Agenda 21 and the Green Meanies

Though I already have posted a ton of information on Agenda 21 and the green agenda (I’ve mixed it deliberately with the anti-Common Core posts (the Public Schools or Public Screwels) so that people could see the intersecting agendas in one place. However, having posted a lot in them, I finally decided to do my own separate sections for them to keep the education blogs from being too cluttered.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

✌️✌️ victory for the green environmental movement – I recall a few years ago those so called wind turbines were burning because lack of oiling
Some European countries realized that having one predominant supplier of gas (or any other commodity) is not a sustainable energy policy, especially in light of the green policies that have led to pledges for phasing out coal in a few years.
“We will change course in order to eliminate our dependence on imports from individual energy suppliers,” Chancellor Scholz said on Sunday at Parliament, which had convened to discuss the war in Ukraine.
[ oops but natural gas is a no-no, have they forgotten natural gas is not environmental friendly says the U.N.]
Germany will build two LNG import facilities, at Brunsbuettel and Wilhelmshaven, the chancellor said. Apart from two LNG terminals, Germany plans to boost the volumes of its natural gas storage and will purchase more gas on the global market in consultation with the EU, Chancellor Scholz said. Coal reserves will also be boosted, he added.

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

You are silly if you see Ukraine war is about “democracy.” This is an energy war. This war in the west is about destroying hydrocarbons and promoting the UN green agendas.

Understand ?

Comprende ?



And some replies to this post:

Remember after 9-11 another globalist prez who won a disputed election told us they attacked us because “they hate freedom”
In essence—“democracy”
When politicians start blathering about “democracy” you are about to lose liberty.
After 9-11 we ceded liberties and overwhelming domestic surveillance authority to this elite. We lost hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions and ruined untold thousands of lives. We trusted them with our treasure, our liberty, our sons and daughters.
Our reward ? Two endless wars with only loss of American prestige, freedoms,prosperity etc… and the same people are still in power. We gained nothing.
Now we are told again this new war—compared to Hitler in WWII—threatens our “democracy.” And the media carries their water.
NOTE: The man occupying the WH now was on the Senate Intel committee before and on 9-11.
Get it ?

someone who actually ‘gets it’. Thank you.

I’m an Iraq war veteran. Proud of that service. I wrote books about terrorism, the border, the drug trade and Lebanon. I’ve been around ! I’ve helped the FBI. I love America’s founding. But the globalist elitists who have overtaken the government and media must be heaved out ! I have the natural right and the earned right to heavily criticize them and to point out their perfidy ! I support the Ukrainian right of self defense. Putin is a tyrant. But I do not trust this bunch to deploy our troops and their claims that this is about democracy is sheer buncombe ( to quote Mencken)!!!

Putin is a puppet for the Agenda 2030 long time planners and their tentacle think tanks. Groomed and put in the position that he holds to do the bidding from their masters that install them ALL. Revised history is all most are taught. They know NOTHING. These Grand Chessboard moves are planned and orchestrated on the much deeper Geopolitical theater. The installed Ukraine president is a useful puppet. The mercenaries there that are supported by NATO for this part of the scenario have been terrorizing the poor population for years now. No one gives a damn about the people of Gaza, Yemen, S Africa etc, etc, etc….Why would that be? Because that would not be advantageous to the Clover Leaf Map that is being set as the New Order Empire.

here is an interesting book. A British guy in the 1970s wrote it. Strange alliances indeed !


Germany’s ‘choice’ in this latest staging was a big instigated win for their BIR initiative and the Clover Leaf Empire plan. Yes, Antony Sutton is a very good resource.

you might like this one I wrote on the border. Especially how the global elites (Bush-Clinton-Salinas) sold NAFTA on falsehoods. I had no “agenda”. When I started the project I was pro-NAFTA. But then I learned many things.

Here is an article that I found on Blacklisted News:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Note that this is a pro-Smart Cities site, so you’ll need to translate the buzzwords into meaningful language in order to grasp the significance of this “transformation.”
Be sure to click through the various links, all part of the “sustainable” agenda – i.e. you’ll own nothing and have no privacy.
See, e.g., the section on “Micromobility,” which tells us that we are going to see “dramatic changes” to our transportation options in the next decade. What that means is that no one will be able to afford a car and any travel beyond one’s walkable, livable zone will be limited to individuals who are granted “access” by virtue of being a good global citizen. So micromobility is a means of geo-fencing, or limiting our our mobility to a micro area.
“The 2021 infrastructure law is the first to authorize shared micromobility infrastructure—which can include vehicles, docking stations, protected lanes for bikes and scooters, or apps and websites for public access to shared networks—and operations funding. The most notable change comes from expanding the eligibility within the existing Transportation Alternatives Program, which “sets aside” 10 percent of each state’s Surface Transportation Block Grant Program—a state’s second biggest pot of federal funds—for transportation alternatives. Since 2015 this program has included projects to make walking or biking safer and more convenient; now, shared micromobility is an eligible project type.
This is a small but notable step to recognize the dramatic changes in our mobility landscape over the last decade, but whether or not any of this funding encourages greater shared micromobility will be left up to the states and metro areas who decide how to spend these funds.”


R.I.P., Land of the Free…

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Just in case you are not aware ConEdison and Walmart are members of Jeffrey Sachs’ Earth Institute
Con Edison, Nestlé and Walmart Join the Earth Institute Corporate Circle Following the launch of the Corporate Circle in October 2009, we are thrilled to welcome Con Edison, Nestlé and Walmart as new Sustaining Members with their $25,000 gifts to the institute.

New Yorkers Lash Out At ConEdison Over Soaring Electricity Bills

I posted this:

Considering how Biden kept going on and on about electric cars, electric cars, electric cars, it looks like he’s planning to do away with gas-powered cars in the near future.

I received the following replies:

I was thinking about this today it is probably going to get too expensive to own our vehicles people will slowly be forced to have cars pick them up and take them to their destinations

That’s the idea, unfortunately. It will be driverless EVs taking most ppl once a wk to ‘wraparound svcs,’ which will be an inexorable escalation of pseudoscientific psychiatric labels & drugs for social ctrl. Only ppl who perpetrate Holocaust II w/ unbridled alacrity will have good social credit scores which will buy them a whole host of privileges & entitlements.

Which is why the elites created Uber and Lyft and why Uber and Lyft are pushing the Agenda 21 crap.

if I remember correctly, the Absolute Zero document has a much swifter timeline. I think MSM is using the longer timeline so people ignore the news

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Francis EV charging. As in Kaiser Francis Oil. As in the billionnaire oilman and tech investor who is in an impact investing group with Michael Bloomberg and is funding the REAL TIME SURVEILLANCE PRE-CRIME INFRASTRUCTURE in Tulsa. See the towers?? See the human being lying on the ground because he has no home? But, yeah, remember to pray for Ukraine.


And some replies to this post:


That $6.4 billion would end up going to corrupt Ukrainians. Hunter Biden would probably end up with a nice piece of it.

I’ve never seen $6 billion as an “initial” response to homelessness, anywhere ever.

And inflation is roaring. We just printed trillions in order to wreck an economy.

eah, more drug and prostitute money for Hunter. And don’t forget the defense contractors.

Ah but I read on, “largely for MILITARY and humanitarian. Would love to see that breakout percentage.

and what percentage for “green energy” since that’s what this is really all about.

And Michael Bloomberg is hired at the Pentagon.

no surprise. Now practically the entire western world is supplying them with arms.

Please read and share widely. And also consider subscribing to my newsletter which is free. So you look up “succeed” in the dictionary and find a picture of Vice President Harris. You look up “villiage idiot” and find a picture of President Biden. It is pretty obvious that the Biden administration was “selected” in order to push a globalist agenda. It is also obvious that we must stop this globalist agenda in its tracks. Our very freedoms are at stake.
As the Wheels fall off the Plandemic Agenda the Globalists are now starting a War with Russia

This happened TODAY.

That reminds me of something.



Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

In addition to everything else going on food rationing is being talked about.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


Here is a post from another friend of mine:

What do you bet that one day these boxcars will be used to transport political dissidents to the “industrial park”?

And another post from her:

See the buzzwords? “Changemakers” and “sustainability” are two RED FLAGS that should not ever be ignored. The transformation of educational content and delivery is designed to engineer 21st-century Global Citizens who will own nothing, have no privacy, and won’t mind having a “verified resume” to prove their human capital score.
The Tulsa City Council and Tulsa Public Schools answer to the Foundations and to the industries included in our region’s economic/workforce development plan, all of which are in George Kaiser pocket. I doubt that our city councillors understand to what they are contributing. One councillor did not even know (or maybe she did?) that TULSA has a SMART CITY PLAN, filed with the US Dept of Transportation back in 2016. The people selected for these positions are carefully vetted for specific qualities: adaptability, flexibility, community spirit, leadership, vision – to name a few. What these words actually designate is, however, something closer to this: credulity, desire for approval, willingness to compromise, and intellectual superficiality. The result is that they genuinely think that they are doing good and helping others. They never question whether or not they have been given accurate or complete information.

And the post she quoted:

Councilor Decter Wright recently sat down with students at Grove Elementary school who are a part of the Changemakers program to discuss the importance of environmental sustainability! This after-school program focuses on youth leadership development and helps empower students to make meaningful change in their schools and communities.

And some replies to this post:

partnering with the gov’t of Canada:

I found that stuff sometime ago:

It’s in TPS as well. My students were in it last year. Sickening I 🤬🤡👿

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

This war in Ukraine has nothing to do with “democracy.” The democrat party doesn’t even promote it here. The war is about energy and distribution networks. Russia’s massive petroleum reserves are worthless without relevant markets and control over distribution. Putin is cold and ruthless but not stupid abd insane. Russia’s policies in Syria, Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine are about energy.
The democrat party no longer believes in pursuing American interests that are not aligned to their global “green” agenda. However, they will facilitate the ever present war profiteers who will “build back better” Ukraine. Obama—who is controlling Biden-is not pro American. But he has large support across the nation. One would think the economic pain and parent global humiliations, failures and lossses would eventually penetrate the thick skulls of the academy, think tanks, bureaucracy, entertainment and commercial classes and illuminate all its follies. So far—no.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

While the Russia/Ukraine issue lives on, let’s reflect on the absolute zero initiative. This is about shutting down, getting rid of certain systems, and redefining our entire way of life and world. Many supply chains are refusing to ship or trade with Russia. This will have a bigger impact than you think.

The effects on Ukraine’s trade is already starting to happen. Since they are most likely cutting ties with Russia, it seems likely they will continue shifting towards the European Union and its Western allies.. So basically, whoever is supporting Ukraine today, will soon be it’s new top traders.

Just found that to be interesting.

Who is benefitting from the food chain being dismantled and threatened? We know the Rockerfellers and the UN and the banks want to remodel and destroy the current system, to build their new one. I’m gonna go off on a limb here, and say maybe it’s not *all* about Ukraine/Russia and it’s more about reconstructing *certain* systems or *eliminating* systems to achieve their goal. They really needed an excuse to cut off the gas, in order to reduce the carbon emissions. Didn’t they?

You can’t just shut off a ton of supplies and shipping containers, metals, FOOD, etc. And expect to survive just fine. There will be a butterfly effect. If I’m using that correctly, not sure. Ripple effect? Domino effect? Whatever. You get the point.

Everyday people all over the world will be the ones to actually suffer and feel the effects of this. Like I said before, look at those who will benefit from this.

Nitrogen fertilizer prices are jumping, and in some places not even available. How many farmers depend on that? A LOT. A Seattle based logistics giant called Expeditors International of Washington said they had to shut down their systems due to multiple cyber attacks. Now the company said they have “limited ability” to conduct operations including arranging freight shipments and managing customs/ distribution activities. So ports are closing, shipping is getting hit by cyber attacks, what else? Well India was also hit by cyber attacks as well. All of these things are huge issues and they’re all interlinked. Everything is grinding to a halt. Oh, and btw what a great time for the trucker protest to happen. Smh 😮‍💨

And of course, we know they already have a solution planned for all of this. They knew they had to destroy the current system to introduce the new ones. Before you know it, schools will be the hubs for food and basic services. Watch.

So let’s take a look at what “absolute zero” or “net zero” or “zero carbon initiative” really is. And how much do you think they are accomplishing, currently? I mean, the gas prices are rising everyday. Would it be easier to just switch to electric vehicles? Maybe that’s part of their problem/reaction/solution thing.

By the way, at the U.S. Climate Summit in April 2021, Biden pressured countries to either speed up carbon neutral pledges, or commit to them in the first place.

It’s a follow-up to the Paris Agreement, which keeps signatories committed to reaching carbon neutrality in emissions in the second half of the 21st century. But 2050–2100 is a wide timeframe, and climate change is becoming both “increasingly present and more dire.”

Also, only five countries have net zero pledges set for after 2050, including Australia and Singapore, which haven’t set a firm target yet. Targeting 2060, in addition to Ukraine and Kazakhstan, is the world’s largest emitter, China. The country’s recent pledge is significant, since China accounts for an estimated 25% of global emissions.

**What Is Net-Zero?**

Net-zero is a scenario in which human-generated greenhouse gas emissions are reduced AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, with those that remain being balanced out by the REMOVAL of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere.

“The UK’s Climate Change Act contains two “escape” words: it discusses “net” emissions and targets on those that occur on our “territory.” However, in reality, apart from planting more trees, we don’t have any short-term options to remove emissions from the atmosphere, and even a massive expansion in forestry would have only a small effect compared to today’s emissions. Furthermore, shutting factories in the UK doesn’t make any change to global emissions, and may make them worse if we import goods from countries with less efficient processes.”

Let’s start right at the top with the road vehicles; it’s no surprise that they are calling for all vehicles to be electric. However, their view of electric vehicles doesn’t end with the power source: They note that currently, cars weigh 12 times as much as the passengers so that most of the energy is being used to move the vehicle, not the people in it. Given limitations on the electrical supply, this will be a serious problem with EVs.

“The transition to electric cars is already well underway, and with increasing demand, costs will presumably fall. We already have targets for phasing out non-electric vehicles, but by 2050 will have only 60% of the electricity required to power a fleet equivalent to that in use today. Therefore we will either use 40% fewer cars or they will be 60% the size.”

“Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is perfectly achievable if investment in fossil fuels is redirected to zero-carbon alternatives, according to speakers at the World Economic Forum’s Green Horizons Summit.”

A panel session on financing the energy transition heard that it would take about 1.5% of global GDP to deliver net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Here we go. If they are piloting this program, they already know they’re going to implement it. But we’re still paying for “the research.” You’ll travel nowhere and you’ll be happy.
On Digital ID for vehicles (1 minute ad):

⭕I posted about this in 2020:

How would you like to be charged for how many miles you drive each day? This is in the works. Agenda 21.

On Urban Transit Solutions:

If cars go, and we don’t like current transit options, how do we remain mobile?
This is exactly the question posed by new start-up SEM-B Mobility. Using a new class of software technology, a new network operating system and next generation information visualizer, the SEM-B Network will run based on fleets of semi-autonomous and safety-enhanced electrically-powered minibuses with ⚠riders sitting in separately-ventilated compartments to ensure traveler security.⚠ The service operates on a basis of first-to-last mile, door to door, on demand collective mobility network solution, with ride hailing app.

⭕Tulsa Smart City Plan:

Friendly reminder that Tulsa Oklahoma is becoming a Smart City.
Clearing the Path for Autonomous Vehicles
🚩Tulsa has a unique potential implement autonomous and connected vehicle technology.🚩
By leveraging the existing one-mile grid street network, and mapping an area of the city with LIDAR, the city could potentially create an “autonomous vehicle zone” of 10-20 square miles to allow trips within that district to be handled by autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicles (SAE Level 3).
This technology could also be integrated into Tulsa’s new Bus Rapid Transit system, currently in the design phase. At a minimum ⚠Mobileye technology could be deployed on the fleet, but
perhaps a 🚩SAE Level 2 or 3 autonomy🚩 could be built into the buses being delivered as part of the BRT system. Tulsa could be a showcase of this technology and prove the value of reducing the operating cost for transit by as much as 70% 🚩due to reduced labor costs.🚩–NpaYIjfaX3RWytD7K/view

Document can be found at the US Dept of Transportation website.

“Among the coalition’s findings: rural drivers could see lower costs from a shift to a road-charge fee, contrary to popular belief, and privacy concerns that have slowed adoption are assuaged by real-world experience.
MBUF programs are gaining attention as a way to shore up the struggling Highway Trust Fund, which is on track to become insolvent by 2027. The fund’s chief revenue source, the federal fuel tax, is increasingly unable to keep pace with infrastructure needs amid the growth of electric vehicles and more fuel-efficient cars.
To advance mileage-based user fee research, Congress included $50 million in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for the first-ever national pilot program.”

on a thread from last year:
I also think that autonomous cars will be as dangerous to our freedoms as taking away our guns. And THEY want to do both.
Talking ’bout controlling supply chains. Electric driverless cars will demand tracking your mileage (as gas taxes will no longer finance the roads). The 5G for driverless capability will drive up EMF radiation, the supply chains will change because electric cars are far simpler than gas engines. We will need charging infrastructure throughout the US. And the energy for the electricity will not come from windmills or solar. And the lithium, colbalt etc will require more slave labor. WHAT A JOKE.
All Those Electric Vehicles Pose a Problem for Building Roads
Gas taxes are the largest source of funding for highway construction and maintenance. As the Ford F-150 Lightning and other vehicles increasingly plug in, that revenue is shrinking. (05/28/2021)

And some replies to this post:

I should probably revisit that issue at some point. I recall, last I researched the issue, that the “plan” of the auto manufactures that at some point few will even own a car. In 2019 Congresswoman Dingell — I ran against her husband for Congress in 1996 — censored my moderation of a FB because I had concerns about EMF radiation and driverless cars. So there’s that too. LOL

It was passed in the infrastructure bill we have to put tracking devices in our car and pay a mileage tax. By 2026 they’re going to start building them into each car the rest of us have to have them installed.
They also get to know where we go

The pilot program OR a study that incurs a blue-ribbon committee that turns into a pilot program is always converted into legislation and implementation.

the Creek in Jenks was first cashless installed. Increased rate at the same time.

A lot of intrusive data collecting. Does the government have the rigjt to know where i go and what i do within the confines of non criminal behaviour.

So since electric cars with essentially no charging stations didn’t catch on, now they’re just going to charge per mile to limit movement. This has always been the motive, not the environment.

exactly. It’s a new technocratic order cloaked in the language of a new economic order cloaked in the language of an environmental order. It’s all about control.

What’s so scary to me is that I know I said this multiple times years ago to my father in law before he passed. I think I was tipped off when they kept skirting around the issue of the lack of charging stations and how the cars themselves were so limited in size, as if to control family size as well. I know many people with family sizes of more than 8 which is the max of a 3 row SUV. A 5 passenger sedan was as big as electric cars got at the time. Plus we had just purchased a hybrid sedan to save on gas since my husband used to drive a lot for his job. After the purchase we learned how horribly toxic the batteries are for the environment and how they use so many rare elements in their production and none of it is recyclable. The batteries in a hybrid vehicle are NOT good and for this reason we will never again buy a hybrid. But all the environazis say how great it is to get away from using so much gas but the trade off is these horrible batteries. Looks like they found a way to tank the oil companies all while consolidating and constraining the population, concealing for most people the install of 5G, getting everyone online, and cultivating a strong fear in people to convince them to give up liberties and killing small business. This virus has truly been a one stop shop. Last year’s deaths from flu are still twice the numbers of deaths from COVID and we know those numbers are inflated with untested diagnoses at the time of death and conflation with antibody tests.

i think you are right!! Just like the Gathering Place has a weight limit of 250lbs. They are controlling supply.

so sad….all that money and they couldn’t manage to build anything more robust than the Gorilla playset in my own back yard?

they built that park for the publicity and for the surveillance. I went once – and I won’t go back. It’s creepy and infantilizing.

Leslie Gamble who used to be Director of Comm at the Blood Institute and now is spokesperson for AAA is telling us today on Memorial Day that so many of our teens are dying in accidents. Fear mongering. She also has said that “American drivers are beginning to embrace self-driving vehicles, according to a study just released by AAA”.

Good catch!! I’m pretty sure OKC is rolling out smart roads under the safer cities program. Bloomberg.

The city also wants cameras. That’s why they had a segment last week or so for a few days on the news ch 9 about speeding and distracted drivers and how people were running red lights. btw – they are calling the teen accidents going up “100 Deadliest Days Begins For Teen Drivers” from this weekend until Labor Day. Blaming it on the pandemic and texting.

I got charged 100 more for my plates because I have a hybrid. I’m still buying same amount of gas as I was before with a gas vehicle. Not seeing any savings. Had it 1 1/2 months and ready to go back to all gas.

Here is a post from a friend of mine in Australia:

“Do NOT rebuild: shock advice to flood victims as they are told they must ‘face reality’ and leave their homes forever” (first pic)

  • Daily Mail Australia March 3rd 2022
    Aims: Carbon neutral, then Absolute Zero, all based on CliEmate change…
    “Rebuilding” doesn’t meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals targets. They’re going to “Build Back Better,” instead. Relocate rural dwellers to Smart Cities and GEOFENCE them via Digital Twinning / ID in the Metaverse. Nature will be off limits. Lockdowns are the way of the future. Training commenced two years ago.

LINK TO POST BY [name redacted]

“The National Recovery and Resilience Agency drives long-term preparedness and lasting recovery by working hand in hand with local communities so all Australians are better protected against disasters. “
I’d like to hear people’s personal views on how effective this resilience agency is… – you can look at what money has been handed out in your LGA, to whom, for what – has it made a difference? It is effective forward planning for resilience, or is it just some money after the fact? Is it effectively distributed”
Note there has been money for back up power in areas – you can check on the map – and yet telecomms seems to have been down in Lismore area

And the replies to this post:

Oh it’s effective alright! Just ask the public service, the non profits, NGO’s and corporations how effective it is. A permanently recovering (broken) and resilient community (slaves) sure makes for a good resource.

Part of the plan to populate mega cities and get people off their land. Stop them being self sufficient and in nature. Setting up community “smart” housing and areas for displaced people. Resilience and “recovery “ ugh

Agenda 2030 in full swing. They do something similar with all the fires in California every year. They have “fires” that melt stainless steel sinks and pulverize marble slabs.

Bad fires in Australia also every year now… same deal.

MORE from [name redacted’s]page. Are you following yet?
direct video👇
[name redacted]’s link👇

showed via satellite days before the floods that they were using geoengineering, he predicted the floods, warning people in Qld and NSW where it was going to flood to get out, BOM wasn’t giving any warnings, it was no accident they never warned people.

‘we can make smaller hailstones’…
Bigger too like cricket ball size hard as rock but they wouldn’t do that would they…

yes he’s right the whole area is up for rezoning, we know they dont want people in the bush away from the smart cities. The moment I saw the news in February 2020 showing a South Australian company was making drones to detect people with covid by infrared I knew it was to detect people in the bush, I knew they didn’t want people in out in country, keeping them in the cities

It has started here, nature off limits has already begun in Canada.

I saw they said that deer now catch covid, no doubt to deter hunting

here too in az
Trails previously open now closed off
No explanation given

here they do stuff like that too, and no parking signs where previously you could park to go hiking, other places they raise the price of parking.
If you want to go hike in nature you can pay for taxi or Uber, or walk 20km to get to the nature:)

I nearly threw up when someone sent me that in a message..their still drowning and their lining to buy their cheap houses..they want everyone to b in city regions..theyve let the dams go in qld,after engineering all of this..totally drowned 8nland Lismore..look at this 8nsurance companies knew!proof all planned


So let’s look at what’s happening here with these floods!

Have you wondering why GOVCo would use cloud seeding and Geoengineering to flood us out,and not send ADF and resources to help?

Have you heard of “The Great Reset”, WEF,the fourth industrial revolution, sustainable development and smart city’s or the catch phrase you will own nothing and be happy?

Look up WEF interactive maps.

Ok so the concept being pushed by the WEF involes the same agenda as being pushed by the UN requirements are no private property or bussiness owners.

The building of sustainable smart city’s

Universal income social credit system and digital currency and eliminate private transport.

Let’s get back to flood and also fires in rural areas.

The idea is to push people out of rural areas into smart city’s a contract to build has already been awarded to a company call Clara.

So back to the floods and fires the idea is to tie this onto the climate change narrative and tell people look what you have done to the environment living in the bush and driving cars you can’t rebuild there you will need to move into our new smart cities while we fly around in our jets.

People really join the dot before we lose everything.



Lismore was designated as a smart city in 2019. Also, it’s all part of this>>>



they were told that for the fires too. This isn’t suspicious hey!


and I have been wondering whether this shit would surface in time.

However, millions are being pumped into a pointless heavily engineered flood scheme here, swathes of locals objected to It, but were ignored. as it wont actually prevent what happened with storm desmond should similar storm happen again. It is the EAs last scheme, before they change tac to those global goals, which they have.

As I speak, they are cutting down mature trees, giving notice of this at 8.30 this morning, so we are unable to put a stop to it.


They’ve been burning people out of rural areas in the US for the last few years.



Here is a post from another friend of mine:


Here is a post from a friend of mine from Australia:

Dear Melburnians,
■ Remember the 5km LIMIT imposed during lockdowns?
■ Noticed the nonsensical 40 km speed limits on every arterial road?
■ Wonder why freeways aren’t free, or fast anymore, but cumbersome traps?
■ Flabbergasted by lack of parking, narrowed streets, removed motor lanes, cyclists who go faster, AND overtake from the left, AND blame YOU for recklessness?
Here’s your answer:
800 metre radius proposed for Melbourne’s 15 MINUTE Smart City.
Sounds good when they say you WON’T NEED to waste a whole lot of time commuting, but that’s the false advertising to get you to buy into the fantasy. The reality is that you’ll work and / or educate from home. You will also be offered:
■ a supermarket
■ a couple of cafes that sell roach burgers and soy liquid
■ a token post office so you can return and exchange online purchases
■ a smart park to catalogue your fitness
■ bicycles to share
■ other exciting COMMUNITY facilities such as super-surveillance tech to keep you safe from Jay walking, and a friendly neighbourhood robo-watch-dog
Carbon credit limits WON’T ALLOW you to be mobile.
It’s not all bad, according to World Economic Forum’s article, you’ll be able to venture past 800 metres (half a mile), once a month. (Hopefully, services like visits to a hospital, or other unavoidable trips, won’t eat into your transport rations.)
If you’ve been priced out of Melbourne’s CBD, and live in the deadville suburbs, the Metaverse will be your main source of stimulation. From the comfort of your subscription rental four walls, your avatar will be able to travel anywhere! Imagine the virtual fun you’ll have drinking a precision medicine concoction, tailored to fix your intestinal lining’s microbiome, wearing your Oculus goggles.
Cheers mate!
(It’s slightly better than Black Mirror’s, 15 Million Merits episode, but only by a smidgen.)


And some replies to this post:

toronto is ame. so riducolous. They put metallic stick near the road. and mini motor bikes driving between the, it looks ridiculous. and arrogant bike drivers who think that all road belong to them They shout at you if you do not see them so on..

this is not a bad fantasy . I could see that coming to Toronto. They have been working on this for years. And here I do not wanna even goto downtown .It is soo depressing to see weird looking people there now.They created those brainless people .

It’s already here in many U.S. cities as well city


They’ve already done much of this in Detroit and the WEFs new building just opened up downtown.



Here is a post from another friend of mine:

This country is one of largest food exporters on the planet just banned food exports.
New rules on agricultural exports introduced this week also prohibit the export of millet, buckwheat, sugar, live cattle, and meat and other “byproducts” from cattle.

And another post from her:

Remember that Blackrock and WEF set up their ESG/ social credit scoring [ Chinese style social credit score] system to punish firms that invest in American energy…….

People are being played and they don’t even know it


Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Yeah…here’s the bill…it’s all smoke and mirrors. The bill not only begins 45 days after it is passed and actually signed, all contracts will continue…NOTHING is stopping…because they are under contract agreement with OPEC Plus. This is just a way to rob and impoverish our way to being Agenda 2030 slaves…Russia is over months behind and under contract. Russia will continue right on….Russia and oil companies will make a hey day…on the premiums…it is actually empowering Russia and creating artificial shortages on the people. And, they are even talking rationing and gas vouchers.


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