Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 30

This is part 30.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Positive Prevention Plus is MDUSD selected curriculum for 7th grade Comprehensive Sexuality Education (yes, it is “comprehensive”). This is just one of the videos your 12 year old can find on this website. The website name is given to them on a handout during sexuality education for 7th grade. Or, I should say, your teacher can give this information to your students as it is part of the curriculum our district selected for our 12 year old children. This is on Positive Prevention Plus “supplemental or additional material” handout. It includes this website as well as other websites and information, so your student can learn more. In case they have additional questions. Wink, wink. 😉 THIS IS THE REASON PARENTS ARE SAYING THAT THE SCHOOLS ARE TEACHING SEXUAL PLEASURE. BECAUSE WE’LL THEY ARE…VIA WEBSITES AND IN EVEN IN CLASS SOME CURRICULUM LIKE POSITIVE PREVENTION PLUS PROMOTE THE IDEA OF SEXUAL PLEASURE AND SEXUAL RIGHTS. Did you know your students have right to sex! A right to sex at any age! Amazing? Yet, sex at age 17 or younger is considered “child sex” and “child sex” is against the law punishable as felony and can be charged with statutory rape. HOW ARE THESE SCHOOLS ABLE TO TEACH THIS CRAP? WHY AREN’T PARENTS OUTRAGED?

Postive Prevention Plus uses CARDEA SERVICES to deliver the content to teachers in teacher training. They are also the organization our district, MDUSD used to deliver “parent night” in the year that my children were in 5th grade. THEY ARE YES SAYERS, NOT NAY SLAYERS. That means they are approved the material….ALL OF THE MATERIAL PROVIDED AS PART OF OUR chosen curriculum our BOARD APPROVED FOR 7TH GRADE. Now, do you approve? Your silence is approval. Unless you are speaking out about this, you are approving of every single element of this curriculum for your 12 year old child. And,don’t you believe your teacher, no matter how trusted and wonderful the are…they have to teach it. They are the teacher and their job is to teach ALL OF IT! In the year that my eldest child was exposed to 7th grader curriculum which might have been the first year that the district used Positive Prevention Plus…several girls in her class considered themselves questioning or born in the wrong body….what has happened since…I don’t know. Maybe they’ve worked al the kinks out of the program…who knows. All I know is that this material is not age appropriate and I don’t care how you slice and dice it…it is NOT appropriate for our school district to teacher sexual acts and sex behavior for sexual pleasure…in fact, teaching this crap is what a pedophiles does! Oh yes, they do! This i s exactly what a pedophile does. Are our teachers pedophiles…I’d say no but still they ahve to teach it anyway. It’s the law! That’s what our district staffers and board members (lawrence) say….it’s the law and we have to teach it. Really? I can tell you there is NO law that says they have to provide these resources…but they do. You just have to ask why? Why do they teach sex behavior (blood ritual, anal, oral, etc…exactly how to put on a condom and in some cases using a dildo, or veggie…oh did you know that some curriculum say that veggies are great sex toys. Oh yes, I have that hand out too. ASK QUESTIONS PARENTS AND DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU!

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota’s been beating the drums for “cradle to career” for years. MinnPost featured this article in 2016. Media, corporations and non-profits keep this topic in the news constantly speaking of “gaps” to close, but they never close. No Child Left Behind did not close any gaps via it’s testing regime. The “gaps” have merely widened over the last 50 years. When do we say, “enough is enough!” Why do these initiatives continue to be funded by corporate foundations? Placing children in schools at birth, which is much of what we heard of last year, will NOT close the gap for kindergarten/pre-kindergarten readiness, if indeed we should be concerned about “pre-k readiness”.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Tag your representatives on this. Here is important info about Utah’s K-12 behavioral assessment provider, American Institutes for Research (AIR) and their steady efforts to sexualize K-12 curriculum. Lest people have forgotten, AIR was in cahoots with the Obama administration from the very beginnings of Common Core. These two pieces of info (bullets below) joined together are just one way that states and schools are being nudged into Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) curriculum. Opt out rates won’t make a dent in the trajectory of this—as California is proving and AIR knows. With the aid of Common national curriculum standards, CSE was always meant to integrate into most class subjects, as opposed to remaining in health class. The CSE blueprint was already laid bare in Africa and exposed by Family Watch.

The only solution to stop the sexualization of local curriculum is to end the power of the federal tripod: standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) laws. It operates like a noose to nationalize everything at the school level. And AIR is getting paid handsomely, from your hard earned tax dollars, to sexually groom your kids and control what teachers teach.

• AIR convened a technological communities of practice event at the US Dept. of Ed. One of AIR’s key partners in the event was the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN).

CoSN is UNESCO’s technology partner. For those that don’t know, UNESCO is the UN entity that created the International Technological Framework for Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in order to move states from Common Core national curriculum standards into international, technologically-based curriculum standards that could integrate UNESCO’s sexual rights agenda across curriculum.

CoSN is directly influencing the data privacy policies of the State Education Technology Directors Association (school tech and privacy reps) so that online curriculum can be controlled for both teachers and students by progressive content curators. The idea is that online curriculum will be curated for teachers and students in the same way that Google controls online content for its users. Common Core reforms’ largest funder Bill Gates can be thanked for this.

• Here’s AIR’s resource guide to reshape the communities of practice and curriculum in schools around LGBTQ rights:

Utah and local schools ceded assessment oversight when we first partnered with AIR years ago. As a result, we are losing local curriculum oversight, particularly of online content. Switching assessment providers won’t stop what’s happening because the major assessments agreed to become data interoperable in 2015. States must end the federal tripod: standards, assessments and accountability (school grading) before we pass the point of no return.

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

The Williamson County School System has allegedly taken a left turn politically, and that has prompted one county resident to appeal to conservatives to seek office to try to replace members of the school board.

Watch out for CRU (formerly, Campus Crusade). They have taken a Left turn toward “social justice”:

Here is a post from a Florida anti-iReady group:

Thoughts on this program? This is an email I got from my daughters new teacher. I appreciate her reaching out like this.

I wanted to touch base with you regarding some good news we found out today regarding iReady. 5th graders at Castleview will not have a mandatory iReady reading requirement this year. I know you mentioned that [child name redacted] isn’t permitted to participate in the iReady program, but would you be opposed to her using a different computer-based program that isn’t guided by the FSA?

In class, we will be using the Reading Plus program to compliment our normal reading instruction. As an educator, what I love about the program is that it isn’t tailored to a high stakes test. Instead, it helps to improve students’ reading fluency and comprehension for the purpose of being more proficient readers. The great thing is that it works for students of all ability levels and provides practice up to the college level.

I just wanted to run this by you to see your thoughts on [child name redacted] working with this program.

Please let me know your thoughts.

And some replies to this post:

RUN RUN far away from Reading Plus.

Hate Reading Plus. Say no

I haven’t heard of this program but I’d probably refuse it for my son

The only thing that Reading Plus does successfully is frustrate children to the point of ruining & destroying any love that they have for reading. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel for reading Palm Beach. They’re called books. Reading Plus is the modern day version of a book burning. All control over what & how our kids read. Disgraceful. A real low point in education.

I had no success in getting out of it because it counted as part of the class grade.

Study island is another form of garbage forced on the kids. Any success stories opting out of it?

yes in Manatee but they have made it incredibly difficult for my friend.

Ask about the 25 or so questions that measure your child’s reading motivation through sel type questions to get the program started .. no way

Reading plus is AWFUL. My child’s school dropped it after 1 year.

Agreed with all the above another way they try to wrap it up in a pretty bow and make it sound beautiful. We’ve had Reading Plus for years. And sadly it’s also another thing that counts as a grade before I found this group and was just unaware of the rights we actually do have as parents. Reading Plus was torture these kids are in school all day long have a packet of homework 1000 projects and also had to do Reading Plus as if they haven’t done enough throughout the day. And it counts as a grade it was considered homework and if it was not completed or if the student did not have at least three greens which was the color for passing then it counted against them. What about students who may not have internet at home because their parents can afford it. Take it to the library they say what about students who have parents who don’t have a way to get them to the library maybe they’re working three jobs maybe they have multiple kids again they could care less about that. What about students who have parents with language barriers. The list goes on and on. 1 year my daughter had headaches constantly. Took her to the doctor her vision was fine was sent to a neurologist had all types of testing done everything was fine what it boiled down to was the fact that my child was stuck in front of the computer all day long which was essentially causing these headaches unfortunately she had to go through all types of testing which she is actually we as the parent has to drive all over the place many doctors appointment even though I have five other kids to find out that it just has to do with the fact that she was stuck in front of the computer too often and the doctor had to write a note stating that she had to be very limited on a computer. It’s just so sad what the educational system has to come to what happened to kids just being able to be kids

Yes, they count it as part of their grade. I wish I had a doctor’s note for my kids saying they can’t participate. Good for you for protecting your daughter & getting her out of it.

It’s a horrible program. I worked with middle school kids who were forced to use it. They hated it.

Amd another post from this group:

Oh this is a doozy…I requested a demo.
KOGNITO is what teachers are being trained on in Manatee for upcoming school year.

What will your county be using this upcoming school year ?

FL: NO investment in counselors but plenty of cash to mine student data, invade privacy & blur the lines between FERPA, HIPPA & law enforcement.
Watch the demo….I didn’t know our teachers were now becoming psychologists. Are you being paid extra for this extra job ?

Parents: Think you should be concerned ?
Yes Yes you should be very concerned 😧

You have kids with behavior issues? Kids with emotional or mental issues? Kids who struggle from learning or other disabilities? Have a traumatic event in their life? It will all be tracked. And where does this data go?

TAKE THE DEMO. 👇🏼 you can also request one for middle or high school. This is elementary. copy/paste the link into Safari. It’s not compatible through linking through Facebook on mobile device.

Anyone know what other counties are using ?
Manatee and Sarasota are using Kognito
Are charters included ?

And here are the replies to this post:

Have you seen the Standardized Statewide Behavioral Threat Assessment Instrument Memo from the FLDOE?

This should give us all pause…
Kognito is owned by The Blackstone Group Inc. and The CPP Investment Board. Both are hedge fund and impact investment groups.

Update from Manatee district:
Good evening,
Kognito is a mental health awareness training for staff. It is being implemented this year at all elementary schools including charters. It is partially online and partially in person. The staff will watch scenarios on line and come together to discuss them and what they could do should they have a similar situation in their classrooms. There is no student piece to Kognito.
Nicole Cox
Director of Exceptional Student Education
School District of Manatee County
2501 63rd Avenue East
Bradenton, FL 34203
941-751-6550 x2217

And here is yet another post from this group:

We will not be doing iReady but see our 4th grade teacher has iReady as homework weekly in addition our district has increased the daily minutes to 45 min a day. Last year it was 35 min for k-1 and 40 min for 2-5.
Anyone else seeing a new push for iReady as homework too?

This was the case when we moved here in 2016-17 and then they removed that part as Curriculum Associates stressed at the time no more than 45 min a week per subject. We spoke up at school board meeting, spoke to a reporter who did a story and now we are back to square one…

Here is a post from Karen Bracken:

In case you do not believe that Charters end game is to privatize education, eliminate elected school boards AND PARENTS;

In case you do not believe that vouchers is the funding mechanism they will use to insure ALL students in ALL education choices are taught the same thing;

In case you do not believe we are moving toward a soviet style of training for work instead of educating for individual liberty and freedom;

In case you do not believe our own government has been behind this since the 1950’s (when Eisenhower signed the first agreement with Russia to study communist school to work);

In case you believe the system truly cares about your children (they care about training human capital for the workforce;

In case you do not believe the UN/UNESCO is driving the global education bus (including here in the US);

Then you need to listen to this interview between Alice Linahan (Women on the Wall Texas) and Diana Anderson (a long time researcher). She speaks truth and has the research and documents (as many of us do) to prove what she says is true.

If you do not take the time to listen to these people you will continue to be deceived and lied too and you will deserve it. Women like Diana have done the hard lifting for you. All you have to do is listen and do some research on your own.

The problem is; we have lived in such a deceitful bubble for so long I truly believe it is too late to stop it. The only recourse we have right now is to STARVE THE BEAST and you know what that means. This beast needs only one thing to survive and that is our children. Communities need to come together and make it happen. You need to help your neighbor save their children. We have so many retirees, grandparents, retired teachers that if you just gave of yourself to your neighbor that cannot stay home to educate their children we could implode this plot to steal the hearts, minds and souls of future Americans.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I just posted a detailed post about SB 48, The FAIR Education Act and AB 493 on my local community FB Pages. I got laughed at, post got deleted by admin. Some parents were unaware of these laws and were surprised. Others laughed and said what was the big deal children need to learn sooner or later. For those parents I don’t think they know the severity of what we know will be taught in classrooms. Or do they truely not care? Either way… when admins delete my post on Nextdoor. Com, other local FB groups, etc. How is the public supposed to know about this if everything is censored? I am so frustrated. This is the link I provided them as proof this isn’t just a “birds and bees talk”.

And some replies to this post:

I don’t think parents know. It was very hard to believe when I first heard about this. Even now, over a year later of researching, learning, etc. I’m still shocked when I actually see books like “It’s Perfectly Normal!” I checked it out of the library after seeing parts of it at a Protect our Children meeting, hoping it was “not that bad”. Yes it is that bad. Stomach churning bad. I want to believe that this isn’t happening, that my grandkids are safe at school. I don’t believe they are anymore. “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” – and so do our children. Sad, sad, sad.

I had the same thing. Someone from the local school district was promoting it on the community FB page and I posted a link to informed parents with a note saying there was a lot of information for anyone who wanted to delve into it deeper. Deleted by admin.

The same thing happened with a post I wrote to our district-parent run fb group did the same. Completely censored my post that simply raised awareness of their own children’s school curriculum— what parent would not want to be aware, whether they agree or disagree? Their tactic is keeping parents uneducated and in the dark.

The same thing happened with a post I wrote to our district-parent run fb group did the same. Completely censored my post that simply raised awareness of their own children’s school curriculum— what parent would not want to be aware, whether they agree or disagree? Their tactic is keeping parents uneducated and in the dark.

That’s a beautiful reminder. I’m right there with you and I won’t give up no matter how ugly they are. If we can open just one set of blind eyes, we have succeeded!

Nobody believes me either….they want hard proof they can see not something from “fake news” as they put it. Very frustrating ☹️

If parents want proof, they should attend one of the many presentations around the state. I have a hard time believing the teachers are ok with teaching this garbage. Parents need to be aware. This is one more step on the road to ruin for our country. WAKE UP people!!

I know teachers who have actually retired early because they feel like it’s borderline pedophilia teaching children this stuff and that they’re not comfortable. Teachers of over 20 years.

When I see these posts I know immediately that they are unaware and have not read a thing on this .. then I pray for their kids.

This is the issue I find I’m facing. All kinds of websites like the one this article are from, most people are considering fake news and don’t take it seriously and refuse to research it more because it’s coming from fake news.
Well.. what about when there’s smoke there’s fire?

Maybe have to go to schools, stand just off of the property, (on sidewalk?) and handout fliers as parents are leaving, or bulk use mail. ? So sad.

Agree. That is what I did before our rally.We have to go old school on them. Nextdoor has become controlled just like Facebook and basically the whole internet. Anyone who runs an alternative site gets deleted or banned for telling the truth. The truth hurts them so spread the truth wherever you can.Talk to parents at work. Talk to parents or clergy at church. Pass out flyers at school. If we all do it we can get the word out.

Many are in denial and think we’re crazy! And then I have a lot of friends unfortunately that are so liberal and wanting to tolerate everything for peace and equality. It’s crazy.

Can someone please.let me know…yes they removed the books from the list but doesn’t it also allow for teachers to select books from different sources to cover other topics in their curriculum they have to cover? And those books don’t necessarily have to be approved by parents?

yes. Those books are called supplemental materials. Some of the most egregious material was removed from the framework, but is still available as supplemental materials. Teachers intent on furthering this ideology may use any it all of these. Be sure you include all supplemental materials, videos, worksheets, assemblies concerning sexual topics, special guest speakers on your opt out form.

And here are some more posts from this group:

12 yrs ago schools were suspending students if they felt like the kid was ADD or ADHD and the parents are not drugging them on meds. Now they’re stepping over the line more in controlling our childrens’ innocence with sexuality.
Let’s see how those schools will be funded when our children are pulled out. Public Schools get paid for every child’s attendance Daily. No children=No funding.

Totally in agreement with your statement. I have a child with ADD and it was so hard to get an IEP.

they automatically just want you to hush the child with meds and they rush to judgement if the child is not having a good day that he/she didn’t take their meds. There are other ways of tackling ADD with the right food and activities.

my child was in 3rd grade last year. He is a little ‘active’. He was 8/9 in 3rd last year. Every teacher’s meeting she tried to tell me he was ADD/ADHD. Classic symptoms, she said. I told her straight up, I am not drugging him so no need to keep talking about it. He is silly, he is super alert, he does pay attention to disruption in the class, he is looking at his friends and not staring straight ahead. He was also tested for GATE (he missed by a few points, oh well). He tested out in reading and was reading at a 7th grade level. He got almost all 4s on his report cards (4/4). I mean, is he ADD if he is acing everything the school is throwing at him, or is he bored? Hmmmmm. BTW, this is the 1st teacher in the 5 years he has been in school that stated he was ADD. I just ignored the comment and carried on.

what is GATE?

it is for Gifted Kids who are excelling in school.

Schools have no right to tell parents how to raise their children. I would have pulled my kid out, homeschooled and got her in to therapy asap. I am not a professional and not equipped to handle these matters in the proper way, and neither are schools. I wouldn’t want my child to undergo any more psychological harm then she may already have.

Man, if somebody ANYBODY thinks they are gonna talk to my kids about Gay sex or Sexuality at all just know me an my crew will be waiting. We need to take out the pedophiles, not invite them in. And if the government wont help us and the Democrats keep voting it in then we gotta do what we gotta do.

What is going on and why are we as parents allowing the state to control our minor children?? These are minors ?!!! This is madness!!!

This didn’t happen overnight. They’ve been working up to this for a very long time. It behooves us to keep abreast of what the state legislators are doing when we’re not looking.

It seems to me Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are working together in this country to remove parental rights and twist and pervert the minds of our children. We need to get a parents bill of rights drawn up to override these new changes. We have a chance now while Trump is in office. I cannot explain what is happening and why but i know it has the devil written all over it. I just want to know why no one will help us. No lawyers will stand up for the children in this state. I contacted four or five attorneys who claim to stand up for Christians or freedom and not a one called me back. This is disgusting and so unfair. Our children deserve better protections from these new laws aimed to destroy them.

I have a friend whose husband is a principal and he’s not allowed to tell the parents that their son is transgender and has changed his name at school. The parents will find out when he graduates this year.

People are going to have to decide if they are going to be complicit in this or are they going to risk everything to do what is right. My son’s principal said he is not going to do this stuff in his charter. But I fear i will send my son to the school this year and the principal will give in like a pod person. I have a really bad feeling this year.

And another post from this group:

I talked to Bonita and Arcadia school districts about the sex Ed for kG and elementary
She explained to me that there is no sex Ed for this age however they are going to take out all the classic old curriculum and impose new curriculum
I am talking about the general English and math and social studies
She gave me examples of this new curriculum
So in the reading instead of a family that has a father and a mother it will be a family that has two dads and two mums
In the history class they will talk about an athlete that had a huge rule in the women act and they will have a foot note that this woman was led in ( despite the fact the she told me there is no sex Ed) I asked her so if you are not going to teach the kids about homosexuality how are you going to explain to them that this person was lesbian she didn’t respond
Unfortunately since parents won’t have access to the text books we won’t know what material they are giving the it is not a dedicated sex Ed it is being taught in the curriculum of the English math and history classes
They are indoctrinating the kids and normalizing these acts
Unfortunately since it’s a law there is nothing you can do except teaching the kids at home and at church
Or taking them to private schools

Kudos to this mayor for doing the right thing!

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

K12, Inc. Data Breach. 7 million public, private and homeschoolers are involved.
“The database contained the names, ages, and genders of students along with their respective schools — information that many parents would not be comfortable sharing publicly,” Bischoff wrote. Students’ names, states, age, birth dates, school district, genders, grades and school names were all included in the database.”

Illinois joins the states of California, New Jersey, and Oregon that are pushing this indoctrination:

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

I guess this is where we will be heading since Public Education is all about creating workforce now…

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

This is from a training in Indianapolis Public Schools. Yup. Rigor. Grit. Get those babies away from those toys because everyone knows the best assembly line workers need to be kept in line, in a box, and unimaginative.
Shame on any Superintendents who push this garbage. They surely must know the truly creative and smart people, the innovators, are not born from this deprivation.
Fight back. Don’t allow it, teachers. You hold the power. Use it.


And here are the replies to this post:

Speculative investment in human capital via badges (with perpetual debt) brought to you by the Lumina Foundation, based in Indianapolis.


People don’t understand digital global labor pools. There aren’t living wage jobs now. How do they think there will be MORE jobs later when these children with the portfolios of badges are competing for gigs through algorithmic job awarders with poor people all over the globe. They just can’t wrap their mind around it.

Last year my students were given a 15 minute recess. WTH? So I stopped math 15 minutes early and took them out myself to extend to 30 minutes.

It’s the little things like this that allow us to take our power back.

They are trying to create mental illness that they can treat with their “evidence-based” social impact interventions.

so do NOT miss that bs they are always ramming down teachers throats… I retired not a second too soon …. I also would of tacked on 15 minutes of recesss… good for you and your kids!

WTF… is this poster for real???? GAH!!!!!
I’ve got a go fund me for more play material for my classroom, and met with my new principal during my
Off to see if i can raise money for a painted
Peaceful playground blacktop for extra recess.
This is crazy.

No, it’s late-stage capitalism.

I believe Pritzker is funding much of Hickenloopers campaign.

We also need people to organize to stop this. We need for educators and parents to join together and speak up and refuse to be a part of this. This is not a “Donors Choose” type of scenario. We need direct action and we need for people to come to grips with the danger we are in, that all of our children are in. This is not “crazy.” This is not a “mistake.” This is not something we can “elect” away. This is transnational global capital that aims to prey on our youngest, most vulnerable people-all of them, in every corner of the globe. I am SO tired of people not trying to get what is happening. It’s time.

This makes me angry as a teacher and a parent.

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

This letter needs to go viral. I hope you will do your part in making it happen! This letter needs to be posted on every single Christian church ‘s facebook page and it needs to be read aloud by the preachers of every single Christian Church in the USA…The author NAILED IT! TRUTH!!!! Let it shine! Please share! Here it is:

Lisa Watkins is a black educator in Kansas City. She was a longtime ACLU activist but ins now a Christian educator. Here is a letter from her, forwarded to me by E. Ray Moore. – Lisa makes it very clear what is happening and why. We had better wake up!

Hello from Kansas City

I am reading with a heavy heart that Christians in South Carolina are slowly going down with the ship regarding the transition from Christian/abstinence based sex-education to a Planned Parenthood designed model of sex-education. I am not shocked that the ship is going down, because liberals have a methodical plan to devour America through the government school system… but I am shocked to see that Christians continue to have this ‘dear-in-the-headlights’ reaction to something that they have seen happen again and again and again. State-by-state, the liberals come in and take over the school boards. State-by-state, the liberals seek to remove any reference to Jesus. And state-by-state, Christians act like this is their first time at the rodeo.

Please note that the key to liberal success isn’t their genius super secret plan to take down America. Their plan isn’t genius and it certainly is a very open secret. There isn’t a conservative in America that can’t quote Saul Alinsky. The key to liberal success is the predictable reaction by Christians to their not so genius openly secret plans. The liberals can be certain of one thing. They are certain that Christians will give speeches citing their outrage. These speeches will be recited at school board hearings, on TV, on talk-radio, in beauty parlors, and over kitchen tables, and on YouTube videos…. but what will NOT happen, is that Christians will not abandon the government schools. Liberals are students of human nature, and human nature tells them that people prefer comfort to pain. People prefer the status quo to change. And the government schools give people more comfort than pain. It is easier to send your kid to the government schools than to make the financial sacrifice to pay for private schools or to homeschool. The government schools give parents a predictable, comfortable routine.

So as long as Christians continue to support the system, the system will remain in place. Christians will boycott Target, because free-markets have given us a rival system (Walmart, Kmart, etc.) But what difference does it make to boycott Target’s bathroom policy when the schools you send you children to have the exact same policies as Target? Christians are scolded to not give Target $100- per month, because the store will look at their bottom line and amend their policies. But the same Christians will give the government schools their precious children every day, each valued at $7-$20k a year by the various school districts? Using the same logic, it would follow that the school districts will also look at their bottom line and amend their policies.

Here is another example, imagine the voice of the rapist who excuses his actions by saying, “Her lips said NO, but her actions said YES”. This is where we are with Christians and the government schools. Your words say NO, but your continued support of a wicked system says YES.

Think about this little lesson on compromise that I learned as a liberal…. imagine there are 2 groups who disagree on a subject. One group wants A, the other group wants Z. They are at an impasse, so they decide to compromise. They meet in the middle. They meet at M. On the surface, it looks like no one has won, but when you scratch the surface, the Z group has really won. The Z group has the momentum. All Z group has to do is wait a little while and then make the argument for Z again. Z knows that his opponent will not agree, but his opponent might be willing to compromise again. Here is the critical part, while we have been waiting, the A group has been redefined. Their children are no longer A’s…. they are now M’s. Compromise has changed the environment that the kids grew up in. The 2 groups are no longer A vs Z. The groups are now M vs Z. So if we agree to meet in the middle again, we will be at T. And just like his forefather (A), M. is under the illusion that both sides gave up something. So again, the Z group will simply wait a while and reach out to the T group regarding their old disagreement, and again the Z group will suggest a compromise, and the T group (like their forefathers A & M) will agree to the compromise. So now they will meet at W. The Z group has victory at hand. They only have to wait one more generation before there will be no significant difference between the W group and the Z group.

Please understand that the power of Z was not only in A’s willing to compromise. The real power was in A’s willful blindness regarding how the environment was being changed all around him. Each generation that grows up under the compromise will look at the original A group as a group that is out of touch. The Z’s will turn the A’s children and grandchildren against them. The compromise conservatives (moderates or RINO’s) will have just as much contempt for the true conservatives as the liberals do. The funny part is that the A, M, and T groups will swear that they are not losing. They will drag out all the rare exceptions of how there is still hope.

It is critical that Christians understand that we are at the W stage of the game. Today’s kindergarteners will grow up in a school district where Jesus is mocked, sex is encouraged, homosexuality is celebrated, America is denigrated, conservatives are racists, masculinity is marginalized, big government is celebrated and illiteracy is accepted. Today’s school kids are the last generation. The problem is no longer limited to California and NY. Bible belt states like SC and Kansas are losing the fights in their school boards and state houses.

We are at the point where we all must look at ourselves in the mirror and ask the following….
What would it take before I will refuse to put any more energy into the current system? If you refuse to define your breaking point, it will be easy to keep moving the goal post. Ask yourself why you are still clinging to a system that hates you?

Pastor Ray is right, we need a plan. The plan exists, but it cannot work if Christians are not willing to see the need to exit the schools.

‘Hear this now, O foolish people, Without understanding, Who have eyes and see not, And who have ears and hear not: (Jeremiah 5:21)

And another post from this group, albeit from back in March:

Listen to SC Republican Shannon Erickson, Representative, SC House District 124 talk about the need to track ALL children, INCLUDING HOMESCHOOLERS, from BIRTH to the workforce.

Visit to join the movement to Stop Fed Ed.

And some replies to this post:

And ALL our Pickens House Representatives voted FOR the 0-20 Communist Committee Committee …thank God Senator Rex Rice does not agree and helped strike this overreach Committee from the Senate version…but don’t get too happy…cause the fight to keep it out of the legislation ain’t over till the fat lady sings…

And if ANY of you actually believe that just because she RAN as a Republican, that she REALLY IS one, you need a reality check. Dems in this state can magically “turn” into a member of an opposing party JUST to get elected in a red state. They are like Muslims – “deceive if necessary” to accomplish your agenda. Molly Spearman IS a democrat just like this. If enough people would rise up and hold them accountable for their ideas NOT their party, we would have less to battle.

How about we start with not voting for them. Here’s the deal, Republicans in SC are so easily fooled into voting against the best Republican candidate that they often vote for RINO’s and worse. EXAMPLE – A pro school choice group in SC, which still exists, sent money to my opponent who announced his candidacy with these words: “My name is _______and this is my wife Suzy. We are products of the public schools and our children, when we have them will be products of the public schools.” He ran as a Republican because ours is a Republican district – but he was not registered when he signed up to run. He was pushed by his firm and parents to run. When he got the $1,000 check from this pro-school choice group, he returned it immediately. But did the group endorse me? No way – and i lost by 43 votes – winning the 6 county precincts and losing the 3 inner city precincts where I live. Just one case study of many showing why we have the representatives we have. Don’t blame them – they are just politicians, blame the people who elect them, especially those who consider themselves to be Republicans.

Sadly at the local level their political affiliations are are also hidden and most do not take the time to research vital background not covered by media. Too often Money becomes the tool of operation which invites lethal compromise that always affects conservative, constitutionally orientated people. In many ways limiting donations to ONLY individuals could actually change the direction.

Yes, because that “Christian conservative” group that preferred the well-financed, recruited, reluctant, highly paid lawyer over an eager grassroots Republican woman, an experienced campaigner with a very conservative track record, making $7,000 a year as an adjunct professor but financing her own campaign. People should be revolted by this kind of thing – but we’re used to it and so it seems normal. Watch the Dems – they don’t do this sort of thing because they are not in politics so much to get rich as to get their policy preferences enacted into law. We saw how NOT EAGER Republican congressmen were to take advantage of their political dominance in all three branches of government. NOT!!! They are in politics to get rich and they do not care about policy – they support the policies that will advance the goal of getting rich. I am very sad to say this, and am willing to listen to alternative explanations, but that’s what I see.

perhaps that is more true at the state level before they evolve to the federal level when THEY DO in fact get rich from being planted there! That’s what created the swamp in the first place!

I think a lot has to do with the nature of true conservatives and the goals and values they pursue. They are business owners, craftspeople, and positions where level of income is secondary to accomplishing their talents or dreams. They are more individualistic seeking to better their own lives and contributing to society through self suffiency. Liberals are geared towards careers of influence whether or not they actually have a talent or proclivity for it. They just seek the power and they use intellect to add to the illusion they need to fulfill this image. So they are willing to stomp over anyone else, even traditional values to reach such status. Values themselves are relative and they will Change or create them for stepping stones along the way. Not so for those of us who’s values ARE not relative and therefor obstacles that are futile to breach and involve moral compromises we know we’ll pay for in a spiritual sense. Hard to nail down in words but that’s much of it I think.

Why does one group need to follow “where these children are?” It’s none of their business. America won the cold war without this and the Soviets lost with it – go with the winning strategy – FREEDOM!

The real problem is that we ALL SEE where that would lead but not enough will commit to pointing it out, and taking the necessary action to be a powerful enough force to effectively contend it.

We are in a time when money rules! How can you get someone to run for office without a million dollars at least? The only way to get in the first time is door to door. Many communites are gated! Many people will not come to the door. Winning the first time is a tremendous task. Once you are known, you can just put some ads on TV and stay in office. If there is no imcumbent , it is an easier task to win a seat. It is very difficult to unseat someone.

Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling group:

So, Some truth comes out… apparently some of my husbands coworkers have asked if I want to homeschool because I don’t want to go back to work. This Angers me.

And here are the replies to this post:

Uhhh…. going to work would be easier! Try not to stress opinions from people who are non-relevant to your family’s decisions!

I totally disagree with this statement. I worked full time for 27 years. I retired in November at 50 years old to stay home and homeschool. I also babysit my granddaughter during the day and work online about 20 hours a week. I feel like I am on vacation every day. Working full time was so much harder!

I agree with you. I have worked for over 20 years full time. I quit my job last October to homeschool my son with learning disabilities and work as a va at home for a few hours. It is insanely hard to do that and care for my 3 year old. Not to mention mentally hard to adjust to being home all the time.

Ask him do they send their kids to public because they don’t want to parent?

Don’t be angry, just laugh because at least we want to be invested in our kids and not send them out to someone else. I cringe when I hear parents begging for school to come back in session because they can’t stand their kids being home. Often times the right thing is not the popular thing

IDIOTS!! Being a parent, more importantly a Mom, is the most important job in the entire universe!! You are working. And then the choice to homeschool your child/children is doing what’s best for them which is what we do as Moms. OMG!! 😯

It’s sad that men are being trained to only see a womans worth if she brings in a paycheck. You are doing an amazing hard job that has the best benefits money could never buy.

Because if a stranger does it and gets paid it’s a job but when you as a parent with the most love and knowledge of your own child does it, it’s not? It’s not hard work at all! Not the most important JOB you’ll ever have?!? Oy vey 🤦🏻‍♀️

It’s interesting. It is unacceptable for people to find any flaw in a traditional school teacher without being ostracized as if they’ve committed blasphemy, yet when a parent takes on the job, it’s considered “not working.”

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

So I sent that email out on Sunday, that someone posted earlier about opting out of Iready this year. I just filled in the blanks with my child’s info.
I never got a response so I resent it this a.m. I got a call from the assistant principal today (whom wasn’t on the email list, I sent it to the principal.)
Now I feel like sh!@, and feel like this maybe was a huge mistake. Apparently my child is the ONLY one in the entire school trying to Opt out of Iready. I told him I have no problem with my child doing educational things (i.e.reading, paper based work etc.) during the 27 minutes of Iready each day. He asked about IXL, I told him I don’t want her using programs that mine data about my child.
He then said “oh so you don’t want her using the computers or anything at all?” I told him again, only things that mine data using her (N number) are out of the question.
He then laughed and said “okay I got it… basically you don’t want her using the computers here at school, because you know they use their N number JUST to log onto the computer!”
What? This is all getting out of hand, especially after reading today about the SEL mental health questions being asked and tracked by teachers. Ugh I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know where to begin. Mind you, I asked him to send me things via email about what they will do to accommodate her for this situation. None of them will send me things via email.
My hubby said our daughter is now probably going to be singled out/bullied, and seen as a problem child by admin/staff/teachers.
FYI: Sarasota County…7th grade.

And here are the replies to this post:

Doing the right thing for your child is never a mistake.

I just don’t know now if it is the right thing. It really hard to hear out of more than 749 students she is the only one. He said he hasn’t had to deal with this with anyone else. He said he even had to call the school board to get info before he called me. Now(after speaking with the asst principal) taking the paper based approach teachers are going to have to get lessons and paperwork gathered just for her since she is the only one doing this. What teacher would want more work on their plate? This is why my hubby felt she will now be singled out etc….

my child was the only one too. Most parents are not informed or don’t know they can opt out. Spread the word. I was the first to opt out but I wasn’t the last.

She is NOT the only one. My 8th grader doesn’t do iReady and has not been asked to do any other programs. Your principal is being a bully and condescending to say the least. I’m also in Sarasota County. I know at least one other family of a middle schooler that doesn’t do iReady.

Not only that, logging in to a computer is NOT the same thing as logging in to a program. What a tool.

he’s just being difficult. I’d remind him that logging on to a computer is not the same as logging in to a program owned by a company that sells their data to third party companies. At the end of the day, you don’t need to explain yourself. You told him what she wasn’t allowed to do and that is that.

Do your research and do what you think is best for your daughter. You can call the school and let them know you changed your mind. Teachers will not bully your child based on this, nor will the admin. And if they do, then that is a bigger problem than refusing iready.

well, I guess I don’t know 100% that she will. I just know I have read other parents that have mentioned their child being asked/told several times to just take the tests/Diagnostics even after they opted out. That it is part of the schools tactics.

I feel the term bullying and tactics are hard to put on a school. They are technically taking orders from the district, and these words paint our schools in a bad light. I see it this way. I allow my child to participate in iready/school comp for the time being. He is not allowed electronics during the week because im more concerned about screen time than I am about the school using his data. When and if this should get out of control I will gladly speak up, and do what is neccessary for my child.

it isn’t the school using teh data that’s nearly the concern is that the companies are allowed to sell our children’s PII to any third party company requesting it.

I’m more concerned about the data tracking and data breaches that are happening with students personal info all over this country. I mean I have read reports of children having bad credit before they even are of age to get credit cards. Their info was breached and identity stolen long before they were 18. I feel this doesn’t help prevent it, it just gives crooks another easy way of getting info. Screen time is also on my mind though.
And not trying to be unkind here, just wondering why you would join a group specifically about opting out of Iready, if you said your kids participate in Iready? Just curious is all.

It is a bullying tactic. It doesn’t matter if she is the only one. You are the parent. We stand behind you. I felt like my child was the first to opt out of FSA at MSA but we ddI it and now more are doing it. Ask if she can log in as a guest so her information is not captured. Persist. It’s worth it

I am sorry he laughed at you. That is totally inappropriate. You have the right as a parent to guide her education and protect her from data mining just as you would in any other instance. Just because it is at school changes nothing. I was not used to going against a teacher or policy as I figured they know best but it turns out they may not. Make your decision and then stick by it without fear. I support you in doing what is right for YOUR child. Every parent and child is different.

I just don’t want her to be that kid with those parents if you know what I mean. They have a way of pointing things out to the entire class or making kids feel less than. Like last year (before I was aware of this group) my daughter did Iready, each time she would miss where they thought she should be by a few points. She got called into the principal’s office and asked what she think she did wrong to get these scores, what she could do to raise them, and then had to write out a small essay in the office. She said there was 3 kids in her class pulled out during class time to go through this. So the class knew who walked out. Then whenever they had celebrations for reaching the scores, her and the other children weren’t allowed to go. So it was announced in front of the class who gets to go to the pool party and icecream social, and the rest were told to stay in the classroom!

My son is the only one who did not do IReady last year, not sure about this year. My daughter was the only one in her school that opted out of FSA (son not old enough). There are plenty of programs that can be used without a unique log in ID. You may have to do some research and find one that will benefit your child.

well he laughed and said they use their n number just to sign on the computer….so he said I guess everything will have to be paper based for her….more work for the teachers 😫

the computers are interfering with the teacher doing their job in my opinion. They are there to teach not watch while the computer “teaches and tests”.

so the only way to make it eight again is to continue to push back. Not that much work to print a few paper based tests or give her a workbook. You are not asking them to redesign curriculum. I was terrified the first time we opted out of FSA. I was told no honor classes no scholarships, remedial classes. This group got me thru and none of that happened. She is in honors classes and is doing great. Got her out of remedial this morning due to “an error”. It’s all good.

we Opt Out of everything that requires a unique log in ID. If it has an option for guest user, the program is evidence based by third parties and researched and it is of value to your child then o would say go for it. The problem is that a unique log in ID is how your child’s analysis of data is mined. The unique log in ID is tied to the student portal or central network at your district, that’s what you want to avoid.

I was afraid of that. My oldest has been doing big ideas and I just didn’t know I could opt out. Now that I am learning I do not know if I want the younger one to do that. I May have to go against the grain again

I refused everything. Honestly I think it’s for the best. I personally don’t care if they have to use a book and paper. Better than a computer teaching a child. That’s why there is so much lack of common sense and no actual experience by doing. Jmo

I would rather my child pick up a book, use pencil and paper rather than be forced to participate in programs that have no value.

Last year, my kids were the only ones in each of their classes (1st, 3rd, 5th). No one was bullied (including me!) My kids got extra time with their teachers, or extra practice with math games, or read a book. I don’t even think most other students realized they weren’t on the computer. But, if it helps you feel better, get your friends to opt out. The more people the better if we ever want a change made from the top.

I don’t know how many kids are opted out at my son’s Jr high and I honestly don’t care. I did get the vibe from some of the staff that they don’t care for most of the programs on the computers either but we all know they aren’t allowed to actually say that! I spoken to other parents that didn’t know the could opt their kids out of iready and other such programs

And another post from this group:

I didn’t sign permission for my kids to use the internet at school and as a added measure I sent my opt out letter for all sites that have a unique login. I got a email today from the principal that she wants a conference with me Thursday. If they are asking parents permission for internet use and a parent says no, not sure what they can do about it. I am concerned that my kids are going to be left out of rewards like for getting AR points since they will not be doing AR this year.

And some replies to this post:

Yes, they might be left out of awards. Mine opted out of IReady, we bought RazKids and he got awards for that instead. It really does depend on how the school (really teachers) handle it. They will probably tell you there is not other option than IReady to do assessments, not true. We used the DAR. Stand your ground! I don’t know if I would even take that meeting with the principal, to be honest.

Same thing was happening to my daughter for AR she has a learning disability and it would always exclude her because she struggles with reading. I would ask for a replacement to earn just as the rest that would give a fair chance.

I would think under FAPE they would be required to come up with a solution. I suggested read books,work on a worksheet,work on things that target her areas of struggles.

And here is another post from this group. The poster posted an image, but since it gives away their first name, and I wish to keep my poster sources anonymous (to make it harder for the other side to harass and/or doxx them, I’ll type it out myself.):

Got this response back tonight from my son’s teacher… clearly she’s never had anyone opt out before 😬

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Hi there [parent name redacted],

I hope you have had a lovely, restful weekend. I am looking forward to tomorrow! 🙂

I receieved your email regarding [child name crossed out with red ink] use of iReady in the classroom and I truly appreciate your respect for educators in this profession. I only want what is best for [child name crossed out with red ink] in his academic pursuits, and I respect your concerns about the computer program.

I plan to check with [staff member’s name crossed out by red ink] later this week about your concern. (Kindergarten doesn’t begin the program until September.) iReady had been a program in Seminole County Public Schools incorporates in our students’ learning experience as it is beneficial for the individualized instruction, growth monitoring, data tracking, and an engaging/personalized learning experience. I would love to first check with [staff member name crossed out by red ink] to verify procedures concerning omitting the learning program. I will let you know as soon as I have information regarding iReady.

Thank you so much for reaching out to me – I appreciate the communication.

Best regards,
[Teacher name crossed out by red ink]

And here are the replies to this post:

Obviously no one has ever opted out with her. Lol.
Whenever she gets back to you, just reiterate that you don’t want your son using it (or any other program that involves sending data).

Also… why is this email making me doubt my decision??? I feel like I’m a jerk for opting out of this 😬

nah. You’re good. You’ve done your part.
When she does get back with you, ask to see the peer-reviewed research to support its use. She won’t be able to

no doing what’s right for your kid isn’t always easy when you go against the powers that be…. don’t second guess

Just tell her you dnt want your child using any program that rewuires a unique log in
She should be aware if parents opting out and if not than her supervisor should have no issues with your request

I understand how you feel. I felt the same way the first time I informed of my decision to remove my kiddo from the i-Ready program. The School Staff told me the program was a great opportunity to provide individualized learning, but when I asked to see how that was possible they just talked about the data the computer program generates. At the end of our meeting, it was obvious that iReady is being used as a test prep. It was an uncomfortable meeting, but one of the best academic decisions I have made for my kiddo. He was provided with paper base work while other kids did iReady.

my son’s teacher made me feel the same way when I mentioned my concerns. I was truly shocked that a teacher who taught gifted children thought this was an excellent learning tool. I even mentioned to her as a former language arts teacher and having done my own research I disagreed with the value of it. She did not seem very happy.

it’s VERY MUCH TEST PREP! I wish more teachers would do their research and speak up to their administration and districts about the program. I have had people tell me that it’s a great time for teachers to be able to put kids on the computer and maybe get something done.

A civil disobedience isn’t “comfortable”
Just remember you are doing what is best for your child.

Our teacher said that admin or someone monitors minutes and if they don’t meet it, the teacher gets in trouble. Is that true?

that’s what ours always said, but once I reiterated that my son wasn’t going to be doing 30 minutes a day at home, they didn’t say anything more.

no. There is no state mandate for number of minutes used. There is no state mandate for iReady. The assessments count towards teachers VAM (value added model).
Ask them to show you the statute.

at our school in broward county the teachers are under heavyyyy pressure from admin to rack up the minutes per child. They track them.

i said the same thing and they didn’t argue but you know what they did? They had her doing iready in class then.

I have a feeling that’s how it is in Palm Beach County too. My son just came from a private school and they only used it for diagnostic purposes and that was it and I clearly gave them enough information about the program that they were not renewing it. I was very frustrated because the AP told me they only did it for 40 minutes which I was kind of willing to except and now the teacher is telling me 60 minutes which is making me a little bit more upset. You’re telling me they’re going to put a child on it for only 12 minutes at a time if they do it each day?

it is true in Clay and Brevard. District monitors minutes. In fact in brevard teacher names with class minutes are posted on the wall in the office conference wall. Because public shaming or praising works well as a motivator?????

In Seminole County there is heavy pressure to get the 46 minutes and 70%+ pass rate. It is monitored weekly by admin and some admin question teachers and students when they don’t hit the expected numbers.

Our schools monitors the quota required of i-ready, and they get penalized if they do not follow, like no field trips. That was last year-kindergarten. I have to see what to expect this year. I am not sure they enforced it Last year but that is what we were told.
Has anyone considered the parent doing the i ready?

I have a friend who was a teacher herself and would actually do some of it for her child because she said some aspects of it were a little confusing but even questionable. My other friend who is a teacher But not an actual classroom teacher she says that the kids think it’s fun and it’s like a video game.

my son dislikes it with a passion, it is a huge argument to have him sit to do it. I do not mind having him do things that he does not like, however based on all the info i read this program is questionable on several levels. It is repetitive and he gets bored, he knows the answers and he is a creative kid, hands on. He also has trouble standing still for long periods of time. I think it is a disservice.
So i questioned if parents did it, the data collected will be inaccurate. At rhe government level nobody seems to listen. Computers and programs are tools and if used appropriately may do some good.

My son has been exposed to iready for math since 6th grade that I know of (2yrs ago) and he can’t stand it!! He says it’s hard to follow, the videos are baby like and he doesn’t retain anything.

I’ve supervised my kids at home the past year and it really has amped up my anger levels with the schools

i supervised the iready too, all the time he sat I sat with him. I also got very angry and i am upset at the school system.

All those reasons she gives for supporting iReady have NEVER been validated. We are supposed to believe iReady does all those things because Curriculum Associates says so.

Tell her instead of him getting his “individualized” instruction from a computer program, that you would prefer him getting it either from a separate “center” or more teacher interaction. Don’t feel bad about opting him out of this! This program is absolutely ridiculous and I know first hand from admitting it to students for five years… kindergarten and first grade. Do everything in your power to say NO!!

And yet another post from this group:

7th grade advanced language arts at Nolan. No mention of how much reading plus time is planned but that it is graded. Is there a recommended limit? As a parent, I never received any info last year as to how this program helped my kid. Or what progress was made. Does it track time spent? Can I access it and see if time spent exceeds recommendations?


And here are the replies to this post:

There is ZERO recommended for any child that is NOT NEEDING REMEDIATION!!! This product is being used to experiment on advanced language arts students at ANY school!

I posted it on Opt Out manatee from the Reading Plus webpage that it is a remedial program. Please do not fall for the king sized candy bars they give as treats for competing the work like little Guinea pigs in a science lab. It appears as though Nolan is the only middle who this happens to because parents say no

I wrote an email last week currently the administration is reviewing my email I blatantly refused reading plus based on the SEL questions on the data mining and the fact that we limit screen time I told him he has no permission whatsoever to partake in that program

Parents need to stand up and have their voices be heard put it in writing called him out and fight

Looks like Hinsdale District #86 in Illinois is ignoring the wishes of a father and letting his daughter identify as a boy:

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Help! Just went to back to school night where I was Informed by a teacher that anti-bullying, anti-harassment would be taught. That it was mandated to be taught within the first weeks of school and that she was very uncomfortable with some of the curricula as it didn’t seem age appropriate. Does anyone have examples of this kind of curricula?

And here are some replies to this post:

1.) You’re blessed to have a teacher with a moral code. And one who is honest about the changes to the curriculum.
2.) The SOGI additions (Sexual Orientation/Gender identity) were enacted to reduce bullying of a protected class. However, it goes way beyond information, all the way to indoctrination.
3.) Arrange a meeting with this teacher and ask to see the textbooks and other material she’s referring to. We usually recommend you start at the district level, talking to the Curriculum Specialist, but since your child’s teacher opened the door, why not start there.
You did not indicate the grade level…But be on the lookout for books such as ‘I am Jazz’, ‘Jack Not Jackie’, ‘A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo’ ‘Red, a Crayon’s Story’, ‘Who Are You’, for lower elementary grades.
You’re child will be taught that there are more than two genders. They can be a boy or a girl. Both, or neither. Dozens of choices now. That the gender ‘assigned’ to them at birth is not necessarily true.
This might be helpful…

What district are you in?

Jefferson district in Tracy

And another post from this group:

This is a post from my friend [name redacted], who is a nurse and her husband a pediatrician: please go if you are able.

Hey everyone, as most of you know [name redacted] & I have been working with a woman on the board for OC Board of Ed, regarding the sex Ed curriculum. This Wednesday [name redacted] is speaking again. Here’s the info. The meeting is at 2:00pm. The more supporters on “our side” who can show up, the better! Here’s the info:

Where? Orange County Dpt of Education
200 Kalmus Dr, Costa Mesa

Purpose: the subject of our speeches are not on the agenda.. but since OC just received a 5 million dollar grant from the state to “roll out” the health framework which will enforce more radical compliance to AB 329, we are again stressing how the curriculum violates their own rules.

The OC superintendent entered into this 5 mill contract without board approval or knowledge. 😡👎

Here is a good news post from this group:

I am so excited to share, I just heard from a mom (one of my boys’ friend mom) that there’s over 87 kids at Betsy Ross Elementary School that are homeschooling and of course, kids are talking about missing school to protest and change the laws so they won’t be taught this crap and they’ll be able to see their friends at school again! Our kids are smart and parents are communicating to their children. It’s unfortunate that not all families see this harm and it’s unfortunate that not all families are able to homeschool or send their kids to a private school. Let’s keep on spreading and educating!!!! I gotta tell you, tears cake down my eyes, it brought me joy that parents are doing something and kids are involved too. And I am proud to say my boys are part of that number. Let the homeschooling journey begin! Prayers are appreciated! 🙏🏻 If God with us, who can be against us? 🛑 ✋ right there enemy.

Here is a post from Alice Linahn:

If this does not concern Parents, Teachers, Tax Payers, and Elected officials- IT SHOULD!! Bill Gates was a key player shifting education away from academics to values, beliefs and behaviors. Giving anyone with an agenda access to America’s children.

“Bill Gates flew from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013 with Jeffrey Epstein.

Epstein, who was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday morning, had told people in the past that he was a financial adviser to Gates

A rep for Gates’ humanitarian foundation denied that Epstein ever worked for billionaire founder of Microsoft, but would not comment on the 2013 flight.

Gates and his wife have championed the education and empowerment of young women around the world through their charitable work.

Epstein had just been released from prison four years prior after pleading guilty to two counts of soliciting a minor under the age of 18 for sex.

Bill Gates hitched a ride on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane – four years after he served time behind bars for soliciting a minor under the age of 18 for sex.

Flight records reveal that Gates flew with Epstein from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013, one of the few flights that year where pilot Larry Viskoski recorded the name of a passenger.

The pair had spent time together previously, most notably at the annual Edge Dinner, which each year welcomes billionaires from around the world to come together and discuss advancements they are working in on the worlds of math, science and technology.

In fact, the 2013 dinner took place just two nights before they flew to Florida, though neither of the men are pictured attending that year’s event.”

Please take note:

  • In 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) a grant for 6.3 million dollars.
    TASA and the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) are trade organizations who’ve been tied to the vendors/lobbyists for many years.
  • In 2004 Microsoft signed a 26-page “Cooperation Agreement with the UNITED NATIONS EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATION (UNESCO) to develop a “master curriculum (Syllabus)” for teacher training in information technologies based on standards, guidelines, benchmarks, and assessment techniques.
  • In 2007 the Texas Education Agency (TEA) was given a $7 million dollar grant by the Gates foundation. With the stated purpose: to provide funding towards a longitudinal evaluation of the Texas High School Project now known as “Educate Texas” funded by“Communities Foundation of Texas”, as a way to understand the effectiveness of individual projects and programs, as well as overall effectiveness.
  • Interestingly, Communities Foundation is the same model Epstein was using in the Virgin Islands. It was the Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI).
    (CFVI) works with Antilles School, the Clinton Global Initiative, Fintrac, and Catchafire. Aside from serving on the board of Antilles School, Pamela Berkowsky, Clarie Starkey, and two other board members served on the board of CFVI, the arms of control used to groom students for the Epstein network.
  • In 2011 Texas legislators overwhelmingly pass SB 6. SB 6 allows textbook publishers to bypass the state adoption process.
    Interestingly, SB6 was championed by Thomas Ratliff who was not only on the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) he was, for over 13 yrs a paid lobbyist for Microsoft. The same Microsoft whose owner Bill Gates gave TEA 7 million and TASA a 6.3 Million dollar grant with the stated Purpose: to provide superintendents and principals from public and private schools access to quality leadership development focused on technology integration and whole systems change.

TASA’s High Tech High~ Changing a Child’s Mind and America’s Future (Updated):

Gates Epstein article:

And some replies to this post:

And CSE is funded by Internationl Planned Parenthood. Bill Gates dad was a big shot with the national PP. Gates and his wife are eugenicists. They co-hosted a eugenicists conference London several years ago.

Common Core reforms have always been connected to sexual revolution. We know this because UNESCO said that their Comprehensive Sexuality Education curriculum would integrate into most subjects through national standards. Peter Greene is right. Common Core standards are data tags, and with Bill Gates at the helm, he and UNESCO can monitor children’s allegiance to the sexual rights agenda.

I wrote this article 5 years ago connecting the Comprehensive Sex Ed Standards to Texas, no one would listen.

parents have no clue how SEL has been integrated into every subject because no longer are there books. It is all being done through computer applications under the title “social and emotional learning.” Here is one example of non cognitive embedded in academic subjects. Texas Commissioner Mike Morath testified before the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability (NGAA). In this two-minute clip, he explained how social and emotional skills (SEL) skills such as hard work (perseverance) and enthusiasm (tenacity) will be standardized, assessed and embedded in math and reading curriculum.–oks&

This is not to be believed. It’s been renamed by TDOE as Social & Personal Competency. Thank God for teams of parents/citizens/educators here as well, deep-diving and researching— it really does take a “village” or rather an army to try to follow all this insanity.

exactly right! And yet we still have all these lazy parents who won’t even go to a damn school board meeting to fight for their kids!

Bill Gates, and his Foundation, spend money to make money. Altruistic my behind,he doesn’t care who he has to cozy up with to do it. The rub; money won’t buy you a clear conscience and it sure ain’t gonna get you a free pass through those Pearly Gates.

Ed tech has never been tried and proven successful in teaching our children academic knowledge. Ed tech and google classroom are successful at collecting our children’s data, creating an algorithm for each child, using predictive analytics based on the algorithm to steer the child in a computer chosen field of interest, creating “threat scores” with the data collected and molding children’s values, attitudes, behaviors and beliefs (whole child social and emotional learning) to align with the UN’s definition of “global citizenship” through the nudging of children using computer adaptive testing like the MAPS test. Between Facebook listening to conversations, Google manipulating the election, data breaches and now THIS, parents must wake up, engage and say NO ED TECH. Return to great teachers, strong academic curriculum, books, paper and pencils.

Here is my testimony at the Texas School Senate Safety and Mental Health Hearing.
I stated this in my testimony.
“if it’s the role of the Government to legislate character development, collect mental health data on students and store personally identifiable information in Fusion Centers throughout Texas. Fusion Centers engage in surveillance of students social media and to use predictive analytics generated by an algorithm to create a threat-score for our children.”
Wonder how the audio and video they are collecting along with threat scores of children will be used in the future!?!

Our group has been preaching this for several years! We can’t get parents off their ass to pay attention! NOTHING is more important than your kids!!

and if the parent don’t want to make the sacrifices who they expect to do it! It annoys me.

Me too! I post stuff all the time that nobody will bother to read. Way too much lethargy in the Christian community, especially.

None of this surprises me one bit. Some major players were involved in this whole thing. It is time for Trump’s AG to take them down.

worth understanding considering California’s Comprehensive Sex Education aligned to UNESCO.

At a November school board meeting, the issue was still smoldering. Marie Briner, an elementary school parent, said she was alarmed to learn of the content of some books in the curriculum. As a former Dallas County prosecutor in the child abuse division, she said that if she had found the material in a police investigation, she would have entered it as evidence that a defendant was trying to “groom” potential victims.
“How is this any different than my sex offenders that have a diary of their fantasies? And I have to tell you, it’s not different at all,” she said.

Such inbreeding — they are all one.

And here is another post from her:

Many digital payments can be tracked, potentially assisting an authoritarian crackdown.
“It can be easy to take cash for granted, especially in a wealthy, developed economy. Those fortunate enough to live in a stable society usually suffer no lack of payment options. They are getting more advanced all the time, with financial technology (fintech) companies constantly developing new ways to quickly and cheaply make purchases and send money. It sometimes seems the days of old-fashioned cash, with its dormant physicality, are numbered.

Allowing cash to die would be a grave mistake. A cashless society is a surveillance society. The recent round of protests in Hong Kong highlights exactly what we have to lose.”

And a reply to this post:

there has been a push the past few years to get the remaining Americans to get a bank account. I am sure you have noticed the commercials telling people they could get their paycheck 2 days earlier if they have their account directly deposited into an account tied to the nifty bank cards. gee who wouldnt want their money 2 days earlier especially if you are living paycheck to paycheck.
i knew it was part of the scheme to get everyone to accept going cashless. bad idea especially if you need it to pay for food or medicine and it is held from you because you did not make the right healthy food choices deemed by the powers that be whom will control your money. tie that with the data collected on the grocery store cards to see what food and drink items you buy and then force you to wear fitbits to track your physical activities. soon the car insurers will get access to the black boxes in vehicles so they can charge you based on your driving habits and states can tax you for polluting/carbon in the environment based on how much you drive. its coming.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

This is what happens when google has a behavioral profile on an individual. Question does your child have a school google email? Does You child’s school use “google classroom” and google docs? Think about that!!

And here is the post that she shared:

Google executive was able to deliver docs and laptop to DOJ but he was Red Flagged and what ensued is insane! Vorhies is a former senior Google software engineer, who on August 5th was in the process of delivering a Google laptop and internal documents to the Justice Department’s Antitrust division.
But his whistle blowing efforts were stymied by police who stormed his neighborhood and locked down several blocks in an attempt to lure him from his San Francisco residence, at the request of Google executives.

What was Vorhies’ crime? Google executives told police that Vorhies was suicidal and a potential danger, Vorhies told True Pundit. The tech guru was red flagged by his former employer. According to news reports and witnesses, as well as video clips of the law enforcement operation from local TV news, police closed several blocks surrounding Vorhies’ Valencia Street residence.

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

So I’m truly just trying to get a better understanding of why some of you are opting out of iReady? Is it more for the data that is being collected, the screen time, or for another reason? (Edited… I should say, the reason I’m asking is because I assumed most parents were opting out for a certain reason, and today I found out that wasn’t the main reason).

And here are the replies to this post:

Data, screen time & privacy issues

the program is not peer reviewed or evidence based, there have been numerous issues with data breaches with these companies and it is only going to get worse. You don’t know if the company will sell your childs info later or what will be done with it. Too much time taken away from instructional time, kids are getting on other sites that they shouldn’t be on and aren’t being monitored

What info do you believe they are gathering? My assumption would be, their GPA is a good indicator of where they are in school, not really seeing a difference between that and the stuff they are gathering.

race, age, name,FSA scores

When this data they collect is breached, or sold to 3rd parties then breached( which has recently happened) kids identity can be stolen and used to create false or fake accounts!

I could also share a post from another group member from today speaking about how kids ARE BULLIED from opting out if you would like I can share that along with other’s personal stories as well.

bullied by teachers or classmates?

my daughter was bullied by her teacher last year for opting out on the FSA, she was told over and over she was going to be retained( she was in 4th grade)

My idea is to homeschool. Reading about stories like this makes me want to keep her home immediatly. Just do not know how to do it and how does it work about “promotion” .

Data collection, screen time, takes away time from teacher instruction, it is used to evaluate teachers, sharing of headphones is a sanitary issue, and the program is not age appropriate, peer reviewed, or any good. It’s also used for FSA test prep, which we are against. And it’s a waste of taxpayer dollars.

For me I had my kids do it at home for the past year with my supervision.
It is supposed to be a teacher led program but we had 19 kindergarteners in it with headphones. There is no way this is teacher led even Curriculum Associates the company that owns IReady agrees.
I find it not age appropriate, questions that are not correct, asking for the BEST answer where there are multiple correct answers.
I can’t tell you how many times my 3rd grader last year who is straight As said mom I’m not sure the answer and I couldn’t tell what the answer was. I have advanced degree. I sent to my retired principal friends and they didn’t know the answer either.
I have posted NUMEROUS examples. I can tag you if you like.
For example counting scattered dots over a computer screen where my 5 year old didn’t remember where she started from was a good use of her time or taught her anything. I want my kindergartener to use manipulatives.

Thank you so much. Yes I agree, when my son was in Kindergarten I didn’t like the dots that they had to count, even in rows was hard. I did supervise set of kids on the computer while volunteering in the classroom, and found it very frustrating for their age group. 1st grade wasn’t so bad. It’s like they had enough practice to maneuver through the program a little more.

^this. It’s just trash. It was so glitchy/wrong answers/poorly phrased questions… 👎👎👎 ETA: when I tried to opt-out the hostile teacher said my gifted kid was “remedial” according to iready. Funny- seeing as how ALL her other work/tests… easy A’s

I hated iReady what my 3rd grade for ELA more than K. We used iReady scores as he opted out of FSA so we did it but no more.
He can read a book 📚 during that time and that will be more helpful. We don’t need it as test prep because we won’t take the FSA.

I opted out because I choose face to face interaction with teachers and peers over screen time every single time. More screen time does not belong in elementary schools and the research in support of this is overwhelming. The fact that iReady is a crappy program is just a cherry on top for me.

As a mom, and former teacher, my primary reason for opting out of iready is because I value teacher interaction and instruction from an educated professional.

Mainly for my daughter’s overall education decisions. She has an iep and it was being used to basically to tell her what she can and can’t do based on no proof or facts to show. Other than generic results. Went from being almost right on level to all of a sudden dropping back 2grade levels. No proof of questions asked or answers given. Just random clicking of the mouse or paper based testing that probably had no common sense meaning or answers.

I wish I could share with you the video of [child name redacted] doing iReady in 3rd grade. She hasn’t picked up a book for pleasure since, and I used to have to take books away to get her to do anything else. It’s ridiculous program, AND they can sell PII to any third party vendor they want to. Keep in mind, that could include your child’s social security number if you gave it to them when you enrolled your child into school.
I have way more faith in our teachers than I do a computer program

I’m going to opt out my kids this year because they hate it. I haven’t met a kid that doesn’t hate it. Kids should love to read and I truly believe I-Ready steals the joy from reading. I’m an English teacher, BTW.

It’s also using kids basically as test subjects for a useless scam that schools pay for. That money spent on this could be better put to use.

Mine is screen time and he doesn’t seem to retain anything from the programs. With no screen, there’s no data to collect. I also worry about privacy as I don’t know what personal info is stored on him or the family. I also think the school districts could spend this money on things for the schools or teacher pay instead

I have a serious problem with the absolute void of any third party data or research to suggest that this program is any more helpful or effective than direct and skilled instruction or the myriad of other strategies teachers use to teach. The program itself says its targeted demographic is students who are struggling with reading, yet my district is having all students use it regardless of their levels of reading proficiency. Why? Until there is third party research, not paid for by the company, to suggest this program is as or more effective for ALL students at building reading proficiency or enriching it, I see no need for my proficient reader to participate. We ask our students to think critically and provide evidence based reasoning for their choices. Yet we spend millions on software that only the company has promised us works?

As a physical therapist (and one formerly working for our school district), I have a hard time allowing a program with zero data to support its use and what they claim.
Schools and accommodations are always data driven, but they don’t seem to follow suit when it comes to using these super expensive programs.
I can think of a lot more ways to use $500K in our district

my 9yr old can do the higher level multiplications as well as division. I have witnessed it at home and her tutor witnessed it. Her tutor asked her teacher about summer work and told her what she knew. Her teacher point blank told the tutor well she can’t do that here in my classroom. They had her doing below her level of work based on the online assessments and wondered why she was frustrated and upset. I told them she is bored with it.

Three years ago, My then 2nd grader was misdiagnosed by i-Ready and he’s opted out since. I’m in NY, so the stakes are not nearly as high as they are in Fla.
Do the schools in Fla send home any i-Ready reports/assessment results? Can you access them online? My district in NY sends home the generic parent report that does not tell you many specifics. Often times they send nothing home at all.
There’s an i-Ready report called, Student Response to Instruction, and it assesses a student’s performance down to specific standards. This report is what’s used to “personalize” a student’s instruction.
I’m the only parent in my district to ever request this report. This is the report that showed me my son’s education was being inaccurately personalized based on an erroneous assessment of his abilities.
Specifically, he was receiving remedial vocabulary instruction even though his vocabulary was well above grade level. His overwhelmed teacher didn’t know him well enough to even realize it. She just prescribed the i-Ready recommended strategies & interventions and moved on to the next student. Rinse, lather, repeat. 😢

In Michigan but our district uses iReady to comply with a state reading law. Appreciate everyone’s comments here. My 2nd grader has anxiety during the diagnostic testing and my 1st grader is a lefty so she has trouble using the mouse in the computer lab! I wish I had a different option.

The program is useless and has shown no real proof of its effectiveness. However, it has shown its ability to dehumanize assessments. It strips a student of any evidence of their literary thinking and mathematical identity and in its place, assigns broad, meaningless labels, labels based on a generic list of skills that students “like them” generally need. Despite lumping students into broad categories, iReady has zero hesitation when offering precise information about what a student likely can do and what their next instruction steps should be. Its reports are generated based on scores, NOT generated from the specific questions answered correctly or incorrectly. Instead generated on a generic list based on what iReady thinks a student who scored in the same range in the same domain likely needs.
The diagnostic reports are then used by school educators and administrators to determine whether a student is in need of intervention. To use reports in this manner without accurate, more specific results, seems a bit ludicrous because a teacher never sees what questions were answered correctly or incorrectly. They only know a student scored less than favorably in, for example, number and operations. Number and Operations is a broad domain, so much so to be actionable let alone to determine if a student is at risk or in need of intervention.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

Any useful websites for a mom who’s dealing with this for the first time. My daughter is finally in 3rd grade and the first….. VERY FIRST thing my daughters teacher told her when we met her is that she’s going to prepare for this big test. I know I want to opt out but have no idea where to begin. Today was her first day and they told all the kids they can’t move into junior high if they don’t pass it. This is day 1 and my child is already anxious about it! What are some other scare tactics they will use and how do I properly address them?

Here is another post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

Our school/district (Manatee) has already started implementing the first iReady assessment 3-4 days into school year

This states from Curriculum Associates that it should be administered 2-3 weeks into school year.

Kindergarteners 4-6 weeks into school year.

Anyone else schools already start administering ?

This SEL article from the sinister Edutopia mentions SEL being coupled with “personalized learning” in schools in Vermont:

As alarming as the rest of the article was, what stood out the most was that they openly admitted that they were using SEL and “personalized learning” to push the UN’s “Sustainable Development” Goals:

“Up the road at Burke Town School, students use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to map their town’s assets and identify individual and collective interests. One student group has created public murals in support of mental health and wellness, another has built a community garden, and still another has set up mountain biking trails on the school campus.”

Now it’s Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, California, Colorado, and Illinois.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

My son’s 7th grade ELA teacher gave me the list of reading for this year. One of the books is “Touching Spirit Bear” I have looked on Common sense Media (our go to) for the content but it doesn’t come up….. anyone able to shed some light on this book and what is REALLY inside- not just the summary.

The Graphic Novel “Monster” is also on there…… any info on that one?

And some replies to this post:

Oh my gosh, I would NOT want my son to read Monster! Not appropriate!! I’m in Hawaii and we’re always right behind CA on social issues which is why we had to put our boys in a private catholic school to avoid situations like this.

Why is this being shoved on our kids ? Thus is the last piece of evil that Obama passed into the school system 2016 to be adopted January 2017 before Trump cam in ! Wake Up America 🇺🇸 this is an attack on our kids

Plugged In (Focus on the Family- which is too conservative for some families) does a break down of issues addressed in the book Monster. It will give you an idea of what will be in the graphic novel.

wow after reading thr book review i wouldn’t want my 7th grader reading this either. Adult book

We do the same. Actually my 10 year old usually looks things up on it before I even know about it.

I wouldn’t recommend Monster for a 7th grader.

From what I understand, Common Sense Media is a part of the agenda and cannot be trusted 100%

Wow, just read that review for Monster! How is this recommended for a 7th grader? That’s my sons age! Such adult ideas that young kids just don’t need to know about well into adulthood. If I had to find one good thing about this book I’d say that it might scare a young man off from considering a life of crime by reading about the realities of prison life… but if we raise our children correctly then this prospect should not become a reality

After reading the plugged in review…. definitely not 7th grade material to me!

Here is another post from this group:

At our school (ex, Betsy Ross Elementary) they were sneaking in a “Diversity Week” event and when asked what was the purpose of it, that was the answer, to teach ALL students to accept ALL. I asked if they were going to include to accept ALL religions and other things. I specifically said, “like Catholics, Christians, Mormon, how about Muslims, Buddhist, will you be teaching ALL kids to accept the Islamic beliefs? Jehovah witness’? Some people believe other people have the right to get angry and get a gun and go shoot that person and others that may be around?” We’re including that?
The principal & vice principal gave me a look that told me they knew that I know they are not including that and that they can’t straight forward answer me “we can’t offer that (religion) in a school setting because it may be offensive to other kids”.
That sneakiness of it and their poor transparency told me I needed out for my kids NOW!

Here is a post that was posted on Alice Linahan’s wall:

My prayer is each of you understands just how dangerous the below information is. And, that Epstein’s network along with Ed Tech’s access to our children, is what Trump and all elected officials will push to destroy.

Why is it significant that Jeffrey Epstein was close to the Tech giants?

Because they have access to our children’s private student data which they are using to create the now federally mandated Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability. With government-regulated “school choice” they have access to our private and homeschool students from Pre-K through the workforce.

The now federally mandated, College and Career Common Core-aligned Readiness Standards and Assessments are adaptive. Meaning, they have the ability to groom and modify our children’s values, beliefs and behaviors. Which is exactly what Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were doing via their St. Thomas Network, Community Foundation, tied to the Clinton Foundation and Elite Antilles School.

As shown here:

This happens to be the same Philanthropic business model Bill Gates set up in Texas through the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) and the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)’s New Vision for Texas Public Education and is being fully implemented by Texas Education Agency (TEA) Commissioner Mike Morath and his Philanthropic advisor, Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF)’s Stacy Hock. Who happens to be a funder of the MIT Next Generation Science being developed to modify students values, beliefs, and behaviors. Need Proof watch this:


It is also important to note: Epstein’s, right-hand women, Ghislaine Maxwell, has a sister who works at the University of Texas Dallas, Christine Maxwell.

“Maxwell is the creator and co-founder of Magellan, one of the first professionally curated online search/reference guides to Internet content.

After Magellan was acquired by competing search engine Excite, in 1996, she went on to co-found Chiliad:a software company involved in the advance of on-demand, massively scalable, intelligent mining of structured and unstructured data through the use of natural language search technologies. The firm’s software was behind the data search technology used by the FBI’s counterterrorism data warehouse.
She is the Program Manager of Learning Technologies at The University of Texas at Dallas[9] and is involved in Special Projects for Information Resources.
Maxwell is a former Trustee of the Internet Society[10] and The Santa Fe Institute.”

Please take under 5 min. to listen to this very wise woman’s call to action and what our mission is…
“Today in our society, we are morally blind…
If we knew we were blind we would be looking for a doctor. But, as we do not know we are blind, we believe we see, but in fact, we are blind.” Alice von Hildebrand

Alice von Hildebrand on… Technology-

Here is a post from the ParentStrike group:

“Even now that both companies have fixed the software flaws Demirkapi found, he says that his work should worry anyone who cares about the security of student data. “It doesn’t seem like there’s any interest in this from the security field, because the incentives just aren’t very high,” he says, pointing out that neither Blackboard nor Follett has a bug bounty program for rewarding security researchers who find and their vulnerabilities. “These companies say they’re secure, that they do audits, but don’t take the necessary steps to protect themselves from threats.””

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

This Future of Privacy Forum video is shameful. Amelia Vance discusses the “unfortunate” state student data privacy laws that came about because of parental “fear and lack of information” (10 minutes).

It’s wonks like this who make it easier for people like Mike Morath to sell sensitive student IEP data to start-up edtech companies and get away with it.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Over my last 10 years of teaching we no longer had much say in what we taught or how we implemented it. . Instead of teachers being able to reach the standards in whatever way they creatively chose to while also using district texts, we were limited to curriculum from the district and not even allowed to use our own stuff. Teachers became “worker bees” in a strict and controlled environment.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Interestingly, Bill Clinton was a keen supporter of the charter school idea.

Why- “With four billion dollars of funding over 25 years, the federal Charter Schools Program has turned out to be one of the larger and (in my view) more successful examples of government-supported research and development in the K–12 realm, in ways that have fostered considerable innovation.”


To groom them and modify their values, beliefs and behaviors.

The question is- Whose values, beliefs and behaviors? Think about that!!

Clinton “favored (public) school choice, and was a keen supporter of the charter idea. Clinton had, as Arkansas governor, chaired the Democratic Leadership Council and its Progressive Policy Institute, which served as key boosters for the charter idea. In time, he would declare that he wanted to see 3,000 such schools in the U.S. by the year 2000. (That target was hit a couple of years later.)”

Here is another post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

My wife’s a teacher and was dumbfounded that the first thing out of the social studies instructor for our district was that children have the right to identify with whatever gender they choose and by any pronoun.

And here is another post from this group:

There are few teachers who feel compelled to leave their job or be fired over their opposition to curriculum content.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Nothing like going to meet the teacher and having to sit through a speech by the staff about how opting out is not an option and you as a parent are not allowed to remove your child from a classroom to avoid a test no matter what you may see on social media!!!! UES, please quote the state law to me, we don’t opt out, we refuse and I won’t remove my child from a test but lucky for y’all it’s an assessment! 😘

And some replies to this post:

What?!? What district?

Eastland county district 14 I believe

Our principle tried to tell me last year that it was illegal not to take it 😂

Let them say scare tactics and see if they can really arrest. It’s ridiculous. Since when don’t parents have a say in their child’s learning. I want to put my kids in Montessori school but I have two kids and I can’t really afford $11,000 a year. Is there any other option?!

The option is that your kid refuses to take it. And please let’s not even dignify the discussion by suggesting that it is possible for people to be arrested for refusing STAAR. That’s just silly

They also said every Friday isn’t going to be workbook days or anything like that it’s just straight Staar preparation starting the first week of school. I said well what if your kid doesn’t plan on taking the Staar test? She said well she still has to prepare for it and do the work!

Ask for alternate assignments.
Imagine if your kid was in health and they said every Friday was sex-ed day, but you don’t want your kid learning about sex-ed from the school.
They would have to accommodate with alternate assignments and tests so that your child was not exposed to that material.

Potential fight.
STAAR measures TEKS, and all kids learn the TEKS… so it is a challenge to remove the STAAR prep…
See what it is first, then decide what battle to pick.
I allow my kids to benchmark as long as it isn’t used for a grade. If it will be, we ask for alternate assignment.

This brings up the topic I was wondering about. In the event I need to argue this point further with school district I have a question. The letter I received, indicates a parent does not have the right to remove a child from test (of course) and this seems to be standard lingo schools respond with. I know STAAR is not a test but an assessment, which IS our right to opt out of, correct? If they want to call it a test then I understand we are allowed to review it? So I would demand to see this “test” at what point? Before administration or after? I know they are not going to let me see the almighty STAAR, I just want to point this out to their face and would like guidance from someone that has asked for this.
Also this argument seems so simple in my mind. Has this not been tested in court? If so what was result? What are the flaws in this argument that it is not a test but an assessment which does give us the right to opt out of?

You are understanding the circles the language runs in.🙂
And I would demand to see the “test” (as THEY call it) BEFORE administration. Uh oh, they can’t do that because it is under lock and key. So yeah, it is an assessment your child can be removed from. (Even though the word assessment is right there in the name.🙄)

I think the devisiveness comes from the school wanting to have all the “smart kids” do the assessment for the appearance of the school. The school “numbers” are more important to them than children. So many school officials will do whatever it takes, even lie, to have students take the stupid assessment. Parents, on the other hand, want what is best for their child.
The problem at play is society’s mindset. So many people grew up with the idea of “getting sent to the office” was a bad thing and for those exhibiting bad behavior. Sure, in school some students need behavioral shaping by a principal.
Unfortunately, that thought has lingered into adulthood for many people who believe administrators are the professional “authority” in education no matter what. Now people won’t stand up to authority figures who are either dishonest or spreading false information.
Well, that is my take on it anyway. It stems from the fact that when I talk to people about homeschooling, they are floored that they don’t have to report in to anybody about their child. People weirdly want to please some authority figure, including the government. 🤨🙄THAT is mind blowing indeed!

They give me a hard time about this because my child is in gifted and talented and they even approached her and told her they were disappointed she let her school down and she could have helped her friends out but chose not to! Y’all talk about a furious mama!

what in the actual fuck! That’s BS to put that pressure on her! She should’ve told them if they are relying on me for the school to do good then they aren’t very good at their jobs

girl I was fuming mad. This is one of the reasons I got the certified letter saying I’m not allowed at the school for 2 years! The principal and I went round and round about this issue and many many more and she filed a no trespassing on me!

OMG then how the hell do you take them to school! That’s ridiculous! I can’t believe they act like that

I am allowed to drive there and drop them off and drive to pick them up. But I’m not allowed to basically get out of my car. Also I can go to pep rally and all but I get babysat by the super

This is what scares me, the school “taking it out” on my child or bullying my child to take the test. This will be our first year opting out and I have already talked with my kids about it. I may very well go “crazy mama bear” if someone says something like that to my kids!

we told the principal about it and she said she would handle it and even took it to the super and nothing was ever addressed. Our kids were never apologized to … nothing. This gets worse though because they saw our kids in the hallway and rolled their eyes 2teachers and said we can’t even stand to look at them loud enough for the kids to hear! This was just hurled at the kids who didn’t take the test

they took out a restraining order on you?
What town is this?
You absolutely have to file a grievance. That is asinine.

this is Gorman Tx. This is what started the fight!!! The lice fit i threw finished it up!! I told the school I didn’t want my kid sitting next to a certain kid here. Addressed the teacher about it. And it turned into I’m an adult bully and needed to get my act together lol I told them I was tired of spending 60 dollar a week to treat lice from my kid sitting next to a certain girl and to me it was a health issue and ALL HELL BROKE LOSE!!!

Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you meant that they took out a restraining order out on you due to opting your child our of STAAR.
I can’t speak to the other stuff.

it was that and the lice battle that they got tired of me fighting the two and so she lied a LOT and I got served lol thank God she got fired

The crazy around staar test is just that….crazy…
When teachers are given the tools and resources to teach, the kids will learn.
GIVE them a textbook to bring home instead of the students notes taken in class (which no one can read).
I’m fortunate that our school has text books to send home. 👍

Kudos to this teacher for speaking out for common sense, but it looks like Duval County Public Schools has decided to double down on the gender confusion insanity:

Here is another post from the Texas anti-testing group:

To be honest, it will be up to the parents to educate parents about optingout of STAAR. I am a retired teacher who subs. The teachers today are micromanaged , overwhelmed, and exhausted. There are only a few districts which emphasize academics and not STAAR as their priority. I agree with you [name redacted] . I know teachers in our area who spent most of their summer attending workshops.THEY HAD NO TIME OFF. They are not refreshed and under pressure

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

Public Education and the topic of Accountability:
(TX) Frisco ISD Develops a Community-Based Accountability System

Frisco ISD will supplement the state-issued accountability ratings with a self-reported annual holistic review of the District starting in 2020. Information in this report will include everything from data on student involvement and safety to college, career and military readiness.

Here is a post I found from someone on the Activist Mommy page:

Back to school season…
Advertising is the art of persuasion. I worked for 2 different high profile advertising agencies in LA, both in finance and media, for a number of years. We spent tens of millions of dollars suggesting why people should stay at Hilton Hotels and buy Mazda cars. Not everyone who heard/saw the ads were sold immediately, but enough were so that we could continue spending these crazy amounts of money and stayed in business. There are stats that show if you solicit the same message enough times, people will begin to believe you and they’re hooked. But that’s common sense, right? At the same time, we had numerous rules and laws we needed to abide by to keep us (fairly) honest.
Our current perverse liberalism messages are no different than advertising campaigns. When libraries and schools across the country push transgender thoughts on kids, have drag shows, have “pride” shows or parades geared to kids who don’t even know anything about sex, tell kids to “pretend” they’re gay, to write a “pretend” letter of love to a peer of the same sex, tell teens that abortion is ok, show them how to masturbate, and on and on, it’s only a matter of time before some of these kids will “buy” the message and be hooked. They have been solicited. They have bought the advertising message. And unlike rules and laws we have in the advertising agency to protect consumers, we have absolutely none here for our most vulnerable, our kids! It’s anything goes. While parents, teachers and principals are supposed to be protecting students, they’re often the “stranger danger” we should be leery of.
The current popularity rise of teenage abortion, transgender, and kindergarten homosexual feelings are NOT REAL. They are merely results of very good advertising programs targeting our kids. It’s not hard to convince adults to spend $50,000 on a car, so imagine how easy it is to convince kids to..anything.
I love seeing all the back-to-school pics on FB.
I have many wonderful teacher friends.
BUT, I don’t have all the same lovey-dovey feelings of back-to-school as I used to 20 years ago because schools are the #1 place where kids are brainwashed now. It used to just be college or high school, but now, our 2 year olds are being targeted too.
So, it saddens me to see all these pictures and KNOW that a certain percentage of them will be brainwashed in one way or another this year, in a way that will ruin their lives and families for forever.
More than ever, parents must be involved with their kids’ schools, know their teachers, go to parent-teacher conferences, know what flyers are being advertised on their bulletin boards, set expectations, discuss and debate current events, give them knowledge and confidence so that they won’t be easy prey, and more.

Here is a post from Duke Pesta:

Sherronna Bishop (@Americas Mom) discusses how Colorado schools are now indoctrinating students with a radical sex education agenda in pre-K through high school.

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Our private high school implemented thumbprint technology for school lunch accounts. I refused to sign the permission to allow my students thumbprint to be taken.
My kids are irritated with me and I was told I was only the second parent to raise an objection. Does anyone else see this as a problem? Red flags go up for me whenever asked to sign a consent form.

And another post from this group:

NOAA Peddles Snake Oil to School Children



The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) wants to turn your kids into well-indoctrinated enviro-goofballs, and they are using your tax dollars to do it! Just trot on over to their main page at NOAA.GOV, scroll down the left side of the page, and see for yourself: (Teachers get ready for the new school year with NOAA). By luring educators into their web of misinformation with “ready-made” teaching materials, they have pretty much assured a wide distribution of fake science amongst the national student population.
NOAA’s offerings include lots of scary graphs and videos, one being: Drought Data and Projections; this gem depicts the United States being virtually engulfed by drought by the year 2095. You can even go to your particular zip code and frighten yourself with temperature projections into the next century. I’m not sure why they bothered to go that far forward after Congresswoman Melonhead informed the world that it will all be over by 2030.
Let’s take a look at real scientific malfeasance. The above chart’s red line pretends to predict extremely high future temperatures for my zip code in Texas if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions. Note the large gray area to the left covering the years 1950-2007. At first glance, you would think that a warming period began in the 1970s and accelerated into the new millennium. The blue line predicts how wonderful it could be if all of God’s children started eating lentil burgers to reduce cow farts. The green line (mine) shows the real temperature history, and a reasonable prediction for the future with nothing changed…no job-killing carbon taxes or crazy EPA regulations.
My green line is based on NOAA’s own published data for my zip code (mysteriously missing data for years after 2013). Here are the average high temps for each decade:
1950s: 77.2
1960s: 74.5
1970s: 74.5
1980s: 74.7
1990s: 74.5
2000s: 74.7
Hmmm…looks a lot like a DECLINE from the 1950s. As you can see, temperatures have actually been pretty stable since the 1960s. NOAA’s scary red line projecting a huge blistering future is totally bogus.
Unfortunately, NOAA’s misleading chart is all your kids and their teacher will ever see! Truth be damned. Drop by the NOAA site and take a look, but make sure and warn your kids to sit under their school desks when studying this material.
It worked for us during the Atomic Bomb scare in the ’60s!

University of South Dakota joins the race baiting brigade:

Here is a post shared by the Stop Fed Ed National Campaign page:

In the final minutes of my last day teaching, I finally permitted a political discussion. Some students were attracted to socialism and Antifa’s violence, but they were shocked into disbelief when I mentioned that Benito Mussolini, who introduced fascismo to modern politics, was firmly rooted in socialism and communism. They were further outraged to discover that the Nazi party was steeped in collectivism and even included the term socialist in the party name, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte (NSDAP).
Ignorance about slavery prevailed. Many believed it was isolated to the United States instead of practiced worldwide for ages. They were more surprised – even resistant – to discover that the word slave is etymologically linked to the word Slav and white slavery. Moreover, they somehow “learned” that Westerners were the most enthusiastic practitioners of slavery instead of being among the first to abandon it.

And here is a reply to this post:

The following article is as repulsive. If alumni would withhold their financial support, take an active role in what was actually going on, (rather than merely sharing adventures at football games)….. this would never happen!

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

I was curious to know if any of you have come across the McGraw Hill Impact textbook and Sanford Harmony. These were the new books that my sons school have adopted. Two separate schools both LAUSD. One is going to 1st grade the other 2nd grade. I met with the principal of one elementary today and was told they have yet to do teacher training on the new curriculum but they need to cover healthy relationships and social well being.

And here are the replies to this post:

Key words and phrases here. “Healthy Relationships” and “Social Well Being.” Boy, does that cover a lot of areas. You see how CLEVER they are in that they give such innocent sounding titles to what are really very sexually explicit and graphic curriculum. Do your level best to force the “educators” to reveal this material to you for your perusal. Good luck!

They will most def be covering “that ” curriculum. They want you to feel confident in their teachers. This should keep you on your toes . When our kids are little , we teach our kids to listen , respect and trust the teachers and now we need to redo what we taught them. If the teachers do their jobs correctly, they will not be doing our kids a favor but help our kids along in this world of perversion towards our kids .
I seriously pray for our young’ins, they are headed into a lions den with public schools . FYI my kids were also in LAUSD . Not any more thank you God for homeschooling .

well said!
the Devil knows how to do it sneaky
And these people are serving the will of their father which is the Devil
This is Spiritual battle over the Children. We need to spend more timing in prayer & fight at the same time.

Sanford Harmony is a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program developed by South Dakota philanthropist T. Denny Sanford; mind you, there is a fine line between philanthropy and megalomania. The Harmony curriculum is designed to promote “acceptance”, “inclusiveness” and “anti-bullying”. It begins indoctrinating the very young in pre-K and continues through the elementary grades. The program teaches lessons through the exploits of a little green space creature who is not a “he” or a “she”, but goes by “zhee”. South Dakota schools deliver these lessons through group discussion circles led by COUNSELORS who come into the classroom each week and track each child’s “progress”. This gives teachers plausible deniability when they swear to parents that THEY are not teaching, promoting, or glorifying gender dysphoria. The curriculum seeks to subtly normalize the abnormal and break down the child’s natural resistance to aberrant behavior and accepted norms in order to form in them an approved social conscience, despite what the child is taught at home. Because Sanford has hot and cold running money, he has bought himself a small state and is following the Bill Gates model of global influence and social engineering by tinkering with the minds of the innocent captives of the government school system. The tentacles of these programs, as you can see by the curriculum above, even reach into private schools and homeschools due to the alignment of materials that must be used.

Here is a post from the 500 Mom Strong group:

FYI if you are concerned about what is being taught in schools. This is an email I received from Nancy Churchill in Ferry County. She asked for this message to be forwarded and that people need to be aware of what is going on with sex ed in WA schools.:

Local School Board Control?
Do you know anyone who thinks that the local school board should have final control of the curriculum taught in your schools?

The state OSPI is working to take the curriculum control for Sexual Health education away from your school district. You need to know about the Sexual Health Work Group.

Please ask your community members who want to stop Mandated Comprehensive Sex Education IN ALL GRADES (including K-8) to take this survey –> OSPI MCSE Survey

Here’s what you need to know about this survey:

Page 1 – Demographic Info
Page 2 – Describes CSE and asks for comments. Here are the KEY QUESTIONS and suggested responses.

Q5: Should comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education be required for all students in grades K-12?
Allows a Yes/No + Comments.

Please say NO
Comment points:
1) Do not want Sex Ed in K-8. (provide your personal “why”)
2) Comprehensive implies that Sex Ed would be included in ALL subjects. New curriculum for basic subjects like literature, math, science might also be necessary. We need to strike the word “Comprehensive” from this proposed legislation.
3) Focus on Funding… this is an unfunded mandate. Your district will have to research the new K-8 Sexual Health curriculum, buy it, train K-8 health teachers (and possibly hire a dedicated instructor). Since many rural families do NOT want their K-8 student to receive sex ed training, our districts will LOSE students (and funding) which hurts the delivery of basic education.

  1. Are changes needed to current statutes related to sexual health education (e.g. Healthy Youth Act, AIDS Omnibus Act)?

Yes/No/Not Sure
Please research this for yourself.
I selected “No” because there are no comments allowed for this section. My concern is that a “Yes” would encourage the task force to recommend trying to strengthen the Healthy Youth Act and Aids Act.

  1. Please describe the benefits associated with requiring all public schools to offer comprehensive sexual health education to students in all grades.

No benefit to mandating CSE in ALL grades. This mandate would divert valuable education funding from basic education.
Would also drive some families to withdraw from public schools further reducing our budget to provide basic education.

  1. Please describe the challenges associated with requiring all public schools to offer comprehensive sexual health education to students in all grades.

Finding the Funding for new K-8 Curriculum
Need to focus on Basic Education
Training Staff
Does not meet the needs of our community.

Example: Our school does not have the budget for new K-8 Sex Health Curriculum and teacher training. We want to focus on our Basic Education and improve our test scores so that our students can get jobs or go to college. In addition, this does not meet the needs of our community, and families would pull out of the district over it, which would hurt the entire student body.

This questionnaire is anonymous. However, most surveys have the ability to collect the user’s IP Address. It’s possible that multiple surveys from the same IP might get discarded.

Please pass this information along to anyone who is interested in preventing State Mandated Sex Health in K-8 grades. Let’s work together to keep local curriculum control in our School District and School Boards.

Reach out to your School Superintendent, School Board Members, Local County Commissioners, City Council Members, PTA members, other concerned community members.

Respectfully Yours,
Nancy Churchill, Republic WA, Ferry County

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

Imagine a company that bribes principals to pressure parents to buy their school supplies. Actually, you don’t have to. It already exists and it’s called Yubbler.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Medical & Educational Tyranny ——>

“Last year, without my knowledge or consent, without any court hearings or legal process, without any involvement on my part whatsoever, a legal aid group that gives free services to low income people created a notice of emancipation for my 15-year-old son. Suddenly, my son — without any notice to me — was no longer under my supervision.

“Based on that piece of paper alone, he began receiving public assistance, including medical services and housing and food support. The St. Louis County Health and Human Services treated him as an adult. I couldn’t get any information regarding my son. Even the school refused to allow me access to his records.

“It was then brought to my knowledge that my son had begun receiving hormone replacement treatments from Park Nicollet Health Services to transition from male to female with medical assistance paying for this. I was not consulted or informed about this in any way. I had no way to give or receive any information about my son.”

CA appears to not only have LGBTQP curriculum and radical perverted sex ed but they now appear to be pushing anti-Semitic material:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Read how “China rules using data, AI, and internet surveillance as a powerful new tool for both gathering information and controlling culture, for making Chinese people more ‘modern’ and more ‘governable’.”

“Hu Jintao, China’s leader from 2002 to 2012, had attempted to solve these problems by permitting a modest democratic thaw, allowing avenues for grievances to reach the ruling class. His successor, Xi Jinping, has reversed that trend. Instead, his strategy for understanding and responding to what is going on in a nation of 1.4 billion relies on a combination of surveillance, AI, and big data to monitor people’s lives and behavior in minute detail…Since becoming general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, Xi has laid out a raft of ambitious plans for the country, many of them rooted in technology—including a goal to become the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2030. Xi has called for “cyber sovereignty” to enhance censorship and assert full control over the domestic internet. In May, he told a meeting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that technology was the key to achieving “the great goal of building a socialist and modernized nation.”

…”Early in his term, Xi received a daily briefing of public concerns and disturbances scraped from social media, according to a former US official with knowledge of the matter. In recent years, petitioners have come to the capital to draw attention to scandals such as illegal land seizures by local authorities and contaminated milk powder.

But police are increasingly stopping petitioners from ever reaching Beijing. “Now trains require national IDs to purchase tickets, which makes it easy for the authorities to identify potential ‘troublemakers’ such as those who have protested against the government in the past,” says Maya Wang, senior China researcher for Human Rights Watch. “Several petitioners told us they have been stopped at train platforms.” The bloggers, activists, and lawyers are also being systematically silenced or imprisoned, as if data can give the government the same information without any of the fiddly problems of freedom.”
…”News that a student had been turned down by a college because of her father’s inclusion on a credit blacklist recently lit a wildfire of online anger”

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

There’s a troubling phenomenon in early childhood education. It involves aligning standards to fake play and data collection for outside companies.


“Replacing Recess with Fake Play and Data Collection

One of the first things play-deniers did was get rid of recess. Recess used to be the best free-time for children. For those who understand the importance of play, the loss of recess has been the death of learning for young children.

Playworks promises to return recess and play to children in their schools. But Playworks is controlled physical education at a cost. They outline the activities that children are to do.

Lois Weiner is a former education professor, teacher, and author of the book Future of Our Schools. She says, “We don’t need rubrics for recess. And anyone who says we do doesn’t understand play.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

My daughter attended her first day at public high school today as a freshman. She said that the third class she went to they asked her what pronoun she prefers to go by. She didn’t understand what the teacher was asking and then she realized what he was asking and was in shock. She said every teacher asked her except in 2 classes. Her friends who were older said that this is the first year they have ever done that before. Welcome to high school in Santa Barbara!

And some replies to this post:

Maybe she should have said she identifies as a giraffe. 😡

Great idea! I will ask my child to choose her animal or movie character and keep playing their Game😂

Why not just let the kids that have identity issues deal with the teacher in private? The teacher could simply state that anyone that goes by a different name, pronoun, etc to please write it down and give it to her after class. Why does every student have to be subject to the craziness? What a waste of class time.

My nieces go to universities in Colorado and this was part of orientation😣. Unbelievable.

I’m a college student and one of my teachers had us write down our pronouns the first day of school.

I pulled my daughter out of her public charter Montessori school and she started 3rd grade at the private Christian school I work part time at. 4 days of school and she has already learned two bible verses. And in the student handbook it states that “We believe in two genders, as God created, and if you chose to act or dress in opposition to your biological gender, you will be expelled from school.” Best decision I have ever made.

We have to arm our children to stand up to this garbage, to challenge it and defy it. Its the only way. Then when they get sent home or reported back to us, we the parents will side with our children and continue to challenge and defy this bs.

What they want eventually is a society that people can’t tell what a person is – female or male or whatever. Also, that a person can have sex with any other person – married or not- and not determined by what they are – female, male, or whatever. Or for that matter, whatever age they are. That’s what the plan is. So the question is, what are we going to do about it?? Let this go on, or step up and do something about it. This is how indoctrination of the next generation happens by teaching this in the schools. Government schools have children 6-7 hours a day, 5 days a week until they’re 18 years old. Lots of time to lead many, if not most astray. It’s not just reading, writing, and arithmetic any longer.

I think they are scared to get sued. My sister is a student counselor and it’s very stressful because they constantly change the pronouns they want to go by and you can lose your job if you get it wrong and they are offended. It’s very sad

On Mark Levin’s show his guest was someone that was in the school system & she said teachers are afraid to say anything about the rules come down because the Teacher’s Union is so strong & LIBERAL you absolutely have to do what they say or you lose your job.

We should instruct our kids not to answer such questions. It is an insult. First, they imply that she is not what she seems to be. And secondly, the foundational basis of the question itself is part of the indoctrination. by answering, you validate the question. Its like someone assuming that you stole something and then asking you “why did you steal it.” In all seriousness, talk to your kids and tell them NOT justify such questions with an answer. They would risk insuring our kids at the risk of salvaging the egos of the vast minority of students. Let these fools answer their own stupid questions. The answer should be, “Please feel free to infer what you will. That question is an insult to my intelligence. Thanks.” You has a parent should write the principal and express this. They are plain a point match with us, so we have to keep striking.

Read a post from an EMT they are having all kinds of problems biological women take less of certain emergency drugs so if they pick someone up dressed as a woman they give drugs in the amount recommened for a woman if it is a male dressed as a woman it will not be enough and should it be reversed it is to much!Crazy times…

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

WARNING! Question, when did EdTech executives become experts on SchoolShootings?

AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called Monday for the help of big tech platforms in the wake of an El Paso mass shooting. Is it that they have unconstitutionally been collecting psychological data on students? RedFlagLaws Google controls our kids classrooms?
Google is listed as an “official” and has access to ALL STUDENT DATA!

As stated in Meg Bakich’s testimony found here:

“if it’s the role of the Government to legislate character development (Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), collect mental health data on students and store personally identifiable information in Fusion Centers throughout Texas. Fusion Centers engage in surveillance of students social media and to use predictive analytics generated by an algorithm to create a threat-score for our children.”-

And some replies to this post:

How about understanding the side effects for antidepressants and psychiatric drugs.

WA is also starting a Student Threat Assessment program.

What is Google doing on the panel? Why are there no FFL dealers or pro 2A representatives? abbottfail

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Legislators ask 50-plus firms to explain how they use the ‘vast amount of data’ they collect on students

By Valerie Strauss

August 20, 2019

A year ago, the FBI issued a warning that the rapid expansion of education technology in America’s schools and the collection of student data could “present unique exploitation opportunities for criminals.” Now, U.S. lawmakers are demanding that more than 50 education technology companies and data collectors explain what information they collect and how it is used.
Three Democratic senators — Richard J. Durbin (Ill.), Edward J. Markey (Mass.) and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) — sent letters to companies such as Google, Facebook, Blackboard, the College Board, ACT, Pearson and McGraw-Hill seeking answers to questions about “the vast amount of data” being amassed on students. The information is collected through online coursework, software and electronic devices. (The College Board, which owns the SAT, and ACT are nonprofits but operate like businesses.)
“We are concerned that schools, parents, and students are at risk of having significant amounts of data stolen, collected, monetized, or sold without their permission or knowledge,” said the letter that went to data analytics firms, which collect information, package it and sell it, usually without the knowledge of consumers.

“Last year, Fordham University Law School’s Center on Law and Information Policy found that data brokers make student lists based on sensitive information ranging from Grade Point Average and ethnicity to religion and affluence, among other categories, commercially available,” it said. “This data could be used for a range of malicious purposes, including discrimination and identity theft.”
The letter that was sent to education technology companies said: “Education technologies (EdTech) can be important learning tools that allow teachers to follow student progress and facilitate collaboration. However, this technology may put students, parents and educational institutions at risk of having massive amounts of personal information stolen, collected, or sold without their permission.”
Student privacy has been a growing concern among parents and privacy activists in the digital age, with online companies collecting mountains of data on users. The FBI warning about education technology said the types of data that can be collected on students include:

personally identifiable information

biometric data

academic progress

behavioral, disciplinary and medical information

Web browsing history

students’ geolocation

IP addresses used by students

classroom activities.

In 2014, privacy activists waged a successful campaign to shut down a $100 million student data-collection project funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and operated by a specially created nonprofit called inBloom. It was designed to be a massive student database that could make it easier to share information with for-profit data-mining vendors and other third parties without parent notification or consent.

Now, some parents and students are protesting the Summit online learning system, a joint project of Facebook and a charter school network called Summit Public Schools that has provoked concerns about student data privacy. And more than 30 advocacy groups have urged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to stop developing a database of detailed information about students that officials say is intended to prevent school shootings but that critics say is part of a “massive surveillance effort.”
[Personal data is collected on kids at school all the time. Here’s help for parents to protect children’s privacy.]
Here’s a fuller list of many of the firms receiving the letter:
Google, Facebook, Smart Sparrow, DreamBox Learning, ScootPad, ST Math, Curriculum Associates i-Ready, Realizeit, Macmillan, McGraw-Hill, Snapwiz, Kaplan, Wiley Education Services, the College Board, ACT, Pearson, Student Opportunity Center, Cognitive ToyBox, AdmitHub, Upswing, Formative, Flocabulary, BrightBytes, Hapara, Intellus Learning, Civitas Learning, Education Elements, NoRedInk, StraighterLine, Turnitin, Cengage, VitalSource, RedShelf, Barnes & Noble Education, Canvas Instructure, Blackboard, Sakai, Moodle, D2L Brightspace, Edmodo, Quizlet, Schoology Accurate Leads, American Student Marketing, AmeriList, ASL Marketing, Caldwell List Co., Complete Mailing Lists, DataMasters, DMDatabases, Dunhill International List Co., Exact Data, InfoUSA, Lake B2B, NRCCUA and
Here are the letters:

Google Pichai by The Washington Post on Scribd

Accurate Leads Newton by The Washington Post on Scribd

And some replies to this post:

This sounds good, until one looks at the endorsers. Have you read this Markey legislation?

So, do you think CAMRA is promoting tech? I thought it was along the lines of MD screentime bill…. trying to show that screens are bad for health. No?

People cheering this on…”Other companies and organizations endorsing the legislation include: Charter Communications, Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, the Internet Association, American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, Center for Digital Democracy, Common Sense Media, Consumers Union, Children and Screens: Institute of Digital Media and Child Development, Dr. Jenny Radesky (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Developmental Behavior, University of Michigan Medical School), Dr. Michael Rich (Director, Center on Media and Child Health at Boston Children’s Hospital), Family Online Safety Institute, the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health, and the Center for Humane Technology, Education Development Center, Trisha Prahbu (CEO, ReThink), Dr. David Greenfield (Founder and CMO, The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction).” What a crock.

Yikes. That looks like the who’s who list for brain scans in the classroom.
I just looked at the CAMRA bill. My red flag is research by any means necessary language.

BrainCo in the wings. Let us measure your brain activity. We just want to help you learn better…
Very consistent with what I heard at a Common Sense Media briefing at the DNC in Philly in 2016.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Please take notice. The article below is proof!! When are Republicans going to start talking about the EdTech data privacy issue in Texas Classrooms? Today Rep. Tan Parker, Jared Patterson, and Lynn Stucky all stated they were against “Red Flag Laws”. REALLY???
Yet, Tan Parker and Lynn Stucky voted for SB504, and HB18 and they all voted for SB11 which includes SB10. All of which are; “RED FLAG” legislation.

Now, via Gates-funded, TASA and TASB deployed “New Vision for Public Education” found here:

Along with Texas, Super Highway found here:

And the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) College and Career Readiness, Common Core-aligned STANDARDS and the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability, (which is slowly replacing STAAR EOCs), found here:

our kids are being used as human lab rats for the EdTech Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry. AND, Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) is fully on board. Just look at what circles Stacy and Joel Hock run in and fund. Need proof click here:

All mandated by the federal government. Our elected officials, despite the feel-good talk, believe the role of the Government is to legislate character development (Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and to collect mental health data on students and store personally identifiable information in Fusion Centers throughout Texas. Fusion Centers engage in surveillance of students’ social media and to use predictive analytics generated by an algorithm to create a threat-score for our children.-

WHEN will they start being honest about what they are doing?
Sorry for the rant!! Today listening to our Denton County elected officials was beyond frustrating. AND GOVERNMENT REGULATED “SCHOOL CHOICE” AND PRIVATIZATION WON’T FIX WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO DESTROY OUR PUBLIC ED SYSTEM.

Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

Guess where Alan Cohen used to work??? Commit and also DISD. We can’t data-drive our way out of violent crime in Dallas. Looking at data is but one tool. This is discouraging and I have little faith in this approach. It reminds me of education and the lack of common sense, not listening to the people on the ground, and elimination of time-tested strategies. The attack on police and their pensions mirrors the attack on teachers and the profession. The result of austerity budgets, wasteful spending, and treating people like human capital has led us to a crisis. Data ain’t gonna do it.

Task Force Co-Chair Alan Cohen, CEO of the Child Poverty Action Lab, says they’re focused on data-based solutions.

“We should use data that brings us toward solutions what is working – not only in pockets here in Dallas and other parts of the area, but all around the country. We should look at the very best practices and bring those to bear for our community. I think what we don’t want to do is end up in a situation where we’re looking at band-aid solutions. We really want to get to the root issues that are underlying the problems that are facing the city.”

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

Our children are at stake. When will people wake up?

CPS covered up hundreds of sexual abuse and assault cases in the Chicago Public School System …

More “White Privilege” surveys in Colorado:

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

I was waiting to speak to the teacher Thursday about this at open house.
Son came home today, upset. Teacher forgot about him and he sat alone for 2 hours and missed class time. Was given the class work he missed as homework. 😭😭

For those of you refusing iReady, what are your kids doing while the class is doing it? My son was put in the lobby alone to read a book. This makes me sad and regret opting out.

And here are the replies to this post:

Don’t be sad!! I can tell you as a kid I’d much rather have been in the office reading than doing AR or other computer based reading tools

That is punitive and unnecessary. I would be at the school working it out

This is my fear about opting out of the classtime requirements. I’ve been taking with my girls about what they want and emailing the teachers about what the alternative options will be.

Do they have to be there that day of the testing?

Yes. It isn’t but an hour I think. The teacher probably will not let me find out. She wouldn’t even answer my question on when the vocabulary test is! 🤷‍♀️

This is not right. It’s their job to supplement appropriate learning material instead of excluding.

Very sorry to hear about your son’s experience. Having a child sit out in the lobby to read a book while others take iReady is clear evidence that the school staff lacks leadership, professionalism and respect towards the learners. When I removed my kiddo from iReady, his school staff made sure that he didn’t miss any learning time. The Principal worked with the teachers and together purchased grade appropriate Language Arts and Math workbooks to make sure that my son didn’t miss any learning/practice time. When other students practiced on iReady for Language Arts, my son practiced on the LA workbook. When they practiced Math, he practiced on the Math workbook. Your child’s school needs to and can do a better job to make sure that your child doesn’t miss any practice time. Unfortunately it looks like you will have to email the school staff with the request. If they decline, contact the School District.
My son enjoyed using the workbooks during iReady time. He said that he felt less pressure and happy not to be doing this, and I quote: “super boring computer work that makes me feel stupid.” He is a VERY shy kid, but what helped him build his confidence with this issue was having a conversation with him about what is Curriculum Associates, what is iReady used for, how it’s being used as an FSA test prep, etc. We also did some research together about the Company and its refusal to be peer reviewed.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

The United States has one of the worst stats for child sex trafficking. Age 12 is the average age of a child who is sex trafficked in the USA. 7 YEARS is the average life span for a child who is sex trafficked. The end result is their death. They either die due to abuse, beatings, drugs, or suicide (which btw is the most prevalent). The evidence is pointing to many layers and levels of this issue across organizations and government workers. The layers are just becoming known. Why do the powers that be want to teach “comprehensive sexuality education” (emphasis on comprehensive) where any behavior goes? Well, this might explain a lot. If you don’t realize how pervasive this issue is and the sex trafficking of youth is…then you are just not connecting the dots. Ask yourself why the STATE DEPT of ED wants to sexualize our children? I got question and they start with the CA DEPT of ED? Do you have pedophiles in your organization because it sure looks like it? Or, are you promoting this sexuality to younger and younger children because the scheme is to sexualize our youth so they are easy pickens? What exactly are you trying to do when you list the “anus” as “sexual and reproductive” body part for 10 year old children? Exactly what are you trying to accomplish? What are your goals? PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW.

And some replies to this post:

I watched this, and shared it on my FB. Only ONE person commented on it, and she said she was not aware it was so prevalent. It blows my mind that people not only are unaware, but don’t seem to care.
My grandson started K this year. I, and his mom joined the PTA, and will be active, just to see what goes on. I honestly believe things are worse than people even imagine.

yep. They want to look the other way, pretend it’s not happening, not in my backyard kind of thing.

I’m shocked myself. It’s insane that people are so ignorant regarding this huge issue. I mean really do you live under a rock because with the internet, media and social networking there is no excuse not to know

I’ve joined my kid’s high school council which includes parents.

The documentary he produced is called “8 Days”. It was produced in 2014. This interview in the main post is from August 2019

“Atlanta, Georgia, is the No. 1 human trafficking city in the world,” said Booyens. “I want you to hear me — not Thailand or Singapore or Shanghai — Atlanta, Georgia. Houston, Texas — huge — No. 2 in the world.”

“I’m saying this is an L.A. issue. It’s a white collar crime. It’s a middle-class crime. It’s not what people think it is,” said Booyens.

Remember up to 88% of sex trafficked youth are from the foster care system.

This is horrific! Those of us who are around children. foster care or otherwise, must be ON WATCH to protect these innocent ones from these Monsters that capture and abuse them!

I’m wondering about those same questions.
The left appears to be pushing to sexualize children for their own appetites. They want to legalize their criminal behavior. Clearly they are wanting to avoid what happened to Epstein. It’s a matter of connecting the dots.

And the state of California is trying to normalize pedophila. Add politicians to this.

and they start this indoctrination early. Look at some of the cartoons that Hollywood sends out and in Kindergarten in California they are being taught to say what identity do you want. Pedophilia is now a type of sexual orientation not a crime..

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

TMLC Uncovers Tax-Payer Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced On Teachers

Here is a post from the Florida anti-iReady group:

I wrote it in 2 minutes as my daughter told me 5 minutes before going to school that today she was having IReady diagnostics! I know, it’s horrible. But I was in a rush to write something and try to opt her out. Can someone tell me if it’s ok? At least for today? She started school 7 days ago (Broward). My husband is driving her to school right now and I still have time to let him know to eventually trash it. Thank you.


And here are the replies to this post:

Tell her to tell the teacher to “call my mommy” & to refuse to answer the questions.

Put her head down & take a nap, pull out a book and read, request to go to the clinic…all good options if she is being forced but the call my mommy thing should work.

I’ve given my high schooler permission to Christmas tree any diagnostic or fsa if the school tries to force them to test.

And my daughter is to let the person administering the test know that she is purposefully failing it.

Yea but that gives them data, even if false. I’d rather not give them anything.

I fully agree. However, the school has really given my older two a hard time refusing to even allow them to call me. So, if it comes down to it then they will (oldest graduated) screw up there precious data.

worse comes to worse the kids can always talk out loud during testing and invalidate the entire class’s tests. Admin can mess with the bull & get the horns.

The teacher told her to do IReady diagnostics anyway as she was not able to stay in 2nd grade, or go to 3rd, not doing it. 😠

are you saying that even though you wrote the letter and the teacher read it, she ignored it and your daughter had to do the diagnostic?


That is a lie. The teacher lied to your child.

Looks like Northern Kentucky University is now joining the trans thought police brigade:

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

I sent a note and letter from the superintendent to HSLDA: “In my state of Minnesota, the homeschooling families who report to WCA School District 2342 ( are facing legal challenges from the superintendent. The superintendent is telling them that they are mandated to send in a packet of paperwork and report standardized testing scores to the district…none of which is required by the state’s homeschooling law.

He is also mandating that the letter of intent be sent in by September 6th. The Minnesota homeschooling law states that the deadline is OCTOBER 1st.”


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