Agenda 21 and the Green Meanies Part 5

This is Part 5.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is a must-read article. Russia is at war with Ukraine, the food and grain breadbasket of Europe. Russia is the largest exporter of wheat in the world. Food is an issue globally and in the U.S. The supply chain for food is also breaking down at the same time. It’s time to say no to control over food and free the farmers to do their time-tested job of feeding the world. ⁃ TN Editor

Here are some posts in reply to an Ice Age Farmer video about animals being killed as an attack upon the food supply and attacks upon crops by not having them planted:

My husband is a salmon fisherman here in northern Michigan. Last September during the salmon run he saw several DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) workers putting something in the river. They told him it was invasive lamprey control to protect the salmon. He told them that in all his years salmon fishing, he’s only seen evidence of lampreys once or twice, and the salmon population was healthy. Nevertheless, the told him they had a grant to rid the Great Lakes waters of lamprey and the salmon would not be harmed. He went back the next day and there were dozens of dead or half-dead salmon floating on the river and on the banks. He was so mad. No clue what that did to the other fish, frogs, and freshwater life in the river. We still can’t understand how or why that happened.

so glad you reported that. I have been sitting on some concerning events happened Northern Calif. summer 2021.
A helicopter buzzed down a big river, ( under the radar going super fast).
The next day the Eagles were gone and the crows were just going beserk.
Huge fish die off in the lake.
lots of white suburbans..road partially closed off.
guys go out in a boat to investigate.
This has REally been bothering me, but since i was just a volunteer with the government…I never even told anyone about the helicopter buzz.
I am quite positive no one else saw the copter but me.

I’m also from Michigan I saw a similar event near traverse city

yes they do it all the time down here in the south with bass,mullet,crappie and catfish. Biggest thing is algae blooms and invasive weed control.

wow i remember when i was in university studying environmental propaganda and i wrote a report on invasive lampreys in the great lakes. I have never seen any either and I lived in the great lakes my whole life. It is supposed to be a pheromone bait and an endocrine disruptor that targets specifically the lampreys. That would be insidious to find out that there is something more happening.

But don’t let your vehicle leak on the ground the epa with be there with their hazmat suits to make a big deal about it and fine the crap out of you. Don’t get me started with their craziness, you wouldn’t believe what they consider wetlands when it comes to you wanting to build something near it. But they get grants to “repair” the ecosystem that was just fine in the first place. I’m so furious that things have gone off the rails so far.

This is the same thing they did in Iran in the late 70s. Iran used to be one of the biggest exporters of rice. Then the UN “experts” came to “help”. Never before seen disease ensued. Now they have to import their rice.

At my local city lake in Omaha Nebraska they poisoned the lake to get rid of algae and within two weeks the whole lake was dead. The algae didn’t look any different than it ever did and I’m sure that poison is what killed all these huge (and little) fish that washed up on the banks it was really sad.

We had a massive die off in the mobile bay a few weeks ago crab and shrimp are not here on the coast this year king crab in Alaska was cut by over 90% this year because they wasn’t there something major is happening

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

Ivor Cummins


‘I am astonished and appalled by a proposed amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, actually being suggested by lunatics in our government?

Am I really seeing this – what in the name of God is driving these people?

It is actually real – astounding and sinister beyond belief. This is essentially communism – which we all agreed was essentially evil? Elimination of core property rights – what the hell?’

<<< also see 1st two comments below >>>

Irish Politician calls for the government to seize people’s private property to support Ukranian refugees.

And some replies to this post:

It’s the purposeful controlled demolition of our countries as we know them in order to implement their “great reset”. All part of the long term plan.🙁

Eliminating borders and national sovereignty!

Yes, that is a large part of it, one of the reasons why some of us voted to Brexit. It is Agenda 21/2030. Flooding Europe and other countries with refugees has been part of the nefarious agenda for a very long time. Soros gave a speech at Davos a few years ago about the importance of mass migration to Europe and the UK. I cannot find it at the moment but it may well have been in 2017 when he did this interview with Bloomberg.

Yes, but Brexit was much ado about nothing. The elites needed to play it up between Leave and Remain and fund both sides to get people to fight each other. They did the same thing by having the Kochites fund the Tea Party and other groups and the Sorosites fund Occupy and other Lefties so that they could control both sides in the US from 2008-2020. I suspect that the Macron vs. Le Penn stuff in France was also controlled opp. Anyway, they were hailing guys like Borris Johnson (much like they did with Trump) as a hero for Brexit (at least they were in a Brexit group I was part of). I told the people in that group that the EUSSR was bad but their real enemies were the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals. The members of the group didn’t really seem to take me seriously, sadly. They thought that the once they were out of the EU, that they were safe.

Hey, whatever it takes to finally get the people’s attention! “If this doesn’t wake Aussies up nothing will!

Victoria’s farmers and other property owners are targeted under provisions of a dangerous new Bill that was debated in the State Legislature this week.

Called the Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, the Bill has bipartisan support from both Labor and Liberal, despite the incredibly dangerous precedent it sets for state control over farmers’ property rights.

It is all being done under the guise of ‘Biosecurity’.

The ground has been prepared for months now by the mainstream media, who has run countless ‘scare’ stories around biosecurity threats – the dangers of which are all very real, but which the media never gave a damn about before.

But what everyone in the media and government knows is that anything that pretends to address ‘biosecurity’ will be a sure-fire vote-winner in the regions.

This Bill exploits this but it is a ‘Trojan Horse’, for another agenda altogether. One that is far less beneficial for farmers and one, I suspect, they may not be fully aware of.

When you boil everything down, the State’s new Agriculture Bill basically gives the Government complete and unfettered control over all forms of food production in Victoria.

It grants its agents enormous powers and allows them to show up and enter any farm in the State, without notice or warrant.

Agents do not even have to provide identification to property owners if requested to do so. The Bill specifically removes that right.

The government can take samples from your property, remove plants or livestock – even kill them.

Other provisions include beekeepers now being forced to ‘register’, while the State’s bees are to be implanted with tiny microchips so they can be tracked.

Market meat vendors must become ‘accredited’, something that involves huge upfront and ongoing costs as well total loss of autonomy and control.

The Bill threatens the country’s food security, particularly when viewed in the context of global food shortages, which we are told are just around the corner.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating the danger here should take a look at yesterday’s news out of Northern Ireland.

Sheep farmers have been told that a million sheep must be culled in order to meet the government’s internationally-set emissions target.

There is also a massive concern around property rights overall, with the dangerous precedent set by the Bill, because there is nothing in the wording that restricts the new laws to farms.

This means the government can also enter private homes, seize owners’ pets – even kill them – and destroy any vegetable gardens or domestic chickens it finds.

Exactly as is happening right now in China.” (from a friend).



Here is a post from my friend from Australia:

A prime example of DIY, SELF SERVICE in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The machines take your jobs YET STILL prices continue to rise (and not because the retail chains cannot absorb the cost of theft when they’ve got rid of most of their staff!)
No. A deliberate shakedown of farming, the engineered food supply breakdown, and inflation caused by the demolition of the financial system is what’s making living unaffordable.
To make everyone dependent on the Public Private Partnerships that will offer Universal Basic Income (programmable money) when CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) replace fiat cash.
Those cameras and scanners aren’t there to monitor theft; they’re there to authentically record and control who buys what, according to their carbon token rations; according to their social credit rating; according to their health biometrics; according to their blockchained behavioural compliance.
The MSM are feeding the television watchers an endless stream of false narratives.
Gullible people are led to believe:
■ machines taking their jobs is ‘inevitable progress’
■ machines are infallible and fair
■ that multi billion dollar upgrades to infrastructure are a convenience and the only ‘sustainable’ option for the future (rather than a digital prison)
■ bad people steal capsicums and cause the price of food to escalate
■ impoverished people are their enemy


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

In Vermont recently, following an announcement that already-elevated heating costs in Vermont may triple this winter due to bad green energy policy they’re ramming through, a state official actually suggested people buy more blankets.





Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed this Big Brother monster into law last year!


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Obama originally kickstarted Smart Meters with assurances that the collected data was only for use at your local utility. This was bunk and I wrote extensively to reveal the whole plan; now this plan is in full view. Everything about the inside of your house will be known and published to the cloud, available for everyone to see, including so-called “stakeholders”.
When I say everything in your house, I mean all your appliances (models, when purchased), when they are used, how much energy they consume. This is a massive data extraction of your personal life that you will never be compensated for. ⁃ TN Editor

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Copied from David K. Fitchner
They are trying to crush our country and bring it to a halt so they can bring in the new world order. Our country is standing in the way of this. Only way for it to move forward is to stop the US completely.
Do you know what DEF fluid is? It’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Every Diesel truck that has been made since 2010 is required to use it. It’s a product made of 67% Urea fertilizer and 33% distilled water. Every diesel truck you see driving down the road today has to have this product to drive. The engines won’t start without it. There are regulators inside the engine that mix DEF with the Diesel to reduce Diesel emissions. That’s the purpose of DEF.
Right now, Russia is the largest exporter of Urea by a wide margin. Qatar is second. Egypt and China are Tied for 3rd. Both Russia and China have decided to no longer export Urea. On top of that, India is the largest manufacturer of Urea in the world even though they consume most of what they make. What little they would export……….they no longer do. They are now stopping the exportation of any and all Urea minus a deal they just cut with Sri Lanka.
What does this mean for you and me? Well, first, the United States imports most of it’s Urea fertilizer. We are the third largest importer in the entire world. We depend on other countries to eat, drive and ship our products.
Secondly… Flying J is the largest Service provider for Truckers around the Unites States. I’m sure you’ve seen their massive gas stations when traveling around the country. Flying J gets 70% of their DEF fluid from shipments via Union Pacific railroad. UP has single user access to the Fertilizer plants that Urea/DEF fluid comes from. No other rail provider has access to these distribution points. This means Flying J can’t just go around Union Pacific. Union Pacific is in charge….for a reason I’m gonna mention in a few paragraphs.
Flying J provides 30% of all DEF consumed in the United States. UP has told Flying J to reduce their shipments by a whopping 50%. And if they do not comply then they will be completely embargoed. That would in effect bankrupt FJ. This means that 15% of all DEF consumed by truckers in the US is no longer available at the largest travel service center for the entire trucking industry.
Rome rotted from the inside out. It was easily invaded because it was occupied with internal problems. It appears we have discovered the Trigger. DEF fluid. If this holds up, DEF shortages will be the catalyst that causes food shortages in the coming months. Not only is there a shortage of fertilizer to grow crops in drought-stricken states (See Kansas’ drop in wheat production for 2022)….but….now it looks like, unless the Federal Government intervenes via the Defense Production Act, …which I am no longer confident they will….there is gonna be an absolute massive shortage of trucking in the coming months.
There simply isn’t going to be DEF fluid sufficient to keep the engines running and moving. Home Depot is now limiting the amount of DEF you can buy in their stores.
I would think long and hard about the decisions you are making right now. Where you live. What you spend money on. How you prepare. This is so real that the CEO of Flying J, Shameek Konar was summoned to a Surface Transportation Board hearing to give them all this info.
From what I’m reading….Blackrock is the majority shareholder of Union Pacific railroad. How is that important? Americas biggest fertilizer producer is CF Industries. Their largest shareholder is Blackrock. Blackrock controls the fertilizer industry in the U.S.. Union Pacific has exclusive rights to distribution points of fertilizer. Urea is fertilizer. Flying J needs Urea/DEF. Blackrock is controlling everything.
The Chairman of the BlackRock Investment Institute is Tom Donilon, President Obama’s former National Security Advisor. Tom Donilon’s brother, Mike Donilon is a Senior Advisor to Joe Biden. Tom Donilon’s wife, Catherine Russell, is the White House Personnel Director. Tom Donilon’s daughter, Sarah Donilon, who graduated college in 2019, now works on the White House National Security Council.
It appears Blackrock is spearheading the dismantling of the US system on behalf of the Globalists. And the first domino they are pushing over is the energy sector. They are using DEF to get the party started.

And some replies to this post:

Some clarification-
DEF is 67% water and 33% urea (yes, similar chemical composition to urine).
Not all trucks on the road use it, only those with engines manufactured after 2010.
Diesel engines can be “deleted” and run just fine (with reduced operating expenses and significantly reduced maintenance expenses), but they won’t meet the ridiculous EPA regulations.
This also includes farm equipment with diesel engines manufactured after 2010.

My son has his own 18 wheeler. He said today that it’s becoming difficult to find DEF. He also mentioned several area trucking businesses have quit. They no longer can afford to operate. One-half of his income is going for fuel. That should be about one-third. The upkeep of their equipment is not cheap.
I firmly believe that all this is by design by those we’ve elected to represent us! The politicians are not acting for the citizens’ interest. Why do they want to destroy the country that has been so good to them?

Here is post from another friend of mine:

Great doc on smart meters.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Corralling us into a “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society”?
At the second Earth Summit (the UN Conference on Environment and Development) in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the United Nations launched Agenda 21 (since evolved as Agenda 2030, Sustainable Development Goals, Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset and other names) as a “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.”
On the eve of the said Summit, the (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of was established. According to the Global Environment Facility’s (GEF) website, it is “to help tackle our planet’s most pressing environmental problems.”
In 1987, Edmund de Rothschild had glowingly announced the GEF project under another name at the 4th World Wilderness Congress:
“This International Conservation Bank must know no frontiers, no boundaries. Its funds must be used constructively … not to be channeled into greedy hands or weapons of destruction. I hesitate to link this bank with World Wilderness; but I would like to link it with our survival, as a human race. This, our generation, must not be cursed by our descendants — if we have any — as to the greatest destructors and squanderers of the world’s resources.”
Put under the umbrella of the World Bank, the World Conservation Bank was formally established as the GEF in 1991. Its 18 “implementing partners” included the Rockefeller-funded Food and Agricultural Organization, the foundation-funded and corporate-friendly International Union for the Conservation of Nature, the Maurice Strong-created United Nations Environment Programme, and the Prince Bernhard/Prince Philip-founded World Wildlife Fund.
The 1988 Economist cover then pitched us on getting ready for a single unified currency.
That was also the year that BlackRock was founded:
“Since 1988 the company has put itself in a position to de facto control the Federal Reserve, most Wall Street mega-banks, including Goldman Sachs, the Davos World Economic Forum Great Reset, the Biden Administration and, if left unchecked, the economic future of our world. BlackRock is the epitome of what Mussolini called Corporatism, where an unelected corporate elite dictates top down to the population.” F William Engdahl
Towards the end of 2020, shared that BlackRock was looking to fuel a $120 trillion transformation on Wall Street. In his 2021 letter to CEOs, Larry Fink had decreed “a net zero economy” by 2050 or sooner: “I have great optimism about the future of capitalism and the future health of the economy — not in spite of the energy transition, but because of it.”
Then in April 2021, wire service Dow Jones heralded:
“If you sell a house these days, the buyer might be a pension fund.”
Interesting coincidences or a deliberate, planned and sustained effort by the people behind the “invisible hand” for the corporate takeover of our lives?

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Lots of trains are derailing especially those that carry some type of fertilizer or oil- Hmm-



And a post from another friend of mine:

Another large egg producer was ravaged by fire, further reducing food stocks and driving up prices on remaining capacity. Whatever the reason, people across the nation are wondering why over 15 (so far) plants have been burned down in 2022. Personally, I do not remember a time in history where so much damage was done to a single industry in such a short period of time. ⁃ TN Editor


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Quote from a lawyer “florida will no longer be a place to retire. It will be a place to get foreclosed on”…
Most people consider a condo different from an apartment. Newsflash, it’s not.
With all these new condo laws coming no average person who isn’t even considered “middle class” will be able to afford one. This doesn’t even stop at condos, this is ANY BUILDING over 2 stories high. So everyone who lives in apartments, get ready for your rent to increase SUBSTANTIALLY higher. And I’m not talking a few hundred, I’m talking a few thousand.
With so many buildings down here that were built during the cocaine/corruption years (70’s-late 90’s)- so many developers cut as many corners as they could like the Champlain Surfside condo towers that collapsed.
READ THE NEW CONDO/APARTMENT LEGISLATION FOR 2022. A knee jerk reaction to the condo collapse, but a planned one.
There’s gonna be MASSIVE amounts of money and work that needs to be done and my condo/apartment alone absolutely would not pass. They KNEW this was going to happen, developers are probably sharpening all their tools RIGHT NOW. We don’t even have enough structural engineers down here to do all of this. People don’t even understand how many fixed income and low income families are gonna be misplaced and homeless. Great job Florida! Great job cheap ass developers who like to cut all these corners and use cheap products so you can save a buck on behalf of other people’s lives. Just another blow to hard working people who never get a break.
When I spoke to the bank who is lending my building money on a conference call, he was the same guy who lent money to the surfside condo, he stated that “most buildings built before the 90s will need to be LEVELED to the ground because NO engineer who is ethical will EVER put their name on the inspection if you’re failing.
You expect me to believe that this all wasn’t planned? Okay. Gtfoh. I’m sick of this. I’m more sick of the way my buildings handling it.
I know everyone thinks this should be a great lawsuit, but I’ve spoken to multiple lawyers and it’s typical. No one cares about the broke person who is getting screwed. It’s as simple as that. No one gives a flying F about anything. SINK OR SWIM! GOOD LUCK!

And some replies to this post:

the agendas at play are going to be Nation wide. Taking away private property is a global goal.

this is exactly it and I’ve been saying this to people I know and no one freaking believed me and now look. It’s just crazy. I’m so sick to my stomach about it. It’s really right in my back yard at my door and I can’t escape it.

conveniently home owners and renters have zero rights. Home owners actually have less rights right now opposed to a renter. It’s sick.

The 4IR is legit in my backyard and I guarantee this is how they’ll hit Florida and Texas and Arizona. If they can’t do it another way, they’ll go after everyone who is low income or middle class or retirees. This way the ultra rich can just keep taking over south Florida like they want to. It’s sickening honestly. These developers are probably dying with excitement.

Just like gentrification, these giant developers want these older condominium buildings to be leveled so they can buy up the land. So you have these rich people coming in and taking over boards (like what happened to me). And then when these special assessments come and our buildings don’t pass inspection, they call their developer friend and in this case our president has a son who is, and they buy out units for pennies on the dollar and we lose everything and everyone goes into bankruptcy. I feel stupid for not doing my research before I went into this building. Everything was great until these people came in and took over the board. Technically condos are listed as non profits, so it’s a business to which I am 1/40 owner. So if the CEO takes out a loan, I’ll definitely have to pay it. What sucks is that I know this is part of a much bigger plan than what I originally thought. And it doesn’t seem like I can do anything but get screwed. I’ll probably lose everything I ever worked for. Which really really sucks and I can’t deal with it somedays.

btw your governor DeSantis is a jew lover. i have pics of him in the little hat at the wailing wall in Jerusalem 🙁 EVERYONE LOVES HIM but they are not seeing straight.

he was part of the world economic forum as well

this is crazy but if you listen to the 1hr mark and on, it’s everything I’ve been scared about being confirmed.

such a perfectly planned crisis that came about due to the Surfside condo collapse. My worst fears are coming true right this second. It is hard to get thru the day sometimrs.

it’s horrifying to hear everything I’ve been fearful of being talked about by a lawyer. It confirms every single thing I have been thinking they’re doing.

And another post from her:

“Crooked banks around the world will gladly give a loan today so if you ever miss a payment they can take your home away”

Think “you’ll own nothing and be happy” was a joke?

Agenda 2030 and the 4IR/ SDGs literally said we would all be shoved into mega regions. Well how could they ever do that? I can tell you. Think your safe in FL? Texas? They’re taking their first good swing at low income and middle class families in FL right now.

Think again. This new legislation about the “safety of multi level buildings” (give me a break). Wanna know how they get you out of the only affordable housing left that you rent or own?

They go after every single building above two stories and do multiple inspections on older buildings that will obviously fail and they have NO intention of helping you fix them. Multiple fines, multiple assessments. Before you know it you can’t afford it. Not enough structural engineers. Not enough architects. Funny how the rich tech bros from Cali and NY come down and now they’re already preparing.

Does anyone realize how many multi story buildings and condos Florida has? They allowed this to go on for 40 years and NOW they care?! GIVE ME A BREAK. THIS WAS PLANNED.

How many people can afford millions of dollars? People living in apartment complex’s usually don’t have THOUSANDS stored away for emergencies. So there you go, eliminate the affordable housing, level a ton of buildings. Go after condos, sorry now you’re homeless. What do they do? Create state run apartment buildings for EVERYONE on fixed income, older people, younger people, poor people, any type of people this is where you will go.

Lawyers said even if you have a million, it won’t matter. You think you’re gonna be able to continue living there when the state deems it unlivable? Think about it for a second. Florida especially south Florida and anywhere along the coast, the ultra rich want your property. Foreign developers, big money banks have been buying up land for years down here. This is beyond gentrification. This is misplacing everyone for SDGS.

Don’t tell me these people won’t be able to pull it off. They’ve already taken one swing at this state and they won. Passed every single bill unanimously. IF LAWYERS ARE TELLING US TO MAKE NOISE IT’S BAD. It’s so bad. They said million’s of people will be out on the streets. And the state made ZERO plans for people who won’t have anywhere to go. If you do not believe me, listen to the video. Do your research like I did. It’s happening to me RIGHT NOW. This was a warning from the same people who drafted the legislation. It’s insane.

If people can’t afford to fix these issues, and rent comes to $5,000 a month, NO ONE will rent it. Then what? The building gets leveled. They’ve been gentrifying lake worth and now they’re gonna do it everywhere.

This will come to you no matter WHERE you live. You will not be able to escape it. You won’t. You need to start fighting back.

They said they wanted to eliminate poverty. But they never explained how they were gonna do it. I’m showing you how it will happen in Florida. IT’S HAPPENING TO ME RIGHT NOW.

I feel sorry for those who escaped to Florida thinking that they would be free and they would save money.

Like I said, if you’re thinking about escaping to Florida and buying an affordable home or renting, you’re options are not going to be here soon. This is only one article. And since this article was published, every single stringent law was passed unanimously. They are ELIMINATING any form of affordable housing. Big developers want your land, they’ll level the building and you won’t get shit. It’s literally happening to me right now as I type this. I’m losing everything. I’m pissed and I’m beyond frustrated and I can’t sleep at night, but it’s happening. People can call it gentrification or pushing poor people and middle class families out. And a lawyer I spoke to would actually agree with you and say how sorry they are but lobbyists won.

This is how the decimate the middle class what’s left of it, and then hurt poor people the most. Typical class war. So many people have confronted their govts accusing them of a scheme so developers and banks and rich foreign investors can get rich off of our suffering. And they haven’t had much to say to deny it.

Once there is no more affordable housing in FL, where will people go? What about the elderly who live on fixed income? Well, in my building they ALREADY foreclosed on him. He was a disabled Vietnam vet with no legs and they still didn’t give AF. That is where they are at with this. Your pain and suffering WON’T MATTER. They don’t even care about the ten of us who won’t be able to afford large assessments and a ridiculous loan. They laughed and said “well maybe you shouldn’t have bought here then”. THAT is their attitude.

And like I said before if you’re not a home owner it doesn’t matter. You’re still getting hit. Rents are about to be substantially higher than they ALREADY are thanks to “inflation” but we all know it’s really greed. This will be yet ANOTHER reason to charge you more. And if you think you’ll find a place, good luck. Most of the people I know, are trying to look for places and they’ve had little to no luck. In fact every day the news has another story on about even someone who works for the city cannot find an apartment so they’re sleeping at a hotel every single night. Which leads me to motels and hotels. They’re getting hit too. So they won’t even be an option if you need an affordable place to sleep.

I know I’ve been posting every single day multiple times a day about this but I cannot stop. This is happening and most people don’t even see it.

If you thought the 4IR was a joke and agenda 2030 isn’t happening, I’m here to tell you Florida is well underway. If they can’t get you to vote for it, the banks and the govt will hit you where it really hurts. Where you live. People think this won’t affect apartments because “they aren’t condos”. But you’re wrong because there isn’t much of a difference AT ALL. A condo is literally a glorified apartment in most cases, and where I live apartments are actually nicer!

I don’t know how much more I can even say, other than people SERIOUSLY need to step up and start speaking out and fighting it. Those days are gone where your neighbor looks out for you. People could care less most of the time.

“While lenders and condo boards are in a standoff, it is sellers and buyers who are suffering, as their deals fall apart because their lenders won’t close the loans without the completed forms.

Freddie and Fannie guarantee or buy mortgages from lenders, making the loan less of a risk to issue. If the loan doesn’t meet the new requirements and the mortgage giants won’t back it, the lender often won’t issue the loan.

“If I were a homeowner trying to sell my condo and this was preventing me from doing so, I would be furious,” said Polomis. “I’d be upset with my association, but the association board has a fiduciary duty to do what is best for the entire association. Everyone is doing a dance of balancing the risk and liabilities.”

“I feel for the sellers because of the money they have to leave on the table,” said Muellenbach. “The number of potential buyers has decreased significantly. If they can’t get a conventional loan on the place, you’re losing out on a lot of buyers.

The rules are causing such confusion that a national organization representing condo associations has requested the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), the government regulator that oversees Fannie and Freddie, pause the rules for a year.

“Credit worthy borrowers have been denied credit to purchase homes and refinance mortgages in condominium and cooperative projects with no safety, soundness, structural integrity, or habitability concerns because of the temporary guidelines,” wrote the Community Associations Institute in a letter to FHFA.

Condos are an affordable housing option in many markets, especially for first-time homebuyers, people with moderate income levels and seniors,” said Bauman. “People coming in with all-cash offers are NOT the people who need affordable options.”


And yet another post from her:

Sorry to make yet another post about this.

But it’s just astonishing to me.

My boss was just telling me how they cheated making these buildings in the 1980s and the 70s down here. He said in the 90s when he was down here, engineers were cheating and allowing them to cut down on costs like watered down concrete. He said you could take a bat and it would just break. He said he dropped steal and it sunk into the concrete. He said it’s hard on the outside but it’s so brittle on the inside. He said balcony’s we’re sinking. He said they’d take 200 buckets of concrete and make it into 400 and put a hose in it to stretch it. That kills people. Just like cutting corners with rebar.

This is why it’s such a joke that the city and building inspectors even allowed this shit to happen. He said he couldn’t believe how corrupt these buildings are and how corrupt FL was. He said no way engineers nowadays are gonna mess with any of these old buildings. He doesn’t even think mine is salvageable.

Imagine how many are built like this because there was no guidelines and shitty building codes…

Dude they knew this shit was gonna happen forever. What a time to pick to fix it. Lines up perfectly with 2030.

“Residents of condos across Florida and beyond are watching developments here with anxiety about their own safety. The ramifications of what happened in Surfside likely are to be enormous.”

South Florida’s long and sordid history of shoddy building practices is hard to ignore in the wake of the Surfside building’s partial collapse.

“Engineers say it can take just 30 years for condominium buildings to reach a point when owners can no longer delay making critical repairs.

In the Miami region, two out of every three condo buildings are more than 30 years old, according to data compiled by real-estate data firm Zillow for The Wall Street Journal. In at least seven other Florida cities, some three-quarters of condo buildings have hit that age.”

Condominium construction was red-hot then, fueled in part by what would turn out to be a disastrous deregulation of the nation’s savings and loans associations. We know that building codes for single-family homes during that era were weak, and enforcement was lax, something that became terribly apparent when Hurricane Andrew roared through southern Miami-Dade County.

“The report didn’t indicate a threat of imminent disaster, and a month later, Surfside’s chief building official told residents the condominium was “in very good shape,” according to minutes from a November 2018 board meeting obtained by the Miami Herald. Additionally, the building had begun its scheduled 40-year review and roof repairs had started.

That will cost money, a lot of it. Retrofitting old buildings and constructing new ones to higher standards costs more. But if — as we learned post-Andrew — cost-cutting is what led to this disaster, we’ll have no choice. We’ll need to pay up, and just be grateful that we’re around to pay the bill.”


And yet another post from her:

This problem is well beyond Florida.
A Sarasota condo building that nearly collapsed in 2010 had more than a million dollars in reserves; the repair bill was estimated at $18 million, and owners had to find somewhere else to live for years while repairs took place. (In that case, the board succeeded in saving the building at the cost of $12 million, but only after a mandatory evacuation order that stretched into years long exile. Many owners could not handle the repair bills and were forced to sell to investors at huge losses.)
“The cracks in the concrete suddenly feel like chasms. As South Florida reels from the tragedy in Surfside, condo owners across the region—and as far away as New York and California—are looking with new, worried eyes at rust, water damage, and spalling, a word we all learned this week. Anxiety is in the air at Champlain Towers North, the mirror image of the collapsed building, and at Maison Grande in Miami Beach. Surfside residents have called up the town’s mayor to ask if buildings on the ocean are safe, and the mayor of Miami-Dade County has ordered emergency audits of all older apartment buildings under the county’s jurisdiction.”
Hopefully, the 2018 engineer’s report that warned of
“major structural damage” to be dealt with in the “near future” does not ring any bells for most apartment owners. But the foot-dragging that followed that report, as the Champlain Towers South Condominium Association struggled to rally owners to pony up for a $15 million repair project? That speaks to a fundamental failure of condo governance—deferred maintenance and trouble raising money—that goes far beyond South Florida.
More than half of America’s multifamily building stock is now more than 40 years old. In a country less fixated on the eternal upward march of home prices, those buildings might move down the ladder to affordable housing until they are finally DEMOLISHED and REPLACED with something NEW. But even in that event, the exit strategies are limited. In many states, including Florida, 80 percent of condo owners in a building must agree to a sale, with mandatory buyouts imposed on the rest. In some older structures, the decision must be unanimous. That makes it really hard to “deconvert,” or sell the entire complex to a single investor-buyer—as some older condos in Chicago have voted to do, faced with repair assessments that make up more than a quarter the value of the apartment. It’s hard to escape condo jail.
Today, contrary to popular perception, new condos are an endangered species: In 2017, the census counted just 14,000 completed co-ops and condo units, part of an extended lull that set in during the Great Recession. But the problem of good repair and collective action is not confined to apartment buildings; on the contrary, the Champlain Towers South condo board is American local governance in a nutshell.
HOAs sometimes face more serious issues down the road, too. Developers have come up with clever and complex arrangements to pass costs onto buyers, the community equivalent of cheap fixtures that break after a few years. These might include sewers or flood prevention infrastructure whose upkeep, before you know it, falls to unprepared neighbors.

And some replies to this post:

Funny how all this is taking place while building materials are at their highest.

that’s exactly what I said. That’s why I swear this is all planned

price of wood (plywood sheets) went way up last year i think.

and just these past few months it has gone up even more and won’t stop it’s going up every single day


In my neighborhood, the parking lot of the local station of the rapid transit system which serves the SF Bay Area, BART, is being turned into “affordable housing” towers, the lowest income level to be accommodated is $60K/year. The towers will rise to 7 stories to start with, have clearance to 12 stories eventually. Nothing currently in the immeidate area with over 2 stories, quite a ways to get to places with 3 stories, and here comes this monstrosity. Same thing at the station at the other (south) end of town. The downtown station already has no parking lot and one tower after another is being build.

And yet another post from her:

Another case of this bullshit.
It happens all the time. Literally.
“Schafer is referring to a group of investors who recently bought 80 percent of the condos in her development, Madison Oaks in Palm Harbor, Florida. The investors want to buy out the remaining owners and convert the complex into rental apartments, but they are offering far lower than the owners originally paid—and they may have the legal right to do it.
“They don’t care. To them it’s business. To us, it’s everything,” said Schafer, who said she owes more than $90,000 on her mortgage and is being offered just $40,000 by the investors.”
“223 complexes have already been terminated in the last seven years, and only six were due to the original intent of the law, which was economic waste or natural catastrophe,” said Krasowski. “That leaves 217 complexes. That’s approximately 10,000-plus families losing their homes for the financial gain of a bulk buyer.”
Similar stories are emerging across Florida, as investors see the potential of lucrative apartment rents in the near term, as well as the potential of once again selling the units as condos down the road, once home prices recover. About 30,000 apartments were converted to condos during the housing boom, and many are in the same predicament. An amendment has been written in the Florida state legislature to change the terms of condo conversions once again, this time requiring that investors pay owners 110 percent of what they originally paid for the units. The amendment is still in process.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

“Palisades Power Plant was shut down on the same day that the North American Electric Reliability Corporation issued a report saying the U.S. electric grid doesn’t have enough generation capacity & blackouts are almost certain to occur across the country this summer.”

And another post from her:

Los Angeles joins movement to ban new natural gas hookups to fight climate change


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Report: Texas leads the nation with nearly a third of homes sold to investors


And another post from her:

New Zealand to price sheep and cow burps to cut greenhouse gases

And yet another post from her:

If you are not aware majority of OPEC members believe in the green environmental scam….

“With the exception of two to three OPEC members, all are maxed out on oil production. The world needs to come to terms with this brutal facts. It is a global challenged “. – OPEC general secretary Barkindo


Here is a post from a friend of mine from Australia:

Equivalent to a “DIGITAL HOLE-PUNCH,” he said😂

Press announcement from Sydney NSW regarding digitalised public transport ticketing system.

No upgrades to the facilities but spending half a billion dollar$ to track and trace customers, and “manage” their journeys.

What are the benefits that warrant the taxpayers’ investment?

[Quoting the headlines & justification iterated a few times over 20 minutes👇]

■ can “measure carbon expenditure & calories burnt” (granular monitoring & surveillance)

■ “economy and savings for families” (because they “won’t need private vehicles”)

■ “more choices for the consumer” (“ride share, Uber, e-scooters & e-bikes”)

■ “efficiency” (“not enslaved to private vehicles”🤣)

■ “environmentally friendly” (curb use of private vehicles)

The grounds they DID NOT gaslight the television watchers with is:

■ ‘safety & security.’ [I’m a little disappointed in the script writers for not weaving that in. I would fire them if I were a Resetter]

■ ‘diversity’ [I’m positive I could’ve come up with something]

■ ‘Inclusivity’ [they touched on it in a roundabout way]

■’Equity’ [as above]

The journalists did an exceptional job of not questioning privacy. Well done 4th Estate!👏

AUSTRALIANS, how long is it going to take to understand we’re living in an open air ρrίsοn?


Here is a post that I found online:

“The Irish Independent can reveal that in the event of a national fuel crisis, emergency contingency measures discussed at the high-level meeting include:
:: All non-essential workers will be ordered to work from home
:: A limit will be placed on all non-essential car travel
:: A strict limit on the amount of fuel motorists can buy at any one time
:: The implementation of an immediate and strict reduction in the speed limit on motorways.
The plan also includes the introduction of an emergency scheme whereby motorists with an odd number at the end of their car registration will only be allowed to drive or refuel on alternate days.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine from Australia:

“This company- Aurecon (or AUstralian Recon-struct) is a key player in new infrastructure being developed on behalf of our sell out government. They are literally involved in everything being built for the globalist fourth industrial revolution. From data centres, defence projects, road and rail infrastructure, water treatment… name it, they have a finger in it.. They are the principle Technical Advisory firm for the South Australian government, and have previously been the developer used for the upgrades at Cultana Army Base (formerly Baxter detention centre). Many may not remember, but this is where refugees were abused routinely at Baxter during the Howard government, by guards working for Wackenhut Security – a company owned by the Carlyle Group (owned by Soros, Bush, Romney to name a few).
Why don’t we hear more about a company that is literally re-shaping our country’s key infrastructure? Who are they? Their website is littered with “sustainable development goals” and “Carbon Zero” strategy rubbish…….this is a dangerous company Australia……and it appears they have been given the keys to the castle by our overlords. Spend some time looking at their projects…”

And some replies to this post:

Caryle now there is an interesting one. Look at how many fashion houses they are involved with. $ made from mining and energy and and and needs to be made legitimate. What better way than thru frocks and shops…

they also own Statestreet- the parent company of Dominion voting systems. Operated in the same Canadian building as the Open Societies foundation. Very interesting company…..private equity so no public scrutiny.

One of their recent CEOs was the now current governor of VA, the so-called people’s choice who spoke out against radical sex ed and CRT, but is actually a CFR member and whose company had mandated the jab (not sure if he was CEO at the time) for all its workers. Also, speaking of CRT, etc, apparently the move of DeSantis the Dirty to ban all these CRT textbooks was also to give Carlyle group a monopoly or something like that. Also, I think I read somewhere that Caryle had some ties to Epstein.

…..also look into this company
Uptime. They provide the certification for NEXTDC data centres……very prominent in the data and digital twin arena. Simon Cooper is the COO…..I will look into his affiliations with other players, but this is a site worthy of investigation. Have a look at the partners… are talking about WEF level business partners shaping the future of digital transformation right out in the open……

all the certifications are bullshit. Bcorp. Most have human rights violations against them. Now they are going after food. Produce. If they can track and certify everything to make a profit they will. Like everything they do. Alot of the universities and mbas online. Them. Alot of the courses online and thru their affiliated business. All bullshit.
Do a search on those names … aka name wef for example on either WEF SITE OR JUST GENERAL SEARCH… you find the ties…

A bit of search ties a knot…


Off he went to Davos


A bit of WEF

Dig around a bit into the background of this company…I’ll give you a hint it’s a newly merged company operating within Australia (a Southern suburb of Brisbane to be precise) bet you can’t guess who the company was they merged with 🤔 starts with a P!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Pablo (Montana) is home to the National Bison Range. With a population of approx. 2000, it is located in a large, beautiful valley, and serves as a corridor between Flathead Valley and Missoula. I drove through yesterday surrounded on both sides of the highway by > 100 SmartCity poles and LEDLights within one mile. A year ago, there were ZERO street lights of any kind! THIS is being done in the name of energy conservation. (LED lights reduce energy consumption by about 40-60%). THINK

And some replies to this post:

The New Normal logic is my favourite kind. Reducing zero energy expenditure of no street lamps by installing hundreds of LED lights and Smart Poles. Makes perfect sense in an inverted world.

Beyond all that, it’s all BS – it has nothing to do with energy conservation, everything to do with world domination, control and enslavement of global population.

On the Salish-Kootenai Indian Reservation where the government has tons of control. The natives should be irate over this.

Maybe, but maybe the leadership is corrupt. I heard, a short time ago, in an anti-mask group, that the Navajo reservations are still mandating the face diaper, so apparently their leadership is as corruptible as the rest of us, sadly.

Led lights are weapons.
5G led transmission isn’t just a street light.

it sickening. I want to stop all of this and it seems impossible, which is maddening and beyond frustrating to me.

What to be stoped is nanotechnology. Smaller scale metals in (nm) are now used in foodagriculture, biomedics, textiles, industry, renewable energy, electronics which are proved to be the best superconductors in conversions, with high risks of toxicity, and alterations with protein synthesis or in bioelectrochemical process with deadly side effects of which we humans are subjected to.
Why? Because nanotechnology is unregulated by state agencies with no toxicity and validated tests

I spent two summer vacations in Livingston, Montana in the early aughts. I learned from people who befriended me that Silicon Valley had invaded Montana the way rich people bought up land in Colorado years before. Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, all wild and beautiful places I have stayed, are hubs for the wealthy. It seems apparent that SV influence plays a great role in the smart citification of wilderness areas.

Silicon Valley, Israel, DoD, DARPA, Dept. of Homeland Security et al are building the infrastructure for the digital prisons (many that are building it don’t even know it). The blueprint and installations are being orchestrated by the United Nations and WEF via Public Private Partnerships (behind which lie the money printing presses and the masters who control them).

So much light pollution too. I was there 2 years ago and you’re right, nothing out there. No one in Montana except you is taking about this.

Most people are focused on elections. I wish they would understand that no government official at any level Is able to do a thing about this. Their powers (STATE and LOCAL) have all been stripped when they took free money in the name of “grants” from the “feds”


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