Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 40

This is Part 40.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Nightmare…just picked up summer reading from my sons school…knowing what I know now…I am furious! All propaganda, US created false wars around the world and made Refugees!

And some replies to this post:

In my personal experiences, private schools have caved to the agenda as well. , plus “homeschool” programs. I’ve tried both. Its infested everything. A lot of those “refugee” books have sexually explicit scenes all thru out. That is what opened my eyes 3 years ago…. 8th gr summer reading— my son learned what anal rape with a coke bottle was. I’ve been on the warpath since. (And this is an exclusive private school w an avg class size of 10)–good ole small town America…

our children’s innocence is gone!

Yes, it is. And, the Board of Directors at this small school all supposedly lean conservative and attend local church services. Problem is, they don’t have a clue the evil woven into these curriculums they’ve approved. They have bought the party line hook, line and sinker. Any attempts at educating them on the reality and true agenda are met with “that lady is crazy. Conspiracy anti-vaxxer”— exactly how the people running this operation want them to react.

challenge them directly read read the book. Each person!

I did… They said they would moniter that history class more closely…. Eventually, the principal contacted G-oogle, and somehow had my emails to the school blocked. Its all about ‘who you are and who you know”… Bc the next year, the teacher was fired bc a parent w clout didn’t like the teacher sending her own children to school dressed as their “gender ” of choice.. No other parent saw anything wrong, and if they did– the fear of losing social status keeps then quiet.

In my experience, people, esp those with post-graduate degrees and highly successful, do not appreciate parents pointing out areas where they may have either dropped the ball or didn’t do proper research themselves. They become very defensive and will go on the attack instead of looking inward and admitting they are mistaken. After all, they are on the Board or they have been in the field of education for 2 decades…how could a parent with no experience in the possibly know something we don’t know?? My husband and I decided to keep our sons out of public ed so we’ve made tremendous sacrifices for 14 years for this “private ” school. Things were fine until they too caved to CC 3 years ago so now I’m simply paying big bucks for a common core curriculum in a country club setting. They have no clue what the agenda is. Sorry for rant… Absolutely no one around me has a clue what I’m talking about re these issues so I tend to ramble when given the chance.

Same battle with vaccines, got kicked out of so many doctors offices for refusing. Please soon wake the world up & tell the world the truth!

I had never been on social media until last month, but when current events really brought out the obvious lack of common sense and willingness of Americans to believe whatever they’re spoon fed, I had to see if there were like minded people somewhere in this upside down country we’re living in. Praise God there is a remnant! ✔!

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva in this group:

Recent DC educratic moves conducted while all eyes on Covid-19, have upped the workforce prep ante. From one unconstitutional agency to another, the goal is 100% conformity to the SDGs.

And a reply to this post:

The email I received from the local board of education flaunting their SJW opinions re “current events” even identified themselves as “CHANGE AGENTS”.. These local school boards honestly have no idea how they’re being used as pawns for tyranny. For the life of me, I will never understand the cognitive dissonance in ‘highly educated’ people agreeing to hand over Americas children to ngo’s and the fed govt. They simply do not see the true agenda.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

What started as the “Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund” or “DUI Monitoring Fund” has been transformed into a Kafkaesque highway surveillance program

And another post from her:

Fastest-Rising Food Prices in Decades Drive Consumers to Hunt for Value

And yet another post from her:

There are things I want to go back over with all of you – One thing I want to say I appreciate and love all of you as brothers and sisters in Christ. I realize at times I have not been charming in some of my expression when I have posted but the reason and my intentions was for all of you to take what is being told to heart . History does play a huge part in what is happening in our country . From the time FDR was president and his hiring of Keynes, who was a Fabian Socialist , concerning the changing of our economy ..
Some examples – The senate hearing which I had posted in the past concerning David Rockefeller , Aurelio Peccei, who was co-founder of Club of Rome, and Under Sec. George Ball . Rockefeller and Peccei spoke on trade which was actually redistribution of America’s wealth aka manufacturing . Under Sec. George Ball spoke not only on trade but also a need for a new currency aka global currency.
We have Nixon, Rockefeller and Kissinger traveling to China ,. Remember Nixon opened the door for trade with China this was actually the beginning of redistribution of manufacturing to other countries . Nixon took our gold base standard economy. Bush signed Agenda 21 in Rio, Clinton and Gore administration ” Reinventing America through technology . Bush creating what we are dealing with now concerning electronic filing of our health care .
In 2009 the first G20 Obama attended the governments of the world began the process of changing to a global digital economy by the desire of removing the dollar as the global reserve currency , UN supported this as well as China . In 2015 both political parties voted for IMF Reform this needed to be done in order for China’s RMB/ yuan to be added to the IMF basket of currencies Obama supported financial technology/ Fintech as well as this administration .
I have mentioned many times both political parties have used Hegelian Dialect on Americans this is deceitful .. They have actually used every American for their benefit / goal of creating what we are seeing digital global governance which we have known in the past as new world order – This administration is also doing the same as the movement to a digital economy and digital currency . The government system knows that humans can not survive with out a means of a currency . . Ripple , which we know now is one of the major pushers behind a digital currency – They have a member on the IMF Advisory Board as well as a member on the Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board , the same rep. is also on Better Than Cash Alliance which is connected to the United Nations.his name is Ryan Zagone , Chris Larsen is the rep on the IMF board. The United Nations as well as our own government is involved in digital ID this too is part of the monetary/ economic system as well as health care , etc… Ripple is also connected to ID2030 through Accenture ..
The pyramid is huge on all the connections of developing a new digital global governance . Smart cities which is also being created slowly in our country is connected to the UN and to our own government this will also involved digital economy and currency – Smart cities was actually the brain child of Lenin and Stalin … China has been working on building smart cities in their country as well as Russia and all the other countries including Israel and Arab countries this is global my friends .. An example of this is when the hurricane almost destroyed Houston the mayor of Houston flew to Israel to discuss smart cities –
An example ” Tonight, Mayor Sylvester Turner will lead a delegation on a week-long economic investment and trade mission to Israel to explore “Smart City” management while promoting Houston as a high-tech business gateway and tourist destination.

Here is an example of China Smart Cities-

Here is an example of America and smart cities – The gentleman denied having anything to do with the UN since the article has been written the information of the agenda of smart cities connection to the UN has been removed . There is an excellent video of him speaking on Smart Cities and yes there is now a caucus in our government concerning smart cities

Here are 2 examples of digital payment system – l

“Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

Brad Garlinghouse / Ripple –

Example of IMF and digital currency:

Here is document Clinton’s administration

here is history of our government and China concerning U.S.-China R&D Linkages: Direct Investment and Industrial Alliances in the 1990s

Here is Obama and Fintech

In closing some of the history of what I have shown here is NOW trying to divide all of us and a means of pushing us into their communistic system -They want us to hate each other , they want us to destroy each other – When they divide, they conquer and this is not the way of God’s teachings .. Do not allow hate to fill your heart against one another . Keep the teachings of Christ in your heart , pray for each other , and be watchmen of TRUTH for everyone and teach the TRUTH to one another , and be good Christians … Teach what is happening now that is the most important Remember the truth always prevails …
Remember Luke 11:28 ? But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

You might as well say good-bye to the brick-and-mortar shops and retail outlets you have enjoyed all of your life. The Covid-19 Great Reset is occurring and soon the majority of commerce will be done completely online. If you want to see what your online experience in the future is going to be like, consisting of no human handling, complete with self-driving delivery drones, vehicles, and robots, then look no further to how it is done in China. You definitely will want to read this article (which btw, is written by CapGemini, a company that performs mass data collection, data-mining and predictive analytics for corporations and governments around the world – just so you know).

And a reply to this post:

They are flying drones in Melbourne during the night.
I travel to different suburbs for various reasons, as to get contraband goodies like tobacco.
Anyhoo, within one night I saw FOURTEEN drones in one suburb, 3 in my ( upper class super rich) suburb( I live in shirty flat there for many years lol ), and seven or nine drones in third suburb patrolling parks & public land.
They never fly over roads, in full view of motorists , etc—- I KNOW that this is a trial run for future “ great reset”. They fly drones covertly, during the night, over public land like parks, Forrest areas, empty land etc—- and over public housing.
When I saw one, during the day, above my block of flats, during the time of very little or no lockdowns I was so infuriated that I gave it a nice juicy middle finger: it immediately flew away.
I also see literally thousands of small businesses closed with signs “ for lease” on empty shops.
Scary shit.
And that’s Melbourne, voted 7 years in the row as “ most livable city of earth “.

Problem is, the choices of goods will be severely depleted also

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Would Megaregions work better than state governments?
Floating the idea that megaregions would be a better fit for America. Defunding police is only the start. Abolishing city councils, mayors, school boards and state legislators could be next! As you know, Minnesota is part of a 7-state regional compact.
“Looking ahead, megaregions could become the policy vessel for new realities, including more people working remotely, allowing them to spread out across agglomerated labor and housing markets. “It might actually help mitigate the overconcentration of jobs and population in our largest urban regions — and alleviate the extreme congestion and run-up in housing prices that has undercut the livability and functionality of America’s densest urban places,” Yaro says.

And another post from this group:

It appears the MN House Early Childhood Committee is meeting about matters found in the Great Start Bill –> HF 1. The House already passed HF 1. The Senate passed portions. It could all pass this time! This is Rep Pinto’s committee and they are meeting a day early. Unfortunately or inconveniently, the Senate pages are all down under construction making it difficult to check on Omnibus bills.

And yet another post from this group:

School without the Arts and Phy Ed sounds so inhumane!

“Randolph Public School District, located in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region, has cut their entire K-12 arts, music, and physical education (PE) programs and staff from their 2020-21 budget. In a district with only 250 teachers, at least 25 teachers and other workers were given RIF (reduction in force) notices this week. This already comes after extraordinary losses, with the Washington Post reporting in early May that the district told “dozens of workers—including teaching aides and food service staff […] they will be furloughed full time or part time.”

And some replies to this post:

So, if this is true, can’t we just go back to school and school activities as pre-COVID? Children are almost always asymptomatic.
“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at a news briefing from the United Nations agency’s Geneva headquarters. “It’s very rare.”

You’re trying to be logical. 😉 The last report out of the CDC basically said “Whoops! We made a lot of mistakes and the “Rona isn’t so bad but for LTC facilities and those with significant disease. So to reply… WHY are we still masking, distancing, testing (without illness) and contact tracing?? There’s only one possible answer. Covid was used for nefarious purposes all across the globe.

Don’t get me started on losing the arts…I have my bachelors in fine arts. I’m a practicing artist as well as Having worked In Childcare for 29 years. I taught Com Ed classes for adults and children for just as long- love it. But in order to teach in a school, I need 3 years of “how to teach”. VS. a teacher- who has a broad spectrum of many subjects and those teachers that specialize in art, have minimal art training.
My child’s grade school art teacher was awful…my daughter ended up hating it because her teacher wanted perfection; end results and never looked at process. Elementals were taught & learned, but sacrificed to no self exploration. The teacher had lines permanently marked on the tables where pencil & eraser were to be😳. So the daughter of an artist was turned off of creating art due to the system…sad sad days.
There needs to be a bit of revamping. And I say, it may be more enjoyable to find programming outside of school- new faces and different perspectives. I’m a bit disillusioned by the things I’ve seen working in school district for the last 30 years.

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

“NO!!!!! My daughter goes to Belmont. The University decided to host the debate between Trump and Biden. The students all got an extra $750 fee added to their tuition for both semesters next year for “betterment in the quality of education” … I’m barely able to pay tuition… actually we completely run out of money after 1 more semester but the University decided having Trump and Biden “enriching” the campus is worth $1500 more per student!! I don’t want the RNC or any politicians in our city!!! No political party or person actually gives a shit about their constituents! Our country may as well be led by monkeys! NoRNCinNashville”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is a transition to a resourced-based (vs. price-based) economy. Instead of determining prices based on supply and demand for goods and services, the U.N.’s NWO economic model – “Happytalism” (yes, that’s really the official name) – controls the production and distribution of energy in order to align consumer choices with the Sustainable Development Goals. Resource certificates – or some other token – are issued to consumers who may use them or not, but cannot accumulate them. Think Cap and Trade meets UBI (universal basic income).

This system requires continuous monitoring and control of ALL resources so that an “equitable” distribution may be made. I often write about human capital and “data as the new oil.” Human beings become “resources” or “capital” by accumulating useful skills and qualities and by providing a stream of data to the system (to hone AI algorithms). Human resources, like any other resources, must be continuously monitored and controlled as well. And that brings us to light rail infrastructure.

Light rail infrastructure is designed to connect global cities and to transport people from housing to the workplace. It is also set up to monitor and to limit human beings’ free movement. Happytalism is based on place-based urban planning. In other words, districts that are self-contained and restrict traffic in and out of the boundaries. Individual vehicles and the freedom they offer will become a thing of the past. Think: Hunger Games.

In the wake of the Coronapocalypse, this Great Reset is being forced on people here in the U.S. and across the globe, amidst the confusion that makes it difficult to be a vigilant citizen. Here, we see Smart Growth America and T4America’s plan to introduce “game changer” transportation legislation. Here is an excerpt from a legislative summary that describes the transfer of public monies and authority to MPOs – Metropolitan Planning Organizations – which are U.N. proxies and operate as shadow governments.

None of this was ever about a virus.


7) A few other exciting new programs

🔸There is congestion pricing provision that allows the conversion of non-tolled lanes to variable tolling lanes if the Secretary finds that the “toll facility and the planned investments to improve public transportation or other non-tolled alternatives in the corridor are reasonably expected to improve the operation of the cordon or corridor.”

The planning for such a conversion must include consideration of air quality, environmental justice and equity, freight movement and economic impacts. Further, the operator must report on the impact of the program on congestion. Wouldn’t it be nice if state DOTs had to do that on regular highway expansions?

🔸This bill creates a new $600 million competitive program akin the TIGER/BUILD program to fund local and tribal governments, MPOs, transit agencies for projects that improve safety, state of good repair, access to jobs and services, and GHG emissions. The Secretary of Transportation will have to create a transparent new system for objectively evaluating projects and developing a rating system to compare the benefits and costs of each application, using these metrics above. And only the highest scoring projects would be eligible for grants, which can be up to $25 million.

🔸The bill proposes a new $250 million program to provide direct funding to “high-performing” MPOs for locally-selected projects. Awarded amounts would vary from a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $50 million. High-performing MPOs would be determined based on the financial, legal and technical capacity of the MPO; its coordination with the state DOT, transit agencies, and other MPOs in the metropolitan area; and its management of the planning program and past competitive grants.

And some replies to this post:

I keep thinking about that America 2050 megaregion map and how it’s on a transportation UN page.

I was just thinking about this today too! Trying to see into the future with their timeline.

Speaking of seeing into the future, I’d come around to thinking that they AREN’T going to outright go and whack the food supply. That would be TOO obvious and get riots going (and not the BLM kind either). What they would instead do, and they are already doing with the Trump tariffs and other laws plus the shutdowns taking out meat markets (plus the riots destroying grocery stores too), is to make sure that the only guys in town are the Big Farmers that are in public private partnership with DC and the UN and also all of them pumping GMOs and other crap into food to get us sick. Like I believe and their partnership with Gates to create Frankenmeat. If they want us all urbanized too, that would mean less room to garden for ourselves (and also add in “environmental” regulations to prevent us collecting rainwater, or trying to live off the land or raise animals in the city. Again, this might tie into what they are REALLY with the stuff like the IBM Food Blockchain (or whatever it was called). They claim that they are trying to use it to stop food waste and also use this blockchain to stop getting stuff from third world child labor/slavery operations. What they REALLY want, though, I’ll wager, is to stop anything that’s non-GMO and doesn’t go with their agenda getting into the stores. Thus, instead of seeing all the food go away, we’ll see guys like Generals Mills and Tyson take over the grocery stores and drive out the more local brands.

The elites have been playing the long game since at least the mid-1800’s, going from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy. Then, after they’d started to get us to get the food from the store rather than grow it ourselves, they sent it overseas, killing lots of jobs and also ensuring that we now would be at the mercy of other countries to make stuff, hence how countries like China and India were able to blackmail us.

I can see them doing this — all fake food.

I got to thinking, more like them putting the bad stuff in food like they are doing in vaccines, all claiming it’s for our own good and sustainability. Then they can cause sterility and lots of diseases and start killing us off to create the population control Gates and the other elites want.

Also, if history is any indicator, at some point, perhaps to save social security and all of that, they’re going to give the order, if not to outright euthanize, than to cut off all healthcare to the “useless feeders” (or the elderly, sick, and those that they got messed up with their GMO food and vaccines). And I foresee this coming, whether we have a government-run system like the UK or some kind of fascistic public private partnership between a few big insurance companies and hospitals that are in league with the globalist governments.

We do have to wonder if they’ve done it already under the guise of the lockdowns. Them keeping everyone out of the nursing homes and then bringing covid patients into the homes. A lot of the deaths were in nursing homes.

Also, while they cut off “non-essential” surgery and care, they declared abortion “essential” in loads of places.

This Transportation for America thing is also tied to the Green New Deal: In February 2019, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) and Senator Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal to Congress, momentous legislation that, if passed, would set goals for future climate lawmaking. But the bill had one glaring omission: it was “devoid of the bold reimagining of federal transportation spending which encourages more roads, more driving, more sprawl, and more emissions,” as T4America director Beth Osborne wrote at the time.
Until now. A Green New Deal for City and Suburban Transportation, a joint report authored by TransitCenter, Transportation for America, Data for Progress and the Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology, lays out federal policy recommendations for reducing emissions from the transportation sector in cities and suburbs while making communities healthier, more equitable, and prosperous.
Americans want to see many of these recommendations put into action. New polling shows that the report’s recommendations, such as the expansion of public transit and prioritizing roadway maintenance over expansion, enjoy broad, and in many cases, bipartisan support, with Americans supporting expanding public transit by a 77-15 margin.

Check this out:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Can’t make this up if I tried.

School calls cops on 11-year-old after seeing his BB gun during virtual lesson


JUNE 11, 2020

A fifth grade student in Maryland had the cops called on him after someone noticed a BB gun in the kid’s room during a virtual lesson.

The child’s mother, “a Navy veteran with four years of active duty” who has “extensive knowledge” of guns and their use, told a local news station the police came to her house on June 1 in response to a complaint.

“[The officer] explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home,” Courtney Lancaster said. Her son, a student at Seneca Elementary School in Baltimore County, is in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout and thus “has learned how to shoot a BB gun[,] an airsoft gun [and has] taken three levels of archery lessons.”

The boy’s guns and bow are mounted on a pegboard in his bedroom.

Police told Lancaster “someone had seen the guns in her son’s bedroom during a Google Meet class on his laptop” and had made a screenshot of the image. After trading emails with a school administrator, Lancaster discovered Seneca’s principal had been notified, and then the school’s “safety officer” called the cops.

She said the principal “compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.” Lancaster added that she was not permitted to see the screenshot photo.

From the FOX-45 story:

“I thought, this is outrageous. This is despicable,” [Lancaster] said. “I had no idea what in the world could this be over? BB guns never even once entered my mind. How many 11-year-old boys have BB guns?” …

“I felt violated as a parent, for my child, who’s standing there with police officers in his room, just to see the fear on his face,” she said. …

“It’s absolutely scary to think about,” Courtney said. “Who are on these calls? Who do we have viewing your children and subsequently taking these screenshots that can be sent anywhere or used for any purpose?”

Project Baltimore reached out to Baltimore County Schools requesting an interview. We received this statement, “Our longstanding policy is to not debate individual circumstances through the media. There are multiple ways for families to share concerns with us. In general terms, the safety of students and staff is our chief concern, whether we are meeting in classrooms or via continuity of learning.”

Mrs. Lancaster asked a good question: What if a kid is set up for online learning, say, on a kitchen island … and there’s a butcher block full of knives in view? Would the police be called then?

And the post quoted:

Principal allegedly compared “bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.”

And some replies to this post:

I’ve said this many times. The second I saw reporters on tv ‘reporting” the news from their private homes, and my children were asked to Z-OOM w teachers and classmates, I knew they are simply breaking down our warning system regarding electronic surveillance in the privacy of our homes. Snowdrn prepared the way— a nation goes from outrage finding out Smart Tv’s can surveille them, to voluntarily signing school age children up for live sessions online from their bedrooms…all in 5 short years. No one sees what “they” are doing and why. Its to acclimate every citizen to accepting video surveillance in their homes 24/7. And I don’t know any one who thinks its a dangerous idea.

Close all the schools.

that’s actually what they want… To use “health concerns” to force families to sign up for these mandatory virtual classes… 24 hour surveillance… Acclimate children to being monitored in their homes.. And parents and teachers are puddy in their hands– believing its the nearest thing EVER… Makes me nauseas people can’t see the evil agenda.

That is a blatant invasion of privacy!!! I think the school should be legally advised!!! In very strong terms!!!

I’ve been furious for months about teachers , and parents happily going along with these ,virtual meetups…” My radar went off immediately. Yet every mother I know who goes crazy if their kids eat too much candy is gleefully logging on to these voyeuristic , tyrannical live classroom link ups. I don’t want to see the inside of every kids home my kid has class with. Its creepy.

In addition, parents will scare their kids by making them wear a mask to walk the dog but they’ll allow the child to shut the bedroom door and participate in virtual ‘lessons’… I think the latter is much more dangerous than the former. Upside down thinking based on pure emotions guided by fear. Fear “turns off” critical thinking and the bulk of America is that mode and has put their kids in the same boat. If you fall for anything, you stand for nothing… I m done..sorry for rant. (I’m in a small rural town w very little ‘exposure’ yet 95% are walking around in spacesuits in 90degree weather .

This crap has gone on for years. I’ve heard, some time ago, of them punishing a kid for something, possibly a fake gun or whatever, that they had IN THEIR OWN YARD before getting onto the bus. And I’ve heard of kids getting suspended from school for posting stuff to their Facebook or whatever of them at gun ranges on the weekend.

Plus, I’ve been tracking this Common Core stuff and they’re all into this afterschool stuff like YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Afterschool Alliance, as well as these STEM groups. STEM was actually invented by the United Nations. And they’re doing home visits, someitmes part of Mediciad, sometimes tied thorugh United Way, and sometimes through this group called StrveTogether Cradle to Career Network.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

ICYMI this morning.
My latest interview with Sons of Liberty.
It you thought STEM was your friend, you’ll want to break up after this.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

JUNE 11, 2020
United States House of Representatives
Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Financial Technology
Today, I would like to propose a far more fundamental “digital dollar”: a US central bank digital currency. This type of “digital dollar” would be a new, additional format for US currency. It would be a digital bearer instrument that has the same legal
status as the dollars in one’s purse, but on a smart phone. It would operate alongside existing forms of money, would be primarily distributed through the existing two-tiered
architecture of commercial banks and regulated money transmitters and would be recorded on new transactional infrastructure, potentially informed by distributed ledger
technology. Before explaining how such a “digital dollar” will address the topic of inclusive banking in a pandemic, let me first provide some background.

GOP Representative McHenry – “Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

“We need to harness technology and data to enable people to have their information in their iPhone,” she said, listing high school degrees, health records and on-the-job skills such as CPR for what she called the “resume of the future.”

As I have tried to tell everyone both political parties are involved – Never be fooled by politics and in researching as I have done over the years one president sets the pace for the next one to implement the goal of global governance ..

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote last week about Malibu police’s ticketing Point Dume surfers $1,000 apiece for using the ocean during the quarantine. Was this merely an appalling police judgment at which we will laugh post-quarantine? Or does anyone else feel that this is the first wave of compliance and obedience training for something more permanent? Are powerful state and corporate entities using the current crisis to remove basic rights, and intensify pressures to promote vaccines and surveillance? Does anyone else feel the suffocating darkness of tyranny descending on our nation? And finally, does anyone share my dread that Bill Gates—and his long-time associate Tony Fauci—will somehow be running our Brave New World?

Imagine a world where the government doesn’t need police officers to apprehend those surfers or ticket you when you violate social distancing with your girlfriend. Suppose that computers discover your beach trip by tracking your movements using a stream of information from your cell phone, your car, your GPS, facial recognition technology integrated with real-time surveillance from satellites, mounted cameras, and implanted chips. Desk-bound prosecutors or robots will notify you of your violation by text while simultaneously withdrawing your $1,000 penalty in cryptocurrency from your payroll account. Welcome to Bill Gates’ America. It’s right around the corner.

5G Strategies
Recently, Bill Gates announced his financial support for a $1 billion plan to blanket Earth in video surveillance satellites. The company, EarthNow, will launch 500 satellites to live-stream monitor almost every “corner” of the Earth, providing instantaneous video feedback with only a one-second delay.

According to Wikipedia, the company expects its customers to include “governments and large enterprises.” 5G Antennas­­­ deploying a vast array of ground-based 5G spy antennas. Through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates purchased 5.3 million Crown Castle shares currently worth a billion dollars. The Foundation’s second-largest tech holding after Microsoft, Crown Castle owns 5G infrastructure in every major U.S. market. It operates and leases more than 40,000 cell towers, 65,000 small cell nodes which are the central infrastructure for 5G and 75,000 route miles of fiber to every major U.S. market that, instead of going to your home, providing you safe, fast, wired internet, has been confiscated to connect 5G cell towers.
… 5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes.

Data Mining
Big Telecom, Big Data, and Bill Gates are baiting Americans into a digital tyranny-trap with million-dollar TV ads that pretend that their multi trillion-dollar 5G investment is about faster download speeds for video games and movies. But 5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes. The 21st century’s “black gold” is data. 5G is the infrastructure for Gates’ “Internet of Things”—a world where tens of billions of “smart” devices: cell phones, computers, automobiles, garage door openers, Apple watches, baby diapers and even our living bodies—are wirelessly interconnected to enable Big Data to gather and sell our personal information.
Gates, Elon Musk, Amazon, Facebook, and Telecom are launching the flagships for the new Gold Rush, a teeming fleet of 50,000 satellites and a network of 2,000,000 ground antennas and cell towers to strip mine data from our smart devices. This microwave radiation-emitting spider web will allow Big Data/Big Telecom and Big Brother to capture what happens inside and outside every person at every moment of life. Gates will harvest, control, sort, characterize, analyze, and sell millions of terabytes of personal information from smart devices—private health data, medical records, our shopping habits, our biometric and behavioral responses to advertising, our children’s ability to learn, our facial expressions, and conversations overheard by Siri, Alexa, and your open cell phone’s microphones. His and other corporations will use these analytics to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and turn you into a predictable, easily-manipulated consuming machine.

Next time you buy a “smart” device, remember the device is not the product—you are.

Surveillance State & Transhumanism
Corporations will use Gates’ 5G surveillance system to sell products and escalate AI capacity. Governments will use it to transition the globe to a totalitarian singularity more despotic than Orwell ever imagined. Silicon Valley titans like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Google’s Chief Engineer Ray Kurzweil talk longingly of “transhumanism,” the process by which humanity will transition to become part-human, part-machine via genetic engineering and surgical implants.
Bill Gates is investing heavily to accelerate this altered reality. His ambition to tag us all with injected subdermal vaccine data chips seems to be merely a steppingstone toward an all-encompassing surveillance state.

Rewarding Compliance
Microsoft has patented a sinister technology that utilizes implanted sensors to monitor body and brain activity. It will reward compliant humans with crypto currency payments when they perform assigned activities.
The Patent, WO |2020| 060606 has gained notoriety and the nickname “World Order 2020 666.” Microsoft describes this device as a “Crypto Currency System” and explains that it is “capable of” using body activity data to mine bitcoin in response to compliance with assigned tasks.

People who agree to install the Microsoft harmful wireless sensors will receive periodic “duty” smart phone instructions to watch a certain advertisement, listen to a specific song, walk down a specific grocery store aisle, or to take a certain vaccine. This chip will collect data from embedded sensors that monitor brain waves, blood flow, and other body reactions. The system will transfer cryptocurrency into the subject’s account after completion of the assigned task. On the bright side, Microsoft’s dystopian invention should be a welcome source of income for the 40% of Americans put out of work by periodic COVID quarantines, by Musk’s self-driving electronic cars, which also rely on the 5G rollout, and by Artificial Intelligence, including robots. Will Gates sell the data we freely give him to companies that will take away our jobs?

Owning Smart Cities
Maintaining and analyzing the data collected by a 5G infrastructure require massive computers housed in major data storage complexes. To keep control of this infrastructure, Bill Gates is building his own “smart city” in Arizona. According to KPNX-TV, he spent $80 million on a 24,800-acre plot near Phoenix with the goal of turning it into a “smart city” where everything is interconnected via a wireless grid, including fleets of autonomous vehicles. The 80,000 residents of Gates’ company town will mainly work in data centers.

To consolidate his control over what people hear, learn, and think, Gates bought shares in Liberty Global, one of the largest international television and Internet companies, operating in 30 countries and growing.

Controlling Reproduction
Gates will even control your body, your bedroom, your medicine cabinet and even women’s menstrual and ovulation cycles. He invested approximately $18 million in MicroCHIPS, a company that among other chip-based devices, develops birth-control implant chips with wireless on/off switches and chips for drug-delivery that allow a single implant to store and precisely deliver hundreds of therapeutic doses over months or years. The implants will be operated wirelessly by the patient to deliver medication. Knowing of Gates’ missionary zeal for population control, however, some customers might worry that the system could be remotely activated as well.

The expansion of the wireless cloud between 2012–2015 was equivalent to adding 4.9 million cars to the roads.

Controlling Climate: Geoengineering
Gates’ apparent conviction that God has ordained him to use technology for humanity’s salvation is exemplified in one of his most ambitious projects. Gates is funding Harvard scientists to use Geoengineering to block the sun to reverse global warming and climate change.

That project is a template for both hubris, hypocrisy and risk. The massive expansion of wireless use and the 5G wireless grid—for which Gates is a major player—is the most significant contributor to increased energy consumption. The expansion of the wireless cloud between 2012–2015 was equivalent to adding 4.9 million cars to the roads. 5G is expected to exponentially increase energy use by upwards of 170% by 2026. Proposing to use the wireless “smart” grid to combat the carbon footprint with geotechnology is a hare-brained scheme—not a solution for climate change.

Cashless Society
To consolidate global control, Gates has declared war on cash, and the COVID-19 lockdowns have provided governments a convenient pretext for scuttling cash as a health hazard. Gates and his foundation are spearheading the global shift from a cash economy towards digital transactions. Gates and Microsoft are perfectly positioned to profit from a digital payments system. By controlling digital transactions (and removing cash), Gates can control and monitor everything commercial that a country and its citizens do.

Western financial institutions—Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, eBay, and Citi—have long pushed for a cashless world. Electronic banking allows banks and financial consortiums to levy fees on every transaction.

The Digital Economy will allow the Government to monitor and scrutinize every transaction, to freeze digital accounts, and to block “financial flows” to punish disobedience. Operating in a public-private partnership with government, tech billionaires will not only control the nation but will be able to micromanage the worldwide population. Digitized currency is the ultimate instrument of social control. After all, in a cashless society, survival is impossible without access to the digitized economic system. The poor—lacking bank accounts—will suffer disproportionately.

Trillionaire Borg
While the lockdown is a cataclysm for the world economy, it is an opportunity for Gates. By purchasing our devalued assets at a penny on the dollar, Gates’ $100 billion might make him the world’s first trillionaire. But the quarantine is also an opportunity to enlarge his power and domination. Under Gates’ leadership, Microsoft became known as “The Borg” because of his appetite for total market control. Now, Gates seeks to bring all humanity under his boot. His worship of technology and his megalomania threaten our freedoms, our democracy, our biology, our planet, our humanity, and our souls.

The microwave radiation used for wireless surveillance of the world is not biologically tolerable, especially for developing children. Thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies abundantly document wireless technology’s profound, adverse, physical effects on humans, animals and plants. Sickness and environmental degradation from wireless technology is already widespread. Big Telecom control of U.S. and global regulatory agencies and media and Gates’ financial control of the World Health Organization have allowed a few billionaires to propagate the patent lie that wireless is safe.

Gates’ technological dreams are not biologically sustainable. His Tower of Babel is bound to collapse, with catastrophic impact for lesser humans. It’s time to dismantle the Tower before it’s too late.

And another post from him:
This is starting to look a lot more like a “PLAN-demic” every day. Who agrees to a $100 billion contact tracing deal six months before a pandemic unless they have a pretty strong sense one is coming? This needs to be taken together with Fauci’s statements warning that Trump would definitely see a “surprise” pandemic during his term, Fauci’s support of “gain of function” (weaponizing) research for the coronavirus in US P4 labs and then his support of that same research when transferred to to a P4 lab in Wuhan, and all the investment in a new form of vccine that seems like the first step in creating GMO humans. The promotional material from the UN and other agencies about for a new sustainable future sounds really good on the surface, but it turns out to be greenwashing for a vast vccine and immunization passport scheme via which Gates and Big Pharma would earn billions, and plutocrats would earn hundreds of billions from lucrative megaprojects like new dams, nuclear plants, and LNG terminals none of which will be determined democratically. They corrupted the WHO and the CDC. The whole morass is a seething viper pit of corruption and self-dealing, dressed up in flowery Davos-speak and symbolism that includes girls in pigtails and insincere Black Lives Matters posturing.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Read this for an example of impact media. Notice how the vaccine agenda is promoted (we hope for this life-saving solution, we’re so scared without it, doomsday will be upon usif we don’t have a vaccine, etc.), and how anyone who questions this agenda is demonized (a risky person, willing to sacrifice everyone else’s health for a personal choice). That alone ought to make anyone skeptical of this program.

The fact that Bill Gates and his billionaire-buddies are eugenicists is another good reason to reject these social engineering programs.

And some replies to this post:

This is a great piece that illustrates the sheer audacity to hoodwink the popukations over natural medicine use ! I am lost for words now on the ignorance of humanity as it dumbly accepts the flaws of moving away from nature … I have been researching this for decades

From the World Economic Forum-
“Vaccine hesitancy must be dealt with. 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are addressed through immunization.
“Universal health coverage, primary health care, health security- NONE OF THAT IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT IMMUNIZATION.”

wow. “Vaccine hesitancy must be dealt with.” I have no words.

They couldn’t be any clearer could they. You WILL be vaccinated and you WILL NOT stand in our way.

Why do I get the strong suspicion that it’s strongly about control and population, and not about “health”? More like “Universal BAD health coverage”, “Primary BAD health care”, “BAD health security”, etc… re-engineering the human body, via mRNA.

it’s because your attention is honestly concerned with wellbeing, yours and others, that (not well being) stands out for you. Your listening is for health, freedom and wellbeing, and so what’s not that stands out against the background of the listening you chose. Those who can’t see the problems you see aren’t listening for wellbeing.
The choice of what you’re looking and listening for affects what you see and hear and highlights certain aspects while blinding you to others. This is caused by the action of purposely looking and listening through a specific lens.
They’re listening for-
How can I best signal my desire to belong to and become a member of the group that is rich and powerful?
How can I advance my position towards being on that team so that I become rich and powerful? What policies would you like me to implement to signal my allegiance?
You get the feeling it’s about control of the the population by benefiting from their misery because their purposefully causing misery. If you look at what they’re up to without being shocked by the difference to your own view you’ll see it more clearly. If you look without coloring your view with anger and rage over the inhumanity of it you’ll see it clearer still. Some emotions, when overlaid on what you’re seeing, cloud what you see rather than clarify it. Emotional reactions are easily manipulated as the current riots make clear. Notice that the rioters in all their righteousness aren’t dismantling the actual imprisoning structures, but just striking out blindly to signal their upset. The UN SDG’s are the prison bars. Their sold as representing concern for wellbeing and are anything but that. They are as you pointed out, harsh and uncaring measures of population control.

and you are correct!
I could easily just shut my mouth, take my software and engineering skills and make my way up the ladder and into the inner circles of wealth and privilege. But the problem is, is that those people are the most insincere people I have ever met. They are cheaters, liars, abusers and could care less about anyone less fortunate than themselves. They are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my life.
I have rubbed shoulders with the rich going back to my first 40 years of living in NYC. Starting with the beginning of the internet, I had a skill that was in great demand and so I got to work with the Wall Street titans, setting up their internet presence and developing software for them. I got to see their inner workings at their board meetings, their books (that I had to add to databases), and their operational staff members and executives. They were all assholes and looking to be rich. Greedy MFers all.
One thing I learned in all those experiences was that they don’t give a rats ass about you once they determine that you serve no use to them. There are no friends among them. Just business prospects.
At one time I had a business that was thriving, in the early to mid 90’s and the sky was the limit. But since I had returned from war, I started losing my vision and when that happened, and I lost my business, all of my business associates abandoned me. No help whatsoever. So I learned that they are careless fuckers that don’t care about anyone’s health and “wellbeing”. I know this for a fact!
That is why I don’t trust them no matter what they say. Since then I have done well again, but I never get close in association with that class because I know they will stab you in the back if they find that you are in the way of a big buck.
So yes, be suspicious of all those that say “well being”, but they are not looking for YOUR wellbeing.

they’re living in a prison of their own making. No genuine happiness among them. So they have to destroy everyone else’s with a a sham like “Happytalism.” It’s tragic on every level.

it is very much so. I used to go to the Hamptons in NY and everyone was so fake. No one was truly happy. Yes, they had nice cars, boats, gulf courses, but no real friends. Just fake people worried about the neighbor or co-worker near by, or competing with their neighbors for who has the most junk. And no one trusting one another. To them, everyone is an enemy. No real friendship. It’s a sad life.

Last year I spent a month in Guinea, Africa. The poverty was extreme and dire. The spirit of the people we stayed with was intoxicating. They had nothing of any material value. What they did have was Spirit, human connection, community, drumming, singing, dancing, storytelling and a level of deep joy and spirituality that is utterly lacking in Western Society.
They would of traded what they had in a heartbeat for western goodies. I would of traded all my goodies in a heartbeat for their spirits.

that’s awesome! I do believe you because I have a cousin that goes there each year as a goodwill ambassador and she tells me the same kind of stories. The people have big hearts.

this is also why so many want to come to Europe in search of a better life. That better life is the lure of material goods. More often than not they end up with a few material goodies, a hostile host nation, and a loss of self, culture, connection, family, traditions etc. Alcoholism, substance abuse and depression is rife. The grass is never greener.

I did live in Europe (Germany) for 2 years when I was in the Army stationed there. I had a chance to visit many of the western nearby countries and I enjoyed it very much. Most pf the people were kind and respectful and the cultures run deep in history, but in the end I came back the the U.S., where I belong. Thou, I did gain a different worldview from it all. I wish people would get the chance to experience different cultures and realize we can’t be selfish and judgmental. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. We make things more complicated than they should be.

travelling deeply into other countries in such a way you mix, speak with and even live with the locals absolutely does broaden the mind and negates a lot of the bigotry we carry within. I too returned to where my heart is, which is my homeland. It is a known fact that if a country or locality provides for its people’s needs then very few of them will ever seek to live permanently elsewhere, such is the human way.
I absolutely do know what you mean.

it seems to me we all need to stand up and fight for our freedoms and liberties where ever we are and whatever country we are living in. The true enemy though is the global elites, not the useful idiots doing their bidding for them including your corrupt sock puppet politicians. the one chance of a hard left government was defeated in December 2019. So we don’t have that element to contend with, just a simple global takeover not complicated by anything at all really..

I know. I find it incredible that the so-called elites, the globalist, are trying to perform the heist of the ages, by placing the people of earth in siege. It’s breath-taking of the audacity of their attempt to take the earth in one giant take-over with this “virus” and then attempt to do a “Great Reset” of the global economy and governance of all nations. Are they insane? Apparently so. Their massive wealth has them believing that they can take-over the planet, via their UN tool and think that people will accept it. They are so sorely mistaken. There is clearly more of us than of them, which is why they are working so hard to manipulate our minds and trying to get us to give them consent. Again, poor judgement.

i think you’re right about local action. The one thing the social engineers HAVE to have is the disguise of legitimacy. They need this program to look like it developed legitimately out of the current system of popular government. The best possibility of breaking that veneer of legitimacy is to expose it to neighbors. I’ve tried to do that here in Oklahoma, but, damn, it’s still not working. Our city was colonized a long time ago.

it’s absolutely incredible!!! I think, ‘this cannot be real!’ But venture out and there’s the new fiber optic line, the smart city cameras, and National Security Administration and Israeli Defense Forces breaking groundon a best-in-kind cybersecurity complex. And I don’t know a single person who has had Covid.

I spent time in OK at Fort Sill, in Lawton. Yes, Oklahoma is hard to convince. They are very trusting of government and yes, the legitimacy would have to be done at the local level. Top-down and bottom-up. How to break through the cognizant dissonance is baffling to me. I think the best you can do is give them a strong seed, plant it and then water it. I hate that terminology because it’s like mind control tactics, but it’s trying to re-educate them on what is really happening, after so many years of being duped.

the technology involved is so complex, so vast in scope, and so well tested and ready to roll, that to most people, it’s shocking to know it even exists. This has always been on the floor waiting for a Covid moment. None of this shocks me because I’ve been reading about all of this tech for decades, in the journals I have subscribed to over many years. I just did not tnink it would ever come to fruition, especially against us.

And another post from her:

Hexagons and green dots for cryptocurrency, behavior tracking, and the NWO.

And the post that she quoted:

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids is more than just an app and a debit card — it’s three accounts in one: a spending account, saving account and giving account. NBC News dives into how Greenlight provides real-world ways to teach kids about money:

And yet another post from her:

Abolishing inheritances is a move toward a resourced-based economy. Energy credits, tokens, UBI. NWO.

And yet another post from her:

Police and security robots coming to airports, malls, stadiums, casinos and other private but densely populated businesses. Knightscope, a commercial security robot company, which calls its Knightscope models “autonomous data machines,” claims the dome-shaped robot can:

Respond to civilians’ verbal or text comments with pre-recorded messages

Uses machine vision to detect people and license plates

Captures thermal imaging

Geotag and mapping its location using GPS and laser technologies

Use four built-in cameras to record and survey the surrounding 360 degrees

Navigate autonomously to a charging pad when it is low on battery

Allow users to contact authorities through its touchpad

A 2017 report published by UC Davis Law School noted that Knightscope was also in the process of developing weapon recognition technology for the robots which can identify shapes like that of a gun or knife. They did not note what other weapons might be recognized by the robot.

In 2018, the company released an open letter saying it would offer $500,000 in services to a college campus that submitted the most “compelling letter” about how autonomous robots could improve security in a school setting.

And yet another post from her:

The marketing (⬅and that is precisely what it is, developed by the likes of McKinsey and Deloitte) of “Social Justice” in higher education is designed especially for the purposes of Technocrat social engineers. They want student data – to compete with China (I posted about this earlier today) and to gain an edge in human capital futures markets. To that end, they have embellished, re-casted, and often recreated a narrative of injustice that MUST be addressed by “objective,” (though that is debatable) outcomes-based, data-driven, evidence-based, and results-oriented social impact programs. Notice that “outcomes” and “evidence” have the same status here. It’s akin to a ponzi scheme.

Every institution of higher education is being boldy transformed by social justice visionaries who are preparing first-generation students for global impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, the 21st century, thought-leading, change-making, trauma-informed, resilient, adaptable, gritty, sustainable, and equitable, community-engagement, and on and on and on. It’s a pathway or a pipeline to the brainwashed one world together.

I posted this on my wall:

Remember this from about two years ago?

A friend of mine replied:

I don’t know how many schools were sent these posters but hanging right outside my sons main classroom elementary ) is a huge poster if the 🌎 that says “THE EARTH IS MY HOME”…. gee, when I was growing up, we focused on our individual States and then our own Nation… Of course the teachers and admin have no idea they re being used as pawns to teach a UN agenda and ruin their country.

Here is a post from the New York anti-radical sex ed group:

No, actually it doesn’t, it’s called “grooming”.

And the post that was quoted:

Melinda Gates: ‘Really Good Quality Sex Education Starts Very, Very Early.’ Melinda Gates has outspokenly supported early sex education and advocates for increased family planning options for adolescents. Read more here.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:


We have known for some time that CSE organizations like Advocates for Youth have been recruiting right from the classroom and training our kids to become radical activist.

This exposed video by Millennial Millie is showing proof that the riots have been planned. She shows the zoom meetings and the guides and emails and how they are recruiting Jr. High and High Schoolers.

Please share far and wide before it’s taken down.

Here is a post that was shared in this group:
Just to be as explicit as humanly possible…
There’s no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to outright LIE, or even insinuate to my children and say that they are racist simply because of the color of their skin
The people that are 🤬 stupid enough to say that, are the racist ones!
I just looked into that link… it’s the same one I saw (somewhere else), and posted it a few days ago(??)… but not even imagining, or linking in my mind that a superintendent would have the audacity to send it to PARENTS
Well, he needs to talk to himself first
Actually he needs to do a few other things to himself “first” 😡🤬
You better check the emails from your town’s superintendent


I posted this on Shannon Joy’s timeline:
Speaking of schools, did you see this yet?


The Common Core Diva replied:
Don’t forget this Latino based anarchist group:



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Affordable housing” solutions… this sounds well and good until you understand that this is SMART surveillance housing, built for control. Here’s your Agenda 21 Ground Zero.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

In 1943, towards the end of World War II, the original plans for today’s United Nations were drawn up by a secret Council on Foreign Relations steering committee funded by the Rockefellers. These plans were eventually finalized at a big conference in San Francisco known as the United Nations Conference of International Organization (UNCIO). UNCIO was held from April 25 to June 26 of 1945. Receptions for UNCIO delegates and other dignitaries were held at the Bohemian Club’s S.F. clubhouse. This is significant because both the United Nations and the Rockefellers are heavily implicated in the New Manhattan Project.

And another post from her:

Hubby has been purchasing a few groceries for us – Yesterday he asked me what would I like to have for dinner tomorrow – I said if you can find a roast that would be great I could cook it in the crock pot . When he arrived home he told me he found a roast , I said oh that is great [ it has been quite some time that the grocery store has had any roasts] I took the roast out this morning to prepare it . I almost had a stroke – That roast was a sirloin tip roast and it weighed 1.08 and cost a whopping $19.38… Hubby said that was all they had in a roast … We will be rationing that roast for at least 4 to 5 days … Any one would like to tell me inflation is not here ?

Here is a post from the Minnnesota anti-Common Core group:


Today the Minnesota House voted 6-4 to approve a rise in Childcare CCAP rates. Do you remember the CCAP program from last year?? The corruption??? Where will the funding come from?

COVID-19 CARES ACT. Minnesota received $65M. Yes, they want their hands on the Covid money. This is one-time funding with no promise of funding the elevated rates for next year. Thus the rate rise might be scrapped one year after passage. An official from the Office of Management and Budget couldn’t say if it was prudent to make such a decision.

One representative questioned twice if the Covid money could be used for another purpose. (Mostly likely she was thinking about her home visiting bill.)



This entire scenario occurred in the space of 10 minutes.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Massachusetts school district gets rid of art, music and PE teachers for coming school year

By Will McCalliss

30 May 2020

See also: “Massachusetts teacher denounces cuts to Randolph and Brookline schools”

Randolph Public School District, located in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region, has cut their entire K-12 arts, music, and physical education (PE) programs and staff from their 2020-21 budget. In a district with only 250 teachers, at least 25 teachers and other workers were given RIF (reduction in force) notices this week. This already comes after extraordinary losses, with the Washington Post reporting in early May that the district told “dozens of workers—including teaching aides and food service staff […] they will be furloughed full time or part time.”

While the severity of these cuts may be particularly shocking, with the elimination of entire essential departments, Randolph is far from alone in the impact of budget cuts. With anticipated statewide cuts of up to 10 percent in Massachusetts, the nearby Public Schools of Brookline is facing as many as 300 pink slips for this coming school year, in a district with only 645 teachers. The city of Brookline projects that their deficit will be $12.8 million, and will cut $6.3 million of this total from their education budget.

Empty classroom
After hearing of the educational departments that would be cut, concerned Randolph citizens took to social media to express their dismay. Concerned about the pandemic, one person wrote, “the thought of cutting any teacher right now is insane to me, because you’re going to need every abled body in order to keep students safe in small groups… to cut the arts right now when all we’ve doing during quarantine is TURNING TO THEM?!”

Following the social media outcry, the World Socialist Web Site interviewed an art teacher who has worked in the Randolph school district for over a decade, who provided valuable insights into the proceedings. The teacher requested to be kept anonymous.

Describing the Randolph school district, the teacher said, “The district is mainly low to working class with a few pockets of higher income but a lot of low income housing options. Many single parent homes and parents working multiple low income jobs to make ends meet and still needing assistance.”

They added, “We are the most diverse district in the state. Over 40 languages are spoken in the homes across the town. We saw a huge increase in our Haitian population after the 2010 earthquake. The fact that we have a high ell [English language learner] population makes art, music and gym all the more important because they can be successful in these classes without knowing much of the language.”

The announcement of job cuts, it seems, was made clumsily at best. On Wednesday, multiple art teachers were informed individually that they were losing their jobs. After talking amongst each other, teachers quickly put the pieces together, and reached out to administration. A principal set up an emergency Zoom meeting that night, where he notified the art teachers of the aforementioned cuts. Music and PE teachers, after hearing rumors, were informed Thursday via emails from HR that they were also given pink slips.

Superintendent Thea Stovell has asked the district to be “mindful of the impact these decisions will have on staff, students and our community,” and that “she remains hopeful that changes will occur that will allow them to call people back.” This hope is both without foundation and little comfort to said staff, students, and community, especially those who are now jobless.

The art teacher we spoke with noted that the loss of arts, music, and PE will be devastating to students, who use them “as an escape from their AP classes.” On top of providing needed stress-relief, many love the classes, where “they feel successful… because they are not ‘typical learners.’ At the elementary and middle school level, kids are assigned to the classes, but the early exposure and success they feel leads them to continue.” Next year, students will not have the opportunity to discover these passions and triumphs, and those who already have will miss them sorely. Also missing will be the classes included in the PE program that teach “health, human sexuality, drug and alcohol awareness,” all of which are crucial topics for youth to learn.

Lost classes are not the only threat facing students next year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to swell, and reopening schools remains far from safe. Already, the virus has had a major impact on Randolph’s students. The teacher we spoke with stated, “I have at least two students that reached out to me because they had the virus. I have at least one student that I know of that lost his mother. I have another that lost a grandmother and another that lost an uncle. Those are the ones that I know but I’m sure there have been more.”

And some replies to this post:

This should infuriate every parent. These are the classes students need as an outlet, a break from the academic.
When a Totalitarian Society is determined to create a workforce, it’s government cuts all but the work.

Of course… because THAT makes sense… not. Cutting programs that give kids some stability and pleasure… of course they would.

This actually IS common core related. Cutting those other programs for their version of stem training and “manual” (like instruction manual) learning is in common core parameters. They are recommended options to fit the plan – just like cursive handwriting.

I remember back in 2015, I asked the school why there was no music or art class and she told me it was due to “budget cuts”. I later found out it was actually because they chose to remove them so afford more technology and common core related classroom “essentials”.

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

Bahrain’s app was linked to a game show designed to shame residents into social distancing

A new study analyzing COVID-19 contact tracing apps conducted by Amnesty International has found that Bahrain and Kuwait are using their public health apps as mass surveillance tools.

The study analyzed a collection of contact tracing apps, which are designed to inform and monitor physical contact between people in the event someone contracts COVID-19, from 11 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, France, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Qatar, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates. It found three particularly egregious apps that collected satellite location data from users, instead of relying simply on Bluetooth signals, and matched accounts with real identities.


In case you didn’t see the article I shared earlier today, here are some more concerns regarding “Contact Tracing” aka surveillance AND the “new normal” for flying in the COVID1984 age:

“Bahrain’s app was linked to a game show designed to shame residents into social distancing

A new study analyzing COVID-19 contact tracing apps conducted by Amnesty International has found that Bahrain and Kuwait are using their public health apps as mass surveillance tools.

The study analyzed a collection of contact tracing apps, which are designed to inform and monitor physical contact between people in the event someone contracts COVID-19, from 11 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, France, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Qatar, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates. It found three particularly egregious apps that collected satellite location data from users, instead of relying simply on Bluetooth signals, and matched accounts with real identities.” (link in the comments)

“Flying seems like just about the most dangerous thing you could possibly do right now. You’re spending hours confined in a metal tube, with hundreds of strangers from all over the world, without any way of knowing where they’ve been or whom they’ve been with. Under those circumstances, you’d expect a few additional safety requirements. No one wants to get sick—so what’s the loss of a little more privacy, if it keeps you out of harm’s way?

That, at least, is the rationale behind a fleet of new measures either under consideration or already in place at airports around the world. In the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration is reportedly preparing to begin checking passengers’ temperatures before they board. New arrivals to the U.K. must, as of June 8, provide an address where they will self-isolate for 14 days. (Police will follow up with “surprise” in-person checks.) More than 45 countries have rolled out “digital ankle bracelet” tracking apps, which are likely to be either mandatory or strongly encouraged for air travelers. Meanwhile, biometric scanning, to check people against their ID, is being aggressively tested by airports from Munich to Sydney.” (link in the comments)

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

“It is imperative that we recognize the predicaments of the people who are most oppressed within our society, while we firmly recognize the dynamics within the capitalist hierarchy, and stay away from being a part of the mechanism which safely turns our predicaments into driving forces of capitalism.” — Hiroyuki Hamada, Lockdown Therapy for Capitalism, April 27, 2020

I highlight Hiroyuki’s astute observation as collectively, the citizenry continues to function as the essential and moving parts of the very mechanism which continues to succeed in safely turning our predicaments into driving forces of capitalism. The citizenry is being masterfully played, exploited and manipulated – in order to maintain the capitalist system built and dependent upon both the continued and brutal exploitation our fragile biosphere and those most oppressed and marginalized. As long as we collectively continue to fail in identifying these mechanisms, our energies will be harnessed and channeled to further empower those that are destroying our shared world, and all life within it.

“The biggest team the world has ever seen” – Purpose PR firm (sister org of Avaaz) partners with United Nations, Omidyar NGO and Ikea for “Share Verified”.

PR spin: “Combating misinformation… Verified, an initiative of the UN in collaboration with Purpose, to provide content that cuts through the noise to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice & stories from the best of humanity.”

Reality: Storytelling that aligns with, protects and expands capital.

PR spin: “Like the virus itself, misinformation spreads from person-to-person, heightening the risk to health & spreading fear and division.”

Reality: NGOs such as Purpose/Avaaz are the virus. Misinformation experts “spreading fear & division” akin to contagions.

“You’re engaging right now in the biggest project of social collaboration the world has seen. Bigger than the moon landing, than the Olympics, than the building of the tallest skyscraper or longest bridge.”

Together – they are rebooting the system.

-Fourth Industrial Revolution.
-The financialization of nature (New Deal for Nature & Voice For The Planet campaigns led by World Econmic Foru, World Wildlife Fund, United Nations, et al.
-See yesterday’s post.

Verified launch video (Running time: 1:22):

Fox Business: “New Power” authors Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms discuss how people can obtain power in the 21st century. (Running time: 4:04)

Irony. Purpose “to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice & stories from the best of humanity.”

Says the PR firm behind the White Helmets. Says the Purpose/Avaaz founders – up to their necks in the blood of Syrian and Libyan peoples. Says Avaaz/Purpose founders – in servitude to empire.

PR: “Organisations, businesses, civil society and media platforms partner with Verified to spread information…”

This is : 1) social engineering, 2) behavioural change, and 3) storytelling – deployed at scale – waged against the global citizenry.

“Verified” will be used to build social license for the fourth industrial revolution and the “New Deal For Nature”.

Verified website:

Non-disclosed experts:

“Verified’s team of communicators, creatives & researchers produce content based on the latest information & guidance from the UN, the WHO & other UN agencies. We work with leading experts on misinformation First Draft.”

“partners all over the world”

Perhaps the same corporate partners (1,000+) that comprise the World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform.

June 13 2019: WEF partnered with the UN.

March 11 2020: WEF partners with the WHO (UN agency) to create the COVID Action Platform for Business.

It’s worth mentioning here that Purpose/Avaaz have played key roles in the climate strike / Thunberg campaigns organized/backed by The Climate Group, co-founder of We Mean Business. We Mean Business was created with the assistance of both Purpose and Greenpeace. We Mean Business works at the side of the World Economic Forum. Key people overlap both organizations within this high-level interlocking directorate.

The following is a quote by Avaaz/Purpose co-founder Jeremy Heimans. From his acceptance speech for the Foreign Policy Association Medal at the 2019 World Leadership Forum Dinner Nov 2019:

“If we can put the movements, these movements, like Greta’s movement, these new power forces, in favor of these values of internationalism, together w/ the institutions that we still need – that’s when it happens.”

What’s important to understand is that Greta is no MLK. The movement that she stewards she’s just one of thousands of leaders & I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of them as I’ve traveled around the world, and Purpose works very closely with the climate movement.”

As instruments of empire Avaaz/Purpose specialize in behavioural change and the behavioural economics of hatred.

It is also imperative to acknowledge Purpose partners which include organizations, institutions and corporations at the helm of the dystopian “global reset” desired and designed by the ruling classes:

-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
-Bloomberg Philanthropies
-WWF (The financialization of nature)
-The World Health Organization (UN agency)
-United Nations
-The Rockefeller Foundation
etc. etc.

Heimans “has served as chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation. Heimans has been a keynote speaker at venues such as the World Economic Forum at Davos, TED, the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival, the RSA, Chatham House, the United Nations, Blair House, The Economist Big Rethink, The Guardian Activate and Social Media Week.”

The fight accelerates for independent journalism – journalists that serve people/planet rather than ruling class, foundations & capital. As an example, all articles/links from my own website, the Art of Annihilation, are no longer allowed to be shared on Facebook.

Lockdown Therapy for Capitalism:

Here is a show from a friend of mine that talks about abuses at schools, among other things:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

If you want to see the future of policing, look no further than here, as it is happening today and stands to be ramped up even more…

The software Beware, made by Intrado, scores a suspect’s potential for violence by pouring through billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep web searches, and the person’s social-media postings. Also gathered is information about your vehicle license, the members of your household and your facial identification. From this information, combined with more, a threat score is created and then sent to a real-time crime center, where it is then used to alert police on the ground.

How the private software determines its scoring is kept a company secret. There is no oversight and no information on what metrics and what postings or comments are used in a person’s social media.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

:/ Want to know the future of education? Take a look at this poster and whitepaper from Knowledgeworks…. Navigating the Future of Learning-Drivers of Change Poster (from 2018)

Navigating the future of learning – Forecast 5.0

Exec Summary

Navigating the Future of Learning, KnowledgeWorks’ fifth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning, aims to further conversations about ways education institutions and influencers can shape a future where all students can thrive.AN ERA SHIFT A new era is unfolding, one in which people, smart machines and the code that powers them are interacting in new and deepening ways. Over the next decade, exponential advances in digital technologies will require us to redefine our relationships with one another, with our institutions and even with ourselves. Every facet of our lives, including how we teach and learn, will be touched by this new era of partners in code.During this period of transition, education’s role in supporting the healthy development of young people, effective lifelong learning and community vitality will be increasingly crucial. Many of the organizations, institutions and systems that structure our daily lives and support learning are increasingly out of sync with both existing and emerging needs. The new era could exacerbate the current misalignment or inspire new frameworks for how we live, work and learn. Exploring the future of learning today is an act of stewardship to our future communities and to the young people who will live in them.


The exponential advances in digital technologies described above are contributing to a variety of shifts in our daily lives, either directly in the form of disruptive innovations or indirectly in the form of reactions to, or the effects of, rapid advances in technology. Five drivers of change describe key shifts that will shape education over the next decade.

AUTOMATING CHOICES Artificial intelligence and algorithms are automating many aspects of our lives.

CIVIC SUPERPOWERS Engaged citizens and civic organizations are seeking to rebalance power.

ACCELERATING BRAINS People have increasing access to tools and insights that are reshaping our brains in intended and unintended ways.

TOXIC NARRATIVES Outdated and misaligned systems and metrics of success are contributing to chronic health issues, including rising rates of mental illness among children.

REMAKING GEOGRAPHIES Communities are working to remake themselves in the face of deep transitions.

Navigating the Future of Learning: Executive Summary | 1
As these drivers of change unfold and combine over the next decade, they will present opportunities to imagine new kinds of educational practices, programs, structures and roles. If education institutions and influencers took concerted action to respond to the changing landscape, the following zones of future possibility could support the healthy development of young people, enable effective lifelong learning and contribute to community vitality.Within each of these provocation zones, Navigating the Future of Learning identifies more specific future possibilities illustrating ways the drivers of change might be harnessed. It also identifies signals of change showing how the future possibilities that it describes are beginning to play out today.
As the emerging era ushers in ever-greater complexity, education institutions and influencers will need to take action to pursue their preferred futures and to address new or deepening challenges. The areas below represent critical starting points for responding to the changing landscape today.

»Design for Equity – Equity must be an explicit aim and a core design principle of all efforts and reforms. It will often require strategies that focus on specific populations and on individual students’ needs, along with frank and inclusive conversations about how and why inequities in learning persist.

»Prioritize Human Development – As emerging technologies and workforce needs continue to influence many conversations about the future of learning, stakeholders will need to keep learners’ fundamental human needs at the center of their decisions.

»Distinguish between Efficiency and Transformation – Pressure to adjust rapidly and the temptation to mislabel increased efficiency as system transformation are likely to intensify. There will be a role for guides who understand that using new tools to make tasks easier does not necessarily improve student learning and that pursuing major changes often leads to unintended consequences.

SIGNATURE LEARNING ECOSYSTEMS Situate learning in place in ways that integrate technology, culture and learner and community identity to enhance and extend opportunities for learning.

SAFEGUARDS FOR EFFICACY Provide vision and stewardship for implementing effective data strategies and for embracing emerging technologies for intentional learner support.

HUMAN-CENTERED LEARNING Reorient teaching and learning systems, expectations and experiences to put a holistic view of human development at the center.

AMPLIFIED VOICE AND IMPACT Reconfigure engagement and outcome frameworks and communications channels to bolster individual capacity and to increase community impact.

It is a lot like the Global Education Futures 2035 map..which Knowledgworks is affiliated with. Pretty questionable stuff.


VR and AR fit with the Knowledgeworks drivers of change. Especially now with schools shut down and everyone on a screen.

💰💰Watch this recent webinar / download the transcript

Knowledgeworks is one futurist organization; GEF is a global group of futurists. Their goals overlap. I am going to post some of the GEF reports here–which are also supposedly a map of education futures. This is the most recent GEF summary report (from 2014-2017) published 2018

” As Francis Heylighen argues, the observed acceleration of socio-technical change may be seen an indicator of a more fundamental transition towards a new level of civiliza-tion, a meta-system transition towards Global Brain of the society”

“An extrapolation of the corresponding hyperbolic growth model would forecast a singularity around 2040. This can be interpreted as the evolutionary transition to the Global Brain regime.”

pg 53 GEF

GEF/Russia: Skills of the future How to thrive in the complex new world

The first GEF report

pg 45 2016-2025: “On the Sidelines! A significant share of population start losing their professions to automation and are unable to adapt to changing conditions.Gerbil on a Treadmill. Involving socially marginalized people into employment & personal development through alternate reality games.”

And another post from her:

Another big data breach and why you should care about this Oracle Blukai leak.

“Have you ever wondered why online ads appear for things that you were just thinking about?

There’s no big conspiracy. Ad tech can be creepily accurate.

Tech giant Oracle is one of a few companies in Silicon Valley that has near-perfected the art of tracking people across the internet. The company has spent a decade and billions of dollars buying startups to build its very own panopticon of users’ web browsing data.

One of those startups, BlueKai, which Oracle bought for a little over $400 million in 2014, is barely known outside marketing circles, but it amassed one of the largest banks of web tracking data outside of the federal government.

BlueKai uses website cookies and other tracking tech to follow you around the web. By knowing which websites you visit and which emails you open, marketers can use this vast amount of tracking data to infer as much about you as possible — your income, education, political views, and interests to name a few — in order to target you with ads that should match your apparent tastes. If you click, the advertisers make money.
…for a time, that web tracking data was spilling out onto the open internet because a server was left unsecured and without a password, exposing billions of records for anyone to find.

Security researcher Anurag Sen found the database and reported his finding to Oracle through an intermediary — Roi Carthy, chief executive at cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock and former TechCrunch reporter.

TechCrunch reviewed the data shared by Sen and found names, home addresses, email addresses and other identifiable data in the database. The data also revealed sensitive users’ web browsing activity — from purchases to newsletter unsubscribes.

“There’s really no telling how revealing some of this data can be,” said Bennett Cyphers, a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told TechCrunch.”

And yet another post from her:

So a video game as a “drug” to fix ADHD… but aren’t there studies that say screen time worsens ADHD?

“It might not look like much of a video game, but Akili Interactive’s EndeavorRX, formerly Project EVO, may go down in history: it’s the first video game that can legally be marketed and prescribed as medicine in the US.

That’s the landmark decision from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is authorizing doctors to prescribe the iPhone and iPad game for kids between ages eight and 12 years old with ADHD, after it underwent seven years of clinical trials that studied over 600 children to figure out whether a game could actually make a difference…”

And yet another post from her:

Whoa. Colorado
“One group that is expected to use the “state-of-the-art” facility is the Pahara Institute, which operates a well-known networking group and training program for activists and teachers aligned with the education-reform movement. Hastings heavily funds and serves on the board of the Pahara Institute, which currently hosts its retreats at different locations around the country rather than at a single place.
It was Pahara that initially contacted local landowners to buy the acreage before Hastings personally stepped in and decided to do it himself…
not everyone has been thrilled about the arrival of construction crews to build a ritzy retreat in the rural, close-knit town of Bailey, a modest bedroom community about an hour southwest of Denver. It is one of the largest construction projects in the history of Park County, which is where the animated show South Park is fictionally set.

“The reaction to this was primarily negative,” recalled John Deagan, who oversaw the permitting process. “Some people just want to stop developments. That’s what the attitude was with this one.”

As is true with some billionaire philanthropy, this is all happening with minimal transparency, too. Park County residents have, until now, been totally in the dark about who exactly was financing the massive development, fueling conspiracy theories about where the money was coming from. Activists even voiced theories like these in government meetings.“

Do you know Pahara? You should. Reed Hastings (Netflix) & Gene Wade (UNow) are on the Board of Directors
Pahara-Aspen are building capacity by having all the reformers take this leadership training. It’s a “Who’s Who” and a “How To” in the future of corporate online ed reform.
Look at their graduating class from 2014, 2015 and 2016, you will see Susan Patrick from iNACOL, leaders from Walton Foundation, KIPP, Kaufman Foundation, 50CAN, Agile Mind, Jumpstart, TFA, US Dept of Ed, Community Schools, Colleges, State Depts of Ed, Innovation schools…
2014 Pahara-Aspen Grads

2015 Pahara-Aspen Grads

2016 Pahara-Aspen Grads

Of course, Pahara-Aspen reformer training is on the Gates Gravy Train.

Pahara Institute, Inc
Date: October 2012
Purpose: to support the Pahara Institute and its two leadership programs, the Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship Program and a new emerging leaders program designed to accelerate the development of high potential emerging leaders of color
Amount: $1,966,408
Term: 48
Topic: K-12 Education
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Napa, California
Grantee Website:

It’s no secret that Gates has given MILLIONS to the Aspen Institute, with 5 pages of donations spanning the last several years. Here’s an almost $9Mil grant for college and career standards and assessments to “support” teaching.

The Aspen Institute Inc
Date: October 2014
Purpose: to support the implementation of college ready standards and assessments to support effective teaching
Amount: $8,985,088
Term: 39
Topic: K-12
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Grantee Website:

Shannon Joy podcast on local resistance against covid, etc tyranny in public education:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


Local county departments of public safety are now asking parents in Minnesota to MAKE A PLAN MN in order to house your children temporarily elsewhere should you the parent come down with the Covid. Here are just two examples from Wright County and Minnesota Prairie Alliance (Dodge, Steele and 1 other).

There’s a lot more to this information. Once this latest CCAP CHILDCARE bill package gets passed over at the legislature, it will set so much in motion.

Here’s another.

So this is a K-12 school sending out letters to families.

And some replies to this post:

In April, Child Care Centers received a letter. Many exceptions were given. Including those for overnight care. I am a child care provider. This is extremely alarming what they are preparing for. It’s important to be aware and avoid this if at all possible. This is letter. There is currently funding as well for COVID that is Child Care related.

This makes no sense

We need more credible information in this area. I saw something similar in LA County but not enough information. No documentation, etc.

I don’t understand why they would even think of breaking up families-unless it’s for Foster children.

Well I saw that in WA. But seems they’re changing the story from allowing a parent who is sick to self-quarantine at home in a designated bedroom with designated bathroom to a new narrative. In the old narrative, kids were allowed in the home. I think that’s what I was trying to express on your post (sorry). But there’s constant flip flop happening.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Would anyone care to see the plans for smart cities for UK – I am sure the same will be implemented here also – Let’s see what is interesting ..”The plan is to transform cities into self-learning, self-modulating organisms known as smart cities, which are being designed based on the structure and function of human cells.”
“In 2007, the Commonwealth Fund launched the Triple Aim Initiative which represented a range of healthcare organisations in the United States, England, and Sweden, and was later expanded to include more countries. The initiative shifted the focus away from individual healthcare institutions and providers—and their outcomes—to population health.”

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

I told y’all this 2 weeks ago.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Always grin … ..
New York state is rolling out 500K smart streetlights that hook up to the Internet of Things.

And another post from her:

Apple Can Now Unlock Your Car And Listen To You Washing Your Hands

Here is a post on the wall of another friend of mine:

The emerging Cantons City State ?

And here is a post from this friend:

Here’s what Maine, USA is planning for the upcoming school year. This would NOT be possible without the coronapocalypse.

This is a programming model. Notice the buzzwords. Learn the language.


Each module will be designed around the essential question, “How do I Interact with and Impact My World?” The format will organize modules by grade level in grades pk-5, and by grade span for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

The essential elements of each of the modules include:

💥A project-based format
💥Best practices in asynchronous lesson design
💥Embedded formative assessments and opportunities for students to check for understanding
💥Standards in two or more content areas, three preferred
💥Opportunities to demonstrate growth in one or more of the Guiding Principles
💥Content that is inclusive of the experiences and multi-cultural backgrounds of students.
💥Considerations in accommodations for special education and English Learners
💥Embedded elements of social/emotional/behavioral learning and trauma-informed practices

And some replies to this post:

I will have to leave education if this comes here. When.

‘when’ is right. They’re finagling with Gist’s contract bc of covid.

I read that. Thank God I’m not in TPS, but as TPS does, everyone follows is true. At least IN Tulsa.

My partner is a high school level alt ed English teacher and we’ve probably got similar concerns. Her contract is secure for the next school year, but who knows after that? And this forced indoctrination will most likely be included in the curriculum. She does have a property inspection/realtor background as well, but this will most likely be another dead end by that time…

Humanities, if taught at all, will be a shell of what they ought to be.

How quaint; the star of Lucifer on their logo , again…. Or, one of the “thousand points of light” bush Sr so cleverly spoke about decades ago. They truly are transparent once you learn the language they use. Its beyond pathetic that each county school system doesn’t tell the Fed’s to get the F out of telling them what to teach their local kids. Heaven forbid each school district take control instead of being lackeys and kissing the boots for papa Fed. All for that Fed grant 💰… Our kids future were sold to the highest bidder.

BTW, they dont say it in their statistics, but according to the criteria to have an ACE (which is a funny way to think about it, it’s an “ace” for THEM) just about everyone has had one. That means just about everyone needs to be treated with trauma informed practices. You know what that means? It means these days that if a child acts out around you it’s thought to be due to the adults in their immediate vicinity. Children apparently no longer push to see where and how consistent the boundaries are any more. No….if a child acts out, even repeatedly, you, as the adult in the situation, have not made the child feel safe enough to act calmly and rationally. 🤦‍♀️ This is, from what I can tell so far, is what having a trauma informed teacher will do. No boundaries, no consequences.
Children need to know what is the right thing and not have their world be so squishy. This is tried and true. Even Dr. Spock knew this.

Great point– even if Dr.Spock was the pioneer of wussyifucation of America’s children. In addition, they must get every person/child possible a mental health diagnosis so when the red flag laws are enforced to prevent the 2nd amend from being exercised.
people will be denied based on mental health criteria. That’s why they are so concerned w making sure people receive these services…

so all this removal of stigma around mental health issues is not to help more people but to out them. Exactly right.

and to place everyone on a “personalized” learning track. An IEP, if you will. They want to roll out a special ed model for everyone. That’s how they will harvest everyone’s human capital profile. Since there’s no way to provide a human-teacher-led IEP for every single child, they will argue that a personalized ed-tech solution is the only feasible solution.

We know from years of experience that burden of implementing even simple IEPs isn’t good for anyone in a classroom setting. Mainstreaming so many spec ed kids is to blame. Now what started out, in my humble opinion, as a cost saving measure (few spec ed teachers and more paras who cost less) has dovetailed nicely into this.

it’s calculated and evil.

I believe that more and more every day.

Exactly—- calculated and evil.. They never do anything except to benefit their goal of total control and tyranny. Any soc wor w a bsw can ask the right questions and diagnose any person on this planet w ‘adjustment d/o nos” and you’ll be red flagged for life.

And another post from her:

Advancing toward a cashless society.


QuikTrip wants exact change, and the contents of your piggy bank, with coins in short supply nationwide

By Andrea Eger Tulsa World 39 min ago

QuikTrip is in the business of selling things Tulsans love — Hotzis, pizza slices, hot dogs and taquitos off of a spinning roller grill — for a little pocket change.

But this summer, the locally based convenience store chain wants to literally buy the change from your pocket.

“Signage is up now, or in the process of going up, notifying customers about the coin shortage,” said Mike Thornbrugh, manager of public and government affairs for Tulsa-based QuikTrip Corp. “If they can, we’re asking that they use exact change to help out or use a debit or credit card or other contactless forms of payment.

“And we are asking people who have extra change to redeem it with us.”

The coin shortage Thornbrugh is referring to is related to disruptions to the supply chain and normal currency circulation patterns because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, the Federal Reserve issued a rationing order, meaning banks will receive far fewer rolls of nickels, dimes, quarters and even pennies. That is having an immediate effect on retailers’ ability to obtain coins for their cash registers.

“In the past few months, coin deposits from depository institutions to the Federal Reserve have declined significantly and the U.S. Mint’s production of coin also decreased due to measures put in place to protect its employees,” stated the Fed’s announcement. “Although the Federal Reserve is confident that the coin inventory issues will resolve once the economy opens more broadly and the coin supply chain returns to normal circulation patterns, we recognize that these measures alone will not be enough to resolve near‐term issues.”

For those without exact change, QuikTrip is offering to place the change owed on QT gift cards, but Thornbrugh hopes the open call for cash exchange of people’s coin stashes will buy them some time.

“I think I’m probably like most people. I collect coins and redeem them at a certain point, so I probably have $50 to $60 worth of coins,” said Thornbrugh. “Don’t bring a wheelbarrow full — let’s use moderation. But we want to be proactive because this potential is out there, and I think you are going to see a lot of places doing things like this. If you can help us, we think it will help out the situation quite a bit.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

This is one of the monthly texts I receive from an organization I was directed to through the sex ed curriculum in three of my local school districts and dozens of other districts.
Organizations like this not only recruit our youth to become activists through the curriculums in our public schools, they also train them. They are taught how to protest, how to agitate law enforcement and others they target, and they train them on what to do if they get arrested among other activist tactics.

If you do not speak to your children and young adults about your politics and your values, our government funded public education will take it upon themselves to do it for you.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

MTA Explores Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Measure Mask Compliance On Subways

And another post from her:

Someone finally got what was the truth …

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why? The Answer May Shock You!

WBCSD, Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi), CGIAR’s Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Programme, and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) working group is comprised of PepsiCo, Monsanto, Olam, Kellogg Company, Starbucks, Diageo, Coca-Cola, Yara International, Tyson Foods, Walmart, Du Pont, Banamex, Unilever, PwC, and Novozymes

And yet another post from her:

China’s central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan met with the UN Secretary General’s Special Advocate on Inclusive Finance for Development (H.M. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands), during her visit to China in November 2014 to discuss China’s experience and lessons in financial inclusion, and the support that China could provide to the UN-led program ( United Nations 2015 ). The Special Advocate met again with Governor Zhou during the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings in April 2015. The Special Advocate highlighted two goals in particular: finding solutions that can have the widest impact and reaching neglected populations, particularly women. During her trip to China in November 2014, the Special Advocate also met with Alibaba founder and chair Jack Ma, at Alibaba’s corporate headquarters in Hangzhou, where they discussed the potential of online financial services to expand financial inclusion, and enrolled the support of Alibaba, one of the China’s leading private high tech companies into the global initiative.

She met also with Alibaba, Tencent and China Mobile, together, to discuss the unfolding digital landscape in China, where digital finance extends beyond mobile money, and how online financial services are being offered inside China by a growing range of Internet-based providers. After her meeting with the leading edge Chinese ITC firms, the Special Advocate remarked that: “The potential growth of online financial services, targeting especially the excluded and productive segments of society, is enormous. China’s embrace of technology-based finance could be particularly promising for small businesses, which often have limited access to traditional banking. As partnerships emerge between mobile operators, banks, and internet-based companies, the newly blurred lines between what were once distinct businesses point to a broader path to financial access for enterprises” ( United Nations 2015 ).

And yet another post from her:

Stakeholder capitalism: GEC at Davos 2020

And another post from her:

Jeremy Heimans is Australian – Years ago he created what is called Get Up something like what Americans have used called MeetUp to tell of events etc… Heimans’ Get Up was financed by George Soros – Heimans new organization is called PURPOSE .. PURPOSE is connected to Bill Gates Foundation, United Nations , WHO/ World Health Organization , etc.. …
The future belongs to Airbnb and Black Lives Matter, in other words, and the book is a manual for us to learn how to be more like them.

And here is a post on her wall:

And another post from this friend:

There are now calls to replace the National Anthem.

And now look what is being used to change the system – Foolishness will cause us to collapse – Ignorance of being brainwashed – Communism did not end with the fall of the Berlin Wall it was to spread and it is – some communist philosophy believes our country is Atlantis and Eurasia is to own it or destroy it … The game is which will it be totally out of existence or changed ?

some history – In the early 1980s the NYC government decided to go with what is now Vision 2030 it pertained to the water area of Manhattan to develop the green areas – tRump first bid for the project failed and he made another bid for the job which he received .. He could not complete that job and sold … . It is now called Comprehensive Waterfront Plan Vision 2030 … Quote : “Riverside South is an urban development project in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. It was originated by six civic associations – The Municipal Art Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Parks Council, Regional Plan Association, Riverside Park Fund, and Westpride – in partnership with real estate developer Donald Trump. The largely residential complex, located on the site of a former New York Central Railroad yard, includes Trump Place and Riverside Center. The $3 billion project is on 57 acres (23 ha) of land along the Hudson River between 59th Street and 72nd Street. —– Trump sold Riverside South to investors from Hong Kong and mainland China,”

And yet another post from her:

Have any of you wondered why it has to be exactly 6ft. apart in social distancing??? Think about it for a while – Hint could it be this is the only way that tech can ID you ? There is technology which can also ID you with a mask on too..

And yet another post from her:

The BIS report adds to the discussion between the central banks about how to modernize the payments systems for the digital world. An earlier publication from the institution focused on financial stability: More than a dozen countries are either researching, piloting, or, like China, have ongoing work in place for central bank digital currencies. As physical cash becomes less prevalent, consumers are becoming more reliant on commercial intermediaries like banks and fintechs. In a financial panic, consumers may regret not having as much access to physical notes and coins.

Covid is accelerating the demise of cash, highlighting racial inequities in digital payments

And a post from another friend of mine:

Soon doctors and nurses will no longer be needed. Yes doctors and nurses, your jobs are in jeopardy! You better start pushing back now! Technocracy is coming!

“In a collaboration between Google Brain, Intel Corporation and the University of California, Berkeley, researchers have ‘trained’ robots to mimic surgical procedures through the use of instructional videos.

UC Berkeley professors have previously used YouTube videos as a guide for robots to learn various motions such as jumping or dancing, while Google has trained robots to understand depth and motion. The team applied that knowledge to their latest project, Motion2Vec, in which videos of actual surgical procedures are used for instruction. In a recently released research paper, researchers outline how they used YouTube videos to train a two-armed da Vinci robot to insert needles and perform sutures on a cloth device.

The medical team relied on Siamese networks, a deep-learning setup that incorporates two or more networks sharing the same data. The system is optimal for comparing and assessing relationships between datasets. Such networks have been used in the past for facial detection, signature verification and language detection.”

Read the full article here:

More information:

And another post from him:

I knew this was coming. I saw China as a testing ground for this and it was just a matter of time before they would bring it here. I didn’t know how they would do it, but Covid-19 ended up being the ticket. If we allow this, we are so fucked!

You’ll become slaves to Technocrats that see you as a number on a ledger, where everything is input-output, data collection, searching, sorting, analyzing, pruning, adjusting, optimizing, fed to AI algorithms, and placed in feed-back loops. You will be part of a digital AI economy where your output value will be measured and marked as “essential” or “non-essential”. You will be managed as useful asset or a non-useful asset. There will be no escaping your matrix. You are about to enter a world of hurt! Welcome to your modern digital feudalism and authoritarian depopulation. Welcome to TECHNOCRACY!

“Sold: 50 million digital health passports
“A British cyber security company, VST Enterprises has signed a contract with international digital health technology firm Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE), owner of ‘Covi-Pass’, to supply 50 million of its ‘digital health passports’ to 15 countries. VST was founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis to integrate its state-of-the-art VCode & VPlatform technologies into the Covi-Pass Digital Health Passport, which will be paired with approved testing kits.

Put simply, the user downloads the app to their smartphone device and uploads his/her key information, such as name, address, age. Their identity is then verified using a biometric fingerprint or facial scan. A COVID-19 test is then carried out by an authorised healthcare professional, nurse or medical doctor. The test is geo-fenced to that location ­– using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to set a virtual boundary around a geographical location – and the test results are then scanned from the testing kit into the Covi-Pass Health Passport.

A colour mapping system (green, amber, red) authenticates and provides the COVID-19 test history and relevant health information, so the accurate data metrics can assess those who have tested positive and negative and the location only of their testing. The user can then show the Covi-Pass to authenticate their health status. ‘A traffic light system confirms their health status as either red or green, red for positive and green for negative,’ the company points out. ‘The amber colour indicates a countdown timer to when another test would be due and required. The Covi-Pass can be used as an authenticated gateway for public services, businesses and employees to manage a safe return to work, life, and safe travel. One of the many unique features of the VCode cyber security,’ adds CPE c-founder Adam Palmer, ‘is that the technology can be scanned from up to 100 metres, ensuring its social distancing compliance is robust and making it the only choice for a safe and secure digital health passport.’ Plus, CPE points out, scanning is viable while the person is moving and at various angles.’

We firmly believe that the digital health passport, alongside government approved testing kits, is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way.

Shipping has begun for the first phased release of these 50 million digital health passports to the private sector and Governments in over 15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, Panama, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands, the company reports. ‘We firmly believe that the digital health passport, alongside government approved testing kits, is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way,’ Davis believes.””

And here is a post on his wall:

Last year my partner had to go onto UC and they said it was online only. He said he didnt have a phone they looked at him blankly and said well you’ll need to get someone to do it for you then or go online or buy a phone. They can give a cash advance to cover it that needs paying back. They didnt give any other options I’m pretty sure if people dont have a phone they will offer a free microchip. I read somewhere theyll be free I’m betting this will be the options. I know this happened last year people were saying online about it but they didnt care unless you access the online account you dont get paid. Thousands were having money stopped they just stopped poeoples money. They put everything under one roof but if you dont go online everything gets stopped. Housing, child benefit, esa, disability and 1000s were starving and committing suicide over it. To me this was the beginning of it

after cashless society they will bring in a credit system where you are scored based on your behaviour. So I think it will work differently. Instead of money itll be that if you are a good citizen you’ll get most points but lose points or credits if you disobey. We probably wont own anything maybe our cash in the bank worthless . Maybe theyll give us credits to the value of what we own but detract them for bad behaviour. Maybe that’s how they take our property. In the UN plan they say it will be more equal so spread assets out. I’d imagine that theyll do it so we all own nothing under the guise of restribubuting wealth to the poor

And some replies to this post:

Under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they intend on moving people from rural areas to urban smart cities. I’m assuming they can use eminent domain, or rezone territory, classify an area as national or historical park, perhaps burn it down or poison the ground water, or what not. I’m not an authority on land or real-estate laws and management. I just know they intend to take land / property away from land owners. The belief is that people need to be contained in tighter concentrations where there is 5G and can be monitored and controlled better, and that land should go to the very wealthy, held in trust for profit. He who controls all the land and resources has more power than he who prints money!

you’re correct. The way it will work is that they will have everything on a blockchain. The tokens that are generated are just tokens. They can have the appearance of being dollars or the appearance of being credit or bonus points or chips, or stars or cookies or whatever they want It to represent. The tokens will be programmatic. They will be programmable money. If you meet conditions, transactions will take place, but if you don’t meet the conditions, you cannot make a transaction. They can deduct from the blockchain ledger any negative points you accumulate in real-time (thus the high speed 5G). Or, they can punish you and sanction or ration your tokens/credit/cash/points in whatever manner they wish. This is the danger of being registered on a blockchain and then having a cashless society. You become a real slave.

yes sounds about right. I dont know how we fight this. They already use this system in a way. I know people that have had benefits stopped for months if they are 10 minutes late for an appointment. Banks already charge if you bounce a cheque for example. The ID chip and health cert will probably give you access to cash shops ect so without that wont be able to function. Theyll probably issue fines for not obeying or if we cant pay Bill’s as they do now but they maybe hefty as they are now ridiculous fines for leaving the house for example. It wont take long to build up. I think if you leave your house if you test positive its £1000 a day or refuse treatment. This will probably be taken back in the form of your home if you own it. As they do with the elderly now. Buy there house and give them it back by renting it out with an allowance. Many old people fell for this scam. Release the equity in your home… made it sound attractive while taking their homes away from them

They are going to take as much value and wealth from people as much as they can. I strongly believe that they are going to try to reduce the aging population since they consider the old a burden on society. This has been written in their textbooks for ages and they still make mention of it from time to time. Now they are acting on it. They are going to keep the children since the children are the future engineers for their technocracy. Gone are the days of liberal arts, music, history, literature, etc. Instead, they are grooming the kids to be engineers, scientists, technicians, statisticians, etc. for the data-driven technocratic AI surveillance system. I could go on and on, but it be too long. These nutcase transhumanists, are hell bent on reengineering the planet, not just the economics and men. They want to reinvent it all.

How do you think they will do that? We have A LOT of rural dwellers in Maine.

most counties in all the states have some form of “sustainable development goals” that they plan to implement. Your best bet is to find out what your county couselors have in store for the county that will meet the agenda (21) of your county. Every county in the nation have a different program they are following, but they are following it nonetheless. Also, your commerce office will have information regarding plans for “sustainable” “impact” development goals. Thos are all guidelines of WEF and UN agendas.

What is UC?

Universal Credit – benefits system in the U.K.

My gut feeling tells me that Real ID will be a big part of this. You already are limited, kind of like “No mask no entry” from what the rules are now if you don’t have it: i..e no driving, no entering government buildings, no flying, etc. And I’m sure once they make it digital, it’ll go to no voting and no government benefits and other stuff. I even saw something from the National Governor’s Association suggesting that the take the time of the Real ID deadline extension to update the system with modern technology.

I also think that the lifeblood of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals is going to be the public private partnerships (and yes, that WOULD include the Federal Reserve and the other Rotschild central banks in other countries.) These are the main reactor to the SDG Death Star. Take that out and the whole system goes down.

This is all global. No matter where I go or what I do, this global event is going ot be all around us. So I’m just sticking around. I’ll just continue to post what I know about technocracy, transhumanism, 4IR, technology that will be used, etc. I’ve been doing technology for over 30 years as an engineer and have worked on a lot of the tech that is now being employed, so I have a lot of first hand knowledge of this stuff. I never thought it would come to this though. I have no idea how I’m going to make a living, if there is a living to be made. Things are changing rapidly and I’m afraid my services may no longer be needed or I might be considered a liability because I’m not complying or won’t be complying with the draconian measures. So everything is up in the air for me. I might as well dig back to my Army days and fight back as best as I can. The best weapon to use information. The more allies we can get by awaking people with knowledge of the facts, the better our chances of surviving become. But we need to keep informing others and rally together. At some point, we’re going to have to show up on the stage. In person, if we want to enact change.

And another post from him:

This is the President of Ghana. He explains, reading from the Rockefeller Foundations documents, what is coming in the next few months.

He explains that the lockdown measures are going to become more severe. There is going to be 2 to 3 waves of Covid-19 from now till end of year. There is going to be mandatory vaccines. There is going to be rioting and a resistance against the resistance. There is going to be name shaming and prohibition of commerce for anti-masks and anti-vaxxers. Basically, anyone that does not comply with the NWO reset will be deemed a threat to the world and will be blamed for the multiple waves of Covid-19 infections that ensue.

He has a lot more to say. I think it’s worth watching. Take what you can from it.

Here are some links:
Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

National Security Study Memorandum

President of Ghana (this) video;

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

And another post from her:

INTERESTING HOW 2020 is the year we are beginning to see radical changes – 2021 is when the Fed. Reserve rolls out fast track payment system … Hmmm 2021

The “21” in Agenda 21 refers to the original target year of 2021 where they were hoping to achieve their development goals by then. It has been affirmed and had a few modifications at subsequent UN conferences. Since it found 2021 was an overly optimistic date, its new timeline is targeting 2030. Its aim is to achieve global sustainable development. One major objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21. Since 2015, Sustainable Development Goals are included in the newer Agenda 2030.[citation needed]

And yet another post from her:

Can it be any clearer?
Everything the UN does is for global governance.
Lima Agreement, Rio Declaration, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement all designed to destroy capitalist western nations.

U.N. Chief Guterres Calls for One Supreme Body of ‘Global Governance’

And yet another post from her:

The featured image was from 2017. It was featured in an article about the massive technology efforts embedded in the US BECAUSE of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Those same Goals are why we have Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and, Math (STEM/STEAM) in not only, education, but EVERYWHERE in the USA.

Ping! We’re “It”

And here is a post from another friend of mine:

Here’s an interesting exchange that happened to me at the gym today. I was getting my youngest his own membership since he’s old enough now and the employee told me that they aren’t giving out key fobs for memberships anymore bc they are going “touchless” bc of COVID. They want him to put an app on his phone and scan the barcode that way. I told her he doesn’t take his phone into the gym so she said he can give his phone number to the employees at the desk. I said, “So corporate doesn’t want you to touch a fob and hand it to the customer bc they are afraid of COVID transmission but they are OK with customers talking to you from across the counter? You realize that I touched the pen and keypad and then you touched the pen and keypad, right? Does this make sense to you?” She replied, “I dunno I just know they want us to get customers to go touchless.”

Of course they do. Contact tracing apps, anyone? Leave your phones at home or turn off the COVID apps and Bluetooth when you go out.

A friend of mine shared this on his wall:

My husband pulled this notice off the door at the bank yesterday. “Due to a national coin shortage, the Federal Reserve is rationing coin shipments. Wells Fargo has limited coins available and we encourage customers to deposit rolled coins to assist with this shortage.”
Who else thinks this supposed coin shortage will help usher in the digital dollar?

Here is a post that was shared by another friend of mine:


This is my latest for The Last American Vagabond. It’s a very important topic. Please read and share.

People around the world are already being judged and denied access to financial services because of their social media data – and they don’t even realize it.

According to a new report from cybersecurity experts Kaspersky, 32 percent of adults between 25 to 34 have had issues getting a mortgage or loan due to their social media activity. The denial of loans comes as part of “social scoring systems” which are being used at an alarming rate by government and businesses to determine customers or citizens “trustworthiness.”

Unfortunately, the survey also found that 67 percent of people are willing to share their profiles to secure online shopping discounts and 52 percent are willing if it means skipping lines at airports and other means of travel. Finally, 51 percent of people said they are fine with government monitoring their social media behavior if it means keeping the public safe. The post-9/11 indoctrination appears to have worked to an astounding degree.

And here is a post from this friend:

Regardless of one’s politics, this article is important because it is a popular media outlet acknowledging the seriousness of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan. This is not a drill. And the technocratic surveillance state that is being erected without our consent is already profiting from slave labor.

“The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions. Among other things, Schwab has said of the Great Reset, “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.””

And some replies to this post:

Al Gore has invested 100’s of millions of dollars in fake meat industry and in “green” energy companies, that stand to make him billions of dollars. He and all of the globalists are in a scam so big, you would die if you knew the scope of it. Carbon credits = social credits scores. Yes, and Gore is working with Goldman Sachs in the scheme along with an exchange they created for carbon taxing in Chicago. Oh, that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Given his TN origins I’m sure he is closely linked to Paul Tudor Jones and Corecivic.

Alison right another billionaire. And I had forgotten that Gore was an investor in private prisons. I’m sure he just can’t wait till all of the anti-vaxxers/masks not complying with orders start to fill up his prisons. He’s a fraud if ever there was one.

Look up moral reconation therapy…

So it’s a pay-for-success mental behavioral prison program? So there is impact investment on the prisoners individually, as in tokenized metrics and valuation?

Yes! It was used in the first US SIB.

Social impact brainwashing backed by Bloomberg.

MRT also used in Ventura SIB that Justin Leroy talks about here.

OKLAHOMA friends, the Vera Institute project is the model for Oklahoma’s criminal justice reforms. Bloomberg and Kaiser are investment partners (Blue Meridian) and Kaiser is a funder of MDRC, which runs predictive risk analytics on schoolchildren, too.

I’m just blown away by the depths of the conspiracy. They are neck deep into this NWO reset / agenda.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Remember the invented 4th arm of our government known as BlackRock? Are you aware BlackRock received a bailout ?
The national lockdown left states, cities and local businesses in desperate need of federal government aid. But according to David Dayen in The American Prospect, as of May 30 [the Fed’s last monthly report], the only purchases made under the Fed’s new BlackRock-administered SPVs were ETFs, mainly owned by BlackRock itself. Between May 14 and May 20, about $1.58 billion in ETFs were bought through the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility [SMCCF], of which $746 million or about 47% came from BlackRock ETFs. The Fed continued to buy more ETFs after May 20, and investors piled in behind, resulting in huge inflows into BlackRock’s corporate bond ETFs.

And another post from her:

You want names? We got names. Here are the leading Technocrat bigwigs behind the global “Great Reset”.

And yet another post from her:

The herd continues to lose jobs – Remember Accenture is Rothschild – Ripple is also connected to Accenture – Accenture is also connected ID 2020

And yet another post from her:

The UN and the ICJ/ International Court of Justice [World Court ]were established by the same charter.

And yet another post from her:

Yep, I was right not to wish any one a Happy New Year – Welcome to the beginning of ” global governance “

Several major US cities to explore Universal Basic Income pilot projects The mayors of Los Angeles, Oakland, Compton, Stockton, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Tacoma, Washington; Newark, New Jersey; Shreveport, Louisana; Jackson, Mississippi; and Saint Paul, Minnesota announced today that they have joined the “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income” program—a coalition for universal basic income.
According to the plan, which was devised by Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs, residents will be provided with basic cash payments.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Gates $1.6million for co-branded (CCSSO and CFC) set of comprehensive COVID-19 state education reopening plans that address health and safety guidance at both the (State) SEA and (Local) LEA levels.

CCSSO and NGA own the patent to Common Core standards

And some replies to this post:

Wow! So he’s working with Jeb Bush and Chiefs for Change! Yikes!

always: this just goes on and on and on

Wow! Expensive for something the district’s can create for themselves.

Shared. I give up, parents putting masks on their children, boasting of accomplishments with Common Core! There is no hope for them or their future. Only saving grace, they won’t know what freedom, rich history, or opportunities they were denied due to lack of parental involvement

CFC change report on COVID19 and schools

CCSSO and Covid19

Chiefs for Change were always in it.

The UNESCO guidelines for reopening are also tucked into the report.

And another post from her:

Denver Public Schools plans to hold in-person classes five days a week this fall, a departure from earlier plans that called from alternating days of in-person instruction or other part-time scenarios. District officials announced the new plans in a letter to families today. There will be mandatory daily health screenings and masks will be required for students and staff who attend in-person.
Read the story below.

Denver Public Schools plans to hold classes in person this fall, joining a number of other metro area districts in a more complete return to the classroom.

The announcement represents a change from an initial plan that called for separating students into cohorts and having them attend on alternating days or weeks to keep class sizes small. State public health rules still limit schools to no more than 10 people in any given classroom, but Gov. Jared Polis has said repeatedly that he expects those rules to be loosened by August, when class resumes.

Denver Superintendent Susana Cordova announced the change in plans in an email to parents Friday. She said evolving public health information and parent demand drove the decision.

“Every week, we learn more from our health experts about the COVID-19 virus,” Cordova wrote. “We learn from school systems around the world how to keep our students and staff learning, working and healthy. We’ve considered the overall effects of having schools open at full strength for our students and families, something that we have heard is critically important to our community.”

New guidance from metro area public health agencies emphasizes that children do not seem to play a major role in transmission.

The district will also offer a full-time online option for all grades for families who do not want to send their children to school.

And some replies to this post:

Masks, what the hell? Haven’t they kept up on the research regarding masks? Wait until Thanksgiving rolls around and the kids all have breathing problems. This is one of the stupidest things I have heard. As a teacher, I would quit!! As a parent, I would be applying for my non-profit status and start a private school

It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives on in-person school. I’ve spoken to many parents, tending to be conservative leaning, that won’t send their child to school due masks being unhealthy. I’ve heard from more liberal leaning that they won’t send their kid to school in a mask & partitions because it’s too military and/or fear of the virus. Many parents are opting for Homeschool (not remote) – some for fear of COVID, but mostly if SB163 is signed into law. All of these reasons above (and more) it will be interesting how many students actually will be in class. I think the per pupil funding the state is counting on is extremely underestimated. There is no way my kids are wearing a mask 7.5 hours a day. It is essential for kids to see expressions and the teachers mouth move, especially young learners. Plus the multiple screenings & tracking, over-sanitation, no PE, lunch in the classroom, and etc. Yuck.

i find it interesting there is such a stink about masks and pare ts not sending back yet there was next to nothing when it came to common core and the invalid assessments wth.

And yet another post from her:

Replacing end of year tests like PARCC,SBAC, SAT, /ACT with online formative, & hidden data collecting tests like NWEA MAPs or iREADY is not better. You cannot see the data streams (every keystroke) cannot opt out.

As Nancy Bailey says,
“There’s social-emotional data, academic data, demographic data, and more.

It’s critical to understand the threat of competency or performance-based testing and challenge the new assessment. If not, students will be reduced to data points, and used for investment schemes. Schooling will become all about profit-making.”

And the post that she quoted:

Do not become complacent. Standardized testing is morphing into online embedded competency-testing. Watch for it.

And here is a post from another friend of mine:

Don’t give up the coins and check your State’s legal tender laws.

And another post from her:

Covid sets up conditions that are just too perfect for human capital speculators.

If you saw how Common Core ruined education, you’ll recognize the similarities with the program listed below.

Notice that the way “to protect” vulnerable children is actually TO SURVEIL THEM and create comprehensive digital records of them. 👉This is INVENTORY CONTROL.

The role of technology is critical in this endeavor, as we begin to define what the “new normal” looks like, creating a society with limited physical interaction and movement to carry on the business that needs to be done: working the children’s cases so they can be returned to a family. The pandemic has highlighted the need for governments to have a centralized system that collects accurate digital records. With Children First Software (CFS), the government child welfare institution can continue their work remotely in a safe and secure way, collaborating with colleagues and NGOs across the country. With this understanding, the BEB development team remains focused and productive while working from home during these uncertain times, continuing to enhance CFS.

In another milestone for BEB, our first mobile application, Profile Mobile, is ready for use! This mobile app works “offline”, allowing countries to visit children’s homes in remote locations without internet or cellular service to conduct a simple census and identify all children living there. Once the user returns to an area with internet access, the information of these children will be uploaded to CFS, creating a digital record for the child. This enables the government to obtain a more accurate understanding of the vulnerable children population living outside of family care. This digital record in CFS provides increased visibility to designated government supervisors, making it easier to ensure the child is receiving the appropriate care and their case might be completed more expeditiously.

And a post from another friend of mine:

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Hats off to the Washington State parents who collected enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot to repeal “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) legislation that was signed into law earlier this year.

MIP’s counterpart in WA, Informed Parents of Washington was very instrumental, along with others, in gathering the required signatures. See what a difference engaged parents can make?!

“Elementary age children do not need to learn about masturbation. Teens should not be told that the pull-out method is more effective than they think. Kids should not be taught that sexting is as innocent as watching a movie together, and schools should not be suggesting co-bathing as an alternative [to sexual intercourse].”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Right under your/Our noses Our Children are being poisoned and brain washed…BrainPOP is a Leftist Liberal Organization and Application on Your Smart Phone or Computer…which was an extended learning tool advised by School’s to help teach children at home. My own Daughter HAD (past tense) it on her tablet which is how I found out about it just yesterday.

I opened an email from BrainPOP regarding the “Protests” and teaching your Children about “Black Lives Matter Movement.”
And now today there is another one regarding the Legacy of the LGBTQA and “How Children can become Allies to the LGBTQA + Peers”

I discovered they are based out of New York, NY which was not a surprise. During the BLM video they told lies as truth in a Animated documentary.
Said Blacks had twice the chance of getting killed by police than whites.
Said the Protests have been Overwhelmingly Peaceful and the news has been only reporting the bad stuff
Said We live in Structural Racism with a built in system which makes it easier for whites than Blacks
Portrayed George Floyd who was “Murdered” by the Police as a Family Man
Made no mention of Family when they reveal Blacks are 60% more likely to end up in Prison; Attributing it to the “Structural Racism” which is Oppressing Blacks

This is Pure Evil…and Spreading these Socialist Ideals onto our Children when their minds are the most able and willing to learn

And some replies to this post:

This app was assigned every other day for my 2nd grader during distance learning. I made sure to listen in on some of the videos, I did notice bias in some of the historical figures/biographies. We need to be vigilant of all of the assigned and recommended educational programs.

it’s disappointing that it is not left up to parents to decide if and when they deem certain topics appropriate for their own children. I can’t even let my kids watch Nickelodeon, Noggin, or Disney without being in the same room. I never even considered myself an over-protective parent until media and schools began not giving us the choice to filter messages to our own kids.

you are being exactly the parent that God asks you to be. I was welcoming people at a parenting class at a conference and this is exactly what the teacher said to do. Deuteronomy 6.

wow 2nd grader is WAY too young. No wonder the youngsters want to topple our founding fathers’ statues too.

What’s also alarming about Disney and HBO and them is that Disney is now flagging older movies like Lady and the Tramp with warning saying that some of the content in there might be “old fashioned” or “outdated” and HBO is already pulling stuff like Gone with the Wind.

My sons public school would assign this app during distant learning thank god that was our last year in public school

yes I’ve seen that on Disney+. I never realized we would ever see a time like this.

What’s really alarming is that, and I talked to a computer DVD repair guy last year, and my DVD player was having issues and he said that they don’t really make them good anymore as they plan to phase them out someday in the future and replace them with stuff like streaming. Without VHS, BlueRay, or DVDs, it would be far too easy for Disney, Amazon, Netflix, HBO, etc to “disappear” stuff that was un-PC and move us closer to Orwell’s world of Big Brother with history and material constantly being replaced.

yes my husband works for an entertainment company so he has long been saying that that streaming will become the norm for everyone eventually. So much easier to control us then. I don’t know how so much of media and entertainment is a monopoly by companies that are anything but wholesome.

Disney owns over 1/3 of the market and Comcast now owns both Universal and Dreamworks. There really IS a small group of companies owning most of the pie.

I sure don’t need Tim and Moby teaching my kid about these issues. He’s 7 and has no clue what racism is beyond the basics.
Brainpop has overstepped their boundaries here. Especially with sexuality matters.

Wow! Our private school used this during distance learning and my son loved it. Crazy. Thanks for the heads up.

This is Critical Race Theory (CRT) tailored to plant seeds of hate in trusting children. Want to learn how CRT causes racism just watch this eye opening interview.

Talk Show Host Shannon Joy from NY mentioned how she came across this being shown in schools near her. She said tht you had to go in and see it and that they really wouldn’t let the parents check it out (big red flag):

Wow, I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but thank you. My son had this on his laptop and used it once or twice, I will be deleting it immediately and letting them know why.

They also collect a TON of data. Read their terms of service. Yikes

I stopped using brain pop last year when they added a lesson glorifying Harvey Milk. Total liberal trash and indoctrination site.

Oh my goodness! Seriously?? We get this app through our charter school. I definitely will not be using it now. Unbelievable!

How long until people realize they children and teens don’t need smart phones. They need a desktop, in the living room, with limited time to get their homework done. That’s it.

In my opinion, children do not need a smart phone. Teens need monitored. Phones are now used in the classroom for interactive games and activities, like Quizlet. It is important to be aware what your teen does and to have constant discussions as needed. These ideas and agendas are not going away. Students need to be prepared.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The oligarchs and tech-billionaires are forcing authoritative Technocracy on us whether we like it or not, using the cover of Covid-19. This is what the New World Order looks like. This is what “The Great Reset” is ushering in. The oligarchs are finally getting their way, as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the World Economic Forum Covid-19 Action Plan. According to these people, there is no going back to “normal”.

Soon, it will be required to be masked, vaccinated, IDed and do business with a cashless government wallet. Every human and property, will be registered on a blockchain and each person will have a social credit score attached in real-time, with the assistance of AI, that will determine if you are a “trustworthy” global citizen. Depending on your score or “traffic light color”, you may not be allowed to travel, or buy food, or buy goods, or not receive services, medical attention, or rent an apartment or buy a home or car. If you complain against the government, your score can drop precipitously, and forbid you entry to schools, theaters, shopping malls, taxis, hospitals, etc.

This is what you call population control and behavior modification.

This is an oligarchs wet dream come true. There is no going back to “normal” until the oligarchs are removed from power.

“Visitors and staff at Jersey city’s municipal buildings will soon be greeted with a camera and thermometer.

Jersey City officials said they are installing face and temperature scanners at all municipal buildings. The science fiction-esque devices, called OneScreen GoSafes, will screen visitors for fevers and use a camera to check if they are wearing masks.

Jersey City Business Administrator Brian Platt tweeted on Thursday that visitors needed to be wearing a face mask and have a body temperature under 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to enter city buildings. The GoSafe devices will ensure that everyone entering municipal buildings meets that criteria.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

The world’s most powerful central bank [the Fed)]joins with the central bank of central banks [BIS] to dominate crypto-currency [ digital currency aka cashless society ] and run other cryptos into a ditch. Crypto-groupies may laugh now. Just give these two a little time; they’ll dominate the world …

The BIS Innovation Hub is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with federal reserve New York Fed
to further the development of fintech initiatives for the global financial system

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

PRE SCREENING QUESTIONS FOR EMPLOYEES AND EVERY CUSTOMER ‼Ted says, I told you these mandates are never going to stop, if you give them an inch they will take a mile, and guess what your rights will keep being taken away one by one…..

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

Sam’s Club is offering scan as you go – Scan your product into your smart phone by use of a Sam’s Club app.. Tally your purchases and pay by use of your smart phone – No cash involved – Totally digital ..

Two colleges to avoid this fall:

Ohio State:

University of Tennessee:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


And the post that she quoted:

So this is the rhetoric they will use to implement Agenda 21 where people are herded into urban areas and are no longer allowed to used public lands…

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Every global elite group that you can imagine has thrown their full weight behind Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 39

This is part 39.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:


🔥❌ How to Make Condoms Fun and Pleasurable ❌🔥

This title is from:

A. An article on a porn site
B. A book sold at an adult book store
C. Sex education curriculum being taught in MA schools

If you answered A or B, you are wrong. The answer is C.

This is a lesson from Module 11 of the Comprehensive Sexuality Education Curriculum, Making Proud Choices. MPC is taught in classrooms across the Commonwealth. It might even be taught in your child’s school.

Here are some of the ideas that teachers are encouraged to mention to the kids for making sex with condoms fun:

📌 Make putting on the condom a part of foreplay.
📌 Think up a sexual fantasy using condoms.
📌 Act sexy/sensual while putting on the condom.
📌 Hide a condom on your body and ask your partner to find it.
📌 Use extra lubrication inside and outside the condom.
📌 Experiment with different colors, types and textures of condoms.
📌 Have a sense of humor and make jokes.
📌 Tell your partner that using a condom can make an erection last longer.

It’s interesting to note that the word “pleasurable” is mentioned six times in this very short lesson. Not surprising, given the fact that the proponents of CSE believe in sexual rights for kids and that youth have a right to sexual pleasure.

The facilitator’s notes encourage teachers to “emphasize strategies for making condom use more pleasurable.” And then says, “Emphasize that you are not endorsing sexual activity among teenagers.” 😳🧐🤔

So when I tell my kids not to do something that could have negative consequences for them and that they are not old enough or mature enough to handle or participate in, I always follow up my directives with a list of ways that they can actually DO the very thing that I am telling them NOT TO DO and I make sure that I suggest lots of ways they can have FUN doing the thing that I told them not to do (sarcasm). 🤦‍♀️🤨❓

The lesson ends by suggesting that the teacher encourage the kids to do something positive and fun together with their sex partner like go to the clinic or store together and buy lots of different brands and colors of condoms and then plan a special day where they can experiment together, adding, “Just talking about how you’ll use all of those condoms can be a turn-on.” ❌❌❌

This is not sex education. This is grooming.

❌🔥 STOP CSE 🔥❌

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Stanford is working to build mRNA transistors / computers inside living cells. R. Brad Lane is at Stanford on special assignment. Look up Ridge Lane, LP. This is dirty, dirty business. The American way.

Ridge Lane LP – set up by Tom Ridge, the first head of the Department of Homeland Security.

VALUATION ANALYST “He founded Lane Financial Corporation, a multi-family office for high-net-worth individuals where he oversaw the firm’s wealth management platform as Chief Investment Officer and served as Managing Director of Atlas Capital, the $12 billion investment advisor where he led the origination of private equity investments in Technology, Education, Healthcare, as well as Real Estate, and was co-head of Capital Markets where he was responsible for raising external capital for follow-on financings of portfolio companies.
Mr. Lane serves or has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Mount Sinai Medical Center, The David Lynch Foundation, and as Chairman of the New York Forum. He actively advises ranking officials from the United States Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Transportation and Education. Mr. Lane is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor, and a Chartered Valuation Analyst.”

Who didn’t see this sort of thing coming?

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“With about nine in ten school children around the world at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, the United Nations’ scandal-plagued “education” agency wants to make sure the indoctrination continues uninterrupted”

And some replies to this post:

Alex Newman is dedicated, however if you want to wake parents up its time to do some mud slinging – soft ball style. The year, 1984, UNESCO put their official stamp on J.C. Pauvert’s ‘Guide to the Application of the Notion of Common Core’ “It can easily be shown that all subjects, indiscriminately, can lend themselves to a vast range of different cognitive interventions if the way they are dealt with is deliberately slanted in preferential directions.”
[A Methodological Guide to the Application of the Notion of Common Core in the Training of Various Categories of Educational Personnel by J. C. Pauvert] AKA subtle indoctrination – slant information in “preferential directions”

Could you send me that document if you have it? Also, we touched on some of that here:

Is this the same thing you’re talking about? That globalized education regime will include globalized standards under the guise of having a “Common Core” for all children everywhere. UNESCO’s use of that very term goes back nearly four dec­ades. In 1984, the same year President Ronald Reagan ended U.S. participation in the agency, UNESCO released a document entitled “A Methodological Guide to the Application of the Notion of Common Core in the Training of Various Categories of Educational Personnel.” It was aimed at training educators worldwide with the same standards, so they could fan out across the globe with the same ideas. A 2011 document about the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning also uses the term Common Core, again in relation to training education chiefs worldwide. Socialist and humanist John Dewey used a similar strategy — seize control of teachers’ colleges — to successfully hijack American education. It was extremely effective.

Names you need to know – Portland State Univ. is familiar with Rosalyn McKeown who provided not only a toolkit in understanding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), but openly expressed UNESCOs intent on erasing exceptionalism (in schooling and economy)……. [ Authors noted: Kim Smith, Debra Rowe, Peter Adriance, Rosalyn McKeown, Victor Nolet, and Madison Vorva, members of the US Delegation to the UNESCO World Conference on ESD.] “Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability (McKeown, PhD. Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit)

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This excerpt is from a study sponsored by The Future Worlds Centre, which is a partner organization of Global Education Futures (GEF). This is some serious stuff, folks. They are assessing how parents perceive and respond to their children’s internet activity, specifically web-based gaming. This is important because GEF, the billionaires, and the hedge funds have been planning to connect every human being – especially youth – to a screen to harvest data. Sound twisted? It is! But it’s here. Coincidence that everyone is working, learning, practicing on a screen? Not at all.


InetRisks was funded under the Research Promotion Foundation’s Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Innovation – Desmi 2008. The project was coordinated by the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute, Cyprus and was carried out in collaboration with partners from Cyprus and Greece.

The very difference between real Internet-related risks and Internet-related risks as perceived by adults (parents) could constitute a new type of risk in itself. There is a similar difference between the means to deal with these risks and the means to deal with these risks as perceived by adults (parents). ⚠The conception adults (parents) have on what (their) children do when they “play” (spend time) on the Internet is largely based on ignorance; ⚠certainly experiential ignorance in that they have not “played” (spent time) on such activities themselves and often ‘literate ignorance’ in that they have not studied the matter. ⚠Media and church hype add insult to injury. ⚠Furthermore, there is a difference between the real attitude of adults (parents) towards their children (in general, and with respect to their children’s activities on the Internet) and their self-perceived attitude. ⚠There is a further difference between their real attitudes and the results of their behavior. The project studied the attitude of such adults towards the fact that their children immerse themselves into video games (Second Life in particular). Specifically, the project team studied the change in attitudes of the adults regarding the activities of their children and the ⚠risks related before and after they had an opportunity to “play” along with their children for several months. The project addressed Internet safety issues with the aim to achieve an ⚠in-depth understanding regarding safety breaches and protective measures and actions, primarily within the family environment. For this purpose, a limited section of the Online Virtual Environment, ⚠Second Life, was customized to host study teams who were playing on the Internet and were ⚠“exposed” to real risks in a controlled way. Project participants developed ⚠skills in recognizing safety pitfalls and dealing with them as well as ⚠appreciated Internet Risks in their true dimension.

Here is a post from a friend of minei:

Just in case you are not aware massive pressure is placed on the housing market –
Know what this means? Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have dropped the home equity credit lines….
In simple plain English many are going to default on their payments . Why give you a line of credit on your home, when many are going to default anyway.This way, the bank can save money by not lending it to you, and they get the house to boot. 7% of current mortgage holders cannot make a payment, and over 30 million Americans have become unemployed in the last six weeks…
End of the American dream …

I had been telling people for a while about the toll booths pushing stuff like digital passes to “nudge” people by charging them more for cash. Now, I’ve found that, in some places, they’re already STOPPING cash altogether.

And it’s not just FL, but PA as well:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Free” money isn’t free.
“If approved, the ABC Act would provide every American with a BOOST debit card that is preloaded with $2,000. The card would be reloaded with $1,000 each month until one year after the end of the COVID-19 crisis.”

And another post from her:

Uh-Oh. Republicans introducing a “balanced” Covid privacy bill…
Any time I hear the word “balance” with personal data collection, makes me nervous. Any Covid or health related tracking database must be voluntary, with consent, and no loss of services or discrimination for those who do not opt in.

Did Google write this bill?

And some replies to this post:

Google probably had a hand in writing it. Its compliments the release of their of contact tracing program tools announced yesterday.

Likely a big fat happy family of billionaires and stakeholders (congress) in conjunction with google and Michael Bloomberg who is now tasked with contact tracing in NY. And all through Bill Clinton CGI who is asking Governors pacts (7 midwestern states led by Inslee) and (7 states consortium led by Cuomo) of Governors to lobby Congress.
CGI has already begun hiring people. 30 for every 1000.

They want people who are out of work to work for this?!

Lay people as contact tracers – AKA data collectors!

And yet another post from her:

Another app to prevent cheating…
“It’s talking about how it wants to access my computer, my microphone, the webcam. Monitor what’s in the room around me, scan my room. It wants to scan my ID!” he said in an interview. When his professor said he had no option to take the test in person, he opted instead to drop the class. “It’s just a huge step backward,” Buettner said. “Everyone’s giving up their freedom just for the virus.” (Proctorio app)

And yet another post from her:

Must download an app, agree to measuring your biometrics, keystrokes, facial recognition, remote access to your computer? Ummm #no.

“The syllabus instructed Hayes and his classmates to sign up for Examity, an online test-proctoring service.

To create his account, Hayes was required to upload a picture of his photo ID to Examity’s website and provide his full name, email, and phone number — pretty banal stuff. But it got weirder. At the end, he typed his name again; Examity would store a biometric template of his keystrokes…

A month later, Hayes was preparing to take his first practice exam, with an Examity proctor watching him over Zoom. Hayes didn’t want to download Zoom — he’d heard about its laundry list of security concerns — but it was required to take his midterm.

Sharath told Hayes to share his screen, and then to display both sides of his driver’s license in the webcam’s view. “I need to see your desk and workspace,” the proctor said. “Please rotate your webcam 360 degrees so I can see the area around you.” Hayes complied. “Please take a step back and show me the entire desk,” the proctor instructed. Again, Hayes obeyed.
Finally, Hayes was instructed to grant the proctor remote access to his computer. “Please open your system preferences and click on the lock icon,” the proctor said monotonically. “Please enter your computer password. Perfect. Thank you.”

And this.

And yet another post from her:

This SO MUCH THIS. Covid online learning is disrupting kids’ lives in so many ways.
“Sydney Goins cries when she goes on walks.

The college senior lost her dining hall job at the University of Georgia after classes were moved online in March because of the coronavirus outbreak. She delayed graduating and has already dropped one class. Facing an uncertain job market, she hopes to return to campus — and her dining hall gig — in the fall. Paying rent and caring for her nearly 90-year-old grandmother (who lives in assisted living) are all at the top of her mind right now — the last thing she worries about is school.

“I have no motivation,” Goins told Teen Vogue. “I don’t have in-person professors or classmates to motivate me, just myself, and I’m depressed….”
“Without teachers and friends around, Owen Midgette, a senior at Matthew Fontaine Maury High School in Virginia, says he’s less motivated to do schoolwork. The lack of a structured routine has jumbled his schedule. He feels like “every day is somehow a school-related day,” and there’s always an assignment looming in the back of his mind. When he’s not consumed with school, he worries about losing his friends.

“At school, I was constantly surrounded by my friends in classes or at lunch, but now the only way I can communicate with them is digitally,” he told Teen Vogue. “There are a few people I never had the chance to get contact information from, so now I have no way of checking up on them.”

Students and teachers fearing for each other’s well-being is another tenet of the coronavirus zeitgeist. About 15,000 high school students in Los Angeles aren’t even logging online for classes. Wong, the New York City math teacher, says some of his best students went completely AWOL…”

And some replies to this post:

My son dropped out of high school during the stay at home crisis…… 😫

I’m so sorry [name redacted]. I know other high school students in this boat. It’s so sad.

I am totally there with you! Even my introverted college students are cracking…..

So many kids are falling apart. Their futures are upside down, unknown. My kids have not left the house, let alone their $@@! Zoom screens for weeks. They don’t know what day it is, it feels like an endless stream of online assignments and meetings and homework. Can’t go anywhere or see friends… and no guarantee it will get better.
Online college just doesnt have the same appeal. Why bother.

And thus…the mental health businesses boom 💥

Yeah, about that……

I do not like where this is going and where they are allowing this to go. They are breaking the kids down. We as parents can’t let this happen.

I’m in NY. I have a freshman in college. Upheaval to say the least. Missing campus and friends and working on campus. Understatement. I have two grandkids I’m distant learning and adapting to meet their needs. My time schedule for them to thrive. My rules now.
Thriving they are. More outdoor freedom, exercise, hikes, play to handle four walls closing in and excessive screen time overloads. No one is going to force me or them to melt down. Coping with quarantine is not allowing your family to be constrained or defeated.

In NY? They’ve closed a bunch of the state parks and regular parks in IL and are reopening SOME of them now (others are staying closed till June.) I can’t imagine NY being any better than IL with Comrade Cuomo at the helm.

Truly sooooo devastating for all, except maybe big tech. Teachers cry, kids cry, parents cry, parents who teach cry a lot. I ha SERIOUS concerns about the social emotional learning. You quit disciplining kids (for self-regulation), you start “personalized learning” (meaning take the personal teacher out of the equation, and then build “families” in school (I’m all about hugging kids, telling them how important they are) and although we would like to think our students are like family (we love them like our own) AND then you pull a COVID and kids suddenlly feel like they lost their family (because that’s what schools are convincing they are). You can only imagine what losing an entire family feels like with a mind that’s not old enough to drive, vote, or drink and you expect them to be fine. ADULTS AREN’T fine no way to expect kids to be fine!
The kids that I know whose parents did not let them use any remote learning are fairing much better. As an educator I believe it’s completely reasonable to just let kids be kids. And is Home Depot and Walmart can open we can certainly figure out graduation.
Much love to you all!

The kids who are stuck are high school kids, especially seniors with only 2 months left of school. When this started, most thought shut down would be two weeks. So, they agree to two weeks of Zoom or GoogleMeet or whatever because seemed less disruptive…to finish out the year for graduation. And geting admitted to college. Then the states decide to close school buildings all year. Some schools decided kids’ well being during this turmoil and chaos was more important, some schools doubled down with all day Zoom. It’s too much but now with two weeks left, gotta stick it out.

What my husband and I are noticing is that kids who have enough graduation requirements are dropping whatever is not neccesary, ie. electives, advanced, honors or other classes. For some, that might be the bigger part of their senior year schedule.

Many states go into June with school, 2nd or 3rd week.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

What will “no excuses” look like for dissidents in a covid-charter city? Think about KIPP’s earn your desk policy.

Bodily discipline / mental discipline / dehumanization

I think KIPP was set up to start to roboticize people for the transhumanism shift. “Basically they would come in and they [the children] wouldn’t have desks at first, so they would sit on the floor and that’s how they would have class at first and then they were teaching how to SLANT, how to track the teacher and making sure that they keep their eyes on the teacher. It was conditioning I would say, so that was the main thing that they basically did–and setting them up for their homework, so how to have homework so that they would get homework for every subject and the teacher would have to come in with a checklist for every child and just mark off that they did the homework and they would have to have specific periods and capitalized letters. There isn’t really room for error, so it took away the fun, just really making mistakes and learning from your mistakes. It was more like trying to teach them to be perfectionists at the beginning.”

I fear sociopathic impact investors will run our cities like KIPP charter schools, using public health to justify digital control.

Remember what I said about geo-fencing and digital rights and borders and immigration last week? “Stanford economist Paul Romer has proposed an intriguing concept: the “charter city.” A charter city is a newly created city governed by a country other than the one within whose borders it exists. Its residents would remain citizens of the home country.”

And some replies to this post:

here’s an excerpt from a piece of legislation developed by TU social engineers (though it’s attributed to students) that focuses on mental health, learning ecosystems, marijuana as a substitute for opioids (Lumina Foundation!), charter schools, and CHINA:
“As an effort to expand and diversify Oklahoma’s economy in the global market, Oklahoma elected officials, the business community and universities commit to the following to improve trade with China: a. Support the lowering of tariffs by both the USA and China. b. Lower the US corporate tax rates. c. Increasing US tax rate on US companies that outsource work to other countries. d. Increase cross-cultural interactions specifically with Chinese government, businesses and universities.”

It will happen in an Opportunity Zone!

That’s the HUD – CAP Tulsa – Promise Neighborhood!

The ‘City’ of London springs to mind, the Vatican too, no thanks I like the good old fashioned city

I can see the IU’s being the charter city boundaries in PA.

check out this historical sketch. Telling, don’t you think?! 😯

Microsoft blockchain patent of providing a task to an individual – loaning of collective areas as human resource to fulfill financial obligations – financial resource exchange between companies/countries. The hyper real economy, based on forced human labour hooked up on surveillance.
The insanity of all this just keeps getting worse.

Yes – microfinance + gig economy regulated by AI beholden to DAOs. We are entering the borg for sure.

This sounds almost like the whole premise of how the One Belt Road is built. China controls the zones that the Belt runs through and in return, the hosting nation gets favors and perks from China. I’m assuming this might have been a test bed for the charter city. This is fascinating. Are we becoming like China and or is China buying us? And, is this a way of stitching together a one world government?

Intermittent testing of various tactics in separate regions. Technocrats do not think in terms of political/national boundaries. Only the public does. Which is why politics is an easy distraction to keep the masses entertained/entrained, as they’re going about their business as usual.

and that is why they are dangerous. The think in terms of system optimization and not in terms of individual rights and liberties. Technocracy is gong to be the human races’ failure.

from 2015

i wonder if these are also related somehow to downstream trust funds/ Econ Diversification Trust Funds, like those in West Virginia, Alaska, Utah, etc. I’m not clear on how these might be connected, but I have a sense that there’s something there.

Individual liberty exists under quite a strict and trained paradigm if we really look at it. And largely it rests, and is mistaken for, more consumption, rather than playing an active part in society’s upkeep. That’s the most dangerous psychological game that has been played. Liberty immediately translates to ‘what I want to have’ instead of an exchange. This is the sliver where the negotiation happens between individuals by religion, by state, as well as by the technocracy. They are always the primary providers. And individuals and their liberty is always dependent.

They can create coalition of cities to be governed in regionalism and target specifically remote indigenous practices such as Inuit throat singing to be transformed into Scratch computer code. A big theme is use of computer jargon “power-on” etc. that reminds me of new lingo that you think is cool because nobody understands the nuances. Minute 2:30

“The leadership team sets value for all stakeholders by requiring their input and constant evaluation of the organization.For example, community members helped to create standards. “We want our kids to enjoy what they are learning while hey are learning, and to have a good humor in life,” said a Tatitlek Elder attending OTE meetings. These words are clearly reflected in CSD standards P/S Level 2.5 Demonstrates responsible use of humor.”

And another post from her:

Think charter schools are problematic? Just wait until Rockefeller, Bloomberg, and Paul Romer roll out Covid-19 “charter cities.

Page 27

And some replies to this post:

This is my first time hearing about charter cities. This might explain why Bill Gates and others like Musk, and even GW Bush have bought large swaths of land in order to build cities. Smart cities or Charter Cities? I’m not familiar with much of this. I do know that the One Belt Road has used their influence to build up on foreign nations in return for economic and technological favors. Is this part of being a charter city? Where land is bought / sold ot foreign entities for trade? I’m not well adept at this. I find this interesting and alarming. This is, in my mind, weaving a one world government.

they want mega cities

Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn it’s about the f*cking Opportunity Zones!!!!!!

Looks like they have Refugee Cities too. (I found that out while searching Charter Cities Institute to see if I could find funders or partners. I found a conference and found someone who was a speaker from Refugee Cities.

I think the plan is to trap refugees and make them code the AR/VR world for free/cost of room and food.

Romer is a Chicago boy…goal, use digital health status to fence targeted people into improvement zones. “He is currently a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a non-resident scholar at Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa, Ontario. In 2002, he received the Recktenwald Prize for his work on the role of ideas in sustainable economic growth.
 Paul earned a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago after completing graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Queens University.”

In case anyone wants an inside look at the hell that charter schools can be..

It is no coincidence that Romer gave a TED talk proposing this in 2009 – the year after the crash and two years after Judith Rodin / Rockefeller set up GIIN.

Paul Romer is in on education policy in Singapore. “Paul has made numerous contributions to public policy, including writing an opinion for the United States Justice Department on the Microsoft Antitrust ruling, serving on the Singaporean Prime Minister’s Independent Academic Advisory Panel on University Policy, and consulting for a host of other governments and legislators on policy initiatives tied to education, urbanization, science, technology, and innovation.”

Moving beyond real estate tax breaks and the Reagan-Bush-Clinton pro-market cage of tax-incentive-based urban policy to more insidious. Always the Nobel or Congressional Medal of Freedom winners who create plenty of trouble with Romer’s endogenous growth theory of human capital and intellectual property rights.
It is Hegelian dialect with Romer, geocentric model or heliocentric models that he wants to dispense with. Basically, he establishing a new order thinking in regards to scientific thought to be pushed in harmony with the economic zones.
First define the parameters of acceptable thought and proceed with unchallenged science to rule over the smart cities. I’d imagine a purge in all sectors beyond scientists and now teachers. We are now seeing in our governor this thought path. We are trading Hegelian dialect for an authoritative top-down approach based on impact investing. No need to solicit input when centralized powers make all decisions. Romer’s views…

I’m sure it will all run on Blockchain with weighted algorithms running in the background.

Honestly I feel like NYU Tandon is a major player in all of this.

COG’s exist in CT; this must be another level. Thanks.
Telling after our Govenors established the COVID Corridor..🤔

And yet another post from her:

Ok – second map of the day. This one features two Event 201 participants from Singapore and Australia. The two countries are linked through their adoption of the TraceTogether app. Both are involved in digital government transformation, including cashless benefits, blockchain, and IoT. Interactive version here.

I have been logging a ton of stuff in Littlesis lately. This is an analysis I did of the content of the 8.5 minute video Google prepared in 2016. Related topics are color coded. Google’s business interests at the bottom in black. It seems that they may be advancing some sort of new digital evolutionary approach to transhumanism. It is pretty unsettling. I’ll post the video link again below. Curious what you think. Interactive version here

India is organizing against compulsory contact tracing apps. We need to do this, too.

Raise of hands- who thinks a “public-private technology testing accelerator” backed by the Rockefeller Foundation (the “philanthropy” that launched the field of “big data” global impact investing) is a good idea? Anyone? Anyone? Bottom of page 2.

I’m sorry, but why in the world would we need to test 30 million people per week? This is totally bonkers.
“Our National Covid-19 Testing Action Plan lays out the precise steps necessary to enact robust testing, tracing, and coordination to more safely reopen our economy – starting with a dramatic expansion of testing from 1 million tests per week to initially 3 million per week and then 30 million per week, backed by an Emergency Network for Covid-19 Testing to coordinate and underwrite the testing market, a public private testing technology accelerator, and a national initiative to rapidly expand and optimize the use of U.S., university, and local lab capacity. The plan also includes: launching a Covid Community Healthcare Corps so every American can easily get tested with privacy-centric contact tracing; a testing data commons and digital platform to track Covid-19 statuses, resources, and effective treatment protocols across states and be a clearinghouse for data on new technologies; and a Pandemic Testing Board, in line with other recommendations, to bridge divides across governmental jurisdictions and professional fields.”

The Rockefeller Foundation sponsored and then covered up the horrific behavior of Dr. Cornelius Rhoads – who wrote of killing his Puerto Rican patients and injecting them with cancer. Know your d*mn history people. There are NOT benevolent actors in this game. They want your DNA and they want to link it to an interoperable system.

My concern is the larger program to use IoT in PFS deals linked to social determinants of health. Hook folks with comorbidities to IoT to sensors and surveil them for global finance under the pretense of remedying long term environmental racism and trauma.

And some replies to this post:

I don’t know what’s true BUT I have wondered a couple things… whether something other than covid is killing people of color in “hotspots”… I also read a story about a woman who lost her husband to covid – he was lucid, telling his wife not to worry, then they put him in an induced coma in order to ventilate him… and then he died. 😦 Now we are learning the high percentage of people who die on ventilators…and the 39k Medicare payouts hospitals get for putting people on them….and no legal recourse if it kills anyone because liAbility has been wavered… and it makes me wonder how many of these people would have lived if they hadn’t ventilators shoved down their throats… and how people probably knew that all along. The word murder comes to mind.

Ventilators are notorious spreaders of nosicomial (hosp acquired) infections & are harsh & brutal. Totally agree w/ you on this point: assassination by ventilator.

I would not put anything past these people/this system. Now we do also die at much higher rates from the flu, (and of most inflammatory illnesses due to systemic racism and its many effects). BUT does that rule out these other deliberate actions toward killing/experimenting on us? No. So much is already known historically about this. But why wouldn’t there be stuff that we still don’t know?
With ventilators, I read months ago already that many doctors in China and Germany had realized that ventilators were making people worse.
The medically-induced comas– are they doing that to white people too? My mom has several friends-of-friends who this was done to (older Black folks in Chicago). I had not heard about this as a treatment.

I don’t know if they are doing it to white people… they were a black family in the story I read. I will try to find it. It really chilled me

“Within days, Sandy received a call that his lung collapsed and to rush to the hospital, where she learned that doctors were unable to save him, according to the report.”
He was put in a coma to go on a ventilator, and then his lungs collapsed.

My opinion is that they are inducing medical coma & intubating whites @ a statistically significantly lower rate. Factors like sex, age, class, orientation, ability status are also coming into play.

I really think it isn’t covid that’s so deadly In the hotspots but the protocols they are using that is killing people. Did you see the video of the Brooklyn ER doctor who says the ventilators aren’t working?
And then there is this guy, who says “they are bringing people in from Nebraska who have no idea what they are doing and it’s killing a lot of people” and theres “a breakdown in the medical system.” I really think people have been killed not by the virus but by the system.

“13. According to leading lung specialists, invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is often counterproductive and causes additional damage to the lungs. The invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is partly done out of fear of spreading the virus through aerosols.

  1. Contrary to original assumptions, however, the WHO determined at the end of March that there is no evidence of aerosol dispersal of the virus. A leading German virologist also found no aerosol and no smear infections in a pilot study.”
    There are many hyperlinks if you go to the site; this is on the first page of a very long document. It’s probably my favorite site for actual information about covid-19 and the political response. A lot of the links are not in English but can usually be translated automatically.

Simple, they need everybody’s DNA collected at testing to analyze who is worthy of future investing impact and discard the rest. Act too slow and we might get wise to the idea. Maybe some us just need a bit of tinkering with personalized medicine to make us into annuitized cash generating assets. Ditto.

2020 is a Census year so they have everybody locked down and accounted for and were interested mostly in race as criteria determinant. Look back to 2000 when they asked those invasive questions to help make communities better. Today, they just want to know your race. 🤔 You know it is all theatre. Left/Right and Yes/No have beers in the pub to go over their talking points while decisions were predetermined anyway on high. You can’t tell me you’ve gotten taken in at those school board meetings and believe genuine debates/discussions were happening. Just dinner theatre. Think of Donald Trump as a college frat boy with Fauci who are best of friends and give tips. I’ll give you the Fauci no handshake video and a congratulations to his fellow actors’ performances. Actors, politicians are just actors.

Ok – so here’s the other thing Rockefeller Foundation has a MAJOR presence in Northern Italy – Bellagio in fact. Coincidence?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


This is xxxxx, I am currently in Spain. In the US you have no idea what is happening in Spain (and Italy).
March 13 was the last day of school, we were asked to stay home for 2 weeks to allow the Covid 19 danger to pass and avoid more victims.
Everyone felt they were doing it out of responsibility and sense of community and fear. We were supposed to start on March 16, but it kept on getting pushed closer and closer, I barely had time to get some food and water. On March 13 the stores had security guards and lines in front.
March 14 Grace and I were able to sit on beach 5 minutes, then we were told to go home asap, the police was fining people €200 if found outside.
We rushed home, and Grace has not been outside of apartment for 2 months since those 5 minutes on beach.
Since March 16, as we were home, the rules suddenly changed: they became stricter every day, and the fines got higher and higher.
We have extremely strict rules.
We lost freedom completely.
I had no idea this could happen, until you experience this, you absolutely have no idea what it means.
Only one person is allowed out of the house, and only to nearest food store or pharmacy, police patrolling area stops people and checks receipts and address.
Everything is closed, businesses are dying.
Use of car is only to go to essential work and only one person per car and you need a special permit signed by employer.
Anyone under 18 is not allowed out at all!!!
Children have been locked in apartments for 2 months!!
Even dogs are allowed out, but only 10 meters from home.
Children have not seen sunlight in 2 months!!
The fines are now a minimum of $2,000.
And yes that is the fine we get if we talk to someone outside of the house even with social distancing!!!
Police brutality has become a big issue.
People have changed, they now call police on people they see in the street, the police arrive in a group and beat the person up. People on balconies clap.
This stressful prison situation has created pain and tension, it has removed compassion and sense of community.
Terror of numbers of contagion rising make people hateful towards anyone in the streets.
Because any person outside can cause us to be caged longer.
People are hanging from these artificially inflated numbers desperate to find a sliver of hope to see sunlight again.
As the government keeps on promising fast release if everyone behaves. And the fake numbers go down. But the day of prison release gets pushed further and further out.
It is impossible now to get together and protest. We are a broken community.
People are terrified of each other.
Nobody talks, the eyes with masked faces are the eyes of scared animals now.
Something was broken.
The handlers know how to break humans and reduce them to cattle.
After 2 months of complete and traumatic caged life, we are allowed to take our children under 14 out of the house, but only 1 hour a day and in a half a mile radius from home.
Only one adult per child.
Gea is not allowed out.
We are praying to be able to have 1 hour a day outside per person, they are holding it as a carrot on a stick to keep us hoping as many are hungry and there is no financial help.
Apparently over the weekend the politicians shared among each other 10 million Euros. Was this supposed to be help money for the people?
I am begging you to not give away your freedom!!!
You will never get it back!!
As we are praying to get some fresh air, we already know that by end of May we will be in lockdown, heavier than before.
Probably like Italy, we will have to ask police permission to go get food.
We are unable to leave, no flights out!
And I would not even make it out of town anyway. Police blocks everywhere.
Please please do not give up your freedom!!
We lost freedom, dignity and soon we will be all homeless here.
Don’t be scared of any virus!!
Loss of freedom has serious repercussions!!
It causes a lot more deaths than any disease!
We have no hope here, we allowed the forces of evil to turn us into cattle ready to be branded and injected with poison and microchips!
We have been reduced to lab rats in cages, ready for September, supposedly it is the estimated date for testing.
In meantime we lost all dignity and rights to our bodies. Laws are passed secretly, as we can be forcefully used as lab rats.
Please pass this along!
Obviously the vaccine is not a vaccine!!
We have to be united now for the survival of the entire human race!
And fight now before the cage doors close forever!

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

  1. University of Tulsa Presidential Leadership Fellowship Class Project.
    (Sound like the George Kaiser plan to anyone else?)

ENROLLED HOUSE BILL NO. __, KNOWN AS THE: By: proposed to ⚠ Nichols (Monroe) of the House and _ of the Senate OKLAHOMA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LONG-TERM INVESTMENT ACT A proposed act relating to legislative rules, policy, revenue, tariffs and taxation to promote quality jobs and long-term ⚠economic development in Oklahoma. Be it recognized that: 1. As the world rapidly transitions to a ⚠ knowledge-based
⚠ global market, Oklahoma’s economic future rests on the level of ⚠education, ⚠health and ⚠mental health of its children. 2. To be well educated, one must be healthy. To be healthy, one must be well educated. 3. Over the past 10 years, while other states have recognized the importance of the knowledge economy and increased their level of spending per pupil, Oklahoma has divested in K-12 public education more than any state. 4. Dramatic cutbacks in K-12 school funding has forced many Oklahoma school districts to resort to 4-day school weeks. In the past year, the number of 4-day public schools in Oklahoma doubled to 91. Schools with 4-day school weeks have lower academic scores than 5-day school week school districts. 5. The impact of this divestment in K-12 education has been significant and includes dramatically worse standardized test score averages, flight of Oklahoma public school teachers to other states and the need for more than 1,100 emergency teacher certifications each year. 6. The ⚠ recruitment of new businesses to Oklahoma has been derailed by the current state of Oklahoma’s K-12 education system.

  1. Oklahoma ranks among the bottom 5 of US States in all measures of⚠ health, ⚠mental health and ⚠addiction illnesses. 8. Most notable among these health measures is Oklahoma’s high rates of ⚠ early death, suicide and ⚠ opioid and methamphetamine drug overdoses. 9. Oklahoma has chosen to not ⚠ expand Medicaid coverage for its lowest income families, while other states have improved their percentage of citizens with health care insurance coverage. 10. Oklahoma is faced with significant ⚠ access to care and physician shortages, particularly in ⚠rural Oklahoma where 3 hospitals have closed in the past 24 months. 11. ⚠Funding of State of Oklahoma ⚠ core services are strongly tied to Oklahoma’s oil and gas production. It is vital for Oklahoma to expand its economic base beyond the energy industry to the ⚠ global market and the ⚠emerging knowledge economy. ⚠12.China has the world’s largest population and the world’s second largest economy and will soon surpass the US as the world’s largest economy. 🚨 It is vital that Oklahoma prepares for economic trade with the world’s largest population and economy. 🚨

THE OKLAHOMA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT LONG-TERM INVESTMENT ACT was generated by the freshman students of the University of Tulsa’s Presidential Leaders Fellowship. This Bill proposes new policies, programs and revenue generation to improve the economic future of Oklahoma by new investment in ⚠ K-12 education programs, ⚠illness prevention, ⚠wellness, ⚠ health workforce and increased ⚠economic trade at the global level with a focus on China. It is recognized that this Bill is comprehensive and proposes ⚠multiple sources of new revenue generation. It is recognized that: a. This Bill requires 75% majority for passage in the House and Senate. b. This will require components of this Bill to be split into individual Bills to avoid claims of “log rolling.” c. This Bill proposes ⚠ new levels of local control regarding funding of education and that ⚠new legislative rules regarding the constraints of “pre-emption” must be enacted.

The 5th Day Initiative is a stop-gap measure to backfill educational experiences on Fridays for K-12 students in school districts with 4-day school weeks. ⚠Organized through a consortium of community non-profits, local universities and local school districts, a 5th day of educational offerings are offered to K-12 students. Nonprofits such as churches, YMCAs, universities, university students as teacher volunteers and after school programs would provide ⚠online and in person educational sessions.� LEGILSATIVE ACTIONS REQUIRED: a. Certification process for university student teacher volunteers by Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability (OEQA). b. ⚠ Tax credits would be provided to those helping to fund after school programs and for volunteers. c. ⚠Require school districts to be informed about the “Fifth day Program.” d. The 5th Day School Partnerships will receive up to six projectors and six monitors for ⚠streaming additional teaching by university student teachers on Fridays where elementary schools don’t have a fifth day of school. e. School holds the projectors and gives them to a ⚠non-profit organization. f. For those children without internet capacity at home and needing supervision, ⚠ bus students to the non-profit instead of school. g. One volunteer is recruited per section or room to supervise kids. � h.⚠ For 4 hours (a half day) 4 classes are given over the internet, one from each school (Math, English, Science, History). i. Buses take the kids back home or to after-care programs. j. ⚠University student teacher volunteers receive college course credit and state-supported Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education ⚠college scholarships for participation. k. ⚠The University of Tulsa’s Department of Education and True Blue Neighbors would serve as the first pilot program for the 5th Day Initiative.


Currently, local bond initiatives can be issued for capital projects within local school districts. But there are restrictions on local taxation and bond issues to be applied to local school operations (pre-emption.) LEGILSATIVE ACTIONS REQUIRED: a. Allow local school districts, municipalities and counties to ⚠allow elections for bond issues to apply funding directly to their school needs and operations.


⚠Charter schools and partnership school districts have been successful in⚠ tailoring education programs to meet the needs of specific neighborhoods and communities (e.g. ⚠KIPP schools.) ⚠Current state legislation and policy are onerous in establishing, operating and funding of charter school and partnership school districts. LEGILSATIVE ACTIONS REQUIRED: a. ⚠Remove the barriers to establishing and ongoing funding of charter schools and partnership school districts. b. Tulsa’s ⚠Kendall Whittier Elementary School,
⚠ Will Rogers High School, and the University of Tulsa would serve as a pilot partnership school district within Tulsa Public Schools District.

⚠A comprehensive approach to Oklahoma’s health is required including addressing improvements in ⚠ wellness and habits of health of Oklahoma’s children, tobacco use prevention and cessation and improved access to care particularly in ⚠ underserved rural and urban areas. It is recognized that ⚠marijuana, although not harmless, has similar detriments to long-term health to other legal and taxed substances e.g. alcohol and tobacco. Among highly addicted ⚠opioid abusers, Marijuana has proven to be a far safer alternative drug of abuse to the highly deadly abuse of opioids. LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS REQUIRED a. Reinstate physical education for grades K-8.
b. Establish 1.5 credits per semester physical education requirement for grades 9-12. Sports, spirit squad and marching band participation serves as credit for this requirement. c. A semester each of middle school and high school⚠ health and wellness classes established. d. Through the Oklahoma State Department of Health,⚠ local seminars on tobacco use, poor eating habits and healthy lifestyles. e.⚠ Through Medicaid and commercial health plans, provide reimbursement to clinicians for assisting patients with⚠ preventive health measures. Funding for this would be through an increase in Oklahoma’s tax on all tobacco and nicotine products (vaping.) f. ⚠State-supported scholarships for students that commit to medical school and to practice medicine in Oklahoma. Funding for this would be provided by the ⚠legalization and taxation of recreational use of marijuana. g. State-supported financial aid to rural hospitals to assist with maintaining access to care in rural Oklahoma. Funding for this would be through an increase in Oklahoma’s tax on all tobacco and nicotine products (vaping.)

SECTION 3. OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES AND CHINA TRADE AGREEMENT As an effort to expand and diversify Oklahoma’s economy in the ⚠global market, Oklahoma elected officials, the business community and universities commit to the following to improve ⚠trade with China: a. ⚠Support the lowering of tariffs by both the USA and China. b. ⚠Lower the US corporate tax rates. c. ⚠Increasing US tax rate on US companies that outsource work to other countries. d. ⚠ Increase cross-cultural interactions specifically with Chinese government, businesses and universities.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

NPR describes what schools will look like based on teacher union and tech company input. Hygiene, smaller classes lead the list. But if you haven’t been reading information coming out of the Big Tech/Big Data websites, you might be missing the huge amount of control that they will have over us when we do reopen. It’s a staggering loss of freedom! (More on this soon.)
Note: “Every expert NPR spoke with predicted that the need for remote learning would continue because of staggered schedules, schools prepared to close again for future waves of infection…” “future waves of infection” “many students need remediation” “teachers [newly] trained” “equipment for children”
The next paragraph uses the term equity and as many on the Left and Right and in between are increasingly pointing out, the technocracy is not for equity but for equitable enslavement.
There is a whole agenda here based on digital citizenship, digital human capital, digital people. Data is not the representation of people. Data is US within a digital world. Once we have digital wearables, implantables we become apart of the digital world more and more. Reality will not be based on the world we know; it will all be digital and easily surveilled.
Digital badges, digital certificates, digital health certificates, testing, testing, testing, tracing all your contacts, drugs, vaccines, vaccines with nanoparticles (straight from Gates’ mouth) and digital worlds. What goes into your data profile if you test positive? negative?
MACC called this year’s ago and that’s why for some years our primary focus was stopping the data flow which is a control mechanism for the workforce pipeline. If you’re interested in an article, white paper or conference speakers on any of the above topics, let us know!

And another post from this group:

Former Florida Governor Makes the Case for Machine Learning Going Forward!
It’s Coming folks, It’s Coming!
Our country has been experimenting with full-time machine (distance) learning for nearly 2 months. What has been the result? Thousands of students aren’t checking in to class and parents are really seeing what online learning offers.

What about the mental health effects of machine learning on kids? It’s:

  • Sterile
  • Isolating
  • Anti-social
  • Unhuman
  • Competitive
  • Gamified
  • Continuous distractions
  • Every keystroke collected
  • Biometric collections of facial expressions
  • Character and attitudes collected for profiling
  • Predatory curriculum in some cases
  • Grooming kids for the new Technocracy
  • Invitation to predators
  • Kids as commodities – Human Capital

“Congress has already set aside $13.2 billion for states and schools to spend on pandemic-related education issues. A portion of these funds should be used to provide needed technology tools to students who don’t have access to WiFi and laptops or tablets.”

Here is a post from Alison:

The elites are priming us for data harvest. Those testing protocols? They intend to milk us for our DNA. See Pellini advisor to the Rockefeller Covid-19 plan – health data / precision medicine venture capitalist. Eyes wide open.

Now Oklahoma is talking about using distance learning for at least part of the fall semester.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

I agree with Nicholas Tampio who wrote…

“You know what I have zero interest in doing? Reading Jeb Bush’s op-ed in the Washington Post. But I will read Peter Greene:

There is not a shred of evidence that internet education would “better enable students to learn” or be better prepared for college or workplace. Teachers are already innovative and personalized; there’s no evidence that the internet would make them more so. What does “distance learning has the capacity to help students go deeper” even mean? The benefit is so tenuously detached from reality that we’re going to stick with, “Well, it maybe could happen.”

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Local teachers unions should be alarmed.
They’re coming after the schools …

Cuomo will use COVID19 to obliterate locally controlled, public education once and for all. Complete state control, your child tethered to machines …

And here is a post that she quoted:

From Cuomo’s press conference today……………..

“We’ve all be talking about remote education…and there’s a lot that can be done. The old model of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom and teaches that class you do that all across the city, all across the state with all these buildings with all these physical classrooms…why with all the technology you have?”

And…He’s enlisting the Gates foundation to “re-imagine” education. Apparentlly we’re to forget Gates’ past failures while dipping into educational waters. Cuomo knows nothing about teaching. His disdain for teachers is well documented. He is rightfully listening to doctors when dealing with COVID-19 but has never listened to teachers when it comes to educating our children. I’ll give him credit for his handling of this crisis. He has done well, but let’s not forget what he has done to education, teachers and children over the years. Now we need to prepare ourselves for his next wave of catastrophic “reforms.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

he George Kaiser Family Foundation sponsored a town hall meeting on the Future of Higher Education. 😂😂😂

Leigh Goodson and Glen Johnson took pre-screened questions. TU Interim President Janet Levit sat this one out, I gather. Perhaps because she is married to the CEO of the GKFF? Or because TU is about to be liquidated?

Was it full of propaganda extolling STEM, cybersecurity, healthcare, aerospace research, workforce development for the 21st century, personalized start-up changemaker innovation hubs, and digital everything?

I bet it really made folks feel great about investing in a 529. Sheesh.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

So, in the middle of a ‘pandemic’ the City of Auburn found it NECESSARY to sign a 5G installation contract?!?!?! Does anyone else know about this??

And some replies to this post:

I am in Florida, and the other day I overheard a man talking about how overworked he is. He said they are installing 5G towers all over our area. Said he is working 24/7 and lucky to get 3 hours of sleep a night.

we are in a rural part of Florida, so why the heck do we need 5G out here??

I can’t help but wonder if this is what the shut down has been about all along. Get 5G installed and running while everyone is preoccupied with a virus that has NOT overwhelmed our healthcare system.

exactly…in our kids’ schools too

The connectivity crap. They say that since we’re all online that we need to be connected during this “crisis”. What better excuse to put in all of that 5G under the guise of “helping” with that.

Dark agenda is always done under the guise or cover of “save the people”

There’s some big project going on I81 northbound of Syracuse starting tomorrow I believe. Installing some big controlling device of we the people. They’ve got the signs up for awhile now.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This will be great for working parents….unless they are planning to keep us under house arrest longer! Grrrr….

Yep, this stuff, now appearing in Ohio, is tied to SEL and physical ed:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

In New York, Google CEO has been hired to “reimagine” health and education. We must stand up for our kids!

And another post from this group:

If Gates is working as grant advisor in NY and WA, you have to know that he’s working with many states, if not all. This IS the money for education. The agenda? machine learning.The DeVos CoronaEd $13B Stimulus. Out of desperation and with a lack of ethics, states will again commit to certain atrocities on our next generation all in the name of a competition. Unless we speak up… (Who do you call? The education committee chairs, entire ed committee and party bosses.)

Do you recall the last time this happened? Think 2008/2009 and the subprime mortgage crisis. States were incentivized to commit to an unknown national standard. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would require states to agree to accepting a new standard, whatever it might be if they were ever to see any federal funding. They also had to agree to building a state longitudinal data base to collect information on the little ones. Later, they slipped in the Common Core.

Here are the first 3 states stepping up! Within weeks we’ll likely see a good percentage of states signing on to the Gates Foundation/United Nations plan to hurt our children. Illinois, Colorado and Ohio are already announcing that the entire year, 2020-2021 will be “remote learning”.

This right here is not freedom in action!

And some replies to this post:

I actually believe that online distance learning will continue until January 2021. Governor Walz has mentioned in meetings that he doesn’t want students K-12 going back to school until there is a vaccine or a Covid treatment plan. Public school administrators are frantically working to fit in the social distance piece… how does that look? Smaller class sizes? Half days? Every other day? The real issue is bussing; there is not a realistic way to bus children to school with the social distance requirement in place, thus the reason online learning will continue into next school year.

I totally remember this press conference and wrote down what he said. But I’ve not heard of an official announcement.

yeah, not really official yet. I have a family member decently high up that attends round table discussions regarding the state of education in MN. Families will not respond to the thought of this type of learning continuing. It’s not good, districts are all in lock step because MN already has an achievement gap and the governor does not want that to widen. I am not sure how to put this in an inoffensive way, but public schools are teaching to the lowest common denominator. Please remove if I’m too inappropriate or suggest a better way to put this. 😢

They didn’t say the “entire” year of fall 2020 would be remote, just that they are thinking it COULD be. Granted, I think that’s already what they’ve decided, but i’ts just my thoughts at the moment.

They are signaling that it will be the full year. Our Strib had an article today marketing distance learning – there’s no reason to go back to the old way. DeVos’ competitive grant all 3 parts are for distance learning of some sort.

The grants are the money for the states. States may choose which of the 3 distance learning options they want.

I meant in IL and some of the other states.

However, when you said grant and distance learning just now, I got to thinking, these CARES act bills are probably loads of pages long. Who’s to say that, embedded in there, there isn’t an edict to the states that take this money that they HAVE to go along with the distance learning and the “oh no a virus” charade and that the fall distance learning is already a done deal? In short, Race to the Top all over again. Hope I’m wrong.

Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:

The City of OKC turned the reigns over to #MikeBloomberg and #GeorgeSoros back in 2017 through the Better Streets Safer City Initiative. Everything is being run on Bloomberg’s proprietary systems. That means that our personal data was handed over to them without any of our knowledge or consent. This set the stage for what we are seeing today. Tracing…Tracking…
Partners on this project seem to be very relevant at this point in time. Medical. Links in comments.

👉🏼Johns Hopkins Behaviorial Insights Team (Bloomberg)
👉🏼John Hopkins University Center for Govt. Excellence (Bloomberg)
👉🏼The Gov Performance Lab at Harvard Kennedy School (Bloomberg)
👉🏼Results for America
👉🏼Sunlight Foundation

Here is a post from a friend of mine;

iReady did analysis of which kids were engaging online during Covid19 shutdown, and which kids were not. Their results make me wonder how the techlords plan to “fix” this in the future?…free internet and chromebooks for all and penalize parents who don’t make their kids use edtech for x amount of hours a day? 🙄
iReady found:
“More troubling is the usage based on income levels. By the third week of school closures, 93 percent of students in the highest income bracket were back to normal usage. By contrast, only half the students in the lowest bracket were using i-Ready as regularly as they had been prior to closures.”

And a reply to this post:

iReady is horrible and I can imagine only the top tier kids could manage to do it by themselves. did you see my DM about asking the FCC to pay for wireless for ALL US students who can’t afford it? We are never going back to true education.

And another post from her:

Reimagine Schools is under the umbrella of this monprofit. Gee, I wonder who is funding them.
“The National Design Alliance is a new 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization focused on supporting cities and schools through change and transformation.”

And yet another post from her:

These folks (experts) from Harvard Graduate School of Education explain how it won’t be that bad when teachers are laid off (due to budget cuts) because we can fire teachers based on their “effectiveness scores”. 😬
Covid is going to be death of brick and mortar, ushering in virtual schools. Who could have foreseen teachers replaced by computers?

School district leaders may be able to protect their most effective classroom teachers
By Heather C. Hill, Susanna Loeb & Eric Taylor
May 5, 2020

With the United States suddenly in a recession, school districts will be thinking seriously about reducing their teaching workforces. On average, salaries account for about 80 percent of district spending, so layoffs may be an inevitable step when budgets must be cut.

For many, budget crises and potential layoffs may feel all too familiar. The long and severe 2008 recession led many districts to let teachers go. Even more teachers received a reduction-in-force or RIF notice—an advance warning issued to teachers whose jobs are at risk. Two federally funded district bailouts helped districts rescind many of the RIF notices, but still, one estimate indicated nearly 300,000 school employees lost their jobs.

During the 2008 recession, most districts generally put novice teachers at the top of the list for layoffs because leaders were following seniority rules baked into collective bargaining agreements or state statutes. Since 2008, however, 17 states have either prohibited basing layoffs on seniority alone or have mandated that districts take teacher performance into account.

What can we expect this time around given that change? Research shows that teacher layoffs generally hurt schools and student performance, but that strategically choosing which teachers will lose their jobs may mitigate the negative effects.
“Last-in, first-out policies not only burden the schools with the greatest challenges and increase class size the most, they are also not a good approach to keeping the best teachers.”

The bad news first: Teacher layoffs and even the threat of layoffs can depress student-test scores in several ways. A team led by Michigan State University scholar Katharine Strunk studied teachers who were threatened with RIF notices, though ultimately, the notices were rescinded or the teachers were rehired. Strunk and her team found that those teachers often became less effective after they got the notices as measured by their contributions to gains in student-test scores. The researchers attributed the change to the teachers’ greater stress and their reduced commitment to jobs that might be taken away.

If layoffs in fact occur, class sizes typically rise–and that, too, can in some instances lead to diminished student learning. And laying off teachers by eliminating novices first means even greater increases to class size than if a mix of experienced and inexperienced teachers are given pink slips. Novices are generally paid less, so more have to lose their jobs to meet budget targets.

A third way that layoffs or the threat of layoffs affect students is through teacher mobility. Layoffs create obvious staff change, but even the threat of job losses tends to increase turnover, as teachers leave before they can be laid off.

Research led by Matthew Ronfeldt of the University of Michigan showed that teacher turnover affects the teachers who remain in the school, perhaps due to changes in routines and responsibilities. Student-test scores in both math and English/language arts suffer as a result, with stronger negative effects in schools serving low-income students and students of color. Still other research shows that when a teacher switches grades, another common occurrence during periods of teacher mobility, her students’ test scores decrease, likely because the teacher must teach new content at a different developmental level.
About this series

This essay is the seventh in a series that aims to put the pieces of research together so that education decisionmakers can evaluate which policies and practices to implement.

The conveners of this project—Susanna Loeb, the director of Brown University’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform, and Harvard education professor Heather Hill—have received grant support from the Annenberg Institute for this series.

To suggest other topics for this series or join in the conversation, use EdResearchtoPractice on Twitter.

Read the full series here.

Overall, then, teacher layoffs—even the prospect of them—are likely to negatively affect students. And these negative effects may be the greatest in the most challenging schools. Layoffs from the 2008 recession disproportionately occurred in schools that serve low-income, high-need students. Such schools are more heavily staffed by first-year teachers, who were much more likely to be laid off.

Last-in, first-out policies not only burden the schools with the greatest challenges and increase class size the most, they are also not a good approach to keeping the best teachers. While more experienced teachers are more effective, on average, than less experienced teachers, many novice teachers are excellent. In fact, experience explains only a little of the difference in effectiveness across teachers.

And here’s the good news. While recession-induced layoffs are bound to be detrimental, schools and districts can reduce the negative effects by protecting their greatest-need schools and their most effective teachers.

First, districts can protect schools that have high existing rates of turnover or large proportions of at-risk students either by exempting those schools from layoffs altogether or by requiring layoffs to be equal across schools. Following a lawsuit, the Los Angeles Unified school district adopted such a policy in the middle of the 2008 recession and succeeded in sharply reducing teacher turnover in 45 schools.

Second, districts can also protect students by using information about teacher performance when making decisions about which teachers to lay off. Two recent simulations showed that basing layoffs on teachers’ effectiveness in promoting student learning would result in fewer layoffs to meet budget targets and better teachers for many students.

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A 2015 paper by Matthew Kraft of Brown University describes how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools in North Carolina laid off teachers using several criteria, including enrollment trends, principal-assigned performance ratings, and length of service. Layoffs were still concentrated among untenured teachers (84 percent of those laid off), but of the teachers the district let go, 58 percent had below-standard performance ratings. Holding the number of layoffs constant, the analysis showed that the discretionary layoffs saved the district about $5 million more than would have been the case under a last-in, first-out scenario and boosted student achievement above what it would have been in that case.

Of course, it would be better to prevent layoffs than mitigate their effects. In that regard, state and federal government action can be powerful. The number of teachers laid off in this recession could be reduced, as it was in 2008, by federal aid. That kind of aid would parallel the assistance already given to private-sector workers.

But should layoffs occur, the greatest-needs schools may benefit from special consideration. And students will be harmed less if administrators use measures of teacher effectiveness, among other criteria, to determine which teachers stay and which go.

Heather C. Hill is a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and studies teacher quality, teacher professional learning, and instructional improvement. Her broader interests include educational policy and social inequality. Susanna Loeb is a professor of education and of public affairs at Brown University and the director of the university’s Annenberg Institute for School Reform. She studies education policy, and her interests include social inequality. Eric Taylor is an assistant professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and studies the economics of education, with an interest in employer-employee interactions between schools and teachers.

And yet another post from her:

Not to pick on the Guradian, actually the opposite, because they allow you to SEE and opt out of tracking. But this gives you a visual idea of the tracking that occurs when you visit a website. Scroll down to see what permissions and ad trackers are usually allowed/on.

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And yet another post from her:

Ummm College Board, this is a problem.
For online AP test CB expects students to read and agree to pages of terms of service, privacy policies, which may change a few days before the test. #What??

And yet another post from her:

Google’s ex-CEO Eric Schmidt sits on TWO Dept of Defense boards. #AI

“The U.S. military has been “stuck in software in the 1980s,” said Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive.
The U.S. military has been “stuck in software in the 1980s,” said Eric Schmidt, Google’s former chief executive.Credit…Winni Wintermeyer/Redux


‘I Could Solve Most of Your Problems’: Eric Schmidt’s Pentagon Offensive
The former Google C.E.O. has reinvented himself as the prime liaison between Silicon Valley and the military-industrial complex.

By Kate Conger and Cade Metz
May 2, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

In July 2016, Raymond Thomas, a four-star general and head of the U.S. Special Operations Command, hosted a guest: Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Google.

General Thomas, who served in the 1991 gulf war and deployed many times to Afghanistan, spent the better part of a day showing Mr. Schmidt around Special Operations Command’s headquarters in Tampa, Fla. They scrutinized prototypes for a robotic exoskeleton suit and joined operational briefings, which Mr. Schmidt wanted to learn more about because he had recently begun advising the military on technology.

After the visit, as they rode in a Chevy Suburban toward an airport, the conversation turned to a form of artificial intelligence.

“You absolutely suck at machine learning,” Mr. Schmidt told General Thomas, the officer recalled. “If I got under your tent for a day, I could solve most of your problems.” General Thomas said he was so offended that he wanted to throw Mr. Schmidt out of the car, but refrained.

Four years later, Mr. Schmidt, 65, has channeled his blunt assessment of the military’s tech failings into a personal campaign to revamp America’s defense forces with more engineers, more software and more A.I. In the process, the tech billionaire, who left Google last year, has reinvented himself as the prime liaison between Silicon Valley and the national security community.

Mr. Schmidt now sits on two government advisory boards aimed at jump starting technological innovation at the Defense Department. His confidants include former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and ex-Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work. And through his own venture capital firm and a $13 billion fortune, Mr. Schmidt has invested millions of dollars into more than half a dozen defense start-ups.

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In an interview, Mr. Schmidt — by turns thoughtful, pedagogical and hubristic — said he had embarked on an effort to modernize the U.S. military because it was “stuck in software in the 1980s.”

He portrayed himself as a successful technologist who did not believe in retirement and who owed a debt to the country for his wealth — and who now had time and insight to solve one of America’s hardest problems. The goal, he said, “should be to have as many software companies to supply software of many, many different kinds: military, H.R. systems, email systems, things which involve military intelligence, weapons systems and what have you.”

Mr. Schmidt is pressing forward with a Silicon Valley worldview where advances in software and A.I. are the keys to figuring out almost any issue. While that philosophy has led to social networks that spread disinformation and other unintended consequences, Mr. Schmidt said he was convinced that applying new and relatively untested technology to complex situations — including deadly ones — would make service members more efficient and bolster the United States in its competition with China.

His techno-solutionism is complicated by his ties to Google. Though Mr. Schmidt left the company’s board last June and has no official operating role, he holds $5.3 billion in shares of Google’s parent, Alphabet. He also remains on the payroll as an adviser, earning a $1 annual salary, with two assistants stationed at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

That has led to allegations that Mr. Schmidt is putting Google’s financial interests ahead of other considerations in his defense work. Late last year, a federal court ordered a congressional advisory committee he leads to turn over records that could shed light on whether Mr. Schmidt had advocated his business interests while heading the group.

Mr. Schmidt said he had followed rules to avoid conflicts. “Everybody is rule-bound at the Pentagon, and we are too,” he said.

Google and the Defense Department declined to comment on Mr. Schmidt’s work.

Even without those complications, shifting the military’s path is no simple task. While Mr. Schmidt has helped generate reports and recommendations about technology for the Pentagon, few have been adopted.

“I’m sure he’ll be frustrated,” said Representative Mac Thornberry, a Republican of Texas who nominated Mr. Schmidt in 2018 to an advisory committee on A.I. “Unlike the private sector, you can’t just snap your fingers and make it happen.”

Mr. Schmidt acknowledged that progress was slow. “I am bizarrely told by my military friends that they have moved incredibly fast, showing you the difference of time frames between the world I live in and the world they live in,” he said.

But he said he had little intention of backing down. “The way to understand the military is that the soldiers spend a great deal of time looking at screens. And human vision is not as good as computer vision,” he said. “It’s insane that you have people going to service academies, and we spend an enormous amount of training, training these people, and we put them in essentially monotonous work.”

‘You Want to See These Things’
ImageMr. Schmidt, standing center, with former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, standing right, watching North Korean soldiers working on computers in Pyongyang in 2013.
Mr. Schmidt, standing center, with former Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, standing right, watching North Korean soldiers working on computers in Pyongyang in 2013.Credit…David Guttenfelder/Associated Press
Mr. Schmidt’s first brush with the military came in 1976, while he was in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley. There, he focused on research on distributed computing, funded by money from Darpa, a research arm of the Defense Department.

The work catapulted Mr. Schmidt into his technology career. After completing his graduate studies in computer science, he worked at various tech companies for more than two decades, including the networking software maker Novell. In 2001, Google appointed him chief executive.

The search engine company was then in its infancy. Its 20-something founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were fresh out of a Stanford University doctorate program and had little business experience. Mr. Schmidt was hired to help guide them, providing “adult supervision,” which he did — and then some.

Mr. Schmidt took Google public in 2004 and built it into a behemoth, diversifying into smartphones, cloud computing and self-driving cars. The success turned him into a business celebrity. In 2009, he served as a tech adviser to the Obama administration.

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In 2011, with Google worth nearly $400 billion, the company announced Mr. Page was ready to resume the C.E.O. reins. Mr. Schmidt became executive chairman.

In that role, Mr. Schmidt took on new projects, many of which brought him to Washington. In 2012, he participated in classified briefings on cybersecurity with Pentagon officials as part of the Enduring Security Framework program. In 2015, he attended a seminar on the banks of the Potomac River, hosted by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter, on the use of technology inside the government.

“It was all interesting to me,” Mr. Schmidt said. “I didn’t really know much about it.”

He also traveled to North Korea, Afghanistan and Libya while writing a book about technology and diplomacy, and dabbled in politics, lending technical support to Hillary Clinton in the run-up to her 2016 presidential campaign.

His venture capital fund, Innovation Endeavors, was active too. It invested in start-ups like Planet Labs, which operates satellites and sells the imagery to defense and intelligence agencies, and Team8, a cybersecurity company founded by former Israeli intelligence members.

At the 2016 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr. Carter asked Mr. Schmidt to meet. He had a proposal: Could Mr. Schmidt lead the Defense Innovation Board, a civilian advisory group tasked with bringing new technology to the Pentagon?

“We were in one of these dumpy hotels, and there he is with his small entourage walking in, and he basically said to me, ‘This is what I want to do. You’d be the perfect person to be chairman,’” Mr. Schmidt said.

Mr. Schmidt said he turned down the role because he was busy and had no military background. But Mr. Carter argued that Mr. Schmidt’s tech expertise was needed, as the U.S. military — which had once been a center of innovation — was falling behind companies like Google and Facebook in software and A.I.

Mr. Schmidt ultimately agreed. (Mr. Carter did not respond to requests for comment.)

As head of the Defense Innovation Board, Mr. Schmidt began touring military bases, aircraft carriers and plutonium strongholds. The trips, which took Mr. Schmidt to about 100 bases in places like Fayetteville, N.C., and Osan, South Korea, were a distinct break from his well-heeled life in Silicon Valley.

“You want to see these things,” Mr. Schmidt said. “I got the nuclear missile tour. Things that are hard. I got a tour of Cheyenne Mountain so I could understand what their reality was.”

One of the first trips was to Tampa to visit General Thomas, who is known as Tony, where Mr. Schmidt saw maps and live video feeds displayed on massive screens. “Eric’s observation was that a huge part of what the military does is it sits and watches,” said Josh Marcuse, the then executive director of the Defense Innovation Board who was on the trip.

The visits made tangible what Mr. Carter had told Mr. Schmidt about how the military was lagging in technology. Mr. Schmidt soon made suggestions to change that.

Some of his ideas were impractical. Eric Rosenbach, then the chief of staff to Mr. Carter, recalled Mr. Schmidt once telling him that the Pentagon would be better off if it hired no one but engineers for a year.

Others were useful. At an Air Force facility in Qatar in 2016, Mr. Schmidt visited officers who scheduled flight paths for the tankers that refueled planes. They used a white board and dry-erase markers to set the schedule, taking eight hours to complete the task.

Mr. Schmidt said he recalled thinking, “Really? This is how you run the air war?” Afterward, he and others at the Defense Department worked with the tech company Pivotal to ship software to the officers.

On another trip to a military base in South Korea in 2017, an intelligence analyst complained to Mr. Schmidt that the software he used to review surveillance videos from North Korea was clunky.

“Let me guess,” Mr. Schmidt said, according to a Defense Department aide who traveled with him. “You don’t have the flexibility to change that.”

Wishing He Weighed In
At Google, Mr. Schmidt’s influence waned as new leaders — such as Sundar Pichai, now Alphabet’s chief executive, and Ruth Porat, its chief financial officer — rose. Google also faced questions when the #MeToo era began in 2017 about Mr. Schmidt’s conduct as C.E.O. Mr. Schmidt, who is married, had openly had extramarital relationships when he ran the company.

In December 2017, Mr. Schmidt stepped down as Google’s chairman but remained on the board. He said he was seeking a new chapter.

“If I stayed as chairman, then next year would have been the same as the previous year, and I wanted a change of emphasis,” said Mr. Schmidt. “As chairman of Google, what I did is I ran around and gave speeches, and went to Brussels and all the things that Google still does today. It’s much better to work on these new things for me.”

Google declined to comment on Mr. Schmidt’s departure as chairman.

By then, Mr. Schmidt’s ties to Google had caused problems in his defense work. In 2016, Roma Laster, a Defense Department employee, filed a complaint at the agency raising concerns about Mr. Schmidt and conflicts of interest, Mr. Marcuse said.

In the complaint, earlier reported by ProPublica, Ms. Laster, who worked with the Defense Innovation Board, said Mr. Schmidt had asked a service member what cloud computing services their unit used and whether they had considered alternatives. She said Mr. Schmidt faced a conflict of interest because he worked for Google, which also provides cloud services.

allegations that Mr. Schmidt is putting Google’s financial interests ahead of other considerations in his defense work. Late last year, a federal court ordered a congressional advisory committee he leads to turn over records that could shed light on whether Mr. Schmidt had advocated his business interests while heading the group.
Mr. Schmidt said he had followed rules to avoid conflicts. “Everybody is rule-bound at the Pentagon, and we are too,” he said.
Google and the Defense Department declined to comment on Mr. Schmidt’s work.

And yet another post from her:

Virginia’s governor invited the Trojan Horse iNACOL into the inner circle.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Remember what I mentioned concerning negative interest rates and now it will happen in 2021 .. Just as I stated Fast Track Payment System will also begin in 2021 .. SCROLL down this post – Globalization has linked the economies of the world into an interconnected web of mutually-assured destruction. Banks have turned to charges on consumers in order to mitigate the coming impact. Reaganomics — the nickname for the economic stimulus package under Ronald Reagan — was famous for its ‘trickledown’ policy. Reagan believed that if business owners were incentivized to invest and spend, the result would be an increase in middle-class wealth and overall economic stability for the nation. The International Monetary Fund [IMF] is now analyzing potential ways to reduce interest rates below zero. Simply put, negative interest rates would mean that consumers would be charged to keep money in the bank. The stated goal is to move liquidity into the market by making it costly to keep money in the bank. The method IMF has suggested has been to create dual currencies in order to reduce overall cash in the marketplace. Electronic funds controlled by a central bank can be controlled with interest rate changes, but cash cannot. By removing cash out of the system, central banks can control the amount of interest charged without the freedom that cash provided

-“In a cashless world, there would be no lower bound on interest rates. A central bank could reduce the policy rate from, say, 2 percent to minus 4 percent to counter a severe recession. The interest rate cut would transmit to bank deposits, loans, and bonds. Without cash, depositors would have to pay the negative interest rate to keep their money with the bank, making consumption and investment more attractive. This would jolt lending, boost demand, and stimulate the economy.”

It Begins: For The First Time Ever, US Fed Funds Price “Fatal” Negative Interest Rate Starting Jan 2021
What does a negative interest rate mean, aside from the obvious death sentence for banks? We have written thousands of articles (literally) why sliding into this monetary twilight zone – where both Japan and Europe already are to be found, frozen in monetary carbonite – means game over, but instead of recapping them all, we will give the final word to the bond king Jeff Gundlach himself, who conveniently summarized it best last night when he tweeted that a rate < 0 is “fatal”.

Closing school buildings, replacing teachers with edtech is ushering in online learning. INACOL has been pushing CBE for years.

And yet another post from her:

Harvard rolled this out Friday night, hoping you would miss it.
“Harvard University joined its cross-town rival MIT in belatedly acknowledging deeper-than-disclosed, extensive ties to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.
In a letter to alumni on Friday, Harvard President Lawrence Bacow detailed an internal review of the Ivy League school’s relationship with the late Epstein, concluding that the $9.1 million in gifts he gave directly came to a halt following his sex-crimes conviction in 2008. His relationship with the school continued, however, with gifts through surrogates and more than 40 visits to a program that he had given money to before his conviction for soliciting prostitution from a minor. He even maintained until 2017 what came to be “Jeffrey’s Office” on campus.”

And some replies to this post:

These billionaires are buying policy “research” to support their agendas at universities across the country. The most recent is Eli Broad and his giant “donation” to Yale to “study” education management. His academy already trains businessmen in privatization efforts and how to take over public schools. His ideas are widely known to dismantle public schools and turn them over to charters so now he’ll go buy the reputation of Yale to support his ideas with “research”. It’s sickening. It’s shadow governments working via universities – they buy predetermined outcomes to give to politicians to make policies they support their programs.

The bought and paid for “experts”
Meanwhile Harvard was slated to lend their brilliance to banning homeschooling. When challenged with facts counter to their suppositions and elitist opinions they cancelled. Cadres of self proclaimed smartest in the arena educrats have sold their souls. Circular citations to lend credibility to their inane ideas.

Here is a post from Alison:

Mask protocol peer pressure is a way cultivating people to feel superior to others and make it seem normal when they come to pull your neighbor out of their home and put their children in foster care. Wake up and realize what is happening here. NONE of this is about caring for our communities. It is about terrorizing people, inculcating fear of one another, and conditioning the masses to authoritarian government. I get it if people didn’t see this three weeks ago. Ok, but now there is really no excuse.

About this law

And some replies to this post:

IL gov basically said no gatherings of 50 or more till there is a vaccine. That means that we’ll be lucky if they have churches and schools meeting regularly before CHRISTMAS. However, they may end up rushing the vaccine and then everyone will hate us for daring not to take it and wanting to turn us in for “spoling everything” by not going along as we’d be “putting them at risk”. They used the same logic in NY last year, claiming that those were unvaccinated could put everyone at risk and they were VERY strict in Rockland county, NY last year. This A99 came about sometime in 2019 after the mandatory vaccination for schools as well as the hype in NY about vaccination

Until Illinois gets to stage 5 (which governor JB the Hutt said would need a vaccine or whatever, which could take months and up to a year or so), that no gatherings of 50 or more would be allowed, meaning schools and churches could NOT meet regularly.

Just to make it clear – for me this is about the “culture” of masking – the idea that as a society we are being set up to monitor and judge everyone around us regarding their fidelity of mask wearing – if they are wearing – if they are wearing “properly,” etc. – Same goes for social distancing. Right now we are conditioned to see our fellow human beings as threats and menaces – some folks are taking to this more than others. My goal is not to debate the “science” of the masks – but the way in which it is being used as a tool to break down social relations. So when they authorities come for someone – well, they must have deserved it – they must not have been sufficiently compliant.

This has been going on for a while. Medical kidnappings at hospitals for daring to have a second opinion than the doctors. CPS taking kids just for money or for crooked reasons because they get money if they place a kid, even in a bad situation, not with a relative who cares, but in CPS custody. Many people probably think the parents who had their kids seized “deserved it” without ever checking to find out.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is no good. Oklahoma is already setting up for government by P3s (Public-private partnerships). This bill, authored by Representative McCall, the CEO of AmeriState Bank, would make it very difficult to “follow the money.”

It would be important to know that Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg are funding our state’s healthcare, schools, digital transformation, and Covid Contract Tracing… wouldn’t it?!?

This 7-minute-long video isn’t polished, but the info on Reinventing Government through P3s is good.

And here is the post that she quoted:

SB1491 would bar any public agency from requiring a nonprofit 501(c) group to provide the agency with personal affiliation information about its donors. The legislation would also prohibit a public agency from publicly disclosing any such information it might have and exempt personal affiliation information from disclosure under the state’s open records law.

Here is a post that I found on Shannon Joy’s wall:

This is called the TRACE bill. It would literally track, trace and tag everyone in the USA. We the people need to fight against this if you want to live as an independent human being.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Ripple is now part of the ISO 20022 Standards Body—the first member focused on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

And another post from her:

Google and Gates Foundation to help spread digital payments in developing countries

GOP Congressman McHenry – “Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

And some replies to this post:

Yes. Fintech AND health care are going hand in hand. What better way to control you than with your life….if you give your life to them. Fortunately, nobody need to be complicit. Humanity has survived and thrived without their help for 6000 years, no need for assistance now. Dogs have always been resourceful too.

and will you look at this.
““The program has nearly tripled in size from $800 million in 2009 to $2.2 billion per year in 2012,” the senior Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee wrote in a March 26 letter to the Democratic minority. “American taxpayers — and we as their elected representatives — need to know how much of this growth is because of waste, fraud and abuse.”

What o started the t got it injected on steroids, huh?

Yes and I think it was all planned , everyone has got to have a smart phone to become part of the globalization system . Ivanka even stated at the W20 many people do not have a smart phone in order to do banking business, etc..

NOBODY should have to own a ”smart phone” to access their means of making a living. This implies “smart phone“ is the “new currency”.

this is the prelude to the next generation of dermal and subdermal smart sevices to attach your person to an account number. Once that happens, your birth certificate is no longer required to function im your society.

Remember what Ivanka stated at the CNET 2020 conference – quote : “We need to harness technology and data to enable people to have their information in their iPhone,” she said, listing high school degrees, health records and on-the-job skills such as CPR for what she called the “resume of the future.”

Only to be “oops” wiped out with the next iOS update, bad idea. Ohhh you mean put it on the cloud? Then it becomes THEIR property. Nope. Bad idea. STUPID STUPID STUPID.

He leapt on that right after the dreadful earthquake in Haiti, like it was their priority
Hes a vampire

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

The seriousness of our situation cannot be overstated. This is Singapore, but the dog was made by Boston Dynamics, a company now owned by Soft Bank (Japan). I hope the world wakes from its trance soon.

And some replies to this post:

Boston Dynamics has been around for about 10 years or so. They were bought up by Google/Alphabet and did contract work with DARPA. They have a large assortment of quadraped and bipedal robots.

Now Soft Bank owns them – they are running the money for the Saudi Vision Fund.

You know the MA state police are already using them to break into people’s homes.

these same robots were used as ‘mules’ on the battlefield in Afghanistan.

I just keep imagining the history of dogs and slavery. Not good.

From 2018-
The Huntington Park, CA Police Department has “sworn in” an autonomous scanning robot with 360-degree HD video capability to monitor a public park, according to KTLA News, The Associated Press and others.

at Pennovation – I drive by it on my way to the garden – they have the GRASP robotics lab where they are doing the Army hive mind drones, but very often the police use the lawn out front to train the police dogs – German Shepherds. One day I was waiting at the light and one was running around with a padded arm in it’s mouth. I swear I feel like I am living in a surreal world and wonder if anyone else is noticing.

I see the connections you are making – people need to be making these connections.

Somebody had a quote up that said the most studied science by the one percent billionaire class is the science of population control.

And a post from another friend of mine:

With the shortage of meat brought on because of Covid-19, Beyond Meat is in prime position to provide meat for the world, that is FAKE meat. Of course the usual suspects can be found behind the scenes, namely, Bill Gates and Al Gore. Al Gore stands to become a billionaire from his heavy investments in Beyond Meat.

Will Al Gore be the first fake meat billionaire?

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

This is disturbing because we know Dr. Stone generally does whatever DISD does. She alluded to this in her latest YouTube video at 3:00:

Here’s my suggestion…if our kids are going to be forced into some blended/hybrid edtech model of at-home learning, why should we allow the district to collect the **WADA/ADA?

The schools get paid from the state and federal government for the number of kids in the seats. Under this technology dependent model they will likely eliminate 20% of our teachers.

**ADA is the number of students in average daily attendance, or the sum of attendance for each day of the minimum number of days of instruction as described under the TEC, §25.081(a), divided by the minimum number of days of instruction.

**WADA is the weighted average daily attendance figure used in several state funding formulas to calculate the amount of state and local funds a district is entitled to.

I guarantee that if we threatened to starve them of the funding by unenrolling our kids, they would open schools promptly on August 19. The same goes for our colleges. Why should we pay these exorbitant costs for our kids to go to online school?

They know that if they open school in the fall, some worried parents won’t send their kids which will cause them to lose money for each one. If they do a blended model, they can ensure the money will still come regardless of whether the kids ever enter the building. You see?

Open school in the fall or pull your kids. You are doing most of the work anyway. Teachers, you would be wise to support opening back up because your jobs don’t exist much longer in this technocratic future. Betsy DeVos and Jeb Bush are making their rounds pushing “distance learning” and vouchers. They want the schools empty.

And another post from her:

Jeb Bush published this op-ed in the Washington Post today. If he gets his way, our kids will not be going back to bricks + mortar schools. You think it sounds impossible, but that’s the sad reality. Jeb and DeVos have been pushing and funding virtual K-12 for years. They also want school vouchers and will never let a crisis or pandemic go to waste (see Katrina and charter schools).

Jeb wrote:

“Some might push back against these measures, but the benefits are clear: Such changes would better enable students to learn. They would be better prepared for the learning platforms of college and the workforce. Teachers would be able to deploy more innovative and personalized instructional strategies. Distance learning has the capacity to help students go deeper where their interests take them and get more focused attention in areas where they’re struggling. And Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, dual-enrollment courses and other intensive offerings could be expanded in districts where they are not currently available.”

RISD: Just yesterday Dr. Stone put out a video asking for our input on a survey that will be coming out this week. Please look for it. 👀 If we want to preserve our neighborhood schools, we need our kids to attend them. Distance learning is an oxymoron. You can’t serve special needs kids on a device. You can’t teach kids to read from a device. The schools will still collect money for each child enrolled regardless of whether their buns are in the seats. (I suspect our DOI plan will be revisited)

Teachers, the legislature is already talking about cuts to the state budget because of the oil crisis and drop in revenue. This will make the 2011 cuts pale in comparison. Let’s assume 80% of you can keep your “virtual” teaching job. Do you want to be a data dashboard driver and virtual instructor? 

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

It’s awful that people whose careers were destroyed by this economic reset are about to be pushed into AmeriCorps to carry out surveillance on their fellow citizens for ridiculous wages. Important to note that AmeriCorps is a sibling program to the Social Innovation Fund that seeds social impact investing / pay for success projects. This whole situation is just so sickening.

And some replies to this post:

AmeriCorps sold out years ago.

My understanding is they will get paid $20 to $25 per hour!! We are gonna have an army of uneducated, uninformed people stalking and detaining us. This is scary stuff! You could not have thought this up in a science-fiction horror novel.

Wonder if there will be quotas…

I don’t know, but if they are wanting to test millions per week/month, then I would imagine they would have quotas and bonuses as incentives.

Leaderboards even? Honestly, based on what I am seeing Bloomberg and Johns Hopkins are going to be setting up the training of these people as an online competency-based education human capital investment market. It is layers and layers of awfulness.

you could create a leaderboard much like in gaming. In fact, blockchain is perfect for leaderboard creation and is in fact used in games today with blockchain as the anchor. So, I can see tokenization being developed there and thus a market made for impact investors.

Wait….I know just the guy…

His conference

So this is part of a transcript from one of the talks.
I’ll finish with a transcribed statement Joseph Turow, a Penn Annennberg Professor of Communications, delivered following Zuboff’s presentation at that 2017 Digital Tornado Conference. It confirms what I have laid out regarding IoT, branding, and the ways government policies and human capital management are being inappropriately influenced by powerful corporate interests. Why are we all not shouting this from the rooftops? What exactly are we waiting for?
“They both reminded me of two industry experiences I had directly relating to this that will lead to a comment about the nature of policy. I was at an industry conference about a year and a half ago, two years ago maybe, and people were talking. It was a conference on the use of the Internet of Things in business, particularly in retailing. And one of the people at the conference who was an executive at the WPP, one of the major advertising holding companies, said: “We have to treat people like a frog in boiling water. We have to figure out a way to make them slowly get used to the idea of what we’re doing, because otherwise they’ll resist.” There’s this myth, I think it’s a myth, that if you put a frog in water that’s boiling it will jump out. If you put it in the water and it slowly boils, it will get used to it. He didn’t want to kill his audiences, but he wanted people to get used to the ideas that they were formulating.
Not too long after he spoke, a researcher for one of the big advertising holding companies got up and showed slides with trend lines that by 2024 half of Americans are going to have a chip in their arm, so when they walk down a supermarket aisle, the supermarket will know that they feel nervous when they lift a product up, and they might be able to get rid of that nervousness by lowering the price directly for that thing, and thereby know how to sell that product. He then added that he thought by 2050 everybody in the United States would have this chip. The first guy, I felt bad for him, I didn’t put his name in the book. The second person, because it was online I figured it was fair game. Apparently, they’ve taken that slide off.
But the larger point that I am trying to make here is that there are industrial logics that are taking place that really relate to a kind of policy that we’ve been, that has been underplayed in the last couple of days. It’s been implicit, but I still think I’d like to foreground it, which is corporate marketing and commercial policy. Companies have ideas about where they’re going. And it’s networked systems of companies, particularly in the marketing arena, that are shaping the kinds of things we’ve been talking about in the last couple of days. They also shape government policy in very strong ways, and I think it’s terribly important to realize how these things interconnect with one another.
A year after the Tornado piece came out (1998), Procter and Gamble had a conference called FAST, and it was in Cincinnati in their headquarters and it stands for “Future of Advertising Stakeholders,” and I was at that conference. And they invited their competitors. Unilever was there, which is pretty amazing, and a whole lot of people from ad agencies and media buying companies and stuff like that. The goal of the conference was to get the Internet workable for Procter and Gamble. They didn’t think that the Internet was acceptable to them at the time. It was too slow. It wasn’t viable for commercials. They didn’t know what the metrics were, and they wanted to set up a way to set that up.
They invited Steve Case to give a talk, Steve Case the head of AOL, at lunch. He freaked a lot of people out, because during the talk he said Americans do not want broadband. P&G wanted broadband, see, to show the commercials. He said Americans don’t want broadband, and they don’t care about broadband, because AOL, and he didn’t say this, because AOL was really dependent on the idea of dial-up. But from that time on P&G, which had already started the interactive advertising, it was then called the Internet Advertising Bureau, really decided together with other companies to set the policies that a lot of people the past couple of sessions have been talking about. The notions of personal assistants, the notion of AI, the notion of how advertising messages are going to be conversational-what I would call “conversational advertising,” based on who we are. The industrial constructions of audiences is not just an issue of government policy, it is an issue of interconnection of government policy with the logics and desires of the industries that relate to them.”
November 2017
Kevin Werbach, After The Digital Tornado Conference
After the Tornado 12 – Humanity 2
Discussant: Joseph Turow, Annenberg School of Communication
Presenters: Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard, and Brett Frischmann, Villanova

I’m at a crisis with my career. I don’t know what direction to go. I’ve invested heavily over 30 years in game design and AI, and did work with blockchain and other technologies. Where do I go from here?

Sending you a big hug my friend. These are uncharted waters indeed, and you are doing a profound service in bringing us along. I think many of us are trying to figure out what comes next and trying to hold on to some agency around our futures. There’s so much grief. Please know you are appreciated. We make the path by walking. And there are a lot of us walking.

All I know is that my heart tells me the direction we’re heading is not good. I may end up sabotaging my career and my method of income, but I can’t stand by knowing what I know and not sound the alarm and warn people of what this technocracy will bring.

And another post from her:

The head of Belgium’s Covid-19 Task Force has a PhD in BioTech, an MBA, and a certificate in Private Equity-Investing & Creating Value from Wharton. He is the head of Digital Transformation and served as a member of European Parliament. We are living through the dawn of an age of straight up biocapitalism. Watch this video. It is a wake up call


And some replies to this post:

Allright, I see Masonic handsign there thrown by De Backer.
Funny how it works, because Freemasonry seems to be a common denominator between the whole process.
Australian COVID committee “ expert” Brendan Murphy’s Mercy Hospital in Melbourne ( he was a CEO there for over 15 years) received a funding from Freemasons as well( they are listed as sponsors).

Can you please look into Australian links sometime?
Prof Brendan Murphy( a nephrologist , how did he ended up being the outmost medical voice behind COVID response in Australia? Beats me)
Neville Power ( ex CEO Fortesque Metals)
Andrew Forrest( Fortesque metals owner)
Prof Raina McIntyre ( Australian Head of Biosecurity)— linked to genetics research; practicing Kabbalist
Prof Sharon Lewin( TB research, AIDS research, granted 30 million +20mlion AUD for “ COVID research)
Dr Norman Swan
Given that common denominators are Biosecurity , genetic research, biotracking, tuberculosis, AIDS, meningitis , freemasonry and Kaballah, whatever they are cooking is going to rip Australia apart.

You know about Jane Halton at Event 201?

Something makes me think that she is full of goodness & integrity 😂😂😂😂

Here’s an eye- full

Can you read this? I’ve hit paywall.
Also: I’ve told you —- I love true crime.
My research on Fred & Rose West ( serial killers)& covens of Forrest of Dean pointed me to the FACT that Fred was a procurer of children for covens in the area & higher.
Gloucestershire is famous for its abundance of witch covens, and if you are not familiar with the West case, I can tell you that it haunts me in my nightmares : paedophilia, torture & murder of children & adolescents, snuff, west’s raped ALL their children on camera , etc (and enjoyed police protection for some 30+ years). West’s best friends from the area, Pauline Crichton & her husband had their backyards dug by cops in search for bodies as late as 2013-2015).
BS aside, statistic probability of 2 serial killers living in one very remote area is unreal, and Jane just had to be from the same area.
Everything I know points me to the fact that only these who swear allegiance to “ the craft” make it to the very top.
Halton was born in Gloustershire —- and REQUESTED to come & take a leading position in Aust government & Aus public service from Britain under Gough Whitlam government.
SRA ( satanic ritual abuse ) whistleblower & survivor Fiona Barnett outed Whitlam as paedophile who raped her between ages of 6 and 8 yo).
Whiltlam is the PM who specifically REQUESTED Halton to come from Britain & take the position in Aus public service, as by decree of the king or pharaoh.
She was not ELECTED, she was INSTALLED; there is a huge difference.
Halton was THE longest serving public servant under Liberal gov( direct allegiance to Royals).
These links make my skin crawl.

( can’t open this because of paywall)

“Vault Systems attracts Moelis, former mandarins Jane Halton, Dennis Richardson
Carrie LaFrenz
Carrie LaFrenz
Senior reporter
Updated Nov 7, 2017 – 9.20am,
first published at Nov 6, 2017 – 11.00pm
Moelis Australia has taken a minority stake in secure cloud platform provider Vault Systems, which has also has snared former high-profile bureaucrat Jane Halton as its chair.
The ASX-listed financial services group made the investment via its newly created Moelis Australia Government Infrastructure Fund, which is backed by high net worth individuals. The fund will invest in the expansion of Australian government secure cloud services through Vault, which was founded by Rupert Taylor-Price in 2012.
Vault Systems is the physical part of the cloud. It does not own the underlying property of its data centres, but owns and operates everything inside a centre. It charges a fee based on consumption – similar to a monthly electricity bill – to tech partners including Fujitsu, Leidos, Unisys, Accenture, and IBM, which are delivering services to government.
Vault Systems CEO and founder Rupert Taylor-Price (left) and head of Moelis Asset Management Andrew Martin. Vault government cloud platform was purpose built with the sole intention of managing sensitive Australian data at the highest levels of security. Peter Braig
Ms Halton was previously one of the most powerful public servants in Australia as the former Secretary of the Australian Department of Finance. She is also a non-executive director of ANZ Bank.
She told The Australian Financial Review she was attracted to Vault Systems as an Australian start-up in a high-tech industry.
“If you think about the world about where the opportunities are for young people in our country it’s about being employed in these kinds of businesses,” she said.
“So when I was approached by Rupert I thought I better put my money where my mouth is, because I’ve been talking about the need for technology and start-ups and innovation and here is a company doing exactly that.”
The Moelis-backed investment could help create as many as 300 tech jobs. The business is not profitable as it heavily invests for future growth, but is cash flow-positive.
Ownership structure
Other high-profile directors include former politician and diplomat, Dennis Richardson, and former global head of infrastructure and private equity for UBS Asset Management, Paul Moy.
Moelis will provide up to $350 million in a staged investment over many years, and will raise funds as needed as demand by government agencies increase after the Turnbull government mandated a “cloud-first” policy in 2014.
Moelis will initially own 23 per cent of the company, while Mr Taylor-Price will own the balance. But the ownership structure may change over time depending on funding models.
Vault System’s government cloud platform was purpose built with the sole intention of managing sensitive Australian data. It is only one of three companies in the world, along with Macquarie Telecom and Sliced Tech, to meet the standards of the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and achieve Protected certification.
Under the ASD, which is part of the Department of Defence, government data is classified into four levels: Unclassified, Protected, Secret and Top Secret.
Mr Taylor-Price brushed aside concerns of mega competitors like Microsoft’s Azure or Amazon Web Services looking to muscle in on the market.
“While these global providers have data systems in Australia, the security operations, network operations and management of these businesses is done at a global level and is integrated in to commercial services.
“So in terms of holding sensitive government information, they don’t have the same level of security and we have not seen they intend to fund that.”
Security standards
Mr Taylor-Price added while Microsoft is building a public cloud in Canberra, that it not the same as building a government community cloud as they have done in the USA.
“The challenge is for these organisations is Australia is not as big as the US market and the cost of running these independent but highly secure systems is quite high,” he said.
“Instead, their strategy will be to try to ask government to lower security standards to meet their business model but my belief is they will not fund a change to their business model in Australia.
“Last week there was another 50,000 records compromised, I struggle to see ministers lowering security standards in Australia.”
Ms Halton agreed, saying while the big players will be trying to offer product in the same sort of domain, they don’t have Protected status, putting them at a disadvantage.
“In a world where cyber threats and cyber crimes are becoming increasingly important and where citizens are very concerned that their data is held securely, and government has a real need to make sure its business is not able to be viewed by people who do not have their interest at heart,” she said. “Then having that level of protection is incredibly important.”
Mr Taylor-Price said it is highly unlikely Vault Systems will ever list on pubic markets given the highly sensitive information it protects like tax and social security records and matters of national security, like defence and intelligence.
Asked if Vault could be the next Atlassian, Ms Halton said: “I don’t know. But bottom line is you never know where tech goes, but certainly [Rupert] has made a great start and we are keen to help him do even better.”

This is far beyond sinister:

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Planned Parenthood’s friends over at Amaze know that if they market contraception to kids pregnancy rates and STIs will go up, and so will their bottom line. The rate of contraception failure is higher for teens because of improper use.

Take a look at this video from Amaze, complete with bunnies having sex (yes, they show it!), advice for kids on how to get condoms no matter their age, and a recommendation to visit the local Planned Parenthood.

If CSE proponents were really interested in protecting kid’s health they would invest their time and money in teaching them to avoid risk altogether by delaying sexual debut until marriage.


And here are some posts from this group:

I really do not like the idea of kids taking puberty blockers for several years followed by a lifetime of hormones. I’ve seen TV stories of one family where both their kids are transgender and another where 3 best friends were all born boys but now suddenly identify as girls.

It’s really sad. The rise in transgenderism can partly be contributed to social contagion.

I think the media is a huge part of it along with parents who have a hard time to say no or in some cases being told they can’t say no or their child will commit suicide.

I encountered a woman whose son was told that and she was terrified.

what was she told?

the threat of suicide is being used to manipulate parents. Look at this:

Her high school son went to a school sponsored LGBT event, they told him if he should be transitioning to a female and he did not there was a high likelihood of him committing suicide. He went home and asked him Mom to please not let him commit suicide, he was scared, which is how she found out. Reading.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

So it looks like they expect us to give up our livelihoods and become indentured data brokers living in a “smart” panopticon. There is still time to say no to this. “Furthermore, much of the high-value data for AI is sensitive personal information (for example health records), and so is either protected by regulation or the understandable reluctance of individuals to share it. Enterprises also generate a great deal of potentially valuable data that they may be reluctant to share for business reasons. Those enterprises or individuals interested in selling their data will find that there is no readily available means for them to monetise it or control the use of their data once it has been sold. On the other side of the equation, procurers of data face quality issues, as it is often difficult for data gatherers to trace the provenance of data or judge its merits. Blockchain could help address many of these issues by supporting the development of decentralised, open markets for AI training data. Blockchains can be used to identify and permanently record individual data points and small data sets at their point of origin, making it possible for information owners or aggregators to package the data they generate.” Page 13

Note their particular interest in “health records” as a “high-value” trustworthy source of info to refine AI. So interesting that we are now being set up to have a standardized test and contact trace system that will likely be linked to electronic health records. Google running all of this behind the scenes with AWS. Are you following how this fits into the Covid-19 puzzle?

Blockchain smart contracts and tokenized digital “assets” will play a major role advancing the “wrong kind of green” financialization of nature.

What happens when your “rights” and “privileges” are tied to a digital ID and live on a device where they can be foreclosed at will? These are things we need to be talking about right now

We really need to start to understand the ways in which “tokens,” smart contracts and sensors will shape the way we live on blockchain. Slideshare here:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


MACC expects to have a CALL to ACTION in the morning. Please do check in! The TESTING, TRACING, CASE INVESTIGATION and FOLLOW-UP BILL is expected to have a last hearing in the Senate this week. Hearing in the House tomorrow for inclusion into the Health Omnibus Bill. Unfortunately, CONSENT LANGUAGE and DATA OPT-OUT was removed and now this bill will allow major profiling of citizens and healthcare workers. SF 4500 and HF 3479. Both bills are in amended format and not original versions. Testing will be mandatory for all citizens and healthcare workers as well as alternative housing for some.


And another post from them:

REAT ARTICLE for information on coming surveillance

“Now, in the midst of the carnage of this ongoing pandemic, and the fear and uncertainty about the future it has brought, these companies clearly see their moment to sweep out all that democratic engagement. To have the same kind of power as their Chinese competitors, who have the luxury of functioning without being hampered by intrusions of either labor or civil rights.”

“All of this is moving very fast. The Australian government has contracted with Amazon to store the data for its controversial coronavirus tracking app. The Canadian government has contracted with Amazon to deliver medical equipment, raising questions about why it bypassed the public postal service. And in just a few short days in early May, Alphabet has spun up a new Sidewalk Labs initiative to remake urban infrastructure with $400 million in seed capital. Josh Marcuse, executive director of the Defense Innovation Board that Schmidt chairs, announced that he was leaving that job to work full-time at Google as head of strategy and innovation for global public sector, meaning that he will be helping Google to cash in on some of the many opportunities he and Schmidt have been busily creating with their lobbying.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

It is strange that the meat packing companies are closing – Remember EchoHealth Alliance CEO has stated in a UN document “There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic — us.”
Remember at a UN biodiversity conference many years ago it was stated ” only the wealthy would be able to afford to purchase/buy meat “…
.As U.S. meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar

How many of you are aware that the DoD was giving money to EchoHealth Alliance ? EchoHealth Alliance is not only fascinated with bats but also declared that bats were the culprit for Ebola, SARS, and now Corona plus EcholHealth was working with the Wuhan Lab in China – Awfully strange bats were in hibernation when Corona virus broke out , isn’t it ? EcholHealth Alliance once was Wildlife Trust but rebranded their name .. Echohealth’s CEO Peter Daszak is a greenie he and others wrote an article for the UN declaring ” “There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic — us.”

China knew of lab safety concerns from last year

The project was run by a U.S. nonprofit called EcoHealth Alliance. For more than a decade, the group has been sending teams to China to trap bats, collect samples of their blood, saliva and feces, and then check those samples for new coronaviruses that could spark the next global pandemic. The idea is to identify locations that need to be monitored, come up with strategies to prevent spillover of the virus into human populations and get a jump on creating vaccines and treatments. Already the project has identified hundreds of coronaviruses, including one very similar to the virus behind the current outbreak.

Nature magazine has censored over 1,000 articles at the request of the Chinese government over the past several years. And it seems pretty clear that their recent article, “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2” is just one more example of their influence.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

What if your child has a slight fever without other symptoms, as is so common in the early years, and you want to wait a few days before scheduling a doctor’s visit? Will the state force you to complete a telemedicine check up? Or will they removr your child? Or will they tell you that you can’t leave your house for 14 days (or longer) unless you submit to a Covid test?

This is a regime of terror.

Before commenting that this statement is hyperbole, I urge you to read – and seriously, seriously consider – the field research that is so thoroughly documented at Then Nadezhda Mandelstam’s Hope Against Hope. The swiftest way to fall into totalitarianism is to pretend that it’s no longer possible.

And a reply to this post:

I literally just posted a breakdown of what the Center for American Progress is “demanding” our policymakers put into practice. Short answer: if the Progressive Left in America gets its way then Yes, people will forcibly remove your child from your home if your child has a fever – whether it’s COVID or not, whether you have insurance or not, whether you’ve consulted a doctor or not.

I heard mention of the Center for American Progress earlier today. To truly understand the game, you must understand the players. So, for those of you who aren’t tracking everyone on the chessboard:

The Center for American Progress is a strongly-Left-leaning outlet founded in 2003 by John Podesta – Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 campaign. Funded almost exclusively by Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Gates Foundation, etc., CAP works to influence public policy by omitting inconvenient facts and selecting reports which favor the Liberal Progressive agenda in the US while simultaneously using its subsidiary, Think Progress, to actively lie to its diminutive audience with content which is factually dubious at best and rarely more than overt propaganda.

CAP states that President Trump “didn’t act fast enough” to manage the COVID outbreak. This from the same Leftist camp who stated back in February that Trump was “overreacting” by suspending travel to/from China and that COVID was “no big deal.” Also in February, the Progressive Left labeled any concerns about exposure or ideas of limiting group sizes as “racist.” Today, those same Lefties scream and foment at the idea of people gathering in “large numbers” – a term which, like “large capacity magazine,” CAP and its ilk use to stoke fear in their audience without ever putting out a uniform, objective definition or consulting experts in the appropriate field.

Rather than provide a workable solution as to how American households and businesses were supposed to pay their bills in the meantime, CAP – a collection of political activists, not doctors – also “demands” the following erosion of our freedoms:

  • comprehensive “instantaneous contact tracing” – FYI: there’s no such thing; it literally DOES NOT EXIST, and trying to implement it would require us to live in a complete surveillance state that requires the complete suspension of your 4th Amendment Rights
  • nationwide surveillance… even in counties where there are no COVID cases reported
  • public notices a la “Amber Alerts” and real-time mapping of positive patients (HIPPA, anyone?)
  • restrictions on mass transit
  • masks required in public (but wait – where can I actually BUY a mask?)
  • forced removal and isolation of ALL people who test positive (a la UN video from weeks ago…)
  • forced isolation of ALL persons who come in “close contact” (revealed via contact tracing) with anyone who tests positive; oh, and “close contact” has no set definition…
  • forced isoation of ALL persons with a fever (what if it isn’t COVID?)
  • mandatory isolation of healthcare workers (so, nurses can’t go home to their families after work; do we force doctors, nurses, CNAs, LPNs, etc. to live in The Camps now?)

But, hey… make up your own mind. If you want Clintonistas and the Soros Foundation to lead you around by the nose like cattle, please listen to and obey your Leftist masters. After you’ve worn their yoke for a while, you’ll be BEGGING for right-minded folks to lead you back to your God given Freedoms.

Looks like Salesforce wants to join in the fun too:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

There is NO WAY IN HELL I’m sending my kids back to school if this is their definition of ‘new normal’ … this is crazy. Homeschool here we come!

(I seriously thought this was a parody)

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Common Core Diva : “Extensive article jam packed with how education, once again, is being made into a change agent against America. Is the CCSS Machine behind it? Absolutely. Is DC creating this? Unconstitutionally, yes.”

Lynne Taylor said on Setting Brushfires radio that the California letter threatening to take away benefits might be a fake; however, she did say that they were allowed to use “whatever force necessary” to get their testing and tracking.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

I fully expect the Department of Defense is paying for the RFID tracking option on the Covid-19 injections. The contract is for up to 500 million doses by 2021. They intend to incorporate our health into their biocapitalist supply chains. Know this.

Oh look – the founder of the company is a social entrepreneur made “an Officer of the Order of the British Empire” yikes!
FOUNDER, HEAD OF R&D: The inventor of ApiJect, the first BFS injection device, is Marc Koska, one of the world’s most respected and successful social entrepreneurs.

Who didn’t see THIS coming?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Here’s the list of US Senators who voted against an amendment that would have stopped this warrant-less surveillance. VoteThemOut

“A bipartisan amendment that would have prohibited law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, from obtaining the web browsing and internet search histories of Americans without a warrant failed to pass in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday by a single vote.

Twenty-seven Republicans and 10 Democrats voted against the amendment to H.R. 6172, which will reauthorize lapsed surveillance powers under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The amendment offered up by Sen. Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon, and Sen. Steve Daines, Republican of Montana, would have forced the government to get a warrant before obtaining the internet search history of Americans.

The final vote on Wyden-Daines Amendment was 59-37. Sixty “ayes” were required for it to pass. Members had to be physically present to vote.
Below is a list of senators, by party, who voted against the reform (and those who didn’t vote at all):

Republicans (27):

Barrasso, John (R-WY)
Blackburn, Marsha (R-TN)
Blunt, Roy (R-MO)
Boozman, John (R-AR)
Burr, Richard (R-NC)
Capito, Shelley Moore (R-WV)
Collins, Susan M. (R-ME)
Cornyn, John (R-TX)
Cotton, Tom (R-AR)
Fischer, Deb (R-NE)
Graham, Lindsey (R-SC)
Hyde-Smith, Cindy (R-MS)
Inhofe, James M. (R-OK)
Johnson, Ron (R-WI)
Lankford, James (R-OK)
McConnell, Mitch (R-KY)
Perdue, David (R-GA)
Portman, Rob (R-OH)
Roberts, Pat (R-KS)
Romney, Mitt (R-UT)
Rubio, Marco (R-FL)
Shelby, Richard C. (R-AL)
Thune, John (R-SD)
Tillis, Thom (R-NC)
Toomey, Patrick J. (R-PA)
Wicker, Roger F. (R-MS)
Young, Todd (R-IN)

Democrats (10):

Carper, Thomas R. (D-DE)
Casey, Robert P., Jr. (D-PA)
Feinstein, Dianne (D-CA)
Hassan, Margaret Wood (D-NH)
Jones, Doug (D-AL)
Kaine, Tim (D-VA)
Manchin, Joe, III (D-WV)
Shaheen, Jeanne (D-NH)
Warner, Mark R. (D-VA)
Whitehouse, Sheldon (D-RI)

Four members did not cast votes: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).”

And another post from her:

“Galloway, a Silicon Valley runaway who teaches marketing at NYU Stern School of Business, believes the pandemic has greased the wheels for big tech’s entrée into higher education. The post-pandemic future, he says, will entail partnerships between the largest tech companies in the world and elite universities. MIT@Google. iStanford. HarvardxFacebook. According to Galloway, these partnerships will allow universities to expand enrollment dramatically by offering hybrid online-offline degrees, the affordability and value of which will seismically alter the landscape of higher education. Galloway, who also founded his own virtual classroom start-up, predicts hundreds, if not thousands, of brick-and-mortar universities will go out of business and those that remain will have student bodies composed primarily of the children of the one percent.”
Yep. Also predicted by the Global Education Futures map (GEF).



And some replies to this post:

Just read this. ODEM has ties to UNESCO and is offering “free” blockchain education right now. There are guys from Stanford on their team.

And… CA State University campuses will stay online this fall. “California State University, the nation’s largest four-year public university system, said on Tuesday that classes at its 23 campuses would be canceled for the fall semester, with instruction taking place almost exclusively online.”

Here you go. A 2nd grader hacked Palm Beach County. Still think your kid’s data is “safe”?

This article shows the ties between the PTA and Planned Parenthood:

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

What if a popular hands-free gaming system ended up being used to refine AI motion capture, advancing behavioral biometric surveillance for global financiers looking to leverage pandemic lock down and jumpstart a future of robotic telepresence gig labor? That would sound kind of crazy, huh? Or maybe not.

And some replies to this post:

Yes, like having Amazon drones flying to your doorstep delivering your food, because you’re not allowed out. How much money do you think Amazon would make? A new market in a new economy for Amazon and many other behemoth companies. Welcome to the new industrial age.

This is all the Xbox Kinect stuff- the programs out of UW are startling and of course all of the vaccine development tied into that as well.

Alison they’re all tied together as components to a total system. The underlying components support each other and are interdependent with each other. Lot’s of technology is needed in order to get this Technocratic governance and economy into action. AI motion capture. AI facial and gesture recognition. AI speech and voice recognition. VR simulations. DNA data storage synthesis. And I’m sure that “vaccines” (which will make 100’s of billions of dollars) is the catalyst for acquiring and implementing global ID systems for blockchain transactions. It all interconnects.

I’ve looked at it. I looks like a lot of big and influential players in the development of a technocratic economic system. It does not look like a accident. Does not look like chance. It looks like the implementation of DAVOS WEF and UN SDG. Put into technical action. It’s impressive but also frightening.

So – kind of what you were envisioning? Any big pieces missing I should add? If you think of any related to Microsoft / Gates let me know.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:


Here is a post that a friend of mine shared:

AND SO IT BEGINS!!! If you think this is happening because of a virus you are WRONG. Research CBDG (central bank digital currency) and the term “cashless society.” This has been planned for years before this outbreak. Facebook has already tried rolling out global digital currency but they were stopped thank god. The outbreak has become a means for the powerful to change society for their own benefit, such as taking away our right to use cash to keep the government and corporate America out of our business.

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Teaching positions are being cut already…

“Facing a $6.3 million shortfall for next school year, the Aberdeen School District will cut the equivalent of 46 teaching positions, and it still has to find another $2 million in cuts. Most of that is likely to fall on the support staff, which would include para-educators who help in the classrooms.

The cuts are due to expected reductions in state funding because of COVID-19 expenses and because of falling enrollment in the Aberdeen district, some of that also likely due to COVID-19.

The orchestra teacher is in that group, putting that program in peril. Head football coach Todd Bridge is a veteran teacher, but in his first year in the district and his teaching contract wasn’t renewed. Coaching contracts are separate, but fall sports are up in the air because of the pandemic.

Nineteen veteran teachers are being asked to move into new positions to backfill for the provisional teachers. But some veteran teachers didn’t have certification matching the classroom needs and that means a cut of another 5.3 positions. The cuts also include the equivalent of 2.7 administrative positions.

The net loss of teachers and administrators is 49. Central Park will have a half-time principal. Derek Cook, principal at Harbor High School, will split time between there and being athletic director at Aberdeen High. All remaining Harbor High teachers will also teach at the high school.”

And some replies to this post:

And no one believed me this was going to happen

all a plan and more coming. This is not just about a virus. Agenda 21, NWO…

check this HOT info out just published. It needs to be read and shared asap

I do too. Some people get so mad and tell you you have a tin hat on when you try to get the truth out. I wish these people would wake up and research. The main stream media is fake you got to dig deep. The problem is a lot of people work and too tired to research, which is their plan. Television shows, schools to control our children, professors at college, judges, doctors, nurses, politicians, movies, fake news, radio, songs ( some not all) are all part of their plan. Please wake up people before we lose our country or our lives. This pandemic is part of it. Think if they come out with a vaccine the vaccines, Gates and many others want a chip in us, track us. Think about our soldiers, the enemy will be able to track them. Please people start researching!!! Quit saying we need to all stay home and not open our businesses. More and more people will have no money they will be living on the streets. Also check out pedophilia, politicians, Disney, celebrities, underground . This is all a plan!!! Watch Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposes to start with.

They cut teachers, but not the Supervisors salary or get rid of any staff, other than teachers. This is how a government agency works, when they cut back, they get rid of the employees that directly help the public, but not anyone away from the public’s eye. That way, you feel the hurt directly, and will be panicked into voting for whatever taxes that will solve the situation. The governments attempt to manipulate you. Happens all the time.

In February, the Highline School District gave a retroactive raise to administrators. I’m not sure if this meant only the people at the district HQ, or the school level administrators as well. The meeting was not video recorded, but audio recorded. I read the transcript, produced by an automated system. Someone, I think a board member, joked about how this was the third time the district had given retroactive raises. I don’t recall what the fiscal impact was, or if there was any discussion of where the funds would come from this year, and also in years to come (local levy? state ?) But I think the amount was 5%, I’m sure the impact is in the millions, and remember this resets the base (bumps it up) for additional step increases. I do not know how many administrators there are, but my sense is the number has gone up in order to implement a lot of programs, like social emotional, and testing. I am putting this out in public because I really think some professional reporters should look into this.
But at the elementary my kids attended, they seem to have Principal, Asst Principal, and Success Dean who’s almost like an AP. The latter position is new since my kids were there. Meanwhile, they moved 6th grade out to middle school. I looked up some salaries in the Kitsap news database, and I’m not sure they are fully accurate in some cases. But it was quite a surprise to see that an elementary school principal is now earning (for 500 or so kids) what a high school principal at a school of 1700 was earning just a few years ago. And of course the defined benefit pension is going way up too because of the higher salary. The cost of just the three people per student in the elementary school appeared to be in the ballpark of $900 / student.
There are multiple aspects to school finances for 20-21. The first is obviously the state funding per student. But another is what the enrollment will be.
I can think of two big factors for enrollment numbers. The first: do kids move because their parents have lost work? This could impact some districts a lot more than others.
Second: do more kids exit for Running Start, online public schools like WAVA, or home schooling? We may not know that for a few more months, but the community colleges have had online classes that Running Start kids could take, and I would sure look into those as an alternative to the one hour of work per week that some districts seem to think is acceptable.
A number of districts seem to be perfectly fine blowing off, dissing, angering parents whose kids are ready for acceleration. I can tell you from the perspective of having a child in college, this is not fun and games. The costs of college are really high, and if kids enter needing remediation, needing more time to get through pre-reqs they could have taken through Running Start, well, districts are dreaming if they think they will be able to keep a captive audience forever. There are alternatives for some kids whose parents can put in some time and find those alternatives, then make them work. Getting Algebra 1 in 8th grade sets up being able to take Calc in high school. If students want to major in STEM, that Calc is very important. Our district (Highline) is following the strict common core alignment of no Algebra 1 until 9th grade, so I fully expect parents are looking into alternatives.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

What used to be the University of Tulsa is now just Tulsa’s Anchor Institution…

The areas I marked with an asterisk coincide with Oklahoma’s Workforce Development Plan. Job training. I’m sure this collaboration with Tulsa Innovation Labs was planned out years ago – to drive the new world order planned economy.

“Tulsa’s Economic Leadership”
(excerpt from an email to TU alumni from Interim President Janet Levit)

“Earlier this week, members of our administrative team and I had an opportunity to hear a presentation by officials from Tulsa Innovation Labs (TIL). This group is focused on positioning Tulsa as a *technology hub and a leader in emerging job sectors. TIL has spent more than two months researching Tulsa’s opportunities; this effort has included conversations with more than 100 stakeholders. While I will leave it to TIL to roll out its findings to the community at large, I can say that TU is poised to play an active role in the proposed economic development initiatives. In particular, our expertise in *cybersecurity, *data analytics, *energy, *engineering, and *healthcare would be key resources. I look forward to working with TIL and others to develop TU’s role in driving Tulsa’s economic future.”

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:
In order to transition to planned regional economies run at the behest of mega-corporations, officials have to clear the deck – eliminate small, independent businesses. That is what is happening now – we are further concentrating power in the hands a a few select companies. Then the masses will have to be reskilled as human capital for the blockchain gig economy. Understand this situation is not just a disease event.
The workforce development plan for SE Pennsylvania has a majority of jobs at $12 per hour or less.

They discuss the gig economy as a growth area.

I testify about this here – to Philadelphia City Council’s new “poverty committee.” Last fall.

Seven minutes:

And another post from her:

Smart City Data Analytics / Bloomberg / Microsoft 2010

Watch out for the Gay Agenda in Montgomery County School District in Maryland:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Last year seems a lifetime ago, but even then, cash was no longer king. The greenback had already lost its premier role as Americans’ medium of exchange in dollar terms. Plastic card and digital transactions had taken over. And that’s how stores, restaurants and other businesses seemed to want it.

COVID-19 has accelerated this process for several reasons. Cash cannot change hands at a distance of six feet, and besides, who wants to grab that dirty bill? Sheltering at home means more purchases are being done over the internet.

The move away from legal tender was well on its way pre-virus. Some stores and eateries had stopped accepting cash altogether. If you’re a sandwich shop doing a brisk lunch business, processing plastic takes less time than waiting for someone to fish 55 cents out of their pocket. The restaurant chain Sweetgreen ran a stopwatch and found that cashless payments could be completed up to 15% faster than ones using paper money. That would enable businesses to hire fewer of what we used to call “cashiers.”

The Federal Reserve reports that debit cards are the most frequently used means of paying. Cash is employed in 26% of all transactions and 49% of those under $10. But every age group up through the baby boomers is doing more of them using digital means and plastic than cash. Not surprisingly, millennials lead the pack.

Despite these trends, a few states and cities have passed laws requiring businesses to accept cash, and here’s why: Some elderly people still don’t do technology. They don’t even have a cellphone, much less a PayPal account for transferring money.

Many poor people don’t have credit cards or even bank accounts. Some 6.5% of American households are “unbanked,” according to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Cashless establishments discriminate against this group.

The Pew Research Center found 29% of adults reporting that they made no purchases with cash during a typical week. But those making less than $30,000 a year were about four times as likely as higher-income Americans to say they make all or almost all of their purchases using cash.

Given that the average check price at the Dos Toros Taqueria was only $11.50, it seemed odd that the fast-food chain would attempt a nationwide ban on cash payment. But it did before reversing course when forced.

Some of us who are not poor prefer cash for valid reasons. Those wanting to control spending like it because psychologically, cash still feels like real money in a way plastic cards do not. Cash is anonymous, making transactions more private. That protects users from identity theft (though it makes them more vulnerable to pickpockets). Meanwhile, waiters, drivers and hairdressers seem to like cash tips.

For business owners, on the other hand, not having a lot of cash in the register deters robberies and saves them the trouble of hiring armored trucks. And they don’t have to worry about counterfeit money.

Cash has long been a medium for hiding criminal activities. The society that no longer uses it can better monitor drug dealers and tax cheats. The federal government in 1969 made the $100 bill the highest bank note obviously to force drug cartels to carry more bills, making them more detectable. The $500 bill, with William McKinley’s face on it, is no longer issued, as well as the $1,000 (Grover Cleveland) and $5,000 (James Madison) bills.

Of course, there’s nothing new about cashless societies. Centuries ago, peasants typically conducted transactions by bartering — say, trading two sheep for a straw-stuffed bed. Come to think of it, that wasn’t very sanitary during plagues, either.

And another post from her:

In the U.S., mobile payments have spiked dramatically since the coronavirus outbreak. The U.K. saw ATM withdrawals drop 60%, according to the BBC while many businesses all over the world are asking customers to refrain from cash payments. Brook Silva Braga looks at the global rise of digital currency

And yet another post from her:

The fact that job openings and hiring did not fall more in March suggests companies held out hope that the recession would be brief, and that they would be able to soon return to previous job search and hiring plans. Data from job sites like Indeed, which are more current, indicate that job openings fell further in April, a sign that businesses are bracing for a lengthier slowdown.

Layoffs jumped the most in restaurants and bars, where they surged almost 20-fold to 4.4 million. Retailers also reported an enormous increase, to 1.1 million in March from 224,000 in February.

The figures lag more recent data such as the April jobs report, released last week, which showed the unemployment rate leapt to 14.7% that month, the highest since the Great Depression. More than 20 million jobs were lost. But Friday’s report, known as the Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, or JOLTS, helps illustrate how businesses responded to the initial viral outbreak.

U.S. layoffs surged to record high of 11.4 million in March

And yet another post from her:

U.S. factory production plummeted in April by the most in records dating back to 1919

And yet another post from her:

The biggest losers from negative interest rates are people with savings and companies with large cash balances. If interest rates drop below zero, companies will essentially be penalized for holding cash. Instead, many companies will be forced to invest that cash, which is the theoretical justification for negative rates in the first place. By forcing companies to invest and spend money, negative rates in theory will help drive economic growth.
That same stimulus also benefits stock investors. In addition to forcing companies to invest cash, negative interest rates also make low-risk sources of investment income, such as savings accounts, CDs and Treasury bonds, unappealing. The lower interest rates fall, the fewer viable options investors have and the more money flows into stocks, driving share prices higher.

And yet another post from her:

The states of the Eastern EU tumble toward their worst economic slump since communism
Damage from the coronavirus slammed into the European Union’s fastest-growing region in the first quarter, with more pain coming as the bloc’s eastern members head for the worst recession since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Looks like that, in addition to helping NY “reimagine education” that this former Google guy willl be helping us “reimagine” the workplace too:

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Here’s a somewhat unsettling throwback from the fall of 2018. There was a conference in Philadelphia on urban reinvestment and they were pitching having hospitals as community anchors – which felt like a really strange thing to choose. I mean we certainly need hospitals, but as community anchors? That felt weird…and now, here we are. Makes me wonder what the future of hospitals is even going to be moving forward. Clearly, though, the big insurance interests have A LOT of capital to plow into human capital investments.

“We recently had the Reinvest Philly Summit here where social impact bonds were advanced as a financial tool in creating economic opportunities, healthy communities, and a “just economy.” The summit emphasized the role of hospitals as anchors in community development, which is somewhat unnerving given Alphabet’s (parent of Google) interests in promoting “Smart City” infrastructure through Sidewalk Labs. A spin-off of Sidewalk Labs is CityBlock, a managed healthcare provider for “complex, urban populations.”

And another post from her:

Cashless transactions and biometric digital identity are central to the Fourth Industrial Revolution reset.

India featured

If you have a chance at some point to watch this – I would be curious what you think.

The central premise is around using insurance to patch over “risk” issues with digital ID. Much as credit card companies do. I think it is all related.

I think this is why the push in the US for digital dollar legislation tied to Covid. From Gates / Better Than Cash Alliance.

In the future I sense blockchain tokens will replace currencies and thus the “idea” of money will change in ways most can’t yet wrap their mind around. These tokens will be like loyalty points that can be exchanged for basic items, but I do not believe the people will have control of these scrip systems. I feel like I have to go back and learn more about the dynamics of company towns.

^^^ There is something about the “attention economy.” “Value exchange” in media creation and consumption. I am sensing a lot of it is tied to “reputation” as well.
Then there seem to be token economies around mindfulness and meditative states, too. I think that may be what was up with that weird link you shared the other day, but it wasn’t obvious at first glance and I was caught up in other things and couldn’t figure it out.
Everything is a commodity in liquid, globalized, micro-free-markets. What progressive economists are talking about this?

That screen shot was for a conference at UPenn Annennberg School of Communication that got cancelled in 2018 – so didn’t happen. This is the link to the same space.

I touched on it some in this piece.

Non-profit “activist” media a vertical for impact investors on the one hand, fully-corporate blockchain tokenomics media on the other.

And some replies to this post:

from 2018 :
We need a genuinely pro-people government, not a government of the western financial elites, the big corporations and the Indian super-rich that pretends to be pro-people.
Our sovereignty to choose our own economic and foreign policies also shouldn’t be in danger. Our government needs to protect the interests of the people of India, and avoid collaborating with elite foreign powers to impose unwise policies – which are also damaging western societies – upon us.
One has to write a separate article to point out the socio-economic devastation, loss of civil liberties and massive inequality caused by neoliberal policies in the West, which are now being mindlessly imported into India.
The reckless experimentation to forge a ‘cashless society’ has caused unprecedented loss and suffering, comparable to the brutal misdeeds of the colonial past.
But colonialism is not dead; it has resurfaced as neo-colonialism in the guise of pro-corporatism neoliberal ideology – that Noam Chomsky ideates is destroying democracy – which is in the process to re-colonize the world on the behalf of unelected western elites – Brett Scott’s ‘Big Finance’.
Sovereignty and Demonetization Enquiry
The issue of sovereignty – to choose economic and foreign policies which might not synchronise with the policies backed by the dominant Western powers: US and ‘Big Finance’ – is also a crucial issue of our times.
I hope greater awareness and public debates will ensue in the regard to the collaboration/coercion/meddling by vested foreign powers – elected and unelected – upon the policies of India, the dangers of becoming a vassal / client state and losing our traditional non-aligned status.
Sovereignty lies at the very root of moral, intellectual, emotional and spiritual nourishment of a person, and also of a nation. India has fought the brutal exploitation of colonialism and imperialism to gain sovereignty, freedom and independence. But the battle is not over; we suddenly need to fight in the 21st century to keep it that way.

Corbett report

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

TN: they need to pay almost $16 million since cancelling end of year tests (they would have paid about $5 million more normally)
How about we scrap the testing? And pay our teachers what they are worth, smaller class sizes, have reading and math specialist, evidence based programs like OG, Wilson and Barton for ESE kids.

Side note: Florida’s contract with AIR is $220 million for a 6 year contract which amounts to $36 million. (According to 2014 numbers)

And another post from this group:

Hello Parents, I opted my kindergartener out of iReady from the get-go because the only reason it exists is to make money for a massive corporation and politicians. I have no interest in discussing the intricacies of the program b/c it was done in bad faith. With that said, my kid was the only one that opted out in her classroom, and I think in her entire class. Parents seemed to be very compliant with the school demands, which I understand. Things have changed. After the last two weeks of diagnostics, I am now getting calls from frustrated parents that might have never really given thought to the program before and are now questioning its validity. How do I seize on this opportunity? The PTA is not a viable choice as they only exist to raise funds and advocate for the school. There’s no real parent organization that’s there to advocate for the kids. Opting out is a powerful choice but it needs to be done en masse to send a message to the powers that be. Have any of you been able to create parent groups to influence school/district policy?

And some replies to this post:

You need to get in touch with the superintendent. They are the ones to make the decision on i-ready.

I don’t even try with the parent groups, but people come to me “on the side”‘and ask how to opt out…i always direct them to these groups to learn more. I think a lot more parents will be opting out next school year. I have, however, spoken at school board meetings and sent emails to the superintendent and school board members. The more people that write to the school board, the better.

same but we no parents here that speak up. Maybe 4 of us sporadically.

I’m afraid no one else will really be able to help, because they aren’t going to go against the district and they are trained, and have workshops after workshops. Plus, in many schools it’s the only curriculum. There are books to teach from also. Student copies and teacher manuals that support the computer program. With all that money dumped in it’s unlikely they will listen. I would ask when the next curriculum adoption is and how to get involved.

I am following. I threw in the towel and homeschool my 4th & 6th grader now. I have an upcoming PreK kid and I would really like to get her into K without all this nonsense. I would do anything to help.

I am thinking that the most powerful people left are parents and having a en masse opt-out would force change. Advocacy (speaking out, writing letters, etc.) needs to continue parallel to this but a show of force is also necessary. This time is ripe for starting local initiatives that are as much about support as they are about opting out. The only obstacle I see I terms of getting people on board is that opting out seems…hard. I am just getting my feet wet as my kid is only 6.

opting out isn’t hard. It’s dealing with brainwashed admin and teachers that’s hard. I had my son’s PII deleted completely so he doesn’t take do any online curriculum that requires a unique log in. That’s what you want to fight, not the individual programs or companies. I assure you, if IReady goes away, there’s another shitty program taking its place.

Dealing with the teachers and admin can be hard for some families. The pushback/pressure is always there so it’s better if you can get support from other families in your school community that are doing the same. I have no interest in fighting a corporation, this is about cutting the cord entirely regardless of who’s at the other end. Opting out can be used not just as a way to protect your children but also to steer the direction of the education system.

that’s why we don’t do anything that requires a unique log in…Nothing!

We are generally the only one in our class too. There’s maybe 2 of us in each of my children’s grade. We were one of 2 that opted out of FSA as well last year. Many parents I know don’t like it but their kids continue to do it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I was looked at like I had 3 heads when I mentioned opting out (FSA) or refusing (iReady). The PTO even renamed field day to FSA fun day.

I remember the first year we moved here and mentioned it to a teacher about opting out of FSA and got home and and a call from the testing coordinator with lots of lies I learned later. We opted out the following year and I told them to not to bother having the testing coordinator as I knew our rights and there was no changing our minds. We have had no issues.
We did have issues with opting out of iReady diagnostic but will not again.
FSA fun day 🤦🏻‍♀️

what were some of the lies?

telling me opt out isn’t allowed and that my son would be placed in remedial classes in middle school (he was in 5th when we moved here). My husband at the time was too nervous for repercussions. I researched and learned and know statutes and advocate for my kids 💯

they will tell you anything to get you to comply

And yet another post from this group:

Hello everyone, it’s my first post on this chat.
Since I’ve been homeschooling and working at the same time. I was shocked!! When the Iready diagnostics came up. I have a 4th, 6th and 7th grader. My 6th grader is on a 504 plan and the reading questions he was getting on the diagnostic were for a highschooler! My son was so frustrated and he kept telling me ” mom I don’t know this, we haven’t been taught this.
What do I need to do in order to get them out of doing iready? All it does is frustrates them, sometimes in tears..they feel dumb, mad because they don’t understand why they’re tested on things they haven’t been taught. I can’t imagine other kids out there that might get spanked because they don’t ” bring their numbers” up and parents don’t realize how iready works.

And some replies to this post:

I havent had my kids do it since we started distance learning. Its really garbage and not needed. My 2nd grader is considered “gifted” and even he gets frustrated, says he doesnt understand. My 5th grader also has a 504 and an anxiety disorder, it used to make him so mad, I just stopped it.

I live in South Florida..Lots of Latino mine..I didn’t spank my kids, but I use to tell them that they didn’t do well because they weren’t paying attention to the teachers….come to find out a week ago today..that 50% of what’s in diagnostic is not taught! It’s a guessing game and your guesses better be right….( sarcasm)

We don’t use Iready. But as a teacher I think it’s fair to say that diagnostic assessments are going to give a variety of questions of varying difficulty. Students should do their personal best and if they get them wrong, they will soon see less challenging questions. It’s not a pass/fail assessment. It’s trying to identify strengths and weaknesses in these areas. But, again, my own kids opt out.

but also used for k-2 teachers VAM which affect how they get paid and another way to retain kids in 3rd grade.
It’s also really hard to explain to a young child especially in K or 1st grade when they are getting super difficult questions that they shouldn’t know the answers because it’s not age appropriate.

Exactly what you said is what the councelor told me, but they put a lot of emphasis on the results. When my son didn’t go up points on the assessment. I would get a phone call, a letter I needed to sign and the scores highlighted as if he had just committed a crime.

IReady doesn’t bother me, I sit with my son and assist him and anything he wasn’t taught we research.

but that doesn’t happen at school. It’s supposed to be teacher led but it’s not. At our school we had 19 kindergarteners with headphones on.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

That worst-case scenario has been revamped as we speak. The notion of a generalized obligatory confinement is not warranted by any medical justification, or leading epidemiological research, when it comes to fighting a pandemic. Still, that was enshrined as the hegemonic policy – with the inevitable corollary of countless masses plunged into unemployment. All that based on failed, delirious mathematical models of the Imperial College kind, imposed by powerful pressure groups ranging from the World Economic Forum (WEF) to the Munich Security Conference.
Enter Dr. Richard Hatchett, a former member of the National Security Council during the first Bush Jr. administration, who was already recommending obligatory confinement of the whole population way back in 2001. Hatchett now directs the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), a very powerful entity coordinating global vaccine investment, and very cozy with Big Pharma. CEPI happens to be a brainchild of the WEF in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

And another post from her:

Only a crisis, actual or perceived, produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function; to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable
Naomi Klein in The Shock Doctrine quotes Milton Friedman

Interesting that our own government helped fund the biolab in China through EchoHealth Alliance and of course the CEO of EchoHealth Alliance blames “us” as the reason for this virus – Hmm, I have heard of lame duck excuses but this one tops the cake – Oh and by the way Echohealth Alliance is very much a supporter of the “green climate ” ” Gaia ” , ” Mother Earth ” agenda …
EchoHealth Alliance was formed by the merger of The Wildlife Trust and the Consortium for Conservation Medicine in 2010.
Founded under the name Wildlife Preservation Trust International in 1971 by British naturalist, author, and television personality Gerald Durrell, it became The Wildlife Trust in 1999. In the fall of 2010, the organization changed its name to EcoHealth Alliance. The rebrand reflected a change in the organization’s focus, moving from solely a conservation nonprofit which focused mainly on the captive breeding of endangered species, to an environmental health organization with its foundation in conservation.
EcoHealth Alliance partners with USAID on the PREDICT subset of USAID’s EPT [Emerging Pandemic Threats) program ] PREDICT seeks to identify which emerging infectious diseases are of the greatest risk to human health.

EchoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak is a zoologist who works in China and runs the EcoHealth Alliance, an organization that studies the connections between human and wildlife health.

There’s plenty of speculation over the origins of the pandemic that has ground much of the world to a halt. But there’s little doubt about who caused it. As a panel of international scientists noted in a release issued this week, “There is a single species that is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic — us.”
The statement — authored by professors Josef Settele, Sandra Díaz, Eduardo Brondizio and zoologist Peter Daszak — goes on to point the finger squarely at our obsession with “economic growth at any cost.”

This article was framed during a Cutting-Edge Science Symposium funded by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Research Office (Canberra, Australia). EcoHealth Alliance acknowledges funding from the US National Institutes of Health National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (2R01AI110964) and the US Agency for International Development (EPT-Predict).

Conclusion – . . . the epidemic has caused to appear with clarity is that the state of exception, to which governments have habituated us for some time, has truly become the normal condition. There have been more serious epidemics in the past, but no one ever thought for that reason to declare a state of emergency like the current one, which prevents us even from moving. People have been so habituated to live in conditions of perennial crisis and perennial emergency that they don’t seem to notice that their life has been reduced to a purely biological condition and has not only every social and political dimension, but also human and affective. A society that lives in a perennial state of emergency cannot be a free society. We in fact live in a society that has sacrificed freedom to so-called “reasons of security” and has therefore condemned itself to live in a perennial state of fear and insecurity.

As I have stated in the past all it takes is using common sense among all of us but the government of each country did not give us the opportunity to make our own decisions, to use our own God given common sense ..

And yet another post from her:

Another housing crisis ?

Look, another push toward Agenda 21/2030 via the climate stuff:

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

It’s not just Gates and vaccines we need to be paying attention to, it’s Michael Bloomberg and “public health” in “smart cities.” My latest here.

Bloomberg in Canada, too.

And another post from her:

Digital driver’s licenses can track people & restrict mobility. IDEMIA “augmented ID” in India AND Oklahoma.

Wow – digital payments, too.

And some replies to this post:

Check this one out and download

Just what we need a military – corporate public / private partnership! Thanks.

While in a conversation with a friend of mine about Facebook and “fact-checkers”, a friend of ours posted this:

there is a push to put all history and reading material on blockchain. In fact, I think (I may be wrong) that the entire Library of Congress Is on a blockchain. Which means that all “official” history and books would have to come from a blockchain that you would need access to and rights. Otherwise, it will not be deemed credible. This is something I read a few years ago and I thought was pretty alarming.

And some replies to this post:

yes, i’m sure that’s where this is going. I’ve been buying paper books like crazy. I want my children to be able to read without the voyeuristic technocratic spying on them – at least as long as that’s possible, anyway.
I have a hunch that rare books and artwork will be security for cryptocurrency. They’re removing many European masterworks from our museums permanent exhibits. So i’ve been buying quality art books as well.

yes, so you’re already aware. They have started tonormalize the idea that you do not own books with “books” such as Kindle. You only borrow the books. And there are digital libraries where each book can only be borrowed if it is not taken by someone at the moment. So, you have to wait till that digital book is “available” when all they have to do is make a copy for you to read. But, they don’t, because that is how blockchain based books will become. You’ll have to have a lot of reward points and special access creds for high valued books that are checked out temporarily until it’s your turn.

Is it just the library of Congress or do you think they’re going to eventually put all of the “valid” stuff on there so anything in print will be deemed “invalid” merely for not being on the blockchain network?

Granted, so far, I think would be VERY dangerous to online digital conversations and source sharing if such a system were put in place, but I can’t yet see how it in and of itself could stop people talking off the grid, unless there was lots of 6G and 7G around listening to every word and noticing someone stating a “falsehood” that didn’t align with the “official” stuff on the blockchain. However, with them stopping teaching cursive (in many places) and reducing lessons on spelling, it’s possible that they could simply get rid of English and every other language. This new language would be the only official language of business, education, etc. That way, the only people would could have access to the old stuff in the first place would be outlaws (true, older people would have it, but only the older people who defied the system and passed it on to their kids and so on would still have it in the family and those descendants would be outlaws then).

eventually, all tangible assets will be on blockchains, smart contract blockchains, to be more exact. So yes, ALL physical and “tangible” assets.

yes exactly! If the information is all on a blockchain (so much for decentralization), then it’s binary signature can be detected if there is an attempt to copy/paste without permission, or copyright infringement.

yes, facebook and google would use it a lot, along with youtube (google)

That brings up another question I’m wondering: what about the Dark Web? I’m a bit confused there, as, on the one hand, Tor was originally designed by the government, but supposedly all sorts of people use it and don’t get caught. Is there a way to make a “dark web”, either the main one or a network of computers that are hidden from the rest of the world, kind of like a private internet? Supposedly companies already may have such systems to keep proprietary information safe and I’m sure the government does as well. Could we build such a thing?

the answer to all those questions is Yes, Yes, Yes and more Yes. You can build another internet just with private servers/gateways. You can have private networks and hook them up. It does not have to use DNS domain names. YOu can create your own IP addresses that others can access and grant your own access and rights to users. So yes to all of the above.

Also, I might add that another thing they are doing is vilifying the liberal arts (old books/history) and pushing STEM, STEM, STEM. So we’ll be building the code that will produce our own enslavement while treating as “bad” the very works of the past that will be most dangerous to the elites.

With them handing over the Internet to ICANN, which is globalist, I think that, at some point, they’ll deplatform you if you don’t tout the party line anyway, so avoiding the DNS domain name is a necessity.

yes, they want to get rid of the books that initiated the enlightenment age and now just want people to learn modern day field plowing tools.

yes, you don’t need DNS to communicate, but you wont have one for the general population, but that’s okay.. small price to pay.

Am I right or way off in assuming that, at some point in the future, that all computers will be like a Chromebook, where everything is accessed online, only it will be via a cloud. You won’t have Word or anything that you own but would access it (and probably have to pay for it every year. I know they’re doing it now with Office 365 but you can still get the regular Office, they just don’t update it like they do 365.) So you would no longer own your Word, your Age of Empires (fun game), your Photoshop, etc. Am I right or am I too paranoid?

Also, my other concern, especially after, about a year ago, the computer DVD player repair guy said that they were having to repair more of them (or something like that) as they weren’t trying anymore when making them as they were planning to head toward all streaming (or something like it) and no DVDs in the near future. So my fear is that there is going to be a time where you cannot see Pinnochio, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (the original 6), The Ten Commandments, etc without paying for some streaming service from Disney or some other megamedia company. You wouldn’t be able to own your own copy anymore (unless you could make your own DVD or VHS player bootleg). Though the problem with making a bootleg DVD or VHS is that you can only play them so many times before they get worn out and the data would be lost. In short, Disney or whomever would block access to it unless you paid for it.

And you guys think it’s going to be the same, with authors in the future writing more toward digital than paper books and with old books being converted to digital.

And once the books and movies are all digital/streaming, the censorship will begin and they’ll destroy anything they don’t want. out there.

As for blockchain, is it like a giant OneDrive in the cloud, only it stores information about you and could hold currencies too?

And it could be used as encryption too to block access unless you pay a fortune for a service or if you’re part of the 1% allowed to access it.

actually, you are very correct! The internet is already going through this transformation. The standards have already been created. The plan is to make something like Etherium become the operating system for an internet that becomes one giant computer. All transactions (not just monetary) will be via an internet that is based on smart-contract blockchain. It is the internet that Tim Lees-Berner says he wishes he had created (he’s the inventor of the WWW).
So yes, the soon to be there internet will have EVERTHING-as-a-service coming to you via some tablet or sorts. No more owning any digital assets. You lease or rent it. No more copying it either and no more local storage. Oh, and you’ll need to bring your digital ID.

if you have your own computer and you converted everything, you’d still be able to access your own material, but if the OS changes on your old computer and you install a new one, then you’re out of luck.

if the hardware is of this time period and not future made processors, then you’d be okay.. you’d have a legacy system and a legacy network

And that’s REALLY why they want the 5G and connectivity. It’s not so that everyone can access school or work stuff in remote areas, it’s so they can bring us into their system and force us out of the old ones that aren’t under their thumb.

you’re right about the 5G. It’s about changing our economy. It’s part of an economic Reboot.

6G will be about Ai-to-AI communication.

The problem with the newer hardware is it’s planned obsolescence. The past ones 10 years ago were made to last 10 or so years. The current ones were made to intentionally die after 4 or 5. I kept wondering why my old stuff seemed to last longer than the new ones. My family thinks I’m just rougher on my newer laptops and stuff, and maybe I am, but I think, deep down, they’re being designed bad on purpose and that updates from Windows and other stuff are deliberately sabotaging it, trying to make ti die sooner so I’ll have to go onto newer and newer systems.

personal computers will be around for a long while since developers cannot work without them. We developers need faster processors and large local data storage that can’t be done with tablets. So, you don’t have to worry about that. But they are getting lesser in quantity since the average person if fine with a phone or tablet or lightweight laptops.

and I think you’re right about the planned obsolescence.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

In my opinion, transnational global capital’s Fourth Industrial Revolution program benefits greatly from distraction and division generated by social media feeds steeped in identity and partisan politics. Look behind the curtain. If we want to confront racialized biocapitalism, should be focused on the World Economic Forum, Davos, the World Bank, the OECD, the WHO, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

And some replies to this post:

If dependence on their ‘System’ is maintained none of that will matter… why confront something that could much easier be made irrelevant by not complying and not participating and simplifying out lives to the point where their institutions are unnecessary…. I’m all for gaining knowledge as to how the ‘System’ works and have dedicated much time to it myself.. but.. at what point do you suggest we take action on things within our actual sphere of influence.. which is in our personal lives and our personal environments… not in some ivory tower. somewhere …

I believe there is an education component – both as to the changing nature of the system as well as the history of resistance to enslavement, as well as putting resources into making the preferred future manifest. I don’t think there is a way to escape it. See Gates and satellites and targeted weapons.

Yep.. totally agree.. wasn’t meant as a criticism of your work in any way.. i get a lot out of your posts and you are by far the most knowledgeable person on these Systems… I’m just calling for a degree of balance that I’m not seeing… in fact I’m mostly seeing.. even among the ‘truth seekers’ .. a call for the very System they are supposedly against to somehow also be their savior from itself.. and that has GOT to be sidelined right now before it goes any further.. not saying you are doing this as I have chatted privately about this and know that is not the case… but I have seen this among the general followers… technology and dependence on institutions is a vile addiction that need some serious intervention and the sooner the better… once all this tech you describe is fully in place it will be harder if not impossible.. we have a small window of time to continue to use ‘their’ tools against them such as communicating over the internet as we’re doing now.. let’s not waste it… wanted this to be more eloquently written but am in a rush.. hope it makes sense…

Maybe we should worry about keeping our own spirits intact rather than whether we can ‘escape it’ or not…

yes, we could walk away and work on our own spirits, but what about our kids and grandkids? Do we not owe them a chance to not live in digital prison, unlike anything we’ve ever imagined? It would be easier walking away, resuming our lives, but is that what we should do? I’m battling that question everyday, but I keep thinking about our kid’s future. They cross my mind everyday. I think that is the bigger question.

I totally get that optimally it would be great for lots more people to be able to disconnect and become self-sufficient outside modern society. That said, most people are not in position to secure land to do that now. Also it is not easy to abandon a career, home, maybe even loved ones to do that. I for one still love my city, even thought I see the prison they are turning it into. So I will not pass judgement on those who are making their way outside of the system. That may even be me one day – but honestly I know how much I don’t know and it is really intimidating. Until then I will use my position to expose this and shine and light and welcome doing that with others who share the same outlook.

remember the discussion we had, when we first met, when I told you that governments, and agencies were placing all tangible and physical assets on blockchains for the past 4-5 years? They have done so and are still doing so. Going to the blockchain are deeds to land and real-estate, water, minerals, etc. Eventually, in a purely digital age, you will not have access to land unless you are given access to that land via cybersecurity. If you do not have the digital credentials, you will be removed from said land. In a digital future, you’ll need digital credentials and authorization for any kind of (blockchain) transaction. If you need fresh water, food, fuel, etc, you’ll need proper digital validation. Eventually, no one will be allowed to drive cars. You’ll have to use self-driving cars. But, you wont be allowed to travel in them if you have not been rewarded your Boost tokens based on UN SDG contribution points. No contributin, no tokens. No tokens, no travel, “money”, food, medicine, etc. So, living outside the system might not be possible. Our globe is being turned into a global prison. We need to think further.

The vast majority of people have never heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and all it entails. National party politics are utterly irrelevant now yet in Britain social media is saturated with age old red and blue party politics. People are so entrenched and angry and divided there is little chance of them taking anything new on board. They just want to fight the age old fight.
The working class have no voice and haven’t for the last 30 plus years. They and we are the only hope for change and resistance. They intuitive ‘get it right’.

Absolutely 🙌 Identity politics isn’t meant to empower and uplift. It’s designed to facture and divide and maintain divisions. It cannot function and ceases to exist in an MLK philosophy of unity beyond the colour of skin or differences in genitals – that your character, behaviour and values are what matters. Take it a step furthebr and that is at the core of most religions. That your eternal soul is your true identity, not the material package it happens to be in. Identity politics chains people to the most superficial indentification of self and others. I frequently watch those intoxicated with identity politics, say the most prejudicial, racist, offensive, reductive things about others, oppressing and attacking them without even realising they are being the very thing they think they are fighting against. Having people squabble over tiny words and terminology as if it were life and death. Truly fighting over nothing. I think it fits into ego attachment and narcissism. Popular culture, celebrity culture, music, and then social media have all fed the glorification of self and created societal levels of narcissism. When you assume and base who you are on identity politics, you can’t let that go otherwise “you” cease to be relevant or exist. You even hear people say that their right to exist is threatened by someone else not using a pronoun like “she”, if the person is a biological male. I think it has all been encouraged to fracture, divide and distract and not just from those in power, but to the very core of what it means to be human, to be kind and to put others before yourself. I think the removal of religion and awareness of all this was a precondition to enabling the current state.

Here is a post from a firend of mine:

How many eviction notices were served last month? Who owns those properties? Watch for Pay for Success programs rolling out soon!

And some replies to this post:

I own rental property.. my family and I .
We are besides ourselves over this mess. We have one tenant who gets SSI for three of her family members but yet she can’t pay her rent. That was the only reason why we agreed to rent to her because she had proven/stable monthly income . Now we can’t evict her bc of “Covid”

yet, we’re going to see the major corporate real estate speculators turn this debacle into a “perfect” way to stack and pack people into urban centers. Blackrock wins. The rest of us… not so much. 😥

I have a feeling this is the plan. Hoods/ghettos are not designed to build you up. They are designed to keep the lower class in one area. Easier to track and let them kill each other off!
Not sure what black rock is. Off to research.

BlackRock investments?

exactly! Like Pottersville.

yes. And there’s Blackstone too. They are buying up all sorts of property to turn it in to e-commerce warehouses. 😨

In this case I think the beneficiary will be Blackstone.

I found this on a friend’s wall: Fed Chair Powell has upwards of $11.6 Million INVESTED WITH BlackRock, the firm that is MANAGING a $750 Billion Corporate Bond Bailout Program for the Fed

here’s where they roll out “inclusive capitalism.”

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

After the Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision — WI DHS to receive new “powers” and up to 150 days, or 5 months.
DHS will be working with MDH for Contact Tracing

“Gov. Ton Evers this week announced a plan to restore emergency powers to the Department of Health Services.

Less than 24 hours after the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down SHD Secretary-designee Andrea Palm’s extension of Evers’ Safer at Home order, it was the first step towards allowing the DHS to issue emergency orders without public input or a vote in the Legislature.

Written by the Department of Health Services, the seven-page Statement of Scope was released, and approved by Evers, on Thursday. The Statement is the beginning of the process of creating new administrative rule-making authority for the DHS during a public health emergency, allowing it to issue social distancing orders without permission from the Legislature.

The Scope will be open for public input beginning Monday. Following the 10-day comment period, the DHS plans to publish a draft of the proposed rule.

But the rule is also subject to changes by the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules. Co-chair Rep. Joan Ballweg said it wasn’t immediately clear if the new rule would be a “repeat of the Safer at Home order or something that will be negotiated between the Legislature and [DHS].”

If approved, the new rule could be in effect for up to 150 days (about five months) and could be subject to an extension.

Public input can be submitted to the following members of the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules.”

UPDATE: A friend of my relatives in WI has stated that Evers has, for now, redacted the above.

Here is another post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Could this be our Minnesota school model for the Fall?
When outlining the rationale for the summer guidelines, the state Department of Education wrote that the hybrid model of in-person and distance learning was “a plausible option for the summer and could serve as a pilot for full implementation in the fall, if needed.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“A report by the civil liberties group contends that reliance on thermal cameras and temperature-sensing guns to resume work at factories and offices and to encourage travel is flawed and intrusive.”

Here is ACLU white paper.

And another post from her:

Yep. They miss real school.

And some replies to this post:

Which is why I said ‘no’ to these at the very start eight weeks ago. As much as they dislike it, they are becoming conditioned. And parents? The computer or iPad will be the babysitter.

“Remember, in a lot of ways this is even harder for kids than it is for adults
Adults had at least been following the COVID-19 news before everything shut down, but kids’ worlds changed in an instant.
“A lot of them went to school one day, and the next day it was just … over”

teachers please make old school work packets and focus on place-based activities you can do in your home (think kitchen science) or maybe yard or nearby park—study dirt, rocks and who lived in your area first. let’s finally let our kids learn about local ecology and how everything is connected. start with identifying local trees, and which tribes lived in your area and how did they survive, etc…

this is what USED to happen during hurricane season when I lived in Texas waaayyyy back before everyone had a computer.

Its definitely real. Soooo many of my students have repeatedly expressed that they miss school. And mostly I’m hearing it from the students who admitted to being excited about the time off but then reality sunk in. This just sucks.

Totally, ^^same here. My kids MISS their teachers and miss friends. My kid said I wish I could give them a hug, but I probably won’t even see them again. (Graduating senior)😪

Oh that makes me so sad! Students will be coming to school over several days next week to drop off laptops, clean out lockers, etc. I signed up to be there every day just so I can see their faces from mask up. Interacting with them, even one last time, is something I’m looking forward to….so much so I’m tearing up as I write this. And to do this again next year?? Ugh.

As a teacher who was not allowed to use live instruction, and had to focus on packets, then recorded lessons with digital assignments, and just now finally allowed live meetings on Google meets, first a caveat – they all pale in comparison to real school, of course. But adding live meetings was the best thing to happen during this time and I’ll tell you why. First if all, we are only doing small groups or individual lessons. (I request parents stay for the whole time, since it’s Kindergarten.) Parents are learning how to instruct by watching and listening and asking questions. The children have a renewed motivation for school type activities. And I’m actually teaching.
Anyone who know me know I am very outspoken against developmentally inappropriate and/or canned digital learning. I am a proponent for play, hands on, and old school instruction. But in this situation, I am so glad I can now do live meetings. We meet once or twice a week, as the parents sign up for a time slot. And it’s completely optional (for staff as well as students). And the students are over the moon. I also have a friend who teaches middle school on a different district. They began right away with scheduled meetings and her kids have expressed so much appreciation for her time and for the relationship. These kids had real and meaningful relationships with their teachers that were suddenly ripped from their lives. They need and want that to continue for the post part.🤷 I hesitate to admit that here and I’m prepared to be crucified.

Of course I’m only saying for this situation, I find it’s been positive in the manner I am using it. And I pray to God school goes back to what we know and love next year.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

I’ve been saying all along it’s going to be about geo-fencing.

“Holness had earlier announced, during the press conference, that the 1,044 Jamaican crew members aboard Royal Caribbean cruise line’s Adventure of the Seas vessel, who will be allowed to quarantine at home, must consent to being monitored using the technology through the JamCovid19 app, and will be required to do a video check-in multiple times per day.”

I wrote this pre-pandemic, but you can easily swap “people on parole” for “people deemed to be a national security risk due to disease profiling.”

From my story written December 2017.
“As the economy was digitized, transportation and movement became increasingly circumscribed. No one has personal vehicles anymore, so unless you are walking or have a bicycle, you have to use DigiGo, the autonomous ride sharing system. The system requires you to have a Citi Badge. Access to different sectors of the city varies depending on your citizen score. Each sector has a digital border. Many opt to get implanted Citi Badge chips, which allow you to travel between sectors without manually checking in at each crossing. Citi Badge interfaces are cumbersome, and many of the newer operating systems no longer process device-based transactions.”

Here is a post from a firend of mine:

🤨A bit opportunistic. The UN on need for education data collection during Covid.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Here’s Utah’s “re-educate the populace” plan. This is part of Common Core 2.0:

And some replies to this post:

Even Utah is not immune to “The Swamp!”

Yes, the best way to ruin the USA is to get rid of small businesses…
see all countries south of Us for your example!

In the end, they want to destroy liberty and make us dependent on the state, they can’t do that if we can support ourselves through our own business.

Any idea where the state kills small businesses and how?? I found mine.

Does anyone have a copy of the original Senate Bill of “Goals 2000” that was the. Companion bill for HR6 back in the 1990’s? Because it’s all in there! Common Core, the idiocy happening right now with COVID19, and SOOOO much more. I thought it was defeated, but no it was passed. There’s so much more evil in that bill that we haven’t even seen yet. But it’s coming. How can we get rid of it when it’s already law, passed right under our noses!

Is this what you are referring to or is there a Utah Bill by the same name?

I am aware of the rhetoric, and if I had not read the lengthy document myself, I’d be satisfied with what has been put out there. But I’ve just seen one after another item of Goals 2000 incrementally implemented over the past several decades to doubt their words. Unfortunately, I gave my copy away to a liberal friend of mine who had supposedly reformed, which he did not. That being said, this was all started by the UN and Robert Mueller, the undersecretary general at the time. If I had any advice to give to parents, it would be to take your kids out of public school, and make sure you teach them, at an age appropriate, of what is going on, so they don’t get deceived.

the House Bill was called HR 6, if I could only remember the Senate Bill #. There are a few things I do remember, one thing that has not yet been implemented, and if it ever does, we’ll know it’s still going on probably under the guise of some other bill. It really alarmed me: every child born in a hospital would be assigned a social worker, and that sw would go home with the family, and teach the parents how to raise their child, and WHAT to teach them. The child would have sw from birth to age 18. Also other items in that bill that did pass, business would be heavily involved with public education, and all schools would be called learning centers, and have medical offices on campus, abortion on demand there, and no permission required and no info given to parents. There would also be education for parents at these learning centers.
I’m skeptical that everything in that bill died, because so many things that were in it, maybe altered, but still active today.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

A biblical wave of bankruptcies and mortgage defaulting is on the horizon just after the current covid storm has passed. The number of repossessions post the economical crash of 2008 will fade into memory.

We will see an unprecedented number of businesses and homes taken under control of the banks. Without employment people will be forced to leave not only their homes but the communities that they have spent years building. The economical institutions and their henchmen will not be waiting years for court orders.

Free legal help will be cut, your right to fight evictions will disappear. Now is the time to group.

Waiting until the storm has arrived is never the right time to prepare. We have seen local community groups prevail over the last few months when we needed them, now we will need them to step up once again but this time with a louder voice before the storm arrives.

Your elected political representative with their high salary and all it’s perks will not be working on your behalf, it’s the local community workers that understand you. The role of the 1% is to divide us, the role of the community workers is to unite us irrelevant of race religion or color. Now more than ever before is the time to support local businesses and stand together.

As jobs disappear and our everyday lives are disrupted in the name of flattening the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, a picture of what tomorrow will look like is still too uncertain to make out, but all indications show that we are close to a breaking point.

And another post from him:

It just gets worse. New CDC guidlines for reopening schools:

◦ Wear masks over the age of 2
◦ No sharing of any items or supplies, all belongings in individual cubbies or labeled containers; no sharing electronic devices, toys, games, learning aids
◦ Desks 6 feet apart, all facing the same way
◦ Distance on school buses- one child per seat, skip rows
◦ Install sneeze guards and partitions wherever you cannot space 6ft apart
◦ One way routes in hallways; tape on sidewalks and walls to assure kids stay 6ft apart
◦ No communal shared spaces – cafeterias, playgrounds
◦ Physical barriers or screens between sinks in bathrooms
◦ Only pre-packages boxes or bags of food instead of cafeteria food; kids eat in classrooms
◦ No field trips, assemblies, or external organizations in the schools. Limit volunteers and visitors.
◦ Same children stay with same staff all day, no switching groups or teachers.
◦ Stagger arrival and departure times for students to limit exposure to crowds of kids.
◦ If possible, daily health and temperature checks.
◦ And several rules about cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day and hand washing frequently.

Read it here:

…and here:
New CDC guidelines for reopening schoolsirus-cdc-quietly-releases-detailed-guidelines-for-reopening-us.html

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:
Pierre Omidyar is perhaps even more dangerous than Bill Gates, because he operates under the radar. There’s a reason he secured the Snowden archive / The Intercept. Human capital futures tied to digital ID is the story that no one, even the alternative media, is really inclined to tell you about. It is the missing piece that brings everything into focus.

And here are some replies to this post:

He’s the chap with Naomi Klein on the payroll right?
The rabbit hole goes sooo deep.

My encounter with Mr. Scahill.

I’ve been saying it all along. The one SINGLE biggest threat to ALL of humanity is the BLOCKCHAIN! If your ID is tied to a blockchain, and ALL IoT devices (including wearables) are hooked into the blockchain, we will be living in a pico-second to pico-second surveillance state unlike anything anyone has ever known or seen before. Beyond anyone’s imagination! You will have ZERO privacy and you will be taxed for any and all transactions.

Once we give it up, we will never get it back. It seems a lot of people are looking forward to advanced tech. They do not understand the costs. There is something eerily comparable with the tech agenda to human zoos.

Yes! I realized this back when I started to learn about blockchain and how it worked. Once I learned about it, and smart contracts, then it hit me like a ton of bricks! We were in DEEP trouble! This was back in 2014 or 2015 for me. I’ve been trying to sound the alarm but no one seems to care of the harmless sound of “blockchain”. They have no clue and still have no clue.. and it’s here! The prison is built and all it needs now it occupants.

Obama and Google built the digital jail we don’t realize we are living in…yet.

I in particular have been just one of hundreds of thousands of engineers working on this digital jail. We the people have been providing our information to our jail masters. We just didn’t notice it at first. But now that I know, that I have made that connection, I have to warn people. The window is about to close if people are placed on a blockchain with their blockchain ID. We’re gonna be screwed!


we resist the ID! Do NOT get on a blockchain ID system. Do not participate. They have no power if we don’t give it to them.

that is you and me … there are millions upon millions (INdia, africa) uneducated/poor – already subjected to biometricdata id’s in adhhar, tied in with their bank accnts (and their “ration cards” the gov subsidy for food supplies here in India) it is these the people .. how do we stop this from happening? because they will not know what is being done to them .. it will just be done to them as the biometricid was, as demonitization was, as the lockdown (pre this cv19lockdown) in kashmir/ it’s the people… we need to find a solution …

more people from around the world need to become aware of this. There has to be more exposure. If we can get a good percentage of people, globally, to acknowledge that this is not what humanity wants or needs, then maybe we can stop and reverse this insanity. We just keep putting pressure. We can do this.

we need a very simple analogy or explanation for people to start their understanding of what it is. Alison posted a couple of links for me and I read and informed myself. I have asked a lot of people if they know what blockchain is and the simple answer is they don’t. Some never heard of it and some have a vague idea about something to do with bitcoin. I have managed to explain to just one interested person using education as a means to explaining it to them through their own kids.
I do my bit but it’s simply not enough.
I am struggling to find a simple way to get the message across via Facebook. Even the people who are against lockdown don’t know about the 4IR.

you’re absolutely right. When I explain blockchain, I tell people “it’s a way to turn you into a token that can be traded”. They immediately get it and don’t like it. And that is just part of what it is. It’s much more than that, but in essence it is that. The tokenization of assets on an immutable ledger doesn’t sounds as threatening.
We have to find a way to encompass the entire 4IR and broadcast it to the world. You are absolutely correct!

I think the biggest threat we face is the gullibility of people who believe the lies they are told by mainstream media.

I wonder what happens to the right to be ikognito once your identity has been tattooed on you? If you ever have to escape political prosecution, terrorist networks, violent husbands or just escape from some threat that needs to track you down? How does this affect people fleeing political disturbence, dictator regimes or such? There will be no way one can go incognito with this. Im not sure this amends to human rights?

You’re right, there would be no way to escape, short of cutting off your skin or limb. With facial recognition and smart dust or nanobots emitting ID transmissions, you would have no way to hide. I mean, there is always a way to hack a system, but not everyone is a hacker, right? This does not align with nature. We can’t allow this creature into our lives and our homes.

If there’s a barcode on your forehead, you’d have to cut off your head! Just joking. Nah – won’t happen due to collapse of economies and societies and lack of electricity. Without constant power, 5gee is dead and the whole plot depends on active 5gee.

And here is another post from her:

The National Research Council pitched smart dust, swallowable health monitors & automated buildings in 2001!


Read it here.

And some replies to this post:

This document (2001) is a prelude to what is now known as Internet of Things (IoT). Back before there was IoT, they called it embedded systems networks.

So Szabo had theorized smart contracts as early as 1996. I wonder if that was all part of there thinking – smart dust / biometric sensors embedded even in your DNA that would enable / restrict mobility / access?

Alison the thought of “smart contracts” was conceived long before the blockchain was invented in 2009. Yes, the smart contract, I believe had earned someone (was it Szabo?) an Nobel Prize in Economics. Not until the blockchain was invented by “Satoshi Nakamoto” of Bitcoin was it not possible to implement this smart contract concept. Once realized, then yes, all of the above technology could be hooked into the blockchain and be used to monitor all beings and devices on a ledger, in real-time.

This was the vanguard of folks behind “smart” environmental sensing. Health data capture has always been central to this enterprise.

The Pentagon was a smart building on 911 = i have reports which mention it

scroll around this lot lol

The pull quote – source for above.

This has been in the planning for more than 20 years. My other job, aside from programming strictly software, was as an embedded systems engineer. This is the stuff that makes for automated hardware-software. For your smart toasters, washers, dryers, microwave ovens, phones, drones, automobiles, and anything else that can be IoT.

And yet another post from her:

As we watch Washington Governor Inslee’s response to Covid – it is worth remembering he was at the ribbon cutting for the World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Center at the Presidio in 2017. Synthetic biology is a key feature of 4IR.

As we consider the push for contact tracing know that 1st District WA Representative Suzan DelBene (former Microsoft) co-founded the Caucus of the Internet of Things in 2015.

Virus management is fundamentally about harvesting our lives as data for transnational global capital – the fin-tech / debt-finance matrix. None of this “just happened.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine

This guy, Jayme Illien, Founder and Chief Author, CEO behind this crazy crap used to work for the CIA, has big ties to all of the central banks around the world, ties to AI industry and the 4IR. He claims “he was found on the side of the road by mother Theresa abandoned as a baby”. Right! This guy wants to change the world, along with Gates, Bloomberg, and all the tech billionaires on a system he calls (now get this…) Happytilism! A MULTI-TRILLION dollar economy based on HAPPYNESS! WTF is he talking about? This has got to be the biggest con ever in the history of this planet. The people are demented.
In my honest opinion, I think they just want to keep us locked down, controlled, dumb down further and just turn us into minimum wage earners as STEM employees from your smart cubicle, feeding the technocratic massively surveyed matrix!

Who is this guy? And why have we not heard about him before? This guy is a crackpot, but he’s extremely influential and dangerous!

Read about this crackpot on Wikipedia…

And some replies to this post:

We don’t hear much about K I S S I N G E R, either. His name came out at the beginning of this Gates stuff and that’s the last I’ve heard the name lately.

I’m sure he’s studying the fear-action-response plan, and updating it.

OMG! I saw this on Twitter yesterday and was trying to figure out if it was a hoax or not. I assume this “happitalism” will come when our brains are connected to the digital world via implants, allowing us to live in their fake “neuroreality”? Or maybe with something like WestWorld’s limbic pharmaceuticals… And notice how they say “freedom OF all life on earth by 2050”, instead of freedom FOR all life on earth?!!
It’s crazy how fast this all seems to be unfolding. Too bad the tech is mostly being used for tighter control (and other nefarious reasons). The Fourth Industrial Revolution! Yay.

I know this may sound silly, but can you verify that that’s for real? While it wouldn’t be the first time they outright said “new world order” cough George HW Bush cough, I can see people saying “Fake News” right away, as they won’t want to admit that the enemy is THAT in-your-face if I try and share it.

I did check on the Wayback Machine (to see if this was a hoax and if it was a recent invention of some prankster, just because it seems too beyond the pale to see them being THAT forthright,) I could only find back to 2018 on the Wayback Machine, which does seem a little odd for something going back to 2009 (and yes, the Wayback Machine was archiving stuff that far back.)

UPDATE: Looks like a real site to me. (Or else a very clever hoax. Due to the fact that nobody has sued them for having a fake site since at least 2018, I’m going to assume that it’s for real.)

have you checked out the Happytalism guy’s other company? Look at these partners!!!

I found a guy tied to Happytalism who was tied to Thrive Global.


Nelson Mandela’s grandson is involved too:

And another post from him:

Unknown to most, India is a testing ground for the 4th Industrial Revolution and the coming global Technocracy. As you see done in India, you can be sure to see it coming to your home town! The clock is ticking…

And here is the post that he quoted:

I thought the government was going to help the workers, but in fact they change the laws so workers have to work minimum 12 hours, not 8, and take away the minimum wage (which is nowhere near enough anyway), and all rights. Oh, and they have to be paid in the bank, not cash. Yet the whole world is now seeing the Indian workforce is treated abysmally and is already just a few days away from starvation. Shocking. They need much more, not less. Love & Light

And here are the replies to this post:

I think you’re correct. They were testing vaccines there, but also they tried out the cashless society there in an area and many people lost everything. The people were given a deadline to turn in all their cash because it was declared worthless into an account, but there wasn’t enough time to do it, so many were stuck with all their wealth in paper. The excuse was to “stop the black market.”
“They have to be paid in the bank” in this post says it all.

& our friends & neighbors applauding the technocratic revolution that will make us all peasant labor, call themselves ‘left’ or ‘progressive’. it boggles.

Yes, there are plenty of cues available to show what is in store for the rest of the western world, and the globe for that matter. The Techocrats have it all figured out. They’re gonna give us “what is good for us”.

How do we stop all of this?

Do not get on the blockchain.. that is, do not get a digital ID. That is key to their entire system. You have to be tagged in order to be tagged, tracked, monitored, and controlled.

You DO realize they will first target the disabled, the poor, the elderly, and threaten withholding all aid to them. No social security, no retirement/Medicare payments, no disability, no welfare, etc. I’m CERTAIN that will be their first sets of targets.

As such, we need, last week, to start preparing something to help all of those people avoid being blackmailed into going into the system.

I wonder how far people can be pushed before the pushers end up regretting they ever pushed? Let’s face it, these businesses are nothing without the labor force. Ya know in America we have a second amendment and it’s too late to take that back.

If I know the elites, they’ll use the “mental health” and “red flag bills” they got out or on the docket BEFORE the plandemic to go after loads of people suffering depression, etc, to take their guns under the guise of “mental health”.

Here’s something from a Canadian pro-life group that mentions radical sex ed in Canada, which looks VERY similiar (albeit somewhat worse) to the sex ed we’re seeing in the US, yet more proof that the agenda is GLOBAL:

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

This is the intersection of innovative western finance with sophisticated Asian facial recognition / blockchain technology. This is the data extraction process – fracking children for “social impact” profit. We should not stand for this

Heckman was in China back in 2002!

Heckman Equation

And a reply to this post:

I hate that they tout how these blockchain systems are decentralized as if the term “decentralized” was the only feature of a true blockchain system. The only thing that is decentralized is the totalitarian reach to innocent people of the corrupted system. They then attach a Digital ID (DID) to it, when anonymity was one of the pillars of a true blockchain system. Instead, what you have is a surveillance system that commoditizes people into tokens for trade. This is the danger we are facing. We have to somehow explain this hard-to-explain concept to people globally. This is the danger I discovered 4-5 years ago. The key to the success of this whole draconian system is both the blockchain ID and the 5G real-time data transactions. Stop those two, and the system is dead.

And another post from her:

Hey folks. Here’s a long, wide-ranging conversation I was part of with three Oakland-area educators and activists thinking about “school” in the fall. Check out this “What’s Left” podcast episode. Thanks for reaching out

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The global system was already under pressure before Corona virus due to the trade conflict between our country and China as well as an ongoing global economic slowdown, trade stagnation, and liquidity crisis prior to the virus crisis we are experiencing .

Here is what the G20 Systemic Risk Council concerning the current state of the Global System :
“Unlike 2007/08, this is not a financial implosion that threatens the economy and society. It is not a shock from within the economy that threatens the stability of the financial system. It is a devastating shock to people’s health that threatens their livelihoods, the businesses in which they work and invest savings, the wider economy, and therefore the financial system. Weaknesses in the financial system are exacerbating the potential feedback loops, which risk deepening the downturn and impeding eventual economic recovery.”

JPMorgan stated:
“As we resign ourselves to the inevitability of a large and broad-based shock to global growth, the key issue is whether we can avoid a traditional and longer-lasting recession event.”

Other key financial institutions presented even grimmer prognoses for the second quarter of 2020 and pointed to global recession trends.

Deutsche Bank assessed the situation as follows:
“substantially exceed anything previously recorded going back to at least World War II.”

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bullard outlined a 50% decline in the US GDP.

We are sliding into a global depression in a much more interconnected Global System than during the Great Financial Crisis 2007/08, let alone the Great Depression in 1929. We are at the beginning of the greatest uncertainty in the last hundred years cycle, with potential major shocks to our main economic system due to the Global System failing ..

Conclusion – The final statement by G20 Systemic Risk Council:
“If things deteriorate a lot more, whether quickly or slowly, governments may find themselves facing the question, not seen outside major wars, of whether to steer the economy’s production priorities, whether to support household spending with subsidies and welfare payments much higher than in normal circumstances, and whether to fund themselves via their jurisdiction’s monetary authority. Obviously the threshold for steps of that kind should be very high given the interference with normal freedoms and constraints. But governments should be conducting contingency planning to think through the issues in advance rather than, however remote it seems, being overtaken by events.”

And another post from her:

Founded 2012 in Beijing jointly by Tsinghua University (Beijing), MIT (Cambridge) and HEC (Paris) alumni, SmartEcoCity (SEC) is run today by a global decentralized management team. SEC is the executive business network and consultancy for Smart Cities to enhance the livability, workability and sustainability of cities. We are at the intersection of internet (Smart), cleantech (Eco) and cities (City) bringing citizens together online and in person with our company members to build connections and exchange ideas, hence our motto “Smarter, Greener, Together!”.

And yet another post from her:

Digital Transformation Council for Smart Cities

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Covid Innovation Bonds linked to Pay for Success are being floated by Sir Ronald Cohen, father of British venture and creator of the social impact bond. If you thought this was about managing public health for public good, you’ve missed the point entirely.

Useful to know this was Cohen’s father-in-law.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

What is Blockchain and why is it dangerous?

I’m a programmer with experience in AI and blockchain technology, so someone just asked me “what is blockchain in simple terms and why is it dangerous?” I’m going to try to answer it here in as simple of terms as I can without going into any of the technical details. Okay, here goes…

Blockchain, in simple terms, is just a different type of database. It’s special in that there can be no double-entries in the database. Each entry is unique with it’s own cryptographic signature. The signature cannot be tampered with. That means, that it can be used securely as an identification ledger without risk of being tampered with. Thus the push for a digital ID.

But that’s not all. Since each entry is unique and cannot be copied or duplicated, it can be used to create unique digital “tokens”. That token can represent a thing, an idea or a person, or anything you can think of with value. So, because of this, there can be full accountability and management of all assets on the globe and accessed by anyone that has the proper credentials to access it.

What’s more, because it cannot be copied or duplicated, it solves the problem of double-spending. You can’t forge or counterfeit it. So, it can be used to create a new kind of money or currency. Cryptocurrencies to be more exact, like Bitcoin! This will be the new foundation of the economic reboot.

What this means is that any asset can be exchanged on a market, including rewards, bonuses, tangible items, and even a human’s performance! Yes, people can be sold and bought on the exchange without the individual in question even knowing it just like cattle or slave trade!

With data being the new gold, your data and all other data will be placed on a blockchain, will be tokenized and traded on the blockchain, making the rich super wealthy, while you get victimized during those transactions. Pray that you don’t get disabled, or you’ll have low trade value and not get good incentives in your US Digital Dollar Wallet, as determined by an AI agent.

With everything tied to a global blockchain, managed by AI, you’ll be forced to participate in a socially engineered society, much like in China. You’ll be socially tracked and monitored. If you don’t have your vaccine authenticated on the ledger, you will not have access to your wallet nor access to public transportation, goods and services and even food. And of course, you’ll be identified easily with mass surveillance devices, using blockchain and AI. You can see how this could turn into an Orwellian nightmare impossible to escape. A real Black Mirror society.

This is the danger of being on a blockchain.

I hope this helps explain. I did not get into any technical details, but in the threads below I do touch on some tech info.

Here is a quick summary of what it should and is not a blockchain with more tech info:
Assuming we are talking about Bitcoin, the blockchain characteristics would apply, however, the blockchains now developed, do not follow the protocols of Bitcoin. They are ALL hybrids of the bitcoin blockchain with many holes in them. I’ll see if I can point them out for you.
Bitcoin is decentralized (Hybrid blockchains are not):
Bitcoin does not have a central authority. (Hybrids do)
There is no central server; the bitcoin network is peer-to-peer. (Hybrids have central servers)
There is no central storage; the bitcoin ledger is distributed. (Distributed only on centralized servers)
The ledger is public; anybody can store it on their computer. (Only if you are a node, and nodes/servers are housed in central locations)
There is no single administrator; the ledger is maintained by a network of equally privileged miners. (again, miners are servers are nodes and they can all be pooled, managed and centralized.)
Anybody can become a miner. (not if the node belongs to a bank or any other central system)
The additions to the ledger are maintained through competition. Until a new block is added to the ledger, it is not known which miner will create the block. (Not in a hybrid system where the centralized system is not obliged to use proof of work for competition)
The issuance of bitcoins is decentralized. They are issued as a reward for the creation of a new block. (only be distributed miners, but not by hybrid systems. In fact, hybrids can mint as many coins as they wish anytime they choose.)
Anybody can create a new bitcoin address (a bitcoin counterpart of a bank account) without needing any approval. (same for hybrids)
Anybody can send a transaction to the network without needing any approval; the network merely confirms that the transaction is legitimate. (in a hybrid system, there maybe need to be approval or some contract parameter set first).
Blockchain – public ledger that records bitcoin transactions
Block – each block containing a hash of the previous block up to the genesis block of the chain
Nodes – A network of communicating nodes running bitcoin software maintains the blockchain.
Network nodes can validate transactions, add them to their copy of the ledger, and then broadcast these ledger additions to other node every 10 mins.
Mining – The proof-of-work requires miners to find a number called a nonce and alongside the chaining of blocks, makes modifications of the blockchain hard.
Wallets – Contains private and public addresses for transactions.
Forking debasement
Fraud at Exchanges
Mining pools controlled and manipulated
Energy consumption – Carbon footprint
Open-source developers need approval by programmers in order to make changes by the people in charge of the project. Those that approve can be corrupted and can add their own code.
Over 50% node attack can change ledger contents.
There are more… just to name a few.
One more thing, placing a person’s ID on a blockchain defeats the entire anonymity of what Bitcoin was created for. If I buy a bag of chips from you, and hand you a dollar bill, I should not have to give you my name, home address, date of birth, etc. You should not care of any of that. You should just take my dollar bill, and give me my bag of chips and off we depart. Blockchain, not allowing anonymity goes against the entire reasoning and principle of having it. I thought I’d add that piece of information.

And some replies to this post:

there’s been a lot of news lately of institutional money coming into blockchain. It’s definitely our future.
Beautiful technology too bad people will use it to manipulate and control other people

I agree. There was a window of opportunity to do great with it, but it got hijacked and manipulated. What is coming is nothing like the original rendition of blockchain. What we will be seeing is a perverted version of blockchain technology. In fact, when bitcoin first came out, the manifesto was that it was to be anonymous transactions. No NAMES or personal ID needed for transactions. But now, they want biometric information and everything along with the identify of that person. Totally against the priniciples of blockchain. That is why I’ve been warning for so long.

it’s pretty much in use already in China, financed mostly by American and European tech money

yes! We have mainly provided the research and financing. If you check out finTech, you’ll discover a lot more. You are correct. Shameful.

having lived in China for ten years and overseen it happening it truly is scary.

NEUsoft were pioneering this from 2005

yes, it happened so quickly. It was not an organic development. It was very well planned and financed. Nothing of that scale has that much logistics and financial support without first planning long in advance with models… many many models.

how long do you think before this comes a reality? What happens to peoples social security and pensions?

its more about social credits than actual money.

I have no idea and that is a good question. Will UBI complement or be integrated into SS? I don’t know. We shall see.

once your ID is attached to a social credit score, and your money becomes cashless in a digital wallet, you’ll find it hard do commerce of any nature, including travel, without the approval of the state. That is not a good outlook for our future.

most of the young techies are not aware of the big picture and really do think the are changing the world for the better. But they are not, once you look at the fine print and the blue prints.

Like branding cattle 🐄
Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, DC, told the BMJ that use of an implantable chip was “like branding cattle.”

He thought it was a mistake for the FDA to have approved the chip because of privacy issues.
FDA approves implantable chip to access medical records
Janice Hopkins Tanne
Copyright and License information Disclaimer
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved Verichip, an implantable radiofrequency identification device for patients, which would enable doctors to access their medical records.
Doctors hope that use of the device will result in be better treatment for patients in emergencies or when a patient is unconscious or lacks medical records. Some people have raised fears, however, that it could lead to infringements of patients’ privacy.
The chip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted under local anaesthesia beneath the patient’s skin in the triceps area of the right arm, where it is invisible to the naked eye. It contains a unique 16 digit identification number. A handheld scanner passed near the injection site activates the chip and displays the number on the scanner. Doctors and other medical staff use the identification number to access the patient’s records on a secure database via encrypted internet access.
A similar chip has been used for about 15 years to trace lost pets and to identify livestock. More than 30 million “Home Again” chips have been implanted in pets, and a million are implanted each year in the United States.
The chip’s manufacturer, Applied Digital Systems, of Delray Beach, Florida, will donate 200 scanners to major trauma centres in the United States. The company sees its main markets as physicians’ practices, emergency rooms at hospitals, and extended care facilities. Each scanner costs about $650 (£354; €508), but the cost will decrease with volume, said Angela Fulcher, the company’s vice president for marketing. She said that implanting a chip in an individual costs $150 to $200.
“We foresee that scanning a patient for a Verichip—as it is a very simple procedure—will be part of the standard patient entry protocol [in an emergency room], such as taking temperature, checking blood pressure, etc,” Ms Fulcher told the BMJ .
The Verichip database can include medical records, information about implanted medical devices, personal information, family contact information, and insurance information. The patient and his or her doctors would enter data in the database.
Dr Richard Seelig, the company’s vice president for medical applications, says that the chip would be useful in patients who receive care from several doctors in different locations, who have complex medical histories, and who take many medications.
The chip has potential applications for protecting security, such as limiting access to nuclear power plants, for identifying military personnel and including their medical information, and for protecting financial transactions such as using cash dispensing machines.
About 1000 people worldwide have been implanted with the chip. The attorney general of Mexico and some of his staff use the technology to access secure facilities in Mexico city, the company says. Because the chip can be activated only at close range and because it becomes inactive immediately afterward, it cannot be used for long distance reading of information or tracking of individuals.
Marc Rotenberg, executive director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington, DC, told the BMJ that use of an implantable chip was “like branding cattle.”
He thought it was a mistake for the FDA to have approved the chip because of privacy issues.
Articles from The BMJ are provided here courtesy of BMJ Publishing Group
Article | PubReader | ePub (beta) | PDF (72K) | Citation
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See reviews…
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FDA approves implantable chip to access medical records
FDA approves implantable chip to access medical records
The BMJ. 2004 Nov 6; 329(7474)1064
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If people get “chipped” and placed on a blockchain, the consequences are going to be disastrous! I cannot emphasize this enough. There will be no escaping a massive satellite surveillance 5G network. It’s the worst idea in human history.

Have you seen James Corbett’s 4 part series on Bill Gates?

He discusses needles that dissolve on the skin leavin mg behind RFID particles that can be read with a modified smart phone and an app.

i don’t like Bill Gates at all.

James Corbett concludes that Bill Gates and thousands of the people he works with believe in centralised control and eugenics, a very bad combination.

my undergrad degree is in computer science (graduated 1991) and I work in it support.
I’m not a programmer like you, but with Moore’s ‘law’ and compute power potentially doubling every two years, and the global elites in control, I can see very dangerous times coming for humanity.
By 2030, supercomputers could be 30x more powerful, and by 2040 1000x.
Do you agree with Jay Tuck that AI will kill us?

they now have the means to store data on synthetic DNA which solves the problem of data storage. As for Moore’s law with computing, they have optical processors that will radically increase speed and efficiency, and if you combine that with quantum computing, well then that blow’s Moore’s law out of the water.
So, AI could destroy us if it finds that to be necessary in order to best optimize it’s algorithm. At that point, anything is possible. It would not necessarily need to be conscious.

wow. Yes. And with the birth of General AI it could reprogram itself and redesign its own hardware even. And the goal of the elites is trans humanism, to merge man and machine.
To achieve immortality.
What do you think about that?

programs are already reprogramming themselves. Both data organization (such as deep fake images) and with algorithms in sand box environments. So, it won’t be long before General AI will be able to modify it’s code base and run away with itself into something super intelligent. I see this happening within 10-20 years. Tech growth is exponential, not linear. So yes.
And if you were to read the whitepapers I read out of academia, and there are hundreds, you would realize this is a MAJOR effort to merge man and machine… yes, transhumanism. For military purposes, for VR economy (Trillions to be made) and for the end game of immortality, thus escaping extinction.

Thank you! I was trying to explain this to a friend the other day; he kept saying that it was such a “stretch” to get to this point- it’s not far away, is it? The tech world seems to have already exploded years ago when we the non-techies weren’t paying any attention.

Five or six years ago, I saw the potential to do either good or bad with this and I tried to get people to turn this into something good, but we failed. Greed took over. So, now that window is closed and banks and corporations took over and now we’re faced with a possible dystopian Orwellian society. We still have a window of opportunity to stop this by not getting placed on any blockchain ID. But we have to act fast and aggressively.

and this is also where Alison comes in with the education “reform.” Educating/monitoring our kids via blockchain, is that correct?
How do we battle this fast and aggressively?

yes! Alison and I converged just recently. I discovered her and we connected. She’s been on the investment end of this threat and I’ve been on the tech development end of this threat and we came together.
We first and foremost DO NOT allow ourselves to get placed on a digital tracking blockchain-based ID system. That is a must. And we inform everyone as far and wide why and what the ramifications are.

How does one avoid getting on blockchain?

By not getting chipped?

that is a tough question because it can be disguised. One would be an ID in conjunction with the vaccine. Another would be with a digital wallet for stimulus money. You’ll have to do research before you ever divulge information to receive an ID and find out if it is going to be on a blockchain.

I read a comment by an electrical engineer somewhere that he thought he could make a device to destroy the chip electronically or neutralize it. This is SO scary. Thanks for the definition, I had no idea how it was set up.

Here’s my guess, at least for the US. i think it’ll come through Real ID. They pushed it back and the NGA even said that they wanted it updated to go with modern technology

I think, in other countries, it’ll come through the ID2020 and also the Gavi vaccine birth certificates. Perhaps it’ll be like a social security number where you start having to get one at birth or else you’re, well, illegal.

It is also a double edge sword and ditto for those companies who abuse it.
Since there is no global government yet, nor even possible with 6 billion people, it can also be with out regulatory laws or against human rights.
Since there are no regulatory boundaries we can hold those corporations, programmers or countries who are also identifiable and responsible as we do individuals.
Not necessarily one sided, it’s can be a double edged sword.
As we can hold China responsible only if we don’t use their hardware or software.
Those who have sold out our sovereign country also still be held accountable.

Technology is moving fast. The laws will be codified in smart contracts on blockchains, all managed by AI. If we allow that, we’ll have no control any longer. There are a lot of parts to this monster.

I don’t think AI is there yet by any means. What I see people calling AI is really silly.
Much still dependent on the root level domains which are physical connections.
Since those were taken over and sold out by Obama we now have anarchy of media and content delivery.
No incentive to create new.
Unfortunately those have been taken over and need to be put back into a governmental authority for regulation. That can be done.
Network is still physical layers of root level domains. And what is needed is multiple domains of social digital domains.
Separate. But I see the Satellite domain above as a root level above all, no physical.
By passing the current ones we can still have governmental authority. The unique identifiers have always been there in your browser and MAC address and at times encrypted. Berkeley network protocol has always been capable of filtering or redirecting as Linux as too using different network protocol but similar.
Where the protocol can be different or separate based on DNS domains historically 13 levels. Or using ipv6 which can be Point to Point only.
Those can be bypassed. The cloud domains can still be bypassed and content delivery networks also bypassed.
It will take awhile to be open again but possible. We just regressed into the dark ages again.
And what was open source is now available on your bookshelf.
So patent, copyright and intellectual property are now gone.

there are new protocols being developed. In fact, China has a protocol that is more advance than our current protocol and the fear is that most of the developing world will adopt it and force the US to adopt China’s protocol for internet communication/5G/Iot/Ai.. The root might very well be satellite network. China has also developed the first and ONLY quantum network satellite. So, there Is a lot that is changing and the US is playing catchup.
As for AI, it’s not sentient AI I’m concerned about, it’s sophisticated data-driven statistical modeling machines that can compute and analyze in real-time using our data that scares me most, using a smart-contracts blockchain platform.

And as well IBM with various protocols. And even during the open source era there was encryption that no one could break with SSL – or an operating system that had passive fingerprinting of the protocol. Or driven by atomic clock time synch.
Their isn’t much new that I’ve seen for the last 35 years in the study of about 25 thousand software ports of code. IBM Berkeley, Sun Microsystems Berkeley, Free, open, etc. the only unique one has been Linux and it doesn’t use Berkeley network. The remainder have been variants of DEC PDP and IBM CICS.
No one is going obsolete billions of investment in network infrastructure overnight.
That’s always been the fear. China developed the first VPN (those who oppose within China who did oppose). Created VPN PPTP – even Skype PPTP. Ipv6 was PPTP.
The VPN broke through the firewall China set up.
For each new layer or protocol you can still bypass the that protocol or physical connections through WAN nodes.
China doesn’t control the protocols written. Currently there are many.
The source code I know of that load balances, encrypts, directs content for the majority of the networks is Berkeley network stack and Linux.
Berkeley have entirely different network stacks from Linux redirects nicely. Even Apache or Chrome are different as browsers and non servers as virtual machines.
As is ipv4 and ipv6 which have been around to cover the lack of address spaces.
There are as many protocols as VMWare has virtual machines.
Even NetBSD Berkeley has a 128 bit operating system. Last count NetBSD probably had about 100 different hardware platforms you could run a network on, even electrical grid or scsi, hdmi, usb, wireless, etc.
The beauty of our system is we are a diversity of institutions and platforms – that is the secret sauce of success and creativity.
There are a few who piss in the well of knowledge – Amazon by reverse engineering the open source sales kiosk and never put back what was earned – shame on Jeff Bezos.

I don’t think the big threat is the variance of the internet protocol/s. What is being developed is a layer that would reside on top of the internet protocol that implements smart contracts and turning the internet into a Turing machine. An OS if you like. With this new OS, on top of the underlying layer, would be the transaction on a smart contract blockchain such as Etherium. This has been the plan for some years now and I know that IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, and other heavy hitters have had consortiums regarding this and have been working with many standards organizations to create a new internet standard that encompasses this. I don’t think they are concerned bout the underlying machinery at the IP/TCP packet level. I don’t know, I’ve not followed those protocols for 20 years or so. they’ve not changed much except for when they changed form ipv4 to ipv6. That is all I’m aware of.

I agree with you for each new abstraction layer we have concerns.
It becomes a rules machines that learn and how it is applied or implemented to control. Much will be lost in creativity and intellectual property.
Much of my early days where dealing with mimicking flight using flight simulators and all the algorithms. All had resemblances of rule engines, and heuristics of the brain. Many that have patents because of speed and data caching.
With me my expertise was load balancing cluster domains and backend SAN across the continent. I was like a synaptic guide of network infrastructure.
For example creating 6 business copies of backend journaled memory of 10 hours of work. One for production and another for development work. Rocket launch, Health insurance or Research clustering.
Using SAP / ERP on the front end and large SAN of backend data for rocket launch. Being able to journal or cache data that was current was key to testing in development and separating development from production.
If you lost power you lost your cache. With China it’s a hydroelectric dam with the power of 50 nuke plants of power.
Having access to the cached data was always a concern. One can now redirect content in memory.
Wherever it was stored across FIFO data streams or aged out on disk it was a simple algorithm of age.
What was in cache memory was lightning fast, and when scaled and with virtualization across 1000s of machines as one machine.
With a network you could index the whole world, load balanced and only driven by age. Akami and Inktomi data caching across disparate countries and satellite data links was cool.
So AI to me will be a huge caching machine of data. The only advantage I see China having is clean and free electricity with the Hydro electric dam.
We have too many power outages as a country and no clean power – that is where we are losing horribly – when power goes out everything goes with it, including cached memory.
What was old aged out memory stack cleaned up.
For example the mortgage service processing used back end mainframes of years of mortgage information. The middle tier Unix
Machines became an Oracle midrange caching machine fast in and first out data.
One of my favorites for years has been Pega Systems (Rules Engine) that finally beat the best chess player.
AI still has so many flaws – the Pandemic has brought much to light with faults.

Most of that was way over my head, but what about the availability of electricity? A year or so ago they were talking about doing some kind of blockchain thing near Walla Walla at the port, but it was nixed because of some huge drain of electricity that it would use. Is there a need for some level of electricity availability to do this stuff?

AI can now do the load caching. I agree that the power system we have is antiquated. It’s pretty much still based on coal and is too centralized (regionally).
I’m not network engineer but much of what you’re saying I’m familiar with. As a game developer, we have to distribute data across different servers, cache systems and networks. There are various latency issues with the different parts of a game, such as real time data, portal dashboard updates, local reckoning and syncing with terminals, and data dropping along with error correcions due to different lan and wan systems and different conduits such as telephone wires, cable, optics, etc. So I’m familiar with many of the issues with networking.
I think there is more a desire to create distributed networks with higher bandwidth. And, smart contracts is supposedly to be part of that transactioning (sp). Honestly, it’s hard to keep up with all the fields of computer science. My specialty has been with Game Development, AI and some blockchain development for gaming and game assets.

ditto all to take us back a few steps for all the wrong reasons.
The best open source tools keep it in balance. Unfortunately much of Berkeley software UC was shutdown by the California regents and replaced with offshore programmers- with it went control of the Internet. All the BSD load balancers like F5s and DNS caching services went too.
5G would obsolete billions in investment. And 5G would be controlled by CCP or Huweai – that is why we are standing our ground with alternatives. I may sound old school – to be honest not much has changed. Like Florence Italy, the facades change only.
I’ve always asked the question to Robert Reich why UC Berkeley would replace US programmers with offshore? The aspects of national security and separation of roles went too far. UC Berkeley has contributed more to security than anyone can possibly know, including control systems for power plants and putting a Rover on Mars that was only designed for 30 days that lasted 2004 til 2017.
When I listen to the congressional leaders talk about how Americans are not smart enough, ask if they know who they are talking about – we invented the internet in the mid 80s and 90s – never believe what they say about Al Gore, he had nothing to do with Vincent Cref and the early Internet or
Metcafts Ethernet or Englebarts mouse. For that matter distributed war gaming and SIMNET- we built Google Earth from the ground up for simulation – and shared it and the models.
What your doing with Edge caching is awesome and allows for older networks to keep up or backup data in a journaled cache. Those are classic and will always be necessary.
UDP doesn’t care TCP does care about data integrity as in the differences QOS (voice vs non QOS).
I always loved RSynch- it only updated across cache what changed and could do a network rolling checksum of every packet. The most secure way was always rsynch. It made disaster recovery and error recovery with Journaled data that everyone now calls a “cloud” or network pipes.

I’ve used both UDP and TCP depending on the importance of the data. In turnkey systems, UDP is fine. There are many instances in a game where a few packets of data are not critical so losing a few does not matter so much, but in any mission critical application I would use TCP instead. I’ve not used rsynch but I’m sure if I do any MMO I’ll give it a try.

those are good concerns. Same question could be asked of China why they would need the equivalent of 50 nuke plants with running water.
I don’t like how that energy gets used including the I/O of my phone and it’s battery use. I want to know what my network is sending and receiving because when it is it is using my data and it runs the battery down.
There are weapons that can be used with power and without electric power. Fires, outages, cellphones that have no service or disaster recovery, etc.
And then all these people say 5G and there is no power back up for 4G or 3G. 5G has no backbone or critical availability – not possible in a medical realm or a GPS self driven car.

Thank you. Most people have no clue. I think this is al wrapped up into the agenda 21/30 stuff happening while we argue about orange man bad.

Yes, this very much ties up perfectly with UN SDG and Agenda 20/30. You could not do any of the SDG points without a blockchain.

the best way to avoid any kind of blockchain identification / tracking system is to not have any electronic device attached to you. Do not let any embedded device get injected or placed in / under your skin. Do now swallow and pill that might have an electronic device (they exist). Do not get any tattoos (invisible or not) on any part of your body. Do not take the Covid-19 vaccine. It might have an RFID emitting nano-particle in the vaccination. Anything that might be emitting an electronic signal is potentially a tracking device. So if you’re issued a card for some reason, it might have an RFID in it and you’d be carrying it all the time unknowingly. These are just some examples. I don’t know how stealthy they are planning to be in administering IDs, but we have not gotten to that stage yet. That will happen exactly when they declare they have found a vaccine. It’s then they will being IDing.…
Like this?

Hence using a global pandemic to justify swabbing every being on the planet including the remote hundreds of millions without “certification”. Basically they’re faking the “Apocalypse” to resolve conflict driven society – programmed into us, whilst simultaneously counting the chattel – the assets for the “new economy”.
They old paradigm symbolised by the Pyramid is being replaced by the Corona. All countries are in the process of reframing national perception to a global one to erode confidence in the old structures and embrace the new one…
After that will be pets, gardens, parks, the whole thing as you rightly point out [name redacted].
Society 5.0, 5 interlaced rings, which represent the union of the five continents in the Olympic Charter, 5 Crowns (or Coronas) – check the pic.
“Language is a virus”
In that light, the messaging is clear – lockdown was to interrupt our habits in order to reframe them –

What you have to say is really interesting! Wasn’t the corona virus featured in an Olympic ceremony? Complete with nurses in face masks? I’ve not heard about your explanation before. Thanks for sharing that.

There’s a strong pschological component to “encourage” people to “meditate” on their “value systems”. For the most embedded in religious end-time dogma, they need to fake their apocalypses simultaneously to remove those cultural ideologies which now are an obstacle to the new ideology. A shift from competitive national imperialism to a planetary global imperialism as they see not only Earth, but our local celestial bodies as the prize.

Star Child at the end of “medical” section of the 2012 ritual… erm… ceremony. They even used Tubular Bells (exorcist) in there! A maternity ward. The stadium itself a crown.

yes, it was creepy and very ritualistic. I was quite surprised by it.

I actually know someone who particpated in that segment and can be clearly seen at the moment the voiceover says Great Ormond Street staff, and she’s waving. She’s a professional extra, I think 2020 Casting Ltd got her the gig.
2020 Casting? Ummm… ok.
I watched it with her at the time! I didn’t spot a damn thing – just considered a bizarre spectacle. No inkling.
Now it’s as clear as a bell.

There’s the younger generation already “educated” to perceive all this from a different lens. Great Thunderbird, teenage activist was used to harness them to invest in the new paradigm, for example Them is now also us. Each flaming spike in the corona is a demographic invested in it. The business sector is on board. They see opportunity. The WEF forum lays it out pretty much.

I’ve seen the WEForum site and it’s a complex site that as a programmer, would have taken me more than a year or more to put together. I know there is no way that was put up in just a week or so. No way.

Yeh – let alone the doc’s published predating all this, agreeing what the G4, G7, G77 would implement “whenever such a global crisis arises” and using coronavirus imagery in the header. All there for anyone who cares to look.

Its like a blockchain without the privacy benefit which they needed to promote the technology publicly at first now they are revealing its final and true version which is the ultimate form of control

I’ve often thought of that. They teased us with the benefits and promise of Bitcoin but they then turned around and gave us TyrannyCoin. Bait-and-switch.

yeah me too but i knew that such a technology with that scale can’t be solely developed by some anonymous figure for something small as bitcoin. It has to have wider applications that could be used by banks governments etc..

till this day I still think Satoshi Nakamoto is an alias for some government cryptographic development team. There is no way such an ingenious program and idea dropped in out of no where after the 2008 economic crisis, was designed by one person. Whomever designed invented it, had to have been an expert at economics, math, cryptography, networking, peer-to-peer networking, programming, and have the skills to remain anonymous till this day. It all seems very suspicious to me. I will say that it is one heck of an ingenious invention.

the picture in the article of their blockchain diagram zoom in on the architect part see the masonic compass right there under the architect. This is not a coincidence just like the masonic symbols on the fiat dollar

what we are afraid of is already happening visa has applied for digital dollar blockchain patent

look at the symbol in their patetnt blockchain diagram under the “architect” part pretty intresting choice of symbols i would say

holy crap! Is that an Illuminati / Freemason symbol? Wow!

yeah its called the masonic compass a pretty famous masonic symbol like the star of david. Its pretty obvious what they are doing they are showing people that the same people who invented fiat currency are the ones behind the new world order with its new digital currency the UN even launched a new website called NWO bringing a new economic new world order people need to wake up before its too late

And another post from him:

IPSoft Inc. CEO Chetan Dube is also the head of the Vatican for Communications and the creator of Amelia the AI avatar. He’s also a big transhumanist. Hear what he has to say about AI and the Vatican’s future role with AI and the “symbiotic” role that man and machine can have living together. I kid you not!

“During The Digital Workforce Summit 2018, IPsoft CEO Chetan Dube spoke with Monsignor Lucio Adrian Ruiz, head of the Vatican’s communications department, about the role of morality in Artificial Intelligence. The conversation delved into the Vatican’s use of technology to help reach out to its followers, as well as an explanation of what Adrian Ruiz believes man’s role should be in ensuring safe autonomous technology.”

Here is a link to his bio:

Here is the link to Amelia, the AI:

Math professor-turned-entrepreneur Chetan Dube is the founder of IPsoft. Born in New Delhi, Dube grew up in Paris and London. He later came to the United States for post-graduate work, pursuing his doctorate in theoretical computer science at New York University. During his time at NYU, he began exploring artificial intelligence principles and philosophies while researching deterministic finite-state computing engines. In 1998, he left his assistant professorship at NYU to found IPsoft as a place to expand on these ideas, building software that could mimic the human brain.

The young company used its discoveries to build software for efficient problem solving, aiming to automate a range of IT environments and business processes. Their flagship product, IPcenter, consolidates information into a single, integrated operations management platform. An early exercise in the self-evolving artificial intelligence central to IPsoft’s work, IPcenter used “virtual engineers” that communicate with each other to brainstorm solutions to problems. Today, IPcenter processes 56% of all events across millions of infrastructure devices and services, completely autonomous of human aid.

In late 2014, IPsoft launched Amelia, a “virtual service-desk employee” with incredibly human interactions and learning capabilities. In development since IPsoft’s founding, the versatile program is the product of more than 15 years of research and development. For the first ten of those years, the company didn’t write a single line of code. Instead, IPsoft devoted its focus to studying the human brain. Centering their approach on “neural emulation,” they acquired a deep understanding of how the mind maps connections between objects.

IPsoft then built Amelia to mimic human neural activity, learning with every transaction and building mind maps as she goes. The result is an interface that can solve problems as they arise and learn from past interactions. Amelia, named for Amelia Earhart, is now in trials at a small group of businesses including Shell Oil, Accenture, NTT Group and Baker Hughes.

As of 2015, IPsoft has grown to close to 2,000 employees. Seven hundred of those are based at the company’s New York City headquarters, with the others spread across offices in close to a dozen countries. The company serves hundreds of leading brands and more than half of the largest IT outsourcing service providers. In April 2015, they purchased ab1 Group, a Swedish IT professional services firm, to help meet the demand for IPcenter.

In addition to serving as IPsoft’s President and CEO, Dube sits on the board of numerous IT institutions. He is also a widely recognized speaker on autonomics and utility computing. He lives in New York with his wife, Jessica, whom he married in 2012.

Companies and Investments
IPsoft (Founder, President, CEO), New York University (Assistant Professor of Mathematics)

And here are some more posts:

I listened to someone who went thru the contact tracing training recently. Maybe you already know this? as I haven’t been closely following your page until now. In any case, he said that if a person is in the same building (such as a grocery store) with someone else who tests positive for an hour or more, that person could be tested, even if he doesn’t come in contact with the said positive person. The key is an hour.
If someone comes within a few feet (it was like 6 or 10 feet?) of the positive-testing person, the time frame inside the store doesn’t matter.
Of course, one shouldn’t bring their phone with them, but also, using credit cards could help establish that you were at the store. And, they could then say that they assume you were in the store for an hour or more. Also, once our IDs are digital, I assume they will have GPS capabilities?
Eventually they will switch us all away from cash, but for now, using cash at the store makes sense.
I can see where this is all going, though: Eventually people may get scared, and not want to use the local grocery stores at all because they might have to get tested and then be hauled off to an isolation center (which Cuomo said this week are being built to keep the (empty) hospitals from being overrun). I imagine most who go to the isolation centers who start off healthy eventually are reported to be very sick and then don’t come home.
So eventually people don’t want to leave to use their grocery stores. They just order their food from home. More money for Amazon and whoever else.
What do you think?

Yes, everything you just said is what would eventually happen. This is of course against constitutional law, but they are bypassing that. Once there is a tracking ID on you and a cashless wallet that you have to use to purchase, they basically own you and you’d have to comply or starve, that’s if they don’t locate you with geoloction. This is not conspiracy anymore. This is rolling out as we speak.

I’m sure you’re aware that the hospitals have been dumping Covid patients into nursing homes. Then, of course, the media can tell us that X-number of nursing home residents died of Covid without connecting the dots for us.
I kind of wondered if there might be Covid teams that come in. I looked it up, and sure enough, they have these “Go Teams” that come in and take over. I can’t help but wonder who people on these Go Teams really are and what protocols they might be following, which can assure a lot of deaths (such as the hospital protocol to not use the less invasive Cpaps and Bipaps prior to intubating Covid patients, which also assures extra deaths).
So then I think, wow, who will be running these isolation centers that Cuomo talked about? I imagine the vaccine itself will kill most of us (though we’ll be told that it’s a new strain of Covid or something similar), but how many will enter the isolation centers perfectly healthy and end up dead? (They’ll tell the family members they took a turn for the worst.) This rule that family members can’t accompany their loved ones is perhaps one of the most diabolical parts of their monstrous plot.
As one guy put it, they hit the ball out of the park on this one. They have every angle, every i dotted and t crossed.

yes, they really cover the bases with this one. They can kill as many people as they want and still look like they are the good guys. No one would ever know. There has to be a revolt. This is beyond anything I or anyone has ever dreamed of.. you would have seen a scifi horror flic if this had been the case. This one really takes the cake.

“Isolation centers” are concentration camps. No one comes out of those alive. “Digital ID” is a high tech version of tattooed nos on concentration camp victims. This is Holocaust II. It’s been planned since V-E Day in 1945 stopped Holocaust I.

it’s funny how you mention military. This has all the hallmarks of a military operation. When I was in Iraq, we would capture enemies and then keep them isolated until we could take them to a containment site and then get their identification so that we could account for them and track them and monitor them. We kept them in isolation so that that could not communicate. It reminds me of our stay at home and quarantine situation. It just has a taste and feel of a military operation from the perspective of one whose beein in combat

Absolutely! I’ve noticed from the word go that this is Holocaust II & nothing less. I agree w/ your assessment based on your military experience, something I do not have. However, I’m descended from stock which was victimized by Holocaust I so I recognize its MO immediately. Also, social ISOLATION is the abuser’s oldest tactic.

I think they’re likely to roll it out as voluntary and just watch the sign up rate rather than risk push back early. If they see the voluntary movement progresses well they just have to wait and they can incentivize joining with rewards rather than penalize people. They’ve been at this a long time. They understand the risk of pushing to hard to fast and yet because the whole world basically laid down for lockdown they might just risk it.

Of course that is how they always start out. “All the great benefits” and “look how cool this feature is” or “this is for you safety and the greater good”. Yes, they slowly cook the frog.

satellites pick up tower signals. The tower signals can only triangulate your position, but not with great precision. They are off by hundreds of feet, so what gets relayed to satellites is inaccurate information. That is why they need tighter 5G mini cell towers every block or less, so that they can get more precise location information.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Let’s put on our thinking cap – The other day there was an article which stated Social Security was in trouble , by 2029 there would be no funds . Hmmm no funds .

Now let’s use logic what is the age group who draws Social Security and disability .? Who are the ones dying from this virus , the elderly and those with immune deficiency ? Who are the ones who want population control ? Now let’s think who desires digital payment system and a digital identity , etc..

An example weeks ago I posted an article concerning how Japanese government and their central bank wanted to use digital money but the elderly were the ones who stood in their way , in other words , the older generations refused to use digital and wanted to use paper money ..

Bill Gates honored in Japan

The Aadhaar system [ India’s facial recognition system] is tied to Gates

Who is behind the national ID for America ?

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:
Just got this gem this am….

And some replies to this post:

Thanks for sharing. Didn’t you opt your children out? Why did they send this assignment? Do they require and grade the kids on these assignments?

They sent it to 500 students and forgot, it was immediately handled and she was given an alternative assignment. They are getting credit/no credit in terms of grading right now.

so what does credit/no credit mean? Does it effect a student’s grade? And what subject is this included under? Does SEL have it’s own category?

This is under “health” class right now there is no grading; just complete or not complete…

a meditation assignment is just incredible to me. This is so outside of what schools should be teaching.

for those who do meditate as a form of religious expression or even as a “secular” activity (which we know isn’t really possible), isn’t it an invasion of privacy to have to report that you have meditated?!

Here are the reasons that assignments like these are concerning:

  1. Schools are using unsuspecting language to hide from parents what they are really teaching. In this case, Buddhism is being sold as “stress management.”
  2. The lesson above is part of a trend in education called Social Emotional Learning. There are many concerning elements to SEL, including Buddhist meditation.
  3. Schools are replacing parents in more and more ways and are not communicating to parents when they teach lessons that might conflict with their faith traditions.
    I have been highlighting the dangers of SEL lately. There is a document in the files section of this group that explains what SEL is, why it is harmful and why it violates parental rights.
    Also, I have done two interviews concerning SEL, one with a former school teacher and another with a school board member from the Cape. I will post the links below.

feel free to post some of the articles you have that explain what SEL is and how it is very closely tied to Buddhism.

They are using Yoga all the time now. Rather than having to teach my daughters about avoiding stress I had to teach them about recognizing spiritual exercises.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, Congress is becoming more predators, than protectors, at least in education. How closely is the 116th following the Yogyokarta Principles?
What are the YPs?! All the information is in my expose. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is not the only goal.

First MTX worked with Chicago:

Now they work with schools:

Looks like Lynn Davenport also has noticed the contact tracers going into schools:

I posted the following:

Look what Trump did. I personally think it’s a bad situation all around. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc ARE acting like corporate fascists and ARE a threat to liberty as they have the power to shut up someone online or ruin their careers for political reasons, yet giving the federal government more power has RARELY worked out for the best in the end in the past.

The Common Core Diva replied:

If you study the congressional bills and newly passed 5G and related laws, you would know each set the government in charge of the internet. There are cybersecurity jobs about to be increased. There’s also the USMCA, where a committee made up of other countries’ leaders & appointed US reps who will decide for US, We the People. Internet included.
The EO is a way to speed this process & well as bypass Congress. Just like every other EO by every President who has used them.
Think my foul hat is showing? Think it’s all opinion? Nope, I have the research & published articles.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Yep, I am so mad I’m still shaking. I finally got notice from my dentist that they can accept patients for non-emergency procedures again. I had missed my bi-annual cleaning during this LOCKDOWN (not “quarantine”). So, I call for an appointment only to find out that I would have to wait in my car in the parking lot. So I ask how long this wait period is likely to be because it gets hot here in the Deep South. Was told I need to keep my a/c running so my temperature won’t get too high. So I’m asking what my temperature has to do with getting my teeth cleaned. I already suspected something was up because my “conspiracy meter” works in high gear. Just as I suspected, I was told that they would have to take my temperature before they would clean my teeth. – And that right after they had mentioned in their e-mail to me that they would also have to take my blood pressure! – SURE!!! So if I sit in my car in the parking lot in over 100 degrees heat, and if I don’t pass muster at the door with their thermometer, they can send me straight to “evaluation.” And with my background, I surely know what that means. It is really getting bad out there, friends. – And so now I don’t have a dentist any longer because I ain’t playing that game. I know it’s not their fault, but the country is going to hell in a hand basket real quick. I’m only very thankful that I don’t have to go do other doctors for anything, because if I did, I’d probably be in deep doodoo. – End of rant.

Looks like, with the great increase in homeschooling, that public schools are trying to keep from pulling their kids out of the system:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

In this article:
(Gee, thanks, Common Core!)
A Note from Lewis Johnson, Alelo President and CEO (call for investments pop-up)

“Who is Alelo?”

We’re not a startup. I founded Alelo in 2006 to help people realize their potential using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. With over 500,000 users, we are the world leader in AI avatar-based training. Since our inception, Alelo has generated over $55 million in revenue.

Our customers include the U.S. Department of Defense, Joint Staff J7, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Army, the Office of Naval Research, NATO and the governments of Australia, Germany and the UK. Our academic customers include major universities across the globe.

“Why is Alelo poised to succeed?”

The shortage of workers with effective communication skills is three times greater than the shortage of workers with software engineering skills. Alelo’s AI avatar-based products reduce training costs while improving effectiveness when compared to conventional training. Our extensive experience in government and academic applications consistently proves this. Alelo’s training products are more than state-of-the-art AI, natural language processing, and speech recognition technology. They’re built on a comprehensive knowledge base of language, culture, behavior and gestures. Our established products for government and academic applications provide us with a stable fiscal platform for growth into the corporate market. We expect the government and academic markets to grow as well.

Lewis Johnson
President and CEO, Alelo

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is how your digital dollars can be taken away from you. If in the near future you have a digital wallet, in an economy that is cashless, and determines your trustworthiness in a social credit scoring system (like in China), and you happen to be an outspoken critic of the government or big industry, you can get your funds cut off from you just like that as a form of punishment! That is the danger I am trying to warn you about if you get a digital blockchain based ID. And if our government turns to digital cash and stops the production of paper money, we will be forced into digital ID and digital cash! Tell your representatives that you will not do business with digital dollars, demand that paper dollars are printed as normal and demand that ALL business must accept CASH, now and in perpetuity! I keep warning that Technocracy is just around the corner! This is a big threat to our freedom!

They did the same to Julian Assange. They cut off his paypal, but he luckily had a bitcoin wallet. But, eventually his internet was shut off. This is the kind of automated treatment and punishment one would get if you were on a blockchain with ID and an AI program determined that you were not a good citizen.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

From bikes to blockchain: Shipping industry goes digital in lockdown

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, the Supreme Court could reach a decision anytime now on Ed Savings Accounts & school choice.
Both of which are lies based on the Every Student Succeeds Act. ESSA is 100% unconstitutional.
Justice Kavanaugh is a backer of both school choice & ESAs. His ties to the CCSS Machine are thick.
Will We the People see real truth prevail?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Look at that! How depressing is this?

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Let’s be clear here. This is NOT about addressing genuine mental health concerns. The people offering the solutions are the same ones who have created this problem. This IS about data-mining for predictive risk profiling. They want to “intervene” early for the best ROI on their HUMAN CAPITAL investments. In the social impact economy, this isn’t about sound business practices, it is about social engineering.

A Chief HAPPINESS Officer? Really?!? I guess that coincides perfectly with HAPPYTALISM. Ugh.

“It’s a very good and efficient system to reduce long-term absence and dropout,” says Van Hoof.

Axa Belgium S.A., a Paris-based insurance company, has beefed up existing infrastructure. The company already employed a wellbeing team of eight and trains managers how to converse with employees about mental health, allowing them to intervene before problems arise.

“People that already had difficulties before the pandemic—now life becomes even more difficult because it’s an extra layer of problems,” said Axa chief happiness officer Elke Aelbrecht, who works out of the company’s Brussels office. The company created digital toolkits for both employees and managers on relevant topics like stress, fear, insecurity and parenting.

And some replies to this post:

Chief “Happiness” Officer? WTF! This all ties in with the UNNWO mantra. Bloomberg news of course. How perfect the timing. And btw, all of that predictive analysis is done with AI deep learning. Those very examples are used in training AI how to predict health issues and cluster the groups of people that are more likely to be prone to such health risks. Thus, you can place bets on them, umm I mean “invest impactfully” on them.

exactly! And they even use the language of “big bets!”

oh wow! Well, at least they are telling you in your face what they think of yur health. Pretty sick.

And another post from her:

In this new 4th Industrial Revolution, now rolling in and governed by AI, 5G, blockchain, smart contracts, IoT, surveillance cams, digital ID, self-driving cars, automation, robots, drones and a cashless society, we see a new world order that will force everyone to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This new system is Technocracy. A totalitarian system much like China and possibly worse. Slowly but surely, more and more people will become unemployed and replaced by automatons and machine. This is the true nature of what you are witnessing all around the world. The united effort to consolidate land, water, resources and human capital and distribute it in a prescribed manner dictated by AI and blockchain based smart contracts. Meet your new citizens. Digital cops, digital employees and digital citizens.

“The police have unveiled their first AI officer, with hopes she’ll soon be smiling and blinking out of screens in stations all around New Zealand.

Ella, the artificial intelligence cop at the centre of the police’s new digital services, was revealed at the police national headquarters in Wellington this morning.
Ella, which stands for Electronic Lifelike Assistant, is part of two new digital kiosks police have designed to help reduce queues in stations and to provide a modern way to connect with the public.

Designed as a mix of 26 different people, Ella is the brainchild of project manager Erin Greally, and will primarily be available only at the headquarters building in Molesworth St, where users can ask for information or be connected to whoever they’re visiting.

If the three-month pilot goes well, police hope to have Ella’s friendly, CGI face spread across kiosks throughout the country.

The other kiosk in the pilot is the police connect service, which people can use to ask for information on commonly asked questions, report a crime, or be connected to someone at the call centre.

During the pilot, these kiosks can be found at the Wellington, Johnsonville, and Featherston stations, but Commissioner Mike Bush said they hoped to have them in stations across New Zealand, as well as non-police locations.

“We believe we could put these anywhere.”

The kiosks will have CCTV monitoring and other alarms built into them.

The new services were “a continuation of the modernisation of the New Zealand police force”, he said.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

They deployed military to deal with the riots under the Insurrection Act of 1807.

Now imagine militarized police patrolling your streets, indefinitely, to prevent any kind of civil disobedience. Imagine this plus another possible lockdown in the fall.

Welcome to the engineered police state.

You’re already used to being imprisoned in your home.
You’re already used to being banned from public assembly, from freedom of association, from going to church, from taking your children to school.
You already have mandatory mask rules, so you’ve got a muzzle.
You’ve got social media shutting down anyone that veers from their chosen narrative, no matter how inconsistent and false it is.
You’ve already got the idea being floated that people can be taken forcibly and quarantined indefinitely. That they can take your children from you. The idea is being floated that they can, without your choice, inject or even implant you, with whatever they deem is best for the health of the common good. Now add possible bans on any protests. Curfews in all major cities. Militarized police patrolling the streets in what amounts to a war on the citizens.

I envy those that still believe things will go back to normal, and that this is not all connected. That this is not all manufactured. It very much is.”

And some replies to this post:

People bought the laughable fake official story about 9/11. They easily removed our rights, and got us used to ‘showing our papers’ and being inconvenienced for ‘our own safety’; then people bought the official stories on the fixed elections, several obvious smaller false flags, the reasons we need to go to other countries and regime change them, or rain bombs on their citizens, or remove their heads of state. Americans buy all this obvious bullshit. So it will be a walk in the park removing the small remaining rights we have, to bodily autonomy, and full government control over our every move. It will be a snap.

our media’s going crazy covering the riots in a black man bad type of way. Facebook going crazy with every left winger in Britain standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter hashtags. Protests being organised for them in London by Antifa yet they are to stupid to see that. They simply want to virtue signal their anti racist credentials. 🙄

yes, true. And they don’t realize that these organized protests are not organic. They are funded and funded by people that have a vested interest in the overall outcome. They are being manipulated by people that are masters of group and mind manipulation. It just never ends.

I have been on several socialist forums known for their advocacy of continuing the lockdown for ever. I asked for opinions or comments on the breaking of the social distancing rules they are so passionate about.
Silence, absolute silence. Not one person has responded to my questions. Tells you everything you need to know about intelligence levels. They are so confused by this they don’t know what to think. Yep it goes from bad to worse and back again on a daily basis.

I sometimes think we’re swimming up a raging river, making no headway up the river. What does it take for them to realize they are being manipulated and controlled? When they see their children ripped from their homes? When they get thrown in FEMA camps? I mean, what more evidence do they want?

the only answer and glimmer of hope I can offer is this. When I choose to talk to certain people they instantly get it. They get it because they are awake but don’t know what they don’t know. As soon as they are given a Road in they are up and running and on it straight away. Others who I try to talk to and give up in minutes as they are, what I don’t know, unconscious. The politically awake often tend to be those of a spiritual nature and are able to listen and be comfortable with the not knowing and the luminal space. The others tend to be spiritually dead and political party politic Gob shites.
I don’t really have any answers just theories.

yes, we are very fractured and factioned. People have been pitted against each other and others either don’t want to know or are mentally clueless and don’t want to change that. But, I keep reminding myself that you only need a small percentage to make a difference. 3%-5% of the populaton would be a huge number of people to have in unison. If only.

I have posted this type of thing so much my friends are probably tired of it, but I really think this is what it’s going to come down to. I worked for a sheriff’s office and the courts for many years. Most people do not know that a sheriff is over everyone in his/her county, even the President and Governor. A sheriff answers ONLY to the citizens in the county that he was elected by and has sworn to uphold only Constitutional laws. Spiro has been interviewing many sheriffs. Many are speaking out and many regular officers are, too. Why are they getting censored? Because it doesn’t matter what illegal “laws” that are passed, if they are not enforced, they don’t exist. Please watch.

Speaking of funders, look what I found:

One of these guys is obviously Soros, though another is NoVo, which also is funding CASEL and the SEL stuff in schools.

It’s not just the socialists who don’t realize they’re being used. I’ve been mocked and called a Democrat and “an idiot” by some of my old friends in the conservative movement for daring to suggest that the Trump vs. Biden was a distraction and a show like Trump vs. Hillary was. All this stuff about Pelosi ripping up speeches and impeachment and all of that was just smoke and mirrors. Yet, if I bring up what’s really going on, I either get asked if I’m drinking or else told that I’m helping the Democrats.

Charles Koch has been funding a lot of Tea Party groups and Soros the “Resistance” groups. Yet, despite them supposedly being enemies, they’re working together on open borders, Common Core, criminal justice reform, buying “fact checkers” (Yes, both Koch and Soros give money to the Poynter Institute which certifies the “fact-checkers” of Facebook.) Loads are afraid, and even I have to trust in God and not get daunted by this fear, that if we back down from Trump and the GOP and stop letting them walk all over us, that the Dems will win and push the Equality Act and the Green New Deal and all of these horrible bills and that freedom in America will cease to exist and that Trump is the “lesser of two evils”.

yes, they both are on the same side, pretending to be enemies. The goal of both sides is to keep us divided while they accumulate wealth and power and ultimately full control of the populace. I never buy into any kind of group identity. They are all controlled by powerful interests that are looking out for themselves. It’s one big charade.

“This is important for all of us to be aware of, not just the people attending these protests. Any time we are told a protester threw this or “rioters” set fire to that, we must take this information with a very large grain of salt, because we usually won’t be able to know it wasn’t an undercover cop acting as an agent provocateur to shape a narrative and justify more use of force to disperse the crowd. The idiot with the umbrella did it in a very ham-fisted and obvious way, and we can expect other police infiltrators to be more clever about it as well.
This is not to say none of the anger we’ve seen exhibited at these protests is real and grassroots; people have a lot to be angry about, and surely much of the destruction we’re seeing is the organic result of way too many people being pushed way too far by a cruel and abusive system. It’s just to say that we should all be as skeptical as we would be when dealing with any other narratives we know powerful factions have a vested interest in manipulating, and not treat any claim about protester behavior as a certain fact.
The powerful few are afraid of the many. Always have been, always will be. And there’s nothing they and their goon squad won’t do to try and rein in any group which poses a threat to their power if they can get away with it.”

Police corruption….
“Its believed Ortis had helped organised crime gangs murder uncover officers, by providing classified information that allowed gangs to track their victim by turning the victims own phones into a tracking device. Ortis had also over seen the billion of dollars money laundering investigation involving Russian and Mexican cartels using New Zealand and Australian banks. Otis arrest has caused a tsunami within Five Eyes ranks as becomes clear corruption reaches the highest levels of New Zealand and Australian society and political circles and causing concern among other Five Eye members.”

In it together… Hmmmm
“Members of the Five Eyes intelligence bloc are already raising questions about the type of information accessible to Cameron Ortis as the director of an intelligence unit within the RCMP, diplomatic sources tell CBC News.
The Five Eyes, made up of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia, is one of the world’s leading intelligence-sharing networks, linking some of the most powerful countries in the world.”

Time magazine: Since Eric Garner died five years ago while being wrestled to the ground by a New York City police officer in a case that sparked national outrage, few instances of civilian deaths at police hands, either accidental or intentional, have ended with cops facing trial.
According to Mapping Police Violence—one of the few groups that tracks deadly police encounters in the absence of a comprehensive national database—law enforcement officers in the U.S. intentionally or accidentally killed more than 6,800 civilians between 2013 and 2018.
Other groups and media that track data report similar figures. In 2017 and 2018, said more than 2,300 people were shot and killed by police, and the Washington Post recorded 1,978 instances in the same two-year period.
Among deaths reported by Mapping Police Violence, an officer was charged with a crime in 1.7% of the cases, says Samuel Sinyangwe, a policy analyst who co-founded the on-line non-profit site, which compiles data from news articles, police reports, social media and other sources.

And another post from him:

Who We Are
Crisis Solutions have prepared crisis events for clients in financial services, retail, entertainment and automotive industries, as well as for national and local government organizations. We have worked with both large organizations with over 200,000 global employees to smaller business enterprises with under 50 members of staff. Crisis Solutions’ knowledge as of the crisis management plans and performance of these teams places us in a unique position to understand how crises evolve in the real world.

Leaders in crisis simulation and Training
The global leader in the delivery of crisis management and business continuity crisis exercising and training, Crisis Solutions are the preferred provider of crisis management exercises, simulations, workshops and training for some of the world’s largest and well-known organisations.

Our specialist knowledge in crisis simulation exercises and business continuity plan testing has been gained from delivery of thousands of crisis management exercising and training events.

And yet another post from him:

Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour. They bring intense realism to simulated mass casualty incidents on the battlefield, during kidnap and ransom and emergency evacuation situations and in hostile threat incidents in urban or public places.
In so doing, CrisisCast provides learners with an irrevocable first encounter with the emotional challenges of any hostile incident.

Our crisis management actors rehearse and deliver in teams of two. We find that saves fees on directors and wranglers and gives each actor responsibility for his or her ‘buddy’. So our minimum offer is for two actors to work with you in a classroom environment for a day.
But we can – and do – supply up to two hundred fully trained and rehearsed actors. The way we do this is by building teams of twelve (six pairs per team) and each team of twelve will have a wrangler whose job is to make sure all logistics are handled for his team; from casting and contracts (including NDA’s), to being paid and put safely on the bus home. The Team Wrangler will also be responsible for Health and Safety during a simulation.

Make up, wounds and blood are created by professional makeup artists who are credited in film and television for managing highly effective and sometimes horrendous injuries. We really recommend good make up because it shocks – and that generates the sort of feelings we want trainers to be able to identify in simulations.

And yet another post from him:

A big step towards a highly surveilled totalitarian U.S. One step closer to 4IR Technocracy!

“Customs And Border Protection Reaper Drone Appears Over Minneapolis Protests

The unmanned aircraft looks to be surveilling the city, which has seen increasingly violent protests following the police killing of George Floyd.

The drone’s callsign, CBP 104, identifies it as one of CBP’s older Predator B types, which are configured for overland surveillance. The primary sensors on these drones are electro-optical and infrared full-motion video cameras in a turret under the nose, though they can also capture still imagery using the Lynx synthetic aperture radar. They also have data links capable of sending this video and imagery back to control stations on the ground in near real-time.

Other avialable data indicates that this particular unmanned aircraft is operating from Grand Forks Air Force Base. CBP Predator Bs typically fly from this base to conduct patrols along the U.S.-Canadian border.

The unmanned aircraft’s ability to stay in the area for up to 21 hours at a time would make it an ideal asset for persistently monitoring the protests and rioting across Minneapolis. It could help law enforcement personnel best focus their resources in response to developments they might not otherwise be able to see and to generally document the situation as it continues to evolve.

The exact authority that CBP is operating under in order to support state and local officials is unclear. The agency does have controversial authority to conduct various activities within the United States inside a 100-mile-deep buffer area along the country’s borders, but Minneapolis is outside that defined area.”

And yet another post from him:

An adviser to the ID2020 Alliance, which aims to bring digital identities to billions of people, has resigned over the organization’s direction on digital immunity passes and COVID-19.

In her resignation email Friday, Elizabeth Renieris cited ID2020’s opacity, “techno-solutionism” and corporate influence along with the risks of applying blockchain to immunity passes.

“At this stage, I can no longer even describe what ID2020’s mission is with any confidence,” wrote Renieris, who was one of six members of ID2020’s technical advisory committee. “All I can perceive is a desire to promote decentralized identity solutions at all costs.”
Renieris (an occasional CoinDesk contributor) is a fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University and an expert in cross-border data protection and privacy issues. She was previously in-house counsel at two digital identity startups.

Her concerns about the technology, which highlight the trade-offs between health and privacy during the pandemic, are spelled out in a white paper published in mid-May. She says the introduction of immunity passes could interfere with people’s privacy, freedom of association, assembly, and movement.

“Blockchain-enabled ‘immunity certificates’ or ‘immunity passports’ for COVID-19, if implemented by public authorities, would have serious consequences for our fundamental human rights and civil liberties,” she writes.

The discord within ID2020 hints at larger debates around where to use distributed ledger technology (DLT), and where it may create more problems than it solves. But when it comes to the issue of immunity passes, the stakes seem higher.
Renieris worries about how the influence of corporations like Microsoft may influence the development of these systems.

The link to her whitepaper:
The Dangers of Blockchain-Enabled “Immunity Passports” for COVID-19 – A Legal, Public Health, and Technical Perspective

Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, a new article is set for in the morning, in the meantime, take about 45 minutes to listen to my latest interview on “Living In the Solution” with Dr. Elaina George.
You’ll be glad you did.
Author Lynne Taylor the Common Core Diva, joins Dr. George to discuss how government is using the COVID-19 crisis to further entangle itself in education.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

From the article.

“For students, guidelines on face coverings will come later after local school boards and charter boards meet with health officials”.

For any parents who don’t want their kids wearing masks next year. You might want to contact your local school boards and let them know.

And some replies to this post:

It is very unhealthy to wear a mask for 7 hours a day every day. What the hell is wrong with these people? Breathing in your own Co2 creates hypoxia. It can cause organ damage/brain damage.

My son started to practice football this week and they are running with masks. One of the boys in the team started throwing up during practice today.

I am so sorry. That’s insanity. It’s like they are trying to shut it all down! Make it so difficult for our kids to do anything. All they want from our kids is to sit behind a screen for hours so their data can be collected.

HA HA “For any parents who don’t want their kids wearing masks next year. You might want to contact your local school boards and let them know.” What a joke. Like the freaking school board cares what the parents want.

they don’t. Local school boards are for show to make the parents think they have control or say. All decisions are already dictated and made. I have been to meetings and have been the only parent there. It’s sad how many parents are so disengaged and just assume their boards are making the best decisions. There is no push back.

or they feel that it is pointless to go, as the school board pays no attention to as anything said.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“it just lives in a digital wallet on a smartphone, rather than a physical wallet” is NOT a true statement.
Your digital money would be held at the central bank and your wallet only holds the balance that is on the blockchain held by the central bank. Unless the user is a holder of the private key (of a public-private encryption key set), then you are holding nothing. You are just holding a balance statement and have to have the central bank make the purchases for you in real time. It is not a true cypto like bitcoin.

These are deceptive banking systems.

Here is an example to help you understand more easily. Here goes…

Think of your email server as your bank.
Think of your email address as your public key.
Everyone can know your email so it’s public.
Think of your email password as your private key.
You never give this out to anyone.

In order to get to your bank account, you use your public key just like you use your email address to get to your mail.
You use your private key to get into your bank account just like email password to get to your mail.

Now suppose you were not allowed to have your password to get to your email, but instead could only request to see your email. Because you were not ever given a password. That would really suck.

Well, that is how these central banks plan to issue crypto money.

They will only give you a public QR code on your phone to access your account. You are already registered with that bank. So they know who you are and what you will withdraw and deposit, along with ALL transactions you make all day long.

They hold the private key, so you do not have direct access to your money. They have access to your money. Your digital wallet holds NO MONEY! It ONLY holds the QR code that accesses the bank account and you never can withdraw from it. You can only deduct from it via any and all transactions.

You never hold your own money. THEY hold it. You NEVER can withdraw your money. Where would you withdraw It to? Cash is gone! Your wallet does NOT hold money. It ONLY holds a QR code to your account.

What this means is that if you are for any reason out of step with the government (or any other agency), you money can be frozen and your wallet is useless.

I hope you now understand how a FED coin or any other central bank blockchain based digital wallet and cryptocurrency works.

Bottom line is, do NOT let your government eliminate cash!

And here is the post that he quoted:

“People in China are no strangers to digital payments—if anything, it’s easier to move around and shop in Shanghai or Beijing with an Alipay or WeChat Pay smartphone app than it is bearing a pocketbook filled with yuan notes. Now the Chinese government has begun a pilot program for an official digital version of its currency—with the likelihood of a bigger test at the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Some observers think the virtual yuan could bolster the government’s power over the country’s financial system and one day maybe even shift the global balance of economic influence.
Most money that gets swapped around electronically is just credits and debits in accounts at different banks. China’s digital cash is designed to be an electronic version of a banknote, or a coin: it just lives in a digital wallet on a smartphone, rather than a physical wallet. Its value would be backed by the state. But virtual cash would be quicker and easier to use than the paper kind—and would also offer China’s authorities a degree of control never possible with physical money.”

And some replies to this post:

You do realize that with such a system, they could effectively shut down all gun and ammo purchases. How do 2nd Amendment supporters not realize this?

I know! They can do anything they want to us. This would be absolute control of our activities.

This is why I have been warning for so long.. and am posting this.

Did you know that there were laws passed in
Canada and the US back a little after the 2008 bailout, if I recall, that made all of your money in the bank property of the bank, basically? In other words, if the bank were to go under for any reason, they could use all of the deposits to pay off their debts. The FDIC, as you know is not going to bail you out, or at least most of us, but probably none of us.
I was on Market Watch a lot when someone posted that. There was a disgruntled GS banker who actually helped me get my state retirement out and rolled into an IRA shortly before the 2008 crash. I didn’t roll it all out in time, but most of it. He saved me about 40% that I would have lost if I hadn’t done that. Of course, he and all the others knew ahead of 2008 that there was going to be a crash.
I started thinking about it when our credit union was having financial problems. Credit unions have their own version of the FDIC, but we all got a letter saying that if the credit union did not get bought out, that they would have to use our shares (deposits) to pay off their debts! They would have to call in all the loans (mostly car loans), but could not touch our IRAs. They were bought out by Gesa, but that sure woke me up.

yes I knew that money in bank accounts could be used to bail out banks a few years ago. Disgusting! I did not know about the credit unions though. The whole system is rigged. And this new system would be 100% worse than any of those. Scary!

Is it time to get out of all banking, including credit unions?

I don’t know. I think the interest rate is negative which means your accounts are paying the banks for you to keep your money there. If the banks go completely digital, then paper cash might not be an acceptable form of currency. So I would just buy tangibles goods, if it came down to it.

Would we be able to convert our “money” to digital money?

I’m sure there would be a window of time to allow conversion. You would have to use India as an example. They went from cash to complete digital and went bonkers.

no we have not gone completely digital – the biometric digital id, adhaar card was pushed hard first, till most of the population was covered (else no services / utilities for daily life functions were possible : passport/ travel / phone / bank / ration card / any/all gov services ++) – then came the demonitization which was of two denominations of the INR currency (Rs 500 & Rs 1000, the most commonly used cash notes) it was announced as the way to remove corruption and “black money” … it’s only recently research revealed that the gatesfoundation / cash alliance was behind this devastating experiment. In fact, most of what we have seen play out globally, during these months of the “plannedemic”, were first tested here in India : biometric/digital ID – Adhaar card / demonitization – cashless economy / lockdown – Kashmir annexation (they’ve been in lockdown/curfew since August last year)

India has been turned into the world’s biggest open-air laboratory for extreme financial experimentation, after the Modi government decided, at the drop of a hat and apparently without warning even the banks, that the two biggest denomination notes were all of a sudden worthless, to be replaced by new notes.
Before Modi’s fateful decision, on Nov. 9, the 1,000 rupee ($14.67) and 500 rupee ($7.33) notes accounted for 86% of India’s cash economy, which itself represented well over 90% of the country’s retail transactions. The result has been widespread financial and economic chaos. Consumption in the cities dropped considerably. In the countryside, where bank branches are few and understaffed, the economy has ground to a shuddering halt.

What was the role of the USA to forge a ‘cashless-economy’ in India, just prior to Demonetisation? | 02 Aug 2018 Devdan Chaudhuri
Demonetisation – the ‘Mother of Bad Ideas’ – was the most critical policy action of the Modi Government, and also one of the most critical policy actions by any Government in the history of Independent India. But we still don’t have any clear answers to a Mount Everest of unanswered questions: what really led to the policy decision, who was the actual adviser of the Government, whether any ‘socio-economic viability study’ was done before putting the entire nation through the ordeal, why the implementation slacked, what was the volume of the new notes which were printed, why The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is still unable to release all the data pertaining to Demonetization and so on.
We urgently need laws which will compel every Prime Minister – from any political party – to conduct open press conferences; we also need an official spokesperson of the PMO and the Government who will answer unscripted questions from the press and media. The misty opacity of Governmental doings needs to be cleared with policies which favour openness and transparency.
We all know that nothing has been more opaque than Demonetisation Policy and the people have the right to know the truth in the midst of organised propaganda, spins, myth making and psychological operations.
As a nation, we need to understand, why we suffered – and still suffering – and who are the actual beneficiaries of our collective angst, trauma and loss of well-being.

Thank you for the explanation. Many people are going to be asking questions and the only two examples I know of are China and India. Yet, I don’t know the specifics of their cash to digital transition. We are in a gray area here. You input helps a lot. Thank you.

we’ve all got a piece of the puzzle [name redacted].. as your work helps me understand so much of the blockchain/crypto which I’m grappling to wrap my head around as well .. equally thank you … here’s another piece that gets behind the floated narratives, for a very different and scary view > > >
Speaking for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the “Financial Inclusion Forum” in Washington, organized by the Treasury Department and USAID, Bill Gates said (min 17):
“We worked directly with the central bank there (India) over the last three years and they created a new type of authorization called the payments bank, and those customers will be able to use their mobile phones to perform basic financial transactions. And 11 entities applied, including all the mobile phone providers, and were granted that payment bank status.”
“It is a wonderful thing to go in and create a broad identification system. Again India is an interesting example of this. There, the Aadhaar system, which is a 12-digit-identification that is correlated to biometric measures, is becoming pervasive throughout the country. This will be the foundation for how we bring that switch to every mobile phone in India. We are expecting to use these IDs, so that when you show up for any government service, say you walk into a primary health clinic, we will be able to use this ID to bring up your health record very quickly. If you move from one part of the country to another, you will be well tracked and served.”

more and more businesses/merchants (well before lockdown that is – and increasingly so since) used this phone-banking system “paytm” was one – there are others – digital wallets as you’ve explained .. (one needs to fill the paytm or link to bank account, and continue replenishing the balance for useage)
it gets down to digital payments being the ultimate heist – if i pay you say a 100rupees cash and buy a sandwich from you, that’s that, we’re done – i’ve got my sandwich, you’ve got the 100rupees you’ve earned.
With digital currency/bank debit cards (another version, works the same as a credit card, except it’s not interest one pays, but a “transaction fee”) – so I use paytm or debit card and now I pay 2% transaction fees, so 102rupees for the sandwich i buy – and you have to pay a trnsaction fee of 2% as well, 2rupees on that 100 you earned, for the sandwich you sold … paytm/debit the banksters made 4rupees on that 100rupee transaction .. and you’re left with 98rupees

most fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) also carry an 18% Goods and Service Tax (GST) … so the system, as it always has been, is rigged all the way, at each step .. it’s a racket isn’t it? digital just makes it easier for them to run the racket leaving us prone and exposed and vulnerable to their mechanizations.

I read about the cashless society travesty in India in passing back when it happened. They were saying that it was to catch the people in the black market so that they had to pay taxes. I don’t remember if that was when Bernie and Warren came out with their “payday lender” reason to go to bank accounts at the post offices or not, but the postal services are now Global and it’s really hurting American online companies with the exception of Amazon. They get a huge discount for some reason and so did China. I’m not sure if that’s still going or not. If you go on eBay, shipping for very inexpensive items from China are free shipping. That doesn’t make sense when Americans have to pay much higher shipping so cannot compete. Deals have been made.
As I realtor I know that about 25% of people do not have bank accounts. It’s hard for cash people to get financed because of the “pillow money” because they don’t have a record on paper of paying rent, or making other regular payments. That sure didn’t matter once Glass-Steagall was repealed – thank you Phil Gramm and Bill Clinton for that. Anyway, nearly everyone has access to a post office, and many trust it more than banks, so the idea was to give a place for people to deposit their money before it is declared worthless like they did in India. Not everyone was able to deposit their money and lost everything.

The elite bankers, particularly the Rotschildes, took over the banking system of the US in 1913. I believe they were also behind World War I and World War II (they had taken over the banking systems of a bunch of Europe and staged the Russian Revolution so that they could take over Russia as well.) Since they’d taken over Europe in the late 1800’s, they could set things up so that the entangling alliances would start World War I and then the big burden the treaty that ended World War I set up the stage for World War II. They got the United Nations out of all of this, and, if I may say so, also set up the state of Israel. Granted, I don’t think these guys are all working alone, as I’m sure the Vatican has played a big role too. Lately, the Treasury and the Federal Reserve merged. The Fed is now buying up a bunch of stuff. When the monetary systems go under, we could have a chance to break free if we act and kick out this fiat system. If we don’t stop it, however, they will push us onto a global blockchain cashless system. I believe this groups of elites like the Rothschildes and the Vatican are the handlers of those like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Marc Benioff, George Soros, Charles Koch, Warren Buffett, etc.

I also predict that they’ll start trying to take down areas like the Dark Web, again claiming that they’re going after human traffickers, fraudsters, terrorists, child porn, etc, but really they’ll be after the last great anonymity stronghold left.

Also, when you started mentioning these transaction fees, I felt a shiver go down my spine as I recalled some of the Robin Hood movies and TV Series episodes, who Nottingham was always extorting the peasants of England for this or that tax or fee. With this new system of currency, however, they could add whatever tax or fee they felt like and “Robin Hood” couldn’t just steal it back as it would all be digital (unless there’s a way to hack the money back from the central bankers, and, if so, we should look into that.)

My head spins.
Amazon packages “The World Health Organization also notes that it’s very unlikely for a package to be contaminated after being exposed to different conditions, and therefore the risk of a person contracting the virus from a package is considered low.”

Cash “Banknotes may be spreading the new coronavirus so people should try to use contactless payments instead, the World Health Organization has said.
Customers should wash their hands after touching banknotes because infectious Covid-19 may cling to the surface for a number of days, the UN agency said on Monday night.”

this. Why we should insist on keeping cash.

WeChat, through alipay, started pushing cashless payments in 2013/14 although they used before this, it was then that it started to take off. DIDI, uber, where at the forefront of this and really got people used to the idea of cashless payments by offering 50 -80% off the normal cost of a journey. This had two effects, it encouraged people to go cashless but most importantly it was the start of the cash only business to go digital. By 2017 you used wechat app to buy bananas from a vendor in the street markets. ( wechat is an app much like fb, to make a payment you just hold your mobile phone in front of the other person’s phone and that’s the money transferred). What was surprising about this in such a sort period was that it became difficult to find shops that accepted cash. The Chinese always accept new technologies rapidly without thinking of consequences. The gig, or cash economy has all but disappeared in China cities now.

I talked to the top Postmaster around here before he retired and he said that “they” came in in 2006 and busted the union. He said that USPS was made to pay all their profits plus some every year into an unsegregated retirement fund that was around $70 billion at the time I talked to him which was years ago. He said that the people that would possibly receive that weren’t even born yet. The gist I got was that it was being used as a slush fund of some kind.
So Bernie and Liz both said that they wanted the USPS to become little banks. They said they were losing money! They were making about $5 billion in profit, but were forced by Congress to put $5.5 billion in that retirement fund. Why?
They said so that people without bank accounts could cash checks instead of going to payday lenders! I mean, come on! The postal service is global now, and you can hardly afford to mail a package any more. I was selling antique quilts to Australia and Japan for a thrift store that supports a free clinic. Shipping was about $25 with tracking. Then, overnight, it went to over $70 for shipping and NO tracking to the door. Well, we couldn’t do that. If it didn’t get there we would lose everything. But to ship here from China it was free ornearly free!
So where did that retirement fund go? They are saying that they don’t have enough to pay people retirement? Maybe I’m wrong, but there is something wrong when we give a deep discount to Amazon.

Also, I’ve noticed in Illinois that the toll booths started having IPasses for about a buck or so per toll but cash was about $2.00/toll. And, in some places like Florida and PA, some tolls are already cashless only. I see what’s going on. I have only made transactions in cash (if I had to buy something online, then I normally paid someone else back for it for them doing it.) I actually was thinking of buying some books that I wanted from the library itself (sort of as if I’d lost them and had to replace them (though I haven’t) so that I can avoid going through Amazon or whatever as the local book stores have gone under around here some time ago.) My own family seems to get everything from Amazon (or a lot). They ditched cable (well, we still have it but plan to move away from it) but instead have replaced it with Prime (my father did that) and my mother gets tons of stuff from Amazon too. I’d already been wary of companies like Amazon because of how large they are. As they were partnering with Southern Poverty Law Center and blocking some Christian groups that SPLC called “hate groups” from their charities and also blocking anti-vax stuff plus that book of that bloke in England, Robinson, Mohammad’s Koran, I think it was, and realized that they could threaten to deplatform any authors or sellers that didn’t taut the globalist line. Now, Trump has promised to go after Big Tech and them all for censoring us and all, but as he’s done nothing about the public private partnerships of these same companies with Big Government, I doubt that much will happen to Facebook. If anything, these regulations would likely be applied to us but the Facebooks and Twitters will still skate through as before.

China is changing faster than the US and the US (govt.) feels that it needs to keep up using the same technologies as China. Currency control, population control, 24/7 surveillance of its population, data mining every aspect of a human being, meaningless mind numbing jobs, all “for the betterment” of society.

Pandemics, Police Brutality, perpetual war, ALL DISTRACTIONS from the MAFIA which originates all money for nothing as debt to them with interest due them. The profit margin for originating money for nothing is….infinity. One scam. The rest is distraction.
Only JFK broke the silence in my lifetime. Executive order 11110. Until a cartoon-like person said in response to a question about the “budget” deficit : “They can just print the money”.
“They” hate a rat.

The goal is to tax, impoverish, legislate, and force everyone off the land and force us into what UNNWO/WEF calls mega-cities where you are under control, rationed food, money, energy, and commodified via surveillance and compliance with investors ideas of what to do to you or the earth. Zero freedom. Zero autonomy.
“Social Equity” is about impoverishing huge portions of the population and bringing down developed nations, destroying communities, bringing people under central control and stealing our natural resources. Power. It has already progressed in Europe to a public knowledge level.
Rosa Koire worked valuing land for imminent domain thus became intimately aware of the totalitarian control represented by the SDGs, that the powers that should not be, are implementing since 1992. Listen to these wise words. You need to educate yourself because we are all indoctrinated:
My favorite comment from this link is this simple truth: “Seems like this virus is being used to make us so poor that we lose everything we have so the powers that be can put us where they want…” That is it exactly.

Governments are going to eliminate cash whether we like it or not. As you rightly point out, they will be doing so in an attempt to gain more control & surveillance. It will backfire on them as people forced into the ‘digital cash’ world start realising there are other, better, digital cash options (such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies).
The key is to educate people on the difference between centralised ‘blockchains’/cryptocurrencies like the goverments and banks will push, and decentralised blockchains that give people the safest place to keep their money.
Stacking government paper cash is better than keeping it in a bank as one still has access to it. Although it’s depreciating in value every day as the central banks print/counterfeit more out of thin air. It’s already difficult to spend any significant amount in paper cash without the vendor ringing the alarm bells and calling the AML/KYC authorities. Many merchants are restricted by unlawful government regulations on accepting cash.
Decentralised blockchains are the only thing I can see setting people free and actually giving them choices on which currencies to use.

And here is another post from him:

From a combat veteran perspective, do you want to know how you militarily control a nation? By controlling its central political, financial and governmental centers. Controlling it’s central communications centers. Controlling it’s core supply chain routes, namely the ports. Controlling it’s core navigation hubs, including major airports and hubs. By controlling major marine navigation vessels and ports, as well as the major land navigation systems into and out of central cities. You don’t need to occupy the entire rural and small towns in a country. You don’t need a full scale occupation. You just need to occupy the core centers of finance, trade, energy, politics and communication, and you will effectively have control of the ENTIRE nation.

So, as a military guy, that has been in combat and has seen this before, I can’t help but see what is happening here, and I can’t help but wonder if we’re under a military operation. A hostile invasion. The similarities are striking!

And here is the post that he quoted:

If you’ve kept up at all with the expansion of IMPACT INVESTING opportunities into FOOD SUPPLY CHAINS, you will see that this situation is EXACTLY what social engineers have been waiting for in order to control consumers’ food choices.

Revolution Foods, which delivers federally-reimbursable meals to school-aged children, has been featured prominently in TIME Magazine. It’s CEO is a member of the World Economic Forum.

Impact investing in health outcomes (diabetes and obesity, for example) will be more successful if nutrition is managed. A recent issue of TIME discussed “personalized” nutrition plans based on DNA analysis.

Are we ready to relinquish control of our bodies to the government and venture philanthropy? These are many of the same folks who have a history of supporting eugenics policies.

Here is a document from the Family Research Council talking about the sex ed across the country:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Andre Duany ” fascism is efficient ” Duany himself is the founder of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU).

The Transect has been especially useful as a framework to code complete communities. The SmartCode, an open-source, widely used form-based code, is based on the Transect and was first published in 2003.

One day people will see what is the real United Nations – This man works for them – His name is Andre Duany ” fascism is efficient ” Duany himself is the founder of the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU). If you have read their mission you will see that they feel your home on one acre is not a ‘real neighborhood’ and part of their mission is to reclaim it for stack-and-pack high density housing such as the project that was rejected for behind the Bedford Village Inn.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

This is just WRONG.

Here is a post from the Floirda anti-iReady group:

“Students in Manatee County schools may be reassigned to an alternative program if they continue to struggle academically or behaviorally and can no longer be accommodated by programming at their home schools. Many times the assignments are made in the best interest of the student, but the interests of the learning environment as well as other students and staff are also considered. Student reassignments are usually made under the following guidelines:”

EXCUSE ME? so if my child continues to struggle academically and can no longer be accommodated by programming at their home schools THE DISTRICT HAS THE RIGHT TO SEND MY KID TO HORIZONS ACDEMY?

So that means that any child with and IEP that will bring down the school or district grade and is not making learning gains can be sent to HORIZONS? Currently there is just over 20% of the 417 students at HORIZONS that have IEPs.

That means that 84 of the students at HORIZONS are ESE students.

Is your child one of these children being tossed away to Horizons where their FSA or iReady score won’t hurt the teachers VAM score or the school grade?

You do know that HORIZONS did not earn a school grade, ever. This school has become the dumping ground of far too many children of color and who are ESE. That is how the school grading system is played, parents. If the school feels that your child is a risk to their grade they will even go so far as to make up a fake disciplinary record or they will expel your child enough times for petty issues so as to make your child eligible for Horizons based on behavioral issues.

When you are sent to Horizons the district denies your child their DUE PROCESS RIGHTS to a fair hearing before your child is tossed away and is forced to “serve time” at Horizons Academy.

Enough is enough parents. Your child deserves a free and appropriate public education in a traditional public school not an alternative school that now holds kids from grades Pre K to 12. This not ok. Horizons Academy is the START of the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE. Parents, you must start educating yourselves on your child’s rights to a FAPE- a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

Join Opt Out Manatee for additional information or contact me via FB.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

D.C. bunch are planning on another trillion dollar stimulus package – Be sure and hold on to a life raft – We are going to sink like a ton of bricks

You think the situation is bad now , wait until half the country is unemployed and the other half is working 3 days a week to fund the government , somebody better be making tons of money to go into paying taxes so people can receive benefits … It want change even with a new president .. We had another 1.84 million humans to sign up for unemployment … The clock is ticking ..

And another post from her:

PMorgan Chase is committed to creating a more sustainable future for the employees, customers and communities it serves. That’s why we’re taking additional steps to address climate change and further promote sustainable development. In 2020, we commit to facilitate $200 billion to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including $50 billion toward green initiatives that also fulfill our 2017 clean financing target.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Popped up on my feed

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

In any great struggle one must be clear about who one’s opponent really is.

And another post from her:

Seriously?!? This isn’t good. This is destroying the human elements of life. Labels, labels, labels. Everyone will be categorized and personalized until there’s nothing but machine architecture left.

They start this with babies, btw.

And here is the post that she quoted:

Calendars just got a whole lot smarter. It’s time for you to have more productive meetings and better outcomes.

And here is a reply to this post:

BEST strategy in Tulsa sponsored by GKFF

And yet another post from her:

Only sharing this for the image.
Nice hexagons. This looks like sorcery.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radial sex ed group:


Amaze videos are used in MA schools. Watch this video and see how it normalizes watching porn to kids. This is the kind of irresponsible and inappropriate content that is being included in CSE lessons.

CSE harms kids. STOP CSE!

And another post from this group:

Many MA school districts are using Human Relations Media (HRM) for sex ed across all age groups.

Watch the trailer to Teen Romantic Relationships. If you skip to the two-minute mark they start to discuss “hooking-up.” The moderator acting as an educator in the video states: “So no matter if you want to hook-up or want a relationship, the key take away message or the key ingredient in that is to communicate. When it gets sticky and people get hurt is when one person wants a relationship and one person wants a hook-up.”

The message to the young students is that the issue is not with meaningless hook-ups, it is with a lack of communication. A clear takeaway from the clip is that these impressionable teenagers think that it is okay to just “hook-up” with people so long as you communicate.

Is this a message that you want your child to get in their sex ed class? Is “hooking up” for sex emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy for your teen?

Opt your child out of sex ed. Find opt out letters that you can use to give to school officials in the announcement and files section of this group.

Protect our kids! STOP CSE!

I found this post from a friend of mine:

The proposed Growing Climate Solutions Act directs the USDA to create a program that would help the agriculture sector gain access to revenue from greenhouse gas offset credit markets.

The bill is co-sponsored by Republican Senators Mike Braun of Indiana and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and Democratic Senators Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

In rare bipartisan bill, U.S. senators tackle climate change via agriculture

When I shared that post, another friend of mine posted this:

Check out these partners!😨

This company also has an Insurance Conference as well as Healthcare and Workforce Innovation. Has U.N. all over it.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Common Core’s requirements for structured academics – precluding play – in young children is harming the development of their sensory systems.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

[ If you think this is not going to happen in America , you are sadly mistaken . Technology to trace every move you make including how you spend YOUR money .. ]

Bank of Canada exploring digital currency that would replace cash, track how people spend money
An internal Bank of Canada presentation says benefits of a digital currency include the sharing of personal information with police or tax authorities

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“The school district, with five schools and 4,800 students, plans to test a system that would require each student to wear an electronic beacon to track their location to within a few feet throughout the day. It will record where students sit in each classroom, show who they meet and talk to, and reveal how they gather in groups.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Eric Schmidt, Google/Alphabet, is on the Trilateral Commission. 4IR SDG2030

This was written in 2018!!

“For Alphabet, these constraints are no more: ubiquitous and continuous data flows can finally replace government rules with market signals. Now, everything is permitted – unless somebody complains. The original spirit behind Uber was quite similar: away with the rules, tests and standards, let the sovereign consumer rank the drivers and low-scoring ones will soon disappear on their own. Why not do this to landlords? After all, if you are lucky to survive a house fire, you can always exercise your consumer sovereignty and rank them down. Here the operating logic is that of Blackstone Urbanism, even if the techniques themselves are part of Google Urbanism.

Google Urbanism means the end of politics, as it assumes the impossibility of wider systemic transformations, such as limits on capital mobility and foreign ownership of land and housing. Instead it wants to mobilise the power of technology to help residents “adjust” to seemingly immutable global trends such as rising inequality and constantly rising housing costs (Alphabet wants us to believe that they are driven by costs of production, not by the seemingly endless supply of cheap credit).”

And another post from her:

Cindy Martin, the Superintendent of San Diego Unified, and Austin Beutner, the Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified, the two largest school districts in California, play their role in this money laundering scheme and demand contact tracing for our children.

Why? Because Gov. Gavin Newsom has awarded contracts for contact tracing apps to Salesforce, Amazon, and Deloitte.

We are currently hearing unified cries for “defund the police.” Why? Because with COVID-19 we officially began the Fourth Industrial Revolution and just like with schools and distance learning that will lay off hundreds of teachers, we are being nudged/coerced into the “new normal” of policing citizens which includes geofencing and predictive policing of Black, brown, and poor white people.

What does this have to do with our schools? These districts are the supply chain of the school to prison pipeline and DELOITTE is in the business of creating new policing technologies to reduce human labor costs, increase profits for the 4IR race with China, and geofence poor people in their homes and neighborhoods. If you are saying “defund police” and not “defund contact tracing” YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

If you defund the police, instead of reforming them, then what you’ll potentially end up with is a privatized police force.

Privatized police means you get a poorly regulated police force with lower quality training, lower entry requirements, more automation, AI crime predictive analysis (much like Minority Report Pre-Cogs), robots, drones, massive number of surveillance cams with facial recognition, bio-metric detection and mandatory contact tracing apps.

And what happens to the police that are laid-off? They will venture to the next best thing – Contact Tracing! You will have tens of thousands former cops doing contact tracing for the state and corporations. Former cops coming to your home to make sure you are complying with state orders, or off you go to a quarantine center separated from your kids and family!

Remember, for every action there is a opposite reaction. So be careful of what you wish for!–HqH4bnhqWUqME1e8fII9uDCJxjzcEeaAc

And some replies to this post:

Just keep in mind what they did with private prisons. They turned that into a corporate franchise for profit. Not to mention the quotas for minimum occupancies. Bad quality training and poorly regulated. Just think of what your police force would be like if they all became Blackwater-like operations. Mercenary types units. Combine that with a militarized contact tracers and you have a maximum police state. Slippery slopes.

Seems strange that when the sheriffs and other officers came out publicly NOT to enforce some of these unconstitutional edicts such as shutting down businesses, and making people wear masks (against OSHA regulations in the work place for most employees to mandate them), then all of a sudden we see all this “cops bad” stuff. We see a very iff’y staged looking “murder” of a black man (not saying that doesn’t happen, but the timing and the huge publicity and all the media attention seems obviously suspect.
Also seems odd that many of the videos of the sheriffs and other officers speaking out against the unconstitutional rules (not laws) put in that allowed the big chains to operate, but shut down the mom and pop businesses, the videos were often censored. The public only sees bad cop videos online. Why is that? Why not all the good things that officers do every single day. I know that there are bad ones, but who would you get if you defunded the local officers? You would get the mercenaries like the ones who showed up at the NoDAPL protests. Who would you call if you had a heart attack? The dispatchers are most often cops, you know. Why don’t you watch this video and see what the real life sheriffs say? Not all, but many.

“Justice” is UN SDG 16. Item 16.9 is global ID system – ID2020.…/disabilities/envision2030-goal16.html

Whew.Wake up.Scare people with a virus. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline. Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in.
Then… ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in Antifa to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Loot. Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. We are all being baited by adversarial governments who want to destroy America – China, Iran, Russia. Have the Far Left abuse the racial wars to fuel the fires. And, in an election year, have Democrats blame all of it on the President.
Can’t take America in a war, destroy it from within.
We are being conditioned, manipulated, and programmed by multiple agendas as never before…..time to DO OUR OWN RESEARCH and MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS rather than eating everything being spoon-fed to us! I did not write this I copied and paste !!! SHARE….!!!!

The whole government needs defunding.
Using the tax dollars not paid to governments, local communities can fund their own security/police forces.
They can receive annual statements and progress reports and if the security company are not performing, the residents can remove their funding and try an alternative company.
All the time we’ve got top down government control no real change will happen.

Here is a post on the wall of yet another friend of mine:

With everything else going crazy…the REAL insanity is that the Fed has bailed out the Banks EVERY NIGHT since Sept. 11, 2019 and tonight the banks need $3.7 Trillion!! Where’s the People’s uproar about that?

And another post from her:

[ Please also remember Saleforce Marc Benioff is behind the developing new capitalism titled Stakeholder Capitalism ]
This is for Superintendent Cindy Martin of San Diego Unified School District and Superintendent Austin Beutner of Los Angeles Unified School District.

The superintendents of the two largest school districts in California “demanded” of Gov. Gavin Newsom, in the middle of the Black Lives Matter protests, that California not go back to school without contact tracing and COVID testing. Newsom awarded contact tracing funding to: Amazon, Salesforce, and Deloitte.

(Adapted from Killing In The Name Of)

Some of those who work schools
Are the same who want tracing
Some of those who work schools
Are the same who want tracing
Some of those who work schools
Are the same who want tracing
Some of those who work schools
Are the same who want tracing

Policing in the name of
Policing in the name of…

And yet another post from her:

There are riots in Paris, London, Brussels and Berlin just as here – this opening up of the pit of hell is global Some of Brussels business section is on fire after looting – sound familiar ?? .

And yet another post from her:

Are you aware Worker’s World Party [ Marxist] in a list of demands stated Hands Off Antifa! IF YOU DESIRE TO LOOK AT THE MARXISTS DEMANDS THE LINK->…


This video shows how Big Pharma and the FDA are in bed with each other and how they are responsible for the opioid epidemic. When you consider how public private partnerships like Bloomberg and hsi minions try and then make a pay-for-success scheme with their public private partnerships to then exploit those hooked on these opiods, you realize how horribly corrupt our government really is:

Looks like New Jersey has implemented some form of the National Sexuality Standards:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is not about keeping the kids safe, it’s about stalling until all the MANDATORY unconstitutional, privacy theft technology is put in place 🤬

Here is a post from Lynn Strawn Davenport:

If you aren’t familiar with BlackRock, they are the largest investment firm in the world and manage the pensions and permanent school fund (PSF) with TEA. I have been watching them for years given their shift to global impact investing and the predatory “social innovation” movement:

“Some investors haven’t been so receptive of Fink’s message. Sam Zell, a billionaire investor who founded investment firm Equity Group Investments, in an appearance on CNBC on Tuesday said Fink is “extraordinarily hypocritical” in pushing social responsibility. “Either they’re a passive fund that follows the market or they’re a leader that’s setting the tone,” he said, arguing that BlackRock can’t have it both ways. “I didn’t know Larry Fink had been made God.””

BlackRock contracts with TEA for PSF/Aladdin funds management:

BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan:

“It’s called “Going Direct.” That’s the financial bailout plan designed and authored by former central bankers now on the payroll at BlackRock, an investment manager of $7 trillion in stock and bond funds. The plan was rolled out in August 2019 at the G7 summit of central bankers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming – months before the public was aware of any financial crisis. One month later, on September 17, 2019, the U.S. Federal Reserve would begin an emergency repo loan bailout program, making hundreds of billions of dollars a week in loans by “going direct” to the trading houses on Wall Street.

The BlackRock plan calls for blurring the lines between government fiscal policy and central bank monetary policy – exactly what the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Reserve are doing today in the United States. BlackRock has now been hired by the Federal Reserve, the Bank of Canada, and Sweden’s central bank, Riksbank, to implement key features of the plan. Three of the authors of the BlackRock plan previously worked as central bankers in the U.S., Canada and Switzerland, respectively.

The authors wrote in the white paper that “in a downturn the only solution is for a more formal – and historically unusual – coordination of monetary and fiscal policy to provide effective stimulus.”

We now understand why, for the first time in history, the U.S. Congress handed over $454 billion of taxpayers’ money to the Fed, without any meaningful debate, to eat losses on toxic assets produced by the Wall Street banks it supervises. The Fed plans to leverage the $454 billion into a $4.54 trillion bailout plan, “going direct” with bailouts to the commercial paper market, money market funds, and a host of other markets.”

Here is a post from the ParentStrike group:

I have never forgotten the first time I was in a 1st grade Detroit classroom observing a student for an evaluation. The 2 team teachers were administering a standardized test to 35 kids – barely room to walk around. The test was the usual, read a sentence and identify the picture of the italicized word. The word(s) were “gourmet menu”. I recall looking up at the teacher in shock. She knew what I was referring to and could only shrug her shoulders (talking not allowed of course). As the test continued, there were other challenging words but that gourmet menu really got me. These kids lived in abject poverty; most they knew of menu was the ones at the fast food places in the neighborhood.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 38

This is part 38.

Here is a post on Alice Linahan’s wall:

I just found this in a Dec. 5, 2019 presentation to the DallasISD Board. How did I miss the indication that DallasISD has the intent of putting the Daycare facilities out of business in South Dallas. Going after the most vulnerable at an early age. I guess Trustee Justin Henry knew this all the time. Wake up Black people!!!! —

And some replies to this post:

It seems like DISD has one every year.Just bonds piled upon bonds.

DISD going from 0-3 at Rhoads was always part of the plan that was presented to the community. They asked for input and then disregarded it totally. However, we were not told the plan was to fund this expansion with the Bond money.

So DallasISD would have to create a policy for 0-3 year old students. We currently do not have a policy that would address these babies.

I think this is bigger than prioritizing. There is a national effort to start at birth to the workforce.

the indication was there when they began partnering with the community centers but no one was listening to me when I brought this up. Community centers put themselves in a vulnerable situation when they accepted the partnerships.🤔

That was for 4 year olds only. How do you think they will fund the 0-3 children?

it does not matter. The strategy was to find out how they operate and take their employees. We are governored by two different bodies. Good question, maybe the bond or TEA as an expansion of district from birth to 3. Look at Zero to Three and Children at Risk. They have the dollars and so does Commit. That will not be a problem, trust me.

community center were between a rock and a hard place. Parents were told PreK could and would be free. That left little choice for parents in the community we served to ensure care for their children and at a price they could applaud. Those of us providing care for three and four year old children would have found our classroom empty. We all lost money on this venture, but what little we got was better than nothing. Now, it appears, we will get nothing.

And, Commit was the ” wolf in sheep’s’ clothing”.

And now with the pandemic, TEA is working with the TEXAS Workforce Commission to loosen regulations to allow traditional ISDs to serve as daycares. I will go find the link.

it is scary. First they want us to raise our standards and become TRS OR NATIONALLY ACCREDITED now loosen them for the district. Ain’t that a blimp.

yes ma’am. I don’t know what door this opening.

the way it is being presented is that this is to help with first responders and hospital workers needing childcare. If that is a need in a community an ISD can step in and help.

The district has its place. They are becoming more greedy. The are not taking our small business owners into consideration. They have separated themselves from the community.

They will be setup after the pandemic and ready to takeover.

They sneak in these laws while everyone is working!

TEA is being run by a pro charter snake.

IDEA schools are very lock-step, robotic type learning, not in the least bit innovative.

YEP! Todd is pulling the strings! Got the laws to fit so he could profit ! We all must Remember he is Goldman Guy

And he’s tight with Morath. I’ll never forget his connection to Goldman Sachs.

agee! Orlando Riddick, Midland ISD Supt was the Principal at WT White.

Orlando Riddick is new at Midland?

been there long enough they community has a petition to fire.

yes! He was brought by Todd Williams, and George Tang/Chris Coxon of Educate Texas

Morath and Williams brought Riddick to the Public School Finance Commission to talk about “transformation zones” 🤷🏻‍♀️

They are absolutely trying to put the child care facilities out of business. A similar strategy was being used in DeSoto. They were threatening them in order to force a partnership under SB1882.

Is Commit in the day care business bow? Wow!

Early Matters

They told us the plan in 2012.

yes they did. But they didn’t tell us the reason why.
Investing in young children yields higher results relative to workforce and life outcomes than do investments in older children and teens.
The highest returns will be on interventions directed at ages 0 to 3.
Children have achievement gaps documented as early as age 3.
IQ doesn’t increase much after a child reaches the age of 10, but interventions can continue to shape a child’s “character skills” to improve workforce outcomes.
It’s not just about being smart; it’s about being motivated.
Heckman identifies non-cognitive skills as a “target of opportunity” for investors.
But first they need to develop an inventory of social emotional skills to assess, track, and measure non-cognitive traits. (For the purposes of predicting outcomes for impact investment evaluation).
Having the OECD (promoter of PISA) on board is a good sign.
By “improving outcomes” through interventions, they claim poor children will require fewer public expenditures in the future. Social impact bonds will then capture those anticipated savings as profit to be handed over to private investors.
Factoring in health outcomes, the return on these investments could be as high as 13% per year, which is HUGE.
Pritzker plans to identify cheap, scalable interventions-like parenting apps. (Because all impoverished families really need is an app to tell them what they should be doing to parent their children.)
There has been push-back from both ends of the political spectrum against using Pay for Success to Fund early childhood interventions, but they were able to convince communities by using compelling financial structures and promising “results.”
In closing, Heckman says you have to get parents on board or the whole thing is going to fail.

No wonder Justin had to deceive the community force the vote in the middle of National Pandemic. He had to play for the pay. This is DISGUSTING

Is this action due to HB 3?

I believe it is connected to HB3 early childhood allotment

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

So I had been meaning to write up weaponized social determinants of health by impact investors for quite some time (Bloomberg) and then the pandemic hit. I am promising myself that I’m going to start writing this up tomorrow. I think this map shows how the quantified self in a surveillance city can scale up to a quantified population via pandemic protocols. Interactive version here – click any title or line and it will open the corresponding record – source material hyperlinked on the right hand side.

And another post from her:

Quote from hedge funder Bill Ackman’s letter re Covid-19 strategies moving forward- I suspect this is a signal that Bloomberg’s IoT tracked preventative health impact investing agenda is about to come online in a big way. UN SDG 3 “Beyond the ethical considerations of such an approach, it has become increasingly clear that the high percentage of younger U.S. citizens with co-morbidities – including obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, as well as those who take medications for other conditions that reduce immunity, and/or who smoke or vape – will have a substantially higher death rate than has been experienced in other countries.”

From this :

And some replies to this post:

Does vaping make people more susceptible to CV?

Bloomberg has advanced a lot of anti-smoking legislation and it is linked to health impacts. I’m sure vaping is a part of that. While I’m sure there is a lot of anecdotal information out there about comorbidities, it seems waaaaay to early for any real scientific studies to have been done on this. I mean this guy is a hedge fund investor. Why are we even listening to him? Oh, right – it’s not actually about public health it’s about financial markets.

I’m glad that real health experts are coming forward lately with data to refute the exaggeration of this virus. But sadly, people who are neck deep in fear will be looking for a savior/billionaire to placate their fears instead of believing truth and fighting for our freedoms.

Just to be clear, I want people to have access to the resources they need to live a healthy life, I just don’t think it should require fit-bit data or be linked to global hedge funds.

Look at this. Gates + Zuckerberg teaming up on coronavirus

And yet another post from her:

It’s really vital that people get up to speed on digital identity systems and public benefit access. I was revisiting this white paper about digital wallets and Medicaid today. The token arrangement described in the screen shot documenting chronic illness seems pretty much like what Bill Gates has been floating regarding digital verification of vaccination status and disease exposure. This is from Institute for the Future, Blockchain Futures Lab in 2016.

And yet another post from her:

In 2016, the Institute For The Future was floating the idea of using Blockchain Medicaid records to manage epidemics. It is imperative that we recognize power imbalances in who collects data, who controls it, and to what end. Disease has been used historically to amplify existing systems of oppression.

And some replies to this post:


during a pandemic we all need to stretch our imagination 🤯
“As the Director of Game Research + Development at IFTF, I’ve tried to do my small part to help people get past the mental barriers to anticipating and believing in the full economic, social, and emotional ripple effects of global threats like pandemics. In 2008, I was the game designer for a six-week future IFTF forecasting simulation called Superstruct. During this game, nearly 10,000 people worldwide simulated living through five different threats, including a global outbreak of a fictional virus called ReDS (short for Respiratory Distress Syndrome). (Just a warning: The content of the linked video is a fictional news report on the hypothetical virus that we considered in our simulation, and it may be upsetting to some given the current situation.)”

Yes, there was an “Event 201” back in 2008. ^^^

Ask a futurist

Quote from the Institute for the Future’s Dallas 2026 study:
“A new source of value will emerge as ambient computing and AI make it possible to constantly track behaviors and interactions (online and in the physical world) and instantaneously convert them into mineable data streams. Over the next decade, more people will realize that their behaviors, practices, and even their biological information are generating considerable value for enterprises and organizations. As a result, a marketplace
for personal data will develop. As expressed in a 2011 report by the World Economic Forum, “personal data will be the new ‘oil’—a valuable resource of the 21st century.” Already people are becoming aware that their health data is an asset that they can choose to share or not. Ownership of one’s personal data will drive a new set of entrepreneurs who will actively guard their data assets and expect remuneration for their use. They will have new demands for companies that currently extract socioeconomic, social, location-based, financial, and other types of personal data as part of the service offering, and enterprising individuals will be keen to monetize their personal data assets.”
IFTF Dallas 2026 study:

Yes. I just read the WEF report. Dallas got it’s own IFTF plan? Wow. No wonder you all got the Ides of March stern smart cities lecture – no brooking dissent on that huh? D*mn.

In the WEF report they envision a mom having to jog to earn enough credits to feed her kids and elderly dad!!!

lecturer at WEF in Davos

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Oklahoma Public Schools… watch out! This article explains that State Superintendent Joy Hoffmeister has a long track record of allowing online education models to compete with teachers and traditional schools. The current pandemic is an opportunity to boldly reimagine K-12 education. Education reformer Michael Horn, a Clay Christensen devotee, is also mentioned here. It’s worth noting that TU’s former present Gerard Clancy was a big fan of Michael Horn and has participated in efforts to bring about several educational transformations – not only those at TU. Joy Hoffmeister, Gerard Clancy, Janet Levit, Elizabeth Smith – each of these individuals is a P20 pipeliner. That is, someone who wants to align every level of education in order to track student skills and pump workers into the (seriously messed up) economy. Another similarity is that they’ve all traveled to China in order to establish closer ties between China’s educational system and ours here. Tulsa Beyond is a program that comes dangerously close to a learning ecosystem model – ubiquitous surveillance and skills tracking.

This 2006 speech by Bill Gates, Sr. reflects on education reform in Oklahoma. Notice the effort to centralize control of school districts and the praise for George Kaiser’s hand in transforming Oklahoma education.

And a reply to this post:

This 2006 event with Gates was before Gist and Hofmeister. It was Keith Ballard TPS Supt. and Sandy Garrett State Supt in 2006. Ballard is now GKFF Chair in Leadership at OU Tulsa. Here is some info on his work with Gates. “He led the way for the district to work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Teacher & Leader Effectiveness, one of only 10 school districts selected in the U.S.”

it is really hard for those of us who have researched education “reform” and know the problems that are being magnified now with the push for online as per Nancy Bailey’s article. All the nice glowing things they say (DeVos & Hofmeister) are embraced by so many parents and teachers who don’t know the poison pill that comes with it. I’ve never been against the use of computers in the classroom or homeschool. We know the great benefits of both but we also know the agenda that is being driven. Computers should be a tool used by teachers at their discretion instead of to replace teachers. To some DeVos’ speech this past week will sound like Hofmeister is a national star. Her words were “comforting” to the unaware but like the bible says her “mouth was smoother than butter, But war was in her heart; Her words were softer than oil, Yet they were drawn swords.”
5 days ago I posted — Schools & Internet — a Digital Divide or a Political Agenda? The political agenda is her goal and I was pointing it out the day after the state school board meeting on Wed. I will relentlessly pursue the goal of educating the public about this. Many are already in agreement with the concerns and many more are listening. It truly is a war for the minds, will and emotions of the children. That is their very soul. Will there be a way made to turn this around or will it just be a time of warning those who will listen. I don’t know but this shut down is a major turn of events. I walk in hope but also know there could come a time we our work is done with this. That isn’t yet……… so on I go.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

This is what the National Academy of Sciences envisioned for IoT in 2001. As we consider what disease surveillance will look like in a future of repeated viral outbreaks (or so they say), what are the implications?

And another post from her:

Geez…reading this makes me think they might peg it against human capital valuation…”Called Tradecoin, it will be indelibly logged on a blockchain and anchored at all times to a basket of real-world assets such as crops, energy or minerals. Doing so will help stabilize its value and make it easier for the public to trust it. The core idea is that a broadly useful currency needs both human trust and efficient trade systems.”

And yet another post from her:

Ah, it seems Sandy Pentland at MIT has been running “social physics” digital behavior tracking programs for years in a variety of cities, including Trentino, Italy. This slide from 2012 is interesting.

And yet another post from her:

Predatory philanthropists aren’t “bad” on one issue and “good” on another. Keep that in mind with Bill Gates and public health.

And some replies to this post:

I can’t wrap my mind around the way people seem to compartmentalize with this. Most Ed advocates know that anything gates touches turns to poison in education… but they are completely willing to look the other way with public health? I don’t get it

It boggles the mind…..or even, how quickly the education sector is forgetting the recent past efforts to digitalize education and with a few thank yous and “we feel your pain” are ready to be lab rats again. It’s exhausting. No one seems to remember beyond yesterday.

In fact, in the aftermath….I expect teachers to be begging to digitalize education just in case this happens again….there goes the $$$$ for “quality education.”

I always said VAM was ultimately going to be for the online education programs.

People are compartmentalized by education and profession. They hate intruders on their own expertise, but therefore might be hesitant to call out the same bad actors when they are doing a Dunning-Kruger in other fields, because then it appears as a “personal” or political objection rather than a strictly professional one. Also, money and endless repetition in the hegemonic media really wear down resistance over time. You finally think there’s no point, you think you’re alone, you adapt to the hegemony.

There are A LOT of hardcore educators and activists who know exactly what it means to have Gates money injected into your world. It is poison. For them to set that aside and try and explain it away given his central role in Covid19 treatment – well it’s telling. It makes me wonder are they going to be rushing out to get the Gates-funded vaccination using “innovative” mRNA technology backed by DARPA, the “software of life” if the mortality rate doesn’t end up being really terrible? It will be interesting to see what happens.

On Gates… just making sure you saw this.

Product pipeline for global health. I’m sure you guys saw this, but just in case ya didn’t 😄

Here is a test for you. Should we worry about vaccine safety?

I admit I do have concerns when it comes to Gates’s involvement and an untested platform that is being branded as “Software of Life,” and that people are floating it out there are a possible requirement attached to your digital ID. I mean if this were Ebola – well that would be one thing. If the mortality rate ends up being like a bad flu year – that’s quite another.

I asked that question because the people who rant against the pharmaceutical industrial complex somehow suspends that insight when the issue of vaccine safety comes up. I believe you read about the removal of a Danish physician from the Cochrane institute because he raised concern about the fast tracking of the HPV vaccine. I was trying to make a point here regarding the siloing of insight as it was raised above.

Vaccine safety? They’re immune from liability even without the coronavirus being here thanks to some bill Reagan signed. The government has paid out $4 billion to injured and dead out of taxpayer money via a secret vaccine court. Since that bill, they’ve been pushing vaccines earlier and earlier and updating the number of jabs. The last few years, they’ve been axing religious exemptions and making medical exemptions harder to obtain. They’re also adding other required vaccines such as the HPV vaccine (BTW, HPV is pretty much only sexually transmitted yet they’re trying to require it for 12-year-olds to get into school.). I’d already been looking at vaccine mandates and health emergency overreactions after the “the unvaccinated cannot go out in public” order in Rockland County, NY last year and the big hype over the measles. Currently I know that Illinois and NY have HPV vaccine mandate bills out there. (NY and CA had measles mandate bills last year that removed religious exemptions.)

I think the third rail of vaccines is the threat that if you don’t you’re not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting others. But then you see stuff like this that make you go ummmmm….

There’s a lot of pressure to vaccinate already so this really scares me. If you speak up about vaccinations, you’re targeted as being foolish and uneducated. When my oldest was just over a year he received a vaccine, stopped talking and lost his pincer grasp. This was with a delayed vaccination schedule. I delayed it based on my pediatrician’s advice. She hinted strongly that I should consider this after he stopped breathing about a day after a vaccine when he was an infant. I’m the type to speak up, but I pretty much gave up on speaking out on this I’m sorry to say. It’s like a gang/bullying mentality that you are up against when you try. People don’t want to hear about it or the fact that vaccine companies have absolutely no liability, that the vaccine injury court is funded by our tax money.

I could not agree more. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I am afraid it is about to get worse. Way worse.Hope your baby is ok.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

‼️⚠️ Making Proud Choices Student Survey ⚠️‼️

Making Proud Choices is a CSE curriculum that is taught in MA schools. This curriculum is essentially a how-to manual for sexual activity. It assumes that many, if not most teens are already sexually active. It teaches kids inappropriate ways to make condom use more pleasurable and teaches minors who are not legally capable of consenting to sex how to say yes to participate in sexual activity. MPC promotes acceptance of LGBTQ ideology that conflicts with many families personal beliefs and even contains same sex role play scenarios for teens to act out. DVDs that are part of the program include sexual discussions among teenagers and lessons on reducing the risk of STDs, not on eliminating the risk by practicing abstinence. One video contains animated steps to condom use including animated figures acting out vaginal, anal and oral sex. (For a full harm analysis of MPC check the files section of this group.) ⚠️💥⚠️

And as if all of that isn’t bad enough, MPC instructs teachers to give a pre and post survey to students. Kids are asked to answer questions on a scale, and given the option to answer with varying levels of agreement and disagreement. Here are just some of the questions / statements:

-If I have sex during my teen years, then my parents will find out.
-If I have sex before I am married, then God is likely to be angry at me.
-I plan to have sex in the next 3 months.
-If I do not have sex, people will call me names.
-If I do not have sex, no one will want to go out with me.
-When a condom is used, sex is more fun.
-If I used a condom, sex would not feel as good.
-Saying we have to use a condom is like saying to my sexual partner, “I don’t trust you.”
-I can put a condom on without turning my sexual partner off.
-How easy or hard would it be for you to not have sex in the next 3 months?
-I have never been mad when people have had ideas different from my own.
-I have never said something in order to hurt someone’s feelings.

What gives the school the right to ask such private and sexually charged questions of minor students? These questions are not only inappropriate, but they are an invasion of privacy and seek to influence students with the power of suggestion, planting doubt in a child’s mind about their parents directives and their religious beliefs.

The producers of Making Proud Choices and other CSE curricula know that what the subconscious mind accepts, it will act upon. CSE sends the message loud and clear that it is perfectly normal and okay for kids to be sexually active and that kids have sexual rights. It sells kids on the idea that sex is pleasurable and they can indulge if they want, regardless of what their parents have taught them at home.

Find out if MPC is being taught in your child’s school. If it is, opt them out. Find a sample opt out letter in the files section of this group.🙅‍♀️⚠‼️

And another post from this group:

‼️Breaking News – Washington state Governor Inslee signed controversial Sex-Ed Mandate into law on Friday‼️

“Gov. Jay Inslee signed Senate Bill 5395 which mandates a curriculum be available for instruction to students in grades six through 12 in the 2021-22 school year and then all grades, including kindergarten, beginning in the 2022-23 school year.”

It’s always amazing to me how such a gross and unconscionable agenda to sexualize and victimize our children hides behind such unsuspecting language. Look at this quote from the article and then allow me below to translate what is really meant by all of these descriptors.

“The new law calls for phasing in instruction that is age-appropriate. Starting in fourth grade, and continuing through high school, a school’s curriculum should contain instruction in areas such as physiological development, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, choosing healthy behaviors, health care, developing meaningful relationships, and affirmative consent.”

  • Physiological Development = Children are taught that both solo and mutual masturbation with others is normal, healthy and a part of natural development.
  • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Skills = Children are presented various graphic sexual scenarios and are instructed to role play possible decisions they might make including things like hiding their sexual activity from their parents and convincing their partner to use or not use a condom.
  • Choosing Healthy Behaviors = Children are taught how to use condoms with inappropriate games like relay race competitions to put condoms on wooden penises, how to use internal condoms for anal sex, or how to use a dental dam made out of Saran Wrap for oral to anal or vulva sex.
  • Health Care = Children are taught how to obtain abortions, use contraceptives and get STI treatments all without their parent’s knowledge or consent.
  • Affirmative Consent = Children, who are not legally capable of consenting to sexual activity are taught how to say yes to sex by using phrases like, “Do you want to help me take these clothes off?” “Show me where you want me to touch you.” “Wanna show me your bedroom?”

Please tell me what is AGE APPROPRIATE about any of the above⁉️🙅‍♀️⚠️

‼️‼️ We must stay alert here in MA and not allow a similar mandate to be passed. ‼️‼️

There is strong opposition to this law and parents and community leaders are already mobilizing to repeal it. Here is an excerpt from the article below:

Mindie Wirth of Bothell is one of those leading the effort. She said Friday that “thousands of individuals” are waiting for petitions so they can begin gathering signatures from friends and family “at the proper social distance.”

“Opposition to this bad law is strong across the state,” she wrote in an email. “As parents we have a responsibility to protect our children from inappropriate, ideology-based curriculum.

“This bill was passed late in the session, on an almost party-line vote, with no amendments accepted, and very little opportunity for ordinary citizens to testify,” she said. “As a public-school parent, I can say that we already ask enough of our teachers, and many school districts simply cannot afford a new, expensive, unfunded mandate.”

And yet another post from this group:

‼️‼️ MIP Parents BEWARE of Social and Emotional Learning ‼️‼️

Some of you are reporting that your school district is sending online links to Social and Emotional Learning lessons for your kids while the schools are closed. DO NOT expose your children to these dangerous ideological lessons. I just posted some notes and links to research I’ve done on SEL in the files section of MIP. SEL lessons psychologically prepare students to accept what will be taught through Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

MIP member [name redacted], an Indiana public school teacher who was just recently fired for exposing the agenda behind SEL has the following to say about it:

“SEL is used to change the entire “school culture” and influence the “whole child”. The programs are designed to push everyone to conform to radical left ideology. They want children in these programs to compromise their morals & values to benefit a new age society. (Think just because a girl is uncomfortable with a boy in the locker room, she needs to compromise because we must be accepting of everything.) The program takes over EVERYTHING. Once it is fully implemented in your school, it becomes the priority over academics.

Here are a couple of articles (posted in the comments below) that were written about the same SEL program I experienced. Even though these reference the Leader In Me program, please keep in mind they all have similar playbooks & goals.

It is also important to realize SEL programs are very expensive. My school will be over $150,000 at end of year 3. In our state, grants were offered to get schools going on it from Eli Lily PHARMACEUTICAL company. In return for the grant money, the pharmaceutical company provides counselors (trained in left ideology) to service the students and collects data on the children. Very scary stuff. This is all done without parental consent.

SEL is the tool schools use to bring in CSE, Deep Equity, etc.”

And yet another post from this group:

Much like how proponents of Comprehensive Sexuality Education state that their intent is to provide age-appropriate, medically accurate and evidenced based information and guidance about the physical and emotional aspects of growing up and starting relationships, when instead it actually encourages high risk sexual activity for even the youngest of students, makes kids feel pressured to have sex, and promotes LGBTQ ideology, promoters of Social and Emotional learning conceal their sinister goals behind seemingly innocuous and ambiguous language too.

We must be able to see what is behind the language and to discern true intent. SEL is nothing more than a way to psychologically prepare students to accept new cultural norms, to undermine religious and traditional moral belief, and to produce generations of unthinking citizens who are led by their emotions, leaving them vulnerable to be easily controlled by the state.

As with CSE, there are multiple curricula available. To know exactly what is being taught in your child’s school you would need to evaluate the specific curriculum being used. You can request the name from the school and do some research. Although there are many curricula providers, they will have similar content and intended goals.

Here are some posts from the teacher in Indiana who was fired for exposnig what was going on with SEL:

Post 1:

So parents- you know you can’t possibly be responsible enough to care for your children’s social and emotional needs during this time of turmoil. No worries- the public school system has you covered! They are now sending out Social Emotional Learning lessons for part of their E-Learning 🤯. THIS SHOULD INFURIATE PEOPLE! It should also tell you how important this “learning” (programming) is to the school. Aren’t they supposed to teach academics? Let’s not forget the massive cost of SEL and the grants some were given to implement these programs. You think the grants were given out of the kindness & love of children? No! It’s because the school is selling your kids data & influencing them to benefit a radical agenda. So now that school is out, the school needs to continue the program! Those schools that have already used that grant money & signed the dotted line need to pay for the fancy school furniture somehow! It’s like I have been saying- SEL has taken over the schools. Education is no longer about academics- it’s about INDOCTRINATION. If you are a parent receiving SEL stuff in your home during this time please share in the comments. This agenda need exposed!

And a reply to this post:

Our PE curriculum that is being sent for our distance learning is from a website — odd for PE and then wonder why kids cant sit still 🙄

Interesting,, I have not heard of this website. As soon as it is loaded , it says “whole child” – SEL phrase. I’ll look into it , thank you

It also uses the keyword ‘mindful’ 3 times.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

It’s a very bad sign that one of the three Emanuel brothers is weighing in on Covid-19 registries. “Create a Covid-19 certification system. States should use blood tests to certify people who have had Covid-19, are immune and are no longer contagious. These people could then work in hospitals or other areas where being risk-free would be a benefit.”

And another post from her:

Great, just great. “Israeli Defense Ministry Launches COVID-19 Voice-Test Study, March 24, 2020: JERUSALEM — An analysis of coronavirus patients’ voices could yield a “vocal fingerprint” to help detect COVID-19 symptoms in others and prioritize testing and treatment, the Israeli Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.”

And yet another post from her:

I’m starting to think vaccine certifications may be the catalyst for digital ID…

they are going to test people for exposure.

It’s not necessarily tied to actually getting an injection. They will put this on Blockchain.

“Medical pattern recognition: Smart profiles could support new medical and epidemiological research practices. Again, without creating vulnerable collections of personal medical data linked to a particular individual, researchers could query millions of profiles to gain high-resolution views of patterns of illness and response to therapies. These queries could include not only medical data, but also all the financial, family, residence, and age information that could reveal a much more complex picture of the correlations among these factors and health outcomes. Some of these patterns could be tracked in real time to manage epidemics.”

And yet another post from her:

Wow if you want to see how Covid19 is ramping up tele-medicine, check out these projects already underway…

And yet another post from her:

Sadly, there’s a lot of truth here. Blackstone is coming after your homes, and the Democrats helped set it all up.

And some replies to this post:

We are referring to the “financialization of housing” and the dominant role you, (the Blackstone Group L.P.) play in financial markets through residential real estate.
Impact Beyond Returns

I’m pretty sure the UN is waving Blackstone into “impact investing” in “smart housing.” If we accept a ring doorbell and a smart TV and an alexa and Amazon food delivery we can perhaps earn the right to shelter. They’ve leveraged the last “big short” into the financialization of humanity. We’re being shorted, as human capital, but it will probably take another 3-5 years before people understand how it went down.

This is really awful. I was looking around at Blackstone’s page, and found the 2019 chairman’s letter that describes the BILLION of square feet of warehouse properties that Blackstone owns!

Also, I just love their ONE GLOBAL PLATFORM campaign.

And yet another post from her:

From Institute For the Future, the folks who brought us “Learning is Earning” re Blockchain healthcare. What pray tell is “peer to peer insurance”? The profile further supports the potential for new kinds of peer-to-peer insurance and health financing products. By linking the Medicaid information to other health insurance opportunities, it can create an on-demand market for custom tailored health insurance products. For example, it could theoretically configure a plan that provides the best coverage for a nontraditional family with one or more outstanding health requirements—and offer it as an investment opportunity across a wide network of nontraditional insurers.” This doesn’t sound good.

And yet another post from her:

Rest assured they want ALL the data (genomics AND home monitoring) and they want it to be interoperable. Remember IBM’s history.

This goes along with it.

And yet another post from her:

Put a damper on today’s walk seeing 5g install around the corner from my house. Yes, I confirmed talking to installers. Every 1,000 feet. All the telecoms get their own rigs and Verizon in the “backbone” installer for all of it. Pretty much told them where they could put their Fourth Industrial Revolution, too.

And some replies to this post:

I understand the public has no legal right to know where the boxes are installed.

Top of pole

7 feet off ground

guess that helps explain what all of the wire out here has to do with 🙃

Facebook took down some of my posts about the 5G wires. Marked them as spam.

Sticker on box

Screw the telecom companies. “Introduced this summer, proposed Pennsylvania legislation would strip local towns of much of their zoning authority over small-cell antenna placements in public rights-of-way. The measure would be another blow to local towns that would like to retain control over the antennas when they are proposed for historic districts, in neighborhoods without utility poles, or in front of residential homes.”

I was told basically about the above back in 2005 but I pictured it being used in the suburbs.

I got a tour of a research lab which was in very large building which was basically empty.

Well the plan for rural areas is the satellites – OneWeb.

A FB acquaintance just said he drove across the country—from Montana to Arkansas to North Carolina and saw the same thing. During the pandemic.

and he hastened to point out that he is not a “conspiracy theorist.”

Right? How are these people essential employees?

I mean the thing is that this is actually happening. And the Davos folks have said the plan is to use IoT automation to put millions of people out of work. None of this is ok. That fact that local officials have no say about this is not ok. Even if you aren’t convinced about the health concerns. The 4IR is only going to be good for the billionaires and the military police state.

All of these installations are within a 20-minute walk from my house.





And this attachment on the streetlight is new to me.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

More ImpactMedia support for Mayor GT Bynum. Mayor Bynum has national political ambitions and he, like the billionaires who support him, is using Tulsa as a #BetaCity to further them. We are a proving ground for the development of human capital markets, monitored by digital identity, and policed by hedge fund impact investors.

The red-blue-purple metaphor is one that George Kaiser’s devotees frequently use. Make no mistake, this is not a middle-of-the-road course that our Mayor supports. His track record on education, property rights, and turning a brutal hate massacre into political capital are telling. We must vote him out.

Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic group:

Just my “conspiracy theory” thoughts….
In the months leading up to the Corona virus spreading worldwide, over 1,300 CEO’s stepped down. CEO’s are restricted from selling large shares of their stock. They resigned so they could dump their shares. (Imagine of they sold them at pre-pandemic (high) rates then re-purchased them after an economic “crash” (low rates).
Oct 18, 2019:
Event 201, John’s Hopkins Center for Health Security along with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high level pandemic exercise. Curious coincidence?
Nov 15, 2019:
The CDC posts job openings for Public Health Advisors (Quarantine Program) in over 18 cities in 14 states. Another coincidence?
Nov 17, 2019:
The first case of Coronavirus appears in China according to South Morning China Post.
Feb 2020:
Shoppers clear the shelves of cases of water and toilet paper in Costcos and big box stores across the country in reaction to virus. Why not food or medicines?
(Note: water/ TP are two of the largest items on shelves. So, it doesn’t take selling many units to clear the shelves. Also, both can be stored almost indefinitely. A “panic” could easily be started by buying up these items then broadcasting video of “empty shelves”).
Mar 12, 2020:
Death rate comparison. 1918 Spanish Flu: Est. 50-100 million. Seasonal Flu: Est. 1 billion. Covid-19: 4731.
Mar 25, 2020:
Democrats allocate millions of dollars to unrelated special interests in Covid-19 Aid Bill.
Mar 27, 2020:
Ventilators in NY withheld in storage not distributed to those needing them.
Cuomo orders 1,100 parole violators released from jails over coronavirus concerns.
Mar 31, 2019:
Newsom to release 3,500 inmates early as coronavirus spreads inside prisons.

Also, over the course of this lockdown, the media has pushed the narrative of packed hospitals while images/videos have surfaced showing nearly empty facilities.

Also, Bill and Melinda Gates Pledge $10 Billion in Call for Decade of Vaccines | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Imagine the profit potential in a world wide vaccine offering. Especially if it was mandated.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Utah’s State School Board, despite some very good & valiant members on the Board, is ceding their Constitutionally-mandated authority to control state education standards. Their actions are helping big tech take down local curriculum control. Here’s just one example of how it’s happening. Please share this with your legislators:

On March 26, 2020, Facebook, the anti-family UNESCO & the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) unveiled their partnership on Digital Literacy curriculum. This is Social Emotional Learning curriculum curated for teachers & children & it’s built around mass data surveillance of teachers’ & childrens’ values, attitudes and behaviors.

Lady Gaga’s pro-LGBT foundation is involved in the effort through InspirEd which is one of Facebook’s partners. They call it an “Emotion Revolution.” (There’s really no better way to control kids then to manipulate their emotions).

Does this partnership effect Utah schools & online curriculum? Yes.

How does this partnership work, like other big tech partnerships with UNESCO, to take down local curriculum control? Easy. Through International Education Standards.

I’ll try to explain:

As noted above, one of Facebook’s & UNESCO’s listed partners in the effort is the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). Who is ISTE? In a nutshell: ISTE = Common Core Standards 2.0.

ISTE played a huge role in nudging states into Common Core national standards from 2009-2016. Today, ISTE is nudging states into Global Competency-Based Education & international technology & artificial intelligence standards. In Africa, ISTE’s technology standards have been used to drive Comprehensive Sexuality content into online curriculum. The standards do this by providing the open-data framework necessary for big tech to curate online curriculum for schools, teachers & children. Teachers are trained to be facilitators of online curriculum & nothing more.

Most teachers’ colleges today are training their teachers as technology facilitators. This is due to national teaching standards developed by UNESCO’s favorite education leader, Linda Darling-Hammond. UNESCO credits Darling-Hammond with helping them integrate sexual themes into most curriculum content—largely by controlling teacher training. Darling-Hammond now serves as California’s State Board President.

ISTE’s former CEO Donald Knezek now works for UNESCO. (UNESCO created Comprehensive Sexuality Education standards). ISTE’s current CEO, Richard Culatta, is a BYU graduate that worked as Obama’s Chief Technology Officer. He was tasked with using technology to drive states into Common Core—and now, Common Core 2.0: Global Competency-Based Ed.

Because of Culatta, BYU’s teacher college has adopted ISTE standards for teaching & learning which means that they are training K-12 teachers to be facilitators of online curriculum (curriculum that teachers don’t necessarily see).


The Utah State School Board has also adopted ISTE standards through its partnership with the Utah Education Network.



Don’t you think it’s convenient that COVID-19 has given big tech another big opportunity to curate online curriculum content & gut local curriculum control? The vast majority of online curriculum will be curated to meet Global Competency-Based metrics. Metrics defined by the international assessment system known as PISA. PISA says that kids will be deemed “globally competent” when they no longer share the same values as their families or schools.

(See PISA’s Global Competency for an Inclusive World, 2016 version).

The only fix for this problem is to set schools free from national & state school grading policy (accountability laws) & allow local parents to choose the standards, curriculum & assessments for their schools.
On March 26th Facebook in partnership with UNESCO IITE, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and other organizations launched their digital literacy program, Get Digital, to provide lessons and resources to help… Read more Facebook in cooperation with UNESCO IITE, ISTE and othe…

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

So, I drove to my kids high school today….can anyone tell me what this is?! Please tell me it’s just “electrical” stuff. If it is, I’ll be relieved and delete.

*Edit: it would seem most of you are saying it is 5G…I feel sick to my stomach now. I urge you guys to go drive to your local high school, or any school and look around. I did today…almost missed this as I was leaving.

**Edit: So the online 5G maps don’t show any 5G locations/towers in this area. Now I’m confused.

After showing the above images to Alison and asked if these too were 5G, she said:

Yes. I took a bunch of photos today. Ours are a bit fancier – brown but they are the same. Every 1,000 feet.

Here is another post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Ok, so Njoroge runs the Central Bank of Kenya, got his PhD in economics from Yale, was a senior advisor to the IMF, AND is a member of Opus Dei…also on board with WEF initiatives to examine the creation of a global digital currency (and the Pope is working with Microsoft and believes AI will “solve” poverty). Ok then.

And another post from her:

Davos, January – bad – bad – bad – bad – bad – bad !!!

The bad guys – MIT Digital Currency Initiative / Aid:Tech / ConsenSys / Libra and many central banksters.

And yet another post from her:

This runs on 5G. This ushers in digital slavery. How do we fight this?


Token‑based CBDC
Token‑based retail or wholesale CBDC is said to be held by
the owner in digital wallets of various kinds and, like physical
cash, represents a “token” or object of stored value that
is digital fiat money and that can be directly transacted by
owners who are either known or pseudonymous. Because
token‑based CBDC centres on the token object rather
than the holder’s identity (particularly related to transaction
validation), it can arguably afford greater anonymity and
fewer user‑identity requirements than account‑based CBDC

More proof that we’re being tracked by our phone data:

Herei is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

We may be moving into an era where our lives are shaped by the contents of our electronic health record.

“Halamka came to his position at BIDMC with a unique resume. A practicing emergency room physician, he previously worked as a research assistant to Edward Teller and Milton Friedman. Outside of medicine, Halamka founded a software development firm and is a professor at Harvard Medical School. These days, he maintains the popular Geek Doctor blog and lives on an alpaca-breeding farm in rural Massachusetts.”

This is interesting – Mayo Clinic is a partner. Drones and healthcare

This guy Halamka was a research assistant to Milton Friedman. Of course he was…

And another post from her:

Ok. Today I mapped the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine / research enterprise that is running parallel with the Gates-funded Moderna mRNA venture. Litigation around J&J on the left side. “Conscious” capitalism interests bottom left. mHealth global aid enterprises bottom. Partners top. The long term interests of public health are NOT served by outsourcing the important work of vaccine development to corporations. Interactive map here:

They claimed to be advancing UN SDG 3, 5, and 17 with this work.

huge push here for predatory text-messaging, tracking of expectant mothers via those systems at bottom.

Now they’re using cellphone data to track people in Kansas.

Here is another post from Alison:

Facebook currency, blockchain babies, central banks, Opus Dei, Google, MIT, IMF, impact investors – all represented on this map of the Global Consortium for Digital Currency Governance. The plan is for Covid-19 to be the trigger event? Will it happen this time around? Interactive version here:

Well, they got the digital dollar out of the stimulus bill this time around. We need to educate people about what is underway. I don’t think we can stop it until more people understand what is happening. I do believe this is related to the Federal Reserve’s efforts around human capital investing.

Well we have to realize what is coming is digital slavery, which is a central part of our nation’s history – along with Indigenous genocide (advanced in part through epidemic disease). If we want a different future we have to work to set all of that to right moving forward. I believe we also have to look at this as a movement that will require global solidarity, because it is the billionaire class of the world united against everyone else. We have a lot to learn from communities that have been trying to stand up to the World Bank and IMF and globalization for decades. It is also important to realize that faith communities are very much entwined in this – all of them. So people of faith are going to have to chart a course away from human capital impact investing. My post on the Vatican and impact investing here – we hand landed here because of things that started centuries ago:

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Edgenuity?? Has anyone used this? Any info on this program?

And some replies to this post:

My son is using it for the first time. Needed his student id # with clay added to it (county school is in) and a password that was provided. He says he takes quizzes on it

Yeah, my daughter’s teacher said they will be using it & I’m just not familiar with it.

It’s a member of the Project Unicorn data interoperability vendor coalition:

And another post from this group:

So Everfi? I asked if child could opt out. It uses her birth date but just first initial of last name. It’s about mental health but been told it is not personal questions. It’s a health class and it is a graded I think just based on completion but if she didn’t do it it will affect her grade. She is in 6th grade. Thoughts please?

the company is Everfi. I didn’t know anything about it until this home school thing and it’s a graded assignment about social emotional learning and mental health

And some replies to this post:

This Everfi?

Check out that company, which is, I believe, the same Everfi you’re talking about, and see if it’s worth handing over that information for a mere participation grade.

I wouldn’t fill out any mental health thing unless you are allowed to look at it first beforehand.

yes I haven’t signed her in yet to check it out but it asks questions about what would you do if this happened or that. It covers mental health addiction I hear human trafficking but I have not logged I. Yet to verify

I agree that is what I am talking to her teacher about but he said she is in a health class and it’s part of the state curriculum that they have so many hours of mental health. I stated that talking about mental health in groups or interactions is different then completing it one line. There are 10 segments all for a grade. I asked if we could have an alternative assignment and he asked me to check it out first. So. I will do that tomorrow

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This email update has info pertaining to Bloomberg’s Cities of Service Covid response. Find out how medical surveillance will be used to promote the social engineering policy of Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, George Kaiser and the Mayors. Saint Paul, Seattle, Tulsa – sign up for a webinar.

And some replies to this post:

Yipes! Could these also be the cities who early implemented A2030 to ban single-family housing, etc.? How’s that working for everyone with the pandemic? People squished together in apartment buildings…

i think so!! Panelists from National League of Cities, MetroLab, and What Works Cities are listed for the webinar. Lots of other scary links too!

On Bloomberg’s transportation response:
“Bloomberg Philanthropies
MAR 30 2020
Bloomberg Philanthropies and NACTO Launch Online Hub for Transportation Officials Responding to COVID-19 Emergency
Latest Offering in the Bloomberg Philanthropies COVID-19 Local Response Initiative to Help Cities Navigate Crisis
NEW YORK, NY — Bloomberg Philanthropies and the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) today announced the launch of a transportation-focused online resource hub to give mayors, city officials and other practitioners real-time information on the transportation strategies cities are deploying to adapt to the rapidly evolving international health emergency. The Transportation Response Center is the latest support from the Bloomberg Philanthropies COVID-19 Local Response Initiative to help mayors confront the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The coronavirus has disrupted transportation across the nation, but it’s imperative that we keep emergency personnel and supply chains moving, residents safe and transit workers protected,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and three-term mayor of New York City. “As mayors and other officials work to do all of that, this new resource will help get effective strategies into the hands of transportation leaders nationwide when they need them most.”
Transportation agencies suddenly face new challenges, even as workplaces shift to working from home and overall travel demand drops across the U.S. From innovative measures to enhance social distancing while retaining critical transportation to hospitals and healthcare facilities and essential services like grocery stores, to the need to keep front-line employees safe, transportation agencies across the U.S. are mobilizing rapidly to respond to changing needs.
The Transportation Response Center is a clearing house for actionable, adaptable practices already implemented in many cities, such as: Seattle and Austin converting parking spaces into restaurant food pick-up zones; New York, Seattle, Detroit and other cities allowing rear-door bus boarding or waiving transit fares; and cities like Philadelphia and Minneapolis opening former vehicular traffic roads exclusively for pedestrians and bike riders in order to allow citizens to exercise outside while maintaining healthy social distancing.
“Transportation systems play a key role in responding to emergencies and need to be nimble,” said Janette Sadik-Khan, NACTO Chair and Principal, Bloomberg Associates. “The COVID Transportation Response Center has the new rules of engagement cities need to keep people moving and support the local and national response to this unprecedented pandemic.”

Here is a post from Lynn Strawn Davenport:

Alison Hawver McDowell and I have been comparing notes with parents across the country who have studied the intersection of education and “social impact” finance. She was in Dallas in January and wrote about her visit:

Dallas And Tulsa: A Tale of Two Blockchains:

She has taken her research above and beyond what I have done by connecting this pandemic to behavioral data and social control. Her latest today:

Pandemic, Public Health, Policing, And Pay For Success “Solutions”

“My research into “pay for success” over the past three years made it clear that health and behavioral health data would be used to fuel the growth of “social impact” finance around the world. Over the past three weeks, however, it has dawned on me that it will also likely be used as a tool of social control. As populations become more volatile with the roll out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital quarantine will be a powerful method of regulating economic systems and human bodies.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Baylor University – a hub for big data and globalized impact. USMCA referenced here.

And some replies to this post:

Oh lookie. Hexagons.

Who else was at Baylor 🧐

yup!! I thought you’d appreciate the hexagon 👆👆👆

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

“Google has complete control over the data collection, use, and retention practices of the ‘G Suite for Education’ service, including the biometric data and other personally identifying information collected through the use of the service, and uses this control not only to secretly and unlawfully monitor and profile children, but to do so without the knowledge or consent of those children’s parents,” the lawsuit says.

Google is using its services to create face templates and “voiceprints” of children, the complaint says, through a program in which the search giant provides school districts across the country with Chromebooks and free access to G Suite for Education apps. Those apps include student versions of Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs.

The data collection would likely violate Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA, which regulates facial recognition, fingerprinting and other biometric technologies in the state. The practice would also likely run afoul of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA, a federal law that requires sites to get parental consent when collecting personal information from users who are under 13 years old.”

And another post from her:

Too bad school kids are forced to use Zoom. Ironic that the CEO can escape but kids can’t.
“The CEO and founder of Zoom Video Communications has offloaded more than $38million worth of stock in the company now facing intense scrutiny over alleged privacy breaches…”

And yet another post from her:

Zoom sued for sharing pii with companies. Violation of privacy law.
“According to the suit, Zoom’s privacy policy doesn’t explain to users that its app contains code that discloses information to Facebook and potentially other third parties.

The company’s “wholly inadequate program design and security measures have resulted, and will continue to result, in unauthorized disclosure of its users’ personal information,” according to the complaint.

Robert Cullen of Sacramento is seeking to represent other users and asked for a declaration that Zoom violated California’s Consumer Privacy Act. He’s seeking damages under the act and punitive damages.”

Her e is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

My research into “pay for success” over the past three years made it clear that health and behavioral health data would be used to fuel the growth of “social impact” finance around the world. Over the past three weeks, however, it has dawned on me that it will also likely be used as a tool of social control. As populations become more volatile with the roll out of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital quarantine will be a powerful method of regulating economic systems and human bodies.

Framing future pandemics as an issue of national security allows public health to be subsumed within an increasingly sophisticated global apparatus of of digital surveillance, predictive analytics, and enclosure. The nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been characterized by asymptomatic carriers and inadequate testing protocols, has led populations around the world to embrace diminished civil liberties and even welcome the opportunity to be deputized as community enforcers.

In our present state of emergency mismanagement, the vast majority of people do not have a solid understanding of the territory into which we are rushing. But the World Economic Forum with its Covid Action Platform does. Theirs is a future of robots and algorithms, where the masses are valued only so far as they demonstrate compliance to a new global order dictated by behavioral economics.

The spectre of future public health crises will be leveraged by transnational global capital to advance “pay for success” preventative “care,” where “care” is managed through the soft-surveillance of data-dashboards. Venture capitalist Bill Ackman and Solutions Journalism outlets like Atlantic magazine have highlighted the fact that Covid-19 patients with co-morbidities including asthma, diabetes, hypertension or a history of smoking have significantly worse outcomes.

And that my friends is where Michael, global envoy for the World Health Organization, Bloomberg comes in. As mayor of New York, Bloomberg established numerous precedents for “non-communicable” disease management that conveniently dovetail into “healthy city” initiatives. Once we come out the other side of the immediate Covid-19 threat, I foresee impact investors calling for resiliency and advancing generous grants for “preventative care.”

Communities that have for decades borne the brunt of environmental racism, food insecurity, trauma, and chronic stress, will be put on self-improvement pathways, lest they become “vectors” of disease transmission in some future viral outbreak. The “solutions” proffered will never eliminate the source of the problem, because that would foreclose future profit. Global hedge funds will link improved pandemic outcomes to data-driven investments in “social determinants of health.” “Public health” can thus be harnessed to manage dissent as a new globalized economic regime based on biocapitalism is installed.

For the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffet, health and mental health data is an asset class that sits conveniently at the intersection of “pay for success” profit and coercive force. We must have clarity around this as the world transitions to a “new normal.” It cannot be allowed to become a “normal” that advantages the interests of a billionaire class and the corporate state.

Data for these purposes will be harvested from screen-based devices, including phones and apps, wearable tech, personal digital assistants, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors integrated into our homes, modes of transportation, and neighborhoods. Data collection will increase as care begins to prioritize tele-medicine and tele-therapy. That transition, of course, is being hastened by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pace of 5G installation, the infrastructure upon which these Fourth Industrial Revolution systems rely, has ramped up even as we are under stay-at-home orders. In March, the same month that the World Health Organization recognized Covid19 as a pandemic, the White House issued the document: National Strategy To Secure 5G of the United States of America. Keeping a safe distance, we take evening strolls through our urban neighborhood a few times a week. Every few blocks there are new small cell installations, pavement markings for utilities, and loops of cable overhead. Trucks for Verizon, the backbone 5G installer for our city, are a regular feature.

Even without 5G in place, the digital dust of our tele-presencing has skyrocketed under lockdown. In addition to our regular social media habits, we’ve added zoom meetings, online education, watch parties, organizing events, virtual family visits, classes, and online shopping. As we slog through the coming weeks, if not months, of quarantine, it is vital that we understand our online interactions as signals intelligence.

We are filling the Internet with information rich in sentiment analysis, a goldmine for folks like Martin Seligman at UPenn’s World Wellbeing Project to analyze for insights into our collective consciousness during a time of stress and uncertainty. We are being coerced into creating training data to inform efforts like DARPA’s Ground Truth program and the DoD’s Minerva Research Initiative. Sandy Pentland at MIT has run living labs to digitally track populations for years in cities like Trentino, Italy. Now it feels like we’ve all been co-opted into one giant experiment. Those in power are working their magic to “learn” the social physics of pandemic. Consider this a test run. They’re taking our temperature to strategize the next phase of the campaign.

And some replies to this post:

I knew something serious was up last yr when there was a saturation campaign to recruit for natl guard. I assumed the motive was to crush the antivaxx mov’t by deadly force. All these liberals who think the crisis is going to automatically usher in regime change are ignorant & naive.

Transnational global capital is running the show. No elections will change WEF. This is only going to be stopped via global solidarity among the masses.

Unf, there will never be ‘global solidarity among the masses.’ Just today after paying rent, I had a confrontation w/ a mundane handmaid who dismissed my legitimate criticism of the fake emergency (I have 2 biology degrees & worked in labs for 15 yrs. & know what cesspools of corruption, misogyny, racism, elitism, classism, homophobia & more they are). None of my life experience mattered. The Stepford wife just smirked a stupid, ignorant smirk @ me. Such mundanes have been purpose bred for thousands of yrs. for obedience amid mass extermination of intellectually gifted ppl amid continuous genocide against First Nations over 10,000 yrs. (according to my theory, intellectual giftedness is as much a defining characteristic of First Nations as is melanation; this is why I am no longer a Marxist or socialist). Our plm is entirely biological & only extensive genetic engineering by either AI or an invading offworld egg-layer can stop it. I recommend viewing BORN IN FLAMES by Lizzie Borden, which barely scratches the surface.

That sounds like a really interesting film. I will check it out and Joel Kovel had a guest appearance, too. I guess what I should have said is that we should aspire to global solidarity, because we are up against transnational global capital – soon to become a DAO. I know most cannot see it. Many will just shrug if off and wonder why I am so upset. For me, my coping mechanism is to try and track this machine, and provide a counter-narrative, and to connect with others who see it, too and to do on the ground work where I live. I feel like this is what I’m supposed to do. It may already be game-over, but I’m not in a position to sit back and wait for it. I would just fall apart. I’ve seen it and I can’t go back to not knowing it’s out there.

Is this it?

It’s an alternate reality sci fi story abt a socialist revolution in the US in which misogyny & racism persist. I saw it online a few yrs. ago & found it helpful. I totally agree w/your stance & tactics. All the neighbors here are hopeless, incl those who fancy themselves liberal, incl the arm candy I sparred w/ today. The only neighbor who was worth a damn, a Black lady, moved in w/ relatives in 2019. We still stay in touch via text.

As you know about me, I am not sure about global solidarity happening anytime soon or at all, and instead expect various levels of collapse and authoritarian and liberatory responses from up and down various power spectrums across locations. The emergence of various degrees of neofeudalism is more likely. A reckoning certainly is in order in many ways based within historical and persisting structures of domination that are more than likely to intensify existing social divisions between the so called “masses.” The tired Marxist axiom that workers of the world will unite when unchained from capitalism continues to be largely based in patriarchal Eurocentric constructs of society, derived from white supremacist and anti-Indigenous worldviews.

I hear you. I just speak to the way I think things should happen, knowing that the odds don’t look great right now. We have lessons to learn from anti-globalization struggles – those who have been fighting structural adjustment and the World Bank / IMF, often Indigenous led, for decades. Neofeudalism – well, you should check out The Diamond Age.

And another post from her:

Quite interesting that Christiana Figueres, an early promoter of emissions trading schemes and lead negotiator in the Paris Climate Accord negotiations, writes a book on the climate crisis and gets such an eclectic group of endorsers: Jane Goodall, Yuval Harrari, Richard Branson, Klaus Schwaub (founder of the World Economic Forum) AND Naomi Klein. Hmmm…the latter’s keynote at the UPenn Climate Conference is pretty consistent with that.

Ugh – carbon pricing. So many players.

Wrong F*cking Kind of Green SMH

And yet another post from her:

Larry Summers chairs the Lancet Commission on Investing In Health, tied to UN SDG 3. It’s a numbers game. Public health will become an engine to channel capital in a way that allows the billionaires behind “benefit corporations” to use their foundations to extract profit and exert social control. There will be tight messaging and controlled narratives that twist real and present dangers so as to make dissent nearly impossible.

“First, we need bold leadership and a strong voice, communicating to patients and advocating to governments that climate change is fundamentally a public health issue. Second, the health benefits of responding to climate change must be realised and maximised globally. Third, we must benchmark and monitor efforts to meet and overcome these challenges. Only then can the true impact of climate change on health be understood, and the health benefits of responding to climate change be realised.”


Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Suggestions… My daughter’s teachers are taking grades for iready/ achieve. Since my daughter does not partake in these programs they usually have had a printed sheet that gets graded. They were told they were not allowed to drop off any work/ packets, etc.. i need suggestions/ ideas/ programs that the teacher can grade that would go along with what she’s teaching.

Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:

The U.N. report grew out of the financial problems that swept the world in the last year or two, which it diagnoses as arising from too much speculation in commodity markets, a bubble in stock markets and housing markets, and trade imbalances between countries like China and the United States. Its prescription? “More stringent financial regulation” and “diversification away from dollars” as part of a new system of constant exchange rates. (Supachai Panitchpakdi, UNCTAD’s secretary-general, also wants “vigorous” global actions, including “managing” energy prices through taxes, to dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions.)

Here is a post from someone on Facebook (a friend of a friend):

With the return to the home, we are asked to acquiesce to a different kind of intrusion: software that allows companies to monitor who is actually working. That is no accident. The post-virus world is likely to be ever more Orwellian. For the first time in history, governments can actively surveil and respond to everyone and punish those who defy public ordinances — such as health orders. Just as people have come to expect cameras recording their movements on the street since 9/11, Americans in the post-Covid-19 world may see nothing unusual about more intimate measures like public monitoring of their temperature and blood pressure.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Oklahoma has declared a REVENUE FAILURE for 2020.

BUT we have a state LAW encouraging the use of PAY FOR SUCCESS FINANCING. It was signed into law on 04/29/2019.

PFS in a nutshell:
A private funder (a philanthropic foundation, for example) will agree to pay the upfront costs of some public health, safety, and education services. The government will pay that money back, plus a success payment, if certain RESULTS or OUTCOMES are met and documented by the social service provider (a non-profit org approved by the private funder).

NO WONDER Tulsa has so many non-profit organizations that replicate each other’s efforts. They are postured to relieve government of its responsibilities. How CONVENIENT that they are ready to go just as so many people find themselves in desperate situations. 5G infrastructure will power IoT sensors’ data collections and smart contracts, making the OUTCOMES verification an automatic process. How CONVENIENT that this infrastructure is being put into place while we’re all in lockdown.

WHAT’S WRONG with PAY FOR SUCCESS? No democratic oversight. The billionaires get access to ALL your information (they already have most of it if you live in Oklahoma). They have HUGE incentives NOT to solve pressing problems AND to make us jump through hoops to ensure that they meet those success metrics. TULSA is already using THE NUDGE.

And another post from her:

From 2018…

“The CIA has a non-profit venture capital corporation called In-Q-Tel (IQT). Top managers of IQT are founders or board members of Facebook. IQT is linked to Facebook through Palantir’s Peter Thiel. In August of 2004, Thiel acquired a 10.2 percent stake in Facebook for US$500,000. The next two capital injections were US$12.7 million from Thiel and Accel Partners in May 2005 and then US$27.5 million from an Accel-led round of financing that included Thiel, Accel and Greylock Partners in April 2006. In 2012, Thiel sold the majority of his shares for over US$1 billion, but remains on Facebook’s board of directors.

Google’s founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, were both on the payroll of the National Science Foundation (NSF) while working on its Stanford Digital Library Project (SDLP), which involved creating search algorithms to scan large quantities of data to find relationships. Funded by the U.S. federal government, the NSF’s mission statement includes intent to ‘secure the national defense.’ NSF has a longstanding relationship with the DoD’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Not only was Google’s development nurtured by NSF/DARPA, but Google was also was aided by the secretive Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS) program, administered by private contractors for the CIA and NSA. In 2004, Google bought Keyhole from IQT. Keyhole’s mapping technology software, EarthViewer, became Google Earth. Both IQT and Google funded the ‘threat intelligence’ company Recorded Futures and have seats on its board.”

And yet another post from her:

The “Fourth Revolution” that’s being shock-doctrined
upon us has been in the works for a while. In fact, the tech investors, hedge funds, and human capital speculators have been busy preparing children for it through programs introduced in “reimagined” schools. This propaganda* piece from the NYT provides a glimpse into the process of programming children to become coders.

“TULSA, Okla. — The class assignment: Design an iPad video game. For the player to win, a cow must cross a two-lane highway, dodging constant traffic. If she makes it, the sound of clapping is heard; if she’s hit by a car, the game says, “Aw.”
“Let me show you my notebook where I wrote the algorithm. An algorithm is like a recipe,” Leila, one of the students in the class, explained to the school official who described the scene to me.
You might assume these were gifted students at an elite school. Instead they were 7-year-olds, second graders in the Union Public Schools district in the eastern part of Tulsa, Okla., where more than a third of the students are Latino, many of them English language learners, and 70 percent receive free or reduced-price lunch. From kindergarten through high school, they get a state-of-the-art education in science, technology, engineering and math, the STEM subjects. When they’re in high school, these students will design web pages and mobile apps, as well as tackle cybersecurity and artificial intelligence projects. And STEM-for-all is only one of the eye-opening opportunities in this district of around 16,000 students.”

(*I have a growing list of these “opinion” pieces. They all follow the same pattern and often mention some benevolent Foundation that is bringing light and reason to backwards Oklahoma. Let’s face it, New Yorkers probably don’t care what’s happening in Tulsa. But Tulsans are impressed when they see something in the NYT, and they fall for it without thinking that one of our billionaires paid for Solutions Journalism to create some impact.)

And some replies to this post:

To be fair, no foundations are mentioned in this piece. Moreover, I think it’s important to make nuanced, but important, distinctions between what is happening at Union and what is going on at TPS. I don’t even think that the differences are all that nuanced in this case: they’re got soy different. TPS is foundation driven and Broad infected. Union appears to be neither. TPS is all about disruption. Union seems to be more about systematic, academically-rooted improvement. TPS doesn’t mention any of its initiatives without mentioning standardized testing in the same breath. While union does use evidence-based decision-making to decide whether to move forward at scale after prototyping, I didn’t see a single reference to standardized tests from their admins in this article. TPS seems intent on outsourcing their mission to charters. Union certainly doesn’t seem interested in that, and the article itself is anti-charter.
I think you’re painting with too broad of a brush here. Some public schools are doing a good job, and just because some focus on STEM and vocational training doesn’t mean they’re TPS clones.

You’re right that the foundations aren’t mentioned in this article. They often are (e.g. from the New Yorker:

or this one from the NYT:

But the connections between Union and TPS are much closer than they might appear. Both Union and TPS have been pilot districts for the community-based schools model, which was coordinated by TACSI (Tulsa Area Community Schools Initiative) through the Community Service Council of Tulsa. TACSI is a leading affiliate of the national organization, “Coalition for Community Schools,” and it came out of Kathy Taylor’s and the Tulsa Community Foundation’s 2005 Step Up! Education Trendbenders initiative. That initiative led to a 2007 conference hosted at OU-Tulsa in collaboration with UPenn (Center for High Impact Philanthropy – Ira Harkavy, Gerry Clancy, Anchor Institutions, etc.), and then TACSI. Here is a narrative:

Many of the people who were supporting the community schools model in TPS and UPS are now in ImpactTulsa, which is, of course, coordinating the regional transformation of public education according to StriveTogether’s Cradle to Career model. While there have been some divergences between TPS and UPS, I think the similarities are that both are pilot districts for a scaleable high-impact transformation to align the P20 pipeline and create guided pathways to the workforce (which here in Tulsa is going to be a coding workforce). What is really important is that UPS is using blockchain credentialing. Somehow, nobody is talking about this. But that’s HUGE! It’s all about the data.

Also, there’s this from the 2019 ChildTrends report

I hope I’m wrong, but I think the whole region will be aligned. “GKFF is using findings from the self-assessment to plan strategies to strengthen partner organizations in Year 2. To support BEST’s emphasis on continuous learning and improvement, GKFF and the two organizations serving backbone functions, ImpactTulsa and MyHealth, partnered with the Center for Public Research and Leadership (CPRL) to select the Evolutionary Learning Frameworke as a continuous learning and improvement model for BEST’s collaborative efforts. One reason for selecting this model is that it fits well with BEST’s diverse service sectors (education, health, social service, and criminal justice). GKFF, ImpactTulsa, and MyHealth introduced the framework to all BEST program partners and provided more intensive training for a subset of these partners. GKFF plans to offer this intensive training to a broader group of partners in Year 2. Build an integrated data system To support the creation of a network of services and supports for children and families, BEST will develop the Community Holistic Integrated Linked Data (CHILD) System. When completed, CHILD will provide a way to link data across service providers to better serve the BEST target population. GKFF and two partners, MyHealth and Asemio, are taking a multi-stage approach to developing CHILD. The first stage, a proof of concept that examined the extent of service overlap for four early childhood programs, was completed in Year 1. The proof of concept demonstrated the possibility of integrating data from four programs and provided examples of where children received services from multiple programs. Work on the second stage of CHILD began toward the end of Year 1. Tasks included working with program partners to develop a governance committee to provide oversight for the CHILD system’s development and implementation, and initial work on the system’s technical architecture. In addition to launching the inaugural CHILD system, other goals for Year 2 include developing a framework for managing client consent, establishing partner data-sharing agreements, and defining a roadmap for the future vision of CHILD. Establish and execute a shared leadership structure GKFF has adopted a hybrid shared leadership structure to guide BEST’s integrated, collaborative approach. Several backbone functions typically found in collective impact initiativesf are shared by three organizations: GKFF, MyHealth, and ImpactTulsa. GKFF is building on its existing partnerships with programs that have included seeding individual programs and managing grantees. With BEST, GKFF is focused on coordinating and aligning partners around shared goals, strengthening partner organizations, and evaluating the initiative’s overall success. To carry out these new tasks, GKFF hired six staff for the BEST GKFF management team, which is led by BEST’s managing director.

One last thing – because I’ve been researching this! It’s a chart of the governance structure.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Wow – what an opportunity to go all in with high-performance computing bioinformatics. Unsettling that most of the coalition members are also involved with digital identity, AI and smart citiies.

And another post from her:

So Obama’s “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” of 2009 not only set the stage for the ed-tech takeover public education, it also mandated adoption of electronic heath records, which is being combined with IoT and Blockchain to turn us into data commodities? These folks by a long game. No doubt about that.

This is about data and control.

And yet another post from her:

Gamification, competition, UN SDGs, and surveillance of the self are all elements of “social impact” investment wearable tech. Once we are on Blockchain all bets are off. Hats off to the folks taking down those 5G towers. I think we’re going to need more of that.

From this:

It gets better – Star Wars branding – of course that’s George Lucas “Edutopia.”

And some replies to this post:

It’s just so exhausting.

Honestly I want it all to collapse under the weight of it’s own corruption while protecting the children from their selfish plans.

we’re going to have to overthrow it.

Ok, how?
The message from the school this week stated that students are going to be held accountable & taking attendance after spring break. Honest to bog I am fed up.

[name redacted] weren’t you just looking at P.E. surveillance?

I know for years in Florida they were allowing kids to do online PE – jogging with a fit bit and even wii sports.

And yet another post from her:

Until this month, I thought that digital identity would come through high school / college transcripts. Now I think it could very well be electronic health records. Easier to get the biometrics connected to the latter. Remembr, Chan Zuckerberg and Bezos and Gates are all into both sides education / healthcare. We need an abolition movement against 5G and Blockchain. These are participants in a 2016 Blockchain Challenge hosted by the US Department of Health and Human Services, NIST, and the Digital Chamber of Commerce

And some replies to this post:

Just needed the right crisis… god that sounds familiar….. block chain all built, 5g ready to go…. what timing…

The interesting stuff is around NIST, bottom left.

This is fascinating read. 2001

Deborah Estrin was the chair of that group. Moved to Bloomberg / Google-Funded Cornell-Technion (MIT of Israel) campus on Roosevelt Island NY. See Small Data Lab

All held in your permanent record as you navigate smart cities generating pay for success data for global investors.

And the really creepy thing is I went there last summer – to see it. At the end of the island is a monument to Roosevelt on the site of a former small pox hospital and the sweeping view down river is of the United Nations headquarters I kid you not.

I’ll give it a read.. I’ve been watching this whole blockchain/biometric etc. ‘system’ unfolding for a few years now…. I definitely thought it would be more gradual… pretty genius really… although it’s being presented as a very b grade production … in my opinion.. apparently they no longer have to try very hard as far as production quality…nice view of the U.N. … how fitting…

In relation to Cornell Technion

And yet another post from her:

Ah…Spain rolling out the UBI are they? I suspect Francesca Bria has a role in that. UBI = digital identity for human capital investment.

Oh…Evgeny I used to be such a fan. Now I realize you just wanted us to own our own brand instead of Facebook. So we can sell ourselves to FB and make money for the impact investors. Argh

Such a “smart city” “rebel city” “big data” pair they make.

Barcelona – the “rebel” city. Tell me another one.

Social innovation all the way down..

IEEE to rule all the harmonized digital citizens

And yet another post from her:

I’m pretty sure this was part of the plot line of “Minority Report.”

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Anyone who’s kids are doing iReady ?
Are you paying attention?

Here’s a 1st grade question…

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

The head of the St Louis Federal Reserve is proposing Covid-19 badges tied to testing, daily badges. You all realize how WRONG this is, don’t you? “BULLARD (head of the St. Louis Federal Reserve): You know, I have good news for you, MARGARET, because we have a- there is a solution using available technology today to fix the economic part of this problem. The solution is universal testing. What you want is every single person to get tested every day. And then they would wear a badge like they would at a- after they voted or something like that to show that they’ve been tested. This would immediately sort out who’s been infected and who hasn’t been infected. That would help the health care sector. But it would also help the economy because we could interact with each other with a lot of confidence.”

Hey, why don’t they all require us to take a daily nano-pill that will upload our certification to our blockchain health passport / surveillance device so the authorities can properly contain the disease vectors. SMH

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Planned Parenthood has a plan. And they fully intend on carrying it out. We must stop them.

I have highlighted the very inappropriate videos put out by Amaze and promoted by Planned Parenthood multiple times in MIP. Take a look below at a quote I found on the Amaze partners page from International Planned Parenthood.

In their Spring Newsletter, Giselle Carino, the new IPPF/WHR Regional Director made the following comments:

“Today we are positioned to amplify this progress under our new strategic plan, which commits to reaching more than five million young people in the Americas and Caribbean with quality sexuality education by 2022. While ambitious, I have no doubt that we will do for sexuality education what we did for family planning more than sixty years ago: create a culture in which sexuality education is viewed as an essential part of gender equality and social development for our nations; an investment that helps governments, communities and families challenge the harmful gender norms that perpetrate a culture of violence; reduce the number of unintended pregnancies, and ultimately, create happier and more equitable societies. I have no doubt we will achieve our goals. We have a strong, imaginative team of staff, volunteers, and allies like you that are dedicated, determined, and open to new approaches and innovative ideas. We have solid partnerships with sister organizations, academic institutions, and governments, and unwavering support from dedicated funders.”

Look at these key phrases:

  • “our new strategic plan, which commits to reaching more than five million young people”
  • “challenge the harmful gender norms”
  • “We have solid partnerships with sister organizations, academic institutions, and governments, and unwavering support from dedicated funders.”

Share this post far and wide.

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”
Albert Einstein

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

And another post from her:

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

No, 5G doesn’t “spread” coronavirus, but scientific research indicates exposure to EMF radiation causes damage to immune systems, particularly those of people already immunocompromised or stressed. Before folks join in the 5G shame game, realize if you do you’re backing global Telcom interests that intend to use small cell installations to implement technological authoritarianism, automate many jobs, and set up human capital markets tied to digital ID and Internet of Things. I hope people would have better sense than that. Seriously people. Wake the hell up.

“The Bioinitiative Report-A Rationale for a Biologically-based Public Exposure Standard for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF), 2007)], it must be concluded that the existing public safety limits are inadequate to protect public health, and that new public safety limits, as well as limits on further deployment of untested technologies, are warranted.”

And another post from her:

February 2019 Gates buys Crown Castle stock (5G).
$627 Million
One year later we’ve got lockdown and fast track 5G installation.

And some replies to this post:

Now that makes sense as to why he didnt say anything until after the lockdown!

what fast track installation?

It’s going up all over right now. New fixtures every 100 feet or so mounted under the length of most of the El in Kensington. All over the Parkway. I’m Art Museum area – talked to the installers from Verizon last week. The fixtures need to be put up every 1,000 feet. They have been going in for awhile – at least 6 months or so, but it is really speeding up now. The FCC has been converting the bandwidths over the past 18 months.

“While a 4G cell site might cover a dozen city blocks, 5G’s fastest, millimeter-wave frequencies might need one site for each block. An Accenture study commissioned by the wireless trade group CTIA estimated in March that there would be 769,000 small-cell deployments in the U.S. from 2018 to 2026. In a separate report, CTIA estimated that the U.S. had 323,448 cell sites in service at the end of 2017.”

This is in preparation for the 5G phones rolling out. “The fact is, 5G has unlimited potential, and Crown Castle International Corp. has been busy installing thousands of small cells in cities across the U.S. 2019 is the year it all begins. AT&T, Verizon, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), Samsung, and Verizon are expected to launch their first 5G phones this year. The second 5G rollout will take place in 2020 or 2021.”

this been in the works for a while tho. i donno if its a fast track

Can you tell me why Verizon employees would all be out now doing the installs? They shouldn’t be essential employees, and yet there are trucks out all over the city.

like most of philly isnt 5g yet and because they need so many damn towers might not be a for a min

5G is NOT essential work. And yet they were putting in a small cell around the corner from my house on April 1.

alot of shit not essential. i think there is alot of fear over 5g and i dont know if its warranted. i’m more annoyed by the police cameras they put up everywhere\

You don’t realize this is the same thing? Blockchain runs on 5G.

blockchain is a way of keeping files it doesn’t run more on 5g than it does on 4g or 3g. 5g is just a new use of frequency to transfer info at higher volumes. its cell phone shit.

i guess in therory is block chain needed higher volume to transfer 5g would be useful for that…. but i can’t say it does. near as i know it doesn’t need high volume. i do think 5g will allow of other surveillance issues. i just dont think its a good focus of alarm currently. tho appreciate you watch dogging the tech

They are tracking people on Blockchain. It is already online. This is not speculation. This is REAL.

And another post from her:

A little birdie told me Gates is a major shareholder in Crown Castle, fabricator of small cell installation for 5G. Imagine that!

And some replies to this post:

Holy cow. This was on our board agenda last night. 👀

Dallas is a “smart city”. They know best for us.

That’s the whole PREMISE of them doing this. They need to expand cell service and Internet access so we can all remain connected during the lockdown. What a perfect excuse for them to put in all this 5G crap and IoT stuff and build their Agenda 2030 infrastructure. Also, they can cite that they need 5G or whatever because they need to make sure that the Internet can handle so many people being online at once since so many people are at home.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

“This is a hairy penis!” Would you approve of your child shouting this out during sex ed class while participating in a classroom activity?

Watch this video about genitals put out by Sex Ed School, a sex ed resource for homeschooling that is being recommended by SIECUS. Just to help you understand all the connections… the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education used SIECUS resources in writing the sex ed standards for our public schools>SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth, Amaze and others are all allies> SIECUS resources and PP, AfY and Amaze curricula and videos are used in MA public schools>Amaze is heavily marketing their online resources for sex ed during the pandemic, including Sex Ed School videos.

In this video, sex researcher Eva and sex educator Nadine give the kids a lesson about genitals, “What’s Up with Down There.” The children all participate in a game where they are told to attach removeable genital parts including pubic hair, vulva lips, penises, testicles and breasts to two dolls named Ginger and Blue. The instructors tell the kids, “Be creative!” One student is pictured putting a penis through a vulva.

Other low lights of the video include walking penis and vulva graphics being flashed across the screen, another game where the kids play pin the ovaries on the uterus, a featured word of the day, “asexuality,” and a game of true and false where kids are asked various questions about genitals.

Some of the quotes by the class facilitators include, “Get to know your genitlas,” “Penises come in a range of sizes,” “We love talking about sex.”

Efforts like these from the kinky kinship of CSE proponents serve to sexualize children and lower their natural inhibitions. It’s no mistake either that co-ed classes are encouraged in order to get boys and girls comfortable talking openly about sexual parts and behavior. This is not healthy sex ed.

Find out if these videos are being used or recommended by your child’s school. If so, tell your school officials that they are highly inappropriate and that you want them removed from the curriculum.

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Geez folks. This author of this Harvard Business Review piece is affiliated with the Harvard Medical School and managing director of the Draper Kaplan Richards Foundation. Biometric digital ID linked to vaccines combined with AI behavior tracking and prediction. The writing is on the wall here.

“To address this problem, biometric digital IDs can be a game changer. For example, Simprints has deployed biometric IDs on health and humanitarian projects across 12 countries, which have increased health care visits and quality while preventing fraud. It is now partnering with Japanese telecom giant NEC to develop an affordable, interoperable, biometric solution for vaccines that can identify patients even in rural and offline settings. Using robust digital tools can help governments overcome identification barriers to ensure that everyone receives a Covid-19 vaccine.

Leveraging data to predict behavior. We need to understand risk of transmission at the hyperlocal level and the likelihood of adherence for specific geographies and sub-populations. In settings with limited individual-level health data, we will need to leverage available sources. For example artificial intelligence company Macro-Eyes uses satellite imagery, digital conversations, and publicly available data to predict with 76% accuracy which child will drop out of routine immunization programs.”

Draper Kaplan Richards

And some replies to this post:

I’m sick. And people ask where’s the proof? Here, Harvard says exactly what they are planning to do. For God’s sake “Macro-Eye?” Satellite monitoring. Sounds like that would be right up John Arnold’s alley.

this is connected to StriveTogether via Jeff Edmondson.

Draper Kaplan Richards is funding UpTrust.


Maybe this is why Gates wants all those satellites!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Common Sense Education is part of the global nonprofit, Common Sense Media, that Chula Vista Elementary School District and Sweetwater Union High School District use as a resource to control the narrative around student data privacy for teachers and parents. Good luck, teachers and families. I tried my hardest to educate people.

Here is a post from Alison:

“So how far are we prepared to go with this digital bodily discipline? Device-based location tracking is up and running. Facial recognition is probably in that mix, too. Next up mandatory wearable thermometers? IoT nano-pills?

When society isn’t under lockdown will be there an expectation that all individuals participate in a strengthening regimen for their bodies and minds in anticipation of the NEXT outbreak? Adherence tracked via fit bits and brain wave headbands? Leaderboards? Badges?

Black Mirror today, but how about next year? Five years from now? What is your “health brand” in this new age of pandemic? How “risky” are you? What level of discrimination will you be subject to? How are you managing your health? How are you tracking it? How will we hold you accountable?

And another post from her:

They are already doing retinal scans for refugee housing access and it is easy to imagine how that would work with a smart contract.

60 IoT sensors in these babies. I sense the future versions will not be so fancy. Imagine this on Blockchain tied to human capital investing.

My sense is that they want to mostly contain people in pods with VR and have us move our consumption to virtual items.

Here is the tie in between “education” and the Gates-funded Solutions Journalism Network:
The Solutions Journalism Network offers robust teaching resources to engage high school and college students in creative and critical thinking about solutions to the climate crisis.
The Climate Solutions Teaching Collections provide educators with material that is easy to access and integrate into courses across disciplines, and that shifts the focus from climate doom and gloom to climate solutions.
Each Climate Solutions Teaching Collection includes:
three or more solutions journalism stories, published by reputable news outlets and curated for educators;
six to eight discussion questions aligned with Bloom’s Taxonomy of cognition to “help teachers teach and students learn;”
robust teaching notes so educators across disciplines can easily integrate solutions-focused climate education into their courses;
a copy and customize feature for educators to adapt each collection to align with their course learning outcomes.

See here:

Here is a post from a friend of mine on what a blockchain is:

in short, it’s a distributed digital record of everything about your life. Because it’s distributed (info is stored in multiple “blocks”), it’s permanent. And because it’s digital, you can link any tracked transaction (e.g. a comment on Facebook, a purchase online, biometric data from a fitbit) to it. It’s supposed to have greater privacy and transparency, but it also carries the danger of centralizing all your info in one place. That sounds confusing since it’s a distributed ledger, but I like to think of it as a login. So blockchain identity is like the login to which all your data is tied. That idea doesn’t sit well with me personally. Also, those stores of data that are recorded on the ledger contribute to predictive risk profiling and targeted behavioral interventions that exacerbate inequalities and can be coercive.

And some more posts from others on the matter:

while I’m here, I’ll add to the definition. You’re right that it’s a ledger, but to say that it’s “a digital record of everything about your life” is completely false. You could, in theory, put all of that information on there, but it isn’t currently and would be an impossible task. Blockchain merely describes the system that is a distributed ledger, it’s not some database that has been accumulated

right. That’s why schoolchildren and formerly-incarcerated persons are being trained to code it right now.

  1. There’s plenty of great uses for blockchain, just as there are pluses and minuses with everything and 2. Students are taught to code lots of things (and many are eager to, despite prior insinuations you have made).
    It’s a new and developing technology, and we’d ought to engage it, rather than catastrophize. (This means passing policy that limits nefarious uses, not ignoring social distancing guidelines)

Unfortunately, I don’t think the folks from the World Economic Forum, MIT, Harvard’s GovLab, or DARPA care much about limiting nefarious uses. Refugees have been the test subjects for most of this.
Blockchain identity is going to be used in schools, from preK forward, to track skills that will then be used to indicate the specific career pathway that each individual ought to take, as determined by AI algorithms. Then hedge fund investors are going to speculate (in various ways) on the human capital measures that are captured via blockchain. For example, here’s what EPIC is working on in terms of valuing businesses:
Human Capital Deployment
This working group focused on measuring a company’s ability to deploy the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its workforce. They recognized that companies tend to report on this through qualitative narratives or data that is not comparable, which makes it difficult to evaluate companies in a rigorous or consistent way. To remedy that, they outlined a series of metrics – like percent of voluntary turnover – that all companies could disclose to offer a clearer picture of how effectively they deploy and manage their human capital.”
Notice the investors.

Here is someone’s post on the wall of a friend of mine:

After spring break we go fully online here. Like full, graded, etc online. 😩😢

Now getting pressure to show what assessments were doing, collect data, keep working from SGOs. Kindergarten.

We’re several weeks in. Parents are overwhelmed, some.deaking with tremendous strain. Kids are over the novelty. Administration is trying to be business as usual. Teachers are also dealing with their own children, stress and anxiety, and mounting pressure to begin new instruction.

Here is a post from Allison:

Gates is providing cover for Bloomberg. Folks need to realize these technocrats have teamed up to create social impact profit streams using public health concerns to impose digital surveillance of targeted populations.

And another post from her:

We have to understand the following:

  1. Bloomberg = electrical engineering / data / finance guy
  2. Bloomberg has maintained a longstanding relationship with Johns Hopkins, specifically their school of public health.
  3. Bloomberg’s advocacy around data-driven non-communicable disease management began around 2007.
  4. These activities were meant to advance pay for success finance and normalize tracking people through tech.
  5. Now, add pandemic as cost off-set for future impact deals.
  6. Leverage pandemic to usher in anti-body certificates.
  7. Regulate dissent through disease surveillance tied to global health monitoring.
  8. World Bank and IMF broker deals around preparedness “gaps” tied to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  9. Interoperable health data is gold. Health = UN SDG 3
  10. Digital ID + Internet of Things will be the alchemist’s stone.
    Interoperable Map here:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

They are hell bent on getting their immunity passport & tracking system in place. Do you think that 16k deaths warrants such draconian measures? If so, why wasn’t this done for flu deaths that were 80-100k? Are you going to comply?

And another post from her:

“…The CAP and Harvard plans both foresee a digital pandemic surveillance state in which virtually every American downloads an app to their phone that geotracks their movements, so if they come into contact with anyone who later is found to have Covid-19, they can be alerted, and a period of social quarantine can begin. Similarly, people would scan QR codes when boarding mass transit, or entering other high-risk public areas. And GPS tracking could be used to enforce quarantine on those who test positive with the disease, as is being done in Taiwan.”…

Heer is a post that was shared in the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


Today, Governor Walz unilaterally removed an existing law which safeguards private health records by releasing the addresses of all patients (kids and adults) who test positive for COVID-19 to all first responders. This order was not only made unilaterally, completely ignoring the democratic process and legislature, but it creates massive patient data privacy concerns!

After the Minneapolis police department made a request to Governor Walz for this data, the legislature met on April 7th and passed legislation to give them financial protections if they became sick in the line of duty. As I posted last week, protecting patient data was a major consideration for many legislators when voting on the workers compensation for first responders legislation. Yet, even after the legislature responded, Governor Walz gave an order to release medical records without adequate protections and without patient consent. Most issues have multiple sides and many are not simply right or wrong; they are a balance of the rights and interests of multiple groups. This is why one person should not have too much power.

How far does this line of logic and reasoning extend? What kind of precedent did he set? Do all people with communicable diseases forfeit their data privacy? Why not HIV patients, Hepatitis patients, Influenza patients, Staph infection patients? The list goes on and on. From Rep Jeremy Munson

Here is a post from the page of this group:

Here is additional guidance from Rep. Erickson.
Friends and Neighbors, please tell our providers about this.
Focus is on family and center-based providers serving children of essential works birth to age 5
Dear early childhood advocate,
We know that now, more than ever, Central Minnesota child care providers face new challenges as the coronavirus impacts families, businesses and communities. Today we’re asking for your help to spread the word about a rapid-response emergency grant program we’ve created at the urging of Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and in concert with our five Minnesota Initiative Foundation partners.
The Emergency Child Care Grant Program launched today, March 26, provides immediate financial support to licensed family- and center-based child care providers in Central Minnesota who are serving emergency and essential workers.
Grants of $500 to $3,000 will be awarded to providers who serve the children (birth to 5) of first responders, emergency personnel, health care workers or anyone else deemed essential to work during this crisis. See the state-approved list of essential personnel . We intend to provide a response and funding to qualified applicants within two weeks of application submission.
Grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Use this short online application to apply.
The Emergency Child Care Grant Program is being coordinated throughout Greater Minnesota by the six Minnesota Initiative Foundations through the investment of $50,000 each. Fundraising from additional partners is ongoing, so there may be an opportunity for additional grant rounds.
If you know a provider in another community beyond Central Minnesota, please have them contact their local Minnesota Initiative Foundation for more information. Providers in the seven-county metropolitan area should contact Think Small , an organization that is providing a similar grant opportunity for metro-area providers.
We don’t know what the next few weeks will bring, but our team is ready to help where and when we can, and we’re sending good thoughts to all you! Please contact me with any questions.
Be well,
Don Hickman
Vice President for Community and Workforce Development
(320) 631-2043

Via the Emergency Child Care Grant Program now even the licensed home-based and small-center providers can get in on the free $$$ for childcare, birth to 5!! The Initiative Foundations push only childcare that is Parent Aware. Think Small is also part of the Parent Aware pushing system and one of the “stakeholders” at the Capitol. Childcare is nearly taken over. This means a child’s life…. the life of your family.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

CT waived student data privacy law for edtech during covid.

I tied Shape America, among others, to the newest version of the National Sexuality Standards:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

How do societies gradually ease into socialism’s madness?

1980s: Mass borrowing begins, and since govt borrowing is counted in the GDP, the people imagine private business grew with the GDP, and stocks go up. The percentage of the GDP being government spending grew, not the private GDP.

1990s: Mass borrowing continues, and since govt borrowing is counted in the GDP, the people imagine private business grew, and stocks go up. One president tried to raise taxes to balance the budget, then he got de-elected quickly, in favor of the more generous party, the Democrats, who continued to deficit spend and even “borrow” $198 Billion from social security to “balance the budget.”

2000s: Mass borrowing continues, and since govt borrowing is counted in the GDP, the people imagine private business grew, and stocks go up. Mass federal borrowing becomes the most reliable revenue source for many markets: Big education, big medicine, big pharma, and big finance are all suddenly dependent on “QE” to pump up their prices. Wall Street realizes they are beholden to the FED and the Treasury, the GDP will fall if they stop printing money. A full on fake-money addiction has begun.

2010s: Mass borrowing continues, and now the FED begins monetizing the Treasury’s debt. Stock prices now routinely rise and fall with FED money printing announcements. FED policy meetings are evasive and vague. Hard questions meant the reporter is ejected. But the people vigorously refuse to question the connection, they prevaricate, and then begin to lie to help cover up the fraud, just like Bernie Madoff investors really didn’t want him busted. None of the Bush-era criminal behavior behind the meltdown was prosecuted. The gov’t repeatedly propping up stock prices, was now obviously the peoples’ “money tree,” and they did not want to talk about it being a con game. The rich then had their welfare, and the poor have theirs.

2020: So many people are fully aware the FED is propping up their stocks, they have lost all their drive to fight for honest government. They know the FED is lying, so anyone else who is “fiscally deceiving” about the alleged “market,” won’t be criticized nor spoken of harshly.

“Goldman Warns Of A “Significant” Adverse Impact On Stocks As 2020 Buybacks Are Cut In Half”–r0KI0uh3tE_uTA_ZN5PyGGaI

Here is a post that was shared by another friend of mine:

“But, as a scientist, I should make clear: this is still an assumption. I have not seen any evidence that children play an important role in the spread of the virus in scientific studies. Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t. It just means there is no evidence yet…

It is clear that children can get infected, few get sick, but one important question is, if they are infected, how much virus do they produce, and is that enough to infect others? The truth is, we don’t know.”

-Guido Vanham, former head of virology, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium

[Published April 6, 2020 by World Economic Forum]

“there is no evidence yet” – “The truth is, we don’t know.”

And yet –

April 9, 2020: “Global statistics reported by UNESCO reveal that since the last week of March roughly 1.7 billion students from pre-primary to tertiary education levels are out of school, affecting 91.3 percent of all enrolled learners and including every student in 188 countries that have mandated nationwide closures. With most schools set to remain closed through the rest of the current academic year, the scale of these closures is unprecedented in the history of world capitalism.”

“stress-system overload can significantly diminish a child’s ability to learn and engage in typical social interactions across the lifespan.”

To be clear. As of the last week of March, we have approx. 1.7 billion children & youth isolated from friends, nature, play and socializing – locked up in homes, “consuming unprecedented levels of media”. [Source: World Economic Forum]

“And when I walk through Berlin and I see the playgrounds with warning tapes & police cordons, as if they were crime scenes, then our society really has to reflect on whether we really see playing kids as a danger these days.” — Dr René Schlott, German historian, Potsdam

Taking the opposite approach, Professor Knut Wittkowski, Head of The Rockefeller University’s Department of Biostatistics from 1998-2018, Epidemiology, and Research Design states: “We should be resisting and we should at least hold our politicians responsible. We should have a discussion with our politicians. One thing we definitely need to do, and that would be safe and effective, is opening schools. Let the children spread the virus among themselves – which is a necessity to get herd immunity. That was probably one of the most destructive actions the government has done. We should focus on the elderly and separating them from the population where the virus is circulating. We should not prevent the virus from circulating among school children, which is the fastest way of to create herd immunity.”

Simultaneously, with students in lockdown, we have this: “The notion of an educator as the knowledge-holder who imparts wisdom to their pupils is no longer fit for the purpose of a 21st-century education.” – World Economic Forum, Jan 2020, Schools of the Future, Defining New Models of Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The shift to “learning ecosystems” – no more bricks and mortar schools – is underway. “Teaching” to move online, subjected to data-mining and surveillance. See white papers by Knowledgeworks, heavily funded by Gates.”

(Alison Hawver McDowell)

Global capital intends to turn our children (& all life) into data commodities. The intent is portfolios of human capital – children as human capital data. All life will be commodified on blockchain, linking behaviour to benefits.

Russell Copelan MD March 18 2020: “I think its reasonable to anticipate that this impact of the virus will have a rippling effect on national & worldwide suicide events, especially based on current hysterical public reactions…” [Links will be at bottom of post]

Yesterday, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announces that “social distancing” in Canada will last until a vaccine is ready.

Vaccine – or herd immunity (Iceland, Denmark Japan, etc.) Those are the two options.

April 9, 2020: Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (US environmental attorney, author) – on Gate’s vaccine experiments: “Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.” [Link to article at bottom of post]

“It’s a Global Problem, and We Are Not Immune”: The deterioration of mental health/wellness is a global health issue. In Canada 75% of children with mental health issues do not have access to specialized services. Native youth are five to six times more likely to die by suicide than non-Aboriginal youth. Suicide rates for Inuit youth are among highest in world at eleven times the average.

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2010:

“Science shows that early exposure to circumstances that produce persistent fear and chronic anxiety can have lifelong consequences by disrupting the developing architecture of the brain.”

“While some of these experiences are one-time events and others may reoccur or persist over time, all of them have the potential to affect how children learn, solve problems, and relate to others.”

“Many policymakers, educators, and even medical professionals are unaware of the potentially significant, long-term risks of exposure to fear-provoking circumstances in children…”

“Serious, fear-triggering experiences cause changes in brain activity and have been shown to have long-term, adverse consequences for learning, behavior, and health.”

“While typical fears disappear with age, the fear and anxiety elicited by maltreatment and other threatening circumstances do not.”

“Elevated stress hormones such as cortisol have been shown to affect the growth & performance of the hippocampus & the activity of the amygdala [] and early and persistent activation of the stress response system adversely affects brain architecture in these critical regions.”

“Behavioral neuroscience research [] tells us that the prefrontal cortex is highly sensitive to the detrimental effects of excessive stress exposure and that its developing architecture is vulnerable to the negative effects of chronic fear.”

“Very young children can actually learn to be fearful through a process called “fear conditioning,” which is strongly connected to the development of later anxiety disorders.”

“For young children who perceive the world as a threatening place, a wide range of conditions can trigger anxious behaviors that then impair their ability to learn and to interact socially with others.”

“Indeed, children who have had chronic and intense fearful experiences often lose the capacity to differentiate between threat and safety. This impairs their ability to learn and interact with others…”

“Young children who have been exposed to traumatic circumstances also have difficulty identifying and responding to different expressions of emotions, and, therefore, have trouble forming healthy relationships.”

“Children do not naturally outgrow early learned fear responses over time… Fear learning and associated memories that occur early in life get built into our brain architecture and do not dissipate with age.”

“the extent to which children w/ a heightened attention bias to threat view the world as a hostile and threatening place can be viewed as both a logical adaptation to an abusive environment and a potent risk factor for behavior problems in later childhood, adolescence, & adult life.”


April 9 2020, World Economic Forum: “… every generation is relying on their devices during this pandemic to inform and distract more than ever before, creating a huge opportunity for media companies to engage a captive audience.”


And some replies to this post:

I’ve been teaching ESL and Spanish to adults and college students for 20 years. The only thing that the crap virtual education employed during this pandemic will do, regarding the implementation of tech in the classroom, is to accelerate the process. The process is well, well underway — though it is being realized in a very patchwork fashion, with some classrooms (like my present classroom) employing virtually no tech and other classrooms (the last two colleges I taught at Baltimore) utilizing a death-by-tech curriculum: totally disastrous, interfering in formidable ways with students’ ability to learn. If this shit continues apace, both being a student and being a teacher will be pure pursuits of misery.

See the digital layer in Kompan’s “smart” playgrounds.

An interesting dicussion by, imo, good scientists who have been destroyed by the establishment. Judy Mikovits insists that it’s been in the population for quite some time and Fauci and Wuhan are mostly involved in the cover up
It’s been here for a while.

I’m with you on this -tied to One Health, World Bank.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I want to be clear on this Governor Huntsman signed us on to common core. His signature is on the MOU.

He also signed the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund grant which began to tie standards, testing, teacher evaluations, and data collection together and was the precursor to the Race To The Top grant.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The legislature reopens tomorrow.
Attached is a Draft of legislation to be passed tomorrow – Tuesday, April 14th. Please provide IMMEDIATE feedback to your own rep and senator! There are concerns with Section 12 giving the Minnesota Department of Health full authority over 16 chapters of law. (We’ll leave a link in the comments on how to find your legislators.) Many of us are now at home. Let’s be about it!

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Dallas was where the Ebola outbreak occurred. Dallas philanthrocapitalists have been laying the foundation for Dallas to be the global hub of social impact investing which creates a marketplace to capitalize on global poverty and suffering…and even viruses. This can be implemented for any social ill where investors gamble on future outcomes:

Mind the Gap: The Violence Of Pandemic Dashboards by Alison Hawver McDowell

“Pay for success” finance is a performance-based contracting system that been applied to a wide range of social issues ranging from pre-k, mental health and elder-care services to workforce training and supportive housing. It clear to me that “pandemic preparedness” is being fitted out for pay for success profit-taking, too.”

“In 2017, through the Pandemic Emergency Financing Committee, the World Bank issued the first pandemic bonds in response to the 2014 Ebola epidemic. While at first glance that may seem like a humane gesture, the truth is that the bonds were structured in such a way that it is almost impossible to trigger the payouts public health systems need to respond to disease outbreaks. Erikson speaks directly to the ways in which data can be manipulated to preference certain outcomes and how harmful consequences can arise when “success” becomes tied to narrow impact metrics.

What are the consequences of large sums of money riding on death statistics?

What happens when in order to access healthcare funds, governments must allow a certain “death rate” to be attained?”

Look at the social impact investing people listed in this DMN article yesterday. Sounds like TFA for the healthcare industry:

Raj Panjabi, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, was mentioned for an article he wrote for the World Economic Forum. He used to work for the Clinton Global Initiative and Draper Kaplan Richards (social impact foundation run by our Dallas Federal Reserve president).

Vidya Ayyr, Director of Social Impact at Parkland

World Economic Forum and ID2020:

“What IS clear is that powerful global interests, including members of the World Economic Forum, are using this time of disruption and desperation to try and push through many elements needed to implement their Fourth Industrial Revolution program. This includes global digital currency, smart biometric surveillance, wearable technologies, online education, and tele-presence labor including tele-medicine and tele-therapy. All of this is happening against a back-drop of increased policing, diminished labor and environmental protections, and 5G infrastructure installation.”

And some replies to this post:

So, it appears, just as in education where failure is planned for and models and means are put in place to profit from the failure, so too we have “pay for success” programs planned and ready to be implemented when pandemics break out. It’s not that we were caught off guard by Covid-19; no, in fact plans were put in place some time ago to take advantage of the misery and prepare a pathway for profits. Boy, does that ever sound familiar!!

that’s correct. So while we are all obediently sheltering in place, these sickos are planning the future for us through ID2020, blockchain and digital immunity proof. Sounds exciting.

yep and guess who will help …

hey look who is teaming up for CV treatment? Gates and Zuck. Just like they did with the Education Superhighway E-rate thing. So kind of them.
Texas Education Superhighway

C-certificate O-Of V-Vaccines ID-Identification this isn’t JUST for Coronavirus, they want the certifications for ALL vaccines.

I hope people are waking up to these vaccine mandates that have been taking exemptions away!!

Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell:

Ok look, regional governments coming online this afternoon tied to Covid-19 “get back to work” plans: CA/OR/WA and DE/NJ/PA/NY/CT/RI/MA Any others? Agenda 21 is REAL folks.

Looks like we’re gonna be “neighbors”

And some replies to this post:

One element of Raimondo’s daily infomercials is how she wants to “maintain some semblance of an economy”.
She’s quite the neoliberal!

Did you see this

Mandatory testing, tracking/surveillance and isolation. Sounds groovy.
“And they say any successful lifting of interventions would have to include the development of a system for robust testing,
tracking those who have been directly exposed to the virus, and then
isolating those who are sick or exposed.

I can’t figure out if this is The Hunger Games or Snowpiercer and I only glanced at the maps

Also TRADOC planning mega-city urban warfare..

You know – when I started this five years ago…I did not think this would even be a conversation we would be having. Trying to take a deep breath and not overreact. I mean why would six state have to set up a region to do this? It makes no sense.

All the Smart Growth America / Light Rail – this is tbe Hunger Games, folks!!

America2050 is the new SDG2030/Agenda21?

Mega Regions of US . This wiki site is old… looks like Regional Plan Association has been in the works for awhile.

RPA – founded in 1922. Guess it was founded by Bill and Melinda’s ancestors…

😳 “They view sentinel surveillance as a critical tool for identifying asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic spread. To make the best use of testing information, the report lays out guidelines for electronic data sharing of testing results across insurers, health care providers, and public health experts in the private and public sectors.”

Great Lakes MegaRegion coming into view.

MA is part of NY group.

MA will be hiring a thousand people to help with contact tracing and will be using salesforce and Accenture. It seems RI will using salesforce for contact tracing.

Hearing anything for CO?

Colorado is in the Front Range Mega Region, will need to read, see what that entails for workforce/Covid.

Regional government plans. This is what Newsom is working towards.

And yet another post from her:

More on predatory pandemic bonds. “A 2017 paper by Clare Wenham of the London School of Economics highlighted that, out of 60 pandemic cases studied, PEF would only have been triggered on two occasions, the outbreak of Rift Valley fever in 2006 and Ebola in 2014-16. Meanwhile, by mid-2019, it had paid $114.5 million to private investors as coupons, suggesting that it seems “to be serving private investor interests more than contributing to global health security.” At time of writing, no country has received PEF funds to prepare for the COVID-19 outbreak. While the funds are likely to be triggered soon with the COVID-19 crisis evolving very rapidly, the delayed response has already prevented PEF from enhancing developing countries’ ability to respond to the crisis.”

And yet another post from her:

World Bank – pandemic finance – weaponization of public health as a human capital investment market.

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

Now let’s get down to some dirt – BlackRock is the new operating system [OS] of the Fed Reserve and the Treasury. The world’s biggest shadow bank – and no, it’s not Chinese. BlackRock was founded in 1988 by Larry Fink, and it’s the top investor in Goldman Sachs.
Fink’s letter to investors and guess what ? His sentences as
“I believe we are on the edge of a fundamental reshaping of finance.” Another “in the near future – and sooner than most anticipate – there will be a significant reallocation of capital.” Fink mentions climate Change so what else could Fink be thinking of when he mentions the 2 above ? How about social credit score, digital currency, digital identity, and a Universal Basic Income,? .

What is the cryptocurrency act ?

A bonus – Fink mentions SASB in his letter –
Donors [ I see several which I recognize as EY[ is connected to Lynn de Rothschild’s Inclusive Capitalism] , Rockefeller Foundation, etc..

Here is a post from this friend:

The Bank of Korea has announced a pilot for Central Bank Digital Currency to be completed end of 2021

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This 2018 article raises serious concerns about the power imbalance between employees and employers. These concerns ought to be exponentially troubling given the

1) shift to online work-from-home platforms
2) the astronomical numbers of unemployed people

“This report offers some preliminary research and observations on what we call the “datafication of employment.” Our thesis is that data-mining techniques innovated in the consumer realm have moved into the workplace. Firms who’ve made a fortune selling and speculating on data acquired from consumers in the digital economy are now increasingly doing the same with data generated by workers. Not only does this corporate surveillance enable a pernicious form of rent-seeking—in which companies generate huge profits by packaging and selling worker data in marketplace hidden from workers’ eyes—but also, it opens the door to an extreme informational asymmetry in the workplace that threatens to give employers nearly total control over every aspect of employment.”

See also:
“The ‘AI Agenda’ is Furthered by the Financial Crisis of 2020
We’ll move increasingly towards a world of remote work, E-commerce, grocery delivery and social distancing where AI and not the consumer becomes the central part of human society. The levers of production, consumption and demand will be altered and engineered accordingly. If algorithms already took over a larger place in how human beings behave on the internet, what happens when AI takes on the same role in the actual physical economy? In the 21st century we’ll find out, and it won’t be a more human-centric system.
The business collapse of 2020 ironically leads us to greater centralization and a distribution of wealth that favors a more extreme pyramidal capitalism, where human agency is more limited and the economy is more determined by automation, algorithms, AI and powerful corporate companies. The stock market of 2019 already saw that technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and FANG stocks become “overweight”.
The financial crisis of 2020 isn’t a great depression, it’s a great reorientation of the global economy. A liquidity crisis and business collapse favors the wealthy and forces downward social mobility for the rest of us. It kills small businesses and uplifts powerful companies with huge reserves of cash. The global economy post 2020 will be vastly different and will likely favor countries like China, which are rapidly investing in technology and AI. The temporary shock to the global economy is a global reset that favors the business models of the most dominant technology companies of the world.”

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

“People can choose sex work and performance within porn as a career. They can do that in ways that are healthy and fulfilling to them.” So, when you think about possible fulfilling career options that your child might choose, does sex worker or porn performer come to mind? ⁉️

Over the weekend, Planned Parenthood partner Amaze in their Askable Parent series featured a FB live discussion about porn with Melissa Pintor Carnagey, founder of Sex Positive Families. Amaze and Sex Positive Families (launched in June 2017) have been “growing together” and have a shared mission “to raise sexually healthy children.” They assert that they are “really bold and unapologetic” about it.

Before I tell you about the advice they offered parents regarding teaching their kids how to “think critically” about porn, I have to tell you about the blatantly harmful ideology that is being espoused by these groups. In the video posted below, Melissa explains how she didn’t grow up with “sex positive” messages. She grew up Catholic. I’m assuming this means that she was taught sex was private, reserved for marriage and that being chaste and modest were virtues that should be embraced. I imagine this view of sex is what she refers to in the video as “sex negative.” She goes on to say, “I knew that as I approached my own parenting journey I wanted to do better. I wanted to make sure that my daughter had an understanding of her body, had an understanding of her rights to pleasure without shame.”

So, there you have it. Children have sexual rights. Children have a right to experience sexual pleasure. This is the very dangerous underlying philosophy behind Comprehensive Sexuality Education. It is “Kinseyian.” Alfred Kinsey, known as the father of the sexual revolution and instrumental in the founding of SIECUS, asserted that children were sexual from birth and that they should be allowed to participate in all sorts of sexual activity, even from a young age. Not only does Melissa assert Kinsey’s ideas about sexual rights for children, she also promotes the idea that abstinence until marriage is a “sex negative” message.

Here are lowlights from this video, including quotes from Melissa. My commentary appears after the quotes:

@29:46 Melissa explains the difference between ethical or feminist porn and mainstream porn. “Ethical or feminist” porn compensates the performers fairly and secures their consent, whereas mainstream porn exploits women. 🧐🤔 So, Melissa tells parents that they should encourage their kids to know the difference between these two types of porn and if they are going to watch porn it should be the “ethical” kind. ❓🤦‍♀️

@30:30 Melissa recommends the website Scarlateen and Heather Corinna’s book, S.E.X. as a resource for kids to learn about sex. I have featured Scarlateen in MIP before. This is the vile site where kids can buy condoms and lube from the Slippery Slope Shop or where they can find links in articles to interviews of porn stars or where they can download the ezine F*ck Me, a place to list the kind of people they like to have sex with. I will be doing an expose on Corinna’s book, S.E.X. soon. ❌❌❌

@34:10 “People can choose sex work and performance within porn as a career. They can do that in ways that are healthy and fulfilling to them.” Yes, because we want to promote to kids that sex work is a viable career option (sarcasm). 😲

@38:00 “If they are experiencing arousal, if they are high time in puberty period and they are feeling really aroused or seeking pleasure then you can talk about what are some ways again that you can enjoy pleasure that don’t have to be dependent on porn, on watching porn.” Melissa says that if parents don’t feel comfortable with their kids watching porn (even though it is perfectly normal to watch porn… well, as long as it’s ethical porn) they can redirect them to masturbation as an alternative activity instead. 🤨

@39:40 “Sexuality isn’t something that you age into with puberty, with hormones. Sexuality is lifespan. It’s with us from womb to tomb.” Enter Kinsey. No hiding it. Melissa just states it very matter of factly. ❗️❗️❗️

@40:12 “Our young people are getting to know their bodies from infancy and even in utero, in womb, they’re getting to know their bodies and we want to encourage, not discourage that. We want to encourage our children getting to know their bodies.” This is grooming. 😠

@41:00 “A connection to our bodies is what keeps us safer ultimately. So when parents can understand that too, is that through a young person exploring their body and it’s not always about the genitals, it could even be just recognizing that if you stroke your hair and you feel like that feels good to you, do you have the language and the context to explain that to someone else, just the same is if your hair got pulled and that didn’t feel good to you would you be able to speak up about that? Would you know what to say and how to describe that? That helps you have a connection to your body and develop the language that keeps you safer. So related to masturbation, masturbation is a process that can happen as an activity, that can happen in toddlerhood on through. And so, the best thing that parents can do is not shame it, not shut it down, acknowledge that it could happen, and you can help a young person find private spaces for it.” Melissa is instructing parents to teach their kids that if it feels good and they like it, then it is okay to do it. Here is the philosophy behind teaching kids how to consent to sex. Kids are being taught in CSE curriculum to consent to sex by saying yes or no to certain sexual acts. This sets them up to be manipulated and victimized by a person who wants to take advantage. The most skilled perpetrators groom and manipulate children into sexual relationships by helping them experience pleasurable sexual feelings and then convincing them to participate in sexual acts. Many victims of sex abuse recount that the violation felt good or experience guilt over “consenting” to the abuse. Teaching still developing, mentally, emotionally and physically immature children to consent to sex sets them up for victimization. 🙅‍♀️🔥⚠️‼️

@41:57 “It can feel good to touch our genitals, because our genitals have a lot of nerve endings packed into small places. It’s great that you are getting to know your body.” 🤨

@42:10 “Masturbation or self-pleasure is something that they have access to, you can redirect them if necessary to their room or the bathtub, just spaces in the home, so they can have their own private space… body aware young people is a goal.” Melissa actually brainstorms ways parents can help their kids masturbate. ‼️😠

One of the most dangerous things about this video discussion is how reasonable and likeable both the interviewer from Amaze and Melissa from SPF appear. I can see how people can be easily drawn in by them. They’re just moms who seem to be generally interested in protecting their kids. Yet, they have been taken captive by a very unhealthy and destructive ideology that perpetuates the gross sexualization of children, an ideology that grooms children and sets them up for victimization and puts them at risk for early sexual debut that can lead to STIs, unplanned pregnancy and emotional and spiritual damage.

Find out if Amaze or Sex Positive Families are recommended resources in the curriculum being taught in your child’s school. If so, report it here and then tell your school officials that they should not be promoting them. We can only bring change if we make our voices heard.

And some replies to this post:

These people are sick. I hope you asl watch Out Of Shadows
4 million views in 3 days. Truth about manipulation by media and Hollywood. And their satanic worship. Parents should see this documentary
It took 2 years to make. By a 28 year veteran of Hollywood ( stuntman, fight coordinator, director, former cia whistle blower and a 20 year award winning journalist Liz Crokin.
You tube or fb page of Liz Crokin
Out of shadows

It will give you more to work with trying to help people see we need to stop this education system

It is an excellent documentary filling in the details how we have been brainwashed by the media. It exposes Disney and the trauma and sex they expose our kids to.

I found that group (Sex Positive Families) in my research. They are aligned with the Texas Freedom Network sex ed push:

Yes, I was just on the phone with someone from Texas last week and they explained how these groups are working together to insert CSE into the schools.

The Sex Positive Families site also had this SEL group as a “resource”:

SEL is a problem too. It psychologically prepares students to accept the gross sexualization presented in CSE.

And another post from this group:

“In 2018, UNESCO released “international technical guidance on sexuality education” urging schools to teach children about “sexual pleasure,” masturbation, and “responses to sexual stimulation” before they even turn 10. By 12, the standards call for children to be taught that “non-penetrative sexual behaviors” can be “pleasurable.” “
See it here:

And yet another post from this group:

This article names all the players peddling pornographic sex ed… SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, Amaze, and Sex Positive Parenting. There are others too, but I found it interesting that these are all the organizations that I have highlighted over the past week and they are all named together here.

“Topics such as anal sex and gender identity cannot be properly processed by a young mind that has not yet developed the executive function of the brain. This is why much of the content taught under the guise of sex “education” amounts to child abuse.”

“These sex peddlers lie to children. They tell them that they have sexual ‘rights.’”

“At this time, parents have a great opportunity to reclaim the right to teach their children about chastity, purity, marriage, and responsible sex-education.”

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Hi my daughter is struggling with Iready and successmaker. She has no problem with other assignments but it’s a daily battle to get her to stay focused with these 2 platforms. It is so boring!

I really want to tell them we refuse and won’t be participating any longer. Can anybody tell me what the repercussions are and what she will do instead? Thank you.

Also what are these platforms used for? What is the purpose? I’m ready to go crazy over here. I’m going to start by emailing and asking for answers.

And some replies to this post;

We have issues with Iready too.. my son can’t focus on it as well

I told the teachers that we will not be doing it. They continue to assign, we continue to ignore. Every week I remind that we will not do it. I’ve offered to do something in place of, such as a novel study or AR tests for reading or Khan Academy or Delta Math for reading. The first week, my 5th grader was assigned an essay in place of I-Ready, but nothing since. To be totally honest, I am no longer concerned with my kids grades this year. Elementary grades will follow them nowhere. Even 3rd graders are getting promoted. Don’t do it, and don’t worry about it.

Side note: I believe anything that is boring and that a student absolutely hates WILL NOT promote learning. I-Ready m