Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 24

This is part 24.

Here is a post that I found on The Activist Mommy page from a poster:

My husband is a 30 year CA educator. He ran the Students for Christ club on campus for almost as many years. Each year it was more hoops to jump through for the club to exist during non-education hours..
This past school year he left the traditional classroom for a position facilitating a blended online/charter school (within his district) because we both saw the writing on the wall. It’s a shame, many Christian educators are barley holding on to their jobs because they are not teaching this poison.
We totally agree that PARENTS need to stop letting the village raise their children. Parents need to get aggressive imho. Flood the board meetings, pull kids out so the schools don’t get their ADA $. Make a loud statement with your tax dollars. This is evil and evil needs called out and stopped.

I found this post, albeit from back in 2014, that was shared recently in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:
The only thing my 7 yr old got out of the lesson on the Declaration of Independence

“The Declaration of Independence is not fair because African American people were slaves. It was not fair because women could not vote”

While her sentences at that time in our history reflect true statements, there was so much more to learn than “why it wasn’t fair.” Why does she not know what this means: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Homework has been basically null and void here for this grade since parents pitched a fit in September….so the “gems” are starting to come home in mass volume

(Neither a worksheet nor the original question is attached anywhere so unfortunately I can not provide you with that at this time)

All I can say is if THIS RIGHT HERE, doesn’t make you go out and VOTE this November, I don’t know what will wake you up to the indoctrination that is happening here!! This isn’t about political parties, this is about our future as a Nation and since NYS Governor Cuomo won’t stop it, then he needs to go!

My email response I sent to the Super and BOE tonight: I have attached one of many classwork sheets that came home in the last 2 school days with my first grader Bella Stevens. I have no idea when it was completed as piles of other Math and ELA sheets of classwork came home with it. I am requesting to know why this was the only piece of information that my daughter understands about the Declaration of Independence? I am also requesting to know which module or to obtain a copy of the lesson to know in what context this was taught to my daughter so I know how to go about un-teaching it to her.
For the last 10 months, I have done my absolute best to mind my manners, be thankful for an amazing staff and all of their hard work, and to be helpful in any way that I could be from events at school to traveling to events in Albany to fight for better education (twice in the last 3 weeks as a matter of fact have I been there on ALL of our behalf). So, I do hope that you understand that my absolute anger over this assignment is completely out of character for me.
However, I have been warning the Board of Education and Superintendent Calkins of my concerns over the Common Core/EngageNY mess that we are in is much, much bigger than the implementation alone and I refuse to allow this education reform to alter the history of our nation out of convenience. I was POSITIVE that when I saw assignment after assignment similar to this coming home from schools around the state, that Alfred Almond had it under control and wasn’t allowing such nonsense to be taught to our children.
I have never once mislead this group and if there ever was a time to tell me straight, this right here is it. Is Alfred Almond going to continue to allow Common Core and EngageNY to change the history of our nation for a mere $33 per child in our school district so that they have opportunities to read non fiction out of context, take 10 minutes to solve a math problem that can be done in 30 seconds in your head, and will experience severe gaps in being able to attend a 4 year college…or will you make children and their future the priority?
My daughter is 7…SEVEN…can you imagine what must be going through her mind to think its more important to learn where the Aztecs lived than where she herself lives? To learn about the United Kingdom and their laws, but our Declaration of Independence was simply “not fair”? Her foundation, her basis to our history, our way of life is being altered via Common Core ELA and if you want to continue to stick your head in the mud and not believe what I’ve been trying to prove to you month after month after month, then please, by all means say so point blank without beating around the bush so that my husband and I can make an educated decision about choosing other schooling options for our children.

HERE is THE LESSON IT CAME FROM: This assignment came from
A New Nation: American Independence 11A | Liberty and Justice for ALL? pg. 133-134
© 2013 Core Knowledge Foundation
Comprehension Questions 10 minutes

  1. Literal What are the two big words that you were listening for
    in the read-aloud? (liberty and justice)
  2. Literal The Declaration of Independence of the new nation
    states that “. . . all Men are created equal . . . “ What groups
    of people that you heard about were not given certain rights
    at the time that the Declaration was written? (women, African
    American slaves, and Native Americans)
  3. Inferential If a woman wanted to fight in a battle, what did she
    have to do? (dress in disguise) In what ways were women not
    given liberty or justice? (They were not able to fi ght for their
    country and were not allowed to vote.)
  4. Inferential In what ways were African American slaves not
    given liberty or justice? (They didn’t have freedom and were
    not allowed to vote.)
  5. Inferential In what ways were Native Americans not given
    liberty or justice? (They were pushed off their lands and were
    not allowed to vote.)
    My second response after 2 BOE members replied: Now that I have had a chance to calm down I would like to explain my feelings in a more precise manner to you.
    1)I’m not mad at TEACHER. While I do wish she had caught it, I am in firm belief that ALL teachers have been overworked this year, made to make last second decisions because preparation time across the entire state was not sufficient due to the state’s lack of resources. I also think this discussion was extremely inappropriate for this age group, thus a discussion that she more than likely wasn’t used to having and why she didn’t catch it. Also why I didn’t go to her first, I knew it had to be a module and I already knew how I felt about her role to catch the mistakes that should have been caught long before they reached the local, frontline.
    2) I am slightly upset with the Board and Mr Calkins because I asked over and over and over again in public comment to stop this curriculum until the school was ready and the appropriate time to hash out modules like this had taken place. Local schools, from what I understand like Avoca for example, were behind AA in implementation so that they could take the time…there was no need to rush in a “race to the bottom.” You, or even we, could have had a great discussion about how to dance around the system to make sure this took place.
    3)I’m livid at NYSED, Governor Cuomo, Assembly people, and Senators for not once, at any point, pushing through something that would protect the children from all of this not, rather just from the impact of the testing score (which only helped NYC).
    4) This was unfortunately the last straw for us. We are having discussions as to what next year holds for our girls, as regardless of our love and absolute respect for the teachers of AA, we cannot continue to subject our children to these standards nor the curriculum as we refuse to have them be guinea pigs for this education reform. I honestly have no desire for them to return to public school next year for that specific reason and my husband and I are discussing alternative options. I wish the Board had stood up, fought back like Avoca BOE, like Middletown BOE and administration, like Comsewogue administration, but can minimally understand the allegiance to our BOCES district and NYSED.
    5)I feel it is very important to reiterate that the standards dictate the curriculum and that everything has a certain degree of copyright to it, making it difficult, even more difficult in the future, to make changes. In addition, the Common Core tests are not seen by the teachers nor the parents, so if you were a teacher would you stick to the modules to make sure the children could hopefully pass the tests so that you didn’t become effective or worse yet ineffective teacher based on, up until recently, the enforced APPR requirements?? There are AMAZING teachers that were facing the possibility of termination due to the results of last years’ Common Core tests, and I’m not talking NYC, I’m talking locally.
    Ms TEACHER never once said anything negative about us refusing ALL testing even though my daughter would have been one of the highest scorers for her.
    With all that being said, I never wanted to be in this place. I never wanted to challenge people who have degrees in education, who have sat on the BOE for over a decade. I feel the way I do and act in the manner I do because this is fundamentally wrong and all it takes is the indoctrination of 1 generation to ruin our (their!) future.
    Because 3 out of the 5 BOE members work for the local colleges, I also find it important to finish with yes, my daughter is a very intelligent 7 year old with great writing and reading skills to have written that so well. I understand the challenges of the students enrolling in higher education right now and the lack of “college and career ready” but unless there are special needs or a severe poverty situation at home, ALFRED ALMOND was not producing “those students” at the college level that have been now mentioned several times at meetings or in email.
    Ask Ms. TEACHER, as she told me that this year, all 3 classes of first graders are good, eager to learn kids, “a great group”. The families who aren’t or don’t have the ability to “pay attention” have no idea of the impact Common Core and EngageNY will have on these impressionable little minds. But I do and I will stand up, all alone, for ALL of them if that’s what I need to do. I am on a regular basis uncomfortable myself by the position I’m in, but I know that I am educated, informed, and correct on my stance.
    So with respect, I appreciate your responses and I hope that you can respect and understand mine.

Guess children aren’t safe from being indoctrinated at John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

A Florida middle school is showing LGBTQP indoctrination films:

Also, kudos to the writers of the article for making the tie-in between globalist ideals such as the LGBTQP agenda and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

I love your products, Crayola, but you’re dangerously missing the mark here. Parents of young kids, please reject this thoroughly. This is madness.

Kindergarten readiness is problematic enough — the entire point of someone’s first year of school should be to BEGIN SCHOOL. That’s it.

How much more should the point of preschool be to prepare kids for school? Not to be a benchmark in and of itself. At 3-5 years old, kids are prepared for school by being given time and opportunities to develop social and emotional skills, problem solving and conflict management, and figuring out their role as a person among other people. And that happens through play. Children are literally wired to learn these skills THROUGH PLAY. The physical brain connections necessary for reading do not generally happen at this age. The pathways in the brain that support reading and the preliteracy skills kids need in order to learn to read are built through play.

Stop trying to improve or rush child development. There’s no benefit. There’s no need. Trust the kids.

Parents. YOU ARE NOT BEHIND. Your kid is not “behind” because there is no timetable. We’ve been told and sold the idea that there is. It is a lie. Don’t believe it.

Let your kids color and create and draw, because creativity is worthwhile and wonderful in and of itself and because it will prepare them for LIFE, not school. Give them crayons and paints and markers and blank paper, give them play dough and slime and shaving cream but maybe give it to them outside because that stuff is a mess.

That is what they need. Not this. They have their whole adult lives to do paperwork. They’re ready enough to be exactly who they need to be right now — children.

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Here is a post that I found in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

This is from a mother of another group, who wants to remain anonymous.

Interesting week for me. My son not focusing in class and having to catch up with some assignments at home actually ended up being very eye opening for me. I am already not a fan of common core but have been turning a blind eye except the occasional opt out of test forms because I don’t know what else to do. After receiving all the links to the missing assignments and reading them they left me very upset. Climate change, white American males are the worst, how to protest, big business is the devil, oh and an assignment about Islam.
I then asked the teacher to send me all of the assignments. She is a sweet teacher and she did, except for the book on Islam. She said he could do that in class. I asked her to not have him do it in class and to go ahead and give him a zero. She sent the book about Islam home for me to read to ease my mind. I’m sick!!
Ugh…. this is a 4th grade class at a charter school in alpine school district.
I told her I will want to see all of the assignments for next term as well so that I can work on reversing all of the indoctrination he is getting. So now I’m contemplating homeschool which scares me to death.
This book tells about how peaceful Mohammed was and about the peaceful religion. This is 4th grade common core.

And here are some replies to this post:

This reads like an identical story to what we went through a few years ago. Please send me to wherever this mom posted and I will give her step-by-step instructions on what to do with her child.

Homeschool is the only solution…..I homeschool my 3 grandchildren..there are so many courses out there I did alpha and omega. It is a God based course and they actually teach the right way

Alpha Phonics, by Samuel Blumenfeld, is wonderful for beginning readers.

From jakell Sullivan
I don’t think most parents have studied the roots of Common Core well enough to answer your question, Why Islam? But, the answer is that the very purpose of education has been changed. Remember, President Obama’s administration said that they were “fundamentally transforming” both education AND the federal role over it. What his administration did was to push K-12 schools into computer-adaptive BEHAVIORAL assessments. This means that the purpose of education was changed from teaching academics to teaching progressive beliefs.
You’ll note two things on your son’s textbook:

  1. The company name Amplify. Amplify is an online curriculum, assessment and teacher training company that was on the ground floor of data interoperability with Common Core. If you google Amplify and IMS Global, you will see them listed as an affiliate. IMS Global is the global data standards setting organizations that the Obama administration worked with to get online curriculum, assessment and learning management systems sharing children’s private behavioral information across platforms. The goal is to track your son’s values, attitudes and behaviors over time in order to shape his worldview—AWAY from a Christian worldview and toward an anti-family, anti-freedom worldview.
  2. This is an English textbook. The purpose of Common Core was to integrate all topics into all subjects. In this way, progressives can water down a child’s knowledge of an actual subject AND insert indoctrination on any given social justice issue. Remember, the Common Core English Standards are called: “Common Core English Language Arts AND Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.”
    This watering down of actual subjects creates children that think in terms of moral relativity, not truth.

I’d like to thank Illinois Family Institute for pointing this bill out to me. They were alarmed by, as was I, this part of the bill:

In public schools only, the teaching of history
shall include a study of the roles and contributions of
lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history
of this country and this State.

Click to access 10100HB0246lv.pdf

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

I am a Christian conservative republican , a proud “deplorable” who teaches in the public school system. I know I’m in the minority these days. But I refuse to hide. I feel God put me there at age 43 for a reason, though it’s coming increasingly difficult. ( high school).

And here are the replies to this post:

I can imagine but i would be interesting to know specifically what kind of difficulties you are encountering these days?

I would assume the difficulty is largely with what has been instructed to be taught, the method, the proposed perspective in which something is instilled and with critical facts and history being left out.

I cant speak to much of that, I teach art and pretty much stay to myself and teach what I know and if it’s asked, what I believe. I don’t know what goes on in other classes, though I do know more liberal young teachers are coming in every year and I can’t agree with most of the new protocol. I can say though, a history/economics teacher across the hall believes the same as me and instills truth in what he teaches. Honestly I feel most of it comes from colleges as I’ve witnessed the switch in many passed students while in college. But it hurts when others assume just because I’m a public school teacher I’m “ a liberal” when I loath everything they stand for. Public ed needs to get back to the fundamentals. New is not always better. All this new use of technology where teachers become facilitators, the endless mandates, endless standardized testing are destroying public education and our children’s learning for authentic understanding. In truth, I’ve had enough. I’ll never make retirement coming in at the age I did, I don’t need the insurance benefit because I’m on my husbands. God led me here simply to teach and share my career experiences.

You are a saint!

no, far from it, I just have a natural ability to teach (I’m told)…but there are many others like me, teaching because we were called too, out of other careers and we are all fed up with “the system” the last several years, it’s scary and sad what’s happening. I’d be out now if I could restart my first career monetarily but it will take a while. I’m already 59! To me the pay is not the big issue, it’s everything else ( behavior, mandates, extra teacher courses that do nothing to help student scores or aptitude, Endless PD’s, and standardized tests upon tests, fighting cell phones (band in my room)ear buds, Netflix during lectures, video games, texting, personal “ learning devices” (kids are smarter than we are about getting through firewalls). Grades and productivity have been cut in half by implementation of these devices. I could go on…. it’s insane. I’m just thankful I have an administration that supports me.

And another post from this group:

“South Carolina’s Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were not ended, only renamed and replaced with standards almost entirely identical, the South Carolina College and Career-Ready Standards (SCCCRS). This is not just my assessment but is the conclusion reached by Achieve, an organization supported by Bill Gates, a major power and influence behind the Common Core.

The following assessment is detailed and thorough. It appeared in 2015, shortly after I made my statewide protest in February 2014, as a practicing teacher, on the Statehouse steps in Columbia against the Common Core and how it was adopted in South Carolina.

An excerpt from this review:

“4. Despite the departures noted above, South Carolina’s standards are otherwise closely aligned with the expectations spelled out in the CCSS and Indiana Academic Standards.

Despite the concerns voiced above, South Carolina’s standards compare favorably to the CCSS (and
Indiana Academic Standards) across a range of categories. The state’s standards oftentimes are identical
to the CCSS, and most differences are merely a matter of phrasing.”

Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

The following is a highly unpopular fact that the educrats, victim makers, and public school low achievement enablers refuse to acknowledge, BUT it needs to be said and understood BY EVERY PARENT who sends their children to public school:

When the school offers to make accommodations for your child – low grades/lack of learning, behavior issues, etc. SAY NO!

Your children have a narrow window in life to learn basic, academic building blocks.

If by 5th or 6th grade, your child can not add, subtract, or multiply single digit numbers in his/her head – the very foundations of math- your child will be given a calculator “an accommodation” and both the motivation and opportunity for you child to ever learn these skills on his/her own diminishes significantly.

If by 5th or 6th grade, your child cannot read with competence and requires an accommodation of an adult reading the content outloud to your child, you have allowed the system to rob your child of the ability to read.

The schools phrase their accommodations as helping your child, meeting your child’s “needs”. That is BS. Your child NEEDS to learn to do basic math and read on his/her own, unassisted.

Allowing your child these “accommodations” sets your child up for failure of learning going forward.

Unless the child has an IQ in the mental retardation range, the child must learn the basics. It’s sooooo important.

Most parents (voters) have passed through the dumbing-down U.S. public school system, so expecting parents to recognize the flaws is unlikely. We are on a path to institutionalized idiocy!

I’m not even going to start on the accommodations for bad behavior. “Oh Johnny needs constant breaks if he gets upset”. No. Johnny either needs to learn to handle his emotions or Johnny needs an alternate educational setting. Johnny is in school for an academic education. Johnny is not in school to take constant breaks.

Make excuses all you want for why Johnny can’t …, but in the end the only one being hurt (robbed of the opportunity of an education) is Johnny.

If your child can’t do basic math or read on their own by 5th grade 1. The public schools have failed to educate your child. 2. You need to recognize that you could have done more to ensure your child learned these things. 3. Maybe public schools aren’t the answer to your child’s learning deficiencies or disabilities. 4. You owe it to your child (and yourself) to find the means (and/or time) to educate your child properly.

Accommodations are not the solution. Accommodating problems perpetuates the problems. Accommodations gloss over the problem and neglect to fix the problem.

Schools do not and cannot replace you as your child’s first and most important education advocate! You know best what your child needs and it’s your job to fix what the school either can’t or won’t. The score on a test is not the end goal of an education. A high school diploma or college degree is not the end goal of an education. The end goal of an education is a child who can function competently as a growing individual. A child who doesn’t have to depend on others as an adult to survive. A child who recognizes why a quality education is power and crucial for not only his/her freedom, but the freedom of all.

Sadly, the parents and teachers who need to hear this the most, won’t. And far too many have egos that will allow them to ignore it.

You are not a good teacher or a good parent if you allow the public school system to fail to educate your child. Accommodations are not education. They are temporary bandaids that will disguise a life-long scar.

There are no buts about this. Life only gets more challenging as we age. Children must learn the basics before they can move on to the next steps. By not ensuring your child learns the basics, you effectively cripple your child’s learning process.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

(Feel free to share this post)

I have had several moms contact me regarding the Student Health and Risk Prevention Survey or the SHARP survey. Here is some basic information and references so you can make an informed decision about whether you want to allow your child to participate in the survey.

  • Some of the changes to the survey are included at the bottom of the post. The green images are from previous years. The red include the 2019 changes.
  • The survey company is Bach Harrison, L.L.C. founded in 2001.

  • For those that like to look at research this is the original project used as a foundation for the SHARP survey and Communities that Care Model:

  • The survey is administered in the spring of ever odd year… so right now is the perfect time for your district to be sending out consent forms.
  • The survey is designed to be completed within a single class period or about 45-55 minutes.
  • The survey is taken by paper/pencil or online.
  • Three different surveys are to be administered in Utah: Survey A, Survey B or YRBS (Youth Risk Behavioral Survey).

  • A student will only take one of the three surveys.
  • Survey A contains 136 questions with 257 collectable data points.
  • Survey B contains 129 questions with 219 collectable data points.
  • The YRBS contains 99 questions. Utah’s format is slightly different from the national survey.
  • The YRBS is given nationwide to teenagers.

  • Some times professionals call the survey the Prevention Needs Assessment PNA.
  • Students taking the survey are in grades 6-12. Some districts don’t give it to all grades.
  • The data gathered from the survey is used to bring in funding for things like prevention programs. Some schools might use the information for statistics to show risk and protective factors in their school or as a school climate measurement tool. Government entities use the data for a variety of reasons including making laws, directing programs, etc.
  • The SHARP survey is “free” to districts because funding comes through federal block grants.
  • Districts choose to administer the survey.
  • There is no mandate by the state for local districts or schools to use the survey.
  • Not all schools in Utah administer the survey.
  • Teachers are incentivized for giving the survey. (I don’t know what the incentive is. I am checking on this)
  • Similar to other assessments, schools are not to use rewards or punishments for returning the permission form or taking the survey. Any abuses can be reported to the school hotline found here
  • Children should not be singled out or shamed in any way for not taking the survey. An appropriate activity can be given to those that are not taking the survey. This should not be punitive in nature.
  • Although the survey is anonymous the child does disclose personal information about him/herself, family and community members including teachers.
  • Utah is an Opt-in state. This means parents have to give written permission before the survey can be administered to students. If a survey is not returned then no survey is to be given.

*Parents have to give their consent because of the nature of the questions.

  • Utah Law: Here is a portion of the law in regards to surveys. Parental consent must be given when the “purpose or evident intended effect is to cause the student to reveal information, whether the information is personally identifiable or not, concerning the student’s or any family member’s:
    (a) political affiliations or, except as provided under Section 53G-10-202 or rules of the State Board of Education, political philosophies;
    (b) mental or psychological problems;
    (c) sexual behavior, orientation, or attitudes;
    (d) illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating, or demeaning behavior;
    (e) critical appraisals of individuals with whom the student or family member has close family relationships;
    (f) religious affiliations or beliefs;
    (g) legally recognized privileged and analogous relationships, such as those with lawyers, medical personnel, or ministers; and
    (h) income, except as required by law.”

  • Parents or students can choose at any time to take or not take the survey. Even the day the survey is to be administered.
  • Students can answer one, all, none or any other number of survey questions.
  • Some reasons students take the survey: they want to contribute data for the school, they are not bothered by the questions, they are asked by an educator or administrator, parent wants them to take it.
  • Some reasons students don’t take the survey: they find the questions invasive, there is exposure to negative content or unfamiliar behaviors, concerns over family privacy, parents don’t want them to take it.
  • A debriefing is very important for children who are given the survey. Even though it is anonymous, students will have disclosed private information about themselves, family, friends, illegal behavior, mental health, religious information and personal opinions.

I encourage all parents to make sure they take a few minutes to read through the survey before making a decision about whether their child should take the SHARP Survey.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

This is kindergarten. I’m over it. 10+3=13. That’s all I care about

And some replies to this post:

Who said it was a column anyway. I’d fill the boxes left to right.

My kids get so annoyed drawing counters. They make more mistakes with the stupid counters than the actual math.

Omg that’s just being anal !! That teachers not meant to teach kindergarten

This is about power, not teaching. Did the student show aptitude for the skill in math? Yes.
Side note: mama’s penmanship is on point!

Veteran teachers such as myself know this is BS. I was removed from teaching kindergarten for speaking up. ??

Oh my god this is exactly what I went through with my son when he was in grammar school!!! He used to make himself so sick because he knew very well how to count add and subtract but the teacher would give him zeros that he would not want to go to school. It was the worst time for him ever. Than they wanted me (in which stupidly at first I did) to get a private tutor to teach him the proper way to do these type of problems. I sent him to two one hour sessions it cost me $150 out of my pocket. I refuse to ever do it again and flipped on the teacher the principal and our superintendent. Omg, this is the most ludicrous thing ever to put our children through

Oh girl! Just wait until 2nd grade math. I sent the teacher a note saying: “if the math is correct and he showed his work, who cares if he doesn’t do this wack method of addition?”
I now have a parent teacher conference for tomorrow ???????

been there. I have a third grader also

Recent research is actually showing that teaching students multiple methods of addition and subtraction is decreasing scores and confusing students further. (I know – you don’t need research for this! But common sense ain’t so common anymore.)

I was a school based occupational therapist. Sitting in the teacher’s lounge, i would hear teachers say that students would get the right answer, but didn’t solve the math the right way. So they couldn’t get full credit.
Made me so sad.
I homeschool my kids.

Here is a post that was shared in this group:

The So-Called “Instructional Shifts” of the Common Core and What They Mean

The San Luis Coastal Unified School District is in the central coast area of California. It includes schools in San Luis Obispo and the nearby towns of Morro Bay and Los Osos. The district, under the direction of the current superintendent, follows the trend of teaching that adheres to constructivist-oriented approaches; i.e., inquiry type lessons, with teachers facilitating rather than teaching. The math text used starting in middle school through sophmore year in high school is CPM, an inquiry-based program.

The district is so much beholden to this philosophy that part of the interview procedure for teaching jobs entails giving a mini-lesson to students, which is in turn rated according to criteria in the Danielson Framework. The Danielson Framework is (according to their website) “a research-based set of components of instruction, aligned to the INTASC standards, and grounded in a constructivist view of learning and teaching.”

In other words, traditional-minded teachers need not consider applying for a teaching job in the District. (For followers of my writings, I wrote about two teaching assignments in the District in “Confessions of a 21st Century Math Teacher”.)

I am always curious about math teaching positions that are advertised in the District. As of this writing, two positions are open. The application always asks for the same essay-type question which I’ve always found intriguing: “Describe your knowledge of the shifts occurring in Common Core State Standards.”

The “shifts” in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are not something that are stated as standards. Rather, people who subscribe to the view that the CCSS are game changing, refer to the change of the game as the “shifts”–a change in how math is being taught because of the standards themselves.

Read the rest here:

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

MORE marketing for our MN HF 1! MEGA FUNDING – $6.3 Billion is set to fund child care/early learning from the President’s 2020 Budget. $6.3Billion! Best check your party politics! MACC reports on the Left and Right. Now NOTE how the monies will be implemented. That’s right! Through the Child Care Block Grant, ie. Congress & Legislative Personal Care Grant (for personal gain). This will be the topic of the Office of Legislative Auditor on Wednesday! “It would be implemented through the Child Care and Development Block Grant program, which in the past two years saw its funding significantly boosted by Congress in spending bills ultimately signed by President Trump. A White House official, who declined to speak on the record because the budget is not yet public, said the president’s 2020 budget proposal calls for spending $5.3 billion on the program, the same level that Congress set aside in 2019 and a big increase over what past Trump administration budgets asked for. The $1 billion one-time fund would come on top of that.” Yes, this is embedded into HF 1!!!

And another post from this group:

MACC has researched the educational ideologies from at least the 1980s. All babies and toddlers in the schools is just part of the long-term plan. Expect to see great marketing around the idea that parents are conflicted with parenting and the state is the superior “mama”. This plan has emerged before but this time is different. MEGA FUNDING is available and govt will throw out all the stops. Here we go! The marketing has begun!!!!

“[Elizabeth Warren] recently proposed a shiny new policy idea fresh from 1971: government-funded, universal pre-school.

Decade after decade, this old chestnut is trotted out as a pro-family, pro-middle-class reform, and every time, assumptions about government’s competence to perform this task are blithely assumed.

In a manner similar to the tyrannical arrest of Christian Bill Whatcott who was hunted down for arrest in the People’s Republic of Canada for the “hate crime” of handing out tracts at a Pride event, a Christina girl in OHio was given an in-school suspension for putting Bible verses (on paper presumably) on student lockers.

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

SB 5082 – WSPTA #1 priority Social Emotional Learning – passed the Senate 30-18.

Congradulations to the mayor of DEVERS, Texas who is engaging in local resistance by refusing to alow the evil Texas Common Core-aligned STARR test to be administered wtihin the city limits:

Here is a post from Lynne Davenport:

Interesting…My friend’s daughter has 5 college acceptances so far and never created a Naviance account.

“Of course the point of Naviance is to preemptively erase people like me. It won’t do for scrappy, critically thinking, non-cooperators to remain on the board when gameplay begins. The “college and career readiness” enforcers expect everyone to passively accept their assigned slot; to be grateful to even have a slot; so grateful they won’t risk imagining another future or challenging the status quo to create an alternate reality. Which is exactly why our family refused to allow our high-school daughter to create a Naviance account two years ago. Parents in other states are doing the same.

But now, as a senior, she had to figure out how to get transcripts to apply to college. In a growing number of school districts Naviance holds families hostage. If they refuse to set up an account and complete all the surveys their children cannot graduate, request letters of recommendation, or have transcripts sent.

Naviance, a private company whose profits are manufactured from the student data they collect, is becoming a gatekeeper to college admission. Plus, our district paid them $750,000 (plus the $750,000) for the privilege! Below is a comment on a recent blog post to that effect.”

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Yay! More testing for our kids in CCSD! When on earth will they find the time for this? Is there an opt out form for MAPS? ????????????

And here are some replies to this post:

This is another computer adaptive test in my mind that makes it an invalid test.

Yes, I am a 30 veteran Nevada teacher. When kids take the MAP they do not all get the same questions. Likewise, at different test administrations the same child does not necessarily get the same test questions.
The MAP is a useless measure because it’s data is not precise, not accurate, the teacher does not know what questions were administered and only vague “strand” data is shared – no specific links to skills or standards are provided to the educator. The MAP is a waste of instructional time.

I was a teacher for the last 12 years and quit this year. I have background in giving MAPS as well.

As a teacher it’s a waste of time. I don’t like how the level of questions changes as the kids answer right or wrong. I don’t feel like the scores were equivalent to the students actual grades. As a teacher I could get better information by listening to a student read to me for 5 minutes than from a test that took almost 2 hours. One reason I left the field was due to over-assessing students. I hated it! I felt so bad having to always test and never being able to teach. All administration cares about is test scores and how your going to get the kids to show growth. Teaching is not fun anymore. They tell you what to teach, how to teach it, and even when to teach a certain topic. Teachers have very little say. It’s so sad, I’ve seen some amazing teachers leave the field because of where education has gone. ??

they do formative and summative assessments also. I did the math and students are spending an entire month taking assessments. An ENTIRE month is wasted on test taking.

I’ve been saying this forever! But all the teachers defend it and some aggressively. The story that joe Hart did on the asst principle that got fired as retaliation proved my assumptions

The MAP test’s expected yearly growth falls within its margin of error. I have seen kids score several years’ growth in one year. The test is neither precise or accurate. Furthermore, using the MAP test results to guide teaching has been shown to have no effect on improving reading scores of 4th and 5th graders (see executive summary, pages xi-xii).

My 3rd grader supposedly was reading at an 11th grade level according to MAPS. She’s a great reader but I don’t think it’s accurate by any means.

With a computer adaptive test not all kids in the same grade take the same test. This six minute video explains some of the other issues with computer adaptive tests. Once the MAP got changed to a computer adaptive test I no longer allowed my kids to take it.

And another post from this group:

They are having a meeting specifically for north valleys on the 20th at 5:30 I believe at obrien middle school. Last time they had one of these at nvhs at 6pm and I was the only parent that showed up. I had full attention. My kids came and shared their thoughts. How is anything going to change if no one shows up? They all bitch on fb but won’t show up where they can make a real difference. I do know that many parents firmly believe it’s a waste of time. The district has proved time and time again they don’t listen to us.

And some replies to this post:

Same thing with opting out nothing changes. You have to protect your children. It is up to you.
You can bet there would be lines out the door if it comes down to cutting or changing schiol hours or an increase in their wallet. Otherwise there will not be enough speaking out. You are on your own its sad but thats just the way it is today.
Unless it affects their children in a seroius way or takes from the parents me time or wallets the numbers arent there.

It’s my understanding that some of the schools in the North Valleys use ClassDojo. I would not let the school enter any data about my children it ClassDojo. From this article: “Concerns have been raised over who owns this behaviour data and how it might be used in the future. There is potential for behavioural data profiles to follow students through school. It’s too early to tell how they might be used in the future and what problems this might present.”

From this article: “Tony Porterfield, a software engineer in Los Altos, Calif., asked a teacher to remove his son’s information from ClassDojo. He said he was concerned that it might later be aggregated and analyzed in unforeseen ways.” There are also some articles warning about ClassDojo in UK publications: The Guardian and The Times

the hard part is most parents out here like class dojo. It’s almost like a fb for our kids classes. It is used way more now that teachers can post pics of class activities. My experience was positive. I never saw negative info on there about my kids

Anti-Israel/pro-Palestine bias at Autrey Mill Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Not my children’s school, but a neighboring school. They are trying really hard to get no refusals!


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

One would hope that parents would be making sure that their children are not participating in the perpetuation of this wealth redistribution scam.

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

So when I opted my kids out of sbacs today they said some things I find concerning: one, it’s bad for the school. Why?
Two, there’s 9 steps to actually opt out.
Three, it’s the state that is making them do it. All agreed with my reasons to opt out but still put up a good fight to convince me to not opt them out. Are we fighting at the state level? It doesn’t sound like the district has any say.

Here is a post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Colorado MassResistance!

We had a great team of people go to the Colorado State Legislature this past Friday! A report on their success in confronting lawmakers and their staff will be published shortly.

Already, we have begun exposing major problems among the different lawmakers on the SeXXX-ed bill HB19-1032.

The staffers had to admit that they didn’t even KNOW what was in the bill!

I want to thank our team members who were able to go to the state house last Friday.

I also want to let everyone know that you have another opportunity for winning civic engagement this weekend.

On March 16, 2019, the chair of the CO State Senate Education Committee, Rachel Zenzinger, is holding a town hall which is open to the public.

She is in a swing district, too (and she was recalled successfully a few years ago!).

We believe that she is quite vulnerable, and with more pressure applied to her, she will either pull this terrible sex-ed bill from consideration or at least vote it down, thus killing it effectively with the four other Republican members on the 10-member committee.

Here’s the info about the event:

Saturday, March 16th, 2019
10:30am — 12 noon
Covenant Village (50+ Community)
9153 Yarrow Street
Westminster, CO

I already have two people committed to attending. We need at least ten more. Hacing 15 members of MassResistance there would be great!

Gloria Belden has agreed to lead for this event. She will have Colorado MassResistance signs and the talking points for the two bills.

She is pictured in the black coat below:

Can you be there this Saturday?

Call me or email to let me know. You can also contact Gloria at :

Phone: (970) 324-3735

We are winning! Let’s keep up the momentum!


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director
(781) 890-6001

And here is a post that, though it’s about a Tennessee school district, was also shared in this group:

The Williamson County School System will send teachers to a series of workshops in Franklin this coming May that is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to a source.

The event’s website clearly identifies it as an SPLC project.

Those workshops, called Teaching Tolerance, are scheduled for May 3 and May 4 at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Franklin, according to

“Social Justice 101” is one of the scheduled topics.

And here are some replies to this post:

Wow, Who infiltrated the Williamson County School Board? Families by the dozens have left Davidson County because the schools were so bad and moved to Williamson because of schools and teaching family values.

not anymore. Parents recently forced two teachers to resign after their homework assignment ‘Imagine You Own Slaves’, and WC teachers just finished a series on “white privilege”. Hiring Southern Poverty Law Center, who listed Dr. Ben Carson as “extremist”, and Chick-Fil-A as a “hate group”, because both oppose gay marriage, is a red flag for Marxism.

This is why we need school choice and vouchers.

if private schools take state or federal money they too will be under the same standards as public. Parents can pull their children now, but they won’t.

[name redacted]

is right I looked it up school vouchers is just another way for the government to ruin good schools.if you take government money then you are a government school. That is what happened at my kids private school tca they were trying to get common core accredited and the biblical training started getting watered down and ruined right away.

ever wonder why our local Williamson Herald doesn’t report on this type of nonsense?

my perception is that the Herald is complicit with this leftist school agenda – and has demonstrated protection of Looney at all costs.
The radical left has overtaken our local schools with the full support of the county politicians and the liberal media.

I was a little riled up when I heard they were invited to MTSU last year to pander to unassuming college students; and the idea that they’re now attempting to indoctrinate elementary and high school teachers and students is infuriating. Public schools should not be affiliated with SPLC in any way. Parents had better wake up.

I worked for Williamson County Schools when Rebecca Schwab was the superintendent and we NEVER had issues like this…Mike Looney is living up to his last name. Stand up WCS parents…this is YOUR tax dollars working for you! It’s shameful!

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group. It’s not education related but is related to data mining and UN scheme to take us over:

VetoHB290 Send this to Gov. Herbert and your Reps. Do you want geneticists getting your private info from the DMV? With this info, health insurance, job offers, mortgage loans, consumer credit, scholarships, college admissions, and government bureaucracies will eventually use your data to make decisions about eligibility. Most people don’t understand the ramifications.

And here are the replies to this post:

Who is the sponsor of this atrocity? This is Nazi registering on 21st century technology steroids.

Rep. Lee Perry and Senator Lyle Hillyard:

the U.N. is doing this, but the U.S. is part of the U.N. That is our issue. If we get the U.S. ouf of the U.N., that will help a ton!

every state senator and house rep in every state in the U.S. is sent blueprints on how to make state bills. Every nation is sent blueprints on bills for their governments. This is all United Nations.

But you’re forgetting the lack of protection in current statute (at least how DPS/DLD interprets it). As I understand HB290, it is better than the practice of DPS/DLD under existing statute. HB290 is now more transparent about where your data is shared.

Even so.. it’s horrifying and not acceptable on any level. So they are more transparent about stealing our info. I sure hope we don’t think this is a good idea on any level. We should be banning it all together.

This is to prep us for having a social credit system. They will fully implement it in Beijing in 2020 (required for all). Then it will come to the U.S. and the rest of the world. That is my bet.
This is just a step in the process to get us ready for that.

And another post from this group:

I took my kids out of their charter school Monday to homeschool. Their school wouldn’t give me the copies of their birth certificates or exemption forms! I am so mad and afraid that they have that information!! They said it’s law that they need to keep a copy of those. Does this sound right to you guys? Is there anything I can do to get them back?!

And here are the replies to this post:

That does not sound right at all.
Why would they possibly need it?

They said they need a paper trail in case they are enrolled in another school in the future so they can send the new school their records.

Considering that you ARE the new school, it still doesn’t sound right.

Usually the have their school records but not those kind of records! That’s crazy

By law they do have to keep records of students for a certain amount of years. There are expungement laws. I need to go back and see what the parameters are though. The Student Data Privacy Act has all this detail.

Tell them to make a copy and give you the originals! Also, talk to a lawyer as well.

They did do this thankfully. But still. With the mandatory vaccine law trying to be passed I don’t want anyone have those exemption forms with my childrens information. Especially because the wording they use on it tries to make the parent look like they are willfully neglecting their child and endangering them. I wished I had never signed those forms until I had at least changed the wording on them.

This LGBT indoctrination is further proof that kids need to stay out of public schools:

Here is a post that I found in a Breitbart article:

Fox 5 KRBK Springfield MO. Public Schools: The “Google drive” for Springfield Public School STUDENTS (obviously not informed adults) automatically begins to download ALL KINDS of information from ANY DEVICE the drive is used on. This includes browser history and personal information such as files and passwords. The parents have now found even more sensitive information that’s been surreptitiously downloaded and stored to their daughter’s “school” Google Drive, including 139 passwords to both her and her husband’s different accounts and also voice recordings of both her and her children.

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Since SC lawmakers are so set on collecting data on BABIES in order to be kindergarten “ready,” I thought I’d share a study of the Tennessee Voluntary Pre-K Program (VPK) which is the first randomized control trial of a state pre-k program.

The Study finds…

“At the end of pre-k, pre-k participants in the consented subsample performed better than control children on a battery of achievement tests, with non-native English speakers and children scoring lowest at baseline showing the greatest gains. During the kindergarten year and thereafter, the control children caught up with the pre-k participants on those tests and generally surpassed them. Similar results appeared on the 3rd grade state achievement tests for the full randomized sample – pre-k participants did not perform as well as the control children.”

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group from Pearland isd. It appears that they have finished the regular curriculum and are now doing testing for the rest of the year:

My sons 8th grade teacher sent this to students today.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

This was the last BOE Meeting I attended before I resigned my seat on the Wappingers BOE.

And this is the reason why, after fighting like mad for 2 plus years to get elected, that I resigned 17 months into my 3 year term.

The “Standards” which drive your children’s ENTIRE EDUCATION; their EVERY DAY EXISTENCE –

were deemed

Read it again –
The STANDARDS which drive every ounce of curriculum and testing that your children are taught and tested on, were deemed 55% and 60% FLAWED.

Yet, not one single NYS school or district even blinked.

The BOE and Administration in every school in NYS, tested every single student in the state on standards they KNEW were SUBSTANTIALLY garbage.

This is about MONEY.
And your children are being eaten alive by the system.
And three years after I resigned in disgust, because no one would even stop to look, the parents remain fully oblivious to the disaster that their children are consumed by every single day.

I refused to allow my life and my family to be swallowed up by the corruption by remaining on the Board while no one else sans a handful of dedicated Moms, paid an ounce of attention or concern.

But I will still share the info as I can, for the sake of any parents who might actually want to pick their heads up and save their own children.

I hope you’ll watch and share the video and information.
Thanks as always Mert Melfa for the videos and your tireless efforts on OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN’S BEHALF.

You are a hero.
God Bless you always.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Until the last few years I was not political. Now I know, both parties are using our children to gain control over the future of society while pretending they care. It was never possible to legislate morality. Stop trying, it takes away personal accountability and freedom.

Did you know stopping the school to prison pipeline focuses on mental health as a wrap around service of our schools?
Truly bipartisan, the next step of education reform demonstrates that R’s are on the fast track implementing the D platform in Texas.

-an increased budget for counseling services to assist student at all of our Texas school districts;
-including comprehensive training of school district, administration, staff and law enforcement (school resource officers), including training for Children’s Crisis Intervention Training (CCIT), trauma-informed care (TIC) and restorative justice (also known as restorative discipline);
creating more recovery-oriented educational supports, such as School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (SWPBIS) and classroom-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL);
-using positive behavioral interventions and support on a school-wide basis;
-discontinuing the use of extreme measures such as restraint and seclusion, as well as any measures that cause the physical, emotional, or psychological pain of students, with or without disabilities, for any reason;
-reducing the use of punitive discipline, up to and including police arrests, as manifest in the “school-to-prison pipeline,” in which students–disproportionately African American–are alienated from academic pursuits and become increasingly subject to the criminal justice system;
-expanding the use of proactive, trauma-informed, equity-driven approaches that lead to more positive behavioral outcomes, including but not limited to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Social Emotional Learning (SEL);
-repealing traditional, exclusionary approaches to discipline, such as expulsion and suspension, which disproportionately affect racial and ethnic minority students, as well as special education students;
-repealing the use of any measures that cause the physical, emotional, or psychological pain of students, with or without disabilities, for any reason, such as the use of extreme measures, such as restraint and seclusion.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

If you see this Facebook ad don’t buy the Propaganda!! InvestedTx is not a friend to teachers. One only has to look at who the supporters are to see this is a bait and switch.
They are restructuring Public Education for Profit!

FYI- They are also who is behind HB3 the School Finance Bill. It is a complete merging of the Republicans and Democrats in the Texas Legislature! Both sides have been bought off.

This is why you see Republican Leaders pushing what is clearly written into the Democrat Party Platform.

This Texas Plan is, in fact, a plan to align with global education investors that funded the Common Core aligned College and Career Readiness that is causing the huge uptick in student suicide and mental issues in our children. Be looking for how they structure the Public/Private Partnerships also known as “Blended Funding”, Social Impact Bonds (SIBS), or Pay For Success (PFS).
When you see who is supporting this plan, they are the same ones that support using our kids as lab rats.

Here is a timeline of Texas’ Compliance to the restructuring of education.

“If you are in the business world, it is likely you have heard the term Total Quality Management (TQM).

TQM is a business model for accountability. A “system” to control the quality of the end product. Most would agree this is a very important system to have in place in the private sector when creating a good product that will successfully be sold to consumers. In order to control the quality of the product, you must collect a lot of data.

But, what if the “product” is a child?”

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Will this make it easier for Microsoft to spy on children?

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Thanks to Sue Jeffers for getting the word out on House File 1! We talk about the five sections in HF 1: prenatal care 2: home visits for health equity 3: establishing the Great Start Fund 4: babies birth to 5 in schools and 5: grants galore and Greater Minnesota Child Care Facility Capital Grant Program. Also discuss some CCAP fraud and embedding into House File 1.

Here is a post from a poster on an Illinois political page:

In Rockford, the district spent $53,000 for a custom made meeting table, so that board members and bureaucrats had a fancy place to park their ass. That’s $53,000 that won’t go to the classroom. But what was offensive was that the board’s spending rationale for the new meeting table was that it would impact learning in the classroom. That caused some head-scratching.

I don’t like this idea. It sounds like a way for the state government to be able to consolidate districts they don’t like into a crony one. For instance, if your district was being too resistant to any crazy education policies they put out, they could use this as an excuse to merge you with a nearby liberal district and make your new school district, at least for you, more liberal. Also, this Classrooms First Act creates a new government entity called the School District Efficiency Commission. I don’t see how CREATING a new government entity in a state with an already bloated government could be a good thing for local control.

A poster from the same Illinois political page as earlier seems to agree with me:

This proposal is ironic in the sense that we already have school boards elected by voters in each district. These boards are charged by law with hiring school administrators and teachers to operate the local schools. The legislature, through this proposed bill, is saying that those elected school boards are incapable of making decisions when it comes to the operation of their districts and that the very same voters who elected those board members should have the right to propose changes in how their local schools are administratively staffed. Hmmmm. Think about the fact that we voters in Illinois have likewise elected members of the Illinois state legislature who have proven to be among the most incompetent legislators in the country. If local voters should have the right to override elected school boards, then perhaps we Illinois voters should also have the right to override the stupid decisions made on a daily basis by our elected state legislators regarding such things as how our tax money is spent or, perish the thought, NOT spent. Is it any more foolish to hire an assistant superintendent of schools at a high six figure salary than it is to oversee a totally dysfunctional state government having a $135 B debt, perennially unbalanced state budgets, and underwater pension systems? No, I don’t think so. This is another sad example of the legislature saying: Do as I say and not as I do. Frankly, it’s insulting to the people of Illinois. But these legislators cannot be shamed into doing the right things to turn our state around. That much is obvious. What we need is something our state constitution does not allow: the reforms known as citizen initiative (the right of the people to propose laws), recall (the right of the voters to recall elected officials and remove them from office for not doing their jobs), and the right by referendum to adopt changes in public policy. You never hear these potential populist reforms mentioned in the context of fixing what’s wrong with Illinois state government. I believe it’s time to begin that conversation in earnest. Our legislators seem to like what’s good for our school boards, which are just about the last bastion of actual local control in government. We voters should be able to override our legislators (both individually and collectively) when they refuse, refuse, refuse to use common sense to address the mess they’ve created for our once great State of Illinois.

Here is a post that I found in a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

This was posted by a member of another closed group. I’m leaving out the name. This is HORRIFYING:
So I was invited into this group and I can see why, but I find myself shaking my head and saying to myself, “If they only knew…” But you likely have never heard this because I, one of a few who know, didn’t say a word. And we had our reasons. That’s on us, and I, for one, apologize.
I was a teacher for New America School in Northglenn/Thornton. My second year there, another branch of the charter school was opening and Jared Polis stepped down as chair of the school board to run for Representative. As a science teacher, I was told the Title 5 would go to the new school that year and I thought it was a great idea. Part way through the year, however, I came up with a great idea that would just take a tiny bit of cash to implement in the classroom. The principal gave me permission to call the other school to ask for a little of the Title 5 back if there was any left before going to the Board.
I was told by the other school that they thought our school had it all. I called the other two schools and was told the same thing. Then I reported back to the principal what I was told.
But it made no sense. The Title 5 for four schools should have been an enormous amount to fund tons of math and science curriculum. No one school could have spent it unless starting from scratch without even so much as a lab to work with. On top of that, we couldn’t spend any of it without the Board’s approval, so even if we had “taken it all,” the Board, who had told us that it was all going to the new school, would have known first, before it was spent.
Not knowing any better of it, I emailed Jared Polis my suspicion that the Board was hiding the Title 5. The next day, the principal was replaced and five of us were told our contracts would not be renewed for the next school year. Publically, the Board said the principal had spent the money on T-shirts (again, keep in mind that this would have been an enormous amount of money). Privately, all the rest of us knew better. Still, I was a scientist. I needed proof. I looked on the public websites showing the campaign financing of one Jared Polis. Under “Anonymous” was a donation number that equaled the missing Title 5 funds, no more and no less. I didn’t want to believe it, especially since I still believe in the need for ESL schools, and so I swept it under the rug for fear of someone getting wind of it and closing the schools.
Then came the next year.
I got a job with a private school that I will leave nameless. Most of the children there were from rich families of Boulder County. I was fired again within 2 months. After searching for another job, I finally called a friend down in Montezuma County’s district office to see if she could look into why I wasn’t getting any callbacks. She nearly hung up on me, but not before telling me I was blacklisted in the state by the Board of Education and CDE.
So there it is. I lay it bare for all to see. I kept it quiet for the kids, but we have a fox in the henhouse and I take responsibility for my part in that. Before you ask, no, I erased that data years ago. Sorry. God help us. Let the flames commence.

I found a Michigan bill that now requires that teachers get mental health training:

I found a Michigan bill which looks like it requires all schools to provide kindergarten and that it requires all parents or guardians to send their kids to schools starting at age five:

Looks like Michigan is creating a Child Care Task Force now:

Looks like this Missouri bill is trying to push high school students into the Career Pathways “workforce development” scheme:

SB 411 – This act requires the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to convene a workgroup to develop and recommend rigorous academic performance standards relating to workforce development for students in grades nine through twelve. The work group is to be comprised of nine individuals appointed by the Governor. The work group shall develop, and recommend for adoption by the State Board of Education, alternative academic achievement standards for high school students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The work group shall also develop an employability skills curriculum to provide students with career and college planning resources.

The work group may present recommendations to the State Board of Education at any time regarding the education of students who receive special educational services.

The work group shall dissolve one year after presenting the assessments, standards, and employability skills curriculum to the State Board and making any requested modifications.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Pearson / Credly Databadge patents upset IMS Global and others doing ‘Open Badges’. (Lumina owns Credly, Credly bought Pearson’s badge system Acclaim… so now Credly has the patents. )

Badges will be the future of k-20 education, so there’s money ( and LOADS of valuable, predictive data) in badges.

Hmmm. I’d say the STUDENT owns the data in the badge… do they address that? Nope.

“That group of colleges, companies and nonprofits is working to build an openly licensed Open Badges platform for digital certificates that professionals and students can use to show they’ve mastered ces,ertain skills (either academic or so-called “soft skills,” like collaboration or problem solving).
Part of the reaction was disbelief, since the Open Badges platform was launched back in 2011 to great fanfare (it was originally called Mozilla Open Badges, but Mozilla has since transferred coordination of the standard to IMS Global Learning Consortium). Much of the funding came from grants from the MacArthur Foundation. How, they wondered, could a company claim to have just invented something that is so well known?

Originally, the curriculum and textbook giant Pearson filed for the pair of patents in 2017, on behalf of the online credential product it made at the time called Acclaim. The action caused criticism by some in the Open Badges community, and Pearson agreed that it would issue something like a waiver to anyone in the IMS Global community working on Open Badges. Technically, that waiver is called a RAND license (which stands for reasonable and non-discriminatory), and the goal was to say to the community that they could continue their work without fear of a challenge from Pearson.

But even before the Patent and Trademark Office came to its decision on whether or not to grant the patents, Pearson sold Acclaim to Credly, a company with a competing service. It’s worth noting that both Pearson and Credly had long been working with the Open Badges community.
The question in the Open Badges community now is, what will Credly do with its new patents?
A few representatives of the Open Badges community brought their questions directly to Credly and IMS Global during an online conference call in October.
Doug Belshaw, who is involved in Open Badges and now works for Moodle, asked why it was in Credly’s interest to hold the patents, and mentioned a recent decision by Microsoft to transfer some of its patents to what he called “community ownership.”
…Rob Abel, CEO of IMS Global, the standards group now overseeing the Open Badges framework, says in an interview that he is encouraged by Credly’s endorsement and expansion of the RAND license. “What you really want at the end of the day is that nobody sues anyone else,” he says, noting that such lawsuits can hinder innovation.
A more pressing concern, he argues, is that some other company not working with IMS will come along and assert patents around digital credentials.

“Salesforce has patents that relate to open badges, and they’re not even involved” in the community, says Abel.”

Here is a post from a conservative page:

Chalk up another victory for the Gay Mafia.

Illinois House votes to require LGBT history curriculum be taught in schools

Here is a post that was shared by Alice Linahan:

Warning Warning Warning Warning

This concerns me greatly. DallasISD Trustee Miguel Solis is contemplating expanding the Early Childhood charter Partnership to mirror a newly established one in San Antonio by Mayor Castro. This Is not a proven program and has no real curriculum but will create its own partnerships with organizations and individuals. Preying on our youngest children with no elected oversight.


[name redacted]


”Providing high-quality Pre-K and early childcare to Dallas kids is the most important thing we can do to prepare them to succeed. It also serves as critical child care for many working parents. Study after study shows that Pre-K for 3 and 4-year olds yields lasting academic gains. But today, too many parents either can’t access Pre-K due to a lack of facilities or can’t afford Pre-K unless they qualify for state subsidies. Furthermore, a shortage of quality early childcare providers serving children from 0-3 years is having a direct impact on working families. As mayor, Miguel Solis will bring new ideas and a creative approach to expand Pre-K and early childcare to every child. He’ll convert underused city facilities and partner with public, private and non-profit organizations to create more classroom space, secure more funding from various sources, and support efforts to create a pipeline of qualified teachers and raise the quality of childcare across the city.

On the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees, Solis created the district’s first-ever early childhood education policy and led the effort to expand Pre-K to fifteen thousand children. As mayor, he’ll finish the job, making high-quality Pre-K and early childcare available to thousands of children who aren’t enrolled.

Pre-K Has Lasting Benefits for Kids

Studies show overwhelming evidence that Pre-K dramatically benefits young people throughout their schooling. A major study from Tulsa, OK, that followed kids from Pre-K through middle school found that Pre-K students “have higher math test scores, are more likely to enroll in honors courses, and are noticeably less likely to have been retained in grade.”

The Dallas school district’s investment in early childhood education is paying off with test gains that outpace many others in the state. And next door in Fort Worth, they’ve made Pre-K for any parent that wants it a reality, through a combination of public funds and private grants, and they’re seeing the results. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said that an assessment of new kindergartners found that “those who attended pre-k could better identify letters and sounds. They were further ahead in reading, math and science.”

Solis Plan to Expand Pre-K to Every Child

The state currently funds Pre-K for a half-day of instruction for 3-year olds and 4-year olds who are considered high need: limited English proficiency; homeless; in foster care; military children; or economically disadvantaged. The Solis plan would expand this instruction to more children that qualify and put quality, affordable Pre-K and early childcare in reach for every Dallas child.


Under the leadership of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the city established Pre-K 4 SA, an innovative program that leverages city resources to expand access to Pre-K. The City of Dallas can match this effort by partnering with local districts to assist in expanding seats for our youngest children as well. The biggest hurdle to expanding Pre-K and early childcare for every Dallas child is a lack of existing classroom space. This will not require major new construction—the Solis administration will examine city facilities and identify vacant or underutilized space that could be converted to classrooms. In addition, Solis would develop public-public and public-private partnerships to create more seats by creating interlocal agreements with municipal and county institutions that will identify spaces for service and by incentivizing developers to include space in developments through city and federal dollars.


By creating more classroom space and forming strategic partnership agreements, Dallas can draw down millions in additional state funds to subsidize Pre-K for children who currently lack access. In addition, Solis would propose incentives for local businesses who help their employees pay for Pre-K or early childcare for their children and those who decide to create a program on-site. When developers want to build buildings, Solis would propose tax incentives (or other incentives) for developments that include dedicated space for early childhood. Solis would further use city resources and the bully pulpit to encourage businesses of all sizes to assist their employees with their childcare costs. Finally, Miguel will work with Dallas districts to expand below market tuition-based Pre-K by ensuring each local partnership agreement led by the city includes spaces for children of these families as well. Any revenue generated from this element of partnerships can be used to offset costs to programming or sent directly back to the partnering districts.


For Pre-K and early childcare to be effective, it must be high-quality. In fact, studies show that well-trained teachers and well-developed programs made a significant difference in the academic achievement of students in the future.

As a condition of any city supported Pre-K and early childcare effort, Solis will work to ensure that instructors have an early-childhood certification and follow programming standards laid out by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. As part of the Dallas ISD’s career academies and vocational training programs, Solis will advocate for an expanded early childhood education track so that Dallas youth can get on a path to becoming a Pre-K instructor.

To make sure that we have high quality instruction, we have to value—and properly pay—our Pre-K teachers. Solis will also push for higher wages for instructors as part of any public-private partnership, to ensure that those entrusted with our children’s learning are being valued accordingly.


The next Mayor of Dallas must be a champion of early childhood education-doing anything less compromises the future our city deserves. That’s why upon election, Miguel will appoint and convene a standing “Early Learning Commission” made up of early childhood education experts from across Dallas. The Commission’s focus will include identifying early learning best practices from across the region, state and nation; developing concepts to raise awareness about the importance of early childhood education; building public-public and public-private partnerships to support current Pre-K and early learning efforts; generating new streams of funding to expand early education opportunities. As mayor, Solis will leverage the power of the bully pulpit to ensure more families have access to quality early learning opportunities because he understands this issue is one of if not the most critical issue our city faces.


Miguel Solis has been a champion for children and he will be the education Mayor—because if our young people get a good education and the skills they need for good jobs, our economy will continue to grow and people in every neighborhood will share in Dallas’ success.”

And here are some replies to this post:

you are right to present this info with a caveat. The benefit of Pre-K programs is now widely disputed. All too often programs that sound too good to be true, really are not as they seem. The whole concept of private-public partnerships comes into play with agenda and connections that far surpass parents and local entities. You said it well—-WARNING!

DISD is unable to keep PreK teachers in the classrooms they have now. DISD spends enormous amounts on Pref Dev and training not to mention recruiting and the turnover is huge even by DISDs own research and accountability department reports. So is this his big idea for mayor or is he really campaigning for a DC job with one of the folks named on the baby onesies ?

When we were fighting for more money to renovate SOC and Carter, he was watching the basketball game on his phone during the board meeting. Even laughed out loud at something and had the nerve to say “Oh I’m sorry..”. If he exhibits that behavior toward the children in the district, imagine how he’d treat the adult, tax-paying citizens of the city as their mayor! No thank you Mr. Solis!

Why do you think the Dallas Federal Reserve is working with Commit? Why did the president testify at the lege? Why are the Commit people so enamored with economist Jim Heckman?

Here is a post that I found shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

[Notice: this post contains a statement from the attorney representing the family of the student and a news release from the Celina Schools]

Mar 15, 2019
Celina School Suspends student after “Fallen Soldiers Monument”

The Following is from Attorney Travis Faber:


3/15/19 – On behalf of the student’s family, Attorney Travis Faber today expressed deep concern with the conduct and actions of the Celina City School District related to the suspension of Tyler Carlin (13).
Tyler, a Celina Junior High student, received a 3 day suspension for what he believed was a teacher-approved art project that represented a “Fallen Soldier Battlefield Cross”. The Battlefield Cross art project was part of an ongoing project Tyler was doing for his Junior High history class that involved raising awareness for the sacrifices our brave men and women in uniform have given to our country.
The Battlefield Cross traditionally employs a fallen soldier’s rifle, boots, and helmet. With his teacher being informed of his intent to recreate the Battlefield Cross weeks in advance, Tyler recreated the monument using a plastic helmet, a toy NERF “Dart Blaster,” and a pair of children’s boots which were secured to the Nerf dart toy with zip ties. Tyler had previously received permission for this project and had discussed specific aspects of the project with his teacher days before his suspension.
When Tyler delivered the assignment on March 5th, he was told to report to the office and the school district undertook disciplinary action, claiming that the NERF dart toy was a firearm prohibited from school. The district made several threats of severe punishment to Tyler’s family and gave Tyler in-school suspension for 3 days. Nonetheless, the school determined that Tyler was not a threat and allowed him to return to class for the remainder of the day.
Faber, representing the family as they seek to resolve this matter with the school, said that this is a terrible example of inconsistent discipline and decision making from the school.
“Tyler Carlin is an upstanding student interested in studying and honoring our fallen heroes,” Faber said. “He’s never shown any bad intent and he clearly shouldn’t have faced the overly aggressive response from the school over an art project protected by his 1st Amendment Rights.”
Unfortunately, even as Tyler deals with this wrongful punishment, the School has worked to direct attention away from their misdeeds and flawed decision making.
“Tyler and his family were told, at first, that he was being suspended for bringing a firearm to school,” Faber said. “Now, and only after the school district was confronted by the inconsistent and illogical bases for Tyler’s suspension, did the school change their stated rationale for his suspension to “insubordination,” reporting the same to the local press in potential violation of Tyler’s privacy rights. This is an outlandish claim to make about a student seeking to hand in an art project that supports the troops, and it could potentially be proof of further wrongdoing and even illegal acts.”
Faber continued by stating that the family will consider all their options to protect Tyler’s academic and disciplinary record. He said the family is also committed to ensuring that the school district doesn’t use this situation in the future as grounds to impede upon other students’ rights.
“We are greatly concerned about the message the actions of the Celina School District will send to our community’s youth. Tyler was trying to do his part to preserve the memory of fallen soldiers and to support wounded warriors. He should be thanked for his hard work and dedication to our veterans and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country,” Faber said.

The following is a statement released by Celina Schools:

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the Celina City School District Board of Education from disclosing protected personally identifiable information regarding Celina City School District students. Accordingly, the Board may not provide information regarding specific

student discipline matters.

“Student conduct is governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Board requires all students to comply with these school rules,” said Dr. Kenneth Schmiesing, the Superintendent of the Celina City School District. “Respect for the rights of others,

consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship is expected of all members of the school community. The Board of Education has zero tolerance of threatening, disruptive, insubordinate, or inappropriate behavior by its students, and enforces the Student Code of Conduct fairly and even-handedly.”

“The Board proudly supports service members and their families. This school year, the Board held a Military Appreciation Night where it recognized students who are choosing to enter the military following high school, as well as veterans and current military members.” Dr. Schmiesing continued, “the Board maintains a positive relationship with the local VFW and American Legion, has POW/MIA seats located in prominent locations in the football stadium and field house, and hosts Veterans Day celebrations with military members throughout the

District.” Finally, Dr. Schmiesing stated that, “the Board looks forward to continuing its tradition of partnering with local veterans’ service organizations to support military members and their families.”

Celina City School District
Board of Education
Press Release
March 14, 2019

For Immediate Release

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act prohibits the Celina City School District Board of Education from disclosing protected personally identifiable information regarding Celina City School District students. Accordingly, the Board may not provide information regarding specific student discipline matters.

“Student conduct is governed by the rules and provisions of the Student Code of Conduct, and the Board requires all students to comply with these school rules,” said Dr. Kenneth Schmiesing, the Superintendent of the Celina City School District. “Respect for the rights of others, consideration of their privileges, and cooperative citizenship is expected of all members of the school community. The Board of Education has zero tolerance of threatening, disruptive, insubordinate, or inappropriate behavior by its students, and enforces the Student Code of Conduct fairly and even-handedly.”

“The Board proudly supports service members and their families. This school year, the Board held a Military Appreciation Night where it recognized students who are choosing to enter the military following high school, as well as veterans and current military members.” Dr. Schmiesing continued, “the Board maintains a positive relationship with the local VFW and American Legion, has POW/MIA seats located in prominent locations in the football stadium and field house, and hosts Veterans Day celebrations with military members throughout the District.” Finally, Dr. Schmiesing stated that, “the Board looks forward to continuing its tradition of partnering with local veterans’ service organizations to support military members and their families.”

Here is a post from the ParentStrike group:

“Two years ago (2016), a self-described soccer-mom from Florida, Deb Herbage, wrote a well-documented article about the CA flagship product iReady. She gave it the title “i-Ready?…………More Like i-SCAM and Other Deceptions.” Herbage wrote:

“i-Ready Diagnostic exploded onto the scene like … other “competency based education” (CBE) curriculums since the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). It is now believed by many that the implementation of the CCSS and the focus on the standardized tests that went along with the CCSS was yet another extremely, well-crafted and timed implementation to distract parents, teachers, students and some school officials while district and state officials put in place the many ed-tech companies, corporations, investors, foundations, and non-profit companies … who all quickly and methodically jumped on the CCSS bandwagon …. While we were distracted with the CCSS and end of year standardized testing – in school districts all across the state of Florida and across the country, i-Ready Diagnostic, owned by Curriculum Associates, implemented and deployed their much touted “progress monitoring” curriculum – i-Ready Diagnostic.””

And another post from this group:

Seattle Action Request

“Seattle SD uses online Amplify Science for MS and HS. All online with no labs. It’s horrid. Many other WA districts use it too. There’s a movement to stop it in Seattle and they need Seattle parents to step up and help end it:

URGENT! We have just one week to save science in our schools and remove a terrible online curriculum that is turning kids off of science in droves.

This Friday and Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd, the SPS Science Curriculum Adoption Committee will be meeting. Mary Margaret Welch, head of Science for SPS, will likely call for a vote on adopting Amplify Science.

Students, parents, and teachers across the district have been raising serious concerns about this curriculum. It is an online-only curriculum in which kids stare at a computer screen rather than engage in the hands-on projects or instruction from a teacher in the classroom that are essential to effective science education.

Welch has been blocking the Adoption Committee from seeing performance data on Amplify Science in 8 Grade Schools, and 11 Middle Schools, for 2017-2019. This is contrary to the requirements spelled out in Board Policy 2020, for Waiver Curriculum Materials adoption (new materials being tested). This is also in spite of the fact that Welch was quoted in Amplify’s promotional materials, creating an unethical conflict of interest.

Please write to the Board and tell them to get Amplify science OUT of our classrooms:

The Board needs to hear from a large number of parents and teachers, especially those who have been affected by the Amplify Curriculum, which was imposed without Board approval – a distortion of the Waiver Process.

If you’re able to attend the meetings this Friday and Saturday, here’s the info:

March 22, 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., JSCEE, 2765, 2750
March 23, 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., JSCEE, Auditorium”

Illinois has a bill to make kindergarten mandatory:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

March 20 sbacs 11:09-1:30 school ends 1:30
Spring break March 25-April 8
April 11 sbacs 11:39-2:15
April 12 sbacs 11:39-2:15
April 24 sbacs 11:39-2:15
May 1 sbacs 11:39-2:15
May 15 maps
May 22 maps
Finals June 3-6
June 7 schools out for summer.
These are all the tests for just one team of middle school teachers of 6th graders. They are 4th period through 6th period. 3 periods 50 min long each period. 2.5 hours long of sitting at a computer and us parents just let them do it. According to my kiddo they added another maps test. They do fall winter and now spring map testing. I would like to know when the teachers are supposed to teach the curriculum?

And here are some replies to this post:

So 10 hours just for the SBAC? Plus all the time prepairing for the tests. Some schools actually have practice SBAC tests.

ours does the week before for one period. I didn’t opt my kids out In time to avoid those.

Someone just called me about this. The school doesn’t come out and say SBAC test. Any test that’s computer adaptive is either the SBAC or the MAP, looking at the amount of time it must be the SBAC test. Most schools allow about 10 hours for the test, plus make up days.

I found it interesting that they don’t call it SBAC. Maybe to avoid parents opting out.

I thought the same thing…

Well, this is the opt out form that the district has not posted on its web site and are trying to force parents to go to the schools to sign them. It is harassment plain and simple!

So now that I opted my children out their teacher said the will go to the office and sit for 3 hours!!!

The testing takes away from the curriculum. Last year my kids teacher did not complete their required math curriculum.

that’s what every other teacher I e spoken to has said

I made this same post on the community page out here and this is what a teacher wrote that does not teach out here.
“We are a test taking society. There’s no getting out from that. What would be better is the schools (starting at the admin level) build the stamina up for these big spring tests so the kids are not as overwhelmed. The schools need this data. They use it to make decisions on how well students are doing in school and what services or funding should towards services should be allocated. This is how the state measures knowledge learned. Parents may not like it, but it is necessary to evaluate the quantitative results these tests give administrators and teachers in order to meet the needs of all students not just those that take assessments for IEPs. These tests allow teachers to provide better scaffolding and make adjustments and changes to the curriculum for the following year. These test scores are also needed if you want your child to graduate high school. These become their exit exams. I’m sorry to be the bearer of impending doom but this is not going away. Better to build up your student and encourage them to give their best so they have accurate data to measure them and their needs. If everyone throws the test (which many kids do) then the data is inaccurate and funding isn’t placed where teachers and students really need it.
I know I’m going to get my head chopped off for saying all this, but this is the truth. This is why we need the testing. The curriculum is paced to accommodate to testing season. And in the 1980’s we had the CTBS Tests, a paper and pencil test which our parents complained to school boards across the country as being a waste of time as well and how it was u healthy for our eyes to be reading such small print all the time and how unfair the test was because if the student got off a number on the answer sheet they were declared a special needs kids. The point being, parents will always complain and there is no way around this. We look out for our kids. We want what’s best for them. But some things are the way they are for very legit reasons. We need these tests in order to give your kids the best. This is what I tell our parents at my school and this is what I will share with all of you. It is in the best interest of your kid, we are not harming them. And believe me, they get far more screen time with their phones and video games in one sitting they they will with these tests.”

actually, the reasons for SBACs are for school funding and selling data to private corporations at a profit. Since when has any school truly cared about individual student test scores? Like never

There is a lot wrong with the teacher’s comments above.
1) SBAC test results will be not be sent to local schools until the next school year.
2) The SBAC test is more of data mining tool than a CRT.
3) Numerous third parties (some nefarious) and the NV Dept. of Education all get way more data from the SBAC test than Washoe County and parents, I suspect the teacher has no idea.
Maybe you should send, better yet post, this link and ask the teacher to respond.

Click to access SBAC_PowerPoint_17_Pages.01.pdf

Here is a post from the anti-Competency Based Education Group:

Just heard that Prairie Capital Funding is going to be paying for in-school preschools run by “Right at Home” to increase kindergarten readiness.

This is a private for profit company running daycares housed within public schools.

Anybody ever heard of it? Or have info?

Here is a Common Core Diva article linking the global “climate change” push to the UN and their Sustainable Development Goals, to STEM/STEAM, to Smart Cities, to 5G, as well as to “education”:

And the attacks on books continue as the globalist elites now set Huckleberry Finn in their sights to ban:

I guess, as this incident at Arizona State University shows, the globalist brainwashing is working in our “education” system:

I guess exercising your free speech rights can get the police called on you at Georgia Southern University:

I found this post in an anti-Common Core group:

“Prevention Needs Assessment Survey” for public schools. This particular copy is printed, distributed, and collected by a Utah company, but my understanding is that this comes from the Department of Education and is a nationwide survey… Worth checking out if you have kids who will take the survey:

Click to access 2019%20SHARP%20A.09202018.Final.pdf

Looks like the Madison, WI schools have jumped on the LGBTQP bandwagon with “Welcoming Schools”, the Human Rights Campaign’s propaganda outlet inside America’s classrooms:

Welcoming Schools have made their way to Houston, TX schools as well:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Section 1111(e)(2) of federal ESSA education regulation says districts are supposed to inform parents that they have the right to refuse/opt out of testing.
FNSBSD is not doing that.
Did your child’s school let you know?
Notice how the form came pre-filled was opting this child out of only the science assessment, not the PEAKS tests.

[Note, for some reason, FB won’t let me copy the image or the link to it.]

And another post from this group:

Don’t forget to OPT OUT! PEAKS testing starts in some schools on Monday. The PEAKS test still operates under this grant which EXPANDED the P-20W ANSWERS database and has likely been renewed again or is set for renewal soon. New test, same problems. It’s still a Common Core test. Opt your children out.

And yet another post:

PEAKS tests are made by Data Recognition Corp. (DRC), part of the SBAC Common Core testing consortium. It is a Common Core test. Opt out!
Note DRC listed in this 2015 article as Michigan’s test vendor under SBAC.”

Here is a post on Alice Linahan’s wall from someone:

The abuse my daughter endured at the hands of a teacher that knew she suffered from an anxiety disorder because she had a 504 changed her. She was an honor student and half way through her junior year in a school I chose so carefully. The school refused to protect her, kept the teacher employed after years of complaints who was finally fired within a couple of years for hitting a child. She has to this day difficulty leaving home. She should be in college starting her life. And when it happened NO ONE would help us. OCR did go in and investigate but allowed the school to end it by some crap agreements. How the hell did that help my child. She lost faith in humanity.

I’m still devastated that she wasn’t able to go back to school because the school was going to force her into class with this teacher at least two class periods a day that she was terrified of and she knew no matter what she did the admin wouldn’t believe or protect her if she went back and anything happened. Plus she had already physically held her and said she would let her go when she promised to fix herself. So she knew if she got her alone anything could happen and it seemed to be acceptable. She invested so much into the school she had to audition and get accepted into. They refused to give her homebound instruction and eventually withdrew her. So she missed her entire senior year, graduating with the children she had gone to school with since third grade, prom, senior trip, receiving her diploma and all the scholarship opportunities she would have had being an advanced honors art student. OCR said the school needed to consider accepting her homeschool credit and giving her a diploma if it met their requirements. I asked the principle to outline those for me so we could make sure they did and he refused. So she has no high school diploma or even homeschool diploma at this point. She finished all the required coarse work but I have no idea how to get her a homeschool diploma and can’t find anything that tells me how. She deserved to be in school and experiencing what all kids work so hard and get so excited for. Her senior year was ripped from her. She had NEVER had even one disciplinary action in the entire eight and a half years she attended that school. Yet this teacher had numerous complaints and a child had to be taken out the year before for the exact same thing. The superintendent even lied to the police detective that was on my daughters case saying there had never been a complaint about this teacher. I had parents I didn’t even know contacting me that were saying she had tormented their child years prior. It’s so sad that there is no where to turn and no one to step in immediately to keep a child in school and the teacher removed until resolved. They legally should have provided homebound because her anxiety prevented her from being able to hang out with her abuser 2 hours a day and she had a 504 that it was proven this teacher violated.
I knew pursuing it wasn’t going to help my daughter and it didn’t but I have to believe because I did pursue it for a good year and a half after my daughter was no longer there when it came up again with this teacher it forced them to finally fire her. So maybe it saved to many more from suffering at her hands. However that admin is still in place and I believe wouldn’t do anything different if they could hide it. It’s disgusting.

The school counselor had known for a couple years this teacher was bullying my child. Made excuses then claimed she never knew once the schools attorney was present. I love more than anything when I encounter people that work with children that truly care and want to lovingly guide and direct them without bias. Sadly that seems rare.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

The National Association of School Psychologists is clear about where they are headed—“affirming” gender confusion. Gender confusion is what Medicaid will fund in schools. The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) assessments will determine which kids are not exhibiting the “right” progressive behaviors and which need further nudging to the correct behaviors through Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems (PBIS), Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

Click to access LGBTQ_Youth.pdf

Congress has set in place a federal Universal Data Base on students from Pre-K through the Workforce. Attached has links to documentation for the information below if you need them.
State level mental health legislation puts the infrastructure in place, at the state level, for the collection of student data funded through federal grants and Public/Private Partnerships (P3)s known as Blended Funding or Social Impact Bonds (SIBS) or Pay For Success (PFS).
2001 Not Child Left Behind (NCLB) set up 50 separate longitudinal databases systems.
2012 Obama gutted the Family Rights and Education Act (FERPA) regulation making data available to 3rd parties without consent for research. Two “conditions” in the regulations totally open the data floodgates:
(1)(B) A contractor, consultant, volunteer, or other party to whom an agency or institution has outsourced institutional services or functions may be considered a school official under this paragraph…
(6)(i) The disclosure is to organizations conducting studies for, or on behalf of, educational agencies or institutions to (A) Develop, validate, or administer predictive tests; (B) Administer student aid programs; or (C) Improve instruction.
2014 the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WOIA) binds education, Pre-K through the Workforce, under the Department of Labor, HHS, Defense, and Education. Meaning federal grant dollars that come through these departments for education services align their service to the College and Career Readiness mandates laid out by (ESSA).
2015 the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) codifying the Common Core-aligned College and Career Readiness behavioral standards into law. When the state budget is passed, that includes federal grants, from any agency, the state hands over sovereignty and must align, Pre-K through the workforce to the ESSA behavioral standards.
2019 the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Making Act (FEPA) makes legal for all government agency public/private databases to be inter-operable.

The principal of Cumberland County High School in Mechanicsburg, Pa. is trampling on the First Amendment by barring students from handing out Bibles at lunch:

Here is a post that I found on someone’s FB timeline:

our district worships the sky and ground because every morning the kids have to say good morning sky and good morning ground. Not once but twice and then Fold
THeir hands in prayer. Parents dont seem to pay attention or care. It’s so frustrating. And every day they have to do a mindfulness meditation. I refused and had to farm out my students to another class

Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

Thanks to public school (common core) data collection, they will now track our children through college and then as they enter the workforce. As if government wasn’t intrusive enough.

Here is another post from this group:

After 11 years, my husband has resigned from teaching because as a professional teacher, he knows what he’s being forced to teach is not educating his students. He knows they were learning when he was allowed to teach the way he knew, but now he knows they are not. And there’s nothing he can do about it. But we can and should!

Here is a post from a Tennessee anti-Common Core page:

Here are the first 5 to say with their vote today, they do not care what their School Board Members, County Commissioners, Teachers, Staff, Parents, & other Elected Leaders want……. Out of Pressure, Lack of information ( Can’t be that) Lack of Knowledge, whatever their reason they voted to move forward that the STATE take control away from your County School Boards, and put themselves in charge of the Charter School Distribution,.Thus taking MORE funds from the already financaily strapped school districts in TN!

Two Heroes Voted NO – They believe this is wrong to put the State in Charge – Adding more government to our schools is not the answer it is the problem now Rep. Leatherwood (R) Shelby County & Rep Dixie (D) Davidson County – Thank you Gentlemen!

Five YES Votes who sent a resounding message that they do not care, and feel change is needed with more government in our schools – Moody (R) Tipton County Dunn (R) Knox County Baum (R) Rutherford County DeBerry ( D) Shelby County White (R – One who wants free tuition for illegals) Shelby County

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Sexualizing K-12. Watch this important video. This is from our friend Alice Linihan in Texas. Notice that a brave Dad testified to the Texas legislature about digital curriculum referring children out to Planned Parenthood curriculum. This is happening in Utah right now. In fact, if you know about the group that advised Utah on its Digital Teaching and Learning law, Common Sense Education, (a Planned Parenthood partner), then you know that digital curriculum can groom children as Planned Parenthood customers. And. It’s not just health curriculum. It’s all subjects.

And here is a reply to this post:

Ho-Lee Crud! I found the Planned Parenthood “Consent” video they’re showing to kids grade 6-9. I can’t tell you how livid I would be to find my child had viewed this. It made ME uncomfortable watching it. If you’d like to view it yourself l, here is the link.

Here is a post from someone on Shannon Joy’s wall about opting out:

I have opted my kids out for years. The school does try to treat them like shit though to be honest.
Make them go to school and sit in one chair basically doing nothing for the days of the testing. If we keep them home they can’t go on a trip that all of the complying children get to go to or assign something so the non compliant have late or missing assignments.

And some more posts from her wall from people:

The testing for the 3rd graders at my sons elementary school is April 2&3.

yes, in Indiana it’s called Iread. My twins tested last week. If they don’t pass, they’re not supposed to go to 4th grade. This ridiculous-ness had all of the third graders frantic that they wouldn’t pass.

Yep! I’ve opted my kids out for the past 3 years and I will never let them take those stupid tests again!

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Ok, I’ll do my yearly advocation. Yonkers public schools, 3rd grade, my daughter became stressed at home, not like her. She said she had to do really well on the test or her teacher would get fired. She was shaking and crying. My kid is the cool cucumber type, not much rattles her. I was alarmed. A little delving and wow was I shocked. She did take 3rd grade assessments as I was not researched enough. Never took another state test…great teachers on board, the repetitive homework ended, straight A’s, secured a private academic high school scholarship, 9th grade now and excelling. Get your kids out of government run schools if you can. Refuse the tests absolutely. There ain’t a damn thing they can do to make you and they can’t hurt your kid.

And another post from this group:

I sat on my school board when the policy was adopted.
(2nd largest independent BOE in NYS)
This is a state issue.
And the state does not recognize a single use bathroom as a solution.
See page 10

Here is a post from a Michigan opt-out page:

This is by no means a statement of consent regarding this hideous mandate. It is a means to know what is to come. The more you know…

Click to access 3rd_Grade_Reading_Law_FAQ-June_2017_573055_7.pdf

And here are the replies to this post:

My daughter is currently in second grade. She reads about a fifth or sixth grade reading level, over 150 words per minute, etc. I have older children who I have always opted out of the MSTEP, but my concern with her is that next year she will run up against this law and if she does not take the MSTEP, we will have issues with her passing third grade. This is the first document I have seen that appears to offer any options other than the MSTEP for proving she can read about the third grade level. What should parents in our situation do next year in addition to refusing the Mstep to ensure that we are not setting our children up to fail third grade? I know if I ask my district, they will tell me that I’m legally not allowed to opt out. They will “allow“ it like they have been doing, but I’m sure they will not provide me any additional information on what additional assessment or portfolio I should demand.

be aware of the 30 day window that you will have to write your recommendation for her not to be held back. From my understanding if you miss that window you miss your opportunity.

I am so sorry. We/The Opt Out Florida Network had to start a group specifically for Third. Such a punitive practice.

And here are some more posts from this page, concerning teachers opting their own kids out of the evil standardized testing:

I never have, only because I fear I may lose my job or become a target.

Because I know it just makes more work for my already overworked counselor. Then it reflects poorly on the school’s AER, which in turn could impact the number of families who enroll their children, which impacts funding, which impacts the quality of education at my children’s school. This is what happens when we give away too much of our power and elect politicians and not representatives.

I opted my kids out, for years. I couldn’t get others to see that if we all did it, we could change the conversation.

I had to refuse the test for my children. Received my first “Minimally effective” evaluation in 17 years and experienced a great deal of work stress. It took a toll on my health and wellbeing.

that’s not ok. What you choose for your own children should not affect your evaluation at work. I’d fight that with my union’s help.

It was several years ago now and unfortunately I did not have the emotional or physical strength to do it at that time. They also reduced my position to 60% and changed my teaching assignment moving me from the building I had been teaching for 14 years. Thankfully, I am in a much better place now and only have one child to refuse the tests for instead of 3.

that is just BS bullying

Agreed. But thankfully I have a new position that I love and am much happier and healthier than I would have been with all of the other changes that have taken place at that building since then. Sadly, most of my colleagues that are still there are counting the days until they can retire; while those that could have already retired.

Not all districts allow opting out – or make it extremely difficult to do so

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Another bill being heard soon. It requires child care providers to be a part of the Parent Aware system, and something called Building Quality (wow!) in order for students to be eligible for early learning scholarships. The regulations just never stop!
A bill for an act
relating to education; modifying early childhood program eligibility; amending
Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 124D.165, subdivision 4.


Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 124D.165, subdivision 4, is amended to read:
Subd. 4. Early childhood program eligibility. (a) In order to be eligible to accept an
early learning scholarship, a program must: (1) participate in the quality rating and
improvement system under section 124D.142; and (2) beginning July 1, 2020, have a three-
or four-star rating in the quality rating and improvement system. All programs that participate
in the Parent Aware rating system, including Building Quality, are eligible to accept early
learning scholarships.
(b) Any program accepting scholarships must use the revenue to supplement and not
supplant federal funding.

(c) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), all Minnesota early learning foundation scholarship
program pilot sites are eligible to accept an early learning scholarship under this section.

And here are twoo replies to this post:

What is ‘BUILDING AWARE’ that children/parents must enroll?
Do kids get a personal ID#; is this a data tracking thing?

This bill pertains to childcare providers. It is a requirement that the providers (Ie. like the schools) are members of Parent Aware. Took another look. It’s “Building Quality” which might be a statement or actual building code standards. That’s new to me, too! Here’s building standards for Minnesota. What a mess! They’re all locked down, too.

And another post from this group:

Here we go again! SF 855 is about Prenatal care with stated goals of increasing immunization rates. No matter how you may feel on this topic, healthcare is absolutely a part of the HF 1. Half is health and half is education. When it comes to parental rights and local control, the hallmark of MACC’s foundation, we must side with the decision made by parents for their own children and not legislation drafted by the Department of Health.

Here is a post from an anti-early childhood Common Core group:

This came across my feed yesterday.

Worst mistake I ever made was enrolling mine in the pre-k program.

It’s time to abolish government pre-k!

And here are the replies to this post:

I totally agree! We are just reving up the fight against prek in ND… so far this legislative session we have been able to defeat any attempt by the Dept of public instruction to get their hands on our youngest citizens, we are gearing up for a big fight next session in 2021…I am curious why you say prek was the worst thing you did for your child. Can you elaborate on that please? And would you be ok with me sharing your thoughts with other members of my small but mighty group of concerned citizens in ND?

IL has proposed a bill lowering compulsory school age to FIVE (from 6). And on other end, theres a new proposed law for holding kids in til 18.
We are beside ourselves at the stupidity.
It’s a money grab attempt. By the Chicago Brd of Ed. That’s confirmed via the sponsor.
Did I mention that IL is BROKE? Like legit—BROKE?!

The government will take as much as they can. Parents are the only ones in their way. They want 3 year old year-round.

The government gets more influence in your childs upbringing. They want your child away from you as long as possible and in doing so have more adult influence over them. Remember these are the years your child soaks up learning like a sponge. Do you want them influenced by the UN plan or yours?

the most sickening 15 second audio clip you will ever hear-

Here is a post from a South Carolina anti-Common Core group:

Competency Based Education is being pushed by the SC House in their recently passed H. 3759.

Could Competency Based Education be greatest thing since sliced bread? Could it be a disaster? Could it be the silver bullet SC needs to improve our rankings in educational achievement? Could it actually widen the gaps between the haves and have-nots in our counties? Could it make the children who daily struggle to give up on their dreams of being a doctor or lawyer or entrepreneur altogether? Could it be just the ticket to inspire children not to drop out of high school? Could it be the latest boondoggle band wagon that only makes those who want to data mine children rich while using children as guinea pigs?

Let me ask you this question… Who in their right mind would recommend an experimental drug on a child that has not been proven to be in the best interest of that child? Would the FDA approve a drug that has not had proven success? Who wants to approve the use Competency Based Education in k-12 with little to no concern for the possibility that this style of education could actually harm a child or have damaging unintended consequences?

I for one am tired of our teachers having to switch horses in the middle of the stream and take on a new educrat pushed agenda as the next fad in supposedly a quality education. It’s no wonder quality teachers are quitting and no one wants to enter the teaching profession anymore. Teachers are not being allowed to do what they were trained to do…and that is teach! They are being forced to take a back seat and only be facilitators of the educrat legislators” latest boondoggle education reform many of these legislators haven’t ever taught or been in a classroom for more than an hour, as well as many legislators who don’t even have a child of their own who sponsored this bill.

Please educate yourself on the dangers of Competency Based Education and where it will lead us in SC. Call your SC Columbia Senator and tell him this CBE House Bill 3759 is just another costly boondoggle which will not produce the outcomes needed in SC for public schools to improve…and in fact only serves the purpose of making children human capital and cogs in a wheel worker bees.

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Are we starting to feel a little less free, Minnesota? Required entry testing by the MDE for kindergarten, lowering the compulsory age, mega data collection an daycare ombudsmen to check high and low on every childcare provider are just a few of the nearly hundred bills for early childhood. Are we all aware that the MN DHS has been bullying childcare providers for years? By bringing regulations upon home-based and small center providers only, the DHS has prodded 30% of daycare providers right out of business. We know some of them! And now the state can come in and legislate lots of money to pay for free everything. What’s happening to those who wanted to strike out and own their own businesses? Sure feels like the state wants to own every piece of Birth to Five!

And another post from this group:

With all the discussion of expanded home visits in Minnesota, an existing program, Help Me Grow (HMG), is already referring parents and children with or without parental consent. Parents do need to be aware of possible referrals when your local school district calls for home visits.

And here are the replies to this post:

I used to get stuff in the mail for this program when my older 2 were under 5, so I know I’m on the radar. I never consented. Is there a way to opt out once they opt you in?

At this point, they’re still “building the machine” for the Baby Common Core, which is what this is. Parents may decline unless we pass a law on home visits.. As you and I know, the regulations continue to pile on during these legislative sessions. How about some REPEALS for all the bad laws already on the books???

I just caught Nelson’s Senate Ed committee and just about over. I should have posted it for everybody. It’s a bill that is going to be passed for Kindergarten Entry testing. Yes!! Test their entry in order to make sure the the little ones are in school for a few years so they’re “ready”. (Relph, Wiger, Eichorn, Nelson) Wiger wants this data in the SLEDS database and included in the World’s Best Workforce “prison”. Nelson and the others love it all!

I found the bill that the poster was talking about:

The commissioner of education must provide a process for measuring the kindergarten readiness
of incoming kindergarteners. Districts must choose from a menu of valid and reliable
measurement instruments provided by the Department of Education that are aligned to the
state early childhood indicators of progress and kindergarten standards that are based on
the Department of Education school readiness study and meet the world’s best workforce
goal of measuring school readiness.

Here is a post from a Florida opt-out page:

OptOut season begins next week. You can find the toolbox here

And here are the replies to this post:

My youngest is being left out of the ice cream party because I won’t let her participate. She was told it was only for the kids who write all the essays.
My oldest got the backing of one of her teachers for making the right decision

What if you’re at a school that tells you “this is not an option for parents”? I followed the instructions to a tee and was told this by the principal. I ended up pulling her out last week to homeschool. Do I have any options? She is really missing her friends but we hate the toxic test climate.

she is wrong if she told you this about the FSA.

My daughter unfortunately is scared to death of administration there. She told me”mom they’re scarier than you”.lol. I instructed her to refuse the test if given and she started crying saying she could never do that. I hate to have to put her in this position that’s why I pulled her out.

it’s a lie. Yes you absolutely have options. What grade and what county ?

5th and Brevard county

I am so sorry for the stress your child was under. I am a retired teacher (5th was my favorite grade) from Duval. Students absolutely can opt out/refuse the FSA. My own grandchildren have as well as students in my class. FSA is not used for promotion in 5th so the only repercussions would possibly be refusing a remedial class in 6th and/or fighting for an advanced placement if desired.

The problem is in the act of refusing the test. She is a good kid and an immense rule follower. I’ve tried to pump her up and we’ve all talked to her that we support her and ultimately it us she needs to answer to, but she is so scared of administration at the school for some reason that she crumbles and cries when I bring it up. I could keep her out on test days but they will continue to pull her and she said when they pull kids they need to take test in the principal’s office, she’s petrified of this. I personally do not like the administration at our school, they both came in 2 years ago and the tone has changed. the principal is very abrasive..I can see her intimidation. She intimidates me. There were other issues at the school but this was one of our biggest.

I’m here in Lake county and no FSA no remedial classes and placed in advanced classes based off her grades because there was ZERO testing info. It was hard fought but can be done!

Even this compromise wasn’t enough for the Transtapo so they are suing this Minnesota school district for “not doing enough” for a boy that wanted to be on the girls’s swim team:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:


THIS IS A TERRIBLE BILL! Please email the Committee Mananger Betty Kaminsky at:
and let her know you oppose this bill!
My comments at the hearing,

start at the 2:30:26 mark and go for two minutes.
You can see Janine Hanson’s comments starting at the 2:27:53 mark.
It’s important to note that none of the legislators including the primary bill sponsor responded to our comments.
My comments:
We at Protect Nevada Children are against SB319 as written for three reasons:
1) Everything noted in sections three, four, and five of this bill is done without parental consent!
2) Nothing in the bill addresses how the psychological and “mental” data will be stored and by whom, who will have access to it, how it will be used, and if it will ever be deleted.
3) It appears parents are not notified of how the psychological and mental data on their child will be stored, analyzed, and possibly shared, and how this data may affect the future of their children.

Quick Story:
In the spring of 2016, without parental consent, Washoe County School District (WCSD) gave a psychological assessment, the Devereux Student Strengths Assessment (DESSA) to all students in at least four schools (attached). At the September 12th 2017 WCSD board meeting at least 11 of us spoke up and asked and asked why the District gave a psychological assessment to students without parental consent. At the end of the meeting Superintendent Davis said the District would not be using the DESSA for the 2017-18 school year. We do not know if the DESSA has been used since then or not. We know a third party, Aperture Education, has psychological data on all the children in at least four WCSD schools, but parents have not been informed. We do not know how that data will be used, who it may be shared with, if it will ever be deleted, and how it may affect the future of the students in these four schools.

One of our board members Don Gallimore who is an officer of the Washoe County NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) asked me to tell you: “These psychological and mental assessments will likely more negatively affect minority students.”

And another post from this group:

SB320 –

See – Section 1, Sub-section 1 of the bill
MY CONCERN IS THAT THIS BILL WOULD REQUIRE STUDENTS TO TAKE THE SBAC PRIOR TO BEING PLACED IN ADVANCED CLASSES. Currently the SBAC is not required for anything, and it’s a waste of 10 hours of class time.
If you are concerned SB320 will force students to take the SBAC prior to being placed in advanced classes and don’t agree with this, email Betty Kaminski Committee Manager, Senate Committee on Education at:
Video of the hearing 3/27/19
Listen to the discussion from
1:34:40 to 1:37:30
Between Meredith Smith, Senator Pickard, Senator Denis, and Senator Dondaro-Loop
Especially listen from 1:35:50 to 1:37:12 as Senator Dondaro-Loop makes it sounds like criterion-referenced exams like the SBAC would then be required for placement.
Listen to my comments and Senator Hammond’s response from
1:47:50 to 1:52:18
What do you think?

And some replies to this post:

They already tell the students this

But at the moment it’s a lie, I think if this bill becomes law it will no longer be a lie.

Happened to us! Said no honors math, but then she was advanced through anyway.

They are already doing this in Charter schools. They are taking away electives and putting kids in “boost” classes for either opting out of testing or not doing well on testing. They are building the kids schedules based on SBAC and MAP scores alone and not what their ACTUAL grade in that class is!!!!

Here is a post that somebody posted on the wall of Michael Farris:

I’m taking a basic business law class for my accounting degree and the authors of my textbook don’t seem to understand that the US is a Republic, not a democracy. In the chapter on the Constitution the authors write something like, “many people believe the electoral college is undemocratic.” When I read that I thought, “well yeah, because we aren’t a democracy. It’s intentionally undemocratic.” When college level courses are teaching that kind of ignorance, is it any wonder this is happening?

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

STEM is code for Climate Change & Sustainability Science Curriculums. Just an FYI ——>

And here are the replies to this post:

I have been saying for many years, the emphasis on STEM is a de-emphasis of literature. That removes culture from our children. They don’t understand the human condition, the process of growing in knowledge. the struggle that is necessary for maturity. They don’t understand history, personal and national or global. They have no ability to think critically and apply learning. Reading a paragraph or excerpt of great literature does not allow understanding of why. Common Core was planned and constructed to do this.

yes, and STEM was a UN influenced marketing tool the National Science Foundation coined to deceive the citizens. The goal was never Common Core, it was STEM. A report given to President O, stated STEM was to roll out near the same thing me so no one would notice. In that report, STEM education for a STEM citizenery with STEM jobs in a STEM nation with a STEM economy. All for the greater global good.

Last year my 5th grader was told we are going to run out of fossil fuels by 2030 and that I should ‘stop watching fox news’.
I home correct the science teachers lessons and my daughter isn’t afraid to tell the teacher.
This year my daughter did the ‘my dad says’ again.
The teacher said their is scientific facts and being political about it. I’m going to teach you facts , your dad is being political.

I’m fine with the concept but not when it robs form.the arts. Music, literature, cursive writing are all important areas of study to develop critical thought. Schools are designed to create factory workers. Fortune 500 executives note that finding job applicants capable of expressing a cohesive written thought is difficult, even among college grads. Interestingly shop has been moved onto the STEM category.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

[name redacated]

called our office nearly in tears after her recently saved seven-year old daughter was angrily told by a teacher to stop praying before her lunch. Our attorneys were able to assure [name redacted] that this teacher was flat wrong – her daughter had every right to quietly pray before eating lunch.

The Department of Education has issued express guidelines stating that “students…may say grace before meals…to the same extent that they may engage in comparable non-disruptive activities.” Call our office with your story so that we may help you as well.

And another post from this page:

Please pray for our attorneys helping a pastor in Washington as he counsels a church family whose public school children are being forced to use gender neutral terms in the classroom.

And another post from this page:

Does your local public school allow fliers for student distribution? If they decide to allow fliers from outside organizations, the public school absolutely cannot refuse fliers solely because of their religious nature. Call our office to speak with an attorney about your specific situation.

Found this shared in an anti-Agenda 2030 group:

In Indiana today. What Propoganda looks like in Public Education.
The danger of these electronic tests or curriculum…is a good US history or civics teacher would not have tolerated this tripe:

More indoctrination on digital curriculum. Teachers do not have time to go through all the slides…so garbage questions that are subjective with politcal messages slip through.

“This is my daughter’s online Homework given to her by her school. I am appalled at this political “Question” she is being asked and when she gives her answer she was marked WRONG. THIS IS A OPINIONATED QUESTION THAT CLEARLY ONLY IF A DEMOCRATIC ANSWER TO THIS CLAIM WAS GIVEN WOULD MY CHILD HAVE BEEN CORRECT. I am disgusted that her Middle School would be involved in such discriminatory and unethical behavior. Both are claims and are Opinions.

The question “Claim” being called here in a nut shell was : Should the Electoral College be abolished?
Her Answer: No. She apparently chose the wrong one.
RESULT:Incorrect, it should be abolished.”


Here is a post from a vaccine skeptic group:

Apparently (in Grand Blanc Michigan) they are teaching children about the negative affects of the “anti vaxxer movement”
I for one am PISSED!


Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Minnesota Act Early! Get your free growth charts with developmental milestones. Sounds like a good thing, right? Think again! Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system will have your child (and family) referred if your child doesn’t line up with their developmental charts. Remember, your doctor or childcare provider needs no parental consent. (Scroll down to read the Help Me Grow article.) This will kick off years of home visits. Did you know Dakota County is building a prenatal to 8 yr database? They’re going to collect developmental milestones on babies and toddlers and everything they find from your expectant mom months. Wow! Sounds like they’re interested in home visiting. The director of the Minnesota Visiting Nurses Association stated they are collecting “massive amounts of data”. And now we have Minnesota Act Early! Let the marketing begin!!!

And another post from this group:

UPDATE on the Welcome to Washington Baby Bill we reported on a few weeks back. Just to make it perfectly clear that there’s more than one way to push an agenda the government (and their foundation/non-profit friends) have. The WA state bill for Universal Home Visits stalled a few weeks back. However, Piece County (Tacoma, WA) just passed a resolution and ordinance for universal home visits birth to 3 for all their county residents! Take away: Watch your counties, Minnesota! We are on the very same path as Washington. We have news that Dakota county is building a prenatal to 8 yrs old database. It all ties in together! Will have more out on this shortly. So, if you don’t like House File 1 and all the Senate portions that were passed, then also watch your counties and city councils. btw: The “national organization” referred to below is Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system already in Minnesota who can refer children and families without parental consent. There’s got to be a LOT of money being spread around. Keep you eyes and ears open!

From Karen Larsen, WA Activist:
Quick Update on the vote before the Pierce Co Council last night.

Resolution 2019-6 – Passed
Ordinance 2019-15 – Passed

Amendments were added, mostly changing the language.

A few major changes were:

  • the shift in language from “Prenatal”, to “Birth”
  • the change of the Commission, to an Advisory Board
  • members of the board will serve until a sunset date of Dec 31, 2021

With the passage of these, Pierce county has made a commitment and officially agreed to partner with a national organization on Birth to 5 policies.

In my testimony last week, I brought up the concerns of the loss of local control. I’ve watched the erosion of this the last 6 years.
The majority of our council, who represent the citizens of Pierce County, decided that corporate organizations and philanthropists have more power and say than we do.

I’d be willing to estimate that 99% of private citizens here in Pierce Co opposed these. I sat in 2 public hearings, and have read the comments that have been publicly submitted online.

Resolution — 38 pages of public comment, only in 4 support, all the rest opposed.

Ordinance — 43 pages of public comment, only 4 in support, all the rest opposed.

What does this tell you?

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

I find it hard to believe that the # students opting out this year has changed so drastically. IF the numbers are correct, my district went from about 40% last yearto 21% today.??

And here are some replies to this post:

In our school, my kids said that only 10 kids opted out, down from about 20 the previous year ???????

My son was the only 1 from his class and about 20 kids for all the grades and classes of testing age ??

Only 1 (out of 16) in my son’s 8th grade class TOOK the test…hearing numbers in our district are up. Very supportive superintendent and school board.

did you see the big push from our administration? It was relentless propaganda and testing details were sugarcoated data snowflakes. Parents ate it right up! It’s a done deal, 6+ years mainlined right to the children at the hand of BOEs, administration, teachers and parents who are to willing to trust their schools. ??????

My daughter said there is hardly anyone in her school. We are talking 6th, 7th and 8th less then 20 kids total!

Out of 56 I believe in my daughters grade there were only 13 who took the test.

Our school bribed kids with a fun day afterwards.

for all kids or just the ones that took the test?

Just those who took the test.
Dodgeball, scooter races, a DJ was in the gym at the middle school

That is INSANE!

that’s really sad. My sons school kind of did the opposite.
They sent home a blank opt out form, and made it known they would have other activities available during testing “student-focused, emotionally supportive activity”..
Doesnt sound like they’ll be taking alternate tests, or kept from a private party, that’s for sure.
I understand the need for funds, I really do. But I just wonder how people who choose to educate can find any value in these exams? And for those who recognize the flaws to still push the kids to take them? Even resort to bullying (because that is what I am reading about-straight up bullying coming from the same people trusted to educate these children) how do they sleep at night?
Especially when in reality it is OUR choice as parents, not the minor child.
They won’t let kids hand out birthday invites in class, because they’re worried about kids being excluded, or feeling left out.. but it’s okay for them to knowingly, purposefully exclude children from events due to thier parents choice?? Ohhh… I would be LIVID if my sons school did that. I’d make damon sure to help my son crash that party.
But I’m a b***h like that ??

Our district made calls to get kids to test because they are rating low and losing funds & “in need” from kids opting out

they do not lose funds under ESSA, but are required to spend more funds to encourage students to take the tests.

Our schools went on a watch list for low scores as a result of many kids opting out is my understanding. Now, yes they are using funds to “encourage” all kids to take them

My daughter was the only one in her class that opted out. The principal called me and practically begged me to reconsider. My daughter has very good grades, which means very good scores! ?? I said no thank you we opt out. Even though she missed out of the pizza party she understood and was ok with it.

Only 10 out of a class of 42.
People I talk to believe the propaganda that says its not common core anymore or its good for them to practice taking tests.

t’s a lot of us parents who had kids starting k and in early elem. school. Our kids are now in middle school. Parents today have never known anything different. They missed the uproar, the passion in the beginning, etc. it’s not that they are being bullied and beaten down necessarily, they just don’t know any better or understand.

Administration is fighting back. We received a call and a meeting was set st all the school with the head of the Boardnof Ed claiming if students keep opting out then the school will miss out on much needed funding. Idk. I think thst might have done it
Hide or report this

I was speaking with a lady at work today and she was u see the assumption that the state tests weren’t allowed to be opted out of as that’s what the school has always told her and she never questioned it. Her children are in 3rd and 5th and have horrible test anxiety. I gave her some information and two refusal letters.

I just had a conversation with a parent whose son was stressed out because of the test and then the “glitches” yesterday escalated his stress. When I suggested she opt him out, she told me that he used to opt out and hated the way they (the opt out kids) were treated so he’d rather just take the test.

There is little to no homework anymore and not much gets sent home, so parents have no idea how bad common core is.

I asked a friend of mnine if the home visits for vacciniation that I found in this Healthy People 2020 document were tied ot the home vistis we were seeing for Medicaid and “early childhood” popping up across the country

I received the following reply:

I have no doubt. The proof is over in the agency documents. Read the Preschool Development Block Grant. Everything in those grants are universal.

Help Me Grow is slated as “targeted universalism”. Yes to your link. This is directly laid out in Health People 2020 a branch of the federal Dept of Health.

The latest iteration of the home visit portion of our HF 1 was amended to “home visits for health equity”


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