Agenda 21 and the Green Meanies Part 5

This is Part 5.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

This is a must-read article. Russia is at war with Ukraine, the food and grain breadbasket of Europe. Russia is the largest exporter of wheat in the world. Food is an issue globally and in the U.S. The supply chain for food is also breaking down at the same time. It’s time to say no to control over food and free the farmers to do their time-tested job of feeding the world. ⁃ TN Editor

Here are some posts in reply to an Ice Age Farmer video about animals being killed as an attack upon the food supply and attacks upon crops by not having them planted:

My husband is a salmon fisherman here in northern Michigan. Last September during the salmon run he saw several DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) workers putting something in the river. They told him it was invasive lamprey control to protect the salmon. He told them that in all his years salmon fishing, he’s only seen evidence of lampreys once or twice, and the salmon population was healthy. Nevertheless, the told him they had a grant to rid the Great Lakes waters of lamprey and the salmon would not be harmed. He went back the next day and there were dozens of dead or half-dead salmon floating on the river and on the banks. He was so mad. No clue what that did to the other fish, frogs, and freshwater life in the river. We still can’t understand how or why that happened.

so glad you reported that. I have been sitting on some concerning events happened Northern Calif. summer 2021.
A helicopter buzzed down a big river, ( under the radar going super fast).
The next day the Eagles were gone and the crows were just going beserk.
Huge fish die off in the lake.
lots of white suburbans..road partially closed off.
guys go out in a boat to investigate.
This has REally been bothering me, but since i was just a volunteer with the government…I never even told anyone about the helicopter buzz.
I am quite positive no one else saw the copter but me.

I’m also from Michigan I saw a similar event near traverse city

yes they do it all the time down here in the south with bass,mullet,crappie and catfish. Biggest thing is algae blooms and invasive weed control.

wow i remember when i was in university studying environmental propaganda and i wrote a report on invasive lampreys in the great lakes. I have never seen any either and I lived in the great lakes my whole life. It is supposed to be a pheromone bait and an endocrine disruptor that targets specifically the lampreys. That would be insidious to find out that there is something more happening.

But don’t let your vehicle leak on the ground the epa with be there with their hazmat suits to make a big deal about it and fine the crap out of you. Don’t get me started with their craziness, you wouldn’t believe what they consider wetlands when it comes to you wanting to build something near it. But they get grants to “repair” the ecosystem that was just fine in the first place. I’m so furious that things have gone off the rails so far.

This is the same thing they did in Iran in the late 70s. Iran used to be one of the biggest exporters of rice. Then the UN “experts” came to “help”. Never before seen disease ensued. Now they have to import their rice.

At my local city lake in Omaha Nebraska they poisoned the lake to get rid of algae and within two weeks the whole lake was dead. The algae didn’t look any different than it ever did and I’m sure that poison is what killed all these huge (and little) fish that washed up on the banks it was really sad.

We had a massive die off in the mobile bay a few weeks ago crab and shrimp are not here on the coast this year king crab in Alaska was cut by over 90% this year because they wasn’t there something major is happening

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

Ivor Cummins


‘I am astonished and appalled by a proposed amendment to Ireland’s Constitution, actually being suggested by lunatics in our government?

Am I really seeing this – what in the name of God is driving these people?

It is actually real – astounding and sinister beyond belief. This is essentially communism – which we all agreed was essentially evil? Elimination of core property rights – what the hell?’

<<< also see 1st two comments below >>>

Irish Politician calls for the government to seize people’s private property to support Ukranian refugees.

And some replies to this post:

It’s the purposeful controlled demolition of our countries as we know them in order to implement their “great reset”. All part of the long term plan.🙁

Eliminating borders and national sovereignty!

Yes, that is a large part of it, one of the reasons why some of us voted to Brexit. It is Agenda 21/2030. Flooding Europe and other countries with refugees has been part of the nefarious agenda for a very long time. Soros gave a speech at Davos a few years ago about the importance of mass migration to Europe and the UK. I cannot find it at the moment but it may well have been in 2017 when he did this interview with Bloomberg.

Yes, but Brexit was much ado about nothing. The elites needed to play it up between Leave and Remain and fund both sides to get people to fight each other. They did the same thing by having the Kochites fund the Tea Party and other groups and the Sorosites fund Occupy and other Lefties so that they could control both sides in the US from 2008-2020. I suspect that the Macron vs. Le Penn stuff in France was also controlled opp. Anyway, they were hailing guys like Borris Johnson (much like they did with Trump) as a hero for Brexit (at least they were in a Brexit group I was part of). I told the people in that group that the EUSSR was bad but their real enemies were the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals. The members of the group didn’t really seem to take me seriously, sadly. They thought that the once they were out of the EU, that they were safe.

Hey, whatever it takes to finally get the people’s attention! “If this doesn’t wake Aussies up nothing will!

Victoria’s farmers and other property owners are targeted under provisions of a dangerous new Bill that was debated in the State Legislature this week.

Called the Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022, the Bill has bipartisan support from both Labor and Liberal, despite the incredibly dangerous precedent it sets for state control over farmers’ property rights.

It is all being done under the guise of ‘Biosecurity’.

The ground has been prepared for months now by the mainstream media, who has run countless ‘scare’ stories around biosecurity threats – the dangers of which are all very real, but which the media never gave a damn about before.

But what everyone in the media and government knows is that anything that pretends to address ‘biosecurity’ will be a sure-fire vote-winner in the regions.

This Bill exploits this but it is a ‘Trojan Horse’, for another agenda altogether. One that is far less beneficial for farmers and one, I suspect, they may not be fully aware of.

When you boil everything down, the State’s new Agriculture Bill basically gives the Government complete and unfettered control over all forms of food production in Victoria.

It grants its agents enormous powers and allows them to show up and enter any farm in the State, without notice or warrant.

Agents do not even have to provide identification to property owners if requested to do so. The Bill specifically removes that right.

The government can take samples from your property, remove plants or livestock – even kill them.

Other provisions include beekeepers now being forced to ‘register’, while the State’s bees are to be implanted with tiny microchips so they can be tracked.

Market meat vendors must become ‘accredited’, something that involves huge upfront and ongoing costs as well total loss of autonomy and control.

The Bill threatens the country’s food security, particularly when viewed in the context of global food shortages, which we are told are just around the corner.

Anyone who thinks I’m exaggerating the danger here should take a look at yesterday’s news out of Northern Ireland.

Sheep farmers have been told that a million sheep must be culled in order to meet the government’s internationally-set emissions target.

There is also a massive concern around property rights overall, with the dangerous precedent set by the Bill, because there is nothing in the wording that restricts the new laws to farms.

This means the government can also enter private homes, seize owners’ pets – even kill them – and destroy any vegetable gardens or domestic chickens it finds.

Exactly as is happening right now in China.” (from a friend).



Here is a post from my friend from Australia:

A prime example of DIY, SELF SERVICE in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The machines take your jobs YET STILL prices continue to rise (and not because the retail chains cannot absorb the cost of theft when they’ve got rid of most of their staff!)
No. A deliberate shakedown of farming, the engineered food supply breakdown, and inflation caused by the demolition of the financial system is what’s making living unaffordable.
To make everyone dependent on the Public Private Partnerships that will offer Universal Basic Income (programmable money) when CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) replace fiat cash.
Those cameras and scanners aren’t there to monitor theft; they’re there to authentically record and control who buys what, according to their carbon token rations; according to their social credit rating; according to their health biometrics; according to their blockchained behavioural compliance.
The MSM are feeding the television watchers an endless stream of false narratives.
Gullible people are led to believe:
■ machines taking their jobs is ‘inevitable progress’
■ machines are infallible and fair
■ that multi billion dollar upgrades to infrastructure are a convenience and the only ‘sustainable’ option for the future (rather than a digital prison)
■ bad people steal capsicums and cause the price of food to escalate
■ impoverished people are their enemy


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

In Vermont recently, following an announcement that already-elevated heating costs in Vermont may triple this winter due to bad green energy policy they’re ramming through, a state official actually suggested people buy more blankets.





Here is a post that was shared by a friend of mine:

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed this Big Brother monster into law last year!


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