Agenda 21 and the Green Meanies Part 2

This is Part 2.

Here is a post shared by a FB friend of mine:


I’d not heard of this till a friend of mine in Australia mentioned it. The REAL goal of this thing, of course, is to turn 30% of US land into no-go zones in the name of preserving nature. I fear that the targets of this will be those of us in “flyover country” who have managed to so far not move to a “smart city”.
And by the way, the second 30 is the year 2030.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Technocratic Survelliance Capitalism has four principals in meeting The 17SDG’s+ESG Communitarian digital Governance policies under the scope of a social credit scoring centered around Digital ID. It’s a world where Sustainability, Stakeholder Incusivity, Materiality Matrix SME’s analysis(top down governance), and Completness(cooperation reporting digitally) is subject to the Digital transformation Cyber takeover.
This Global Citizen Technocracy and your virtual existence requires “Patriot Participation,” and is being integrated into all products, services, and economic sectors, including insurance, retail, healthcare, finance, entertainment, education, transportation, amongst other facets that will comprise SMART CITY/Digital Economy integration. You’ll need SMART CONTRACTS, and to meet TRUST ID/IP authentication/verification in order to access digital infastructure in all it’s binary & biometrics panopticon parameters.
The move of suppliers, producers, customers, market-makers, and market Technopreneurs will surley track and record every product and service that begins with the word “smart” or “personalised”, every internet-enabled device, every “digital assistant”, is simply a supply-chain interface for the unobstructed flow of behavioural data on its way to predicting our futures in a Technocratic surveillance economy of Centralization despite the illusion of decentralization. This goes for all tech/digital transactions in the Crrpto world. Every bit of data will be tracked and traced they intended to build the Trust Framework and Digital Governance Policies.
Surveillance capitalists sell three levels of product – the first is the service that entraps the user, like the Google search engine or a GPS service on a phone. The second level is the data or information that they are able to capture when you use the service, which includes both data you provide and meta-data, like where and when you used the service. Location is highly prized real world data from your phone because so much information can be deciphered by AI. The captured data is analyzed by increasingly sophisticated AI/ML algoyythims in order to better predict your behavior, called predictive analytics, either by the party that collected it or by a second party that buys it, and also accessed for calculation of your social cred impact/obidience. Which would translate to what you the node/user role will serve in their SMART Matrix of control.
The World Economic Forum, (WEF) a global organization dedicated to the Great RESET shares this handy table to help you grasp the breadth of the data of interest found below. I will also link to today’s article where Biden calls for Crypto/Blockchain regulation. If you’ve been following me your aware that Decentralized has always been a scheme to attain Digital Supremacy by establishing a Digital Twin overlay at any cost. A false hope just my opinion that Crypto ever was intended from it’s inception as a means for decentralization, rather the opposite has always been true. The 4IR technology and delivery to gain your Trust will have all data points converge. Please think more than twice about handing away your privacy and bodily autonomy by giving your consent by way of participation.
• (Biden calls for Crypto Regulation with Executive Order)->

• (Cypto Carbon Credits for Sustainability) ->

Expect a Cyb Attack to bring about strict regulations!!! Totally suspect.

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Cyber polygon training by the WEF

Right in yer face – create the system and the risk, then the complete take over… 🙁

So what can be done?
Leave the ‘grid” and get as many people as possible to do the same?

Just some general ideas. Raising 4IR awarness of each and every Agenda like a ČýbeŘ attack on critical infastructure and be prepared as possible. They’ve already the solution of a Digital Economy and all that it entails. So Incan’t enphasize this enough prereadiness is key to a higher survival chance. Have non perishable foods on hand ready to go, the means for warmth a magnesium block/lighter, a thermal waterproof insulated blanket we know what happened in Texas in 2020. Learn about basic Bush craft adequate shelter is essential. Network in your community with like minded folks. Acquire the knowledge for proper water filtration/purification, you can buy a variety of kits. Fishing, Trapping, Hunting are also good skills. I’m sure there’s a better answer. However in the meantime pay with cash, take your money out, invest it into physical resources. No one knows when it’ll kick off nor the magnitude of the scale. Spend time with Family and loved ones. Idk beyond that have faith.
As you mentioned off the grid is most ideal a self sustainable safe zone. Not everyone will be that fortunate. There are already freedom cell communities perhaps not many I’m not sure. I’m sure others have better ideas for your every SHTF scenario.

bless you. We see so MUCH black pilling, zero encouragement (I know, they often think “informing”, of exclusively the potential horrors, is the only responsibility). This is genuine good advice. We need more, most especially, encouragement how to withdraw ALL consent, and reinvest it properly — and physical practicalities are vital, too. Thank you, Brother.

Most obliged to spread awarness and focus shaping the permmiation of thought toward positive outcomes, so the matter of the minds can create a naturally blissfull world for all. I reckon it’s good of you to point out the trap of drinking the punch of media driven and controlled opposition propaganda. It doesn’t suite the manner of reaching your highest state of Conciousness entertaining associations with any doom and gloom scenarios, in a continual negative occurring pattern. It is what some art of Zen masters refer to as grounding the mind, being present with the idea or thought in deep meditative contemplation, so that one can assert their mental prowess to derrive a sensible solution in all the thoughts pursued. That even if a situational barrier or threat appears to be intimidatingly defeatest, one can seek that Zen resolve to think beyond the emotional agency of negativity. Wonderful admonition not to succumb to forfiture of freewill and freedom. And to never consent by simply withdrawling our self innate godly given participatory choice. Thank’s for your words of enlightenment!!

Everything you said I agree with. Sadly I don’t know why people don’t want to see the direction we are going.
I’ve always taken herbs for medicinal purposes not marijuana but I’m not against it. I have plenty of herbs in my garden for healing. I have 25 chickens which I’ve had chickens for more than 20 years because commercial animal production is terrible. We live on a well and have 2 large generators that run on gas and propane and have extra fuel. We have 4 solar panels That do a decent job of running our refrigerator and anything else we might need, much reduced from our regular electrical use. I have over 70 plants and fruit trees not counting my 2 large 25 by 25 gardens I also have 2 years supply of wheat in buckets for 6 people And quite a bit of food storage on top of that. I got my han radio license in 2020 when I was awakened to the awful state that is going to be trust upon us.
I’ve tried to warn my friends but I don’t think any of them really see our society changing at all.
The spiritual side of my life is filled with happiness meditation amazing people around me and hopefully a strong faith to endure whatever changes might come.
I don’t know any freedom cells but I watched some of that recently.
Thank you for your words.


 Ghislanes sister who woulda guessed. The social project entrepreneurial program in Îsřaeł. Created the first search engine. Wonder if there was a family vacation to Ep Island.

She found Blue Earth Alliance believes visual storytelling inspires positive change. We provide fiscal sponsorship and other assistance to documentary photographers and filmmakers whose projects highlight critical environmental and social issues around the world. And happens to sit with Schwab at the WEF. Hmm kinda all ties together. There where 5 brothers each with their own lineage as well.

Anything else I may have missed you found to be consequential? Great find!! 👍


They all have access to submarines… and Maxwell’s boyfriend is a shipping and logisitcs programmer from what I remember when the Wayfare crap went public. I wondered how so much convoluted cesspool was possible or logistically feasible… then found out they all have obsure licenses and old decommissioned naval bases and subs. Epstein owned half the port in St. Thomas. We need an epic leak of their sick club exploits… but instead they freeze and locate trucker donations and keep them in jail… while psychos that paid for little girls and boys like they could a chest of drawers are walking around free and pushing bombs on civililians in all countries. It’s messed up… and we’re surrounded by brain dead zombies nodding at their TVs totally clueless and completely obedient. Ugh.



And another post from him:

” If you control food you control the People.” Henry Kissinger
Let’s not forget about the atrocities Ukraine has faced by the Boshevists in Holodomor where starvation was the coercion tactic to adopt occupying ŽîôŇī§Ţ ideologies. Of course the world will be angier and in an uproar for a solution and end to Human suffering.
The examination of all outlet of Micro/Macroeconomic assesment Data components of the global Supply Chain under the umbrella of economists⁶⁶⁶+³³+³²² is far from pure, and a convergence with many accumalitve global impacting events well presents the shift to a CIRCULAR/GREEN/DIGITAL ECONOMY 2.0 (own nothing be happy) with a novel form of governance under the 4IR/ÛÑ/WHØ amongst other NGO’s. Globalism nor Internationalism is Humancentric at heart in it’s examination of Pure Market, Pure Command, Traditional, and Mixed Economic catagories. Seeing Grain prices and availability take a plunge. Let it serve as an example of the coming inflation, supply chain shortage disruptions, and a methodical Collapse. That is to say the premeditation of ÛÑatural disasters, WÄŘ, ČýBĘř assaults, and Bio/Chem/Gene Drive threats would be that red button to initiate the transmutation to an on the same page Digital World of a technological scrying Mirror with the power/control of the Human Being to degrees never imagined able to cast the Sale Spell. You’ll recount the song ⁹⁹řeđBallons not named 100 but subtracted from 99 equals the 1 or the 1% “luft” Rainbow Ballon of the one United Flag they proudly fly above all other nations. You could interpret the song as cold Communism the space X rockets that never flew which is a good thing I might add if your following my crafty vagueness.
For the remainder I will discuss in short wař and supply chain disruptions, tieing into blockchain, IoT Çýbèř security, biometrics, and I4A with a larger scope than what I’ve mentioned. Let’s take a look with our economic binoculars at Ukraine/Russia and the world over and the early comfort of BigBioTech Agriculture and the commodity of grain. In short you can read the articles below going into further detail, but the message of destabilization and food security which the scope will widen is at global jeopardy. Two ships with cargo “grain” the sustenance that brought us comfort have been sunk in the Black Sea along with reported others.While it’s good to know Ukraine/Russia is the third largest provider of grain. Exports have come to a hault near the looming crisis with renegotiated trade deals. Ukraine shut down their Ports admist conflict that effects the grain supply. Brazil is furious reliant upon Ukraines export. China calls for talks on Ukraine OK’s Russian grain imports. India turning to Brazil for Soyoil. What Prices Soar. Price of fuel is going up in the UK and other parts of the world like Canada.This isn’t the TPP it’s world wide export/import and trade, supply and demand. Making essential connections is nessecary if you wish to be an ammature economical analysist not focused on profit or dominating industry but rather the well-being of all.
You know much about the leader of Russia. But let’s take a look at the leader of Ukraine with an unbiased national view. I won’t say it but watch the video, read the links for accurate comprehension. Back in 2020 Trump gave the key of the White House to the president of ISråëŁ. There are many correlations just like the photos in my previous post a general cooperation between Leaders, and an assembly of minds and capital investments. They’re all in that Kanye West bed together with jÊnnĚr and ţrümP participating in the Circular/Green/4IR Digital destination.
The time will come where online hate speech or bullying will translate into cybercrimes. Freedom of expression or opinion will be stifled. With anti defimiation laws and no tolerance for anything that would come off as dissent. Never question, never think, never speak just be conditionally obliged/obedient in an inclusive and digitally connected Gnode H+ world with the Golem at the helm. Intentfully I do not express or harbor contempt, nor hatred for any persons or man made religious beliefs. I’m rather quite spiritual myself on the same common journey as everyone else, I’m neither an atheist or nihlist nor cultist and my belief is totally irrelevant, but akin to Nature and the Natural World which is in my opinion intellegent design! And the Order of Peace bringers may very well be serving their own interests when it comes to public/private partnerships. How private your wondering? Well this I can’t tell you let’s say the powers at the top are connected from corner to corner, the world wide web is just that and then spider may be an octopus with tentacles.
The point I set out to define as the driving mechanism is that all global economically micro and macro perient data modeling predictions and examination of disruptions/destabilization concerns will be brought to light if you will by the hands of a unified centralized dynasty of Industry in relation to the imperatively in your face 17 SDG’s/ESG’s for a sustainable 4IR. (;
Take this information Inhave put forth with a grain of economical sense and awarness of the Economy 2.0. How things will turn out depends on the leadership role of Humanity as not to endure any form of suferage, as opposed to our reaction of acceptance of an ineffectual Humancentric solution summed up as centralized/decentralized Global Digital Dictatorship or DEHUMANIZATION.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

“Building smart, inclusive, safe and resilient urban systems”
■ “Sensor-based grid and AI-based urban network management (pollution, waste, water, energy)”
■ “Next-gen satellite, drone and IoT landuse detection and management”
What it really means:
■ Develop Smart Cities with real-time monitoring using AI, drones and satellites using 24-hour surveillance cameras with facial recognition, biometric sensors and self-driving cars.
■ Less privately owned cars on the road.
■ Everything connected via wireless 5G and 6G IoT and IoB.

And a reply to this post:

I haven’t looked at any cities other than Seattle. In the past 24 months 10 new “Well Health” buildings went up in the downtown and surrounding area. With approximately 40 more in various stages of development and construction.
Keep in mind that the homeless have been invited from all over the country to come to Seattle as it is a homeless hassle-free place.
Seattle has the second highest homeless population preceded only by San Antonio Texas. The majority of them reside in the downtown and surrounding area.
The majority of them are addicts with no real addiction services available to them. With that in mind the property values have dropped to an insane degree, and Washington citizens avoid Seattle like the plague. Therefore no one is paying attention to what is happening in City planning and development. Now developers with their investors, and shareholders have bought up this property and are constructing the new infrastructure for Seattle as a model for a sustainable City.
The new “Well Health” buildings are primarily residential with office, community, and retail space. You never have to leave your building.
The other thing to keep in mind is that Seattle is a Federal reserve Central Bank City, on top of being a Microsoft and Amazon headquarters, with an extremely left-leaning governor, and The Seaport Alliance, comprising the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, is the fifth busiest container port in the US.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Read the #playbook and #narrative for replacing States with Regional Compacts. My hunch is that the only powers remaining to State Governments will be superficial fluff – the ability to make branding decisions and to regulate eco-tourism, for example. All the economic powers – including regulation of transportation – will be delegated to the (unelected) commissioners of the Regional Compact.
This is a DRASTIC departure from the federal arrangement outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and it is being inaugurated very quietly by the same interests that called for preposterous and destructive restrictions on small and independent busineses and on individuals during the past two years. One must wonder why – if it is truly designed to benefit the American People – this drastic restructuring of the most basic components of our constitutional system would be accomplished with practically no public notice or discussion and justified by a claim made in a controversial piece of spending legislation. I think the more plausible conclusion is that this compact is NOT in the interest of the People – and its designers know that.
What is the purpose of this arrangement? To accomplish Agenda 2030/United (States of) America 2.0.
How do we stop it? Educate others, show up at meetings, demand that officeholders abide by the law of the land (and publicly shame them and/or press charges if they refuse), and organize popular sovereignty movements in defense of existing state institutions. If the Resetters want to do away with something, it is for a reason – because that something is an obstacle to the plan for planetary government. So we ought to take the opposite approach – in this case using the states’ powers as a primary tool for the defense and preservation of rights, the protection of which is the very reason for the institution of government.
On the plan to shift to a national system of Megaregions:
America 2050

2050 Prospectus:

2011 Megaregions Whitepaper for US Dept of Transportation:

Compact Initiatives and Corona:

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

New drilling permits plummet 85%

And another post from her:

Colonial Pipeline Co. Chief Executive Officer Joseph Blount said the company was in the process of restoring its systems but wouldn’t resume fuel shipments until the ransomware had been removed, according to Bloomberg.

And yet another post from her:

The great reset needs the circular economy to render all products as services, so ‘you’ll own nothing & you’ll be happy’

And yet another post from her:

Private property no longer protected in Ireland. Full communism is now the proposed law?


And here are some replies to this post:

It appears to be so but happened in 2020? March 2020 was a very bad month across the world making strategic changes in government.

Here’s an account I follow (from Ireland) that recently covered the in depth dynamics


Thank you!! We know govt taking private land is key. But honestly, I like where I live and don’t want to live in the stack n pack

If you’re not yet aware of “how” —- How will you maintain what you have?

Australia and UK have similar measures in play.

“Land, because of its unique nature and the crucial role it plays in human settlements, cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice; if unchecked, it may become a major obstacle in the planning and implementation of development schemes. Social justice, urban renewal and development, the provision of decent dwellings-and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole.”
UN document titled 1976 Vancouver Action Plan

And yet another post from her:

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Priming children to be afraid of cars.


And some replies to this post:

Is making children aware of the danger of roads, cars and traffic a good thing?

So this is so that they are afraid of cars when they grow up, and won’t want to drive, perfect citizens of the New world order

I couldn’t believe how many young people my children’s age that were so afraid of driving. Never saw anything like it. Some still won’t drive. It was all the fear mongering of how they could kill with their cars. Crashed vehicles plunked on the school grounds month after month. What insanity we allow.

And coincidentally their favorite ‘club numbers’ make an appearance too. Two 3’s and a 6/3 (666). Probably just random.

There are a lot of Agenda 21 things like Vision Zero, who pretends to be about less traffic deaths but their REAL goal is less cars on the road, PERIOD. The elites fund all these things called Complete Streets, Smart Growth, etc. They even fund biking groups (of course because they prefer us to have bikes over cars).

And another post from her:

Leaving aside questions of merit, my hunch about these tribal lands cases is that the judgments rendered are probably more about diminishing the purview of state powers in our constitutional system than they are about righting old wrongs or respecting the claims of Native Americans.
If you are a globalist in the US and you want to do away with the Bill of Rights, implement a social credit scoring system, and remove any friction from the global flows of data, products, and payments – a program that must roll out quickly, before too many people figure out what you are planning – you must strip state governments of powers that might be invoked for the protection of the people of the respective states. This kind of case has just that effect and clears the landscape for the formation of interstate compacts around megaregions, governed by unelected corporate boards.

I wrote this comment as a response to a tag on the OP.
I think the Oklahoma case (McGirt) was 100% about Agenda 21 and limiting the legal, executive, and jurisdictional power of State governments in advance of the transition to megaregions/interstate compacts. It’s created a backlog of cases being re-tried in Fed or Tribal Courts (often resulting in longer/harsher sentences) and has created general confusion about contract formulation. Hmm what else? Fourth Amendment concerns have been raised about property seized in investigations, and then of course, there are major new concerns over eminent domain, esp as we transition to a ‘sustainable’ /carbon-tax based economy. I need to read through this case to see how similar these approaches are.

And some replies to this post:

This wreaks of UNDRIP and to use head ranking chiefs of various tribes from all UN member states to reclaim land. Handing land title rights back, perhaps some promised money involved. But at the end of the day it’s aim is “Land Use,” and the wild lands project. They’ll use whatever means to destroy, relocate a town/suburb into urban centers/SMART Cities… Little do they know that once the Digital transformation takes place they’ll be Digitally twined as well or locked out of digital world/economy/transactions unless they comply with integration and their inclusivity scheme.

Really good insight [name redacted]. !’ve been watching this, trying to figure it out. California gave back land a short while ago, and I didn’t realize that Tulsa was in the land give back until I started thinking on all the smart city stuff in Tulsa. Also wondering if that also isn’t part of the land give back, if peoole wpuld then have less of a voice against this intrusion. I know in a foraging group I am in in Michigan, the Native Americans asked to gather in a new group to discuss foraging and treaties, and you had ro.prove ancestry to join. That was after the court case in Oklahoma happened. I expect this everywhere.

Have you been watching the OTA situation? Their are over 500 home/land owners “rooftops” that just found out about a 29 mile turnpike 👎 Sounds like imminent domain will be used hoping it will be stopped 🙏 It will destroy ecosystems, water, and homes in Norman/Okc/Noble/Purcell/
Newalla /Moore/Newcastle.

There’s a case in the news here in Illinois also. DeKalb county. Potowatami tribe . Thought it was interesting , why now? And here we go.

DeKalb is DEFINITELY in on it. The city is part of the Agenda 21 ICLEI group.

According to the WEF we will own nothing: especially land. As such…I don’t understand. Are they really giving land back or are they misleading them. Many are now claiming sovernign citizenship to escape from the laws being put in place digitally, etc. As far as reparations are concerned; we have been at war over 240 Years. Bankers…Robber Barons and the 1% are long long overdue for arrest & prosecution. PLUTOCRACY and Gangster Capitalism ( MAFIA). Every single person on the face of this planet is due reparations in some shape, form or fashion. I know this sounds crazy but the prayer that I have is that someday and somehow Michael Jackson’s song : WE ARE THE WORLD will be in our hearts and mind to enable us to stand against this mass hate and agenda of Eugenics. JFK’s last speech is and was about ALL THAT IS HAPPENING NOW.

The left will manage the claims of native title for the apparent original occupants and therefore control freehold title or anyone in that precinct! The communists again using demographics and more to remove ownership of modern day hard working people.

Oklahoma set the precedent several years ago, Oklahoma City is now owned by the native American tribe there. Including all the government buildings. Notice nobody said a word about it yet?

they’re all in on it!

eturning the land to the native people is a great move.

Most likely though, if we know the bad guys, they’ll have bribed the tribal leaders to be in on it too, so the natives will be as screwed as the rest of us.

Besides, this is the same government that has screwed them for over 100 years, made them poor and dependent on government, and put them on reservations. Only this time, the elites plan to put ALL of us on reservations, of a sort, called smart cities.

Absolutely the case. Karen does a great job of detailing how tribes are being used to further the global agenda in this article.

Or maybe it has to do with Biden’s 30 by 30 plan to meet the UN agenda 2030 to “conserve” 30% of the earth and water water for their purposes. 🤷🏼‍♂️

And here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

I posted an article tonight titled “China Asks State-Owned Refiners To Halt Gasoline, Diesel Exports”. I asked above the article Guess who China’s 1 diesel export market is?

It is America – If you are not aware farm equipment runs on diesel so that will mean what to our food supply ?


And another post from her:

SEC Proposing To Force Companies To Disclose Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Filings

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

See what’s being set up here: ONLY THOSE firms that abide by the rules of Good Global Citizenship (ESG) will be the beneficiaries of capital investments (See my post on OneEquity:

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Metrics are CRUCIAL to survival in the Built Back Better economy. Capital Investments and Business Contracts will be DENIED to any firm, company, or individual that fails to TRACK and TRACE and HIT PERFORMANCE TARGETS of ESG indicators – indicators that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Large corporations know this and are rolling out all sorts of digital surveillance infrastructure and software to ensure that operations are green, governance is inclusive, and employees are resilient, happy, 21st-century global citizens. Your value as human capital is directly linked to your “commitment” to the appropriating the global goals as your personal mantra. So muster up all your grit and be happy, dammit!
I’ve included some screenshots from the website of a private equity firm (One Equity Partners, A JP Morgan spinoff) in regards to its ESG policy for potential investments. I also included a few pics from an article about a position the PE firm exited so you could see the players involved even at this level (the exit doesn’t appear to be ESG-related). These are among the most powerful interests in the world, and if they want happiness culture, they’ll get it! Happiness culture isn’t my snarky phrase – it’s actually one of the core values of the company mentioned as the exited position. They are grimly serious about it. And is easy to see why – OneLink is a customer service solutions provider (call centers), and they want to BE the happiness they wish to see in their customers. So their employees will be forced to be cloyingly chipper as they read their AI-generated scripts to you in order to soothe that baseline frustration score and irritability profile you registered into the mellow, happy sigh of a satisfied 21st-century global-citizen – no matter that you just lost your job or your business for inability to demonstrate acceptable ESG performance. And the private equity pirates just keep marauding about, short-selling this, doubling-down on that…
Observe the strategy!
Observe the players!
Observe the technology!
Tell the boss that ESG is a TRAP.

and, in this article, ONLY THOSE firms that agree to participate in ESG TRACKING AND TRACING and the VIRTUE SIGNALLING prescribed by those metrics will be included in the hedge fund formularies.
This article mentions MORNINGSTAR, which, several months ago, announced that it would divest itself of assets that are connected to the BDS effort – a private, voluntary effort to use the economic power of boycott, sanction, and divestiture to raise awareness of and to censure corporations that are based in nations accused of human rights’ violations.
MORNINGSTAR’s announcement was made in response to ANTI-BDS LEGISLATION, passed in over 34 US STATES and at the FEDERAL LEVEL that CENSURES ANY ENTITY THAT SUPPORTS THE BDS EFFORT. The U.S. LEGISLATION provided a JUSTIFICATION for Morningstar’s decision to discriminate against firms/investments that choose to voice disapproval for companies deemed to be connected with countries accused of human rights violations. See my Morningstar post, with screenshots, here:

If you’ve kept up with my posts for very long, you’ll know that I’ve been looking into things like social impact finance, Inclusive Capitalism, and, more recently, the anti-BDS movement and its incompatibility with the First Amendment. Here’s a document I found that provides a clue as to how these emerging trends are related.
Anti-BDS laws (laws that penalize companies for demonstrating disapproval of Israeli policy through economic means such as Boycott, Divestiture, and Sanction) set up a risk to a company’s “reputation capital” – tied to its mission as an ESG investor (ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance investing, aka Impact Investing) – which may then affect the company’s bottom line. This document states that affiliations with pro-BDS companies (companies that take an economic position against pro-Israeli companies) pose legal risks that make those affiliations undesirable from a risk-management perspective. The practical effect of anti-BDS legislation is, then, to cut off capital investments in any company whose public support of Israeli policy is in question. It’s not hard to imagine where this will lead, especially as the Start-Up Nation has been the major winner from the massive economic shifts that have resulted from the declaration of the worldwide epidemic.
Here is the text from notes that I made in the Morningstar Document:
Note that any controversial position will be labeled as “political” and its merits will be barred from consideration because corporations have defined ESG as a “practical” goal, and declared that “political” and “practical” considerations are different in kind. But the “practical” goals that ESG investments pursue are indeed political goals: the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By sleight of hand, the argument here sets up the UN SDGs as foregone conclusions, beyond political debate.
Mission-Oriented Companies are particularly concerned with Reputation Capital. This opens up the door for governing boards to use expansive discretion in their decisions about what supports or contradicts the corporate mission. In line with the recent Great Reset and Build Back Better campaigns and the promotion of Inclusive Capitalism, corporations will become vehicles for effecting “positive social outcomes” that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, rather than engines to promote shareholder wealth. This is also referred to as the transition from Shareholder Capitalism to Stakeholder Capitalism.


Small shareholders (i.e. individual, middle-class investors) will not be able to hold governing boards responsible for implementing policies that potentially undermine the profitability of the corporation and the value of their equity shares in the corporation. This places the wealth of small, independent investors in service of the UN SDGs, the implementation of which will chip away at both the assets and rights of the middle classes.
In other words, concern for reputation capital, is another way for corporate executives to fleece Main Street.
In sum, we are seeing the founding of a new structure of Israeli-led global corporate governance.
Re: Morningstar, Inc. – Shareholder Proposal Submitted by JLens Investor Network
The Proposal states:
“lnvestor Risks Associated with Economic Activism Against Israel in ESG Products and Services”
WHEREAS: The Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) campaign against Israel is a politicized campaign seeking to punish one side of a two-sided conflict. The campaign has been officially identified by the US State Department as antisemitic and overwhelmingly condemned by Congress.
In 2020, Morningstar acquired Sustainalytics, a Dutch company that sells ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) research to support socially responsible investing. ln 2019, Sustainalytics acquired GES International, a Swedish company that conducts investor advocacy and engagement on behalf of institutional investors. Analysis from JLens, a network of Jewish values-based institutional investors, has determined that Morningstar’s products and services, following the incorporation of Sustainalytics and GES, now actively support the BDS campaign’s economic warfare tactics against Israel.
Morningstar’s support of BDS activity poses potential legal risk to the companystates have passed anti-BDS laws, executive orders, or resolutions. Some states require state pensions to divest from companies that support BDS and prohibit states from doing
business with companies that support BDS.
Morningstar faces significant reputational risk by supporting and enabling a discriminatory
and politicized campaign. Morningstar’s 2019 Annual Report states, “When it comes to
investing, ESG is not political, it is practical.” Morningstar’s mission is to “provide
independent investment research for investors around the world.” Continued promotion of
biased and politicized research threatens Morningstar’s own integrity and reputation.
RESOLVED: Shareholders request that the board prepare a report for investors on the
extent of potential legal, financial, and reputational risks associated with the economic activism against Israel found in Morningstar’s business lines.”

Imagine if a private Company, A, decided to boycott private Company, B, because B was based in China, accused of chronic human rights violations. Is this a legitimate exercise of Free Speech? Is this kind of discrimination allowable under the law? Now, imagine if a flurry of legislation sought to demonstrate public support for China and Company B by punishing Company A for its decision to boycott Company B. What are the implications of this policy on Free Speech?
If we replace “China” with “Israel” in the example above, does anything change?
A majority of U.S. States and the Federal Government have legislated what is, in effect, a national mandate that private companies must demonstrate a pro-Israeli-business position or risk losing government contracts and other benefits. Is this an acceptable restriction if Free Speech?
Global Citizenship is not a neutral morality. It has its own winners and losers, and, with the adoption of International ESG Reporting Standards, Global Citizenship will become the DOMINANT MORALITY of the corporate world. And – in order to ensure that their ESG Metrics are competitive with their peers – CORPORATIONS will REQUIRE THEIR EMPLOYEES to demonstrate their own COMMITMENT TO GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP in their professional and in their private or personal conduct.
THIS IS THE BUILD BACK BETTER. And what companies will emerge as the Winners in the Rebuild? What companies provide the ESG Monitoring Corporate Solutions? Would those companies be ones that might be identified by the BDS effort? Are they the ones that are now protected by Anti-BDS Legislation?
For more on ESG and Leveraging Corporate Purpose, see:

In the 4IR future of work, corporations will expect you to be their “walking billboards” and brand ambassadors. Don’t want to mix personal life and work? You won’t be hired or retained. Remember the Inclusive Capitalism Framework which recommends that pay equity be based on an accurate assessment of the value that an employee creates for the company? As we see below, promoting one’s employer on one’s personal social media account creates significant value/profits for the company, and the willingness to stake one’s own reputation on the company brand – and one’s effectiveness at so doing – will be a major factor in determining a person’s human capital score. That score is the key to unlocking privileges for the employee and is also an opportunity for market speculators to make big bets on how you’ll fare in the human capital futures index.
But no one will actually go along with this corporate horseshit, right?! Wrong. They’ll go along with it because the corporate predators are demolishing the economy and engineering human labor surpluses in order to create massive unemployment. Jobs will be few and hungry families will be many. This is their strategy to force people to accept the activation.
However, that one giant leap for humankind – walking on the moon – is a piece of cake compared to convincing some companies to treat their employees like valuable colleagues instead of glorified house servants. Taking the next step – ⚠employee activation⚠ – requires you to treat your employees as your most treasured customers.
When you 💥activate your employees💥, though, it’s 💲marketing magic.💲 Activation includes a wealth of tools to empower your ⚠employees to become walking billboards⚠ for your company, including:
Training that not only makes them more informed about your products, but also allows them to climb up the corporate ladder – imagine – you gotta love a company that trains you to qualify for a better job
Permission to post content on social media and elsewhere about your company’s culture, products, and services
Involvement in creating blog posts, videos, white papers, and other “official” marketing content, creating a platform on which they can showcase their expertise
⚠Once your employees start sharing the love your company has shared with them⚠, it will 💲pay off💲. Not only will it pay off in good vibes, but it will also likely make a huge impact on your bottom line.
In fact, ⚠leads that your employees generate through ✔social media marketing posts⚠ are ✔seven times more likely to convert than leads you generate through other channels, according to Sociabble. In addition, ⚠content that they share will enjoy ✔eight times more engagement than content that you share on your ✔official brand channels.

If you can remember at least 5 of these #buzzwords, you’ll be able to spot almost every ||||•\/\/•(0) plan or proposal out there!
Sustainable Resilient Stakeholder
Equity Trust Future of …
Inclusive Opportunity Capacity
Community Innovative Data-Driven
Impact Leadership Workforce
These tools – from the #playbook or #toolkit or #roadmap or #pathway – are sure signs of trouble:
Public-Private Partnerships
Innovative Finance
ESG and Social Responsibility
Aligning Stakeholders
Digital Transformation
Task Forces
Community Engagement
Leveraging Purpose
Mission-Oriented Strategy
Place-Based Development
These are always a sign of |||• \/\/•(0) fuckery. Maybe the person who brought forth the plan has no ill-intent, no clue about the beast system. The consultants who helped him or her draft it certainly did. Or the person has a knack for adopting this #newspeak without much thought. These are prime conditions for being used. So education is key. Everyone can benefit from knowing these words and learning what they really mean in terms of social engineering.
🚩Please help with translating these into other languages if you are able. I will add those to this post as well.🚩
🔹Many thanks for this translation into Korean!
Sustainable 지속 가능한, Equity 공평, 공정, Inclusive 폭넓은, 포괄적인, Community 공동체 의식, Impact 영향, Resilient 굴하지 않다, Trust (financial) 신탁; 신탁 재산, 신탁금, Trust (as in trust the science) 신뢰, Trust (person) 신임, Opportunity 기회, Innovative 획기적인, Leadership 지도력, 통솔력, literally Stakeholder economy 이해관계자 경제, Future of… 미래의, 향후의, 장차의, Capacity 수용력, Literally data-driven society. 데이터 중심의 사회, Workforce 노동 인구

The formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) last year delivered one of the most significant changes in corporate reporting since the 1930s. 2022 is set to similarly deliver, but with teeth.
Many of us in the ESG space celebrated last year when roughly one in three dollars globally was invested with some form of ESG strategy. But ESG investing without regulatory pressure and parameters is turning out to be more bark than bite.
For example, last month Morningstar removed over 1,200 funds valued at $1.4 trillion from its European sustainable investment list after an “extensive review” of their legal documents. Hortense Bioy, Morningstar’s global director of sustainability research, discovered problems like ambiguous language in legal filings that warranted this change in categorization per the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

And some replies to this post:

I definitely see mandatory philanthropy ! I posted today how Bank of America coerced “teammates” to get the booster—linkage with starving kids !

Morningstar–Venus. May as well call it Lucifer Inc.

Looks like the EU is slightly doing their own thing. The EU taxonomy regulation came in 2020. And Norway is following this.
By this point no one can dispute that Build Back Better is not going on in Norway, and that sustainable is a fringe.

Below is for your Norwegian readers.
Hva er bærekraftig finans?
Den 8. mars 2018 fremla Europakommisjonen en Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth i form av en melding. Meldingen angir ti aksjonspunkter:
Klassifiseringssystem for bærekraftige aktiviteter
Den såkalte klassifiseringsforordningen eller EU-taksonomien ble vedtatt i juni 2020 (se eget punkt).
Standarder og merking av grønne finansielle produkter (Green Bonds)
Etablere en standard for grønne obligasjoner, egne prospektregler og EU Ecolabel for finansielle produkter. Arbeidet er påbegynt men ikke sluttført. En teknisk ekspertgruppe (The Commission’s Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance (TEG) leverte sin rapport med anbefalinger for kriterier for Green Bond Standard i 2019 og oppdaterte og utfylte denne i 2020. Denne er nå ute på høring.
Tilrettelegge for investeringer i bærekraftige prosjekter
Generelt initiativ for å tilrettelegge for bærekraftige infrastrukturprosjekter.
Inkorporere bærekraft i investeringsrådgivning
Endringer i MiFID II om å hensynta ESG-faktorer ved investeringsrådgivning.
Utvikle referanseverdier for bærekraft
Referanseverdi-forordningen endret i 2019 for å hensynta EU-taksonomien, blant annet slik at Climate Transition Benchmarks og Paris Aligned Benchmarks inkluderes.
Integrere bærekraft i kredittrating
Kredittratingbyråer skal hensynta ESG-risiko sine ratinger.
Klargjøre pliktene til institusjonelle investorer og kapitalforvaltere
Endringer i AIFMD, UCITS, MiFID II og IDD er foreslått endret, trer trolig i kraft mot slutten av 2021 i EU.
Inkorporere bærekraft i bank og forsikring
CRD 5 og CRR 2 inneholder regler om at EBA kan inkludere ESG som en risiko i foretakene, samt pålegge informasjonskrav og potensielt også ESG-tilpassede kapitalkrav. For forsikring vil EIOPA følge opp at ESG-risiko er en del av forsikringsrisikoen.
Styrke informasjonsplikter knyttet til bærekraft og regnskapsstandarder
Endringer i Non-Financial Reporting Directive.
Tilrettelegge for bedre corporate governance for å hensynta bærekraft
Utrede endringer i selskapslovgivningen/corporate governance.

Texas passed an anti-BDS law in 2017. In 2019, it was rewritten to exclude individual contractors and only pertain to businesses with 10 or more full-time employees and when the contract is for $100,000 or more.
Before the law was rewritten, a federal court temporarily blocked the original law statewide in a lawsuit involving a speech pathologist who worked in the Pflugerville Independent School District. In that case, the U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman ruled that the statute suppressed “unpopular ideas” and manipulated “the public debate through coercion rather than persuasion.”

For so long we saw how conforming to corporate culture was required, ‘fitting in’ emphasized, sports cult-ure, silly games like ‘ice bucket challenge’ and so on have been grooming citizens for decades for this.

What would you say to people who think keeping employees happy is a good thing ? My company was recently purchased by Marriott and they are full on about this.

I’d say that it’s always good to try do the right thing by employees, to treat them as human beings rather than assets. So, go for happiness – just don’t try to measure, track, trace, force, or monetize it. There’s a WEF article, “If it can be measured, it can be managed.” If you’re measuring it, you’re treating human beings like assets to be managed.

maybe a dumb question but how as employees do we gain or lose value ? Based on our social media or how we behave at work ? I’m just curious. I still will never understand how they can measure it. It’s basically billionaires playing a game with each other

conforming, obedience, promoting corporate cult-ure & values, slowly but surely surrendering who you are to the corporate gods.

yes – via social media, any/all online activity, purchases made with trackable tender, etc. Also, volunteerism, health and fitness, creditworthiness, all sorts of consumption patterns. Any activity that leaves a digital record will be included.

So, it’s not enough that these corporations will harvest employees’ emotional, social, physical and medical data for the ESG metrics, and their intellectual data to teach the machines, they’re now saying they want everyone to be concurrently working the marketing department in their spare time on social media?
All for some carbon rations whilst owning nothing in permanent cliEmate lockdowns?
Why don’t we just present ourselves, naked, on a silver platter at Bohemian Grove and be done with it?

Another nail in the free speech coffin. This will likely require advertising the companies stated political views while avoiding all ‘controversial shares and posts’.
Businesses will also comply with the NWO, which will penalize companies that disagree with their world views and growing list of mandates.

absolutely. I’ve been looking at Impact Investing / ESG investing for a couple of years now, and that’s exactly what it’s designed to do: basically to align all values (benchmarked off the UN SDGs ) and to sanction one common language to support them. To use any other terminology, espouse rival perspectives, or to pursue ends that conflict with the program will be construed as an act of ‘privilege’ and contrary to the NWO’s god, Equity. And businesses and churches will go along with it because they need/want the investment capital from the hedge funds that are moving to ESG strategies. It’s really an awful mess that will force people into saying and doing things they they know to be untrue – e.g. using they/them pronouns – if they want to keep their jobs. That concession is small enough – considered merely as a word choice – that many people will make it in order to feed their families. But, of course, it’s much more significant than that inasmuch as it’s conditioning people to accept the separation of truth and speech. People will know deep down that they are involved in a lie and that always causes resentment, anger, and severe punishments to be meted out to those who refuse to participate in the lie.

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