Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 8

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I decided to make a part 8.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Parents: has your school ever required you to provide a doctor’s note to excuse your child’s absence due to their illness?


And here are some replies to said post:

I gave one when both of my boys had surgery. I pre-excused them, chatting with teachers as well as office staff. They were out for 2 weeks for recovery. Still got the misdemeanor letter and had to deal with that drama while taking care of a kindergartner and 2nd grader who were recovering from surgery.


Yes, when my son had pneumonia after a terrible respiratory virus, his absenses accrued to more than their maximum–can’t remember, but I think it was ten days. They insisted on a doctor’s note to prove he was sick for that long.


In WA State yes. In UT heavily suggested… But not followed through.


Yes- Granite school district when my daughter had her wisdom teeth out.


Nope! because I am principal teacher, mentor, and parent!


Nope, because I homeschool.


Never requested a Dr’s note, but every time they’re absent, I’m asked if I’d like to give a reason. I say no. When they directly ask me what the reason is, I either ignore them or tell them it’s none of their business.


I’ve been told by several High Schools in Jordan that if my kid is sick, they need a doctors note…I finally stopped telling them the reason my kids wouldn’t be in school despite some school admins asking and trying to push. ..


I’ve been through the court system for compulsory education attendance… whether you have doctors notes or not, they can still take you to court and throw you in jail.


Is this in box elder county?


No… we were in Weber County until August of this year.


I’ve been told that Box Elder County is better, but I won’t go through any of that again. My daughter has an immuno suppressed system and being in the public school system where parents use school as a daycare and send their kids to school sick, my daughter is sick a lot. I could compile volumes of doctors notes bc they’re required when a student misses a day. It’s a mess. I will note that having her home this school year has only resulted in 1 bad upper respiratory infection. She is excelling in her school work and is a much happier child.


Why are we allowing the state to dictate whether or not our children go to school? I understand that everyone needs an education but it is not their responsibility 2 insure my child receives that education. The states are overstepping their bounds in this instance.


This is why we homeschool now. There is too much control by the government… and we all let it happen. Now what? The school’s get paid for bottoms in seats. You have school districts offering you healthcare for your child. They don’t miss school, you don’t miss work. How much more are we going to let them take before we’ve had enough?


I completely agree. We have got to find the courage to stand up and say enough is enough…and a lot of money to fight the state would help as well. People just don’t understand their rights as parents. There needs to be a way that we can inform parents of their rights and how to stand up too aggressive School administrators.


I agree


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Via parent [name withheld[ from another group, shared with permission. Mississippi.
9th grade assignment given to my 14 year old daughter at Ocean Springs High School today:

*EDIT* I just want to add, my kid loves her school and her teacher. Her biology teacher didn’t make them answer the question, but still it was handed out to them and of course that’s inappropriate on its own. It was her teachers judgement call not to make them answer it— but who knows what other teachers did with this packet…

bad assignment.jpg


Good job for these 200 students in standing up to the gender-confusion insanity at their school!


Schools in Washington state are thinking of adopting a Planned Parenthood sex-ed program:


Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I was previously under the impression that I could use my own form to opt out of sage testing for my son. Do we have to use the state provided paper only? I think they threw my opt out away becuse it wasn’t “their” form. Then they didn’t tell me about it. I only found out when my son had to participate in a sage exam because they said they didn’t have an opt out from me. I had filled out an opt out at the beginning of the year.


And here are some replies to said post:

Uh-oh… don’t mess with Mama Bear….
Do you have to opt out every year… like maybe you all of a sudden lost your mind and decided SAGE testing is fine?!?!?!


You have to do it every year. I did it at the very beginning of the school year. His teacher even asked me because she knew I had told her it was done and he was opted out.


the school is in the wrong. they should’ve contacted you.

this is current state law that says “at the request of a student’s parent….an LEA (school) shall excuse a student…”, it also requires the State Board to make rules “to establish a statewide procedure for excusing a student”:…/Chapter15/53A-15-S1403.html…

State Board Rule says this:
“(4)(a) In order to exercise the right to exempt a child from a state required assessment under this provision and insure the protections of this provision, a parent shall:
(i) fill out:
(A) the Parental Exclusion from State Assessment Form provided on Board’s website; or
(B) an LEA specific form as described in Subsection (4)(b); and
(ii) submit the form:
(A) to the principal or LEA either by email, mail, or in person; and
(B) on an annual basis and at least one day prior to beginning of the assessment.”

it also says this:
“(b) Parents may further exercise their inherent rights to exempt their children from a state required assessment without further consequence by an LEA.”

like i said above, you are not in the wrong. the school is. if the school felt they could not accept your form, they should’ve contacted you to have you fill out their opt out form or the State’s opt out form. i would let them know. also, please call the State Board hotline & let them know: (801) 538-7813.



Thank you! This is exactly the clarification I needed.


Always make a copy for yourself so you can re-present it when they ‘lose’ it. I also send it to the individual teachers. Between the lot of them, they cannot deny that SOMEONE received it.


Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This was just posted on a community group here in Payson. TO ALL CITIZENS IN THE NEBO SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARIES:
On September 27, 28, and 29, a pornographic movie was shown in a classroom setting to approximately 125 students at Payson Jr. High. Among other things, the movie contained an 8 second close-up of 10 full frontal images of 10 naked women.
We became aware of the situation on the 29th and immediately requested that the parents of each student be notified. We requested that the notification be 2-way communication and that it contained language which addressed the seriousness of the situation. AFTER 15 DAYS OF TIRELESS COMMUNICATION WITH ADMINISTRATORS AT EVERY LEVEL, a generic email containing very vague information was sent out. To our knowledge, not all parents received the email.
We have explored EVERY possible avenue within the Nebo School District to try to rectify the situation. We have been told many things including “it is not worth the stir” and that the information, in the hands of parents, is unsafe.
If this concerns you in any way, we urge you to help change the policy and procedures in our School District.
Things that you can do:


And yet another post from said group:

On the Parental Exclusion form I found here, it says that there is no state data collection for the Interim and Benchmark SAGE tests. A teacher mentioned to me that the data stays there at the school only. Is that correct?


And here are some replies to said post:

no. but i can see why they might be saying that. the data from SAGE Interim & Benchmark does not go to the State, but it also does NOT stay in the school. because the students log on to the SAGE Portal, they are logging on to AIR’s servers. AIR, the testing company, receives ALL the data on an individual basis because the students use their student ID’s to log in.


Thank you, that’s what I suspected.


As if allowing kids to choose their gender wasn’t bad enough, Delaware is now thinking of letting kids choose their race too:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Looking for ideas, suggestions, alternatives to the following policy. “Truancy” is when a student is out of school without parent supervision, sluffing, or playing hookie, NOT being late for class or already being in school.

Granite School District high schools are implementing several changes to their Tardy/Truancy Policy. Here are the changes for Kearns High School:
1. 1A & 1B – If you are less than 10 minutes late to 1A or 1B, go directly to your class. Do not stop for a Tardy Ticket. You will still be late and marked “tardy” but you will not receive a $3 Tardy Ticket. If your tardy results in missing a “Self-Starter” you cannot make that activity up.
2. 1A & 1B – If you are more than 10 minutes late, you will get a ticket as in the past. The ticket will now be called a “TRUANCY ticket” and will result in a $3 fine.
3. All Other Periods – If you are less than 5 minutes late go directly to your class. Do not stop for a Tardy Ticket. You will still be late and marked “tardy”, but you will not receive a $3 Tardy Ticket. If your tardy results in missing a “Self-Starter” you cannot make that activity up.
4. All Other Periods – If you are more than 5 minutes late, you will get a ticket as in the past. The ticket will now be called a “Truancy Ticket” and will result in a $3 fine.
5. All Periods – If you are 20 minutes or later to a class you will be marked as “absent”.
6. The remainder of the Tardy/Truancy/Absence Policy stays the same.”


Some good news from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

11.10.17 — VICTORY FOR SURE: The Texas State Bd. of Ed. decided to take no action on Tony Diaz’s racist, militant, divisive, Mexican-American Studies (MAS) textbook. This means that the Texas SBOE refused to adopt the book. The book did not meet the SBOE’s high standards for what such a MAS book should teach our Texas public school students. Now it will be up to us at the local level to make sure that our local school administrators do not do a work-around by using SB 6 funds to purchase Diaz’s inferior textbook.

Donna Garner


Another, though not as good news, post from said group:

Two years ago, Texas Governor Greg Abbott had formed the Texas Commission of the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability to review the current STAAR test and its replacement. The commission was stacked with state legislators, industry types, nonprofits and organizations such as TAMSA that battle the high-stakes testing model. Strange thing is they all have a vested interested in the NGAA and Computer Adaptive Testing, which will lead to the behavioral-manipulation business plan that Google and Facebook utilize today for marketing purposes, and yes, political purposes.

The solution is to restore FERPA to its original intent of protecting student data privacy. In Texas, we should be demanding the repeal of HB 2103 that was passed unanimously in the 83rd Legislature. The bill that allows third-party entities to data mine our children’s personally identifiable information and is being stored in the state longitudinal data system. Which the TEA is proactively working on reciprocity agreements with other states and eventually the federal government to allow our children’s data to flow freely and into the hands of who knows who and who? And for what purpose?


And yet another post:

THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!! Please stop what you are doing and make the call!!

A bill recently introduced in Congress will create a massive new federal data collection of students during and after college. H.R. 2434, titled the “College Transparency Act,” would allow numerous federal departments and agencies to collect and retain a wide range of information on students attending and graduating from colleges and universities.

Furthermore, Page 7 of H.R. 2434 allows the U.S. Department of Education to decide what information to collect. This opens the door for a major invasion of privacy for college students and graduates.”


And yet another post:

I support a knowledge based, fundamental public education for a number of reasons that I do not wish to debate, but first and foremost because we do not need or want an uneducated general.populace.

Texas has sold out to the feds and abdicated its responsibility in education. Your reps will tell you that it is because we need fed money, but here is a hint… it is all our money. The same people paying the local taxes are paying all the other taxes. In truth, it is about money, but not about the money that goes to the schools. It is about the political money that lines their pockets. It is about the windfall that all of.those who.are manipulating the system are setting themselves up to gain from.

Independent school districts should have been and should still be fighting this at every level, but they are not. Administrators have been bought by lobbies and school boards are lazy and complacent, doing as TASB and superintendents direct them to do. School board positions have become a joke and it is the fault of the people. All of us.

Get into your child’s curriculum and lesson plans. Know your teachers. Talk to your children daily about the classroom. Go observe classroom instruction. Review your child’s tests.

We are setting our state and our nation up for a generational crisis by undermining the learning of these children.

Even if your child manages to escape without many scars from this with tutoring and help at home, the more educated will be carrying the under educated on their backs in society. That is not a future we hoped for our children when we learned we were bringing them into this world and it is not a future we should allow to be forced upon them.

Stop procrastinating and get involved today.



Here is a post that a friend of mine shared:

One Mothers Journey.

Oh…I’ve been a busy bee.
My work is almost done here in my school district.

This past Tuesday was School board election night.

This is the second and the last time I will help clean out the board room.

Clean sweep. No incumbents made it back into their seats. 6 brand new board members will take their seats in a few weeks.

8 years ago, I watched the incumbents take their seats. I helped put them in those seats. Over the last couple of years, I began to notice a big change in the board members I campaigned so hard for and supported long after they’d been elected. They were not the people I thought they were. Something changed. There was a disturbance in the Force. They became arrogant and snotty and they began to bully new board members or those who didn’t vote with them.

They stopped listening to their constituents and started looking down their noses and talking down to the people who elected them. They began shaming parents and I sat paralyzed as the board President smirked at a mother while she was telling them how a teacher bullies her daughter so badly, the 14 year old had to be institutionalized.

No one did anything. Not the principal, the superintendent, the guidance counselor, NO ONE. The woman was in tears. I knew her story. I know the teacher is a bully. He got after my youngest just 2 years before. THIS BOARD KNOWS the teacher is a bully. EVERYONE in the district KNOWS…yet, they do nothing.

Every year he gets a fresh batch of kids and every year it’s the same story only it’s coming from a different parent.

The woman left the board room in tears. They shut her down. They said “This is not the time or the place.” They warned her she could be held liable and possible sued for slander.
And from the cheap seats I yelled “Well, when is it a good time to talk about this with all of you. Let’s set that up, right now.”

Silence and that’s when everything changed. I “WOKE”
and I knew they had to go. Not just one. ALL OF THEM.

I helped put them there…damn straight…I would help take them out. I felt a little responsible for the mess and when I make a mess, I clean it up. All done. It’s clean.

I will attend to watch the finale and to see the losers take their final curtain call. Their Sh*t Show is over but a new one is about to begin. I’m not sticking around for this one. I’m giving up my season tickets. I will no longer be attending school board meetings. I’m done wasting the first and second Monday of every month, sitting in the cheap seats with the rest of the peasants as they pay each other on the back and sing praise to the almighty Superintendent.

I can’t do it anymore. It’s killing me.

I no longer believe or support or care to save Public Education. It’s a waste of time. I’ve got nothing nice or positive to say about my school district or public education as it exists today.

It’s a mess. It’s not getting better and I don’t see it getting better.

I can’t think of one good reason to put or keep a child in the public school system. I spend more time encouraging parents to stay away from it or get out of it.

I think it’s way too late to save it. I’d much rather think and talk about and figure out what WE CAN DO to build something new and better.

I’m so tired of hearing what they/we CAN’T do at our school board meetings. I’m tired of teachers talking about everything they CAN’T do.

I can’t listen to one more teacher whine about how hard and difficult their jobs are or how much they hate their jobs: Some simply will not do anymore than what they want to do or what their union tells them they’re allowed to do.
They want a contract and then b*tch because they feel so confined. WTH?

They don’t get it. Their unions do not give a sh*t about them. The union doesn’t give a sh*t about public education or the children.

As long as they keep paying those union dues and doing whatever ‘Union Simon-Says’…this is how it’s going to be.

They don’t think they are responsible for what’s happening. They blame the kids and/or the parents They may not be the ones who are dumping the poison into the system but they have poison on their hands. Their dues are being used to buy the poison. When are they going to wake up?

I don’t think one damn teacher in my district ever watched the movie or read the book. She had union protection.

I’m done. Done with trying to fight this on the local level.

Now I’m going to start b*tching about my crazy expensive school property tax bills, pushing for school tax reform and school choice and who knows…maybe I’ll open a private school.

I’ve always wanted to own and renovate an old school building.

I think parents need to abandon the government run public school system and put their time and energy into building a system we know will work and benefit THE CHILDREN.

Build schools around the kids.

I’m done fighting for a crappy system. We are better than this and our kids deserve better and damn it…YES WE CAN do it. It would be a lot of work but so much fun and so worth it.

(Note, the story isn’t hers, but she shared it for them.  More can be found here:   )


Here is a post that I found in an anti-Common Core group:

Just a reminder to parents, if your children are taking surveys on their Chromebooks in school, they are NOT anonymous. You do have the right to opt your kids out of completing surveys, however, you most likely will not get notification in advance. Have a discussion with your child. They can opt out on their own. Many school district will put pressure on kids to participate but you can always give them a note to keep in their backpack or send a letter to principal for the year.

While some may think tracking mental health in schools is a good idea and will provide early intervention, please remember once this kind of information enters a child’s education record it is no longer protected by HIPAA. School districts do not have the qualified personnel to make a decision about your child’s mental health. And due to the gutting of family privacy laws, the school district can collect and share this information without parental consent. This allows for other state agencies to intervene in your home. Mental health needs to be addressed by parents, caregivers, physicians and/or counselors outside of a school setting.

“However, he told the regents that Schenectady faculty are beginning to approach students’ behavioral problems as manifestations of underlying mental health and behavioral problems that need to be diagnosed and treated.”


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Parents – check out this site :

My daughter came home from HS (grade 9) yesterday and told me all the counselors met with her grade, and had the kids do a survey for this group. Check out the above page and go to the bottom right corner and click on ‘Privacy Policy’.I did not like what I saw….getting my letters re. surveys in again, sigh…..


And here are some replies to said post:

My district uses this as a resume of sorts. Student is supposed to update it accordingly. It becomes part of transcript unfortunately.


The Jesuit Prep HS my son is interested in attending next year…as part of Admission process they advised we will be receiving academic survey called ACT Engage. Researching now……/documents/ACT-Engage-user-guide.pdf


If it’s anything like college board (SAT)survey refuse


Good for these parents in Oregon for standing up to a school letting boys in girls restrooms:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

We recently moved back to Utah from a 3 1/2 year stay in Wyoming. I and my freshman and junior daughters went on oct 30 to register at their new Utah high school. We were told they couldn’t help us that day because they were too busy and would be able to help until nov 1, I told them we were leaving town to study for 2 weeks in DC that day and they refused to register my children because we weren’t allowed miss that much school and still get credit for it.
We told them they were wrong but didn’t fight too hard because we had this experience in DC we were prepping for. They said come back when you get home and we will make some time to help but it may take a few days. We just went back this morning to see if they could help us get into school and again they said the principal was in a meeting and really busy this week. I asked if we could meet with the counselor and get started on scheduling and they refused and said the FIRST part of the process is to meet with the principal to talk about school rules.
I have two straight A, advanced learning students wanting to go to school and they won’t let them in!!!!😜😂
Parents have no educational rights in the state of Utah.


And here are some replies to said post:

Which school?


Richfield High school


I’d be at the district office ASAP and then would also make a record of this, a written one, because you can be held accountable for truancy in some states.


I think the way to have full parental rights for education in Utah is just going the homeschool route. It isn’t the right choice for everyone, obviously, but Utah is one of the absolute best states for homeschooling. Good luck with that school! I would look for a different one (but I am kind of cranky like that! 🙂 )


Parents have no medical rights in Utah either. I’d leave if I were you


Why would you want to enroll your children into a government controlled education system or in other words a “socialist system”? Everyone needs to FLEE the school system!


Looks like a New Jersey school is pretending that gender is whatever you want it to be in student athletics:


Let’s see, with all that data mining, what could possibly go wrong?  Oh, right, hackers!


The Left in Delaware was going to allow tranny bathrooms to be the rule via their “education” department, as is shown here , but people are pushing back, though the bad guys are still refusing to cooperate.


It seems that Indiana will now be forcing the Career Pathways tyranny on students as a graduation requirement:


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

I want to pull my son out of public schools. This morning my son talked to me about what is happening in his school. The increasing days with substitutes. They are on chrome books learning more than teacher led lessons. His homeroom and math teacher being gone until after Christmas break. They get punished if they say the words “bro” or “breh??….not sure what this word is or means and neither did my son.
He said if they say those words, they get a walking ticket. This means they walk in circles around the playground during recess. He said sometimes they have to write sentences too. If they get the sentences done, then they do the walking ticket too. If they dont get the sentences done, the walking ticket gets served the next day. He is in 4th grade and hates school. My teachers tried to make school fun. He says the music teacher doesn’t have them sing songs or try out different instruments to see if they are interested in possibly playing one. My heart aches for him and I feel trapped because I have to work full-time and can’t just drop everything and run to the school to address problems. I would be doing this at least once a week and no employer nor my vacation bank is going to tolerate that! If any of you know anyone or co-op that has a homeschooling parent who also works full-time outside the home, please let me know. This is why we must fight Common core!!!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Well i guess i am going to go get my Ged considering i just got threatened by the secretary of Brinns new school she just started. This lady leavrs a voicemail on my phone saying if i don’t call her and let her know where my child was that i would go to court. Ok first of all she started school there second i did not know they were on a 2hour delay and even if she did miss and i didnt call who the she to threatened me when my kid has never missed any school before. I literally felt like im being treated with no respect. What gives her the rigjt to know where my kid is if i don’t call. She really said if she doesn’t know where my child is i will go to court. Lol well for starter’s i believe my child would have to have many unexcused absentee s and no calls. That’s not the case here. This is the first time my daughter has ever been absent. And it would of been the second day of her going to school. I am so mad i mean who does that. I see im goi g to have problems with this school already sad. But really this lady called my phone and was extremely rude and out of line. I know the laws. Never have i been treated this way by any secretary until now. Like the way she said it too. If i dont know where brinna is then she will be marked absent and you will go to court. Like wth hell lady she only midsed one day and you think you have the right to threatenen me and what if i didnt have a phone. Litteraly i have never been treated like this by any other school she has went to. This old lady has no respect for parent’s and i will not let her talk to me this way again. So Ged here i come. Ive had it with schools letting my child down and passing her when she was not ready now im getting falslt threatened.


Here is a post shared in a Texas anti-Common Core group: (Part 1 was added so there wouldn’t be a gap)


Some of you who read my post yesterday on the state of public education, wanted more information on The Waiver, so today I’m going to lay some groundwork. Understanding the Waiver and how it relates to No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is one of the best modern day examples of the Hegelian Dialectic, or problem-reaction-solution, there has ever been. The key to understanding the Dialectic is to grasp the concept that those who created the problem, also managed the reaction, and then when the public is sufficiently revved up, provides the solution. In other words, a completely managed agenda from start to finish is what we have with the connection between NCLB and The Waiver. If I now have your interest piqued please read on.

I am going to have to leave some information out because it will get too lengthy. Yesterday’s post was long enough and this one could get out of control if I go back too far. Suffice it to say, things were in a mess in public education by the year 2011. A new term had entered everyday America’s lexicon called school failure. Instead of students failing, schools were failing, and failing by the thousands nation wide. What were they failing? They were failing to meet standards set by the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE). What standards were they failing to meet? They were failing to meet Adequate Yearly Progress standards set each year by the USDOE. In 2002 when NCLB was passed under President George W. Bush, a mechanism for meeting standards was put in place called Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP. This mechanism is what was used to incrementally move Title One schools to the point of failure. AYP was causing schools to fail. Here is why that was happening. Every year the percentage required to meet standards (AYP), was increased. Not only that, it was increased in each subgroup. Subgroups are the collective groups of students broken down into ethnicities (African American, Hispanic, White, Asian and Pacific Islander), Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, and Special Education students. If just one of these groups failed to meet standards (AYP), then the entire school failed to meet standards.

The AYP percentages required each year increased steadily bringing those schools that were located in areas of extreme poverty in the crosshairs of the USDOE because they were failing to meet AYP. If a school failed to meet standards for five years in a row they entered the School Improvement Program. The School Improvement Program should have been a euphemism for you’re about to be taken over. Once in the School Improvement Program few came out until they were taken over and turned into a charter school or given over to a private entity to determine what needed to be done to get those scores up.

You’re question should now be, why were the AYP requirements going up every year? I’m glad you asked. Here is a key point to help the picture come into focus. In 2002 when everyone was celebrating the passage of No Child Left Behind, George W. Bush made the declaration that by 2014 ALL students would be proficient on the state test. All meant 100%. Therefore to reach 100% the AYP requirements had to increase each year. The percentages required were relatively low at the start, but by 2010 we were beginning to have a crisis on our hands because the requirements for AYP were 73% for English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) and 67% in math. That meant that each subgroup collectively had to meet those percentages or the entire school failed.
Failure increased dramatically across the nation. Getting out of the School Improvement Program was next to impossible because try as hard as they could, the schools would continue to fail because the percentages went up the next year. Why did they go up? The percentages were due to max out in 2014 at 100%. Each year the percentages had to go up in order to get to 100% by 2014.

Step back and take a deep breath at the enormity of what I just said. Who in their right mind would devise a system like this? Better still, why did school districts and state education agencies across the country put up with it. By 2011 the percentages went up to 80% in ELAR and 75% in math. The number of failing schools was massive. Many of the Title One schools located in extreme poverty were now being taken over by their state education agencies because they were now at the five-year limit to be in the school improvement program. Along the way thousands of teachers and principals lost their jobs due to their testing outcomes not meeting standards. Looming on the horizon, the percentages were going up in 2012. We had an educational crisis in America. Enter President Obama with the solution….The Waiver.

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll finally get to this item that has so shaped the educational landscape of today.

What’s All This Talk About The Waiver? – Part II

Yesterday’s post discussed the lead up to the education crisis that gripped the country in the 2010-2012-time period. Please visit my Facebook page to catch up on the material presented about No Child Left Behind (NCLB), AYP, and the crisis of school failure in America.

We left off with the states dealing with the catastrophic number of schools that were failing, meaning not meeting AYP standards. NCLB mandated that by the year 2014 all students in every state were required to be proficient on the state test. In this time period there were many different versions of the state test being administered across the country. Here in Texas we had the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Other states had varying renditions of a standardized test using different names, each with its own acronym.

In the time period between 2009-2011 much attention was being given to the rising number of failing schools. During this same time a new standardized test was being formulated built around a set of common standards. The most popular name given to this set of standards was College and Career Ready Standards (CCRS). These same standards were also called Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The word State was purposely put in the title of Common Core to mislead the masses, in my opinion. Yes, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers had a hand in approving the CCSS, but each of these organizations has steering committees that control the agenda of their respective organizations, make decisions for the collective body, and are located in Washington DC. I’ll leave it to you, the reader, to research where you think Common Core came from, but in the end I believe you will conclude, as I did, that the origins of Common Core go directly back to UNESCO and the United Nations. There is an excellent link for you to find a timeline of events leading up to the adoption of Common Core here:…/common-core-unes…/.
Yes, this is not a peer reviewed scholarly article, but the timeline is accurate. Because of the parties involved with the development of Common Core, we can easily see that this is not just an American agenda, but also a global agenda.

Those parties and individuals that control the agenda for global education wanted the United States on one set of educational standards that would drive the curriculums across the country. The first attempt to do this came with President Obama’s Race To The Top (RTTT) program. RTTT provided incentives to states in the form of federal dollars to help with their education improvements. The catch with receiving RTTT dollars was that the state receiving the money had to agree to change over their educational standards to Common Core, and legislate for the expansion of charter schools. Nineteen states applied for and received RTTT funds. RTTT did not accomplish what it was intended to do, that being enticing all states to apply, receive and agree to move to Common Core. Therefore, a new approach was required.

In 2011 Obama laid out how states could apply for a waiver to get relief from the most pressing mandate of NCLB, that being the oppressive AYP program. The formal name for the Waiver was the U.S. Department of Education Flexibility Package. There was an initial low smattering of states that signed on, but soon 45 states were in the fold, and by 2013 all states had written their application to get the waiver. You can understand why all the states signed on. Who can achieve 100% proficiency? As we know, the state or federal government never gives away gifts without powerful strings attached. The strings that went along with The Waiver were primarily three: (1) Adopt rigorous college and career ready standards (Common Core), (2) Link teacher and principal evaluations and appraisals to the outcomes of their students performance on the state test, and (3) develop your own plan for public school assessment and accountability. Each plan had to be approved by the USDOE. Nothing has changed. It is the same today with the most recent plan to the USDOE for ESSA approval.

Texas’ application was submitted through then Commissioner of Education, Dr. Michael Williams, in 2013 and updated in 2015. The Waiver application that Texas wrote was accepted. In the document it lays out the provisions for assessment and accountability that Texas public schools are going by today. The bottom 5% of schools are called priority schools, and the next 10% of schools, after the 5%, are called focus schools, and these are schools that are lowest in closing performance gaps among the subgroups. You can read the Waiver here…/2015-September-16-FINAL-ESEA….
To find the details for priority and focus schools go to pp. 38-49. Special thanks go to Voices Empower and Alice Linahan for putting the Waiver application in this format for easy loading. On page 36 we see another provision of the Waiver, which was to demonstrate the state’s plan for taking their students to 100% proficiency. By 2020 Texas is suppose to hit 100% according to the table. You can find each school’s federal report card on TEA’s website. Virtually all Texas schools are failing their federal report card. I don’t know what that means except that we are obviously allowing the state report card to overwrite the federal report card. All Texas schools were suppose to have all subgroups reach 91% proficiency last school year.

The last item I will point out in this much too lengthy post is page 14 of the Waiver application for Texas. Please note that Texas is 92% and 75% compatible in English Language Arts and Math with the Common Core standards. There it is in black and white. Yet, our legislators think we don’t have Common Core because they passed a law stating Common Core would never be in Texas public schools. We wonder why so many of our students are struggling, especially in math.

I’ll stop there. I hope this was helpful in helping you to understand a little of what is happening with accountability in our public schools in Texas. Hopefully it explains why our schools operate the way they do, why parents are so frustrated, and why students are being short changed with their education. Much of what I have written in my last two posts and more, can be found in my book, The Takeover of Public Education in America: The Agenda to Control Information and Knowledge Through the Accountability System.


Looks like the University of Minnesota is being a PC Grinch about Christmas related things and it’s time that somebody decked their halls:


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I am feeling so defeated. I watched my daughter complete her math homework (on the chromebook) and then submit it to check for errors. There were errors, and she can do the incorrect problems as many times as needed untill all problems are correct. Then she can turn in the sheet. I have 3 observations: 1) Her teacher will know her skill set, but will never get to know her. 2) The less a teacher knows about their students, the less necessary he/she is to teach them. 3)This math teacher is grooming her replacement.



And here is another post from said group:

One day after the bizarre banning of “evidence-based,” and already folks are coming out of the woodwork to peddle their products … If I didn’t know better (and I don’t…), I might say the inclusion of this term on the ban-list was actually designed to create this type of opportunity. Keep your eye out for more of this.

“And that’s where ProofPilot sees an opportunity. We encourage other scientists and policy-makers to go beyond the surface bias on terminology. No one wants to spend valuable resources on programs that don’t work. It’s just we don’t agree on what works and what doesn’t, because we don’t actually know. The reality is we know so little about what works and what doesn’t to improve health and society. Social and behavioral science is just beginning to scratch the surface. We need to focus on improving on the ground capacity of local organizations to measure the impacts of healthcare, social service, and educational programs. We need to give them that accounting system.”


And yet another post from said group:

My 12 yr old decided on his own that he wanted to take the career survey at school to see if he could disrupt the data. He’s opted out of the iPad so the counselor gave him one with the user ID as “anonymous.” He was aiming for a career feedback of McDonald’s worker so he answered “strongly disagree” for every response. He got “no career” as his feedback response, lol. This was done on the CA gov page which ties career tracking and education per the legislation passed for the Common Core standards.


And here are some replies to said post:

They just sent this… “The Counselors had a wonderful time presenting to your students about Career Exploration in their Science class this past week. Be sure to ask them about their career personality profile and what career they researched. The website that was used for this activity was The presentation can be viewed on our website under the counselor tab under career presentation. ”


From a wholly different world (just popped into my head): Back in my antediluvian HS days, the Kuder Preference Test told me that I should be a mechanic, but I wan’t allowed to take auto shop. In those pre-Big-Brother times, nobody kept the results except the students.
Our kids were given a career path, data-mining thing to fill out. They sold it to parents as a wonderful tool to help your child get put on the “right” career path. I sent an email to the guidance counselor and told him my daughter would be opting out of this “survey” because I do not want her forced into a career path based on the answers she selects. Not to mention…she is only 12. My nephew changed his major 4 times in college (UMass Amherst). This is the link to the career survey they gave our kids:
MyCareerShines (
My son did that two years ago. Didn’t tell me he was going to do it. I just spoke with his high school guidance counselor because in her meeting with him he refused to use the system. She told him he couldn’t get into college if he didn’t……she was corrected.
And yet another post from said group:

What a crock. Who needs knowledge when you can Google it, right?
The author thinks that we need to re-design curricula and need urgent action on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success. And so, we need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on SEL skills / Competencies to prepare students for a future of AI.

We Need to Modernize Education. The Clock Is Ticking
By Charles Fadel Education Week Dec. 11, 2017
-Christophe Vorlet
Technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and biotech are redefining what it means to be human—and employable.

Jobs are disappearing as automation replaces the need for people. New occupations are emerging that demand competencies that can transfer across the multiple assignments workers will experience in their lives. The disappearance of global boundaries presents opportunities—and risks—for all workers.

These changes demand a significant, ambitious evolution in how we prepare students for their future in a world that’s increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. We need a relevant and modernized education.

Mass schooling may have served us well so far throughout much of modern history, but the 21st century bears little resemblance to the past. Children today must still learn traditional disciplines such as math and language, but these are not enough if they are to succeed in a very different world. So why not also teach entrepreneurship? Social sciences? Technology and engineering? Wellness?

Commentary Collection … read more
What should we teach young people in an age where search engines have answers for factual and procedural knowledge? When artificial intelligence analyses, synthesizes, and creates? We must begin by pushing a lot harder to reach “transfer”—the ability to use one’s competencies outside an original classroom setting, in the real world, perhaps many years hence. This was always the goal of an education but rarely a deliberate, comprehensive, systematic, and demonstrable focus. In essence, we should be “flipping the curriculum,” inverting our focus from information and knowledge into expertise and transfer (refer to chart on page 22).

Further, we need urgent action on the nonacademic qualities young people need for success. And so, we need to shift from a purely knowledge-based education toward a focus on skills (creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration), character (mindfulness, curiosity, courage, resilience, ethics, leadership), and meta-learning (learning how to learn, growth mindset, metacognition). Schools will need to prepare students to find the intersection between these four dimensions of knowledge, skills, character, and meta-learning.

Such a re-imagining of education will require a profound redesign of curricula where modernizing what students learn is an imperative. Where science, technology, engineering, and math matter more than ever, but humanities and arts remain essential, each discipline borrowing from the other for a deeply versatile education. Where skills, character, and meta-learning are developed deliberately and fully, not haphazardly. Where working with others, at school, in the community, and in the workplace is as vital as ensuring growth at every academic level, allowing top students to thrive while assisting all students in the areas where they are struggling.

Time is running out, but luckily, we know how to redesign curricula. We need only the vision and courage to do so.

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Charles Fadel is the founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign in Boston and the author of Four-Dimensional Education: The Competencies Learners Need to Succeed (Center for Curriculum Redesign, 2015).


And here are some replies to said post:

My comments to the author would be:
You don’t teach a child to bake a cake. You teach a child math, measurement, chemistry, art and reading. After they learn this things, they can bake anything. You don’t require “competencies” in baking by introducing chocolate, vanilla and raspberry filling….to a 5 year old. That’s not how humans learn.


The concept of not needing to teach knowledge is not new and not only in the US. It is a global UN push… transitioning to SEL. ☹️


I don’t have facts to back it up like some of the folks here do. But I get the gist. Business don’t start as “global companies” either. A new business always starts as a small, single thought in one persons mind. Some people are so impatient, that they don’t see that every concept and living thing begins small and incomplete. No amount of money, time, skill, or willpower can change that.


So, during RAVE, some DougCo HS students became involved. They said their experience was that they were taught to google, but not to think critically and question sources and sift thru the info and see what was reliable and what was garbage. It was very interesting to hear from their perspective. Scientific theory of what is valid and reliable information was completely absent from the curriculum.


George Carlin “They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying — lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want — they want MORE for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They DON’T want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that, that doesn’t help them. That’s against their interests. That’s right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around the kitchen table and figure out how badly they’re getting ****** by system that threw them overboard 30 ******’ years ago. They don’t want that. You know what they want? They want OBEDIENT WORKERS. OBEDIENT WORKERS. People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly ******** jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it. ”


Two things here: #1 businesses don’t even know what they want in employees other than the ability to keep up with the ever changing tech they have invested in which was supposed to make their business so much better but just seems to be taking up more time configuring, loading data into and trying to figure how to get data out of none of which really improves their bottom line and #2 if businesses don’t really know what skills they want what makes anyone think that teachers or even curriculum writers will he able to design effective lessons to teach those unknown skills?


So much I would like to say about that video. Relying on the internet is not critical thinking. And passing out data collection, radiation emitters (cellphones and wireless devices) to children is enabling an addiction. The kids are better off without screens that they can take home. Social media and screen use are literally linked to depression and teen suicide. The entities promoting screens are doing so without accepting liability or risk.
Maybe parents Should make them sign a liability contract.


It’s very disturbing how they are using children. And worrisome as to what gaps we’ll have in important fields in the future.


And yet another post from said group:

This was just sent to me. I’m on his email list. New course on Big Data and Learning Analytics at UPenn, a future ready regional partner. Remember, Judith Rodin, former Rockefeller Foundation president, created social impact investment sector. Example of readings below:

Reports for Parents
 Broderick, Z., DeNolf, K., Dufault, J., Heffernan, N. & Heffernan, C. (2012). Increasing Parent
Engagement in Student Learning Using an Intelligent Tutoring System with Automated
Messages. Journal of Interactive Learning Research.
 Bergman, P. (n.d.) Parent-Child Information Frictions and Human Capital Investment: Evidence
from a Field Experiment Investment. White paper.


And yet another post:

“The goal of the study is to gather information on children’s cognitive and social-emotional skills as well as characteristics of their home and early education environments. Direct assessment, including actual samples of student work, will measure the domains of emerging literacy and numeracy, executive function, and empathy and trust. Children will be expected to do their work on a tablet, devoting approximately 15 minutes to each domain over a period of two days. Indirect assessment—parents’ and staff reports and administrator observations—will focus on cognitive and social-emotional skills. By participating in the study, OECD asserts, member nations will have access to the primary factors that drive or thwart early learning, developing a common framework and benchmarks.”

At a Massachusetts high school, the term “freshmen” has been replaced with “first years” to make it more “gender neutral”:

Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

With regards to homeschoolers, 529’s, and the Cruz amendment, Will Estrada, Director of Federal Relations, HSLDA told me in a comment that parents NOT the IRS/government will decide what is an eligible homeschooling expense. That seemed very hard to believe. Estrada provided no support for his claim instead insisting that I was wrong and “fear mongering.”

PBS looked into the amendment. Here is what they say,

(quote)”Can you explain the amendment that passed regarding public schools and deductions for private school tuition?

This really changes how the government looks at K-12 education. Until now, the government’s sole role has been with public education. Now, this is a government incentive, in a way, for families to not choose public school, but instead to save up if they want for private high school or to keep their kids at home. It would probably be up to the Department of Education to decide what qualifies for this homeschooling 529 deduction.@

This would be a big change, philosophically, for the country and certainly represents where Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is, but Democrats have major problems with it.” (end quote)

This is a “government incentive.” That is what Race to the Top was as well. But they could only affect public education. With this amendment they can now have a means to affect private and homeschooling.

And notice this is a plan to “save up” if they want “private high school or to keep their kids at home.”

That is exactly what I was saying. These accounts are not going to help a homeschool parent with their immediate homeschool expenses. The only way these accounts make sense if if the AFTER tax dollars sit for a meaningful period of time. Few homeschooling parents, most with large families on a single income, have the available AFTER tax income to set aside to grow in an account. And if they did, they are using it to save it for college expenses.

[name withheld] a homeschool parent and CPA from Ohio concurs and wrote on my FB page the following comment,

“I don’t see 529s being helpful for current homeschool expenses. There is not time for the funds to grow….I agree that not many Homeschool families have enough money to save for college AND use a 529 for current expenses. I had tax clients with kids in private schools and none of them use Coverdell ESAs for current educational expenses.. ” (excerpt)

She also said she believed it would that it would be Congress not the parents that would determine what is an eligible homeschool expense..

So what is the real reason that conservatives like @HSLDA, Estrada, Cruz, Colbeck, and DeVos and so many others want to expand the role of the feds into private and home education?


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

I am concerned , because my granddaughter is in the third grade,i have no idea what they are doing most of the time,Thus far the last four weeks they are no longer reading in Their reader “no” stories,now Oly sending home things about plays,poems, regular spelling words.At this point I’m trying g to find out about the common core method,i have no book,and I want to help her all I can dodge can Excell not go backwards ,At a loss!!!!!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Sleuthy parents do make a difference. 👊🏼

“Turns out, school districts across Texas were getting paid to ship highly private, student information, including medical and social welfare, reports to a year-old, private, data mining company named SPEDx.

“There’s just a lot of sensitive information in there that we don’t want to get in the hands of the wrong people,” said Maggie Suter, founding member of Texans for Special Education Reform and the mother of a son challenged with Down Syndrome.”

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is another example of the meanness that has ensued from a teacher who knows writing is not a common core goal. Because of this, teachers FEAR giving their students ANY leaveway. This was a sore point between me and the district. Not being able to keep up with handwriting is a detector of a learning disability. What a mess…I had IEP’s that had goals to help students write who could not write. Yet…my principal told me to stop teaching handwriting. I gave out personally designed DOTTED LINE ALPHABET SHEETS of each students’ name as well as practice sheets I myself designed for them. I bought a TEACHERS FONT program to be able to help them at least write their name. Installed it in my computer so I could type up individual needs. When I couldn’t give those to them anymore or use class time to teach them, I called it an art project and sent packets home as extra-curricular, non- graded material. My principal made that a point of insubordination, made me do a teacher evaluation that year (I had just passed a 3 year requirement to detect teachers being highly qualified or not, and passed all the new Praxis examinations so I wasn’t supposed to HAVE TO do this again for 3 years). He warned me in a way that said if I taught handwriting to my students I would be fired.

handwriting tyranny

And here are some replies to said post:

This is in our Utah schools NOW. Parents need to attend state board meetings and demand parent input. There is one tomorrow in which it is expected to adopt science standards in Utah. I have posted the sound bites of when the same legislators told us they would not be adopting any science standards. Yet…tomorrow they are doing so. The lion is being led into our sheep gate.


Cursive is sooooo important! I hate that they won’t let you teaching, that means it falls To parents to teach it. Will they?


The bottom line is control. Schools train our children to give total control to an authority figure, ultimately, the government. And only trust that authority.


Glad to hear some people are aware…teachers are afraid NOT to warn kids because THEY have been warned about their jobs. Handwriting is no longer curriculum…it is keyboarding…putting kindergarteners in the computer lab after they can write their first and last name in arabic lettering (printing.)


Well my child would’ve been withdrawn from that school after the first warning.


Get that Dolt of a Teacher out of the system. Third grade is when students begin cursive writing. Do NOT allow this teacher to return as she is abusive conduct against an innocent child eager to learn and succeed.


I would also write a letter to her entirely in cursive.


Common core insists we don’t need cursive writing in our curriculum. Expect more crap like this…they have adopted the core under pressure from accepting federal funding and pass the rules on down to teachers. Then teachers, under this ridiculous regime we call a school district….pass on the stress like this to students.


I was told by a science teacher the other day that if my son needed extra help in his high school science class then I should’ve sent him to a private school…


Oh brother…well…it would be nice of him to say WHICH private school would work better. You have the right to tutor him in that subject if you want….the internet never turns a child away and EVERYONE has access to the curriculum. Not just teachers!!


Right! It was more his arrogance. He made it a point to tell us that his “scores” show he is an effective teacher and the data shows this and that, but he couldn’t have cared less about his students.


I am grateful that in Arizona they will start teaching cursive again. But there’s so much more to do still


This way, our kids and their kids cannot read our founding documents as they are all written in cursive…also everyone please attend the state board meeting tomorrow and stand against our state adopting NGSS standards


It’s not just our founding documents, it’s ANY of the old first source documents. They will have to rely on summaries of what was written.


When my daughter attended a public charter school this fall her friend would write in beautiful cursive. But she would always get in trouble for it. 1st grade. 😦


Yes, my son has beautiful cursive. He is in 11th grade. Had to do a whole 4pg report over – due to his teacher saying he could not write it in cursive. When my son complained, he was told “cursive is hard to read”. 😡


Cursive is not hard to read if students are given time to learn it right…and carefully taught. Unfortunately, they are not…The post office (from which my husband retired so this is HIS story) bought machines that can read just about ANY person’s handwriting. .decipher numbers, etc…I hope they didn’t invest in vain…


His writing is most definitely not, hard to read.
The teacher is being a control freak.
It infuriates me. It was ‘do what I say… or fail’.
Everyone is being forced to fit a ‘one size fits all’.


My daughter got things missed on a spelling test for this I was so mad.


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

Milestones Field testing is scheduled to start January 8th in Cobb, Fulton, and (maybe) Gwinnett Counties. (Other counties did these Field Tests last Fall, the hurricane kept these Counties from testing then.) This is a WASTE of your child’s time, their Teacher’s time, and your TAX dollars. Georgia Milestones Assessment Reading and Evidence-Based Writing Field Test COUNTS FOR NOTHING other than collecting DATA for the State so that they can build essay questions for future tests.

Send them a LOUD message and OPT OUT en masse! This has no academic value for your child and there is NOTHING TO GAIN by putting your kids through this. It is perfectly legal to OPT OUT or REFUSE to let them data mine your kids and use them as lab rats without your consent, to develop their future tests that will net SOMEONE a nice profit. Tell your BOARD OF ED and SUPERINTENDENTS that they need to STOP THIS WASTEFUL MEANINGLESS TESTING! REFUSE THE FIELD TESTS!!!


Now students are being taught that being a white male heterosexual who owns a car may make you “privileged”:

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