Crimes of the Covestapo Part 2

Part 1 was getting a bit long so I made a Part 2.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Below is coming from a citizen of Malaysia ….Hi all 🧏🏻‍♀🧏🏻‍♀🧏🏻‍♀Firstly thank you for all your contribution to this chat.I’m from MALAYSIA and this is the situation.1- All news on vaccine hesitancy is suppressed. Anyone who publicly propagate abt ‘fake vaccine news’, (vaccine hesitancy) action will be taken by the authorities.2- Our government is saying, that if they don’t reach herd immunity of 80% of the population within a certain dateline, they will MANDATE the vaccine.( Meaning they will pass the bill to mandate the vaccine )This can happen as our country is now IS IN AN EMERGENCY STATE AND WITHOUT A PARLIAMENT, so basically anything can be done without a debate.3- If you register for the vaccine, you will need to sign an indemnity form, and the Malaysian goverment holds no liability should anything happen to you.4- How do we escape the deadly needle?5- Any lawyers here, that’s can protect our human rights?Thank you.🙏🏻


SHAME on Russia for starting to require some workers get vaccinated and requiring vaccination to enter some stores!


SHAME on Israel for reinstating mandatory indoor mask mandates!


Looks like California is about to roll out a vaccine passport:


While some areas were letting guys out of jail early if they got vaccinated, this guy had a covid vaccine as a condition of his probation:

Supposedly in the name of stopping the spread of covid misinformation, but really with the intention of spreading globalist tyranny, the People’s Republic of Chinada is limiting gatherings of people:


SHAME on Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf for vetoing a bill to stop vaccine passports!


New York trying to bribe prisoners to take the jab:


SHAME on Broadway and their JabCrow policies!


Sure, they say that’s what they’re being used for detecting covid

But it wonder if it REALLY has something to do with THIS:

SHAME on Abu Dhabi!


Now they are picking on the Navy:

SHAME on New South Wales and their QR code requirements!

Here are some posts on FB I found in reply to a Candace Owens post:

I’m in the process of leaving my job of almost 8 years because it was either get the shot or get out. It’s been a horrible experience.

I lost mine too. ‘Separated’ was the actual wording. Working on filing unemployment now. Maybe I’ll get something. 🤷‍♀️

we are in the same position. My husbands job forcing the shot. He had a nasty reaction to a vaccine as a child that even had his pediatrician panicked, they had to try to “undo it” by cutting it out if his arm. He still has an ugly scar from it. His job doesn’t care. He has til July 31st to get the shot or else be fired. There are no words to describe my fury. if he gets the shot and something happens to him, I will sue the living daylights out of his employer.

My husband will not have a job (in a nursing home) after Aug 31 if he doesn’t get the vaccine. A lawyer told me that because the home is an at will employer/not a union that they can legally fire him because as an employee he has to comply with their terms. So what legal recourse does he have to keep his job if he doesn’t get the vaccine?

that is what is happening here in Idaho. Both two major hospitals/healthcare here St. Luke’s and St. Alphonsus are making it mandatory that all employees are vaccinated or they can’t stay. My friend doesn’t want the vaccine and was told that because we are a “at will” state, they can do this. It seems so wrong, I think injection of a experimental drug should be a personal choice and not something they can force, but here we are.

I have worked for University of Pennsylvania for 21yrs..I will be terminated as of 9/1 for non-compliance due to not wanting the covid shot.

I work at a hospital and they announced yesterday that we have till end of August to get the jab, submit medical exemption or religious exemption letter. Lord help us all! I won’t be taking it. But makes me wonder if every employer will soon mandate this poison! 🤦🏻‍♀️

I was told today by my employer that because of my (strep throat) symptoms, and that I am unvaccinated, I MUST stay home 10 days, regardless of a negative Covid test, and I MUST use my pto, I cant just take the time off. Really frustrating.
Whats the point of a mandatory Covid test before returning to work, if it doesnt matter the result, or what Im actually sick with. Aside from that, its nobody’s damn business whether I am or am not vaccinated.

I had this same issue about a month ago at work. Except I didn’t have the strep throat symptoms, my five year old did. 🤦🏼‍♀️
We both tested negative for Covid as I have been required by the state to test twice weekly since this mess began.

I received an email from my company I have until august 30th to be fully vaccinated or I will be terminated after being the only one who stuck around when everyone i worked with quit bc they were being paid to stay at home during the shut dowb this is what I get handed to me

I am losing my job of 21 yrs because I will not get the covid shot..

Current nursing student and they are mandating it at our university. Possible medical exemption if approved by the university. You’d think they would want to support those of us going in to health care, not drive us away, the medical field is in desperate need of able bodies.

my daughter is in the same situation. I cannot believe what is going on anymore.

My daughter is in the same situation. The university isn’t requiring it, but the hospital where she will be doing clinicals does.

my hospital is giving me until Sept 30 to be fully vaccinated or I’m fired.

My hospital is giving us until Sept 21 or we are fired.

I’m an RN, there are many many of us speaking out and risking it all to do so and we need more people backing us up, especially those in the public eye. There are also many physicians speaking out. It doesn’t matter if the public doesn’t decide to stop talking and start DOING. What that means I’m not sure but we aren’t gonna get anywhere just talking on social media. Personally I think if more people stopped doing what they are told it would make the difference. Quit your job if they try to force it. Quit school. Refuse. Most people prefer to feel “safe” so they won’t.

The medical mafia, big pharma, hospital organizations, AMA, etc are soooo far out of hand. It doesn’t matter if we have Obamacare (mess) or any other – until the foundation of healthcare is fixed, it will fail.
As for this BS vaccine, these tactics are straight out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook. Appalling that our government is so controlled by and continues to control US by mind games and propaganda.
Such sad and disgusting times in which we live. I pray for good and faithful people to take this mess over.

over 100 hospital employees in Houston, TX., lost their jobs last week.

When I spoke with a Utah legislator he basically said they won’t mandate it, but they won’t get in the way of employers mandating it. Which means they are passing the tyranny to corporations and business owners. People are threatened to be fired all the time for not taking it. I have several CLOSE friends were threatened to be fired from careers that they have done for years and are valuable employees. They only had two choices, take it or be fired. I can’t believe it!!! It’s crimes against humanity, a infringement on basic human rights, and 100% wrong and evil. NO ONE should be making your medical decisions for you, no one!!! They are not educated in anything medical and are forcing people to make a life changing decision. It’s disgusting!!! Where there is a risk there should always be a choice.

Trinity Health in Michigan announced this week they are requiring staff to be vaccinated or they will be terminated. After all these people did to help during the crisis, how much they sacrificed, this is the thanks they get.

My son will be a senior at Cal Poly Pomona in CA. As for now it sounds like they are trying to force it. He doesn’t want to and is wondering if he won’t graduate if he holds firm to his choice. Hopefully Turning Point USA 🇺🇸 will help get this out there

My husband is losing his job because they mandated the vaccine. He has worked there 9 years and they told all employees get the jab or you will be terminated

I’m Queensland, Australia, nurses are being forced to take the vaccine or lose their jobs. Nursing students are being forced to take the vaccine or they don’t get their qualifications.

My employer has promised to fire those that don’t get vaccinated. There is no recourse. All of the other hospitals in the area are using the same tactics. Being employed less than 2 years I can be fired and cannot sue for wrongful termination.

People here in the UK who have chosen not to get the vaccine are now receiving telephone calls from the National Health Service asking what there Covid plans are 🤔. Very odd. People must be allowed to make their own decisions.

Mercy Hispital here in Springfield Missouri just sent out an email telling their employees the vaccine is mandatory. If you are not vaccinated by a particular (end of this month or next month) time you will be terminated.

A friend of my mom’s works for a major financial institution. She (my mom’s friend) is being forced to get the vaccine or lose her job. She lives in Texas where “vaccine passports” are illegal but since the corporate headquarters is in New York so they think they can do that. There is no reason why she should be forced to get the jab.

The college my son was supposed to attend in the fall, decided to require it. He won’t be attending. He has already had Covid ( no symptoms) and has antibodies, why should he have to take it?

My 17yo daughter works at a summer camp for kids. The management just told her that she must get the vax or she won’t get scheduled and won’t be able to work there anymore. She really loves the job. Is that even legal?

I already lost my job because I refuse to get vaccinated or wear a mask. Do you know any good lawyers or attorneys in upstate NY. Everyone I talked to has shut me down.

My daughter gave me a gift to Cancun I can’t fly if I don’t get the vaccine I don’t want it but the government has forced me to. I know I don’t have to go. what can I do have my daughter spend $$$$ on a no refund trip.

We on 24 hours lock down it will be lift on monday the 12 and my concern about this is that on monday alot of citizen will not have job because the companies they work for had said if they do not take the vaccine they no longer have job effect imidieatly this ppl have family mortgage bill how they going to survive is sad to see i my self dont no were i stand i don’t want to take it i don’t belive in this vaccine

My daughter’s University is forcing the vaccine and making it mandatory for ALL students. We have only 5 weeks before school starts and the ostracization will be horrendous.

The healthcare system I work for is requiring vaccines or you can be fired. It’s disgusting and wrong

My health system is requiring us to get this vaccine, what can we do??

I work in Memory Care. I was forced to get the 1st shot in order to keep my job. The next week, I was told that census is low and they had to let me go. 🤬
I REFUSE to get the 2nd shot!!! I will NOT be FORCED to put something in my body that I don’t want there. I don’t think that the masks are helping either. Being forced to do all of this is NOT right!

My husband contracts with different companies- and one of the companies just decided that you have to be vaccinated to work for them. Too bad for them, they just lost one of their best guys. We knew this would probably happen and we’ve prepared for it. But it’s still wrong.

My brother-in-law is in a forced situation due to working for the military

Neither myself nor my child are getting vaccinated for personal medical reasons but because of the “vaccine mandate” I lost my job, can’t get my unemployment approved, and I’m finding a really hard time finding a job now because I can’t even get a flu shot … Wearing a face shield is fine I’ll do that or a mask for a short period but I can’t wear it long because of my asthma and anxiety so I basically never leave my house unless I’m running in and out of a store and life just really sucks right now.

My husband received an email from the hospital he works stating get the jab by September 21st or your job will be terminated. This is not only affecting our home, but hundreds in our community. Please help!!

I had a phone interview yesterday and I was turned down because I have not been vaccinated! 😕

my wife works for a hospital, mercy one in mason city Iowa for the past 6 years.. she works in an office, does data entry.. They emailed employees yesterday that they have until sept 21st to get the vaccine otherwise they will be terminated..

Whole food employees who don’t have a vaccine havelock wear a mask even if your 8 months pregnant😡next you won’t have a job with no jab😡

I wish the NFL would understand this. You can’t even be on a camera crew if you don’t take the jab…

And now the military is planning to make it mandatory come September

I sure lost my job. 6 years at Belmont Village and they threw me to the waste side. Over a vaccine.. I realize though writing my own ticket is the best way.

I was let go from my position as a medical assistant in pediatrics for refusing to give the vaccine to patients.

My daughter was forced from her college. She has TWO classes left of grad school, and they threatened to unenroll her if she didn’t get vaccinated by 7/23/2021

My daughter is a Sophomore in College they’re forcing her to get it or she can’t go back . She’s 19 and scared it will make her infertile. I don’t know what to do .

Just put my notice in because my boss is getting so out of line about comments with me being unvaccinated

Mount Carmel Hospital System in Ohio are making all their employees to take the vaccine or be terminated by the end of the year.

My sons college is forcing him to or he isn’t allowed to go back to the college.

I’ve been called out in work meetings, forced to wear a mask since I’m the only one not vaccinated at my work, and missed out on cash bonuses for not getting it

I’m a nurse. Our hospital just notified staff it is now mandated or you’re terminated.

I lost my job back in May for not taking the vaccine… It’s insane.

We were told if we don’t get the vaccine by September 1st that it will be considered our resignation.

How can I avoid getting the vaccine and work in healthcare? Ct is mandating healthcare workers and I don’t want it. And my son is a senior in college and they are forcing it too

My job is mandating the vaccine in the fall. And paid the people who did $500

In canada (im military) I can’t visit my wife 3 provinces away because we aren’t vaccinated.

my niece work at a hospital in NY and there trying to make her get the vaccine and if she doesn’t she’ll lose her job of so many years. That’s so wrong I hope all these companies get sued.

Receptionist at a clinic. We received an email yesterday from the CEO of the hospital stating it’s required by Sept 1st, unless we can show a valid medical or religious exemption, otherwise we will be terminated. Honestly, I’m afraid they’re not going to accept the exemptions and terminate employment regardless. I guess we’ll see. Sucks because I’ve been there a little over two years and, for the first time in my life, I absolutely love my job and our patients. Makes me so angry and breaks my heart.

Yes NYP is doing this to us. In 2 weeks I will know if I still have a job. Put in religious exemption.

Yes my job is forcing Nov timeline also offering money and shopping spree … something is wrong here. Also is supposed to be a Christian facility… standing behind the Christian Name

My 16 year olds are forced to wear a mask at their grocery store job because they haven’t been jabbed. Makes me furious. They are ready to quit.

They haven’t made it mandatory but since I haven’t got it I’m now being forced to get tested weekly instead of bi weekly. Plus vaccinated don’t get tested at all anymore.

I work for one of the largest medical facilities in St. Louis. And we all have to get vaccinated by September 30. I am livid!

Airlines are making all new hires take the vaccine if not you won’t be hired

Connecticut schools kids and teachers either get vaccinated or mandatory masks !!

My new job says i can take my mask off when im vaccinated and have to bring in proof otherwise i have to have a mask on entirely until i do

I’ve been on my job 4 1/2 years, my boss basically said the same thing..Out of 35 people there’s only 3 of us that are saying NO!

My sister works for the state of TEXAS and was forced to get it in order to return to in person work. She didn’t want to…but what was she going to do?

Cruises are going to be the same way. You can cruise unvaccinated but you’ll be secluded to specific areas AND you’ll be paying more for your cruise ticket. It’s crazy!

My son’s college (SUNY ALBANY) just sent email stating he needs to get the vaccine to come back to school.

All SUNY colleges in NYS are mandating that students MUST have the vaccine or they will NOT be allowed to attend that college. I’ve spoken to higher up at a SUNY college and they’re pushing for this.

Local hospital is telling employees they have to get it by the end of September or lost your job!

My state is going to stop my daughter from attending college if she doesn’t get the vaccine by Aug 12th! 😡 As a single mother I’m furious that I cannot afford an attorney to stand up for her rights! 😡🤬

They literally separated us at my sons graduation. Separated entrances and everything

What about those of us in permanent disability for health issues and on Social Security? I’m worried they are going to force us to get it to receive benefits!

St. Peter’s hospital in Albany, NY just announced they are requiring an employee to get vaccinated now. Employees are freaking out who do not or who can’t get the vaccine

Lenoir Rhyne College in Hickory, NC is mandating everyone on campus to get the shot before school starts in August.

Because I work in health care im told i have to get the vaccine by august 30th or I am terminated

My moms work threatened her that if she didn’t get the vaccine she’d lose her job.

My friend just lost her job because she wouldn’t get the jab.

My daughter had to for Grad School or be tested every 7 days😡

My employer sent a memo out last week that states if you’re vaccinated, you don’t have to wear mask anymore. I still have to wear my mask, because I believe in my immune system and already had COVID. 🙄

My grand daughters job is forcing the jab on the employees

Here in Australia, it is now mandatory for frontline workers to get their vaccine! This happened a few days ago and people have lost their jobs over it! I work in retail and if this happens to me, I’m quitting!!

My daughter works at TJMaxx and they just gave them the ultimatum to show proof of vaccination or continue to mask during work hours. If you lie and they find out they were told they would be fired immediately.

My 22 yr old Granddaughter is told that she has to wear a mask if she doesn’t get the vaccine. Her face is breaking out and she gets headaches every day due to the mask

Grenell University is forcing students to get vax if they don’t or refuse they have them quarantine and not let them register until quarantine is done. They also threatened to test them everyday before their classes

I’m I’m nursing school and they are requiring us to get vaccinated for covid to go to clinicals. I have one semester left and now they are requiring this.

My son was forced to get the shot to apply for any city job

Our local hospital is demanding their employees get vaccinated by September 30 or they will be fired…hundreds of nurses and drs are ready to walk away.

My daughter’s college said she may have to get the vaccine in order to finish the medical career she is going into. What can she do ,she doesn’t want to take the vaccine as it is experimental?

My (former as of today) employer mandated the jab with the threat of termination of employment. Thank the good Lord I got a NEW job at a private Christian school! Candace, you are SPOT ON on everything you’ve said!!!

Publix is making my daughter wear a mask until she gets the vaccine and she already had Covid!

I work at a hospital and they are making different badge colors for vaccinated and unvaccinated employees. So when you are walking down the hall you know who has and has not been vaccinated by the color of their badge.

What about college students? Cal State schools are saying they need vaccines in order to attend classes in person! My daughter is in her last semester, senior year. 😡

My son may not be able to finish his Masters and further his career because he will not get the Covid vaccine

Healthcare workers and children have been dealing with this for many years. Holding their right to make a living and to an education hostage by the pharmaceutical industry.

And I lost my job doing hair in a retirement community because of it that’s OK I’m putting a station in my basement and I will never be locked out again

In Texas, the prison system is forcing the inmates to take it if they want a contact visit with their loved ones.

I am a nurse in NYC and my job is mandating me to get vaccinated by 8/1. I got covid april of 2020 with VERY mild symptoms and I still have antibodies more then a year later. I believe in natural immunity- this is just my opinion. My job says that that isn’t enough ….

My grdaughter is being forced by July 15 to get the vaccine. She works at a hospital and is in college to be a nurse. So she gets it or gets fired.

Trinity health is making us get the vaccine.or we will be terminated. I. Worked their for 37 years . No loyalty to their employees .

I am in nursing school and they have informed us that if we do not get the vaccine by September we will be dropped from the program

Massage envy requires masks for all employees until proof of full vaccination. I refuse to take the vaccine so I am forced to wear my mask while my co workers are mask free.

My son Is a firefighter and they told him that if he did not get the “v”, if he got the virus, he would not gett paid for sick leave and would not get medical coverage.

Here in the UK we’ve now been told there’ll be a vaccine passport. Any entertainment event you will have to show a two jab passport or a negative test, or no entry!

In Australia PM now talking about giving supermarket vouchers if you get vaccine

my grandson’s small Christian college is requiring it. He’s refused to take it and will not go back on campus, but will continue completely online.

Here in Ireland they want to stop people that are not vaccinated to go into stores. It’s absolutely discriminatory and apartheid! These governments can F off with their strategy of control

I work for the government (dod) department of the Navy and now they are trying to say that you cannot travel TDY if you haven’t been vaccinated.

Literally just spoke with my sister who called me to say she’d heard an advert on the major Polish radio station telling people they’d win awards if they got vaccinated🙄

My job is mandating it and if you get a religious or medical exemption (which is hard to get ) you must wear an identifier on your badge that you’re NOT vaccinated. Im a nurse and had covid.


SHAME on the government of France for their vaccine passports and plans to mandate vaccination for healthcare workers!


Quebec now talking about instituting vaccine passports:


SHAME on the governments of Greece and Italy for joining France in mandating the covid jab for healthcare workers!


Looks like Benito Biden is now working with SMS carriers to dispel “vaccine misinformation”:


Here is a post from an Australia group:

At Costco Northlakes Qld they won’t let you in unless you show them your phone so that they can see that you have checked in with the app.


And another post from this group:

Meanwhile in Rockhampton now – you cannot shop for groceries at Woolies or Coles, without signing in first!They have a staff member at the door ensuring you sign in or scan in BEFORE entry — oh heck no!!!


SHAME on the UK government for joining France, Italy, and Greece in mandating the jab for healthcare workers!


According to this article, Quebec is now requiring that some healthcare workers show their employers proof of vaccination:


SHAME on St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital for threatening to fire unvaccinated staffers!


SHAME on Seneca College in Toronto for mandating the jab for all staff and students!


SHAME on LA County for instituting indoor mask mandates!


But he’s working with the Rockefellers and Big Tech to make sure that they can stop “medical misinformation”:


SHAME on UMass Memorial Health Center for requiring a covid vaccine to get a kidney transplant!


SHAME on New Zealand for mandating the covid jab for frontline border workers and firing those that won’t go along!


SHAME on the government of Victoria for going back into lockdown!


Greece has barred the unvaccinated from indoor restaurants, bars, cafes, and movie theaters:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

CA UC’s released their updated guidance on mandatory v’s. A few things to understand. This is NOT a one time mandate. It is PERMANENT. Boosters will be required indefinitely. Everyone who thinks this is okay, who believes the only way out of this is 100% v’s, please, please think carefully. If a public institution is allowed to mandate a new, non FDA approved v with zero long term safety studies for students who aren’t at risk, we are actually saying, yes, all persons must first prove they are healthy to have access to public institutions. Yes, higher learning is only open to people who adhere to whatever health standards the state, the nation, the world deems necessary. Yes, we defer our well-being to the expert class, whose competing interests reach far and wide. Exemptions will be hard to come by and those who do get them, will be treated as threats to campus safety. A good friend’s son just got a medical exemption for LMU (a private school in LA) and shortly after he was denied housing with his roommate from last year. Instead, he was placed in a new dorm with others who opted not to comply. Student MUST show proof of vaccination, which will be easy because the v. verification systems have been built and are ready to roll out. It’s as simple as downloading CA’s SMART Health QR code into a digital wallet. The UC’s have the trusted verifier. I’ve been researching the v passes for months. It’s a system created by the most powerful corporations, governments, philanthropies, and research institutions on the planet. Warp Speed wasn’t an isolated goal to end the pandemic. The idea of accelerated solutions to solve global problems is an intentional consolidation of power and the formation of Global Trust Networks, which will govern our health, finances, media sources, social spaces etc.Placed in a historical context, the UC mandate should have resulted in massive protests. The acquiescence, the silence is heartbreaking. Many who don’t want the v are rolling up their sleeves because they have been propagandize by weaponized narratives. Don’t be afraid to speak out. We’re not alone. We’re in some deep shit here. “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.” Orwell


The UK is talking about instituting covid passes now:


SHAME on Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Vatican City for mandating the jab for their people!


SHAME on the cowardly U.S. District Court Judge Damon Leichty!

The Illinois Board of Higher Education is encouraging institutions of higher education within the state to mandate the covid jab:


SHAME on the despicable thugs running Brigham Young University–Hawaii for denying a student with Guillain-Barre syndrome  entry and taking away $200,000 in scholarships for not taking the jab!


Italy is now implementing vaccine passports:


Now the tyrannical government officials in St. Louis and St. Louis County are reinstating mask mandates:


Here is a post that I found on Shannon Joy’s wall:

 my son was given the choice of either getting the jab or else be subjected to weekly Covid testing, having to continue wearing a mask at all times in public , and not being allowed to eat in the cafeteria or visit anybody in another dorm. He has 1 semester left but he decided to get the vaccine. Praying he doesn’t have any issues with it. It’s disgusting what they are doing to these college kids.


Here is a tweet that I found online:

A terrible day for thousands of families. In a letter to @SteveScalise, @TheJusticeDept wrote that they were dropping the nursing home investigations in all states including New York. There will be no justice for our loved ones, and it feels like we’ve lost them all over again.


SHAME on the Steelers and Buccaneers!


Here is a post that I found on the wall of Michoel Green:

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett issued the following statement to the media this evening:” Good evening. I have chosen to speak with you this evening because we are at a decisive moment that will determine how our country will look in the coming period. It is in our hands to choose whether to act responsibly and have an open and free country, or to stick our head in the sand and – heaven forbid – bring about endless lockdowns, again. Our goal is clear: To safeguard health and daily routine, to maintain the Israeli economy, properly open the school year and safeguard public health. It is possible. The first waves of the coronavirus cost us 6,430 dead, approximately 200 days of lockdown, the loss of a school year and severe economic harm. The world is currently in the eye of the storm of the Delta pandemic and the entire world is turning red. Even the Olympics, for the first time in history, are being held without spectators. The easiest thing for me would be to close down the country; however, our compass is different at the moment: We want to have an open and safe country. We are conducting this campaign responsibly, with consideration and on the basis of facts and data. First, what is the difference between the coronavirus pandemic and the Delta pandemic? Delta patients carry, in their bodies, 1,000 times the viral load and Delta multiplies and spreads much quicker than the original coronavirus. If it was possible to block the original coronavirus with vaccines alone, in the Delta wave, the government has built a plan with three layers of protection: The vaccines layer, the layer of protecting the older population and the layer of masks. First, the vaccines layer. Our challenge is clear: That all Israelis who can get vaccinated – will go to get vaccinated. Every citizen aged 12 and older who has no health impediment to getting vaccinated –Go get vaccinated. Go get vaccinated. I want to insist on one point: There are many countries in which there are not enough vaccines for the population and the public is crying out. Here, the Government of Israel has invested billions so that vaccines will be available everywhere in the country. And yet there are still one million Israelis who simply refuse to get vaccinated. Even for young people over age 12, we have seen to a continuity of the necessary stocks of vaccines; however, there are still over 600,000 young people up to age 30 who have yet to get vaccinated. I respect different views but there is a time and a place in which this discussion needs to stop – and it is our very lives. The science is unequivocal: The vaccines work. They are effective and safe, almost completely for young people. For the older population, they are effective but not enough. Over one billion people around the world have already been vaccinated. Dear citizens, those who refuse vaccines are endangering their health, those around them and the freedom of every Israeli citizen. They are endangering our freedom to work, the freedom of our children to learn and the freedom to hold celebrations with the family. Those who refuse vaccines hurt us all because if all of us were vaccinated, we would all be able to maintain daily life. But if one million Israelis continue to not get vaccinated, this will oblige the eight million others to shut themselves in their homes. Therefore, the Corona Cabinet decided today that as of 8 August, those who refuse vaccines will not be able to go to the cinema, the theater, the synagogue, the amusement park, the soccer game or any activity with over 100 people, indoors or out, unless they bring negative results from a coronavirus test, at their expense. Yes, they will fully bear the costs of the test. There is no reason why the taxpayers and people who have carried out their civic duty and have been vaccinated should finance tests for those who refuse to get vaccinated. Regarding flights, people who have been vaccinated will be able to fly to the “clean” countries and return; after they receive negative test results in Israel, they will be exempt from quarantine. But on the other hand, those who refuse to get vaccinated will enter quarantine for a week, no matter what country they will have returned from. These actions will help us block the morbidity. From here, I appeal to everyone who knows someone who refuses to get vaccinated: Persuade them. Explain to them that they will not hurt others. Persuade and explain – do not give up. The second layer is protecting the elderly and the vulnerable in Israel. The State of Israel is currently providing the strongest protection in the world to approximately 120,000 elderly in geriatric hospitals and retirement homes. Every Israeli citizen should be proud of this exemplary action that is upholding Psalm 79:1, ‘Do not cast me off in time of old age’. Regarding the remaining elderly, who can look after themselves, they are responsible for being doubly cautious in watching themselves. Meet with the grandchildren, but outside in the open air, with masks. Just as you remember, we all look after grandmother and grandfather. The third layer, the layer of masks, depends only on you, on us. Masks have been proven scientifically effective especially in protecting yourselves and those around you. When two people wear masks, with all of the viral load that we mentioned, the likelihood goes down by 98%.Therefore, every citizen must wear a mask in closed spaces. This is not a recommendation, this is a legal requirement. My friends, in conclusion, if we get vaccinated, mind the older population and wear masks, we will overcome the Delta strain. The coming year will be one of an economic jump forward, a year of rebuilding and of exiting the crisis. It will simply be a good year. Thank you very much.”


Manitoba is instituting Jab Crow policies against the unvaccinated:


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