Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 50

This is Part 50

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

I believe this is what is really behind the Commit Partnership and the data sharing agreements they have with most school districts in the metroplex.
This article was written by Mark Medema, the managing director at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.
Commit founder Todd Williams established a new company in November of 2019 called Huckleberry Impact Capital LLC. The children are being tracked for their outcomes and investors will get a financial return if they gamble correctly. The futures market of children can also be shorted just like the housing market where Williams made his money at Goldman Sachs.

Alison Hawver McDowell helped me understand the ultimate goal is to put all of them on blockchain.

If the kids are part of a human capital investment scheme, should they and their parents be told about it? Shouldn’t there be informed consent?
“Impact investors have generally shied away from the education sector, in part because of a lack of investable products that meet their risk-return objectives while also offering the potential to generate positive social outcomes.
A social bond may represent the next big tool in the impact investor playbook, with a record $154 billion in Social Bonds issued in 2020, easily dwarfing the $17.9 billion issued in all of 2019. But what may differentiate the social bond, making it especially attractive to impact investors, is the fact that it is a marketable security easily traded through traditional investment channels.
This kind of robust investment marketplace is likely still a few years away. It will take time and energy to standardize products and create efficient investment platforms for all the impact investment products that support schools and education.”

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The Constitutional Amendment is BACK HF 874
SIGN UP TODAY TO TESTIFY BY 5:00pm OR SEND EMAIL TESTIMONY BY SUNDAY afternoon. The hearing is Monday via online. All information is inside this legislative alert. Please note: This bill will also be a huge problem for public, private and charter schools because the state would decide what is a “fundamental right for every child to a quality public education.”
HF 874 would rewrite Minnesota’s constitution to read that “all children have a fundamental right to a quality public education” as measured by “uniform achievement standards set forth by the state.”
This bill is pushed by the Minneapolis Federal Reserve whose main interests in early childhood and K-12 education is social impact investing.
Though this alert is geared to homeschoolers, there are possible letters that can be used to either give public spoken testimony or submitted.
If we do not stand up for our children and families, no one else will.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Planned Parenthood and their allies are pressuring Worcester Mayor Joe Petty and the school committee to implement graphic Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum in Worcester schools. Call the mayor and the school committee to voice your objections.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

It’s a RESET of our financial systems.
I looked up Chime. The website ( didn’t provide the backgrounds of its leadership team, so I picked one executive randomly and looked him up myself: Matt Newcomb, Chime’s CFO.
It’s amazing what that extra 30 seconds can do! Check out this site ( ), which lists our boy Matt as a former VP at Blackrock, an investor in preschool ed-tech, and an alumnus of both Wharton and Brown U (major social impact investing institutions).
Remember last year when BlackRock and the Fed Res were making some strange deals -when the former authored the plan for the bailout? And now Chime is the winner in the stimulus payout race? Something is fishy here.

And a post from another friend of mine:

Institute for Noahide Code seeks strategic alliance with UN 2030 agenda
Institute of Noahide Code INC in UN and DC events 2018
The Institute of Noahide Code INC proposes a strategic alliance with the United Nations post 2030 agenda to promote the codification into national legislation of the United Nations resolutions on the culture of peace, environmental ethics and social justice. The Institute of Noahide Code recruits parliamentarians from all United Nations member states who share the goal of implementing these United Nations resolutions into national legislation by providing model draft legislation, initiating workshops and conferences and creating alliances with religious leaders, media and academic leaders and business executives who support and supplement the legislation by teaching, publicizing and putting into practice the “global ethics” inherent in these United Nations Resolutions.

And another post from her:

Nation’s Largest Ag Opportunity Zone Gets AI And Blockchain Makeover

Here is a post from the Rochester anti-Common Core group:

I am about to lose my shit. Fisher just basically cancelled graduation. The students will go and graduate but no one is allowed to attend, we can watch live stream. My daughter is supposed to have 2 ceremonies, my family and I get nothing to celebrate her achievements. My youngest is also graduating from Arcadia and Wemoco, and Wemoco’s graduation is already cancelled also. Sorry for the language but this is absolute bullshit!! A school that charges over $120,000 for a 4 year program can certainly figure out how to hold a ceremony! The numbers are low, this is pure stupidity and control… everyone needs to fight against NYS for our kids to receive what they are entitled to. All of our kids and parents are suffering. Enough, is enough already!

And some replies to this post:

I’m in the same boat my son is graduating from Fredonia and no can can go. I’m pissed

What? Why? How far is graduation away.. Just cancel it? Question : If these colleges were in Florida, do you think this would be happening?

May for my oldest, June for my youngest. Florida is full steam ahead! I wasn’t expecting my whole family to be able to go with NYS restrictions, but 2 parents should be allowed to attend!

My son attends UVU in Utah. They are fully remote now. Today he was told they won’t know if they’ll be remote for the fall until at least June.

we are seeing the end of everything we’ve known. And, saying “seeing the end” because this last year people held out hope that this was really about a virus and I was generally pounced on in any group, told that group wasn’t the place, or took a lot of abuse for suggesting people take a look at the website of the World Economic Forum. I ask…did they break the world, kill tens of thousands of Elders and others and destroy our economy because they have a good agenda for us? I’m so sorry for all of us and so sorry for kids and parents having milestones and recognition of their accomplishments stolen

Cuomo killed my great aunt by allowing covid positive patients into nursing homes.. But god forbid he let people attend a graduation outside with masks, that will not kill enough people, and further his cause to control the State and lock us down!

I’m so sorry about your great-aunt. I’m belong to a couple of FB senior advocacy groups and have read heartwrenching story after story. My 92 yr old dad is a prisoner in his assisted living. We can all be in Walmart or Wegmans’ but a graduation will take out the population 🤬

Nazareth canceled last May but told my daughter she could come back in August for a graduation. She started her new job in July so packed up and left 🙁 My son graduates this year, waiting to see what happens.

RIT is doing the same. “graduation” means watching a live stream of your kid walk across a stage and get a diploma.

My daughter graduated from UofR last year and got nothing but a diploma and thousands of dollars worth of debt for all her struggles at college. I feel your pain and can’t even believe this is continuing on a year later for current graduates.

Our local Christian High School had a in person graduation LAST year and they will again this year.

And another post from this group:

What the hell is this? Testing of all students and staff! No way

And some replies to this post:

makes me absolutely insane when they point that damn gun at their heads. get an effing wrist tester

those guns work just fine on wrists.

agree 100%. I work in a school I told my daughter never let them point that gun at you. I hate it!
The kids that don’t get temps at home get pulled from classrooms. They line them up against a wall 6 feet apart. Then go from kid to kid. I hate seeing it.

Haha!! If your mad about this your being silly. It could be a lot wise. The biggest issue I have is why does biden need to spend money on this?
My kids have been in school FULL TIME 5X/WK!!! I have to fill out a digital questionnaire every morning, they ride a bus with masks on unless I drive them, they have their temps taken when they arrive. Honestly I wish that was in place before Covid. Kids get sick, spread the flu then have to miss learning due to a parent sending a sick chid to school! What I will NOT stand for is mandatory vaccinations. Which como might enforce as one last “f you” before he dragged out of office.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

From a concerned parent:
“I have a family in my neighborhood that their daughter is struggling with self-esteem and depression issues. Her parents have been trying to get her into counseling and they have been trying to help her. However, this year their daughter has gone to school and on the first day of art, the art teacher says that they are leaving gender outside the classroom and that they are all an “it.“ That in her classroom they can be free to be whoever and whatever they want and that they should pick a new name for themselves to express who they think they really are. Now this girl is going by the name and she is adopting the views of the art teacher because this girl is so into art and it is her number one thing in life. She idolizes the art teacher and is now taking on the teacher’s philosophy on gender. The parents are sick because she is now listening to the art teacher and not to them. The art teacher should say, come into our classroom and feel like you can paint anything you want and in any color you want, but she should not include sexuality or gender The teachers need to know their bounds and leave the rest to the parents.”

And another post from this group:

“My bingham sophomore son came home from school today and he always tells me crap his history teacher says about current events. Never addressing both sides so that the kids can decide how to think. Just the one side like its absolute truth. But the good thing is its blatant enough my 16 year old son who was always annoyed I was always talking about what a going on in the world, now stands up for what he believes in. He came home today to tell me she did this whole spiel about how they could all get the ‘jab’ tomorrow and they would also get free donuts if they did. And she ended by saying “so all of you go out there and get your free donuts”. He said she then went on to teach about Napoleon and how he used bribery to get what he wanted out of people. 🤣 my son tried to raise his hand to say “did he offer them free donuts?” But she moved on before calling on anyone.” – from engaged parent

And some replies to this post:

I’d love to know what teacher. I’m aware of a class that was told to check their privilege. This was Bingham as well

My son is having similar experiences in his English class… she tries to tell the class that the American dream
Is dead and a false
Hope. He corrected her. She now won’t let him comment in class. I’m
So grateful to have taught my kids at home the constitution and purpose of America!

my son has been banned for raising his hand, so he just counters the teacher without raising his hand now. She has sent me emails about it and my only response is
Let him raise his hand to comment and there won’t be a problem.
I haven’t heard from her since.

This is what my son dealt with last year as a creation science believer mocked by teacher the class etc. But he stood up and is well versed in the science of why he believes as he does and because he is well versed sees lies when they are presented no matter the topic if kids are not taught the truth they will fall for the lies if they know the truth they easily spot lies.

Now that 16+ can get the vaccine you can clearly see the mind numbing tactics being used to influence now even our children to get the vaccine. I haven’t watched the local news in years but watched it the other day. The day they announced 16+yr olds can sign up for the vaccine KSL led with what looked like an Instagram story of a teenage girl in UT who was excited to get the vaccine. No experts or good reasons to get it, just a beautiful “influencer” with a message of be cool like me. I pray that as parents we are guided to know how to teach our children to think for themselves and are not prey to this kind of physiological manipulation. When I heard Sharon Eubank proudly talk about the important role the women and the youth would play in getting every one to be vaccinated, it gave me chills. And this is only the beginning.

My daughter texted me from her class at Jordan: we r learning ab all the political parties in history and the teacher was like “what do we call people on the radical right, or extreme conservatives?” AND THIS KID SAYS “Nazis or fascists” LIKE HUH…NO, I think that is very false, sir. Then the teacher was like, “I guess, but I was looking for libertarians”. ……she is just looking around at everyone else wondering why isn’t anyone else shocked? LOL. I am glad I have a smart teenager.

And yet another post from this group:

I have a question for you all, I homeschool so I am not as familiar with the testing in public school. My sister in law called me and said her son is in high school and she has always opted him out of the RISE testing in elementary and middle school, but in high school, she is not sure if she should be opting him out of the Aspire test? A counselor told her it is just ACT prep, but she wants to make sure. Also, is the “high school core benchmark” tests also ones she should opt out of because of data collecting? Thanks in advance!

And some replies to this post:

It is not associated with the act. I opt my son out of aspire in high school. They have a separate practice act study class then the practice test then more study if needed and then the actual act.
I opt my son out of everything except the ACT.

It’s not ACT prep. That’s just a sneaky way to convince parents and student to take the test. No one is allowed to see the questions prior to your student taking the test, so how can they say anything positive about it? They have no idea, they’re just regurgitating what they’ve been told. My feelings are, if I can’t see what’s on the test and neither can the teacher, then it’s a drop dead no for my student.

ACT Aspire, according to many ACT prep books, is nothing like the ACT, so learning to take the Aspire will not help prep them for ACT.

And yet another post from this group:

Is anyone familiar with Knowledge Space Theory?
It’s used (developed) by McGraw Hill and active for mathematics within our (Renee and my) children’s school.

I’ve not found negative uses in a quick search, but often these things are hidden, and that’s why I ask.

What I did find is basically this, “The Knowledge Space Theory (KST) is a set concepts and structures that aims to assess and represent one’s knowledge state.”

This concerns me that there is AI/Big Data used to assess what a child knows in order to determine what they’re ready to know. On the surface, it’s efficient and tailored to each student. But it seems ripe for sending through corrupt ideas directly to children without the knowledge of parents (or possibly even teachers).

Again, I have found nothing negative, but I’m looking at the possibilities for misuse.

Any info on Knowledge Space Theory?

And some replies to this post:

AI and computer algorithms are being used to subliminally insert standard psychotherapies for underdeveloped children… what you’ve explained sounds very similar, since “less fortunate” communities in larger populations have less oversight or interaction with their parents leaving them susceptible to teacher/mentor influences on sexuality/persona/social/political life choices!

Commercially used for everything to track our habits and pliability to bend our morals!

Knowledge Space Theory is AI-tracked learning or “personalized learning” and it was always the endgoal for Common Core. I recall talking to a Microsoft engineer around 2014 about Common Core and the shift into computer adaptive testing for K-12. (Before Common Core, computer adaptive testing hadn’t been used in schools). He was very concerned that his 3rd grade daughter was using them at school and said “the hair on the back of my neck stood up because I know they’re using it for personality profiling.” (ie; Values, attitudes and behaviors).
AI-tracked Competency Based Education was always the end game for Common Core reforms. What most parents don’t know is that the “competencies” have been determined by Social Justice terminology. (See my most recent post in Utahns Against Common Core to understand this.

And yet another post from this group:

“Georgetown and other universities now market certificates in “diversity and inclusion,” part of an expanding redefinition of credentials in higher education.”
Badges and credentials will be awarded to students that “validate others’ feelings and perceptions” and “recognize and challenge one’s own cultural biases.”
“Educational achievement will be reflected in “diverse forms of credentials, certificates, and reputation markers.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

In yesterday’s news… Bill Gates explains that the reason he’s buying up so much land is so that YOU must eat ONLY “synthetic” meat.

“In an interview with MIT Technology Review last month, Gates argued that higher-income societies should completely replace their consumption of cattle-derived beef with “synthetic” alternatives.
“I don’t think the poorest […] countries will be eating synthetic meat. I do think all rich countries should move to 100% synthetic beef,” he said.
While he questioned if cell-cultured meat “will ever be economical,” he said that plant-based protein makers like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat “have [a] quality road map and a cost road map that makes them totally competitive.””
“My investment group chose to do this. It is not connected to climate,” he wrote.
“A spokesperson for Cascade Investment — a firm chaired and controlled by Bill Gates, and possibly what he was referring to as “my investment group” on Reddit — declined to comment on specific land holdings at the time. However, they told The Land Report that Cascade is “very supportive of sustainable farming.”
The firm is a shareholder in plant-based protein companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods, as well as agricultural equipment maker John Deere.”

And some replies to this post:

That makes me rethink Beyond meat. Plant based doesn’t mean synthetic, so I have doubts now. It’s not organic anyway, so I don’t buy it anymore, but I thought it was a great sub for meat. People don’t realize how bad real meat is these days. All the hormones disrupting your hormone balance, antibiotics, casein and seriously who knows what else are they stuffing up the animals with, like GMO corn etc. But synthetic meat? What TF is that?

In Ohio we watched how the Koch Brothers & ALEC worked collectively to privatize our colleges & universities across the county. Watched how a grant that we received via NIH and politics resulted in the hiring of a Monsanto Executive as the head of the Department of Agriculture. There are 88 counties in Ohio & OSU partnered with the 4H Clubs in all 88 counties. Eventually these ties resulted in AGRI-businesses taking over land & farming from small family farmers. On the front end many young people received scholarships from the Bill Gates and JP Morgan Chase billionaires of the world but at the same time that ended up taking control of our farmland and the universe in totality. Abigail Wexner just stepped down as a member of the board of trustees and Lex Wexner just resurfaced all happening with Joe Biden coming to town pushing the vaccine. Between the news that they are going to start cloud seeding with nano particles, the vaccines, and now this will we ever be able to stop him. It appears that the politicians are becoming completely irrelevant.!

This fucker is untouchable. He as a single person overrode the UN constitution by implying the huge amounts he pays entitles him to act in the interests of a country. He pays no taxes on his GAVI ventures and no police is able to raid his NGO’s to look for fraud. He enjoys total immunity from prosecution. Check this video out and see for yourself. Whistleblowers from within the WHO confirm the global pandemic fraud. Watch: abot 30 min duration. Extremely revealing.

Found this on LittleSis. This person mentions animal rights groups and the vegan movement, and, I admit, I hadn’t even factored that into this that they might be pushing measures in the name of protecting cattle, etc to destroy the market for real meat by making raising livestock harder to do, at least legally anyway, and thus make their fake meat monopoly easier. Also, what’s worse, I’m finding that this climate crap extends into smart growth and housing and, once more, it appears I’ve tied the Federal Reserve to this crap just like we did with Education and Workforce.…/6314-great-food-transformation

Here is a post from Alison:

So the LittleSis admin gatekeeper ALSO does GIS work at the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University. Perhaps this explains limits placed on what’s allowed in that database. “Mapping the power” of social impact investors in public health = off limits.
“Co-hosted by the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise and the Mailman School of Public Health”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Technocracy knocking on the doorsteps!! Bio-security/surveillance is here! You and I will be highly monitored and scored. In every act we perform. Your job (life) depends on it, or else…..
“Amazon delivery drivers will reportedly lose their jobs if they don’t give the company permission.
The form would allow Amazon to collect biometric data, like facial recognition, from the drivers.
News surfaced last month that Amazon was planning to roll out AI-powered cameras in its vehicles.
Amazon is telling its delivery drivers to sign a consent form that allows the company to track them based on biometric data as “a condition of delivering Amazon packages,” Motherboard’s Lauren Kaori Gurley reported on Tuesday.
Thousands of drivers across the US must sign the “biometric consent” paperwork this week, and if they don’t they’ll lose their jobs, according to Motherboard. The form, which was viewed by the outlet and published in the report, states that Amazon would be allowed to use “on-board safety camera technology which collects your photograph for the purposes of confirming your identity and connecting you to your driver account.” The system would then “collect, store, and use Biometric Information from such photographs.”
The technology specifically would track a driver’s location and movement, like how many miles they drive, when they brake and turn, and how fast they are driving.
As Motherboard noted, the drivers presented with the consent form are employed through third-party delivery partners that use Amazon’s delivery stations but who are still subject to the company’s working guidelines. An Amazon delivery company owner told the outlet that one of their drivers refused to sign, citing Amazon’s micromanaging as the reason.
In a statement to Inside, Amazon spokesperson Deborah Bass said, “We piloted the technology from April to October 2020 on over two million miles of delivery routes and the results produced remarkable driver and community safety improvements—accidents decreased 48 percent, stop sign violations decreased 20 percent, driving without a seatbelt decreased 60 percent, and distracted driving decreased 45 percent. Don’t believe the self-interested critics who claim these cameras are intended for anything other than safety.”
The report comes after Amazon announced in February that it would start using cameras equipped with artificial intelligence in its trucks to track the drivers while they work. One driver, per Reuters, quit over privacy concerns regarding the new cameras. Amazon told Insider in a previous statement that the new cameras were part of an effort to invest in “safety across our operations.””

And some replies to this post:
A local Amazon warehouse has the employees wearing a tracking device and gave them a small buzz / shock if they were stationary for too long… Lol techn-slavery anyone?

Yep not joking, they trialled it at a local warehouse… I know one of the guys that worked there. Unfortunately it failed as too many jobs require stationary positions (packing orders) and toilet breaks etc… Upon entering the Amazon warehouse in Bristol (UK) there also now have AI facial recognition cameras checking drivers have masks on.

We’re being treated like cattle and tracked. Plain and simple.

I don’t understand how tf people still are just going along with it all 🙃

The round the clock tracking and data harvesting is now part and parcel of most aspects of business.
It is ubiquitous.

In Israel it has started. There is also a need for digital solutions for contact tracing and control of citizens. There are 24×7 command and control centers for Covid-19.
The public distribution efficiency monitoring is also taking place. There will be blockchain-based citizen tracking for misuse and hoarding prevention. The citizen risk monitoring and access control will have app color codes for citizen risk factor such as red, yellow, or green. We will see a world evolving that will be much more smarter and digital place in future.
Thanks Dassault.

The world after: Towards sustainable and resilient urban future

My son just told me that the town next to Walla Walla is requiring people to register their chickens – $15 each!

I got a corporate job in the legal cannabis business in CA last year. There were camera’s everywhere and management surveilled our internet searches while we were on breaks. Absolutely no consideration for personal privacy. I didn’t last long…

personal internet searches on phone or their computer ? I think every company tracks what you access on their computers

Amazon ALREADY discourages its drivers from toilet breaks!!!
Amazon was the first company who came with genius idea for its workers in warehouses to wear ADULT DIAPERS to decrease toilet breaks!!
Imagine shitting your pants twice a day just because your employer is so greedy that they would not allow you to take a shit like a normal human being, in the friggin toilet!!

Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires interview for the week of March 24th:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Here is a post form the Utah anti-Common Core group:

My opinion is that these are ‘seemingly’ non-toxic ways to start and focus ongoing conversations about race and personal identity. My stronger opinion is that it’s not the place of any government to have that private conversation with my children.
I’ve listed a couple of comments below the first three questions of the test.
Also, see the included video for a complete list of the questions being asked from the State to our children…

At this school, all students are treated equally, regardless of whether their parents are rich or poor.
This school provides instructional materials (e.g. textbooks, handouts) that reflect students’ cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and identities.
People of different cultural backgrounds, races, or ethnicities get along well at this school.

The survery goes on. As you can see in the video, the introduction does indicate that students in this anonymous test have the potential to be identified by the answers to their questions.
In addition to the focus on race and identities, there is a question regarding of “sexting” (I don’t appreciate the state introducing the term to my children, or any children).
On a lighter note, there IS actually one question in this “Climate Survey” that actually is about climate. It asks if the temperature in the school is comfortable throughout the year.

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

🔥 WARNING: Graphic Images Below 🔥
There is a deliberate agenda in play to sexualize and indoctrinate even the youngest of children into LGBTQ ideology.
I received the following report from a parent in Scituate:
Last year at the Jenkins Elementary School in Scituate The Cardboard Kingdom by Chad Sell was presented to students in grades K-5. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) paid for the author Chad Sell to visit for a school wide assembly. Everyone was encouraged to buy the book.
The Cardboard Kingdom includes a series of stories with children characters who create an imaginary world using cardboard. One of the stories in the book, “The Prince” is about two boys Jack and Miguel who are attracted to each other. Sell collaborated with others on creating the stories in the book.
For “The Prince” he worked with Manual Betancourt who had this to say, “I so do enjoy the tension between Jack and Miguel. Or, rather, not the tension but the plural vision of what queerness can feel like in kids that age (or any age!).”
Find Chad’s interview with Manual on his website here:
Scituate school officials also recommended The Cardboard Kingdom for summer reading for K-5 since the school’s social and emotional curriculum would include the book for the following year.
It was reported that although the author mainly discussed drawing with the students, his website is listed on the book.
Here’s what kids visiting his website can find:
❌ Under the ART page children can find sexual and other scary graphic illustrations the author created based on the drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. See the images posted below or find them here: Under this same page there is also a link for a drag queen coloring page, presumably for children:
❌ Under The Cardboard Kingdom page there is a link to the Kostas Ntanos website where kids can view galleries of images of people wearing various paper masks and where kids can post pictures of themselves with their mask creations. See some of the images posted on this site below. The images can be found here:
I have also included screenshots from Chad Sell’s FB page. If you look through the images you will discover the following:
👀 He formerly sold his drag illustrations at various drags shows.
👀 In 2018 he retired as a drag queen illustrator and began to make comics for a living.
👀 His first book, The Cardboard Kingdom came out in 2018.
👀 He sells his book at various comic book shows, including FlameCon, the world’s largest queer comic convention held in New York City. You can see from the 2018 image of Chad Sell at the FlameCon below that kids can get in for free on the Sunday of the convention.
Do Scituate school officials think the images posted below are appropriate for elementary aged children? Why would the PTO promote a children’s author that has such gross sexual images on his website, knowing that young students would likely end up visiting his site?
Schools are marketing sex to our kids. Either knowingly, or by neglecting due diligence to protect the students in their care. It must stop. This is not education. IT. IS. GROOMING.

Looks like Nebraska schools are trying to push at least some of the radical sex ed agenda:

Watch out for gender neutral bathrooms in the Upper Arlington School District in Ohio:

Here is a post from Alison:

Well, it appears when you go to New York to call out the billionaire hedge funders on their home turf their lackeys are going to erase all your maps – again. Funny they think they can memory hole it all. Ridiculous actually.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Feelings, nothing more than feelings in @RichardsonISD
scienceofcompliance RISDsaysomething
“Because of the widespread support among teachers, the shields are being kept in place, Superintendent @3jstone said.”

I would argue the majority of teachers want the stupid shields gone but their unscientific survey says the majority “feels” like they work. Crazy!

Here is a post from Alison:

There’s a demand for immense, granular, real-time biometric data sets. Health surveillance is being deployed so the elite can capture our minds and physical bodies and imprison us in the spatial web as avatars. A year ago that would have sounded crazy…

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

CMAS (Pearson) is Colorado’s state mandated online summative test. (In addition to PSAT10/ SAT11.)
🦄NWEA MAPs are online interim tests, that use hidden algorithms to measure student #engagement by how fast a student clicks.
Optout of CMAS AND MAP
“Colorado’s vendor, Pearson, will not permit students to take the test remotely, Zenzinger said, so schools would have to collect computers they issued to students at the beginning of the year, scrub them and update them to meet the company’s security standards. Then students would have to physically come into buildings for the test, after which the devices would need to be scrubbed again.“
“Zenzinger and fellow bill co-sponsor Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango, hope data from exams such as MAPS can be used in lieu of CMAS to satisfy the federal requirements. They believe results from those assessments more accurately reflect students’ academic proficiencies because of both the format and participation rate.”

NWEA MAP Assessments. Study connects test disengagement to student deep-rooted problems.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

$10,000 for EMAILS??? Want transparency in your kids education? OK. But its going to cost you big time! Parents have the right to total transparency, but school administrators are doing everything they can to keep parents in the dark! Parents in Murray School District are finding this out the hard way!
On March 9, 2021, parents submitted a public records request for Murray District’s emails regarding the district’s equity agenda and equity book bundles program. For this request, Murray District charged parents $1,520. After paying $1,520 and waiting 14 days, parents expected to receive the requested records. Instead, however, on March 22, parents were told they had to pay $9,664 and wait an additional month for the records to be delivered. See the attached PDF to read the details for yourselves.

Here is another blog entry from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

By Niki Raapana❤️
“ Mariana Mazzucato, an author and a professor in innovative economics at the University of London, raised the prospect of climate lockdowns in MarketWatch last September:
‘Under a “climate lockdown”, governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling. To avoid such a scenario, we must overhaul our economic structures and do capitalism differently.’
The idea of ‘doing capitalism differently’ is the driving rhetorical motivation behind the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset (another term for the implementation of global Marxism).”

Oh look, the EUSSR already had plans for a vaccine card as far back as 2019, if not earlier. Looks like they may end up ahead of schedule:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Another Great Reset! Shared with me from a friend. I’ll have to screen shot this one and mark it up tomorrow. But I want to make sure it gets out there asap.
With a new US administration, and the end of the Covid battle in sight with the vaccination rollout under way, now is a good time for the major economies of the west (and ideally the world) to sit down and devise ⚠a new international monetary order. ….
The key reason that many western economies are now overly reliant on consumption, debt and house prices is because of the set-up of the domestic and international monetary and financial architecture. ⚠A Great Reset⚠ offers therefore opportunity to restore (some semblance of) economic fairness in western, and other, economies.”

And another post from her:

Here is the model for the human capital industry.
You are either a capital asset or a liability. The corporations and hedge funds want to know which one you are (so they can make “big bets” on you – long option or short sell). They want to be very sure on this valuation. They want (drumroll, please!) a data-driven valuation.
Credentialing systems are ways of collecting the data that contributes to your human capital ranking, over time and in real-time. The skills and competencies are recorded (to your digital identity tag) in a standardized format so that global investors can be assured of an equitable report of your SWOT analysis.
They describe this process as lifelong-learning. It’s better-described as the womb-to-tomb hamsterwheel. If you are a hamster asset, your running generates more energy than what is required to sustain you. Hamster liabilities require more energy than they produce and are best thrown into the shark tank.
Refuse the rankings! Just say no to anti-social credit scoring!
p.s. the impact investors are major sponsors of the HUMAN RESOURCES PROFESSIONAL SOCIETIES. HR Directors have been wined and dined by the anti-human capitalists.

Here is a post from Alison:

Here’s the level of detail those lackeys are so desperately trying to erase not realizing it was the effort I put into making the maps that imprinted information into my mind. Now I have shared that knowledge over and over and over. It’s not going away.

Rutgers joins the Covestapo by mandating covid vaccines for students to return.

I found that ID2020 had partnered with a group called National Cybersecurity Center (based in Colorado). One of its programs is called Secure Smart Cities, which partners with some group called the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance.
But it gets better (or worse). The NCSC’s Secure the Vote initiative is tied to that Voatz group I mentioned a while back. In fact, Voatz is on the advisory board for the National Cybersecurity Center’s (NCC) Secure the Vote initiative.
Apparently the NSC was started by a former Colorado governor (John Hickenlooper, whom LittleSis seems to tie to Skillful) in 2016.

Ok, this gets even more interesting. I’d say coincidence except that NWO guy and 33rd Degree Mason FDR said that nothing in politics happens by accident. So, the Strident Conservative mentioned the “For the People Act” and the article included these excerpts of the summary of the bill:
“This bill addresses voter access, election integrity, election security, political spending, and ethics for the three branches of government.
The bill also sets forth provisions related to election security, including sharing intelligence information with state election officials, protecting the security of the voter rolls, supporting states in securing their election systems, developing a national strategy to protect the security and integrity of U.S. democratic institutions, establishing in the legislative branch the National Commission to Protect United States Democratic Institutions, and other provisions to improve the cybersecurity of election systems.
This bill addresses campaign spending, including by expanding the ban on foreign nationals contributing to or spending on elections; expanding disclosure rules pertaining to organizations spending money during elections, campaign advertisements, and online platforms; and revising disclaimer requirements for political advertising.
This bill establishes an alternative campaign funding system for certain federal offices. The system involves federal matching of small contributions for qualified candidates. (emphasis mine)”

The other parts aside, I’m curious about the cybersecurity part, considering that we have ID2020 working with this National Cybersecurity Center and their ties to Voatz, which was already doing blockchain voting in the 2020 election.

I was able to tie Hickenloopy to the For the People Act:

So this guy who helped start this National Cybersecurity Center tied to ID2020 and Voatz, among other things, is now a pusher in the Senate for the For the People Act, which just “happens” to be creating this cybersecurity commission thing.

Looks like this bill extends into a lot of areas:

Hickenblooper: When I get to the Senate, one of my first priorities will be working to pass the For The People Act, the most sweeping campaign finance, voting rights, and ethics reforms since Watergate.

Found this on Voatz:
Voatz is a mobile phone application for ballot marking and the electronic return of voted ballots (internet voting). Voatz has been piloted in a handful of counties and in the state of New Jersey. In 2020, Voatz is only available to Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA) voters and voters with disabilities in Utah County, Utah.
To use the Voatz mobile app, the voter’s phone must support biometric authentication (fingerprint and facial recognition) and be running the latest version of its operating system (e.g. iPhone 5 or newer or select Android smartphones running Android version 8.0 or newer). The app supports Voice Control on iOS and TalkBack on Android, configurable font size, and Speech-to-Text for write-in candidates. In 2020, Voatz is available in English and Spanish.

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

The Suez Canal, blocked by a huge ship run aground, is emblematic of the ‘cascading failures in the global economy’: a controlled demolition of all human activity is leading us into The Great Reset.
Was this just an accident? Or do highly trained captains typically draw out the shape of a large cock n’ balls through their GPS tracking before making a costly, likely deadly, schoolboy error like this?
The world is being pushed through the final stages of the establishment of the new world order – masked by a virus smokescreen. Whether you believe in it or not.
It’s interesting to keep an eye on the ‘series of random unfortunate events’ taking place all over the world presently. This is one of many recent stories that appear to be suggesting that food shortages are coming. Recently ‘elite’ publications have been telling us that problems on the Suez Canal are on the cards. And that this could have a dramatic impact on international trade….and here we are!
An interesting but alarming watch from the excellent Ice Age Farmer.

And a reply to this post:

(2018) “An aura of mystery has long surrounded CargoMetrics Technologies, a Boston-based quantitative hedge fund that uses ship-movement data to place market bets and has secured financial backing from private-equity giant Blackstone, famed investor Paul Tudor Jones, Google founder Eric Schmidt, Israeli shipping magnate Idan Ofer, and most recently, Maersk Tankers.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

**Prince Harry was joining the Aspen Institute as a celebrity commissioner fighting what he calls an ‘avalanche of misinformation’ in the digital world.
How many of you remember the history of Aspen Institute and who funds through the back door ?

  1. Aspen Institute is the number one sponsor of privately funded travel for members of Congress
    2.George Soros works to influence politicians on Capitol Hill by bringing them to luxurious places, hotels and resorts, and listening to mostly liberal and left-wing speakers. [ Soros is very connected to Aspen Institute ]
    3.Walter Isaacson Isaacson serves on the EGI board, along with global tax supporter Jeffrey Sachs. [ Remember Sachs is a puppet of Soros ]
  2. Aspen’s director of communications is Jim Spiegelman, a former “special assistant” to Soros.
  3. Soros has been a featured speaker at the Aspen Summer Benefit dinner at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado.
  4. Arjun Gupta, a member of the Aspen board of overseers, serves as a Vice President at The Chatterjee Group, an investment advisor to Soros and his Soros Fund Management group.
  5. In 2004, Aspen hosted “America’s Role in the Fight Against Global Poverty,” a seminar featuring Al Gore and George Soros.
  6. In 2006 Aspen sponsored a Soros talk where the billionaire promoted his book The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror.
  7. Soros’s Open Society Institute [OSI] has awarded the Aspen Institute numerous large grants over the years, including $50,000 in 2004, another $50,000 in 2005, $195,000 in 2008, and $125,000 in 2009. In 2011, OSI funded AI’s publication of a report “the failure of so many of our society’s institutions.”
  8. in 2009, AI developed a close working relationship with the U.S. State Department. Said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that year: “We can’t imagine a better partner than the Aspen Institute.”

And another post from her:

Remember to always be prepared for anything and everything ….
Even before the Ever Given became lodged in the Suez Canal, manufacturers around the world were struggling with the ramifications of a global shipping-container crunch creating bottlenecks in global supply chains. The problem started in the chaos of last spring. A surge in demand for PPE and other products resulted in more demand for shipping containers used to help ferry them to China, as well as African and South American Nations,
To be sure, China is seen as one of the biggest contributors to the container crisis, as snarls and delays at Chinese ports have impacted the availability of containers.
Another Round Of Toilet Paper Shortages Looms Amid Global Shipping-Container Crunch

And yet another post from her:

And yet another post from her:

Research shows 86% of central banks are actively researching CBDCs, up from 80% the previous year, 60% are experimenting with the technology and 14% are deploying pilot projects.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

The RESET includes Social Security. Do NOT count on receiving it. One goal of the coronapocalypse is to bankrupt governments so that public-private partnerships (P3s) can assume the role of public services providers in lieu of the government. These P3s will set up performance-based Pay for Success contracts/Social Impact Bonds to govern this outsourcing of government to the corporate-investor-backed non-profit organizations. That sanctions the collection of all your personal data for the performance checks that are built into the PFS/SIB contract. Now just think about what information will be available once blockchain digital identity is in place. All of that info may be used to profile your behaviors and then to “nudge” you to make choices that advance the P3’s performance metrics.
Several other alarming transformations are implied in this advertorial, including the possibility that individuals could be forced to save a portion of their income to offset the costs of his or her unemployment during the latest years of life. (“Latest” because all the pro-4IR voices are also promoting womb-to-tomb lifelong-learning.) Also, I think it’s highly likely that these universal access pools function like community foundation investment funds. In the best case, funds paid in will be invested in impact programs that may or may not coincide with an individual’s ethical or moral positions or simply his financial interest. In a worse, but more realistic case, these funds will become financial behemoths that overrun communities. The Tulsa Community Foundation (one of the largest community funds by assets in the USA) operates this way. It’s a slush fund that attracts all sorts of suds-schemes and our entire city has come to depend on its good graces. Governmental administration is bad; P3 administration is much worse.
Adding to this dire picture is the fact that the U.S. population is aging. In 1980, there were 3.9 working-age households for every elderly one. Today, there are only 2.8 — and a projected decline to 2.3 by 2040. That means that soon there will not be enough workers paying for Social Security and other social safety net programs to support the retirees who depend on them.
At the same time, states will experience a shrinking tax base and a rising demand for public programs. As seniors retire with insufficient savings, the government ends up stepping in. At least 21 states spend $20,000 or more per person per year in combined federal and state Medicaid costs for aged enrollees, with North Dakota topping the list at $59,000 each. One study in Pennsylvania estimated the state’s costs due to this savings gap is $700 million each year, and rising to $1.1 billion by 2030 — a cumulative $14.3 billion over the next decade if nothing is done.

And some replies to this post:

This is no good. My parents get ss. Now I know why they are killing the old people and probably disabled.

that’s EXACTLY why they’re doing it – besides their being evil necromancers.

The “retirement” scheme in the US was fraudulent from the beginning. Retirement is the responsibility of government – its part of (or should be) the reason we elect them (not to create an insatiable lust for war) it is also why we pay taxes (not to fund said, war machine) why are so many Americans so eager to let government do as they wish with their taxes only to find when it comes time for retirement, their wonderful government throws a few peanuts their way? The Bamboozle is strong here.

This magazine is published by the Berggruen Institute. See history. Eric Schmidt is on the Board. At one time, I thought Peter Thiel (Palantir) was as associate. Bad news!!

Our Social Security has partnered with the World Economic Forum. They’re on the partners lists. 🤦 How does this happen?

it’s all about ESG/impact investing. UK pension fund is moving its investments to ESG as well. That’s why these assholes have to set up the ubiquitous surveillance – it measures “impact” so that hedge funds can prove their performance. Do you have the link handy? If so, would you please post?

I was mistaken, though all the banks the US has their SS tied into are partners, that one’s not official. It’s the Public Institute for Social Security, which handles a great deal of retirement funds in the Middle East, that’s a partner.
But this list is riddled with interesting connections.

ah ha! Well, this looks like an intermediate step to me. So it’s just a matter of time before the official partnership begins. And, like you say, the banks are all partners already. Sheesh. Well, maybe this will be what gets people’s attention. Thank you for all this info!

Here is a post from Alison:

You should probably check to see if there’s a dyslexia screening bill on deck in your state. Market shaping for gamified digital therapeutics. Scary ed-tech with a side of Boston military / VC cognitive brain training. Feels rather transhumanist / AI training to me. LittleSis killed this after just a few hours. Why is this information so dangerous?

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


And the post that she quoted:

Advancing energy efficiency products & services in Texas and Oklahoma to strengthen local economies, improve health and quality of life, and protect the environment.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Parents be aware: Utah teachers can sign up to be trained in Critical Race Theory (i.e. anti-racism, social justice, cultural relevance, and critical conversations). This email just landed in my inbox and was sent to teachers all across the state, forwarded by someone at the Utah State Office of Education. Sign up if you want to learn more about what they plan to teach your children:
Here is this year’s info on the Bennion Teachers’ Workshop, offered annually at USU. This year it is virtual.
Dear Friends,
We are very excited to announce a timely and important topic for the teaching of democratic principles in our upcoming 2021 Bennion Teachers’ Workshop. This year’s workshop is entitled “Hidden in the Shadows of Democracy: Engaging & Teaching the Strength of Race & Difference.” Dr. Marisela Martinez-Cola, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Utah State University, will direct the workshop and will be joined by specialists to explore the ways to transform hard conversations about racism and difference into meaningful action.
This will not be just another “diversity” workshop. The goal of this workshop is to deliver practical material for teachers and administrators alike to incorporate in their classrooms and institutions.
By the end of the workshop participants will learn how to:
Identify misinformation and misunderstandings they may have unconsciously accumulated over the years and replace them with strength-based knowledge, Develop pedagogical tools, curriculum, and materials, rooted in social justice, Define an anti-racist, culturally based approach to teaching, Identify the strengths of students and communities traditionally characterized as marginalized, troubled, and problematic, Develop a lesson plan or program based on a selected organization/activist.
Dates: Monday, June 21 – Friday, June 25, 2021
Place: Dynamic Online Classroom originating from Utah State University
Credit: The workshop may be taken for either academic credit or continuing education units (see the Mountain West Center website for prices, discounts, and scholarship opportunities)
Please spread the word and plan to attend with a friend or two. Registration information is available at If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Mountain West Center at or 435-797-0299.
Thank you,
Julia Gossard
Bennion Fellow, Mountain West Center
Molly Cannon
Director, Mountain West Center
Barbara Warnes,
Coordinator of Programs, Mountain West Center

And another post from this group:

“In California schools, it would seem that Jesus is out, but worshiping human-sacrifice-requiring Aztec deities may soon be in…
“The irony is that the Aztec religion routinely engaged in human sacrifice. Here is a statue built to honor the god of human sacrifice—the worship of whom cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings. Yet the same city ruled that there is no room for a manger with baby Jesus in it. Jesus, whose teachings and followers have banished human sacrifice from every corner of this world, is out. A god demanding human sacrifice is in.”
…now comes a story out of California about a proposed plan to promote such teaching, accompanied by ritual Aztec chanting, in the public schools there. Once the teachers’ union says the schools can open, of course.
Christopher F. Rufo notes: “Next week, the California Department of Education will vote on a new statewide ethnic studies curriculum that advocates for the ‘decolonization’ of American society and elevates Aztec religious symbolism—all in the service of a left-wing political ideology.”
If this passes, it could impact “10,000 public schools serving a total of 6 million students.” Rufo notes that this curriculum was developed by a Marxist and is part of the “pedagogy of the oppressed.”
The chanting, of course, means that the children would be involved in not just learning about the deities, but in actually worshiping them.
Rufo opines, “The chants have a clear implication: the displacement of the Christian god [sic], which is said to be an extension of white supremacist oppression, and the restoration of the indigenous gods to their rightful place in the social justice cosmology. It is, in a philosophical sense, a revenge of the gods.”
In the name of “the separation of church and state”—words not found in our Constitution—any remnant of our nation’s Judeo-Christian tradition seems to find no place in our public schools. But chanting to pagan deities is fine with the left.
The first Congress under the Constitution wrote the First Amendment in 1791. And the first liberty they guaranteed—before freedom of speech, of the press, or of assembly—was the freedom of religion. They wanted to make sure there would be no national church at the federal level, forcing people of other denominations to conform. They also wanted to make sure the government would not restrict the free exercise of religion.
The First Amendment later was twisted to mean we should have a strict “separation of church and state”—not allowing any reference to God in the public arena.
That same Congress that gave us the First Amendment passed a law called The Northwest Ordinance, spelling out an expectation for territories that became future states, saying, “Religion, morality, and knowledge, being necessary for good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall forever be encouraged.”
It is historically undeniable that when they said, “religion,” they meant Christianity (in one form or another). And when they said, “morality,” it was biblical morality.
Note the priority of the Congress as to schools. Teach them about God, morality, knowledge.
How different is the anti-Christian curriculum proposed in California?
Those Aztec deities demanded violence. Robert Ripley of “Believe It or Not” fame writes about a carved circular stone found in the National Museum in Mexico City, where the human victims were slaughtered in Aztec worship: “The prisoners, who for several years had been held in reserve for this festival, were ranged in files forming a procession nearly two miles long. This long line slowly walked to their death marking time to the shrieks of the dying as they were bent naked on this stone and their hearts torn from their bodies. It required four days to finish the slaughter.” (Wonder Book of Facts, 1957).
In contrast, Jesus—who said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”—offered Himself as the sacrificial “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” But today, California educators apparently prefer pagan deities that demand human sacrifice for worship. Since the recognition of God has been expelled in our public schools, too many of our learning centers have become secular wastelands. In California, it could get even worse.”

Here is another blog entry from the Common Core Diva:

Here is a post from the Rochester anti-Common Core group:

Great news peasants! 🤢

If your child plays sports at a NYS college you can now go see them play with a negative test or vaccine!!! 😡😡😡

Oh thank you King!!! Who the hell does this guy think he is? 😫😫😫

And another post from this group:

The new norm

And yet another post from this group:

My son was scolded to fix his mask while outside for RECESS today (an actual luxury for his class to enjoy- which is a whole different issue). They also aren’t always getting mask breaks. What ladder do I climb to keep pushing this other than the principal and super? I’m not letting 1 day pass without this being fixed.

And some replies to this post:

My daughter was just telling me she never gets mask brakes. This is horrible for them.

It’s all about control. This isn’t about spreading the virus. Where is the outrage by every single parent? Do you know what I hear? It’s suggested that I should be happy that they are in school at all. That we should be greatful things are starting to go back to “normal”. I’m not!!! The masks aren’t necessary. It’s not about the virus. Dr. Fauci, NYS Teacher’s Union, Cuomo. Our administrators and Board members are going to continue this to save their own necks. Vote them out, get rid of these cowards and things will change.

The kids need to start protesting. They need to band together with other like-minded kids and all start removing the masks when they want to. The issue is that kids are afraid to “do the wrong thing” and face detention or a scolding. My 11-year-old wanted to get all her friends on the same page, but she’s also afraid to get in trouble. I feel your pain.

School board! You write your letter to the principal, but you copy everyone into your email. So the superintendent and the school board see it. Because everyone wants to throw everyone else under the bus so in order to “make this problem go away” they are going to expect the person below them to handle it quickly. And then feel free to send it on to other elected officials in your area so they know what parents who vote, want to see in classrooms.

My son just told me he lost 5 min at recess because his mask slipped under his nose 3 times. They are outside!!!

My son has told me similar things….as soon as 1 kid’s mask goes below their nose, the whole class loses 1 min of recess. SO not OK in my opinion.

My granddaughter had lunch in the deans office for too many below the 👃🏼 infractions

And yet another post from this group:

Just an update from our recent meeting with Tim Terranova (superintendent of victor schools):
Until the NYS DOH puts explicitly in writing that they will accept the 3 ft distancing that the CDC states is acceptable, they will not send kids back to school. It is “inadvisable” per district lawyers to send the kids back without blessing from NYSDOH as it opens the district to lawsuits and withholding of state Aid.
There you have it folks, our kids are held hostage over money. High risk sports are fine because NYS endorsed their resumption. They have yet to endorse the 3 ft distancing. Meanwhile, Cuomo is concerned about legalizing marijuana. I hate this State.
When do our kids matter more than money or legal consequences or sports???

And some replies to this post:

This is exactly what he told me weeks ago. He won’t defy the state health department. He has admitted he CAN open the schools but he WONT.

So if NYSDOH doesn’t act soon, this may impact fall opening??? How long are we supposed to wait? I’ve said it before, we are being played. They just want to see how much they can get away with. The state is like a petulant child testing their parents.

And yet another post from this group:

Mendoza has sent an email to my school asking for a list of all the teachers who are vacx. I imagine all schools have received this email. Colleges are also getting lists of vacx teachers.
It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re going to pin reopening schools on that number. That’s pure conjecture, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he were to say we can’t open schools because only X amount are vacx.

And some replies to this post:

We are to fill out an “anonymous” email when we have been fully vaccinated. This came after the “anonymous” email survey on what prevented us from being vaccinated or are we simply refusing the vaccine.

do they think people are stupid? Anonymity disappears once that email is sent.

not if you use encrypted email services like Proton Mail. They’d have to have some verification set up, though.

Granted, maybe this isn’t true, though I’ve heard that it basically is from other sources before finding this article (it was because I’d heard it before that I looked it up). While I can’t prove it true for certain based on what I know about the Tor project and all of that and even the Internet itself being developed by military contractors/CIA people, it would NOT surprise me in the least. But I wouldn’t trust Proton Mail if I were you:

Every week we get an anonymous email as well to ask about status and if we want it…I delete it and I stopped filling out the daily covid question survey weeks ago.

At a BOE meeting for Churchville Chili last month, it was mentioned that one of the agencies (CDC, I believe) was at that time indicating 60% of staff would be an ideal number. Not a regulation per say. But the BOE mentioned it twice in that meeting, so they must be at least considering it.

At the same meeting it was also said that they were not anywhere near that. Also, that the surveys being sent to staff were not being returned either because they are voluntary. So, it will be challenging for the district to get an accurate count.

That is their plan! I work in a school. Every Friday they have to report to the state, a list showing who is vaccinated and who is not.

I list of names?

weekly vaccination survey.
NYS requests districts to submit data to Monroe County dept of Health the vaccination rate of teachers and staff by 4 every Friday.
*number of teachers
*number that have completed their vaccination-cumulative number
*total number of staff
*total number of staff that completed their vaccination.
Of course, it is completely anonymous-sounds like only the school, MC and NYS will have the information 🤬

And yet another post from this group:

As if Canandaigua wasn’t bad enough already….they thought sending out mass letters like THIS was a good idea😡

And some replies to this post:

Is your kiddo Hybrid or Virtual?

mine is virtual and they have time built in each day for iReady so that they meet the 45 minutes per week. That really stinks to get a letter

So they can let him repeat, your child (like most kids) probably didn’t lear 1/2 the material they were supposed learn this year. I wonder if the even publicly announce how the standardized test results go this year or hide that too.

My 1st graders report card every quarter has a notation that she struggles to follow social distancing guidelines at school. It was also mentioned at her parent teacher conference. I just want to send it back with a note that says “No s$#t because it isn’t normal and she’s only 7 years old.” On one hand, I am glad to be informed of what is happening. And I do work on anything the teacher asks me too. Not to mention the things her 1st teacher (a long term sub because of covid) had not addressed that was going wrong, like backwards letter writing. But on the other hand, I find it frustrating that parents are being asked to address things that are frankly out of our control. If they cannot correct things that are going wrong because of covid on school time, how do they expect us parents to do it? Let me grab my magic wand……..

My kids HATE iready!! It does nothing for these kids

This is one way to kill a kid’s love for reading. I was a high school English teacher, and most kids hated reading by the time they got to me. I wonder why!

We got the same thing, it’s ridiculous, they have enough problems trying to keep up with everything, not to mention they already struggle due to learning disabilities, but hey, let’s add a nothing thing to the plate.

Yup I’ve had several conversations about iReady with my daughters teacher!
Each asking fir a formal assessment and each time denied.
They’re are only using iReady right now which offers its own concerns.

Midlakes Director of Curriculum. iReady is pushing a social justice narrative.
Deleted her Twitter when I asked about this post.

We got one…my guy ranks below 50%. I just can’t keep up

hard to keep up when it isn’t even told to my kid to do the work🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t see any iready for last week🤷🏽‍♀️


And yet another post from this group:

Any other schools require families to log in daily to do a health attestation? Livonia has started that (initially, we just signed a Google doc saying that we would not send out kids to school sick and take temps every day). I asked what data was being collected, etc. and never got a reply. I didn’t sign up because of the lack of response. Now they are saying that to play the next season of sports, you have to sign up to do the daily online attestation. Are others doing this too?

And some replies to this post:

Very common.

We have had to do a health screening daily since day 1 in Gates….and just recently it is considered attendance.

We do it every in person school day 😩

We are suppose to do it monthly in Avon.

Brockport students and staff complete one daily

Don’t fill it out. Know many parents in the group who’ve never filled them out. Don’t comply.

We fill out a record daily. If I don’t they call me.

This is ridiculous. In the very beginning my Church wanted us to do something like this. I made a blanket statement once that I would not attend if I was feeling unwell. The idea that we are all too stupid to take care of ourselves and our children is beyond me.

The initial doc is required by DOE for any student attending in order to reopen. The rest is up to the district.
According to my sister-in-law: Perry school students only had to sign that same initial doc and then again after each vacation. Their teachers have to sign weekly health reports.
We are in Livonia district as well, and the daily health attestation, and random in-school health “surveillance protocols” are one of the (many) reasons our boys don’t attend.
From what I gather from family and friends in other places, Livonia is the strictest most covid-crazy district out here.

Every single day. In Penfield.

Every day. Pittsford.

Webster, every day health screen before they start the day

Everyday for Eastrochester. Its really annoying. They send emails twice in the morning and text messages. Way to many times… I have completed about how many times it comes to my email and phone. They dont care

Thanks for all of the responses. It seems like nonsense busy work to me. Makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. I guess I’ll go complain to the administration now.

[name redacted] isn’t even in a building with kids/staff and his district makes him and all his guys do it 🙄

McQuaid has been doing it since September.

I called and told the principal we would not be doing that, Mark them present everyday unless I call to say they are not present. Haven’t logged in once and will not. It’s all about money. It has nothing to do with our kids at all.

I had that same mentality, but now they are resorting to coercion. I sent an email to the superintendent, so we’ll see if anything is clarified.

Churchville has done it all year on in school days on the pikmykid app

churchville chili here too, we were actually supposed to be doing it on remote days too not just in person days, which is absolutely ridiculous. I called the attendance office and asked and they said that the health department requests every student in the district do it regardless if they are in person or virtual

Churchville Chili family here too. I kept forgetting sporadically on remote days early in the year. When no one from the district called to complain to me about it I decided, after the first quarter or so, to just stop stressing myself about getting it done. Our girl is in first grade. I have a lot on my plate on remote days. No one, to this day has called me about not doing it on remote days.

I called the attendance office to ask if they would be marked absent and was told that it wasn’t really tracked by the district unless someone answered yes to an answer then they would call. I haven’t been doing it consistently either. I don’t have time for that either. Treading water over here too

I am at chestnut.. we have only ever done it on in school days and noone ever said anything?! Oh well lol

we are FRS. Not a word. I don’t worry about it. If it was truly necessary they would be calling.

Unfortunately we are all being placed in a position to comply with invasive and unnecessary health screening or choose not to participate.

My kids have to have a health screening on their in person days, my oldest signed up for modified soccer and I will also have to fill it out for her on the days she doesn’t go to school but gets dropped off for soccer (yep that’s right they won’t bring the kids back full time but they are letting cohorts mix for sports 🙄)

Gananda does it too.

HFL, every single day. If you forget to do it, they come to the classroom and take your child’s temperature. It must be done in order to participate in sports.

Ours has from the start of the year. If you don’t fill it out the nurse has to track the kid down and take a temp and ask a barrage of questions.
We know because life happens and have forgotten a couple of times.

that is why I never forget an in person day to do the attestation. I don’t want anyone questioning my first grader about health issues. Gosh only knows what she would say. Before I know it I would be taking her for a covid test and our whole family would in quarantined.

mine are 17 and the twins are 14. Easily coached on their responses.home school isn’t an option for us, so here we are.

Had to fill out 1 for Greece at beginning of the year stating I would check her and not send her ill. I don’t know if that has changed to daily, she is remote now. She goes in person 4 days a week to Wemoco and have never had to fill out anything. I am assuming they rely on the home schools screenings. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

I emailed the Super and told him I wasn’t using the health app as I didn’t agree with the app agreement and wouldn’t consent. I told him to let me know if he wanted me to email the nurse everyday and I never received a response and haven’t filled it out once since the beginning of the year.

Yes everyday since September for RH.

Midlakes does this for any day a child goes to school

Wayne central makes students and staff fill out a daily questionnaire and submit it.

And yet another post from this group:

Got my 5th grader report card she’s in intergraded classes. Her grades went from 3s last year to 2s in everything with notes saying she’s having trouble keeping up with her online days . Umm yea no shit! These kids should of been the first ones to go back at least the 4 days. Her cse meeting they talked about putting her in 12:1:1 for middle school we are having another meeting in May. I’m not going to allow it my daughter has been in this setting since kindergarten and has always done fine but because she’s not able to teach herself online your going to blame it on the child yea not going to happen.
Is anyone else having this happen with their children?
This is Greece school

And some replies to this post:

Do not agree to a self contained room. Once you go more restrictive it’s hard to get back. I was a SPED teacher in the RCSD for 11 years and have been part of countless cse meetings. They shouldn’t be using this year to rate academic growth for any student.

I agree and I’m going to not agree to any kinds of changes like that thank you

Just got an email about sat school. 😭 bc my daughter isn’t doing well.

My 14 year old is failing a class and I emailed the teacher and he said “oh yeah I just realized that too.” He’s been entering grades and all of a sudden realized this? Also the last time she was practically failing I found out via a robo call. I will also preface this by saying she is typically an honor roll student

I am right there with you with my son (same situation). They should have been in school full time from the start. They are placed in these classrooms and have IEPs for a reason. – we are in Canandaigua Schools.

My five year old can’t sit at his computer for a two hour block of online classes, so his teacher is beginning to hint that he can’t engage and participate properly, so he might not be ready for first grade.
I responded with: “Wait, you want me to condition a curious, active little boy to sit quietly and stare at a screen for hours on end.”

my nephew is in K as well and his mom’s have been pretty much told the same think. They both work full time, my in-laws watch the kids on off days and we can’t expect 70somethings to maneuver zooms!! Not everyone can afford daycare centers that can help with school. My 17 year old is a smart resilient kid and she zones out at least once a week, so expecting it from a 5 year old is ludicrous!!!

And yet another post from this group:

Direct quote from my child’s teacher today ““I don’t think we should open up, COVID is still out there. No one even cares what us as teachers think. It’s kinda sad.”
What’s really sad is that this teacher wastes valuable class time to express her opinions and try to scare the students. This isn’t the first time either. My child is in her class 2 day a week! That’s it. 2 days! You can’t focus on the subject matter so that my kid can actually learn something of value?

this same teacher, last week, played a magic school bus video as their zoom Wednesdays and told the class to take notes. She then failed to have the sound on for her audience and must have walked away because she didn’t respond to the students who were trying to tell her in the chat feature. By the time she realized it, it was just about over so she assigned it for homework. Told the kids they could find the episode on Netflix or YouTube and to take notes on it. It’s a kids cartoon and this was for 10th grade biology.

And yet another post from this group:

My daughter was outside for a class today (not recess or PE). Mask on. She told me the teacher took hers off. Am I wrong for advising my child to remove hers, as well? She told me she would get in trouble if she took it off, but if they are outside and the teacher has hers off, why shouldn’t the students.

And some replies to this post:

My daughter told me in her high school they have to go in the hall to pull their mask down if they want to take a drink from their own water bottle yet the teachers can take their masks down to drink their coffee in class. I need my coffee all day at work too so I get it, but if the teachers can do it then so should the students

The part that scares me the most is that our kids are afraid. Afraid to break the rules, afraid to be different and afraid to speak up. We are heading down a very slippery slope and unfortunately our kids are being used to promote and enforce their agenda.

My oldest is not given mask breaks unless she’s willing to go into the hallway. But tells me her teachers remove theirs often at their desks.
It’s a terrible double standard.
I asked her if any kids take mask breaks and she said no, bc no one wants to be the only one getting up and going outside, plus missing instruction. They can only go out one at a time.

My son goes outside during free periods and lunch. Its one of the mask break zone for Brighton high school

Off… You’re outside.. What’s wrong with these people?

And yet another post from this group:

This should concern any parent in Monroe County. Spencerport released this on their site this morning. Our 6-12 kids may not go back on 4/12. Why? Mendoza.

And some replies to this post:

Brighton is saying the same thing, I was wondering if other districts would follow suit or if just Brighton bc Mendoza’s kids go there. But remember he doesn’t have the authority to open or close schools … interesting

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!!! I’m sending mine back on April 19 no matter what! I’m so over this crap- I already did high school! I didn’t sign up to work full time and be a high school student all over!!! 😡😡. CC better not follow this !

For someone who “doesn’t have a say” he sure is speaking up now and for the WRONG REASONS! What an ass! This is nuts!

Oh I fully expect something from Lori now along the same lines. 🙄

I keep saying I’ll believe it when I see it. What scares me is that teachers are reporting how they have to have desks/furniture ready to be moved out over the break next week. So that the old tables/non 6ft distancing furniture can be moved back in. What if when the kids are scheduled to come back Mendoza says it’s not safe and freaks everyone out and it’s too late because all the old furniture is back in classrooms? And bus routing is all changed to accommodate full time? Everything will be all screwed up. Just let the kids go back!!

I feel there plan all along was not back and I worry this is the future of school period. Stringing us all along

How is our 1.8% positivity rate in the red zone ???

Our superintendant here at Marcus Whitman in Ontario County used similar messaging (that Ontario County was a high transmission zone). They are preparing the schools to return around 4/18 but community transmission could affect that. Even with excellent communication from our school district, I continue to feel played and strung along…

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

You know that Atento Capital here in Tulsa is an investor in Percepto – a software package for Spot, Boston Dynamics’ terrifying robocopdog.

And another post from her:

Alison Hawver McDowell has been taking on the steely technofascist machine since 2016. Her research is second-to-none and essential for understanding our current predicament. When she’s not taking on the titans of global vulture capital, you’ll find her preparing soup, tending gardens, and quilting. Yes, quilting! In gratitude for Alison’s work, I’d like to offer these brief reflections on quilts and quilting.
Quilts are so much more than decorative blankets and the process of quilting is a strenuous labor of love. An essential staple of pioneering journeys, quilts offer comfort, protection, warmth, privacy, and it preserves memories. It may be carefully and lovingly designed or pieced together resourcefully from a variety of otherwise-discordant scraps meticulously brought together into a coherent pattern. Sewing a quilt is an undertaking that requires both exacting measurement and creativity, and it can be either a solitary or a communal activity. And the finished product becomes an heirloom, linking generations to each other and becoming more supple and beautiful with age. Quilting is primarily a women’s activity, enriching home and hearth, childhood, friendship, and old age. Quilts encourage peace, harmony, and steadfast care.
Alison has taken this cherished endeavor to a new level of meaning. I’m blessed to call her my friend.

Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires interview for the week of March 31st:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

See the propaganda!

And the post that she quoted:

This year, a vaccine makes it possible. Whatever you’re excited for, it’s more likely to happen when you get vaccinated.

Here is a post from Alison:

Families displaced by economic violence fuel social impact deals. Harris’s time in CA gave her a solid intro to pay for success finance. Raul does a masterful job here laying out the market-shaping happening now on both sides of the border.

Watch out for radical social studies and revisionist history in Minnesota schools:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Memoirs of a concerned Utah teacher:
Staff Meeting, 2020
It was just another regular weekly teacher meeting where we sat in the staff meeting space and listened to our “fearless [white] leader” lecture us on and bemoan the evils of “systemic racism” and how people of color are oppressed by the system. Because our school serves a community where minorities are the majority, we were instructed to participate in an exercise of “self-reflection”. The whole scene unrolled like something from a bad film.
A teacher-of-color challenged the narrative. “I do good work here, I trained for this. I EARNED my master’s degree and my students ARE learning and the idea that I am ‘lesser than’ is absurd.” The white leader shot back “your ‘truth’ is misinformed. Systemic racism is real, pervasive and needs to be destroyed.”
This leader belabored the ideas that people of color do not get the SAME education that others do (even though they attend the very same classes??), that they are oppressed and victims of the system and claiming unequivocally that “WE KNOW THIS” as if these statements were unarguable facts.
The leader continued: People of color graduate high school not having received the same education as the “white man,” but we give them diplomas anyway. People of color learn and achieve less because of the horrors of systemic racism.
The assault on my teacher-of-color friend, who challenged this leader, did not stop there.
The white leader went on to speak about collegiate institutions and institutional racism that terrorizes people of color and plagues the walls of “higher-ed” like Ebola. Horrifying and incredulous statements were made such as: People of color come out of these institutions with less knowledge and fewer skills. Rarely are they the best hire because of this, but we hire them ANYWAY.
The leader touted the latest “anti-racist” woke jargon and I sat their wondering if the woke mob that cheered the leader on could “hear themselves.” There were claps, “uh-huhs!” and a few woops! Our leader simply could not contain themself and continued on with the racist diatribe stating that the people of color who worked at our school [whom the leader had hired] came to us with LESS: less experience, less skill, less quality and less knowledge.
In an effort to appear woke and “anti-racist,” our leader continued to lump all teachers-of-color into the same inferior classification claiming their inability to think critically, their bad classroom management skills (inferences made to being raised poorly), poor instructional practices, etc. etc.
Again, the leader just kept talking – it was as if they were fed by the affirmation of a cult. They went on to state “the work suffers because of this [hiring people of color who can’t hack it] and children don’t get a quality education because of it, but we hire the “lesser than” anyway. We hire them and nurture them and give them what they need so that they can [eventually] thrive, and the children here can thrive despite not having the best teacher available.”
I sat there shocked. My friend and teacher-of-color was born in another country. She was an immigrant and worked harder than most people I know to become an exceptional, top notch educator. I looked at her and saw her tears. We sat alone as the crowd of woke folk rose to their feet and cheered the efforts to “dismantle the systems” as the leader, with fist to the sky, nodded their head and smiled.
Quietly, we picked up our things and left as the woke supremacists in the room congratulated each other on subscribing to racist ideations, masked in condescending charity, that some races are just not as capable or intelligent as others and congratulating their leader for belittling a person-of-color whom they deemed a “white supremesist” for not agreeing that she was somehow “less than”.
For a good part of the year, the teacher-of-color challenged the very racist “anti-racist” dogma being preached at the school asserting that her students-of-color COULD learn and they had proven it. And for standing up my immigrant, teacher-of-color friend was bullied, accosted, and vilified by the woke cult. She was called an “OREO” for subscribing to the “white man’s” thoughts and ways. In the end, she resigned and left education, vowing to never teach again.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Starting with Nixon & Kissinger, China has been in bed with the technocratic predator class. I’ve been watching China building their tech empire for more than two decades. I started out as an electronics engineer, but when Clinton started exporting all manufacturing and production to China, I realized my career as an electronics engineer, in the U.S., was about to become limited, so I switched to software engineering, namely, game development.
I have been watching China get enormous incredible help from the western world, including the U.S. Companies, like Apple, Microsoft, Intel, AMD, Rockwell, Texas Instruments, Google, IBM, etc., all providing ALL tech to China. China was and is still literally being engineered by the western world!
China is the proving grounds for the western world. From blockchain, to crypto, to robotics, to AI, to surveillance, to social credit scoring, to the One Silk Road initiative, etc., it’s all being done with the help, support, guidance and finance of the technocratic western elites. Whatever is happening in China is by design, and it’s coming here! By design.
What makes China such an ideal location is the shear volume of cheap labor, resources and (this is very very important), their collective communitarian mentality. They don’t follow the western “individual freedom loving” mentality or culture. They instead have been conditioned from birth to love CHINA, not their individual sovereign freedoms. That is why it’s hard to get gun-toting freedom loving Americans and westerners on board. And the predator class know this, but they intend to rectify this.
China and the Rockefeller cronies are all in bed together, and they all have plans for you! They are BOTH complicit. Just like the military does to new recruits (or invaded lands) – “Tear it down, and then rebuild it”. We are seeing a military operation of a controlled economic demolition, to “build back better”. Because, you know, “it’s for your own good. And you’ll be happy!”

GoFundMe, already an ally of the vaxinazis and Gaystapo, is now shutting down opponents of Critical Race Theory:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is what the “new normal ” will be – DIGITAL AND CONTROLLED
The online learning platform Coursera (COUR) saw a big pop following its Nasdaq (^IXIC) debut this week. Coursera revenue was up 60% last year, and CEO Jeff Maggioncalda predicts online learning is here to stay even after the pandemic eventually winds down.
“The world needs more access to high-quality learning. … There will be a new normal that emerges. We don’t know what that will look like either in terms of how we work remotely versus in an office and how we will learn online and also on campus. But it’s pretty clear that the world will never be the same again and that online learning will be a big part of it,” he told Yahoo Finance Live.
“So we really think about the long term, all the structural reasons why people will need to learn continuously through their lives to learn new skills as the world goes more digital,” he said.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

can they punish students who’s parents will not opt into the Sharp Survey?? Thanks in advance!

And some replies to this post:

Absolutely not. What school is this?

it’s EHHS. My daughter’s boyfriend that sent it to me since I told his Mom not to sign it. I’ll call the school for him. I won’t sign it, but he is worried about his grade.

Just email it back with a “no”.
Because it is an opt-in schools try to get them returned.

This happened at our Jr High. When I pushed back they said the points were for the parent responding yes or no on the permission slip. They moved them to “extra credit points”. 🤷‍♂️. Still seemed shady to reward some kids for their parents reaffirming opt out for a survey that requires parental permission.

Some teachers are offering extra assignments instead of RISE testing also. I have made it very clear to my kids they cant do that and they dont have to do the extra work. So watch for that too.

It’s been a while since I kept track of the RISE cans/cant’s but I thought they could give an assignment in replace of the test but it could not count against their grade.

And another post from this group:

From a teacher…
“A few years back, Utah changed the state standardized test. The students weren’t scoring well, so the state dumped 30 million dollars into a new standardized test to see if kids could do better. I always wondered – why they didn’t they spend that money to help kids learn better instead?” (Or to help teachers teach better?)

And yet another post from this group:

Who’s racist?’ Lawyer mom takes on Maryland school district’s woke racism claims:
Picking fights with lawyers and Green Berets can be a bit risky, and that is doubly true when one of them has extensive experience with totalitarian tactics.
Gordana Schifanelli is a lawyer married to a former Army special forces officer, and what’s more, she grew up in a Communist household in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. All of which makes for a powerful opponent in what has shaped up as a battle on Maryland’s Eastern Shore between forces of wokeness in Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and some concerned parents.
“It’s totalitarian, what they’re doing, so I know it,” she said. “I was in the middle of a NATO bombing and barely survived. Now you want to tell me I’m a racist? Whatever.”
The battle began in June, when Superintendent Andrea M. Kane sent a letter to parents filled with attaboys for environmental improvements in the schools and news about the coronavirus, which had forced them all to close. Sandwiched in between, however, was a lengthy screed about systemic racism, the righteousness of Black Lives Matter and the frightening news that the schools in that sleepy community were infested with racism.
While Ms. Kane, who is Black, voiced her concerns in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Mrs. Schifanelli was appalled on many levels. For starters, who might be responsible for this terrible environment?
“Who’s racist? Where is this racism in our schools? I’m sending my kids into some rampant, festering racist place?” she said. “I think Black parents would also want to know who is being racist at school.”
In addition, Mrs. Schifanelli objected to the lecture from a government worker who she believed should be focused on educating her children rather than broader social issues that her 11-year-old didn’t really understand.
“You shouldn’t be using your microphone to promote your partisan political position as a public employee,” she said. “My kid’s 11. You want to regurgitate a particular political view about police and how they deal with criminal defendants and use my kids as your social justice warriors? The hell you will.”
Mrs. Schifanelli was also uncomfortable with Ms. Kane bringing in an activist group, Students Talking About Race, that tries to “encourage uncomfortable conversations and activism,” to instruct students. After a July session with the group raised some parents’ ire, the arrangement was quietly dropped, she said.
But just as she had once found her unwillingness to join the Communist Party an unwelcome stance in her childhood home, she now found her desire for a nonpolitical classroom and social justice-charged administration unwelcome among the powers that be in Queen Anne’s County, whose population is about 90% White and 7% Black, according to census data.
“I wrote and called everyone saying I thought this was wrong,” Mrs. Schifanelli told The Washington Times. “And everyone told me, ‘they have First Amendment rights; goodbye.’”
It occurred to Mrs. Schifanelli that perhaps she was wrong, or at least alone in her opposition to the trends prevalent among school administrators and county officials. So she voiced her opinion on Facebook and Instagram, where she learned she was far from alone.
Her pages, Kent Island Patriots and Maryland Patriots, attracted thousands of hits. They also attracted enemies who used every tool they could to silence and smear her and others, according to lawsuits Mrs. Schifanelli and others filed that now appear headed toward a jury trial.
“I wanted to create a space where whoever wants to speak freely against using kids as social justice warriors could do so,” she said. “That moment became hell.”
The response from Big Tech and leftists in her community would have made Tito proud, Mrs. Schifanelli said referring to Josip Broz, the late dictator of Yugoslavia.
First they shut down her personal Facebook page.
“So I said, ‘OK, I’ll create my own,” she said. Facebook and Instagram shut down the “Kent Island Patriots” and “Maryland Eastern Shore Patriots” pages, too. When her 17-year-old son tried to start a Facebook page, he was blocked, she said.
The people seeking to censor Mrs. Schifanelli’s opposition to left-wing politics, many of whom did not have children in the public school system, attacked her as a racist. They leveled their accusations with the Maryland Bar Association and at the U.S. Naval Academy, where she teaches economics and law twice a week.
Another target of theirs did lose his job, and he is a plaintiff in a separate lawsuit.
“They said, ‘we’re going to get her,’ and they started recruiting zealots to go after me,” she said. “What on earth is wrong with these people? You don’t go after people’s livelihoods.”
The situation is one she considered impossible in the United States, a country she said she looked up to even before she met Marc Schifanelli when he was attached to the U.S. embassy in Belgrade as a civilian contractor.
The pair fell in love, and theirs proved a war-torn romance. Forced to leave Yugoslavia when the war there was raging, Mr. Schifanelli refused to return stateside without her and thus decamped to Hungary. Eventually, on foot and by bus, Gordana made it across the border and then they got married in Cyprus.
“My parents were party members, they were true believers,” she said. “I remember when the Communist Party would do recruitment drives in high school. I didn’t want to be a member in any ‘party.’ God, they’d have all these meetings.”
But Mrs. Schifanelli’s aversion to politics changed when she found herself under attack. She decided to change the school board and went looking for candidates. She found one right at home.
“I told Marc we’re going to clean this mess up we’re having in public schools,” she said. “He looked at me. ‘Me?’ he said. ‘Politics?’”
Mrs. Schifanelli also recruited Helen Bennett, a local pet store owner, but the newfound political group learned they were too late to get on the ballot. With social media outfits blacking her out, they were reduced to sending thousands of postcards and ran as write-ins. They both won handily, while Dick Smith, an incumbent school board member also skeptical of Ms. Kane’s program, cruised to reelection, giving the reformers a majority on the five-person board.
By that time, tensions had mounted. Ms. Kane disappeared beginning in late October, later claiming illness, and Mrs. Schifanelli said her efforts to uncover racist teaching or incidents in the schools turned up nothing.
“As of today, I have not received one piece of paper, one shred of evidence that anyone has been racist in our public schools,” she told The Washington Times.
Neither the new board nor Ms. Kane expressed any desire to continue their relationship, and in January the board began looking for a new superintendent. That person is expected to take over before the next school year begins, Mrs. Schifanelli said.
Meanwhile, the defendants in her civil actions have tried, unsuccessfully, to get the lawsuits filed by Mrs. Schifanelli and others thrown out or moved to federal court.
Mrs. Schifanelli says she has no interest in a settlement because she doesn’t want any money. Rather, the goal is to show publicly that the schools are not a hotbed of racism and to reveal the organized way those saying that the schools are have targeted her and others for cancellation.
“They are targeting individuals and parents who speak against a particular political point of view; we are suing a government that organizes to shut people up,” she said. “I’m hoping this can be a message to a lot of people that we will never allow any more of this type of thing.”

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

It’s truly disgusting what they are doing to children.

And another post from this group:

Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) is on the table in the Worcester school district tonight. The Standing Committee for Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports will be meeting at 5:30 PM. The public is welcome to attend.
Here is the link to the meeting agenda:

Here is an article from the Alaska anti-Common Core group:

And another post from this group:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

The soft bigotry of low expectations and its unintended (or intended?) consequences:
“I feel like we are no longer supposed to challenge our students. I make my class rigorous and have high expectations. Because of this I am in the top 10 highest failing teachers in the school. Students are now expecting easy classes and inflated grades.”

  • Utah teacher
    This denotes a serious problem with our education system…when good teachers are made to look bad and bad teachers are made to look good.

And another post from this group:

Family fled NYC to escape CRT only to find it followed them here to Utah!
“Critical Race Theory (CRT) and its insidious creep into our schools’ curricula. My children were first exposed to this hateful ideology in a New York City school about a decade ago. My family is multi-ethnic, and this racist propaganda is not only divisive but also harmful, especially to families like ours which it purports to help.
My oldest son, who was in 7th grade at the time, came home to report that his friends whom he had known since age five were now being divided into affinity groups by immutable characteristics and forced to eat lunch 1-2 times a week in a segregated environment. A diversity coordinator was brought in to “teach” about implicit bias and showed visual presentations that were straight out of the Marxist playbook, in my opinion. When my son and his friends tried to express concern about the new “programs”, they were given “diversity detentions” which amounted to additional indoctrination by the diversity coordinator.
The final straw was when my 3rd grader came home in tears because, in his words, his teacher said that his paternal grandparents were racist oppressors because they were of European descent and lived in a Southern state. My husband died when my sons were seven, nine, and eleven years old. Two years later, a school that had been a safe space and a supportive institution following this family tragedy was now turning my kids against their deceased father and his family.
Of course, this was patently ridiculous. My in-laws never owned slaves. In fact, they grew up dirt poor in the 1940’s and 1950’s in rural Alabama without electricity or running water. They picked cotton from the time they could walk. In the case of my father-in-law, he was the youngest of thirteen kids in a share-cropping family.
My in-laws believed in the American Dream and taught their children that they could overcome the poverty and adversity of their own youth through hard work and education. My husband took that advice to heart and was the first in his family to attend college. Yet here was a group of Ivy League educated elites much more “privileged” than my husband’s family teaching my children that their father’s white, southern family were/are oppressors.
As I said earlier, my half of the family is an ethnic minority, so my children were being taught that one side of the family was evil, and the other side was virtuous based upon immutable characteristics. It was disgusting and divisive. Fortunately, we had a wonderful family therapist who helped to reverse this harmful indoctrination and heal the rift it created between my kids and their father’s family.
We moved to Utah full time to escape the identity politics, harmful effects of CRT, and the school district’s systemic dilution of parental rights. I am horrified to learn that it has followed us. During an online Zoom class, I walked into the dining room to hear an AP English teacher discussing an assignment involving CRT and Queer Theory, which to my knowledge is not part of the College Board curriculum for that class. Another friend’s daughter was required to essentially apologize for her white privilege in an AP Government assignment.
Our family came from impoverished conditions to achieve the type of success only attainable in our country. Members of our family served in the military to protect and defend the ideals of this great country which make such triumphs possible to anyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, etc. We strongly oppose any program such as CRT which teaches our children to be victims, to hate this country, and pits us against each other.
Critical Race Theory is an evil indoctrination program which threatened to destroy and divide our family. I am speaking out in the hope that you will stand with me to protect Utah families.”

Watch out for those school covid health surveys;

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

One of my FB friends asked: “Is cryptocurrency a Trojan horse, designed to lure us into a blockchain driven techno fascist state?”
I replied: “The short and long answer is YES.”
No matter what crypto you are buying/selling or trading. You are feeding the entire crypto-space ecosystem. The Bitcoin or Ether you buy and sell, helps power the AI smart-contracts that will decide if you gain entry into a store. That will calculate your social credit worthiness. That will identify who you are, what you have done, and where you are going. A system that will track your associations with friends and organizations. And then, in a cashless society, will grant you permissions with the penalty of loss of funds.
Do you want to board a plane or buy food? Your blockchain-based vax passport will send a request to an AI-as-a-service portal that will then get paid in crypto (that you might happen to own, buy or sell) in order to determine if you or someone else can board that plane or buy that loaf of bread.
So yes, the entire blockchain space is a trojan horse.” And, if you are a buyer of crypto, you are FEEDING the MACHINE! Yes, ALL cryptos are transacting and participating with each other in one way or another.
If you don’t believe it, you’re free to go to any blockchain Dapp (decentralized app) market place and buy smart-contract business services with crypto. Go ahead. Do it! Find out for yourself. And if you’re more courageous, you can go to an AI Dapp market place such as SingularityNet to buy the actual artificial intelligence smart-contract services on the blockchain (which is powered by Ethereum), in crypto (ETH and AGI), to service your AI needs. That’s right! You can buy AI for your needs. Any kind of AI. This is not conspiracy. Go ahead, go there and find out! Heck, young kids are writing AI routines and contracts daily, making money, placing it on the Ethereum blockchain and selling it on the SingularityNet. People, this has been happening for a while. This is REAL!
NOTE: For those unaware of my background, I’m a 30 year game programmer with AI and blockchain programming experience.
And, btw, SingularityNet is created by Ben Goertzel, and works as the chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, the creator of Sophia the robot. Just so you know. This is quite a big enterprise and a lot is happening in real-time.

And some replies to this post:

While completing my 2020 provincial income tax report (Quebec) I noticed that there was a section for cryptocurrency transactions. The government introduced the change and the general public isn’t aware. Mainstream media is silent about that. Sneaky Horse of Troy is definitely stepping in Quebec!

And the 2020 Income tax Guide (Quebec) mentions that cryptocurrency transactions are blockchain based (page 26). By the way, the province of Quebec is the sole area in North America with evening curfews. It seems that it is an ideal testing lab for the new global gulag model. Many of my fellow citizens think that the government takes good care of them. So utterly depressing living here…

And btw, the singularitynet is the company that Hanson, of Hanson Robotics, owns. The creator of Sophia the robot.

You’re talking about Central Bank Digital Currency which will be a completely different eco system to the crypto world, why don’t you mention this?

it’s both crypto spaces. No exceptions. The public cryptos are currently paying for smart contracts on Ethereum network. Those are the same smart contracts that perform AI biosecurity right now. And the traders of crypto are fueling it. It has nothing to do with CBDC. CBDC will be another layer in the mix.

the blockchains have to operate on the internet. They carry metadata that allows them to be tracked. They can also be blocked from public-private institutions including all supply chains. They can be delisted from exchanges. They can be identified via device and IP addresses. The mining pools are centralized. The last bitcoin mined is nearing and when that happens, the incentive to mine is gone and so banks are in position to take over the mining pools. The 2nd layer of bitcoin was modified during the segwit fork in 2017 allowing banks to insure Lighting Network transactions, a P2P private channel which bypasses the proof-of-work consensus protocol. Thus, nullifying bitcoin as a payment system. There is so much more. Ethereum has issues. The biggest issue is that if all goods and services are on blockchain, then the entire supply chain can lockdown against any crypto coin. That would cause a panic on the crypto market and crash the value of the coin if it can’t buy a loaf of bread. This is just the tip of the iceburg of problems with crypto and blockchain. And I was not even talking about CBDC or permissioned blockchains (bankers blockchain).

The CIA created Bitcoin as the foundation for a shift into digital currency and for tracking all transactions once fiat is removed as a currency..They use Cryptocurrency to remain anonymous too…. I would be investing using and play them at there own game.

And a post from another friend of mine:

The socio-medical industrial complex wants EVERYONE to have a mental health diagnosis. Why? To treat you. To have a stick to hold over you. To harvest your data and learn more about trauma’s effects on men, women, and children (so they can plan a real zinger the next go-round). To know how to nudge you. To make big bets on your human capital value on the social impact exchanges.
YOUR REGION PROBABLY HAS A 10-YEAR MENTAL HEALTH PLAN, adopted just before the coronapocalypse and funded by vulture philanthropy. This plan calls for regional agreements that urge providers to particuipate in community health networks. These networks integrate and share your data with all members – personal identifiers removed, of course (ha!).
PRIVATE EQUITY AND GLOBAL ASSET-MANAGEMENT FIRMS (e.g. Putnam Investments) are salivating at the prospects of ESG/Impact investing in mental health programs. The executives at these firms represent life and health insurance providers, thd big tech G-MAFIA, big pharma, and other exploitative entities.
Individual mental health practicioners are being squeezed to participate in network agreements by the insurance companies and tight-knit cadres of local “thought-leaders.” I’m guessing that most practicioners genuinely want to help their patients and have not a clue about the reason for the squeeze.
These programs are framed in terms that give them the APPEARANCE of being reasonable, guided by genuine concern to care for those in need, and grounded in rigorous scientific research. But these terms are standardized marketing tools that signal the “transformative,” “high impact” agenda to “bottom-up” policy-makers. It’s a sophisticated formula that most of us haven’t the time to decipher.
The 2017 paper linked here lays out the strategy for mental health impact investing. Note the use of the term “high impact” interventions. Among other red flags: baselines, coordinated care across sectors, data-sharing agreements, propagandizing practicioners, two-generation data harvests, workforce development, home visitation, universal screenings, population health, technology for seamless info transfer (blockchain health records), etc. I’ll add flags to the excerpt shortly.
Recommendations for provider-level change to improve access to mental health care for low-income families in the primary care setting are grouped into 3 main categories: education and training, clinical infrastructure, and multidisciplinary teams. These recommendations are compiled from a review of mental health care delivery research, expert opinion, and policy recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and others, tailored for the practicing pediatric PCP. Both the scientific and lay literature were reviewed, with special attention to expert recommendations that are evidence based and have been implemented in a variety of settings.
Education and training should focus on both cultural shifts and skill development, given the importance of the primary care physician in identifying and managing mental health concerns and in helping families to engage in mental health care. To overcome barriers to care faced by children from low-income families, PCPs, mental health professionals, and families all need to change their expectations of what mental health service delivery looks like and come to see the medical home as a source of behavioral as well as physical health care, recognizing the strong reciprocal relationship between them. Some specific areas for education and technical assistance include the following:
Increasing the capacity of providers and staff to address practical, logistical, and psychological barriers to patient engagement in mental health care.75 This includes increasing attention to social determinants of health (eg, housing, neighborhood conditions), and recognition and discussion of their role in both physical and mental health care.76,77 PCPs can seek additional training or collaboration with other clinical providers (eg, social workers and psychologists) to identify and address with families sources of toxic stress and to recognize such topics as important components of pediatric care.25
Training and education that enable PCPs to identify and address emerging problems before they meet diagnostic criteria, including a focus on early childhood mental health (eg, Zero to Three).38,60
Training to increase the PCP’s comfort and competency in prevention, management, and treatment of frequently occurring and lower-acuity mental health conditions in childhood and adolescence, including medication management and knowledge of evidence-based mental health services.60,78
Integrating education about mental health care into pediatric graduate medical education. This step may involve including mental health experts in training programs, coprecepting with mental health professionals in residency continuity clinics, and increasing the amount of time allocated to training in mental health within pediatric residency programs.60
Clinical infrastructure is a critical factor in successfully increasing access to care by creating attainable and sustainable systems. Several changes can be implemented at the individual practice level, which supports the integration of mental health into primary care, including the following:
Establishment of collaborative relationships that enable pediatric clinicians to better coordinate with mental health services.60,79 This change includes the creation of referral protocols that allow mental health providers to be available quickly, eliminate repetitive intake processes, and enable effective and specific communication between pediatric and mental health providers.80
Creation of more effective mechanisms for communication and comanagement between providers including primary care clinicians, mental health professionals, school personnel, and case managers.60,74
Assessment and adjustment of workflow to allow implementation of child and maternal mental health screenings, management of behavioral problems (eg, collaboration with front office staff, nursing, social work, and mental health clinicians), and potentially colocation or integration of mental health specialists.77,80
Provision of routine screening for child social emotional problems and perinatal mood and anxiety disorders as standard components of well child care.25,38,79
Multidisciplinary teams are essential to providing comprehensive, high-quality mental health care to children from low-income families, who face increased barriers to accessing care through traditional systems. Creating these teams can entail a greater investment of time and resources on the part of the pediatric provider; however, the payoff in improved outcomes and patient satisfaction can be great. Recommendations to support the development of these teams include the following:
Integrate care coordination services into clinical settings to address the comprehensive needs of children and families. The collaborative care model is an example of a health care system–level intervention that emphasizes collaboration between providers and care managers to link PCPs and patients with mental health providers more efficiently, either within or outside the primary care setting.38,60,64,81 There is robust support for the use of collaborative care models as a means of managing mental health conditions in the primary care setting.81
Increase use of paraprofessionals (eg, family navigators, family support workers) in pediatric practices to facilitate access to care.51
Advocate for changes in policies or information technology to permit sharing and synthesis of physical and behavioral health data between these settings.77
These recommendations are not intended to be fully comprehensive but are targeted toward high-impact interventions that can be achievable in the typical primary care setting through a stepwise approach. Providers are encouraged to assess their own practices, implement small, incremental changes with continual reassessment, and partner with their local professional societies to improve access to mental health care for low-income families.

Here is another Common Core Diva blog entry:

Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires interview for the week of April 7th:

This foundation, S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, also donates to these groups:

Bipartisan Policy Center
Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning
Public Agenda
Measuring SEL
Learning Policy Institute
Policy Analysis or California Education (PACE)
Children Now
Girls Incorporated
San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association
SERP Institute

I was trying to look up “Internet of Currency” and came across a site mentioning that “internet currency” was basically started by eBay in 1995 (Might have the year wrong.)
Then it hit me, our friend Pierre Omidyar and his eBay and his Omidyar Network and Democracy Fund, and I think he’s tied to Luminate as well. What if he and his company are CIA like Google?

This article certainly explains the ties between Odiymar and Poynter, which I’d already found much evidence he was tied to the fact-checkers and media influencers, but it appears he had quite a hand in STARTING this fact-checker network that Facebook uses:

Also, the article mentions that Odimyar donated to this one (though it wasn’t’ added to LittleSis) but you can already see Thiel and Google tied to it. You can tell it’s got CIA involvement:

Facebook used this group to fight international fake news, according to the article. Looks like some CIA guys and members of the military industrial complex are members. Nothing suspicious there. 🙄

So, Skoll is an early employee of eBay according to the article:

And check this out, it’s tied to another Odimyar, I mean CIA, funded operation:

The CIA is colluding with loads of companies and groups to silence us in the name of stopping extremism, election interference, etc. That makes this whole censorship of people by the government over the election fallout (and I suspect over the corvid/vexxine stuff too) GOVERNMENT SPONSORED, which DEFINITELY is a 1st Amendment violation!

Actually, I think the Constitution has an even more specific phrase for this: treason!

Who are these guys? Apparently they are tied to the Alliance for Securing Democracy group (perhaps the host):

Look at all of these guys!

Let me guess, they’re CIA too:

These guys here seem to think so too:

Been hearing that these guys are CIA as well:

And this Open Sourced thing, talking about how big tech and others need to censor us pesky “conspiracy theorists”, which is tied to Vox, is also funded by Omidyar (AKA the CIA):

This is one such cute little article by them:

At the end of this MSN article, it says “Open Sourced is made possible by Omidyar Network. All Open Sourced content is editorially independent and produced by our journalists.” so I’m assuming this is where the article that MSN used came from.

“editorially independent” my butt!

I tied Learn Launch to the UN’s SDGs:

Also the SDGImperative group is a member of this group:

Facing History and Ourselves was also listed as a partner of the SDG Imperative:

Here is a post from Alison:

When “dyslexia” risk profiling is ACTUALLY about early literacy social impact finance and gamified digital therapeutic delivery. Will be going through these slides tonight @ArgusFest (youtube) and Oakland friends. 8:30pm EST. Join us!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Right here in our own county …

Here is a post from the Rochester anti-Common Core group:

At tonight’s Pittsford’s board mtg., the SI admitted he is taking advice from Dr. Mendoza and waiting for the NY’s DOH to update guidance before he brings the students back in fully. Despite knowing that at least 7 other schools in MC have announced their plans to reopen along with other districts in the state. One mother who Zoomed in was distraught because her child recently attempted suicide, yet the SI spent more time speaking to someone advocating for electric busses than this parent who makes an appeal to reopen schools. God almighty, how does Mike Pero and Amy Thomas sleep at night? If you are in Pittsford, send them an email and let them know it is safe for schools to be open! It sounds like it may not happen this year.

And some replies to this post:

The board’s response (or lack of response) to that mother was disgusting. And Pero is just another actor in the saga we are all watching play out in Monroe county. You are 100% right if he’s not going to open on the 19th he’s not the guy for the job.

why do you think he’s in on the drama? Tight with Mendoza? Cuomo? Bello? WHAT does Pero gain by not opening fully? Is he pressured by school staff? Clearly the BOE doesn’t care at all about the mental health of our children. Covid has infected more.minds than bodies. I’m seriously asking bc I’m curious as hell. It’s like SI’s pick and.choose who to follow? State or county? And hey, how about THE CDC?!??

well he flat out said I trust our county health commissioner. He’s in mendoza’s back pocket, right along with Gumina. He gains the adoration of the terrified pittsford parents who want their kids at home. He(and the rest of the board) are spineless and sometimes I also think they are afraid of those who do speak up and out about reopening. The board is weak, and not just on reopening.

Mike Pero gains a lot by keeping schools closed. He keeps the unions happy. Jolene DiBrango, executive VP of the NYSUT and a key underling to Randi Weingarten herself, worked side by side with Pero at the Barker Road offices for years. He’s dumb as a stone and completely controlled by the unions and Mendoza.

Furthermore, there’s all kinds of money flowing into the community from the Feds that Bello (and effectively Mendoza) control. Pero’s dumb as a bag of rocks and continues to back the wrong horse.

My how things have changed since Pero was the most loved school Administrator in the country as Principal for BRMS. He was PHENOMENAL and was ALL about the kids. Everything changed when Common Core was shoved down the throats of public schools nationwide about 10 yrs ago and the loss of local control. He gave our parent group fighting against Common Core (w/it’s devastating Agenda) and all the over-testing the runaround for ~3yrs. He didn’t do what was in the best interest of the kids back then, and he isn’t doing it now. Don’t expect it!!!! He’s a politician through and through nowadays.
I felt back then it was all because of his future upward mobility. That’s the only answer. He’s out for himself! $$$$$. He should be fighting hard to get these kids back into school. What a travesty!!!!
Why arent these board meetings in person??? Cripes I can sit on an airplane for hours masked squished between strangers.

Don’t know what he was like way back in the day, but he’s pure garbage today. The nonsense and falsehoods he and Amy Thomas peddle at the BOE meetings would make you nauseous. He’s serving somebody’s interest and it ain’t the kids.

And another post from this group:

🤮🤮From a staff member at Webster….
Gumina had a meeting with staff members yesterday and informed them of the following:
Middle school and high school grades are NOT going back…Elementary school only with state approval. (Let’s hold our breath! 🙄)
Playing politics with the children and holding them hostage. Parents should demand his removal and the board should find a competent superintendent who can get creative and grow a set like other districts across the county.

And yet another post from this group:

I know I’m not alone here so please parents who are dealing with profound repercussions tell me how you are surviving. I scraped together thousands to get a comprehensive evaluation for my daughter who has taken a sharp turn for the worst since they shut down schools and services. Anyway, the results were what I knew already but worse. And the recommendation was a residential facility. My heart hit my throat. My little girl not in her pink bed in my home with all her stuffies every single night?!?! It feels like someone died. This feeling in my gut. The last time I felt this was when my grandparent died. It feels like death. And part of the reason for a residential facility is because my little girl wants to die!!! She wants to be dead and is thinking of ways to die. This sadness, this twisting of my insides and this pressure on my chest, I can feel my heart breaking. These feelings turn into so much hate and anger and I hate that feeling. I don’t want to hate people but I want-I HAVE-to do something. I don’t know how else expell this pain. Is anyone else pursuing legal action? Has anyone found an affordable attorney (does that even exist?). How are you surviving this with special needs kids???

And yet another post from this group:

So my daughter is in 5th grade. She been 5 days in person all year. Monday she sneezed during class. One single sneeze her teacher asked if she was ok she responded with yes my allergies are flaring up . Is was the Monday after Easter. Being outside all day hunting eggs. She has allergies. It’s noted in her medical chart. I forgot to give her allergy meds before school. I get a call Monday from her nurse saying she can’t return until she’s cleared from her dr or a negative covid test. No other symptoms at all no cough fever lethargy loss is taste smell or body aches. I pick her up and all day not one sneeze or cough no signs of illness at all her dr was even confused why she was there but bc the paper said the dr had to have proof of a diagnosis or negative covid test he said telling them she has allergies wouldn’t work so she was forced to be covid test to return to school. It was negative. … all because my daughter sneezed .. once!!!

Here is the Common Core Diva/Charlotte Iserbyt Setting Brushfires interview from April 9th:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

A principal in Granite school district is telling parents they can’t opt their children out of the RISE tests. He’s either misinformed or lying.

Here is a post from Alison:

Folks don’t realize Solutions Journalism-affiliated media outlets have been set up to advance human capital bond markets under a banner of faux progressivism. They’re creating new markets in innovative debt finance. This is what it looks like where I live.


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