Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 31

This is part 31.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

So this sheet was in my son’s binder… I pulled it out and wrote the following to my son’s teacher: just wanted to let you know I removed the test score sheet from [name redacted]’s binder. I don’t believe a test or computer program determine his success in YOUR class. I trust your judgement to evaluate him. Please do not replace in his binder and I would like to not have him on i-Ready anymore this semester as it seems to be a huge emphasis for evaluating him. Please understand I hold nothing against you I 💯 support you as his teacher but refuse to support this unsupported computer programs. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions
[Sheet removed by me as it had the child’s name on it.]

An attempt by the mayor of Rochester for the state of New York to take over the city’s school districts has been foiled!

Kudos to this Virginia school district for fighting back against a tyrannical bathroom mandate:

Here is another post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Hi All.
This is my second year opting my kids out of I-ready. I received a email from the school stating they are making my son take the assessment to place him. I told my son to not take the test but i guess they talked him into it. How is this ok? What do i do? I can forward the email for reference if need be. Thank you! Ocps.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Let’s hope this Colorado school district (and others across the nation) hit with Pearson Aimsweb breach answer these questions. And WHO was the “third party” that hacked this data?

September 4, 2019 at 3:47 pm

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Rachel Cohen: Questions for the school district about data breach

In the last week, parents across Boulder County have found out that our children’s data was compromised. There are lots of questions that we hope Boulder Valley School District answers. Here are a few we hope are answered by the District.
• Is there a reason you have not contacted Pearson to advocate for families regarding the short time of Experian monitoring?
• Do you not think that the full names and birth dates of students compromised has potential long-term use for malicious activities that goes beyond that one year period?

• Why was Infinite Campus data given to Pearson for the Aimsweb 1.0 system?
• Why was Infinite Campus data provided for Aimsweb 1.0 for students who it is not being used for, including graduated students, home school students, and opt-out families?
• Was the Infinite Campus data provided for Aimsweb 1.0 system by integration, merge, or some other process, and was it protected both in transit and at rest? Please define/explain this completely.
• What data elements were provided for the Aimsweb 1.0 system? Was it only the full name and date of birth of students or other elements as well?
• What other vendors have similar access or agreements for such communication of data from Infinite Campus?
• Are there any non-contracted vendors (i.e. on demand providers) who would have similar access from Infinite Campus?
• Why is there no segregation of populations to ensure use specific communication of student data to vendors?
• How do you plan to ensure this does not happen again (communication of mass data to vendors that is not necessarily required for servicing the District)?
• Will you provide your Pearson communications and log without a CORA request, as it is germane to many questions so many in the community are asking?
Rachel Cohen

And here is a reply to this post:

Remember when districts told parents data remains in district only?
Why then were SLDS systems built with state interoperability?

Why were data dashboards (SLDS Student longitudinal data bases) (parent portals) built with State interoperability? IOW why was the data system built to share data out of district? Uploaded to States and across State lines?
Weren’t we told data remained in district only? That changed quickly were you queried?
Ya know, the in district data used to be limited to bussing schedules, percentage of walkers, reports for reduced and free lunch, data for in district budgeting etc…
In Goggle schools today (free google suite for schools) every keystroke is captured, every communication of students and staff, every written assignment, homework, student assigned emails, etc. why? Why is this allowed and did you as a parent agree? Did you get written assurances of data privacy? Is your school requiring your child to utilize chrome books to get their “free education?” Is your child unable to access homework if they refuse? Did you vote? Were you told what happens to data collected on your minor children? What happens when it’s breached? Who is liable?
Is one year credit monitoring sufficient?

About that data.
Hudson Valley NY schools closed today cyber security threats.
Flagstaff AZ TOO.
And why has it Been going on for years? and this was even worse. Threats to students and parents via texts and data sold on dark web…

Last week, Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a statewide emergency after three ongoing cyber-security incidents at school systems in Sabine, Morehouse and Ouachita parishes in north Louisiana.

500k affected. Students and staff.
10 years of data exposed and taken

Here are some replies to a post on this friend’s page that involved this article:

Here’s another piece of the puzzle…. Because my students all have laptops and do many of their assignments electronically, my class load can be huge. With programs that help score their work, I end up with almost 200 students, a number that would be completely unmanageable if I were scoring everything on my own. So fewer teachers are needed….

if you read through Pearson’s 2025 report (or watch Video of Tom Vander Ark, this is the goal. Computers replacing teachers.

I’m aware. 🤬

I know you are. I just cannot fathom being a teacher with that many kids / assignments to grade. It is like you are competing with the robots: impossible. I wish they would recognize the value of human teachers, individual time with students…instead of spending all the money on tech. Sorry. 😦

and not spending money on feeding programs, social workers, mentors, etc. The opportunity costs are massive. Nearly $500million spent in Baltimore County…

Watch out at Heritage High School in North Carolina:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I have reviewed the resources in the 7th grade standards for Health. I thought this would be helpful to many.
Utah Health Standards
Concerns with “Teacher resources” and “Possible activities” in the Health 1 Core Guide
Standard HI.MEH.2: Link to Trevor Project. Although it does good work in trying to prevent suicide in LGBT youth, it actively promotes gender theory and confusion.
Standard HI.HF.2 links to this site, , which opens the Pandora’s box of instruction in oral, vaginal and anal sex, promotion of LGBTQ advocacy (including dismissal of religious beliefs on the topic and a photo of two girls getting close) and a thorough discussion of the range of birth control options, including cute cartoon depictions of an IUD and a link to “Get Birth Control” which assures the 12-year-old 7th grader that “Our health centers are confidential, so no one (like your parents ) has to know you’ve visited, if you want.”
Standard HI.HF.4 and several other standards link to The first thing you’ll notice when you follow this link is a pop-up window alerting youth that they may not want people who monitor their web usage to know that they’re visiting the site and that they can call a phone number if they’re worried about that. This could mean either an abuser or parent. The site provides a good supply of help for those facing an abusive situation, but it’s simultaneously filled with promotion of a sexually hedonistic worldview and gender confusion. It also promotes sexually explicit “consent” discussions. Children should not be taught how to consent to sexual activity.
Standard HI.HD.1 is loaded with links to resources that promote gender confusion and sexual hedonism. Teaching Tolerance links to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) “Teaching Tolerance” project. The SPLC is well-known for its intolerance of religious views and active promotion of sexual hedonism.

“What do you say to “That’s so gay” and other anti-LGBTQ comments” and “Be prepared for put-downs about gender” are actually the same list, offered by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). This organization, like the SPLC, is intolerant toward religious views of sexuality and gender. This site actively promotes gender theory and the normalization of gender confusion.

“What is love anyway?”, “Change is Good,” “Understanding Gender,” and “I am Who I Am” all link to the same lesson plan resource, which is created by Planned Parenthood affiliate Advocates for Youth. Lesson plans include detailed mixed-gender discussions of private body parts, gender confusion (i.e. “people who were born with female parts,” “a person’s uterus” rather than a woman’s uterus), the assurance that condoms “offer really good protection” against many common STIs, and a PowerPoint walking children through radical gender theory.

“Learning Empowerment Self-Identification” links to a GLSEN resource. Strangely, it’s intended for 9th-12thgrade but included in the Utah Health Standards for 7th grade. It’s more direct instruction in gender confusion, the fluidity of gender and the acceptability of any kind of sexual behavior.

“Gender Separate Dialogue Groups” is another HRC resource teaching gender theory as reality.

“Sexual and Gender Diversity” links to a Canadian government resource (Alberta). It lists dozens of sexual identities. The site includes a page teaching children how to consent to sexual activity and provides links to lesson plans, including one for 7th graders which discusses oral and anal sex and condom use. It also includes sexually explicit role play scenarios.

Standard HI.HD.4b links to a site named “Bedsider Birth Control.” It’s a graphic layout of birth control methods which seems completely inappropriate for 12- and 13-year-olds.

Standard HI.HD.6 provides a link to the CDC’s page on dental dams. Just a reminder that this is for 7thgraders.

Standard HI.HD.8c links to Planned Parenthood’s Advocates for Youth site again. Only in order to download the lesson plan, “Understanding Boundaries”, , which appears to be a “how to consent to sexual activity” lesson, the organization requires you to enter contact information

Looks like the Transtapo has taken over Montgomery County public schools in Maryland:

Parents in Minnesota are standing up to radical sex ed standards:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Biometric wallets’ will remove the last physical barrier between our bodies and corporate America”

Here is a post from a New York anti-testing group:

The New York Board of Regents is currently considering whether to approve a radical weakening of the state student privacy law, which would allow the College Board, the ACT and other companies that contract with schools or districts to use the personal student information they collect for marketing purposes – even though the original New York law that was passed in 2014 explicitly barred the sale or commercial use of this data.

Parents and all others who care about protecting children’s privacy should send in their comments to the state now, by clicking here


More on this here:

And another post from this group:

Shame on South Country Central School District who has decided to strong arm parents this year with this letter. Parents are getting actual phone calls from teachers and Administrators telling them there is a “change in policy” and this test is “mandatory”. I thought we were past these bullying tactics.I was wrong.


And here are the replies to this post:

This is a big lie on every level. Refuse the test no matter what they say and I promise your child will be assessed by her/ his classroom teacher using her/his own authentic assessment of what he/she is teaching. I have been teaching for 25 years and this test is classroom/ teacher useless. Yet , my district continues to use it, learning comes to a complete standstill for 10 days while the tests are given. Hold your ground say no and walk away. You are in complete control, don’t be bullied.

“no longer an opt out situation” that kind of makes me laugh. Parents, just remember – your kids. The harder they fight to force kids to take a computerized assessment, the more red flags for me. Do they really not trust their teachers to do the assessments?

I sent my letter to the principal, vice principal and both main 6th grade teachers. Only one of the teachers responded. Her email said my daughter “will have to take the test” “the NWEA is not an opt-out test”.

So if the district is telling us we don’t have a choice, and we instruct our children to refuse it in addition to our letters and they still have our kids take the test what is our recourse? Do we just keep our kids home on Monday?!? I am so beyond pissed at our district

they will try
To make them take it when they get back 😡

yes they will

these tests are data mining and money making scams and completely counterproductive to a students actual abilities. I have two kids and they are completely different in how they learn and how they act. A one size fits all model doesn’t work.

how did we do it 20 years ago without computerized assessments? Why all of a sudden can we not sit down and assess each student individually.

our District actually has a contract that ties the NWEA tests to teacher performance..

Test doesn’t tell me what I don’t already know. Our lab gets shit down almost two months by the time K-5 takes both ela and math. Test doesn’t really show what we learned from our curriculum. Some kids take 20 minutes while others take 3-4 hours- at such young ages and we do it 3 times a year! Plus state exams and classroom exams- even less time to teach. Have to teach to the test to show growth so less real learning happens. Such a waste

And yet another post from this group:

Teachers, before we handed over assessments to computers, how did you determine the needs of your students? How did you determine their reading levels? Math skills? How did you know where your students were at?

And here are the replies to this post:

Observation, classroom teacher created tests, asking questions and being astute enough to know each student. Any teacher who knows what they are doing, can see when and where a child is struggling. The whole data collection assessment nonsense has destroyed education and at times is an inaccurate measure of what a student can achieve.

I would imaging that a teacher spoke to them, listened, observed, till they knew where to begin. Now they are in charge of making sure the platform is running smoothly, and that there are enough power cords.

The best indicators were Informal assessments and one to one observations/ discussions with the children. Our reading program also provided assessments so we could align their reading level. I could give more individual information on a student’s abilities and weaknesses than any computer could. When you read a Pearson printout, it is filled with computer generated comments. After a teacher conference, a parent walks away with a real understanding of their child’s classroom progress.

We sat with them…got to know them…one-on-one was very often…

We took quizzes. Real paper, pencil stuff. Asked questions. We didnt choke on data and kids did better. And were happier!

They turn in their work to me after I watch them do it. Also, I am their teacher. I know cuz I work with them all day long.

Honestly, mostly by observation and personal interactions with them.

which is no longer there. The personal interaction that is

And another post from this group:

My daughter came home telling me that we cannot opt out of nwea testing? Is this true? I’m in Suffolk.

And some replies to this post:

What is NWEA testing?

It is a test given nationwide but only at random schools and in random grades annually (there might be a rational for which schools and grades but I don’t know it). The test is supposed to assess the schools efficiency but not affect students grades. It’s a giant waste of instructional time and an unneeded stress on the kids IMO. I used to give this assessment when I taught.

I think you might be thinking of the NAEP.

yes you’re referring to NAEP. NWEA is a local assessment – it uses a computer algorithm to assess where a student is at. Many districts have replaced authentic assessments with these computerized ones.

The short answer is that you most certainly can. The long answer is that if a district, principal, or teacher tries to stop you, it can be a much more difficult process than refusing 3-8 tests.

I was told “you absolutely cannot”. But my son was old enough to advocate for himself, so he was prepared to politely say “sorry but my mom won’t let me take this” if he was pushed. After a conversation with the teacher and making it clear to the principal that he simply would not be assessed on the computer, they backed down and gave him an authentic teacher assessment instead. In the end my son was prepared to, but didn’t need to, refuse for himself.

We had that as well, at first. They had gone so far as to force the kids to take them that had already sent in letters to refuse. The librarian told my son that she’s doesn’t care if he handed in the letter to HIS teacher, SHE didn’t have it in her hands… And then she pointed to the dome cameras in the ceiling and told him he didn’t want to make the man that watches the cameras angry and wouldn’t call me when he politely asked. (he was more aware of how this all worked than others). He was in 2nd at the time. I had that test removed from his portfolio since they were not getting further tests from him to benchmark against. Needless to say it didn’t end quietly and now, because of that each and every teacher gets a copy of the letter, just to prove a point. He’s in 8th now, and his brother is in 4th. Since then there has been no issue refusing NWEA, for us. Not sure abt others. Your child needs to be aware and ready to stand up for themselves and ask for you to be called.

I do that too one to each teacher and principal and superintendent
Can’t forget my friend Cuomo too!!
Yes I do send him one too.

the staff in floyd..some not most are so abusive with there intimidation techniques. You most def have to be an involved parent

My district would not allow because the teachers used the results. My son has refused the last 6 years of State tests. I did allow him to take the NWEAs because I spoke to many teachers in the building and they did tell me they saw the results within 24 hours and were able too see what he got right or wrong.

my issue with “we use the results” is that the results themselves are absolutely unreliable. You have an entire classroom of young children individually on computers, clicking away on a mouse (which many don’t often use) distracted by all sorts of things, and not having a teacher able to see HOW each child is testing. They don’t see the questions your child answered right or wrong, nor do they write the questions themselves. Worse yet, the results are used to make important education decisions. Add to that, in the past few years these computer testing companies have been riddled with data breaches.

totally agree. My son took it in K and he literally scored in the 20%. When I asked him about the test he said “ the lady in the headset said “ to make your best guess”. Well my 4 year old thought that meant just guess 🤣🤣🤣. In the spring he took it again and scored 90% – looked like a miracle 🤣🤣🤣

haha exactly! Teachers tell me if there’s anything going on outside (lawnmowers, kids playing, etc…) the whole class looks like failures. It terrifies me that some districts will then use those results to determine AIS or other services. Some kids just “guess” lucky as well and may have services removed. I can’t count how many teachers have said that it’s all nonsense unless they assess the kids themselves. But no time for that anymore!! Just go go go – cram cram cram.

A colleague of my once saw an NWEA question without a correct answer choice.

Any feedback on STAR?

from what I hear, very similar to the rest – or at least to NWEA and AIMSweb

We use STAR in our district, waste of time from what I’m told by teachers. It used to be used for teacher eval, but now just used for RIT. We opt out of it.

NWEA tests are actually used to assess your own individual child. I opt her out of the mindless tests but she takes the NWEA tests because they help her teachers get a better idea of the services (reading and math) that she needs. It’s not like we’re going to opt our kids out of the SATS.

And yet another post from this group:

AIMSweb is another computerized assessment that some districts use (similar to NWEA, STAR, and iReady). Many will administer these next week. Yet another concern with these assessments is data collection and storage. This letter went out to many districts this past month about a data breach that happened a few years ago that they are only being informed about now.


And yet another post from this group:

Why did I just go into a middle school oriantation that said “OPT-IN” not Out!! Their reasoning for this was ” they see kids fooling around and no staff available for their supervision ” WHAT !!!!
Video of this dean saying this is available.

And here are the replies to this post:

They put that in video?! They can be held liable.

I took a video of the person saying that bc I have opted out for years and I was disgusted when I heard that.
Where might you suggest I go to for further action?

What district ?

uniondale…. and I have opted out for years. This was disgusted when i heard this

They have no staff available to supervise? What are they doing then?

exactly!!!!!! They said ALL staff are involved in testing rooms that’s why there are no other staff available for those who opt out …. 😳 WHAT

that’s such BS! My 2 youngest opt out every year. They put them in the library, the cafeteria, combined classrooms. Some teachers even give them activities to do if they don’t bring a book or have other work to do.

EXACTLY!!! every year I have done it with my kids that’s exactly what they do with them in elementary school but now that I have a middle schooler it seems as though they want to change things all of a sudden.

it should be no different. My kids were opted out from elementary through middle school (they are now grades 8 and 10). Middle school handled it the same as elementary.

My daughter is a Sr now her 3rd grace were the first to get “the tests”. I was President if the PTA at that time and we had no idea what this was about and all the school time used practicing for it . My daughter came home 2 days before tests so upset m nervous fir test because “ if we don’t get high marks Ms Lopez will get fired and she won’t sing and make us laugh and learn. “. I was like omg what. Well me and 1 other mom opted out that year and I did every single year. No way to judge the teachers and what the students comprehended and learned. That being said part of me regrets doing it because it did teach the students how to take a timed test like that
Good luck
Your already on top of it by asking !

My kids have always been clear about which tests they take and why. Which ones are valid and meaningful, and tell their teacher what they do and don’t need so they can improve. For us, it wasn’t about opting out of tests. It was about opting out of the abusive tests that don’t serve their education. They still took lots of other tests.

last school year the state was telling administrators to go above and beyond to encourage opt-in so not surprised same crap for this year Administrators need to acquire some balls

I have a college student now and opted all for the years in school, a middle schooler now currently still opting out, and a elementary child that will opt out for up coming testing. There’s is no reason for a child to feel ” my teacher will get fired if I don’t take this test” everyone has to be correctly informed to know this is not true!!!
I’m trying in my district but due to the language barriers and other circumstances, one person can only do but so much. I’ve done plenty of research and have had other information given to me thru valid resources that I will continue to speak out on the wrong that these administrators are doing in my district. I’m disappointed and disgusted that I had to witness this.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Darn shame for the kids

And here is a reply to this post:

i have said it so many times- IN education failed my kids! We moved out of state and are so far
behind! They were so focused in testing and scores… it was like an educational prison for my kids!

CA just gets worse and worse:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Here is an article from Penny Nancy, president of Concerned Women for America. She talks about freshman orientation at Virginia Tech and how parents and new students were directed to introduce themselves and include their preferred pronouns.
I read a comment from a parent on IPOC the other day that said this had happened in her child’s public school class on the first day of school this year. I’m curious if others’ children also experienced this. If so and if you feel comfortable sharing, would you please share what happened and how your child handled this request to include his/her preferred pronoun. Did anyone stand up to this? Are any parents running through this scenario at home and talking children through what to say if this happens? TIA

And the replies to this post:

A teacher friend shared her district requires teachers to inform their high school students of the gender they were assigned at birth and how they personally self identify. This teacher recognizes there will be sever consequences if a teacher does not comply.

If it’s wrong in their heart, then why on earth would they go along with it? I’d take the sever consequences and take it from there…

agreed. This is something worth fighting. The cowardice surrounding this issue is maddening. Speak up and fight back, for God’s sake. And I know you do speak up, [name redacted]! Thank you so much for leading the way and encouraging other teachers!

My children will not be attending US colleges unless this nonsense is cleared up by the time they are old enough to apply.

I think I will say that though I was assigned female at birth, since the age of three, I knew I was different because I had been born again in Christ…. therefore, since we are all free to choose our pronouns, mine are “JesusisLord”, “JesusisherLord” and “them”😁. Make them proclaim the Truth!

[name redacted]

just talked about this at a recent lecture & how it’s becoming prevalent on college campuses for cis gender white males to earn the right to speak before being able to participate in class discussions.

And another post from this group:

Has your middle school presented Signs of Suicide curriculum and/or Brief Screening for Adolescent Depression (BSAD)? It seems positive on the surface in today’s world but I’m hesitant about the burden of children being held responsible for identifying other children’s behavior. I also am concerned about this screening as another data collection method that will remain on her record, etc.

it is now “Agenda 30”. I must have heard them repeat that 100 times in the 3 days I was there.Here is a post from a friend of mine:

nteresting and yet… not surprising. COLLEGES TRACKING STUDENT /PARENT DATA
“court documents in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal show the University of Southern California meticulously tracking the applications of the children of donors and potential donors in pursuit of contributions. Unearthed by attorneys defending parents implicated in last spring’s saga, the documents make clear that USC was no innocent victim. Rather, USC was energetically working to squeeze every possible dollar out of the same parents who were all too eager to buy access.
series of major newspaper accounts last week documented just how shamelessly university officials flagged and then targeted “special interest” applicants with high fundraising potential. The admissions file of one such applicant endorsed by the USC athletic department noted a “25,000 check and more later.” Another listed a $3 million donation to the men’s golf team. Yet another mentioned, “father is surgeon.” Email exchanges point to numerous instances where admissions officers’ qualms about the academic qualifications of “VIP” applicants were dismissed by university officials on account of their parents’ wealth.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

And here are the replies to this post:

This is the UN Conference I attended. The panelists were telling the youth they only have 10-11 years to drastically change things or there will be irreversible damage to earth and they may not have a future.
I was able to record some of it.
They encouraged young kids to protest in their schools and march on the streets to demand change.
Pushing such an apocalyptic view and Placing the burden of saving the planet in 10-11 years on young kids is abusive.
They literally told the youth “You have 10-11 years to make a difference if you even have a future”.
They want our kids to push their agenda and they do not care what sort of emotional damage that burden can cause our youth.
This is the compact they had children swear to.

Agenda 21 is still around?

it is now “Agenda 30”. I must have heard them repeat that 100 times in the 3 days I was there.

This sounds like an attempt to turn youth against their elders. If this is true it’s a creation of domestic war to create an excuse to inact Marshall law and all the acts against our liberty and constitution that we hold dear.
It’s an obvious move in part to bring in the one world Government under the United Nations. The other players have no alliance to humanity nor country they serve the master of lies, death, deception, the fallen, it has many names and it’s goal is destruction.
It’s hate grows with jealousy because Jesus over came death so you may live and be forgiven of your sins.
Everything you’re witnessing has been revealed in the Bible. You were for warned. Get right with God and stand your ground against the wicked forces that will attempt to destroy your faith.

Unfortunately history has become a selective based study where many very important lessons humanity has learned over the centuries are being negated, and information which benefits the New World Agenda is being forced upon the young generation. Please open your eyes to the Agenda and the forces which operate from the shadows. Let us never forget the words of the man who led the Communist Revolution in Russia, ‘Vladimir Lenin’, “Allow me to teach your Children for four years and the seed which I plant will never be uprooted”.

Thank God my kids are homeschooled now.

that is a step in the right direction. However, when millions of other kids are being brainwashed with such an apocalyptic and dark point of view it will affect the whole community and others around them.

yes, that’s the scariest part. It doesn’t just affect our kids, this will affect society as a whole 😦

I agree and I am always sharing with others about what is going on. I am still fighting even though we are homeschooling. I have nephews in the public schools too.

I agree 100%. I am praying for God to intervene in a mighty way. It is sick and twisted what is happening.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Do parents understand the agenda behind The National Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) organization, which has partnered with other national organizations like the American Library Association, to promote GSA clubs in schools, to groom and expose students to an unhealthy lifestyle?

Do parents realize that suicide rates among LGBT teenage students is much greater?

When schools shift the focus of education in America, away from academics, and to behavioral outcomes, anyone with an agenda; whether we agree with the agenda or not, now have access to our children.

As stated in this packet, on page 12:

Key Players Funding and Implementing A Global Transformation in Education are Google, Microsoft, and the OECD.

The OECD’s assessment director, Andreas Schleicher, a German worked with the Obama Administration to reshape the US K-12 online assessment system. That is what the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability are being developed to align with.

The OECD reshaped assessments so they run in the background of online curriculum assessments and instruction.

The OECD assessments are assessing behaviors more than academics.

OECD quotes – “The skills, attitudes, and values that shape human behavior should be rethought to counter the discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family.”

“All young people should be able to challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, to reflect on the causes and solutions of racial, religious and hate violence and to help create tolerant integrated societies.”

National organizations like GSA are actively recruiting and training both advisors (sponsor/monitor) and student leaders as seen in the links below.

From the National Association of GSA networks:

This resource lists fun things to do with local district Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs in three areas: support, social, and activist activities. GSAs can be a mixture of these three types and mix up their activities to reflect their

Thankfully some parents are saying NO!

Undermining Parents, Idaho School Secretly Recruits Children for Gay-Straight Alliance Meetings
A student with gender dysphoria was secretly brought to club meetings by the faculty without parental knowledge or approval.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

My 6th grader in Seminole county who has dyslexia and struggles with reading everyday is being given quizzes on I Ready in his intensive reading class and they are being counted as a grade! Of course he isn’t doing well and it is pulling his grade down. I spoke with the teacher and she stated that they are given 2 chances at each quiz and she takes the higher grade but she blamed him not taking them seriously enough! Anyone have any experience with this before? How is it ok that they are using I Ready to quiz and grade students???

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Downey Unified just voted to implement Teen Talk in spite of overwhelming parental and community opposition.

University of Wisconsin-River Falls doesn’t like free speech:

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Once again, Sharon Grigsby is the go-to girl to write about the latest reform agenda to promote access to high-quality childcare. What’s wrong with that? Nothing, if that’s all it is. But that’s not all it is.

This documentary film comes off as an innocuous vehicle promoting the importance of early childhood education. It’s not, y’all. Grigsby and the audience fell for it. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Luckily I spotted the “No Small Matter” name from the research my friend Alison McDowell did earlier in the year:

“That “cradle to career” human capital pipeline Strive (Commit’s parent org) has planned? The one intended to move hundreds of millions of “social benefit” venture capital? Well, someone has to rough in plumbing to the nursery, and that’s the job No Small Matter is meant to do. Investors hope strategic screenings for audiences primed to receive their carefully crafted messages will put voters in the proper mindset to act with a sense of urgency when intended legislation surfaces. When targeted bills come up, these influencers will be eager to press their elected officials to pass them.”

Look at the quotes Grigsby included from the screening like Dallas lawyer Rob Walters, who represented the Dallas Citizens Council on the panel. He said, “This is an issue easy to get smart on. Contact your state legislator,” Walters told the audience. “They respond to those squeaky wheels. We have such a moral high ground on this issue.”

They are desperate to spread the message. Why? Well, some genuinely want to connect parents with quality childcare because there is a dire need. But others know there are huge returns for investors and they circling the cradles and cribs.

Human brains are a target. Babies are lucrative…or at least their data.

Maybe some good will come of the awareness. I certainly see the childcare woes of the ladies in my job ministry support group. But manipulating people into spreading a message of urgency so the global impact investors can turn a profit and gamble on futures ….that is morally bankrupt.

Alison wrote:

“Certainly, all families deserve affordable childcare that is developmentally appropriate and staffed by trained caregivers who are adequately paid for this important work. But we also know there are plans afoot to build a national universal pre-k infrastructure from the ground up that will, if not actively contested, have “innovative finance” inextricably woven into it. Once in place, public-private-partnership funding mechanisms will impose exhaustive digital profiling on children, families and service providers.”

Dallas Played Host to Strive “Cradle to Career” Creative Financing Convening in 2013 with United Way, Commit, and Mayor Rawlings:

And here are the replies to this post:

Check out the Hatch surveillance play table recordings in this video.

Look how they’ve expanded their surveillance product lines are the rubrics for that social emotional behavioral data? Who determines the ranking? Are parents informed that their child’s image and rankings are being saved by a 3rd Larry vendor? Who has ACCESS to the data? Is the data secured off site? Is the data in the cloud? Where are the offsite storage centers located, US, overseas? What contractors have access? Where are the contractors located? What is their notification procedure if their data gets hacked (as so many schools are lately!) Did parents give permission for child’s data to be shared with 3rd party tech vendor? What COPPA safeguards are in place to protect these kids under 13? Is data being collected by the teacher or university researchers? Are the researchers vetted (fingerprinted at least) to have access to school aged kids? Can a parent opt out of this data collection? Where does the data go after the year is up? Collecting SEL data on kids is a sliiiiiiipery slope and I think all parents should be informed adequately and be able to opt out.

This has been brewing in Dallas since 2012-13
“A key luncheon plenary on September 26, titled, “Social Impact Bonds: How Civic Infrastructure Helps Sites Get Ready for *Creative Financing,” will discuss ways communities can build civic infrastructure through social impact bonds, a *creative financing* tool where investment firms invest in the public sector to help solve complex social problems. Representatives from The United Way of Salt Lake City, Social Finance and Third Sector Capital Partners will discuss how they developed the nation’s first social impact bonds.

I totally agree. Do you know about the surveillance play tables? I wrote about it in this post. When I first wrote it I was wondering if AI was assessing the skills, but when I watched it again it seemed like they were held for an educator to listen and rate. Still, I have no idea how the recordings get chunked out into groups under various categories. I mean is there someone watching the recordings in real time and slotting them in? I can’t believe that can be automated at this point. It is all very creepy. The public pre-k will probably come with this infrastructure and private pre-ks that don’t / won’t get the data collection systems will probably not be able to get subsidies and may be put of of business. About half of the private pre-k programs in Washington State have closed in the past five years.

More on Strive investments in human capital here

I will check it out. I’m not familiar with it yet. I feel very strange saying that I don’t support all this new $$ being allocated to government preschools – usually on an elementary campus for low socio economic or dual language kids. I’m very conflicted. I want quality preschool, but my definition of quality Preschool (play based no tech, based on research from child development experts) is not aligned with current models of over assessment, tech 1:1 iPads for 3-4 year olds, and stuffing worksheets curriculum into heads without adequate access to play- outside and play centers, Art, music, play dough, singing, dancing, etc… how can I support these legislative efforts when they aren’t developmentally appropriate at all….I can’t get my head around it. Why isnt our government money going to build more play based preschools based on research …. I guess one can’t collect too much data playing with mud and sticks 🤷‍♀️😢😢

Well, what global finance did to the housing market, they are planning to do with human capital futures next. In order for capital to circulate in an economy where many people have very little liquidity means you use creative finance to turn them into commodities and then gamble on their life outcomes data. It’s possible now with IoT. All of this revolves around the awful Heckman Equation.

If it makes you feel any better, Dallas is not alone. Also this is happening with bipartisan support.

This part about ed-tech and pre-k is awful, but important. I wish it wasn’t real, but it is.

I find it fascinating that the same billionaires are able to pay off legislators in CA and TX and pass similar legislation. They coopt whichever party is in power. They even use the same consultants that TEA sends in from New Jersey! Most people have no clue that the same plan is being used in Texas that was also being worked on (but thwarted) in Los Angeles. 🤣🙈🤷‍♀️

Another reason DISD Charter Partnerships were so necessary?

yes. That was the plan all along. We just weren’t told about the “innovative financing” piece.

Here is another post from her:

My favorite critic in Richardson mocked my disdain for Gates because he is just a brainy, benevolent techie out to save the world, right? Maybe I’ll redo my Big Bill Gates Club song and dedicate it to that critic …

“One way Epstein wielded his influence was through philanthropy. Institutions including MIT and Harvard have both publicly confirmed that Epstein donated large sums of money to various programs at the universities.

MIT was not as forthcoming publicly, The New Yorker reported, as per emails obtained and published in an article linking Epstein to Gates.

The lab’s director, Ito, along with its former Director of Development and Strategy, Peter Cohen, and other Media Lab staffers sustained efforts for a number of years to receive anonymous donations from Epstein, and gave him the ability to influence how they were spent, The New Yorker reported.

Epstein also helped the MIT Media Lab receive funding through donations from his other powerful, wealthy associates, including Gates and the investor Leon Black.

The aforementioned email sent by Ito in October 2014 said: “This is a $2M gift from Bill Gates directed by Jeffrey Epstein.” Cohen replied with “For gift recording purposes, we will not be mentioning Jeffrey’s name as the impetus for this gift.”

The denial from the Gates spokesperson contradicts the contents of the emails, but The New Yorker also published an email from Epstein to Ito where the financier wrote “GAtes [sic] would like a write up on our one science program for tues next week.”

Ito asked Epstein to specify what type of write up, and Epstein replied “more specofic [sic] so that he can fund.” The lab ultimately secured $7.5 million from Gates and Black, the founder of one of the largest private-equity firms, seemingly using Epstein as the primary go-between contact.”

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Rock on 🤘🏼
My 6-year old did her first of many future civil disobediences I’m sure (as long as we are in public school). She refused the iReady diagnostic by giving a letter I sent with her to school and helping her with what to do. When prompted to take the test she said no thank you and had given her teacher the letter from me. The district says they must give every student the diagnostic but no one can force your child to take it. I realize this doesn’t work for everyone- kids with disabilities, or just fear. My daughter was a nervous wreck. I get it! But today she was empowered. Today she learned how to advocate for herself, an important life skill. proud mama here even though I was a wreck all day.
See letter in comments.
Seriously thank you all for the advice and support.

And here is a post that was shared in this group:

Florida State Senator Thurston (democrat) has filed an education-well care, health care bill for Public and private schools. He wants adolescents to have annual health and wellness check ups and for parents to show proof thereof. More surveillance of young adults, but imposes a Doctor to make broad mental, sexual, physical—wellness and health determinations annually and submit medical records to school support teams (aka case managers). Read progress of Senate Bill here

Here is yet another post from this group:

Received a notice today along with a unique log in and password that our school is starting to use eSpark. I searched it but the only posts I found were from the Long Island Opt Out group. Anyone else heard of this? It’s based in Chicago.

And here is a reply to this post:

The fact that they have references to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Digital Promise on their website and lists “Google Education” as a partner should tell you all you need to know

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

This policy of restorative justice is part of MTSS (Multi-Tiered System Support) which is the finishing step to Common Core. We knew it was coming, we knew it included SEL (Social Emotional Learning), CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education), and more. We knew it was bad. But it’s even worse. It’s what I call the radical left’s global agenda. Thank you, President Obama. You have fundamentally transformed America.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I got a call from the principal this morning… she said that she caught wind that we wouldn’t be participating in the STAAR- that there’s no option to opt out and that I (as his mother) can only choose to not allow him to take the test… She proceeds to tell me that my fifth graders STAAR will be graded as a zero and it’s an automatic retention. I told her we will plan on the gpc.
(Midland ISD)

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

I pray school administrators and School Board Members will take the time to read Andy Pollack’s book.
“Why Meadow Died”…

He exposed the practices of “Restorative Justice” and what cause the murder of his daughter Meadow.
Yes! We have implemented these practices in Texas! The Texas Definition of Restorative Discipline

Marilyn Armour, Ph.D., defines restorative discipline as “a relational approach to building school climate and addressing student behavior. The approach fosters belonging over exclusion, social engagement over control, and meaningful accountability over punishment.”

Does that sound like what is happening in your local school district?

And another post from her:

PARENTS Did you know… The College Board who owns the copyright to the PSAT/SAT and all Advanced Placement (AP) assessments and curriculum frameworks, and makes untold millions of dollars from marketing personal student data through their “Student Search Service”. Much of this confidential data is deceptively harvested through surveys administered to students right before they take the PSATs and SATs, or when they register for the test online, a practice that has been written about here:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

By executive order, Colo Gov. Jared Polis has announced the creation of a new office to coordinate workforce education efforts across the state.

And some replies to this post:

our Gov appointee Suzy LeVine to run our Employment Security Dept. She has already made changes to the data collected for employment-it now includes K-12 info. She was the Swiss ambassador under Obama and is the main pusher of converting our schools into the Swiss apprenticeship model.

yep. And as you know, Colo has been setting this up, following the Swiss model for years.

Our state commissioner of ed ( a moneyball rock star) just announced that she recently met with Jobs for the Future.

I have connected Jobs/Future, Americorps ( and all its Corps), YouthBuild, and others to this shift. I have devoted Sept to exposing the global to federal to state to us workforce BS.

Because the govt. is SO efficient and good at what they are doing. NOw they believe they can control the workforce.

And another post from her:

Setting a precedent against parents if this company wins. “It’s a surprising move that some say could have broad implications for parent advocacy around curriculum and instruction.”

I knew Lehi, UT rang a bell. Hometown of [name redacted]. Also BYU prof overseeing research at MVP.

just such a web.

You know about Powder Mountain?

I really have to do a Salt Lake City-area post with Christensen and Sorenson and Instructure and the ARPA net. You know the UN was in Salt Lake in August re smart cities.

I need someone to lend me a hand with UT industrial banking laws.

I’m not familiar with banking laws in Utah. Silicon Slopes is flourishing here because there are so many “conservative” lawmakers who see themselves as free market conservatives, but are actually making money through tech investments. Zions Bank and the Chambers of Commerce are big into education reform and have legislators totally snowed by the “free market” rhetoric.

BYU is a UN partner.

Brigham Young University?


Yes. A number of Utah universities have ties to ed-tech and impact investing. Instructure/Canvas is based there.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

WCSD continues to show they can NOT keep our kids data safe. Before this latest breach there were at least two other breaches of our kids data thanks to the District. One of the breaches caused our kids data (student ID) to be placed for sale on the Dark Web, the other company that breached student data they received from the District is still listed as a “school official.”

This just came from the District:

“Dear WCSD Parents,

Yesterday, you may have received a text message from Coral Academy through their SchoolMessenger system. This message was sent in error, and we apologize for the mistake. This was caused by a programming error in the process we use to provide data to Coral Academy’s parent/guardian communication tool, SchoolMessenger. Unfortunately, additional data was provided to SchoolMessenger, including some directory information as well as student ID and gender for WCSD students. SchoolMessenger has verified that this data did not leave their possession and was immediately and permanently deleted from their systems as soon as the error was identified.

We are notifying you of this error because the distribution of this information to someone other than the student (age 18 or over) or the parents without your written consent constitutes a violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The Washoe County School District reported this violation to the Family Policy and Compliance Office on September 11, 2019. However, you still have the right to file a complaint with the Family Policy and Compliance Office by contacting them at:

Family Policy and Compliance Office

400 Maryland Avenue, SW

Washington, DC 20202-4605

Phone (202) 260-3887

Please be assured that Washoe County School District takes data privacy and security very seriously, and we are implementing additional safeguards to ensure this error is not repeated. SchoolMessenger has also committed to implementing additional safeguards.

Thank you.”

Here is a post that was shared in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

What the heck are schools for if they leave science to adopt fantasy??

What is happening America??

Nevada..looks like you are next on the chopping block.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

9th grade NYS

Here is a post that was shared on a page of a friend of mine:

I so appreciate people like Monica Cline, a former CSE educator-turned-CSE-opponent, speaking out against this harmful material being passed off as “good for kids” or “healthy and preventative education.” It’s nothing of the sort. It’s secrecy from parents (major red flag) and sex advocacy for children. I enjoyed her talk so much that I decided to transcribe it. The best recipe for raising children is parental involvement. Read more below or watch the video.

I only have a short time with y’all today and so I’ll try to get to the meat of my experience in comprehensive sex education and tell you how I even got there. I’m originally from Brownsville, Texas, a mostly Hispanic population lives in Brownsville. And I came to the University of Texas in 1991, where I graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology. During that time, I was asked to volunteer at an organization. And I decided to choose an organization called Algo Informacida in Austin, Texas. I believe they might still exist. And I did that because I had an uncle who identified as gay and I never met him until the eighties when he came to visit us because he was dying because he had contracted the HIV virus. So I decided to join and volunteer at the Austin Latino/Latina gay organization who received funding to provide case management to people living with HIV, particularly people of color, and they also did prevention education. And I thought, well, if I get myself involved with this organization, I’ll understand what my uncle went through and why he couldn’t be with us in the Rio Grande Valley.

So what I discovered was public health education and it was risk reduction education. At first, I was uncomfortable with it. And I thought, “Well, you know, can’t we just tell people to avoid some of this information?” But I was told over and over again, no, this is the way they can do it safer because you see risk-reduction education is about relativism. It’s about do not judge the individual for what they are doing. For example, when I was being taught how to reach out to teenagers, I was told to go to Planned Parenthood which was right across the street. And at the time, the head of their education department was Dottie Curry and she was a person from the community. She lived in the community and she educated in the community. And she began to tell me about the teenage problem with pregnancy and some of the horror stories of girls coming into the clinic with all forms of things that I really don’t want to repeat but shocked about what these girls were coming in with – not just diseases, but even objects and such in their bodies. And I said, “You’ve convinced me, you need to tell me how do I teach them not to have sex.” And she said, “No dear,” she patted me on the knee and she said, “We’re not going to teach them not to have sex – we’re going to teach them how to do it safer. We’re going to meet them where they’re at and we’re just going to teach them how to do it safer” and safer for them is condoms and lubrication. But they also talk about behavior change and they say well a lot of people don’t want to use condoms and lubrication because it doesn’t feel good or it doesn’t… you know, whatever their reasons are. So part of comprehensive sex education and risk reduction is to also teach them how pleasurable it is to use these types of things – condoms and lubrication.

And it also means that we need to role-play different ways that you can talk to your partner and convince them to use condoms and lubrication. And we’re also taught that when we see a sea of people and teenagers, assume that they’re doing everything. Don’t ask them what they’re doing. Just assume that they’re already doing it – which would include vaginal, anal, and oral sex. So we’re to speak candidly to those teenagers about all forms of sex and how condoms and lubrication can help them – giving them the false message that they’re going to be protected. I wasn’t comfortable with doing this but I was being taught by my leaders in the community these experts at Planned Parenthood that this was the only way, that there’s no way that we could convince people not to have sex. There’s no way we’re going to convince children and adults not to have sex. We just have to give them the resources even if their parents don’t want them to have it because what they told me is parents are a barrier to service. Once the parents know that this is happening, we’ll never see them in the clinic again.

So we need to let them know that it’s safe to come here. So as I was being invited into different schools, around East Austin mostly, to talk about this with teenagers, I was literally, and this was back in the 90s, I was sneaked into the school and the teachers would just wink at me and walk away allowing me to say what I needed to say to the teenagers. So as I was speaking one day at an alternative school in East Austin and alternative means it’s a school where, and let me also clarify if you don’t know in our area there’s 613 or 623 I don’t remember anymore, it was so long ago. East Austin was also primarily a people of color area and so that’s what we were always calling our outreach was to people of color of child-bearing age, men who have sex with men, as well as the women. So I was brought into this alternative school where the children were high-risk youth and they had been kicked out of many other schools and so this was their last alternative was to be at the school and I was going to teach 12 and 13 year old boys and girls about sex. And we had on the board written anal sex, vaginal sex, and oral sex. And the conversation began about what bodily fluids have HIV or STDs in them. And then I got a question from a young girl, a 13 year old girl, and she asked me, “How do I provide oral sex?” I’m going to clean up the language a little bit. “How do I provide oral sex without gagging?” And it took me back. I couldn’t believe what this little girl was telling me or asking of me. I wasn’t comfortable with it and I said, “Can you repeat what you just asked?” And she asked it again. She said, “You know, I do this and I get this reaction and I just want you to teach me how to do it better.” And I said, “Well, I think what I hear you saying is that this isn’t something that you enjoy doing.” She said, “No, I don’t. So if you teach me to do it better, then maybe I might enjoy it.” I said, “Well, have you ever considered not doing it at all? If it’s not something you enjoy, have you considered just not doing it?” And all the kids just turned around in their seats – now these are high-risk kids, if you can imagine, they’re teenagers so they’re already rowdy anyway – and they turn around and look at me. And they’re not mad. And Planned Parenthood always taught me that if I were to say something like that, obviously I’m judging them so they’re going to be upset, they’re going to be closed off, but these kids didn’t look closed off. They just looked at me and all the sudden they looked innocent. And I said, “Guys, do you realize you don’t have to do any of this on the board? You don’t have to have vaginal sex, anal sex, or oral sex. Have you ever considered that?” And you know what the response was? “No one’s ever told us that.” This education really does tell children to have sex. This is coming from the mouth of the youths. They’re trusting us, they’re trusting their teachers, they’re trusting the clinics, they’re trusting adults to teach them and if you tell them that this is the way of the world this is the expectation then that’s what they’re going to do. So then we didn’t talk about prevention anymore. They started talking about, “Well, how do we stop having sex?” One girl said, “But I already started, I can’t just stop now.” And I said, “Yeah, you can.” And they were just so calm and they started talking about how they could support each other in deciding not to have sex. These are kids in an alternative school, they’ve been kicked out of – you know I’m talking about kids that are just really a little out of control – all of the sudden I have their attention. They really wanted to not have sex. I didn’t have to tell them to not to, I just suggested it. And they welcomed it and they talked to each other about – hey you know the guys were like, “We don’t really expect that. We could just go watch a movie or we could just go hang out. We could take a walk around the park.” It was amazing what I was hearing. I wasn’t suggesting that, they were suggesting that.

I spent two years volunteering for Planned Parenthood “Nobody’s Fool” in Waco, Texas. “Nobody’s Fool” was a very large conference that was organized by Planned Parenthood and they had the huge conference in a Convention Center in Waco. And we had kids coming into middle school all the way to high school and it was all going to teach them about risk reduction using condoms, using lubrication, and how to negotiate the safer sex. They were all sectioned off per age and we were teaching the girls that were between 12 and 13 years of age. In that room where we have them, we had three different teachers. One was going to teach them about puberty/ their bodies and then one was going to teach them about STDs and show them a video of actually teenagers who were – the opening scene is two teenagers in bed, you can tell they just finished having sex and the rest of the video is about “Oh, I got a disease, now I have to tell people, now I have to go to a clinic” – the whole video is just about having sex. And then I chose to talk about healthy relationships.

That first year, I left there convicted. I was so angry. I did not like what the kids were being taught. It did not settle well with me and I was still invited to come back the next year. And I thought, “I’m never going to go here again.” But then I thought, “You know what? This time I’m going to do it my way.” So I have the girls in my group and I said I’m going to do relationships again. We’re going to talk about that again and their futures. So I have the girls in my little group and the other teachers were over to the side talking to their groups and I started asking them, “Hey girls, so what do you want in life? Tell me about your dreams, what you want to be?” So I had volleyball player, I want to be a nurse, I want to be a dancer, I want to be a teacher. You know these are just 12 and 13 year old girls excited about it. “Ok great – that’s great! Tell me about your best friend. Think about someone you just trust, has your back no matter what you do, they’re always there for you. Think about what it is about them that makes you feel that way, that’s so safe about them.” So they started mentioning all the things that make you feel safe with this person, you know, that they’re honest, and they always take care of them, they’re just going on and on about it. “Okay, that’s really good. So what about in dating relationships? Have you all been talking about dating?” And they started snickering. And I said, “Well what should he look like? What should that guy look like?” And they’re like, “Oh, you know..hmm.. I don’t know.” “Well, do you think that maybe he could be a lot like your best friend, or that person that you trust, that maybe he respects you?” And they’re like, “Yeah, yeah, trust, that would be good, I guess, so maybe that person you date is somebody who admires you, respects you, protects you. Yeah, so they start thinking about that. So I said, “Well, let’s go back to your dreams then let’s talk about that a little bit. So what would keep you from being that nurse, or that volleyball player, and all things y’all mentioned?” And in the context of where we were, they said, “Well being in an abusive relationship or getting pregnant, I guess.” I’m like “Yeah, so what do you guys think you should do?” “I’ll make sure I choose the partners wisely, stay with your friends, or maybe don’t date so quickly.” And they were coming up all these answers themselves like okay and then one of them said, “Don’t… don’t have sex?” So I said, “Huh! Maybe, yeah, maybe, what about that?” Well one girl stood up, put her hands on her hips, she said, “Wait a minute! Do you want us to have sex or not?” Of course, I knew the rest of the teachers are in the room with me and I leaned in and I said, “If it’s up to me, if it were just up to me, I would say no. I want you to wait. I want you to be that volleyball player, and I want you to be a nurse, and I want you to be a teacher, and I want you to have a healthy marriage. That’s what I want for you.”

What I saw in those girls when I said that was relief. They relaxed. Their parents took them to this conference. They were driven there. They were dropped off there. And the girls, these were girls who just about to go to middle school so I’m just going to assume they may not have gotten any education in the school yet, they already knew that they were coming into a conference that was going to teach them how to have sex. And when I started doing a presentation, and getting them to answer these questions on their own, and they were getting the idea that maybe they shouldn’t have sex, they knew that hey, that doesn’t jive with why we’re here. They’re smart.

There’s an organization, a liberal organization, that loves Planned Parenthood. The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and they do a lot of research. They do a lot of polls among the teenagers. If you go to their website, you’ll get an idea of what they teach. But one of the polls that they have is that teenagers reported that the person who would influence them most in their decision about having sex were parents. They said it themselves. It wasn’t the teacher, it wasn’t the clinic, it wasn’t the nurse, it wasn’t the expert. It was parents. One of my goals is to not only expose the truth of all of this and what the lies are, but to also teach parents that they need to talk to their children about these topics. And not about the graphic things but just your expectations. When I got out of this field, I started wondering why did I fall for this? Why did I allow… I spent 10 years working in HIV prevention, HIV case management, and then as a family planning training manager for all of Texas and New Mexico. And I thought, “How did I not know that this wasn’t right? Why did I allow them to mold me this way? My parents are married, they didn’t get divorced, I came from a good family. Why did I do that?” And I realize that there’s something that maybe…. and I’m not blaming my parents but they didn’t talk to me about sex. They kind of a round about way said did you hear about Consuela, she’s got a baby now and they were hoping that I would kind of listen to that and get the idea to avoid that or she should have taken care of herself. What does that mean? But they never talked to me about it.

I never had my dad look at me and say this is what I want for you because I admire you. I think you’re beautiful, I want these things for you. I think that would have made a big difference for me. I had an older cousin that I really admired. And he once said you know what, I think I’m going to live with someone instead of getting married, just to try it out first. That stayed in my mind. Those messages stayed in my mind. It’s important that parents speak to their children. And one of the things I did with my son is I was always, even at a young age, anything that was important to him, was important to me. And this is what I teach my step daughters when they’ve asked me about their kids and how to raise them. If your child comes up to you and wants to talk to you for an hour about a pencil that they’ve received from their teacher that was a prize or something at school, you stop and you listen to that. And I did that because I knew that when he became a teenager, he would not want to speak to me. But if he knew that if I had this habit, that mom always listens and mom thinks I’m important, and everything I think is important is important to her, then I knew that as a teenager, he would come to me and talk to me. And guess what? He did. He’s 18 years old now. And I can tell that at 18, you know, that there’s probably some things he doesn’t tell me. And that ok, you know, he’s an adult. Things are a little different. But boy that kid has told me so much which is why my step daughters ask me how did you raise your son because he’s a great kid. My own mother said how did you learn to do this because y’all are so close. Because parents, we need to put our phones down even if you’re tired. I was a single mom for 9 years. You have to stop, and sacrifice as parents and be there for your kids. I don’t necessarily know how I’m going to do that, how I’m going to teach it, how I’m going to help change the culture, but that’s one of my goals and I hope you’ll join me in that. Another important point though about Planned Parenthood that I want to emphasize in risk reduction education is that they truly believe that our teenagers are… have an insatiable appetite for sex. They don’t think that there’s anyway that you can stop it. And so that’s why they think they need to continue giving your children condoms, and lubrication, and access to abortion. And they don’t believe that your opinions and that your values for your children are important because they know better and because you’re old-fashioned. And like they’ve always said to me parents are a barrier to service so when a child goes into a Planned Parenthood, they can give a different name, they can give a friend’s phone number, they’re encouraged to do anything possible to keep secrets from their parents. And what do we teach our children when they’re young? Secrets are not good. If there’s an adult who tells you to keep a secret from your parents, that’s a red flag. But yet, that’s what Planned Parenthood does. And they do it…. and I think some of those people really think they’re helping… they do ‘cause they’re well, mom is going to get really mad and then she won’t be able to come and get access to care. And then she’s going to get pregnant. I mean, they really do believe that. But if you think about it, a lot the ways that they teach the education, how they groom the kids… one of the first exercises in this kind of education is to have them list all of the slang terms for sex and body parts. And it’s uncomfortable and they giggle. But they’re still told to do it. That’s breaking down inhibitions. It’s very similar to grooming for child sexual abuse. Do they see it that way? Did I see it that way? No. We didn’t. But I see it that way now and I know you do, too. It’s really important that we let parents know what this education is really like and that these organizations exist based on their secrets. A year before I left, I went to a human trafficking conference because I just wanted to. I knew it was an important topic. This was back in probably 2008 or so here in Austin. And I learned all about human trafficking and how to identify a victim of human trafficking. My boss at the time at the organization called Center for Health Training who had the Title X training grant said sure, go ahead – go do that. So I attended that conference. A year later, the title X grant actually had as a key concept that the clinicians needed to learn how to identify victims of human trafficking. So I was like perfect, I went to a training. I’m gonna teach that. So I went to Corpus Christi because Planned Parenthood always had enough money to pay for me to go and visit them and train them all on their own. So I was in Corpus Christi at a big hotel conference room teaching them about title X requirements and then I started talking about human trafficking. I said, “You know when a teenager comes in or when a young girl comes in and you just kinda get that feeling that she’s not really with her dad and you know you just kind of have this feeling that it’s someone who’s trafficking her, it’s a pimp, or someone whose having sex with her and you know what I’m talking about” is what I told them. I said, “That is also considered human trafficking… statutory rape, human trafficking.” And it was a room about this big. And they all were just like “No” and shaking their heads. I said, “You know, this young girl is vulnerable, she doesn’t know how to tell you what’s happening. You need to use your counseling skills to be able to get this information from her and protect her.” They started giggling and dismissing what I was saying. I said, “I don’t understand this reaction. Guys this is real, this is human trafficking.” And a nurse raised her hand and she said, “Honey, if she’s not sleeping with this guy this month, she’ll be with another one next month.” And they all said, “Yeah.” They don’t see our children as human anymore. They don’t. And a common phrase was “don’t ask, don’t tell” like in the military for homosexuality. If you don’t ask them, then you don’t have to tell. And they love using that. If I don’t ask the girl how old she is or who she’s having sex with, then I don’t have to tell. And they actually think they’re doing this girl a favor.

Our communities are at risk. These evidence-based interventions that they say are effective or based on evidence, they’re not, they’re based on self-report. I challenged them about that in the 90s when I went to a training when the CDC first put out evidence-based interventions. I said, “Guys, what’s the evidence for this?” And they said, “Self-report.” And I said, “Seriously? That’s it? Just because someone walked in and said yeah, you taught me to use them and I’ve used them 3 out of 5 times? That’s evidence-based?” It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the HHS actually admitted that these interventions aren’t working and they’re not scientifically sound. And that made me very angry because I was teaching that since the 90s in communities that are dying. And the CDC is actually telling us to use these evidence-based interventions and supporting it and defending it all these years while the people in our own community on the other side of 35 are dying. If you look up the statistics for the CDC and the STD rates in 2016, those STD rates are still increasing. They have not declined. Our children are still at risk, mainly 15-24 year olds and men who have sex with men. This education hasn’t helped. It is meeting them where they are at, like Dottie Curry told me to do, but it’s also to leave them there.

Why is it that we’ve decided that when it comes to sex, that we just want to let people continue being in high risk behaviors? We have other health models like smoking cessation – avoid it, don’t do it. Don’t do drugs. But when it comes to sex education, “Oh, put a condom on it.” Statistics also show that children, young people, who have sex early are more likely not only to have diseases, get pregnant, they won’t do as well in school , which has nothing to do with becoming pregnant and also have higher rates of depression. Those children who have chosen to avoid sex have higher grades, are more likely to go into higher institutions of learning, and are healthier. You can look it up for yourself. It’s not a secret. So why is it that we have all this evidence but yet we continue to do this education? I don’t know but it’s going to take people like you and organizations like Texas Alliance for Life to help stop it because this kind of education is what’s also leading to the abortions that we are fighting against. Abortion is always the only option for these organizations. When I asked them, when I started to question the education, I started to question innocently, I was like, “Guys, have you noticed that we really do promote abortion?” They’re like, “What are you talking about?” I said, “No really, we really do. We don’t have adoption people at our conferences, we don’t ever talk about abstinence except for the one sentence that says it’s the only 100% way to avoid pregnancy and STDs. And after that, we just talk about sex. Have you ever noticed that we really promote abortion?” They were like, “Monica, what are you talking about?” They were realizing that I was changing. And I was realizing what was really happening. I was told by my supervisor before I left if you’re not prochoice, you don’t belong here. And this was an organization that was funded to provide training for title X.

I don’t know how to fix it but I know that I can’t do it all on my own just like Joe can’t do it all on his own. We need your help. One of things that I want, a movement I want to start is “It Takes A Family.” It takes a family to raise children, it takes a family to build healthy communities, and it takes a family to form a great nation. And that’s what we need to focus on. We need to clean up our schools, we need to hold our clinicians accountable, we need to set up proper legislation. But even with legislation, we need to hold each other accountable. And we need to find a way to change the culture through the families. And we know that the other side knows this because they are putting these curriculums starting in Pre-K. They know that if they get to our children that they are going to change the culture and they are doing it. So we can’t be passive and we can’t just be meeting together – we need to go out into the community and make a difference however you can.

One of the things that has come to my attention as well is that, people like me, you either like me right now or you still hate because of what I used to do. But I want to read something to you that as I was preparing this I thought “God, what do you need me to say?” And this is in Jonah. But God said to Jonah, “Do you have a right to be angry about the vine?” “I do,” he said, “I am angry enough to die.” If you remember, Jonah was asked to go to Ninevah to show God’s grace because they were a lost people. And Jonah didn’t want to do it. He was angry. He didn’t want them to have grace, he wanted punishment for them. But the Lord said, “You have been concerned about this vine though you did not tend it or make it grow. It sprang up overnight and died overnight. But Ninevah has more than 120,000 people who could not tell their right hand from their left and many cattle as well. Should I not be concerned about that great city?” Organizations like “And Then There Were None” and many of you know that praying for these educators, praying for the clinicians, is important. I don’t know who prayed for me but someone prayed for me and helped me get out of this. And God convicted me and helped me to see. Because all of the proof was right there but I couldn’t see it. I didn’t know my left hand from my right. Grace and compassion does not mean that we leave people where they are at. Grace and compassion founded in truth leads us to great paths and its going to take courage and it’s going to take work.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

The Reno Gazette Journal published this article on Sunday. The author specifically mentions ClassDojo (towards end of article). Many schools in WCSD use ClassDojo. Our suggestion hasn’t changed in years: do not allow your kids to use ClassDojo, and do not allow their teachers to add your children to ClassDojo!

The New York Times has also written about ClassDojo

Looks like one of the masterminds behind the previously mentioned Islam workshop in Michigan has been indoctrinating LOADS of students and students:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I am an Oak Park Parent and I was at this meeting. Their therapist stated that kids identify as trans as young as 18 months old!!! They also said that kids can transition without telling parents and if the child is afraid of their parents because they are transgender the parents can be reported to Child Services. Marinate on that. If you think it’s not going to be happening in your schools think again. The biased agenda is real.

And another post from this group:

UPDATE: AN AMAZING AND UNEXPECTED TURN OF EVENTS ON AB 493!!! On/around September 6, this bill was GUTTED. Almost half of the language was removed including the most dangerous parts of the mandated and monitored online training. The bill then passed in the State Senate, 31-0-9. 9 Republicans did not vote (NVR). I was told the bill has been sent to the Governor, who will probably sign this toothless and meaningless remnant.

So what happened? Do you think we had anything to do with this surprising twist? I have my own theory. What do you think?

Here is a post that was shared in this group:

Oak Park Superintendent threatens to arrest parents at Tuesday night sex ed meeting. Still won’t admit that State law doesn’t prohibit districts from offering opt-out for optional K-6 gender theory instruction. Like and share!

Here is a post that was shared in the Florida anti-iReady group:

Yesterday, my son was attacked. In a violent, malicious manner while in the school locker room at Blake Academy in Polk County. As one student repeatedly hit him over and over agin, others not only held my son down so that the student could hit him but encouraged the attack. I am enraged.

The school nurse called us first and let us know our son was in the nurses office and could not give us any additional information. I immediately left my office and went to the school – not one school administrator contacted me on the way to the school. I got to the school to find a welt on my son’s forehead and back of head, a cut above his eye brow and bruising all around his eye. At the time we didn’t think it was anymore than a scuffle and still due to his injuries we decided to press charges on the boy – at this time we had no clue others were involved. UNTIL later last night when we received videos from the parent of a high school student (our son is in middle school) – the videos showed the attack that lasted well over 3 minutes with no adult supervision or intervention. You hear the kids not only cursing but encouraging the attack and not stepping in to stop what was happening.

I have asked the school administrators what will happen to the other children involved – would you like to know their response? We can’t tell you! We are entitled to know how the school system plans to protect our child. I do not need to know the specifics of the child’s name or any other personal identifiers however I believe due to the nature of this attack we should know what the consequences are and if the children are in school. What is our world coming to?

This could have ended much differently, our child has one kidney and after getting kneed several times this could have resulted in permanent damage. He was thrown on the floor over a bench, head his head all while others watched. And all they can tell me is they will handle it – this is unacceptable.

Today, we went to the Bartow Courthouse and try to get a restraining order or injunction and Judge Kelly Butz said that because the attack did not happen multiple times she would not award the protection to our son. It only takes one hit for a child to die. How many more times would you like this to happen to our child or any other child? Throughout the entire attack this little boy laughed and smiled – and you think he won’t do it again? Yet the malicious videos were not taken into account.

I can guarantee you had this been a group of black students on a lone white student we would be having a completely different conversation. I am disheartened, I am tired, scared for my son and completely enraged. These videos make my whole heart sad – nothing warrants this behavior. Policy must change to protect our children – or we will continue to mourn children for stupid reasons.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

The Word text program from Microsoft will suggest inclusive alternatives to words that refer to gender. Algorithm ArtificialIntelligence GenerationEquality

The merging of IT and Language Change is… “The Third Wave” they were WARNING about back in 1994.

We know who all the key players are making this happen in Texas and beyond. We also know the state and federal legislation that must be exposed.

This is what Trump and Ivanka and the “Green” people funding it, elected officials legislating it and schools implementing it, need to understand. It is an all out attack on the family and a breakdown of American Society.

Below is what is being developed from education data collected from 1 to 1 devices in the classrooms; by Microsoft and Google, and why data collected from parents and students by teachers, administrators, counselors in school and on their 1 to 1 devices matters. The flow of education data unethically and illegally mined must be STOPPED!!

Article linked below in English:

“American tech giant will correct the Danes’ language if they do not write inclusive enough

In their popular writing program “Word”, Microsoft will now propose alternatives to eg. gender-specific words in which “policeman” becomes “police officer”.

The Word text program from Microsoft will in future suggest “inclusive” alternatives to words that refer to gender or may be perceived as derogatory to people with disabilities or illnesses. A clear reminder that technology is not value neutral, scientists say Police officer, chairman, dementia. Forget it. From now on, it must be called police officer, foreman and person with dementia. At least if it stands for technology giant Microsoft.

This fall, the US IT company is launching a new version of the world’s most widely used word processing program, Word, where algorithm-based artificial intelligence will propose more inclusive language use.

Specifically, this means that if you type “police officer”, the program will suggest that you use the gender-neutral word “police officer” instead. If you describe a person as “dementia”, the program will instead suggest that you use the term “person with dementia”.

Andreas Birkbak, PhD in technology anthropology and assistant professor at Aalborg University, is not surprised to hear that Microsoft is now including inclusive language into the Word program. “It is a very clear reminder that technology and design are never value neutral. When we use technology to communicate, there will always be some form of mediation – and there will always be different ideas about the community built in, which come from the programmers, designers and project managers behind the technology, ”he says, continuing: “In this case, the sense of identity and the narrative of oneself as a place of progressive actors that Silicon Valley (home of the largest US technology companies, ed.) Has come in handy. Many of these big tech companies make their mark in the annual Pride parades, and many of them have internal programs that support the LGBT environment. Now we also see it in the way they design software.”

Anna Libak, who is a journalist and author, believes that inclusive language has gone too far when it is systematically disseminated through a large technology company. She fears it could give us a poorer language: “Novel writers will find it really difficult in the future. Because if they can’t say he or she, must they say mom or dad? After all, it may be that you don’t feel like mom or dad, even if you are. Do you have to say young, old, ugly, nice, feminine, masculine, thick, thin, yes, can you characterize others in any way whatsoever? ”.

At the same time, Anna Libak believes that Microsoft’s aspirations for a more inclusive language raise a fundamental dilemma as to whether language should reflect reality or whether we should accept that someone will change the language to shape the reality they want to see. “I think it is fundamentally wrong to try to change reality through language. After all, it should be the other way around: that language only changes when reality has changed. It creates frustration if the gap between reality and language becomes too large, as is the case when artificially trying to abolish gender. ” While it may seem convenient or innocent right away, when a program like Word suggests that we formulate in a different and more inclusive way, we should be critical of this type of technology, says Bent Meier Sørensen, professor of organizational philosophy at CBS .

“Many of these functions are introduced on the basis of the best intentions, but I am very little convinced that it is truly inclusive,” says Bent Meier Sørensen and continues: “Editing the language must be done slowly and thoughtfully, not least from a local language practice. Not based on the ideology and algorithms of some American tech giants. ” However, Deputy Andreas Birkbak believes that cold water should be struck in the blood if you fear the consequences of artificial intelligence – also known as AI, an abbreviation for “artificial intelligence”. After all, the service may not be able to deliver everything Microsoft promises.

“Now I haven’t seen it in action yet, but I can doubt if it actually helps us in any way. Think about the little word suggestions we get from our cell phones when writing text messages. I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks they’re most often annoying or involuntarily funny. You also run the risk of using an AI to suggest words. Not least, when it should be in Danish, ”he says. At the same time, he agrees with the critics that if we start listening too much to the algorithms, we risk becoming less creative and more standardized. “One can hope that it will simply be used for some form of mail-lingo reserved for jobs, and the consequence will not be that great.

But it is clear that if it sinks wider into the way we write literature or relate to each other, then it will be a clear negative consequence, ”he says.

Christian Dagblad has contacted Microsoft, which states that they have not had the opportunity to respond before the editorial deadline.”

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

For all my conservative minded friends who believe PRF is a friend, it is a member of the toxic group ALEC. Look deep enough into ALEC and FRP, you’ll find HSLDA. HSLDA is supposedly a friend of homeschool families. However, HSLDA is just as polluted as most other quasi-conservative undermining groups.
When it comes to your family, trust no one tied to the government!

If anyone wants the HSLDA tie, PRF board member list shows:

And some replies to this post:

It makes sense to me because it seems to me that HSLDA would have sued or don’t a lot more to fight for right than they have done.

So is the same as the Parental Rights Foundation?


if you’re homeschooling should you join either of these groups?


is there an alternative?

there is another homeschool watchdog group which is far better than HSLDA. My entire 20+yrs in the HS community was proof that the more known group wasn’t to be trusted. I learned that by countless families abandoned by them & my own research. The better group, from a research view:

let me say this, a family shouldn’t have to be fearful of exercising their parental duties.

Where is a Constitutional lawyer willing to fight the existence of the DOE as a blatant 10th Amendment challenge? Let’s stop screwing around with the small change.

How did HSLDA get polluted? I’m not totally surprised that they’re compromised. (Mike Farris heads it and he’s also part of Convention of States, which I support, but never has, to the best of my knowledge, Convention of States EVER brought up anything like the Every Student Succeeds Act or anything like that, which is odd in that if we mentioned all of this data mining and surveillance, we’d easily get to 34 applications. But that would mean calling out Greg Abbot and Robert DeSantis and others and maybe they don’t want to do that.

Farris has been known for, for years, his own personal political agenda which he uses HSLDA as a bully pulpit, when he can. If you look at the website for the HS group, you’ll find support for STEM, CTE, dual enrollment, Ed savings accts. They are connected to Bush’s School Choice Week, too.

ALEC is an ally of the CCSSI. It’s one of the biggest advocates for charter schools which of course also includes really bad ones like the Turkish charters such as Harmony in TX, all things espoused by Jeb Bush like the AL “scholarships” for students to attend private schools (and thereby make them susceptible to CCSSI and other federal programs, 0-grade 12 ESSA plans, etc. AL’s legislature is a bunch of ALEC puppets and I bet AL’s situation is not unusual. They write bills which their bought and paid for state legislators and governors push. It’s my understanding that vendors have immense control over ALEC and that’s why ALEC did not vote against CCSSI.We need to get our states to cease paying dues to groups like NASBE, ECS, ALEC etc. so the voters/taxpayers have a chance to compete with all the lobbyists for the ear of our reps. Look at our secretary of education whose thinking is in step with ALEC when it comes to education. PS If anyone wants to pursue a 10th amendment justification for stopping federal control of education, check out Pres. Carter’s sec of ed’s quote about the subject. He was a Democrat but he was right on target.

Farris is the left side of Satan. I wrote about him so much I finally just got to the point of pure vomit. He is no Christian any more than the rest of these manipulating for money evangelical liars.

The Real Michael Farris

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

At our life group last night, a teacher in the Claremont district asked for prayer as he is being brought before the school board or principle or something because he would not teach the assigned sex ed to his 7th and 8th graders. He basically modified it. He also says there is not a lot of parent support in that area. Groups like moms in prayer and such have essentially vanished and he is David fighting Goliath. Please pray for him. I don’t want to share his full name but please pray for Paul. He needs spiritual back up.

Here is a post that was shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

“The U.S. education system spent more than $26 billion on tech­nology in 2018. That’s larger than the entire Israeli military budget. By one estimate, annual global spending on technology in schools will soon total $252 billion. To hear presidents and prime ministers tell it, this spending is laudable and even necessary to reduce inequality and prepare a workforce ready to compete in the global economy.1

But the technology pushed into schools today is a threat to child development and an unredeemable waste. In the first place, technology exacerbates the greatest problem of all in schools: confusion about their purpose. Education is the cultivation of a person, not the manufacture of a worker. But in many public school districts we have already traded our collective birthright, the promise of human flourishing, for a mess of utilitarian pottage called “job skills.” The more recent, panicked, money-lobbing fetish for STEM is a late realization that even those dim promises will go unmet.

Second, it harms students even in the narrow sense of training workers: the use of technology in schools actually lowers test scores in reading, math, and science, damages long-term memory, and induces addiction. Both advanced hardware and the latest software have proven counterproductive. The only app or device found to meaningfully improve results with any consistency is an overhead projector in the hands of a competent human teacher.

Finally, educational technology is a regressive political weapon, never just a neutral tool: it increases economic inequality, decreases school accountability, takes control away from teachers, and makes poorer students more vulnerable to threats from automation and globalization.”

And some replies to this post:

Are any of these media sources EVER going to expose the UN is STEM’s master? I have tried for years to get them to listen.

This I agree with! Too much technology, in general, is hurting kids. I believe they should be creating with their hands. Kids are exposed to too much blue light and kids don’t know how to be kids anymore.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

School survey violated federal law PPRA.
“The assignment on the second day of the school year asked students to answer subjects like their gender, sexuality, religion and socioeconomic status. The 10th graders in an English class at Heritage High were also asked about people in their life, like their friends and doctor.”

This jumps out at me from the district:
“These core beliefs are foundational to the work outlined by our Vision 2020 Strategic Plan.”

Colorado had the EXACT same title for our Vision 2020 Plan. Hmm

The survey says it was not a District provided resource.

And a reply to this post:

in Idaho, we found that our Sex Ed curriculum was being implemented through agreements with the District Health Depts and their Sex Salesmen. It was considered a guest speaker, that brought their special outside curriculum, so it circumvented the local district curriculum choosing entities.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Alright friends…how does everyone feel about Khan Academy? Apparently it’s being given in class as a CW assignment and then whatever isn’t finished is then assigned as a HW grade in Skyward. Instruction may or may not have been given on the lessons being worked on. Students pacing varies of course because they are individuals so no whole group and its work as you go. Some may or may not have a lot more than others to do at home. Also, I don’t know about your families but there are 5 kids in my house, 4 that need access to the internet because of school and I’m in grad school ft. I don’t have a computer to give each of them to use. Myself and my high schooler that’s in a.p. & gifted classes takes priority. Teacher claims the khan hw has been mentioned many times in class…my child had an A until she just received an F for online hw. I’m fired up and have already shot off multiple emails. She also has a 504…. Requested a meeting asap. My child also states she has not received her “extra time for assessments” accommodation.

Seminole County

And here are some replies to this post:

What about kids who don’t have a computer at home ??

I use Khan only when I want to print off extra practice on my homeschooled child. If my public school kid was being made to do that, I may have a conference with the teacher. I am more about quality than quantity. I would want his time spent in school learning and mastering the concept and not bringing busy work home.

Tied to Gates.

I’m feeling the same with stations work we have that part is in schoology
I printed a page of the Stations Work students will be completing in class this week- it should be in their daily binder. I attached it to this email, and it is in Schoology in the Homeroom class.
All Stations work is due Friday. Students will have time in class each day this week to complete the 8 assignments. They may work on them at home if they feel they are falling behind. I am stressing to the students that if they focus and stay on task, this work can get done in class. I’m hoping this will help the students practice managing their time.
Thank you!

Schoology is also tied to Project Unicorn:

Notorious for sharing data with third parties, especially since it’s partnership with CollegeBoard.

Here is a post that was shared in the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Remember when in school you were considered a boy or girl not anything you “felt” like being? Our politicized schools now give you another choice. Anything you “feel” like you are. A monkey, cat, a boy if you’re a girl, a girl of you’re a boy. Public schools are no longer about teaching our children reading, writing, math, history and science it’s about indoctrinating them. If you’re child is in a public school and you can remove them, do it. If not, please talk to them, equip them so they don’t get swept up in the craziness that is taking place. Take a look at the new testing booklets. Sent to me by my cousin who’s a teacher.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

I’m a bit pissed! Our 8th grade straight A daughter, was assigned a group project in her Math class. 3 of the 4 did little to no work on the project. So being the type of student she is. She took it upon herself to do the whole project on her own, after being told this will be a group grade. When she turned in the project, her teacher asked her why she had done the whole thing on her own. She replied, I don’t know, then told him that the others in the group weren’t working. So what did this wonderful teacher say to her. “Well this isn’t the idea, the idea is to work as a group, how are they going to learn anything, if you’re doing all the work, How are they going to Pass the STAAR, if you did all the work. They haven’t learned anything, from this project. ” ” And that’s not fair to them. “
I flipped my ever loving mind, Fair, Fair, would you be teaching, responsibility to all your students. Needless to say We have a conference with the principal and teacher on Monday. This is the Great Somerset ISD. Pfffttttt…

And some replies to this post:

I would be going to the superintendent personally. That’s b.s.

he’s part of the problem!!!!!

Is he trying to make your daughter feel guilty for them not being able to pass STAAR because of their own actions?
Your daughter should have responded with, “that’s ok they can opt out anyway and don’t need to take it at all!”

I truly wish she would have. But she is so intimidated, by teachers. We had a hell of a time last year with opting out, and teachers bulling her, or as our wonderful over paid Superintendent put it, they were just tr to persuade her, and allow her the opportunity to take the STAAR.

Math is not a subject where I would expect to see projects of any kind, much less Group projects. It’s not your daughter’s responsibility to teach these other kids because they are in her group. Teacher needs to step up and do his job.

you would be surprised. My oldest is in algebra 2 in HS, honors class and all comp checks are group grades at each table!

She needs to explain that their lack of responsibility is not acceptable to her for a grade she will be stuck with, so yes she HAD to do the work because she cares about her grades while the others apparently could not care at all.
Glad you’re going to address it.

I’m a teacher! Ask for the rubric and group responsibility or participation contract. How is the teacher evaluating the contributions of each group member? Was work done in class, under supervision? How did he monitor them and see for himself that each student was learning in preparation for STAAR?! Totally not your child’s responsibility!! We all have bad days, and sometimes kids get words mixed up. BUT ask for those things and document what’s happening. Send emails to all concerned parties before and after your meeting. BTW, I’m also a parent!! Good luck. 👍🏼

after he received an email from the principal, he called me on Friday. He wanted to know what the conference was going to be about. So I touched base with him, and he said that “well, we just tell the kids, it’s a group grade, she will earn her own grade”. So I said to him, oh so you lie to the students!!!! He got sassy and said, well would you prefer I give her the group grade? I said no, I want you to teach your class, and not make my child feel like she did something wrong, and insult her in front of your class, for stepping up And taking responsibility to handle the work of 4!

I tell my students that if there is a group project and someone isn’t doing their part, I need to know right away. Then I’ll talk to noncompliant student(s). If they still don’t contribute, the rest of the group will not be penalized. It is my responsibility to teach, not a student.

snitches get stitches. My daughter has been paired with students who said from the onset that they were not going to do anything. Threatened to beat up my daughter if she didn’t do the whole thing.

This is why I don’t like group projects
It’s ridiculous

Group projects/collaborative work can be awesome, but the teacher has to take the time to design them correctly (including individual accountability, checkpoints, taking into account what resources each student has access to outside of school, etc.) and TEACH students how to do them!
Too many just say: “here’s what I want the final product to look like, and here’s your group” and leave students to their own devices.

you just described every major project I was a part of during my school years, save one.

I HATE group projects where they can’t pick their partners for this very reason!!

[name redacted]

did she communicate with the teacher during the project that the other kids weren’t helping?

she was moved once already, and he kept having to tell her to wake up one of the students in the group. Aside from that she was working on the project and ignored the others.

wow so unacceptable!! Is this a preAp or regular class?

why was she waking the kid up and not the teacher?
Honestly I would request a new teacher

I will FOREVER hate group projects! My oldest daughter, in high school often did them on her own too. While other kids dont give a damn, my kids was keeping up her GPA and rank to go to college on scholarships. I hate them!

SHE learned a huge lesson that will continue her entire life- “group” projects are done by 1 or 2 people, and it’s done by the ones who care. I hate when teachers assign them- they learned that lesson themselves!

my girls are in 8th & 10th both honors classes but have run into this in elective classes and elementary. They both hate with a passion working in groups they don’t get to pick. They have also in the past been paired with students who needed help but that always winds up being a joke because those kids don’t want to do their share.

that has happened to our oldest too. Many times they would sit her with the slower kids, to re- teach them the TEKs. I was beyond pissed too. I just feel I need to nip this in the bud, now, before were to far into the school year. I seem to burn bridges at each campus that we leave behind, as the girls advance in their education. I used to not speak up, because I WAS, an employee, but now that I am no longer an employee, I post stuff, on the schools Facebook page, and on my page all the time. These are our children, and not theirs.

And she said, “Pass the STAAR? How do you pass an assessment? It’s only a measurement of how well you teach us to repeat what is on it.”

Tell the teacher to do some research on forced socialism. It works out the same way. Everyone benefits off the backs of the ones that care enough to do the work. As a teacher myself, I have given collaberative projects but the grades are never collective grades. Students are each given parts that are their responsibility. If someone fails to do their part, it never effects the grades of the other group members. Members also fill out response surveys on the work ethic of the other members and have a mechanism to report issues before the project is due so I can intervene when needed.

And another post from this group:

I learned that they pulled my daughter out of class, along with a few others who “missed” the STARR last year, and made them sit in a class and answer 25 questions. When she got back to class, the teacher called on her to answer a problem they went over while she was in the other room 😡. When she didn’t know the answer the teacher got snippy with her and made her cry. She sat there telling me this while crying again. What is my recourse on this? Can they continue to pull her from class with all of these ridiculous actions? She is in the 7th grade.

And yet another post from this group from someone from Medina Valley ISD, La Coste Elementary:

On Tuesday, my 3rd grade daughter came home and started asking about the “STAAR test I told her she didn’t have to take”, I told told her it’s not a test, it’s an assessment and she isn’t taking it. Said her teacher told her she had to, and my little dynamite told her but my mom said I’m not taking it. Teacher then proceeded to tell her how her mom was wrong, she does have to take it. So I told my baby nope, she isn’t, not to worry, and if her teacher wants to discuss it any further tell her to email me… no email, ok we’re good.

Last night, my daughter asks me if the police have her daddy’s phone# and know how to reach him (dad and I are divorced and I have custody). I tell her I don’t know and ask why, she says just in case I’m arrested… I ask for what, at first laughing, then she tells me her teacher told her if I broke the law and tried keeping her from taking the STAAR test, I’ll be arrested! Beyond livid!!!!!! Told my daughter I cannot be arrested for something that isn’t illegal. I knew being the first parent in this district would be fun…

And some replies to this post:

Did I seriously just read what I think I read. I’ve heard of teachers and principals saying some insane stuff about STARR, but wtf this is a whole new level of low!!! Plz continue to give us follow ups.

Sadly it isn’t a new level of low. Every year a few idiotic teachers or administrators actually think that threatening jail over STAAR is a good strategy to get parents/kids on board with their vision of assessment.

wow. Well this is a first for me seeing it. This is insane.

Even if it were true it is unsafe and unhealthy to randomly tell a child something like that. It is a part of the professional code for a reason.
It is scary what a child can be told behind our backs. This group has helped me to really take control of my child and remind him that I am his parent and not the school. We had a non STAAR related situation where my child could have been severely hurt had I not taught him that. He bypassed the bus drivers authority and trusted my voice in his head thank God. Bus driver was fired.

As wrong as the teacher was I would keep it to the facts and professional at all times and document everything. You still want your daughter to be respectful and we have make sure we are too or we loose all credibility. Most teachers are not happy with teaching to STAAR (I don’t know of any) and will help your daughter and probably even agree with you, silently.
This teachers approach was shameful and I think it would best to put your daughter in another class. I just think both sides should communicate ahead of time in the future to help the teacher be prepared. It’s probably hard for the teachers if the child is announcing this in front of everyone because she has to do her job and unfortunately STAAR is how the teacher is graded too. Which may have brought out her snarky side (still not ok) just a thought.

There’s a time for respect and there is a time to protect your kid. And do I care if my kid is respectful to a piece of crap teacher who would tell her that I am going to be arrested for exercising my parental rights? That’s rhetorical. Compliant little sheep is what they want and Texas parents have been playing that role for 40 years.

I’m sorry, but I just keep getting madder about this. She’s teaching in Texas, in a school district that’s a majority Hispanic, in a year where ICE raids and parents being arrested and detained while their children are in school is something happening regularly. On what planet is it ok to use “your parents will be arrested” in a classroom where there very well may be kids who are already absolutely petrified that they might come home one day and find their parents gone. Fuck this woman.

I know. I keep replaying this in my head. I worked in a school before this ICE mess when two kids went home to find their parents gone. ICE forgot to notify CPs of the kids. Luckily the bus driver on a hunch brought them back to the school.
We are our childrens safe place and no teacher has any right to violate this. It creates a place if fear and distrust in the children that robs them of innocence. No piece of paper is worth my childs innocence.

This happened with my son when he was in 3rd grade as well. The teacher told him that if he didn’t take the STAAR, they were going to close the school. I had never had a problem with school anxiety until then. Now, it’s almost impossible to get him to like anything about school, and it’s been 6 years! Thankful I homeschool now!

Here is a post that was shared in the California anti-radical sex ed group:

In case you weren’t aware. This are now the bills passed in California.

AB262 – allows California public health officer to enact martial law during an outbreak. An outbreak is 3 or more.

AB283- forced parents to either vaccinate or be fined from their CALWORKS benefits even if their child is not in school

SB276- removes the relationship of Dr and patient, puts our children into a database and puts our children’s medical records in the hands of the state.

AB329 – sex Ed mandatory curriculum starting in pre k. Identifies 15 different genders (4th grade oral sex (8th grade) anal sex and fisting)

AB499 allows for 12 year olds to make medical decisions for themselves and stops parents from having access to their medical records. The decisions for abortion , contraceptives and vaccines including the flu shot and gardasil (hpv) would be in the hands of a child

Eventually there will one law you’re not comfortable with and you now will no longer have the right to opt out. Best choice – privately homeschool and leave the system

*for info on the sex Ed please join Informed Parents Of CA

And here are some replies to this post:

There is an entire section about making parents aware of the scope of education and I can tell you I was not made aware by the school or district.

Yes, key word privately homeschool. Even these charter school plus homeschool hybrid programs which are so popular here will be affected and soon. They already want your vaccine records when you apply to be part of them. For now, they will accept a blank record, but not for long. I’m afraid for the time private homeschoolers are gone after as well!

Before long people will have to have permission to leave the state.

Actually there was something in the works but never saw the light of day, where it was being considered that if you sold your home in California and were moving out of state, you would pay an inflated fee/tax on the proceeds of that sale. I am not sure what happened but I wouldn’t be surprised if the idea is still alive and kicking in some legislators head.

effective Oct 1, 2020, we’ll have to have a “Real ID” to board domestic flights as our CA driver’s license will not be sufficient. That’s kind of already controlling leaving the state. We either have to get a real ID or passport to fly domestically.

CT state law prohibits parents from child records at age 13. As a nurse I find this incredibly irresponsible and a violation of parental rights. As a mom it just truly pisses me right off. A we yr old doesn’t have the cognitive ability to make adult decisions.

can the child give permission to the parent to view the records?

yes, they have to sign a medical release form.

The child needs to sign off. It is unbelievable, the state is backing door a clear violation of parental rights.

I had to sign papers and read and sign them and stated to the nurse at Yale ( they are the only show in town as well, not a fan of medical manoppolies either ) I state that you do know that a 13 yr old is not able to make a medical decision and this is a clear violation of parental rights. And she fought me and gave me that, well we need them to be able to share with us vital information. B.S. they need time alone to force crap in a minor. It is appalling and not sound medicine at all.

ct is next. They have already begun the movement just like California and NY

This is so scary! I cannot believe how blind people are

If I had children or grandchildren that live in California.. I would encourage them to move out of that crazy state.. I do have a niece and her husband and son who live there and other family on my husband side … These laws are crazy…

i think California is just the springboard. If we don’t stand up all together they will bulldoze all states.
This agenda is global, have you heard? Probably not a lot bc the media is controlled by the industry so it’s hard to get real news through…

I haven’t read every single comment yet, but I want to clarify, as bad as AB329 is, it does not mandate teaching the acts noted in the post. The recommend framework does, but that isn’t required by law. The districts must choose a framework. That is why parents are fighting at the district level. AB329 passed in 2016. The framework has to be adopted this school year. That’s why it’s in the news now. People have finally seen the recommendations. The suggested resources do teach the acts listed. It’s unbelievable what the teaching materials consider normal and safe!

The whole 12 year old independent issues was something I had while living there. My child was sick and I couldn’t have access to her medical records because she was 13. She had to sign for me to see anything. I think a 13 year old shouldn’t have to sign papers that state her mother has access to her records.

when we moved to Florida, we had to get her records from her rheumatologist. She had to sign for them and they handed them to her. She was 15 by then, but I found it ridiculous.

An update on the brave CA teacher who refused to teach the evil sex ed:

He met with the principle and some board members and he said it went ok. He basically told them they could move him to a desk job but that he wasn’t going to teach this curriculum. He retires this year. It’s devastating when you see a teacher of 35 years being put through this. We are waiting to see what their decision is. We don’t want his name out there. This is very serious and he wouldn’t want any attention brought to this situation. Please just pray. Thank you.

If New York can do this to private schools and get away with it, other states will follow:

Watch out in Township High School District 211 in Illinois. They’re letting boys in the girls’s rooms!

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

“There’s been a seismic shift in preschool and kindergarten goals.” Earlier is not better.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Hi everyone

I have a question, my grandson attends a preschool for special needs as 3 year old at a local elementary school here in The Ontario-Montclair school district in Southern California. Once he is registered for school in two more years he will attend kindergarten at the same location

It seems my daughter has either picked up my grandson late or dropped him off late as well as had him miss school because of his health issues. She’s provided doctors’ notes but the school is advising they need to do an in-home inspection to verify he does live here.
Is this something Legal considering he’s only in preschool and it’s not mandatory?

The school advised it was for a wellness check and will continue to drop in until he is in school on a regular basis as well as not picked up or dropped off Late. I advised my daughter to get him on the bus system so they can pick them up here to show he does live at my property

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Khan Academy is now selling its services to districts — though there is little concrete evidence of Khan Academy’s ability to help students academically.
IMO, Khan wants access to more student data. It appears that Khan doesn’t just want in the classroom, KHAN WANTS TO REPLACE THE CLASSROOM.

And another post from her:

California lawmaker behind an industry-backed bill to narrow the state’s landmark Privacy Act is married to a top executive at Ring, the Amazon-owned tech company in the thick of a national debate over consumer data and government surveillance, according to ethics disclosures reviewed by POLITICO.

And some replies to this post:

Ring is Amazon owner???

yep and giving surveillance data to police.

What do you know about the guys who started this leg? From what I’ve read about it, I’m underwhelmed. There’s no whistleblower provision and nothing about schools… seems like they took care not to touch the Golden Goose.

CACPA is hugely strong in some areas. But the AG enforcement got so messy, that’s why they are amending. I honestly wonder why NO ONE touches k-12 or even higher ed privacy. They all (falsely) think FERPA protects?

IDK. I think it’s strange too. Maybe they don’t know the extent of it.

I have approached many of these privacy “experts” about the edtech invasion and huge privacy issues– they deflect and move on.

And yet another post from her:

Parents, did you know this was in Colorado schools? Greeley
“Upcoming upgrades include the ability to identify guns and read people’s expressions, a capability not currently part of Avigilon’s systems. “It’s almost kind of scary,” Tait said. “It will look at the expressions on people’s faces and their mannerisms and be able to tell if they look violent.”
[ correction: it IS scary.]

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Please share helpful information for this South Carolina Parent:

“After 5 years of using the same math curriculum, my daughter’s private Christian elementary school changed the math curriculum over the summer without informing the parents. Because of the hurricane, last week was really the first week of school and this is a recent discovery for me. The school is now using Sadlier math. There are two Sadlier math books, one marked common core and one not marked common core that appears to nearly identical in content to the common core book. My daughter, who was a math whiz last year, now hates her math homework and I actually can’t understand these concepts myself, even though I have advanced degrees. I created a firestorm with the school administrator by posting about the new book on my daughter’s class page. The administrator denies the book is common core, but it clearly is, even though it’s not stamped Common core on the front cover. When we enrolled our daughter in this school 2 years ago, they assured me they would not be using common core materials. Can you offer any insight into this curriculum or open this topic up for discussion. I am meeting with the administrator tomorrow. Thanks in advance for your help.”

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Human capital and Artificial Intelligence. Explosive growth and profits. HolonIQ’s Smart Estimate™ for Total Global Education Expenditure is $8 trillion for 2025.

While the formal sector is not expected to change significantly over that period, Education Technology Expenditure, fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), is expected to double, reaching $341 billion by 2025, evidenced by the aggressive acceleration in venture capital invested through 2018, which reached a record $8 billion.

Education focused AI expenditure itself is estimated to be a $6 billion market by 2025.

“Gradually, then suddenly.

That’s how we expect education technology adoption to change through to 2025,” explained Maria Spies, Co-Founder and Managing Director, HolonIQ. “We estimate that the speed of digitisation in education will overtake healthcare, due primarily to the build-up in capability over the past 10 years, and fueled by explosive growth in artificial intelligence with China, the US and India taking the lead on innovation.”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

WARNING TEXAS PARENTS! This is the reality of Mental Health legislation SB 11/10, SB 504, and HB 18, passed in the last session. DO NOT TAKE THESE SURVEYS from your child’s school. Below is a link to a survey sent out to Little Elm High School parents.
Parents are beginning to understand…

  1. This could be used to get “permission”… as this survey has parents name/email attached. So by answering questions – “my student’s needs” — therein lies a potential issue.
  2. Who has access to the data collected?
  3. Where is that data stored? In the Cloud? Who owns that cloud?
  4. Will the data collected be used for research? Who is profiting off that research?
  5. Will the data collected on my child go into his/her permanent file? Who has access to that file?

“The LEHS counseling team would like to learn more about student needs so we can continue to work to design programs that help support our students throughout the year, and we value your parent perspective in this process, as well. We invite you to complete the survey at…”

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:



The Clarion Project, a watchdog group known for its groundbreaking documentaries on extreme ideologies, compiled a report this month revealing the billions of dollars that colleges and universities in America have taken from foreign entities — including adversarial states.
The Clarion Project launched its probe into foreign investment and influence in the American education system after the Department of Education (DOE) announced in June it was investigating Georgetown University and Texas A&M University “as part of a broader push to monitor international money flowing to American colleges,” the Associated Press reported.

Using data the DOE has collected based on a federal law that requires colleges to report contracts and donations of $250,000 or more, Clarion issued a report this month that revealed that, since 2012, these institutions have received more than $10 billion from these foreign entities.

Qatar – which, according to the U.S. State Department, has made gains in fighting terrorism but still hosts entities that sponsor and support terrorism – is at the top of the list with a staggering $1.4 billion dollars given to 28 universities, including $350,874,324 to Georgetown and $376,325,840 to Carnegie Mellon University.

Despite these sky-high figures, Ryan Mauro, director of Intelligence and a Shillman Fellow with the Clarion Project, told Breitbart News that, based on his investigation, the DOE statistics may not tell the whole story on foreign influence.

“These numbers are hard to fathom, but they are likely only the tip of the iceberg,” Mauro said. “There are two other figures we don’t have: The amount that the schools aren’t disclosing to the Education Department as required and the amount funneled by foreign entities using fronts.”

“For example, the Iranian regime used a front named the Alavi Foundation to funnel money to universities,” Mauro told Breitbart News. “Because that’s a U.S.-based organization, those amounts from Iran are not in the records.”

“Muslim Brotherhood fronts with ties to terrorism, such as the International Institute of Islamic Thought, are also able to donate to universities without the transfers showing up in these Education Department records,” Mauro said.

Mauro pointed to Clarion’s investigations into this issue, including an expose released in 2018 on how the Muslim Brotherhood has successfully used a front called the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) to fund, engage and train academics. The expose included a long list of professors tied to IIIT:

IIIT is a known entity of the Muslim Brotherhood, a foreign organization sponsored by foreign governments. IIIT has been investigated and nearly prosecuted for its links to foreign terrorist groups including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. IIIT is known to have received significant foreign funding.

But, because IIIT is based in the U.S. and is (supposedly) a completely independent entity, its donations are not included in the Education Department records of foreign donations to universities and colleges.

“In some cases, the funding comes via government-tied entities with known links to subversion, spying, terrorism and extremist ideology,” the executive summary of Clarion’s latest report states. “For example, the terror-linked Qatar Foundation donated a jaw-dropping $33 million to Georgetown University in 2018.”

The June AP report revealed that, in regards to Georgetown and A&M, “records being sought by investigators go far beyond Qatar, and include dealings with China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, and specific companies in those nations.”

“Investigators ordered both schools to disclose funding from Huawei or ZTE, the Chinese tech giants that some U.S. officials call a threat to national security,” AP reported. “Georgetown is being asked to detail money it received from any sources in Saudi Arabia or Russia, including Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity company.”

But these schools are just two of dozens of U.S. schools taking money from these and other foreign entities.

Clarion complied the countries with the largest donations:

Rounding out the top 13 countries after Qatar are: China — $680 billion to 87 schools; Saudi Arabia — $649.9 billion to 63 schools; United Arab Emirates — $230.9 billion to 32 schools; Russia — $99 billion to 13 schools; Kuwait — $65.7 billion to 17 schools; Iraq — $44 billion to four schools; Turkey — $37.7 billion to 15 schools; Lebanon — $5.7; Pakistan — $4.8 billion to five schools; Venezuela — $3 billion to two schools; Syria — $1 billion to Johns Hopkins University; and $1 billion to Harvard University since 2017.

The 87 schools China donates billions to include California Institute of Technology, Columbia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the New York and New Jersey Institutes of Technology, and Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

Russia also donates to some of the elite colleges in the U.S., including Cal Tech, MIT, Stanford, and Yale.

You can read the entire list of countries and schools here.

While the list itself is stunning, Mauro said it begs a question that should have an answer because of national security implications.

“Here’s the key question we need to be answered for every transaction: What are these governments getting in return?” Mauro said. “Do we really believe they make these donations because they care so much about the wellbeing of American universities and colleges? Of course not.”

“It’s been well-documented how China is funding universities to establish Confucius Institutes,” Mauro said. “The expressed purpose of these is to act as bases for ideological warfare by shaping the views of American students.”

“We have to assume that the other governments hostile to the West see the same opportunities,” Mauro said.

Confucius Institutes are billed as cultural organizations on foreign college campuses that the Communist Party of China funds to help create cultural links abroad and expose international students to Chinese history, language, and culture. In reality, the institutes serve to indoctrinate students in Communist Party propaganda and pressure the international universities they inhabit to toe the party line, attacking anyone who dares criticize the Communist Party or acknowledge realities that Beijing refuses to accept, such as the independence of Taiwan or the illegality of China’s occupation of the South China Sea.

The Clarion report also provides more details about why the countries listed in the DEO data, specifically those with dubious standings on terrorism, should make answering the questions Mauro proposed seem urgent.

• Saudi Arabia: Former CIA case officer Robert Baer, wrote in his book Sleeping with the Devil: How Washington Sold Its Soul for Saudi Crude: “Saudi money also seeped into the bureaucracy. Any Washington bureaucrat with a room-temperature IQ knows that if he stays on the right side of the kingdom, one way or another, he’ll be able to finagle his way to feed at the Saudi trough. A consulting contract with Aramco, a chair at American University, a job with Lockheed—it doesn’t matter.

• Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government has become one of the main patrons of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and is allied with Qatar. He is also improving Turkey’s relationships with Iran and Russia at the expense of its relationships with the U.S. and other NATO members. Turkey supports a variety of Sunni extremists, including affiliates of Al-Qaeda, and has been accused of assisting ISIS. Since 2012, Turkey has reportedly been one of the top financial supporters of Hamas, with Erdogan arranging for the transfer of $250-300 million to the terrorist group annually.

• The Chinese government’s massive influence operations on U.S. college campuses is now getting mainstream media attention due to numerous exposes regarding China’s establishment of over 100 Confucius Institutes on campuses across the country. The Chinese Ministry of Education uses an affiliate named Hanban to transfer this funding. Hanban provides the materials, chooses the activities, and selects the directors and teachers who oversee each Confucius Institute.

Details about other countries are included in the Clarion report.

“These governments don’t have unlimited cash,” Mauro told Breitbart News. “The only reason they’d keep making these donations is if they are very satisfied with the results.”

“What are those results? How are these donations advancing their agendas? And why don’t we, the American people, know what’s happening?” Mauro said,

“My hope is that alumni, faculty, students, and researchers will take the next steps to demand answers from these universities and colleges,” Mauro said.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

I just read an article promoting the need for more psychologists in public schools. The article goes on to make the argument that “we” can afford to place armed police officers in schools, yet “we” aren’t paying for schools to have armies of psychologists in the schools to treat “the whole child”.

Jail? Psyche ward? Or both?

What happened to public schools where there is a tax payer funded need for armed officers and psychologists?

Why aren’t educrats, progressives, and bleeding hearts writing articles on this question????

Why aren’t there more articles looking at the causes and who facilitates the causes (and there are many), before we are nudged into supporting and paying for more predetermined leftist solutions that create even more problems that requires even more leftist “remedies”?

My opinion:

Leftist policies have created massive psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems in school age children. Rather than removing these policies, the leftist powers that be only double down on them and refocus blame in some other direction. Then they impose more authoritarian, soul crushing, mind manipulating rules & regulations.


If a child needs to be controlled by an armed police officer and/or school psychologists, is it possible there is a different and more suitable placement other than the local public school for this child????

Must all children in the public school be subjected to these “interventions” because a few children present a real danger to themselves and others?

Are we “controlling the herd” by legitimately trying to control the few who are uncontrollable?

When do we face the obvious question? Are public school children being turned into either inmates or patients?


There has to be a better way.

And some replies to this post:

I 100% agree with you. It is typical of Leftist groupthink to not realize, or be held accountable for, the problems they create and then believe they are capable of solving them… and they are not. How did we ever make it through school with no armed security, minimal guidance counselors (in HS only) and some of us with target rifles locked in our cars in the parking lot? I guess we weren’t being treated as “whole children”, huh?

Texas is doing it Glad I got these out

having two special kids I can tell you why. They bill medicaid Mine use to go to Behavior Modification Class (BMC) for help with their school work. They gave them treats to eat and drink and because a Licensed Social Worker or Counselor was there they billed medicaid lots of money

They had people come in and do testing for a week on my kids They said boy IQ was 115 Just had him tested outside of school His IQ is 58 They just kept passing him on and billing medicaid Best thing is this Psychologist agrees with his Psychiatrist that taking him out of school was the best thing I could have done. Psychiatrist told me 95% of his children are out of public school

Home school your children If you have Internet you have everything a Teacher does

The better way is to remove this corrupt system which has replaced education with sociological nonsense and get back to basics. If a student can see personal accomplishment and further hope thru real learning, they will be better prepared for the real world. No graduate today is able to reason with the contemporary culture, rather just fall in line with it. The clock is ticking….

Schools are scary today ,but try talk , to a teacher about it , most just follow along.Untill they are retired

Classic government employees; and that is a big part of the problem. Tenure, for K-12 teachers, needs to be reformed, and perhaps scrapped altogether. That would be a good place to start.

The teachers, (usually older) who understand what is happening, fight for the kids as long as they can and then they either give up, retire, or the system pushes them out through intimidation or penalties.

Yes,the schools don’t like teacher that question the system

Not at all, they crucify them. I watched it happen to a friend, a state award winning teacher that fought against Common Core. She was mocked and intimidated by school personnel and even some parents to the point that it almost destroyed her.

Yes,I had a friend that the same thing happen ,teachers and all because she didn’t agree with the system .She left and taught on line for nursing instead

“All” those who mocked and intimidated her had some kind of financial reward. It is the only way they get people to behave “their” way, unless of course it’s blackmail.

I’ve seen it happen to many.

I would rather return to pre-1998 public education systems, with local control. CT is a mess additionally with their Kindergarten enrollment age.

Get the federal government out of schools, colleges and all learning institutions. Abolish the DOE and Common Core. Empower elected school boards and opt for charter schools. For now the only choice is home schooling.

Get private interests and NGO’s out of education. Pandering to special interests destroys everything. There are no standards because the standards have been expanded to accommodate everything. The entire institution of education has become watered down to have no substance at all. Just fads and appeasement.
The expectations have been lowered to just showing up and surviving the system.

Charter schools are public schools but with no local control.

I thought charter schools were managed locally. I am wrong?

Many, if not most, charter schools have franchises and have their schools in multiple states. The charter schools have appointed boards, not locally elected board members. Charter schools are funded by state & federal tax dollars and the fed DOE has been pushing to expand charters in order to make charters fully accountable to the federal government. But because charter schools are considered public schools, charter schools must abide by all fed rules, regulations, policies, and “Dear Colleague” letters (such as 0bama’s transgender policy demanding transgenders be allowed in alternate sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces).

Good to know. Damn, I thought they were local and union free. Thanks!

And Charters are no better if they accept federal funding.

Public schools, on average, receive about $400 per child on medication, whether that is for psychological issues or medical issues. This gave the school incentive to claim damn near every child is ADHA or borderline personality discorder. Since psychologist and psychiatrist make their money based on full client rosters and referrals, it is in their financial interest to align with school suggestions. The medications that are often given to these children for psychiatric issues are often unnecessary and a worse, long term detrimental to the child. Ever heard of MK Ultra? If you think that testing stopped, you are a has just gone large scale through the school systems. Your children are being used as guinea pigs in a social experiment that has gone awry and causing major harm. Now, with the allowance of additional dollars to schools through Medicade for children in remedial or special classes, the incentive increases to label any child as disfunctional and seldom are the tests correct in diagnosing the issues. Get your kids out of public schools and if you are not financially capable of homeschooling, either re-align your priorities or become deeply involved in the school system in order to limit their damage or change their culture.

HEAR, HEAR! They are drugging and indoctrinating. I have had personal experience with this. They nearly killed my grandson.

When will they learn discipline, not pills , is the answer.

perhaps when parents practice it at home and demand it in the classrooms.

If parents practiced it at home, if parents accepted the responsibilities of parenting rather than transferring their responsibilities to the schools (and the state), then almost all of the bs, inane, and harmful policies and “services” would not, could not be implemented.
Society as a whole suffers from learned helplessness and stunted development.

Did I read that right? “Treat the whole child”? Our schools were never meant to be mental hospitals and are not meant to “treat” anyone for anything. There is a vast difference between education and indoctrination and we need to keep indoctrination OUT OF OUR SCHOOLS!

You read it right. Treating the “whole child” is all the rage right now. Mental, emotional, and behavioral manipulation.

Social emotional learning SEL is the rage…..they want complete control of our children! 😡

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

I am not yet able to articulate how I feel about this. My child has an IEP that states when he is to get accommodations. No where in that IEP does it make an exception for i-Ready. We are in Seminole county.

“by district directive, we are not to provide the accommodations of questions and answer choices read aloud to students for this baseline test. At the end of the school year, the district directive is to provide those accommodations. The diagnostic provides a learning path for each student, based on the student’s unique responses to the first assessment.”

And another post from this group:

Did anyone else know that every child’s iready login includes their child’s SSN? 😡😤

And some replies to this post:

we did not provide ss numbers when we registered.. i would contact school immediately]

same for me! We didn’t provide that info

We didn’t give our social security either.

This is not the case at our school. They use birthdate or student numbers not socials

Ours is not. It’s student ID

No one provided it it’s part of their passwords

that doesn’t not seem ethical. I’d call the school on that

I have, I’m waiting on a call back . I requested all my daughters personal identification data to be deleted from the system immediately

you will need to contact curriculum associates immediately asking all data on your child be deleted. Most IReady info is uploaded to CA at midnight each night. Please make sure to ask that any info CA shared wether shared or sold to a third party is also deleted

The iready tech support guy told me it is the same used for all students
First initial, day of birth, last initial, last 4 of social

luckily it’s not the whole social but I can see why you might feel upset about this.

This is Manatee district but when you registered you would have filled out a form like this in your district

Click to access PRC-Student_SSN_Collection_Form_English.pdf

I didn’t give my kids social.

Seminole County is student number or it is at our elementary school.

For outs in elementary it’s the students last name and year of birth. In middle school it’s the student id

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I’ve been digging for a few months trying to find out which curriculum is being taught in our state of WV. I found an interesting newsletter from 2015. Willa Marth from PP and Beth Reis, creator of the FLASH curriculum. I’m basically all alone digging into this stuff and exposing it but parents just don’t seem to care or believe me? Rights, Respect, Responsibility… FLASH… Draw the Line, Respect the Line are just a few of the curricula I’ve found being taught. What do I get parents involved? I feel so alone in this, it’s depressing.

And a reply to this post:

Keep going friend I have a few friends In Battleground WA who is fighting the FLASH curriculum

And another post from this group:

This is a post from a parent in Arizona. The intrusion and overreach is not confined to California.
There is absolutely nothing appropriate about this assignment in any case scenario. Parents should not tolerate this type of intrusion.

Public schools have already blurred the lines between their main purpose which was to be academic institutions and our purpose as parents. We can see that the lines have been blurred by the fact that parents were not immediately troubled enough about this assignment to refuse to answer these questions.

When we start to try to justify this type of intrusions we have already started to believe that the public school system has a right to be involved in our personal lives. They don’t . Schools need to go back to focusing on academics and raise the ridiculously low test scores and stay out of our personal and social lives.

This assignments was given in a third grade class.

And some replies to this post:

Outrageous …I would return it with…before my child tells you his or her personal life at home please give us your personal answers to these questions other wise take your paper and use it the next time you need to wipe.

My son was given an assignment like this 30+ yrs ago. This is nothing new. I fought this battle back then. Sex Ed was just beginning to be taught at middle school level. My son said he learned more about how to use a condom than to abstain and how to use drugs and get away with it than staying away from them.

I think I would need more context before I find this objectionable. What class was it being done for – was this a turned in sheet or did it just get checked off as done. For example if this was a cultural class – where they are talking discussing backgrounds … it would be appropriate to think about and acknowledge your own background. Not everything is nefarious. This would be inappropriate if say it was handed out in a Math or English class or was collected by the teacher as a getting to know you excercise. But there is some educational value in those questions being asked. Again I think context is key.

most kids will be handed an assignment to do and just do it, then tell their parents about it later. By then, the damage has been done! Yes, there are circumstances where some of those questions are relevant to a discussion, but it is still programming your child to give info that is no one else’s business!

this was an assignment given to 3rd grade students. IMO there is no justifiable reason to have a third grade child answer these questions.

excuse me! This is way too invasive, and well beyond simply cultural class discussions. With the bias being shown against Conservative Christian families in our corrupt school system, this is potential fodder to fuel abuse. If you want to know I’d my child is Irish, or Norwegian, I have no problem. However, this questionnaire is infringing on personal privacy, and should not be given to children, but to parents, to decide what they care to divulge or not.

I don’t think a third grader could discern when to answer vaguely.
These questions are nobody’s business, especially at this age. Maybe, maybe, upper junior high or high school.

Are you a member of an ethnic group? Isn’t everyone?

this is not homework this is a SURVEY/POLL for one of their crazy cooked schemes.

The school is gathering information about your children, just in case they need it for CPS or something.

I remember answering questions like this as a child in ps all the time I always felt it was so strange. Now looking back this is so extreme this should be an adult survey that people agree to take not focused upon students who don’t even know why they have to do this.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Why exactly does the school feel they need this information? I filled it out last year but now I’m wondering why. What is it really for?

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

My daughters school says no one in Duval county has or can opt out of iready so if you can please list your school and grade in Duval county if they have made such accommodations for you?

And here is a reply to this post:

Do you want me to tag you in posts on opt out Duval? I saw there is a [name redacted] from Duval who said she opts out of iReady. Schools are full of it. I was told the same of FSA when I first moved here and testing coordinator was all over me when I mentioned it in conferences.

And another post from this group:

Sarasota County peeps… which schools are you opting out of iReady.

We know admin likes to lie, but I have a couple of friends who are being told no one opts out of iReady and we know good and well that’s not true.

I’ll start in the comments.

And some replies to this post:

Woodland Middle 8th grade.

It’ll be at Pineview when I get a chance to get there

Imagine NP – kindergartn

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Passing along information, our home school charter school (Inspire Charter) sent a letter informing us of the CHYA curriculum for 8th and 9th graders. The letter included the link to the curriculum. It also included information on how to submit a letter if you would like your child to be excused from the curriculum. Mind you, the parents are being asked to teach this curriculum to begin with. Even though, it is all up to me as the parent, I will still be excusing my daughter formally with a letter. I will cover all of this education in our own way and on our own timeline.

And some replies to this post:

I’m glad we have a choice 😊

We are with inspire as well. Last year a letter was sent out regarding the same things and it was simple to opt out. I’m so glad we are able to make these choices this way. If I went and sent my kids to our districts school. We wouldn’t be able to be sure they aren’t learning something we don’t want them to! Even if we opted out. Our values and morals are what we want our kids to learn. Not someone else’s or a states agenda for them!

Ocean Grove charter school too. My kids are to young still, but I worry when they are old enough there will be no opt out. Praying I’m wrong.

We are with River Springs Charter and they have arranged it the same way. The Sex Ed stuff at our particular location is done at home, online, under supervision of the parent on one of my daughter’s home school days. I will still opt out as I have already taken it upon myself to teach this stuff to her.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Hello I have two children in elementary school and never knew I could opt my kids out of iready. I haven’t been opposed to this program as my oldest son seems to enjoy it. Tonight before bed, my daughter told me she had to miss recess today along with her class because they had to go to the computer lab to get their iready minutes in for the day/week or whatever… I was a little irritated because she’s being punished by missing recess. Missing recess just doesn’t sit well with me.

Here is a post from a South Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Under the guise of mental health, a web of mind-control is being spun around all children in the USA.

Heads up in NY. New red flag laws allows schools to come and take your guns:

Looks like SJW indoctrination is taking its toll on medical schools:

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Thanking you for letting me join My son in p.r.i.d.e he’s 6 year old (7 in nov) and is autistic sensory processing disorder behavioral problems in 1st grade. We’re working on doing a review IEP meeting and I told Lady In Charge today that I want to opt out of i ready she thought I was joking and told me that District uses it for testing and I told her no I’m serious I want to opt out and she says she never even heard of that and she would have to look it up. He spends 25 minutes in the morning on reading work/i ready on the computer and 25 minutes in the afternoon a math work/ i ready on the computer they don’t help him at the school like his last school. They told me they can’t so he tested way below first grade standards he’s never done the testing by himself. it’s always a fight he has such a hard time with reading i ready
Are there any forms or laws that can help me opt out of i ready im so over it

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Our attorneys were called by a concerned public school parent after discovering her child’s science teacher had put up a display questioning the validity of Noah’s Ark. Our attorneys assured this parent that this teacher was absolutely violating the law – it is illegal to denigrate the religion of any student. Contact our ministry for your specific situation.

High school cheerleaders punished for supporting Trump:

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texas parents!! It is time to say… No!
This is a lesson for 6th grade in Austin ISD.
Question: Are the teachers showing this video licensed Child Psychologist?

Not only is this a complete violation of parental rights, and NOT the role of the school to promote, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth aged 15 to 24 and the third leading cause of death among youth aged 10 to 14 (CDC, 2010). Among youth who identify as sexual minorities, the likelihood of death by suicide has been estimated to be two to seven times greater than the likelihood of death by suicide among heterosexual youth (Haas et al., 2011). Haas et al. suggest that such a range exists because records of death rarely include a person’s sexual orientation. More precise data exist on the prevalence of suicidal ideation among sexual minority youth, however, with twice as many reporting a desire or intent to die when compared to heterosexual youth (King et al., 2008).”

Did you know- One of the most controversial hires by Tx Commissioner of Ed Mike Morath was AJ Crabill, Deputy of Governance of the TEA making $180k a year and whose highest attainment of education is a high school diploma See here

From this link:

“In 2008, West ran for, and won the at-large seat on the Kansas City, Mo., School Board. He says he is getting along with his fellow board members well, and he plans to set foot in every school in the district during his tenure.

One of the first things Kansas City, Mo., School Board Member Airick Leonard West wanted to discuss was his idea for adding transgender-inclusive language to the school district’s nondiscrimination policy. West wants to follow K.C. Councilwoman Beth Gottstein’s lead, and make discrimination based on gender identity/gender expression within the Kansas City, Mo., School District a thing of the past. The issue of broaching the gender identity/gender expression oversight was brought to West by one of his YLI delegates, Timothy Sallee. Another salient topic for West and his constituents is the return to community schools.”

I believe Airick West, now known as AJ Crabill was put in place to implement these policies.

Looks like NYC schools are letting kids skip class for climate protests:

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Students in the Eco Club at Steamboat Springs High School plan to skip class Friday for a climate change strike.

Here are some posts from the California anti-radical sex ed group in regards to the sex ed sit out:

My kids school moved the awards ceremony “last minute” to this day….

E. Whittier, Orchard Dale Elementary – Kept both my kids home. Sister-in-law went to take her kids and said there were hardly any kids there. She decided to sit hers out too.

I Don’t Think Anyone At My Kids School Even Know About It Yet! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

same, the few parents I reached didn’t really care. I kept my kid home.

I kept my kids home and posted for a week day and night on my facebook and stirred things up and got lots of parents phoning the school and district to find out what was up with our districts sex ed and what’s to come elementary principal got word and sent a phone call and email out to parents to calm their worry .. I called my superintendent like I have a million times in 3 years with him never responding to me personally even once ..but today I did get a call from his assistant. We had a long conversation I told her my city of Carlsbad wants a statement from our superintendent and for him to speak up on why we see him proudly support LGBTQ community in all the schools and why there are rainbow LGBTQ posters in everyclass room in our middle school and why the LGBTQ club is going in to every class and inviting and enticing students to join ?!!! And informed her 4 teen boys have come to me with tears feeling uncomfortable and not safe ..we want the superintendent to make our kids safe and know where he stands. But as far as the sit out ..I don’t think many followed me .
But it did stir up worry and concern and conversations!!!

a success in OC! Watch is on cbs 2 and kcal 9

People knew about it here, word was spread on our local page, but people agreed with it 😦 Sad what are world has come to, what they think is okay. Some of the comments were:
Your kids dont want to learn that shit from you. You shouldn’t be talking to your kids about shit like that. That’s fucking weird.
Your child is going to end up pregnant.
They wlnt be teaching anything different now than they did before.
It didnt matter what you said, what proof you showed… Most just didn’t care because our law makers wouldn’t do “that”.

I gave 8 forms to parents to sign and turn in to the principle. 6 I know for sure we’re signed and turned in. We all stayed home today about 8 of us at least. This is for preschool. We only have about 12 students in class so this was big. We are at the Glendale school district

I was only able to sit out my elementary school kids bc my older kids said they HAD to go. But here’s what I typed in my reason.
Sexx Ed sit out
Because No children regardless of age or grade should be subjected to the new curriculum forced on the schools by the state mandates. More parents should be notified of it’s pornographic how to guide. Parents may opt out of course but many will not and then the kids who were opted out will still be subjected to the other kids sharing and story telling of what happened. The curriculum should be removed. Stick to basic body functions and reproductive organs, safe sex including abstinence. Not a how to guide for graphic porno style fetishes. If I showed these things to any kids in my home I’d go to jail for distribution of pornography.

I posted about it on my Facebook page and was inboxed with some very unkind messages… Many said they have no issues with the curriculum and would support it. 😫

I went to Riverside and joined that group. Parents, grandparents, kids, signs – wish I would have taken a picture! As we waved our signs, we got regular honks from cars along University. We all cheered the horn beepers. 🙂 We had 20-25 people. I wish there were more – next time!

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

It’s pretty shocking that MVP, a k-12 math provider, would sue a parent for being critical of its Common Core math curriculum. But did you know that MVP math has a partner called “Open Up Resources”? Open Up Resources is funded by some pretty wealthy folks…including millions from Bill Gates.

So MVP is suing a parent and Gates is funding MVP’s partner
Got it. SilencingParents

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I want to view some curriculum that’s not online that my daughters school is using . I was told that i can have 30 minutes to view it & 15 minutes to talk it over with the teacher. Iam pretty sure there should be NO time limit on me viewing the curriculum? I was told d/t copyright laws I could not take pictures or copies of any material, thoughts ?

Watch out for those school surveys in Oakdale, Louisiana!

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

There is still time for people to apply for the workgroups that will decide Texas Health TEK Standards and Sex-Ed.

People we DO NOT want deciding the standards will be out in full force with this sick manual they are promoting for Texas schoolchildren –

Click to access Time-For-Change-TX-2019.pdf

It looks like 100 students have walked out of class at Clinton Rosette Middle School in Dekalb, Illinois as part of the “climate strike”:

Dozens of students also walked out in Springfield, Illinois for the “climate strike”:

It’s best if you didn’t send your kids to San Diego State University, unless you want them to become future Epsteins:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group from someone from Chico Unified School District in Chico, CA

Fellow parents in California…..Did anyone get a message from their School District that they will be marking kids absent who want to do the National Climate Strike walk out protest that happened yesterday 9/20? I got an email (in the comments) yesterday an hour before the event telling me if my child choose to go there would be no consequences given. Basically a free pass to ditch school?? At this strike there were voter registration booths for the 16 and 17 yr old attendees. The adult speakers were encouraging them to register. Also there were liberal candidates campaigning there and making political speeches to the impressionable teenager on how they support Climate Change and even signed a GND pledge. This was a complete political ploy on our youth.

And another post from this group:

Anyone from RUSD in Riverside? I want to chat about an issue I just discovered on our children’s chromebooks in Tk-5. I will be going to the district, but as you know, one parent complaining will do nothing. I would like to talk to you about what I found, have you find it for yourself, and ask you to join me in speaking to the district. I will be finding out on Monday who to voice our concerns too.

Sorry, I posted this yesterday morning and it was just approved today, and I have not been on Facebook today. The program is called “MyOn”. My daughter was logged on under her log in, I was not logged in under a parent mode. This is completely accessible by students to use independently and they are encouraged to use it at school during free time and at home for required reading and leisurely reading. When my daughter first told me about the program, it sounded interesting and I didn’t have an issue with it. It is an online library with thousands of books that is paid for by the district. Students can choose to read the book themselves or have the program read the book aloud, each word highlighting as it is read so they can follow along. Two days later she reads out loud, “All About Me”, “that sounds interesting”. I take the Chromebook from her so that I explore the books within this genre. This genre seems as though it has the potential to have touchy subject matter within it. My suspicion proved to be true. My daughter is in 2nd grade. There are children age 6-8 in her class with access to this information. One book was titled “The Night My Dad Went to Jail”. Now this book may be perfectly fine for certain 2nd graders, those whose fathers have gone to jail and the book is being read to them with a parent or a counselor. Not for the general 2nd grade population. There are other sex education books that are geared, in my opinion, towards 5th-7th grade WITH a parents permission AND guidance. These books INCLUDE pictures. The sex education books go in to more detail than I have taught my daughter because I don’t feel she needs to know anymore at this point. The district has taken it upon themselves to educate her without my permission. Another book series is in a Q&A format and talks about shoplifting, amongst other issues that 2nd graders do not have. There is also a title on HIV. Many of the titles say they are for grades 4-8. One: My child is in grade 2 and has access to them, why aren’t these titles being filtered out? Two: I do not want my child to have access to these even in grade 4. Three: That is a huge age range, a book with sexual education material for an 8th grader is currently available to our 2nd graders. I encourage you to check this out. If you disagree with this, please contact me so we can contact the district as a group.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

How to get asked by the BYU administration to leave campus: Hand out pocket Constitutions on Constitution Day.

How not to get asked by the BYU administration to leave: Hand out rainbow bracelets and rainbow stickers on campus for “Rainbow Day” to protest the prophet.

Shows you where BYU is at right now.

And some replies to this post:

Well, gee golly. Good thing I haven’t been pressuring my kids to go there. So sad.

They have been denying the gospel for some time now

Similar crap happened when I was there from 2000-2008. They even kicked moms off campus who came to gather signatures for the Prop 8 petition in California.

I guess I’m lucky that I graduated in 1997, back when it was still a nice place to be. My experience was so awesome, just so much fun. It’s too bad that atmosphere doesn’t still exist for all of our kids.

well, I was chair of the College Republicans and every time we tried to do something political we got the whip cracked on us. I orchestrated the departure of the club from the student organization umbrella to the PoliSci department and that fixed a lot.

So I called BYU Administration and asked about this. What I was told was that no one can come on to campus and distribute pamphlets (or anything else) but if they are part of a group or club they can get approval to distribute pamphlets (or whatever else) but they can only distribute them in certain areas. That makes complete sense! I’m glad I called! 😊

We’ve tried to get conservative and libertarian groups approved on campus and have gone to all levels of the bureaucracy and have been stonewalled. The students are doing the best they can in the circumstances they are in.

When I was a student I tried to form a Young Americans for Freedom club at BYU. I went to BYU Clubs and was informed that BYUSA doesn’t allow political clubs. Then we tried to become a department club and emailed, requested, met with the department chair were informed that we didn’t need to have a YAF chapter or any other group because we had the College Republicans. Other students like those who attempted to start the TPUSA chapter, the students who tried to start a pro-life chapter last semester at BYU have had the same problems. The administration will allow feminist groups and Amnesty International to have groups because they’re “not political” but block non-partisan issue or philosophically based groups even when these groups have faculty members ready and willing to be faculty advisers for the groups. We expressed willingness to curtail the kinds of activities and topics we;d talk about, were willing to let them send informants to watch us and make sure we were following the rules, but they still wouldn’t approve. Now they’re a private institution, they have the right to make that decision. That doesn’t mean I can’t shine light on it and hope they’ll change.

So the students at BYU that I work with now often meet off of campus and try to recruit when they can. The reason I made this original post was to point out the apparent discrepency in how this policy is enforced. We were informed that our groups couldn’t be approved because if they allowed our non-approved group to hand out things they’d have to let other groups do it too. Is there a BYU LGBTQ group that is approved? I don’t think so and yet they were able to do this with or without approval? If they want to have these rules fine, but they should be consistent in it and the fact they’re not being consistent and favoring certain groups with certain agendas is troubling. That was the primary purpose of this original post.

Upon asking someone from the Utah anti-Common Core group if the Climate Strike protests were related to the UN Climate Summit in Utah, I receieved the following reply:

Oh it absolutely does. The U.N. is actively recruiting youth that call themselves “climate warriors”. They use fear to make them believe they will have no future if we don’t ACT NOW on climate change. Part of their strategy is the school walk outs & protests.

This is the Youth Compact they passed at the end of the Utah conference (no vote was taken, it was just adopted & applauded):

All I have, other than that, was what I witnessed at the conference during a panel discussion with several youth from different countries. They called themselves “climate warriors”, they used words of fear all throughout their speeches… “climate crisis” “ticking time bomb”. Their youth representatives encouraged youth participation in school walk outs. They spoke about the girl sailing around the world to bring awareness to climate change. One of the girls from the Marshall islands believes she won’t have a home by 2030 because the islands will be destroyed by human-caused climate change. They have clearly been taught fear. What would you do if you truly believed you will have no future unless the adults start listening & take action? The United Nations is holding a Youth Climate Summit tomorrow

( This is their ACT NOW website they promoted during the conference:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Federal Student Unit Record Data System

“Right now Congress is moving toward more federal control of education and our lives with the creation of a federal student unit record data system. Supporters claim critics are worried about the privacy of student data without a valid reason. They are lying to the public, again.”

“If Democrats and Republicans are successful in passing the College Transparency Act (CAT — S.800, H.R. 1766), there will be a national database on students that will eventually include every person in the country. CAT seeks to overturn the ban on a federal student unit record data system that has been in place since 2008 and establish a system to collect personal student data.”

Supposedly, this is partly to set up a consumer college information center to help families decide on a college. But in reality, this consumer product information will include highly personal information about families. The national database will include highly personal information about families and hold a range of personal data.

“Here’s another problem. Both Democrats and Republicans are skirting around the fact that, under the 10th Amendment, the federal government has absolutely no authority to be involved in education – in anyway, at any level. Violating Constitutional law has not mattered to either political party as they passed numerous federal laws that gradually took over education control from states and local communities.”

In truth, this legislation will enact more infrastructure for the cradle to grave system. Information is less for families and more for government and businesses. It’s about social impact investing through government bonds with our very own little human capital (students) as well as a step closer to America’s own social credit system. In the short term, it’s about $$$s, but in the long term which is rarely considered, it’s about the loss of a great deal of freedom.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

**Update: I just heard back from school, I emailed them yesterday. They will allow her to take the test. And no, my daughter didn’t misunderstand. The teacher specifically said “I was TOLD to give you a zero for the midterm” I had her repeat the teachers verbiage again because I was puzzled who it was that “told”
I’m only glad it’s resolved.

We participate in the Sex Ed sit out last Thursday. The school is retaliating against my child by not allowing her to retake a midterm that was given on that day. She’s a 7th grader. The school usually encourages students to retake tests to improve grades if they had scored low on a test, this has always been a precedent at ACMS (Dry Creek School District.) Her teacher informed her that she was told to give her a zero for the midterm. My daughter had the highest grade in the entire class -100% the entire trimester. She cares for her grade more than I do, I know that middle school grades aren’t looked at for college purposes. So, because I as a parent use my right to protest, they are penalizing a child?! I mean, she wants to take the test even after I told her that I don’t care if she does it. I don’t want her to be discouraged if she’s not rewarded for her hard work with a correct grade. Thoughts?

And some replies to this post:

I would fight that. If she was absent she should be able to make that up.

if she was excused legally. I don’t think protests are covered as an excused absence

And yet recently in the news there was a whole slew of kids that were taken out of the school with teachers and some parents in order to protest climate change? Students that didn’t want to do that were allowed to stay back at school and do something else?? Sounds like a lawsuit to me. I Believe that if you do what is in your heart for the protection of your child against this atrocity going on with the SEXXX ED CURRICULUM that regardless of a failing grade you will be the winner in the end. A grade vs. principal and morality and garbage.

Check the school district Retaliation Policy and fall back on that as your ground/base of argument and appeal to higher ups including the Director of Human Resources and services.

First steps first. Have you, as a parent, emailed or communicated with her teacher yet? That may help with giving her some sort of credit. My daughter missed for breaking her arm and had something similar. The teacher said if I had emailed he would have been able to retake for full credit and he’s now letting her retake for partial credit.
Let your daughter know you support her efforts in school and that she’ll be ok. She has plenty of time to bring up her grade and these grades won’t make or break her in the future!
Handle it professionally first then if it’s not a satisfactory response, move up the chain! Make the administration admire the way you are handling this situation as you’ll receive respect in the form of compliance with what your trying to prove!

Take it as a teachable moment for her. Talk about social manipulation to get compliance. How this can be dangerous to our freedoms as Americans.

Yes, fight it! If they took her to an abortion clinic, she’d be excused; if they had an lbgtq day, she’d be excused; they shouldn’t discriminate when it is something which goes against their agenda!

in Berkeley, they actually treated the climate march as a field trip and took the children from their schools to participate. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Yes they are absolutely penalizing your child as a way to discourage you from doing any future sit outs and not 100% complying with their agenda. They lose money when you’re child is absent and all they care about is their bottom line. Schools this year scheduled mid terms and rescheduled picture days and awards assemblies as tactics to get people to avoid sitting out. This will have to be a teachable moment as her grade plummets. Unfortunately when at public you’re at the hands of the their rules abs agenda and when you have an unexcused absence on a midterm day, they have the upper hand.

By law protesting is an excused absence in California. Which means any work or tests can be made up. Go through the district. My four kids were cleared for our protest days at the Capital.

Hire a attorney. Today. Seriously. I had a teacher give me zeros for a week because I told another teacher the real reason I couldn’t do a math problem she was helping me with was that my math teacher didn’t teach our class like she was supposed to and if you raised your hand for help math teacher would say put your hand down, I’m eating my crackers. Which was true. That math teacher pulled me out of another class, pulled me into hallway, screamed at me in my face, threatened me, then said I was getting zeros for a week. She bullied me the rest of the year. Even started rumors about me to other kids in my class. I wish I had told my parents everything she was doing and had fought back. I wish I had sued her ass

what’s worse is the principal came by after the teacher pulled me into the hallway and she made me stay outside in the hallway, the principal walked by and asked why i was in the hallway and i told her what happened and that she was giving me zeros for a week because of something I said and how could she do that? Grades are based on work. And the principal said, well the teacher is always right and walked away

I really wish I had gotten her trouble, I know good and well I wasn’t the only one she was inappropriate with.

Since the school pulled back & is allowing her to take the test, I will not be seeking attorneys help at this time
(please see the update to my original post above)

Parents, Part of the reason our state is in this mess is because adults were unwilling to stand up and experience the consequences of rejecting bad policies, laws and individuals. We can only help our children learn to be people of principles by engaging in this issue on the personal level. We must lead and train our children to be strong IN the battles we are called to.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Have been going back and forth with Kahn Academy and my child’s school. KA is refusing to delete my child’s PII and says they don’t have to under FERPA. Unbelievable that privacy laws are seemingly written to protect these companies and schools. What else do I have to say or do to get the company or school system to comply with my request? This email was sent to me after I asked for the law which allows them to maintain accounts without parental permission.

schools are utilizing KA for grades, to track the students in the county etc. I’m fighting that. Used for classwork and homework grades. Many kids don’t have frequent daily access to complete these assignments, they are not teacher led, not all topics are being taught in class before students are expected to learn them via a computer program. It’s another data point that I don’t want kept on my kid. Used as a part of Project Acceleration which means I’m sure the teachers are in turn being assessed by the results somehow. I’m against any computer program replacing direct instruction by a teacher, accountability via standardized assessments & computer programs. All of it also plays into the VAM scam.
[The email screenshots were removed as they had the parent’s name in them.]

Here is a post from the Texas anti-STAAR group:

My son came home today and told me that another student was talking about STAAR test. My son mentioned that he didn’t have to take it. The student was confused and asked the teacher. The teacher told My son that he had to take it. My son replied that you got my letter from my mom opting me out. She said yes and it didn’t matter. So I am emailing her. Here is my response:


I hope you have received the letter opting my son out of the math STAAR. He told me what happened in class today about another student asking him about him opting out. I would appreciate it if you would not tell my son that the letter I gave you and the school at his ARD meeting doesn’t matter. My son IS NOT taking the STAAR test and any communication from this point in about the test needs to come through me in regards to my son.

How does this sound? I want to get the point across but not sound rude about it either. I sub at his school too.

This scheme of recording children in Detroit has so much potential for abuse:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“[GOOGLE] has launched a new offering called “transformation report,” which offers administrators a bird’s-eye view of how each Google tool is used across their schools, and how the tools align with their district’s technology goals. The main feature is a dashboard that lets administrators see usage data across all G Suite for Education apps—including Calendar, Classroom, Docs, Forms, Hangouts and Sheets…
==> Transformation reports are available for “free”, but for Google there’s a self-promotional component. Based on the product usage data and survey feedback, the dashboard will recommend teacher training programs and other paid professional development resources offered by the company.”

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group in regards to the article above:

I tried to opt my kids out of some programs, but it’s virtually impossible now because everything is integrated. They use Google for everything. Google Classroom, Google Docs, Pages, etc., as well as other online programs that are integrated with Google. You cannot escape it. I asked my high school aged son about it and he said you could not participate in classroom collaborate on homework and assignments without having a Google account. You basically have two choices; give in to Google, or pull your kids out of public school. They’ve literally made it impossible to protect your kids from data mining.

And another post from her:

What if parents don’t want this? Then what?
No choice.

Here is an article, put together by the educrats, that ties SEL, EdTech, Project Unicorn, etc all together:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

3 Public schools in San Fran, with children as young as 5, march against the detention camps at the border and chant…… “WHO DO WE HATE, DONALD TRUMP.”

butter schools aren’t indoctrination CAMPS or anything. 🙄

And here is a post that was shared in this group:

Rant alert…. 😤

I attended a virtual town hall at the Orange County Department of Education. The topic was “Closing the Achievement Gap”.

The townhall began with California State Superintendent Tony Thurmond thanking everybody for joining and asking why it is in spite of all their efforts the Gap persists. Thirteen different districts participated in the town hall. Each district had the opportunity to ask 2 questions, make a comment and/or a recommendation If time allowed.

I expected to hear ideas and solutions revolving around academics (math, english, science), or something relevant on how to close the academic achievement gap. Unfortunately none of the solutions brought forth by neither the districts or Sacramento included focusing on academic strategies.

The majority of the town hall revolved around identity politics, being more culturally sensitive and providing mental health services to our children. By the end of the town hall I had NO IDEA what gap they were actually trying to close considering that none of the recommendations involved the word “academics”.

These are the recommendations/solutions some of the districts brought up:

•Fresno: Suggested Social Emotional Learning and teacher preparation.

•Solano Unified- Wants the California Department of Education to pressure the California Teachers Association to streamline diverse teaching candidates.

•Fresno- Wants the California Department of Education to promote culturally relevant activities.

•Alameda- Concerned that America is becoming less diverse.

•Solano- Would like to focus more on early education/Pre-K and data reporting timelines.

•Orange County-States concerns with parents not being heard by Sacramento and concerns about our parental rights.

•Riverside- Would like more culturally responsive teaching, more early elementary school and middle school counselors. They also want more male educators of color and more models of ethnic studies. The speaker also wants to address the “whole child”.

•California State Superintendent Thurmond- Stated ”Children need to see themselves in their textbooks”.

Some other suggestions were More Health resources, creating local partnerships and earlier education (placing 2-4 year old children in schools).

Not a single one of the suggestions actually focused on academics. Aside from the recommendation several of us Orange County parents made of focusing on more parental involvement, none of the solutions revolved around working with the parents.

Schools are concerned about the Social and Emotional “issues” our children are having yet one of their solutions is to remove the child from the parents care earlier, approx ages 2-4 years old by providing “early education”. There is absolutely no way I would ever hand my child to a government institution at the tender age of 2-4 years old. Children need the nurturing, protection and example set by their parents and their own family as long as possible.

Perhaps if our schools wasted less time having our children take useless surveys, unnecessary testing, 10 days of sex Ed, days of trying to socially and emotionally program our children or months pushing identity politics we can make better use of that time and actually focus on academics and closing that achievement gap Sacramento claims to be so concerned about.

And they wonder why the achievement gap is growing.🤦🏻‍♀️

The most productive part of the evening was having been able to speak to Ms. Olmstead who stayed behind after the meeting to discuss some of our concerns.

P.S. One of the concerns several of us parents who attended the meeting brought up was that we do not feel heard by Sacramento. We asked what they were planning on doing to help us feel heard….They did not even address our question… I suppose that was our response…🤷🏽‍♀️

Looks like New Jersey schools are throwing good books in the dumpster to replace them with questionable or even outright SJW books:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

So the face of Early Childhood Education continually moves to an Orwellian state. I am attending a meeting on on October 3 to learn about the statewide California Workforce Registry tracking teachers and the IPenwheel that tracks every child registered for ECE education. Each year they increase the amount and scope of needed information. Not sure when it will be mandatory.

And here are the replies to this post:

What’s ipenwheel

It is becoming a statewide data base to track children from cradle to career. Each year it has increased is scope and capacity. I will update after the meeting.

Not as scary as when you learn that this program is actually national (technically, it’s international as it’s tied to UN Agenda 2030, the same thing pushing the Climate Strike stuff.) This document is from 2016

Click to access CP-JointLetterFinal-4-22-2016.pdf

All the nuanced words- “skilled, partnerships, quality” are ways to hide the control and stripping of choice and freedom. 🍅

So I tried to sign up for a professional learning class, it denied access until I have my Work Force number. NOT HAPPY 😡😡😡

What kind of class? Private? Community college? I’m sorry to pry and ask personal questions but I have not heard this before. If you don’t answer I will understand.

A professional learning class offered by the OC Department of Ed. I am not satisfied with giving all of the data needed to get the number. Not being able to take the required class (3 hours of PL/PD) until I sign onto this statewide teacher tracking system is so Big Brother. Our state continues down this path.

That is unbelievable. Huge invasion of privacy. I’m sorry you have this in your way of learning.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

A special end of my workforce development series! While some save the best for last, I saved the most damning for last. PreK in workforce classes?
Absolutely. Where you live used against you? Indeed.

Notes & evidence from a recent NASBE webinar.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I don’t really know where to find answers. Google isn’t bringing up anything that pertains to Utah Law and rights.

It’s highly concerning to me that public schools give vision and hearing and scoliosis (and who knows what else) tests to minors without informing and obtaining documented informed consent from parents prior to the screenings being given.

Nor access to the health data collected from the minors following the screenings.

Nor given access to correspondence with the medical providers or personnel.

Does anyone have resources for me to go research answers?

Maybe there’s a list of all the screenings that Utah schools give?

EDIT: I’m not against screenings, I just want to be an informed parent.

I went above the school, to the district.
I’ve talked to 8 different departments and no one knows who or what department gives authorization for students to be screened without parent permission or notification.
This is highly concerning as alarming.
The most common answer I have gotten is “we have just been doing this, this way for a long time, at every school“
They said it is a state requirement. So it looks like I have to go to the department of education.

Good for these parents in Austin, Texas for standing up to the radical Planned Parenthood sex ed curriculum that their school district is considering:

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Warriors, MSNBC is streaming the Global Citizen Festival right now.
In the past 10 minutes, SDG #4 was brought up (quality education for all). Citi (finance group) and our federal government pledged $12 million, each, for global education. So, while all heads were turned towards an infamous teen, Trump’s administration gave UNICEF this taxpayer gift. Given as encouragement during this announcement, was the charge to involve more private biz into education. ESSA also mandated more P3s in Ed. Coincidence? Hardly.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Very interesting pushback on this. Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, Randi Zuckerberg, (for some odd reason?) gave the keynote at the annual meeting for National Assocn College Admission Counseling NACAC19.
Thankfully, people actually got up and left. Asked for refunds. Said how inappropriate it was. Check out the tweets. My favorite :
“Interesting to see that the ed tech companies seem to have enjoyed what
had to say at NACAC19. Those of us who actually work with students? Not so much.”

Naviance presents today. Future changes. Hmmm.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

2018 SHARE THIS WITH OTHERS! I can tell you so many stories about this district! New superintendent, new assistant superintendent, new staffer all over see this curriculum since it’s roll out district wide. I can tell you a story about how a parent (yes, a former teacher in the district and now a union rep) attended the meetings for curriculum review and made comments that are outrageous and other teachers concurred with the comments from this individual that…”yes, kids need to know about anal and oral sex” and “since the district is describing vaginal sex then in all fairness according to the laws they have to provide descriptions for anal and oral sex too”. I want to remind you this was 5th grade curriculum for 10 and 11 year old children. And, he continued with “otherwise the district is going to be sued by various lobbying and legal groups if they fail to implement this to the fullest extend of the law” (though the district did not include anal and oral for 5th grade btw, they didn’t add it, the lesson plan does list the “anus” or did list it on the lesson plan titled “sexual and reproductive anatomy”…yes, as part of the sexual and reproductive anatomy, oh, I kid you not). Remember this district rolled out this curriculum to 5th grade without board approval, without board oversight, without board discussion, and not one vote from the board. The board president telling me later that they didn’t know anything about it! That they didn’t know how it happened! There was also NO PARENT INPUT prior to it roll out either. Why? Well, I guess the staffers and those associated with the curriculum thought since the State Dept of Ed had approved the curriculum at a state level they didn’t need any parent oversight at the local level! However, I can also tell you that this was perhaps the 7 reporter that I spoke with at my local newspaper. The previous other 6 reporters all suddenly left within a couple of weeks after my talking to them. In this particular case, I spoke to this reporter at the insistence of the one leaving. I found out this reporters name (who wrote this article) on the last day of the previous reporters work for this newspaper. It was Friday and it was his last day! An investigative reporter btw who left. The previous 5 other to this ranged from the education reporters and including local reporters about various local issues, but let me say it again, SIX, let me say that again, SIX reporters who I talked with at our paper left the paper within a couple of weeks after my discussing these issues concerning our district. Each reporter telling me after I spoke to them that they would speak to their editor! After the last reporter, number 7, spending over an hour on the phone with her, I called the editor and said if she leaves, I’ll not believe in coincidences as I had all the names of those who left with paper trail to boot! So, a couple of weeks later, this news article from this reporter in the newspaper. I do not know if she is still there at the paper or not. Over that previous 7 months, however, I had given twice monthly public comments to my board. I had also by this time reviewed this curriculum over the summer and my board approved the curriculum with vote Sept 24, 2018. I also sat on the curriculum committee that summer before this report was finally made to the public. Did my district change the curriculum? Not really and certainly it was still as age inappropriate at it was prior to the curriculum review and finally getting approval via board vote. Very minor changes were made. Oh, how I can tell you stories that are all documented in emails back to the dept of ed and to my board and to my representatives. Yes, also shared with the reporters at my local newspaper! DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT! That’s my recommendation to you all. Create the paper trail of every conversation and every outcome and every instance of ridiculousness from any staffer, or board member, or curriculum committee member, or any one else who you talk to…just create the paper trail for what ever may come….we need to document document and document and more!

And some replies to this post:

I really hope parents start opening their eyes about the perversion of this curriculum and stand up for their children.

Sadly this is the law of the land as passed by elected officials. They don’t want to promote abstinence because planned Parenthood is shelling out some big money to promote and encourage sex so that people will use abortion as a form of birth control and they’ll stand to make big profits. Also if you haven’t thought about it before, pedophilla and sexual immorality are rampant, just take a look at the maps on sex offender websites… Its like a plague. Imagine how many we don’t know about who are not on those maps who are careful about not getting caught. The wicked are also in places of power and are why these things are getting through in a very sneaky fashion. Stand up and fight people, things are going to get worse!

I know what you’re trying to say, but be careful with “law of the land,” because that part is not true. Law of the Land is the Constitution, that’s supreme law. Just because idiot people pass unlawful statutes doesn’t make them “law,” it actually makes them “null and void, without force of law, it doesn’t exist.” Really, while we work to restore real education in America, we need the movements to withdraw their children from the system and starve that beast to death.

For California it came in two laws. SB48 called the “Fair Act” or “Equality Act” passed in 2011. Though I can say that curriculum with bondage and masturbation was already being “piloted” to various district through out CA prior to this law passing. Then the double down. AB329 The Healthy Youth Act passed in 2015. These two laws work together hand in hand to give us the curriculum all approved by the dept of ed by the “handpicked” curriculum committee at the state level all staffed by yea slayers, not nay slayers. Though I heard there was heated discussion (about some of the content not being age appropriae and these individual agreed on a compromise…one with wiggle room…in the law AB329 (oh yeah, got that documented too). so, there was some heated conversation about the curriculum’s from some people. I’m pretty much sure those nay slayers are no longer at the the dept of ed…I’ve got a few name of those I know who are not there any longer. Then of course, the FRAMEWORKS THE CHERRY ON TOP….that cements into place the CURRICULUM because there is going to be all kinds of hell on campus across this state with an increase in sexual assault (in fact we are already seeing it but it’s not being reported) including on elementary campus. You see when you sexualize children before they have the ‘CAPACITY’ to make good decision they make bad decisions…all part of the plan btw…for a pipeline to jail for our children.

It is very sad what is taking place. I didn’t believe it until recently and when I started doing the research and really digging deeper, I was very disturbed at what I found. Even more disturbing perhaps is the lengths they have gone to in order to train school districts on how to lie and keep the parents out of it and funded by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU through a company called Cardea. And where did this money come from, taxpayers. I totally agree that this type of information does not belong anywhere near our kids and parents should be the ones who instruct their children on these matters. Unfortunately many parents these days would rather trust the government to do their jobs for them and as such another reason why we are facing this mess.

There is a book it’s called I kissed dating good bye. I read it when I was a teen and made me really think about my future spouse and how he would feel about me being with a bunch people other then him. Kept me clean and safe and most importantly out of trouble. Why can’t we encourage teens to say think of your future and your one day spouse. Not ok it’s normal to want 10 sexual partners and it’s ok that its both men and women like seriously why are we teaching kids this crap.

sadly- no GRIEVOUSLY, the author of this book has come out recently recanting what he wrote, recanting his faith, and he left his wife

AGAIN -Please DON’T let the School Districts tell you this is MANDATED for the ELEMENTARY level !!! Or that they will be “prosecuted” or “held responsible to the full extent of the law”. AB 329 DOES NOT MANDATE this sex curriculum be taught at the ELEMENTARY Level! It is “available” for the ELEMENTARY level but only MANDATED for 7-12 grades. It is your School Districts CHOICE whether to implement it at the ELEMENTARY level and you can tell them YOU WANT IT OUT of your child’s ELEMENTARY School !!!!

You are so correct [name redacted].There is no “mandate” for elementary school…not for any of it. But, that’s not what the lobbiest who push this curriculum are telling our boards of education. I have information that my board, superintendent and teachers were told at training that they had to implemented this and they were also advised if they didn’t the ACLU (either told them in a letter or was told to them at in person meeting) that hey would be sued if they didn’t implement it. Also to know, I told my board in various public comment they could implement nothing…if they choose to do so…but instead they went ahead and kept the program w/minor changes. All my work to expose the content and tell the story was of no consequence….

Don’t these lawmakers have children or grandchildren? What are they thinking??

They don’t represent us any more. Instead they represent global one world government, lobbyist and corporate interest. It wouldn’t matter which party, its true for both parties. Perhaps some of them, would like to vote against these bills they know which side of the bread it’s buttered and if they don’t comply with a vote than they won’t win their next election and personally I believe (and I’ve been told) that many of so called representatives have been placed in compromising positions with the photo evidence aid in keeping them accountable not to us, but to those that hold the strings. We must not believe they will help us because they can’t or they won’t. So, you must instead do others things…sure we still need to vote them out…we still need to show up in the Capitol. We still need to keep visiting their offices, writing them and there are other things we can do as well. We can take our kids out of the public schools – all of us who can should do this…and there are other things too. We must ask the right questions, seek the answers, and research the for the truth. This is the job we must do. I can say though there are other things in the works.

If Teachers CHOSE to go along with this and don’t stand up to their Unions and REFUSE this, then they are NO BETTER than the people pushing this garbage.

And another post from this group:

And here are some replies to this post:

When my 15 yr old was in preschool-13 yrs ago.SLO county had already said no more saying mom.or dad as it offended some, they have always been liberal.and ahead of times for the wrong reasons. One of the many reasons I started homeschooling the very next year. This is my 12 year homeschooling

As a public school teacher I urge parents to protect their children’s thinking from transforming ideology of humanism. Man is his own god. Man defines god. god serves Man as Man sees fit.
This is the vision, the thinking public schools are subtlety or openly teaching.
Decide what thinking you believe serves your children and others best.

Leftists openly state the schools are transformative agents for world change. Get it???
The real revolution starts in the school house. Normalizing leftist ideology is the powerful path to negating individual rights.
IN THE NEAR FUTURE our Constitutional rights and principles will be erased if WE REMAIN PASSIVE, FEARFUL OF THEIR AGGRESSION and SELF CENTERED.
Free speech =GONE. Religion =GONE. Private property =GONE.
The elites will decide everything FOR you.
Pick your battle. I’m fighting, exposing, supporting individual sovereignty NOW!

And I believe it’s sooner than we think [name redacted]. The attack is from all aspects of life globally. It’s so open now.

Guys—- I m a public school TEACHER. I live this. It’s OFF THE HOOK. I AM YELLING AT PARENTS—— Fire!!! Run for their lives. Run NOW!!!!

What we think is the WORST POSSIBLE EVER EVER EVER……. is just the beginning! Thats how evil functions.

My district in SoCal offers a non-mandatory LGBT training. I hope they don’t force me to undergo this training because I’ve already been forced to endure this type of propaganda in ALL of my years of undergrad and graduate school.

I find a large number of mental health issues in the schools today are “masked” under the LGBTQ label, it’s an easy out for kids and school staff alike. It doesn’t help the students or the staff.

And yet another post from this group:

If you want to get rid of the sex Ed curriculum you have to get rid of the people that wrote it here’s an article I found Hope everybody repost this this is what needs to happen get rid of these people. Found this research on this sex Ed The schools are dealing with and thought I would repost it. Someone here asked the question “Who are the writers of the Health Framework?” I asked myself that very same question and so in June 2018 I did some research. The lead staff person at the State Department of Education for the Health Framework is Lindsay Weiss. She enlisted the help of an outside consultant named WestEd. The Project Manager or Technical Expert from WestEd that helped draft the framework is Pamela Spycher. After some more digging on her I found out that back in 1997 she started the first GLSEN in California. She won some award for it in 1998. What you quickly realize is that the people who are involved at all levels come from the extremely radical left marxist communist ideology. They are creating positions within government and then filling them with like-minded people and hiring similar outside consultants. This entire ecosystem is corrupt! After doing all this digging I finally understood how critical it is to “drain the swamp”!!!

And a reply to this post:

There is a Morgan Weiss on staff at a company called WestEd that I found on DuckDuckGo. Also, this WestEd is tied to the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. They are also tied to a bunch of SEL stuff:

There is a Pamela Spycher who works at the WestEd that I found. I believe it to be the same one that you’re talking about.

Here is a post from a Michigan anti-Common Core page:

Public schools are so controlled by Democrat Socialists teachers and administrators that you cannot buck the system. Last night I listened to a Birmingham MI pare whose child was flunked by two teachers because the parent complained too much. had to promise to those teachers he would stop complaining about the LGBTQ Communist anti capitalist agenda they taught. The teachers then changed the grades.

And some replies to this post:

Doesn’t surprise me. The teachers in our district retaliate against the kids when parents dare speak up about their inappropriate and sometimes abusive behavior. Which makes the kids not want to tell their parents because they are afraid of the retaliation. It’s abusive and it’s disgusting.

They tried that crap with my son too. He left the class and went to the principals office. Got a call from the teacher he would recieve a failing grade for not participating in the group discussion. I told her that my son will fail your class every semester until hell is full of Saints before he is subjected to listening to the crap she is teaching. Made absolutely no difference to me if he failed the class. He understands tolerance, he has been taught that at home but when you want to push pro gay or liberal lunacy agendas it will not be in front of my son. Period.

Don’t give in to them – stand up for your children I had to. Called a meeting with the Principle and teacher involved along with the Vice Principal and superintendent of the schools. All had to attend by my request then I placed my phone on the table set to record so everyone knew what I was doing and got my issue rectified by all to my satisfaction. Hold them accountable to their words.

When my oldest son was in middle school 12 years ago, teachers were showing Fahrenheit 9/11 in just about every class. I told him the next time a teacher showed that movie in class to tell them he was sick, and go to the office. I would pick him up and take him out for ice cream.

Here is a post from a NYC opt out group:

So appalled that my 6th grade daughter doesn’t know her times tables because they use a chart for them! They have not considered having them learn the times tables instead they give them a handy cheat sheet to use. I asked her about it and it wasn’t something that they learned. So glad I finally signed them up for online math classes so they can learn actual math and not use a cheat sheet. Eureka math is garbage and my gifted son is actually falling behind when he tries to break things down they way they want. Ideas or suggestions besides holding a math class at home for the kids to help them figure this out or is that really the only option I have?

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I hope more parents wake up soon to see that our parental rights and responsibilities are being systematically eroded. And no, it is not an exaggeration.
I would be LIVID if this was done to my daughter.

Teen given birth control implant in Baltimore school without parental knowledge or permission.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

huh. Recruiting minors to supply their data.
There’s a name for that.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Did you know that the Blockchain Promotion Act recently passed the Senate? It establishes a Blockchain Working Group. The last paragraph is telling,
“… the Blockchain Working Group is encouraged to consider any recommendations made within the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) “Blockchain Technology Report” from October 2018.”

NIST is following the OECD/UN’s International Artificial Intelligence Principles—at the behest of EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center). These are standards for computer algorithms.

It’s always the same game. Impose international, national and state standards on citizens. Control them with transparency and accountability laws.
— Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

And another post from this group:

Haven’t had a chance to look into this, but Pinellas County is included. Data mining? Not sure.

“The company counts among its partners Jefferson County School District in Colorado, Boone County School District in Kentucky and Pinellas County Schools in Florida.”

Here is a post that I found in a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Heads up in Philadelphia! The Transtapo may be coming after charter schools:

Looks like the Transtapo has gotten to the Garrison school board in New York as well:

Here is an image, which I’ll type out, which was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Schools: We take bullying very seriously.
Me: I’m being bullied.
Schools: Sorry we can’t do anything about it unless there is proof.
kills self
Schools: This was so tragic and could ahve been prevented. Always reach out to us for help. We care.

And here are the replies to this post:

This is insanely accurate. My 13 year old little brother was being bullied in school on a daily basis. One day, these 2 kids ganged up on him, tore up his homework so he couldn’t hand it in, threw his glasses on the ground and broke them, and then continued pushing him and calling him names and screaming profanities at him. He finally had enough and punched both of them in the face and told them to fuck off. Friends of my brother even saw the incident happen. They ran to the principal crying and claimed my brother just hit them for no reason. Even with 3 other kids telling the principal what happened, they still only punished my brother. He was suspended for a week and wasn’t allowed on his class trip that was coming up. Meanwhile the other kids who bullied him didnt get reprimanded at all and got to go on that trip. My brother also was given a zero for his homework even after him and his friends who witnessed the incident said it was the bullies who did it. No one cares if kids get bullied in my school district. Here it’s if you’re bullied and defend yourself, you get in trouble, not the bullies. It’s disturbing really.

me and my parents went in and freaked out. But they just told us to get off the premises or they’d call the cops. And my schools are supposed to be known in my area as the blue ribbon, “anti-bullying” schools. Pathetic. I will never allow my children to go there. Ever. I’d rather homeschool them.

This is another incident I can think of. My older brother was a sophomore in high school. He was walking around school and these 4 kids who didnt like him decided to corner him one day. They surrounded him and beat the living shit out of him with textbooks, steel toe boots and a fucking baseball bat. He tried to fight back but 2 kids held him down while the others beat him and then they took turns. (They did this because my brother was bigger than all of them and they knew they would’ve gotten their ass beat if they didn’t hold him down). After it was over he got up screaming and crying saying he was gonna kill them. He could barely move because of his injuries so he wasn’t able to fight back. You guys wanna guess what happened next? That’s right, my brother got suspended for a month because he threatened the 4 kids who beat the crap out of him on school grounds. Even though he only said he’d kill them because they did such horrible things to him. It happened right outside the building, in front of all the cameras. When we asked to see the footage, the principal claimed that the footage from that day was magically gone.. the ring leader of the group who beat my brother was the son of the superintendent, so it’s no wonder the footage was “gone”. 😡😡🤬🤬

Exactly!! Same thing happened to my daughter! Pisses me off! She got expelled for 180 days tho!

There was a boy who sat behind me in one of my classes in HS who would whisper in my ear things like “nobody loves you, you have no friends, you should kill yourself”. Stopped telling the teacher after awhile because her response was to tell me to ignore him he’s “just being a boy”. One day it got really bad, the assistant teacher overheard and started yelling at the boy and sent me to the school psych. Assistant teacher got suspended and the school psych told me it was my fault the boy was doing this because I “gave him a reaction” by telling him to stop.
Now I’m a school counselor.

I love that they teach kids not to tattle, then act all surprised when the kid, as a grown-up, doesn’t report crimes and shit that don’t affect them. “Hey man, I was raised not to tattle.”

A tattle is something you do specifically to get someone in trouble over something stupid. Unfortunately kids aren’t ever taught the difference.
Example: telling an adult another student didn’t wear their hat outside VS telling an adult you say a student get pushed off the swing.

Gotta love when they dont do anything and you end up cracking them in the head with a binder finally and you get in trouble.

I did this! And with a recorder. The one time I didn’t get caught was when I finally punched the lead bully in the face. She left me along after that. I just wish I had done it 3.5 years earlier

Story of my childhood right here. Except I’m not dead and being used as a poster child

The redeeming thing is, once we sort of wake from the stupor of depression, we have an understanding of the dark things of life that others can’t grasp. And I feel it makes me more appreciative of good things now.

Well that’s sad. I probably would have but someone found my suicide note rummaging through my things for god knows what reason. I hated them for being nosy, but it saved me, and I’m happy now 😎

I had a bully that was a freaking tactition. She was far too smart to do something that a teacher might notice like hit someone. She would choose her victims and slowly push their buttons with a near constant stream of demeaning comments. “That dress looks like something my grandma would wear” “no one wears their hair short anymore” “I can’t believe you have bangs” One or two comments you could brush off but she would keep it up constantly all day, week, month, year. However long it would take to make you crack and then she would run to the teacher about how YOU were bullying her! So all the teacher would see is “That pencil eraser you have is really stupid” Victim who’s cracked: “why don’t you shut the **** up!” The victim was always punished because no teacher ever believed that she was really a bully and even if you could convince them that she was you were told that you just “shouldn’t let it bother you” or “should ignore her” Sadly a school that is tough on bullying doesn’t stop bullying it just forces them to change their tactics

I was bullied in middle school and high school, in person and online, and no one did anything about it until one of my bullies threatened to hit me in gym class one day and a teacher saw it. But that didn’t even bother me. The constant onslaught of demeaning names and horrible comments that teachers heard and didn’t report were the things that got to me the most. One girl literally nicknamed me “EU” for “emotionally unstable.” I mean, what the hell?!?! Who was the one with real emotional problems 🙄

^ Exactly what happened to me. Oh youre being bullied, we have a 0 tolerance policy… we have 0 tolerance for you telling us you’re being bullied. If we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. I’m still being bullied. Oh, well that’s just too bad for you, you must be provoking them, its your fault. Maybe you should just stop being bullied.

Ah yes I remember when I got ganged up on by three kids after school as I walked out of the building and the tried to beat me up with their back packs (????) and I kicked one of the that hit me in the face (I wore glasses) and of course we got sent to the principals office and it was their word against mine so I got in trouble once again. The bullying made me angry and backtalky. Or maybe that was just how I was as I kid idk but it never helped my situation because I was a dumb kid. No one bothered to help. My mom was fierce as all hell and always gave them a piece of her mind. Bullying sucks. Fuck anyone who defends it

Middle School, 7th grade. I was bullied by the same 4 kids every day and started going to many different administrators to see if they could help me. Finally, my Guidence Counsoler said “What proof do you have??? I cant go accusing them of doing something that nobody sees them do!” And I looked at him stunned. I couldnt believe what I had heard! I just walked out and walked home in the middle of the day. I never wanted to go back there again.

I was bullied from day 1 when I started secondary and the bully never got in trouble, even with proof… and when I did eventually stand up for myself, I was the one to get in trouble… schools are aload of crap, all this ‘no bullying is tolerated’ is all bollocks. Sadly you just have to put up with it.

I picked my daughter up from after school care yesterday and the police were there. Apparently one of the younger boys older brothers saw kids picking on him,he tried to tell but got yelled by the teacher for tattling at so he took it upon himself to punch the kid in the nose,breaking it. Damned if you do,damned if you don’t.

There was this one kid in my highschool bio class who would get bullied by these other 2 kids and my teacher would always call the dean on them and the dean would come into the classroom laugh about the situation and take the 2 kids to her office and they would just chill for the rest of the period. No discussion no calling home. Nothing would happen to them.

When I was younger I was bullied by these 8th graders (I was in 7th) in wood shop and after school, during wood shop they would take flat head screw drivers and have me play knife game with them, and sometimes would just try stabbing me. One day after school they picked me up and threw me in front of an arriving bus, luckily the driver noticed and hit the brakes, but the principle did nothing about it, telling me that next time I should have proof, even though I had a bus driver to vouch for me.

Its not just bullying. They literally dont care about their students well being at all.
During my senior year my dad whom is a raging alcoholic and very abusive told me to get the fuck out of the house and leave. This was after throwing knives at me, pinning me to the wall and screaming at me (i came out of my room to get a drink. Thats it. Literally nothing else.) And i recorded it all. I also had a lot of other recording of him drunk.
Well I packed my stuff and left. I was turning 18 in 2 month. Well being the I guess IDIOT I am, I still went to school because i cared about my education. Well half way through the day the principal calls me to the office.
I go and he has a police officer in with him they tell me I had to go home after school. Now i started panicking and SHOWED them what happened and they STILL said i had to go home and told me I was being “Overdramatic” about it. They told me to file with child services if it was “actually that bad” I was turning 18 in TWO MONTHS.
Even after seeing the evidence, they forced me to go home where my father proceeded to ground me until i officially turned 18, and still abused me until he finally “actually” kicked me out on the street without a job, money, or home when i was 19.
I was a good kick. Never went to the principal for anything bad, never skipped class, had decent grades, volunteered a lot, and was a quiet student. You’d think they would have listened but no.
Schools do NOT care about you or your children. They care about money, and looking good to the public that’s all.
I know not all schools are like that but most are and its sad.. i was so disappointed in my principal that day and in my school. That’s the day i started hurting myself. The anti bullying and school protection movement is bullshit….

Spot on. When my daughter was in middle school, some wrote “__ must die” on a desk. She took pictures and we talked to the principal. Nothing was ever done beyond one interview where the student denied doing it. From that point on my daughter endured bullying without telling me about it because she saw nothing would be done on the school’s part.

My 12 year old viola playing, super quiet, Ladybug and Cat Noir watching daughter, was suspended for a day after she threw a pencil at a girl who had been shoving her towards a wall. Yet the school doesnt do JACK SHIT about the bully. 24 years ago, I was thrown into a street in front of a bus and nearly died because of 2 bullies. I broke both arms, 2 broken teeth and a concussin plus massive bruising and bleeding. He got 3 days of detention. He should have been expelled.

Speaking of bullying and anti-bullying, check out the latest article from the Common Core Diva:

Shame on Two Rivers Public Charter School and its defense of Planned Parenthood!

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Watch you children closley. 5 weeks into kindergarten they offered a free “social group” counciling for our granddaughter we are raising. We have heard thru a friend who does the same work for another district that it’s a great program for only children, kids from non traditional family units, etc to learn teamwork and cooperation.
We were just informed that she has been meeting with a councilor one on one, with full confidential liberty, behind our back. We have informed the school that we are not interested in secret, confidential counciling. We have raised her nearly from birth and will not relinquish control of our grand daughter’s mind to the California School system nor a councilor who has only known her for a matter of weeks.
This is a battle for the hearts and minds of this little future generation. Keep them close and beware of the state overstepping their boundaries.

And some replies to this post:

How did this happen they are supposed to get written signed permission fir those programs

They don’t need parents permission for it. Which is frightening.

She should only be able to meet with a licensed school counselor once without signed permission. This does not sound legal unless it has recently changed. I am a teacher.

A law to allow this was passed year’s ago in California. I’ll have to find the name of it again.

I think it was the Children’s bill of rights. Authored by the infamous Senator Pan. I don’t recall the bill #

SB18? That died and never went anywhere

They are not legally allowed to give counseling without your permission, written permission….I would fight this! I’m a teacher and work in public schools… not legal!

It is sometimes called “Teaching the Whole Child”. Bypasses HIPAA laws/etc. & hard to tell what they do with that data. Good catch there grandparents. Keep vigil over your baby & make sure EVERYONE knows at that school you do not give them permission to have your child behind closed doors one-on-one for any reason. XO

It is a set up. Trust me. They will put things in the childs head. Before you know it [C][P][S], will get involved. I cannot explain too much. Please go to YouTube, look up
Abel Danger. Listen to the videos. Take time to listen to them. Youll learn a lot. Trust me.

What asshole school district are you in?


I just signed a permission slip saying it was okay for my daughter for this same thing. They told me it would always be in a group. So thanks for the heads up. I’ll definitely be looking into it more closely now.

My daughter is in 5th grade though, has severe ADHD, and has trouble making and keeping friends bc of her outbursts and melt downs. So this was just me hoping for new tools to help her learn to deal with her stress in more productive ways.

And another post from this group:

Just received an email from my school district with the curriculum they use starting 7th grade… I reviewed the info provided from the publisher, Positive Prevention Plus (2018), and from the glossary alone, my children will not be taking sex-ed! I’m fearful when they reach middle school in 2027 and what will be taught then if this is what’s available now. 😫😫

Isn’t sex-ed supposed to be used for reproduction education?!

Added: Buckeye Union School District

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

“Gender Ideology Myths”

By Donna Garner


White Station High School in Memphis, TN has caved to the gender benders:

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Senator Rich Funke after accomplishing basically nothing – now seeks to expand the power and scope of the Cuomo Administration by spearheading legislation to destroy local, democratically elected school boards.

Shame on him.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

“A New York State bill will mandate school children to get the HPV vaccine to attend public school if it passes. Currently, a version of the bill is in committee in both the Assembly and Senate.
This comes as part of Governor Cuomo’s partnership with Merck’s ILÚM Health Solutions in creating a “Platform to Detect, Treat and Prevent the Spread of Infectious Disease”. But is this particular HPV vaccine even safe for the public to obtain?”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

As parents, teachers, schools and public entities are wrestling with the fact that our privacy and our children’s privacy is being exploited, not only by EdTech, but by the public/private partnerships as seen quoted in the link, I believe it is important to listen to those who’ve been in this battle to protect America’s children and expose the truth, please read Diana Anderson’s insight and wisdom.

There is a reason we in America hold our natural God given inalienable rights dear. When Government officials (elected, bureaucrats or otherwise) think they have power to control your rights, they are outright wrong and coming from an Unconstitutional position. It does NOT matter what side of the aisle they come from.

“The underlying purpose in data mining is revealed in a confessional report released in 1973 on Data Stewardship; Managing Personally Identifiable Information in Electronic Student Education Records1. The US Secretary’s Advisory Committee pronounced the need “to maintain data in the system with such accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and pertinence as is necessary to assure accuracy and fairness in any determination relating to an individual’s qualifications, character, rights, opportunities, or benefits that may be made on the basis of such data.”

Government documents are written in legalese, with detailed scrutiny, so let us quote the above once more, eliminating three of the five rewards which would naturally pertain to education and/or job training.

“Maintain data in the system with such accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and pertinence as is necessary to assure accuracy and fairness in any determination relating to an individual’s rights or benefits that may be made on the basis of such data”.

It is explicit, two reasons for the basis in creating a database is to determine an individual’s rights and benefits. Are they speaking of the right to work or the benefit of a secure future? “

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:


And here are the replies to this post:

No it can’t. I have taught kindergarten for 33 years and this is my last. I’m tired of fighting this and watching it simply get worse. Instead of less testing, we have more. Instead of more playtime, we have less if any. (I do it anyway) Teachers know this is wrong but we have no voice. The hardest job in a school is the classroom teacher. No one asks our opinion, they just tell us what to do. This week I have a 2 hour DCM (Data Collection Meeting) to discuss MAP test results. Mind you, they took this computerized test less than 20 days into school. NO ONE in my building thinks this is developmentally appropriate but we do it anyway. Kids are nothing more than numbers on a profile sheet and the teacher is expected to adapt his/her teaching to each child. IMPOSSIBLE to do. All the while, a teacher hopes she doesn’t have to clear the room when a student has a violent or disruptive outburst.
Notice this article is from 4 years ago and nothing has changed.

I teach at a community college. First night in a 101 class— ADULT students— it took 18 minutes for everyone to get logged in to the effing computers. 🙄.
But the littles are just supposed to do it with ease.

Wtf is wrong with the folks making decisions?

I feel your pain! I retired seven years ago after 32 years in the classroom. It got worse and worse and worse every year. All I wanted to do was teach. They had our hands tied with all kinds of crap. I said enough is enough. Once I had one year of Common Core, I walked out and never looked back. I’ve been finding common core for the last seven years. Seems no one has any strength to stop it.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Parents, will you sit quietly when FTC removes consent for edtech vendors in schools?

FTC oversees federal law COPPA. They are considering changes to this law that protects how online marketers use children’s data. One of the proposed changes is to give consent exception to edtech.

The FTC is holding a hearing on Oct 7th… with panels of experts to address each question. All but a very few (one or two?) of these experts are paid by big tech.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Santa Ana Unified School District:

In past months, Al Mjares OCDE superintendent has been underfire and in a late email he sent to one of the parents, he thinks all thats happening in Santa Ana is do to a perticular teacher, who continues to fight for the Latino Comminity in Santa Ana. You all know who that teacher is and yes. We stand firmly with her as she continues to fight at the school board meetings with parents.

Meet Jacob Ramires, you have seen this video before, and if you havent please pay close attention, in his statements he says, Godinez High shool has “Sex Fridays” he was opted out by the parents but, his concerns are that the opt out communication was only done in english, the teacher decided not to send it in spanish due to grammatical errors, knowingly that a good 76% of parents in school dont speak english or less understand it. Jacob Ramirez is a hero who will not stay silent anymore, what shocked me about this video is how dare the teacher, plays a comidian who defames someones faith, by saying “MASTURBATION is normal and what comes out is gods tears” how dare this is allowed? How dare no other parents are showing up at Godinez to express concerns? Or better yet at the school board? We need students to show up at these meets, their testimony are damaging to the school district.

Planned Parenthood is in Santa Ana School District, did they ask the parents? No!

Thank you Jacob for standing up and bieng a true soldier of the good!

God Bless!

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

editing as I spoke to our principal….

So my 4th grader just took the benchmark WriteScore this week which is a writing essay.

Benchmarks start in 3rd grade
Writing benchmark start in 4th because this is the first year Writing part of FSA

Here’s the pay of those score your kids’ essays.
$11 an hour or 35 CENTS per essay

You must have a 2-year degree and pass a test. You don’t have to have any experience teaching.

Also read this:
“Although the pay is not listed, a reader recently let me know you are paid 35 cents per essay regardless of the grade of the person who wrote it, whether it’s typed or handwritten, or how long it is. So, your hourly rate will fluctuate depending on how quickly you can do the scoring.”

What are the requirements to apply?

It does not look like you have to have any experience or have a teaching certificate or anything like that. They do however require a 2-year degree (but it doesn’t say in what field, so I guess any 2-year degree is acceptable.) Write Score will train you how to do the job so you don’t have to go in with prior scoring experience.

For Manatee WriteScore is only at the beginning of the year for elementary starting in 4th. No more write scores this year. I’ve communicated I’m not ok with write scores going forward.

Benchmarks that will be next week are district created by standards.

We will have district benchmarks (no write score) in December.

In winter we will have our own school created and ”scored” by the teachers writing essay. This I’m on board with. As the teachers score each other students’ essays. Not a grade for report card

And here are the replies to this post:

But we can’t “afford” to pay teachers a decent salary…

“Write Score fully aligns to the Florida Standards for English Language Arts K-12 for Writing and provides materials to help measure and instruct on those standards.”

My child had to participate in this last year. Since the school notified us after the fact, there was not much I could do however this was 2nd grade and how could this be beneficial if the teacher was not even teaching the standards aligned to grade for the children to understand the text?

Dont you love it when they notify you after the fact🤨.. isn’t that illegal

I wasn’t allowed to see assessments unless I made an appointment that suited the teacher so nothing surprises me any more.

REFUSE IT. My kids never took a single Write Score exam, ever. I refuse to allow my kids to be used as pawns in this ed tech money grab. My rule? If the teacher didn’t write the test and the teacher didn’t grade the test, my kids don’t take the test. We have teachers who went to school to learn to write test with validity and fidelity and we have to pay this clown company too? As a parent you get no grade or even get your kids essay back to see what went right or wrong. Zero feedback is provided. The teacher gets a chart with the kids ranked based on the grading of a rubric provided to the $11 dollar patsies. Write Score is a ridiculous WASTE of your hard earned TAX DOLLARS!!!!

does Write Score do the reading and math part too or just the Writing ?

just writing it’s a joke. My kids were forced to sit and stare like they made them for the FSA but who cares anymore. They were not allowed to read so they took naps on their desks. Until there is a mass movement to refuse this it will never end. I justified it to the mindless school board members who keep approving the spending on this that I JUST SAVED THEM $11 bucks times 3 kids!!! I stood before the board and begged them to stop wasting our tax dollars on this crap. That was 3 years ago. I told them our kids don’t get their essays back and teachers have no clue what their students even submitted. I showed them a copy of the write score computerized print out with the kids ranked and sorted and the stupid rubric with the check marks that the teachers get. It’s DUMB!!! The board keeps buying it year after year. At one point i knew what we paid for it and it was astronomical. I quoted that to the board too. I said if you won’t spend my tax dollars wisely I’ll save you all $33 bucks by refusing to let my kids log onto Write Score. I let them catch up on their naps instead. Honestly parents, stand up and say hell to the NO on this ed tech GARBAGE.

I applaud you. I am at the point of putting my head in the sand because district and SB members do not listen or make changes, same every single year. Last year, my 6th grader was ONLY student that sat out FSA, this year, he has EVERY SINGLE HORRID teacher on campus. I feel it’s punishment

As a middle school language arts teacher, who has to give 3 essay exams per year, minimum BEFORE FSA to practice, review, revise, repeat, Write Score has been an extremely helpful resource to have available for 1-2 of those 3 mandatory essays.
The prompts provided align with similar existing writing task expectations (provided by both my district and the state), as well as the article sources the students use to pull their evidence from.
The rubric used to grade it and verify content with identifies -IF- the necessary essay “ingredients” are included, and what level of focus they are to the task.
The scores that return, almost always very much align not only with task mastery, but overall task understanding and completion.
The scores received are not an end all-be all decision. The teacher has full authority and ability to review and regrade as needed if they do not agree with the rubric alignment. Gradebook entry for the task is up to the decision of the teacher and their administration. The value of the assignment is also up to them. Not Write Score.
That being said. To have an impartial, unbiased vendor source ASSIST ME with grading my 157 student essays, once a semester, alleviates dozens of HOURS of my OWN time spent reading, rereading, grading and notation, while I also plan lessons, differentiate instruction, attend meetings, rewrite assignments and other assessments, and continue with all of the other duties I have not included in my contract hours.
Having a fresh set of eyes verify the content, via a rubric, is not subjective or misappropriated to the task they have and is something as a teacher I am thankful to have available to HELP me. -NOT- decide FOR me.

Additionally, I see the rubric break down for each student’s essay, AS WELL AS the essay they submitted. If it is a paper copy submission, the essay is scanned into the Write Score system for the teacher to be able to log in and download, as well as returning the physical paper copy back to the school. (I still have ALL of their papers from last year.) If it is a computer based submission, the essay is connected to the student and is able to be viewed and printed by the teacher along with their itemized breakdown of their score.

for a writing assessment, all that the students do is read the prompt (question to respond to), read whatever text is provided, and then write whatever size essay/written response the teacher has instructed and identified for them to complete. Whether it is done through WriteScore or not, the students are still doing the exact same task. It is just a matter of where does the teacher acquire the prompt and passage set from, is it Lexile and age-appropriate for critical thinking (do they actually have to think about their answer or not), and is the teacher -exclusively- responsible for grading. To go through all of my middle schoolers’ papers takes me WEEKS to do. And my own fatigue kicking in amongst it all impacting my own stamina in reading and grading process, while I’m also grading the rest of their work, and planning/instructing/revising, and trying to be a human for at least 2-3 hours during the rest of my day.

The students are not using this, nor are the teachers using this, in the same form as iReady. Not even close. This is exclusively for writing and is applied and reviewed based on the -actual- tangible content the student creates and demonstrates in the task that already is happening with or without WriteScore. To compare this assessment task to iReady, or anything else of that nature, is apples and pineapples.

while I understand and respect the convenience… it is no different than how the writing FSA is graded, I get that. write score was introduced to us last year in 2nd grade, they did two. They send home the rubric and a photocopy of essay. When I asked about the product, they said they were using the scores to assess gains by each child. But they had yet to teach the kids to go back into the text to support opinions, reference etc… my issue is not with the product but it’s implementation. My 7th grader has to write an essay a week, I am aware that would be very taxing on a teacher when they have 150 plus each week to grade. My question is if it appropriate for a 2nd grader to be Read (they did not even get to read them on their own) and then told to write a 5 paragraph essay without proper instruction. Writing an essay is not a 2nd grade standard.

I teach 5th in Hillsborough and we score our own writing “benchmarks.” I am in shock that Manatee is paying to have their tests scored! My child is in 4th grade in Manatee and we were not told it was a “Write Score” exam!! 😲😡 I got an email last Friday saying they would have a benchmark writing test on Tuesday and not to worry. 🙄

this is from our 4th grade teacher in Manatee
“Writing: The Write Score test will be administered. This is not a test that will be graded; it is solely used to drive instruction in class.”
I have confirmed with my school that we do one write score in the fall only. I don’t know if this is true for all of Manatee if any other schools do more.

Thank you! I hate that I am fighting this battle for my 60 or so 5th graders year after year…and now I’ve neglected following up on my own child. 😕

Looks like the Gay Agenda is being pushed at Peet Junior High in Cedar Falls, Iowa:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

About FoSE | Facts about Sex Education | National Standards | Classroom Resources | Other Tools + Resources |
What is FoSE
The Future of Sex Education Initiative (FoSE) was launched in July 2007 as a partnership between Advocates for Youth, Answer, and the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS) that seeks to:
to create a national dialogue about the future of sex education and to promote the institutionalization of comprehensive sexuality education in public schools.
Since its inception, the FoSE partners have successfully completed numerous projects to advance the collective effort of improving sexuality education in U.S. schools including:
• Developing and disseminating the first-ever National Sexuality Education Standards, K–12 which are being used in 32 states. Initially released in a special report of the Journal of School Health in January 2012, a series of Webinars, conference presentations, and technical assistance supported their initial adoption and implementation.

• Developing the National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education and corresponding article “Improving Sexuality Education: The Development of Teacher Preparation Standards” published in the Journal of School Health in June 2014.

• Grant-making to 21 institutions of higher education in 15 states to implement the National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education.

• Releasing numerous other tools including to support the implementation of the National Sexuality Education Standards and National Teacher Preparation Standards for Sexuality Education as well as the FoSE Tool kit, designed to assist state and local organizations to convene a FoSE-like strategic planning summit in their communities; a Public Education Primer,School Health Primer, a Glossary of Education Terms, and Addressing Sexual Health in Schools: Policy Considerations.

• Commissioning the development and publication of “Broadening the Evidence for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Education in the U.S.” in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, which provided an expanded view of the evidence for sexuality education including research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, gender, and economic inequalities and health.

• Successfully influencing the Office of Adolescent Health to adopt language reflective of research commissioned by FoSE partners (see above), particularly that teen pregnancy prevention initiatives must provide young people with sequential, age-appropriate evidence-based programs at multiple times and language emphasizing the importance of addressing cultural norms, gender equity, economic and educational opportunities, and healthy relationships.

• Informing and shaping the new direction and focus of DASH-funded activity, which now includes an emphasis on sex education.

• Completing a second Future of Sex Education Strategic Plan, 2016-2021.

At its core, sexuality education comprises the foundation upon which young people develop knowledge, attitudes and skills that help them as they develop. All young people need and have the right to age-appropriate, honest sexuality education to help them take personal responsibility for their sexual health, both now and in the future.
The vision of the FoSE project is for every school to provide quality sexuality education, K-12 in support of healthy sexual development.
Definition of Comprehensive Sex Education
“A planned, sequential K-12 curriculum that is part of a comprehensive school health education approach which addresses age-appropriate physical, mental, emotional and social dimensions of human sexuality. The curriculum should be designed to motivate and assist students to maintain and improve their sexual health, prevent disease and reduce sexual health-related risk behaviors. It should allow students to develop and demonstrate developmentally appropriate sexual health-related knowledge, attitudes, skills, and practices. The comprehensive sexuality education curriculum should include a variety of topics including anatomy, physiology, families, personal safety, healthy relationships, pregnancy and birth, sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, contraceptives, sexual orientation, pregnancy options, media literacy and more. It should be medically accurate. Qualified, trained teachers should provide sexuality education.”
Adapted from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention definition of health education; available at

Definition of Exemplary Sexual Health Education (ESHE)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ Division of Adolescent School Health defines Exemplary Sexual Health Education as follows:
“A systematic, evidence-informed approach to sexual health education that includes the use of grade-specific, evidence-based interventions, but also emphasizes sequential learning across elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. ESHE provides adolescents the essential knowledge and critical skills needed to avoid HIV, other STD, and unintended pregnancy. ESHE is delivered by well-qualified and trained teachers, uses strategies that are relevant and engaging, and consists of elements that are medically accurate, developmentally and culturally appropriate, and consistent with the scientific research on effective sexual health education.”
For more information:

Organizing Partners
Advocates for Youth: Established in 1980 as the Center for Population Options, Advocates for Youth is dedicated to creating programs and advocating for policies that help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health. Advocates provides information, training, and strategic assistance about youth reproductive and sexual health to youth-serving organizations, policy makers, youth activists, parents and the media in the United States and in low- and middle-income countries. The organization also works to shift the current societal paradigm of adolescent sexuality away from a negative emphasis on fear and ignorance, towards one that embraces youth sexual development as healthy and normal, recognizes young people as assets, and acknowledges youth’s inalienable rights to sexual health information and services. For more information about Advocates for Youth, visit

Answer: Founded in 1981 as the New Jersey Network for Family Life Education, Answer provides and promotes comprehensive sexuality education for young people and the adults who teach them. From its inception, Answer has providedhigh-quality training to educators and health professionals to ensure they are prepared to provide the information young people need and deserve to make healthy decisions. In 1994, Answer also began using the power of peer-to-peer communication in the publication of its award-winning, teen-written Sex, Etc.magazine and website, which allows teens to directly access accurate and developmentally appropriate sexuality information. To learn more about Answer visit

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. (SIECUS): Founded in 1964, SIECUS believes that sexuality is a fundamental part of being human, one that is worthy of dignity and respect. SIECUS provides information and training opportunities for educators, health professionals, parents, and communities across the country and advocates for sound public policies to ensure that people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, receive high quality, comprehensive education about sexuality. To learn more about SIECUS visit
Danene Sorace, MPP: Ms. Sorace is the former director of Answer and served as founder and consultant to the Future of Sex Education project. The organizing partners would like to express our appreciation to Danene for her dedication and expertise on this project. Danene can be reached at

And here is a reply to this post:

Oh look at this. This ties in a bunch of stuff (including sex ed, climate change, out-of-school time programs, children’s programs, social justice, etc.)
This is from 2014 (I think). They mentioned
In 2009, CEOs of the Packard, James Irvine, and
William and Flora Hewlett foundations launched the Community Leadership
Project (CLP), a time-limited initiative to serve low-income and diverse
communities in three regions of California. “[With this new project], we were able
to accomplish so much more in terms of impact and learning than I would have
been able to do alone,” said Kathy Reich, director of Packard’s Organizational
Effectiveness program and manager of the CLP relationship.
That same year, Rebekah Saul Butler, program director at the Grove Foundation,
created the blueprint that led to launching the Working to Institutionalize Sex Ed
(WISE) initiative with support from the Packard, Hewlett, and Ford foundations.
Today, WISE provides funding to 11 states to improve comprehensive sexuality
education in public schools. Packard’s Lana Dakan, the WISE program officer,
notes that “it made sense to partner with Rebekah and lean on her expertise since
the Packard Foundation did not, at the time, have as much deep experience in
US- based policy. We have deepened our knowledge tremendously by learning
from Grove, as well as learning from and collaborating across state partners.”

Click to access Lessons-in-Funder-Collaboration.pdf

Interestingly, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation gave $14,691,659 to Planned Parenthood (though this data is old and may be more by now.) Ford Foundation , also mentioned, gave $13,486,250 (Cecile Richards, ex-Planned Parenthood President, serves on the board).

The Grove Foundation gave $2,164,500 to Planned Parenthood.

Looks like someone else tied WISE to PP and all of that:

This document here also ties Ford Foundation and David and Lucile Packard Foundation to Advocates for Youth.

Click to access fundingthefuture.pdf

I think someone mentioned a group called Cardea as being tied to the California sex ed. I found that Cardea is tied to WISE. Other groups tied to WISE are Colorado Youth Matter (Colorado), Advocates for Youth (Florida), Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (Georgia), EyesOpenIowa (Iowa), Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (Louisiana), Louisiana Public Health Institute (Louisiana), Teen Health Mississippi (Mississippi), Nebraska Department of Education (Nebraska), Women’s Fund of Omaha (Nebraska), Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (New York), SHIFT NC (Sexual Health Initiatives For Teens) (North Carolina), Oregon Department of Education (Oregon), Cardea (Texas), Cardea (Washington), and West Virginia Free (West Virginia).

Also found this Colorado group called Trailhead Institute that has some WISE staff guys on their staff and also seems to be promoting WISE.

According to this document here, it appears that Trailhead Institute took over after WISE partner Colorado Youth Matter closed its doors in December 2017.

There is one tie in here to what I found earlier about WestEd and Pam Spycher. Apparently tied to the Leading with Learning thing that Pam Spycher is tied to are the Ford Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

PJ Media reached out to the Lambert’s attorney, David Ledyard, for comment. “There’s no transparency in the training or certification of the school health centers,” he said. “Are they looking at the medical history of the students and doing a full workup before implanting these devices? What is the certification process and training of the nurses?”

Here is a post from a Rhode Island anti-Common Core group:

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

“Our current education system, admittedly far from perfect, is in the process of being dismantled. Its replacement? Digitally mediated, “lifelong learning,” workforce-aligned pathways. They’re being pitched in Colorado and Washington State as the “Swiss Model.” Other states are seeing the emergence of Markle Foundation-funded Skillful initiatives. Then there’s the normalization of gamified behavioral compliance tied to digital economic incentives paralleling this transformation.

Frighteningly, it appears education settings from P-20 are being set up to train future generations to accept and participate in the construction of STEM-centric worlds steeped in cyber-security. No hard hats required, just an up to date eyeglass prescription. Everyone expected to do their part to build and secure these new “worlds.” No one spared, not even preschoolers.”

We must understand the nature of worlds built in code.

They will exist as augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality.

They will be digitized, data-rich, and surveilled.

They will come with embedded nudges imposed by algorithms.

They will become automated, eventually beyond human control.

These are worlds where human agency could be extinguished.

They will be alluring, tempting by design.

They serve the interests of finance, technology, and incarceration/defense.

They are fraught with danger, and the oligarchs want our children to build them.

Alison Hawver McDowell thanks for this and all of the important work that you are doing to expose the current blueprint for our authoritarian future, unless…

You can follow her work at:

Here is a post from a NYC anti-testing group:

what the state is doing with all their data collection, for a test that supposedly means nothing, but is being used against my child anyway. And, the good old boys of NYS won’t tell me.

And some replies to this post:

And there is also no accountability for teachers.

Teachers are able to give individual one on one teaching in the classroom and, from my experience at my daughters school, they do. Most of them have been teaching for quite a few years and are certainly capable of detecting areas of issue. The state tests contradict their findings and grades. The tests are greatly flawed and what are they really being used for in the long run? That is my biggest question and concern. No one really knows!

I am a teacher. The tests that are give are above the level that is being taught by at least two grades. To make the teacher “accountable” the test needs to be fair. Then lets add the students that are at least a grade behind that are being pushed through because administrators and school boards refuse to give them the support or keep them behind to try to “catch” them up. The tests are not appropriate.

Yes, teachers are being forced to prepare children for a test way over their heads from the first day of school. It’s ridiculous. Tell me [name redacted], if you grew up without common core, do you consider yourself a dumb dumb? I know, I grew up without it and I like to think I’m rather intelligent. Fact is, the children that fail them continue to fail them. So, what’s wrong? Where are the stats showing usefulness? No one really knows what they are doing with these comparisons. They can’t show progress because there isn’t any stats to show regarding it.

I’m not an educator. I’m a Nurse. It is my opinion that these children are tested enough and will be tested throughout their lifetime. I took the regents in high school without common core. I’m certainly not saying that every teacher out there is a great one but where my child is attending elementary school, her teachers have been awesome. I let my child take the tests last year because she didn’t want to feel left out because there are a lot of parents that have been told their children will be held back if they don’t take them. (False information). Administration, of course, wants children to take them due to funding. So, of course, I understand your take on it. Anyway, she didn’t do well on them even though she did fine in the classroom. How do you think a child feels when she receives a letter in the mail stating she could be retained or not graduate due to her score, when her report card grades reflect quite the opposite? Ambiguous? Labeled? She now has to sit in a different reading level even though she really has no problem keeping up with the rest of her classmates. Because she took a flawed test, she is now being held back in an area she really doesn’t need to be held back in. How is that progression? I see a problem with that. So maybe you know what you are talking about but I sure as hell don’t agree with it.

I think its a great idea if the teachers ignore test prep and just taught the kids, maybe that would get the point across to the state, the very least it would help the kids.

How about children that are simply poor test takers. I’m a poor test taker myself. 3 days of straight rigorous testing is hell for a poor test taker. Flawed is not exactly the word I would use. More like insane.

So glad my children are in a different district now, current district doesnt emphasis testing or harrass the parents

I wonder how many of these non educators, that make up these tests, would like to spend 6 hrs per day for months preparing for a test and then be tested on something they haven’t yet learned? The mentality of administrative people telling children to take a test and learn to deal with it instead of realizing it’s not working and there might be a better way, is baffling to me. Maybe they are burnt out and should change professions. Principals and administrators should fight for our children. It’s interesting that most teachers don’t let their own children take these tests. Yet, I’ve yet to hear a principal or administration fight back. We all know why too. They wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t follow dictatorship of education from the state level. I don’t believe public schools are long for this world. Maybe I’m wrong but it won’t surprise me in the least. Too many parents are turning to private and charter, or home schooling. It’s happening at a large rate. At least where I live anyway.

teachers should not just “prepare” anyone for a test…I teach children at their individual instructional level and if “the test” happens to be at their mastery level great! If not, it does not indicate the student is below level and it sure does not mean the teacher isn’t doing his/her job! We are in dire need for teachers and statements like yours are not only demeaning, but detrimental. 28 years and counting!

We had 65% Opt Out in our district on Long Island & the state STILL used the results to negatively designate us in need of Comprehensive Support & Intervention (CSI).

Here is a post from a page called My Children, My Choice:

I want you all to know why this work is so very important. The attached video is sickening and the book they are referencing is recommended for 10 year old’s. This is 4th graders. This is happening in Florida schools as well as all across the nation. As Christians, we must fight back and protect the innocence of our children. PLEASE DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SEE THIS VIDEO. If you are as sickened as I am, Help us stop this moral attack on the very souls of our children. Message me that you want to help in what ever way you feel you can.

As you feel disgust, keep in mind that this book is being suggested for 10 year old’s- 4th graders. We must take our children back from the school districts that think this is perfectly normal. IT IS NOT!!! Please forgive me for posting this for you to see, but this is what they are teaching our children and grandchildren. They must be stopped. It is pure evil.

Here is a post from someone from Florida:

Melinda Gates has just pledged 1 Billion dollars after her foundation had already invested untold millions of dollars to PROMOTE gender confusion in pre-kindergarten-5th grade. Then they begin promoting clubs in middle schools called GSA, (Gay Straight Alliance.

The atrocity to what she and a huge group of like billionaires are doing is building a clientele for their many gender reassignment and psycological clinics. Their interest in education has taken an ugly turn.

According to the group My Children, My Choice, Florida schools in these counties are pushing the LGBTQP agenda:

Miami-Dade County
Broward County
Marion County
Duval County
Volusia County
Brevard County
Sarasota County
Seminole County
Pinellas County
Manatee County
Orange County
Hillsborough County
Palm Beach


As the UN and their minions push for globalization, climate change legislation, open borders, a global workforce, and global education for all, looks like the Pope wants to join in too:

The Daily Wire reports on a plan in which the pope is inviting representatives of multiple religions, international groups and others to sign a “Global Pact of Education.”

The Vatican said just days ago the pope confirmed, in a video message, “A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism.”

Lifesite News reported, “Vatican-backed website launched to promote the pact added: ‘Educating young people in fraternity, in learning to overcome divisions and conflicts, promote hospitality, justice and peace: Pope Francis has invited everyone who cares about the education of the young generation to sign a Global Pact, to create a global change of mentality through education.'”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group that ties Kaiser Permanente to the LGBTQP push in CA schools. (The main post was about a Kaiser Permanente commerical which had a clip of a Drag Queen Story Hour event in it. The post below is a reply to that post.):

We have Kaiser, and they have turned extremely more and more liberal over the years. I now consider them to be on just about the same scale as extreme liberals, the ACLU, planned parenthood, the media, public schools, and I view them as an extension of the government. I jokingly say they are all in cahoots together. (Only it isn’t super funny anymore because it is becoming reality.) Kaiser has more and more been trying to separate children from parents, just like those other entities I mentioned. Once your child it like 12, you do not have online access to all of their medical records anymore, they want to speak to and examine your children without you being in the room, and of course, they push the HPV vaccine like no other, and act like you are a complete idiot if you don’t have your children get them. All of their bathrooms are now called gender neutral restrooms. I am becoming more and more disenfranchised with them. I have an 8th grader who is about to be shown some puberty video at school that has been put out by none other then Kaiser, but I opted her out. The video was free for schools to use, but somehow I still couldn’t preview the whole video online as a parent. In my opinion, this all goes right along with the horrible service I have received from them over the past few years. The health service has declined. They are more concerned about politics then patients.

And some similar posts:

All they see are dollar signs for patients who will need a lifetime of Hormone Replacement Therapy. Jump on the PP train much?

exactly! It’s a big business!

Theyve been on this PC ride for some time. All the bullshit training we have to go thru as employees is nauseating. Kaiser the company makes me sick… i work there and cant wsit to leave in a few years.

I have Kaiser Insurance and the healthcare that is provided is subpar, at best. Like you said, I have yet to have a positive experience there. My son had tongue and lip tie and the two lac consultants, two doctors, and all the nurses told me he was fine. I spoke with an ENT specialist and she had no clue what she should do and told me I was better off having him seen outside of Kaiser. After messing around with kaiser for 6 weeks, I saw a private specialist and she treated him in less than 30 minutes. Just one of many issues I have had.

My mom needs compression socks but those aren’t covered. But if she wants a sex change operation, that is covered!

yep!! Complete BS!!! My mom was a Kaiser dialysis patient and had an amputated leg. Kaiser denied her an electric wheelchair. I am not kidding!!! . The Kaiser reason was “Too Bad”, just like the commercial. The doctors treat the elderly horribly at Kaiser and beware of Palliative Care Team with the kick em when their down attitude so they feel like a burden and sign a DNR. This all occurred before Obama and Pelosi jacked up everyone’s medical Insurance. Can’t imagine what Kaiser is like now.

This stuff is getting out of control. There is a perversion infiltrating (oozing) into every fabric of our nation right now. Into the schools, medical through Planned Parenthood, politics, gender identity, etc.

Kaiser is also administering the Gardisil vaccines to newborn babies and pregnant women.. 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I wouldn’t put anything past them.
And I worked there for 15 years. I’ve seen the craziness myself. I refuse to EVER have Kaiser insurance- I didn’t even have it when I worked there! 😬👎🏼

Kaiser is leading the way with its Oakland trans kid clinic. Kaiser peds are supposed to refer gender confused kids there. Kaiser parents be careful.

Why would you give Gardisil vaccine to a newborn!!??

I don’t know why they’re doing it 🤷🏻‍♀️?
That’s the “alleged story” right now. And the patient has hers and her daughters medical records to prove they did give them both Gardisil.
Probably some random experiment on unwitting children & mothers 🤔

they “talked” the young mother into it by saying it would protect her newborn daughter later in life from getting cervical cancer.
Here’s the link to the story/video about info on newborn AND receiving Gardisil vaccine & the mother of this newborn received it while pregnant with this same child. Also- this mother had already completed the Gardisil series as a teenager!
Everyone should watch and share!

I’ve been thinking about this. This is why I think they’re wanting to vaccinate the babies with Gardisil. Since all children are going to be taught about gender identity, every form of perversion, and all sex acts under the sun might as well vaccinate all people as babies against this sexually transmitted infection. What an evil agenda!

They are mandating HPV vaccines in NY (or trying to anyway):

If NY is doing it, CA cannot be far behind.

Everyone has the right to “thrive,”…..UNLESS your 43 years old and need a hip replacement….then your just “Too young” according to Kaiser!

we have been with Kaiser for over 25 years and I’ve noticed the liberal agendas in certain areas. Will be exploring other insurance companies but will they also be liberal???

Guess who donates directly to Planned Parenthood? That’s right, Kaiser Permanente:

And another post from this group:

Planned Parenthood in our Public Schools! Collecting Student Data! Social- Emotional-Sexual- Health data without parental consent.

Nothing to see here folks- we passed it in July and are now approving it on the Consent Calendar!

And another post from this group:

Planned parenthood want open clinics in the schools. I belive santa ana, Is having a meeting as we speak to try and fight it but hardly no one showed up.we need to have planned Parenthood removed from schools and District’s they are getting into our CHILDREN well being by imposing such inappropriate curriculum.and with false information not scientifically proven.

The Evanston/Skokie School District 65 in Illinois is dropping Halloween celebrations in the name of “equity”:

Here is a post from someone from Utah:

I am of the belief that Utah is allowing pro-sexual rights assessment groups (such as American Institutes for Research) measure teachers’ and children’s Social Emotional Learning (SEL) “competencies” and that, because we are allowing this, we are being set up by Planned Parenthood and its cronies to eventually embrace their curriculum. If we are being measured by their standard for SEL, then we will be coerced into their desired curricula.
Did you know:

  1. The group that brought Utah its Digital Teaching and Learning plan (SB222) is a Planned Parenthood partner and that they are curating online curriculum for schools?
  2. That our assessment company American Institutes for Research (AIR) is working on SEL pilots with the pro-LGBTQI Novo Foundation? Novo is run by Peter Buffett who is the son of Warren Buffett who is the largest funder of International Planned Parenthood.
    We are being coerced into Planned Parenthood’s “health” standards because they and their partners control school, teacher and student assessment/measurements.

And a reply to this post:

That’s why they’re pushing for medical clinics to be on school grounds, now. On school grounds, the clinics are no longer under HIPPA laws, but FERPA laws, which are much looser and anti-parent. FERPA laws allow anything to be done to your kid on school campus without parental knowledge or consent. HIPPA laws off campus stop you from knowing anything about anyone without the patient’s consent. Parents are damned when the two are working together. Conclusion: ban health clinics from school campuses.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

What fox11 news says here on the screen “must be medically accurate and age appropriate”…is BIG LIE! I just talked to the news room about that lie and that the law allows for age inappropriate and medically inaccurate information. At the end, the individual said, that children were learning this information from their friends on the play ground. I told this individual that was a talking point from the STATE DEPT OF ED and it was also another lie. There is no research that actually back up that claim! So, show me the research I said to this man…and he said…”have a nice day” and hung up on me! You know you’re winning when they hang up on you! LOL!

Actually there is a loop hole in the law (AB329) The Healthy Youth Act that allows age inappropriate and medically inaccurate information. After explaining that to the man who answered the phone he said, “they have to teach it because children are learning these things on the play ground and from the internet”. I told him “that was another lie and a talking point narrative from the state dept of ed”. Then he hung up on me. What’s that all about?

You all know right, that the law (AB329) The Healthy Youth Act allows this age inappropriate and medically inaccurate instruction becuase the law has a “loop hole” and as the state dept of ed staffer told me, the law was created with “wiggle room” because some district might need to discuss information that was age inappropriate and medically inaccurate. I was amazed! I thought they made mistake and so I was pointing it out to them. Now we know they did it on purpose with purpose to teach things that parents won’t teach their kids. Yes, I was also told that by a staffer in my district that they had to teach this stuff #1) because kids were learning on the play ground and from the internet (now why does that sound familiar when I hear it from the news room at fox11?), #2) that we have to teach it because parents won’t teach this to their children, so we have to do it for them (says the staffer at my district). I said, hogwash!

Looks like they’re trying to pass the evil Comprehensive Sexuality Standards in New York now:

Here is a post from a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

Are parents aware of this new policy at Franklin School District regarding bathrooms and locker rooms being shared among the biological sexes? If you don’t agree with this policy then you might attend the next school board meeting on October 21st at 6:30 p.m. at Franklin Middle School Library.

It’s important to note the proposed policy that there is a provision that specifically states that the school is to keep information FROM PARENTS.

Click to access Policy%20JBAB.pdf

And some replies to this post:

Gilford too. ACLU is intending to be at our school board meeting tonight. Yet again another law that was passed without public knowledge.

This policy is due for its SECOND reading on Oct 21. It is NOT IN PLACE YET

And another post from this page:

WAKEFIELD rejected the dumbed Common Core years ago. Under their new Superintendent, they talking about bringing it back.
CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL BOARD ASAP and tell them NO to Common Core!

And yet another post from this page:

Manchester School District received money from the Nellie Mae Organization and part of what Manchester MUST do now includes:
Students no longer receive traditional grades, GPAs or class rank.

When did Manchester residents demand this kind of dumbing down in their school?

And yet another post from this page:

IF you live in Goffstown, it’s important to follow up with your school board ! A parent will brought forward a summer reading book that has an anti-American slant to it.

Goffstown residents should request that a PRO-American book also be assigned to students if they are going to assign those kinds of books.

IF they deny that request, you can look at the possibility of the school administrators discriminating against an alternative viewpoint. Those cases have been won in a court of law. I’m not sure if this would qualify, but it’s certainly worth looking at.

And yet another post from this page:

If you live in Exeter, Brentwood, Kensington, East Kingston, Newfields, or Stratham NH, your Superintendent David Ryan has proposed buying/using “Social Sentinel.” Here is what you should know and why you should DEMAND that he WITHDRAW that proposal:

According to NPR, similar schemes are being rolled out across America. These include mass scanning of students’ emails and social media accounts by companies such as “Social Sentinel” and “Gaggle” in schools across all 50 states. Despite constitutional privacy protections, no warrants are obtained prior to scanning and searching through children’s private data

And yet another post from this page:


This Colorado bill (SB159) would require 75% of parents/students/community to take the “need assessment” that ESSA already defines as:
‘‘(B) A needs assessment that identifies the academic, physical, nonacademic, health, mental health, and other needs of students families, and community residents.” -ESSA page 280.
So-can they really REQUIRE these surveys as a condition of attending a school? Do folks know that this information is not kept in the school and is shareable? (Student ed records are currently not covered by HIPPA and FERPA allows sharing.)

Click to access Elementary%20And%20Secondary%20Education%20Act%20Of%201965.pdf

It helps to see what is going on in other states since much of that eventually hits ALL states…

And yet another post from this page:

The NH School Boards Assoc came up with a sample school policy for ALL schools in NH. Within that policy it says that schools should NOT inform parents if their child wants to be called by a name opposite their gender.
It begins in the schools where they make sure YOU are not informed.
Check your school policy
Then check to see if you are paying dues to the NH School Boards Association. Ask yourself why you should pay higher property taxes to fund a lobbying organization that puts forth policies that eliminate parental rights.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Heads up Parents! Know what your kids are doing at school and particularly when online and at home online.
We’re offering two disturbing articles tonight that show just how the ed tech industry is working all sides to harm your children, you and your family! First, how ed tech companies PBKids in conjunction with the Gates Foundation, University of Washington, SRI International, and economist, James Heckman, are desperately (and I mean desperate!) trying to entice parents to support their “educational” “gamification” of learning and particularly for very young children in the schools and / or at your house. How are they going to entice parents… with psychology and hooking you on pornography!
James Heckman, the Nobel Prize economist, states…
“me…I had them tell me what we wanted to hear through two different trials and finding out what they think about it. Finally, on the third trial the innovation in the design was to have them plot their day BEFORE we show them any products or ask them anything about this, plot their day. Then we had them circle the parts of their day where they think they’re actively involved in parenting. So they did that. Then we showed them all the products, and then we said, hey would you use it? And they told us the same story, yes we would. And then we said now please point on the diagram of your day when you would actually use this, and then they FINALLY they all said, oh yeah, oh, I don’t know, I’m not sure…because they’re so busy.
Other Person: But don’t you think being able to tie it to something that would directly show their school readiness might be able to get parents more involved?
Roberts: I want that to be true. Yeah. Are you asking what I want? (laughter from the table)
Other Person: Is that something, a strategy, that you’ve explored further?
Roberts: Uh, it’s something that we’re looking at now. We’re definitely not giving up on this. This is key. We already know that when the parent IS involved, that the outcomes are way better.
Heckman: (interjects) But what about a “build-a-child” game for the parent? You know? No, in other words you gamify it for the parent. You’re making the parent into some kind of wise educational administrator. They’re not. So you could even have pornography, I guess. Something that would entice them. I’m just, you know. Nah, sorry about pornography, but I’m just thinking how to motivate the parents.
Roberts: We need to innovate here. We need to use some psychology on parents. We need to meet them where they are. We need to use what they have, and we need to let them do…um so, yeah.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

This is taking place in Chicago, check it out. This has no place in our schools, not their responsibility to make our kids aware but ours.

Talent Engine? More like a UN Agenda 2030 planned economy engine! Shame on the city of Philadelphia! Let’s go put salt in this “engine”!

This ties some Philadelphia group called Business Education Partnership (BEP) at a group called Philadelphia Works to the Talent Engine.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Has the Chamber of Commerce Hijacked YOUR Education System? Engineering Students For A Low-Wage, Gig Economy

“Once the career pathways programs are locked down, plays and poetry and foreign languages and philosophy and history will be pushed so far to the margins as to be almost non-existent outside some dumbed-down Common Core State Standard. Books? Who reads books? They’re raising up cadres of students that know little more than screens and video games.

Already, many young teachers are in a bind. Their education took place under regimes of standards-based repression. They don’t know what it was like before everything was tied to a rubric. Corporate interests play a long game. They look 20-30 years out. They’re patient. Over the past few decades, they systematically pushed out veteran teachers and created a school culture that would meet their requirements for a marginally-educated, compliant labor pool that would play well with robots and know their place (or be too afraid to step out of line).

So what exactly is going to happen in this brave new world of “work” and engineered economies when people want to leave their home state or get off their assigned pathway? Where are you supposed to go if regional workforce boards control the types of careers on offer and act as gatekeepers for required credentials? If you do a certain type of work can you only reside in a certain region?”

Here is a post from Alliance Defending Freedom:

What if your child’s school went behind your back and made a life altering decision without your input? Sadly, this is happening across the country and it could get even worse. Watch to learn more:

And here are the replies to this post:

I am currently living this nightmare. My daughter is now 20 and is trying to live her life as a boy. In high school all of her teachers and the staff started referring to her as “him”. All of this, she spoke with teachers of her plans to transition and not 1 suggested she speak with her parents about it. So much damage was done while our daughter and faculty lied and hid things from us. The schools are not to be trusted.

the schools are undermining our parental rights and authority. I’m sad to hear this about your daughter. I’m afraid for this generation when bills are being passed forcing us to affirm even if we do not believe it is not in the best interest for our children.

I do not have children, but it baffles me that parents are not screaming at the top of their lungs about this garbage! This kind of indoctrination and manipulation has been happening for a while now…just because you don’t think it could happen to your child…does not mean to wait and see….start showing up at the school and school board meetings! What a needless, tragic nightmare!

So many bad things happen, and have been happening, as victims later admit, because there was no “pushback” against the evil they endured; people afraid to stand up and speak out. Once the job or whatever is coming before doing the right thing, there is no justice possible. All the numbers are on the side of those who oppose the destruction of our children; SILENCE is not excusable given the seriousness of the attacks.

I never imagined I will live to witness teachers and doctors abusing our children (I am a retired pediatrician). That doctors would abandon their pledge to never do harm. That teachers would interfere with the moral and political views of the parents. That some parents will abuse their children with the blessing of the PC community, the liberal loons. That madness will trump common sense. I am so glad I am retired and will not have to witness this nightmare for long. Quick question: is it still illegal to carry an Aspirin to school? just asking for the sake of contrast (no parental consent needed for abortion or sex change, but God help you to take an inocuos pain reliever without consent!)

This is what the Equality Act passed by the democrat House is all about. Taking rights of parents, women, religious faith and free speach away from the people. It will be detrimental to many. It has not been passed by the Republican senate as of yet but if the democrats can win the Senate, as they are trying to do by decieving voters with this rediculous inquiry, this Act will become law and the Supreme Court will not be able to go against it to help people from law suits and this will hurt so many.

The United States Education System is controlled by UNESCO, the United Nations

You people talk like you’re afraid of these kinds of people who do this crap this is things that are let on by the Democrats in the far left I’m not afraid of these people and I’m never going to be that’s the reason why these things happen is because they believe you are afraid of them time to fight if you want fight for your own children what will you fight for

(D)onald Trump’s daughter and son in law are pushing the LGBT agenda from their perch in the Whitehouse.
The D vs R circus is nothing but a distraction from the fact that organized criminals are increasingly in control over government that was constituted to secure the rights of we the governed… from organized criminals.
Wake up and work towards educating the common people about the FIRST PRINCIPLES of our American Founders!

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’m wondering if someone knows the school requirements for my dilemma. My daughter is in 8th grade and is dreading going to her “health” class next semester because her friends are telling her how disgusting and sexually explicit the lessons are. One of her friends absolutely loathes the class and gets sick every time she goes to this class. I have read some of the material online that is suggested teaching material and it is absolutely inappropriate for middle school kids. Honestly, I think it goes too far for high school kids. My question is, does anyone know if we can we opt out of this class? I’d rather enroll her in an actual health class at Weber State than have her be subjected to something that would be harmful to her psyche. We are in Weber School district.

And some replies to this post:

Utah laws really are supposed to prohibit this kind of explicit content according to my understanding. But I know certain parties in the state have been working hard to change that.

actually we have voted this out of the schools for years now, but last spring they approved it through the school board- thus going behind parents and voters backs. California is beyond explicit starting in Kindergarten. This year is the pilot year for the same kind of crap going on in CA and other states. Some school districts are rolling in the “new” health standards and others are sticking with the old. And teachers can decided to switch to the new standards. You have to ask them specifically.

this makes me so sick and disheartened. Childhood innocence is so pure, precious and fleeting. When that is robbed it can never be replaced. 😞

We opted out of health in 8th grade. We have Chinese immersion kids and when they get to middle school, they have two full year language classes and and can not fit everything in their schedule and still have electives. It’s not required in 8th grade to graduate. They might fight you on it 🤷🏻‍♀️ probably depends on the school and counselor.

they may. They gave me odd looks and were confused when I opted her out of testing last year. Thanks for the info! I don’t want her to have issues with credits when she graduates so it’s good to know I may be able to opt out. 🙌

Did you see my post in Utahns Against Common Core 15 hours ago about Planned Parenthood using health curriculum (Comprehensive Sexuality Education or CSE) to groom children for sexual promiscuity and deviance? Utah’s State Board of Ed adopted health standards based on CSE in April.
Parents can opt out and, in addition, parents need to realize that even if the schools said there was no opt out, YOU ARE THE PARENTS. You can and must retain the God-given right to parent and educate your children as you see fit. Don’t EVER ask for permission. Claim. Your. Authority. Tell them what you expect them to do for your child and let the consequences fall where they may. Even if at some future point, opt outs begin to effect graduation…We have to protect the hearts, minds and souls of our children at all costs!

I did! I was shocked to see that the day after my daughter talked to me. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I’ve been monitoring public school content for a few years and cannot believe the propaganda that is interlaced in English, math and science classes.

I feel so bad for the friend who had to go to class every day feeling that uncomfortable. 😥 I wish more parents knew they had options! I agree, [name redacted], we need to do what it takes to protect our children from what’s coming & what is already here & not take no for an answer no matter the consequences. I’m learning that more & more. I fall back on the laws, but the laws won’t always be on our side. I can see that.

part of the problem is kids are not talking to their parents. Her friends say nothing to their moms and dads so parents are left in the dark and not notified that they should be advocating for their children. I’m lucky that my daughter shares with me. If she didn’t I’d have no idea what’s going on.

You’re right! I know mine don’t tell me everything, so I can understand that.

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