Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 10

anti-Common Core part 10

Part 9 was getting a bit too long so I made a part 10.

Here is a post from Shannon Joy:


NYS Education Commissioner Elia’s official guidance on what schools should do if an undocumented (potential MS-13 gang member) seeks enrollment in your child’s public school.





Here is a post that I found in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Either DeVos is extremely uninformed or she thinks we are uninformed (stupid). What she fails to say is that Charter schools ARE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Because they accept state and federal money they are required to teach the same standards as the traditional public school. Charters offer a choice in location but not in what a child learns. Is that your idea of Choice. Charters close on a daily basis. They are notorious for hiring sub-par teachers. They are notorious for mismanagement and there is a Charter somewhere closing everyday. They do not have the same oversight that a traditional public school has and there is no data that demonstrates they perform any better than the traditional public school. So again I ask, is choice in location but not in what your children are taught your idea of Choice. I also ask, do you really think DeVos doesn’t know this. She does. She SUPPORTS ESSA and Common Core and she supports the privatization of public education. She was the most controversial nomination of the Trump administration and Pence had to break the tie. She is closely associated with Jeb Bush. Mr. Trump has made a whopper of a mistake with education policy. He is clueless and listening to all the wrong people including Ivanka.


I found that a district head of an Illinois school is also supporting the anti-gun walkouts:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Heads up! A massive shift in science education practices, masquerading as a routine standards update, will be presented to the State Board this Thursday.

Why didn’t the committee set up to make recommendations for updating the science standards consider any standards other than NGSS, including the 20+ other sets of available standards that were ranked above NGSS?

Because they’re not updating standards, they’re pushing a new style of pedagogy through, using the standards as a vehicle.

The linked video explains, in the words of several supporters, this “huge” shift.

Do you really think it’s true that students don’t need to “own” foundational knowledge to prepare for advanced learning? That you can just google facts when needed?

Please comment and share to other parents not in this group. Also, please call your state board member.

The public comment comes after the board votes, but critiquing individual standards won’t affect the embedded pedagogy. I’ll link a summary of 50 years of research on the failures of constructivist pedagogy in the comments for reference.


And another post from said group:

I have two children attending American Fork High School. I just received this email, and it appears that the High School will be officially condoning the walk out. Here is the email:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Mary Scharman <>
Date: Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Student “Walkout” on Wednesday March 14
To: <email cut to protect identity> 

Dear Parents and Patrons,

This Wednesday is the “Walkout,” which students are promoting across the country protesting violence in schools. We visited with our student leaders from the House of Representatives and the Student Government and inquired if they were participating in this “Walkout.”

The leaders shared with us that many students were going to participate. Our goal in responding to walkout plans and other forms of peaceful assembly is to try and keep focus on teaching and learning while providing guidance and planning to support students and staff safety. We have provided a place for them out on the football field. This is optional for students. They are not required to participate.

The students who wish to participate will be walking out at 10 am on Wednesday with Constitutional rights of a peaceful assembly and free expression. The students are going to take 17 minutes with a moment of silence. Also, they are going to share the students name and age whose life was taken. They will be returning as Flex begins. Throughout the day, students will have posters to sign and cards to write on to send to the high school for moral support.

Alpine School District supports students’ Constitutional rights to peaceful assembly and free expression. As a result of this Walkout, the students hope to share solidarity and commitment to building a better non-violent community.


Dan Weishar


American Fork High School

Alpine School District

510 North Caveman Blvd.

American Fork, Utah 84003

Tel. No. (801) 610-8800″ #uted#utpol#AlpineSchools


And here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Hello Everyone,
My son is a sophmore and his school counselor has said that he must pass the state testing in order to graduate. Is he correct? Is there any options for him to not take it? He has no plans to attend college but will attend a trade/tech school. He does have a 504 and some processing issues and ADHD along with high text anxiety. I also have a freshmen who will be going to college. Is there a way for her to not take state testing and still receive a high school dioloma? Thanks for your input!


And here are some replies to said post:

My oldest daughter was on an iep for 3 yrs in middle school and then moved to a 504 when entering high school. She had to take multiple standardized test to graduate. Her counselor told us she would have help and extra time. That was 5 yrs ago and in Eastern Wa. Hope that helps a little and good luck. It’s an up hill battle, be your sons biggest advocate, never stop questioning the system


Believe me….. I have been accused of being to involved and that isn’t about to change because he is in high school.


5 years ago there was a different superintendent and assistant superintendent. I wonder how life is for kids with IEP and 504’s now. I have heard some horror stories.


As far as I know the counselor is correct. However, he should have mentioned alternative ways to pass. It’s been awhile since I have been updated on testing, but last I heard a student must attempt the test at least once, and if they fail, they can then use an alternative method to prove they have met standard. There is the “portfolio” which is really a teacher looking over the student’s work and determining that they have met standard. Most teachers want to show all students as passing, so they use every loophole they can find. (I think some shady things went on in regards to my son as he never tested yet his school records said “met standard” when it came to state testing.)


Also, FYI, community college is free to any student younger than 21 that does not have a high school diploma.


Do you have a source I can quote for this?


The premise for enrollment and funding is “high school completion” but all classes at the community college are available to HS students so many students (mine included) only worked towards their AA degree or certification in a technical field. As far as I know all public community colleges in Washington have a type of high school competion program. At this edmonds CC site it says “free or low cost” but all 3 of my kids have enrolled at 3 differet school (Edmonds CC, Everett CC and shoreline CC), they went right for theri AA degree, it has always been free. We are not low income and there has never been any questions about our income level, so I dont know in what situation it would be “low cost” instead of “free”. Just go to your local community college website to get info.
Here is one link:


My experiences:
I have 3 older children (age 22,20, 16), My oldest is in college. He said “no thanks” his HS diploma, because he refused to test (he was class of 2013, the first graduating class with mandatory WASL testing). When applicable, such as on college applications or job apps he declares himself “graduated” with a homeschool diploma (which is the truth, as I can honestly attest that he has passed the 12th grade level). He has had no problem with employment, college or scholarships. (no college requires a high school diploma)

My middle child has always had an IEP and struggled in school, he attended a alternative high school, and I suspect some shady things occurred there regarding his testing. He never tested, but his school records said “met standard” when it came to state testing. There are alternatives to testing, but I’m pretty sure that a student has to attempt to test one time before they could move to alternatives (I think something shady occurred because I kept my son home on testing days). I was so frustrated with my son’s school, I just wanted him graduated so I didn’t question anything about his “test scores”. He has a diploma

My 16 year old left our local high school and is attending community college instead (for free!). I will leave it up to her as to whether she wants a HS diploma or not as it will involve taking state tests, but once she has her college degree, she may not want it.


To my understanding she can receive a hs diploma when she fills out her college app. Something to check into.


yes, community colleges can administer high school diplomas, but it still requires testing. there is no getting around state requirements by completing academic credits at community college. My son had already competed his AA degree had already been accepted to a 4-year university and had already moved out of the house and supporting himself, so he had a job to pay his rent. he did not want to take a day off to go take a test (at the time it was WASL, which was very time consuming). A culminating project was also a state requirement at that time, which he didnt want to do.


Yuck! Nobody had mentioned that you still had to take state testing to graduate. Thanks for the info.


Because my kids were homeschooled, I can’t address going through the public school…but my kids did running start, earning their AA and WA state high school diploma…no testing required.


That was what I was told as well so hopefully that will be the case here.
that’s interesting. Who issued the HS diploma, was it from the state dept of education or was it from a local school district? Do you recall who’s signature is on it?
My daughter, who is also homeschooled, plans on Running Start in the fall. I understand that if the diploma is issued through the community college, rather than the high school, students are not beholden to the school’s graduation requirements. But I’m finding that out for certain tomorrow at a RS information meeting.
Please post what they say, I am very curious.
When they apply to graduate for their AA they also apply to graduate for a high school diploma. None of my kids followed the public school curriculum guides, their classes were all directed towards the AA. And it’s true that colleges do not require high school diplomas. They look at transcripts.
regarding the OP, as homeschoolers, we are required to annually test our students, but not as a graduation requirement.
My oldest never attended high school. He went to the community college at age 16. I wonder if his testing in his community college classes would count, he was still working on his AA when he was 18, and at 18+ you no longer have to declare with your district that you are homeschooling. I wonder if he did qualify for a HS diploma from the community college?…oh well, I doubt I could convince him to go back and check.
Our homeschool kids don’t have to be tested. They can submit a portfolio review to any WA certified teacher instead of being tested. Message me if you need more details!
Ha ha ha. Submit anything to a certified ps teacher? The testing is easier. And no one demands to see the results. I get it if there are kids with testing issues, but my kids didn’t and don’t. (I’ve graduated one kiddo, who is now serving in the Air Force).
There’s a whole cottage industry among homeschoolers who have teaching certificates. Testing is a nightmare for us, but glad you don’t have that worry!
Also, thank your kiddo (and your family) for his/her service!
I was told at the Tacoma Community College RS info session tonight that the testing required by the high school does not apply if the student is getting an AA degree. If the student, however, is earning a high school diploma through the high school, then the student is required to do all the normal testing. That’s how I understood it, anyway.
incidentally RS is tuition-free, but books, campus, student and class/semester fees are the responsibility of the student, so not entirely free. It can be an investment of as much as $1500 or more a school year, depending on the classes taken. Something we need to think about on our family’s limited budget.
This is why I like the the high school completion programs (although my kids just went right for their AA). My kids completely withdrew from our local high school, and enrolled at community college at 16. Everything is paid for including entrance/placement testing, books, and lab fees….but the cons: no grad walk, and no high school sports or activities since they are no longer enrolled. My son did go to prom as his girlfriend’s date, and my daughter went to homecomming as a date to another student.
This is the state website on the topic. I had a conversation with my son’s counselor earlier this year about this, and students after the class of 2018 are being compelled to test for graduation as I understand it. I hope there are alternatives, or that I am mistaken!
Thank you for your input and the link! So far, I understand he has to take it at least once before moving to alternatives. And I have also been told he can get a hs diploma at the same time as he would get an AA. Just need to check something on the college app but not sure of the particulars. And I am not sure he will attend a cc. 🤔 Thanks for the input!
Your son does NOT need to take the testing! I have had my kids waived each year. It is a bit of a hassle and they like to shame you, but you can get the paperwork from the district office and sign off on it.
If the child is on an IEP they have to take the state test to graduate, but only at the grade level they tested at.
My son has a 504.

I can’t speak to whether the 504 creates a different situation for your student than for students without a 504 [name withheld] should have more insight on that), but normally, no, what your counselor told you isn’t entirely correct, because it’s based on the premise that “graduating” is the goal.

In this context, to “graduate” means to participate in a ceremony, but to receive a diploma is arguably more important, and they’re two different things. The system is set up so that the graduation ceremony itself is upheld as something of upmost importance, and the withholding of it is threatened to parents or students who begin to talk about not taking the state test. It’s really a system of bullying and extortion, but I digress.

To participate in the graduation ceremony, yes, he likely will need to take (but not necessarily pass) the state tests. You may have an amazing principal that gets all this BS and would allow him to participate anyway, but since your counselor is using this language, my guess is that your principal also uses it or supports it.

Receiving a high school diploma, however, can be done in a number of different ways. (If the graduation ceremony – walking across the stage with his classmates – is of critical importance to you or him, just stop me now, take the test, and I’ll save my breath.)

Editing…stay tuned…


Oh my, I didn’t know they threatened to block one from the ceremony/ritual while still giving out a diploma. That’s interesting. I have of course encountered a similar tactic in my read of theology and history, called excommunication, where the ritual and ceremony of the Eucharist was denied those who didn’t march lock-step with Papal authority and ecclesiastical decrees.

America is a wild place.

You must attempt the state test and pass or fail then do an alternative option in order to receive a public school diploma. As for test exemptions the 504 team would have to approve an alternative option or they will make him attempt and fail them do so but it’s a team decision
Here is an alarming post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

This is happening in NORTH DAKOTA!!!! Fargo, ND
From [name withheld] “Fargo North is forcing the students to participate in a walkout today. I have a sibling that goes there and she was told during their announcements that if they skip they will get detention.”

comment continued…”Like they are making them leave the classrooms and go outside for a rally or something and they were told that they don’t have to go outside, but they have to leave the classrooms and if they skip class or leave the school they will be punished. The thing that concerns me most is the school didn’t send any emails or letters to my parents that this school sponsored event was going on, and there’s absolutely nothing on the school’s website about it. They even left it out of their morning announcements document they post online every day after doing the announcements to the students. Another thing is my sibling said the school is claiming it’s to honor the victims of the shooting, but make no mention of the event being to protest gun control.”


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

What is constructivism and why are some parents worried that it has become the basis for teaching English and Math and now being recommended for Science?

It’s an educational philosophy that favors soft “skills” of constructing ones own knowledge through exploration vs. direct instruction and from someone with subject area expertise.

The problem isn’t that there is no merit to both, but that each learning style doesn’t apply equally to all developmental levels or levels of expertise.

In short, you have to have some basic building materials to construct something.

I personally don’t think it’s really possible to think analytically or innovatively in the absence of some deeper subject knowledge, and research seems to confirm that.

From a friend with a PhD in physics in the UK: “It sounds crazy to me that older kids wouldn’t be taught science in the traditional subjects / topics if they want to improve STEM skills in the workforce. Each of those subjects goes very deep and you need a lot of basic understanding if you want to study them to any depth at university level. Teaching some broad “science” curriculum with bits from everywhere sounds like really bad preparation for studying STEM subjects at university level because there would surely be too much work to do to build up the knowledge at a basic level before you could even begin to go deeper. It might make some sense for kids who are not going to end up in STEM disciplines, or for younger age groups, but it does sound a lot like dumbing down to me.”

A further problem with NGSS is that a significant percentage of the standards in each grade use topics of evolution and climate science as the style of science within which kids are supposed to explore and learn to “think like scientists.”

Another insight from my friend: “The preponderance of mentions of climate sounds troubling too. I suspect you and I have quite different beliefs when it comes to man-made climate change / global warming – I do believe that human activity is responsible for changes that are happening to the climate, and I do believe it’s a problem, if maybe not quite an urgent disaster on the scale of some of the most alarming hype. However climate science is very complex and (I think) relies on a lot of modeling, simulation, simplification, extrapolation etc and seems to me to be a very poor subject for teaching the basics of science, scientific thought and method. It’s virtually impossible to conduct meaningful scientific experiments or develop straightforward theories with strong predictive power when you talk about climate science for example. Kids need to learn basic science first in my opinion, and apart from stuff like the water cycle and how atmospheric pressure causes storms and other weather conditions I wouldn’t teach climate because it’s not appropriate as a way to learn “science”.



And another post from said group:

I watched the standards subcommittee meeting discussing the science standards, streaming online, and was concerned with what I saw. One board member asked a number of logical questions about why no other standards were considered, the emphasis on two subjects to the exclusion of many others and why the clarifying statements and assessment boundaries seem to favor a certain instructional style and teaching to the test. The primary response by those recommending these standards as well as several of the board members themselves was that they needed to defer to a select group of “experts” who’d been successful in securing enough federal funding to push one educational philosophy over any others.

21 to 25% of the standards focus on evolutionary biology, depending on the grade. At least that much or more seem to focus on climate change, specifically human impact, and the sample lessons and aligned tests that I reviewed push it even further into policy issues, not just science.

Am I the only parent who thinks that leaving out circuits, human body systems, most physics and chemistry will leave our kids woefully unprepared for college level work or important careers? That climate activism isn’t the primary goal of a primary education? One dad, and engineer from California, commented to me that he worries these standards will assure all future engineers in the US will need to be hired from other countries.

Whatever your view, this deserves a healthy debate and substantive responses from those recommending these, not just deference to “experts.”

I hope the board meeting tomorrow won’t resemble the subcommittee hearing, and this familiar fable.



And yet another post:

Parents typically oppose the national conformity of education because it practically eliminates adjustments for local conditions, specialization, individual needs, innovation, and the safety net preventing the failure of an entire generation across the country at once when each new education fad comes and goes.

NGSS specifically precludes specializing in a subject area like physics, or chemistry, or biology at the high school level, despite the fact that our secondary teachers are trained in a specialty, not in “integrated science.”

(My daughter currently has to give up an elective credit to take a novels and literature class taught by a great teacher in her area of expertise because the required Common Core English class doesn’t include that. There aren’t enough elective credits left after all the dumbed down requirements to get a deeper education for college preparation and advanced studies in subject area specific math, or science now too.)

Parents with these concerns in recent years have been placated with hollow talking points about “local control” because we changed the name or renumbered some pages… or that there was “absolutely NO Federal involvement in the creation of these standards,” as one board member insisted in the recent subcommittee hearing for the new science standards.

It’s as if they don’t think we can see that it doesn’t matter who is building the conveyor belt, Federal government or other national level organizations. We don’t want a one-size-fits-all conveyor belt!

Still, I can’t resist addressing the “no federal government” issue.

In the subcommittee hearing the presenters supported their recommendation of these new standards solely on the fact that they were recommended by three well-known science organizations: the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), and the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)… they left out Achieve Inc. (the organization founded to push national standards, developer of Common Core and NGSS copyright holder.)

Don’t they know who funds these organizations?

From the book pictured: “In 2016 Congress appropriated $880 million for EHR. Of this amount, $673 million is allocated at the discretion of the NSF director and board.”

“In February of 2017, the NSF grant database reflected 4,513 ‘active’ EHR grants, with total funding at $5.4 billion”

“EHR has been a substantial funder of AAAS’s science-education efforts, providing the AAAS with more than 100 grants worth $101,544,672 since Project 2061 began in the mid 1980’s.”




Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

What did we have before SAGE tests? How did schools gage improvement before the government got involved?

Why are behavioral scientists grading our children’s tests? Why are behavioral scientists involved in our children’s education at all? “Sensitivity Training” is not a new concept. They use it during wars to brainwash soldiers and they’re doing it now to brainwash our children.

Many people don’t understand this and it isn’t something those behind public education necessarily want shouted from the rooftops. This is why putting the puzzle pieces together and then sharing them is so important. The great article below, written by Brian Halladay, explains something that Elder Benson described (warned about) years ago. This “sensitivity training” is happening right now in the public school system via Common Core and SAGE tests.

The Reality Behind Your Child’s Test

“The SAGE test is an unreliable, unverified test that our children from 3rd-11th grade are taking not just once, but up to three times a year. These tests aren’t scored by their teachers, but rather by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). This company is the one of the world’s largest social and behavioral research organizations. Your child’s proficiency is being scored by a bunch of behavioral researchers.”

Brian Halladay, Board Member, Alpine School District, Utah

Alpine School Board Member to Parents: Opt Out Common Core SAGE tests | COMMON CORE

“One of the tragedies of the Korean War was the fact that the enemy was able to brainwash some of our men…

When General William F. Dean was released from a Korean Communist prison camp, the young Chinese psychologists who had been trying to break him said: “General, don’t feel bad about leaving us. You know, we will soon be with you. We are going to capture your country.” Asked how, they replied: “We are going to destroy the moral character of a generation of our young Americans, and when we have finished you will have nothing with which to really defend yourselves against us.””

Ezra Taft Benson, CR, April 1969, pp. 10-15



So, now testing groups are offering tips for monitoring students on social media:


A California high school teacher was put on paid leave for questioning the student walkouts:


Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

I’ve heard multiple reports from furious teachers and parents in Arizona and around the nation claiming that students in many situations were REQUIRED to participate in the astroturf school walkout in support of gun control today. The adults exploiting these kids to push their extremist agenda are despicable and disgusting.

Do America’s youth have the right to peaceable assembly as guaranteed by the First Amendment? YES.

Do America’s lawful gun owners have the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment? YES.

The Left does NOT, however, have the right to commandeer our taxpayer funded public school system in furtherance of their radical policies, yet Leftist public school district superintendents, administrators and teachers are doing just that…committing YOUR tax dollars to support Democrat activist organizations like Everytown, and Planned Parenthood—just to name a few.

Any public school system that allowed or allows the use of taxpayer dollars to fund, encourage or otherwise support this hyper partisan exploitation of our children should be held accountable and any administrator or teacher requiring student participation should be terminated immediately.

America’s school children are not the Democrats’ pawns to be used and discarded for political gain. The madness must stop.


And here are some replies to said post:

They aren’t wrong about kids being required. A student from a high school sent out a tweet saying that it’s all staged and that many students don’t want to or don’t believe in this shit.


They are the smart ones


Thank goodness. There is HOPE FOR MENTAL CLARITY for some of our young people!


Would students wanting to attend a pro 2nd amendment / pro NRA rally be allowed / encouraged to walk out of school to do so? I doubt it.


Hello no they wouldn’t allow it


Not here we are on Spring break. My grandson said he would not do it. He is 15 years old better sense than most democrats.


California had a school tell them they had to walk out too? Isn’t that against their free speech if they choose not to walk out??

On a private Facebook page. There were kindergarten teachers encouraging other teachers to walk out with their students. A teacher can provided unbiased information on both sides of this debate but not encourage students one way or another.
And you don’t think this whole walk out thing was a gun grab scam? You don’t think these children (and that’s exactly what they are) decided all across the country to walk out of school. That idea was totally presented to them in a package. Just the same way that simmering little test High puts it up!
I had that figured out. Leftist junk to take away our rights and freedom. They want a one world government dictatorship. Hitler pulled the same thing to take control. Saying we need to take guns away for the safety of all. Look how that turned out.
Some teachers encouraged them in LHC AZ. 30 walked out for 17 minutes. Then went right back in. The school will hear about this tomorrow. We don’t like anti gun folk here. And playing with the children’s mind in pretty annoying.
Some teachers encouraged them in LHC AZ. 30 walked out for 17 minutes. Then went right back in. The school will hear about this tomorrow. We don’t like anti gun folk here. And playing with the children’s mind in pretty annoying.
Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:
So Students that disagreed will be supported in future protests? DURING SCHOOL HOURS. Ya know because Next Gen Standards are for civic engagement!! Like ProLife? Pro Bill of Rights? ProSecond Amendment?
Careful ‘Gubner–a PRECEDENT in the making! No discrimination nor proselytizing!
As if we didn’t have enough to worry about already with the Fed Ed/Workforce Development racket, we now have to worry about brain scans being used on students:
Here is a post from Women on the Wall:
What you are witnessing today with the Student Walkouts…
21st Century Learning – A shift away from teaching reading, writing, math, and history. To- values, beliefs, behaviors and changing the next generation’s worldview; using “Learner-Centered”, “Personalized Learning”.
Do not miss commentary in this video of Bill Ayers. This is a revolution in education. “Democratic Socialism” in full view.
Here is a post from a friend of mine:

I hear Long Island Opt Out – founder Jeanette Deutermann has been fighting on behalf of students suspended *for* participating…one lost her role in the play...Using the NYS Allies for Public Ed and help from NETWORK FOR PUBLIC ED.

But wait!! What about those that Stayed in class. Chose not to participate and he is suspended! Do we think they might go to “BAT” for *this* young man’s FIRST amendment rights (don’t hold your breath!)…
and his chief complaint; loss of education instruction that he is legally entitled to, since the teachers essentially walked off the job instead to support political agendas and only those students that were walkout compliant activists?

Facetious question. Just pointing out hypocrisy.

A student was threatened with arrest for holding a pro-2nd Amendment sign:
I found this post in an anti-Big Government group:
My grandson and the entire student body was forced to go outside and not allowed back into the building and never knew why they went out there until that evening when they saw it on the news that they were protesting something. Teachers should have spent 17 minutes explaining the Second Amendment and now they should be fired.
A teacher in Ohio speaks out against the testing and data mining and other bureaucratic burdens that have made his job as a teacher so impossible that he felt that he could no longer do his job and so has resigned:
Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:
My 9th grader told me a question he had on a history test. It was, how did Joan of Arc get Prince Charles attention? One of the multiple choice answers was, she seduced him. I know it’s not really bad but it still rubs off on me wrong. It seems inappropriate to me even though my boy and his friends thought it was funny. And why put such an idea out there when Joan of Arc was an amazing, spiritual leader. So wrong to me. So now I wonder what other weird questions he comes across that aren’t so memorable he doesn’t tell me about?
And here are some replies to said post:
Was it common core related? That’s one of the hallmarks, sneaky subject matter.
I’m sure it was common core material. That’s what all schools are doing now.
That’s what I figured

that’s really bad. that actually makes me really angry. there is nothing appropriate about that answer. i think we need to find out where that question came from. there have been other inappropriate questions & i think the reason is the online database that teachers can use.

this question was caught a couple years ago, but it’s still being used (most recently just last month), even though they have said it was taken out of the database:…/…/question-on-utah-biology-test…/

if the Joan of Arc question is in this same database, it needs to be removed also. unfortunately, i think this will continue to happen & parents won’t know about it unless their child tells them. especially because we’re moving more & more towards technology that teachers don’t even know what questions are being asked.

I think it won’t only continue but it will get worse.
It’s absolutely inappropriate. You aren’t wrong thinking that. Also, Joan is a hero of mine!
Makes me mad, too. The goal seems to be to change our perception of history and demonize all of our heroes. Good catch.
Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

One of the most respected School districts in the nation refuses to support legislation that would protect students health in regards to digital devices? Read the letter sent by the county. They state that “while well intended” the development of safety guidelines by medical experts could jeopardize the digital device roll out.

So they are arguing that keeping students healthy– contradicts the needs of the county to use digital devices?


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Students are not consumers. Or at least shouldn’t be. Education has lost its purpose for humankind. Expansion, contemplation of the nature of man is lost when education becomes training for a job. If a university student says they’re attending “to get a better job”
they should not be going to college. I’ve said this to my daughter repeatedly.

Any decent society needs to encourage critical thinking about ideas, beliefs and values, thinking upon which no price tag can be placed. A society that will only think when it is profitable to do so is one that has lost its mind.


And another post from my friend:

K-5 really?


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Like the NYSPTA and NYSUT Project Pipeline. Illegal electioneering.

“…districts violate the Texas Election and Education codes when they exhort faculty or others to vote for a particular person or ballot measure,” Paxton said in a statement Friday. “Spending taxpayer dollars on advocating for or against political candidates is unacceptable.”

The letters are just the latest salvo in an ongoing battle over the role Texas public schools play in elections. Long-standing civic engagement initiatives aimed at getting more Texas teachers out to vote have come under fresh attack this election cycle, with conservative groups and Paxton himself warning that some efforts constitute “illegal electioneering.” A January ruling from his office advised districts that busing teachers and voting-age students to polling places is illegal unless such trips serve an “educational purpose.”


Two students got suspended for posting pictures on Snap-chat of them going to a gun range (outside of school hours):


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

I sent in my refusal letter. One of my kid’s teachers said tonight that it hurts the school. I don’t buy it for a second. We moved from NY with a high refusal rate and the district never lost funding. What hurts the school is teaching a curriculum that is unproven and developmentally inappropriate. What would your response have been?


And here are some replies to said post:

Does the school use your child’s test results to help his/her teacher individualize teaching?
A High a School Teacher that I know said she never sees her students scores.


We get the results after the kids are out of school. Kids get marked absent. Totally false reporting of information to protect them from any potential harm. She acknowledged that It’s more of an assessment of her than the kids.


I’d say that it’s the DOE blackmailing the parents, threatening that it will harm the school or teachers. I’d also say, my child is my first priority, not the school and that the DOE should be ashamed of themselves for making it that way!


let it hurt the school….no worries, I opted out for mine during the parcc fiasco…..


And here is another post from said group:

I have a question. My daughter is in 6th grade and has an IEP. She has always had a reader for ELA on the MCAS now they are saying she can’t have one by the state’s rules. I said if she doesn’t I will not have her taking the MCAS and having her feel like a failure and I was informed through and email that she has to take it. Please advise me what I need to do to get her opted out of the test.


And here are the replies to this post:

Its a violation of your parental rights to make her take the test. Call the Massachusetts Board of Special Education Appeals and get a mediator for free. Opt her out and apply for a voucher so she don’t need it for a graduation requirement come 10th grade.


Thank you so much


She does not have to take it or any prep for it

To opt out of any MCAS, except 10th grade, you just have to write an email to the principal. I also suggest CCing the teachers to make sure that they know too.

They will tell you it’s against the law and it’s required, they are lying and bullying you. I asked to see the law that says that, they showed me one that merely states that by law they have to give the tests, there is no place it said that taking it was mandatory. We have opted out for a few years now, no arrest, no repercussions on our children.

They will threaten that it will lower the school’s rating, under 95% participation does lower the rating, but chances are that your school doesn’t have that many who opt outs and your responsibility is to your child, not to be blackmailed by the DOE!

To get out of 10th grade, I am not sure, and please let us know how you make out at the board of special ed.

Here is a copy of my opt out letter, it doesn’t have to be anything more than we opt out/refuse the MCAS 2.0 test. Make sure you follow up with the principal to make sure he got it and is sending your child to the library or something during the test.

“We are opting out/ refusing _______ from taking all of the MCAS 2.0 tests. Also, no surveys without us seeing them first.

While we appreciate and think you all are doing a great job, [name withheld] is doing wonderfully and we are truly so happy you are all in his life, we are doing this because it is better for him and to send the DOE the message that we are not happy with their leadership in many ways, especially as far as standardized testing goes.

Thank you!”

They are saying I can’t opt her out but the day of she can refuse and get a zero so the % doesn’t go diwn.
unacceptable!!! They shouldn’t make the child refuse! Your instruction, as the parent opting out is enough! They are hoping the child caves and takes the test, again, unacceptable!!! She should not get a zero, she will be marked absent be cause the DOE does not want to acknowledge that opting out exists, (they mark the absent from the test, not from school.) their school percentage is all they care about, they don’t care about your child. They are blackmailing people into taking the test, again, unacceptable! Please let me know if they give you any more issues, this infuriates me when they mislead parents!
Such BS. They care more about testing than the kids. This creates much anxiety for many even when they generally do well. I consider it a waste of what could but valuable school time.
My daughter is a an a/b student and gets very anxious with this test.
 I sent the refusal letter for all years of testing for my now 10th grader. Thankfully our principal was very accommodating (he is not a fan of CC) and provided my son and a few other kids with alternative settings. I’m so bummed that he has to take the test this year to graduate. He does not test well and is on an IEP. I do have accommodations in place and he will more than likely take it several times to pass. If he doesn’t pass we have it written he can use a portfolio. Now my 3rd grader does very well with CC learning and even though I hate it and want it gone I’m having him take the test. You know your child. Do not let them bully you. I so wish we had not gotten shut down with the ballot question😕
Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Kent SD let 127 people go in RIFs today. Here’s the email from the superintendent. BTW, he’s threatening teachers to NOT speak out or post anything of FB or it will cost them their jobs.

BTW, this guy is all about building a fully 1:1 technology district with learning ecosystems, and CTE. He wants it to be the “silicon valley of the North”.


Good Morning Team KSD,

Early last week, we shared some insights into the new KSD 2.0 organizational structure and how it was designed. Our Blueprint sets forth a shared vision that is purposeful and directed toward setting higher standards for our community of learners and leaders, always driven by values of equity and excellence. Four strategic goals drive our work and focus our efforts toward accomplishing our mission and vision for our students. This includes the organization, structure, and scope of our workforce. Moving forward, our organizational structure will be “leaner and not meaner” beginning with leadership at the highest level.

Specifically, the four communities (formerly known as divisions) will be aligned with our respective strategic goals and priorities. Currently, there is only one Chief Officer vacancy to fill. The Chief Learning Officer (CLO) position will lead the Community of Teaching and Learning. The other three Communities—School Operations and Academic Support (Israel Vela), Organizational Effectiveness (Dr. Jewelle Harmon), and Human Resources (Moriah Martin)—will continue to be led by those individuals listed above.

Please find attached the infographic that outlines KSD 2.0, our plan for coherence and organizational advancement as we move forward together.

Beyond the fiscal savings of having fewer Chief Officers in the organization, this new structure ensures that, for each goal in our strategic plan, the objectives, implementation strategies, and continuous evaluation of key indicators that measure our performance are being closely managed and monitored, and have strong central leadership.

However, it is important to also consider from a broad perspective all of the actions being taken under our district budget recovery process plan:

· September 2017, 90 positions eliminated primarily through attrition and reassignment, 30 positions (9%) at central administration center, and 60 positions (4%) at schools;
· February 2018, 45 positions (16%) eliminated in central office administration, a 53% reduction to fringe benefits and no cost of living increase to central administration administrators for 2018-2019, and a 93% reduction in fringe benefits for central administration administrators for 2019-2020;
· March 2018, 9 school-based administrative positions eliminated (11%); 4 employees impacted due to inability to place in current vacancies;
· March 2018, reduction of 127 FTE (7.9%) funded out of Basic Education due to larger class sizes and decreased dependence on Basic Education Act (BEA) funding for non-classroom positions.

These combined efforts represent a net savings of approximately $18 million and set us on the trajectory not only to end August 2018 with a positive year-end fund balance, but also are setting us on a path for restored fiscal health for years to come.

Again, the new leadership structure will go into effect July 1, but the work to move into this new structure begins now. There are resources and tools in place for staff impacted directly by transitions coming in the next few months, and we will continue to communicate with all Team KSD members regularly. I am confident that, through collaboration, open and honest two-way communication, and our shared commitment to successfully preparing all students for their futures, together we will be successful in the implementation of KSD 2.0.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Calvin J. Watts
Superintendent | Kent School District


Here is a post from a Florida anti-Common Core group.  Apparently, the move to abolish locally elected state boards of education in favor of a more authoritarian centralized one is spreading across the states:

Update 3/8/16 – Friends in Ohio and Florida have confirmed that this exact bill (elimination of elected school boards) is being pushed there.


And here are some replies to said post:

Ohio opposition hearing was yesterday.


Luckily this failed. The argument used to the House body was unbelievable. The representative stated that it’s the same model that Florida uses.

Any comments in response to that is very much welcomed. I will present the comments to the Representative(s).


Here is what Florida is trying to do to lessen local control. We are in the throes of a constitution revision process. The governor has appointed a committee and their proposals definitely target education and not in a good way.


Here is a post from Shannon Joy:

FYI … League of Women Voters representatives were IN Monroe County public schools on Walkout Day. And they were registering voters.

‘Soros documents show funding for the League of Women Voters and their effort “to catalyze greater participation from Black and Latino youth in advocacy both before and after elections.” The LWV is currently in federal court trying to stop efforts by Kansas, Georgia, and Alabama to verify that only citizens are registering to vote. The same organization intervened in a lawsuit by the Public Interest Legal Foundation to clean voter rolls in a Virginia jurisdiction with more registered voters than eligible citizens.’


During the student walkouts in Minnesota, a student was assaulted for holding a pro-Trump sign while teachers looked on.  The teachers only came to his help after some of his fellow students first came to his aid.  Worse yet, the administration recommended that he not return for a week or perhaps even the rest of the year because they could not guarantee his safety!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Ok, just today Sec DeVos confirmed, private & home schools who receive money though government choice programs WILL be required to follow federal regulations. This particular line of discussion is regarding civil rights, which includes LGBT issues, like bathroom freedom.\



Another college that has issues with the concept of binary genders:


A brave student at the high school that allowed anti-gun walkouts, while suspending a teacher for asking if they’d allow pro-life walkouts too,  is now going to stage an anti-abortion walkout, using the Left’s own precedent to do something and dare them to either let it happen or punish him and show their double standard and see if the teacher was right:


Here is a post from a friend of mine:

Tell Me AGAIN that it’s STUDENT LED. Just stop being ignorant and willfully blind. “Indivisibles.” Hard left progressives. Liberals, Democrat-Socialists. Marxists. Communists.

Local rally and of course the public school is participating. Ugh!
Calling themselves The Indivisible Team, they promote exactly what Organizing for America is promoting — how to organize to destroy every townhall, every effort by the GOP and the President. It’s very aggressive.

The leftists can’t win by debating policy issues, so they simply try to destroy the opposition. It’s pure Alinsky.

Their effort seeks to unite leftists of all stripes as does Organizing for America.

On Long Island alone, there are over 1,000 of these types of groups. They call themselves #resist#Indivisibles They all do the same thing. Your community has a chapter almost guaranteed. This newspaper clipping is from the Fingerlakes Times in central
NY. This rally in the Home of Women’s Rights. Ironic. Eh?

The Indivisible manifesto even quotes communist organizer, Dolores Huerta: “Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.”

The Indivisible Team (IT) was established by a group of five former Democratic congressional staffers in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 presidential election.

One of the five founders, IT board president Ezra Levin, had previously served as associate director of government affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and as an AmeriCorps VISTA employee in the Homeless Services Division of the San Jose Department of Housing. Another key founder, IT board secretary Angel Padilla, had worked as an immigration policy consultant at the National Council of La Raza, and as an adviser to Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) from 2009-11, Frontpage Magazine reported.

This particular group has some ties to the Soros-funded MoveOn group, which is the fundraising and campaign arm of the “shadow government” of the hard-left. They deny any funding from Soros, however.

The Capital Research Center argues that Indivisible Guide’s board has multiple indirect ties with left-leaning groups funded by Soros, as well as with other liberal organizations.

The “Shadow Party” is a term originally devised by journalists to describe “527” political committees promoting Democratic Party agendas. It now refers primarily to the network of non-profit activist groups organized by George Soros and others to mobilize resources — money, get-out-the-vote drives, campaign advertising and policy iniatives — to elect Democratic candidates and guide the Democratic Party towards the far-left.

The Internet fund-raising operation MoveOn (dot) org is a key component. The “Shadow Party” in this sense was conceived and organized principally by George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Harold Ickes. Its efforts are amplified by, and coordinated with, key government unions and the activist groups associated with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). The key organizers of these groups are veterans of the Sixties left.

not student led


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

NORTH DAKOTANS–Ted Dintersmith’s push for PBL (Project Based Learning) here in ND has no empirical proof that it works and as Ted said himself, it may take 10 to 15 years to know if it even works. Read excellent research article by [name withheld]: 15 hrs
“Believe me when I tell you that technology venture capitalists have no interest in restoring teacher autonomy. Dintersmith is selling the Ed Reform 2.0 agenda, and he has the money to fund the books and movies that give him a platform to make his pitch nationwide. Valerie Strauss got it wrong.”


And another post from said group:

Ann Marie Banfield, a grassroots parent activist and education liaison for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire, says unspecified treatment details and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data cited as justifying the curriculum decision cast doubt on the wisdom of the policy.
“My first concern is with the statistics they use to justify actions that they are taking,” Banfield said. “I’m not familiar with the CDC conducting double-blind, objective, peer-reviewed studies [on this subject]. The CDC does collect data from surveys through the Risk Behavior Surveys. Are the statistics authentic to begin with?
“Assuming that 20 percent of children are experiencing mental illness, as they suggest, my other concerns would be how they treat children in the public schools,” Banfield said. “If 20 percent are classified as having some sort of mental illness, are they treating 100 percent of the students? How are they treating the 20 percent or 100 percent of the students? What kind of mental illness are they treating? Depression? Suicidal thoughts? Behavior problems? Who is treating the students, and what credentials do they have to treat the more serious mental health problems?”
Questions Teachers’ Role
Banfield says she doesn’t think the average public school teacher is qualified to administer mental health evaluations of children.
“In New Hampshire, we found schools using teachers to assess students using a mental health assessment,” Banfield said. “I’ve had teachers contact me directly saying they are uncomfortable assessing their students. They were more bothered that their own children, who also attend a public school, were being assessed. They don’t know where the information goes, and they know the few hours of training the teachers receive does not qualify them for assessing their child’s mental health.
“I had a parent in Londonderry, [New Hampshire] contact me saying her child was removed from class and spoke to the school counselor, but when she asked to see the notes that were taken, the school refused to give them to her,” Banfield said. “She ended up pulling her kids out of the school and transferring them to a different school.”


After being made to learn about sex ed and hearing that she was a “girl trapped in the body of a boy”, a 12-year student in Washington state came home crying:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I just found out today that my son’s teachers are having him do sage assignments on Google doc because I told them He is not allowed to even get on the portal even for practice testing. They have had him look off someone else’s portal to do the assignment but now they are copying it out and having then do it. I thought if I opted them out of sage testing, it was fully opted out and they couldn’t give alternative assignments? A little guidance would be helpful thanks!!


And here are some replies to said post:

Ummm that’s not an alternative assignment. That IS the assignment, just modified.
I’d be having a really clear, really FIRM explanation of how things are going to be. Not a discussion, an explanation, with any involved teachers and principal present.


They aren’t even suppose to give them an alternative though correct?


My brother said they give my niece and nephews alternative assignments.


I thought SAGE Formative wasn’t being used anymore? So, it must be a Benchmark Module, since you said it was an assignment instead of an assessment, right? This is what’s listed on the SAGE Portal.


In the State Board’s Testing Ethics Policy, they say they can provide an alternate assessment, but they shouldn’t just be having him look on someone else’s computer or copying the questions in the SAGE Portal to create that assessment because state law says that when you opt out of statewide tests, you are opting out of the entire “state assessment system”, which includes Benchmark Module’s (or formerly SAGE Formative).


Ask for the days and keep him home….! I’d be livid!


The calendar shows testing for over a month..then we’ll get on trouble for him missing too much school. Stupid laws and their trying to take parental rights away!


did you get a meeting and in the face of the principal yet?


No, I just found this out this morning, I am going to email the teachers and verify what he said before I go off the deep end with them.


He is telling me that they copied it directly from sage and have those questions to the three kids who had opted out of sage testing but it’s the same questions. Reading the state form it says it’s illegal for them to copy before during out after testing without superintendent permission.


If they are copying the SAGE Summative or SAGE Interim test, that’s a huge violation of the testing ethics policy because no one is supposed to view those questions except the student taking the test (not even the teachers), but the SAGE Benchmark Modules are different & that’s what I think they could be using. I would double check though.


I understand that even with benchmark modules its still sage so they should be opted out of that or is that legal for them to do?


Yes, it’s still SAGE & definitely part of the opt out. They shouldn’t be using that at all if you are opted out.  I think they’re trying to justify it because they’re not having your son log in to the SAGE Portal, but they shouldn’t be giving him a written copy of anything SAGE either.


This whole thing is so frustrating!!


I think they are being brainwashed/indoctrinated as well so they think its the greatest thing ever!My fourth graders teacher believes that she was offended when I just smiled when she said how wonderful and important it is for the kids to learn the whys with math after I asked her if it mattered how they got the right answer if they used other methods.


Pretty sure Sage testing goes out next school year, at least in Utah (or maybe it’s just in Nebo district).


No, we’re actually just changing assessment providers, “all test questions used in the current statewide assessment, Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE), stay in Utah and be used in the new assessment under Questar”.


My son’s English teacher wants to do the same (Frontier Middle school) I had to put my foot down and I sent her a copy of e-mails I had to deal with it from 2015-2016 about if a kid is opt out, they can’t make any students to have any other writing assignment as a substitute sage test. She even said: ” she wants to know how far my son was with knowledge” I told her that I would be surprise if she doesn’t know yet after the 3 periods and my son had “A” in each one of those. I feel bad for teachers too because they are been pressure to do this kind a thing to their class just to prove how good are the kids doing. It’s like a couple weeks ago a teacher from CA spoke out a little bit of this and now she is on leave. I mean every year is getting harder and harder to fight for our kids, imagine those parents that are single or widow or maybe the 2 parents have to work and they don’t know what is going on schools, like the SAGE test.


And another post from said group:

Is it okay that they say if you have opted your child out of the tests, your child cannot be placed in an advanced program if they are doing really well academically, with learning?


And here are the replies to said post:



No. Against the law & State Board Rule. I will post links when I get back to my computer.


Schools, Teachers, & Students may NOT be negatively impacted by SAGE test opt outs. Links 3 & 4.

SAGE test results may NOT be used to determine student grades or grade level advancement. Links 2, 3, & 4.


we opted out on all of them and all my kids have been in advanced programs including honors and AP and concurrent enrollment.


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

“Democracy Prep Charter Schools Coming to Texas – Taking Over Elementary Public School in San Antonio ISD” — By [Name Withheld]–


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group.  It is about a bill in Maine:

SEND YOUR MESSAGE – REPEAL PBD! A NEW Proficiency Based Diploma Bill Hearing! Your voice is needed.
Due to all the feedback regarding LD 1666, The Commissioner of Education, Dr. Bob Hasson, has instructed the Department of Education to present their position at a new public hearing outlining their plan. The language has not been formalized, but it is essentially a modified version of what they have been working on. I will post the link to the language as soon as it has been drafted. In the meantime, prepare your testimonies and come to Augusta to voice your concerns about a PBD law and ask for a repeal. A show of force will have great weight with the committee. If you are unable to attend, please send an email, even if you have already sent one.
More than likely this will happen in the next week or two at most. More details will be forthcoming as to bill language, date and time.


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

Personally identifiable Information on toddlers is being stored & tracked for WORKFORCE development!
What parent would give CONSENT for this?
PARENTS have NO IDEA this is happening in SCHOOLS!
But here is the proof:


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

You think this fundamental change to education can’t happen quickly? It just took a lot of Gates $$$ and two years for North Dakota to flip. They plan to eliminate grades and push students into work-based placements for their junior and senior years of high school. ND United, the Union is all on board with this. Can anyone explain this to me? Just listen to this two-minute clip.


And another post from said group:

The CBA pilots have 15 schools now. So infuriating.


And here are some replies to said post:

What is CBA? Last I remember it was the Continental Basketball Association.


Competency Based Assessments. Illinois State Board of Education is piloting a program for high school. They want to make CBA a graduation requirement for high school. This is either going to cause lower graduation rates because students are not achieving each standard, or the bar will be lowered so much that the quality of education will drop. The massive amount of data collection, where that information goes and how it is used is also scary. There is a bill in the Illinois Senate that will allow groups like ACT and the College Board to sell and/or rent student personally identifiable information to third parties. Lots of awful right here.



Programmed learning, also known as Outcomes Based Learning was tried in the 60s and 70s and found to be completely lacking as an instructional strategy. Outcome Based Education, OBE, was rejected for the stifling and stilting malpractice that it is. CBA is not fundamentally different than those earlier versions, except now the malpractices are done with the aid of computer programs. CBA should be rejected sooner rather than later for the Sysphean chore on Groundhogs’ Day that it is.


Do you have anyone in Illinois pushing back on this? “They want to make CBA a graduation requirement for high school.” <—This and This—> There is a bill in the Illinois Senate that will allow groups like ACT and the College Board to sell and/or rent student personally identifiable information to third parties.”


In July 2016, Public Act 099-0674 was signed into law. Section 20 of the act created the Competency-Based, High School Graduation Requirements Pilot Program….. to expand in 2021.

2016 Bill During the 2018-2019 school year, school districts participating in the initial cohort shall commence initial implementation activities in accordance with their full pilot program implementation plan. (5) During the 2021-2022 school year, the State Superintendent of Education or his or her designee shall evaluate the school districts participating in the pilot program and make recommendations to ISBE and the General Assembly for elimination, modification, or expansion of the pilot program.


This was pushed thru – I dont think the reps even read it. 😡/😢


Rebuilding their HS just like Auburn😢


And yet another post from said group:

Just revisiting my timeline. Fascinating how all of these things come together. In 2002: No Child Left Behind passed; Partnership for 21st Century Skills was created; UNESCO held Summit on Open Education Resources; 21st Century Community Learning Centers expanded; Naviance was founded; and first grants to for the State Longitudinal Databases were awarded. ALL IN THE SAME YEAR


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Aren’t rewards a no no?

 rewards for being slaves
And here are some replies to said post:

Yes. Your school is blatantly breaking the law.

Why have a Testing Ethics Policy if it’s clearly not being read? Here’s what it says on page 2 (pictured below).…/bd4cdc0e-1892-4b64-bac4…

Utah law:
“(c) An LEA: (iii) may not reward a student for taking an assessment”…/Title53G/Chapter6/53G-6-S803.html…

State School Board Rule:
“(9) An LEA may not reward a student for taking a state required assessment.”

This is so wrong on every level. Rewarding students with prizes, treats, & parties for any test (not just the SAGE test) is completely unethical.
I’ve emailed the vice principal that I’ve worked with for other things.
A follow up to my sage rewards post from yesterday: The principal saw me walking in with my son this morning to check him in after an ortho appt and waited outside the attendance office so he could speak to me. He expressed his gratitude for alerting him to what was going on in the English department with the Sage rewards and said that he put the kibosh on it. I do know the principal from having lived in the same neighborhood for about 10 years now and know that he is a good man. I only emailed the vice principal because I already knew his school email address and I would have had to look up the principal’s school email address. I love the leadership at my son’s school and am grateful for their quick response and action. I did let them know that I don’t see a problem with the kids getting to watch a movie after all of the testing is done just as a way to de-stress, as long as it’s not tied to any participation or performance. 😊
 It always feels so good to remember how many great people work in the schools and really are trying to do what is right with the children and the parents. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the “us vs them” (I do this ALL the time, but I’m trying to stop) that hearing examples of the “we’re all in this together” mentality really helps me out. I’m so glad you had a good experience getting things resolved. Thank you for sharing the update.
Most of Utah’s teachers and principles are good people trying to do what they think is best for the children. I think they sometimes don’t realize how some of their choices cause more damage than harm. That is why it is so important for the state and federal governments to get out of the way and let parents and teachers to work closely together to make the most crucial decisions.
And another post from said group:

Any other school districts (we are in Granite) trying out the ridiculous 4 point grading system where there 1) are no due dates for homework 2) between 0 to 4 points for homework and homework does nothing to affect your grade 3) all your points for your grade come from “assessments” and the students can take the assessments as many times as they want to increase their grade.

When explained to parents and students, most kids will only fall in the 3 pt category… only exceptional students will fit in the 4 pt category. This equates to very few students ever being able to see an A in a class. My daughter is in 11th Grade and every student that is in a class using the 4 point grading system is struggling. One of the smartest kids we know is a gal that has had a 4.0 GPA and wants to go to medical school. Her math class is on the 4 point grading system, all homework is worth 0 and she is now getting a C because of her “assessments”. Oh… and I forgot to mention that the teachers aren’t allowed to do the grading. It goes into a completely separate computer system where “computer algorithms” figure out the students scores/grades and the district has to validate every assessment to make sure they agree with the teacher’s grade she/he gave the student. If anyone else is dealing with this, I would love to hear your experiences. I have called the Asst. Superintendent at Granite School District and she said she is hearing nothing but praise about the program, which I find hard to believe because every parent I speak to thinks it’s awful.


And here are some replies to said post:

Cali is doing this and the teachers and parents hated!


I wonder if it’s part of a Competency Based program? Did your district receive a grant?



That’s a good question. I wouldn’t doubt it since they have so many Title 1 schools. I will ask the administration. Do you know if there is a way to file a GRAMA request to find out?


I’m not sure, I’ve never done that before, sorry!


I can see why everyone hates it but I will say many college professors grade this exact way.


Colleges grade on the 4 pt system, or grades based solely on exams?


grades on exams. I did have one professor by a percentage though. If you fell in a percentage you got a point. Which sound kind of the same. For example if one student answered 100 questions right and one answered 91 they both received full points. It was not well received by the student either. Same professor failed anyone receiving anything below an 80 percent the year before. He was a peach!


wow… yup… I can see why kids didn’t like him. I’ve had professors grade only using exams to calculate a grade, but never a 4 pt system that doesn’t equate with the percentage system as we know. That’s where it goes into a funky “computer algorithm” and it figures out the grade. When I scream there is no transparency for parents, the district administration’s response it that the parents need to forget what we know about the 0 to 100% grading system because it is completely different. But they can’t explain to me how the algorithm works. It’s crap!


that is so crazily frustrating. It makes no sense to boil all students down to 4 points. I will ask my neighbor if he’s heard of this. He is president of the board of education in my county.


Part of the destruction of the family and teaching kids that their parents are idiots. Rely on the system, not on your parents.


I know a couple of my kids would do really well in school if this were the case because they hate homework but test well but a couple of them likely would not graduate. My daughter gets such anxiety when testing that she always scores much lower than her actual level.


My daughter has the same type of test anxiety as well and tests are not her strength. However, I know kids that are 4.0 students and have always tested well and they are now getting B’s and C’s in these classes.


What?! You mean different kids learn different ways and have different strengths and weaknesses? What a fringe concept. You must be one of those helicopter parents who thinks their kid is special and doesn’t fit this small, confined box we’ve stuffed them into with all of the other ‘unique’ kids. <sarcasm> — Just goes to show ya, it’s about teaching kids to conform, not to think and learn. We have got to take back our kids and their education!


Out of my 5 kids, I have 2 that would never turn in homework but would ace the tests, and 2 that would turn in homework and do ok on tests and get an A- or B and one who has complete test anxiety and never does well, including the ACT – the timing of the test made him nervous and he freaked out both times he took the test. His participation was 100% and he could verbally tell you everything you taught him, but would have so much anxiety, he would misread test questions that in reality he actually knew the answer. He graduated with a 3.2 GPA and a 22 ACT score but had a full ride music scholarship and can perform on a stage with thousands of people watching him with no problem?
Meanwhile, his test acer siblings had a 3.6 GPA and 31 ACT and a 3.8 GPA with a 28 ACT…
So yeah, this grading system would have failed my bad test taker out of high school


That’s the typical “divide and conquer” mentality from your administrator: “You’re the only parent to complain” when you know darn well that isn’t true. They’re counting on you not talking to your neighbors, not educating yourself and not demanding change. Unite and be the change!


Why bother with a teacher at all? Common Core effectively tied their hands but now the districts are basically admitting they don’t and probably never did trust their teachers to do the job they were hired for.

Why not just take it one step further. Public Schools are basically just glorified day cares. They’re not meant for education they’re meant for conformation.

IMHO it sounds like they’re doubling down on putting both students and teachers in their place.

They’re also doubling down on getting your students intellectual property any way they can. Everytime they make computer algorithms mandatory, they’re stealing a little bit more from the children.


That’s exactly right. They’re working their way toward replacing teachers with facilitators. They’ll say it’s due to a teacher shortage when, in fact, this was the goal all along.


Get a group of parents together to ask for change at every level and bring a school board member into the discussion. I know it violates state law for them to use the state mandated assessments for school grades you could begin there if they are doing that.


Homework ought to help the youth learn skills for life. That’s the purpose of getting an education. Oh and keep the Liberals out of education and focus on reading, writing, math, and sciences and social skills such as P.E. teaches.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
Oh look! Another REBRAND. Who’s really surprised?
Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:
Facebook Is Deeply Enmeshed In Education Data Mining And It’s Probably Affecting YOUR Children article by:
Director, Senior Fellow, American Principles Project
2:49 AM 03/28/2018
Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Do we have to re-opt our every year? I’m guessing yes but wondered the actual law. I’m guessing I want to opt out of all summarize (ELA/literacy/writing/math/science) and interim but is benchmark modules ok?

Also, apparently they practice for the SAGE and have been having my student do the practices. Also, they sent a contract they had her sign and encourages her to set a goal and earn a reward (from me) is she goes to bed early etc and is really ready or do good on the SAGE.

The teacher questioned her on why her mother would opt her out and that she’d never heard of such a thing. It is an administrator actually helping teach the class.


And here is a reply to said post:

Yes, every year. That’s in State Board Rule:
“(4)(a) In order to exercise the right to exempt a child from a state required assessment under this provision and insure the protections of this provision, a parent shall:

(i) fill out:
(A) the Parental Exclusion from State Assessment Form provided on Board’s website; or
(B) an LEA specific form as described in Subsection (4)(b); and

(ii) submit the form:
(A) to the principal or LEA either by email, mail, or in person; and
(B) on an annual basis and at least one day prior to beginning of the assessment.”

As to the practice tests, those are part of the opt out because they are part of the “state assessment system” that parents opt completely out of when they sign the form:…/Title53G/Chapter6/53G-6-S803.html…

It’s sad that they send home a goal & pressure parents to reward their children to do well on a statewide test. 😦


A Georgia teacher gave students an assignment of writing Georgia lawmakers to advocate for gun control:


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

So this was my 4th graders reading homework for tonight and the letter I wrote his teacher. It’s obvious that this is in preparation for the testing. He also told me they took Kat years test in class and even if their parents were opting out they still had to do the practice. On a side note I think my child would do fine with the testing I just think it’s a bunch of crap.


And here are some replies to said post:

my 5ht grader has been doing this homework for 2 months now. i also opt him out every year but if he doesn’t do the homework they make him do it in school. this is what the lesson is anyway, just reading and figuring out ways to answer these questions even though it is above there grade level.


Common core IS test prep. My son’s ELA booklet is entitled, “Testing as a genre.” Straight out of ‘Teachers’ College.’ Can’t opt out of it. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️


And here is another post from the same group:

Are the 4th and 8th grade science state exams now aligned with common core/next gen?


And here are some replies to said post:

My children attend Catholic School… I inquired with the teacher (I will note I have more trust in this teacher’s qualifications and experience than many)…”In my opinion, I think that the NYS Science State Test will be more valid than the alternative test. I know that the current NYS Science Test has been around for many years. Now for the future, I imagine that will soon be changing, due to the new science standards NYS adopted.

The 8th grade students are reviewing for the 8th grade state test, which I started a couple of weeks ago. Even if they opt out, they still need to complete all of the review as a part of their science grade. This review consists of questions from the old science state tests, which will be similar to what they will see on the actual science state test…And the test is paper-based. One day will be for the performance test (rotate through different lab stations) and one day is for a timed written test.”


Thanks! My daughter has basically been doing Earth Science all year instead of 8th grade science and it’s too difficult for her. I was wondering what the test would be aligned to.


Well, I hope it helps. My 8th grader has the Barron’s NYS 8th grade science test Third edition for review (last copyright 2011)


No. The NGSS has not been officially rolled out in science. They have not even field tested the questions yet. Best guess 20/21 could see the change at the earliest and that is being optimistic. Science test the same as it always has been and you can opt out if u choose.


Are the Next Generation standards going to be that different? I heard it’s minor changes to common core.


The science test has not been aligned to common core yet, so when they do align it next gen I gather it will be just as poorly written as the other tests.


just refuse the garbage based on data mining& using your child as a guinea pig!


Thanks, but unrelated to my post. My kids are data mined and being used as guinea pigs whether they take the tests or not.


yes, but unfortunately you can refuse the tests & its data mining. more parents need to say No especially when it isn’t ( at least up through 8th grade in NYS.) Parent need to take back their power!


In my case, I am between a rock and hard place… my school advised an alternate test will be given to kids who opt out…which in theory is great and if it is made up by teachers best case scenerio. However, just as Common Core was bait and switch to New Generation standards blah blah…so has been the alternate test …thank God my children’s teachers have been honest with me (the administration 4 principals in 10 years and no better regarding this than the Diocese -Catholic school- been there too) when I inquired further regarding alternate test for ELA last October-teacher responded telling me they were instructed to gather questions from a particular web site last year, when I recently inquired further regarding …I was told “I can say with confidence that the alternative assessment will be practically identical to the NYS exam.” (as the letter from the administration came home stating already time and length would be similar). Unfortunately, most parents in my area and particularly at the school are very complacent and I haven’t had a whole lot of back up per say to have a strong voice or even to have a voice at all. Thank God for the parent FB forums or I would have LOST my mind! I am sick of the manipulation and games it is disgusting and I started back …about 6 years ago, nothing has changed, nothing…not even parents…their priorities seem to be more social than academic in my neck of the woods. Tried to work with public school groups and because my kids attend Catholic well, I wasn’t welcomed with them either. Sigh…don’t like to be negative, as I cheer, support, and continue to live by principles and truth. At least my kids teachers have respected that…moving forward I say – God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference. I know the truth, I know the lies, I have learned alot regarding the games played which opened my mind and gut to this so called alternate test. I am navigating (still somewhat blindly as there is always something to learn- and yet eyes wide open) but I keep informed. I have to focus on navigating through the muck and get my kids through as best I can.


I understand and your situation is a bit different in being in a private catholic school. It would burn me up that you pay top $$$ to give your children that education experience (I am a product of one but thankfully before cc of course) they are receiving $$$$$from state therefore need to accept cc garbage tests…one reason why I don’t trust catholic private schools any longer . Yes, you are lucky to have relationships with teachers&staff that are honest. You speak like a well versed catholic/Christian as I am. I am a mom to five & four of them were pretty cc but our youngest is now in 7th and been refusing since he was in 3rd grade. At first they tried tooth &nail to make it seem that I had no rights…I made them try to show me proof written proof & they couldn’t because they knew they were pushing an agenda-a greedy and governmental one. The facts are that as a parent I choose what our youngest son will be given in forms of education and not the idiocracies of states&governnent. I am his first & foremost teacher and will do what’s in his best interest! I commend you for offering your children the principals you have& support they have along with courage. If things get worse I would home school because I definitely don’t agree with “the village” in most academic settings. I have one year to go with our youngest before he is required to take regents to graduate from 9th through 12th grade. I have seen the decline in education just in the 7 years our youngest has had compared to our 4th sons educational experience and it’s in the same school district. Prayers and trust in Our Dear Father & he may hear our prayers of need! Happy Easter by the way!


Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:


This truly wonderful news. CSU’s rate of students taking remedial class will drop from 40% to zero in only one year.

CSU can meet its goal of increasing its 4 year degree rate by passing all students in every class.

Taking it one step further. Eliminate all classes. Students register and pay their tuition online and after 4 years CSU sends them a degree. Not only will this increase the 4 year graduation rate to 100%, it eliminates all racial, ethnic and gender disparities. In addition, since no one has to travel to the universities, and the buildings won’t need light, heating/AC, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The perfect solution to our “higher ed” challenges.

This is the kind of creative and innovative thinking so often lacking in government. Good work Chancellor White.

PS We can use the same strategy to reduce our crime rate. Don’t arrest, charge or prosecute anyone and don’t take any police reports from pesky citizens claiming they were the victims of crime. The crime rate drops to zero, and we eliminate all racial, ethnic and gender disparities.




It looks like the Edina, MN school district has gone WAY off the racial identity deep end:


Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

As you watch the TV footage of kids walking out of school to force repeal of the 2nd amendment and to try to confiscate your guns, may I remind you that Mao used the same strategy in 1966 to force Communist rule in China – a youth movement called the Red Guard.
It’s the same way Hitler used teenagers in his “Hitler Youth” movement, which became compulsory Nazi indoctrination for boys 10-18 years of age, to force Nazi rule in Germany. The same way Castro used the Popular Socialist Youth to overtake Cuba and install Communism. What happened next? The people cheered and handed over their guns to their new friends in the RESISTANCE Government. Then they executed them.
This is not a new idea. This is straight out of the Commie playbook


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

Pinellas County, FL
Does anyone have info regarding this program. I’m a bit frustrated with my son’s middle school right now trying to push a career pathway down my son’s throat. He’s supposed to be working on this, and I’m about ready to have him refuse.


And here are some replies to said post:

You will have to revolt. The Career crap is here to stay, thanks to WIOA’s workforce mandates being woven into ESSA. The HEA is embedded, too. Nothing says our government has betrayed our kids like sacrificing academics for trained workers. Their payoff? A better place at the global economic table.


Thanks Lynne. [Lynne is the Common Core Diva) I just realized I can opt my son opt out. Refuse!!!


[Name withheld] look in FL for a birth to 3rd Interagency Council. This is where I found out that the States are pulling this type of career junk off to comply with ESSA. You can read what NC is doing, learn there are at least 19 other States doing this, and, how all the rest will follow.


uh, no! Not my 14 year old. He’s not even in high school yet. #DenyTheData 

“Career Cruising is an interactive career guidance and pathways planning tool designed for people of all ages. The tool can help students to explore different career options, manage course selections online–and plan various pathways to meet the requirements for their desired career path.”
It just dawned on me that this is why he’s so worried. He’s afraid he is going to make the wrong choice about his career. It is wrong to push “career pathways” down the throats of middle schoolers.


All of it is wrong


Yep, The mandates enforce career paths for as young as 2nd grade. By the time ESSA is fully running, it will be in PreK


The career push makes me so angry. If you asked me at 16, 18, 20, 22, and even 24 if I wanted to be a lawyer, I would have laughed at you. I hated the idea of lawyers like I saw on LA LAW. It wasn’t until I was 25 and took a class in social work and the law, as an intro to get an MSW that I did an about face and never regretted it.


Yet, they have brainwashed our kids into believe they “must” choose a career pathway. Took me 3 days to convince him just to enjoy high school. He’ll be refusing this program, and any other documents from this point further asking him questions regarding what direction he wants to go with his life. It’s none of their damn business.


Here is another post  from said group:

“Public schools are engaging students as early as elementary school to create a pipeline of future professionals.”


And yet another post from said group, an article about Big Tech data mining:


And here are some replies to said post:

Also true for IL. When I tell people that student PARCC data ends up in the IL Longitudinal Database System and that 7 agencies have access to that information, I get blank stares. How this information will be used is to be seen.


Do you know what 7 agencies have access and are they the same in all States?


The massive amounts of data collected on our kids over the past 5 years is astonishing as other bloggers have written about and warned about like Cheri Kiesecker and Alison Hawver McDowell.


the information is and will be used against our kids as they establish data profiles. LOTS of people have access to the SLDS’ in each state. Thank you for educating others on this extremely important information. People have NO IDEA or fail to understand how this WILL affect their kids.


Unlike many other students, these brave Florida students are staging a walkout in SUPPORT of the 2nd Amendment:


Here is a post from a Minnesota anti-Common Core group:

I wrote an article last week about the curriculum company, K12, Inc. and their lax terms of services which allowed universal sharing and selling of student data. I also noted which schools/districts in Minnesota use K12, Inc. Check out all the non-profits working with K12, Inc. including Bellwether, Gates Foundation, Amplify and other non-profits on both sides of the fence. Eye-opening! MACC has been going it non-partisan for 5 years. Keep an open mind…


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Sebrone Johnson is Senior Director of Innovation at the Urban League of Rochester and Senior Pastor of Greater Harvest Church. Jeff Smink is the President of Cobbs Hill Consulting. Both are members of the High Achievement New York coalition. (HANY – Remember the “fellows” teachers trained to bring common core back into their schools and they got stipends for being the “go-to” in the know teacher on campus) yea, them.


And another post from said group:

Who pays for the telemedicine consult? The school? State or federal funding (taxpayers)? Will the parents be billed for the service?

The article indicates or gives examples of telemedicine in schools is being used to diagnose and treat ADhd, autism, blood sugar issues, dental and vision screening, asthma, and pneumonia. I am sure there is more it is being used for. There is even mention of psychological issues.

Could telemedicine end up being used in schools without parental consent? Will this increase the school’s role as a health care provider? While it may be convenient for the parent, even with consent, is it possible parental responsibility will be undermined? A very fundamental question—is this the responsibility of the school?

Student medical/health records collected by schools fall outside HIPAA regulations. What about student medical/health information generated as a result of telemedicine? Since it takes place through the school will such records be considered school records and fall outside HIPAA regulations? Will such record be a part of the student’s digital record in the state longitudinal data system? Will it become part of other data bases outside the parent’s control?



And here are some replies to said post:

I bet the data does not go into the HIPPA protected health data base, but into the marginally FERPA protected ed data base.


Right. Once it’s part of the school record it’s no longer HIPPA protected and FERPA is useless


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

Education being transformed across the nation……..
“ultimately teachers are replaced by Teach For America’s young “quickly trained” hires now in our 2 large systems – OKC and Tulsa.”
[Name Withheld] 10 hrs ·
“Textbook funding was cut at the request of State Superintendent Hofmeister. The use of Technology delivered teaching has been pushed to replace textbooks and…… ultimately teachers are replaced by Teach For America’s young “quickly trained” hires now in our 2 large systems – OKC and Tulsa. Most teachers do not know that. The Legislature didn’t cut the textbook funds…… Hofmeister did. I was there when this happened.”


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

“We read about teenage killers, we acquiesce to college students by establishing free speech “Safe zones” lest feelings are bruised by politically-incorrect opinions elsewhere, we hear about high-school teachers imposing personal and political agendas in classrooms, we accept “Gun-free zones” in schools that invite invasive violence, we watch our youth — taught to abandon the tool of survival (reason) now demanding a ban on the tool of defense (guns) — march to the drumbeat of well-funded political manipulators, and we shake in our souls to recognize that kindergarten children are being drugged into docility and confused about their sexuality.

We blame police, politicians, the education system, the internet, and mass media for the violent, fragile, and/or twisted condition of too many children today. And all of these surely do contribute to the disorder we witness across the land.

But we seem never to consider the role of parents. What is their culpability in the distressed state of so many American youths? What happened to tried-and-true concepts of successful parent-led family life that consists of encouraging curiosity, instilling rational values, and teaching socialization skills to children in a secure setting called “home”?

Where is parental responsibility in establishing an environment that celebrates self-discipline and creative activities resulting in earned pride and emotional rewards that serve to ease and direct a child’s development from a dependent early life to a confident, independent, mature, and moral adult?

Especially in today’s turbulent world, children can be deleteriously influenced by teachers, social media, the internet, severe peer pressure, socially engineered TV programming, violent movies, and political correctness.

It is crucial, therefore, for parents to provide not only a steady, loving, and nurturing family life but also help their kids grow as individuals able to think independently and critically, thus acquiring the genuine self-esteem necessary to judge external input and resist group-think…”


And another post from said group:

There is a component of the globalist agenda that so many people just don’t get.
As soon as I bring it up, people dismiss it as a “social” or “religious” concern.
It’s NOT.
The question of who has authority over children is HUGE.
Whoever controls the children controls the future.
Parents are absolutely up in arms over being cut out of educational (and even medical) decisions via Common Core and ESSA, Obamacare, FERPA, HIPPA……
But when the government effectively says via “gay marriage” and “gender neutral family/parenthood” that biology is IRRELEVANT to parenthood; they are saying that there is NO NATURAL right to parent your own children.
If your right to parent your own children does not exist by nature, then WHO has authority over children?
The Government.
This is NOT a subtle side note.
It is not an incidental coincidence.
It is a powerful and fundamental DELIBERATE objective and motivation of the agenda.
The globalists are setting up their own authority over children in the name of “liberty” for LGBT by declaring that biology is irrelevant to parenthood.
It is twisted, diabolical and one of the most dangerous realities of the agenda.
And people are utterly oblivious to it.
I am going to keep posting about it until every one of my FB friends virtually smacks themselves in the head and says “I get it now!!!”
Or unfriends me.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

From the halls of public schools like Edina that love teaching Howard Zinns hateful version of US history. READY? Highlands Elementary’s new “racially conscious” elementary school principal runs a blog for the school’s community. On it, she approvingly posted pictures of Black Lives Matter propaganda and rainbow gay-pride flags—along with a picture of protesters holding a banner proclaiming “Gay Marriage Is Our Right.” On a more age-appropriate post, she recommended an A-B-C book for small children entitled A is for Activist. (Peruse the book and you find all sorts of solid-gold: “F is for Feminist,” “C is for…Creative Counter to Corporate Vultures,” and “T is for Trans.”)


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Remarkable results! No SAT scores needed. Dominoes for quality?!
You won’t find our college in the U.S. News & World Report “Best Colleges” rankings released this month. Last year Hampshire College decided not to accept SAT/ACT test scores from high school applicants seeking admission. That got us kicked off the rankings, disqualified us, per U.S. News rankings criteria. That’s OK with us.


George Washington University is holding “Christian privilege”  workshops:


Here is a post  from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My children attend an elementary school that is starting SAGE testing soon. Because I opted out of testing, I was informed by one of the teachers that the school has been instructed that only silent reading can be done by my children in lieu of testing. No other learning activities allowed. Can anyone give me a reference for this? This school is new to us this year, and our old school gave them alternative projects to work on during the ridiculously wasteful hours and days of testing.


And here are some replies to some post:

I just pick my kids up so they don’t have to deal with teachers/administers who disagree with my decision.


I’ve thought about this too. Our kids school gives them an alternate test! So annoying.


I said no alternate tests. I just request all the dates/times they do testing and pick them up. If they want to give my student an alternate test, I tell them to get “sick” and come home. No thanks.


good idea! They say it’s required and counts toward their grade but I tell my kids, I don’t care about their grade as long as they are learning. Maybe we will add some days on to our spring break 😉


I thought that was against the law the count sage testing against the grade or punish kids who don’t take it.


Following… they want my kids taking an alternative test. I don’t my kids doing this as basically I don’t trust them.


it is illegal

instead of pointing that out and having a battle with my school over it, I simply vote with my feet. My children wont attend any time they are giving the alternate test. If they schedule it for Tuesday, they’re absent. Rescheduled for Thursday, absent again. If they surprise me with it, I’ve empowered my children to call me by saying they’re “sick.” Eventually they give up. I’ve tried the route of arguing the law with them and it burned bridges.

Just check them out. Most districts violate the law and demand they take alternative tests. Also watch out for illegal incentives to those that take Sage, such as waiving taking a final exam for a good Sage score.


My kids are sent to another classroom to silent read. It’s a great way to work through a good book series.


It sounds like the silent reading is a passive-aggressive attempt at punishing instead of providing alternative learning activities.


I’m actually completely okay with that. Reading is a great educational activity. I’ve heard of so many horror stories with schools trying to push the law or break it entirely, that I would be thankful you don’t have to fight that battle. 🙂 But, if you would like your child to do something else, I would talk to the teacher again to come up with another plan.

This is what the Testing Ethics Policy advises schools to do (bottom of pg.2). There aren’t specific requirements, just examples of what they could provide as an educational activity during testing:…/bd4cdc0e-1892-4b64-bac4…


I’d rather have them read than do some stupid worksheets. Teachers can’t really manage active learning with them while they’re trying to administer a test to others.


I wouldn’t object to that if they COUNT the reading toward their required reading and used books that help them get ahead of other kids taking the test!! With a few breaks (like testers get…) for recess and snacks, and books they choose at the end. Teachers MUST ALL BE BUSY monitoring testing….


Just keep your kid home so it becomes a reward to opt out and not a punishment.



A North Carolina mother is angry about the paper her second grader brought home that talks about “white privilege”:


Here is a  post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

[Name withheld] a grassroots parent activist and education liaison for Cornerstone Action in New Hampshire, says unspecified treatment details and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data cited as justifying the curriculum decision cast doubt on the wisdom of the policy.

“Assuming that 20 percent of children are experiencing mental illness, as they suggest, my other concerns would be how they treat children in the public schools,” Banfield said. “If 20 percent are classified as having some sort of mental illness, are they treating 100 percent of the students? How are they treating the 20 percent or 100 percent of the students? What kind of mental illness are they treating? Depression? Suicidal thoughts? Behavior problems? Who is treating the students, and what credentials do they have to treat the more serious mental health problems?”

And here are some replies to said post:

By the time this ends, there will be no time left for ELA, Math, History or Science. So what are we sending them for??


And how and when have teachers been so trained? Or do the schools just hire some quack to “teach” our children, what? What is mental health? Believing there is no God? Believing your parents know nothing? Believing the state is good? Not being sure which restroom to use?


I was told by a teacher that they are not to diagnose anything, but only bring to the attention of administrators ‘signs’ of certain illnesses. Just crazy.


Everything in schools now through the curriculum, etc…. is to push us farther and farther away from the Creator, no intelligent design, no God! He has given us our identity, He created us, not the few elite globalist with the world view of desiring to govern the world!


will being a Christian be a “sign” of mental illness?


Unless someone stops the direction of public education, I have little doubt it will.


By vote, granted ignorant vote, but the vote nevertheless, 1/3 of voters were happy with this stupidity. What we need is a vaccine for stupidity. LOL


Bring it forward to gun control. Already Veterans with the diagnosis of PTSD are prohibited having guns. (legally) This “Agenda 30” is one scary thing. LORD HELP!


This is frightening! Parents need to wake up and ask some very serious questions about the qualifications of those that will be observing their children. This is leading to the deepening of the Socialist agenda in this country! Just who okd this communist plan! I would be throwing a damned freaking fit! Parents! ARE YOU WILLING TO LET YOUR CHILD BE A TEST DUMMY! Just imagine how many millions of children this concerns! These kids are going to be the soldiers of the ever invasive liberal foundation. This is going to include gun control, free thinking, rational thinking and the erosion of America and what it stands for! Why doesn’t this strike a nerve in people? It sure does me! [Name withheld], when is this supposed to start? Is this still in the stage where it can be stopped! PARENTS NEED TO REMEMBER THAT YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR CHILDS INFORMATION! MAYBE YOU ARE
NOT NOW! PARENTS ARE BEING REMOVED FROM THEIR CHILDREN’S LIVES! Parents are only going to be breeders. Sounds impossible doesn’t it? Just look around you and look at what you once thought impossible with the government! I could go on but I’m depressed now! Oops not a thing you are supposed to say!
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:
Remember, Facebook is partnered with the US Dept of Ed. What could go wrong with them having your child’s health data?
And here are some replies to said post:
FYI: This was a training at the state office about PII. I learned a lot from it. Contracts that districts and schools enter into must be looked at carefully.
Have you looked into how Race to the Top impacted data contracts because of data interoperablity? I am concerned that data contracts do not tell the full story for parents, schools or districts to make clear decisions over PII. IMS Global is working over time to make most PII interoperable through online curriculum, online assessment and student information systems:
holy smokes…I didn’t realize there was a direct connection with FB and the student data mining. 😵
 Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

The video below, which is a podcast for investors, is the answer to the question…

Can I see who is financially benefiting off the curriculum on which my child’s teacher is evaluated?

Our children are being used as guinea pigs for profit. And, their data is the new goldmine for investors.

The problem is- The research actually shows this is doing great harm to students and destroying true local control.

As Kim Gutierrez correctly stated…
“Systemic approach is the antithesis of local control.”

A Nebraska high school English class had a flyer comparing Republicans to Nazis:
 Here is a post that was shared in a New York anti-Common Core group:
I went on a bit of a tear after seeing media in my state say conservatives attacked a PTA for giving 8 year olds white privilege lessons.
Hell yes, we attacked them. I’ll do it again too.
Thread in this tweet:<break></break>This Franklin Graham post was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:I’m saddened, disappointed—and yes, shocked—to see that University of Tennessee, Knoxville is promoting a “Sex Week” for its students. This Fox News story refers to it as “Sodom & Gomorrah.” It’s even worse than the name sounds when you read the events and classes on their own website They’re actually pushing this filthy trash on young people whose parents are paying good money to send them there for a quality education. What could Chancellor Beverly Davenport be thinking? There’s nothing healthy or educational about all of this. It’s just simply promoting sin. I think parents should take steps to see this stopped—or pull their students out. Alumni and the residents of Tennessee who fund the university should make it clear that this does not have any place at their state university. I think pastors across this great state should speak out against it, and I hope Governor Bill Haslam will step in and make sure the group responsible is no longer allowed to do their damage at UT. Email your concerns to the university chancellor’s office at Let me know what you think in the comments below.<break></break>Here is a post from Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall:Can I See WHO is financially benefiting from the curriculum products on which my children’s teachers are evaluated? When a school district does not pay for a product- That means the children are the product.

The Gates and Zuckerberg Education Superhighway is well on it’s way to being completed. As heard in this short video.
Parents want the CHOICE to have a teacher, not a computer teaching reading, writing, math, and history in their children’s classroom.What we know is that Microsoft and Google are working closely with the OECD. Which should give us all major heartburn.* Google and Microsoft are Unesco Partners with deals to promote
Unesco’s values through a World Curriculum.* The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) a World Policy Organization. The OECD runs an Assessment system to support Unesco’s Sustainable Development goals.The OECD reshaped assessments so they run in the background of online curriculum. The OECD assessments are assessing behaviors more than academics.OECD quotes – “The skills, attitudes, and values that shape human behavior should be rethought to counter the discriminatory behaviors picked up at school and in the family.”“All young people should be able to challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, to reflect on the causes and solutions of racial, religious and hate violence and to help create tolerant integrated societies.”The OECD’s assessment director, Andreas Schleicher, a German worked with the Obama Administration to reshape the US K-12 online assessment system.Andreas Schleicher worked in a study group with the National Conference Committee of State Legislators.

<break></break>Here is a post shared by the Truth in American Education page:”Now we are also learning that even financial publications are warning about the cancerous spread of social emotional learning (SEL) assessment and profiling on a global scale. The eight-hundred-pound gorilla in this process is the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the developer of the PISA international comparison test.”<break></break>

And here is another Alice Linahan post:

Please – Please listen and hear what this amazingly articulate young lady is saying. This is reality for our children today.
This is the reality of online virtual personalized learning.

<The video, which was up originally, somehow has been removed.  Sorry about that.>


And here are some replies to said post:

Excellent! This young lady gets it! Authentic learning is about more than just being on and responding to a screen. Too bad some of the elites don’t get it!


For the life of me, I cannot figure out how districts think this false “personalized” learning is the. way. to. GO. (…well, aside from the $$$ that must be the key???)
Instead of mobilizing to implement the TEA (or whatever your State education agency is) agenda, districts should be informing PARENTS of the travesty so that PARENTS can fight this false 21st Century Ready garbage.


Because it is all about the money. And we don’t have districts making choices or States for that matter. We have Federal education and Federal mandated UN agenda. As long as we still have the department of education dictating what we do, we will never be free from this madness. The saddest part is that its being perpetrated on our children. The future of our nation is crumbling and we’re allowing our children to be guinea pigs for a price


And Dan Patrick helped mobilize all of this here in Texas. We have snakes who’ve had a big part in this mess who just keep climbing up the political ladder.


Yep all about the money. One of our employees brother is a teacher. For the last 20 or so years??? He is taking early retirement. Says he cannot take it anymore. He told us they are not allowed to give any student a zero and are forbidden to fail a student. And they spend the whole semester teaching to the star test. If they veer off course, they are fired. All about the federal funds. Truly, the only option is to home school and even that is in danger of being taken away.


And sadly all of the veteran teachers that are leaving were probably the only hope our school system had left. When they are gone we are left eith nothing but left leaning liberal whackos


The deeper we get into the technology age, the more our kids are taught like robots, something out of a hitman movie, barcode stamps on the backs of bald heads, all in the same old star trek slick rayon uniforms, and so on….Abbott, Patrick, Bettencourt/Harris Co. Senator, have already wrung the fun out of public schools, stiffened State testing beyond any thing reasonable to pad their donor pockets with business, and cut State funding to less then 35% while collecting more taxes than ever before….they need to be voted out…all this crony trash do not deserve to train wreck Texas once again.


You’re right but looks like the same thing with a different face just runs right in behind em


And yet another post from Alice Linahan:

Parents and Teachers, it is time to wake up!! Please listen and learn why the state is collecting data on our children. By Dr. Peg Luksik.


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

Micro-credentialing. Gah!
The following states currently provide credit for micro-credentials on the BloomBoard site, though requirements may vary by district:

New York
North Carolina


Here is a post from an Illinois anti-big government group:

Attention Illinois parents!!! Two bills were introduced into the Illinois state legislature. Senate Bill 3249 (Senator Heather Steans) and House Bill 5596 (Representative Anna Moeller) are “sister bills” that would require history to be taught to all Illinois public school children (K-12th grade) that honors and celebrates the contributions of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in American history. If these bills become law, Illinois would become the second state, after California, to require all public school children, to focus on the contributions of the LGBT community in their studies of American history.

SB3249 (Sen. Heather A. Steans) will be heard by the Education Members on Apr 10, 2018 1:30PM.

As for HB5596 (Rep. Anna Moeller) it would be assigned to the ‘Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies Committee’, but has not been placed on the schedule as of now.

A great way to send your message would be by filling out a witness slip and OPPOSING each bill. We would need at LEAST 1,000 sigantures by Tuesday!!!! Please forward this message to family and friends and let’s send a clear message this is NOT acceptable for our children.


Link to the House bill:


Witness Slip Tips:

*Under Firm/Business and under Title: “SELF”
*Under Persons or groups, represented: “concerned parent” or “SELF”
*Select “OPPONENT”
*Select “Record of Appearance Only”



Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

This literally makes me want to vomit.

sage torture


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group:

A Maine classroom. Chasing learning”targets” on their own to earn circles and sparkles. This makes me so sad.


And here is another post from said group:

Great, move away from testing, but in favor of SEL. Why do people think equal opportunity is the same as equal outcome?? Why not encourage personal responsibility for your outcome in life while offering tools for those who need them and CHOOSE to use them instead of mandating for all? Sounds like the “state” owns the children.


And here are some replies to said post:

Right. I’m an Ohio teacher, and this is just the next step in the plan to actually test students every minute of the school day, by doing their schoolwork on devices which collect each keystroke. Their education will be “personalized” in the sense thatthey won’t be permitted to learn the next lesson until they have “mastered the standards” for each step along the way. The legislature has mandated Standards Based Grading that is overwhelming teachers by insisting we grade our students on a 1-4 scale, using “standards clusters”. Which standards? CCSS that was renamed Ohio standards or some such nonsense. This is entirely the reason CCSS was created, to turn education into measurable data tags. Teachers have been told “don’t grade the behaviors, that will come later.” So Social and Emotional “learning” will be next. Humans will be doing that at first, too, until an algorithm and a device students wear can take over determining the amount of “grit” students possess as they make their way through the computerized maze of their K-12 education. Unfortunately, parents and most teachers see the shift away from testing to be a good sign. It isn’t.


Our school (parochial) announced standards based grading maybe 3-4 years ago. They even had a roll out plan. Then it never happened and there was no communication about it. So I thought maybe we had escaped it 😕


Thank you for getting it

I fought our district on standards based report cards and grading. Managed to get it all put on hold for 2 years but this year they rolled out the “new” reporting system as you describe above. Firstly 1-4 is the same as an D – A grade. Teachers have told students that they will never get a “4” so right off the bat kids are being pushed down.

What’s even more alarming is how those standards are being graded. I was told that each standard is broken down into sub standards. Quizzes with 2 to 4 questions are given at the end of each unit. Students have to score 90% or higher to have “met the standard”. So if a kid gets 1 question out of 4 wrong, they have not passed. It is setting kids up for failure. In IL, ISBE’s plan for ESSA requires schools to have a 92% grade promotion rate to be a Tier 2 school. Kids are going to be mushed along but left behind.

And you are right about the SEL crap. Kids are not allowed to be kids anymore. They are not allowed to play and learn social skills in school anymore. It is all drone education to make obedient worker bees. It is frightening.

Thank you for speaking out. As a parent, I appreciate teachers that question the reforms with boldness and as a reform opponent, it makes me sad there aren’t more of you.
And that “seeking feedback” is a load of crap. They asked us for feedback about the ESSA and didn’t pay any attention to anyone who opposed it, and there were many. They roll out a “listening tour,” heavily scripted and they hand out questionnaires that are heavily biased, then go ahead and do what they planned from the start.
 Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

The reason why it is so hard for adults to see what took place with their indoctrination as children is because they often lose sense of what was being done to them with age. They cannot pinpoint their childhood wills and wishes after years of constant push-back from those in the school environment. Those passions were shamed out of mind.

If you take the time to examine the history, and think through what took place in the classroom, you will be able to piece together how so many adults grow up thinking they were happy to comply with teacher demands, when they were really being subversively pushed into submission through cornering, manipulation, and subtle threats.


how to be a slave at school
A University of Washington professor was put on probation for being accused by a gay Chinese student of being racist and homophobic.   Incidentally, she has been harassed  before by the school for a 2015 lesson where she mentioned God, in response to a student question, and got complained about by a Muslim student who felt “offended”:
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core page:

Anonymous Parent NY, 23 minutes ago:

“I am so upset with this school system Syracuse city School District I have a daughter in the 8th grade and I owed her out [opted her out] of the nys exam so this morning I get a phone call by her principle that she couldn’t opt out that it wasn’t up to me she had to do the test cause he had 500 Other kids doing it which is by far not true. I said she’s opted out put her in a room give her some work to do an shell be fine. About an hour later she was brought home by support staff saying she was suspended 5 days with no suspension letter it is sad how they try to punish these kids for not taking this test but my fight has just begun I’m gonna continue to advocate for my kids cause the school district won’t. — shared her first post.”

Advice to get a lawyer, and similar responses include:

“Sorry that you/your child have to go through this… it seems that schools are backsliding this year – likely due to pressure from NYSED. This is how it was at first and then things seemed to get a little better until this year. apparently, schools and NYSED need to be reminded again whose children these are! The negative reports to the media really seemed to help in the past, So I really hope that you will do that – along with keeping us updated here.”


And another post from said post:

Anonymous NY Teacher:

“Anonymous feedback from third grade ELA today:

There were four passages. The second passage was clearly the field passage. We know because the second passage was different on every test form. The first and fourth passages were difficult but they were nothing compare to the third passage. Here is a list of words and names that were on the passage: 
It was insane! The proctors who were reading aloud to children with test mods didn’t even know how to pronounce the names. I’m all for multiculturalism. Please don’t misinterpret. But those names are impossible to pronounce! The test required tons of flipping from paragraph to paragraph again too. There were two different questions that asked something like this: Which of the following details did you, as the reader, know before the character?
These kids are 8. They did NOT know before the character!”


And another post:

Anonymous Parent NY:

“So this escalated quickly. My 3rd grader came home today and told me his opt out “punishment” was to complete 5 math worksheets, one hour of I-ready and then he could read. I’m pissed at Central Valley! I’ve already emailed the principal and have decided to keep my son home for 2-3 hours every morning during the state tests.”


And another one:

Genesee Wyoming NY school district:

parent upset image


And yet another post:

Parent NY, NY:

“Anyone in catholic school on here refuse the tests??? I do, ever year. I am fuming because idiot XXXX sent out a notice about keeping your kids home during testing. I sent them anyway because I have a JOB. I Pay 800/ month for tuition and they expect me to keep my kids home 6 days. I sent them today ans they were FORCED to sit in total silence for
4 hours doing absolutely nothing but read a book. They could not have a pen or drink of water or get up off of the floor. Year after year they were able to go to younger grades and help out, or were given tasks to do.”


Anonymous Parent National forum state unknown:

“Hey, I need some advice. I sent in an opt out letter for both of my children a while ago and the teachers and principal is aware of it. I just received a phone call today from the school saying it was about my opting out the children and to come in today to fill out extra paperwork. I’m kinda confused because they didn’t do this any other year, now they r asking me to come in for extra paperwork. They have never done this before. I’m not sure what to do. Could there be extra paperwork? Is this new?”


And another post:

Anonymous Parent NY:

“My son in 5th grade came home today and informed me his reading teacher told him that he has to take the test even though i wrote him an opt out letter that hadnt yet been submitted to administration,(my son gave the letter to his teacher who was supposed to take it to the office) because they need smart kids like him to take the test so the 5th grade could come in the top tier. I was fuming and called the school and politely cussed them out. How dare they undermind my authority.”


And yet another post detailing abuse of students in New York:

Anonymous Parent NY:

“Ok need some help here, I opted my daughter out of testing letter mailed 3/23/18. Today was first day of testing administration says they never received letter. My daughter called me.

I emailed letter right over to teacher and principal. They made her take the test or she would be in trouble because I “didn’t send letter”, assistant principal called me and said my daughter took the test because they didn’t receive the letter till afterwards. Livid!

Now they say she has to take the 2nd part of the test tomorrow because she started it otherwise it will affect her grade. I didn’t think these tests had to do with grading.

Note: she’s in 6th grade and has refused every year.”


And yet another post:

Anonymous Parent Georgia:

“I have yet to hear anything from my emailed refusal. Trying to figure out why XXXX XXXX is sending responses… he’s the “director of school improvement”. Hmmm… I’m not happy with the sit and stare option. They offered that last year. I told them that wasn’t an option for my kids.

Superintendent said I’d have to keep them home [unexcused absents] in order to avoid testing. I did, for 10 days [testing days and makeup testing days] last year.

This year I’m exercising my children’s rights to FAPE if they try that again. But again, I haven’t received any response at all at this point. Stay tuned!”


Yet another post:

Anonymous Parent Georgia:

“This is from Jackson Co.
Thank you for sending the opt out letter. I have attached the county letter that relates to parents requesting their child to not be tested. In this situation, this is what we have done to honor a parent’s request and our legal responsibility to the state of Georgia:

1. XXXX will be in a testing room and given a test ticket. All he would need to do is sign the test ticket. This fulfills our obligation that he was given the opportunity to take the test..
2. Once the test starts XXXX can work quietly at his desk (read a book) until all testing has been completed. At that point all students resume their day.
3. We will inform his testing teacher that he has an opt out letter and will work quietly during testing time.

Parental Opt-out Guidance – Revised March 2018….

Please contact me with any other questions, or feel free to contact XXXXX at Central Office.
Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.”

(Parent has been advised by other parents and educators to NOT allow her child to sign the ‘test ticket’ or it will be scored a one. Failure.)


Yet anther post:

Anonymous NY parent:

“So, my 2 middle schoolers just informed me that their school is telling them they need 100% for the state tests this week. Also, if they take the state tests and have good class grades, they won’t have to take their classes final testing.
If you still choose to opt out, you have to take a graded test in the cafeteria, that will be super hard bc it’s on whatever they want to test you on.

Anyone else??

I have girls, so I do take this info with a grain of salt and a dramatic flair…. but I kinda feel they bullied the kids with this graded test scare tactic.”


And yet another post:

Across social media today, parents are sharing how schools principals are responding to opt out letters:

“My sons principal is calling me about this [opt out letter] today. He is wanting my son to do an alternative school administered test…”


And yet another post:

Anonymous NY Parent 5th grade:

“My daughter told me today that since they she is not taking the state test that they have to take a test for a grade at school is that legal or able to be done? Teacher said If she takes the state test she can participate in the after the test ice cream and pizza party on Friday, if not she will have to take this other test for a grade and will not get treats with her classmates.”


Here is another post:

Anonymous NY Parent:

“So we refused a while ago, and my daughter was happy. However, yesterday my daughter was told by her TEACHERS that she should take them because it was better practice for her regents. Now she wants to take them and is afraid not to. (She is a straight A student in 5th grade who is hyper vigilant about her grades). What do I do now?!”


Yet another post:

Anonymous Parent Oneida, NY:

“My 10 year old texts me from school saying that the state testing started today. I had no idea. No note sent home. I called the principal and asked her what I needed to do to opt him out and asked if they sent a note home. She said no note was sent. She asked me why I wanted to opted him out. I told her I have done research and for personal reasons, I did not want him taking it . She then said “ I am very disappointed in you”

Why do I feel like she is my parent. Lol
I faxed a notarized letter to the school and he is now set.

Just wondering if not sending a note home is proper practice?”


And yet another post:

Anonymous Parent:

“Nice piece of mail received today…sorry, still not happening.

* Please note* Sharing so everyone (especially our newest members) knows that even the refusing ‘veteran (me)’ gets a little required push back.

When you KNOW that what you’re doing is right and legal, then there is no need to fear the veiled threats they push.

I’ll send in an updated letter on Monday. No worries!”

pesky letter.jpg


And yet another post:

Anonymous Parent Georgia:

Shame sign for students.
I think it’s totally ridiculous and crazy that the entire school shuts down for these tests. We got an email today that says that “volunteers and visitors will not be allowed in the building during testing days”. SERIOUSLY?? So if I show up to see MY kid you aren’t going to allow me into the building?!? So ridiculous. And all the schedules are completely different. They will eat lunch at a different time, do specials at a different time. And this is Kindergarten! Plus they will be doing ONLY PE as a special for 2 weeks during all the testing!! 🙄🙄🙄


And another post:


From Lisa Tinsley: April 2, 2018 5th graders started their first day of MCAS testing in the Dudley-Charlton schools. We had sent in our opt out letters & spoken on several occasions to the principal at Charlton Middle School. Because of the lies he had been telling parents, children & his staff, I had also engaged in conversations with the superintendent of the Dudley-Charlton regional school district. I was assured that he would speak to this principal & that there would be no consequences to children who opted out. My 5th grader returns home from school to tell me that the children who opted out were made to sit in front of a testing computer facing a wall, log on & told to sit in silence. My daughter knew not to open that computer so she was the only one to not log on. She also asked if she could read her book only to be scolded by the teacher & told no reading that’s what the principal said. An hour later the principal returns to the class & tells the teacher they may now read. How is this allowed to happen? My phone starts ringing as the other mothers call to tell me the same story.
How is this not child abuse? How is this good for children’s mental health? Not only do these children not trust their principal, they now no longer trust their homeroom teachers. This is not okay! This has to stop!


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Delete if not allowed….wanted opinions on this questionaire that the 8th graders in CSMS got as a social studies assignment.

racial survey

And here are some replies to said post:

It may be a questionnaire designed to let school system see how children of each race see the world, however it is very drastically making them aware of differences and is designed to increase paranoia. (intentionally or not). Instead they should be taught that we are all humans and that there is no one race that isn’t a mixture of other races. It is all about respect for fellow man. As MLK taught “it is the content of ones character that counts”. I personally think the questionnaire should be thrown in the trash.


I read this as awareness. On the flip side, I was trying to educate someone the other day that by them parking in the loading zone next to the handicapped parking stall they had created an issue for the person trying to exit their vehicle with a wheelchair. The other person tried turning it racist calling me white chick and attacking me verbally. Racism is real in every nationality. If a female gets a good job or promotion it’s “who did she sleep with?” Personally, I’d read the answers of my child and see what I could do to help them.


Yes but you yourself have the character and knowledge to do that. Sadly there are too many that already have a chip on their shoulder and no knowledge or only what the media and Libs drum in their heads that can’t see the questionnaire as an inclusive thing. Only that it makes them more aware of rascism. Which is a false premise.
I flat refuse to let me child take these type of questionnaires unless the school informs me 1st as to the purpose of them. The last one was so invasive, I called her school and the principal said, “I really didn’t read it”…. (that was at a charter school) SO, there will NOT be anymore surveys or questionnaires answered without my prior approval.
This sort of activity (more specifically the discussion after) is intended to show those in the ethnic majority that while they/we have the privilege of ignoring the impact of ethnicity/”race” that people who are ethnic minorities really don’t have that privilege. Their skin color, accent, manner of dress, culture, etc., impact their regular lives. They wish it wouldn’t any more than anyone else’s, but it’s a daily reality that they have to face. I think it’s important for everyone to be aware that while one day the goal is to treat people with different skin tones the same way we treat people with different hair colors, that day has not yet arrived.
This sort of activity (more specifically the discussion after) is intended to show those in the ethnic majority that while they/we have the privilege of ignoring the impact of ethnicity/”race” that people who are ethnic minorities really don’t have that privilege. Their skin color, accent, manner of dress, culture, etc., impact their regular lives. They wish it wouldn’t any more than anyone else’s, but it’s a daily reality that they have to face. I think it’s important for everyone to be aware that while one day the goal is to treat people with different skin tones the same way we treat people with different hair colors, that day has not yet arrived.
There is but one race. The human race. Teach that and ignore skin pigment. To do otherwise is divisive
And another post from said group:

Incline Middle School 7th Grade English language arts lesson – Gender and Clothing. What do you think?

And another post from this group:
From a WCSD teacher who needs her job:
“I am so tired of this common core and SBAC that I want to go into a different carrier. At the same time it makes me sad because I do love education. I believe I am a great teacher and all this common core and SBAC focus takes away from what I can really do to help kids.”
And here are some replies to said post:
The same teacher also wrote: “My concern is the students success in life. I know what my kids need. Some are so low they need for me to slow down and teach them lower grade skills and some are ready to move on and need for me to challenge them. All this is very hard when they want me to only use the curriculum given to me and work at the pace they designed for me. The great majority of the focus for what I have to teach is just test preparation. And you have no idea how much stress they put on teachers.”
Exactly, it’s just too bad there are not enough brave teachers to speak the truth without fear of losing their job. Unfortunately, when parents speak up then we are the problem so they say.
Yes, only teachers can fix the crap now claimed as chocolate cake. Their rise and demand for change would have significant parental support. Serving the beast does not serve their kids.
I know teachers in other districts who are getting ready to retire because they do not enjoy teaching anymore. Some others have told me that they cry over trying to teach using Common Core. WE NEED A GOVERNOR WHO WILL SUPPORT GETTING RID OF COMMON CORE (AND A DEPT OF EDUC WHO SUPPORT THAT ACTION).

We lost two of our best teachers at Incline Elementary shortly after Common Core (CC) was adopted. I’m told both left (retired early) largly because of CC.

 [Name withheld] I realize you are on the NV Board of Education, but in my humble opinion the NV Dept. of Educ. is the problem!
Won’t change until we have a governor willing to give us a Superintendent who will support getting rid of Common Core. The Superintendent follows the Gov, the dept follows the Super.
Sums up the problem with education in Nevada, i.e. what’s keeping us at the bottom, in two sentences.
This is just one of the many reasons I’m retiring early after this year.
My boyfriend wants to find a charter school or try to talk to his mom about schools for our daughter that aren’t common core based.
My understanding is all state (free) charter schools use Common Core.
Yup. Need a private school. 
Do you teach in WCSD? Thanks
Lyon County
I’ve sent emails to your school board members over the last five or six years. I don’t think any of them have ever responded.
I am not surprised. If they don’t respond to inquiries, they don’t have to claim responsibility. It’s always someone else’s problem.
Remember the three monkeys; hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil? Sometimes it seems like many of the leaders in our state are like those three monkeys.
Students know lots about social justice, sexual orientation, and things of that nature, but many don’t know what the Holocaust was:
 Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:
My daughter is opted out of all Sage testing including benchmarks. Yesterday her math teacher attempted to administer the math benchmark test. My daughter told her she is opted out. The teacher told her not to worry, that it didn’t count towards her grade then asked my daughter if she was okay with taking the test. My daughter, not knowing what to say, ended up taking the test. I’ll be calling the school today to complain. To whom do I report this? This was not my daughter’s decision to make.
And here is another post from said group:
Im filling out the SAGE opt out form but I’m not sure about some of the options. I obviously will opt out of the tests that report to the state, but the other science, math, english Sage tests specifically say that they are done periodically throughout the year and aren’t reported to the state. Are they all part of the same program? If Iopt out of the assessments taken periodically, how am I going to know how my kid is doing in school?
And here are some replies to said post:

IMO, those tests will never tell you how your child is doing in school. I personally take issue not only with the reporting and data mining but also the HOURS of time my child is exposed to long, unnecessary testing that does not benefit him educationally. Between my 5th and 4th graders alone this week, their peers have SAGE tested for 16 hours on just a portion of it all! I can’t believe more parents aren’t outraged by this.

I agree with [name withheld[, the SAGE tests have never been validated to prove a child knows anything. The intent of the test isn’t to test children at all, it’s to gather data on them. American Institutes of Research (the creator of SAGE) is a behavioral research company. I would (and have) opt out of ALL the SAGE tests. The majority of teachers, and even administrators have admitted the test results are irrelevant, but it’s required that they give it to kids. Opt out of all of it.
The formative tests collect as much or more data than the summative ones. I spoke to the VP of AIR and he verified they track everything even if they don’t return that data to the state. AIR is a primary partner with federal education research.
We let them take out kids privacy, we pay them to do it. Twisted.
I would opt out of all if it were me. It isn’t just about reporting to the state. You don’t need this kind of testing to know how your child is doing. A good teacher knows and regular tests as they have at end of chapters is the most they should need for that. The Iowa tests like we used to do are the only ones I would support but public schools are not likely using those any more, now that they have adopted common core. High stakes testing is bad! Sage is one of those, in all forms.
I found this post in a the comments section of an online article of the story about the Christian University of Wisconsin professor:
Bullying is being taught in liberal schools, in this case, students are being taught that they can bully and intimidate an instructor. Schools no longer are institutions of independent thought. In a case where an instructor bullied a student, one of my sons was flunked by Grays Harbor College tenured professor Gary Murrell because my son dared defend the use of the Hiroshima atomic bomb to end the war. The college refused to reverse the decision despite written proof (from the computer servers) that Murrell had deleted 13 online submission assignment then claimed my son hadn’t turned them in. Murrell had run in 2008 on the Green Party ticket for the 6th Congressional District, and was (or still is) president of the local teachers’ union. Even the local paper and radio stations refused to publish the expose because they feared political retribution (their words).
 Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

PARENTS and TEACHERS- Do you know what the 21st Century College Board’s SAT is really testing? And what College and Career Readiness is really all about?

“The SAT teaches children a narrow range of test taking skills, not ones that will prepare them for selective colleges, entrepreneurship or active citizenship. The SAT teaches kids to view reading as a meaningless assignment rather than a source of ideas or inspiration.”

 Here is another post from the anti-Common Core testing page:

Anonymous Washington State teacher:

“From a friend who cannot post on his own page.

6th grade:

So frustrated with these damn tests. So I’m letting you know this because I would surely be fired if I started writing this all over Facebook. I have a college level reader in my class. He scored the highest possible score on the Star assessment back in January and he did it in 14 minutes!!!!! He was in tears on Thursday because he said one of the questions didn’t make sense and he didn’t know how to answer.

I don’t read the tests because it bothers me emotionally, so I didn’t really know what he was referring to. I told him to go on and come back to it. He did.

Another teacher who had to read the test to one of my students told me there were unclear sentences throughout, words she did not know like obeisance (which interestingly my students knew because we just finished reading The Raven), and a question that did not make sense.

She said the phrase they were referring to was about the character riding through the sea and his clothes didn’t get wet. They question asked what tone that phrase gave to the story. She said she had no idea! I’m sure this was what my poor guy was talking about when he didn’t know how to answer it.

Also, in the first day of testing product placement was in the very first story. Target. And there were so many questions with what the state likes to call “distractors”, answer that seem plausible, but are not.

Oh, and my 12 grade level reader took 2 1/2 hours to finish the second test and she was the last one to finish the first test. This is a sixth grade exam.”


And another post from said page:

Anonymous Parent Georgia:

“After reading Admins post I would like to share my experience this year AFTER we opted / refused testing last year due to my son having a full blown anxiety attack at school during testing last year. (Please keep in mind my son was a A/ B honor roll student).

My 11 year old son is currently in the 6th grade; due to him opting out / refusing testing last year it resulted in him taking 2 math classes and 2 reading / language arts classes all year. They STILL used the unfinished test scores to determine his scheduled classes.

He was unable to receive any elective class all year and they finally gave him a health class.
Due to not having a creative outlet after his 3rd block my son will be failing the sixth grade due to his constant F’s after 3rd block.
My son is a tactile and kinesthetic learner (hands-on) and not having an outlet such as computer, physical education, and the many other electives our school provides he has suffered this year.

I don’t know if this is normal practice or if there was something I was missing / uneducated about.
I need help so it doesn’t happen again next year.
I honestly at times feel like giving up and start thinking about just homeschooling him, but he loves the social interaction with other kids.
My son is an amazingly smart kid, these tests make him feel that he is not! And the stress of it all is too much for kids this young!”


Here is a post from the anti-competency based education group, though it was from back in September 2017:

My 5yr old niece is starting kindergarten next week. At the open house, the principal said that the entire school (district too I believe) is going to be collecting behavioral data on all elementary students. He also said the school wasn’t allowed to keep the data more than a year. (Yeah but what about the company?)

Anyone familiar with this system?


And here are some replies to said post:

ASK if a parent can opt out


I wouldn’t ask. I would present a formal opt out letter. Because the teacher is the one who is recording the information, I don’t know how you would verify that your niece wasn’t being reviewed.


Agree that parent should / could give teacher an opt out letter…. but I am wondering if this school or district is using this SIS for *all* records (similar to PowerSchool or Infinite Campus). If they use this SIS for all ed records (enrollment, attendance, grades …and Behavior) I wonder if parents can opt out of ALL or Part of the SIS. Previously, parents have tried to opt out of PowerSchool or InfiniteCampus and been denied. I am curious how this will work in Michigan.


good info. I did notice the kids are already enrolled in the program using their student IDs and names. The manual said attendance info was part of it. Do you have any articles I could share with my sister?


Where’s the data going after a year? You know it used to be that they would only collect such data if the student was acting out or having problems. The teacher would observe to figure out if the student required special ed. Call me old fashion but what the hell do they need to waste time and money on this?


This is new to me. thanks for posting. At the bottom of the page it says,

“Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative (MIBLSI) is an Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Grant Funded Initiative through the Michigan Department of Education, Office of Special Education.”

So it looks like this district could be part of the pilot program for testing and further implementation state-wide.

I am in Michigan by the way, and try to stay up on all that is happening in education here.

What district?


Yes they are a PBIS test district


Shoreline SD, WA

I am guessing that this is part of the MTSS system that is being implemented as part of Michigan’s top ten in Ten strategic goals. Not at all good and totally motivated by federal funding.


Here is the same MTSS system being implemented in Washington State.


Who will check that they do what they say? Why do they need this information anyway? If they don’t get parental permission to do this, it’s illegal. Trained psychologists would lose their license if they did the same thing without parental consent. It’s time to stand up and say, “No way! Not on my watch!” This is insanity, get back to teaching academics.


Parents sign tech forms when they register for school. This is part of a pilot study to bring the whole thing to all schools.


Absolutely, many parents are too quick to comply


There was also an issue in my former district that the district, acting as the agent, was having “teachers” in the RELAY-esque programs (MATCH, actually) come in and they would test the children to measure the efficacy of the “teacher.” The presentation was that the “teacher” was the research subject and the kids were “just providing data.” The district as the agent was exposed when we asked about the MATCH teachers and children being tested. They were very, very nice in saying that of course parents could opt their child out of this (which was strange because they were not nice about opting children out of anything else). The trouble was, it wasn’t as if the program was announced. They presented that it was s teaching thing, so parents were not notified of informed. So, if the parents somehow knew it was going on, they could opt out. But otherwise, it was a default opt in.


I’m still wondering when a district full of parents is going to come together to file a class-action lawsuit against the district. I have been waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I don’t understand why it hasn’t happened over all of the data collection and sharing. Among other things.


Fear of retaliation, in a nutshell. When I was co-chair of our school board, I heard that from parents all the time-but only behind the scenes. Trust me, there really has been retaliation. I had to pull my kid out and he goes to a private montessori with no CC, Tech, data collection or testing. He’s improved so much, but I wholly wish that we never had to do it. That’s why I’m fighting for public schools now. Because everyone deserves a great public school.


I feel like most parents where I am don’t want to even engage in discussion. I keep trying.


We had the same thing happen. I felt awful as a former public school teacher putting our son in private school, but we had to. It was a achievement at all costs environment.


strength in numbers. Nothings going to happen if 300 parents come together to file a class-action suit


I couldn’t even get ONE person to stand up to the principal with me. I got thrown to the wolves. Frankly, I lost tons of friends over it too.


I was talking with a friend who home schools about this yesterday. She said people feel threatened when someone wants to do things differently. I really found that to be true. It’s easy to say, “Ami is crazy. She thinks data is shared with lots of companies and kids are suffering. Look how happy our kids are. They like school. She’s just looking for something to argue about.”


yep! I tried to speak to my Democratic LD and they actually told me I was wearing a tin foil hat and I was a technophobe!


Boy do I hear you! My cousin is an elementary principal in another state and told me we had no right to opt him out if we chose public education. 😳 I was floored. I said my own district was like The Emperor’s New Clothes… Most of us knew what was going on was wrong and hurting kids and educators, but nobody would stand up and say it. It’s infuriating. I taught kindergarten and the testing we did was criminal. My kids had to learn to bubble… multiple choice tests every three weeks, plus many many more inappropriate assessments.


I think it’s also designed to confuse. It intimidates parents. Education doesn’t need to be so confusing with the fancy charts etc.


How would a public school district retaliate against or intimidate a parent? Parents just say “no” to things all the time here in BPS.


oh we had a doozy of a principal. She actually told me that I could not allow parents to meet after school (I was the school board co Chair) AND she demanded an apology from every parent who questioned the math curriculum and the way the teacher was teaching it. And frankly, IMHO east coast people are way better at being direct. Out here in Seattle most people are fairly passive aggressive.


I can’t believe they are using DIBELS. So much has been written about it.


I know, plus other data. It’s scary!
All data in every state is stored in a SLDS database. Every state has one, all identical and all can link to the Fed Dept of Labor on request. The “stays in district” is a lie.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

TESTING WOES ROUNDUP: “The state’s efforts to cut testing days and give students unlimited assessment time was meant to appease testing critics, but now some parents and teachers are worried there’s a catch: young students spending multiple hours at a time taking the tests.

The state’s English tests, which were supposed to take on average 60 to 90 minutes to complete, took some students three to six hours to finish, according to teachers who spoke to Chalkbeat and numerous reports on social media.” — Chalkbeat’s Monica Disare.

— “New York Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia is calling the computer issue with state assessments that affected more than 260 districts Wednesday ‘unacceptable’ and ‘inexcusable.’ Elia, in a joint written statement made with Regents Chancellor Betty A. Rosa, blamed the problem on the state’s vendor, Questar Assessment.

They said the company’s ‘administration of the grades three through eight English Language Arts computer-based assessments experienced an unacceptable failure.’This is the second year students could take the assessments on computers, and eventually the state wants all students to take the tests on computers.

‘While more than 135,000 testing sessions were completed through yesterday, the difficulties schools have faced in administering the computer-based assessments are inexcusable,’ Elia and Rosa said in the statement.

‘We will accept nothing short of seamless implementation for our students and schools testing on computers.'” — Buffalo News’ Barbara O’Brien.



Anti-Trump history textbooks that call him mentally ill and his supporters “racists”?   Is this the USA or the USSR/Nazi Germany?!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

A parent at Lincoln Middle School in the Syracuse City School District says her daughter was suspended for three days because she refused to take the state English assessment test on Wednesday.

Syracuse district officials dispute that, however, saying that the eighth-grader was suspended for “disciplinary reasons.”

“The student was not suspended for opting out,” said Michael Henesey, spokesman for the district.

The mother, April Hawkins, said she had texted an opt-out form letter to the school’s assistant principal on Monday and also emailed it to her daughter’s homeroom teacher.

On Wednesday morning, when her daughter Nykaria Phillips came to school, she was told she had to take the English assessment exam, Hawkins said. Her daughter refused to take the exam.

At about 8:45 a.m, Hawkins said the school principal called her and told her Nykaria was being disruptive in class because she didn’t want to take the exam, Hawkins said. She said she was then told parents don’t have the right to opt out their children anymore.

Hawkins said she then emailed the letter again that morning.

Henesey said the school had not received an opt-out letter until the parent emailed one in at 10:30 a.m., after the student had been suspended.

A short time later a staff member dropped Nykaria off at home, and Hawkins learned her daughter had been suspended. Hawkins said she didn’t give the school permission to let someone dr


This is more about those going into the medical field, especially psychiatry, but I believe they will eventually make sure that only those with the “right” values, attitudes, and beliefs will get far into ANY field.  It’s already in the works with the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, and Social Emotional Learning:


Here is a post that was shared on the page of a friend of mine:

OPINION: “What to make of all this? The only reasonable conclusion is that the Georgia education establishment wants as much flexibility as possible to screen and evaluate children’s mental and behavioral health, without potential interference from their parents. ”


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

Well got my phone call from school about opting out of the milestones test!!!! I will give them this they really try hard to pressure you and second guess your decision. Also I was told that they don’t teach common core in state of Georgia?? Really???


And here are some replies to said post:

Heh. Hell YES they teach common core. They just renamed it.


I know right what is the new name???
Ironically, they are called the “Georgia Standards of Excellence”.
Yes with common core still stamped on her school papers!
What school system?
Walton county
 Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:
4.18.18 – Dallas Morning News
COMMENTS FROM [name withheld] Unfortunately, social-emotional learning (SEL) is “alive and well” in Dallas ISD. SEL is not a good thing. We see in today’s Dallas Morning News that the Dallas ISD has taken $1.5 Million from the Wallace Foundation to launch SEL in the Dallas schools.
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:
#WCPSS Wake County Public Schools NC Just Hired A SJW from known Hate Group the #SPLC.
5 hours ago
WCPSS’ Office of “Diversity Affairs” has hired a Social Justice propagandist from Teaching Tolerance, the education indoctrination arm of the hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center. WCPSS also hired a teacher out of Durham obsessed with guilt.Photo via @APDillon_
And another post from said group:
Planned Parenthood is willing to go to extreme lengths to keep parents from knowing what kind of sex education they offer kids. St. Mary’s County Library in Maryland contracted a Planned Parenthood certified instructor to put on a pornographic sex workshop for teens—no parents allowed. When mother Kathleen Crank tried to enter the class, she was arrested for trespassing. It all began when local parents heard about the class and began researching the instructor. What they found was the exact opposite of the type of person they wanted teaching their kids about sex.
 Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Your county probably has one of these, too. This is one released yesterday for Weber County. They say we need to make decisions regionally. (ie, taxation without representation, governing without election).

One of the pages says they want to improve education. I don’t remember exactly how it is worded, but the basic idea is, the top corporations and Non-governmental organizations of Utah will make decisions about what is taught in school.

In a shorter phrase, here is yet another piece of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development 2030 agenda.


And here is another post from said group:

This is Utah’s Silicon Valley-type group. They are wealthy mega-corporations which want to control education in Utah.
They want to have Regional decisions made so that we do not have representation which we vote in.


Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Finally heard from the principal regarding my refusal letter sent in March. She was extremely respectful. I must have been the first to ever refuse because she was saying how she was waiting for a call back from the state on how to address it. She did mention the state said I can’t refuse and I did have to clarify that I can refuse, what you can’t do is opt out. She also said that she was told that she has to offer him the test the day of but she has his refusal letter. I also said that I do not want him even signing on. They will provide work for him in the back of the computer lab. Overall, a good conversation.


And here are some replies to said post:

I had a similar experience. My son is in 3rd and he’s the first in his school to refuse. The principal and his teacher were extremely respectful and she (principal) also called some MCAS center for guidance. She said he will be marked as absent but I thought I heard they can be marked as refused so I’m trying to figure it out.

The only slightly tricky part for me was telling the superintendent since I’m on the school committee, but I’m quite sure he saw I coming a mile away. 😉😉


I’ve had to deal with the State on other issues and found that depending on who you spoke with depended on the answer……so I suspect if the principal spoke with someone else she would probably get a different answer……………….personally, dealing with the state is a joke, no one really seems to know what is going on.


He does not need to be offered the test and or sign on, your refusal as the parents is enough! Make sure your child and teacher knows this.

You will get his ‘results’ mailed to you and he will be marked absent because the DOE does not want to acknowledge refusals, but he will not be marked absent from school. In true DOE fashion, they bully and give misinformation to try to get parents to fall in line, don’t fall for it!


And another post from said group:

Somerville ma… Smfh… opt out

therapy dogs tests


And yet another post:

I am not sure MCAS test and feeling accomplished should be used in the same sentence! As much as I do you like my sons teacher that is the note that she sent me today and for some reason it is putting a pit in my stomach!! And she told the kids that their fourth grade MCAS is preparing them for high school!!! I think she drank the Kool-Aid! She is a wonderful teacher I just wish these wonderful teachers would see the damage this is doing to the kids!


And here is a post that was shared in said group:

From [Name Withheld]: April 2, 2018 5th graders started their first day of MCAS testing in the Dudley-Charlton schools. We had sent in our opt out letters & spoken on several occasions to the principal at Charlton Middle School. Because of the lies he had been telling parents, children & his staff, I had also engaged in conversations with the superintendent of the Dudley-Charlton regional school district. I was assured that he would speak to this principal & that there would be no consequences to children who opted out. My 5th grader returns home from school to tell me that the children who opted out were made to sit in front of a testing computer facing a wall, log on & told to sit in silence. My daughter knew not to open that computer so she was the only one to not log on. She also asked if she could read her book only to be scolded by the teacher & told no reading that’s what the principal said. An hour later the principal returns to the class & tells the teacher they may now read. How is this allowed to happen? My phone starts ringing as the other mothers call to tell me the same story.
How is this not child abuse? How is this good for children’s mental health? Not only do these children not trust their principal, they now no longer trust their homeroom teachers. This is not okay! This has to stop!


And here are some replies to this post:

There aren’t enough mad emojis for me to express how I feel after reading this!!

That is awful!! Thankfully we’ve had a much better experience opting out my 4th grader!! He’s bringing a book yo read and his teacher and principal are fine with it! Thank God for a different principal this year! Had a little head to head with the one last year!
What is described in the post is not much different than that which my own daughter was subjected to when she refused participation in the PARCC field test in 2014. I have shown many people the emails between myself and school administrators. Once parents start to believe the TRUTH, that many administrators ARE deceiving, manipulative, liars, the easier it will be to hold them to the fire.
And yet another post:
I sent my letter to our elementary school principal about 2 weeks ago. I got a letter today saying that my son will have to sit in the testing room quietly and read a book during testing. My son is on an IEP for ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. He is also currently being tested for high functioning Autism. I think him sitting in the testing room is a horrible idea, both for him and the other students. Has anyone had any luck getting other arrangements for their children during testing or is this really the only option? Thank you for any advice!
 Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

An amendment is under consideration for TNReady test scores to not count this year. I do commend lawmakers for putting forth this amendment.

“Republican Rep. William Lamberth of Cottontown said he filed an amendment that would require the tests to be taken on paper. He said another amendment would make sure any of this year’s test scores would not count against teachers.”

HOWEVER, once again, students and teachers have wasted countless time preparing for a test that means…nothing. Time we can’t reclaim.

This overemphasis on one test…is ridiculous.
The fact it is tied to teacher performance…is ridiculous.
The amount of time wasted in classrooms for this one test…is ridiculous.
The amount of money spent on this one test…is ridiculous.

Please, please, please lawmakers….use common sense. Stop putting our teachers on mute.

Teacher accountability & student assessment IS needed, but these lengthy high-stake tests, that obviously don’t work on your end, are not the answer.

You are slowly eroding the public school system and will soon find that many of us will move to private education so that our children can be taught something other than “how to take a test.”

I’ve had the privilege of teaching college classes and also had the unique opportunity to be in classes with undergraduates. I watched how these “fresh from high school” students reacted in the college setting. You know what I found? I observed that the creative, critical thinking–essential for success– is having to be mined by professors. Deep thinking has been covered by layers upon layers of “there are only four answers to choose between.”

Students, in college, become frozen with fear when they find they are not told exactly what to do to solve a problem and that the answer (or means to the answer) might take various forms. College educators are faced with generations of kids who have difficulty thinking beyond four multiple-choice answers. Life is not a multiple choice test…it requires critical thinking. And a successful life often times requires life and work-related trade skills (skills that have been pushed down so we can measure academic success). Many of the most intelligent and successful people I know are tradesmen and women. Why don’t we foster these skills instead of minimizing them?

Our children are smart. Our teachers are amazing. Stop what you are doing and listen to these two stakeholders. You have them on boards…but they fear firing so they don’t fully speak their minds. You speak to districts but hold them hostage from speaking their true minds by tying funding to these assessments. You speak to districts but blackball the ones who speak truth and common sense.

60 million + dollars on a test that is useless? That’s ridiculous.

While I was earning my PhD I found very few faculty who supported these lengthy high-stakes tests. Most academic research didn’t support the testing. However, private research (paid by who?) was often the support factor of these high-stakes test. Hmmmm…..

Parents, are you happy with your child going to school and spending weeks upon weeks preparing for a test, instead of preparing for life? <I might add that this is NOT the fault of the teacher>

Teachers, how can we support YOU? We know you don’t have to be in this profession, but yet you still dedicate your lives to our children. Thank YOU!

Lawmakers, listen to the teachers.

I’ll never forget one of my last years of teaching. One of my top students came into the classroom, on a testing day, with big, salty tears in her eyes. Her dog had been run-over on the way to school. She cried during the entire test. My heart ached for her. I wasn’t even allowed to console her. I also knew that the average of my performance was going to be negatively affected because she couldn’t perform to her fullest potential. Is that fair? For my success to be determined by a factor I couldn’t even control? For a nine-year old’s tears to have gone unconsoled because we “had to take a test and I had to say ONLY what was in the testing book?” What did that sweet girl learn that day? That empathy took a lesser seat to testing.

Every teacher has COUNTLESS stories such as this. And we all know it isn’t right.

Change this. Please. It’s not the paper vs computer that we are so upset with….it’s the overemphasis on the piece of paper that comes after the tests are tallied.

It’s the days that are spent towards test-taking instead of days spent on learning that makes us angry.

It’s that the voice of the teacher is put on mute.

Assessment has a place. Assessment is needed. But not when it takes this form.


This was shared from a friend in TN. Thanks for all you do in this group.


Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

SBAC testing in school this week at my child’s school. Opted him out with the form from this site and have gotten two separate calls stating he was absent, one in first period and the next day in second period. Can anyone tell me why?


And here are the replies to the post:

Probably bc those are the testing periods and he wasn’t there… I got same call, my kids were at library during those periods


They shouldn’t be marked absent


They aren’t being marked absent as far as their record, it’s just that they are behind the times when it comes to automated reporting. They were not present when attendance was taken in that classroom. That’s all the automated call is telling you.


They are being marked absent, at least at my son’s school. I would give them a call no matter.


Yes they are being marked absent and you have to calk the school to let them know whats going on.


You have to call and excuse them from the class for that time period. I dont take my kids to school until the testing is over for the day and always call to excuse their absense


Yes, thank you. Seems as though they need a better system for the kids that opt out.


No, Illinois Democrats, replacing armed officers with therapists at schools won’t make them safer:


This California school district won’t let parents opt out of the new LGBT sex ed curriculum:


Here is an alarming post from a Colorado anti-Common Core group:

Listening to Colorado State Board of Ed voting on whether to give pii student data to CREDO for research on “school improvement”. Board member Deb Scheffel (who knew she was back?!) asked if parents can opt their children out of this study. CREDO answer was NO. Scheffel asked board to amend contract to allow students to opt out. Board Chair Schroeder “NO– it will mess up the study”.

CREDO just got done bragging that they have funding from Netflix, Gates, Emerson Collective/Powell-Jobs, Arnold Foundation…

Board vote: ALL YES except Steve Durham and Deb Scheffel–because parents should have ability to opt their children out of research

CREDO request for pii data from all public schools -School Improvement Study.…/CDE%20Research%20Requests%20Fin…
Description of CREDO studies…/Descriptions%20of%20CREDO%20Res…
School Improvement Grants…/SIG%20Improvement%20Grant%20Eva…
State Board Memo on CREDO study…/SBE%20Memo%20-%20CREDO%20-%20Fi…


Here is a post from Alice Linahan:

Join us tonight on the Women on the Wall Conference Call and let’s talk about it!! Click for more information.[UNIQID]


I found this post in reply to an Alice Linahan Facebook post:

As a former public school teacher (15 years) before staying home with my son. Yes there is indoctrination going on and its child abuse in my opinion. The history books I was to use had incorrect information that I couldn’t verify anywhere else. Important people were not to be taught because they weren’t specifically stated in a state standard. Just this week I went to a local middle school to see if we wanted to put our son in public school. We homeschool now. I was told there aren’t books for me to see in any of the subjects. Then there were the lgtbq stickers on classroom windows. Sorry but indoctrination happens in our schools daily. It was there when I was in school in the 80’s and us so much worse now.


Here is a post from an Oregon anti-Common Core group:

We opted our 4th grader out of SBAC & he said he’d rather take the test because they make him sit & read in the health room with sick kids laying on the health bed! This feels very punitive especially since last year he was able to read in the library. Any suggestions?


In a tragic twist of irony, a middle school student was struck by a car and killed while participating in the April 20th, 2018 student walkouts (Note, this was in El Paso Texas, and the Parkland mentioned is not the one where the February shooting happened):


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Hi there. So I’ve been opting my kids out of testing, haven’t really had any problems so far. But this year the principal approached us asking to meet with us to discuss “unintended consequences” of opting out. I found out that this is the first year the school had more than 5% of students opt out so I guess this is their attempt to get some parents to change their minds to get above the 95% requirement.

Any thoughts on what I should expect at the meeting or what these “unintended consequences” are? I don’t want to go into this meeting unprepared or caught off guard. I know I don’t have to attend this meeting at all and tell the school that my opt out letter is good enough, but I do have my reasons for agreeing to attend the meeting. Thanks for any advice! 🙂


And here  are some replies to that post:

They will tell you their funding could get cut. My answer to this is if you guys would have stood up for your kids from the beginning and refuse to administer this data grabbing machine you wouldn’t be facing these issues.


I would ask, how can a test with unknown questions help anyone? We all know the real reason test questions are so secret.


Ask how much funding is your child worth, get the dollar figure. Then say no your child is not for sale.


Go as a GROUP only or do not go at all
Is the school accredited? In our state, that’s the driving force. Of course, both their fancy stamps and testing to get those stamps drain financial resources that could go directly to the classroom to actually improve educational outcomes.
Focus on your rights. You have the right to opt out. THEY are the ones with the noose around their neck. You are on solid ground. They need students to take the test so they may get angry and threatening. Stay calm. Breath in slowly before answering.

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