Truth on Vaccines

I’ve been hearing warning that vaccines were actually dangerous for kids, even that they were used as a form of population control and so have decided to ask others what they know about it.

I got the following replies from an anti-Common Core group:

He [Bill Gates] gave free vaccines to Africa. Many of those children are now steril. Part of the liberal agenda is the depopulation of the world. I am old, in my day I do not think they were do dangerous. So much extra added to it. Various ‘metals’. There are studies they could cause children to be autistic. I really do not sure. I trust our government not at all. It is a difficult decision to make. Personally, I would never trust gates.


So much wrong with vaccines. Good sources of info are The Truth about Vaccines, dr Suzanne Humphries,


Also, read up on VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) which is a pseudo court established when they took all liability away from vaccine manufacturers of all childhood vaccines. Look at how the vaccine schedule exploded after that.

Read how the “safety testing” of vaccines does not use an inert placebo. Instead, the control has all the components (aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells, dna fragments, bovine serum) that the vaccine has. How can you possibly test the safety like that?!? These components have never been tested for safety.



These high school students were humiliated at an assembly by the principal for not being vaccinated:


Here is a video on FB where someone speaks out against the vaccines:

(Update: The video above, which had been up since around early February of 2018, and which was linked from here two days ago (8/30/2018), was found today (9/1/2018) suddenly not working as well as removed by Facebook.)


And here are the replies to this post:

I’m a RN, Ex pro vaxxer too. Right there with ya girl!!


RN here too; and I was die hard pro VAX until my son was VAX injured.   Regression after his vaccines at 2. He stopped saying all the words he use to say. Started tip toe walking; and wasn’t able to feed his self with a spoon anymore. He met every milestone up to that point then it just disappeared 😦 he is now ASD and ADHD. His talking has improved a lot over the last year with diet change, detox baths, organic foods, and biomedical treatments. Praise God!


Encephalitis is on every insert as a side effect


Thank you for speaking up. My eldest almost died, was vaccine injured and has seizures thanks to vaccines x


Vaccine injured nurse from Pa. on your side .. I too share my story too .. keep speaking out ..


I’m vaccine injured. My children will never be injected with that poison.   I was in the Air Force. I had a few bad reactions but the one that got me was Anthrax. I have multiple muscle degeneration in both eyes thanks to it but hey… I get free glasses from the VA for the rest of my life…. I have reason to believe there is more and that I have passed a genetic mutation on to my children. I’m waiting on the results of testing now.


Unfortunately, loosing a child to vaccines quickly opens your eyes. We lost our 6 month grandson after vaccines.


I regret vaccinating my older 2. I fully believe my middle childs issues he has are from vaccines. He even had a reaction to the rotavirus vaccine and I still vaccinated him. Lukcily that woke me up and I stopped shortly after. My youngest hasn’t had one vaccine


I do too 😦 So many do


A vaccine almost killed me at age 24.   It was the third dose of the HPV vaccine Gardasil. I had no reaction with the first two doses which leads me to believe it was a heavy metal overdose with the third one. About an hour after the third dose I started feeling cold clammy sweaty and extremely weak I couldn’t even speak and then I went into uncontrollable convulsions for about 4 hours. I was awake and aware the entire time I thought wow this is how I die. Finally I stop shaking and I couldn’t move my entire body felt like I was beaten with a baseball bat, I was so sore I just laid there until I could regain my strength. Finally he was like I was coming out of a fog and was able to sit up and move around I knew it was the vaccine. I received it at Kaiser Permanente in Hayward California and what was weird about that visit was they had me sit there for 20 minutes after receiving the third dose when I asked why I had to stay for 20 minutes she said to see if there were any reactions I said okay and didn’t think anything of it but thought it was weird because with the first two doses they had not asked me to stay the 20 minutes to see if there were any reactions.    I used to try to tell people about the dangers of vaccines especially with sb277 the law in California which forces you to vaccinate if you want to send your child to any kind of school we went to the capital of the state to protest it there were literally thousands of us and they didn’t care at all they pushed the bill through anyway. The lobbyists had a front-row seat and when questions were asked they referred to the lobbyist for the answers it was like watching a movie it was insane. I’ve given up trying to warn people mainly because my children were starting to get attacked people were wishing death and harm on them and it was a fight that was wearing me down. I realized the only way people are going to change their mind anyway is for it to happen to them or to someone they know personally. So I figure with time it will probably change because I’m in a lot of groups on Facebook and everyday that are new parents joining saying they saw a reaction in their children and they are no longer vaccinating. I’m hoping one day it will change I’ve done all I can do here in California calling my Senators writing them showing up to the Capitol on 3 different occasions protesting speaking before them and I’m just done I give up I’ve got nothing left.


Former pro vaxx LPN here. Thank you for always speaking the truth Meghan! Shared!


I whitnessed a child get her middle school shots and a couple months later she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes!!! God I pray every day that people wake up!!!


Hundreds of thousands of parents can’t be wrong. We need to repeal the 1986 ruling that takes away liability from Pharmaceutical companies!!! This has to stop!!


I’m trying to figure out how to get out of the field.


I resigned from nursing in July of last summer .. I’m better than what healthcare has become


Yes the baby that died within 48 hours after her round of vaccines was labeled shaken baby. Her baby sitter was blamed!


The pharmaceutical industry profits $30 million a year for each new vaccine it introduces.


They are STILL covering it up. The CDC directors both resigned after profiting MILLIONS from their position and insider trading with pharma.


Same thing happen to me after getting a flu shot 😔


Me too i got bullied into getting the flu shot for school and I was deathly sick from it for 3 months. Literally thought I was dieing. Then the nervous system problems came


Same thing happened to me after having my son, my second child, & ended up in the hospital with my first flu shot 26 yrs ago


Pharma spends $250 Million Lobbying Congress and the gun industry spends $10 Million


They are going to start censoring this information so we need to obtain it while we can


There is a new division at health and human services department, dedicated to protect our liberties and religious freedom. We can now file a report if we are bullied by Doctors or employers that bully us into vaccines.


I was so angry when I saw Vaxxed. It validated everything I thought was going on.


We have to fight for our children, and future grandchildren! Our rights are at stake. They are coming for exemptions. In other countries they are starting tok fine and take children if parents don’t comply. Get loud!!!


So did I get type I diabetes from immunizations.


You could have. Rubella can be a trigger for the activation of type I. Type I is an autoimmune disorder and can sit inactive until something switches it on if you carry it. 😕


Agenda 21 and depopulation


Now you will understand why more and more children’s hospitals opening up. Here in Aus the large cities have 2 or more childrens hospitals and in these hospitals they have resuscitation units for vaccine administration. Think carefully about that!


I’ve personally known two SIDS cases and one Shaken Baby Syndrome case. Not a coincidence.


Vaccines hyper-activate the immune system, creating autoimmune disorders in our children. ALL of my children’s friends are sick. Severe peanut allergies (need to carry epi-pen everywhere), ADHD, asthma, autism, etc. My son is 10 and he has never been vaccinated. He’s one of the VERY few in his class who doesn’t


Oh Girl, me too! I started working in the school nurses office! Kids are so incredibly sick!!! I have always been reluctant to vaccinate but I did. I vaccinated selectively. I’m fully woke now! My 70 and 80 year old parents are much healthier than the average school kid.


Kudos 💕to ALL RNs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

SPEAKING OUT/STANDING UP for TRUTH about VACCINES💕more and more NURSES ENLIGHTENED❤️SILENCE can be DEAFENING💕STOP the COVER UP and LIES💕STOP the unnecessary suffering/death of families/children💕LIES Not only on vaccines but chemotherapy and other disease management protocols/ prescription drugs for chronic diseases


People don’t even realize how hateful they get when it comes to vaccines…and without taking any time to investigate even. It was me too. It’s a massive wake up call. Makes you think about what else you judge soo passionately without taking the time to really dig deep first.


I know a SIDS case 2 weeks after vaccines, I know of 3 kids personally who regressed after a vaccine, I blame my bad memory and brain fog on hpv vaccine from 2006. I am a RN and was Pro vaccine until I had my son 5months ago!! Then I started reading and hearing parents stories and led me to research the truth and corruption.


I’m a former pro-vaccine RN until about 2009 when two years in a row, I go bad flu after the flu shot, started researching and turned ex-vaxxer in time to prevent my daughter’s from getting their middle school shots. My youngest has ADD/ADHD, learning disability, eczema. My oldest got tics. After the last flu shot, my immune system tanked and I started getting sick a lot and was getting fever blisters frequently. Finally healthier.


I’m in the medical field and I’m finally wide awake! Subbing in the school nurses office is pretty eye opening!!! It amazes me how sick today’s kids are! I also watched several nurses that I worked with at the hospital develop allergies, autoimmune diseases, and get cancer. They all got thier flu shots every year. I refused. I worked at the hospital for years. I witnessed so many little babies come in with vaccine reactions. This one baby under 2 years old came in one day seizing so bad they could barely hold her on the table to get labs. She died less than 48 hours after her round of vaccines. Sick kids are the new normal. It breaks my heart that people are still so blind….


Yep!! When I started working in the school setting as a nurse is when I got a reality check to!! Our kiddos are the sickest generation yet! They are really suffering!! It’s heartbreaking


Yes, and I truly believe these kiddos will be the first generation that will NOT outlive thier grandparents…


Our stories are very, very similar. I was die hard pro vax. Never second guessed them at all. After I had baby boy #3 in 2013, they gave me a flu shot and the rhogam shot since I am rh- (never questioned them) when I went home the next day I was super sick, felt like I had the flu. I googled “vaccine reactions” and from that point on I just dug more and more into every single vaccine my kids and I had ever had. So, besides Vit K and hepB my 3rd is vaccine free and 4th boy is completely vaccine free. And guess what? They have NO health issues. No allergies, asthma, eczema, no ear infections, never even had antibiotics! It’s a huge difference compared to my older two who were vaccinated. It’s like night and day! You can’t deny that they are much healthier kids overall.


When I was still pro vaxx I took my sweet son for his 3 yr vaccines. Within a couple hours of the appointment he was playing in the backyard and I watched him collapse. He had to drag himself across part of the yard before I got to him because his legs wouldn’t work. He lost all use of his legs for two days and then slowly started regressing and now has sensory issues and problems learning. He whispers responses back to himself. I wish I could take it all back. But now I know better and my newest baby was only vaccinated until 3 months, right before my sons last round, and she got RSV right after those and never had anymore vaccines, and she has been my healthiest! When my others were totally sick she was healthy! So glad I got my eyes opened, only wish it didn’t have to affect my baby


Here is a post on a city-data thread:

A good doctor refused to administer a vaccine to a baby with a vaccine ALLERGY and instead provided the mother with a medical exemption.

California doctor placed on probation for 35 months after failing to do vaccinations | Daily Mail Online

The doctor is not “antivax” but recommends a modified schedule. The government hates him for his different view and put him on probation for this. You can never question the all-powerful establishment. This is how things are headed. Soon, comrades, all babies will have all vaccines the govt/pharma dictate regardless of what their doctor thinks. If we break a few eggs, or well. The good of the collective. If a doctor objects we’ll strip his license and if a parent objects we’ll prosecute for child abuse.


And here are some replies:

People dont seem to care one bit that Govt forced its way between patient and doctor, heck I see many people actually applauding law enforcement/ govt for ‘being so concerned with our health and safety’. LOL

I guess they are not able to recognize the real concern, thats the only thing I can think of to explain it.


Did more people die from measles and mumps than from the vaccines? I know, lets ask the drug companies who have made trillions from the vaccines.


Isn’t it funny that California has its knickers in a twist over vaccines yet allows in millions of illegals who aren’t screened for diseases and have never been vaccinated?


Never be surprised by the extremes our government (and those who are complicit) will go to in order to protect the sanctity of Big Pharma.


California has gone wacko, just like this thread is about too. Pharma has made some good deals with these mandates for Big Pharma. The threat: they don’t guarantee patients, they won’t make vaccines anymore. The solution: So, wallah! Mandates!

The only way to choose your child’s vaccine schedule in CA is to homeschool. Otherwise, the government will be deciding that. They give very few if any exemptions. Exemption asking parents anger them.

It’s not just kids either. See what adults will need their vaccines again. SB792, among others.

California is going crazy for mandates yet ignoring immigration laws. Hypocrisy as usual.


the Pharma companies made another great deal which exempts them from a complaint. How many injuries from vaccines are submitted to the VAERS committee they made up to hide reports?

Report an Adverse Event using the VAERS online form, not the manufacturer.

Sure, how many injuries have been reported to that?



Americans were filing lawsuits from vaccine injuries, and the drug companies were in trouble.

In 1982, Merck, Wyeth, Lederie, and Connaught threatened to stop selling shots in America if a law wasn’t passed giving them immunity from prosecution.

It’s all about the money.


Vaccine manufacturers spend ZERO DOLLARS defending lawsuits.

They cut a deal with the govt to tax each vaccine. Each time a vaccine is used, part of the cost to the consumer is tax. That tax money gets put into a fund that then pass out any lawsuits. Billions of dollars has been paid out.

If their product is so safe, why are they AFRAID of lawsuits? The product should stand up in court and discovery with no issues.

Stop lying about how they pay lawsuits. They don’t. You cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer. They do not lose ANY money from lawsuits. None. Not one penny.

Name another product that has immunity from liability.


Physicians are being taught to guilt trip people into getting vaccines.

Not very scientific, is it.

Kinda like peer pressure. Here take this drug. Everyone’s doing it.


My husband had the flu and pneumonia last June despite being fully vaccinated. “They don’t always work”, to quote his doctor.

Believe in them, get them, if you wish, but leave the rest of us alone. I haven’t had the flu in decades, or pneumonia ever, despite not being vaccinated, and being around a lot of people with them.

Marketing 101. Fear SELLS.


My Grandson, not school age yet, gets his flu shot every year. He still gets the flu. So who is he catching it from? Probably from his unvaccinated parents and aunties? Flu shots only work when everyone else (children) gets them, no matter if only 30% effective? Right?

BTW, my daughter has said to me on a number of occasions that they are all not quite over the flu. Should they still visit us? I don’t get vaccinated. Sure, come over. I just don’t catch the flu any longer. This is over decades having family members with the flu, and holding school children in my arms sneezing and coughing in my face in my Senior years. Must be unvaccinated me giving all these other people the flu over these decades. Yeah, right


A friend had their kids sent home from school because they weren’t “up to date.” They actually were, the school screwed up the paperwork …. but the kids were SENT HOME. DCF was called. DCF called my friend. Really??? Over a “late” vaccine??? In a state where vaccines are supposedly not mandatory? I told her she should have sued the school. They had no right kicking the kids out and calling DCF. I mean, are you KIDDING ME????

And people are losing their JOBS over it. You don’t call that mandatory? My neighbor is a nurse and has been able to avoid the flu shot until this year. This year they made it mandatory. Get the shot or lose your job.


And here are some posts I got in response to asking about vaccines in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My family has a history of vaccine injury, so we stay away. I think different people/families react differently and it’s important to give them the choice to opt-out before it hurts them.


I know too many kids who have autisum or seizures or other personality changes. They are all under the age of 30. I have become a advocate for ANTI vaccines because 2 of my 4 children showed signs of personality changes right after vaccine shots.

There is a strange PUSH to vaccinate every child in America and many other countries. And the fact that it is being forced on every child makes me wonder what is behind it.


Here is a post that was shared to me in the Utah anti-Common Core group.  Apparently, Pinterest is censoring anti-vaccine material:

My friend’s #vaccine #research #Pinterest board was removed due to concerns about “self-harm.”

Asking questions, doing research, and thinking are harmful. Leave those to professionals. You wouldn’t want to hurt yourself!

#safeandeffective #vaxwithme #selfharm #CDC#healthiscultivatednotinjected

Pinterest censorship


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

A note from a New Yorker to fellow New Yorkers…In New York State too! There are few. One proposition to SUPPORT is A8123b(eliminates authority of public schools to deny religious exemptions) &others to refuse are:A 933 which would make HPV vaccine mandated to attend all schools.

A1230 IS to make flu vaccine mandatory for preschoolers

A1810 it to eliminate religious exemptions in NY.

A2469 is to allow children to receive shots without consent from their parents or guardians without consent from them!

Please educate others that live in NewYork State or know of family members or friends


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

#VaxiNazis in Texas seek to limit vaccination exemptions and force more parents to submit their children’s bodies to the state.


Here is another post by Shannon Joy:

I pray that this topic will gain traction and result in HONEST discussions about the dangers associated with government mandated childhood vaccines.

TRUTH: $3.7 billion dollars have been paid out (secretly) by the federal government to compensate parents and children for vaccine INJURY and DEATH via the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP or NVICP) established in 1986.

Bravo ———->


Looks like they are now requiring parents to vaccinate kids for the flu in Connecticut:

Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

UPDATE The lady the doctors office called her back, and stated that Dr Miller has already taken this to the board and was told they cannot do anything about it, until a parent complains. She has given me permission to post the form that was “obviously” forged for the shots. The date dated 10-31-18. Rachel was at work all day 8 am-5 pm and then took her child trick or treating.

So since everyone is asking this is what’s happened. Casey Co Schools. Not me or not my child. My co worker asked me to get the word out for her.

My co worker has a child in Casey Co schools. Her child has always been up to date on shots, she got her Hep A in August and is supposed to get another one in January. Her child came home from school last week saying that she got a shot at school, another dose of HepA, Tdap, and Menactra shot. She has never gave permission for her to be given any type of treatment at school. So she called and was upset and they told her that they had the signed consent form. And the nurse stated “well we can’t call every parent” ????

So my co worker asked for it to be faxed. When she got it the name was forged and the signature was not even spelled like her name. The board and the superintendent have blown her off and have acted like it’s no big deal, but she is concerned that they are doing this to other children, and forging lots of parents names.

She has spoken with the doctors office and they too are concerned because this is becoming a problem around the county, children from elementary to high school are getting double doses of their shots. From the school, without permission, and apparently forging parents signatures to treat them.

And some replies to this post:

Yesterday in NC. Seems to be a growing trend. The mother never signed consent at all. They actually have a vaccine exemption signed and filed with the school. Yet they forced her 13 year old to get these vaccines.

whoaaa! That’s where I spent my childhood and surprisingly they lost my shot records when I was a baby so I got double vaccinations because my mother couldn’t prove I had received the shots. That was in the late 80s. Funny to see how Onslow County keeping it classy still.

Both my daughters received the First in the series of three HPV vaccines AT SCHOOL… WITHOUT MY CONSENT.
AND they BOTH have autoimmune disorders…
I didn’t find out until YEARS later or I would have gone ballistic…

If I remember correctly something similar happened a while ago in Florida involving the same Healthy Kids clinic/company (vaccinating kids at school without parental consent or despite parents opting out). This is an outside agency/company that is contracted by the school district to do this. I’ll bet it was a nurse or employee of this company that’s doing this (vax without consent, forging signatures etc) and not the individual school nurses.

This is a Nightmare! They are poisoning your children & I Would Run not Walk to the best civil litigators office you can find! The School board , city , county , state & any Staff that was involved need to be held responsible. This is insane , is it not enough that big Pharma own all Medical Facilities & personnel ? Now they being allowed to buy the School system as well! We have a NA. Board certified Clinical Nutritionist & Holistic Q.R.A. practitioner here in Rochester, MN. And the things she’s discovered hidden in these “Vaccines” they are death shots literally, stuff you’d never want in a human body. I met a few patients that have had children paralysed by Gardesil & I mean devasted by this one shot. These vaccinations are mostly pure profit and ulterior motivated. I’d be beyond pissed & if you really study this agenda you’d not take this lightly. Its very difficult and dangerous for those close to this issue as it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry with absolutely no oversight left! These are your children & they are being poisoned and used as guinea pigs by a few billionaires! Do not trust A.M.A. any longer.

I apologise as I’m very passionate about this subject. I also attempted to edit my work & unable ! I hope you will consider my opinion as it’s from the heart & inside knowledge!

I am s nurse for a boy who got his 2 year old shots and played down never to get back up. He is total care now and was a walking talking 2 year old until he got vaccines.

Almost killed my brothers kids when that happened in 1972

Here are some posts from a Colorado anti-Common Core group in reponse to the Connecticut mandatory vaccination article:

We were always sicker the years we got the shot. There has been at least one study showing that getting a flu shot does not decrease days of school missed. In fact, FLI (flu like illnesses) tend to show up more in kids that have had the flu shot than in kids that didn’t.

I have personal experience with enough folks to know what you say is true!! They make you sick on purpose and I am not afraid to say it out loud!!!!

Here are some replies to an anti-vaccine post:

this is EXACTLY how my son’s dr reacted to my refusal of the flu shot for my son, who is 39, has Down syndrome, hearing losses, Graves disease, (for which they destroyed his thyroid gland through radioactive pill) and got the measles from his MMR. The dr he had previously, about 10 years ago, gave him a flu shot without my permission, even though I wasn’t there due to an emergency, and his house leader illegally signed for it, even though I had it in both his recorda to not vaccinate him at all! The dr said she had to ‘protect the herd’! SO STUPID! So this new doc says the flu shot works for him and his family and agreed to disagree, when I told him that a compromised immune system several ways was making not be a safe option. WOW! I have never seen anything so blatant in the way of brainwashed mentality as this! But when you are a leader in the medical system, you have to go along with their protocols. So sad…until it happens to his family…

After watching what my daughter went through and currently goes through from the HPV Vaccine, I told my husband that if I die he is to NEVER allow our boys to ever get another injection and he better listen to me or I will get him from the grave.

I have a 17 year old grandson and when he was 18 months old the doctor gave him a vaccine combo that threw him into autism. Up until that point he was healthy and a normal 18 month baby. Now, mentally he’s 5 years old.

I found this in The Conservative Hammer group:

For those who value life and liberty above all else, the following development should be very disturbing:

The World Health Organization (WHO) deemed individuals who have legitimate concerns about vaccines, commonly derided as “anti-vaxxers,” as a top “threat to global health” in 2019. According to the United Nations agency, what they call “vaccine hesitancy” threatens to “reverse progress made in tackling vaccine-preventable diseases.”

The antichrist and anti-American agenda of the United Nations is becoming increasingly evident. God help us all!

Here are some posts from people on Shannon Joy’s wall:

I vaccinated all my girls even after vaccine injuries because I didn’t know enough and thought the first time was a fluke. My 2nd daughter git shingles from the chicken pox vaccine and has nerve damage in her back. My doctor told me that what happened was rare and I was young and naive and continued to give my children their shots until my 4th daughter was vaccine injured. By this time I was older and wiser and I started researching. It wasn’t hard to find the truth and then I realized that all my girls have different forms of injury that I had never thought of as injury. My oldest has lost part of her hearing because of severe ear infections and has horrible allergies and has had eczema since she was a baby. Two of my girls have pcos and insulin resistance I believe they may never have children due to the hpv shots. There are so many injuries that are not recognized as vaccine injury until you line up the dates with the illness.

Ex-vaxxer: my child was damaged by vaccines and yet the doctors, media, and general public refuse to acknowledge that vaccines can and do harm some children and adults. We no longer vaccinate and receive death threats and wishes that our children would die of measles, are called murderers, and are threatened with CPS. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We now stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves, advocate for our children, and demand that our government tell the truth about vaccines so that people can decide for themselves if it is a risk they want to take.

I’m a mother whose child met EVERY typical developmental milestone and was exceling in speech development at 12 months of age… like saying “ba-na-na pease” – then her Pediatrician was out of town when she was due for her 12 months vax (MMR) – so we went in when she was 13 1/2 months old to have them and the doctors office administered the 12 month AND the 15 month vax at the same time – sadly – two weeks later at 14 months – my child was completely non-verbal – exhibited behaviors of an Autistic child (current diagnosis) – plus developed cognitive impairment – bilateral strabismus dysfunction – keratosis pylorus – and a metabolic protein processing disorder – NONE of which ran in my family EVER!! the journey has never stopped – I could say so much more on this topic but I will stop there – SPED programs in schools fall EXTREMELY Short of meeting standards!!

I made a very lucrative living off the backs of the vaccinated population for 3 decades; helping people recover from serious health issues through diet, detox, juicing and education.
I know what the health of Americans look like. I’ve seen their health profiles.
Entire industries have been created because of all the vaccine injured.
If you could see the astounding difference in health between the vaccine free population and the vaccinated, you would be shocked.

more vaccines my kids received, the worse they got. But yea, even the first one causes damage.

Our son was vaccine injured at 12 months with the MMR quit talking did not talk for 2 years just stared at us never understanding what we were saying Ugh it is heart breaking.

Here is a post that I found shared in a Florida anti-Common Core group:

ACTION ALERT FLORIDA! Two very dangerous bills have been filed in Tallahassee and we must fight these to the bitter end. It has been proven these vaccines are harmful yet BigPharma continues to try to push them on our children.

SUBJECT: School Health Immunizations; Revises child immunization requirements to include vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV)

House Bill 245 sponsored by Republican Heather Fitzenhagen from District 78
companion Senate Bill 356 sponsored by Democrat Jose Rodriguez from District 37 is full of stories of those injured or even dead thanks to this vaccine. Watch this 5 minute video of young women permanently affected by this vaccine

HOW TO TAKE ACTION – Two steps below, plus SHARE

Go to to find your Senator

Go to

to find your House Representative

Ask them to oppose Senate Bill 356 or House Bill 245. HPV vaccination can carry life-threatening side effects. Our children should not be required to get this high-risk vaccine for a sexually-transmitted disease.

BACKGROUND: School vaccinations are supposed to prevent contagious diseases like polio or measles. HPV is only contagious through sexual contact, and only 5% of HPV infections progress to neoplasia and 91% of early stage cases resolve spontaneously. Several countries including Japan, France, and India have banned it. Some side effects, besides death, are that likely you could develop a chronic and debilitating autoimmune condition, primary ovarian failure, or bizarre neurological impairments

There is no Cervical Cancer crisis or epidemic. The CDC & FDA allowed Merck to violate policy by Fast Tracking this drug. A drug is Fast Tracked if there is a WORLD wide imminent threat to the health of the world of a contagion. HPV vaccines do not fall into that category, therefore the CDC, FDA, WHO and Merck violated that policy! This was illegal. The FDA requires new vaccines to undergo testing and a waiting period of 4 years. Gardasil was developed and on the market in 6 months, with FDA approval.

The FDA also approved the increase in Aluminum in Gardasil 9 without any scientific justification. In fact Gardasil 9 is brought to us with a whopping dose of viral antigen, and a mind-crushing dose of aluminum – 1,500mcg per 3 recommended doses!! It is brought to us without even review by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee. Slipped onto the market.

Is it ethical to put young children (girls and boys) at risk of death or a disabling autoimmune disease at a pre-adolescent age for a vaccine that has not yet prevented a single case of cervical cancer, a disease that may develop 20-30 years after exposure to HPV, when the same can be prevented with regular Pap screening which carries no risks?

I hate tagging but I know some of you may not otherwise see this. Feel free to remove the tag after you copy/share. I am also tagging a few friends outside of Florida because I think you have Florida friends who need to know.

Follow Liberty First Network for other legislative action requiring attention.

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And some replies to this post:

My husband refuses to take a flu shot, he never has and won’t. The Dr he was going to tried to sneak up on him to give it. I know I was in there. He said to her you better not do that. That’s illegal and I’ll press charges. Well it pissed her off. She then proceeded to give him drug test for no apparent reason. Then 2 days later called to tell him he failed it. He had hydrocodone and oxycodone in system. Which he did not have hydrocodone. All he had was oxycodone she prescribed him. I mean why the he’ll would he take hydrocodone when he has oxys? Makes no sense. He didn’t have no hydrocodone nor anyway to get any. Boils down to he pissed her off about flu shot. Then she refused to prescribe him any more pain meds. She’s one got him on the pain meds at high dose now suddenly stops giving them. That’s just wrong of her. But he is now going to pain clinic .also he changed Drs. Well new Drs. Nurse tried to talk him into flu shot, we preceded to tell her about what happened and they he won’t take them. She said ok she would put it on file. But that if he refuses to take one, insurance can Deny paying for medical bills related to flu symptoms if he gets the flu. He told her he would take his chances. At least she did not try to force him. She said NO Dr. Was suppose to force someone to take it. But they do encourage it.

that is awful! I swear doctors must get paid for every vaccine they give, they push them so hard. I know hospitals push employees to get the flu shot because they get rewarded somehow for “compliance”. I am glad you were there with him but what a crap move to fake his results and cut him off pain meds. Grrr! I mean they can test you randomly and it sucks it was not done at an independent third party lab where the sample would have been separated from the doctor. Oh thst makes me so mad! That doesn’t sound right about insurance not paying for the flu if he denies the vaccine. The vaccine doesn’t cover all the flu types, it’s a “best guess” of what is going to come around and is usually a giant fail.

The flu is easy to remedy ourselves anyway. You rest and drink plenty of liquids. Over the counter remedies are fine. I have NEVER had a flu shot in my life! When I was a kid the flu used to go around. We never went to a doctor to treat it.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Tightening The Noose:

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

The Colorado Health Choice Alliance, formerly the Colorado Coalition for Vaccine Choice, has issued this action alert:
“Colorado State Representative Kyle Mullica is considering introducing a bill to eliminate vaccine exemption rights in Colorado.” (Emmy’s note: Rep. Mullica represents District 34, Adams County. By occupation, he is a trauma nurse.)
Rep. Mullica’s proposed legislation would potentially remove all vaccine exemptions, including those for homeschooled children, children who have autism and cannot detoxify the ingredients in vaccines as normal children do, and children who are at a much higher risk of regressing into autism from the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella), such as African-American males.
The Alliance says that “Rep. Mullica has decided to hold a public meeting on his proposed legislation at the Capitol Building this Friday, Feb. 8th at 3pm. This is not a hearing, however, be prepared to share a 3 minute testimony if the time is offered.” (Emmy’s note: Below, I have provided compelling documents for you to present to him.)
Please go extra early because finding a parking place can take a long time. Parking is not available onsite at the Capitol. Metered parking and pay lots are located nearby. Search for parking options online at the City of Denver’s parking website:…/en/home-p…/lots-and-garages.html The room for the public meeting is “to-be-determined”, but attendees need only to ask once they enter the capitol building.
I don’t have time to beat around the bush right now. I have to get right to the point and call a spade a spade. I have attached several Word documents at the top of this e-mail that prove the truths below. You may have to scroll down to access all of them.
I encourage you to take at least three sets of these documents with you to the meeting on Friday, to leave with Rep. Mullica and his staff members. If you cannot get to the meeting, I encourage you to forward them to his office. Contact information is provided below.
1) Truth #1: That the CDC committed fraud by falsifying data in their study on the safety of the MMR vaccine, (measles, mumps and rubella vaccine ). The CDC had been given the task by the Institute of Medicine, (the IOM) to do the safety study on the MMR vaccine. The Institute of Medicine was to then advise our government of the study’s findings so the government could dictate vaccine policy. The Institute of Medicine was given information based on falsified data from the CDC regarding the link between the MMR vaccine and autism, which the Institute then passed on to the government.
Exhibit A: Who committed medical fraud by changing the statistical data and the conclusions of the data?
Exhibit B: Please see the subheading in this article, “Congressional Testimony Exposes the Truth of the Vaccine-Autism Cover-up”. It contains the transcript of the 2015 report of US Congressman Bill Posey from Florida, who presented to the US House of Representative the details of the omission and destruction of MMR safety study records by colleagues of Dr. William Thompson, a senior CDC scientist and the statistician on the MMR safety study committee. Dr. Thompson became an official CDC whistleblower when he provided Representative Posey with thousands of pages of documentation proving the deliberate cover-up by his CDC safety study committee of the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.
Exhibit C: Statement from Dr. William Thompson regarding the possibility of a relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism
Exhibit D: Dr. Brian Hooker’s Official Statement regarding Dr. William Thompson, CDC Whistleblower
Exhibit E: An article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. dated November 21, 2016, and titled, “CDC Scientists Expose Agency Corruption”
2) Truth #2: That the Dept. of Justice was made aware of a link between autism and the administration of the MMR vaccine in 2007, by Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, who had been used as a pro-vaccine “expert witness” for several years by the Dept. of Justice to debunk and deny the claims of thousands of parents that their children had regressed into autism shortly after they received certain vaccines. These premeditated denials by the Dept. of Justice were a direct affront to the congressional mandate that the parents of children found to have been damaged by vaccines be fairly compensated with money to take care of their damaged children’s needs. This past September 7, 2018, Dr. Zimmerman turned whistleblower. In a sworn statement, he said that “he had discovered exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism” and that he had informed the Dept. of Justice of this. They fired him and went on to misrepresent his findings in future cases, making no mention of the exceptions he had informed them of.
Exhibit A: Why Snopes Gets an F: False reporting on the sworn testimony of the new whistleblower regarding the MMR vaccine/autism link. Attached as a Word document above entitled, “Deliberate Misrepresentation in an Article in Snopes Concerning the Connection between the MMR Vaccine and Autism”.
The Colorado Health Choice Alliance also says,
“You can also contact Rep. Mullica at / 303-866-2931. Tell Mullica that you support Health Choice in Colorado and urge him not to introduce his bill to eliminate vaccine exemption rights in Colorado. Let him know if you live in his district.” (Emmy’s note: Rep. Mullica represents District 34, Adams County.)
“Also, contact YOUR state House representative and ask them to urge Mullica to pull his bill to Revoke Vaccine Exemption Rights. Just a simple, “I strongly support health choice and exemptions are very important to my family. I’m asking you to please not sponsor any bills that would take away my right to choose.” is fine. Find your state House representative here:”
“Next Contact the Governor. This is a bit more complicated. Call his Office of Constituent Services at (303) 866-2885, you most likely will be asked to leave a message. Be sure to leave your phone # and a request to call you back. You may want to kindly remind them that during the Campaign, then Candidate Polis promised that he would not sign this type of legislation. And fill out the contact form at”
Best regards
Emmy McAllister, Volunteer Chapter Leader Weston A. Price Foundation, Black Forest, Colorado chapter

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Go girl.

“They’ve threatened to call the police and CPS, and said if we come back on if I brought my children to that school we would be arrested for trespassing.”

Here is a post from an anti-vaccine group:

what do we do!!!!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

I’m concerned about the millions of children who are allergic to vaccines and have suffered debilitating illness and death as a result of mandatory childhood vaccination. Over $4 Billion paid by the federal government to families whose children have died or been severely injured by vaccines. What about those children?

Here is a post from The Strident Conservative:


Colorado is cracking down on vaccine exemption:

The sinister FDA is scheming to try and unconstitutionally usurp control over all the states and impose tyrannical regulations on everyone if they feel that the states aren’t doing enough:

Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic group:

Well, score one for the pro-vaxxers, and zero for us. My entire YouTube channel was demonetized. If you’d like to help offset this financial loss, you are welcome to make a monthly contribution right here:

I had heard rumors that some vaccines were made from aborted babies. This Illinois bill shows that the rumors are true:

Here is a post that I saw in reply to a Youtube video:

Thank you for speaking on vaccines [name redacted]. It is a tough subject right now which makes it SO important. I was the same as you until my son was born 2 years ago and I questioned the HebB vaccine at the hospital. The nurses just asked a few times if I wanted him to have it. I had said yes but started to feel not right about it. I did some research and decided the risks did not outweigh any benefits for us. It actually seemed completely unecessary to give to a 24 hour old infant since I was HepB negative (tested at my first OBGYN appointment for each pregnancy). That prompted me to research more and really brought to light some issues for me. I had been wrong. My daughter also suffered a vaccine injury after receiving a few vaccines to catch her up for daycare. Not sure which since she had 6 total. I called the Dr. Office when she slept for 2 days straight, never waking even to eat or have a drink of water. Of course I woke her to drink often, as if she had the flu or an illness. I was told it was a common side effect and not to worry by the nurse I explained it too. ?? Not Normal!!! Thank God she is okay but I was bawling my eyes out when I learned what had actually happened was brain swelling. Same as when my babies would cry in that high pitched scream after getting their shots as infants. Every. Time. Those screams haunt me still. I just hope by not keeping quiet and sharing what I kniw will help open someone elses eyes like mine were. I know so many families that have had and continue to live with injuries caused by vaccines. Again, thanks so much Shelly for touching on this tough subject

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

A pro-vaccine institution slams mandatory vaccination initiatives.

‘… note that the AAPS is a pro-vaccine organization, yet the AAPS still respects the foundational concept of informed consent. While nearly everybody else in the medical system has turned into a mindless vaccine zombie who seeks to inject people with hazardous substances against their will, the AAPS reminds us that there are still some thoughtful individuals in the pro-vaccine camp who embrace the importance of public education and freedom of choice.‘

Here is a post from someone on Shannon Joy’s wall:

This is my letter to a U.S. Congressman:

My son was injured by vaccines. He had encephalopathy, seizures, and catatonic or shock-like state. These adverse reactions were listed on the vaccine inserts, and were also listed under the contraindications section. However, I did not know this at the time. I talked to my doctor and trusted him. He told me, “That’s ridiculous, vaccines are perfectly safe,” when I questioned if my son’s reactions could be due to the vaccines. I only had a little awareness of vaccine injury at this time, and his hostility toward me in the office caused me to be intimidated, and I did not continue to question. He did not tell me about VAERS, he did not make a report to VAERS himself that I know of, he did not acknowledge that vaccines caused my son’s injuries, and he continued to gaslight me at every appointment and tell me it was my mothering that was causing my son’s behavioral problems, those problems that mysteriously came on after his 4+ hours episode of encephalopathy. We endured this abuse from our pediatrician for about 9 months before finally leaving his practice and going to a new pediatrician. She diagnosed him with PDD-NOS, a disorder on the autism spectrum, upon our first visit, and sent us to a pediatric neurologist, who diagnosed him with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The neurologist did not mention vaccines, nor did my new pediatrician. My son was now being evaluated for his seizures, and still no cause was spoken of. There was no hope given. There was nothing that could be done. The pediatrician kept vaccinating him, despite the fact that he was contraindicated. I was sent away to get Early Childhood Intervention. This didn’t help much. It was a way to try to identify triggers and mitigate the behavior by giving him a schedule, and 5-minute-warnings to decrease the violent meltdowns he would have upon transitions. But quite honestly, we lived in misery most every day. Nobody was there to address any of the medical problems my son was having. Nobody even told me that we should consider his medical health. His behavior was the only thing being addressed.

I joined several forums online, including on Facebook, for parents with kids who had autism. I searched the internet for answers. I was a mother on a mission, dead-set on finding out what was wrong with my son and how to fix it. It was while networking with these parents that I began to notice that a great deal of these parents had the exact same story as I did. Vaccines, followed by inconsolable screaming for many hours, seizures, sometime fever as high as 105°F, and finally regressive autism. But these parents didn’t offer no hope as my doctors did. They offered healing. I began to see that these parents were recovering and healing their autistic children. Maybe not completely, but significantly. I was directed to the Johnson Center for Autism Research in Austin, which was instrumental in my education of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was taught about a vast majority of autistic children being intolerant to gluten and casein. I was taught about the gastro-intestinal issues that these kids have. I was taught about the poor nutrition these kids have because of sensory problems, how it’s common to refer to the autistic diet as “the beige diet” because most everything they eat is that color (bread, pancakes, chicken nuggets, French fries, hamburgers). I was taught what sort of supplementation can be given to help the body learn to crave better nutrition. I was given hope.

We implemented some of these protocols, and within a month we saw a great deal of improvement in our son. The teacher for his special needs pre-K class asked me if we had medicated him. When I told her the changes were all in his diet and nothing more, she was shocked. She said he was focusing better, having fewer outbursts, and exhibiting fewer violent behaviors. He was even making more eye contact and communicating better. This was a huge win for our family. I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have experience with a special needs child can understand the sheer exhaustion and emotional energy it takes for a parent who is dealing day-in and day-out with providing for and protecting a child with special needs. They can’t understand the strain on a marriage and other family relationships that occur, or how the siblings are negatively impacted with mom giving so much energy and attention to their special needs sibling. We continued to follow protocols that I was directed to online. Some were leading me to websites about healing children with autism, some were directing me to books. Whatever information I could find, I consumed with fervor in hopes of helping my child. After 6 weeks of one particular nutritional supplement, my son asked me for a carrot. I can’t tell you how that thrilled me! He ate one bite, said he liked it, but wanted no more. Over the course of the next few months though, he continued to eat more healthy foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which greatly helped his gastro-intestinal health. It was also through these online groups that I was directed to the CDC and FDA websites. Here, I discovered the vaccine inserts by the manufacturers that list the adverse reactions and contraindications on them. My son was still being vaccinated, and so was his little brother. He should not have been receiving them any longer based on his neurological reaction to previous ones. His little brother was showing some signs on neurological and gastrointestinal problems also, and it was at this point we made the decision to stop vaccinating our children. I was astonished to learn about VAERS after the statute of limitations had already passed for us. The government admits that vaccines cause harm in some people, and they even compensate people when this happens, but apparently only if you are fortunate enough to know about the program. I was never told. I was angry at my pediatrician for either lying or being ignorant enough to put my son in danger and to not tell me the real risks of vaccines, or to help him properly after he was injured. It wasn’t my pediatrician that directed me to ways to help my son; it was the online network of parents that did. It was those strangers on the internet that led me to the right doctors, the proof on the vaccine inserts that vaccines can cause encephalitis, the right nutrition and supplements, and the right detoxification regimens needed to alleviate the toxic load on my child’s body. It was not mainstream medicine, or the CDC, or the health department that helped my son. Yet we have government officials suggesting that we be censored for dangerous speech. They would have us be left all alone with no hope, no options, and no healing for our children.

As a parent, and as a free citizen on this nation, I do not take for granted the exchange of information we have available to us. Some is good, some is bad, some is accurate, and some is false. It is not for the government, however, to decide which information is allowed and which isn’t. They seek to silence the voices of those of us who have literally “taken one for the team” in regards to the “one-in-a-million” cases of vaccine injury. You would think that we would be voices worth listening to, and that we have earned the right to be heard. If this information is censored, how is it that parents in the future will ever be able to hear about alternatives to mainstream medicine that can help their children? How would I have known that there is a genetic condition that can cause a child to have a reaction to a vaccine? Because I learned that online, I was able to be pointed in the right direction to help figure out what was wrong with my child, and I was able to discover risk factors in my family that would cause my other children to also be susceptible to vaccine injury. These resources are invaluable. To silence those who step out of the status quo is a great assault on freedom of speech. Remember, it is not merely popular speech that must be protected, but unpopular speech, for that is precisely what is in need of protection. If we live in a country where the government gets to decide that their programs and institutions are not allowed to be questioned or criticized, then we have resigned ourselves to live in tyranny. I would urge anyone reading this to stand against censorship, and to stand up for informed consent. Both are absolutely necessary in a free society.

And here are some replies to this post:

Your story is almost identical to ours. My son’s most severe reaction led to him being hospitalized within hours of the vaccine for seven days with violent Vomiting and refusal to eat for three weeks. His GI doctor wanted to put him on a feeding tube. I knew if he started receiving gi feeds he would never eat again. I fired all his doctors and began nutritional intervention, biomed, and removed all inflammatory foods and took my son back from autism.

wow! The mainstream medical community offers NO healing for our children. I recall what JB Handley said in the beginning of his book, How To End The Autism Epidemic, about doctors who told him and his wife that those alternative therapies and interventions were bunk, and nothing more that a placebo for parents. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! I know thousands of parents who have used biomedical, nutrition, and alternative protocols to recover their children from autism. We have! Not completely, but significantly.

Here is a post that I found shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Please contact the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) at 757-226-2489 and ask them to fight against mandatory vaccinations.

For those of you who aren’t up to date with politics or anything, yesterday there was a SENATE MEETING. They were discussing Mandatory Vaccines on a FEDERAL LEVEL. Meaning, every adult and child will be FORCED to take ALL vaccines. You won’t even be able to say no to the flu shot! They haven’t decided their final answer yet, there is still 9 days left for them to come up with an answer. Even if you don’t have kids YOU should be worried. This is our first amendment that they’re trying to take away. We will no longer have Medical Freedom if they decide to mandate vaccines. This is serious guys!! It will no longer be a Pro/Anti vaxx decision anymore, because everyone will be FORCED. They talked about how to enforce it for adults. Denying adults their ability to renew their driver’s license, professional licenses, and hunting/fishing license was suggested.Believe it or not but this bill IS and WILL affect EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN FAMILY not just the Anti or Ex Vax Families. Here’s how we can all help: Call this number 202-224-3121 every single day for the next 10 days and tell them your state and zipcode and then they’ll redirect your call and you tell them you DO NOT consent to mandatory vaccinations. This bill is unconstitutional and is taking our rights away as people.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Here’s what the government says about kids who die from mandatory vaccination. Guess we’re all ok with breaking a few eggs …

‘However, because of the high volume of use, coincidental adverse events including deaths, that are temporally associated with vaccination, do occur.’

UPDATE: I cannot verify that they are planning to take drivers licenses away from those who won’t vaccinate (but I cannot disprove it yet either.) However, I was able to find something which IS certainly verifiable from the same person who posted the warning that was shared in the Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Vaccination is considered one of the most important public health achievements of the
20th century and continues to offer great promise in the 21st century. Vaccines save
lives and improve the quality of life by preventing serious infectious diseases and their
consequences. However, the benefits of vaccination are not realized equally across the
U.S. population. Adult vaccination rates remain low in the United States, and significant
racial and ethnic disparities also exist.
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Vaccine Plan (NVP),
released in 2010, is a road map for vaccines and immunization programs for the
decade 2010–2020. While the NVP provides a vision for improving protection from
vaccine-preventable diseases across the lifespan, vaccination coverage levels among
adults are not on track to meet Healthy People 2020 targets. The National Vaccine
Advisory Committee and numerous stakeholder groups have emphasized the need for
focused attention on adult vaccines and vaccination.1 The National Adult Immunization
Plan (NAIP) outlined here results from the recognition that progress has been slow and
that there is a need for a national adult immunization strategic plan.
As a national plan, the NAIP will require engagement from a wide range of stakeholders
to achieve its full vision. The plan emphasizes collaboration and prioritization of efforts
that will have the greatest impact. The NAIP also aims to leverage the unique
opportunity presented by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.
The NAIP is intended to facilitate coordinated action by federal and nonfederal partners
to protect public health and achieve optimal prevention of infectious diseases and their
consequences through vaccination of adults. The NAIP includes indicators to draw
attention to and track progress against core goals. These indicators will measure
progress against set standards and inform future implementation and quality
improvement efforts. The plan establishes four key goals, each of which is supported
by objectives and strategies to guide implementation through 2020:
Goal 1: Strengthen the adult immunization infrastructure
Goal 2: Improve access to adult vaccines
Goal 3: Increase community demand for adult immunizations
Goal 4: Foster innovation in adult vaccine development and vaccination-related


Achieving the goals of the NAIP is facilitated by agreement on plan priorities and
coordination of the wide range of programs that support them. The Assistant Secretary
for Health serves as the director of the National Vaccine Program and will lead the
NAIP and its implementation. In support of this mission, the National Vaccine Program
Office will facilitate collaboration and coordinate the monitoring of progress for
the NAIP

Click to access naip.pdf

Here is a post from Michael Farris:

The Vax Hysteria

Ok, let me reveal my original skepticism about vaccines. One of our daughters was six months old when she was given a DPT. That night her temperature exceeded 106. Her doctor said it was no doubt that it was caused by the vaccine and it was extraordinarily serious.

The second reason I am skeptical arises out of my service at the Chairman of the Virginia Governor’s Task Force on Lyme Disease. Our team had four MDs, three of whom were from the Virginia Department of Health, including the state epidemiologist. After nineteen months of hearings, our final report was unanimous.

We disagreed with the CDC and their professional collaborators. What they deemed to be “settled science” was far from settled and cried out for independent studies not linked to those with a financial stake on the issue (including fear of malpractice).

I became generally skeptical of claims of “settled science” when so much real life experience seemed to suggest otherwise.

A proper investigation of these issues would proceed by asking many questions. For example:

  1. How many people got diseases for which there are vaccines? (Last five years)
  2. How many of those had been vaccinated?
  3. How many people suffered serious harm from these diseases?
  4. How many people filed claims with the national agency that processes claims for being injured by vaccines? (last five years)
  5. I have heard that each of the vaccines have been tested as being safe, but that no tests have been done to test whether giving multiple vaccines in the normal protocols are safe. Is this true?
  6. How many safety studies were done by the drug companies? Has the original data been reviewed independently.

I don’t know what I would conclude if I knew all these things. But I am never comfortable with an elitist mob telling normal people with real world problems to sit down and shut up because the “science is settled.”

And here are the replies to this post:

Thank you so much, Mr Farris. We learned the hard way. Our son was diagnosed with Post Vaccination Encephalopathy-brain damage. An absolute nightmare, and his injury did not stop at his brain. If our child’s injury would have been from ANY other source, we would have had an out pouring of love and compassion. We did what we were supposed to do, and our child suffered incredible consequences. The discrimination and hate spewed at us over the years has been unbelievable. We didn’t choose this. There is no legal justice in this matter either. The whole system is very broken.

It’s time to repeal the National Vaccine Compensation Act. Liability is a very good thing. These manufacturers NEED to be liable for the safety of their products.

5b. How many of those “tests” used another (non-properly tested) vaccine as the control?

5c. What are the results of the studies where the control group is unvaccinated?

(Note: These are somewhat rhetorical as the data is out there for those willing to research).

Here’s a link to one of Del Bigtree’s weekly videos. I don’t believe I have watched this one before, but I skipped through it and there is some great info. All of his videos I have watched, he openly shares his sources or you can simply request them and he sends them direct to you. Keep in mind that any professional who dares to research and forsakes their former pro-vax stance does so knowing their lucrative careers and sometimes their very lives are at stake — yet they are compelled to follow what the scientific research clearly shows at this point. So while the pro-vax side continues to spread false stories and research data for their own financial gain, the former-vaxxers are willing to give everything up and invest their total beings in exposing the real facts so people can have informed consent and lives can be saved. Del had a live video clip in the last two weeks where he showed the details on a huge chalkboard / chart of vaccine safety based on former vaccines based on vaccines before that ….. but when you get down to the bottom of the chart, there was never any research showing the foundational vaccines had been shown to be safe. They have chanted the mantra “Vaccines are safe and effective” for so long that people just assume double-blind placebo tests have proven that — but it has NOT ever.

I have a gene mutation called MTHFR. This is a newly understood condition, and they don’t know everything about it yet. But 98% of people with autism have this. It affects the liver, and people with this don’t process toxins well. They consistently say that vaccines don’t cause autism, but what about if it’s combined with MTHFR? To say that science is settled is an outrage. It CAN’T be settled.

Ditto. Same gene mutation here and wish I’d know years ago that this was even a thing to look for and how it has affected me and my children in terms of vaccine injury.

I have an autistic son that I want to be tested for this gene mutation but in his genetic testing the genetics doctor refused to test for it

It is nice to read a well thought out post on vaccines. Just because someone is anti-vac doesn’t mean they don’t come to the conclusion without logic.

Exactly. We’ve completed unbiased research for truth and facts from both points of view.. You have to be your own advocate, do your own research without a bias.

I have 2 personal friends with sons that we could clearly see the immediate irreversible damage from their vaccines at age 2. We also have another friend who has several children that were damaged by vaccines.

Everyone wants the best for their children and we should be able to make our own decisions based on our own consciences.

The problem is we are living in a world that believes government is always right and parents don’t know how to raise their child. If your worldview disagrees with mine, then you are abusing your child. I really hate this slippery slide we are moving in.

Absolutely!!! It’s called informed consent and if a country does not allow freedom of speech so that both sides of an issue can be heard and if the real facts are not disclosed, we as a nation will lose first the right to choose whether to vaccinate or not. And what medical right will be denied next? It’s a slippery slope. Both sides of the vaccine debate need to come together and demand Informed Consent. A quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom.”

I’m not anti-vaccines, but I am an ex-vaccinator. My child had an anaphylactic reaction to his 4yr boosters (dTap, MMR, Varicella, and IPV). Within minutes his throat began to itch and he broke out into hives with swelling around his eyes and ears. The ER doctors never even mentioned VAERS – the vaccine adverse effects reporting system. They assumed it was food allergies; he had/has none. Their recommendation was to just do the next round at 11 years individually.

No one told me that every reaction to vaccines gets worse with each exposure.

No one told me that the vaccine manufacturers and CDC warn against those with anaphylactic reactions getting further vaccinations.

No one told me that the CDC’s own warning is that his little sister shouldn’t vaccinate either because of his severe reaction.

No one even mentioned a medical exemption.

It was only when I did my own research that I found all this information.

It was only when I did my own research that I learned that even with his anaphylactic reaction, it is impossible for us to get a medical exemption for him, let alone for his sister.

People can call me uninformed or misinformed, but EVERYTHING I’ve learned about how to proceed with my vaccine injured child, I learned from my own research of the CDC website NOT from our pediatrician or the ER medical staff.

Yes, this! OK. Now I know what to call myself: not anti-vaxx but an ex-vaccinator, for very similar experiences. We have had really good doctors that discontinued vaccines. BUT you are right, I just don’t think doctors know enough– or are failing to communicate it.

I hope to find one that supports our right to informed consent. So far, no luck.

yes, had similar situation with our oldest son. I had to research and fight the pediatrician to get some shots stopped. Then switch doctors and found one who agreed to give him a medical exemption for all shots and each and for every sibling as they were born. During those years doctors visits where incredibly stressful. I would read and study for days going into a scheduled appointment so all the information was fresh in my mind. We must have informed consent. No medication or medical procedure is safe for all people all the time.

I would love to know how you found a doctor that would give you medical exemptions for all of your children. Please feel free to PM if you don’t want to share that information here. 🙂

It wasn’t easy. He certainly was against my request for the longest time. I would bring him information and he would read it but still didn’t think I had enough evidence. I finally requested he give me the actual pamphlets out of the vile boxes for each and every shot he was recommending and read them, highlighting each area of concern then sent them back to him with a letter outlining my findings and how I wanted to handle it in our family. He agreed to my terms at last! Then I had to jump through hoops to get the proper forms (medical exemption cards) this was before internet so he could sign them. It took years to build the relationship with him and earn his respect.

CDC’s own information would hang them if they had their day in an unbiased court. Their #1 priority is making huge profits for their stockholders. Is it any wonder they fund medical textbooks, give scholarships to medical students, give bonuses to doctors, create vaccines they hold patents on, fund lobbyists and lawmakers — instead of testing the safety of the entire recommended vaccine schedule, conducting double-blind inert placebo tests done of vaccinated vs unvaccinated and also the safety of the antigens used like aluminum? The little ones that are damaged or fall by the wayside are viewed as collateral. Many have been hoodwinked to believe the benefits of vaccines outweigh the risk that only happens to someone else’s child.

I am neither pro nor anti anything. I’m anti mob rule. My children have had their childhood vaccines but my son has never reacted well to them and now I understand why. I spaced out my daughter’s vaccines and rejected a couple that I felt were unnecessary they aren’t communicable. She’s fine. But I will be further rejecting anymore vaccines for myself and my children because there is no more need for them. Especially for my son who I now know is Autistic after years of failing to see the subtle signs of it and knowing he doesn’t react well to vaccinations. As a parent I have to make choices that are best for my children based on what I know about them and their health. I don’t need a government agency banging down my door telling me I’m wrong. They don’t have to live with the potential repercussions of vaccinating a medically sensitive person. I do. It’s my choice as long as I’m the one who has to care for and deal with my children’s health.

Michael, my respect for you and your family goes back to the mid 1980s when I was a new homeschooling mom. My girls are all raised now and I have four precious grandchildren. I vaccinated all my children; even kept their vaccine records in my nightstand drawer, ya know, in case there was a fire and I would plan to grab those on the way out along with my Bible. My cousin contracted polio from his polio vaccine and was severely crippled his entire life in a wheelchair; and my dear niece had reactions at 2 months, 4 months and an even worse adverse reaction to her 6 month DPT shots so the doctors at U of M / Ann Arbor said she should not receive any more vaccines. She is now 38 years old, reads 1st grade level and has to be supervised 24/7 despite having apgar scores of 9 and 10 at birth. This was back when they used whole-cell pertussis which had so many reactions they quit using it, but are now talking about switching back because the manufacturers feel it was more effective than the current acellular DTaP. My children’s doctor told me the adverse reactions were only 1 in a million and I believed him. Turns out that is no where near correct. There have been over $4.2 billion dollars paid out to the few parents who are told they can file in VAERS court when their babies/children are injured or die from vaccines. Maximum payout is $250K per case, you have to file within two years of the injury, and the injury has to be within certain time frames to qualify — like the injury can’t be too close to the date of vaccination, but it has limits also as to how far out it can be from the date of vaccination — PLUS it can take years to go through the court and receive a dime if you do win. Many times the doctors do not tell their patients that the child has had an adverse reaction coz it requires the doctor to fill out volumes of paperwork plus it undermines public confidence in the entire vaccine industry and that could cut into the monetary incentives that doctors receive when they have a certain quota of patients who are fully vaccinated on time. I have much more I would like to share with you of my 7+ years of research where I found what I did not want to find. I have researched from all sides, beginning in earnest when one of my daughters asked me to. We had seen beginning signs of autism – staring episodes and stimming (hand circles) — which have all stopped now that vaccines have ceased. REAL science is never settled. IF science becomes settled, it was never real to begin with.

Thank you! From a mother with a permanently disabled (now adult) child of vaccine injury. As to question #4. It is staggering how many claims there are. But what is even more mind blowing is the number of parents who have children that have vaccine injuries that doctors refuse to report as such. So many parents have children that have children suffer severe health issues or even die after vaccines and doctors say, “Oh it couldn’t have been vaccines. It was coincidence.” My thoughts are – if you are going to mandate vaccines, then the vaccine producers should not be exempt from responsibility of injury/death due to their products. If there is danger/risk there should be choice.

I have a vaccine injured daughter that the doctors refused to recognize as such. Therefor, the CDC has no record of it, and we couldn’t go to the vaccine injury court.

I have 3 out fo 5 vaccine injured children, and we deal with the results of this daily. 2 of them wouldn’t be this bad, if we hadn’t tried to vaccinate them to go to college. One daughter is mostly bed-ridden and can barely walk. She is in constant pain and struggles daily, but they insist that the skin prick test they gave her to see if she was allergic to the immunization could not have caused this much of a reaction. The science is hardly settled! The hEDS storm it caused is a new condition that is barely understood itself and wasn’t even known about until the last few years, so they are only now discovering the causes of the storms.

Another reason to be skeptical is because of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that Reagan signed into law which completely exempts vaccine manufacturers from all liability. So pharmaceutical companies are evil and greedy when it comes to things like opioids but suddenly they’re our savior when it comes to vaccines? I heard RFK jr. speak recently and he answered many of your questions above. #5–it is true; no safety studies on multiple vaccines. He recently got the FDA to admit that the vaccines recommended to pregnant women have never been tested in pregnant women. He also sued HHS and they finally admitted that they have never fulfilled their obligation under the law.

Click to access ICAN-HHS-Stipulated-Order-July-2018.pdf

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also went to court to obtain copies of the safety studies done proving it is safe to vaccine pregnant women with the flu vaccine. They had to admit in court that NO safety studies were ever done.

And what about the ethical issue that many of us have because of the aborted fetal cells used in the making of several vaccines? Even if vaccines were “safe”, I’d still have a big problem with the abortion connection.

My child had over 106 temp too but since it came down after putting him in the tub and his temp came down to 101 it was “normal” and no one asked if he screamed all the time, which he did – (this was after the third time shot series DPT – each time he reacted worse. – (yes I was young and dumb – but a NURSE who believed her doctor.) After this episode I took my then 3 month old to the clinic where my doctor was giving shots (it was only 5.00 verses 28.00 back in 1982) and I READ the sheet they gave me to SIGN prior to the vaccine.. and thats when I saw for the first time ALL THE SYMPTOMS he had and it said “do not give this vaccine if your child has……” I was so ticked and ready for a fight when his next visit was. I received no issue… doctors said fine… he reacted to Pertussis and would give him a DT shot. I believe him and complied. My son has sever allergies. I tried to do the right thing like other parents.. but what I’ve learn in researching: Kids react differently. Ingredients are bad. Parents should have CHOICE. Separate Vaccines.. little bodies can’t handle multiple shots. Thank you for your post.

Yes! My daughter suffered a 2 hour bout with status epilepticus after her kindergarten vaccinations 12 years ago that left her brain damaged for life due to an unknown at the time allergy to aminoglycoside antibiotics that are used as vaccine ingredients.

The science is far from settled.

I was vaccinated for measles in my early 50’s. I came down with the measles from head to toe, all my joints swelled moving was painful. Now I have Bronchiectesis which can be caused from measles.

ould you publish this and did you report this fully. This is significant because it is indisputable as you were an adult.

I was working in the OR for a hospital and reported it to them. Not sure who I could report it to. I think that was in 2002.

If you wish to report an adverse event to a vaccine to VAERS, there are three ways to do so:

Online – Proceed to this link and follow the directions:

Fax – Download the VAERS Form from Complete the form and fax to (877) 721-0366.

Mail – Download the VAERS form from Mail the completed form to:


PO Box 1100

Rockville, MD 20849-1100.

Thank you for this post! I have a daughter who is vaccine-injured (and also has the MTHFR genetic mutation). Our pediatrician kicked us out of her practice for refusing additional vaccinations. I resent being expected to sacrifice the health of my child for the good of society as a whole, even after a severe reaction with lasting consequences.

My daughter is also vaccine injured and has the MTHFR genetic mutation.

Your experience and others is one of the reasons I co-founded a Direct Primary Care organization that works with patients like your daughter. We believe in evidence-based medicine and in parents rights. We do our research and we educate. Some choose to vax, selective vax, alter the vax schedule or not vax. We don’t kick people out of our practice. Our healthcare system is messed up. We’re trying to push back on some of the mess.

Exactly! I know what I saw after my youngest biological child was given a round of vaccines all at once. He has never been the same since. It may not even be the vaccines themselves but could some kids have something inside of them that could be triggered by a high vaccine dosage? There are so many questions that haven’t been answered!

Adults are vaccine injured too but don’t realize it. The reaction isn’t as sudden as with children. You are perfectly fine and get a booster and within a few weeks you feel as though you have an alien inside your body. Doctor after doctor and no explanation and nothing shows up on tests. They just try to give you pills to cover it up. Only after detoxing do you feel halfway normal again. Happened to me with a Dtap booster, never again!!

My son had a systemic rash within 24 hours of receiving one of his standard vaccinations. When I called the doctors office, I was told “these vaccines don’t cause rash.” No one was interested in any further discussion or investigation. Whether the rash was caused by the vaccines, I will never know, but a reaction like that should have been recorded and reported. How many other possible side effects are swept under the rug and dismissed as irrelevant?

Again, another well thought out post on a controversial topic. My oldest son suffered a seizure at age 5 after receiving the usual vaccines in the series as was dispensed in 1993. It left him with all sorts of neurological impairments –all of his sensory systems were compromised, leaky gut syndrome, mal-absorption issues, auditory processing issues…. Ten years of therapy (I home schooled and worked with NACD with an at home therapy program) and ultimately, he recovered and went to college on scholarship and is now an architect. I stopped vaccinating my other two children as it turned out both sides of the family had adverse reactions. I did file with the Vaccine Court but they kept insisting on putting us in the autism category but my son had a traumatic brain injury. Let’s get it right. The fight has been long and hard. With my second son-he stopped acquiring speech after the MMR at 18 months but, of course, no one will acknowledge that. His injury and recovery was not quite as long only a couple of years but he still has gut issues that we periodically have to address for his health and he is now 24 years of age. I did and you can test immunity titers and my youngest had all the immunity needed even though he did not complete the vaccine schedule—there’s another point of discussion. Our family probably has the MTHFR issue as well, that inhibits the detoxification system of the body. I haven’t had that testing done yet as I’m still in recovery from Lyme and doing quite well….there is a lot wrong in the current method of sharing and addressing health and medical concerns.

Knowledge is power…the more research, and testing of these vaccines, the more we can make informed decisions. They are giving 6 to 8 combined shots right after birth. I just cringed when my little grand daughter was given them. So many what ifs. I think this is a great start in asking these questions. Let us know all the facts, eah child is different. I am so very happy we have eradicated, measles, mumps, polio ect. But let us be wise as to what they are injecting in our children. Nothing is settled when there is danger of even one child devastated by a vaccination.

my whole family currently just had whooping cough..all were vaccinated (except the baby) including my husband who had the booster…the non vaxxed baby got it last after my 4 fully vaccinated kids had it first & my vaxxed husband…it has been a horrible stressful illness..and let me tell you…being vaxxed made absolutely NO difference at all in the severity…the most stressful illness I have been through with my family…coughing…gagging…vomiting..gasping for air…my kids were all originally diagnosed with bronchitis but I knew that diagnosis was wrong & sure enough after nearly 2 months of this stuff the whooping cough test came back positive …scary part is doctors said its “common” to get whooping cough still vaccinated…so how many are walking around thinking they just have bad case of bronchitis because that’s what they were diagnosed with..and spreading whooping cough all over…because they believe their vaccine protected them..5 fully vaxxed & all vaccines failed to protect…all got it

I’m living a lifetime with epilepsy from a DTP shot I received at age 14. I’ve been fighting forced injections for years now. We are not free people when the government can repeatly force inject you and your children with known poisons and abominations. We’re not far from that now. Just like always, the folks in power use fear to sway people to infringe on freedom.
Thank you for not being silent.

My son got the MMR vaccine and the next day he ran a fever of 104 triggering a Febrile Seizure. Scariest thing I’ve ever experienced.

Dig a little deeper as this is WHO organization and UN pact on depopulating the globe en mass. WHO org masquerades on protect

Our daughter is one of those injured by a vaccine. These so-called studies that day vaccines are safe don’t coincide what is happening in real life to real people. When Congress made it so that vaccine manufacturers could not be held liable for injuries and deaths, it was saying that vaccines are NOT safe.

Plus they used and are still using DNA from aborted babies to develop some vaccines so that makes it a moral issue. They started it way back in the early 20th century when they were doing forced sterilizations on the mentally handicapped people.

yes! Many do not know this.

I didn’t know it until recently.

Some of the girls and women that were forcibly sterilized were already pregnant and they used those babies for research to develop vaccines.

Found this in a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Just wanted to make sure you all know that there is currently a bill in the NV Assembly AB123 that is threatening religious and Medical exemptions to vaccines. If you are at all interested in helping with this cause please PM me.

Looks like Facebook is cracking down on stuff that doesn’t go with the pro-vax agenda:

Based on this article here, it appears that Amazon and Youtube have joined the ranks of the suppressors of the vaccine skeptics:

I found this Rhode Island bill H5541, which appears to be going along with the DC HHS agenda:

Expands the provisions requiring the reporting of immunization status and any other relevant information to adults, not just children, and requires the department of health to include routine adult immunization in the department’s immunization program.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Red State Blues ….

Some of the worst infringements on individual liberty are being rolled out in supposedly ‘conservative’ Red States.

Looks like Instagram is now a suppressor of vaccine skeptics:

Looks like GoFundMe has also joined in on the censorship of vaccine skeptics:

Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic group:

My sister went to an appointment at kaiser today (general checkup) and she said the doctor went crazy on her for nothing less than 15 minutes for refusing the HPV shot. She was demanding to know why over and over again. Told my sister she was FOR SURE going to get HPV and then that was DEFINITELY going to lead to genital warts and that if she refused the shot today and ends up getting cervical cancer in the future that she’s then going to have to tell her she can’t have children and it will all be because she refused to believe in the science of vaccines. Actual words out of the doctors mouth “Oh you think you’re so cute now honey let’s see how cute you think you are when you come back in here with warts. Let’s see how many boys want you then!” I mean really, what kind of doctor says that! So gross and unprofessional. And in my opinion the worst thing she said was in a response to my sister who said “I’ve received vaccines in the past and I don’t do well with them” and she said “that’s because you’re a woman and women tend to imagine these things because they’re so emotional. I’m sure you can see how emotional your friends get over issues, that’s what women do with vaccines. They work themselves up to actually passing out”
I’m honestly completely disgusted this is a woman is a medical authority figure

Here is another post from this group:

I called my State Senator last week expressing my concern about mandating vaccines for all. This was the e mail response I received:
Thank you for contacting me about child vaccination, and for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate your correspondence and hope that you find this response helpful.

The science is clear: immunization has saved countless lives and dramatically reduced the toll of formerly pernicious diseases. Furthermore, the vaccine supply of the United States is the safest and most effective in history due to our stringent safety standards. Years of testing are required by law before a vaccine is licensed and distributed, and vaccines are continually monitored for safety and efficacy once in use.

The dangers of not vaccinating our children are equally clear. As a parent of young children, past outbreaks of the measles virus were especially concerning to me, as it was to many other parents of young children. Before the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine came into use, approximately 3-4 million people in the United States caught measles annually, an estimated 400 to 500 people died, and nearly 50,000 were hospitalized. The fact that measles is now seen more as a nuisance than a danger is a testament to the power of widespread vaccination.

I believe that if parents do not want to vaccinate their children, they should be fully aware of all the risks it poses to their own kids, as well as to the kids around them. Too many people — kids, chemo patients, and more — are vulnerable to illness and are unable to get vaccinated for reasons beyond their control. At the very least, parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids should be aware of the danger it presents to their family and society. That is why, in the 114th Congress, I introduced the Vaccinate America’s Children through Complete Information & Education Act that would increase the amount of information provided to parents who choose to exempt their children from vaccinations for non-medical reasons.

As a member of the Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions Committee, I care deeply about working to protect the health of our children.

Thank you again for contacting me about this matter. I appreciate hearing from you and assure you that I will always do my best to represent the views of my constituents in the Senate. In the future, please do not hesitate to call me in my Connecticut office at (860) 549-8463 or in my Washington office at (202) 224-4041.

Every Best Wish

The state Senator is Chris Murphy from CT

And here are some replies to this post:

of course he said that. Look at donors.

WHAT A MORON! I really fear for anyone represented by someone so truly idiotic.
“The fact that measles is now seen more as a nuisance than a danger is a testament to the power of widespread vaccination.”
Uh, measles was only EVER seen as a nuisance when ALL KIDS used to get it!! It’s only seen as “dangerous” and “deadly” now that there’s a vaccine for it!!

I received a VERY similar response from Suzanne Bonamici, I’ve seen other people sharing it. I’m so disgusted with Oregon right now.

Can someone link where they won a lawsuit stating that there have been zero safety tests on vaccines in 30 years?

Was this Blumenthal?

Chris Murphy.

Both of them

Josh Elliott, CT state rep, feels the same way. These fucking CT politicians, arrogant, completely lacking in empathy, unable to do the research, in pig pharma’s pocket. I despise them. If you’re in the Hamden or Shelton area, boycott Thyme and Season and Common Bond Market, both owned by Elliott.

I got a very similar response from Senator Bill Cassidy in LA. Infuriating.

Had fight with Jeff Dinowitz…same… he’s bought too !!! (Bronx, NY)

Got pretty much the same responses from the GA senators. 😦

They are a cut and paste reply. I have received two verbatim from my Senator

Zero studies, zero safety and our vaccines come from China. They had the contaminated vaccines show up in Kentucky and Illinois this year!!! Senator is doing a cut and paste script written by big Pharma. Maybe it was written by bob Casey here in pa- he received over 500k in Pharma lobby $$$

so that’s why i got an awkward silence when i said bob Casey better not gave gotten money from big pharma when i called about no mandatory vaccines! Hmmm ill have to call them again and confront him with that piece of info??

I get the same bullshit from my congressman in albany ny

And yet another post from this group:

I need help! Just had my baby via cesarean and signed refusal forms for vit k. Now a lady came in a day later to tell me she will be calling CPS on us for not giving OUR baby vit k!!

And also mentioned that my baby has broken blood vessels in her back and criticized me about not giving her the vit k shot because that would help her.

What do I do???

And some replies to this post:

What state? And request a patient advocate immediately.


I believe it is mandatory in NY and that is why they’re threatening you. I’m sorry

Unfortunately, NY it’s law. They can call CPS

It’s because you’re in NY 😦 I got it for my son in NY because CPS scares me 😦

They told me CPS would have to come see me to because of it but when they came they didn’t say anything about it. I don’t even really remember what they said but it was obviously just a routine visit that everyone receives. Don’t let them scare you. They also told my baby’s face was bruised and that he would hemorrhage. I told them we were fine. Just be firm. They tried 3 or 4 scare tactics with us. I held firm.

that * everyone recieves* or is that just in New York. I’m in Wisconsin never have any thing like this happen here.

And yet another post from this group:

Found this in a vaccine skeptic group:

ACTION ALERT!!! Sen Pan Announces New Bill To Effectively End Medical Exemptions in California. TAKE ACTION on SB276 –

California, the time is now! Senator Pan has introduced the bill we have all been expecting. SB276, a bill to restrict medical exemptions in California, has gone live and Assemblything Lorena G is the first coauthor.

What the bill does:

  1. All medical exemptions must be approved by the State Public Health Officer (or approved designee).
  2. All medical exemptions must be based on CDC contraindications only. These are VERY narrow – basically anaphylaxis.
  3. All medical exemption requests must be submitted on a standardized form created by the California Dept of Public Health (CDPH).
  4. All medical exemption requests will be tracked in a database managed by the CDPH. This will include personal and sensitive medical information about your children.
  5. Any medical exemption written PRIOR to SB276 will also need to be approved by the CDPH and included in their database, by July 1, 2020. If the grandfathered medical exemption is deemed “fraudulent,” it will be invalidated.
    We are going to be under the gun on this one due to legislative deadlines, it has the potential to move fast. We must take action en masse. We must show up en masse. Pan has declared war on our families. He has declared war on doctors. He has declared war on the legislators who, in good faith, passed SB277 knowing that medical exemptions would be broad and include family history and be written with YOUR doctor’s discretion. Not Pan’s discretion. Not the CDC’s discretion.

Do these things today:

  1. Call the Senate Rules Committee (916) 651-4120 and politely ask that SB276 is double referred to the Senate Health Committee and the Senate Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.
  1. Call the following Senators (we will be calling several a day so that we can hit them all fairly quickly). Urge them to NOT coauthor SB276 and to vote NO when/if if comes before them for a vote.

Senator Toni Atkins (916) 651-4039 Senator Scott Wilk (916) 651-4021 Senator Pat Bates (916) 651-4036 Senator Bill Monning (916) 651-4017 Senator Richard Roth (916) 651-4031 Senator Maria Durazo (916) 651-4024 Senator Connie Leyva (916) 651-4020 Sen Shannon Grove (916) 651-4016

Sample Script: “Hi, I’m calling to urge Senator __ to NOT coauthor SB276, a bill to severely restrict medical exemptions. Furthermore, I would ask that the Senator vote NO should SB276 come before him/her for a vote. SB277 was passed because of a broad medical exemption that was left to a doctor’s discretion. There is no crisis demanding such an authoritarian law in California. Thank you for your time.”

  1. You have two legislators – a Senator and an Assemblyperson. Call them both. Ask for a meeting with the legislator (not a staffer) in the next few weeks in their district office to discuss SB276. Ask if they have any townhalls or coffee talks on the calendar in the near future. Let us know what you find out!
  2. Start talking to people: friends, family, doctors, nurses. Let them know what Pan is up to with this bill. Invite them to join Parents United 4 Kids.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Whatever happened to ‘my body … my choice’?

‘Rockland County officials announced that starting at 12 a.m. on Wednesday, anyone under 18 who has not yet been vaccinated will be barred from public places until they receive the MMR vaccine or until the emergency declaration expires in 30 days. Public places are being defined by county officials as “any place where people get together for civic or social reasons,” such as shopping centers, schools and restaurants. Outdoor areas, such as playgrounds, are not included, according to county officials.

Law enforcement will not be asking people for vaccination records, but if parents are found to be in violation, their cases will be forwarded to the district attorney, Rockland County Executive Ed Day told reporters in a news conference Tuesday. Violations will be charged as misdemeanors punishable by up to six months in jail and a $500 fine.’

Here is a post from the vaccine skeptic group:

I have had a friend who’s kids also wasnt vaccinated and she posted something about her children being 100% healthy and unvaccinated. Within a few days had CPS knocking on her door for neglect for not vaccinating her children. I would like to ask some other mothers with like wise feelings towards vaccinations but do yall feel safe since it seems like they can just take your babies for being against vaccinations and not getting them vaccinated? I have a almost 4 month old baby boy and he has not received vaccinations because he was premature and I have alot of questions but i feel like it’s almost not safe to say your kids arent vaccinated now because of pro vaxxers and CPS attacking parents who are against vaccinations and want to do what’s best for their children. Yet they can turn it around an say its neglect to not vaccinate them.

And another post from this group:


Today I went to the doctors for myself. I bought my 5 month daughter with me because, I can’t leave her due to being breastfed. My doctor was nice to me and sat me down and then looked up my daughters name on the computer.

Doctor: “Your here for her vaccine shots”

Me: “No. I’m here for myself”

Doctor: “Well she needs her shots. She’s 5 months and already missed ALL her needles she’s due for”

Me: “I have an exemption”

Doctor: “Why do you have that?”

Me: “I don’t believe in vaccinations. Anyways I’ve been feeling…”

My doctor then cuts me off mid sentence

Doctor: “There’s diseases out there and she needs protection from and you can say I do research but, research isn’t mom blogs and people whining about how they are unsafe”

Me: “I get all my info from FDA and CDC and read vaccine inserts. Right on the inserts. It says Death, Seizures, brain swelling and much more”

Doctor: “Yes it does but that’s also the same side effects with the diseases she can catch with NO cure”

Me: “So your telling me that the diseases and the needles can kill but, you want to insert the live virus inside my daughter anyways?”

Well after that. She was rude and very hard on me. Oh well. I finally stood up and spoke up to her. She didn’t want to even take my exemption form but she finally did.

She also didn’t like that I haven’t been in to weigh her and check her growth and head measurements. But they do those checks when they go for their needles. I have someone from the Métis office come to my house and do those things for us. He thinks she’s very healthy and doing amazing. She didn’t like that at all.

Here is another post from this group:

PA people!!!!!!

And yet another post from this group:

ETA: I am adding the screenshot of his message to me at the bottom of this post.

I need help, desperately!!! I need all the verifiable, irrefutable info I can get my hands on from reliable sources that show why vaccines are not always safe and effective. My uncle who is like a grandparent to my children, informed me by a lengthy email today that he and his wife (who is even closer to my children), that they can no longer be around my youngest child until he has received ALL of the CDC recommended vaccines because some new doctor he just met told them that the reason they keep getting sick is because my unvaccinated child is making him sick. Even though my child has only been sick TWICE in almost SIX YEARS and it was only a slight sniffle and fever that went away in 24 hours (HELLO – IMMUNE SYSTEM AT WORK ANYBODY???). He assured him it couldn’t be the flu and pneumonia vaccines that he gets every year or the countless pharmaceutical drugs he’s taking ?? I’m infuriated and devastated!!! My sweet little boy…he’s gonna be devastated if he never gets to see his Mimi and Poppy again ?? On top of everything else, he’s been getting bullied and woke up this morning saying he “doesn’t have any friends”…He was always so happy, loving and friendly…and I just keep seeing his bright light continue fading…I can’t believe that someone who supposedly loves my children so much and sees them at least once a week, would want me to put their life and health at risk, when TWO of my four children were vaccine injured!!! Why would they ask me to put my little guy’s life in danger? ????

And yet another post from this group:

I’m so pissed right now. Mom just had knee surgery. Getting released and they come in to give her a flu shot. Mind you this is a woman who has NEVER taken a flu shot. I ask her what the hell are you doing. She says well I just want to make sure I don’t get the flu. Wtaf??? I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn’t listen. If my moms health goes downhill or some adverse side effects happens, Mark my words, there will be no fury from hell that will match my wrath against that hospital or dr.

And here are the replies to this post:

Right after surgery? That’s horrible!

yes! That’s what I said. So irresponsible of that facility. My moms been against flu vaccines. All I can think is they scared her into it she’s 70 years old too.

I feel like the chances of her getting the flu are even more high now considering the surgery can suppress the immune system and now the shot will do the same. ?? I’m sorry she decided to get it! Prayers that she heals quickly and no adverse reactions happen.

Same thing happened with my mom after her knee surgery. The nurse came in and said something about her getting the flu shot before she was released. My mom was kind of out of it and I spoke up for her and said she will in no way be receiving a flu shot. The nurse said I will need you to sign something saying you refused to get it. I said she is not refusing anything!!! SHE IS CHOOSING, HER CHOICE TO NOT GET IT. I was so mad!!! Thankfully my mom knows how I feel and agrees with me. I was vaccine injured from the flu shot myself so I was not going to let them give it to her if I could help it!!

And another post from this group:

Hey guys. This is my first post so be gentle please. I lost my 10 week old six months ago, 3 days after his first set of shots. I’ve since done research and ordered books. I’m reading one by Dr. Paul Thomas right now. Anyhow, my question is this; can anyone give me info or tell me where to get info on Polio specifically. I’m finding out the vaccine actually re introduced it in the 50/60s. I had a old co worker leave a nasty comment about my mom catching Polio, because I am questioning things. I don’t get the hate, the us vs them. These people know I lost my baby, why haze me? Ugh. I just want to be armed with info now. It’s irked me. Petty I know. I need to get my hands on all the info I can, because I know I’m not just some crazy mom who won’t accept SIDS. I know what took my baby. The lead Detective and the CPS Supervisor were the first one to suggest the shots did it. So if there are any sites or articles you can help guide me to it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Someone has sent me a link to another HHS article about the federal adult immunization scheme:

And another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

In the state of Calfornia- CPS (also known as child profitting services) took my children. My parental rights have not been terminted. Today the Judge granted their request to issue a court order to give my son vaccinations, however the Judge did placed a stay on the order till 4/12. That is not much time we have to seek and pray for some divine and legal intervention to help stop them from forcefully vaccinating my Son repeatedly.

CPS already physcially attempted to give my Son vaccinations once- they had several nurses hold him down and give multiple attempts to give him the shots but eventually decided to wait because he was so upset and would not stay still. This forceful attempt to vaccinate my Son was performed without my consent, without any court order.

My Son has a Medical Exemption that is permanent from all vaccines but the CPS had another Doctor write a letter claiming he should be vaccinated. My Son has gene variants, and their is family history of cancer, auto-immune disease, allergies, asthma, and adverse vaccine reactions including: high fevers, seizures, severe rashes, projectile vomitting, and coma like sleep states.

The CPS’s written request for the court order claims my Son needs the vaccines to attend public school, which is false. My Son is and has been attending school since January of 2018. The true reason for the request is they intend to move him for the eighth time to a new group home/residential treatment facility who will not accept him without vaccinations.

If I can not find any help to change the courts order, CPS would be allowed to give my Son many vaccines starting April 12. That would subject him to uneccesary stress and strain as he is likely to again try to fight off the nurses, It would also knowinly and willingly place him at risk for suffering serious adverse vaccine reactions, as well as facilitate him being moved for the eighth time.
While in Foster Care my Son’s rights have been violated, he has been neglected, absued, deprived of stability, moved repeatedly from place to place, developed emotional and behavioral issues he never had at home, kept separated from his siblings, and kept from being returned home or placed with any of his relatives despite my extensive efforts, cooperation, and completion of all case plans and services.

If anyone has any information or ability to help in anyway please reach out, we don’t have much time. We would so grately appreciate it. Any prayers or positive visualizations are welcomed and appreciate also. If they were to succed with their mission to forcefully vaccinate him, I can only pray he would not suffer any negative reactions.

And another post from this group:

Think I’m on to this evil plan. I see so many post stating, I do not consent. Can’t make me. Won’t do it……..
I recently read a book called “We Were The Lucky Ones” It is the story of a Jewish family in war-torn Poland, a successful, intelligent, wealthy family that felt the war could not touch them. The war would pass; life would go on. The war DID touch them. The evil Nazi plan started slow. It worked because they were able to turn neighbors into enemies. They taught people to hate one another for their beliefs. They instilled the belief that Jewish people were less than human, were not worthy of compassion, were livestock, enslaved, used for horrific medical experimentation, worked to death. Their families, their babies, their elderly were dispensable. Once the non-Jewish were brainwashed sufficiently, the nazi’s work became easier. The people carried on this hellish work of eliminating these people. They had been brainwashed into believing Jewish people and people who were not ‘German enough’ were non-humans.
Is this our government’s agenda; to turn us against one another due to our beliefs? I see these ugly hateful comments from the provaxers. I wish death on your children!!! I hope you die of the plague. I HATE you for your beliefs. Really???? People who see the dangers of injecting poisons are reluctant to share what they are learning because of the hate spewed.
Are our ‘leaders’ using us against one another to make their agenda easier to accomplish? I’ve already heard the statement that neighbor will turn in neighbor for not following the ‘rules’. People that do not see the wisdom of vaccination are already being ostracized. Anything sounding familiar here?

And yet another post from this group:

So I just got a phone call from my 17-year-old son at school…
He said he can NO longer attend school because he needs his MMR vaccine..
I said don’t worry about it you have a medical exemption… let me talk to the secretary..
I told her please don’t have my son call me you need to call me don’t stress him out with this…
I said he has a medical exemption..
“OK I need a copy..”
“OK it’s in your file you made a copy already..???????”
“She said OK he should be OK for today I’ll let you know if we have any problems..”
I told her that there shouldn’t be any problems and if there is please call me direct not my son…
That’s stupid California for ya ????????

Update…. ????????????????????????????????????????????
my son called me an hour after..crying in the restroom…
Saying that the same secretary…
Said his medical exemption wasn’t valid..
He broke down in tears ??
A Million things was running through his head
A. I get the MMR vaccine
B. I would have a really bad reaction/paralyzed
Death etc. and I “mom”would be crying in the doctors office…
C. I wouldn’t graduate…

She then saw the tears in his eyes and said I’m only joking…
He stood his ground.. and said NO
That’s not funny my brother almost died from vaccines..
We don’t play around when it comes to vaccines and our health..????????????????????????????????
She said omg I didn’t know I’m so sorry..
And his teacher… Who was there at the time..
Covered his mouth and stuck his hand out like get away from me because you have a disease..
Another funny joke..??????
That made him feel more like shit..
My husband picked him up from school
Because he didn’t want me to pick him up because I would raise hell..
I got a hold of a supervisor.. I express this whole situation…
She was very understanding…
Apologize to me and my son several times…
Going to handle it directly with the teacher and the secretary and staff to make sure that this never happens to him or anyone else again..
I know personally that the secretary and his teacher are very good people and very nice people… But this is very unprofessional to make my son cry at school and make him feel humiliated
It’s absolutely ridiculous..
Can’t believe I’m living in this world????????
I could deal with this kind of stuff but my children should not????????????????????????????

And yet another post from this group:

God please NO! Not NJ! We cannot let this happen. (NJ101.5 FB page!)

And yet another post:

Pinterest just deleted my board entitled, ‘Dangerous Vaccines.’ They said that they followed CDC guidelines and this was against their policy relating to ‘self harm.’ I believe they deleted all pins relating to vaccines. Who is next — Facebook?

And yet another post:

I have to post this response to you all by a friend of mine that’s in a debate with a pro vaxxer on her page. She said I could share. It sums up I feel a lot of what we all know, think and feel.

“As a society we are trading temporary “protection” for a lifetime of chronic illness. I don’t buy into the belief that our society would be overrun with sickness and death if everyone stopped vaccinating. This is about profit not people. My original post was regarding the very real fact that thousands of people are being / have been harmed by vaccination in the name of the “Greater Good” and are being dismissed over and over.

People can vaccinate if they wish. It is their choice. My problem is with parents being outright lied to. My problem is with the mantra that’s chanted over and over “safe and effective”…”the science is settled”… Oh yeah “but herd immunity”…on and on, repeat. My problem is with free citizens getting their rights stripped away one by one. You know what my BIG problem is? That somehow “your” right to vaccinate tramples my right to choose to delay, be selective or not vaccinate at all. Somewhere the lie has been propagated that if my child is not vaccinated that these vaccines will somehow not work. True herd immunity comes from gaining lifetime immunity through contracting the disease naturally. We can argue round and round about the dangers of contracting a said disease but herd immunity through vaccines just doesn’t stand up. You know and I know that vaccines do not work on everyone, there are people who flat out don’t respond and for those that do their artificial “protection” wains over time, thus the need for multiple boosters (which means more risk and more $$ for vaccine manufacturers). Even with 100% vaccination rates it’s a stretch at best to say that we’ll somehow be healthier as a society and have less disease. The manipulation of illness is causing a huge and complex problem. Pertussis is a testimony to this. Shedding from live virus vaccines is another problem… These points are being muted and dismissed.

More solid, unbought science needs to be done.

It is not a secret that we live in one of the sickest nations in the entire world. Our infant mortality rate is one of the highest of industrialized nations. I believe our overly aggressive UNTESTED vaccination schedule plays a HUGE role. In my lifetime alone the sheer amount of vaccinations has more than tripled and I’m just shy of 36 years old. We are now at SEVENTY-TWO “recommended” vaccinations for our children. We don’t fully know how it’s going to play out for my generation and the current schedule is about to be MANDATED in many states. These have never been tested for long term safety!!! This in my opinion is the very definition of bleak.

There is no manufacturer liability. They profit in the billions but have no liability when children die or are hurt by their products. We as taxpayers pay over 4 billion dollars for the damages to a small number of people who know about VAERs and are financially stable enough to wade through the fight of this system. Vaccine manufacturers have no interest in making vaccines safer nor to do studies comparing their products to unvaccinated people. If they were why hasn’t it been done? It simply takes reading a vaccine insert to bring up a seed of doubt. If you ask for an insert you’re usually given a summary saying just what you said, “the benefits outweigh the risks.” Again, that’s fine and dandy until lawmakers start mandating these things. That’s what my anger is about. That is what the base of this post is about.

I have a child that was harmed and yet my right to a philosophical exemption is being stripped away. My child doesn’t qualify for a medical exemption because what happened to my child is something that we’ve been able to nourish, detox and support with years of strategies, nutrition and care from true health providers. Without my RIGHT to advocate for my child this industry would steamroll over us in the guise of “the great good.” In other words my child’s destruction is worth our overall societies (temporary) “well being.”

This is currently happening in California, they’ve removed Phil/Religious Exemptions and now they are going after MEDICAL exemptions. Exemptions obtained through patient’s doctors.

This is not science. This is tyranny.

I don’t believe that you have to go to far down the “rabbit hole” to start questioning. Although, it is being made harder with the outright censorship going on all around us. Movies and books by scientists and doctors are being censored. Why is this happening if there’s nothing to hide?

For as independent our society claims to be, we are losing our ability to think independently. We are so quick to claim resistance yet we are all to quickly giving away our right to our own bodily autonomy and that of our children.

It’s my body, my choice. Except with vaccination.

I am asking people to stop being divisive and dismissive regarding this issue. Parents are being criminalized in the name of FEAR.

If I shared a story about being raped, I would be inundated with support. But, sharing that my child was harmed by routine vaccination does not garner nearly the same support. On the contrary it makes us a target of discrimination and ridicule. Our society needs to change the way we look at this issue. I am posting this in the hopes that some parents reading this may connect the dots to their own or their children’s own vaccine injury. I am posting in support of the parents that live in the reality that they or their child(ren) were harmed by routine vaccination. I am pleading with parents or future parents to simply READ the insert wrapped around the vaccine and weigh the pros and cons. I am not shaming anyone into making a choice beyond what is best for themselves and their children.

This is no longer about vaccines. It’s about basic human rights. Being philosophically opposed to philosophical exemptions does NOT constitute legislative action to remove tens of thousands of free citizens philosophical beliefs/ freedoms.

In your response you still end that you feel the risk of harm (to MY child) outweighs the benefits of vaccination. Those words only validate my point that we as a collective whole are being dismissed.

If I could go back in time, I would make a different choice no doubt. I don’t believe that the benefits outweigh the risks.

I’m stepping off my soapbox as this is enough keyboard activism for me today. I’ll end with this photo of my son holding the MMR vaccine insert and encourage everyone to read, question, question, question and not believe everything that they’re conditioned to believe.”

And yet another post:

Still think there’s no agenda?
CBS Has removed episode 13 of
(The Brady Bunch)
“The Measles Episode”

Another post from this group, though not vaccine related, may have some truth to it, as my brother in physical therapy school basically told me that he’d heard the same thing, that chiropractors are not “real doctors”:

check out Wilk VS AMA…… The Supreme Court case against the AMA, in its’ 3 decade attempt to do away with the chiropractic profession. They formed a secret, behind closed doors conspiracy- The Board of Quackery- and blackballed the profession for years. Gave “quack packs” to all new medical doctors to poison their minds against the profession. Claimed it wasn’t scientific, and chiropractors weren’t “real doctors”. Where do you think that mindset came from? The AMA sent letters to all MD’s and hospitals in America basically strong arming them that if they had a chiropractor on their staff, or referred a patient to one, they would lose all their AMA funding. This was ALL done as the AMA broke the Sherman Anti-Trust Law of America, wanting a monopoly on healthcare, and they were found guilty! This really happened in America!! Don’t fool yourself. There is evil in power and it been around for a long time, and it’s still around.

Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic:

UPS. In the vaccine business to increase adult vaccination rates.

Here is another post from the vaccine skeptic group:

ETA: To answer how anyone would know her vaccine status, when your kid gets measles, AS MINE DID in January, in Clark County Washington, good luck keeping private medical information private. I don’t care that our kids have done hockey, ballet, etc. without being asked. We weren’t asked until she got the measles and we were honest about it instead of hiding it. So that’s how. After she got measles, vaccine records were demanded. Her individual troop leader called it “negligence” and her ballet school let her attend until last week, then sent us an email when we were in France telling us she can’t come back since she’s not getting shots. It doesn’t matter that an actual pro-vax MD exempted her. You’re very lucky if you’re in a place where there wasn’t an outbreak panic. Stop presuming that because your experiences aren’t the same as ours that ours isn’t possible. I bet your experiences don’t include your child having measles like mine.
I’m so super pissed over something that happened this past week that I still feel a need to scream. Pardon me if you see this a few times.

I am PISSED. When the hell is it going to end? [name redacted] was kicked out of her Girl Scouts troop over the measles, and NOW she’s kicked out of her ballet class, as in so much so that her last class has now already happened. [name redacted] and I just got the email.
I’m fucking FURIOUS about continued medical discrimination. Y’all need to STOP the fucking LIES about getting your kids vaxed “for the kids who can’t” when those kids who can’t are still treated like shit, excluded, ostracized, and not allowed around the kids who get the shots. What a way to punish children for decisions led by their pro-vax doctors. It’s really not at all about shots “for the kids who can’t.” It’s a way to punish children who don’t get shots and you don’t give a damn about the reason.

Well, that makes the decision about fall easier. [name redacted] wants to take classes at Oregon Ballet, but the new school director has a policy about dancers taking ballet only at one school, but she also wanted to take classes at Northwest Dance Project since she has friends there as well. So the decision we’ve been mulling over for months is which school. Well, that answer is definitely OBT. Unfortunately for her, this means she will not be going several months without a class since it’s not enrollment time anywhere and I wouldn’t want to toss her somewhere random for a few months. NDP has basically disrupted her ballet training. Fuck them. You don’t do that to a kid, especially over her parents not ignoring a medical exemption.

And some replies to this post:

It’s sad isnt it. My son was denied access to summer camp because hes not vaccinated. Even though he has an exemption they said no. They dont take any kid not vacvinated exemption or not.

So much for the push for vaccine being to protect kids who can’t get them. It’s not about protecting anyone when medically exempted kids are kicked out anyway.

Can they even do that..? Sounds illegal to be requiring access to private medical records.

My daughter got measles. When public schools are allowed to ban children who don’t have vaccines, ballet schools sure are allowed to. They have the legal right to demand medical information. Their right to this supersedes my daughter’s right to medical privacy. It’s so fucked up. The concept of medical privacy is a lie when everyone under the sun can require furnishing your record as a requirement of participation.

I’m sorry for what you and your daughter are going through. I’m afraid this is just the beginning and it’s going to be really ugly before it’s finished…We’ve seen this before in Germany. I’m feeling like what the Jewish people must have felt when hearing about not being allowed in shops and theaters. Maybe I feel worse, cause I know how it ended for many Jewish people…Closer to home is what all black people went thro not so many generations back. I wonder what’s to become of us as a society.????

My kids got kicked from their piano lessons this week!!
It’s really disheartening ??

There is a new national registry that they sign you up on now, there was a green single spaced full page of typing explaining the rules and it said you could opt out, but that would not actually keep you off the registry… didn’t get how it worked, I then looked all over that Dr’s office to see is they had anything about VAERS… note.

Here is another post from this group:

What I received in the mail today! 🙄 kinda wanna write them back with some facts! Lol


And yet another post from this group:

Amends the Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Department of Public Health to create and maintain a list of each immunizing agent derived from aborted fetal tissue and any alternative immunizing agents. Provides that the Department shall ensure that, before administering an immunizing agent derived from aborted fetal tissue to an individual, a health care provider shall provide to the individual or, if the individual is a child, to the parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis of the child: (1) notification that the immunizing agent was derived from aborted fetal tissue; (2) if an immunizing agent that is not an immunizing agent derived from aborted fetal tissue is available as an alternative to an immunizing agent derived from aborted fetal tissue, an offer of the alternative; and (3) notification of the option to decline the receipt of the immunizing agent. Effective immediately.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Again, UN agenda driven.
An Executive Order was signed on Nov. 2016. It might have something to do with what we are seeing in the news, social media, schools, and society.

The EO is long. Best to read it by opening the link.

Executive Order — Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:
Section 1. Policy. As articulated in the National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats and implemented in Presidential Policy Directive 2 (PPD-2), promoting global health security is a core tenet of our national strategy for countering biological threats. No single nation can be prepared if other nations remain unprepared to counter biological threats; therefore, it is the policy of the United States to advance the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), which is a multi-faceted, multi-country initiative intended to accelerate partner countries’ measurable capabilities to achieve specific targets to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats (GHSA targets), whether naturally occurring, deliberate, or accidental. The roles, responsibilities, and activities described in this order will support the goals of the International Health Regulations (IHR) and will be conducted, as appropriate, in coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), and other relevant organizations and stakeholders. To advance the achievement of the GHSA targets and to support the implementation of the IHR within partner countries, each executive department, agency, and office (agency) shall, as appropriate, partner, consult, and coordinate with other governments, international financial institutions, international organizations, regional organizations, economic communities, and nongovernmental stakeholders, including the private sector.
Sec. 2. GHSA Interagency Review Council.
(a) GHSA Coordination and Policy Development. In furtherance of the policy described in section 1 of this order, I hereby direct the National Security Council staff, in accordance with the procedures and requirements in Presidential Policy Directive 1 (or any successor directive), to convene a GHSA Interagency Review Council (Council) to perform the responsibilities described in this order. The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, in coordination with the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, shall designate a member of the National Security Council staff to serve as Chair for the Council. The Council shall meet not less than four times per year to advance its mission and fulfill its responsibilities.
(b) GHSA Interagency Review Council Responsibilities
(i) The Council shall be responsible for the following activities:
(A) Provide, by consensus, policy-level guidance to participating agencies on GHSA goals, objectives, and implementation.
(B) Facilitate interagency, multi-sectoral engagement to carry out GHSA implementation.
(C) Provide a forum for raising and working to resolve interagency disagreements concerning the GHSA.
(D) Review the progress toward and work to resolve challenges in achieving U.S. commitments under the GHSA, including commitments to assist other countries in achieving the GHSA targets. The Council shall consider, among other issues, the status of U.S. financial commitments to the GHSA in the context of commitments by other donors, and the contributions of partner countries to achieve the GHSA targets; progress toward the milestones outlined in GHSA national plans for those countries where the United States Government has committed to assist in implementing the GHSA and in annual work-plans outlining agency priorities for implementing the GHSA; and external evaluations of United States and partner country capabilities to address infectious disease threats, including the ability to achieve the targets outlined within the WHO Joint External Evaluation (JEE) tool, as well as gaps identified by such external evaluations.
(E) Provide, by consensus, within 30 days of the date of this order, initial policy-level guidance on GHSA implementation.
(F) Develop a report on an annual basis regarding the progress achieved and challenges concerning the United States Government’s ability to advance the GHSA across priority countries. The report shall include recommendations to resolve, mitigate, or otherwise address the challenges identified therein. The report shall be transmitted to the President and, to the extent possible, made publicly available.
(G) Conduct an overall review of the GHSA for submission to the President by September 2019. The review should include an evaluation of the progress achieved during the 5 years of this initiative, as well as any challenges faced. The report should also provide recommendations on the future direction of the initiative…

Here is another post from a vaccine skeptic group:

Apparently (in Grand Blanc Michigan) they are teaching children about the negative affects of the “anti vaxxer movement”
I for one am PISSED!


And another post from this group:

For the start of autism awareness month, I thought I’d share something I wrote years ago while trying to process my son’s injury. Please delete if not allowed.

Collateral Damage
He never gave informed consent,
To be your sacrifice.
Hold him down, inject him well,
Let this child pay the price.
Convince the rest,
The status quo,
This serves some “greater good.”
Skew the stats with politics,
Let him be misunderstood.
Collateral Damage-
No one knows
The price that’s being paid.
His private, wordless, aching hell,
A plan that’s been well laid.
Collateral Damage-
It’s acceptable,
There are drugs to calm him down.
Force the pills, lock him up
Watch his family drown
In Collateral Damage.
That’s all it is,
“It serves the greater good.”
Collateral Damage-
Let their injuries
Keep them all misunderstood.

And another post from this group:

Have y’all seen this I am so angry and wondering how in the hell was this legal

And yet another post:

I have had such a heavy heart lately over the push for mandatory vaccines. My son was diagnosed at the age of 3 and half with autism. When my son was one I knew there was something wrong but I was such I young mom I didn’t think twice about not vaccinating. It was just what we were all to do for our children to keep them free of disease. I never thought the sleepless nights, emergency room visits for seizures, ENT visits and neurologist visits had anything to do with the 8 vaccines my son received in one day. There was absolutely no informed consent and there still is none and this just blows my mind.

I was researching and researching trying to figure out what was wrong with my son then doctors started talking about “autism” concerning my now 19 year old son. I started digging and finding out as much information as I could about autism and then I came across many people questioning vaccines. I still didn’t stop vaccinating.

Even though I was still vaccinating my children I did slow their vaccine schedule down. My decision to stop vaccinating in 2004 happened when my daughter who was around 18 months received a couple vaccines and woke up the next day with no speech and she began walking on her tippy toes. She had at least 20 words and no stemming symptoms prior. My daughter then all of sudden required primary impaired services.

I changed our entire lives at that time. No more vaccines for all four of my kids! I changed their diets and had very expensive blood testing done for my children concerning gut allergies so I knew who could eat what. I also added essential supplements.

Long story short, My daughter made a full recovery. Her older brother did not but he did start talking and we rarely had to go to the doctors anymore. Life became a lot easier.

In 2012, I was scared by my children’s pediatrician that they needed the dtap due to an outbreak of whooping cough. I thought they are old enough it shouldn’t hurt them. Once again we ended up at doctor after doctor with my son that has autism. We ended back up at the neurologists and psychiatrists. Up until this point my son was able to be medication free. Andrew started spinning out of control and then they did an MRI where they found a golf ball size cyst in the midline of sons brain with absolutely no answer except to say it has probably been there most of his life but something recently must have aggravated the cyst. Smh ????? On December 10th of 2018 my son had to undergo brain surgery at the University of Michigan.

During this same time shortly after the vaccine in 2012 my now typical developing daughter became very depressed and was showing extreme signs of ADHD.

Both are doing better now but I did fire the pediatrician they had from birth. Andrew will always have severe issues and I am under so much stress daily because I have a now 2 year old who has never been vaccinated. I have 5 kids total. 21,19,16,15 and 2. My two oldest fully vaccinated with Autism, Allergies, Asthma, OCD and ADHD. Partially vaccinated, my middle children- ear problems when they were little and like I said possibly adhd and regression after vaccines…but my daughter is doing better now.

My youngest OMG! Nothing and no vaccines! Watching her grow up so healthy is something I have never seen before. Absolutely no developmental issues whatsoever! One antibiotic so far and that was because she got a staff infection on her finger! It’s beautiful watching her thrive but at the same time I cannot stand myself for being misinformed about the possible consequences of vaccines.

I am scared every single day now I am going to wake up and vaccines are going to mandatory and either way I lose my 2 year old.

To those who are borderline on this matter please know we didn’t just research we witnessed!!

And yet another post from this group:

This is a dangerous precedent folks. Freedom of religion, choice, you know that silly First Amendment is under assault here thanks to this arrogant judge.

And yet another post from this group:

Meanwhile in Canada. Censorship and violation of free speech are being kicked up a notch.

Toronto Public Health Board is meeting on Monday April 8, 2019 and is seeking a decision regarding addressing “vaccine hesitancy”. They are asking to

  1. “request Health Canada to explore avenues to reduce the spread and dissemination of misinformation and false claims about vaccines.”
  2. ” request the following health professional organizations to educate their members on how to address vaccine hesitancy in their practices and promote vaccines.” (The list is medical associations, nurses associations, naturopaths, etc.)
    These medical professionals supposedly will be requested “to promote vaccines”.
  3. “The Board of Health request the World Health Organization to consider global recommendations, similar to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, regulating direct and indirect advertising, promotion, and sponsorship by anti-vaccine groups and anti-vaccine messages in print, audio, video, and online advertisements.”
    See their agenda item here
    L4.3 –
    And this relies on a report produced by their Medical Officer of Health

And yet another post from this group:

How do you explain to your 5 almost 6 year old that vaccines are poison & to stop listening to her friends? Or what age did you explain it?

My daughter came home one day telling me that she had asked why her friend had a bandaid on at school, her friend said cuz she got shots. My daughter told her friend she didnt get shots anymore & her friend said she will get sick.

I tried explaining to her that shots do more harm, that she didnt have to worry, she wont get sick. My baby girl is very trusting. I mean, she believes her teacher more than me about milk being good for our bodies…. ?????

And some replies to this post:

I tell my kids exactly what I learn and show them videos/pictures of vaccine injured kids. I don’t sugar coat anything. I don’t see the need to try and sugar coat such a serious, dangerous topic. That way when my kids get confronted about it, they’ll know how to respond. My kids are 10, 7, and 6

You can tell her that every family has different beliefs and it is the kind thing to respect the beliefs of others. OUR family (the one that you were born into and thus automatically belong to) believes that vaccines have too many risks (or however you choose to word it). That way she doesn’t feel like she has to decide who is right and who is wrong (which leaves her feeling like she has to align with one and betray the other). She can feel like she is a kind person by “respecting” the beliefs of others and she can feel secure that the decision is made for her (which kids actually want) because she “belongs” to your family thus she believes there are too many risks. Make sense? Others will tell her that she is wrong and that might cause some angst but you can remind her that it is the nice thing to respect everyone’s beliefs and if they are not doing that they may just be forgetting their manners temporarily — or they have not learned those manners yet. This way she does not feel like she has to get into a debate and can still love (and forgive for forgetting their manners) her friends and teacher.

there was an IEHP commercial on the radio and it was talking about how important vaccines were so babies could grow up healthy and meet their milestones on time. It was saying how they needed vaccines for rolling over, crawling, standing, walking etc after the commercial was over my son says “that’s way too many vaccines for just a baby. That just makes them sick, not healthy.”

And yet another post from this group:

Hi Friends.

Is it true now if your kid gets vaccinated the doctor will have to update a database online??? Meaning paper records are out the door??? I’m in California

And a reply to this post:

Interesting you said this! I was at the pharmacy today and say a paper taped to the divider about this.

It is called CAIR, and stands for California Immunization Registry. It’s a database showing all your vaccine info. It is definitely starting!! Big brother!!


I asked a friend of mine if the home visits for vaccination that I found in this Healthy People 2020 document were tied to the home visits we were seeing for Medicaid and “early childhood” popping up across the country

I received the following reply:

I have no doubt. The proof is over in the agency documents. Read the Preschool Development Block Grant. Everything in those grants are universal.

Help Me Grow is slated as “targeted universalism”. Yes to your link. This is directly laid out in Health People 2020 a branch of the federal Dept of Health.

The latest iteration of the home visit portion of our HF 1 was amended to “home visits for health equity”

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 13

sad girl Common Core Dr. Suess

This is part 13.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Hi [Name withheld]! I have contacted you in the past regarding common core. We have opted our son hunter out of all common core testing since 3rd grade. He is now entering 6th grade and it doesn’t seem education is on the political agenda yet. My question is if we continue to opt him out are there any repercussions for him with graduation or SAT/ACT tests?


Here is a post that was shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Why your tax dollars go to support positions you might disagree with.

“Earlier this month, the Utah School Boards Association (USBA) voted to support a change in state law to allow teachers to “incentivize” students to take the statewide RISE test (formerly called SAGE). It also stated its view that parents shouldn’t be able to opt their children out of tests but that all students should be required to participate.

Alpine School District (ASD) taxpayers fund USBA’s lobbying efforts every year through tax funds the district uses to pay dues to the organization. This year, USBA dues cost ASD taxpayers over $56,000”


A 10-year old student was punished in North Carolina for calling his teacher “ma’am”:


Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have seen a HUGE backlash against opting out this year! Ever since the law change in March, teachers and schools are pressuring me and my kids to take the tests. One of our charters bought their own software to replace the federal one as a way around the opt-out of state-required testing. “It’s not a state test” they told me. I don’t care! I don’t want my kid analyzed!


And another post from this group:

I work as an aid at my kids’ school. Last year I was in a class as a teacher told the kids that SAGE testing isn’t bad and how parents are confused. I just sat there silently, but screaming in my head “YOU are the one who is confused.” If I come across that again, I doubt I’ll be able to stay quiet. But I have emphasized to my kids that they are not to take any test that even smells like SAGE (or RISE)


Wonderful news! Parents are fighting back against the school that had dropped the Pledge of Allegiance, supposedly to be more “inclusive”, and had replaced it with a pledge to “global society”:


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

What was not covered in this segment, is the fact that private psychological data is collected, and handed over to 3rd parties, when students are forced by the state via their local schools, to take the College Board’s PSAT, TSI or SAT assessments, in order to graduate or go to college. It is beyond unethical, a complete violation and wrong.

The psychological data that is collected is available because the assessments are NOT academic knowledge-based, but rather behavioral. The mined student data collected, by third parties, is collected in order to create software programs to modify student behavior. Not to sell products to students, but the students are the product. Students are the investment vehicle for what is known as Social Impact Bonds (SIBS) ALSO KNOWN AS PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS!

In addition to being a national security issue because of who has access to this mined student data.

Where are the Bathroom Bill Republicans when it comes to protecting our children’s privacy in the classroom? Oh, I forget, their campaign donors are profiting from the data in the classroom, so that’s okay.


Here is a post from an Arizona anti-Common Core group:

Do you recognize the clenched fist in the picture? This information is on the AZ Department of Ed website. Where is Diane Douglas?!? This is another reason why we need a true leader like Frank Riggs! The following excerpt is from a letter submitted on July 4, 2018 to the AZ Attorney General’s office.

“This ADE program…is called “Excellence in Civic Engagement.” It encourages children to immerse themselves in various social, economic, and political “causes” via youth street activism, political lobbying efforts, get out the vote initiatives, community organizing, and connects youth with radical political groups promoting mobocracy. Among its many politically motivated aims are voting initiatives – lowering the voting age to 16, get out the vote drives, and changing the voting rules related to the electoral college in favor of the popular vote.
Diane Douglas was made aware of this program months ago and has taken no action.”


And another post from said group:

Question: are schools allowed to give an extra lunch hour to achievers on 2017-18 AZmerit and make everyone else take classes? This is high school. After 9 weeks this year they can earn the longer lunch hour with benchmarks. This high school changed their day schedule to start at 730 instead of 830 to accommodate this special reward. 😡


And here are the replies to this post:

Wow!! No idea but that’s ridiculous.   But that just seems to punish kids who don’t measure up and single out those who struggle.


Wow, just wow. Garbage policy. I’d spread word fast and raise hell. Which school or district? Also willfully blind to the multidisciplinary consensus regarding high school start times and adolescent sleep needs/biorhythms. Way off trend to start earlier. Ignorant and even dangerous.


Not to mention extending the school day with no added downtime for those that probably need it most.


Its Round Valley school district in north eastern az. I homeschool for reasons just like this but I thought I remembered this being illegal. There was mention of some sort of approval so I’m guessing they get a pass, but yeah I feel it’s immoral.


I have no idea of the legality. But I can’t believe parents aren’t fuming.


it’s so frustrating. Those who have a say tend to have achievers.


At ALA on the 202, they gave my son an early class to do computer math (for the test) and he still does a normal math during the day. So that sounds very similar.


they did the same to my son this year!! Instead of having an elective!!! He’s at ALA on C.H. & Hawes. 😡😡😡


Just another reason why high stakes testing is so absurd. This is a direct result of increasing federal intrusion into state/local K-12 ed since 2002, the first year No Child Left Behind (NCLB) took effect. NCLB & Common Core prioritize student performance on standardized tests above all else. That’s what we currently have in AZ: Teaching all students to the same standards (CC 3.0!) & requiring all students to take the same test (AzMERIT) aligned to those standards; & then using the test results to evaluate teachers & administrators & rank schools on the “School Report Card.”

The ill-conceived consequences of high-stakes testing & results-based funding mandate teaching to the test & penalize schools serving the most challenged & disadvantaged segments of the student population who make up the “Achievement Gap” (minority, low-income, Limited English Proficient & special needs students). The purpose of testing is to provide teachers & parents with feedback on student achievement & progress. Tests are supposed to be an evaluation & diagnostic tool, not an autopsy!

Standardized testing is a low priority for the overwhelming majority of parents as the attached PDK/Gallup Annual “Back-to-School” Survey of parents shows. They rank standardized test scores as the least important factor in judging school quality! Perhaps it’s time for those of us in educational leadership to start listening to what parents really want & adapting our educational system accordingly!



Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

As reported by Lynne M Taylor over at Common Core Diva:

Below are the millions/billions of dollars being earmarked for

HR 6470 and S 3158 are simply a beginning point for Congress in relation to the Fiscal Year (FY) Finalized 2019 Budget. Both these Bills cover ONLY the Depts of Labor, HHS, Education, and ANY related Agency.

However, by knowing WHERE the money goes, we can track how it ends up in the FINALIZED version.
The fiscal Year 2019 begins 10/1/18.

Career Aligning Data Mining:
*From HR 6470, $6 million to enlarge and innovate the Workforce Quality Data Initiative (WQDI) uses personal, private data from those in post-secondary schools and the job market to streamline back down to the Student Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) used in any K-12th-grade education tracking system (all ed choices).

In S 3158, $6 million for WQDI is also set aside.

*YouthBuild (HR 6470: $92, 534,000/S 3158: $93,079,000

*Expanding Apprenticeships (dovetails directly into the new CTE law and Exec Order for expansion) HR 6470: $150 million/S 3158: $160 million

*State grants for 1 Stop Job Centers, National Data Systems, Vets, etc. HR 6470: $3.47 billion; S 3158: $3.5 billion

*Health Care Data collection S 3158: $21 million

*HR 6470’s Health Care Data Collection is lumped in with Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Admin. (SAMHA) funds for ‘early intervention evidence-based research), $1.4 billion

*HR 6470 Health Surveillance/Research (ties to the Freedom of Information Act) $467 million; Data Collection for Substance Abuse: $79 million. Similar to this in S 3158 is the $60.3 million in funds for Health Information Technology upgrades.

(HR 6470: $5.2 billion; S 3158: $5.3 billion)

*HR 6470 has $6.5 million set aside in education for the Census Bureau and Education Data, S 3158: $5 million

*Career Tech Ed (CTE) HR 6470, $1.9 billion (will use SLDS and WQDI among other DATA RAPE information)

S 3158 for CTE: $1.8 billion
Institutes for Educational Science (IES), USED research arm totally dependent on massive amounts of data)

HR 6470: $613 million, S 3158: $615 million BOTH these amounts carry the mandate that they MUST connect Pre-K to adult education/workforce data.

Most people believe that an IEP is only for students with special needs, as referenced in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). But the fact is, an IEP (Personalized Learning) will soon be, for every American citizen in this new P-20W system. P-20W meaning from Prenatal through the Workforce, and is a part of a much bigger plan. It is a controlled workforce for a controlled global economy.

When the money follows the child, state or federal Education Savings Acts (ESA)s, via government, regulated “School Choice”, the access point is established to reach every citizen, no matter what education choose is used.

A computer has the ability to track everything a student knows, thinks, and does.…/a-matter-of-trust/


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

We share these resources not because we agree but to keep you abreast of the Full speed Freight train…moving ahead in NYS with experimentation and of what is for now “voluntary adoption of social emotional learning SEL” not only is it experimental manipulation of emotions to alter behaviors for conformity but also to emulate “restorative justice” like that in Parkland Florida where there are no consequences for bad behavior, not safe schools for majority of students and instead is a social justice approach that guinea pigs children in “kumbaya circles”
*notice in the links CASEL and Linda Darling Hammond are the driving force. Also note the Democrat pending legislation federally.

Commissioner MaryEllen Elia press release.…/back-school-season-approaches-new-so…

50 pages, what did this cost taxpayers? The promotion and selling of whole child experimental SEL…/SELEssentialforLearningandLife.p…

Benchmarks for emotions?!

So much for high quality knowledge based education.





Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

The charter school that I selected specifically for their math program has sold out to a common core program to seek a better grade on yearly assessments. Additionally, they are holding back 25%of the advanced kids to repeat a grade in math because they find the transition to the new curriculum hard for the kids.

Those of you who have found a solution besides full-time homeschool, what have you done? Are there affordable private school options? Arrange release time to do another math program?

Thanks in advance for your ideas!


And here are the replies to this post:

Liberty Hills Academy is a small private school in Bountiful that doesn’t use Common Core anything. Saxon is their math curriculum.


I am not saying the commenters are wrong but every time I try to do an internet search on Saxon and Common Core I keep reading that Saxon sold out to Common Core several years ago, so I am confused.


Frequently Asked Questions About Saxon
Is Saxon Math Common Core aligned?
Saxon Math was not designed as Common Core material. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd editions (from K-Calculus) are completely Common Core ‘free.’ The newest editions of Saxon adapted to align with Common Core.


I have purchased Saxon math books on ebay and I just make sure to get editions that have been published in 2006 or before. So far, so good.



A California high-school student was kicked out of class for wearing a NRA t-shirt:


Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:


Just a few notes from “Creating Emotionally Safe Schools by Jane Bluestein, Ph.D.

Writer Larry Lashway says,
“One might wonder at the potential gap between what is being assessed and what is actually being taught – and learned – in any given classroom. Even districts that boast rising test scores may have little actual learning to back up numbers. Such increases may simply reflect the alignment of the district’s curriculum with the tests or local spending in improving test taking skills. Research in one state suggests that test-score gains simply indicate that students are getting better at test-taking, rather than offering evidence of increased learning.”

Principal Aaron Trummer cites an Irish proverb that warns, “You can’t tell the quality of a sheep by weighing it.” Even the best interpretation of a student’s scores doesn’t do justice to his or her talents.

Teacher Mary O’Brien Merrigan remarks, “standardized tests measure only the bottom line, NOT the learning process.

“We can kill children’s enthusiasm for learning with pressure to perform well on these tests,” says New Jersey educator Bonnie Ann McLain. And if students are feeling “panicked” or “under constant jeopardy” because of standardized tests, what is this stress doing to performance, not to mention learning?

In some corners, even the idea of teaching to the test is considered a form of cheating, although there are those who defend this practice as a positive education strategy.

Longtime education reformer Theodore Sizer claims that tests are an easy way out, a popular way to judge a school’s effectiveness because “people are lazy. They are not asking questions.” Tests, he claims, “have this facade of toughness and objectivity.” And regardless of the impact these exams might have on kids and educators, they “PUT NO BURDEN ON THE PEOPLE WHO MOST OFTEN DEMAND THEM – THE POLITICIANS.”

A BIG “thank you” to Beth Swan for finding this book and sharing it with me!


And another post from this group:

Parents can make a difference!

Today, a bi-partisan group of the Michigan State Board of Education (SBE), voted down a grant program authorized by the Michigan legislature for Competency-Based Education (CBE).

According to the State Superintendent, this is the first time State Board of Educaiton has not approved a grant program.

The STOP COMMON CORE in Michigan and MICHIGAN PARENTS INVOLVED IN EDUCATION leadership thanked the Michigan State Board of Education for taking this bold step. We agree with the concerns expressed by Board members. We hope Michigan leadership will move ahead with a better strategy, engaging parents and teachers, before launching another faddish experiment on Michigan’s public school children.

California WAKE UP!


And yet another post:

When we say there is too much data collection going on with students we are not making up this stuff. This is the next iteration because now they want to track them through life.

Just say NO to SBAC testing, surveys, and if your children are taking SAT, AP, or ACT tests make sure they are not filling out the “optional” data because they are collecting that data. The only reason to collect it is to share it or sell it.

Beware please.

Hat tip to John Walker
Modesto School Board


Here is a post from someone on Alice Linahan’s FB page:

It’s a shame most Texans don’t know that we’ve already had our education commission hearings on Next Generation Assessments in 2016; and that the invited guests (ed tech providers) referred to our children and their data as “human capital, the new gold, a gold mine, a treasure trove”! It’s just a disgusting that it’s all being perpetrated under the FALSE guise of “It’s for the kids”! Makes me SICK!

Somebody needs to tell Sen. Larry Taylor (who was Chairman of the NGA hearings): We KNOW what you’re doing. CAPITAL-izing off of our kids. Somehow, he’s capitalizing off of the new “human capital.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My son couldn’t go to advance math they said because we didn’t do SAGE testing. So I need to find some online stuff for him to do. He wanted to skip to the next grade level on Math but the teacher told him without his scores they can’t do it.


And another post from said group:

Governor Herbert is in complete lockstep with everything Common Core. He promised Utahns that Utah was not required to abide by federal mandates, but he failed to tell us that he would voluntarily live by those mandates because he is a Common Core promoter at heart.


And yet another post from said group:

Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but can anyone explain what the scenario looks like/options when a child has been educated using non common core standards and then wants to go to college and the SAT and ACT have common core on it? My kids are young so I am just trying to think of things we would encounter long term. Thank you!!


And the replies to this post:

Don’t just think of what will happen if you don’t comply and use Common Core, think of what will happen to your kids (and other kids) if they DO comply with and use Common Core.
When you start feeling threatened to comply, there’s a problem. That’s the feeling of your rights being squeezed out of you.
Things are changing fast, so it’s hard to tell what will happen ten years from now. We know the people behind CC want to force everyone onto the CC system so people can’t even get a job unless they participate, but they can’t do this if people refuse to participate and stand against it now. They even have plans to bring adults into the system, so if your kids need to join later there should be options available to them.
I feel that we should have struck a while back, but it’s clear that we need to strike NOW, not wait for a more opportune time, for it won’t come.
Colleges LOVE homeschoolers. I wouldn’t stress about it. We have two options: let our kids get analyzed, experimented with and brainwashed OR teach them to be hard-working, intelligent human beings. They will survive if we choose the latter. The former, will be a dime-a-dozen.
They should be smart enough to know the answer and still be able to fill in the correct bubble. Who cares what method they used to solve the problem.

I have home schooled since 1983. This argument is not new. Even before common core, moms feared if they did not play school at home, their kids could not possible pass the ACT. But must did and they did better than those who went to school.

I have a son who decided that instead of taking the ACT he would take the GED even though he did not need to. The GED has just been recently recreated in common core fashion. In our state the GED is a state issued diploma. He had zero common core. He passed he GED with Honors.

Common core is not a curriculum it is a set of standards. The curriculum that some who promoted common core came up with is crazy, propaganda. But common core were the standards.

Just give your child a rich quality education, ignore common core. When they are about 13 or 14 let them take a practice ACT. Find what ever holes they might have and design a path to fill the holes. ACT takes your highest score and there is no limit on the numbers of tests. Taking it at 14 lays a benchmark. Colleges know that every time a student takes the ACT they can gain 2-3 points. Most take it, polish up on what they did not know and take it again. A son in law got a 27 as a junior in High School, he self corrected or improved and took the second time. On his third try he got 34 of 36 and earned a full ride scholarship.

Don’t settle for common core out of fear, your children deserve better. Education can be a fabulous adventure that will bless them the rest of their lives.

And yet another post from this group:
What can you tell me about Prodigy? My kids use it at school, but I just read some troubling reviews on Common Sense Media. Should I be concerned? I feel like pretty soon my kids will be sitting in the corner all day because they’ve been opted out of everything. 
prodigy math game
And here are the replies to this post:
Ha ha ha! me too! It’s like every single subject involves personality shaping, questionable morals and a screen!
I don’t know about it in school but when we have used it at home, you can choose what style or whatever you want to call it … doesn’t have to be common core (if that’s an option).
My son used Prodigy in 5th grade and loved it. He did not use it for school in 6th grade but we kept a membership because he enjoyed using it. I didn’t notice anything suspicious when we signed up.
My main concerns are data mining, incessant advertising, witchcraft, and low actual math content in the game. The last thing I need is MORE game/screen time for my kids. My son says he plays it at school every day. He’s in second grade!
Ripon College in Wisconsin has censored a 9/11 memorial to avoid offending the feelings of Muslims:
And another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:


There is talk of abolishing our ELECTED State School Board again. This would mean an APPOINTED Board, which would mean parents would LOSE their voice COMPLETELY.

Start talking to your legislators NOW to let them know this would be a horrible mistake.

It was defeated last year, but they are trying it again this year.


And another post from this group:

What I just texted to the reporter who trashed State board member Lisa Cummins.

“I just listened and read your piece on Lisa Cummins…and it took me all day to find someone who knew your number.
I am a precinct leader in my city of Saratoga Springs and helped support representative Jefferson Moss to get him into office. He works with the districts closely and the state education board. He is a good guy. Listens to every side of every issue involving education at the state level. He is kind to everyone, and thoughtful, even when he disagrees, he never has a negative thing to say publically, including about Lisa Cummins…however, I think you should know why. He knows she represents constituents who hate the 6% federal monies…being dangled like a carrot to force the obnoxious annual state wide testing, and data mining…by all students including those with disabilities that should not be being tested for hours on end for days.
He knows parental rights laws in Utah to opt out of state testing are being challanged by the Federal mandates of common core.
Utah parents make and contribute 94% of the money used on education in this state.
And 5.7% of those parents that use the public education system… currently opt out of testing.
That is .7 percent more than the federal government wants to allow…and that 6% of funding they threaten to pull… if Lisa Cummins does not stand up for them.

You did not represent parents in your piece who want parental rights laws…upheld…
When you trashed the woman who is fighting for them.
A total hit piece, destruction of a conservative leader. (zero positive statements from supporters…only statements by people who hate her and want to see her fail).
I get that she is not a PR scrubbed fake version of a politician. And that she has reposted articles on facebook that maybe she should have researched more first before posting (who hasn’t?)
She is not perfect…but she is perfectly willing to at least stand up, volunteer, and serve the parents and kids of Utah.

There are people who wanted someone on that board to ask the hard questions, who was an outsider, to make sure there was not federal over reach into Utah state education.
She is many peoples hero.
And I am re posting what I just wrote about her, to you… on the Utah delegate facebook group pages… so 5000 political influentials in Utah state…understand the other side of a coin…
You failed with severe BIAS-
to tell.”


And some replies to this post:

Everything you need to know about the media was on full display today.


Another State School Board Member Alisa Ellis

Just posted this in response to the news story:

“One View… Is that really what we want?

KUTV is seemingly on a witch-hunt. Last night they singled out one of my colleagues, board member Lisa Cummins. They combed through old meetings, took statements out of context, and made it sound as if she was the lone voice in every one of her votes.

The government, as designed by our Constitution, is messy and slow. And this is a really good thing. It protects us. Do we really want one person to hold the power to push through their point of view without allowing others the opportunity to be heard? KUTV is insinuating that Board Member Cummins holds that type of power. She does not. She is one board member who is powerless without a majority vote. Each different perspective presented on the board adds value to the discussion and helps us make better decisions as we look at all angles. Do we really want to silence someone? Is that the America you want?

The Constitution set up a system of government that has checks and balances. It prevents not only one branch of government from being too powerful but also individuals from being too powerful. The claims that KUTV is making are unfounded. One board member simply does not have enough power to make any type of changes within education. Anything that gets changed has to be voted on by a majority of the board.

Our board is very diverse. We have very liberal voices as well as very conservative voices on the board. As one of those conservative voices, I suspect that I’m on the chopping block next with KUTV.

The question is —

Will they look at the liberal voices and everything they’ve ever said or done as well? I hope not because I value their voices on our board.

Would it be easier for me if everyone felt and thought like me? Yes, it would be. Would I be able to push things through and get the kind of government and education system that I value? Yes.

But is that the right thing to do? NO

We are better and stronger when we are represented with different viewpoints and perspectives. I don’t have to agree with them and I don’t have to like them. But they’re voices are valuable and necessary and needed.

I hope that the good people of Utah will look beyond a news story and recognize that all voices matter. I would hope that the adults in Utah would be better examples for our children.

I do believe that public officials should be held accountable for their votes but it can be done in a respectful and kind way. KUTV is looking to damage and wound someone. It’s simply not right.”


It was a total trash piece. I saw it last night on the 10 o’clock news. Absolute unabashed biased reporting. It made me sick. Lisa does the right thing, asks the hard questions and votes her conscience even when she stands alone. We need more like her.


The whole situation is maddening! Why does it feel we’re always playing a losing game?


Because parents of the past fell asleep and let liberals take over most institutions.


The Mark Tucker letter was written in 1992, they’ve have a decades long headstart. I think we’re doing pretty good.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I’ve been searching Achieve3000 on Twitter and I thought I’d share this for the horror of the image. No desks with kids bent over small screens in a crowded room forced to read AP articles for data collection. How is this not child abuse?

Achieve 3000 tortures kids


Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Oh look. Project Unicorn is showcasing Reasoning Mind. And don’t miss the “Take always from the recent IMS Global Learning Institute”…/project-unicorn-august-newsletter-2018

Case Study Reasoning Mind

Is Meaning Lost When Data Is Exported? Why Reasoning Mind Takes a ‘Wait And See’ Approach

Marisa Kaplan
If you take data out of context, does it lose its meaning? This question constantly plagues Steven Gaudino, VP of Product Management at Reasoning Mind.

The Houston-based nonprofit organization develops online blended learning programs that can be used as core or supplemental curriculum in math classrooms, or to guide small group work in after-school programs. The nonprofit has been researching and iterating its math methodology since 2000, and its products have been used in classrooms since 2005. Currently, Reasoning Mind offers five programs that serve over 140,000 students in Pre-K through seventh grade and provides professional development to help teachers understand the organization’s approach to mathematics.

The programs collect a variety of data, from usage to performance, which Gaudino believes can guide instruction to target specific student needs. But he worries that data loses its meaning when it is shrunken down, exported and fed into other systems. He realizes that some administrators desire to see the data in a single dashboard, but questions whether combining it will help students learn. “Centralizing information in itself is not necessarily going to improve educational outcomes for students,” he says.

Read The Story Here


And another post by Alice Linahan:

Interestingly, I pulled up what I wrote about SB 1882 at the time.…/

“Republicans and Democrats alike are working in coordination to strip Texans of our personal liberties and rights.

Case in point – SB 1882 Relating to a school district contract to partner with an open-enrollment charter school to operate a district campus and it’s companion bill HB 3439 .

As you can see, these bills are clearly a bi-partisan effort which will remove the authority of education from locally elected school boards.”

(Below follows a post that was shared by her as part of the post above)

This is that stupid bill Rep Linda Koop got hoodwinked into sponsoring:

Texas teachers unions sue education agency over charter partnership law

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, two teacher groups argue Texas Education Commissioner Mike Morath exceeded his authority and weakened protections for public school employees.

The lawsuit also argues that two of the guidelines Morath set out for SB 1882 violate existing state education law. One of the guidelines require the low-performing campus to be exempt from all district policies, beyond those agreed to in the partnership. The other gives Morath the authority to approve a partnership request if he determines it will “improve student outcomes” at the campus.

“It is an invalid rule that illegally usurps the authority of local school districts to apply their own local policies to SB 1882 arrangements and illegally subjects the rights and benefits of the plaintiff’s members, as provided for in local district policies, to unwarranted control by the commissioner,” the lawsuit says.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Question for those of you in Utah with High Schoolers-I’m wondering if others are experiencing this and also wanting to give a heads up to those who will be dealing with this in the next few years. I recently got my daughter signed up to do some concurrent enrollment college classes through UVU at our local high school. Everything seemed fine. She had to take the accuplacer, but she scored great in both math and English. She was fully registered and ready to start classes when they told me that because she is a homeschooler, she isn’t allowed to take any concurrent enrollment classes unless she has taken the ACT and scored a 22 or higher in all sections or has an acredited GPA of 3.0 or higher. I explained that I can provide a transcript and a GPA but they said that because I’m just the mom, it doesn’t count. (Ok- they didn’t exactly word it like that but still…)
This all happened just a few days before these classes were starting so there was no possible way for her to even take the ACT. The public school kids don’t have to take the ACT to take concurrent enrollment classes and it’s just not right to make the homeschoolers jump through an extra hoop. They stated that they want to make sure the kids are ready for college classes because its permanently on their transcript etc. (Isn’t this the parent/college kids job? Why does the state think they get to decide when kids are ready anyway? ) To this I asked what the purpose of taking the accuplacer is then. Apparently they are planning to start phasing that out because of some decisions that were made at a meeting that happened in the beginning of August. Well- that gives nobody any notice or warning or any way around it! It’s not even possible to jump through this new hoop they’ve just created in time for classes this semester. These requirements aren’t listed on any of their forms, on their site, nothing. They don’t even ask for a GPA when you register or enroll and there is no place to enter an ACT score.
The worst thing was that their suggestion was to have her take 3 high school classes of any sort this semester instead so that she can have a GPA through a real school. *eyeroll* and then start concurrent classes after that. If their goal is to educate kids, why would they suggest she take 3 classes she doesn’t need, doesn’t want, won’t help her towards anything other than jumping through this new hoop? There are so many regulations and rules! They are actually preventing kids from learning.
Take math for example. You can’t take math 1050 unless you have taken math 1, 2, and 3. Even if you can easily test into it, you still have to take the classes before that. At least this rule is the same for PS and Homeschoolers. But it’s lame anyway. My daughters thoughts were, well- since I’m doing math every day anyway at this level, I may as well get college credit for it. But since they won’t let her take the class, she’ll keep studying math but end up having to repeat stuff once she does get to take a college math class. Ummmmmm-This system is seriously flawed…..


Here is a post from a Breitbart article on what is going on Utah with the DOE sttrong-arming the state and schools:

My kids go to a charter school in Utah where many parents opted out of the SAGE Test. Why? Because it is a standardized test for Common Core. The test is awful. My kids who are great academically hate the SAGE Test. As the article states, common core is still hard at work in public schools. The Department of Education has not replaced it with anything better. The problem here is that the state of Utah now looses a lot a federal money because so many parents opted their children out of the test. So for all of you Constitutional Conservatives out there that believe in state’s rights you better be paying attention.


And some other posts from this article:

Devos’ family owns an accreditation business. The scum had used common core as a guide to build an accreditation program.

DeVos had been pushing vouchers for “charter schools”, but only if those schools are accredited would a parent be able to use vouchers to pay for their childrens education.

Guess how the schools are accredited? The accreditation company owned by Devos’ family provides accreditation and curriculum, for a fee.

DeVos and its family is absolute scum, ripe for culling.


I got so sick of the Common Core BS, especially in math, that I took my daughter our of public school after 2nd grade, and she has never been back. I could not afford a private school for a long time, so I homeschooled her until then. Don’t regret it for a second. Who would regret their kid taking Latin in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade? That’s why it used to be called “grammar school!”


The Scamway queen DeVoss was one of Trumps worse picks. All but 2 repubs voted in favor of her, Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska did not. DeVoss had a clearcut conflict of interest as she and her Billionaire family have tons of stock in the student loan collection industry and are heavily invested in sally may and Navient and many student loan collection companies. Pense voted to break a tie. DeVoss is 100% pay to play, and her only work experience is marrying into the billionaire Scamway family. I tend to be conservative and agree with many of Trumps policies and picks but he really made an error by selecting DeVoss.She is a total dud and just as bad as Obama’s Dept of Ed pick, Art Dunkme.


Catch up with current events. In classic communist style, the Deparment of Education being merged with the Department of Labor. It’s been a long time coming. Now class rooms are junior corporate job TRAINING camps instead of education centers. All with the use of taxayer money. Research has shown federal common core standards are very often above children’s development levels, resulting in nothing less than child abuse to require kids to successfully complete tasks they simply haven’t the brain development to accomplish.
Watch and learn:


Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I don’t even know what to say….

state despotism


And some replies to this post:

Just another confirmation our feelings to leave SoCal thirteen years ago when we still had five kids left to get thru school, was the right decision.
I stood before the school board in Huntington Beach regarding an issue of parents rights, threatened to pull my kids out to home school, and voilà! Just like that, at the threat of a family pulling 6 kids from their public school, and loosing ALL that funding they receive for each of my kids, and I suddenly had their cooperation.
Of course that was back in about 1994ish.
Now that seems to be the least of my worries, we’re I still there with my last two still in school! (14 & 16)
You couldn’t pay me to move back there with my kids still in school. And I was born and raised there!


Sounds like a concentration camp invitation letter.



I do not think we live in the Land of the Free anymore.


Mind blown. I’ve been saying this was coming for 10 years and my church laughs at me. “The state doesn’t think they own our kids!”!


Omg… considering I was born and raised in that county I can safely say I’m glad I got the hell out. Wait until someone from Newport or Laguna gets arrested for taking their kids to Maui for 10 days 😂😂😂 this is a ticking time bomb…


With what I had uncovered in the he FY 2019 Fed Budget bills, this school law enforcement partnership is not only part of the national tracking plan, it is on our dime as well as the P3s. Get the kids out


Well, the are many reasons we choose the relative quiet of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, I shall add this to the list this morning 🙂


WA state has very a very similar law, called the BECCA Law. Parents will be taken to court after so many absences….so glad to be out of there!


Nope nope and hell no. So, keep your kids attendance up and they get more money. Hmmmm……No Don’t comply…you’re a criminal. Super👍🏻😁


This was the law in Ohio when I went to school. If we missed 3 days, unexcused, the sherif would show up at our house… so it doesn’t shock me.


The real reason is right there…school funding. You go on vacation, we lose money. Plus, we get paid to arrest…so there you go.


Send your child to day prison or go to prison, so sayeth the state!! No child will be allowed to learn. They will only be educated. PEOPLE, this is what happens when you allow your enemy to take custody of your children for the purposes of state propaganda. Once they have them they claim to own them and have say above you. Maybe it was a bad idea to register your child to the state when they were born.


They want to charge parents with the crime yet they’ll let out all the drug dealers and now considering letting people out of jail and let them go free from death row. All in the same state


This is just an illustration of how American education has been designed to support “State as Absolute.” Citizens exist for, and are therefore, to be dependent on (and subservient to) the State. The citizens are not to rely on their individual faculties.

John Dewey, the father of American education, held the concept of “education for social change.”

Note the complete LACK of ACADEMICS in the following statement by Dewey: “The school is primarily a social institution. Education being a social process, the school is simply that form of community life in which all those agencies are concentrated that will be most effective in bringing the child to share in the inherited resources of the race, and to use his own powers for social ends. Education, therefore, is a process of living and not a preparation for future living.”

Andrew Sutton commenting: Education is not CHILD centered, but STATE centered, … Parents believe a child goes to school to learn skills to use in the adult world, but Dewey states specifically that education is “not a preparation for future living.” The Dewey educational system does not accept the role of developing a child’s talents but, contrarily, only to prepare the child to function as a unit in an organic whole – in blunt terms a cog in the wheel of an organic society. … the values of the school system are rooted in the Hegelian concept of the State as the absolute.


Many parents don’t know this, but the school actually “owns” your child from the moment s/he steps out your front door until the moment s/he steps back in your front door. Yep. Walking, busing, biking to school… The school owns them the whole way. I was a public school teacher when this policy was implemented.


This explains a lot of the evil behind this letter.…/state-watchdog-to-fine…/


I was threatened with jail when I lived in Sacramento and took my daughter out a week early for Christmas break to attend her sister’s wedding in another state. They tried to force me into counseling and to sign a contract that she would not miss any more school and I refused. I knew that she would be moving back to Utah by the end of that school year so I had no qualms about standing up to them, but I feel bad for parents who have to deal with that kind of intimidation and abuse of parental rights long-term.

They also stated in their letter that they could have my welfare benefits removed…. I think I was more offended at that sentence than anything else and gave them a piece of my mind when I wrote them back and said how dare they assume that I might be on welfare and that I had never received a single dime of government help ever in my life.


Welfare is proving more of a control mechanism than a charitable one.


And another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I know removing kids from public schools is not a possible scenario for some families, but can I admit that sometimes I fantasize about a huge tidal wave of parents saying ‘enough is enough, that was the last straw’ and collectively pulling their kids from the system, rather than staying to be boiled alive?


And hare are the replies to said post:

Homeschooling is a great answer for a lot of people on an individual level, but it distracts us from the bigger problem: federal overreach. We can homeschool all we want but they are still going to come after us in the end. To announce we homeschool so it doesn’t apply to us, and then sit back and watch our public school friends fall subject to the whims of federal overreach is ignoring the real problem. We homeschoolers need to stop making excuses and fight alongside our public school friends, because we know the federal government is going to come for us next.


Amen! I personally homeschool, but am very involved in this fight!
But the truth is there is power in the masses, but we are controlled by the few. It reminds me of Bug’s Life. There are far more ants than grasshoppers, but those who control do so because we allow it. My point is that only a huge mass exodus may be enough to force those who make the decisions to rethink their path.


It would if those people didn’t already have plans to control homeschoolers too. They don’t care because it’s not about responding to our needs but achieving their own ideal. They are completely remodeling the education system and are convinced that we don’t like it because everything is not perfectly in place yet. Once it’s perfect everyone will love it.


Yes, I was just going to say… if everyone pulls out to homeschool, they will just come for our kids there. We need to reclaim our liberty and our rights. Governmental overreach, usurpation, and oppression. They think we are their property, or at least that our kids are their property. We need to push back government. (Also, I do homeschool and I love it.)


I didn’t think you were, and I totally get your point. We do need to be reminded that we have power and rights. I think I’m more just despairing this morning. I didn’t mean to be argumentative. I’ve just spent the morning chatting with people who think “what’s so bad” about federal overreach, as long as it’s what they want or agree with or can put up with. I’m shocked and depressed that people think it’s “okay” or “not that bad.” I commented out of a feeling of hopelessness, which is still bad. Just discouraged about it today.


Too bad there aren’t some billionaires out there willing to save our children from the horrors of what Bill Gates has brought down on our nation.I know there are people on the front lines helping to fight to stop the progression of this nightmare, but is there any heavy financing and pushing going on to prepare better curriculum that our reps and leaders who will listen can get into schools to get the ball rolling on something else now or in the near future?


I removed mine and placed them in a private, Christian school and it was the BEST decision I have ever made. The system is broken beyond repair. Our teachers are being used and I refuse to have to fight the school for the right to opt my children out of the sham standardized testing. I will never return to public school, I would homeschool first. The whole thing is tragic. I went to public school in a rough area and did just fine. I had always planned on having my kids attend public school but 2 years (Kinder and 1st grade) was all I needed to see that it was not what it used to be 😦


My words on another post are applicable here…so I repeat:
Its not the child’s welfare or education that is in focus here… It is the funding a school receives when their butts or in a seat. The government pays a school for each child each day. This is what is wrong with our “education” system…. Our children are no longer a means to a better society… Its a means to make sure every little “subject” or citizen is in a seat ready for todays indoctrination. This is also how a forced vaccination system is controling the little subjects.
I have seen so many things. In the past 35 years that scare me. I am not a conspiracy theorist but the changes I have seen since my children were in school to todays grandchildren is obsolutly a controlled system creating a sickly and obident future class of people.

Sorry if that was long and scary but I see how life in America has changed over my 60 years.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

I happen to be scanning Craig’s list–came across a job ad for a tutor. Below is part of the job description. “Pre-elementary” test prep classes. What is wrong with people?
“Teach our test preparation class to multiple small pre-elementary and elementary level classes in a consecutive manner”


Here is a post that was shared in the Conservative Hammer Facebook group (by a student that I will keep the anonymity of to protect her from possible backlash, as I do many others on here by removing their names.)

Hey everyone, as a student from Parkland I just wanted to share a bit about my experience in politics these past couple weeks.

So I’m sure many of you know the tragedy that took place here on Feb. 14 that took 17 lives at Stoneman Douglas High School. As a result, the media started pushing a heavy gun control narrative with the help of students from MSD like David Hogg, Emma Gonazlez, and others.

These kids have obtained quite the platform, speaking out to over millions of people on Twitter daily. So we had asked them if they’d be able to do us a favor: help endorse two candidates who were running for the Broward School Board election. You see, many people dropped the ball which gave the ability to let the shooter waltz into the school. The FBI, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, etc. And one group of the many was the Broward County School Board.

In 2014, they had allocated 100 million dollars from taxpayers to increase security measures in all Broward schools. Part of that money was suppose to go towards Stoneman Douglas to fix the fire alarm system which was going off from a very low level of smoke (as low as a candle), but the incompetent board members and the superintendent failed to use the money in time.

Four years later on Valentines Day, a gunman started to open fire onto the first floor of one of the schools buildings. Eleven died on the first floor, six more on the third, but none on the second floor. “How come no one died on second floor?” you may ask.

The fire alarm was set off by the gun smoke. Everyone on the second floor had heard the gunshots so they had retreated into their classroom closets and hid against the walls, but because of the loud ringing of the fire alarm- no one on the third floor had a clue there was a gunman. This caused students and teachers to pour out into the halls, killing six more and injuring many others.

It would be a different story if the superintendent had been transparent and honest with the residents of Broward, but they have failed time and time again to do that after many confrontations. That’s why we wanted to get new board members to get a majority vote on ousting the superintendent.

Families of the victims, myself and few others have had multiple meetings with these March For Our Lives students who had promised to help us out with anything we needed- but they didn’t knock ONE out of the 40,000 doors we knocked. They didn’t go out sign-waving with us, or come to the polls and hand out flyers with us.

Instead they went on a road tour plugging their stupid book, and their excuse was that they didn’t endorse candidates running for office. Both candidates we were campaigning for were the father of one of the students killed at their school, Ryan Petty, and the other was Richard Mendelson, best friends with a teacher killed at the school.

They both lost to the corrupt incumbents, one of those incumbents being the daughter of ex-Democratic senate member Nan Rich.

We fully believe that if David Hogg and his pals had helped endorse our candidates that they would have won. But instead they wanted to push an agenda nationally that is unachievable and neglected their home.

Just wanted to highlight the stupid people we deal with here in Parkland to you guys. Now we are stuck with these corrupt monsters in charge of my safety and education instead of genuine, kindhearted people for another few years.


When I asked this student the following question, wondering if my hunch, based on research, was correct:

Am I also right in believing that this March for Our Lives thing is also a youth voter registration drive attempt, particularly to try and flip the Florida governor’s race? I did notice that the Socialist candidate did win there, which even more makes me think this is likely.


I received this reply:

Yes, you’re 100 percent correct.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

I think I’m gonna vomit.


This posted by our WA PTSA state legislative liaison.

The importance on assessing “soft skills”.


And another post from this group:

Our State changed to CBE off Chugach, Alaska. Below is a snippit of FAQ provided to parents of one locale. Buck got passed in the face of reasonable questions towards competency without compromise. Its more of an integrity issue among leadership than lack of knowledge. Most School Boards and leadership know exactly and precisely what they are intentionally accomplishing with youth, and they’ll champion denial of free will of our children to their grave. Below is “One” School Board’s message to parents about thrusting CBE on them.

CBE Alaska


And yet another post from this group:

Do you know if these are private/charter or public preschools? Are they SIBs related? $800,000 for TFA to study something it knows nothing about. How does one get on this gravy train? So many problems with this.


And here are some replies to this post:

Colorado has a little thing called Pay For Success. In years prior, the same bill –titled Social Impact Bonds, failed. But we passed it in great bi-partisan fashion in 2015 with the simple name change to PFS. I do not know the preschools receiving the TFA teachers/funding. From the initial Chalkbeat article: “the Denver-based Gary Community Investments, which gives grants and makes for-profit investments to help low-income children and families, funded a feasibility study to determine whether Teach for America should try early childhood placements. (Gary Community Investments, through the Piton Foundation, is a Chalkbeat funder.)

The study delivered a favorable conclusion and Gary subsequently awarded Teach for America a grant of nearly $800,000 to launch a two-year pilot program. …early childhood corps members will work at five preschools across the city — three operated by Mile High Early Learning and two operated by Sewall Early Child Development Center, which serves students with disabilities and typically developing children together.”…/with-preschool-teachers-in…/


Teach for America … camp counselors without the pine tree logos on their shirts. Know-Nothings.


As my son’s class went through different graduation honors ceremonies, they included a moment for each student to stand on stage to say their name, their next step, and something they look forward to….
I almost shouted “No!” when a young woman said she was going to Teach For America.


I watched a video on TFA which seem more like educational tourists. It it amazes me that parents would subject their children to such inexperienced personnel. No wonder why TFA is failing — Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation written all over it along with some other big names – figures!


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

My 5th grader is begging me not to stir the pot.

sneaky form


And here are some replies to this post:

I have my thoughts, what stands out to you [poster name withheld]?
Because I’ve fallen down the i-Ready rabbit hole, High quality curriculum immediately jumped out at me.

And, of course, the whole parental involvement thing. Parental involvement is only acceptable when you’re endorsing the district’s position.

Love to hear your thoughts.
parental submission and unquestioned alignment.
Do you really want my assessment?

1. Who and what determines “high quality Curriculum? What is their vetting process of said criteria?
2. How often will said parent conferences be held? 1,2 3, 4 times a year?
3. How frequent will said progress reports be shared?
4. Please clarify what they consider “REASONABLE” access
5. How shall a parent communicate without crossing their lines?
6. By monitor your child’s attendance, do they assume that your children run wild?
7. Reasonable homework shall be completed.
8. Pound salt on what I do at home, for example, how much T.V. they watch
9. What volunteer positions do they have in mind? How much is considered adequate?
10. Clarify what decisions you actually have any sort of say in regarding your child’s education
11. Again, pound salt on what your children choose to do with extracurriclur activities
12. How much is enough communication? How much is too much?
13. Self advocacy looks very different at different ages, that needs to be broken down by cognitive ability
14. Forced reading is destined to fail. Again that looks different based on age
15. How bout they use their nifty technology and upload all communication and assignments rather than collect data that they have zero idea how to decipher

last but not least TITLE 1 is significant! Do parents understand what that means??
That’s off the cuff what struck me as abrasive
I vote someone rewrites the contract and takes an attorney with them to the principal and teacher to have them sign it. 🙂
I always read this, crossed off parts I dont agree with and make my own comments, sent back to school telling them to contact my lawyer for further discussion. Never signed anything!
To what benefit is it for the parent to sign this? Students under 18 should not sign squat.
Compliance and agreement to reinforce what they’ve determined as best and you must be a “partner” in rearing your own children?
I already have a partner….my husband, no need for a 3rd party 😜

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Could mega-schools be a factor in youth suicides? I wonder if Utah’s data reflects this.

“No matter the reason, these numbers reflect a much more de-personalized, de-humanized model of factory schooling.

That such an environment might be harmful to children shouldn’t be surprising. Factory schooling causes a feeling of compulsory incarceration that, beyond doubt, adversely affects the mental health of many children. Psychologist Peter Gray at Boston College has studied in depth the harmful effects of mass schooling on children’s mental health because it is an abnormal setting for children that feels like a prison. Superb and extensive work on the subject has also been done by John Taylor Gatto, who won teacher of the year awards from both New York City and New York.”


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Kettering School district Ohio. Global citizens.

global citizens student brainwashing


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Bureaucratic abuses are a real threat to children and their parents, as indicated by what’s going on in Norway. The more intrusion we allow into the lives of young learners by means of the misguided Emotional Social Learning units that USED wants introduced into our schools, the more dangers to our children and their parents.


Here is a post from a different Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

A friend asked me about opting out of the tests, they didn’t know it was an option. I sent them this and thought I would share:

Opting out, I will TRY to keep this short, but I have much to say about it.

There is much misinformation out there, but here are some facts.

The only Graduation requirement is the 10th grade MCAS 2.0.

Colleges do NOT look at MCAS scores, only SAT and the ACT tests

We have opted our kids out for a few years, our kids have gone to the library, no retribution from teachers, administration or the police. Both kids doing well in school, our son gets on the honor roll and our daughter has a 5.0 average.

Some of the misinformation is coming from our teachers and administration. They are getting fed this from the DESE (MA Department of Elementary and secondary Education) I Have spoken with DESE and they told me it was “illegal” to opt out. I asked to see the law he was referring to, he gave me the law and I had Dr Sandra Stotsky and a few others who are way smarter than I read it and the agreed that the law said that the Dept had to GIVE the tests, but nowhere did it say children were REQUIRED to take them. Again, nothing happened to us and our friends who opted out.

They will tell you it will hurt the School and teacher. If there is less than 95% participation rate, the school’s rating goes down, in other words, they blackmail you. Ridiculous that a school’s quality is assessed by how many kids take a test. Not your problem, your priority is your child.

To give another example of the shady DESE policies, they marked our son absent for the test when we got his ‘results’ back. I called to complain that he opted out, he was not absent. DESE told me that they do not put ‘opt out’ on the tests “because they don’t want people to know that it’s an option.” Those were his exact words. Then he proceeded to brag that opt outs went down last year. I said, that’s because you fooled the public by changing the Common Core aligned PARCC tests to call them MCAS 2.0! The then sec. of Ed. Mitchell Chester said that MCAS 2.0 was 70-90% PARCC, so it should be PARCC 2.0, but people opted out and complained about PARCC, so the name change.

I have rambled enough, but if you have any questions, please let me know. Please also keep an eye out for SEL (social emotional learning) and questionnaires. We tell administration, no questionnaires without us seeing them first.

More information at truthinamericaneduction.com…/…/

And here…/

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you, again, let me know if you need any help.

Good luck!

Here is a post from a Missouri anti-Common Core group:
Can someone explain if Standard Based Grading is just another name for CC?
And here follow the replies:
It is where the kids are only graded on the standards and nothing else… some teachers have the kids re-do the work until the desired grade is reached until the end of the quarter or semester.
Ok my sons school this year has decided for 3rd grade to grade as Proficient, Near Proficient and Not Proficient. I have talked to a few teachers in a few different districts and they said it’s SBG. I’m beyond aggravated and stressed about the whole situation but want to go to the Administration/teacher to discuss why this has changed and what are they looking for moving forward. It’s a Private school so I feel we need to be educated/informed before something like this is to happen.
On the other side I do not want to be over reacting if it’s not a huge deal
If they’re teaching to the standards, it’s Common Core. I sure wouldn’t want to pay for a private school that has a CC curriculum.
If you are in Missouri the standards are called Missouri Standards which are mostly common core. I know this because I was one of the volunteers to rewrite the secondary science standards.
Mastery or proficient is 70 %, near proficient is 65%, not proficient is below 65%. That is what the school I worked for lowered their grade standards to to make it look like students were doing much better than they actually are.
So you need to ask for percentages and then ask them for a copy of all the standards your child will be graded on. I worked in a middle school and I could never figure out elementary grading of 1, 2 ,or 3.
Keep asking questions and looking at your child’s work.
The competencies are aligned to the standards. So yes.
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:


This could be an important step towards securing our opt-out rights. Please take the time to write your school board member today.

“If you support this motion, please reach out to your board members today and let them know that you will be watching to see how they vote on parental rights. There will be a move to creating more watered-down version saying that we support parental rights.”

“Whereas the Utah Supreme Court has stated, “We conclude that the right of a parent not to be deprived of parental rights without a showing of unfitness, abandonment, or substantial neglect is …so basic to our constitutional order that it ranks among those rights referred to in …the [Utah and the] United States Constitution as being retained by the people.” Whereas, determining the value of a state-mandated test is most definitely not a showing of unfitness by a parent;

Therefore, we move that the USBE support the legislators in fulfilling their oath to defend those parental rights, which are fundamental rights retained by the people, by retaining current statutes protecting parental rights, including the primacy of parents in their child’s education and the right to opt their child out of tests and assignments as they see fit. We also move that a copy of this motion be given to each legislator and that USBE staff be instructed to actively support this effort.”

PLEASE READ MORE about what’s happening at today’s USBE metting here:


And another post from this group:

Somebody please walk me through this, if you can. My son, who is a senior, is considering NOT taking the ACT’s in defiance of all kinds of pressure from peers, and ‘conventional academic wisdom.’ He has the next 3 years of his life after graduation mapped out and it doesn’t include college. He ‘might’ change his mind in the future and decide to go to college, but for the next 3 years, it’s not on the docket and he doesn’t want to waste money on an education that won’t assist him in his career path. Should he change his mind in the future and choose to get a college degree, how might it hurt him to have NOT taken the ACT’s in his high school years? I particularly want to hear from homeschoolers. How do you handle this testing challenge? Thanks for your insight and experience!
And here are the replies to this post:
My homeschooled son took the ACT but then worked and served a mission after high school. He then attended UVU but because his ACT scores were over 2 years old, he still had to take the acuplacer exam for placement into math and English classes. That was a frustration for him.
Honestly, this info is fresh in his mind and when not used… well you know the saying. I homeschool my children. I had to go back to college at age 38 and get a degree to remember enough to teach them. He has all kinds of choices. And none are “wrong” if he feels they are best for him. But the longer he waits, the more of the education he doesn’t often use (algebra lol) he may forget and need a refresher before taking his exam for adequate scores.
But, the question is, are the ACT’s even still applicable after 3 years? Will they even look at them or consider them outdated?
ACT scores dont matter after 5 years, after that long you just take placement test or prerequisite classes.
He has a plan. Ask him what he will be doing longer than 3 years out and let him decide himself. I don’t think lds missions count in 5 year plans personally, because they’re extremely removed from the world and don’t carry over, can’t be parlayed into much.
Right. Missions are not ‘life.’ He does have a plan for after mission and it requires training classes in his chosen field, and experience, but not a degree. But, should he change his mind, would ACT’s still even be applicable after that length of time?
Every institution has their own rules. If he makes a longer plan it will become clear if he needs to take act or not. It actually sounds like it is clear he doesn’t need to take it from what you’re saying. Are you having a hard time with that, personally? I would let it go, it won’t do any permanent damage to not take it even if he does a 180 with his career decision. P.s. Jordan Peterson has a new video entitled the lie of the idea of a career or something like that. Worth checking out.
I like that he has a plan. That should be applauded. Many kids don’t have a plan at all at graduation. Some go to college and waste their money because that is what they are supposed to do even though they have no idea what they want to do. The ACT can be taken even as an adult but most colleges don’t pay attention to it if not taken in High School. It would a waste of money to go that route after he graduates. If he gets into a local community college or university later they will make him take placement exams to show his knowledge. I wouldn’t worry about it.
Excellent! Thank you!
In Utah, the public universities use the Accuplacer after age 20. My son’s HS counselor told him he didn’t even need to graduate from HS to get into college.
Thanks, [name withheld[! I know you know what you’re talking about!!
The ACT was the only thing that got me into college without high school transcripts.
Depends on the college. None of the Utah colleges rely on act alone for homeschool kids.
He’s not a homeschool kid (unfortunately), so he has high school transcripts. My/his main concern is if Utah colleges will reject him after age 21 because he DIDN’T take ACT’s in high school?
So colleges never let adults attend who did not take a test in high school? Of course they do.
FYI. And does he know about Praxis as an alternative career path option?…/google-and-apple…
Never heard about Praxis. Don’t have time to read the article now, but will tomorrow. (We’re 8 hours ahead of you right now, so getting ready for bed.) I’ll look into this in depth tomorrow.
I don’t think it matters that much as long as you aren’t trying to get into a super-competitive college, like Harvard.
Not even an interest. Haha! Thanks!
He can always go to junior college first, which would allow him to avoid any Common Core, data-collecting test!
That’s what we’re hoping. Are you sure?
My son decided to go to a community college at 16. He took the required tests for math and English. He passed both and received his Associate Degree before leaving on his mission. He has yet to take the ACT. On the other hand I know of kids who jumped through all of the hoops, accumulated a mass of debt from student loans and then decided not to pursue a job in their field or could not find one. I think he will be just fine.
I think he will be, too. He just wants to be sure he’s not shooting himself in the foot later if he refuses the test, now.
I have an older son who also got his Associate’s Degree before graduating high school, took the ACT’s, etc. Then, went on a mission and applied to BYU. They DID look at his ACT’s, even though it was 3 years after he graduated high school that he applied. That’s why we wondered. Is it just BYU or do they all look at ACT’s even after time passing?
It won’t hurt him at all. ACT scores expire after 4-5 years anyway. My 21 old just got accepted at a university. His ACT scores from high school were too old so they had him take a placement test instead- which was less expensive than retaking the ACT anyway.
You can check individual schools to find out what their policies are.

Here is a post, from the pro-Common Core American Enterprise Institute, that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

By removing college-degree requirements for many well-paying jobs, 15 major companies are helping fight harmful degree inflation.


And here are the replies to this post:

Yeah, right….what it is in fact doing is setting the stage for licenses to be obtained in lieu of degrees. You know, those licenses for every pay increase that can cost money to prepare for and for each exam you take….it is a way to make it even more expensive and without the liberal arts mombo-jumbo which might even make some critical thinkers in spite of the corrupt and leftist minded academia. So–no more university degrees for the masses, just Pearson licensing all the way–test prepping and testing, everything on-line–the $ is now redirected and the student/worker body programmed only with what they want—no accidental learning allowed!
Great point!
it’s all a game. Even the fuss they are making about student loans. What, they did not know they were taking out a loan? And they thought they did not have to pay it back? They thought a degree would automatically get them a job?—Many degrees are already worthless and the graduates are not prepared for the work force so in theory this would be better, but I have a feeling Pearson has been preparing for this all along and is ready to take on the different licensing tests and such. Nothing is EVER done for the good of the people, NOTHING! Only free enterprise can work and for that to work people need to understand what they ar getting into and accept full responsibility. Not everyone can live on easy street and enjoy all the perks and comforts that high tech employees can. That too will change, especially as they ar planning to allow even less trained workers into the high tech field, as if exporting so many jobs to India was not bad enough…. Watch the salaries go down…
Sadly that is not far from the truth of what is likely to happen.
I don’t trust this coming from Apple and Google…but I do believe the narrative. There is a serious college cartel and it begins in preschool.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

One of the most widely used “free” education software vendors in NV, Edmodo, has been sold to a Chinese gaming company! This is not good for the children of Nevada. Unfortunatly the only way I know to protect your children is to keep them off all “education” software. Does anyone think any District in the state that uses Edmodo will tell parents a Chinese company is now enhancing the “secret profile” Edmodo already started creating on their child (link below)? I’m pretty sure I know the answer.…/2018-04-24-what-happens-to-studen……


And another post from said group:

At school board meeting getting ready to say this:

Two years ago I filled out this WCSD form 7626 to opt-out of Student Email for my daughter at Incline High School. The District told me her District email address was deleted. Evidentially it was re-created against my wife and my wishes.

Two days ago I downloaded the same form from the District website. I filled out the form for my two children in middle school and re-filled it out for my child in high school. For some unknown reason the District is now refusing to delete the email addresses it set up for our three children against our wishes.

Today I notice the link to the school District opt-out of Student Email form no longer works.

There are a couple problems here:

It is not the District’s place to decide when children have an email address or should start using email; it should be up to parents.

The bigger issue has to do with the District’s lack of ability to protect student’s digital footprints and most importantly their Student ID’s.
In WCSD student email address look like this:

The Student ID is the new SS # because it is the number used to track children from K to the work force, probably to the grave.

Last school year one of the most widely used “free” education vendors in the WCSD, EDMODO, had a data breach; where most of the users data was stolen and for sale on the dark web, the data included: usernames, hashed passwords, and most importantly EMAIL ADDRESSES; which for WCSD children is their Student ID’s.

So it appears WCSD children who had a District email address and an Edmodo account, had their Student ID’s stolen and possibly sold to others. Last year when this happened I begged this board to tell parents about the Data Breach, you chose not to tell parents.

What gives you the right to put our children’s personal data and future in the hands of those who can’t keep it secure; then when the inevitable happens hide it from parents?

Since it was the District that got children to share an incredible amount of personal data, school work, and their Student ID (via their email address) with Edmodo; it seemed like the least you all could do is warn parents. Instead when Edmodo had a data breach the District goes silent. THIS IS WRONG!

But NOW the District has taken this one step further by no longer allowing parents to opt their children out of District email address.


The District has already shown they cannot protect what is now probably the most important piece of information about our children, their Student ID.

It should not be up to the District to decide when our children’s Student ID’s (and futures) are vulnerable to the world; it should be up to us parents. Probably the only reason you all don’t have dozens of parents talking about this at every board meeting is because most of them have no idea what’s going on in regards to Student Data Mining, and how vulnerable their children are because of the digital foot print the District is “forcing” students to create.

I’ve sent a few emails to the board about this starting last week, I’m still looking forward to this board honoring our request and deleting the District email addresses that were created for our three children against our wishes.

Thank you


And another post from this group:

WCSD Board Meeting Tuesday 8/28/28 I spoke to them THREE times:
CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO GO DIRECTLY TO MY COMMENTS. INITIAL comments and Superintendent Traci Davis’ reply.
Traci said it’s “board policy” that all students receive email accounts. Via email the board president said she is waiting to hear from “staff.” Notice how Traci never disputed my main point; nor did she say what changed over the last two years that is keeping the District from delete student email addresses upon parent request.
During my SECOND public comments here,
I told Ms. Davis we do not feel the District is protecting our children. I reminded her that their Student ID’s have been stolen for sale on the dark web, and the District chose not to tell parents. She did not reply.
My THIRD public comments were about the psychological assessment the District has given to students in four of five schools without parental consent.
Again the district replied but did not dispute my comments.




And yet another post from this group:

Here’s the email I just sent (with all the links); message me to be added to our email list:

Fordham Law School Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) recently wrote this article titled: Student Data Mining Is A Black Box, Finds Fordham Law Study. They discovered student data of 14 – 15 year old students is being sold. The article states: “no information exists for students or parents about where data is being collected, how high-level insight is being derived, or what rights they may have to opt-in or out.” We at Protect Nevada Children believe there is a fair chance this data is now, or will in the near future, be collected by the “free” third party education vendors used in our schools. Remember – “education” vendors have a lot more data about our children than entertainment and social media vendors, see Knewton* link below.

“Free” third party “education” vendors like Edmodo and hundreds others are widely used in Nevada schools. The “education” vendors like Edmodo who signed the Student Data Privacy Policy (SDPP) would be in violation of it if they directly sold our children’s data to data brokers. A few issues: 1) If Edmodo, or any “free” third party education vendors used in Nevada schools, is in violation of the SDPP it would be almost impossible for parents to figure it out. 2) Even if one or more of the “free” third vendors used in our schools is in violation of SDPP the federal government and state of Nevada will not be doing anything about it until it is too late for our children. 3) Edmodo tells parents in their privacy policy they “need” to share our children’s information with others, i.e. unknown fourth parties. Not only do we not know who these fourth parties are, we have no idea what these fourth parties are doing with our children’s data. Since these fourth parties are unknown, how can they be policed? 4) When Edmodo had a huge data breach, where student data was for sale on the Dark Web, Nevada schools and districts did not tell parents. 5) Even if all the “free” third party education vendors used by our children in Nevada schools, and all the unknown fourth parties they share our children’s data with, never sell data to data brokers and never have another data breach many of these entities themselves are creating secret profiles on our children. How these profiles will affect the future of our children is still unknown. Parents never see the student profiles created by these third, and unknown fourth parties, or the data used to create these profiles. Remember – the way “free” education vendors are paid is with the incredible amount of personal data and school work our children give directly to them.

Thanks to Cal Berkeley and the International Computer Science Institute we also know: Most of the apps used by children under 13 years old are not in compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). This includes most of the “free” apps and software used in our schools. Serge Egelman, director of privacy research at the International Computer Science Institute suggests in the NBC article: “DO NOT USE APPS.” It’s good to hear an expert say this, as this is what Protect Nevada Children has been saying for years!

This is especially true of education applications and software as they have infinitely more data on our children than the entertainment or social media apps. If you don’t believe us listen to a CEO one of these vendors, Knewton*, as he tell us: “Education happens to be today the world’s most data minable industry by far, and it’s not even close….We literally have more data about our students than any company has about anybody else and it’s not even close.” If you do not want numerous third party vendors like Knewton having this much data about your children Protect Nevada Children suggests: DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO USE ANY FREE THIRD PARTY EDUCATION APPLICATIONS OR SOFTWARE!

Everything above applies to all public, public charter, private charter, and private schools that use “free” third party education applications and/or software.


And yet another post:

My son’s school wants him to take a chromebook home, 8th grade, Clark County, all the teachers have said it’s required. Yes, they have stated all the educational software is included. I’m to pay a $25 fee, then he gets one. The entire school, 6-8th. What now, how do I say no thanks, give him his work for all classes in paper form? Do they have a right to make this happen because it’s their curriculum for this school year? They all want him on Edmodo too, which I just ignored last year.


And the replies to said post:

Outside of the fee, which I feel a parent shouldn’t have to pay if it’s required…

May I ask why you do not want him using a Chromebook?

Students need to build their 21st century skills which include using a computer efficiently and appropriately. This is done to prepare students to be college and career ready to utilize computers as we all know many businesses and colleges require a lot of typing, research, utilizing software such as MS Office 365 or Google Drive apps.


Hi, my daughter is a third year student at UNLV, so essentially although these changes were evolving when she was in school, she was taught in a very different manner, no apps.
I can agree in a technology-filled world knowledge of computer applications is necessary, and she gained that knowledge at home by the use of software, and some in school typing papers, as my son has already done as well. He’s great on the computer and in computer class last year his typing speed was 70 words per minute, pretty impressive for a 12 year old, lol.

My worry comes from what John points out. Other than this year, how will they use this information in the future and for what purpose? I don’t have the answer for that, and if he performs poorly in 8th grade math, what “box” are they placing him in for the future? My daughter for example failed some semesters of math in middle school, what a handful, haha, but turned it around in high school, even receiving the millennium scholarship for college. If she were using apps at the time, I’m just wondering how that information about her failing as a young girl could have potentially effected her future. Again, I don’t have a clear answer, who is doing what with the information and how does what he performs at right now, impact the future.

For my son specifically, being on the computer constantly causes him to get anxious and irritable, he focuses less and doesn’t digest as much information. His scores won’t be reflective of what he’s capable of, because he’s not doing his best work, there’s little retention. He doesn’t learn well this way, I’ve seen it first-hand. This is what concerns me.

With regard to the fee, yeah I can afford $25, but it’s very true, some can’t yet teachers are all listing this on their required school supply list. It’s a bit confusing because the notice from the school states parents will have to give permission, not that it’s required. I’m also wondering, if he’s one of a few without the chromebook, what work do they have planned to give him? If they wanted to give kids computers to learn technology only, type their essays, learn software applications, I would be in favor; that’s not what’s happening.


I agree about the boxes. This is why I work where I do in the district now. All data we collect in the courses guide us to help the students. I give it to the parents when asked because, well, it’s their right.

The only thing we do not control are the mandated tests. I will forever be against those because the info received back is not timely nor show the true depth of a student’s skills within the standards.


There’s sooo much evidence that kids retain better from textbooks than anything digital. And outcome based education is perfect for chromebooks with badges, etc. Did you know that the school Bill Gates’ kids go to has little to no technology? On purpose.


I think many teachers do not understand what blended learning is. They feel everything must be done on the computer once they go that route.

I disagree with that thought process. We should still have students writing their rough drafts on paper, taking notes on paper. They still need to learn manually and by hand as well.


And we shouldn’t implement policies that haven’t been tested and proven. So many come down from organizations and corporations with something to gain.


However, when I am given a directive, I have to implement. Best believe that when this happens, I will make my administration know that I am not comfortable doing it and show up at school board meetings to say so on public record as well as speak to the trustees and higher admins about it.


I have an incredible amount of compassion or maybe call it concern for teachers who are given so many mandates and few parents aware enough or bold enough to speak out. It’s hard to be the only one. But yay that you’re doing it!


Tests like the SBAC are also more of a student data mining tool than a true CRT. In addition, sitting a third grader in front of a computer for 10 hours for one test is ridiculous.


21st Centruy Skills, College and Career Ready, are just buzzwords that mean nothing. The best way to get students ready for their future is to teach them to: communicate (read, write, and speak), do math, think, work effectively with others. Sharing school work and personal information with “free” third party vendors like Edmodo will do nothing to get kids, “College and Career Ready.


I get students in high school who have no idea how to use a computer at all. Since job applications and college applications are all pretty much online-only, these kids are at a disadvantage. That’s what 21st-century skills means to me.
I agree it can be used as a buzzword. However exposing kids to chrome books is teaching those with no home exposure how to use these tools.
The OP may have already done that with her child but there are many other children who don’t have that opportunity at home.


You are not getting an argument from me that kids need to learn how to use a computer, and that not all parents can provide that opportunity at home. However, that’s not what’s happening by handing my son a chromebook. This is going to be the curriculum for the year, apps, and like others I’m fearful what information they will retain and how it could be potentially used in a negative fashion in the future. Like I said above, if he does poorly in math on this app in 8th grade, who may be privy to that information in 5 years when he’s college shopping, and what will they determine about him from one year of poor math grades, or two or three, depending on how the schools progress to making this the norm? Also like I said above, he’s been on a few school apps previously and I watch what goes down. He doesn’t pay attention to the computer voice speaking, his mind is GONE, and he’s anxious and frustrated because he’s not paying attention, yet wants the answers. Perhaps other kids are successful learning this way, he’s not one of them. I feel like I’m in quite a position wondering what alternative I have this school year – soon to find out.


Chromebooks are especially problematic as when students get them they are set to see “everything” a student does online, not just school work: Instagram, YouTube, Snap Chat, Email, Porn. ANYTHING they do. My understanding is there is a way to change that, but I don’t know how, it may be called the Sync Feature.…/google_acknowledges_data…


Right on. You dumb down the graduation requirements and give the illusion they are ready for college. The jobs for their area of expertise need to be there. Colleges aren’t preparing them for a career. Just graduating them to get a kickback.


As a trainned teacher with credentials in CA and NV, I’m not big on computers, or data mining software, replacing teachers. I prefer good teachers, teaching in a classroom setting. To get kids ready for their future I would much rather see students learn coding at a young age than simply sharing personal information and school work with known and unknown parties.



And a follow-up post to the one above:

Update on chromebook. No word from teachers, call from principal. She hopes I’ll change my mind, but said she can’t force me. When I explained why, she said the only purpose of the apps is to assist the teachers, then admitted she doesn’t know what anyone else does with the information collected; exactly my point. She said this will teach my son computer “citizenship,” basically teaching him what is acceptable to post in a public forum since the kids share. She went on to admit that since she has known my son since 1st grade (she used to be the principal at his elementary school) she recognizes this citizenship training is not so necessary for him specifically given his character. She ended by telling me she thought he would feel left out, only 10% of the kids are without a chromebook now, and she hopes I’ll reconsider; probably not. This is the same principal who nudged me more than once not to opt out of SBAC, who told me in elementary school that SBAC scores were required to place him in his middle school classes (not), so I may hear from her again about the chromebook. I asked her why the cameras are enabled, I just think it’s a little weird, she said I could place parental controls. Ehhh, not the issue.


And some replies to this post:

This very issue was why I chose against Somerset… It would’ve been very convenient because it is less than five minutes from my home and all three of my school age kids got in; however the use of chrome books and sbac testing bothered me. We went with private school this year and I’m hoping there will be no surprises


I’ve opted out since 4th grade, my son is now in 8th. But it’s true they always tried to give me a hard time. I just ignore and sign my opt out paper. I hope she just leaves me alone now lol


There shouldn’t be. Private schools aren’t “required” to use those high-stakes tests. 
Thank you for the update! So how does he do his work? At home? I’m curious what alternative they have for him and the other 10%.
No, world citizenship. She needs to know about the free company, Edmundo, is using our student data to make a phycological evaluation on each student without parental knowledge nor permission.
And yet another post from this group:

Data brokers are selling our children’s data. Some of this data is collected from “education” software and applications our schools are pressuring our children to use. Schools expect students to share an incredible amount of personal data with these “free” third party “education” vendors. Reading the article below you see why these vendors provide “free” applications and software to school children.

From the article: “Researchers were startled to find that while they were able to easily purchase this information to sell potential products to this demographic, the 14 and 15 year old girls who were presumed to need family planning services knew very little about what data they were providing to commercial data brokers to make this assumption. Their parents were largely in the dark, too.

CLIP recently published the findings from their study, ‘Transparency and the Marketplace for Student Data,’ and found little transparency for data subjects about how student data is being used commercially. Data brokers advertise lists of students organized for traits from religion to ‘awkwardness,’ YET ALMOST NO INFORMATION EXISTS FOR STUDENTS OR PARENTS ABOUT WHERE DATA IS BEING COLLECTED, HOW HIGH LEVEL INSIGHT IS BEING DERIVED, OR WHAT RIGHTS THEY MAY HAVE TO OPT-IN OR OUT.

‘The high level takeaway is that it’s difficult for parents and students to find out much information. There’s a transparency issue,’ N. Cameron Russell, an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School and lead author of the study, told Legaltech News.

Russell and his colleagues pursued their research following a similar study intended to track the growth of cloud computing in school districts. In their followup, the researchers intended to examine some of the sources of student data and map the market landscape around it. Instead, they found those data sources to be ‘completely a black box.’”


Here is a post from TheBlaze:

This makes absolutely zero sense.


And here are some comments on this post:

My son was bullied in 7th grade he is in 10th now…but when they wanted to suspend him for defending himself …cause the school said he had started the fight…..” I simply said……” I want to see video…and I saw the video. Then I said to the have 2 options….and I promise you better take the first one cause the second would me making a call to my lawyer


That happens a lot, my nephew got bullied bad everyday when.he finally started to defend himself and fight back he was considered the aggressor and the school recommended an alternative school. They said he didn’t fit in with Gen pop…. This is how school shooters are born


The problem with bullies is that they very frequently don’t get dealt with. Suspension rarely fixes anything, except it gets the bullies out of everyone’s hair for a few days. We had bullies when I was young, and my mom took care of one that chased me all the way home from school one day. I ran in the front door crying, and she caught him cutting across the side yard. (We lived on a corner lot). She ran out the side door and caught him. She grabbed that fleshy skin under his chin, squeezed it really tight and shook his head that way, all the while screaming at him! He never bothered me again – ever! Of course, if she did that today, she’d be arrested for child abuse, in spite of the fact that he was trespassing. And if anyone has any thought of trying to find her and arrest her retroactively, don’t bother. She’s been dead for years! 😊 She didn’t injure him, except maybe a slight bruise under his chin. I’m not suggesting that every parent of bullied kids should do the same to their bullies, but something has to change about these dumb rules. What if a kid is being held down by bullies? That kid can’t fight back? Give me a break. There are no consequences in a school system for bullies that stop their behavior.


A long time ago, I worked in a Child Care Center that enrolled school age kids up to 12 years old. I witnessed teachers standing together talking among themselves, and when a Child who had been bullied came to the teachers, the kids were told not to tattle on others, basically ignoring their pleas of protection from the bullies. Sometimes, teachers or school administrators would rather ignore than interfere. Schools look the other way sometimes,rather than face the bully’s parents. Sorry, but the bullied child is likely to be considered as the troublemaker if he or she defends themselves and strikes back.


My daughter defended herself while in high school and was suspended for a week. They had the girl on camera stalking her and persistently pushing and antagonizing her on the stairs. We were not happy with the schools “zero tolerance” b.s. policy. This makes no sense to me.


Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:

CALIFORNIANS, pay attention.
It’s time to opt out your children for common core testing. As you’re filling out your forms to send to school, include three copies of this:


Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My child who is 7 has Type 1 Diabetes, and attends public school. We received an email stating he CANNOT attend school September 5, 2018 and every day following.

Complete discrimination. He has 3 major laws protecting him due to Type 1 Diabetes.

Jordan School District is revoking Nursing Services unless I sign their form stating, “the district has access to his personal information, medical records, access to contact his doctor and pharmacy. “ His information may not be kept legally confidential”

The form IS voluntary.

My reply:
I will attend the entire school day to PROVIDE medical care for him and ensure his safety due to the fact that Jordan School District refuses to to accommodate his disability, provide care, and violates his legal rights.

District’s reply:
That is not an option for parents to attend school and care for their child. With an attachment of Jordan School District’s policy on TRESPASSING.

I have been attending his lunch everyday since 1st grade to administer insulin.


Here is an update from the anti-CBE group in response to my post about a library getting rid of books:

This is happening in my old district, which is predominantly low income, ELL, students of color. We used to have four libraries (one for each house on our campus of over 4000 students). In January of 2010 after a librarian who had been out on disability retired, we were told we had to dismantle and discard all the books in her library. We were given 2 weeks to get it done. We had to tear the covers off the books and put them in separate bags from the inside text. They converted the library space to a lab for credit recovery using grant money that ran out at the end of the year. The next year they used the space for a tutoring program and eventually it was transformed to the school’s “21st century space” with tables and dividers on wheels. Instead of book displays in the windows, they put a large screen that projected announcements and Powerpoints and photos all day. They never replaced the librarian.

As other librarians in the district retired, they either closed their libraries (middle school) or replaced them with low paid paraprofessionals (elementary) to provide prep coverage and babysitting services. Then in 2015, the final gutting of the library program was put into play. 5 of the remaining 7 librarian positions were eliminated, closing the rest of the middle school libraries for good. The following year they eliminated the department chair, essentially eliminating the library department from the district. Two of the original 4 librarian positions at the high school remain, but they are now called “digital literacy specialists.” I’m no longer working there, but I heard that they are in the process of removing all of the books from all but one of the remaining libraries. I looked at the online catalog recently and it appears they haven’t added any books since I left in 2016. This is a cash-strapped district that buys into all the ed reform schemes out there.

It was gut-wrenching experiencing this. There are legitimate reasons to weed a collection — and it’s an important part of maintaing a relevant and useful library collection, but the way it was implemented there was not thoughtful. They just didn’t want books, and administrators would complain about all the books and how much space they took up. So many kids would have loved to have had some of those books but we weren’t even allowed to give them away.

Here’s a picture of the process of destroying the library in 2010. It was sick. I should have refused.

Library Being Destroyed

it was all done very fast, and we were being yelled and pressured by high level administrators to clear it out pronto! It was crazy. They hated the libraries there. They wanted the space. I fought tooth and nail to preserve them while I was there. At one point they wanted to take half my library and put up a wall and turn it into offices for night school staff. I wrote the superintendent a 2 page single spaced memo about all the ways that space was used by hundreds of STUDENTS and classes all day long. They wanted to take the space and books away from students for OFFICES. They did not put the wall up.

We had kids who loved to read, but they would get discouraged because we never had money for new books.

Same district, while we were in the process of being ordered to dismantle libraries at our school, kids in an alternative school were working on a community service project to create a library at their school because they didn’t have one and really wanted one. (The superintendent loved to pose for pictures in libraries with kids while he gutted them behind the scenes — he’s standing proud with them in the attached article, but he did nothing to stop what happened there later.)

A couple of years later, a new principal came along and dismantled that alternative school library the kids worked so hard to build, and turned it into classrooms.

He was throwing all the brand new books out. Our department chair rescued a lot of them and brought them to us. There are some seriously f-ed up people administering school programs.…/20100201/NEWS/302019642 

The last few years when we still had a library department chair, the woman who was running it had never worked in a library, had never even taught English, and had spent most of her career as an administrator. She was parceling the work of the department out to other departments. The writing was on the wall. She’s now in another administrative position.

She was furious with me when I pointed out that everyone but the librarians were running the libraries. She wouldn’t allow the certified librarians to catalog books but she let paraprofessionals and a graphic arts teacher who took over tech in our department do it. It was so demeaning. I’m in a district now where we have good funding and are treated much better.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Here is a perfect example of why they want to privatize education and eliminate the locally elected school board; who could block their access to their greatest commodity. What they desperately want access to profit off of, is the unethical collection of psychological student data; to be used for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As stated by Yuval Harari:
“Now the question that arises today is what will happen once we create an algorithm that knows me better, that understands me and my feelings better than I can understand myself? What will happen then is that authority will shift. It will shift away from the feelings of individuals to these outside algorithms.”

“There is untapped information sitting on computers in the state Capitol building right now that could help us understand how we get more kids through college or break the cycle of incarceration or move families out of poverty. We want to bring together the best researchers in the country with public officials to unlock the power of that data and use it to make real progress on these problems,” said LJAF President and Chief Executive Officer Kelli Rhee.…/

There are some names people need to start looking into…
Who is James Heckman?
The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO), is run by James Heckman, Stephen Durlauf, and Robert Dugger. It operates out of the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Chicago, and its fiscal sponsor is the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), an entity that emerged in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008.

INET funds research, grooms young economists, and convenes gatherings promoting the work of its 1,100+ experts. George Soros pledged $50 million from Open Society to create INET as a vehicle to explore “new thinking and new rules for the world economy. Heckman, Dugger, and Durlauf are all involved in the operations of INET.

James Heckman worked closely with Flávio Cunha who is now a Professor of Economics at Rice University in Texas. Together they wrote… “Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation,” a paper published in Econometrica that they wrote with Dr. Susanne M. Schennach.

During Texas’ last legislative session, (R)Sen. Van Taylor passed Math Innovation (SIB) legislation (SB1318) to get this ball rolling. (R) Rep. Tan Parker (HB2014) carried the house bill. Knowingly or not, they are pushing George Soros’ agenda. Here is a link to Testimony on (HB2014):

Please note, it is Flávio Cunha, who wrote the white paper with Heckman, that is the expert guest from Rice University who is testifying for the Math innovation social impact bonds.



If you are in the business world, it is likely you have heard the term Total Quality Management (TQM)

TQM is a business model for accountability. A “system” to control the quality of the end product.

Most would agree this is a very important system to have in place in the private sector when creating a good product that will successfully be sold to consumers. In order to control the quality of the product, you must collect a lot of data.

But, what if the “product” is a child?



Remember the Alamo……before the Left rewrites that history too!


Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:


Data collection is going on in all forms of education. It is most notable in the public and private schools, though it is also occurring in home schools. (95% of private schools, incl religious, take federal funds. They are roped into data collection, too.) Surveys are conducted formally and informally. They can be embedded into so-called curriculum. Also, tests collect personal data on students. Also, online curriculum is collecting data on your child as they interact with the screen. All of this is collected into small, medium and large databases to be shared or sold. Our children are seen as Human Capital ($$$s) in today’s world.


And a reply to this post:

PLEASE NOTE: Google and other platforms are directly marketing to Home School Co-ops. If you home school, tell your co-op to not sign up with any of these data collectors. This is just the home schools following the public schools. Public Schools are required by law, home schools are not.


And another post from this group:


In 1994, some major new laws were set into place which were really started under Bush I. GOALS 2000 and School-to-Work. These laws gave the Dept of Labor authority to write standards and curriculum for the nation. The SCANS documents, authored by the DOL, greatly revised what our children learn. Academics were diminished and skills were elevated. The word, “SKILLS” is not about the trades or certain jobs. “Skills” is defined as a child’s character, attributes and values. Now the govt would teach children what their values had to be and they would be graded accordingly. The computer would be instrumental to the grading process and data collection. This is called, “accountability”. The govt felt that when states sign to adopt the latest ESEA (over 1,000 pages of federal ed law) to receive a rather small grant, the state would be accountable. This collection is the necessity of the federal accountability.


And here is a post from someone about Google data mining:

How many parents of children with school Google accounts (Gsuite) have seen this and agreed to it?
How many have been told it is impossible (nearly impossible) to opt out?


And the replies to this post:

Google has been really pushing for homeschool family’s to start taking advantage of their “services.”


That’s correct and many are beginning to accept Google and other platforms. Very sad!


Several families who have tried to opt out of GSuite/ Google Services in schools and have been told that Google Classroom/ Google Docs/Drive, GSuite grading, email etc is so integrated in the school that students cannot opt out.


When the accounts were first introduced, the kids were told to click the accept button! When I took it to the district, they already agreed to the terms and policies!

I have opted all 5 of my children out of ALL Google apps and Chromebooks!


I’ve heard from a lot of parents whose school district accepts the terms of service and policies on behalf of the students . But there are several who still ask the student to click ‘Accept’.


So sad, because they are telling them it’s ok to agree to something without the parents knowing.😢


No longer can parents directly email teachers from the district website. It forces parents to log into Google or FB to communicate with teachers. Why is this?


Wonder if this circumvents freedom of information act information gathering quests.


Districts make money off of every krystroke, schools have become data brokers, they actually own data on their network, they inturn use a tech data company in charge in submitting data to state department of education as I have uncovered in our district, hence administration encouraged visitors, students, employees to use their wifi. A teacher told my daughter’s class, don’t use the wifi.. they are tracking you.


Then districts turn around, sell data, why some parents get mail.. like for anything they wrote toteachers. Could be innocent, like if you say your expecting, boom, you get coupons in mail, it has happened to me..


tracking parent engagement ? parent scores?


my former district had Title 1 money tied to parent engagement, i.e. how many parents showed up for the parenting classes.


What another mom found out the hardvway, in our district her sons account was tied to her account and they had access to her computer and seee veverything! Shocking! There is away to opt out you can have technology administration opt out as shebdid, earsedbeverything, reset.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Question: My 2nd grader is dual enrolled. Her last class ends at 1:15 pm. For years I have showed up to pick up my dual enrolled kids, sometimes allowing my other children to get them from the school. Today the secretary informed me that only someone 18 and older could pick up my 2nd grader from the chair that she sat in at the front desk while waiting for me to pick her up. I was also informed by the principal that I would need to come in and sign her out every day. (Something that I haven’t ever done.)Sign her out and have an adult? Why? I have been doing this same thing for years. I am not checking her out of school but I am picking her up.


And here are the replies to this post:

It must be a new school policy. There is a big emphasis on school safety lately, so that’s probably one of the things they decided to change.


It must be a new school policy. There is a big emphasis on school safety lately, so that’s probably one of the things they decided to change. I live in a town of 800. The school has maybe 70 kids. If she is out at 1:15 and I am there in the front waiting for her, what is the difference in safety than when the rest of the kids get out at 3 and run from the doors to their parents cars?
I’m not sure. Maybe they had a problem & made the change? It sounds like it would be a school level decision though.
I would tell them she walks home
There are so many holes in their thinking.
It sounds like a change in the enforcement of the policy. I would guess that they are just trying to protect your kids. When they have just one or two kids leaving at a particular time, it is just prudence to make sure that it is actually their parent picking them up. I had a daughter that needed to be checked out early one day a week. We always needed to go in and get her from the office. I felt comforted knowing that just anyone couldn’t go in and get her.
Your child is a Ward of the State, you are only entrusted to care for it, because we aren’t quite there for “them” to take the kids from us. Hold them while you can! TIC 😉
So why don’t they require parents to come sign for every child that is released at the end of every school day? All 500-600 students should be required to be signed out at the end of their school day if this one child is required to be signed out at the end of her school day. Or how about requiring bus drivers to sign off that every child they brought is on their bus at the end of the day? Why? Because it’s unrealistic, just like this rule for this student is unrealistic.
i mentioned this. Crickets and stupidity was their reply.

Here is another post from this group:

“Welcome back to school/meet the teachers day.” Common Core was just implemented here (overseas) last year, so this is only year two for this here. Teachers are frustrated, students are confused. The math teacher seems to be a sweetheart who loves math and teaching and the students. He did his best to explain the ‘new’ math standards and how it will affect them in the classroom, but just seemed to have a hard time knowing how to explain it without getting into trouble. It was apparent that he does NOT like this new math garbage. I asked if the kids will still be learning math individually or if they will now be assigned groups and graded as a group. He asked me to clarify. I explained that in the US, thanks to the ‘new’ Common Core standards, that 2+2 no longer equals 4, that it can now equal 5 as long as everyone in your group agrees and can explain their answer. Every parent’s head at that point turned to me with incredulous eyes with echoes throughout the room of, “What?!” They then turned back to the teacher for verification that I was insane. He hesitated and then responded, “Due to political correctness, I cannot answer that question publicly.” Parents here appear to be completely unaware of what’s going on in America’s public school system. It is now world-wide, so it’s spreading, not stopping. And teachers are frustrated. Another quote from the teacher, “I’m sorry. My hands are tied.” So much for a state-led, voluntary program, huh? So, which ‘state’ was it who voluntarily signed up all of the American students internationally?!


Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

Here I go bitching about the schools again. Parents you need to talk to your kids and pay attention. You need to assert your parental control and your rights. So, I sent in a refusal letter 2 pages long. In this letter I stated that: 1) my child is not to sign any documents, agreements or contracts. 2) my child is not to fill out surveys of any kind. 3) No SEL SEDL (social emotional crap), no whole child psychological, mental health surveys, questionnaires, worksheets etc. 4) NO homework until my meeting with the school on the 17th (this meeting was delayed because the school couldn’t find the time for the meeting in June, July or August).
3 days of school and the assholes have broken all of the above rules. Today he came home with 3 documents he is supposed sign. Not happening. He also told me that today in school he started to fill out a questionnaire with questions like: 1) What do your parents think about you. 2) What do you think when you are alone. etc.
This is all to pit parents against their children and make them all little liberals. I am fuming!!!!!!!!!!!

And it seems one of his teachers is nuts…wouldn’t let a child go to the bathroom and if a child needs to throw a piece of paper in the garbage they have to fold it in half, crumpling of the paper is not allowed!
God give me strength.


And here is another post from this person, albeit from May 2018.:

NYS is once again giving our children a rotten deal. SEL will be implemented in Phoenix 2018/2019 school year. Parents beware. Refuse all that you can including surveys, questionnaires, worksheets, computer based questions.
First the school created an increase in emotional distress, behavior issues, a hate for school among elementary students and low achievement scores through CC, the standards and curriculum and now they are going to come in and mandate SEL and “save the day and our children”!!! Not with my child. Refusing all of it. What parent in their right mind would want the school district in charge of our children’s mental health, dental, pediatrician visit, etc. No CBT, surveys, questionnaires etc will be done by my child. They have harmed him enough.

Karen Bracken posted the following:
1 hr

1. You do know that ESSA is not an education bill but a mental health bill that codifies Common Core aligned standards, mental health evaluations for all children and SEL (social and emotional learning), right?
2. You do know that SEL has absolutely NOTHING to do with teaching our children how to be nice to each other or how to cope with life (which, BTW, is YOUR job)
3. You do know the goal is to change the world view of all future American children and it has been the goal for a long time, right?
4. You do know that the UN is driving the global education reform bus, right?
5. You do know the UN is demanding (and the US is going along because there is a ton of $$$$$ to be made) that we incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 21& Agenda2030) into education. The SDGs will be the driving force in education. They know in order to change the culture of any country they must do it through the schools, education and our youth, right?
6. EXAMPLE of one of those goals. The SDGs want gender equality…….to you this means something totally different than what it means to the UN. Gender equality means they want females to be workers not child bearers because you see according to them Mother Earth cries every time a new baby is born.

7. AND MOST IMPORTANT……do you know that today our First Lady, who was not educated in the US, whose son attends the best private school money can buy, her husband never went to public school and neither has our Secretary of Education or any of her children. Note: Bill Gates sends his kids to private school too, just stood up in public and pushed for SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING in our schools. Says it is our moral obligation. This is a woman like her husband who has no clue what is going on in public education and is obviously sharing prepared talking points probably created by Jeb Bush and the curriculum companies that are salivating over the SEL disgrace.

GET YOUR KIDS OUT. There is no other solution at this point. We need to face the facts. The only choice we have at this point is
to STARVE THE BEAST and watch it crumble and die.

Her program “BE BEST”….is just another feel good worthless program. Melania is pushing ESSA and doesn’t even know it.

If you want children to feel better about themselves then do something about the cost of living so a mother can stay home and raise her own children instead of having to pawn them off on someone else to raise. Do you really think passing your kids off to someone else to raise doesn’t have a harmful affect on your kids? Why are parents surprised when they find out their kids cannot cope with even the slightest amount of stress or that they feel alone and alienated. Why are parents surprised when they see their children have deep anger issues? They ARE angry and they are angry at YOU. If you want to know what is wrong with our kids start with the destruction of the family. If she thinks the school is going to fix these kids she is way out of touch. Another band-aid. Another waste of millions of dollars in order to give her something to do.


And yet another post from this person, albeit from April 2018:

Thinking of having your kids sit for the math assessment? Read this first. Note: This was posted by a teacher in another group.

“I had the opportunity to take a practice grade 3 math CBT today. It sealed my decision to opt my children out. It was highly frustrating and difficult to navigate. The font was very small. At the beginning there were a multitude of directions explaining all the online “tools”. Not all the answer choices always fit on the screen, so you have to scroll up and down to navigate the entire question with answers. On a two step word problem I was required to show my work. To do this you have to tap on an algorithm and then plug in the numbers. For some reason, even though I chose a vertical algorithm, the two numbers were not properly lined up, which made adding them pretty tough. Even with three adults looking at it we couldn’t fix it. The problem also required carrying, and you basically had to do that in your head as there is no way to carry the extra ten to the next column. Also, I had to enter the answer from left to right, instead of adding the ones, tens, hundreds. These tests are already flawed in so many ways, and now we are adding extra anxiety to these kids. And how will the results not be invalid? How will we know if the kid really didn’t know an answer, or just couldn’t figure out how to navigate the computer? None of this is necessary for 8-14 year old children.”


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Emails obtained by Lucy Parsons Labs reveal that Geofeedia touted social media surveillance of middle and high school students by its suburban Chicago police customers in an effort to sell their services to Evanston police.


John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa has given student a gender-bending assignment:


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

TODAY, I’m presenting the essence of the inadequacies of the Bush Education Reform Blueprint as explained in a September 6, 2001 article — not to point blame at anything or anyone, but — in hopes of bringing up the conversations that were buried by the 9/11 national tragedy. Please read this short blog; share it and have those crucial conversations now.

Bush’s education blueprint became No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the 2002 reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

The national discussion of the issues with that reauthorization of federal education law never rose above the rubble left behind by the unfathomable reality of that terrible September day. NCLB’s importance paled in comparison.

But now, more than ever, America’s children need us to protect them from the Corporate State’s agenda to destroy public education. … The fix begins with understanding. Thank you.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Utah Valley University (UVU) just fully aligned to Common Core and the UN’s Competency-Based Ed. Here’s how:

1. They chose Astrid Tuminez as UVU’s new President. (Note: Tuminez is a sweet Latter-Day Saint, but also a person committed to global governance of education).

2. Tuminez has worked in important positions for all of the UN’s partners that colluded to enforce Common Core on nations and states. Some of the groups are: Microsoft, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Asia Society.

3. Asia Society and the UN’s global measurement and assessment system, OECD/PISA, have colluded for years to control the standards and assessments that teachers and students have to meet to be considered “competent”. Over the past 8 years, Common Core standards have morphed from national standards (for teachers and students) to international “competency-based” standards (for teachers and students). Children and teachers show their “Competence”, according to all the groups Tuminez has worked for, when they use their learning and lives to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Those Goals include things like: supporting global feminism, supporting climate control policies, championing LGBT rights, activism for children’s sexual rights.

4. Utah’s Family Values don’t allow children to accept and uphold the SDGs, therefore, assessments must hold them to account. Children will only advance through education IF they are measured (by the global Competency standards) as youth that are effectively supporting, and committed to, the SDGs—global governance.

5. Astrid Tuminez is an open feminist with the stated goal to push more women out of the home and into the workforce. She believes, like the UN, that this is necessary to propel the global economy forward.

At the core of Tuminez’s belief is this belief:

The economy is God. And, families exist to serve the state.

(Respected scholar and scriptorian, Hugh Nibley warned us years ago that this belief brings about the destruction of free nations.)

It is a false philosophy that has destroyed the freedom of EVERY free nation that has adopted it.

I’m disappointed in Utah’s Board of Regents. They show us with their choice of Astrid Tuminez that they don’t seek to educate children and youth to uphold family values. They have chosen to indoctrinate for globalism as opposed to educate for freedom.

Parents must start to realize that our education systems are crumbling. Online Competency-Based Ed, whether you’re kids are doing it at school or from home, is designed to measure your kids against a false standard. To ASSESS your kids against a false standard. Your kids’ assessments are BEHAVIORAL, not academic.

Parents must demand that their kids get a freedom-based education in order to pass freedom on to their posterity.

Self-reliance takes on a whole new meaning when parents think of it in terms of education. But, it’s time that more parents Stop, Look and Listen to what’s happening. And, take effective measures to educate their children according to THEIR values. And, to protect their children from the false philosophies that will undermine their freedom and their “pursuit of happiness.”


Tribune announcement of Tuminez’ appointment:…/tribune-editorial-welcome-to-new-…/

Part of Tuminez’s bio:
“[Tuminez] is formerly Microsoft’s Regional Director for Corporate, External and Legal Affairs for Southeast Asia, leading a team supporting 15 markets and more than $1 billion in revenues. Her role is to strengthen government relations, cultivate corporate citizenship, and enhance understanding of trending issues shaping regulation and policy, specifically drivers of inclusive growth in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

(Note: The “4th Industrial Revolution” is an anti-freedom movement to tie all learning to the UN’s SDGs using technology, standards, assessments and big data)

Tuminez’s policy brief for the Asia Society to advance feminism and push moms out of the home:…/2012/04/Rising-to-the-Top.pdf

The UN and Asia Society brief on the goals of global Competency-Based Ed, ie; Global Citizenship:…/unesco-signs-new-partnership-asia…


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Parents be advised-

I’ve been given permission to share this. It was written and posted tonight by a friend of mine—an 11-year veteran teacher and one of the most gifted educators I’ve ever known. She is legitimately afraid for her safety if she speaks out publicly against the R4E movement. She has seen the nasty, vindictive horrible things that R4E proponents have done to fellow teachers who haven’t fallen into lockstep. The changes she’s talking about here are planned for when/if Garcia is elected. I won’t include her name—but these are her words:

“As some of you might know, I have worked on teams for the past five years, creating new state educations standards for AZ. I am proud of that time and hard work put in along with others, to create excellent standards of education and guidelines for teaching our children reading and math. I have worked on the new social studies and science standards when I could fit it into my schedule.

I attended an update meeting recently and I was made aware of some potential changes to the science and social studies standards that are currently being revised. I feel the need to share this info with people that I care about.
It was made known to us that current standard work (they were in the final stages) is being halted until after the elections and that there is another direction they might be taking based on election results. This new direction involves not specific events and ideas for social studies, but more “social norms” with the teacher being allowed to use whatever they feel addresses this societal idea or norm. They wouldn’t be required to teach history or anything really, unless it fit their idea of this social concept. Science would be more of a “guided inquiry” where free thinking would be used to come to some idea or concept predetermined by the curriculum. Common Core would be brought back for use with other subjects and curriculum modeled after other programs, one of which was Oakland, CA’s public school system. This was not presented to us in a positive or negative light, more as a real possibility of a new direction AZ might go and it was very specific and planned out.

I then proceeded to go home and lose sleep that night.

I am not making statements about any political candidates, but what I am saying is this: Currently, and God willing, in the foreseeable future, standards and decisions about education have to go through parent review, by either a posted meeting or by review on the AZED website. Please be aware and make your voice heard. Parent choice can and does make a difference. Please also be aware of what each candidate plans for, regarding education, when you vote in this upcoming election.

I will state, as a teacher, that I believe education needs more funding, but I am not willing to advocate for it at the expense of my children or my values. Be vigilant parents and make sure you are educated about education. It has become yet another political battlefield.”

(As part of this new “inquiry”-based standard, she was shown a video that led kindergarteners through the process of questioning whether having a daddy and a mommy or having two mommies was better for kids. The kids ended up deciding that having two mommies or daddies was in some ways superior to the traditional family.

This new direction in curriculum could be used to push ANY agenda by ANY teacher, and parents wouldn’t have any say in it. Think about that, friends. Scary.)


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

We are noticing across the state this month that school boards are quietly introducing Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs under a multitude of aliases. Read your board agendas, research what is in them, ask your districts for their research, show up to your board meetings and fight this for your kids. No one else will. It is up to you.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Yet another new set of national standards coming out of Chicago is headed our way! Introducing the pilot version: National Food Education Standards


And here are the replies to this post:

I bet SDG’s zero hunger is embedded


the 7 goals:

seven goals


“advocate for food choices and changes”
Whose choices? What changes? Every parent has a different take on what they want their children to eat & what they don’t. They should decide. It’s not anyone else’s decision. Also, education should not be used to turn children into advocates.


did you see the part where kids will be telling parents how to make food choices?


I didn’t! I only assumed that’s where it would lead, but they actually put that in words?!  So, parents are not even trusted to feed their own children & that’s exactly the message that children will be taught…


the government is convinced all parents are idiots.


USDA is in the overreach of the feds in Ed due to their being a part of the US Dept of Ag. AG is sold out to Common Core and STEM. STEM is 100% UN infiltrated garbage.


the top figure in the picture.

big gov food


according to a quick look at the ‘about the standards’ these National standards began in 2014.


Don’t forget. It’s all about assessments. It’s all about what they and their federal/international partners can measure in order to control people’s choices.

Pilot Light was formed after its founder was given federal grants for community food education. The next phase, according to the founder, is these national standards WITH measurement of effectiveness of the program. That means measuring children’s choices and behavior changes. That means Assessment.

We can fight national standards all we want, but has it ever stopped any of them? No. Why? Because when Governor Herbert signed us into the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium in May 2010, he put Utah’s assessment policies under the direction of UNESCO’s partner, the OECD/PISA. Then, in 2015, all the major assessment systems started to become interoperable under OECD/PISA policies (as enforced by Obama’s Every Student Succeeds Act).

Governor Herbert, in essence, said, “We cede control of what is measured and assessed. We believe international globalists can decide better than we can what is important for Utah’s children to learn.”


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

Believe me this will not, in the future, be limited to China. This is the goal for the entire global community. Just look at how recently the Chinese have infiltrated our education EdTech system. They purchased Edmodo. Ever heard of FOXCONN?? It is a Chinese company and the US has given them $4.8 BILLION in tax breaks to set up business in Wisconsin, USA. This CHINESE company will provide curriculum for the area colleges to implement a ready workforce. They are digitizing our classrooms right here in the US. Many schools and colleges today in the US do not have ANY books. This is 1984 come to life. I truly believe global surveillance of all human activity is the ultimate goal. This is how they FORCE compliance. If you refuse to pull your kids out of this system so we can implode it the least you can do is tell your school you REFUSE to allow your child to be hooked up to a computer. You want real teachers and real books. If you can organize and get enough parents to support this you can make a real dent in their agenda. I tried to get a bill passed in TN about 4 years ago to STOP the digital platform. The idea was in its infancy but I knew what the end goal was so I tried to have it stopped before it started but of course the bureaucrats (that knew exactly what was coming and the $$$$ attached to compliance) put a nix to the bill. REFUSE THE DIGITAL PLATFORM for many reasons. First and foremost is not healthy for the development of young brains, kids stop interfacing with humans and start preferring their computers over human contact and we see this already today. REFUSE THE DIGITAL PLATFORM. Organize TODAY!!! Just last week Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, agreed to support the UN/UNESCO Sustainability Development Goals through our education system. Basically she agreed to global indoctrination of our kids.


And another post from this group:

From Karen Bracken

Teachers are not trained psychologists and they should not be evaluating or remediating anyone. Remember when you read this stuff about how SEL is now just as important (believe me the progressives that are out to change the way our future generations think) academics NEW AMERICA is a progressive left leaning think tank. Jonathan Soros (son of George Soros) is the Chief Executive Officer, JS Capital Management LLC; Co-Chair, New America.

Did we ask for a NEW America???? These programs are all about the indoctrination of our children to mold them into global citizens not American citizens. It is no secret that Jonathan Soros father, George Soros, hates this country and has made it his life mission to destroy the borders between countries to create a one world governance. SEL is the new snow job for parents. Just as they are easily convinced they have no authority and the school knows what is best they are now being convinced their children have mental issues that must be addressed of the kids will not make it in life. This is all an emotional snow job. Sad part is that parents are falling for it AGAIN.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I opt my children out of all testing including dibels in elementary school. Today I sat down with the teacher and she gave me a form with 3 years of dibel testing results with beg of year, middle of year and end of year test results. I fill out the correct form every year and make it very clear that I don’t want them tested telling the teacher, the principal and the office staff. Besides being super pissed, any suggestions on how to handle this with the school?


And here are some replies to this post:

If it were me, I would immediately remove my kids from public school and take the school district to court.


They still do it for school use. But it’s not included in the testing results.


Wait a minute, so I sign the form and they still test them!? No, that’s not right.


You can only opt out of state mandated tests. 
Dibels is listed on the state-provided opt-out form.
Yes but they can give an alternative dibels test and use that for school use. And still call it diebels.

I would be furious too. If you opt out, you opt out. I will look and see if there is a loophole they’re using to see if we need to close that up.

I would ask for their justification as to why they tested them anyway.

I had to call the district before they took me seriously. The district then erased the scores for me… and now…the school
Calls me two and three times to verify my wishes.
Here is a post that I found:
And here are the replies to this post:

I find this screed false and demagogic.

The underlying theme is that all those people support charter schools, with the implication that charters “take away money from the public system.”

There are many issues with that, and why that is a false implication.

First, the charter schools are public schools, and many public school rules apply to them. Second, the money doesn’t belong to the “regular” public schools, it belongs to the students. I understand that unions wants us to think otherwise, but that’s simply not true.

Further, there is a general dissatisfaction with regular public schools, and general interest and satisfaction with charters. Clearly, there are exceptions in both cases, but the waiting lists at charter schools attest to that. It is not the doing of the billionaires, but of the billionaires supporting the public demand, as they understand the power of choice.

Finally, the broad-brush tagging of those people is — excuse me — stupid. Some of them focus only on charters to offer choices to parents, some of them attempt to improve school governance (e.g., Eli Broad) and charters are just one element for them, and some are attempting to hijack and reshape the whole system, curriculum and all — that’s Bill Gates.

I personally consider Gates the most dangerous, not because of charters but because he found a way to leverage his few billions into controlling essentially all of our public education, with its annual more than half a trillion of our tax money. But that has absolutely nothing to do with charters.

I think you make some valid points about public interest in charters, etc. However, I find some truth in this blog post. The “Portfolio Theory” of the DPE model is playing out in Arkansas, with schools with low standardized test scores being taken over by the state and turned into charters. Just in the past two weeks I’ve started hearing rumblings about those charter kids being woefully behind academically when they leave the charter and return to public education. Parents are also starting to clue in that they don’t have a publicly elected board to whom they can take their concerns. We are also a state that has adopted coding in every school; I hadn’t considered until now the effect on future wages. Interesting theory to consider. Anyway, I agree that not all charters are the devil, but I see much of this (what blog author describes) playing out.

And another big piece of it – SIMS – Student Information Management System.

The most notable case of forced charter is, I believe, the school district of New Orleans after Katrina. It was “charterized” (new verb!) but ACT scores did not improve after a decade of charter, yet the citizens lost control and had no one to complain to. I think it’s Mercedes Schneider who has written most about that, if memory serves me correctly. It’s happening in my state now. The state “takes over” a district and turns it over to a charter, thus removing choice. If a charter is a choice within a district, I’m okay with that.

we are seeing the same here in Idaho- basically it’s an erasing of the level of government closest to the people.

We also had a law that almost passed that would allow charters to hire less qualified Superintendents than traditional schools- so giving them a special privilege.

Another law we saw come through Committee was the written % of low performing traditional schools to be closed down each year and turned over to a private entity-

The erasing of an entire level of government is the most alarming in my opinion.

I’m sorry this ended up being so controversial. But, charters and choice are not necessarily in practice, what they are being sold to us as.

The checker move is charters, choice, and ROI for a select few, with loss of transparency in accountability for taxpayers-

The chess move is erase the school level of government.

My question is…If charter schools are so great, as evidenced by demand, then why don’t regular public schools simply emulate them and then get rid of charters? Money? Almost certainly! Charter schools are just a means to access the public treasury. There is too much money collected and spent by the government to be ignored by the rich and greedy.
The Education Revolution was started by vulture capitalists. Venture capitalists go after business investment. Vulture capitalists go after the education of children. Note: dollar amounts put on our children’s heads were in 2012 dollars.
How much has the pay for teachers been incremented in the last 5 to 7 years? Here’s the trick… when corporations take over, they will hire contract teachers through a broker – the teachers won’t be paid that much, the brokers will take the bulk of it and there will be a kick back to whoever the contract manager is who lets the contract. The children will be short changed because the quality of teachers will drop but the cost to taxpayers will be the same initially but increasing over time. [That’s just a guess.. as a former contractor.]

Yes, that is how it works. And it has been done (is being done) here in the U.S. already. I saved this blog when I took down my old website “A Missing Ingredient.” The reason being that it contained some information I wanted to hang onto.

In 2008, there were three companies that were placing foreign teachers in our schools: Avenida International Consultants, Visiting International Faculty, and Intalage, Inc.. The states using their services at that time were Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and California.


They did the same thing to Nurses and to IT professionals and Engineers. The professionals of a society – the solid middle class are the ones who hold things together. The replacement of American professionals with imported foreigners allegedly equally qualified (a joke) is both the attack on American citizens and another front in the attack on our country.
The reasoning is that parents of kids attending schools should have a say. The biggest problem in Idaho is lack of participation in local government. Our local public schools belong to us. It’s time to reclaim what is ours. Charter schools no longer follow their original intent. The single purpose today is to destroy local government. That said…the thought had occurred to me that registering non-citizens to vote could be a means of getting enough information to find individuals to deport them. Heck we can’t even get citizens to register to vote out of fear they may be challenged at the polls for having too much melanin.

From the images I see, they left out a lot of guilty parties but I really like the idea. Somebody should start a website specifically to identify the people and groups who have destroyed our system of education. Categories… billionaires, foundations, public officials. Pictures, profiles and contributions to ignorance as the highest goal of education.

I think it would be huge.

Nobody ever pays attention until an issue hits the headlines and then the interest is renewed. I love the idea of pictures and then the sketch profile so that people can capture the idea easily because getting into the documentation of the education system loses people on about page 2 🙂 It wasn’t the education system per se that grabbed me, it was the system of control of the lives of people in the future – beginning with the spark of life in the womb – cradle-to-grave, tracking and management system. It’s un-American and in-human.

School choice through charters and “money follows the child” schemes most definitely do one thing. They divide us. Just look at the conversation here.

In communities, they divide. In neighborhoods, they divide. In the nation, they divide us. And it is all for no good reason. We have always had “school choice” in America. You can attend your local public school, homeschool, private school, and we even have magnet schools that truly are based on filling an identified and approved community need.

It is never in children’s best interest to close their schools. We once upon a time pledged to improve all schools, not close them. Then came men and women like Eli Broad and Michelle Rhee.

The whole premise upon which the “need” for charter schools was based is flawed and seen by other countries as detrimental to society. It’s hurting the U.S. but, by God, we fight on…..not for the greater good but for an ideology that is divisive….and harmful.


When the Founding Fathers wrote about education work force training was not mentioned. The purpose of education was to have an educated citizenry – a citizenry that could keep the Republic.

John Adams wrote: “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it.” There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves.”

Thomas Jefferson, witness to the Revolution, drafter of the Declaration of Independence, and founder of the nation’s first public university, rightfully believed that it was the government and citizenry’s duty to invest tax dollars in public education: “[T]he tax which will be paid for this purpose [education] is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.”

I never minded funding education. I think it’s important that all of our citizens are literate and have a basic understanding of the world and our form of government. I do mind very much, the federal takeover of education and the imposition of federal mandates and programs that increase the cost and don’t contribute to the mission and in fact, are detrimental to it in most cases. In the area of education and other areas, our state officials have been bought off with federal money even though the federal money doesn’t begin to pay for the mandates. I don’t understand how money became the highest good in this country but it will be the downfall of us for sure.
Marc Tucker’s letter – the description the National Human Resource Management system is a conceptual design for computer systems to control the process. I was stunned when I read it. I went to work immediately researching legislation to see if it was true – to see if they were really building that system. What I found was that they were in fact building it. Every education “reform” since the Reagan Administration (Nation at Risk) has simply been the next phase in the development of the system. In other words, a continuation of the project even though the named “reforms” were presented as being new ideas. Marc Tucker just articulated the vision in a clear and concise manner and we should be grateful for that 🙂

Well, I can’ say that I have ever used the word “grateful” in anything I have written about Tucker but I see your point.

Many people seem to think the letter is a hoax. That is why I included a link to its publication in the Congressional Record.

I am very grateful Representative Bob Schaffer for officially entering it. And I’m grateful for government records.

Tucker directly clarified to the first President Bush the perceived need for restructuring schools, national goals, and to focus on workforce training (National Center on Education and the Economy, 1989). …. three years before writing Hillary.

Charolotte Izerbyt described the problems so well in her book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”. I believe the only real competition public schools need is a massive drive in Home Schooling. The internet has produced the tools for availability of custom tailored and self paced education. Besides all the free sources available just imagine how many high performance courses could be purchased by parents if they were freed from paying for public schools to which their children were not attending.
What parents today would want their children being indoctrinated politically and inundated with sexual liberalism all while any survival skills training? I would love to see someone publish some figures of actual value for dollar public schooling now provides.
When I went to college I was struck by how I could achieve a 4.0gpa and still realize how unprepared I was to do the tasks of my chosen profession.
Parents who choose home schooling have to be careful as some of those custom tailored and self paced tools on the internet are programmed learning and controlled by the very corporations that are trying to destroy local public schools. The programs collect data on the children using them. Mila Wood I’ve read that one of the programs flashes messages onscreen and tracks keystrokes. For me…I choose to attend school board meetings and to participate in local government.
from everyone’s comments, sounds like the education system needs deconstructing and rebuilding from the ground up. 
have you ever figured out just how much money a given family actually pays in in taxes that goes to public education? Low, middle, and high incomes, median income, varying states? And is “cheap” education what we really want? Public education has been a generational responsibility proudly taken on by each generation….until now.

I hope you didn’t gather that from my comments. We still have a solid education infrastructure in the U.S. It has taken one hell of a beating but it has survived….to date.

Most of my time researching the solutions to our problems has been devoted to looking at the various parts of the system and who did what to undermine their function. If the day ever comes that the country wants to fix what the corporate-elite broke, we can easily do so.

So rebuild and keep the aspects that are working now. But look at each of the ones you wish to keep with fresh eyes and start over. I’m not an education expert concerning the finer points, but this is a corporate entity that is bleeding profusely according to what I’m reading. Any corporation/entity that is in this much trouble deserves nothing less. There are already solutions out there. Have to find a way to get together with a common mission. I’m just reading the posts and listening in my community to the jungle drums.
Reclaiming. It’s more accurate to say we the people need to reclaim our institutions and participate in our levels of government. Our public schools continue to do well, despite the deluge of propaganda from thew DPE crew.
but the things that are doing well. Are they really independent of all subversive and DPE guidelines? I see a lot of multi-national in what I read on this. So the parts that are doing well – again I’m no expert, but is doing well a universaloutcome? After all, the propagandists claim that the system is doing well when their benchmarks are in place. But as usual, citizen participation should be make paramount. I fear we have a few “Summerhill”generations of parents who never learned this.
We spend enough money on education that I really don’t see why the public schools can’t provide academic education somewhere close to what the private schools offer. They would need to go back to a system that measures based on academic excellence which means that they would have to provide accelerated material for the quick students and a slower pace for the less well endowed students. That’s the way it was done when I went to school… but the thing is that the schools never made a big deal out of it. They didn’t talk about it and as far as I know, the students didn’t either.

People need to look at how the money is spent….now.

Years ago, I asked my school board why the “instructional dollars” as a total and as a percentage of our budget was decreasing consistently over several years….It’s not a good sign. It was because we were losing experienced teachers. Yet as I wrote this AM about a candidate for governor in Idaho, “I’m glad Brad Little understands that “when we have the best teachers in the classrooms we get the best student outcomes.” Now, why can’t he and all the other “leaders” in education see that they need to PUT TEACHERS AHEAD OF TESTING and TECHNOLOGY in our classrooms.”

The blame rests on the Outcome-Based, Test-Based education theory…..and all those who pushed it on schools.

those guidelines did not come from local control Rather these are the result of centralizing government. I’ve sat through many, many school board meetings where the only topic is discussing and acting on the latest legislative mandates.The hours spent are incredible. No wonder no one wants to run for school board. That’s deliberate. Strangle local government in red tape. Our Idaho legislators are pretty good at that.

So, back to the article. Two major exclusions that laypeople need to know. 1) When the model for destroying public education is outlined, there was no mention of leadership training. Both Eli Broad and Marc Tucker have been “graduating” leaders. They not only indoctrinated them into their way of thinking, they strategically placed them in large urban districts and departments of education (US & states).

Ever wonder why we hit brick walls in administration?

2) There was no talk of policy other than that which was related to the Koch’s and ALEC. Senator Lamar Alexander has been THE key education policy pusher along with Marc Tucker.

I believe Tom Luna was one of those people who was recruited based on research that I did on his background). He was in no way qualified to be the Superintendent of Schools. He brought Common Core to Idaho and then he left – mission accomplished.
Here is a post from Shannon Joy:
Get ready! Standardized ‘morality’ assessments are right around the corner.
Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

JEFF BEZOS is closing a vast Big Finance child-trap, which has already been built. Here’s a tour.

Alison Hawver McDowell writes:
Within moments of hearing the announcement I began poking around to see where the connections were. What immediately came up was that Jeff’s mother Jackie, who helps manage the Bezos Family Foundation, presented on the topic of preschool human capital investing with James Heckman at the Aspen Institute Festival in June 2017.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

1st grade! I think not!


Here is a post from a West Virginia anti-Common Core page:

From the Harrison County GOP:


A few weeks ago, West Virginia Senate President Mitch Carmichael came out in the press urging the Democrat Party in West Virginia to reject the American Federation of Teachers socialist agenda – an agenda brought to light during the AFT’s recent convention in Pittsburgh. Specifically, policy proposals discussed at the AFT convention included increasing taxes to pay for “free” college tuition and “universal” healthcare and childcare. In this context, “free” and “universal” are euphemisms for “paid for with taxpayer or borrowed funds”. Christine Campbell the president of the AFT West Virginia affiliate chided Carmichael publicly for using what she called “buzzwords” such as “socialists” or “radicals”.

A recent publication entitled “Why Socialists Should Become Teachers” simultaneously vindicates Carmichael and refutes Campbell. It was published by the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission and the Young Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), but the Forward purports to have been written by “DSA teachers of West Virginia”. In that Forward, they claim to have held meetings prior to the teachers strike and agreed that their “demands would require militant action”. They claim credit for “laying the groundwork for what would culminate in a historic, successful nine-day strike”. Finally, they maintain that the strike “was the result of creative shop floor organizing by teachers with socialist politics.”

Read more by clicking below:…/socialists-coordinate-effort-to-use…/p


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:


preamble rewrite


And another post from this group:

“Laying bets Testing giant Questar bids or a mirror of NYS custom-made tests will be the new Maryland tests and they will be computer adaptive, and STILL common core aligned – because Feds and ESSA. Just sayin.”
-Michelle Moore already commented on the article.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This must be stopped!!

“Google – and others in the tech industry, such as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Pearson – have partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and school districts throughout the country. Their aim is to collect private student data as they also cash in on the Common Core reform that was privately funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and championed by politicians from both parties laser-focused on workforce development – also a pet project of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, in June, the Trump administration proposed a merger of the federal education and labor departments – with a goal of workforce development.

“Rather than equip an individual to pursue whatever goal he sets for himself as part of his God-given freedom, this is, instead, the German model being pushed by misguided business interests and some state interests,” she explained. “As a result, the type of education an individual would receive would be influenced by crony corporations dictating to schools the skills needed for future workers.”

The private data helping to plug students into different industries is being provided by tech giants like Google.

“It doesn’t take undercover investigative journalists to unmask the massive privacy invasion enabled by educational technology and federal mandates,” conservative author and CRTV host Michelle Malkin wrote at National Review in April. “The kiddie data heist is happening out in the open — with Washington politicians and bureaucrats as brazen co-conspirators.”


This post was made by a friend of mine:

Okay #Idaho What do you think?

Is Brad Little aware that the “20 recommendations for moving education forward,” which were made by Governor Otters Task Force on Improving Education, were made without consideration, discussion, or debate of the principles upon which they are based…….THE primary one being “Outcome-Based Education.”

When ” student achievement metrics” are “trending upward,” does it correlate to better education? Are children being better served? Has the suicide rate begun to decline? THAT IS A FREAKING IGNORED METRIC!!!!

Way back in 1999 when this whole standards-based, test-based ed reform BS started here in Idaho if we were counting the suicides as school drop-outs, or do we just drop them out of our numbers game?

I’m glad Brad Little understands that “when we have the best teachers in the classrooms we get the best student outcomes.” Now, why can’t he and all the other “leaders” in education see that they need to PUT TEACHERS AHEAD OF TESTING and TECHNOLOGY in our classrooms. #InputsFirst
#EndOutcomeBasedEdReform #EdReformRevolt It’s the right thing to do, now is the time to do it, and it seems we need reminding we are the People. #OurVoicesMatter
Start the debate without the politicians.


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Leading into the 2019 Legislative Sessions for both Utah and Tennessee, my two homes…I’m going to start public petitions. Very simple…

We The People…demand that all legislators, and the Governor take the 10th Grade TN-Ready/UT-Rise test. If they score less than 4, they must resign from leadership positions. If they score less than a 3, they must resign from public office.

Makes sense. Are you as smart as a 10th grader? If not, time to move along. No harm, right? I mean, if you’re not as smart as a 10th grader, should they be in public office?!

Legislators are so enamored with these centrally planned, one-size-fits-all, bureaucratically driven tests. Let them see what they’ve created. If it’s really as simple as they say, no problem. Right?

Only one way to find out. I’m going to need help. Who’s in?


Here are some replies to an Alice Linahan post:

here are some names people need to start looking into…
Who is James Heckman?
The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO), is run by James Heckman, Stephen Durlauf, and Robert Dugger. It operates out of the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Chicago, and its fiscal sponsor is the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), an entity that emerged in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008.

INET funds research, grooms young economists, and convenes gatherings promoting the work of its 1,100+ experts. George Soros pledged $50 million from Open Society to create INET as a vehicle to explore “new thinking and new rules for the world economy. Heckman, Dugger, and Durlauf are all involved in the operations of INET.

James Heckman worked closely with Flávio Cunha who is now a Professor of Economics at Rice University in Texas. Together they wrote… “Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation,” a paper published in Econometrica that they wrote with Dr. Susanne M. Schennach.

During Texas’ last legislative session, (R)Sen. Van Taylor passed Math Innovation (SIB) legislation (SB1318) to get this ball rolling. (R) Rep. Tan Parker (HB2014) carried the house bill. Knowingly or not, they are pushing George Soros’ agenda. Here is a link to Testimony on (HB2014):

Please note, it is Flávio Cunha, who wrote the white paper with Heckman, that is the expert guest from Rice University who is testifying for the Math innovation social impact bonds.




I think the only way to end this, Alice, is to stop allowing the government to run education, to cease extortion of more and more educational funding by government, and return that money to the tax-payer who can purchase a less-expensive, more effective, and more enjoyable education offered by educational businesses that compete with one-another for your student and their tuition.

The schools will be safer and more enjoyable for the students because there won’t be major behavior problems… Can’t behave here? Go buy your education elsewhere, Oh, and your tuition is forfeit… Parenting skills anyone?

Success isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would do it.

Free market, all-day, every day, all day long…
How many decades of students will be lost to the process of creating this utopia of education. How many years will any student lose because the education product their parents chose for them is substandard. How many skimmed profits will replace the purchase of highly experienced teachers in this capital driven environment.

In the last 20 years, even as corporate profits have grown, NONE of it has either “trickled down” or been “regulated” to the backs of those who do the actual production…..Every penny that can be squeezed is directed toward share holder profit.

I don’t believe in the liberal agenda, I abhor, this “for profit” capitalism model that MUST create “easy success” for any student in the country to be educated.

free market, all-day, every day, all day long and the GREED has created the environment that allows the anarchy in our streets.
Here is a perfect example of why they want to eliminate that locally elected school board. Their greatest commodity to profit off of, is the unethical collection of psychological data to be used for “Artificial Intelligence”(AI).

“There is untapped information sitting on computers in the state Capitol building right now that could help us understand how we get more kids through college or break the cycle of incarceration or move families out of poverty. We want to bring together the best researchers in the country with public officials to unlock the power of that data and use it to make real progress on these problems,” said LJAF President and Chief Executive Officer Kelli Rhee.
here are some names people need to start looking into…
Who is James Heckman?
The Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group (HCEO), is run by James Heckman, Stephen Durlauf, and Robert Dugger. It operates out of the Center for the Economics of Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Chicago, and its fiscal sponsor is the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), an entity that emerged in the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008.

INET funds research, grooms young economists, and convenes gatherings promoting the work of its 1,100+ experts. George Soros pledged $50 million from Open Society to create INET as a vehicle to explore “new thinking and new rules for the world economy. Heckman, Dugger, and Durlauf are all involved in the operations of INET.

James Heckman worked closely with Flávio Cunha who is now a Professor of Economics at Rice University in Texas. Together they wrote… “Estimating the Technology of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skill Formation,” a paper published in Econometrica that they wrote with Dr. Susanne M. Schennach.

During Texas’ last legislative session, (R)Sen. Van Taylor passed Math Innovation (SIB) legislation (SB1318) to get this ball rolling. (R) Rep. Tan Parker (HB2014) carried the house bill. Knowingly or not, they are pushing George Soros’ agenda. Here is a link to Testimony on (HB2014):

Please note, it is Flávio Cunha, who wrote the white paper with Heckman, that is the expert guest from Rice University who is testifying for the Math innovation social impact bonds.



leave all schools accepting federal funding hit them where it matters to them their pockets – otherwise this will continue
I understand, and I WISH!; but the reality is that it isn’t going to happen. Our entire populace is not going to exit the building. The large majority of our communities will continue to attend public, charter, and private schools who take the money, unwittingly or not.
you know how deep the dimes of federal assistance have reached every aspect of organized education. I stayed home with my children, your comment judges that in this broken society, every home will have the privilege of one adult staying home to educate their children. And while I respect that, I think you have not fully thought through the “rhetoric” of choice to understand the total scope of your words, you are feeding back the “sound bites.
The scope….and “some” homeschools….federal dollars have encroached upon the freedoms within the walls of homes, especially for those who do not understand the concept of “approved curriculum.” The real issue is not “keeping our own money,” it is if we should be taxed for education at all. And while my answer might be “no,” my fellow citizens have approved spending based on long term debt…the bills do not go away.
Karen Bracken the education industry spends hours in legislative committee laying out the language needed to provide their “service” in the school. I watched hour after hour of the “vendor” crafting the language of the law for both the pub ed committee and appropriations. Those testifying for experienced teachers and strong academics were given 3 minutes and ignored.
aren Bracken, all of democracy will get not what “they deserve” but the consequences of education being handed over to capitalism are being realized in the anarchy of social rebellion in our streets. The path to the future of education is a freight train of globalism, the contents supported by one party, the techniques of transformation supported by the other. And our students futures being stolen by the elites of both. Neither of which places their own children into the process.
These people that are participating are primarily working-class people. The request for them to not participate in schools is unreasonable.

The request that they deny the data collection monster his subsistence of test results is most definitely the place to start. It has gone too far, for too long, and is harming children…..It should be the major principle upon which we rob the elite from their education revolution victory.

They smelled victory back in 2011 and have been held back – slightly – over the last eight years. If the Every Student Succeeds Act had not passed with testing still intact, we would have been the ones popping champagne corks in D.C. rather than Michelle Rhee and Geoffrey Canada. I can’t remember who else was in this article and I refuse to renew my free subscription because I can’t stand the idea of them (Gate’s & Co.) knowing what I read.…/art…/2011/02/14/revolution.html

I should still be reading Tucker’s stuff, but I can’t. 😦 I’ve had enough of him.
Teach for America and Education Week puke. Actually they want us to keep our children in the system so they can keep their jobs and $$$ coming in.

There are plenty of single and dual parent income families finding alternatives to government school system. Where there is a will there is a way.
You’d really puke if you read the article (as I recall). Like I said, I don’t subscribe.

That is right, where there is a will there is a way. The American public hasn’t developed a political will to stop totalitarianism….yet.
unfortunately not and it is being left to us as individual families to take things into our own hands. They are no longer hiding the agenda and it is in our faces yet people are too busy to pay attention or do not want to face the fact that they have to get off their duffs.
I think a lot of people are so overwhelmed and without visible leadership, they can’t see a way out.

A clear vision hasn’t been allowed to surface…yet.
You have never seen a free market in your lifetime. Government corrupts everything it touches. As I read your reply to my original remark, you counter your own argument. I taught in the public education system for over ten years. I’ve lived with “the idea of the month club” in education. We have put more money per student into our public schools than other nations and they continue to embarrass us with their individual student achievement.

Education happens between a caring teacher, and a motivated student; but our education dollars don’t get to the classroom precisely due to the corruption, not in corporations, but in our bureaucratic government. I watched a school system renovate their district office while students wanted for supplies and equipment and teachers struggled to make a living in the single most important job on the planet. Many teachers spend their own pay to buy supplies for their job… There isn’t a better soul on Earth than a good teacher. But they don’t get what they need to do the job effectively under a centrally controlled educational bureaucracy.
An education is something of value, great value, as everyone in this thread is obviously aware. Everything of value can be traded for something else of value which government has learned. “We will collect your earnings as taxes and educate the populous to a standard level…”; an idea which in the eighteenth century the WORLD was coming to the US to see. Since then, our government has gleaned more and more of our money (the power that we worked for) promising to do better, but they haven’t done better.

The failure, the corruption, is systemic. They require our earnings of us, misappropriate our money, waste the energy we provide, and water down the end product by leveling the playing field for everyone. It doesn’t work, or we wouldn’t be up at 2 am passionately discussing it…
We, the citizens, are today so busy in two-income households, some with more than one job, to pay attention to what is happening in and to our country; established to provide and protect freedom SO THAT each of us can prosper to the best of our individual ability.

We’re kept busy paying 25-33% on average in taxes of what we earn to an oppressively bureaucratic government that weakens every thing it touches. Our constitution was drafted to limit what government controls, not to further empower it.

We are kept busy so that we don’t have time to pay attention to the corruption around us. The wages you earn are taxed before you see them. Every dollar you spend providing for your needs has tax applied. When you die, there is a court proceeding called “probate” in which the government involves itself in your family business to decide “Who actually owns the wealth of money or stuff” you leave behind, oh, and how much of it’s value “belongs to the government” in estate taxes. If I personally involved myself in “your business” to that degree, I’m certain we’d have a discussion… but we’ve come to expect it as normal from government.

Government should only do what only government can do, and they shouldn’t be doing anything else. (read it again)

Governments tax those of us that provide goods and services for others at every turn, and they fail to provide what they promise… at every turn. Education is the most important job on the face of the Earth and they hold the power because we allow them to wield our power as money hoping that they control the waste and corruption. It won’t happen.

Do we appreciate the communication and opportunity for democratic discussion that social media has afforded us? Are we respecting it’s inherent power… the people that want to control it certainly do. I truly appreciate your impassioned discourse to this topic, every one of you. It’s important that we examine ideas to make better decisions going forward.
there is an important clarification/correction that does need to be made in relationship to your assertions. Big Business absolutely IS a player in this ugly game. Big Government has held hands with unions in the past. That hasn’t entirely stopped, in point of fact. However, their preferred principal partner today is Big Business. The true source of the problem is not government alone, but government in corrupt PARTNERSHIP with others who can afford to purchase the outcomes of public policy. Public-private partnership is what keeps this whole ugly mess going. Look at the role of Big Business icons such as Bill Gates, Lou Gerstner, and a whole host of others in the policy directions that have been embraced since the late 1980s and early 1990s, in particular. They are just the most visible parts of a massive iceberg. Alice Linahan will back me up on my assertions. Both of us have done more than our share of homework.

Part of the problem we have is that people have been hoodwinked into believing that if business is involved, then it must be free market. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you likely well understand. I think we just need to make sure people understand that there is actually a corrupt partnership going on, because government alone is literally only one half of the problem.
the place for a business to have a say in the shaping their workforce is when they hire an employee. Period. End of story. The interference of Big Business in education has not made things better in education. To the contrary, it has made things worse. Big Business has helped to engineer a system in which they are leveraging public dollars to achieve “pre-job training” for them. Big Government acts as a sort of pimp in that equation, agreeing to prepare children in the way Big Business wishes. That is, quite frankly, collusive and corrupt.

Respectfully, you seem to have bought into the false notion that education is about ensuring that people can get a good job. Education is in fact about something much, much DEEPER than that, as I suspect you would agree, being a former teacher. That we have, as a society bought into the lie that education is about “getting a good job,” has, in large measure, led us down the primrose path to hell. Education for the workforce is a cause of, not a solution to, the problems we now confront. Until we start remembering what true education is really supposed to be–that it’s about giving children the tools and the opportunity to SELF-DETERMINE, as is their natural right, we will continue to be in hell…and to put children in hell.

The problem with workforce development/school-to-work/skills-based training/outcome-based education (call it what you like, it has sundry labels) is that it aims to prepare children for the agendas of OTHERS…NOT to determine their own, personal agendas (goals, hopes, dreams, etc) and write their own futures (self-determination).

If business wants to offer internships, GREAT! But it ought to remain solely a private arrangement between the business and the child, with the involvement and approval of the child’s parents). The minute business is allowed “a say” in what happens in a school, how it runs, what it teaches, etc, I guarantee you that students’ best interests will inevitably be rejected in favor of business’ best interests. The minute a business is permitted to leverage public money instead of their own in order to “form the workforce,” the minute it can pour money into politicians’ campaign funds in order to be able to leverage that public money, you will have corruption. And we do.

Is it all businesses? No. Of course not. But those businesses that ARE involved in this mess are all in the wrong. Corruption is not just a possibility in public-private partnership. Corruptions is ENDEMIC TO public-private partnership. Public-private partnership should have ZERO role in education. If a business wants to create and run a school using private dollars, so be it. Let the buyer investigate the methods and outcomes of any such school and evaluate the merits or drawbacks of sending their child there. But business should have no role in education that involves public dollars.

Am I a fan of government education? No. But I’m even less a fan of public-private partnership. Again, the unions were the big partner before. Now it’s Big Business. We haven’t switched from a bad partner to a good partner. We’ve just switched to another partner that is engaging in corruption.
Making education into a “for profit” business model which is what “vouchers” does will not work. Businesses will always view your child then as a way to make money and they will be trying to find every single way to make money off of your child to supplement their bottom line.

First move will be to eliminate textbooks, the second will be having a single teacher teach 100 kids thru online or distance learning, third will be selling data or access to advertise to your children a certain viewpoint on issues that you may not agree with.

Public schools have TONS of problems. Particularly large urban districts but the last thing you want to do is allow greed to be the driving force for change in a classroom.

Capitalism works great when you are making products for folks to consume, but I certainly do not want the Wall Street in charge of the future generations of children.

This to me is like chemotherapy in the 1970s.

The treatment was worse than the problem itself and will probably end up killing the patient who takes it.
I was just shaking my head watching that Fox News video. Here we go again, devoting a major amount of time to the School Reform agenda on a major network. Millions of dollars in air time devoted to brainwashing the public. If we don’t have a crisis, the Reformers can’t work their agenda. This is a manufactured crisis, David Pandone. School failure is a myth. Yes, some schools do better on the state test than others, but this is due to socio-economic conditions in the neighborhoods. And who cares if students do better on the test. It is a false indicator of what the child knows. The entire Accountability/Testing/School Rating system is a deck of cards waiting to crumble. Competition for students by business entities will only further turn the child into a commodity for profit.
I also love how the major networks choose the books they want to promote. Give me a break. I wish I could get that kind of coverage for my book. How about you, Alice? Kind of like testifying as an uninvited guest at the state capitol.
Exactly!! And why aren’t they covering Devos’ G20 and the UN declaration she signed onto.
It’s like the Enron mentality has shifted to education. Their definition of the free-market is total freedom to exploit. They want access to the $600B industry. They want real estate deals through charters, and they want to capitalize on social impact investing.

“*IF* we get this right, we can compete in the global market”⁉️⁉️
Oh PLEASE!!! I spy More Globalists! Fox News Globalists! They KNOW what they are doing!

“It IS immoral! It IS impractical! It IS EVIL” what these FOX NEWS minions are proposing from a CREATED crisis!
Don’t forget that! This crisis has been CREATED! Our schools were FORCED to select recommended curricula that has ultimately brought us to where we find ourselves in education today.

“The LEFT will fight this”??? Well I’m NOT LEFT! This is NOT a partisan issue! This IS Education reform, aka, TAKEOVER, Narrative! “Conservative” (now-we-know aka Globalist) Fox News is pitting left against right to accomplish the Globalism end. SHAME ON FOX! (Though some of us already recognized this truth about Fox News before this!)

Thank you, Alice Linahan, for the 1994 book excerpts! i CAN See!
I rarely use Facebook but am compelled to remind Mr. Pandone that teachers and schools do not make “educational products.” We educate human beings created uniquely by God. The students I have taught for the lat 45 years are not products. It concerns me gravely that as a former teacher you would refer to students as products. Education is an unmeasurable art and not a science or a business.
After all the numbers are crunched, the data points are pegged, and the tests are collected and corrected, we are talking about people’s lives!!! These folks may be short or tall, but they are real human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and caring during their time with us.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Trump twice mentioned employers who partner with the federal government ‘reaching in’ to high schools to recruit workers.

School Inc. ———>

‘Because some of the best examples we’ve seen is when the employers reach into the vocational schools and reach into the high schools, and develop curriculums and then employ the student right on the other end.’


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is How Local Curriculum Control Dies: OER.

At the resource below, the State Superintendents Club (the CCSSO), and their progressive political bed-buddy New America (whose Board is chaired by Google’s Eric Schmidt), detail their work to control districts’ curriculum choices and politicize curriculum. How? Using Open Educational Resources (OER).

Tech giants like Amazon play a key roll in OER. The CCSSO and New America are ecstatic at how quickly schools and states are adopting OER. OER is a term coined by the UN’s education division, UNESCO, in 2002. President Trump has called UNESCO “anti-Israel” for a reason—yet his Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is doing UNESCO’s OER-bidding through the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the G20. (see the footnotes in the CCSSO/New America paper to understand how the Obama administration used Race to the Top and ESSA to persuade districts that they were regaining control of curriculum from states when, in actuality, they were/are ceding control of curriculum AND assessments to the tech giant cartel by using OER).

Prager, WND and other conservative media outlets that are sounding the warning about tech giants controlling online content need to understand how this exact same thing is happening with online “personalized” curriculum for every student. Prager, WND and others need to be reporting on THIS dark side of the Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Twitter, US Dept. of Ed, UNESCO story: OER can be rated, curated and tracked in order to control the curriculum and assessments that teachers and children use. OER, using Common Education Data Standards, ties teacher/student learning to global Competency-Based curriculum—which is focused on political indoctrination, not education.. At Utah’s August State School Board meeting, it was noted that the state’s assessment provider, Questar Assessments, was starting to use OER in assessments.…/navigating-new-curriculum-landscape

Remember that districts were “freed” from state curriculum control under ESSA. They just didn’t realize that they were then coerced into politicized, globally data-tracked curriculum:

Also remember that the Obama administration created the curriculum curation system, the Learning Registry—and helped their tech giant partners create similar curriculum ratings/curation systems—in order that teachers’ and students’ choices could be manipulated and controlled by state assessment scores:

The federal tripod of standards, assessments and accountability is strangling local curriculum and assessment control. The tripod is being used to politicize what your children learn.

ESSA. MUST. BE. STOPPED. It’s up to parents. Persuade your legislator to end the federal tripod that the tech cartel is using to control what your children learn. The best way to do this is to stop taking federal education money—your tax payer money returned with strings.

– – – – –

More from New America on their OER-Learning Technologies Project.…/learning-technologies-project/

I encourage parents and legislators to watch the Obama administration’s Deputy Director of Ed Tech, Steve Midgley, speaking about how OER works at the youtube link above. He stated outright that they were starting to curate curriculum to ensure that teachers choose the “most relevant resource.” Midgley says, “[Through the Registry] we can actually find out this teacher assigned this material; this teacher emailed this to someone else; this teacher dragged it onto a smart board for 18 minutes. . . .” The Registry will also use “the math that I don’t understand which [will] let me know something about who you are and then let me do some mathematical operations against a very large data set and see if I can pair you with the appropriate relevant resource.”

That’s not local curriculum control. That is someone in power, deciding that they know what teachers and children need to know, and using algorithms to control it.


Glad that New Mexico is going after these guys:


Freshmen at Columbia University are forced to attend a three-hour assembly on identity politics as part of their orientation:


Here are some posts in reply to a Wrench in the Gears blog entry:

EXCELLENT. Thank you!!! WE must convince parents that THEY are the protectors of their children’s private information not the government. By a simple act of refusing to allow your child to be hooked up to the data collecting machinery and to also refuse your child’s participation in any and all surveys. Parents need to refuse to fill out surveys as well.
I agree about the surveys. We are meeting with district officials to figure out how to navigate the college application process outside our district’s takeover by Naviance (Hobson’s).
Naviance is huge and too big to fight, I fear. We have it in our district in MD. An asian acquaintance of mine was summoned into the office last year and mandated to fill out FAFSA forms or else they would not send her daughter’s information out to various colleges. This family had saved their money to pay for this college education out of pocket and did not want any help from the Fed Gov’t. The schools hijack a child’s information and hold it for ransom (data).

Here is a post by the Common Core Diva:

All the more reason to unite and fight to protect our students! The cradle to career school is now in Detroit, MI.
#cradletocareer #RepealESSA #RestoreFERPA
#stopcommoncore #endfeded

Thanks to a devoted follower, here’s the link.


A Michigan school caves to militant atheists:


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Folks- This should be of great concern to all…
The predetermined outcomes Gates is talking about are behavioral; and that means they want access to modify the attitudes, values, beliefs, and behaviors of Americans.

“Gates said it will support new data systems that will make it possible to compare student outcomes across the globe.
Gates said last year that the first step to measuring education quality will be to develop better “cross-national assessments,” particularly for math and reading among younger students. Its new report cites UNESCO’s estimates that over 600 million students are not minimally proficient, lamenting that few countries collect enough data points that would identify where their “learning crisis” lies.”

Key Players Implementing the Transformation in Education known as “education reformers” are…

* Google and Microsoft who are Unesco Partners with deals to promote Unesco’s values through a World Curriculum.

* The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a World Policy Organization.

The OECD runs an Assessment system to support Unesco’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The OECD’s assessment director, Andreas Schleicher, a German worked with the Obama Administration to reshape the US K-12 online assessment system.

The OECD reshaped assessments so they run in the background of online curriculum.

The OECD assessments are assessing behaviors more than academics.

OECD/PISA quotes from the Global Competency Framework for an Inclusive and Sustainable World :

“The skills, attitudes, and values that shape human behavior should be rethought to counter the discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family. All young people should be able to challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, to reflect on the causes and solutions of racial, religious and hate violence and to help create tolerant integrated societies.”


While the Left wants to shut down any reference to God in schools, they apparently don’t give a care about all the access many students have to hardcore porn in schools:


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Absolutely ridiculous! When do they find the time to actually teach in the second half of the year?!!!!!

Nevada test of torture


And here are some replies to this post:

The SBAC collects a lot more than data on student learning. Ask them if they want Protect Nevada Children to re-write if for them…LOL What district?


Nye County


That is the major problem. They teach all year to pass the test instead of for education.
That’s exactly what some of us have been saying for years.
That’s exactly what they do! Last year I informed my child’s teacher she was struggling with fractions and was told she will learn it again next year. The testing is more important than anything
Welcome to Common Core.
So since I opt my child out every year..why does he need to even go?
 I had my child enrolled at connections academy. I refused to allow them to place a web cam in my home for maps testing so we got the boot. Now struggling to find another homeschool
they have lost their minds
It’s up to school, unless you pick your child up during testing. Please know testing is only part of the day, the other part is typically instructional time.
Wow! Sorry to hear that. Some of the charter schools do strange things when it comes to testing…
oh I know that. I ment why send him to school at all if they are teaching to pass a test he will never take. (Sarcasm)
There is an NRS requiring schools to notify parents of these testings? I didn’t get notified of the MAP testing yesterday for 3rd grade in DCSD. I’ve even asked in formal complaints to the district to know what tests, when provided, who is providing the tests, etc.. What is NCSD website?
This is the first time I have been notified. I got notified via email by the school.
This is not education, this is a level of politics to invade your freedom so subtly.
And another post from this group:
I found out that the 3rd graders in DCSD, ZCES were MAP testing on the computer today. 3 hours from what my son was telling us. No notification from the teacher or the school Facts & Flyers. My 4th grade son said he heard over the intercom today that his brother’s class was MAP testing but he hasn’t heard when his class is MAP testing, anyone know? On another note, I provided the FBI PSA (DATA COLLECTION AND UNSECURED SYSTEMS COULD POSE RISKS TO STUDENTS) to my son’s teachers in ZCES and was told that the Principal came to the computer lab during MAP testing, took the PSA from the teacher, asked the teacher if questions were asked (by me I assume) and then the Principal asked my son if his brothers had a copy as well. I have not been contacted by anyone from the school about it.
And yet another post from this group:
Are parents told about SBAC pretesting/testing? My daughter just came home and told me she did the pretest today. I am sending a refusal form I found on the website tomorrow.
Here is a post from an anti-testing page:

Homer NY

“Can someone help me with my dilemma? Every year my son’s (4th grade) school has the child and their parents sign acknowledgement of the school handbook for students and parents. The last few years our “Opt Out” percentages have been fairly high and I always opt my children out every year. Now this year they added two whole pages in the handbook for “NYS Testing for grades 3 to 8” and there is a section that states…..

“What is the opt out option? Opting out is not an option at the (Name of the school district). We are required by our district and NYS education department as certified personnel to administer these tests. All students will be given the assessments regardless of parents request.”

I have not signed the acknowledgment yet because it states….

“________ and i have read and discussed the information in this 2018-2019 intermediate handbook. We agree to cooperate fully with these rules in order to make each day at (Name of school district) a valuable one. ”

My son will have recess taken away or some other repercussion if this is not turned in.”


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

First, it was full day kindergarten. Now it’s preschool for all.
In the future, you will see daycare for all.
Where does it stop? At what point do we not allow the state to dictate, require and mandate the raising and up bringing of our children?

“Call to Action!
Do you believe preschool students of all ability levels have the right to participate fully in high quality, inclusive early childhood programs? Are you willing to devote personal and professional time to promote development and implementation of inclusive, high-leverage, policies, procedures, and evidence-based practices? Do you want to be part of a high-performing, efficient, cutting-edge team of collaborators who will change the landscape of preschool programming in the State of Washington? Then you are the Pre-K Inclusion Champion we are looking for!

Opportunity to Serve
Together, the Special Education and Learning and Teaching Divisions of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), in partnership with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, are convening a volunteer, statewide Pre-K Inclusion Collaboration Team (PICT). This team will assist in the initial development, promotion, and implementation of a new Washington State Pre-K Inclusion Policy, with companion resources for a Pre-K Inclusion Toolkit.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have a question. My preschooler was sent home with a consent form for testing by the Utah Dept. Of Workforce Services. My first inclination is to not sign it, as I do not want her information and data out there. But am I just being paranoid?
And here are the replies to this post:
Always question and never take anything at face value.
I would not consent. Pre-school? Why on earth do they need to be starting this on pre-schoolers? Just let your child have the fun experience of pre-school without marring it by tests.
That’s what I was thinking too.
I would be so put off by this coming from a preschool that I would probably switch preschools
I personally have a big problem with DWS being involved with 3 & 4 year olds, but the state legislature keeps passing bills that gets them involved with early learning programs.

My guess is it’s because the preschool has received a School Readiness Grant & they have to prove that they are a “high quality” school by reporting assessment results & allowing classroom visits by an evaluator & government agencies (including DWS). If you click on the different Sections of code, you’ll see DWS involvement & the assessment requirement, etc.
DO NOT CONSENT but if she’s already on a computer at school they are collecting data.
Avoiding preschool is also a good idea. I don’t know if that’s an option for you in your situation.
The Workforce garbage is an effort to link any students or job seekers to the data system called WQDI ( Workforce Quality Data Initiative). It marries to the SLDS (Student Longitudinal Data System). SLDS was incentivized by RttT. WQDI was incentivized by U S Dept of Labor. Depending on where in the Ed track students are (or where in the job seeker tracker you are), the data feeds off education assessments to pigeonhole careers. The Labor backtracks their end to meet the classwork and courses which meet the test data.
ESSA simply stepped the whole system up. That is why it clearly mandated ‘all education must be aligned to post secondary readiness standards as laid out by the WIOA ( Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act).’ ESSA also mandated the Universal PreK. Lastly, this all brings to fruition, what Seen Lamar Alexander stated back in the 80s, we’ll take our babies and align them early on.
There are legal data protections (thought minimal) for data collected by the schools, I have yet to see any legal protections for DWS data. I would not sign that at all, unless your preschooler need a job right now.
FERPA once protected the collection of children’s data but it was gutted in 2010 by Obama. Their data can now be collected without parental consent.
PRESCHOOL?? HELL NO. There isn’t any information that they NEED from a preschooler!

So, before our daughter went to kindergarten the school required “screening” for “placement” in kindergarten. They brought her PRIVATELY into another room. They told us she was being tested to see which kindergarten class she would fit into best.
When our baby girl, of 4 years old, came out of this “screening” she had many questions. They went something like this…
“Mommy, why did they ask me where Daddy works?”
“Mommy, why did they ask me if you work?”
“why did they ask me if my brother lived at home? ”
“why did they ask me if you and daddy are married?”
These were just some on the question they asked our daughter
Does that sound like PLACEMENT to you?!?!?
That was 4 years ago!
Do you think all this data mining will help your child or is it an invasion of privacy?
What does my husband’s occupation have to do with our daughters placement in kindergarten?
Why did they take her into a room to do this, where, we, her parents, were not allowed?


Wow! That is crazy!
that was 4 years ago… I can’t even imagine how intrusive it is now. I’m glad we pulled our daughter from school. Until parents wake up and push pack, schools are no longer safe havens
I agree. I homeschool my older kids and it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But I’m so grateful that I can keep them out of the madness.
messed up, right?? My daughter lasted a total of 3 weeks in kindergarten before I yanked her out

In this 2017 Utah document, the School Readiness Grants from the Dept of Workforce Development. Shows grants from private sector as well as government funds. So, once again the fascist P3s are rearing their heads.
Check it out!…/615062be-11a8-4ccc-9f86…


Carried out in Prek via High Quality School Readiness Grants (this link will be for FY 2019, which begins 10/1/18!
Here’s the excerpt for what the Grants do (note this is in the Workforce Services Dept, not Workforce Development, as I mistakenly said above.
“The High Quality School Readiness (HQSR) Grant is defined by the Utah School Readiness Initiative, Utah Code §53A-1b-106 (hereafter called the Initiative). The purposes of the Utah School Readiness Initiative are to increase school readiness, improve academic performance, and reduce remediation costs associated with poor academic outcomes. One component of the Initiative is the HQSR Grant Program. The HQSR Grant Program provides resources to existing early education programs administered by Local Education Agencies (LEAs), private child care providers, and home-based educational technology programs. The grants are available to programs serving eligible three- and four-year- old students who are not receiving special education services. It is highly encouraged that programs serve students with disabilities in an inclusive environment (i.e., with both typically developing students and students with disabilities being educated together in the same room).”


For those providing Prek, look at the SEL (social emotional learning which must be embedded (see it just below the ‘must have Common Core State Standards’ and its purple check mark)


Check this out:
From the Summary Report to end intergenerational poverty in UT, the combined efforts of Dept of Workforce Services AND Utah’s Board of Ed, were tasked with PreK development. If that doesn’t tell you the ‘lifelong learning’, indentured servitude ESSA set up, I don’t know what will. This also bears out the fact Ed and Labor will be united at a federal level sooner than later.
Link to report:…/interge…/igpsummaryrecommend.pdf
*Also note that after the PreK alignnment, the K assessment will follow suit, it has to. The cradle to grave system MUST have it.


Here are the photos of the information that came with the consent form.


2002 to 2008 I taught Perschool in my home ad did not have this invasion of the government. This is not right. I am so sad.


And another post from this group:

I’m posting this here because EBSCO provides databases for libraries, schools, online charter schools, K-12 programs, and colleges around the world. The whole US has it, and it is filthy.

We have to stop this!!! SHARE this please!


And here are some replies to this post:

A woman told me the other day that her son was first exposed to porn on the school computer and has since developed porn addiction. They have been working on fixing it now for a while. It breaks my heart to think how common that story probably is, and that no one ever stopped to analyze all the information at the children’s fingertips. We can’t just trust people that say they are for children anymore. Those days are gone. We must always check, and then after a while, check again. 😦

You CAN get rid of EBSCO. This school district did.…/parents-fighting…/73-593150722


We’ve started looking at Gale, their reference material replacement, and while it appears to have less porn, the bad stuff numbers in the thousands of pages.


parents can no longer trust schools to police curriculum content. Believe it or not, the group that advised Utah’s State School Board on our Digital Teaching and Learning law, SB222, knew that porn would become common place in online learning. THAT is the very reason that they (Common Sense Education) worked with the Obama administration to quickly proliferate state and district web portals with mass amounts of digital curriculum—to make it almost impossible to police. From what I’m hearing, other state web portals are exposing kids to pornographic content, as well as lgbtq content, not just EBSCO.

All states and nations are being coerced into using Open Educational Resources (OER) in order to gut local curriculum control. Parents must rise up and demand local oversight—and that can’t happen when digital curriculum is computer adaptive. So. Digital computer-adaptive curriculum and assessments in K-12 MUST GO!!! It’s too risky. And, it’s uneccesary.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Did you know…

The below information is very concerning…

Both the Obama and Trump Administrations have and are building an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Society…

It is important to be aware, TODAY, “The Senate Commerce Committee is hosting a much-anticipated hearing on consumer privacy—and consumer privacy groups don’t get a seat at the table.

It is no coincidence that, in the past week, two leading industry groups (the Chamber of Commerce and the Internet Association) have called for federal preemption of state data privacy laws in exchange for weaker federal protections.

The upcoming hearing at the Senate Commerce Committee may be the launch pad for this strategy of undoing stronger state laws.”

We need to make some NOISE and let Congress and the big EdTech (Google, Microsoft, Amazon) know, they DO NOT HAVE CONSENT to access our children and our families private data to be used for profit or control.

Predictive Analytics uses mined education data to create software programs that have the ability to predict, sort, monitor and modify the behaviors of students.

Previously in America, your past did not determine your future. If not stopped, by parents, it will be implemented, mandated, and regulated by law, in the soon to come Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability. America’s next generation’s personal data portfolio will determine not only their future but their daily lives.

As stated by Yuval Harari:
“What will happen when the algorithm knows what is better for me than myself? The authority will shift from the feelings of the individual to these outside algorithms.”
Following up on the Obama Administration’s previous report, Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence,
which was published in October 2016, this report further investigates the effects of AI-driven automation
on the U.S. job market and economy, and outlines recommended policy responses.
This report was produced by a team from the Executive Office of the President including staff from the
Council of Economic Advisers, Domestic Policy Council, National Economic Council, Office of
Management and Budget, and Office of Science and Technology Policy. The analysis and
recommendations included herein draw on insights learned over the course of the Future of AI Initiative,
which was announced in May of 2016, and included Federal Government coordination efforts and cross-sector and public outreach on AI and related policy matters. The report seen here:

President Trump issued this report: Artificial Intelligence for the American People: INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY Issued on: May 10, 2018

PRIORITIZING FUNDING FOR ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D): The Trump Administration has prioritized funding for fundamental AI research and computing infrastructure, machine learning, and autonomous systems.

The Federal Government’s investment in unclassified R&D for AI and related technologies has grown by over 40% since 2015, in addition to substantial classified investments across the defense and intelligence communities.

In the annual guidance to heads of executive departments and agencies, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the White House Office Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) directed agencies to focus on emerging technologies including machine learning and autonomous systems.

President Trump’s FY2019 Budget Request was the first in history to designate artificial intelligence and autonomous and unmanned systems as Administration R&D priorities.

AI of torture
Here is a post from an anti-data mining group:

Turns out your kid cannot even do the diagnostic on Reading Plus until they answer 32 SEL questions.

The video is me trying to do one of these hideous Reading Plus lessons. I also included the company’s privacy policy.

This company is snatching SEL data while supposedly remediating and teaching speed reading.

Our creepy data grubbing interim superintendent has our at and above grade level readers doing Reading Plus every Friday during English and they are forced to do it for 2 hours every week for homework.

These children are not remedial readers. These children all attend the only A rated middle school in our county.

Something tells me this is our interim super is selling our kids data, because she’s certainly not remediating these kids.

Parents tried to refuse the software and requested their children either read books or have instruction from their teacher. Then the Super said nope and now I’m making it for a test grade.

This is just maniacal. Parents want to do the right thing but not at the expense of their kids grades.


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

I was just informed that my son (Kindergarten) will be subject to MAPS testing within the next couple of weeks. We are at a Charter school within Clark County – is there an opt-out form for this? I saw the SBAC opt-out, but nothing for MAPS…and legally the same as SBAC where they cannot penalize my child for not taking them correct? Thanks in advance!!

And here are the replies to this post:

Nothing specific to MAP testing, this is what we have. Some charter schools do strange things when it comes to opting out of testing, some don’t have a problem with it. In my middle school I just tell the principal. Our principal is great, she get’s it!…—–and-more.html
As I understand it MAPs are taken as a placement test at this time of the year. It helps the teachers see what each student knows and what they still need to learn.
MAP is another adaptive test, Dr. Luksik talks about them in this interview, it may be helpful for you to hear this
Here’s the six minute video where Dr. Luksik’s talks about the problems with computer adaptive tests.
Read this: the goal is tracking your little ones. I show you the deceptions about these tests. ESSA has mandated opting out is not an option. Schools and States will be punished.
Listen what is happening in the classrooms across America using a Reasoning Mind math program …

And another post from this group:

I found out that the 3rd graders in DCSD, ZCES were MAP testing on the computer today. 3 hours from what my son was telling us. No notification from the teacher or the school Facts & Flyers. My 4th grade son said he heard over the intercom today that his brother’s class was MAP testing but he hasn’t heard when his class is MAP testing, anyone know? On another note, I provided the FBI PSA (DATA COLLECTION AND UNSECURED SYSTEMS COULD POSE RISKS TO STUDENTS) to my son’s teachers in ZCES and was told that the Principal came to the computer lab during MAP testing, took the PSA from the teacher, asked the teacher if questions were asked (by me I assume) and then the Principal asked my son if his brothers had a copy as well. I have not been contacted by anyone from the school about it.


And some replies to this post:

Wow! I still think we need to show up to a DCSD school board meeting…


is sounds like your children know your stance and have some understanding of it and it seems like a viable option. I know it would make me feel physically ill if any grown ups ever told me that I had to do things that my parents were strongly opposed to.


DCSD for the first time this year has a refusal form but it’s not specific to anything. Write in what you are refusing for your children but be prepared for the consequences. They won’t tell you what will have consequences or what refusals will belong to which punishment/consequence.


I emailed the Superintendent and was told that the next board meeting is October 9th at the Airport Training Center in Minden. I am waiting to be provided with an address and to verify it’s open for public comment.


Did you know Douglas County is the only district we know of that already created their SBAC opt-out form. Last year, or the year before, some schools in Douglas County made it difficult to opt-out.…


Yes I do know. I am the one that provided it to you at the end of last school year. This is the first opt-out form ever for DCSD. Prior to this form, I was told that I can’t opt my children out of anything; tests or assignments provided in school. It is not a specific assessment opt-out form. The parent has to write in what they are opting their children out of for assessments. Yes, DCSD made it more than difficult, they made it a living hell for our family for years because we opt-out and refused.


I forgot where I got the opt-out form. Usually when they come early it’s teachers who send them. The good news is they are getting better, correct. I still think we need to attend the next school board meeting. In addition to the FBI PSA (we hand it to them during the meeting), they need to know Edmodo has been sold to a Chinese company (also hand them this info). Then we challenge them to tell or continue to hide this from parents. They love it when you do it that way…LOL…/2018-04-24-what-happens-to…


Hey do you realize digital personalized education curriculum is going to create unique lessons for every student on demand based on data collected and algorithms ? The students are going to be bombarded with assessing and remediating also. Parents will no longer be able to review exactly what their students will see prior to the school year as a result. This is wrong. I am not sure what your state laws are but ypu may want to review them because of this. It may very well be another way to fight back.



Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

“More than 100 public school districts and universities, faced with the prospect that the next attacker may be among their own students, have hired social media monitoring companies over the past five years…”

How do you feel about this?
Is it okay for schools to monitor the personal lives of students?
How far is to far?


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Further proof of how ridiculous these state tests are. I just got this in the mail. This is for my now 7th grade daughter. So these are her 6th grade spring results. She made straight As last year and was ranked #2 in her class. Yet these are her test results

nevada test of torture 2


And here are the replies to this post:

These scores are stored FOREVER by Infinite Campus and the NV. Dept. of Education in their SAIN system. Per SBAC Level 1 = •Does not meet grade-level performance standard •Needs substantial improvement. So now this child has a 1 in her “perminate” record. What if there was an issue with the computer she was on or the software. There is no way for her mother to know if the score is even accurate. Level 2 isn’t much better = •Nearly meets grade-level performance standard •May require further development. Again stored on this child FOREVER……/EWAToolkit…


do you opt out of map testing?


Yes now that MAP test’s are computer adaptive so we opt-out. In my opinion it used to be a good test but not anymore.


How do you go about that?


I just tell the principal and the kids know to not take it. Most schools will not put up a stink about the MAP.


What grade do they start those?


The NDE says K-3 for MAP testing, but I know they give them in our middle school which is grades 6-8. I guess you’ll have to ask your school.


I was told (and it’s probably a lie of course) that colleges look at these and if the child didn’t do them then they won’t even consider them for admittance


But not every state uses these tests so that’s not true


Is it your kids school that told you that?


The guidance counselor


Not true


I have two kids currently in college. Neither were asked for their scores. One never took the test. It was a non-factor. Although, I believe it could be some day.


My daughter came from Romania where testing isn’t even thought of, she had no problem getting in. They can’t discriminate 🙂


I’m glad to hear it! It’s super upsetting that this will be on my daughters record while she’s working her butt off to get the straight As she’s getting in her classes.


SBAC and MAP tests are not used by colleges. SAT, ACT, grades, sports, extra curricular activities are all important to colleges; not sure about End of Course exams.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core page:

State Supt Chris Reykdal gave a press release back in May of 2017. His intent is to totally transform K-12 Education according to his vision. This is very troubling and we wonder how it will be paid for.

Part of his plan includes expanding the school calendar year from 180 to 200 days, and increasing the instructional hours from about 1000 to 1230- over a 20% increase of time in school.…/PressReleases20…/Long-TermVision.aspx

“Our system redesign can only claim success if it truly provides equal opportunity and an unprecedented embrace of individual learning pathways for each student,” Reykdal said. “We hope you will join us on this transformation.”…/Prio…/SuptReykdalVision_Narrative.pdf

Our education system has been asked to do more without fundamental change in our school year or school day. To achieve our long-term vision, we will need to expand the school day by 30-60 minutes and the school year by approximately 20 days. Together, these efforts will add a minimum of 230 hours to the existing 1,000 hours of instructional time. The added time will allow for intensive student supports for students who are falling behind, universal second language instruction, research-based time allotments for recess and lunch, and it will provide the necessary collaboration time for K-8 educators to focus on individual student supports and school-wide improvement plans.”


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Important dots to connect as we are following the Congressional hearing on data privacy and Big EdTech.

Key Players Funding and Implementing the Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness Transformation in Education in America are Google and Microsoft.

Google, Microsoft and Amazon are Unesco Partners with deals to promote Unesco’s values through a World Curriculum.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a World Policy Organization.

The OECD runs an Assessment system to support Unesco’s Sustainable Development goals.

The OECD’s assessment director, Andreas Schleicher, a German worked with the Obama Administration to reshape the US K-12 online assessment system.

The OECD reshaped assessments so they run in the background of online curriculum.

The OECD assessments are assessing behaviors more than academics.

OECD quotes – “The skills, attitudes, and values that shape human behavior should be rethought to counter the
discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family.”

“All young people should be able to challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, to reflect on the causes and
solutions of racial, religious and hate violence and to help create tolerant integrated societies.”


The evil California governor Jerry Brown is now forcing radical sex ex on charter schools in California:


Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Watch out. God is not welcome, but any perversion of the truth is in the public school system.

Alaska Gay Agenda


And another post from this group:

MAPS tests are Common Core aligned per the NWEA site. It’s not the exact same test as the PARCC, SBAC, PEAKS (AK), SAGE (UT), Badger Exam (WI), but they are all CCSS-aligned. The MAP, on its face, is used for the narrower purpose of feedback data on exactly what remediation a child might need. It takes a very deep look into a child’s way of thinking and suggests seemingly innocuous educational curricular resources to fill in gaps; usually computer-based resources. Extra-curricular learning opportunities such as those are being aligned with the CCSS; made so that the child’s detailed response data is coded for the databases. The abbreviation used for these in education reform is “ELO”.


Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core page:

This is just one example of how children are being indoctrinated in our public schools via workbooks/textbooks…

Update on this post is in comment section. I contacted the publisher.

You aint the boos DC
Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:
This Florida teacher says she was fired because because she refused to give her students a 50% when they didn’t turn in any work. “If there’s nothing to grade, how can I give somebody a 50 percent?” she asked.
Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

This is ridiculous and it is not true. Look at TN on the map. They are saying that 61% of advertised jobs required college. First, education is NOT about getting a job and you better stop saying it because they are brainwashing people to believe going to school is all about being trained for a job. Training and education are 2 different things. Over 61% of jobs in the past never required college and that is no different today. Heck they want you to have a college degree to sell cell phones. They want ALL children to go to college for only two reasons. Indoctrination and to rake in a ton of money for the college and interest to the federal government. Get rid of college loans and you will see tuition plummet and people think twice about going off to college to come out in debt and unemployed. In my day we were EDUCATED not indoctrinated and were able to go out, be trained and be productive, successful employees. It is time to start rolling back the clock to when it all worked well….pre 1965.


And another post from this group:

From Rosemary Stein MD

Parents: If businesses cooked the books like schools do regularly, their CEO’s would be behind bars. In the education racket, they move on to another job. These ‘Experts’ know how to fix the problem, but they have no interest in doing so. Alamance County spent more than $300,000/year on a Superintendent who was another ‘Expert’. The results were predictable- poor test scores, poor school grades, kids unable to read, and more than 50% of kids needing remedial courses before starting community college. The goal is an uneducated, easily manipulated population that is used for cheap labor. You are going to have to take ownership of your children’s education. To save America we must save one child at a time. Join the cause. Invite a friend.


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Friends, leopards don’t change spots overnight. Real leaders don’t simply make one speech which hits nerves, they lead by example.
No matter what happens in the Kavanaugh Circus, are we really prepared for his service?

We say we want freedom. We say we don’t like to be spied on; that our students shouldn’t be data mined, yet most clamor for this Judge.

If we receive his service, look at his track record on data mining.**************

1) Kavanaugh was way off to help cement the Patriot Act, which set up the modern data rape of our personal private information.

2) Former Judge Napolino was honest about his horrific amazement at Kavanaugh’s stance on our 4th Amendment rights. The 4th Amendment is to protect our personal property (of which our data is considered personal property)

3) To date, 2k data points alone are used in education just for learning to read!

4) To date, Kavanaugh also is one the education savings accounts bandwagon, which uses the money to data track and control the students.

This is the man for the job? Who’s job? Preserving freedom and liberty? Setting us up to be a national conformed citizen?

Stop looking at the flashes in the pan, folks!
Once our personal property rights are stripped, what real freedoms will we have?

Be very careful what you ask for.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

My son brought this home. 😡😡😡 it really nails down why they ACTUALLY believe reading at home each night is important.

all they care about is the testing


And here are the replies to this post:

All that seems to matter these days to the higher ups, isn’t it?! 😖😡


it just gets frustrating that everything a kid hears has to do with how well they will do on a test. They don’t get recess, because they have to have more class time so they will do better on a test, they are only allowed to eat certain things at school because they have to have the brain function to do well on a test… The kids hear “you must do____ so you can score well on a standardized, once a year test” the stress put on kids to score high is ridiculous. If teachers just taught the skills without adding the words “so you can do well on the MSP (or whatever test) ” , I think kids would be much better off. But the stress put on them ALL YEAR to learn so you can do well on a test is so wrong. Simply put, learn so you can do well on life is a much more positive approach. Read for twenty minutes and you will become a better reader… Adding the word test, will often shut a kid down and they just get to a point they don’t care or they just learn enough to score well. This does not create life long learners.
I work in a school and I can tell you for a fact I have never hear that. Most teachers are nice and do really care for your kids.
I’m glad you don’t but, I teach as well and unfortunately, I hear it all the time.. Especially as the dates get closer to spring standardized testing.
I believe a good analogy is comparing learning to a making a wonderful roast. Those admins, funding sources, policymakers and educators who choose to focus SO much on test percentiles, as did the maker of this marketing flyer, are
A. Pretending / perpetuating a falsehood that kids are Standardized, which they simply are NOT,
B. Not unlike cooks who only worry about the number on a thermometer (or in this case, several days of thermometers …. :/); and thereby neglect food safety, as well as taste, as well as Culinary Art. The thermometer is fine; it’s just that it should be the last priority and you should be mindful of its incredibly narrow scope -, and then it can serve to doublecheck that for which you should probably already have an answer.i.e. the Art of youth Education cannot be reduced to the simplicity of the science of a few numbers.#creativeschools
I have heard directly from friends who are teachers that the testing is ridiculous. So stuff like this annoys me. Teach my kids don’t just test my kids
even with a good heart – teachers hands are tied! I know plenty of excellent teachers who are being essentially kicked out & retired early because they are not allowed to do what they know is best for their students!
It’s frustrating when you have a dyslexic kid who could spend an hour reading and still score 10 percentile. There’s more to life than a test score
Creativity – what ever happened to teachers being able to teach kids the way they learn best, by them being able to have creative projects or reports that make students use their brains in creative ways. Learning is more than just printed words in a standardized test book!!
There are schools and programs doing this but they’re the rebels (and IMO they require – just as mainstream schools- smaller class sizes).
#optOut #CreativeSchools
well I applaud those rebel schools and totally agree on the class size issue. Our kids are not a numbers game that these districts seem to be playing!
They don’t even hide the fact anymore that your child is just a test score now. Sickening. And even more frustrating that our state board, legislature and school boards ALL accepted this. Hook. Line. Sinker.
Exactly! Education is no longer fun and creative- it has become “teach to test”…. and now our workforce is suffering because these young kids can’t even make change! Education has lost its value in the US because our kids are only learning standardized testing material versus actual logic, problem solving skills, and most importantly – CREATIVITY
Also To kind of prove my point about reform not making any difference in 30 yrs, just collecting money & data ….;
the percentile data in that graphic ? Anyone know where it comes from?Study by Nagy &Herman, 1987.

I do not like this way of thinking at all for kids. I can only imagine what the pressure for kids are! “I don’t want to be a student C!” It marginalizes kids and over simplifies the reality. Kids are not an equation.

Seriously, whoever made this flyer believes that Student C scored lower than the rest because they didn’t read 20 minutes a night. And that if a child reads every day for thirty minutes that they will be at the top.

I know of a classmate that doodled during class, didn’t take hours studying and reading up for tests but was always an A student. He listened in class and read what interested him. Always blew my mind when he aced tests and understood things far better than I. I was an avid reader and studied hours—A/B student. Lol we all are different and unique. It’s not as simple as “you do this, you get this”.

If it was so critical they would make it a part of the school day. I remember SSR during my elementary years. It was a half hour “silent sustained reading”. It was kids choice books and it was great. My kids are homeschooled, so do schools not do that in elementary anymore?
Here’s a bit of “recent” history. Meet David Coleman. He’s not an educator, yet he was the main architect of what we have in our schools across the nation, and here in WA.
Those of you who are unfamiliar with the origins and intent of these nationalized standards, this has always been their goal.It’s always been about testing. Children being assessed and tested daily was the goal, is still the goal, and will continue to increase as the structure built to sustain the data compiling gets more streamlined:
I work in the mental health field. Every March I start to get calls from worried parents about their anxious kids. It lasts until school gets out.
I wish they would stop calling CC a “standardized test”. It is not. It’s a standards-based test. The problems with it are: 1. Who sets the standards and are they age- appropriate and largely non-indoctrinating? and 2. Do we really need to spend so much time testing and teaching to the test?
So glad my
Kids were able to retain their love of reading. They hate that they’re now in HS to told to read non-fiction. I guess CC will continue to make kids h8 reading…
My daughter loves to read. But when they started pushing 20 minutes a day on her it is now something she doesn’t look forward to. Shame.

Of course all kids are individuals.When kids step into kindergarten, they can be one, or two grades above in the 3-R’s, if you start treating children like they can learn, from day one (birth), because they CAN! Be fun with it.

From the stories we hear from our kids, parents need to get a strong Christian view of their marriage. Also get off the alcohol and abuse of drugs NOW!

Shredded families is at the root of the Globalist agenda.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:
more false information by MDH
💥💥Not requird💥💥
Parents can decline screening.
If a parent is a conscientious objector to the screening program for their child, the child does not need to participate in the state screening program. Read Minnesota Statutes, section 121A.16 through 121A.19 and Minnesota Rules 3530.3000 through 3530.4310 for more information.
you do not have to screen
Here is a post from an article that speaks out against “personalized learning”:
This past year our public school couldn’t find a Spanish teacher to hire. We ended up with an on-line program with a first year teacher aide that didn’t know Spanish. The students were all to work quietly on their chrome books. They were to “look busy” at all times. It was miserable. My child decided to run through the material as quickly as possible and finished the year’s coursework in a semester. She got an “A”. (she is a good test taker) After much protest, the district hired a Spanish teacher this year. Surprise! they are all behind where they should be after a year’s computer instruction. They will be “reviewing” all first semester and cramming this year’s lessons into second semester. Yes, a teacher’s aide and paying for a computer course was “cheaper” than a credentialed teacher.
Watch out for the libraries in Fort  Worth Public Schools:
La Harpe Elementary in Illinois has threatened legal action against a group handing out Bibles on campus:
Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“U.S. public school education is rapidly and intentionally being pushed through online curricula and programing which (1) illegally collects data from the children using the system in violation of federal privacy laws to protect children (COPPA) and (2) draws students away from an understanding of America’s founding principles, system of government, and free market economy to one in which students are taught they are individual workers in a global community/economy who happen to live in the United States.

States are creating curriculum using OER (Open Education Resources) in which no entity controls what information is uploaded and made available. OER is a term coined by the United Nations Education Division (UNESCO) in 2002.

In Texas, for instance, State law allows the Texas Permanent Education Fund to be used for this type of online curriculum thus bypassing the State Board of Education.

The Research Manual published in in 1994 is a compilation of study and research conducted by professionals to expose what the real agenda is to this quiet takeover of U.S. public education.”

And here is a reply to said post:
concerning the TSI from college board-the suppose it three-part entrance exam needed in order to enroll in dual credit college classes on high school campuses in Texas-it seems to me that the TSI is not an assessment tool nor a content mastery tool. It seems to me that these kids-these young learners-are being vetted.
Many are failing the TSI who would do well in college classes on our high school campuses but because of the testing environment and the TSI being used as a vetting tool itself-many do not have the opportunity. Those who do not have the opportunity usually don’t go much further after high school.
Taking this even further, who does have the opportunity to go further after high school? And how is it that these opportunities are made, or not made, for them?
Just some thoughts.
Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

This. So much this.
“But as someone who has tracked the advantages and perils of technology for human rights over the past ten years, I am nevertheless convinced that digital ID, writ large, poses one of the gravest risks to human rights of any technology that we have encountered. Worse, we are rushing headlong into a future where new technologies will converge to make this risk much more severe.

For starters, we are building near-perfect facial recognition technology and other identifiers, from the human gait to breath to iris. Biometric databases are being set up in such a way that these individual identifiers are centralized, insecure, and opaque. Then there is the capacity for geo-location of identifiers—that is, the tracking of digital “you”—in real time. A constant feed of insecure data from the Internet of Things may well connect you (and your identity) to other identities and nodes on the network without your consent.

In addition, systems using artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to make decisions based on our identities. Those systems are often built on data that can reinforce bias and discrimination, and are wielded without sufficient transparency or human review. Ultimately, social credit systems, such as those that are currently being developed in China, will be based on digital ID, thereby enabling or disabling our full and free participation in society.

By developing these technologies in parallel with systems for a digital ID, we are not simply establishing an identity to access basic social services. Digital IDs will become necessary to function in a connected digital world. This has not escaped the attention of authoritarian regimes. Already, they are working to splinter the internet, collect and localize data, and impose regimes of surveillance and control. Digital ID systems, as they are being developed today, are ripe for exploitation and abuse, to the detriment of our freedoms and democracies.”


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Whether you are voting for or against Lt. Dan Patrick, please do not fall for this propaganda political ad!
It is just like former Sen. Dan Patrick said he got rid of CSCOPE and Common Core in Texas.THAT WAS A LIE!!

HB 5- which Lt. Gov. Patrick is referencing, actually opened the door for the federally mandated Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability. These online adaptive assessments and instruction are designed to assess, benchmark, modify behaviors , and sort students for the workforce. HB5, mandates all students must decide what career track (pathway) they will be “trained” on, IN THE 8TH GRADE.
It is a controlled workforce for a controlled economy. Time to start questioning all candidates on this issue!! They are fully implementing the Soviet model of education, aligned to the Common Core/ College and Career Readiness STANDARDS.

Dan Patrick Liar Liar Pants on Fire


And here are some replies to said post:

Can not vote for him … will not vote for the other guy either. He has some teachers following him … that keep telling me that Common Core is not in Texas! …. And he, or any other of them will not answer my questions about his support for CC.


Sounds as if the government decides what career one may have and how much eduction one receives!!! Talk about a socialist (nice word for communist) edict.


I always wondered where that ridiculous rule about deciding which endorsement the student was going to follow originated. There are people in college who don’t even know what they want to be when they grow up, much less kids in 8th grade.


Is Collier worth his salt? I am not a fan of Patrick, but I don’t want someone worse


Yes, he is. Please vote Mike Collier! I met him in Canton after hearing him speak last month. He’s got my vote!


Mike Collier has my vote too!! He really does care.


Do you have a link for info on this? I worked with the govt. side of pub ed in the past few years and have never heard of this. I’m genuinely just curious.


In 2013 Texas legislators pass HB5 (Workforce Development) law. Both Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly pass HB5, authored by Rep. Jimmy Don Aycock and Sen. Dan Patrick. The Workforce Development (HB5) just like the Common Core National Standards, expands the target from K-12 (Kindergarten through 12th grade) to a P-20W (Pre-school through College, Trade or Graduate School) system in order to control the economy and control our children by funneling them into certain career pathways.

Here is a link to HB5-…/83R/billtext/html/HB00005F.htm


In 2015 HB 2804 created the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessments and Accountability
to “develop and make recommendations for new systems of student assessment and public school accountability.”

In December 2015 Congress reauthorized the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
which replace No Child Left Behind and is now known as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). As Rep. Tim Ryan, Ohio stated, this is the “New Common Core,” while he was debating the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) is about character traits not academics. It is a clear shift to Competency Based Outcomes- The Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability shifts from the “Mental” (Academics and Knowledge Based Assessments) to “Behaviors” (Performance Standards and Competency for the workforce).
In 2016, the White House is hosting a second annual summit on Next Generation High Schools,recognizing commitments from states and school districts to redesign their high schools.

So what does this look like at the local level……

In classrooms across Texas and frankly the country, parents show up to register their child for school and there is NO way to say…. NO, my child will only be taught by a teacher not a computer when it comes to reading, writing, math and history. My child’s data is not to be shared with any third parties without my consent! Parents are informed they cannot refuse technology for their child while in school because it is now required that they are “21st century learners”.


it is important to note who Abbot originally tapped for the Next Gen Commission; Mike Morath, who then became Commissioner of Ed.

Lt. Gov Patrick led the charge for his Senate Conformation.

Lt. Dan Patrick in his own words…


Morath is completely Restructuring the TEA to fulfill The P-20W “system” thats now been locked in place.

By the way, I really do appreciate your questions; they are important.


Here is a  post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

This is an article assigned to my son’s class in 5th grade on the Newsela platform. 😡 They read from this platform a lot and wonder if anyone has info about it. Not very happy with several articles we have seen!


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

There’s a lot of crap happening in Weber School District. My kids were asked by teachers to fill out questionnaires about how much screen-time they’re getting and on what device they’re using. They’re doing a fifth grade sixth grade split at our Elementary this year. The teacher is teaching half the lesson fifth grade and the other half 6th grade what a waste of a day! They explained that Google said kids should….. and Google said the number one job for kids will be…. so we are going to be learning these things.

Also the math teacher said she needs to teach them more things because they’re behind with the curriculum and if she can’t catch up she could get fired. So regardless of the children understanding the curriculum the more important to get the curriculum covered.


Here are some posts in a New York anti-Common Core group in response to an article about schools tracking mental health of students without the permission of the parents:

So many parents JUST DON’T GET IT!

Last year our district hired one Psychologist. This year they added another one. One for K-5 and one for grades 6–12.

At a board meeting, a parent asked about the need for them and about the primary job responsibilities.

A short answer was given by the Superintendent.

“It’s a new state education mandate. We HAD to hire at least one. Our hands are tied. After assessing the first year with only one, I recommended the board approve hiring a second Psychologist. They’re really just Guidance Counselors.”

I rolled my eyes so hard I almost fell off of my chair.


That’s about it in a nutshell. Follow the money. Everyone get a slice just do as they’re told and get the check. Meantime data mine, build dossiers and pigeonhole kids for life. What could go wrong?


most parents in my district have no idea about SEL or what it’s about. Our superintendent speaks very little about it and when she does talk about it, she only uses the acronym. She never elaborates or mentions the words Social and Emotional Learning.


I suspect it’s the same in 99% of districts. What’s worse is parents aren’t even asking.


I stumbled upon this link in the link you provided.
Tap on red underlined “increased” for the research paper
“CHANGING TIMES OF AMERICAN YOUTH: 1981-2003”…/in-the-wake-of-mass-shootings…/


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Parents and Teachers, I strongly encourage you to read this ful article.

Excerpts from this VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE:

“In 2014 the Obama Administration asked the 16,000 or so public school superintendents in the U.S. to sign the “Future Ready Technology Pledge”. Thirty three hundred of them signed it and committed to transition their districts to digital learning. Not only should we not expect this to be effective except for the very top performers, you’ll see that we actually risk leaving low performing students even further behind.

A study done in the U.K. looked at using white-boards [essentially giant touch screens] to improve learning, especially in complex subjects like math and science. The teachers were all extensively trained in the technology and rated themselves as highly competent with it, so the results could not be blamed on user incompetence. The results showed that low achieving students did improve in language skills, but the small gain in math scores observed the first year disappeared by the second year of use. Even more troubling was that they saw a 12x increase in the percentage of students ranked low in science. The well trained teachers were able to deliver content that was above those student’s heads causing them to eventually give up on even trying to keep up.

A lot of entertainment software is designed to activate the Ludic Loop. Professor Natasha Dow Schüll coined this term and it comes from the Latin noun ludus, meaning “play, game, sport, pastime.” It is what happens when you are lulled into a state of near tranquility by doing the same thing over and over because every once in a while you get a reward. Think of the one armed bandit in a casino, playing solitaire or even knitting where finishing a row is a form of reward. You have to be shaken out of it, or have the self control (which kids don’t) to put limits on yourself, like 2 episodes of a tv show or 60 minutes on a device.

This is why kids can play hours and hours of video games and not notice the passage of time. Their brains become disengaged from their normal state of awareness.

Most people like to do things that they are good at and avoid more difficult tasks. Kids in particular are prone to this. Personalized learning allows them to go at their own pace, which for some kids means a crawl or stop. They enter this ludic loop with the technology which can appear to be engagement, when in fact it is staying at a comfortable level doing something they have already mastered. Even programs which say they push kids to go beyond their comfort zones, still suffer from the problem of it being a machine that is pushing them. We are not designed to want to please a machine like we are a human, so kids will often find a way to stay at the easier levels.”

“Paul Emerich, another defector from Silicon Valley, wrote that the primary concern of the edutech companies was not children’s education, it was monetizing the tools to meet the financial goals of the investors. He recognized that the hyper-individualized education promoted by such companies tries to maximize engagement with the product, but it also, “ isolates children, breeds competition, assumes that children can learn entirely on their own, and dehumanizes the learning environment, reducing the human experience of learning down to a mechanistic process, one where children become the objects of learning as opposed to the subjects of their own educational narrative.[4]”


A mother was concerned about a transgender bathroom policy, but the school did nothing.  Eventually, her daughter was assaulted in the bathroom by a boy.  When she complained, they reported her to child services as the “responsible party”: