Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 17

This is part 17.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

“My science teacher said she has to teach towards the STARR. She hates that she has to do that. I don’t even remember what it is like to learn… and not be taught for the STARR.”- Jett, 10 years old


Another reason not to send your kids to the University of Colorado:


Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Does anyone have any insight into IXL? Our school district is using it on a trial basis. Kids seem very unhappy that time is being taken away from core classes & specials. It is all practice, no teaching. Thanks.

And some replies to this post:

My students use it but it’s just for fluency. If they don’t like it and have better options, keep doing what they like.

my daughter said it is being used in ELA, math & then they are starting Spanish. She said it is taking away from classroom learning time.

Oh boy, so you mean it’s not just during math or they are making kids do math during ELA? So, is it being used as busy work?

it is being used in place of teaching time.

They are practicing language arts in ELA, math in math, Spanish in Spanish. So when are they learning new content?

This is thegoal. Get everyone on computers and replace teachers..

Wow. Yea, that isn’t good. I’d push back on that. It’s just question and answer. It doesn’t teach or give mini- lessons.

my fear exactly. I think I’ll have a meeting with administrators & Opt my kids ou

IXL is actually been around for a long time. My administrator wanted to do one that was more Common Core and we pushed back. It looked ridiculous.

My son’s math teacher tried to get him to use it in 8th grade. I looked at it, looked at the privacy policy and had them delete his account. I told the school he would not be using it and that was it. He did other work

What is IXL and ELA? Are both linked to computers? IMO, computers belong in a room which is not a classroom. The whole point of the Public School System is to socialize kids. That can’t be done when they spend eight+ hours in front of a screen. Individual learning devices have their place in a language lab but that should be in addition to five days of teaching the subject. Computers are not even substitute teachers and as we know many schools are opting to replace teachers with substitutes as much as possible to break the union.

ela is English language arts class & IXL is a computer based learning app but all it does is provide practice with no lessons. It starts with easy questions & gets harder. It scores kids with 1 point for a correct answer but when they get one wing it drops them 10 points & they can’t move on with out a 100.

Everyone should read the Georgetown Review about re-identifying anonymous data posted over the weekend. Nothing is private unless one damands it. Imagine your kid sitting in front of that digital screen (or TV) which is piped into your local “Fusion Center”. Automatically they’ve got face recognition and probably sound, too. Then they create algorithyms which will sift and scrub every key stroke. Who wants to advertise one’s child and reveal his/her weaknesses?! Every key stroke is recorded.

Beyond the data concerns, IXL is a “drill and kill” program.

I can’t even describe how messed up IXL is. The questions are asinine.

Thanks for the input. I wish they would just let teachers teach!

I pray nightly!

I’m fighting for teachers. I attend rallies, meetings…

My kids will opt out of mcas for 3rd y

Does anyone know what happens if 10th graders opt out in MA?

they will not get a diploma just a certificate of completion

I wish there would be a big student push for largescale opt out

me too. The MTA is working on it but we need more parents to opt their kids out.

And another post from this group:

I apologize if you’ve covered this in the past. I’m in MI. My district implemented Summit Base Camp 2+ yrs ago in 6-8. Some love some hate.
But the district hasn’t surveyed parents/kids about this delivery method so we really don’t know, from the larger lense, how people feel.
Yesterday we received a “survey” from KnowledgeWorks, which appears to be attempting to confirm that personalized learning is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

What can you share re KnowledgeWorks? Have you had personal experience with this group? How about Summit? Happy to share our experience if it would be helpful.

And here are some replies to said post:

Knowledgeworks is at the center of the transition to learning ecosystems. Their white papers are terrifying. It is very bad that they are doing surveys in your district.

Their “future of learning” for Pittsburgh

Key player in the takeover of North Dakota’s schools. Working with the state office of education there:

If you are not familiar with the Learning Ecocystem concept this is an overview:

Yeah. Wow. I need some sort of cliff notes version. Most in my district haven’t even figured out the negative impacts of NCLB. They think personalized learning is the silver bullet.



4-minute overview:

My write up on Summit from awhile ago

Recent protest of Summit at Brooklyn high school

Strive Together is the “wrap around” services “cradle to career” spin-off from Knowledgeworks. They will profit greatly from outsourced student services for “the whole child” via pay for success finance. Not sure if you all are being pitched on the “community school” model, but it is not what it appears to be.

Thank you, Alison! I know it’s a lot, [name redacted]. “Personalized” Learning can sound good on the surface but it’s truly problematic. PAA has some info on it as well:

Yes. I messaged Allison that this reminds me of when I first entered ed advocacy in 2011 (working to oppose the proliferation of charters in MI). I did so much research re Rhee and trying to follow the money. Here, at least, it’s laid out.

I’ll try to get through it over the holiday.

Thanks so much, both of you, for your help.

Only those who will take the time to understand the Community Education Concept will be able to make the public education system right again…in my humble opinion.

I wonder if it’s related to this roll out. Just received by email. “Knowledge Works

Dear friends,

In this time of gratitude, I’m thankful for the privilege to serve alongside Team KnowledgeWorks and the schools and communities we serve to boldly transform how all students learn. It’s an honor to work with a dedicated, high-quality and energized staff, board of directors and with our partners and learning communities.

The most impactful moment for me was seeing the KnowledgeWorks team in action as a thought partner for five districts and state-level leaders in North Dakota as they work to scale personalized learning and, to quote State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler, “change the way students will learn in North Dakota.” Students are ready to have agency and when they do it’s the most powerful thing we can equip them with.

Building upon my experience attending the first convening of nearly 100 North Dakota educators, I participated in a school visit to Marysville Exempted Village School District just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The learning environment and culture of their schools raised a clear and singular question: Why does every child not have the opportunity to learn like the second grader at Northwood Elementary – who owns her own learning experience and best represents what all learners will look like in the future?

And in the spirit of both potential and urgency, I’m excited for us to release Forecast 5.0 next week and the opportunities that can arise with the Forecast as a tool to open greater dialogue and solicit action to affect change. This will be a clear focus of ours in aligning the work of KnowledgeWorks, in partnership with others, to help create a new future of learning.

Thanksgiving is an invitation to rededicate ourselves to our why and making a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable. When we come together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

With gratitude,

Chuck Ambrose
President, KnowledgeWorks “

Strive Together is creepy. I researched it when it was using certain cities as pilot models for cradle to grave community wide alignment. If you need links, let me know.

From what I can find from LilSis, KnowledgeWorks is part of two larger groups: Competency Works and Partnership for 21st Century Learning.

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m sure this has been asked… my son moved school districts this summer. He failed LA STAAR last year. Counselor tried to bully him into giving up an elective. I told her absolutely not, but now they have taken away his extra period and put him in tutoring. Can I fight that? He needs that extra time for his rotating study period.

And another post from this group:

My daughter’s principal just called. She said on of the teachers informed her my daughter wasn’t taking STAAR this year which is a “requirement” for her to be promoted to 6th grade. That her (principal’s) teachers do not teach to the test and that they do take STAAR into consideration in GPC meetings. Oh and that if she doesn’t take STAAR, the endless hours of tutoring and summer school that is a requirement as well. I was hoping to wait until after our family vacation to deal with this.

And some replies to this post:

What district?


How can they take STAAR in to consideration, if the child isn’t there to take it? 😊
There’s plenty of us that have had a GPC without STAAR data.
Oh and a lot of us have never experienced summer school or tutorials…

If your child doesn’t participate in STAAR then they can’t take it into consideration. My son’s in 6th and has never taken STAAR, has never done tutorials, and never been to summer school.

how did you manage to opt him out?

I kept him home during assessment and make up days. Refused summer school. Requested a GPC and they promoted based on grades. Tutorials weren’t ever an option thrown out by them so never had to refuse that.

^^ The only difference in our 5th grade opt out story, is that my daughter accepted minimal at home work

^^ same story as [name redacted[.
Opted one kid out 4th, 5th, and 6th. Another kid 7th, 8th, and 9th.

my oldest did that but my second didn’t. Everyone agreed it was pointless and not needed. They based it off of grades.

my g’son had a B in math, they gave him 5 math packets and 1 English, which he had an A in. In 6th they attempted to put him in remedial English, his mom squashed that real quick.

I know it’s just a lot crap the principal has to say. DD has never taken STAAR and I get that it’s a “promotion year”. Nor has she ever done any tutoring either. Just funny how she’s trying to do everything she can to encourage DD to take the test. So the meeting is to go over what the teachers teach and just how she runs the school. Which is fine.

Yep. Mine is now in 7th and hasn’t taken a STAAR test yet and as long as we are his parents, he won’t.

what do ya’ll do to get him out of taking the test?

just say no. Actually there are a few ways. The one we prefer is making doctor appointments for each day. Then they are excused absences.
Another is withdrawing for the week under the guise of homeschooling. (Make sure you say you are homeschooling on the withdrawal. After the week of testing, oh darn. Homeschooling just didn’t work
Still another way depends upon how strong your child is. You can send your child to school with the instruction that they are to listen politely to instructions, but do NOT open the test book, fo NOT make a mark on it or the answer documents. After instructions are done, hand the documents back to the proctor saying “I’m done”. They will pressure, you write a note saying school may speak to you only. The child receives a 0 score. You may promptly pick up the dog poop with it for all it’s worth.
Another option is to tell your child to make pretty pictures on the answer documents by filling in whatever bubbles they want. Personally, I prefer the first two options. It’s so much easier.

How do they know your child won’t be taking STAAR ?

She said the math teacher told her. Which we (our family) haven’t even said anything to DD about it yet for this year. But DD knows she doesn’t take it. So unless previous teachers told the principal or DD forgot she said something to her teacher.

i wouldn’t even give them the time of day. Just blow them off and do what you want

I want to but I also kinda want to see how they aren’t teaching to the test this year or if they are blowing smoke. I honestly want to know. That’s probably the only reason why I will attend the meeting. Other than that, it is all a waste of time. It won’t change my mind.

keep us posted

They called you to a meeting?

yes. She said I was more than welcome to speak to her and go over how things are different this year. How I can go to DD’s classroom and see how things are taught.

she is blowing smoke. Read the pinned post on this page. You go Mom!


Mine is a fifth grader. I told her teacher at conferences and reminded her she won’t be taking it. She said okay.

I’m sorry your district is so difficult.

we have a new principal this year so way better than the last 2 years but still have to fight them on it.

I call BS. None of their scare items are required for grade placement. Call them the bullies that they are and tell them that it’s a shame that such bullies are in charge of teaching our kids.\

I get they have to spout certain stuff to cover their backsides. I know its bs and very upfront with them about that lol

If you do go to the classroom, don’t give them any advanced notice. Just show up one day and say you decided to take them up on the offer of observing the class. That way they can’t make any advanced plans.

I pop in a lot when I volunteer

parents at our school can’t even go inside the school past the front door unless escorted and babysat by a school staff member. All in the name of security. All doors are locked and you have to be buzzed into the building.

yes ma’am. Still have to sign in and get a badge even for PTO. Rules changed this year to even pick up our kids. My town is a small rural town.

I have to sign in just to drop off papers.

it’s crazy but understandable.

“I understand that you work for TEA, and are obligated to support their bullshit agenda. Bulling my child and I is not going to get you anywhere. In the future, please communicate with me IN WRITING regarding this matter, so that I can mantain a written record of your threats for my attorney.” click.


Sounds like a lying principal.

I’m sure. Anything to do with STAAR, they spout what they are told.

kids usually don’t walk in and announce they’re not taking staar out of the blue. imho the math teacher knows because she’s saying staar this and staar that to the kids everyday

I agree. I don’t allow DD to speak with the teachers about the STAAR test because I don’t trust the teachers to not fill her head with some bs. We did have issues with a certain teacher last year who could’ve said something or even looked into her file and noticed there was no scores for the previous 2 years. Either way I know that must of what was said was scare tactics (no matter how nicely it was put) and smoke.

So what schools do is this, they create cards for each student at the end of the year. It has different categories on it and the teacher for that year fills it in. They can add comments ( like parent refused to allow student to test) so that way the next year teacher knows all about the student

wow so much for starting out the year with a clean slate..

I know 😕 it’s sad. Kids change from year to year

And yet another post from this group:

Not directly STAAR related. But does anyone also opt their children out of the Physical Fitness Assessment Initiative. I’ve been reading up via the education code and TEA website. And it seems just almost as dumb as STAAR. With them trying to link a child’s ability to do a sit-up or push up to future academic success.

And some replies to this post:

We opted out in Georgia (called the Fitnessgram there), but I haven’t found much info about opting out here.

They call it the Fitnessgram here, too.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of it, but would probably opt out due to asthma.

It’s been around in some form since I was in school in the ‘80’s.

It’s useless and pointless and was never linked with anything when I went through school. I’m going to have two high schoolers next year and it’s never followed them.

Yes, but their data never goes away.

When I was in Jr High in 1969 (!) we had the President’s Physical Fitness Program. Had my first asthma attack trying to run a mile in whatever time they deemed indicated I was healthy. Nonsense then, nonsense now. It wasn’t linked to academic performance, though.

And none of our information was entered into databases either.

Yes. We opt out of the fitness gram or whatever it’s called.

Our elementary school had the 4th graders write letters to their Texas state reps requiring the letters to be written in support of keeping the Fitnessgram. They had to tell the reps what they liked about it and why they wanted to keep it, and they were told if the did not write a supportive letter that their recess would be held from them until they complied with the assignment. I was more than a little upset. So overreaching and inappropriate. Assignment was the gym teacher’s idea because I think the state was possibly considering removing the Fitnessgram to replace it with something else.

Oh, and they mailed the forced letters to the state reps to potentially influence public policy with dishonest letters.

that is crap.

Yes, yes it is.

This is the worst

I would contact those same reps and name the district, school and individual teachers who coerced 4th graders to write those letters.

Contact the media also.

I’d be interested to know how it is being linked to academic achievement. I know at our school all it is used for is to let the coaches know what (if any) improvements have been made in strength, flexibility, and endurance. I will say that I am all for getting a base line for each student at the beginning of the year and checking progress throughout the year so students can see where they have improved – especially if the only true fitness time they get is at school. I’ve helped with part of the fitness gram, but haven’t seen every component of it.

The information I pulled was from the TEA website and TEC. I don’t see where it says anything about improved fitness goals. They may be doing that in addition, at the local level.

My daughter just opted out of the fitness gram this morning. 😊 I received a call from the school letting me know. Lol

And still yet another post from this group:

My son’s high school has placed him in a EOC prep class one day a week. He failed the biology portion of the EOC his freshman year. He does have an IEP. He was pretty upset when he told me about this, as he thought they were making him retake a class that he had already received credit for. However, when I asked for an explanation of what was going on, I was told it was to prep him for the STAAR Biology EOC. I’m furious that they have done this without any communication to the parent, until I asked what was going on. That aside though, can they do this without receiving any approval from me or without going through an ARD meeting?

And some replies to this post:

Exactly what they did to my son, I went to the school & told them no they won’t put him in that class they better have another schedule by morning of next day. Found out they took him out of a class he needed to graduate with, next day he was in the class he needed to graduate.

Waiting for an answer too. They did it to my kid with two classes. They even put her in pre AP English 2, but she failed half of English one supposedly

The answer is no they can’t go demand they put your child in the class he is supposed to be in. I did it when my son was in 9th grade & he was put back in class he was supposed to be in. I didnt take NO for an answer.

Is this class on his IEP? If not, demand he be removed right away.

No, I’m not aware of this prep class being a part of his IEP. Might I add, that they are not pulling him from a scheduled class to take this prep class. The school started this ‘scholar’ time this year, where it’s similar to a study period; so that’s what they’re pulling him from to do this prep thing. They’ve also followed up that if he fails the EOC a second time, THEN we’ll have an ARD to determine if he takes it again.

Have you asked to see the written policy that requires a student to fail the EIC twice before the ARD can make a decision? (It doesn’t exist… they are making crap up!)

Just venting… so angry when they do that!!! The student earned the credit. Move on😡

And for those parents whose students do not have an IEP, you can still demand that they be removed from STAAR prep classes!
They are worthless!

So, is this one of those things where the school is required to OFFER it, but the student is not required to take it?


And yet another post:

I have a question. My daughter got a letter today from school saying they are requiring her to go to tutoring every wednesday after school until 4:45 based off of prior year STAAR. She passed all her staar exams last year. They are saying that if she refuses to go it is a level 1 offense per their handbook and absenses from tutoring are treated like absenses from school. She is already involved in a club that day so if she goes she wouldnt be able to continue the club she loves. What about parents that couldnt pick up at that time? Can they force her to attend? I dont think she needs the help honestly. Her younger brother needs tutoring but they havent mentioned anything about going. This is dumb.

And some replies to this post:

Tell them to abide by their anti bullying policy. They are trying to bully you to their ways.

Is this a charter school?

It is a charter school.

If she passed the Staar exams last year, why does she need tutoring? I would ask the school.

its dumb. I emailed her teacher waiting on response.

I told them not happening…not a good day for me. By law…tuturing not required to pass.If they require her to stay after…ask which one of them going to bring home? And we didnt….and that was after failing every star and now senior.

Thats what I said. Technically she is already at school but she is at a club i already paid the fees for.

If you were in your neighborhood public school you would be able to refuse this. You can still refuse of course, but since you decided to use privately owned charter schools for your child, you gave up numerous protections other parents have under the Education Code. Your relationship to the school is one defined by contract, and if that is in the handbook, they are perfectly within their rights to insist upon it or take action against your child if you refuse

Well ill fight it but in general its a great school but this just seems dumb

Ask if there is an alternative that everyone can agree upon. Maybe another day? Maybe a day during lunch? Maybe an online based program that she can do at home? It’s different with a charter, but you can still have a discussion and be solutions oriented. The absence thing is really stupid though. School attendance is a documented regulation (that might be the wrong word), but they can’t Mark a student absent for the day if they were in school. There could be alternative consequences (lunch detention or something for not going to tutorials) since it’s a charter, but they can’t mark her absent from school because of after school tutorials.

A charter can absolutely do that. They can make their own rules.

They can falsley say a student didn’t attend the school day for missing an hour of tutoring offered outside of their regular school hours? It’s still stupid and it would hurt them when it comes to attendance count. I wonder if its a public charter or private, there’s a difference when it comes to funding and different laws and regulations that should be followed

There’s no such thing as a “private charter”. There are traditional public schools, charter schools (use public money, but are run, in the vast majority of cases, by for-profit corporations) and private schools.

well there are district schools that are chartered but remain part of an ISD, and there are the privately owned charter schools (incidentally they all claim to be non-profits, but nothing stops a non-profit from purchasing the services of for profit operators). That may be what she means by public and private charters. But they are all using our tax dollars and all a decidedly bad idea.

At least part is an empty threat. If they mark your child absent for the day, they don’t get paid for the day from the state…

It says absences from tutoring will be treated as absences from school, not counted as. Which i would think means similar consequences.

I’ve learned that charters make up the rules as they go along.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thoughts on kids given alternative tests to SAGE? What should one say to teachers insisting giving an alternative test?

And here are some replies to this post:

Is this happening to one of your kids?
Here is the text of my letter I wrote the other day to inform the new teacher in our school when my child came home and said there was supposed to be an alternate assignment.

“Hi Mr/Mrs…

[Child] notified me there is going to be an alternate assessment given for students that will not be taking the SAGE exam. She thought you mentioned the alternate assessment is a State or District requirement. According to Utah State Law, an alternate assessment is not allowed. I have included the links to the laws that support this.
SECTION: R277-404-6. Student and Parent Participation in Student Assessments in Public Schools; Parental Exclusion from Testing and Safe Harbor Provisions…/Title53A/Chapter15/53A-15-S1403.html
SECTION: 9 (a)

We don’t allow [Child] to take the SAGE exams for any reason. We don’t like her to even log into the SAGE portal because of the data tracking in the SLDS system.

Do you know which days you will have the students take the SAGE exam? My current plan is to keep her home during those classes so she can spend her time on something we, as parents, feel is more productive and beneficial to her future.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!”

No. Just say No. It’s against Utah state law for children to be rewarded or punished or their academic grade impacted in any way based on wheather or not they take the test.
If the teacher uses the lame excuse some kind of test is needed to see what your child knows, I would challenge that teacher. If your child has spend all year in that classroom and the teacher doesn’t know where they are without an alternative test, that’s one cruddy teacher.
edit Or one cruddy system that makes it difficult for teachers to tell where kids are because of confusion and so much being done and evaluated on line.

It’s fine if it’s not graded.

We were dealing my with that too with the teacher, even in the practice tests earlier in the year. She also was not giving me the schedule for SAGE until I got the office involved in it. Still had to ask repeatedly afterwards. I just ended up keeping 5th grader home. This is so LAME!!!! I am done with public school. Geez these people need to open their eyes and get a grip on reality again. Gah! I’m so mad!!!

I’m gearing up to have this fight with one of my children’s teachers tomorrow. She was given an alternate paper test in math last week, and per my instructions, used it to doodle. Today the teacher confronted her, berated her, and told her she would have to come to her class for flex time until the test is completed. Her reasoning; ‘this isn’t just about you, there is more at stake here than just your grade’. This, after the class did 200 review questions to prep for the test, over who knows how many class periods. I can’t think of a better reason to fight this ridiculous system, because it is clearly having a negative effect on more than just the children. It amazes me that more teachers and administrators don’t push back. Clearly, they are not given, or finding the correct information if this teacher believes that my child being opted out will somehow impact her. With three jr. high and high school kids, this is our first experience with a teacher using this type of intimidating and inaccurate information to try to force compliance.

I don’t mind either of my kid is in class. I don’t want them threatened to have to make it up during class if they are not their or warning me that this is what the HAVE to do. Nope. Just shows the lack of facts and that’s so frustrating.

I don’t like it because it is simply one more ridiculous test. If a teacher hasn’t been paying attention throughout the year and needs yet another assessment to know how my child is doing, then I feel they aren’t doing their job… or more likely… they are just trying to use it to keep the student busy and deter other students from opting out. To me… any alternate assessment is a complete waste of my child’s time and I can plan a far more educational activity during that time.

Yep, and this is why I told my kid that she can sit quietly in class and do nothing, or doodle on the alternate if she wants. It counts for nothing for student, teacher, and school. Now, since the teacher is trying to force her to complete the alternate test during flex time, we have a problem.

Yup… that’s why my daughter is checked out of school for her last two classes today… same reason.

True enough, but my understanding is that most people don’t take their kids out of school. So, the teachers need to find something for them to do. They are giving alternate assessments so that everyone feels like they are treated fairly. While there is no prohibition against rewarding kids who are opted out, it does ‘feel’ wrong for those who take SAGE to think that those who don’t take SAGE are watching a movie or something. So, that’s where the alternate assessment seems to figure in. The schools don’t want a lot of kids opting out, so they don’t want it to go around that if you opt out, then you don’t have to take a test…hence alternate assessment. I get it.

Most of my children’s teachers have sent the opt-outs to the library, or the back of the class, to read. Occasionally they have been given alternate tests, but until yesterday, none were told they had to continue working on it after the SAGE testing was completed. Certainly none were called on the carpet for not completing the alternate. My preference would be to check them out, but since the school and teachers don’t send the testing schedules home, and we can’t always get there to take them out, we have just rolled with the alternate activities or tests. No problem there, but since a SAGE tester can answer with random choices, or nothing at all, and be done with it when the testing time is over, then so can the opt-outs.

I’m so sorry for the people who are getting so much crap for opting out. I just turned in a form, no arguing, no meetings. And during sage testing, my son just sits in the office and reads while his class tests. I’m feeling very grateful for our charter school. I wish everyone’s experiences could be the same.

I’m so thankful for this group. This thread was started 2 years ago but still beneficial for me. I’ve been homeschooling for years and just this year my girls are in public school. 8th and 11th. My 8th grader was told that if she didn’t take the state math test then she would be given a “much harder” alternative test. Thanks for all you do!

Here are some posts from the anti-Competency Based Education group:

Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s “Resilient Cities” program. Beijing is not listed, but there are two others in China, which I will post after this general introduction. I think, maybe Beijing isn’t listed because the Communist govt of China, therefore, it’s economy, is already under the direction of Agenda 21.

“By 2050, 75 percent of the global population are expected to live in cities.

“Because of the collision of globalization, urbanization, and climate change, not a week goes by that there’s not a disruption to a city somewhere in the world: a cyber attack, a natural disaster, or economic or social upheaval. Meanwhile, cities face acute stresses, such as poverty, endemic crime and violence, or failing infrastructure, that weaken a city over time.

“While cities can’t predict which disruptions will come next, they can plan for them, learn from them, and generate additional benefits through the same investments, such as opportunities for economic growth or improved parks for city residents. In other words, they can achieve “resilience dividends” that can make cities better places to live not just in times of emergency, but every single day.”

As George W. Bush said when president: “You’re either for us or agin’ us.” Given this, review the presidencies since Clinton. Let’s use our gen of presidents as a starting point to understand the NWO as it is being implemented. It will explain all of the ‘natural disasters’ the world has been experiencing of late = social engineering.

I SUGGEST WATCHING THIS FIRST, BEFORE READING MORE ON THE ‘Resilient Cities’ program. It’s focus is NorCal, it is partly taped at the Sonoma County supervisors meeting after last year’s fire there; only the first planned for NorCal, the recent Paradise fire being only the second. What more is to come? PLEASE, IF YOU LIVE IN CALIFORNIA, ASK YOURSELF ABOUT YOUR OWN COMMUNITY WITHIN THIS CONTEXT: WOULD YOU FIT THE CRITERION FOR BEING RAZED BY FIRE? And then, All Of Us, ask: what can we do to make a safe transformation to New Energy, New Way of Life, that our rulers would except, without being burned earthquaked/tsunami’d/hurricained/flooded/frozen out of our homes and towns? THESE NATURAL DISASTERS ARE OUR WAKEUP CALL, they are only the beginning.


How are Resilient Cities tied to Common Core/Fed Ed?



And here is another post from this group:

National Mayors endorse early learning initiative-headed by Bezos.


Here is a post from Lynn Davenport:

When they say ‘all means all’, they really mean no child left behind the testing, high-stakes pressure, and data-driven culture. They mean no child will escape the technology used to teach literacy and track their every click instead of investing in more reading specialists. All children are falling prey to this accountability system that has squelched the love of learning and reading. This article (at the bottom) is about Waco, but the same could be said about RISD. Many districts fell for the nonsense, but some worse than others depending on their leadership. We lost some serious ground between 2010 and 2016. And before that, we were an early part of the Imagination Station pilot in 2003. Maybe we need to examine our history? Is the reading prevention program below preventing them from reading? 🤔

“Richardson ISD, named a “Best Practice District” by the National Center for Educational Accountability, implemented The Imagination Station in all 39 elementary schools as a reading prevention and intervention program after their educators received district-wide professional development. “The Imagination Station’s movement, color, characters, music and interaction enhance students’ interest,” said Gaitha Castleman, Director of Language and Literacy. “The program is an added resource that will help our teachers tailor their guided reading instruction.”…/Imagination-Station-Adopted-…

Waco ISD 
“In Waco ISD, ‘All means all.’ Therefore, through this comprehensive districtwide literacy plan, all learners have access to positive literacy experiences that will equip them for life, no matter their gifts, challenges, or special abilities and allow them to function as contributing members of 21st century society,” the report states.

Still, Waco ISD secondary education director Scott McClanahan said the state’s emphasis on standardized testing has been part of the decline of classroom reading.

“There is an expectation of students to be reading,” he said. “However, … principals are held accountable for (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) scores and that’s going to trump reading, and that is the sad truth. You know if I have a choice to give my kids the time to read in class or work on STAAR, they are going to choose STAAR.”


Here is a post from Alison Hawver McDowell, AKA Wrench in the Gears:

I’m working on a longer piece about the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, but wanted to share this in the mean time. For any folks who might still be confused and think that Linda Darling-Hammond is on the side of humane teaching and learning. Look who’s funding her “evidence-based” think tank

I’m working on a series around toxic philanthropy and impact investing in the Bay / Silicon Valley region. This is the first post. The HP one will be next.

And here are some replies to this post:

here are all my articles with both Hewlett and DH:

add this to what we have in a Idaho, with JKAF


Albertson Foundation

This article is from a local teacher

I just looked up the website and Vander Ark is in the banner image!

And this from a retired teacher today

Building Hope gets $$$ from the Albertson Foundation and if I understand correctly @Victoria M. Young also from Betsy DeVos’s big grant to expand charters?? Posted on related JKAF to ID BATs. But not on this piece below which was in the Statesman.
Caldwell has issued a permit to authorize construction of a charter school, Elevate Academy, at 114 W. Chicago Ave., a parcel owned by Building Hope (Patrick Connor), BuildZoom reports. The two-story, 40,000-square-foot school would specialize in technical education.

You all have Strive in Pocatello and Boise. I’m sure they are the hub.

New charters will likely target opportunity zones for the tax shelter.

not to mention…. we have JKAF in bed with Ohio’s failed charter king Terry Ryan

OH=Knowledgeworks and Strive.

if I remember correctly, JKAF (Joe Scott is family member) Scott=k12

apparently our county has 3 OZ’s!

Next Generation is in the mix.

Linda Darling Hammond is on board the Aspen Institute SEL group the NCSEAD.

These guys are tied to this group too:

Click to access NCSEAD-MEMBERSHIP-LIST-11-18.pdf

And them:

Here are some posts from an anti-Common Core group:

I have seen first hand what happens when teachers take a stance against Common Core. It’s not pretty. Try to understand that a teacher’s livelihood is on the line. With or without tenure

that’s an old cop out. I have seen teachers here ok with pushing this agenda because they are pushing how they think. That’s not what teaching was ever about. As a teacher who stood up before leaving the classroom, if you are quiet and not ok with what is happening in education-you are part of the problem.

Not to mention that no one sees how you vote.
Yet the teachers turn out en masse to vote for the people who keep the garbage in place because they’d rather promote the social and political agenda than save the kids.

its not a cop out at all. There are many teachers who cannot afford to stand up against the system. The problem is we are not seeing these teachers as regular human beings. Who have mortgages to pay and mouths to feed. Some yes, they do push the common core agenda because they agree with it. I have seen the other side

Did you know there are people who turn a blind eye to pedophilia in fear of retaliation? We have a trafficking problem in the US and there are lots of powerful people who refuse to be whistleblowers or hold anyone accountable because they are afraid.

Is staying silent when children are harmed ok?

I know many who sought employment elsewhere, because their morals and refusal to indoctrinate children where more important than their pay. I understand, but there is always another choice to sit silent and do nothing while our youth are being endangered is wrong no matter the reason.

The problem is not teachers, it’s the establishment. Many don’t understand that, or think it’s easier for teachers to take a stand, but really, change should be targeted to the federal government because there is no Board of Ed in any currently pro-Core state that will reverse it bc of the MONEY they receive for it … That’s just the bottom line. Change has to start at the top.

These parents who turn on the teachers are not helping our cause of getting back to good education! These parents are blaming teachers who have no power. One reason I retired early from teaching, something that I had absolutely loved doing. Broke my world for a few years – but fighting back as my teacher friends and I did resulted in nothing. Government and corporations have hijacked quality education. And America is already paying the price.

so you are saying that teachers who are supporting themselves and their families should just quit their form of income?? Would YOU do that? Do you want to pay for their welfare? I DID retire early because of CC and other extreme problems in education – but I was only able to do that because I had other forms of financial support. Most of my younger teacher friends are quite unhappy – but they are stuck. They need to buy those “luxuries” like food and shelter and heat and clothes for their kids. How dare you judge someone else’s life experiences.

when you become a teacher, THEN you can say what you want – but you may NOT criticize people for something of which you have no knowledge. Very arrogant of you.

I would love to hear examples of actual firings. I see some examples of resignations here (more like early retirement).
All too often it’s just stay and teach and enforce sit and stare for the tests then go home and make some posts on social media.

do you know what kind of lawsuit that would bring upon that teacher for speaking out. She/he would black balled and never be able to get a job where she/he lived again

I was a teacher for over 15 years and left because of the silence of other teachers and the indoctrination that I was expected to do. I spoke out and was labeled a trouble maker. I tried to fight and other teachers were silent, telling me this will pass and not to worry. They also sent their kids to private school while they taught in public schools. I practiced what I preach and am disgusted the profession I chose has been silent and allowed the abuse of children to continue and remain silent and make excuses.

I saw a teacher fired (forced resignation) for standing up. The teacher was the most honest and compassionate teacher I have ever met. The system is stacked against those professionals who stand up against it. The union sent the teacher packinng

Teachers who speak out are often alone, so their treatment is ugly. They’ve never organized together to say enough is enough. This is why they get little respect from me. The excuses teachers make for remaining silent are nauseating and are as abusive as those putting these education reforms in place. To not speak is to speak and the teaches’ silence shows they are ok with what’s going on.

unions have coordinated and spent thousands to get teachers that support reforms and union interests on boards. Outspending and call banking for their candidate that eliminated parents and community members from serving. In NY it’s called project pipeline and they boasted 99% of their candidates landed board seats. Operated by the NYSUT the State teachers union.

I am sure you have heard stories and know people who have been fired for standing. If not, you werent paying attention or thought to be trustworthy enough to get into detail with. You are not going to find anything in writing. As a teacher, I would think you would know that

However many teachers do get harassed and their workplace becomes toxic, when they speak out. Many teachers dealing with this in NYC. Maybe not elsewhere, but I know quite a few. And they tend to be senior teachers who will not ever be hired anywhere else due to their age. So yes, speaking out is a huge risk and not without severe consequences for teachers who do so.

go up against common core in a recorded CSE meeting. See what happens. I’ll make a bet with you as to who rats her out the board first

I have a child with an IEP. (I am a special educator— left teaching.). Those meetings are basically a joke. Whatever individual teachers say outside, they have not communicated during the meeting. Therapists recommendations are not considered, nor are they even invited to the meeting. It’s basically procedural and in theory, satisfies the law. It’s a disgrace.

But when there are 10 ppl in the room including the chair. 1 is neutral. 9 are against. 1 speaks outs. That person who spoke out. You hear “oh shit” because everyone in the room knows the meeting is being recorded and that person just made a big boo boo. 2 months later, the resignation letter comes. You dig a little deeper. Talk to a few people. It was be fired or resign. Backlash

My mom was a teacher, retired now. She had friends who were a few years away from retirement when common core came into play. Every single one of them hated it. They kept their mouths shut. They didnt want to risk losing their pensions. As soon as they were old enough to retire… they were out of there. The younger teachers aren’t that lucky.

Yup he doesn’t realize that since the years of the Bloomklein administration teachers have been targeted for the slightest perceived issue – being a senior teacher, or one who has been on medical or family leave, made them targets. The younger untenured teachers are pushed to the max and many leave because the demands have become overwhelming to gain tenure. Glad to hear your mom was able to leave without a hitch although I am sure those last few years were not pleasant.

Teachers livelihoods on the line. Why? Fear? If the handlers of contracts don’t provide you T-shirt’s and signs to protest you all remain silent and offer platitudes aka excuses.

You have the numbers to overwhelm the reformers mandates. You claim to know and agree the reforms are horrific. Why the fear to collectively – in solidarity restore the profession to that of child centric quality education?

That’s the elephant in the room.

How many years did you think parents were gonna sacrifice their children’s education that is more social justice training rather actual education in favor of livelihood? Why attack parents that are forced to seek alternatives for their children given they won’t sacrifice their education because of no-do overs, from what even you teachers admit are horrific mandates?

Most likely to succeed on vimeo is free to watch I think through tomorrow. I just finished watching it and it is a real eye opener where students are free to collaborate and work together and the results are not surprising to me as most of my own learning happened after I left school.

Teacher— parent of 3 here giving my 2 cents. I left the classroom because it would have been against my conscience and most likely have taken a toll on my physical health as well. It is enough for me to have to stand for my own children. I have subbed and provided Home instruction. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to pedagogy and an advocate when it comes to kids with special needs or non cookie cutter circumstances.
It is NOT about the kids — my own or any other kids.

I post as often as I can to continue to warn and inform. For the most part, very little reaction happens. It’s not I need the validation, it’s we need discussion AND unity in fighting back against the agenda and it’s machine seeking to silence BOTH parents and teachers. All the while, the real victims (students) loose out daily.

I post as often as I can to continue to warn and inform. For the most part, very little reaction happens. It’s not I need the validation, it’s we need discussion AND unity in fighting back against the agenda and it’s machine seeking to silence BOTH parents and teachers. All the while, the real victims (students) loose out daily.

I know many who wouldn’t believe me because our teachers never spoke up. They want to hear it from the horses mouth. I was shunned at my children’s school which is why I pulled my kids out over 5 years ago.

In my opinion, it seems the divisions in here are more political, more left vs. right than teacher vs. parent.
What does leaving accomplish? There are only words going back and forth. They don’t hurt you in any way. Sadly it is common for activist movements to lose their momentum after a few years and collapse due to factions with in, this seems to be happening with the anti-common core movement…better question would be how do we remind everyone what brought us together, there will always be differences between us. Debate and disagreement used to be ways of finding solutions , now everyone is worried about being offended? For example, teachers worrying about there jobs should be concern for parents. Not an offense that “jobs are more important than lives”. I am a teacher and a parent and that’s what concerned me! I want my kids teachers worrying about my own children, the CC and it’s testing creates selfish teachers (and who would blame them, they have mortgages and children to take care of too!) I want selfless teacher who aren’t constantly being threatened with their jobs, schools are not factories ! That’s a common cause not a divisive one!

Those KIPP teachers and other such programs who are now administrators and superintendents are the worst.

So glad I left NY and got my kids away from the social indoctrination of Commie Core!

it’s in every state. If your child goes to public school and even many private schools, they are experiencing common core.

I ran for my local school board in Puyallup, WA and got my Pierce County GOP endorsement. Afterall, the party platform was against CC and lived out my objections against CC and SBA. I realized there was very little I could do about it but I was the friendly voice of those parents and teachers who agreed with me. I vowed to find a way to get rid of the SBA. The local union rank and file went against me very vocally because I preferred Republican. So I’ve sort of concluded with 50% turnover in 5 years that the teachers who had issues with CC either retired, got fired, or were scared into silence. But I made a good number of new parent friends and some teachers silently supported me. I got 40% of nearly 19,000 votes cast in the Genersl Election and the stay at home PTA award winning mom who volunteers in the schools all day won. A good lady but the other two primary candidates who didn’t move on actually were supportive of me. And one was a hard Dem. So I have some hope…

It was never going anywhere which is why I pulled my kids out over 5 years ago. Even at the irefuse rally it showed how separated things really were. I was not jeopardizing my kids one shot at an education for anyone. That’s my job. I still fought along with many here and my area has their heads totally up their behinds. We didnt have the support anywhere near like Long Island

I am Long Island. We have no support, just more visibility and self promotion. Don’t let it fool you.

I meant years ago more so. I couldn’t get anyone to even self promote. They haven’t talked about common core here since after the event in Portchester with John king and the event Greg Ball did it was a done deal. You guys at least had Flanigan Friday’s and were very active. You also had some superintendents who spoke out. People got involved, were part of hearings, spoke up at their school boards. I was the only one at my school board. I would at least be okay with other people standing up for something. It’s your kids here. I never understood that.

the second Flanagan Friday there were five of us. I pass his office all the time now. Nothing. My BOE meetings too. Nothing… even then we were just more visible on Facebook but irl I was beyond frustrated. I finally decided to stop wasting time bc no one cared but had a lot of pity for those of us that did. As if we were whining about our kids, not advocating for theirs.

I am a NY resident who is extremely concerned about our present school system. Many teachers agree with and promote the poisonous Liberal Agenda, but even more of them are simply terrified of the repercussions of standing up. Several teachers that I know personally have told me that they are instant Pariahs if they dare to differ with others, and attempting to teach accurate History, Constitutionalism, or debate Socialism vs Capitalism, can get them fired. Prior to elections, teachers are inundated with propaganda from their unions that all but threaten those who are considering anything other than Democrat candidates. One guidance counselor I know kept a 2 inch tall, wooden cross on his office shelf and was told to remove it or leave. He left. So it isn’t beneficial to try working with teachers who are in fear of losing their careers. The fight is with your State Board of education and the Teacher’s Union. Parents must unite in large numbers and go after these entities en masse. Open escrow accounts and with-hold your school taxes, take your kids out of school indefinitely, and do surprise classroom sit-ins, where parents simply show up at school unannounced and advise that you will be observing for a few hours. This is best in History and Health classes that most often misinform or fail to offer truthful facts to our kids. Take notes or video and keep records of what you learn. Talk to local law enforcement and advise them that you will be doing this and are not threats to anyone. You have a Right as a parent and taxpayer to sit-in on classes., and do not let them tell you otherwise. Be assertive and pro-active , these are YOUR kids, these are YOUR schools, and staff are YOUR employees. Make noise!!

I am a parent and I teach in PA. We have to be very careful about posting our opinions. They can be used to fire us. I opt my kids out. I talk to other parents. But, I have to watch what I say, where I say it and to whom I say it or I will suffer for it- so will my kids and students.

I’ve not found any anti-Common Core group willing to figure out a winning strategy. We’ve failed to take over any school boards. We’ve failed to take over any state school boards. We’ve failed to win enough state houses to change any education laws. We seem to have few allies in Congress.
School Superintendents are’nt on board with us. Nor is the NEA & it’s state groups.
We’ve failed to forge relationships and attract the allies needed to bring meaningful change.
But, I see zero willingness of any group to discuss strategy, methods and tactics. No one seems willing to study how to win political battles starting as an underdog.

This is what we need:

1) More parents to Volunteer in the classroom and on field trips and on the PTA, whenever possible.

2) Attend a school board meeting and get to know at least one sympathizing board member. Make public comment on a curriculum related issue if you can. Think one election cycle ahead if you need to replace school board members.

3) Get to know your local state legislators and follow impending legislation.

4) Prepare to homeschool even 1-2 years ahead of time in case that day ever comes.

5) Network with minded folks in your state and across the country

Have you tested this 5 point plan & what difference did it make?
I have an open invitation to speak at any of our Scholl Board meetings. You earn that. My Township Trustees invite my participation as well.
Last year, I helped coordinate efforts to save our local library branch and separately win a zoning election to create a new 200 acre park.
I like winning. I can’t find any winners in this group. What am I missing……
Not to boast but, I stay busy & involved. For example….
On election night, I shook hands with 2 Congressmen at 2 different watch parties.
Earlier, I spoke to my new governor, Lt gov, Auditor and Sec of State at events as well as several other canidates.
Please find a group willing to coordinate a lobbying campaign.
I could go on.

I signed waved and doorbelled for two winning new Repub state reps this election cycle. I ran for school board in 2017 and lost with 40% but have developed a rapport with my superintendent over the past 5 years. He responds to most of my emails within an hour. I co-admin a 1200 local parent discussion group in my district and assist parents with their questions and issues.

I am no longer a teacher and no longer a parent to a school age child. I am however a grandmother to a school age child now.
Teachers have a duty to teach to the best of their ability the children to become the best of what they are able. And then teach them to reach beyond that ability to become more.
When common core was introduced and implemented, teachers had a choice. They could just teach the crap core, knowing it was a horrible, horrible idea (anyone with a decent brain and education knows this). Or they could have taught both methods. The common core and the old way, the way that works.
And before anyone blasts me about how much extra work that would be, remember that teachers today do NOT have the case load of teachers 25-40 years ago. It is possible, it is not a stretch to think that you can teach children 2 ways of completing problems. Heck, foriegn language teachers do it on a daily basis.
When I was in high school, our calculus teacher took on an algebra class because the teacher had an emergency and was out for a month. He taught us calculus and them algebra, in the same classroom every day. We brushed up on our algebra and they had an insight into calc. It is possible if the teachers are willing.
But, that also leads into the parents. You want your kids to know how to actually solve a mathematical equation? Take some time with them and teach them. Sit down with them, help them study, teach them how to divide and multiply and add and subtract since now a whole generation of kids have no clue due to common core.
Stop blaming each other, you are both at fault. When I disagreed with a way a teacher was teaching my kids, I got extra books and taught them on the weekends and after school. They used real books and encyclopedias and a library and pens and paper. I didn’t let them use calculators for math problems even when the teachers allowed it.
They graduated 4th and 9th in their classes.
You have to be motivated as a teacher to buck the system when you see your students floundering. And you have to be willing to sacrifice your time when you see your children failing.
Take initiative and teach your students and kids the right way. Getting all butt hurt and saying it each other’s fault is grade school stuff. These kids are going into college unable to complete basic math! Hello!

Teachers don’t have a choice about what to teach… They have to teach what the district says they must. And at a ridiculous pace…it’s a ton of nonsense and test prep and volumes of useless and biased (I would add often age inappropriate) reading material. Not sure I’d believe they have time to do both…they don’t even have time to reteach basics to kids who need help…they ship them off into intervention. Sat in monthly meetings with teachers, vice principal and principal for three years and it was always the same… Teachers also often get scripts with their teaching guides… It’s outrageous. This said, I am referencing lower grades, not highschool.

Yes, there is always a way. And like I said, the fault lies in all areas. The parents scream about how much they hate common core but do they teach their kids the normal way? No. The administrators, all have to answer for following this failure of a method.
And scripted or not, American schools teach the least amount of information to students of all of the major countries. And, what they are learning has been cut. They do not learn everything we did in school.

11/12/15 NY common core task force. This parent had enough! Speaking to the State “water carriers” representatives for the last “listening tour” before the rebrand was announced. Yes. It’s me. Not my first rodeo.

And yet more posts from here:

I agree that getting out of public school is safer for our children at the moment, but it is important we keep fighting for the rights of states to be the authority over their schools. Homeschoolers have been mentioned as eventual targets of the system multiple times and are even required by the SLDS grant to be part of the data systems. They will eventually come for us too.

I’m going to homeschool my son after this year. He’s graduating elementary. To many reasons to list 👍. Just looking into necessaries. Suffolk County LI NY Any shared insights greatly appreciated 👍

Folks, you are going to get screwed by the CCLS no matter where you go. That is why I am retiring very soon. Even teacher jobs depend on their success with the CCLS-based state tests.

Before the CCLS, we had Bloom’s Taxonomy. It was an excellent tool for the classroom. They quickly replaced in 2011 with this CCLS garbage and things have been messed up since. The only winners in this mess are the textbook companies who are making billions off this garbage.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Over Thanksgiving, my niece shared this article with me that she wrote and I’m very proud of her because it resulted in Hapara being halted in the district. When she was telling me about it, her cousin, 8th gr, chimed in that her history teacher used Hapara to spy on them all day. When I asked her how this teacher had time to do that when she was suppose to be teaching, she explained that she doesn’t teach. Her teacher gives them history facts, questions, and answers via Google docs and they spend their class time placing them into slides in Google docs. She stated that she liked it because they only worked on what they would be tested on and the questions and answers provided were on the test so there were no surprises. She also doesn’t have a history textbook which is a violation of the Williams Act in California.

I’m completely gobsmacked that this is taking place in her school. The talking point that children in poorer zip codes in California suffer the brunt of these ed reforms just isn’t true. These parents purchased homes in the most affluent areas of California and they probably think that this insulates them from problems. They have too much blind trust in the system.

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

Look at this letter fm a Bartlett HS parent (ASD) to a teacher re; indoctrination of her child.

“For those who don’t believe the K12 education system is NOT indoctrinating our children, here is a letter from a Bartlett HS parent to an AP language arts teacher on their child’s assignment (below). The article the students were assigned to read was by Paul Krugman, titled “A Party Defined by Its Lies”, referring to the Republican Party. Here is article:…/opinion/republican-party-lies.html

Dear Teacher,
[Child name redacted by me] will not be participating in any more of this far-left indoctrination. These readings have nothing to do with language education, but are biased opinion pieces that demonstrate narrow-minded points of view. We completely support the study and debate of differing viewpoints on important issues, however, since he has yet to be assigned ANY readings from writers of independent or conservative persuasion, it is clear that is not the intent of these assignments. [Child name redacted by me] will not complete this assignment and my husband and I will be in contact with his counselor in the morning.


And another post from this group:

How about this 3rd grade SEL curriculum (social emotional learning) replacing history?


Looks like Big Tech and Higher Ed are forming an alliance to censor us:


Here is a post that I found on Twitter:

My son brought this gem home the 2nd week of school, 10th grd LitComp. He’s now using her liberal bias against her (via left leaning essays) and it’s helping his grades. He is taught much at home.


Here is a post from the Common Core Diva, Lynne Taylor:

A new NC law sets up “renewal schools”. The hype: more school choice. The reality: the only thing renewal is more ESSA alignment.
*As we know, if it’s in one State, it’s in the others.

And some replies to this post:

I have been meaning to ask if you have Chris Gergen on your radar? He is a social entrepreneur professor at Duke CASE and the son of presidential advisor David Gergen. I just found out that David Gergen was the guy who told America Forward/ New Profit to stick with re-designing government for impact rather than doing it outside the existing public service structure.

no, I hadn’t uncover d him yet. I will certainly do so now. Thank you. What a racket.

Duke Endowment also has a large social impact program with rural churches in the Carolinas. My friend who runs our farm told me he and a significant number of important leaders in food justice (from many faith-based institutions) were flown to Durham by Duke Endowment to Duke to talk about future of food production and aligning their work to what the funders wanted. The father David Gergen was a long time Duke professor of policy and then went to Harvard. He is a Duke trustee. Stanford PACS funded a grant to Hampshire College to develop a metric system around food justice and sustainability. My friend said most of the participants thought something was not right about that gathering, but so few have the bigger picture.

yes, I have found the rural community here in NC to be quite overrun with educrats. Duke is a huge Globalism hub. In fact, much of NC is.

Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Texas Parents- Did you consent to third-party technology companies having complete access to your child’s academic, psychological, and medical records; from your child’s school? As you will hear in this public testimony given at the Texas Senate Education Committee Hearing-today, by invited guest, 28 yr. old, former Teach For America (TFA) award recipient and founder of ProUnitas, Adeeb Barqawi; this work is already happening.
Are you okay with that?

It is important to note, this is happening without “informed” parental consent. Which is, in fact, against the law.

School Districts should NOT be collecting information via assessments about how students feel, their personal beliefs, and their attitudes. Federal law ESSA states this on page 24-25: REQUIREMENTS.—The assessments under subparagraph (A) shall— (iii) be used for purposes for which such assessments are valid and reliable, consistent with relevant, nationally recognized professional and technical testing standards, objectively measure academic achievement, knowledge, and skills, and be tests that do not evaluate or assess personal or family beliefs and attitudes, or publicly disclose personally identifiable information.

This is a complete violation of student privacy.

Interesting to note. Adeeb states on his LinkedIn account that the work of ProUnitas began when Adeeb Barqawi, was a 2012 Teach for America Corps Member. In this article, it states, “he built the non-profit to provide healthcare, juvenile justice assistance, early childhood education, after-school programs, and food to disadvantaged youth.”…/Houston-s-most-fascinating-people-o…

In his testimony, Adeeb states that ProUnitas is a Non-profit funded by Foundations. One such foundation is the Simmons Foundation.

One of Simmons key initiatives happens to be “Gender Norms”.…/gender-norms

I thought Texas quality education focused on reading, writing, math, and history. That is what my testimony was about today. Along with the fact that I, as a parent, do NOT give consent for my child and their data to be collected and used as an “investment vehicle” for education technology entrepreneurs such as Adeeb Barqawi. I am uploading my testimony and will post along with Dr. Pat Huff’s very important Testimony.

I encourage people to go and watch the complete day’s testimony here:…


Here is a post that was shared in the ParentStrike group:

Some Oregon school board members are advocating to revoke parental rights to opt our children out of abusive, wasteful (instructional time and tax dollars) and meaningless high stakes standardized testing.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Less academics — More collaboration
It’s interesting how child protective laws must be changed in order to have “workforce development.” “They include giving thought to training in soft skills, like communication and collaboration.” Of course, the academic slide has been expanding to benefit the Dept of Labor’s desire for job training, now starting in Pre-K and K, for over 20 years since the DOL took over a portion of standards writing for education. Any wonder why students are less competent in reading??? In Kansas, you could say, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

What the ever loving h e double hockey sticks? I was an English major in college. This says STAAR Master. This is a crap assignment. This is 4th grade Language Arts.


And another post from this group:

High school SPED student and opting out. Extreme testing anxiety. We have utilized [name redacted] in past and won 8th going into 9th with no consequences. Now have a new Superintendent just as difficult. This district doesn’t issue diplomas if you don’t pass STAAR. My child is a sophomore now. I can’t seem to locate search button to see if this has been discussed. Any suggestions?


And yet another post:

So it begins….
My 4th grader came home with this work book today. He told me this is the new reading homework.
I have written the teacher. I stated that I don’t support or approve of this staar reading prep. He will not be taking staar again this year. I then asked for an alternative assignment.


Here is a post in the Parent STrike group concerning the attacks on opt-out in Oregon:

Students that opt out of standardized testing appears to be threatening the value of the Oregon Department of Education’s report cards. That’s what longtime Philomath School Board member Rick Wells indicated Thursday night during the group’s regular monthly meeting.

“I’m really frustrated with this thing that they want us to look at this report card and we don’t have a clue at what our district is doing,” Wells said. “We don’t know the whole test results of all the kids that should be taking them. And it’s very frustrating.”

Each year, the Oregon Department of Education releases report cards for schools and districts to provide educators with a tool for communicating with parents and their communities about how the local schools are performing. The reports also monitor certain trends and measure progress in reaching goals in areas such as graduation rates and test scores.

The state legislature enacted a law allowing students, with a parent’s permission, to opt out of the Smarter Balanced test. However, the U.S. Department of Education does not recognize Oregon’s opt-out policy under the Every Student Succeeds Act, which tracks student participation as one measure of success.

As a result, student proficiency rates are often lower than the actual outcomes.

The topic came up at Philomath’s meeting during discussion of this fall’s release of state report cards. Administrators at each school, including Kings Valley, provided a report in addition to summarized report card information and accountability details. Numbers on the district as a whole were also included.

“The majority of the information on the state report card leans on standardized, Smarter Balanced assessment, which is one state test that is taken by portion over multiple days that really just reflects a point in time in a student’s career, including how good of a day that kid is having,” Superintendent of Schools Melissa Goff told the board.

Goff said Philomath shows up well compared to other results across the state.

“The state itself does not trend well on the assessments and so we have a lot of questions about what does that mean for us trending well in a state that itself is not doing extremely well?” Goff said. “What are the other measures and tools that we need to look at in conjunction with the assessments so that we make sure we’re making really health decisions as a district.”

Wells believes the opt-outs create an unreliable state report.

“How can we get an accurate report when we allow the kids to opt out because we don’t know if they’re the upper kids that don’t want to mess with the test or kids that may be afraid that they’re not going to do very well and don’t want to take the test?” Wells said.

As a result, Wells has questions about the test-taking option.

“I don’t know where I can go or who I need to talk to and say, ‘hey, you need to change this?’” Wells said.

After Goff said it was the state of Oregon, Wells looked to Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District representatives that were in the audience.

“OK, we’ve got two guys here with Linn Benton Lincoln ESD that are touting these legislative policies and whatnot. How about you go to the OSBA and say ‘hey, how about you do this and make all the kids take the test? Don’t allow for any opt-outs.’”

David Dowrie, Linn Benton Lincoln ESD board chair, was at the meeting for a presentation on changes in relation to Oregon School Boards Association priorities and policies.

“How come OSBA isn’t on the bandwagon for this right now?” Wells asked. “So who do I need to talk to at OSBA to get them wound up?”

Wells received contact information from them.

“I’m a little wound up on this in the fact that it doesn’t give us anything that I think is usable,” Wells said.

School board member Greg Gerding agreed that the report does not provide a full picture but added, “I’m guessing you have a much better feel for how your students are doing than just from this, such as grades or whatever indicators you use as to how your students are really doing other than just these reports?”

Administrators from each school responded with details on what they are doing in that arena.


Here are some posts from a Utah anti-Common Core group about why people joined the fight against Common Core:

For me it was when my son’s kindergarten teacher and principal told me to stop reading with my son because I was teaching him to read wrong. They said I needed a reading endorsement from the state to understand what I was doing wrong, but reiterated that I needed to stop reading with him ASAP. When I pointed out that I actually did have a reading endorsement, that I have been a certified reading teacher, they simply stammered and insisted that I was teaching him wrong.

My son’s “wrong” reading? He’d read the entire Harry Potter series before he was old enough to start kindergarten.

We don’t have “common core” in Texas, but we do have TEKS, which is aligned to the common core standards. (college and career readiness) Testimony at the SBOE has indicated in some instances, TEKS is worse than common core.

That being said, we noticed something was really wrong when our daughter was in 3rd grade. All of a sudden, she became hopelessly lost. That’s what started my research. We held her back that year, eventhough she passed. We found out, after some deep digging, that was the year they pushed the TEKS down by 2 years. So, 1st graders went from 1st grade work straight to 5th grade work. 😏😬😖


They tried to tell Utah that we don’t do CC, but instead use Utah Core standards. When we checked the copyright page of the standards, the NGA and CCSSO (the developers of CC) owned the copyright to our standards that were almost word for word CC. So either our standards are CC or there is some serious plagiarism going on.

We are having the same issue with national sexuality and science standards. All are copied word for word from standards written by a nationally recognized NGO, much in the same way CC came about.

Right? Most states accepted the funding, which was given before common core was even written, so they had NO WAY of knowing what they were signing up for.
The states that didn’t accept it were back doored into taking it under another name.

YES! Exactly! This whole thing is about getting all states to align to the same standards under different names. Once our nation is aligned, they can put the cherry on top and go global, aka UNESCO.

I’m so glad I joined education pages for other states. It really opened my eyes! I am a member here, in Massachussetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

the states can only change up to 15% of the fed ntl stds

My story started because of the perfect storm…having school aged children during one of the most controversial and political seasons. I was part of a 9/12 group when I learned about Common Core. Having children who would be turning Kinder age soon made me pay attention. Learning the history of the public education system made even more of an impact. Learning about NCLB, RttT, Norman Dodd and NWO control, Robin Eubanks (Invisible Serfs Collar), Duke Pesta had a huge influence,
When it was time for them to start school I was not confident enough to starve the beast so I gave it a shot. I spent many hours in the classroom and watched my children slowly grow to hate learning. All the while fighting the admins for change. It didn’t take long to see that the system would not be changed for parents or childrens sakes. I realized that I had the skills to starve the beast and my life would be easier, and my children would benefit. Pulled them out and never looked back.

My children were homeschooled and then we moved and I decided to try a charter school. There were so many tests and everyone was into graphing children and comparing them to other children. It was so silly because the teachers could already tell if students could read or do math without all the fancy charting. Then they added another test and it took so much time, was confusing and didn’t really tell us anything new. The more I learned about common core the angrier I got. I have one kid with test anxiety and another test was the last straw. I opted everyone out and try to speak up to other parents about this.

For me it was when my daughter started struggling with math when she had never had problems before. Her teacher at the time put in extra effort to help her and others like her. The teacher she had the next year did not. She also told all the students that they had to do it one way and one way only. The final straw was when this teacher suggested that I may not be smart enough to help my daughter because I was ‘just’ a musician. Um lady, I do trigonometry for fun. I was also a math tutor before cc was adopted. I started homeschooling the next year and my daughter has excelled in math from then on.

Question – if parents are so incompetant how can these teachers expect the parents to do homework with their children ? The comments above just prove the misconception has been pushed by the system that employs so many and receives billions in funding. Keep the gravy train moving.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

2019 Minnesota State Health Survey is coming and will be administered Jan – May this school year!!! MACC has generally encouraged parents to opt out. We really have no idea how this information might pigeon-hole students one way or another. This information will be stored for the life of your child, cradle to grave. There are a number of questions about sexual activity, drug use, and family structure. Schools are required to notify parents with what’s called, “passive consent”. Posting an opt out notice later today.

Here is an infuriarating post shared in a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Audit of USDOE finds 2 yr backlog of unprocessed FERPA complaints.
“The Privacy Office could not precisely quantify the unresolved complaint backlog due to weaknesses in its tracking process, but Privacy Office officials estimated they were about 2 years behind on complaint investigations”

Click to access a09r0008.pdf

Another incident of a school having an “open bathrooms” policy:

Here is a post from Alison in the anti-CBE group:

Is Big Picture Learning in your community? They’ve received tens of millions from the Philadelphia school district. The first social impact bond in the UK is being set up with this organization. Workforce development is becoming a key pay for success market as education moves to a skills-based apprenticeship model. Workforce programs are being coordinated with other Promise Zone interventions in healthcare and housing. Everything is being integrated into social service data-driven dashboards for impact poverty management.

And another post from this group:

There was an effort ban all algorithmic decision making about individual human beings in the European Union. It was sidetracked by false allies.

The human right of NEVER having your future determined by any algorithm shrunk down to a right to an explanation of decisions made about you. If you’ve been denied medical coverage for desperately needed treatment (as I have), you know the kind of explanation you get: It’s a form letter, generated by the same algorithm.

People were either duped or were in on it when they shared a raft of stories about how shitty the algorithms are.
Instead of overturning cyber-rule, they added their voices to the call for better, more detailed and invasive algorithms.

The law took effect in April of this year.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I’m already feeling like my child is being dumbed down and she’s in kindergarten. Parent teacher conference was today and my daughter is scoring low on so many things but above on actual required things. When asked why the low ones, the teacher replied it’s because she’s not “conforming” to the classroom routine. She’s 6 and I would hope I’ve taught her to be herself and be her best. My daughter even came home and was sad because the teacher got upset that she writes her name pretty. Like seriously? I thought good handwriting was supposed to be a good thing. She’s said this with other things and it feels like my kid is being told to either dumb down or not be herself. And then the teacher gets on me about meltdowns and then won’t make the connection on if she’s not eating her lunch or snack she gets hangry. They have 25 minutes to eat and have recess and really that’s not enough time, adults get an hour for their lunch break. I’m just so torn. I knew this public school thing was a bad idea but my husband who didn’t do public school ,yet I did and hated it, insisted it would be great for her. Ugh. Sadly not much can be done as I have no say in that area right now and I hope he comes to realize the damage before it conforms our daughter.

And some replies to this post:

That is why I home school. Best vibes with what you decide for your talented daughter!

Sadly this was happening to my son in 2nd grade. He was wanting to read advanced books, ( they could only choose books grade level appreciate. He wanted to do more worksheets when he got done with his work, but his teacher told him to put this head on his desk, and wait while the rest of the class finished. My husband said absolutely NO to Homeschool. I wanted to do it from day one, but it was out of the question in our house too. I don’t know if your religious, but I prayed. I said Lord, if this what you want for our family, you make it happen. It was out of my hands at that point. Kid you not, 24 hours later my husband out of the blue, not knowing that I prayed, said pull him out of school, pull him out now. That was all I needed to hear. My son is now in 6th grade, and reading on a 9-10th grade reading level. I’m so glad that he was pulled, to advance at his Pace. School isn’t like how it used to be. There is an agenda, and it’s not healthy. You have the best intentions for your children. I hope your husband can see that too.

your experience with your son is almost exactly what we experienced with ours. My son has always been a very advanced reader. He literally has taught himself to speed read – and even then his comprehension is on point. We homeschooled for years. He’s now in 9th grade, and my daughter is in 7th. He made the choice to go to a charter school starting in 7th (as did my daughter). Our current school lets my kids advance at their pace! They’ve both skipped a grade in math (my daughter is in Honors, even). My son is in Honors English, and my daughter skipped a grade in English as well. We would homeschool again in a heartbeat, if they asked, but I seriously love their school now.

Here is a post from a Rhode Island anti-Common Core group:

This was one of the first videos I ever watched about the common curse – ahem, core…it made my blood boil!

And some replies to this post:

My blood boils over more now that they have found out it didn’t work .They wouldn’t listen and have affected children of America for years to Come!

Peerhaps the goal is to produce incompetant workers to help with the career pathway pigeon holing basically they can get support by saying well gee look at all the workers that have limited knowledge since we have such a boatload like this doesnt it make sense to have the computers pick and choose careers for them. Creating a problem to sell solutions.

Or create an influx of worker bees for the exact same profession thereby having the supply of workers way outpace the demand…as such, labor costs would become excessively low for these corporations… Further, the workforce development in schools is ALREADY giving them free job training – paid for by the taxpayers, so this would be like icing on the cake! Grrrrrrrrrr…

The goal is to ruin the country.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Back up! How many thought we were exaggerating? Warning ya and ignored us huh. WELP—> it’s true.
Google Is Developing Dossiers on Students Using Their Classroom Products, Disclosures Show
Told ya!

And here are some posts inside of said article:

I have seen news reports about school employees remotely using the camera feature to spy on the students … even in the middle of the night while the child is sleeping. Imagine if they happen to be watching while the child is changing clothes (oh lucky day for the perv). Students have been disciplined when “viewed” drinking, using drugs, watching porn, etc.

This is why my husband is violently opposed to these kinds of software packages. Our schools use Class Dojo, which has similar issues. Currently, they only use it for communication and posting cute pictures of the kids in class, but even that could be a privacy concern.

It’s why we decided to homeschool. Our school district here in the rural Midwest just implemented an online learning system which was the final straw. We were amazed when we attended meetings about the change where the administration/teachers outnumbered parents. And not at all surprised when earlier this year there was a giant kerfuffle when some 6th graders found links to porn on the supposedly “curated” web site of the vendor.

No dog in this fight, no kids, but if I had any, they would not go to any school doing this. Guess I would be homeschooling,

The problem is that pretty much all the schools use them. I have two kids in private school and another in home school. They all use Google docs and or platforms. Google was smart enough to basically give their crap away on the front end so that they can spy on everyone and sell it on the back end. I will not use anything from Google if I can. The problem is that creepy ass google is everywhere.

Schools are often offered “free” software. Would a school administrator spend money on software that may protect privacy or take the free software and spend the money elsewhere?
As always, parents must remain vigilant.

With the average voter turnout at local school board elections across the nation is under 10%, don’t believe parents are vigilant about anything.

I used to provide email services to several districts, to have Google come in and offer everything for free. It wasn’t expensive to provide, until the big spam filtering companies were bought up by Google. Now spam filtering costs about a quarter per mailbox to have a team of people working out problems 24×7. You used to be able to outsource that part of it to Postini at a fraction of the cost.

I think the blackmail comments are kind of spot on. Kids talk about everything online without regard to their future. Heck, who am I kidding? That applies to everybody.

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