer josh frydenberg already talks in Melbourne re: mandatory code for electronic communications; he is clear as mud .
In the middle of epidemic they reframe the legislation ; so far it sounds real shit for whistleblowers .
” code will require digital platform to negotiate reiumeratuon to Australian businesses”.
It’s a mandatory code ” governing media competition”
I don’t quite understand it.
But maybe you’ll make more sense of it.

( this is draft but it passed today)

I figured there was something nefarious going on with child care when they closed all the schools but kept the daycare centers open.


i hope you werent sold on the its all ” for the children” lies

If the Federal Reserve, the same guys who create money out of debt and charge us interest on it are calling this child care thing a “sustainable business model”, then I can safely surmise that it’ll be profitable for THEM and a disaster for US.

Warren Buffett backs Educare. Just like his buddy George Kaiser. Early childhood education has a hefty ROI. Train poor kids to be robots.

Buffett Early Childhood Fund, one of the presenters, invests in Educare franchises. The Tulsa Educare has been using Hatch Education “We Play Smart” tables to surveil and profile children – surveillance play tables.

And another post from her:

They are coming after the children. Don’t let them. Since when did the US Chamber of Commerce, Warren Buffet, and the Minneapolis and St. Louis Federal Reserve care so much about toddlers? Right as HUMAN CAPITAL BONDS. Who will mind the children? Maybe we should be asking who will stand between the machine of tech-no-logic and the children? What are you prepared to do?

And yet another post from her:

In this future the billionaires have got planned, folks are either going to be ON the dashboard or RUNNING the dashboard – oppressor or oppressed. If you’re a parent be prepared to fight for a different future for all our kids. “Winning” in such rat race means having the obligation to brutalize one’s fellow human beings and bear the mental trauma that goes along with it. Know the past (enslavement, genocide) and build a different future. We don’t want what is coming.

I say this as the parent of a child who attended a well-regarded public magnet school. These kids are being trained up to be the dashboard minders. There is a very clear plan if you are willing to actually look at reality (within a historical context). Ashamed to say things only started to come into focus for me rather late in life. Trying to make up for lost time.


i mean I am living in this world – I feel obligated to fight them. Even if it’s just me. [name redacted this was the post I was talking to you about – the Union League.

Just this morning coming up against a white UPenn credentialed magnet school administrator pushing “anti-racism” and Malcolm X all over his feed. And he knows all that I know, because we were part of a “social justice” teach in reading group way back in 2017, and he is smart enough to know. But he hides behind the idea that we should just wait and follow others – even when we know the truth of what is happening. More convenient to let identity politics let us off the hook of not knowing, not having to actually do anything outside a dmn “progressive” reading group. And so I called him out for his bullsht. White people holding white people accountable. Dropped this post – said he knew and said nothing about what is coming. These are the same people that will go to marches with “silence is violence” signs. Someone advised me not to write this post when I made it – too touchy, might be taken wrong. But I did it anyway, because it was the truth, and it is important that people knew I saw what was coming and now here it is. They neutralize them with good “woke” behavior micro-credentials. F*ck that. I’m far from perfect, but I’m not signing up for any of their stinking badges.

More on that here.

And some replies to this post:

that’s the push in my area especially Holyoke which is home to the Green Computing Center brought to the city by Mayor Morse.

I seem to remember CBE coding / tech programs linking HP and Boys and Girls Club there, too.,273014805/

Home. School.

Well – there’s the digital vouchers you see and if you take them that means aligning to the standards, issuing skills badges, sending back the impact data. They will take over your libraries, community theater, maker spaces, sport leagues, apprenticeship programs. ALL OF IT. Moving forward no one is safe until we can build a non-badge economy. Where do you go if you become a young adult with no badges in a world of AI mediated HR. Nowhere. This is big. It’s not helpful to frame it as public/charter/parochial/private/home school/unschool anymore. It is humanity against militarized AI behavioral training. That is the fight and we have to all be in it together.

agreed. I personally am not holding out much hope that we’ll be able to alter the course of the mainstream-technocratic-statist economy in a fundamental way. It’s possible, and I feel there is great value in resisting the accelerated move to 4IR, but at the end of the day, I feel it’s also of high importance for people to wean themselves off of the bourgeoise-comfort lifestyle and learn to find joy and fulfillment in building an adventurous (albeit strenuous) lifeway outside the statist economy. The more people that act as if they don’t need the state to survive and thrive, the more robust the counter-economy will be, which will increasingly make it easier and more appealing for others to opt out (i.e. the network effect). Build Freedom Cells—> build alliances of Freedom Cells —-> create a robust Counter-Economy/“Conscious Agora”

And yet another post from her:

The ground for government mental health “solutions” was carefully prepped years in advance of Covid. All those polices will now be used manage dissidents and those who speak against what is coming. You can see it in the media framing already.

And some replies to this post:

And the closet fascists will cheerlead

the depressing thing has been seeing how so many I thought were on the left are actually fascists. Eye opening

Hands down the biggest eye-opener of the past 20 years for me – i never even realized until the past few years – makes you think.

Exactly. I mean I have been trying to act consistently with what I understood as a policy of collective liberation within a historical continuum of racial capitalism. I hadn’t changed but the world turned upside down.

the hints were there, but I failed to put the pieces together. All of that talk about fully automated luxury communism? I never bought it, but what I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t a mere delusion but a way of marketing technofascism to people who think they’re on the left. The technology itself can only ever be totalitarian.

Exactly – that is why struggles like Wet’su’weten nation inspire me. People in right relationship – not a world of robotic planned industrial labor and UBI. Ugh.

I had previously thought of propaganda brainwashing as being limited to perhaps a weakness for commercial advertising – but i now see that many people’s entire worldview is profoundly wrong yet it is immune to correction by rational analysis – seems to be a circular logic belief system rooted in identity built over a lifetime that is outside the realms of critical analysis.

Yes – but even the person who helped put me on this path and gave me the structural analysis fell into a spell and was lost from me. So it doesn’t take a lifetime to accomplish. It can happen in a few months time.

This person said I was educating the wrong people. If FB posts can be considered “education.” I mean who coming from a liberatory mindset would want to be selective about who is allowed to hear the “truth,” at least the truths that I am uncovering? It made no sense to me to restrict this information.

it’s like burn the witch behaviour I have already seen it on twitter.

SEE PART 3MHA: indefinite detention of considered ” under criminal proceedings”( refusal to cooperate with tracing ” authorities” and police ISa criminal offense)

Is this in Australia?

In Britain

what goes on in Britain eventually filters to Commonwealth.
I’ll check Australian Mental Health Act 2014 under corona .

I haven’t checked, but anyone who questions the narrative would be another unfortunate recipient of forced treatment 😦 from what I’ve witnessed!

I just started following your page and really appreciate how you connect the dots here. Do you think there are any countries in the world that will not follow the agenda or at least have a decent chance of fighting it?

The governments will comply, but I have hope in our fellow humans to resist. This is a global project. They intend to force us all into the control grid – the systems are with the satellite constellations.

This is the UK go to document to gaslight the population – may of already sent it but here again –

” Nudging the population towards correct behaviors”—- that’s before drones and robots with ” nudge the population” with machine guns, give it 5 years….

Yes, you can see the framing already. Dissenters are psychologically unstable. Non-compliers mental illness. Freedom fighters are “terrorists”. You see the framing almost everyday.

Yes, the attacks are always personal and do not speak to the issue being discussed.

They are actively picking up ” targets” who are not compliant, usually POC and usually poor.
These two ” refused to cooperate”, hence GLOBAL SLANDER, their faces plastered all over media, their faces and names released.
Yet the PM Brett Hazzard who waved cruise ship Ruby Princess through, allowing to disembark some 3000 people with few hundred ” positives” with ” zero quarantine”—– not a peep in the media.
But then again, he is rich and white & Freemason of course, and male.

And yet another post from her:

All those planted stories about learning “outside?” The subtle bit is that in short order it will come with wearable tech to track children in “smart” park settings. That is the future of “anywhere, anytime” learning. You’ll use your digital voucher for “school” to collect the badges. Just as they are imagining the day when they can force out-of-work people to exercise in order to prove compliance and continue to receive public benefits, they will do this to children – all of us really – “lifelong learning” on the ledger. Wrote this several years ago. Google and AWS play the long game. We’re all in their game only most of us don’t realize it.

This was the follow up piece to the above post. What does it mean to be a young Black teen navigating a militarized police state to earn skills badges in a “smart” surveillance city? You see they are not going to sell it that way. They are going to sell it as “choice” and “personalization” when really it’s predatory profiling within the panopticon of the debt-finance matrix.

Of course use of wearable tech on children is also being undergirded by the storyline about trafficking, too. Put them out in the “smart” world, unregulated, possibly dangerous settings, but it’s all good because they’ll be tracked every moment for Google’s data harvest. See how these storylines weave together?

And some replies to this post:

Have you seen the chore cards on Next Door?

Yikes – no I’m not on that platform.

Yes it is true, we are all in it.
Some of us know and some do not.
I see it so I have to learn to live with it somehow.
I take the position of Martin Luther King.
He knew that everything he was doing was being watched and recorded.
He knew the government would one day have to kill him.
He accepted it and continued to do what he believed to be right.

Even in the software engineering world (programming world), credentials are being promoted to Coursera badges, micro certificates, Micro Universities, Mini-degrees, etc. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the hundreds of mini-degrees and the specialties. I’ve been noticing this for the past decade or more. It’s only getting worse.

And yet another post from her:

Here you go folks. Op-ed advancing the idea that the poor and jobless should be tracked on fitbits in order to continue receiving benefits. This is Australia. I do think they are a target for phase one biocapitalism.

“As our government looks to wind back its special coronavirus supplement for people on JobSeeker, I say keep it but make some portion dependent on a willingness to commit to healthier behaviours.

I’m calling it “Walk for the Dole”. Stick with me.

There has been an explosion recently in wearable technologies to track health outcomes. The simplest is a pedometer or the steps trackers in an iPhone. Jobless people are particularly vulnerable to poorer physical and mental health outcomes, particularly the longer they are jobless. Why not deliver them a pedometer and incentivise them to walk a certain number of steps a day − say 10,000 − while checking in weekly with a mental and physical health support worker. We could have a boom in healthcare jobs while we’re at it.

Seem far-fetched? Seems to make as much sense to me as forcing JobSeekers to pound the pavement looking for jobs at a time when there are 1 million unemployed Australians – and rising − and only 130,000 job vacancies.”

Also the plan was to sensor up parks for and link to wearable tech for “anytime, anywhere” learning. Take note of all those “learn outside” planted stories.

And some replies to this post:

FUCK ME, I am on the dole & fat & have COPD.
I am bound to kick the bucket under ” new system”.

It’s monstrous. All of it.

Monstrous doesn’t even begin to cover it, given that ppl who are ” fat” have SIGNIFICANT comorbidities and simply won’t be able to follow this ” exercise routine”, specifically when ” mental health workers” are pushed on them — and their body data is sold in order for them to be able to EAT.
This is just outright insane.
I know people on Job Seeker who reality should be on disability, including but not limited to mentally ill, chronically ill, addicts of ALL SORTS, alcoholics , drug addicts, people who have anxiety to the degree where they are physically unable to leave the house , people with zero written skills in English, people who speak very limited English & would not be able to register their Social Secirity benefits without help, people who are 27 yo and literally incapacitated with polycystic ( POS) or emphysema and let’s not forget AIDS & Hep C which are absolutely debilitating to persons health.
These people WILL die.
This is not just monstrous, this is murderous .
Given how ” thoughtful” and caring” Australian bureaucracy is ( dealt with it as carer for 15 years), I can say with an absolute certainty that people WILL die

They are building a world for robots. That is the sick logic of it. They will push people until they die for the data they can get. I believe you.

Holocaust I began w/ T4, an eugenic pgm which murdered 250,000 elders & ppl w/ disabilities. There was a public outcry & the nazis lost patience w/ T4’s glacial pace & Holocaust I escalated to boxcars, gas chambers & ovens. Today’s 4IR is based on failed dietary theories, failed educational theories, failed racial theories, failed gender theories, failed economic theories, failed psychiatric theories, failed medical theories, failed theology, failed viral theories & a whole host of other failed theories. It is a setup for failure & will lead to hi tech concentration camps & gas chambers.

Patent WO/2020/060606 was registered on 26 March 2020. The patent application was filed by Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC, headed by Bill Gates, back on 20 June 2019, and, on 22 April 2020, the patent was granted international status. The title of the patent is “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data”.

It will likely also be what to eat. What medications to take. If the health id is fixed with a debit/credit card – won’t be able to purchase certain things. Regularising food tyranny. Access. Instructions on where to walk and what to buy to have a ‘healthy’ certificate.
We must start sooner than later to wean ourselves off this tech. How? And more importantly – when?

Exactly right.

I unknowingly stumbled into it a few years ago. This is the AR video game we are in.

I did not fully appreciate this at the time. Go to timestamp 57 minutes. I was first question in Q&A.

Rep from the Knight Foundation – they gave Philly an IoT “civic commons” grant.

Now working for the P3 parks program.

I totally confronted him at a civil protest about a Columbus statue ribbon cutting in a local park – about blockchain ID and “smart” playgrounds. I asked him if he knew about the Heckman Equation and he did – seemed surprised that I knew.

But – yes – the getting out part. I think we are all feeling the strain.

TBH being there was surreal. I was pulling back the curtain on all of these folks over the boxed lunches and you could just see them shrivel up inside.

And the weird thing is the space was a center on “energy.” So really totally right for the technocrats. Perfect.

Food pyramid is a failed theory which is a setup for failure. This is why the medical establishment is viciously attacking paleo, keto & low carb diets in general bcz they are the best. Hi carb diets being forced by pay for success will guarantee weight gain which is PERMANENT & will trigger fatphobia. Another excuse for genocide.

That’s our UK prime minister 😡

The op-ed was Australia citing Johnson as a model – fully colonial project this is.

I’ve thought all along they would attach health measures into the health passports for access to benefits. Everything’s so transparent now. Won’t be long and they will track what we buy at the supermarkets

They are already tracking what we buy/sell/talk about etc. Now they want to TELL you what to buy and at which supermarket, what you can say and cannot, who you can meet and cannot – if the plan goes through.
For now, and for the most part, people are too lost and have succumbed the gamble – the fear – and have not yet realised the play at the compromise and full appropriation of choice-making.
We really must to begin to understand ‘choice’ in this context. That is something they definitely don’t want anyone to have.

Indeed, hence the push to get rid of cash. We use cash now more than we ever did! Alison sure opened another Pandora’s box for me to get my head around! It’s all especially concerning due to having an almost 4 year old..

How condescending can you get. She was also implying I thought that jobseekers should get used to being unemplyoyed as there are no jobs & no prospect of any either. The Colonial Department of Nudges has a huge herd of human livestock to reprogramme as to what to do with their time in a world of no jobs, no travel, minimal socializing, no cultural events, sports or live entertainnment. If you refuse to participate you’ll be treated for your mental health condition or benefits will be stopped..

I just shudder to think of the world situation this time next year, it’s all happening so fast.

In the US most states have something similar for mental “health”. Involuntary Outpatient Commitment (also known as Forced Outpatient Commitment or Assisted Outpatient Commitment/AOT). Basically is it when you are forced to take psych drugs, attend day programs (therapy as a full time job), keep therapist/psychiatrist appointments, submit to drug testing, etc. as a condition of not being forcibly hospitalized again and/or continuing to receive govt benefits such as housing. In NY the law allowing this is called Kendra’s Law and was passed after a sensationalized violent incident. The courts that mandate it are total kangaroo courts; try sitting in on one if you want to really see what a fascist court system looks like. Most often the orders are to take antipsychotic drugs (known to cause drastic weight gain, fatigue and Parkinson’s like symptoms) as a condition of living “in the community” (ie not in a psych ward). Fighting these laws has been a major priority of the consumer/survivor/ex-patient movement for years.

Thank you for this important background as well as to those who have been opposing such measures. I have seen similar things in child “protective” services proceedings.

Yes, I have been a lifelong antipsychiatrist after being drugged in early childhood to cover up my mother’s abuse. There can be no feminism or antiracism w/o antipsychiatry. This is another part of the technofascist theocratic agenda.

There has been numerous attempts to introduce mental health assesments in the last few years here in the UK too. Last year a pilot study that doesn’t even use Dr’s or trained mental health workers but the job centre staff.

Don’t take anti-psychotics. They made me psychotic with years of insomnia even after finally getting off them. The manufacturers need to be in prison and none of my previous providers or therapists have the humility to talk to me about any of it or speak to my lawyer. They can all go fek themselves. Kids need outdoor self responsible leadership programs and bushcraft skills and to grow up resilient. Not tall therapy or psychiatry and fake parents. Sorry not sorry!

6 years of insomnia and not even going into all the other symptoms. And the same company Astra Zeneca announced they were making a covid vaccine some months ago. No thanks!

So dumb now tracking mental health behavior and useless interventions of case workers who have no idea how to rehabilitate a stump. You know what people really need? To be able to chop wood, care for a garden, feel like a non emasculated man and be able to think and speak for themselves. Not walk into offices walking on eggshells and whining with inherited projections of smothering doormat drug addled parents etc. In a sense I’m all for eugenics.. IF it’s a eugenics based on resilient and compassionate mentoring methods to self responsibility and freedom of divervisified personalization of one’s self.. through more nature based and student lead learning. I’m leaving into the woods. Bye bye society.

I agree that Australia seems to be at the forefront of the most draconian measures. Has anyone heard anything more about those tenement buildings they put on total lockdown a while back? People weren’t allowed to leave their apartments for any reason.