Truth about the VA

So, is the VA still abusing veterans?  I’m going to do some research to find out.

Here is a post from a pro-veteran anti-VA abuse group:

‘I knew something was not right’: Mass cancellations of diagnostic test orders at VA hospitals draw scrutiny

VA canceling thousands of diagnostic tests across the country

Radiology technologist Jeff Dettbarn, alleges thousands of tests at the Iowa City VA were improperly canceled, potentially risking veterans’ lives.

Reporter Tony Leys of the Des Moines Register, a member of the USA TODAY Network, contributing.


And another post from this group:

He did’t fall, he was pushed through the cracks by the VA’s psychological battering.


And here are some replies to this post:

No crack the VA created a hole as wide and deep as the Grand Canyon. The VA has become like the Republican Party vets don’t deserve and are looking for a hand out That’s why good doctors and nurses don’t last long . The is a money pit with no bottom l. No amount of money will fix the VA . The VA is organize crime nore ruthless than the costa Nostra and as deadly as the mafia .


That’s despicable! 😔 There are so many cases like this. I can’t believe they’re getting away with it! 😶


Happens 22 times a day as far as Veterans Administration is concerned they just fall through the cracks


When you go to the VA for any mental health issue you are treated like a prisoner. First you are made to strip then you are put into pajamas that look eerily similar to POW cloths. Then at times the staff laughs and jokes about severely ill patients. This has happened to me. While I’m not proud of having PTSD I have seen one person I know kill himself as a result of being turned away from the VA. No Veteran should be left behind. If the VA had that kind of mentality we wouldn’t be in the situation we now are in with the VA!!!!


And here are some posts in reply to a post about the VA rejecting a whistleblower claim of abuse:

I have full, legal binding evidence to the back and paralysis issue in the story. They neglected me for 20 years and I ended up paralyzed, in surgery, learn to walk again, etc… I also have a youtube video of one of their doctors making it a “mental issue”. Mental issues don’t collapse into your spinal cord. Any lawyers want my info? I can bust this case WIDE OPEN….


Following- trying to learn the process… I have paralysis issues because they declared me delusional bipolar when I actually had a broken back


I had a T6-T12 Sci diagnosed then was deleted and told it was all in my head still paralyzed still in a chair. Not sure what’s more messed up is they deleted it or they still provide me stuff like my chair, ramps, lift for my truck and various other stuff including monthly stuff I don’t get full Sci care through the VA but they treat it.
Also not sure if I can say this or not but F it I wonder how a person once under an OIG investigation(I was called for a statement but already played VA games of retaliation I was all set going on record after a doc) goes from that to whistleblower Kois was a completely disrespectful ahole


They dont want any administrative cases proven by Veterans to become a case…especially by the same agency that is suppose to provide care…surely and couldnt be harming us{{INSERT SARCASM}}


HERE IS PROOF: I am battling dental care. My private practice had to threaten the VA with no longer supporting the VA outpatient program because of such long reaction time to a simple implant procedure. I went to the VA yesterday (Sept 26) to ask about payment that has been in limbo well over 2 months. Further investigation determined the VA staff sent the paperwork to the wrong department. Once the dental implant paperwork arrive to the correct department, they had up to 90 days to send out payment. Therefore, they deliberately did it wrong to meet a time line. We finally told the Manch VA dental Department if payment was received almost immediately, we would also speak with the NH Board of NH Dental Practices who would in turn speak directly with the Veteran Affairs Dental Department. MORE PROOF: This particular VA is complained to the DC VFW about me supposedly being abusive and threatening to the staff to the point that the VFW formally withdrew representing me in my otherwise legitimate appeals case that was a slam dunk to win. SOP dictates I must be notified of such commentary and perceived actions which I never was. This happened after I “FIRED” 3 physicians for not doing their job. I found them editing my appointment concerns WITH PROOF. Their response was calling security because the obviously NEW Drs suddenly felt “alarmed” learning I was not taken back by their MD titles. They vanished and security appeared and had nothing to add.


And another post from this group:

As a VA employee, I have seen how they leave veteran’s ssn’s out.I have been reporting it to the privacy officer for over a year. I also have reported it to the oig. Plus they had a doctor throw out multiple vets ssn’s. I have reported it and gave the info to the privacy officer four separate occasions. I have no idea as how to stop it. Ideas?


And here is a reply to this post:

I have made many comments on Ebenifit hacks and I really believe what is behind the uptick of the hacks/frauds is due to SSN not being protected at the VA. In Tampa we had VA employees trading Veterans SSN for drugs and linked is one in Arkansas the FBI caught by a VA employee selling SSN of Veterans. Second link is to a law office getting ready to sue on behalf of veterans who have losses over these hacks and had SSN stolen in recent scandals. If I got your SSN all I got to find is your birthdate and full name to change Ebenifits info to log into account, There have been thousands this year and the VA is still denying its happening.…/arkansas-va-employee-charged…/



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