Stories of H1B Visa Abuse Part 2

Part 1 was getting rather long so I started a part 2.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Urgent Position || Tibco Developer || Minneapolis MN || TCS |\ RAte $ 50 C2C

If this what technology and science can pay , everyone should learn other skills like mechanics, plumbing , electricians etc.When you hire them you pay them lot more.


And here are some replies to said post:

That’s what I made at Apple 21 years ago. Inflation has gone up 41% since then. So it should be around $70+ today.

Utah and other states with building booms need lots of plumbers, electricians, which pay $65/min and are unionized. If I had it to do over I’d join IBEW and make $110,000 min guaranteed with job protections, free training, and free placement. Union jobs are protected from this outsourcing crap by lobbying in DC.


true, but I work for the va and I am a member of the afge – so far it hasn’t helped one single bit, AND the government is talking about privatizing the va – this war will require all of us

Same here – 50 $/hr as consultant after I got laid off 17 years ago.

They have a massive office in Tempe, AZ near me. 100% Indians. Right next to a huge ADP payroll bldg. also staffed with 99% Indians. What has this country come to.

33°25’49.14″ N 111°56’24.50″ W

and I just had a phone interview the majority Indian and knew it would not go well. Hiring manager is American female. The white men are getting genocided out of American workplaces.
Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

I have been a little preoccupied with this thought. We only have created about 4k tech jobs for all of 2018 and are about to import ~100k more H1-Bs.

If any Americans were hired for these jobs, it is a certainty they will soon be replaced with this new batch of visa workers. We are losing tech jobs at an alarming rate. What happens to all the H1-Bs holding all the tech jobs today?

There has to be a steady outflow of the H1-Bs that no one talks about. No? How do explain this? Please refer to Bloomberg article based on BLS I posted a few days ago for the source of my data.

seattle woes
 Here is a post from City-Data forums:

I live in the greater Seattle area, which has a thriving, high-tech economy. One of the things that I notice is that people working at high-technology companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and others in living and working in Seattle and upscale Eastside suburbs like Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, and Issaquah tend to be disproportionately Asian, especially Indian or Chinese, or from other countries outside the USA.

Despite having earned several STEM education credentials, I have been unable to succeed at a technological or engineering job, while many other people from outside the USA have been able to achieve great success. That is why, for example, the upscale Eastside suburb of Sammamish, where many tech employees live and has an average household income of over $100,000, is 20% Asian, considerably higher than the percentage of population of people of Asian descent nationwide.

Therefore, why do people from ethnic groups such as Indian and Chinese do so well, and yet I have not been to achieve the level of success of most of these people despite having the advantages of growing up in a middle-class family in the USA and earning higher-level education credentials in supposedly marketable majors from top-tier American universities?

 And another post:

My friend is from India and he worked in IT company based around Austin. He came from India on H-1B visa. After living and working here for many years, he married an American girl and became a US citizen. He was fired from his job. His American Boss told him that now you have become expensive for us. He had to train his replacement, a new H-1B visa from India. After months of trying to get new job, he moved on in Indian Restaurant Business.

Bottomline is that American Businesses are looking at cheap labour on H-1B visas. Visa holders are paid less, stay in same position for years due to indefinite wait of Green Card, cannot change company. Bonded labour on cheap thats it.

 And another post:
Master’s degrees are usually not paid, and it costs a lot of money to be an international student. Plus, there are restrictions when you’re here on a visa. Please believe the large percentage of international students is not because they can’t find competent Americans. That’s what they want you to believe. America had PhD’s before immigration got out of hand. Universities are businesses.
And yet another post:

We have 11 million STEM graduates in the USA working outside of STEM because they can’t find jobs in that field. That’s 75% of STEM graduates.

We are graduating more than enough people in STEM. Employers have been whining for years about the STEM shortage and Americans have have answered the call. Americans have studied STEM in droves. Their reward? No jobs.

And another one:
DFW is H1B hell too.
 And yet another post:

I work in the Bay Area as a ML Engineer and rarely meet IIT grads. All I see are grads from tier-2 or tier-3 schools in India. Is that what America wants to attract? Very few of the H1B’s that I have worked with were “exceptional”. In fact, most were average or below average.

America needs to put Americans first. It’s fine to say that a country should benefit it’s own people first. Xenophobia is not necessarily a bad thing.

PS. I’m Indian-American. Born here in the US.

 Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group page:
My contract recently expired, I’ve been getting the normal calls from recruiters. One of them was pushing jobs from Cognizant. I never worked for them, but I know their reputation with regard to H-1Bs. Despite that, I agreed to a phone interview. I didn’t particularly care for the fact that the recruiter scheduled the meeting after 6pm without asking me, but I figured no big deal. The Cognizant interviewer didn’t show. The recruiter rescheduled, again they picked an inconvenient time without asking, but I showed, again the interviewer did not. I then heard Cognizant was allowing walk-in interviews on Saturdays here in Orlando for developers and even architects (which is unheard of in my experience). After all this I came to the conclusion that the stories are true, Cognizant and others just try to give the appearance they are hiring US citizens, but really are playing a game, canceling interviews, inconvenient times, all in a charade to give the appearance they make the effort so Federal auditors don’t hammer them.
 And here is a follow up post to the one above
Wow, crazy but it just happened to me again. I’ve been waiting since 6pm for a phone interview. It was supposed to be an architect position for Fedex in Lakeland, FL, at the last moment I heard it was Wipro working for Fedex. Sure enough, the Wipro guys bailed on the interview. I don’t think I will even bother if they ask to reschedule.
Sure enough, the recruiter just called to reschedule, this time I said “No, not interested in working with Wipro”.
 Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:
30 dollars per hour java developer @ W2
java low pay
 The following are the replies to this post:
yes, the rate is going down everyday, it should have been the other way
So much for the ‘talent shortage’ pushing wages higher
And another post:
Anyone know about H-1B replacements at State Farm in IL?
And a reply to said post:
I have not been there for a few years but when I was consulting there for 8 years State Farm had hundreds of H-1B staff at the Bloomington location. State Farm went through last year and offered early retirement to many of their older employees. I have not seen much hiring through any emails I get on open jobs in the Bloomington area
 Here is post of a legal immigrant from Quora:

Age old question, yet you still don’t seem to have the answer:

All numbers are fake, not representing real life, but ratios are pretty accurate

Indian Engineer, working in India, as java programmer makes $1000/month

American engineer, working in the US, as java programmers makes $8000/month

Some scumbag company tells, American engineer’s employer that, they can do the same job with one of their engineers for $6000/month.

American employer likes 25% cost savings, lays off the American Engineer.

Scumbag company contacts Indian engineer and tells them they have a job for him paying $4000/month. And they dangle the Green Card carrot in front of the Indian engineer.

Indian engineer quadruples the money he/she is making (not knowing what kind of a life he is getting himself into, jumps into the offer. If nothing else, there is green card at the end of this ordeal for him. Little he knows, there is no green card for 15+ years, if any at all.

American engineer goes jobless, while the scumbag company is making $2000/mo for absolutely nothing but signing some papers.

Here, the question most H-1B employees ask: “Then, why not the American Engineer agree to reduced pay of $6000/month” in this example. If the American engineer has $3000/month mortgage payment, $1000/month car payment for himself and his wife, if he has two school age kids going to private schools, and he adjusted his life according to his current employment, making a 25% cut in his salary will most probably make him go bankrupt in few months. Hence he takes the severance pay and hopes that before that money is depleted, he will find himself another job with same or comparable financial compensation. Sometimes it works, most times it won’t.


And here are some replies to said post:

First – H1B workers ARE full-time employees. Even a contractor at client location, is a full-time employee for the H1B sponsoring employer.

How the “take away an American’s job” works is –

  • A third party consulting firm petitions my H1B and hires me – let us say, at 70K salary.
  • They place me at a client location where I get on-boarded on their business domain.
  • Once the client is happy with me, the client will offer me a full-time employment paying a salary of say, 100K, which I gladly accept because I am getting almost 35% hike.
  • Client, in many cases, pays a one-time “fee” to the consulting firm to “release” me so I can work for the client. Consulting firm is happy.
  • Client fires an American employee who was paid say 140K, saving 40K every year while paying only a little amount for my H1B filing.

So, am I, a H1B worker, taking away an American’s job? apparently yes. But was I aware of it and doing it consciously and intentionally? – probably no.

So who is to blame here? Should the client be blamed to cut his costs? Should the consulting firm be blamed for providing a service the client demands? Should I be blamed for replacing an American that I probably don’t know of, or not aware of what’s happening behind the scenes?

I don’t know. All I know is what the client is doing is not illegal, but probably unethical and/or immoral. But it’s a business, and their only goal is to make money.


Most of the H1 B visas are offered for full time job however a job loss is a loss for economy whether its a full time or part time.

Coming over to the question of taking away american jobs, anyone with considerable experience on H1B visa knows how this entire game is played by some consultancies.

I wont go in the morality of this murky consultancies system however its one of biggest reason for backlash on H1 B visa/ visa holder.

Had people/ consultancies used this H1 B visa genuinely and not to just fulfill their own greed, things would have been really different.


Here is another post from one of the anti-H1B visa groups:

Do they actually hire American database engineers?
Dear Ben,

Thank you for your interest in furthering your employment with Teradata. We appreciate your interest in the Database Product Support Engineer position. We enjoyed learning more about your background and experience.

Although your credentials are impressive, we have decided to pursue other candidates for this position. We wish you the best of luck in your job search and encourage you to continue to visit our website for additional opportunities.


Global Talent Acquisition Team


And here are some replies to said post:

Didn’t you write a book on databases? If so, why wouldnt any company be thrilled to have you?


I have written many books on databases and have no fucking idea what the hell is going on.


You are American and too expensive. Change that first name to Benamalaramalama and you have a good shot.


I wrote software at Apple and Sony including helping to create Playstation but I’m still not good enough.


Teradata is an almost all-Hadoop shop and anywhere there is Hadoop there are load and loads of Indians. In fact, TD has been acquiring loads of other Hadoop companies. So, almost zero chance.



Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Well I guess that CTO was not interested where I interviewed via phone after the company approached me on LinkedIn. Why do companies waste candidates time getting false hopes up? The recruiter disappeared and I asked him what the status was after they mentioned bringing me onsite for a formal in person interview. Here is the lame reply:

“Sorry for the delay. I have found out that there is a re-set on this position and the focus on skills are going to be changing. We are in a holding pattern at this time.”


When asking about the H1B State Farm layoffs,  I got the following reply on city-data:

State Farm has a massive presence in north Texas (they just built a campus in Richardson a few years ago).

I don’t work for State Farm, never have…but I know a couple of people who do. They say it has become an H1B body shop for pretty much anything IT-related, from QA to development to project managers to business analysts to systems administrators to database administrators. If you’re not from south India, don’t even bother applying (that’s what I hear).

According to what I’ve been able to find, State Farm itself doesn’t actually sponsor many H1B visas but they use a lot of third-party vendors to fill their IT positions. Basically nobody who works in anything technology-related actually works for State Farm itself. I don’t know what vendors they’re using…probably some from the “big” shops like Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, supplemented by warm bodies from some smaller local 100% H1B shops. There are dozens in DFW.

Here is another post from an anti-H1B visa group:

I have been contacted three times in the past two days by Infosys. One if not all of the contacts are based on my responding to an ad that one of their recruiters put on one of the several forums that have a anti-H-1B focus. When I responded to the ad, I did NOT know that the ad was for Infosys.

The first contact was by email for a job in either NJ or Phoenix. They required an in-person interview, but they would not pay travel expenses for the in-person interview. Of course I realized at that point, the employer was an H-1B body shop. So I just dropped it.

The second contact was a couple hours later, and the recruiter was clearly a US citizen. She told me that the employer would pay travel expenses but the employer is Infosys for a project in Phoenix, working for American Express, or NJ, where I do not know the client (It could be American Express, maybe.). I did not pursue that any further after hearing the employer is Infosys. I just can’t get it through my mind why I as a US citizen, I have to use a company from India, Infosys as a gatekeeper to an employer in the US and Infosys would get >$25/hour off of my rate. How did that H-1B body shop parasite insert themselves into the picture of facilitating jobs between US citizens and US employers and taking a $25/hour tribute off of my rate?!?!

The third contact came today. The recruiter told me that Infosys is changing their ways, ending their abuses, embarking on a future where they will only be hiring US workers and GC holders, and entering a phase where they are going to become a solid, legit US employer. The recruiter asked my rate, and I gave them my 1099 rate. They do not do 1099. So that is one strike against them. Then the recruiter gave me a rate for a job 3000 miles away for a rate 25% lower than my last W2 rate in which I was working directly for a local employer and not a W2 rate from an H-1B body shop. The rate was lower than my local rate 20 years ago. We spoke a little more about the processes at Infosys, AND IT IS ALL THE SAME OLD INFOSYS H-1B BODY SHOP!

Once again, Infosys is making the claim that they are changing their ways while NOT changing their ways. It is still the same old H-1B body shop shell game.


And here are some replies to said post:

I’ve received recruiting calls from US citizens fronting for Apu. That isn’t unusual.

These days, all of the “urgent requirements” from Apu involve TCS or Infosys & are a waste of your time.

If you are a student of the job market you’re looking into, you may find US staffing firms trying to directly place at the same company. Infosys may be throwing bodies at the company, hoping something will result in a placement.

Your best bet is to abandon Apu entirely.


Many of those *** URGENT *** jobs turn out to be $25/hour assignments that are 2000 miles away. My landscaper makes more money than that.


It’s to the point where I only work with the one firm I’ve been attached to for years, that’s it. The guys who own it are all retired IBM.


These Jokers end up sending me 3 week stints in Minot, ND during the middle of winter, for $15 per hour, Corp to Corp.


as bad as infosys is just imagine how bad are the 5000+ “small business” body shops registered in US as LLC. The LLC companies are registered by mostly h-1b some of them operating these LLC’s from india and applying h-1b’s. This is how stupid the US federal and state governments are. In there mad rush for ease of doing business they have left so many loophole because they dont want regulations. these body shops are using these loop holes to bring h-1b and paying them 20 to 50$ per hour and pocketing anywhere from 20$ to 100$ per hour just by being middlemen.


exactly. Our govt is so eager to please corporations they have made it easy to set up and run companies. Our govt is backing intl student loans the same as it does for americans…. to increase profits for universities who in turn provide OPT’s. It is one big circle of hades.



Contracting at defense contractors until a few years ago required USA citizenship. HCL America changed that by syphoning work from defense contractors that is unclassified and low technology based mostly reviewing specifications and testing documents. Defense contractors would rely on USA based job shops to call in former employees to do the spec and test document reviews and pay them $45 to $60 per hour. HCL America now controls that work and does ALL the hiring and they only hire Indians and do the work offsite of the defence company location. Pay rate for the unqualified Indians that have no knowledge of what they are reviewing is $19 to $25 per hour. When these document reviews are deemed not acceptable by the Department of Defense HCL America tries to hire a few qualified and experienced USA citizens for $35 per hour and there are no takers


Here is a post from a Breitbart article:

I am a retired medical technologist. I have seen my field being taken over by H1b visa contract workers from India, Pakistan, China, and some Arab countries for about 15 years. The new US graduates (BSC, one year internship, and required board certification, with state licensure required in many States) are making much less than they were 10 years ago, when they can get a job at all. Even the small hospital labs are getting in on the cheap foreign labor wagon. Yoder can kiss my arse.


And another post from said article:

My trainees were L-1b foreign replacement workers. I had 3 trainees, each learned a different facet of my job. I saw one of them reading an “Intro to” manual. Not quite “specialized knowledge” as L-1bs are supposed to possess.

We learned our replacements were making $3K/month, but $2000 of that was paid as non-taxable expenses. So their high-tech STEM jobs in Lake Mary,FL paid an annual taxable salary of $12,000/year. I don’t know any Americans that can survive on that; especially when medical insurance at $943/month.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Let’s Visit Twitter again and check out the #NoHR392 Scene. The Yoder Greed Green Card Giveaway will Provide 75 % of GC’s to the Indians – Game Over for IT and Health Workers just for Starters, Accountants Count Your Beans.

Matt @Mat78575251

#HR392 gives all the GC opportunities to a single nation that has more population (India). Equality does not mean fairness. The current system provides diversity. Consider a situation when 90 percent of your coworkers are from a single nation! (No diversity)
#removeHR392 #NoHR392

Mahnaz Behroozi @Mahnaz_Behroozi

What makes the United States a great nation is its diversity. #HR392 will restrict entering talented people from different countries to the U.S. workforce. USA is about to lose its diversity. Let’s keep it a great nation as it was! #NOHR392

H1B Reform Now @H1B_Reform_Now

Replying to @IngrahamAngle @TiensToi and 2 others
Yoder’s plan does not bring diversity. It blocks out latinos and all others and just allows oversupply of work visa people to get GC first. Oversupply of work visa people should be sent back. Country caps for GC is needed to ensure diversity. #NOHR392

Carmela @Ay_Carmela_90

I explained #HR392 to my American friends and they are stunned! Employment based GC is not about moving a whole other country to the U.S. It’s about giving highly skilled ppl, all around the world, the opportunity of migration and bringing their talent to the U.S. #NoHR392

Soodi Milanlouei – @SoodiMilanlouei

We need a merit-based multifactorial system rather than a first come first served process.
#HR392 #NoHR392

Carmela @Ay_Carmela_90

#Hr392 supporters are afraid of spreading the news. Why? Because when more people know about it, the stupidity of this amendment will be more obvious.
Spread the news. Even if you are not affected by this law. #NoHR392

Lord Curzon @lord_curzon

US has talent from all over: Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Canada, Britain, Sweden, Australia, France, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, China, and yes, even india. To give *all* green cards to india would violate US national interest. #NoHR392

Hammond @Hammond_84

US workers are not responsible for training their replacements. Our universities can produce the best graduates at every level from the US and all over the world. Don’t distribute more than 70% of the GCs to one nation with mostly foreign bachelor or less. #NoHR392 #RemoveHR392

Zhehao Li @ugofrice

#nohr392 The best solution is to set national quota proportional to country’s population. e.g. India has 17% of world’s population so Indian may get 17% of GCs. This solution will make sure every individual get same chance regardless of national origin and maintaining diversity

Hammond @Hammond_84

Why our US PhD graduates from Europe or Africa should wait years in line for Green Card and probably leave the country while 70% of Green Cards hand over to people with mostly foriegn bachelor from a specific country?
Lower wages doesn’t justify this policy #RemoveHR392 #NoHR392

Masha @masha_8891

IT skills and talents cannot only be found in one nation!Break this stereotype which says all Indians are effective engineers and others are plumbers.Job market is no longer merit-based,it is connection-based that’s why Silicon Valley is like New Delhi. Free ITcompanies #NoHR392

Sahand @54h4nd

❗️America’s policy of diversity in immigration would be replaced by an India-first policy; India would get nearly 100 percent of employment-based green cards for a time, eventually stabilizing at around 75 percent;
#RemoveHR392 #removeHR392 #NoHR392

Sahand @54h4nd

No win for nobody in HR392. Neither americans nor the rest of the world(including indian and chinese)
#NoHR392 #RemoveHR392 #removeHR392

sahar hm @HM2Sahar

The #HR392 is a disaster for the American workers. Fraudulent companies who abuse #H1B now want to import/abuse more cheap labor by removing the CG cap.
Please remove #HR392 from House DHS appropriations bill. #NOHR392

Masha @masha_8891

HR392 is shameful and yet many Americans don’t know about it because Indians are getting the approval in silence. Let the others know about it! This is the least we can do. Indians don’t interview others in companies like Facebook, Intel, Amazon, IBM, … #RemoveHR392 #NoHR392



Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

When the U.S. Department of Labor needed a new contractor to upgrade its aging computer systems, it turned to labor broker Saras America. The firm should have sounded familiar.

While labor broker Triune Technologies Inc. was blacklisted by the Department of Labor for two years, its executives received approval to import H-1B workers under the name of a different company, WalkWater Technologies Inc., which shares the same San Jose, California, address.


Here is a post from a Breitbart article :

I do not live in the Dallas area, but I know people that do, and they cannot get IT and Health jobs due to the overwhelming presence and influence of Indian companies that are based upon the H-1B visa.

It turns out that Pete Sessions, the Chairman of the Rules committee is a co-sponsor of the Immigration Voice Indian Lobbyist sponsored Bill H.R. 392: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017, he is a member of the House Indian Caucus and he is also a member of the notorious Republican Hindu Coalition. He is the only member in the House that is a member of all three groups.

H.R. 392: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 will do great harm to the American IT and Health worker sectors for it provides Green Cards to the Indians on a first come first serve basis instead of the current 7% per county cap under current law. It is estimated that due to their numbers, the Indians would receive up to 75% of green cards issued per year if H.R. 392 is allowed by the Rules Committee as a rider to FY 2019 Homeland Security Appropriations Bill of which Mr. Sessions is the chairman and beholden to these various Indian interest groups.

The question I pose is who does Rep Pete Session represent in congress? Does he represent the workers of Texas or the workers of India? Based on the information complied by U.S. Tech Workers, the answer is simple to surmise.


And another post from said article:

This is flipping ridiculous. This problem with the Indians has been going on my whole career in STEM, for the past 25 years. It’s gotten so bad that I advised my own children to steer clear of STEM for careers. The deck is stacked against American STEM workers — IN AMERICA.


And another post:

Great article Munro which shows proof positive how the abusive work visas have decimated good paying American jobs and an entire business sector of our economy. I watched this happen first hand and had to close the doors to my business 8 years ago due to this bs and retire. I watched Microsoft weakened all of it’s certifications abroad and to strengthen the requirements here at home to justify why they couldn’t get more skilled workers which was a sham in itself. They are now trying to do this with accounting and engineering sectors. Yoder can yodel on my balls along with the rest of those cucksuckers that propose more work visas.


Here are some posts from a City-Data thread:

I recently visited a client where 19 out of 20 IT employees were from India, and that included programmers, managers, directors and VPs, so of course they’ll sponsor visas for more of their countrymen. The only American I spoke to was the guy who configured the laptops to be handed out to new employees. While in his quarters I saw 15-20 laptops already prepared and they had post-it notes on them with Indian names on them. All the new hires were Indian.


This baffles me, it’s not only bad for the US economy but politically stupid on Trump’s part. Americans need those jobs to keep up with all the rising costs of living in US cities, how the hell are Americans supposed to afford college, basic health care, housing, even food when the best jobs, in skilled areas like tech, are being just given away like that? And how are college kids supposed to pay off student loans? No wonder the US birthrate keeps crashing down, no one can afford to have families. Plus, why would Americans even bother to study STEM now if fewer and fewer jobs are available, and at lower wages? STEM majors are hard work, so who’s going to go through that, and wrack up so much college debt if jobs not there?

I thought Trump was at least smart politically but maybe he really is dumb as a rock politically. This is the one campaign promise he really had to keep, and if he’s dumb enough to go back on it, his whole base will stay home in November this year and 2020. Protecting American jobs from stupidity like this is the only reason most people voted for him and it’s the only rallying cry of his base. Without protecting US jobs, Trump has nothing to offer, and what he’s doing here stinks of near treason for allowing this. What you’re describing sounds like against the law so Trump could easily stop it, maybe he has people in his administration who aren’t fully committed to the task but voters in November really aren’t going to care for that as excuse, esp. when Americans are already starting to hurt from the tariffs. I’d say because of this alone, we have a Blue Wave coming in 2018 and 2020, unless Trump wises up and basically imposes a big moratorium on the H-1B, like the travel ban. Much needed.


I talked to one of my tech-industry relatives about what you mentioned with this particular ocmpany earlier in the week, and he pointed out that the company you’re describing is plainly, flagrantly breaking the law. In fact so flagrantly that this is the sort of thing that would have gotten them shut down even during the Obama and Bush administrations, when the White house was more likely turn a blind eye to the H-1B rule violations like what Disney did in laying-off their tech workers. I see what you’re saying and I’m not sure what to believe about Trump’s actual stance towards the H-1B, but apparently according to my cousin, there is at least now an office where people can report flagrant violations of H-1B rules and shut down companies like this. And this apparently is happening, as the Justice dept,, or whichever government branch investigates this, has been heavily fining and shutting down many corporate violators of the law. I don’t know if Trump himself is pushing this, and from what you’re saying I have my doubts, but Sessions at least, IIRC is an open enemy of the H-1B, so he might be the one responsible for creating this complaints office. (I didn’t get the details, but you can apparently leave a citizen’s complaint, or an anonymous tip about the company doing this, and the Justice Dept. will investigate them). In this case, the company is so flagrantly going against law that the Justice dept. would have an easy time going in and shutting them down, maybe even putting some of the execs in prison for it to make an example, so you could probably have an impact by reporting the lawbreakers here.

Incidentally my relative is Asian-American himself (I basically have a Filipino-American branch of the extended family) and in my observation, Asian-Americans hate the H-1B more than about any other group. They’re more likely to go into STEM, including Indian-Americans and so have student loans, so they’re rightly very angry about the way the H-1B is hurting their careers and earning prospects. Ir really seems like everyone hates the H-1B except the corrupt and short sighted executives and their lawyers who are pushing this policy.


I also have in-laws who are Asian and some from African nations who work in IT and who are American citizens and they also don’t like these programs due to them hurting their careers. Black Americans also don’t like them for the same reason as there was a push for the past decade to get more black people in STEM and those that took the bait now cannot find a decent paying career due to the influx of these visa workers in the field.


I spent my entire career in IT, and it was sad to see it get taken over by the Indians, and I knew many people who supporter Trump ONLY because he promised to do something about it. You can imagine how they feel now that Trump is actually making it worse.


I worked for a couple of Taiwanese companies and a Korean company. L1 visas at those companies were fairly heavily abused. As soon as they got the L1 up to speed, they laid off the US citizen employee. The L1 is working for pennies on the dollar and is living in a shared corporate apartment.


Having been through the L1A process personally, being illegal would have been a whole lot easier. 

L1 visas still have to go through a work certification and an affidavit, so abuse has consequences if people speak up. As far as the pay, the company is required to report to Immigration the salary, along with the US equivalent as part of the investigation.


I honestly have no issue with the administration limiting illegal immigration. However, IMO limiting these legal immigrants who are brought here specifically to be overworked and be paid less than American workers could have been paid, is more of an issue for me. I’d rather these positions be available to American workers. I honestly don’t see the need for many of the job categories to even be eligible for H1-B visas. Especially in IT IMO we have enough STEM professionals here who are American citizens to fill jobs.

Many of the companies use visas to lock in those employees to limit them from getting a better paying position. If more IT companies paid better wages and especially had better benefits for their American employees, they wouldn’t suffer with labor shortages.

I’ll note that IT used to be a category I managed for supply chain at a previous position and we often hired IT contractors to perform services for our clients. Many of those companies were owned by foreigners and often the clients would fire the American workers who they had on staff to hire these contractors. Those American companies that hired contracted workers, often underpaid their employees/staff versus what those workers would have been paid if they’d been hired directly by the organization (not a contractor). Contractors rarely made more than $15 an hour when I did this work.


My entire neighborhood is H-1B visa holders and they are still working as usual. They don’t make low wages though. They all make 6 figures. Maybe they’d pay an american 25% more but these guys are still making bank.


they prob make decent money- but not as much as a non H1B worker should make. It’s an artificial ceiling for wages for good white collar upper middle class jobs we should be fighting for- this is where we should be focusing efforts, not on tariffs to bring back steel jobs by the handful. This is an abuse to artificially suppress wages and take away the kind of jobs we should be fighting for in 21st century.


The advantage of an H1 is that the employee is basically an indentured servant. They can’t work for anyone else unless that company has a visa of their own to issue. The H1, and L1 for that matter only allow you to work for the sponsoring company, and if you quit/lose your job you have 30 days to get out.


Thanks for reminding me I’d forgotten about that part, yeah that sounds just like slavery or as you say, indentured servitude. This could maybe partly explain why some employers would hire an H-1B even if the salary savings aren’t that much compared to an American. Even if a company is paying the IT guy from Bangalore six figures, he’s still basically the company’s slave, so the company can feel relatively free to abuse him, work him those 110 hour weeks and just generally treat him terribly which they couldn’t do with an American, who could just quit and get a position at another company.

Which means maybe it’s important to look at not annual salary, but instead the salary per hour that the worker is working, and I’d guess that with H-1B’s couldn’t do that since they’d fear deportation. Which means another key piece of the reform, I would think besides demanding higher salaries than an American worker and surveying if Americans are available, is removing the visa from the hands of the employer, and giving it to the worker. This seems to be a source of a lot of the abuse. If the worker could at least complain about abuses or find another employer, or ask for higher wages, then a lot of these abuses– including in effect, the reduction in hourly wages due to the unpaid overtime the H-1B’s are forced into from their indenturement– would be reduced.


the companies post jobs at salaries WAY below market value- then cry- “See we can’t find anyone”- time to fire up the phone to TATA. it’s self dealing and a clear abuse meant to suppress good white collar upper middle class jobs to save a few dollars.


Yes this really nails the heart of the issue, it’s thinly veiled corruption by treasonous US corporations and corrupt politicians that does a lot of damage to the US job market and makes it harder esp for college grads and more experienced workers to pay off student loans and afford basic like housing and health care. The corrupt corps and politicans in turn are helped out by corrupt attorneys like the one in that video.

Brings up another point about how rotten and corrupt the H-1B has become and how Trump and Sessions can really bring about a key reform with a simple step, because one is made to ask, why are the Indian tech workers so willing to indenture themselves and basically work as slave labor? The answer is another flaw in the way the H-1B system is run now, which represents another abuse and breaking of the original law– the Indians do it because they’re dangled the carrot of a green card, which very few actually get and which the H-1B is not supposed to be connected to (it’s a temporary work visa that, as the law is written, is now allowed to lead to a green card).

So Trump and Sessions could probably shut down a lot of the abuse of the H-1B visa simply by enforcing the original intent of the law, that it is, making sure the H-1B is used only as a temporary visa and cannot be used to adjust status as green card, with no visa extensions either. The Indians subject themselves to such humiliating conditions and virtual slave wages for long hours, not because the money is better than in India (given costs of living in US cities, it really isn’t), it’s because they’re so desperate to get out of overpopulated, corrupt India that they’ll indenture themselves for the dangling carrot of a green card– they’re getting “paid” by being teased by the small chance of a green card for enduring utter humiliation for 3 years as an indentured H-1B, usually to a cheap labor body shop like Tata or Infosys.

Basically, just as US outsources a lot of its best tech jobs, India is outsourcing its societal failures and messes due to its overpopulation to the rest of the world, dumping its problems on workers overseas and making countries like the USA, Canada and Australia pay for India’s own overpopulation crisis, corruption and mismanagement through lower wages and jobs for their own citizens. But only because our own leaders have been so corrupt and treasonous against Americans to allow India to use us as a safety valve. If Trump and Sessions make sure Indians can’t get green cards from the H-1B, he’ll actually be doing both Americans and Indians a favor. This will block the safety valve and encourage Indians to make reforms at home to reduce corruption, increase wages and implement better contraception and family-plan policies to help make India’s population more manageable. American workers have more jobs available at better wages, more on job training, while Indians are encouraged to reform their society, bring down corrupt officials and stabilize their population.

Think about it, the way-below-market salaries like you point out, would seem at first to defeat the purpose of coming to the US, after all most US tech jobs are in expensive big cities like in the Bay Area, so it seems like the Indians coming here and working 100-hour weeks, for slave wages and no health care coverage, for a company that they can’t leave would seem to be getting royally shafted. They can’t save up very much money with the high costs of living, and what meager amounts they do make are sent back to India as remittances (which also hurts the US economy, compared to an American worker who’ll spend their income here). So why do the Indian workers subject themselves to such indignities and humiliation as cheap labor?

Certainly the way so many H-1B’s crowd into filthy, squalid apartments helps them to save up some money, but still this doesn’t explain it. The whole reason Disney was willing to lay off it’s own loyal, skilled high-tech workers and replace them with Indians, was that the Indians were so dirt-cheap and willing to live under miserably squalid conditions, and still not save up much money. So not only do American workers lose out, imported Indian workers don’t gain much either, in fact with costs of living many of them wind up in debt themselves, esp if have medical bills. Their main incentive therefore isn’t the money itself, it’s the fantasy of a green card– which usually turns out to be a cruel tease, since the overpopulation in India means the Indians can just be used, discarded and replaced with another one equally desperate to escape India’s overpopulation and overcrowding.

So if Trump and Sessions enforce the original intent of H-1B, make it clear it’s only a temporary visa, no green card status adjust, and Indians must return home after the H-1B and can’t use it to apply for a green card, then this incentive– which is the driving force for the slave wages that Indians accept– disappears. This way, the H-1B’s slave wages can’t be “paid” by the potential for a green card, but only by real wages that exceed cost of living in a big city. So Indians would only accept an H-1B visa if the wages are at or above market, that is if there are genuine shortages, not cheap labor. This would force corrupt body shops like Tata and Infosys to clean up their act, and would remove the downward wage pressure due to that H-1B abuse.


Attorneys / Lawyers make lot of money at every stage. Just one example…rney-services/

It is like a gravy train for them. If they hire Americans, how will they mint money at every step of the process ??

Companies also jump around the projects thru various LLC to get a CUT at every stage.

There are Dummy projects to get Visa and then the visa holder moves from Client A to Client B, Location A to Location B.


Immigration is not about H-1B visa only. Why have Americans taken so many Indian Doctors / Nurses ? Why so many Motel franchise or 7-eleven stores were given to people from India? Why so many American Universities are organising Educational Fairs and giving on-the-spot admission in Graduate School for MS / MBA in various Indian cities ?

It must be financially lucrative.

In the same way, the current low wage H-1B visa IT model has generated into present form.

Mutually beneficial for both sides (Corporates from American side and public from India).

Ask 7-eleven that why so few White Americans are willing to buy their franchise !!! that will give the answer for this IT H-1B conundrum too.

Instead of putting the blame only on Indians, American public needs to answer some questions to their corporates and politicians first.

Who is abusing? Corporates or visa holders ?


The aim of this Visa is getting a captive auduence of employees on low salary. The benefit is in financial terms for American companies. It is not only about IT, Universities are also abusing this Academic H-1B Visa in hiring Ph.D.s or Post Docs at dirt cheap salaries. There is no cap on number of Academic H-1B visa and people coming on them have little idea about tax, in-hand salary, cost of living. There is nothing like minimum salary in University Research environment. Few years ago, a friend of mine was hired as a PostDoc in Molecular Biology department. He already had a good permanent Government job in India- he came to USA after taking leave for 3 years on a fixed contract. His in-hand salary was 1600 dollars per month. He came with his wife and daughter. His Apartment Rent was 600 Dollars, Medical Family Insurance was 500 Dollars. They-Family of 3- were expected to survive on 500 Dollars and they spent lot of their money from their Indian savings to survive. He somehow changed the contract from 3 years to 1 year and was able to get back to his original job in India.

Why did his Professor employ him, because no American Scientist or Ph.D. will work at such little salary. The main aim of H-1 Visa is to get cheap labour from Foreign countries, financially exploit them as much as possible !!!

Other people have no back-up and continue being exploited in the hope of Green card. It is not about Tata or infosys only, American Universities are abusing it in thousands every year.


there are several problems with the usual excuse to shaft American workers of, “companies maximizing their profits for shareholders”. One is that the executives at these companies, like Robert Iger at Disney when Disney was replacing it’s loyal, highly qualified American workforce with H-1B’s, vastly overpay themselves despite doing far less work than most of their employees, and often running their companies inefficiently or ineffectively. It’s just rent seeking and not adding real value, and if stockholder value is indeed so important, then why are the executives paying themselves so much? They are the ones adding to the costs of labor and decreased profitability for shareholders far more than the workers who are actually contributing to the company’s value by doing real work, the salaries of the executives are putting a far greater dent in profits than the salaries of the “little people”. So when the management of companies like Disney use the excuse of “labor costs reduce profitability” to replace American workers with cheap labor H-1B’s– all the while paying themselves tens of millions of dollars in salaries a year while often doing far less work than the grunts who do the real work– what they’re really is, “no, shareholders, we really don’t care about you and the profits of the company based on our overpaid salaries, but we’ll pretend that we do by taking out your frustration with executive labor costs on the little people without the power”. That’s corruption by any definition. If Robert Iger and the Disney VP’s really wanted to save on labor costs and increase profitability for their shareholders, they would have cut down their exorbitant salaries way down, or replaced themselves with H-1B’s. But no, that’s only for the engineers, tech workers and “little people” outside the board-room. That, by any definition, really is corruption.

The other problem with this kind of “duty to the shareholders” argument is broader and little more diffuse, it’s that it’s the infrastructure, laws, contracts and protections of the United States that make these companies existence possible, leave alone their profits. So when a tech company, or an openly disloyal company like Robert Iger’s Disney basically back-stabs American workers in the name of “being profitable”, all it’s really doing is turning it’s back on the cohesion of the country that made it’s existence possible. It’s basically free-loading off the hard work, taxes, dedication and contributions of Americans who have created the society where they can flourish, while refusing to contribute in even the most basic way, by hiring Americans or even allowing skilled Americans in good-paying jobs to keep their jobs. Not unlike Wal-Mart but on an even more egregious scale because of the skilled nature of the jobs being replaced by H-1B’s, jobs that require years of training and lots of student loans debt. In some ways there are analogies to the problems with tariffs but I don’t think they’re the same at all.

The problems with tariffs are much deeper, having to do with way the parts for products are sourced all over the world, and it’s why tariffs are a lot more problematic. The H-1B on the other hand, really doesn’t add any value to US society and instead takes a lot of value away by reducing the ability of Americans to get good paying jobs to support families and support their local economies, and keep skills within America. Supporting more open trade (by opposing excessive tariffs and a trade war) is reasonable, common-sense and good for the US and global economy. Supporting the H-1B visa on other hand, is non-sensical borderline treasonous in the way the visa has become so badly abused and misused as a source of near slave labor by body shops like Tata and Infosys. Trump would be both economically and politically smart by moving away from tariffs, which really don’t do much good for American workers or the economy, and instead more aggressively limiting and restricting the H-1B visa and its widespread abuse, which would do an enormous amount of good for the US economy and workers.


In America, boardroom salaries are ridiculous out of proportion with the salaries of the workers who do the daily work of the companies, including the tech and other skilled professionals. When investors get angry about reduced profits and returns due to labor costs, the main culprit is not the salaries of the tech professionals and other skilled and unskilled workers getting things done, it’s the excessive salaries of executives who are paid way out of proportion to the contributions to the company.

The corporate executives know this and feel a little guilty about it, but instead of doing the right thing– keeping their own salaries at a more reasonable (though still very very high level) and keeping their loyal American workers on-board, they blame their hard working (though less powerful) American workers for their own blunders at the executive and boardroom level, blaming workers who are simply making middle-class American salaries necessary for surviving and raise a family with American living costs. At Disney, the profits were already pretty good, and Bob Iger and the other execs could have raised profits more by moderating their bloated salaries while keeping on their American workforce. Instead they refused to yield a dime of their own sky high executive salaries, tried to replace their American workforce with imported workers from India they intended to treat as slave labor– and suffered a PR disaster that will forever scar and haunt Disney. It’s just corruption and greed on the part of already extremely high paid executives who can’t ever seem to get enough and want American tech workers to pay for their greed and mistakes. That’s why the H-1B visa in it’s current form has to go, it’s no friend of American or foreign workers who both get exploited and underpaid due to it, and being pitted against each other, it’s only a friend of executives like Iger with bottomless greed and corruption and no regarding for the workers that make their companies run.


Besides IT, they also have a “Foreign Student at University” industry. Many Foreign students come to USA for MS, MBA, Ph.D. in the hope of getting a job visa after completion of their courses. If H-1B visa is stopped, students will stop coming. Universities are going to have financial losses. Thats why they also lobby in favour of H-1 visas along with big corporations.


I’m glad you brought up point about universities abusing this visa, not just companies like Disney or FB. A lot of those asst professor, post doc and lab asst jobs are high skilled and used to pay a good living wage, but now the salaries are outrageous low for sometimes 4-5 years in expensive cities, making it tough to make a living. And that’s mostly as you say, because the universities dangle carrots in front of these workers from overseas desperate for a green card, forcing them to work 100 hours a week for ridiculous low pay which drags down the pay for everyone. The H-1B and other visas like this, it’s basically a war by crony capitalists and crony university administrators against living wages for both Americans and foreign workers, which is insane economic policy with costs of living so high


Regretfully, When Leo Perrero sued Disney his attorney Sara Blackwell had to sue where Disney had all of the power. The judge didn’t even address the Rico issue presented by the plaintiff’s attorney. Americans were replaced by Indians and the Americans still needed their jobs.


I have no problem with visas for top talent but these are rare in reality, things like the O visas, IIRc are used for this. But the big majority of H-1B and other visas like it are just cheap labor and as you said correctly, used to funnel even more wealth upward to the born-rich 0.1% who already have more than they could ever spend, by crushing American living wages even more while costs of living go thru the roof for housing, healthcare and college. The h-1B visa has become a dirty blunt instrument that benefits no one but the born-with a silver spoon crowd, both American workers and immigrant workers suffer heavily for it. The arrogant elites get use it as a wedge to push wages down, pitting desperate workers from India against Americans who have bills to pay, and in fact it’s esp. cruel to the Indians in the way it’s used as a dangled carrot for a green card. Like some posters were saying, the Indians often accept the horribly low wages and being forced into debt (H-1B’s in America have US costs of living after all, not Indian costs of living) because their true “income” is more the dangling carrot of a green card in the future. So all workers and strivers, the people who do the real work and have the ambition to build America, get the shaft.

This is also points the way to real solutions for the H-1B abuse, beyond a moratorium or, abolishing it, which would be a smart thing to do too with all the abuse.
1st, go back to the original law and strictly enforce that the H-1B is a temporary visa only and cannot be extended or used as “bridge” for a green card. This will prevent companies from being able to dangle the carrot of a future green card to H-1B visa holders in return for depressed wages, and thus H-1B applicants will be higher quality and demand better wages up front, reducing the ability to use H-1B as a wedge to push down wages with slave labor.

2nd, demand that employers who take on H-1B’ pay a premium, something like $50,000 above the prevailing wage in the US, not just at the prevailing wage. This will help that the H-1B really does what it was intended, like you say bring in truly talented people paid a premium, not cheap labor.

3rd, increase fines and even jail time for employers who post up fake job ads like the one in that video with the Cohen and Grigsby law firm openly talking about ways to BS the job ads to demand impossible qualifications and hot hire Americans. This is pure treason and open fraud, I saw in Europe they have harsh penalties for this and companies engaging in this BS get shut down and their execs go to jail for intentional fraud against the public. We need to do that here too, it’ll encourage companies to hire and do some training for younger Americans and retain older Americans instead of what Disney did in 2015.

4th, increase processing fees and put H-1B visa in hands of the immigrant, not the employer. This will help too make sure the immigrant is truly talented and very valuable to company, not just cheap labor. This will help, like you’re saying, make sure it’s only truly talented people brought in as was original intent, not cheap labor which hurts Ameircans and immigrants alike, and keeps out talented people by using all the visas for slave labor.


the reform i would like to happen is that only immigrants (green cards) should be able to bring their families.

if you are just H1B, just come for yourself.

and no petitioning of parents or brothers and sisters once you are citizen


Originally Posted by MongooseHugger
What happens is that those like Disney will go through one or more agencies, some big ones like Tata, and some smaller staffing agencies, that actually do the hiring and dirty work. And either there is a loophole in the law that lets these guys get away with it or else Congress is too lazy/crooked to bother chasing all of these chains down to the actual hiring agency. I’ve even heard talk of some hiring agencies using fake addresses or vacant buildings! Also, each of these agencies take their cut so if somebody is working for $75K for Disney, they, after the chain of agencies, might only see $40K of that. So then they room together a bunch per room, landlords eventually catch on and raise the rates, knowing the foreigners can pay more, and thus housing costs go up for everyone!
Oh yes I saw a lot of this in my days working STEM, the H-1B’s brought in on slave wages, bunch of them rooming together in filthy squalid conditions which becomes contagious and makes the housing mess miserable for everyone else. Costs go up, the H-1B worker’s meager earnings then don’t even allow for remittances, they become virtual slaves, the only thing keeping them here being the dangling carrot of a green card. Immigrant workers miserable, American workers miserable, only the corrupt and uber greedy execs who’ve usually already inherited a multimillion dollar trust fund make out like a bunch of bandits, everyone else including 99% of Americans lose. And yeah, Tata is a piece of work, they and Infosys were among the worst of the body shops in already corrupt industry.

This part esp rings pretty true, “Congress is too lazy/crooked to bother chasing all of these chains down to the actual hiring agency” This has been the defining problem of the US of the past 40 years which is grinding the USA down into a 3rd world country. We’ve lost what made us unique, however imperfect or flawed we were a country that cared about our workers and making the US a great and encouraging place to work in, with good salaries and social upward mobility. And it’s because Congress has allow itself to become bribed and basically bought off by the most corrupt corporations, just like in places like Mexico or Pakistan. This is how a once great country dies, either that or the betrayed citizens and voters take pitchforks and torches to the capital and burn it down in rage, which like we’re seeing in Venezuela isn’t very pretty either. Congress and the governments had best shape up and remember the American people are their bosses and they serve the needs of American citizens and workers, not corrupt governments overseas using US labor market as safety valve and certainly not corrupt plutocrats putting their own insane greed and arrogant interests over the American people, something like Venezuela can be a lot closer to happening here than they think.


Here are some comments in reply to a pro-H1B article:

Agreed that there has been abuse of different kinds of work visas, h1b being the most abused. However, what is being done to stop this abuse is not how it should be done. The recent changes have ended up creating a totally inconsistent and unreliable system adding to the woes of both employers and employees(taking about the really skilled ones). I personally know of a lot of cases wherein similar petitions got varied results. To me, it seems like US has created yet another new lottery system – if you are lucky, you get through regardless of your level of skill, barring a few exceptions. This is probably why the CEOs are complaining.


As a CEO of a company I founded I refuse to do business with any H1B dependent business. I walked away from fairly large contactsc with Microsoft, Qualcomm and a few other large US forms and made it clear that I don’t support 21st slavery


I concur with the first person to comment here.
I work for one of the major Indian IT companies for the past 10+ years, from one of their Latin American offices and moved to the US 3 years ago under L1-B visa (Intracompany Transferee Specialized Knowledge). After my BsCIS and 5 years in IT, I’ve joined this company and got specialized on several modules of a suite of third party applications – a very narrow niche – traveling around the world for 7+ years. You can’t find many people in the USA with this experience, which justified my company to relocate me here. But, I’ve met *so many* unskilled people here on H1-B, from my company and from other IT outsourcing companies. Not even to mention the lack of soft skills, professionalism and poor English communication. Not high skilled at all. Most of them are difficult to work with, slackers, only doing the needful to remain where they are, and then jump to another project or company while their GC will take a more than a decade to be processed.
Unfortunately chain recommendation is true, immediate managers protecting their own, constantly bringing known people regardless of being a good fit or not to the position.
There are good people, some great talents on H1-B too, don’t get me wrong. But unfortunately the exception became the norm and the abuse of the system is there. Unfortunately relocating immigrants in IT for these companies is cheap labor while paying in US dollars, but still a lot of money for the employees if compared with what they’re making back home.
But this is a difficult puzzle to resolve. Not having there resources available in US (paying taxes and spending their earnings here) might push companies to outsource more, and the US might lose more jobs…


This is a very biased article.
I am an IT contractor.
In 1996 I made $40/hr, no benefits or paid holidays.
In 2018 I still get quoted $40/hr for contracts.
If there were an actual labor shortage, rates would go up.
$40/hr in 1996 is $64 in 2018 when you adjust for inflation.
This is about cheap labor.
The CEOs are lying about this.
What else do CEOs lie about?


I know Indians abusing the H1B, Andra peoples especially. Some of them are pretty low skilled and not fit to be called as high skilled at all. They come to USA with chain recommendation. I’m not a supporter of Mr. Trump but ….


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Another company Erickson, outsource all IT operations to Ireland . All employees got 2 weeks notice.


And a post from another anti-H1B visa group about Amazon:

Even the highly paid IT workers are miserable. I’ve had white American males who work at AWS call me on interviews and they sound super stressed and amped up on methamphetamines by the way they talk in stressed and forced robotic speech. My two interviews for cloud database jobs at Amazon were disasters even when I knew the hiring manager who was a friend from a past gig.


I found this comment in a Mercury News article about the Cisco H-1B visa abuses:

I worked at Honda’s North American headquarters in Torrance, California, and they (along with their facility in Ohio) brought in almost nothing but H-1B workers for their IT positions. H-1B visas are supposed to be for specialized talent, but most of the people that I worked with were right out of college. Some had a “boot camp” before coming here, but there were absolutely no special skills. They were just cheaper than US citizens.


And some more comments from this article:

HP, IBM,Oracle, Dell, etc..a;ll do this. IBM may be a far worse abuser of H1 visas than anyone else. Google and Apple most likely do this as well and may not be to the extent that the others do


I used to work next to Apple buildings in Sunnyvale where every person working in the building was Indian.



Here are some posts from a Reddit on the Cisco H-1B visa abuse:

This is so true, every time I got an offer from them it was 20-30k below my other offers, I even showed them my other offers and they refused. They purposely pay under market to make the precedence that they need foreign workers when in reality a large amount of talent in America would be willing to work for them if they paid market rate.


Big Indian outsourcing companies like Infosys, Tata, Wipro, etc… shotgun blast the visa lottery with applications of warm bodies. Just a numbers game. They lock up the Visa system and then bring whomever over to the US, and contract them out to other companies with a service of both onshore and offshore. You basically pick the people like trading baseball cards.

I’d say generally if you find someone truly independent and working full time for a real company under h1b they’re probably a good hire. The people that were smart enough to bail and be hired like anyone else.

The contractor body shops though are a joke. They’re just there to collect billable hours. We’ve had a bunch of people show up as different people. Multiple resumes that are copy pasted with just name changes, all for the same position.


It’s awful. The system is so broken. They can spam multiple applications per job and just get refunds on those that fail.

Meanwhile a friend of mine who is a very good engineer at a big tech company gets fucked because of the lottery, twice. He waited 2 years for his GF to finish up school and move across the country to join him, only to have to leave for a year again. Then he would try to come visit and get interrogated by customs.


Frontier did this while I worked with a vendor. 100% US based was still in their commercials but they were hiring call centers from Thailand or something similar. The techs could barely speak any English so I would imagine it would be pretty frustrating to deal with but frontier is a shitty company anyway so it’s not too surprising.


I worked for a call center that contracted Frontier Tech Support. Can 100% confirm they hired from the Philippines and boasted about their US based employment.


Frontier DSL, terrible. Frontier FiOS, one of the best companies I can talk to. I have 90 stores I do IT work for and I would highly recommend Frontier FiOS. Every support rep I’ve talked to has been in TX or OK.


I got moved involuntarily from Verizon to Frontier FIOS. What a cluster. It took hours to get someone in the line and the person on the line never spoke English. It was a nightmare. They didn’t even have prices on their website so it was impossible to dispute the charges (vs. Verizon where I could add/remove services online without a rep).

Frontier was fully responsible for causing me to cut the cable cord. Never looked back since.


Agree completely- I worked for a very well known US software company and they routinely hired foreigners instead of ‘growing American talent’. I’m a Brit, but it annoyed me- we all have to start somewhere


QA has been replaced by devops specifically because companies dont want to pay for it, not because its worthless. the same goes for data engineering which is being replaced by automation by any company with a competent CIO and java is being replaced with literally any other platform available because they’re going to start charging for licenses. there will still be a niche but that doesn’t exactly drive wages down. The companies you’re talking about are trying to avoid the upfront costs of adapting to the future by driving the wages down of what are essentially legacy positions.


This just isnt true in the slightest. I’ve staffed for the following companies: Wells Fargo, Microsoft, fidelity, Ally, JLL, etc… over 75 companies, many happen to be fortune 500. My entire career has been devoted to IT staffing. I study the trends in IT staffing and skill sets for a living. Data engineers are one of the highest demand skill sets in the country. She’s literally have an unemployment rate of 0.1 percent. QA is adopting dev ops practices but they are definitely not being replaced. Have is being adopting by more and more colleges as the main language they teach because of the increased adoption by companies.


please tell me about how many QA staffers you’re sending over to Microsoft, because I used to work for them and I watched the QA guys get reassigned or sit in limbo without a team. Tell me how many data engineers MS uses because i know for a fact they either do infrastructure or cloud architecture. I cant speak for the rest of your clients but what you are saying about MS is blatantly untrue.


My company does exactly the same thing. They’re constantly putting out offers for way below market and after a few weeks they start looking international. All the while management is complaining they can’t find anyone suitable. So someone from Lithuania calls in for the position and is willing to move. I found out she’s only earning half of what her predecessor did.


My mom was moderately high up in a tech company that will remain nameless. She said her company’s abuse of foreign programmers and other labor was not only excessive, but damaging because people weren’t actually qualified. Companies need to get their shit together


It’s $80k minimum right now. If companies are paying more than that, that would demonstrate a real need (as in, what you’re saying, they are electing to pay more). Companies that are paying exactly $80k, particularly in the Bay, are using it as a tool to reduce cost because average comp for engineers is $150k+. It definitely has a dependency on region, but it’s hard to imagine many areas in the country where competent software engineers, not fresh out of college, would settle for $80k total comp.


I heard of H1Bs in Anthem making only 50 to 60k per year.


This is also common in the Infosec field where execs always whine about a Cyber Security Skills Shortage yet are apparently oblivious to the number of “entry level” jobs requiring expensive certifications, including the CISSP that requires 4-5 years of work in the field.

Anyone with the experience to get some of these certs sure as hell isn’t applying for entry level jobs. There’s probably a surplus of people wanting to enter the field but some of these requirements are absurd for an entry level job.


I remember I saw a job post yesterday asking for database management of 5 years. The pay was like 14.50/hr.


That’s probably true – but what I was talking about was where they’d ask for an expert in a new technology that is 3 years old, but ask for someone with 5 years experience.

When your resume says you’ve got 3 years experience in the new tech and the company hiring has had HR automatically filter out those with less than 5 years exp, you don’t even get a chance to be seenbecause someone is specifically gaming the system.

This results in a hiring manager saying, “Oh hey we can’t anyone for this role… we need to hire consulting firm people.” Those consulting firm people then directly bring in h1b visa folks, or the consulting portion is skipped in some places and the company does the h1b process. Except with the consulting firm portion – I have specifically seen, with my own eyes and ears, managers say, “If I hire a consultant for this project it comes out of capital expenses not operating. So it looks like, to my bosses, I’m keeping employee costs down.” Even though that consultant is only on for 1 or 2 years for the life of the project and the full time local guys will end up having to support what is leftover and most definitely junk.


Ugh. Preach man. Literally all my day as a java dev is spent fixing shit the indian h1-b consultants/contractors who are laid off wrote. Ticket after ticket it never stops. These people have “masters degrees” and “10 years experience” but would fail CPSC101 at any american college. Work one or two projects, shit the bed, get fired, and we get a set new ones who are just as bad

Of course the contractors charged all the “project hours” too. So all my work rewriting their garbage code is off the books. Somehow this is saving the company money even tho it woulda been so much easier for me to do it all myself from the beginning.

Seems like a bunch of falsifying the numbers to me. Ill never understand that aspect of “project hours”


Immigration has long been used as a tool to artificially decrease the value of labor. Eric Weinstein (who is left leaning) has talked about a situation in the 1990s where PhD pursuing scientists were effectively sold on the promise of considerable compensation in their fields. What transpired instead was that large amounts of scientists from abroad were brought in, which caused the value of these highly skilled positions to drop significantly.

Generally speaking, there is rarely a time where “Americans won’t do the job.” If the market were allowed to function normally, the compensation for the positions that could not be filled would increase, and more people would train to fill those positions. Instead, we fill those positions with immigration, which decreases the value of labor across the board, and decreases the opportunities for American citizens.


The H-1B program has been the catalyst for another IT travesty, the “IT Staffing” or contract based employees.

I’ve seen IT companies hire people under “contract” which states they work 40 hour weeks but don’t qualify for health benefits, vacation time, or holiday pay. All at your typical under market wage.


I almost snap when people even suggest this. You’re telling me we have hundreds of thousands of kids going into STEM and pretty decent schools YET you’re telling me they’re all just terrible? lmfao, grads are doing some incredible stuff these days. I rarely see anyone that’s downright terrible, if they are its a handful out of the graduating class.

just pure ridiculousness.


Engineer here who had to go through H-1B process (which I was denied btw). This whole thing has nothing to do with reality but everything to do with politics & money by corporations.

Look at this table. For over a decade, 3 companies have had more than half of the limited number of H1Bs. Notice how all those companies are HQed in India. This is the real problem. My anecdote: I went to school in US. I worked my ass off (and partied too) like any college kid in US. The only difference was what happened after we graduated. The only acceptable path to get into the American workforce is through these ~60k positions each year. More than half of them go to companies bringing in workers that aren’t even from US. In my college, out of 100+ international kids, only 5 remained in US: 4 because they are working for non-profits and doing their masters and 1 because they’re gay and would be murdered if they went back home. I couldn’t even get my OPT extended, despite working as a software engineer, because only STEM is given priority (I minored in Maths which doesn’t count – go figure). So, like I said, the law has nothing to do with reality. Oh, and I went to school for free on a scholarship paid by Americans but somehow I’m not allowed to contribute back. Half of the 100+ were on a similar program to mine. Nearly all left and moved to different countries.

In my case, I moved abroad and started working for the same American companies that couldn’t hire me while I was living there. They pay me a similar salary to what I’d earn in US except now I dont have to pay taxes to US government. Does this make sense to anyone involved?


Our family friends were talking about your exact situation just a couple of weeks ago. A lot of major American universities admit international students for the tuition. These students are educated with American resources but somehow not allowed to stay in the country after they graduate (very few companies are willing to shell out $10k to apply for work visa for even the best candidates). Conditions in other countries are now catching up enough so that these students have no qualm about going home. It’s a whole snow ball of poor social programs in the US gradually catching up with us.


That’s my problem with this whole thing. I wouldn’t care if the process was fair to everyone. It’s geared towards a few corporations with a horde of lawyers.

What most people dont realize is you move to a country being 17/18 and leave when you’re 23/24 (26+ if you post-grad). You literally became an adult while in the US. Now you have to move away and start from scratch in a new country. Ask any economist whether high-skilled immigration should be allowed and you’ll receive the same answer.

Compare this to Germany, you can move there as long as you earn €50k+ in your job.


TCS and CTS have a very big problem that will eventually come to light. They are constantly scamming companies in the US and finally are getting hit with stiff penalties.

They’ve been caught numerous times doing a bait and switch on candidates, I even hired a CTS developer once that was not the guy I interviewed with. I took a photo during the interview because I figured this would happen.


The whole “they pay them the same as Americans” is kind of an empty argument. The point is that they suppress the market rate.

Say a company has 100 equal engineering openings, but can only fill 80 of those slots at 70k per year. Everyone else who is qualified wants 90k a year. If you hire those remaining 20 slots at 90k, you’re admitting the market value of that job is 90k, and eventually word gets around and you’re paying all 100 at the 90k rate.

So instead you hire those 20 as H1-Bs at the 70k rate. You keep the market rate suppressed, and “you’re paying them the same as Americans.”


Yeah, I work in the software/IT industry and H-1B visa workers are basically slaves that get paid half of what I do. If they get fired, they have to go back to India within a month (which they don’t want to cause India sucks) so they do whatever management wants.


I work at HCL. Beleive me, Cisco is far from the only offender in the tech arena when it comes to H-1B.


I had my job at Microsoft ‘off shored’ by 3 nice young men from Bangladesh. I stayed for 3 months bonus pay to train them to do my role. After that time none of them knew how to do what took me 4 years to learn. But the 3 did my job for almost half what I was being paid, so you still get what you pay for, I guess.


All of the self-serving comments from Zuckerberg et al that foreign workers are essential should be taken in context as to what he means by essential.

“This so-called “Facebook loophole” guarantees Zuckerberg a nearly endless supply of cheaper high-tech labor and introduces additional hurdles for experienced U.S. tech workers to find employment. But S.744 also allows Facebook to legally bypass qualified American workers. In the original bill there was a provision that required employers to “attest” that they could not find a qualified domestic worker before hiring an H-1B. This restriction was very weak and easy to circumvent, but it at least allowed employers to be penalized for knowingly discriminating against American workers. Facebook was instrumental in securing the passage of an amendment that stripped out even these minimal protections. “


As a DBA, H-1B’s are my nemesis. They have devalued pay, taken jobs, and the quality was less than other DBA’s that were from here a lot of times. It usually takes 3 years for someone to come into the US and become accustomed to the US way of working, then they go back home and become offshore people that has their hands tied until their boss’ boss’ boss gives the approval, meanwhile a production database has been down 4 hours when it could’ve been up in 15 minutes.

I have a good friend who has about a year left, and I can’t fault him at all, it’s the companies and politicians that have made IT less effective. He’s learn to hate the term “do the needful” and the head bob to answer a question, but he knows that he will go back to that world. He likes being able to try new things and learn from mistakes, as it’s the only way to learn. He did let me know that his company he’s contracted from that everyone in the US has heard of, that they will not be hiring many, if at all new H-1B’s next year due to the new laws, which is good for all of the people I’ve known directly impacted from this. I miss the days of solving issues quickly, and hopefully things will start heading back that way. /rant


that just happens to exclusively employ Indian nationals. Here I sit in rural Utah county, and my department is about 70% Indian. I don’t think they’re here because they do great work. They are here because they are fucking cheap.


Serious question: what’s the “talent” pool for software engineers in your area? And what is your company paying for american/citizen engineers? Also where in Utah/how close to a city?

While the h1b problem is fucked in a lot of places, I’ve got a strong feeling that your situation with having a flood of h1bs is probably due to location (rural Utah, cant imagine people wanting to willing to move to a rural area for a tech job) and possibly compensation offered by your company.

Also it seems like you’re placing the blame on h1bs. Just like most illegal immigrants from Mexico/Latin America, they’re here trying to earn a better life for themselves. They wouldn’t be here if YOUR COMPANY hired American workers and paid them a good wage….


I should not have said “rural”, that isn’t accurate. This is Lindon, Utah, near the heart of the “Silicon Slopes”, just a few miles from Brigham Young University, Adobe’s Lehi location, a whole bunch of other tech companies, and the University of Utah.

And I’m not placing any blame on these workers or the company. The workers are pursuing the highest wage they can find and the employer is chasing the cheapest labor it can find. Both actions are understandable–I consider myself a capitalist. My goal is to describe, not prescribe.


This is super common.

I’ve been at companies where a “consultant”, who is actually a prior management-level employee of said company, conveniently goes independent for said company (who is his/her only client) and brings all those sweet sweet H1-Bs in. So the company isn’t hiring them…the “consultancy” is. Typically following a round of layoffs in the department in question.

I’ve seen this happen at very large household-name companies.


There’s another reason why they hire foreign workers instead of Americans. A lot of the managers in those tech companies are total bitches and they’d rather have a broken English speaking team that they can kick around rather than back talking Americans. A lot of tech jobs only require hard technical skills that can be quickly utilized rather than deep knowledge that requires years to master. So in many cases, you’d have knowledgeable Americans working alongside highly technical H-1Bs under a bitchy manager who’ll kick around the H-1Bs while being a bit more respectful towards the knowledgeable Americans.


Did you work for the same company in Nashville that I did? /Semisarcasm


This is literally every single tech company and bank in NYC as well. It’s not always about technical skill. You need to be able to hire people who are willing to follow a leader, rather than challenge one. In these fields, you usually have a manager who is higher than you for a reason….these positions aren’t like getting bumped up to manager at McDonalds. 9/10 times you challenge your manager you will be shut down or taught why your idea is inferior. For the most part, managers earned their positions so they can be trusted that they will usually be correct or at least on the correct path.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that the foreign workers, regardless of intelligence or ability/skill, are usually timid people and are less likely to challenge the manager when it comes to projects. They are also less likely to give a manager a hard time when they are asked to do extra/overtime/weekend WFH, etc – because if they get fired then they have 45 days to find a new job or else they’re going back to where they came from. Managers and employers love this because if you couple this with lower-than-position-average-payrate, you ideally stretch the budget as far as possible while yielding similar results to an employee who would be paid at average or above average pay(and if they are American they’ll talk back to you too when you ask them to stay an hour late)


After Cisco bought out my dads company they proceeded to fire everyone and tank the company value. Cisco isn’t really a good company


This kind of stuff has been going on for a LONG time. My husband used to work in Silicon Valley and what the companies would do was post the job listings in their lobby (or some obscure newspaper), where nobody would see it of course, so they then could go ahead and hire H-1Bs claiming no Americans applied for their “publicly” listed job. This video was uploaded to YouTube in 2007 and explains how they do it (by the lawyers used by the companies themselves!):

“Immigration attorneys from Cohen & Grigsby explains how they assist employers in running classified ads with the goal of NOT finding any qualified applicants, and the steps they go through to disqualify even the most qualified Americans in order to secure green cards for H-1b workers. See what Bush and Congress really mean by a “shortage of skilled U.S. workers.” Microsoft, Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and thousands of other companies are running fake ads in Sunday newspapers across the country each week.”


Worked with a few people on my first job that had H1B visas as well as O1s and they made 35K in Chicago if my memory serves me right.


I’ve been out-of-work for four months because of this bullshit. Because companies have been abusing this system while also consolidating, there are very few IT jobs available for me (and I know seven other Americans in my network that are in the same situation). Some Indian programmers I’ve talked with are being laid-off and some are going back to India. I’ve interviewed for a role that pays 2/3 of the two consecutive roles I worked in before. They’re very impressed with my skillset, but it’s clear that this system has been wrecked; lower the salaries because the supply of labor has been saturated. Now I have to compete with lesser skilled people who are willing to work for less. We will see this same scenario play-out for doctors, surgeons and others as automation takes place.


H1B visa holder here — The view that H1B workers are cheaper than US workers is overly simplified and essential not true. The abuse of H1B is mostly done via subcontracting, which hurts both US workers and legit H1B hopefuls.

I got my PhD in the US and has been working here for the last three years. I went through the visa petition process twice, once for the initial application and once for change of employer. When you see the steps in the process, it is very clear that it costs an employer more to hire an H1B worker full time. First the employer needs to pay the application fee and usually a hefty legal fee to prepare the petition. The application has to include a “labor condition certificate” from the labor department showing that the employer is offering the visa worker market rate salary for the position — so no, it’s not cheaper to hire an H1B worker over a US person full time. It is true that it’s harder for an H1B to change jobs (been there done that). Some companies do abuse H1B worker on hours and work conditions because it’s harder for us to quit.

The most fucked up H1B abuse comes from these subcontracting companies who call themselves “consulting firms”. They sponsor H1Bs for foreign workers who actually qualify for high paying jobs but are willing to settle for a chance to work in the US with a lower wage. US companies like Microsoft and Disney would hire these companies to do what is used to be done by full time internal employees. The H1B workers would be effectively working for the US companies, but the US companies cannot be held accountable because the H1B workers are technically not their employees. The US companies end up hiring less full time employees (US workers get hurt) and the subcontracting companies end up taking the majority of the limited H1B slots (legit H1B hopefuls get hurt).


Either H-1Bs or “insourcing” is the new “outsourcing” of the 90’s, until that became a bad word. Personally, my company just prefers ‘insourcing’. We just hire a firm in India to “officially” be part of your company (though they’re completely siloed to only do very specific things), then we can say we don’t outsource OR have an issue with H-1B hiring because our India workers are “official employees”!

Whatever a company has to do to get 70% of the quality at 40% of the cost, they’ll do.


Capital One does the same shit, had a roomate who worked for them, live in a area near their office in richmond VA, and i’ve catered events at this giant capital one campus type thing like googles, googleplex. And the entire place was filled with indian people who didnt speak much english, asked my roomate (IT manager for them, ironically he actually was canadien and immigrated to work for them) about it, he said that they hire abunch of indian people and get them work visas. He ended up quitting out of frustration and moving back to canada because the indian people always claimed to have certain educations but when they got to the US and had their Visas they ended up not being as skilled at their jobs as advertised.


This behavior is pretty endorsed by our state. We are a sanctuary state. We encourage people from struggling/developing nations to come here so they can work for substandard wages and be exploited by employers.

This should come as no surprise. It’s only a slightly more sanctioned version of the same thing.


Apparently the H-1B bar is not set very high and the oversight is low or non existent. My BIL was a Tech team leader and went years unable to get hired at his established salary until corporations discovered that language and culture were necessary parts of a successful outcome. When he finally got back into the business, it was full of H-1B workers and the process was slowed down by the language and culture differences. Corporate greed and government corruption are the seeds.


I had a job interview at Cisco once, and I know a few people how have worked there. At least 80% of the people working there are from India, possibly more. They really need to cut the number of H-1B visas allowed for each company down by a lot.


I recall a while ago Apple and google and others were being sued for colluding to keep market prevailing wages down for programmers, haven’t heard update on that case.


Here is a post from a Breitbart article talking about IBM replacing Americans with foreigners:

BM isn’t the only Oligarch entity that does this crap, and gets away with it.
J. P. Morgan Chase in the Castle of Evil just North of Columbus, Ohio is notorious for firing White USA citizens and importing mass quantities of Indo-Pakis to replace them, at about half of what they were paying the Americans.
The replacements are so numerous that the demographics in the surrounding area make it look like a comparatively upscale suburb of New Delhi.
If you went in to the Kroger across the street from the castle entrance road, you’d believe that you went into a store down the street from The U N Building.
Also, Preznit Arty McDeal doesn’t give a flying rat’s ass about this systemic replacement of White citizens in the work force.
He has other instructions; barking at Russia and Iran, with Brushy Face Bolton’s hand up his fat ass making the words come out, is his Primary Directive.


And some more posts from this article:

The first five years of experience are crucial in the programming profession. “American” companies are using less skilled workers from India who will work unlimited hours for lower pay and have no expectations for decent treatment, instead of US citizen college graduates. Five years down the road, the Indians have the experience and are on their way to a lifetime career in tech, while the Americans are making do with whatever they can find. US corporations are hollowing out the US tech industry the same way they did the US manufacturing industry.


So, it takes 37,000 foreign workers to do the job of 20,000 American workers? And we need the foreign workers why, again?


Some of it is as you speculate, some of the excess is “partnership” at other employers’, to absorb their work, for offshoring. Also known as “knowledge transfer”.

If you’ve been to an IBM facility in the past decade or so, it’s empty, but for a couple of people using it to demo, to potential customers. Facade.


If you are looking for information on H1B visas and OPT program visas, here is a link to employers that are not capped regarding the number of US employees they can displace:…


All universities, all medical positions, all government positions, all research positions.
And, once they have an H1B under these exemption industries, I believe they can transfer to commercial work (that is capped) and not count toward the annual cap.


After I was laid off, the foreign company that won the contract called me after a month to find out if I had found a job. I had, but I told them I was still looking. They immediately offered me a job working through them for the company I was laid off from, but at 53% of the wage I was making when I was let go. These guys have a lot of gall.

Typical scene for H1B engineers:

They buy a small car that they jam into. They arrive at the office and come piling out like a clown car.

They work on average 12 to 14 hour days but are only paid for 8 hours as they are classified as salary employees of their contract company. At the end of the day, they climb back into their clown car and drive to the Holiday Inn Extended Stay, where they pile into a single room.


My employer took my job and the jobs of my peers and gave them to Infosys, effectively impacting my future to the point that I cannot retire when I planned to as I had to raid my retirement to pay for my retraining, my college age children’s education, and had to file bankruptcy. This is a transfer of the American Dream to ensure the Indian Dream of Indian engineers.

How it works: Infosys bids on a job and agrees to pay x amount per engineer. They then turn around and pay that engineer much less. The H1B engineer then is basically a slave to the client they are working for as they cannot leave the company and work elsewhere. The client company benefits from not having to pay benefits for these contractors and they cannot leave to another company. What we have here is legal indentured slave trade. Even the low wages they actually make, they are in the top 5% of wage earners and can afford a very comfortable life in India due to the extremely low cost of living. Our quality of life goes to hell and theirs is vastly improved.

To add insult to injury, they are now putting Indian H1B managers in charge of citizen engineers as they are MUCH cheaper. These H1B managers treat the citizen engineers like they would in India. Mind you that these are CONTRACT H1B managers placed in charge of employee engineers.

I had several patents I developed for my company. Not a single H1B engineers has developed a patent that I know of. Can Americans do the job? Of course we can! Did it for decades before the onslaught of H1B’s arrived! Can our future children do the job? We will never know as the opportunities are no longer offered for citizens. Only the off shore and H1B engineers will have current skill sets.

I am back in the industry with an engineering consultancy firm. There is a new player in the market for off shore engineering and H1B on site work:…

This is a Chinese company that just took half our business as we cannot deliver engineering at a minimum wage rate. NO US COMPANY CAN COMPETE WITH THIS! Wicresoft now has remote access to several telecommunications company networks. They do not need to hack into our networks, they were INVITED IN! FACT: The Chinese government OWNS all technology companies in China so by extension, they can leverage the remote network access to wage a cyber war on the US through the US clients that contracted and paid them to remotely engineer and monitor their networks!


I worked for a major U.S. bank about 15 years ago that did the same thing. My highly technical IT job was preserved and the run-of-the-mill programmers were replaced. It took 2 to 3 foreigners from TaTa to replace 1 of the original American workers. It was a disaster. They could not seem to understand how the business worked and never built the knowledge base that was lost. Customer service suffered greatly because of that. No study was ever done to follow up and examine the real costs of that fiasco.


The whole H-1B mess is a disgrace. We need to elect more conservatives in the midterms to help put a stop to it. Meanwhile, pwe encourage American students to pursue STEM degrees to set them on a successful career path (at the high cost of a college degree), when in all likelihood their jobs will be outsourced in the near future.
There even is a new TV ad running pushing coding. I know these are private companies, but the cheap IT faucet needs to be turned OFF!


Stroll through the campuses in Silicon Valley, the Austin Tech Corridor, Seattle area and tell me foreigners are not being hired over Americans — often the very Americans that created and built the technology on which these Tech Titans now rule. There used to be at least a shred of morality and ethics in business…used to be.


IBM is now the pits, not along ago they off shored telephone support from the UK to India but their customers complained, so they brought the Indian workers from India and housed them in the UK saying they are UK workers. The workers were on Indian salaries so living in the UK was struggle for them.


You can also add HP (HPE and HP Inc) of doing the same thing to American workers. If you are over 50 you are on the Reduce work force list and I have seen personally were they make American workers train H1B workers. If you don’t comply with HP they will threaten to lay you off without any package (even if you have 30 yrs of service). Shame on over paid under performing CEOs. Hope they get what they deserve in life and after and go straight to hell. Shame on them!!!!


This has been going on for years. The American IT system is being destroyed. Good, hard working, intelligent Americans are being replaced by many unskilled workers. This is also driving down US IT wages. Many contract jobs with no benefits used to pay $75-125$/hr, but those are now rare. These American companies post jobs at $45/hr (and less) knowing most Americans won’t take them. After they get no bites, they turn around and tell the government, “we can’t find and American to fill the position, then request an I9 who will jump on that given they might earn only a few thousand rupees a month in India. Screw those large multi-national IT organizations, they don’t give a DAMN about American workers, while the CEO and Senior Executives line their pockets with millions. Yet ignorant Conservatives like Rush and Hannity defend these organizations, as do their unthinking sheep. And by the way, I’m Conservative and I voted for Trump.


I was outsourced by AT&T to IBM in 2007. IBM promised me a job for life. Less than 3 years later they outsourced my job to another country. I was forced to train this person or IBM would not give me my severance. I was in my late fifties at the time and I applied for over 2000 jobs over the course of 3 years and no one would hire me. I finally found a low level position in 2013 but at least I have bennies and a 401K.


I am one of those laid off employees. I was in software development at a
private company in the early 2000s. IBM swooped in and bought us for our specific product and service. I was forced out in 2016. Others my age were also forced out. Our jobs were redefined in ways to make it impossible for us to meet expectations. Around that time they also sold off the product/service to another company.


When I worked for HP a few years back, that had a layoff which they called a “early retirement” to make it look good. Except the early retired got two weeks severance. All those laid off were older folks and HP lied about early retirement because there is no early retirement with HP.


HP is one of those companies wrecked as a corporate culture by greedy CEOs. You can’t kill an old HP graphic calculator, you just can’t. You know a finance advisor is good if they have a battered old 12C on their desk and use it in a blur of fingers, been there, done that.

Now they just make cheap printers designed to break quickly and use up all the ink in the expensive cartridges quickly. They fill landfills as a business model.

Oh, and yes, you can still buy their classic calculators, engineering and finance, but they’re cheaply made from thin plastic in China now, and will break if dropped.


So is Pfizer doing the same thing. My sister-in-law has worked there for 26 years (Started when they were Upjohn) with nothing but good evals and numerous promotions.

Her unit of 4 is being terminated and replaced with 5 fresh outta college — aka bottom of pay scale — kids AND in order to get severance she needs to stay on the job for 6 months to train them

Not outsourcing exactly but dumping the older workers —who got Pfizer to where they are


In 1999 I remember sitting in a software engineering group and watching 12-15 Indian nationals arrive. They were brought in as programmers with “Masters” degrees. Over the next week I was dismayed as they traded around “Java For Dummies” books and were unable to complete basic tasks. These and hundreds of thousands of others eventually bought homes, drove the prices up and if they left the country, sold those homes for huge profits to poor Americans trying to start out in life. If they remained in country, they were fast-tracked to green card residency and having anchor babies. Today something like 78% of startups are being run, funded or founded by Indian nationals who rarely hire Americans. The Chinese in Cupertino, Ca are the same, skirting discrimination laws by posting “Must be fluent in Mandarin Chinese” on their job postings. Whatever you read in the news, it is far far worse in reality. Take a drive around West San Jose, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Saratoga. The entire South Bay has been colonized and if you see one white American in a 2 hour period of driving around, you are shocked. I can’t read the signs on strip malls anymore.


The problem with being complacent with the situation and moving into ‘safe’ careers that can’t be outsourced, is that those fields become flooded with citizens who would otherwise be in tech fields. This causes a domino problem for the remaining fields which become flooded with applicants allowing employers to keep salaries low.


Happened to me at 60.
Senior IBM engineer supporting global and domestic cloud infrastructure. Called up on last day of third quarter 2017 .
Told it was my last day. Work moving to India.


I work in government in IT. The Indians are now all over IT management – and they are hiring H1-Bs and getting rid of older Americans to hire their own kind – especially friends and relatives – or maybe getting cash bribes. I am one of the few natives left – at least I have some union protection so far.


In a nutshell, the tuition differential is what brings in foreigners. Most Socialist and Communist countries provide “free” college. Even in the third world, when tuition is charged, their entire education won’t exceed $15,000. This schooling is incredibly inferior to USA standards. A grad from top USA school shells out about $45,000 a year for 4 years undergrad and 2 years grad school, (a total of about $250,000) for a vastly SUPERIOR education (as I did), proven by the fact they must train these foreigners or forfeit loss of separation benefits (as I experienced).

The foreigner accepts lower pay, as they have NO $250,000 loan to pay back. It is a race to the bottom; the person I trained was already laid off and replaced by another H1-B accepting even lower pay. Notice lately how long it takes to service a derailment, how bridges are collapsing, how things are falling apart- even in common rainstorms? These “candidates” aren’t real “engineers”; they are CLONERS and “definition memorizers”, not “creative thinkers”- when given a project, they look for scraps of info on line, not compensating for nuances.


Our 37 year old son lost his job at ibm this summer. He was the last white American male on his team. His boss was from pakistan.


I’ve seen companies pull a fast one using IBM as a scapegoat. A few years back at my company, workers were moved overnight to IBM. The company makes a big fuss about hiring American, but they have dumped an enormous amount of stateside jobs in the first place. A year later, IBM laid these Americans off and replaced them with people from India and Malaysia. Where I was once able to speak with my support staff, these people only e-mail, because they speak broken English- which is apparent in their e-mail communications.


“Tech conglomerates like Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple hide their H-1B foreign worker hires through outsourcing firms like Cognizant, Tata, and Infosys, as Breitbart News has reported. The practice allows the corporations to claim they are not undercutting or replacing American workers at extraordinary rates, as they simply contract the foreign workers through the outsourcing firms.”

Make that illegal.


The same thing happened to a friend of mine at Verizon.


Its not just Tech companies, GEICO has been outsourcing for years too! Its happening to every company!


Geico is owned by Warren Buffut, this guy is the biggest piece of cow dung in America right now. He also owns two million shares in IBM, perhaps Warren needs to move to India the country he loves.


I know people from Sears(man 2 years from retirement layed off, begged to do custodial work), Allied Concrete(trained his replacement and fired), Home Depot(imported workers for an entire division and layed off every person replaced), King Provision(cycled people after they reached a certain pay scale) and Burris logistics(Man is suing after termination after reaching a certain age and another for using family medical leave). It’s common place in right to work states and not a new phenomenon. I hear the same spill from every company though. They want loyalty and dedication, but treat everyone as a disposable commodity. Make the money when it’s good, but never think it’ll last forever.


When left Nj dept of environmental protection in 2010, 50% professionals were foreign. Worked there many years. The change seemed to come all of a sudden. I’m sure it started in 2008 under oscumbag. It was like a tsunami. Hiring practices changed also. I assume many whites that applied were not aware of the bias.


This corrupt practice could not exist without a totally corrupt US Congress which is bought and paid for by big tech. We all know it, but we do nothing, so WE are to blame. Can we replace 100% of the House of “Representatives” in November?


IBM has played off over 75% of its US workforce since 1990! At one time over 400,000 people were employed at IBM in the US, now the numbers will not be released but from observation the number is less than 100,000. The bulk of the IT jobs went to India, the manufacturing to Mexico and China. They higher more foreign workers because the skill set is far less than that of the US employee, however the salary is less than 50% and in some cases 25%. They can afford to hire two people for every US employee they let go.
The problem is that the US employee has to redo most of the work done by these foreign employees… but no one reports this….
Go talk to employees and ex-employees in Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Endicott, East Fishkill and White Plains NY, Rochester MN, Austin Tx, San Jose CA, Burlington VT, Raleigh NC, Charlotte SC, Boca Roton FL. They will tell you the truth about what is and has happened at IBM and the towns in which they live. Some of those sites have closed completely, while others are shells of their former self.
Thomas Watson must be turning in his grave at what has been done to his once great company!


In 2012 , Foreign students had access to 8 million dollars of US taxpayer money to use for obtaining a US College education. That dollar amount has surely increased in 2018. Also , that number does not include scholarships the public or private institution offer that they can compete for. We have US students that struggle to attend college and some that can never afford to attend . Yet , our tax dollars ,however small or large are being freely offered to students from other nations around the globe. How many scholarships are being awarded to foreigners while one of our own must forego their dream of a college education and possibly a better life ?


This scam has been going on for decades now, and finally people are beginning to notice. I fly for a international airline, and 95% of our passengers are from India, flooding into the US, (Dallas, Houston, Seattle, SF, LA, ORD, IAD, BOS, MCO, JFK etc.) all mostly tech IT workers, all on visa’s, and all mostly looking to “immigrate” to the US. They are brining family members over, they are buying houses, they are what is proping up the housing markets in places like Seattle, its the dirty little secrete. Big Business knows if this ends, they are screwed, and housing industry as well. Working for a international company that employees primarily Indian’s, I know the complete incompetency that they bring to most departments they are in charge of. They create mini empires that only they control, and then bring the whole village over, its a complete scam, don’t get me started on their lack of out of the box thinking, and any common sense solutions to simple problems, it is non existent.


Worked for Intel Corp, and they laid off all of the over 50 Americans, and hired Indian and Pakistani schlocks, that needed Americans to track their errors.


Stem students cannot find work, those positions are outsourced before the students have a chance, Indians and Chinese are preferred over American Stem grads due to their cheap cost. Our defence industry has suffered severely for this as they both steal classified info and trade secrets… I see no end to it unfortunately…Very disheartening… I am 29 and I am demoralized by the preference for foreigners in almost literally every field and by the Universities…


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

The Latest US Worker Traitor has Come out of the Indian IV Immigration Voice Closet of Horrors: Another Wonderful Republican from Ohio, Senator Rob Our Jobs Portman.

“Our sincere thanks and gratitude to Senator Rob Portman for his leadership on this issue that impacts 1.5M legal, tax-paying, high-skilled immigrants.

The bill will help create more jobs, stop displacement of American workers and exploitation of high-skilled immigrants.”

Portan twoface


And a reply to this post:

What an ugly mug of a person who has betrayed US STEM workers all over the country just to kiss Walmart and Infosys, Wipro, TATA, Accenture, IBM all of them. Wipe that lipstick off.

Tom cotton twoface



Here  is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

IT American Warriors Hang Billboards in Kansas TOTO Land to Bang Slam Yoder’s Job Fair: Hey Yoder, there’s no place like home for Outsourcing Right?

Neil Munro on the Scene:

“A group of white-collar Americans is protesting GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder’s plan to quickly deliver green cards to roughly 250,000 Indian visa workers who are now holding U.S. college grad jobs.”

“The group of technology workers rented two billboards in Yoder’s district, where he is facing an increasingly difficult race against a far-left radical who backed the Abolish ICE! during his primary battle.”

“Yoder’s reelection race has been hampered by his promotion of several cheap labor programs, including the offer of fast-track citizenship to at least 250,000 Indian visa workers who have taken many jobs once held by middle class technology workers.”

“Yoder was having a job fair, and on the way to the job fair, people saw the billboards in his district, which more or less says Americans do not want [Yoder’s] HR 392” bill, said Dawn Casey, one of the white-collar workers who formed the Protect US Workers group. Yoder’s bill, she said:”

“It is the most radical change in our nation’s recent history and it being done with no public debate, no hearings. It will supply India only with green cards for the next six to seven years … He’s placing foreigners over Americans.”

“The group’s message “has been set out to many media people [but] we have not got a response,” said Casey, a New York-based computer expert who has been repeatedly displaced by American companies’ decisions to hire Indian outsourcing workers.”

“Employers asked for 1,427 H-1B outsourcing visas in 2017 for jobs in Yoder’s district, according to, which organizes federal data. Of those requests, 29 percent were for entry-level graduate jobs which are needed by U.S. graduates to launch their careers.”

“Roughly one-third of the corporate H-1B requests are approved. But each approval lasts for three years, so the request for 1,427 visas indicates that roughly 1,400 visa-workers hold jobs in the district.”

“The outsourced jobs, according to the H1BFacts site, were slated for foreign laboratory assistants and interior designers who would be paid just merely $30,000 per year, accountants who would be paid $42,000, programmers who would get $56,000 and hospital doctors who would get just $65,000.”

“The visa-worker issue is complicating a difficult race for Yoder.”

“The billboards were posted in Yoder’s after a small-scale, experimental poll by the New York Times of 494 people in Yoder’s district showed him losing 43 percent to 51 percent to his opponent, Sharice Davids.”

“The wide gap is noteworthy because Davids has joined the far-left Abolish ICE! campaign, which would allow a large number of migrants to flood into blue-collar and white-collar job-markets nationwide.”


“The Yoder bill will push more Americans away from the technology careers, said Casey. Ten years ago, she said, American companies used American recruiters to hire Americans computer experts. “These days, it is all Indians,” she said. “Even when you are not looking for a job, the [Indian recruiters] will call,” but only to offer short-term outsourcing contracts, she said.”

“You will never hear from an American [recruiter],” she said. “It is so unbelievable.”…/computer-experts-campaign-agai…/


Here are some posts on City-Data about H-1B visa abuse:

Labor compensation differences between nations isn’t, and never was, a “natural” phenomenon, compensation for one’s labor has always been a reflection of political power and it’s distribution across a nations populace. Here in America we have a bloody history of class warfare between those in the corporate power structure and the working class. No one got anything from the powerful without a fight.

Workers were successful in garnering some say in their working lives, unions were rising, laws were passed, America was fostering the growth of a large and prosperous middle class of laborers, and corporate/political power set out to smash all that which made laboring lives more tolerable at their expense.

Political power has created the H1-B construct, political power has allowed the presence of a competing work force of desperadoes to come here illegally, political power has ruled against unions in our courts, and political power will rabidly maintain those laws which undermine the American worker. It will support trade with nations that have little to no labor law protections for workers, and instead, open the doors to America’s work places to the hungry and powerless from despotic nations, where is the much heralded American democracy in any of that?

We seem to be tolerant of a government/corporate cabal which serves the moneyed interests over our democratic form, forced to fight every detail of law that works against us, forced to choose whether our jobs are taken by “legal or illegal” labor, now that’s some real BS for those in a democratic nation. We as citizens have the right to protest this kind of unfairness, but it’s mostly quiet on the American labor front, I guess that means we are doing just fine with all that foreign labor coming here, and I guess we’re fine with the work going to India, China, and any nation that can acquire labor for peanuts..Too polite and spoiled to fight–Now that’s a real problem..
H-1b abuse is a game that both political parties play. They are far more responsive to their lobbyists than their constituents. In the book “Sold Out” by Michelle Malkin and John Miano Hillary, Clinton is quoted that “she could run for the Senator from the Punjab and win”.

Judges won’t issue rulings against powerful corporations. A prime example of that is Perrero v Disney. Disney was accused of lying on H-1b applications and conspiring with an H-1b firm to replace Disney’s American staff. The judge sided with Disney and didn’t mention the RICO accusations. The deck is stacked against us. A hundred twenty years ago when the Irish started organizing, the wealthy flooded the job market with southern Europeans.

I can only say that when you hear the word union, don’t dismiss it as a possible solution. Unions have stopped mass layoffs cold. A lawsuit started by the AFL/CIO will have much more behind it than any individual.
Salary Cap will not work. Some of H-1B workers are employed thru different layers of LLCs. Suppose a job requires salary of 50 Dollars per hour. Now the company has to decide whether they want to hire an American worker for 50 Dollars or a Foreign H1B worker !! Foreign H-1B worker will be employed thru two different layers of LLCs who will pass on the salary of 40 dollars, 30 dollars per hour. All the companies are connected. So even though salary advertised is 50 dollars per hour, they will take out commission of 20 dollars out of it due to layers of consulting firms dividing the profit. So even if Government mandate a minimum salary, such workers are always an attractive proposition as they can milk more money from them.
the corrupt replacement of American workers by H-1B slave labor has got so pervasive it’s hitting Americans in all states, including Swing states, and not just IT workers but all kinds of industries and companies. Remember the most flagrant violation of H-1B rules to bring in Indian indentured servants was by Disney in Florida, a Swing state, and in fact exit polls and a lot of other data showed that Trump’s strong opposition to the H-1B in his campaign, and push to punish Disney for displacing Americans, won him that state, bringing in hundreds of thousands of swing voters and Independents who would’ve voted Democrat or stayed home. Same thing in Pennsylvania, anyone who thinks PA is just about coal mining and not affected by the H-1B visa fraud is naive, Pennsylvanians were heavily displaced by H-1B cheap labor, and Trump’s H-1B stance also won him that state.

So much of the US economy is now based on IT that millions of US voters are directly affected by the H-1B corruption, either directly or as friends or family members, and then tend to be Independents, so Trump’s cracking down on the visa is a huge win to his campaign. And it isn’t just IT anymore, your still thinking about how things were in the 1990’s but now, in the 2010’s, the H-1B is also being used to bring in Indian and Chinese slave labor to displace Americans at call centers, help lines, even thinks like trucking and food processing. No American job is safe when treasonous US corporations salivate at bringing in 1 billion desperate cheap labor slaves from overpopulated regions in India and China, that’s why cracking down on the H-1B, L-1 and other indentured servitude visas are so important. I also think you’re way over-estimating the importance of things like building the wall or talking so much about illegal aliens or coal, the sorts of voters affected by that kind of talk are already GOP voters and won’t be swayed either way. Whereas, the voters either candidates needs to win are Independents or politically dis-engaged– like most of us, they’re busy with work and family, and so they vote based on things that affect them directly, which is jobs and healthcare. Mexicans hopping a border wall don’t affect them directly, so they couldn’t care less about the border wall or all the talk about Dreamers or illegals. OTOH the potential for the H-1B to displace them with slave labor from India, does affect them directly, so they care a lot about this.

I see this all the time with people I know, including many in Swing states, across political spectrum from very liberal to very conservative, they roll their eyes when either Dems or Republicans talk about coal or putting up the wall. It’s not they have strong feelings either way, they just don’t care because it doesn’t affect them. There are really 2 things that get them to the polls to vote for a particular candidate– 1. Their healthcare, provide them with universal healthcare like the rest of the first world has, without all the attached strings and worries about losing healthcare if they lose a job or work as a contractor, and they’ll vote for that candidate, they don’t care about party so much as their policies. 2. Jobs, especially job security for them and their families. Mexican lettuce-pickers don’t pose a threat to 99% of American workers, OTOH some indentured servant from India willing to work for peanuts does threaten their job, especially for the working class, middle class and even upper class, and that includes not just white-collar but also blue-collar American workers. So Americans care more about this corrupt but “legal” immigration from India thru the H-1B a whole lot more than all the talk about illegal immigration. Trump cracking down on illegals won’t win their votes. OTOH Trump cracking down on corporate treason like Tata, Infosys or Disney replacing Americans with H-1B slave labor, and throwing execs into prison– that will win their votes.
Big Business from Healthcare, Pharmaceutical companies are lobbying in favor of H1B visa.…/#2ef4155258cf
Trump’s Immigration Policies Are Hurting Foreign Doctors | Time
In the name of healthcare for American patients, they want H1B visas to continue.

The shortage of doctors is created by these corporates only by not opening new Medical colleges and very high tuition / fees. Then they bring Foreign doctors to work on indentured servant salaries on H1B visa. I have spoken with one Indian Doctor doing Residency for 7 years on measly salary of 30 to 40K possible only by H1B visas.

Time is pushing this study that Foreign trained Doctors have lower mortality rates then US trained.
So H1B should continue !!!
What is the opinion of American Doctors on Foreign born doctors, H1B visa? They feel their jobs threatened or they feel that their is genuine shortage and H1B doctors complement them?
Originally Posted by LuvSouthOC
End or dramatically curtail these visas so as to increase wages and opportunities for Americans.

That’s the heart of it. I’d go so far to say that the massive abuse of the H-1B visa and obsession with cheap labor by US companies is one of biggest sources of social unrest in the USA today. Good, hard working Americans can’t get stable, good paying jobs to support themselves and families because there’s this over-supply of cheap labor from India that treasonous corporations like Disney or FB prefer to hire instead, so we have millions of Americans drowning in student loans they can’t pay back, unable to get healthcare since it’s linked to a full-time job in the US or unable to start a family, which leads to rage and US society falling apart. When people are secure and working in full-time jobs that cover cost of living and support their families, they’re less prone to go on violent rampages or support political extremism.

What makes things worse is the stupid unemployment stats in the US don’t even bother to note the problem. They just omit the nearly 100 million Americans who’ve dropped off the labor force from unemployment rolls, or count a Master’s degree computer programmer temping at Starbucks as “employed”, failing to realize that there’s something seriously wrong when talented, hard-working programmers send out 1,000 resumes and can’t get a good job anywhere in their own country. History tells us eventually this kind of corruption by the elites against majority of the population leads to a lot of bloodshed and horror and never ends well. But the dumb ideology of neoliberalism, of racing to bottom and trying to reduce American wages to 3rd world levels that come nowhere near enough to afford American costs of living, remain blissfully ignorant of what’s coming. The H-1B and visas like it are nothing more than ways to bring in indentured servitude and undermine the living wage and job stability that 99.9% of Americans need to survive, it’s treason against the American people and it will not end well.
Companies are using these visas to replace American workers as they can hire these people at lower wages. Check today’s news on the Wells Fargo layoffs.
Big Banks are using outsourcing, visas as cost cutting measures to bring more money for shareholders. Wells Fargo share prices rose when they announced layoffs !! The bonus packages and jobs of top management depends on what they bring for shareholders. Employees and common public who bank with them get the shaft.
What is the solution? Form Worker Unions, that is Socialism and bad !!
Bank with Local Credit Unions- this is what many people are doing.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Looks like neither Americans nor the rest of the world has a voice on #HR392 and #S281! Two more Senators Michael Bennet and James Lankford one from each party on the Senate’s DHS appropriation committee co-sponsored S281 today:( Leon Fresco is promising 3 more Senators to co-sponsor this disaster by the end of the month. Goodbye America!!!


Here is a post from a Breitbart article about Verizon offshoring and layoffs:

I have a friend at Dell, not the computer division, this is a division that runs Linux based hospital software, that is being out sourced to India as well. They keep moving his six month cut off date because India can’t get up to speed on projects. But his friends have been dropped and out sourced. We build it they guide it, is his statement.


And some more posts

AAA – American Automobile Association IT on west coast – does the same – fires Americans/Christians and replaces them with Indians/Hindus.


There is not a telecom in the US that is not outsourcing engineering jobs to off shore companies in India AND CHINA. I will not name names regarding who is doing what as that would violate my NDA. There are other countries as well (Mexico, Ukraine, Kosovo, Philippines, etc, but India and China are the top. Here is the sad thing: Engineering jobs in the IT fields are mostly outsourced. Since there is only token demand for US citizen network engineers, there is not enough capacity to train enough citizen engineers to replace the foreign slave force. We do not have the capacity to fill the demand because it is for the most part, outsourced. In China and India, there is a HUGE demand for qualified engineers while here in the US, we have WAY too many engineers out of work. If they shut down the abuse of H1B and off shoring support, we could employ every laid off engineer and every graduate fresh out of college and it would only satisfy a fraction of the demand that would be created. The tech and telecom companies will fight Trump with everything they have to keep the cheap labor coming.

It must be a phased approach over years, but I see NOTHING being done to curtail the abuse. On the contrary, Democrats AND Republicans are calling for and EXPANSION of H1B visas! In the mean time, foreign Chinese and Indian engineers have access to the most sensitive networks here in the US. The Chinese used their access to rip off government data bases of sensitive government personnel information and NOTHING was done. Huawei got caught spying through their platforms in Telstra, Clearwire, and in India yet they are still firmly in our national networks, transporting sensitive data and voice traffic.


And they wonder why college stem is hard to find who wants to be in a field where your job will be lost outside the usa


Yes, all of my kids, nieces and nephews wouldn’t even consider it.


As somone who has been working in IT for 3 different fortune 500 companies for 20 years and personally been a part of the teams working with ouitsourcing I can promise you two things. The H1B visa candidates don’t have a 1/3 of the knowledge of the people they are replacing nor are they even close to being educated enough for the people they replace and two, corporations could care less.


AT&T did this 10 years ago. I was one that was replaced. Every 6 weeks or so they “downsized” American IT workers by a thousand or so back then.


I used to work for Verizon and I can tell you that this has been in the works for a long time. I worked in Tech Support, when you had an issue with your phone you could have spoken to me. Verizon started by moving internal tech support overseas. When we had an issue with our systems we would call and get someone in india. It was horrible, they were of no help and things took forever to get fixed. I’ve only been out of Verizon for about 4 months but I can say that this is very very true. The average tech support rep makes about 40k a year in the USA with Verizon, it makes a lot of money sense to move to India, it’s a 31k savings per employee for them. Be prepared to have your quality go way down.


I’m 63 years old and Verizon is forcing me to take an Infosys offer … seems un-patriotic. I will also lose my severance pay and my verizon retirement medical benefits that I worked 26 years for.
I think alot of other people are in the same situation.
Seams like this should be illegal?


And this is why I do my best to discourage kids from careers in STEM. Not sure what is left…being a lawyer, I guess. We always need more of them, right? It is well known that customer service and the technology systems will all suffer. Guess what? Those fat cats could care less. They will get their pay, move on, and leave the mess for somebody else to clean-up. Again, by the time people cannot afford Verizon they will be retired in their villa with their bimbos.


Law has been a great career. It has provided interesting, lucrative and rewarding work. But for the past decade or two US law schools have cranked out way too many new JD’s, a shocking percentage of whom are doing jobs related to law, but which do not require a law defree and so pay $40-50k. My advice to would-be law students is: if you can get into a top 20 law school and can stay out of the bottom third of your class, go for it. Otherwise, the cost and risks are too great.


Yes, absolutely avoid IT, avoid software jobs unless you have a federal engineering job waiting. Truth. Noone in IT wants their kids to follow. Headhunters with no skills do better than us cattle these days.



Here are some posts from another Breitbart article about the Verizon layoffs:

Here is the truth.
about 2500 people are being moved to Infosys.
None that I have talked to are happy including me.
We have similar compensation for the first year, then who knows.
They have a voluntary layoff. You will get 3 weeks per year up to 60 weeks of severance if you accept it. This plan is not available for the Infosys people.

If they do not get enough volunteers, they will lay some off.

VZ no longer cares about the employees, only profits.
I do understand that profits are important, but with 3 extra billion in cash flow from the tax cuts enough is enough.
My guess is they will expect us to train our replacements.
My brother is a computer engineer with Verizon and has been for roughly 35 years. He is concerned enough to be considering retirement, rather than perhaps not being able to get a comparable position due to his age.

So where is all this winning? We’re going to end outsourcing? Says who?

Just like Carrier. Take the money and run.

As a retired, 35 year veteran of a Fortune 100 company, whenever rumors like this surfaced, they always turned out to true. Not that this would be a surprise with Verizon, nor any other big corporation regarding their IT workers. What’s happening here has already occurred with many other companies, and working in this once lucrative field now puts you on the endangered species list.
I was laid off by Verizon (NET, NYNEX) when they sold 3 states (NH, ME, VT) to a basket-case company called Fairpoint (no longer in existence per 2 bankruptcies)
It was a blessing in disguise!
SOP. Lucent and IBM did the same thing. Ruined lots of lives. Older employees who had been with the company many years were not allowed to look for other internal job postings. CRAPPY way to do things all the way around.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

InfoShit Forces its Indian Employee to Work 1000 Hours of Overtime without pay in CVS Contract, Indentured Slave Labor Contested in Lawsuit.

Notable Quote: “The employee, Anuj Kapoor, alleged that Infosys threatened to send him back to India if he persisted with his wage claim. Kapoor said in his lawsuit that he worked more than 1,000 hours of overtime for which he was not paid.”

“In related news, a former Indian American employee of Infosys – who was outsourced for a project at CVS in Connecticut – has sued the Indian multinational, claiming the company refused to pay him for the overtime hours he worked on nights and weekends.”

“His attorney Thomas Enright told the Providence Journal that the Bangalore-based company has a pattern of ill-treating H-1B workers and foreign-born employees.”

THAT ADDS UP TO 19.2307692 HOURS A WEEK for 52 week period.


Here is another post from this group:

H-1B Facts for the State of Connecticut – Summary and Totals of H-1B Occupations for the Year 2017 – What You See is What You Get in the in the H-1B Conned State –

H-1B Facts has developed a Summary Report that displays all the 11755 H-1B visas in the state of Connecticut, its occupations, its counts and its percentages. Basically they are SQL COUNT(), AVG() and SUM() functions.

Senator Christopher Murphy (D-CT) is a member of the Senate India Caucus

Connecticut has no Senator who has endorsed Senate Bill #S281: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 as a Co-Sponsor.

All of the Connecticut House members have endorsed House Bill H.R. 392 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 as a Co-Sponsor in the House of Representatives.

Courtney, Joe [D-CT2] (joined Jan 10, 2017)
DeLauro, Rosa [D-CT3] (joined Feb 3, 2017)
Himes, James [D-CT4] (joined Feb 27, 2017)
Esty, Elizabeth [D-CT5] (joined Mar 9, 2017)
Larson, John [D-CT1] (joined Mar 22, 2017)

H-1B Visa Workers numbers in Connecticut is astoundingly high being that the state is known as an finance and insurance hub. A considerable number of companies, 7317, are totally dependent of H1-B labor as H-1B Dependent Employers. Who knows the number of H1-Bs that reside in companies that are NOT H-1B Dependent Employers? An astounding 15251 entered Connecticut in 2017 alone.

Total Visas: 7173
Total Workers: 15251
Total Workers / H-1B Dependent Employers: 7317

One must assume a very widespread population of H-1B workers is not spread out through out the entire state of Connecticut. Most likely H-1B population is in the mid sized cites like Bridgeport. New Haven. Hartford. Stamford. Waterbury. Norwalk. NS Danbury.

Wage Levels indicate that the vast majority are entry level or qualified, depriving STEM grads and junior level programmers of job opportunities, clearly evident. If you are a STEM grad in computers, your chances are ZERO for job placement. Fully competent H1-Bs in Connecticut is strikingly low in view that Connecticut is an insurance state, but only represents 4.49% of total.

Level I (Entry Level): 5627
Level II (Qualified): 5147
Level III (Experienced): 1457
Level IV (Fully Competent): 685

H1-B Labor is not cheap in H-1B Connecticut, if the entry level median salary is $67,496.00 with the median is defined as half of the population ls less and half the population is greater, thus many many salaries are below the median $67,800.00. The median for qualified is $80,267.00, a high number. One wonders are people can survive in an expensive location like Connecticut. It is H-1B bunk bed time the shitty apartments that abound.

Total Level I (Entry Level)  Count  5627 / 36.9%
 Mean Wage  $69,090.43  Median Wage $67,800.00

Total Level II (Qualified)  Count  5147 / 33.75%
 Mean Wage  $82,087.41  Median Wage $80,267.00

Total Level III (Experienced)  Count  1457 / 9.55%
 Mean Wage  $103,411.58  Median Wage $96,000.00

Total Level IV (Fully Competent)  Count  685 / 4.49%
 Mean Wage  $126,681.22  Median Wage $112,258.00

Total Unspecified Level  Count  2335 / 15.31%
 Mean Wage  $87,435.31  Median Wage $83,000.00

Here is the Top 20 H-1B Facts of Occupations, job counts and percentages for Connecticut.

CONCLUSION: Approximately 65% of the H-1B jobs are Information Technology Related. The rest of the H-1Bs are in other occupations. The number of occupations is staggering and the visas are spread out in ones and twos and threes and eights and tens. H-1Bs are not just for IT, all other occupations are affected, in Connecticut many engineering, accountants, finance and medical professions are H-1B occupied. A recent Pew report stated. “Bridgeport, Connecticut, had the highest average salary ($100,200) of any metro area,”.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS  Count  1647 / 10.8%
MANAGEMENT ANALYSTS ▶ Count ▶ 767 / 5.03%
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS ▶ Count ▶ 613 / 4.02%
MECHANICAL ENGINEERS ▶ Count ▶ 576 / 3.78%
ACCOUNTANTS AND AUDITORS ▶ Count ▶ 323 / 2.12%
FINANCIAL ANALYSTS ▶ Count ▶ 246 / 1.61%
WEB DEVELOPERS ▶ Count ▶ 148 / 0.97%
STATISTICIANS ▶ Count ▶ 101 / 0.66%

Looking down further on the list some interesting observations:

ECONOMISTS ▶ Count ▶ 7 / 0.05% ▶ Median Wage ▶ $102,500.00
LOGISTICIANS ▶ Count ▶ 7 / 0.05% ▶ Median Wage ▶ $72,000.00
MICROBIOLOGISTS ▶ Count ▶ 7 / 0.05% ▶ Median Wage ▶ $69,045.00
PHYSICISTS ▶ Count ▶ 7 / 0.05% ▶ Median Wage ▶ $60,000.00
ANESTHESIOLOGISTS ▶ Count ▶ 6 / 0.04% ▶ Median Wage ▶ $265,200.00

PHYSICISTS are not loved in Connecticut, last I checked one had to be very smart, Median Wage of $60,000.00? Some STEM American is has no incentive to become a PHYSICIST. H-1B ANESTHESIOLOGISTS clock in at $265,200.00 – R U SERIOUS?

Who can forget the scene on February of 2016 when Northeast Utilities in Connecticut H-1Bed’s its employees who hung “Small American flags were placed in cubicles and along the hallway in silent protest — flags that disappeared as the workers were terminated”. “Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) co-sponsored legislation in January 2015 that would hike the 65,000 H-1B base cap hike to as high as 195,000. The measure, known as the I-Squared Act, left some of the former utility IT employees incredulous.” Little wonder the Indians get payed so well in Connecticut, the entire congressional delegation supports the HR 392 Green Card Giveaway.


H1b image


Here are some posts I’ve found on another Breitbart article about the Verizon layoffs:

Here’s how this works. Verizon signs a contract with Infosys. Verizon HR has nothing to do with the H-1B Visas. Infosys supplies the staff. 90% will be Indians onsite, offsite and offshore working for half the salaries of Americans. They don’t care because the workers will roomate and carpool and shop at Walmart and bring their own food. They will send the majority of what they make back home and thus enrich their families.

The Verizon employees will start training their replacements. There will be a high turnover rate as Infosys shuffles staff constantly. There will be a metric ton of incompetance and ineptitude. Everyone in India seems to have an engineering degree but they aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. 1/10th of the workers Infosys supplies will be capable. Infosys workers are paid by Infosys and they don’t give a damn about Verizon’s success nor failure. They work the hours they are instructed to work. They do not go the extra mile to Git’R Done when necessary. Meanwhile, Verizon will find in 5 years they spent more than they ever would have with American workers. But in this case, due to the unions it might actually be a lot closer than most other companies.

So let’s hope Trump nails the H-1B Visa problem hardcore and companies like Infosys and Cognizant will find half their staff deported. This is completely unfair. Infosys exploits the H-1B Visa programs aggresively and they take advantage of America being stupid. There are plenty of STEM workers to fill these jobs. Companies like Verizon just don’t care. The contract looks like a sweet deal. But I’ve witnessed these decisions and whenever management recycles they retry what failed in the past because they lost the bad memories. This will cost Verizon in many ways. Let’s make sure it hurts their brand because if you want to make a difference, start switching away from Verizon. They see thousands of customers leaving and all saying they are doing it because of their Infosys outsourcing. That will send a clear message.
I’ve had enough of Verizon. They have a tv ad out that brags how they assist emergency services with communications. Of course, they don’t tell you that during the California fires this year, they strong armed a fire department which was actively fighting the fires to switch to a vastly more expensive system. Verizon shut off the FD’s communications during the fire fight. While trying to save homes and lives, the FD has to frantically call Verizon to get their communications back up. Verizon told them that the plan to which they had subscribed was suddenly discontinued. To have communications back immediately, they would have to subscribe to a vastly more expensive plan. The FD spokesman said that they didn’t think they could afford the new plan, but they had to accept it or endanger the lives of their men and the civilians whom they were protecting.
There’s also age discrimination at Verizon: if your pushing 50, you’ll soon be shown the door.
Fiserv did the same underhanded job to its employees several years ago, with Infosys. Somehow I survived the massive purge of American workers but many many coworker friends were hosed by the greedy company.
National Semiconductor outsourced 25 years ago.

Intel outsourced 10 years ago.

High tech career over!

Now work for 25 percent of former salary.

In-laws lose their minds if you bring up politics and can’t understand how Trump got elected.
I lost 3 great paying jobs to H1-B visas @ Fidelity Investments & Stop & Shop grocery. My expensive engineering degree is literally worthless.
Plus if you add that I am white, hetero, Christian, & Republican it is nearly impossible to find work in the far left Boston area.
At AT&T, the offshored jobs are gone. Years ago, AT&T even offshored the security jobs, relying on cameras, and intercom. Foul. The Shannon Labs building was practically empty.
I worked for Verizon IT for many years. Initially it was a great place to work, before it became Verizon. About 15 years ago they began importing cheap labor from India to take over much of their IT work and laying off American workers. They didn’t seem to care about the quality of the work, just the cost of the labor. Then they began offshoring work to India, with even poorer quality results. Most of these people could barely speak English, but they could hire 4 to 5 offshore people for the cost of one onshore person. Anyone onshore with any seniority was riffed with a severance package. In the meantime quality continued to go down. Now it looks like this is being extended to the rest of the company. Sad to see companies screw their dedicated employees like this. Verizon’s reputation is sinking about as low as Comcast, and may go even lower.
I am one of the 44,000 union workers who have been offered that severance package. When I joined the company in 1999 the ratio of full time employees to contractors was 80/20. At the time Verizon said it wanted to turn that around as soon as possible. It looks like they have succeeded and more which includes outsourcing to the 51 state, India. Not good……
I have a sister-in-law who recently left the legal department. The stories she told us about discrimination against white employees over 50 were unreal. It’s hard to believe Verizon gets away with it.
I agree they are trying to eliminate employees over 50 because they make a lot of money, especially the union workers like me. It isn’t just Verizon, this is an ongoing problem with American business as a whole. American consumers want cheap, so you get India. The joke is on everyone else who shops at Walmart, your jobs are next including doctors, accountants et al. This is the future for most American workers. Why do you think basic income is being floated as a possible solution.
All true. I work in Silicon Valley (currently at Amazon). It’s also well known here that Verizon is a desperate tech wannabe. The leadership thinks that Verizon’s future in the tech is to have a younger, hip, more diverse workforce, so they want to get rid of older employees.

My sister-in-law said that in legal, the company actually offers more to a black candidate than a white one, even if the white one is more qualified. She’s a Harvard-educated lawyer and has no reason to lie about this issue. She finally left in disgust because of what’s going on.
The political correctness deference to alt. left glamour is alive and well at Verizon. They have an entire “diversity” department devoted to inclusiveness for everyone except white males. If you are part of a protected cohort (i.e. any minority including women or homosexuals to name two) you are semi-protected. Most managers are afraid of calling out a minority, too much trouble aka the race card or gender card. But if it is really a race issue everyone would know it, some issues honestly have nothing to do with race. Maybe the employee just sucks and the job isn’t for him or her or X. But it isn’t just Verizon, it is most American companies. Can’t everyone just be treated equally?
I know some stories from my sister-in-Law that are crazy. For example, she wanted to hire an experienced attorney for her group. She was denied the right to match the attorney’s current salary. Then, she saw an offer letter on the printer for another manager. He had created a job for a black woman with no relevant experience to increase the diversity of his group. He had been given permission to offer her $200k base, over $35k more than my sister-in-law wanted for the experienced attorney.
After 20 years you bet, it was a different company even in 1998. It still had that family feel, most people got their jobs in craft via family and friends including all of my minority co-workers. Fathers, sons, wives et al. I am not even sure if the new applications include who recommended you anymore. But this is the new world order……..
My sister-in-law was there 20 years. It was her second job out of law school. She’s very liberal, but even she could see the injustice of it all. The final straw was something that happened to a colleague: the colleague had spent 5 years supporting a group that was not considered strategically important. One day, the leadership decided that the group was of new strategic importance. That also meant that the attorney supporting the group would be a higher level. They brought over a black attorney from another group and asked the colleague to train him. They then promoted the black attorney over the colleague, but asked her to take one for the team and keep training him. They then RIF’d the colleague on the grounds that they didn’t need two attorneys supporting the business group. Thereafter, it was discovered that the black attorney couldn’t do the job. Instead of firing him, they promoted him to a higher title with easier job duties.
My company, a telco company, tried the same thing. It was a disaster and the company almost went under. They brought it back to the US two years later.
AT&T, Sprint, TMO, and system manufacturers have all been doing this for years, no Americans left working for them hardly, people will have to learn to rob politicians of their ill gotten money, to survive.

Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

THere are some informative details in the thread – more than the subject title. Here is a cut from one such comment / reply / answer. It notes the number of H-1b in the US. I nev er knew the magnitude of it. I guess I had bad odds to lose my job? And my nephew also had bad odd to lose an entry level opp out of a good university with a compsci degree because the company he was applying for, Garmin, our of middle america KS, had all their entry level tech jobs w/ H-1b.

‘The focus on H1B is kinda really sad considering that the total number of H1B jobs and greencards are no more than a million. Assuming a working population of 150 million, that’s less than 0.6% of total US jobs. The economy will definitely change , but not because of the labour market.

‘The total temporary work force is no more than 1% including allied programmes such as L1 and OPT. However, these programmes have provided leverage for US companies to spread overseas especially in overseas markets. Almost all US companies are operating in India and raking in huge profits. India accounts for a substantial chunk of AWS and other services market. India also gives a favorable policy to US companies because of the leverage of H1B. In fact it is the only leverage that US has on India through its IT companies.

‘Should these programmes be terminated, then the US government has no leverage on India. India can unilaterally dilute patent laws and go the china way supporting domestic enterprises over American. This will reduce corporate valuations and bring in some drop in the stock market. These companies will also show losses and escape paying any taxes.

‘I would like to quote a minister who said the following in an interview when he was asked about cheap labor : “There is an unwritten agreement between the US and India. If they want to bring in cheap capital at 0% interest and expand into Indian market, they need to be willing to take in some cheap labour that we have”. Note the reference to cheap capital vis-a-vis cheap labor. In my opinion, the US traded 1% of its labor to access a multi-Trillion dollar market on a strong growth track. Considering how China ripped off the US corporations, their only remaining growth potential is in India after monopolizing the US market. The Chinese do not depend on H1B’s as much as India does. Since India does get 70% of the H1B’s, It is valid for me to take an Indian view and generalize it.’


And some more posts from this group:

Verizon is one Company outsourced. More recently BOEING, FOSSIL, HERSHEY, SCHLUMBERGER, BAYER CORP, GOOGLE, etc.. also have outsourced to same INFOSYS COMPANY only. and many more companies are doing the same… CIO, CEO greed is what causing this problem… Aftermath of outsourcing, Infosys will never HIRE ANY AMERICANS, Even if they did they are asked to work late nights and automatically they will quit their jobs, which i have seen with my eyes.. Regardless of who is elected U.S Tech Workers are pushed to a hell!… Many of them quit this IT profession and some went to be a realtor and do other business than this….. I think this Administration should impose more OUTSOURCING TAXES LIKE CHINESE GOODS, ALSO MAKE THIS H1B program more scrutiny so that it goes to people with Phd and more skilled researchers only.. Also add TOEFEL to H1B Visa application….


I’m here tonight at a Microsoft corporate event where management types are standing around bitching about Trump’s policies have made their lives so much more difficult. They’re feeling the heat.


We all know so well that behind every lobbyist group like IV – Immigration Voice there stands in the background a group of sophisticated industry lackeys and Indian CON ARTISTS out to get contracts and services for the Indian Business Interests. The lackeys are Texan non-Indian lawyers and government representatives like Senator John Cornyn of Texas.

Cornyn sucks


Another post from the anti-H1B visa group:

Spoke to many of my friends from India. They really impressed me a lot..the latest trend is not to apply for H1B visa anymore..apply for Canadian PR via the Express Entry program and get your PR (Canadian Green card) in around 6-7 months..

Once you’re a CANADIAN CITIZEN(average time is 3 years), you can apply for jobs in the USA using the TN (Treaty Nafta) limits..also spoke to a guy whose uncle owns a body shop ( indian it services) company here in the US. They are already planning to move office to Toronto..that way they can operate without visa hassles and take almost unlimited jobs out of the USA not to OFFSHORE (India) but NEARSHORE(Canada)…

I am just feeling WOW…Capitalism at its best..

And some replies to this post:
Most H-1B rejects have been using the TN for years mostly in financial services through offices in Toronto
I know and have seen them. But things are finally going in the right direction. This loophole will soon be plugged too if we stay on the course.
Most of the Asians I know not Indian Asians but Asians are from China and were rejected for H-1B and L1 but were sent to Toronto for less than two weeks of “training” and were then quickly sent across the border to fill an “immediate need” in financial services and have been filling those positions for years
And another post from this group:
CT is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy but will give Infosys millions in incentives to open a regional headquarters in Hartford. Our leaders are stupid enough to actually believe this will result in 1000s of new jobs for Americans. What a bunch of suckers ……/Gov-Malloy-Announces-Infosys…
And another one, apparently in reply to the one above:
Most of the state’s largest business center, Stamford, is run by the Indian outsourcing firms now. It has killed job prospects for so many people I know. There’s a malaise hanging over all of us now, like some I’ll ess you can’t shake.
And another post from this group:

The Connecticut H1-B Economy – Corporate Greed and Malfeasance – Results are Predicable, High Paying Jobs are Gone and Low Paying Indian Labor Craters a Once Great State.

Hilarie Gamm eloquently tells the story, company after company going Indian, tossing Americans aside.

“At The Hartford Insurance Company, for example, both technology employees and IBM contractors were required to train their replacements from Tata Consultancy, the Mumbai, India-based multinational IT service, and consulting company. Mass Mutual Insurance in Enfield replaced its tech workforce with H-1B workers from Cognizant, another multinational that provides IT services, and India offshore labor.”

“Further, Connecticut General Life Insurance, The Prudential in Hartford, Prudential Annuities in Shelton, Aspen Insurance, Hartford Fire Insurance Company, The Travelers Insurance and Chubb Insurance all have laid off Connecticut white-collar professionals and replaced them with workers in the Philippines and India.”

“The healthcare sector has fared no better. Hartford’s Cigna replaced Connecticut workers with H-1Bs employed by Cognizant and Accenture, the consulting and technology services company. Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Connecticut, according to TAA, laid off remote and in-office Connecticut employees responsible for enrollment, billing, provider data and pre-certifications with workers in Malaysia, the Philippines, and India.”

“During the last ten years, Quest Diagnostics, Naugatuck Valley Surgical Centers and even the Central Connecticut Hospital has sent white-collar professionals packing and replaced them with vendors all employing labor in foreign countries, rather than Americans.”

”United Health Care, America’s largest health insurance agency, and once one of Connecticut’s largest employers, has sent thousands of jobs to India. Connecticut workers have been laid off and required to train their foreign replacements time and time again at both UHC and at UHC’s Optum unit, both of which operate foreign technology workforces in India. With Aetna’s impending merger with CVS, the potential layoffs, in addition to the jobs that have gone offshore, translates into another Hartford insurer expected to reduce its Connecticut presence.”

WELCOME TO THE HYPERBAD H-1B Conned Republic of India.

Here is a reply to this post:

A couple of years ago, Mass Mutual had a separate development center in Boston, working on all of the cool technologies.

At the time, I used to get calls from recruiters for openings at Mass Mutual in Boston. The recruiters stopped calling when the first reports of outsourcing at Mass Mutual in Enfield surfaced.

Even the Mass Mutual’s hiring manger in Boston bailed. Can’t blame him.

Here is a post from a page called US Tech Workers:

Highly Skilled IT Worker Applied for 481 jobs over a period of years, Corporate America, the Indians and Congress took his job, he ended his life.


“Mr. Weglarz had come of age during the Apollo missions to the moon, and he and Mr. Biagini would spend hours rehashing the details of each expedition. Mr. Weglarz channeled his leanings toward science and technology into a career in computer programming.”

“He moved to New York City and worked at the software company Hyperion, designing performance management tools. He led a team at Hyperion that worked with universities, signing and managing Yale, Harvard, Brown and dozens of other schools as clients. He traveled the world.”

“He married and had a son, settling down in a large, 19th century house in Fairfield, Conn. His friend, Mr. Biagini, himself having found success as a longtime body double for Robin Williams, visited and marveled at how far his fast-talking fellow space geek had come.”

“It was Geoff having come to fruition as a responsible, high-earning family man,” he said. “He adored his son. He adored his wife. He had it all.”

“Then he lost it all.”

“Hyperion was acquired by Oracle in 2007, and eventually, Mr. Weglarz was offered a new position in the company, one that he viewed as a lateral move at best, Mr. Biagini said. He left and went to Dell as a senior director of development.”

“He and his wife divorced. They shared custody of their son. The job at Dell required weekly trips to the company’s headquarters in Texas, which proved a burden, and he left the job in 2011.”

“His search for the next job was exhausting and fruitless. In 2013, when the PBS program NewsHour visited Connecticut to do a story on older, unemployed Americans, the episode centered on an interview with Mr. Weglarz.”

“I’ve applied for 481 jobs,” he said on the show. “None of them have panned out. They think that anybody over a certain age is going to be used up.”




And here is a post that someone made on the US Tech Workers page:

What Infosys does in displacing American IT workers is criminal. Any fine Infosys gets is only an expense against their massive profits.

Many companies other than Verizon I know heavily use H1B such as Citi, CSX, Chase, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Sungard, Disney, State of Florida using Deloitte, Silicon Valley, and Black Knight Financial which now has physical location in India for outsourcing.

I did contact the White House regarding this outsourcing, however; I’m not expecting any restrictions on the American middle class job killer the H1B Visa.

The H1B Visa program should be abolished retroactively which would give an incentive for people enter the field and many trained displaced IT workers to renter the market.

G W Bush once referred to an outsourced job as an export item.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

I have 21 years of experience as Sr Oracle Hyperion developer for big companies like IBM, eBay and PayPal. I live in the most expensive city San Jose, CA and for 2 years now I am jobless ☹️


And another post from this group:



Illinois IT wages suck


And another post from this group:


inconvenient H1B facts


And another post from this anti-H1B visa group:

Why is news of discrimination against American tech workers by Indian outsourcing companies (WITCH – Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Cognizant, HCL) never covered by US media? The answer is because major US media is owned by billionaires who benefit from abusing cheap labor imported through H1B visa program. Also those Americans who still have good IT jobs are afraid of speaking out. American tech workers please speak out against this H1b visa abuse to protect American jobs before its too late.


And a reply to said post:

Of course the media is TOTALLY ENTRENCHED in H-1B visa abuse, along with abuse of all of the other cheap labor work visas that are used to disenfranchise US workers.

For instance, Comcast owns NBC. Comcast is one of the worst abusers of the H-1B visa on the planet, not only by directly using the H-1B visa, Comcast hires Indian H-1B visa body shops to do their dirty work.

Comcast, either directly or indirectly hires thousands of H-1B visas. For example, for the year 2017 alone this Comcast location: 1701 JFK Blvd, Philadelphia, PA has been certified by the US Dept of Labor for 460 workers on H-1B visas, 322 of which are certified directly through H-1B dependent employers, working as contractors at the Comcast work location.

h1b truth


And another post from this group:

H-1B Facts for the State of Texas – Summary and Totals of H-1B Occupations for the Year 2017 – Don’t Mess with Texas, there is a New Sheriff in Town, Its Called the Texas Indian IT Mafia.

H-1B Facts has developed a Summary Report that displays all the 108,229 H-1B workers with H-1B visas in the state of Texas, its occupations, its counts and its percentages. The H-1B Facts query basically deploys a SQL COUNT, AVG. and SUM aggregate function.

The 108,229 H-1B’s in Texas for year 2017 is the size of a small city.

None of the Senators from Texas has endorsed Senate Bill #S281: Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 as a Co-Sponsor in the Senate.

The following Texas House members have endorsed House Bill H.R. 392 – Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2017 as a Co-Sponsor in the House of Representatives.

The Top Dog: Rep. Pete Sessions [R-TX-32] is the Chairman of the House Rules Committee and is a co-sponsor HR392, a member House Indian Caucus and a member of the Republican Hindu Coalition. (RHC), He is the only member of congress with these three horrible credentials.

The Texan congressional deligation is possibly the worst in the country for taking care of their fellow Texans, whether it be IT jobs, health care, women’s rights and equality, everything including teacher’s pay. The list is long.

Rep. Castro, Joaquin [D-TX-20] 04/10/2018
Rep. Vela, Filemon [D-TX-34] 11/06/2017
Rep. Gonzalez, Vicente [D-TX-15] 10/23/2017
Rep. Cuellar, Henry [D-TX-28] 10/12/2017
Rep. Green, Gene [D-TX-29] 10/03/2017
Rep. Doggett, Lloyd [D-TX-35] 09/27/2017
Rep. Barton, Joe [R-TX-6] 09/08/2017
Rep. Hurd, Will [R-TX-23] 07/27/2017
Rep. Thornberry, Mac [R-TX-13] 06/02/2017
Rep. Arrington, Jodey C. [R-TX-19] 05/25/2017
Rep. Williams, Roger [R-TX-25] 04/03/2017
Rep. Johnson, Eddie Bernice [D-TX-30] 03/22/2017
Rep. Green, Al [D-TX-9] 03/15/2017
Rep. Hensarling, Jeb [R-TX-5] 03/15/2017
Rep. Granger, Kay [R-TX-12] 03/09/2017
Rep. Flores, Bill [R-TX-17] 03/07/2017
Rep. Weber, Randy K., Sr. [R-TX-14] 03/06/2017
Rep. Culberson, John Abney [R-TX-7] 02/27/2017
Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18] 02/06/2017
Rep. Poe, Ted [R-TX-2] 02/06/2017
Rep. Veasey, Marc A. [D-TX-33] 02/06/2017
Rep. Sessions, Pete [R-TX-32] 02/03/2017
Rep. McCaul, Michael T. [R-TX-10] 02/01/2017
Rep. O’Rourke, Beto [D-TX-16]* 01/10/2017
Rep. Farenthold, Blake [R-TX-27]* 01/10/2017

The H-1B Visa Workers numbers in Texas is stunningly high for the state is known as a industrial energy hub, the state has many companies associated with industrial distribution, banks, telecom, other back office industries. A staggering number of companies, 44,433 are totally dependent of H1-B labor as H-1B Dependent Employers. These are the highest numbers of any state examined, shockingly outrageous.

Total Visas: 57791
Total Workers: 108.229
Total Workers / H-1B Dependent Employers: 44433

Affected is North Texas, Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Austin, Houston, all over. Texas is the Land of Infosys, Tata, HCL and the whole wrecking crew.

Wage Levels indicate that the vast majority of jobs are entry level or qualified, depriving STEM grads and junior level programmers of job opportunities, clearly evident. Fully competent H1-Bs in Texas is more apparent in view that Texas is an advanced industrial state, but only represents 5.05% of total.

H1-B Labor is expensive compared to other states in Red Cruz Texas. The experienced level median salary is $98,200.00 with the median defined as half of the population; thus many salaries are above the median of$98,200.00 . The mean experienced Level III is an astounding $101,227.66. It is higher than the median. That also means that many many salaries are far above the average $101,227.66. The $$$ is good in Texas for the Indians, they occupy entire neighborhoods of mansions in the Texas suburbs.

Summary – Workers:

Total Visas  Count  57791
 Mean Wage  $81,609.91  Median Wage  $74,000.00

Total Workers  Count  108229
 Mean Wage  $81,396.36 $75,650.00

Total Workers / H-1B Dependent Employer  Count  44433
 Mean Wage  $75,857.94  Median Wage  $71,386.00

Summary – Wage Levels:

Total Level I (Entry Level)  Count  41359 / 38.21%
 Mean Wage  $66,562.68  Median Wage  $65,000.00

Total Level II (Qualified)  Count  30575 / 28.25%
 Mean Wage  $81,817.20  Median Wage  $79,038.00

Total Level III (Experienced) Count  12237 / 11.31%
 Mean Wage  $101,227.66  Median Wage  $98,200.00

Total Level IV (Fully Competent)  Count  5466 / 5.05%
 Mean Wage  $111,252.69  Median Wage  $102,731.00

Here is the Top 50 H-1B Facts of Occupations, job counts and percentages for Texas.

Summary of Top 50 Occupations Sorted Ascending by Count / Percentage and Mean and Median Wage

Occupation Count / %
Mean Wage Median Wage

$79,303.83 $75,650.00
$85,713.53 $82,000.00
COMPUTER PROGRAMMERS  Count  13538 / 12.51%
$69,555.98 $67,891.00
$78,885.76 $76,586.00
$96,091.56 $93,500.00
$78,868.06 $78,957.00
MANAGEMENT ANALYSTS  Count  4119 / 3.81%
$84,981.04 $75,000.00
$97,356.49 $91,000.00
$60,846.82 $56,000.00
$73,153.12 $70,000.00
NETWORK AND COMPUTER SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORS  Count 2342 / 2.16% $75,785.07 $73,195.00
ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  Count  1829 / 1.69%
$89,334.03 $85,424.00
MECHANICAL ENGINEERS  Count  1569 / 1.45%
$82,358.17 $80,579.00
FINANCIAL ANALYSTS  Count  1497 / 1.38%
$80,720.14 $75,067.00
COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGERS  Count 1417 / 1.31% $122,864.61 $114,338.00
$75,250.69 $71,323.00
$97,477.08 $94,973.00
WEB DEVELOPERS  Count  828 / 0.77%
$63,536.61 $60,700.00
$60,223.81 $60,000.00
LOGISTICIANS  Count  726 / 0.67%
$69,536.08 $69,763.00
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS  Count  661 / 0.61%
$72,289.23 $69,492.80
SALES ENGINEERS  Count  659 / 0.61%
$92,677.69 $86,015.00
MANAGERS, ALL OTHER  Count  495 / 0.46%
$100,871.38 $97,656.00
CIVIL ENGINEERS  Count  440 / 0.41%
$78,887.60 $68,000.00
$84,405.87 $75,200.00
$49,923.48 $50,000.00
STATISTICIANS  Count  331 / 0.31%
$77,250.86 $72,925.00
$82,590.49 $79,664.00
$71,363.13 $65,000.00
SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERS AND TESTERS Count  294 / 0.27% $73,709.64 $74,568.00
SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS, EXCEPT SPECIAL AND  Count 283 / 0.26% $47,029.28 $46,050.00
$61,083.96 $52,800.00
DENTISTS, GENERAL  Count  247 / 0.23%
$138,940.20 $143,000.00
$105,230.27 $92,498.00
$236,101.66 $220,000.00
CHEMICAL ENGINEERS  Count  240 / 0.22%
$103,908.80 $100,172.80
ENGINEERS, ALL OTHER  Count  212 / 0.2%
$81,226.99 $72,800.00
SOFTWARE QUALITY ASSURANCE ENGINEERS AND TESTERS Count  212 / 0.2% $69,122.47 $60,798.00
$105,694.76 $102,820.00
MEDICAL AND CLINICAL LABORATORY TECHNOLOGISTS  Count 206 / 0.19% $45,796.90 $42,848.00
$77,938.64 $77,730.00
$53,720.96 $50,316.00
$112,915.72 $118,100.00
FINANCIAL MANAGERS  Count  172 / 0.16%
$152,523.23 $140,000.00
PETROLEUM ENGINEERS  Count  172 / 0.16%
$134,880.35 $125,000.00
$153,881.38 $138,700.08
MATERIALS ENGINEERS  Count  136 / 0.13%
$85,674.40 $85,987.00
$97,558.48 $90,000.00
$52,813.19 $50,000.00

Texas is Number 1 in the country for H-1B occupations, beating out California, The salaries are good, the weather is India like, the housing is cheap, the Texas politicians are all in bed with the Indian crowd, the native Texans get the FU on job interviews from Indian hiring mangers, the banks and other companies are 98 percent Indian. The discrimination against native Texans from American corporations and their Indian counterpart companies is rampant, many employment EEOC lawsuits are pending in Texas. Meanwhile the Indians are worked to death with by their Texas white guy and Indian mangers working 24-7 in a daze, knowing if that they do not submit to peer pressure, their ass will be sent back to India, after all Texas has air conditioning.

Texas IT wages suck


And some replies to this post:

I hear about layoffs in Texas all the time, India has a huge presence. Texans I talk to say the malls in restaurants look like Banglagore while the unemployed IT urban cowboys do not know what hit them. Ask Ted Cruz, the Canadian Cuban cowboy, to give you that Jeeeesus Prayer! The Daily Texan needs a wish and a prayer.


Can confirm the onslaught in the capital city.


it just seems to overwhelming to combat rhis scourge. Like, how can we win since the odds are so stacked against us?


Multiply this times the last 15+ years of similar activity and you begin to see the monster that has already been created. Large corporations in North Texas have office buildings completely full of H1B visa holders and they continue to add to the tally every year


All I know is that major IT firms Indian and American and European have their sweat shops in India. Hence there is no need for them to have Indian employees in US.

My problem is that I build and implement. And lo and behold one of these Indian IT clown shows up and steals whatever was done. I am sure many in the group have faced this same situation. Let them take away whatever they believe rightfully belongs to them and then ban them from entry to USA on work visas.

I don’t care if they take all IT jobs to India as long as we can ban them from entry to US. That way we can start fresh and rebuild.




And another post from an anti-H1B Visa group:

My wife can’t find employment in IT field that can allow us to cover for daycare and cost of living with basic CISCO certifications and undergrad degree. She is having to get masters in telecom engineering to be able to compete with foreign graduates who also have masters to get a starting salary that will cover breaking even expenses for her working in a high cost of living state. Daycare is very expensive and what Cisco certification entry jobs would pay we would end up spending on taxes and daycare at this point so it isn’t worth her working. E.g if someone makes $250k and their partner will make $50k the additional revenue is taxed highly in a state like California and what is left daycare will take so it isn’t worth even making the additional $50k


And another post:

You know American STEM graduates are without jobs in Hi-Tech so how can this be a bad news? Tell us.

My wife is straight A grades MBA from a great UT campus and was forced to work as a school teacher while 3.2, 3.6 gpa foreigners were given jobs at Nortel, Ericsson, DELL, EDS, AT&T etc you name it. Some of them were even entertained at sensitive firms like Raytheon, state’s IT departments.

Accordingly I have little to no sympathy for foreign manpower and universities&firms that bend over backwards to serve as their pimps.



Here are some posts from an anti-H1B visa group about the experiences of various members in IT:

I am with implementation and upgrade of Oracle EBS as a contractor. I have done full blown implementation and upgrade single handed at Fortune 50.

Many employers call including like of Deloitte, KPMG, IBM, Accenture etc for a permanent gig but breaks down on salary negotiations and primarily due to work hours schedule – guess I am not a 24/7 type so I stick to my 1099 stuff, that way hiring manager keep it simple at 40/wk. Damn IT Offshoring and Outsourcing.

Now and then I get feelers for Defense crap, I even got a feeler to work at White House.

I can move on to more simpler environs but for the fact that I do not want to leave the field wide open for alien raiders to barge in and ravage.




Still able to hold on , Software engineer last 20 years. Worried about America after seeing so many of my coworkers and myself went through at the hands of NAZI CEOs of corporate America. America is under invasion. Intentional invasion designed by corporate America

Been in it for 38 years, 32 in the USA. Came here after marrying a us woman. Started doing rpg , followed by cobol and dec c. Today I’m a tech lead at the largest airline in the world doing sqlserver and c#. My group is not big on h1b, although the same can not be said about the company. Keeping up with the latest tech is the secret to survive. I’m big on blockchain and have participated in a crypto coin project.

Retired waiting for IT to become a respected profession again.
Yeah I know some people are fine, but
IMO the gig economy has ruined the reality and perception of IT being business partners. I went into Technical Business & Data Analysis, but found that its treated by the business insiders as a utility. Like when you hire a guy to fix the lights or phones.
I found some places ( Enterprise architecture ) valued experience maturity and judgment.
Much of the consulting I’ve done is for people who are business insiders and often made mistakes from the get go, and you either had to just follow orders or find a way to explain the ~mistake~, or better yet, suggest a better ( bail out ) option.
++In house IT tends to be hardware & software and not enough about strategy integrating and accumulating in-house experience and judgment.
My worst experience with an IT manager with no IT chops-
” I don’t know much about IT, but I make up for it with my social skills. “
The crash came at the worst time for me to capitalize on my decades of experience in my business domain.

I have been in IT infrastructure, security, and project management since the early 90s. After 12 years working for fortune 10 companies I took a job in local municipal government IT, running IT departments. Made the change because offshoring and sponsored labor made continuous private sector employment risky. It’s been 15 years since I worked in private sector. My salary hit was 50 percent. Love what I do just sucks how I make less adjusted for inflation then my dad did

“Love what I do” – True! That’s the hardest part of what many gave up. Most folks simply can’t comprehend that.


In one of the anti-H1B visa groups, I listed what companies I had found by my research to be abusers and asked if they knew of any others.  Somebody mentioned American Express. So I did a quick DuckDuckGo search and found this at

American Express went downhill fast when their motto was fire American workers and force them to train their #H1B replacements or Indian outsourced workers in order to get severance.

Year after year until their quality was below Capital One. No matter how many JDPOWER awards they buy. You put lipstick on a turd it still a turd.


And another post from this group:

Thomson Reuters are HUGE users of H-1B visas. They probably have their H-1B visa recipients fully trained. So it is time to shutter up the US operations and move the H-1B people back to India.


And a reply to this post:

A year ago I refused interview at Thomson Reuters for Sabrix/Oracle EBS integration projects because there were too many aliens working on H-1B/L-1 at their 2395 Midway Rd, Carrollton, TX 75006 office. I remember that I had conveyed my reasoning for refusal to HR Director at their Oregon office.

Back then I was wishing something like this would happen to bring Thomson Reuters to it’s senses. 

Today, I added an item to my TODO list to remind me to send Christmas greetings to the HR-Director at Thomson Reuters, Oregon office with this facebook post link to serve her a reminder.


And another post from this group:

VZ has entire office buildings completely full of H1B workers in Irving Texas. If the DHS, DOJ or the USCIS were to visit these buildings and have a look, I’m sure even an untrained agent would be able to recognize immediately that there is a major problem!


And yet another post from this group:

Does anyone have any information on the IT market in Chicago? I have almost 30 years of IT experience and I have not been able to find a job (other than a one-month contact position) since this February. Looking for some information and guidance. Thank you all for your time.


Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

You know the globalization of IT really threw many of us into another completely different class. I was worth much more than many in 2010; a firm six figure. Then everything changed. It was precipitous and unmistakable. Job, gone. Professional reputation, gone. Friends and family wondered why I didn’t have a job anymore. I would explain to them, but they wouldn’t even listen. To this day, now employed again, my social status is closer to a janitor than a professional with two degrees. Friends and family keep telling me to just get over it. This week I began setting up new database users in Mumbai to one of my databases. The onslaught continues. I’m a janitor.

And some replies to this post:

I agree with you that IT is quickly becoming factory work. I talked to some idiot in a government HR department about her bad hiring practices and she told me my masters in computer science from MIT was absolutely worthless. Apparently HR people read magazines (the equivalent of FoxNews) and base their decisions on that instead of reality. I think it all comes down to you’re as valuable as what’s in your head – what you know. I have found many of my oldest friends are going into business for themselves in direct competition with those firms that think that IT is something to be farmed out and closing THEM down.

I wish we had a workable strategy to compete w H1’s or the places that employ them…. But it takes money. These companies have us between a rock and hard place and they own the govt.

All education, PhD, skilled, unskilled, is becoming the same thing. LABOR- The only winners are middlemen and owners.

I was treated far better at the beginning of my career then at mid career now..

Have to disagree that the downfall was precipitous, maybe for you and others in this group you were surprised that you could be replaced with cheaper foreigners and then end up being forced out of your specialized field into low paying jobs. Many techies were affected by this starting in the mid 90’s and would actually go to their local, state and federal elected politicians to complain because there was no social media in those days to make statements. For years those that were unemployed and denied employment would be warning those that still had their jobs and careers to support their former colleagues and not much was done. When you have a job and a career you do not understand or don’t want to assist those that need jobs. Now the Indians have full control of IT and they are not going to hire any non Indians so as suggested in a previous comment you have to compete with larger companies with full Indian staff and make your own companies.


There are still skill sets out there that can’t generally be found among the cheaper set. Those include AIX, DB2 and of course anything that runs on the big box. My present opportunity didn’t even require an interview. They called me, asked if I was available and told me to report. Nine hundred dollar flight? No problem, expense it. The one before that was the same way. Several of these were First Class because it’s all I could get. My boss bitched up a storm until I showed him the email requesting I get there any way I could. He hasn’t complained since.

If you have what they need and there is no cheap replacement for you, you’ll get the work. My wife complains that more and more of the people she sees in the building are Indians but that’s on the database and apps side where it’s been that way for a very long time. There are still dumpy white guys out there doing things no one else does.

IBM’s buying Red Hat will definitely change things in my world. The hottest ticket going right now is Linux on mainframe which is said to be solid as granite. A forty year IBMer recently told me AIX was threatened to be sold about two years ago until the users all complained and then it was decided to invest more into AIX and POWER. I should be okay for another eight to ten years and that’s all I need.


I suffered almost 2 years of UNEMPLOYMENT after a high paying 6 figure income.


my unemployment stint lasted three years


Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

Non-profits like colleges and universities are entitled to UNLIMITED H-1B visas. Universities like Wright State University bring in inexpensive, disposable, and submissive workers into the US on cheap labor work visas and then Wright State University hires them out to for-profit employers.


Here is a post from another anti-H1B visa group:

Today is definitely a very sad day for all American tech workers. We are getting discriminated and displaced by Indian IT bodyshops with Indians on H1-B / H4 visas in our own country, yet we don’t get justice from our own judiciary system.

And another post from this group:

Another day, another H1B abuser. Are you awake, USCIS?


Here is are posts from a Breitbart anti-outsourcing article:

I worked in the engineering field all of my life, I know what I am talking about. I saw 5 Vietnamese living in the same run down house, splitting the cost of utilities. All had engineering degrees, and would underbid Americans to get work. It happens time after time, all over the USA. Foreign workers form communes, and undercut wages. They are willing to live a life style of a yard worker, to get the engineering jobs in America. They share cars, houses, and even beds, to survive on low wages that employers are glad to pay, to keep expenses low.

So many of us are burdened with student loans, chasing advanced degrees, but we don’t get the jobs. I think France’s Yellow Vests have the right idea.

This is why I’m an independent. The Democrats are horrible but the Republicans aren’t better by much. Especially when it comes to safeguarding the economic security of their constituents.

I am a lawyer. And I believe that the law is broken all the time. It takes an expensive lawsuit to enforce the law. Most people don’t have the money to do so. Moreover, it is very difficult to collect enough evidence to prove in court discrimination against potential American employees.

It is perfectly legal to bypass the US workforce in favor of foreign workers.
That is absolutely not true!!!

See page 36 of the US Dept of Labor document:

“H-1B non dependent employers are not subject to the conditions, and their H-1B workers may be hired even when a qualified U.S. worker wants the job, and a U.S. worker can be displaced from the job in favor of the foreign worker. Additionally, the importation of the foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of U.S. workers.

What I saw at my former employer was the following: my employer would fire Americans who were working at the VP level. Those VP positions were eliminated. Then the company reclassified those jobs to a lower level, such as Director, Senior Associate, and/or associate, naturally, at a lower salary. Then those positions would be filled by residents from India on the Visa program. That is how lower salaries and wages are achieved.

I experienced this first hand. I was well on my way to completing a Masters degree in computer science. I couldn’t get a fair shake at any job. The specifics listed for the job were ridiculous, I would meet 8 or 9 out of 10 of the requirements and they would simply tell me I wasn’t qualified. Cost me a lot of time and money. I left the field without even getting started, still got a STEM degree in addition to other degrees. I am personally píssed that our politicians sell us out. I should have turned Black Hat on their âsses.

Here is a post from the US Tech Workers page:

DHS Published New Rules and David North of CIS Does Not Like What He Sees!

I Top Quote the great David North:

“The Department of Homeland Security’s proposed new rules on the H-1B program are deeply disappointing as they:

▶ Do nothing for U.S. workers displaced by this needlessly large program;

▶ Lavish millions of dollars in savings on the employers of H-1Bs;

▶ Seem to invite huge additional numbers of applications, which will just give industry new arguments for higher ceilings;

▶ Create a new way of doing business that seems to be an invitation to gaming the system; but

▶ Do add a long overdue and deft adjustment to the current system, a good, medium-sized move that is initially hard to understand and is explained badly by DHS.
The announcement of the proposed rulemaking came Friday afternoon, November 30, and was accompanied by a 41-page document in the December 3 Federal Register.

The announcement proclaimed it was: “introducing a more meritorious selection of beneficiaries.”

This turns out to be a puzzling process that, by definition, will do no good to any American worker, and the “meritorious selection” process (which only relates to the selection among aliens) is, in effect, a slightly different and better way of loading the dice used in two government-run lotteries, a subject to which we will return.”



Here is a post from an anti-H1B visa group:

Starbucks Coffee Company has filed 372 labor condition applications for H1B visa and 108 labor certifications for green card from fiscal year 2016 to 2018.


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