Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 21

This is Part 21.

Thanks to an ally in an anti-Common Core group, I’ve found, with great horror, a post that shows that they are already using the BrainCo brain scanners in the United States already at Catholic Memorial, a college preparatory school for boys grades 7–12 in West Roxbury, Massachusetts:

Everyone agrees: students learn best when focused and a good teacher keeps them captivated.

But, what if educators could precisely measure what teaching practices captivated students most? And, what if students received specific training to train their focus?

In November, we partnered with BrainCo Technology to take an active step in answering this two-fold question. BrainCo, a brain-machine interface company founded by scientists from Harvard University, provides headsets that measure the brain’s cognitive abilities.

Several members of our faculty volunteered to implement the company’s technology in their classroom with the consent of their students’ families.

Students hone their focus at the beginning of each class with a collaborative brain-based exercise. They “flex” their mental focus muscle to make an animated rocket ship fly, or a forest of trees grow tall. Students use this real-time feedback to see if they are getting their brains into a more focused state.

So, when students in Mr. Patrick Murray’s freshman computer science class built their own arcade games last week, BrainCo headsets measured which games captured students’ attention most.

Even In the middle school, Ms. Ellen Eberly has noticed an immediate impact in her eighth grade class. She says it best:

“The presence of BrainCo in my classroom has heightened my student’s awareness of the importance of ‘one’s focus’ with respect to their learning. More specifically, they are learning strategies to control the level of their focus and they are finding such awareness as personally empowering. The percentage of my students completing assigned tasks has only increased.”

According to this article, it appears that BrainCo has a ton of Chinese investors and also, in addition to working with China and that Catholic college prep school, is also working with some school in Long Island, NY:

Here are some posts from the anti-CBE group:

at this point you have to take matters in your own hands, i wouldnt start a charter school that accepts federal funding which has requirements like the state assessments which are aligned to the federal national standards and data mine students. if you start a school i would suggest offering fulltime and part time options and bring in the homeschooling community and teachers that have left the system. join together their is a ton of knowledge and expertise you can use.
and market that you can offer a tech free education which does not use children as guinea pigs in an experiment

Even the Barney charters (Hillsdale) take public dollars, correct? Your suggestion is the only way to ensure there is freedom to teach your children without any government interference or control.

“The initiative, which has said it wants to support 50 charters nationwide by 2022, is backing a local effort to open the Chicago Classical Academy in 2018. While Hillsdale’s charter initiative is privately financed, the proposed new school would be funded by Chicago Public Schools.”

… “”I think the citizenry is eager to have choice. Parents want choice,” Kilgore said.”

Also remember Iserbyt warned us several times about the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups.

I dont know about you but an education aligned to the federal national standards which forces students to be data mined is not a choice that we want. Educational liberty not school choice is what we should be promoting.

here is an informative page on how charters are funded in each state

“Eric Coykendall, associate director of the Barney Charter School Initiative”

““The Barney Charter School Initiative takes no position for or against the Common Core,” Coykendall replied.”

So then look up the particular charter they discuss you will find this …

“Core Knowledge Sequence — a specific, K-8 grade-by-grade core curriculum of common learning; Core Knowledge (CK), Riggs Phonics, and Singapore Math align with the PA Core Curriculum that requires academic progress and growth in grades K- 8, and builds foundations of knowledge in the early years that prepare students for the rigor of high school and the goals of career and college ready. “

This is just one example.

Look out Iowa homeschoolers! Big Brother is planning to pay you a visit if this bill passes:

Looks like Indiana is implementing the globalists Career Pathways scheme:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Parnell: Administrative Order 266 20130826
Fixing Regulations and Statues to make sure the state can receive Fed funds. (Ccore and new AK DL)

This Order is intended to accomplish the following objectives:

Minimize the cost, time, and burden to the affected public of complying with State regulations and encouraging State agencies to work with all stakeholders, to meet the objectives of Alaska Statutes;
Reduce administrative cost and burden;
Ensure that State regulations are consistent with Alaska Statutes and limited to carrying out the statutory purpose;
Further the State’s interest in preserving our State’s rights in adopting regulations to implement federal programs and to receive federal funds.
Background and Purpose
For many years, State agencies responsible for implementing State statutes and federal mandates have not consistently

Reviewed, overseen, amended, or repealed existing regulations to streamline program operations and create efficiencies;
Considered and communicated with the affected public regarding the cost and impacts of proposed new regulations; nor
Modified proposed regulations in response to concerns raised by the affected public.
The public is best served when State agencies operate under direction such as REGS to ensure that regulations are up-to-date, clearly and plainly written, carry out the statutory purpose, take into account the costs imposed on individual Alaskans and those doing business in the state, particularly small businesses, and allow State agencies to facilitate implementation of a law in the most reasonable and cost-effective manner possible.

And another post from this group:

Parnell: Administrative Order 261 20111205
Educational Data collecting and sharing needed for Ccore

Background and Purpose
AS 14.43.840, enacted by the Legislature in 2010, directed State agencies and the University of Alaska to share data in order to report to the Legislature on outcomes of Alaska’s educational systems. Currently, Alaska’s educational programs operate without the benefit of specific outcome data that demonstrate whether programs and interventions are effective in meeting State and policy goals. Reliance on one-time studies, framed within the interest area of a single entity rather than longitudinal studies designed to meet key public policy objectives, is inadequate and an inefficient way to measure program success or return on investment.

Alaska’s three educational agencies – the Department of Education and Early Development, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education – administer various programs in which K-12, postsecondary, and workforce/ employment data is collected. This Administrative Order constitutes direction authorizing the agencies to share unit record data among the agencies, to the extent permitted and under the conditions required by applicable statutes and regulations, to facilitate the evaluation of education program outcomes.

The EDS policy will reduce barriers to sharing unit record Alaska education pipeline data, while protecting personally identifiable information. Specific benefits and results include:

Enhanced ability for education agencies to share data while ensuring Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) compliance;
Enhanced ability to measure the impact of educational programs – concrete outcomes in terms of postsecondary and career success, resident hire, etc. – rather than just program costs and inputs;
Enhanced efficiency for agencies relative to data management; and
Enhanced protection of personally identifiable information through shared agency data governance and management protocols.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 20

This is part 20.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

My wise friend Cheri Kiesecker is quoted in this DMN opinion by guest contributor, Michelle Malkin:

Parents across the political spectrum understand “personalized learning” is Silicon Valley propaganda to distract from the true aim: grabbing student and family data under the guise of “innovation” and luring the next generation of addicted consumers. Another unhealthy byproduct of the tech toy infiltration: an onslaught of online ads. Education watchdog Cheri Kiesecker reported this month that Missouri schoolchildren required to download educational apps, sign up for online accounts, and use tech devices logged into Google products were exposed to advertising for everything from vaping to “insurance, medicine, automobiles, toys, clothing, candy and a wide range of apps and video games.”

And here are some replies to this post:

we have been in public education for over 20 years and have seen it all. We are now introducing a new versatile LMS platform for a fraction of the costs of Blackboard and Canvas, but we are fighting an uphill battle due to all the “freebies” that are thrown at school districts. We also provide districts with their own technology and secure their data to be exclusive to the district administrators. All the “free stuff” is subject to exposure outside of the district. Another
“Trojan Horse” is K12 Insight. (you can trace their executives back to K12, Inc who is gaining access to student data and pushing for vouchers to build their virtual and charter schools). Add Pearson to the mix, and you can follow the money and see why these huge companies are giving away so much technology.

If we had a comprehensive federal law that requires consent before companies can collect and process user (student) data, along with endurable penalties and robust fines, this free use and #abuse of student data would be greatly reined in.
We need to repeal the changes that weaken FERPA and restore parent consent. Then we need a law that regulates data, metadata, AI. Europe has GDPR, we should too.

one of the reasons I moved closer to Austin is to lobby in the legislature for these type of provisions.

We need folks like you. thank you! and please do not fall for the fake privacy bills that say giving parents consent is too complicated or burdensome….They are selling the Data Care Act as privacy but it has NO CONSENT and NO real PENALTY. (That is the tech industry trying to avoid GDPR in the US.)

we are also introducing secure Apps for Anonymous Bullying Notification, Anonymous Suicide Intervention, and Social Emotional Learning Assessments. All of our programs are very secure within the district (the district can include each parent with their students data). We are finding that there are tons of “Free Apps” out there that do this, but the data is not secure and can be compromised. It’s amazing how these large tech companies pump money into politicians pockets and large organization’s sponsorships. If these companies keep getting access to student data, the kids will be the losers in the long run. We will continue our battle to provide secure databases for each district.

Are you familiar with what Darv Winick and Paul Resta are doing? Pretty sure most parents wouldn’t be happy to find out their children are being managed via tech for global human capital pipelines.

No edublocks for me thanks. You all up to speed on blockchain education credentials and digital vouchers? If not, I’d be looking into that if I were you.

And another post from Lynn Davenport:

Have you heard of Smart Cities? Dallas is becoming one right under our noses with each decision by Mayor Rawlings and his love for public-private partnerships (there’s no “public” in P3s). I attended this Smart Cities & Liberty event last month:

“Perhaps, the best part of the night was the very end with a comment from an attendee sitting next to me who said, “Let me in here…I’m the old guy that should be up on the panel. I’m the analog guy in the digital world. I’m the guy that’s gonna say 10 minutes after you implement it, Trey, I’ll have it hacked…We have to be careful what we implement.”

He said, “Sweden, I love them with 5G. Let them fry their childrens’ brains first. 5G is not an extension of 4G. Ma’am, I’m an analog guy. It’s a whole new wavelength we’re playing in, and there’s known dangers. So, any Formula One driver will tell you, to get around the corner quickly, you tap the brakes a little bit. It’s time to tap the brakes a little bit and take a good look at where we’re going, Trey. We’re going into dangerous territory when you start implementing things that I’m going to hack the next day after you put it into your house…So, when when we’re starting to talk cities and we’re starting to talk technology, we gotta push our technology geeks out of the seat. Because they just think they are bringing the best thing every time. We need some old guys in the crew.”

Another old guy was credited with saying, “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.”-Ronald Reagan

And some replies to this post:

Loss of freedom…..starts with mandatory smart uniforms will end with mandatory implanted chips.

here are every one of my articles on Smart Cities and how the ruin education. Dallas is also part of the Resilient Cities Initiative by Rockefeller. That streamlines everyone through mental health.

Thank you, Lynne M Taylor! I also wrote about Dallas being part of the Resilient Cities Initiative.

this is in Nashville too

“This is a global plan implemented locally”

YIKES! It looks like the genderbread men are showing up in private schools now:

And some posts in reply to the Activist Mommy article about the above topic:

My kids are in the Trio Upward Bound program at LSU and they tried to pull this. My kids are smart enough to know better but I did register a complaint and they said they wouldn’t be using that anymore.

Not surprised we had a similar incident at my kid’s school we addressed it immediately. We must be vigilant always.

Charter schools are the ones you really have to watch out for. .

I live in Spain (where it is illegal to homeschool) and my daughter did this curriculum last year in 7th grade. The students complained to the teachers because they repeated the entire curriculum 3 times in one month. They were literally beating the kids over the heads with it. The result was very interesting. The kids were so irritated and put off that they stopped teaching it! This is definitely a terrible curriculum and it’s confusing and contradictory. But thankfully the kids can see how dumb it is.

Is called brainwashing till the subconscious takes it as normal. 😢 our schools have become a place brainwashing generation to come.

Now we’re cooking with gas! Because, unlike the majority of people who are compelled to send their children to public school, some of the people who send their kids to private school will have the financial means to take their displeasure to court! Let’s have a few devastating lawsuits, and see how this changes the game. Are you aware, for instance, that the entire police system, in the U.S., was changed, sometime in the 1970s, by a landmark lawsuit, the results of which were that the police department went from claiming to “serve and protect”, to “law enforcement” – – with the enormous alteration of that agency, that this signaled? Law suits: they’re game-changers.

The “Genderbread” curriculum teaches that gender is different from biological sex. There are not two genders, male and female, but rather an endless array of genders. The possibilities include genderqueer, non-binary, pangender, androgyne, neutrois, gender-variant, AG, cyborg, two-spirit, glitterbutch, genderfluid, trigender, stud.

The genderbread character is prominently featured in a large bulletin board display in the halls at the middle school. Children as young as 10 years old – the school includes fifth graders – walk by it every day. The website discusses sex toys, a** play and links to a gay hookup app, GROWLr, for men to meet hairy men.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, a minute long PSA (public service announcement) is hiding tons of SEL (Social Emotional Learning) agenda. While ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) increased SEL, it isn’t new. SEL is a global push to micromanage everyone, student or not. Part of the push? Competency Based Education.
Fifteen States, in particular, have more SEL than others, right? Maybe.
Heads up: MI, MS, NM, SC, UT, WA, OH, TX, VA, IL, NY, CA, FL, ID, and, WI. Puerto Rico’s involved, too.

Montclair State University has jumped on the United Nations New World Order-approved gender ideology bandwagon:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

HeadsUp: COLORADO’S NEW BLUEPRINT FOR EDUCATION, (2030 plan) will be up for vote this year. Read about it here:

Read the Dec 2018 “State of Education” report here: (#Hint: try searching the document for key words like: data and talent (as in workforce talent pipeline) and credentials (k-12 student data badges), and personalized (as in online personalized learning).

==>We hope legislators consider adding a provision that would give parents #CONSENT over how children’s and families’ personal data are collected and shared and analyzed by this new system. There are NO current federal or state laws that give parent consent over student data.

And another post from this friend:

Read this. Excellent FollowTheMoney piece on EdSurge. (Remember EdSurge is a Project Unicorn partner)

“Edsurge announced in July that it had received grants from the Gates Foundation and from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative totaling $1.45 million. And in December, the media company announced it had raised $2.5 million in venture capital.

The latter brings the total of its venture funding to $8.2 million (according to Crunchbase); it’s taken in almost $7 million in grants from the Gates Foundation alone.

Edsurge often claims that the money it’s raised does not shape its coverage – something about “full editorial control.” But the grant money clearly supports research and writing on specific topics – personalized learning and the “whole child” in the case of the CZI funds. Edsurge’s assertions about its independence seem like half-truths at best.

Moreover, Edsurge runs sponsored articles on a regular basis (rarely marking these as such when they’re shared through social media or read through RSS feeds). This year, Edsurge published articles sponsored by Course Hero, Espark Learning, Metaverse, Zspace, Peergrade, OpenStax, UNC School of Education, Kiddom, Practice Labs, Salesforce, Massmutual Foundation, Dadaabc, the McGraw Hill Prize in Education, Screencast-o-matic, Newsela, Learnlaunch, D2L, Empatico, Classlink, Classcraft, Digital Promise, First, Covitality, Intuit Education, Magicears, Rethink Ed, Really Good Stuff, Woot Math, Edmentum, Knowledgeworks, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Reading Plus, Amazon Web Services, IMS Global Learning Consortium, Oneder, Microsoft, Vivi, Plagiarismcheck, Google, Gutenberg Technology, Advanced and Measured Progress, Achieve3000 Inc, Kami, Digitaled, and Discovery Education.

And yet another post from this friend:

Just in time for the federal evidence based data catalogue (HR4174 #FEPA) the Data Quality Campaign and the Wallace Foundation are working on interventions based on students’ “evidence based “ SEL Data .

It is with great regret that I must state that governor Greg Abbot of Texas has decided that if the Houston Independent School District doesn’t like public private partnerships and having the Common Core/Global Ed/Workforce Development shoved down their throats, that he is going to do away with their elected school board and put in cronies loyal to the United Nations:

This Texas legislator appears to agree with Abbot’s bad behavior and is planning to file a measure to try and take over the district:

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Tembo, Inc. is the company that came on the radar after the TEA had undergone the extensive audit for selling private, sensitive IEP (special ed) data to SPEDx. We were all focused on the SPEDx and Cambiar startups and didn’t see the other contracts embedded in these no-bid, sole-sourced deals. The state auditor’s report is linked in this DMN article from September:

TEA failed to catch conflict of interest in $4.4M no-bid contract award, Texas auditor’s office finds:

“Tembo was hired to add video, interactive tools and other user-friendly information to the state’s, which helps parents, educators and taxpayers find out about how a campus or school district is performing. However, the agency ignored problems with Tembo’s bid and made scoring errors as it weighed bids, the auditor’s report says.”

So what is the TEA up to now? They want to get the interactive school report cards up and running so they can negatively label the public schools that are being drained of resources by charters. The TEA is being run by countless TFA and charter school proponents. The other plan is to give parents a search tool to choose the best school for their child. It’s really just a tool to promote charters. Here is a LinkedIn article from a TEA employee:

Portfolio strategy is more than a charter school growth strategy

”Far too often, we run into situations where stakeholders believe a portfolio strategy is nothing more than a charter school growth strategy. We encourage city leaders to think beyond the obvious. While we ultimately aim for a system of autonomous and accountable schools, we know there may be more than one path to get there.”

Here’s where Tembo, Inc. comes in. They have been hired to do both the school report card and the school finder interactive tools.

If you follow the privatization efforts and what Thomas Ultican calls the DPE (Destroy Public Ed) movement, you’ll find our tax dollars are being used against us from those who are on the inside.

Tembo, Inc. tweeted this on December 7:
Tembo has been thrilled to work with DC, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas on their #schoolreportcards. And more to come!

Here is a post from a Wisconsin anti-Common Core page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? If you’re familiar with Sesame Credit, or Facebook Trust Score, and what is happening in China, this makes total sense. It’s only a matter of time before this “suddenly and unexpectedly appears” in Wisconsin.

“A high school that requires some students to wear ID badges announcing their failing grades is causing bullying and public ridicule, especially for students with learning disabilities, and has caused the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to step in.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Over $500,000 but no education grants? For needy minority children. It’s for the children right?

A nonprofit run by state democrat lawmakers to raise scholarship money for needy minority students spends most of the cash on its lavish annual soiree — including $6,000 on limos — and gave out no grants the last two years, The Post has learned.

The New York State Association of Black and Puerto Rican Legislators organizes a “Caucus Weekend” — a series of workshops, concerts and parties — in Albany every February for minority members of the Assembly and the Senate.

The group charges sponsors up to $50,000 for a chance to party with lawmakers at events that have ­included Grammy Award-winning rappers and high-profile speakers such as Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson.

The nonprofit charges sponsors like Unions, lobbying firms and corporations up to $50,000 for a “Platinum Package” which includes tickets to workshops on expanding access to government contracts for minority and women-owned businesses, on gun ­violence, and parties where participants can rub elbows with lawmakers and “ a large community of advocates.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This is one of the visuals of what the final fed data base might look like. Lamar Alexander pushed another bill just before Christmas about college data. It will probably go in his push to over haul the Higher Education Act. But right now, it is FEPA (Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking) that needs to be stopped… isn’t what the title says.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

My daughter has learning disabilities its so heartbreaking! She’s so smart and fully capable of learning. But is only being taught to pass tests. Not being taught to learn the lesson. It is so infuriating! She deserves an education. Not a corrupted government using her to make schools fail.

Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

This just shared:
S GA spending $10k to increase exposure to classroom tech. Watch the video, then ask yourself:
A: What if my child has an eye sensitivity issue?
B: What if I don’t want my child to use this technology?
C: If we want children to experience reality, why switch to virtual?
D: How will this work for those who need glasses? Those who have migraine headaches will also suffer.
E: What time frame has been given to stop the technology in the event grades slip?
Doesn’t seem parents and students come first. Just the tech company.

Here is a post from a California anti-radical sex-ed group:

😡😡😡PARENTS 😡😡😡
4th-6th Grade CA Health Framework 2019
Teachers should normalize sexual feelings and explain to students these feelings do not mean that students should feel pressured to participate in sexual activities. If the topic of masturbation arises, teachers may explain masturbation is not physically harmful. This is also an important time to discuss gender, gender roles, and gender expression as puberty can be a difficult time for young transgender students. Educators should acknowledge this and create an environment that is inclusive and challenges binary concepts about gender. Refer to the Gender Socialization Classroom Example found later in this section. For additional resources on how to support transgender and gender non-conforming students in the classroom, visit the GLSEN Web site.

Public Comment Period DEADLINE: Jan. 11,2019
California is in the final phase of updating its comprehensive health education curriculum framework and is actively gathering public comment on the current draft of the 2019 Health Education Framework.
DEADLINE: Jan. 11,2019

Learn more:

And another post from this group:

Hi California, I’m in Australia where we are currently also fighting against Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE).

Although we are on different continents, the agenda remains the same. The source of all these programs comes from UNESCO best practice.

It’s all focused on ‘sex positive’ approach. A global HIV agenda.

And yet another post from this group:

Opt out letter for our seventh graders came in the mail Capo. This is an opt-out for the survey. There is no information in the letter discussing the curriculum, opting out of portions of the curriculum or in what class and when it will be taught. There is a link in this letter if you want to take a look at the surveys.

And some replies to this post:

The California healthy kids survey and the sex Ed curriculum are two completely different things. You will get a separate opt out letter two weeks before sex Ed will be taught.

I was told by a parent at Djams the survey was given to his daughter after the curriculum was taught. Is this not correct?

The survey is always given in January and the sex Ed curriculum is taught in the Spring. Capo is still in the process of finalizing their sex ed curriculum that is supposed to be CHYA compliant. It is currently under review with the IMRC and will be voted on by board members in February. Still, the survey has nothing to do with the California healthy youth act and sex ed. They are completely different and require completely different opt out forms.

this is for the healthy kids survey, not the sex ed. PLEASE opt out of this survey as well. The info is used to justify the need for the new sex ed programs. Don’t give them this power. Don’t let them bully your child into completing it. This has happened to other parents. Say NO!!!!

Remember, the law ties districts hands in terms of an opt out letter for the sex education instruction. They are not allowed to send a form letter, parents must write their own letter. The districts are not allowed to make it easy.

And yet another post:

California Health Framework
Chapter 6, Page 37, Grades 9th-12th

Amd yet another post:

‼️ALARMING ‼️Concerns with the new 2019 California Health Framework

“Students will EXPLORE and DISCOVER their gender, gender expression, and sexuality through their education . . .” (Ch. 1, pg.14, Introduction)

“Fifth grader students will have an opportunity to learn that gender is not strictly defined by physical anatomy or sex assigned at birth.” (Ch. 4, pg. 65, 4th-6th Grade)

“Teachers should be mindful of personal bias and use gender neutral language . . . For example, use “they” instead of using “he/she”.” (Ch. 4, pg. 66, 4th-6th Grade)

“Partnering with your community: Students can learn more about puberty using age-appropriate, creative, and interactive online resources such as PBS’s online videos on puberty or TRANSITIONING” (Ch. 4, pg. 76, 4th-6th Grade)

“Some students may be non-monogamous and the term “partner(s)” may also be used to be more inclusive.” (Ch. 5, pg. 34, 7th-8th Grade)

“It is also important that educators are mindful that some students are not comfortable discussing their gender identity or sexual orientation and to ensure a student’s gender identity or sexual orientation is never revealed or discussed with anyone without the student’s consent. This is especially pertinent when educators communicate with other students, teachers, or students’ families.” (Ch. 6, pg. 35, 9th-12th Grade)

Just a few quotes out of the over 1,000 pages of the framework.
Submit your public comments before January 11, 2019

And some replies to this post:

Two things. First, it’s important to point out that the health framework covers several content areas, not just CSE. Sex ed is actually a relatively small section when looked at as a whole. Second- is anyone going to Sacramento for the review and public comments before this is approved? I heard that many supporters went to the September meeting and gave public comments in person- some were from San Diego and Orange County. All public speakers were in support of the current version!! Is anyone going to offer some counter arguments? I know that we are all sending in comments online, but public comments in person can also be impactful, especially if all they hear is one side.

Yes your absolutely right. It covers their 8 OVERREACHING STANDARDS. That’s their terminology, they are obviously not hiding the fact that the CA Government is using the education system to overreach beyond their proper roles in to the family life and stripping parents of their rights. They are very clear they want “The Whole Child” and they have crafted the CA Health Framework to take full responsibility ( minus the financial responsibility, that is still left to the parents, of course) to mold OUR children into who they want OUR children to be. I didn’t want the video to be to long but we have added the link for everyone to go see for themselves 😉

who wrote this? Do you know if there any connections to Trish Hatch at all?

here are some folks that worked on the revision. It’s all on the CDE website.

And here is another post about the sex-ed curriculum:

What’s more, this curriculum is funded by Planned Parenthood, a chief sponsor to the teachers union. Teachers are not allowed to speak out against it, and this was confirmed to me by a former teacher via another social platform, while discussing another matter (new CA taxes)

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:


And some more posts from this group:

Please! My child has a 3.2 gpa but may not graduate because of the math test. How motivated is she to continue?

My son had to drop out due to not passing his math test on his second try… went to Shoreline CCand got his GED. I bet a lot of kids will become disheartened by these requirements and drop out. He then got an AA and got on honor roll and is now studying to be a Med Assistant. It’s a very sad state of affairs when kids are made to feel stupid. A lot of kids can’t pass these tests.

Aren’t there alternate grad options after attempting the SBA once?

yes there are but they are not easy. We are pursuing those options.

I hear ya. OSPI does not care if your children graduate or not, especially with a 504 because that mean squat to them.

Time to fire OSPI — they should work for US!!

she’s not motivated at all

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is HORRIFYING—-> Lewis’ agency recently released data showing almost half of young Kentuckians start kindergarten already behind. Lewis said “research is clear that brain development begins very early, with much of it complete before kids enter kindergarten. … An essential element of improving education, workforce and the life outcomes for Kentuckians is focusing on kids’ early learning and readiness for kindergarten.”

Read more here:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Important #Read, considering all Coloado students are required to take College Board tests.
“An earlier College Board tax filing let slip their real identity in a footnote: they are hedge funds. The corporate partnerships resemble a game of musical chairs. There were 12 in 2010, identified only as A, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, and M (note: no B), and 16 in 2013, identified as B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, P, Q, S, and T (note: no A, M, O, or R).

A for-profit arm of College Board, with a quarter billion dollars nestled in offshore tax havens, has not paid any tax in the several years it has filed separate returns. Deductions, credits, and paper losses seem available aplenty. Nonetheless, despite seemingly limping along without taxable gains, the fund has grown mightily, or did until the 2015 tax year when it was, apparently, tapped to plug the hole in revenues left by the various aforementioned fiascos…”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Conservative friends, I beg you to contact the President and ask him to VETO HR 4174!
“Superficially, HR 4174, sponsored by House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), improves the federal government’s production and maintenance of statistical databases. In reality, HR 4174 begins the construction of the statistical infrastructure that the federal government would need if it were to build big, new entitlement programs.

In a manner of speaking, HR 4174 is the Trojan horse for single-payer medical care, general income security (we know it as “paid family leave”), and universal child care.

The key term in HR 4174 is “evidence-based policy making.” By scrapping duplicative statistical products, the bill seems to be an efficiency-improving measure. In reality, it is the first step toward large collection of new “evidence” for entirely new “policy making” purposes.”

I found a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group that also mentions FEPA:

This is ties into the UNs them for CSW 2019: Priority theme: Social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable infrastructure for gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Hello everyone. I need some assistance. I am a former 2nd grade teacher. I have a former student whose parents I have been in touch with since I stopped teaching elementary. His parents opted him out in 3rd, and 4th grade but they don’t know what to do now that he is in 5th. I have no idea what to tell them because I don’t know either and I know this is the year they say scores count but they want to opt him out and again but they are afraid they will not let him go on to 6th grade even though he is passing all subjects in the classroom. Please help me so I can tell them something. He is in Plainview ISD and is in 5th grade @ Highland Elementary.

And some replies to this post:

Easy peasy. Opt him out anyway, and then request a grade placement committee meeting. The parents are members of the committee, and they get a vote.
If there is no STAAR data to take into consideration, they base the promotion on core subjects, just like every other grade.
I have been through this personally. 5th, and 7th grade.

Here’s an article, and…. don’t fall for the summer school or accelerated instruction bit, either.

And another post from this group:

And so it begins….

And some replies to this post:

Wait…. So new concepts not yet taught but they dont want the parents to help AND it’s a grade?!?!?! Time for Mama??!

and a monetary fine.

So “growth mindset” means learning on your own without any teaching? More like torture mindset. Freaking ridiculous.

The kids earn fake money for auctions or treasure box items. I’m sure that’s what they’re referring to

Regardless, it is ridiculous.
That they want you to watch your 4rh grader struggle at home with concepts they have not been taught in class is educational malpractice, at best.

Right, WHO CARES if they can actually fine you or not? They are threatening to! This is overt intimidation of the parents and completely unacceptable.

Which school/district?

Aledo. 4th grade. You know ‘We’re Growing Greatness’…here.

I would sign it with “I’m sorry, I can’t help you with this. Try teaching my student instead?”

Sadly, the teacher probably hates this just as much as we do but her hands are tied.

As a teacher, I still have integrity. I’d rather lose my job, than saddle my kids with this torture.

My first thought, as a signature, was Are You Kidding Me

I would send one back hahaha
I expect my student to be taught in a safe setting
I expect my student to fully understand basic math and a good reader
I expect my student to have a full 30 min recess and uninterrupted lunch
I expect my student to love school
I expect the school to understand I am in charge of my childs education and well being so my student will not be participating in the assessment or its prep. Thank you signed mama bear

This gave me anxiety. 4th wasn’t like this back when my kids attended years ago. This is absurd.

The last bullet point is horrible….can you imagine a parent saying that to a child about anything? Horrible.

Wow. This whole thing is ludicrous. My gosh! ??

I’m a teacher and no to this. I teach younger grades but I did teach 4th before. Due to my beliefs about testing I will not teach a STAAR grade because I would probably lose my job for refusing to participate in test prep of any kind. The pressure of STAAR on kids and teachers is out of hand and this proves it!

I do not send home any “STAAR prep”. I teach 5th grade math. My students take very little work home. My goal is for them to be able to finish at school so I can help iron out the wrinkles. I do my darndest to not even mention the STAAR test in my classroom let alone send home test prep for it.

So much for supposedly pulling out of UNESCO. Looks like they screwed us on December 5th in Brussels.

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From [name redacted by me]

I am posting my response to one of Rachel’s post as a post all by itself so that all of you can read this response. Just so you know, I have been fighting this fight for 5 years with my local school system and no one listens. My daughter gets no spelling, grammar, literature, drama, or poetry instruction. She does not do any creative writing. They have not even taught her how to write a letter. Many of those absurd math worksheets that Rachel [of the Choose to Refuse Common Core group] shows you has been sent home to my household. They are teaching my daughter almost no social studies at all. In Seminole County, Florida, the only thing that matters is the standardized test score. They do not care about anything else. And, they have the highest test scores in the state of Florida because they have deleted entire necessary skill sets in order to do nothing but teach to the standardized test. There are children in this school system who are assigned 3 and 4 hours of homework per night so that they do not see the light of day and do not play with friends, or ride their bikes, or get any outdoor fresh air and exercise. They have been trying to put a whole lot of kids on drugs in this school system to claim they have ADD or ADHD while they do not even give them P.E. and they make them sit in front of computer screens all day and all night. There is no common sense. And, I feel like I have made no progress at all as a parent who advocated for a return to the classic curriculum which as a complete and well rounded curriculum. I also advocated for the purchase of textbooks for academic subjects. My daughter was given only a math textbook and a science textbook. They did not buy any other textbooks for the academic subjects. My son did not have a science textbook last year and they even tried to teach World History without textbooks. I only succeeded in getting textbooks to teach World History. But, my son was so relentlessly retaliated against that I had to pull him out of the school system. The standard method they use to handle their many problems is ILLEGAL RETALIATION, ILLEGAL HARASSMENT, AND ILLEGAL TARGETING of YOUR CHILD BECAUSE YOU FILED COMPLAINTS AFTER THEY DID THINGS THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. They would not even let my son use the toilet at school. This is how bad things are for some of these students. And, they did not follow his IEP for 7 months. They gave him the wrong speech instruction for 6 months. They gave him no math instruction at all for 5 weeks. They refused him his IEP accommodations. They violated his constitutional rights. I can go on. They have a mess. Their official reaction to their mess is to illegally retaliate against anyone who has an ounce of common sense who says that anything is wrong. My son did not receive any social studies grade on a report card in 4th grade because the class did not do enough social studies during that grading period for grades to be given out. The only thing that matters to SCPS is the standardized test score. They do not care about anything else. And, they run the school system like an organized crime mafia. Some of you are arguing about transgender restroom use. In SCPS, they were not allowing middle school students to use the restroom at all. So, the argument is whether or not middle school students can use the restroom during the school day at all. Who even cares about transgender restroom rights at that point? A teacher sang to my son about how it was “against policy” for my son to use the restroom during his class. This is the garbage we tolerate. You have to get a doctor’s note for your child to use the toilet without harassment, abuse, or discipline over it. You have to get a doctor’s note for your child to take year round P.E., and they want it documented WHY your child needs to take year round P.E. This is because they don’t want to pay P.E. teachers. And, they abuse employees by using them as P.E. teacher aids for a third of the pay of a P.E. teacher. But, the P.E. teacher aids do the exact same job as the P.E. teacher for a third of the pay. I can’t even make this stuff up. They punished my child for scratching ant bites and for coughing up mucus while coming down with the flu. They punished my child for wanting broccoli with his lunch and for wanting a free soufle cup of granola instead of croutons or crackers on his salad. I can go on and on with these horror stories. They never ended. This is Seminole County Public Schools. It is a horror show. And, they wonder why people are pulling their kids out of this school system to home school. Home school is growing like crazy around here. People cannot take this horror show. They are over it. I consider it to be child abuse.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Here is some of the BS Teachers have to deal with concerning the STAAR.

And some replies to this post:

That’s age discrimination right there!

Not surprised! Hope teacher will start speaking up!

Sad reality. Total truth across the board

Teachers need to stand up and be LOUD. It’s not a big leap for school districts to have “one teacher per subject” that gives the lesson virtually (online) then low-level aids/facilitators in the classroom. That’s why I was so appalled 6-yrs ago when my now Senior had a pre-AP Science “flip” class. The teacher didnt grasp that she was embracing the very concept that would take her job away. Nevermind the actually “teaching” was too one-dimensional and left ZERO oppty for thinking/raising questions in real-time.

Walk Out on STAAR test days! Lets get all the schools to do it!

An issue with teachers speaking up, about anything really, is the fear of retaliation: moved to a position they don’t like or won’t do well with, nit-picky or vague infractions, or the coup de gras a nonrenewal of their contract. That last one is a kiss of death when it comes to finding a job somewhere else.

Here are a bunch of posts in reply to a Federalist article of why teachers are leaving the profession in droves:

Or the case of one of my children’s godmother who teaches in NYC, getting the snot beat out of her by an 8th grader, not being able to defend herself because laying a hand on a student, even in self defense will get you charged. Then, after returning to school after her injuries healed, finding out that the kid is still in school, because in Red Bill DiBlasio’s city, expelling kids that commit assault is considered racist. That’s a real motivator.

I got into teaching English twelve years ago so that I could teach literature and writing to young people. Nobody informed me as a naive college student that public education was not actually about teaching anything, though. In my teacherly opinion, schools can’t function when everyone is forced to attend. They’re too big, there are too many kids who don’t want to be there. Teachers end up spending all their time trying to “motivate” kids who have no desire to learn, and everyone just gets passed along because we’re not allowed to let anyone fail, flunk, or drop out. Not a good recipe for academic success.

We keep decrying the fall of our education system and yet we keep doing the same things that caused our education to fall in the first place.

From the right, we demand accountability! Well, great. How do we measure that? Test scores? Right. Cause my student who’s homeless and isn’t sure where his next meal is going to come from is going to accurately reflect via test score the kind of teacher I am. Student economic outcomes? Well, that’s better, but it’s difficult at best to connect economic outcomes at age 18 or 20 to kindergarten or 1st grade teachers/education. Plus, as we’ve seen in recent studies and polls, economic success isn’t everything. So, how do we measure accountability?

From the left we demand teachers get more help with all of the different problems that affect our students! Great. But guess what. Giving my school another psychologist and counselor and a million other specialists still isn’t really going to help that kid who’s homeless and isn’t sure where his next meal is going to come from. You know what would? Having a firmer home life. Well, that’s outside the realm of education! Yes, yes it is. The left sees the problems in education, in some ways far better than the right, but instead of seeing the root problems (namely, the destruction of the family and the constant encouragement of poor personal responsibility) they just see opportunities to throw more money at a problem and more specialists with more and more advanced/specialized education.

On both sides, we like to try and treat the symptoms without treating the underlying causes. On the right, we do encourage the kinds of things that would make education more effective and easier on teachers. More and better families and communities and less government oversight. But we rarely, if ever, make the effort to show and discuss the ties of these kinds of policies and initiatives to education. On the left, we do have a tendency to more often recognize all the problems that our students face outside of school more and acknowledge how they affect students schoolwork, but we rarely if ever acknowledge that in school solutions will never work.

I taught in a public school system that only permitted one failure in grades K through 6, and one in grades 7+. As a result of that, nearly 30% of my sixth grade students could not read beyond the second grade level. That means that they could not understand any textbook used in that grade level. They could not grasp the History, the Geography, the Science, or the Mathematics (as word problems are a very large part of middle school math). Of course, as they had not developed basic reading skills, they could not comprehend the literature used at that level and could not grasp the basic grammar rules or essential vocabulary to write properly. Disruptive student removed from the classroom were regularly returned to the classroom in less than an hour. In my humble opinion, disruptive students should not be suspended. Rather, one parent of the child should be sent to the classroom for a period set by family court judges, with a minimum of five days per disruptive event. If there are two parents in the household, that responsibility should shift with recurrences. Loss of income can be great motivator for parents to correct discipline problems, Violent students should be removed, and never be allowed to return.

Florida pay 10 years ago was $39,000 , today $41,000 while housing, rent, taxes etc through the roof. Left after 10 years and doubled my income, not worth it, besides these kids and parents are nuts. Turnover and a teacher shortage is on the horizon.

Money helps. My niece is a teacher. She started 10 years ago. THREE degrees; 2 bachelors and a Masters. Starting pay? $37K.

The US spends more per student than almost any other country in the world.. what you should be looking at is where is that money going instead of to the best teachers.. administration bureaucracy and a large government take and require a lot of maintenance..

The product is high-quality education for the children and most other countries get a lot more bang for their buck.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

It was said in the State Board Standards Committee meeting that our standards were written by teachers. While this may be true of some of the standards, this is not true of all of them.

One of our Board members asked if the standards that were copied word-for-word from other standards could be cited so we know where they were pulled from. I absolutely agree this is what should be done!

As I have compared the new revised health standards with the National Sexuality Standards, I have found that many of them are word-for-word identical. I did this on my own time because of concerns I have with the national standards. Here’s my comparison

We should not be telling the public that our standards were written here in Utah, if they were not.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

My oldest is 10 today. He is in 4th grade. He told me at dinner last night, that he was learning about WW2 in school. He said the teacher talked about Hitler. The points of the lesson he remembers, was that Hitler committed suicide and killed his wife.
There are no textbooks allowed to come home. There has been no homework coming home, despite me asking about it. All 3 of his 4th grade teachers have been absent A LOT so far this year. Students are doing rotation of classes and teachers for different subjects. I never did that until 6th grade. The teachers are very hard to reach. Only one answers her email and I work full-time. I can’t just drop everything and run to the school to address every question or concern. If I could do that, I would homeschool!
If we as parents do not ask or do not keep the lines of communication open, we will never know what are children are being taught in school. The public school system today, is different. It is designed to keep parents in the dark about what they are teaching. We must be diligent and fight for our children! JOIN US AT OHIO CHRISTIANS AGAINST COMMON CORE.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Question ….
I was told today that my daughter would not be able to get off periods her senior year unless she passed all 5 starr test. Is this something the school can do?
Please share your thoughts and give me some insight.
Thanks ??

And some replies to this post:

If she has all her credits she should have an off period. (Edit: as in, there shouldn’t be anything preventing the possibility, especially punitive)

When they something that sounds stupid, call them on it. Ask to see the policy IN WRITING. If they can’t produce it, it doesn’t exist.

My kiddo is a jr and is working on a Distinguished Plan. He doesnt have a single off period all 4 years.

The issue is clearly that the school is tying the off periods to STAAR? Why? Becuase they are planning to fill that with remediation.

They have already placed my daughter in a English class that is only for kids that failed the starr and all they do is starr prep.I asked them if this class affects her GPA they said no its counted as a regular english class

my daughter has been working on her credit dor high school since middle school and since high school has been taking classes during the summer to earn credit too

then she should have plenty of left over slots!

Yes she does that is what am saying.But they are telling me they are only offering students 1 period off but only if they are passing all classes and have passed the starr testing she is in 11th grade and has only been able to pass 3 so far she is under 504 plan due to her having dyslexia and dysgraphia and we still have to worry about them letting her graduate it just blows my mind that even with my daughter having this she works her butt off to make all As and B’s in her classes and that should be enough but NO we have to deal with this stupid StARR that counts for nothing!

I havent dealt with high school level yet (my kids in highschool just take the STAAR to not stir the pot even tho they didnt take them in junior high) but sometimes admin will say things like this because they have to recommend the child be put in a class to help pass staar, you are able to decline their recommendations!

My senior has never done well on those staar assessments, but has her credits in line to graduate in June. GPC agreed to accept her scores as they are….and she has off period every day….out of school at 12:30. I agree with others: if it sounds utterly ridiculous, it probably is. Good luck!!

Here is a post in this group that was in response to a Tucker Carlson video about big tech data mining students:

This is why when the school sent me a request to approve my child, who was in the 3rd grade, to access homework, I denied it. Our technology specialists then called to find out why. It was odd that our district could afford this, but not offer fine arts. Well I gave her an ear full. My children’s data will not be sold.

Here is a post that was shared in a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Last night at the Pickens Legislative Delegation meeting I was once again saddened by the number of attendees. The time they pick for these meetings is horrible. 5:30 pm is too early for people who work to make a living…and on the night of the Clemson Championship game??? Plus they only allow 3 minutes for you to speak to your employees??? It makes it look like “they”really don’t want to hear from WE THE PEOPLE…

Here was my speech:
I am speaking on behalf of United States Parents Involved in Education to recommend an education governance structure change.

It is evident SC public schools are failing after the latest results of the Nations Report Card. It is a disgrace. Our rankings have gone further downhill. This is not acceptable. We must change our leaders who are making decisions about education. We need to give parents back control over the direction of education.

Unelected people in the Education Oversight Committee and the State Board of Education have had their chance and have failed miserably. It is doubtful that your average parent can name anyone who was appointed to represent them on the State Board of Education or even name anyone who sits on the EOC. In fact most don’t even know the EOC exists. Our local school boards have little to no control over what is being taught.

These unelected people are responsible for the original recommendations to accept Common Core and they since have doubled down on approving supposedly new standards for ALL SC public schools which are over 90% in line with failed Common Core!

There is legislation in place now to abolish the EOC in both the House and the Senate. Simply eliminating the EOC isn’t enough… because there will still be an unaccountable appointed Board of Education making decisions with no direct accountability to WE THE PEOPLE.

So we need parents and taxpayers to be in the driver seat for a better education for their children through true representation by voting. We would like to see the State Board of Education members changed to elected positions. These seats can be based on the present Judicial districts with the Governor’s ability to appoint one member. The members should have 4 year terms that are staggered and the elections should be partisan and held in November every two years. To summarize…too many appointed people in the kitchen are spoiling the soup.

Abolishing the EOC and electing our State BOE will provide decentralization of the current pitiful, unaccountable education bureaucracy in which no one is being held accountable for the poor decisions that continue today.

We also advocate for opening up school choice. True school choice would involve a free market system with local schools being allowed to choose their own standards and curriculum. True school choice is NOT just allowing parents to choose which brick and mortar building for their child to attend with the same failed mirrored Common Core Standards and tests.

South Carolina children deserve a quality education, It’s time YOU’s time you handed the EOC and the State BOE a report card of a grade “F” for failing children.

Sign on to legislation to change the governance of our most precious resource…children and their future.

Let’s face it we’re at the bottom and these changes couldn’t make it any worse.

Good job kids! Don’t let the athiest thought police push you around!

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Has anyone seen this survey? Anyone has any idea about the usefulness or waste of time this will be?
“SHARP Survey
Cache County School District has approved/requested all 10th and 12th grade students participate in the SHARP (Student Health and Risk Prevention)
Statewide Survey. Only 10th & 12th grade students will be surveyed.
Students will need a parent permission slip to submit a survey. Permission slips will be available on Green Canyon’s website. Hard copy slips can be picked up by students from their 3rd hour teachers. The survey was designed to assess adolescent substance use, anti- social behavior, and the risk and protective factors that predict these adolescent problem behaviors.”

And a reply to this post:

Don’t give permission.

This video explains why, starting at the 6 min mark:

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

All true! With every year, the percentage of 4th graders reading decreases and the percentage of adequate IQ students with unexpected failure to read increases…..This is by design.

Here is a post from a friend of Alice Linahan:

visited Flower Mound this evening where Alice Linahan was discussing the need to protect our students. In a highly structured presentation, Alice laid out the steps and legislation that have occurred over the last two decade in order to reach HR 4174, Evidence Based Policy.

First, between 2005 and 2015, under federal grants, more than 50 states and territories created identically structured Student Longitudinal Data Systems. These systems were designed to k-12, then expanded P-20 to help states, districts, schools, educators, and other stakeholders to make data-informed decisions to improve student learning and outcomes; as well as to facilitate research to increase student achievement and close achievement gaps.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), located within the U.S. Department of Education and the Institute of Education Sciences, became the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

In 2012, FERPA was legally modified. Student data could be used facilitate research without parental consent. The last Nation’s Report came out digitally and represents a fully functioning national system.

In 2014, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) bound the Dept of Labor, Health and Human Services and the Dept of Education to create normalized regulations for workforce development, workforce certification and standardized data for life long workers.

By 2015, legislators are beginning to pilot and create the legislation for “Evidence Based Policy,” In Nov 2017 Paul Ryan and Patty Murray indicated identical laws had been written in the House and Senate. It took a full year for them to be reconciled; but, before leaving when no one could agree on a budget in Dec. 2018, HR 4174, known as FEPA, Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act, was passed by voice vote, without opposition and delivered to the president for his signature. On Jan 12, 2019, if President trump does not VETO FEPA, it will become law and data privacy will be lost forever. Without consent, data can be passed among governmental organizations as they see fit.

Contact the White House and ask the President to VETO FEPA, HR 4174…..this makes FB marketing look like a kid with a pair of binoculars on the house roof.

Under the Umbrella of the Commission for Evidence Based Policy, FEPA will be administered by a quasigovernment orginazation paid for with public funds and accountable to themselves.

And another post from this person:

Every Time I hear the Mike Morath supports a program, I investigate who is benefitting. The return to “pay for success” corparations far exceeds the benefit to students or their communities. With every act of privatization of public schools more tax payer dollars are taken out of the influence of duly elected trustees and moved into the hands of appointed boards. Those boards are not responsible to the citizens of their communities, they are responsible to corporate profits. The data associated with demonstrating student success under “pay for success” schemes is used to generate corporate profits, therefore, there is nothing philanthropic about corporations supporting student endeavors. Rather, as the testing that has been used to deliberately fail public schools is replaced with adaptive monitoring of student performance inside of Ed Tech, the standards will not be controlled to demonstrate true academic performance; therefore, they will be worse than faulty STAAR testing.

Here is a post from Allison (AKA Wrench in the Gears):

Read this excerpt to my husband just now and his reaction was wow, Jerry Brown is on your page. Please read this. The welfare state and the warfare state work hand in hand. Cal-pass is the pre-k to workforce pathways database program.

“Harris: What’s an example of that (totalitarianism) being pushed by the liberals?

Brown: An example would be measuring each individual child from preschool to beyond college, and keeping those as permanent records in the computer, that would measure discipline and mental attributes. Just the general centralization of information, which is being billed as the way to help the poor but which will enable an authoritarian to totally monopolize and control the society.

In fact, we have something called “Cal-PASS,” a state computer, which I kept in check. And I think now it’ll be full throttle to collect as much possible data and measure people in all sorts of ways. I think it’s dangerous. I don’t think it’s very useful, except for academics who have to write theses and do research. We had one on the teachers, which we stopped.

See, the trouble is the computer can collect a lot of information and regurgitate it in many different ways, and people are fascinated by that. Controlling and measuring everything. … We’re all ranked. And who’s it for? Now, if it’s for the academics, they’re relatively harmless. But then it’s going to ultimately be used, at some point, and it has kind of a smell of eugenics, that we want to purify this kind of motley race called human beings and if we can measure all the different attributes, we can then make normative the right path and the right way to be. I think that is the absence of diversity and the absence of freedom.

I would just say, spoken in a somewhat abstract level—it’s not just me who says that. I mean, there are political theorists who notice that the welfare state and the warfare state work hand in hand. They both want to see more power. They want more engineering of things. And, in many ways, that’s mass society, that’s an inevitable trend. But we do need to—we, the government—so that it can function is guard against that. And some of these big issues are not thought about.”

Combined the Jerry Brown comments with a pretty awesome infographic I did awhile ago on the intersection of redesigned education, digital labor and social impact investing. Check it out. If you find the infographic useful, you can download it, too. Blogged it with a bit of background information here:

And another post from her:

I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this. The character avatar to whom the avatar of former head of the MacArthur Foundation is speaking is Cory Ondrejka-former Naval Academy graduate, weapons systems designer, creator of 2nd life, and VP of engineering for FB working on Oculus Rift. Check it out-this is from 2009, a decade ago.

Augustana College in Illinois is hosting a Winter Symposium Day that features social justice, and one of the workshops includes using a game of monopoly to teach students about “privilege”:

Here is a post that I found in reply to a post by Alice Linahan:

thank you so much for your service and fight for our children and future children.I am a former SPED teacher (and my husband is currently still in the classroom). I became disillusioned and angry about what I was being required to do and was scared for my own children. I started homeschooling my children 5 years ago for this reason. Thank you for continuing the fight!

Here is a post that was shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

“Ensuring our students have professional mental health support is a public safety issue, a public health issue and an education issue. It must be a top priority in the coming 2019 legislative session.” Morgan Meyer

The 86th legislature begins. Pay close attention to the push for Mental Health Legisaltion by our own Morgan Meyer. Though I believe his intentions are sincere his desire to use the the strong arm of the government, legislation, to impose mental health screenings on American citizens is unconstitutional.
I testified against mandated mental health screenings stating, ““Somebody needs to push back against the idea that we’re going to do mental health surveys on every child in the state of Texas and if we find a diagnosis that they’re all going to be prescribed medicine. That just doesn’t make sense.”
I also questioned State Lawmakers asking “if it’s the role of the Government to legislate character development, collect mental health data on students and store personally identifiable information in Fusion Centers throughout Texas. Fusion Centers engage in surveillance of students social media and to use predictive analytics generated by an algorithm to create a threat-score for our children.”

And a post that goes along with this post:

This table from a training webinar for teachers and administrators shows how the MAPS test, a computer adaptive test, tracks and evaluates social emotional data, which is embedded in the curriculum, for each student. Based on a student’s scores, that student is then labeled by category as a serious risk, moderate, low or some risk to high strength(See second photo.). Our children’s mental health is no longer private either……how will this be used in the future? The second amendment comes to mind.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core page:


The HPISD Learner Profile was in the works dating back to 1974 and 1976 when Dr. Orr assisted his father in writing the “Pupil Profile” and “Teacher Profile” on The American Sponsored Overseas Schools, A Research Matrix. He used HPISD students as guinea pigs for his vision to produce global citizens:



Former superintendent, Dr. Dawson Orr used HPISD as a pilot for the UN/UNESCO global transformation of American education.

In 2011 Dr. Dawson Orr praised the HPISD Global Partnership program, remarking that the program is led by excellent SMU staff (he is now dept chair at SMU)

and will add a global dimension to teachers’ studies. He noted that the World Affairs Council will also bring valuable resources to the district. He congratulated a “Teacher on Special Assignment for Global Connections Department, Edna Phythian for leading the program”

Dawson Orr Global Initiative Fund

Why is HPISD the only school district in the US with a membership to the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE)?

Highland Park High School’s Model UN team was named best delegation at the 2016 North Texas Invitational Model UN conference at UNT April 2, where they competed against six high schools.

Former HPISD Superintendent Dawson Orr’s father, Paul Glenn Orr, groomed him for the globalization of American education. Page 8 acknowledges him in this extensive research matrix

This publication was made possible under a grant between the US Government acting through the State Department and the Center for International Education of the Massachusetts State College System.
American Sponsored Overseas School Research Matrix by Paul Glenn Orr, Ph.D

Perhaps the most disturbing part is found in the epilogue on page 134.
EPILOGUE Published by Dr. Orr in 1974

Pablo, Dawson and Caryl: Heritage Fulfilled

The Conference Committee of the International Congress was scheduled to meet on August 11, 2017. The members would arrive at agreements which would have direct impact on the relatively stable world population of two billion people. Experts in the 1970’s had projected a doubling of the 3.9 billion people by 2009 but they had not realize the magnitude of population decline which occurred after the catastrophic famine of 1977.
Pablo O’Leary, representing the African Complex, reflected on his heritage: an American grandfather, a Welsh mother, a Mexican wife whose grandfather was Ecuadorian, and he was among the first of nationality called Man. His grandfather had told him of a diplomat in the Pre-Hydrogen Energy era with whom he had chatted frequently, who have been the first to suggest that international law was the precept on which a peaceful world could exist. The personal stories had whetted his interest during his post-doctoral study in international law at the UN University in Nairobi in 1982. His father had told him often of his own early days of schooling in a multinational, bilingual setting and how the understanding gained had helped in founding the International Universities throughout the world.
Dawson Hauer was the Conference Committee’s expert on “selection for the right to work”. With only 20 percent of the world’s peoples needed to work in order to provide the goods and services for all, the topic was a persistent problem. With increased emphasis on the abolition of most remaining personal services, the committee was confronted with serious choices.
Dawson reflected on the changes in his lifetime. His grandfather had told him many times during his high school days in the early 1970’s that something no less dramatic and awful than nuclear holocaust would bring about mankind’s full understanding of his interdependence. It was regrettable that he didn’t live to see the most dramatic change in history occur in only two decades: the accidental discovery of the means of harnessing and storing pollution free hydrogen fuel catalyzed by solar energy in 1977 and production of limitless and cheap energy by 1979; devastating famine in which 900 million people died in 1977-1984; threatened and near nuclear attack by a starving country on its neighbor in 1982; outline internationally all nuclear devices and weapons in 1983 and their exit into space in 1984; nitrogen fixation from air in 1985 providing abundant fertilizer paralleled by criss/cross irrigation and water transportation systems throughout the world; and solar powered desalinization of seawater and topsoil recovery capability. The capstone was the formation of the International Congress in 1986 with sole power to maintain a peace keeping force and with final power to judge all disputes through international law. That civilization had taken a quantum jump was a realized fact that had only been a dream and hope for the 22nd century.
Dawson could barely conceive that energy was free and abundant, that food, water, shelter, clothing and climate control were available to everyone in this year of 2017. He was plagued with the speculative question if this could have happened without a cost of the lives of two billion people. The Nation States of Europe which he represented had funded an in-depth research project in 2002 to treat the question. The young researcher, Caryl Soloman, was the current representative from the Americas and the third member of the conference committee.
Caryl Soloman’s grandmother Connie Brecker, had been the first woman President of the United States. Caryl had learned much from her. Caryl’s major contribution had been the ability to reduce complex concepts into simple understandable terms. Her earlier research which I guided many post-famine precepts was reducible to simple terms. International law was a transcript of natural law; with no fear of failure combined with security for self and family, people could pursue their potentials without fear, hate or anxiety; that indeed interdependence was a given.
The peoples of the world felt secure and well represented as Pablo O’Leary called to order the session of the Conference Committee.

American Overseas Research Centers
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3) January 14, 2013 – Went with Johnny Vaselka (TASA) and Dawson Orr (Supt. HPISD and Co-Chairman w/Dr. Turner of the Texas High Performance Schools Consortium)to discuss the need for federal waivers if Texas allows the pilot group of school districts (THPSC) to operate outside the current accountability system and seek help applying for those from the U.S. Dept. of Ed. – Aramark paid

And a reply to this post:

I guess the epilogue’s prediction was thwarted by Trump’s election? ?? Fascinating stuff. Do people realize what is happening in HP with the transformation to skills and workforce training over knowledge and individuality? It’s a slow boil I guess. It all started with the Cathy Bryce on that TASA Vision consortium funded by Stantec. She passed the torch to Dr. Orr. Trigg will finish the job.

Here is a post on this page that explains what is going on in Houston and what Governor Abbott and his henchmen are up to:

I think it is important to grasp the significance of what is happening first in HISD, and second what is happening in our state. The Houston School Board has said NO to giving up on their four schools and handing them over to a charter organization, such as what was done by Waco ISD. Waco handed over their four schools to a charter type private business organization that will take over their “improvement required” schools for an indefinite period of time. This means neither the parents nor the Waco ISD will have a say in what goes on in those schools. Because HISD is not following suit, there is a very good chance that means the Commissioner will move to replace the Board with a Board of Managers. While we should commend the HISD Board for not handing over their schools to privatization, we should now encourage the HISD Board to fight back against any appointed board. How they choose to fight back will be up to them, but we should support their efforts to oppose this takeover by the TEA. Yes, the laws are written such that the TEA can move to take over the Board, but that is an unjust law built on data that comes out of those same unjust laws. The Accountability System is the cause of all of these misplaced judgements about the four schools in HISD. If the Commissioner is successful in his efforts, which school district will be next? Most school districts have schools in neighborhoods of poverty that are very close to falling into IR status or go in and out of IR status from year to year. All it takes is one school to be targeted and the Commissioner can move in on that school district next. Let’s support HISD’s Board in their fight to resist takeover. Your district could be next. The laws are unjust. It may take a court battle to change the laws. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” Victor Hugo.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Teach for America: Their Harmful Effect on Special Education – ?

?“The ultimate goal for TFA is not to create a teaching service to fill the need for a teaching shortage, as advertised. Their objective is to privatize public education and end the teaching profession.?

?TFA CMs also, despite their insufficient pedagogical and experiential background, rise to powerful administrative positions in local, state, and federal general and special education oversight programs. See below.?

?TFA alums can be found in a gazillion non-profits set up to dismantle public schools. Here is one, a description of Bellwether. ?

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Strange bedfellows from the left and right side of the aisle:

This review examines the biased report entitled Time to Change Course: Reclaiming the Potential of Texas Charter Schools by Adam Jones and Amanda List and funded by ExcelinEd (think Jeb Bush & DeVos) and the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The report is billed as a case study of the charter school authorization processes employed in Texas and the relationship between this process and the number of new charters accepted by the authorizer—in this case, the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The report is an explanatory study in that it attempts to identify a causal relationship between the authorizing process and the number and characteristics of approved charter schools.

Adam Jones, author of TPPF report is an advisor listed on the Safal Partners web site – the group that got the TEA contract. He was the COO at TEA for a long time. He’s a good one to add to the “web” of interconnected individuals and entities.

How does TPPF feel about Gülen Harmony charter schools?

On January 11 TPPF hosted a panel (all with ties to TFA) moderated by Emily Sass, TPPF school voucher proponent.

The panel included :
Penny Schwinn (TFA) – TEA Deputy Commissioner of Academics
Tom Torkelson (TFA) – founder/CEO IDEA charter schools
Pedro Martinez (TFA contract)- Superintendent of SAISD
Luzelma Canales (TFA Board) – former ED of RGV Focus Collective Impact at *Educate Texas

And another post from her:

Can you imagine if I had won the Place 7 seat? That would have put a major kink in their plans for a “pay for success” model of educating kids in RISD. Does anyone understand why I keep harping on this? We have a HUGE conflict of interest on our board and no one is calling it out. We are part of a nationwide experiment through StriveTogether (Commit is the Dallas network partner). I have a copy of our data sharing agreement with Commit if you would like me to share it with you.

In education, when you hear the term “Collective Impact” that means baseline data is collected and investors come in to fund a “pay for success” model through social impact bonds. Education is remade to serve the needs of big data. Emily Talmage wrote:

“In 2013, San Diego Unified partnered with “StriveTogether,” a subsidiary of the Gates-funded KnowledgeWorks Foundation. In communities across the country, StriveTogether – with support from corporate giants like MetLife, the Ford Foundation, the Lumina Foundation, and Target – is attempting to build “cradle to career” networks of data-driven public-private partnerships using controversial (some would argue unethical) methods.”

This article below is an interview with RISD Trustee Kristin Kuhne’s coworker, George Tang. He’s the COO of Educate Texas:

“After a successful career introducing predictive analytics to marketing, George Tang returned to his hometown of Dallas to serve as the COO of Educate Texas.”

“New tools for segmenting students based on their needs and beliefs are available based on our work being supported by the Gates Foundation.”

“Currently, there are many collective impact efforts that are underway across the state.“

“We have seen the impact and scale of effectively using this public private model and we are committed to seeing how we can use this approach to further accelerate our shared vision.”

Educate Texas is going to continue to focus on four key areas:

• College Ready Standards and Practices
• Postsecondary Access and Success
• Human Capital
• Collective Impact ??

“With Collective Impact, we have gained firsthand experience in supporting and leading these efforts in Dallas and the Rio Grande Valley. By engaging our historical partnerships across the state and combining it with the support of Strive Together ??, we plan to stand up more communities in Texas who are using this theory of action. Educate Texas also plans to serve as a connector and supporter of these various communities so that regions can form a unified voice to address common challenges and advance key strategies.”

“We have learned that the public-private partnership can serve as the “lynchpin” to taking ideas from small scale pilots to systems change. Over the next decade, the final chapter of this epic journey will defined by the level of ambition and commitment of our partners. I hope you will join us in connecting these dots to Educate Texas.” – George Tang

StriveTogether investors include the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Ballmer Group, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Ford Foundation, KnowledgeWorks and Living Cities.

StriveTogether began taking shape in 2006 as a local education collaborative in Cincinnati. It became the support system for a national network of communities in 2010 intent on ending disparities and closing gaps. Based on lessons from Cincinnati and other communities including Dallas, Memphis and Tacoma, StriveTogether’s nationally recognized collective impact framework defines and measures progress to improve educational outcomes and expand opportunities.

I found out more information about FEPA from this post of a friend of mine:

Interesting that EPIC supports HR4174; EPIC sued the federal government for weakening federal privacy law FERPA. The gutting of FERPA (in 2011) allows collection and sharing of personal student data to state databases and authorized school officials (such as Google). EPIC said that this amassing of non-consensual student data is a privacy fail. HR4174 does not fix that loophole. Nothing in HR4174 says that the nonprofits or other govt agencies MUST anonymize the data that they take from the state databases. it says they can… and we all know that with AI / machine learning, data can be combined and Re-ID’d very easily. If HR4174 allowed for consent BEFORE student data were put into these now linkable databases, I would not be opposed.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

It’s campaign season, so municipal and school board candidates will likely repeat the stupid statistic below. I heard it during my race in 2017. The chambers of commerce repeat the same scare tactic across the state. ??Curmudgucation blogger revisits the myth:

“Following the reform play book, Schmedlen started by telling scary stories.

Nearly two-thirds of today’s students will work in jobs that have not yet been created. Tomorrow’s workers will move much more from job to job. They will work in a competitive, diverse and global workplace. Students will need critical thinking skills, and they will need to learn to collaborate and innovate.

Sigh. It’s been over a year since Matt Barnum decisively debunked the whole 65% of tomorrow’s jobs haven’t been created yet statistic, yet here it is again, still without any foundation.

The rest is interesting from a corporate honcho, because it’s so cool and dispassionate and prescriptive (“workers will”) while failing to acknowledge, as is usual, why this ugly future is on the way. Imagine if a corporate exec said it this way–

In the future, we will offer no loyalty or job security to our employees– we’ll just keep giving the job who can do it well enough for the cheapest price, wherever they are in the world this week, and we’ll dump those workers next week if we find a cheaper replacement. Workers had better be quick at picking up work requirements, because we don’t want to waste time training them, and keeping meat widget costs down is more important to us than hanging on to experienced worker. I read the critical thinking, collaborate, innovate thing off some 21st century skills list thing, but yeah– you need to be quick on problem solving and getting along because we expect you to cope with all this disruption and instability on your own– or else we’ll replace you with someone can. Meat widget problems are not management problems.”

I don’t believe that Dr. King woudl have approved of Indiana University’s “Interactive Privilege Simulator”:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:


We knew there would be a bill making it more difficult to opt out & here it is.

Currently, Utah law states that a student’s score on a statewide assessment may NOT be used to determine their academic grade or grade advancement, and a school may NOT reward a student for taking the test.

This bill would change it so their RISE (formerly known as SAGE) test score could be used to improve their academic grade or demonstrate competency. It also changes the wording to allow for a student to be rewarded for taking the test as long as it’s not a “nonacademic reward”.

What will this look like in real life? Students will be pressured into taking the test for a chance to improve their grades or possibly skip portions of the course if they can prove their competency (by taking a test that has never been validated to show it accurately assesses what it is meant to assess).

This bill cannot be allowed to pass. The Legislative Session officially begins Jan 28th. Start talking to your legislators now about your concerns with HB118 INCENTIVES FOR STATEWIDE ASSESSMENT PERFORMANCE

Here is a post that someone put on Alice Linahan’s wall:

All the usual players have come up with the next scheme to appear to support education while creating funding plans that do more damage to the least among us. Talk about kick the dog, while they are down…Outcome based education, rewarding districts for good performance….sounds so equitable, until you read the formulas and realize that those with the most resources have the most opportunities to perform. They will perform well with or without additional funding. There is only 1 goal in this plan, facilitate the TEA takeover of low performing schools by further requiring them to spend more money with education technology, they do not have, that has not been determined to create better learning, and documents their performance as lacking. The formula described shows that the highest performing district, normally the wealthiest/student, will receive additional funding/student for the next year, while those who may have more obstacles to performing, including lack of financial support in their homes, will receive less funding for the next year. Thus, the gap between the haves and the have nots grows! I can tell you, I am seeing many haves not concerned with whether students are learning, they are focused on increasing the amount of money they either keep, or spend with selected vendors. Something happens to adults, when “piles of money” become the driver…and no one is talking about real education. No one in the discussion talks about students learning to read better, write better, perform math correctly…..everything is based on faulty standards that may or may not apply to life. This is my soap box. It doesn’t take expensive education technology to determine if a child is learning…. Outcome based performance, just another way to cast aside those who are not easy to teach and justify their lack of worth, all the while titling the bill to say something else. Look who is on this committee, think about the economic schemes they repeatedly design to fund education. Austin is a hill of fire ants. They need to be eradicated or packing into retirement, where their damages will be minimized.

And some replies to this post:

CA title one schools are subsidized by Federal Govt. up to 85% of any CA school are ESL. CA is scrambling to find ways to fill in that gap, talking about taxing water yesterday. Carbon tax is about taxing the air. TX is don’t far behind CA, the real scramble is structuring to be on the tit of the federal govt. The Federal govt is closed and needs to stay closed because the irresponsible in DC print and borrow money ( it’s not federal taxes) that is subsidizing the state boondoggles. Ron Paul (former TX congressman) is right, the real 1% is government and its cronies.

Here is a frightening example of OBE. Chan Zuckerberg CZI Summit Learning in Pasadena ISD

Mr. Ohio moves to Idaho.

And someone had better look closely at our new dollars for reading. I know there aren’t supposed to be strings (local control and all) but the legislature might attach them last minute.

And here is a post that someone else left on her wall:

At a recent Board mtg. of one of the large, urban districts, a discussion included info re what technologies would be used in the classrooms. Yes. The “babies” in pre- and elementary would have regular access to various types of digital equipment. I wanted to scream at those presenting!! Have they not researched anything??? There’s enough info out now to at least research and question the validity of putting technology into the hands of 4 and 5 year olds!!

Here is a post by Alice Linahan:

What makes a TPPF Education Policy Advisor an Expert in Education?

I encourage someone to try and prove what I have written in this article wrong, but it must be with documented proof, as I have provided. If you can not, please be very careful moving forward in this legislative session if you are supportive of TPPF’s Education Finance Reform and Property Tax Reform. All is not what it seems.

Texas Public Policy Foundation’s legislative and policy history is important because they are pushing property tax reform and education finance reform as if it is limited government and free market capitalism. Yet, the reality of TPPF’s policies and their history of coordination show they are promoting legislation and policy that is the antithesis of limited government and free market capitalism with NO adherence to the Constitution. In fact, the very policies and legislation they have championed are, in fact, doing great harm to Texas students in the classroom and will have a very negative impact on Texas’ economy.”

And some replies to this post:

Not to go back into the stone age of all of this, but Abbott knew about Texas alignment from the very beginning. Abbott was the attorney general and had knowledge of the 501c3 that was set up for the creation of CScope. His office was notified by yours truly that we knew he knew. I wrote a certified letter asking to please clarify why they had allowed our tax money to fund the creation of this “Race to the Top” Obama styled education and force fed into Texas schools. Snakes.

They need to continue to hear that we know the truth. And, these so called education policy advisors who are now being hailed as experts by TPPF need to be exposed. They are the ones who brought this crap in, and need to be held accountable. From my perspective they get an F-!!

but how? People are SO blinded by there…well…bs

That is why I put this out. Those of us who are politically active need to be questioning these people and questioning them publicl

Yes I know. I did for years. I wished i could be more active in fighting this. Im battling our city and county to keep our land right now. Also headed to State to help change policy there. So much is happening so fast. My child is only 10 and we are in full swing homeschool as well as our 2 businesses. If only more would take interest. ??

All of this is connected. Our borders are being flooded with illegals so our failing public schools are overflowing and continuing to go into their failing spiral. The non tax payers are using services that they don’t pay for, so simple math explains why our schools are going broke. Where does our government get its money? Well, from us the tax payers of course. And guess what? They’re running out of “other people’s money”!!! So here comes the money hungry city to gobble up our rural land and make it city land so they can charge more city taxes!!!

you are right on target!!

And here is a post from a Florida anti-testing page:

Parents can do the one thing they have the power to do: Deny the data used to harm their children. OPT OUT.

And here are some replies to this post:

Not to mention some of our middle schools are now sharing the Math FSA data with FSU. You did have to opt in. However all class rosters were shared so they have your students name and id number. The district is stating it did not share any data however FSU stated it has all the class lists so they delete the data when they receive it. That they only use the data they have permission to use. So is the school only sending the data they have permission? No one will answer that. My daughter against her liking will not be participating in her math FSA this year no matter what.

FSA screws my son every year. He gets A’s and B’s all year then fails his reading portion to be put in intensive class every year also making him ineligible for better classes or Duel Enrollment due to not having 3 open available electives

Fight every year for correct class placement. School thinks lack of FSA grade means remedial classes even tho child is in AP and honors classes with no less than a B. You’d think they’d get sick of me complaining

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

I need help. I’ve Been out of FIGHT mode for a while and I need a refresher. There’s a parent In my district being bullied into making her child take iReady after she specifically refused them for her child. Her child had taken them in the past because she was unaware that she could opt out of them. Child did poorly and is now in RTI classes. Which they do not want the child in any longer. (See how that worked ). Remind me the semantics of this garbage again so I can advise because she’s been put in touch with me as an advocate. I’m dusty & rusty and a quick refresher is greatly appreciated. TIA ??

And another post from this group:

Is this text book Common Core or not?

And some replies to this post:


It looks to me as if the Standards are printed within the book somewhere, which would have required permissions—thus the copyright line. But the following line is just a cover-your-ass legal disclaimer that while the Standards appear in the book, that the book isn’t officially endorsed by CCSS. All that to say, yes, it looks to me as if the book was written to accord with the Standards. I don’t know if CCSS endorses any particular textbook—that line may be pretty meaningless, a legal formality.

Most likely. Irene Fountas wrote materials prior to common core, but since this book was published in 2014 it’s probably aligned to the standards like every other text book.

Simple! YES! It is published by one the principal publishers of Common Core materials… Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt.

Yup, it’s CCRAP

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Breaking news: President Trump signed into law HR 4174, among other bills.
Justice, liberty, freedom, and life as we know it will forever be marred.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Someone help?!???!!!!!!!!!

And some replies to this post:

I wish we could. This makes me sad for the families & the teachers. The laws need to change, but we are under the federal government’s control as long as we take their money (our money) & the requirements they attach to it. It’s wrong!!

All we can do is make tweaks to the law (from the looks of things, there are a couple bills that may do this), but the end result will be the same. There will be more schools that fall victim to these horrible policies that put the test above all else. You can’t have control unless you have data & tests have a wonderful way of providing all the numbers you need without having to see the faces behind them.

I’m sorry. 😦 I wish there was something we can do. All we can do is help our state legislators see where this is coming from & tell them to stop bowing to the federal funds.

Too bad we can’t pick and choose which schools to participate in federal programs. If a school fails in a federal program, then rather than shutting it down it should just go to a 100% non-federal budget. I would be interested to see the quality of kids that come out of schools that are not in federal programs.

This is a lot to throw out all at once, but these are screenshots of the federal law ESSA & some screenshots of current state law comparisons. It shows where these ideas are coming from & why we have the crappy state laws we have & what we can do to get out of it.

(1 of 9)
(2 of 9)
(3 of 9)
(4 of 9)
(5 of 9)
(6 of 9)
(7 of 9)
(8 of 9)
(9 of 9)

This is ridiculous. Our entire education system needs to be reworked. It’s just asinine to close a school because they are performing low on tests. Why don’t they shuffle the staff around, make some changes to leadership, things like that. This must be common core logic.

It’s all part of the plan. The tests are designed to fail. Once a school fails, the feds take it over. This way, all schools eventually become 100% federally-controlled without a vote. They bypass the Constitution with business contracts. End the Dept. of Education and take back our local schools!

I actually really like that editorial. They can see clearly that the school was closed because of a test, but they aren’t quite making the connection of why we have the ridiculous state laws we have & if they had been watching the State School Board, they would’ve seen that there were a few Board members who were willing to make the hard decisions to get us out of all this, but there weren’t enough of them for it to pass.

This year they took out the state rule protecting schools and teachers from being harmed by the testing scores. The federal government refused to let us remove opt-outs from the overall school and teacher data. Teachers and Schools will now push testing as if their jobs depend on it. And they will blame the parents for wanting special treatment, instead of the US department of education for funding this ridiculous bureaucracy. Why? They’ll always say because “we need the money.”

Here is a post from an anti-data mining group:

What We Do: Refuse ALL student data to corporations and tech industry “philanthropies” . We want to end corporate control of students, schools, and communities. Data Disruptors create actions to eliminate the mining, tracking, and surveillance of student data by government and corporate entities.In an increasingly technologically driven world, data is the new oil. Data leads to control, surveillance, and colonization of the public by private profiteering interests.
The outcomes (one personal, one more social/public) are 1. protect our individual children/students from corporate surveillance, and 2. dismantle corporate-led education policies that place public education into the hands of private corporate interests intended toward greater social surveillance and control.
Our two stages are: 1. awareness, and 2. building actions. Until there’s awareness we cant have effective mass action (need to build interest in taking action)

And some replies to this post:

The D.C. think tankers say we are a small group that stood against FEPA. I think that implies we are insignificant. Does this group see the federal government as an insignificant player in all this? Our opponents don’t. They are using our government quite effectively.

We are insignificant to them. People don’t seem to care. We are preaching to the choir. Just wait until people are being forced to wear fit bits for insurance or mandatory home visits by the state. Then maybe people will wake up. At this point, they don’t think it will affect them.

I’m always willing.
However, By using only social media, I am ineffective anymore. Most people, except those who sing my song, have either unfriended me or unfollowed me. I’m sure they got tired of seeing my posts. How do I know they have unfollowed me? They don’t “like” the photos of my grandbaby. It’s very easy to tell.

If there’s going to be an action, For me it has to be outside of social media.

I am persona non-grata in my community. No one wants to acknowledge what is happening. They hate me for telling them, and I try over and over. Hard to organize under such circumstances.

We are all in the same boat. I had someone I considered a friend when my first book came out say to me, ” I’m not going to read it because it probably will make me feel like I should ‘do’ something.” …… Gotta appreciate that honesty, right? ??

But seriously, we need a plan and a strategy just like the disruptors did. Do unto others as they have done.

Is this the place to organize? Admin? Trusted members? … It is too big a group to know, I think.

NO support from teachers here. I have been told not to talk about certain things. Bad for « organizing » etc. Honestly, I’m pretty down on teachers now. It is discouraging. That is why I am working bigger, surveillance of the poor.

No support from teachers here either but we have a bigger potential audience to appeal to what parents want….and they do want a voice in what they think is best for children.

I said many years ago that the new teacher evaluation systems that were part of the package of RttT initiatives were meant to scare teachers into compliance or keep them so busy chasing their own tales they wouldn’t be able to summon the energy to fight back. I think so many are caught up in day to day survival of what has already happened to the profession that they can’t wrap their heads around all of the new threats.

I also think the messaging has been an issue. I find it difficult to absorb the complexity of what is being shared on a day to day basis and I’m retired and not living under the stress facing teachers today. Teachers where I work vocally support test refusal, they show up at protests and rallies organized by their union and they’re wearing red to support LA teachers, but if we want them on board to fight the data beast we need to simplify the message and suggest specific actions.

To be honest I don’t share much of what crosses my news feed anymore because I know by the lack of response and shares that those on my friends list scroll past posts that reflect more depth than they can understand. They’re not interested in connecting dots to know the “why” and “how” this is happening. I learned that when I tried to educate some of my colleagues about what was coming at our profession from the reformers a decade ago.

Just my opinion and I don’t have answers as to how we change this.

I was in D.C. for the SOS March in 2011. I tried to get others to join me but only ONE teacher in my large school would commit to attending with me. I was viewed as a kind of a “lone nut, conspiracy theorist” until my colleagues started living what I had been warning about. I’m not so sure it’s different now. As a profession teachers tend to be rule followers and only a minority seem willing to buck the system until they experience pain.

As you read this, please keep in mind that I am in one of the poorest school districts in Idaho AND my son began kindergarten ~1992 the year Lamar Alexander was sec of ed and he was working off of the Tucker plan……of course I did not know that at the time. I just knew things were bad for the students….teachers for the most part weren’t talking and were giving the new “innovative” shit a try.

I say this all the time. Most didn’t agree because they weren’t and they didn’t even agree 15 years ago in MOST places. Charters took care of that

Ugh. Disappointed by the President signing FEPA. Waiting for what improvement might come…

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Privatizing Public Education is NOT about Free-Market Capitalism. The key is to follow the money.

The goal is the Takeover Of Public Schools, accessing a “Captive Market”, for those who see America’s students as an “investment vehicle” for profit and a product for the government to control and manipulate via the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

This is a very important, well-documented article by William Gumbert that I encourage you all to read and understand.

And here is a reply to this post:

Interesting that the article includes data showing schools which received a failing grade of “F” from the state, including 3 campuses of International Leadership of Texas charter schools (Lancaster, East Fort Worth and Windmill Lakes) . IL of TX has acquired hundreds of millions of bond debt and “A financial adviser hired by the district, Drew Masterson, told IL Texas leaders, “Your financial position is serious. It’s tenuous.” And yet these charter schools are the model that the state wants to impose upon taxpayers, who will shoulder the burden for financial failures? Scary.

Here are some posts from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have actually had my kids science teacher tell me that the sage test is very important because he uses the results to know what they have learned and how he needs to adjust his teaching. But my understanding is that they don’t get to see really what its all about they may see a percentage but not really know how to change anything in their teaching because they don’t know what they are getting or not isn’t that correct?

we had this same discussion in my sons high school where the science teacher said the same thing. One year his SAGE scores were low, but the kids were learning a lot and enjoyed his class. Unfortunately to try and bring up his test scores, he changed how he taught and only taught to the test, the kids went from loving his class to hating it because all they did was practice for SAGE. It took him over the summer but he caught on and apologized to us for the way he had done things.

I’m so confused by all the different tests still. Today some teachers were talking about a test only the 8th graders took that prepares them for the ACT. Is this the same test or something different? Arise or Rise or Aspire or something.

Aspire is an ACT prep test however a huge portion of the test asks your child personal info as far as their likes and dislikes and then tries to create a portfolio of what kinds of careers your child should go in to…in other words, it creates a social and emotional profile of your kid …my son got agriculture or veterinary- he’s highly allergic to most plants and as much as he loves animals has ZERO desire to go into animal medicine…once he did this we proceeded to get spammed via email and snail mail with offers having to do with these two areas as ACT sells your personal data and info….I started having my younger kids answer C’s all the way down the page as it is another way for ACT to collect data they shouldn’t have…on a personal note, my son went in to aviation…not even close to anything ASPIRE decided he should look into…it’s really quite a joke as ACT and SAT are now changing to be more Common Core aligned

Utah Aspire Plus replaced the SAGE test in the older grades. It’s the same test with the same questions, just a different name & testing provider. This is a link to the announcement. I’m not sure why they are giving it to 8th graders though? They should still be taking RISE.

The opt out form has an explanation for all the state tests on the last couple pages. Maybe the school added a test for ACT prep?

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

As you know, there have been pushes to close down opt outs in Minnesota in the last 2 years by the legislature and the MDE. This year in particular, certain Metro schools who used to casually accept opt outs, began propagandizing kids and parents on the “importance of the test.” UTAH: “The rule protecting schools and teachers from being harmed by opt-outs this year was removed by our State Board upon insistence by the US department of Education. Expect schools to push testing as if their jobs depend on it.” Public (govt) and private (corp) hands working together to regulate every part of the schools.

And another post from this group:

OREGON: Universal home visits for all families are on the docket this session. Minnesota also has a home visit section as part pf one of the new bills. Do we want government, or for that matter, corporate entities entering our homes?

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

One of the most important things Alison Hawver McDowell’s work does is it allows us to see how Big Finance Plans embed themselves in policies that we might not immediately recognize as predatory. She gives us the knowledge we need to guard ourselves from manipulation. Read this updated piece to understand how and why Big Finance and Big Tech are lurking in friendly sounding concepts like “Community Schools.”

And another post from this group:

So I created this very large map on impact investing and pre-k programs / Educare over the weekend and tried to distill it down to a more readily-digestible infographic to write about. Is this useful in thinking about how this machine was built / is operating? Here is the

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Here’s how it will work. All schools will be mandated to teach all children about all kinds of sex (not kidding, read CO HB 1032, it’s explicit). Next will be the ban on gay conversion therapy for minors (Denver law now, no doubt soon to be statewide before May). So the state will forcibly teach and tempt your kids into all kinds of sex including lgbt sex. And then you will be prohibited from getting professional therapeutic assistance for your minor children regarding the sexual activities the state has forced onto your kids. That’s no constitutional republic. That’s flat out tyranny and mind and body control. And we are the subjects.

Even worse, from what I can find from a post below it, is that a Republican is co-sponsoring it, again showing the bipartisanship of the growing tyranny in the USA:

This horrid bill is being cosponsored by Reblublican Don Coram.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Senator Ted Cruz still does not get it!! Parents!! Do not be fooled. You take the $$ or tax credit in exchange for your child to be data-mined and controlled, (UNCONSTITUTIONALLY), by the federal government, from womb to tomb in the P-20W system that they’ve locked in place through federal and state legislation.

I thought Ted Cruz was a Constitutional Conservative??? Obviously, he is NOT. This is why he is NOT President today. He would NOT listen to parents, especially homeschool parents across America. This is NOT CONSTITUTIONAL! THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS NO ROLE TO PLAY IN EDUCATION. I continue to be very disappointed in Sen. Ted Cruz.

Here is a post that was shared on her wall:


This is a list of groups that received a request for proposal from DallasISD to run some Dallas schools based on HB1882. DallasISD will still fully fund the schools
by paying all staff including the Principal, teachers, office workers, janitors, cafeteria workers, and operational cost, but this arrange could bring in
about $1800 per student for the charter to spend.

These entities would have their own board and your elected representatives will have NO say in the operations of these schools. These contracts will last 3 to 10 years and there does not have to be any experience in running schools.

The first few names are daycare providers that currently have their own operation.

Today’s Date: 1/15/2018
Trustee Request
Requesting Trustee: Lew Blackburn_________ Responding Dept.: Strategic Intiatives___________________ Responding Chief: Brian Lusk _____________________
Trustee Request/Questions:
10.A. Consider and Take Possible Action to Adopt Board Policy ELA (Local) Campus or Program Charters Partnership Charters (Second Read, Sponsored by Brian Lusk, Chief of Strategic Initiatives) Who has already received information about the RFP.
o ChildCareGroup
o Head Start of Greater Dallas ISD
o Mi Escuilita
o American Care Academy
o Aisha’s Learning Center
o ALC Early Care and Education
o Braswell Child Development
o Bryan’s House aka Open Arms, Inc.
o For Keep’s Sake, Inc.
o Golden Minds Academy
o Good Street Learning Center, Inc.
o Heavenly Learning Center
o Kids Concepts
o Neighborhood Christian Learning Center
of Dallas, Inc.
o Pace and Ross Learning Center o Union Christian Academy
o United Way
o YMCA Dallas
o Shelton School, Private School o Dallas Teacher Residency
o Vickery Meadow Youth Development Foundation
o Commit
o Dallas County Community College District o 3DE / Junior Achievement
o Yorktown Education, K-12 Private School o Alt Schools
o Friends of Solar Prep
o StrongMinds
o Downtown Dallas INC
o Big Thought
o Southern Methodist University
o UNT Dallas
o Leadership ISD
o Montessori In The Public Sector
o UT Southwestern
o Purpose Built Schools
o Teaching Trust
o CitySquare
Cabinet staff preparation time: _ Non-cabinet staff preparation time:

And some replies to this post:

What “vetting” has been completed to approve each of these “vendors?” Does TEA approve their applications or does the district have any right to approve or disapprove? What standards must they meet? What standards must their employees meet? What is the complaint process? What are their line-staff / compliance requirements? What do their programs look like? Monitoring? Accountability? So many more questions.

most have no programs but when I saw Commit, Leadership ISD, Teaching Trust, CitySquare, Big Thought, YMCA and United Way I clearly got the picture. It’s all about profiteering at the expense of our children and taking control from the elected body.

YUP! Outsourcing.

All the usual suspects that are part of the new patronage

Just Wow!!!! Because they don’t have the fortitude and can’t/won’t step up to the plate to do the right thing for ALL the children of Dallas, they are willing to turn over “select” schools to private entities to shift the blame and responsibility of educating our children! Just Wow! Nothing more than organized educational genocide….

This is from a research manual written in 1994 on Goals 2000 America 2000. Looks like Dallas ISD is right on track, and Yes!!! It is very scary!!

Dont forget that Disd closes, and shifts schools in order to get new state reporting numbers and say “we’ve changed”, so ratings start over with the state. I am convinced it is a magnificent Bait & Switch to make those at the top look as if they know what they are doing.

It’s so unfortunate that they basically have to outsmart the state given the flawed standardized test based IR system and HB 1842- which says that if ONE public school fails state standards for five or more years, then the Education Commissioner must either close that school or replace the district’s entire school board with outside managers. We need to adjust HB 1842 – write your legislators to ask them to replace 1842 with this:
Remove ONE and make it 15% of schools for 5 or more consecutive years.
Then we wouldn’t be wasting so much time and energy chasing test prep.

Yes, that is exactly what all the previous school closings and repurposing has been about. They just shift the students who don’t score well around to different schools rather than doing the hard work of actually providing them with an education. SMH.

That’s what I am hearing about one of the comprhensive HS. How many have been sent to Dallas Can, because they don’t score or do well….oh, with promise often they can come back and graduate with their class….NOT! You aren’t a part of their #’s anymore!

They can’t have it both ways: if the media is going to tell us how wonderfully DISD is performing, all the good things happening and that we should support our schools (all of which is true), then how can they turn around and say that now we need to turn over the schools to someone else? If DISD is so good, why give it away????

I can’t believe YMCA had the nerve to submit an RFP. The biggest complaint parents have at our school is the YMCA’s afterschool program. If they can’t run an after school program, I sure as heck wouldn’t want them running an entire school.

nd they won’t! Where there’s chaos there’s smoke! That’s a smokescreen with a paper trail tracked back to Washington DC.

this is exactly whats happening with Los Angeles Unified School District

Same agenda. Some of the same players.

Does anyone remember the “12 Model Cities Plan” implemented out of WA, DC in the late 60’s? Ours was called “Goals for Dallas.” The Goals for Dallas Project I worked on at SMU was synonymous with Goals for LA Project I worked on with Coldwell Banker and LA’s City Council in the late ‘70’s. Carole Hall, same agenda.
This public school education overhaul involves the same 12 major cities. I can’t prove that but Betsy Devos probably can. That’s the plan. I bet government grant monies are fueling the opportunities for selective inclusion too. The communities are not supposed to act. They’re not included deliberately in the projected timeline to apply in a timely fashion. I see divide and conquer .
If I’m allowed to indulge, I can’t sit back and not express my assumptions. We’ve seen all this before. If the Republicans can keep their actor #45 forcing shutdowns, demonstrators, treasonous indictments, Mueller investigations, and hamburgers, the locals can commandeer applications which bypass the folks with the needs by their storm of political noises.
The Naval Credit Union is offering Government furloughed employees 0% loans minus $500 of their regular salaries which will be paid back directly to the Navy when the shutdown is over. So everyone furloughed gets a $500 cut in salaries to be back payed when their “Actor” is put down. There is so much manipulation of money and laws going down. I read something today that said Trump would resign in exchange for his children’s freedom from prosecution.

As some parents found out in Philadelphia, they couldn’t even get into a “Board” meeting because they were not “investors.” It appears that Dallas has taken a very long, careful time getting into all of this. It’s been done under the radar. While some of the adults have been serving with authenticity, others have participated out of intentions not quite so honorable. To me, withholding information is sabotoge and sabotage is abuse. Been a whole lot of “withholding” going on.

Let me get this straight…DISD is paying non-profits to take their students who are “not progressing”

Because it would make them look bad. How many students have been sent to Dallas Can?

The application must already be completed because some of the partners on the list are talking about future plans in the schools.

Why is UNITED WAY on the list? Hum!! Well because they are funded by private entities that instructed them about 4 years ago to target certain school with funds especially since the grow south grow strong initiative, their not trying to help the southern sector they want the southern sector. Fatten up then slaughter. .

Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

What’s your opinion about Connections Academy curriculum?

And some replies to this post:

It’s public school and common core.

It’s owned by Pearson… the company who makes the tests we’re all opting out of.

Thank you all! It seems like nothing has changed since we first learned about Common Core.

Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

This bill will stop Common Core in North Dakota. How can Republicans vote against such a needed bill? Look at the groups that illegally lobbied against this bill. When will the legislature stop these taxpayer-funded groups from violating North Dakota laws by going before these committees and opposing or supporting bills? This has got to stop. And I am also talking about police and law enforcement officers testifying with their uniforms on.

Representatives from North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL), North Dakota School Boards Association (NDSBA), North Dakota Education and Standards Practices Board (NDESPB), Family Voices of North Dakota, and North Dakota United (NDU) all opposed the bill. The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) was technically neutral, but their testimony was somewhat negative

Here is a post from a New Jersey anti-Common Core page:

PARCC and high school exit testing needs to end!

And public schools must always put the needs of children first, and listen to parents!

From a Mom in Ocean, NJ:

“My daughter, who has autism, but is high functioning, attends Ocean Twp High School, Class of 2020.

We refused the PARCC from the beginning, much to the school’s disappointment. Despite written notice to the Superintendent that our daughter will not be taking PARCC, the District continues to pressure us to have her make up the test.

Last Thursday, she again was given a note with a room assignment and a time for her to leave class to take the PARCC test. She asked me what to do. I said stay in class and don’t go.

Unfortunately, Tuesday, she again was called to guidance to take PARCC. She was forced to leave class and go to the test room. She was scared and anxious, and texted to ask me what to do. I called the school and told them that she is not to take it. Thankfully, she was sent back to class.

This constant push to have her take PARCC, against our wishes, puts my daughter in a very uncomfortable position. She has autism and anxiety issues and this has made her feel that she was being bad, and really upset her. I’ll now deal with the consequences as I help her with anxiety and generally negative feelings about school.”

And some replies to this post:

They don’t care about the anxiety they cause in children with the inane testing. It’s a multimillion dollar industry filled with corruption that has little to do with actual education.

I have told my kids if they ever feel pressured to take it, to politely walk out of class, go to guidance and ask them to call me. No arguing, no disrespecting, just politely go.

My child also has anxiety and very high functioning ASD. He is a Freshman in hs this year. I normally send in a letter of refusal of the PARCC. He has never taken it. I got the feeling when we went to back to school night that it is a requirement for Alegebra 1 in his Freshman year. Is this so or can I send in my letter of refusal?

You can refuse. The graduation requirements for his class were just struck down by the Appellate Court and we won’t know what if any new requirements there will be for a while, but they won’t be Algebra 1 and 10th grade ELA PARCC because the court said those were in violation of the law.

I hate how the schools push. I wanted my daughter with anxiety opted out of PARCC the first year, but the district that year wouldn’t allow parents to do it ahead of time. My 10 year old had to tell the teacher she wasn’t taking it. Then the school called me to confirm. Needless to say, they changed their approach for the following year. 🙄 However, the pressure put on our kids with anxiety remains in different forms. Ugh.

Here are some more posts from this page:

I just pulled my son out of his refresher alg1 course and told school he will not be retaking the Alg 1 exam (he’s a sophomore). They gave me such a drama about it. Actually told my son that it could impede his graduation! Really? I’m pretty confident the new requirements for 2021 class will go through at a minimum. The DOE has until the end of the month to appeal the court decision striking down the graduation testing requirement completely. It would be great if the school administration could get with the program!!! And hey if nothing goes through I guess he will take it as a jr.
he’s already taking two math classes this yr which seems to be enough!

The school sent a strong letter that my son will be taking the PARCC during the school day next week. I just want to confirm that It’s my right to email them and refuse the PARCC for my son. They can not force my son out of class to take the test? My son has anxiety, and the thought of them coming after him in class has really caused stress for him.

you absolutely have a right to refuse him. We recommend doing so in writing as soon as possible to ensure that the school is aware your son will not be taking the test.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

What do you think?

Here is a post that I found on an Idaho anti-Common Core page:

Moms and Dads need to put their foot down! I reviewed my grand daughter’s papers from Kindergarten. Kindergarten has become the new second grade! It needs to stop before they destroy the kids. This is a plan to 1- reinforce the false narrative that schools are failing so that the gullible will abandon their locally controlled public schools… and…2- a means of breaking the kids so they become compliant human capital for the corporate state. RESIST!

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m a constituent in Representative Landgraf’s district. This was one of my major concerns when I first met him. He has a little girl who is not in school yet. I actually approached him completely OFF RECORD about my concerns over STAAR after seeing my step daughter have an all out anxiety attack before going to school during STAAR week her 5th grade year. She struggles with school, but was passing her classes (a C average but still passing). She was in tears over having to pass this stupid assessment to go to middle school. At the time, I had no clue you could opt out or I would’ve approached her mom about it. Instead, I happened to run into Mr. Landgraf in the halls at my office and I asked him if he could look into the STAAR and what he could do from a legislative standpoint. It’s taken 4 years, but I’m glad he’s filed the bill. Please, ask your reps to help get it a hearing in committee and then support it coming to the floor, going to the senate, back to the house then to Governor Abbott’s desk.

And another post from this group:

My sons in HS first year, when or how many state tests is he going to have to take in HS?
He is special ED. He is on the spectrum and has ADHD
I tried to refuse in the past and was
Told I can’t or if I try if would be very difficult.
He called me today upset saying he failed 8th grade English and he’s stupid ????. The stress put on theses kids is breaking my heart. We reside in the
Williamson Co Austin area. Thank you !!!

And some replies to this post:

What are they telling him at school about 8th grade and “failing”? They have no business talking about that. He is in 9th now!!

My son is also in 9th and I know how much your heart breaks when school makes them feel “less than”.??

I can write a book on how many ways and times he has been let down by schools. You name it, he has been through it ?? we moved from NY to TX . I’ve had advocates and lawyers before. It amazes me how no one cares unless someone has a child with the same diagnosis or knows someone ??

I am still not understanding why they were talking with him about 8th grade English…

He’s not stupid (I know you know this). I have spent the last 7 years trying to undo the damage done to my son at school…all of these awful blows to their confidence and self esteem are so infuriating and unnecessary.

Texas is awful to kids with differences. Special education here is a sad joke. That’s why they’re being investigated by the feds.

agree. Texas is horrible for Sped kids. Our district has less than 4% Sped. They don’t want to help them even when they do have an iep.

turns out,they just starting taking him out of 3rd period to go to the cafeteria with other kids who failed English in the 8 th grade,( test) to work on their computers and pretty much study to get a better grade next time.( what he told me when he got home)

that is wrong on SO many levels!!

Did you give them permission to remove him from class for test prep? You don’t have to let him go…

It’s bullshit that they do that…they may as well have stood those kids up in front of the whole school and put a dunce cap. Even if making test results public wasn’t a violation of FERPA (it is), it is educational malpractice.

Are you planning to let him sit for STAAR?

I called my local representative, They said that you can ask for a grade placement committee to pass your son to the next level and it will not matter if he passes the STAAR or high school EOC’s test or not. They said the school wont tell you about that because they get graded for STAAR results too. My son cant keep testing over and over because he has Anxiety. He can do Math but not on that crazy test. My advice is to call you representative . My Senator is Kel Seliger. They have someone in their offices who handles all the Education stuff and can help you.

On a hunch, I was wondering if Harvard (which is itself Gates-funded)-funded BrainCo (the one developing the brain-scanners that the Chinese government plans to use on students) had some tie in with Massachusetts-based and Gates-funded Boston Consulting Group. After doing a DuckDuckGo search on the two groups, I found that BrainCo and Boston Consulting Group were working together to develop smart houses (no doubt as part of the globalist IoT scheme):

Stories of H1B Visa Abuse Part 3

This is part 3.

I found this post in a comment on the US Tech Workers page:

Qualcomm is opening a campus in India after laying off hundreds of Americans in San Diego. This past week 269 employees were let go. Bleak times for many of us


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Just a quick poll, if you, like me, got sacked from about 2008-2012, 1) are you now working? 2) how long were you unemployed, and 3) approximately what is your income now, compared to your last full time job (a percentage will suffice). I’d like to see some evidence of this “recovery“ we keep hearing about. Do you think it’s real?

And here are the replies to this post:

I was out of work for almost TWO YEARS and only because I applied for government jobs am I now back and employed again. I went from making 165k to 72k. BUT at least I can get retirement pension hopefully in 20 years plus social security and hopefully more stable job long term and good benefits.

Always worked non stop but had to travel long distances sometimes. Wages were up a d down. 2010 was the worst for me. IT industry only got better a little bit with election of trump in 2016. Not much positive change but a little bit. Why? I see it at my work place. They started hiring a little bit more Americans. Not enough though

in my case when Trump got elected, it got way worse for me. Lost my job at HDS, took 2 years of pain to find a job. Trump failed us.

I was unemployed 3 years, starting in 2012. I was terminated by people in their 70’s, and I was rehired through a friend in a different state at 90% of my old salary, but I’m up for a promotion so that could change. I don’t fault trump because the H-1b is a congressional law. But I don’t think Trump has much leverage to be effective in our plight.

I lost my job in 2008, then had my job outsourced again in 2015. Both times I was able to find new jobs in about a month. Both times I increased my pay. It has gotten harder for me to find new jobs but I think that is mostly due to the fact that my salary is high and there are simply fewer jobs at that level. I live in Orlando, so we don’t have as many high tech companies as the West Coast, NYC, and DC areas. I think the economy is better with companies hiring, but the H-1B program has two adverse effects. First, it provides employers with a steady stream of offshore workers so even though there are more jobs, there are also more potential employees. Second, the extra workers are countering what should be a normal market cycle that makes labor scarce and increases wages. So I don’t think its a bad time to be getting into the IT field, but it is a bad time to be a veteran IT employee with a high salary.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

A group of American tech workers oppose the plan of Indian IT outsourcing company Infosys to open a hub in Hartford, Connecticut, which was announced by outgoing Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. Although these Indian owned IT bodyshops like Infosys promise to create jobs where ever they expand, they are well-known for discriminating against American workers in favor of Indian IT workers, for abusing H1-B / H4 visas, and for several other frauds. Please support this group of American tech workers to save their jobs by calling the Connecticut governor’s office at (860) 566-4840 and expressing your opposition to the expansion of Infosys in Connecticut.

And some replies to this post:

They will hire people of Indian decent or Indian people in general. They may hire a few native born American people with American lineage as tokens, but that’s about it. This is crazy. I am shocked this practice and these types of companies has been happening for as long as it has been happening. It’s shameful, really.

The same in Phoenix ..

Yes …what you have mentioned above is 200% the truth …these hindu organizations are very racist …They keep hiring only indians ….

And another post from this group:


This document is a collection of various SAITJ
posts describing the Indian IT Mafia and their counterpart antics and
visa corruption from late August 2014 to Year 2018.

Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS),
Syntel, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Mahindra Satyam, Satyam,
Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Deloitte, Amdocs, Vidyatech.
These Indian companies have ignored or shoved aside American IT
professionals for years, whether through layoffs or by employment
discrimination. These companies are 95% Indian and IT professionals
who have trained their H-1B IT replacements are on the street
unemployed. Many IT professionals have lost their homes and
careers permanently. The Indian IT Mafia has through the year’s
violated U.S. discrimination laws and has been subject to several
fines and has been found guilty of labor law violations and software

The raft of corruption and misdeeds range for epic incompetence of
clients contracts by the Indian IT Mafia, to fake resumes by F-1
student visa holders, lying about the student OPT program, Indian IT
recruiters that discriminate against American applicants, companies
with Indian hiring mangers rarely hire Americans, if Americans get an
interview, it is a token interview to satisfy EEOC diversity
requirements, the interview will be rigged against the Americans, if
they do hire an American, he or she will become token potted plant,
not given work or crowded out of project work. The visa fraud
corruption scales are off the chart for fake resumes for fake students
for fake universities. The Indian IT Mafia is merciless in their treatment
of their Indian subjects or employees or indentured servants. They
command long hours and low pay, minuscule benefits, after all if any
Save American Information Technology Jobs
Indian looks behind them, they will see plenty of applicants ready
and waiting. The Indian IT Mafia body shops are notorious for their
treatment of their own people, they know that a visa termination is
only one airplane ticket away back to paradise. It is a form of
modern slavery.

And another post from this group:



For Immigration Voice, it is all about green cards, I want them now, I want green cards for my family members so that they can escape miserable India.

The fact that Americans worker jobs are lost to these hoards rarely enters their minds for Immigration Voice is a par for the course a self interest group. Any group or individual who opposes them is a racist, the race card is their favorite weapon of choice, the racism they learned in India has crossed the shores to the USA where Indian companies choose wide spread discrimination and fake resumes and rigged interviews and out right firing of native US citizens out of work and on to the pavement.

Here are some posts from a Breitbart article about Trump’s plan to include a pathway to citizenship for H-1Bs:

I work for big pharma and we employ an army of these Indian lab assistants. That’s a lot of potential entry level and summer work for recent graduates in the STEM fields that is taken off the job market through H-1B, all to save a few bucks. This is not because there aren’t enough graduates in STEM fields; it’s because these companies find they can trim their bottom line, so why not?

This is such a mistake. I am in the software industry and since Trump has been in we have experienced abnormal wage increases. Prez Trump: Don’t negate your own progress!!

My wife got a degree in computer programming and the company she worked for years ago started out at 24k a year. Their senior employees topped out at 35k. I literally made more unloading trucks. Grant it, we lived in Georgia at the time.

Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

US Tech Workers
January 11 at 9:42 AM ·
Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) an Indian lobbyist front group that pours $$$ into DC and congress and works with Immigration Voice to get green cards for every one of the H-1Bs and their family members. THEY ARE JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN JOY, THEY CANNOT BELIEVE THEIR LUCK! TRUMP TO US TECH WORKERS – DROP DEAD!

And another post from this page:

A New Yoder Emerges: “Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who is the new chair of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, is pro-immigration, as is Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the incoming chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Both would likely support a bill to increase the number of H-1B visas, though they have also favored more restrictions on “outsourcing” companies. Given how antagonistic the Trump administration is toward high-skilled immigration it is difficult to foresee an H-1B bill that would earn the administration’s support that employers would consider favorable to business.”

“Rep. Zoe Lofgren, the incoming immigration subcommittee chair, is a big supporter of legislation to eliminate the per-country limit for employment-based immigrants. Bills to eliminate the per-country limit have passed the House before. The Senate has been the problem. If a per-country limit bill passes the House in 2019-20, the challenge again will be to find a way to make it through the U.S. Senate.”


Here are some posts from a Breitbart article, now about three years old, concerned the Disney layoffs:

I have worked in the IT industry for over 30 years and this kind of abuse has been going on for well over 15 years. I had tried to explain it to co-workers and friends and was always blown off as a bigot or xenophobe. It’s good to see people are finally waking up. It’s also unfortunate that it may be too late. People also don’t realize that there are loopholes to keep foreign workers in the US such as the L1 and F1 visa programs. I currently work for a large tech company and over a third of the workforce are here on H1B visas.
For those of you that say you wouldn’t train your replacement.. Well the bad news is that you can be let go and denied severance. In some states you can be denied unemployment as well. Also in my industry if you are over 40 good luck finding another job anytime soon. Yes, ageism is rampant in most industries and the tech industry is one of the worst.
PLEASE go to the NumbersUSA and FAIR websites and get active. This can happen to you no matter what kind of job you have.

I lost my 20 year career in IT because of the H-1B visa fraud.

Thanks, Ted Cruz, for the H-1B visa expansion. I hope that you were well paid for your treason against the American IT workers.

Rubio pretends he knows nothing about the Disney abuse of H1-B visas, and he’s the senator from Florida!

He’s either lying or incompetent.

If I know about it, he does too. Another Rubio ruse.

I called AT&T the other day about a phone issue and possibly upgrading my account.
I got a pleasant enough person on the other end, but with a definite accent. In jest, I made the standard joke about talking to someone in India, at which point he politely chuckled and told me that I was talking to him in India.

We need those jobs back. We need to stop shipping so many out. And we have such high unemployment and people with skills, who have been pushed out of the job market due to “age” (but have the talent and desire to work) that we DON’T need to bring foreigners in. It’s disgusting how politicians keep throwing Americans under the bus.

Unusual he let the “I am in India” truth slip out. Usually they are trained to use an American accent and to talk about American sport and weather etc.
My charming employers sacked hundreds of IT workers last year. They designed ads etc. Most of the work went to India.
We were not allowed to say anything about it to anyone.
People were sent overseas to train their Indian replacements.
At least they got a trip overseas.

I worked in IT as well and saw this. It was not a few routine jobs being sent out, it was a key function, skilled and well paid. At one large and well known company it was an entire floor; first they hired all Indians, there were 3 non Indians, 2 of them contractors. Then the entire sub-department was physically relocated to India.

In 2013 Senator Cruz submitted 2 amendments to Senate bill 744 that called for large increases in the worker and H1-b quotas.
Senate Amendment 1324 – Cruz called for an increase in the worker visas to 1,012,500. 607,500 of these visas are reserved for STEM degree foreigners.
Senate Amendment 1325 – Cruz called for an increase in the H1-b visas from 65,000 to 325,000. That is a 500% increase.

In 2013 there were, and still are today, over 90 million Americans out of work. These amendments are definitely not conservative and looking out for the American workers. It’s just giving his campaign contributors what they want, more cheap labor.

I don’t buy Cruz’s explanation that he just found out about H1-b abuses at Disney. Being a programmer, I’ve been laid off twice and each time it took just over a year to find another job because I had to compete with the cheap labor H1-b programmers. If Cruz is the government scholar that people claim he is he should have known of the H1-b abuses in 2013 as the H1-b program has been abused since the early to mid 1990’s under Bill Clinton’s first term.

The accounting industry has been doing it for years too. They use H2-b temps to do your taxes….feel better about your personal information now?

Here is a post I found from someone who is against the Infosys expansion into Connecticut:

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont plans to allow InfoSys to instantiate a presence in Hartford using taxpayer dollars of $13 million with a reciprocation of merely 1,000 jobs, and NO guarantee that the jobs will be filled by American citizens.

InfoSys is notorious for discriminating against (and firing) Americans, and other non-south Asian, workers. The NY Times reported just this past October that InfoSys employs 80% of its 200,000 workforce in India with the remaining 20% in the United States being mostly H1B visa workers. Connecticut is one of the most hallowed-out states in the country for American tech workers due to years of unfettered foreign worker visa abuse. IT’S TIME FOR AMERICAN WORKERS AND AMERICAN COLLEGE GRADS TO TAKE A STAND!

Here are some posts from another Breitbart article about Trump H-1B visa betrayal:

There should be a government program where you can sell your degree back to the government to pay for your federal student loans, as a citizen who went to school and receive a S.T.E.M degree I could not find any employment opportunities.

(shaking head) What can be done to reign Trump in? He seems to go off the rails on a regular basis…..usually after those damn big business Republicans get to him.

We need to find a way to start a new party with disaffected Dems and Republicans – so we can leave gridlock and traitors behind.

H1-B visas need to be severely limited. First, NAFTA created an atmosphere in which blue collar jobs were moved to other nations, and then the H1B visas came along to replace all the white collar workers.

The trend is to turn the USA into a 3rd world nation. By eliminating the vast majority of blue and white collar jobs, the overall wages for the middle class fall dramatically, and with it the entire middle class begins to collapse.

Peter Roskam, now former Congressman, just lost a long-time Republican suburban Chicago area House seat – formerly held by Henry Hyde, largely due to his support for H-1B foreign labor visas.

Get the H1B Facts for your State and Congressional District – The numbers tell the horrors.

Save American IT Jobs H-1B Facts for NY, NJ and Connecticut Apply to All Occupations – Find Out for Yourself:

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts Southeast is H-1Bad–rqhJ9lzgHbm8&cuid=1290197

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts is a Midwest Basket Case:

Save American IT Jobs H1B Facts are a Mess in Texas:

Save American IT Jobs has Some Western H1B Facts, Truth Be Told, It is Ugly:

Anyone who is honest should not be surprised by this. The trumpists will claim 825d chess, or whatever, but it is a documented fact that trump made his money by using illegal labor, and that his resorts prefer to use visa workers over Americans.

Combined with trump’s almost life long contempt for 2A and a fortune spent to repeal it, it is obvious that trump is still the same liberal he always was.

If Trump allows more visas I will leave the 2020 Presidential ballot blank. Trump will lose in 2020 without the support of IT workers. I have lost 3 jobs to visa holders.

This is a huge mistake by the President. I work in IT for State government and 80 percent of the American developers in my area have been replaced by H1B Visa holders mostly from India over the last 12 years. This program is replacing $115 thousand dollar a year jobs with H1B Visa holders and paying them $85 thousand a year. Then they bring their brothers, sisters and spouses over who also go to work in IT and immediately start having babies. One woman was hired and went on maternity leave four weeks after starting. She hid her pregnancy. She now has an American baby and is pregnant again.

A friend of mine at work has a son that recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science. He had excellent grades from a prestigous University. He interviewed at COMCAST in Philadelphia 7 times with different departments. All of the interviewers were of Indian decent. Out of 7 interviews he was not offered one job. All of the departments were predominantly Indian. He was well qualified for the job but was shut out of the job by Indian managers that just go through the motions to interview Americans but only hire Indians. What is it going to take to wake up America and stop this clearly racist hiring policy by COMCAST? The H1-B Visa program not only needs to be stopped but the people that have abused it need to be prosecuted and the companies need to be severely fined.

I personally prepared, submitted and coordinated the processing of MANY H-1B visas for F-1 visa graduate students to become post-doctoral employees for the same professors they had worked for as grad students. The professors wanted to keep them on as glorified grad students at cheap salaries. We lied on the applications on behalf of the professors about how their Glorified Grads were the only ones who could do the jobs and, more often, once the position was advertised as an open recruitment, American grads were not even granted interviews. The whole system was rigged not only in favor of the cheaper H-1B worker, it was rigged in favor of the targeted individual, in violation of “Equal,” opportunity recruitment requirements. “Do as I say, not as I do.” US guvmint.

I’ve worked for 4 fortune 50 companies.. trust me, H1B’s are used when management can’t pull their heads out of their own arses and need immediate cheap labor or labor they can toss at anytime without having to pay unemployment.

in essence, they’re designed as an escape hatch for Harvard MBA’s. ( See General Electric)

I am a senior engineer at a large auto Mfg company – the largest. I have NOT interviewed an American Engineering college grad for a position in over 5 years. Ive interviewed plenty of Indian and Asian applicants and ZERO American applicants. The public needs to be made aware of what is going on/ Our headquarters looks like the U.N.

They have not addressed the intellectual property theft by H-1Bs, legal residents and naturalized citizens who transfer knowledge back to their country of birth including to government agencies of countries hostile to the US. China is notorious in this regard.

They even receive US and state government funding for their R&D. One local company in my area owned by Middle Easterners receives $100Ks funding each year from a state economic development agency and hires students from their home country and their birth country’s nationals living in Europe and the Middle East; not a USC name listed anywhere.

I was employed as a systems software developer for over thirty years, but I haven’t worked in the field for a number of years, not by choice. I do not like the overuse of the H-1B program, a program where the participants cannot negotiate for higher wages because their labor is tied to a particular company. This is not free market capitalism. The market for software developers was destroyed by H-1B visas.

It also affects experienced workers. I have previously posted my story, and I won’t repeat the whole thing here due to length, but the short version is a professional with 14 years of tertiary education and more than 25 years of sterling experience and reputation gets displaced by an Indian H1B with nothing more than a masters from some school that might as well be a diploma mill (based on what this “highly educated expert” didn’t know about the basics of his “profession”) – because the H1 salary was less than a quarter of what I or anyone like me would be paid.

I entered the workforce with more than a half a million dollars in debt in 1981, and I had barely finished paying back my loans when I last had employment in my field! I worked as a junior grade technician until I could retire, because EVERY decent job that matched my CV was taken by low grade Indian H1 employees. This is literally immoral.

31 May 2018. [More than 5K Cases of H-1B Visa Fraud, Abuse Reported Last Year.]

More than 5,000 cases of alleged abuse in the H-1B visa program have been reported
in the first year since President Trump created the fraud hotline.


Officials with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) told Newsweek that as of May 21, more than 5,000 cases of H-1B visa abuse have been reported.

Every year, more than 100,000 FOREIGN workers are brought to the U.S. on the H-1B visa and are allowed to stay for up to six years.

There are about 650,000 H-1B visa FOREIGN workers in the U.S. at any given moment.

Americans are often laid off in the process and forced to train their FOREIGN replacements, as highlighted by Breitbart News.

More than 85,000 Americans annually potentially lose their jobs to FOREIGN labor through the H-1B visa program.

Last year, Trump’s USCIS created the tipline


to allow Americans to report H-1B visa fraud and abuse.

As Breitbart News reported, tech conglomerates like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple hide their H-1B FOREIGN worker hires through OUTSOURCING FIRMS like:

(1) Cognizant,
(2) Tata, and
(3) Infosys.

The practice allows the corporations to claim they are not undercutting or replacing American workers at extraordinary rates, as they simply contract the FOREIGN workers through the outsourcing firms.

Meanwhile, the H-1B visa program and importation of FOREIGN workers has crowded out American young people and STEM graduates from high-paying jobs in Silicon Valley, the tech hub of the world, Breitbart News reported.

Most recently, Breitbart News reported how:

*Amazon is importing more H-1B FOREIGN workers than Facebook and Google combined to the U.S. to take coveted tech industry jobs in Silicon Valley.

*The FOREIGN-born population in Silicon Valley is likely heavily weighted and biased to:

*male Indian nationals, as they make up nearly 70 percent of all imported FOREIGN workers on the H-1B visa,

*as cited by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The banks are very, very big on outsourcing to India. These big banks have turned their backs on American workers.

I am the only us citizen in my 12 member technology group at work. I tell myself that I live in America and work in india. The entire 2nd floor of my building is hb1 visa holders. This is outrageous. It is good to read someone in America gets home bad this issue has become. That being said, American college students need to wake up from their snowflake mentality and stop getting stupid and unemployable college degrees. A huge reason the hb1 visa people, who are very smart and willing to work very hard, are here is because we can’t find educated American citizens to fill the jobs. Take a survey. Ask US college kids what they are studying. You’ll be lucky to find many in the engineering field.

This is as big an issue as the illegal alien issue. Middle management, white collar jobs held by Americans are fading. My last company cut 30% of us and hired H1-B visa holders from China at at least half the price. There has been a rather large turnover of the H1-B visa workers as they cannot do the work or speak the language.
Upper management doesn’t care because companies are on a month to month / quarter to quarter profit schedule.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see what is happening in this country. I travel frequently for work meeting with engineers, quality technicians, etc. (White Collar). Majority of all the large companies I visit have a significant force of foreign workers. We keep hearing that the college grads can’t find jobs. You know why they can’t find jobs is because of all the insourcing of foreigners. Some people say that these people are so smart. This is pure BS. We sent a man on the moon 50 years with American know how and work ethic. We don’t need any more foreigners in our country taking jobs from us. The foreigners can go home and fix their own country.

Lots of insurance companies do that. American Automobile Association is one of the biggest culprits in their IT department. Next step is to start hiring Indian executives (hello Google) who then start hiring more Indians (it’s a Hindu thing).

I was in the domestic Engineering and Construction business for 35 years and found myself working in an environment that was asymptotically approaching 99% Asian and Indian. I’ve had to report to Indians that were 20 years younger than me and I was laid off in 2016 at the behest of a swine of a muslim immigrant, who, being a ‘minority’, was quickly promoted up and up.

I was forced into early retirement because of this and it makes me sick to see all this happening in my country – and to me. Between outsourcing of engineering work to ‘low cost’ locations and en masse importation of foreign engineers, American engineers don’t have much of a chance, and it’s only growing worse. Soon, that $100,000+ engineering degree will become about as worthless domestically as a degree in Gender Studies so far as employment opportunities go.

You Have Been Warned.

This affects a LOT more than just the recent grads. The H-1B visa fraud ended my 20 year career in IT. I’ve contacted as many people as I could that I’ve worked with in the last 10 years and NONE of us are even still in IT because we’ve all been pushed out by this fraud.

They’re moving into the financial sector too. I’m a mortgage underwriter and I’ve seen the Indians attempting to move underwriting and processing offshore. At least the forensic, pre-purchase or pre-funding review work. Origination is a different animal. They’re struggle with it because of the complexity, but they’re still trying to make it happen. Trust me you do not what your entire life being reviewed by someone over in India.

I worked for a large risk mitigation firm that was purchased by an Indian company in 2012. They immediately laid off a bunch of people. Those of us that they kept had to train Indians to underwrite. They were attempting to use this massive template the had built into a software program I had never see before. You know to make it idiot proof. The probable is to really see possible problems with a mortgage loan you really need to be inculcated into our culture. That’s one of the problems they were having. They eventually gave up and began to expand the company here in the US.

The practice of medicine in the US especially suffers with the hiring of foreign workers instead of US trained workers from techs, to nurse, to docs. I’ve worked with foreign trained personnel who believe that mental illness is caused by demonic possession and that medication is ineffective. Meanwhile they are working as techs or even RNs in the psychiatric profession. It is an outrage and of course it affects patient care quality. It takes it back to the Middle Ages.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I just have to get this off my chest.

I got lucky because I got into IT undergrad school in 1995 and had my first internship in 1997. From there, I was able to work my way up into the very low $100,000’s range today. Back then, employers were thirsty for workers and would train you on the job as long as you were getting good grades and had the will to succeed. The trick was getting your foot in the door and getting the necessary on the job training to go forward and get new jobs with yet higher salaries.

Our new American IT graduates don’t have it so good. They compete against these workers from foreign nations that:

1) Are slave labor because they don’t dare complain about anything going on or they get booted back to Mumbai Crapistan. It is very hard for them to get a new Visa to get sent back to the USA when they have a record of being “a troublemaker”. So they keep their mouths shut.

2) Parents raise Indians to be loyal to a fault, so they do not report the illegal activities of their unethical employer. That way, when an employer is partaking in “funny business”, those employers can bet they won’t be ratted out to law enforcement

3) They get paid much less than their American counterparts.

I can remember posters in the university I went to for new graduates to earn $75,000/year if they just had one year of Visual Basic under their belts. This was in 1996, folks! This was in Omaha, Nebraska where the cost of living is very low.

If these wages had kept up with inflation, a typical IT worker fresh out of school, with a year or two of programming training, would be earning at least $85-90,000/year.

And why in the hell is the government giving grants to Indian companies to outsource American jobs? What is wrong with this country?

And this is why I do my best to discourage STEM careers for younger people. I trained as an engineer many years ago, had a PE license, etc. I got out of engineering also many years ago because the careers were no longer there and disappearing. I could see quality and results were less important than cheap labor. Cheap labor provides a short-term boost to executive salaries.. Enough said.

Head up Tommy Tillis, (North Carolina’s second RINO in Chief) the college crowd is waking up to your treachery!

the University of Connecticut sponsored 1,133 visa workers in 2017, according to federal data…..These universities don’t mind taking the two hundred thousands dollars that was borrowed by their students, but god help them find a job.

Universities pushed STEM knowing H1B robots would take American Jobs from new grads. Traitors. In the upcoming Revolution, the University elites will make the hanging list as well – history repeats itself.

In November of 2018 I visited family in Apex, NC in (in the Research Triangle area near Raleigh, Chapel Hill & Durham), went to the local Costco and was shocked to see that the majority of shoppers were of Indian or Oriental descent. There were Americans working there but the majority of customers were definitely Indian families- not just parents and children but elderly grandparents as well, many in traditional dress. I felt like a stranger in my own country. I could only think of the displaced American workers they must have replaced. Why does our government and companies want to destroy the American middle class for short-term profit?

The TN NAFTA visa is being abused by Indian pharmasists who get into Canada then come to US with the visa. Shameful

Here are some posts from an anti-H1B visa group:

One visa program that runs under the radar is L1. L1 is truly meant for corporate employees who will do corporate functions such as Sales, Finance and HR. They can also do product development if the employer is a product company. L1 is never meant for service jobs. However, all of these outsourcing giants abused the L1 program to bring people in to US to place them in customer sites in revenue generating roles. That’s a complete violation. There is no annual limit on how many L1 visas are issued. Moreover spouses of L1 visa holders can also work the day after they land in US. This entire abuse of L1 visa program must be stopped.

GE was replacing U.S. workers with H1B then sending them home to India when they were in CT. Hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts – MassMutual – MAY 31, 2016

“MassMutual IT employees believe visa workers are on-site at the Springfield, Mass. offices. Some of these workers recently arrived from India, said two employees.”

I lived 30 years in Mass. In the early 90s during the recession digital was hiring h1b by the boatload claiming they couldn’t find people. Eventually ICE caught up and fined it in the middle 90s. Even though I continue to live in Mass I had to work elsewhere on the east coast, refusing to work for substandard contract rates companies were offering in mass.finally moved to Arizona where h1bs are not a problem

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 19

This is part 19.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

More “Promise Programs” This agreement between OCR and Wake County Schools includes “peer mediation” and “restorative justice circles” instead of suspensions.

The district must continue to make changes with discipline policies, practices, and procedures, data collection and self-monitoring, and district staff training. All of these changes must have the aim of reducing minority discipline levels.

It was also revealed that the creation of the over half a million dollars a year “Office of Equity Affairs” was a requirement for quelling the complaint filed against the district. This office is now tasked with the development discipline “equity plans” for the entire district.

The Office of Equity Affairs started with only 3 employees, including a Social Justice Warrior from the Southern Poverty Law Center being paid $85,000 a year. A 4th employee was added over the Summer – Christina Spears. More details on how much Spears is costing taxpayers will be reported as they become available.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Heads up- Listen Live: 
Congressman Louie Gohmert is on the House Judiciary Committee and will be questioning the CEO of Google on Dec. 11, 2018. You can listen by clicking below:

As a parent of a former public school student, who opted our daughter out of having a district-issued Chrome-book and a district-issued g-mail account back in 2015. I can tell you it was impossible for our daughter to do her school work without accessing another student’s Gmail account in order to get assignments completed. Today, it is not even possible for a student to take a class in Texas public schools without being fully exposed to google classroom and Google’s Gmail system. Which is why I am now a homeschool mom for our youngest child and testified on Nov. 27, 2018, in front of the Texas Senate Education Committee on the issue of Data Privacy.


And someone’s reply to this post:

we went to an orientation, not at a public school even, a catholic school and they announced they got a grant for chrome books for the kids that year, they were so proud of that fact and it seemed in talking with them after, they were unaware of the implications. Being informed, this was a huge red flag when we hard that. Needless, to say we homeschool now


And another post from Alice Linahan:


“To begin with, the assumption that moving to the technologically-driven curriculum is the answer to education’s many problems today is an erroneous one. It’s still about working with the people inside the buildings who must choose to work with any proposed and proven curriculum, no matter what its form. School leaders should be required to know what results have been shown by a program and in what specific environments. Otherwise, it’s just another fad from another vendor. Most good teachers recognize fads. They also know how to avoid wasting time on them.

Therefore, it seems reasonable that those who are designing new curriculum materials, whether online or in print, for teachers and students should get to know what actually goes on in a classroom. The results of a statewide digital program, Think Through Math (TTM), which is part of the online SUCCESS program (Texas Students Using Curriculum Content to Ensure Sustained Success), shows a serious lack of that knowledge about teachers, student behavior, and administrative participation by those who tried to implement it.

Based on the report’s summary, whether or not the TTM curriculum was valuable and improved student learning could not be accurately assessed. One wonders why such a massive effort would have been agreed to by the Texas Education Agency instead of setting up small pilot programs with defined groups of children across this giant state.

At least the researchers admitted to many of the problems that prevented an appropriate assessment of their program. Some of the mistakes they cited were as follows:”


Here is a feed that was shared in an anti-Common Core group.  It related to the mindfulness stuff talked about in the Utah anti-Common Core group:


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Ironic story: I met with the administration at my kids school to tell them it was not ok that they set up an account for my kids that are under the age of 13 on Khan Academy. I told them about Khan’s privacy policy and that I can actually sue them along with every other parent that has a child under the age of 13 that had an account created for them….. this meeting was about 2 weeks ago. This now comes home with my daughter today 😒


And some replies to this post:

First came Common Core, then came nationwide software like Khan Academy that “teaches” to CC. The good news is we are working on a opt-out of SBAC bill through the NV legislature.


What would an opt out bill do?


Allow parents to opt their children out of the SBAC test like many other states like: CA, OR, UT, and many others…


We already opt out. That’s why I guess I was confused


Not everyone in the state has the “right” to opt-out😢


We need opt in not opt out its proactive not reactive.


Why is Kahn academy bad? It is so much easier to understand when I have to help my kids with math


I’m fine with my kids doing Khan if they create their own account with me at home. Not at school with school ID linked to IC and all of our personal family information



An update on the story of the teacher fired in VA for not bowing down to the Transtapo.  Apparently students tried to start a petition going for the teacher’s reinstatement, only for it to be confiscated by the principal.  However, the principal has relented (under threat of legal action, of course!) Now the students are staging a walkout to protest the unanimous decision by the transfascist school board to terminate the teacher.  I applaud their standing up to the tyrannical school board.  May students across the country emulate their example:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

From IDEA Manual put out by the ARC/Disability Rights TX – I thought the STARR replaces TEKS. The statement below confuses me. Are TEKS and STARR going in tandem?


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:



And some replies to this post:

So they dont like biometric data really tgen why havent they opted out of ed tech completely or pulled their children from federally funded schools yet ? They must not have figured out that the SLDS already has fields for biometric data on each student.


Federal government has been promoting collection of biometric data for years. And every biometric device company is looking to get the big school contracts. There are news stories of kids having to give retinal scans to get on the bus. It’s Orwellian for sure.


pearson is testing it on children in india


I believe it.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Together, we can make the internet a great place for children to grow up. Ummmmm no.

The message implies it’s okay for children to grow up with a screen – as long as it’s approved content by the sponsor: Common Sense Media. But with its Project Inicorn partners, Silicon Valley BigData funders, why am I surprised? #HardPass.

And here are some replies to this post:

Common Sense is an excellent resource for books as well. Not sure how this email implies anything but making sure kids are safe when they use the internet. Better to make it safe, than ignore the fact that kids will and do use screens at some point in their life.

I take issue with Common Sense Media’s statement that the internet is a great place for kids to grow up. The recent 60 Minutes piece show research how children’s brains change when exposed to screens, their cortex is thinning. In general, these children have a 2 year lag in language development. There is also research that shows blue light from screens damages the retina, causes blindness. Screens are addictive, linked to depression in children and teens. I wish that an organization who gives advice to parents about protecting their children, would not promote screens and instead, would actively work to inform parents of the risks. There’s also the risk of data privacy. Hidden data collection (meta data, keystrokes, algorithms) combined with other data collection (surveys, assessments, etc) makes online “personalized learning” very predictive, with the ability to collect millions of data points per child. There are no federal laws regulating the collection, use, selling of this data. Rather than make student data MORE shareable, I wish Common Sense Media would support parents and say that we need a federal law giving parents consent before their children’s data is collected, processed, shared outside of school.

“Together, we can make the internet a great place to grow up” is very different than your paraphrasing. Have you read beyond that statement or looked at their website? You may not like the looks of this one page but it doesn’t appear that you know much about Common Sense.

If you can show me where Common Sense Media supports a federal law giving parents consent over their children’s data collection, I will gladly change my statement.

Common Sense Media is partnered with CCSSO (the folks who co-own the patent to Common Core State Standards), and others in bigtech, on Project Unicorn. Common Sense Funders include The Bezos (Amazon) Family Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of NY, Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Overdeck Family Foundation, R.K. Mellon Foundation Symantec ,The Anschutz Foundation, Annie E. Casey Foundation. Another of their investors, Omidyar Network . I wish they would use their influence to protect student data, return parent consent and alert parents on the danger of screen time in the classroom

Geesh, everyone has connections to them. Like I said, have a good day.

please continue to shine light on the obvious conflicts between big money and big data and big government. Together we can restore FERPA and get FED LED ED out of our lives. For now, just get your children out of public school. Trust is earned. The internet; doe; boe; pta; uft and public schools…have failed to secure our trust – and failed our children. Teach them well.

Here is a post that I found shared in the ParentStrike group:

Iowa’s graduation rate is 90%. 80% have plans to continue their education. Their ACT scores for students meeting all 4 benchmarks has consistently been above the national average.

YET, the corporate “reform” model invaded that highly-performing state! Change collective bargaining law, expand vouchers, establish Education Savings Accounts and expand tuition tax credits that fund nonpublic school scholarships, and cut funding among other measures. TELL US AGAIN WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT?


And another post shared in the ParentStrike group:

Using a Disney-like mascot to promote test-prep software i-Ready is how you put lipstick on a pig.
“But above all else, the iReady Universal Screener is a dangerous assessment because it is a dehumanizing assessment. The test strips away all evidence of the students’ thinking, of her mathematical identity, and instead assigns broad and largely meaningless labels. The test boils down a student’s entire mathematical identity to a generic list of skills that ‘students like her’ generally need, according to iReady. And yet despite its lumping of students into broad categories, iReady certainly doesn’t hesitate to offer very specific information about what a child likely can do and what next instructional steps should be.”


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

One of the leaders in the one to one movement in public schools, Baltimore County Public Schools….


Here is a post from Alison from the anti-CBE group:

Re: Cradle to Career Pathways, this map will be of interest. This is why Lumina is pushing competencies, to feed into the skilling / reselling pipeline to automate the labor force via Microsoft / Linked in. Ties to Walmart and Northrop Grumman. Great. Interactive version here:…/3650-credential-engine-lumina-labor…

Skillful is rolling out in 20 states. CO was first, now IN.…/indiana-governor-eric-j…/


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Where Else The Road Leads:

Recently, I was researching for an interview about the U.N.’s overreach into American Education. I found the trail leads to a couple of places you Warriors may know (or may not). The latest FAFSA information for those students wanting to go to college (or are being forced to fill the form out to graduate high school) contains all kinds of information which could be another article all by itself. However, as many times as the College Board is mentioned, I looked at bit closer. Buried in the College Board’s fine print for taking the SAT exams is this:

(The College Board document can be found here. The added emphasis you see is from the UNESCO Archives as well as the U.S. State Dept. Archives.

If you wish to see where else UNESCO Coupons are issued or accepted, visit here.
To see the complete list of USA UNESCO Coupons suppliers and those groups accepting them, find that here. Warriors, you’ll be armed with the knowledge that some key CCSS Machine groups are in the UNESCO Coupon system.

Another road stop? The UNESCO ASPNet, spread across the globe. Here in the USA, 27 States and the District of Columbia are members of this network. What’s ASPNet?
The U.N.’s Associated School Project Network.


And another post from this friend:

Rules are about to be adopted based on the new Computer Science Standards that were adopted in August. 
Here is what I sent to the State Board of Ed. I’m concerned about the overreach in the standards when they include direction to the teacher in HOW to teach. Standards should be academic content. The HOW should be left to the local communities (teacher) to decide. That’s where I object to what’s been adopted:

After reading through the draft Computer Science Standards, I’m submitting proposed changes to the first draft.

Who developed the Computer Science Standards? What are their credentials? 
What teachers were involved? Were there any early childhood experts? 
Did any expert offer guidance on whether these standards are developmentally appropriate for the age group targeted?

What math skills are necessary for a solid understanding of computer science?

Guiding principles discussing the importance of literacy skills in learning the content, should be included.

Our biggest concern, and therefore our most important suggestion, is the removal of “practices” included in the standards. 
Dr. Sandra Stotsky, content-standards expert, referred to the practices as a way of inserting pedagogy in the standards. When I asked her about the practices she said, “Practices should not be in a standards document.”
Inserting pedagogy is an overreach on the part of the State. This limits a teacher’s ability to change teaching-methods, if a method does not work well in the classroom. An example of this is in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practices. Math teachers have explained the numerous problems when the practices tell a teacher how to teach.

Assessing practices becomes subjective, and in some cases impossible to teach, according to the Manchester teacher who presented testimony before the Manchester Board of School Committee.

New Hampshire State Law RSA 193-C requires statewide assessments to be valid, appropriate and objectively scored.…/ht…/XV/193-C/193-C-mrg.htm. Practices would be assessed in a subjective manner, violating state statute if they are assessed on the state standardized assessment.

Assessing practices takes away from what should be taught in the classroom, and teachers will not have the flexibility to change teaching methods, if they are not working well. Practices included in and assessed as standards, will be essentially forced on teachers. If parents object to the teaching methods used by the teacher because the methods are not working well, the likelihood of a teacher changing their methods is slim to none. If a child is going to be tested on a specific practice, the teacher is essentially forced to use those methods in their class, even against the teacher’s better judgement.

This is an overreach on the part of the State. The State should not be involved in telling a teacher how to teach in a classroom. That’s best left up to local districts to decide.

Any assessment based on practices will not give parents a clear picture of their child’s proficiency in the core subject. While academic content may be assessed, so may behaviors. Collaboration and communication will be assessed since they are part of the practices. If a student excels in the academic content but doesn’t display a certain behavior, the student will be penalized. The assessment then gives parents a skewed picture of their child’s proficiency in the core academic content.

Dr. Stephen Wilson, Professor of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, explained how this becomes problematic when testing children on mathematical practices. In Dr. Wilson’s critique of the Smarter Balanced Assessment, Dr. Wilson said:

1) The conceptualization of mathematical understanding on which the Smarter Balanced Assessment will base its assessments is deeply flawed.
2) The consortium focuses on the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) at the expense of content, and they (Smarter Balanced Consortium SBAC) outline plans to assess communication skills that have nothing to do with mathematical understanding.
3) In addition, they (SBAC) will be unable to provide student-level data for critical procedural skills, instead providing data only at the classroom or school level. 
4) ….the draft supplies little guidance for curriculum developers or for the assessment of mathematical content knowledge.
5) Communication skills are NOT critical to mathematical understanding, and insisting on them in order to judge mathematical understanding is misguided at best.
6) Mathematical Practices, or what are usually called process standards in most states, do little more than describe how someone pretty good at mathematics seems to approach mathematics problems. As stand alone standards, they are neither teachable nor testable.
7) Mathematics is about solving problems, and anyone who can solve a complex multi-step problem using mathematics automatically demonstrates skill with the Mathematical Practices, whether or not communications skills are present.
8) Problem solving leads to mathematical practices, not mathematical practices leads to problem solving.
9) This Draft does not give good guidance for curriculum developers, because content is an afterthought. 
10) It appears that the assessments will stress communication skills and Mathematical Practices at the expense of content knowledge.

Barry Garelick also critiqued the Standards for Mathematical Practices. He has written extensively about math education in various publications including The Atlantic, Education Next, Educational Leadership, and Education News. He recently retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and is now teaching middle and high school math in California. He has written a book about his experiences as a long- term substitute in a high school and middle school in California: “Teaching Math in the 21st Century”.

Garelick said, “The SMP promotes developing habits of mind used in abstract and quantitative reasoning. It is not directly teachable.”
He goes on to give an example of how this idea of standardizing practices doesn’t work:

“While abstract and quantitative reasoning are important goals of algebraic thinking, the SMP opens itself up to the prevalent belief in the reform math camp that students can be taught various algebraic habits of mind outside of an actual algebra course. An example of this type of thinking can be seen in a certain type of problem presented to students in early grades. For example, the students are shown pictorial problems like black and white beads in a numbered series of growing sequential patterns. The problem shows the first three patterns and asks students to predict the number of white beads in pattern 5, say. Students in fifth grade have not yet learned how to represent equations using algebra. Also, the problem is more of an IQ test than an exercise in math ability. Furthermore, such problems ignore the deductive nature of mathematics. An unintended habit of mind from such problem is to encourage inductive type reasoning. Students then learn the habit of jumping to conclusions once they identify a pattern, thinking nothing further needs to be done.”

There is a common theme among experts who’ve looked at these kinds of practices included in the Common Core Standards. With the numerous problems that arise by including practices, these decisions are best made at the local level. Giving teachers flexibility to change methods that do not work well at a specific grade in a specific classroom is important. Taking that local control away from the teacher, parent, administration and school board should be avoided, especially when there are no peer-reviewed or independent studies that show improvement in academic outcomes when practices are included in academic standards.

A specific academic standard that offers clear academic content to the classroom teacher should be the main focus when developing content standards. Any such standard should be developmentally appropriate for the child who is learning a content standard at each grade level. Including standards that are not grounded in academic content in computer science should be reviewed and removed if the standard is focused on the practices.

For instance, Impacts of Computing: 1A-IC-16 Compare how people live and work before and after the implementation or adoption of new computing technology. This standard has nothing to do with academic content, but appears to be included as an effort to make students aware of the impact of computer technology. The standard also references the communicating and computing practice. This could become a time-consuming assignment that offers no actual academic content in the course. 
Teachers are certainly free to include these practices in their classroom if they find value in them, but should never be included in the standards if that will force certain practices upon each district and each teacher in the classroom.

We need to trust the local teacher to make these important decisions based on what content needs to be covered and on the age and maturity of students, while still maintaining the ability to change methods if the teacher sees that a particular method is not working in the classroom.

Some key areas of concern with the standards:

1A-CS-01 Select and operate appropriate software to perform a variety of tasks, and recognize that users have different needs and preferences for the technology they use.

The first part of the standard appears to be a direct task that can be tested. The second part relies upon “recognition,” which may be a difficult behavior to teach and assess.

1A-CS-02 Use appropriate terminology in identifying and describing the function of common physical components of computing systems (hardware).

The description under the draft standard offers teachers a better and clearer standard: Students should be able to identify and describe the function of external hardware, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet devices, monitors, keyboards, mice, and printers.

For instance

Students (SHOULD) would be able to use simple troubleshooting strategies. 
Compared to: 1A-CS-03 Describe basic hardware and software problems using accurate terminology.

To contrast with the concerns I’ve mentioned, here is an example of a clear content-based standard: 
1A-DA-05 Store, copy, search, retrieve, modify, and delete information using a computing device and define the information stored as data.

This standard eliminates problems that can arise when the standard directs the teacher how to teach a practice.

Input is needed from high school math and science teachers especially because these standards should be allied to the content in math and science in advanced high school coursework. We also recommend a review by a large number of high school math, science, and English teachers anonymously, to protect their identities.

Ann Marie Banfield 
Education Liaison, Cornerstone Action


And yet another post from Ann:

The Democrat controlled NH Senate has renamed the standing Education Committee the “Education and Workforce Development” committee.

As I’ve been saying, public education is being dumbed down via workforce development. Looks like the Democrats in NH are thrilled about it.

NOTICE how they didn’t include LITERACY ?


And some replies to this post:

The suggestion that preparation for the workforce is the justification for dumbing down school curriculum makes no sense If anything people need to be better educated in STEM areas today than before

We see it in NH with Competency Based ed.
The focus shifted away from literacy in the core subjects to empty workforce skills.
Some may be valuable but forced on every teacher in every grade isn’t the solution.

An example I use is from a parent who contacted me a while ago. She had home-schooled her son for 8 years then put him in a public school. She called to complain to me about how her son was required to do a “math project” with another student. This was done to meet the collaboration competency.
So they worked on the project for a week.
The mom said she could have covered the chapter they were working on in a day or two. IT took them a week.
Over the year, students fell further and further behind what she could have taught in the same time period as a home-schooler.

It’s forced on every class regardless of whether it’s good for that subject or not.

Except.. I think that things are often called STEM.. and they really aren’t. Just because there is a computer involved doesn’t make it STEM.
Sally can make a powerpoint..great.. that is not a STEM skill.
Logic and Math is really want is needed.
What is an empty workforce skill?

The collaborative work theme is central to ed school doctrine

I would not be opposed to workforce training if it were real Students do need to be prepared for the workforce in fact and over and above preparation for college degrees SO many college degrees leave students in deep debt and still unable to advance into well paying jobs and professions

I saw one skill as “appreciation for diversity”

I think there is certainly value in some of these skills, but forcing teachers in every subject in every grade?
We know it then shifts focus away from the academics.

I agree that colleges are NOT preparing students for jobs and I think there needs to be some serious consideration given to Marco Rubio’s idea. He suggested that colleges be required to give students and parents an idea of what kind of future a student has once they graduate from the degree program they are considering. Will they be prepared for a job or just heavily in debt? Will they be able to expect a certain salary level that will allow them to cut the cord from living at home?

The dangers of common core run WAY deeper that what is being discussed though. People are in for a rude awakening.

Which makes me wonder why they support free college tuition for all.

Colleges today brainwash and indoctrinate and awful lot outside the hard sciences It makes perfect sense to then push colelge for all
I think C.S. Lewis summed it up the best:

This education model of workforce training is based on the failed model from the 90’s Outcome Based ed.

I think future employers would be thrilled if kids graduated literate.

I guess naming it the “Care and Feeding of Educrats and Bureaucracy Committee” was too long (and too honest).

ROFL..leave it to you Jon to come up with the perfect summary.

They are re-naming it all over the country. Is this an HONOR to Bad Boy “Clinton”. If most women were smart they would vomit on hhim!

I had a very interesting conversation w a professor from a local community college in town. We happened to be volunteering together this week and he was expressing his frustration over kids the last 3-5 years not being able to do basic algebra. The best part – he admitted to me he doesn’t know what’s happening in public education; basically admitting colleges and high schools don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground and don’t even communicate with one another.

I heard today that the NH DoE is involved with a grant so that Nashua students can get credit for Algebra 1 for participating in some robotics thing.
I have to get more info on it, but my jaw dropped.

That’s what they think school is — preparation to be a cog in the workforce.

I believe that whether you go to college or not the determination of your success lies within you. People can have many degrees and accomplish nothing and others with just the will to survive can improve greatly.

And here is a post on Ann’s page, in to response to an article about the Virginia teacher fired by a Transtapo school board:

In [child name redacted by me] class (grade 8 ) 25% of the girls are lesbian, trans or bisexual. That statistically makes no sense. (Which I’ve told her.) Its trendy. Since when is sexuality trendy. Possibly for the reasons you’ve stated. But sexuality should not be a trend.

And another post on this discussion:

I had a paraprofessional working in a local school tell me that it’s cool to be LGBTQ now.
Peer pressure maybe?
Years ago it wasn’t so accepted.
Now that it’s trendy, kids may be trying or experimenting.
That was her take based on what she saw.

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Teacher tells us we have to give our daughter computer time because MCAS is all computerized this year. Isn’t that literally her job? To teach the skills? Like, isn’t the point behind MCAS to find out what the kids are learning from their teacher? I’m so frustrated!

And some replies to this post:

So is she saying computer skills are the priority? Or the curriculum.

she’s saying that because the MCAS is taken by computer, I have to teach her to type.

I’m not against my child learning to type, don’t get me wrong. They’re just not super into devices and I don’t push it. She’s asking ME to push it because of this test that tests HER ability to teach. It doesn’t make sense!

So much wrong with this! Paper and pencil is more appropriate.
Results for my kids were not sent to parents until October, if they were supposed to help teachers or students, results 2 months into a new school year are helpful to no one.

Here is a post that someone made on the page of the Common Core Diva:

BTW! This is the junk they are pushing on our local middle school.


A Leftist teacher has blocked a 2nd  grade student from reading the Bible at show and tell:


Here is a post that was shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is extremely upsetting to me. Oquirrh Hills didn’t fail. The system as it is set up failed them.

Standardized testing failed these children. “Rigorous” standards that are inadequate and have severely limited our students who come to school with many set back already, are a set up for failing.

These students were striving in other ways, but those were not highlighted.

The morale of the community is down. As the article states, parents are worried their children will be labeled at their new schools, as they will be spread out to neighboring elementary schools. I see this as making the community break apart, not coming together. Disgraceful.

I am so sorry that the Turnaround Assessment Measurements have caused this, though I have spoken against this in the past.

Will anyone listen and look at causation instead of spending tax payer monies on turnaround venders who do not help, placing bandaids on bleeding cuts?


And another post from this group:

As the final meetings of the Health Standards Townhalls approach next week, really pay attention that these standards fall in line with the National Health Standards put forth by the CDC and other national organizations. Notice coercion and peer pressure is encouraged, at the national level.


And I found a post from the Common Core Diva in this group, which shows the Education and SEL material in the Farm Bill, as well as the tie in with the Agenda 21/2030 and the SDGs, which aim to not only control our education and create a global workforce, but also control food supply and production as well:

Warriors, Congress wants to spend $876 billion of our taxpayer dollars to reform not only how Farmer Brown grow crops, but how Americans learn to eat. SEL in the classroom via your food? Oh, that’s only the beginning of this bad egg.
H/T Utah!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would require middle school and high school students to undergo an annual mental health exam.


Here is a post from my friend Ann from New Hampshire:

I have concerns about this. First of all, I think the Commissioner has his heart in the right place by wanting to make sure that if a student does learn the academic content (let’s say through an online course, etc. ) that they receive credit.

However, the prior Deputy Commissioner gave an example of when a student works at a hospital, earning biology credit. NO, it’s not the same.

It really depends on who is offering the credit and if they are making sure all content has been learned.

I would call myself cautious at this time. I do think down the road, we may hear about how kids aren’t really learning what they should learn in an entire course.

This week I sat with a teacher who said she’s teaching 75% of what she used to teach years ago. She’s been forced to use authentic tasks/workforce skills, and so now students do not learn as much of the academic content. This was brought to NH by Fred Bramante’s push for Competency Based Ed. 
Workforce training = dumbed down schools. 
Prove me wrong.


Here is a reply to a comment of mine that asked why we allow the discrimination against Christians and Christ in schools and that we should stand up to it:

My three grandchildren saw i was there at their “holiday” program , i read the program and saw the trees , Santa . deer and sleighs but not one song mentioning Christmas or our Savior Jesus’ birth . I got up and walked to the entrance where the teachers were standing and handed them back their program and told them they were celebrating Paganism (a religion) but totally removing Christ from this celebration. And then told them i was leaving and not returning to any of their functions until they stopped being prejudice against Christians. They appeared to silently want to agree with me but the fear of loosing their pay checks kept their mouths shut. Christians must stand up and leave these Godless functions, and take their kids with them.


Here is a post shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Information Needed:
Parents and teachers, I need your assistance, please. Those of us who have followed education know that many, many changes have taken place that have affected the landscape of student learning. What I would like to learn from you is, to what extent has fear been an influence?
Fear can be a positive motivator if it is applied to move a person in a direction that betters their current condition. Fear can also cripple and stifle creativity if it is used to condition and manipulate individuals.
Parents, what are you witnessing with your children when it comes to this element of fear as it applies to their school work, teacher relationships, fear of passing STAAR and even perhaps their outlook on their future?

Teachers, I would love to get your input. The fact that teachers are afraid to speak out on the topic of fear in the school workplace points to the reality of the topic in the first place. For the veteran teachers, I would love to get your perspective on how you have seen the element of fear affect how students learn and the overall workplace environment, from the early years in your career to the present day.

If you would be so kind to contribute with your comments, both parents and teachers, I will compile the information into an article so we can all try to understand this element of fear and how it affects student learning today.

And here are some replies to this post:

My son is now 23.
Background: He has always scored off the charts on all tests. We moved here from SD, which has one of the best school systems we have ever seen. My oldest son was one of four National Merit Scholarship Finalist in his high school there. His graduating class had 101 kids. Four NM scholarship finalists is HUGE. My younger son was always in GT classes and was placed in AP and honors courses based on his abilities.
As the new kid at WCJH he was bullied, and NOTHING WAS DONE! We were told that is “just how some people are,” and he needed to learn to deal with it. He was on FB someone had sent him a page that was set up to talk about how everyone hated a particular student. The principal said there was nothing she could do. A dedicated hate page by her students and she was not going to even talk to the kids about it. (I went with him to report it. He was so nervous!) After moving up to SLHS, he found a safe haven with his band and the directors. But the fear mongering in his classes caused severe anxiety. We started counseling and my son was diagnosed with severe anxiety and major depressive disorder with suicidal ideation. I guess not being exposed to this earlier in life made him more susceptible??? It was a shock to his system to not be encouraged to explore all his interests and LEARN and told to focus only on those classes that would give him a
“competitive” GPA and encouraged to be result oriented vs. process oriented.
His drs both advised it was the educational environment that created this ridiculous sense of fear of failure and we should consider different placements. For a formerly confident and extremely successful student, it was a hard diagnosis to accept. The constant “grade whoring” (NOT sexual, but the terms the students used to describe the tactics to get a “bump” in their grade) and his unwillingness to be a part of that, was what led to the depression. He had absolutely no reason to have any fear of failure but that is literally all that he heard.
Fear was created to control the students. I started volunteering more (outside of band) at the high school to get even more involved and actually see what was going on 1st hand. I was shocked (and frankly disgusted) to hear other parents discuss how to get any edge they could for their children. Hours of how a student should not take certain classes (even if it was their passion) because it would not benefit the all
mighty GPA. A few weeks of listening to this nonstop, I was developing anxiety and actually had a panic attack trying to explain what was going on to my husband. One day I just got up and walked out of the portable we parents were working in. I went to the counselor’s office and had my son brought in. I offered to pull him out and either find a private school or home school. Although he was conflicted about having to leave the band, he did not hesitate. He cried he was so thankful to even think about getting away from the craziness. We unenrolled and found an excellent private school that focused on developing the “whole” child and allowing them to find their passion, with no negative consequences.
To this day, if we have to attend an even at one of the public schools in Katy, his anxiety rears its ugly head. (They all look like SLHS.) we even left a concert without going in because it was just too stressful. When a I drive anywhere near SLHS I start feeling anxiety creep in. It makes me sick what happened to my child there and I waited 18 months to pull him out.

It’s terrible that happened to your son and to you. As a teacher I began having anxiety attacks at the school where I taught. Even when I moved to another school and district that was MUCH better, I continued to have PTSD anxiety attacks and nightmares about the previous school. They finally stopped when I realized I was not going to be screamed at. Now that I’m retired I still have “school dreams” but they are happy ones. I pray that you and you son will eventually forget the “bad things” and that his school experience will be positive and supportive.

I quit teaching preschool at the end of last year after I was diagnosed with PTSD. I think mine was a culmination of what we want through with my son and then admin changes at my school that were nightmare inducing. I taught part time threes and the amount of academics (that were not developmentally appropriate) made me so sad for those kids. I had a three year old whose parents took her to Kumon for tutoring on her days off so she would “be ahead of the game.” It made me cry for her. Her parents thought they were creating this “genius learner” when all they were doing was not allowing her to develop age appropriate skills. Things that are learned when they play and interact. Things like problem solving, language development, thinking creatively, social skills. If it was not a structured activity she was lost. Her parents wanted her to “do work.” At center time she would ask me for worksheets. Not drawing. Not art. But a worksheet with a right and wrong answer. She was not ahead of any of her peers academically and certainly behind socially, especially her speech and language.

I believe a certain amount of fear can be healthy BUT when expectations far out weigh the resources provided, it makes teachers desperate. Desperate to keep up with the curriculum, desperate to get grades in, desperate when dealing with behaviors… the list goes on. Keeping up with very fast moving curriculum causes teachers to scrape the tip of the iceberg instead of going in depth with their teaching. This results in children lacking very important understanding and application of concepts needed to progress through the rest of the curriculum. When I went from being a general education teacher (only being aware of what was going on within my 4 walls) to being an LSSP, it was very eye opening. Our sped babies, who need us the most, are suffering terribly. In some cases, I believe they’d be better off not being identified. It causes some teachers to focus on their “bubble kids” and depend on the special ed “label” to allow a sense of something to fall back on or use as an excuse as to why they don’t pass. The lack of special education teachers and support staff make it very difficult, even for teachers with good intentions and work ethic, to REALLY individualize instruction and target weaknesses. In my experience, the majority of these kiddos are just being “passed through” and we are failing to teach them with intentions to close the gaps. I also want to add that when TEKS were moved to a lower grade level (5th grade math TEKS to 4th grade) (oh and the level at which kindergarteners are “supposed” to read), it caused an all new kind of desperate! This is developmentally inappropriate. Children are still developing at the same rate as they were 50 years ago! Why are we expecting more of their brains than physiologically possible? The results of this movement include extreme behaviors, whether it is to avoid tasks they can’t be successful with or when frustrations reach its max. These students are not learning to be social either, because teachers are too worried about curriculum… I won’t even go down that rabbit hole.

I want to add the dependency on technology to “teach” our kids is not beneficial either. There are appropriate times for technology but teaching a concept is not necessarily one of them. Technology can be helpful when a student is practicing a concept that has already been taught (or mastered for the most part) and fluency is the end goal.

When all this nonsense first came out, I mostly ignored it and continued to seek out new and creative methods for involving my students and pointing them toward the love of learning. Those were my best teaching years. Then as administrations changed at my original school in Texas (not naming names) the shaming began from principals and district officials. Weekly Department chair meetings where we were expected to present weekly statistics on how well the students mastered weekly objectives. Each teacher had to administer weekly quizzes measuring mastery of objectives. I then had to compile the data and report it to the principal and other department chairs. Then came the district 6 weeks assessments which were reported to the principal, district coordinators, and eventually the superintendent. Out went the creativity and joy of learning. Out went the fun learning experiences that stayed in the minds of students forever. By that time I was fed up with the paranoia and changed school districts. I even took a pay cut to do so. For awhile things were great and teachers shared creative techniques with their peers. But eventually the almighty State reached its tentacles to even the more successful districts. Once again the creativity and exciting learning experiences disappeared and teachers were forced into daily meetings about assessment strategies. Campus and district assessments increased. As one of my former students told me, “The most exciting thing in class now is when the PowerPoint has a sound effect!” As more of the same continued, I decided it was time to retire, partially from fear, but more from disgust. Education just wasn’t fun anymore for me and my students.
(Pat, you know the districts and schools to which I have been referring.)
“What we learn with joy we never forget.” – Matt Chinworth

I specifically remember being told in a faculty meeting in the mid 2000’s to “get rid of the fluff”. “No more fluff; Testing objectives only”.

the fluff is the bait that catches students’ attention. Then you “reel them in” to the core of the lesson.

My daughter goes to TMHS and overall it’s a really good school and the teachers (at least the ones my daughter has) are really good and encouraging. But that STAAR test mess has just got to go. It stresses everyone out and to what end? It’s like telling the kids that no matter what they did or the grades they got all can go down the drain with that test. Awful. I will say that my daughter seems less stressed since she saw how I handled a prior STAAR test debacle while she had straight A’s.

As a grandparent of elementary school aged children I’ve witnessed my grandchildren fear those people that we call trusted adults. My granddaughter was very afraid of going back to school with homework that was not done by methods taught by her teacher. It’s math, so if you show how you got your answer it should be marked correct, right? NOT. Well my granddaughter didn’t understand it with the one method that her teacher demonstrated and neither did either of her math wiz parents soooo my daughter taught her the method that was taught to her years ago and she understood it BUT she cried so hard because Ms. Ruiz was going to be mad at her. My granddaughter was also fearful of telling my daughter about any discipline that took place in the school because she didn’t want to “get in trouble”. Ultimately my granddaughter has been enrolled in another school and she is now a totally different child. Administration never believe what the children say and stand behind their staff and as a grandparent I was fearful because of the backlash that my grandchildren would receive. There is so much more to my story but because we are actively fighting with these people I’ll digress. This is a public charter school and she’s now enrolled in a public neighborhood school that was closed down by TEA 2 years ago and doing much better.

Not sure if my 2cents is helpful..but heres a snippet of my opinion.
Always an elementary teacher, no matter what other role ive held on my campus, unfortunately the fear of how a campus performs or underperforms affects the instruction of all students.
Far to much time is spent teaching test taking strategies vs core curriculum. Depending on the grade level n which content is assessed…other content is pushed aside, not taught or crammed in after testing season ends…which is a huge disservice to our children…we seem to assess n assess n assess some more to see how students are performing…but not leaving time to provide deep teaching n learning to take place. Fortunately many of my teachers feel comfortable enough to talk to me without fear of being ridiculed….they are frustrated. THE education world is very frustrating today

I’m in my 31st year, and I don’t remember being fearful until the last few years. I don’t like walking in each morning not knowing what to expect. I’m a planner, and changing things every week (and sometimes every day) is driving me crazy. I don’t feel like there’s a true plan. It’s like everyone is flying by the seat of their pants every day. We lost some really good teachers last year with no explanation. We’re going to lose some more this year because it’s just too stressful now. It’s no longer about the kids. It’s about the numbers and having perfectly written documents whether they can be implemented with fidelity or not. The high school students I work with are extremely fearful. They know they aren’t prepared to enter the real world. We are no longer teaching “life skills” because we have to make sure we address the high stakes testing objectives. It makes me sad. I had numerous teachers that taught me about “life” and I’m extremely grateful for those lessons. I wish we had time to continue those important conversations with students.


Washington State University has caved to the gender-bender insanity:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m not new to this, but I’m new to this part. I would really appreciate some help on how to handle this with my daughters school. Please note that it is an IB school, if that matters lol, and would not let us opt out. But any help would be appreciated before I go up there unprepared. Thank u!


And some replies to this post:

Let you?

Yes sir. Mrs Dye, the principal, told me her school being an IB school that they dont allow it

You must be pretty new to this. Schools don’t raise your kids and you don’t need their permission to opt out.

My daughter failed it because we opted out, we are at an IB school in Round Rock ISD and they do not do this at all!

I wish they all could be accomodating!! These kids need to be kids and not worry about all this starting so young.

my daughter goes to an IB school. When the principal received my email her response was do you want to keep her out for testing days or the entire week?
Wow. Mine offered to remove her from testing, put her in another class with worksheets, and not be on lockdown. Or that I could keep her home but they would accomodate if I wanted to send her.

Here is the first article you need to read:

I’m from Lubbock and their school district is awful and frendship isn’t any better. Anyways my daughter went to an IB school in Denton ISD and trust me it doesn’t mean anything and the STAAR Test won’t have anything to do with her college courses. Opt out and stand your ground. This group has plenty of resources to get you started on the right direction.

Schools don’t “let” people opt out their kids. People opt out & schools have to deal with it. That said, summer school is only one way to address AI, and it isn’t the best way. Develop your own plan to take to the GPC, & inform them that your child won’t be participating in summer school.

And another post from this group:

I will have my sons ARD the first week in January. He is doing amazing in school right now but math is still a struggle. This is the year the school will want to retest him to high heavens if he fails the STAAR (he’s always passed). I allow my child to take this test but he will only take it one time!!! What is the difference in opting out or telling them he only takes it ONE time?

And some replies to this post:

Ummmm..they have a record of his score? Not being snarky, but why even allow him to take it? PLENTY of us have had our kids not take it and be successful. And, for the record…NO ONE CARES ABOUT STAAR for college. No one. Not one admissions counselor or app has asked for it.

Opting Out for many is about the injustice of the entire system and the weaponization of a child’s good scores to harm students/ communities who don’t score well. So allowing your child to score well on the test lends itself to that end.

My kids are both in AP classes in HS and never took a single STAAR. My oldest has scholarships to some of the best/top schools in the U.S. Not allowing them to take STAAR is VERY MUCH about not participating in something I know is wrong. I have been in this fight since we had TAKS. Not a single “state mandated” score is anywhere for either of my kids. Because of my stance and my kids’ non-participation it has very much helped others. I refuse to participate. Good luck to you!

The data ‘can’ be used against you.

For instance…If the child has made ‘progress’ on the STAAR between years they act like the child is doing great… even if the kid failed BOTH years… so NOT great. So basically since the child is making ‘progress’ there is no educational need 🤦🏼‍♀️

Or if your child IS doing well, they can use that data to reduce/deny services.

I have NEVER seen STAAR data used in a way that actually benefited the kid.

They tried this with is in middle school. They tried to say that even though my child had failed both 6th, 7th, and 8th grade that he was making gains in closing the gap, therefore he didn’t need intervention. Shut that down quickly!

My child hasn’t taken the staar since the 5th grade. This yr she is in the 8th. They already know how I feel and where i stand and of course they still try and convince me to have her take it. Umm no not going to happen

my son failed the reading Starr 3 times and took summer school. He was so stressed. I was stressed. It’s horrible.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Do you remember Marc Tucker, president of NCEE, who wrote the well-known “Dear Hillary Letter”? Interestingly, the man is a self-appointed adviser to a number of presidents, including current president Trump. Here Tucker encourages candidate Trump to move on the workforce agenda and to follow the lead of Switzerland (DeVos signs MOU with Swiss for apprenticeship program) and for which DeVos has acted. There are so many forces pushing against our elected officials. Start talking to your reps and senators now!

And here are the replies to this post:

Tucker wrote a letter to DeVos, herself, dated July 2018. If I’m remembering correctly. Edit:

Looking forward to reading this. I’m wondering if he also went after Ivanka. Ivanka has been leading charge with the workforce agenda.

And another post from this group:

My jaw “kind of” dropped when I read the IMAM’s comment. Truly, this “is” what it’s all about. 😳 I’m not okay with this.


Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

“Watching the video just showed how controlled and cowardly the Republicans truly are. Not just the obvious sell-outs, but also the supposed champions. You can actually see a few Democrats who gave floor speeches encouraging their colleagues to vote no on legislation such as the ‘A-F’ grading system that would allow an unaccountable bureaucracy to rank schools based on how well they implement Common Core in the classroom. Many liberal lawmakers opposed this measure because it is undemocratic and a proven disaster for children. The Republicans, on the other hand, kept quiet because getting uppity might cost them that next DeVos check. The Republicans clearly know their place, but the Democrats to their credit are far less cowed than their opposition.

The ‘A-F’ grading scale creates a new board that will essentially be the Common Core police. Under the new Snyder-backed reform, it impossible for our schools to improve. For example: If your school is brandished a “C” by the state, the local leadership will focus on abiding by anything the unelected bureaucrats tell them in order to need to get a “B” grade. It has nothing to do with improving student performance. Every state that has tried this system is near the bottom of the national ranking, and each of those states got worse in the course of time that it was being done. It was Democrats, not Republicans, making some these points on the House floor. It was refreshing to see Democratic legislators arguing passionately for their point of view. Their constituents must be pleased that they have representation that will fight for their values. It would be nice to know that feeling.

Here is a post that was shared on this Michigan anti-Common Core page:

Tim Kelly basically lied to Gongwer in his explanation for passing “Innovative School” legislation. These bills are an attempt to bribe schools into adopting Common Core based Competency Based Education which is another unproven experiment.

Here is Mr. Kelly’s quote:
Tim Kelly:
“We need to be able to have schools get up and running and quickly learn if something works. If it fails to retry and try something new.”

We exactly know Common Core does not work, yet he refuses to support legislation to empower schools to drop it!

No, Mr. Kelly seems to think our kids are just guinea pigs in an expensive education experiment designed and controlled by the education cabal, not parents or local communities.

And here is a post from someone from Michigan:

Sadly, even now, when he does not have to cowtow to big money folks, Senator Patrick Colbeck who lost his bid for governor because of a schism in his conservative base, still can not find it in his heart or brain to vote right on education policy. He voted YES on the stupid, not conservative, big government Common Core policy of A-F grading of schools. Folks, he was not our hero. Yes, I do not think a D governor will do better. But Colbeck just proves once again, he is no hero for grassroots.

And another post from this person:

What could go wrong? Mandatory high school & middle school mental health assessments. Schools fail to teach our kids to read, write and do math. Now parents should trust them to evaluate our kids mental health? Ideas like this spread. Coming to a MI legislature near you?

And some replies to this post:

The teachers are already doing this to some existent! Every parent should go to school and pick up a copy of their child’s file! Yes there is a file and you never see it. Then you will see brick and mortar schools fall so fast the government will flip. All their hard work will be destroyed by the parents. I get a copy every 2 year. You will be shocked to see what teachers put in them about your child.

excellent advice. Kalamazoo Public Schools told some parents NO, they could not have a copy of the file, NO, they could not bring in an attorney to look at the file with them, NO, the file will not be changed. KPS says parents can come in to the school, alone, and look at the file, period! They, the superintendent and school attorney, claim these are the rules in FERPA, the law our Congressmen claim protects kids and parents!

When you request a file you must be specific to include ALL records or you will only get a partial file.

then the parent should have the Attorney subpoena the file. It’s worth the couple hundred bucks. Kalamazoo public schools must have stuff they are hiding otherwise they would have no issue with this!

I did the first one from day one of school through 3 rd grade then went from there.

I am nearly 70 years old. We moved to Georgia when I was 11. The principal of the middle school we went to called my Mother, had her come in and gave her files which I believe we’re called CA39s. They had been sent from our school in Michigan. He said we don’t keep things on children like this, take them. It was disgusting what these teachers were writing . We did move back to Michigan eventually but no records went with us nor did we have any further personality problems with teachers who had read files and treated you as you were labeled.
Just to say this has been going on a long time. Like you I would strongly urge parents to find those files and read them.
Thank goodness we had a man with compassion and sense who understood children. He certainly gave me the clean slate I needed to enjoy and succeed in my schooling. ( By the way our children went to Christian School ).

just your health care parents need to be proactive in regards to education and their child’s file. Sad thing is over half could care less and this is why kids are still at home at 30 among or things which are not related to this topic.

You know that, eventually, any child whose parents are raising him to be conservative will undoubtedly be found mentally incompetent… Some of the sci-fi movies are turning out not to be so fiction!!

Thanks to God for guiding me through the last 5 of 32 years teaching. It gets MoreCrazier and Crazier. A college student would need to be either Insane or Truly Dedicated to go into Teaching. Especially since in the near future, they will be mere Facilitators of Digital Learning Platforms.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I went to the standards meeting last night in Logan. Only me and another guy in the room were mentioning the inclusion of families and parents more in the processes and he mentioned the impact of family support in better mental health.

IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING IN DRAPER TONIGHT! Not being there or speaking is seen as support.

The mentions-

-glad dental is included as dental health is important for overall health 
– need to add HPV to the AIDS/HIV standards because kids are being vaccinated for it it should be discussed as another disease of this type. And it is a huge cause of oral cancers. 
-need to acknowledge the various sexualities 
-there was surprise of parental notification and consent for teaching topics such as safe touch, reproductive anatomy. Surprise that contraceptives and Intercourse were not demonstrated. 
-mental health concerns for LGBTQ 
-one woman thought that men in the legislature should know about women’s health issues and that contraceptives are used for more things than birth control such as weight control, acne, etc. she thought since she knew about men they should know about women 
– lots of mentions of sexual abuse being from family and parents (not sure it was an accurate statistic as the source was not mentioned) from what I have read and observed it is usually a step parent or a live in significant other. 
-the need to teach about dental dams 
– one was questioning the zero alcohol is safe being taught because her kid’s teachers taught alcohol in the home was bad. It was explained that for children under 21 it was both illegal and scientifically not appropriate for alcohol consumption on development. 
– health department representative mentioned services and resources offered through them. 
– there were a lot of special interest type representation like victims of assault advocacy, CAPSA, health teachers, etc. the democrat candidate for one of the house races was there and commented. 
– A “women’s health advocate” talked which to me means planned parenthood.

Overall there was support for the standards and the undertaking. 
The one health teacher there said that 90% of forms from parents are signed. For good or bad, this is taken as support. The health teacher also mentioned opt outs are not for sheltering reasons but also concerns over past porn addictions or other very compelling reasons which I liked. 
– there was a woman there who was new to Utah who was surprised multiple times throughout the meeting that certain things were against the law. (Demonstrating contraceptives, the laws on how that could be discussed, not talking about how to have sex, no mentions of gay sex, that the state is abstinence based …) by the end of the meeting she said, I’m getting it that most of this is a legislative issue. I fully expect she will be taking her ideas and issues to the legislature to discuss.

Some of my concerns
-appropriate touch is introduced in 1st grade but the handout of the standards doesn’t specify what that means, I was told there is a terms and definitions page. 
– trusted adult is used multiple times, I’d like to see that specifically say parents then trusted adult if your parents are unsafe because when I was in 3rd grade, telling my mom wasn’t emphasized as much as telling someone and I told my friend who was also in 3rd grade. 
– I like that parents are notified by law because then when my 2nd header comes home and us discussing anatomy I don’t worry that something has happened to them but understand they learned it at school. It also helps to be able to facilitate conversations throughout the years about these topics and add in our family view. I’m also one of those parents that actually goes to the classroom and meets the teacher to get a feel for where they’ll take the discussion and to review the materials used. 
– a lot of implying the need for CSE type standards.

There were things that I did like too.


And another post from this group:

“If you want to see how far into the weeds test-centered schooling can go, then take a trip to Florida, where some folks are worried that four-year-olds are not experiencing enough rigorous testing…”


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Just got this text from XQ Schools : Announcing a NEW, FREE online course on competency-based education developed by the MIT Teaching Systems Lab (edX) with support from XQ. Sign up now.

Important to remember that edX is part of k-12 Workforce databadging Pilots started in AZ and CO :

And some replies to this post:

Our new Commissioner of Public Ed in FL will be looking to this I’m sure. FL just took a terrible hit to traditional public schools yesterday.

Your legislature needs some schooling FAST! …. First one to the trough has been the name of the game. #HitPause makes more sense. I think it appeals to ordinary people.

Disrupt their conversations for a change. Introduce doubt. #HitPause Offer a better way that actually benefits kids, families, and communities. I’d love to see FL lead the way on this. The infrastructure exists in FL — believe it or not.

Here are some posts on an anti-Common Core page in reply to an article about CPS cracking down on parents:

Parents in WA State have reported to me that their children were stripped naked in an elementary School by CPS, in front of the Principal and their bodies searched for bruises. Right in the principal’s office. parent knowledge until after.
That’s just 1 example.

I’m not the least bit surprised by this. Happens in CA every day

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

We need help this school district is crazy. IT’S VERY LONG.

WE NEED HELP! WE NEED PROTECTION FROM DCSD. We are being threatened by DCSD with a trespass order. We are accused on 11-30-18 of refusing to meeting with the teachers which isn’t true and due to a death in the family the kids missed 3 days of school so because Ms. White made the statement that we refuse to meet with the teachers, my husband dropped off the packet of missed work along with a model of the earth for my son. He signed in at the school prior to school hours and he happened to sign in under Ms. Cronin Mack who signed in at approx. 8:15 am and my husband at approx. 8:39am, 6 minutes before the start of school. He spoke to the teacher about our son’s work with our son standing next to him. The teacher’s desk is against the wall and she was behind her desk when he came in. My husband didn’t do anything to the teacher. They talked about the work, math and reading assignment that was marked as homework but not sent home, and the email that Ms. White sent stating it was school work yet it was marked homework on the “We missed you!” page, so my husband wanted to verify so our son gets the credit. Here are a couple of emails from Ms. White. She attached my email to the teacher below. The email threatening us with a trespass order is not C.C. to Cronin-Mack or Thomas More why would that be? I stated before that this school district is doing everything they can to set us up, make us look bad so they can get their desired outcome which is no paper trail communication. ZCES/DCSD called the police on my husband back in about 2014 because my husband didn’t sign in at the office. Our son called us crying in 6th grade, so he went to the school to talk to our son, the office staff had to call our son from class and we received calls on our home and cells the next day from the police stating we didn’t sign in and found with the police report that the teacher was told to place a restraining order against my husband, because my husband was talking to the teacher in the hallway. This is 6 years of harassment and bullying from DCSD. They are angry that we won’t comply, we ask questions and they are punishing our family for it. I can only imagine what they are doing to our son in school because of this.

Recent interaction with teacher
Wed, Dec 19, 2018 8:01 am
Teresa White ()

Dear Mr. and Mrs. [name redacted],
As I stated in my previous email, your communications with our teachers at Zephyr Cove Elementary School have made both of them feel uncomfortable and harassed. I have read your complaint about feeling the same. As you stated, we do not get to tell anyone how to feel, like you do not have the right to tell them how to feel. Once our teachers feel harassed or intimidated, it is incumbent upon their supervisors to mitigate that feeling, as we have attempted to do for you on countless occasions through multiple teachers and administrators. Since your correspondence to our teachers has made them feel this way, we have respectfully requested that you communicate through me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack. Your recent emails to the teachers indicate that you are not willing to follow our request. That is your prerogative, but our teachers will not be responding to you directly. They will send correspondence to me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack and we will respond.

Today, Mr. [name redacted] entered the school and went to Mrs. O’Donnell’s classroom. Mrs. O’Dconnell felt intimidated and trapped. Such interaction is unacceptable. She was behind her desk and Mr. [name redacted]’s physical presence blocked her from being able to move out from behind her desk. This created a very uncomfortable environment for Mrs. O’Donnell. Additionally, Mr. [name redacted] confronted her on the emails coming from administration. Again, making her feel uncomfortable and intimidated.

I would hate to have to provide a trespass order to a parent, but you may not come on any of our campuses and make our teachers feel the way you made Mrs. O’Donnell feel today. The District believes that we have done everything in our power to partner with you in the education of your children. Their safety, education and well-being are of utmost important to us, as is that of all children in our schools. Today, your actions caused Mrs. O’Donnell to be shaken as she prepared to start her day with her students. This is unacceptable.

Normal school protocol requires all visitors to check in at the office upon entry. From this date forward, you are strictly required to follow this protocol should you or Mr. Grammar desire to speak to any teacher of your children in person. Upon checking in, school staff will escort you to the classroom and be physically present to provide some measure of comfort to the teacher. Your failure to comply with this normal protocol shall result in me asking the School Resource Officer to issue a trespass order for the protection of our staff.

Thank you for understanding our position and please let me know if you have any further questions.
Teri White

Fwd: [child name redacted]’s missing assignments
Fri, Nov 30, 2018 11:57 am
Teresa White twhite
Cc Romelle Cronin, TC Moore

Dear Mrs. [name redacted],
Thank you for your inquiry of Mrs. O Donnell. This email was forwarded to me. Staff at ZCES are feeling somewhat whelmed by your emails, particularly since you refuse to speak with them or meet with them. It is not right that our staff be asked to correspond with you differently that we correspond with other parents, particularly since your emails are lengthy, often contain insinuations about staff intent, and make our staff feel harassed to some degree. For those reasons, all future correspondence should be directed to me, or Mrs. Cronin-Mack.

Please know that we will do our best to answer your questions however, if the email or written correspondence continue to be excessive, as expressed in previous years, we will cease to correspond in this manner and require meetings or conversations to update you about the progress of your children in our system, as is the protocol used with all other parents in the District. We are happy to answer questions, but simply cannot continue to permit our staff to feel attacked by your excessive email correspondence and expectations that they communicate with you differently than they communicate with all other parents.

Regarding your inquiry with this email:
• Fridays are regular school days for all children. Mrs. O Donnell usually makes assignments due on Fridays so that she may grade them over the weekend. Thus the dates of the work indicate Friday as the due date.
• The missing work is classwork. The expectation for all children is that they complete the work in class. It will not be sent home for completion. If it is not completed in class, any grade assigned will remain a zero. Your son is prompted multiple times to complete the work, but usually sits and does not do it, or reads, even after multiple requests by his teacher to complete his work.
• Your son was not made to stay in at recess. He elected to stay in at recess to work on his missing work so that he would be able to participate in the school-wide reward time held at the end of the day.
• Of the papers sent home, some are graded and some are not. If they have no mark on them, they were not graded.
• The “Interpreting Characters” assignment was actually a post assessment to the unit and was given on October 12. Your son completed it one month later and was permitted to take it home. The assignment was to write a paragraph for each question. Your son wrote 1 sentence for each. He was graded accordingly.
• The determination to promote your son to the next grade will be based upon his mastery of the 4th grade content. If he is unable to demonstrate mastery, or otherwise refuses, retention will be a conversation that we will need to have sometime in April or May. Teachers base this decision on a year’s worth of work and performance on grade level assessments and do not pre-determine such outcomes.
Thank you, again, for your inquiry. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


I received the papers showing [child name redacted]’s missing assignments for 11/9/18 & 11/16/18, thank you. Spelling: Comic- le- words due 11-9-18 & Picture words due 11-16-18. In language he is missing The Nose Knows work, due 11-9-18 and in Science he is missing the same The Nose Knows due 11-9-18.

What is happening on Friday’s in your class? The assignments missing are both dated on a Friday. Where is the work? Is there a reason that you didn’t send it home for him to complete when you sent the printed I.C. missing assignment papers? He said he didn’t refuse to do the work but that he ran out of time. He also said that you kept him in snack recess today to complete the mountain/lakes map of the U.S. assignment. I’m confused on why he was kept in from recess at all, especially for one assignment but not the others? Why couldn’t he take the work home to finish? Will you be providing the work home so that he can do it?

Also, I was looking over the work sent home in his Friday folder today and [child name redacted] has many math assignments without grades or stars or some kind of markings to show that it was graded or acknowledged. Is it graded or how does that work, especially since he is doing poorly in math according to you? Another thing is the assignment from a day that he was absent (11-19-18) titled “Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story- Grade 4: Fiction, Unit 1” It’s marked as 7/10 but doesn’t show what he was marked down for in each of the 4 questions. Also if it’s his interpretation of the story, how did he get anything wrong? What is marked wrong with that assignment?

Lastly, [child name redacted] is going to be absent Monday 12-3-18 and from now on if there are missing or incomplete assignments please, send them home with [child name redacted] so that he can finish it and bring it back the next day just as the other teachers do. Are your intentions to fail [child name redacted] and keep him as a 4th grade student next year?

I am not being uncivil, harassing, disrespectful, uncooperative or anything else that DCSD has called and labeled me for the last 6 school years, yes this is necessary information.. Also, it’s stressful for me to have to write this just to ask questions about my son’s schoolwork or education. I’ve been programmed by DCSD that I have to defend my every action or writing so that teachers and staff don’t think or say I am being disrespectful, uncivil, uncooperative, harassing, cynical, derogatory, etc, etc, etc Thanks for your understanding with why I have to include this information.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

This just in and a TERRIBLE blow to every citizen’s freedom to right to privacy in their personal info. H/T Karen Bracken.
How does this impact students, teachers, and schools? #studentdatarape
HR 4174 (FEPA) was just passed by the Senate and now can go on to signed into law.
Link to my research on HR 4174:

Here is a post from Wrench in the Gears:

My response to a recent e-newsletter article from the National Education Policy Center’s about the Summit Learning protests in Brooklyn. Long read, but useful overview regarding impact investing, automation of instruction, defense research in ed-tech, and ties to larger global struggles around online surveillance education.

Here is a post from a page called Anne on the Issues:

I would like to make something abundantly clear for people who may not grasp the magnitude of this situation (which are by far, most people):

Two years ago when the Roy C. Ketcham Pride Club showed up en masse to protest my presence on the Wappingers BOE, it was because the Board was voting to approve a policy of allowing anyone of any sex and any age to use any restroom or changing facility of their choosing based on the premise that gender is a matter of opinion and that anyone who challenges the concept is effectively guilty of bigotry and violation of the Equal Rights Amendment.

And it’s not just bathroom use.
The policy also presumes the affirmation of the premise of “transgender” in ALL activities AND curriculum.

And I was the sole member of the Board not just to challenge the policy; but to even merely request a delay of the vote in order to engage in discussion and consideration.
The policy was passed by a vote of 8-1 that very night.

But here’s the piece that most concerns me and which I’m 100% certain the vast majority of people are absolutely clueless about-

Obama instituted the policy NATIONALLY.

It was subsequently ruled unconstitutional as a national policy.
But MOST STATES including of course, NY, CA, MA….. had already adopted and with breakneck speed, implemented the policies STATE WIDE and HAVE NOT REVERSED IT.

So for people who think it’s just a handful of rogue districts or schools or states dealing with this issue….

Or that the teacher who was recently fired for refusing to overtly refer to a girl as a boy is an anomaly…

You are GROSSLY underestimating the magnitude of this agenda.

Both in it’s scope and in it’s intent.

I guarantee that the very VAST MAJORITY of the children of people reading this post are being taught and at the very least being held subject to these policies.

The rare occurrences you hear of, such as myself and the teacher who was fired, are the VERY VERY FEW WHO HAVE actually PUSHED BACK AGAINST THE AGENDA.

The vast majority of the people involved in education and media and public works of any kind (including libraries [“trans” reading to the kids]), are simply being subjected and compliant.

They have been programmed.

I originally just typed “are being programmed”.
But I deleted it and changed the wording.
It’s done.

Here is a post from the page For Kids & County:

Highlights from article by trusted educator / school board member Brenda Lebsack:

“As a public educator for over 20 years, some changes in the proposed California Health Framework concern me…In Chapter 3, Line 1847, the draft recommends the book Who Are You? for pre-K–3rd graders as a “guide” to develop their gender identity…In the book, gender is described as, “boy, girl, both, neither, trans, genderqueer, non-binary, gender fluid, transgender, gender neutral, agender, neutrois, bigender, third gender, two spirit…”

“The California Department of Education is inviting input on the proposed health framework draft. The deadline to give input is January 11, 2019…” See article for links and details.

Here is a post from a California anti-evil-sex-ed group:

I just got an email from our Middle School principal about a 6th grade health survey…

Dear …. Families,
I wanted to send you a quick email to be sure you had received the consent forms for a social emotional health survey that 6th grade students will be given next week. English teachers handed them out this week in class and I have included it in this email. CoVitality Permission slip.pdf

The survey is a brief, universal screening tool we (…………. Middle School) is using to measure social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Participation is confidential and voluntary. Only our school psychologist, her intern and myself will see the results. Please refer to details in the attached letter. If you do not want your child to complete the survey, please contact the school psychologist,

I have heard about ‘surveys’ recently (not sure this is that) that are very suggestive in their questions about gender and sexuality and that has me concerned.
I question the need for these surveys and the purposes behind them.

  • – – Any experience with this ? ? ?

And some replies to this post:

They don’t have to take them. U can and should opt out. My 11 yr old did not take it, but his friend did.. and was mortified… asked how u identify urself… gay lesbian bisex…etc etc. The kid did not know what bi..was and a classmate explained it to him in vulgarity . It’s wrong and i thought about this today.. my company would get sued for asking me those questions. Opt out!!! And share w other parents its not mandatory

of course I will opt out but this is all about all the other kids whose parents don’t opt them out and they have no idea what’s going on – and this is how they spread the gender confusion

Was this the Healthy Kids Survey or Social Emotional?
What District?

San Diego. I don’t know what it’s called yet.

In my district this survey (healthy kids) is for 4th and 5th graders. Personally, I opt out of everything that is opt-out-able! (is that a word? LOL) School is for academics and they don’t need to know one extra dam* thing about my kid.

Its in DSUSD website, even their 2015-2016 Report

Here’s a sample of the Climate Survey for Elementary and Middle School/High School.

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions.
Principals coffee this morning with a principal that I like respect and Trust.
the 6th grade survey that only this Middle School is doing is a follow-up to responses to the 7th grade California state healthy kids survey.
Our middle school and teachers are concerned about kids dealing with bullying and self esteem issues and falling through the cracks.
they’r using a survey that seems very simple about how they’re feeling about themselves school and their surroundings. I did get and read a copy.
He did tell me that the 7th grade State survey does have an additional LGBTQIA module that San Diego added last school year.

And another post from this group:

Anaheim Union High School District
Parents?? did you know that your children are being survey about they’re sexual practices at the Jr. High and High School.
As adults, are you ok with the government asking you about your sexual practices??? Why is it ok for the government to ask our children about their sexual practices???
Something is seriously wrong with that on multiple levels, let’s start with these are Children and this is invasion of privacy.

And yet another post from this group:

Beth Swann shared a link.
December 15 at 8:01 PM
A friend of mine who has been digging deep into education research for years recently shared these comments regarding mindfulness and SEL and how it all ties into globalized education and CSE:

Parents are woefully unaware of the way that standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) laws have been rigged by sexual rights activists. Mindfulness is part of grooming children as political and sexual rights activists. The US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos recently signed the G20 Education Ministers agreement to implement the UN’s Education 2030 Framework for Education. Google it and get educated about it.

But, for a primer, you can read here about how mindfulness is being used to train teachers and children to question their thinking….to question reality. People who question their foundation can be easily controlled by anyone with a political or social agenda.

See that Planned Parenthood (a UN 2030 partner) is ready to prepare youth with Mindfulness programs:

The roots of the “feelings” movement in education go back to 2003 when UNESCO (the UN’s Education division) sent 130 Education Ministers around the world a report about developing Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) in children. Now, 15 years later, the ideology in that report has taken over US teacher training and SEL is part of Common Core’s federal education reforms. Schools receive funding and principals and school leaders see their schools receive better school grades when they implement SEL.

From a Christian perspective, we understand the importance of planting our roots in a truth-based foundation. So, it is important for parents to know that UNESCO is an openly anti-family, anti-Christian, pro-LGBTQI organization that uses education policy to change the beliefs and behaviors of cultures. The educator that they credit with helping them spread sexual ideology into most curriculum subjects is an SEL “expert” named Linda Darling-Hammond. She designed the policies for standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) in the 2016 federal education Common Core law the Every Student Succeeds Act. Her SEL-promoting company called the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is working with school districts to ensure that schools adopt SEL policies and reforms.

Pro-family groups like Family Watch have warned Americans for years about UNESCO and its agenda to politicize and sexualize what’s taught and tested. SEL is being used to change children’s Christian values.

Here is an article promoting SEL from Common Core advocate Edutopia:

Got SEL? Teaching Students to Describe Emotions | Edutopia

Here is a link to Stella Morabito and Karen Effrem’s resources warning parents about SEL. They have PowerPoints and videos at the link. Please read their impressive bios. I have great respect for both of these courageous women and my education research dovetails theirs. Pro-family groups like Family Watch have shared their materials widely:

For those here who have seen “positive” SEL programs, I would just say, nothing is ever implemented 100% at the beginning. They boil the frog in the pot slowly. Once people are persuaded that education can’t be done without focusing on emotion, then they can be convinced to focus on how their beliefs affect other people’s emotions. Then, the political indoctrination can easily take hold. Children, by nature, feel sympathy and concern for other people. Their feelings can easily be manipulated to embrace anti-Christian ideologies when they are told that their beliefs are hurting others feelings.

And yet another post from this group:

Saddleback Valley Unified School District is introducing guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programs, and relaxing music to your children.

And yet another post from this group, from someone talking about the article about CPS being weaponized against parents:

This is the true story of a friend of mine and her son >> read it. She continues to fight hard to bring the corruption to light. You can’t even imagine the resistance and coverups she constantly encounters.

And yet another post from this group:

January 1, 2019, California schools must allow students to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice. Go to your school boards and demand privacy for your children. They have to provide a separate bathroom for your child.

And some replies to this post:

The parents at my school district have submitted a legal letter (names redacted), can either of you attach the letter template that was used by PYLUSD here?) to our principal and teachers, demanding that our children be allowed to use a single-stall bathroom on campus. We have one in the nurse’s office that some of the children have been using consistently. In the beginning of the school year, some staff were giving our kids hard time about their right to choose to use the single-stall bathroom. But the parents kept complaining and submitting emails. Now, all the staff have been trained to let the kids use whatever bathroom they feel comfortable in. Don’t give up, parents! We have to stand up and speak out to keep our kids safe. If we don’t, nobody else will.

The bathroom law is a real problem. A little girl in Georgia, was sadly assaulted in a multi-stall bathroom in her elementary school. How many kids need to be assaulted before our school districts wake up and do something about it??

our current bathroom law in itself is a problem. Any boy can walk into the girls’ bathroom and vice versa. My family has run into issues with multi-stall bathrooms at our local library as well as at one of the fast-food chain restaurants. Nowadays, anyone can walk into any bathroom, which compromises everyone’s privacy and safety.

And here is a post that was shared in this group:

Parents in Elk Grove, California, are being asked to review proposed K-8 social studies curriculum this week that includes a third-grade lesson on honesty and bravery using famed LGBT politician Harvey Milk as a role model.

Some parents and community leaders are alarmed the school district would use Milk, well known for his pederasty, as a role model, especially after several of its teachers were recently fired and arrested for sexual contact with students. They are also upset with sexualized topics, like homosexuality, being introduced to impressionable young children with little concern for how these lessons will contradict the values children learn at home.

“What kind of message are school officials trying to send student, parents, and teachers by making Harvey Milk a hero to third graders?” asked California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “Harvey Milk’s past behavior with teens would disqualify him from being a teacher with in the Elk Grove School District, so why would the district consider textbooks that encourage 8-year-old kids to admire him?”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Please take notice of what is said in this press conference at time stamp 18:37. It is shocking that Azar flat out said we need to put more kids on psychotropic drugs, not to mention wanting mandated mental health screenings. 
Folks, it is the Education Reformer’s College and Career Readiness Common Core-aligned Standards and Accountability system (pushed and funded by Devos herself) along with the state-mandated technology in the classroom that is actually causing much of the mental health issues in our children today. And they want access to give American Students more drugs? Folks this is beyond deceptive.
It is unethical, immoral and wrong. 

(Note, for some reason the video wasn’t showing up. (It may be outright censorship as I’ve had FB links work before and even copying the URL sees to not only not show the video, but not show the URL to the video either, forcing me to use a URL shortener. Please copy the link below into your browser as it won’t work as a link as is.) )


Here is a post from a Wisconsin anti-Common Core page:


We are interested in learning whether your voucher school has changed its curriculum to Common Core. Has state money come with strings attached? Are parochial or private schools changed by participating in the voucher program in Wisconsin? Please post your experiences here.

And here are some replies to this post:

My children go to a private christian school on the voucher program but they do not use common core

Do they explicitly choose non-CC materials? Do you know, for example, which mathematics curriculum they are using? How long has this school been accepting vouchers? Do you know what measures the school has taken to avoid CC in the classroom? Does the school advertise themself as non-CC?

I don’t have answers to all these but they certainly are good questions to ask, that I’ve honestly never thought of before. I do know math is Saxon and that when they were in public school, all there books stated common core on them but none of the books at this school do. I believe this is the 3rd year on the voucher program.

There are requirements to have voucher students take the Forward Exam which is CC aligned. The school needs to do well enough on the Forward Exam in order to keep its ability to accept vouchers.

Because of this, schools will have a tendency to:

1.) Have all students (not just voucher students) take the Forward Exam


2.) Align curriculum with the test so that performance is increased.

Public schools who choose to use alternative standards or non-CC curriculum would face the same problem, except, of course they are required to do the Forward Exam for ALL their students.

This is a way for DPI to say that it dEducation Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? You’ve raced towards data mining, embedded common core, tried a rebrand hocus pocus, neglected and arrogantly ignored parents for years. Sadly this pattern wasn’t limited to Wisconsin Education Committee Chairmen. But you are in a position to do something. Now.

“If educrats really want to prove they are listening then they need to positively respond to criticism: jettison social-emotional learning, return to classical education instead of the hyperfocus on STEM, address data privacy concerns with real solutions.”

“They lost trust when they responded to calls to repeal Common Core by providing a rebrand and, in some states, just changed the name. Real listening will result in real changes and revisions to their agenda not just a pat on the head.”

oesn’t require schools to adopt CC, but still get most schools to adopt it anyhow.

It would be interesting to see whether anyone has experience with this actually happening in their school.

Most parents are not aware you can opt out your children of the Forward Exam. We opt our children out of that test. It is nothing but data mining.

And another post from this page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? School to work has failed. Computers in the classroom aren’t the technological fix for poor policy and lack of teacher support. Who.Da.Thunk?

“This movement is also part of the competency-based education and school-to-work effort that is seeking to move away from the teaching of students by human teachers and toward computerized skills training with near constant assessment and data mining of five to ten million data points per student per day, including affective data mining and personality profiling. This is the type of education lauded by the National Center on Education and the Economy former chairman Marc Tucker and board member Anthony Carnevale, who clearly support the idea of government-corporate controlled apprenticeships as done in the European social democracies.”

The European/Soviet/Swiss/Fascist model of learning has failed. Multiple times. Stop pursuing failure. “This Swiss model of apprenticeship has students being funneled into career paths in 6th or 7th grade and then starting apprenticeships in 10th grade. When Bill Gates did a similar career-based smaller learning communities model in the U.S. before pushing Common Core, it failed miserably. Unfortunately, that is not deterring Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss government to expand such programs in the U.S.”

And yet another post from this page:

Education Chairmen Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R – Fond Du Lac) and Senator Luther Olsen (R- Ripon) ANYTHING here for Wisconsin? You’ve raced towards data mining, embedded common core, tried a rebrand hocus pocus, neglected and arrogantly ignored parents for years. Sadly this pattern wasn’t limited to Wisconsin Education Committee Chairmen. But you are in a position to do something. Now.

“If educrats really want to prove they are listening then they need to positively respond to criticism: jettison social-emotional learning, return to classical education instead of the hyperfocus on STEM, address data privacy concerns with real solutions.”

“They lost trust when they responded to calls to repeal Common Core by providing a rebrand and, in some states, just changed the name. Real listening will result in real changes and revisions to their agenda not just a pat on the head.”

Here is a post from someone from Wisconsin:

“STEM” IS PART OF THE EDUCATION SCAM. Looking at the table that’s reproduced in this article, it should be utterly apparent to even the casual observer that “STEM” is all about centralization of so-called education and the control of people’s lives. At the risk of repeating myself:

1) There is no actual STEM shortage; it is utterly fabricated in order successfully to market centralized education “reforms” (actually deforms).
2) The growing deficits in education are CREATED, not fixed, by the elite class of politicians, bureaucrats, and Big Business types who control our education system.
3) STEM “education” (actually low-level skills training combined with social-emotional conditioning) definitely WILL NOT provide the high-level science, technology, engineering, or math jobs it’s so regularly claimed it will, nor is it actually designed to do so.
4) STEM is ABSOLUTELY part of the school-to-work/workforce development pipeline for forming, labeling, slotting, and supplying low-level workers to those areas that the elite class deems appropriate.
5) STEM “education” (again, actually mere skills training at a very low level) facilitates ONLY the theft of children’s opportunities–their ability to forge a successful future of their own individual making.

I’m all for kids becoming scientists and engineers and mathematicians if that’s what they want to do. But STEM, as proffered by the corrupt partnership of Big Government and Big Business, is not going to get kids there.

Stop believing the STEM lie.

And some replies to this post:

I don’t trust Betsy DeVos, if that’s where he’s getting his information from.
Why doesn’t someone introduce Trump to the American Principles Project? He would get the truth about what STEM really means!

STEM didn’t just start with DeVos, just a continuation policy from previous administrations

Started with a book. A Nation at Risk.
Study Marc Tucker.

And the agenda to create “worker bees” for the oligarchy started with the very advent of government-sponsored schooling as we know it today (i.e., late 19th/earth 20th century). The “fathers of modern public education” tell us that in their own words and it doesn’t even take much digging to find it. But, of course, the masses are willfully ignorant…just as the system planned to make them from the get-go.

The problem is that, while Arnie Duncan his predecessors were largely transparent about their socialist bias, DeVos is a Trojan Horse (perhaps even to Mr. Trump). She got the position based, I am sure, on hefty campaign donations and was proffered to the president by RINOs (in fact, it’s probable that she is one of the threats to his presidency recently mentioned as still in the administration) because she called herself an “education reformer.” But when one really digs into her true views, she makes RINOs seem liberty-minded! I think Trump doesn’t realize that – and certainly hasn’t thought about how the DOE’s very existence is unconstitutional. I know he’s not perfect but in this case he’s trusting a viper masquerading as a dove.

You’re totally right, [name redacted], that STEM didn’t start with this administration. It’s been around for a while. But it hasn’t seemed to get any less effective. In fact, if anything, it’s a more successful lie now than when it was first introduced.

Agreed, [name redacted]. I’m not what one would call a huge Trump fan, but it seems to me that on education he took the worst possible advice he could have. It mostly came from the Jeb Bush camp. And that’s a nightmare.

So true. It’s also infuriating that complex demands for Science Fairs are placed on the shoulders of 3rd graders who haven’t developed the ability for abstract thinking yet. It results in a disparity for kids coming from parents who understand scientific procedure and can help their child and those who don’t . The kids who have uneducated parents learn that they are “bad students” which is so so sad for them. They believe the kids with the good reports actually did them on their own.

I never did one Science Fair in K-12 and somehow managed to ace research and design in college when it was developmentally appropriate and relevant to a career that I selected.

you know I have tons of research tying STEM to the UN. Ivanka and DeVos are pushing the STEM fallacies as a team. I his is why the President isn’t stopping the federal educratic overreach. May I use your post? Thanks.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

So this happened in NOLA today..the precedent has now been set.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This is the webpage used as a resource for NE Ohio’s Cuyahoga County teens. Some glossary terms on this site:

open marriage = Refers to the relationship or union of two people who agree that they each can have other sex partners.
biphobia = Refers to negative attitudes, fear or dislike of bisexual individuals.
pansexual = A term that describes people who are attracted to people across a range of genders and/or gender identities.
You can also download the ‘gender unicorn’ coloring page from this site.
Join Protect Ohio Children ( Next mtg is in the Columbus area on Thursday, Jan 17th

Upon reading Charlotte Isberyt’s book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”, I noticed on pages 448-449, that it said that Michael Farris of Homeschool Legal Defense Assocation (HSLDA) supported at least since 1995 the apprenticeship part of the school-to-work model and praised the Swiss apprenticeship system. In light of the recent deal between DeVos and Switzerland, I wonder if he still supports said model and what his other positions of the STW model he now may support. Considering that, in 1999, Mr. Farris had Patrick Henry College implement the apprenticeship system, to some degree, it may be that that college has been infiltrated by the Common Core Machine.

Also, from this book, I found that the Heritage Foundation is definitely a WILLING part of the Common Core Machine and has been globalist possibly as early as the mid-1980’s. Their support for other globalist schemes such as the First Step Act (AKA Jailbreak) should also be red flags as to their true loyalties.

The book mentions, around page 450, of this program between HHS and DOE called “Together We Can” that was brought about in 1999. No doubt this was part of Agenda 21, the forerunner to Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. The more recent programs such as 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Career Clusters, Career Pathways, Cities of Learning, etc, appear to be more recent implementions of these evil schemes to destroy the United Nations and create a global government.

Look out, there’s gender unicorns in Arizona schools:

Here is a post that was shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:

If charter and private schools continue to creep into our area DallasISD will find its self in the same predicament. The issue is who will accept all student and that is not charter or private schools who traditionally cream off the students and leave the rest for public schools.

From the article:
El Paso Independent School District officials are anticipating a $2.8 million budget gap in the coming school year, even after the recommended closure of four schools and despite additional funding for operations approved by voters.

And here are the replies to this post:

Who’s at fault? Is it our Texas Legislators? Where does the root of this problem start?

legislators who opened the door for charter schools that were suppose to help in areas that are failing but that is not the case.

Let’s talk about Samples went to an open enrollment district and took students with him from Skyline. I looked at TEA enrollment numbers from DISD from 2011 to this fall. DISD numbers have always varied slightly each year but remained consistently in the 154K range for students +/-2K students. Charters are really the culprit??? And now private schools are the new culprit??

I am not myopic, I am looking at the overall picture and when we attempted to bring 300 students from St. Anthony charter you and others opposed that. I am not familiar with Samples taking Skyline students but a few students compared to thousands of students do not equate to the big problem of charter schools who in this area from the DallasISD enrollment have about 34,000 students and most in Southern Dallas.

The culprits are those who sit on the board of Trustees some who are elitists and fail to fund our neighborhood campuses properly by continuing to approve budgets that are not campus need based. Allowing the central administration to destabilize our schools with constant churn and not keeping talent on our campuses, poor planning and lack of planning as was evident in bus debacle and bond program. Putting forth a plan to demolish or close 47 schools -really? Pogo quote here: we have met the enemy and they are us.

I did oppose St Anthony deal. I thought it was hypocritical of you to blast charters all the time and then try to strike a deal with one. I am very surprised about the loss of students to open enrollment campuses south of COD and you are completely unaware of it. You are supposedly on top of everything, how would this slide by you? DISD hasn’t ever had that high of enrollment that 34K students left and went to charters. That would have put DISD enrollment count into the 170K and over and never has enrollment been that high. Peak I saw was 161K for one year. Y’all should do better with the story of enrollment. The numbers don’t add up.

As far as the budget, I was opposed to giving more money without full transparency on where every dollar goes. They dollars nor the student enrollment is being fudged.

You can forget about getting a decent education from a charter school. When the primary motive is the profit motive, education will always take a back seat. The theft of public funding for a privately run “school” operation is criminal .

these people have no clue that the charter schools are not educating our children. Most of what we get is lip service and opposition to educational opportunities that make since. It baffles me that someone in South Dallas would oppose bringing 300 children in a charter school on to DallasISD where there would be more resources. Go figure!!!

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

2/4/2010 DESTRUCTIVE TO OUR SOVEREIGN SURVIVAL AS AN INDEPENDENT COUNTRY: In-Class: United Nations Simulation and Global Education in Community College Settings

And another post from this group:

In 2014, the Qatar Foundation International partnered with the U.S. Department of Education and the State Department to facilitate an online program to connect all U.S. Schools with classrooms abroad by 2016 – offering $$$THOUSANDS to American schools. The stated goal of the initiative is to “…connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016.” We notice that there are over 2.5 MILLION subscribers in 2018 and a long list of “sponsors.” Where’s Davoss?

This is not the QFI’s first foray into the U.S. education system. The Qatar-based foundation awarded “Curriculum Grants” to … U.S. schools and language organizations to “…develop comprehensive and innovative curricula and teaching materials to be used in any Arabic language classroom”. QFI, based in Washington, DC, is the U.S. Branch of the Qatar Foundation, founded in 1995 by Qatar’s ruling emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalfa Al Thani. He is still the group’s vice-chairman, while one of his three wives, Shekha Moza bint Nasser, chairs the organization’s board. Thani also launched Al Jazeera in 1996 and served as the television network’s chairman. The Qatar foundation is close to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

This ad came up on my fb page:

I had to search around for a while to figure out that EHR means electronic health record.

And a reply to this post:

Evidence Based treatment centers are a big huge fat JOKE. They do not allow therapists to use whichever form of treatment they see fit for the client-they can only use the prescribed “evidence based” form-like CBT. They keep the therapists in a box, basically. And they are not allowed to go outside the box. It’s all based on “outcomes” “What separates us is a focus on clinical outcomes,” he said. We have a new therapist on staff who came from one of these outcomes based groups (Youth Eastside services) and she said it was horrible. Most of our therapists worked there once since its’ a training facility for new therapists to get their internships. They never recommend the place. And this place-YES-is administering Mental health evaluations to ALL our MS and HS students in a couple districts in the area.

Here is a post from a page called The Crucial Voice of the People:

If you listen to the People, you will hear many on both sides of the political divide blaming “the other” party. Today I see remarks to the effect that Democrats had nothing to do with The Privatization Movement that is destroying our public schools. #Listen

At minute 33:30 Marc Tucker begins to explain the plan that became The Privatization Movement. He takes 8 minutes and 72 seconds to do so. At minute 42:02, then Governor Bill Clinton sums it up

President Clinton became the first to put standardized testing and charter school funding into federal law. He was not the first president to put exploration of “national standards” into law; that was Reagan. Both parties set out to use education to float the tech economy…….NOT TO “reform” but to “transform” the system into a publicly-funded privately run “quasi-governmental” system.

And some replies to this post:

Democrats called it GOALS 2000, Republicans called it America 2000, but it was exactly the same plan just a different name.

And before that — in 1988 — the Southern Regional Education Board set “Goals for Education: Challenge 2000.”

If any of this had been a sincere effort to make things better for all children, they had plenty of time to communicate with parents.

You’ll see some familiar names on this commission.

After reading The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, I found that TH Bell, the guy that Reagan appointed as Secretary of “Education”, was in large part responsible for the creation of outcome based education, which was revived within the last few years as “competency based education”. Also, while serving as the US Commissioner of Education in the 1970’s, he recommended the creation of the US Department of Education to Congress!!! He was the one that pushed that all students have computers and predicted that books would be gone by 2000 (luckily, he failed in that endeavor, but his evil dream is, via Common Core and other programs, being realized, and continued by Betsy DeVos.) Furthermore, this globalist pig fired Edward Curran, the director of the National Institute of Education, when Curran tried to persuade President Reagan to get rid of the NIE (a predecessor to the DOE).

Furthermore, he pushed for changing education to be more geared toward “workforce readiness” and also even suggested remaking adult education.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, are you aware that beginning 2018-19, ANY student wishing to play in EVERY NCAA division sports team MUST be aligned to CBE and CCR (both are a combo of CCSS and STEM)?
I have the proof here. An article jam packed with research, links, and revealing the entire agenda
*Please share.

Looks like Montana State University has fallen to the Trans Thought Police:

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Seattle, King County. Best Starts for Kids wants to know all about your child and their developmental issues to best inform their new developmental screenings for ALL children born in King County.

Here are some posts in reply to an article warning about HR 4174 (the FEPA bill):

Thank you.

Also: UNESCO recently published a paper showing (for people that understand) that data interoperability is helping them control curriculum–as their 2004 Microsoft contract put in motion. The paper is called “Future Competencies and the Future of Curriculum”:
In the foreword, they thank Australian Anthony MacKay who is Marc Tucker’s replacement at the NCEE. So, MacKay is helping UNESCO use interoperable data to control curriculum.
Anthony MacKay and Linda Darling-Hammond will be keynote speakers at a personalized learning summit in Portland in April. The conference is sponsored by UNESCO’s 2030 partner the Collaborative for School Networking (CoSN). CoSN is controlling everything the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) does for data interoperability:

A “Fact Sheet” on HR 4174 states some key misleading “facts”: (I’m spitting mad as I paste this):

“Does the bill create a central tracking system for the American public?

No, the legislation does not establish a new database nor does the legislation authorize any new data collection. CEP specifically recommended against the establishment of a data warehouse or clearinghouse in its final recommendations and the Ryan-Murray legislation would not create such a clearinghouse.”

(Giant omission alert. While the bill doesn’t create a NEW federal database, it does LINK all the existing ones, and makes sure everything is interoperable nationally. De Facto, that’s NEW as a system, and yes, it’s national. Just like China. Control-freak Communist China.)

The fact sheet goes on:

“How does the legislation address existing bans on data collection and use?

The bill does not modify existing bans on data collection or use. CEP specifically identified the “student unit record” ban in its final report as one potential ban that Congress may want to revisit.”

(Oh, really!? Lifting the student unit record ban means deleting the last vestiges of personal privacy. The fact that CEP recommends that is all you need to know! The fact that Obama appointed the chair of the CEP to be the chair of the CEP is also all you need to know.)

found at

Here are some posts in the anti-CBE group about Smart Cities, which are related to personalized learning, Ed Tech, and surveillance:

In all the Smart City Contracts, Drones, Cameras, Personalized Learning and edtech and analytics (AI) in schools, we worry about how this data can be biased, wrong, repurposed, used in ways to limit or predict or penalize people, especially children. (And we are told we are tin foil hat wearers, conspiracy theorists.)–okay– Do ANY of these contracts state the data cannot be used in certain ways? cannot be combined with certain sensitive data, cannot be further shared, or repurposed, analyzed? and is there a huge penalty attached, right of action for citizens to sue the bad actors who misuse data? …NOPE. why not? If there truly is nothing to worry about, then these criteria should be required in EVERY CONTRACT.

contracts are not even worth the paper or image they are written on any more. people must reject the tech intrusion in the privacy of their homes, communities, work places, places of worship, etc in order to ever combat the reality of the threat.

Colorado is working on becoming a smart city. Looks what is coming to keep us “safer”.??

^^^been in the works awhile. and in 49 states…will soon be a requirement for new cars to have compatible tech built in. “this internet of roads project is based on technology being implemented today. Wyoming already has a V2X pilot program spanning 402 miles on Interstate 80. And automakers are building it into cars. It’s being used in 70 locations and “thousands of vehicles already on the road,” according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is working on a potential rule requiring future cars to be built with the technology inside.

The $20 million grant awarded in December is part of the federal agency’s BUILD program to support transportation infrastructure projects.

While I’m glad he won the settlement, parents might want to think twice about sending their sons to a place like the University of Cincinnati where he can be expelled for the mere allegation of sexual assault (of which he wasn’t allowed at all to defend himself):

Here are some posts from an Illinois anti-Common Core page:

.I’ve put my 35 years of service into the education of children in the state of IL and have been retired for 10 years. That being said, I have a very difficult time believing that this “reform”, if it is indeed being introduced into curriculum, is the fault of the teachers, administrators, superintendents, etc. All the reforms that I had to deal with were thrust upon my colleagues and I by politicians who thought they were experts in the schools just because they were once in one. Again. Let me say: I’m retired and OUT of this debacle called Common Core. I saw it coming years ago and knew it would be a disaster. So, I guess I could be considered a prophet! If schools really ARE doing this SEL…..the authors of this are right about one thing: parents better get ahead of this and speak up. Fast.

you are spot on! Teachers are at the mercy of politicians in just about every way! Like [name redacted], I was hugely opposed to Common Core and spoke against it often. Even the teachers unions got on board! ?? Parents do need to wake up and parent. Stop abdicating their important role to the schools. Common core IS a disaster and has damaged countless students across America!

Too many of the good teachers end up “voting” with their feet and retire or switch careers or… leaving those that follow the union that colludes with politicians… Who will stand up for our children?

What can I say….? We have an aging workforce anymore in the education business….people are retiring. The real problem is that teachers are so poorly thought of anymore, fewer and fewer people are even enrolling in education programs at university. In answer to your question, “who will stand up for our children?”….it’s simple: their parents.

Of course parents (and grandparents) should be standing up for their children. But, so many of these young adults who only have or two children assume the teacher (who is highly trained) must be the expert. Many of the young teachers have been taught the latest “fad” theory, but do not have children of their own and don’t know how things were done just a few years ago. So often things like Social emotional learning sound good at the high level. The devil is in the detail.

and a lot of the younger teachers believe in all this social emotional learning stuff. They have VERY different behavior management styles and expectations for students. We have a teacher who spends 30 minutes a day doing yoga and mindful meditation. That time would be better spent playing outside.

teachers aren’t parenting experts and very few are even experts. Maybe those with 25 plus years in the classroom. But they most certainly have much to learn coming right out of college. However, some think they know everything and ignore the ones who can help them. . .the veteran teachers who have been there done that.

Educated parents, kept busy by a mirad of daily demands, many times inadvertently abdicate the teaching of personal responsibility for feelings. Emotional health is not learned by directions, it is learned by experiences and example.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

So I go to my sons school to give him a.m. med for his tics, (which I
can’t stand the med)& nurse says “ok hurry up cuz ya gotta get back & finish your test. (Benchmark🙄🙄🙄) and I nicely say “ok, can
we not have him choke his meds down & RUN back to his class?? The test can wait a few minutes”!”😡😡Is health staff trained too to never take kids outta class, even if it’s for medication!?? Good grief. Needless today there was no “happy holiday” wish to me as I walked out!!! Good ridden for 12 days to school!!!😡😡😡😡

And here are some replies to this post:

I would have told her off. Don’t rush my kid to take his medicine because he had a test. I’m sure the teacher would give him more time if needed. Ugh she sounds like she’s having a bad day and should have left that at the door.

“And the benchmark can WAIT.” -this mom. btw My son has tics too. Both vocal and motor.

Refuse those benchmarks! Pointless&abusive! Using your child as a Guinea pig!

I did address her w/tone, believe me. She gave me an eff you look. Not first run in I’ve had w/her. Annnd I said my remark as she was was telling him to get back to the test..not after she said it. I kinda cut into her remark. Too bad.

You should be discussing this with the Superintendent of that school instead of Facebook.

did it ever occur to you that it is said on Facebook because supers or other do nothing but permit it?!!!!!!!

Benchmarks are a common core issue. The superintendent can’t do anything about them.

what [name redacted] doesn’t know is that I have complained & I email complaints too, to have documentation.😉

it is shameful — kids are already attacked educationally —- then to be treated poorly is gross —- so many experience the same and it is important to share these stories as well as the educational stories — it speaks to the atmosphere that our children face and are subjected to. The abuse has severely grown!

I found this post on a City-Data thread:

A friend of mine was teaching in Vegas; she recently left after having a heart attack. She said way too many standardized tests and not enough time teaching what they should really soured her. It was a very stressful job when they took her out of her last teaching position 3 years ago to move her to the one she quit.

I found this post in an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

PTO’s and PTA’s are being replaced by an internal Title 1 parent liaison. Titile 1 is federal and this means more bureaucracy and probably LGBQT initiatives.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

Our government created this crisis on purpose. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic. They create the desired crisis in order to put in the desired outcome. In this case the desired outcome is to destroy the teaching profession so they can use the computer to teach the propaganda and use room monitors or better yet kids just go anywhere they want to plug in. We are moving down a slippery slope quickly and most parents are to blame for allowing it to happen.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 18

This is part 18

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“Wrap your brain around this point in my testimony: There has to be, by law, a bottom 5% of schools designated as failures each year. These are the Improvement Required schools you hear so much about. There is no percentage bar that has to be reached to keep from becoming IR. It’s just the lowest 5% of school’s testing outcomes. That means there always will be a crisis of failure in the public schools. They have built in failure so there can always be a crisis. That’s how money is made!” Dr. Pat Huff


Here is a post from Alison in the anti-CBE group:

This document seems to be a key piece of the puzzle. Anyone interested in helping me get some of these folks into Little Sis? National Laboratory for Education Transformation.

“NLET as a private organization seeks to emulate the way the U.S. national laboratories investigate answers to large complex problems through research and development starting from first-principles.

The National Laboratory for Education Transformation, “NLET,” is a California non-profit corporation (501C3) that was incorporated March 15, 2011.

The concept for the non-profit grew out of conversations in 2009 with individuals at the San Jose Unified School District (Marcy Lauck, Bill Erlendson), who were national experts at data warehousing and community building for the personalization of education and the management of academic performance. The conversation was expanded to individuals at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where there is an interest in producing future engineers and scientists, to faculty at the University of California Santa Cruz, which has a commitment to widening education access and redefining learning and to the University of Texas Austin where there is an interest in the visualization of education data.

Gordon Freedman, the founder and president of NLET believes that there should be a “Manhattan Project” of education in the U.S. to address fundamental changes in education necessary to match the needs of the information age. Such a project, he feels, should be able to address the simple question, “how many kindergartners does it take to produce a PhD, an engineer or a professional, and is that number of kindergartners growing larger or smaller?”


Congratulations to this Michigan school for telling the militant atheist Grinches to take a long walk off a short pier:


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

NYSED is at it again … for those parents who choose not to use the public school system —>>> IT’s not bad enough NYSED destroyed public education these elitists now want to go after the other education options parents are “free to choose” for “their children”.

MAKE NO MISTAKE FOLKS, THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN EDUCATIONAL COUP BY NYSED … pure, simple and completely overstepping a parent’s right NOT to be involved with the crap public school system!

Make no mistake folks this is nothing more than an education coup by NYSED!

And some replies to this post:

Two years in the making and now the coveted toolkit’s and comment periods. Oh joy

They want total control over EVERYTHING that has to do with education because kids today get such a good education with the public school system and CC!

This is F”ing laughable … So the high school my daughter is planning on attending is an independent, catholic high school located in Mt. Vernon (actually the Fleetwood section)… You mean to tell me that cesspool school district is going to determine if my daughter future’ high school is meeting its SUBSTANTIAL EQUIVALENCY … WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH … This high school does oral testing … and is way beyond the bullsh*t crap of CC!

are you surprised? It was written into ESSA. you know, the one that the folks over on LIOO said was better than nothing?

No, not surprised at all . I knew this was in the works I was privy to some of the meetings they had last summer about it.

Tim Farley and his ilk were all in cuz they got marching orders from Randi

Of course they did … that’s the only thing they cared about

This is all in the interpretation of ESSA. Nysed has been salivating over this potential for some time now. We (parents) are out numbered, out maneuvered, and overpowered by Fed Ed and Nysed. People will get the education that they fight for……I’ll just be over here fighting for my own kids.

nysed makes me sick! They suck at education and want to ruin private schools too.

Substantially equivalent for now means providing English, math history science etc. writing at certain levels for example in particular grades.
The slope is getting oiled to be slippery and what follows is what many ran from…

and MANY SAID WE WERE ALL CRAZY … (oops all caps… did I trigger someone? .. LOL )

Yeah the usurping minions from Opt Out, the leaders, the tools, that took momentum from parents by convincing parents protect teachers first from evaluations and kids will be fine as long as they’re not fearing APPR.

Killed opt out as a means to kill common core, for those of us that knew no fight against common core was the death knell. Reforms were being cemented.

THEN the audacity to support Federal law ESSA even though NCLB had been expired for 7 years…oh no!! They had to pass it, it was better than “status quo”!!! What they really did was gamble that Randi was gonna get APPR eliminated federally and Hillary was a shoe-in. Assholes. Epic failure and cement dried.

What worse, oh yes it’s worse…SEL the brain manipulations developers led by Linda Darling Hammond sat at the helm of NYSED AND REGENTS unofficially and pounded the nails in the coffin. They nod like Pavlov’s pups.

See the toolkit’s for comparison charts and check off lists. I’m appalled that local superintendents are now in a superior position over private to make judgments

Make no mistake folks this is nothing more than an educational coup by NYSED!
There can be no alternatives. None. Every last red cent belongs to unions via blackmailing tax payers that only public schools are entitled to that perpetual pool of money. Can’t have kids educated outside the progressive social justice camps. That’s a threat to their existence even though it’s not.

At one point we had what I would call a movement. With a mere 16,000 or so members here we managed to collect 100,000 signatures to create a ballot line. Then of course that was taken from us, and then we were usurped by the unions stealth operation via Lady Deutermann on Long Island.

Trust us she said.
I’m just a mom she said.
Refuse the tests she said and continues to say.
Take care of teachers and it will trickle down there said.

I’m in this going on 8 years and my bones a growing stiff waiting for it.

How many parents right here think that sending their refusal letters are enough ” resistance”
Boy complacency do us in

The choices are getting wider, therefore, the idoctrination net must also…the globalists need ALL children brainwashed! They are losing far too much “human capital” to the charters, privates and homeschooling…I would get the HSLA on this stat if they already arent! This IS a soft ed coup, no doubt about it!

I believe this is an attempt to address the Yeshivas of Brooklyn and elsewhere in NY where they don’t teach anything beyond basic math and English before dropping all secular studies altogether. It has been criminal what they have done to those students. They don’t know any science or English literature as well as no US or World history. No secular education at all beyond elementary language and math.

The NYTimes today reports that the state education department has assigned a task force to investigate these schools starting with the one’s that have actively barred inspectors. There is a democratic state senator from these districts who only voted along the Republican line in the senate to give them the majority which prevented a mandate to do these investigations. The new state senate has a democratic majority even without him now. Inspections will occur now. “In parts of New York City, there are students who can barely read and write in English and have not been taught that dinosaurs once roamed Earth or that the Civil War occurred.
Some of them are in their last year of high school.
That is the claim made by a group of graduates from ultra-Orthodox Jewish private schools called yeshivas, and they say that startling situation has been commonplace for decades.” NYTimes

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

Kinda long post.
So let the fun/bs begin. I received a call from the principal at my son’s school today. My son is a 10th grader this year and he has not taken any kind of STAAR assessment since 6th grade and no EOC’s last year. The principal called to inform me that the English make up EOCs were today (morning ) and wanted to know why my son wasn’t there. Mind you no one ever took the time to see that he has late arrival due to sleep disorder and also has other disabilities. So if it’s so important do the footwork. I told him everything above and that I did not want him taking it. First of all no warning and preparation for
him to arrive early. Besides the fact that I don’t agree with it at all. He said thank you and hung up. Then I find out this afternoon from my son that the principal pulled him from
class after my conversation with him. He ask him hundred questions and how he felt about not taking it. Needless to say I’m pissed. I had already handled it and last I checked my son is not an adult. It amazes me that the school will count a kid absent for entire class period if they are a few minutes late but then will completely pull them from class to go to the principal’s office for this. I believe it’s a form of bullying and manipulation. Not happy and I will
be calling the school in the morning.

And another post from this group:

School will be recommending the STAAR ALT for my child. After looking at the requirements to take this alternative assessment I notice this clause!

For a student whom the ARD committee deems eligible to take STAAR Alternate 2, the committee understands that instructional and assessment decisions made may impact a student’s graduation plan in high school, as described in 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §89.1070.

The testing window is open for to 2-3 weeks in April. We could have her read an “opt out statement each day for the STAAR ALT 2, but also don’t want to send the wrong message either.

We would accept a basic diploma but not a participation certificate.

Is anyone knowledgeable about this Alternative assessment and that it means for her future?
Thank you in advance

And yet another post from this group:

Just dropped off my HS sophomore son. On the way, he was informing me how they had a math professional come talk to his remedial algebra class. She told them next week is the algebra retake. Then she went on to bully & intimidate them by saying if they don’t pass, they will be like the HS senior she met last year who was crying his eyes out because he was not permitted to graduate. This really pisses me off! I was totally against my son taking a remedial math class anyway, but these idiots at the school talked my husband into it by saying our son won’t graduate if he don’t pass the math STAAR. So my poor son has to take 2 maths now.
Btw, my son is a straight A student. My son just told me his concerns of not being able to graduate & I told him you will, you just get your diploma in the mail. They punish you by taking away the glory of walking the stage with your friends. That’s how they get back at you. This is a rotten thing that they are doing. Trying to put fear of God onto my kid. Grrrrrrr……

And some replies to this post:

Have him read this article and decide which path is best for him. Have him look at the various substitute assessments that can be used in place of EOC’s. Ask him about the importance of walking the stage. Also check with the school and see if a student who has completed the course work but has not passed the EOC’s can walk the stagehands and receive a certificate of completion even if they aren’t receiving a diploma.

oh we talked to the dumb counselor already, school won’t budge. No matter if they are honor roll students or not, if any of the STAAR has not been passed there will be no graduation AND she & the Dean of the HS claim no college will take him either.

They are saying there won’t be a diploma. And according to current TEA rules that is ‘true’.

Some schools offer a certificate of completion if a child has finished all of the coursework and earned all of the required credits. This enables them to walk the stage with their peers, but doesn’t give a diploma until EOCs are passed.

He could then utilize the CVEP program for the diploma.

The college thing is BS.

And he can also use substitute assessments in place of the EOCs and still receive diploma.

SAT, ACT, pSAT, TSI, AP/IB can all be used in place of EOC.

You are so correct about the school bluffing on the no college will take him.

I work for a Community College. If the son passes the TSI he is considered college ready. Even if he doesn’t pass, he can take developmental classes that if completed with a C or higher will consider him TSI complete. He can put in a semester or two at the community college level and transfer to a 4 year. That is mostly why community college graduation rates are so dismal as it is mainly a back door into a 4 year institution.

You have this diagnosed correctly. The school is telling lies to intimidate you. Sorry to hear it worked with your husband. Men are often bigger sheep and feel like they have to do whatever the authority figure tells them. Schools confronted with mothers who stand their ground are notorious for going behind the back to the father and getting him to go against his wife with some really chauvinistic arguments.

At any rate, understand that if your child finishes his coursework, he can graduate. The diploma might have the name of another school on it, but he will be perfectly able to go to college. Also, have him take all the substitute assessments (and check the scores on any he already took!). Schools are famous for retesting kids who failed STAAR but had passing scores on PSAT.

Read the What About High School article and ask questions until you understand it. And tell your district to go to hell.

My son didn’t pass 3/5 EOC, but had enough credits to “graduate”. The principal told me that he was allowing my son to walk the stage because he knew he was a hard worker, but the diploma and transcripts with graduation dates were out of his hands. He walked and got an empty diploma cover and a note saying when the next testing dates were. He ended up getting his diploma elsewhere and moving on. Sucks how they can demonstrate to teachers the knowledge to pass the class but the STAAR can’t be waived after ELEVEN attempts. I literally asked for data showing that students finally passed after taking a test 10 times. They couldn’t produce it. Where is the logic?

the PSAT,ACT, SAT can all be used in place of the STAAR for high school students to graduate…. I realize that doesn’t help your kiddo now but I wanted to make sure others here are aware

yup, we knew that then. He wasn’t college bound and he was turned away during the school’s TSI testing day the week before graduation. I even attempted a GPC in December of his senior year. He slipped thru the cracks. STAAR rules did not work in his favor and almost screwed him of his coveted US ARMY career. Long story, but he was gifted the walk across the stage which can vary between schools.

Here is a post that I found on The Conservative Hammer page:

This hangs in the gym of Handley Highschool in Winchester, Va.


Here is a post that I found on a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

Check your local district to see what they are doing in terms of Social and Emotional Learning. It’s all tied to the Common Core Education reform:

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Ann Marie Banfield
Date: Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 4:39 PM
Subject: Request for an investigation by the Attorney General in NH
Cc: David Solomon, Dr. Gary Thompson, Ward, Ruth,, John Reagan, Rick Ladd, Glenn Cordelli, Edelblut, Louis (Frank),,, Kate Cassady, Sally Griffin,,,

Dear Governor Sununu,

I am contacting you on behalf of children in the state of New Hampshire about the data mining and the release of personally identifiable information which includes mental health social, emotional, and behavioral data. Our children are being universally diagnosed for mental health interventions in the classrooms of New Hampshire. These techniques are widespread in our state without giving parents informed written parental consent and any disclosure of harmful effects.

I have included in this letter an attachment with questions to the Commissioner of Education and the Attorney General concerning the legality of psychological and psychiatric assessments and treatment in violation of the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment and SEC. 4001 in ESSA, for Parental Informed Written Consent. Mental health identification and interventions in social, emotional, and behavioral programs are being initiated WITHOUT informed written parental consent. Many marketing propaganda materials are used to “engage” parents to agree to these conditioning concepts without truthfully explaining the appropriate meaning to such techniques and the future impact of their children with mental health coding on their records.

I have attached a list of possible violations that must be investigated to sort out the illegalities of data mining, data sharing and mental health treatment that is being implemented in New Hampshire without the informed written consent of parents.

I am also including information from correspondence between myself, school administrators in New Hampshire and, researchers at Plymouth State University. They will reveal the practice of assessing, diagnosing, treating children and sharing this sensitive data with vendors and researchers.

Teachers in New Hampshire have revealed to me their discomfort with their new role and admit,they are not educated or qualified to treat students. Yet, that’s exactly what they are now required to do in the name of social and emotional learning.

With the recent passage of the amendment to the New Hampshire Constitution that states, “An individual’s right to live free from governmental intrusion in private or personal information is natural, essential and inherent,” this also applies to students attending public schools in New Hampshire.

I am requesting that you intervene immediately. Please request that the Attorney General call a halt to educational data mining activities, and force compliance with all privacy laws for the protection of our children in New Hampshire. Informed written parental consent must be initiated, with penalties for violating our children’s’ privacy through data mining or sharing of personal information.

I will be looking forward to your reply,

Ann Marie Banfield
Education Liaison, Cornerstone Action

Violations of Privacy Laws and Data Mining Personal Data on Children

Data Tracking: Collection of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on babies, children, and teachers identified with a unique national ID, contracted by Institute for Educational Sciences, NCES/IES. Compliance to Obama’s FERPA Executive Order 12866 expanding FERPA to collect and share data.

Data Trafficking: Release Of Personally Identifiable Information, PII, to 3rd Party Contractors: State DOE’s and local schools are able to enter into written agreements with businesses, foundations, higher education, and other Departments, releasing PII because of the loopholes in FERPA, (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) that redefine school officials. PII, Social,Emotional Behavioral Data, and “womb to workforce” data, is freely given to 3rd party contractors through written agreements contracted by each state DOE.

Treatment, Interventions, Psychological Abuse: ESSA mandates PII collected on attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions (grit) carried out by IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). All students, birth through college-aged students are identified under Title I for social, emotional, and behavioral change, Child Find. Techniques defined in ESSA include mental health interventions: Positive Behavior intervention and Supports, Response To Intervention, Multi-Tiered System Of Supports, Universal Design For Learning which are performed WITHOUT informed written parental consent.

Privacy Violations: Sharing and Re-Disclosure of PII continues, including data collected on attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions, without the knowledge or consent of parents. Directory information is cross-referenced with a unique national ID aligned with teacher collected social/emotional behavioral data collected on the local level. No privacy disclosures are used. Children are being used as a commodity.

Violations Under ESSA, Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment, PPRA: Violations under Title I school-wide through the use of psychiatric, psychological examination, assessment, evaluation, or testing; Psychiatric or psychological treatment/interventions deceptively used in classrooms without the knowledge, disclosure, or written permission of parents. ESSA forbids mental health screening without consent, yet the abuse continues.

Civil Rights Violations: Interventions, treatment, and re-education of attitudes, values, dispositions, and beliefs of children are profound violations of 1st Amendment protections of our God-given right to “right of conscience” and the 4th Amendment protection of our God-given right “to be secure in their persons.”

Public Law 103-33, General Education Provisions Act, Sec 438: Federal Government is supervising and directing curriculum creating a “model national curriculum” and a national test. NCES/IES evaluates and monitors students, teachers, funding, principals, schools, districts, and states for mental health data.

Malpractice and Maltreatment of Children and Babies by Teachers and Preschool Caregivers: Teachers/preschool caregivers, (exceeding their professional certifications), are required to screen, evaluate, perform anecdotal behavioral assessments, conditioning, and implement mental health remediation of the child’s attitudes, values, beliefs, and dispositions called social, emotional learning to comply with global initiatives under ESSA. Standards defined by Department of Labor SCANS Report, create the process of “supply-chain management to humans.” This system sets up schools to begin Medicaid reimbursements. All Illegal.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Don’t take that extended family vacation, and heaven forbid your child gets really sick — your attendance data labels you. (Thanks ESSA) Gates funded #DataQualityCampaign on giving that data to nonprofits and local agencies:
“high chronic absence rates in a classroom, school, or district can also be a key indicator of broader, systemic problems in a community. In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (which includes the city of Pittsburgh), the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania (UWSWPA) identified chronic absence as a key issue affecting local students and teamed up with schools, nonprofits, and local public agencies”

And another post from this friend:

The US DoE signed an MOU w Switzerland for this k-12 workforce pipeline. ??!!

And some replies to this post:

Wow “Companies start recruiting students in the 7th grade with apprenticeships starting in 10th grade.”

The Swiss model is (Hickenlooper’s) Colorado model …and Arizona’s… and now Washington state’s.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Well my son just told me that he was taken out of class today to retake the STARR that he didn’t pass last year. Also he has to take another one tomorrow. Well guess what he will be at home tomorrow and I will talking to the school in the morning. I’ve read from other people that this has happened and sure enough CISD is falling suit. This has to stop!!


And another post from this group:

Submitted my opt out letter for my 10th grader.

Leander ISD states that they will follow up in regards to a district response outlining “long term implications”.

Long term implications -this will be fun 🤓

So thankful for this page 💗


Here is a reply to this post. It was from a different person than the OP:

Here. Here’s my email today. It ended with the principal apologizing. This has been happening since 9th grade with ONE test because she chose to opt out on this one test. She’s a senior now.

Good morning!

It has been brought to my attention that you have once again asked my daughter to take the English 1 Staar assessment that she has opted out of since freshman year. This time she was threatened with being counted as absent from school if she didn’t come take the test, and told she would not graduate. Again, my daughter is an exemplary student who does not need to take the English 1 staar in order to graduate. Again, the law clearly states that an alternative assessment can be used in place of the English 1 test, and that can be a myriad of assessments including AP tests, the ACT, the SAT (not for both English 1 and English 2 but for one or the other), and a few other assessments. This is all state law, and again, I am surprised you aren’t aware of this.

Rest assured I know it comes down to money that your school receives for kids who pass, and rest assured we don’t care.

In case you aren’t aware of the law, I have again done some research for you and pasted the links in this email so that you can become enlightened.

Here are the assessments that can be used in place of staar. Notice some will actually help her get accepted into colleges, unlike staar, which has no value.…/chap…/19_0101_4002-1.pdf

Here is the section of the law that clearly states there are alternative scores that can be used if a child doesn’t pass/take a certain test.

High School Graduation: Students must pass the five end-of-course exams or an acceptable substitute in order to graduate, as described above. A student who does not perform satisfactorily on the STAAR test in no more than two courses may be permitted to graduate if an individual graduation committee determines the student is qualified to do so. By local policy, a school district may also issue a certificate of coursework completion to a student who successfully completes curriculum requirements but who fails required state assessment tests. Tex. Educ. Code §§ 28.025(d), .0258; 19 Tex. Admin. Code § 101.3022.

While I understand that you would rather her take the English 1 assessment, and if you (who ever it was this morning) wouldn’t do things like threaten her with not graduating or being counted absent when she is very much present, she would probably be more willing to take it.

Just allow her ACT scores, her AP testing scores to count. I’m not opting her out this time, she is 18 and she has chosen to stand her ground. She is highly intelligent and very mature, and would appreciate if whomever dealt with her this morning would have taken the time to find out from Mr. Dhalla that this is a subject that has been talked about and handled several times over the last four years.

I could ask you how the [name redacted by me] twins graduated last year when they didn’t take even one EOC but I’ll not. Please don’t tell her she won’t be graduating when she most certainly will.

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

And we wonder why so many children are struggling. (Note, this is not about parents utilizing having to utilize daycare; this article is about kids being pressured to learn at such early ages.)

And some replies to this post:

Tell it to this guy, because apparently he doesn’t ‘get it.’-

I wish I didn’t remember this. Absolutely sickening.
This has to be shared far and wide, until it sinks in. Who in God’s name would support this?? Well, except for the thieves of children’s minds.

as always, it’s all about the benjamins. #followthemoney

It’s been in the making for a long time…maybe longer-

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Please PLEASE read this report from OSPI on integrated student supports.

This is IT folks. It’s being discussed in the legislature TODAY.

And here are some replies to this post:

Don’t parents realize students need these supports so ‘the policy makers can fix the problems they created for the children?

CISL’s Mission To connect people to the research and information they need to eliminate educational opportunity gaps and improve learning and teaching in Washington State*+

CIS is also part of the Social Innovation Fund and they make no secret that they want to use SIBs as a way to finance this.

I see the words Data Tracking and expanded learning time.

Oooooh this is a pretty graphic. Let’s skate Figure 8’s on the ice all day!


Here is the legislation that made it possible for thIs report to come to fruition….


So essentially they are outsourcing education and using computers…. where is the teacher’s union?


this is outsourcing all the peripherial stuff-like mental health, mentoring, ELO’s, preschool, K. It’s all data gathering. I find it interesting that Third Sector Capital (SIBs) is also working with Child Trends.


this is what’s really happening with this legislation…/pay-for-success-and-the…/


It’s a strange report. It talks out outcomes but nothing about how to achieve them.

But even more performance review for teachers will be a disaster for teachers. More will leave. It will become like engineering. Only people from authoritarian cultures will be able to have a job. That’s the idea.

The report is so unclear. What is it exactly?


Ho boy they sure do bring up data collection a lotta times without /saying/ ‘data collection’, don’t they? 

“) Community providers who work in school but AREN’T school staff are given adequate space and access to relevant STUDENT INFORMATION, and their roles and responsibilities are clearly understood by staff, students, and families.
4) All ‘STAFF’ are involved in supporting students and linking them to supports through IDENTIFIED CHANNELS.
5) Staff are trained to deliver and MONITOR supports in the setting that is least disruptive to the student’s normal daily routine.
6) Strong ‘COMMUNICATION’ CHANNELS between community providers, schools, and home allow for SHARING OF INFORMATION ”


That’s ugly…


Has anyone written an article on this particular bill?


Alison has written a lot about this stuff in general. I don’t think anyone has called out WA specifically. When I went with [name redacted] to the ELO public event, it was very clear they were going to be partnering with YMCA, B & G clubs, etc. But the problem is those private clubs get all teh data on the kids. And vice versa. We have become a data-driven society.

In the K12 power point, it references a group called “The Barr Center” which is a push in model for integrated student supports. Here’s their website:

Now, I suspected that the Barr Center is positioning itself to move to PFS or SIBs financing. And I found this-under America Forward-a Pay for Success and Social innovation fund coalition:

Here is a post from two years ago in this group:

Informative article on Kindergarten and Early Childhood programs in various states, including Washington. Worth the read.

“Washington state is phasing in a program intended to lead to full state funding for full-day kindergarten by the 2017-18 school year. The state is starting with the lowest-income districts, which means that more affluent districts such as Lake Washington, east of Seattle, are still charging parents.”

And here is a recent reply to this post:

Heard ‘on the street’:
“My daughter is in kindergarten this year and there is NO play. No house, no rice bin, no cooking, no puzzles, no art. We asked about it at conferences and were told it was a building decision… as I have two friends with kindergarteners at two different schools and they both have play time. My daughter has brought home two “art” projects this year. One she painted a paper, someone else cut out the flower, and she glued the flower with a printed poem on another paper. The other was her painted hand print on paper with another printed poem. Both very nice… but I want to see HER work. The first Saturday after her first week of school, we had to leave in the morning. Her comment was, “ I just want to stay home and play. I don’t get to play at school.” For a 5 year old to make that realization was heart breaking. She had played hard for 5 years and now has to sit and focus on academics for 5 hours a day.”

And yet another post from this group:

Policy: 2020
Section: 2000 – Instruction

Course Design, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials

The board recognizes its responsibility for the improvement and growth of the educational program of the schools. To this end, the course designs shall be evaluated, adapted and developed on a continuing basis. Instructional materials shall be selected to ensure alignment with state learning standards and enable all students to master foundational skills and knowledge to achieve college and career readiness.

For the purpose of policy and procedure 2020, the following definitions will apply:

Course Design is the process that includes identifying and sequencing essential content supporting students’ skill development towards state learning standards. Course design involves providing appropriate instructional materials, professional development, and support systems for teachers as they implement the course.

Instructional Materials are all materials designed for use by students and their teachers as learning resources to help students to acquire facts, skills, and/or to develop cognitive processes. These instructional materials, used to help students meet state learning standards, may be printed or digital, and may include textbooks, technology-based materials, other educational media, and assessments. They may carry different licensing types from open to all rights reserved. For the purposes of this policy, there are five categories of instructional materials:

Core Instructional Materials are the primary instructional resources for a given course. They are district-approved and provided to all students to help meet learning standards and provide instruction towards course requirements.

Alternative Core Materials are the primary instructional materials for a given course that are used with a subset of students. These materials are intended to replace approved core materials and may be used for specialized course offerings or flexible learning environments.

Intervention Materials are designed to support strategic or intensive intervention for students who are at risk of not meeting established learning standards. Intervention materials are used with students to accelerate progress toward particular learning goals based on systematic assessment, decision-making, and progress monitoring.

Supplemental Materials are used in conjunction with the core instructional materials of a course. These items extend and support instruction. They include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, visual aids, video, sound recordings, computer software and other digital content.

Temporary Supplemental Materials are those items used in conjunction with the core instructional materials of a course that are of interest or value for a short period of time and are chosen within district-established guidelines. They are not intended to supplant the adopted curriculum nor be used on a regular instructional basis. Examples might include timely articles from relevant, reliable sources, websites, or news broadcasts. The use of temporary supplemental materials for time periods of over one year requires consideration of the material as either part of the core instructional material for a course or supplemental material for the course depending on the nature and scope of the material.

Instructional Materials Committee is the body that makes core instructional materials adoption recommendations to the School Board based on superintendent-established procedures.

Course Design
The superintendent or designee will establish procedures for course design that:

• Provide for the regular review of selected content areas and implementation of any suggested changes.
• Provide for involvement of community representatives and staff members at appropriate times.

Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials
The primary objective in selecting instructional materials is to implement, enrich and support the educational program of the schools. All instructional materials will be selected in conformance with:

  1. Applicable state and federal laws;
  2. Goals and/or learning standards of the district and state; and
  3. Procedures established by the instructional materials committee which address the criteria detailed in the corresponding procedure 2020P.

The board is responsible for the adoption of all core materials used in the district.

The superintendent, or designee, will establish procedures for core material, alternate core, and intervention material selection and adoption using criteria around evidence-based practices.

The superintendent will ensure that a listing of all core instructional materials used within the school curriculum is maintained in the district and is available for public review either in-person or online.

The intent of the board is that the superintendent delegate responsibility for examining, evaluating, and selecting all supplemental and temporary supplemental materials to the professional staff of the district. This includes preparing all student reading lists. Staff will rely on reason and professional judgment in the selection of high quality supplemental materials that align to state learning standards and are appropriate for the instructional program and developmental level and interests of their students.

Cross References: 2027 – District Ownership of Staff-Created Work

Legal References: RCW 28A.150.230 District school directors’ responsibilities
RCW 28A.320.230 Instructional materials — Instructional materials committee
RCW 28A.320.170 Tribal history and culture [as amended by SSB 5433]
RCW 28A.405.060 Course of study and regulations —Enforcement — Withholding salary warrant for failure
Chapter 28A.640 RCW Sexual Equality
WAC 180-44-010 Responsibilities related to instruction
WAC 392-190-055 Textbooks and instructional materials — Scope — Elimination of bias

Management Resources: 2015 – December Issue

Adoption Date:
Classification: Essential
Revised Dates: 04.99; 06.11; 04.15; 12.15


Found this in a Breitbart article.  No doubt this action is part of Agenda 2030 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  This also has CTE stink all over it!

“Education Secretary Betsy DeVos joined with the secretaries of the Departments of Labor and Commerce Monday to sign onto a memorandum of understanding with the Swiss government to promote collaboration between the two nations in the area of workforce development.”


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I received an email from my kids’ school saying they’d like to start private and group counseling sessions during school hours with parental consent. I’m just curious, is this something all public schools participate in? And is the information gained during sessions protected under health privacy laws or is this another way to data mine?


And here are the replies to this post:

Wow I’d be careful and get more info. Is this counseling just for how to do well in school and apply for collage or are we talking therapy? Will the parents have full access to notes and treatment plans? Who else would have access? Also be aware that most school counselors have a social work degree that offers less schooling and most do not know the proper way to run a group or private session. On the flip side some social workers are fantastic. I’d suggest meeting with the counselor. Find out what their degree is, what the goal from the sessions are, and that you have access to full knowledge over everything said. If it were me I’d say no to the school sessions and find my own therapist if I feel my kiddo could benefit.

I agree, there’s no way I would let the school do more psychological profiling than they are already doing. I wouldn’t give schools any more information than is absolutely necessary.

Usually it’s done to help with socializing and behavioral problems. You’d have to ask the school for more details, but from my experience it’s pretty common

The privacy laws are completely gutted. Even if it’s for a legitimate reason, I wouldn’t let my child near it.

Counseling as in tutoring? Or mental health? I’d steer clear.

Unless the parents or your own private physician has seen a need for your individual child to need counseling I would not subject them to these sessions. Even if you did see a need, I would go through your own private doctor to find counseling specifically directed to your own child’s needs. I think a school group is not only not appropriate for general counseling, it is more likely being used as a way to spy on each and every family by encouraging kids to talk or even planting false memories and ideas in their heads. The only way I would allow participation in something like this is if there were a specific school- related event that is going to be the specific topic, such as if a classmate died or there were a shared traumatic event that occurred at the school or to a student or teacher at the school.

Counseling for what?
good question. And sounds like an expense who is paying for this a grant ?

Sometimes that is conducted by on-site school counselors, interns,or non-profit orgs. In any case, you need to see and know who, what, when, where, and why? Will this be done within class time? That means your youngster will miss out on instructional time.(?) What info is documented in and out of the sessions? Lots of questions. What determined your child’s eligibility for theis? And on it goes. Do not be intimidated.

No privacy there! I would absolutely steer clear of this.

All counseling sessions are private under FERPA Sometimes it’s through the counselors at school (that have to have a minimum of a Master’s degree) and sometimes it’s through the local behavioral health office and the therapist comes to the school. Parents have access to all plans & notes. Just ask the counselor what they are suggesting it for. I work at a Junior High directly with the counselors.

FERPA allows the data collected to be shared with third parties. They changed this a number of years ago to open up the data to researchers.

Nothing’s protected under FERPA anymore. Nothing done in school is private, except federally-mandated testing, which is private from parents. Not a chance I’d let my kid engage in this! Nothing but data collection.

Dealing with this right now with IEP. School system says similiar form that applies to counseling must be signed in order to obtain group social skills in IEP. Not happening

That sounds pretty manipulative on their part.

Nope. I would say no. If anything comes up at all the school won’t hesitate to call DCFS.

Because the data is collected by an entity receiving funds from the US Department of Education the data collected is legally considered Education data and NOT Health data under federal law. Meaning it does not have the same legal protections that such private data collected by a private counselor or psychiatrist would have. It is also shareable with third parties for use in research.

HIPPA and FERPA may be being merged soon.


It is part of the SEL or SEI. Stay away from it.

Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

“Students experiencing gender dysphoria deserve our love and support. But my privacy rights shouldn’t depend on what others believe about their gender.”

…”Our school is Boyertown Area High School in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, and my reason for suing was to restore the bodily privacy we used to enjoy in locker rooms and restrooms on campus. Now, we have asked the Supreme Court to review our case.

“I’m OK with the school district’s desire to hear voices other than mine on this issue. But I have a voice, too — and Boyertown officials have little interest in my perspective. They didn’t even bother to tell me or the other students that they changed school policy to allow students to choose their locker rooms and restrooms based not on their sex, but on their beliefs about their gender.

…”My parents were no less shocked by this new policy. Boyertown officials kept it a secret from them, too. The administrators never sent home a memo saying that, from now on, our school locker rooms would be open to students based on what sex students believed themselves to be.

“Instead, our parents first learned of the policy when I found the boy in the girls’ restroom, and when others, like my classmates identified in the suit as Joel Doe and Jack Jones, were changing clothes in the boys’ locker room and looked up to find a girl changing clothes beside them.”


The fascist gender pronoun police have claimed a victim at 
West Point High School in Virginia:


Here is a very disheartening, though, as always, cold hard honest truth, post from Alice Linahan:

Folks – Please do not be deceived by the Hillsdale Barney School Project and their live-streamed fundraiser tonight.

It is interesting to note the close ties between Hugh Hewitt and Bill Bennett. 
Remember: Bill Bennett was a key player in pushing the Common Core in America. It just so happens that Bill Bennett has been in the UnConstitutional Federal Control of Education business for a very long time. Please take note of the photos from a 1994 research manual I will include in the comments section of this post. 

The Barney Charter Schools takes both state and federal tax dollars. $$. In Texas, they access Millions in taxpayer money and must align to the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness Federal standards. To finding the financials you will want to look under the name ResponsiveEd.

In Texas alone, the Barney Project’s Responsive Ed took in $179,507,253 in State and Federal $$ When you take the money you take the federal mandates. Sadly, Hillsdale has sold out.


And here are some replies to this post:

I was very disappointed to see this. I wonder if Rush Limbaugh knows? After all he is a big promoter of Hillsdale.


 I don’t suppose this issue was addressed during the telethon (I forgot to call in!). I sent in a question on why they chose a model that requires them to implement state and federal mandates. 
This could have been such a great program, if they had done it as a private effort. They should know better, given the history of Hillsdale College refusing to take federal and state funding to remain free of government mandates. Their Hillsdale Academy also has an excellent curriculum which could be used as a model around the country.


When I saw that it was Hugh Hewitt hosting and knowing his close ties to Bill Bennett it all made sense and made me very sad. You are right [name redacted] it could have been a very good private program. It is the public/private partnership that makes it a no go. We are losing countless numbers of outstanding private schools because they can’t compete with the federally controlled Barney project schools.

it was asked and they skirted around the question. They made it sound like they were not controlled because Hillsdale College does not take federal or state funds or funds from the Barney Project. It was very deceptive in my opinion. I would be very happy if someone could prove me wrong. But I am seeing first hand here in Texas just how deceptive Responsive Ed is.

I used to teach for ResponsiveEd. They hire their own family members and when I was at training if they have their own children in the school no one would answer. Tells a lot if you won’t put your own children in their schools.

Are you saying Hillsdale is lying in their intentions?

I am saying that the Barney Project gets both state and federal tax dollars. Therefore they must align to the Federal mandates written into the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which mandates the Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness standards.

They either know this and they are lying, or, they themselves are being deceived. Bill Bennett knows exactly what is happening.

did they deny taking state and federal money?

It sounds like they never answered the state/federal money issue, and denied there would be Common Core in their schools, which they should know is inaccurate, since most state tests (which are required for all public schools), are CC aligned.

Listen to Larry Arnn at around timestamp 6:55

He makes the statement that the charter schools never give Hillsdale college any money. But they provides all these services. But they charter schools do get State and Federal dollars.

At timestamp 43:00 or so, a caller asks about government strings. Arnn says that yes, the government could come in and regulate the charters, but there is a contract, and those are hard to change. So has anyone read one of the Barney Charter School initiative contracts with the state of Texas? The contract would have to specifically reject all state/federal mandates. I doubt any do, or would be allowed to.

Hugh is a huge Rino.

Think of it in these terms. When you hear Larry Arnn talk, he is speaking in terms of a Classical education. Which sounds very nice. But listen to what he is actually saying…
Hillsdale views the purpose of the curriculum (provided by Hillsdale) as creating the desired character and sense-making in the student, instead of a transmission of knowledge.

So… When we do not want the STATE or FEDERAL government in charge of forming and modifying the values, beliefs, and behaviors of our children. does an education funded by the state, where the goal is modifying the values beliefs and behaviors of our children any different because it has the Hillsdale brand on it?


Loudoun County, Virginia is trying to strip parents of their inalienable right to homeschool for religious reasons:


Here is a post from Lynne Taylor:

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, to say I’m shocked would be a lie. Maybe you haven’t heard President Trump just unleashed a 5 year STEM workforce plan. As you know, I have been proving the tires between STEM, STEAM, Common Core, and Career Tech Ed to the United Nations. STEM is 100% UN and is the change agent thrown on education. 
Trump won’t be ridding us of Common Core, or data mining. He’s just shown us America needs to become a copy cat, cookie cutter member-state by so embracing STEM. Ivanka and DeVos are just as big a sales pitch team for STEM.
Hate me all you want for pointing out the truth. 
This President is just as sold out as those before him when it comes to educratic BS.
Link to the 5 year STEM news:…/trump-emphasizes-workforce-trai…
Link to my years of research and proof behind the STEM hype:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Just wondering, if anyone has heard of what they are calling mindfulness, into the schools.
It’s a meditation tool. for the behavior emotional learning.
I myself don’t like this.
To me, it’s a self hypnosis training.
This is, to me, is another way of doing.
Just putting this out there to inform parents, teachers.
If this has reached your schools yet.

And here are the replies to this post:

I’m concerned about it as well.

“Mindfulness” was added to the new health standards that are up for a 90-day public review. I’m going to ask that it be removed.

Kindergarten Standard K.MEH.2: “Practice methods to calm down (e.g., deep breathing, counting to 10, mindfulness).”

Grade 4 Standard 4.MEH.1: “Identify healthy ways to manage and reduce stress (e.g., exercise, hobbies, mindfulness, time management, organization).”

It is part of the sel or sei, social emotional intelligence. Not the place of a a government arm.

It’s about the new age and preparing us for the new world order religion of the occult, mysticism, and the new age! I have been studying this for years and have so much to say about this, it’s evil and wrong! The new age is replacing God and Jesus Christ and pushing people to accept self worship!

That’s interesting to me….. I’ve thought it was a way for us to choose faith instead of being crippled by fear.

Faith in self not faith in God.

I am intrigued by your thoughts and honestly want to know where you are coming from. Meditation and mindfulness are tools I utilize almost everyday to quite my mind and prepare my heart for pray/scripture study/ different conversations where I need an extre measure of love etc. since beginning to utilize these tools I have found my ability to listen to the spirit increase because of the decrease of fear and anxiety. I have felt closer to the spirit and more concerned for the welfare of others. All things that I feel are positives results. Can you help me understand your perspective?

It sounds like you are using mediation the correct way. You are honoring God in your use of it to prepare for a spiritual experience. Schools cannot mention God or our relationship to him. Big difference! Mindfulness is the job of the family, not government schools. The practice is being manipulated to suit their purposes, not God’s purposes.

Parents are woefully unaware of the way that standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) laws have been rigged by sexual rights activists. Mindfulness is part of grooming children as political and sexual rights activists. The US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos recently signed the G20 Education Ministers agreement to implement the UN’s Education 2030 Framework for Education. Google it and get educated about it.

But, for a primer, you can read here about how mindfulness is being used to train teachers and children to question their thinking….to question reality. People who question their foundation can be easily controlled by anyone with a political or social agenda.

See that Planned Parenthood (a UN 2030 partner) is ready to prepare youth with Mindfulness programs:

One of the key tenants of mindfulness is “there is no right or wrong, no judgement, things just are.” It’s teaching and training children to shut out the spirit and avoid identifying things that are evil and wrong but be more “open” to other points of view. It’s very scary stuff if you stop and think about it instead of just blindly “open your mind.”

Wow! I had no idea Planned Parenthood was getting into this area too. What won’t they do to try to get to our children? The rest of our new health standards aligned to the National Sexuality standards (written by PP & others) would allow this to happen.

There have been schools in Salt Lake who have used Planned Parenthood programs in the past. I think it’s possible they could easily pick up this ready-made source for this purpose as well. We aren’t immune from the worst because the resources are already out there.

I think another way of looking at this is that we are asking teachers more & more to be mental health experts without training in psychology, etc. This isn’t individualized treatment for children who may need it, this is done as an entire class with no possibility for concerned parents to choose not to participate. Could it be harmful rather than helpful to some? It could be. It won’t be taught the same way in every classroom & there’s some concerning programs/methods out there. Right now we’re just chasing fads & this is the latest & greatest.

 The roots of the “feelings” movement in education go back to 2003 when UNESCO (the UN’s Education division) sent 130 Education Ministers around the world a report about developing Social and Emotional Skills (SEL) in children. Now, 15 years later, the ideology in that report has taken over US teacher training and SEL is part of Common Core’s federal education reforms. Schools receive funding and principals and school leaders see their schools receive better school grades when they implement SEL.

From a Christian perspective, we understand the importance of planting our roots in a truth-based foundation. So, it is important for parents to know that UNESCO is an openly anti-family, anti-Christian, pro-LGBTQI organization that uses education policy to change the beliefs and behaviors of cultures. The educator that they credit with helping them spread sexual ideology into most curriculum subjects is an SEL “expert” named Linda Darling-Hammond. She designed the policies for standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) in the 2016 federal education law the Every Student Succeeds Act. Her SEL-promoting company called the Collaborative for Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is working with school districts to ensure that schools adopt SEL policies and reforms.

Pro-family groups like Family Watch have warned Americans for years about UNESCO and its agenda to politicize and sexualize what’s taught and tested. SEL is being used to change children’s Christian values.

Here is an article promoting SEL from Common Core advocate Edutopia:

Got SEL? Teaching Students to Describe Emotions | Edutopia…/got-sel-teaching-students…

Here is a link to Stella Morabito and Karen Effrem’s resources warning parents about SEL. They have PowerPoints and videos at the link. Please read their impressive bios. I have great respect for both of these courageous women and my education research dovetails theirs. Pro-family groups like Family Watch have shared their materials widely:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group from Alison:

I’ve been doing some thinking on “Anytime, Anywhere Learning” and biocapitalism this morning. If you have thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them. PDF of this accessible via this link:

And some replies to this post:

innocent question: so this won’t affect those who have light colored skin & live in America? My children are a mixture of races, look Caucasian, but have attended schools that have adopted UN agendas, 1:1 technology. My daughter teaches in a religious school where their mission statement includes lifelong learning & all kids are issued a chrome book…data is collected somewhere, use powerschool, school system is aligning to ISTE standards, administer computer adaptive indoctrinating MAPs test as well as state test designed by AIR. The public school in our area partners with the manufacturers, have STEM centers at school partially funded by manufacturers, students are being trained at school to work at those manufacturing companies, & have gamified SEL. All kids are being groomed for these companies no matter their race/status. It seems like this system is oppressive for all of us, but maybe what we’ve experienced is a whole different unrelated animal than the system in your diagram?? I would really like to understand the difference.

Within the construct of global impact investing the most profit for venture capital is to be made managing the outcomes of those whose algorithmically-assigned “risk” profile identifies them as being both the most in need of “fixing” with the greatest potential to be “fixed” using low cost digital interventions-aka success according to the data dashboard. I say “fixing” in air quotes, because the intent is to alter people to fit a very broken system. The “fix” is simply a mechanism to manage people’s lives via ed-tech and non-profit wrap around services.

Thus the primary targets for SIBs and DIBs and PFS are in the Global South and also communities in “opportunity zones” or “promise zones,” which are low income, because that is the federal requirement. Due to a long history of structural racism and redlining these zones are occupied primarily by black and brown communities and indigenous communities, though not exclusively. These are the areas targeted for very repressive ed-tech deployments like Rocketship charters.

The new “Swiss model” being adopted is designed to push 2/3 of students into sub-baccalaureate credentialing. Those who can afford elite K12 private educations (Andover, etc.) will be in the group that can access a traditional 4-year college (see Mastery Transcript Consortium Schools for example).

The remaining students will be profiled via data. My sense is those identified as “opportunity youth,” which are the oppressed communities will be channeled into systems that promote alternative pathways to precarious employment. The “stackable” credential will be the success metric for PFS deal evaluation purposes, not living-wage employment. So communities that have faced long-standing discrimination will continue to experience this as they are churned through training and re-training. Meanwhile investors will take the profit each time credentials are logged regardless of whether or not the life outcomes of those students have improved.

In communities that have some stable advanced manufacturing in place, youth not identified as “opportunity” will have economic value insofar as they meet the skills qualifications (including mindset) for regional enterprise and comply with their place in that system. They are not going to be profitable for impact investing, so they are less likely to be churned. Less room for “improvement” if your data profile shows you are coming from a home with some measure of economic stability.

Sir Ronald Cohen has promoted impact investing to the Vatican. The Vatican has held multiple conferences on impact investing. Many of the PFS interventions have ties to Catholic Social Services, so you are correct in that religious schools have been integrated into this system.

Just to sum up. I am seeing four tiers:

  1. Global South and refugee populations (DIBs)
  2. Opportunity youth (historically oppressed communities, SIBs and PFS)
    Above churned through precarious gig employment, re-skilling, intrusive data tracking via social services / development aid
  3. Non-opportunity youth (not subject to impact investing but tracked into sub-baccelaureate credentials)
  4. Elite students (magnet, boarding etc. access to 4-year degrees)

Again, this is all unfolding, but based on my reading of the landscape this how I am thinking about it.

Thank you so much for explaining in such great detail! I have grave concerns about Catholic schools’ participation in these plans. Their strategic plans continue to line up to the global elite agendas, & I plan to continue to fight them. I would really like to know more about the impact investing conferences at the Vatican & PFS interventions tying to Catholic Social Services. If you have a link to that info, I would greatly appreciate it! For the past 5 years, we have lived in a small town near the Green Bay, WI, area. Prior to that we lived near San Antonio, TX. I am seeing schools more lined up to UN agendas here in WI than in TX, but it could be that UN agendas have ramped up substantially over the last 5 years. I did see a tremendous amount of social services being received by populations in the TX schools; however, none were tied to “performance” at that time. That may come later.

Here is my write up that includes info on one of the Vatican conferences.

I am in the process of doing the write up, but here is the map of the origins of the Santa Clara Pay for Success projects. Step Up Silicon Valley had ties to both Catholic Social Services and Santa Clara University, a Jesuit school in the area. The head of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, the largest in the US, came to the Bay area from Minneapolis. Steve Rothschild was the originator of the “human capital performance bond.” He was brought in to pitch it to funders. There are quite a few tech / data dashboard analytics companies in MN. Not sure if the influence is spilling over to WI, too.

This summer was the Vatican’s third impact investing conference. The others were in 2014 and 2016.

While the UN SDGs are key as is the digital identity systems for refugees being pushed (like ID2020), we have to understand that this infrastructure is being set up to enable new systems of capital flow for global finance. UN SDGs IS impact investing. But the investors are at the top of it all. They have to find ways to keep capital flowing and their wealth concentrating even as the number of poor and dispossesed grow beyond what we can imagine with climate catastrophes and economic and military unrest and massive movements and dislocation of populations. These digital systems are being set up to try and manage these crises in such a way as to profit those who already have the most wealth. Meanwhile the Saudi Sovereign Wealth fund, another huge bunch of capital, is pulling out of oil and investing in AI and Robotics and Smart Cities. Lots of moving parts here.

Wow! Thanks so much for connecting all of these dots!!! This is all very helpful in seeing the bigger picture!

Just found this via Strive Together. Doing workforce alignment in Racine County, south of you but still good to have on your radar.

Here is a post from a Florida anti-Common Core group:

So a parent had a dispute with a “government agency” aka public elementary school. The nature of the dispute is not known or reported by this newspaper. Then the parent was arrested on trespassing charges and resisting arrest. The school further “robocalled” a narrative to the school community prejudicing the arrested parents “speech” and school dispute before his due process hearing. Police reports are public records right, but nature of dispute missing?

And here are the replies to this post:

My Principal at KB K8 Center Sylvia Tarafa went to City Hall tried to have me arrested as I was distributing flyers for the YES vote on pending conversion to charter intra-school election. Mind you, I was PTA President at the time. The KB Police refused to respond.

I don’t think the public at large understands how a school district is built and operates. Parents don’t even know how Government agencies “work together” to stack odds against Parents. It could be law enforcement or for example a scenario where a 1. school contracting with the 2. “health care district” for school nurse services, who then calls 3. Department of Families & Children (government agency x 3). Parents don’t have any idea what is happening to them and how the prejudice and record builds against a Parent. Especially a non compliant parent who doesn’t support the government decisions and disputes such.

The government agencies have grown so strong and stealth— the shadow government is real not a conspiracy and I bring it up here because it’s relative to USPIE movement. If Parents don’t know the flow chart or how policy reaches, they can’t mount any defense. The USA is in a position where IMO our Constitution framers never intended to use “enabling powers” or “spending powers” to cripple families and parents from due process… it’s harrowing to say the least

what grounds did principal think he had to arrest you? Did he use trespassing? If Public schools are public places where elections take place and signs allowed where do they place boundaries for members of community?

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I need to rant as I am Soo angry at this point my blood pressure is sky rocketing. I have a child (and I only have had her living with us since her Jr. year) who suffers from anxiety and suffers migraines because of stress and anxiety. She has passed three of the STAAR after numerous retakes. She is a senior. This week she missed Monday because of the history EOC, (already failed it once) they made her take it Tuesday, she missed Wednesday because of the English II that she has already failed numerous times. She went today with a letter stating that she would be picked up at 11:30 for a doctor ‘s appointment. The school started hunting her down like a dog a little after 8 even though she does not have class until 8:50. The school texted teachers, was looking everywhere for her, asking her boyfriend if he knew where she was. She had to hide in the bathroom. She texted from the bathroom to let us know what was going on. I called the principle. I did tell him that I am not trying to be a pain in the butt but would they please quit hunting her down like a dog. I was basically told that: We were dodging the test (duh, and I called it an assessment, told that we could argue about that one all day long), told that there were rules and regulations that they had to follow, told that GPC decides on projects and the ability of how much the student tries on the STAAR according to what ever it is 463, so if she is seen by the committee to not be trying hard enough on STAAR she will not graduate and that he would rather she walk across the stage. Yes I do see that as a threat. So obviously three passing EOC’s and passing grades are not enough. My reply was there are GEDs and home school diplomas. I was also told that sometimes we need to teach our children that there are things we have to do in this life even though we do not want to. I guess hiding in the dark under the covers, on drugs and a icepack on your head to survive the pain does not matter. Well Roger ISD we also teach our children to stand up for what is right and not be subserviant mindless drones that bow down to bullies. The United States was built on the premis of standing against what is wrong and doing something about it otherwise we would still be a subject of England. So I sit here at the table with forms for announcements and graduation robes, adding up to almost $100 (and that is the cheapest I could get) that is due today and I just want to hurt someone.

And some replies to this post:

Do they make the kids sit in the room for the entire time or do they release them to return to class when done?

If she’s passed 3 of 5 EOCs she can graduate. This year’s Sr class is the last one to fall under that guideline. The TxLege convenes in 2019 and could make that change permanent but as it stands, this is the last year for 3/5 EOCs.

Look up and the “What About High School” tab

And the IGC committee should have been formed at the beginning of her Junior year, with a project/portfolio assigned by beginning of Senior year

yup! The amount of hysteria I’m hearing about in schools this year is telling..the TEA is doubling down cuz they know the gig is up soon.

They have to sit for awhile not sure how long. She said about two hours

Go pick up your daughter. Your child. Not the school’s. Period.

But the principle stated very clearly that THEIR GPC would not let her graduate if they believed she was not trying her hardest on the EOC

you’re a member of the GPC. If you are not a part of that mtg, it’s not a GPC

and their “belief” on how hard she tries is not a part of the criteria for GPC. Read the article posted.

That’s not allowed. He is wrong on the law, and wrong as an educator. He is wrong as a human being. He is just wrong.

Picked her up as soon as I hung up.

poor kid. I think I’d file a complaint with the School Board and let them know you’re filing a complaint with the TEA.

If she is a senior and they don’t have a graduation committee already in place, they are not following the law.

There is NOTHING about “trying hard” anywhere in the law. She has passed 3, made an attempt at the others, now the IGC MUST be set up. She completes the work that the committee decides on (and you MUST be a part of that committee) and she graduates. Period. End of story. All the rest of what they told you is pure bullshit.

I totally agree with the bullshit part. Just because some parents fall for it does not mean that all of the parents do. They also have known about my feelings about the STAAR since my son started his freshman year here in 2015.

if a student is present they must be presented with the test. but she should have been allowed to hand it back in blank and return to class.

that’s not true, my son was present all week. I called school to let them know he will be there in class & they will not be bugging him or calling him to take the STAAR. She tried her bs but I told her my son my decision. He hasn’t been bothered all week cause I stood up for my son.

My child after forced re-takes. She literally had a “cardiac event” due to anxiety/panic/stress. Assistant principal Sat across the table after my child texted me..”mommy my chest hurts” and they walked her up and down the halls instead of calling nurse or me. She tried writing and telling principal that she will not take it again and they cornered her and told her I said she was to take take it. Then, didn’t alert me of her missing 3 classes until after re-take was done. Called SRO officer about the extreme bullying from principals and he said “nothing criminal and would not file a statement!” So, I had my child write one up and dropped at Anna PD. On the way to pediatricians…she got all worked up about their threats of not cheering and not graduating and couldn’t breathe. Wound up taking her to ER. I am beyond livid.

My kids did not take ANY Staar tests since 8th grade. No grade placement committee. They both graduated (and walked the stage) in June of this year.

And another post from this group:

I have an ARD meeting scheduled for Monday from 9-10.

I need to know what law states that absences must be made up (Im guessing the TEA is the holder of this). Some very kind people have linked where it states it doesn’t have to be after school or on Saturdays, but then others have said that it doesn’t need to be made up at all.

I need to know what accommodations have been asked for and granted in the past that can address my daughter’s need for frequent doctor visits. I’ve been told to not mention that that she suffers from panic orders, depression, or anxiety and to only say she needs to go to the doctor. I don’t know if this is good advice.

I need to know that if this goes to an Attendance Committee (it will) if I can ask for a medical waiver? I need to know where that it is written so that I can have it at the ready.

My plan is to have as many pages pulled from the TEA or State Law as I can and hand them out to each member of the ARD.

I received a call from the Special Ed Chair (finally) and she asked me why I was calling this meeting. I said that my daughter was not receiving her accommodations outlines on her recent IEP. My daughter is to receive small group instruction in Math as she struggles to remember from day to day. Once she is reminded what was covered previously, she is quick to pick it back up and can then learn. The Chair said there is a TA in the class. I said that my daughter has never received support from her. Chair replied “Well, it is a big class so what you want a more restrictive environment for your daughter?” I said no, I want her to receive the accommodations that are due her. My daughter is to sit close to the teacher since she is easily distracted and has concentration issues. A new teacher made everyone move seats in an alphabetical order so it would make it easier for her to learn names. My daughter emailed the teacher (with my help) asking to be moved back because she has an accommodation. The teacher replied that there are 20 other kids in her class that are 504, she can’t possibly remember everyone’s accommodations, and she would move her back once she knew everyone. My daughter is not to have attention drawn to her or made to be the focus of the entire class, but she reports that all of her teachers call on her.

Not only am I having to defend my daughter against the 90% rule, I’m having to fight to get what she already should be receiving.

I know that it is only going to get worse the closer we get to STARR.

Thank You ALL!!

Oh, If anyone knows of facebook groups that help parents with kids who are disabled, please let me know that as well.

1st UPDATE: My daughter was on 504 when she first entered AISD. We pulled her out for a year to try a Charter School to see if that helped (it didn’t), so we re-enrolled the next. Even though she was out only a year, they stated a new evaluation had to take place. I never met with the person who evaluated her or was involved in the process. It was decided that she should receive services under Special Education but not under 504. She has an active IEP, but attendance is not addressed as it wasn’t an issue before.I don’t know what the different rights and types of accommodations are for the different umbrellas of Spec. Ed vs 504, My guess is that Spec. ED is way more limited or they wouldn’t make the difference.

I plead to the Hive Mind – my daughter is in the 7th grade at O’Henry Middle School in the Austin ISD. She just received her first notice of the 90% attendance policy. The notice states she is to meet with the VP of the school to make an attendance plan. My daughter suffers from anxiety and severe depression. There are days spent going to emergency counseling sessions. All absences are excused, but to this policy it does not matter. I know she will be home on STARR dates so we are looking at trouble heading our way. The policy states this is true from the age of 6 to 18 but this new evil has never been presented to us. Matthews Elementary was an awesome experience for us. The P, VP, Admins, and teachers all knew of my daughter’s differences and worked hard to support her. We had to have grade placement committee meetings, but never because of this 90% rule. I need help. Has anyone navigated this before? Can I be on the “Attendance Committee” like I am on the Grade Placement? Does the Grade Placement trump the Attendance Committee? The school’s Special Ed person is completely MIA and my daughters counselor doesn’t respond to my emails. I’ve met the VP and P in a parent’s tour night and to be frank, they were horrible.

And the replies to the post:

Get her on a 504 ASAP, with an absence accommodation.

She has documentation for ADHD, severe depression, anxiety, and pervasive developmental disord

Wow, a denial for 504 with all of those conditions would be a blatant legal violation. She likely needs a full evaluation and possibly special ed services. The school can provide counseling and psychology as well. How long ago was that denial?

didn’t her doctor contact her school for 504 accommodations? That’s the first thing my doctor did when my daughter was diagnosed with the same thing at the beginning of the year

Also when my daughter had to miss a lot of days at the beginning of the year bc I couldn’t get a freaking doctors appointment she did a couple of Saturday school to make up work and time. I did get the truancy letter and that took care of it. I always kept her teachers abreast of the situation via email. I have to say that my school has been amazing. This is a nightmare to go through with all the accommodations granted. I can’t imagine what you are going through. Praying everything gets better for your daughters sake.

Did they just flat out deny her or did they do an evaluation first and then deny? If you have presented documentation of her diagnoses, I would either file for due process to appeal or tell them you’re going to contact OCR. That usually lets the school know you mean business and gets them moving in the right direction.

The school did the evaluation and I submitted the documents from her doctor as well. Their finding was that she should receive Special Ed. services, but not be under the 504 umbrella.

This breaks my heart. My daughter missed 15 days of school as her appendix ruptured leading to emergency surgery and a hospitalization, and I STILL received a truancy notice stating it was unexcused, and she was in danger of being held back in 8th if she missed more than the allowed 18 days. I had all documentation and a surgeons note. Didn’t matter. Makes me sick how our children are treated at times. Prayers to you and your daughter. She should be on a 504 point blank. There should be laws to protect children like her. I have two kids on 504’s myself.

the best thing to do is a surgical situation is to go withdrawal your child to temporary home school and you don’t have to deal with this.. but for a child with an ongoing anxiety depression issue they need provisions and the law should protect them.

it really ticks me off when I hear stuff like this. My daughter’s friend missed 15 days of school for a trip to Brazil. No truancy notice, no attendance committee meeting, no threat of being held back, nothing. At a recent 504 meeting, I approached the idea of my 5th grade son missing half of each Monday for a weekly medical appt (OIT updosing for food allergies which he has the 504 for already) and the school flipped out on me saying he would be failed in his Monday afternoon classes for attendance. I offered to take his class work with us since we will be driving from Houston to Austin and back for the appt so plenty of time to get the work done. He is in GT and dual language and makes straight A’s every year. How can they fail him!? So a family vacation is a-okay but valid medical appts are not!? Our kids are treated so unfairly sometimes.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Homeschoolers. In August of 1995, the Education Reporter covered the National Education Association’s annual convention, at which delegates passed at least five resolutions “indicating the NEA’s antagonism toward parents who make private school or homeschool choices.” The Education Reporter stated, “One resolution attacks homeschooling directly, claiming that it is tolerable only if parents are licensed by the state and use a curriculum approved by the state education department.”

As an ardent supporter of parent-directed homeschooling, Phyllis recognized the importance of mothers and fathers educating their own children. Homeschooling is a bright spot in today’s education landscape. Homeschooling cooperatives, both formal and informal, have sprung up around the nation to support parents and to provide interaction among students.

Phyllis was always ahead of her time. The Education Reporter warned parents in 1995 to be aware that “the NEA wants teaching about homosexuality always to be part of sex education.” Today even kindergarten students are forced to learn about sex, homosexuality, and transgenderism.


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

“President Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind’ could be referred to as “No American Left Alone” since what we are looking at is what the National Alliance of Business, which supports “planned economy,” refers to as Kindergarten through Age 80 Education/Training. This is basically the United Nations Lifelong Learning-Brainwashing Agenda under the umbrella of what will eventually be “unelected” school and community councils (council is defined as “soviet” in many dictionaries) which will make all decisions for us at the local level. Former Senator Bill Bradley, N.J., called for this on one of the Sunday morning talk shows about four years ago. The Governors, very recently at their NGA conference, discussed the use of unelected (politically-correct?) citizens to police our communities. This is so unbelievable I find it hard to even write about it.”
Charlotte Iserbyt April 12, 2002


And another post from this group:

.. “The goal of the Goodlad Study, which was made available to all fifty state commissioners of education, was/is to change United States education in order to merge it into the global education system. Iserbyt later came across a federally-funded grant entitled Better Education Skills through Technology (Project BEST). Having served as a local school board member, she was shocked by one page marked CONFIDENTIAL which stated “What we (U.S. Dept. of Education) can control and manipulate at the local level,” which listed (to be controlled) selection of members of task force, content of curriculum, etc. Iserbyt leaked the entire grant to Human Events, a D.C. weekly journal, but not before she had removed all other controversial anti-family/anti-American curriculum plans/documents from her office to her apartment.” Charlotte Iserbyt

…”use the schools to change America from a free market system to a ‘planned global economy’.”


Here is a post from an Idaho anti-Common Core page:



Kudos to these California parents for standing up the radical sex ed curriculum in their school:


Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Getting ready for middle school fun!


And some replies to this post:

If you don’t fight it and insist on better


Both my daughters did lose electives their entire middle school years due to failing the STAARS, but looking back, I should have not allowed that to happen. They absolutely don’t have to lose an elective. Fight that. I wish I had. I didn’t know any better at the time.


What do you tell them to fight it? We are about to have our ard meeting for my daughter to go into 6th and the Jr high teachers will be in on this meeting so what do I say to tell them they will not take away her elective. She hasn’t passed a star test yet.


My son failed all three STAAR test last year. This year he is taking the science, math, and, reading. I’m a little scare he may not passed them. How do I go on about fighting for his right


I didn’t realize PE was an elective option. I thought it was required in MS.



Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

This special commission takeover of state board passed. 
“Kelly claims the innovative districts would be the very ultimate in local control. Kelly is full of it. First of all, unless every one of these future “innovation zone” districts has been clamoring for CBE, then the first act of this “local control” move will be for the state’s unelected shadow board of education to impose a new, untested, unproven educational system on the local school district. That’s the opposite of local control. Then, since modern CBE is most often a computer-based program delivered and controlled by an outside vendor, it is a system that is at odds with local control. It will make a bunch of people a bunch of money, but it will not give control to the local district. Kelly is full of something, and it’s not Michigan snow.


And another post from this page:

HB 6314, with a sub version, passed the Michigan House Education Committee, sadly with All “Republicans” voting yes. A sub bill is not what people say. Read it yourself. It is a “Mother May I” bill, some say increases local control. If a district has to ask permission, is that local control? And the bill language uses a confusing combination of “and” and “or” that we believe forces CBE, another unproven experiment, on districts seeking more flexibility. Rep Tim Kelly has a clear workforce development agenda. Why are “our” guys caving?


And I found a follow-up post on this from someone from Michigan:

So disappointed in our “Republican” Michigan House. They passed another education reform bill that encourages districts to “innovate” using unproven practices including Competency Based Education. Some will suggest the bill eliminated this requirement, but that is not clear. And some suggest, since it is voluntary, schools are free to choose. This is NOT local control, when districts must ask MDE “ Mother may I” with limited options of what innovation entails.

HB 6314 and HB 6315 passed 56-53 and 57-52, respectively.


And yet another post from this person:

The “Republican” majority over the last 4 years has destroyed public education and set a path to undermine parents from conception as their plans are Pre-natal into adulthood. Third grade reading achievement is at an all time low. The Feds Have Michigan on a “needs improvement” plan for our deplorable outcomes for special needs kids. Yet MDE has been authorized to expand their influence beyond K-12 to P20. Insane. No wonder Republicans lost this year.


And the replies to this post:

Governor Snyder Executive Order 2010-15 P-20 Longitudinal Data System…/0,4668,7-277-57738_57679…

SIGNED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER No. 2010 – 15 – This Order is effective October 18, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Michigan this 18th day of August, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and ten. JENNIFER M. GRANHOLM GOVERNOR – BY THE GOVERNOR:…/mileg.aspx…

Governor Snyder Common Core Connected to Snyder’s P-20 Longitudinal Data System
How is the Common Core Connected? The adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards has furthered the government’s expansion efforts, because the authors of the Common Core are clear: the success of the standards hinges on the increased collection of student data.


Second time watching her. Chica says this with a Straight Face. Is she merely reading or does she understand the ramifications of her words on a deep level ? On one hand, what she says is Gobbledygook. As a practitioner dealing with KinnyGardeners, Third Graders, CrayCray Jr High Kids, its Pure Gobbledygook a.k.a. Unadulterated Bull Shit. On the other hand, it’s Fascist Totalitarianism. Prenatal though higher ed. Holy Shit ! WPD no long says stuff about how badly Kids are doing on Standardized Tests. Tests are not Educational Tools, but Political Tools. Reiterating the Fascist’s line about poor test results just gives the RATBastards more power. There really is no such real thing as 3rd Grade Reading, anyway. Third Grade Reading is a totally contrived construct. Over time, the meaning of “reading” changes. If kept simple, like “what color is the dog in the story ?”, there can be a somewhat reliable and valid measure of reading. But on a higher level – Application thru Evaluation on Blooms (DOK 2,3 on Depth of Knowledge), Reliability drops, Validity more than problematic. Skrew what Shiela has to say. Skrew Business, Government, Military interests in the Education Sector.

Democrat Politicians seem to offer Zero Hope. Teacher Union Bosses are Functionaries of the Democrat Party. Teachers will not be hearing Truth from AFT – American Federation of Teachers NEA Today. Individual Teachers may offer some hope – providing that they are open minded. Teachers are under siege, from Crazy Kids, Crazy Parents, Crazy Teachers, Crazy Administration, Crazy Politicians, Crazy Society. Those teachers who have not drank the Democrat CoolAide perhaps offer hope, if they have not already began taking sips of juice from Establishment GOPs. Whitmer cannot pass anything on her own. Perhaps the new crop of GOPs will stay true to “Principle over Party”, “Principle over Power”. WPD will be issuing no hall passes for those who stray into Establishment territory.

There are actually a TON of reasons why Republikrats lost this year and if they keep acting like the Demokrat-Communists, they, AND TRUMP are gonna lose in 2020 too. The only problem is, I’m not so sure the rest of us deserve to lose.

Here is a post from another person in Michigan:

I’m hearing some Lansing Republicans want to force schools to adhere more closely to Common Core, by grading schools (A-F) based largely on the statewide, Common Core-aligned test. 


And another post from someone in Michigan:

Michigan “Republican” Legislature is moving aggressively to further the Chamber-DeVos-Big Business agenda against the grassroots. Here is a proposal to allow Great Start to expand, enrolling three year olds despite the clear evidence that it is a huge waste of money for 4 & 5 year olds. The ONLY value is to separate kids from their families and begin the socialist brain-washing sooner. Call your MI Senator. Mine is Tonya Schuitmaker

SB 1186 of 2018
School aid; categoricals; appropriation for great start readiness program; revise to allow participation by 3-year-olds. Amends secs. 11 & 32d of 1979 PA 94 (MCL 388.1611 & 388.1632d).


Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 17

This is part 17.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

“My science teacher said she has to teach towards the STARR. She hates that she has to do that. I don’t even remember what it is like to learn… and not be taught for the STARR.”- Jett, 10 years old


Another reason not to send your kids to the University of Colorado:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Does anyone have any insight into IXL? Our school district is using it on a trial basis. Kids seem very unhappy that time is being taken away from core classes & specials. It is all practice, no teaching. Thanks.

And some replies to this post:

My students use it but it’s just for fluency. If they don’t like it and have better options, keep doing what they like.

my daughter said it is being used in ELA, math & then they are starting Spanish. She said it is taking away from classroom learning time.

Oh boy, so you mean it’s not just during math or they are making kids do math during ELA? So, is it being used as busy work?

it is being used in place of teaching time.

They are practicing language arts in ELA, math in math, Spanish in Spanish. So when are they learning new content?

This is thegoal. Get everyone on computers and replace teachers..

Wow. Yea, that isn’t good. I’d push back on that. It’s just question and answer. It doesn’t teach or give mini- lessons.

my fear exactly. I think I’ll have a meeting with administrators & Opt my kids ou

IXL is actually been around for a long time. My administrator wanted to do one that was more Common Core and we pushed back. It looked ridiculous.

My son’s math teacher tried to get him to use it in 8th grade. I looked at it, looked at the privacy policy and had them delete his account. I told the school he would not be using it and that was it. He did other work

What is IXL and ELA? Are both linked to computers? IMO, computers belong in a room which is not a classroom. The whole point of the Public School System is to socialize kids. That can’t be done when they spend eight+ hours in front of a screen. Individual learning devices have their place in a language lab but that should be in addition to five days of teaching the subject. Computers are not even substitute teachers and as we know many schools are opting to replace teachers with substitutes as much as possible to break the union.

ela is English language arts class & IXL is a computer based learning app but all it does is provide practice with no lessons. It starts with easy questions & gets harder. It scores kids with 1 point for a correct answer but when they get one wing it drops them 10 points & they can’t move on with out a 100.

Everyone should read the Georgetown Review about re-identifying anonymous data posted over the weekend. Nothing is private unless one damands it. Imagine your kid sitting in front of that digital screen (or TV) which is piped into your local “Fusion Center”. Automatically they’ve got face recognition and probably sound, too. Then they create algorithyms which will sift and scrub every key stroke. Who wants to advertise one’s child and reveal his/her weaknesses?! Every key stroke is recorded.

Beyond the data concerns, IXL is a “drill and kill” program.

I can’t even describe how messed up IXL is. The questions are asinine.

Thanks for the input. I wish they would just let teachers teach!

I pray nightly!

I’m fighting for teachers. I attend rallies, meetings…

My kids will opt out of mcas for 3rd y

Does anyone know what happens if 10th graders opt out in MA?

they will not get a diploma just a certificate of completion

I wish there would be a big student push for largescale opt out

me too. The MTA is working on it but we need more parents to opt their kids out.

And another post from this group:

I apologize if you’ve covered this in the past. I’m in MI. My district implemented Summit Base Camp 2+ yrs ago in 6-8. Some love some hate.
But the district hasn’t surveyed parents/kids about this delivery method so we really don’t know, from the larger lense, how people feel.
Yesterday we received a “survey” from KnowledgeWorks, which appears to be attempting to confirm that personalized learning is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What can you share re KnowledgeWorks? Have you had personal experience with this group? How about Summit? Happy to share our experience if it would be helpful.

And here are some replies to said post:

Knowledgeworks is at the center of the transition to learning ecosystems. Their white papers are terrifying. It is very bad that they are doing surveys in your district.

Their “future of learning” for Pittsburgh

Key player in the takeover of North Dakota’s schools. Working with the state office of education there:

If you are not familiar with the Learning Ecocystem concept this is an overview:

Yeah. Wow. I need some sort of cliff notes version. Most in my district haven’t even figured out the negative impacts of NCLB. They think personalized learning is the silver bullet.



4-minute overview:

My write up on Summit from awhile ago

Recent protest of Summit at Brooklyn high school

Strive Together is the “wrap around” services “cradle to career” spin-off from Knowledgeworks. They will profit greatly from outsourced student services for “the whole child” via pay for success finance. Not sure if you all are being pitched on the “community school” model, but it is not what it appears to be.

Thank you, Alison! I know it’s a lot, [name redacted]. “Personalized” Learning can sound good on the surface but it’s truly problematic. PAA has some info on it as well:

Yes. I messaged Allison that this reminds me of when I first entered ed advocacy in 2011 (working to oppose the proliferation of charters in MI). I did so much research re Rhee and trying to follow the money. Here, at least, it’s laid out.

I’ll try to get through it over the holiday.

Thanks so much, both of you, for your help.

Only those who will take the time to understand the Community Education Concept will be able to make the public education system right again…in my humble opinion.

I wonder if it’s related to this roll out. Just received by email. “Knowledge Works

Dear friends,

In this time of gratitude, I’m thankful for the privilege to serve alongside Team KnowledgeWorks and the schools and communities we serve to boldly transform how all students learn. It’s an honor to work with a dedicated, high-quality and energized staff, board of directors and with our partners and learning communities.

The most impactful moment for me was seeing the KnowledgeWorks team in action as a thought partner for five districts and state-level leaders in North Dakota as they work to scale personalized learning and, to quote State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, “change the way students will learn in North Dakota.” Students are ready to have agency and when they do it’s the most powerful thing we can equip them with.

Building upon my experience attending the first convening of nearly 100 North Dakota educators, I participated in a school visit to Marysville Exempted Village School District just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The learning environment and culture of their schools raised a clear and singular question: Why does every child not have the opportunity to learn like the second grader at Northwood Elementary – who owns her own learning experience and best represents what all learners will look like in the future?

And in the spirit of both potential and urgency, I’m excited for us to release Forecast 5.0 next week and the opportunities that can arise with the Forecast as a tool to open greater dialogue and solicit action to affect change. This will be a clear focus of ours in aligning the work of KnowledgeWorks, in partnership with others, to help create a new future of learning.

Thanksgiving is an invitation to rededicate ourselves to our why and making a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable. When we come together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

With gratitude,

Chuck Ambrose
President, KnowledgeWorks “

Strive Together is creepy. I researched it when it was using certain cities as pilot models for cradle to grave community wide alignment. If you need links, let me know.

From what I can find from LilSis, KnowledgeWorks is part of two larger groups: Competency Works and Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m sure this has been asked… my son moved school districts this summer. He failed LA STAAR last year. Counselor tried to bully him into giving up an elective. I told her absolutely not, but now they have taken away his extra period and put him in tutoring. Can I fight that? He needs that extra time for his rotating study period.

And another post from this group:

My daughter’s principal just called. She said on of the teachers informed her my daughter wasn’t taking STAAR this year which is a “requirement” for her to be promoted to 6th grade. That her (principal’s) teachers do not teach to the test and that they do take STAAR into consideration in GPC meetings. Oh and that if she doesn’t take STAAR, the endless hours of tutoring and summer school that is a requirement as well. I was hoping to wait until after our family vacation to deal with this.

And some replies to this post:

What district?


How can they take STAAR in to consideration, if the child isn’t there to take it? 😊
There’s plenty of us that have had a GPC without STAAR data.
Oh and a lot of us have never experienced summer school or tutorials…

If your child doesn’t participate in STAAR then they can’t take it into consideration. My son’s in 6th and has never taken STAAR, has never done tutorials, and never been to summer school.

how did you manage to opt him out?

I kept him home during assessment and make up days. Refused summer school. Requested a GPC and they promoted based on grades. Tutorials weren’t ever an option thrown out by them so never had to refuse that.

^^ The only difference in our 5th grade opt out story, is that my daughter accepted minimal at home work

^^ same story as [name redacted[.
Opted one kid out 4th, 5th, and 6th. Another kid 7th, 8th, and 9th.

my oldest did that but my second didn’t. Everyone agreed it was pointless and not needed. They based it off of grades.

my g’son had a B in math, they gave him 5 math packets and 1 English, which he had an A in. In 6th they attempted to put him in remedial English, his mom squashed that real quick.

I know it’s just a lot crap the principal has to say. DD has never taken STAAR and I get that it’s a “promotion year”. Nor has she ever done any tutoring either. Just funny how she’s trying to do everything she can to encourage DD to take the test. So the meeting is to go over what the teachers teach and just how she runs the school. Which is fine.

Yep. Mine is now in 7th and hasn’t taken a STAAR test yet and as long as we are his parents, he won’t.

what do ya’ll do to get him out of taking the test?

just say no. Actually there are a few ways. The one we prefer is making doctor appointments for each day. Then they are excused absences.
Another is withdrawing for the week under the guise of homeschooling. (Make sure you say you are homeschooling on the withdrawal. After the week of testing, oh darn. Homeschooling just didn’t work
Still another way depends upon how strong your child is. You can send your child to school with the instruction that they are to listen politely to instructions, but do NOT open the test book, fo NOT make a mark on it or the answer documents. After instructions are done, hand the documents back to the proctor saying “I’m done”. They will pressure, you write a note saying school may speak to you only. The child receives a 0 score. You may promptly pick up the dog poop with it for all it’s worth.
Another option is to tell your child to make pretty pictures on the answer documents by filling in whatever bubbles they want. Personally, I prefer the first two options. It’s so much easier.

How do they know your child won’t be taking STAAR ?

She said the math teacher told her. Which we (our family) haven’t even said anything to DD about it yet for this year. But DD knows she doesn’t take it. So unless previous teachers told the principal or DD forgot she said something to her teacher.

i wouldn’t even give them the time of day. Just blow them off and do what you want

I want to but I also kinda want to see how they aren’t teaching to the test this year or if they are blowing smoke. I honestly want to know. That’s probably the only reason why I will attend the meeting. Other than that, it is all a waste of time. It won’t change my mind.

keep us posted

They called you to a meeting?

yes. She said I was more than welcome to speak to her and go over how things are different this year. How I can go to DD’s classroom and see how things are taught.

she is blowing smoke. Read the pinned post on this page. You go Mom!


Mine is a fifth grader. I told her teacher at conferences and reminded her she won’t be taking it. She said okay.

I’m sorry your district is so difficult.

we have a new principal this year so way better than the last 2 years but still have to fight them on it.

I call BS. None of their scare items are required for grade placement. Call them the bullies that they are and tell them that it’s a shame that such bullies are in charge of teaching our kids.\

I get they have to spout certain stuff to cover their backsides. I know its bs and very upfront with them about that lol

If you do go to the classroom, don’t give them any advanced notice. Just show up one day and say you decided to take them up on the offer of observing the class. That way they can’t make any advanced plans.

I pop in a lot when I volunteer

parents at our school can’t even go inside the school past the front door unless escorted and babysat by a school staff member. All in the name of security. All doors are locked and you have to be buzzed into the building.

yes ma’am. Still have to sign in and get a badge even for PTO. Rules changed this year to even pick up our kids. My town is a small rural town.

I have to sign in just to drop off papers.

it’s crazy but understandable.

“I understand that you work for TEA, and are obligated to support their bullshit agenda. Bulling my child and I is not going to get you anywhere. In the future, please communicate with me IN WRITING regarding this matter, so that I can mantain a written record of your threats for my attorney.” click.


Sounds like a lying principal.

I’m sure. Anything to do with STAAR, they spout what they are told.

kids usually don’t walk in and announce they’re not taking staar out of the blue. imho the math teacher knows because she’s saying staar this and staar that to the kids everyday

I agree. I don’t allow DD to speak with the teachers about the STAAR test because I don’t trust the teachers to not fill her head with some bs. We did have issues with a certain teacher last year who could’ve said something or even looked into her file and noticed there was no scores for the previous 2 years. Either way I know that must of what was said was scare tactics (no matter how nicely it was put) and smoke.

So what schools do is this, they create cards for each student at the end of the year. It has different categories on it and the teacher for that year fills it in. They can add comments ( like parent refused to allow student to test) so that way the next year teacher knows all about the student

wow so much for starting out the year with a clean slate..

I know 😕 it’s sad. Kids change from year to year

And yet another post from this group:

Not directly STAAR related. But does anyone also opt their children out of the Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative. I’ve been reading up via the education code and TEA website. And it seems just almost as dumb as STAAR. With them trying to link a child’s ability to do a sit-up or push up to future academic success.

And some replies to this post:

We opted out in Georgia (called the Fitnessgram there), but I haven’t found much info about opting out here.

They call it the Fitnessgram here, too.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of it, but would probably opt out due to asthma.

It’s been around in some form since I was in school in the ‘80’s.

It’s useless and pointless and was never linked with anything when I went through school. I’m going to have two high schoolers next year and it’s never followed them.

Yes, but their data never goes away.

When I was in Jr High in 1969 (!) we had the President’s Physical Fitness Program. Had my first asthma attack trying to run a mile in whatever time they deemed indicated I was healthy. Nonsense then, nonsense now. It wasn’t linked to academic performance, though.

And none of our information was entered into databases either.

Yes. We opt out of the fitness gram or whatever it’s called.

Our elementary school had the 4th graders write letters to their Texas state reps requiring the letters to be written in support of keeping the Fitnessgram. They had to tell the reps what they liked about it and why they wanted to keep it, and they were told if the did not write a supportive letter that their recess would be held from them until they complied with the assignment. I was more than a little upset. So overreaching and inappropriate. Assignment was the gym teacher’s idea because I think the state was possibly considering removing the Fitnessgram to replace it with something else.

Oh, and they mailed the forced letters to the state reps to potentially influence public policy with dishonest letters.

that is crap.

Yes, yes it is.

This is the worst

I would contact those same reps and name the district, school and individual teachers who coerced 4th graders to write those letters.

Contact the media also.

I’d be interested to know how it is being linked to academic achievement. I know at our school all it is used for is to let the coaches know what (if any) improvements have been made in strength, flexibility, and endurance. I will say that I am all for getting a base line for each student at the beginning of the year and checking progress throughout the year so students can see where they have improved – especially if the only true fitness time they get is at school. I’ve helped with part of the fitness gram, but haven’t seen every component of it.

The information I pulled was from the TEA website and TEC. I don’t see where it says anything about improved fitness goals. They may be doing that in addition, at the local level.

My daughter just opted out of the fitness gram this morning. 😊 I received a call from the school letting me know. Lol

And still yet another post from this group:

My son’s high school has placed him in a EOC prep class one day a week. He failed the biology portion of the EOC his freshman year. He does have an IEP. He was pretty upset when he told me about this, as he thought they were making him retake a class that he had already received credit for. However, when I asked for an explanation of what was going on, I was told it was to prep him for the STAAR Biology EOC. I’m furious that they have done this without any communication to the parent, until I asked what was going on. That aside though, can they do this without receiving any approval from me or without going through an ARD meeting?

And some replies to this post:

Exactly what they did to my son, I went to the school & told them no they won’t put him in that class they better have another schedule by morning of next day. Found out they took him out of a class he needed to graduate with, next day he was in the class he needed to graduate.

Waiting for an answer too. They did it to my kid with two classes. They even put her in pre AP English 2, but she failed half of English one supposedly

The answer is no they can’t go demand they put your child in the class he is supposed to be in. I did it when my son was in 9th grade & he was put back in class he was supposed to be in. I didnt take NO for an answer.

Is this class on his IEP? If not, demand he be removed right away.

No, I’m not aware of this prep class being a part of his IEP. Might I add, that they are not pulling him from a scheduled class to take this prep class. The school started this ‘scholar’ time this year, where it’s similar to a study period; so that’s what they’re pulling him from to do this prep thing. They’ve also followed up that if he fails the EOC a second time, THEN we’ll have an ARD to determine if he takes it again.

Have you asked to see the written policy that requires a student to fail the EIC twice before the ARD can make a decision? (It doesn’t exist… they are making crap up!)

Just venting… so angry when they do that!!! The student earned the credit. Move on😡

And for those parents whose students do not have an IEP, you can still demand that they be removed from STAAR prep classes!
They are worthless!

So, is this one of those things where the school is required to OFFER it, but the student is not required to take it?


And yet another post:

I have a question. My daughter got a letter today from school saying they are requiring her to go to tutoring every wednesday after school until 4:45 based off of prior year STAAR. She passed all her staar exams last year. They are saying that if she refuses to go it is a level 1 offense per their handbook and absenses from tutoring are treated like absenses from school. She is already involved in a club that day so if she goes she wouldnt be able to continue the club she loves. What about parents that couldnt pick up at that time? Can they force her to attend? I dont think she needs the help honestly. Her younger brother needs tutoring but they havent mentioned anything about going. This is dumb.

And some replies to this post:

Tell them to abide by their anti bullying policy. They are trying to bully you to their ways.

Is this a charter school?

It is a charter school.

If she passed the Staar exams last year, why does she need tutoring? I would ask the school.

its dumb. I emailed her teacher waiting on response.

I told them not happening…not a good day for me. By law…tuturing not required to pass.If they require her to stay after…ask which one of them going to bring home? And we didnt….and that was after failing every star and now senior.

Thats what I said. Technically she is already at school but she is at a club i already paid the fees for.

If you were in your neighborhood public school you would be able to refuse this. You can still refuse of course, but since you decided to use privately owned charter schools for your child, you gave up numerous protections other parents have under the Education Code. Your relationship to the school is one defined by contract, and if that is in the handbook, they are perfectly within their rights to insist upon it or take action against your child if you refuse

Well ill fight it but in general its a great school but this just seems dumb

Ask if there is an alternative that everyone can agree upon. Maybe another day? Maybe a day during lunch? Maybe an online based program that she can do at home? It’s different with a charter, but you can still have a discussion and be solutions oriented. The absence thing is really stupid though. School attendance is a documented regulation (that might be the wrong word), but they can’t Mark a student absent for the day if they were in school. There could be alternative consequences (lunch detention or something for not going to tutorials) since it’s a charter, but they can’t mark her absent from school because of after school tutorials.

A charter can absolutely do that. They can make their own rules.

They can falsley say a student didn’t attend the school day for missing an hour of tutoring offered outside of their regular school hours? It’s still stupid and it would hurt them when it comes to attendance count. I wonder if its a public charter or private, there’s a difference when it comes to funding and different laws and regulations that should be followed

There’s no such thing as a “private charter”. There are traditional public schools, charter schools (use public money, but are run, in the vast majority of cases, by for-profit corporations) and private schools.

well there are district schools that are chartered but remain part of an ISD, and there are the privately owned charter schools (incidentally they all claim to be non-profits, but nothing stops a non-profit from purchasing the services of for profit operators). That may be what she means by public and private charters. But they are all using our tax dollars and all a decidedly bad idea.

At least part is an empty threat. If they mark your child absent for the day, they don’t get paid for the day from the state…

It says absences from tutoring will be treated as absences from school, not counted as. Which i would think means similar consequences.

I’ve learned that charters make up the rules as they go along.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thoughts on kids given alternative tests to SAGE? What should one say to teachers insisting giving an alternative test?

And here are some replies to this post:

Is this happening to one of your kids?
Here is the text of my letter I wrote the other day to inform the new teacher in our school when my child came home and said there was supposed to be an alternate assignment.

“Hi Mr/Mrs…

[Child] notified me there is going to be an alternate assessment given for students that will not be taking the SAGE exam. She thought you mentioned the alternate assessment is a State or District requirement. According to Utah State Law, an alternate assessment is not allowed. I have included the links to the laws that support this.
SECTION: R277-404-6. Student and Parent Participation in Student Assessments in Public Schools; Parental Exclusion from Testing and Safe Harbor Provisions…/Title53A/Chapter15/53A-15-S1403.html
SECTION: 9 (a)

We don’t allow [Child] to take the SAGE exams for any reason. We don’t like her to even log into the SAGE portal because of the data tracking in the SLDS system.

Do you know which days you will have the students take the SAGE exam? My current plan is to keep her home during those classes so she can spend her time on something we, as parents, feel is more productive and beneficial to her future.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!”

No. Just say No. It’s against Utah state law for children to be rewarded or punished or their academic grade impacted in any way based on wheather or not they take the test.
If the teacher uses the lame excuse some kind of test is needed to see what your child knows, I would challenge that teacher. If your child has spend all year in that classroom and the teacher doesn’t know where they are without an alternative test, that’s one cruddy teacher.
edit Or one cruddy system that makes it difficult for teachers to tell where kids are because of confusion and so much being done and evaluated on line.

It’s fine if it’s not graded.

We were dealing my with that too with the teacher, even in the practice tests earlier in the year. She also was not giving me the schedule for SAGE until I got the office involved in it. Still had to ask repeatedly afterwards. I just ended up keeping 5th grader home. This is so LAME!!!! I am done with public school. Geez these people need to open their eyes and get a grip on reality again. Gah! I’m so mad!!!

I’m gearing up to have this fight with one of my children’s teachers tomorrow. She was given an alternate paper test in math last week, and per my instructions, used it to doodle. Today the teacher confronted her, berated her, and told her she would have to come to her class for flex time until the test is completed. Her reasoning; ‘this isn’t just about you, there is more at stake here than just your grade’. This, after the class did 200 review questions to prep for the test, over who knows how many class periods. I can’t think of a better reason to fight this ridiculous system, because it is clearly having a negative effect on more than just the children. It amazes me that more teachers and administrators don’t push back. Clearly, they are not given, or finding the correct information if this teacher believes that my child being opted out will somehow impact her. With three jr. high and high school kids, this is our first experience with a teacher using this type of intimidating and inaccurate information to try to force compliance.

I don’t mind either of my kid is in class. I don’t want them threatened to have to make it up during class if they are not their or warning me that this is what the HAVE to do. Nope. Just shows the lack of facts and that’s so frustrating.

I don’t like it because it is simply one more ridiculous test. If a teacher hasn’t been paying attention throughout the year and needs yet another assessment to know how my child is doing, then I feel they aren’t doing their job… or more likely… they are just trying to use it to keep the student busy and deter other students from opting out. To me… any alternate assessment is a complete waste of my child’s time and I can plan a far more educational activity during that time.

Yep, and this is why I told my kid that she can sit quietly in class and do nothing, or doodle on the alternate if she wants. It counts for nothing for student, teacher, and school. Now, since the teacher is trying to force her to complete the alternate test during flex time, we have a problem.

Yup… that’s why my daughter is checked out of school for her last two classes today… same reason.

True enough, but my understanding is that most people don’t take their kids out of school. So, the teachers need to find something for them to do. They are giving alternate assessments so that everyone feels like they are treated fairly. While there is no prohibition against rewarding kids who are opted out, it does ‘feel’ wrong for those who take SAGE to think that those who don’t take SAGE are watching a movie or something. So, that’s where the alternate assessment seems to figure in. The schools don’t want a lot of kids opting out, so they don’t want it to go around that if you opt out, then you don’t have to take a test…hence alternate assessment. I get it.

Most of my children’s teachers have sent the opt-outs to the library, or the back of the class, to read. Occasionally they have been given alternate tests, but until yesterday, none were told they had to continue working on it after the SAGE testing was completed. Certainly none were called on the carpet for not completing the alternate. My preference would be to check them out, but since the school and teachers don’t send the testing schedules home, and we can’t always get there to take them out, we have just rolled with the alternate activities or tests. No problem there, but since a SAGE tester can answer with random choices, or nothing at all, and be done with it when the testing time is over, then so can the opt-outs.

I’m so sorry for the people who are getting so much crap for opting out. I just turned in a form, no arguing, no meetings. And during sage testing, my son just sits in the office and reads while his class tests. I’m feeling very grateful for our charter school. I wish everyone’s experiences could be the same.

I’m so thankful for this group. This thread was started 2 years ago but still beneficial for me. I’ve been homeschooling for years and just this year my girls are in public school. 8th and 11th. My 8th grader was told that if she didn’t take the state math test then she would be given a “much harder” alternative test. Thanks for all you do!

Here are some posts from the anti-Competency Based Education group:

Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s “Resilient Cities” program. Beijing is not listed, but there are two others in China, which I will post after this general introduction. I think, maybe Beijing isn’t listed because the Communist govt of China, therefore, it’s economy, is already under the direction of Agenda 21.

“By 2050, 75 percent of the global population are expected to live in cities.

“Because of the collision of globalization, urbanization, and climate change, not a week goes by that there’s not a disruption to a city somewhere in the world: a cyber attack, a natural disaster, or economic or social upheaval. Meanwhile, cities face acute stresses, such as poverty, endemic crime and violence, or failing infrastructure, that weaken a city over time.

“While cities can’t predict which disruptions will come next, they can plan for them, learn from them, and generate additional benefits through the same investments, such as opportunities for economic growth or improved parks for city residents. In other words, they can achieve “resilience dividends” that can make cities better places to live not just in times of emergency, but every single day.”

As George W. Bush said when president: “You’re either for us or agin’ us.” Given this, review the presidencies since Clinton. Let’s use our gen of presidents as a starting point to understand the NWO as it is being implemented. It will explain all of the ‘natural disasters’ the world has been experiencing of late = social engineering.

I SUGGEST WATCHING THIS FIRST, BEFORE READING MORE ON THE ‘Resilient Cities’ program. It’s focus is NorCal, it is partly taped at the Sonoma County supervisors meeting after last year’s fire there; only the first planned for NorCal, the recent Paradise fire being only the second. What more is to come? PLEASE, IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, ASK YOURSELF ABOUT YOUR OWN COMMUNITY WITHIN THIS CONTEXT: WOULD YOU FIT THE CRITERION FOR BEING RAZED BY FIRE? And then, All Of Us, ask: what can we do to make a safe transformation to New Energy, New Way of Life, that our rulers would except, without being burned earthquaked/tsunami’d/hurricained/flooded/frozen out of our homes and towns? THESE NATURAL DISASTERS ARE OUR WAKEUP CALL, they are only the beginning.


How are Resilient Cities tied to Common Core/Fed Ed?



And here is another post from this group:

National Mayors endorse early learning initiative-headed by Bezos.


Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

When they say ‘all means all’, they really mean no child left behind the testing, high-stakes pressure, and data-driven culture. They mean no child will escape the technology used to teach literacy and track their every click instead of investing in more reading specialists. All children are falling prey to this accountability system that has squelched the love of learning and reading. This article (at the bottom) is about Waco, but the same could be said about RISD. Many districts fell for the nonsense, but some worse than others depending on their leadership. We lost some serious ground between 2010 and 2016. And before that, we were an early part of the Imagination Station pilot in 2003. Maybe we need to examine our history? Is the reading prevention program below preventing them from reading? 🤔

“Richardson ISD, named a “Best Practice District” by the National Center for Educational Accountability, implemented The Imagination Station in all 39 elementary schools as a reading prevention and intervention program after their educators received district-wide professional development. “The Imagination Station’s movement, color, characters, music and interaction enhance students’ interest,” said Gaitha Castleman, Director of Language and Literacy. “The program is an added resource that will help our teachers tailor their guided reading instruction.”…/Imagination-Station-Adopted-…

Waco ISD 
“In Waco ISD, ‘All means all.’ Therefore, through this comprehensive districtwide literacy plan, all learners have access to positive literacy experiences that will equip them for life, no matter their gifts, challenges, or special abilities and allow them to function as contributing members of 21st century society,” the report states.

Still, Waco ISD secondary education director Scott McClanahan said the state’s emphasis on standardized testing has been part of the decline of classroom reading.

“There is an expectation of students to be reading,” he said. “However, … principals are held accountable for (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) scores and that’s going to trump reading, and that is the sad truth. You know if I have a choice to give my kids the time to read in class or work on STAAR, they are going to choose STAAR.”


Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell, AKA Wrench in the Gears:

I’m working on a longer piece about the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, but wanted to share this in the mean time. For any folks who might still be confused and think that Linda Darling-Hammond is on the side of humane teaching and learning. Look who’s funding her “evidence-based” think tank

I’m working on a series around toxic philanthropy and impact investing in the Bay / Silicon Valley region. This is the first post. The HP one will be next.

And here are some replies to this post:

here are all my articles with both Hewlett and DH:

add this to what we have in a Idaho, with JKAF


Albertson Foundation

This article is from a local teacher

I just looked up the website and Vander Ark is in the banner image!

And this from a retired teacher today

Building Hope gets $$$ from the Albertson Foundation and if I understand correctly @Victoria M. Young also from Betsy DeVos’s big grant to expand charters?? Posted on related JKAF to ID BATs. But not on this piece below which was in the Statesman.
Caldwell has issued a permit to authorize construction of a charter school, Elevate Academy, at 114 W. Chicago Ave., a parcel owned by Building Hope (Patrick Connor), BuildZoom reports. The two-story, 40,000-square-foot school would specialize in technical education.

You all have Strive in Pocatello and Boise. I’m sure they are the hub.

New charters will likely target opportunity zones for the tax shelter.

not to mention…. we have JKAF in bed with Ohio’s failed charter king Terry Ryan

OH=Knowledgeworks and Strive.

if I remember correctly, JKAF (Joe Scott is family member) Scott=k12

apparently our county has 3 OZ’s!

Next Generation is in the mix.

Linda Darling Hammond is on board the Aspen Institute SEL group the NCSEAD.

These guys are tied to this group too:

And them:

Here are some posts from an anti-Common Core group:

I have seen first hand what happens when teachers take a stance against Common Core. It’s not pretty. Try to understand that a teacher’s livelihood is on the line. With or without tenure

that’s an old cop out. I have seen teachers here ok with pushing this agenda because they are pushing how they think. That’s not what teaching was ever about. As a teacher who stood up before leaving the classroom, if you are quiet and not ok with what is happening in education-you are part of the problem.

Not to mention that no one sees how you vote.
Yet the teachers turn out en masse to vote for the people who keep the garbage in place because they’d rather promote the social and political agenda than save the kids.

its not a cop out at all. There are many teachers who cannot afford to stand up against the system. The problem is we are not seeing these teachers as regular human beings. Who have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed. Some yes, they do push the common core agenda because they agree with it. I have seen the other side

Did you know there are people who turn a blind eye to pedophilia in fear of retaliation? We have a trafficking problem in the US and there are lots of powerful people who refuse to be whistleblowers or hold anyone accountable because they are afraid.

Is staying silent when children are harmed ok?

I know many who sought employment elsewhere, because their morals and refusal to indoctrinate children where more important than their pay. I understand, but there is always another choice to sit silent and do nothing while our youth are being endangered is wrong no matter the reason.

The problem is not teachers, it’s the establishment. Many don’t understand that, or think it’s easier for teachers to take a stand, but really, change should be targeted to the federal government because there is no Board of Ed in any currently pro-Core state that will reverse it bc of the MONEY they receive for it … That’s just the bottom line. Change has to start at the top.

These parents who turn on the teachers are not helping our cause of getting back to good education! These parents are blaming teachers who have no power. One reason I retired early from teaching, something that I had absolutely loved doing. Broke my world for a few years – but fighting back as my teacher friends and I did resulted in nothing. Government and corporations have hijacked quality education. And America is already paying the price.

so you are saying that teachers who are supporting themselves and their families should just quit their form of income?? Would YOU do that? Do you want to pay for their welfare? I DID retire early because of CC and other extreme problems in education – but I was only able to do that because I had other forms of financial support. Most of my younger teacher friends are quite unhappy – but they are stuck. They need to buy those “luxuries” like food and shelter and heat and clothes for their kids. How dare you judge someone else’s life experiences.

when you become a teacher, THEN you can say what you want – but you may NOT criticize people for something of which you have no knowledge. Very arrogant of you.

I would love to hear examples of actual firings. I see some examples of resignations here (more like early retirement).
All too often it’s just stay and teach and enforce sit and stare for the tests then go home and make some posts on social media.

do you know what kind of lawsuit that would bring upon that teacher for speaking out. She/he would black balled and never be able to get a job where she/he lived again

I was a teacher for over 15 years and left because of the silence of other teachers and the indoctrination that I was expected to do. I spoke out and was labeled a trouble maker. I tried to fight and other teachers were silent, telling me this will pass and not to worry. They also sent their kids to private school while they taught in public schools. I practiced what I preach and am disgusted the profession I chose has been silent and allowed the abuse of children to continue and remain silent and make excuses.

I saw a teacher fired (forced resignation) for standing up. The teacher was the most honest and compassionate teacher I have ever met. The system is stacked against those professionals who stand up against it. The union sent the teacher packinng

Teachers who speak out are often alone, so their treatment is ugly. They’ve never organized together to say enough is enough. This is why they get little respect from me. The excuses teachers make for remaining silent are nauseating and are as abusive as those putting these education reforms in place. To not speak is to speak and the teaches’ silence shows they are ok with what’s going on.

unions have coordinated and spent thousands to get teachers that support reforms and union interests on boards. Outspending and call banking for their candidate that eliminated parents and community members from serving. In NY it’s called project pipeline and they boasted 99% of their candidates landed board seats. Operated by the NYSUT the State teachers union.

I am sure you have heard stories and know people who have been fired for standing. If not, you werent paying attention or thought to be trustworthy enough to get into detail with. You are not going to find anything in writing. As a teacher, I would think you would know that

However many teachers do get harassed and their workplace becomes toxic, when they speak out. Many teachers dealing with this in NYC. Maybe not elsewhere, but I know quite a few. And they tend to be senior teachers who will not ever be hired anywhere else due to their age. So yes, speaking out is a huge risk and not without severe consequences for teachers who do so.

go up against common core in a recorded CSE meeting. See what happens. I’ll make a bet with you as to who rats her out the board first

I have a child with an IEP. (I am a special educator— left teaching.). Those meetings are basically a joke. Whatever individual teachers say outside, they have not communicated during the meeting. Therapists recommendations are not considered, nor are they even invited to the meeting. It’s basically procedural and in theory, satisfies the law. It’s a disgrace.

But when there are 10 ppl in the room including the chair. 1 is neutral. 9 are against. 1 speaks outs. That person who spoke out. You hear “oh shit” because everyone in the room knows the meeting is being recorded and that person just made a big boo boo. 2 months later, the resignation letter comes. You dig a little deeper. Talk to a few people. It was be fired or resign. Backlash

My mom was a teacher, retired now. She had friends who were a few years away from retirement when common core came into play. Every single one of them hated it. They kept their mouths shut. They didnt want to risk losing their pensions. As soon as they were old enough to retire… they were out of there. The younger teachers aren’t that lucky.

Yup he doesn’t realize that since the years of the Bloomklein administration teachers have been targeted for the slightest perceived issue – being a senior teacher, or one who has been on medical or family leave, made them targets. The younger untenured teachers are pushed to the max and many leave because the demands have become overwhelming to gain tenure. Glad to hear your mom was able to leave without a hitch although I am sure those last few years were not pleasant.

Teachers livelihoods on the line. Why? Fear? If the handlers of contracts don’t provide you T-shirt’s and signs to protest you all remain silent and offer platitudes aka excuses.

You have the numbers to overwhelm the reformers mandates. You claim to know and agree the reforms are horrific. Why the fear to collectively – in solidarity restore the profession to that of child centric quality education?

That’s the elephant in the room.

How many years did you think parents were gonna sacrifice their children’s education that is more social justice training rather actual education in favor of livelihood? Why attack parents that are forced to seek alternatives for their children given they won’t sacrifice their education because of no-do overs, from what even you teachers admit are horrific mandates?

Most likely to succeed on vimeo is free to watch I think through tomorrow. I just finished watching it and it is a real eye opener where students are free to collaborate and work together and the results are not surprising to me as most of my own learning happened after I left school.

Teacher— parent of 3 here giving my 2 cents. I left the classroom because it would have been against my conscience and most likely have taken a toll on my physical health as well. It is enough for me to have to stand for my own children. I have subbed and provided Home instruction. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to pedagogy and an advocate when it comes to kids with special needs or non cookie cutter circumstances.
It is NOT about the kids — my own or any other kids.

I post as often as I can to continue to warn and inform. For the most part, very little reaction happens. It’s not I need the validation, it’s we need discussion AND unity in fighting back against the agenda and it’s machine seeking to silence BOTH parents and teachers. All the while, the real victims (students) loose out daily.

I post as often as I can to continue to warn and inform. For the most part, very little reaction happens. It’s not I need the validation, it’s we need discussion AND unity in fighting back against the agenda and it’s machine seeking to silence BOTH parents and teachers. All the while, the real victims (students) loose out daily.

I know many who wouldn’t believe me because our teachers never spoke up. They want to hear it from the horses mouth. I was shunned at my children’s school which is why I pulled my kids out over 5 years ago.

In my opinion, it seems the divisions in here are more political, more left vs. right than teacher vs. parent.
What does leaving accomplish? There are only words going back and forth. They don’t hurt you in any way. Sadly it is common for activist movements to lose their momentum after a few years and collapse due to factions with in, this seems to be happening with the anti-common core movement…better question would be how do we remind everyone what brought us together, there will always be differences between us. Debate and disagreement used to be ways of finding solutions , now everyone is worried about being offended? For example, teachers worrying about there jobs should be concern for parents. Not an offense that “jobs are more important than lives”. I am a teacher and a parent and that’s what concerned me! I want my kids teachers worrying about my own children, the CC and it’s testing creates selfish teachers (and who would blame them, they have mortgages and children to take care of too!) I want selfless teacher who aren’t constantly being threatened with their jobs, schools are not factories ! That’s a common cause not a divisive one!

Those KIPP teachers and other such programs who are now administrators and superintendents are the worst.

So glad I left NY and got my kids away from the social indoctrination of Commie Core!

it’s in every state. If your child goes to public school and even many private schools, they are experiencing common core.

I ran for my local school board in Puyallup, WA and got my Pierce County GOP endorsement. Afterall, the party platform was against CC and lived out my objections against CC and SBA. I realized there was very little I could do about it but I was the friendly voice of those parents and teachers who agreed with me. I vowed to find a way to get rid of the SBA. The local union rank and file went against me very vocally because I preferred Republican. So I’ve sort of concluded with 50% turnover in 5 years that the teachers who had issues with CC either retired, got fired, or were scared into silence. But I made a good number of new parent friends and some teachers silently supported me. I got 40% of nearly 19,000 votes cast in the Genersl Election and the stay at home PTA award winning mom who volunteers in the schools all day won. A good lady but the other two primary candidates who didn’t move on actually were supportive of me. And one was a hard Dem. So I have some hope…

It was never going anywhere which is why I pulled my kids out over 5 years ago. Even at the irefuse rally it showed how separated things really were. I was not jeopardizing my kids one shot at an education for anyone. That’s my job. I still fought along with many here and my area has their heads totally up their behinds. We didnt have the support anywhere near like Long Island

I am Long Island. We have no support, just more visibility and self promotion. Don’t let it fool you.

I meant years ago more so. I couldn’t get anyone to even self promote. They haven’t talked about common core here since after the event in Portchester with John king and the event Greg Ball did it was a done deal. You guys at least had Flanigan Friday’s and were very active. You also had some superintendents who spoke out. People got involved, were part of hearings, spoke up at their school boards. I was the only one at my school board. I would at least be okay with other people standing up for something. It’s your kids here. I never understood that.

the second Flanagan Friday there were five of us. I pass his office all the time now. Nothing. My BOE meetings too. Nothing… even then we were just more visible on Facebook but irl I was beyond frustrated. I finally decided to stop wasting time bc no one cared but had a lot of pity for those of us that did. As if we were whining about our kids, not advocating for theirs.

I am a NY resident who is extremely concerned about our present school system. Many teachers agree with and promote the poisonous Liberal Agenda, but even more of them are simply terrified of the repercussions of standing up. Several teachers that I know personally have told me that they are instant Pariahs if they dare to differ with others, and attempting to teach accurate History, Constitutionalism, or debate Socialism vs Capitalism, can get them fired. Prior to elections, teachers are inundated with propaganda from their unions that all but threaten those who are considering anything other than Democrat candidates. One guidance counselor I know kept a 2 inch tall, wooden cross on his office shelf and was told to remove it or leave. He left. So it isn’t beneficial to try working with teachers who are in fear of losing their careers. The fight is with your State Board of education and the Teacher’s Union. Parents must unite in large numbers and go after these entities en masse. Open escrow accounts and with-hold your school taxes, take your kids out of school indefinitely, and do surprise classroom sit-ins, where parents simply show up at school unannounced and advise that you will be observing for a few hours. This is best in History and Health classes that most often misinform or fail to offer truthful facts to our kids. Take notes or video and keep records of what you learn. Talk to local law enforcement and advise them that you will be doing this and are not threats to anyone. You have a Right as a parent and taxpayer to sit-in on classes., and do not let them tell you otherwise. Be assertive and pro-active , these are YOUR kids, these are YOUR schools, and staff are YOUR employees. Make noise!!

I am a parent and I teach in PA. We have to be very careful about posting our opinions. They can be used to fire us. I opt my kids out. I talk to other parents. But, I have to watch what I say, where I say it and to whom I say it or I will suffer for it- so will my kids and students.

I’ve not found any anti-Common Core group willing to figure out a winning strategy. We’ve failed to take over any school boards. We’ve failed to take over any state school boards. We’ve failed to win enough state houses to change any education laws. We seem to have few allies in Congress.
School Superintendents are’nt on board with us. Nor is the NEA & it’s state groups.
We’ve failed to forge relationships and attract the allies needed to bring meaningful change.
But, I see zero willingness of any group to discuss strategy, methods and tactics. No one seems willing to study how to win political battles starting as an underdog.

This is what we need:

1) More parents to Volunteer in the classroom and on field trips and on the PTA, whenever possible.

2) Attend a school board meeting and get to know at least one sympathizing board member. Make public comment on a curriculum related issue if you can. Think one election cycle ahead if you need to replace school board members.

3) Get to know your local state legislators and follow impending legislation.

4) Prepare to homeschool even 1-2 years ahead of time in case that day ever comes.

5) Network with minded folks in your state and across the country

Have you tested this 5 point plan & what difference did it make?
I have an open invitation to speak at any of our Scholl Board meetings. You earn that. My Township Trustees invite my participation as well.
Last year, I helped coordinate efforts to save our local library branch and separately win a zoning election to create a new 200 acre park.
I like winning. I can’t find any winners in this group. What am I missing……
Not to boast but, I stay busy & involved. For example….
On election night, I shook hands with 2 Congressmen at 2 different watch parties.
Earlier, I spoke to my new governor, Lt gov, Auditor and Sec of State at events as well as several other canidates.
Please find a group willing to coordinate a lobbying campaign.
I could go on.

I signed waved and doorbelled for two winning new Repub state reps this election cycle. I ran for school board in 2017 and lost with 40% but have developed a rapport with my superintendent over the past 5 years. He responds to most of my emails within an hour. I co-admin a 1200 local parent discussion group in my district and assist parents with their questions and issues.

I am no longer a teacher and no longer a parent to a school age child. I am however a grandmother to a school age child now.
Teachers have a duty to teach to the best of their ability the children to become the best of what they are able. And then teach them to reach beyond that ability to become more.
When common core was introduced and implemented, teachers had a choice. They could just teach the crap core, knowing it was a horrible, horrible idea (anyone with a decent brain and education knows this). Or they could have taught both methods. The common core and the old way, the way that works.
And before anyone blasts me about how much extra work that would be, remember that teachers today do NOT have the case load of teachers 25-40 years ago. It is possible, it is not a stretch to think that you can teach children 2 ways of completing problems. Heck, foriegn language teachers do it on a daily basis.
When I was in high school, our calculus teacher took on an algebra class because the teacher had an emergency and was out for a month. He taught us calculus and them algebra, in the same classroom every day. We brushed up on our algebra and they had an insight into calc. It is possible if the teachers are willing.
But, that also leads into the parents. You want your kids to know how to actually solve a mathematical equation? Take some time with them and teach them. Sit down with them, help them study, teach them how to divide and multiply and add and subtract since now a whole generation of kids have no clue due to common core.
Stop blaming each other, you are both at fault. When I disagreed with a way a teacher was teaching my kids, I got extra books and taught them on the weekends and after school. They used real books and encyclopedias and a library and pens and paper. I didn’t let them use calculators for math problems even when the teachers allowed it.
They graduated 4th and 9th in their classes.
You have to be motivated as a teacher to buck the system when you see your students floundering. And you have to be willing to sacrifice your time when you see your children failing.
Take initiative and teach your students and kids the right way. Getting all butt hurt and saying it each other’s fault is grade school stuff. These kids are going into college unable to complete basic math! Hello!

Teachers don’t have a choice about what to teach… They have to teach what the district says they must. And at a ridiculous pace…it’s a ton of nonsense and test prep and volumes of useless and biased (I would add often age inappropriate) reading material. Not sure I’d believe they have time to do both…they don’t even have time to reteach basics to kids who need help…they ship them off into intervention. Sat in monthly meetings with teachers, vice principal and principal for three years and it was always the same… Teachers also often get scripts with their teaching guides… It’s outrageous. This said, I am referencing lower grades, not highschool.

Yes, there is always a way. And like I said, the fault lies in all areas. The parents scream about how much they hate common core but do they teach their kids the normal way? No. The administrators, all have to answer for following this failure of a method.
And scripted or not, American schools teach the least amount of information to students of all of the major countries. And, what they are learning has been cut. They do not learn everything we did in school.

11/12/15 NY common core task force. This parent had enough! Speaking to the State “water carriers” representatives for the last “listening tour” before the rebrand was announced. Yes. It’s me. Not my first rodeo.

And yet more posts from here:

I agree that getting out of public school is safer for our children at the moment, but it is important we keep fighting for the rights of states to be the authority over their schools. Homeschoolers have been mentioned as eventual targets of the system multiple times and are even required by the SLDS grant to be part of the data systems. They will eventually come for us too.

I’m going to homeschool my son after this year. He’s graduating elementary. To many reasons to list 👍. Just looking into necessaries. Suffolk County LI NY Any shared insights greatly appreciated 👍

Folks, you are going to get screwed by the CCLS no matter where you go. That is why I am retiring very soon. Even teacher jobs depend on their success with the CCLS-based state tests.

Before the CCLS, we had Bloom’s Taxonomy. It was an excellent tool for the classroom. They quickly replaced in 2011 with this CCLS garbage and things have been messed up since. The only winners in this mess are the textbook companies who are making billions off this garbage.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Over Thanksgiving, my niece shared this article with me that she wrote and I’m very proud of her because it resulted in Hapara being halted in the district. When she was telling me about it, her cousin, 8th gr, chimed in that her history teacher used Hapara to spy on them all day. When I asked her how this teacher had time to do that when she was suppose to be teaching, she explained that she doesn’t teach. Her teacher gives them history facts, questions, and answers via Google docs and they spend their class time placing them into slides in Google docs. She stated that she liked it because they only worked on what they would be tested on and the questions and answers provided were on the test so there were no surprises. She also doesn’t have a history textbook which is a violation of the Williams Act in California.

I’m completely gobsmacked that this is taking place in her school. The talking point that children in poorer zip codes in California suffer the brunt of these ed reforms just isn’t true. These parents purchased homes in the most affluent areas of California and they probably think that this insulates them from problems. They have too much blind trust in the system.

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Look at this letter fm a Bartlett HS parent (ASD) to a teacher re; indoctrination of her child.

“For those who don’t believe the K12 education system is NOT indoctrinating our children, here is a letter from a Bartlett HS parent to an AP language arts teacher on their child’s assignment (below). The article the students were assigned to read was by Paul Krugman, titled “A Party Defined by Its Lies”, referring to the Republican Party. Here is article:…/opinion/republican-party-lies.html

Dear Teacher,
[Child name redacted by me] will not be participating in any more of this far-left indoctrination. These readings have nothing to do with language education, but are biased opinion pieces that demonstrate narrow-minded points of view. We completely support the study and debate of differing viewpoints on important issues, however, since he has yet to be assigned ANY readings from writers of independent or conservative persuasion, it is clear that is not the intent of these assignments. [Child name redacted by me] will not complete this assignment and my husband and I will be in contact with his counselor in the morning.


And another post from this group:

How about this 3rd grade SEL curriculum (social emotional learning) replacing history?


Looks like Big Tech and Higher Ed are forming an alliance to censor us:


Here is a post that I found on Twitter:

My son brought this gem home the 2nd week of school, 10th grd LitComp. He’s now using her liberal bias against her (via left leaning essays) and it’s helping his grades. He is taught much at home.


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor:

A new NC law sets up “renewal schools”. The hype: more school choice. The reality: the only thing renewal is more ESSA alignment.
*As we know, if it’s in one State, it’s in the others.

And some replies to this post:

I have been meaning to ask if you have Chris Gergen on your radar? He is a social entrepreneur professor at Duke CASE and the son of presidential advisor David Gergen. I just found out that David Gergen was the guy who told America Forward/ New Profit to stick with re-designing government for impact rather than doing it outside the existing public service structure.

no, I hadn’t uncover d him yet. I will certainly do so now. Thank you. What a racket.

Duke Endowment also has a large social impact program with rural churches in the Carolinas. My friend who runs our farm told me he and a significant number of important leaders in food justice (from many faith-based institutions) were flown to Durham by Duke Endowment to Duke to talk about future of food production and aligning their work to what the funders wanted. The father David Gergen was a long time Duke professor of policy and then went to Harvard. He is a Duke trustee. Stanford PACS funded a grant to Hampshire College to develop a metric system around food justice and sustainability. My friend said most of the participants thought something was not right about that gathering, but so few have the bigger picture.

yes, I have found the rural community here in NC to be quite overrun with educrats. Duke is a huge Globalism hub. In fact, much of NC is.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texas Parents- Did you consent to third-party technology companies having complete access to your child’s academic, psychological, and medical records; from your child’s school? As you will hear in this public testimony given at the Texas Senate Education Committee Hearing-today, by invited guest, 28 yr. old, former Teach For America (TFA) award recipient and founder of ProUnitas, Adeeb Barqawi; this work is already happening.
Are you okay with that?

It is important to note, this is happening without “informed” parental consent. Which is, in fact, against the law.

School Districts should NOT be collecting information via assessments about how students feel, their personal beliefs, and their attitudes. Federal law ESSA states this on page 24-25: REQUIREMENTS.—The assessments under subparagraph (A) shall— (iii) be used for purposes for which such assessments are valid and reliable, consistent with relevant, nationally recognized professional and technical testing standards, objectively measure academic achievement, knowledge, and skills, and be tests that do not evaluate or assess personal or family beliefs and attitudes, or publicly disclose personally identifiable information.

This is a complete violation of student privacy.

Interesting to note. Adeeb states on his LinkedIn account that the work of ProUnitas began when Adeeb Barqawi, was a 2012 Teach for America Corps Member. In this article, it states, “he built the non-profit to provide healthcare, juvenile justice assistance, early childhood education, after-school programs, and food to disadvantaged youth.”…/Houston-s-most-fascinating-people-o…

In his testimony, Adeeb states that ProUnitas is a Non-profit funded by Foundations. One such foundation is the Simmons Foundation.

One of Simmons key initiatives happens to be “Gender Norms”.…/gender-norms

I thought Texas quality education focused on reading, writing, math, and history. That is what my testimony was about today. Along with the fact that I, as a parent, do NOT give consent for my child and their data to be collected and used as an “investment vehicle” for education technology entrepreneurs such as Adeeb Barqawi. I am uploading my testimony and will post along with Dr. Pat Huff’s very important Testimony.

I encourage people to go and watch the complete day’s testimony here:…


Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

Some Oregon school board members are advocating to revoke parental rights to opt our children out of abusive, wasteful (instructional time and tax dollars) and meaningless high stakes standardized testing.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Less academics — More collaboration
It’s interesting how child protective laws must be changed in order to have “workforce development.” “They include giving thought to training in soft skills, like communication and collaboration.” Of course, the academic slide has been expanding to benefit the Dept of Labor’s desire for job training, now starting in Pre-K and K, for over 20 years since the DOL took over a portion of standards writing for education. Any wonder why students are less competent in reading??? In Kansas, you could say, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

What the ever loving h e double hockey sticks? I was an English major in college. This says STAAR Master. This is a crap assignment. This is 4th grade Language Arts.


And another post from this group:

High school SPED student and opting out. Extreme testing anxiety. We have utilized [name redacted] in past and won 8th going into 9th with no consequences. Now have a new Superintendent just as difficult. This district doesn’t issue diplomas if you don’t pass STAAR. My child is a sophomore now. I can’t seem to locate search button to see if this has been discussed. Any suggestions?


And yet another post:

So it begins….
My 4th grader came home with this work book today. He told me this is the new reading homework.
I have written the teacher. I stated that I don’t support or approve of this staar reading prep. He will not be taking staar again this year. I then asked for an alternative assignment.


Here is a post in the Parent STrike group concerning the attacks on opt-out in Oregon:

Students that opt out of standardized testing appears to be threatening the value of the Oregon Department of Education’s report cards. That’s what longtime Philomath School Board member Rick Wells indicated Thursday night during the group’s regular monthly meeting.

“I’m really frustrated with this thing that they want us to look at this report card and we don’t have a clue at what our district is doing,” Wells said. “We don’t know the whole test results of all the kids that should be taking them. And it’s very frustrating.”

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education releases report cards for schools and districts to provide educators with a tool for communicating with parents and their communities about how the local schools are performing. The reports also monitor certain trends and measure progress in reaching goals in areas such as graduation rates and test scores.

The state legislature enacted a law allowing students, with a parent’s permission, to opt out of the Smarter Balanced test. However, the U.S. Department of Education does not recognize Oregon’s opt-out policy under the Every Student Succeeds Act, which tracks student participation as one measure of success.

As a result, student proficiency rates are often lower than the actual outcomes.

The topic came up at Philomath’s meeting during discussion of this fall’s release of state report cards. Administrators at each school, including Kings Valley, provided a report in addition to summarized report card information and accountability details. Numbers on the district as a whole were also included.

“The majority of the information on the state report card leans on standardized, Smarter Balanced assessment, which is one state test that is taken by portion over multiple days that really just reflects a point in time in a student’s career, including how good of a day that kid is having,” Superintendent of Schools Melissa Goff told the board.

Goff said Philomath shows up well compared to other results across the state.

“The state itself does not trend well on the assessments and so we have a lot of questions about what does that mean for us trending well in a state that itself is not doing extremely well?” Goff said. “What are the other measures and tools that we need to look at in conjunction with the assessments so that we make sure we’re making really health decisions as a district.”

Wells believes the opt-outs create an unreliable state report.

“How can we get an accurate report when we allow the kids to opt out because we don’t know if they’re the upper kids that don’t want to mess with the test or kids that may be afraid that they’re not going to do very well and don’t want to take the test?” Wells said.

As a result, Wells has questions about the test-taking option.

“I don’t know where I can go or who I need to talk to and say, ‘hey, you need to change this?’” Wells said.

After Goff said it was the state of Oregon, Wells looked to Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District representatives that were in the audience.

“OK, we’ve got two guys here with Linn Benton Lincoln ESD that are touting these legislative policies and whatnot. How about you go to the OSBA and say ‘hey, how about you do this and make all the kids take the test? Don’t allow for any opt-outs.’”

David Dowrie, Linn Benton Lincoln ESD board chair, was at the meeting for a presentation on changes in relation to Oregon School Boards Association priorities and policies.

“How come OSBA isn’t on the bandwagon for this right now?” Wells asked. “So who do I need to talk to at OSBA to get them wound up?”

Wells received contact information from them.

“I’m a little wound up on this in the fact that it doesn’t give us anything that I think is usable,” Wells said.

School board member Greg Gerding agreed that the report does not provide a full picture but added, “I’m guessing you have a much better feel for how your students are doing than just from this, such as grades or whatever indicators you use as to how your students are really doing other than just these reports?”

Administrators from each school responded with details on what they are doing in that arena.


Here are some posts from a Utah anti-Common Core group about why people joined the fight against Common Core:

For me it was when my son’s kindergarten teacher and principal told me to stop reading with my son because I was teaching him to read wrong. They said I needed a reading endorsement from the state to understand what I was doing wrong, but reiterated that I needed to stop reading with him ASAP. When I pointed out that I actually did have a reading endorsement, that I have been a certified reading teacher, they simply stammered and insisted that I was teaching him wrong.

My son’s “wrong” reading? He’d read the entire Harry Potter series before he was old enough to start kindergarten.

We don’t have “common core” in Texas, but we do have TEKS, which is aligned to the common core standards. (college and career readiness) Testimony at the SBOE has indicated in some instances, TEKS is worse than common core.

That being said, we noticed something was really wrong when our daughter was in 3rd grade. All of a sudden, she became hopelessly lost. That’s what started my research. We held her back that year, eventhough she passed. We found out, after some deep digging, that was the year they pushed the TEKS down by 2 years. So, 1st graders went from 1st grade work straight to 5th grade work. 😏😬😖


They tried to tell Utah that we don’t do CC, but instead use Utah Core standards. When we checked the copyright page of the standards, the NGA and CCSSO (the developers of CC) owned the copyright to our standards that were almost word for word CC. So either our standards are CC or there is some serious plagiarism going on.

We are having the same issue with national sexuality and science standards. All are copied word for word from standards written by a nationally recognized NGO, much in the same way CC came about.

Right? Most states accepted the funding, which was given before common core was even written, so they had NO WAY of knowing what they were signing up for.
The states that didn’t accept it were back doored into taking it under another name.

YES! Exactly! This whole thing is about getting all states to align to the same standards under different names. Once our nation is aligned, they can put the cherry on top and go global, aka UNESCO.

I’m so glad I joined education pages for other states. It really opened my eyes! I am a member here, in Massachussetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

the states can only change up to 15% of the fed ntl stds

My story started because of the perfect storm…having school aged children during one of the most controversial and political seasons. I was part of a 9/12 group when I learned about Common Core. Having children who would be turning Kinder age soon made me pay attention. Learning the history of the public education system made even more of an impact. Learning about NCLB, RttT, Norman Dodd and NWO control, Robin Eubanks (Invisible Serfs Collar), Duke Pesta had a huge influence,
When it was time for them to start school I was not confident enough to starve the beast so I gave it a shot. I spent many hours in the classroom and watched my children slowly grow to hate learning. All the while fighting the admins for change. It didn’t take long to see that the system would not be changed for parents or childrens sakes. I realized that I had the skills to starve the beast and my life would be easier, and my children would benefit. Pulled them out and never looked back.

My children were homeschooled and then we moved and I decided to try a charter school. There were so many tests and everyone was into graphing children and comparing them to other children. It was so silly because the teachers could already tell if students could read or do math without all the fancy charting. Then they added another test and it took so much time, was confusing and didn’t really tell us anything new. The more I learned about common core the angrier I got. I have one kid with test anxiety and another test was the last straw. I opted everyone out and try to speak up to other parents about this.

For me it was when my daughter started struggling with math when she had never had problems before. Her teacher at the time put in extra effort to help her and others like her. The teacher she had the next year did not. She also told all the students that they had to do it one way and one way only. The final straw was when this teacher suggested that I may not be smart enough to help my daughter because I was ‘just’ a musician. Um lady, I do trigonometry for fun. I was also a math tutor before cc was adopted. I started homeschooling the next year and my daughter has excelled in math from then on.

Question – if parents are so incompetant how can these teachers expect the parents to do homework with their children ? The comments above just prove the misconception has been pushed by the system that employs so many and receives billions in funding. Keep the gravy train moving.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

2019 Minnesota State Health Survey is coming and will be administered Jan – May this school year!!! MACC has generally encouraged parents to opt out. We really have no idea how this information might pigeon-hole students one way or another. This information will be stored for the life of your child, cradle to grave. There are a number of questions about sexual activity, drug use, and family structure. Schools are required to notify parents with what’s called, “passive consent”. Posting an opt out notice later today.

Here is an infuriarating post shared in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Audit of USDOE finds 2 yr backlog of unprocessed FERPA complaints.
“The Privacy Office could not precisely quantify the unresolved complaint backlog due to weaknesses in its tracking process, but Privacy Office officials estimated they were about 2 years behind on complaint investigations”

Another incident of a school having an “open bathrooms” policy:

Here is a post from Alison in the anti-CBE group:

Is Big Picture Learning in your community? They’ve received tens of millions from the Philadelphia school district. The first social impact bond in the UK is being set up with this organization. Workforce development is becoming a key pay for success market as education moves to a skills-based apprenticeship model. Workforce programs are being coordinated with other Promise Zone interventions in healthcare and housing. Everything is being integrated into social service data-driven dashboards for impact poverty management.

And another post from this group:

There was an effort ban all algorithmic decision making about individual human beings in the European Union. It was sidetracked by false allies.

The human right of NEVER having your future determined by any algorithm shrunk down to a right to an explanation of decisions made about you. If you’ve been denied medical coverage for desperately needed treatment (as I have), you know the kind of explanation you get: It’s a form letter, generated by the same algorithm.

People were either duped or were in on it when they shared a raft of stories about how shitty the algorithms are.
Instead of overturning cyber-rule, they added their voices to the call for better, more detailed and invasive algorithms.

The law took effect in April of this year.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’m already feeling like my child is being dumbed down and she’s in kindergarten. Parent teacher conference was today and my daughter is scoring low on so many things but above on actual required things. When asked why the low ones, the teacher replied it’s because she’s not “conforming” to the classroom routine. She’s 6 and I would hope I’ve taught her to be herself and be her best. My daughter even came home and was sad because the teacher got upset that she writes her name pretty. Like seriously? I thought good handwriting was supposed to be a good thing. She’s said this with other things and it feels like my kid is being told to either dumb down or not be herself. And then the teacher gets on me about meltdowns and then won’t make the connection on if she’s not eating her lunch or snack she gets hangry. They have 25 minutes to eat and have recess and really that’s not enough time, adults get an hour for their lunch break. I’m just so torn. I knew this public school thing was a bad idea but my husband who didn’t do public school ,yet I did and hated it, insisted it would be great for her. Ugh. Sadly not much can be done as I have no say in that area right now and I hope he comes to realize the damage before it conforms our daughter.

And some replies to this post:

That is why I home school. Best vibes with what you decide for your talented daughter!

Sadly this was happening to my son in 2nd grade. He was wanting to read advanced books, ( they could only choose books grade level appreciate. He wanted to do more worksheets when he got done with his work, but his teacher told him to put this head on his desk, and wait while the rest of the class finished. My husband said absolutely NO to Homeschool. I wanted to do it from day one, but it was out of the question in our house too. I don’t know if your religious, but I prayed. I said Lord, if this what you want for our family, you make it happen. It was out of my hands at that point. Kid you not, 24 hours later my husband out of the blue, not knowing that I prayed, said pull him out of school, pull him out now. That was all I needed to hear. My son is now in 6th grade, and reading on a 9-10th grade reading level. I’m so glad that he was pulled, to advance at his Pace. School isn’t like how it used to be. There is an agenda, and it’s not healthy. You have the best intentions for your children. I hope your husband can see that too.

your experience with your son is almost exactly what we experienced with ours. My son has always been a very advanced reader. He literally has taught himself to speed read – and even then his comprehension is on point. We homeschooled for years. He’s now in 9th grade, and my daughter is in 7th. He made the choice to go to a charter school starting in 7th (as did my daughter). Our current school lets my kids advance at their pace! They’ve both skipped a grade in math (my daughter is in Honors, even). My son is in Honors English, and my daughter skipped a grade in English as well. We would homeschool again in a heartbeat, if they asked, but I seriously love their school now.

Here is a post from a Rhode Island anti-Common Core group:

This was one of the first videos I ever watched about the common curse – ahem, core…it made my blood boil!

And some replies to this post:

My blood boils over more now that they have found out it didn’t work .They wouldn’t listen and have affected children of America for years to Come!

Peerhaps the goal is to produce incompetant workers to help with the career pathway pigeon holing basically they can get support by saying well gee look at all the workers that have limited knowledge since we have such a boatload like this doesnt it make sense to have the computers pick and choose careers for them. Creating a problem to sell solutions.

Or create an influx of worker bees for the exact same profession thereby having the supply of workers way outpace the demand…as such, labor costs would become excessively low for these corporations… Further, the workforce development in schools is ALREADY giving them free job training – paid for by the taxpayers, so this would be like icing on the cake! Grrrrrrrrrr…

The goal is to ruin the country.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Back up! How many thought we were exaggerating? Warning ya and ignored us huh. WELP—> it’s true.
Google Is Developing Dossiers on Students Using Their Classroom Products, Disclosures Show
Told ya!

And here are some posts inside of said article:

I have seen news reports about school employees remotely using the camera feature to spy on the students … even in the middle of the night while the child is sleeping. Imagine if they happen to be watching while the child is changing clothes (oh lucky day for the perv). Students have been disciplined when “viewed” drinking, using drugs, watching porn, etc.

This is why my husband is violently opposed to these kinds of software packages. Our schools use Class Dojo, which has similar issues. Currently, they only use it for communication and posting cute pictures of the kids in class, but even that could be a privacy concern.

It’s why we decided to homeschool. Our school district here in the rural Midwest just implemented an online learning system which was the final straw. We were amazed when we attended meetings about the change where the administration/teachers outnumbered parents. And not at all surprised when earlier this year there was a giant kerfuffle when some 6th graders found links to porn on the supposedly “curated” web site of the vendor.

No dog in this fight, no kids, but if I had any, they would not go to any school doing this. Guess I would be homeschooling,

The problem is that pretty much all the schools use them. I have two kids in private school and another in home school. They all use Google docs and or platforms. Google was smart enough to basically give their crap away on the front end so that they can spy on everyone and sell it on the back end. I will not use anything from Google if I can. The problem is that creepy ass google is everywhere.

Schools are often offered “free” software. Would a school administrator spend money on software that may protect privacy or take the free software and spend the money elsewhere?
As always, parents must remain vigilant.

With the average voter turnout at local school board elections across the nation is under 10%, don’t believe parents are vigilant about anything.

I used to provide email services to several districts, to have Google come in and offer everything for free. It wasn’t expensive to provide, until the big spam filtering companies were bought up by Google. Now spam filtering costs about a quarter per mailbox to have a team of people working out problems 24×7. You used to be able to outsource that part of it to Postini at a fraction of the cost.

I think the blackmail comments are kind of spot on. Kids talk about everything online without regard to their future. Heck, who am I kidding? That applies to everybody.

Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 16

gandalf fights Common Core

This is part 16.

Marquette University has given students a “safe space” to destress after the 2018 elections:


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva from back on October 29th:

Warriors, just a heads up for tomorrow: Senators from MN, CT, RI, and OR are pushing school based mental health that would impact every single American. Passing it off as student success. My long awaited flow up exposure to NASBE and the global overreaches.


And another post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, don’t look now, but those ‘good hands’ of Allstate just revealed their alignment with the CCSS Machine and the UN grab for SEL.
Think a boycott is in order? Allstate is hardly the only insurance company to get in bed with the agenda. Prudential and Cigna are also CCSS sellouts.

Allstate SEL


And yet another post from the Common Core Diva:

If you need more proof Rs and Ds have the same educratic agenda to turn academics into CTE (Career Tech Education). Look to their bragging posts to reveal it. Notice this NC legislator even tells you how LONG she has been at it.
Career politicians don’t serve anyone but their corporate donors.
You will see my response is included.


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva from back on October 2nd:

Warriors, did you know that the US Senate Finance Committee (where bills like HR 6757 {today’s article}
and the School Mental Health bills are) is having a hearing today to confirm Andrew M Saul as head of the Social Security Administration for the next 6 years?
Mr. Saul was key to the Bush family (especially CCSS Machine Jeb).
Social Security funds are used in the U.S. Dept. of Education. ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) embedded Social Security funds for behavior interventions.

Do we really need another recycled CCSS Bush disciple in charge in DC?

Sen. Hatch’s opening statement:…/hatch-opening-statement-at…
Saul’s background:…/commissioner-of-the-social-security…
Saul’s testimony from this morning:…/media/doc/02OCT2018SAULSTM…

Link to my articles about the SSA in education:



Kudos to those students for revolting against the digital overlords.  We need to do this across the country:


Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group.  It’s about the socialist governor that they just elected:

So this is crazy interesting? He’s really putting pro-charter and pro-voucher people on his Education team?


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Good ole Marc Tucker, Linda Darling Hammonds and a host of others are pressing forward to make Common Core and education for all a reality.

• 1988: Marc Tucker became the president of the National Center for Education and the Economy (NCEE) where he joined up with Hillary Clinton, Mario Cuomo, and Ira Magaziner to get states to move away from local control of their schools and migrate to national standards.

• 1990: George H. W. Bush signed an international agreement entitled, “World Education for All (EFA), the result of a United Nations “World Conference on Education for All” summit.

• 1991: Tucker and Lauren Resnick created New Standards that pushed standards-based reform.…/controversial-author…/

• 1992: Tucker writes “Dear Hillary Letter.” This letter, written to Hillary Clinton, addressed Tucker’s ideas for radical education reform after Bill Clinton’s presidential win.

The goal is “to remold the entire American system” into “a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same systems for everyone,” coordinated by “a system of labor market boards at the local, state and federal levels” where curriculum and “job matching” will be handled by counselors “accessing the integrated computer-based program.”

• 1994: Tucker’s ambitious plan was implemented in three laws passed by Congress and signed by President Clinton: the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act Opportunities Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) called “Improving America’s Schools Act of 1994.”

• 1996: An organization called ACHIEVE, Inc. was formed by the nation’s governors and corporate leaders. (Many of them tied to Marc Tucker and the NCEE). The goals from an Education Summit in Palisades, NY were to ACHIEVE the goals of the 1994 school reform bills. (link)

• 1998: Tucker and Judy Codding created America’s Choice, a comprehensive school reform program, that made sure the national standards were further implemented into schools.

• 2001: George W. Bush renames ESEA “The No Child Left Behind Act” and signed it into law.

• 2004: Microsoft (Bill Gates) contracts with UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to fulfill part of UNESCO’S Millennium Campaign Goals—universal education and educating for a global economy. A “master curriculum” for teacher training in information technologies based standards, guidelines, benchmarks, and assessment techniques is to be developed. (link)
(UNESCO / Gates Foundation Agreement)

• 2005: Bill Gates funds the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce—created by Tucker. States begin adopting its education reform initiative, “Tough Choices or Tough Times.” In 2008, Utah’s Governor Huntsman touts it and joins with 5 others states (Massachusetts, Delaware, Arizona, New Mexico, and New Hampshire) who adopt it in order to “reinvent their educational systems.”

2005- Bill Gates signs 26 page agreement with UNESCO:

2005- Bill Clinton: “We have to do away with our love of local control of our schools”…/…/ed-watch/12-2-unesco-gates.htm

• 2008: Gates Foundation, along with two other foundations, created Strong American Schools (a successor to the STAND UP campaign launched in 2006, which was an outgrowth of UNESCO’s Millennium Campaign Goals for Universal Education). It calls for American education standards.

NOTE- This point in the timeline above and below is probably the most important transition from UNESCO, Bill Gates, the IBAG to passing the Common Core Standards to the NGA. Many think that the NGA just popped out this idea, when in fact it was handed to the NGA on behalf of Bill Gates and UNESCO.

This is the claim where the CCS were state led, “because they came from NGA, a group of state Governors, doing what is best for their states.”

• 2008: Gates Foundation funds the International Benchmarking Advisory Group report for Common Core Standards on behalf of the National Governors Association, Council of Chief State School Officers, and ACHIEVE, Inc. titled, “Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-Class Education.” This report shows the United Nations is a member of the International Benchmarking Advisory Group for Common Core Standards.

The member of mention is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which developed UNESCO’s Millennium Declaration—partnering with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. (link)

The report states: While states must take the lead, the federal government can help. And the federal government can do that best by playing an enabling role grounded in a new vision for the historic state-federal partnership in education.

• 2009: Marc Tucker writes a chapter in the book “Change Wars: The Inspiring Future for Educational Change.” One chapter is called International Benchmarking as a Lever for Policy Reform. The book says the UN’s OECD launched Programme for International Student Assessment in 2000 to monitor the outcomes of education. Linda Darling-Hammond also contributes a chapter. Darling-Hammond heads the SBAC.

• April, 2009: Gates Foundation members, along with a few dozen others, participate in a Washington conference and produce “Smart Options: Investing the Recovery Funds for Student Success.” These ideas were funded by the 2008 Stimulus (ARRA-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and supported Race to the Top. Priority 1: Develop Common American Standards—also called Career-Ready Standards—in most states by January 2012.

• 2009 (summer): Council of Chief State School Officers, National Governors Association, and ACHIEVE, Inc. agree to partner on a common core standards project.

• 2009 (fall): The U.S. Dept. of Ed signals it will fund $360M for summative assessments aligned to Common Core Standards and begins planning meetings. Two consortia begin competing for this funding: Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and Partnership for the Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. States begin adopting Common Core Standards and join one of the consortia in order to receive No Child Left Behind waivers from the U.S. Department of Education Secretary, Arne Duncan.

• 2009 (December): Utah becomes a governing member state of Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) and is obligated to use the online assessments created by the SBAC which is led by Bill Ayers’ friend, Linda Darling-Hammond. Judy Park, Associate Superintendent, Utah State Office of Ed, eventually co-chairs the Consortia.

• 2009 (December): Gates Foundation gives the National PTA a $1 million grant to mobilize parents for Common Core Standards.

• June, 2010: National Governors Association and State Education Chiefs launch Common State Academic Standards.”

Now onto where we are now…keep reading if you can stomach it…always follow the money, how they intend to make money…Human Capital aka children; the widgets, trained for future speculation jobs, for the greater (common collective) good.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Now that campaign season from hell is over, let’s talk about the vicious cycle.

We have been hammering Republicans in Texas for two sessions to restore public education. They have other plans, like “bustin up” our public schools, as little Briscoe Cain told me. There are competing agendas as to why they would do this, but they all lead to the same end result… for the love of money.

Meanwhile, we continue to put 5 million kids plus through a system where they are no longer learning to read, write and do real math, but instead are having technology and uncertified teachers shoved down their throats. As Larry Taylor put it, “We need to hurry up,” and get the infrastructure in place so every child can have a device in his hand, despite overwhelming peer reviewed research indicating Lying Larry’s plan is harmful to students.

We are producing an under educated populace that does not understand the difference between politics and government, much less fathom the concept of what our government was supposed to be… LIMITED.

Why did Beto fare so well and cause Ted to sweat? The answer is simple. This under educated populace related to Beto because he was easy. He never talked about anything they didn’t understand because his campaign was based on feelings, emotion and really just gibberish. It was a giant group hug. Erbody needs a hug, right?

Beto and Harris County are the proof in the pudding. Republicans better take heed to what their constituents are telling them. Jonathan Stickland told me I was completely unreasonable because I asked him to work to repair the damage that has been done to our state standards for learning. My friends and I oppose the money that supports him in his quest for money following the child in education, so he told me that my friends and I would be responsible for turning Texas blue. My response to him is, “Think again, Bubba. This is on you and your buddies.”

Better get with the program folks. We are running out of time. These kids have been less and less educated each decade, but we are now coming up on 6 years of the common core standards being immersed into our Texas TEKS. Not only are you killing literacy, but you have created a breeding ground for people who will never elect you unless you run as a flaming liberal.

Oh yea, while you are at it, better work on getting the flaming liberal that Greg Abbott appointed out of the head TEA chair.

That’s all.


And another post from this group:

Can someone clarify something for me? My child brings home math that is common core. I did some research and read that it’s illegal to teach common core in Texas. If so, why are schools still teaching and what can we do about that? Thank you!


And here are the replies to this post:

It falls under a different name. I believe part of state TEKS requirements.


Common Core was created in Texas and continues under the name “College & Career Readiness,” the TEKS represent the isolated skills.

Aligned to college entrance examinations and Pearson explains it all.


Sooooo, all the states did was “tweak” the standards, renamed/rebranded them, changed a few words then called it a day. Be cautious. These are the lowest ACT scores since CC was begun.


you got it


I wrote up a 3×5 card for my elementary school kid about meters, decimeters, centimeters, millimeters in their literal meanings. The teacher confiscated it saying that they don’t teach that way anymore. They no longer teach what things mean, just what kids need to know for testing. Explains why young people are so stupid.


Have you ever noticed that school kids don’t bring home text books like we used to? Do they even have text books? Just piss poor worksheets that have sophomoric editing.


They are assigned chrome books everything is on the computer no writing practically anymore at all


We had reading assignments, book reports. How many of us read Animal Farm as school kids? How many of our own kids have read that book? How many of us have made our kids read it?


My 6th grade daughter brought home some new kind of math I have never seen. It is supposed to be division. I showed her what division is and how to computate it. She told me, that wasn’t anything like math class.


in the current educational environment, Animal Farm, 1984, Brave New World, are all subversive because they illustrate very graphically the evils of the far left mondset.


Actually CC was initiated by Bill Gates. He offered all the states states millions and millions dollars to implement Common Core. This was back in 2008 when the schools were really needy for money. There were two PhD‘s, James Milgram and Sandra Stotsky who refused to sign off on the language arts and math standards. You can look them up on the Internet and watch their videos. Watch the video, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Iserbyt. I retired after 32 years. The last year I taught CC. It did me in. The very next day after I retired, I vowed to do when I could to protect the children in public schools. I have been doing this for the last seven years. Not much has gotten done because of politics. Now people are seeing ACT scores that are dropping like flies, and maybe now they will start to see what’s really going on. The standards are developmentally inappropriate, never tested, and not research based. I would advise you to become familiar with several different anti-Common Core groups out there on Facebook. I would also encourage you to tell other parents about this and then send letters to President Trump. I have done it several times as I have other people. This is not going to get better. It’s already getting worse for our children.


and that is what comes from trying to run schools like corporations, and letting political cronies make decisions on curriculum rather than professional educators.


The law passed in Texas, HB 462 that supposedly makes Common Core illegal is meaningless. It has no teeth and is deceptive. In fact, when Texas applied for the NCLB waiver from the federal government, it states we are aligned.

When Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Abbott go around saying they stood against Common Core, here is proof they are NOT being honest.
Proof Positive- When we requested a waiver from the federal government from the mandates of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) they knew full well we were aligned to the Common Core National Standards. They just call them “College and Career Ready!

Here is a link to the documented proof.
(See pages 13 and 14)…/approved…/txrenewalreq2015.pdf


They were so clever, using the words “may not”, instead of “shall not” in HB462, making that bill a joke.


You go to the school board meetings every session and insist the curriculum be online for parents to see and that traditional math be returned to our schools!


A group of parents have actually fought this at the state level but $$$$ won.


Former teacher here…so a few years ago them pushed math skill expectations down a grade or two..and then teachers MUST teach multiple methods, some of which are so convoluted it’s ridiculous…but they have to taught and they kids are tested on them. I just wanted them to have a strategy that they understood and that always got them the correct answer. Not subtract to add..🤦🏼‍♀️


process math, so confusing, so common core and I agree with you. I also know the concept is a deliberate dumbing down of math skills.


In 2009 I discovered this. Our 10 year old was 1. He went to public through 3rd here. His brother through 1st. CC was ALL through their districts materials, textbooks, websites kids used. I mean Scholastics… It was even in our oldest 1st grade Christian school. The materials and NEW MATH being taught. It is all CC.

It had 2 names here. TEKS use CC skills. We homeschool. It takes sacrafice. By 3rd the cc math was sooo wrong my son suffered anxiety and started hating math. It took me 1.5 year homeschool to bring math back into his education/lifestyle without panic or anxiety.


At the polling location I was Precinct Judge for were two high school students working with me that DID NOT KNOW how to read a TAPE MEASURE!!
Unbelievable!!! 😡
That’s our educational system?!?!?!


Wow, I taught that in second grade!


Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

From Futurist, Globalist, Educrat Tom VanderArk:

Before you think this sounds good let me remind you of… China’s Social Credit System. Your #Data determines your score, your services, your ability to travel in and out of the country, your ability to own a home or rent an apartment.


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

If your kid is in a public school … THIS ——>

‘Jose Ferreira, CEO of Knewton, said in a 2012 speech that his “adaptive learning” platform, used by 10 million students globally, collects 5 to 10 million data points per student per day — down to how many seconds it takes you to answer that algebra problem.’

“We literally have more data about our students than any company has about anybody else about anything,” Ferreira said. “And it’s not even close.”

(PS – this was written in 2016 … its MUCH WORSE now)


A 12th grade English literature class is not an appropriate venue for a graphic Planned Parenthood sex-ed video:


Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling group:

Are any of you homeschooling with intention to eventually send your child back to ps?

And here are the replies to this post:

We currently are. We’re doing the testing in the spring and if they aren’t on par with where they were then we would look at going back. The principal will be gone and hopefully big changes but ideally we won’t after this year till high school
How long have you been homeschooling?
This is our first year. My husband wasn’t completely on board but with bullying issues for our kindergartener and our older son is adhd and HFA we needed at least a year away I’d like more but it’ll be a yearly evaluation for us as a family. I’m also “homeschooling” our prek and would like her home forever lol
This is my first year too! I started mainly because my 2nd grader had brain surgery the starting of they year and when I sent her back to school it was all downhill. Bullying has also been a concern, I feel like it is so much worse than when we were kids. I am considering sending my girls back next year but have so many mixed emotions
My now first grader I think is dyslexic but school tossed him in title one and he hated reading and we’re just now getting him to get comfortable and confident again. They are also more involved in stuff because they aren’t burnt out from all day every day at school. Today they went by train to Boston to the aquarium and LEGO land and those things wouldn’t be happening otherwise.
We did. Pulled my daughter when she was in first grade to help her catch up with reading, as she was struggling. Sent her back to public school, then pulled her again mid fourth grade year. I wish we had never sent her back
So I am assuming you will continue to homeschool from here on out? What made you pull her back out in fourth grade?
yes, we will most definitely continue to homeschool her and her sister (first grade). It was a combination of things. The schools in our area aren’t the greatest. I was tired of them constantly going on lockdown and my children being scared and me worrying the entire time they were gone. There was also some bullying issues and the school refused to handle the issues. There are no private school options around here, and I stay home anyway, so it just made sense for us. We have a very strong homeschool community where we live, so that helps a lot.
I hated when my daughter went into practice lockdown in kindergarten. It is crazy that this is embedded and an issue so badly. I think I am second guessing myself for next year because I have zero support in my area and many other reasons.
Kind of. I’d like to send them back if we get a religious exemption here in Mississippi, but really, I hated being tied down to the school and with the way the world is and sketchy things being done and taught at school, I don’t know if I will ever send them back. Plus, our district doesn’t recognize homeschooling so they’d have to test in, but I know a few families who have done that and even though their kid tested into the grade they were supposed to, the school still made them repeat the previous grade. I’d really hate for my kids to have to repeat a grade.
I was thinking about but the more I watch the news and see how this world really is I don’t think I will. She’s learning so much more at home and more life skills then any of her friends are learning.
We took our oldest out of PS in kinder. We learned some things that were happening at the school without our knowledge and took her out pretty quickly without thinking about it much. I really did not think I would ever homeschool prior to that conference. We now reevaluate annually. Oldest is now in 2nd and I have a 4 yr old who is doing preK this year. I think I have decided not to send them back to that elementary school but if we move I will definitely be open to PS.
I did at first. Was gonna homeschool all of middle school and let him attend again in high school. We are in our 4th year… He is 8th grade… And he has decided he wants to go all the way with homeschool instead so he can graduate early. And I am actually relieved because our high school has a new principal who I really don’t care for
Definitely not. They were in ps through 8th grade, and I couldn’t stomach the thought of sending them to any of our local high schools. I intend to hs then for the next 4 years. Somehow!
That was the plan initially. Homeschool for the rest of elementary & go back for middle school. But now that my husband & I have both seen how well he is doing homeschooled, idk might keep doing it.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Those who rule Facebook apparently think I should not be posting about the crooks running education. I continue to be blocked from posting on my book page without explanation.

Since I couldn’t post anything new, I thought I’d edit some drafts I had and try posting that way…nope. 

And this is how the crucial voice of the people will be deterred…temporarily.


Here is a post that was shared on said friend’s page:

And so the profession continues to just fade away. 
“My graduate work focused on behavior disorders, so I can say with confidence that it is not the children who are disordered. The disorder is in the system which requires them to attempt curriculum and demonstrate behaviors far beyond what is appropriate for their age. The disorder is in the system which bars teachers from differentiating instruction meaningfully, which threatens disciplinary action if they decide their students need a five minute break from a difficult concept, or to extend a lesson which is exceptionally engaging. The disorder is in a system, which has decided that students and teachers must be regimented to the minute and punished if they deviate. The disorder is in the system which values the scores on wildly inappropriate assessments more than teaching students in a meaningful and research based manner.”


Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group that is talking about the state of Ohio:

If you didn’t happen to catch Rep Galonski on the news a few minutes ago, she reminded everyone that there are currently 56,000 high school seniors in danger of not graduating next year due to the state tests. 56,000. That has to be nearly half of the seniors in the state. And it’s far more than the 36,000 or so that would not have graduated last year if it weren’t for the alternate pathway that they were given. To call this a crisis is an understatement. And we are running out of time to fix it.


Here is a post I found one an anti-Common Core page from someone from Florida:

Let me assure you the NEAP is a useless test designed to test teachers and not kids! I am seriously considering my daughter will NOT ever take that test again!


And another post from this page:

I hated it when my child was in public school. 
My anxiety was through the roof every night helping my ADHD / Autistic child math. Her “Social”Study readers made me livid ! Yes, Common Core’s entire purpose is indoctrination. If something isn’t changed this county is doomed for sure. She is homeschooled now. Where I can teach her about God, liberty, freedom and what it took and still takes to have those. What it means to rely on yourself and not the government. 
The government will not raise my child.


Here are some posts from an anti-Common Core group about the Common Core standards and the mess surrounding them:

Remember that it was Condolesa Rice et al and the Bushes who initiated this fiasco. Obama continued it. Both parties are to blame.

under Bush’s initiate the states we’re still allowed to decide the standards and tests to use. It wasn’t until Obama that all the real trouble began. It’s awful. My kids were guinea pigs. I never agreed for them to be part of an educational experiment.

In Tennessee our teachers’ union had to sign off on the thing in order to get $. We didn’t even know what the requirements were! Like buying a house sight unseen. We knew it was trouble — from its original design to its implementation. I blame both, not just Obama.

Obama is the one who forced it on everyone

No it was ongoing and planned. Diane Ratavitch and others tried to stop it. It was a train — a well-planned train— coming down the tracks. Obama did nothing to stop it. And he did not force it on states. He tied $ to it to entice stupid states like TN to buy into it. Cannot blame him for the master plan and implementation.

In NJ CC was Obama. I’m trying to remember if there was a name for the curricular when Bush was president no Child left behind was in place I know that

Whose created it? Who footed the bill? Who is still forcing it on us? Who is profiting from it? You need to do some research. This thing is huge. To solely blame Obama is irresponsible. Look at Biil Gates, Jeb Bush, David Coleman. I have research it for years.

Yes, there are. Obama was a very small part. He relied on Arne Duncan to make decisions on education as Secretary of Education. Big mistake!

I’m not blindly blaming anyone— I have been involved with this since the very beginning. I attended a meeting about it right after it was implemented and I was horrified at where it was all going. There were many players but ultimately it was Obama’s decision to implement, and I still resent a decision being made that was harmful to my kids but yet had no effect on the children of the person making the decision. Common core is a failure and my kids were the guinea pigs. I hate it.

Agree, mine too. I now blame the governor of my state for keeping them changing the name only.

Common Core is the worst thing to happen in today’s education. Even the teachers hate it!

yes it’s a miserable failure

very true and at the expense of the children, inexcusable for the federal government to get involved. Follow the Money, just like in health care, follow the money.

you need to stop blaming this on Obama. I’m a retired teacher – I retired early partly because of CC – but the whole breakdown started with George W’s failed program NCLB. That program had failed in TX – so W decided to give it to the whole country. Then under Obama, Race to the Top made things worse. I am an Obama supporter, but I did not at all agree with what his policies did to education. However, it was Bill Gates and his elite crew who actually came up with Common Core. They failed to include different levels of educators in putting together CC. And they brought their corporate friends into the deal. The corporations found out they could get big bucks from education funds – funds paid by the taxpayers to support our schools. They will never let go.

I have been very informed on common core since the beginning. Obama announced the race to the top initiative and offered the states money to adopt the common core so essentially he put the whole debacle into effect. I definitely do not agree with his policies on education and I do not appreciate how they affected my children.

Especially being that it did not start with kindergartners so my 5th and 6th graders had to immediately start doing things a completely different way. So frustrating and defeating for a child. My kids teachers were completely against it as well. We actually headed up the opt out movement in our district and my kids opted out of the texting since the very first year.

Obama let Arne Duncan push CC like crack as well as DFERs and charter schools. I love Obama, but he had this one wrong. I think his narrow experience with urban struggling schools overshadowed an all school approach to “improving” education. We told them it would fail. It has. Enough “choice”. They can’t/won’t fund “choice”. Invest in improving neighborhood schools everywhere. It’s not rocket science.

Here are some posts in reply to a recent Nancey Bailey blog entry about technology and the dangers it poses of disrupting a decent education environment and replacing it with something sinister:

Everything said by Mr Bush confirms for me why I believe the most important single change that has the potential to transform the development of our species is to ensure that politicians and big business are subjected to the will of the people. Their unfettered influence can pervert that will while claiming to champion it. How ironic were Bush’s pronouncements about ideology. The ideological influence we need most to be wary of right now is that which calls for the unfettered application of technology at an ever quickening pace.

I receive a weekly blog from BOLD (Blog on Learning Development). It seeks to inform readers and researchers of the latest developments in the edtec field. This recent posting about edtec startups got me hot under the collar. It prompted me to comment. Despite the fact that only rarely does anyone else comment on this site, I could not reign in my enthusiasm to introduce what I believed to be a counterbalancing opinion. As ever, I received no response from its author.

The lesson from this experience and from your latest posting, Nancy, is that we have to keep taking the fight forward to establish a more balanced approach to the use of technology in education. The reason I believe this is because once we lose track of the idea that education is a human enterprise, where interpersonal development is one of the most effective means we have of retaining and eventually expanding our humanity, we face a very uncertain future at the hands of an intrinsically impersonal technology.

Disruption in fields that serve human growth and development is very risky and dangerous. Having worked in business for two decades, I know what disruption in. It is the demolition of existing paradigms so that new systems can be introduced for more profit.

Look at this definition I found online – “In business, a disruptive innovation is an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market-leading firms, products, and alliances.”

That is what has been and is being done to education. First they disrupted our curriculum. Then disrupted our evaluations. Then they disrupted our assessments. Now they’re disruption the very existence of a human in the classroom.

All for what? New markets! New values! New alliances.

All at the risk of destroying young minds and bodies and displacing veteran teachers.

Awful world we live in.

Peer into almost any classroom and you will see children playing with the modern day Trojan Horse.
Shiny and sleek, these gifts from Google are the cornerstones for ed-tech reform.

Hidden inside are the nameless and faceless code writers ready, willing, and able to render real teachers obsolete.

An disruption? Or a disservice?

Here is a comment from a Nancey Bailey article about the Maker Movement, a scheme to replace libraries in their traditional sense with all things digital:

I had thought that the Maker Movement had been dismissed. This posting came as a shock. The Movement reeks of finanacial chicanery, using our responsibility (and love) for children to vacuum the public purse. Librarians are every neighborhood’s own public intellectual, and books are the mind’s solace. As the Catholic Church fought against the freedom of mind that reading and unfettered access to knowledge through books without priestly mediation, so Silicon Valley will in this fashion (among others) create a new aristocracy to control what we possess of knowledge. Dreadful business.

On a more prosaic level, this “movement,” like much that emanates from Silicon Valley, is a financialized solution in search of a problem — and sales/money, not culture or education, is the goal. Public- and school libraries partake of the public purse — that’s low-hanging fruit for minds that believe asset stripping and destruction are the same as creativity. The claims to liberating children’s minds are not born out by serious clinical or academic studies.

Libraries and librarians have educated and protected culures since before the burning of Alexandria… Always to mankind’s benefit. They, as the scribes of yore, are the first to be eliminated in a conquest and they are the first to recognize the danger to a culture when barbarians knock. What better prey?

Biology teaches us that humans are social animals. We can interact — collaborate, play, fight, war, build pyramids, whatever — sans digital anything. Silicon Valley’s engineers, MBAs, and venture capitalists need to engage in the daily experience of teaching and *hands-on* engagement before they eliminate a three-millennia practice for digital software. Their business model: Analyze a traditional business or organization, (viz., the taxi business) look for any inefficiency, then devise a means to “cut costs” by eliminating labor or the responsibility of the owner for his workers and their tools (e.g., Uber).
The “digital learning and engagement” model — online universities, the Makers’ Movement — is as inadequate to true education as the use of ‘televisions to replace teachers was in the 1950s and early 1960s. The problem here is that the elimination of librarians and libraries is far more difficult to repair than ditching console televisions was in 1958.

Something similar occurred at Columbia University, a school with a great computer sciences program, in the 1980s and 1990s: the library school was closed and the main library was purged of thousands of books. Tossed into dumpsters, when not moved to a NJ warehouse. If a book had not been checked out within a certain number of years, pfffft!

A little knowledge can cause a lot of trouble over time.


I found a post in another Nancey Bailey article where the Common Core Diva replied and posted that the infamous KnowledgeWorks was working with a group called Institute for the Future.



One school district literally plans to start kindergarten readiness at birth:


Here is another followup on the $680 invoice story:

My public comment last night. I will stand there every two weeks and keep begging to find out who has access to my kids student portals. I thought i jag s board member willing to waive the $680 but they was in exchange for his vote. I said no thanks so he followed up with he could see what he could do if he were elected but it could take him many weeks to get the info.

What is a parent supposed to do. How is this even legal? Tell me who to bring this to and i will do it. I promise.

The superintendent billing me is only an interim but odds are we are stuck with her for the rest of the year and now they are talking of rehiring her. She taught for one year. She has no background in curriculum and instruction. All she knows is ed tech and every single consent agenda she slides it in.

Last month we paid $50K for PikMyKid. Goog gosh read that TOU and privacy policy. This is madness in my county.

I’m open to any suggestions at all.


Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

CCSSO, SETDA, and SIF have joined forces with #ProjectUnicorn to promote sharing of student data via interoperability. CCSSO goes so far as to say “in order to achieve innovative technology and data centered goals, such as individualized personalized learning , interoperability is a necessity.”

Other partners of Project Unicorn (ie: Data Quality Campaign) have also been key players in promoting edtech, Common Core, and interoperable data sharing. 
Common Core was adopted with strings attached, one being standardized data–and creation of state databases (SLDS). Does this next phase of data sharing come as a surprise to anyone?

Should schools buy into this and should we continue to hand over students’ personal data without parent consent?
No. No. No.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core warrior:

Schools across the country have been and continue to set up accounts for our children with a multitude of Edtech vendors. Schools are allowed to do this under COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act – set up in 1998), however, they are not informing parents and they are not seeking parental permission to do so – especially for minor children under the age of 13. Parents are completely unaware this is happening. In most cases, schools are instructing kids to click “I Agree” when they set these accounts up, bypassing parental permission and essentially allowing these Edtech companies to collect and mine massive amounts of data from our kids. Data they do not have permission to take from parents but do from schools. Please know, this data is not restricted to when your child is using the application/software/program at school……when kids come home from school and log in to complete homework assignments or study…..the data is flowing from your home computer/iPad/device to the Edtech company. Your IP address is considered personal information because it is specific to you – that is just one of the over 50,000 data points being collected by the Edtech companies. Under the new GDPR – that would be a fineable offense. The data being collected is not being protected.”…/consider-yourself…/


A teacher was fired for giving zeroes to students that didn’t turn in work:


A friend of mine said that data interoperability 
allows data to be seamlessly shared across platforms and, according USDOE….“can provide a common technical manner to exchange data and information between all of the software systems within the education enterprise –schools, districts, state departments of education, Learning Management Systems (LMSs) and Test Publishers.“


Yet another inappropriate assignment:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

So I’m homeschooling in ky and i was looking at the paperwork for it and noticed that they want me to teach reading, writing, spelling, grammar, mathematics, science, and history. Which is all fine and good only they in public schools are not teaching history. So im kinda ticked off that they think they can tell me what to teach. They never taught her crap here in ky and since I’ve spent 3 days witj her she now knows her multication. Public schools are nothing but baby sitting indoctrinating evil money making centers. Teachers are not teaching. Im so disgusted with them that i just wish i could sue that crap out of them for causing her to be behind and lying to me. One thing is for sure she will get an education now.


And another post from this group:

From Alice Linahan

Heads up Wisconsin- Tony Evers is beyond scary!! He made it very clear at the end of this interview that the CCSS are integral within this transformation of education in America.


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Bob Lonsberry is SERIOUSLY ADVOCATING for Andrew Cuomo to seize control and take over the Rochester City School District.

Are you kidding ME?


Not mayoral. Not Governor.

Bob’s progressive is showing.


Here is a post that was shared on Alice Linahan’s page:

“HEADS UP TEXAS !! Houston ISD is one of the 26 school districts to agree to the Project Unicorn pledge to improve school data interoperability across software programs. PARENTS ARE YOU REALLY OKAY WITH THIS?”


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

So….. my son isn’t making sufficient progress. They want to put him in tier 2 intervention, although I didn’t really catch where part 1 began.

Help is great! But does anyone see ANY reason to have this questionnaire?


And here are some replies to this post:

If your son was in Washoe County I’d say he’s in MTSS (multi-tiered system of support) The biggest problem I would have is; any data entered into the MTSS tab of Infinite Campus (in Washoe County) is stored forever. In addition this data is uploaded nightly to the NDE via their SAIN (System of Accountability of Information in Nevada), that data is also stored forever. At the moment we have no idea if/how this data will be used in the future. Some experts believe this data could be used to limit your child’s future, but there is no proof of that. My biggest question is: “WHY IS THIS DATA STORED FOREVER IN TWO PLACES?” Neither the NDE or Washoe County can answer my question. You should ask Clark County and see what they have to say about the data…


here is the information that Anita has been sharing for years…/0B6zikOSdV…/view


Don’t give em any info. I never cooperate with their nonsense


Wow!!!! Talk about being intrusive. Seems a bit much. I would expect they would have a teacher / parent meeting and go on from there on a plan of action. But all these personal questions


Don’t supply them with any information. You don’t know who is going to end up with it and they won’t tell you either. You don’t know how it will be used against your child or family in the future. I wouldn’t fill out those forms.


Here is another post from this group:

Here we go again. What would you think/do if this happened to you? It’s long; please take the time to read it. 
I emailed all of my kids teacher due to an upcoming absence. I asked the teachers to provide work if they had any and to let us know if our kids have any current missing assignments due to Thanksgiving break. My fourth grade son’s teacher told us that she has a “LIST of missing assignments and she could send it home today or Friday”. I asked her to send it home today and asked about this list, how many assignments and when they were due. Our son hasn’t brought anything home except his reading log which he does daily and math on occasion. She came back and said that it was “ONE assignment that counts as both reading and language arts (this teacher seems to make one assignment count for multiple subjects all the time) and that it was a POST ASSESSMENT done in class and you (I) can see on the papers when it was due.”
I then had to ask what the post assessment was for, what the description she has for it and asked if it was for a personal narrative that she assigned previously. She came back and said “it’s a post assessment for a reading unit. The directions are on the assignment; he (our son) was there for the assessment and chose to do nothing during the class time provided.”
I emailed the teacher back and questioned that our son “chose to do nothing and you (the teacher) never bothered to let us know? I told her that this is a problem and that if there is something that needs to be addressed, then she needs to address it to us. We should not have to question the teachers and pull everything out of them to find out there is something going on with our kids. I then told her that this sounds very fishy to me. Since when do teachers not communicate with parents? Seems to be the theme with DCSD. I also told her that from this point forward, if there are issues with our children, then we are to be notified. We are not required (per NRS) to have face to face meetings or have face to face parent teacher conferences to find out what is going on with our children. This is unacceptable. I then said, Please do not tell me that from this point forward our communication is neither productive or helpful. You are the one that didn’t communicate with us when there was an issue with [kid name redacted] in class. 
We are expecting to hear nothing back as that is the M.O. with DCSD. If anything is negative towards the school or teachers it seems that they are instructed not to respond. Even when the employees are the cause or reason for it. 
Now, I am waiting for her to mark down his behavior from an A to something lower on his Friday Folder because that is what she did the last time I questioned her (10-12-18 Friday Folder). He has all A’s prior to the last time I questioned her and after in his Friday Folder. We are also expecting her to fail my son for 4th grade (grade retention) due to the materials we refuse/opt-out as a lesson to us for refusing and opting out. She has already told us that she is giving (gave) our son a zero for not completing the Personal Narrative, which is material we opt out. She wanted him to complete it as a fictional character. I don’t care if it’s required by NDOE or if the school/teacher is graded/ penalized for our children not doing it. My children’s beliefs, personality traits and attitudes are none of the schools or anyone else’s business. Even as a made up character, our children’s beliefs, personality traits and or attitudes will come through with a fictional character.
Does anyone else find the phrasing of “post assessment” as oxymorinic? Maybe oxymoron is the wrong word? I’ve never heard the phrase post assessment in the approx. 20 years I’ve had kids in school. Does it mean that this is a test on a test? 
My guess is that this POST ASSESSMENT is probably material we refuse/opt-out of and the school or teacher is probably graded or held accountable for this post assessment but we don’t have a clue since the teacher didn’t bother to inform us of this issue.
Does anyone else see an issue with one assignment counting for multiple subjects? For example our son’s Native American Assignment grade counted for 3 subjects. Seriously this assignment was about the only assignment graded for the class in the first 6 weeks for these 3 subjects. So one assignment = grades for 3 subjects, Social Studies, Science, and Language Art, Reading or both. Cross-Curricular is what the teacher called it. This post assessment grade is counting for 2 subjects, reading and language arts grades. I find this kind of grading disturbing. 
I found out after school that the assignment that is missing is from October 12 and the teacher never informed us about it. IT’S NOT MATERIAL WE REFUSE/OPT-OUT. I emailed her on Oct 9 & 10 about incomplete work with the Native American Assignment and then on October 23 about parent teacher conferences and she told us about our son not completing a Personal Narrative but didn’t tell us about this assignment. She provided a print out today and our son has a D in Reading and an F in Language Arts. These grades are because our son didn’t do the personal narrative that was worth 25 points in two subjects and the October 12 assignment “Slower than the rest”. She won’t provide us a full print out of Infinite Campus as we requested last month. She provided a missing assignment print out this time and it only shows this assignment and no others. I am assuming nothing else is missing but I thought that was true when she told us about the Native American and personal narrative assignments. The teacher doesn’t bother to tell us that our son has missing assignments and it was assigned/due a month ago. She is going to fail [name redacted] I see it as clear as I saw Mrs. Kixmiller failing our son [other kid name redacted] in 8th grade. Our ZCES kids will be perpetual 4th graders and our high school son with never graduate. The schools will be sure to collect the funds for our children with their body count each year.


And some replies to this post:

I’m do sorry you are still dealing with this, I’m afraid it will be like this for some time. I can tell you after years of fighting WCSD and it just seemed to be getting worse, their agenda is to push parents out, don’t give informed consent, completely indoctrination, I finally had it and I pulled my kids out. I know not everyone can do that and kudos to everyone who can stick with it but especially after my youngest with a disability was physically abused I had to get them out to protect them, ever since I did, I can finally breathe. I wish I had an answer except to keep up the good fight while you still can but take care of yourself because it’s so draining, you are a good mama


Post assessments are a real and valid teaching tool. Quick google search will give you all the info you need. 
Do you have no way to check Infinite Campus to ascertain your child’s grades? You said you requested a print out?
Assignments can often be counted in multiple subject areas because they are cross-curricular. Example: writing an essay about a science topic would demonstrate both English and science mastery.


we didn’t sign the DCSD AUP for computer use and we are blocked from anything to do with computers in school including IC. I’ve already addressed this with the district and their reply was that they could put a kiosk in the school so we can go to the school and look at IC. It’s not practical for us and it would not allow us to view it when we needed to as we would look at Parent Portal all hours of the day or night and would only be able to view it during school hours. If we are working during school hours, we wouldn’t be able to view it. Our son can’t view it either


One reason we homeschool. Great support groups too! 😥😥🙏🙏❣️❣️


ZCES is my children’s school. They have a weekly folder that the teacher signs (even though we opt-out) that describes our children’s behavior and if it’s not an A then the teacher marks a different grade and why for example: out of seat talking.

first of all why do you think I antagonize the teachers? Is it because I filed complaints with the district or because I started posting on facebook when nothing was done at district level? We as parents were not told about my kids failing and missing assignments for a month or more and this is both in the GWHS and ZCES. . I have been told that my kids can’t opt out or refuse anything and we all know that is not the case.

And the bigger issue here is that we were communicating with the teacher. The High School level is a different story. We get a progress report and is shows F for Chemistry and the teacher wrote that he gave our son a list of assignments. My question is when did he give my son a list of assignments and why didn’t he bother to inform us that there were all these missing assignments over a 6+ week period and he was failing the class? Was the list provide the second week of school, the third week, the day the progress reports were handed out? Another high school teacher wrote that my son lacks quality and care and at the same time wrote that he participates actively in class and shows excellent effort in the classroom. Huh? 
Where is the communication from the teacher? We’ve tried to communicate. I have been told by DCSD on multiple occasions starting in ZCES that our kids are responsible for their own education, yet we have to sign a parent Involvement sheet stating we will be there for our kids while in school, help them with their homework, read to them etc. DCSD wants controlled, selective involvement.DCSD has given us hell for opting out of anything but especially opting out of computers and have made negative examples of my children because of it and it’s a DCSD required form. I really hoped this year would be different but it doesn’t appear that way.

I opt my kids out of the tracking of my children including citizenship as you called it but it isn’t stopping the teacher from writing it down on his Friday Folder and who knows where else, classdojo possibly?


You are wise to do this, even if they are against you. That behavior data is likely being shared with corporations, non-profits, and the government. The barriers to access are far lower than many people think. And the government plans to use something called “personalized learning” manipulate the behavior of the kids using technology, passing it off as one-to-one learning, but their real goal is to use technology that gives out material specific to each kid, so that parents cannot, and not often the teachers either. It’s meant to change kids’s “values, attitudes, and beliefs”. And this personalized learning stuff is actually part of the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals”. Also, there is a move to switch from these tests to having all of the data mining and manipulation in regular assessments. You appear to have tried to opt out of this, but the government and others are trying to put pressure on your teacher to get the info from you any way possible, and apparently the teacher is resorting to punishing the student grade-wise to get it.

I have also heard of them grading on behavior at other places. You are not the first instance of me hearing of it.


Yes, that is exactly what is going on and thank you for stating it in a way that I could not. It seems that many assignments and assessments (SBAC for one) are psychometric. The SEL material is so invasive and incorporated into every subject it seems. Now, My 3rd grade son’s teacher has a Social Studies Final assignment on immigration. The assignment is only in class and it’s about the student’s own family immigration story. My son was provided an alternate assignment as we opt out of anything personal and he is doing it on the Chinese immigrating to America instead of his own family. I really wonder if this assignment has something to do with looking for undocumented people? The reason that I question the agenda of this assignment is that the teacher said it is no way homework, it’s done in class on Google Slides in four 45 min sessions. The other students work on Google but for my son, the teacher is providing the key information he needs to complete it. It’s worth 25 points which is huge assignment from what I gather. This could be nothing but an assignment but I wonder how kids can do this assignment ONLY in school without the help of family to tell their OWN immigration story. Doesn’t that sound strange? How would 3rd graders even know their own immigration story? I did question that she has it as school work only and not homework and that kids that could have family log in at home and help but do the parents even know about this assignment? The only reason I knew about it is because my son mentioned it and I asked the teacher. One of the questions that she wrote down for my son is: Where there any laws in the United States put into place to limit this particular immigration group?

This is for my son, I have no idea what questions are asked of the kids that work on Google slides for their own immigration story. I am leery of this assignment and what it’s really all about.


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

What’s the problem with iReady anyway?

Welp…for starters:

“Based on the scores, iReady generates a report for each student for each of the domains. The report offers a bulleted list of what the student can do and next steps for instruction.

However, if you take a look at the finer print you’ll learn that these reports are not generated from the specific questions that the child answered correctly or incorrectly, but rather are a generic list based on what iReady thinks that students who score in this same range in this domain likely need.”


Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

There is a disconnect between the education decision makers community of legislators, appointed educrats, the State Superintendent, local school boards, local Superintendents, Principals, and teachers.

Parents are ultimately responsible for leading and choosing the direction of their child’s Education… and if you as parents keep allowing this pitiful excuse of a zip code ,tax supported public education to continue on this same path of failed policies … then YOU are the problem. It is time for parents to be the SOLUTION and take the seat as the main stakeholder in YOUR child’s education.

In SC we have waaay too many unaccountable chefs in the kitchen to spoil the education soup. The SC Education Oversight Committee are made up of mostly appointed positions and the entire SC State Board of Education are appointed positions. Parents have no way to hold these people accountable. With the latest reports showing SC is in last place in the USA when it comes to quality results , then one can plainly see these appointed people have failed SC children for too long.

Let’s change the governance. Parents, ask your SC legislators in Columbia to abolish the appointed Education Oversight Committee and change the State Board of Education members to be an elected position not appointed. This is a way parents and tax payers will have a better means to hold someone specifically accountable for the poor education decisions being made in curriculum/ standards/ testing/ policy making/ hiring and firing of teachers. It’s time for tax credits so if the public schools are failing your child you can choose private or homeschool options.

Who controls education of YOUR child?

It’s time the answer to that is YOU. It’s time Parents demand accountability. It’s time for tax credits so parents have choices.

It’s time we get rid of all these appointed people who have failed us and take back control by electing our leaders… that’s what a Constitutional Republic should be doing.


An Iowa school has caved to the gender-benders and has done away with homecoming king and queen:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Parkers Prairie, MN. We’ve posted similar curriculum from other states, but here it is in Minnesota! The Lesson: Decide which three of your classmates should die. One parent relates, “She says when it was first assigned, the students were all talking about it and picking who they wanted to die and kids could hear their names being mentioned. My heart breaks for any child who knows they were on someone’s list. If they felt bad about themselves before, this has to be absolutely devastating,” said Diedrich.

“By knowingly encouraging and even requiring children to consider harming another student, they are endangering the lives of students and staff,” added Diedrich.” Well said!!


And another post from this group:

Rep. Michele LePore Hagan is urging an amendment to the Heartbeat Bill for mandatory Comprehensive Sex Education in the schools. Please Lord help us all to become aware of the evil in Comprehensive Sex Education


And yet another post from this group:

Sad….OSU does not believe in free speech

Thank you Steven Herbik…..The ONLY time I have ever been embarrassed to be a Buckeye. Deeply ashamed of this message that went out to the student body describing the dangers of a Ben Shapiro speech. If you are a parent of a child who needs this help, I truly feel sorry for you, your child and your bank account!


And yet another post from here:

From Karen Bracken

Thank you Karen Bracken

Charters are NOT what they want you to believe they are. There is a reason why so many of the rich and powerful are heavily invested in Charters. By the time parents figure out what me and others have been warning them about is true it will too late to stop it. Here is an 11 minute intro to a must see movie that can be purchased. Purchase a copy and invite the neighbors over or your friends. Put a meeting together. Killing Ed is real and at the end of the day ALL charters will be sucked into the agenda.


Here is a post from an early childhood anti-Common Core group:

This is an excellent article on why we need to back off and “let kids be kids”. Our governments are spending billions of dollars on early learning initiatives focused heavily on academics. We are sending 4 year olds into PreK program classrooms where time is structured and focused on giving them that jump on learning and thinking we are providing them with everything they need to “get through” the learning years and become successful adults.

We are forgetting that childhood is its own precious time in life where children need to be nurtured and loved, and we need to let them be be little. Childhood is by design a beautiful time of development. Play is a child’s natural way of learning. We don’t need to be stressing them out with over-stimulation, pushing them to learn what we want them to know. We need to let nature take its course in letting them discover the world, expand their imaginations and creativity by giving them the opportunities to find it on their own.

They need to be learning through discovery which also leads to self-discovery. Then, we need to foster that discovery learning and creative imagination by giving them a safe, relaxed, comfortable world rich with the opportunity for learning. We need to let them develop a love of reading and literature by just letting them enjoy the pleasure of cuddling up in an adult lap and having a story read to them as they look at beautiful illustrations. We don’t need to be trying to force reading skills at the earliest age possible.

We need to let them learn colors by seeing the blue of the sky and the red of a flower, the green of the grass. Instead, we are putting little ones in classrooms, in desks, in rows and circles, and we are having them color circles green and squares blue. We are putting them on electronic devices and letting them play fast-paced, highly stimulating learning games in isolation. They need to be active and moving. They need to be interacting and developing social skills.

Brain research shows that children’s minds work best in an academic setting after periods of physical activity. But, we should allow much of that physical activity to be unstructured and for the purpose of having fun. Adults can guide that activity to a point, but the best thing we can do is just provide the time and opportunity.

Childhood is a wonderful, magical time. We need to let them just take in the world and stop trying to give them everything, teach them everything, and prepare them to be adults. Baby steps because they are babies. Expectation creates stress and self-doubt. Exposure to too much, too soon, and too fast just overloads their systems. Let them find themselves as the find knowledge.


And another post from this group:

Had a parent teacher conference this morning. I am on the phone with the legislatures about Education. Education for this kids is just WOW. They better email me. Common Core is BS. I mean who ever created this did they go out to class rooms? Or did they just sit behind there desk?


And the replies to this post:

The people who wrote this mess never taught a day in their lives. The two who were actual education people refused to sign off on it. Milgram for math and Stotsky for English.


Yeah I had a feeling they didn’t actually go into classrooms.


And a guy named Zimba admitted that the “colllege ready” would only get them into a two year non-competitive community college, and the “career” they’d be ready for is flipping burgers or entry level factory work.


THAT blew me away when I first watched the video of him actually saying that the math standards were NOT good enough for kids to get into the colleges that most parents ASPIRE to, but rather the schools that they most likely could get into. :-O I was like… What the Crap?!?! He KNEW that AND publically had to acknowledge that???


and then we have the ND DPI pushing remedial classes on high school because only like 50% of kids graduating are ready for college math and require expensive remedial classes in college that don’t count for their degrees. Maybe if we expected more of them to graduate they would be ready for college.


Paid for and funded by Gates and PEARSON!


Maybe if we went back to common sense more of them would be ready for college.


exactly. How are they graduation but not having enough math understanding to take college math? Maybe it’s time for mastery instead of just moving on


First, stop pushing babies to do work better suited for 7 year olds. Stop pushing 7 year olds to do work better suited for 12 year olds. Then integrated algebra/geometry for 9/10/11 and trig/calculus for 12. THEN they’ll be math-ready.

Stop forcing babies to read at 4 and 5, then start with phonics instead of sight words. Don’t make them write compositions (sentences, yes, paragraphs, yes, not essays) until they’re about 12 when the executive functioning kicks in. Teach logic, and teach logically. Use classic literature not pornography. Require memorization of poetry and other things. Then they’ll be ready for college. BUT realize that not all kids are going to college.


this this 100 times this! I am pushing back against the push down of academics. 4 year olds should be playing and learning through relationships, not flashcards.


I have 1st grade twin grandsons. They struggled with reading in kindergarten; they are still struggling a bit in first grade. Neither “qualify” for extra help. Requiring them them to read in kindergarten has been bad for their psych; they just were so frustrated. So….I am enjoying following your conversation.


reading in kindergarten is not supported by research and can actually be harmful – as you have seen. We need our parents of young children to get active with the Stop common Core groups in the states to demand an end to this!…/readinginkindergarten…


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

The Somerset Academy of Las Vegas recently sent a letter to parents informing them that they have adopted a No Opt Out Policy. I private messaged you a copy of the letter on your personal Facebook page. I will PM one on this age also. Please read it the letter and let me know what you think. Can the Academy legally force all children to take the academic assessments?


And some replies to this post:

Yes! We were actually going to address this at the board meeting in December. But, the school moved the board meeting to this past Wednesday at 7:00 in the morning! We were not notified by email or anything that it had been changed.


That is UNACCEPTABLE! Post the letter.


They sound much worse than WCSD board.


They knew several parents wanted to speak out about this so I’m sure they did this on purpose.


Of course they did!


They always have the meetings in the evening. This had me so angry. I will be at the next one whenever that is. I will have my voice heard.


Here is the Somerset letter:   


And another post from this group, which appears to be about a SEL event at a school:

The keynote spech was mostly about technology. For me the takeaway is that I’m right doing what I’ve been doing in regards to my 13 year olds tech. use: no cell phones, no social media, and internet access at the kitchen table only. Internet and screen time has little upside and tons of downside for younger children. The speaker didn’t even get into the the other side of “free” EdTech vendors like Edmodo and what they do with student data by design, their data breach and subsequent sale to a Chinese company (government).

Here’s the email I sent to Incline Village parents after I attended the SEL event above: “The event was well attended, mostly by WCSD teachers as they got professional development credit for attending. I was one of about 40 parents present. I expected a presentation on Social and Emotional Learning; instead most of the keynote presentation…/ceuahbuww…/%21Reno-2018.pdf…(pages 29-149) highlighted the dangers of the internet for K-12 students The presenter did not talk about ‘free’ EdTech products at all. 

After the presentation, during the first smaller breakout session, I got to comment and ask the presenter a question. It went something like this: ‘After watching your presentation it makes me believe my decision to keep my 13 year olds off cell phones and the internet, except at the kitchen table, is the correct decision. Am I missing something or is there upside to having 13 year olds on the web?’ He replied for a long time but did not answer my question. I also told him I resent the fact that the District is pressuring children to create a digital presence in elementary school. In a follow up comment I told him I feel like my older son who’s in his third year at an Ivy League college got a better education (and gave specific examples) in the same schools only using the internet on a limited basis and not using free EdTech products at all. The presenter had no response except that cursive and keyboarding is no longer necessary because we will soon be talking to our computers. None of the teachers present said a word. 

After the meeting a teacher who I respect told me, ‘We all know the only reason we need SEL is because of all this technology.’ I suspect many experienced teachers would agree, not sure about the newer teachers; I spend a lot of time on this and I had no idea! Many technology leaders, including Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, severely limited their children’s access to technology and screens while growing up.

In my opinion, it was basic education which helped make the United States one of the greatest nations in the world. Now we are trying a dangerous experiment with our entire public education system, that a lot of research already shows will not work. It’s also important to note that many of the Silicon Valley executives spend a lot of money to send their children to private schools that do not use technology until high school. To make matters worse some high achieving countries (especially in Asia) will probably continue using proven education methods. It’s likely this will help widen their education performance gap over United States.
Recall, China has already bought Edmodo, the largest ‘free’ (paid with student data) EdTech vendor. Many experts agree – it was to obtain data on U.S. students. Remember free EdTech vendors collect, store, and share a lot more data about our children than companies like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.

Protect Nevada Children suggests, as long as possible, keep your children from creating accounts and sharing personal information and school work on the internet, especially with ‘free’ EdTech vendors.”


Here is a post that was shared on Alice Linahan’s page:

At Rocketship Los Sueños in San Jose, students spend extended periods of time on laptops in their classroom and another 90 minutes in the Learning Lab—a large room where kids spend time sitting at long tables, wearing headphones and working on laptops, supervised by classroom aides. On a visit last June, I found that few things broke the silence: when kindergartners filed in from recess; when a staff member came into the room. Students scarcely talked and when they did, or their attention drifted too far, they were admonished. A supervisor prompted the kids to “focus” and “sit up”. She counted down—“8, 7, 6, 5, 4”—when it was time to switch from one software program to another. The kids looked zoned out, with blank expressions on their faces.


Here is a post by Lynn Davenport:

Please remember the name Heckman. That’s the guy who Commit people praise for his pre-k work.

“Pritzker money paid for the creation of the Heckman Equation, a tool kit promising a 7-10% annual rate of return to investors in early childhood education, up to 13% if health factors were built into the intervention. The tool kit targets very young children ages 0 to 3, identifying “success” metrics for character training, which were felt to have more potential for “growth” than cognitive achievement or IQ. Heckman and a cadre of researchers have since plowed considerable resources into devising tools, many digital, that supposedly measure social-emotional competencies, particularly Big Five “OCEAN” character traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

Pritzker and Heckman made the rounds, promoting outcomes-based pre-k impact investing to community foundations and institutional investors for quite a few years. In October the complicit NEA (National Education Association) spoke positively of Pritzker’s 5-point, two-generation early childhood education plan, which would allocate $95 million for pre-k expansion in the first year alone. The Annie E. Casey Foundation of Baltimore has been advancing this “two-generation” approach, which hinges on the adoption of vastly expanded integrated data systems.”…/readynation-pritzker-and-ne…/


Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

A Monstrous Story for a Monstrous Curriculum: The Ugly Heart of Common Core

“I am a high school English teacher. I became a teacher because I believe that literacy, which goes beyond just reading the words on the page, is an absolute necessity for maintaining our Republic.

Proof of that is found in the many laws against reading certain texts, or against reading altogether, that have been passed down by every tyrant since literacy became available to the general population.

A few examples of such tyrannical laws are the Taliban banning reading for any female or laws against teaching slaves to read or the Soviet Union’s banning of such books as A Wrinkle in Time, Where’s Waldo, and To Kill a Mockingbird. The communist Khmer Rogue in Cambodia so hated literacy that just wearing glasses was cause for execution. Literacy leads to freedom and tyrants know it.

I have been teaching for over twenty years. Generally, I have been given either no curriculum or curriculum that was focused on skills, not specific texts. I would have to get those skills taught in whatever way I wanted to get there. Sometimes I was given more direction and that direction was generally pretty good including texts, key terms, supplemental stories, and suggested writing assignments. These directions were created at a school level by the teachers in the school. I helped write some myself. Mostly, I have had a lot of freedom in how I could achieve the learning goals.

Not anymore.

Today I was in a professional development session for my school district. Our school system has swallowed the Common Core curriculum whole. Why wouldn’t they? The federal system has said that it is “voluntary”, but “voluntary” means that the district gets cut off from major federal funding if it does not adopt the standards, so “voluntary” is subjective.

Here is what the Washington Post reported Sen. Charles Grassley has to say about Common Core:

‘Current federal law makes clear that the U.S. Department of Education may not be involved in setting specific content standards or determining the content of state assessments. Nevertheless, the selection criteria designed by the U.S. Department of Education for the Race to the Top Program provided that for a state to have any chance to compete for funding, it must commit to adopting a “common set of K-12 standards” matching the description of the Common Core.’

The Washington Post also reported, “The Republican National Committee recognizes the CCSS for what it is — an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control the education of our children…”

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Common Core, it is a curriculum created in the private sector but pushed onto states by the federal government and seed money funded – endorsed by Bill Gates.

The cost of implementing the program runs from millions to billions depending on the state.

It is untested and unresearched. It has been criticized for being not as rigorous as proponents claim, clearly biased to a liberal perspective, so much so that many see it as indoctrination, and it is being forced on the states in spite of the fact that a federal curriculum is unconstitutional violating the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which established the principle that“…the “power” to oversee education belongs to the states. This longstanding principle of local control of education is reiterated throughout our laws and government codes.”

All of that sounds like something that makes NO connection whatsoever to most parents or teachers or American citizens as to why they should fight this curriculum.

Here, I am going to provide you with a concrete example that shows the ugly heart of the Common Core. There is something deeply dark and offensive in this lesson created to support Common Core. It is a lesson designed to corrupt essential human decency.

The unit – sorry “module” – that I am using as an example is centered around To Kill a Mockingbird with the theme of “How individuals demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressures.” At the beginning of all of this, it looks good. I love the book; it is a great American classic and I have taught it many times. The module includes 30 days of lessons associated with the novel and multiple additional short reading assignments. However, as I looked this module over, I became more and more concerned. For me to break down the many problems with this module in detail would take quite a while, so I am going to show you an example of one lesson on one short reading assignment that left me speechless with horror.

This assignment in the module includes a short story by Guy de Maupassant, 19th century writer famous forThe Necklace. Again, this seems rather innocent; this story is often included in high school texts, but not thisparticular story and, more importantly, not with this particular writing assignment.

The short story is The Mother of Monsters (link below). A quick summary of the story is that a gentleman on vacation is introduced to the Mother of Monsters, a local oddity described as a “peasant” and the “Devil”. Her story is that she finds herself pregnant while she is working as a simple serving girl. She binds her body with boards and cords to hide her growing belly. Her child is born horribly deformed. She takes care of the child, but resents it, until a sideshow man comes along and offers to buy the “thing” and to pay a yearly stipend for its use. Once she realizes how much money she can make, she repeats her pregnancy pattern by birthingmonster after monster after monster of intentionally deformed children to sell to showmen. She lives a “bourgeois” life as a result (note the stab at the bourgeois here).

The narrator is reminded of this “Devil” when he later sees a popular “Parissiane” strolling on a beach followed by admirers. Her three children are also all deformed because she wants to maintain her trim figure throughout her pregnancies, so she keeps her corset tightly cinched. Peasant and lady; different, yet the same. Both the Mother of Monsters. Both display a level of selfish evil that most humans would revile.

Now as a high school story, this story may have a lot of meat to chew on for discussion…for maybe 11th or 12thgraders, but this is a story assigned to incoming 9th graders, students who are 13 or 14 years old. Students this age are not ready to handle the truly disturbing elements of a story which reveals some of the most perverse sides of human nature. That is bad enough; however, it gets worse. You may wonder what this story has to do with To Kill a Mockingbird and the theme of individuality. Here is the writing assignment associated with this story:

Write an essay that compares the cultural experience reflected in To Kill a Mockingbird and The Mother of Monsters and explain how this experience helped a character demonstrate individuality in the face of outside pressure.

Individuality! Outside Pressure!!!! These women chose to deform their children for their own selfish gains or selfish vanity! The first pregnancy of the peasant woman we might forgive out of mercy, but the purposeful birthing of the rest of the 11 children that she intentionally deformed is unconscionable and unforgivable. The same holds with the Parisienne.

To judge these women as demonstrating their INDIVIDUALITY in the face of outside pressure is absurd and defies human decency. It is like insisting Jeffery Dahmer was expressing his individuality through cannibalistic murder. Additionally, it is not a major leap to conclude that if deforming your children in order to express your own individuality is acceptable, then killing your children to protect your individuality (or selfish inhumanity) is perfectly fine too. This is obviously a pro-abortion message. This story paired with this assignment is a repulsive perversion of the concept of “lesson”; it is a corruption of anything descent and good.

There is something deeply repulsive in this lesson, especially as it is aimed at students as young as 13. I have been told that I must teach this module. I can make some adjustments, but not too many. I am struggling to find a way to NOT perpetuate the ugliness found here. I am certainly NOT going to teach this story, though I may find myself in trouble with the system as a result. Some things are worth refusing to do even if there is a cost.

This is what is going on in our schools. This is what you need to see with open eyes. They are doing more than trying to increase rigor; they are indoctrinating our children into one way of thinking—their way! Schools should teach how to think, but never what to think. This is why we must fight what some are trying to sell us as “hope and change” to America.


A teacher in Missouri was banned from returning to school.  His crime: thanking students for standing during the Pledge of Allegiance:


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Has anyone opted their third grader out of MCAS? I have some questions.

And the replies to this post:

I did, what are your questions?

My first question, above all else, was there any negative repercussions, mainly with the way your child and your family were treated? We have several years left and I fear she (they) will be singled out in a negative way.

I had the same worries, but all went well. I’d mentioned that I had intended to do opt out/ refuse the tests to his teachers, earlier in the year at meet the teachers night and they understood my reasoning. I used the term “refuse” along with “opt out”. I sent copies to the superintendent, principal and teachers. I included a copy of the Massachusetts Education Secretary’s letter, that addressed it. The only thing that did happen is, he wasn’t allowed to chew gum, that the teacher provided, during testing time, the first day because it was to reduce stress and he didn’t need it. He was a little upset but I sent him with his own gum the following day, something I don’t usually allow either. I did the same for 4th grade and had no problems at all. I sent him with puzzle and reading books to keep him occupied. He was not only fine with my decision, I explained why I chose to do it, he was proud to be the only kid who didn’t take the tests and shared my reasoning with his friends. Since then I’ve been approached by parents with questions and concerns and I gladly shared the information that I have learned about the high stakes tests, many aren’t aware that they do have a choice!

This is basically, the exact same thing I do and have done for the last 4 years! Last year was the first time I ran into some trouble (7th grade). I have always stood my ground and not let anyone intimidate me. My kids were always proud to be a part of the refusal movement. Middle school was trickier because they have different teachers for different subjects. Some of the teachers would make comments to my child that he can not opt out of mcas. Most of the classwork was mcas prep work and they would tell the students often “you will see this on the mcas” my child seemed to feel intimidated and stuck in the middle. He heard me for so long preaching about my reasons for not agreeing with it, and now had to hear from teachers about how important it is (to them). I think that caused anxiety and I basically told him it was up to him last year. It was very hard to see him struggling with thinking I would be upset if he took it and the teachers would be upset if he didn’t. I wish they would just get rid of it all together! It’s pointless and everyone knows it

I totally agree. Sadly though, they haven’t yet. So, then I wonder, if we opt out, is the school year a complete waste? Because, it seems to me like most of the year is preparing for mcas.

It’s a really sticky situation. I’m nervous about her becoming sort of a social outcast since she would be the only one not doing it. She has some anxiety issues, she’s a people pleaser, too. I just want what is right for her, regardless of my personal feelings on the matter.

I keep feeling guilty for not homeschooling my son. He loved elementary school. I debated homeschooling for middle school but where it was only 2 years, I thought it will be ok to just let him go. He plans to go to a vocational high school. I regret every day not homeschooling and now he’s half way through 8th grade, so I am just eagerly awaiting the last day of school! I honestly feel they are only learning how to pass the mcas at this point

yes! I wish homeschool or private school would be an option for us!

I did. My son’s principal and teacher couldn’t have been more respectful. He was the only one at his school. I told him to be prepared to just sit and read but they actually put him in with a 4th grade class which I thought was really nice.

I opted mine out too and there were no issues at all!!

Thanks ladies.
So, opting out is a a brand-new consideration as of yesterday. Clearly, I’m not far into my research.
As most schools in MA, our school is not very conservative and the idea of opting out will not be well received. My biggest concern is the relationship between the principal and our family. We still have 7 grades to go, between my two kids. The principal is already wary of me because I didn’t blindly sign a form but inquired first, etc. (Long, boring story.) So, I really fear for my kids being singled out in a negative way. Already upon asking advice, I took a lot of negative flack, so I’m having concerns.

it doesn’t matter conservative or not, the anti Common Core, anti high stakes testing is bi partisan.

As far as your principal, you are doing what is best for your children, it is your right. If he takes it out on your kids, you go to the Superintendent and the school committee. What do you mean by negative flack? From the principal?

Regarding the process, according to what I was reading last night, all I have to do is write a letter to the principal telling her that my daughter won’t be participating, and remind my daughter to tell the person administering the test that she isn’t taking it. However, upon asking advice, I had people insisting to me that it’s not that simple (and also that they will keep my child back a grade?) I was told to go to the county, not the principal?

he has taken the MCAS since and has done fine. That particular year his teacher was putting a lot of pressure on the kids which he wasn’t handling well, that’s why I refused.

that’s kind of what is happening to my daughter. We had our conference yesterday and she must have mentioned MCAS 5 times in 20 minutes (and 10 minutes was spent mostly talking with the adjustment counselor.) It made it sound very much like my daughter is simply a number/algorithm and it was upsetting….especially since I was explaining to her (the teacher) about my daughter’s anxiety and how she’s seeing a psychologist for it, etc.

And I recommend not using the words opt out. Technically you can refuse not opt out. I just wrote “will not be taking”.

I did. Just said I was refusing the test in her behalf. No problems.

I have refused every year for both my children, now 5th and 7th. I just wrote letters to the principal. No issues, have even had teachers applaud my decision.

My children all opted out. That’s 4 children. Only had 1 issue with a teacher giving kids lollipops who took the test and none to the kids that opted out. I called the school district attorney and the next day my daughter came home with a lollipop.

New Bedford MA. I refused it for my children for several reasons Data mining of our children information across the country. These new tests don’t show any signs of helping our children due to the teachers only teaching what is on the test. And the time it takes to do these tests is taking away from the classroom time our children deserve.

Thank you all for answering. This is personal, but does anyone care to share their reasoning why they refused? I’m just gaining knowledge here.

Also, if anyone cares to share their town/district, that’s helpful, too.

Again, thank you to everyone

Yes all 3 of my kids. Only had an issue w the oldest but the new principal was amazing and courteous of my decision w my other 2

My kids were past third grade before I understood the rationale for these annual tests. But I did refuse for my kids in middle school. The admistrators (principal and superintendent) gave me an arguement, but in the end I stayed the course…MY course.

There are templates for letters online if you google MCAS opt out. Give it to the principal and cc the teacher. Morey school has been very accommodating on the past. I opted both kids out of both years’ MCAS in elementary school.

We opted out as protest against what this mandate has done to our kids, our teachers, and our schools.

I’ve opted my two youngest kids out out for the last 3 years. My oldest had to do 10th grade MCAS for graduation requirement, so no point opting him out for just 8th grade.

I opted my now HS junior out of everything until he came to the tests he HAD to take as a soph to graduate. (He passed with flying colors btw.)

I refuse it because I believe it is ruining public education. Teachers accountability should not be held to scores from a standardized test. Not every child learns or tests the same and these tests do not give a good picture of a students growth. The scores are used to rate the school, not the individual students. They are also collecting data on every child and it is a money maker for the developers. Basically our children are pawns in a rigged system. I wanted to be a part of a movement to force a change within the Massachusetts Dpt of Ed. I am hopeful every year more and more families will refuse and it will some day force the change.

The tide is turning, “personalized learning” aka data mining, is the latest in education profiteering!

And, personalized learning is not the answer either. Not by a long shot.


Here are some posts from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

The NV Dept. of Education does not want to be confused with facts… Not even sure why we even need a dept. in our state that costs tons of money and keeps NV at the bottom. Is the governor the only one who can “shake-up” this department?

State Board of Education can help curb NV Dept. of Ed as the policy making organ of NV Ed. It approves standards as it did with CC and can change or add standards. The legislature can mandate such changes and rid the state of CC. 2 attempts were made 2 election cycles ago- both defeated.. Those legislators and 3 State Board candidates ran on eliminating CC and were defeated at the polls with little support from the people commenting NOW!

We had two stop CC bills in the 2015 session: Brent A. Jones’s bill got a hearing; Scott Hammond’s bill didn’t. Governor Sandoval was (is) against stopping Common Core. I don’t recall a Common Core bill at all during the 2017 session. There was also a great student data mining bill during the 2015 session that got gutted at the 11th hour. A very good source said it was the governor who was against “protecting” student data. Protect Nevada Children tried to get a student data mining bill during the 2017 session but failed. Hopefully the new governor will be more concerned about student data and how data may be used to affect the future of Nevada children.

2015 was 2 cycles ago, exactly. Support though from NV community leaders and citizens was lacking as Brent Jones was OUSTED along with others who stood in the Grant Sawyer Building with him campaigning against CC. NO SUPPORT! Stop talking and get behind candidates against CC.

The State Board can create a policy to code the tests so the data is non-student specific-the legislators can mandate it. The State Board can still eliminate CC standards as the legislator DID not mandate CC-just a change in standards-the legislators can then mandate it. The State Board can ADD standards that might help reduce the effect of CC.They can’t change the 1st ten, only eliminate all ten, as they are under patent.

I believe the legislators voted to approve CC several sessions ago and only one legislator voted no. Don’t remember his name, I guess his nickname was Dr. No.

After the legislators voted for CC Governor Gibbons signed CC into NV law. Later Governor Gibbions said CC was not what was promised and he is now against CC. But by then he was no longer governor and Governor Sandoval already decided he liked CC, so he was not influenced by Gibbons comments.

Sisolak is corrupt as they come…do you have any indication he would help us be rid of common core? We need to all talk to our state assembly members. Maybe we can find someone to sponsor a bill.

No, but at least one of our people down there said he may be concerned about the student data mining in our schools.

Here are some posts from people from Louisiana:

Opting out is not so easy when your children are in high school. They use the LEAP2025 tests as EOC tests. If there is a way to still opt out and not harm your child’s chance to graduate, I’d love to know more.

Opting out by elementary and middle is sufficient to make the point. EOC tests are not what I’m referring to as LEAP although they are called LEAP. LEAP is an acronym that stands for Louisiana Educational Assessment System. John White tried calling the assessments Common Core tests but that was toxic and he wanted to make people think it wasn’t Common Core so he continued calling them LEAP tests.

In Calcasieu Parish last year, they told us that 8th graders that opted out would be put on a five year graduation plan, including a year of remedial ninth grade courses. I opted my 4th grader out and was told that he was the only one opting out at the school. This year, I’ve heard through the grapevine that the principals are trying to decide whether or not to put my gifted child, the one opted out, in remedial courses as punishment for opting out. I have heard nothing from the school but I’ve been told that his teachers, past and present, have been fighting for him and are refusing to allow the principals to put him in remedial. No one is opting out anymore because the parish is punishing the children with remedial and failure.

if he has a gifted classification by the state, they cannot deny him gifted classes.

They are angry that a gifted kid is opting out. If it was a child who scored below basic they wouldn’t have a problem with it.

Here is the state policy for Transitional 9 grade. It is NOT to be used for punishment or for students who do NOT need remediation. And it does NOT automatically assure 5 years of high school!!!! Anything they tell you needs to be in writing!!!!! Otherwise they are bullying you!

Right. He goes to gifted classes once a week at another school. So, I’m guessing they were thinking to put him in remedial for the rest of the week for his regular classes.

that’s ludicrous. Please don’t even consider being complacent if they try to do this to your child. The thought of putting a gifted child in remedial classes with pull out for gifted is nothing short of absurd.

Absolutely not! I would never let them put him remedial courses! They are going to have a huge fight on their hands if they do. But I’m guessing since it’s so late in the year and they have not done it that they probably won’t. But it infuriates me that it’s even been discussed.

bullying works most of the time.

I agree. It would certainly infuriate me, too. And I would guess they haven’t done it because they’ve found out they will be in an indefensible position if they do.

They have not done anything yet. But according to my sources they have been discussing it all school year, trying to decide what to do about it because the parish requires it of children who opted out. I was told that one option may be to have him mentor remedial students in place of making him take remedial classes. But again, I have not heard anything about this officially from the school.

The school districts were required to have PPPs in place for 2018/19 In other words, they have to follow their PApP which was approved by the State. You said they haven’t decided yet? I don’t think it works that way

it is not appropriate to require a gifted student to mentor other students and it is illegal to deny gifted services to a gifted student.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Pay attention to what your child is watching on flocabulary. My son came home from school scared we were going to lose all of our trees. I feel there is a form of indoctrination happening within the lesson plan associated with videos from flocabulary.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

when school started this year the counselor at my daughter’s Middle School told me that she was in Reading enrichment because she had problems with reading but now I get a note from the office saying that my daughter is receiving this because she got low State assessment performance so basically the counselor LIED! also it’s telling me that she’s going to be getting additional reading enrichment and math lab from this date on till the 24th of May because of these assessment is it that councelors can lie to you about these things I asked her specifically because I opted her out of 6th grade from the STAAR.. so how can she have a low score?

And another post from this group:

What is the schools consequence when we refuse STAAR? Like is it considered a 0 for that child or they just don’t get funding…?

And some replies to this post:

Test mainly is used for teacher appraisal, school district rating. Funding mainly based on enrollment and local property tax rate.

ell… our kids come first…

If the blank assessment is scored then it could have a effect on a districts scores.

If it is not scored/absent then it could have an effect on participation rates.

If either drops low enough then the state steps in (see Waco and Houston)


Unless you are refusing en masse (over 5% of the total students in a specific grade, on a specific STAAR), the consequence to the school is nothing.

I never cared. They don’t get funding for any day a kid doesn’t show up.

I was told last year that if my 3rd grader didn’t take STAAR he would be marked as a failure. I never understood how you can fail a test you never take.

u can’t. They are lying.

my now Sr went K-8 in public school without ever taking STAAR. Never lost an elective or advanced class. Guess what ZERO admissions people are asking? (Incl UT, A&M, Rice, etc)…

I have a 5th grader who has never taken it. They lied to you.

thanks for confirming. My sweet boy is is 4th grade this year. ADHD, SPD and dyslexic. No way he is taking the writing STAAR – even on the computer. He passed the reading STAAR barely last year with tons of accommodations. He made it 1/2 way through math STAAR and then said he was done. I was fine with that.
I’m a SpEd teacher and have a wonderful therapist/advocate.

neither of my kids took STAAR and there is no “data” on my kids either. Our public schools have been hijacked.

They can’t do anything…but threaten you with consequences that they can’t carry out.

Who cares? Your duty is to your kid, not the state.

Our kids come first……
If the schools lose accountability for them not being there, that’s their problem not ours. My daughter does follow up Dr appts during testing time.

Are 4th graders required to take the STAAR? So, what if my son doesn’t take this test this year, can my son be kicked out of this school and given an F? What are my options this year?

you can’t be kicked out of a public school. No one is required to take the STAAR. Just have him stay home.

Nobody is required to take it, and the assessment isn’t tied to grades, so there won’t be an F because of it. As long as you aren’t at a charter school they cannot kick you out.

Have you read the pinned post at the top of the page? There is a step by step guide included.

I have not yet experienced a charter in San Antonio who has the requirement for STAAR in their contract. (I’ve read 3 different charters’ contract and they just repost what the public schools have in their handbook for the most part.) I have suffered no consequences for opting out at charters in San Antonio. Not all charters care, although I’m sure some do.

And yet another post:

Does anyone know if you are required to take STAAR if you use the K12 online program?

And some replies to this post:

From when my kids were in k12 (5yrs ago?) Yes, if you opt out, your kids will be removed (but if they fail the STAAR test, they may also be removed!) They gotta keep their numbers looking good.

I pulled my kids from K12 right before the STAAR test and finished the year with homeschool material.

K12 is an online charter school. Read your handbook and origination paperwork carefully

And yet anther post from this group:

Please help me! How do I approach this situation. My child is in 8th grade. She has never passed the assessment. (Only passed the Math portion last school year) She is 504 & suffers from dyslexia. I held her back in 2nd grade because they finally tested her for dyslexia at the end of that school year & saw she suffered bad (which I knew she did anyways). So she is 15 in 8th grade now (not a freshman like she would have been had I not held her back in 2nd). Today her school counselor told her that if she doesn’t pass the STAAR that she is going to retain her! Then went on to tell her if she wanted to be 20 years old still in middle school! 🤬🤬🤬 She wanted to cry. How do I approach this with out sounding like a crazy Mom?

And here are some replies to this post:

go crazy mom

This is coming from a teacher…be the crazy mom. At no point should a counselor, teacher, anyone use these tactics to try and “encourage” kids. This is awful.

Go smooth off in front of witness!!! There are more ways to graduate than traditional, my son will graduate with certificate no job ask how you graduated… be absent those days and make up days.
I would be crazy mom in a heart beat! It mostly was to scare her, our principal said they wouldnt not hold a child back a second time because it looks bad on them.

I would get an advocate and opt out immediately.

First let your child know you will fight (and win) any effort at retaining her a second time over this test or anything else. Next, make a meeting with the counselor and her direct supervisor and ask exactly what she hoped to accomplish by shaming and threatening a 15 year old child. I am a teacher and this is NOT okay.

As an aside, we never retained kids twice unless they had missed a ton of school and we actually thought it would benefit the child. We also never retained based purely off of STAAR scores when the parent appealed retention. Your poor daughter. We should be building kids up, not terrorizing them.

While you can certainly opt your baby out of the test, please do not let the harrassment go unaddressed. That just allows them to continue saying things like that to kids whose parents may not fight for them.

It seems like this is an on going battle with the schools & my child. Yes they end up passing her the other times but why do they feel the need to scare like this. I can and will continue to fight for her but just thr thought of well maybe they can actually hold her back is scary. Even for me! She passes her classes during the school year.

They “feel the need” to do this because the school rating system is built primarily around STAAR. A schools “grade” for many things is based only off STAAR scores. If schools are consistently low, they face take over by the state etc. It’s a mess. Opting out creates lower scores if students are there and receive the lowest score for the test. That doesn’t mean to not opt out, that’s just some context. Opt out however you can and are comfortable.

Also teachers often don’t know what’s happening. They are told something by the schools and if they aren’t versed in the opt out movement they just regurgitate the info.

This is why so many kids have anxiety and low self esteem. I would make sure I am at the school first thing in the morning. Find out from your daughter if any other students where present at the time this was said because it may need to he brought up also.

Technically a school can hold a child back but that is why there is a GPC meeting. I kept my daughter home and when I went in for the GPC meeting the person running the meeting read word for word off the paper needed for the meeting. Blah blah, automatic retention and then looked at me so I could say no, I don’t agree etc etc. then the meeting began. If she is passing her classes then it shouldn’t be an issue. So many times the schools don’t even know how GPC meetings go. They want to scare you.
When she goes to 9th grade make sure she keeps her electives.

Hey a lawyer if you have to. With a 504 they can’t hold her back for not passing the STARR

Not entirely true. My son was 504 and held back in 8th for not passing the STAAR. Fact check please.

My daughter has failed many staar tests, never been retained and will graduate in May 2019. She has an IEP…..go get one. It will relieve you of endless stress. Oh, and she will start college fall of 2019!

My son is in a similar boat. He’s in 8th, has an IEP and will be 15 in the spring (but he looks 13). I told the district that he will not be held back because of STAAR results.

He will be 19 at graduation if he stays on his current path. If he were held back again he would be 20. I told the district that a 20 year old man has no business going to school with 14-15 year old girls. It will put him in a dangerous position and will severely hurt him socially and emotionally. Not to mention the legal issues the school, my son and I could all face- especially with his VERY youthful looks and immaturity.

Who is going to let their kid hangout with a 20 year old after school or date their daughter? Anyway, i said all of that and the school caved like a deck of cards. He will be promoted regardless of STAAR results.

My dyslexic son hasn’t sat for a single STAAR since 3rd grade. He is in 9th. He won’t be sitting for any STAAR in high school either.

That “counselor” absolutely needs to be called on the carpet.

Write up exactly what you shared here and email her asking that she confirm what she said. Cc teachers, the principal and district personnel (special ed coordinator, superintendent, board members, etc).

Start a paper trail and document everything from here on out.

No one should be talking to your child that way. Period.

Well this happened to me last year. My son has failed all STARR tests since 6th grade, he passed what he needed to get to Jr. High. So he took summer class and has 3 total retakes and failed them all. He makes great grades, all A’s and B’s so I have come to the conclusion he struggles with test taking. He stresses out seeing people finish if he isn’t finished so he rushes. So we had a meeting with his counselor and she basically said they didn’t want to retain but per the state it was a requirement. There is an appeal that can be done and we did that. It wasn’t a hard process at all. We went into the meeting and about 10 minutes later we were done. Signed the appeal and left. Boy was I a wreck! I cried so ugly!!! My son ended up going to high school and it’s been great. He’s done well with all his classes and hasn’t struggled. Sound like a crazy mom, it’s our job. I was ready to fight with grades, report cards, I was prepared. I didn’t need any of it. Good Luck!!

oth of my sons did not Pass the STARR….they tried to say the same crap…I just said that was unacceptable and he wouldn’t be retained…they said ok and he moved on….they cannot retain them.its an assessment!..They try because it’s all about the numbers and funding…simply decline it… my daughter is in 3rd grade she also has dyslexia. The principal told them last year that if they didn’t pass the Starr in 3rd grade that they would be held back…my daughter started having anxiety…I told her it was a lie…I showed her that her brother didn’t pass and he wasn’t held back…they put so much stress on passing this stupid assessment. It’s not made for dyslexic children! My son that is now in 11th grade failed the English 3 times…but he wants to graduate with the advanced plan so he has to pass it they say…I bought the MOMETRIX. It basically tells you how to avoid the mind tricking questions..he read it and passed the English STARR..we will buy the math one because it will be his 3rd attempt. My oldest graduated HS without passing the math STARR and the ENGLISH 2 STARR…

And yet another post from this group:

Hello. We moved here from Canada end of April this year. We decided to put our kids in school the last month so they could meet kids and get to know the school.
We found out 2 weeks into our kids being in school, our son was given the Starr test in grade 3.
Fast forward to the week before school starts. The principal and councillor asked us to come in to discuss our kids and the new school year. Based on the Starr test we knew nothing about and our son not even being prepared for, the principal said he would need to be held back in Grade 3. We of course disagreed and told her he will be moving forward into 4th. She was very adamant and forceful in wanting to keep him behind because as per her graphs and stats showed based on his test scores he has the potential to be a high school drop out or worse, end up in jail. My son is 9!

My question is, can we request this Starr test be removed from his records?
Is it to late into the school year to opt out of the Starr test now? Our son is doing very well in school averaging about an 85, however, he doesnt test well. Could the Starr test scores go against him if he is doing well through out the school year??

And some replies to this post:

No. It can’t be removed.

You can however opt out of all further STAAR. It’s not a test but they like to call of that. It’s an evaluation.

I can’t believe they told you that. Unbelievable and rude frankly

Edit: they can only try to use 5th grade and 8th grade STAARs but you can fight it. My daughter didn’t take 5th grade STAAR and went to 6th grade

and colleges dont care about the STAAR ASSESMENT (not test), so dont loose sleep over it.


This is true in 4th grade, but not for all grades.

Yes 5th and 8th are retention years correct? But if they don’t take the test they can use it against them?

correct. They can hold any student back who has not passed STAAR in 5th and 8th, but in reality it almost never happens unless the kid is also failing the classes. However, it is important that parents understand it is a possibility, even if it is extremely unlikely.

Start here:

MANY of us have never let our kids take STAAR & they have been promoted. Use the search box and u can probably even find parents in this group in your school district.

We’re here to help too.

yup. I live in an area with alot of Expats. Many on my street. Your kiddos dont have to take it. Regardless of what what the school might say. Scroll thru the many posts or use the search box and look up key words like “3rd grade” and you will find many years worth of information.

The principal will not come handy to us after my husband had some choice words for her. However, the school counselor is at everyone of our meetings. So much so we asked her to not attend our last meeting with our sons teacher. She is not helpful and has nothing in place to help our son as they feel he needs it ( we already have him enrolled in online tutoring ) what role does a school counselor hold? the state of Texas you can record conversations as long as one party (you) knows it’s being recorded. That voice memo button on your phone is a great tool. It’s completely legal in TX.

Originally, their role was to actually provide counseling to the kids, and in the later grades, help with academic and career choices. Unfortunately, in Texas these days, most of them have been forced to become testing coordinators and paper pushers…

What specifically are they saying he “needs”?

first it was tutoring. That’s how our kids spent their 1st summer here. They still would like to have a tutor for him and that’s when we found the online tutoring which has helped immensely. Speech therapy was suggested and I shut that down. Their reasoning is not because he cant speak or read, it’s because hes not completely comprehending what hes reading. My son was born with a cleft and we have done speech. He was released from speech 2 years ago as they felt he was right where he needed to be.

If they are basing all of that on STAAR scores, just ignore them. STAAR says NOTHING about a child’s reading comprehension or ability…from your perspective, does he have any trouble with reading?

Make sure next year he isn’t being pulled for any STAAR prep classes of any kind. Extra reading/math etc. keep this in mind for every yr that follows. As he gets older the schools can try or they will take away electives and place them in prep classes. Just request in writing that your child be removed. My daughter didn’t take it in 8th and she went on to 9th grade and kept all her electives. My son didn’t take it last year in 5th grade and he’s in 6th now. It can be done. This is a great groupt.

It won’t be removed but not to worry. Just keep doing what you’re doing.
You can keep
Your son home during testing. Usually the entire week. They can give a makeup test if he shows up during the testing window. He will he scored as “absent”. So there’s no data on him. I’ve been doing that for the past 3 yrs with my son.
My other son is in third grade this year and he will most likely stay home as well.

I hate that statistic. Supposedly your reading level by third grade is an indicator of whether or not you’ll end up in prison because most inmates have a reading level that’s below third grade. It’s absurd and it’s a study that was done incorrectly and likely paid for by the TEA to promote more standardized testing. I’m sorry they said that to you.

Good morning.. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all the lies about the STAAR. We have all been there. I am one of the parents that has filed a lawsuit against the TEA and Mike Morath. I have started an online petition below as well to end all standardize testing period. Please take a moment read over it , sign and then share. I am praying that I will have 10k by the time March comes around when I close out the petition and hand deliver our message to the Capital. This site is a great resource site. Scott Placek knows his stuff.

And yet another post:

Went to a parent teacher meeting today. My daughter’s math teacher expressed that she was really worried about the STAAR test this year for her. I said “oh, don’t worry, she won’t be here those days. We are opting out.” You could see the relief in her face. She said “you can do that?” and I said “yes, but that’s not what public schools tell you”. She said, and I quote “well that makes me feel so much better. Now I can focus on what she really needs help in and not just testing, testing, testing.” WTH is wrong with this picture? Shouldn’t that be what school’s are doing anyway!? Guess not. I think we all know it is always about the STAAR from day one. And $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Parent Alert!!

This looks like a direct assault on private, religious education institutions AND homeschooling.

Press release issued today from NYS education officials ——->


Private schools MUST PROVIDE THE EXACT SAME EDUCATION found in public schools.

(From NYS Department of Education new guidance for private schools)


The NYS commissioner will DETERMINE whether each private school is delivering ‘substantial equivalencies’ based on assessments conducted by local public education bureaucrats. (Institutions in direct competition with private schools BTW)

BOCES decides whether private schools in NYS measure up. Are you KIDDING ME?

So BOCES will train religious or independent (read homeschooling?) schools on how to measure up to the Common Standards.


Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 15

stop common core 15

This is part 15.

Here is a post from the parent anti-Common Core resistance group ParentStrike:

States & school districts are embracing student digital badges, programs like i-Ready, adaptive computer-based education & data mining Ed-Tech products in exchange for money and/or devices. In Consider Yourself Warned, Deb Herbage explores K-12 data mining and the grave threat it poses to student privacy.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

Karen Effrem: The latest report of the National Commission on Social Emotional and Academic Learning continues to promote questionable brain science in the service of having government schools, corporations, or their foundations set norms for and assess the values, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions of students from cradle to career.


And here is a post from the same page as the one above.  It is in reply to where people were talking about the Florida teacher that had her textbooks taken away:

A special ed teacher got a phonics program taken away when my oldest was having trouble learning to read with the whole language program they were using. Superintendent said it wasn’t approved curriculum. Public education sucks everywhere.


And here is a post in reply to an article about the fired whistle blower in the Oregon Department of Education:

Strangfield isn’t the first person pushed out by the ODE for questioning overzealous data collection. Now the ODE wants to emulate Colorado in joining student behavior data to the Department of Corrections! What happened to expunging juvenile records? What happened to keeping all parents informed?

Meanwhile, states and feds already want to apply predictive algorithms to much government data, even though they’re wrong 35% of the time. What a way to fill the school-to-prison pipeline!


Here is a post shared by Alice Linahan:

This brave, frustrated veteran teacher is from Milsap, Texas. Milsap is in Parker Co. just west of Ft. Worth. She articulates very clearly and passionately, the main issue, in my opinion, for teachers. I’ll let her testimony speak for itself.
If your political candidate is not talking about this issue in education, they are either not aware of the true nature of the problem with the Accountability System, or they are choosing to keep the status quo. This election is so important for educators. Hold your candidate accountable to this issue, even if you are not in public education.

[name withheld]
17 hrs
Posted by [name withheld]. I don’t know her, but she so eloquently expresses what we all have felt:
“Today I got my summative evaluation…from last year. “Last year” ended five months ago, but we had to wait for all the test scores to come in and tell us what kind of teachers we are. Highly Effective. I was genuinely congratulated by my principal for the great growth of my students and having a perfect score for the second year in a row. After this brief meeting, I went back to my classroom…and I cried. I cried because this job I LOVE, this job I am so passionate about, this job I am so good at, this job I was born to do…is no longer the same job. I cried because of the increasingly overwhelming amount of paper work and meeting and trainings (oh my). I cried because we are SO micromanaged! Everyone wants to tell us what is best for OUR classroom. I cried because of the entire evaluation process. What other professional is evaluated this way? With an entire booklet of what they will be looking for when they come in our rooms for a short period of time. I cried because of the testing. My God, the testing. (3rd-5th graders will take a TWO HOUR research based writing test tomorrow. Their first of FOUR this year.) I cried because every single teacher I know goes above and beyond. Every single teacher I see is highly effective. I cried because many of them will be made to feel less than that. I cried because I’ve never stayed as late as I’m staying this year. I cried because I’m supposed to take a 300 hour course for free…on my own time. A course for a subject I’ve been teaching for over a decade! I cried because I’m being forced to choose between what’s best for my kids, and time with my daughter. I cried because I shouldn’t have to make that choice. I cried because of so many other issues that are plaguing teachers. I cried because this isn’t the first time I’ve cried this school year. I cried because this job I used to love, has become a job that overwhelms me beyond belief most days.
There are countless teachers in my school, district, state, and country that feel the exact same way. Yet they stay. They stay because they love to teach. They stay because they were born to teach. They stay because their kids are more than a test score. They stay because their kids are THEIR kids. Teaching has always been a hard job, but those in charge these days seem to be asking a dangerous question. How much more can the teachers handle? Starting the year with at least 93 open positions in our county, 4000 in Florida, and a national shortage across the country, the answer seems to be clear. Not much more.”


And here are some replies to said post:

Oh my and it’s so true. They make it harder and harder for the kids who want to become teachers to be a teacher the testing is absolutely ridiculous stuff they give you to study for ask you to study for is not on the test how can you become and start your future as a teacher when you can’t even study for the test that makes you a teacher


the strangle-hold on the profession is reaching critical mass. The TEA is making it more and more difficult to get certification in all fields in education at every level. Why?? The principal exam is tripling in price and going to two parts in January. Why?? Why make it more difficult when more teachers and administrators are needed to fill the positions? They are purposely killing the profession.


When will teachers rise up and say “this is not education?” If they did it in mass numbers, it would make a statement. Parents and school boards aren’t making enough noise.


as you know, this is what you and I and so many others have been trying to communicate for years, now. It’s going to have to come from the profession itself. We must save our profession!


Some of us rise up as citizens advocating for children…and then we get emails from high up administrators who CC your principal. Can you say target? I don’t care, but it makes folks jumpy.


This is the way teachers stay locked in doing the same thing marching to the agenda. It is a system run on fear. Fear has no place in public education. I know this is hard to do, but teachers are going to have to get past the fear. It’s what holds them in place keeping the status quo.


yep…I’m trying…


Same. So same. Every single day is a struggle…and the kids are NEVER the struggle.


Gosh, isn’t education run by and for the most part staffed by progressive leftists? I worked in this field for 20 years (support staff) and realized long ago many things were wrong. One notable random fact in my area was how many teachers and admins were childless. Little tiny things like this have all added up to the mess we have today. But what does someone like me know, an uneducated peon.


George Bush, when he was governor pushed the No Child Left Behind legislation that started this horrible cycle of state-mandated tests. I’m a veteran Texas teacher, retired with 31 years. It started back with him. I was there. It is not a progressive leftist mandate.


yes, it’s a left/right agenda. Actually it’s a globalist agenda that the leadership of both parties have adopted.


Education, I would say, is not so much run by leftist, as by globalist. There is a slight difference. But it does not need to remain that way. It takes numbers, like this brave teacher, coming forward willing to be counted and heard.


I call education the Preschool to University to Fascist Leftist Pipeline.


There are many in education who are strong constitutionalists. They need to begin overcoming their fear and speaking up. [name redcated] you might enjoy my book. It addresses the problem from inside the profession.


I was going to mention your point exactly—- Texas is as conservative a state, over all, as they come . How quickly we forget where high stakes testing originated, right here in the 90s under George Bush. It then spread nation wide when he became president. We had business millionaires like Bill Gates and the Koch brothers advising national policy to put us in the position we find ourselves today. Data has become the new educational buzz word, not rigor, differentiation, PBL, etc. We left the focus of better instruction for ways to track our students and their ability to take multiple choice tests. Until teachers band together with parent support to take back’ our public schools—- we’ll continue to see teachers leave the profession and parents take their children out and put them in private or charter schools where they don’t focus on testing!


I don’t see how anyone (on either side) at the teacher or administrator level could be leading anything at all. Maybe there’s something different in CA? In Texas, ed is so highly regulated at the state and fed level, there’s simply nothing anyone (not even at school board level) can do to impact it. It’s all prescribed at higher levels. Again, Texas is red beyond red and we have the same problem. I think it’s profiteering by state and fed reps and tons people in between with money interests (on both sides). I was in ed 16 years, and I never saw anyone at the local level have any real impact. Too tightly controlled higher up. People tried but it just too big and too much money. Profiteering seems to be the common thread between CA and TX, I think. And evidently the blue vs red makes no difference. Greed and ignorance of what would help ed abounds on both sides.


Follow the money—- testing companies and test prep companies are making a fortune off of public school testing. Who owns and has interest in those companies? Texas spends tens of millions of dollars every year devising new and more convoluted STAAR tests that prove little in assessing children’s achievement.


The system is killing and bogging down creativity. Teachers are told what to do minute by minute. How do you have discussions on books? How do you use creativity to extend learning when you don’t have time?
Teachers are struggling to keep up with everything.


I have 1 kid off to college in 2019 and another in 2020. I am telling my kids when they mention maybe majoring in education that they must have a 2nd major to fall back on. I know too many teachers who are on the verge of a nervous breakdown or have quit either because when they started they realized how much they hated all the non-teaching stuff or after a very few years they’re sick and tired of everything. Also because the pay is lousy and here in Texas they’re slowly loosing their benefits which used to be so good that it made up some for everything else they had to deal with in education nowadays.


We are fools
We vote for people who hate us and try to destroy us. I have at least 5 hours of work to do today and my son whom I haven t seen in two months is here. I would never encourage anyone I love to teach


I know what you mean


This is hard to read and pray for common sense to return.


Our profession, [name redacted], has the power to right the ship, but it will take everyone speaking in a unified voice.


All school board members and superintendents need to take heed these comments from teachers and parents. It is not business as usual.


The paperwork and micromanagement is what I remember as a classroom teacher. I remember my colleagues in tears because planning time was used for anthing but planning because we were in this or that meeting. I struggledto make 5, 10, or 15 minutes work to be totally prepared for the next lesson. I started arriving to work early enough to wait for custodial staff to open the building. I stayed late to the point my principal thought I was trying to get a promotion. Something need’s to change. There is an urgency here, and we must look into ways to foster more of a focus on effective teaching and student learning. Cheers.


Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Can anyone please affirm any examples (without naming a student, unless you want to indicate it was your kid) of someone who passed Algebra 2 last year with at least a B, but did not pass the Math SBA. Then was summarily placed in an easy non-Precalculus math class designed for kids that ‘failed’. Asking for a friend.


And another post from this group:

For those who are relatively new (and a refresher for those well acquainted) this article reflects a blueprint of Corporate Ed Reform just as Common Core was being formulated. I characterize this as Elitist Corp Ed Reform. The people pushing this are Elitists who view your children and mine as “human capital”.

December 1, 2008 12:01 AM
Lessons From 40 Years of Education ‘Reform’
Let’s abolish local school districts and finally adopt national standards.

While the economic news has most Americans in a state of near depression, hope abounds today that the country may use the current economic crisis as leverage to address some longstanding problems. Nowhere is that prospect for progress more worthy than the crisis in our public education system.
So, from someone who realized rather glumly last week that he has been working at school reform for 40 years, here is a prescription for leadership from the Obama administration.

We must start with the recognition that, despite decade after decade of reform efforts, our public K-12 schools have not improved. We can point to individual schools and some entire districts that have advanced, but the system as a whole is still failing. High school and college graduation rates, test scores, the number of graduates majoring in science and engineering all are flat or down over the past two decades. Disappointingly, the relative performance of our students has suffered compared to those of other nations. As a former CEO, I am worried about what this will mean for our future workforce.
It is most crucial for our political leaders to ask why we are at this point — why after millions of pages, in thousands of reports, from hundreds of commissions and task forces, financed by billions of dollars, have we failed to achieve any significant progress?
Answering this question correctly is the key to finally remaking our public schools.
This is a complex problem, but countless experiments and analyses have clearly indicated we need to do four straightforward things to bring fundamental changes to K-12 education:
1) Set high academic standards for all of our kids, supported by a rigorous curriculum.
2) Greatly improve the quality of teaching in our classrooms, supported by substantially higher compensation for our best teachers.
3) Measure student and teacher performance on a systematic basis, supported by tests and assessments.
4) Increase “time on task” for all students; this means more time in school each day, and a longer school year.
Everything else either does not matter (e.g., smaller class sizes) or is supportive of these four steps (e.g., vastly improve schools of education).
Lack of effort is not the cause of our 30-year inability to solve our education problem. Not only have we had all those thousands of studies and task forces, but we have seen many courageous and talented individuals pushing hard to move the system. Leaders such as Joel Klein (New York City), Michelle Rhee (Washington, D.C.) and Paul Vallas (New Orleans) have challenged the system, and elected officials from both sides of the political spectrum have also fought valiantly for change.
So where does that leave us? If the problem isn’t “what to do,” nor is it a failure of commitment, what is stopping us?
I believe the problem lies with the structure and corporate governance of our public schools. We have over 15,000 school districts in America; each of them, in its own way, is involved in standards, curriculum, teacher selection, classroom rules and so on. This unbelievably unwieldy structure is incapable of executing a program of fundamental change. While we have islands of excellence as a result of great reform programs, we continually fail to scale up systemic change.
Therefore, I recommend that President-elect Barack Obama convene a meeting of our nation’s governors and seek agreement to the following:
– Abolish all local school districts, save 70 (50 states; 20 largest cities). Some states may choose to leave some of the rest as community service organizations, but they would have no direct involvement in the critical task of establishing standards, selecting teachers, and developing curricula.
– Establish a set of national standards for a core curriculum. I would suggest we start with four subjects: reading, math, science and social studies.
– Establish a National Skills Day on which every third, sixth, ninth and 12th-grader would be tested against the national standards. Results would be published nationwide for every school in America.
– Establish national standards for teacher certification and require regular re-evaluations of teacher skills. Increase teacher compensation to permit the best teachers (as measured by advances in student learning) to earn well in excess of $100,000 per year, and allow school leaders to remove underperforming teachers.
– Extend the school day and the school year to effectively add 20 more days of schooling for all K-12 students.
I can predict that three questions will be raised about these measures:
First, how can we set national standards when we have a strong tradition of local school autonomy? The answer is that the American people are way ahead of our politicians here: Poll after poll shows they support national standards.
Second, won’t this take many years to implement? No, if we follow a focused, pragmatic approach. While ideally we want all 50 states to participate, we can get started with 30. The rest will be driven to abandon their “see no evil” blinders by their citizens as the original group achieves momentum and success. Moreover, we do not have to start from scratch on the national standards. Experts can quickly develop an initial set just by drawing on existing domestic and foreign programs.
Third, how do we pay for all of this? In three ways: We will save billions by consolidating the operations of 15,000 school districts. The U.S. Department of Education can direct all of its discretionary funds to this effort. And we need to drive into the consciousness of every American politician that education is not an expense. It is, rather, the most important investment we can make as a country.
H.G. Wells remarked that “history is a race between education and catastrophe.” For the first time in America’s history, we may be losing that race. We can win, but we have to act quickly and decisively.
Mr. Gerstner, a former CEO of IBM, was chairman of the Teaching Commission (2003-2006), which reported on ways to improve the quality of public school teaching.

Gerstner believes: “the problem lies with the structure and corporate governance of our public schools. We have over 15,000 school districts in America; each of them, in its own way, is involved in standards, curriculum, teacher selection, classroom rules and so on. This unbelievably unwieldy structure is incapable of executing a program of fundamental change.”

**”Gerstner’s legacy among corporate education reformers was cemented in 1996 when he brought together the corporate world with state governors at the IBM headquarters in Palisades to establish the education reform agenda for the nation. This meeting brought us Achieve — the organization that is credited with the development of the Common Core standards. In 2008, Gerstner summarized what he had learned over the years as a leading voice in education reform for the The Wall Street Journal. “–

This illustrates one blueprint towards the end game to privatization. Louis Gerstner also founded Achieve, Inc. that helped bring us the Common Core State Standards Initiative. I take articles like this very seriously.


Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

I just got this letter from the school on one of my children stating SPECIFICALLY, “Federal law states that all students 7 yrs old or younger, or any who are entering a U.S. school for the first time, must have the following health screens ON FILE with their school before the 120th day of school.”
And then it lists vision, hearing and dental.

It states that my son does not have this and they included a permission slip to fill out for dental… my blood is boiling so hot right now. I cannot find ANYTHING in federal law saying anything like this. All I can find is a state law stating that schools must PROVIDE these services but nowhere have I found they must have this information on file or that I must submit it. He has had all these things through his normal dentist and pediatrician.


And here are the replies to this post:

ask them to provide you with a copy of the statute (state and/or federal) that requires you to do this.
I did. I called and said I was confused because nowhere can I find a FEDERAL law requiring this. The first words I received in response was, “Jyn do you think I would send out hundreds and hundreds and letters without checking the facts first?”
Wow! Welp! My bad! I guess that should have been telltale sign it’s all a 100% legit and bonafide law then, right?
From what I’ve found there are two laws in OREGON (2017 ORS 336.211 and 2017 ORS 336.213. ) that state they need cert of vision and dental on file.
This is an Oregon statute not federally mandated and the dental is required to offer an opt out for the school screening. Mind you, we have already done all our medical stuff through our dentist and pediatrician. All they had to do was request this information in the new school year packet- without sending a: “THIS IS FEDERALLY MANDATED AND HERE IS THE PERMISSION FORM FOR OUR SCHOOL TO DO IT even though we share information”.

I have not been able to find anything mandating hearing screenings.

I found OAR 581-022-0705 (1996) requires school districts to provide vision and hearing screening but I cannot find pages on it any longer as it seems they have all been deleted. Did they overrule that law?
I was always under the impression that they were required to offer it/make it available to students (as many cannot afford it), but not that it meant that it was required to do.

Again, it’s a good idea to do, but the federal government shouldn’t have a say in mandating anyone doing it.
Could you just have your dentist and pediatrician write letters saying they have recently examined your child? That way the school has record that the child has been screened, but they don’t need the details. By the way, I think it’s completely ridiculous for schools to require any such info, but could you comply without really complying???
Yep! We totally could had I had this requested of me I probably could have easily provided it. Instead I got a threatening letter with my child’s name highlighted with a marker and a form attached for their Dental3 people stating it was federally mandated.
“DENTAL3 “D3” was formed in 2014 as a unique partnership of Medicaid Dental Plans, Coordinated Care Organizations and Community Partners to advance the goals of transformation by furthering oral health in the Portland Oregon metropolitan community.
D3 and its partners provide community based services to reach those individuals who might not otherwise seek care, connecting them to the system through outreach.”
I wouldn’t do it. That’s why they get away with this kind of stuff, because parents aren’t willing to fight back so the buck keeps getting passed down the line.
I worked at a pediatric medical clinic for 14yrs. Although I’ve been out for the last 5 yrs, I am not aware of any such federal law and those aren’t easy to come by. I would call up and ask for the reference to look up. I only know of federal programs, such as head start, having requirements like this.
Oregon has tried to make Americans believe this for years

Here is a post from a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

A NEW comment added to my article on Sanborn and the Competency Based Ed
New comment on your post “Is Sanborn Regional School District Lying To Parents?”
As a parent having one graduated from Sanborn and one still in the system I can speak to its strengths and weaknesses. My children have been successful but not because of the school and it’s curricullym but because of the extra effort put in at home to bridge the gap of what isn’t taught in school. They are high achievers and Sanborn is not excelling at helping high achievers. The elementary schools are excellent but the middle and high school are sorely lacking in accountability and standards of excellence. Unfortunately I see the curriculum and administration catering to the lowest common denominator. No deadlines. No consequences. No finals. No reports or real projects and papers due. They can however keep retaking tests or redoing work until they get the grade they want When I spoke to Stack about this I was told the point was to ensure the student learned to concepts not penalize them for the time it took to grasp the subject matter. In effect the good grades are self inflated and our students are not learning what it takes to survive in the real world or thrive in post secondary education.
You can see all comments on this post here:

And another post from this page:

SENT to the MAYOR of Manchester and the School Board Members
Dear Board of School Committee Members:

I was made aware of Manchester Proud a short time ago by parents who told me about this new organization. As a former Bedford resident, I have seen how an organization outside the school district could be beneficial to everyone involved in the Manchester public schools. The Bedford Education Foundation has been one of those organizations that has raised funds for expenditures that are not included in the school district budget. The BEF is well-respected and appreciated in the community for that reason. They look at what needs to be supported and funded, then hold fundraisers and events to make it happen. For instance, on their Facebook page, they proudly reminded community members that they worked hard with fundraisers to support French students in a 10-day exchange. The BEF provided the funding to get all foreign language program exchanges funded. Adding foreign language to the elementary school curriculum is what one Manchester parent said she would like to have added to the elementary grades.

It was the Bedford School Board that set up a survey asking parents and community members what problems they see within the school district. That information was categorized and, made public so everyone could see what needed to be addressed. Since it was an online survey, there was no cost to the taxpayers that I’m aware of. Trinity High School has also elicited this critical information from parents in the past. It’s a great way to identify the problems, prioritize them and work on getting the problems fixed.

At first glance, Manchester Proud appeared to me as if they would be that support system for Manchester, too. An organization like that can be a real gift to a school district. However, upon further research, what I’ve discovered about Manchester Proud is causing me great concern. I’d hate to see an organization become a lightning rod in the community versus one that is respected and appreciated like the BEF.

Manchester Proud has the capacity to make a significant and positive impact on the school district. That’s something we should all support. I’m not surprised that people in the community want to add their time and talent to an organization that wants to help the school district meet some of its needs. My concern is with what appears to be a political influence within the organization. That influence now seems to be directing expenditures that could be used for genuine needs that parents have identified.

Reaching Higher NH is an organization that has been politically active for a few years. While I respect them as a political organization, they have a set agenda that has been diametrically opposed to what parents in Manchester, and across the state, have supported. Two board members at Reaching Higher NH now sit on the board of Manchester Proud: Talmira Hill and Pawn Nitichan. The Executive Director at Reaching Higher NH, Evelyn Aissa, is the daughter of Barry Brensinger, Coordinator for Manchester Proud. In watching video of school board meetings, I have seen Mr. Brensinger and others stress that they have no bias or predetermined outcome. With what I’ve learned about the direct and influential connections between Manchester Proud and Reaching Higher NH, and seeing the direction in which this effort is going, it’s hard to take that at face value, even though their intent may be pure.

Having that kind of one-sided political view on education reforms does not allow for a healthy debate when Manchester Proud seeks to influence the district on education policies. If they were there simply to provide support in the same manner as the BEF, then their participation would not matter. But since there are now examples of how Manchester Proud is also engaging in political education reforms, this concerns me, and will most likely concern the many parents who came before the BOSC several years ago in an effort to improve the local academic standards in the district. I have already heard from a Manchester grandmother of a Beech Street School student, indicating that she sees a conflict of interest.

It is critical for Manchester Proud to succeed and not become an organization that divides the community. Unfortunately, some of Manchester Proud’s political association with politically motivated education reform groups have drawn negative attention.This could bubble up to a point where Manchester Proud loses respect and appreciation in the community.

For example, on Manchester Proud’s facebook page, there is a link to a video from Reaching Higher NH highlighting Student Centered Learning. Below that post I asked this question: “In this video, Reaching Higher NH advocates for student centered learning. Could you provide peer reviewed research/studies that show student centered learning improves the quality of education (maybe in terms of test scores) versus teacher centered? Thank you”. (Please see attached screen shot)

This is an example of support for influencing how a teacher teaches in the classroom. Is this the vision for Manchester Proud? To take information provided by a political organization and advocate for the same political views?

When I returned to look at the facebook page to see what studies they would provide, I saw that the post had been removed. I did not receive an answer to my question, and you cannot see it currently on the facebook page.

I ask for independent research because other districts in New Hampshire are implementing this experimental education reform. The Atlantic reported on this experimental method back in 2014.”What Happens When Students Control Their Own Education? When a New Hampshire district found itself struggling with low test scores and high turnover, it made a radical decision: Flip the traditional model and let kids take over the classrooms.” Since then, I’ve received numerous complaints from Pittsfield parents explaining how the student-led discussions become sidetracked, and how some students use that time in an effort to talk about other things beside what should be discussed. Small group work becomes the responsibility of the student who excels, leaving that student to carry the weight for the group. Individual projects take a great deal of time, leaving less time for academic content to be covered.

Pittsfield test scores do not provide any indication that this experimental model has had any significant impact on students in the high school:
Grade 11
Reading: 57%
Mathematics: 36%

Reading: 58%
Mathematics 19%

This is why I asked for peer-reviewed research. If Manchester Proud is going to advocate for changes in the Manchester classroom by supporting experimental pedagogy, shouldn’t they at least make sure it’s best practice and has a track record of success?

Manchester Proud has also come to the BOSC to advocate for joining the Council of Great City Schools (CGCS). During the discussion with some of the BOSC members about the $30,000.00 membership fee, Mr. Brensinger indicated that he would not consider the request by Manchester parents who want funding to go towards materials in the classroom. Instead he said this kind of significant expenditure should be used to pay a membership fee to CGCS. I understand this is an effort to design a strategic plan, but if that plan is going to revolve around unproven or disproven politically-contrived education reforms, rather than meeting the needs expressed by the parents, then this does not bode well.

CGCS is a political organization funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “promote and coordinate successful implementation of the new common core standards in major urban public school systems nationwide ” The Gates Foundation lists CGCS as a partner on their web site.

Here is a list of grants awarded to CGCS by the Gates Foundation so that they could advance their political objective:
2008 $3,735,866
2010 $ 100,000
2011. $5,446,615
2013 $ 614,954
2013 $2,000,000
2015 $1,600,017

CGCS’s political objective has a clear bias which runs counter to what scores of parents said they wanted for their children in Manchester during the debate of the Manchester Academic Standards.

No one on the BOSC asked for any proof that CGCS has a track record of success. After reviewing the CGCS web site, I could not find any peer-reviewed independent studies that showed membership in this organization improved academic outcomes.

A case in point comes in a 2014 CGCS report regarding the public schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The reports states: ” The Albuquerque Public Schools District has embarked on an ambitious reform agenda which includes the transition to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and a renewed focus on improving student achievement by closing the achievement gap. The district’s strategic plan included improving Academic Achievement. However, if you look at their NAEP scores from 2017 they show Albuquerque students either making no progress or falling further behind their peers:

The percentage of students in Albuquerque who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 29 percent in 2017. This percentage was not significantly different from large cities (31 percent).

The percentage of students in Albuquerque who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 25 percent in 2017. This percentage was not significantly different from large cities (27 percent). It seems that they digressed in Math and reading.

Grade 8
Year/average score/difference from large cities
2017 270 -5
2015 271 -3
2013 274 -2
2011 275 -1

2017 255 -3
2015 251 -6
2013 256 -2
2011 254 -1

If the Manchester BOSC is to join a political education organization, it is critical that the BOSC look for peer-reviewed studies that show the organization has contributed to some measure of academic success in public education.

Manchester has many difficult challenges with which other districts in New Hampshire may not be dealing. Every dime spent needs to be carefully considered, whether the money comes directly from taxpayers or from other sources by way of the school district. I urge school board members to demand proof that expenditures do not come with a political agenda.

Cornerstone, the organization for which I am the Education Liaison, would like to get behind an organization working in the best interest of the students in Manchester. For all its challenges, Manchester provides many opportunities. Manchester could lead the way in education outcomes for the state. Toward that end, we encourage efforts to identify what parents see as needs for the district.

Reaching Higher NH and the Council of Great City Schools have a political agenda that leaves me concerned about Manchester Proud. Manchester Proud is an organization that has amazing people behind it who are willing to do whatever it takes to help Manchester schools succeed. It would be a mistake to let political aims take precedence over what parents believe are the real needs in the district.

After leaving the Manchester Proud meeting, I posted a question on a Manchester School Facebook Page. I asked parents what five things they’d like to see changed or improved in the school district. No one mentioned a desire to see the district become a member of a political organization whose main objective is to implement Common Core in schools. No one mentioned wanting a political organization to influence teaching methods.

Parents did say that they wanted:
1) Bullying addressed
2) Consistent curriculum across the district
3) Foreign Language added in the elementary school
4) Implement a complementary Spelling and Grammar curriculum
5) Get a systematic Math book that can be used starting on page 1
6) Stop social promotions
7) Advance children to the next subject when they’ve mastered the content
8) Get our teachers a signed contract
9) Add tech resources
10) Get rid of Common Core and go back to common sense
11) IEPs must be followed
12) Common Core has to go
13) Bring back unified arts in the Middle School
14) Updated textbooks
15) Leveling for all subjects
16) Get rid of standardized testing
17) Make sure students are competent in the subject matter before advancing

I’m sharing this because after attending Manchester Proud’s meeting yesterday, their associations with pro-Common Core political organizations indicates there may be a conflict ahead. These are concerns that the Bedford Education Foundation has avoided by making sure the individuals running the organization are focused on the needs of the teachers and students. Having a similar support group in Manchester can offer parents and teachers the much-needed support that they have been wanting. Please consider your support carefully as you go forward.


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Online Morality Test given to high schoolers in Bradley, Ohio.






Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:


Dear Katy Et Al,

It’s good to hear some WCSD students are coding in school. Our Incline schools don’t teach cursive, coding, and barely teach keyboarding. Since the District came up with the language: “Getting students ready for the 21st Century digital world,” several things have happened including:
1) One of the largest EdTech vendors, Edmodo, had a data breach causing sensitive student data (including Student ID’s) to be placed for sale on the dark web.
2) A year later Edmodo sold the entire company (including) all the student data to a Chinese company, experts agree the Chinese bought Edmodo for the data of U.S. students.
3) A Cal Berkeley study, released this summer, showed many of the EdTech vendors used in our schools are not in compliance with COPPA.
4) A Fordham University study, released this summer, shows data brokers are selling “student data;” it’s unclear where/how the data is being obtained.
5) At least two states (not Nevada) have sued Google for illegally tracking students.
6) The FBI came out with a Public Service Announcement on September 13 warning parents and school districts about third party EdTech vendors.
Instead of telling parents what has happened (above) and letting them decide if their children will continue sharing school work and personal data with free (paid with student data) EdTech vendors the District has decided to keep parents in the dark. About three or four years ago WCSD told Protect Nevada Children (PNC) they do not “enter into contract” with free EdTech vendors used in WCSD schools. Katy, has something changed in regards to the free EdTech vendors or are your comments below misleading?

Two years ago 441 families opted out of being issued a WCSD email address, two questions: 1) When were the email addresses re-created? 2) Why won’t the District allow us to opt-out of District email now? My oldest is getting A’s in computer science classes at Columbia (Ivy League) and he did not use any free EdTech vendor products before graduating from IHS in 2016.

Numerous technology executives including, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, severely limited their own children’s screen time, and use of EdTech products, at least until high school. We at Protect Nevada Children believe the “free” EdTech vendors are the most problematic because without parental consent or knowledge: they collect and store student data, create profiles on students, and share student data with unknown parties. Experts on the left and right have written about how the data obtained by free EdTech vendors may affect the future of our children.

It appears the District’s policy is that parents do not deserve to know all aspects of using “free” EdTech products or how the student data collected may affect the future of their children. On the other hand, we at PNC believe parents should be educated on all aspects of using these free products, and parents should decide if their children will use them or not.


John Eppolito
President Protect Nevada Children

From: Holland, Katy []
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2018 5:14 PM
To: Scott Wilderman
Cc: BoardMembers; John Eppolito
Subject: Re: EdTech Devices

Dear Mr. Wilderman,
WCSD’s mission is to create an education system where all students achieve academic success, develop personal and civic responsibility, and achieve college- and career readiness for the 21st Century. To advance this mission, WCSD provides all students with opportunities to use technology. We strive to provide students with an education that prepares them for the opportunities that exist in a 21st Century digital world, in which virtually every career demands technology proficiency. To create an educational environment where some students could use technology and some students could not use technology would create inequities and would not enable students to learn these important skills. We do not encourage students to develop an online presence. We encourage them to learn skills that will be necessary for their future competitiveness. Just today I was in a first grade class that was learning coding on computers that each student built. These are the skills we are focusing on. Further, the emails that students use in our District have no access in from the outside and cannot be sent externally unless parents specifically request that their student have that access for communication with colleges, etc.

I am sensitive to your concern about the importance of protecting student data. I can assure you that I and the District take this matter very seriously. Ed Tech companies are prohibited by law (COPPA) from selling students’ personal data or using it for advertising to students. WCSD is not entering into contracts with any vendors who do not comply with COPPA. We are also implementing a Digital Citizenship curriculum that helps students to learn ways they can best protect themselves when online.

Regarding WCSD’s efforts to educate parents about the use of technology devices and student email addresses, there is substantial information for parents about WCSD’s digital learning efforts at We have also prepared a list of frequently asked questions, available at In addition, we have regular information workshops like the one on Digital Citizenship last week to which parents are invited.

I’d be happy to discuss any of these concerns with you further.

All best wishes,
Katy Simon Holland
On behalf of the Board of Trustees


Here is a post from an Arizona anti-Common Core group:

“None of the 17 states with voucher programs nor the six states with ESA programs explicitly allow parents to retain full protections under IDEA. Moreover, non of the 19 voucher, ESA, or tax incentive programs aimed specifically at students with disabilites allow them to retain full IDEA rights.” National Center for Learning Disabilities

Please vote No on Prop 305.

And another post from this group:
Please vote NO on 305: We do not want our private schools to be turned into public schools and forced to be under the same requirements and rules that public schools must follow. Many parents have fled to homeschooling and private schools —we do not want our choices to become obsolete (where the government controls everything!). We support school choice, but do not support the state controlling private schools!
Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:
Opted my 3rd grader out of AIR, principal says she might not pass 3rd grade without this test. So tell me- how is it my 3rd grader who is in the “talented and gifted” program somehow performed high enough to enter this group…but they don’t know if she is smart enough to pass 3rd grade without this test? Smh
And some replies to this post:
This is how they strong arm parents into submission. They did the same thing to me. Most don’t have the money to lawyer up. In my case it would have taken that.
I still said she isn’t taking it and asked them to explain how is she “gifted” if you can’t test her to know she can even read. No response.

A male physical-education teacher in a Florida school district has been told he will be transferred to another school as discipline for not doing his job.   The problem was that a girl identifying as a boy was using the lockerroom and he was told to go in there as part of his duties but declined to be with a nude girl, at which point he was punished:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I found the actual bill, if you want to read it to verify the truth of the article shared below.

Ctrl+F to search for “assessment”, and you’ll see how students using the ESA money (As Arizona calls it: Empowerment Scholarship Accounts, but Utah will be calling it: Flexible Education Spending Accounts) are now being required to be accountable to statewide tests.

Take note.

Found here:…


And another post from this group:

When I first heard about Common Core (CC), I couldn’t imagine that the people of Utah would allow it to be instituted. But then the Governor and School Board officials approved it. The more I learned about Common Core, the less I liked it. When CC started operations at our schools, I thought soon leaders or parent groups would rise up and tear CC down. But they didn’t. Then when Obama had completed his second term, I thought Republicans would crush Common Core along with Obamacare. They didn’t take down anything. With Trump in office, maybe he’ll get rid of Common Core. But maybe we should stand together, protest, demonstrate, start impeachment proceedings against Herbert, impeach the school boards, generally light a fire under complacency and the status quo till we finally bring about the end of Common Core.


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

UNREAL!! or, I mean, I wish it was unreal…

The hypocrisy of Congress holding privacy hearings, while we are at the same time pushing all these BigData bills, promoting AI in Government, building a biometric database of citizens, and not really talking about CONSENT over data… especially children. WAKE- UP AMERICA!!


Here is a post that was shared in the Parent Strike group:

Important information from IL Raise Your Hand about the new 3-8th grade state test for Illinois, and the new state rating policy for schools.

Bad news: the new school rating policy will heavily penalize schools for high opt out via lowering the ratings.

Good news: the consequences of a low rating mean more funding, not less.

You can ask ISBE why they’ve chosen to design the school ratings system this way at public meetings tomorrow night in Chicago and Thursday night in Melrose Park.


Here is a post from the group More than a Score:

PARCC is now IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness)

3 year contract $133,134,755.00…/Illinois-Assessment-Readiness-3-8-Ad…

IAR (Illinois Assessment of Readiness)
Notice of Award for Illinois Assessment of Readiness (3-8) Provider
ISBE has posted a letter announcing a notice of award that has been posted (reference #22041975) for the state’s procurement of an administration, scoring, reporting, and development vendor. The Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) proposed high quality, cost effective solutions to achieve our vision of a computer adaptive assessment that returns results of machine scored items within 1 week of the end of the testing window, and all results within 30 days of the end of the testing window, making results more timely and relevant. DRC, in collaboration with ISBE and Illinois educators, will build on the foundation of PARCC content and transition Illinois to a computer adaptive assessment by 2021.

Please contact ISBE’s Division of Assessment and Accountability at (866) 317-6034 with any questions.


And another post from this page:

Teachers have successfully boycotted standardized tests in the past. Recent example, the 2014 ISAT which teachers at Saucedo and Drummond elementary schools in CPS boycotted. Story here:…/a_chicago_teacher_explains…

Takes major organizing to carry out a collective action like that!


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Today the PoJo article reporting my resignation from the Wappingers BOE came up in my memories.
I resigned my position two years ago because the Board, the District, NYS, National Legislators AND PARENTS AND TEACHERS ACROSS THE COUNTRY (too busy working and saving to pay for their kids college tuition  #superirony), steadfastly refused to respond to the glaring concerns and blatant corruption which were staring them in the face.
The kids got destroyed.
Just like those of us paying attention knew they would.
Corruption won.
I guess we’ll just trash this generation and see if the next crop of kids will fare better?
What a travesty.
What a waste.


Here is an alarming post from a Mississippi anti-Common Core page:

Teachers are “classroom robots ” according to three lower grade teachers. A MS Dad shares his concern.

Mississippi Common Core misery


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This is not a good sign…
PED Threatens Homeschool Freedom

“…the New Mexico Public Education Department (PED) had drastically changed the home school form on their website that can be mailed in. The PED also sent us a letter stating that from now on only the “official” PED home school form would be accepted. The PED’s mailed in form states “NO SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED OR PROCESSED THAT ARE NOT COMPLETELY FILLED OUT AND UNCHANGED FROM THIS FORM.”
“Besides the PED stating that only their form can be used, the biggest change comes in the form of “Required Assurances” that home school parents must initial for their form to be “accepted or processed” by the PED. While most of these assurances are not extremely onerous, they are simply not required to be made by home school parents under New Mexico law. In our opinion, these assurances are simply the PED wanting to require home school parents to do more than they are legally required to do.

What the PED is attempting to do is to change New Mexico from a notice state to an approval state. Unless you submit the form and information the PED is requiring you will not be approved to teach your children at home.”


Here is a post from a Kansas anti-Common Core page:

This is the school district where I graduated high school. This is a very professional and middle to high income city. There is absolutely NO WAY IN HELL I would allow my kids to go to these schools (any of them with policies like this). These districts seriously think they can do anything they want as long as it is in the name of “safety.” It seems that not one of these board members has EVER studied American history and it seems likely that they are no longer teaching it in this posh district. What’s that little something about giving up liberty for safety means you have neither???? ANY ONE of these people even know who Benjamin Franklin is anymore????
The author concludes, “When I described the new Plano ISD policy to our daughter, she reacted indignantly. My fear is that after six years of random searches she and her fellow students will see them as no big deal, having been conditioned to accept invasive, harebrained security theater as an unavoidable cost of going about their daily lives. That is not the sort of civics lesson I want my children to absorb.”
AMEN, brother. So, in the immortal words of the Sean Connery character, Malone, in _The Untouchables,_ “What are you prepared to do?”…/my-daughters-middle-school-plans-to-te…


And another post from this page:

So, Mr. Neuenswander thinks that the teacher shortage is all about the economy, both past and present. The article explains how Western Kansas has really struggled to fill all its positions over the years. Well, I have some thoughts for Mr. Neuenswander on this. I’ll give you only three of the dozen or so reasons that immediately pop into my head.
1. Teachers, increasingly so, and in large part due to the implementation of Common Core, do not teach; they facilitate. With teaching schemes such as a “flipped classroom,” teachers are less engaged. Add on the consequences and stigma from poor test scores along with all the political correctness we are now forced to deal with, and well, this teacher, for one, walked away from K-12 education.
2. In Western Kansas, in particular, there is a huge and rapidly growing immigrant (both legal and illegal) population. Many of them come from third-world countries like Somalia. Many of these students, like their Spanish-speaking counterparts, do not have sufficient English skills in speaking, yes, but also in writing. That is an expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive situation. If we could do it the way that I think we should, it would help a bunch, but no. We have to keep doing it this way, with increasing numbers of kids and decreasing numbers of trained staff but yet expecting some better outcome. Uh huh. Smart. (sarc on!)
3. Many of them have cultural differences that are so far removed from American culture that it makes it very difficult. Teachers are busy dealing with many, many, many other things besides actual teaching. I had one district administrator in a large Western Kansas school district tell my husband, “Many of these kids don’t even know how to use the restroom. A week or two ago they were in the bush in Africa and now they are here. We have to teach them the very basics.”
Who in their right mind would sign up for this? Most teachers, including me, believe that we can help kids, that we can make a difference. When we are set up for failure from square one, with so many things stacked against us, many choose not to bang their heads against the wall for too many years, if any at all.
I would bet my right lung that many of you could easily add dozens of additional reasons to my list here. Please, feel free to do so.…/Vacant-teaching-positions-increase…


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core Breitbart article:

I was an elementary school teacher in Rochester, NY for 11 years – When Communist Core was implemented, I raised numerous concerns to the principal. Principal told me to keep my feelings to myself, and then he said that there were many other school districts in NYS. I said f-it, and left the propaganda industry. They are implementing this in Head Start to 3 and 4 year olds – this needs to stop, and I dont feel the President and Secretary DeVos are doing enough about it!!!


And another post from this article:

I remember being called to the Board of Education when I was a Principal, and asked why I was not “on board” with the new “Common Core” curriculum. I replied, historically, education has been a state concern; I am deeply suspicious of a Federal Curriculum that can be politically, culturally and socially attuned to push agenda’s! They accepted it but didn’t like it! I retired a few years later…I think for the most part they were glad to get rid of their Neanderthal Principal! Footnote: Two years later they had a Middle School out of control and brought me back out of retirement to fix it! I did and retired again two years later!


And yet another post:

I moved to Wisconsin almost 9 years ago from NY. As a single father, my biggest concern was the school my son would be going to. The area we moved to was very expensive and I decided to move to an area that was more affordable. I intentionally kept my son out of the Milwaukee school system. I found a half way decent school and yet every day I would have to ask my son what he learned and then tell him the truth. It is sad that we have to reteach our kids after a day at school. Now, in his early 20’s, he gets it. And yes, it’s up to the parents to teach their children.


And another one:

Saw the beginnings of this back in the late 70s when I began working for a large rural school district just outside of Seattle and yes Bill Gates was just beginning to implement his social engineering project.Just to clarify, I was not an educator, but a technician.


Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Follow the money.
“UnboundEd was born of EngageNY — an entity, supported by millions of dollars in Obama-era Race to the Top funds, created to provide Common Core curricula for New York’s classrooms.”

“UnboundEd is not the brainchild of some education school. Rather, it boasts an impressive list of reform-minded “partners,” including the likes of Achieve­ment Network, The New Teacher Project, Leading Educators, New Leaders, and Student Achievement Partners — not counting the charter-school networks that ship teachers to its institutes. As of 2017, UnboundEd had pocketed more than $20 million in philanthropy — including millions from New Profit, the Carnegie Corporation, and the Hewlett Foundation, and more than $11 million from the Gates Foundation.“


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

PARENTS NEED TO ATTEND. We need to show the State School Board that parents are WATCHING OUT FOR THEIR KIDS AND THEIR OPT-OUT RIGHTS!
Please reply in the comments if you plan to attend.

When: Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018 at 5:00pm

Where: Utah State School Board Offices
250 E 500 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

The Utah State School Board has revised Board rules for Opt-Out. Some of the wording breaks the spirit of Utah’s Opt-Out law that was written to protect parents’ rights.

Please plan to attend this hearing if you are a parent concerned about preserving your Opt-Out rights. The Board has given 3 groups a chance to speak in defense of Utah’s Opt-Out law and in opposition to the revised Board rule. The Board is also accepting written comments to be made part of the hearing record, and there is still time for parents to request speaking time.

– – – – – – – – – –

Here is the State Board’s memo with important details about the hearing:

This memorandum will serve to outline the procedures that will be followed in conjunction with the public hearing scheduled for November 1, 2018 regarding proposed amendments to Rule R277-404. Pursuant to R15-1-5(2), I have been appointed as hearing officer for this public hearing.

The public hearing will commence at 5:00 p.m. in the Board Room at the Utah State Board of Education, 250 East 500 South, Salt Lake City, Utah and will continue for at least one hour. The hearing, however, will end no later than 6:30 p.m.

Interested parties are encouraged to submit written comments, statements, or other feedback, which will be made part of the hearing record and posted on the State Board of Education’s website. Written comment should be submitted by email to Written comment to be posted prior to the hearing will be accepted until close of business, Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

This hearing follows a public hearing request by the United States Parents Involved in Education, the Salt Lake County Chapter of the United Women’s Forum, and Return to Parental Rights. Each of these groups will be permitted to present for ten minutes at the start of the meeting.
Other parties will be permitted to present as time allows, with priority given to those individuals who request to be heard in advance by emailing Lorraine Austin, Board Secretary, at, by close of business Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Individuals should provide their name and address, and indicate whether they wish to speak in favor of or in opposition to the proposed amendments to the rule. A signup sheet will also be available at the hearing.

Individuals may be allowed between 2-3 minutes as determined by the hearing officer. Individuals speaking on behalf of an organization, other than those who have filed a formal request for hearing, may be allowed five minutes to speak in lieu of individual group members presenting. An individual may not yield time to another speaker. Those making public comment are encourage to avoid restating points made in previous comments and to avoid reading written comments that may be submitted to the hearing officer.

Following the hearing, the Board will continue to accept written comment by email or mail through close of business November 9, 2018.

It is anticipated that the hearing record will be submitted to the full Board for consideration at the Board’s December 6, 2018 meeting. Further questions regarding the conduct of the hearing may be directed to the hearing officer at

And some replies to said post:

Here is the Utah State School Board’s overview of Rules.

Rule R277-404’s entire section begins on Page 15 and ends on Page 18.

This new wording is under School Responsibilities in R277-404-6. Section 1(c). It’s problematic because it sets up a scenario where students are incentivized to take SAGE/RISE/Aspire in order to fulfill a class requirement. It reads:

(c) In accordance with Subsection 53[A-15-1403]G-6-
803(1), an LEA shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s or
guardian’s request to allow a student’s demonstration of proficiency
on a state required assessment to fulfill a requirement in a course.

Imagine a child coming home and telling a parent that they can get out of an assignment IF they take SAGE/RISE/Aspire. This could cause a potential rift between parent and child and between teacher and parent. It violates the spirit of Utah’s Opt-Out law.

In addition to the above, R277-404 references the Board’s “Testing Ethics Policy”. This is Board policy that resides outside of Board Rule. But, because it is referenced, we can talk about it in the Hearing. You can find it here:…/23262a5f-48b1-4658-b79e…

The wording in the Testing Ethics Policy that raised some concerns is on Page 3 under Unethical Testing Practices. It is the last bullet point, and it reads:

“Unethical practices include, but are not limited to: Explicitly or implicitly encourag[ing] parents to opt-out their students from participating in a state assessment Utah Code 53E-4-312.”

– – – – – – – –

We are concerned that this wording threatens teacher autonomy. Do schools support teachers teaching and children learning or do they support standardized TESTS?

This wording appears to be a violation of Utah law that wholeheartedly supports parental rights. It pits teachers against parents/children and parents/children against teachers.


So a teacher could say you will get out of the 30 page research paper if you take the test instead?


I’m confused — the only changes I see are conforming changes to the newly codified Utah code. The (1)(c) [name redacted] mentions doesn’t appear to have any substantive edits in the rule beyond changing the code references. What am I missing?


I was confused at first too. I think current law allows for students to take the test in place of an entire class, but this rule change allows for the test to replace an assignment which would allow a teacher to use it as a punishment/reward system – which is expressly prohibited by the law.


But (1)(c) is already in existing rule. It’s not being newly added here.


don’t know if this answers your question, but the Board changed the rule in February without fanfare. Parents just learned about it recently and were able to request a hearing because some minor edits were made in August–which opened the rule back up to a hearing.


If you feel the rule is out of sync w/ statute, it’s best to have the Administrative Rules Review Cmte call the SBOE folks in front of them to explain themselves and be held accountable a bit.


Yes, the rule changed in February and then again in August with minor changes. Most groups/citizens don’t know about the ability to request a hearing on a rule and missed the February timeline.

Because the rule had minor changes in August, the rule was open to a hearing and several entities made a request for a hearing.

They can also appeal to the administrative rules committee.

It is always a good idea to get in front of as many elected officials as possible.

I encourage people to attend.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:


Sarasota sucks


I found this tweet, which nicely ties “personalized learning” to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:



I found this from the Common Core Diva’s, a friend of mine, blog:

“It was reported during the NASBE conference, that the State of KY is going to restrict graduation from high school for those who do not choose ‘college’ or ‘career’”

So it appears that the Career Pathways scheme of locking students into certain career paths is moving along in Kentucky.

Also, I found this too:

“Then there’s the State-wide urgency to put as much SEL (Social Emotional Learning) into schools, at least that’s what IL’s doing. If you’ve heard of “Classrooms in Action”

If you read the Common Core Diva blog entry further, you’l see how SEL is tied to “personalized learning”.


Found this post on an Idaho anti-Common Core page:

Will it come to Idaho next?

naughty Nevada


Also on this Idaho anti-Common Core page, there was an article shared.   Inside said article, the following paragraph leads me to believe that Idaho, like Kentucky, is also in the process of falling to the Career Pathways scheme:

“The proposed rule also provides more guidance and clarification on how schools can structure the senior project requirement, including experience-based and inquiry-based learning gained through internships and similar opportunities. Senior projects may also be multi-year projects completed by a group or by individuals.”

Note, this is a graduation requirement for Idaho high schoolers.


And, based on the article below, it seems that Pennsylvania has also fallen to the Career Pathways scheme:


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:


Please notice that Facebook blocked this article (“Yes, Common Core Is Advancing a Left-Wing Agenda”) from my page. Facebook actually banned me from posting it elsewhere on FB and shut down my own page for a period of time. I see no reason for this article (including my comments) being against Facebook’s Community Standards, and FB was never able to tell me what the article contained that was offensive. If you still want to read the article and my comments at the beginning of it, you can go to (not google) and search for “[name redacted], Yes, Common Core Is Advancing a Left-Wing Agenda.” I believe Facebook banned it because the article/comments held too much truth.


This post, shared in a Washington anti-Common Core group, shows that the state of Washington has also fallen to the Career Pathways scheme:

Washington State PTA is part of the Ready Washington coalition. Please check out the latest information: With more than 700,000 job openings coming to Washington state by 2021, our students can choose the career pathway of their choice after high school. Since 2013, the Ready Washington coalition has been providing students, families, and teachers with clear, easy-to-use information that helps students connect their learning to their career paths and aspirations. Check out our new animated video, #PlanYourPathWA, to learn more.

[The video link is dead and cannot be found on the Wayback Machine either.)


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Here’s the junior assemblywoman Pellegrino. Posted about her couple hours ago, she was on the news – she failed to attend Democrat assembly education and mental health committee meetings while campaigning instead on….education. We knew she was shady when she was running and now a judge agrees!
PS. She’s a leader of Opt Out in Long Island too. You’ve been played folks.


Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

If this is true, its terrible

tyranny in Georgia


And here are some replies to this post:

A friend of my moms who is a teacher said that we may not be able to opt out here in nys either. She will get back to me as soon as she has info.



I got an email from the IL BoE that stated this exact thing. Said the State has a new ranking system for schools. And that schools w/ <95% testing rate can not be rated ‘exemplary.’

It also stated that IL has droppedPARCC in favor of a diff standardized exam.

How involved is the Fed here???! I’m becoming curioussince this is occurring in multiple states

I smell fish……


funny, we were told on the down low, in school council training (GA) that we are supposed to be moving away from GMAS (GA common core test) and moving to MAP over the next 3 years. Its piloted this year in a few select counties.


Someone in DC is pulling the puppet’s strings. Devos?


Always follow the money.


I found this post in the anti-CBE group:

You saw the invoice they sent me when I asked for the names of the companies gathering my kids data, which data fields are they pulling, and with what frequency. This is what happens when you ask for information they don’t want you to get the answers to. Ask any IT person, it would not take 16 hours to get the answers!

invoice of despotism


And here are the replies to this post:

kidding me it doesnt take but a few minutes to generate a query extract off a database that is way overpriced.


yup. They only did it for one company, Bright Bytes. When I found they were pulling PII data EVERY DAY out my of kids accounts, i figured there had to be more companies data mining without my consent. That’s when i got the bill


All I asked was, what companies have access to my kids data, what data fields are accessed and with what frequency. It’s not a hard question, they just don’t want parents to know how egregious it is.


Maybe the frequency prompted them to go into web activity logs that would take a bit longer but 16 hours hm how far back are they going


are you obligated to pay that??? Or you pay it if you want the info they gathered?


no pay no info




Why are they charging you $680 to get what companies are getting your kids’s data?


excellent question !


Aha, found one already: Schoology:

Schoology is one of the Project Unicorn vendors.


It takes MINUTES to query a database…….if it is going to take them 14 hours (or even 1 hour) than that is a serious, disturbing problem. Let me help you out with this one my friend……ALL data is uploaded to the SLDS. THAT is where you need to focus the attention on. WHO has access to that data, for WHAT purpose, etc. The districts should be held accountable for the software/edtech vendors they procure with……but the real motherload of data is sitting in the SLDS. Remember – all states were mandated to setup the SLDS prior to the Common Core implementation in each state. Here in FL – that was in 2009……the FSA IS 100% aligned to the Common Core.…/statewide-longitudinal-data-sys/


The districts are still responsible for protecting our kids data……I find they are not willing to answer my questions (Pasco) other than to tell me they are doing what the FDOE tells them to do.


And another post from this group:

DonorsChoose is offering teachers $400 in gift cards to use towards projects when their students complete coding and digital skills activities. I wonder who thought of this particular way to bribe — I mean inspire — teachers to train their students to code.


Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I hope people come tonight to the state school board hearing. It’s at five. Here is my letter, which I have already shared with the board but hope to summarize in person to the board.

October 30, 2018

Dear State School Board,

As a mother with children in elementary and high schools; as an experienced, licensed teacher currently serving as a special needs aide in a public school; and on behalf of members of United States Parents Involved in Education, I request that rule R277-404-6c be stricken from Utah’s rules. The rule states: “an LEA shall reasonably accommodate a parent’s or guardian’s request to allow a student’s demonstration of proficiency on a state required assessment to fulfill a requirement in a course.”

Thoughtful reading reveals that the rule assumes for the state an unprecedented authority to begin to use “a state required assessment to fulfill a requirement in a course”.

There can be no “reasonable accommodation” for violation of law, nor for manipulative education policy. The new rule attempts to legitimize an illegitimate thing: to let the state (or school) tempt students to barter away legitimate course work in exchange for participation in the state’s exercise titled the SAGE/RISE assessment.

That barter is an unheard-of deviation from good education. Never before have K-12 standardized test scores been used for exchange, in trade for legitimate education. The schools will “pay” students by releasing them from some course work and will determine– at least partially if not maximally– a student’s grade in a class if he or she engages in the SAGE/RISE exercise.

It’s bad education policy, but it also violates laws.

Under Utah law, a school “may not reward a student for taking an assessment” ( It simply may not. Is this rule’s offering not a reward to students? The rule tantalizes students with the lure of easy grades– especially if schools weigh the SAGE/RISE as a large portion of course fulfillment. Meanwhile, students who opt out of the tests may face increasingly difficult class work, if schools try to strong-arm them to take SAGE/RISE, which some schools will, faced with the threat of opt outs lowering the school’s’ test-based school-grade.

Under Utah law, a school “shall consider multiple academic data points when determining an accommodation”. ( Even though this rule exalts SAGE/RISE, setting a parturient exchange rate that equates strenuous coursework with government-test taking; still, the SAGE/RISE is what it was designed to be– an attempt to measure schools, not students. It never claimed to be a replacement for individuals’ learning experiences. The test’s maker, American Institutes for Research, declared that “When you are using a test for accountability, you’re not really using it to measure the kid. You are using it to measure the school, or the teacher, or the district” (VP Jon Cohen, min. 3:07). A SAGE/RISE score is thus not a valid academic data point to consider when determining student accommodations.

Moreover, in a law called “Parental right to academic accommodations” ( we learn that “Each accommodation shall be considered on an individual basis and no student shall be considered to a greater or lesser degree than any other student”. In contrast to that law, the new rule elevates “reasonable accommodations” only for some: for those who opt in. Opting out is protected and cannot be punished. Vulnerable populations, including those with mental, academic or emotional disabilities, as well as minorities, statistically suffer most from high stakes testing, and they cannot legally or ethically be coerced to opt in; thus they will not have equal opportunity under the new rule. This is significant.

Utah law holds opting out as an important freedom: “upon written request of a student’s parent or guardian, an LEA shall excuse the student from taking a test that is administered statewide” –and the state is to remain in a “supportive role to the guardian” Utah law requires the state to be in a supportive role, secondary to the guardian. Neither the state nor the school can usurp the authority of parental, educational best judgment. Tempting students to manipulate their parents into opting them in to tests, either for easy educational rewards or other reasons, is usurping. (How is it supportive to guardians for the state to create this scenario: “Dad, Mom, I don’t have time to write my research paper; I don’t want to read this literature for the final; the state/school says I can skip requirements if I take the SAGE/RISE test –so sign this accommodation note”?)

In addition to breaking the letter and spirit of Utah’s laws, the new rule lacks wisdom, integrity and common sense. It belittles the teaching profession, it ignores the impossibility of verifying its “exchange rate”; it ignores the lack of SAGE/RISE test validity approval; it disregards the voice of the people and responds to moneyed lobbies; and it is not well-intentioned toward children..


The rule denigrates the judgment and value of a teacher. A teacher’s work is teaching, including customizing projects and finals and reports for students. Why is that life-work to be dismissed with a cheap trade for a SAGE/RISE score?

Evaluation is impossible, of the alignment between a course requirement and the SAGE/RISE. Teachers are never permitted to preview SAGE/RISE tests– nor read them after they are given– and that “confidentiality” means that equating (or trading) that test –for anything– is meaningless.

Few, if any, tests would be worthy to replace high-quality course requirements, but in the case of SAGE/RISE, there is a foundational validity abyss. SAGE, used by both Florida and Utah, went under serious scrutiny –after Utah was already using it– when Florida commissioned two independent companies to verify its validity. (This may have happened, in part, because a famous Utahn offered $100,000 to the State Office of Education if it would produce evidence that the SAGE test had been tested for validity. The State Office could produce nothing.) Then Florida, using Utah students’ scores as its guinea-pig study of SAGE validity, found pages and pages of egregious problems (see page 172-177). The independent verifiers admitted that SAGE demonstrated “notable exceptions” to the use of “best practices”. See the full report of SAGE’s defects here:…/…/pdfs/FSA_Final_Report_08312015.pdf In light of that report, does it make sense to use this test (or RISE, which is not materially different) as real currency in a trade against educational experience and work?

The rule disregards the voice of the people, who have written laws to protect the right to opt out. The rule responds instead to unelected agents and moneyed lobby groups which aim to increase Utah’s opt-in rate. The USBA lobby’s stated priority for political lobbying this year is quashing the rights of students and parents to opt out of SAGE/RISE, saying: “students… should participate in state created end-of-year assessments, and educators should be allowed to encourage and motivate students to do their best on the state exams.”, this board gets pressure, but no financial reward, from the federal government for increased opt-in rates. It also gets pressure from USBA to promote increased opt-in rates. But this board (and USBA) might remember that state law prohibits schools or educators from bribing (“encouraging and motivating”) students to take the SAGE/RISE tests. It is nothing but selfish for adults to bribe students –for the benefit of adults’ interests (school grading, school funding, etc.)

Rather than complying with USBA pressures, this board should prioritize truly child-centric, parent-and teacher-supportive, honest education. Let’s not enshrine the manipulation of children through acceptance of this rule. Let’s not become the school bullies that our state laws so firmly stand against. Let’s strike R277-404-6c from the books.


Christel Swasey

Utah Advisory Board Member

United States Parents Involved in Education


Glad that this Florida student fought back against and exposed this biased Left-wing quiz.   This needs to be done everywhere!


Thanks to a tipoff from the November 1, 2018 Truth in American Education article, I found that they are amending FERPA:

The Department of Education (Department) plans to amend the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations to change the name of the office designated to administer FERPA from the Office of the Chief Privacy Officer to the Family Policy Compliance Office and to make changes related to the enforcement procedures of the Office concerning FERPA.


Upon looking up the Orwellian-sounding Family Policy Compliance Office on DuckDuckGo, I found this:

The mission of the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) is to meet the needs of the Department’s primary customers–learners of all ages–by effectively implementing two laws that seek to ensure student and parental rights in education: the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA).


So, in summation, it seems that, from what I can find so far, that they’re creating some new privacy laws, creating an office with a creepy-sounding name, and are talking about merging HIPPA and FERPA too.   I’m sure we can have LOADS of confidence that these new offices and laws won’t help create a police state…..<sarc>


Rocky Top Middle School in Thornton, Colorado decided to bring in a drag queen for career day:


Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

I told you Commit would hijack the whole school finance commission and the governor’s ear. The same guy who founded Commit is on the public school finance commission appointed by Abbott. He’s also a donor to the RISD TRE vote Yes PAC. #behindcloseddoors #TREason #txed #txlege

“I had always feared the school finance commission was window dressing,” Bernal said. “If the governor intends on creating and floating a school finance bill before we’ve finished our work and without consulting all of us, that very well could confirm my fears.”

The governor’s report appears to propose replicating a Dallas ISD program giving stipends to high-quality teachers who choose to work in struggling schools — cited as crucial in helping the district whittle down its list of low-performing schools.”


Thinking that the group Commit sounded familiar, on a hunch I decided to see if it was part of one of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network groups that I’d come across.   sure enough, I found this:

“We are seeing results in communities across the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network…….

In Dallas, Texas, school districts, colleges and AT&T launched a texting service with network partnership the Commit! Partnership to remind high school seniors about college enrollment and capture data for high school counselors and college staff. In the first year, the 1,000 students who participated were 13 percent more likely to enroll than peers not in the texting program. Additionally, Black and Hispanic males who participated were 14 percent more likely to enroll than were their peers.”



Also, I found that StriveTogether was once part of a larger group called KnowledgeWorks but split off into its own group in 2017:


Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Common Core has facilitated progressive indoctrination by smothering independent thought and stifling intellectual development. It effectively trains students not to think by emphasizing skills over content, process over product, and relative standards over absolute ones.
The humanities suffer the most from the focus on teaching supposedly practical skills rather than quality content. Instead of reading great poetry and literature, English teachers asked their students to read more journalistic nonfiction and develop research skills. Instead of reading for meaning and writing clearly, students read for bias and learn to write fluff.


And here is a reply to this post:

Already happening in the Matsu Borough School District.


Here is a post from the Federalist article that was shared above:

the reality is that school systems force—literally force good teachers to teach THEIR way. Young teachers, even strong, conservative teachers will either comply with the program or be pushed out—if not outright fired for insubordination. Even good teachers with tenure can be coerced into quitting as the administrative punishment tools, when enacted, are quite effective. Some dinosaurs survive, but barely. Students sit all day long in front of computer screens with headphones on so the computer voice can “read” to them. Then they answer questions in Google Docs and submit these to the teacher. No student ever gets the essential opportunity to learn from his mistakes this way or, the needed step of internalizing his understanding by virtue of writing answers on paper. Math tests disappear immediately after the answers are submitted and instantly graded. Even the teacher cannot review where a student made his mistake.

But conservatives must yet try for the sake of our children’s futures. Just understand the evil leviathan you face is determined to destroy our children’s souls. We must try because the alternative is too terrible to contemplate.


And some more posts from this article:

It is the most honorable of professions, being an educator, a TRUE teacher, and education is most certainly worth fighting for.

Even if one is coerced at every turn to teach the System of Indoctrination, there is still the interface with students, there is still the opportunity to speak wit