Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 25

This is part 25.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Standards Based Grading (SBG) is the next step in comparing Commoncore apples to apples …or human capital widgets to human capital widgets. It is a grading scale for interoperable data.

“SBG allows for data gathering on children to be linked directly to the standards. During the 2012 Datapalooza, the CEO of Knewton, Jose Ferreira, talked about his company’s software being able to predict a child’s grade – as long as teachers were consistent graders. SBG is the solution to that irksome old problem of unpredictability!
The bottom line is: SBG is the next level of data mining on our kids. You don’t have to compare end of year assessments across schools or states. SBG can be linked nicely to ed tech programs that will pump out a 1-4 grade per standard, presented in real time. Johnny’s parents may someday know that he is ranked 111,114 in the nation in math,and then, be able to predict whether or not he’ll be accepted to Stanford at the age of 8. Talk about a brave new world of potential-limiting prophecy!”

Here is a post from the Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

The DHS pushed for this legislation. The DHS is also in charge of child care providers and oversees childcare programs. The DHS works with Help Me Grow, the home visit referral system. Hmmm.. It appears we need to completely clean house over at the DHS and then take this up with our legislators in the House. (Please note: Rep Pinto is also the chair of the Early Childhood Committee in the House.)

RELEASE: No Joke: Party-line vote to will allow convicted murderers, child sex offenders, drive-by shooters to work in DHS programs
Monday, April 01, 2019
ST. PAUL, MN—House Democrats voted Monday on a 73-54 party-line vote to pass HF2265, authored by Rep. Dave Pinto, DFL-St. Paul, that would allow individuals convicted of a variety of crimes including murder, drive-by-shooting, felony-level stalking, child abuse, and solicitation of children to engage in sexual conduct, to be eligible to work in a variety of positions that require Department of Human Services (DHS) background studies including Personal Care Attendants (PCAs), providers of home and community-based care services for Minnesotans with disabilities, adult day services, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) drivers, and more. The bill would require DHS to consider granting a set-aside or variance to anyone who otherwise would have been disqualified as a result of a variety of serious felony and criminal convictions that are more than twenty years old.

“This bill opens the door to allowing literal murderers and child sex offenders to work alongside Minnesota’s most vulnerable citizens with no guarantees or safeguards that they have been rehabilitated and ready to rejoin the workforce,” said Deputy Minority Leader Anne Neu, R-North Branch. “Too often this session, Democrats have been focused on restorative justice by any means necessary, even if it puts Minnesotans at risk.”

All of the crimes listed under 245C.15, Subdivision 1 with the exception of those exempted in the bill would fall under the crimes that must be considered for a set-aside or variance. For your convenience, attached is a copy of 245C.15, with some of the most egregious crimes highlighted, and the crimes exempted from the changes under HF2265 crossed out in black (corresponding with lines 1.21-1.23 of the bill).

Here is a post from an anti-testing page:

Oswego NY:
letter to middle school students. Signed by students in class. “Yes to the Test”


And another post from this page:

My daughter’s teacher told her today that she had to sit quietly in class during the test and was not even allowed to read. She may only sit there. I guess that is our punishment for refusing.

And yet another post:

Update in comments about the alternative Benchmark test if you refuse NYS:
Well, here we go again. It seems there are several teachers telling students that this year the State Test will count as a grade. Also some schools are implementing another test made by the school itself for students that are not taking the State Test. New York Mills is one of those. Neither test counts towards our children’s grade no matter what teachers are saying. The test made up by our teachers Im told is just to get an idea of where the students are at this point. I myself feel that the regular testing and quizzing already given throughout the year and assignments show this. I was going to allow my daughter to take the other test as its a local exam, however now that I’ve confirmed our school is actually lying to students about what will happen with these grades my girls will not be taking that either. Im tired of the political and misleading band wagon so many of our faculty members are willing to jump on!!! Please inform others. Several parents have come to me nervous now asking what has changed. Nothing has changed except some schools are now willing to outright lie in order to get the results they want. Disgusting. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

And here is a post from a New York opt-out group:

Well even though I emailed and had several phone conversations with our principal and superintendent at New York Mills school about lying to our kids they have still decided to tell them this morning that if they’re refusing the New York State test today they will be graded on a benchmark today given in its place. Thank you to those at NYM that will lie to children for showing us your true colors. I new we were screwed when our administration was replaced with those that would follow this corrupt agenda.

And yet another post from this group:

My thoughts on the test… we always opt out. I work within a school, and it is disheartening to watch kids take a test that has no merit on their grade. Testing all day. Having to wait to eat lunch with a teacher after all the other kids have finished the test and eaten lunch. Still testing well after 2 pm. Having to take stress breaks from the exam. These kids have now missed learning time that all their other classmates got after they finished testing. Missed specials. Have had NO contact with other kids all day. mind you these kids are at all learning levels. Two days of hours long testing for what? No relevance to their grade. A civil service exam doesn’t even take this long. This is just cruel treatment, especially to kids as young as 8 years old.

And yet another post:

Jarvis Middle School principal Charles Pratt is telling parents who refuse that these assessments are mandatory! 😦 Terrible!

And yet another post from this group:

Curious to see how all of this plays out at CVA tomorrow. After 2 separate emails from the Principal regarding my refusal letter; my son came home today and told me that all of his teachers stressed to the kids that they can’t opt out this year as the rules have changed. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve instructed him to not so much as touch a test. Just so disappointing.

And yet another post:

In Moravia district, the students who are refusing the state tests are being given local tests written by our teachers. While I prefer a local test written by our teachers I don’t like the fact that our refusal is just turning into another test. Students who take the state exams do not need to take the local test. In years prior we refused the alternative test. Another year all children were given the local test and then our children took it. This year they are grading the children on their efforts and utilization of strategies, meaning, if they don’t take at least one of these tests, they will get a zero in the grade book!

And some replies to this post:

Look at my Post on the page about New York Mills. They are doing the same. The Local test really isnt local. They copied part of the State exam. Its a manipulation technique. Refuse Refuse Refuse. 👍🏼

Ask for this policy in writing!! I guarantee there is none. No policy- no test! Or all kids have to take it- they cannot single out students, period! Do not let them intimidate you!

Oh don’t worry they messed with the wrong people

isn’t it ironic when administrators tell students not to bully and lie, now they are doing it.
It’s pathetic.

Keep them home and take them out to lunch for some 1:1 time. Time spent with you will make a much bigger impact on their life than the stupid tests 😁

And yet another post from this group:

New York Mills Parents. This year our school has thrown a hurtle out in front of our 3rd-8th graders in hopes to cahors them. Our previous Principal and even our Superintendent allowed refusals without any strings attached. The game has changed. I have gone through several phone calls and emails in order to understand what they are trying to accomplish and here are the facts. The school has informed students that if they refuse, they will be given a Benchmark exam instead that will be graded. First off, the Benchmark will not be graded. Second, the Benchmark exam contains questions taken from the NYS exam that teachers basically put together.
I assume Superintendent Dr Shelmidine believes parents will give in, thinking their children who refuse will just be given another exam anyways so why refuse anymore. This is nothing but manipulation. I can only speak for myself in saying I will not be manipulated by the people who are supposed to have our children’s best interests at heart. Manipulating them to get what they want (Participation) is the opposite. When this became a political game some 6 or so years ago we had an administration who stood by our side. They allowed parents a choice to guide their own child’s education. It was unfortunate when that administration was driven out of our small district. What it has been replaced with is nothing more than you’ll get at a high priced lousy Buffett. These are your choices, take it or leave it.
My children will not be taking the NYS test. Neither of them have over the last 6 years, nor will they take the new alternative as a consequence to refusing. I have received a email saying my daughter must stay home if Im refusing both. Im sure there are parents who are not aware of this alternative test being given in the NYS tests place. Please share this, nothing about this was sent home to parents. I had to hear about it from my daughter and others who were told they will be graded on a test if they refuse the NYS exam. Please note this is not a battle with any of the wonderful teachers at our school.
Here is the last reply email I received this afternoon:
(I spoke with Dr. Shelmidine after she spoke to you and she reiterated that all students who are not participating in the state tests are required to take the local benchmark exams on the testing days for data purposes. She expressed that she did let you know the only alternative to this would be to keep “student” home during the testing period. This is your prerogative and if you did this “Student” would not be required to take a make-up for either test format)

And yet another post:

Heads up to those in Liverpool. Please help inform parents: The principal of Long Branch Elementary just told my step son’s mother (in that follow up opt out call), that State Testing is now Mandatory as of this year and that there is no “opt out” option. Only refusal. We all know that’s crap, but parents who are new to this or who are worried about getting into “trouble” may need to be reassured in that area. I am so glad she didn’t cave in, but called me instead to find out. THIS IS GETTING SO RIDICULOUS!!

And yet another post:

My daughter just told me that the principal told them, if everyone in each class takes the test, they will get a party. So, because she wont be taking it, her class wont get a party. I think she is worried that people will blame her. Plus she is saying the kids get candy if they take it. I have candy here, I have no problem sending a bag full of candy for her (if she goes in for 1/2 day). I just dont want her singled out. WTFFFF

And some replies to this post:

Keep her home then…just sick.

They will continue to do this, unfortunately it’s because the teachers are getting pressure from higher ups. And even the teachers do not agree with this test crap. I would just keep her home and not let it bother her at all.

which district?


My son’s English teacher said the same thing. If there was a 10% increase in test taking they would have some kind of party. He’s in 8th grade and understands the importance of not taking the tests and wont be swayed. Sad that they’re resorting to bribery.

My daughter mentioned a bag of candy to me too. I’m sending her with her own bag when I drop her off after testing. Thankfully, no party mentioned here, but the letter I received from the principal acknowledging my refusal was not pleasant.

just got a message from a parent in our district that said her daughter is flipping out because she wants to take the test. Those that take the test can have a snack off of the PTO snack cart. Those that are refusing, can not.

I just can’t with this school!! Angers me so much the bs that goes on because of these stupid tests. I’m sorry(not sorry), but they’re just that; stupid. And every damn year our kids are pressured and reprimanded over this bs. These tests are not life or death. Damn administration needs to stop with the tactics and grow up.

Here is a post that I found in a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Guerrilla Warfare in Education: the Sabotage of the Common Core through the Exercise of Parental Rights

By Michael Bohr, CI

The Common Core Agenda is a system that takes.

It takes our education dollars and feeds it to investors. Those investors included multi-national corporations, Wall St hedge funds, (allegedly)non profit Foundations, politicians (via campaign donations from
Investors) and Teacher Unions (through Professional Development programs run by union leadership and their bureaucratic cronies).

It takes our children’s privacy, personal data, health and familial information, their educational opportunities for future excellence and, more importantly, their childhood happiness.

It takes parent and teacher time, patience and peace of mind.

Take, take, take!

And the sad part?

We give it to them. Willingly.

The entire Common Core Agenda/System is dependent upon one thing: Data.

Without the data collected from students, the system would crumble. Fast.

So why are we even allowing them to have the data?

Not surprisingly, we do this because of peer pressure from other parents, pressure from the school systems, pressure from our children, along with our own ignorance and apathy.

At the beginning of every school year, we as parents are handed mounds of papers from the school that we faithfully sign off on and return. And then we spend the rest of the school year watching our children suffer, as we ourselves approach Xanax level anxiety attacks trying to fight back against these inane “reforms” and abuses… The ones we enabled by blindly signing all those “permission” slips.

We are at war against an enemy who has dedicated every waking moment of it’s existence to getting what it wants and is equipped with a vast treasury to fund itself and an army of dedicated, sycophantic lawyers, psychologists and “education professionals” hellbent on achieving victory at any cost.

On the other hand, we are a ragtag militia of insurgent parents who are poorly funded, ill-equipped and understaffed who are currently being lined up against a wall and nearby a large hole in the ground, topped with a headstone that reads: “Freedom 1776-2019”!

Why 2019?

Because if we don’t do something NOW, by 2020 there may not be anything left that we can do.

Education as we know it… ALL education, including preK, Public, Parochial, Homeschool/Unschool, Private K-12, as well as all trade, college and university… Will be under the control of the people we are fighting today.

But what of that first date? The “born” date: 1776.

The very war that was waged back then, that was supposed to insure our freedom for all time, holds the key to our success and survival today.

Against the most powerful military force on the planet, a ragtag militia of parent insurgents waged a war of guerrilla tactics… And won!

Knowing that they could not win by simply engaging the enemy on the enemy’s battle field, using the enemy’s tactics, the parents of early America harassed and harangued the British (yes, the irony of Pearson, a British company, being today’s enemy is not lost on me) to fight on unconventional battlefields and denying them what should have been an easy victory.

This is what we must do today!

There are many ways in which we can, and must, wage this guerrilla war.

First off, attack the supply lines. It’s all about the data, so easy access to our children’s data must be denied the enemy.

Our battlefield? Parental Rights.

Refuse the tests! This is already a battle front that is gaining success for us, but alone it will not be enough. While this is vital information for the enemy to have, it only compliments the data collected throughout the year. It is that data that must be denied as well!

Remember those permission forms? Don’t sign them!

Do not allow the schools easy access to the data by collecting it on computers. Force the school to either print out or purchase good, old fashion text books.

By denying permission for your child to access and use the computers at school, the enemy’s supply lines of data is severely damaged while your families and your children’s privacy is bolstered.

No, this will not completely secure all of it, but it will make it too costly and labor intensive to collect. This is akin to forcing our enemy to travel through a swamp on foot, thereby slowing them down, instead of allowing them easy travel and comfort on dry roads. Just as our Foreparents did against the British.

Parents can also wage this guerrilla warfare against the reformers by severely restricting what schools are taking for granted under the legal doctrine of “En Loco Parentis”.

“En Loco Parentis” is the legal concept that, when you leave your child under the care of someone else, that they can act as the parental authority. This used to mean such things as authorizing medical treatment for injuries and medical emergencies, minor disciplinary corrections for a misbehaving child and other day-to-day matters involved in their care and well being.

However, in today’s world of education, schools have expanded this to mean such things as conducting psychological examinations, medical decision making that far exceeds emergency medical care and delves into so-called preventative medicine.

Minor behavioral infractions that would normally prompt a call home to the parents are now being used to engage the legal system and police interventions first… And a call to mom and dad secondary and only as a notification instead of seeking permission for corrective actions.

Under the umbrella of “Zero Tolerance” policies, schools are denying parents and children of their rights, much as the British did in the 1700’s, and convicting them to legal sanctions. These otherwise minor infractions are then recorded on their (now truly) “permanent records” and transmitted to government and corporate databases that will follow them throughout their lives.

The reformers, aka the enemy, are literally making up the rules as they go along, then charging, questioning, indicting, judging and convicting our children of made up crimes without any due process or legal representation. When you hear people talk about a “school to prison pipeline”, this is it.

Parents must be proactive in fighting this by issuing legal notifications to school administrators that any potential disciplinary investigations or corrections that could result in negative notations on a child’s school records, or lead to possible police interventions and legal ramifications must first be preceded by parental notification that allows our children to be represented legally by a parent and/or guardian.

Guerrilla warfare isn’t easy but in today’s world where schools are acting like the monarchal tyrants of this nation’s past, it is our only recourse. When the chewing of pastries can lead to the arrest of a 7 y/o child on weapons charges, parents must stand in between their children and the “legal” system and fight.

The machine of education reform which denies ourselves and our children of their natural and constitutional rights to be free from state sanctioned harm and oppression must be opposed at every level and we as parents, the legal guardians of our children’s rights, must fight back using guerrilla warfare to do so.

At every turn, we must use what ever resources are at our disposal to sabotage the education system stolen from us and being used against us and our children, until such time as the enemy has been defeated and driven from our schools.

Whether sitting upon a throne in a far off land, in a corporate board room, a Dept of Education Office building, a Board of Education council or an office marked “Principal” or “Superintendent”… a tyrant is a tyrant is a tyrant and those who bring tyranny down upon the heads and hearts of children are the worst of the worst.

We may not be able to defeat them “head on” on their battlefields of courts and legislature but we can, and must, draw them out into the open and force them to defend themselves on a battlefield of our choosing… Where we are strong and they are weak.

So let the lamps be lit, one if by land, two if by sea and three if by the classroom door.

To arms, to arms and fight from behind the brush if you must… But fight you must!

-Michael Bohr, Contemporary (and parent) Insurgent


More gender confusion being taught to kids in Colorado:

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

Well I went to the administration today to turn in my opt out letters and they tell me that it is against the law to opt out.

Here is a post from the anti-CBE group:

Montana wants a piece of the action.

And another post from this group:

Morning! Are any here seeing data collection via “universal identifiers” through bills in your state? Here’s the language in MN.
Subdivision 1. Definition. For purposes of this section, “commissioners” means the
commissioners of education, health, and human services.
Subd. 2. Identifier established. By July 1, 2021, the commissioners must jointly
implement a universal identifier or similar cross referencing system that allows for
identification of individual children across programs.
Subd. 3. Applicable programs. The universal identifier applies for a child participating
in one or more of the following:
(1) child care assistance programs under chapter 119B;
(2) early childhood developmental screening under section 121A.17;
(3) early childhood family education programs under section 124D.13;
(4) early learning scholarships under section 124D.165;
(5) family home visiting programs under section 145A.17;
(6) Head Start and Early Head Start programs under sections 119A.50 to 119A.545;
(7) kindergarten readiness assessment under section 124D.162;
(8) school readiness programs under sections 124D.15 and 124D.16; and
(9) voluntary prekindergarten programs under section 124D.151.
Subd. 4. Purposes. (a) The commissioners may only access private data disseminated
through a universal identifier to:
(1) provide coordinated early care and education service delivery, including through
family referrals and follow-up activities;
(2) reduce burdens on families and program participants;
(3) identify early care and education service gaps;
(4) eliminate unnecessary overlap or duplication of services;
(5) create efficiency in program administration;
(6) identify developmental outcomes for children; and
(7) evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of the programs under subdivision 2.
(b) Personally identifiable data must not be used for the purposes specified in paragraph
(a), clauses (6) and (7).
Subd. 5. Data sharing; consent. (a) The commissioners must jointly develop a form
by which the parent or guardian of a child participating in an early care and education
program under subdivision 3 may consent to share private data. The consent form must
specify what data is being shared, what government entities will have access to the shared
data, and the purpose for the data sharing. The consenting parent or guardian may withdraw
consent, in writing, at any time.
(b) The ability of a parent or child to receive services is not affected by a refusal to give
consent under this subdivision.
Subd. 6. Data sharing; authority. (a) The following private data on individuals may
be disseminated under this subdivision:
(1) educational data, as defined in section 13.32, subdivision 1, paragraph (a); and
(2) data collected, maintained, used, or disseminated by the welfare system as defined
in section 13.46, subdivision 1, paragraph (c).
(b) For the purposes specified in subdivision 4:
(1) the commissioner of education may disseminate to the commissioners of health and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in the programs specified
in subdivision 3, clauses (2) to (4), and (6) to (9);
(2) the commissioner of health may disseminate to the commissioners of education and
human services private data relating to an individual’s participation in family home visiting
programs under section 145A.17; and
(3) the commissioner of human services may disseminate to the commissioners of
education and health private data relating to an individual’s participation in child care
assistance programs under chapter 119B.
(c) The commissioners may only access private data on an individual whose parent or
guardian has consented to share data as provided under subdivision 5.

And yet another post from this group:

Can anyone share a simple breakdown of what digital badges are and why its more sinister that it seem? Something that includes the tracking and funding implications would be great!!!

And here are the replies to this post:

Badges = edublocks

Here is a post that someone made on Alice Linahan’s wall:

I think all of us should look at what doors SB10 opens. You are going to allow non trained well meaning people decide that your child needs medication among many other things that this bill covers….this will mean if you disagree with an untrained person”s opinion CPS can be called –it also means that the State believes that it can be a better parent than you can or will be…Look at the state’s record of what happens to the children removed from their home–family–school–community—everything familiar….that data shows that most children regardless of the age (baby–teen–boy–girl) suffers their FIRST sexual assault within 4 months….how can that be better than the enviorment the state deemed unsafe or dangerous??? This should be looked at as losing your parental rights of decision making for your children…

Another document that ties the vaccine push to the Common Core agenda:

One of their goals is to support:

practices that promote children’s health and safety—in particular,
receipt of prenatal care, breastfeeding, vaccination, ensuring
children’s adequate nutrition and physical activity, monitoring, and
household/vehicle safety; and use of appropriate (less harsh) discipline

The study sponsors are:

Administration for Children and Families
Bezos Family Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
David & Lucile Packard Foundation
Department of Education
Foundation for Child Development
Health Resources and Services Administration
Heising-Simons Foundation
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Based on some of the content in this document, I believe that this might be related to the home visit bills and early childhood bills we’re seeing popping up across the country.

Click to access ParentingMatters.pdf

Here is a post shared on Alice Linahan’s wall:


It is imperative that we express our opposition to SB 10 to our House Representatives and to the members of the House Public Health Committee. It is a foolish plan establishing a Mental Health Consortium that could result in disaster for vulnerable Texas children.

SB 10 creates a massive state government program. It establishes a framework for a Texas Mental Health Consortium using twelve university health related departments and redefines our schools as “Community Centers.” The Senate promise of “monitoring” this massive consortium is an empty one. We may have a very different Senate with each biennium, and I have great concerns as to how this promise will be carried out, if at all.

Initially, $100 Million will be sent to liberal academia psychiatry departments in order for them to develop standards on who is mentally fit or unfit. These departments will have access to our school children in order to have “expanded training and development opportunities.” What could possibly go wrong? There are far better avenues to help our children by improving existing mental health programs.

Currently, Texas already spends $2 Billion on mental health programs in Texas. Why not use one of the agencies already in place? A consortium comprised of a new un-elected quasi-governmental agency spending millions of taxpayer dollars is not the answer. Use of taxpayer funds should go to programs and agencies that must come under the provisions of a Sunset Review. How about working with educators, where “the rubber meets the road” through allocating more resources to local ISD’s for full-time, on-campus school psychologists and licensed school counselors. Parents and educators know their local campus and students’ needs best.

It should be noted that in rushing SB 10 through the Senate, Senate Rules were suspended in order to have all four required readings of SB 10 held on the same day and on a day when the Session was adjourned at 1:00 P. M. This lack of transparency clearly minimized citizens’ opportunities to comment, which is the essence of good policy. In addition, there were three amendments offered on the floor that day dealing with parental consent. There was clear concern over the consortium operating under the guise of “research” and therefore by-passing the parental consent language in the bill.

I encourage you to read SB 10 and compare it to the ideals contained within our Republican Platform. Republicans in support of SB 10 are using a single plank of the RPT Platform regarding mental healthcare (taken completely out of context) in order to try to justify such an intrusive expansion of government, which is like “putting lipstick on a pig.”

Much of the wording in SB 10 is taken straight out of the Democrat Platform, which is why all Senate Democrats joint-authored SB 10. Further, the mental healthcare plank is not one of the five legislative priorities of the grassroots. SB 10 is in fact the antithesis of the legislative priority on privacy; the bill grows state government; and SB 10 opens the door for federal grants with the usual onerous federal requirements. Conflicts of interest from pharmaceutical companies, special interests, and the universities themselves will be unavoidable under this structure not to mention a growing financial burden to taxpayers.

I believe very strongly that my duty as an SREC member is to express the will of the delegates who elected me, which is to uphold the RPT Platform in all that I do. As a member of the Legislative Priorities Committee, I am to consider all proposed bills against the words contained within our RPT Platform, no matter who authored the bill. The delegates who created our Platform at the convention understood that words have meanings. The grassroots wants fighters who will stop massive government intrusion into their personal lives.

Republicans care about mental health issues and recognize that we need resources for schools, students, and families in crisis; but we also believe in the principles of limited government, the proper role of government, parental rights, and the privacy rights of students.

Principled Texas House members are the last hope of stopping this terrible legislation and I hope that you will tell them to stand for what is right for the citizens of this great State.

Terri Leo-Wilson SREC Member from SD7
Former State Board of Education Member
Retired Educator ( December 2018)
Currently serving those in need of mental health care through Homeless Outreach

More political censorship in our nation’s classrooms:

Here is a post from an anti-testing page, albeit from two years ago:

You may read this and think, “oh no, not in my school” BUT IT HAPPENING! Did you know that some educators could push a child to the breaking point like this?

6th grade ELA day 3: Student who took Day 1 and 2 just couldn’t take it anymore. Just gave up and was hitting his head on the desk. Told the proctors he just didn’t care if he failed, he wasn’t writing anything, he just couldn’t do it anymore. Said his head hurt from trying to read the passages, refused to go to the nurse, didn’t want to “rest his eyes” or take a break. Was of course told to try, just try. Student understood he would fail if he didn’t take the 3rd day, the first 2 days would have been for nothing. So he writes to get the proctor off his back. Proceeds to write in the answer spaces about how this pain needs to end, he’d rather fail than have this pain in his head, in his eyes, why can’t he leave to a refusal room, why does the state torture the kids like this, he’d rather fail than hurt, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. Admins came in, guidance came in, didn’t matter. Without parent consent, the kid can’t “officially refuse” so he had to sit there, banging his head, crying, writing how he felt, and fringing (ripping) his test book, instead of being moved to an opt out room. (And I have to say, my school was very respectful about opt outs, we had a lot of them and they were very accommodating. But if a kid refuses and has no letter, they call the parents. If the parents say no the kid does not have my consent, then the kid gets the test. They didn’t force him to erase his “work” but he did need to stay in that room until testing was over because of this. )

Here is a Common Core Diva article tying the vaccine push to the educratic “health” and home visit agenda as well as explores recent developments with the Gay/Trans Agenda being pushed in schools and hospitals:

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

So, Colorado Dept of Ed wants the State Board to approve a High School Workforce Diploma. (They vote this week.)

Click to access PWR%20Criteria_April%202019%2004%2002%2019.pdf

And another post from this person:

Mandatory Home Visits: Extensive Data Collection Without Consent

“Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data…”

Here is a post from the Texas anti-testing group:

I’m furious! My son wrote refuse on his test today and turned it in. The school calls me to make sure I know what happened. Of course I do! I told him to. They made my son sit in the hallway while the rest of the class took staar and kept screaming at him that he was going to miss an elective next year. Any suggestions on how to proceed? He’s 5th grade. I can’t keep him home tomorrow cause he already has tons of absences due to an illness.

And another post from this group:

I am so mad! Our son wears an apple watch that monitors his heart rate per his physician! The school made him remove it today for testing.

And yet another post:

I’m HOT PISSED!!!!!!! I emailed my letters weeks ago, confirmed with the VP and [name redacted]’s teacher confirmed with her last week that she was still not planning on participating I sent my 5th grader to school today with a book. The teacher passed out the STAAR (as expected) [name redacted] handed it back to her. About 30 minutes in the teacher approached my daughter, started to whisper to her “you can do this” “it’s up to you” etc. Apparently about 15 minutes later My daughter went to the teacher and got her test to start……… while I am frustrated that my daughter went against my wishes and did the assessment. I am FURIOUS that the teacher got into my kids head and pressured her!!!!!!!!!!!! I already have a message into the VP, waiting for a call back. This is not the first run in we have had with the teacher this year. I also spoke with the kiddo who sat next to her in class today (she didn’t hear what was said) but corroborated the timeline.

And yet another post:

My 5th grader came home so upset and stressed over today’s STAAR crap. She is really upset and refusing to even go to school tomorrow.

I’ve read nearly all the pinned posts and articles (I’m also working full time at a ranch and have my 2 youngest with me at the moment) but am wondering if I can have my kiddo write her name and “Refused” on her test for tomorrow?

She said they take their tests on the computer. Tomorrow is a reading test, and she has a hard time with it since she’s special needs and didn’t start reading until she was in kinder. She’s Deaf, wasn’t identified until 1 and a half, and was just shy of 2 years behind on language when activated with implants

I’m most definitely a mommasaurus, and the majority of the teachers I know fully understand that I will fight and have in the past for what my kids need.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My child received this assignment. A current issues class at AFHS, to debate the topic and the teacher assigned the teams. Yes, let’s have kids who’s brains are not fully developed make arguments as to why children younger than them should be allowed to change their gender. 🤦🏻‍♀️


And some replies to this post:

And yet I still keep hearing “not in Utah” …

sadly, Utah is dang near like any other state now. too many parents are ignorant to what the school districts are up to. look at SLC. as liberal as any other city in the US. and that leftist mindset is creeping into the suburbs and into the counties north, for sure. and trying to make it’s way into Utah County.

I attend an adult singles ward in Salt Lake and they are extremely liberal! I have to teach and clarify every Sunday to correct false liberal doctrine infecting the community

Current Issues was developed by progressive educators as another means to drive out learning that could be better focused on correct history and truth-based principles. You are right. This is one way to control the narrative. No wonder we have so much anxiety and suicidality in Utah. Kids are longing for a rich education that fills their souls, as opposed to emptying their minds. Parents and teachers are failing them.

AFHS is a high-school correct? This was a Current Issues class, correct? And, THIS is a current issue that a lot of those students are hearing about everywhere – I think a classroom setting with a teacher to facilitate is a fantastic place for kids to talk this issue out

no. Home is an excellent place to talk about it.

What grade level was this given in? It’s inappropriate at any HS grade, but I’m wondering.

Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

NEW ARTICLE on Minnesota Great Start for All Children Bill, HF 1, and in particular, Home Visits. HF 1 is referred to as a, “utopian Baby New Deal”. #READ the entire article, it’s not long, and #SHARE. Here are a few bullet points from the article. Thank you, Karen Effrem!

“Lack of Consent for Referrals
The word “consent” for referrals does not exist in the Minnesota, Oregon or Washington bills. This means that government bureaucrats are or will be mining the poorly protected (by HIPAA, FERPA, etc.) health, education, social services, family, and other data of expectant mothers and siblings to determine which families need a visit from Big Brother. Although several of these bills say that families may refuse the visits without consequences, this is another data point that will be added to the family’s lifelong government data file.

Loss of Fourth Amendment Rights
Families may unknowingly give up Fourth Amendment rights by accepting home visits from mandated reporters who collect much data on the family and whose government-determined opinions and cultural norms may be quite different from the families they visit when deciding what constitutes abuse or neglect.

Also alarming on the parental rights front is an Iowa bill that requires home visits by school officials once per quarter for homeschooling families, and if the parents refuse, the home visitors can get a court order with “probable cause” to enter the home anyway to interview and observe the child. Kiesecker asks the very relevant question:

The 4th Amendment says probable cause means when you have reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that evidence of the crime will be found in the place to be searched. Is home schooling a crime? [Emphasis in original]

Differences in Philosophy Between Parents and Home Visitors
Any parent knows that there are a myriad of views on a whole range of parenting issues from discipline to if, how and when children are evaluated and treated for social, emotional issues when the screening instruments are admitted to be far from reliable. These differences are exacerbated by cultural differences among the many ethnic groups that may be receiving home visits.

However, under American cultural and historical tradition and current jurisprudence, parents, unless there is evidence of real abuse or neglect, have the ultimate right to make decisions about the raising and upbringing of their children. These bills are trying to end that parental autonomy and turn us into a literal nanny state like Norway.

Extensive Data Collection Without Consent
Family data is the pre-eminent goal of home visiting programs. Data is the lifeblood of these programs both for public and private funders. Data elements for government include whether and how long a mother breast-feeds, her depression screening scores and other family mental health information, education status, and program participation history for all the family members.

Foundations like the Pew Charitable Trust are also big into the home visiting data mining game. They want as much data on individual family members as possible, especially on the young children targeted by the visits. Particularly important to them are the SEL data, even though it is very hard to accurately assess even for highly trained professionals like psychologists and psychiatrists:

By documenting, on a regular basis, how children are developing in key domains—including literacy, executive functioning, socio-emotional security, and fine and gross motor skills—family support providers gain critical information for improving program content, and states gain confidence in the ability of these investments to improve school readiness.

Inconsistent Training of Home Visitors
As with preschool and K-12, especially regarding SEL issues, the level of training for visitors can vary substantially. One study found that success varied with how the program was organized even when attempting to implement an established home visiting model. Additionally, the study found there was “difficulty programs faced in retaining participants.” Finally, as also discussed above, information presented may be unscientific or biased, resulting in government-directed parenting.

Poor Research Evidence for Success
This is obviously a key factor, even when listed last. To summarize, based on federal research, 87.5 percent of primary (as measured by direct observation and standardized instruments) parameters showed “no effect” of the home visiting program, and only 12.5 percent of these parameters were “positive” among all of the programs that the federal government listed as meeting “the criteria established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for an ‘evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model’ for the general population” in the child development domain. Data for other domains like child abuse is similar.

However, as with preschool programs, even though much data is invasively collected, if it does not line up with the objectives of the organization promoting the policy, that data will be ignored. Grover Whitehurst, former director of the Institute for Education Sciences that oversees all federal education research efforts, calls this selective use of data “policy-based evidence-making” instead of evidence-based policymaking. This is one of the many reasons we so vehemently objected to the passage of the Foundations for Evidence-based Policymaking Act (FEPA) that will allow such distorted and politicized data to be shared among every federal agency.

Similarly to the Pioneer Institute white paper on SEL, Wrench in the Gears warns about the ominous surveillance state the United States is becoming at the sacrifice of privacy, parental autonomy and freedom — beginning with the poor:

We live in an era where data is gold. Poor people needing services (or education) are seen as potential goldmines by predatory financiers, assuming their poverty can be “profitably managed.” We are sliding into a new economic paradigm, one where people are valued as consumers of social services and producers of “impact data.” If we don’t speak out, eventually large segments of the population will be tracked via screen and wearable technologies, generating data linked to public benefits whose value is contained and regulated through digital platforms.

Minnesota’s home visiting program is only one piece of a larger bill that could be dubbed a utopian “Baby New Deal.” It contains massive expansions of government pre-K and childcare programs with the quality rating systems imposing state early childhood standards on private and religious providers.”

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Seriously? COSN is promoting that preschoolers and kindergartners need social media accounts.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group, in reply to a post of mine of uneasiness about “coming out” in support of marriage, life, etc or oppose LGBTQP or “climate change” online for fear of losing friends or even being banned from communities:

you think its bad in real world you should see middle school. My daughter was subjected to an assignment. A group assign. They had to pick a topic that is hotly debated and write a bill on it. abortion was the topic her group picked pro life bill. the filters on the school internet did not allow any pro life articles to come up for the research. My daughter researched at home and found the so sad pics and cried over the whole thing. My daughter was the presenter for the group. Toward the end of her presentation with her group behind her the teacher asked about free choice and stated she is for choice since its a woman’s body which incited the other class members to chant and heckle my daughter yelling ‘free choice my body my choice’. The teacher allowed the heckling it went on till the class ended so a few minutes.

Mass Resistance and bottom-up resistance helped defeat a radical sex-ed bill in liberal Washington state:

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

So my daughters missed school yesterday due to their Dad having surgery and of course it was Mock Biology test day. LOL Anyway, today teacher sends me an email explaining that since she missed the mock test she didn’t hear it was for extra credit and will need to stay after school and take the test before next Thursday. Well that was not a good thing to tell a mother of a child with 504 that is ready to make phone calls to end this stupid assessment. I emailed her back and said she doesn’t need extra credit for she has a 96 in your class she will not be staying after school for said test. Are they kidding me!

And here are the replies to said post:

I am an elementary teacher and I HATE STAAR and those mock assessments and I can’t stand teachers that push it.

My parents and students know my hatred for that test and every year I get called into the office and griped at because I tell them the real truth about the STAAR and how it measures nothing. Like if a student is in 3rd grade they have it written for 3rd graders at like a 5th or 6th graded level questions. The students are setup to fail from the start. They do that because when a student fails that means more money in the pockets of testing companies who print out the test, test creators, politicians and the corrupt people who work at the Texas Education Agency or as I call it Terrorism Education Agency because TEA to me is a terrorist organization that terrorizes students, children, teachers, parents and others with this Damn test.

My 4th grade son stayed home Tuesday through Friday this week because of the writing STARR and today is the mock reading STAAR. I told his teacher I didn’t want him to take it since he’s severely dyslexic and it would’ve a waste of time. Initially she tild me he would have to take it upon returning to school because they were using it like a benchmark (this came from the principal) but his teacher is so awesome and went back to the principal and they removed that requirement. Good thing too because I was about to completely lose it on the school admin and district. Stupid STAAR. (Dripping Springs ISD)

My daughter is dyslexic too and for the Writing STAAR this week she as in the room for 7 hours without getting up or anything just to finish the stupid assessment. her eyes have been swollen since and hurting. I beg them to not take it but the school has scared them telling them they can’t graduate if they don’t take it. Even prisoners get a yard and smoke break! LOL

Oh that breaks my heart – I am so sorry!!! It’s almost abuse what this stupid STAAR is putting our kids through, especially the SPED kids. Hugs to you and your daughters.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Oh looky here. Here’s a new Senator Patty Murray (D) bill: an extension of her data-guzzling Foundations for Evidence-Based Policy Act with House Speaker Paul Ryan (R). The endorsing partners of this bill include CoSN: UNESCO’s partner to globalize curriculum using Common Core Education Data Standards. If you read some of the included links, it’s all about progressive-ideology-supporting digital literacy curriculum and global digital citizenship curriculum.

Local curriculum control is quickly becoming a myth, folks. It cannot be restored without ending the Obama Administration’s signature education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Here are some posts from the anti-CBE group about digital badges:

The idea of badges is that people will be continually re-skilled for jobs that may not exist by the time they are processed. But the impact investors will profit, because the success metric will be badges attained in this “lifelong learning” continuum, not gainful employment. The processing will start with home visits / pre-k and go on from there. The groundwork for the badge system was set up by Common Core. Each standard = badge. Now they are doing behavioral compliance badges-soft skills. It is all part of predictive profiling. Here is my piece on Strive. We are the raw material. Badges are they way they will keep track of us along the supply chain.

This IS happening in FL and all the other states Laura McCrary. It started with the forced SLDS (Statewide Longitudinal Data System) all states were mandated to put in place prior to CCSS rollout nationwide. They have linked the SLDS’ together and sell access. They built the SLDS’ under the guise of parents wanting to know how their child’s cohort is doing in other states. Like parents care about that. Every state now has an SLDS where everything is being stored. Everything.

FL ladies, don’t forget Jeb. Also DeSantis is a liar about dumping CCSS. I dug into his EO & plan.

Here is a post from the Christian Law Association page:

Please pray as our attorneys assist a public school student and his parents who called to find out his rights after he was assigned an immoral book as a school assignment.

And here are some replies to this post:

I’m not really sure what the issue is. When my mom had a problem with a book I had to read, we just asked the teacher for a different book. We did this twice, with no complications from the teacher. This was back in the early 1990s.

well that’s almost 30:years ago…

I had the same thing happen at my daughter’s former school and was told they would not give an alternative book for just one student. In fact, the principal walked out and instructed the teachers to no longer speak to me. I tried reaching out to the school board and couldn’t even get a response. The solution of the school was to put my daughter into a classroom that was a grade beneath her for half the schoolday. I was finally forced to remove her from the school and homeschool her for the remainder of the year until we could find a new school for her.

And another post from this page:

Please pray for our attorneys as they assist a public school teacher in Kansas who is dealing with new curricula covering unbiblical views on gender identity.

I’ve found a Maine bill to create an early childhood workforce (meaning preschool, child chare, etc). It is laced with CTE funding.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Lobbyists for online ads sent this letter trying to kill TX privacy bill that asks for opt-in consent.

This is what I’m talking about! We need to do this all over the country! Well, mostly (I disagreed with the way the boys in Alaska handled it, as it only brought more trouble.)

Here is a post from a Texas anti-testing group:

I am seeing a lot of conversations about misconduct with teachers, staff and administration over opting out of the STAAR and its remedial components. Under the Texas Education Code there is a section called parental rights and under those rights you have to right excuse what your child will be a part of in the public school setting including any state mandated assessments. ‘

Parents if you come across anybody from the district who is having a serious issue with misconduct you need to file a grievance with the district. Every school has a policy it is tiered or leveled. Level One is with the principle, level two is with the super and level three is with the school board. You can appeal to TEA if you aren’t happy with the school board’s decision. Now with Teachers you can file a educator’s misconduct grievance with TEA.

All of this information is found on the TEA’s website.

OCR complaint

Click to access how_to_file_a_civil_rights_complaint.pdf

If it is a question of FAPE then file a special education complaint with TEA, for IEPs. 504 plans are under OCR.
Now if there is an issue with bullying, harassment, or your child was forced to take the STAAR after you advocated opt out then these fall under OCR regulation. Any type of retaliation is against the law, period. It damages your relationship with the district and your child’s mental health.

I were any of you dealing with retaliation right now about opting out of the STAAR I would make it very clear to the school that you know your rights and misconduct is a form of retaliation and it needs to stop right now. I would inform the school in an email to all parties involved.

And here are the replies to this post:

Yes! This! So few parents know their rights in their child’s education. Thank you!

Time For TEA to go down and disassembled and labeled exactly what it should be labeled and that is a homegrown Terrorist organization that terrorizes students/children, teachers, and parents in Texas. I have made it my life mission to make sure this STAAR test shit and this organization gets destroyed forever. I don’t know how I am going to get it done but I will and I know that I am not alone in this thinking. So get ready TEA your end is near. We together are S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers which will avenger our children and students and liberate them from this test once and for all.

They only way to get something done with TEA is through the governor’s office. He appointed the person who is running the show right now. Write emails/phone calls, etc tell them parents aren’t happy.

I am an elementary teacher. I hate that damn test and this agency. My parents and students know how much I ate and despise TEA and the STAAR test.

What if it’s the principal doing the threatening? Do I still file a level 1 with him?

My 15 said kids were asking why he wasn’t taking the assessment so he told them. The principal called him to his office and told him if he kept spreading lies he would send my son to ISS (in school suspension)

ISS on what grounds? Unless your child violated the schools code of conduct which I don’t think your child did. No this principle is using ISS as a scare tactic that needs to stop.

exactly. He and I had words about this a few years ago. Apparently I’m uneducated and my daughter (oldest kid) won’t graduate… she’s a Jr. , top 10, NHS. The counselor & I created her alternatives to EOC. Counselor was excited to learn there were options for those seniors who couldn’t pass.

Threatening him with ISS for talking with his friends?
Oh, yes, document that up the chain immediately. That way, if he gets ISS later, you will have massive ammo to fight it.
Did you have any emails that you can use for evidence of his threat?
I would send him one asking about the incident.

We were told if we opt out child, they will have to turn in their STAAR test with a zero grade. (We are in elementary)

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Karen Bracken

The Story Behind Ole’ Betsy’s (DeVos) Twisted and Distorted CHOICE Trap. READ this statement from DeVos….. She is telling you straight up that vouchers will result in private schools following public education mandates. She is also obviously pushing her religion. You do know she is a devout Catholic and is pushing catholic school education. Just research the woman!!!!!!!!!

March 11, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced at the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) State Directors Annual Meeting that the Department will no longer enforce a restriction barring religious organizations from serving as contract providers of equitable services solely due to their religious affiliation. Many religious and private schools were rejoicing. Why, when these schools are being set-up?

Did Betsy DeVos Just Spill The Beans:

“She has also made clear that she believes that any education program funded with taxpayer dollars is “public,” even if it is a private religious school that accepts students funded with publicly funded vouchers or tax credit programs.”

DeVos Says Ban on public money to religious schools “should go to the ash heap of history.”

The target of DeVos’ wrath: so-called “Blaine” amendments to state constitutions that prohibit public funds from being used for religious purposes. DeVos said these amendments, many of which originated in the late 1800s, began as “bigoted” against Catholics

Kudos to this girl and shame on North Pole High School in Fairbanks, Alaska. Also, this is related to my earlier post above about resistance to the transgender agenda in Nebraska and Alaska. While I credit the boys in Alaska for opposing the transgender bathroom push by the school, their actions were in the wrong and they brought themselves and the poor girl into trouble.) Double shame on North Pole High School. First, for putting the gender confused boy in the girls bathroom, and second, for suspending the girl for fending off boys who blocked the door to the girls restroom.

Two students in NJ were suspended from school for three days and given detention on the weekend for posting photos of them going to a shooting range on Snapchat:

Here is a post from an Alaska anti-Common Core group:

UNESCO paper
published Nov. 1984

“A Methodological Guide
to the Application of the Notion of Common Core
in the Training of Various Categories
of Education Personnel”

by J.C. Pauvert

Here is the link I found that someone told me about.

Here are some posts I found online in an AlphaNews article:

my son graduated high school believing that America STARTED WWII over imperialism. My Dad had to explain Pearl Harbor….how freaking sad is that?!?

so much of the root of the ignorance is the careful control (stranglehold?) on the current political / historical narrative in our high schools and post-secondary institutions. Case in point: my daughter’s liberal arts college offers students free access to The New York Times app. The left-leaning, “progressive” New York Times, that is…is it difficult to guess on which side of the political aisle does the school administration and teaching staff land?


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Thoughts on RISE score affecting final grade?

And here are the replies to this post:

Where did you get that?

Sent home with a student

what district


It’s because of a State Board Rule that has been challenged, but I don’t think it’s going away, especially with HB118 passing. The most important part is that it is ONLY by the request of a parent. It cannot be used on grades otherwise. We also need to be watchful to make sure children who opt out are not negatively impacted by it. It gives the advantage to students who take the test, which has been pointed out, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any good.

Here is a post from a California group:

I’m at loss of words right now.
One of my girls in 4th grade came home today and told me that she had a “weird” substitute teacher. Of course I thought she was being dramatic. She went on to describe a person who looked like a man, talked like a man and wore a dress and a wig. This person stated that they don’t celebrate holidays and they live in a trailer with just a couple boxes of things. Apparently the kids kept referring to “him” as “Mr __” and he corrected them and said that “Ms” is how you should refer to “her”. The kids seemed to think otherwise.

I was not imagining that I would have to have a conversation now about how to address people who assume an identity they were not born with, much less gender identity issues at all.

I’m thinking about writing a formal letter to the principal to share my concern about choice of substitute teachers, but I don’t know how to share it in a way that express my concern about the risk to children of exposing them to people who choose alternative sexual identities and do not choose to fit into social norms.

I’m also thinking I should send a quick note to the other parents in the classroom too.

And some replies to this post:

What district?

San Marcos in San Diego County

We have a transgender teacher at our middle school. It was tough at first to send my son to that class everyday not knowing if it was going to be a platform for the teacher but it ended up being okay. Its sad that we have to worry, not everyone that is different is bad but it’s so hard to trust that they have our child’s best interest in mind too.

wow– this is definitely unfolding. I just got the first response from a parent and it looks like the exposure is WAY MORE than just appearance and gender identity. This is what I just read:
There was also a discussion and debate on religion today, on whether God exists or not, and that the substitute does not celebrate holidays like Christmas. The substitute apparently told the students that she does not believe in God, and does not believe in giving or receiving gifts. I don’t have a problem with any of that and what anybody believes or thinks at all, but I am not sure why these kinds of discussions are necessary or important in a 4th grade class. I was not there myself, but I think there is some truth to some of this from my son. I do have some concerns myself about the material that was discussed today.

YES .. They had one purposely substitute at Sierra High School Manteca Ca. I am actually grateful for this experience because it ‘shook’ my daughter up to lean more to the right. Very eye opening.

I’m definitely going to focus on the basic aspect that it’s very distracting within the learning environment. As I’m learning more from other parents, this person engaged students to talk about atheism in the 4th grade classroom- which should be enough to be booted. (my girls don’t have phones yet– we are waiting a few years

I was told that they would slowly start introducing teachers who are more agreeable to teach these concepts. I guess when they are hiring new teachers, they can show them some pretty controversial curriculum and ask, “Are you comfortable teaching this material to a class?” The ones that are okay with it will turn out to be a “better fit” for the job. This could be just the beginning of a very interesting turnover in faculty.

This, along with other reasons, is why I am retiring in June from my public school position. I’m so saddened and unhappy about the way things are headed for our schools. God help us.

Are you raising the white flag in defeat and retreating?
Keep your position, it is not up for replacement by one of those, certainly. It is not over till it is over.

we are heavily considering homeschooling 😟

not sending the white flag up at all. I’m 66, have worked for my school district for 34 years, and I’m basically just done. But things like this make me really sad for the future of public schools.

I wasn’t a teacher but I fear what this will do to our next generation.

I just learned of these changes about 3 weeks ago (via a paid ad by this group) and I have been so stirred by what is going on! It is bad on so many levels. My mama bear is kicking-in big time!!! I need to know what I can do to help change this mess!

Yes, so sad. I’m an elementary teacher, 21 years with retirement way too many years away.😭😭😭

One thing you can do on your way out the door that will help others, is to encourage younger teachers to opt out of the union. The sooner they cut off the CTA from union dues, the sooner we stop feeding the beast that has created this nightmare. Here’s a great resource for teachers to find info to opt out of unions and to get insurance that will actually protect them more reliably than the unions

I’d be pulling my children from these schools so damn fast, that “things” wig would spin right off! Pull your kids, people! Pull them out of these demonic indoctrination camps immediately! Don’t send them back until the state stops with all this insane gender bender bullshit!

Not everyone can do that, we’ve got to stay, speak up and be heard

Maybe not, but at this point, something drastic has to happen. What’re you going to do? Go to the PTA meetings? How are you planning on speaking up and being heard? Before it’s too late…? Sounds like it’s already too late! They’re already implementing this crap…they’re already hiring teachers, at least substitutes…that are men wearing dresses…to teach your children. Teach them what…? How to be totally confused? How to be gay? How to be transgender? What the hell happened to reading, writing, & arithmetic?

And another post from this group:

I have been meeting with parents to discuss some concerns with the new sex ed curriculums which are being implemented this year. Many of the parents I have spoken to were not aware that their 12 year old child is allowed to leave the school campus without parental notification or permission to have an abortion, receive birth control/counseling and STD/STI testing and treatment.

I believe every parent should be aware and has a right to know of such a heinous overreach by the state of California. I will attach some pictures of the actual page from one of the sex ed curriculums with the laws/codes “TELLING” us parents we have no say on wether or not our child is to have a risky procedure.

Cal. Family Code 6925 states “A minor may consent to medical care related to pregnancy-related medical services except sterilization”. However, sterilization is a potential complication from having an abortion.

Like any other surgery, an abortion is a surgical procedure which may potentially have serious complications. Yet, the state of California does not believe parents of these children need to be informed nor have any input.

Our children cannot watch a rated R movie, have a cavity filled or get a physical without parental notification and consent. However, California says they can have an abortion and us, the parents of these children have nothing to say about it.

Link to the page where your child is coached on how to approach the school office, what to say to them and what steps to take in order to keep us parents in the dark.

This is a link to a video the ACLU crafted to notify your children about their rights to “reproductive care” without your consent.

And yet another post from this group:

Article in the number one korean newspaper in america the korea times titled “How is this sex education? This is sexually explicit material…”

The korea times covered the board meeting in Anaheim California on 4/11/19.
Many concerned parents came out for the public hearing. Some concerned mothers testified to please remove planned parenthood from their schools and sited facts on how they were not there to help stop sex in schools but to promote and stimulate it.
One mother spoke after her conversation with her son. Her son had said that the planned parenthood guest speaker showed them a video of a girl getting raped. Then they went into discussion on what to do if that had happened. Obviously they are implanting ideas into the minds of 12 year olds.

And yet another post

This is what was taught today in my sons class. They keep teaching the victim mentality, this entire thing is disturbing.


And here are the replies to this post:

What grade is this being taught??

9th Grade Inspire High. It’s called Inspire High School of the Arts and Sciences in Chico. It is a charter school.

Charter?? Aren’t you able to choose your curriculum?? We can with our charter.

we don’t choose the curriculum. I can opt out, and isn’t it convenient that they include the opt out letter in a lengthy email mixed in with random stuff? I did know this was coming because of the internet, and I also know my son is very strong in what he knows to be true. He was allowed to attend on a recon basis. Lol. He took a lot of notes and wrote down conversations for me. Why do I do this? Because I fear we wouldn’t really know the scope of the Indoctrination if we didn’t have students like him.

You are brave, I couldn’t let my daughter go to a class like that…..then again she’s 6. Schools are scary places these days.

my daughter wouldn’t be able to handle this either. And they are the same age. She isn’t even in that school, she is on homeschool and I am her teacher. My son is a musical genius and needs to be around his music classes and such that I cannot provide for him to the level this school does. He is the one kid to stand out and has taken a lot of heat for it, but he is strong. It is a very LEFT school. It cannot even be labeled liberal at this point due to the fact it has completely gone off the deep end. Then walks in my kid with his American flag jumpsuit, or shoes, or hat, or what have you. And they have given him so much grief over it. But he says I love my country and I stand up for what I believe in, if this offends you, that’s your problem.

Thank you for having your son do this recon. You’re right, we wouldn’t know the full scope if someone doesn’t attend and see what they are up to. I can’t believe that crap! Absolutely teaching them victim mentality and other kids that don’t have a mom with their head on straight like you do will totally buy into this. This whole thing bothers me to my core.

This is an outrage!
Growing up is hard enough we are either to thin, too fat, to short, too tall, shy, or talkative. Why add more doubts to kids to question themselves. Why not help them get an education so kids can choose a college a career a profession not a gender.
This comes with an agenda to recruit more homosexuals. It is for the majority a learned behavior, of course with a few exceptions. The percentages of kids going through puberty I think the percentage is at present 1 percent gay but they are trying to make our kids LGBTQ.l

you are correct. It’s rampant in our schools. My daughter had 11 on her volleyball team this past year and out of them 7 claimed to be lesbians. I said well, statistically that’s in accurate. I told her that at the most 1-2 of those girls will still be lesbian when they grow up, and that’s being generous with my stats. They are literally brainwashing our kids.

7 out of 11 is insane! My best friends daughter is 14 and I can’t believe the amount of gay and lesbian kids she goes to school with. My daughter is 21 and it was not like this when she was that age. None of them have any idea what they are doing or talking about. I pray they wake up and grow up to see that the left is indoctrinating them with BS.

Yes agree they talk about Torrence and discrimination but what if they had a club at school heterosexual abstinence until marriage club at school? You know that wouldn’t go over at all. I was a virgin when I got married (unheard by today’s standards) my husband was too. We figured it out just fine. Why do kids even need to be thinking of sex at such young ages. This is insane! I am a Christian and was taught that sex between a man and woman is sacred. This is crazy our poor little kids are going to be so confused.
This should be illegal! This is just wickedness of the worse kind to prey on the helpless and the most precious and trusting and innocent in society!

A list of “privilege injustices” could be compiled for anything deviating from the norm. I could decide that my nose is an ear and have, therefore, three ears. My list of grievances would begin with people with two ears not having to worry about finding earmuffs equipped with three muffs. That is grounds for launching a campaign against the privilege of “ear duality.” There is no end to the infinite ways a deviation from the norm can be construed as an unfair privileging of the norm. If left unchecked, this is a virus that will contaminate reason itself, and in a decade or so my absurdist example will seem mild.

Seems like that’s part of the goal… the more we are preoccupied with biased opinions and hatred in between each other based on bullshit privileges and tolerances the less government has to worry about us standing up united against gun control and other laws that will strip us of defense and finances.

This is no different that what was done in Germany under the Hilter Youth movement to change a nation’s culture & values. Replacing the holy trinity of Father, Son & Holy Spirit with Volk, Fuehrer & Vaterland (people, ruler, & fatherland). Boys born in 1926 became cannon fodder in the final futile attempts to keep Hitler’s Reich alive. A generation of wasted lives.

And another post from this group:

Los Angeles Department of Health has this “Adolescent Provider Toolkit” posted on it’s website. Here is a page literally explaining how to perform a “parentectomy” (their term) – to get the parent out of the room for the confidential portion of the child’s exam.

Click to access Adolescent_Confidentiality_Toolkit.pdf

And some replies to this post:

Just yet another reason why I don’t take my kids to allopathic doctors.

You people in Cali better get mad as hell and fight back this indoctrination ! This is spreading all across the country, but you guys are the main one so far’. STOP it in its tracks. We MUST protect our children at all cost. They are setting them up for their own agenda’. Washington State Christians fought for it for now, but they are already working on a stronger plan for next year”.

unfortunately people in CA are apathetic. Too busy buying their Tesla’s, vegan and PETA all come first. I know I live here. It’s pathetic. So unwilling to open their eyes or go against the grain…90% at least

So they are complicit in the agenda to undermine parental rights & authority. Disgusting. Parents, have such a great relationship with your children that they feel comfortable talking openly with you, and no one can ever come between you.

“A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent” WHATTTTT??????? 😡😡😡😡

That’s what the state says. And kids are told this in SeXXX ed class.

the state actually REQUIRES that 7th-12th graders be taught that they can get an abortion/etc without parent’s knowing, that they can obtain Medi-Cal coverage to pay for it, and they can get out of school without their parents knowing if it is for “confidential medical services”!!!

NOTE: there is not age restriction for abortion. ANY AGE a child can consent. And if the child is less than 14 and having sex with someone also less than 14, it is not reportable (OR if the child just doesn’t offer the information, since the provider is not even required to ask the 11 year old girl who she was having sex with in order to give her a dangerous medical procedure).

It’s actually in the parent-student handbook, also: “School authorities may excuse any student, age 12 year or older, from the school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical
services without the consent of the parent or guardian.” It’s been clarified by various legal input that “may” means just that this child “might” request the absence. The school must grant it.

Click to access PSHB_2018-19%20SY_Eng_FINAL_WithForms.pdf

They have done this for years already it’s just more scary today than it was then. My 20 year old and 24 year olds dr did this at their visits once they hit 13 or 14 I believe . Good morals and communication in the home are key

unfortunately the brainwashing is way more intense these days in schools !!

brainwashing in the doctor’s too! I had to fight the doctor in front of my kids when he tried to insist my son needed the HPV shot because it helps prevent all kinds of cancer now. According to him it even helps fight skin cancer… wait, what?!? Then he talked all about the “bad” info out there on the shot. Man I was pissed because I did my research on that shot and he’s full of it! I had to say NO very firmly SEVERAL times before he gave up!

yep so true! It’s a pharma corrupt business in there!

This EXACTLY how it went when I took my teenage son in for a referral to podiatry. On base- at the naval hospital. Last year.

yeah, I took my kids to a doctor who told me'” we see teens alone- parents do not come in.” I never returned to that office. my daughter wants me there so it’s not like she’s asking to go alone. I don’t trust anyone who is meeting with and examining my child alone behind closed doors. I seriously question the motives of any health professional insisting to meet with my child alone. parents should always be welcomed and respected. we are our children’s caregivers and advocates and others are there to support us in our efforts to best parent our children. if they have something to say to my child they can say it while I’m in the room. whatever education they have regarding health they care to share with my child will be best applied if they educate me as the parent as well. no one should undermine the role of the parent-it’s primary!

I have 7 now adult children. I have been through this many times and you have to TAKE A STAND AS A PARENT. NEVER allow schools or Doctors to intimidate you for staying with your teen. Until the age of 18 they are still children under your parental care and responsibility. Red flags if you are asked to leave them alone.

I’ve already been introduced to this at my kids doctors office. We discuss it before we go in that the doctor is going to ask me to leave and I tell them that they can say no, that they want me to stay. I just ask my kids in front of the doctor if they want me to leave. They’ve always asked me to stay. Doctor can’t argue what the child is asking for. I leave it up to my kids and so far they’ve always wanted me in there.

I will have to try that. Our kaiser doctor acted like they didn’t have a choice!

I will happily disclose before any appointment that it is not acceptable for them to ask me to leave until they are 18. Heck, I will make them put it in my children’s chart notes that as a parent, I have the right to have this question removed from their routine appointments with my children. I set boundaries during pregnancy, I set boundaries and pushed for testing that wasn’t required for my children’s health like bloodwork and EKGs (and they found a potential problem!!), and certainly I will continue to be their advocate without being dismissed!!

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