The ICANN Transfer.

We thought we’d seen the worst when Obama, about a year in advance, had an illegal multinational agreement with Iran without going through Congress.  Congress was already bound by it even though they had never officially agreed to it!!  They had to basically get a 2/3 veto override to stop his unconstitutional edict.   Well, we didn’t get 2/3 override and it went into action.   Now we’re going to have to go to war with Iran BEFORE they can get nukes fully made, if we hope to avoid a nuclear arms race.

We’d thought we’d seen the worst of it after that.  Well, we were wrong!   I was trying to fiddle around ICANN’s site today to find out who their funders are, who their board members are, etc, so that we could pressure them to NOT censor us in the event that the state lawsuits failed (which, about half an hour ago, I got word that they DID fail.)

We had thought that our cowardly Senate, minus 14 members, gave the Internet away.   Well, while the 86 Senators are cowards and traitors, the deal turned out to have already been done back in 2015!  That’s right, in June of 2015, they were already preparing to get ready for the transfer, as though they KNEW that Congress wouldn’t do anything to stop it!!!!

I found a 2015 ICANN Powerpoint that was titled “IANA FUNCTIONS STEWARDSHIP TRANSITION”.    Of particular note was a paragraph that said “ICANN was mandated by the US Government to convene a global multistakeholder process that will take over the oversight of IANA functions from NTIA”.

Both parties are traitors and we will need either Convention of States or Civil War II to save America (and the world) for future generations.   It’s clear that federal elections are totally USELESS!

BTW, if you don’t believe me about this scandal, here is the document in question:   icann-busted


I have noticed from a Discover the Networks page that the ICANN transfer was announced in 2014.    I found this

On March 14, 2014, NPR reported:The United States announced its intention on Friday of relinquishing its remaining control of the Internet.

In a statement, the U.S. Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration said it wants to relinquish its oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers [ICAAN].

ICAAN is a kind of cooperative that includes a wide array of companies and people, as well as more than 100 governments. One of the key functions overseen by the U.S. is the assignment of domain names. (Think of .com or .org.)

“The timing is right to start the transition process,” Lawrence E. Strickling, the assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information, said in a statement. “We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan.”

NPR’s Steve Henn tells our Newscast unit that the world community has been calling for this handover for a while. But the current revelations over spying by the National Security Agency has led to louder calls.

“The announcement by the Commerce Department Friday that it would relinquish its oversight role of ICANN was widely viewed as a response to that criticism,” Steve reports. “Administration officials have said any new governance structure for ICANN should be transparent and free from any hint of government interference.”

The Commerce Department adds that it was always the intention of the United States to hand over these responsibilities to the global community.


Our Congress had about two YEARS since the got a majority in both Houses to renew the contract, but they never bothered.

Of all the Senate, only these 14 guys didn’t agree to the funding bill that gave away the Internet (and also funded Planned Parenthood):


Also, Cruz and Thune tried to put the ICANN thing in the bill originally, but it was stripped by Mitch McConnell days before the CR final vote.2

Furthermore, a while back, after finding a partial list on Breitbart of the guys asking Congress to let the ICANN thing expire, I went and hunted down the full list:

ACT | The App Association

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA)

The Domain Name Association (TheDNA)

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

Internet Association

Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2coalition)


Packet Clearing House

Afilias PLC



cPanel, Inc.

Donuts Inc.







Handy Networks


Public Interest Registry


Tucows, Inc.




Our friends at the Common Core Diva site tied ICANN to Common Core:


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