The Schools Can Decide the Definition of STEM for OPT?

More villainy from the colleges that are profiting off of the Common Core “college and career ready” push into colleges, high college costs via federally subsidized loans where they get paid whether the students can ever pay the loans back or not, and where they support H1Bs, OPT, and “Dreamers” to get more money at the expense of American students.

Upon Closer inspection

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a controversial aspect of the F-1 foreign student visa. It allows a foreign student to work in the U.S. for one to three years after graduation, with the longer period being for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

It should be no surprise that OPT is controversial. As Ron Hira has pointed out, it amounts to claiming that the international student, typically with a master’s degree, still needs a three-year internship. It is also controversial because both its origin and later expansions have come through Executive Branch action, not Congress. A lawsuit against the expansion, based on this point, is still pending (contrary to recent claims in the press that the courts have already upheld the action, which don’t disclose the fact that the one court decision along these lines was later vacated).

Oddly, USCIS has publicly admitted that their reason for extending OPT…

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Worse-Than-Doing-Nothing Bill Passes House Committee

Another interesting article. Where is that STEM shortage again that we have to have STEM shoved down our throat via Common Core?

Upon Closer inspection

Today’s Wall Street Journal ran a story reporting that the Issa H-1B “reform” bill has now passed the House Judiciary Committee. Unfortunately, the article, which at least for now you can read in full here or here, does not question the Intels Good, Infosyses Bad presumption on which the bill is based; it takes this as an “obvious” given. The article states (emphasis added)

Scott Corley, who runs the pro-immigration Compete America coalition made up of technology companies, said the bill was a welcome step toward separating high-tech companies from outsourcers.

The article offers no explanation as to why such a separation is warranted.

I’ve been warning for years that this kind of bill not only would not help matters but would actually make things worse. I won’t review the reasons for this in the current post, but did want to call attention to one passage in the…

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Big Data Control Freaks, Don’t Tread on Me #StopFEPA #STOPCTA #StopKGIS #StopKBYG


How much bleeding out of freedom do we need before we take action –to demand from  Congress an end to the privacy erosion that’s going on in multiple big-data bills right now?  (To track what’s going on in Congress, click here).

Taking liberty, including privacy, for granted is a lazy, dangerous luxury.   We suppose that freedom is as forthcoming as sunlight, but Constitutional norms of freedom are the new kid on the block historically, and both intentionally and unintentionally, Congress –and initiatives of the U.N. promoted in our Congress, are running away with our rights today.

So what?  Still not moved?  Please, then, take a moment for the real “why” factor:  remember what life looks like when freedom gets fully eroded.

Remember the 1600’s  – People who read the Bible in England were burned at the stake  by their own government.  This was a catalyst for pilgrims to leave…

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Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 8

stop cc 8

I decided to make a part 8.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Parents: has your school ever required you to provide a doctor’s note to excuse your child’s absence due to their illness?


And here are some replies to said post:

I gave one when both of my boys had surgery. I pre-excused them, chatting with teachers as well as office staff. They were out for 2 weeks for recovery. Still got the misdemeanor letter and had to deal with that drama while taking care of a kindergartner and 2nd grader who were recovering from surgery.


Yes, when my son had pneumonia after a terrible respiratory virus, his absenses accrued to more than their maximum–can’t remember, but I think it was ten days. They insisted on a doctor’s note to prove he was sick for that long.


In WA State yes. In UT heavily suggested… But not followed through.


Yes- Granite school district when my daughter had her wisdom teeth out.


Nope! because I am principal teacher, mentor, and parent!


Nope, because I homeschool.


Never requested a Dr’s note, but every time they’re absent, I’m asked if I’d like to give a reason. I say no. When they directly ask me what the reason is, I either ignore them or tell them it’s none of their business.


I’ve been told by several High Schools in Jordan that if my kid is sick, they need a doctors note…I finally stopped telling them the reason my kids wouldn’t be in school despite some school admins asking and trying to push. ..


I’ve been through the court system for compulsory education attendance… whether you have doctors notes or not, they can still take you to court and throw you in jail.


Is this in box elder county?


No… we were in Weber County until August of this year.


I’ve been told that Box Elder County is better, but I won’t go through any of that again. My daughter has an immuno suppressed system and being in the public school system where parents use school as a daycare and send their kids to school sick, my daughter is sick a lot. I could compile volumes of doctors notes bc they’re required when a student misses a day. It’s a mess. I will note that having her home this school year has only resulted in 1 bad upper respiratory infection. She is excelling in her school work and is a much happier child.


Why are we allowing the state to dictate whether or not our children go to school? I understand that everyone needs an education but it is not their responsibility 2 insure my child receives that education. The states are overstepping their bounds in this instance.


This is why we homeschool now. There is too much control by the government… and we all let it happen. Now what? The school’s get paid for bottoms in seats. You have school districts offering you healthcare for your child. They don’t miss school, you don’t miss work. How much more are we going to let them take before we’ve had enough?


I completely agree. We have got to find the courage to stand up and say enough is enough…and a lot of money to fight the state would help as well. People just don’t understand their rights as parents. There needs to be a way that we can inform parents of their rights and how to stand up too aggressive School administrators.


I agree


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Via parent [name withheld[ from another group, shared with permission. Mississippi.
9th grade assignment given to my 14 year old daughter at Ocean Springs High School today:

*EDIT* I just want to add, my kid loves her school and her teacher. Her biology teacher didn’t make them answer the question, but still it was handed out to them and of course that’s inappropriate on its own. It was her teachers judgement call not to make them answer it— but who knows what other teachers did with this packet…

bad assignment.jpg


Good job for these 200 students in standing up to the gender-confusion insanity at their school!


Schools in Washington state are thinking of adopting a Planned Parenthood sex-ed program:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I was previously under the impression that I could use my own form to opt out of sage testing for my son. Do we have to use the state provided paper only? I think they threw my opt out away becuse it wasn’t “their” form. Then they didn’t tell me about it. I only found out when my son had to participate in a sage exam because they said they didn’t have an opt out from me. I had filled out an opt out at the beginning of the year.


And here are some replies to said post:

Uh-oh… don’t mess with Mama Bear….
Do you have to opt out every year… like maybe you all of a sudden lost your mind and decided SAGE testing is fine?!?!?!


You have to do it every year. I did it at the very beginning of the school year. His teacher even asked me because she knew I had told her it was done and he was opted out.


the school is in the wrong. they should’ve contacted you.

this is current state law that says “at the request of a student’s parent….an LEA (school) shall excuse a student…”, it also requires the State Board to make rules “to establish a statewide procedure for excusing a student”:…/Chapter15/53A-15-S1403.html…

State Board Rule says this:
“(4)(a) In order to exercise the right to exempt a child from a state required assessment under this provision and insure the protections of this provision, a parent shall:
(i) fill out:
(A) the Parental Exclusion from State Assessment Form provided on Board’s website; or
(B) an LEA specific form as described in Subsection (4)(b); and
(ii) submit the form:
(A) to the principal or LEA either by email, mail, or in person; and
(B) on an annual basis and at least one day prior to beginning of the assessment.”

it also says this:
“(b) Parents may further exercise their inherent rights to exempt their children from a state required assessment without further consequence by an LEA.”

like i said above, you are not in the wrong. the school is. if the school felt they could not accept your form, they should’ve contacted you to have you fill out their opt out form or the State’s opt out form. i would let them know. also, please call the State Board hotline & let them know: (801) 538-7813.



Thank you! This is exactly the clarification I needed.


Always make a copy for yourself so you can re-present it when they ‘lose’ it. I also send it to the individual teachers. Between the lot of them, they cannot deny that SOMEONE received it.


Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This was just posted on a community group here in Payson. TO ALL CITIZENS IN THE NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES:
On September 27, 28, and 29, a pornographic movie was shown in a classroom setting to approximately 125 students at Payson Jr. High. Among other things, the movie contained an 8 second close-up of 10 full frontal images of 10 naked women.
We became aware of the situation on the 29th and immediately requested that the parents of each student be notified. We requested that the notification be 2-way communication and that it contained language which addressed the seriousness of the situation. AFTER 15 DAYS OF TIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH ADMINISTRATORS AT EVERY LEVEL, a generic email containing very vague information was sent out. To our knowledge, not all parents received the email.
We have explored EVERY possible avenue within the Nebo School District to try to rectify the situation. We have been told many things including “it is not worth the stir” and that the information, in the hands of parents, is unsafe.
If this concerns you in any way, we urge you to help change the policy and procedures in our School District.
Things that you can do:


And yet another post from said group:

On the Parental Exclusion form I found here, it says that there is no state data collection for the Interim and Benchmark SAGE tests. A teacher mentioned to me that the data stays there at the school only. Is that correct?


And here are some replies to said post:

no. but i can see why they might be saying that. the data from SAGE Interim & Benchmark does not go to the State, but it also does NOT stay in the school. because the students log on to the SAGE Portal, they are logging on to AIR’s servers. AIR, the testing company, receives ALL the data on an individual basis because the students use their student ID’s to log in.


Thank you, that’s what I suspected.


As if allowing kids to choose their gender wasn’t bad enough, Delaware is now thinking of letting kids choose their race too:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Looking for ideas, suggestions, alternatives to the following policy. “Truancy” is when a student is out of school without parent supervision, sluffing, or playing hookie, NOT being late for class or already being in school.

Granite School District high schools are implementing several changes to their Tardy/Truancy Policy. Here are the changes for Kearns High School:
1. 1A & 1B – If you are less than 10 minutes late to 1A or 1B, go directly to your class. Do not stop for a Tardy Ticket. You will still be late and marked “tardy” but you will not receive a $3 Tardy Ticket. If your tardy results in missing a “Self-Starter” you cannot make that activity up.
2. 1A & 1B – If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will get a ticket as in the past. The ticket will now be called a “TRUANCY ticket” and will result in a $3 fine.
3. All Other Periods – If you are less than 5 minutes late go directly to your class. Do not stop for a Tardy Ticket. You will still be late and marked “tardy”, but you will not receive a $3 Tardy Ticket. If your tardy results in missing a “Self-Starter” you cannot make that activity up.
4. All Other Periods – If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will get a ticket as in the past. The ticket will now be called a “Truancy Ticket” and will result in a $3 fine.
5. All Periods – If you are 20 minutes or later to a class you will be marked as “absent”.
6. The remainder of the Tardy/Truancy/Absence Policy stays the same.”


Some good news from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

11.10.17 — VICTORY FOR SURE: The Texas State Bd. of Ed. decided to take no action on Tony Diaz’s racist, militant, divisive, Mexican-American Studies (MAS) textbook. This means that the Texas SBOE refused to adopt the book. The book did not meet the SBOE’s high standards for what such a MAS book should teach our Texas public school students. Now it will be up to us at the local level to make sure that our local school administrators do not do a work-around by using SB 6 funds to purchase Diaz’s inferior textbook.

Donna Garner


Another, though not as good news, post from said group:

Two years ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott had formed the Texas Commission of the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability to review the current STAAR test and its replacement. The commission was stacked with state legislators, industry types, nonprofits and organizations such as TAMSA that battle the high-stakes testing model. Strange thing is they all have a vested interested in the NGAA and Computer Adaptive Testing, which will lead to the behavioral-manipulation business plan that Google and Facebook utilize today for marketing purposes, and yes, political purposes.

The solution is to restore FERPA to its original intent of protecting student data privacy. In Texas, we should be demanding the repeal of HB 2103 that was passed unanimously in the 83rd Legislature. The bill that allows third-party entities to data mine our children’s personally identifiable information and is being stored in the state longitudinal data system. Which the TEA is proactively working on reciprocity agreements with other states and eventually the federal government to allow our children’s data to flow freely and into the hands of who knows who and who? And for what purpose?


And yet another post:

THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!! Please stop what you are doing and make the call!!

A bill recently introduced in Congress will create a massive new federal data collection of students during and after college. H.R. 2434, titled the “College Transparency Act,” would allow numerous federal departments and agencies to collect and retain a wide range of information on students attending and graduating from colleges and universities.

Furthermore, Page 7 of H.R. 2434 allows the U.S. Department of Education to decide what information to collect. This opens the door for a major invasion of privacy for college students and graduates.”


And yet another post:

I support a knowledge based, fundamental public education for a number of reasons that I do not wish to debate, but first and foremost because we do not need or want an uneducated general.populace.

Texas has sold out to the feds and abdicated its responsibility in education. Your reps will tell you that it is because we need fed money, but here is a hint… it is all our money. The same people paying the local taxes are paying all the other taxes. In truth, it is about money, but not about the money that goes to the schools. It is about the political money that lines their pockets. It is about the windfall that all of.those who.are manipulating the system are setting themselves up to gain from.

Independent school districts should have been and should still be fighting this at every level, but they are not. Administrators have been bought by lobbies and school boards are lazy and complacent, doing as TASB and superintendents direct them to do. School board positions have become a joke and it is the fault of the people. All of us.

Get into your child’s curriculum and lesson plans. Know your teachers. Talk to your children daily about the classroom. Go observe classroom instruction. Review your child’s tests.

We are setting our state and our nation up for a generational crisis by undermining the learning of these children.

Even if your child manages to escape without many scars from this with tutoring and help at home, the more educated will be carrying the under educated on their backs in society. That is not a future we hoped for our children when we learned we were bringing them into this world and it is not a future we should allow to be forced upon them.

Stop procrastinating and get involved today.



Here is a post that a friend of mine shared:

One Mothers Journey.

Oh…I’ve been a busy bee.
My work is almost done here in my school district.

This past Tuesday was School board election night.

This is the second and the last time I will help clean out the board room.

Clean sweep. No incumbents made it back into their seats. 6 brand new board members will take their seats in a few weeks.

8 years ago, I watched the incumbents take their seats. I helped put them in those seats. Over the last couple of years, I began to notice a big change in the board members I campaigned so hard for and supported long after they’d been elected. They were not the people I thought they were. Something changed. There was a disturbance in the Force. They became arrogant and snotty and they began to bully new board members or those who didn’t vote with them.

They stopped listening to their constituents and started looking down their noses and talking down to the people who elected them. They began shaming parents and I sat paralyzed as the board President smirked at a mother while she was telling them how a teacher bullies her daughter so badly, the 14 year old had to be institutionalized.

No one did anything. Not the principal, the superintendent, the guidance counselor, NO ONE. The woman was in tears. I knew her story. I know the teacher is a bully. He got after my youngest just 2 years before. THIS BOARD KNOWS the teacher is a bully. EVERYONE in the district KNOWS…yet, they do nothing.

Every year he gets a fresh batch of kids and every year it’s the same story only it’s coming from a different parent.

The woman left the board room in tears. They shut her down. They said “This is not the time or the place.” They warned her she could be held liable and possible sued for slander.
And from the cheap seats I yelled “Well, when is it a good time to talk about this with all of you. Let’s set that up, right now.”

Silence and that’s when everything changed. I “WOKE”
and I knew they had to go. Not just one. ALL OF THEM.

I helped put them there…damn straight…I would help take them out. I felt a little responsible for the mess and when I make a mess, I clean it up. All done. It’s clean.

I will attend to watch the finale and to see the losers take their final curtain call. Their Sh*t Show is over but a new one is about to begin. I’m not sticking around for this one. I’m giving up my season tickets. I will no longer be attending school board meetings. I’m done wasting the first and second Monday of every month, sitting in the cheap seats with the rest of the peasants as they pay each other on the back and sing praise to the almighty Superintendent.

I can’t do it anymore. It’s killing me.

I no longer believe or support or care to save Public Education. It’s a waste of time. I’ve got nothing nice or positive to say about my school district or public education as it exists today.

It’s a mess. It’s not getting better and I don’t see it getting better.

I can’t think of one good reason to put or keep a child in the public school system. I spend more time encouraging parents to stay away from it or get out of it.

I think it’s way too late to save it. I’d much rather think and talk about and figure out what WE CAN DO to build something new and better.

I’m so tired of hearing what they/we CAN’T do at our school board meetings. I’m tired of teachers talking about everything they CAN’T do.

I can’t listen to one more teacher whine about how hard and difficult their jobs are or how much they hate their jobs: Some simply will not do anymore than what they want to do or what their union tells them they’re allowed to do.
They want a contract and then b*tch because they feel so confined. WTH?

They don’t get it. Their unions do not give a sh*t about them. The union doesn’t give a sh*t about public education or the children.

As long as they keep paying those union dues and doing whatever ‘Union Simon-Says’…this is how it’s going to be.

They don’t think they are responsible for what’s happening. They blame the kids and/or the parents They may not be the ones who are dumping the poison into the system but they have poison on their hands. Their dues are being used to buy the poison. When are they going to wake up?

I don’t think one damn teacher in my district ever watched the movie or read the book. She had union protection.

I’m done. Done with trying to fight this on the local level.

Now I’m going to start b*tching about my crazy expensive school property tax bills, pushing for school tax reform and school choice and who knows…maybe I’ll open a private school.

I’ve always wanted to own and renovate an old school building.

I think parents need to abandon the government run public school system and put their time and energy into building a system we know will work and benefit THE CHILDREN.

Build schools around the kids.

I’m done fighting for a crappy system. We are better than this and our kids deserve better and damn it…YES WE CAN do it. It would be a lot of work but so much fun and so worth it.

(Note, the story isn’t hers, but she shared it for them.  More can be found here:   )


Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

Just a reminder to parents, if your children are taking surveys on their Chromebooks in school, they are NOT anonymous. You do have the right to opt your kids out of completing surveys, however, you most likely will not get notification in advance. Have a discussion with your child. They can opt out on their own. Many school district will put pressure on kids to participate but you can always give them a note to keep in their backpack or send a letter to principal for the year.

While some may think tracking mental health in schools is a good idea and will provide early intervention, please remember once this kind of information enters a child’s education record it is no longer protected by HIPAA. School districts do not have the qualified personnel to make a decision about your child’s mental health. And due to the gutting of family privacy laws, the school district can collect and share this information without parental consent. This allows for other state agencies to intervene in your home. Mental health needs to be addressed by parents, caregivers, physicians and/or counselors outside of a school setting.

“However, he told the regents that Schenectady faculty are beginning to approach students’ behavioral problems as manifestations of underlying mental health and behavioral problems that need to be diagnosed and treated.”


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Parents – check out this site :

My daughter came home from HS (grade 9) yesterday and told me all the counselors met with her grade, and had the kids do a survey for this group. Check out the above page and go to the bottom right corner and click on ‘Privacy Policy’.I did not like what I saw….getting my letters re. surveys in again, sigh…..


And here are some replies to said post:

My district uses this as a resume of sorts. Student is supposed to update it accordingly. It becomes part of transcript unfortunately.


The Jesuit Prep HS my son is interested in attending next year…as part of Admission process they advised we will be receiving academic survey called ACT Engage. Researching now……/documents/ACT-Engage-user-guide.pdf


If it’s anything like college board (SAT)survey refuse


Good for these parents in Oregon for standing up to a school letting boys in girls restrooms:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

We recently moved back to Utah from a 3 1/2 year stay in Wyoming. I and my freshman and junior daughters went on oct 30 to register at their new Utah high school. We were told they couldn’t help us that day because they were too busy and would be able to help until nov 1, I told them we were leaving town to study for 2 weeks in DC that day and they refused to register my children because we weren’t allowed miss that much school and still get credit for it.
We told them they were wrong but didn’t fight too hard because we had this experience in DC we were prepping for. They said come back when you get home and we will make some time to help but it may take a few days. We just went back this morning to see if they could help us get into school and again they said the principal was in a meeting and really busy this week. I asked if we could meet with the counselor and get started on scheduling and they refused and said the FIRST part of the process is to meet with the principal to talk about school rules.
I have two straight A, advanced learning students wanting to go to school and they won’t let them in!!!!😜😂
Parents have no educational rights in the state of Utah.


And here are some replies to said post:

Which school?


Richfield High school


I’d be at the district office ASAP and then would also make a record of this, a written one, because you can be held accountable for truancy in some states.


I think the way to have full parental rights for education in Utah is just going the homeschool route. It isn’t the right choice for everyone, obviously, but Utah is one of the absolute best states for homeschooling. Good luck with that school! I would look for a different one (but I am kind of cranky like that! 🙂 )


Parents have no medical rights in Utah either. I’d leave if I were you


Why would you want to enroll your children into a government controlled education system or in other words a “socialist system”? Everyone needs to FLEE the school system!


Looks like a New Jersey school is pretending that gender is whatever you want it to be in student athletics:


Let’s see, with all that data mining, what could possibly go wrong?  Oh, right, hackers!


The Left in Delaware was going to allow tranny bathrooms to be the rule via their “education” department, as is shown here , but people are pushing back, though the bad guys are still refusing to cooperate.


It seems that Indiana will now be forcing the Career Pathways tyranny on students as a graduation requirement:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

I want to pull my son out of public schools. This morning my son talked to me about what is happening in his school. The increasing days with substitutes. They are on chrome books learning more than teacher led lessons. His homeroom and math teacher being gone until after Christmas break. They get punished if they say the words “bro” or “breh??….not sure what this word is or means and neither did my son.
He said if they say those words, they get a walking ticket. This means they walk in circles around the playground during recess. He said sometimes they have to write sentences too. If they get the sentences done, then they do the walking ticket too. If they dont get the sentences done, the walking ticket gets served the next day. He is in 4th grade and hates school. My teachers tried to make school fun. He says the music teacher doesn’t have them sing songs or try out different instruments to see if they are interested in possibly playing one. My heart aches for him and I feel trapped because I have to work full-time and can’t just drop everything and run to the school to address problems. I would be doing this at least once a week and no employer nor my vacation bank is going to tolerate that! If any of you know anyone or co-op that has a homeschooling parent who also works full-time outside the home, please let me know. This is why we must fight Common core!!!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Well i guess i am going to go get my Ged considering i just got threatened by the secretary of Brinns new school she just started. This lady leavrs a voicemail on my phone saying if i don’t call her and let her know where my child was that i would go to court. Ok first of all she started school there second i did not know they were on a 2hour delay and even if she did miss and i didnt call who the she to threatened me when my kid has never missed any school before. I literally felt like im being treated with no respect. What gives her the rigjt to know where my kid is if i don’t call. She really said if she doesn’t know where my child is i will go to court. Lol well for starter’s i believe my child would have to have many unexcused absentee s and no calls. That’s not the case here. This is the first time my daughter has ever been absent. And it would of been the second day of her going to school. I am so mad i mean who does that. I see im goi g to have problems with this school already sad. But really this lady called my phone and was extremely rude and out of line. I know the laws. Never have i been treated this way by any secretary until now. Like the way she said it too. If i dont know where brinna is then she will be marked absent and you will go to court. Like wth hell lady she only midsed one day and you think you have the right to threatenen me and what if i didnt have a phone. Litteraly i have never been treated like this by any other school she has went to. This old lady has no respect for parent’s and i will not let her talk to me this way again. So Ged here i come. Ive had it with schools letting my child down and passing her when she was not ready now im getting falslt threatened.


Here is a post shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group: (Part 1 was added so there wouldn’t be a gap)


Some of you who read my post yesterday on the state of public education, wanted more information on The Waiver, so today I’m going to lay some groundwork. Understanding the Waiver and how it relates to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is one of the best modern day examples of the Hegelian Dialectic, or problem-reaction-solution, there has ever been. The key to understanding the Dialectic is to grasp the concept that those who created the problem, also managed the reaction, and then when the public is sufficiently revved up, provides the solution. In other words, a completely managed agenda from start to finish is what we have with the connection between NCLB and The Waiver. If I now have your interest piqued please read on.

I am going to have to leave some information out because it will get too lengthy. Yesterday’s post was long enough and this one could get out of control if I go back too far. Suffice it to say, things were in a mess in public education by the year 2011. A new term had entered everyday America’s lexicon called school failure. Instead of students failing, schools were failing, and failing by the thousands nation wide. What were they failing? They were failing to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). What standards were they failing to meet? They were failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress standards set each year by the USDOE. In 2002 when NCLB was passed under President George W. Bush, a mechanism for meeting standards was put in place called Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP. This mechanism is what was used to incrementally move Title One schools to the point of failure. AYP was causing schools to fail. Here is why that was happening. Every year the percentage required to meet standards (AYP), was increased. Not only that, it was increased in each subgroup. Subgroups are the collective groups of students broken down into ethnicities (African American, Hispanic, White, Asian and Pacific Islander), Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and Special Education students. If just one of these groups failed to meet standards (AYP), then the entire school failed to meet standards.

The AYP percentages required each year increased steadily bringing those schools that were located in areas of extreme poverty in the crosshairs of the USDOE because they were failing to meet AYP. If a school failed to meet standards for five years in a row they entered the School Improvement Program. The School Improvement Program should have been a euphemism for you’re about to be taken over. Once in the School Improvement Program few came out until they were taken over and turned into a charter school or given over to a private entity to determine what needed to be done to get those scores up.

You’re question should now be, why were the AYP requirements going up every year? I’m glad you asked. Here is a key point to help the picture come into focus. In 2002 when everyone was celebrating the passage of No Child Left Behind, George W. Bush made the declaration that by 2014 ALL students would be proficient on the state test. All meant 100%. Therefore to reach 100% the AYP requirements had to increase each year. The percentages required were relatively low at the start, but by 2010 we were beginning to have a crisis on our hands because the requirements for AYP were 73% for English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) and 67% in math. That meant that each subgroup collectively had to meet those percentages or the entire school failed.
Failure increased dramatically across the nation. Getting out of the School Improvement Program was next to impossible because try as hard as they could, the schools would continue to fail because the percentages went up the next year. Why did they go up? The percentages were due to max out in 2014 at 100%. Each year the percentages had to go up in order to get to 100% by 2014.

Step back and take a deep breath at the enormity of what I just said. Who in their right mind would devise a system like this? Better still, why did school districts and state education agencies across the country put up with it. By 2011 the percentages went up to 80% in ELAR and 75% in math. The number of failing schools was massive. Many of the Title One schools located in extreme poverty were now being taken over by their state education agencies because they were now at the five-year limit to be in the school improvement program. Along the way thousands of teachers and principals lost their jobs due to their testing outcomes not meeting standards. Looming on the horizon, the percentages were going up in 2012. We had an educational crisis in America. Enter President Obama with the solution….The Waiver.

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll finally get to this item that has so shaped the educational landscape of today.

What’s All This Talk About The Waiver? – Part II

Yesterday’s post discussed the lead up to the education crisis that gripped the country in the 2010-2012-time period. Please visit my Facebook page to catch up on the material presented about No Child Left Behind (NCLB), AYP, and the crisis of school failure in America.

We left off with the states dealing with the catastrophic number of schools that were failing, meaning not meeting AYP standards. NCLB mandated that by the year 2014 all students in every state were required to be proficient on the state test. In this time period there were many different versions of the state test being administered across the country. Here in Texas we had the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Other states had varying renditions of a standardized test using different names, each with its own acronym.

In the time period between 2009-2011 much attention was being given to the rising number of failing schools. During this same time a new standardized test was being formulated built around a set of common standards. The most popular name given to this set of standards was College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS). These same standards were also called Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The word State was purposely put in the title of Common Core to mislead the masses, in my opinion. Yes, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers had a hand in approving the CCSS, but each of these organizations has steering committees that control the agenda of their respective organizations, make decisions for the collective body, and are located in Washington DC. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to research where you think Common Core came from, but in the end I believe you will conclude, as I did, that the origins of Common Core go directly back to UNESCO and the United Nations. There is an excellent link for you to find a timeline of events leading up to the adoption of Common Core here:…/common-core-unes…/.
Yes, this is not a peer reviewed scholarly article, but the timeline is accurate. Because of the parties involved with the development of Common Core, we can easily see that this is not just an American agenda, but also a global agenda.

Those parties and individuals that control the agenda for global education wanted the United States on one set of educational standards that would drive the curriculums across the country. The first attempt to do this came with President Obama’s Race To The Top (RTTT) program. RTTT provided incentives to states in the form of federal dollars to help with their education improvements. The catch with receiving RTTT dollars was that the state receiving the money had to agree to change over their educational standards to Common Core, and legislate for the expansion of charter schools. Nineteen states applied for and received RTTT funds. RTTT did not accomplish what it was intended to do, that being enticing all states to apply, receive and agree to move to Common Core. Therefore, a new approach was required.

In 2011 Obama laid out how states could apply for a waiver to get relief from the most pressing mandate of NCLB, that being the oppressive AYP program. The formal name for the Waiver was the U.S. Department of Education Flexibility Package. There was an initial low smattering of states that signed on, but soon 45 states were in the fold, and by 2013 all states had written their application to get the waiver. You can understand why all the states signed on. Who can achieve 100% proficiency? As we know, the state or federal government never gives away gifts without powerful strings attached. The strings that went along with The Waiver were primarily three: (1) Adopt rigorous college and career ready standards (Common Core), (2) Link teacher and principal evaluations and appraisals to the outcomes of their students performance on the state test, and (3) develop your own plan for public school assessment and accountability. Each plan had to be approved by the USDOE. Nothing has changed. It is the same today with the most recent plan to the USDOE for ESSA approval.

Texas’ application was submitted through then Commissioner of Education, Dr. Michael Williams, in 2013 and updated in 2015. The Waiver application that Texas wrote was accepted. In the document it lays out the provisions for assessment and accountability that Texas public schools are going by today. The bottom 5% of schools are called priority schools, and the next 10% of schools, after the 5%, are called focus schools, and these are schools that are lowest in closing performance gaps among the subgroups. You can read the Waiver here…/2015-September-16-FINAL-ESEA….
To find the details for priority and focus schools go to pp. 38-49. Special thanks go to Voices Empower and Alice Linahan for putting the Waiver application in this format for easy loading. On page 36 we see another provision of the Waiver, which was to demonstrate the state’s plan for taking their students to 100% proficiency. By 2020 Texas is suppose to hit 100% according to the table. You can find each school’s federal report card on TEA’s website. Virtually all Texas schools are failing their federal report card. I don’t know what that means except that we are obviously allowing the state report card to overwrite the federal report card. All Texas schools were suppose to have all subgroups reach 91% proficiency last school year.

The last item I will point out in this much too lengthy post is page 14 of the Waiver application for Texas. Please note that Texas is 92% and 75% compatible in English Language Arts and Math with the Common Core standards. There it is in black and white. Yet, our legislators think we don’t have Common Core because they passed a law stating Common Core would never be in Texas public schools. We wonder why so many of our students are struggling, especially in math.

I’ll stop there. I hope this was helpful in helping you to understand a little of what is happening with accountability in our public schools in Texas. Hopefully it explains why our schools operate the way they do, why parents are so frustrated, and why students are being short changed with their education. Much of what I have written in my last two posts and more, can be found in my book, The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System.


Looks like the University of Minnesota is being a PC Grinch about Christmas related things and it’s time that somebody decked their halls:


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I am feeling so defeated. I watched my daughter complete her math homework (on the chromebook) and then submit it to check for errors. There were errors, and she can do the incorrect problems as many times as needed untill all problems are correct. Then she can turn in the sheet. I have 3 observations: 1) Her teacher will know her skill set, but will never get to know her. 2) The less a teacher knows about their students, the less necessary he/she is to teach them. 3)This math teacher is grooming her replacement.



And here is another post from said group:

One day after the bizarre banning of “evidence-based,” and already folks are coming out of the woodwork to peddle their products … If I didn’t know better (and I don’t…), I might say the inclusion of this term on the ban-list was actually designed to create this type of opportunity. Keep your eye out for more of this.

“And that’s where ProofPilot sees an opportunity. We encourage other scientists and policy-makers to go beyond the surface bias on terminology. No one wants to spend valuable resources on programs that don’t work. It’s just we don’t agree on what works and what doesn’t, because we don’t actually know. The reality is we know so little about what works and what doesn’t to improve health and society. Social and behavioral science is just beginning to scratch the surface. We need to focus on improving on the ground capacity of local organizations to measure the impacts of healthcare, social service, and educational programs. We need to give them that accounting system.”


And yet another post from said group:

My 12 yr old decided on his own that he wanted to take the career survey at school to see if he could disrupt the data. He’s opted out of the iPad so the counselor gave him one with the user ID as “anonymous.” He was aiming for a career feedback of McDonald’s worker so he answered “strongly disagree” for every response. He got “no career” as his feedback response, lol. This was done on the CA gov page which ties career tracking and education per the legislation passed for the Common Core standards.


And here are some replies to said post:

They just sent this… “The Counselors had a wonderful time presenting to your students about Career Exploration in their Science class this past week. Be sure to ask them about their career personality profile and what career they researched. The website that was used for this activity was The presentation can be viewed on our website under the counselor tab under career presentation. ”


From a wholly different world (just popped into my head): Back in my antediluvian HS days, the Kuder Preference Test told me that I should be a mechanic, but I wan’t allowed to take auto shop. In those pre-Big-Brother times, nobody kept the results except the students.
Our kids were given a career path, data-mining thing to fill out. They sold it to parents as a wonderful tool to help your child get put on the “right” career path. I sent an email to the guidance counselor and told him my daughter would be opting out of this “survey” because I do not want her forced into a career path based on the answers she selects. Not to mention…she is only 12. My nephew changed his major 4 times in college (UMass Amherst). This is the link to the career survey they gave our kids:
MyCareerShines (
My son did that two years ago. Didn’t tell me he was going to do it. I just spoke with his high school guidance counselor because in her meeting with him he refused to use the system. She told him he couldn’t get into college if he didn’t……she was corrected.
And yet another post from said group:

What a crock. Who needs knowledge when you can Google it, right?
The author thinks that we need to re-design curricula and need urgent action on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success. And so, we need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on SEL skills / Competencies to prepare students for a future of AI.

We Need to Modernize Education. The Clock Is Ticking
By Charles Fadel Education Week Dec. 11, 2017
-Christophe Vorlet
Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotech are redefining what it means to be human—and employable.

Jobs are disappearing as automation replaces the need for people. New occupations are emerging that demand competencies that can transfer across the multiple assignments workers will experience in their lives. The disappearance of global boundaries presents opportunities—and risks—for all workers.

These changes demand a significant, ambitious evolution in how we prepare students for their future in a world that’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. We need a relevant and modernized education.

Mass schooling may have served us well so far throughout much of modern history, but the 21st century bears little resemblance to the past. Children today must still learn traditional disciplines such as math and language, but these are not enough if they are to succeed in a very different world. So why not also teach entrepreneurship? Social sciences? Technology and engineering? Wellness?

Commentary Collection … read more
What should we teach young people in an age where search engines have answers for factual and procedural knowledge? When artificial intelligence analyses, synthesizes, and creates? We must begin by pushing a lot harder to reach “transfer”—the ability to use one’s competencies outside an original classroom setting, in the real world, perhaps many years hence. This was always the goal of an education but rarely a deliberate, comprehensive, systematic, and demonstrable focus. In essence, we should be “flipping the curriculum,” inverting our focus from information and knowledge into expertise and transfer (refer to chart on page 22).

Further, we need urgent action on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success. And so, we need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration), character (mindfulness, curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics, leadership), and meta-learning (learning how to learn, growth mindset, metacognition). Schools will need to prepare students to find the intersection between these four dimensions of knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning.

Such a re-imagining of education will require a profound redesign of curricula where modernizing what students learn is an imperative. Where science, technology, engineering, and math matter more than ever, but humanities and arts remain essential, each discipline borrowing from the other for a deeply versatile education. Where skills, character, and meta-learning are developed deliberately and fully, not haphazardly. Where working with others, at school, in the community, and in the workplace is as vital as ensuring growth at every academic level, allowing top students to thrive while assisting all students in the areas where they are struggling.

Time is running out, but luckily, we know how to redesign curricula. We need only the vision and courage to do so.

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Charles Fadel is the founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign in Boston and the author of Four-Dimensional Education: The Competencies Learners Need to Succeed (Center for Curriculum Redesign, 2015).


And here are some replies to said post:

My comments to the author would be:
You don’t teach a child to bake a cake. You teach a child math, measurement, chemistry, art and reading. After they learn this things, they can bake anything. You don’t require “competencies” in baking by introducing chocolate, vanilla and raspberry filling….to a 5 year old. That’s not how humans learn.


The concept of not needing to teach knowledge is not new and not only in the US. It is a global UN push… transitioning to SEL. ☹️


I don’t have facts to back it up like some of the folks here do. But I get the gist. Business don’t start as “global companies” either. A new business always starts as a small, single thought in one persons mind. Some people are so impatient, that they don’t see that every concept and living thing begins small and incomplete. No amount of money, time, skill, or willpower can change that.


So, during RAVE, some DougCo HS students became involved. They said their experience was that they were taught to google, but not to think critically and question sources and sift thru the info and see what was reliable and what was garbage. It was very interesting to hear from their perspective. Scientific theory of what is valid and reliable information was completely absent from the curriculum.


George Carlin “They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying — lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want — they want MORE for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They DON’T want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting ****** by system that threw them overboard 30 ******’ years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want OBEDIENT WORKERS. OBEDIENT WORKERS. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly ******** jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. ”


Two things here: #1 businesses don’t even know what they want in employees other than the ability to keep up with the ever changing tech they have invested in which was supposed to make their business so much better but just seems to be taking up more time configuring, loading data into and trying to figure how to get data out of none of which really improves their bottom line and #2 if businesses don’t really know what skills they want what makes anyone think that teachers or even curriculum writers will he able to design effective lessons to teach those unknown skills?


So much I would like to say about that video. Relying on the internet is not critical thinking. And passing out data collection, radiation emitters (cellphones and wireless devices) to children is enabling an addiction. The kids are better off without screens that they can take home. Social media and screen use are literally linked to depression and teen suicide. The entities promoting screens are doing so without accepting liability or risk.
Maybe parents Should make them sign a liability contract.


It’s very disturbing how they are using children. And worrisome as to what gaps we’ll have in important fields in the future.


And yet another post from said group:

This was just sent to me. I’m on his email list. New course on Big Data and Learning Analytics at UPenn, a future ready regional partner. Remember, Judith Rodin, former Rockefeller Foundation president, created social impact investment sector. Example of readings below:

Reports for Parents
 Broderick, Z., DeNolf, K., Dufault, J., Heffernan, N. & Heffernan, C. (2012). Increasing Parent
Engagement in Student Learning Using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Automated
Messages. Journal of Interactive Learning Research.
 Bergman, P. (n.d.) Parent-Child Information Frictions and Human Capital Investment: Evidence
from a Field Experiment Investment. White paper.


And yet another post:

“The goal of the study is to gather information on children’s cognitive and social-emotional skills as well as characteristics of their home and early education environments. Direct assessment, including actual samples of student work, will measure the domains of emerging literacy and numeracy, executive function, and empathy and trust. Children will be expected to do their work on a tablet, devoting approximately 15 minutes to each domain over a period of two days. Indirect assessment—parents’ and staff reports and administrator observations—will focus on cognitive and social-emotional skills. By participating in the study, OECD asserts, member nations will have access to the primary factors that drive or thwart early learning, developing a common framework and benchmarks.”

At a Massachusetts high school, the term “freshmen” has been replaced with “first years” to make it more “gender neutral”:

Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

With regards to homeschoolers, 529’s, and the Cruz amendment, Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations, HSLDA told me in a comment that parents NOT the IRS/government will decide what is an eligible homeschooling expense. That seemed very hard to believe. Estrada provided no support for his claim instead insisting that I was wrong and “fear mongering.”

PBS looked into the amendment. Here is what they say,

(quote)”Can you explain the amendment that passed regarding public schools and deductions for private school tuition?

This really changes how the government looks at K-12 education. Until now, the government’s sole role has been with public education. Now, this is a government incentive, in a way, for families to not choose public school, but instead to save up if they want for private high school or to keep their kids at home. It would probably be up to the Department of Education to decide what qualifies for this homeschooling 529 deduction.@

This would be a big change, philosophically, for the country and certainly represents where Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is, but Democrats have major problems with it.” (end quote)

This is a “government incentive.” That is what Race to the Top was as well. But they could only affect public education. With this amendment they can now have a means to affect private and homeschooling.

And notice this is a plan to “save up” if they want “private high school or to keep their kids at home.”

That is exactly what I was saying. These accounts are not going to help a homeschool parent with their immediate homeschool expenses. The only way these accounts make sense if if the AFTER tax dollars sit for a meaningful period of time. Few homeschooling parents, most with large families on a single income, have the available AFTER tax income to set aside to grow in an account. And if they did, they are using it to save it for college expenses.

[name withheld] a homeschool parent and CPA from Ohio concurs and wrote on my FB page the following comment,

“I don’t see 529s being helpful for current homeschool expenses. There is not time for the funds to grow….I agree that not many Homeschool families have enough money to save for college AND use a 529 for current expenses. I had tax clients with kids in private schools and none of them use Coverdell ESAs for current educational expenses.. ” (excerpt)

She also said she believed it would that it would be Congress not the parents that would determine what is an eligible homeschool expense..

So what is the real reason that conservatives like @HSLDA, Estrada, Cruz, Colbeck, and DeVos and so many others want to expand the role of the feds into private and home education?


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I am concerned , because my granddaughter is in the third grade,i have no idea what they are doing most of the time,Thus far the last four weeks they are no longer reading in Their reader “no” stories,now Oly sending home things about plays,poems, regular spelling words.At this point I’m trying g to find out about the common core method,i have no book,and I want to help her all I can dodge can Excell not go backwards ,At a loss!!!!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Sleuthy parents do make a difference. 👊🏼

“Turns out, school districts across Texas were getting paid to ship highly private, student information, including medical and social welfare, reports to a year-old, private, data mining company named SPEDx.

“There’s just a lot of sensitive information in there that we don’t want to get in the hands of the wrong people,” said Maggie Suter, founding member of Texans for Special Education Reform and the mother of a son challenged with Down Syndrome.”

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is another example of the meanness that has ensued from a teacher who knows writing is not a common core goal. Because of this, teachers FEAR giving their students ANY leaveway. This was a sore point between me and the district. Not being able to keep up with handwriting is a detector of a learning disability. What a mess…I had IEP’s that had goals to help students write who could not write. Yet…my principal told me to stop teaching handwriting. I gave out personally designed DOTTED LINE ALPHABET SHEETS of each students’ name as well as practice sheets I myself designed for them. I bought a TEACHERS FONT program to be able to help them at least write their name. Installed it in my computer so I could type up individual needs. When I couldn’t give those to them anymore or use class time to teach them, I called it an art project and sent packets home as extra-curricular, non- graded material. My principal made that a point of insubordination, made me do a teacher evaluation that year (I had just passed a 3 year requirement to detect teachers being highly qualified or not, and passed all the new Praxis examinations so I wasn’t supposed to HAVE TO do this again for 3 years). He warned me in a way that said if I taught handwriting to my students I would be fired.

handwriting tyranny

And here are some replies to said post:

This is in our Utah schools NOW. Parents need to attend state board meetings and demand parent input. There is one tomorrow in which it is expected to adopt science standards in Utah. I have posted the sound bites of when the same legislators told us they would not be adopting any science standards. Yet…tomorrow they are doing so. The lion is being led into our sheep gate.


Cursive is sooooo important! I hate that they won’t let you teaching, that means it falls To parents to teach it. Will they?


The bottom line is control. Schools train our children to give total control to an authority figure, ultimately, the government. And only trust that authority.


Glad to hear some people are aware…teachers are afraid NOT to warn kids because THEY have been warned about their jobs. Handwriting is no longer curriculum…it is keyboarding…putting kindergarteners in the computer lab after they can write their first and last name in arabic lettering (printing.)


Well my child would’ve been withdrawn from that school after the first warning.


Get that Dolt of a Teacher out of the system. Third grade is when students begin cursive writing. Do NOT allow this teacher to return as she is abusive conduct against an innocent child eager to learn and succeed.


I would also write a letter to her entirely in cursive.


Common core insists we don’t need cursive writing in our curriculum. Expect more crap like this…they have adopted the core under pressure from accepting federal funding and pass the rules on down to teachers. Then teachers, under this ridiculous regime we call a school district….pass on the stress like this to students.


I was told by a science teacher the other day that if my son needed extra help in his high school science class then I should’ve sent him to a private school…


Oh brother…well…it would be nice of him to say WHICH private school would work better. You have the right to tutor him in that subject if you want….the internet never turns a child away and EVERYONE has access to the curriculum. Not just teachers!!


Right! It was more his arrogance. He made it a point to tell us that his “scores” show he is an effective teacher and the data shows this and that, but he couldn’t have cared less about his students.


I am grateful that in Arizona they will start teaching cursive again. But there’s so much more to do still


This way, our kids and their kids cannot read our founding documents as they are all written in cursive…also everyone please attend the state board meeting tomorrow and stand against our state adopting NGSS standards


It’s not just our founding documents, it’s ANY of the old first source documents. They will have to rely on summaries of what was written.


When my daughter attended a public charter school this fall her friend would write in beautiful cursive. But she would always get in trouble for it. 1st grade. 😦


Yes, my son has beautiful cursive. He is in 11th grade. Had to do a whole 4pg report over – due to his teacher saying he could not write it in cursive. When my son complained, he was told “cursive is hard to read”. 😡


Cursive is not hard to read if students are given time to learn it right…and carefully taught. Unfortunately, they are not…The post office (from which my husband retired so this is HIS story) bought machines that can read just about ANY person’s handwriting. .decipher numbers, etc…I hope they didn’t invest in vain…


His writing is most definitely not, hard to read.
The teacher is being a control freak.
It infuriates me. It was ‘do what I say… or fail’.
Everyone is being forced to fit a ‘one size fits all’.


My daughter got things missed on a spelling test for this I was so mad.


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

Milestones Field testing is scheduled to start January 8th in Cobb, Fulton, and (maybe) Gwinnett Counties. (Other counties did these Field Tests last Fall, the hurricane kept these Counties from testing then.) This is a WASTE of your child’s time, their Teacher’s time, and your TAX dollars. Georgia Milestones Assessment Reading and Evidence-Based Writing Field Test COUNTS FOR NOTHING other than collecting DATA for the State so that they can build essay questions for future tests.

Send them a LOUD message and OPT OUT en masse! This has no academic value for your child and there is NOTHING TO GAIN by putting your kids through this. It is perfectly legal to OPT OUT or REFUSE to let them data mine your kids and use them as lab rats without your consent, to develop their future tests that will net SOMEONE a nice profit. Tell your BOARD OF ED and SUPERINTENDENTS that they need to STOP THIS WASTEFUL MEANINGLESS TESTING! REFUSE THE FIELD TESTS!!!


Now students are being taught that being a white male heterosexual who owns a car may make you “privileged”:

Anti-Deportation Groups: Part 2

Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act Opponents

AB540 Ally Training Project
ACLAMO Family Centers
ACLU People Power (Huntington Group / Suffolk County, NY)
Adelante Mujeres
Adjunct Justice
Advocates for Basic Legal Equality, Inc.
Advocates for Youth
African Services Committee
AIDS Action Baltimore
Alianza Americas
America’s Voice Education Fund
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
American Gateways
Amnesty International USA
Anti-Defamation League
Anti-Racism Collaborative
Apostle Immigrant Services
Arkansas United Community Coalition
Asbury Park Education Justice Collective
Ascentria Care Alliance Immigration Legal Assistance Program
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-AAJC
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus
Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA
Asian Americans United
Asian Law Alliance
Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO (APALA)
Asian Pacific Institute on Gender-Based Violence
Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council
Asian Services In Action
ASISTA Immigration Assistance
Asylee Women Enterprise
Asylum Seekers Housing Network
Atlas: DIY
Belmont Against Racism
Bend the Arc Jewish Action
Boston Teachers Union
Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
BuxMont UUF Peace and Justice Committee
Cabrini Immigrant Services of NYC
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA)
California Partnership
Campaign for Youth Justice
Casa de Esperanza: National Latin@ Network for Healthy Families and Communities
Casa Freehold
Catholic Charities Immigration
Catholic Charities of West Tennessee
Center for Children’s Law and Policy
Center for Community Change
Center for Constitutional Rights
Center for Gender & Refugee Studies
Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP)
Center for the Human Rights of Children, Loyola University Chicago
Central American Resource Center DC
Centro del Inmigrante, Inc.
Chicago Jobs with Justice
Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America
Child and Family Policy Center
Christian Community Development Association
Church of Our Saviour/La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador, Episcopal
Church Women United in New York State
Church World Service
Cleveland Jobs with Justice
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)
Colectiva Legal del Pueblo
Columbia Law School Immigrants’ Rights Clinic
Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)
Community Immigration Law Center, Inc.
Community of Friends in Action, Inc.
COMPASSionate Brújula: Advocates for migrants
Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, US Provinces
Connecticut Association for Human Services
Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants (formerly the International Institute of Connecticut)
Connecticut Legal Services
Connecticut Voices for Children
Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
Courage Campaign
CRLA Foundation
Defending Rights & Dissent
Detained Migrant Solidarity Committee
Disciples Women
Distrito Hispano of The Wesleyan Church
Dolores Street Community Services
Dominican Sisters of San Rafael
Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa
Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project
Empire Justice Center
End Domestic Abuse WI
Equal Justice Center
Equal Rights Advocates
Equality North Carolina
Equality Texas
Erie Neighborhood House
Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM)
Faith in Public Life
Families First Services Center
Farmworker Justice
First Focus Campaign for Children
Franciscan Action Network
Free Migration Project
Freedom Network USA
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Friends of Broward Detainees
Futures Without Violence
Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights
Georgetown University Anthropology Department
Greater New York Labor Religion Coalition
Greater Red Bank Women’s Initiative Immigration Committee
Greater Rochester Coalition for Immigration Justice
H-CAN Immigration and Refugee Action Group
HANA Center
Hanul Family Alliance
Harvard Anti-Islamophobia Network
Her Justice
Homeopathic Healing
Hondurans Against AIDS
Hudson Civic Action
Human Rights Campaign
Human Rights First
Human Rights Initiative of North Texas
Human Rights Watch
IHM Sisters Justice, Peace and Sustainability Office
Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Immigrant Defenders Law Center
Immigrant Defense Project
Immigrant Justice Action Group- First Unitarian Church Portland OR
Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project
Immigrant Legal Resource Center
Immigration Center for Women and Children
Indiana Finding A Way Forward
Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center
Intercultural Counseling Connection
Interfaith Action for Human Rights
Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice -IMIrJ
Interfaith Worker Justice
International Institute of New England
InterReligious Task Force on Central America
Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Irish International Immigrant Center
Ironbound Community Corporation
Japanese American Citizens League, San Jose Chapter
Jewish Voice for Peace-Denver/Boulder
Jewish Voice for Peace, San Diego
Just Neighbors Ministry
Justice for Families
Justice for Our Neighbors SEMI
Justice for Our Neighbors West Michigan
Justice Policy Institute
Justice Strategies
Juvenile Justice Coalition (Ohio)
Juvenile Law Center
Kankakee County Hispanic Partnership
Kids for College
Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)
Kino Border Initiative
Korean Churches for Community Development/Faith and Community Empowerment
Korean Resource Center
La ColectiVA
La Hermandad Hank Lacayo Center
Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund
Lambda Legal
Laotian American National Alliance
Latin America Working Group (LAWG)
Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund
LatinoJustice PRLDEF
Lawyers For Children, Inc.
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Legal Aid Justice Center
Legal Services for Children
Lemkin House
Long Island Language Advocates Coalition
Long Island Wins
Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights
Make the Road New York
Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition
Massachusetts Law Reform Institute
Mennonite Central Committee U.S. Washington Office
Mi Familia Vota
Mid-Peninsula Human Rights Coalition
Middlesex County College
Migrant and Immigrant Community Action Project
Migrant Justice
Migrant Rights Collective
Minority AIDS Council of Orangeburg, Bamberg and Calhoun Counties
Mission Committee of Cedar Hills United Church of Christ
Mississippi Center for Justice
Montgomery County Civil Rights Coalition
Mosaic Family Services
Mujeres Latinas en Accion
Mundo Maya Foundation
Muslim Public Affairs Council
Muslim Youth Network
National Advocacy Center of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd
National Alliance to End Sexual Violence
National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF)
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
National Center for Transgender Equality
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Council of Asian Pacific Americans (NCAPA)
National Council of Churches
National Council of Jewish Women
National Council of Jewish Women South Cook Section
National Crittenton Foundation
National Employment Law Project
National Immigrant Justice Center
National Immigration Law Center
National Justice for Our Neighbors
National Juvenile Justice Network
National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
National Latina/o Psychological Association
National Lawyers Guild SF Chapter Immigration Committee
National LGBTQ Task Force Action Fund
National Organization for Women
National Youth Employment Coalition
NC Child
NC Council of Churches
NCJW-Chicago North Shore
NEAT – National Equality Action Team
Network in Solidarity with the People of Guatemala
NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice
New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice
New Orleans Workers Center for Racial Justice
New York Immigration Coalition
NH Conference UCC Immigration Working Group
NM Immigrant Law Center
Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Office for Hispanic Ministry, Windham, CT
Our Revolution
PAAT: We Are the Change We Seek
Pangea Legal Services
Partners for Our Children
Peace and Justice Committee, BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center
PICO National Network
Pilipino Workers Center
Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Portland Immigrant Rights Coalition
Positive Women’s Network-USA
Prevention Access Campaign
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada Action Fund
Provincial Council Clerics of St. Viator
Public Counsel
Queer Detainee Empowerment Project
Red Tent Initiative
Redwood Justice Fund
Reformed Church of Highland Park
Refugee & Immigration Ministries, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES)
Refugio del Rio Grande
Religious of the Sacred Heart
Rockland Immigration Coalition
Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN)
Rural and Migrant Ministry
San Antonio Region Justice For Our Neighbors
San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium
San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program, Inc.
Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos
Sauti Yetu Center for African Women and Families
Seattle Human Rights Commission
Service Employees International Union (SEIU)
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network (SIREN)
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Sisters of Charity of New York
Sisters of Charity, BVM
Sisters of St. Francis Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation Committee
Sisters of St. Francis, St. Francis Province
Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, NY
Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, New Windsor, New York
SLV Immigrant Resource Center
Social Action Collective
South Asian Fund For Education, Scholarship and Training (SAFEST)
South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace
Southeast Asia Resource Action Center (SEARAC)
Southern California Immigration Project
Southwest Organizing Project
St. Francis Center
St. Matthew Immigration/Detention Committee
St. Anthony/All Saints Catholic Church
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Stavros Immigration
STEP UP! Sacramento
T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
Tahirih Justice Center
Temple Beth-El
Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence
The Exploitation Intervention Project
The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project
The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF)
The Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans
The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
The Social Responsibilities Council of The Unitarian Society of Ridgewood
The United Methodist Church – General Board of Church and Society
TN Justice for Our Neighbors
Transgender Law Center
Treatment Action Group
Tulsa Immigrant Resource Network
UIUC- La Casa Cultural Latina
UnidosUS (formerly NCLR)
Unitarian Universalist Association
Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden Social Justice Council
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Great South Bay (in Sayville, NY)
Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of New Jersey
Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network
Unitarian Universalist of Long Island Social Justice Roundtable
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries
United Domestic Workers/AFSCME Local 3930
United for A New Economy Action
United States People Living with HIV Caucus
United We Dream
University Leadership Initiative
University of Chicago
UU College of Social Justice
Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform
W. Haywood Burns Institute
Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)
Wayne Action for Racial Equality
We Belong Together
West Suburban Action Project (PASO)
Wilco Justice Alliance (Williamson County, TX)
Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center
Witness for Peace
Women’s Refugee Commission
Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Yemen Peace Project
Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights
Youth Justice Coalition
YWCA Greater Austin
YWCA of the University of Illinois


L-1 Visa Supporters

These are the supporters of the L-1 Visa:

ABB Holdings Inc.

Magna International Inc.

Manhattan Associates, Inc.
Air Products

Marriott International, Inc.
American Council on International Personnel

Microsoft Corporation
American Immigration Lawyers Association

Mitsubishi International Corporation
Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

Moog Inc
BP America

MWV Corporation
BSI Group America Inc

National Association of Manufacturers
Cargill, Incorporated

National Foreign Trade Council
Case New Holland

Normet Americas, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.

Oliver Wyman
Chevron U.S.A

Cobham Management Services Inc

. Organization for International Investment
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Praxair, Inc

Principal Financial Group, Inc
Deloitte LLP

Roquette America, Inc.

Schneider Electric

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association
eBay, Inc.

Select Milk Producers, Inc.

Society for Human Resource Management
Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Tata America International Corporation
Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Inc.

General Electric Company

Texas Instruments Incorporated

The Boeing Company
Hewlett-Packard Company

The Dow Chemical Company
Hyatt Hotels Corporation

The Procter & Gamble Company
Information Technology Industry Council

ThoughtWorks, Inc.
Ingersoll Rand Company

Towers Watson
Intel Corporation

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Intuit Inc.

Wipro Technologies
J.R. GoodTimes, Inc.

Yum! Brands


EB-5 Visa Supporters

Here are the supporters of the EB-5 Visa:

American Gaming Association
American Hotel and Lodging Association
American Resort Development Association
American Seniors Housing Association
American VIP
Ameri-Link Capital Regional Center
Appalachia Drilling
Artis Senior Living
Artisan Business Group
AVIP Regional Centers
Brevet Capital
BridgeForth Capital, LLC
Brookstone Resources, LLC
Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) International
C2i Solutions, Inc
City of Miami Regional Center
Commercial Real Estate Finance Council
Dai & Associates, P.C.
EB-5 Investment Coalition
EB-5 Investors Magazine
EB-5 Regional Center Florida
Economic & Policy Resources
Education Fund
Extell New York Regional Center
Florida EB-5 Investments, LLC
Front Range Regional Center
Genting Americas, Inc.
Greystone & Co., Inc.
Greystone Investment Capital Regional Center, LLC
Gulf States Regional Center
Hilton Worldwide
Homeier & Law, P.C.
MB Consulting
Marriott International, Inc.
Midwest Metropolitan Regional Center
National Apartment Association
National Association of Home Builders
National Association of REALTORS®
National Multifamily Housing Council
NES Financial
Northeast Regional Center
Pathways EB-5 Regional Center
Piedmont Regional Center
Progressive Funding Solutions, LLC
Pyramid Management Group
Queensfort Capital
Real Estate Board of New York
Related Companies
Resorts World Las Vegas
Retail Equity Partners Holdings, LLC
Rockbridge Assisted Living
Running Subway/Discovery Times Square Museum
Scannell Properties
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Signature Bank
Silverstein Properties
SMASH Hotels
Southern Opportunity Regional Center – Woodville TX Project
Sun Corridor Regional Center
Sunshine State Regional Center
TDI FC Management, LLC
Texas Regional Center, LLC
Texas Urban Triangle Regional Center
The National Immigration Forum
The Odyssey Experience
The Real Estate Roundtable
The U.S. Conference of Mayors
Three Streams Mid-Atlantic Regional Center
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Freedom Capital
Vermilion Consulting LLC
West Coast Regional Center
Wilcrest Economic Strategies


  • 101 Alliance Investment Group
  • 3G | Golden Gate Global
  • A&J; Capital Investment Inc
  • AAOF | Atlantic American Opportunities Fund
  • ACG Consulting, LLC
  • Achiver1, LLC
  • ACS Regional Center
  • Advantage America California Regional Center, LLC
  • Advantage America New York Regional Center, LLC
  • AGG | Arnall Golden Gregory, LLP
  • AISA
  • Akerman LLP
  • Alliance Bank of Arizona
  • Aloha Regional Center, LLC
  • America West Regional Center, LLC
  • American Capital Development, Inc.
  • American Dream Fund Chicago Regional Center, LLC
  • American Dream Fund San Francisco Regional Center, LLC
  • American Life Development Company LLC Regional Center
  • American Life Inc. Regional Center – Seattle (Golden Rainbow & Gateway Freedom Fund)
  • American Life Investments, LLC
  • American Life Ventures Everett, Washington
  • American Life Ventures, Tacoma, Washington
  • American Life, Inc. – Lakewood Regional Center
  • American Logistics International Regional Center
  • American Opportunities Regional Center, Inc.
  • American Pathway Regional Center, LLC
  • American Regional Center
  • American Renewable Energy Investments Regional Center, LLC
  • American United EB-5 Regional Center
  • American Wealth Group, Inc.
  • AmericaNow – Philadelphia Metro Regional Center, LLC
  • AmLaw Group
  • ARCE | American Regional Center for Entrepreneurs
  • ARCG California Regional Center LLC
  • ARCG Nevada Regional Center LLC
  • Arnold Politzer Law
  • Arnstein & Lehr, LLP
  • Artis Senior Living
  • AscendAmerica LLC
  • ASPI Group | Aero Space Port International Group Regional Center
  • Aspyre Capital Group
  • Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center
  • Atlanta Film Fund, LLC
  • Atlantic City Regional Center
  • Atlantic Regional Center for Foreign Investment
  • AUSA | Access the USA (d/b/a Washington Regional Center)
  • Baker Donelson Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
  • Baker Tilly Capital, LLC
  • Banc of California
  • Bank of the Orient
  • BankUnited
  • Bannockburn Global Forex, LLC
  • Barnhart Economic Services LLC
  • Behar Law Group, P.C.
  • Berkeley Regional Center Fund, LLC (Behring Capital, LLC)
  • Beshara, P.A.
  • Birch Capital Richmond Virginia Regional Center
  • Birch MD BioPark, LLC
  • Birch Miami Dade Regional Center
  • Birch North Carolina Regional Center
  • BirchLEAF Miami 31, LLC Regional Center
  • BLT TriState Regional Center LLC
  • Blue Ribbon Redevelopment Fund LLC
  • Blue Ribbon Regional Center, LLC
  • BOFI Federal Bank
  • Brevet Capital
  • Briight Partners Regional Center
  • Brooks City-Base Regional Center
  • Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP
  • bTech Ventures International
  • Buffalo Regional Center
  • Build America Management Company
  • Burke Construction Group, Inc.
  • C/O Cornerstone Capital Group
  • California Business Ventures
  • California Development Regional Center
  • California Golden Fund
  • California Real Estate Regional Center
  • California State Regional Center
  • CanAm Florida Regional Center, LLC
  • CapSpan
  • Carlton Fields
  • Carolina Center for Foreign Investment Regional Center
  • Carolina Growth Regional Center, LLC
  • Carroll & Associates, P.C.
  • Castro & Co., LLC
  • Cate Street Capital, Inc.
  • CAzRC | Central Arizona Regional Center
  • CBO Financial, Inc.
  • CCAE | California Consortium for Agricultural Export
  • CDFA | Council of Development Finance Agencies
  • CDRC | City of Dallas Regional Center
  • Central Florida EB-5 Regional Center, LLC
  • Century American Regional Center
  • CEO Law
  • CFIG | Chicagoland Foreign Investment Group Regional Center
  • CGRC | Carolina Global Regional Center Corporation
  • Chen Lin & Wessel LLP
  • Chicago Regional Center
  • Chrysalis Capital Group
  • CiF | Cleveland International Fund
  • Citigroup Inc.
  • Civitas Atlanta Regional Center
  • Civitas Denver Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas El Paso Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas Indiana Regional Center
  • Civitas Laredo Regional Center
  • Civitas Las Vegas Regional Center
  • Civitas Miami Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas New York Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas NorCal Regional Center
  • Civitas Philadelphia Regional Center
  • Civitas Rio Grande Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas SoCal Regional Center, LLC
  • Civitas Texas Regional Center
  • Civitas Washington D.C. Regional Center
  • Clark County Regional Center
  • CMB Export LLC
  • CMB Illinois Regional Center, LLC
  • CMB Pennsylvania Regional Center, LLC
  • CMB Southeast Regional Center, LLC
  • CMB Summit LLC RC
  • CMB Texas, LLC
  • Columbia Willamette Investments, LLC
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Regional Center Corporation
  • Continental Americas Regional Center
  • Cornerstone Regional Center
  • CP Regional Center, Inc.
  • CP Southern Regional Center
  • Crain Cubbage Healy Hedgpeth Johnson & Wilson, PLLC
  • CrossHarbor Capital Partners
  • Darren Silver & Associates, LLP
  • David Hirson & Partners, LLP
  • Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
  • DC Partners Regional Center (d/b/a Houston EB-5 Regional Center)
  • DCRC | DC Regional Center
  • Deep South Studios
  • DeHart Construction Services, Inc
  • Diversified Global Investment, LLC
  • Duane Morris, LLP
  • e-Council, Inc.
  • EastWest Bank/Central Escrow
  • EB-5 Ameri-Holdings, LLC
  • EB-5 Analytics
  • EB-5 Equity LLC
  • EB-5 Holdings, LLC
  • EB-5 Jobs for Hawaii
  • EB-5 Jobs for Massachusetts, Inc.
  • EB-5 Match, LLC
  • EB-5 New York State Regional Center
  • EB-5 Opportunities Fund, LLC
  • EB-5 Select
  • EB-5 United
  • EB5 Affiliate Network State of Florida Regional Center, LLC
  • EB5 Affiliate Network State of Georgia Regional Center, LLC
  • EB5 Affiliate Network State of Nevada Regional Center, LLC
  • EB5 Capital – DC Regional Center
  • EB5 Capital – New York Regional Center
  • EB5 Capital California Regional Center
  • EB5 Capitalization
  • EB5 Direct Investments, LLC
  • EB5 Global
  • EB5 Group LLC
  • EB5 Impact Advisors LLC
  • EB5 International, LLC
  • EB5 Regional Center of America LLC
  • EB5 Supermarket
  • EB5 West LLC
  • Edgewater Resources
  • Education Fund of America, LLC
  • Empire State Regional Center LLC
  • Encore Alabama/Florida Regional Center
  • Encore Boston RC, LLC
  • Encore California RC, LLC
  • Encore Colorado RC, LLC
  • Encore Georgia Regional Center
  • Encore Louisiana Regional Center
  • Encore Mississippi Regional Center
  • Encore Nashville RC, LLC
  • Encore New York/New Jersey Regional Center LLC
  • Encore Pennsylvania RC, LLC
  • Encore Raleigh/Durham Regional Center
  • Encore S. CA RC, LLC
  • Encore Wash D.C. RC, LLC
  • Encore Washington/Oregon Regional Center, LLC
  • Energize-ECI EB-5 Visa Regional Center
  • EPR | Economic & Policy Resources, Inc.
  • ETRC | Encore Texas RC, LLC
  • Extell New York Regional Center
  • Fakhoury Law Group, PC
  • Farm for America Regional Center
  • FDIUS Regional Center
  • Financing City Network
  • Florida Gateway Regional Center, LLC
  • Florida Overseas Investment Center
  • Florida Regional Center
  • FNYMRC | Federal New York Metropolitan Regional Center
  • Foam Design Center
  • Foster Quan, LLP
  • Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP
  • Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.
  • Frisco Texas International Development Center
  • Gateway to the Midwest Investment Center
  • GCF | Green Card Fund, LLC
  • GCFID | Georgia Center for Foreign Investment & Development
  • Georgia Regional Center, LLC
  • Global Citizen Advisors
  • Global Law Group
  • Global Migration Law Group PLLC
  • Golden Lamp Regional Center, Inc.
  • Grand Canyon Regional Center
  • Gravel & Shea
  • Great Ocean Regional Center LLC
  • Greater Washington Regional Center
  • Green Card Capital LLC.
  • Green Card Gateway Regional Center
  • Greenberg Traurig, LLP
  • Greenspoon Marder, P.A.
  • Gulf Coast Funds Management Regional Center
  • Gulf Coast Regional Investment Center
  • Gulf Coast Renewables & Redevelopment, LLC
  • Gulf States Regional Center
  • Gunster
  • Haddad Inc
  • Hanul Professional Law Corporation
  • Harmonia Capital USA, Inc.
  • HarrisLaw P.A.
  • Hawaii Regional Center
  • Hawaiian Islands Regional Center
  • Heartland Of Kansas, Inc.
  • Hollywood International Regional Center
  • Home Paradise Regional Center
  • Homeier & Law, P.C.
  • HRC | Hollywood Regional Center
  • I A Donoso & Associates LLC
  • Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C.
  • Impact DataSource, LLC
  • Inland Development Group I, Inc.
  • Inland Empire Renewable Energy Regional Center LLC
  • Inter Pacific Capital Development Regional Centers, LLC
  • International Creative Capital, LLC
  • Invest New Hampshire Regional Center
  • InvestAmerica Capital Advisors
  • Iowa Regional Center
  • ISRC | Idaho State Regional Center
  • Ivener & Fullmer LLP
  • Jacobs Investments, Inc.
  • Jay Peak Resort
  • Jeanny J. Pai, J.D.
  • Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP
  • JI Northern Nevada Regional Center, LLC
  • Kahala Management
  • Kalorama
  • Klasko Immigration Law Partners, LLP
  • KNOCEAN Sciences, Inc.
  • Koban Holdings LLC
  • Korda, Zitt & Associates
  • Kuck Immigration Partners, LLC
  • Kurzban Kurzban Weinger, Tetzeli, and Pratt P.A.
  • Kutak Rock LLP
  • Las Vegas Regional Center
  • Law Office of Brian P. Fredericks, PC
  • Law Office of David Gervais
  • Law Office of Frank G. Pearce
  • Law Office of Sun & Associates
  • Law Offices of Brelje and Associates PC
  • Law Offices of Daniel A. Zeft
  • Law Offices of David Z. Su
  • Law Offices of Rahbaran PLLC
  • Law Offices of Robert P. Gaffney
  • Law Offices of Sarah Jeong
  • Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby
  • Lawler & Lawler
  • LCR Capital Partners
  • Lee & Lee, PS
  • Lennar International
  • Lightstone New York Regional Center, LLC
  • Lipman & Wolf LLP
  • Live in America – Arizona Regional Center, LLC
  • Live in America – Boston Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – California Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – Chicago Regional Center
  • Live in America – Connecticut Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – Florida Regional Center, LLC
  • Live in America – Georgia Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – Indiana, Michigan, Ohio Regional Center
  • Live in America – Louisiana Regional Center, LLC
  • Live in America – Midwest Regional Center, LLC
  • Live In America – Nevada Regional Center, LLC
  • Live in America – New York Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – Northwest Regional Center, LLC
  • Live in America – Philadelphia Regional Center LLC
  • Live in America – Texas Regional Center LLC
  • Live In America – US Virgin Islands Regional Center
  • Live in America – Washington D.C./Baltimore Regional Center
  • Lone Star Regional Center, LLC
  • Los Angeles County Regional Center
  • Los Angeles Regional Center
  • Lotus Law Group PLLC
  • Luca Energy Fund Regional Center
  • Lucid Professional Writing
  • Lucky’s Market
  • Lytton Williams Messina & Hankin LLP
  • M&D; Regional Center
  • Madison Realty Group
  • MAG Ventures 1, LLC Regional Center
  • MAG Ventures 2, LLC Regional Center
  • MAG Ventures 3, LLC Regional Center
  • Mainstay Global LLC
  • Manhattan Regional Center
  • Marcum LLP
  • Maryland Center for Foreign Investment, LLC
  • Mason Investments
  • McAdam, McCarthy & Nehring, PLLC
  • MCFI Georgia Regional Center LLC
  • MCFI | Midwest Center for Foreign Investment, LLC
  • Meyer Law Group
  • MHG | Meridian Holdings Group
  • Miami Metropolitan Regional Center
  • MICON International
  • Mid-America Investment Regional Center, LLC
  • MidPeninsula Regional Investment Center, LLC
  • Midwest Metropolitan Regional Center, Inc
  • MM | Miller Mayer, LLP
  • MMAC | Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce
  • Mona Shah & Associates
  • Morris, Manning & Martin LLP
  • Morrison & Foerster LLP
  • My EB5 Green Card Regional Center
  • N.Y.S. Small Business Development Center
  • NACo | National Association of Counties
  • NESF | NES Financial
  • Nevada State EB-5 Regional Center
  • New City Advisors
  • New England Regional Center for Economic Development Inc.
  • New Hampshire EB-5 Regional Center
  • New Jersey EB-5 Regional Center
  • New Jersey Regional Center
  • New York Metropolitan Regional Center
  • New York Tri-State Regional Center
  • Newlife Consulting, LLC
  • Ngage Live Chat
  • NMS Capital Securities, LLC
  • North American Regional Center
  • North Country EB5 Regional Center, LLC
  • North Dakota / Minnesota EB-5 Regional Center
  • Northeast Regional Center, Inc.
  • Northeastern State University
  • NYC Regional Center, Inc
  • NYCRC | New York City Regional Center
  • NYSA Capital, LLC
  • Oleet & Company, LLC
  • Omega Florida Regional Center
  • Omega Puerto Rico Regional Center, LLC
  • Oriental Dolphins EB-5 Regional Center
  • Orlando EB-5 Investments Regional Center
  • Owji Law Group
  • Pacific Casino & Entertainment Group Regional Center
  • Pacific Law Group LLP
  • Palm Beach Regional Center
  • Palm Beach Securities
  • Path America KingCo, LLC
  • Path America SnoCo, LLC
  • PDC Capital Group, LLC
  • Peak Resorts/Mount Snow
  • Peng & Weber, PLLC
  • Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development Regional Center
  • Performance Economics, LLC
  • Phillips Lytle LLP
  • PIDC | Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation Regional Center
  • Pine State Regional Center
  • PNWERC | Pacific Northwest EB-5 Regional Center
  • Polsinelli
  • Portland Development Commission
  • Portland Regional Center
  • Prevail Capital LLC
  • Primary Capital LLC
  • Professionals Investment Group
  • Puyang & Associates, LLC
  • Queens Fort New York Regional Center, LLC
  • Queensfort Capital Florida Regional Center
  • Rainfield Advisors, LLC
  • RapidUSA Visas
  • Raza Development Fund
  • RCF Economic & Financial Consulting, Inc.
  • RCI Arizona Regional Center, LLC
  • RCMLA | Regional Center Management Los Angeles
  • RCP | Regional Center Properties
  • Red Top Financial Advisors
  • Reid & Wise LLC
  • Related New York City Metro Regional Center, LLC
  • Renewable Texas Energy Regional Center, LLC
  • Reside in America Puerto Rico, LLC
  • Riviera Point Holdings
  • RL Business Plans and Consulting
  • Robert Lubin & Associates, P.C.
  • RockBridge Senior Living Group
  • Rocky Mountain High Regional Center
  • SAI Group, Inc.
  • San Diego Regional Investment Center
  • San Francisco EB-5 Regional Center
  • San Francisco Regional Center
  • SB Friedman Development Advisors
  • Seattle Area Regional Center, LLC
  • Seattle Family Regional Center
  • Seattle Regional Center
  • Seyfarth Shaw LLP
  • Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP
  • SMASHotels
  • Southeast Regional Center
  • Southern Film Regional Center – Atlanta
  • Southern Film Regional Center – Georgia
  • State of Michigan EB-5 Regional Center, LLC
  • State of Vermont Regional Center
  • Stern Law Team
  • Stone Grzegorek & Gonzalez LLP
  • Stowe Aviation
  • Strasburger & Price LLP
  • Sunshine State EB5 Regional Center
  • Sunshine State Regional Center
  • T.D. Knowles & Associates. PLLC
  • Tang & Associates, P.C.
  • TBC Washington DC Area Regional Center LLC
  • TCG Group Holdings
  • TDL International Law Firm
  • Texas EB-5 Regional Center
  • Texas Regional Center
  • Texas Regional Fortune Center, LLC
  • Texas Urban Triangle Regional Center, LLC
  • The Law Office of Spencer McGrath-Agg
  • The Law Offices of Wensheng Ma
  • The Patel Law Group/Providence Title
  • The Tripodi Law Firm, P.A.
  • TLSE | Texas Lone Star Enterprises Regional Center
  • Todd & Associates, Inc.
  • Torres Law, PA
  • Transcendent Hospitality
  • Trapp Family Lodge
  • Treeline Capital Real Estate, LLC
  • Trow & Rahal, P.C.
  • U.S. Federal Technology EB-5 Regional Center, LLC
  • U.S. Immigration Fund – FL
  • U.S. Immigration Fund – NJ, LLC
  • U.S. Immigration Fund NY
  • Unite Here
  • Urban Commons Global, LLC
  • US Bank National Association
  • US Commercial Regional Center
  • US EB5 Florida Regional Center, LLC
  • US EB5 Nevada Regional Center, LLC
  • US EB5 New York City Regional Center
  • US Freedom Capital-Texas, LLC
  • USA Continental Regional Center
  • USAInvestCo
  • USASIA Pacific Investment
  • USCM | U.S. Conference of Mayors
  • USEDLC | US Employment Development Lending Center
  • USIIC | US Immigration Investment Center
  • VARC | Virginia Atlantic Regional Center
  • Virginia Center for Foreign Investment & Job Creation, LLC
  • Vissero Partners
  • West Coast Regional Center
  • Western Washington Regional Center, LLC
  • Westgate Orlando Regional Center, LLC
  • White & Associates
  • Williams Dame & Associates
  • Wisconsin EB5 Regional Center LLC
  • Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP
  • Woodmont Regional Center, LLC
  • WORC | Whatcom Opportunities Regional Center
  • Wormser, Kiely, Galef & Jacobs LLP
  • Wright Johnson, LLC
  • Xecute Business Solutions
  • Yellowstone Montana Regional Center, LLC
  • YK America Regional Center
  • Zenith Capital
  • Zhaolong Group
  • Ziegler


Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 7

stop common core 7

I’ve started a part 7.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

For the second year we have a teacher who plans to use Classroom Dojo to track behavior (among other things). It makes me uncomfortable to have a commercial entity have this kind of information. When I discussed it last year I was assured bc only first names were used privacy wasn’t an issue. Thoughts?

And here are some replies to said post:

My opinion…it’s public shaming.

Wow-I can’t imagine any teacher who would want to use it.


In my sons class it was used for behavior and the whole class would see it. The teacher had a few very difficult children and she thought peer pressure from the others would help.


That’s terrible! A clear recipe for making some kids, those who always find themselves near the bottom, feel they are just inherently bad and shouldn’t bother trying any differently. How discouraging.
Agree! My son has severe anxiety and this just added to it! I let the teacher know that I disagreed with it. She stopped using it after a few months.
A parent with tech background in California spurred a look into this by the NY Times a few years ago’     Parents concerns…/privacy-concerns-for…
 Class Dojo certainly can be “public” in that teachers can display information on a SmartBoard or other device for the whole class to see, including points given for behavior. It can be used as a public ranking system, which defeats the whole point of students mindfully reviewing and understanding what they need to do to personally succeed in the classroom, rather than competing with others. Not every kid is the same, so comparing behavior “scores” is comparing apples to oranges.
It is a data collection Avenue that the info is stored in the cloud that could be hacked and/or the info sold. The kind of info you or your child may not want out there for just anyone to have. The changes in the FERPA law allows for this kind of organization have that info and the ability to share/sell your child’s info with anyone else they want without your permission. Once it is out of the hands of the district, it is not able to be kept confidential by the district. Because it is free to teachers to use, it seems perfect for them. But they must make their money some how. I would promptly opt my child our of it immediately. If that teacher somehow believes that a computer algorithm cannot attach an identification to a certain child then that teacher does not understand the complexities of what computer programs can do. If your child is having classroom issues, the teacher can contact you directly…as it should be any way.
A lot of those apps/platforms are very Trojan Horse like. They draw teachers and administrators in because they are made to seem so helpful and easy to use but the user doesn’t look beyond the ease to see the pitfalls (privacy, data collection, etc). One of the manufacturer of one of these programs went bankrupt years ago and it was only then that people realized that the information they collected could be sold as part of the bankruptcy proceedings.
Our youngest son of five (now 12) used this in 4th grade& used it inappropriately & I started to refuse it or any other behavioral data collecting garbage. Teacher made it public in school
 I was told when they used it years ago it was by child’s school district number so it does get track. I didn’t like it and pushed for paper at least for my son. Plus then I had a paper trail for future use when needed
This is disturbing on many levels. Don’t they need parental consent to put your child’s name in? I know when my son was in grade school our district always got parental consent for a myriad of things.
Today unfortunately parents do not need to consent in many districts
Parents have rights whether a district recognizes them or not.
True & I’m one of those who refused this abusive form of education!
Ditto. It’s the ones who just go along, do not question anything, etc., that make it harder for the rest of us. People need to learn to think for themselves again.
FERPA striped our parental rights. I believe the schools can do this as long as there is not a separate account for each child. I just found out this evening that my sons teacher is using this. Ugh. She will be displaying a numerical behavior chart. I am going to request that my child not be included for various reasons.
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

How apropos, on 9/11. Sad day just got sadder NY. Next generation standards officially adopted. Rebrand is official.

“The Board of Regents today approved New York’s Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The State Education Department conducted a collaborative process over two years to revise the standards, which involved numerous educators, parents and stakeholders from across the State, and resulted in substantive changes while maintaining the academic rigor of the learning standards.

“The standards we adopted today continue to be rigorous, to challenge New York’s students to do more and to prepare them for life in the 21st century,” Board of Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa said. “Throughout the entire process, we worked collaboratively and transparently, receiving valuable input from educators and parents, as well as experts in teaching English language learners, students with disabilities and our youngest learners. We simply could not have arrived at this point without their expertise and input, and we are grateful for their commitment to getting this right for our kids.”

“We have developed an implementation plan that gives teachers and students the time they’ll need to adjust to the revised learning standards,” State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia said. “Our implementation timetable allows for professional development and curriculum development to occur before any student takes a State assessment based on the new standards. That’s the fair and smart thing to do for our teachers and our students.”

The State Education Department will work with BOCES District Superintendents, school superintendents, the Staff and Curriculum Development Network and teacher centers to develop and provide guidance on professional development for teachers to implement the new standards. Additional resources will be forthcoming to support the new standards.”

More information on today’s action and the process to revise the standards can be found here:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Here is an older but great read. I might have posted this last year….

Very important common core data mining information.

This is a very long article with many links. BUT it is critical that parents understand the government and private industries lust for data on every child and every adult on the planet from they day they are conceived until the day they die. There are a series of 3 meetings being held and this article covers the basis for these government meetings and also provides the video and transcript of the first meeting held in October. I will be attending the second meeting today (1-5-17). As you are spending time worrying about Common Core and Sex Ed the real boogie man is DATA. They cannot fulfill their agenda without the data. This is why it is so imperative for parents to REFUSE the digital platform in school. Demand books, paper and pencil and real human teachers. The next phase I call Common Core 2.0 is to award a chrome book to every student (they are already experimenting with this is some states on 3rd and 4th grade students in TX). This chrome book will replace the human teachers and will test your children every day all day. It is called Competency Based Education and Assessment and it is very prevalent in ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act – which is the renewal of No Child Left Behind – All of these programs are based from the 1965 ESEA). We are moving from education to work force training. PLEASE we must as parents and grandparents stop the collection of data on our kids. There are several ways to do this. 1. HOME SCHOOL(I highly 2. refuse the digital platform used in your school now and in the future, refuse ALL surveys, refuse high stakes testing including the NAEP 3. private school that takes no state or federal money. Charters, Vouchers and Education Savings Accounts is how they will suck ALL children into the system and that includes home school and private school. Once you or a private school takes ONE penny of state or federal money you have been sucked into the system. The Choice being talked about is not real choice. It gives you CHOICE of where you want your child to go each day but it will not give you choice about what they are taught because all kids no matter where they go each day will be taught the same thing and they will be in the system. In order to collect interoperable and comparable data every child must be taught the same thing. And if we allow Charters, Vouchers and ESAs that is exactly what will happen. There is no real choice. I am going to be blunt. They lie. They have lied in the past and they are lying now. They deceive parents because they know they can. It is time to wise up and truly fight back. It is time to STARVE THE BEAST and as long as we continue to send our children to the belly of the beast this will never end. This is Communism at its finest and we are putting out the welcome mat and opening the front door.…/ 

A University of Southern Mississippi professor is threatening violence against supporters of the state flag:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

How many teachers groups IE; Opt Out groups like Long Island opt out, Badass teachers association; BATS, NYS Allies for public education; NYSAPE, Alliance for Quality education; AQE, Save our Schools; SOS, Diane Ravitch, National association of teachers; NEA, American Federation of Teachers; AFT, Network for public education; NPE…you get the idea…they all said if the nation passed a federal law called ESSA; Every Student Succeeds Act then States would gain LOCAL CONTROL.

They said “It’s better than status quo” They all did. They encouraged calls to DC to support the law. They lobbied to HELP PASS THE LAW.

Many Stop Common Core groups primarily operated by PARENTS formed because common core was horrific, age inappropriate, flawed in a plethora of ways.

StopCC groups tried in vain to build a bridge with the above named groups, parents were shunned, belittled and berated. Spoken to in condescending terms indicating we simply didn’t understand. It was complicated and we were met with “where do you teach?” Dialogue was shutting down and many were flabbergasted. These are our children.

Parents continued to do the deep research and evidence was piling up to support the oppositional actions against the egregious nature of the reforms.

Meanwhile, testimonials from everyday parents were flooding social media of kids breaking down, overwhelmed, in tears nightly. The stopcc groups were desperate to build an alliance with the educators groups named above, to Stop the entirety of the common core reforms.

Opt out was born. If we opted out, our kids classrooms would be returned to what they once were; places of learning led by qualified caring teachers that know what learning requires, they had studied early learning pedagogy. We had a system that was child centered. We wanted it back. So, parents bucked the system. Opted out in great numbers. National headlines were the norm.

We were duped. We believed them when it got convoluted and the opt out movement morphed. Now it was about protecting teachers from accountability aka APPR. They said if we did that first then common core would vanish by default. The data from tests would be invalid.

It didn’t happen. Even with 20% opting out the data machine chugged along. Not tossed out. A moratorium was given to protect teachers but kids were still being prepped all year, taught common core all year, tested in the spring, every year. We are at the SEVEN YEAR mark now.

They said they were gagged and could not speak against that which they say they hated too. Turned out it was NYS education department that gagged them not the reformers as they claimed.

That is the moment the movement against common core reforms shifted from children to adults. To accountability and away from the child collateral damage.

Testing issues were addressed with guidance letters to districts to eliminate locally developed tests. When the State sanctioned opt out we parents knew they had a plan. It was worse. But opt out was now the cool thing to do annually. It grew legs. But, the State was now okay with it? The plan was working perfectly. What do I mean?

The solution was 21st century. Innovative. To reduce stress and address lost instructional time due to testing it would instead be embedded, unknown to the child, weekly data generated internally. Building a dossier of the child. This is to be “personalized” embedding survey to determine “grit and tenacity” and behaviors monitored and subtle ways to change “mindsets” so, you see Opt Out brought us computer/competency online models FASTER. The state was thrilled. Opt out was the mechanism to fix the testing problem. Now curriculum is delivered fully aligned to embedded testing and data tracking all in a neat little tablet. Uploaded to the regional centers BOCES and then into the cloud at the State.

NYSED is diligently building the motherboard data machine that will eventually be part of the much touted “Central clearinghouse” (8 meetings have commenced, I watched them all, addressing the enormity of such a database and how to address the unconstitutionality issue) a national data base with your child’s entire life on file, womb to tomb, to meet the 21st century workforce needs and economy.

Yesterday, the common core was officially rebranded and codified as Next Generation Standards. The State of NY submitted ESSA plans to the Feds for their plan to comply.

Last July it was completed but determined to officially happen on September 11th. KICK THE CAN to the start of school.

The agenda is cemented.

Now, watch the hearings in DC last July. I direct to you the start point of 29:00 minutes and hear the testimony of how ESSA DOES NOT RETURN LOCAL CONTROL, how the Feds are in full control…listen to just 6 minutes of the over an hour hearing from that point…

I am that parent, that has listened to live stream hearings from DC, board of regents, reformers, opposition think tanks and too many others to list. That parent that has sounded alarms, shared info as it was happening, attended meetings and rallies and met with legislators like many parents that have been here for years…This is how we got here.

What now? Educators must, collectively, lock elbows in solidarity and refuse to choose from trash or garbage common core platforms and take back classrooms. It’s our only hope…

Its maddening. If public Ed is to be saved it’s up to the collective majority inside the schools to REFUSE to partake in teaching common core in any platform. To refuse. To save the profession and the children.

This is a very disturbing development.   It appears that SEL is now being embedded into the ACT itself:

A teacher in New Jersey was only letting students use CNN as a news source, not Fox:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Want to understand Minnesota’s ESSA and embedded Minnesota World’s Best Workforce? A “Perfect Vision of Society” Via Centralization… Again “While everyone recognizes the benefits of knowledge, there are those who misinterpret our collective advancement as an invitation to exert control over society, and to impose a centralized structure onto the masses of people doing their own things, working, living, and pursuing happiness in their own ways… But neither the historical record nor the teachings of economics have deterred those who think they can do better, and time and time again, would-be planners and technocrats emerge to try to implement their perfect vision of society.

Here is another post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

So-called “Competency-Based Education” is one-to-one learning, coming to a state near you… actually, all of them, via the federal grant program, ESSA – “Every Student Succeeds Act”. Federal grant policies will replace each state’s laws. CBE is the final push to imprison our youngest generation by the elite ed technologists.
“Robots will begin replacing teachers in the classroom within the next ten years as part of a revolution in one-to-one learning, a leading educationalist has predicted.” (Minnesota already has a statute regarding personalized, one-to-one learning.)
Sir Anthony Seldon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, said intelligent machines that adapt to suit the learning styles of individual children will soon render traditional academic teaching all but redundant.” (Minnesota uses artificial intelligence in curriculum/testing.)
A contemporary historian who has written biographies of David Cameron, Tony Blair, John Major and Gordon Brown, Sir Anthony heralds the new educational era in a book, The Fourth Revolution”, due out next year. (We are in a revolution and complete transformation!)
“The impact is going to be massive” he said.
“This is beyond anything that we’ve seen in the industrial revolution or since with any other new technology.”
“The machines will know what it is that most excites you and gives you a natural level of challenge that is not too hard or too easy, but just right for you.”
“The technology’s already beginning to arrive,” he said. “It’s already there on the west coast of the US and it’s already beginning to transform schools.
“I’m expecting this to happen within the next 10 years.”
“The great danger is that it takes jobs away, and for humans beings much of our fulfillment in life comes from the satisfaction of work.”

And another post, though from early August, from said group:

CHANGE IN TEST REFUSAL LANGUAGE!?! Please do not share until we have this totally figured out.

I believe we have had some SUCCESS since the hearing two weeks ago.!!! The new ESSA State Plan is out and the MDE has removed the “doesn’t meet standards” for test refusals. This was a part of all of our testimonies and I actually suggested that the MDE use “did not participate” as replacement language. We’ll need to read this more AND comment to the MDE in favor if I am reading this correctly. Here is the new language. Please check me on this as I pinch myself a few times!!! THANK YOU to everyone who posted about the testing situation. We’ve got to continue checking the whole test portion especially about percentage of test participants.
“Minnesota will use an achievement rate as its academic achievement indicator, and the index will be calculated at all school levels, including elementary, middle, and high schools. This rate will award schools 1.0 points for every student in either the “meets standards” or “exceeds standards” achievement level. The number of points
Minnesota State ESSA Plan – Title I, Part A: Accountability 13
at a school will be divided by the number of students enrolled at the school who attended for at least half an academic year. As a result, students who score at the “does not meet standards” or “partially meets standards” achievement levels and students who do not participate in testing will be included in the denominator of the rate calculation but will not be awarded any points in the calculation. Students who do not participate in the test will be identified in state records and in communication with families as not participating; they will not be described as failing to meet standards.”

And here are some replies to said post:

I just read it all again. The same statement appears twice. Test refusals will be noted as did not participate and not described as not meeting standards. Perhaps there’s something about the records at the state and in communication with parents. Will school records and federal records state “failing standards”???

Students will not receive any points???

Not receiving any points can be a big problem
For instance do you know there are Pathways to get a diploma in Ohio
One of the main ways to get your high school diploma is you have to have enough points ( the points can only be gotten by passing the many “state standards test ” (PARCC lost out company AIR won)
It does not matter grades through out but if you aquire enough points

Therefore as too “failing standards”
No points can = failing standards

Yes. That is why I questioned.

Graduation standards in MN has credits for classes but not standardized tests

So I read it as: all students will be counted, but no points awarded to school (or docked from school) for not participating.

“While Minnesota has historically used a proficiency index rate in accountability which assigns one-half point to students partially meeting standards and one point to students meeting or exceeding standards, the state will move to a calculation of achievement that only gives points to students meeting or exceeding standards (not partially meeting standards). This helps to differentiate the academic achievement indicator from the academic progress indicator described in the sections below.”
Page 15 of link [name withheld] posted above has matrix of points.

page 31: Students expected to test but who do not receive a valid score will be included in the denominator for calculations of academic achievement unless they have a documented medical excuse.

So MDE/ESSA are still holding school accountable for this student who don’t participate, which maybe isn’t fair.

Do NOT like that “documented medical excuse” clause

For parents that still desire an opt out, what will that look like coming from the MDE? This springs template for opt-out was not very clear. And, concerned districts may have a hand at coming up with other ways to get those points up! Either bullying parents or doing what they are in Ohio for example like sending letters home in the summer “encouraging” parents to have their child retake the standardized test. One school even offered gift cards to kids who showed up for weeks of prep classes – this was for middle schoolers, I believe.

Just reading what you posted, it feels like passing the buck. The state won’t require 100 percent participation, but will essentially penalize schools when parents opt kids out, thus forcing schools to be the 100 percent enforcer in order to not lose out on points? Still seems like parental rights are not a priority.

Yep. That’s “local control” today. “Local control” forced onto schools in a destructive way. For principals who care about kids, this will take a very courageous admin to not get caught up in competing with other schools to win a badge.

Looks like another school is banning USA chants:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Subbing in an 8th grade class today and here are the workbooks they use. What say you? Common Core is alive and thriving in our public schools.
At least this teacher got the correct placement of the American flag and US Constitution poster.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Anybody aware of this happening in Utah?

And here are some replies to said post:

For decades, particularly in special education.

Yes my special needs child, nearly every day.

Part of our IEP process at CBTU and Carmen Pingree was a “Human Rights Committee” to approve of methods of controlling “meltdowns” for our son’s safety and those in the classroom.

yes – happens in many schools if not all. I’m not going to name names but there are several specialized schools for kids with Autism that do this as part of their protocols. One is a charter school, the other is a private but they take Federal dollars via Medicaid so this makes them subject to IDEA. We’ve had kids attend both and heard the horror stories. My oldest went to the private/public program for preschool. It was housed in a local public school and they had a restraint chair with straps and one of the moms told me they put cayenne pepper on her sons tongue when he didn’t do what they wanted. This really needs to be exposed.

Please, no… 😦 What state are you in? What district?
I am in Utah. I’ve seen it in multiple schools in several different districts
 this makes me absolutely sick! I cannot believe this is happening. I homeschooled my two oldest children and probably became a little blinded to what is really going on. My third child has some sensory processing issues and I’ve been looking at some specialty schools dealing with autism I’m so glad to know about this so I can go in with my eyes wide wide open! This is absolutely horrendous and I cannot believe it is happening! There are so many things wrong with this I don’t even know where to begin.
 It happens ALL THE TIME in the autism community. I could tell you horror stories of kids going in there from the moment the child starts school to the end of the day. I run a large group of homeschooled autistic and ADHD kids online because the parents found they were suicidal. They took them home to found they have happy children.
this has been an ongoing concern for Special Ed families for forever. The USOE rules while official are not always adhered to and some question if even appropriate. I witnessed a situation where a child was reprimanded in the parking lot of the school at the end of the school day and told that detention would start again the next day for all day. Thankfully this was not my child but it was heartbreaking to watch/why would the kid even want to go to school the next day? I also know of a situation where a student with learning disabilities was unable to learn and denied a Functional Behaviral Assessment (FBA) as outlined in the USOE rules. This despite the parents paying $2000 to have a private Behavioralist do an FBA observation at the school and find out what the triggers were for the problems. The school would not accept the results – they didn’t want to provide anything/just wanted to punish or let the child nap during the day. This led to a teacher not having the support needed and ultimately hitting the child which was later admitted in a hearing. No help/No FBA in this situation despite one of the District Admin who was on the IEP team being one of the co-authors of the Utah Least Restrictive Behavior interventions (available then and listed in current USOE policy). How do I know so much about the child who was refused a Functional Behavioral Assessment despite the parents efforts and various requirements in Utah as well as under IDEA. It was my child
Yes one of my friends son was put in a school in Draper, not sure name , but just needed speech therapy and they showed him the “jail”. He came home and said mom dad will I be put in jail school…. They fought the school board and got him transferred
 I know of a award winning charter school that has a room called “The Room of Justice” where kids are disciplined and teachers threaten to send them there
I’ve been told that in the school right across the street from me they put their special ed kids in restraints “if needed.” Apparently it’s common. 😳😢
Yes. Use of seclusion and physical restraint are the reasons we pulled our son out of public school.

This is evil. This is a quick fix and does not solve the problem the child is having. It does not help mature his brain. This does not help with executive function. It imparts no skills for conflict resolution.

We need to rethink what we are doing to children and how we educate them as a society.

If a child is overstimulated neurologically and is exploding we need to stop and look at what leads to this, what mitigates this without treating them like animals. We need honest questions and honest answers instead of denial.

This is wrong on so many levels.

If parents did this to a child, they would face charges. Why is a school an exception?
Yes, my son has severe nonverbal autism and he was put in one of these when he was at school, and it is a special needs school. He is no longer at that school, but it did happen. His teacher told me about it. My son was not being extremely aggressive. I was shocked to learn they use these. 
This is ridiculous! We are creating more and more ways to disconnect from our kids and them us! If a child is acting up that badly then TAKE THE TIME TO GET TO THE SOURCE OF THE ISSUE!! Are we that lazy or careless that we cant find more compassion for a child IN NEED?? I am NOT for this EVER! My kids were never good enough and were ALWAYS behind in public school, “so says the teacher”! I checked out my youngest for good last year and what a turn around with her anxiety she has had since! Best decision EVER!
No offense meant to anyone on this thread, but I think some of you have no idea how severe the behavior problems are that teachers and therefore your students are facing in the classroom these days. I’m not advocating for a padded room, but the problems are big even for regular kids. This is another reason besides Common Core to homeschool, if you possible can.
thank you for pointing this out –
Spectrum Academy in NSL. Charter school for ASD kids. Bad idea and causes PTSD in my opinion. Something more humane could do the job.
Wait. Are you saying spectrum academy uses one of these?!?! 😦 😦
My grandson was locked in a cell there for a very long time. His mother was volunteering in another classroom. Staff knew she was there but made no effort to contact her about his behavior that prompted it. She was livid when she found out. I don’tknow exactly what the “closet” was like since I didn’t see it myself. This was in the first two years of their charter. Hopefully it is not still there. After the second year my daughter pulled the two boys and taught them at home. Much better option.
The “Spectrum” in their name is deceptive. They had no special education training or programs for my son in 10th grade. They are a little clique of parents, running their little privately controlled school on state tax dollars. They are the worst of what Charter schools can be.

They locked my son in their “timeout closet” at Syracuse Elementary. They wouldn’t release him to his grandmother (who was on the approved “signout list”), and wouldn’t release him to my wife.

Once I called the police to report the school had “kidnapped” my son, they let him out. I spent the next few hours with Davis County Sheriffs, Syracuse PD, and about 20 school employees explaining how this was not acceptable.

I said “kidnapping is a forcible felony, correct?” The Syracuse Patrol Commander confirmed. “And forcible felonies are defensible by the use of deadly force, correct?” Again, he confirmed. “So, if this happens again, I’ll be justified in deploying my sidearm to retrieve my son. Am I understood?”

The principal said something like “I don’t appreciate being threatened.” The Patrol Commander said “he’s not wrong”. Her face went white.

Never had a problem with that Principal again.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

According to the US Department of Education, we now have over 3.8 million public-school teachers, an increase of 13 percent in the last four years. During that same time period, student enrollment rose just 2 percent.

Mike Antonucci, director of the Education Intelligence Agency, adds that, between 2008 and 2016, student enrollment was flat but the teaching force expanded from 3.4 million to more than 3.8 million, a rise of 12.4 percent.

University of Pennsylvania education professor Richard Ingersoll avers that not only is there no shortage of teachers, there’s actually a glut. Ingersoll, who has long studied teacher-staffing trends, says the growth in the teaching force, which goes well beyond student growth, is financially a “ticking time bomb.”

He adds that the “main budget item in any school district is teachers’ salaries. This just can’t be sustainable.” 

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

PISA is working to embed Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) measures (and values antagonistic to Christianity) in America’s assessment systems—including in Utah:

PISA—the global assessment that compares countries and is now a Common Core assessment run by Pearson—is starting to assess teens’ social-emotional competency. This is being done so that they can compel all countries’ to change what their assessment systems value, ie; American parents must start to value what globalists tell us to value.

So. While America used to value academics in education, we are now supposed to embed SEL into all online, formative assessments so that OUR CHILDREN can be told how to think, feel and behave in a humanistic society:…/new-test-to-assess-global-competence-of-t…/

According to this World Economic Forum report on SEL advancement in various countries, PISA began measuring “collaborative problem solving” and “perseverance” in 2015. And, by 2018, they will incorporate measures of “intercultural understanding” and “empathy.”

Andreas Schleicher, head of PISA, is now on the World Economic Forum’s steering committee to advance SEL in country’s assessments.…/WEF_New_Vision_for_Education.pdf

Utah’s Assessment provider, American Institutes for Research (AIR) reports that they are “actively working to help clients (districts) develop stronger links to international benchmarks by embedding items from PISA in local assessments and will contribute this knowledge and expertise when developing new assessments.”

See that AIR is peddling all sorts of online formative assessment systems to teachers and districts:…/…/AIR%20Ready%20to%20Assess_ACT_rev.pdf

American Institute’s for Research’s SEL-focused Center is federally-funded:

And, they are partnered with the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) and CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning) for SEL districts. This AIR/CASEL report shows that AIR is “helping” districts and teachers advance the use of online formative assessment for SEL through the “technology explosion.” Read their list of references at the end of their report:…/SHRIVER-CAVE-OSHER-YODER-presentation-…

Tom Vander Ark’s EdWeek article entitled “6 Innovations in Social-Emotional Learning” was published on the NOVO Foundation’s website. Vander Ark points out that AIR is working with CASEL and the CCSSO to advance SEL, i.e.; “CASEL and CCSSO-supported districts”…/6-innovations-in-social-emoti…/

It is important for Christian parents to understand who the NOVO Foundation is that published Vander Ark’s article. NOVO Foundation is partnered with CASEL on the CCSSO district partnerships. See what NOVO says about their SEL Strategic Approach:…/…/

In 2015, NOVO announced a five-year, $20 million dollar initiative, with Global Trans Initiative and the Arcus Foundation, to transgender activists and organizations focused on improving the lives of transgender people worldwide:…/arcus-foundation-novo-foundat…/

In 2017, NOVO launched their Radical Hope fund, another $20 million to “promote feminism, interdependence, and combat white supremacy, xenophobia and misogyny.” They called for grantees that would:
Demonstrate a sharp strategic approach, with particular focus on organizing and building power that centers around feminist leadership, especially the leadership of girls and women (cis-, trans-, and gender non-conforming) of color:…/novo-foundation-launches-radi…/

Now, go back to the reality that Utah partnered with the CCSSO to “improve teacher preparation for K-20 schools” with new guidance from President Obama’s Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):…/…/

And, that the CCSSO started giving “guidance” to states on online assessment “best practices” and implementation:…/Prog…/Every_Student_Succeeds_Act.html

And, the case is made that Utah’s Christian families are being fed an SEL pill that is designed to undermine their children’s values, attitudes and behaviors.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

MassResistance – Texas

Sexual Indoctrination in public schools – what parents need to know and what they can do. A Texas MassResistance presentation by parents at a public library in Austin, Aug. 12, 2017.



And another post from said group:

On Tuesday, Sept. 12th, I had the opportunity to testify in front of the Fort Worth ISD School Board along with several others regarding Ft. Worth ISD’s forced Lone Star Governance Training by the Deputy Commissioner of Governance. You can hear my verbal testimony below and linked is my written testimony that contains the documentation I referenced in the video.…/Fort-Worth-ISD-Public-Testim…

Here is a post from the leader of the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

I asked my autistic mainstream son, to bring home an English textbook, which my son just received, in his Public School. My son told me that the book was “not to leave the class”. So I fought and got the first 30 pages of the book. It is all about “rhetoric” and “The Art of Persuasion”, “by any available means”. The whole book is propaganda, pushing a leftist agenda, on our impressionable young minors. Please share from my personal page and become informed at “Choose to Refuse Common Core”, now. Group link:

common core race baiting malarkey

Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:

There’s a discussion going on right now in a North San Diego County ed group about the online learning program, Summit. This program was created with the help of Facebook and is touted as “Personalized Learning.” Parents are saying that they went to back-to-school night and it was all about logging onto Summit. A teacher called herself a “facilitator” and a parent said her child is on this program for 2hrs per day. One teacher chimed in on the post saying what a great program it was and how they spent time unpaid being trained on it and that the parents just needed to “give us a chance… we are professionals.” Teachers, if you are working unpaid and you hand over your profession to an online program then you have given up both the title of “teacher” and “professional.”

How many times have we told people that this is what was coming with Common Core? What’s really sad is that this area had huge opt out numbers for the SBAC due to Common Core and data collection. Now with Summit they get DATA DRILLED with continuous embedded assessments.

Unless parents opt out and refuse ALL Competency Based Education (CBE) this is the end of public education right here. The kids will be either doing school from home or checking into warehouses for their workforce training.

Everyone will get what’s coming to them although not all of us deserve it, least of all the children.

Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

After an underwhelming response from my local superintendent after expressing my concerns with CCSS, I am fueled up more than ever to continue to argue against it. I was hoping for some advice/ tips on what steps to take. I’m trying to gather as much information as I can before confronting my school board at the meetings. My husband and I are so frustrated with it. I’m through watching my son struggle with showing his work their way even though he knows the answers his way. I put my foot down when I heard him repeating that he is “stupid.” Mama bear- engaged!! Any advice appreciated. Leaving this video here my husband and I made last week that displays just how complex they want our children to solve SIMPLE problems. Feel free to share. Thanks in advance for any tips!!!…

San Antonio public schools now pushing the gender-confused bathroom agenda:

A college professor gives her students extra credit if they take a “white privilege” quiz:

A 5th grade teacher in Florida has joined the gender pronoun police:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From [Name withheld]

YOU MUST READ THIS ARTICLE AND MAKE IT GO VIRAL: The sexualization of kindergarten babies. They call it SEL but it is not at all about what they are telling you. This is an attack on values, the family and much much more. It is NOT about treating people with respect. In order to bring in global Communism they must break down the family (done), morals (done), control the media (done), control education (done), convince people that wrong is right (done), break down loyalty to country and God (almost complete). PLEASE do not read the intro and move on READ THIS ARTICLE!!! Then get your kids OUT OF THE SYSTEM. 

Now an Arizona teacher has made students recite a gender-neutral Declaration of Independence:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Anyones school use Utah Compose? Any thoughts on this?

And here are some replies to said post:

Utah Virtual Academy does use Utah Compose. I don’t let my children participate. They do their writing assignments separately and then send them in to their teachers.
The scoring system on the Utah Compose site seems faulty to me, as well.

hopefully this link works (i’ve never tried to share a link to a search result before 🙂 ). read through some of the comments about Utah Compose others have made in this group, there’s lots of info people have shared!…/utahnsagainstcomm…/search/…

Thanks, my son just had his first assignment on it and I wasnt impressed either.

Utah Compose is just an updated version of Utah Writes where the kids “game” the system to up their scores…human feedback is still the BEST feedback

I hate it and think it’s a joke but my kids dont mind it so I haven’t opted them out of it.

I have to fight in so many other fronts… and my 6th grader gets tired of the attention it generates… I have called a truce in this one. I hate it, the system is easily gameable as said…. and really doesn’t teach the children to write well.

My son quickly learned how to beat the system. He told me how to get a high score, when he was 9, but his writing wasn’t improving. The writing prompts also seemed to have a side they tried to get the kids so write about. My kids were presented with 2 articles then they needed to use the evidence to help show why they thought the way they did. The articles always seemed to sway one way, especially the one on couponing. Which honestly was something I was wondering why a 4th grader needed to learn about and either support or object. I didn’t like it at all. I’m not sure if it’s something you can opt out of though.

Yes it is!

I hate it. My brilliant little 4th grade writer was crushed by the computer scores she received. I complained and was told they use it because that is how the end of year testing is done (SAGE, which we opt out of). Not because it teaches anything, because of SAGE. It’s a another stupid hoop the kids have to jump through for stupid SAGE. The next year I also voiced my dislike for Utah Compose and her teacher excitedly told me that she teaches her kids how to score high on it. Not how to write well, how to score high. 😣 It seems the teachers don’t like it either.

Here is a post that was shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group:


If more people are leaving Wisconsin than coming or staying, then doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on the already failing economic corruption that is public-private partnership will make matters worse, not better. Time to STOP DRINKING THE KOOLAID, Wisconsin State Journal editorial staff.

1) Using our education system to prepare the “workers of tomorrow” to fill the “jobs of the future” will NEVER EVER work, because such a strategy relies on unconscionable DEPERSONALIZATION, impossible PROGNOSTICATION, and an unethical STANDARDIZATION of thought and behavior that is resulting in the DEATH of INNOVATION.

2) We are continually told these days that workforce development is a panacea for solving economic woes and crises…that the “free-market” collaboration it engenders between government and business is the best way to provide opportunity for all. It’s a bold-faced lie, regularly repeated to voters on the Right–as is the corresponding lie, incidentally, that public-private partnership hauls out for folks on the Left, that it can accomplish “social justice.” Workforce development is PLANNED ECONOMY and PRIVATE MARKETS, plain and simple. It will always (not sometimes, ALWAYS) benefit the few at the expense of the many. There is nothing free, open, or voluntary about workforce development, in fact. If we want true economic advancement and opportunity, then public-private partnership must be cut off so that both workforce development and all the falsehood that surrounds it may die the death they so richly deserve.

3) Handing students their future to them by leveraging mountains of data and algorithms to determine the career track they should follow is not merely a bad idea; it’s economic quackery capable of imprisoning kids for a lifetime and denying them not just the ability but the RIGHT to determine their own future. There is absolutely NO evidence to suggest that Big Data can be leveraged to answer the kinds of questions that are seminal in choosing a career or building a life. Tying education even more tightly to labor is, again, not a solution…it’s a tyranny. It’s a tyranny at the college level (where, in just one stunning example, workforce development is now being justified by legislators, UW, and tech school leadership alike to accommodate Foxconn). It’s a tyranny at the high school level (where Work Keys is now administered by mandate, and “internships” at the expense of academic learning have long been on the rise). It is a tyranny in 6th grade, where Wisconsin children now write academic and career plans so that they may have a “voice” in the career track into which a computer will slot them and the type of credentialing that “makes sense” for them. It’s a tyranny in kindergarten and 1st grade (where teachers are required to spend time talking to their students about goals, i.e., future career). With my apologies to Pink Floyd: “Hey, Wisconsin State Journal, leave the kids alone.”

4) The emphasis on technology in the classroom and “personalized learning” are cleverly marketed schemes to acquire copious amounts of data that public-private partnership needs to keep the workforce development scheme operational. Don’t fall for it–ANY OF IT. In fact, the best research suggests that the less screen time a kid has, the better off he or she will be–for all kinds of reasons. I have nothing against kids learning how to use a computer or search the web or whatever. But particularly at young ages, lots of screen time leads to all sorts of problems. Why do you think Barack and Michelle Obama and others who have pushed workforce development and personalized learning so hard nevertheless wanted an educational experience for their children that kept digital learning to a bare minimum?

5) If we want more kids staying here after they graduate, more people coming here from out of state, there are DEFINITELY ways to achieve those goals longterm. But clinging like rats to the sinking ship of planned economics and viewing our children as the cogs that keep that ship [barely] afloat [for now] does not in ANY way provide an attractive outlook…for ANYONE, but most especially for the kids we’re pigeonholing. How about, here in a state that’s still taxed at a ridiculous rate, we actually create a TAX CLIMATE that is attractive to MOST businesses and MOST individuals, rather than continuing to reap the lost opportunity costs and the heavy taxpayer burdens we create when we continually favor (and in many senses subsidize) only a few with tailored baskets of economic goodies? How about we create an EDUCATIONAL CLIMATE that encourages creativity and innovation instead of compliance and standardization? If we want more entrepreneurs, burgeoning business, better opportunities, increased revenues, reduction in poverty, more contributing residents, satisfied citizens, and a thriving economy, it is time to start doing the opposite of nearly everything we’re currently promoting and embracing. Again, public-private partnership has to be curtailed, along with the damaging policies it fosters in order to further private agendas that are devastating to the rest of us.

It’s time to stop picking winners and losers among companies by deciding to whom we will offer the biggest boatload of incentives. It is also time to stop picking winners and losers among children by allowing a handful of people and corporations, a giant computer, and a series of misapplied algorithms to determine the kinds of education to which they will or won’t have access–and the kinds of futures they will or won’t be allowed to build for themselves.

If the Wisconsin State Journal continues to promote workforce development as the best path to solving our problems, it deserves to see its readership decline even further and, finally, to fold for good.

Here is another post from the Texas anti-Common Core group:
Have you ever been in a meeting, a group or other situation where you resisted conforming to the ideas being pushed? Have you encountered facilitators, teachers or other leaders who are trained to bring everyone to consensus and those who don’t are labeled or ostracized in some way?
This information is the very best understanding I have ever seen of what is happening to change the minds of children and adults to conform to plans, programs, agendas and ideology that are in opposition to traditional, American and Christian values. I first heard this description from Dean Gotcher when I was on a school committee in 1992 – 1993 and being pressured to conform to a new plan for education.
Dean is a friend of mine, whom I first met at a public meeting held in the Library at Broken Arrow, Ok. The new OBE Outcomes Based Education “reform/deform” plans were being exposed and opposed by a small group of parents who had encountered some of the new radical curriculum, which was coming in the classrooms with the OBE process.
The OBE Outcomes Based Education plans included “Learner Outcomes” (Learning Objectives or Standards) developed by the State Department of Education and an Oklahoma State law, which required all public schools to comply with OBE accreditation standards. Our Elementary Principal in Fort Gibson, Ok (South of Tulsa) had implemented a “new” Science textbook called “Earth Child” that included the new OBE “Learner Outcomes”. The textbook was full of radical environmentalism including activities for children incorporating the celebration of the “Earth goddess, Gaia”. I was shocked!
During this same time, I was appointed by the same principal to be a member of the committee for Fort Gibson Schools to write a new school plan for education (CLEP – Comprehensive Local Education Plan) and we were being forcefully pushed to “come to consensus” and agree to predetermined “outcomes” for Global Citizenship. Our “new” Superintendent even said in our committee meeting we were going to make a “radical change”. I resisted the push, which led to me speaking to groups statewide and a grassroots resistance to the pilot programs for OBE, including our School in Fort Gibson…more on that at another time.
This is the environment we were in when I connected with Dean Gotcher, as we stood in a packed Library conference room. We introduced ourselves and I said to him “This is a process.” His eyes lit up and he enthusiastically said….. “Yes it is!” He then told me of his research which I want to share and highly recommend.
Dean is the most research driven, knowledgeable speaker I have ever seen or heard on the subject of the Dialectic process and how it is used/practiced in our society today:
* How the Dialectic process is purposefully used to CHANGE MINDS by Social Engineers
* How CENTRALIZED CONTROL is being established in America by changing ideology
*How radicals are conforming American Traditional thinking to a Communist Marxist mindset which aligns with goals of Globalism
*How this process (Dialectic) is used (through Praxis/ Practice) in Churches, Schools, Meetings, Committees, Politics and Personal Relationships to form “consensus” to bring “unity” or to a “common cause”. Diaprax is the term coined by Dean Gotcher to describe this process and its operation
*How the pushers of Environmentalism, Humanism, Communism, Socialism and many other radical belief systems have successfully changed American minds
*How truth is being treated like an opinion and opinions are treated as truth
Please watch 30 min. of Dean’s 4 part presentation and you will see the significance of understanding what he teaches. If you care about what is happening in your country, state, community and maybe even in your own home….. you will find this extremely informative.
Videos (these can be downloaded):
Dean Gotcher Diaprax Seminar Part 1…
Dean Gotcher Diaprax Seminar Part 2…
Dean Gotcher Diaprax Seminar Part 3…
Dean Gotcher Diaprax Seminar Part 4…
Dean Gotcher’s -Authority Research Institute Website:
Please note that earlier this year Dean found McAfee is screening his website out from its customers’ viewing due to their bias against his information. The validity of his research has been repeatedly confirmed even by liberal Professors who do not like what he says due to their own worldview.     (Note regarding the censorship of this website by McAfee.)
And here are some replies to said post:
Right now… in Okla. the Governor’s race will be critical to what is done in education. Though the State Supt. is elected the Gov. appoints the entire State Board that has the authority to run the education system. Hofmeister agrees with Fallin’s plans so there is no conflict. I am working to help elect Gary Richardson because I believe he will give us the best opportunity to turn the ship around.

Missouri Workgroup for Common Core member, Toni Becker posted this comment with my note: This is such an important piece as are the accompanying links to videos explaining the dangers inherent in our blindness concerning the art of propagandizing and mindset shaping. These types of consensus-manipulating meetings are everywhere – in the public and private sector alike.

I experienced a disturbing dose when I participated in Missouri’s Common Core workgroups in 2014. I was astonished by how individuals were corralled into favored status if they bought into the heavy-handed propaganda or tagged as the outcast (that’s ME), if they thought for themselves and refused to have their opinion directed and my mindset dictated by the obvious pre-determined outcome the facilitator was there to impose upon the group. I found the process diabolical. It was a L O N G year of my life….. And, guess what the outcome was? Exactly what our department of education dictated it would be on day 1. The process served one purpose: to deceive. They succeeded. It was a cake walk.

This tactic is used constantly in the education realm today and one of the reasons I sound the alarm. If you attend teacher meetings, school board meetings, City Council meetings, public sector/corporate planning meetings you have probably been targeted for mindset-shaping, the approved mindset being compliance with reforms or initiatives that are, quite frankly, toxic to the future of our children and nation.

It does get old trying to stir adults to wake up to these dangers, it’s so much easier to go along to get along and keep your jobs and positions on boards.

But, I sound the alarm mainly because of the children who are innocent in this mix. The educational – the word doesn’t even mean that anymore – initiatives that are still to come in many places (many think none of this stuff applies to THEIR school) are tactically designed to shape little mindsets toward compliance and obedience to a global governmental/corporate system sure to destroy their future as free Americans.

That’s dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as the eternal consequences for my Christian friends….

The approved mindsets being shaped are in direct opposition to those prescribed in God’s Word. The ideology is an impostor to the teachings of Christ. The entire process of mindset-shaping towards these worldly ends nudge you from the narrow road and onto the wide path……

Proceed at your own risk.

A couple of years ago, the WY Education Association had a ‘survey’ where questions are set with an outcome to be achieved. In the end they released the recommendations that were supposedly offered by the people of WY. This year the same tactics are being used to raise taxes. The findings of the latest survey says that 500 people surveyed said that they were good with raising taxes for use in education. The propagandists never sleep.
Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Not even masking it. Plain as day and digital badge credentialing . County Workforce development office and BOCES. It’s here in motion.

See comments. This is Workforce Opportunities Innovation Act. The key component of the new Federal Education Law ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act. Education has transformed into federal workforce training. Digital credentialing and badging aligned to build data dossiers cradle to grave. Managed collective. The Feds now control education. States submit plans for approvals for college and career alignment in exchange for our taxes- with ball and chain mandates. Approximately 10% of district budgets for 100% control.

Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

ND PARENTS—-For those who are not aware of the fact…….
Work Keys is a high school test. It is NOW one of 2 tests North Dakota Dept of Public Instruction (ND DPI) will not allow students to Opt-Out of. Why? “The new Federal Education Law ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act has transformed education into federal workforce training.” See directive guidance letter to ND parents on assessment Opt-Out policy for the 2017-2018 school year and ND DPI form:…/docume…/0/parentaldirectiveguidance.pdf

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

HR2824 is a federal bill that passed the House. It gives education officials the authority to visit the home of `each student. It is going on to the senate. Ask Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch to oppose this legislation.

And here  is another post from said group:

Whole cities are being turned into Common Core Learning Centers? THIS is how children are being turned into commodities for the global economy—and how their emotions and behaviors are going to be shaped.

With the advent of Common Core, Competency-Based Ed isn’t about freeing children from “seat time”, it’s about turning whole cities and countries into Common Core 24/7 Learning Centers with citizens all aligning their learning objectives toward global economic objectives—and all being tracked by big-data.

Has anyone here looked into the Cities of Learning Initiative or seen their video before? It’s all tied to the Obama administration’s partner in Common Education Data Standards, IMS Global, and their work with Mozilla on Digital Badges:

This site says that “Chicago launched the Cities of Learning movement in 2013 with a successful summer program that networked more than 100 organizations and served more the 100,000 students. Chicago is now a City of Learning year round, and this year the initiative is expanding to Columbus, Dallas, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC. Additional cities are making plans to launch in 2015.”

“School’s Out, Cities Are In With Expanded Cities of Learning”:…/

THIS ONE IS A MUST-READ! Pittsburgh is following the P21 Competency framework. See all the ways in which children’s competencies will be tagged. Note that kids don’t just code, but they code and their “dispositions” are identified:

Here’s what wiki has to say about Digital Badges lately:

Here, again, is background on IMS Global who, along with the Bill Gates/Microsoft SIF Association, helped the Obama administration put Common Education Data Standards in motion. Competency-Based Assessments will ensure that your children’s emotions and behaviors are identified, and shaped as necessary. It’s for the good of the global economy, after all.…/Schools_Interoperability_Framewo…

Seriously. Parents. Get your kids out of digital learning unless you can guarantee it’s locally controlled and operated.

Check out IMS Global’s One Roster, which essentially makes it impossible to protect a child’s PII (personally-identifiable information:

See here, that Canvas, used in Utah, has now met 12 IMS Global specs:…/canvas-reveals-new-certificatio…

And, here (if you scroll down at the link below) is a list of all the learning and assessment platforms that IMS Global says are now meeting their specs for “interoperability.”

Get some popcorn, you’ll be reading for awhile as you mourn the loss of local curriculum and assessment control.

Any Congressmen listening?

Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Kirsten Baesler, ND State Superintendent of Public Instruction, in DC TODAY to address CONGRESS (hmmmm..) and others about our great ND ESSA State Plan (Every Student Succeeds Act) and how ESSA has made it all possible! How ND students must be “Choice Ready” (by 2030) (pick a pathway–career, academic, military, (life ready???)), ND will use innovative reforms such PBL (Project Based Learning–“no empirical proof exists it works and it may take 10 to 15 yrs……”) couple it with personalized digital learning, and more………

Kirsten Baesler slated to speak at:…/InvitationStatesLeadingintheAgeofESS…
Monday, October 2, 2017
2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Hart Senate Office Building, Room 216

Also, addressing Congress on how well the ND ESSA State plan is with its “Choice Ready”….. partial remarks here from ND DPI press release:

“Baesler To Update Members of Congress on Education Law Progress
WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 2, 2017 – State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler was scheduled to brief members of Congress, reporters and representatives of education groups on Monday about North Dakota’s progress in implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act.
“Congress plays an important role in providing resources and oversight for education, and we welcome the opportunity to show how allowing states flexibility in delivering education will benefit students, teachers, and taxpayers alike,” Baesler said in remarks prepared for delivery at a Washington, D.C., panel discussion organized by the Council of Chief State School Officers.
The U.S. Education Department approved North Dakota’s plan for implementing the federal ESSA law on Sept. 1. The plan includes the creation of an “education dashboard” to provide readily accessible school information to parents, schools and communities, and a set of “Choice Ready” criteria for determining whether a student is best prepared for success after high school……………”

After attending one of the ND Dept of Public Instruction (DPI) Regional Strategic Visioning Forums Sept 19th, it is apparent that DPI sure hasn’t gotten the memo out to ALL stakeholders/parents that ND is now Choice Ready, adopting PBL and more… The number of attendees at this Sept 19th “forum” could be held in both hands cupped together and at least 6 or 7 of those were DPI connected. One attendee was so disgruntled and complaining that she never heard about this meeting, that DPI public meetings never seem to be published openly. Finally, in our small break out group, I spoke up saying that DPI has disenfranchised people/parents the stakeholders because too much has happened too fast in such a short period of time that no one really knows what’s going on. First it was Common Core, now it’s not, now it’s Career and College Ready, now it’s the innovative education reform models, or SBAC test today, tomorrow it’s not, now we have no test, now “rumor” is SBAC may still be in play for spring 2018, now it’s Project Based Learning that has “no empirical proof it works and may take 10 to 15 yrs to know if it even works”, now it’s Choice Ready, now it’s personalized learning, all the while people are still asking where are the SBAC results from this year and that year, now we have School Retool training teachers to “hack” problems and “shadow” students, now ND is writing a “Profile of a Graduate” with global citizen being a desirable goal, now ND has the Next Generation Science Standards with its evironmentalizism, global warming, and evolution, and somehow the Common Core crazy math just disappeared in thin air (??), and no one ever complains about the surveys with the vulgar sex questions being given to our ND children, and the over preoccupation with pre-K and Kindergarten readiness when phonics is thrown out and math facts memorization is a thing of the past, and the list goes on and on and on…….. Maybe ND DPI should let the people of ND know about all that is going on, too, instead of telling Congress and DC way out there before they tell us, we the people back here!!! Maybe in the speech to Congress, it should be included how ND parents are told to be patient and allow our children to be the “guinea pigs” as this new education reform is being implemented to prepare our children for jobs in the 21st century that we don’t know will even exist!!! The experimental journey…….…/InvitationStatesLeadingintheAgeofESS…

As if the government home visits to parents at the state level in some places wasn’t bad enough, now the federal government has a bill in the House (and a companion one in the Senate) that is pushing it too:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Just sent this off in an open letter to the General Assembly of the Colorado State Legislature, as well as every single member of both committees on education:

Last night I had not one, but multiple bad dreams about the courses my son is taking in Colorado Public School. I decided to look to see what my options are for removing him from the Colorado Public School System. So I started searching online, and bounced across two websites, then landed on the Colorado State Legislature website. Here I discovered that there is absolutely NOTHING on the agenda for either committee on education. So now I am concerned for the children of the state of Colorado in general.

A fear derived from unfounded concerns is simply a phobic mental condition. One based in fact is a valid concern, and needs to be addressed. Previously, I had assumed that my concerns WERE being addressed, just ever so slowly churning through the governmental machine. I am slightly distressed to discover that they are NOT being addressed. I guess that that is what I get for assuming. Hmm.. I wonder how many other parents assume that SOMETHING is being done?

I am extremely intelligent, and my children are extremely intelligent. I take a vested interest in their education to ensure that they develop a love for learning, a desire for knowledge and the ability to educate themselves. When children come home crying because they are utterly incapable of grasping a concept, there is a problem. When MY children come home crying.. there is a SERIOUS problem. I can’t imagine how the majority of children get along. My guess is that they simply don’t, and the current school system simply passes them along even though the children have learned nothing and are completely in the dark.

We’ve all seen examples of the idiotic math and nonsensical english that our children are being inundated with. The very methods that they are being told to use are corrupt. The entire standard was developed to data mine our children, dumb them down, and force feed them propaganda. During my children’s formative years, I simply pulled them aside and taught them traditional methods for understanding their schoolwork. This alone is probably above the ken of most parents. My oldest just started High School, and it’s still an ongoing battle as new content is introduced each year. My children have surpassed the ‘standards’ in this area due to my efforts. For the majority of children in the state, the value of their Colorado Public School education is SEVERELY reduced. I would even say that it is crippled at a basic level.
The next thing that pops up is propaganda and a lack of core content. I introduced my children to the concepts of propaganda, bandwagonning and disinformation at an early age. I encourage them to bring any specific questionable lessons to my attention. This has had great success. I introduce them to unbiased sources of information, and ask them to do an extra curricular report on the subject. Once they have discovered the truth of things themselves, I have them take the report and turn IT in to their teacher. If the teacher brings up the subject in class, I encourage them to be vocal and explain the truth of the matter. Even the most jaded teacher can’t argue with facts, and so far none have even tried. Again, my children are protected from a corrupted education at this level. The children who are in the same classroom with my children receive some benefit. However, overall the value of the education is crippled by the incessant attempts at brainwashing through introducing propaganda. In fact, it could be argued that the standards attempts to introduce certain concepts to extremely young children are actually criminal, and cross the legal definition of child abuse.

The content itself is.. reprehensible is the closest word. I’m sure we all recall the TV show ‘Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader?’ A few years ago, I asked my fifth grade son when the Declaration of Independence was signed. He had no clue, and was a bit vague on just exactly what the Declaration even was. I was absolutely floored. How has our countries education system reverted so far, so fast?? History isn’t a subject in the fifth grade currently, so I started collecting resources to supplement the subject when it did come up. My instincts were dead on, because when the subject of U.S. history did come up it was so lacking in basic content and introducing ideas and context that it was utterly crippled. My children initially balked at the extra workload, but when their educators begin commenting on their keen comprehension levels, they were encouraged to double down on their studies. My children receive 100+ percent grades in U.S. History. I feel sorry for other peoples children. Without the proper resources their children are doomed to failure. Again, I’m certain the system passes them along with a negligible level of comprehension.

So, this year my eldest started High School. As a freshman in High School, he is being introduced to Geography. Now, we all know what Geography is. The study of the Earth, it’s landmasses and features, as well as the geological distribution of differing peoples across the face of the earth. I’m sure we all recall memorizing the countries on the various continents. THAT’s Geography. There is a major, massive problem with my sons Geography course. There is literally ZERO Geography being taught in the course!! After looking at the syllabus, I noted that it was a Sociology course, not a Geography course. My son asked what the differences were, so I provided him some extra curricular activities to learn the differences himself. When he was done, he laughed and remarked that his Geography course did mention maps at one point, so it was a tiny bit related to Geography. Now, why would the current standards do something like this? Simple. They are hoping that parents don’t notice that their children are being spoon fed an entire course on sociological propaganda under the guise of being related to Geography. I am literally beside myself. This is the source of my personal nightmares. In my children’s history course I was able to supplement their lessons. This ‘Geography’ course is utterly lacking in any actual Geography whatsoever. How do I supplement that?? Again, for the record, I am investigating the possibility of removing my children from the Colorado Public School System. At this level, the education that our children are receiving is not only COMPLETELY without value, it is arguably detrimental because they are not receiving any of the content that they actually need.
Finally, I want to mention that I have prepared for other areas which the current standards are completely lacking in. I have gathered materials to introduce civics to my children. Something I feel is ludicrous to be missing from our children’s education. Here we are claiming to produce valuable citizens with a crippled education system. On top of that, not only do we not provide them with the resources that they need, we send them out in to the world without even the most BASIC understanding of our country and their government. YOU are all legislators.. how can that POSSIBLY be acceptable to your system of values?? The other area that is lacking is developing the creative mind. A choice in music, art or other courses that encourage creativity and developing those thought processes. My children have all sorts of musical instruments, art supplies and instruction available, from basic to advanced levels. The quality of instruction that my children have received in these areas in Colorado Public Schools is dubious at best. My children go to one of the best Public Schools in the state, because I moved to the school district when they were very young. As I said, my children’s education is one of my core concerns. So that being said, the best way to describe their music ‘instructor’, is reprehensible. The man has no business being in a position where children are exposed to him. I can’t imagine the level of education children are receiving in this area at the majority of schools in the state. I’ll guaranty you that our state symphony is going to have to be outsourced. No children in this state are going to develop the love for music or the skills to play an instrument at that level.

So then, now you should have a finite understanding of my concerns about the grave lack of a quality education that our children are receiving. I don’t want to know who is responsible for burying every single bill related to the Common Core State Standards in Colorado. I don’t want to know why certain studies were never undertaken, or certain reports were never completed. It’s in the past, and water under the bridge. Somehow Jeb Bush and his cohorts got the majority of the country to think that it was a good idea. I’m not even sure that Jeb Bush wasn’t hoodwinked in to the idea himself. That’s all irrelevant. What I want to know, is what are we going to do about it going FORWARD? I am gravely concerned for the education of my children. I am gravely concerned for the education of the children of the state of Colorado. I want to see immediate changes in the standards and content that is being introduced to our children. We all know that it takes years to roll out changes in the education system, so I want to see those changes start rolling out ASAP (as soon as possible).

Don’t fall for any claim that the content is up to the individual schools. We all know that by and large the textbooks used in the schools must comply with the Common Core State Standard, and they all provide basically the same content (and propaganda), or lack of content, along those lines. I certainly won’t fall for any such nonsense. The real travesty is the loss of the textbooks the schools used before the standards were introduced.

I eagerly await an intelligible response (not canned) from you. Once I receive the response, I will judge your position on this area and determine how I will move forward. Thank you so much for your time and attention regarding this matter.

– [Name Withheld]

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

I know some pretty amazing Dads like my good friend Randy Houchins who happens to be a mechanical engineer and has called bull on WHAT his kids are being taught in their math classes, HOW his kids are being taught and WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum on which his children’s teachers are evaluated.

Well, here is another Dad calling it out in Grapevine, TX. He posted the comment below about his 7yr. old daughter’s school work.

These Dads know, as in the article below, it is time to get back to what we know works- teaching kids reading, writing, math, and history in ways that have actually been piloted and proven successful before we hand over our tax dollars much less our own children to be used as guinea pigs for unproven online digital competency-based instruction and assessments.

Dad from Grapevine, TX writes…
“So… Just got done working with the kiddos on their homework. I’m floored by the complete dependence upon online apps for instruction. I wouldn’t even make such a fuss if more than half of them weren’t so poorly done.
For the writers of Stride Academy. There is no evidence that Tia did not make the talent show “because other students sang better than her.” In fact, your story shows no evidence that anyone other than Tia even sang. Now, I suppose we could assume this may have been the case. Certainly, the ratio of those that consider making sounds come out of their mouths a “talent” is over-represented in our reality tv driven society.

Also, my login and location would indicate to your App that I live in Texas, and since our systems for governance care little for facts or evidence, we could probably assume that Tia had simply been outsung, but I doubt that your developers factored that in. However, since you wrote that Tia BEGAN practicing singing following her audition, hoping that she would be selected. Hmmm, it would appear to me that “Tia had not prepared enough.” Wouldn’t you say? Sigh….

Don’t get me started on Istation. I’m 90% certain the superintendent’s nephew works for them. Thank goodness that it has built in reporting that clearly shows steady and remarkable progress throughout the school year, thus ensuring you will resubscribe the next year. No conflict of interests at work here…..

“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Eliminate quality tests on History and Civics in favor of Centralized common core Tests. The backlash against over testing was not about being in favor of centralized one size fits all. Yet that’s the result all over the country.

US. Public Education Is a System Built on Coercion.

Why on earth do schools and teachers have to be cajoled and pressured into doing their jobs? The union answer is something along the lines of “lack of respect for teachers.” That’s preposterous. Americans love teachers almost as much as we do our moms.

There’s nothing politicians love more than sending more money to schools while pretending to demand high performance in return and never following through.

I think at the root of the problem is that teachers have a politically controlled job that is forcibly subject to so many people’s whims. So a teacher’s smartest bet (or only viable choice) is to do nothing substantive because it’s going to offend somebody.

Everyone can agree it’s so cute to see the kids putting sparkles on paper pumpkins, while not everybody likes to hear what the First Amendment has to say, let alone ensure their kids do something as offensive as memorize it.

Of course, this kind of teaching is not only easier, it’s reinforced by an education establishment that is, ironically but truly, anti-learning.

That establishment controls teacher training, licensing, curriculum standards, and the tests on which they are based, and more, instructs teachers that such thin gruel is actually good for kids.

This arrangement proliferates because American public schooling is now mass-controlled. It’s centralized. The only thing the masses can agree on will be lowest-common denominator stuff, and in an age of increasing philosophical divides the lowest common denominator descends further.

Much curricular content is merely what 51 percent of the controlling forces agree is allowable or don’t rise up to reject, which allows that 51 percent (or a smaller percentage depending on the strength of regionally dominant special interests) to coerce the 49 percent into types of schooling they find distasteful, if not abominable.

The local majority’s dominant folly could be anything from political preferences to a preference for sports or emotional therapy over academics to sheer parental apathy.

This is, I think, at the heart of why so many Americans are dissatisfied with U.S. public schools and think they are “on the wrong track” (62 percent at last count and consistently high).

We’re trying to force millions of people with myriad personal priorities and philosophies into the exact same type of schooling. No school could possibly meet all those demands, no matter how much their programs proliferate. It is long past time for state and national policy makers to release families to once again direct their public funds for education as they see fit.

Apparently being pro-Islam is more PC than being pro-gay because this bisexual student at the University of Texas was threatened with expulsion for stating the truth that extreme Islamic groups in some countries kill gay people:, thus causing him to leave the University and transfer elsewhere because of fear of offending someone:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I am new to this group. I am a retired math teacher (retired in 2002 but continued teaching until 2006). The last 8 years of teaching was to elementary pre-service teachers in college.

A few years ago, friends and parents started complaining about the “new” math, so I looked at homework shown to me and understood that a single strategy was being taught under what I would loosely categorize as a “mental math strategy,” but couldn’t understand why, whoever wrote the textbook, would select this strategy to teach all children? I thought the purpose of education was to help students develop a strategy for problem-solving, not force-feed a single strategy. I did not know that Common Core had taken over.

I have come to believe that the goal of Common Core is to dumb-down the curriculum, and I worry about young teachers who say they like it. Once I realized math and other subjects were being dumbed down, then I asked “why?” The answer: People who don’t have critical thinking skills will believe whatever you tell them. Indoctrination begins with education, so let’s call Common Core indoctrination, not education. The purpose is to have people accept a set of beliefs uncritically. If you withhold information and simultaneously tell young students that America is evil and radical ISIS is good, you will see them as young adults promoting Sharia Law and calling anyone opposing them “racists.”

Common Core is apparently tied to government funding to states, so it may be hard for some states to abandon it. If they do not, they are giving up state’s rights of local control of education.

A mother in DeKalb County, Georgia is upset about the sexual orientation quiz questions in her 6th grade daughter’s school:

Here is a post by conservative radio host Shannon Joy that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

Am I NUTS or should this concern parents?

Monroe County schools survey 6-12th graders every 2 years as a part of national Youth Risk Survey, funded by the National Institute for Health.

I just read through the questionnaire and was a bit taken aback by many of the questions posed to kids as young as 11.

Here’s a quick sampling … (I wrote this by hand to calm myself down BTW!)


Here is a link to the actual survey:

nasty survey

The Hamas front group CAIR is conducting “sensitivity training” for teachers in Philadelphia:


Colorado has caved to DC pressure and now penalizes schools for opting out of the evil Common Core testing.

That’s just what we need at Texas State University, math educators committed to social justice.  Image result for roll eyes icon

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

We took a vote on revising the Math and English standards today and lost by a 10-5 vote. Listen to the discussion here:

The discussion starts about 2:12 on the video. Unfortunately, our staff is attaching ridiculous numbers as the cost to get out of the standards and yet we’re capable of revising health standards for around $5000. Ridiculous!

Even Ben Wood recognizes these are Common Core standards and not UT standards.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Here is a current example of Federal control over education. Proving the reality on the ground is very different from the picture Congressman Michael Burgess portraits in his floor speech supporting ESSA. This just happened yesterday in Colorado.

After USDoE rejected Colorado’s state ESSA plan, because they have a
state law that says you cannot penalize opt out students, Colorado Board of Ed voted unanimously to count opt out students as nonproficient.

Colorado bows to federal pressure, adopts second school quality system that penalizes schools for testing opt-out…/colorado-bows-to-federal-pres…/…

In the hearing yesterday NO ONE from the CO Dept of Ed could say for sure if CO would lose money by not complying and NO ONE for Dept of Ed knew the exact dollar amount in question. One member of the CO state board did know what the $ amount in question, would be. Colo gets $150M from feds for education, $10M for school improvement from ESSA.

And here are some replies to said post:

We must understand that ESSA was written so that the States must assess even more than before, that the assessments have to be tied to the last 3 years and those data points, that assessments used must be the same as in neighboring States, and that assessments judge both teacher and student. ESSA was also written so that grants, pay scales, prof. development are not only tied to assessments, but post-secondary readiness as defined by WIOA.
Then, there are the national surveys. Current appropriations increase these, by the way.
Lastly, each of the States is held to the 95% participants rate for every group and subgroup of students (means every choice of schooling). No exceptions.
When we factor in the micromanaging of AdvancEd, the CCSSO, and other groups, States were being strung along the entire time.


Whoever he’s listening to is not giving him an accurate version of the Act, or he is willfully lying. Either way, you are right; and he is clearly WRONG about what the ESSA does.

#RepealESSA here:
and here:…/


[Name withheld],  it is the latter. Much as [Name withheld] tried to explain what was at stake with nationalizing education, I confronted Congressman Burgess at a Lewisville Area Republican Club meeting. He had me send my concerns surrounding HR 5, which was the House side of ESSA. They were the five points that [Name withheld] had put together in February 2015. Of course, he blew it off because he does know what is best for all of us and our children. Just a side bar note, he told us during that meeting that both of his adult children are school teachers and they hated NCLB. So he reauthorized it, bringing in even more harmful elements with ESSA.


So VERY disappointed in Sen. Burgess. I tried to give him a heads-up prior to ESSA being finalized. If we recall, this was presented, voted on, and signed “overnight” prior to actually “knowing what was in it.” My concerns were totally discounted when I received a response explaining Title 1 to me…..I was the wrong person for that letter. I was told it had to be signed quickly, prior to the next administration coming into office.Then, recently, spoke with Sen. Burgess ever so briefly. but quickly understood that anything I had to offer was being discounted. I, too am concerned as to where his information comes from and to his connections. He has displayed to me in this and in other settings that “he and they” know best. Wrong–oh! so wrong!!


And another post from said group:

The 7-0 rubber stamping votes of School Boards are removing the I in ISD. Who is looking out for the best interests of our children when School Boards block vote to align to a Vision coming from outside independent districts. TASA/TASB are pushing a transformative Vision in the state of Texas. This vision is a shift away from academics to values, attitudes, beliefs and world views. It is Common Core under a different name. The end goal of the vision is online, anywhere, anytime digital/personalized learning. These two taxpayer funded lobbying groups, TASA/TASB stand at odds with traditional public education. If this group is truly for public education and ending Common Core, it is about time the truth is exposed.

And here are some replies to said post:

TASA’s New Vision for education was the springboard for Personalized Learning. We can kiss our teachers goodbye as they are replaced by digital devices and a Teach For America facilitator. Parents won’t have any idea what their children are learning or UN-learning. Parents have no idea today that when billion dollar bond packages are approved by the voters, funds can be reallocated to pay for these types of programs that will remove their children’s opportunity to determine their own futures. The writing is on the wall.


Two Words…Private School. The difference in content and results is pretty stark. Worth every penny!


As the private school does not take penny of public money, your child is safe.


And yet another post from said group:

This is what “Competition” in Education should look like. “Excellence” NOT “Equity” in outcomes. Hard work and a goal to strive for, with people around you who love you enough to push you to reach that goal.

This is what is lost when Education is no longer about giving ALL students a solid foundation in reading, writing, math, and history so they have an equal opportunity at success in life.

Education should NOT be about access to a “Captive Market” for profit for those pushing equity and equal outcomes. “There is a lot of money to be made off of failing schools” as my good friend Ray Myers told me.


Here is a post from an Ohio anti Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

If Mike Pence is saying he killed Common Core in Indiana I believe the people of Indiana are going to call foul. Common Core aligned standards are alive and well in Indiana. Pence did the same as most Governors. Just got rid of the name but not the standards. AIR is partners with SBAC and AIR is bad news. Just ask the people of Utah and Florida. Just do some research on them. BAD BAD NEWS. I have done a ton of research on them. BAD BAD NEWS. AIR is a psychological research company.


I found some posts in reply to this anti-Common Core article:

Parents must take the risk of talking to each other. They are the only ones who have the numbers to make a difference in schools. If they do not speak up and resist the hostage taking of their children, the long cherished freedoms necessary to live according to our beliefs and values will disappear completely.


I am a parent who will talk to other parents, but the other parents don’t want to listen. I am considered the crazy lady. Where I live, the test scores rule and the parents love the testing. The parents are happiest when they can compete, using their children’s test scores, with other parents. I’ve had enough. My daughter will continue in public high school because she has her art and music and friends, but my son will be going to a private, all boy’s high school next year. No Common core, no standardized testing, no AP for all, no SEL, and no ed tech. I will not have my son “Jaked”. He hasn’t liked school since preK and it has only gotten worse every year. 1 day of shadowing at this high school and he has a passion to attend. We will have to pay dearly for it, but it will be worth it to see him enjoy learning and enjoy going to school. It’s a shame that public schools can’t provide a good atmosphere for ALL children.

Oh, my. You’re son’s tale is all too common … and always disturbing. I know all about the “crazy lady” stuff … trust me. I hear that lots … that I am not seeing it as I should.

The sacrifices you are making should have been unnecessary … public education should never have veered down this wretched reform road. Its has so warped itself.


Yes, parents have to speak up, but so too do teachers. We parents can’t do this alone. Teachers – who know better – have to start being part of the resistance. I talk daily to my daughter’s teacher about the madness and she agrees with every word I say and then she does what the principal and the district mandate her to do.

I know it’s hard, I know teachers have families to feed and mortgages to pay and, no, I don’t want teachers to lose their jobs. But somehow teachers have to start talking to each other and uniting and refusing to inflict this abuse on students en masse. United is the only way we – teachers, parents and students – will stand.


At some point … if matters do not become more aligned … the rank and file should separate from the current union leadership which has become completely disconnected from the classroom experience … and deaf to the shouts of teachers.
And parents should jump pat the chance to align with those teachers because that same union leadership has sound out their children.
The day is coming. It is.


I’ve talked to so many teachers and all I get is the same answer…..we work to feed our family and we can’t afford to lose our job. I’m done waiting for teachers to do what is right for children. They are committing child abuse and it’s wrong. I won’t allow it anymore for my rising high schooler son.


I spoke to other parents years ago about Common Core and the data mining. Some seemed to share my concerns, but they basically did nothing to help fight it. The various school staff I spoke with seemed to understand my concerns, but they would not do anything as they did not want to risk losing the funds they receive from the federal and state governments. If I had known about Common Core, CBE, and SEL before my child had started school, I would have home schooled.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

So Humble ISD is offering an app called ihelp to its students. The purpose of the app is for students to announomsly tell teachers and administrative if they are being “bullied”. I’m beginning to research the app created by Anderson software out of Kerrville, but my gut me this is a really bad idea. I have privacy concerns as well as teaching students to not dealing with conflicts face to face, teaching them to be narcs and lastly diverting time and resources implementing this away from actual instruction time.


And here are some replies to said post:

holy crap.




sounds like our HOA – getting neighbors to rat on neighbors


YES, this is a really bad idea!!


And here is another post from said group:

Felt the need to alert parents to the INOVA process (a 3rd party company) that has been implemented in many districts without parent notification.

I received this letter from Canyon Ridge MS letting me know my 7th grader was diagnosed as needing PYSCHO-SOCIAL intervention according to her STAAR scores.

This child has all A’s, never failed a STAAR test, never in trouble, in athletics, and tons of friends. 
She was assigned an adult mentor, met with her mentor, and all of her teachers informed of her psycho-social status prior to this letter which was the first time we heard about it.

I then contacted my other children’s schools and my child at LWBE was also labeled as needing psycho-social intervention. He has never failed a STAAR test either but some how the STAAR results determined his psychological needs. Unlike CRMS, Laura Bush Elementary would have never contacted us about his labeling. We only knew to ask since we received the letter from the middle school. I also contacted the high school and after initially stating they were unsure if they could share my students’ data, I received their INOVA analysis.

I’m sharing this as a concerned parent. I do not have the answers. But I believe parents should be informed at the very least.

alert form.jpg

And here are some replies to said post:

The TEA is also color coding our children’s STAAR End Of Course results. Not the pyscho-social assessments that you post above, but there is no doubt that it’s coming.

Not sure why there are not many more parents alarmed by all of this psychological profiling of our children while at school? Maybe it is because parents are not made aware of the since the privacy laws have been gutted starting with FERPA and Texas HB 2103 passed in the 83rd Legislature.


That is SCARY!!! I would pull my kid out so fast!


Schools need to mind their own business and quit labeling kids with mental disorders for the sole purpose of receiving more money. That’s all this is about. .


Anita Hoge called this mental health piece of HR 5 well before Congress voted on it and its underlying intent, which is to disarm the citizenry. Each child will eventually have a psychological diagnosis under the DSM-V, where there is no “neurotypical” or “normal.” This is why Texas HB 1842 is so harmful because they have included “wraparound” services, such as mental health and yes, it is money grab by that particular industry, but goes far deeper. HR 5 was the precursor to the Every Student Succeeds Act, 2015.


It’s about more than money. It’s the globalist take over. They went after Education starting 100 years ago – to control (indoctrinate) the kids and take away parental authority and give control to the govt. You see how successful they’ve been by looking at the college campuses today and all the protests against everything America stands for.


be aware, I think….how can a STARR test identify emotional or psychological growth? WHAT sorts of questions are the STARR test? this is wrong. Get to the district…with 100’s of other parents


Scary is right. If this was my child, I would refuse to participation. The word homeschool comes to mind.


I guarantee that unless you actually do homeschool, there will be no refusing to participate.


I read it as “Since you are not influencing your own child to think like we want them to, we are inserting an adult that is not of your choosing into your childs life so that THEY can have that influence” Divide and conquer


Governor Greg Abbott’s appointed Commissioner of Education is advocating the state have formalized standards and assessments evaluating and collecting data on the social and emotional state of Texas students? Basically psychologically profiling students for the workforce. What is interesting is that is exactly the same thing pushed as part of the “New Common Core” as stated by Rep. Tim Ryan – Ohio while debating the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA). Now why was Commissioner Mike Morath suggesting the “Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability fall in line with the federal mandates of ESSA?


This is scary stuff…. Home education is the answer. Texas is one of the best states to home education. Each home schooled family is looked at as a private school in Texas. I home educated both of our children and enjoyed the process and love the results.

 My first thought is this supposedly going to students with IQ above 130? Gifted students are often different in social skills.

I am against attempts to make students with IQs designated as higher intelligence, especially those over 160, as needing pyscho-social because they process differently. I am one of those people and so are my two children, and I am for schools accepting students in profound IQ levels as they are without trying to make them more “normal” in thought processing, not asking too many questions, and having too high of a goal or what looks like over achievement. On the latter, a profoundly gifted person is excited to have challenges to solve and goals to strive for.

In my high school, I did have mentors in different fields. It was tremendously helpful to have adult conversation and learn real skills to match my interests. This was to help me develop, and I continue the practice of mentorship as an adult.

However, IF this is part of social engineering to conform, it needs to hit trash dump. A friend of mine, a Taiwan native, moved to the US this summer with her daughter and American husband. She looked at her 4th grader’s homework and said that is common core. She said they tried that type of Math in Taiwan and it failed. They went back to the old way of math. She knows social engineering. She’s not a fan.


My 1st reply to posting this on Nextdoor was, “we should be appreciative of the extra support”. She won’t like my response, maybe I went too far -> “So you would be ok with someone you don’t know, never met, had no option to talk to, deciding your child needs ‘help’? What do they base that decision on, “whether the child came from a Christian family” or maybe “is straight” or maybe comes from a home that “believes in the 2nd Amendment” or likes our current POTUS? This is just a cover for ‘authorities’ to monitor your child, collect data; and will not be used in the best interest of the child. It’s like the schools now introducing 5 year olds to gender identity, gender confusion. They pushed the ‘it’s ok to have sex issue’, it’s ok to have an abortion without parental consent, then it’s ok to be ‘gay issue’ and now it’s ok to be any ‘gender you feel like’. What’s next? How to handle these issues belong to the parents, not the school, not the govt.”


I posted the following questions on Nextdoor and the disturbing responses only raised more questions:

“Anyone know how LISD and INOVA manages data on your child if the system labels them as needing “psycho-social” support? How is the data reported/flagged on their records? What, if any, impact will that have on future job & entrance applications, especially to military academies or justice system careers? Still would like to know the algorithm used by INOVA to label a student as a prospect for “psycho-social” support, especially for a straight A student who excels on STAAR tests, is engaged in athletics and other extra-curricular and leadership activities, and has a strong family & social network. Is parental permission a prerequisite for participation?”

One response from an LISD teacher:
“As a teacher I have used INOVA. The mentor-ship is awesome and a benefit to all students! If your concerned though I would contact the school admin. They can better explain the data that has been used to calculate this and what the psycho-social domain really means. It’s not as crazy as it sounds! In my experience when I mentored a student through this program I just met with the student a couple times a week. We talked about school related topics and non school related topics- the conversation was really student led and driven. My mentee would help me out in my classroom and we cultivated a great relationship. When it came time for any test (not just STAAR) we would talk about strategies and the student knew that another person in the school was supporting and encouraging them!

“In my experience this information is not stored in such a way that it will be shared with future colleges,military,jobs etc. The goal of the program is to help each student excel and to support them in different ways. The INOVA process just helps to identify what kind of support will be the most beneficial for the student. When we used INOVA it was not necessary for parental consent as the students were not being given counseling. It more about having an adult at school building an intentional relationship to support the student. I’m sure if you inquire with the administration they will be happy to share who your child’s mentor is!

“Also I’m not sure of the exact algorithm. I was trained about it and remember it as very complicated. However, your child who is excelling in sports and academics may be categorized as psycho-social simply because based on their score they just need continued support. It does not mean that they are not supported or lack support from home. I think that the category “psycho-social” sounds so much more harsh than what it really means.”


Well my post on Nextdoor was not well received. Someone even reported it as inappropriate content. Maybe they want to use this as an excuse to abdicate their responsibility…


Leander ISD taxpayers are currently on the hook for over $29k for every LISD student, more than Houston ISD and Austin LISD…combined. Leander ISD board members are asking voters to approve a $454M bond package (all or none), or another $12k debt per student at the current enrollment level. Bear in mind these numbers do not include the annual maintenance and operations budget.

The voting booth is a good place to start in telling the school district “NO”.


[Name withheld] is correct it’s about disarming the citizenry . It’s happening at the pediatrician too. We don’t answer the questions . You can opt of if the Test. The school will make it difficult and try to scare you though.


The latest victim in the PC attack on our schools is the book “To Kill a Mockingbird”:


Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

“X rated warning”

I’ve debated for three days about putting this on FB, but finally decided too for one reason: we still haven’t gotten an acceptable answer.

I’m so sick to my stomach over this, and I’m worried that there are a lot of parents that have no idea that this has been taking place in Jay Middle School this week (7th and 8th Grade). If you were aware of the classes, and the material being taught, and you are okay with it—then good for you (that is completely your decision, and I respect that). Jake and I did not know. Before I start, please let me get something straight: I’m taking my teacher hat off for this post (even though it infuriates the teacher in me also). I am after all, a mother first. So the following is a Momma speaking, and a very mad one at that……

Like I said, Jake and I didn’t know. At least not until Wednesday, when our TWELVE year old daughter called (in tears) asking to be checked out. She had just spent her third day in this class, where boys and girls are combined, and male and female instructors take turns “teaching” our kids about sex education. Obviously sex education has taken a huge turn since I was in school. My daughter handed me a workbook, a workbook that she was supposed to be bringing home each night so that parents can continue the conversation about what was discussed in class. She hadn’t done that….and in her shaky little voice, said “she was too embarrassed.” She begged me not to make her go back to this class. After opening the workbook, I understood why. I was appalled at what what someone in our school system had deemed appropriate to talk to my child about. My TWELVE year old child (who still colors in coloring books). In a room where boys and girls are combined. With male instructors (or female, depending on the time of day, I guess) who are not teachers (or Nurses) in our school system.

Her father and I were (and still are) LIVID.

Yes, [name withheld] and I contacted the school immediately (the teacher, the principal, the counselor, and the school nurse) We were told that “pamphlets” were sent home a week ago letting parents know that they were going to be discussing sex education. We never saw a pamphlet….so we didn’t have the opportunity to get her out of the class before it started. Signatures for permission were NOT required, but you could opt out (depending on who you talk too, because we got different answers on the permission part). This “pamphlet” they keep talking about tells me a couple of things…..mainly that we have educators, and administrators, in our school system that need to be educated on how to properly let parents know about such a touchy and personal subject: 1. You simply do NOT trust a child to handle such an important subject on their own (ever), and then simply take the child’s word for it. 2. We have an amazing thing in our school: it’s called an ALL CALL, where parents all receive a call to watch for important information (it’s really awesome, and it’s usable for EVERYthing 👍🏻). Lastly, after visiting with some parents who did see the pamphlets, we learned that those pamphlets did not do justice to what was fixing to be talked about in the class. They most certainly did NOT say, “hey moms and dads we’re gonna be teaching your very young sons and daughters about masturbating by themselves (and mutual masturbation with partners), spend some time talking about oral sex, and anal sex……not to mention, we’re going to tell the boys “that when they are going down on a girl, and it looks like cauliflower, you need to just get up out of there.” YES, that was actually a comment used during class (by a male instructor). 😡 That is NOT sex Ed. That is degrading to the little girls sitting in the class, and it’s teaching the boys sitting in the class that it’s okay to talk that way. Not acceptable, my friends…..absolutely not acceptable for twelve year old ears. Honestly, it’s not acceptable talk EVER.

The teacher said it was board approved. The school counselor said it was board approved. The school nurse said it was board approved. The Principal said, “HE approved it and there was nothing wrong with it.” Well, Mr. Principal, sorry but that’s not your decision to make about my child….feel free to make it about your own, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to sit by quietly after you made the decision about what was appropriate sexual language to use around my child. What you approved, allowed someone to assault my child’s little mind, and her innocence.

The three board members we talked to took the time to listen to us (which we greatly appreciated), seemed genuinely appalled over the material and language that was being used, and also told us that this was not board approved. They promised to look into the situation, and I believe that they did (or will).

The Superintendent still hasn’t returned our calls (after three days). The Principal also won’t return our calls to let us know if this situation has been addressed. We were told by a board member that the Superintendent was told to “address the situation,” or they would. We don’t know if it has been addressed, or what the decision was, because no one thinks it’s important to call us back. Even if the class has been stopped (as we’ve heard through the rumor mill), you can’t undo what was already done to these kids. Also, a return call (with an apology) to every upset parent seems pretty appropriate in this situation….that’s just basic common sense.

I realize not all children this age are innocent. I realize the statistics in our county, and our schools, concerning teen pregnancy. It’s sad, it truly is. But this?!? This was not the way to go about fixing that problem. THIS was an assault of MY child’s innocence and mind. It is just not okay.

And all we are hearing are crickets.
Crickets piss me off.

evil quiz

And here are some replies to said post:

Ummmmm…..this Momma had no idea either. [Name withheld] did tell me that they were having a sex ed class and her homework was to ask me a question about how I would feel if she were to get pregnant and how it would change our family. I never ever in a MILLION years dreamed it would be like this! I’m appalled. I did ask her why she didn’t get a permission slip for the class and she told me that they didn’t require it unless your parents didn’t want you to attend. I never saw the note and never saw any pamphlet. I will be addressing this as well. I cannot believe the school thinks they have the right to subject OUR children to this kind of material. No wonder [name withheld] didn’t say anything. I’m sure she was completely embarrassed by it all. My emotions are all over the place right now… We try so hard as parents to protect our babies…only to find out the school we trust them to has undermined our rights.


What my child just told me about the sex ed class she was in at the school…WOW….the instructor did things that were way uncalled for!!!! I never got a pamphlet either….that Robo call sure would of let me know what was going on!!!!


I would be livid as well!!! I had already decided that my kids will b homeschooled after elementary because of the Sex Ed talks starting in 3rd grade! “Where not to touch each other” is MY conversation with MY children.


I no longer have children in the public school system, but I do have nephews and nieces. I, at one time worked there. I am totally disgusted with what I have seen, read, and heard. If you want parents involved, use some common sense. Kids barely remember homework, let alone notes, for mom and dad to sign. Who now will be held accountable? Are we going to blame the kids for not getting the slip home? Or does it fall back where it belongs, to the administration for not reviewing the content of the so-called lesson?


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Experimental Social Emotional learning (SEL) is enveloped in WHOLE CHILD and now Whole Schools initiatives. Confused yet? These experiments are to monitor and gather data on morals, values, alter mindsets and record behavioral responses. Via surveys and specialized lessons. It’s no wonder STATE ESSA PLANS have not YET included “measurements” because it’s social EXPERIMENTATION on children. But DON’T think for a second it’s not in YOUR SCHOOL. It is.
Federally, Title IV contains most of the SEL grant programs. There is $1.2 billion for 21st Century Community Learning Centers that President Trump tried to cut, but the Congress only cut about $200 million so far. Title IV also contains the Safe and Supportive Schools Program which is new in ESSA and which Congress is liberally funding, regardless of party $4-500 Million..


Here is a post that was shared in a Utah anti-Common Core group:

This warning given to parents at a school demonstrates that the government does not want children who are capable of critiquing the narrative of the mainstream media or of government. They want completely “unradical” thinkers who follow orders.

 government spying
Another “tolerance and acceptance” session that is actually a Gay/Trans Agenda indoctrination session.  This one even had kids separated into groups by sexual orientation and their religious preferences:
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Hi Thank you for the add. I live in Ohio, espec in an area where they all drink the Koolaid… no support where I live. Zero. I am the ONLY parent who pulls her kids out of AIR testing twice a year. This year, is different as I face another obstacle as my child is in 3rd grade and “by law” she has to “show she passes”. Long story short, I am fighting it and even offered to have her take a lesser of evils test (the IOWA or terra nova) but I have not gotten final verdict yet on this battle.
I need to get some experience and wisdom from those in neighboring districts to fight against the 3rd grade reading guarantee. First, I need to find the draft that the ODE sent to the feds last month regarding the ESSA revision. I cannot locate it! Second, I need to know if ANYONE on here can interpret, plainly, the ORC specifically regarding the law on this. I know there are provisions in the “law” but of course, they do not spell it out. Lastly, it is ludicrous to threaten to hold my honor student 3d grader back for 4th simply over a standardized AIR test I refuse. Anyone else dealt with such threats? They woudn’t dare; I have enough evidence to support my side and I would fight it. Worst they could do is hold her back for reading only. Big whoop. (and she is above average in reading BTW; goes to show everything rests on the glorified state sanctioned AIR test). Lastly, there is no State House Rep except Brenner who is on our side here. I have a meeting with him Monday and he is not even my state representative, but he runs the education committee in the house so that’s a start.
TIA of any help you can provide
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

SAGE is NOT dead. It’s just been rebranded, again. They’ve kept all the same questions, just a new IT firm, basically. A very important note. VERY important.

This same firm administers the test in Tennessee. Last year they botched it so bad the entire end of year test was cancelled, half way through the testing window. This year over 10,000 tests were incorrectly graded, resulting in investigations. And, Tennessee purchased Utah’s questions, thus this is the identical test, just different name.

I’m very disappointed certain groups are boasting the death of SAGE. Either they’re naive, or in on the deception.


And here is a reply to said post:

Utah’s newest assessment company Questar is part of a worldwide assessment collaboration supporting interoperable assessments. This was a collaboration started under Obama’s Race To The Top program so that online daily assessments could drive online curriculum.

Here’s a little bit of history:
The Obama administration brought together IMS Global and Bill Gates’ SIF Association. They developed common technology standards to create a standardized education market–worldwide. The entire world started shifting into Common Core 7 years ago. (The typical life cycle for education standards is 7-10 years, by design). We are at 7 years since adoption. Now, Common Core standards are morphing into the International Society for Technology in Education Standards (ISTE). Look up ISTE and Obama Foundation. You’ll see that global citizenship and online curriculum aligned to the UN’s 2030 goals is the goal.

One of the first counties to get on IMS Global’s common technology standards was Gwinnett County, Georgia. They are one of the counties that started working with AIR, the CCSSO, CASEL and the pro-transgender Novo Foundation to use technology to push the transgender agenda in schools.

The ISTE standards, and this global assessment collaboration, are designed to drive America away from assessing academics and into assessing children’s social-emotional “skills”, i.e.; values, attitudes and behaviors.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core  group:

Not one Texas state legislator voted against HB 2103 during the 83rd Legislative Session that followed on the heels of Obama’s gutting of the FERPA law, where our students’ Personally Identifiable Information is up for grabs for the federal and state governments, nonprofits and foundations, marketing firms, anybody. Texas has its own SLDS system and it was setup with the stimulus money from TARP in 2009.

Now that the federal legislation Every Student Succeeds Act is law, andeverybody needs to understand that this is a mental health bill that allows your school district and private school–if they take a penny of public funding– to psychologically profile your child, any company or nonprofit can use your child’s PII for any purpose as long as they state that it is for “education research.”

A group of parents from Leander ISD, which is in the Austin area, were outraged to find out that their children had already been psycho-socially assessed in preparation of the STAAR. It was publicly announced that Splendora ISD in Texas had a data hack of the students’ information in that school district. The Texas Education Agency is in the current process of having approving a reciprocity agreement with other states so that the information being collected on our children can be shared.

What are the long-term impacts of these data breaches and psychological assessments to our children’s future?


Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:

Here is the latest survey going around our district. I got the parental permission slip for our Elementary school, but don’t expect it from the High School. I’m ok, I’ve opted my children out of all surveys and questionnaires. Curious what you think??

sneaky survey

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

My child in 9th has NO books for Global History 1 and none for Science – Living Environment. The students are given notes only – some from questionable sources.

Are any of your high schoolers experiencing this?


And here are some replies to said post:

We are paying for books. Our Taxes pay for books and Certified Teachers. Where is our refunds?


Yes, with the new standards a lot of districts either haven’t had the money to invest in new curriculum or are weeding through their options.


My daughters living environment teacher spoke about this on back to school night – he USES the text book in class with them – also said what we ALL KNOW that info learned straight from the computer does not stay in their heads


My 9th grader doesn’t have a history book either he has to do all his research for a project online


They’ve blown it all on technology they’ll cram in where ever they can … to prove they didn’t waste what we all know they wasted.


My daughter is in 7th and they got chrombooks this year. I thought the Chromebooks would be cool but its actually a hassle. The teachers kick the kids off websites they dont “approve” even if they are using them for homework. And yes, they are also without books for most classes!


my son has absolutely no textbooks at all in high school. it’s ridiculous


Same in middle school. No textbooks anymore. With exception of honors science. And now that has turned common core too.


this is the first time my son has had a textbook for Math in 7 years. My daughter hasn’t had a math textbook in probably 6 years. No text for Global 2, or Economics. We have never had anything other than the novels and handouts in ELA.


Thank you for all the feedback. This is not acceptable to me at all. Some of the notes for Global (re. World Religions and War and Peace) are from a British website called ‘learn peace – a peace pledge union project’) – something is seriously wrong here! I guess I’l be having yet another discussion at the school again tomorrow……


My 6th grader told me today they aren’t allowed to take textbooks from classroom which is why they have a chrome book to use. I’m getting old.


Here is a primer on what [Name withheld] and other have been trying to explain to parents for years. There are a small number of GIANT corporations running the worldwide textbook industry. Pearson (from the old 3-8 CC tests), McMillan, etc. Because several states like Texas, NY, and California have curriculum set at the state level, each has specific content that has to be presented in certain courses and there is also content that they don’t want included. It makes it very difficult to produce unified textbooks, (If you have a child in Chemistry, for example, look at their book. It will say that it meets NY Regents Standards, and you will see that some chapters are missing.) Also, with the high cost of hiring highly qualified staff writers who are usually former educators in each field, these companies have found a way to maximize profits and cut operating expenses. These giant corporations send projects out for bid to smaller companies (and many of these smaller companies are now being purchased by Indian investors.) They try to negotiate for the lowest possible price and set very short deadlines–I have heard of 4 days (over a weekend for multiple modules for a grade level.) In order to be able to afford to meet he contract requirements for the money offered, these companies use freelancers–low salary per project writers who work without benefits and have to meet tight deadlines. They are often recent college graduates who cannot find full time work. The deadlines for writing and editing are very short, which can affect quality, and the projects can be cancelled by the big companies at any time if it looks like deadlines will be late or costs will increase. These contracts are not for entire textbooks, but for “modules” that can be delivered online. (Think the worksheets that teachers download or the websites that classes use.) This is tied to the big push to increase the use of electronics in the classroom–a tablet or chromebook for every students.

FYI, if you look at school district budgets, they allocate a certain amount of money each year for textbooks. That doesn’t mean that every grade or every subject will get books. They still use some books for a decade or more. BUT, that allocation for “textbooks” is not strictly for physical texts. It is also used to license some of the online content–to gain access to those websites that some classes use. Even on college campuses now, some courses have website fees that students must pay to access some of the course content. If your high school child is taking a course for SUNY credit through DCC, they will have a textbook, but you will have to but it from the college–and they range from about $150 for the books for English 101 and 102 to $190 for the text for DCC psychology. And this is not for the profit of the college, it is the price set by—-the giant textbook companies.


I have also heard many of these books (whether physical or online) in colleges are written by professors and it was required to use the most recent version that may have had only a paragraph change. As for the costs …my nephew was a RIT…he had one cost $600!! My sister told me there was a site where you could buy and resell. Either way…it is a scam.


There are no tablets or Chromebooks in her school – yet. They just got their Smart Schools Bond Act money, so wifi will be going in ‘soon’. Oh, joy, I can’t wait – sarcasm intended….


What district? Some of us on the Wappingers SSBA committee wanted to prioritize school safety over the purchase of chromebooks and iPads with SSBA money. All projects have to be submitted to the state and approved before any money actually comes from the state (the district has to pay and then get reimbursed), so nothing is done regarding a school’s plan until approval comes from NYSED. It should be public record with your district as to what plans they have submitted to the state. And, the fees for access to the material can be teacher access to download worksheets and utilize powerpoints or other materials on the Smartboard.




I’m out here in Indiana, so it might be a long shot for NYS. My son (9th grade) has no books at all, just the iPad. Since he has an IEP I demand a book. All, with the exception of his ELA teacher, loaded his “textbooks” to their classroom site and I can now see what he is learning. It’s a long shot but demand the textbooks be available online.
 not so far fetched — I was able to by pass google classroom — demanding pen/paper …”it slows the brain down” — helps to absorb the work far better …. I am curious, now, I may attempt it …….. one big obstacle I see and came across it with the google classroom, was the child —- “everyone else is doing google classroom” 😦
My fear is…the day will come when there are no books but only technology which is controlled and then wiped ….and then so will history
BINGO! I feel it happening already, I just need more proof!
 I know a district where the teachers were forbidden to give out textbooks by admin
I just sat down yesterday with my 6th grader for social studies. No textbook. Just a packet. The first two sentences I read out loud to my husband because I could not believe what it said..”Where is the source?” The material could be made up by anyone….🙄
The lack of textbooks is just another way to distance parents from what their children are learning..
Yes. For a few years now!
Impossible to follow science. Hand outs for Social Studies were very Global Progressive. In 7th/8th grade, the Civil War was cut out altogether, and since I had 2 boys only one grade apart, it was a small laugh hearing the excuses as to why this had to happen. Sudden shifts in Top Down were blamed, but I tell all my friends to “blame me” for stuff I can’t possibly be confronted about too. 😏
Here are some posts on the city-data forum about Common Core:

We only had about a year’s exposure to CC-like math before my kids hit high school. Biggest problem I had with the math was it took a lot of steps and a trip all around Robin Hood’s barn (as my mother would have said) to do what could be done simply using classical math. It was a nightmare for my son and neither I (physicist) nor my daughter (only a couple years older) could decipher the methods and help him. That is I could read the problem and teach him the right way to do it, but could not help with the method the school wanted to use.

In a few years it will be in the discredited pile with other “modern” pedagogy schemes that try to teach tricks around math rather than getting the fundamentals in place first.

Common core math takes a simple concept and doubles or triples the amount of steps involved and doubles or triples the amount of time needed to solve a problem and just flat out complicates everything. Then educators, and I use the term loosely, explain in bureaucratic gobbledygook why it’s better to do math this way.

Second graders do not need number sense. Nor do third, fourth and fifth graders. They need to learn the concepts first and the more abstract, higher level reasoning second. All this new math does is complicate what should be a somewhat easy concept like division or even addition.

It drives me bonkers that my kids understand the old way of doing division, multiplication, subtraction and addition very easily. They picked it up fast. The new math just confuses the hell out of them. And it makes them feel stupid. How is this good for students?

I’ve said this innumerable times, all these reforms over the last 30 years have been aimed at the lowest 20%. NCLB, Race to the Top, STEM, Common Core, PARCC. All of them. Gates did throw money at school systems for AP but one of the strings was that every kid in an AP class had to take the exam.

Exactly. $$$. So they create a “new” way so they can sell more.

Education used to be about teaching to the middle, with assistance/opportunities given to the lower/higher levels of students. Now, it’s teaching to the LOWEST denominator, classes full of inclusion students who are in academically inappropriate classes.

It’s a disaster and creating kids who cannot do math. Every parent I’ve talked to says the same thing, common core math is idiotic. And kids who have learned how to add/subtract/multiply/divide by parents are PENALIZED for knowing how to do it.

It’s stupidity teaching it this way. I’ve also had teachers say that if they had school-age kids now, they would homeschool them, and teach them the simplest/effective way to do math. CC math is not math. It’s procedure for procedure sakes.

As predicted: The new ways are bad. The old ways were good enough despite the mounds of evidence showing otherwise. Who do people think is behind Common Core anyway? Has it been Putin all along?

As America’s education system continues to absorb more & more third world immigrants, the system has to keep lowering it’s standards. That 20% (which typically includes inner-city schools, ESL students, etc) just continues to grow, so both the standards & teaching methods will keep getting lower & simpler. Some ppl have a hard time accepting this, either for emotional or political reasons..but it is what it is..

I remember about a decade ago, I was living in California, & too many California students were failing English.. so a proposed solution was to simply no longer require proficient English as a standard for graduation. The bar has to get lower & lower for kids to pass. It’s becoming an unfortunate game; where the standards have to keep dropping/changing so graduation rates will look good.

It’s ridiculous and I personally don’t know any parent who actually likes it! My husband is a Mechanical Engineer so he knows his math and he had to google how to do Common Core so he could help my 4th grader with her math! My kids learned it while we lived in Illinois, but we now live in Indiana where Common Core is not pushed down our throats, thank goodness!!

At some point it will be thrown out the door as its just not practical and it doesn’t make the child learn any more than the old simple way. If anything it just confuses kid!

When our elementary school has to have classes for the PARENTS of 3rd graders just to explain how to help their kids with their math homework, it’s absurd. And I live in one of the wealthiest areas of the city, so most of these parents have college degrees, many more than one. Heck, one of the parents who went is a freakin’ pediatrician, and even she needed a class to figure it out.
Same thing happened to my neighbor’s kid. Very bright, always got good grades, knows how to add/subtract/multiply/divide. But is now getting poor grades in CC math, and he even told me he is doing “bad in math”. It’s horrendous.

My daughter never struggled with math – ever. Aced it, in fact, including getting a 98% and the standardized state and district assessments. As soon as common core was introduced, her grades started slipping. She asked me to help her with long division. So I said, “OK, what’s the first step you’re going to do?” She immediately started drawing a bunch of circles. WTH??? I asked, “Why are you doing that?” She said because that’s the way they “had to” do it. I asked her if she could do it another way, and she did the plain, old-fashioned method and solved the problem (correctly), in just a few seconds. There is something wrong with that.

I teach Algebra 1 to 9th graders, so I have seen some of the ill-effects. (I am in a Catholic school and the diocese has not “really” implemented the common core).

But, it’s been the same way for years, in both public and private schools where I’ve worked. By 9th grade, the average student has still not mastered addition and subtraction with negative numbers. The reason that I’ve come up with after 9 years? That they are simply being taught to memorize rules, and not what they are actually doing. And they are taught to memorize rules in silly ways: songs (“Same signs add and keep, different signs subtract,” blah blah sung to Row, Row, Row, your boat), annoying acronyms (KFC: Keep-Flip-Change), etc etc etc. They learn a klitschy saying as a way to memorize a rule, then use that rule and ONLY THAT RULE for days and days and days until they think that is the only way to do it. And then apply that rule to every situation they come across. So, so wrong.

I really feel that this is due to a lack of number sense among the teachers. If they themselves struggle with negative integer operations, they have difficulty teaching it. One of my personal pet peeves is students change a problem involving subtraction into “adding the opposite” example: 6 – 9, they change to 6 + -9. It REALLY comes back to haunt them when they are solving equations.

I spend a lot of time at the beginning of Alg. 1 trying to get the kids to un-learn the silly memorization and to try to develop some number sense. I show the subtraction/addition with a number line (- move to the left, + move to the right), I show them with the memorized “short cuts”, I talk about exchanging money, etc etc. In recent years I have started to use an analogy with magnets. Kids know that + and – ends of a magnet attract. So, in the above problem 6 – 9, I draw 6 +’s and 9 -‘s and “match up” a positive with a negative. I then ask how many are leftover and what are they…and that is the answer. It’s amazing to suddenly see a light bulb or two go off. I usually say something like, “Oh, did you just suddenly understand the last 2 years of math?” And they usually say yes.

We also start it too early. I do not think that some students have the brain development in 6th or 7th grade to grasp the concept of a negative number.

So, number sense is MOST DEFINITELY needed first. I try to teach my kids WHY we do what we do – I still, every year, can’t believe the number of kids who tell me that they had never seen integer operations done with a number line before. To me, that seems pretty basic!

Good number sense goes beyond being able to do quick mental math. Many kids couldn’t tell you which fraction is larger: 1/2 or 1/4. I had a surprisingly high number of students this year tell me that 1/4 is larger because 4 is bigger than 2 … seriously?!

I also try to remove the “fear” of fractions. Example: Simplify 1/2(4x – 6) using the distributive property. Rather than having them actually multiple the fractions, I ask “What’s half of 4?” “What’s half of 6?” They can usually answer those questions easily…but without my prompting many would not think to do that.

Sorry for the rant, but number sense is most definitely necessary before “memorizing the rules to do it quickly.”

As a parent who has had to deal with “helping” my children work with Common Core, I find it absolutely ridiculous. I have seen my daughters bring home papers where they got the correct answer, but didn’t do the problem exactly the way that was expected (because the methods being taught were ridiculously overcomplicated) and were marked off for not doing the problem correctly. Sorry, but math is math. If a 10-year-old can sit down and do long-form division or multiplication correctly, is it really necessary to force them to draw squares, lines, dots, and cubes to do math?

While the concept of Common Core might be good (the official explanation of the concept is nearly as complicated as the actual implementation of the program), it’s hard to get behind a program that punishes a child for finding the correct answer, no matter what method they used.

You don’t need a degree in education to see how utterly ridiculous common core math is. Someone with a high school education can see it. I’ll go up against any common core student and I’ll run circles around them when it comes to doing math. You can pull your I’m better than you because I’m an educator routine, but there are millions of other people who have seen what a farce common core math is and that’s why it’s being replaced in so many states. And in a few years another egghead educator will come along with something even worse and common core math will be history, unless fed up parents start attending school board meetings and holding board members accountable.
It chafes me when my kid can solve a division problem using the old way very easily getting the right answer only to have it marked wrong on a test because he didn’t do it the “right” way. That’s not education, IMO.

I wish I could remember the name of the curriculum that my son’s school used for reading a few years back. They used it for I think 2, 3 years? It was a DISASTER. The kids weren’t learning how to read, they were bored out of their skulls, the teachers were frustrated etc. The district chucked it and reading scores went up. Imagine that.

Sometimes ideas look good on paper but fail IRL. Just because something is new, doesn’t mean its good.

I cannot adequately express how horrible the implementation of CC math has been for so many of my friend’s children- these kids are all in CA. We left CA for TX and while the math being taught here isn’t completely different, my husband and I are still able to help our kids with their work.

My daughter’s graduating high school class was over 2/3 third world immigrants for whom English was not their first language, and for whom English was never spoken at home. Many were intergenerational families — Grandma & Grandpa lived with them, and of course neither Grandma nor Grandpa spoke any English at all.

About 12% of my daughter’s graduating class matriculated as Freshmen at MIT. A much larger percentage matriculated as Freshmen at the Ivys (my duaghter chose Columbia), Stanford & Berkeley, with a few students choosing Duke, Northwestern or the University of Chicago. A handful were quite specialized: one decided on Alfred University’s specialized College of Ceramics Engineering and another chose the Colorado School of Mines while a third chose Cornell’s Hotel School. And some just went to state schools.

Had parents go to school day here. We go through a mini day of our child’s classes. The emphasis was over and over again that they will be on the same page as each other so the child can feel free to switch classes if there’s an issue. Not one….seriously not one…spoke of what the curricula was, just that it was uniform. Then the teachers spoke on behavioral expectations. They gave links to textbook prepared trainings available online in case someone doesn’t understand something. They were completely dead.

Can’t blame them….they’re now powerless. They may as well now be facilitators of the products showcased via centralized purchasing activity. As long as they maintain control, or at least semblance of control….

Over half of the kids in kid’s class attend an afterschool. Mine wants to go to make sure she learns, because she know’s she’s screwed if she doesn’t. Never mind that she got straight A’s last year….that’s her stress and she wants someone to teach her….because if she misses something, she and her classmates know that they’re all screwed, and someone’s going to have to google up the logic.

All children have been left behind. Common core is going to leave a marked weakness gap in an entire generation….the problem is, a simple recall may no longer work. The teachers that taught are leaving. Teacher pay is pretty good for glorified babysitters though. Countries developed pronounced impressions on their people. Some emphasize answer memorization over concept comprehension and self application.

We will produce the best behaved, compliant and utterly commoditized student base ever known to exist.

My son did “public school online” just for math one year. I want to say it was 6th grade. It wasn’t a good fit for us at all. One of the questions was something like:

“Susan works for the cable company. She needs to find out how many televisions people on Main Street have in their homes. She goes door-to-door and writes down the number of televisions each household has. Below is the data. Would it make more sense to report the mode, median, or mean to her employer?”

Data: 2, 1, 3, 3, 2, 2, 6, 1, 1, 0, 2, 4, 3

Just… what?

Another was something like, “Liz has 8 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, 3 skirts, and 3 pairs of shoes. How many different outfits can she make? Draw a picture to show your work.”

They wanted a picture of nearly 200 outfits? 

I’m trying to remember if he did the whole year or just the first semester before we switched to something else and I’m not sure.

I’m glad I remembered this post. I received an email from my daughter’s fifth-grade math teacher today asking me to come in for a conference because my daughter is having trouble with the class. It happened to come on a day when I was already planning on sitting with my daughter as she logged onto the Edmodo website (a teaching website used by my daughter’s school, for those that aren’t familiar).

They are working on long division, dividing four digit numbers by a single digit number. Now, my daughter already knows how to do long division with a little bit of prompting. But after watching the video lesson that was included I quickly came to realize why she is having an issue. This was not division.

The problem to solve was 7152 divided by 8. Simple, right? Not so much. Here is how they were expected to do it:

Multiple 8 by hundreds (8×100, 8×200, 8×300, etc.) until you reach a number that is more than what will go into 7152. The highest number that fits is written under the 7152, and you subtract to get the next problem. You then write the multiplier that got you that number (in this case 800) above the bracket. Now, you take the remainder of your original math problem and move it over to the side, and then you multiply 8 by tens (8×10, 8×20, 8×30, etc.) to get the highest number that goes into the number that you just moved. We’re halfway done!!!!! Your next step is to write the multiplier on the same line as the original multiplier – but separate from it – and do the subtraction to get your new remainder. Then you move that remainder to the side of the problem and you multiply 8 by ones (8×1, 8×2, 8×3, etc.) to get the number that fits. Write your multiplier up on the top line, do the subtraction to make sure the problem zeroes out, then add the three numbers that you came up with (800+90+4) to get the actual answer to the problem, which is 894. You’d think we’d be done now, but you’d be wrong. Now you have to multiply 894 by 8 to make sure that you get 7152 in order to check your work. All of this had to be done on paper to be turned in to the teacher, and the answer also had to be entered into the Edmodo site.

Needless to say, the conference that I will be attending with my daughter’s math teacher probably won’t be fun for any of us. This process was confusing to me, a middle-aged man who has no problem doing long division in my head the “old-fashioned” way, and it was confusing to my wife, a woman who literally works with numbers all day long.

Any teacher who thinks that Common Core is a good thing, please explain to me why we are turning a 20-minute homework assignment into a 2-3 hour ordeal by adding confusing and illogical processes to the equation. Perhaps you can keep me from losing my cool with the teacher and the school district by explaining how making math more confusing for children is a better way to teach them.

Yes, to all of this!!!

You hit the nail on the head. It is SO frustrating to see your child struggle with what should be simple concepts. But its like we’re stuck. Many of us really don’t have a choice but to go along with this nonsense because we don’t have any real alternatives.

Making math more confusing for children, or even their parents, is not a better way to teach them.

It might help if you keep in mind that quite a few teachers don’t like this type of math either, I would go so far as to claim the majority at the elementary level don’t. There have been teachers at PD sessions who have cried over this. There have been a number of schools/school systems where teachers have been put on work improvement plans for agreeing with parents that it is awful or for trying to get around teaching that way.

The math standards written in the Common Core, which in turn dictate the current teaching methods and modalities you are complaining about, are not good. They need to be revised. They are based on research, however it is my belief along with a lot of other educators that causation confusion and erroneous conclusions were not only made but acted on. If you read much education research you know that faulty generalizations and/or conclusions are a not an uncommon problem, which is why it has been a good thing that in the past there has generally been a natural limited field testing since school boards had to one by one buy into new stuff since we didn’t have standardized curriculmn. Unfortunately, this method of strictly inquiry based modality instruction, where alternate solving and multi-step estimation is emphasized, became vogue with the movers and shakers in math education at this same time there has been a rush for all core content to have national standards and pressure was put on governors to adopt it. By the way, math is not the only subject involved in Core Content even though it’s the only one you hear about.

However, the bottom line is, getting upset at the teacher, who might be under threat of a bad evaluation if it is found out she did anything but support it to a parent, is not going to help. Chances are she would love to change it. If you are serious about doing something that might lead to change gather like minded parents and address your elected school board.

Teachers also have to sign docs about the CC. I think they aren’t permitted to bad mouth it or discuss certain things about it. You might want to check your district and see if the teachers were expected to sign agreements about it. Might help you navigate the conversation if you understand why the teacher is pushing back.
Here is a post from an anti-Leftist group:

my granddaughter attends Cal State Fullerton. Milo will be speaking there next week. The dean of students sent this letter via email to the students. I am outraged. She accuses anyone who doesn’t think like her of being intolerant. It is a letter designed to divide, insight violence, and spread lies and hate. Please do something. I want it given to Sean Hannity as well.

Leftist thought police
A gender-confused teacher was awarded $60K from a school district after they refused to call her “they”:
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

What’s going on in America ? Is there any hope for our country ?
After being interviewed by the school administration, the prospective teacher said: “Let me see if I’ve got this right.

You want me to go into that room with all those kids, correct their disruptive behavior, observe them for signs of abuse, monitor their dress habits, censor their T-shirt messages and instill in them a love for learning.

You want me to check their backpacks for weapons, wage war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, and raise their sense of self-esteem and personal pride.

You want me to teach them patriotism and good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair play, and how to register to vote, balance a check book, and apply for a job.

You want me to check their heads for lice, recognize signs of antisocial behavior, and ensure that they all pass their final exams.

You also want me to provide them with an equal education regardless of their handicap and communicate regularly with their parents in English, Arabic or any other language, by letter, telephone, newsletter, and report card

You want me to do all this with a piece of chalk, a blackboard, a bulletin board, a few books, a big smile, and a low starting salary?

You want me to do all this, and then you tell me……

I CAN’T wear a necklace with a little cross, mention God, or say “Merry Christmas” because someone might take offense? ”

Well, you know what you can do with your job………


I posted the following in an anti-Common Core group:

It has occurred to me that what’s happening with the snowflakes on college campuses didn’t START on college campuses. I mean, someone in high school or lower had to have fed them that stuff to get them to riot and get “triggered”.

Have any of you, either as teachers, students, or parents, actually seen classroom material or things in the teachers manual designed to cause division along racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, etc lines?


I got the following replies:

Funny thing, they are the facilitators !


Yes, taught in high school here.

When children cannot read, write, or do simple arithmetic but they have time to teach this crap?! Yes, I blame teachers, unions, , district administrators, legislators, AND the parents! It’s the parents who are ultimately responsible for their child’s education AND for not holding their local school accountable for the (lack of) education their children are getting.
I yanked my child out permanently !
me, too!
HMH Collections Common Core literature text with “Revolution 2.0,” including “Guidelines for Protest” is written by Wael Ghonim and focuses on the strategies used by Egyptians to overthrow Egypt’s then President Hosni Mubarak. His bio ties him to Harvard.
 Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:
This story represents the complete shift from academic education into SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING—shaping children’s values, attitudes and behaviors around global “competencies.” The USDOE, Bill Gates and Facebook (and Google) have now aligned around the UN’s digital badging system. What this means is that the world-wide digital credentialing system will be designed to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. In other words, you will be “competent” when you use your “digital literacy skills” to promote sustainability and gender theory.
And here are some replies to said post:
See this link:
“Microsoft developed a badge system for the Partners in Learning Network (PiLN) of educators and school leaders to promote technological competencies and relevant skills in today’s digital age.”…”PiLN aligned their badge systems to standards of the UNESCO Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT).”
me thinks …Only a miracle will save us.
Makes the announcement of getting out of UNESCO seem laughable doesn’t it!
In the article it mentions FB “training” 3000 people in Michigan…do you think this new training could have anything to do with FB’s new recruits for policing social media? I know FB and Youtube have been caught just recently censoring conservative and religious posts and wonder if they are using this “Action Plan Against Foreign Interference” as a cover to do more of the same.
fb sneaky image
Wow, [Name withheld]. It does feel like collusion in government circles.
Yes it does. Also, from the original article you posted it sounds like the earning of these badges is not just for students but also for adults, a re-education camp of sorts, that could quickly become a prerequisite to being hired, retaining your position, or being advanced in your career.
1984 unfolding before our eyes 😦
I hadn’t heard of Cities of Learning until [name withheld] just mentioned it. I just googled it and there are lots of you tube videos explaining their vision…CREEPY. Its a lot like Arne Duncan’s vision of schools being the center of the community, run 6-7 days a week, 12 hrs a day, all year long, except with Cities of Learning the city is now the school.
Your observations are exactly right. UNESCO is the creator of Learning Cities worldwide. I just found out that LRNG (Learning Cities in the US) is partnered with Mozilla and IMS Global–the group that Obama and Bill Gates used to centralize the world’s computer-adaptive assessments. So, you’re spot on! See:

Thomas Jefferson felt the best hope of America was in promoting a ward system and developing what he called an “agricultural aristocracy” of good people who loved the soil. He believed Americans should ‘let our workshops remain in Europe’ and thus avoid the growth of cities whose mobs he considered a menace to ‘pure government.’


Not only have they effectively moved the vast majority of citizens from rural to urban/city dwelling where they can more easily regulate us, they’re now re-educating us in those things that aren’t real, aren’t tangible, and can’t possibly ‘sustain’ us or our liberty.


A school in Georgia, being threatened by the thought police at the Freedom from Religion Foundation, has banned student-led prayer: