H-1B: It is NOT a Matter of Degree

I agree with this. Another exposé of the phony skills shortage.

Upon Closer inspection

As any reader should know, I consider the biggest obstacle — indeed a danger — to genuine reform of the H-1B work visa program (other than lack of political will) is what I call the Intels Good, Infosyses Bad (IGIB) myth. The presumption there is that the Indian firms such as Infosys who hire H-1Bs and “rent” them to U.S. employers are the main abusers of the visa program, while those who hire H-1Bs directly, say Intel, use the program responsibly. Actually, any legislation based on IGIB will be based on a false premise, and will likely make things worse, not better.

The latest attempt to justify IGIB is an article in today’s Quartz, which shows that the (a) Intels tend to pay more than do the Infosyses and (b) the Intel H-1Bs tend to have master’s degrees while the Infosys ones have only a bachelor’s. Both (a)…

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