Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 34

This is part 34.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I hope this doesn’t mean that playworks is coming to our kids’ recesses.

And some replies to this post:

If they actually allowed the kids to play freely it would be great, but these days common core ideology has invaded playgrounds as well. Kids are not allowed to be spontaneous or choose who to play with, but must have any game approved of and open to everyone. Best friends are being disallowed, and simple play is being controlled by adults

My 3rd grader constantly comes home disappointed at the limits they put on free play at recess. He enjoys extreme physical activity and it seems any time he is running or jumping too much they put the kibosh on him and his movement. (To clarify, he is not obnoxious, just very athletic.)

They’re discussing it now in the State Board Meeting!

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:
I homeschool my 11 yr old grandson whom I’m have custody of. I don’t like what’s going on in public schools. I found an online school called “Outschool” they have online classes for kids. It looked pretty nice for some extra learning. I signed him up for a Math review class. Later in the day I see this as from Outschool. Ughhhh I’m so disappointed. They’re even pushing this crap in homeschool programs now. I’m going to request a refund.


And some replies to this post:

I think Outschool is individuals meaning anyone can create & teach a class on it… there’s some good & some bad like any other platform (YouTube etc) so I don’t think it means Outschool supports it if that makes sense


wow. You are being, shall we say, extremely generous? Of course they support it if it’s on their page.


Was this class part of your childs curriculum through out school? Or just a class they offer and advertised?


it’s just a class they offer.


so your student isn’t required to participate in the class? It doesn’t affect the math class you paid for in any way? I’m not seeing what the problem is.


my problem is that I don’t want to support anything that promotes this. Financially or otherwise.


First of all, major respect to you. Grandparents are amazing and you are an amazing one! I had many arguments with homeschool admin/teachers that are 100% pro forcing this on parents. With CA now talking about regulating homeschools, it’s only going to get worse unless we changed state leadership from the top down. If we had representation in the state capital, reps that believed parents/grandparents were the ultimate decision makers for their children, we wouldn’t have to fight this. We would opt out or remove politics and activists groups from public schools completely. The fastest way to insure parents/grandparents are in charge of raising our children is to vote everyone that voted in favor is this crap. Every single Democrat voted yes, one Republican voted yes. Activist groups give campaign dollars to liberal politicians. In return, this is the crap our “reps” let happen. Just until they learn their lesson, vote republican across the board on every election. If republicans get elected and screw up, we do the very same thing to them. They won’t listen until we fire them. I removed our daughter and put her in private school. This is not my problem anymore but I’m still in the fight because it’s important and they won’t stop.


Outschool is awesome and we use their courses all the time. Outschool, despite it’s name, is not an actual school. It’s simply a platform for teachers to upload content and teach classes via a live feed and get paid. Some classes are one time courses, or meet multiple times over the course of weeks to sometimes month depending on the course and you pick which classes you want to take based on their availability and your desired timeframe. My daughter has the ability to learn things that she otherwise wouldn’t get thru her charter, like Japanese and Celtic Mythology which keeps her interested and thus wanting to learn more. I look forward to expanding her range of topics on Outschool next year with educational funds from her charter as we begin homeschooling full time. We simply won’t take this class or others like it.


We use K12 and haven’t had any issues with any crazy stuff so far!!! Going on our second year 😊


My son did K12 and constantly received invitations to join the gay and lesbian club….it was always in his calendar.


its in all social media, schools, teachers, some movies, Netflix shows, fashion, books, comedies, and more. My daughter made the mistake of going to an Art Magnet school and at least half started questioning within a year they were tormented. She left.



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Yesterday was OpeningDay of ColoLeg and these are the first bills out of the gate. Should k-12 school be all about collecting and measuring and predicting a student’s mental health…or is this surveillance? HomeVisits

HB20-1005 Improving the Safe2Tell Program

The bill, which came from the School Safety Interim Committee, aims to improve the Safe2Tell program by making sure individuals in crisis can get quick access to counseling. It would also improve the process for routing incoming tips and change how the program is marketed to reduce misuse. [and any info collected can be shared w law enforcement]

SB20-014 Excused Absences In Public Schools For Behavioral Health

Another product of the School Safety Interim Committee, this bill would require school districts to make behavioral health needs a valid, excused absence, similar to a physical illness.

SB20-023 Colorado Working Group On School Safety

This bill would create a group that includes experts and lawmakers to keep working on many of the difficult issues raised by the School Safety Interim Committee. Those include looking at the practice of lockdown drills, implementing recommendations made by the state auditor, creating minimum school safety standards, identifying best practices, and standardizing risk assessments.

[from bill text]:

“The program must include evidence-based instruction on, and prepare an attendee to teach a youth behavioral and mental health training course that includes, any of the following subjects:

!Using trauma-informed approaches to improve overallschool climate and culture;

!Identifying behavioral and mental health challenges andsubstance use disorders;

!Restorative practices for addressing youth behavioral andmental health challenges;!Improving youth social and emotional health;

!Bullying prevention and intervention strategies;!Encouraging positive bystander behavior;

!Best practices for providing assistance in noncrisis situations;

!De-escalation of crisis situations; or

!Identifying and accessing available behavioral and mental health resources and substance use disorder support services and treatment.”

SB20-001 Expand Behavioral Health Training For K-12 Educators

This bill would create a “train the trainer” program that would prepare educators to teach their colleagues about behavioral health issues with a goal to improve school climate and promote the health of children. Topics would include trauma-informed approaches, identifying mental health issues and substance use, bullying prevention, and how to encourage positive bystander behavior.

HB20-1006 Improving Access to Early Childhood Mental Health

This bill came from the Early Childhood Readiness Interim Committee. It would create a statewide mental health consultation program to support and expand early childhood mental health services, including in #preschool settings.

[from bill text]:



And some replies to this post:

Mental health bills abound! We have county level departments setting up data bases which mostly catch kids on developmental delays. Delays always start in the brain. I feel like we are so much like Russia. Russia always studied the brain from babyhood and divided up the population.


These bills are based on the money they do not have and emotion. They feel ‘obligated’ to solve suicide issues and school murders, they have no idea where it began or how to do it, so they throw money at it, we all know that solves all problems. Mental Health has become a catchall and everything under the sun is a mental health issue, I am a teacher and this stuff really irritates me


compare these bills to Texas last year. Coincidence? Follow the money and legislation across the country. Big brother is moving again.


Texas, Washington, Florida, Minnesota… every state.

But, “It’s state-led” just like Common Core.



And here is another post from her:

New digital IDs- it’s about control.

SesameCredit Adhaar HART

“Identity and belonging have always been complex issues. But in our bureaucratic world, a legal identity doesn’t just provide an official answer to the question “who am I?”; often, it is also the only way by which people can access vital services, pay taxes, vote, and participate in democratic processes. As such, legal identification (IDs) has become a vital enabler to full participation in society.

Digital systems – how they’re built, the data they gather (and the data they don’t), the categories we’re put into – by design require a flattening of our identities, reflecting a prioritisation of what most matters to the people collecting the data. Our identities are fluid – that’s what makes us human – but digital systems require concrete boundaries to be established and people to be put in concrete categories.

In addition, the digital systems that gather our data, particularly data that comes from our bodies (our biometric data), carry huge potential for misuse. Over the past few years, we’ve seen identification systems – and identification data itself – be weaponised around the world to further xenophobic political agendas…

In India, we’re seeing this weaponisation of ID systems play out. First came Aadhaar – the world’s biggest biometric ID database, initially introduced in January 2009 as an optional scheme. Over the past decade, though, it’s become a mandatory system for participation and inclusion in society, with terrible consequences when it has gone wrong.

Enrolment is necessary for filing taxes, opening bank accounts, and benefitting from social welfare programmes; and for some, it’s worked well. But others – notably those who were already struggling with exclusion – have found their troubles to be exacerbated. For example, people who have carried out manual labour for years don’t have fingerprints that can be satisfactorily scanned, and so food rations have been denied as a result. Elderly and disabled people living in rural areas have been unable to walk to where they need to go to verify their identities. In 2018, activists released a list of 25 people who, because of problems with their Aadhaar number in the previous year, were unable to access the food ration owed to them and died of starvation as a result. …”–aWbodIR2HMQCN2jE


Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is what happens when vulture-philanthropy and the national security state set their sights on a university and decide that they want it to become an anchor institution – a thoughtless engine of social innovation, entrepreneurship, and disruption-gentrification. Rather than preserve the knowledge that human beings have cherished for millenia and rather than advance the quest for understanding of ourselves, society, the cosmos, and the transcendent beyond, the University of Tulsa will become a cheap changemaker, a convener-collaborator, and an impact advancer.

TU is being run by social impact thugs who want to harvest data for predictive analytics and social control. In days past, perhaps, upon realizing the significance of this corporate pilliaging, a person of integrity who found himself at the helm might exhibit the courage and fortitude to engage in real leadership rather than the cheap Gallup-pollster sham that is so prevalent on campuses today. Perhaps such a person would defend a good more noble than money-making or offer a principled resignation. If no one among Tulsa’s “leadership” has the character to resist the many foul aspects of this power play, I take some comfort in knowing that TU will be a national disaster, opening the floodgates for this everywhere, and that the accomplices to this will earn for themselves and their city a perpetual mark of baseness and shame.

And here is the post that she quoted:

The University of Tulsa is being mismanaged by greedy administrators and trustees. Moody’s just downgraded our bonds two notches to just above junk. We are told that there will be additional “austerity.” Board Chair Dorwart blames the faculty; he asked us to apologize for our role in this crisis! President Clancy makes twice what David Boren did at OU—$750 K in 2017. We have a dozen VPs and made national news for our incredibly bloated administration. Please pass this on to anyone you can think of.–PR_906220308?fbclid=IwAR1BqsuwXXtP9WMQajbefbveIP8dqk-5VELkZV2GWjaN96ngyCbgluE_KLc


Here is another post from her:

From the Oklahoma State Department of Education…


There are many ways to prepare your child for the world of work. Employers are increasingly looking for skills, such as creativity, problem-solving, initiative and work ethic. These skills are necessary for working well with others and can be taught at home. Below are a few tips for incorporating professional behaviors at home that will place your child on a path to success.

Help your child develop a positive attitude.Encourage your child to accept other children’s ideas, even if they are different from their own.Discuss with your child ways in which his or her behavior might affect the feelings of other children.Resolve conflicts in a positive manner.Talk to your child about how they are feeling and discuss ways to deal with their emotions in a healthy way.Create a family project and ask your child to be the project leader.Encourage your child to take ownership of their mistakes.Involve your child in real-world examples of decision-making. Talk to your child about how his or her decisions affects other people.Explain why work is important – not only for a source of income but also as a way to contribute to society.


And here is the post that she quoted:

It’s never too early to start your child on the path to career exploration. Discovering their interests at a young age can set children up for success later in life. Encourage your children to ask themselves, “What am I good at?” or “What do I love to do?”

Want more tips to help better prepare your youngster? Visit our career planning site:


And yet another post from her:

This is an excerpt from the ideas42 social impact machine, which is sponsored by GKFF. It describes how it will do your thinking and decision-making for you (or, in this case, the example is a first-time college student). Poof! You’re a robot!

Imagine entering college for the first time. In addition to starting day one in a completely new environment, you have countless decisions to make within just a couple of weeks that will determine your path for the next two to four years: “What do I want to study?” “Which courses do I need to take?” “Should I work? Full-time, part-time?” “How can I balance my credits so I graduate before my financial aid expires?” Maybe your school has a well-staffed advising office and you stop in for some advice – or, perhaps it is under-resourced, and you wait 45 minutes (or days) for an impersonal 15-minute appointment before being rushed out with a stack of papers and few answers.

Not surprisingly, you would not be the first person to ask many of these questions, yet there often aren’t clear (or easy to find) answers. But what if there was a way to see, at a glance, what other students like you (with many of these same questions in their minds, and similar situations in their lives) had chosen, and how it ultimately worked out for them?

Based on a combination of existing data like your interests and past academic performance, you could get an automated recommendation tailored to outline the best potential pathways for you—providing simpler options for the choices you can make, and leaving you with greater confidence that you will graduate on time. Following your personalized recommendations, you would also be enrolled in an automated support program. Designed specifically for a student like you, the program would help keep you on track for your first year of school, using precise levels of contact to provide no more and no less support than you’re likely to need.

By combining behavioral science and machine learning, this is not a hypothetical scenario, it’s entirely possible. At ideas42, we’ve been working at the intersection of these disciplines for many years to design effective and beneficial programs, and we can now fully leverage the power of data science and machine learning to magnify our social impact at scale.

We believe machine learning is poised to revolutionize the application of behavioral science. Very soon, policy-makers will be able to solve problems previously considered intractable, deliver and evaluate behaviorally informed programs in more intelligent, efficient and effective ways, and, perhaps most profoundly, improve human decision-making itself.


And some replies to this post:

I’m betting this is something Marina was working on.

As part of the inaugural class of 18 Presidential Innovation Fellows, Marina served as the first Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the US Department of Education, where she worked with internal and private sector innovators to use open educational data and standards as fuel for apps and services that can help achieve national priorities such as increasing college affordability and completion rates.


Well, yup!! Here it is TU, New America, Cybersecurity totalitarianism, and Kaiser’s junkyard dog attorney, Fred Dorwart

Dorwart was involved in some litigation re: foster care and criminal justice just recently – I’ll have to find it, but that’s what made me think Tulsa and Philly are going the same way with foster care. That’s also a military connection – Dorwart is into all the DARPA stuff.


Marina was also into Foster Care.


And ugly dude:

Our Mayor’s wife works for him!

Have you ever seen this?



Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Why we need strong privacy laws to prevent this type of abuse. You shouldn’t have to agree to surveillance just to get basic services.

“By 2019, analysts found that you couldn’t buy a new TV without an internet connection. Facial recognition companies want that sort of acceptance for their technology. Konami’s Miri envisions a future in which facial recognition could enable pervasive, real-world online tracking for targeted advertising via Google and Facebook”


Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Poor babies! Have we lost our sense of sight and smell? Perhaps we no longer understand how the body works? Pampers wants to track our babies’ poop and pee data while sending parents notice (on our cell phones) that they’ve wet their diapers? Ridiculous!


Here is a post that was shared in the Alaksa anti-Common Core group:

Here’s the lgbtq list for our students. Please understand-if the classes that the kids want are too full-your child will be put into a class he or she may not want. This includes the lgbtq classes. We will be able to reply to the schools district using this link:

Please share -they are accepting our feed back until January 21, 2020. We are getting a group together to open a rather pointed dialogue with our school district soon. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered-Lynette Clark and Christine Robbins. If you search each book-amazon gives you some “reviews”. I suggest you look at those -the books are horrific. Mass Resistance Alaska has a new leader

And some replies to this post:

Sick. One of the books/movies

what is it about and what specifically are the worst parts. Just want to know so when I tell the board I can pint out specifics.

I look at it and say “what isn’t wrong with it” 😀

I habe been fighting this for years!!! And years I’m Fairbanks. I have ensured my son doe’s not read any of these books and things that sill help him in life. This battle is uphill let me tell you. I got what I wanted with much drama. Now my son is graduate early and get his ged so he can attemd college early. Good luck lmao

I looked at the list and showed concern, their response was they want the students to be proficient in reading and writing. I responded again and told them that they didn’t address my concern about how explicit these books may be and they said feel free to share your concerns in writing and that this is a list of possible books but a finalized selection has not been made yet.

or perhaps get a copy of all curriculum and a list of all books they are allowing!! I got a copy of my daughters sex Ed and it was very inappropriate. I can only imagine what the LGBT class is teaching

from my understanding is that this is a proposed class and these are potential books

If you go to Amazon and put in the book you are allowed to read about 20 pages-might I suggest a particularly disgusting one (in my humble opinion) confessions of a fox. But even googling reviews of these books show you how poor of taste they are for adults-much less children.

Unfortunately these are not the only bad taste books -there’s more

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

I was listening to Eric Schmidt (Google/Alphabet) present on the future of war at a 2017 New America gathering. During his talk said that what computers are getting really good at is vision and pattern recognition.

So…I’m thinking back a few years when I was sitting in a future of policing presentation at Azavea. The then (later fired) CIO of the city, Charles Brennan, says the future of policing is facial recognition software, predictive analytics, and drone surveillance.
Then I thought about what was said at the anti-war rally last week where folks from REAL Justice said to be careful of the solutions they want to push on you (speaking about body cameras on police). They don’t really bring justice, they just enable you to watch more Black people being shot by police. True.

So we need clarity about these systems of power, and we need to understand that the racist brutality is being automated, and that is the plan. It feeds on data and pattern recognition. What are you (we) doing to make the patterns less recognizable? How can we build community structures to oppose this panopticon that deals in death? That is where our headspace should be.

One additional thing. Another New America presenter said that the most effective insurgent force is an Indigenous one. I feel like gentrification and forced removal of poor folks from their communities through mechanisms like the “Opportunity Atlas” is being used tactically not just to create value through predatory real estate schemes, but to further rend the social fabric of communities anticipated to resist the panopticon. They do this now, so in 5-10 years when this new “smart” system is in full force, those who would question it or fight it have been isolated and neutralized.

Here is an update I got from a post I made a while back about a New York radical sex ed bill from someone in a New York anti-Common Core group:

The radical sex ed bill is still alive in NYS and has overwhelming support. It was referred to education committee on Jan 8th.

Here is a post from Alison:

I hope folks realize this is being played out on the interwebs right now. DARPA’s “Narrative Networks” program. You can participate, but just understand who runs the algorithms.

“Narrative Networks has three parallel tracks of research and development:

Develop quantitative analytic tools to study narratives and their effects on human behavior in security contexts;

Analyze the neurobiological impact of narratives on hormones and neurotransmitters, reward processing, and emotion-cognition interaction; and

Develop models and simulations of narrative influence in social and environmental contexts, develop sensors to determine their impact on individuals and groups, and suggest doctrinal modifications.”–Is

And a reply to this post:

I always wonder if it’s DARPA behind what I’ve seen in Achieve3000. How exactly are they testing this?

And another post from her:

The Network for Public Education (NPE) conference is coming to Philadelphia in March. Of the 44 panels and five keynotes there is NOTHING being presented (based on the panel description in the Google Doc) on ed-tech, pay for success finance, ESAs or even opt out for f*ck’s sake. Tell me why anyone would even bother going? Oh, and Jerry Jordan of the PFT gets his own panel on membership engagement. What a ridiculous waste of time. Feel free to continue your reformist socializing as they gear up to replace you with robots and Blockchain the kids.

The panel descriptions:

Rich irony in having a guy from Nonprofit Quarterly speak to problematic philanthropy given that the publication is funded by vulture philanthropy.

And some replies to this post:

admitting my ignorance… who is Jerry Jordan?

The head of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. Total “business unionism” model. The activist teachers here have been organizing for years to take back the union. It’s going to be something to see how those teachers do or don’t support this event. If they do, it just shows what a sham it all is.

Ravitch is a tool of AFT period.

His comments ( and his predecessor’s) are pretty dismissive.
“Teachers union president Jerry Jordan and his supporters dismiss WE as naive, inexperienced, and far too eager to go on strike. They might be savvy at messaging and riling up a crowd, they say, but could they run a multimillion dollar health and welfare fund for 13,000 members?
“I laugh when I hear about them and see their pictures,” said Ted Kirsch, Jordan’s predecessor who retired this year as president of the American Federation of Teachers-Pennsylvania.”

Yeah. The fact that NPE makes this choice says a lot. They are not leading the resistance, but rather keeping people busy as this game is brought to its intended conclusion. Damn all this playing along.

Watch out in Virginia schools if these bills pass:

Here is a post from someone from Utah:

“Why are so many good dads in the Utah legislature convinced that tiny little children exist to have their “skills” tested by the state? I wish these dads would take more time to consider how Jesus saw little children and how he treated them. This bill actually says kindergarteners should be tested for a “productive disposition.”

And here is a post from someone else from Utah:

“The State Superintendents’ club, the Council of Chief State School Officers, has been coopted by LGBT and Planned Parenthood lobbyists.
While ousting Hofmeister is important. It’s most important for parents and clergy to understand that the State Superintendents club largely controls who is selected as state superintendent in every state. The club is taking direct orders from UNESCO who are co-creators of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) with Planned Parenthood. CSE is designed (through national education standards) to integrate LGBT and sexual rights themes into all classroom subjects in K-12.
The Obama administration knew that they could help UNESCO control the State Superintendents Club. Unfortunately, Trumps’ Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, has given them control of state education policy.
What we need is for clergy to work with one brave Christian Governor to refuse federal education money and mandates…to lead other states (and our children) out of the clutches of hell.” ~

And another post from them:

“Have you ever noticed that once you hear about an issue, ie: vouchers, abortion, school choice, truancy, etc., that same issue is being talked about nationally? I did. What I didn’t know was that a group investigated that trend to find out what was going on. Legislators, in general, are not writing legislation sovereign to your state’s or it’s citizens’ needs. Nope, industry and lobbyists are pushing the same identical pieces of legislation in every state. Some pass, some do not.
In Utah, over 170 bills last year were “industry” bills that had similar if not copied legislation in other states. Texas, had slightly less, but don’t let the numbers fool you!
“USA TODAY’s investigation found:
Models are drafted with deceptive titles and descriptions to disguise their true intent. The Asbestos Transparency Act didn’t help people exposed to asbestos. It was written by corporations who wanted to make it harder for victims to recoup money. The “HOPE Act,” introduced in nine states, was written by a conservative advocacy group to make it more difficult for people to get food stamps.
Special interests sometimes work to create the illusion of expert endorsements, public consensus or grassroots support. One man testified as an expert in 13 states to support a bill that makes it more difficult to sue for asbestos exposure. In several states, lawmakers weren’t told that he was a member of the organization that wrote the model legislation on behalf of the asbestos industry, the American Legislative Exchange Council.
Copied bills have been used to override the will of local voters and their elected leaders. Cities and counties have raised their minimum wage, banned plastics bags and destroyed seized guns, only to have industry groups that oppose such measures make them illegal with model bills passed in state legislatures. Among them: Airbnb has supported the conservative Arizona-based Goldwater Institute, which pushed model bills to strike down local laws limiting short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods in four states.
Industry groups have had extraordinary success pushing copycat bills that benefit themselves. More than 4,000 such measures were introduced during the period analyzed by USA TODAY/Arizona Republic. One that passed in Wisconsin limited pain-and-suffering compensation for injured nursing-home residents, restricting payouts to lost wages, which the elderly residents don’t have.
Because the investigation relied on matching identical text, it flagged instances where legislators copied model legislation nearly verbatim, but it did not detect bills that adapted an idea without using the same language.”

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’ve been discussing these bills in other places today, so I might as well keep going here while I’m still good & angry. 😉
There are two bills (there will be more, they just aren’t numbered yet) that will be effecting our very youngest children. They are related because one bill shows the progression that has come since the first kindergarten reading assessment (KEEP) was implemented… first it was only an option, now a requirement, soon as a way to remove funding from schools if they don’t have high enough test scores.
This, is that bill:
And the bill that will end up in exactly the same place in the future, is this one, because it creates an additional kindergarten assessment for math (& a whole lot of other stuff, including social & emotional questions, like how the child is exhibiting a “productive disposition” while taking the test or while in class…):
All of this data goes directly to the State.
With HB99, we are making the KEEP assessment for 5 & 6 year olds a HIGH-STAKES test. Now that we have one test in place, we are creating MORE tests with HB114. How long before that test becomes high-stakes too?
We need to stop this madness. Track these bills (if you don’t know how, I can show you, it’s really easy). Please be ready to write our legislators. Watch the committee meetings & the debate (the legislative session begins Jan 27th).
Once they have all of this in place for kindergarten, the only place left to go is preschool (& we already have one piece already in place with the PEEP assessment, so the direction they are headed is clear). Younger & younger & younger. More & more & more testing. More & more & more data going to the State to create more & more & more programs controlled by the State.
We need to say no & we need to say it loud.

The reason I say the direction they are headed is clear is because I’ve been watching education bills (along with many others) for the last 5 years. This is the progression through the years (notice it’s the same bill sponsors year after year):
2016 (a bill that would develop the kindergarten assessment… it failed only because time ran out on the last day of the session):
2017 (oh, but don’t worry, they passed it the very next year… so the KEEP kindergarten assessment was born):
2018 (back again, this time for the preschool assessment… so begins the PEEP assessment just one year later):
2019 (this bill made preschool programs permanent instead of a pilot program… also allowed the program in daycares):
And on & on & on it goes. There have been many more bills throughout the years, but each one has pushed us further in this direction. First (& still) it’s kindergarten, then they started targeting preschool. How long before both are compulsory?

And some replies to this post:

I feel so helpless. And YES – I’d like to know how to track these bills. I can’t say I’d DO IT, because I have tried before and as I age, I have become WEARY of the fight. But I pray for EVERY ONE of you ladies taking up for the children on this School Board every night. I am awed by your fortitude to stay there and fight. I get so discouraged just READING about all this. The educational direction is INSANE. I am glad to hear YOU are angry, too – I get that way just READING about these things, then I get depressed because I’ve tried to keep up and it’s like an impossible war with those trying to OWN our children. The poor little things will NOT have a childhood. Reminds me of my friend who went to AFRICA to help the children have the childhood they need, and started an orphanage, painted Disney Characters all over the walls he secured them in, away from traffickers, usually their own FAMILY who sold them to others for abuse. He was a warrior. SO ARE YOU – I can’t believe in the last 15 years I’ve known him and read his diaries from Africa that I am hearing a school board member HERE in America, telling me how the childhood is being taken away from our own children HERE, in front of our noses. It is getting sickenly scary to me. What can I do to keep up, at least? I noticed there is a space on the School Board not covered last time I looked. How can I help get a good person on there who understands all this craziness is NOT what we want?

You are so kind! I’m actually not on the State School Board, but I watch them closely. My State Board member is amazing though! I am in awe of those on the front lines with all of these crazy things happening right now. They have the most difficult job, I just try to support them however possible!

It does sometimes get to be overwhelming. I just tell myself I can do what I can do & pray for the best. If that’s sending an e-mail, I can do that. If it’s sharing information, I can do that. If we all do what we can, we can still make a big difference, but I also definitely see what you’re saying! Seeing the direction we’re heading is difficult to watch. I just keep thinking if we can stop the worst from happening for as long as possible, we will have done something worthwhile.

And here is a post from someone else in Utah:

Every parent needs to understand this. And in Utah, contact your state rep and let them know that the bill on attendance policy (HB0014) removes your parental rights without due process. In short, you’re already assumed to be a negligent parent regardless of the reason if your kid misses too many (5) school days.

Here is another post from Alison:

On predictive policing software. Eye opening. Hunchlab is a Philadelphia product.

They made it with our open data.

The guy was trained as a landscape architect. But it’s all GIS.

And some replies to this post:

did you see this one? Like the HR version of it.

Yeah. Salesforce is invested in it.

So, good on Big Picture Learning. They’re really going to engineer our labor force.

WHY aren’t people getting this?!?!

Duh. Not seeing any of this discussed at NPE for sure.

Did I tell you that I think Oklahoma might be a testing ground for achieving the right proportion of religious beliefs? We’re really just around the corner from your blockchain babies post!!

May be. Deserving vs undeserving poor and all of that, backed by the power of the militarized police state

Another reason to oppose war are all of the terrible products that come out of it.

Oh look, Verizon, the Patron Saint of 5G, is a partner.

Found this while looking up “5G” AND “crime detection”. It’s from the UK in 2015 and is about IoT and policing.

From what I’m finding at other places, the UK seems to be further along than we are with the predictive policing and surveillance than we are. Interestingly, this is true in other areas of the Sustainable Development Goals as well. Which leads to a hunch of mine that these policies are being formed, if not directly there, then coming there first before they come here.

Yes. Sir Ronald Cohen.

ShotSpotter and Verizon announced a partnership in early 2018 to bring the ShotSpotter solution to cities through Verizon’s Light Sensory Network, an IoT platform deployed on street lights.
In August 2018, the companies expanded the partnership to enable Verizon to resell the stand-alone ShotSpotter solution in addition to the integrated solution as part of the Light Sensory Network.

Also looked up the Light Sensory Network, as I’d read lately that Dallas was a smart city and was getting or had smart street lights. Found out about this company from my search and learned that it was acquired by Verizon:

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:


The MA State Senate will vote on the Sex Ed Mandate on Thursday! Call your Senator. And contact Senate President Karen Spilka, 617-722-1500, Flood the state house with calls beginning Monday morning! Share this movie!

SB263 would mandate a specific type of sex ed curriculum called Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) which is explicit. PP is very actively involved in inserting their own version of CSE in MA schools, but for them any CSE curriculum would probably do since they all result in sexualizing children and creating a revenue stream for themselves, selling STI treatments, transgender hormone therapy, and of course abortions to sexually actively students.

And another post from this group:
Look was comes with Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum kit. Notice the grape flavored dental dam to be used for oral sex. Sick. This isn’t sex ed. It’s grooming. Sexually active children become Planned Parenthood customers!
Get Real is now being taught in about 150 schools across the state. Is it in your child’s school? Find out and post about it here.
Oppose the Sex-Ed Mandate. The MA Senate is voting on it this Thursday. Call your Senator!

And some replies to this post:

I live in Boston my daughter attends a BPS. I know they have sex Ed. It says it on the website. My daughters school when me and my mother went to a meeting called everyone out about it because everything on the sex Ed list from kindergarten my daughter had done in a program called “second step” trying to play it off like it’s not the same. You have no idea the battle. I’ve been called a racist. Hung up on. Walked out of parent council meetings. I am about an inch away of pulling my daughter out.

I hear you. Public schools are no longer safe for our kids. I recommend people homeschool, do an online school, or private school if they can.

my mother bought my daughter a laptop and a whole setup for chrismtas she tells me everyday to do online school. Right around christmas time I want to say a little before break was the straw that broke the camels back. My daughter told me about a book they were reading for whatever curriculum it is there’s so many names now before it was reading writing math now it’s all different 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 and tells me she doesn’t want to go to sleep she thinks she’s going to have a nightmare I’m like what?! She’s like the girl in the book she got shot in the head by the taliban the bad men came on the school bus and shot her and her friend in the head. Dear god it was like the exorcist came out of me.

I’m sorry But my daughter is 7 she has a long time before she realizes the world is mostly crap I would prefer her not to have to read about anyone getting shot in the head at school. The explanation I got was the lesson schools around the world how other kids have to live and I’m just like 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I get the lesson but not appropriate for a 7 year
Old. Don’t care that’s my opinion

And anohter post from this group:


Planned Parenthood’s Get Real curriculum sends students to their website where kids can watch videos like this to learn how to consent to sex.

PP’s Get Real Teen Council trains students as young as 15 to teach students as young as 12 how to consent to sex. This is not education. It. Is. Grooming.

PP is on the panel that is rewriting the sex ed standards in MA.

And yet another post from this group:

Comprehensive Sexuality Education isn’t the only way kids are being exposed to sexually explicit content in school. Books masquerading as literature that contain vulgarities and XXX-rated obscenities can be found in school libraries and on suggested reading lists for students.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Debbie DeGroff, author of Between the Covers, What’s Inside a Children’s Book, whose exhaustive evaluation of hundreds of titles contains a wealth of information for parents. This article highlights the valuable work that Debbie has accomplished and provides useful advice for what parents should do about objectionable books that they find in their child’s school.

“DeGroff says this: “Objectors are dangerous book burners but librarians dumping books in the dark are conscientious weeders. Go figure (p. 73).”

The problem is not just the library, but within classrooms, where teachers give students suggested reading lists. DeGroff paints a picture that will leave any concerned adult heartbroken but also angry. Current themes for younger children include many titles that promote gender confusion and homosexual parenting but also the distorted messages of other “social justice” agendas.

And for middle and high schoolers, no subject is off limits, with soul-crushing stories that explicitly depict teens molested by fathers; engaging in oral, anal, or vaginal sex; identifying as homosexual or the opposite gender; getting an abortion; using drugs and alcohol; engaging in student/teacher sex; suicidal, depressed, violent, or suffering horrendous bullying; or who mock or disobey parents.”

And some replies to this post:

I’m saddened to share that our 7th grader (foster care adoption learning challenges) brought a book home about a child whose mother was in jail due to killing the child’s twin sister. There was more to it regarding an alcoholic father who was raising her. I was mad. I contacted the English Teacher and her response was NOT appropriate. Basically, she shared that they only get into deeper content in High School….Wrong Answer…we pulled our child in 8th grade due to additional blips in the system. I’m so saddened due to both of us being Public School Advocates.

The ALA has definitely been taken over by social justice ideologues. I’m looking for a Tweet from them from around 2016 where they were angry that all existing books, including non-fiction, are “too white” & they wanted to burn all of them & replace them with postmodernist garbage that supports these narratives like “transgender as a preferred identity”, but here’s someone else in the library community echoing the same ideas in 2019:
When the ideology is coming from the top in a national association like this, it affects all libraries as a whole. Social justice warriors are also taught too seek jobs like librarian, or teacher, or administrator, or professor, because that’s where they can be the most effective at controlling information & indoctrinating children. (more below)
I wondered about where the Newbury Public Library was in this infection… they are in deep. Somebody sent me pics of some of the books on display there… it’s bad. They’re over-promoting social justice ideology & it’s sub-cult transgenderism.

It goes on forever… but you get the point. These are the books shoved in you face when you go into the Newbury Public Library.

I should go to the Dalton public library and check out the children’s books. Then post here. I’ll put a reminder in my phone

What I found at Dalton public library. Some others are checked out 😥😥

Thank you for posting [name redacted]. Consider doing what was suggested in this article and put together a list of books that parents should be aware of and distribute it to parents that you know.
I highly recommend ordering Debbie DeGroff’s book that I referenced in the post above. Here’s the link to her site:

And yet another post from this group:



The Lynn School District uses Informed and In Charge curriculum from Girls, Inc. to teach sex ed. See what your kids are being exposed to at, listed as a recommended website for teens in the curriculum.

Links to various articles on the homepage include the following:

“Impurity Culture: Pregnancy and Fear” – makes a mockery of the biblical story of the virgin Mary. “But often when young people with uteruses who are growing up in purity culture internalize this fear of divine pregnancy, it’s for the exact opposite reason: they believe they have been bad, and deserve to be punished.” (Notice also the use of the phrase, “young people with uteruses”… this is transgender indoctrination.)

“How to Approach Sexual Fantasy and Desire on Your Own Terms” – asserts that connecting to sexual fantasies is a way to rekindle a healthy relationship with desire. “It can be helpful to rely on other people’s fantasies to inspire your own, which is why many people use audiovisual media, like TV, movies, and pornography, for inspiration.”

“A Guide to Accessing Abortion Care – Even When It Looks Hard” – breaks down the cost of getting an abortion and explains ways to overcome “barriers” to abortion. “Let’s say one day you find out you’re pregnant. And let’s say that after considering your options – carrying the pregnancy to term and becoming a parent, adoption, or abortion – you’ve decided that the best choice for you is to terminate your pregnancy. That’s fine!”

“Becoming Out: a totally non-exhaustive, step by step guide to coming out” – offers tips for coming out to family and friends. “You might want to be able to tell your best friend all the squee-inducing details about the new crush you’ve got, but your parents or professors may get a much more restrained version!”

They even have a “One Stop Safer Sex Shop”, where teens can buy condoms or lube from the “Slippery Slope Stockpile”. Here’s the description for lube:

“Does sex with barriers feel more like sex with barriers than sex with a person? Are condoms breaking? Do you or your partners often feel sore or uncomfortable with sexual activities like intercourse, masturbation or manual sex? Does sex with condoms feel a lot less good than it does without? Are you always using plenty on lubricant before and during sexual activities? No? Then that may be one of your big missing pieces that can change any or even all of that.
A little lube inside a barrier and plenty on the outside, on hands with masturbation or manual sex with a partner, and used before and during any sex with entry goes a very long way when it comes to pleasure, comfort and also helps barriers to be as effective as they can at preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted illness.” (Notice the use of the word “illness” as opposed to the word disease or infection to follow the words sexually transmitted. This is an effort to de-stigmatize STIs and make them seem normal and natural to kids, akin to the common cold. SO DANGEROUS.)

And the Lynn School Board wonders why they have a pregnancy epidemic on their hands?! Their pregnancy rate is more than triple the state rate for girls ages 15 to 19. More than 1 in 5 teens report that CSE makes them feel pressured to have sex. Add to that the high failure rate of birth control and condoms for that age group and the false sense of security that contraception provides, it’s no wonder why there were 57 pregnant students last year and 21 chlamydia cases reported this past November, just three months into the current school year.

Sexualized kids = higher rates of pregnancy and STIs. THIS. IS. NOT. ROCKET. SCIENCE.

Here’s the reference to Scarleteen from the curriculum:

And yet another post from this group:


If SB 263 passes, the MA State Legislature will have signed into law the mandating of teaching minor children how to consent to sex, which is unlawful activity under MGL. c.265,§ 23. SB 263 DOES NOT specify any guidelines regarding age appropriateness for certain content, which means that there will be no defined limits as to what age children may be taught how to consent to sex.

In this bill, “age appropriate” is vaguely defined to include the “developing cognitive, emotional, social, and behavioral capacity typical for that age or age group.” SB 263 Section 1 (pg. 4 of 7, lines 29-31). Who will define what is age appropriate?

Also, this bill will REQUIRE that “consent” be taught, which is defined in the bill as “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement to engage in interpersonal, physical, or sexual activity.” SB 263 Section 1 (pg. 4 of 7, lines 32-33). How can a minor child legally consent to sex?

Keep in mind, that Comprehensive Sexuality Education, which teaches minors how to consent to sex, is already currently being taught in many MA districts to students as young as 12 years old. Is it age-appropriate to teach 12 year old children to consent to sex? MA legislators and the Department of Education think so!

Watch this video put out by Informed Parents of CA, explaining how teaching consent to children opens up the door to legalizing pedophilia. This is serious! SB 263 and HB 410 must be opposed! Contact your legislators today! Oppose CSE in your school district!

And yet another post from this group:

Read this very informative article on the medical conspiracy that is victimizing our children. It’s not just children that are being targeted, but parents are too.

“Since the updated 2017 version of the Endocrine Society’s guidelines were published —which were even more liberal and argued for starting patients on cross-sex hormones earlier while minimizing the psychological evaluation of the child — the approach now has been to train the parents psychologically to accept transition as the route to a new destiny for their child, he explained.”

Interesting to note, that Boston doctor Norman Spack transported this madness from Europe when he opened up the first transgender clinic for children at Boston’s Children Hospital in 2007. Now there are dozens of these types of clinics across the country. I have mentioned Dr. Spack and his mad science before. In the file section of this group, find notes on a bogus study about transgender kids that he is conducting, funded by your tax dollars.

The educational system and the medical complex have joined forces to victimize our children. Oppose transgender indoctrination in your child’s school!

And yet another post from this group:
This is shared from the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts FB page. This is exactly what PP is teaching kids through their “Get Real” curriculum being used in some MA schools. Is “Get Real” in your child’s school? Find out and post about it here. Stop CSE!
And here is the post quoted:
Everyone deserves the right to comprehensive sex ed

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

What do you say about this parents?

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Not only is this about IStation lawsuit – also explains how school was reading a teacher’s texts, via school computer, synced to her phone.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is a quote from the StriveTogether (ImpactTulsa) Data Sharing Playbook:

“And, above all, the first rule of data systems is to never begin by talking about data systems. Instead, start with your shared commitment to achieving something great for kids, and the places where data could make you more responsive and better prepared.”

Here is the reason why ImpactTulsa is preying on TU and TPS: you have to have the community’s trust if you want to data-mine children and ruin the curriculum: “What these [public schools, universities, etc] organizations have in common is a mission to know as much or more than anybody about what national and local data can be brought to bear on different questions, and to contextualize that data for system and community leaders. As such, their most important asset isn’t technical acumen, but rather the trust their communities have in them as unbiased space where different districts and public agencies can agree to share, compare, and analyze sensitive information.”

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This again….

This is why I’ve been asking every governor candidate if they favor an elected State School Board or a governor-appointed one.

The governor lost a lot of control when he could no longer pick & choose which candidates got on the ballot. I don’t care who the next governor is, the State School Board should be elected.

And I don’t want to hear the excuse that most people don’t know who their board member is. Most people don’t know who their state legislators are & we still elect them.

Don’t take my voice away.

And some replies to this post:

It’s like our representatives have turned their backs on us.

Or is it time we realize that representation is a myth.

I’ve seen a real shift in the attitudes of the legislators since SB54 has insulated them from much of the vulnerability of reelection. They are more imperious, and more impervious to public feedback. Shame on them.

I’m still trying to figure out if it would effect Common Core reforms if the State Superintendent was appointed vs. elected. Of course, I believe it should be elected, but I also believe the position is unconstitutional by US Constitution. There shouldn’t be a state superintendent…the position is too far away from local citizens.
The State Superintendents club (which all Superintendents report to, whether appointed or elected) is wholly bought and paid for by Planned Parenthood and UNESCO allies and this club tells Superintendents how to execute federal education law at the state level. THAT. IS. NOT. REPRESENTATION.
Any way you slice it, it smells. And, Comprehensive Sexuality Education continues to ram its way into local curriculum as it simultaneously takes down parental rights to control local curriculum.

Gov Herbert has been using the children and people for years. He never has cared… just about him. He’s not good for Utah.

And another post from this group:

This may not be the forum to ask this question, but I am hitting a wall. If not allowed please delete.

Is there a law or laws that protect a child’s right to contact their parent while at school. For example, let’s say a child is anxious one day and maybe needs to speak with a parent, it’s not a common occurrence so it should be an issue, but the office makes an ordeal over it and the child isn’t allowed to call home. Or maybe a child has a health concern such a migraines, and the onset requires immediate attention to prevent debilitating symptoms for days. The teacher has been made aware of the situation, but refused to let the student call home for their preventive medicine. This has become a repetitive issue and is causing distress and days lost of school following the incidents. Is there anything a parent can do besides talk with the principal. Are there any laws someone can refer to prior to speaking with the principal? Thank you in advance.

And some replies to this post:

504 would be one official way of doing it. There is also the right for academic accommodations, which might work. The other thing is to check with your local school district’s actual policies on cell phones or calls. If they don’t have one, contact your school board member, and ask them to add it. I know Alpine is currently updating their cell phone and electronic device policy. That might be something that should be an option. I have always told my kids if they were ever uncomfortable in any situation, including at school, they should call me, and I would come get them. My kids have used this, not more than once, but it was good to know they felt they had that option. Start there, and if the school board isn’t willing to make a policy, then the next step is legislative. I prefer trying to work things out locally, because that usually has the best result.

While we’re discussing this, the phone at our kids school is a speaker phone in the wall and the secretaries listen in on the conversations. It that legal? That seems insane to me!

that is terrible. Imagine a 6th grade girl having to ask for a tampon or any child doesn’t make it to the bathroom and they have to ask for it over a speaker in front of everyone.

I asked my mom (an elementary principal), and she says in Utah there is a parents rights law. She can’t remember exactly what it says because she’s at home right now (her copy of it is at the school). But hopefully that does at least give you a starting point.

And yet another post from this group:

And some replies to this post:

Great last line: “When we force kids to learn syntax, we reinforce the idea that if something is not a blatantly employable skill, it’s not valuable. Adults can learn syntax. Only kids can learn to embrace curiosity.”

I haven’t looked at all of the different children’s coding books, but the ones I have and have seen focus very little on syntax. Visual program languages teach some very basic syntax, and more focus on design and development. It teaches problem solving and promotes creativity. After going through a book for Scratch, my 7 year old started exploring his own ideas and fiddling with different concepts. I’d much rather have my kids exploring the world of coding than watching tv or playing video games. There were a couple of good points in this article but for the most part I disagree. (Also speaking as a software developer)

I applaud you for teaching your child from coding books that you can see. Aside from any coding program’s use of syntax, or not, my concern with coding curriculum in schools and libraries is its progressive political focus. The major online coding programs being used in K-12 are owned by progressives and contain political ideology within their message. For instance, they will run kids through a basic coding scenario and the scenario is about solving climate change, etc. I don’t think most Utah parents understand why the Obama administration pushed so hard for online coding programs in K-12. The reason was simple…to push an ideology that could be enforced through Common Core assessments.

Here is an article from The Strident Conservative:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“The company has struck deals that grant it access to troves of patient data; ‘We want to be helpful’
By Rob Copeland, Dana Mattioli and Melanie Evans
Jan. 11, 2020 12:15 am ET
PALO ALTO, Calif.—Roughly a year ago, Google offered health-data company Cerner Corp. an unusually rich proposal.

Cerner was interviewing Silicon Valley giants to pick a storage provider for 250 million health records, one of the largest collections of U.S. patient data. Google dispatched former chief executive Eric Schmidt to personally pitch Cerner over several phone calls and offered around $250 million in discounts and incentives, people familiar with the matter say.

Google had a bigger goal in pushing for the deal than dollars and cents: a way to expand its effort to collect, analyze and aggregate health data on millions of Americans. Google representatives were vague in answering questions about how Cerner’s data would be used, making the health-care company’s executives wary, the people say. Eventually, Cerner struck a storage deal with Inc. instead.

The failed Cerner deal reveals an emerging challenge to Google’s move into health care: gaining the trust of health care partners and the public. So far, that has hardly slowed the search giant.

Google has struck partnerships with some of the country’s largest hospital systems and most-renowned health-care providers, many of them vast in scope and few of their details previously reported. In just a few years, the company has achieved the ability to view or analyze tens of millions of patient health records in at least three-quarters of U.S. states, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of contractual agreements.

Why Google Is Pushing Into Health Data

In certain instances, the deals allow Google to access personally identifiable health information without the knowledge of patients or doctors. The company can review complete health records, including names, dates of birth, medications and other ailments, according to people familiar with the deals.

The prospect of tech giants’ amassing huge troves of health records has raised concerns among lawmakers, patients and doctors, who fear such intimate data could be used without individuals’ knowledge or permission, or in ways they might not anticipate.

Google is developing a search tool, similar to its flagship search engine, in which patient information is stored, collated and analyzed by the company’s engineers, on its own servers. The portal is designed for use by doctors and nurses, and eventually perhaps patients themselves, though some Google staffers would have access sooner.

Google executives and some health systems say that detailed data sharing has the potential to improve health outcomes. Large troves of data help fuel algorithms Google is creating to detect lung cancer, eye disease and kidney injuries. Hospital executives have long sought better electronic record systems to reduce error rates and cut down on paperwork.

Dr. David Feinberg, head of Google Health. PHOTO: MIKE BLAKE/REUTERS
In his first extensive interview since joining the search giant last January, the head of Google Health, Dr. David Feinberg, says the tech giant’s push into health care is motivated more by the greater good than profits. “I came here to make people healthy, I’m not here to sell them ads,” Dr. Feinberg says. “Google is so good at being helpful. We want to be helpful with knowledge, success, health and happiness.”

A Google spokesman sent an email saying the health systems it works with “own their data, and we can only process it according to their instructions.”

Legally, the information gathered by Google can be used for purposes beyond diagnosing illnesses, under laws enacted during the dial-up era. U.S. federal privacy laws make it possible for health-care providers, with little or no input from patients, to share data with certain outside companies. That applies to partners, like Google, with significant presences outside health care. The company says its intentions in health are unconnected with its advertising business, which depends largely on data it has collected on users of its many services, including email and maps.

Medical information is perhaps the last bounty of personal data yet to be scooped up by technology companies. The health data-gathering efforts of other tech giants such as Amazon and International Business Machines Corp. face skepticism from physician and patient advocates. But Google’s push in particular has set off alarm bells in the industry, including over privacy concerns. U.S. senators, as well as health-industry executives, are questioning Google’s expansion and its potential for commercializing personal data.

In one previously undisclosed example, Google reached an extensive agreement last year with Intermountain Healthcare that allowed the Utah hospital system to share with Google medical records including names and other identity-revealing details, people at both companies say. The hospital system and Google planned to apply Google’s search tool to Intermountain patient records.

An Intermountain spokesman now says that project didn’t go forward.

Under the Microscope
Google has struck partnerships with large U.S. health systems that give the company access to tens of millions of health records. Here is one of the systems and their data agreement.

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, Minn.

9.9 million

electronic health records







in 4 states

Data shared with Google:

None yet, but the agreement allows Google access to patient health records, including data that identify individual patients.

Note: Figures as of December 2019; doctors figure includes residents

Source: the health system
Another partnership with the Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic allows Google access to personally identifiable information when needed, Mayo says. When the arrangement was announced in September, the hospital system said publicly that data wouldn’t include names or other identifiable details.

Mayo Clinic and Intermountain say their deals with the search giant are structured to protect patient privacy and security.

The issue began drawing widespread attention in November, when The Wall Street Journal reported on Google’s “Project Nightingale” partnership with Ascension, a Catholic chain of 2,600 hospitals, doctors’ offices and facilities, to crunch detailed information on 50 million patient records across 20 states and the District of Columbia.

Outcry over the Ascension deal, including a federal inquiry and objections from patients, shocked executives inside Google, and opened fissures in its top ranks over how to proceed, according to people with knowledge of the discussions. The head of Google Health, Dr. Feinberg, pushed to tell the public more about his division’s operations, but met resistance from longtime staffers who cite the company’s tradition of keeping potential new products under wraps.

A Google spokesman says the company has been transparent in its work in the field, publishing its research and making some data sets public.

Dr. Feinberg says the company was mistaken to begin building such a large, sensitive program outside of the public eye. At the outset, it wasn’t clear how the project would advance beyond initial, experimental steps. “We didn’t know what we were doing,” says Dr. Feinberg, a trained child psychiatrist and former chief executive of Pennsylvania hospital system Geisinger.

Dr. Feinberg’s triage is ongoing. On its website, Google’s cloud computing division until recently listed as a customer the large nonprofit health system Kaiser Permanente, something hospital representatives say isn’t accurate. Google removed the listing after inquiries from the Journal.

“We are not actively doing anything today with Google,” says Kaiser Permanente vice president Elizabeth McGlynn. “We have to be very clear about who shares our values about protecting patient privacy. Not every tech company can satisfy that standard, and a lot of them come with baggage they have earned.”

The roots of Google’s move into health stretch back before the company’s founding in 1999.

Three years earlier, President Bill Clinton signed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, into law. The legislation was intended to help individuals maintain their health plans and combat rising costs by accelerating a shift to electronic health records. Its more famous legacy, however, has become its rules on health data.

President Clinton signs the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in 1996. PHOTO: J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Though patients commonly believe HIPAA prevents doctors from sharing their data, in practice it can do the opposite. The rules are written broadly enough for health-care systems to share personally identifiable patient data with a broad array of business associates for help with functions closely related to health care, such as quality assurance or practice management.

So long as hospitals post notices that such agreements generally exist, they don’t have to tell patients proactively who these third parties are or what personal data they can access.

Google has long seen health data as a natural extension of its stated mission to organize information. Parent Alphabet Inc. also boasts divisions that work on extending life, early detection of disease, wearable devices and drone delivery for prescriptions.

In 2011, Google shut down a one-stop medical-records collection platform that required patients to input personal information themselves. “Few consumers,” said one research analyst, “are interested in a digital filing cabinet for their records.”

A few years later, under the code name “Guardian,” Google began building exactly that—except in a way that didn’t give patients choice in the matter.

At first glance, Guardian, currently in testing, looks much like the company’s flagship search engine. Type in a patient name and a pull-down menu offers auto-fill suggestions. One click reveals personal patient information like vital tests, surgical history and identifiable information—culled in real-time from health system data portals.

Ascension, based in St. Louis, was eager to pilot the program. The chain’s records, like many hospitals’, are a patchwork maze with little consistency from state to state, impeding efforts to standardize care.

Ascension executives told a small circle of staff about the project in May at meetings attended by Google staffers who passed out free Google T-shirts, pins and notebooks. Millions of patient records were soon shared. Among the goals laid out in internal documents reviewed by the Journal: to predict procedures that patients might need, and identify “missed opportunities for revenue.”


‘Project Nightingale’

St. Louis

50 million

electronic health records







in 20 states

and D.C.

Data shared with Google:

Patient health records, including:





Other details that identify

individual patients

Note: Figures as of January 2020; doctors include those employed by Ascension

Source: the health system
After the Journal’s report, Ascension narrowed network access among its own staff and some at Google to information about Project Nightingale, people familiar with the matter say, adding that Ascension hasn’t re-examined its Google ties.

Federal investigators in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights in recent weeks began interviewing people close to Project Nightingale as part of an inquiry into what regulators called the “mass collection of individuals’ medical records” and whether security or privacy were sacrificed. Google earlier said it would cooperate, and an HHS spokeswoman declined to give an update.

Ascension’s innovations and strategy chief, Eduardo Conrado, says hospital officials retain oversight of Google, control the data and audit access. “In all of this work, access to our private cloud and the clinical information contained within it is controlled, logged and monitored by Ascension,” Mr. Conrado said in an email.

Google Health’s roughly 1,000 employees are headquartered in a beige, unmarked office complex a few miles from Google’s sprawling Mountain View, Calif., main campus.

The head of Google Health, Dr. Feinberg, is a former Pennsylvania hospital system executive who joined Google one year ago. Dr. Feinberg holds medical and business degrees and exercises for two hours each day beginning at 4 a.m. He boasts about his $5 Wal-Mart fleece jacket, and is an astrology enthusiast.

“I’m positive,” Dr. Feinberg says to a reporter good naturedly, if inaccurately, “you’re Sagittarius.”

Dr. Feinberg says Google should be more transparent about its plans in health care, though he won’t say how many personal health records the company can currently view.

Reiterating what Google has told lawmakers and industry executives in private meetings over the past two months, Dr. Feinberg says he operates on a personal directive from Mr. Schmidt: “Don’t worry about making money.”

How should tech companies balance patient privacy concerns with pursuing health-care advances? Join the conversation below.

When it comes to Google Health initiatives such as using artificial intelligence to diagnose illnesses, Dr. Feinberg says the company may give consumers a choice on whether to participate.

“All that other scary stuff—we’re going to be so explicit about it,” Dr. Feinberg says. “Most people I think would say ‘Yeah, it’s great.’ And some people can say, ‘I hate Google, no.’ ”

He says he wants patients to be fully informed of how their data may be used: “I want to get the moment of consent there.”

Yet he is reluctant to allow people to opt out of Google’s core health-search tool. He likens that to a physician knowingly offering substandard care, he says.

“If you believe me that all we are doing is organizing that information to make it easier for your doctor, I’m going to get a little paternalistic here: I’m never going to let that get opted out,” Dr. Feinberg says. “It’s going to screw up your treatment. We’re not going to be able to take care of you.”

Dr. Feinberg says he can see how the company’s track record might make that a tough pill to swallow. Google Health’s DeepMind unit three years ago admitted errors in accessing 1.6 million U.K. patient records.

“There’s a disbelief that what we say we’re doing is what we are actually doing. And I think that’s Google’s fault,” says Dr. Feinberg, 57. “There’s been missteps, right? We’ve got to own that. And that’s why we’ve got to do even better.”

The Google spokesman’s email said the company is proud of its efforts in the field, which are focused on using its expertise to “boost access to quality care, free up providers’ time so they can focus on patients, and expand the frontiers of medicine.”

There are other deals that bear a resemblance to the Ascension arrangement.

Intermountain has for roughly a year had an agreement that permits Google access to patient health records, according to people familiar with the matter. The scope of the agreement, and its lack of detailed public disclosure, is similar to Google’s Ascension partnership. Intermountain discussed working on a beta version of Google’s Guardian search tool with patient medical records.

Intermountain spokesman Daron Cowley said the hospital didn’t share data that identified patients with Google. He said Intermountain’s agreement with Google continues, but said it has no current projects with the company.

Google and its partners say patient data being shared is often “de-identified,” or aggregated without personal information such as names and birth dates, but there are indications that avoiding such details is likely to be a challenge.

University of Chicago Medical Center


2.3 million

electronic health records







in 1 state

Data shared with Google:

Patient medical records stripped of data that directly identify individuals, such as names, addresses and phone numbers. Shared records include:

Dates of medical care, a potential identifier

Note: Facility and doctor figures as of 2018; doctors include those who are faculty physicians

Source: the health system
A federal lawsuit from a patient in Illinois alleges that one such arrangement between Google and University of Chicago Medical Center includes information that could be traced back to an individual using other data the search-engine holds.

Google and the University of Chicago deny that, saying they comply with federal privacy laws and have moved to dismiss the lawsuit.

“You can’t put knowledge in a box,” said Deven McGraw, an advisor to Alphabet’s life-sciences arm and chief regulatory officer of health startup Ciitizen. “If people can learn things, machines can learn things better and faster. It can’t be contained.”

In September, Google and the Mayo Clinic announced a partnership to “solve complex health care problems.” Patient data would remain private and devoid of identifiable personal information, Mayo officials said then.

What neither Mayo nor Google disclosed at the time was that the Mayo contract with Google permits Mayo to share personally identifiable health data in the future, executives say. “It was not our intention to mislead the public,” Mayo Chief Information Officer Cris Ross now says.

The Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, Minn. PHOTO: JIM MONE/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Mr. Ross and Google both say Mayo hasn’t yet shared personal patient data with the search giant, and that it would do so only if absolutely necessary. A Mayo spokeswoman says the health system may split with Google rights to products developed under the partnership.

“We have a moral obligation,” Mr. Ross says, “to pursue discovery and advance cures for people.”

As Google has moved to expand its data collection, some potential partners have been put off by what they viewed as the company’s aggressive maneuvers to acquire data without providing enough information on how it would be used.

Google pushed one medical-data manager not to share data with other companies, according to a person familiar with the pitch.

As part of its huge offer for Cerner, whose software is embedded in doctors’ offices in 30 countries, Google used its size to its advantage. Google Cloud executives offered that other arms of the conglomerate would buy unspecified other services from Cerner, people familiar with the matter say.

Cerner ultimately accepted a less generous offer from Amazon, in part because the company decided Amazon was more trustworthy on security, according to one of these people.

Existing players in the health-care data market also fear that the tech giant will gain too much power in their industry. Some hospital and technology executives say they declined deals with Google lest it become a future competitor.

“We could never pin down Google on what their true business model was,” says a Cerner executive involved in the discussions.

And another post from her:

Everyone should read this. Twice.
Experian announced that ‘every person in the U.S. population, of an estimated 328 million Americans, have been assigned a unique Universal Patient Identifier’.
The ID is ‘not intended’ to be ‘patient-facing’ and is ‘not known to the patient’.
So…patient doesn’t see this number but who else does? Insurance, employers, colleges, databrokers, risk-managers and profilers? Tied to student P-20 unique identifier, new digital driver’s licenses?

Watch out in St. Louis schools!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Isn’t it amazing that many of us are aware of what is really taking place – I keep thinking of the lecture Soros gave in 2007 concerning a need for a new monetary system and then the Senate hearing which former Under Sec. George Ball stated : “To achieve such a free trading environment we must do far more than merely reduce or eliminate tariffs. We must move in the direction of common fiscal concepts, a common monetary policy, and common ideas of commercial responsibility”.

“…Implied in this, of course, is a considerable erosion of the rigid concepts of national sovereignty…”

And now since the USMCA has been signed by our president – We now have [ as I knew would happen , giving IMF complete authority over our monetary system ..
USMCA Art. 33.1 defines “Article IV Staff Report” as the report prepared by the IMF respecting a country’s adherence to Art. IV, Section 3 (b) of the IMF Articles of Agreement. Section 3 provides that the IMF shall oversee the compliance of each member with its obligations under Section 1 of Article IV. Section 1 requires each member to “direct its economic and financial policies toward the objective of fostering orderly economic growth with reasonable price stability”, and to foster “orderly underlying economic and financial conditions and a monetary system that does not tend to produce erratic disruptions” [i.e., our economy is to be planned by the IMF].

USMCA Art. 33.6 establishes a Macroeconomic Committee which “shall monitor the implementation of this Chapter and its further elaboration.” Paragraph 5 of Art. 33.6 empowers the Committee to amend and issue “interpretations” of Chapter 33; and declares that such interpretations “shall be deemed to be an interpretation issued pursuant to a decision by consensus of the Commission.” USMCA Art. 1.4 defines “Commission” as “the Free Trade Commission” established under USMCA Art. 30.1.


James Perloff’s article, Council On Foreign Relations – Influencing American Government, speaks of how the World Bank and IMF act as

“…a loan-guarantee scheme for multinational banks. When a loan to a foreign country goes awry, the World Bank and IMF step in with taxpayer money, ensuring that the private banks continue to receive interest payments. Furthermore, the World Bank and IMF dictate conditions to the countries receiving bailouts, thus giving the bankers a measure of political control over indebted nations.”

And another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

A lot of people do not expect an international money fund to be involved in environment — it’s where the money is:
And the USMCA treaty gave IMF complete authority over our monetary system – The Treaty surrenders the United States’ power over money and our economy to the IMF. USMCA Art. 33.1 defines “Article IV Staff Report” as the report prepared by the IMF respecting a country’s adherence to Art. IV, Section 3 (b) of the IMF Articles of Agreement. Section 3 provides that the IMF shall oversee the compliance of each member with its obligations under Section 1 of Article IV. Section 1 requires each member to “direct its economic and financial policies toward the objective of fostering orderly economic growth with reasonable price stability”, and to foster “orderly underlying economic and financial conditions and a monetary system that does not tend to produce erratic disruptions” [i.e., our economy is to be planned by the IMF].

And yet another post from her:


And yet another post from her:

“If we are to remain a world leader in financial technology, it is vital that this committee not embrace reactionary laws against cryptocurrency.”
Rep. Ted Budd

And a reply to this post:

I wrote about this Rep who happens to represent the district o live in. I can forward you the research.

here ya go:

And yet another post from her:

Ron Hammond, Manager of Government Relations for Ripple, Former Legislative Lead for the Token Taxonomy Act, Former Legislative Assistant for Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-8),
To amend the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 to exclude digital tokens from the definition of a security, to direct the Securities and Exchange Commission to enact certain regulatory changes regarding digital units secured through public key cryptography, to adjust taxation of virtual currencies held in individual retirement accounts, to create a tax exemption for exchanges of one virtual currency for another, to create a de minimis exemption from taxation for gains realized from the sale or exchange of virtual currency for other than cash, and for other purposes.
Text – H.R.2144 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): Token Taxonomy Act of 2019

And yet another post from her:

Ripple PARTNER GATES FOUNDATION mobile money projects in developing world to go live this year

Major mobile money projects in Africa and Asia being run by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will go live as early as the middle of this year, giving some of the world’s poorest people access to financial services.

And some replies to this post:

I believe Gates is a partner of this group:

He is a partner with that group so is Ripple , [name redacted] Ryan Zagone is a rep with Ripple and works with Better Than Cash Alliance , He is also a member of Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board..

I know that Gates is tied to ID2020 as well. And Accenture is tied to ID2020 as well as that Digital Dollar Foundation. Is Gates also tied to the Digital Dollar Foundation by any chance? And can you find a direct tie between ID2020 and World Bank’s ID4D?

I know that the Gates Foundation is involved in ID4D and I have this in my files –

And yet another post from her:

2 days ago they said they were thinking about it… now, today, testing


And yet another post from her:

In order for digital economy, currency , even for education to work 5G has to be implemented … This is the part of the root of global governance


And yet another post from her:

And a reply to this post:

Gates is tied to ASU and Digital Promise and all of that for education and digitization.

And yet another post from her:

Pilot programs for national digital currency rollout likely this year

And yet another post from her:

If any of you read these bills – I want to remind all of you that David Leaser IBM rep. gave a lecture at the Mobile World Congress which he showed and stated 22 types of jobs will be redundant … If any of you think a child sitting in front of a computer will use critical thinking , I have an island and bridge to sale you .. ..

Common Core Diva Lynne
:HR 1485 is only 12 pages long, but is steeped in pure UN (United Nations led) agenda. How? STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Math) and STEAM (same as STEM, but add ‘the Arts’) will be the biggest tools used against all Americans to fill the ‘shortage’ of skilled labor.”

I may have tied Bloomberg to the ID2020 stuff for the homeless in Austin:

Stolen and lost identification often keeps the 7,000 homeless in Austin, Texas, from getting critical services such as medical care, housing, and potential employment. To help solve such issues, the city wants to use blockchain, the same underlying technology behind bitcoin.

The technology could be used to create unique digital identifiers for homeless people, allowing them to reestablish the credibility of their housing, health, and employment records and help put them on the road to recovery.

The idea is one of 35 that Bloomberg Philanthropies selected from over 300 applications for the testing phase of its 2018 US Mayors Challenge. The challenge asked American cities for technology and data solutions for their most pressing challenges and awarded up to $100,000 in grants for each winning city to experiment with and refine their ideas. The ideas will be re-evaluated in August. Four cities will be awarded $1 million and one will receive a grand prize of $5 million to implement their ideas.

Other proposals include that of Cary, North Carolina, which wants to combat opioid abuse by testing a system for measuring the concentration of opioid metabolites in sewage. The system would map out real-time opioid consumption and enable proactive, neighborhood-based interventions.

And some replies to my post:

now you’ll ow why that TX University hosted the Bitcoin conference. [name redacted[l, if you don’t have the link, [name redacted] can send it to you. Alison Hawver McDowell, once again, what happens on one state is happening in the others.

Setting up for this in Tulsa

Microsoft is tied to ID2020 (and I bet Gates is as well). Gates is already tied to the Tulsa Public Schools too.

George Kaiser’s Chief investment officer, Robert Thomas, worked as an investment offiicer for Microsoft and Bill Gates himself!

keep an eye on this!

And this – Kaiser is a stakeholder in Anthem

Here’s a fun one!
“The Series D investment was led by Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures (SAEV), the corporate venturing subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s National Oil Company – Saudi Aramco; and Tulsa Oklahoma based George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF).”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is a specific EDUCATION goal from the RESILIENT TULSA Report:

Engage Tulsa’s primary industries, such as energy, healthcare, and aerospace employers, to strategically address and close industry-specific skills gaps. The City of Tulsa will amplify and facilitate focused conversations about discrete skill needs with local industry leaders. Emphasis will be on skills that employees must have in order to succeed, rather than on baseline credentials. As a result of their recommendations, the Tulsa Regional Chamber, Tulsa technical schools, and Workforce Tulsa will be able to better match skilled jobseekers with available positions. Academic institutions will adopt recommendations by better tailoring their programs to necessary and in-demand skills.

Read the entire report, which calls for the use of “fees for service” = PAY FOR SUCCESS contracts, at the link below.

EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR A SUCCESS METRIC. It’s not about genuine concern for neighbors, it’s not progressive, and it’s not honest. This is IMPACT INVESTING.


Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

The Sex-ed Bill that MA Senators passed yesterday is despicable in many respects. If you haven’t read or seen the following 4 links yet, please do. Learn for yourself what is in this Planned Parenthood Curriculum:

    This bill will now move to the House for a vote. Let your State Representatives know what is in the curriculum and how you feel about it.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Oh yes and in a USMCA document-
New in USMCA

Quote: “NAFTA went into force Jan. 1,1994”
Quote : “Major U.S. online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon are likely to benefit U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement” ” translates into $333 million in additional sales for these U.S.-based e-commerce firms”

Quote : USMCA’s Digital Trade chapter (Chapter 19) have
become critically important to the U.S. telecom industry.456 Specifically, Article 19.11 contains a firm commitment requiring the parties to allow the cross-border flow of information. This is of crucial importance to U.S. carriers, as cross-border data flows are integral to offering cloud computing services and/or migrating to software-defined networks (SDNs).457 The growing emphasis on such services also
requires that U.S. carriers be able to establish data and network operating centers in locations of their choosing.

Quote : The United States is a global leader in e-commerce
and the world’s second-largest B2C e-commerce market after China.467 Canada and Mexico are key
markets for U.S. e-commerce exports.468 Further, U.S. e-commerce platforms, including Amazon and
eBay, are leading B2C platforms in both Canada and Mexico.
Electronic Payment Services

Quote : The USMCA’s commitments on electronic payment services would likely provide greater certainty for
payment services firms that operate in partner countries, making this step likely beneficial for U.S. service providers. [ Service sectors mentioned as Visa, MasterCard, Paypal to name a few ]

Quote : Canada has a mature electronic payment services market. In 2017, 99 percent of the Canadian
population over age 15 had a financial account at an institution or with a mobile money service provider
(exceeding the 93 percent figure for the United States).484 In 2016, the volume of payment transactions
in Canada grew to $9.2 trillion, and more money was transferred electronically than via checks.485 The
average person in Canada used a card 276 times that year (in the United States it was 326).486 U.S.
payment firms are active in Canada: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express all operate in the country,
and accounted for an estimated 92 percent of the credit card market in 2015.487 PayPal also operates in
Canada and has an estimated 76 percent share of the payment processing market (followed by Stripe
and Square).488
Mexico’s electronic payment services market is growing quickly, but from a lower base. In 2017, only
37 percent of the Mexican population over age 15 had a financial account at an institution or with a
mobile money service provider, and credit cards were used only 21 times per person, on average, in
2016.489 The use of online banking services is still concentrated in urban areas like Mexico City.490 U.S.
payment firms Visa, MasterCard, and American Express accounted for an estimated 96 percent of
Mexico’s credit card market in 2015.491 Banks that partner with these networks to issue credit and debit
cards in Mexico include BBVA Bancomer, Banamex (owned by Citigroup), Banorte, Santander, and HSBC.
PayPal started operating in Mexico in 2012, and has an estimated 62 percent share of the payment
processing market (followed by MercadoPago and Openpay).492 In 2015, Alipay partnered with
MercadoPago to enable payments in Mexico for goods on the Chinese platform Alibaba.493

[ You would be shocked to know how many years of education you would have to have in order to make a high wage ]

There are more surprises .. Just as the articles which were posted earlier –

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

“Access to the Learning Records Service database was given to a firm used by the government for training.
According to the government, this firm then let a third party use the database.
This allowed gambling companies access to the details of 28 million children.
The Learning Records Service gives a unique number to children and students aged 14 and above and is supposed to help them give proof of their achievements and qualifications.

GB Group is thought to have gained access to the database through Trustopia, a London-based ‘education and training provider’ used by the government. “

And another post from her:

New (Yale) Project Trains Teachers to Do Hands-On Brain Scan Research on Students
Edweek- Jan. 15, 2020
“Neuroscience has given educators a new way of thinking about how students change and grow as they learn. Now one research partnership is teaching them how to see it happen in real time.

The Haskins Global Literacy Hub, a research lab associated with Yale University, partnered with two independent schools to study students as they learn to read over several years. But rather than just receiving feedback from the researchers, teachers at the Windward School in New York and AIM…”

I wonder if these teachers (or researchers) have considered the implications of AI, profiling, and predictive analytics and ways these very personal and sensitive data can be used and shared.
Not everyone will use this data for “good”.
Remember how quickly they dropped “Don’t Be Evil”.

And some replies to this post:

It is all about the setting, and this setting is basically unethical from the start. Until you look at the partnership and goals of the Windward Institute, a think tank, an education partner, a place where what is proven in a smaller environment can be rolled out to the public schools at large. Then, I question the underlying motives. I also question if parents who have placed their students in a very supportive, appropriate environment, recognize the economy of their children becoming research subjects in a day of data portability and predictive analytics.
I look at the article as the mother of students who needed a different way to learn to read. I also looked at the University leading the research. I also considered the required parental consent. All of those things say, someone needs to do this type of study. The Windward Schools with their focus on Dyslexia and language based disabilities seems like the perfect environment. Essentially, this group of private schools has become a research facility where the output will become part of a data stream that has monetary value and profiling potential for each students future.
Is the price of better future reading curriculum based on the economics of the children in this classroom study? Are these students more at risk for future manipulation because of the data they generate?

Yes, it is a slippery slope. To your question, “Are these students more at risk for future manipulation because of the data they generate?” I would say YES given their is no transparency, no law that prevents this data from being shared and repurposed used in ways unknown and unexpected. We are in a world where insurers and employers and colleges buy data on applicants. We are in the Sesame Credit world where your data is your credit score and opens or closes doors.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Tech giant plans terminals to let consumers link credit card information to their hands

Cash, Plastic or Hand? Amazon Envisions Paying With a Wave

And another post from her:

Last Thursday, the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020 was introduced in Congress. The bill has the potential to solve a major issue with payments made via Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrency networks in that an exception would be created for the potential capital gains taxes that often occur when these digital assets are used in everyday commerce.
The bill was introduced with bipartisan support

New Bill In Congress Could Have Massive Impact On Cryptocurrencies

And yet another post from her:

IMF Director Kristalina Georgieva addressed the Peterson Institute, founded by the late Trilateral Commission member, Peter G. Peterson (1926–2018). The Peterson board of directors is a Who’s Who of other Trilateral members.
Trilateral Commission members (past or present) include Alan Greenspan, Frank Loy, George Shultz, Ernesto Zedillo, Robert Zoellick, Stanley Fischer, Richard N. Cooper, C. Fred Bergsten, Larry Summers, among others.

Georgieva lays much of the future blame on global warming. The moral hazard is enormous because the IMF wants to kill Capitalism and Free Enterprise, and moreover, has the power and influence to do it. The mal-investment of trillions of dollars into futile and unproductive green investments breeds a self-fulfilling prophecy. ⁃ TN Editor

And yet another post from her:

The former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore believes that Smart City technology is the wave of future ‘evidence-based’ governance. In short, cities should better model themselves after Silicon Valley ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘innovators.’ ⁃ TN Editor
The former Governor of Maryland and Mayor of Baltimore believes that Smart City technology is the wave of future ‘evidence-based’ governance. In short, cities should better model themselves after Silicon Valley ‘entrepreneurs’ and ‘innovators.’

And yet another post from her:

Cambodian central bank governor Deray Chea: ” The reason why the Cambodian central bank became the first central bank to introduce a blockchain-based digital currency is to increase control and monitoring and reduce tax evasion.”

And another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

A lawmaker has introduced a bill in the U.S. state of Oklahoma seeking to create a governmental crypto depository. Senate Bill 1430, authored by Senator Nathan Dahm, was introduced on Jan. 15, according to the government’s website. Its first reading is scheduled for Feb. 3.

And yet another post from her:

Japan has stated ” eliminating cash ” and introduce digital currency

And yet anohter post from her:


And yet anohter post from her:

ECB President Positively Inclined Toward a Central Bank Digital Currency – Crypto Rand Group

And yet another post from her:

The CEO of Ripple will be one of the speakers at Davos/ World Economic Forum ..
This is the 50th anniversary of the event with a theme: “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World.” The annual economic gathering will run from January 21 until January 24.
President Donald Trump told reporters in Washington last week that he will “probably” go to the World Economic Forum in Davos. He added that he has been invited and plans to meet world and business leaders at the forum.
There were some unconfirmed talks about Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse having a meeting with Donald Trump and the European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde. Since Lagarde already said the ECB wants to play an active role in cryptocurrencies claiming the ECB should be “ahead of the curve” when it comes to CBDCs, cryptocurrency .
The 17-year old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg will also attend as well as Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Technologies founder. Presenting the IMF’s latest economic assessment will be Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the IMF

And yet another post from her:

There is something I want to run by all of you as the expression goes . I have been doing a great deal of thinking and going back over articles and documents that I have on the developing currency – Here is something that is bugging me – If you like give me your opinion…
In the Book of Revelation it speaks of a cashless society and you will not be able to buy or sale , you will have a mark. Now think of the digital currency – If you do not use the digital currency can you still buy and sale if this is to take the dollar’s place ? Now how will the government and the [developing] global bank know it is you if you use digital currency ? Will it have a number designated on it to show it is you who is buying or selling ? The purpose of this new currency is to keep up with your spending and for tax purpose.. Am I making any sense ?

And some replies to this post:

I’m thinking that it all comes down to where your allegiance lies. If your allegiance is with the “beast,” (a/k/a the UN), then you will accept THEIR chip which will track and – ultimately – control you. I don’t think it has that much to do with actual money, but with their CONTROL over you. Do I make sense?

I don’t know the answers, but in view of all of the changes that are taking place, I’m going to be re-visiting the mark of the beast prophecy altogether.
I really don’t trust that it’s been taught accurately.

That is what I am thinking – This has been on my mind all day because it is becoming more advanced and it will not be too many years before it will be complete ..

one definition of ‘mark’ is a target. I liken ‘mark’ as facial scan or finger print or chip in hand. All then become a target for scanning: finger print scan, RFID chip scan, or facial scan. It’s one theory that fits.

The tokens have got to have a number to tell who buys and sells. I do not see how they would not have a number of some kind . The problem is would all of them add up to 666 or is there something else that I am missing . .

vicarius filii dei adds up when using Roman numerals to replace the letters. So, it’s not really a puzzle.

The older versions of the Strong’s Concordance defines ‘mark’ in the Greek Book of Revelation as a scratch or etching, i.e. stamp (as a badge of ownership.)
In the OT when a servant decided to convert to worshiping God, he was put against a post and his ear was pierced. The earring was his sign of ownership by God, much like circumcision. So, it seems the mark will be a sing a ownership by Satan.
Yes, every crypto coin will have a numbered code, just like a cash bill does. The code will be tied in with the purchaser. As the only way to buy cryptocurrency is via internet, they know exactly what you are buying and how much.
One of the biggest mistakes I see is when people say they will go to the black market….no. They will not. The enticement for turning in those who try to use alternate systems of barter will quickly be turned in, and the one who turns them in will rank a high benefit in terms of payment, and/or social credits. A black market may exist for a little while, but not for long.

There is data on healthcare, education, workforce, and likely social security and other information being moved to blockchains. With stuff for currency too, they could have all your information and have a global social security number. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to work, go to school, buy stuff, sell stuff, get government aid, travel (legally), etc.

A barter system could help you get around it. In the Left Behind series, the Tribulation Force created a commodity co-op to trade without the Mark.

I think the 666 makes the most sense. A mark is like a slave mark. You’re either a servant/slave to God or the devil. The fact that it says the number of a man (man was created on the 6th day) might be the key, though it would mean making an assumption that wasn’t really stated in Scripture one way or the other. The Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, would be 7’s, probably. However, two of the three “evil” figures of Revelation are definitely men: the Beast and the False Prophet. They represent the imposters of the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that the Jews wouldn’t believe that in Him as the Messiah, as they wanted a political Messiah. So what if the Beast is such a Messiah, promising to bring the Jews to greatness, but ultimately betraying them? It could well be a Pope, but I think the Beast is somehow Jewish descent and likely some others like Roman as well. The False Prophet is, however, likely a Gentile. He would probably have a bunch of media, tech, etc outlets at his disposal to deceive and would, very likely, have powers directly from the third figure, the Dragon, which is Satan himself. Satan represents an imposter of the father, which he wanted to be exalted above. Now he would get his chance to be worshiped in the persona of the Beast, the false Son. My assumption is that Satan and the other angels were created on the sixth day along with Adam. Thus 6 (Dragon) 6 (Beast) 6 (False Prophet).

Here is a post from someone’s page:

“I was just given a tip … and the person who sent the information has been accurate… This is what I was told within days there will be a huge REPO from the Federal Reserve … The amount I was told will be almost $5 trillion…. So let’s see what comes …”

And some replies to this post:

The Federal Reserve will be continuing its overnight funding operations [ REPO] through the second quarter of 2020,…

Federal Reserve REPO from 12/13/2019 to Monday 12/16/2019 – $120 Billion

we are spiraling out of control. I took a huge hit financially at my place of work, because for the first time in 19 years I received a bad evaluation/performance review based on my personality and not on my performance and the Executive Management within the federal government are getting away with abusing their power, as the trump administration is trying their darndest to run out any and all employee protections in overreach of power, i.e. the AFGE Federal Employee Union.

anything you tell me I would believe – I think his objective is to create a technical state world/ a one world governance with all the other governments combined.. Each country will join the blockchain agenda and I know for a fact our government is helping to create a global tax system.. G20 has been working on this agenda for years… Humans do not mean anything to those who are creating this nightmare .. There was a huge technology summit held in Barcelona the end of the summer … Verizon, At&T , bank executives etc.. attended… David Leaser IBM Rep.. spoke on AI and job loss … Here is what he had on the screen while he spoke .. I think you can see what is coming by this photo ..

that’s exactly what is going on. I see it daily! The “human factor” is becoming obsolete. Satan is working fast and hard!

I wrote notes concerning that tech summit – The date the telecommunication Utopians spewed out at the Mobile World Congress is the year 2025 when 50% of America will be connected to 5G – 25 billion internet of things/items will be connected to the internet globally .. Globally there will be 700 million new subscribers over the next 7 years – By the time 2030 the whole world will be in transition into 5G…Billions of people will be able to have a digital bank account . Citi Bank representative stated “they are focusing on the 1.7 billion people who do not have a bank account but will be able to bank using their smart phone ” .There want have to be a bank … What consumers will have is a 5G transmitter on their home or hut .. Telecommunication Utopians will not discuss the health hazards of 5G transmitters… In America 5G transmitters are being installed now… Telecommunication Utopians are installing on houses what is called Fix Wireless Access [ 5G boosters on your home ] Even if you do not elect to have this access installed -states are already ruling in favor of telecommunications to install transmitters on right of always / easements along roads and streets ,fertile ground for 5G transmitters – so the easement that might be going through your yard along the road or street telecommunication Utopians will have the right to install 5G transmitters … You want be able to do a darn thing about it …
Just in case you are not aware of what Fix Wireless Access is

as soon as I can, I will be cancelling my subscription to comcast/xfinity. I would have already but to cancel under their contract will cost a fortune. They are requiring I hook up a new gateway internet w/5g and cable box with voice activation. I know what it all means…inviting the spying and control into my home. No one is safe guarded anymore.

You have hit that agenda on the nail head this is what it is all about control, spying and NO privacy … I have tried for a long time to tell people what was coming but they seem to be in a trance .. One woman even gave me an ultimate either support Trump or I would lose her as a friend … Can you guess what I said ?

I have had siblings denounce me because I won’t change my values, beliefs and principles to support the trump regime (that’s how it has played out). My own family has called me a liberal, unfriended me, etc. I know in the end, God wins, but when loved ones choose trump over family…it sure feels like Satan is winning. 👿

And another post from this person:


Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft has already completed the switch away from the U.S. dollar to euros in its export contracts to minimize risks from potential new U.S. sanctions, Rosneft’s chief executive Igor Sechin said on Thursday.

Rosneft has already fully switched to euros as the base currency for all its export contracts, and sees big potential in working in euros, Sechin said at the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona, Italy, on Thursday.

One Of The World’s Largest Oil Companies Just Ditched The Dollar.

And some replies to this post:

The trade war agenda is to implement the new monetary system – one of the moves is to end the dollar as the global reserve currency . We will see more of this .

I also think the tariffs are designed to hurt the agricultural sector. While Big Tech like Apple gets exempt, our small farmers are getting hit with that (in addition to the flooding and cold in the Midwest last year.) I also found, while looking up the StriveTogether cradle to career network (which I tied to Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper) and MBK had a link to the PolicyLink site and it said that the Farm Bill of 2018 was for equitable food distribution or something like that. It sounded eerily similar to the UN’s SDGs on the food and poverty and hunger part. Also, I already know the UN is doing blockchains to trace the food supply, supposedly to stop waste (though I fear it’s to track stuff so they can eventually do rationing and use the tracking to track down and wipe out black markets that could get around the rationing.) Anyway, what better way to push Agenda 2030 and attack the food supply than to take out small farmers with a trade bill and say you’re doing it as part of a necessary trade war with China. This, plus the Farm Bill, will concentrate agriculture in the hands of a small group of connected cronies, just like Obamacare, which Trump and the GOP wouldn’t get rid of, has taken down healthcare and insurance companies, leaving a smaller and smaller group of cronies left.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Take a look at this data collection scheme birth to k

Spark NH, the Governor-appointed Early Childhood Advisory Council, is a private-public partnership that works to create a comprehensive coordinated system of programs and supports for expectant families and young children aged birth to three and their families. For Spark NH, an integrated early childhood data system represents one-of –a-series of strategic steps that the State of New Hampshire (NH) is taking to document successes and improve the state’s early childhood programs and services in the areas of health, early learning and family support.
📷The Early Childhood Data Collaborative (ECDC) (, a nationwide organization that that provides tools and resources to encourage state policy change and provide a national forum to support the development and use of coordinated state early childhood education (ECE) data systems, states the objective of developing an early childhood data system is to “close the achievement gap by preparing all students to succeed long before students enter a classroom.” Research shows that differences inchildren’s abilities appear as early as the first year of life, and that targeted interventions during the early childhood years can narrow the “school readiness gap” so that all children enter kindergarten ready to succeed in school and life.Ensuring that data are accessible and that stakeholders have the capacity to use data appropriately, coordinated state early childhood care and education data systems to promote data-driven decision making and to improve the quality of early childhood and workforce programs, increase access to high- quality early childhood programs, and ultimately improve child outcomes. To achieve these objectives the ECDC has identified 10 fundamentals for a high-quality ECE data system.
Unique statewide child identifier.
Child-level demographic and program participation information.
Child-level data on development.
Ability to link child-level data with K-12 and other key data systems.
Unique program site identifier with the ability to link with children and the ECE workforce.
Program site data on the structure, quality and work environment.
Unique ECE workforce identifier with ability to link with program sites and children.
Individual ECE workforce demographics including education and professional developmentinformation.
State governance body to manage data collection and use.
Transparent privacy protection and security practices and policies.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Keep an eye out for the graphic novel ‘Gender Queer’ in your school library or high school health classes.

It’s on a ‘recommended reading’ list for adolescents and finding its way into high school libraries near you!

Graphic illustrations of gay oral sex among other questionable items.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Africa shifts towards a cashless society, the distinction between fintech startups and traditional banks will be blurred.

And another post from her:

So Deutsche Bank calls cash a dinosaur ..
Over the next five years, we expect mobile payments
to comprise two-fifths of in-store purchases in the US, quadruple the current level. Similar growth is expected in other developed countries, however, different countries will see different levels of
shrinkage in cash and plastic cards. In emerging markets, the effect could arrive even sooner. Many customers in these countries are transitioning directly from cash to mobile payments without ever owning a plastic card.
Digitalisation will give businesses extra incentive to smooth the payments transition. For starters, when customers are comfortable with a payment technology, they tend to think less about how much they spend. Furthermore, as the data gleaned from payments becomes increasingly valuable,
payment fees will approach zero. Business-to-business transactions will also benefit. Currently, corporates wait almost 70 days for payment from business customers. The number one reason for this is inefficient internal processes which lead to payment delays, something digitalisation can fix.
We can deduce much about the future of payments from developments in China where the country is developing world-leading digital payments infrastructure. There, the value of online payments is equivalent to three-quarters of GDP, almost double the proportion in 2012. Today, just under half of
in-store purchases in China are made via a digital wallet, way above the levels in developed markets. As China (and India) develop electronic, crypto, and peer-to-peer strategies, the epicentre of global economic power could shift. China is working on a digital currency backed by its central bank that
could be used as a soft- or hard-power tool. In fact, if companies doing business in China are forced to adopt a digital yuan, it will certainly erode the dollar’s primacy in the global financial market.
Many are sceptical about digital currencies citing the large energy needs and point out that currencies such as bitcoin and Facebook’s libra have encountered significant regulatory hurdles. Yet, if the growth in blockchain wallet users continues to mirror that of internet users, then by the end of the decade, they will number 200 million, quadruple the current level. This will be encouraged by governments, banks, corporates, and payment providers who all stand to benefit from the digitalisation of payments. And when countries and companies eventually look back at the way they transitioned to digital payments, it may become very apparent how they achieved their standing in the world economy .

And yet anohter post from her:

In 1912, the same year that the American Chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce was founded in the U.S. the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace opened an office in Paris, France.

And yet another post from her:

Common Core Diva Lynne ” this morning’s interview on education & the USMCA. Connecting documents prove the education is all about jobs/economy. But what happens when the job puts you in “time out”? Just another step toward that global workforce. A citizen wake call, like none other.”

isn’t it interesting that AFL-CIO and International Teamster Union was invited to a committee hearing to give recommendations for USMCA and the comment was made ” more union members ” and we must not forget banks gave recommendations as well.. Of course it was also stated Google , Facebook , and Amazon would likely to benefit from USMCA

And some replies to this post:

Because we all know how Google, Facebook, and Amazon never benefit from any elitist organizations….(snark). I mean, just look at all the taxes Amazon pays! I mean they pay zero federal taxes, that’s how much. While Google does not technically avoid taxes, they do end arounds. As for Facebook? Taxes? What taxes? They are the golden children of the NWO

Chalk another one up to the greeeaaat orange tiger

Though we in no way deserve it -may God be pleased to grant us repentance and revival and turn their schemes back on their own heads!

Oohh lala.. 176,000 jobs? Oohheee baby. Now consider that Trump.said ( on the video that got blocked) that he wants to bring in foreign workers because ‘they are smart’. Hmmm..i wonder who will be assigned to all the grunge jobs. What about the people who havent finished highschool or gotten a GED?

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Citibank, the New York-based global bank, has launched a $150 million impact fund with an expressed interest in funding #workforce development companies that measure social impact.

And another post from her:

Davos: A tech CEO and a tech pessimist debated hackable humans, #AI.

“Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei and historian Yuval Noah Harari spoke in Davos about the future of technologies and the rise of digital surveillance. Harari warned companies and governments can essentially “hack” humans. Zhengfei downplayed the US ban on Huawei.

For Harari, the age of rival investment between the US and China in Artificial Intelligence should worry us all.

“On the most shallow level it could be a repeat of the nineteenth century industrial revolution, when the leaders had the chance to dominate the world economically and politically,” he said. “I understand the current arms race as an imperial arms race…You don’t need to send the soldiers in if you have all the data on a country.”

From the geopolitical to the personal, the age of digital surveillance also threatens what it means to be human and free, Harari warned.

“The point is when you gather enough data on people, you get to know people better than they know yourself. Are we at the point where companies or governments can hack millions of people, that means they know my medical history, personal weaknesses?”

But how do you hack a human being?

“You need a lot of biological knowledge, enough computer power, and enough data about me. You can hack my body, my brain, my life, you can reach a point where you know me better than I know myself,” he said….”

And some replies to this post:

We just went to Disney. My husband, an IT professor, was appalled at the AI they use. Sending me photos from rides we went on that I never asked for. Some were of us and others not. The AI stuff is scary and I’m glad people are speaking out.

That is creepy. So when you go to Disney, expect your kids to be subject to facial recognition and AI. yikes

And yet another post from her:

While you were sleeping, corporate bureaucrats and millionaires launched a #workforce plan for the world. Davos
and the Reskilling Revolution:

“Speakers: Ivanka Trump, Marc Benioff, Adrian Monck, Peter Hummelgaard, Ahmad Belhoul, Saadia Zahidi
January 22, 2020

Almost twice as many jobs can be created than lost by the Fourth Industrial Revolution – if people have the skills to take advantage of the opportunity. In order to meet this new demand, the World Economic Forum today launches Reskilling Revolution, a multi-stakeholder effort to provide enhanced education, skills and better jobs to one billion people in the next decade. Find out how we will do it here…”

And some replies to this post:

Yep, been saying it for years. Not surprised globalist Ivanka was there. And folks think we’re being protect d from socialism.

Thanks Lynne. For folks wondering, USMCA is the recent US trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

It’s a long document and as Lynne points out, does impact education and workforce. (and data sharing). Likely not many people (myself included) are fully aware of what it does; a few excerpts : “Of interest to stakeholders in many sectors, particularly services industries, are USMCA’s new international data transfer provisions,” ….”The agreement would establish commitments to open flows of data, which would positively impact a wide range of industries that rely on international data transfers. ” ….”The agreement would establish commitments to open flows of data, which would positively impact a wide range of industries that rely on international data transfers.”

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:


I apologize for the bad language references. I post this only to illustrate how completely inappropriate some of the resources are that are being recommended to students.

Informed and In Charge, the CSE curricula being used in the Lynn public schools lists the Scarleteen website as a resource that teachers can refer kids to. Follow the link below for a document called “F*ck Me!” that kids can download from the site. Students are instructed to write down various things about themselves, including their sexual preferences.

Here’s some of the content:

“I have a fondness for f*cking…” kids can list the kind of people they like to have sex with.

Under a page about sexual activities kids can record sexual things they like to do… “someone spanking my butt with an open hand,” “using my hands on someone’s penis,” “using a sex toy by myself,” and “oral sex with someone’s mouth on my vulva.”


And some replies to this post:

Omg! What grade is this? — not that it’s appropriate for any age!

this is a web resource recommended to kids in middle and high school.

Who confirmed they are being sent to this site? I am SO disturbed I am having the hardest time here. Really?????

we asked the Lynn school district for the name of their curriculum and they gave us false information. We were having a hard time getting accurate info, so we sent a public records request by an attorney. They then sent us the entire curriculum, 650 pages. I am going through it and I also have a national organization evaluating it. The Scarleteen website, where I found the content above is a recommended site for students to visit that is listed in the curriculum.

is that part of the new state curriculum?

there is no one new state curriculum per se, but rather a specific type of curriculum that has been approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, called Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). There are many CSE curricula being used already in MA public schools. Some of them are PP’s Get Real, Our Whole Lives, Making Proud Choices, Informed and In Charge, etc.

if the Sex-Ed Mandate is signed into law, CSE curricula will be mandated for all schools who teach sex ed. Parents can still opt their child out, but as you can see, with the amount of sexually explicit material included, kids will still be exposed through peer relationships.

I can’t, just can’t! They are fabricating this to be the truth of Christianity/Church! Straight from two horns and a flaming tail. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Where did you find these statements on sex and Christianity? I presume it is not part of the sex ed curriculum?

it’s on the Scarleteen site. I am beside myself that teens are being directed to this… It is beyond sickening.

I just went on that scarleteen website and they sell sex products on it!! I’m beyond sick!!!

I have a 7 yr old in Boston public school. It’s already starting. I can’t wait until next parent council meeting. A lot of these parents are SO Uninformed.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:
I went to sign my son up for kindergarten OUSD and this:

Here is a post from a Washington anti-radical sex ed page:

HB 2184 mandates comprehensive sex ed in all schools starting in kindergarten in accordance with the recommendations of an unelected and unaccountable work group. At Thursday’s hearing one of the work group members said the lessons on reproduction for younger students were basically “dogs have puppies, cats have kittens, things like that.”

These pages were taken from the curriculum sent to the representatives on the House Education Committee. This lesson is for kindergarten. Does this look like they’re talking about puppies and kittens?

And another post from this page:

⁉️Did you know⁉️

• In WA state a girl at ANY AGE can get an abortion without parental knowledge or consent?

• Your 13yr old can go to the doctor and be treated for STI’s, receive birth control, mental health services and gender services, all without your knowledge or consent-but that YOU will be responsible for the blank bill your insurance sends you?

• Our legislators are currently proposing 2 bills which could put access to these services directly on your kids school campus?

There is a Senate hearing this Friday at 8 am in Olympia allowing for public comment on one of these bills (SB6279). Come and be heard! We are not glorified babysitters!! These are OUR kids and we do not need schools colluding with our government to kick us out of their lives. We know it’s a work day. We know it’s early. But we know our kids are worth it! Come out and wear green!

Urgent Action! HB 2288 is being heard in the House Education Committee Monday the 27th at 1:30pm. Call your representatives and the committee members with your objection and attend the hearing if at all possible. This bill would authorize health centers to be placed on school campuses (think Planned Parenthood.)
Legislative Hotline to your representatives: 800 562-6000

And yet another post from this page:

SB5395 which will mandate comprehensive sexual education in all schools has passed the Senate along party lines.

Start calling your House Representatives now. The bill heads there next for a vote out of committee (it already passed here once) and then to the floor where the majority’s party will likely pass it unless they have a massive response from parents saying they DO NOT want CSE mandated.

Legislative Hotline 1-800-562-6000

And yet another post from this page:

THIS is why we do not want health clinics on school campuses or associated with schools. This local teen’s high school health clinic got her a taxi and sent her get an abortion during school hours.

Tell us why it is not considered medical malpractice to perform a procedure on the most vascular part of a woman’s body and then send her home with not a single person knowing that they need to keep an eye out for signs of complications?

We do not need our schools coordinating with health clinics to keep us parents out of our children’s lives.

And yet another post from this page:

Now this from the Office of Population Affairs! Then why are public schools teaching students K-12, ALL sexual behavior is good as long as it is consensual? And they brag their approach is medically “accurate and age appropriate.” According to who?
“The most reliable way to avoid sexual risk is to delay the onset of sexual activity and to be in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner.2 The population approach to sexual health should be a risk avoidance message. Optimal sexual health messages should be family-and community-centered, age appropriate, and culturally informed. The messages should be provided in a context that increases opportunities for individuals to thrive and empowers them to avoid sexual risk. While optimal physical health remains a primary focus, it is important for all public health models to promote the balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.”

And yet another post from this page:
FLASH wants your 4th, 5th or 6th grade child to go home and do an internet search for: penis sizes, small vagina’s and wet dreams.
As a parent, we have a lot of questions. Let’s start with, “What were they thinking?”
Just what exactly do they think will pop up when kids search those things? Did OSPI look at the curriculum before they accepted Kari Kessler, an author of FLASH, as a member of their work group?
Or do they support the idea of directing minor children into situations where they could encounter porn? How exactly did they expect someone who authored a CSE curriculum to be unbiased when it came to deciding if it should be mandated in all of our schools?
So many questions but they all have the same answer: this is not appropriate for kids and a big fail on the part of the adults tasked with keeping them safe.

And some replies to this post:

My 4th grader is learning about this this year! My 7 th grader came home and told me about all of these positions and body movements and no warning they were learning this! I’m livid

Lake Washington school District

I guess not on Mercer Island yet? My both kids had survey in 6th grade asking if they have problems having sex… parents need to rise up. I wrote a letter demanding answers, I wish I was not the only one..

omg seriously! The wordings! I feel they are pushing them into this!

Bingo! We are run by pedophiles.. just look at the Epstein coverup who didn’t kill himself 5 month ago

It’s amazing that the Washington state legislature claims to want to teach our kids that no means no, and yet when the parents are surveyed and 60% say no, when thousands of constituents turn up at hearings and town halls to say no, our legislators somehow hear “yes”.

And yet another post from this page:

“Setting aside the partisan undertones and absurd billing dilemmas, passing SB 5889 into law has reinforced stigmas surrounding mental health care and weakens instead of strengthens families by teaching it is necessary to keep secrets. And for anyone struggling with a mental illness, strengthening ties to family and community is critical to successfully living a healthy life. No secrets. No surprises.”

And yet another post from this page:

When parents and medical professionals in Florida raised concerns about the safety and medical accuracy of some of the statistics given in Teen Talk (a curriculum currently on OSPI’s “approved” list”, the ACLU sent them a letter:

“…the ACLU sent our district a letter stating that, “Parents do not have the right to dictate what curriculum is used or what information is provided to students in public schools. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit has ruled that parents do not have any constitutional right “to prevent a public school from providing its students with whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise, when and as the school determines that it is appropriate to do so.””

And yet another post from thie page:

They really hate when we question their authority and want to have an input when it comes to our kids.

“An Indiana school district is under fire for writing a policy that parents and the ACLU say is a violation of their First Amendment rights and an attempt to shield the board from legitimate criticism. The North West Hendricks School Corporation’s “Parent Code of Conduct ” says parents shall not “use Facebook or any other Social Network to make rude/offensive comments towards individual staff members or the school in general.” It goes on to outlaw the use of “Facebook or any other Social Network to campaign against or fuel outrage against individual staff members, the school, or policies implemented by the school or district.” If a parent is in violation of these rules they can be banned from school property and events, according to the policy.”

And yet another post from this page:

“Under the U.N.’s voluntary sex-ed regime, kids just 5-8 years old will be told that “touching and rubbing one’s genitals is called masturbation” and that private parts “can feel pleasurable when touched by oneself.”

This report was released in 2009 by UNESCO and authored by former SIECUS director Nanette Ecker and Dr. Doug Kirby, a research scientist with ETR. This is comprehensive sexxx education.

Even at that time, parents and educators expressed their concern about the appropriateness and necessity of teaching kids these subjects. But the government has paid them no mind and has pushed this harmful program all over the world.

Now they want to teach it here.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

“In fact, the women offered to purchase the property but the owner refused. Agreeing to an equitable arrangement with these individuals would put their con game and profits on shaky ground.” Global hedge funds don’t want people to have control over their own shelter. Instability is foundational to pay-for-success financialization of poor communities. The rental housing market is in bed with HUD pushing vouchers that will be contingent on prescribed NGO “pathways” that generate “impact” data. Thank you Oakland moms for your sacrifice.

Here is a post from a friend fo mine:

[ If I remember correctly Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment System is to be implemented between the years 2020 -2022, at least that is their goal – Ryan Zagone who is a representative of Ripple is a member of the Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board. Zagone is a member of Better Than Cash Alliance , which we know this organization is connected to the UN. Ryan works with financial institutions, regulators and central banks on infrastructure and faster payments initiatives. Prior to joining Ripple, Ryan focused on payments and banking technology at Deloitte and worked on financial regulation at the American Bankers Association.]

“In the next 12 months, you’ll see IPOs in the crypto/blockchain space. We’re not going to be the first and we’re not going to be the last, but I expect us to be on the leading side… it’s a natural evolution for our company.” –
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse
World Economic Forum ,Davos

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Had our SAC meeting, we are an A rated school. Our school received close to $76,000 for being A rated. It’s based on how well and how many students take test. SAC voted to distribute evenly to all staff. If vote wasn’t approved it would go to teaching staff only. Want our teachers to get more money but it shouldn’t be this way through high stake testing.

And some replies to this post:

It’s so disappointing that this sort of thing is going on. Our kids are being sold out and the weight of the schools rating is on the students shoulders. Schools should not get money for testing well instead they should get funding and fair pay regardless of the testing scores. What is this country coming to?

Lakewood Ranch HS got just over $233,000 doe their A rating. If you ask me it’s blood money. I think of all of the hardworking Title 1 teachers who get nothing. It’s shameful.

Our teachers voted for the support staff to get 50%. It caused a huge rift and the morale declined.

Same for our school. From what I understand, the state keeps tightening the rules for what the money can be spent on. It’d be nice if the schools could vote to spend that money on school improvements, free books for kids to read (for enjoyment), supplies, outside enhancements for outside learning, etc. But the state won’t allow the money to be spent on those things.

Got it!
If I’m paying for tutoring you don’t get to have my child’s test scores.
Use the money on better training and proper programming

YES!!! DENY THESE SCHOOLS THE DATA!!!! You minimally participate by options out you have a neutral effect on VAM and the school grade. STOP allowing your children to be used as PAWNS. No one cares of your kids can do well on the FSA and iReady tests. They aren’t passing our cookies or prizes or pats on the back to parents whose kids score a 3 or better and show learning gains. If your kids scores on these invalid garbage assessments used to dismantle and destroy public education then you are complicit in the destruction of traditional public ed. We are six years in now. Excuses like, well
My kid does great on FSA, my kid always scores a five are no longer acceptable. If you go about bragging on your child’s successes on nothing but a foolish zip code test that only reminds us where children in poverty live then you are part of the problem not the solution. You don’t need use your children to determine if your school gets that bonus and how this A plus blood Money is spent. Every time you pass that data to your school and state is another nail
In the coffin of public education. It’s the same when you choose not to be a PublicEdVoter and you vote fir the same criminal legislators who own/work for charters schools and who will profit from vouchers and the Family Empowerment Scholarships.

And your president, Devos, and DeSantis were behind this too. This will legitimize your money to be moved from public ed to private religious schools with no accountability for your dollars. It’s time to become a #PublicEdVoter and vote for public ed supporting candidates before it’s too late. It’s going to take decades to overcome the damage that has been done to public education in this state. Please don’t be complicit. Stand up and fight back. It’s not too late. No one is going to engrave on your tomb stone, her/his kids always got 5s on the FSA.

Good luck. Biggest SAC meetings are always about the money and then they ghost. I wish it were different

And another post from this group:

Seminole county. My 8th grader is in a required class called iConnect. They have to take certification tests called ucertify, which is a Pearson company from what I can tell.

Teacher told kiddo that it is required that she takes these certification tests. (Exactly what are we certifying an 8th grader for?). From what I can tell…and I could be wrong…is that to maintain these certifications after they are out of school, it’s something they would pay for. Seems like they are recruiting future customers for Pearson.

By the time my kid is job hunting, honestly, what good is a ten year old certification in something that could very well be obsolete?

Anyhoooo….my main concern is this is a division of Pearson. We have opted out of iReady, iJourney and FSA.

Just checking to see if this is worth the pushback I’m sure to get if I notify the teacher of opting out.

And some replies to this post:

iConnect is SCPS way of meeting the state required Career Ed component and the district is pushing tech skills through it. The reason they want to test the kids for the certification is that the state gives additional funding for students that pass and earn the certification. There are similar classes in high school. The school admin talk about them like they are beneficial for resumes, but what job is really looking for these? I don’t know if opting out of the test itself would affect anything, but I’m thinking not unless things have changed over the last 2.5 years when I left my job at middle school.

I agree that these certifications are more beneficial to the schools then they are the students. It’s all about them getting more funding.

I was wondering too…my 6th grade 11 year old daughter brought home the same form. I opt out of Khan Academy and iReady… I wasn’t too thrilled at the lingo on the paper. Unsure what to do.

And yet another post from this group:

This law is being boldly violated in Manatee County by our Superintendent, and district administration. We are trying to reach out to families whose children have been tossed into Horizons without due process.

This is serious and it is a violation of your child’s rights. Most parents don’t even know their children have a right to due process before they are dis enrolled from their local public school and told never to come back.

The district is now filling Horizons with children as young as second grade. The district is also changing discipline codes on permanent records and are charging kids with must more severe violations and parents don’t even know this unless they go in to see their child’s permanent records. In some cases when the parents go to see their kids records, they are told the cum folders are missing.

We have at least two families now working with advocates to but I am sure we have many more out there who will need help.

Yesterday a child who had been disenrolled from a local school and assigned to Horizons went to school because his parent was not notified properly. the parent was told her child was trespassing and she had to remove him immediately from campus.

We have another family that was told homeschool your kids or they are going to Horizons. The children were denied due process and the parent was told, even if you homeschool or you take them to private school if you want your child back in public ed in manatee, your child will have to SERVE THEIR TIME at Horizons. Horizons is not a prison it is a public school.

This is happening to children who are suffering with trauma and who need schools like SABLE, not Horizons.

There is an actual multi age cluster of children from Grades 2-6 who have been sent to Horizons. Many of these children being targeted have IEPs and are in ESE classes.

Horizons does not receive a school grade and the children who attend there have no effect on the school or district grade. It appears as though this is Manatee’s new route to getting those three points to earn our A rating. They are tossing away our most vulnerable children into the alternative school and are denying these children their due process rights.

Saunders is no longer able to artificially inflate graduation rates because she was caught by the state to this appears to be the next tactic being taken by our district admin and school board.

We know that Horizons fuels the school to prison pipeline. What parents don’t know is they they have a right to due process for their children which could change the trajectory of a vulnerable child’s life.

If this has happened to you or you know someone who this has happened to we need to reach out to them. A class action lawsuit is an option. The ACLU has notified each board member and our superintendent but they are ignoring the correspondence and are also ignoring the law.

And some replies to thsi post:

I’m interested now to find out how this is playing out in Indian River. I know we have an Alternative Center for Education for high school kids, but I’m not sure exactly how it works on the elementary level.

i had no idea they started a cluster of elementary school children in our alternative school. I was shocked when I found out. What second grader deserves to go to a school where children come out damaged goods. At Horizons kids below 17 who earn demerits. I think it’s 12, then the child is sent to juvenile detention. Age 17 and older with demerits it’s off to our port authority prison. It’s just mind blowing that we have a population of throwaway children that by law we are supposed to be finding through Child Find,not HIDING. Finding not hiding does not appear to be what Manatee County is interested in doing because its much cheaper to hide the kids and fill the pipeline to for profit prisons. This can’t be unique to Escambia and now Manatee. I bet it’s the districts that know parents don’t have any clue as to their rights that use this strategy to inflate district grades. This is another reason we opt out.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Capitalism, as we know, it is dead. We’re going to see a new kind of capitalism—and it won’t be the Milton Friedman capitalism, that is just about making money. The new capitalism is that businesses are here to serve their shareholders, but also their stakeholders — employees, customers, public schools, homeless and the planet.” — Marc Benioff, Chairman and co-CEO of Salesforce

  • Note Benioff is a member of Gates Breakthrough Energy Ventures – some of the names listed are George Soros , Jeff Bezos [ Amazon] , Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg , Masayoshi Son [ founder , CEO of Softbank] , etc..

Benioff is a supporter of

Interestingly, not only is Mr. Bill Gates pushing alternate energy sources, which I’m sure he’s heavily invested in along with his other billonaire friends, but he also gave $300,000 from his foundation to help build the Energy Workforce:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Just check out the funders of this. They want to train children to code the blockchain.

Amd here is another post from her:

Tulsa Public Schools has waaaay too much of this. Just look at the School Board Agendas. You’ll see CASEL and the Wallace Foundation, among others. Combined with blockchain credentialing, which is already up and running at Union Public Schools, you have the recipe for SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING. This is exactly what the Foundations want because they have figured out a way to speculate on human capital futures.

The upcoming school board election is CRITICAL. Please vote for Kelsey Royce and Stephen Remington for the TPS Board. They will fight this! And they’ll need your support after the election as well as leading up to it. These are powerful interests that are betting on our children — so powerful that they are turning The University of Tulsa into Kaiser’s surveillance central and badge mill. But our fight is for children! If we won’t stand up for children, we probably deserve to be blockchained.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Do you use the anitvirus tool called Avast? They’ve been selling your web browsing data for years.
–>”Leaked documents, data, contracts show how hugely popular antivirus Avast now harvests internet browsing data and sells it for millions of dollars. Clients included Home Depot, Google, Microsoft. Documents show a product called “All Clicks Feed”…

And a reply to this post:

Lifelock is just as bad. I did an article on these & the free website about connecting neighbors.

Here is the Lifelock article. Norton is there, too.

Here’s the data mining with Nextdoor neighborhood service.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, Part Two of this series reveals how the USMCA embeds the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in both education and jobs. While the SDGs in our schools isn’t new, the strangling ties of the UN have been increased. Why? The more skill based education, the better your job will be.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Teaching California students about climate change may soon become mandatory. Public school teachers in California would be required to teach students as young as six-years-old about climate change under a recently proposed bill.

The bill, AB 1922, seeks to require the science area of study to include an emphasis on “the causes and effects of climate change.”

But several critics of the bill contend the effort is really an attempt to brainwash and indoctrinate students, and that the curriculum would only teach students a biased view on climate change.

“This is an effort to brainwash the kids,” said Dr. James Enstrom, an epidemiologist and researcher at UCLA, in an interview with The College Fix. “This bill that they’re promoting is dangerous.”

Adam Houser of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow, which seeks to offer an “alternative voice on issues of environment and development,” told The College Fix that “unfortunately, this bill will only teach students a biased, one-sided view on the climate change issue: that the world is ending in 10 to 30 years because of human-made CO2.”

Not only does the bill call for mandatory climate change education, but those who do not complete the climate change requirement in high school will not be eligible for graduation.

“Climate change education will be a coursework requirement for students in grades 1 through 6, and a graduation requirement for students in grades 7 through 12,” California Assemblywoman Luz Rivas, a Democrat who represents a swath of Los Angeles, stated in a news release.

The bill seeks to require the graduating class of 2025 to fulfill this requirement, which means the curriculum would be implemented for the 2021-22 school year, the bill states.

“Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old activist, ushered in a new energy to the climate movement. Our youth are ready to join the solution,” Rivas stated. “As our federal government takes a step back from environmental protection, California and our children are stepping in.”

But not everyone’s on board.

“The agenda for the schools already is biased in terms of what they’re teaching,” Enstrom said. “This is another effort to get them to believe in something they are unfamiliar with.”

Bill Evers, a senior fellow with the Independent Institute, an Oakland-based nonprofit, non-partisan, public-policy research and educational organization, said the effort appears to be an attempt at indoctrination.

“Back in the late 1990s, the California science content standards were carefully designed to teach students the science so that they could understand and evaluate rival global warming claims,” Evers told The College Fix. “Policy conclusions were not to be taught. Now California legislators want to require that students be indoctrinated in such conclusions and turned into advocates and activists.”

Judy Yee, a spokesperson for Rep. Rivas, could not be reached for comment Tuesday and Wednesday by The College Fix seeking clarification on what curriculum would be used to teach on climate change, whether other causes to climate change besides man-made impacts would be addressed, and how the lawmaker might respond to the bill’s critics.

Houser said in Europe and other places children have been subjected to so much “scaremongering” on the topic that there have been spikes in anti-anxiety therapy sessions.

Houser said the issue, however, is not settled science.

“There’s a whole lot more to the story, and research from scientists like Dr. Roy Spencer, Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. William Happer, Dr. Richard Lindzen, and Dr. David Legates, who question how much of climate change is really driven by CO2 from human activity, should have just as much of a say in the curriculum as climate alarmist studies,” he said.

“… This bill would bring that disruptive and irresponsible educating approach directly to American students.”

AB 1922 may not only change education standards for California, but could potentially have a ripple effect on blue states like New York, Massachusetts and Michigan.

Including climate change in school curriculum is also expensive. If adopted, AB 1922 would require the implementation of local state-mandated programs and new educational materials.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Eden Prairie parents are reporting that Eden Prairie Schools are allowing presidential candidates to contact students directly through their school emails for campaign contributions. The first report (copied emails below) comes from an EP elementary school. IT directors are charged to set filters to block incoming 3rd party emails. Or are they? Who authorized these emails that were sent to minors? Did the district sell student email addresses to various campaigns?

Sharing and selling student data is abusive. Who else within Eden Prairie Schools is selling information? Remember, when one entity (say, the Bernie Sanders campaign in this case) receives a students’ school and/or school information, that information can be shared through various networks of organizations and individuals across the country and across the world. Very dangerous!!

At first, the email only had the student school email. Then, when confronted by a parent, the IT director changed it to their actual names, ie. Bobby Smith.

Eden Prairie. Senate District 28 and homeland (Orono) of Bill and Aimee Guidera. Aimee heads the Data Quality Campaign and Bill, SVP News Corp, now 21st Century Fox, and Microsoft (also Microsoft lobbyist) and former director at Center of the American Experiment. I just read he picked up another gig at Netflix. He has multiple vice presidencies. 2 very wealthy and strong individuals who work against the people. (I am told that Aimee made a comment on social media earlier this morning that it was just a huge mistake.

And some replies to this post:

Hmm… the district sells student email addresses to the candidates the district supports? Asking because I don’t believe for a second that this was an accident

Email addresses are generally NOT part of Directory Information and not shareable without consent. Wonder if these parents have read their school’s Directory Info policy or better yet, had opted out .
…FERPA violation.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is what Marc Benioff and Ivanka Trump are working together to create .
In January of the coming year, the Forum’s founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab, together with 3,000 notables from around the world, will discuss the evolving notion of “stakeholder capitalism”, aiming to help governments and institutions track their progress towards meeting the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement and the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to join forces on the contentious issues that technology and trade governance present.

Benioff and Ivamka:

While it’s impossible to gauge Benioff’s political allegiance, it is worth pointing out that the CEO is a noted hat aficionado, often donning a fedora for public appearances. Here he is with former President Bill Clinton this past October in a similar (possibly the same!) hat at the one pictured above:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

And another post from her:

Marc Benioff, Peter Thiel and others invest millions in The Ocean Cleanup

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Oh my. Ravitch pandering to impact investors peddling RAND research on “community schools.” Such a fraudster.

And some replies to this post:

its another hijjack of a good idea that gets morphed into the neoliberal agenda…because if we reject it we look like we are rejecting the genuine version of it, and most people don’t realize the authentic original idea has been modified to suit an corporate agenda. This is how charter schools got blindly supported for so long and how restorative justice is being commodified …. and yes community schools.

She knows. By now most people should know. She is a shill for liberal hedge funds and tech.

we are still fighting battles begun in the 50’s…. I fear the newer social impact and tech stuff will be deeply entrenched before it seeps into the broader social consciousness. Human beings seem to quick to “react” but not to take action, if you know what I mean. Efforts for radical change are subverted at every turn

She got involved in Denver Public Schools board elections this past November. She endorsed the milquetoast candidates. Such a shame – we had some great candidates!

See my comment re truancy near top in context of this article on truancy as impact metric and Kamala Harris’s program of arresting parents.

Please take a look.

And this NYC Strategic Plan from deBlasio : Data sharing and private sector funding raises concern.

And another post from her:

The wheels of technocracy cloaked in “faith” are moving swiftly. You know those plans to move unhoused people to church parking lots??? The poor are raw material for investors like Dell and Arnold. Pretty sure the Dallas Fed and United Way have their hands in this, too.

This is where this goes.

And yet another post from her:

The Wildflower Montessori franchise is putting sensors in the shoes of toddlers to track them as digital domesticated livestock. They see dollar signs in tracking and predicting behavioral compliance.

It’s surveillance folks.

And some replies to this post:

Wildflower is Walton.

Walton is supply chain management. It’s not really about lettuce at all.

Americorps will supply the youth to oversee these “montessori” operations in the future. It’s all part of the larger Corporation for National and Community Service agenda. The Social Innovation Fund that backs pay for success is a partner program with Americorps. And you’d never know unless you are in the rooms with the people setting up this monstrous system. It all looks so nice until you scratch below the surface a bit.

i found this lady tied to some group called Cambridge Hill. Looks like she’s tied to both Wildflower and StriveTogether, among other groups:
Frances McLaughlin is a dynamic executive with extensive experience leading and growing entrepreneurial non-profit, philanthropic, and for-profit organizations, primarily in the education sector. Since 2017 Frances has worked as an independent consultant and coach. Her clients include Asante Africa Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Equal Opportunity Schools, the Ford Foundation, Pahara Institute, StriveTogether, and Wildflower Foundation.
From 2009 through early 2017, Frances was the Chief Operating Officer and then President of Education Pioneers where she was responsible for developing the team and implementing the organization’s strategy, expanding the organization’s geographic footprint and impact. Prior to joining Education Pioneers, Frances was a senior director at The Broad Foundation, a Los Angeles-based venture philanthropy, where she was responsible for the foundation’s investments in organizations that build leadership capacity in public education.
Frances previously served as executive vice president of the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), a nonprofit organization and market leader in the fields of study abroad and international student exchange. Over the course of her 10 years at CIEE, she served as Chief Operating Officer of the organization’s largest division, managing operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States. Prior to CIEE, Frances was the director of North American marketing and sales for EF International Language Schools and worked as a regional director at Teach For America.
Over the past 10 years, she has served in an advisory capacity to Bellwether Education Partners, Ed Fuel, FSG, HadaNou Collective, Mass Insight, and Project Basta. Her past volunteer board service includes the Waring School, the First Religious Society (UU), School Leaders Network, KIPP: Massachusetts, and CSIET.

Education Pioneers is also tied to both StriveTogether and Wildflower:

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is what the TU and TPS overlords have in mind for the future of “education.” It’s not education at all. Rather, it’s a program that tracks behavior and the tasks that each person completes through the Internet of Things.

Have you seen the proliferation of advertisements for adult learning? The reason for this is that the billionaires are anticipating massive unemployment as AI disrupts traditional sectors of the workforce. Lawyers, postmen, secretaries, doctors, teachers, drivers, even policemen are just a few of the professions that will be obliterated by the steely computer robot forces.

So what to do with all those shocked, vulnerable people (people who might have weapons unless the billionaires can repeal the 2nd Amendment!)?? Create a universal badge credentialing system to fix standard requirements for any given job. Then have everyone compete against each other to earn the most or best badges through lifelong learning ed-tech. This keeps people busy, isolated, poor, and depressed. So that they won’t cause trouble. This is where we’re headed, and we can’t opt-out. We can fight it now, or resign ourselves to the hamsterwheel.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Rosemary Stein MD

Parents: $150 million spent on the failed Read to Achieve program. $ 6 million spent on a no bid contract for iPads after Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson’s junket to Apple HQ. Another $1 million spent on new testing software to prove that your North Carolina kids can’t read.

The reading scores have DECLINED under Superintendent Mark Johnson and the North Carolina Board of Education. Yet, here they are arguing over whether a third grader who can’t READ should be passed to the forth grade or kept in third.

North Carolina is still using the failed Sight Word curriculum. This inferior curriculum was designed by failed teacher and communist John Dewey. It was forced into North Carolina using the Common Core curriculum.

During his campaign, Mark Johnson promised to get rid of Common Core. As Republican Mark Johnson took the maximum political donation from Democrat Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and his Teach for America daughter, he did not keep his campaign promise.

These people are on your payroll. They have failed spectacularly in the job of teaching your children to read and perform math as evidenced by the test scores.

Teaching children to read is not that difficult. It requires a proven Phonics curriculum. It also requires leaders who put the education of your children before political donations.

You are going to have to take your civic duty to vote seriously. The primaries are upon us.

To save America we must save one child at a time. Join the cause. Invite a friend.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radicla sex ed group:

MANSFIELD PARENTS – We have confirmation that the Rights, Respect, and Responsibility (3 R’s) CSE curriculum by Advocates for Youth is being taught in Mansfield Public Schools for grades 9-12. 3 R’s is a K-12 curriculum for ages 5-18. It has been reviewed by and has been found to contain all 15 harmful elements used to evaluate sex ed curricula. Read this document for a full analysis and to read quotes from the actual curriculum.

Here are some quotes from the curriculum:

“While we use the terms ‘male’ and ‘female’ when referring to particular anatomy (the ‘male’ or ‘female’ reproductive systems, for example), it is important to remember that someone can have a penis even if they don’t identify as a boy or a vulva even if they don’t identify as a girl.” (Grade 5, Lesson 1, p. 1)

“Max and Julia spend a lot of time together now that they’re a couple. When they find some private time alone, they like to kiss a lot. Max really wants to do something more, and so the next time they’re alone together, he tries to pull Julia’s shirt up and reach for one of her breasts.” (Grade 6, Lesson 3, p. 4)

Crossword puzzle clue for ‘clitoris’: “My only function is that I feel very sensitive when I’m touched!” (Grade 7, Lesson 1, p. 4)

“Malik watches porn sometimes when he’s home alone and is nervous about whether he’ll know what to do.” (Grade 8, Lesson 2, p. 7)

“Ask students, ‘When do you think someone is ready to have sex – either oral, vaginal or anal – with their partner?’” (Grade 9, Lesson 7, p. 1)

A video about sexting is shown on YouTube. The host says that if both parties consent to it, “sexting is just another aspect of normal human sexual behavior.” (Grade 10, Lesson 5, p. 1)


Students are directed to the following websites

(Grade 6, Lesson 7, pp. 1 and 16)

Homework: “Have students visit

and complete the three questions on their homework worksheet.” (Grade 8, Lesson 1, p. 4)

Homework Instructions: “Answer the questions below, using any of the following three websites. Be sure to include the link to where you found the information!

(Grade 9, Lesson 9, p. 8)

Student Handout: “Accurate and Reliable Sexual Health Resources for Teens: • – Sexual health information written by teens, for teens • – Sexual health information on a wide range of topics • – Sexual health information for gay, lesbian and bisexual teens • – Information about preventing STDs and safeguarding sexual health • – Information to find Planned Parenthood in your community • – Sexual health information including birth control and STDs” (Grade 10, Lesson 7, p. 8)

And another post from this group:

Fitchburg Public Schools is using the Get Real curriculum, they do have an opt out form we received it today from our seventh grader.

And yet another post from this group:

This group is so important! I wanted to share some things I learned from an experience I had when challenging the school district regarding inappropriate curriculum. In our case, children were engaging in Buddhist meditation and MBSR under the guise of mindfulness. It was pretty big news and caused a lot of controversy in our community. Whether you agree with if this should be taught, is not the point of this post. What I learned through that process is. What I learned is 1) Most parents truly do not know what is going on so keep sharing 2) Even when admins and those in leadership and lawmakers know something is not right, they are more likely to fix it behind the scenes and never admit to it, rather than publicly say it and admit it 3) Sometimes ensuring an opt out provision (opt in would be better) is an acceptable win 4) People are quick to say and type things but mobilizing actual people is a real challenge 5) The squeaky wheel gets the grease and 6) Crap rolls down hill. When you make something someones problem, especially at the top, it trickles down and change eventually happens. 7) Don’t give up. 8) Get on your local school boards and school councils (not pto – which is fine too, but these two have more influence). It can influence the culture of the schools. While I understand that much of this is legislative in nature at the local level push back is also essential.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota’s Cradle to Grave: When Government Wants Children at Its Center. Executive Order 19-34, ‘Placing Children at the Center of Government’ Have you noticed the high number of legislators who are resigning early and party replacements quickly stepping up? Are you noticing the Minneapolis 2040 plan which will remove single-family homes and, later, cars; the Minneapolis Schools’ Redesign Plan along with the Cruz-Guzman lawsuit, a desegregation lawsuit, brought by Minneapolis parents and which has implications for the 7-county Metro region?