Kiss Your Country Good-Bye

Missives Worth Reading

Kiss your country good-bye.

It’s broken. And it’s gonna get a lot more broken.

Liberal-progressives are hijacking your country, kidnapping your children, ignoring your laws, and plundering your public treasuries to see their ideologies installed despite the will of the voting public.

image7.jpegLiberal cities and states across the nation have declared their semi-independence  from the United States of America. They are only part-time members of this union … only occasional participants in this political enterprise known as America.

Some cities and states now claim an absolute right to ignore laws and policies that run counter to their liberal-progressive dogma. They arrogantly insist they have unique rights that supersede the federal government … even if they endanger their fellow citizens.


San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, and Baltimore consider themselves as semi-independent city-states free to ignore federal statutes and jurisdictions. California, Illinois, New York, and Oregon take great pride in defying the…

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