Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 29

This is part 29.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

You know when you are calling your doctor’s office or insurance and it says this phone call may be recorded for training purposes … and you are cranky (okay I am cranky) when you have to repeat yourself three or four times . “MEMBER, I said MEMBER. No, my date of birth is …. Please let me talk to a human! Operator!” Well, I never thought of this, but what could possibly go wrong if they used algorithms to analyze your voice? Take for instance this professor who uses AI to detect depression in your voice. hmmm. (I immediately think of the k-12 students whose voices are recorded when using online edtech curriculum/assessments in school. ie: NWEA MAP reading tests for 3rd graders. Can this voice data be analyzed? )

And this professor doesn’t stop at algorithms to predict depression. Nope. She is into using AI and BigData for lots of ethically questionable stuff like :

*Sensor-Data Fusion for Multi-Person Indoor Location Estimation. (estimating the location of people as they move and work in indoor environments– because some people don’t carry smart phones or any other “wearable” device with GPS location trackers)

Improved A1C Levels in Type 1 Diabetes with Smartphone App Use (App for Intelligent Diabetes Management (IDM), which serves as both an insulin calculator and an electronic diabetes diary whose data can be analyzed)

or more voice analysis
A novel approach to virtual patient simulation using natural language processing

There are lots more examples and this is only one lab/professor. AI and algorithms can and do and will analyze anything / everything. But who is regulating these algorithms for fairness, accuracy, ethics, security, and privacy? Who is making sure the data are not repurposed, re-shared, not sold to brokers? No one. and this is a problem when you have bigdata folks like this professor who says we need to share the data.
“This data cannot leak, but somebody has to access the data and make use of it. Absolute security guarantees uselessness,” said Stroulia. We need a legal and ethical framework to address data privacy issues, she added, especially since data is now part of almost all of our activities.Most disciplines collect data. We’ve had a technological advance that completely breaks open the types of data we can collect and the problems we could be addressing,” said Stroulia.”

And another post from her:

As Silicon Valley, social impact investors, CASEL applaud and rejoice.
“Social-Emotional Learning
SEL in the House: Democrats Approve Millions in Landmark Federal Funding for Social-Emotional Learning in Bill That Now Faces Test in Senate
By KATE STRINGER | July 9, 2019

In what’s been described as a landmark investment from the federal government in social-emotional learning, the House of Representatives approved a spending bill last month that included $260 million in funding for what it calls “whole child” initiatives within the Department of Education.

The funding is divided into four areas:

  1. $170 million through the Education Innovation and Research program to provide grants for evidence-based innovations that support students’ social, emotional and cognitive well-being;
  2. $25 million to support teacher professional development, which comes through the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant program;
  3. $40 million for the Full-Service Community Schools Program to support students’ and families’ holistic needs; and
  4. $25 million for School Safety National Activities to add more school counselors, mental health professionals and social workers who are qualified to work in schools.

“Research shows that building the capacity of students to develop social and emotional skills, and take responsibility for their community, can reduce bullying, violence, and aggressive behaviors, making schools safer,” the House appropriations committee wrote.

What Is Social-Emotional Learning and How Does It Affect Kids?

The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) applauded the funding.

“I think we definitely see this as a political landmark in thinking about how to support children in their social-emotional and academic growth and developing skill sets students will need to be successful,” said Nick Yoder, director of policy and practice at CASEL.

CASEL credited Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), chair of the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee, for championing the funding. DeLauro, in turn, said the initiative was inspired by the work of James Comer, a professor of child psychiatry at Yale University who helped transform schools by focusing on child development in addition to academic learning.

“I am proud to have provided funding for a landmark federal investment of $260 million for social-emotional learning in this year’s Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education funding bill,” DeLauro said in a statement to The 74. “Congress must invest in proven strategies that will help our kids, and I will not give up in the fight to make that a reality.”

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) has been a longtime advocate for social-emotional learning, pushing several bills during his time in the House and helping to support its inclusion in the reauthorization of the Every Student Succeeds Act. From Ryan’s perspective, this moment shows that social-emotional learning is gaining acceptance and that people are starting to understand its importance. But, he added, there’s still progress to be made.

“It really is a turning point,” Ryan said. “But we’ve got a long way to go — we’ve got to get this bill through the Senate and there’s a lot of people around the country who have not been exposed to [social-emotional learning].”

Amid disagreements about raising spending caps with both House Democrats and the White House, the Senate has yet to pass its own spending bills. Time is running short, with just a month to go before the August recess and three months to go before the end of the fiscal year and another possible government shutdown, Roll Call reported.

How a Democratic-backed spending increase for a not-well-understood educational approach will fare among pressing issues like defense spending and raising the debt ceiling is a big question. But the concept of social-emotional learning is becoming more mainstream. Ryan has made it integral to his 2020 presidential campaign, and, in another first, he addressed the topic at the June 26 Democratic debate, demanding social-emotional learning and trauma-based care in every school.

“[Social-emotional learning] tells kids how to handle stressful situations, how to handle conflict better, how to have empathy, how to work on a team, how to best resolve conflict with their friends, their peers — these are all qualities we want kids to have,” Ryan told The 74. “By addressing the social-emotional needs of kids, you see an increase in test scores because they’re able to access parts of the brain that they need for learning.”

Social-Emotional Learning Boosts Students’ Scores, Graduation Rates, Even Earnings, New Study Finds

Social-emotional learning has drawn attention from policymakers, teachers and funders across the country over the past decade, as research has found that teaching students skills such as self-regulation, compassion and collaboration can improve not just test scores but also graduation rates as well as lead to better mental and physical health as an adult. Recently, an Aspen Institute convening of 200 researchers, educators, students and parents released recommendations for how schools can better support the whole child.

Yoder, who travels the country talking with state educators and policymakers about social-emotional learning, said he’s also seen a growing interest in the topic from the business community, which is concerned with hiring employees who are good at collaborating and communicating.

However, some people caution that educators should not prioritize social-emotional learning above academics, especially in schools that are performing poorly. They also recommend that SEL be implemented with rigor.

“SEL will be counted as a dismal failure if it encourages educators to settle for pillowy paeans to ‘happiness,’ ‘self-esteem,’ and ‘inclusivity’ at the expense of harder things such as character, ethics, virtue, and civility,” Chester E. Finn Jr. and Frederick M. Hess wrote in a publication for the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank.

Funding for social-emotional learning was just one of many items included in a large package of appropriations bills for fiscal year 2020. House Democrats passed the bills 226 to 203, voting along party lines, with seven Democrats joining all the Republicans in voting no.”

And some replies to this post:

I see that most folks are out chasing what’s left of the American Dream and are “too busy” to take much notice, much less dig and see these Trojan horses, and soon they’ll be wondering what the hell and when did all this happen. I still catch myself lighting myself on fire but it doesn’t seem to do much. God wins, thank Him!

Maybe good can come from this… social emotional learning and whole child pedagogy is inherently good. Why not try to use this to our advantage?

Flipping their agenda would require that local schools control assessment and accountability policies. Since local schools can’t regain control over those things unless they give up federal funding, a locally-controlled SEL program won’t happen.

our NH state constitution also requires that the standards be tested. So even if the feds pull out, states may have it in state statute.

Corporate reformers steal it all from teachers and make it their own in troubling ways. I hear you! it makes me mad.

it happens over and over again and we, the teachers and parents, just let the good dissolve into the bad. And thus, our profession is gone. Language is a very powerful thing.

Those same Silicon Valley Execs don’t allow their kids to be apart of this.

if it is tied to accountability it is dangerous. And unlike math or reading test scores, SEL is subjective and often hidden. Think about the explosion of AI and use of meta data to profile and predict kids. ie: the NWEA MAP gives all students a separate “engagement score” based on how fast kids answer–and doesn’t matter if they got the question correct. Gates has already used this NWEA engagement score, tied it to pii data and survey answers to predict problem areas in kids’ future. WHO is making sure these SEL algorithms, data, predictions are accurate, fair, transparent, not misused? NO ONE. Canvas is using AI and monetizing student data. Google and Pearson are using AI, Personalized Learning is and data badges go hand in hand, to give corporations and employers, colelges a 3D view of the student… can the student even see or control what this SEL score is? College Board is giving every student an adversity score that they cannot see.
We all think China’s Sesame Credit is Orwellian and creepy. What is the difference here? Why would we be okay with scoring children’s emotions?

Under Essa, non-cognitive indicators CAN be used for accountability. And Aspen CASEL Commission mission was specifically to standardize SEL factors for “holding schools and districts accountable under the Every Student Succeeds Act.”

They will be developing behavioral badging. People need to think beyond our present situation.

we already have behavioral badges.

I guess I feel like all data is tied to accountability in one way or another. What you buy, where you go, what sites you visit, whether you punctuate, what meds you take (or don’t), whether you exercise, what you post on social media… we are all on lists and predicted and our data is bought and sold. You would think children should at least be a protected class.

We know child data is fuel for the Heckman equation.

all the data about you that I mentioned in that above post can be used to put you on a list for insurers, price fixing, Facebook’s patented social credit score. WSJ goes into it a bit. ⦁ What You Pay for Life Insurance Could Depend on Your Next Instagram Post (or gym fitness tracker)

⦁ Data brokers buying and selling your personal information

Forget Facebook’s data-sharing.
New technologies make it possible for companies and institutions to passively track your emotions and health.

they will embed certain character traits into the state standards and add them to the accountability system. Regarding SEL, I say address it, don’t assess it.

But we have to understand that there is tremendous growth in tele-therapy and digital medicine. My fear is that this will be linked to PFS Medicaid leading to children being diagnosed and treated with snake-oil digital interventions to profit impact investors. Once it’s embedded in schools, HIPA protections don’t apply. Also it puts families at risk for having their children taken away if they won’t comply with recommended protocols. It will be truly devastating and people just don’t the amount of power behind this. These are very twisted people.

It is a sad situation. Home visits tied to schools, and community schools (family surveys,in school mental health etc) bypass HIPAA and the data can be used / shared without permission and could be used to negatively impact families and children. These programs are being rolled out with no opt out, no control over personal data.

totally agree. Part of the way we stop this is if parents can connect the two. Most will hear character traits and be fooled into thinking we need to bring that back into the schools to bring civility back into our culture. They need to see that these character bills and character ed boondoggles are access points to be able to extract the data. If I say SEL is bad, I get shut down. But if I can say it in a way that promotes the organic way teachers address social-emotional issues (which they instinctively do) it helps them see the slippery slope created with assessing SEL. I know…I’m dreaming. This beast is so vast.

regarding home visits…I thought it was interesting how Ballmer phrased this:
“The earlier you get after the problem, the better. Truthfully, you need to really get all the way back to pre-natal care. A lot of the toxic stress that builds in moms and their kids can come in vitro. You really want to catch the mom as soon as you can, and the kid as soon as you can. From conception to kindergarten is a very critical period. And home visitation programs and the like, the key there is to try and drive Medicaid and you get into a place where child care/pre-K education is important.”

SEL is all over the place with programs. Many parents and teachers think it’s great. They don’t see the threat of the online assessments. Baffling. I have never understood character education. Never liked it as a teacher. Was concerned about the Josephson (Character Counts) disparaging study that claimed kids were essentially dishonest. This stuff permeates into the classroom based on the idea it will improve student behavior. Where’s the proof? Along with the data collection, parents should worry about the academic class time wasted.

Here’s the thing, there’s a good argument for helping children with this and it falls under SEL. Speak out against SEL and there will be someone who criticizes that you’re not in favor of assisting children who have undergone trauma.

Just another fix-it education gimmick. All smoke and mirrors. Education MUST stay broken in order for companies to make money off it. As long as the money is flowing we will be subject to more smoke and mirrors.

ACEs scores = profiling for impact investing. It is a “score” for a reason. That reason is to turn vulnerable children into commodities for speculative global markets

Trauma is the fuel for impact investing. They need an unlimited supply of children deemed cheaply “fixable” according to the data dashboards to reap their profits.

Thank you for sharing your post. I believe it. But if one opposes SEL, some educators and parents will argue its good for one reason or another.
Addressing trauma in school is one of the most difficult to argue against. I recently wrote and anti-SEL post and I was accused of not trying to understand students. I argued about data collection etc. but support has been established for SEL and some parents and teachers think it’s great.
I recently visited a college library and was stunned at all the books about SEL. It’s seen as a huge positive transformation of schools as you likely know.

What, I wonder is the long game going to be? Utopia, Distopia, or another short run before it is abandoned for the next hot topic? Or something I haven’t thought of yet?

Data-based Dystopia.

I found a SEL event that involves race baiting and other things of that nature that is set for next month and is partnered with Seattle public schools:

Some group called Road Map Project also appears to, at the very least, be helping to promote the above event:

I also found that the CDC itself was supporting and pushing the whole child/SEL agenda through some framework called Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC):

NYC schools will soon be jumping onto the SEL bandwagon:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

CUSD used student money to make a $285 Donation to Hillary for America. CUSD POLITICAL ADVOCACY using tax payer funds?

I Found this researching $33,180.00 payment to William and Karin Greenblatt- What is going on here?

GREENBLATT, WILLIAM AND KARIN $33,180 July 17, 2019 Board Agenda

And another post from this group:

I know that the progressives are training public schools to treat transgender kids with hormones and to take them for transitioning surgery behind parents’ backs, but does anyone know of a case where this has actually happened?

I apologize if I misspoke! I hope I am wrong about schools being able to legally help kids to transition to another gender. But if they are not doing it now, I bet they will be in the future. If they are able to take 12 year old girls to get abortions without their parents’ consent, what would prevent them from helping kids to transition behind their parents’ backs. I believe that Planned Parenthood, LGBT activists, and the ACLU are training schools to encourage kids to become a different gender if they want to.

And here are the replies to this post:

I can tell you this much…my Grandson is 20…when he was 18 Medi-Cal paid for hormone therapy. He now has breasts because of it and has many suicidal bouts.

Medi-Cal does pay for hormone therapy and the local health depts will hook them up. The health dept is family plannings other hand.Starting at the age of 12 and parents will have no clue. It makes me sick.

That’s complete bull crap. Should be against the law.

In California, children 12 years old and up have Sexual and reproductive rights, as well as confidentiality protections. They can receive “sensitive services” without parental notification or permission. The state even allows them to use their parents’ insurance and they cover it up so the parents don’t know their child used it. They also have a right to leave school grounds to get those services without being marked absent and without parental notification or permission; plus teachers are not allowed to deduct points if they missed class work, they have to allow them to make up missed work at full credit.

I have a friend whom I was telling that schools are doing this. Her daughter is an administrator at a high school in Fullerton and was a teacher there before that. Anyway, my friend said that she finds it very hard to believe that schools can take transgender kids to clinics so they can be treated with hormones, etc behind parents’ backs. She says that schools have to be very careful and don’t want a lawsuit from the parents. I told her that government-run schools can legally do this and that it is happening, as far as I know. She believed me when I told her that 12 year old girls can be taken for an abortion without their parents’ consent, but she still doesn’t think that they can help to change someone’s daughter into a son, or vice versa. So I was wondering if there is an actual case where this has happened that I can point to. I remember at one time reading about a court case where the parents lost their rights because they would not support their daughter’s decision to transition. But has anyone heard of a school actually taking a child to get puberty blockers or hormones?

so when you say that kids can receive “sensitive services” without parental notification or permission, does that include getting hormones and reassignment surgery?

and if there is a emergency on the school grounds you go two pick up your child but he/ she isn’t there and they cant account for your child then what lame excuse do they have?!

I was told in my district that every school has its own “plan of action” if a parent shows up when the child is gone

These poor kids are getting this stuff pushed down their throats and so many of them end up regretful and then suicidal. And the LGBTQ movement only pushes them further.

So sad. Now they want to pin the blame on people of faith who have the guts to say “NO, this isn’t OK.” So, we give kids carte blanche to do whatever their underdeveloped hearts and minds desire and they’re still committing suicide at higher rates than ever. How’s that working out for them? 😔 Kids needs boundaries. Kids need parenting. And kids need people who love them to say, “NO!” No judgement from me. Just a broken heart and many prayers lifted up daily. I’m going to add your grandson to my prayer board

I’ve followed ya’ll from Ohio, but haven’t been on in awhile. This post just stuns me….can you BELIEVE that this is even something that parents must deal with, that there are people out there pushing such evil things on the children of America, and they are our fellow citizens (well, plus those in the UN and around the world). This is crazy and evil!

The schools are packed with people who are influencing the kids and waiting for the smallest opportunity…like a child doubting his gender…they will swoop him up and they are on their way. They are waiting like vulchers.

Not exactly this situation but here’s a couple of articles where schools have crossed bounds. Like vaccinating a child without parent permission or even telling them

Schools pressure parents to the point parents feel they either choose to treat the kids with meds or face child abuse charges. To deny a child hormone meds is evidently abusive.

Mom in Texas had it happen to her college age daughter.

watch this video, this is my county and teachers/district staff are actually being coached by attorneys about how to lie to parents about send students off campus for abortion/contraception services etc

Its so sad seeing this happening:(I was 12 when we came to America ,my parents brought us here for freedom of religions and believes!When they where doing paperwork,they where told “in United States nobody will not touch your beliefs or force anything)So sad seeing everything changing!!I hope we all can stay strong together and fight for our kids !

please shed some light here. Santa Ana has a gender transition plan for students.

YES they have gender transition plan in place. Under Ed Code 48205 it doesn’t list every single medical procedure that is allowed. It only states medical, dental, chiropractic and so on. The law is vague for a reason.

Ed Code 48205 requires schools officials to excuse students from school to attend confidential medical appointments. The school cannot require that the student have parent or guardian consent in order to attend the appointment and cannot notify parents or guardians
ED CODE 46010.1 requires school districts to “notify pupils in grades 7-12 inclusive
and the parents or guardians of all pupils enrolled in the district, that school authorities may
excuse any pupil from the school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services without the consent of the pupil’s parent or guardians.
ED CODE 48205(a)(3) An absence for confidential medical services is an “excused” absence, which defines which absences are considered excused, states that absences for “medical, dental, optometrical, or chiropractic services” are to be excused.
ED CODE 44808, school districts and their employees are not held liable for student injuries that occur outside of school property except in very limited circumstances. These limited circumstances include if a school district, board, or person has (1) provided a pupil with transportation to and from the school premises ……

You didn’t misspeak. Teachers aren’t doing the transporting but they can refer kids to school counselors and administrators who will either provide the transportation themselves or call and make arrangements for it from a 3rd party.

I thought I read that family planning and health dept will fill in for teachers who refuse to teach a class. But I dont have any idea where I saw it.

I haven’t read any comments, but someone posted recently that the CTA wants legislation that would permit that very thing!!!

I saw it too.

And another post from this group:


And another post from this group:

When my daughter was in elementary school, she checked out a library book that came from a popular children’s series. The very first page was awful. I emailed the librarian about it and she asked me to bring it in to look at it. I also let the principal know about it. The principal agreed to pull the entire series from the library. While I appreciated the great response, I was sad that other kids might have been exposed to this and that the books weren’t fully vetted to begin with. Then when my daughter went to high school, the library books were so much worse! My daughter pointed out some of these things to the librarian. The librarian didn’t care and she would just tell my daughter to find something else to read. It’s up to the parents to see to it that our children have access to appropriate reading material because the some schools clearly don’t care.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Tell me again that student data is safe.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

The latest DC grasp on education impacts all ages/grades. No joke…

“…would you wait 4 or 5 years to enact your household budget or a family emergency plan? No! You’d make sure once you set a budget you’d immediately begin going by it.

Not so with our federal government’s involvement with education. Nope, ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) was passed in Dec. 2015, we’re not far from its 5th anniversary. As federal laws go, especially for education, ESSA’s set to be re-authorized and funding extended in 2020.

One huge bone of contention about ESSA was the phrase ‘supplement not supplant’. (This was also in ESEA, Elementary and Secondary Education Act. ESSA is the re-authorized version of ESEA.)

Because Sec. DeVos has recently completed a new non-regulatory ‘Supplement, not Supplant’ guidebook for SEAs and LEAs (State Education Agencies, usually your State Dept. of Education) and Local Education Agencies).

The bottom line: While the document is supposedly a guideline, the language in ESSA is more of a mandate. Where will we most likely see ‘supplements’ in education? Title One funding, my Warrior friends. Title One, as we know, via ESSA, was made over to cover EVERY student, not those in the most need, as Title One was originally to cover. Title One funds, via ESSA, are to be used to label and categorize mental and behavioral health of EVERY student in the community, not simply the public school system.”

And another post from her:

Here is a reality check- The merging of SEL and College and Career
Common Core-aligned standards and assessments are the perfect storms for the elimination of parental rights. Please take note of the number of CPS calls in Austin ISD alone.

And the replies to this post:

You know there is movement to change some of the requirements to allow CPS to open a case on their own without any complaint. It is correct about parents rights being dissolved before our very eyes…because “it won’t be me, I’m a good parent”…..From the conversations I have heard CPS is “concerned” regarding the number of children “being taken out of the system” i.e. home schooling—because—there is no one with eyes on these children so more likely need us….concerned for the future.

Never is it addressed as to why there is more suicidal behavior. Could it be the curriculums they are promoting and that SEL is the reason? I know the english curriculum has become very dark (in high school). Guess they are more concerned over keeping this data mining train going and continuing to sell out kids and families.

They’re not just collecting data. They’re creating it. What can be measured can be manipulated. Hence the dark curriculum to desensitize them.

I still strongly submit that it is this confounded “sex education” that is the root cause for all this dysfunction among so many teens today. All else is secondary at best.

I’m still trying to find in our State’s Constitution where it says the required ‘free education’ includes walking all over parental, and student, rights. Can someone PLEASE explain how our legislators came to the conclusion it is their job to mess with our kid’s heads under the guise of educating them?

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Parents: In the 70’s, there was no pre-k. Kindergarten was not universal, and it was optional when available. Yet, nearly all kids left first grade knowing how to read.

Several government studies have demonstrated no lasting benefit in children enrolled into Head Start. These studies have spanned nearly a half a century. The medical reason is that children of this age are not developmentally ready to learn a curriculum. We used to know this before ‘Child Development’ was removed from mandated courses for aspiring teachers.

The difference between then and now is curriculum. In the 70’s most schools were using Phonics and Classical Math. Today, they are employing the failed Common Core curriculum of Sight Words and New Math which have been proven to be inferior. If you want proof, just look at our 3rd and 8th grade competency scores in Reading and Math.

The ‘Education Elite’, disciples of failed teacher and communist, John Dewey, continue to try to fix what they broke. Hey, Superintendent Johnson, maybe we should go back to the abacus. It can’t be any worse than what you are doing – reading with the $5 million dollar I Pads, the proven failure of the $150 million Read to Achieve program, and shifting to unproven digital education.

Here is the whopper quote of the day. ““Too many of our students are coming to us unprepared and we spend 13 years with them playing catch up, and that’s not a winning formula,” Davis said.”, ““If you could think of ways that our state could marshal its energy and commit to delivering to Mark’s teachers students in kindergarten ready to learn, his teachers will take care of them, and they’ll graduate, and they’ll be ready to go work in your businesses.” “

No, we do not need universal pre-K. We need a curriculum that has been proven to work, and teachers who are trained to implement that curriculum. What is new is not better.

To save America, we must save one child at a time. Join the cause. Invite a friend.

Here is a post from the page Educray:

Data Deletion Week 🍏

For Maryland lawyer Bradley Shear, his push to protect the data privacy of children became an obsession three years ago when his son, who was in the second grade, was accused by a teacher of googling a profane song in class.

Mr. Shear was convinced his son landed on the webpage by accident, but it brought to mind a troubling question: How long would this incident stick to his son’s digital record?

Starting next month, he won’t have to worry about it.

Mr. Shear convinced his son’s school district to wipe clean most of the digital data that the school and its largest outside vendors keep on more than 162,000 students starting as young as kindergarten. It is among the first school districts in the country to schedule an annual purging of student data.

Mr. Shear, who wants “Data Deletion Week” to go national, says he is worried that information stored on distant servers could come back to harm children who make mistakes on social media or with the apps that have become ubiquitous in classrooms.

“I’m a big believer in having a bad day,” he says. But “we’re entering a phase where there’s no such thing as a second chance” as universities and prospective employers are mining more digital clues when making admissions and hiring decisions.

Data generated in the classroom is becoming a heated front in the battle over digital privacy, but privacy experts say the issue is more complicated than it might seem.

“Nobody wants a mistake to follow a student for life,” says Amelia Vance, director of education privacy at the Future of Privacy Forum. Internet histories—what students have searched for that might reflect their innermost thoughts or questions—particularly aren’t useful, she says.

Many school districts have hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors that collect data through apps or online curricula and most are just now beginning to catch up to the proliferation of new tech tools, Ms. Vance says.

The digital data kept on students can help learning by improving the effectiveness of the software and helping track the performance of students over time. These benefits are minimized if the data gets deleted every year.

And another post from this page:

TEA has a $10M contract with Safal Partners 🍏

Mukta Pandit is president of Safal Partners Inc., one of the premier education consulting firms in the nation. She has led multiple engagements with federal, state, foundation and non-profit clients including the U.S. Department of Education, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Texas Education Agency, and Houston Independent School District. Mukta is currently serving as project director for the National Charter School Resource Center.

Prior to founding Safal, Mukta was with the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation for five years, where she led the foundation’s expansion efforts in U.S. education and launched international giving in India and Africa. Prior to MSDF, Mukta was an engagement manager at McKinsey & Co. Prior to McKinsey, Mukta served extensively in Information Technology.

And yet another post from this page:

Massive surveillance effort 🍏

Civil rights, disabilities groups urge Florida to stop building student database they call ‘massive surveillance effort’

More than 30 advocacy groups are urging Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to stop developing a database of detailed information about students that is intended to prevent school shootings, saying it could harm young people rather than protect them.

Citing reporting by Education Week, the coalition of 33 civil rights, disabilities, privacy and education advocacy groups said in a letter to DeSantis (see text below) that the database in development is part of a “massive surveillance effort.”

“We are deeply concerned that the program will be used to label students as threats based on data that has no documented link to violent behavior, such as data on disabilities or those seeking mental health care,” the letter said.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

“We are freeing up Colorado school districts to innovate by removing the bureaucratic barriers to innovative learning opportunities. Now districts won’t be penalized for exploring work-based learning apprenticeships, competency-based learning projects, capstone projects and other creative ways to engage kids and prepare them for success!”- CO Gov. Jared Polis

And another post from this group:

1:1 devices are being expanded to K-5 in Orange County Florida schools. This is the sales/spin pitch from the district, complete with the happy voice presentation.
So angry and sad for our littles.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Here’s some of the data NV was storing, forever, on NV children in 2016, it’s likely more data now. In addition everything Infinite Campus (IC) collects on our kids is stored forever, and parents can not easily access the most harmful (to our kids) IC data.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

It’s all for control…

“This will involve testing the facial and object recognition system to make any necessary adjustments. District officials will be looking at camera angles and lighting and doing training.”

“In addition, district officials will engage in conversations with local law enforcement to coordinate responses in the event the system detects an issue that requires the issuance of an alert.”

“We’ll just work through those things,” Bradley said. “

Here is what someone shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group


Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Is FLASH sex ed curriculum being used in any of your schools? I have it in its entirety, if anyone’s looking.

And here are the replies to this post:

From what I have heard our school is using Flash 😤 Thank you for posting this!

What grade is this?

It depends, it’s being used at a friend’s middle school in Texas, super conservative district. In California, it has shown up in elementary school but I don’t know which age exactly.

😡5th grade!!!

First. Who fn cares about you sex life? Keep in the bedroom. Second I am so glad I was never FORCED to think about Abraham Lincoln sex life. Thrid I read that they choose a Mayor from San Francisco who was convicted of raping/sleeping with teenage boys.

Write an LGBTQ book report ?!?!?!?! 😡

I’d love to see it, more than 20 counties of the 55 in WV are using Flash. I’m just getting involved and I’m trying to expose this and bring awareness to the parents here. The Wise curriculum is also being used, it’s Planned Parenthood based too.

Looks like the evil publisher Pearson is phasing out print textbooks:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Another data breach of a vendor widely used in NV. I wonder who will tell NV parents; let me guess… NO ONE!

California public schools have hit a new low:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

At the intersection of technology, artificial intelligence and humans comes neuralink and as early as next year!! Adults and Kids: Are you ready to personally join the internet or stand up and refuse?

“Neuralink described a “sewing machine-like” robot that can implant ultrathin threads deep into the brain.

The company is hoping to begin working with human subjects as soon as the second quarter of next year. …Like artificial intelligence, the idea of inserting a device into the brain that would allow speedy communication between humans and computers veers quickly into science fantasy.

In his 1984 science-fiction novel “Neuromancer,” William Gibson posited the idea of something he called a “microsoft,” a small cartridge directly connected to the brain via a socket to provide a human user with instant knowledge, such as a new language.”


Here is a post from Educray:

Profit-taking enterprise 🍏

This video about the program specifically mentions the Heckman equation and the 7-13% return on investment in early childhood interventions at timestamp 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Let me make this perfectly clear: while such programs are portrayed as benevolent, they have been developed first and foremost to channel global investment capital so as to generate guaranteed rates of return for financiers at the expense of the masses. As such, these “evidence-based” interventions will NEVER eliminate poverty, because its continued existence is a precondition for the proper functioning of social impact profit-taking enterprise.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Multiple Universities in United States suffer Data Breach

June 18, 2019
Universities in the United States have recently disclosed data breach incidents that exposed personally identifiable information of students and working staff. The three universities, Graceland University, Oregon State University, and Missouri Southern State University, stated that unknown intruders made unauthorized access to some of their employees’ email accounts.

The exposed information included, students’ full name, social security number, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, parents/children, salary information, and financial aid information for enrollment.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

‪I think there’s an agenda behind ‘mental health’ screening & awareness. Moving us towards the state assessing mental fitness using arbitrary measurements that most likely serve a political purpose. Florida is mirroring Andrew Cuomo’s initiative in NYS. #UNIBROW #MythOfTheRedState‬

And a reply to this post:

If they say it is one thing it is always another.
In 6th grade kids are not astute enough to understand differences to determine if something is mental illness or not. But the “signs” they are given will be enough to destroy families.
This should be fun.
I will never forget when my kid in around first grade was told if I spanked or yelled at him he could call the police on me, he told me this after he had done something i was sending him to his room for.. i told him to go ahead and call the cops but by time they got here they would have a reason to arrest me..
Schools (government) does not know how to teach kids properly on certain things.

Looks like not only is the evil American Library Association talking about how to sneak the Drag Queen Stuff into public libraries, but they are also scheming how to sneak it into school libraries as well:

The robed tyrants strike again:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:


IF YOU ARE A TEACHER, tell your senator you can not/will not teach under these conditions.

IF YOU ARE A PARENT, tell your senator you will home school, leave California, promote sit outs, opt out, do anything to protect your child.

IF YOU ARE A CONCERNED CITIZEN, tell your senator you are working very hard to break the strangle hold of the CTA, the party in power, that you are telling everyone to whom you talk to VOTE THEIR VALUES, etc.

IF YOU ARE A RELIGIOUS LEADER, tell your senator…(you probably already know what to say.)

IF YOU ARE AN ATTORNEY, tell your senator AB 493 comes close enough to compelled speech and may be unconstitutional.

FINALLY, IF YOU ARE SICK AND TIRED, MAD AS H–L, COMPLETELY FED UP, call your senator and tell him/her/whatever… Just do something.


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, would you want to live with a constant enemy? Would you like to see your home turned into a tool for the CCSS Machine?
What happens when workforce housing moves into our towns. *A follow up article to yesterday’s Agenda in America.

And here are the replies to this post:

Visit Saratoga Springs NY…It is already here. They are building faster than they are renting. It is crazy. Many business spaces and apts. are still empty.

agreed. I am facing losing some of my property & possibly my home with in, in the name of IZ.

So now they are threatening to take away the custody of children over school lunch debts:

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

I haven’t said much in public about multi-million dollar ed-tech corporation Istation’s threats of legal action against me and two other North Carolina educators up to this point. But since the media has now published those threats I thought they deserved a response.

And another post that was shared in this group:

ALERT! Teachers and parents of NY!
NYSED attempts to radically weaken NY Student privacy law to allow for the selling of student data

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

RI commissioner seeks permission to take over Providence school district! Guess she doesn’t know that state takeovers don’t work!!

I found, according to an article at the pro-family 500 Mom Stronger site, that a teacher in Washington state was fired for mentioning to a co-worker that she opposed the Drag Queen Story Hour. Apparently, though she hadn’t known it before, the principal of her school was gay and did drag. Not only did he fire her for the crime of wrongthink, but he also threatend to try and charge her with a “hate crime”:

Looks like the State College School District in Pennsylvania won’t let parents see the sex ed standards. That’s usually a sign that there’s something bad in them that they don’t want exposed.

Oregon is also pushing the gay agenda in schools:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group, albeit from back in May:

Update for San Luis Obispo county specifically Paso Robles and Atascadero district. Both are in lock step with each other in regards to the curriculum and opinions of the updated framework. The curriculum they use and WILL continue to use is to meet the minimum of the State law healthy families act in 2016. They have reviewed the new framework and have rejected all of its recommendations unless required to do so by law. I am currently reviewing every word and every video of the curriculum from K to 12. They have updated the curriculum back in 2016 and have zero plans to make any changes. In regards to gender identity studies etc, from what understand the majority or all is in relation to history teaching and their “contributions”. I was told there is no gender identity teaching until 7 or 8 grade, I was told flat out that the law does not require the above in kindergarten. The framework does, but the law does not. I’m a little confused about that part since everyone says otherwise. Santa Barbara county on the other hand has FULLY embraced and adopted the framework as its written.

Watch out for the flag hate in the Amherst, Massachusetts schools:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is 💩 !! iStation – owner of iReady (online “personalized” learning) is THREATENING TEACHERS with legal action if they speak against their product.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Again, the only to protect your kids is to keep them from logging into “education” software!

Oh we’ll see about that Lefties! This isn’t over yet! Not by a long shot!

I found a post from this Breitbart article:

How Courts Are Dis-empowering Parents & Pushing Transgender Agenda

Recent developments in America’s courts and legislatures have brought home a reality that I discussed in this space last summer: Transgender activists seek to undermine parential rights.
Transgenderism is part of a movement that is hostile to traditional family life. The traditional family is based on the idea that the needs of children are supplied by parents with rights and responsibilities to meet those needs.
While the state can interfere in cases of abuse or neglect, generally protecting parents’ freedom is the best way to ensure that children are well provided for.
Wherever the state deals with children, such as in schools or in foster care, there are bound to be conflicts between parents and the state. This conflict in the sphere of education is why transgender activists spend much time trying to reform the way schools educate.
The state has greater power over foster parents than over birth parents because the state has assigned children to foster families, and it oversees the care they give. Transgender activists are sure to use those conflicts to spread the assumptions of the transgender movement.

Two developments—one in California and one in Delaware—in the past few weeks point toward greater developments in the spread of transgender ideology.
A bill has been proposed in Californification to extend state regulation of foster parents. Foster children are already provided access to medical and dental care, which helps defray the costs of foster parents. The proposed law would extend that state benefit to include “gender-affirming health care and gender-affirming behavioral health care” if the child, the foster parents, the state-appointed child advocate, or a lawyer asks for such treatment.
The gender-affirming care may include hormone suppressants and sex-reassignment surgery. Any attempt to treat a child consistent with his or her sex at birth would not be supported. The law blesses efforts to respect and affirm the child’s “non-assigned” gender identity.
Regulating foster parents is an easier wedge for transgender activists than going directly after parental rights.
Some recent court decisions suggest that this movement may go beyond foster parents. In Ohio, parental rights were transferred to grandparents when a court ruled that the parents were not “transitioning” their child, which the court deemed the right gender-related health decision.

Delaware indirectly undermines parental rights. The Deleware secretary of education released proposed anti-discrimination regulations that guide schools in how to provide reasonable accommodations to those who identify with a gender different from their “assigned” sex.
As an example, students can participate in the sports teams that are “consistent with the student’s gender identity regardless of the student’s assigned sex at birth” or change their names on their diploma.
The secretary also set up a process whereby the school is to recognize a new gender identity (and, for good measure, a new racial identity). Schools begin the process by discussing the change with the student and asking if the parents are “supportive” of the child’s self-identified gender or race.
Parents need not be consulted, if the student reports that the parents will threaten the child’s “health, safety, or well-being.”
Courts, schools, and legislatures that enable children to have autonomy over their medical decisions undermine parental rights and ultimately undermine the power necessary to raise and love children.
If children are able to define abuse and neglect, parental power is deeply compromised. This is precisely what transgender activists want. Those interested in the long-term viability of family life must resist those changes wherever they arise.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group in response to an article about the California career pathways scheme:

You can opt out of the computerized education. sure you can’t stop the schools from logging your address etc into the system, but you can opt your kids out of the computerized education by NOT allowing them access to the computer. In CA the schools have to provide paper and pencil and real live text books (via the Williams Act). Your child isn’t required to complete assignments online either. They don’t have to log into the computer if you don’t give them permission to be on a computer. My kids are opted out of the “computerized education”. BTW, don’t teacher realize that computers will put them out of a job? When you can pack and stack the classroom with 60 to 1 ratio…yes, coming soon to the school room with computers on every desk, cut your cost by half (approximately) in terms of “labor cost”…that’s what’s coming to a classroom, likely high school first…if it’s not being done already in some district as a pilot. Remember opt out of the computerized education. To be sure your kids won’t be behind…that’s a ridiculous argument…they educrats like to use on parents. The educrats already opt their kids out by not allowing them to attend schools with computers. Bill Gate and Steve Jobs sent their kids to school that did not use computers. Why? Because they know something you and I don’t…computer for the masses…but for the classes of rich…no computer necessary.

And another post from this group:

RE: [name redacted]’s important post about California building a data system to track California’s children. Please see the attached map from the Education Commission of the States…. California is actually behind most other states in building their integrated data system. Please know that you will not move out of CA and avoid this tracking. Under Common Core’s data-surveillance reforms, this is what’s happening in EVERY state.

To add to the data surveillance, assessments were nationalized in 2015. This means that the major assessment companies agreed to become data interoperable. This means that ALL STATES are being pushed into a national, sexualized K-12 curriculum through data oversight.

I’ve posted this video presentation here before (see link below), but I hope more California parents will watch it AND SHARE IT. In it, I’ve tried to explain how Comprehensive Sexuality curriculum was always part of data systems reform. States’ school grading policies ensure that schools have to, eventually, integrate CSE into all subjects (unless they forfeit federal funding). That’s what the data systems are monitoring for—compliance.

Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

ACTION: Call your US Rep and Senators. Say no to DeVos’s scheme and Cruz’s S634

As I tried to warn folks (along with many others) about the dangers of ESAs, vouchers, tax credits and charters and got no where; perhaps this information will do the trick. I have often stated the REAL agenda of Charters is to privatize education and destroy elected representation. The REAL agenda of vouchers, ESAs, tax credits for business is how they will get ALL students in ALL education environments under the federal umbrella (and regionalized). They have worked at the state level for years to get these schemes passed in order to make them federal programs. In the end parents have no choice and no voice. Choice of location but not what our kids are taught was not part of OUR bargain but it has been THEIR bargain all along. Betsy DeVos comes to TN to “convince” TN legislators to get on board along with her team that has infiltrated the Lee administration. CHOICE that is paid for by the state or federal government is not choice. Once they pay they make ALL the rules.

PLEASE read this carefully and understand what is taking place. Then share it with your friends, neighbors, teachers, and elected officials. Through their ignorance (or their greed) they have sold our children.

Anita Hoge created a shortened version that is 2 pages long, 1 page of discussion points and 1 page of solutions. If interested send me a MESSAGE with your email address.

I found this a while back. We’ve already seen these tactics used in Canada against Christian institutions and I’m sure they’re working on it now to go after our accreditation if we don’t bow down. I feel that’s their sweeping move to wipe out the last resistance: sure you can homeschool or go to a private college or school but if you don’t go with our agenda, no accreditation, no diploma, no job.

On December 12, the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce approved a sweeping GOP overhaul of higher education. While dubbed the “PROSPER Act,” about the only thing that would “prosper” under this bill is the ability of colleges and universities to use religion to discriminate. Several proposed provisions violate the core principle that religious freedom guarantees us all the right to believe (or not) as we see fit—not the right to discriminate against or harm others. In a letter sent prior to the committee vote, People For the American Way, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, and more than forty other organizations called for removal of the discriminatory provisions. You can download our letter, with footnotes, here.
Dear Chairwoman Foxx and Ranking Member Scott:
The undersigned civil rights, faith, religious freedom, LGBTQ, and reproductive rights organizations write to express strong opposition to Sections 115, 117, 495(c), 496(7), and any other provision of H.R. 4508, the Promoting Real Opportunity, Success, and Prosperity through Education Reform Act, that would allow the use of religion to discriminate. We support amendments to strike these provisions.
Religious freedom is a fundamental right, protected by our Constitution and federal law. It guarantees us all the right to believe (or not) as we see fit. But it doesn’t give anyone the right to use religion as an excuse to discriminate or harm others. These provisions would violate this core principle.
These provisions are designed to permit religious student groups and religiously affiliated colleges to disregard the rules, including bars on discrimination, all other schools and groups must follow. These broad, unwarranted, and unfair exemptions from laws and policies would result in taxpayer-funded discrimination.
Colleges and universities often have nondiscrimination policies that require officially recognized student groups to allow any student to join, participate in, and seek leadership in those groups. These policies ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to participate in student groups at public colleges and universities and that the schools do not subsidize discrimination with tax dollars and tuition fees. In a 2010 case, Christian Legal Society v. Martinez,1 the Supreme Court upheld one of these policies against claims that it violated the constitutional rights of a Christian student club.
Section 115 would create a special exemption just for religious clubs that would allow them to ignore such nondiscrimination rules and policies. As a result, it would force state schools to sanction and subsidize discrimination.
This section bars federal, state, or local government from taking “adverse action” against colleges and universities if doing so would have the effect of “prohibiting or penalizing” the institution for actions that are “in furtherance of its religious mission.” This sweeping provision is modeled after the highly controversial First Amendment Defense Act (FADA), and in many ways is broader and more harmful.
Under this provision, colleges and universities could claim a right to ignore laws and policies that conflict with their religious beliefs. It threatens to undermine nondiscrimination protections at the federal, state, and local level and could harm LGBTQ people and women the most. These institutions could claim a right to discriminate against a woman who uses birth control or who is pregnant and unmarried, a man who marries his same-sex partner, or someone who gets divorced, just to name a few examples.
The right to believe is fundamental; the right to discriminate—especially with taxpayer dollars—is not.
In order to be an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act, a college or university must be legally authorized by a state to offer post-secondary education. This section, however, permits religious institutions to escape that requirement: it declares them eligible to serve as an institution of higher learning if they are “exempt from any provision of State law” that requires these institutions to be authorized as a “religious institution.” The effect is to permit them to operate as a college or university solely because they are religious institutions.
Current law requires accrediting agencies to “respect the stated mission of the institution of higher education, including religious missions.” In 2008, report language stated unambiguously that this provision “does not change or alter current accreditation requirements . . . for the enforcement of nondiscrimination provisions.”2
This section of the bill, however, would create a sweeping exemption that would allow religious institutions to skirt accreditation requirements, including nondiscrimination provisions. The provision would bar an accrediting agency from applying a standard if the religiously affiliated college “determines that the standard induces, pressures, or coerces the institution to act contrary to, or to refrain from acting in support of, any aspect of its religious mission.” Thus, if the religiously affiliated college says an accreditation requirement—including nondiscrimination requirements for admissions, housing, employment, or student retention—interferes with what it says is its religious mission, it can still maintain its accreditation.

  • * *
    We support amendments to strike all of these harmful provisions that are intended to create far-reaching religious exemptions. These provisions would result in discrimination and harm, and thus raise serious constitutional concerns.
    Advocates for Youth
    American Association of University Women (AAUW)
    American Atheists
    American Civil Liberties Union
    American Federation of Teachers
    Americans for Democratic Action (ADA)
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State
    Anti-Defamation League
    Catholics for Choice
    Center For Inquiry
    CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers
    Clearinghouse on Women’s Issues
    Equality California
    Feminist Majority Foundation
    Human Rights Campaign
    In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda
    Lambda Legal
    The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
    Los Angeles LGBT Center
    Mazzoni Center
    Medical Students for Choice
    NARAL Pro-Choice America
    National Abortion Federation
    National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF)
    National Black Justice Coalition
    National Center for Lesbian Rights
    National Center for Transgender Equality
    National Council of Jewish Women
    National Education Association (NEA)
    National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH)
    National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health
    National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund
    National Organization for Women
    National Partnership for Women & Families
    National Rural Education Association
    National Women’s Law Center
    NEAT – the National Equality Action Team
    New School for Social Research
    New Ways Ministry
    People For the American Way
    Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    Pride at Work
    Religious Institute
    Reproductive Health Access Project
    Secular Coalition for America
    Secular Policy Institute
    Secular Student Alliance
    URGE: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity
    Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics, and Ritual (WATER)

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Palantir is the 800-pound gorilla of data analytics. It has created a massive surveillance apparatus …Palantir is big. But being the biggest player in the market doesn’t exactly encourage quality work or accountability.

Multiple problems have already been noticed by the company’s numerous law enforcement customers — including the company’s apparent inability to responsibly handle data — but complaints from agencies tied into multi-year contracts are pretty easy to ignore. Palantir says it provides “actionable data.” Sounds pretty cool, but in practice this means things like cops firing guns at innocent people because the software spat out faulty suspect/vehicle descriptions.

The Palantir user guide shows that police can start with almost no information about a person of interest and instantly know extremely intimate details about their lives. The capabilities are staggering, according to the guide:

If police have a name that’s associated with a license plate, they can use automatic license plate reader data to find out where they’ve been, and when they’ve been there. This can give a complete account of where someone has driven over any time period.

With a name, police can also find a person’s email address, phone numbers, current and previous addresses, bank accounts, social security number(s), business relationships, family relationships, and license information like height, weight, and eye color, as long as it’s in the agency’s database.

The software can map out a person’s family members and business associates of a suspect, and theoretically, find the above information about them, too.”

Palantir is also a partner with FUTURE OF PRIVACY FORUM

The Future of Privacy Forum
The Future of Privacy Forum, is a Project Unicorn partner and DC think tank funded by many tech foundations and corporations including but not limited to: Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Verizon, Samsung, Sidewalk Labs (Google’s Alphabet, Smart Cities), Walt Disney, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, National Science Foundation. Hobsons (Naviance), Intel, Palantir, Pearson, Netflix, Mozilla name only a few of their big name supporters. Their K12 arm focuses on balancing student data privacy while supporting innovation and technology in the classroom.

Here is a post from a page called Parent Coalition for Student Privacy:

Anyone concerned about the privacy implications or otherwise of a company called SchoolMint – which runs enrollment systems in Chicago, Denver and elsewhere? The program is also owned by the same company that operates HeroK12, a student behavior management system and now SureWatch, a school surveillance/safety management tool:

It’s not clear what the plans are to merge the data systems, and do with all that data. “Efforts are underway to integrate these three product lines, Wreford adds. “As we think about the overlap between SchoolMint, Hero and SureWatch, what we’re excited about is the level of transparency and interaction that is possible.” For instance, a district that is using SchoolMint’s enrollment tool can share data about students and their parents with its campus safety systems. The end goal, he’s previously told EdSurge, is to assist schools in assembling an extensive data trail for each student’s educational journey, from enrollment to graduation.”

What may be of additional concern is that they are also selling “add on software” systems to allow individual schools to market themselves and do outreach to parents, and intend to use algorithms to be able to steer students to specific schools.

And another post from this page:

Baltimore County school administrators were notified of huge security breach days before it was reported & seemingly did nothing to secure numerous highly sensitive student data

Yet CoSN had awarded them highest privacy seal of approval. They explained “that the TLE seal is not intended to be an “end-all be-all,” the spokesperson said. “No one is perfect at data security, but it is a commitment to ongoing improvement and we need to see evidence of that ongoing improvement in order to have the seal renewed… It requires that districts look holistically at how they are protecting privacy and security… the program requires that there is an ongoing effort and commitment. It’s not that one gets the seal and sits back; it’s that one gets the seal and keeps going.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Remember the article on consensual non monogamy (swinging, polyamory or open relationships)? More info on how the APA has been hijacked just like our schools.

Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) teaches polyamory and “partners”.

Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:

Working on a story.. need your help. What do you think about Chromebooks at your child’s school? Good experience/bad experience? Risque material pop up, or searchable? Let me know! Plus, what school

And some replies to this post:

As a Kindergarten teacher for SPS I have noticed a huge difference in Kindergarten readiness now compared to 5 or 6 years ago. Kiddos are coming in unable to hold a pencil, use scissors, write their name, … their fine motor skills are really underdeveloped. They have gotten used to just swiping or tapping a screen. They are having more issues with focus, need much more help developing social skills, have a hard time working/playing independently without the stimulation from electronics, have a hard time just “being” (relaxing).
I totally understand that they will grow up and use electronics their entire adult lives. As a K teacher though, there are many more important things that they need to be doing when I have them those precious few months before first grade. I have been teaching for 27 years. I so miss what Elementary school used to be like 10 – 20 years ago. I know it makes me seem resistant to change, but I feel I was a much better teacher when I was empowered to give them more of what is developmentally appropriate for them. It’s not that they CAN’T do what is expected of them on the provided technology, but in doing so they miss out on so much more.

We have had great experience with our high schoolers using the chrome books. However, not so much with our middle school and elementary kids. I requested our middle schooler not to have the chrome book due to internet issues and they refused. Then when he lost the charger they tried to charge me for it, so I refused. There is no way to add parental controls on the ones we use and they have caused a lot of issues with our kids. The younger ones don’t need all of that screen time. Just my two cents for what it’s worth.

We have mixed feelings as well. My husband, who is a professor at MSU, believe that the personal touch of teaching has gotten less and less due to Chromebooks. The chromebooks are used more than actual teaching. We hardy saw any graded papers come home this year for my then 2nd grader. Because everything is done on the chrome book we always questioned whether he was doing good or not due to lack of paper evidence.
My 7th grader knows how to bypass all the software and play games and watch YouTube on them. So not very good security.
Both Hickory Hills elementary and middle school.

My daughter is an SPS student and was subjected to graphic content in a social studies link, provided by the district. Also the SPS online photo library had incredibly graphic photos that could be accessed with a single search word. The district, as of last year, did zero testing of curriculum prior to rolling it out to students and only made changes to inappropriate content AFTER it is reported and children had been exposed. Completely inappropriate.

We are at Republic School District. I have mixed feeling about them. I like that if my daughter misses school, she can get her homework through canvas via her chrome book. She can turn in assignments if she forgets instead of waiting until the next day. There is insurance that you can get so if anything happens you are covered. What I don’t like is they force chrome books on them. By mid day my daughter has a headache from the chrome books. There is nothing she can do because all of her assignments are on the chrome book. Teachers, doctors ect. tell you to limit children’s screen time but 95% of the school day my child is on a computer. They take reading tests, map tests and regular tests on the computer. So if my daughters eyes start to blur or she has a headache she has to push through it. I think chrome books should be used for research and to get assignments when gone but paper and pen for everything else

Republic mom here and I agree with [name redacted]. It’s convenient sure, but at what cost? My daughter was telling me that 90% of her classes require the use of the Chromebooks and that she rarely physically writes on paper anymore. That is TOO much screen time, especially when you mix in the extra screen time she gets at home from recreational use on her phone or watching TV. Shouldn’t these students be reading actual books and writing actual words on paper and using the computers for research purposes only?

I agree. Another problem for my daughter is that she has access to YouTube for teaching purposes but many times in class and at home, she is watching epic fails videos or other non-school material. The teachers can’t monitor what a room full of kids are watching.

I want pencil, paper, & books. They need to know how to use a computer, but not all have access to it at home. Children need to know how to do things without a computer. I taught school for 29+ years and my students did great without them!

my thoughts exactly. At our school in Purdy Missouri they use iPad’s & I refuse to let my children have one because I still believe in the pencil, paper & books.

At our school (Wheaton), the jr and sr high school kids are allowed to use them at home after the parents pay the insurance. My biggest issue for awhile was that occasionally my kids would have homework and required internet access to do the homework. At that time we couldn’t get internet due to being very rural area. It seemed pretty unfair for families that cant afford internet or dont have access to it.

That was my first issue with it (and other work that requires internet access); some districts supply low-cost internet service to students who don’t already have it. I think the district should be willing and able to provide that before they can expect students to do any work requiring it. OR provide time, outside of class, for it to be finished at school.

I hate the schools moving into computers and stuff at school. My daughter struggles so much with it. Kids rush through to get done, and they make horrible marks because of this. I really think schools should go back to doing just old, pencil and paper.

My grandkids live in New Mexico in 1/2 grades. They did not have chrome books. They are reading at high levels and love their school!!!

our newest schools with the most tech are failing. Like failing bad in math and reading. Some of the lowest in the state. Tech cuts out full texts and kids only get a snippet. And math it no longer requires the correct answer. You get full credit for trying.

this is so true. My daughters school is one of the lowest ranking in the state of Arkansas. Almost all grades have some type of technology. iPads to chrome books

Our classrooms are turning into virtual classrooms. I am just a bit wondering why schools can afford the finer things such as chrome books and yet teachers have to go deep within there own pocket to buy classroom supplies. Or….my thoughts, teachers teach like 1980 and put that chrome book money to every student having free meals.
My opinion.

As a parent, I am concerned about the lack of parameters and risk of what materials they can search for or may be exposed to by classmates sharing what they have searched for. Despite what security is placed on computers, kids figure out how to get around them. We’ve seen the practice of allowing students to use Chromebooks during indoor recess…. It is impossible for teachers to monitor what everyone is looking at…. I don’t even let my kids “free search” the internet when I’m standing over their shoulder at home! Ha!
In general, I think using computers for so much of education takes away from the relationship that is needed between teacher and student as well as between classmates. If we are constantly teaching our children to interact with a computer to learn, be entertained, find belonging….. We are setting them up for unhealthy patterns of living. So much research has been done on how screens negatively impact children. I truly do not understand why there is still such a push for personal computer devices at such a young age in schools.
I’m not completely opposed to computers, I love that my 1st grader can build her own Google site 🙂 and I love our school! But I think chrome books should only be used under supervision for specific tasks, for a limited number of hours per day. (Calculating in how much time they look at a screen for videos/movies as well :-))

I’m a parent and teacher. Parent perspective- I have personal high school students. Both of my children have had success with the use of their Chromebooks. Our district has really good security features on them and will be adding a new one this year called GoGuardian. I feel like the use of Chromebooks and other technology is preparing my children for the future. We live in a technological society, so they have to be prepared to survive in it. Many jobs require the use of large amounts of tech., so expecting our children to not use it in the classroom is impossible.
Teacher perspective- I teach third grade, therefore the amount of time we spend on Chromebooks is considerably less than older students, but we do use them almost daily for at least a short time. For the same reasons I mentioned above, we have to teach our students how to use technology because their future will depend on it, but it is also important to teach them how to use their hands, whether for writing, experiments, building things, etc. It is definitely all about the right balance! I use mine in the classroom for them to do research, to share things with them without making 1,000 copies, as well as differentiation of their instruction. Like I said before, our district goes to great lengths to ensure security on our devices! I do feel that my students are safe using technology at our school.

if you are in SPS then you don’t actually have really good security and GoGuardian is more of a tracking program that will track locations than a filter program which SPS desperately needs.

My kids are using them in pre-school and again this year in Kindergarten at Republic. It is a horrible idea! Teachers and doctors are always preaching about less screen time this and less screen time that… but Republic does everything with these chrome books and do not even have regular hardback subject books anymore. It is ridiculous. I have a hard time being on my phone fore more that 30 minutes, I end up with a headache. I can only imagine what my children and other children have to deal with straining their eyes and headaches throughout the day… chrome books should not be used the way they are. Some students learn much better from reading out of a book not from a screen. It is a shame that children do not have to get a dictionary out and research in a library because they have these chrome books to search everything up on. Penmanship is non existent in schools today and i believe it is because of the schools decision to let kids do everything on these chrome books.

I dislike them very much.. I have been to a school board meeting to speak to SPS about this issue.. I have tried several different ideas that they tried to help me with to no avail .. I have an intelligent motivated child but with this electronic in his hand.. he is a distracted unmotivated child.. I beg SPS to go back to mostly paper and pencil.. I know it can’t be that full time.. I understand electronics are a part of our everyday lives but paper is the original way to learn and write.. we are changing our children’s brains with these electronics and not for the better..especially elementary and junior high children do not need these

Something else I failed to mention was now that we don’t get hard copy grade cards.. we never actually saw our children’s grade when school got out for summer.. we tried getting on parent home access and never could access it so now we don’t really know what they got.. we tried contacting their teachers but never heard back bc obviously it was summer by that point..can we at least get a hard copy of a end of year grade report???

I agree. I can’t stand that we don’t get a grade card for middle school.

One size does not fit all. Computers are great for classes where research and writing are the goal. Perhaps not so productive in classes such as reading and mathematics where the distractions they provide greatly outweigh any advantage. My experiences come from schools with and without internet access.

My kids were in school when the computers were implemented at the Reeds Spring High school, and they have since added them to the lower grades. NOT a fan. In our experience, most of the teachers relied too heavily on them and quit teaching, just assigned work to be done on their own with little to no guidance. The kids always managed to find ways around any blocks placed to do things they werent supposed to. I would be all for it if they could find a mix of computer assignments and actual classroom teaching and assignments. I understand the need for growth of technology in the workforce. I am a nurse of 33 yr, went from paper charting to computerized charting and medication administration, but they have lost the ability to interact with society due to overuse of screen time.

A LOT to say – my oldest had them starting in 5th, middle child in 3rd and youngest started kindergarten last year and had one …… all 3 kids bring theirs home every night. The school can’t protect our kids from the “bad” out there. Too many kids, SMART kids! They know how to get around firewalls and such. It isn’t always to do bad things either ….. my son is highly functioning autistic. Stays in a normal classroom. When he gets overwhelmed though, he can look like he is doing work but really playing games. It allows communication between students which is just more things I have to monitor and make sure he / she is safe. Technology has its place ….. but maybe toward the middle school /high school level

I don’t like them. Firstly, I limit my child’s screen time at home and don’t appreciate them being on it a lot at school. Secondly, I asked my child’s teacher what the purpose of them having them and being able to bring them home was and she didn’t really have an answer. All she could say was it is preparing them to use them in the future. No homework has ever been assigned, no information has been sent home telling us how they are even used at during school hours. I would much prefer textbooks and paper and pencil for my kids.

I liked the chromebooks! It allows students to work on their work even if they are sick and have to miss a few days. Most assignments were submitted through there so there was a digital copy which came in handy a few times when one of our kid’s got a 0 on an assignment he turned in, he was able to find the dated submission and get an actual grade. Also having the chromebooks means no one is left out when it comes to the tech advantages that other classmates might have. When I was in high school one of my best friends didn’t have a computer, so whenever we had to do online research she would walk a few miles to the library, and when it came to turning in typed papers she would use an electric typewriter… this was back around 2009!

In a world where people are looking more at phones and screens of many varieties I find this is only adding to the problem with learning to interact socially. Additionally, I’m concerned that these Google Chrome products sync personal devices once in the home. There should be an agreement between the State of Missouri with Google to where they can’t sync other unrelated devices with the Chrome book and capturing private information. Right now this is a colossal national issue with Google. This needs to be changed everywhere.

My granddaughter has one. She does not like it. She is a junior. She says that it takes away from the learning process and exams are much harder for her. Teachers do not teach much either. It is on the chromebook, make sure you have your work done and turned in by midnight. Technology is good but it can also cause harm. Kids spend way to much time on devices as it is.

I do not feel they are good for our children or my grandchildren. Some families cannot afford Internet at home and therefore have to spend time running somewhere that has wi-fi in order for the child to complete an assignment. Here again, this is too much time spent in front of a computer. Strain on the eyes! Go back to regular teaching.

I teach 7th graders n Dallas County R-1. I will be starting my 41st year teaching in August.
This past school year we went 1 on 1. Our students ( grades 7-12) were able to take the Chtome books home.
Some students had adapted well, and some have not.
I do not use the Chromebooks on a daily basis in my classroom, while some teachers do.
For me the biggest problem has been students forgetting theirs, or the Chromebooks not being charged.

We have had good experiences with them. They have blocked anything the kids should not be looking at. My only complaint is that legible writing has gone by the wayside. Kids do not know how to write letters, notes or even how to address an envelope. etc. Some of my fondest memories are notes from my husband when we were dating in high school. I wish SPS would incorporate hand writing along with computer skills.

Not a fan, my boys go to Plato which implemented Chromebooks last year full force! Teachers don’t get to teach they “babysit” now, this is why our school system is turning into a virtual school system! I know we have lots of “virtual” seated students at our school and that number will probably just keep growing.

I think they are fine in moderation. My husband’s grandmother was a teacher in a one room school house and she used to say a good teacher can teach with a stick and some dirt. Meaning you dont need technology to be a good teacher.

As a taxpayer I’m livid! Teachers HaVE to pay from their pockets for BASIC supplies due to ‘frivolous’ district spending— ie: chrome books for EVERY child in the district. 😡

I’m against it. My daughter has a had a Chromebook since second grade, and she’s now going into 5th. To me it makes them very dependent on electronics and they don’t want to go outside and play. They want to keep their face buried in the electronics now.she wasn’t even getting her work done on hers she was watching videos every time I would check on her. In my opinion we shouldn’t Force electronics on kids they need more activities outside when they’re young. Maybe it’s a good idea for 8th grade and up but not elementary School. I think we’re teaching them not to be kids and to stay inside on their computer rather than outside playing and being a kid. I know they all have to learn computers, and I’m all for that, just not in Elementary school.

Not a fan at all!! Aurora uses MAC books… students are able to text friends who have iPhones during class from their laptops.. my daughter included.. not paying attention in class.. I personally feel they provide too many avenues for distractions from quality learning time.

I have a daughter at Carver MS now. I personally think they are teaching these kids to rely too much on technology, plus when the chromebook doesn’t work how it is supposed they can’t do their schoolwork etc. Then again I also don’t like that we don’t get paper report cards anymore.

Too many children are being entertained /occupied/babysat by these devices at home. Don’t know how effective they are at school. Just think they are overused & children don’t know of any other way to play & use their own imagination. Kind of scared for our kids.

hate them, books and paper, I don’t want to be responsible for it, especially since mine goes to after school programs. keep them st school in the classroom where they are used there and monitored by the teachers.

Not a fan. My son is in 5th grade at pittman elementary and he has had a chromebook since 3rd grade. I have as well as his teachers have caught him several times on youtube, or games instead of the sites he is supposed to be on for homework. He tries to use it for games as well to download. What ever happene to just regular pen and paper and textbook?

Nope don’t like them. My daughter doesn’t like hers. I don’t think the kids learn like we all did, by the good old text book. I understand there’s more information on the internet. I think chrome books are the easy way out. Im sure there are some teachers that like them but I bet most don’t. Flippin School District

I do not like them. Go back to school books and pen and paper.
Plus while in class most students are on web pages that aren’t school related and no matter how much they try to block them the kids find a way around it.
My oldest which graduated in 2018 was always in trouble over it and my 13 year old daughter is having the same experience.
My opinion the chromebooks are the worst thing the school has done to teach our kids

my experience with this had nothing to do with kids breaking the rules but with advertising and suggested articles and apps that appeared on the computers that were completely inappropriate. As a teacher, in my classroom on my school device on school WiFi with their “great” filters I had an ad for tinder for adults come up and start auto playing a completely phonographic video when searching for a script for a speech and debate class. My 12 year old daughter had the same as and another one that said ugly girls reply for sex. This was at school doing what she was told to do. Another parent sent me screenshots of the “suggested articles” that came up in her daughters chrome book while working on her assignment for class. The suggested articles were graphic in image and words and that was without clicking on any of them. And each time she logged back in to work on the assignment the suggestions got worse. This problem is NOT because kids are not following rules or because they are searching for things hey shouldn’t or because they are using their home internet. It is happening at school while they are actually trying to learn.

Terrible idea. Teachers do not want to teach or grade papers anymore. They just let the computer do it. Also the kids that have a problem with gaming and not being able to pay attention in class well you just made their day. Their grades fall off because of this. Sorry situation

I have teachers in my family that love their job!! They love their students and pray for those that struggle. They start their day before school begins and end their day long after school is out. They support the child that doesn’t have the support they need at home. They buy supplies for their students out of their own pocket. So we need to support our teachers instead of saying they don’t want to teach anymore.

I didn’t like them while I taught at Marshfield because kids could get around every block they had and manage to get to sites that were not appropriate.

My kids go to Ozark Schools. My daughter (14) and going to be a freshman, just got her chrome book last year. But, the assignments given from the previous years required the kids to use the computer for everything. The textbooks no longer exist and I believe that is hindering the ability to learn comprehension while reading. We have had issues with teachers not teaching at all and the kids have to figure out what to do for the assignments. I have tried to help instill the need and desire to read paper books and help with fine motor skills with both of my kids. IMO, they need to get rid of the chromebooks and go back to doing things with paper. Not all businesses are running with the new technology and kids need to learn how to do things with pen and paper. Technology with crash and we can’t rely on the “cloud” for everything to be stored.
With Common Core, we have had even more issues with homework. My daughter has been really good with math and when CC was introduced, she was in tears because she didn’t understand what they were asking. My husband is a math genius and he couldn’t figure out the problems.

Chrome books are descent but expect to be making another investment within 2 years! They initially were planned to go with a student from middle school up through high school! There is no way they can hold up. The ease of some of the applications/yes are nice-due to it being a google product! As a teacher, I would rather the students have Mac books or even Windows!
Chrome books are easy to learn and do great for storing information for students. I teach Middle School and actually want no part of them! However, they are better than nothing!

I hate them my daughter is gonna be in 6th grade this yr. Most the stuff they do at school is on them she complains about headaches almost everyday when she would come home from school last year. Also when she missed a day of school she could barely make up the work because they arent allowed to bring them home so she had to find extra time at school to do it.

Risqué material and ads are definitely commonplace. All kids know how to bypass filters to get to what they want. If they don’t know, their peer will show them. Kids switching their screens back to something appropriate when a teacher walks by. The Chromebooks also store everything. So I’m definitely uncomfortable with stored passwords and info about my children. Who has access? Why are we getting such deals on them for every student? Is SPS giving our students info back to the company? Also, my children have never liked reading. But using Reading Plus has made them dislike it even more. What happened to books? I get technology is important, and there is a place for it. It was called computer lab. Not a fan. Ask all 3 of my kids, they aren’t either. Springfield Public Schools-Cherokee And Kickapoo

As a teacher and grandparent I see both sides. Our school Green Forest Schools Arkansas have a strong filter and chromebooks are monitored when in use. They provide good games and are tools for research. Too much time and children become agitated and I have seen addiction in my fifth graders. We limit use at school and try to keep it in one class per day.

I always complained that both of my kids did not need another screen in their face!!!! Also they don’t use text books anymore because because the Chrome book has taken its place!!!!

Springfield Public Schools… This was a terrible idea. So much for parents having the right to regulate or control the amount of screen time their children are exposed to. It was a constant source of distraction…game play and social media use instead of homework. The funds used for these Chromebooks should be used to pull in educators to the students and not teachers that were more concerned with socializing with parents.

I have kids at Eugene Field elementary. The benefits of the Chromebook are incredibly slim next to the weighted list of downsides. I can see having personal Chromebooks for my future high schooler, but I am opposed to my elementary and future middle schoolers to have their own device. I appreciate you doing this story.

What’s happening in SPS is heartbreaking! Test scores at the bottom of the barrel, sexual predators getting to kids on chrome books at school and pornography popping up!

Not a fan at all, neither is our daughter who will be a Crane HS Senior this fall!

crome books were just fine in Sparta im more worried about schools not teaching cursive anymore.

I have chrome books in my classroom and they drive me nuts because half the time time they won’t connect to the WiFi!

I don’t have children myself but being around children all the time I think the should wait till middle/high school. Our kids today rely on technology to much and need to learn the basics including how to write in cursive.

I think that chrome books within the school have allowed students too much freedom to be playing rather than learning. They are a distraction, rather than a tool. Kids may have more access to learning materials, but they are not locked down enough to keep students focused only on the subject at hand. Therefore, students are playing, communicating with others online, etc during learning time. In addition, many times, the teachers do not know the programs well enough to be able to post homework constantly in the same way as other teachers. Therefore, parents (and many students) struggle to determine what homework assignments need to be completed. I, personally, would prefer to see students go back to having books in their hands, less screen time, and more paper tasks.

I dont like them. My son will be an 8th grader and started using them in 6th grade. Ive notice a little more of a struggle with him doing work and his grades. The difference i seen is that he is he works better doing work on paper and remembering if he turns it in, then doing his work on a chorme book.

Wilder is where I had a problem. Pop up kept, well popping up and they were the disturbing kind. They started the moment my son got his laptop and he was the one that kept getting in trouble for it. Even after he went to the teacher. Clearly they did not wipe it before and even after they took it to clean it, it still didn’t work. He finally stopped because he was getting into trouble and I told the school to keep there laptop.

Don’t like them. I noticed when our son was in 3rd grade that the teacher used the computer instead of teaching. I would like to see some papers that have been graded by a person not a computer.

I think that they are really handy for high school students, but I absolutely hate them not having real textbooks. My kids prefer real books even now in college. I’m glad they still had textbooks when my kids were in high school!

As a substitute teacher I think they are good in moderation. However, I spend much more time redirecting students away from games/youtube than helping them with assignments. Most everything that is inappropriate is blocked.

WORST THING EVER INVENTED. Not to mention ALL the vision trouble my kids have because of this. It’s made the average kid lazy….they won’t complete or deal with the chromebook it they don’t have to.
GO BACK TO PENCIL AND PAPER AND TESTS. Your futuristic hope is a major catastrophe! !!! Springfield public school systems

I don’t like them at all. Reading a book, taking notes with pen and paper and writing out reports the old fashioned way are a better way to prepare kids.

Computer’s have became a crutch that kids and adults alike depend on . I would say half the kids in college these days wouldn’t be there if not for computer’s . Dewey decimal system and about 5 books on a subject in the library is how it was done between 1986 – 1990 .

As a 4th and 5th grade teacher, I learned that there are MANY reasons to try to keep Chromebooks out of Elementary school. Children learn best in close relationship to caring teachers and other students, not sitting and staring at screens. The distractions created by the computers, as well as the never-ending battle to ensure that inappropriate material is not being accessed, turn teachers into computer monitors and take away from our time with students. Furthermore, there are serious health considerations connected with the overuse of computers, including digital eye strain, myopia, mental health problems, and screen addiction. For some mature elementary students, writing a final draft on the computer might be an acceptable use, but composing should be done with pencil and paper, as the distractions of the medium take away from the thinking process. Unfortunately, many teachers are forced to teach word processing and test-taking on computers due to the state achievement tests having been moved online.

Schools should be reading Googles privacy policy:

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

The absolute latest in DC mandated mental health/behavior health overreaches in education.
Announced late last week.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

DIGITAL BADGES: Another Encroachment on our Freedoms
Parents are just not following the IMMENSE changes to their schools. Many believed the Common Core Standards to just be bad standards, curriculum and testing. But there’s so much more! DATA! Without data, government and corporation wouldn’t be able to collect individual/personal information which keeps all these systems and initiatives afloat.
This article informs and exposes how corporations are working within schools to label your child (right or wrong) with digital badges from elementary on. These badges are with you for your entire life and information shared worldwide. Corporations are selecting your kids for future jobs right now. This is the so-called career pathway, the P-20 workforce. What does it all have to do with academics? Nothing and it’s incredibly dangerous to our freedoms.
“We’ll soon have corporate sponsors and badges to label your kids, help predict their workforce or college future. Take a look at the members listed in this newly created badging collaborative, funded by Lumina in partnership with NGA, Pearson, Broad, Walton, Exxon and Business Round Table, etc. They, along with the folks participating in the October 2015 Close It Summit want to know how your children feel, how your children think, so they can “predict workplace success” and close those pesky workforce gaps, with a corporate endorsed data badge. WHY? because education is not about teaching children anymore. Exxon reminds us that schools are job suppliers, children are products.”

Looks like Governor JB the Hutt Pritzker is helping to push the trans agenda in schools:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Lumina’s BadgeToHire quantifies soft skills like resilience and critical thinking and matches college students to employers. Sound familiar? …Lumina’s Credly does the SAME thing for k12 students. Hmmm. Convenient. Interoperable databadges from kindergarten – college.

“On Wednesday, the nonprofit announced the start of a two-year research project to study how effective these “microcredentials” actually are in helping students from marginalized backgrounds secure employment. Supported by a grant from the Lumina Foundation, the BadgedToHire project will expand skills-training pilot programs at the University of Maine, San Jose State University and Central New Mexico Community College.

Because employer buy-in is essential to the success of such badges, each institution has worked with regional players such as Jaynes Corporation and national companies like Enterprise Holdings to learn exactly what skills they should incorporate into academic courses and career-preparation programs.

What Do Employers Want?
Companies want skilled employees, and talented students want jobs. Seems simple enough. Yet members of both parties often struggle to find their perfect partners.

“We have to prepare students differently for what’s next,” says Catherine Voss Plaxton, interim associate vice president of student services at San Jose State. “How do we make this simple, clear and convenient?”

Another difficulty is discerning exactly what employers are looking for. Research from multiple institutions shows that character and interpersonal skills (also known as soft skills, people skills and non-technical skills) are currently in demand. Written communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills were the ones most-frequently requested among the 172 employers who participated in the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook 2019 survey.

With curriculum and badges related to eight such qualities, including critical thinking, resilience and intercultural fluency, BadgedToHire aims to help University of Maine, San Jose State University and Central New Mexico Community College serve as more-effective matchmakers for their students and local companies.”

And a reply to this post:

Also impact investing

And another post from her:

Alibaba + Salesforce are now Partners.

Shame on Baylor University! They should NEVER have teamed up with Chilidren’s Defense Fund for this!

I’m sure this holds true for all the data big businesss, “non-profits” and the government have on us too:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Found out today that my 11 year old read the book Drama by Raina Telgemeier. It is part of the Smile series. She read it on her Kindle without my knowledge and told me she deleted it as soon as she realized what the book was about but by then it was too late. I’m bringing it up here because this book is in a lot of school libraries as recommended reading for middle schoolers. The subplot is about twin brothers who are both gay and another boy who is confused about his sexuality – whether he is gay or bi. It includes boys kissing and being “flushed and sweaty.” It is a graphic novel which means there were pictures depicting this storyline. I am very careful but disappointed this one slipped through and damaged my daughter’s innocence.

And another post from this group:

So I just found a condom in my 13 year old kids room and he said he got it at the boy’s and girls club 😡

And yet another post from this group:

AB 493, the mandatory LGBT sensitivity training bill for teachers is going to the appropriations committee on August 12th and once it passes there it will go to a final floor vote by all 40 CA State Senators to be passed into law. EVERY concerned parent and teacher should be calling and writing ALL senators (especially those that represent your district) with their concerns to oppose this bill. All letters will be put in a binder for senators to read before they make their final vote.

I am a public school teacher and I testified against AB 493 at the State Capitol on July 10th because I had recently had a mandatory gender training (TK-8) and I felt it was important that everyone know the content in these trainings. Below in the comments section are the links for the “cheat sheet” I was given with action steps to take in the classroom from Queerly Elementary and my testimony is below. There is also a link for a video that is a must watch by Brenda Lebsack, an Orange Unified School Board Member, about the specific gender fluid concepts and vocabulary. Parents can NOT opt out from gender fluidity, gender identity, gender spectrum or sexual orientation lessons.

Teachers love all children and teachers don’t tolerate bullying or harassment for any of our students ever. Seth’s Law (AB 9) is already in place in CA! AB 493 violates parental rights and constitutional rights. It forcibly seeks seeks to indoctrinate public and charter school teachers in gender spectrum (sexual orientation and gender identity) sensitivity training. Biology is not bigotry!

The US Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land! All citizens, as well as teachers, still have their first amendment rights to free speech without government coercion. California does not have the authority to dictate to teachers what they think or what they say about sexual orientation and gender identity. We need more CA parents and CA public school teachers to stand up against state-coerced indoctrination and state-coerced speech!

Tell your CA State Senators to vote NO on AB 493!

And another post from this group:

“We need to put this in the DNA of the U.S. or UN” and “not just the administration.” She said UN Women would work with law enforcement and the judiciary to “sustain the rights” and “keep the system accountable.” In the U.S., she said, that meant circumventing the national level to “seize the space in the cities” by transforming the private sector so they “become believers.”

Katlego Kai Kolanyane-Kesupile told heterosexual women and men in the audience, “We are more than you and essentially you need to learn how to become a bit more like us.”

CSE is a United Nations program. Now you know what the real goal of CSE gender identity/sexual orientation lessons are.

And yet another post from this group:

Dr Judith Reisman has done much research connecting the dots from Alfred Kinsey to CSE, porn, abortion and so much more.

“If it’s legal, it can be taught in school”.
Dr. Judith Reisman

And two pictures that were posted in this group:


Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

How is Mark Tucker’s vision impacting California schools and the nation’s schools today? One need only look at who succeeded Mark at the National Center on Education and the Economy: Australian progressive Anthony Mackay. Mackay plays a major role in handing US schools a national, sexualized curriculum.
Things to know about Mackay:
Here’s the announcement of Mackay taking the baton from Mark Tucker:

Here’s where Mackay spoke at the Collaborative for School Networking (CoSN) Summit this year alongside …..Linda Darling-Hammond who is California’s new State Board of Ed President (and helped control the federal policies for Common Core standards, assessments and school grading now enshrined in the Every Student Succeeds Act). By the way, CoSN is UNESCO’s digital learning lackey and they work with the State Tech leaders through the State Education Technology Directors Association. In addition, UNESCO credits Darling-Hammond with helping them sexualize most class subjects. It is NO COINCIDENCE that Mackay and Darling-Hammond were speaking together.:’s-global-symposium-annual-conference-envision-learning-2030

Here’s where UNESCO thanks Mackay for helping them take control of the world’s curriculum and track kid’s “competencies”: (see page 4). Competencies are defined in terms of UNESCO’s political objectives which are anti-Christian:

Click to access future_competences_and_the_future_of_curriculum.pdf

And another post from this group:

More news from Swampa Barbara:

Santa Barbara Parents Ask Courts to Roll Back ‘Implicit Bias’ Curricula

This BIG Act sounds like BIG trouble:

Here is a picture that was posted in an anti-Common Core group:


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Did Common Core/Public school harm your child? Share your story. Here is mine.

Please note that to this day, 5 years later than the end of my Son’s exposure to public schooling, he remains likely to turn himself upside down in any chair. He is now 12 years old. His Mother and I recognize that he is nevertheless always listening and is a very good and kind young man.
His (non-Federally funded) private school teachers recently honored him with an opportunity for an advanced STEM class that required 1 week without us nearby – and meets with actual Astronauts – and is planning a mission to Mars! We enrolled him and dropped him off at St. John’s University (Queens), today, July 21, 2019. I love that little monkey!
My Son’s public school kindergarten teacher, who was nearing retirement, mostly used traditional methods and was very caring. Boy, being bright (somewhat gifted) was able to complete his daily tasks. However, early into the year we became concerned about the terrible math methods being shown to him. I met with her promptly. She was very helpful/understanding/kind/empathic and told us not to worry about Common Core. She nevertheless was required to conform to the school’s protocol and assigned massive volumes of homework – all using these new poor and unproven alternate math methods and *even the math included peculiar twists on history and social justice. Revisionist history and sound spelling and other dreadful content corrupted much of his assigned work. Often, he was unable to complete all his homework before bedtime! More homework was assigned to be done on weekends! Nothing about this situation compared to my own prior relatively pleasant experience in Kindergarten. I *stupidly just let this slide.
As I am a capable math person, I took on the added Parental burden of learning the new Common Core math – such garbage! 5-groups and number bonds and filling endless STUPID LITTLE BOXES!! I taught the boy how to use these awful methods to complete his work as directed, and then also taught him how to use better traditional methods to do all these questions in his head. Twice as much work for us both! He cried nearly every single night before going to sleep. I sometimes cried too.
As the year went on, he developed emotional and behavioral problems that eventually caused us to refuse to complete any homework that exceeded one hour per weekday and we also refused ALL weekend homework. Boys/children need time to play!
Together, he and I struggled to make sense of all the homework – that mostly came from Pearson/Engage NY (another nightmare). Much of the package of daily homework came in the form of dittos that had major errors and sometimes my son and I determined that the questions had NO correct answer! The kid was losing his mind with this crap. I asked why we can’t just have a proper textbook? No answer.
Anyway, he survived Kindergarten and meanwhile the Wife and I joined some other angry parent’s and began a path of rallying and petitioning and other political activism to help rid America of Common Core. ALL these efforts failed miserably, including opting out (AKA refusing) the tests. These efforts had included: SPEAKING AT THE BOE meetings-Bus stop activism- GREEN LACES-BATS-LIOO-NYSAPE-PTACC-Protests in front of NY Senator Flanagan’s office-Rallies-Distributing flyers-signing petitions-supporting the now defunct NY party called STOP COMMON CORE (later renamed the progress party – although there’s been no progress at all since then) – attending anti-CC seminars et cetera. I did use this opportunity to teach my Son how to petition his government, which is nice, I guess.
When he entered 1st grade things became MUCH worse. His young teacher was unable or unwilling to provide him with the tender patience anyone would expect from any public school teachers. When I discussed my concerns with her, she seemed to be under extraordinary pressure to “teach to the tests.” These were the same tests we were refusing! I am not a fan of this woman.
His 1st grade class of over 20 students was divided into pods. Each pod contained 4 – 6 students and was led by the most capable child in the subgroup. My Son was the pod leader. He taught the math to the others. The other children in his pod teased him relentlessly (because they are children) and this caused further anxiety which exacerbated his very squirmy behavior.
We began to receive frequent reports of behavioral problems from him in school, mostly associated with his emotional and restless and sometimes dramatic nature.
His 1st grade teacher created a star-point system designed to keep him from squirming. The penalty for anything less than perfection was a loss of recess privileges. My son broke down completely.
He was NOT thriving. Crying all the time. The 1st grade teacher also implemented something called “whole body listening.” This is a form of behavior modification designed to stop kids from squirming. It’s an absolute nightmare-fyi. This exacerbated the problem(s) and caused him to have more frequent emotional meltdowns. She then recommended that he be placed in a “special” class that served to reinforce remedial students and the restless ones. We later learned she had placed EVERY male student that she had – into this new class. Being gifted, he found this class infuriating and stupid. I don’t blame him. The impact of this “special” class, in addition to all his other frustration, caused him to become suicidal. He would call himself stupid. He would hit or punch or pinch himself – often.
We arranged a 504 and therapy. At the end of 1st grade we removed him permanently from the public school system. He’s had MRI brain scans and multiple EEG’s-results thankfully – mostly normal. He’s had about 4 plus years of therapy (3 different therapists) and last year was told this therapy is no longer needed. As his parents, we agree with the Therapist. I am very glad to be done with that part of his recovery.
Currently enrolled at Smithtown Christian School (SCS), he is an exemplary student now with high honors in all subjects and he’s always in the spelling bee. SCS, not inexpensive, runs K-12 and uses textbooks based on proven methods like Saxon math and *we can see the superior curriculum daily. Both his wonderful 6th grade teachers realized that even when he’s upside down, that he is both listening and learning! His fellow students (that he’s mostly known for 5 years now) do not even mention this – and keep on learning without bringing undue attention to his quirks. We all laughed about this together at our latest parent/teacher meetings. As a reward/honor he is sometimes permitted to teach math to his classmates and has been advanced one grade in math.
He is NEVER going back to public school!

And some replies to this post:

I’m so sorry your son had that experience. I taught for 5 years before having my kiddos, which was well before CC. We pulled our oldest to homeschool him about 2 years before CC was implemented here. I am so thankful we did before having an experience like you describe.

Yes my kids grades have crashed and dont wanna go anymore overloaded with homework

You are the master of all their moments that happen when they come home. Speak with their teacher(s) and refuse at least half of the homework. Let kids play!

I did that last year [name redacted] ..the amount of homework is insane

There’s going to be a huge bump of homeschoolers this year in NY due to the taking away of religious exemptions regarding vaccines. I suspect once parents realize how much better it is, they will help others pave the way out of public schools.

Not only did it harm the kids, it sent many inspirational teachers into retirement or into other fields of employment.

My son loved school and then came common core and the abusive testing. He started to dislike the lessons because they were boring. School became more intense and less fun. Prior to CC and teacher accountability, he felt school was fun and it inspired him.

same my sun shut down to point of refusal to do any work. Even after took xbox, tablets and phones held firm and they began harassing him all day. He deals with constant threats from teachers and principals. They even resorted to lies saying he was not doing homework, little did they know I took pictures of it and put in folders myself. They are getting more and more crazy

My son just finished an entire year of 9th grade US History without be required to read a single book. He read nothing but short passages (paper or online). He had a 92% avg in the class. Same with English. Minimal reading & writing & 90% grade. He has a 100% average in Spanish II and is barely able to comprehend basic phrases. Add in Home Ec (100%) and gym (100%) and he is considered a High Honor roll student. He once quipped, “I’m on the Honor Roll because I can say Buenos Dias, bake a muffin and kick a ball”. He’s not far from the truth.
Our principals publicly announced at a presentation on Standards Based Grading (SBG) that grades are currently being inflated by such practices as HW grades, participation grades, extra credit, test retakes, makeups, etc etc.. One parent showed me his daughters report card. In math she had 2 exams during the quarter. She scored 30% & 40% on the exams. Her grade for the quarter was 65%. 😳
Overall, NYS is now “passing” kids that score as low as 29% on Math Regents exams. I personally see the quality deteriorating even further as we move further and further away from academics and more towards a child’s feelings through SEL.

My kids are doing really well too in NJ public schools and are mostly challenged by good teachers. But there’s a lot of creative projects that my older kids did before common core that went by the wayside – like a presentation about careers in which my oldest son interviewed a rocket scientist and an animal research project in first grade tied to their zoo visit. Teachers have to spend too much time assessing kids.

I will say I as a parent pulled my kids out of public school. Common core is bad to the core. There is in fact to much that is hidden within the common core. We have researched it. It bought anxiety to my kids. One who was diagnosed with Autism/ aspergers. Which kids usually are diagnosed when they are babies. He was diagnosed at the age of 15. Common core is made by Bill and melinda Gates. People really need to wake up and research it. Look on youtube. Building The Machine. There is everything you need to know.

Please tell us about the “last straw.” What event occurred that caused you to finally leave the public school system?

They wanted my child to be on medication. So it is much easier for teachers to teach while my child would be like a zombie. There was nothing wrong with my child until the brain washing happened within the common core. My child was not a scientific experiment. But a human being. My child became bullied by Mainly Adults within the school district.

I pulled my child out of the Public school and ever since then.He is now back to normal just like he was before. He was no longer being brain washed his anxiety had stopped.

I pulled both of my children out of public school. My oldest, (now 16) was entering 5th grade. There were many a tears over homework. She developed migraines and was absolutely miserable. Once I pulled her and sent her to private school the migraines stopped and she is back to her old self. Private school is a sacrifice but one I am
Willing to make.

Please let us know about the “last straw.” What event occurred that caused you to pull them out of public school?

the final straw was my test refusal for my youngest and the principal telling her I had called and said it was ok for her to take the test !!! I pulled her out immediately and she did not finish the school year.

That is a nasty Principal, indeed! Hope you wrote his bosses a few letters too. Parents that push back against injustice and overreaching admin. are the only thing that protects any of the kids. You are awesome!

I filed a DASA report against the principal but unfortunately it did nothing!! She got away with it!!!

My son was in 5th grade when first year of common core fell on us. From 1st to 4th grade he was excelling way above grade level. He loved learning and he loved school. All of his teachers challenged him and gave him accelerated work. That was until 5th grade when his teacher told me that they were no longer allowed to do that and that he now how to academically stay with the rest of the class. That year I was constantly called because he was disturbing the class by talking and fiddling around. He finished his work fast, so he was going stir crazy sitting there waiting for the other kids to get done. The school even tried to tell me that he was adhd and would probably benefit from medication. I couldn’t wait until the following year, hoping middle school would be different because he would be moving from class to class each period and the work would be challenging. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was still bored but now he was fighting with the teachers on how to do the work. He couldn’t do math by memory and he couldn’t show the work the way his brain did it. He had to do it their way. He started to dislike school and we had another year of struggling. That’s when I started to research homeschooling.
7th grade was even worse. The child who knew every SAT word in 4th grade and was always 2-3 years ahead in math was now failing both subjects. He had completely lost all desire to learn. They had successfully beaten him down.
8th grade was the first year we homeschooled. Within a month his love of learning was back along with his self esteem and drive. He was so thirsty for knowledge. He completed all 8th-12th curriculum in under 3 years and moved on to doing any free online college course he could find. At 15 we decided to have him take the placement exam for Suffolk county community college to see if they would let him take a class or 2 for credit. He broke the test!!! He scored so high that the test couldn’t generate anymore questions for him. The Dean approved him for full time and fully matriculated….at 15!!! After the first semester he was inducted into the honor society and joined the honors college. Two months ago he graduated from SCCC with his Associate Degree in Business Administration with high honors at 17! In just 5 weeks he’ll be transferring to a top university as a Junior. He’ll have his bachelors degree at 19.
None of this would have ever been possible had we left him in public school. He would probably be depressed, medicated, and failing. Common core destroyed his education. Homeschooling rejuvenated it and saved it.

My kid (9th grade) did really great reading small snippets of information within groups & getting graded on “the consensus”. 🙄

How has this educational technique [CC] harmed your kids. Are there any problems with reading comprehension?

A little difficult to know [name redacted]. There’re big problems w my boy reading almost anything for any good length of time. As it is, the public school never requires this anyway.
Another issue making it hard for parents to gauge comprehension, etc.- is having most of the “content” on the computer!
…while my son is happy enough to direct me to it, I’m often aghast by the long scrolls of minute directives-
before his “cut & paste” “work” begins-
if you follow. (?)

Oh yes, I follow. They are being taught to feel and react before they are taught to study and validate and analyze. It’s an awful substitute for an education. I am sorry. Did you consider your options?

My daughter is gifted. She is my last of 4 children. Common core came in when she began 4th grade. We only lasted one semester then I pulled her out for homeschool. We to were using EngageNY. I had already taught her ahead in math using traditional math. So when she began to learn the new methods she was very irritated. “Mom! Why are we doing this?! I could have completed 30 problems in the time it took to do these 4! This is dumb! In class the kids would have to retake a math test if they got a C or lower. All but my daughter and another gifted student had to retake every test. Some kids who previously were strong math students were now struggling. I was having to show parents how to do it. My daughter was basically the in class tutor. Over at the jr high they dropped algebra. If CC is followed the kids can not reach algebra by 8th grade. I raised hell with the district. I continued to even while I was home schooling. We have a really good math teacher in our district and when he found out I was going to homeschool he gave me a book from 2003. He said it was the one my older kids used and in his opinion the very best one. 👍 I educated our district about the issues with the math and fought for algebra to come back to the 8th grade. The kids need the opportunity to teach calculus by 12th. How they figured out how to do it was to start a 6 th grade honors math to play catch up. They bought the honors classes new books that had more normal math. When she was ready for jr high we went back to school. She had to be jumped up a grade in math because the books i was using was old 5th grade and common core is behind a year. Since going back The math has been good. Better books. The regular classes are still using crappy common core math.
Common Core however is also in English class it is packed with social justice, far left and left leaning persuasion. The books are terrible and I let the district know. I pay attention and counter that crap at home. Unfortunately she has had to learn a lot about politics so she can see when they are pushing it her and filter it out. Her 6 th grade book was full of death, fear and phobias. Predominantly fact based. Her 8 th grade book was pro immigration and illegal immigration. A lot on slavery and the Holocaust. So much extra time spent on immigration and the Holocaust. While in this same year we have that party calling Trump a Nazi and pushing for open borders and protecting illegal immigrants. Oh ya also grade 7 she spent a whole month on activism in her English class. Got to train up these child social justice warriors to fight the left wings battles.
There was even a chapter that was odd and not in character with the rest of the book. It talked about raising the driving age and lowering the voting age. Same year we have heard politicians wanting to lower the voting age to 16. Common Core is how they are bringing akkbthis to the kids. Forced our schools into buying the new books full of propaganda and ushered in all the stuff they learn on there tablets, iPads and computers that we never see as parents.
Who knows what is slipping by us and into our kids?
Also note the newer science textbooks are not nearly as good as the old books. If you look at a 2004 California science next to a 2012 it’s easy to see. The newer books look they are written for a younger child.much less content and dumbed down. Our new science standards are Next Generation Science and it’s lower than previous standards. Californias previous standards rated by the Fordsman institute was rated an A+. NGS is rated a C.
When CC came in we were hearing that the Sex Ed was also going to be revamped and was in the works. That is set to begin this school year. Join informed parents of California on Facebook to get further upset.

I taught public school for 11 years. 😐 My child was gifted and the options given to him made him hate learning. It was just more work. He was the exception to the rule. Most of my students struggled to do what was required of them in K and 1. The standards were written from grade 12 down and are developmentally inappropriate for most children. I taught kindergarten and first grade. I can go in depth if you need it, but it would take writing a novel to explain the multiple facets of the matter. I was unable to support what was happening with education and what I was being made to do against my professional training of best practices. I couldn’t stay in good conscience and promote common core or public education. 3 years into homeschooling my now 10 and 5 year old boys and we won’t go back. I have learned how easy it would be to reform education but there is much more at play and our poor, publicly educated children are the pawns.

As a teacher I can tell you this. Its been good and bad. The bad is the cost to the tax payer. We have bought and bought and bought resources to keep up with all the changes they have made along the way. Teachers have been teaching to these changes and the state has added to them and or abandoned them at times. Its like they make it up as they go along.

When I was in high school in the late 70’s (yikes!) VERY FEW students were recognized as top in my class. Compared to now days when 25-30% (or more) are labeled ‘top achievers.’ Considering that 50% don’t read fluently at grade level, I guess the others are ‘top.’ Good grief. About 8 or 9 years ago only about 6 students in my son’s 8th grade class received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. Two years later, about 50 students in my daughter’s class received the award. I believe the criteria had been changed from receiving all 95’s and above, to receiving all 85’s and above. So many proud parents…not paying any attention at all.

As most parents are generally struggling with a myriad of obstacles, including meeting their basic needs, the small injustices and suffering caused by public schools don’t get their attention at all. As the bar gets lower all the time and the schools decline, all of America suffers too. I meet recent high school graduates regularly as they are the cashiers in many local businesses. Many can barely think. They can’t make change without a calculator and sometimes, even with a functioning cash register, I still get incorrect change! These kids are going to be responsible for maintaining an orderly society in the future. We are just as screwed as they are. Common Core (and the other pet names for the standards and aligned curriculum) is NOT part of any valid solution to the needs of society. How is your daughter doing today?

My bright, imaginative, joyful granddaughter now hates school. Homework is a chore. Timed tests and pressure in performance on required state testing absolutely crushed her confidence. She is an active learner. Teachers have said “significant attention issues” . I’m a retired exceptional educator and the pace of the curriculum mandated to teachers is ridiculous. There is no place for individual learning needs or styles. Each classroom you visit follows same routine. Teachers are not allowed to be flexible and meet each child where they are. My granddaughter makes good grades, but hates going to school 😒

very well stated friend! I’m still searching for my words since leaving. It has taken a long detox period to realize what I thought to be going on was indeed true! These roots run deep!

Please tell us about the “last straw.” What drove you to leave?

there wasn’t really “one last straw”. It was everything combined. 11 years of compounded issues and seeing the progressive spiral into common core. Most teachers aren’t awake to the deeper political issues. Therefore they just put their head down and keep on being “good sheep”.
I wanted to speak against common core but my school system was quick to tell us that if we weren’t for common core, then they didn’t need us. It was considered it be insubordinate, although I did work behind the scenes and found out quickly it was pointless.
My initial motive to leave was a biblical conviction once having my first child. It took me a few years to get to the point to go. I loved my job and my community. I got tired of lying to parents.
My last PD made me sick to my stomach. I had read about it years before and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was about the culture of the classroom, GRIT, SEL etc.

I am very sorry. Some forces seem intent on ruining the future for as many children as possible. Some of them believe they are actually “helping!” They are continuing to hurt our kids and clearly hurt you too. You would be considered collateral damage. They are targeting our babies and their future.

Here’s another galling one. It’s the public school’s POLICY to side step parents now.
My most recent example: (may be familiar to some)
“Hi Barbara in Guidance, June 24th, it’s Mrs. Me again, I’ve sent you several emails referencing the March meeting YOU required ME to attend & accept teacher’s recommendation to AP course. Was really looking forward to your promised May call w Fall schedule. School closes tomorrow,
please advise.”
And they email your kid personally to his private Google school-account! “Class full. Happy summer!”
“it’s in children’s best interest
to advocate for themselves”- they always say.
of course they’ve been saying this since the 3rd grade 🙄… OR…
since CC washed in!
Anyone else notice this?

The only self advocating requested of the kids I know (from p.s.) pertains to some of them wanting to take the standardized tests *after their parents have refused. Some Principals bribe or otherwise threaten or influence our kids. This is entirely illegal of course. When parents wishes are not respected, parents have every right to sue – but this is often pointless and rarely successful. It’s more effective to leave the p.s. system and home school the kids.

if this thread is well followed, you’ll be barraged with public school parents who consider the schools’ elimination of virtually all parental involvement to be a top complaint.
The PTA are generally the Stepford Wife-conscripts the schools’ use in the battle against nice, anti-reform parents, & oh boy is it so often the Country Club set vs the Backyard Barbecuers 😆

You reminded me about my first (and only) PTA meeting with our local equivalent wives club. They worked to silence any anti CC sentiment and they spent 90 minutes arguing about cupcakes and clowns. They are cabbages. If they intend to get their hands on my kid – call an ambulance for them now.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Assocation page:

Our legal team continues to receive calls daily from concerned public school parents over transgender students using the same locker room as their opposite-gender children. School districts are too scared of lawsuits to stand up for privacy. Please keep this matter in constant prayer.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

So the NEA is part of Education Reimagined – whose Board has folks from CCSSO, Knowledgeworks, Amazon, New Profit… and is supported by Czi (Facebook Zuckerberg). WHO exactly is protecting students from too much screen time, online data collection and profiling? Certainly not the NEA, who is in bed with BigTech.
See their Board and supporters here:

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

GPC tomorrow I’m allowing my son to attend and he can use his voice as well. He will be going to 9th grade. His grades throughout the year were good, my main concern is the principal is new, most of his teachers from this year are no longer with the school. Old principal tried telling lies in a meeting earlier and n the year. She literally told me the only reason my son got A’s was because of participation this is because we pulled him from sped by his choice and me opting him out of STAAR.. He is main stream tests above grade level in math, science, and social studies. Only reason he was listed as sped was because he was in speech but he hasn’t been in speech for 2 years. I know for a fact that is not the reason for the good grades he works hard. After we left she pulled my son into her office literally the first thing she said to him was “Don’t Tell your parents but they will not be able to opt you out” obviously we did. He is loved by his teachers who are usually a big support system for him as well. What concern’s me is the ones in the meeting will only know what the previous principal put on paperwork and not his teacher’s point of view. I’m also concerned that even though he’s moving up they’ll try and put him in STAAR tutorials or remedial classes for not taking STAAR.

And another post from this group:

Can someone help me, I know I have seen it on here & talked about on here and I thought it was said there was a form but I can’t find one…

Our current situation my son is going into the 8th grade barely didn’t pass both Starr test (he never test well on these) but his school grades a Great. But yesterday we found his upcoming School schedule online early and noticed they are taking away some electives and putting him in the “Math & Reading Skills Classes”… Last year in 7th grade they put him in the “Reading Skills Class” and all they did all year long is watch Movies and they take test over them how is that supposed to help with reading?

I do NOT want him in these CLASSES how can I get him back in his electives??

And yet another post from this group:

I’m new to the group and honestly did not realize I was able to opt out of taking the staar test. My daughter struggles with taking test and this is the first time we have ever had an issue with her being threatened with being retained. She just finished 8th grade and may not be able to passed to the 9th. She went to summer school and took the 3rd staar test, and just got the results back and she did worse on this one than the last.. they have not contacted me for the meeting but I can not let her retake the 8th grade. We held her back in 2nd grade because she was struggling with math but every since then she has been doing ok. She passed all of her classes in order to be promoted this year but did not pass the math staar. Now I am really stressing because I do not want her being held back another year, I know she knows the material and she has been having tutoring over the summer plus we enrolled her in http://www.mathhelp for extra support, she also went to summer school. I just don’t know what else to do! I am scared that they are going to retain her this year and not pass her to the 9th grade. My anxiety is through the roof. I wish I would have know she could have opted out, I honestly thought it was mandatory and she would have had to make it up or be retained. Any advice for when I have my GPC meeting, I have no clue what I need to say or do, but I am going to fight for her to be promoted.

Here is a post from a group called 500 Mom Strong:

This is a video that was shared by Lifelong.
Lifelong was one of the vendors at King County Library System’s #TeenSEXpo on June 22, 2019.

At the #KCLSTeenSEXpo event, one of our moms recorded them telling her that one of the missions of Lifelong is “queering sex ed in middle and high school”.

Lifelong really means this. Remember the Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) bill that didn’t make it to the floor of the State Housethis past legislative session? Well THIS is just a sampling of what that bill would bring to our middle schools and high schools in Washington state!

And both Lifelong and King County Library System have many lobbyists, who lobby our state legislators on this and dozens of other radical legislation which negatively impacts kids and families.

In the last KCLS Board meeting, their lobbying efforts were specifically reported on to the board. Specifically, it was stated that a lot of “good” legislation was passed this last session, and that next session the KCLS lobbyists will pushing legislators to pass “good legislation” that didn’t make it to law this past session.

Make no mistake!
This video is exactly what is being pushed into our schools. And after KCLS Teen SEXpo, it’s being pushed in our libraries, too.
HEYO is Lifelong’s Health Education Youth Outreach group




In a Nevada anti-Common Core group, someone posted this Bloomberg article:

To which I replied: I know what’s next: “personalized learning”.

To which someone else replied:

BINGO [my name redacted]
“U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced this month that North Carolina and Georgia now are two of four states in the nation to be granted greater flexibility to assess student achievement in innovative and creative ways. North Carolina will begin this coming academic year to take part in the innovative assessment pilot program, which is part of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act.”

Here is Georgia’s application

“Bringing Vision Into Focus: Georgia’s Journey to a Statewide Vision of Personalized Learning”

An “Electronic Backpack” for every student – see the powerpoint slide via Dr.John D.Barge, State School Superintendent

I found a document from SETDA talking about data interoperability. At the end of the document, they were kind enough to show us a list of the organizations pushing data interoperability and “common data standards”:

I posted this in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

While looking up an Illinois foster care bill in the Illinois register, I found something from Illinois HHS and it appears to be called “Great Start”:

DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES NOTICE OF PROPOSED AMENDMENTS 50.420 Provider Registration and Certification Requirements 50.430 Provider Background Checks 50.440 Payment for Child Care Services SUBPART E: GREAT START PROGRAM Section 50.510 Great START Program 50.520 Method of Providing the Wage Supplement 50.530 Eligibility 50.540 Employer Responsibility 50.550 Notification of Eligibility 50.560 Phase-in of Wage Supplement Scale 50.570 Wage Supplement Scale 50.580 Evaluation SUBPART F: CHILD CARE COLLABORATION PROGRAM Section 50.610 Child Care Collaboration Program 50.620 Approvable Models of Collaboration 50.630 Requirements for Approval in the Child Care Collaboration Program 50.640 Notification of Eligibility 50.650 Rules and Reporting for the Child Care Collaboration Program SUBPART G: GATEWAYS TO OPPORTUNITY CREDENTIALS Section 50.710 Gateways to Opportunity, the Illinois Professional Development System 50.720 Gateways to Opportunity Credentials 50.730 Application for Credentials 50.740 Framework for Gateways to Opportunity Credentials 50.750 Professional Knowledge 50.760 Gateways to Opportunity Registry

Wasn’t there something from Minnesota called “Great Start” that involved child care?

I receieved the following replies:

YES!! Good job, [my name redacted] and thanks for sending us this information. It was our BIG free daycare and home visits and a dozen other things, all within 35 pages.

Yes, Illinois is a bit ahead of us thanks to Rahm and Pritzker. But it’s the same concept. HF 1 didn’t hold the creditialing but another bill that went through the Tax Committee did. There were 3 Republicans on it, but I testified against it and shocked the room with my facts about the Anti-Trust Law and Hobb Act Violations. So they pulled their names off and the bill stalemated. It would have given teachers with a high “Career lattice” through DEVELOP, a tax credit as well as a tax credit for parents who took their kids to a 4 Star rated Center.

First Coast Technical College has suspended a student for posting a photo of her at the gun range on Facebook:

Someone should tell Sen Josh Hawley that these two bills EXPAND the role of the federal government in education and thus are NOT conservative.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

My Childs first year of Middle school, we attend the Registration Day and I’m left SPEECHLESS! Everyone was pointing the finger, Not 1 Person knew what I was talking about when it Came to the New “CSE” it’s like they were all told to act stupid. Not the School office nor the Counselors had any answers, even tho the School District itself reassured me the same day the school would have Opt Out waivers available because of recent “Parent uproar” their words not mine. I feel I’m about pull my child out. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated for Homeschooling or Private school. TIA.

And some replies to this post:

Do you mind sharing what district you are in? I have a feeling SRVSD will be the same way


Our neighbors who are elementary school teachers received a directive end of last year about how this was being introduced. It said to not speak to anyone about it accept [outside party contact info].
They said its getting weird !

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Some of my previously published articles on LinkedIn have been centered around lucrative edtech companies and years of failed interventions from the corporate education reformers seeking to privatize public education. As a parent of public school kids in Dallas, I see the shift from academic achievement towards more of a workforce model of education. The two should not be mutually exclusive. In order to plant seeds of independence and employability, children must be given the necessary foundation rooted in academics. Once the foundation is laid, exposure to career and college opportunities should be explored. It was once said by C.S. Lewis, “If education is beaten by training, civilization dies.” Schools are now starting as young as elementary school to slot workers for the global workforce.

Here is a post that somebody posted on the page of a friend of mine:

I’ve been working in database programming, website development, computer security, and digital marketing for almost thirty years. I can tell you that as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow, there is no such thing as an anonymous electronic survey.” I believe it. Some parents in my school system were asked to fill out a school climate survey in conjunction with the Virginia Dept. of Criminal Services and I was amazed at how easy it would be for them to decipher who many of the respondents’ children were. This article is a good reminder to parents: When they ask if your child can do surveys in school on back-to-school forms, say no. If there’s a specific survey parents would like their child to participate in, they can just opt them in. Also, as you’ve posted before, if your child’s school participates in NAEP testing, you can opt them out of the personal information questionnaire portion.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Ed Week has a paywall, so here’s an article that made me say, “Uh oh.” Now, maybe he’s talking about good old Ed Reform, but something tells me that there’s much more to his agenda, especially when he says, “…we have many tools in our 21st Century arsenal.” Surveillance, perhaps? Biometric devices for students to wear? Teachers and counselors in my building are beginning to suspect that the policies we’ve been forced to implement have caused the increasing mental health issues in our elementary students. I wonder if this was the goal all along, so that their dangerous behavior justifies ramping up of government surveillance and loss of privacy rights.

“There are some challenges educators shouldn’t have to face alone

By Christopher Morphew

July 31, 2019

This year’s 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting, in which 12 students and one teacher were tragically killed, was a somber reminder of how deeply the fear of mass violence has penetrated the fabric of our nation’s school systems. High-profile incidents—in our civic offices, churches, workplaces, music venues, schools, festivals—continue to make safety a front-of-mind issue not just for students and their families, but also for classroom teachers, school staff, and school and district leaders. Their job requirements now include preparing for and responding to school violence—or trying to prevent it from happening in the first place.

When school shooting incidents have occurred in the past, in my role as dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Education, I’ve been asked by reporters what we were doing to solve the problem. Frankly, I haven’t felt satisfied with what I had to say or what we could contribute. The jobs of teachers and principals are different today than decades ago, but our nation’s teacher- and administrator-preparation programs haven’t evolved to ensure that the next generation of educators are prepared to tackle today’s complex challenges. I am convinced that if higher education institutions—especially research-oriented schools of education like ours—want to remain relevant to the K-12 profession, then we must adapt to the changing needs of our K-12 schools and better prepare the professionals who lead them.

Creating safe and healthy learning environments is one of the many multidimensional, interconnected challenges that today’s educators and schools must face. Many schools have gravitated toward measures of questionable effectiveness, including arming teachers, hardening school buildings, purchasing biometric scanners, and updating emergency protocols. But in our conversations with district and school leaders, they frequently ask us specific questions that go beyond school violence and security and reflect more closely their day-to-day reality: How do we roll out an effective safety plan? How can we promote the mental health of our students and staff? How can we address issues like bullying, suicide, discipline, and school climate?

We should have concrete answers for them. We as an institution have a long legacy of transforming the practice of medicine through rigorous application of evidence, an on-the-ground presence in Baltimore schools grappling with some of these issues, and numerous researchers who study different pieces of the school health and safety puzzle. Yet our research efforts on this issue lacked coordination and a common focus, and we had few courses and practical resources to offer our students or educators currently in the profession. So, more than a year ago, we began methodical preparations to launch a new cross-disciplinary center at the university, with our school of education leading the way.

We began by broadly examining how school safety was being addressed across the country and found many different groups offering different solutions—some good, but many lacking any kind of evidence base. We found other institutions of higher education and organizations making important contributions on certain facets of the issue. But no research university had pulled the many pieces of school safety and health together in a multidisciplinary effort—from education to public health to applied physics—dedicated to tackling this challenge comprehensively and holistically.

We’re hoping to do just that with our new Johns Hopkins Center for Safe and Healthy Schools, which we launched this spring. We want to provide schools, communities, and policymakers with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions, and to provide educators and families with the best practices to foster a safe and healthy school climate. This means revamping our own teacher- and administrator-preparation curriculum to include the best research and practice in safe and healthy schools as an integral part of training 21st century educators. We are still very much in the early going—pioneering different tools and ideas, planning to measure the evidence of our impact, and striving to learn all we can from our successes and failures.

We hope that our experience will propel other schools of education to rethink how they can best prepare teachers and administrators. School health and safety is just one area where schools of education can prove our critics wrong by demonstrating we have much to contribute to solving the greatest problems of our day. Collectively, we have many tools in our 21st century arsenal, among them data analysis, learning science, entrepreneurial savvy, and innovative research that transcends disciplinary boundaries. But perhaps our most effective tool can be a passionate commitment to the evidence-based improvement of our schools and our children’s future.

Plenty of other new and evolving challenges face K-12 educators and schools, and I hope our colleagues will launch similar initiatives where they have expertise by identifying, connecting, and adapting all of the levers at their disposal, whether they be research, academics, tools, or training. I also anticipate foundations and individual philanthropists will fund more focused and holistic initiatives that are led by schools of education and designed to help solve the most pressing problems in their local communities and nationwide.

Christopher Morphew is the dean of the Johns Hopkins University School of Education.”

And a reply to this post:

Important context: Johns Hopkins was the first school of public health and was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. Today the Bloomberg Foundation is the major funder of the John’s Hopkins School of Public Health. Behavioral health data is a key element for interoperable social impact databases and Johns Hopkins has hosted numerous conferences with the National Interoperability Collaborative. Beware of their plans for “evidence-based” improvement.

The school of education has also been a leader in the development of early childhood data systems

And another post from this group:

we have one to one devices in Baltimore County and every kid I talk to (which is quite a few) and teachers all HATE it. they talk about the loss of creative interactive learning with their teachers and classmates, how there’s little eye contact anymore in the classroom, how they have headaches (and back aches lugging the every day in their backpacks). Lost data, lost work, lost chargers etc. Wish someone who had the power to change this would actually listen to those affected by crappy policies.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Regarding the recent data breach reported by WCSD, Pearson (AimsWeb) is one of hundreds of vendors WSCD shares student data with, without parental consent. Here’s some of the others:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

This is great news!

Education should be LOCALLY controlled. Period.

This curriculum Abbott put through in Texas sounds awfully similar to what DeSantis is pushing in Florida:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

We can’t be in the dark anymore…
It is imperative for us to understand what is actually being done.
As seen in the graphic presented below…
“The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who can not read and write, but those who can not learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

As written in a very important report by Betsy Kraus…

”Behind the alluring “education-speak” of such terms as “Transformative, Outcome Based Education (OBE), Effective Teaching (also OBE), Robust, Relevant, Critical Thinking, Personalized Education, Virtual Learning, Continuous Improvement, and 21st Century Skills”, lurks the “rot” to destroy Christian civilization.

The entire Cyber-System, its curriculum, personalized learning, computer
cybernation, assessments, and methodologies, including business and private school board models that are applied to public charter schools and other schools must be exposed and abolished.

Rejecting “Common Core” alone will not remove the System. This System was in operation long before either Common Core or its Standards were imposed upon schools, and it is now coming into full bloom.

Click to access Catholic-Education-in-America-To-Deceive-the-Elect.pdf

We see it in full bloom as Texas’ Deputy of Governance, AJ Crabill receives the Education Commission of the States’ (ECS) highest award, the ‘James Bryant Conant’ Award on 7.11.2019

As Robin Eubanks pointed out, “if you are not familiar with ECS, they have meetings where the top legislator from the education committee of both chambers in each state plus someone from the Governor’s office all come to hear their pitches. It’s thus the perfect way to get coordination in each state that fits a national or global template. Meanwhile, the politicians can insist “it’s state led” or “this is what business says they want.” It’s what politically connected businesses who prefer cultivating lobbyists to satisfying consumers desire. The schools make a great vehicle for pushing changes in attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors.

Below is a list of the crony-capitalist/Public-Private Partnership companies who have ponied up to be formal sponsors of the Education Commission of the States.

By the way: Abbott , Patrick and Morath’s hired Deputy of Governance, AJ Crabill’s highest attainment of education is a high school diploma. Technically, he could not get a job as a 1st year teacher. But hey, he was a great Obama Community Organizer in Kansas City. Check it out here:

Click to access Can-I-See-Morath.Crabill.pdf

There is an important book people need to know about called ‘Patterns for Lifelong Learning’, written in part by former President of Notre Dame, Theodore Hesburgh. It is the blueprint for what we see happening in education. Diana Anderson wrote this article about the book, Theory of Unlearning & The Common Core.

“Lifelong Learning is more of a process than an outcome, as a step toward this outcome is unlearning how you think about the world; unlearn any adherence to dogma, loyalty, and heritage that finds you different than your global neighbor. The Theory of Unlearning is the opposite of extended learning. Schools in Soviet Russia called it re-education. Behavioral psychologists positioned the Theory of Unlearning into educational realms: Kurt Lewin called it ‘unfreezing’, Jack Mezirow more poignantly called it ‘transformative learning.’ Inherently, cooperative grouping of students and the emphasis on critical thinking skills set up the environment for practice in unlearning and relearning new paradigms of thinking about the world. The Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts set the environment for students to participate in unlearning practices.”

And another post from her:

Time to wake up folks!
Hmm-$5Billion In Fines For Stealing Psychological Data From Users…

Yet, the Feds Steal Psychological Data From Students, Create Dossiers & Target MentalHealth Interventions Without Telling Parents…Oh But, Hey- That’s OK

Our Kids Are Captive Prisoners Of *Psychological Abuse
*Experimental Conditioning, DataMining, *Reprogrammed
PennsylvaniaDOE Did It For 20 Years Before Anita Hoge Stopped Them.
ESSA IS ChildAbuseInTheClassroom. StopItNow!

I heard from the Alabama anti-Common Core rally today that they are sneaking a state ballot measure to do away with elected state school board and make it appointed, in supposedly conservative Alabama.

Here is a post from an Alabama anti-Common Core page:

Just what Betty Peters former state school board member is warning about on fb live stream –8:20pm

Looks like Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) is suing a North Carolina parent for daring to badmouth their “education” curriculum:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

UN Agenda 21 (2030 Agenda, The Green New Deal) is not about climate or the environment. It is all about creating a global boogie man (climate,environment) to put fear in the heart of good people in order to freely hand over their freedom and liberty for a life of slavery. This plan will dictate where you live, how you live, what you eat, how much money you make. It will control all production, consumption and all human activity. If you don’t know what it is please do some research and don’t be sucked into their lies and schemes. I created a website a long time ago when I did presentations on A21 but since then changed my focus to education because it is in the classroom that our children are being indoctrinated to become global citizens. If you can to visit the site (it hasn’t been updated in a while but the info is still relevant) here is the link

Well here you have it right from the leftists mouth. The Green New Deal is about destroying America not about the climate. AOC is being funded to push UN Agenda 21 (2030 Agenda, Green New Deal) and spreading lies and fear to force compliance. She is a communist through and through. Do these useful idiots think they will have a seat at the table?? They are being used to push the globalist agenda and when it is done they will be standing in the same bread lines as us. WAKE UP. Learn the truth about A21, 2030 Agenda, Green New Deal (they all have the same rootsin UN Agenda 21) Even Betsy DeVos signed us up to support the 17 SDGs. Sustainable Development Goals in 2018. Education is how they are changing the country and I think you can agree it is obvious. Here is another article about it:

And another post from her:

EVERY teacher should have stood up and WALKED OUT of this indoctrination session. I blame the teachers that stayed seated and said/did NOTHING. PARENTS where are you????? Tax payers is this how you want your money spent??? If you do not nip this in the butt immediately you are just a bunch of bobble head dolls and should be ashamed. This kind of stuff is what promotes racism and hate.

And another post from her:

John Holdren – Obama’s Science Czar – Head of the “Green Team”
In a book (Ecoscience) Holdren co-authored in 1977, the man now firmly in control of science policy in this country wrote that:
Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;

The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food;

Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;

People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.

A transnational “Planetary Regime” should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans’ lives — using an armed international police force.

And yet another post from her:

What does the UN consider unsustainable. Here is a PARTIAL list and it can be found in the UN Biodiversity Assessment Report which is the blueprint for UN Agenda 21 (2030 Agenda)

Paved/tarred roads/highways/rails
Logging activities/harvesting timber
Power line construction
Ski resorts/Golf Courses
Fossil fuels
Agricultural equipment
Grazing of livestock: cows, sheep, goats, horses etc.
Plowing of soil
Building of fences
Dam/reservoirs/straightening of rivers
Single family homes
Private property
Population Growth
Home Schooling

Source: UN Biodiversity Assessment Report

And some replies to this post:

Thank you for your posts!! I’ve read all this and more…too many people on this country simply do not get it..,my family thinks I’m nuts and discount anything I say regarding the UN, EPA,Bilderberg Group,George Soros,New World Order, All newborns chipped by 2030,Abortions up to and after births, Selling parts of Baby for profit…they never watch the news and have no idea what is going on!!
How do we overcome this “lack of knowledge and acceptance of horrific truths”???

I tried to educate people and have been for over 10 years now. I used to lecture on Saul Alinsky, Agenda 21 and education. People come, they listen, they gasp in horror then go home and turn on the TV to watch the latest football game but never have any time to fight back, attend city council, county commission or school board meetings let alone get engaged with what their kids are learning. This indoctrination has been going on for years and the parents today have already gone through the system.

Population growth?
Western countries have begun to depopulate. So these globalists are importing replacement populations of peoples that overbreed. How about they focus their agenda on those third world populations that can’t stop having 20 to 28 babies per father. 28 is not an exaggeration when a man has 4 wives.

I believe that part of their junk is like I see happening here in FL – no longer mowing the fields and empty areas at the side of the highways

it’s the nature of mankind, and the robbers-rapist-pillagers know mankinds nature,,, most people will watch GOVCO kick in their neighbors door, or shoot a man in the back,, they won’t get off their ass until THEIR door is getting kicked in,, instead they “VOTE” hoping that someone else will “protect” them,,, when “protection” by GOVCO means being locked in a cage… it is sad…….

And another post from her:

Their words not mine….

In the UNESCO program called “United Nations’ Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.” It is their stated goal in this program to steal one generation of children and teach them to place loyalty to the state above loyalty to the family. Once this objective has been realized, it is a simple task to then inculcate the children with the basic tenets of sustainable development. These tenets include:

End of national sovereignty

Abolition of private property

Restructuring of the family unit

Restriction of individual mobility and opportunity

Abandonment of constitutional rights

Relocation of people into smart growth zones

EVERY issue we face today aligns directly with the 17 UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs) and that includes the climate change hoax. Betsy DeVos committed to support these goals. They decided on climate change because climate affects the entire globe. They had to find an issue (global boogie man) that affects all humans everywhere in order to control ALL human activity and spread global communist control with the UN leading the world.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy. It doesn’t have to do with education, but I’m sure coupled with the education and “mental health” data mining that it will further the attacks on the 2nd Amendment:

RedFlagLaws are back door GunControl …


  1. Due process rights are put on the chopping block. Anti-gun family members, friends, or acquaintances can levy dubious accusations to justify the confiscation of law-abiding gun owners’ guns. They can take these accusations to a court of law, even if the individual in question was not charged or convicted of a crime. In turn, due process rights are turned upside down, as gun owners are presumed to be guilty and must then prove their innocence.
  2. Indefinite time frames for gun confiscation.
    The duration of ERPOs is unclear — which could end up being weeks, months, or even a year. Gun owners would then be forced to go to court multiple times just to win their Constitutional rights back.
  3. Red Flag Laws have Bipartisan Support
    What makes red flag laws even more dangerous is the bipartisan support they currently boast. It is no secret when both parties come together on legislative matters, nothing good can come out of it.
  4. (My addition) These laws place the state as the sole arbiter of what constitutes ‘mental health’ opening up all sorts of potential abuses.

Political insiders constantly remind us that Republicans are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment.

They contend Republicans play a pivotal role in defending our gun rights, and any criticism directed toward them is unjustified.

But nothing could be further from the truth …

American University is considering implementing pronoun fascism policies on their staff:

Here is a post from a page called

TTN DUVAL: Show up. This is your chance to tell Sen. Aaron Bean & Rep. Cord Byrd – that you DO NOT want them to rob you of your right to elect school boards or prevent you from casting your ballot to approve money to repair public schools. These folks want Mayor Curry to appoint school boards as stated in proposed local bill J-1.

The bill will be voted up or down at the October meeting of the Duval Delegation. Read more:

Delegation members:
Rep. Wyman Duggan,
Rep. Jason Fischer
Rep. Cord Byrd
Rep. Clay Yarborough,
Rep. Tracie Davis
Rep. Kim Daniels
Sen. Audrey Gibson
Sen. Aaron Bean

This action will:
-Strip voters of local control
-Grant power over Duval’s $1.7B public ed budget to ONE person
-Significantly impact the rights of minorities who already lack representation on most Jacksonville boards appointed by the Mayor

And another post from this page:

FL: NO investment in counselors but plenty of cash to mine student data, invade privacy & blur the lines between FERPA, HIPPA & law enforcement.

This is not good. Shame on Florida!

Glad that they stopped this from happening again, but it should never have happened in the first place:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Governor Walz announces an EXECUTIVE ORDER to reauthorize the Children’s Cabinet. This Cabinet has existed as a policy group and is completely behind the Great Start for ALL Minnesota Children. #1 priority of this session.

More later tonight so we can study the executive order and Children’s Cabinet goals to date.

Langauge of the EO on Placing Children at the Center of Government, August 7, 2019.

Click to access 19-34.pdf

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Time will tell… but seeing SC has NOT made any real
Progress in Education for the last 19 years she’s been on EOC .. I’m not holding my breath.
He should have looked to Jane Robbins or Sheri Few or Alex Newman…or anyone who understands the threat our present failed in line with Common Core Standards present to children… NOT someone who is all on board with the Marc Tucker Dear Hillary letter.

And here is the post that was quoted:

“Governor McMaster has made an excellent choice today in naming Melanie Barton as his senior education advisor. Her wisdom and expertise have been a tremendous asset to the EOC over the past 19 years. While the committee will miss her, the citizens of SC are gaining a passionate advocate for young people. She believes in the capacity of all children to learn and grow, and works tirelessly to see that all children in SC are given the educational opportunities to become successful in school and life.” — Ellen Weaver, EOC Chair

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

We got an email from Canyon School district with this letter attached….
Anyone know how to opt out of it from day1?
This is getting ridiculous


And here are the replies to this post:

Go to the principle now and tell them you want the opt out form now because your child will not be doing this. However be prepared to know that they will still probably do it, you just won’t be told about it.

Opt out but until you child is old enough to tell you it will still happen.

Get a lawyer & cite civil rights (freedom and privacy) violations, as well as Constitution right violations.

State law requires OPT IN!

😱 seems the opposite of what the letter is stating. How can they do that if they don’t get an official opt in? Also, is this what they are calling the Comprehensive School Counseling Program that came up when I registered in skyward?

My sister (in Canyons Ddistrict)is flipping out and feels alone! You mom’s sshould all go in together to show you are not the only ones opting out!

I’m in Jordan district but I’m sure it’s just presented in a different package.

I’m curious to know if this is state wide and canyons is the only one providing this form. 😠

say no and refuse to participate

This will be testing behaviors and attitudes, not school-type knowledge. It looks like the new Social Emotional Learning has arrived.

I just got a notice about SEL in the Davis school district. Here is the law. It is very clear that this is an opt-in type of behavior. Canyons parents should be very upset that this is going on. From our state school board meetings last week it was very clear that information collected can be blocked but never really erased.

Here are the personal items teachers will be observing

The Student Risk Screening Scale – Internalizing and Externalizing (SRSS-IE) – is an adapted version of the SRSS (Drummond, 1994) and is available free-access. The SRSS-IE modifies the original 7-item SRSS with the inclusion of 5 new items characteristics of internalizing behaviors. The SRSS-IE includes the original seven items and the new five items with all items rated on the same 4-point Likert-type scale: never = 0, occasionally = 1, sometimes = 2, frequently = 3. For more information on the new secondary level (middle and high school) preliminary cut scores, please consider reading the SRSS-IE MS HS Brief.
Items include the original 7 items (1) steal; (2) lie, cheat, sneak; (3) behavior problem; (4) peer rejection; (5) low academic achievement; (6) negative attitude; and (7) aggressive behavior, and newly added and retained items (8) emotionally flat; (9) shy, withdrawn; (10) sad, depressed; (11) anxious; and (12) lonely.
We encourage you to read the following articles to learn more about how to use the SRSS-IE at elementary as well as middle and high schools.
Note. The following preliminary cut scores are now available for the SRSS-I (elementary: SRSS-I5, middle and high: SRSS-I6). Please note the item peer rejection is included in the SRSS-E7 and SRSS-I6 when used at the middle and high school level. The two subscale scores are used for decision making.
Elementary School Middle and High School
(1) steal;
(2) lie, cheat, sneak;
(3) behavior problem;
(4) peer rejection;
(5) low academic achievement;
(6) negative attitude;
(7) aggressive behavior
(8) emotionally flat;
(9) shy, withdrawn;
(10) sad, depressed;
(11) anxious;
(12) lonely
(1) steal;
(2) lie, cheat, sneak;
(3) behavior problem;
(4) peer rejection;
(5) low academic achievement;
(6) negative attitude;
(7) aggressive behavior
(4) peer rejection;
(8) emotionally flat;
(9) shy, withdrawn;
(10) sad, depressed;
(11) anxious;
(12) lonely

Don’t forget that Canyons is part of the “Student Success” partnership grant program in which third parties such as United Way can shop student data to find kids to fill their programs to qualify for additional state and federal funds. Like most government it’s an ineffective and intrusive solution looking for a problem.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

Another DATA BREACH – NY Schools notified – Pearson

The Brighton, Brockport, Pittsford, Spencerport, Victor, Webster and West Irondequoit school districts have all confirmed to 13WHAM that they were impacted.

Pearson, the company who provides the system which was breached, says they’re looking into it. Possible data accessed includes students’ names, date of births, and in some cases email addresses.

Incident affecting 13,000 Aimsweb customers occurred in Fall 2018 and districts are finding out now (July 2019)

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I just picked up my kids from their first day at school. My junior high aged child gets out 10 minutes before my kindergarten aged child who attends the same school as but gets out 10 minutes before my other children. 🤷‍♀️ I had told my junior high aged child that I desired for them to pick up their sibling and then meet us by the pick up for our other children (on the other side of the school). Evidently the school didn’t place my junior high student as a pick up alternative, even though I requested it so I went to the office to correct the situation. Should have been an easy fix, but here’s the exchange that occurred…

Me: I need to place my junior high student as a pick up alternative for _____. Office: What grade is your child in? Me: 8th at __________ junior high. Office: what’s their name? Me: __________________. Office: Okay, since they are a minor I will need to call their school and get permission from their principal for them to pick up _____.
Me: Ummm. I’m their mom and the only one who can grant permission for my minor to do anything. I sign permission slips for them not the school, so why do you need permission from the school principal? I’m saying it’s okay. They are literally just taking them over to the other side of the school and meeting us where we have to pick up our other kids.
Office: We still have to call the school and get permission from the school principal because they’re a minor.
Me: what does being a minor have to do with whether or not I can give permission for my child to do something?
Office: we just have to make sure it’s okay…

Another example of schools trying to override our parental authority.

And some replies to this post:

They have to verify that your child’s file shows that you have custody. There are legal barriers in place to prevent a non-custodial parent, an imposter or someone with a restraining order from showing up to change to take your child. Take a deep breath and let them do their jobs. 😊

they already know this. It’s the same office personnel I’ve dealt with for the past few years. They know my name and ALL of my children. They literally said because my child was a minor they had to get permission from the junior high school principal before my junior high student could be allowed to be on the pick up list for my kindergartener. That oversteps bounds. I am perfectly fine with people double checking that “approved by parent” people are picking up my children, but a school principal does not get to determine who I put on my approved list. Their job is to ensure that the person picking up is someone I said was safe and okay.

They feel they have more rights and control over our children. If Pan gets his way they will.

And another post from this group:

My stepson came home from Denair Middle School with this paper, that was handed out to the 1st and 2nd period 7th grade kids in Luis Davila Alvarado’s class. Per the principal that called my husband, they stopped it after second period and reprimanded the teacher. The teacher said that because he was transgender and the kids had lots of questions, he thought this would be beneficial to them. Which is the most bullshit excuse I’ve ever heard. Feel free to share this post, and contact a school official. the decision to file a formal complaint will be made by my husband or his ex wife I don’t care what you identify as, that’s your decision. But NO ONE has the right to ask my child these questions that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are teaching in a classroom.

[Gender Unicorn Picture]

And here are the replies to this post:

What grade?

7th. His teacher is transgender so maybe it’s just this teacher, I’m not sure

It’s a sign of the times unfortunatly, i for one would see about pulling my kid from this person’s class! Personally i don’t care what anyone does in their private life but DON’T push your personal beliefs on children it’s wrong and using your job as a teacher to do so is unconscionable!

Unfortunately it is part of public ed code now and is completely legal to teach and expose K-12 students to alternative lifestyles.

it falls under health and sex ed. New laws passed last year that loosened up all of the boundaries with this stuff. This worksheet has been distributed in kindergarten classes, so I’ve heard, and if districts support it, it is totally protected under ed code in public education.

UPDATE: [spouse name redacted] got a call from the principal because of my post. the school was already aware of it. The teacher, Luis Davila-Alvarado, passed these papers (NOT an assignment, optional to fill out) in the first and second period before admin found out and stopped it. Per admin, the paper was passed out because the kids had lots of questions about the teacher telling them that they can call him Mr or Mrs. so he passes out that paper so they wouldn’t be confused. Which is the most bullshit excuse I have ever heard. So that’s the status right now.

If my child has that teacher she will be pulled from that class..!!!!

Unfortunately in the world we live in, if you pulled your child from that teachers classroom because of your personal beliefs then you would be labeled a racist, a homophobe or a non conformist to progressive ideology!

I don’t care what people think about me..!!!!I’m not having that sick bastard teach my child.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The Children’s Cabinet is generally a policy setting organization while aligning and organizing all matters the state wishes to address for children. Federally pushed, Children’s Cabinets are in most, if not all, states. This article states some of the trends across the nation and includes Minnesota.

In January 2019, on the heels of gubernatorial elections, twenty new governors assumed office in states across the country, bringing with them new policies, priorities, and people. One critical and under-recognized area of impact? State-level children’s coordinating bodies–often known as children’s cabinets–which bring together state and sometimes private agencies whose work promotes the wellbeing of children and youth. Moreover, some state legislatures have recently taken action on children’s cabinets. Half a year into these new administrations, where do states stand?

Which Governors Are Reinvigorating Children’s Cabinets?

New governors in at least four states–Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, and New Mexico–are placing renewed emphasis on Children’s Cabinets. Moreover, several governors bring prior experience as members of Children’s Cabinets.

In Kansas, recently-elected Governor Laura Kelly (D) has appointed a new leadership team to head the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund, which Governor Kelly herself served on while a state senator. Naming non-profit consultant Kim Moore as Cabinet Chair and former State Representative Melissa Rooker as Executive Director, the Governor plans to reinvigorate the work of the Cabinet to realize her vision of universal access to high-quality early childhood programs across the state. Celebrating 20 years since its inception, the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund is directed by state statute to make evidence-based recommendations for investments in early childhood programs using funding from the Master Tobacco Settlement annual payments.

In Maine, former Governor LePage quietly shut down the Children’s Cabinet functions during his time in office since 2011. New Governor Janet Mills (D) announced plans to revitalize Maine’s Children’s Cabinet, which are now underway. Established by statute, Maine’s Children’s Cabinet met in May for the first time since 2010, bringing together Commissioners from five departments with the Governor’s office and staff. The cabinet outlined two main focus areas for the cabinet: 1) creating a comprehensive early child care and early education system and 2) supporting at-risk youth and their families.

In Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz (D) declared setting the state’s children’s cabinet as a priority for his administration. Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan have since relaunched the state’s children’s cabinet, led by Erin Bailey. Like other state cabinets, Minnesota’s children’s cabinet consists of commissioners from across state departments.

In New Mexico, new Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) is reinvigorating the Children’s Cabinet after a reduced presence under the prior administration. Each of the new secretaries appointed by Governor Lujan Grisham to her 11 cabinet posts, plus Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales, sits on the cabinet. Mariana Padilla serves as the new director for New Mexico’s Children’s Cabinet, which is administered through the Governor’s office and outlined by state statute.

Which States Are Legislating Cabinets for the First Time?

In North Dakota, Governor Burgum (R) signed a bill in April that created a children’s cabinet with members including the Governor, Chief Justice, legislators, the State Superintendent, tribal representatives, and parents. The bill signed by Governor Burgum also creates a commission on juvenile justice that reports to the cabinet and which expires in 2025.

In North Carolina, 2018 legislation under Governor Cooper (D) created the North Carolina Child Well-Being Transformation Council, also called the Children’s Council, for the purpose of coordination, collaboration, and communication among agencies and organizations involved in providing public services to children. Located administratively in the General Assembly, the Children’s Council consists of 25 members ranging from legislators to leaders of public and private youth services to children’s advocates. The North Carolina Children’s Council has two full-time staff: Council Coordinator Vaughn Crawford and Council Assistant Laura Holt-Kabel, who are both full-time staff of the General Assembly.

How Else Are States in Transition Addressing Children’s Cabinets?

In Colorado, Governor Jared Polis (D) continued the Colorado Statewide Youth Development Plan upon taking office in January 2019. The legislation, originally signed in 2013 by then-Governor Hickenlooper and written to require a biennial update, identifies key issues affecting youth and aligns strategic efforts to achieve positive outcomes for all youth. The plan remains largely true to its origins, though has been updated under Governor Polis and incorporates new strategies, revisions, and priorities.

In Ohio, Governor DeWine (R) issued an Executive Order that created some shifts in staffing and organization of the state’s children’s efforts. Governor DeWine established a Governor’s Office of Children’s Initiatives, bringing with him a director who had led similar work when DeWine was Ohio’s Attorney General. The power to convene Ohio’s children’s cabinet now lies with this Director of Children’s Initiatives. New Executive Director of Children’s Initiatives, Sarah LaTourette, brings her experience advocating in the State General Assembly for children’s efforts.

While Virginia has previously had a children’s cabinet, Governor Northam (D) reestablished the children’s cabinet via Executive Order when he assumed office in January 2018. The new version of the cabinet, chaired by First Lady Pamela Northam, places a new focus on early childhood.

In Georgia, Governor Kemp (R) issued an Executive Order transferring the Children’s Cabinet to the Department of Early Care and Learning, which previously served as the fiscal agent, and created both an Executive and Full Children’s Cabinet. The Cabinet is co-chaired by Early Care and Learning Commissioner Amy Jacobs and Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement Joy Hawkins while First Lady Marty Kemp serves as honorary chair.

Wisconsin’s new Governor, Tony Evers (D), has brought into office a mission to reinvigorate Wisconsin’s Early Childhood Advisory Council after serving as the head of the Council for the past eight years as State Superintendent. Governor Evers brings with him to Co-Chair the ECAC his previous Chief of Staff, Katie Domina, maintaining institutional knowledge about the Council across the transition.

What to Watch for in States

States to keep an eye on for new developments include California, Connecticut, Idaho, Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma. In some of these states, legislation is in the process of being passed so cabinets may be forming soon. In others, governors have publicly expressed interest in beginning the process of forming or revitalizing their children’s cabinets.

One key finding in the Forum for Youth Investment’s 2017 Biennial State Policy Survey was an overwhelming response that children’s cabinets were struggling with a lack of funds. As new, reinvigorated, or continuing children’s cabinets move forward, will funding follow? And what other support, such as staffing or policy priority, will their work receive?

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From the Think Small blog. Think Small is a coalition member for Great Start for ALL MN Children.

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Think Small’s Lobbyist is Cisa Keller. She was the former Lobbyist of New Horizons Academy, a franchise child care center, until 2015 which was right after the Block Grant that funds CCAP was finalized at the Federal Level. There are many others who ha e similar timing. It’s all a Ponzi Scheme

Did you notice that Walz and Flannigan will chair the cabinet themselves? That’s a little different…

they are protecting their own hen house….

Another activist federal judge has made the bathrooms less safe in Virginia schools:

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Behind the paywall, without the ads. These aren’t my words, but take the time to read them….they represent the pitfalls of pouring government money into a system that is open ended and can’t be useful until redflag laws start. Red Flag laws punish students before they have even committed crime and do not allow for due process which is required by law. You will read that in the panhandle of Texas, students have already been referred for mental health….but, nothing in the system requires they return to the system…RED FLAG laws will close the loop and take student freedom. We already have enough laws….

AUSTIN — Texas lawmakers reacted to a rash of mass shootings, including one at Santa Fe High School, by pouring $5 million this year into expanding a small telemedicine project out of the Panhandle that screens students at risk of hurting themselves or others and refers them to help.

But records obtained by the San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle show that the project housed at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center hasn’t lived up to its own targets.

Few of the more than 200 students screened since mid-2013 followed through with their aftercare plans for counseling or medication, according to the project’s grant filings and interviews with school districts.

What’s more, the virtual referrals have come at a steep average cost of roughly $11,600 per student — more than what the state pays school districts to educate a child for a full year.

Summer Martin, president of the Lone Star State School Counselor Association, said the state could be using that money to boost the number of school counselors in a state where there’s an average of one for every 430 students.

“Don’t get me wrong, we need the help for sure,” she said. “But that could have gone to school counselors who could have gotten a lot more resources to those students for a much smaller price tag.”

It remains to be seen how the project — known as the Telemedicine, Wellness, Intervention, Triage, and Referral Project — will use the additional $5 million to expand beyond roughly a dozen school districts in the Lubbock area. Lawmakers dedicated the money at the recommendation of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, whose office has funded the project since its inception with over $2 million in grants.

A spokesman for Abbott said it has been successful. And spokesman John Wittman called the average cost-per-student — calculated by dividing the grant funding by the number of students screened — a “simple math trick” that “does not accurately capture the effort to implement a pilot project of this nature in West Texas with a lack of available mental health services.”

“There are documented instances where students have been identified through this screening process that intended to commit acts of violence against fellow students, faculty, or themselves,” said Wittman, who referred further questions to Texas Tech. “TWITR does not conduct its own psychiatric care and is intended to identify students that need mental health care to protect those students and improve the overall safety of participating ISDs.”

The project’s successes have sometimes involved the police. In grant filings and public statements, TWITR officials highlighted 25 times when a student deemed dangerous or suicidal was removed from the classroom and sent to juvenile detention, another school or a hospital.

In one case, a student was detained by a school resource officer and a search uncovered a note, map, names and plans to purchase a handgun, the project reported to the governor’s office in 2017. In another, a suicidal student left school grounds and was quickly found by a school resource officer. The student was then sent to a juvenile detention facility, the project reported.

It’s not clear when — or if — the children returned to the classroom, which should be the goal, said Annalee Gulley, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs at Mental Health America of Greater Houston.

“All communities, all students and all youth are better served when nonviolent youth are able to return to campus following rehabilitation,” she said.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center didn’t make project officials available for an interview. A spokeswoman, however, said the project is one tool to address student mental health and its cost shouldn’t be judged by those who are screened, but rather by the thousands of children in West Texas who have access to TWITR in their schools.

Kendra Burris, Vice President for External Relations at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, also said that TWITR staff don’t have the power to remove a student from school, only administrators or parents do.

A mass shooting in El Paso last weekend has renewed the debate over how to confront gun violence and has prompted some calls for mental health care.

During the most recent legislative session — after 10 people died in the 2018 mass shooting at Santa Fe High School — state lawmakers scrambled to boost school safety by investing $100 million in building upgrades such as bulletproof glass and by beefing up student access to mental health services with extra funds and requirements for a statewide plan. Schools will also be allowed to have an unlimited number of armed staff to help guard against shootings. The changes are expected to begin rolling out this fall.

School staff refers students to the TWITR project and parents must give permission for their child to participate. A child psychiatrist then screens students during two telemedicine appointments, which the child’s parent or guardian must attend, and can refer them for in-person visits, recommend medication or direct them to counseling.

School districts say the project quickly connects students with psychiatric care in rural areas where services are scarce and wait times can be long. Abbott trumpeted the program as a statewide model in a school safety plan his office rolled out after the Santa Fe shooting last year.

Education advocates agree the idea is a good one, but question the cost and effectiveness.

No students who participated in TWITR during its first four years complied with aftercare plans, the project reported to the governor’s office. Texas Tech left that number off of its grant reports in the past two years.

Burris said it’s hard to track what happens to a student after a referral is made due to health care privacy laws.

“As we develop this project plan, our goal is really to focus on the access, to give the student the access,” she said. “We found it was a lot harder to track the after-plan.”

School administrators said follow-through depends largely on the parents. Even families who agree to participate may not have the time or money to ensure their kids receive the recommended care, especially in rural areas where a clinic may be far away.

Of the 15 students at Frenship ISD referred to the TWITR project last school year, about half have followed through with the recommended care, administrators said. Plainview High School officials told the Houston Chronicle last summer that about a third of the screening appointments are canceled because a parent fails to show up on campus.

The project helps the school make a quick connection to a psychiatrist once a student’s situation is “over our counselors heads,” said Richard Dean, Executive Director of Administrative Services at Frenship ISD.

“To me it’s about the welfare of the student,” he said, “not about whether he is going to be the next school shooter or not.”

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Beware- Today Governor Abbott announced a new set of round table meetings in the wake of the El Paso shooting.

He stated: “We need new and different strategies that go above and beyond what we did in the aftermath of dealing with shootings that took place at the school in Santa Fe,” Abbott said, referencing the 2018 shooting at a high school that killed eight students and two teachers. After that 2018 shooting, Abbott similarly called for roundtables.”

In America, with freedom comes individual responsibility. Remember that as you read the information below.

There was a time when local community schools meant true local control with a locally elected school board.

There was a time in America when kids actually learned reading, writing, math, and history in public schools. And, there was a time when teachers were taught how to teach reading, writing, math, and history in college.

There was a time when kids actually did love to learn in school.

What did it produce… The greatest economy in the world.

While elections divide us- And, unelected bureaucrats like the Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath regulate us, and while America’s children are being shot in their classrooms; all of us are being controlled.

We are witnessing today what could be described as the grandest expansion of the Nanny State in the history of America. We believe this expansion to be one of the most diabolical, intricate, and subversive schemes to plague the landscape of American public policy toward Socialism.

A view from the classroom of today would astound onlookers that mental health and social, emotional, and behavioral interventions have replaced academics. With these wrap-around mental health services and interventions into personalities, values, beliefs, and dispositions at school, teachers are expected and forced to monitor and collect personal behavioral data on our children that has nothing to do with education. Data is collected, logged into state longitudinal data systems, shared, and ultimately, exposes our children to ‘surveillance capitalism.’ This personal data is freely given and used by outside contractors, foundations, and businesses to create software, curricula, activities, and programs that delve into changing the personal qualities of children and their families according to a government set of objectives.

Schools represent a “captive audience” and as such, prime targets for social policy change.

From a purely educational viewpoint, this could be termed “The Destruction of the American Educational System.”

From a health care perspective, this could be viewed as “The Subversion of the World’s Finest System of Health Care.”

From a societal vantage point, this could be described as “The Subduing of the American Family.”

However, because of the integration of business and labor, this could also just as accurately be dubbed, “The Collectivization of American Capitalism.”

Analyzed from a public policy perspective, it could be called “The Demise of Representative Government.”

All of these titles would be accurate because each of them describes different appendages of the same program. What is involved in the “Medicalization of Our Schools?” At issue is Medicaid with screenings and interventions that take place under the cloak of prevention and “health.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

🔥 Parents and California Residents 🔥🔥

Even outside of Comprehensive Sexuality Education, the indoctrination may occur if your child has a teacher choosing to push this…just look at these actual quiz notes in 6th grade…LOOK at the 4th point on the right. A teacher tells the class what will be a correct answer on a QUIZ to, “have one or no children.” 😡

This came from a science class in PGUSD (Pacific Grove Unified School District) in Monterey County.


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UN Agenda 2030

yes… It’s all about population control. But why? What is the long term goal here?

Get rid of as many people, so the greedy elite has more resources.

I’m very curious on my daughters science class… we’ll see how it goes. It sounds like it’s going to be indoctrination.

and keep encouraging her to bravely assert her 1st amendment rights to walk out with what goes against her moral beliefs.
This assignment is from a 6th grade science class.

my daughter is in the 7th grade and her syllabus is a little shady. I hope she’ll do the right thing without fear of getting into trouble

it’s hard work as a parent to undo the approximately 35+ hours (give or take) each week of inaccuracies and indoctrination our children may have been taught through various curricular materials. I am thankful for the great teachers out there and they need our support and our voice. Not every family has the ability with work, etc. to homeschool or pursue a private school but it may be worth considering. We are giving Inspire Charter Homeschool a try this year. I hope your daughter will stand strong also. If your schedule allows maybe you can pick her up just for lunch now and again and be a voice of truth and encouragement in the middle of her day.

One or no children?!?! This is awful and reminds me of a communist China – 1980! Even they don’t promote this anymore!

precisely. This is awful! People need to wake up…I hope the word keeps getting out about all these concerns so more parents can protect their children.

Where did these notes come from? Is this a real picture?

yes this is a real picture from 6th Grade Science class submitted to me by a parent.

It’s amazing you actually got to see this! I feel so much is done via apps and computers that we see less and less of what is being taught.

that’s the whole idea.

a parent submitted this to me and permitted me to share this from their child’s workbook.

the quiz itself was online and this was part of the notes for the quiz that came home

I am going to ask if I can volunteer in my granddaughter’s 5th grade classroom this year. I want to nose around a little…. And, of course, Protect my granddaughter if any of this is presented while I am there! 😳

As a teacher I am not surprised. Many teachers are indoctrinated themselves to believe: THEY care, know, and understand what is best for Your children. They live in a culture that denigrates faith, elevates feelings and mandates approval. It’s shocking to hear how gullible they are. I urge everyone to find an alternate way to educate your children, grandchildren. There is little, very little reason for those with all the power to change direction. They feel invincible. They own CA. My hope is that voters will now look at candidates record of voting.

They do own CA and are teaching their ideology in schools so the next generation will continue on in their paths. What hope have we when the vast majority of kids still go to PS? 😭

This happened on the FIRST day in our school

I raised 3 boys in the public school system. All 3 graduated from some form of alternative schooling (charter school, independent studies, one did adult school) It was usually some bullshit that the school did that caused me to pull them. Now raising my granddaughter and preparing to battle the indoctrinators again. Stand your ground! Call them on their bullshit. And dont let them fill you kids full of lies. I ridicule bad teachers in front of my kids just so they can see not all adults know what they’re talking about.

This is not new. My husband was taught this in school 25yrs ago. That it is irresponsible to have children. They will destroy the planet etc.

you’re right…This effort had been ongoing for decades. They are just bolder now than ever before.

Bill Gates right there!!!! Wow

so someone else knows the truth about Bill Gates and his population control YAY.