Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 49

This is part 49.

Here is a post from Alison:

Prediction: health passports are going to be a condition of accessing co-working spaces in the future. WeWork InternetOfOffices QRCodeLife

And some replies to this post:

Coercion is at the center of the global effort to manufacture consent for an all-encompassing digital identification system, in the form of SMART Health Cards and Digital Wallets.
Story at-a-glance:
Tech giants with deep ties to the U.S. national security state — Microsoft, Oracle and the MITRE Corporation — have partnered with healthcare companies to create the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to advance the implementation of digital COVID-19 vaccination records.
The initiative is essentially built on a common framework of digital vaccination “wallets” called SMART Health Cards that are meant to “work across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries” as part of a new global vaccination-record infrastructure.
SMART Health Cards are expected to include a person’s complete name, gender, birth date, mobile phone number and email address in addition to vaccination information, though it is possible and likely that more personal information will be required as the initiative advances.
While the push for combining digital identity with vaccination records and economic activity appears, superficially, to be the effort of various organizations and groups, the same individuals and entities appear time and again, pointing to a coordinated push to not only implement such a system but manufacture consent for such a system among the global population.
Coercion is a built-in part of this infrastructure and, if implemented, will be used to modify human behavior to great effect, reaching far beyond just the issue of COVID-19 vaccines.
Tech giants with deep ties to the U.S. national security state — Microsoft, Oracle and the MITRE Corporation — announced that they had partnered with several healthcare companies to create the Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) to advance the implementation of digital COVID-19 vaccination records.

MITRE Corp. the Trojan Horse on 9/11. MITRE Corp, Oracle and Microsoft are all run out of Israel. Coding on Windows 10 is mostly done in Israel.
$10 billion Pentagon cloud computing contract is in Microsoft’s (Israel) backyard.

Health passports will eventually be required for everything, and those who refuse the vaccines will be sent to camps… but a lot of other chaotic things will have to happen between now and then.

“Digital gulag”. Straight from the horse’s mouth: the government of Japan says that it was working on Society 5.0 since 2010. There are currently 170 Smart cities ongoing projects. They will install mirrors which will measure people’s health condition and mood. Yep “feelings”. You have to read this, it is clear that they needed the covid fright to accelerate digitalization:

“A world divided between the vaccinated and unvaccinated….”
“Some versions of the documentation might permit bearers to travel internationally. Others would allow entry to vaccinated-only spaces like gyms, concert venues and restaurants.”

And another post from her:

Brilliant piece by Raul Diego on biocapitalism, eugenics, and social impact bonds. I’ve sent this to a number of friends on the left and the silence is overwhelming. Honestly, it feels soul-crushing some days, but nothing to do but keep walking. There are others. We find the others, and Raul is among them. This one is worth spending time with. I’ve been asking folks with bigger platforms to tell this story. Sometimes wishes are granted.

And yet another post from her:

This is directly from the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania web page on school-based testing. So please, tell me why is anyone being injected if all they are offering is “another layer of protection for the person injected” with NO proof that it stops transmission? This is all to justify the bio-tech takeover of life for profit – period. I’m having a hard time containing my anger.
“The recent introduction of COVID-19 vaccines provides yet another layer of protection for those who receive them; however, we still do not know whether being vaccinated prevents you from being able to carry and transmit the virus to others. “

And yet another post from her:

This conversation was pulled from Youtube ostensibly for medical disinformation when we weren’t really even talking about health stuff.

And yet another post from her:

I did this interview Shay Dan On in Tel-Aviv last December. The focus is Social Finance Israel, impact investing, and bio-tech. I think it provides important context for what we’re hearing about now re intense bio-surveillance protocols there.

And some replies to this post:

Alison, just in case you haven’t heard, RI governor Gina Raimondo, well connected with Israeli social impact investing interests, will be Biden’s commerce secretary.

Imagine that – just in time for the reskilling revolution for everyone holding a covid credential…

And her husband Moffit – McKinsey’s “Deliverology”

Dessault, the French manufacturer of military equipment, which you mentioned re Rhode Island (in data collection context) and the Mirage jet fighters, was very instrumental in building up the Israeli military machine before the US government took the role in the 1970s. American interests were tied up with Arab client states, and thus for a long while the government did not want direct military connections, even if lots of money was flowing from the US to Israel. The French government however saw an opportunity (it had no Arab clients, and in the ’50s faced an insurgency in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco), so it facilitated military contracts with Israel. I grew up in the ’50s, a military aviation buff, who learned that the core of the Israeli air force consisted of Dessault-made Ouragan and Mystere jet fighters, and the tank/artillery ordinance was heavy on French equipment as well.
Mike Milken was about junk bonds, his downfall came around 1990, 10 years before Enron, the energy company, whose bankruptcy brought down Kenneth Lay and Jeff Skilling.

And yet another post from her:

Folks are upset about the LAUSD adoption of Daily Pass health check QR codes. I’d hazard a guess few understand it as a key to unlocking “pay for success” human capital markets in wrap around services.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

SB195 Passes without lifting mask exemptions.
As Republican-led States Lift Mandates, Utah Legislature Doubles Down on Restrictions and Fines
Late on the 44th day of a 45-day session, the House of Representatives finally had a chance to hear the much-anticipated Senate Bill 195. After a long day, Speaker Brad Wilson called on Assistant Majority Leader, Representative Val Peterson, to present SB195.
Peterson said that “within the health department, as you know, they have broad powers, and they can put restrictive orders in place.” He said that SB195 would provide a means for state and local health departments to receive “buy-in from their elected officials on these orders.”
But Representative Phil Lyman offered a 4th Substitute to SB195, that would have ended the mask mandate in Utah. In his opening remarks, he said that, while other bills (HB294) had dealt specifically with COVID-19, “SB195 deals with political accountability and the limits of government.” He said, “our constituents expect more than ‘buy-in’ from us.” Lyman went on to discuss a new term introduced by SB195 known as an “order of constraint.” He explained that orders of constraint are orders that are statewide, such as stay-at-home orders, or closing all restaurants. He said that while, under his proposed Substitute, health departments would still be able to issue orders of constraint, those orders could not include the wearing of facemasks.
Lyman said, that while he likes the fact that SB195 changes the inertia of government, he believes the legislature has gone too far in imposing its own set of restrictive laws and fines. He said not only should the legislature consider potential health risks, but also the costs and effectiveness of trying to mitigate those risks. “When we start to close down businesses, to quarantine people, to mask people, there is a cost that comes with that. A financial cost, as we’ve seen in our economy, as well as a social cost.” He said it is important that “when a person makes a (health) order that may affect people negatively, that they are politically accountable to the people that they affect.”
Representative Peterson responded by saying “I would strongly oppose the 4th substitute. We’ve worked really hard to create a balance here as we have worked with the Senate and with the Executive branch.”
In summation, Lyman said: “We are quarantining healthy people, we are closing schools down to healthy children. These are serious matters and with serious ramifications.” He concluded by saying that “the people are ultimately the repository of the power. We (the legislature) are the voice of the people,” he said, pointing to the words VOX POPULI that are embossed above the Speakers dais. Lyman said the revisions he was proposing made SB195 a better bill.
Representative Peterson disagreed and strongly opposed the substitute. The speaker called for a voice vote with many in the body voting yea, but at least a louder portion shouting “no.” The speaker ruled that the motion to adopt the 4th substitute failed.
So, while legislatures and governors in Texas, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota have joined other states, (fifteen states as of Thursday), Utah has gone the other way, with the legislature seizing the moment, not to reign in power, but to give even more power to the State Health Department while shielding the governor from having to take additional responsibility.
On Tuesday, President Joe Biden accused these fifteen Republican-run states, of “Neanderthal thinking.”
All of this as ICU bed capacity is below 60%, active cases plummet, and vaccinations continue to rollout. Not to mention warmer weather, and case counts in grade schools are less than .0025.
Speaker Wilson also announced Thursday that more than 4,700 COVID-19 tests had been administered at the capitol since the start of the session, with 3 positive results.

Mask mandate ends April 10th for everyone except school children thanks to the passing of SB294.

And another post from this group:

From Taylorsville High:
“This was hanging on the door of our librarian’s office and seen in one of the main halls. Someone called to complain about it. They were told it would be removed. I’m will check tomorrow and see. I find this poster terrible. Some of the “conspiracy theories” could be true, and to call someone “dangerous” or “anti-Semitic” for believing any of these is just wrong.”

The poster is still up even though they said they would take it down. Please call and ask for the principal. Politely let them know that Utah law does not allow for this kind of controversial political display in schools and that they are out of compliance. It’s on a door facing the main hall upstairs.

As seen coming off the school elevator


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

My friends in the USA – Brookings Institute is already discussing the transition from States to megaregions. This is a coup d’etat and the end of our Constitutional system. When they mention return on investment, they are talking about social impact finance. Their website has articles advocating for the use of Pay for Success Contracts and Social Impact Bonds, and they have appropriated the language of the Great Reset.
The shift toward regionalism explains why States – Oklahoma, for example – are adopting logos that look like the UN color wheel and cities are adopting their own branding.

And some replies to this post:

So the investors not only want mega regions, but they want the taxpayers to “invest” 20 billion dollars for the investors before the “investors” invest. And, it has to be assured that the “investors” will get large returns on investments. What kind of screwy deal is that? In the meantime, taxpayers are hungry, out of work, homeless and sick. But the taxpayers have to give money to the “investors”? Bullshit.

remember the passage I cited about how the worthless bonds from those who fought in the revolution were bought at a fraction of the value by the elite….only to have the elite then demand the government pay the full value of the bonds…..and the government went and taxed those who had been recently robbed of the bonds by the elite. So not only did the citizens lose the $$$ value of their military service, many lost even more, including land, to pay the taxes now demanded by the government so the government could pay the full value of the bonds to the elite.
It’s like insider trading. And they tell themselves they should continue to prosper at the expense of others because they saw the opportunity and had the genius to take advantage of the tough times and profit along the way.
Seems the system has been perfected on a global scale.
I was just pointing out to somebody how those pushing this shift are insisting that government must “invest” in all these changes, meanwhile those who have scripted the shift have placed themselves at the front of the line for reaping the benefit of the investments. Blows ones mind.

They’ve been doing this for a long time, profiting on us and on misery. Now they are upgrading to a digital system so that they can get a closer look at us and abuse us even more so. I wonder how much they make by taking the old folks out first? I’m sure they are profiting from it and I bet any amount that they are in fact doing so. At what point do we stop them and tell them “no more”! I mean, we do out-number the ruling class by about 1,000,000 to 1. What the hell are we waiting for?

This is just another way for the rich to fleece the public and avoid paying taxes.

In the UK there has been increased division and local regulations in Wales and Scotland so this work on division is also happening here !

It is incredible how embedded the prevailing perception is on the metrics of success and the ignorance of where the resources for this “success” come from. Mega-cities continue with unnatural, unlimited, resource depleting growth in GDP because they extract resources from the surrounding rural regions, as well as from rural regions that are very far away (like the cobalt mines in Africa). In the process they drive up GDP for the Military Industrial Complex through conflict over strategic minerals and other resources, as well as increase GDP for all those wonderful companies, like ethos water, who market the plight of the affected communities and the refugees created around the world to sale their product and image to the self righteous pricks who shop at “Traitor Joes”. It is these kinds of developments that lead me to conclude that Bloomberg was the big winner of the 2020 Presidential (s)election.

Meanwhile, the all too “Farm Bill dependent” farmer slowly disappears from the landscape as the other Tricky Bill buys up the farm ground (likely taking advantage of those same farm bills like the Rockefeller family does) and puts to work those companies, such as Farb Guidance Systems, who are looking to replace farm laborers with machines; machines that are guided by the 5G cell towers that governments, at every level are heavily invested in.

“Fifty members of the Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans – banking tycoon David Rockefeller Sr., Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, stockbroker Charles Schwab and dozens of other billionaires – got at least $6.3 million in farm subsidies between 1995 and 2014, according to an EWG analysis. And these fat cats likely received even more subsidies through the federal crop insurance program.”

I wondered why Stitt changed our logo.
After seeing about the new “pandemic center” I realized he’s part of them.

Ugh. I’m 54 y.o. and I expect that by the time I’m 60 I will be in Mexico or further South somewhere in LatAm – family obligations depending e.g. caring for my elderly Mother. The USA is in the process of falling into a technocratic fascist dystopia – and far too many are OK with it. 😢

With the USMCA, Mexico and Canada will be part of this mess too.

Recommendation to use PAY FOR SUCCESS and SOCIAL IMPACT BONDS.

In Quebec’s national capital, Quebec City, UN flags are floating since last May.

And the head of Public Health wears a multicoloured pin* all the time! *Color spectrum of the UN’s Sustainable Development Program.

Seeing evidence of this unfolding in Maine.
Apparently we are to be the pilot or model for rural communities….

All those compacts between cities, states, and regions with Israel are setting this up, too. Michigan is in particularly deep.
Look out for Charter Cities!!
I’ll edit to add links to previous posts.

Communitarian Supremacy of Law is the system in the mega regions. It originated as trade law in the steel agreements in the 50s. The WTO was a model for the new law, as was the EU and the many trade regions created around the world. The US is to merge with Canada and Mexico under Communitarian supremacy. This is why Americans have to be kept in the dark about Communitarian law.

I wonder if that’s why there’s an ongoing integration process of the Canadian Army with the US Army. The current commander in chief of the Canadian armed forces is US trained military Wayne Eyre. In an interview he described some kind of fusioning process.

you saw about the Michigan regional alliance, led by Israel, right? I thought you commented on it. It’s amazing how far along all of this is!

Yes I saw that. Msm divert people away from the bigger picture. That’s why the information work you do is so important. One thing is for sure, nothing surprises me anymore. Living in Quebec washes away any illusion I may have nurtured about common good and democracy! Our government hired the McKinsey firm to run the show paid with taxpayers money. And I think that tells all.

his is fascinating. I’ve been researching some ties in Maine (see article above from CFR above).
And I knew that Avangrid/Iberdrola (Spanish energy giant with its US assets) was involved in a partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston on the “Working Cities Challenge”. See Avangrid Foundation. They are pushing this out of Connecticut but clearly intent on having it touch every northern New England State. So I looked to see if it had arrived in Maine. Guess what? Yup.
Seems Maine has climbed aboard the mega region plan. Also worth noting is that the timing was Oct. 2020. Same timing as David Roux setting up a private equity firm in Boston called BayPine with a bunch of Harvard Alum to take controlling interest of current and new market industries that want to digitalize for the future. First purchase was PennFoster….originally a correspondence school known as “the Harvard of Home Schools” that is an online education entity. Next up, announced yesterday was the purchase of Mavis tires with BayPine announcing that it hopes to have BayPine be the leader in the industry regard car service, etc.
And surely a coincidence 🙄, the adoption of the “working communities challenge” by Maine in October was right before our Governor’s Economic Recovery Committee issued its report in November 2020 that calls for investment of taxpayer money on just about all fronts….infrastructure, housing, child care, employment, small businesses, education, rebranding Maine, etc.
And referenced in the report as an expert that helped inform the committee on “methodology” for the committee is none other than David Roux.
Ummm….feels a bit like insider to me. Advise the state they need to invest in the economy in huge ways with taxpayer money…..then position yourself and all your $$$. like shark tank to piggy back on those investments and reap personal wealth as the plan comes to fruition. But yeah, you are doing it to say the planet and foster hood will toward mankind. Got it!
Ingenious really. It is moments like this I realize why the 9/11 terrorists chose to enter the US by way of the Maine and Canadian border….Maine is home to independent minded people that are unsuspecting. A culture of minding one’s own business and keeping things simple means this type of manipulation or maneuvering is missed by the majority.
It doesn’t hurt either that we are a cheap date….meaning that poverty is a real challenge in the rural landscape. So it does not take much to lure people to support these ideas of creating economic prosperity.

thanks for adding these insights here! I haven’t paid attention to Avangrid, but another friend of mine has been saying that Spain is a huge – but usually overlooked – player in all this. So I’ll have to pay more attention to them! Have you heard Catherine Austin Fitts discuss the connections between Fed Reserve Cities, Opportunity Zones, last year’s riots, the Smart grid and digital currency? It makes a lot of sense to me.
Mavis tires, eh? Wonder if they are connected to Firestone? [name redacted] shared a while back that Firestone had piloted a one-stop-shop company town model in Africa a while ago. Which is what all of these innovations here are aiming at, of course. Do you guys have tribal lands in Maine?
I think your take on the Maine mindset is spot on! These assholes love to creep in where people are actually living their own lives – modest, maybe, but independent – rather than trying to fix other people’s lives. That’s similar to Oklahoma, I think. And the economic spin plays right into those values – except that it’s a lie (as I know you know!😊).
We just have to keep connecting the dots for people. It’s a rude awakening that no one wants, but I have faith that we’ll get through to those who need to hear it.

Iberdrola is big into this climate crap with the UN:

The climate crap is a big part of this Agenda 21/Megaregion stuff, as I found from America 2050 and similar groups.

Surdna Foundation funded America 2050 and it seems that, at least in 2009, they gave Brookings $250,000:

And this climate crap also ties into the food SDG 2, which is what they use to go after meat and push the other crap, including the Farm Bills you mentioned earlier.

And when Bill Gates isn’t into taking over farmland, pumping us with vaccines, pushing abortions, pushing open borders and H1B visas, messing with our schools, growing frankenmeat, messing with journalism, messing with digital currencies, etc he’s also working on energy with a bunch of other fat cats:

And another post from her:

Remember the defund the police initiatives?
Remember Terminator & Skynet?
A high-profile trial is set to open tomorrow in the Twin Cities.

And yet another post from her:

In order for Impact Investment marketplaces to function, Investors need to establish GLOBAL STANDARDS FOR MEASURING OUTCOMES and IMPACT. These standards are the backbone of GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

Here is a post from the anti-mask group:

I could use some advice… My daughter (age 14) is part of a homeschool group that meets once a week to do various classes. During this insanity she has never had to wear a mask to class.
But today she was told that she would have to wear one when they take a trip to the courthouse for their Mock Trial event in April. She steadfastly refused. Her teacher accused her of not loving the rest of the class, because they will all be left out if she doesn’t comply. She came to the car shaking and crying, but still adamant that she would not wear a mask.
Has anyone else had an experience going mask-less in a courthouse? I’m wondering if there is any way to get around it or if there is a compromise we could make to keep the peace? Although we live in Pensacola Florida, the event will take place in Mobile Alabama. Any suggestions would be very welcome!

And another post from this group:

So McKinney Texas ISD just sent us an e-mail saying they are going to continue to mask my kids the rest of the year! I am so pissed off right now 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

Hot off the press! My latest research on the new & “improved” version of SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), aka as “mind control”. It’s not just for public school Johnnies & Suzys, anymore.
Evidence from as far back as 1968.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning) For All

Here is a post that wss shared in the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Better wake up!! This did not happen to me personally, I will link author in comments.
I need every parent to pay attention! I’m homeschooling my daughter. We chose Time4Learning. It is a difficult program for my forth grader, so I have to help her. I was helping her today with her schoolwork when government, private corporation propaganda surfaced in the material. I have a background in military intelligence and am very aware of psychological operations. The lesson was on supporting ideas with evidence. The creator of the lesson used cute, comical characters, Rita and and JP, to task the students with an article to read. The article was titled 10 Cool Inventions. (Immediately I’m thinking it sounds like a sales pitch). I took pictures of the article for you all to decide for yourself. It’s written like a commercial. One of the inventions they highlighted reads like this:
“4. Under Your Skin
Invention: VeriChip
Price: $200 plus a monthly fee
What’s in it for you?
No bigger than a grain of rice, this device provides a lot of information. Implanted under a person’s skin, the gadget can give personal identification data to people such as police or rescue squads. In the future, chips with satellite technology might help locate people who are lost.
How it works: Each VeriChip contains a number that is read by a special scanner. That number is entered into a computer, which connects the number to information about the person who had the chip implanted.”
What followed was even scarier. They make the kids watch a special video where they show a scared kid having a chip implanted in his arm with a scanner. But remember, it’s a cool invention! THIS IS called PSYCHOLOGICAL CONDITIONING. They are preparing our kids to accept their chip readers which will lead to immunizations on chip readers implanted under the skin. This is not a conspiracy theory. I’ve added more pictures of the “cool inventions” they are marketing to our children.

And some replies to this post:

This reminds me of when GMO’s were first coming out 25 years ago and big money was coming I to school Ag/FFA programs about this “great new technology”

They did the same thing with Hive Collapse with regard to the bees declining. Ugh!

Oh my gosh! That’s terrible. In the public school curriculum, there is tons of this kind of stuff and also a lot of corporate product placement in the curriculum and even in standardized tests. I used to volunteer at the school doing minute reading assessments where kids had to read short passages and I had to time them and mark their mistakes (a method that I am totally opposed to by the way, but that’s a different story). Almost every passage contains some kind of propaganda. They had one passage about the flu shot. This stuff is absolutely everywhere—It’s a disgrace! And most parents are completely unaware.
We are now homeschooling again (my son was homeschooled until seventh grade and my daughter until second, now in seventh and 11th grades) and we do not use any curriculum and frankly don’t do a lot of formal academics. When my son was young, the only thing I really did was read classic literature to him all the time so he became an avid reader. Then we just lived normal every day life. Same with daughter. When my son started middle school at a large public school he had never done a math problem. Despite this, he ended up getting straight A’s and winning the school and district science fairs and went to The state science fair. Both of my kids were excellent students during the brief period of time they were in school. This year son is self studying for the computer science and calculus AP exams and daughter is studying algebra out of an old text book that my husband used as a kid. Other than that, we’re really not doing anything other than reading. I know some people like the comfort of a curriculum, but as a lazy homeschooling mom, I can tell you that it’s not necessary. Our kids are huge targets. They are being propagandized and data mined everywhere!

Looks like NY is joining IL in pushing the UN’s K-12 CSE.

Watch out for the race-baiting in New Jersey schools:

Here is a post from the anti-mask group:

Has anyone heard about this? Kids were suspended because they took a picture without muzzles. Commiefornia is so crazy.

Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires interview for the week of March 10th:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

“Not one in ten conservatives has even heard of “action civics” or “project-based civics,” but this is what professional educators now mean by civics. Essentially, “action civics” trains students to protest on behalf of leftist political causes.”

And another post from this group:

This is happening all across the country.
She said that many school districts in Ohio “are now hiding their curriculum from its residents because they’re teaching students to become bigots toward their peers, adults, and law enforcement. Many school districts within this congressional district [Ohio-11] are on board for allocating funding and teaching young students the how-to about changing your gender, child pornography, and pedophilia, and where to find those websites, what sex toys to purchase, and how to use that which is purchased.”
She took a moment to collect her thoughts, and then went on to say that “in the document for critical race theory, the stated goal is to make children activists in their own home. What does that mean?” She asked.
“Why are you trying to create an adversarial relationship between parents and child when that is the relationship that needs to be strengthened? This school-parent relationship and you intrinsically just advocating the kids to just be adversarial to their parents is nuts. This is nuts!

And yet another post from this group:

Is everyone aware that most or all of Khan Academys board of directors are former employees of Bill Gates? He’s everywhere.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Our dystopian future is here. No need to think for yourself any longer. In a global community, you are the “co-creator” and you get to buy and sell your life and control other’s lives. Like pimps and prostitutes. Yes, Humans are the new commodity that make up the new Human Stock Market. Sell every aspect and moment of your life and don’t forget to comply! Data is the new gold and for this, no moment of your life will ever be private. It will all be up for sale and control. Un-freaking-believable! How did we get here?

From the article:
“A rash of new start-ups are making it easier for digital creators to monetize every aspect of their life — down to what they eat, who they hang out with and who they respond to on TikTok.
Tens of millions of people around the globe consider themselves creators, and the creator economy represents the “fastest-growing type of small business,” according to a 2020 report by the venture capital firm SignalFire.
But as the market gets more and more competitive — and the platforms and their algorithms remain unreliable — creators are devising new, hyper-specific revenue streams.
One comes in the form of NewNew, a start-up in Los Angeles, that describes its product as creating a “human stock market.” On the app, fans pay to vote in polls to control some of a creator’s day-to-day decisions.
For example, a creator can use NewNew to post a poll asking which sweater they should wear today, or who they should hang out with and where they should go. Fans purchase voting power on NewNew’s platform to participate in the polls, and with enough voting power, they get to watch their favorite influencer live out their wishes, like a real life choose-your-own-adventure game.
“Creators are burning out, but their fans want more and more,” said Jen Lee, 25, the founder of a popular creator economy community on Discord. “By monetizing each aspect of their life, they can extract value from everyday interactions.”
Courtne Smith, the founder and chief executive of NewNew, said the company was “similar to the stock market” in that “you can buy shares, which are essentially votes, to be able to control a certain level of a person’s life.”
“We’re building an economy of attention where you purchase moments in other people’s lives, and we take it a step further by allowing and enabling people to control those moments,” she said.
“It doesn’t matter how boring you think you are, there’s someone out there who would find your life interesting to the point that they’re willing to pay,” Ms. Smith said.
The platform began beta testing with a select group over the last week, and several TikTok and YouTube stars have already begun earning money.
“Have you ever wanted to control my life?” Lev Cameron, 15, a TikToker with 3.3 million followers, asked in a recent video posted to NewNew. “Now is your time. You can actually control things I do throughout the day and vote on it and then I will show you if I end up doing the stuff you voted for.”
He proceeded to ask his fans what game he should play with friends: dodgeball or catch. In the background of the video his friends shouted “catch!”
Alas, 78 percent of fans voted dodgeball. (Mr. Cameron said he didn’t really want to play dodgeball because it could damage a fence in the yard, but the fans had spoken.)
“When they vote, I do the thing they vote for,” he said. “It’s not like, oh, I secretly do the other thing. It’s surprising how many people vote and what they vote for.” (Mr. Cameron has also allowed fans to dictate what he watches, what video games he plays and the name of his pet hamster.)
Ms. Smith said the platform reserves the right to ban users who post polls that are offensive, inappropriate, dangerous or break the law.
While the beta test is still invite-only for creators, Ms. Smith hopes that eventually everyone — from celebrities to average people — will be able to leverage it to monetize their lives.
“Sure, it’s fun to control a famous influencer or celebrity, but it’s honestly just as entertaining to control someone you go to school with, or your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, or an author planning their next sci-fi novel, or a beauty founder creating their next makeup palette,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how boring you think you are, there’s someone out there who would find your life interesting to the point that they’re willing to pay.”
“Eggs or pasta for dinner?” The platform NewNew allows fans of a creator to pay to vote on intimate aspects of the creator’s life.
Comments, Collaborations and Crypto
Well-known creators who aren’t yet monetizing the minutia of their lives are still making money on everyday digital interactions. (Why comment, like, or share someone’s photos or videos if you aren’t getting paid?)
Recently, a platform called PearPop has become popular for allowing fans to pay for interactions with their idols on social media. For $250, for instance, the TikTok star Griffin Johnson will comment on your video. If you don’t have $250 to spare, you can offer your best bid.
“Monetizing your social presence has traditionally only been accessible to those with a large following that can secure big brand deals,” said Cole Mason, the co-founder and chief executive of PearPop. “This is no longer the case. The idea for PearPop democratizes creator monetization by providing something that makes a lot of sense for creators with 10,000 followers and 10 million followers alike.”
Collaborations between stars (and up-and-coming creators) are also increasingly more easily monetized. Another new tool, called Stir, is seeking to help creators split money for videos they make together.
“We think the future of creator monetization is collaboration,” said Joseph Albanese, the C.E.O. and a founder of Stir. “We let creators take any place they make money, whether it’s a YouTube video or Shopify store, and split the revenue with other creators.”
The crypto world has also proved enticing for creators looking to monetize interactions., a crypto platform, allows creators to start their own digital currency in order to build independent economies with their fans. Fans can purchase the creator’s currency and use it to unlock exclusive or unreleased content.
The Clubhouse star Bomani X has begun offering his own $BOO Coin currency and the Twitch creator FanHOTS has introduced $FAN Coin; fans who hold the coin can use it to choose which character he will play in online games.
And then there is the world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are pieces of digital art and media that live online. Though anyone can see an NFT on the internet — buyers do not get to “own” anything in a physical sense — they have become a fast-growing market. The pieces of digital media function as rare collectibles. The YouTube star Logan Paul recently sold $5 million worth of NFTs.
“There’s a potential to earn a huge amount of money,” said Joshua Wanders, 30, a YouTube creator with more than 8.7 million subscribers. “It’s pretty much 100 percent profit driven by mania.”
This week, Mr. Wanders and four other creators will release photos of their feet as NFTs. (What makes these images NFTs is blockchain technology, which can be used as an immovable record to designate authenticity in ownership.)
The creators will upload their feet photos onto an auction site and livestream the bidding. The livestream will also be also monetized.
Zack Honarvar, 27, the founder of the talent management firm One Day Entertainment, said that he and Airrack, a creator he manages, have been playing around with using NFTs to give fans “shares” of a YouTube video.
“Before the video goes up, we could break it into, say, 10 clips, then mint those 10 clips as NFTs,” Mr. Honarvar said. “When someone buys that NFT, that person would be entitled to a one tenth split in ad revenue from the video. By buying in advance you’d become a shareholder of that video.”
The goal would be to use NFTs to create a wholly decentralized fan-owned and fan-operated YouTube channel. “A YouTube channel in which the fans can dictate everything,” Mr. Honarvar said.
The only hurdle is the Securities and Exchange Commission, which does not allow NFT sellers to guarantee revenue as part of ownership.
Still, to Mr. Wanders and other creators, these schemes feel safer than building businesses solely on social platforms, which can prove fickle. Their algorithms and community standards can change, as can their monetization structures — not to mention, they could go out of business. “With the internet and YouTube, there’s always the concern of being demonetized and having your channel canceled,” he said, “so people are always looking for alternative ways to earn money. You never know where the platforms are going to take you at the end of the day.”
Pay to Play, but for Creator Drama
As creators concoct new ways to monetize their followings, Elijah Daniel, 26, a creator in Los Angeles, is helping followers put a price on the creators. On Friday, he launched the Clout Market, which is a little bit like trading cards, but of influencers.
The Clout Market offers 10 million NFTs representing top creators including Trisha Paytas, James Charles, Bryce Hall, David Dobrik and Jeffree Star. The NFTs are designed to look like Pokemon cards with pixelated images of each creator. The cards carry parody names for legal purposes, Mr. Daniel said, so Tana Mongeau’s card reads “Tana Mongoose.”
The price for these items is determined by the creator’s relevance online. Mr. Daniel worked with a developer to create a dynamic pricing structure that adjusts prices in real time. (It pulls from social and analytics platforms data.) If a creator loses or gains followers or trends on Twitter, the price of the NFT Mr. Daniel created for them will go up or down.
Mr. Daniel said the goal of selling these NFTs is to let fans monetize the drama surrounding their favorite influencers. “A lot of fans will buy these for support,” he said, “haters will buy them to bet on people’s downfall.”
“Influencers and social media stars are making so much money off drama and scandals,” he said, “and most of them are fake. This is a way for the fans who follow along so heavily with everything to be able to invest in those scandals and make money too.”
He added: “If we have to go through another scandal, we all better be getting paid for it.”
“This is the first-wave of creators adopting new technologies to connect with an already engaged fan-base,” said Jeremiah Owyang, a creator adviser to “But instead of it being one-way and solely transactional,” he said, “the fans are as much part of the creation experience as the creator.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Globalists and social impact investors don’t care about young people. They exploit them to be their change-agents. Here we see a pitch for investing in young people (and this also includes the usual indoctrination, of course) so that they will then drive university hedge funds in the direction of “green” investments (smart grid for techno-fascist control.)

And another post from her:

This is a must-read for anyone who has any interest or concern whatsoever about the future of higher education. Every university is going this route.
Tulsa, Oklahoma – this is what happened to TU. It’s going on at all public colleges and universities in our state. This is a model that will ruin and re-purpose young minds. I would encourage everyone to withdraw all support for this ugly system.
Time to build something entirely new.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

And a reply to this post:

UK is riddled with this. Apparently they were using anpr cameras to catch people travelling outside their local area during lockdown

Here is a post from the Texas anti-STARR grouo:

Today my daughters school told me since she’s going to be receiving services for her learning disabilities she is required to take the staar tests. I told them no she is not and we will be opting out. They told me they would send me the opt out letter and note it in her ARD file. Her teacher didn’t seem to happy about it and tried telling me all students have to take it. I told her nope thats false. So then she asked what my reasoning was and I told her. This is going to be a fun journey for us!

And some replies to this post:

As a teacher, I never knew you could opt out!

Parents have always had the freedom to opt out of any assessment.
You can’t believe everything the government or administrators say. They both have been known to dish up some really big lies.

I didn’t know either (teacher for 20 years.) My own kids wouldn’t have taken it, had I known. They both passed with flying colors, but the stress is not worth it.

By the time I found this page my oldest son had taken the English II, 4 times! And told he couldn’t graduate until he passed it.

my son would have loved for me to opt him out in Elem school. He had so much anxiety and his dyslexia made it horrible!

As a former Sped teacher, I was happy to support my parents in the decision to opt out of testing.NO SPED STUDENT SHOULD EVER TAKE THE TEST!!!

And another post from this group:

So yesterday they were talking about staar in class and [name redacted] ( my 5th grade daughter ) told her teacher she wasn’t taking it, and her teacher asked why and [name redacted] tried to blow it off and she was like it’s ok there is nothing wrong and you got to take it and it’s connected to my pay and [name redacted] spoke up isn’t that the problem?!
So proud! I messaged her teachers to let her know too yesterday but I guess [name redacted] beat me too it…

And some replies to this post:

I have never heard of the STAAR being connected to a teachers pay…

I always heard they were bonused based on STAAR grades. But I don’t know if that is true.

it’s definitely connected to pay in districts that have TEI such as Dallas.

Some yes, and more coming up. My district is trying to get a grant for incentive pay and the main measure used to identify growth will be STAAR. Anywhere from $3000-$9000 more.

Here is a post that I found on Facebook:

My bio: 🙏🏼❤️
A NYC teacher, Glass became an activist when two of her four kids were kicked out of school due to the repeal of the religious exemption S2994, a bill sponsored by her NYS Senator. After learning NYC kids were receiving deadly HPV shots at school without parental knowledge or consent, Glass decided to challenge her senator, who was sponsoring bills to make this atrocity legal. Despite being an unknown, grassroots candidate, she scored 34% of the in-person vote in the June 2020 Democratic primary. His political vulnerability exposed, her opponent subsequently announced his retirement: her campaign ended the state-level career of the second most powerful politician in Albany. A founding member of Health Freedom for Humanity, Glass is also a political and educational consultant, and can be reached at

Here is a post from Alison:

Given the current economic construct, which seems more likely? States screen 1st graders. Those profiled by some corporate algorithm as being at risk of dyslexia are given: a) reduced class sizes, literacy specialists and print books or b) they’re put on apps and tracked as data?

And some replies to this post:

Obviously B…we know how large multinational corporations work for the most part, but I’m sure they’ll try to market it as A. Lol

100% I can guarantee they put these kids in front of screens and they spend more time assessing them with some questionable assessment than they do teaching reading. Literacy is a huge problem right now and not just for our little ones. It started with the phase out of many novels and move to excerpts with CC and has been amplified to the 1000th degree with BS online, “learning.” IMHO, if you want to talk about equity, you start with equal access to solid literacy programs and really good literature. In addition to having so many positive personal and professional benefits, it’s also a protective mechanism. One of the number one things I tell the students I teach who come here from abroad is not to sign a darn thing unless they truly understand it!

Both A & B, but there is also C, D, E, F, and all the way to Z. Depending on your performance, your behavior, your aptitude, your character, etc., you’ll have access to pathways. Engineering? Science? Programming? Military? Medical? Sanitation worker? All that is determined early and if you show signs, you can be sure the kid’s parents will be called to ask if they’d like to place the kids in special schools to “nurture” their abilities. Oh it’s been happening for decades. Only now it can be done via apps, and desktop applications. Earn those badges and trot along the AI-determined pathways.
Myers-Briggs personality assessment used to develop a profile of a person. What type are you? What type is your child? It’s HORRIBLE to do this to kids!

Alison, here is the latest. Every year we have to give the kids the state test (here in California, it’s the caaspp). This is the first year that kids have cameras on them during their testing. When they’re Zooming for class (“distance learning”), they get disconnected as soon as they log in to take the test, so suddenly there are now cameras on them when they’re testing too. These poor kids just can’t get away from them. 🙁

The kids don’t even like their cameras on during Zoom (class) time. It became such a widespread “problem” that administrators had to tell teachers to “force” students to have their cameras turned on. I refuse. It really is awful.

And another post from her:

Hey, I found the cost offset they’ll use to pay for dyslexia-related data-mining for “impact.” Boston Consulting Group – color me surprised (not).

And yet another post from her:

For later.

And some replies to this post:

About a year before C0vid I had built a small company around an invention of mine. I was learning all the language associated with start ups, investment, etc. and felt like a fish out of water. With a labor background at work it was a weird transition. Anyway the idea I had got a lot of attention at the time and I applied to be part of a prestigious start up accelerator here in Seattle. The application was a grueling two part assessment. The first was all puzzles on steroids. Picture 9 shapes in lines of three forming a square, with two more layers beneath them of the same. So 27 shapes in three layers, 8 of those groups in total. Next to it was a group of 4 stacks and you had to pick one of them that completed the first series bringing it to 9 stacks. The shapes were all like alien hieroglyphics, no simple circles or lines.
The next part was some kind of reverse engineered psychological assessment. Each question posed 5 statements and you were meant to choose which one was most like you, and which was least, only they were all shitty statements.
1) I’m never on time.
2) I don’t work well with others.
3) I resent my boss.
4) I steal stuff from the supplies cabinet.
5) I take micro naps at every opportunity.
You had to say which was most like you, 1, and down to line to least like you. 5.
Anyway, I completed it and was contacted early the next day congratulating me on making it into the program. The director attached a personal note letting me know I scored in the top 20 percent globally of all 38,000 applicants since the programs inception. Feeling a little up about me I accepted. As I attended the weekly events and learned more about the start up world, became a team captain and was doted on by the staff, I started having real concerns about the program and it’s whole push. When I told the director he said, “look [name redacted], we don’t care if your project makes money or not, we’re going to train you in the process of getting funding. With scores like yours we know we’re backing someone who can make us a lot of money. Just hang in there and in next season’s cohort, bring us a solution to the problems being addressed in the United Nations Sustainability Goals. I’ll send you a link to them. Look them over, see what they’re trying to solve and come up with innovative solutions and we’ll teach you how to leverage those into millions of dollars.
After reading all of them and being creeped out on a whole new level I quietly walked away from the program using the kind of care you would when existing a hell realm full of demonic slithery things crawling all over the floor.
True story, and now I carry on with my spiritual development and say things like, “if all the beauty in the world were mine to give, I’d give it all to you.”

yes i noticed more and more companies are doing this as part of the application process it is sickening and i felt physically exhausted and sick to my stomach after them

Building our “smart” prison and making millions doing it!

doesnt this almost remind you of Anita Hoge’s story on the EQA surveys the students were taking – there wasnt a right answer as they were trying to find out if they were submissive to authority etc.

just described the Thrively personality assessment program (for careers, cough cough) they have in my sons’ high school.

Thrively, is this as in the movie Thrive? put out by that Gamble family member?

IDK what that is. It’s a company that collects data on kids under the guise of telling them what career suits them best. It’s all these weird psychometric questions that stress the kids out bc they think it’s mandatory and they know it’s a personality test.

That’s an amazing story. I had an almost identical journey, and also walked away.
I’m glad to know you

there are other programs in the elementary schools that do this. I tried warning parents and teachers for years. Convince your kids to find alternative schooling or at the very least to keep their kids off of the computers. Children have a right to protect their digital footprint and the adults are clueless

…and this is why it’s mostly psychopaths at the top. I’m 40 years old, and my entire life has been a series of what feels like similar “tests”, beginning in grade 2 when I was one of 4 children in our large west-side Vancouver school placed in the very first pilot project in the district for “gifted” kids–which consisted of being pulled out of “regular programming” several times a week to be put through a constant stream of IQ-like tests, which I see now as a precursor of all the shit that’s happening right now. The sad thing is that I always saw myself as a failure for not having the follow-through to continue all of these inane gauntlets that could have propelled me to fortune (if not fame). I hated these mind- games so much, but didn’t recognize until recently that my resistance was actually an intuitive objection to the grotesquery of it all.

I would unschool. I pulled out one of my son’s and started out homeschooling but I would say I ended up unschooling and I believe that’s the best way to ignite a child’s curiosity and passion for learning. I have a teaching credential. Public schools are done. There might be pockets of genuine schools still left but anything in the big cities is gone; handed over to the private sector to direct.

They are using personality tests much like the Myers-Briggs personality assessments that are conducted by many institutions to determine your character potential type. It is determined by AI and can be used by AI to categorize you and from that point on, used to guide your pathway in life. In other words, a profile of you is created. I think it’s HORRIBLE that they are doing this to children. And they are!

And yet another post from her:

The natural rights of all beings are in the process of being usurped by automated smart contracts on blockchain tied to GPS coordinates. If you are into crypto, you need to understand where this road goes and it’s not liberation. This is from 2018.

Essentially it comes down to getting rid of smart tech – watches, phones, appliances, the rest of it. I’d start with the TV, of course, per my previous remark on another post…
And hopefully your car doesn’t have smart tech in it, either, there’s lots of fun a hacker can have with you in that case…

yes, I dumped my TV back in the early 90’s after I realized they were lying to the public shortly after I came back from the Gulf War. I’ve been without TV since. Also, I never go out with my phone. It stays home 24/7. Yes, Ditch the tech.

nice to know that I’m not the only one watching films/video/documentaries on my computer. Haven’t ever owned a TV. And I don’t watch TV either. 😊

yeah, TV is poison. Literally. Glad to know I’m not alone in this either. 🙂

it’s been 20 years since I lived in a household with TV. C-SPAN was my grandfather’s preference, but even that was filled with propaganda. Decided not to get any cable or TV of my own afterwards. Too pathetic and an insult to my intelligence. Besides, it’s less emotional strain so we can focus on thinking. And it really isn’t entertaining once you recognize some of the coded language they speak in anyhow.

We eliminated TV programming from our lives in 2008 & should have done so sooner.

we dumped tv ie cable, antenna etc. We have a tv but only to watch our documentaries, movies, shows that we like with no commercials from DVDs and VHS tapes.

I’m binge watching The Expanse. That and Jeopardy is about it for TV, lol

It’s not surprising to me as we are moving into a digital data age where the 15+ year old data systems used for public services will be over taken by this once private entities take control of those services. It isn’t going anywhere yet anyway.. so the question is how to make sure this tech is used for good and limit the impact of the bad.

People are so excited about crypto and their financial gains, and I get a terrible feeling from it every time I look into it. Something is very off for me there. Thanks so much for your posts!

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:


And another post from her:

Why is Carm Gumina of WEBSTER school district BULLYING teachers and lying to them saying they MUST disclose their vaccine status?

And yet another post from her:


Here is a post from the Rochester anti-Common Core group:

She is only allowed to go to school hybrid. She is behind significantly in ELA and math. Her teacher acknowledged that she really needs more classroom time. I asked if I could bring her in for help and was told no. I asked what options I had and was told I had to do more at home and in her virtual classroom (this is after we discussed how the virtual classroom is extremely challenging for her). I work full time outside of the home in healthcare and I am a single mom.
Yeah. She knows it’s difficult but there are no other options.
I can’t take this anymore. As far as I’m concerned, my only option is to no longer pay school taxes and use that money to hire a tutor or find a private school.

And another post from this group:

A friend of mine is a teacher and she sent this to me. And she has a child herself and said she wants to puke thinking about her child being in a mask all day. So just a heads up
From her:
I wonder if all these people fighting for kids to be in school 5 days a week understand that means children will have virtually NO mask breaks. I just have to complain, and I know how much you hate the masks so you’ll understand. It makes me sick to my stomach. People can fight all they want. Dept of Health will not reduce to 3 get AND no masks 😭

And some replies to this post:

Our kids get masks breaks??? Besides eating lunch they, my kids said they aren’t allowed a break

what? 😞. My kids can take them off when everyone is seated at their desks.

my daughter who attends a special education school almost got sent home today for not keeping her mask on. She told me she was in her desk space, seated, and 6 feet from others. 🤬

brockport stopped that a long time ago. Thats why I pulled my kids before Christmas. They only get to take them off at lunch and snack time.

My children are not in school because we saw this happening. So I cannot speak to how this is affecting the kids personally. I can say given everything I have ever read, heard, studied, or experienced with regards to children, childhood development, and human psychology: it’s not having a positive effect. I will go so far as to say it’s probably having a negative effect. Whether the kids say anything about it or not.

My daughter said they haven’t been getting mask breaks in the MS. I told her to take it off anyway, but she’s worried about getting detention.

yeah I couldn’t believe they threatened to call me to come get her. She literally did nothing wrong and is in a special needs school 🤬

They use the fact that they aren’t trouble makers to try and scare them into obedience. I told mine to be brave and take it off, if she gets detention I will call and handle it.

And yet another post from this group:

I doubt Fairport is the only school doing this, but Critical Race Theory seems to be on its way unless we do something. For 8th graders they plan to implement a book by Ibram Kendi. He is the biggest proponent of Critical Race Theory. If you are unaware, CRT teaches that all white people are inherently racist and that America’s entire structure is built on white supremacy.
Below is a snapshot form the curriculum they intend to adopt in Fairport, and likely all schools in the Rochester area. They intend to groom our children into feeling awful about being white. This is what is coming if we remain silent.



Here is the Common Core Diva Setting Brushfires interview for the week of March 17th:

The evil Illinois sex ed bill has advanced:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Another NWO shill here. Purple, the hexagon, the number 8.

And the post that she quoted:

Hear from keynote speaker Edward Snowden at our virtual summit on digital privacy. The conference will shine a light on the battle-lines drawn between freedom and security in our seemingly perpetual privacy crisis.

And some replies to this post:

I agree, So much of what he’s offered is useful, but I see that entire narrative as the ultimate intel psyop.
the trouble is mindboggling though because what’s at stake, and inherent through the Snowden – and Assange narrative given to the world – more than 10 years ago now, is the First and Fourth amendments.
(I Know that if one truly is perceived as a threat, no matter the innocence of that one, they will lose before Any court they are heard in, or such as in the case of David Koresh, and Martin Luther King for that matter, they will be silenced beforehand).

absolutely. No one rises to national prominence by accident or by truth. I checked on some of the partnerships, and they’re predictable: SEC and DOJ insiders; JPMorgan; Accenture; and misc investment bankers specializing in commodities futures markets.

I do think we can learn from the controlled opp. We just need to be careful not to rest comfortably with one narrative.

Snowden is?! 😬😳

When Holy weird makes the movie you can be sure he’s controlled.

i know. Sigh . What about laura poitras?

Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, definitely

He never got imprisoned like Assange.

free to spill any old information, somehow all his information is uncensored and he’s never been touched, yeah ok then lol, he is paid misinformation.

ha! Yup it’s SO obvious when you just look at the facts! The only people I trust these days are the scrappy researchers that stand to gain nothing but sleepless nights from looking into these things! 😄

I never trusted this guy. I think they needed us to know how much data they collect on us to normalize it before this latest takeover.

I uncovered the COMPASS database in 1999. It led me to Communitarianism. Never could understand why it didn’t lead Snowden or Assange there. It’s a clear path, well documented and Etzioni is well known in the intelligence community, as he may be the top Mossad agent in the USA, known only to the FBI as ‘Mega.’

It’s mostly wiped from the internet now but this doc refers to it: by SV Hart — A key component of COMPASS is a research partner (or consortium of partners). … Acquiring and implementing an appropriate hardware/software system solution …

thank you for the file! Just skimming it and damn it they love their twisted acronyms, don’t they?! JABS, CAPS, EPIC, RAID, WIN.
Love the “safeguards” they have in place here…
“Privacy Risk: Misuse by individuals with authorized access
Mitigation: Every query requires entry by a user of a “Reason Code” signifying the case number. Queries are audited and pertinent information about the query, including the reason code and the query parameters is
saved in the audit log.”

btw, I ran across this lovely little communitarian roadmap. Almost makes me wonder if Klaus and the boys are just scare-front so that we’ll beg for this softer, less-corporatish communitarian plan.

Yes Ubuntu is making headway in many circles. It’s the final perfect synthesis so yes, everything out there right now is a stepping stone, like technocracy I believe is one of the “conflicts” to be resolved in the third way radical muddle.

ugghhh! of course it is!! Uggghh! Today the face-palming has been non-stop. And you know, I bet this has something to do with the Harry/Meghan hype too. Gonna post some TIME pro paga nda that will show how that works.

a few months ago I came across SERCO, the world’s largest corporation that nobody has ever heard of….I think I read into it then, that Harry coming to the USA is relevant… to this corporation…

Here is a post from Alison:

Read this short story, “A Learning day 2037,” prepared by the American Association of Museums futurist office in 2012.

Here is a post from a Facebook group that I’m in:

Advice needed. Please let me know if this isn’t the group to ask. I thought of this group immediately when my friend sent me this.

This is an assignment given to her 9th grader for English. In Arizona. Interesting topic, given the vast topics available. On one hand, she could have her daughter complete the assignment, which would be from a conservative viewpoint and sighting conservative sources. On the other, this topic is very polarizing and makes her uncomfortable putting her child out there to write about such a controversial topic in 9th grade. Her child does not want a failing grade! How would you proceed? I can’t believe this is a topic in 9th grade! I would hope the teacher grades her paper based on her writing and usage of sources…..and not her opinion/beliefs but you never know!

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Stanley Kurtz details how those in the Woke Civics crowd are using federal legislation to turn the NAEP tests into handcuffs that will impose woke civics on the states.

And another post from this group:

According to parents, this UN video has been shown in more than one history class at Skyridge High School in Lehi.

“I emailed her history teacher who showed the film stating that I opted my child out of subversive content like this. I offered to forward the opt out letter sent in to the school. He hasn’t replied. I don’t think he was pushing anything…I believe he was probably asked to show this video by the school or district but I’m not 100% sure. My child’s friend was also shown the video in a different history class by a different teacher.”

And yet another post from this group:

Well, at least everyone has their own identitarian cubby hole.
“American Indian Student Profile
Asian Students Profile
Black Students Profile
Hispanic Students Profile
Multi-racial Students Profile
Pacific Islander Students Profile
White Students Profile
Bisexual Student Profile Report
Gay or Lesbian Student Profile Report
Heterosexual Student Profile Report
Not Sure or Other Orientation Student Profile Report
Female (Woman-Girl) Student Profile Report
Male (Man-Boy) Student Profile Report
Transgender Student Profile Report
Other Gendered Student Profile Report”
They forgot one-eyed vertically-challenged gender-expansive obese paraplegic pansexual person of color, but we can’t all be perfect.

And yet another post from this group:

From a parent in Tooele District:
“I personally and publicly want to THANK YOU for the heads up on the Sharp survey! Tooele school district gave the survey with zero parental notification. One student was told it would “help” others and the school. Another student had been advised about the possibility that it might be coming. Upon presentation of the survey, the student didn’t answer any questions and notified parents. Parents that talked to school administrators about no parental notice or consent given… and… crickets!! Thank you for keeping us all informed!”
Update from another parent:
The district will say that they did get permission, all the way back in registration. In the computerized forms (that seem to multiply every year, but especially this year, it seemed.) I always decline my kids’ participation in any data-gathering survey, but ESPECIALLY this terrible survey! The interesting thing about declining to consent to this SHARP survey, in Tooele School District, this year, was this: the computer kept coming back to that screen after every following form, as if it is REQUIRED to consent to it. That gives everybody the impression that they MUST consent or they can’t get done with the paperwork and get their kids set for school. Misleading!
Utah law requires parental consent before given before “any survey” is given.

And some replies to this post:

I also thank you. I asked my son about it and he said it was only being given to the seniors in his school so I was able to tell him to refuse and let me know asap if they try to give it to him.

What ages did they give it to in tooele

Every two years: 6th graders take it, 8th graders, 10th graders, 12th graders

My son was given this survey and he’s a 8th grader!

Without my consent and this is in the box elder school district

How can I find out if our school district gave the survey? Should I call the school and ask?

they did it yesterday they told my son the school gets money for everyone that is done

I just asked my son about it and they did it at Tooele Jr. High. I never heard anything about it until I asked..

The district will say that they did get permission, all the way back in registration. In the computerized forms (that seem to multiply every year, but especially this year, it seemed.) I always decline my kids’ participation in any data-gathering survey, but ESPECIALLY this terrible survey! The interesting thing about declining to consent to this SHARP survey, in Tooele School District, this year, was this: the computer kept coming back to that screen after every following form, as if it is REQUIRED to consent to it. That gives everybody the impression that they MUST consent or they can’t get done with the paperwork and get their kids set for school. Misleading!

It was given to the kids at Clarke N. Johnsen Jr. High. I had opted my daughter out of it, and she was instead sent to the counselor’s office. They wanted to talk to her about “how things were going” in her classes.


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