Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 40

This is Part 40.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Nightmare…just picked up summer reading from my sons school…knowing what I know now…I am furious! All propaganda, US created false wars around the world and made Refugees!

And some replies to this post:

In my personal experiences, private schools have caved to the agenda as well. , plus “homeschool” programs. I’ve tried both. Its infested everything. A lot of those “refugee” books have sexually explicit scenes all thru out. That is what opened my eyes 3 years ago…. 8th gr summer reading— my son learned what anal rape with a coke bottle was. I’ve been on the warpath since. (And this is an exclusive private school w an avg class size of 10)–good ole small town America…

our children’s innocence is gone!

Yes, it is. And, the Board of Directors at this small school all supposedly lean conservative and attend local church services. Problem is, they don’t have a clue the evil woven into these curriculums they’ve approved. They have bought the party line hook, line and sinker. Any attempts at educating them on the reality and true agenda are met with “that lady is crazy. Conspiracy anti-vaxxer”— exactly how the people running this operation want them to react.

challenge them directly read read the book. Each person!

I did… They said they would moniter that history class more closely…. Eventually, the principal contacted G-oogle, and somehow had my emails to the school blocked. Its all about ‘who you are and who you know”… Bc the next year, the teacher was fired bc a parent w clout didn’t like the teacher sending her own children to school dressed as their “gender ” of choice.. No other parent saw anything wrong, and if they did– the fear of losing social status keeps then quiet.

In my experience, people, esp those with post-graduate degrees and highly successful, do not appreciate parents pointing out areas where they may have either dropped the ball or didn’t do proper research themselves. They become very defensive and will go on the attack instead of looking inward and admitting they are mistaken. After all, they are on the Board or they have been in the field of education for 2 decades…how could a parent with no experience in the possibly know something we don’t know?? My husband and I decided to keep our sons out of public ed so we’ve made tremendous sacrifices for 14 years for this “private ” school. Things were fine until they too caved to CC 3 years ago so now I’m simply paying big bucks for a common core curriculum in a country club setting. They have no clue what the agenda is. Sorry for rant… Absolutely no one around me has a clue what I’m talking about re these issues so I tend to ramble when given the chance.

Same battle with vaccines, got kicked out of so many doctors offices for refusing. Please soon wake the world up & tell the world the truth!

I had never been on social media until last month, but when current events really brought out the obvious lack of common sense and willingness of Americans to believe whatever they’re spoon fed, I had to see if there were like minded people somewhere in this upside down country we’re living in. Praise God there is a remnant! ✔!

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva in this group:

Recent DC educratic moves conducted while all eyes on Covid-19, have upped the workforce prep ante. From one unconstitutional agency to another, the goal is 100% conformity to the SDGs.

And a reply to this post:

The email I received from the local board of education flaunting their SJW opinions re “current events” even identified themselves as “CHANGE AGENTS”.. These local school boards honestly have no idea how they’re being used as pawns for tyranny. For the life of me, I will never understand the cognitive dissonance in ‘highly educated’ people agreeing to hand over Americas children to ngo’s and the fed govt. They simply do not see the true agenda.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

What started as the “Electronic Monitoring Indigency Fund” or “DUI Monitoring Fund” has been transformed into a Kafkaesque highway surveillance program

And another post from her:

Fastest-Rising Food Prices in Decades Drive Consumers to Hunt for Value

And yet another post from her:

There are things I want to go back over with all of you – One thing I want to say I appreciate and love all of you as brothers and sisters in Christ. I realize at times I have not been charming in some of my expression when I have posted but the reason and my intentions was for all of you to take what is being told to heart . History does play a huge part in what is happening in our country . From the time FDR was president and his hiring of Keynes, who was a Fabian Socialist , concerning the changing of our economy ..
Some examples – The senate hearing which I had posted in the past concerning David Rockefeller , Aurelio Peccei, who was co-founder of Club of Rome, and Under Sec. George Ball . Rockefeller and Peccei spoke on trade which was actually redistribution of America’s wealth aka manufacturing . Under Sec. George Ball spoke not only on trade but also a need for a new currency aka global currency.
We have Nixon, Rockefeller and Kissinger traveling to China ,. Remember Nixon opened the door for trade with China this was actually the beginning of redistribution of manufacturing to other countries . Nixon took our gold base standard economy. Bush signed Agenda 21 in Rio, Clinton and Gore administration ” Reinventing America through technology . Bush creating what we are dealing with now concerning electronic filing of our health care .
In 2009 the first G20 Obama attended the governments of the world began the process of changing to a global digital economy by the desire of removing the dollar as the global reserve currency , UN supported this as well as China . In 2015 both political parties voted for IMF Reform this needed to be done in order for China’s RMB/ yuan to be added to the IMF basket of currencies Obama supported financial technology/ Fintech as well as this administration .
I have mentioned many times both political parties have used Hegelian Dialect on Americans this is deceitful .. They have actually used every American for their benefit / goal of creating what we are seeing digital global governance which we have known in the past as new world order – This administration is also doing the same as the movement to a digital economy and digital currency . The government system knows that humans can not survive with out a means of a currency . . Ripple , which we know now is one of the major pushers behind a digital currency – They have a member on the IMF Advisory Board as well as a member on the Federal Reserve Fast Track Payment Advisory Board , the same rep. is also on Better Than Cash Alliance which is connected to the United Nations.his name is Ryan Zagone , Chris Larsen is the rep on the IMF board. The United Nations as well as our own government is involved in digital ID this too is part of the monetary/ economic system as well as health care , etc… Ripple is also connected to ID2030 through Accenture ..
The pyramid is huge on all the connections of developing a new digital global governance . Smart cities which is also being created slowly in our country is connected to the UN and to our own government this will also involved digital economy and currency – Smart cities was actually the brain child of Lenin and Stalin … China has been working on building smart cities in their country as well as Russia and all the other countries including Israel and Arab countries this is global my friends .. An example of this is when the hurricane almost destroyed Houston the mayor of Houston flew to Israel to discuss smart cities –
An example ” Tonight, Mayor Sylvester Turner will lead a delegation on a week-long economic investment and trade mission to Israel to explore “Smart City” management while promoting Houston as a high-tech business gateway and tourist destination.

Here is an example of China Smart Cities-

Here is an example of America and smart cities – The gentleman denied having anything to do with the UN since the article has been written the information of the agenda of smart cities connection to the UN has been removed . There is an excellent video of him speaking on Smart Cities and yes there is now a caucus in our government concerning smart cities

Here are 2 examples of digital payment system – l

“Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

Brad Garlinghouse / Ripple –

Example of IMF and digital currency:

Here is document Clinton’s administration

here is history of our government and China concerning U.S.-China R&D Linkages: Direct Investment and Industrial Alliances in the 1990s

Here is Obama and Fintech

In closing some of the history of what I have shown here is NOW trying to divide all of us and a means of pushing us into their communistic system -They want us to hate each other , they want us to destroy each other – When they divide, they conquer and this is not the way of God’s teachings .. Do not allow hate to fill your heart against one another . Keep the teachings of Christ in your heart , pray for each other , and be watchmen of TRUTH for everyone and teach the TRUTH to one another , and be good Christians … Teach what is happening now that is the most important Remember the truth always prevails …
Remember Luke 11:28 ? But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

You might as well say good-bye to the brick-and-mortar shops and retail outlets you have enjoyed all of your life. The Covid-19 Great Reset is occurring and soon the majority of commerce will be done completely online. If you want to see what your online experience in the future is going to be like, consisting of no human handling, complete with self-driving delivery drones, vehicles, and robots, then look no further to how it is done in China. You definitely will want to read this article (which btw, is written by CapGemini, a company that performs mass data collection, data-mining and predictive analytics for corporations and governments around the world – just so you know).

And a reply to this post:

They are flying drones in Melbourne during the night.
I travel to different suburbs for various reasons, as to get contraband goodies like tobacco.
Anyhoo, within one night I saw FOURTEEN drones in one suburb, 3 in my ( upper class super rich) suburb( I live in shirty flat there for many years lol ), and seven or nine drones in third suburb patrolling parks & public land.
They never fly over roads, in full view of motorists , etc—- I KNOW that this is a trial run for future “ great reset”. They fly drones covertly, during the night, over public land like parks, Forrest areas, empty land etc—- and over public housing.
When I saw one, during the day, above my block of flats, during the time of very little or no lockdowns I was so infuriated that I gave it a nice juicy middle finger: it immediately flew away.
I also see literally thousands of small businesses closed with signs “ for lease” on empty shops.
Scary shit.
And that’s Melbourne, voted 7 years in the row as “ most livable city of earth “.

Problem is, the choices of goods will be severely depleted also

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

Would Megaregions work better than state governments?
Floating the idea that megaregions would be a better fit for America. Defunding police is only the start. Abolishing city councils, mayors, school boards and state legislators could be next! As you know, Minnesota is part of a 7-state regional compact.
“Looking ahead, megaregions could become the policy vessel for new realities, including more people working remotely, allowing them to spread out across agglomerated labor and housing markets. “It might actually help mitigate the overconcentration of jobs and population in our largest urban regions — and alleviate the extreme congestion and run-up in housing prices that has undercut the livability and functionality of America’s densest urban places,” Yaro says.

And another post from this group:

It appears the MN House Early Childhood Committee is meeting about matters found in the Great Start Bill –> HF 1. The House already passed HF 1. The Senate passed portions. It could all pass this time! This is Rep Pinto’s committee and they are meeting a day early. Unfortunately or inconveniently, the Senate pages are all down under construction making it difficult to check on Omnibus bills.

And yet another post from this group:

School without the Arts and Phy Ed sounds so inhumane!

“Randolph Public School District, located in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region, has cut their entire K-12 arts, music, and physical education (PE) programs and staff from their 2020-21 budget. In a district with only 250 teachers, at least 25 teachers and other workers were given RIF (reduction in force) notices this week. This already comes after extraordinary losses, with the Washington Post reporting in early May that the district told “dozens of workers—including teaching aides and food service staff […] they will be furloughed full time or part time.”

And some replies to this post:

So, if this is true, can’t we just go back to school and school activities as pre-COVID? Children are almost always asymptomatic.
“From the data we have, it still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual,” Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, said at a news briefing from the United Nations agency’s Geneva headquarters. “It’s very rare.”

You’re trying to be logical. 😉 The last report out of the CDC basically said “Whoops! We made a lot of mistakes and the “Rona isn’t so bad but for LTC facilities and those with significant disease. So to reply… WHY are we still masking, distancing, testing (without illness) and contact tracing?? There’s only one possible answer. Covid was used for nefarious purposes all across the globe.

Don’t get me started on losing the arts…I have my bachelors in fine arts. I’m a practicing artist as well as Having worked In Childcare for 29 years. I taught Com Ed classes for adults and children for just as long- love it. But in order to teach in a school, I need 3 years of “how to teach”. VS. a teacher- who has a broad spectrum of many subjects and those teachers that specialize in art, have minimal art training.
My child’s grade school art teacher was awful…my daughter ended up hating it because her teacher wanted perfection; end results and never looked at process. Elementals were taught & learned, but sacrificed to no self exploration. The teacher had lines permanently marked on the tables where pencil & eraser were to be😳. So the daughter of an artist was turned off of creating art due to the system…sad sad days.
There needs to be a bit of revamping. And I say, it may be more enjoyable to find programming outside of school- new faces and different perspectives. I’m a bit disillusioned by the things I’ve seen working in school district for the last 30 years.

Here is a post on the wall of a friend of mine:

“NO!!!!! My daughter goes to Belmont. The University decided to host the debate between Trump and Biden. The students all got an extra $750 fee added to their tuition for both semesters next year for “betterment in the quality of education” … I’m barely able to pay tuition… actually we completely run out of money after 1 more semester but the University decided having Trump and Biden “enriching” the campus is worth $1500 more per student!! I don’t want the RNC or any politicians in our city!!! No political party or person actually gives a shit about their constituents! Our country may as well be led by monkeys! NoRNCinNashville”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” is a transition to a resourced-based (vs. price-based) economy. Instead of determining prices based on supply and demand for goods and services, the U.N.’s NWO economic model – “Happytalism” (yes, that’s really the official name) – controls the production and distribution of energy in order to align consumer choices with the Sustainable Development Goals. Resource certificates – or some other token – are issued to consumers who may use them or not, but cannot accumulate them. Think Cap and Trade meets UBI (universal basic income).

This system requires continuous monitoring and control of ALL resources so that an “equitable” distribution may be made. I often write about human capital and “data as the new oil.” Human beings become “resources” or “capital” by accumulating useful skills and qualities and by providing a stream of data to the system (to hone AI algorithms). Human resources, like any other resources, must be continuously monitored and controlled as well. And that brings us to light rail infrastructure.

Light rail infrastructure is designed to connect global cities and to transport people from housing to the workplace. It is also set up to monitor and to limit human beings’ free movement. Happytalism is based on place-based urban planning. In other words, districts that are self-contained and restrict traffic in and out of the boundaries. Individual vehicles and the freedom they offer will become a thing of the past. Think: Hunger Games.

In the wake of the Coronapocalypse, this Great Reset is being forced on people here in the U.S. and across the globe, amidst the confusion that makes it difficult to be a vigilant citizen. Here, we see Smart Growth America and T4America’s plan to introduce “game changer” transportation legislation. Here is an excerpt from a legislative summary that describes the transfer of public monies and authority to MPOs – Metropolitan Planning Organizations – which are U.N. proxies and operate as shadow governments.

None of this was ever about a virus.


7) A few other exciting new programs

🔸There is congestion pricing provision that allows the conversion of non-tolled lanes to variable tolling lanes if the Secretary finds that the “toll facility and the planned investments to improve public transportation or other non-tolled alternatives in the corridor are reasonably expected to improve the operation of the cordon or corridor.”

The planning for such a conversion must include consideration of air quality, environmental justice and equity, freight movement and economic impacts. Further, the operator must report on the impact of the program on congestion. Wouldn’t it be nice if state DOTs had to do that on regular highway expansions?

🔸This bill creates a new $600 million competitive program akin the TIGER/BUILD program to fund local and tribal governments, MPOs, transit agencies for projects that improve safety, state of good repair, access to jobs and services, and GHG emissions. The Secretary of Transportation will have to create a transparent new system for objectively evaluating projects and developing a rating system to compare the benefits and costs of each application, using these metrics above. And only the highest scoring projects would be eligible for grants, which can be up to $25 million.

🔸The bill proposes a new $250 million program to provide direct funding to “high-performing” MPOs for locally-selected projects. Awarded amounts would vary from a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $50 million. High-performing MPOs would be determined based on the financial, legal and technical capacity of the MPO; its coordination with the state DOT, transit agencies, and other MPOs in the metropolitan area; and its management of the planning program and past competitive grants.

And some replies to this post:

I keep thinking about that America 2050 megaregion map and how it’s on a transportation UN page.

I was just thinking about this today too! Trying to see into the future with their timeline.

Speaking of seeing into the future, I’d come around to thinking that they AREN’T going to outright go and whack the food supply. That would be TOO obvious and get riots going (and not the BLM kind either). What they would instead do, and they are already doing with the Trump tariffs and other laws plus the shutdowns taking out meat markets (plus the riots destroying grocery stores too), is to make sure that the only guys in town are the Big Farmers that are in public private partnership with DC and the UN and also all of them pumping GMOs and other crap into food to get us sick. Like I believe and their partnership with Gates to create Frankenmeat. If they want us all urbanized too, that would mean less room to garden for ourselves (and also add in “environmental” regulations to prevent us collecting rainwater, or trying to live off the land or raise animals in the city. Again, this might tie into what they are REALLY with the stuff like the IBM Food Blockchain (or whatever it was called). They claim that they are trying to use it to stop food waste and also use this blockchain to stop getting stuff from third world child labor/slavery operations. What they REALLY want, though, I’ll wager, is to stop anything that’s non-GMO and doesn’t go with their agenda getting into the stores. Thus, instead of seeing all the food go away, we’ll see guys like Generals Mills and Tyson take over the grocery stores and drive out the more local brands.

The elites have been playing the long game since at least the mid-1800’s, going from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy. Then, after they’d started to get us to get the food from the store rather than grow it ourselves, they sent it overseas, killing lots of jobs and also ensuring that we now would be at the mercy of other countries to make stuff, hence how countries like China and India were able to blackmail us.

I can see them doing this — all fake food.

I got to thinking, more like them putting the bad stuff in food like they are doing in vaccines, all claiming it’s for our own good and sustainability. Then they can cause sterility and lots of diseases and start killing us off to create the population control Gates and the other elites want.

Also, if history is any indicator, at some point, perhaps to save social security and all of that, they’re going to give the order, if not to outright euthanize, than to cut off all healthcare to the “useless feeders” (or the elderly, sick, and those that they got messed up with their GMO food and vaccines). And I foresee this coming, whether we have a government-run system like the UK or some kind of fascistic public private partnership between a few big insurance companies and hospitals that are in league with the globalist governments.

We do have to wonder if they’ve done it already under the guise of the lockdowns. Them keeping everyone out of the nursing homes and then bringing covid patients into the homes. A lot of the deaths were in nursing homes.

Also, while they cut off “non-essential” surgery and care, they declared abortion “essential” in loads of places.

This Transportation for America thing is also tied to the Green New Deal: In February 2019, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) and Senator Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal to Congress, momentous legislation that, if passed, would set goals for future climate lawmaking. But the bill had one glaring omission: it was “devoid of the bold reimagining of federal transportation spending which encourages more roads, more driving, more sprawl, and more emissions,” as T4America director Beth Osborne wrote at the time.
Until now. A Green New Deal for City and Suburban Transportation, a joint report authored by TransitCenter, Transportation for America, Data for Progress and the Ian L. McHarg Center for Urbanism and Ecology, lays out federal policy recommendations for reducing emissions from the transportation sector in cities and suburbs while making communities healthier, more equitable, and prosperous.
Americans want to see many of these recommendations put into action. New polling shows that the report’s recommendations, such as the expansion of public transit and prioritizing roadway maintenance over expansion, enjoy broad, and in many cases, bipartisan support, with Americans supporting expanding public transit by a 77-15 margin.

Check this out:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Can’t make this up if I tried.

School calls cops on 11-year-old after seeing his BB gun during virtual lesson


JUNE 11, 2020

A fifth grade student in Maryland had the cops called on him after someone noticed a BB gun in the kid’s room during a virtual lesson.

The child’s mother, “a Navy veteran with four years of active duty” who has “extensive knowledge” of guns and their use, told a local news station the police came to her house on June 1 in response to a complaint.

“[The officer] explained to me that he was here to search for weapons, in my home,” Courtney Lancaster said. Her son, a student at Seneca Elementary School in Baltimore County, is in the process of becoming an Eagle Scout and thus “has learned how to shoot a BB gun[,] an airsoft gun [and has] taken three levels of archery lessons.”

The boy’s guns and bow are mounted on a pegboard in his bedroom.

Police told Lancaster “someone had seen the guns in her son’s bedroom during a Google Meet class on his laptop” and had made a screenshot of the image. After trading emails with a school administrator, Lancaster discovered Seneca’s principal had been notified, and then the school’s “safety officer” called the cops.

She said the principal “compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.” Lancaster added that she was not permitted to see the screenshot photo.

From the FOX-45 story:

“I thought, this is outrageous. This is despicable,” [Lancaster] said. “I had no idea what in the world could this be over? BB guns never even once entered my mind. How many 11-year-old boys have BB guns?” …

“I felt violated as a parent, for my child, who’s standing there with police officers in his room, just to see the fear on his face,” she said. …

“It’s absolutely scary to think about,” Courtney said. “Who are on these calls? Who do we have viewing your children and subsequently taking these screenshots that can be sent anywhere or used for any purpose?”

Project Baltimore reached out to Baltimore County Schools requesting an interview. We received this statement, “Our longstanding policy is to not debate individual circumstances through the media. There are multiple ways for families to share concerns with us. In general terms, the safety of students and staff is our chief concern, whether we are meeting in classrooms or via continuity of learning.”

Mrs. Lancaster asked a good question: What if a kid is set up for online learning, say, on a kitchen island … and there’s a butcher block full of knives in view? Would the police be called then?

And the post quoted:

Principal allegedly compared “bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school.”

And some replies to this post:

I’ve said this many times. The second I saw reporters on tv ‘reporting” the news from their private homes, and my children were asked to Z-OOM w teachers and classmates, I knew they are simply breaking down our warning system regarding electronic surveillance in the privacy of our homes. Snowdrn prepared the way— a nation goes from outrage finding out Smart Tv’s can surveille them, to voluntarily signing school age children up for live sessions online from their bedrooms…all in 5 short years. No one sees what “they” are doing and why. Its to acclimate every citizen to accepting video surveillance in their homes 24/7. And I don’t know any one who thinks its a dangerous idea.

Close all the schools.

that’s actually what they want… To use “health concerns” to force families to sign up for these mandatory virtual classes… 24 hour surveillance… Acclimate children to being monitored in their homes.. And parents and teachers are puddy in their hands– believing its the nearest thing EVER… Makes me nauseas people can’t see the evil agenda.

That is a blatant invasion of privacy!!! I think the school should be legally advised!!! In very strong terms!!!

I’ve been furious for months about teachers , and parents happily going along with these ,virtual meetups…” My radar went off immediately. Yet every mother I know who goes crazy if their kids eat too much candy is gleefully logging on to these voyeuristic , tyrannical live classroom link ups. I don’t want to see the inside of every kids home my kid has class with. Its creepy.

In addition, parents will scare their kids by making them wear a mask to walk the dog but they’ll allow the child to shut the bedroom door and participate in virtual ‘lessons’… I think the latter is much more dangerous than the former. Upside down thinking based on pure emotions guided by fear. Fear “turns off” critical thinking and the bulk of America is that mode and has put their kids in the same boat. If you fall for anything, you stand for nothing… I m done..sorry for rant. (I’m in a small rural town w very little ‘exposure’ yet 95% are walking around in spacesuits in 90degree weather .

This crap has gone on for years. I’ve heard, some time ago, of them punishing a kid for something, possibly a fake gun or whatever, that they had IN THEIR OWN YARD before getting onto the bus. And I’ve heard of kids getting suspended from school for posting stuff to their Facebook or whatever of them at gun ranges on the weekend.

Plus, I’ve been tracking this Common Core stuff and they’re all into this afterschool stuff like YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Afterschool Alliance, as well as these STEM groups. STEM was actually invented by the United Nations. And they’re doing home visits, someitmes part of Mediciad, sometimes tied thorugh United Way, and sometimes through this group called StrveTogether Cradle to Career Network.

Here is a post from the Common Core Diva:

ICYMI this morning.
My latest interview with Sons of Liberty.
It you thought STEM was your friend, you’ll want to break up after this.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

JUNE 11, 2020
United States House of Representatives
Committee on Financial Services Task Force on Financial Technology
Today, I would like to propose a far more fundamental “digital dollar”: a US central bank digital currency. This type of “digital dollar” would be a new, additional format for US currency. It would be a digital bearer instrument that has the same legal
status as the dollars in one’s purse, but on a smart phone. It would operate alongside existing forms of money, would be primarily distributed through the existing two-tiered
architecture of commercial banks and regulated money transmitters and would be recorded on new transactional infrastructure, potentially informed by distributed ledger
technology. Before explaining how such a “digital dollar” will address the topic of inclusive banking in a pandemic, let me first provide some background.

GOP Representative McHenry – “Look at the way technology is fundamentally changing lives and places like Kenya. Think of this. In Kenya, the phone, your smartphone, our smartphone is that way to financial inclusion in Kenya. The “movement of money cheaper” in Kenya than it is here because of this simple device. It’s more powerful in that jurisdiction than in ours because of regulation and forward-looking regulation. And instead of loading buses filled with luggage that’s filled with cash in moving money in Kenya, they’re now doing it through a fast transfer over their mobile device. They’ve moved generations ahead overnight. And in fact, in many ways, they’re leading the world in Fintech deployment. So, we’re living in a new and exciting era in financial services. It’s actually matched the best interest of consumer protection with the demands of global smartphone-led revolution that we, as consumers, are driving. Now, that’s what’s happening in the real world. ”

“We need to harness technology and data to enable people to have their information in their iPhone,” she said, listing high school degrees, health records and on-the-job skills such as CPR for what she called the “resume of the future.”

As I have tried to tell everyone both political parties are involved – Never be fooled by politics and in researching as I have done over the years one president sets the pace for the next one to implement the goal of global governance ..

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote last week about Malibu police’s ticketing Point Dume surfers $1,000 apiece for using the ocean during the quarantine. Was this merely an appalling police judgment at which we will laugh post-quarantine? Or does anyone else feel that this is the first wave of compliance and obedience training for something more permanent? Are powerful state and corporate entities using the current crisis to remove basic rights, and intensify pressures to promote vaccines and surveillance? Does anyone else feel the suffocating darkness of tyranny descending on our nation? And finally, does anyone share my dread that Bill Gates—and his long-time associate Tony Fauci—will somehow be running our Brave New World?

Imagine a world where the government doesn’t need police officers to apprehend those surfers or ticket you when you violate social distancing with your girlfriend. Suppose that computers discover your beach trip by tracking your movements using a stream of information from your cell phone, your car, your GPS, facial recognition technology integrated with real-time surveillance from satellites, mounted cameras, and implanted chips. Desk-bound prosecutors or robots will notify you of your violation by text while simultaneously withdrawing your $1,000 penalty in cryptocurrency from your payroll account. Welcome to Bill Gates’ America. It’s right around the corner.

5G Strategies
Recently, Bill Gates announced his financial support for a $1 billion plan to blanket Earth in video surveillance satellites. The company, EarthNow, will launch 500 satellites to live-stream monitor almost every “corner” of the Earth, providing instantaneous video feedback with only a one-second delay.

According to Wikipedia, the company expects its customers to include “governments and large enterprises.” 5G Antennas­­­ deploying a vast array of ground-based 5G spy antennas. Through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates purchased 5.3 million Crown Castle shares currently worth a billion dollars. The Foundation’s second-largest tech holding after Microsoft, Crown Castle owns 5G infrastructure in every major U.S. market. It operates and leases more than 40,000 cell towers, 65,000 small cell nodes which are the central infrastructure for 5G and 75,000 route miles of fiber to every major U.S. market that, instead of going to your home, providing you safe, fast, wired internet, has been confiscated to connect 5G cell towers.
… 5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes.

Data Mining
Big Telecom, Big Data, and Bill Gates are baiting Americans into a digital tyranny-trap with million-dollar TV ads that pretend that their multi trillion-dollar 5G investment is about faster download speeds for video games and movies. But 5G has almost nothing to do with improving your lives; it’s all about controlling your life, marketing products, and harvesting your data for Artificial Intelligence purposes. The 21st century’s “black gold” is data. 5G is the infrastructure for Gates’ “Internet of Things”—a world where tens of billions of “smart” devices: cell phones, computers, automobiles, garage door openers, Apple watches, baby diapers and even our living bodies—are wirelessly interconnected to enable Big Data to gather and sell our personal information.
Gates, Elon Musk, Amazon, Facebook, and Telecom are launching the flagships for the new Gold Rush, a teeming fleet of 50,000 satellites and a network of 2,000,000 ground antennas and cell towers to strip mine data from our smart devices. This microwave radiation-emitting spider web will allow Big Data/Big Telecom and Big Brother to capture what happens inside and outside every person at every moment of life. Gates will harvest, control, sort, characterize, analyze, and sell millions of terabytes of personal information from smart devices—private health data, medical records, our shopping habits, our biometric and behavioral responses to advertising, our children’s ability to learn, our facial expressions, and conversations overheard by Siri, Alexa, and your open cell phone’s microphones. His and other corporations will use these analytics to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and turn you into a predictable, easily-manipulated consuming machine.

Next time you buy a “smart” device, remember the device is not the product—you are.

Surveillance State & Transhumanism
Corporations will use Gates’ 5G surveillance system to sell products and escalate AI capacity. Governments will use it to transition the globe to a totalitarian singularity more despotic than Orwell ever imagined. Silicon Valley titans like Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Google’s Chief Engineer Ray Kurzweil talk longingly of “transhumanism,” the process by which humanity will transition to become part-human, part-machine via genetic engineering and surgical implants.
Bill Gates is investing heavily to accelerate this altered reality. His ambition to tag us all with injected subdermal vaccine data chips seems to be merely a steppingstone toward an all-encompassing surveillance state.

Rewarding Compliance
Microsoft has patented a sinister technology that utilizes implanted sensors to monitor body and brain activity. It will reward compliant humans with crypto currency payments when they perform assigned activities.
The Patent, WO |2020| 060606 has gained notoriety and the nickname “World Order 2020 666.” Microsoft describes this device as a “Crypto Currency System” and explains that it is “capable of” using body activity data to mine bitcoin in response to compliance with assigned tasks.

People who agree to install the Microsoft harmful wireless sensors will receive periodic “duty” smart phone instructions to watch a certain advertisement, listen to a specific song, walk down a specific grocery store aisle, or to take a certain vaccine. This chip will collect data from embedded sensors that monitor brain waves, blood flow, and other body reactions. The system will transfer cryptocurrency into the subject’s account after completion of the assigned task. On the bright side, Microsoft’s dystopian invention should be a welcome source of income for the 40% of Americans put out of work by periodic COVID quarantines, by Musk’s self-driving electronic cars, which also rely on the 5G rollout, and by Artificial Intelligence, including robots. Will Gates sell the data we freely give him to companies that will take away our jobs?

Owning Smart Cities
Maintaining and analyzing the data collected by a 5G infrastructure require massive computers housed in major data storage complexes. To keep control of this infrastructure, Bill Gates is building his own “smart city” in Arizona. According to KPNX-TV, he spent $80 million on a 24,800-acre plot near Phoenix with the goal of turning it into a “smart city” where everything is interconnected via a wireless grid, including fleets of autonomous vehicles. The 80,000 residents of Gates’ company town will mainly work in data centers.

To consolidate his control over what people hear, learn, and think, Gates bought shares in Liberty Global, one of the largest international television and Internet companies, operating in 30 countries and growing.

Controlling Reproduction
Gates will even control your body, your bedroom, your medicine cabinet and even women’s menstrual and ovulation cycles. He invested approximately $18 million in MicroCHIPS, a company that among other chip-based devices, develops birth-control implant chips with wireless on/off switches and chips for drug-delivery that allow a single implant to store and precisely deliver hundreds of therapeutic doses over months or years. The implants will be operated wirelessly by the patient to deliver medication. Knowing of Gates’ missionary zeal for population control, however, some customers might worry that the system could be remotely activated as well.

The expansion of the wireless cloud between 2012–2015 was equivalent to adding 4.9 million cars to the roads.

Controlling Climate: Geoengineering
Gates’ apparent conviction that God has ordained him to use technology for humanity’s salvation is exemplified in one of his most ambitious projects. Gates is funding Harvard scientists to use Geoengineering to block the sun to reverse global warming and climate change.

That project is a template for both hubris, hypocrisy and risk. The massive expansion of wireless use and the 5G wireless grid—for which Gates is a major player—is the most significant contributor to increased energy consumption. The expansion of the wireless cloud between 2012–2015 was equivalent to adding 4.9 million cars to the roads. 5G is expected to exponentially increase energy use by upwards of 170% by 2026. Proposing to use the wireless “smart” grid to combat the carbon footprint with geotechnology is a hare-brained scheme—not a solution for climate change.

Cashless Society
To consolidate global control, Gates has declared war on cash, and the COVID-19 lockdowns have provided governments a convenient pretext for scuttling cash as a health hazard. Gates and his foundation are spearheading the global shift from a cash economy towards digital transactions. Gates and Microsoft are perfectly positioned to profit from a digital payments system. By controlling digital transactions (and removing cash), Gates can control and monitor everything commercial that a country and its citizens do.

Western financial institutions—Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, eBay, and Citi—have long pushed for a cashless world. Electronic banking allows banks and financial consortiums to levy fees on every transaction.

The Digital Economy will allow the Government to monitor and scrutinize every transaction, to freeze digital accounts, and to block “financial flows” to punish disobedience. Operating in a public-private partnership with government, tech billionaires will not only control the nation but will be able to micromanage the worldwide population. Digitized currency is the ultimate instrument of social control. After all, in a cashless society, survival is impossible without access to the digitized economic system. The poor—lacking bank accounts—will suffer disproportionately.

Trillionaire Borg
While the lockdown is a cataclysm for the world economy, it is an opportunity for Gates. By purchasing our devalued assets at a penny on the dollar, Gates’ $100 billion might make him the world’s first trillionaire. But the quarantine is also an opportunity to enlarge his power and domination. Under Gates’ leadership, Microsoft became known as “The Borg” because of his appetite for total market control. Now, Gates seeks to bring all humanity under his boot. His worship of technology and his megalomania threaten our freedoms, our democracy, our biology, our planet, our humanity, and our souls.

The microwave radiation used for wireless surveillance of the world is not biologically tolerable, especially for developing children. Thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies abundantly document wireless technology’s profound, adverse, physical effects on humans, animals and plants. Sickness and environmental degradation from wireless technology is already widespread. Big Telecom control of U.S. and global regulatory agencies and media and Gates’ financial control of the World Health Organization have allowed a few billionaires to propagate the patent lie that wireless is safe.

Gates’ technological dreams are not biologically sustainable. His Tower of Babel is bound to collapse, with catastrophic impact for lesser humans. It’s time to dismantle the Tower before it’s too late.

And another post from him:
This is starting to look a lot more like a “PLAN-demic” every day. Who agrees to a $100 billion contact tracing deal six months before a pandemic unless they have a pretty strong sense one is coming? This needs to be taken together with Fauci’s statements warning that Trump would definitely see a “surprise” pandemic during his term, Fauci’s support of “gain of function” (weaponizing) research for the coronavirus in US P4 labs and then his support of that same research when transferred to to a P4 lab in Wuhan, and all the investment in a new form of vccine that seems like the first step in creating GMO humans. The promotional material from the UN and other agencies about for a new sustainable future sounds really good on the surface, but it turns out to be greenwashing for a vast vccine and immunization passport scheme via which Gates and Big Pharma would earn billions, and plutocrats would earn hundreds of billions from lucrative megaprojects like new dams, nuclear plants, and LNG terminals none of which will be determined democratically. They corrupted the WHO and the CDC. The whole morass is a seething viper pit of corruption and self-dealing, dressed up in flowery Davos-speak and symbolism that includes girls in pigtails and insincere Black Lives Matters posturing.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Read this for an example of impact media. Notice how the vaccine agenda is promoted (we hope for this life-saving solution, we’re so scared without it, doomsday will be upon usif we don’t have a vaccine, etc.), and how anyone who questions this agenda is demonized (a risky person, willing to sacrifice everyone else’s health for a personal choice). That alone ought to make anyone skeptical of this program.

The fact that Bill Gates and his billionaire-buddies are eugenicists is another good reason to reject these social engineering programs.

And some replies to this post:

This is a great piece that illustrates the sheer audacity to hoodwink the popukations over natural medicine use ! I am lost for words now on the ignorance of humanity as it dumbly accepts the flaws of moving away from nature … I have been researching this for decades

From the World Economic Forum-
“Vaccine hesitancy must be dealt with. 14 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are addressed through immunization.
“Universal health coverage, primary health care, health security- NONE OF THAT IS POSSIBLE WITHOUT IMMUNIZATION.”

wow. “Vaccine hesitancy must be dealt with.” I have no words.

They couldn’t be any clearer could they. You WILL be vaccinated and you WILL NOT stand in our way.

Why do I get the strong suspicion that it’s strongly about control and population, and not about “health”? More like “Universal BAD health coverage”, “Primary BAD health care”, “BAD health security”, etc… re-engineering the human body, via mRNA.

it’s because your attention is honestly concerned with wellbeing, yours and others, that (not well being) stands out for you. Your listening is for health, freedom and wellbeing, and so what’s not that stands out against the background of the listening you chose. Those who can’t see the problems you see aren’t listening for wellbeing.
The choice of what you’re looking and listening for affects what you see and hear and highlights certain aspects while blinding you to others. This is caused by the action of purposely looking and listening through a specific lens.
They’re listening for-
How can I best signal my desire to belong to and become a member of the group that is rich and powerful?
How can I advance my position towards being on that team so that I become rich and powerful? What policies would you like me to implement to signal my allegiance?
You get the feeling it’s about control of the the population by benefiting from their misery because their purposefully causing misery. If you look at what they’re up to without being shocked by the difference to your own view you’ll see it more clearly. If you look without coloring your view with anger and rage over the inhumanity of it you’ll see it clearer still. Some emotions, when overlaid on what you’re seeing, cloud what you see rather than clarify it. Emotional reactions are easily manipulated as the current riots make clear. Notice that the rioters in all their righteousness aren’t dismantling the actual imprisoning structures, but just striking out blindly to signal their upset. The UN SDG’s are the prison bars. Their sold as representing concern for wellbeing and are anything but that. They are as you pointed out, harsh and uncaring measures of population control.

and you are correct!
I could easily just shut my mouth, take my software and engineering skills and make my way up the ladder and into the inner circles of wealth and privilege. But the problem is, is that those people are the most insincere people I have ever met. They are cheaters, liars, abusers and could care less about anyone less fortunate than themselves. They are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen in my life.
I have rubbed shoulders with the rich going back to my first 40 years of living in NYC. Starting with the beginning of the internet, I had a skill that was in great demand and so I got to work with the Wall Street titans, setting up their internet presence and developing software for them. I got to see their inner workings at their board meetings, their books (that I had to add to databases), and their operational staff members and executives. They were all assholes and looking to be rich. Greedy MFers all.
One thing I learned in all those experiences was that they don’t give a rats ass about you once they determine that you serve no use to them. There are no friends among them. Just business prospects.
At one time I had a business that was thriving, in the early to mid 90’s and the sky was the limit. But since I had returned from war, I started losing my vision and when that happened, and I lost my business, all of my business associates abandoned me. No help whatsoever. So I learned that they are careless fuckers that don’t care about anyone’s health and “wellbeing”. I know this for a fact!
That is why I don’t trust them no matter what they say. Since then I have done well again, but I never get close in association with that class because I know they will stab you in the back if they find that you are in the way of a big buck.
So yes, be suspicious of all those that say “well being”, but they are not looking for YOUR wellbeing.

they’re living in a prison of their own making. No genuine happiness among them. So they have to destroy everyone else’s with a a sham like “Happytalism.” It’s tragic on every level.

it is very much so. I used to go to the Hamptons in NY and everyone was so fake. No one was truly happy. Yes, they had nice cars, boats, gulf courses, but no real friends. Just fake people worried about the neighbor or co-worker near by, or competing with their neighbors for who has the most junk. And no one trusting one another. To them, everyone is an enemy. No real friendship. It’s a sad life.

Last year I spent a month in Guinea, Africa. The poverty was extreme and dire. The spirit of the people we stayed with was intoxicating. They had nothing of any material value. What they did have was Spirit, human connection, community, drumming, singing, dancing, storytelling and a level of deep joy and spirituality that is utterly lacking in Western Society.
They would of traded what they had in a heartbeat for western goodies. I would of traded all my goodies in a heartbeat for their spirits.

that’s awesome! I do believe you because I have a cousin that goes there each year as a goodwill ambassador and she tells me the same kind of stories. The people have big hearts.

this is also why so many want to come to Europe in search of a better life. That better life is the lure of material goods. More often than not they end up with a few material goodies, a hostile host nation, and a loss of self, culture, connection, family, traditions etc. Alcoholism, substance abuse and depression is rife. The grass is never greener.

I did live in Europe (Germany) for 2 years when I was in the Army stationed there. I had a chance to visit many of the western nearby countries and I enjoyed it very much. Most pf the people were kind and respectful and the cultures run deep in history, but in the end I came back the the U.S., where I belong. Thou, I did gain a different worldview from it all. I wish people would get the chance to experience different cultures and realize we can’t be selfish and judgmental. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying. We make things more complicated than they should be.

travelling deeply into other countries in such a way you mix, speak with and even live with the locals absolutely does broaden the mind and negates a lot of the bigotry we carry within. I too returned to where my heart is, which is my homeland. It is a known fact that if a country or locality provides for its people’s needs then very few of them will ever seek to live permanently elsewhere, such is the human way.
I absolutely do know what you mean.

it seems to me we all need to stand up and fight for our freedoms and liberties where ever we are and whatever country we are living in. The true enemy though is the global elites, not the useful idiots doing their bidding for them including your corrupt sock puppet politicians. the one chance of a hard left government was defeated in December 2019. So we don’t have that element to contend with, just a simple global takeover not complicated by anything at all really..

I know. I find it incredible that the so-called elites, the globalist, are trying to perform the heist of the ages, by placing the people of earth in siege. It’s breath-taking of the audacity of their attempt to take the earth in one giant take-over with this “virus” and then attempt to do a “Great Reset” of the global economy and governance of all nations. Are they insane? Apparently so. Their massive wealth has them believing that they can take-over the planet, via their UN tool and think that people will accept it. They are so sorely mistaken. There is clearly more of us than of them, which is why they are working so hard to manipulate our minds and trying to get us to give them consent. Again, poor judgement.

i think you’re right about local action. The one thing the social engineers HAVE to have is the disguise of legitimacy. They need this program to look like it developed legitimately out of the current system of popular government. The best possibility of breaking that veneer of legitimacy is to expose it to neighbors. I’ve tried to do that here in Oklahoma, but, damn, it’s still not working. Our city was colonized a long time ago.

it’s absolutely incredible!!! I think, ‘this cannot be real!’ But venture out and there’s the new fiber optic line, the smart city cameras, and National Security Administration and Israeli Defense Forces breaking groundon a best-in-kind cybersecurity complex. And I don’t know a single person who has had Covid.

I spent time in OK at Fort Sill, in Lawton. Yes, Oklahoma is hard to convince. They are very trusting of government and yes, the legitimacy would have to be done at the local level. Top-down and bottom-up. How to break through the cognizant dissonance is baffling to me. I think the best you can do is give them a strong seed, plant it and then water it. I hate that terminology because it’s like mind control tactics, but it’s trying to re-educate them on what is really happening, after so many years of being duped.

the technology involved is so complex, so vast in scope, and so well tested and ready to roll, that to most people, it’s shocking to know it even exists. This has always been on the floor waiting for a Covid moment. None of this shocks me because I’ve been reading about all of this tech for decades, in the journals I have subscribed to over many years. I just did not tnink it would ever come to fruition, especially against us.

And another post from her:

Hexagons and green dots for cryptocurrency, behavior tracking, and the NWO.

And the post that she quoted:

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids is more than just an app and a debit card — it’s three accounts in one: a spending account, saving account and giving account. NBC News dives into how Greenlight provides real-world ways to teach kids about money:

And yet another post from her:

Abolishing inheritances is a move toward a resourced-based economy. Energy credits, tokens, UBI. NWO.

And yet another post from her:

Police and security robots coming to airports, malls, stadiums, casinos and other private but densely populated businesses. Knightscope, a commercial security robot company, which calls its Knightscope models “autonomous data machines,” claims the dome-shaped robot can:

Respond to civilians’ verbal or text comments with pre-recorded messages

Uses machine vision to detect people and license plates

Captures thermal imaging

Geotag and mapping its location using GPS and laser technologies

Use four built-in cameras to record and survey the surrounding 360 degrees

Navigate autonomously to a charging pad when it is low on battery

Allow users to contact authorities through its touchpad

A 2017 report published by UC Davis Law School noted that Knightscope was also in the process of developing weapon recognition technology for the robots which can identify shapes like that of a gun or knife. They did not note what other weapons might be recognized by the robot.

In 2018, the company released an open letter saying it would offer $500,000 in services to a college campus that submitted the most “compelling letter” about how autonomous robots could improve security in a school setting.

And yet another post from her:

The marketing (⬅and that is precisely what it is, developed by the likes of McKinsey and Deloitte) of “Social Justice” in higher education is designed especially for the purposes of Technocrat social engineers. They want student data – to compete with China (I posted about this earlier today) and to gain an edge in human capital futures markets. To that end, they have embellished, re-casted, and often recreated a narrative of injustice that MUST be addressed by “objective,” (though that is debatable) outcomes-based, data-driven, evidence-based, and results-oriented social impact programs. Notice that “outcomes” and “evidence” have the same status here. It’s akin to a ponzi scheme.

Every institution of higher education is being boldy transformed by social justice visionaries who are preparing first-generation students for global impact, innovation, entrepreneurship, the 21st century, thought-leading, change-making, trauma-informed, resilient, adaptable, gritty, sustainable, and equitable, community-engagement, and on and on and on. It’s a pathway or a pipeline to the brainwashed one world together.

I posted this on my wall:

Remember this from about two years ago?

A friend of mine replied:

I don’t know how many schools were sent these posters but hanging right outside my sons main classroom elementary ) is a huge poster if the 🌎 that says “THE EARTH IS MY HOME”…. gee, when I was growing up, we focused on our individual States and then our own Nation… Of course the teachers and admin have no idea they re being used as pawns to teach a UN agenda and ruin their country.

Here is a post from the New York anti-radical sex ed group:

No, actually it doesn’t, it’s called “grooming”.

And the post that was quoted:

Melinda Gates: ‘Really Good Quality Sex Education Starts Very, Very Early.’ Melinda Gates has outspokenly supported early sex education and advocates for increased family planning options for adolescents. Read more here.

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:


We have known for some time that CSE organizations like Advocates for Youth have been recruiting right from the classroom and training our kids to become radical activist.

This exposed video by Millennial Millie is showing proof that the riots have been planned. She shows the zoom meetings and the guides and emails and how they are recruiting Jr. High and High Schoolers.

Please share far and wide before it’s taken down.

Here is a post that was shared in this group:
Just to be as explicit as humanly possible…
There’s no way on God’s green earth that I’m going to outright LIE, or even insinuate to my children and say that they are racist simply because of the color of their skin
The people that are 🤬 stupid enough to say that, are the racist ones!
I just looked into that link… it’s the same one I saw (somewhere else), and posted it a few days ago(??)… but not even imagining, or linking in my mind that a superintendent would have the audacity to send it to PARENTS
Well, he needs to talk to himself first
Actually he needs to do a few other things to himself “first” 😡🤬
You better check the emails from your town’s superintendent


I posted this on Shannon Joy’s timeline:
Speaking of schools, did you see this yet?


The Common Core Diva replied:
Don’t forget this Latino based anarchist group:



Here is a post from a friend of mine:

“Affordable housing” solutions… this sounds well and good until you understand that this is SMART surveillance housing, built for control. Here’s your Agenda 21 Ground Zero.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

In 1943, towards the end of World War II, the original plans for today’s United Nations were drawn up by a secret Council on Foreign Relations steering committee funded by the Rockefellers. These plans were eventually finalized at a big conference in San Francisco known as the United Nations Conference of International Organization (UNCIO). UNCIO was held from April 25 to June 26 of 1945. Receptions for UNCIO delegates and other dignitaries were held at the Bohemian Club’s S.F. clubhouse. This is significant because both the United Nations and the Rockefellers are heavily implicated in the New Manhattan Project.

And another post from her:

Hubby has been purchasing a few groceries for us – Yesterday he asked me what would I like to have for dinner tomorrow – I said if you can find a roast that would be great I could cook it in the crock pot . When he arrived home he told me he found a roast , I said oh that is great [ it has been quite some time that the grocery store has had any roasts] I took the roast out this morning to prepare it . I almost had a stroke – That roast was a sirloin tip roast and it weighed 1.08 and cost a whopping $19.38… Hubby said that was all they had in a roast … We will be rationing that roast for at least 4 to 5 days … Any one would like to tell me inflation is not here ?

Here is a post from the Minnnesota anti-Common Core group:


Today the Minnesota House voted 6-4 to approve a rise in Childcare CCAP rates. Do you remember the CCAP program from last year?? The corruption??? Where will the funding come from?

COVID-19 CARES ACT. Minnesota received $65M. Yes, they want their hands on the Covid money. This is one-time funding with no promise of funding the elevated rates for next year. Thus the rate rise might be scrapped one year after passage. An official from the Office of Management and Budget couldn’t say if it was prudent to make such a decision.

One representative questioned twice if the Covid money could be used for another purpose. (Mostly likely she was thinking about her home visiting bill.)



This entire scenario occurred in the space of 10 minutes.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Massachusetts school district gets rid of art, music and PE teachers for coming school year

By Will McCalliss

30 May 2020

See also: “Massachusetts teacher denounces cuts to Randolph and Brookline schools”

Randolph Public School District, located in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts region, has cut their entire K-12 arts, music, and physical education (PE) programs and staff from their 2020-21 budget. In a district with only 250 teachers, at least 25 teachers and other workers were given RIF (reduction in force) notices this week. This already comes after extraordinary losses, with the Washington Post reporting in early May that the district told “dozens of workers—including teaching aides and food service staff […] they will be furloughed full time or part time.”

While the severity of these cuts may be particularly shocking, with the elimination of entire essential departments, Randolph is far from alone in the impact of budget cuts. With anticipated statewide cuts of up to 10 percent in Massachusetts, the nearby Public Schools of Brookline is facing as many as 300 pink slips for this coming school year, in a district with only 645 teachers. The city of Brookline projects that their deficit will be $12.8 million, and will cut $6.3 million of this total from their education budget.

Empty classroom
After hearing of the educational departments that would be cut, concerned Randolph citizens took to social media to express their dismay. Concerned about the pandemic, one person wrote, “the thought of cutting any teacher right now is insane to me, because you’re going to need every abled body in order to keep students safe in small groups… to cut the arts right now when all we’ve doing during quarantine is TURNING TO THEM?!”

Following the social media outcry, the World Socialist Web Site interviewed an art teacher who has worked in the Randolph school district for over a decade, who provided valuable insights into the proceedings. The teacher requested to be kept anonymous.

Describing the Randolph school district, the teacher said, “The district is mainly low to working class with a few pockets of higher income but a lot of low income housing options. Many single parent homes and parents working multiple low income jobs to make ends meet and still needing assistance.”

They added, “We are the most diverse district in the state. Over 40 languages are spoken in the homes across the town. We saw a huge increase in our Haitian population after the 2010 earthquake. The fact that we have a high ell [English language learner] population makes art, music and gym all the more important because they can be successful in these classes without knowing much of the language.”

The announcement of job cuts, it seems, was made clumsily at best. On Wednesday, multiple art teachers were informed individually that they were losing their jobs. After talking amongst each other, teachers quickly put the pieces together, and reached out to administration. A principal set up an emergency Zoom meeting that night, where he notified the art teachers of the aforementioned cuts. Music and PE teachers, after hearing rumors, were informed Thursday via emails from HR that they were also given pink slips.

Superintendent Thea Stovell has asked the district to be “mindful of the impact these decisions will have on staff, students and our community,” and that “she remains hopeful that changes will occur that will allow them to call people back.” This hope is both without foundation and little comfort to said staff, students, and community, especially those who are now jobless.

The art teacher we spoke with noted that the loss of arts, music, and PE will be devastating to students, who use them “as an escape from their AP classes.” On top of providing needed stress-relief, many love the classes, where “they feel successful… because they are not ‘typical learners.’ At the elementary and middle school level, kids are assigned to the classes, but the early exposure and success they feel leads them to continue.” Next year, students will not have the opportunity to discover these passions and triumphs, and those who already have will miss them sorely. Also missing will be the classes included in the PE program that teach “health, human sexuality, drug and alcohol awareness,” all of which are crucial topics for youth to learn.

Lost classes are not the only threat facing students next year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to swell, and reopening schools remains far from safe. Already, the virus has had a major impact on Randolph’s students. The teacher we spoke with stated, “I have at least two students that reached out to me because they had the virus. I have at least one student that I know of that lost his mother. I have another that lost a grandmother and another that lost an uncle. Those are the ones that I know but I’m sure there have been more.”

And some replies to this post:

This should infuriate every parent. These are the classes students need as an outlet, a break from the academic.
When a Totalitarian Society is determined to create a workforce, it’s government cuts all but the work.

Of course… because THAT makes sense… not. Cutting programs that give kids some stability and pleasure… of course they would.

This actually IS common core related. Cutting those other programs for their version of stem training and “manual” (like instruction manual) learning is in common core parameters. They are recommended options to fit the plan – just like cursive handwriting.

I remember back in 2015, I asked the school why there was no music or art class and she told me it was due to “budget cuts”. I later found out it was actually because they chose to remove them so afford more technology and common core related classroom “essentials”.

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

Bahrain’s app was linked to a game show designed to shame residents into social distancing

A new study analyzing COVID-19 contact tracing apps conducted by Amnesty International has found that Bahrain and Kuwait are using their public health apps as mass surveillance tools.

The study analyzed a collection of contact tracing apps, which are designed to inform and monitor physical contact between people in the event someone contracts COVID-19, from 11 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, France, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Qatar, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates. It found three particularly egregious apps that collected satellite location data from users, instead of relying simply on Bluetooth signals, and matched accounts with real identities.


In case you didn’t see the article I shared earlier today, here are some more concerns regarding “Contact Tracing” aka surveillance AND the “new normal” for flying in the COVID1984 age:

“Bahrain’s app was linked to a game show designed to shame residents into social distancing

A new study analyzing COVID-19 contact tracing apps conducted by Amnesty International has found that Bahrain and Kuwait are using their public health apps as mass surveillance tools.

The study analyzed a collection of contact tracing apps, which are designed to inform and monitor physical contact between people in the event someone contracts COVID-19, from 11 countries: Algeria, Bahrain, France, Iceland, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Norway, Qatar, Tunisia, and United Arab Emirates. It found three particularly egregious apps that collected satellite location data from users, instead of relying simply on Bluetooth signals, and matched accounts with real identities.” (link in the comments)

“Flying seems like just about the most dangerous thing you could possibly do right now. You’re spending hours confined in a metal tube, with hundreds of strangers from all over the world, without any way of knowing where they’ve been or whom they’ve been with. Under those circumstances, you’d expect a few additional safety requirements. No one wants to get sick—so what’s the loss of a little more privacy, if it keeps you out of harm’s way?

That, at least, is the rationale behind a fleet of new measures either under consideration or already in place at airports around the world. In the U.S., the Transportation Security Administration is reportedly preparing to begin checking passengers’ temperatures before they board. New arrivals to the U.K. must, as of June 8, provide an address where they will self-isolate for 14 days. (Police will follow up with “surprise” in-person checks.) More than 45 countries have rolled out “digital ankle bracelet” tracking apps, which are likely to be either mandatory or strongly encouraged for air travelers. Meanwhile, biometric scanning, to check people against their ID, is being aggressively tested by airports from Munich to Sydney.” (link in the comments)

Here is a post shared by a friend of mine:

“It is imperative that we recognize the predicaments of the people who are most oppressed within our society, while we firmly recognize the dynamics within the capitalist hierarchy, and stay away from being a part of the mechanism which safely turns our predicaments into driving forces of capitalism.” — Hiroyuki Hamada, Lockdown Therapy for Capitalism, April 27, 2020

I highlight Hiroyuki’s astute observation as collectively, the citizenry continues to function as the essential and moving parts of the very mechanism which continues to succeed in safely turning our predicaments into driving forces of capitalism. The citizenry is being masterfully played, exploited and manipulated – in order to maintain the capitalist system built and dependent upon both the continued and brutal exploitation our fragile biosphere and those most oppressed and marginalized. As long as we collectively continue to fail in identifying these mechanisms, our energies will be harnessed and channeled to further empower those that are destroying our shared world, and all life within it.

“The biggest team the world has ever seen” – Purpose PR firm (sister org of Avaaz) partners with United Nations, Omidyar NGO and Ikea for “Share Verified”.

PR spin: “Combating misinformation… Verified, an initiative of the UN in collaboration with Purpose, to provide content that cuts through the noise to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice & stories from the best of humanity.”

Reality: Storytelling that aligns with, protects and expands capital.

PR spin: “Like the virus itself, misinformation spreads from person-to-person, heightening the risk to health & spreading fear and division.”

Reality: NGOs such as Purpose/Avaaz are the virus. Misinformation experts “spreading fear & division” akin to contagions.

“You’re engaging right now in the biggest project of social collaboration the world has seen. Bigger than the moon landing, than the Olympics, than the building of the tallest skyscraper or longest bridge.”

Together – they are rebooting the system.

-Fourth Industrial Revolution.
-The financialization of nature (New Deal for Nature & Voice For The Planet campaigns led by World Econmic Foru, World Wildlife Fund, United Nations, et al.
-See yesterday’s post.

Verified launch video (Running time: 1:22):

Fox Business: “New Power” authors Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms discuss how people can obtain power in the 21st century. (Running time: 4:04)

Irony. Purpose “to deliver life-saving information, fact-based advice & stories from the best of humanity.”

Says the PR firm behind the White Helmets. Says the Purpose/Avaaz founders – up to their necks in the blood of Syrian and Libyan peoples. Says Avaaz/Purpose founders – in servitude to empire.

PR: “Organisations, businesses, civil society and media platforms partner with Verified to spread information…”

This is : 1) social engineering, 2) behavioural change, and 3) storytelling – deployed at scale – waged against the global citizenry.

“Verified” will be used to build social license for the fourth industrial revolution and the “New Deal For Nature”.

Verified website:

Non-disclosed experts:

“Verified’s team of communicators, creatives & researchers produce content based on the latest information & guidance from the UN, the WHO & other UN agencies. We work with leading experts on misinformation First Draft.”

“partners all over the world”

Perhaps the same corporate partners (1,000+) that comprise the World Economic Forum COVID Action Platform.

June 13 2019: WEF partnered with the UN.

March 11 2020: WEF partners with the WHO (UN agency) to create the COVID Action Platform for Business.

It’s worth mentioning here that Purpose/Avaaz have played key roles in the climate strike / Thunberg campaigns organized/backed by The Climate Group, co-founder of We Mean Business. We Mean Business was created with the assistance of both Purpose and Greenpeace. We Mean Business works at the side of the World Economic Forum. Key people overlap both organizations within this high-level interlocking directorate.

The following is a quote by Avaaz/Purpose co-founder Jeremy Heimans. From his acceptance speech for the Foreign Policy Association Medal at the 2019 World Leadership Forum Dinner Nov 2019:

“If we can put the movements, these movements, like Greta’s movement, these new power forces, in favor of these values of internationalism, together w/ the institutions that we still need – that’s when it happens.”

What’s important to understand is that Greta is no MLK. The movement that she stewards she’s just one of thousands of leaders & I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of them as I’ve traveled around the world, and Purpose works very closely with the climate movement.”

As instruments of empire Avaaz/Purpose specialize in behavioural change and the behavioural economics of hatred.

It is also imperative to acknowledge Purpose partners which include organizations, institutions and corporations at the helm of the dystopian “global reset” desired and designed by the ruling classes:

-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
-Bloomberg Philanthropies
-WWF (The financialization of nature)
-The World Health Organization (UN agency)
-United Nations
-The Rockefeller Foundation
etc. etc.

Heimans “has served as chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Civic Participation. Heimans has been a keynote speaker at venues such as the World Economic Forum at Davos, TED, the Aspen Institute Ideas Festival, the RSA, Chatham House, the United Nations, Blair House, The Economist Big Rethink, The Guardian Activate and Social Media Week.”

The fight accelerates for independent journalism – journalists that serve people/planet rather than ruling class, foundations & capital. As an example, all articles/links from my own website, the Art of Annihilation, are no longer allowed to be shared on Facebook.

Lockdown Therapy for Capitalism:

Here is a show from a friend of mine that talks about abuses at schools, among other things:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

If you want to see the future of policing, look no further than here, as it is happening today and stands to be ramped up even more…

The software Beware, made by Intrado, scores a suspect’s potential for violence by pouring through billions of data points, including arrest reports, property records, commercial databases, deep web searches, and the person’s social-media postings. Also gathered is information about your vehicle license, the members of your household and your facial identification. From this information, combined with more, a threat score is created and then sent to a real-time crime center, where it is then used to alert police on the ground.

How the private software determines its scoring is kept a company secret. There is no oversight and no information on what metrics and what postings or comments are used in a person’s social media.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

:/ Want to know the future of education? Take a look at this poster and whitepaper from Knowledgeworks…. Navigating the Future of Learning-Drivers of Change Poster (from 2018)

Navigating the future of learning – Forecast 5.0

Exec Summary

Navigating the Future of Learning, KnowledgeWorks’ fifth comprehensive forecast on the future of learning, aims to further conversations about ways education institutions and influencers can shape a future where all students can thrive.AN ERA SHIFT A new era is unfolding, one in which people, smart machines and the code that powers them are interacting in new and deepening ways. Over the next decade, exponential advances in digital technologies will require us to redefine our relationships with one another, with our institutions and even with ourselves. Every facet of our lives, including how we teach and learn, will be touched by this new era of partners in code.During this period of transition, education’s role in supporting the healthy development of young people, effective lifelong learning and community vitality will be increasingly crucial. Many of the organizations, institutions and systems that structure our daily lives and support learning are increasingly out of sync with both existing and emerging needs. The new era could exacerbate the current misalignment or inspire new frameworks for how we live, work and learn. Exploring the future of learning today is an act of stewardship to our future communities and to the young people who will live in them.


The exponential advances in digital technologies described above are contributing to a variety of shifts in our daily lives, either directly in the form of disruptive innovations or indirectly in the form of reactions to, or the effects of, rapid advances in technology. Five drivers of change describe key shifts that will shape education over the next decade.

AUTOMATING CHOICES Artificial intelligence and algorithms are automating many aspects of our lives.

CIVIC SUPERPOWERS Engaged citizens and civic organizations are seeking to rebalance power.

ACCELERATING BRAINS People have increasing access to tools and insights that are reshaping our brains in intended and unintended ways.

TOXIC NARRATIVES Outdated and misaligned systems and metrics of success are contributing to chronic health issues, including rising rates of mental illness among children.

REMAKING GEOGRAPHIES Communities are working to remake themselves in the face of deep transitions.

Navigating the Future of Learning: Executive Summary | 1
As these drivers of change unfold and combine over the next decade, they will present opportunities to imagine new kinds of educational practices, programs, structures and roles. If education institutions and influencers took concerted action to respond to the changing landscape, the following zones of future possibility could support the healthy development of young people, enable effective lifelong learning and contribute to community vitality.Within each of these provocation zones, Navigating the Future of Learning identifies more specific future possibilities illustrating ways the drivers of change might be harnessed. It also identifies signals of change showing how the future possibilities that it describes are beginning to play out today.
As the emerging era ushers in ever-greater complexity, education institutions and influencers will need to take action to pursue their preferred futures and to address new or deepening challenges. The areas below represent critical starting points for responding to the changing landscape today.

»Design for Equity – Equity must be an explicit aim and a core design principle of all efforts and reforms. It will often require strategies that focus on specific populations and on individual students’ needs, along with frank and inclusive conversations about how and why inequities in learning persist.

»Prioritize Human Development – As emerging technologies and workforce needs continue to influence many conversations about the future of learning, stakeholders will need to keep learners’ fundamental human needs at the center of their decisions.

»Distinguish between Efficiency and Transformation – Pressure to adjust rapidly and the temptation to mislabel increased efficiency as system transformation are likely to intensify. There will be a role for guides who understand that using new tools to make tasks easier does not necessarily improve student learning and that pursuing major changes often leads to unintended consequences.

SIGNATURE LEARNING ECOSYSTEMS Situate learning in place in ways that integrate technology, culture and learner and community identity to enhance and extend opportunities for learning.

SAFEGUARDS FOR EFFICACY Provide vision and stewardship for implementing effective data strategies and for embracing emerging technologies for intentional learner support.

HUMAN-CENTERED LEARNING Reorient teaching and learning systems, expectations and experiences to put a holistic view of human development at the center.

AMPLIFIED VOICE AND IMPACT Reconfigure engagement and outcome frameworks and communications channels to bolster individual capacity and to increase community impact.

It is a lot like the Global Education Futures 2035 map..which Knowledgworks is affiliated with. Pretty questionable stuff.


VR and AR fit with the Knowledgeworks drivers of change. Especially now with schools shut down and everyone on a screen.

💰💰Watch this recent webinar / download the transcript

Knowledgeworks is one futurist organization; GEF is a global group of futurists. Their goals overlap. I am going to post some of the GEF reports here–which are also supposedly a map of education futures. This is the most recent GEF summary report (from 2014-2017) published 2018

” As Francis Heylighen argues, the observed acceleration of socio-technical change may be seen an indicator of a more fundamental transition towards a new level of civiliza-tion, a meta-system transition towards Global Brain of the society”

“An extrapolation of the corresponding hyperbolic growth model would forecast a singularity around 2040. This can be interpreted as the evolutionary transition to the Global Brain regime.”

pg 53 GEF

GEF/Russia: Skills of the future How to thrive in the complex new world

The first GEF report

pg 45 2016-2025: “On the Sidelines! A significant share of population start losing their professions to automation and are unable to adapt to changing conditions.Gerbil on a Treadmill. Involving socially marginalized people into employment & personal development through alternate reality games.”

And another post from her:

Another big data breach and why you should care about this Oracle Blukai leak.

“Have you ever wondered why online ads appear for things that you were just thinking about?

There’s no big conspiracy. Ad tech can be creepily accurate.

Tech giant Oracle is one of a few companies in Silicon Valley that has near-perfected the art of tracking people across the internet. The company has spent a decade and billions of dollars buying startups to build its very own panopticon of users’ web browsing data.

One of those startups, BlueKai, which Oracle bought for a little over $400 million in 2014, is barely known outside marketing circles, but it amassed one of the largest banks of web tracking data outside of the federal government.

BlueKai uses website cookies and other tracking tech to follow you around the web. By knowing which websites you visit and which emails you open, marketers can use this vast amount of tracking data to infer as much about you as possible — your income, education, political views, and interests to name a few — in order to target you with ads that should match your apparent tastes. If you click, the advertisers make money.
…for a time, that web tracking data was spilling out onto the open internet because a server was left unsecured and without a password, exposing billions of records for anyone to find.

Security researcher Anurag Sen found the database and reported his finding to Oracle through an intermediary — Roi Carthy, chief executive at cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock and former TechCrunch reporter.

TechCrunch reviewed the data shared by Sen and found names, home addresses, email addresses and other identifiable data in the database. The data also revealed sensitive users’ web browsing activity — from purchases to newsletter unsubscribes.

“There’s really no telling how revealing some of this data can be,” said Bennett Cyphers, a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told TechCrunch.”

And yet another post from her:

So a video game as a “drug” to fix ADHD… but aren’t there studies that say screen time worsens ADHD?

“It might not look like much of a video game, but Akili Interactive’s EndeavorRX, formerly Project EVO, may go down in history: it’s the first video game that can legally be marketed and prescribed as medicine in the US.

That’s the landmark decision from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is authorizing doctors to prescribe the iPhone and iPad game for kids between ages eight and 12 years old with ADHD, after it underwent seven years of clinical trials that studied over 600 children to figure out whether a game could actually make a difference…”

And yet another post from her:

Whoa. Colorado
“One group that is expected to use the “state-of-the-art” facility is the Pahara Institute, which operates a well-known networking group and training program for activists and teachers aligned with the education-reform movement. Hastings heavily funds and serves on the board of the Pahara Institute, which currently hosts its retreats at different locations around the country rather than at a single place.
It was Pahara that initially contacted local landowners to buy the acreage before Hastings personally stepped in and decided to do it himself…
not everyone has been thrilled about the arrival of construction crews to build a ritzy retreat in the rural, close-knit town of Bailey, a modest bedroom community about an hour southwest of Denver. It is one of the largest construction projects in the history of Park County, which is where the animated show South Park is fictionally set.

“The reaction to this was primarily negative,” recalled John Deagan, who oversaw the permitting process. “Some people just want to stop developments. That’s what the attitude was with this one.”

As is true with some billionaire philanthropy, this is all happening with minimal transparency, too. Park County residents have, until now, been totally in the dark about who exactly was financing the massive development, fueling conspiracy theories about where the money was coming from. Activists even voiced theories like these in government meetings.“

Do you know Pahara? You should. Reed Hastings (Netflix) & Gene Wade (UNow) are on the Board of Directors
Pahara-Aspen are building capacity by having all the reformers take this leadership training. It’s a “Who’s Who” and a “How To” in the future of corporate online ed reform.
Look at their graduating class from 2014, 2015 and 2016, you will see Susan Patrick from iNACOL, leaders from Walton Foundation, KIPP, Kaufman Foundation, 50CAN, Agile Mind, Jumpstart, TFA, US Dept of Ed, Community Schools, Colleges, State Depts of Ed, Innovation schools…
2014 Pahara-Aspen Grads

2015 Pahara-Aspen Grads

2016 Pahara-Aspen Grads

Of course, Pahara-Aspen reformer training is on the Gates Gravy Train.

Pahara Institute, Inc
Date: October 2012
Purpose: to support the Pahara Institute and its two leadership programs, the Pahara-Aspen Education Fellowship Program and a new emerging leaders program designed to accelerate the development of high potential emerging leaders of color
Amount: $1,966,408
Term: 48
Topic: K-12 Education
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Napa, California
Grantee Website:

It’s no secret that Gates has given MILLIONS to the Aspen Institute, with 5 pages of donations spanning the last several years. Here’s an almost $9Mil grant for college and career standards and assessments to “support” teaching.

The Aspen Institute Inc
Date: October 2014
Purpose: to support the implementation of college ready standards and assessments to support effective teaching
Amount: $8,985,088
Term: 39
Topic: K-12
Program: United States
Grantee Location: Washington, District of Columbia
Grantee Website:

Shannon Joy podcast on local resistance against covid, etc tyranny in public education:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


Local county departments of public safety are now asking parents in Minnesota to MAKE A PLAN MN in order to house your children temporarily elsewhere should you the parent come down with the Covid. Here are just two examples from Wright County and Minnesota Prairie Alliance (Dodge, Steele and 1 other).

There’s a lot more to this information. Once this latest CCAP CHILDCARE bill package gets passed over at the legislature, it will set so much in motion.

Here’s another.

So this is a K-12 school sending out letters to families.

And some replies to this post:

In April, Child Care Centers received a letter. Many exceptions were given. Including those for overnight care. I am a child care provider. This is extremely alarming what they are preparing for. It’s important to be aware and avoid this if at all possible. This is letter. There is currently funding as well for COVID that is Child Care related.

This makes no sense

We need more credible information in this area. I saw something similar in LA County but not enough information. No documentation, etc.

I don’t understand why they would even think of breaking up families-unless it’s for Foster children.

Well I saw that in WA. But seems they’re changing the story from allowing a parent who is sick to self-quarantine at home in a designated bedroom with designated bathroom to a new narrative. In the old narrative, kids were allowed in the home. I think that’s what I was trying to express on your post (sorry). But there’s constant flip flop happening.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Would anyone care to see the plans for smart cities for UK – I am sure the same will be implemented here also – Let’s see what is interesting ..”The plan is to transform cities into self-learning, self-modulating organisms known as smart cities, which are being designed based on the structure and function of human cells.”
“In 2007, the Commonwealth Fund launched the Triple Aim Initiative which represented a range of healthcare organisations in the United States, England, and Sweden, and was later expanded to include more countries. The initiative shifted the focus away from individual healthcare institutions and providers—and their outcomes—to population health.”

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

I told y’all this 2 weeks ago.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Always grin … ..
New York state is rolling out 500K smart streetlights that hook up to the Internet of Things.

And another post from her:

Apple Can Now Unlock Your Car And Listen To You Washing Your Hands

Here is a post on the wall of another friend of mine:

The emerging Cantons City State ?

And here is a post from this friend:

Here’s what Maine, USA is planning for the upcoming school year. This would NOT be possible without the coronapocalypse.

This is a programming model. Notice the buzzwords. Learn the language.


Each module will be designed around the essential question, “How do I Interact with and Impact My World?” The format will organize modules by grade level in grades pk-5, and by grade span for grades 6-8 and 9-12.

The essential elements of each of the modules include:

💥A project-based format
💥Best practices in asynchronous lesson design
💥Embedded formative assessments and opportunities for students to check for understanding
💥Standards in two or more content areas, three preferred
💥Opportunities to demonstrate growth in one or more of the Guiding Principles
💥Content that is inclusive of the experiences and multi-cultural backgrounds of students.
💥Considerations in accommodations for special education and English Learners
💥Embedded elements of social/emotional/behavioral learning and trauma-informed practices

And some replies to this post:

I will have to leave education if this comes here. When.

‘when’ is right. They’re finagling with Gist’s contract bc of covid.

I read that. Thank God I’m not in TPS, but as TPS does, everyone follows is true. At least IN Tulsa.

My partner is a high school level alt ed English teacher and we’ve probably got similar concerns. Her contract is secure for the next school year, but who knows after that? And this forced indoctrination will most likely be included in the curriculum. She does have a property inspection/realtor background as well, but this will most likely be another dead end by that time…

Humanities, if taught at all, will be a shell of what they ought to be.

How quaint; the star of Lucifer on their logo , again…. Or, one of the “thousand points of light” bush Sr so cleverly spoke about decades ago. They truly are transparent once you learn the language they use. Its beyond pathetic that each county school system doesn’t tell the Fed’s to get the F out of telling them what to teach their local kids. Heaven forbid each school district take control instead of being lackeys and kissing the boots for papa Fed. All for that Fed grant 💰… Our kids future were sold to the highest bidder.

BTW, they dont say it in their statistics, but according to the criteria to have an ACE (which is a funny way to think about it, it’s an “ace” for THEM) just about everyone has had one. That means just about everyone needs to be treated with trauma informed practices. You know what that means? It means these days that if a child acts out around you it’s thought to be due to the adults in their immediate vicinity. Children apparently no longer push to see where and how consistent the boundaries are any more. No….if a child acts out, even repeatedly, you, as the adult in the situation, have not made the child feel safe enough to act calmly and rationally. 🤦‍♀️ This is, from what I can tell so far, is what having a trauma informed teacher will do. No boundaries, no consequences.
Children need to know what is the right thing and not have their world be so squishy. This is tried and true. Even Dr. Spock knew this.

Great point– even if Dr.Spock was the pioneer of wussyifucation of America’s children. In addition, they must get every person/child possible a mental health diagnosis so when the red flag laws are enforced to prevent the 2nd amend from being exercised.
people will be denied based on mental health criteria. That’s why they are so concerned w making sure people receive these services…

so all this removal of stigma around mental health issues is not to help more people but to out them. Exactly right.

and to place everyone on a “personalized” learning track. An IEP, if you will. They want to roll out a special ed model for everyone. That’s how they will harvest everyone’s human capital profile. Since there’s no way to provide a human-teacher-led IEP for every single child, they will argue that a personalized ed-tech solution is the only feasible solution.

We know from years of experience that burden of implementing even simple IEPs isn’t good for anyone in a classroom setting. Mainstreaming so many spec ed kids is to blame. Now what started out, in my humble opinion, as a cost saving measure (few spec ed teachers and more paras who cost less) has dovetailed nicely into this.

it’s calculated and evil.

I believe that more and more every day.

Exactly—- calculated and evil.. They never do anything except to benefit their goal of total control and tyranny. Any soc wor w a bsw can ask the right questions and diagnose any person on this planet w ‘adjustment d/o nos” and you’ll be red flagged for life.

And another post from her:

Advancing toward a cashless society.


QuikTrip wants exact change, and the contents of your piggy bank, with coins in short supply nationwide

By Andrea Eger Tulsa World 39 min ago

QuikTrip is in the business of selling things Tulsans love — Hotzis, pizza slices, hot dogs and taquitos off of a spinning roller grill — for a little pocket change.

But this summer, the locally based convenience store chain wants to literally buy the change from your pocket.

“Signage is up now, or in the process of going up, notifying customers about the coin shortage,” said Mike Thornbrugh, manager of public and government affairs for Tulsa-based QuikTrip Corp. “If they can, we’re asking that they use exact change to help out or use a debit or credit card or other contactless forms of payment.

“And we are asking people who have extra change to redeem it with us.”

The coin shortage Thornbrugh is referring to is related to disruptions to the supply chain and normal currency circulation patterns because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last week, the Federal Reserve issued a rationing order, meaning banks will receive far fewer rolls of nickels, dimes, quarters and even pennies. That is having an immediate effect on retailers’ ability to obtain coins for their cash registers.

“In the past few months, coin deposits from depository institutions to the Federal Reserve have declined significantly and the U.S. Mint’s production of coin also decreased due to measures put in place to protect its employees,” stated the Fed’s announcement. “Although the Federal Reserve is confident that the coin inventory issues will resolve once the economy opens more broadly and the coin supply chain returns to normal circulation patterns, we recognize that these measures alone will not be enough to resolve near‐term issues.”

For those without exact change, QuikTrip is offering to place the change owed on QT gift cards, but Thornbrugh hopes the open call for cash exchange of people’s coin stashes will buy them some time.

“I think I’m probably like most people. I collect coins and redeem them at a certain point, so I probably have $50 to $60 worth of coins,” said Thornbrugh. “Don’t bring a wheelbarrow full — let’s use moderation. But we want to be proactive because this potential is out there, and I think you are going to see a lot of places doing things like this. If you can help us, we think it will help out the situation quite a bit.”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

This is one of the monthly texts I receive from an organization I was directed to through the sex ed curriculum in three of my local school districts and dozens of other districts.
Organizations like this not only recruit our youth to become activists through the curriculums in our public schools, they also train them. They are taught how to protest, how to agitate law enforcement and others they target, and they train them on what to do if they get arrested among other activist tactics.

If you do not speak to your children and young adults about your politics and your values, our government funded public education will take it upon themselves to do it for you.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

MTA Explores Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Measure Mask Compliance On Subways

And another post from her:

Someone finally got what was the truth …

Who Is Funding Black Lives Matter And Why? The Answer May Shock You!

WBCSD, Low Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi), CGIAR’s Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) Programme, and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) working group is comprised of PepsiCo, Monsanto, Olam, Kellogg Company, Starbucks, Diageo, Coca-Cola, Yara International, Tyson Foods, Walmart, Du Pont, Banamex, Unilever, PwC, and Novozymes

And yet another post from her:

China’s central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan met with the UN Secretary General’s Special Advocate on Inclusive Finance for Development (H.M. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands), during her visit to China in November 2014 to discuss China’s experience and lessons in financial inclusion, and the support that China could provide to the UN-led program ( United Nations 2015 ). The Special Advocate met again with Governor Zhou during the World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings in April 2015. The Special Advocate highlighted two goals in particular: finding solutions that can have the widest impact and reaching neglected populations, particularly women. During her trip to China in November 2014, the Special Advocate also met with Alibaba founder and chair Jack Ma, at Alibaba’s corporate headquarters in Hangzhou, where they discussed the potential of online financial services to expand financial inclusion, and enrolled the support of Alibaba, one of the China’s leading private high tech companies into the global initiative.

She met also with Alibaba, Tencent and China Mobile, together, to discuss the unfolding digital landscape in China, where digital finance extends beyond mobile money, and how online financial services are being offered inside China by a growing range of Internet-based providers. After her meeting with the leading edge Chinese ITC firms, the Special Advocate remarked that: “The potential growth of online financial services, targeting especially the excluded and productive segments of society, is enormous. China’s embrace of technology-based finance could be particularly promising for small businesses, which often have limited access to traditional banking. As partnerships emerge between mobile operators, banks, and internet-based companies, the newly blurred lines between what were once distinct businesses point to a broader path to financial access for enterprises” ( United Nations 2015 ).

And yet another post from her:

Stakeholder capitalism: GEC at Davos 2020

And another post from her:

Jeremy Heimans is Australian – Years ago he created what is called Get Up something like what Americans have used called MeetUp to tell of events etc… Heimans’ Get Up was financed by George Soros – Heimans new organization is called PURPOSE .. PURPOSE is connected to Bill Gates Foundation, United Nations , WHO/ World Health Organization , etc.. …
The future belongs to Airbnb and Black Lives Matter, in other words, and the book is a manual for us to learn how to be more like them.

And here is a post on her wall:

And another post from this friend:

There are now calls to replace the National Anthem.

And now look what is being used to change the system – Foolishness will cause us to collapse – Ignorance of being brainwashed – Communism did not end with the fall of the Berlin Wall it was to spread and it is – some communist philosophy believes our country is Atlantis and Eurasia is to own it or destroy it … The game is which will it be totally out of existence or changed ?

some history – In the early 1980s the NYC government decided to go with what is now Vision 2030 it pertained to the water area of Manhattan to develop the green areas – tRump first bid for the project failed and he made another bid for the job which he received .. He could not complete that job and sold … . It is now called Comprehensive Waterfront Plan Vision 2030 … Quote : “Riverside South is an urban development project in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. It was originated by six civic associations – The Municipal Art Society, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Parks Council, Regional Plan Association, Riverside Park Fund, and Westpride – in partnership with real estate developer Donald Trump. The largely residential complex, located on the site of a former New York Central Railroad yard, includes Trump Place and Riverside Center. The $3 billion project is on 57 acres (23 ha) of land along the Hudson River between 59th Street and 72nd Street. —– Trump sold Riverside South to investors from Hong Kong and mainland China,”

And yet another post from her:

Have any of you wondered why it has to be exactly 6ft. apart in social distancing??? Think about it for a while – Hint could it be this is the only way that tech can ID you ? There is technology which can also ID you with a mask on too..

And yet another post from her:

The BIS report adds to the discussion between the central banks about how to modernize the payments systems for the digital world. An earlier publication from the institution focused on financial stability: More than a dozen countries are either researching, piloting, or, like China, have ongoing work in place for central bank digital currencies. As physical cash becomes less prevalent, consumers are becoming more reliant on commercial intermediaries like banks and fintechs. In a financial panic, consumers may regret not having as much access to physical notes and coins.

Covid is accelerating the demise of cash, highlighting racial inequities in digital payments

And a post from another friend of mine:

Soon doctors and nurses will no longer be needed. Yes doctors and nurses, your jobs are in jeopardy! You better start pushing back now! Technocracy is coming!

“In a collaboration between Google Brain, Intel Corporation and the University of California, Berkeley, researchers have ‘trained’ robots to mimic surgical procedures through the use of instructional videos.

UC Berkeley professors have previously used YouTube videos as a guide for robots to learn various motions such as jumping or dancing, while Google has trained robots to understand depth and motion. The team applied that knowledge to their latest project, Motion2Vec, in which videos of actual surgical procedures are used for instruction. In a recently released research paper, researchers outline how they used YouTube videos to train a two-armed da Vinci robot to insert needles and perform sutures on a cloth device.

The medical team relied on Siamese networks, a deep-learning setup that incorporates two or more networks sharing the same data. The system is optimal for comparing and assessing relationships between datasets. Such networks have been used in the past for facial detection, signature verification and language detection.”

Read the full article here:

More information:

And another post from him:

I knew this was coming. I saw China as a testing ground for this and it was just a matter of time before they would bring it here. I didn’t know how they would do it, but Covid-19 ended up being the ticket. If we allow this, we are so fucked!

You’ll become slaves to Technocrats that see you as a number on a ledger, where everything is input-output, data collection, searching, sorting, analyzing, pruning, adjusting, optimizing, fed to AI algorithms, and placed in feed-back loops. You will be part of a digital AI economy where your output value will be measured and marked as “essential” or “non-essential”. You will be managed as useful asset or a non-useful asset. There will be no escaping your matrix. You are about to enter a world of hurt! Welcome to your modern digital feudalism and authoritarian depopulation. Welcome to TECHNOCRACY!

“Sold: 50 million digital health passports
“A British cyber security company, VST Enterprises has signed a contract with international digital health technology firm Circle Pass Enterprises (CPE), owner of ‘Covi-Pass’, to supply 50 million of its ‘digital health passports’ to 15 countries. VST was founded by tech entrepreneur Louis-James Davis to integrate its state-of-the-art VCode & VPlatform technologies into the Covi-Pass Digital Health Passport, which will be paired with approved testing kits.

Put simply, the user downloads the app to their smartphone device and uploads his/her key information, such as name, address, age. Their identity is then verified using a biometric fingerprint or facial scan. A COVID-19 test is then carried out by an authorised healthcare professional, nurse or medical doctor. The test is geo-fenced to that location ­– using GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to set a virtual boundary around a geographical location – and the test results are then scanned from the testing kit into the Covi-Pass Health Passport.

A colour mapping system (green, amber, red) authenticates and provides the COVID-19 test history and relevant health information, so the accurate data metrics can assess those who have tested positive and negative and the location only of their testing. The user can then show the Covi-Pass to authenticate their health status. ‘A traffic light system confirms their health status as either red or green, red for positive and green for negative,’ the company points out. ‘The amber colour indicates a countdown timer to when another test would be due and required. The Covi-Pass can be used as an authenticated gateway for public services, businesses and employees to manage a safe return to work, life, and safe travel. One of the many unique features of the VCode cyber security,’ adds CPE c-founder Adam Palmer, ‘is that the technology can be scanned from up to 100 metres, ensuring its social distancing compliance is robust and making it the only choice for a safe and secure digital health passport.’ Plus, CPE points out, scanning is viable while the person is moving and at various angles.’

We firmly believe that the digital health passport, alongside government approved testing kits, is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way.

Shipping has begun for the first phased release of these 50 million digital health passports to the private sector and Governments in over 15 countries, including Italy, Portugal, France, Panama, India, the US, Canada, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, United Arab Emirates and The Netherlands, the company reports. ‘We firmly believe that the digital health passport, alongside government approved testing kits, is the key to removing the lockdown restrictions in a gradual and controlled way,’ Davis believes.””

And here is a post on his wall:

Last year my partner had to go onto UC and they said it was online only. He said he didnt have a phone they looked at him blankly and said well you’ll need to get someone to do it for you then or go online or buy a phone. They can give a cash advance to cover it that needs paying back. They didnt give any other options I’m pretty sure if people dont have a phone they will offer a free microchip. I read somewhere theyll be free I’m betting this will be the options. I know this happened last year people were saying online about it but they didnt care unless you access the online account you dont get paid. Thousands were having money stopped they just stopped poeoples money. They put everything under one roof but if you dont go online everything gets stopped. Housing, child benefit, esa, disability and 1000s were starving and committing suicide over it. To me this was the beginning of it

after cashless society they will bring in a credit system where you are scored based on your behaviour. So I think it will work differently. Instead of money itll be that if you are a good citizen you’ll get most points but lose points or credits if you disobey. We probably wont own anything maybe our cash in the bank worthless . Maybe theyll give us credits to the value of what we own but detract them for bad behaviour. Maybe that’s how they take our property. In the UN plan they say it will be more equal so spread assets out. I’d imagine that theyll do it so we all own nothing under the guise of restribubuting wealth to the poor

And some replies to this post:

Under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, they intend on moving people from rural areas to urban smart cities. I’m assuming they can use eminent domain, or rezone territory, classify an area as national or historical park, perhaps burn it down or poison the ground water, or what not. I’m not an authority on land or real-estate laws and management. I just know they intend to take land / property away from land owners. The belief is that people need to be contained in tighter concentrations where there is 5G and can be monitored and controlled better, and that land should go to the very wealthy, held in trust for profit. He who controls all the land and resources has more power than he who prints money!

you’re correct. The way it will work is that they will have everything on a blockchain. The tokens that are generated are just tokens. They can have the appearance of being dollars or the appearance of being credit or bonus points or chips, or stars or cookies or whatever they want It to represent. The tokens will be programmatic. They will be programmable money. If you meet conditions, transactions will take place, but if you don’t meet the conditions, you cannot make a transaction. They can deduct from the blockchain ledger any negative points you accumulate in real-time (thus the high speed 5G). Or, they can punish you and sanction or ration your tokens/credit/cash/points in whatever manner they wish. This is the danger of being registered on a blockchain and then having a cashless society. You become a real slave.

yes sounds about right. I dont know how we fight this. They already use this system in a way. I know people that have had benefits stopped for months if they are 10 minutes late for an appointment. Banks already charge if you bounce a cheque for example. The ID chip and health cert will probably give you access to cash shops ect so without that wont be able to function. Theyll probably issue fines for not obeying or if we cant pay Bill’s as they do now but they maybe hefty as they are now ridiculous fines for leaving the house for example. It wont take long to build up. I think if you leave your house if you test positive its £1000 a day or refuse treatment. This will probably be taken back in the form of your home if you own it. As they do with the elderly now. Buy there house and give them it back by renting it out with an allowance. Many old people fell for this scam. Release the equity in your home… made it sound attractive while taking their homes away from them

They are going to take as much value and wealth from people as much as they can. I strongly believe that they are going to try to reduce the aging population since they consider the old a burden on society. This has been written in their textbooks for ages and they still make mention of it from time to time. Now they are acting on it. They are going to keep the children since the children are the future engineers for their technocracy. Gone are the days of liberal arts, music, history, literature, etc. Instead, they are grooming the kids to be engineers, scientists, technicians, statisticians, etc. for the data-driven technocratic AI surveillance system. I could go on and on, but it be too long. These nutcase transhumanists, are hell bent on reengineering the planet, not just the economics and men. They want to reinvent it all.

How do you think they will do that? We have A LOT of rural dwellers in Maine.

most counties in all the states have some form of “sustainable development goals” that they plan to implement. Your best bet is to find out what your county couselors have in store for the county that will meet the agenda (21) of your county. Every county in the nation have a different program they are following, but they are following it nonetheless. Also, your commerce office will have information regarding plans for “sustainable” “impact” development goals. Thos are all guidelines of WEF and UN agendas.

What is UC?

Universal Credit – benefits system in the U.K.

My gut feeling tells me that Real ID will be a big part of this. You already are limited, kind of like “No mask no entry” from what the rules are now if you don’t have it: i..e no driving, no entering government buildings, no flying, etc. And I’m sure once they make it digital, it’ll go to no voting and no government benefits and other stuff. I even saw something from the National Governor’s Association suggesting that the take the time of the Real ID deadline extension to update the system with modern technology.

I also think that the lifeblood of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals is going to be the public private partnerships (and yes, that WOULD include the Federal Reserve and the other Rotschild central banks in other countries.) These are the main reactor to the SDG Death Star. Take that out and the whole system goes down.

This is all global. No matter where I go or what I do, this global event is going ot be all around us. So I’m just sticking around. I’ll just continue to post what I know about technocracy, transhumanism, 4IR, technology that will be used, etc. I’ve been doing technology for over 30 years as an engineer and have worked on a lot of the tech that is now being employed, so I have a lot of first hand knowledge of this stuff. I never thought it would come to this though. I have no idea how I’m going to make a living, if there is a living to be made. Things are changing rapidly and I’m afraid my services may no longer be needed or I might be considered a liability because I’m not complying or won’t be complying with the draconian measures. So everything is up in the air for me. I might as well dig back to my Army days and fight back as best as I can. The best weapon to use information. The more allies we can get by awaking people with knowledge of the facts, the better our chances of surviving become. But we need to keep informing others and rally together. At some point, we’re going to have to show up on the stage. In person, if we want to enact change.

And another post from him:

This is the President of Ghana. He explains, reading from the Rockefeller Foundations documents, what is coming in the next few months.

He explains that the lockdown measures are going to become more severe. There is going to be 2 to 3 waves of Covid-19 from now till end of year. There is going to be mandatory vaccines. There is going to be rioting and a resistance against the resistance. There is going to be name shaming and prohibition of commerce for anti-masks and anti-vaxxers. Basically, anyone that does not comply with the NWO reset will be deemed a threat to the world and will be blamed for the multiple waves of Covid-19 infections that ensue.

He has a lot more to say. I think it’s worth watching. Take what you can from it.

Here are some links:
Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development

National Security Study Memorandum

President of Ghana (this) video;

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

And another post from her:

INTERESTING HOW 2020 is the year we are beginning to see radical changes – 2021 is when the Fed. Reserve rolls out fast track payment system … Hmmm 2021

The “21” in Agenda 21 refers to the original target year of 2021 where they were hoping to achieve their development goals by then. It has been affirmed and had a few modifications at subsequent UN conferences. Since it found 2021 was an overly optimistic date, its new timeline is targeting 2030. Its aim is to achieve global sustainable development. One major objective of the Agenda 21 initiative is that every local government should draw its own local Agenda 21. Since 2015, Sustainable Development Goals are included in the newer Agenda 2030.[citation needed]

And yet another post from her:

Can it be any clearer?
Everything the UN does is for global governance.
Lima Agreement, Rio Declaration, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement all designed to destroy capitalist western nations.

U.N. Chief Guterres Calls for One Supreme Body of ‘Global Governance’

And yet another post from her:

The featured image was from 2017. It was featured in an article about the massive technology efforts embedded in the US BECAUSE of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Those same Goals are why we have Science, Technology, Engineering, (the Arts), and, Math (STEM/STEAM) in not only, education, but EVERYWHERE in the USA.

Ping! We’re “It”

And here is a post from another friend of mine:

Here’s an interesting exchange that happened to me at the gym today. I was getting my youngest his own membership since he’s old enough now and the employee told me that they aren’t giving out key fobs for memberships anymore bc they are going “touchless” bc of COVID. They want him to put an app on his phone and scan the barcode that way. I told her he doesn’t take his phone into the gym so she said he can give his phone number to the employees at the desk. I said, “So corporate doesn’t want you to touch a fob and hand it to the customer bc they are afraid of COVID transmission but they are OK with customers talking to you from across the counter? You realize that I touched the pen and keypad and then you touched the pen and keypad, right? Does this make sense to you?” She replied, “I dunno I just know they want us to get customers to go touchless.”

Of course they do. Contact tracing apps, anyone? Leave your phones at home or turn off the COVID apps and Bluetooth when you go out.

A friend of mine shared this on his wall:

My husband pulled this notice off the door at the bank yesterday. “Due to a national coin shortage, the Federal Reserve is rationing coin shipments. Wells Fargo has limited coins available and we encourage customers to deposit rolled coins to assist with this shortage.”
Who else thinks this supposed coin shortage will help usher in the digital dollar?

Here is a post that was shared by another friend of mine:


This is my latest for The Last American Vagabond. It’s a very important topic. Please read and share.

People around the world are already being judged and denied access to financial services because of their social media data – and they don’t even realize it.

According to a new report from cybersecurity experts Kaspersky, 32 percent of adults between 25 to 34 have had issues getting a mortgage or loan due to their social media activity. The denial of loans comes as part of “social scoring systems” which are being used at an alarming rate by government and businesses to determine customers or citizens “trustworthiness.”

Unfortunately, the survey also found that 67 percent of people are willing to share their profiles to secure online shopping discounts and 52 percent are willing if it means skipping lines at airports and other means of travel. Finally, 51 percent of people said they are fine with government monitoring their social media behavior if it means keeping the public safe. The post-9/11 indoctrination appears to have worked to an astounding degree.

And here is a post from this friend:

Regardless of one’s politics, this article is important because it is a popular media outlet acknowledging the seriousness of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan. This is not a drill. And the technocratic surveillance state that is being erected without our consent is already profiting from slave labor.

“The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions. Among other things, Schwab has said of the Great Reset, “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.””

And some replies to this post:

Al Gore has invested 100’s of millions of dollars in fake meat industry and in “green” energy companies, that stand to make him billions of dollars. He and all of the globalists are in a scam so big, you would die if you knew the scope of it. Carbon credits = social credits scores. Yes, and Gore is working with Goldman Sachs in the scheme along with an exchange they created for carbon taxing in Chicago. Oh, that is only the tip of the iceberg!

Given his TN origins I’m sure he is closely linked to Paul Tudor Jones and Corecivic.

Alison right another billionaire. And I had forgotten that Gore was an investor in private prisons. I’m sure he just can’t wait till all of the anti-vaxxers/masks not complying with orders start to fill up his prisons. He’s a fraud if ever there was one.

Look up moral reconation therapy…

So it’s a pay-for-success mental behavioral prison program? So there is impact investment on the prisoners individually, as in tokenized metrics and valuation?

Yes! It was used in the first US SIB.

Social impact brainwashing backed by Bloomberg.

MRT also used in Ventura SIB that Justin Leroy talks about here.

OKLAHOMA friends, the Vera Institute project is the model for Oklahoma’s criminal justice reforms. Bloomberg and Kaiser are investment partners (Blue Meridian) and Kaiser is a funder of MDRC, which runs predictive risk analytics on schoolchildren, too.

I’m just blown away by the depths of the conspiracy. They are neck deep into this NWO reset / agenda.

Here is a post from yet another friend of mine:

Remember the invented 4th arm of our government known as BlackRock? Are you aware BlackRock received a bailout ?
The national lockdown left states, cities and local businesses in desperate need of federal government aid. But according to David Dayen in The American Prospect, as of May 30 [the Fed’s last monthly report], the only purchases made under the Fed’s new BlackRock-administered SPVs were ETFs, mainly owned by BlackRock itself. Between May 14 and May 20, about $1.58 billion in ETFs were bought through the Secondary Market Corporate Credit Facility [SMCCF], of which $746 million or about 47% came from BlackRock ETFs. The Fed continued to buy more ETFs after May 20, and investors piled in behind, resulting in huge inflows into BlackRock’s corporate bond ETFs.

And another post from her:

You want names? We got names. Here are the leading Technocrat bigwigs behind the global “Great Reset”.

And yet another post from her:

The herd continues to lose jobs – Remember Accenture is Rothschild – Ripple is also connected to Accenture – Accenture is also connected ID 2020

And yet another post from her:

The UN and the ICJ/ International Court of Justice [World Court ]were established by the same charter.

And yet another post from her:

Yep, I was right not to wish any one a Happy New Year – Welcome to the beginning of ” global governance “

Several major US cities to explore Universal Basic Income pilot projects The mayors of Los Angeles, Oakland, Compton, Stockton, California; Atlanta, Georgia; Tacoma, Washington; Newark, New Jersey; Shreveport, Louisana; Jackson, Mississippi; and Saint Paul, Minnesota announced today that they have joined the “Mayors for a Guaranteed Income” program—a coalition for universal basic income.
According to the plan, which was devised by Stockton mayor Michael Tubbs, residents will be provided with basic cash payments.

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Gates $1.6million for co-branded (CCSSO and CFC) set of comprehensive COVID-19 state education reopening plans that address health and safety guidance at both the (State) SEA and (Local) LEA levels.

CCSSO and NGA own the patent to Common Core standards

And some replies to this post:

Wow! So he’s working with Jeb Bush and Chiefs for Change! Yikes!

always: this just goes on and on and on

Wow! Expensive for something the district’s can create for themselves.

Shared. I give up, parents putting masks on their children, boasting of accomplishments with Common Core! There is no hope for them or their future. Only saving grace, they won’t know what freedom, rich history, or opportunities they were denied due to lack of parental involvement

CFC change report on COVID19 and schools

CCSSO and Covid19

Chiefs for Change were always in it.

The UNESCO guidelines for reopening are also tucked into the report.

And another post from her:

Denver Public Schools plans to hold in-person classes five days a week this fall, a departure from earlier plans that called from alternating days of in-person instruction or other part-time scenarios. District officials announced the new plans in a letter to families today. There will be mandatory daily health screenings and masks will be required for students and staff who attend in-person.
Read the story below.

Denver Public Schools plans to hold classes in person this fall, joining a number of other metro area districts in a more complete return to the classroom.

The announcement represents a change from an initial plan that called for separating students into cohorts and having them attend on alternating days or weeks to keep class sizes small. State public health rules still limit schools to no more than 10 people in any given classroom, but Gov. Jared Polis has said repeatedly that he expects those rules to be loosened by August, when class resumes.

Denver Superintendent Susana Cordova announced the change in plans in an email to parents Friday. She said evolving public health information and parent demand drove the decision.

“Every week, we learn more from our health experts about the COVID-19 virus,” Cordova wrote. “We learn from school systems around the world how to keep our students and staff learning, working and healthy. We’ve considered the overall effects of having schools open at full strength for our students and families, something that we have heard is critically important to our community.”

New guidance from metro area public health agencies emphasizes that children do not seem to play a major role in transmission.

The district will also offer a full-time online option for all grades for families who do not want to send their children to school.

And some replies to this post:

Masks, what the hell? Haven’t they kept up on the research regarding masks? Wait until Thanksgiving rolls around and the kids all have breathing problems. This is one of the stupidest things I have heard. As a teacher, I would quit!! As a parent, I would be applying for my non-profit status and start a private school

It’s interesting to hear the different perspectives on in-person school. I’ve spoken to many parents, tending to be conservative leaning, that won’t send their child to school due masks being unhealthy. I’ve heard from more liberal leaning that they won’t send their kid to school in a mask & partitions because it’s too military and/or fear of the virus. Many parents are opting for Homeschool (not remote) – some for fear of COVID, but mostly if SB163 is signed into law. All of these reasons above (and more) it will be interesting how many students actually will be in class. I think the per pupil funding the state is counting on is extremely underestimated. There is no way my kids are wearing a mask 7.5 hours a day. It is essential for kids to see expressions and the teachers mouth move, especially young learners. Plus the multiple screenings & tracking, over-sanitation, no PE, lunch in the classroom, and etc. Yuck.

i find it interesting there is such a stink about masks and pare ts not sending back yet there was next to nothing when it came to common core and the invalid assessments wth.

And yet another post from her:

Replacing end of year tests like PARCC,SBAC, SAT, /ACT with online formative, & hidden data collecting tests like NWEA MAPs or iREADY is not better. You cannot see the data streams (every keystroke) cannot opt out.

As Nancy Bailey says,
“There’s social-emotional data, academic data, demographic data, and more.

It’s critical to understand the threat of competency or performance-based testing and challenge the new assessment. If not, students will be reduced to data points, and used for investment schemes. Schooling will become all about profit-making.”

And the post that she quoted:

Do not become complacent. Standardized testing is morphing into online embedded competency-testing. Watch for it.

And here is a post from another friend of mine:

Don’t give up the coins and check your State’s legal tender laws.

And another post from her:

Covid sets up conditions that are just too perfect for human capital speculators.

If you saw how Common Core ruined education, you’ll recognize the similarities with the program listed below.

Notice that the way “to protect” vulnerable children is actually TO SURVEIL THEM and create comprehensive digital records of them. 👉This is INVENTORY CONTROL.

The role of technology is critical in this endeavor, as we begin to define what the “new normal” looks like, creating a society with limited physical interaction and movement to carry on the business that needs to be done: working the children’s cases so they can be returned to a family. The pandemic has highlighted the need for governments to have a centralized system that collects accurate digital records. With Children First Software (CFS), the government child welfare institution can continue their work remotely in a safe and secure way, collaborating with colleagues and NGOs across the country. With this understanding, the BEB development team remains focused and productive while working from home during these uncertain times, continuing to enhance CFS.

In another milestone for BEB, our first mobile application, Profile Mobile, is ready for use! This mobile app works “offline”, allowing countries to visit children’s homes in remote locations without internet or cellular service to conduct a simple census and identify all children living there. Once the user returns to an area with internet access, the information of these children will be uploaded to CFS, creating a digital record for the child. This enables the government to obtain a more accurate understanding of the vulnerable children population living outside of family care. This digital record in CFS provides increased visibility to designated government supervisors, making it easier to ensure the child is receiving the appropriate care and their case might be completed more expeditiously.

And a post from another friend of mine:

Here is a post from the Massachusetts anti-radical sex ed group:

Hats off to the Washington State parents who collected enough signatures to place a referendum on the ballot to repeal “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) legislation that was signed into law earlier this year.

MIP’s counterpart in WA, Informed Parents of Washington was very instrumental, along with others, in gathering the required signatures. See what a difference engaged parents can make?!

“Elementary age children do not need to learn about masturbation. Teens should not be told that the pull-out method is more effective than they think. Kids should not be taught that sexting is as innocent as watching a movie together, and schools should not be suggesting co-bathing as an alternative [to sexual intercourse].”

Here is a post from the California anti-radical sex ed group:

Right under your/Our noses Our Children are being poisoned and brain washed…BrainPOP is a Leftist Liberal Organization and Application on Your Smart Phone or Computer…which was an extended learning tool advised by School’s to help teach children at home. My own Daughter HAD (past tense) it on her tablet which is how I found out about it just yesterday.

I opened an email from BrainPOP regarding the “Protests” and teaching your Children about “Black Lives Matter Movement.”
And now today there is another one regarding the Legacy of the LGBTQA and “How Children can become Allies to the LGBTQA + Peers”

I discovered they are based out of New York, NY which was not a surprise. During the BLM video they told lies as truth in a Animated documentary.
Said Blacks had twice the chance of getting killed by police than whites.
Said the Protests have been Overwhelmingly Peaceful and the news has been only reporting the bad stuff
Said We live in Structural Racism with a built in system which makes it easier for whites than Blacks
Portrayed George Floyd who was “Murdered” by the Police as a Family Man
Made no mention of Family when they reveal Blacks are 60% more likely to end up in Prison; Attributing it to the “Structural Racism” which is Oppressing Blacks

This is Pure Evil…and Spreading these Socialist Ideals onto our Children when their minds are the most able and willing to learn

And some replies to this post:

This app was assigned every other day for my 2nd grader during distance learning. I made sure to listen in on some of the videos, I did notice bias in some of the historical figures/biographies. We need to be vigilant of all of the assigned and recommended educational programs.

it’s disappointing that it is not left up to parents to decide if and when they deem certain topics appropriate for their own children. I can’t even let my kids watch Nickelodeon, Noggin, or Disney without being in the same room. I never even considered myself an over-protective parent until media and schools began not giving us the choice to filter messages to our own kids.

you are being exactly the parent that God asks you to be. I was welcoming people at a parenting class at a conference and this is exactly what the teacher said to do. Deuteronomy 6.

wow 2nd grader is WAY too young. No wonder the youngsters want to topple our founding fathers’ statues too.

What’s also alarming about Disney and HBO and them is that Disney is now flagging older movies like Lady and the Tramp with warning saying that some of the content in there might be “old fashioned” or “outdated” and HBO is already pulling stuff like Gone with the Wind.

My sons public school would assign this app during distant learning thank god that was our last year in public school

yes I’ve seen that on Disney+. I never realized we would ever see a time like this.

What’s really alarming is that, and I talked to a computer DVD repair guy last year, and my DVD player was having issues and he said that they don’t really make them good anymore as they plan to phase them out someday in the future and replace them with stuff like streaming. Without VHS, BlueRay, or DVDs, it would be far too easy for Disney, Amazon, Netflix, HBO, etc to “disappear” stuff that was un-PC and move us closer to Orwell’s world of Big Brother with history and material constantly being replaced.

yes my husband works for an entertainment company so he has long been saying that that streaming will become the norm for everyone eventually. So much easier to control us then. I don’t know how so much of media and entertainment is a monopoly by companies that are anything but wholesome.

Disney owns over 1/3 of the market and Comcast now owns both Universal and Dreamworks. There really IS a small group of companies owning most of the pie.

I sure don’t need Tim and Moby teaching my kid about these issues. He’s 7 and has no clue what racism is beyond the basics.
Brainpop has overstepped their boundaries here. Especially with sexuality matters.

Wow! Our private school used this during distance learning and my son loved it. Crazy. Thanks for the heads up.

This is Critical Race Theory (CRT) tailored to plant seeds of hate in trusting children. Want to learn how CRT causes racism just watch this eye opening interview.

Talk Show Host Shannon Joy from NY mentioned how she came across this being shown in schools near her. She said tht you had to go in and see it and that they really wouldn’t let the parents check it out (big red flag):

Wow, I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but thank you. My son had this on his laptop and used it once or twice, I will be deleting it immediately and letting them know why.

They also collect a TON of data. Read their terms of service. Yikes

I stopped using brain pop last year when they added a lesson glorifying Harvey Milk. Total liberal trash and indoctrination site.

Oh my goodness! Seriously?? We get this app through our charter school. I definitely will not be using it now. Unbelievable!

How long until people realize they children and teens don’t need smart phones. They need a desktop, in the living room, with limited time to get their homework done. That’s it.

In my opinion, children do not need a smart phone. Teens need monitored. Phones are now used in the classroom for interactive games and activities, like Quizlet. It is important to be aware what your teen does and to have constant discussions as needed. These ideas and agendas are not going away. Students need to be prepared.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The oligarchs and tech-billionaires are forcing authoritative Technocracy on us whether we like it or not, using the cover of Covid-19. This is what the New World Order looks like. This is what “The Great Reset” is ushering in. The oligarchs are finally getting their way, as outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the World Economic Forum Covid-19 Action Plan. According to these people, there is no going back to “normal”.

Soon, it will be required to be masked, vaccinated, IDed and do business with a cashless government wallet. Every human and property, will be registered on a blockchain and each person will have a social credit score attached in real-time, with the assistance of AI, that will determine if you are a “trustworthy” global citizen. Depending on your score or “traffic light color”, you may not be allowed to travel, or buy food, or buy goods, or not receive services, medical attention, or rent an apartment or buy a home or car. If you complain against the government, your score can drop precipitously, and forbid you entry to schools, theaters, shopping malls, taxis, hospitals, etc.

This is what you call population control and behavior modification.

This is an oligarchs wet dream come true. There is no going back to “normal” until the oligarchs are removed from power.

“Visitors and staff at Jersey city’s municipal buildings will soon be greeted with a camera and thermometer.

Jersey City officials said they are installing face and temperature scanners at all municipal buildings. The science fiction-esque devices, called OneScreen GoSafes, will screen visitors for fevers and use a camera to check if they are wearing masks.

Jersey City Business Administrator Brian Platt tweeted on Thursday that visitors needed to be wearing a face mask and have a body temperature under 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit to enter city buildings. The GoSafe devices will ensure that everyone entering municipal buildings meets that criteria.”

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

The world’s most powerful central bank [the Fed)]joins with the central bank of central banks [BIS] to dominate crypto-currency [ digital currency aka cashless society ] and run other cryptos into a ditch. Crypto-groupies may laugh now. Just give these two a little time; they’ll dominate the world …

The BIS Innovation Hub is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with federal reserve New York Fed
to further the development of fintech initiatives for the global financial system

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

PRE SCREENING QUESTIONS FOR EMPLOYEES AND EVERY CUSTOMER ‼Ted says, I told you these mandates are never going to stop, if you give them an inch they will take a mile, and guess what your rights will keep being taken away one by one…..

And a post from yet another friend of mine:

Sam’s Club is offering scan as you go – Scan your product into your smart phone by use of a Sam’s Club app.. Tally your purchases and pay by use of your smart phone – No cash involved – Totally digital ..

Two colleges to avoid this fall:

Ohio State:

University of Tennessee:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:


And the post that she quoted:

So this is the rhetoric they will use to implement Agenda 21 where people are herded into urban areas and are no longer allowed to used public lands…

Here is a post from another friend of mine:

Every global elite group that you can imagine has thrown their full weight behind Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy


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