Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 5


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The part 4 was getting kind of long so I decided to make a Part 5.

Here is a post from a Missouri anti-Common Core group:

Questions for this morning/Quick response needed:
Is there a process by which I can exempt my third graders from MAP testing? If so, can you please describe the process and/or link to an official website? One of my 3 third graders has her 2nd day of testing today (this morning, I believe).

Apparently, without notification, this testing began yesterday. I am new to the state and until this year did not allow any of my four elementary school children to participate in standardized testing.

Upon moving here, I decided to “let it go” but the way this has been handled (no notification of parents and now a teacher who sent an email stating “Unfortunately as far as I am aware it is not an option to not take the test.”, etc.)

I tried to find information on this topic on the MO education website without success. I did find this info:

“Tip #9: Prepare for testing day.
o Be aware of the testing schedule.
o Be certain that your child has had adequate rest (this may mean getting them used to an earlier bed time before the week of testing).
o Be on time for school.
o Avoid scheduling appointments that can be done at a later date.
o Dress your child in layered clothing. This way, the child may add clothing to get warmer or remove some clothing to be cooler.
o If your school allows it, make sure your child has a book to read when the testing session is complete.
o Have a positive attitude.”

Note, it’s difficult to follow these (logical) recommendations if the school does not disclose the testing dates.

Also, if she doesn’t complete the second day of testing but has completed the full math section, what happens to her scores?


And here are some replies to said post:

[Name withheld], students are currently taking the Common Core Standards-aligned test called the Missouri Assessment Program. Many parents have battled to get rid of CC and all that goes with it to no avail. I have heard from some parents that have had success in refusing the tests for their child, but most stories say the opposite – that they were told their child had to take the tests.

I would try if I were you and see where you end up. IF you are denied, there is something you can do to join in the fight to take back our educational system from federal control. Currently, there is an opt out bill on the table awaiting a hearing by the Senate Education Committee. It’s iffy, as to whether this bill will go very far, but to date we are hoping to have a hearing next week (Tuesday?). If you could come to Jeff City and testify in support of the bill, telling your story of not wanting your child to take these tests and being prevented from making decisions that are in the best interest of your child, that would be helpful. There are others on stand by to testify and many parents and teachers who have submitted written testimony. (Personal testimony holds more weight). Like I said, the bill may not progress but we’re trying…..

In my district, Raymor-Peculiar, I just inform the principal that my children will not take the test and they accommodate us. I know in others, it’s not as easy. I would try calling the principal or going to your child’s school this morning. I don’t ask how to opt them out. I inform the school my children will not take the test, in a respectful manner of course, and talk to them about alternatives for your kids during testing.

Unfortunately, in most schools in the U.S. now, we are no longer going to be able to change things by “being respectful”. Where has that strategy produced desired results? How much more do we take? How much?

I have friends in our district that has a twelve year old son , who is an honor student, that they have always opted out of testing. Administration and teachers do not like it, but it is an option in Missouri.

Not for everyone. Some districts give parents the run around and some just forbid it.

Really? I don’t see how they can legally do that. If there were a way to forbid it, I’m sure they would here because they get by with anything else. Oh, they try to make parents think they can’t, and make it difficult for the kids, by offering rewards for taking the test and leaving out the ones who don’t, but know they can’t do anything about it.

Actually isn’t it even ridiculous to even have to “opt out”? How can anyone opt out of something that they never “opted in” to begin with? Parents never gave schools the ok to accept fed $$ for something no one even knew what it was they would get in return ( “new learning standards”) aka Common Core. This is like a malpractice case. If a Doctor prescribed a pill that he said would make you better, and instead it killed you, that would be considered a malpractice offence in a court of law. Education was prescribed a pill, (common core), and it will kill the future minds of the United States. GUILTY! HANDS DOWN! a judge would say.

The following was written by a friend here in our district as part of her position platform while running for school board recently;

“I have opted my son out of taking the MAP test. I do not want the government collecting data on my son, and that is my right as a parent. He is about the only one who doesn’t take the test. If more parents would opt out of the test, we could have an impact.”

Her son is an honor student, and the school has allowed her request for several years. He is in 7th grade. I know of other parents that have done the same. Not taking the test will not cause them to fail or reflect on their grades.

The denial came from the superintendent. I called the president of the school board who said to write a letter/that parents should be able to opt out of testing.

My son has straight As – all year. One daughter has all As except for one B. Second daughter is all As and Bs and third daughter has all As/Bs except in the subject in which she has a diagnosed learning disability.

To say I’m angry is an understatement. I told the superintenent that I may withdraw them from school tomorrow – All four of them. Four kids from the same elementary school. He told me this is a school-specific and teacher-specific issue. I went to the school today and discussed this issue with 2 of the 3 third grade teachers who teach my three third-grade kids. They confirmed as does my text messaging that parents haven’t been notified. They can’t believe it either.

From what I have found, Missouri doesn’t have an official opt-out policy. I think it is up to each school district to make that decision or policy. The schools are required to administer the tests, and for the school to be in good standing with MO DESE, 95% of the students in each grade level have to participate. This will be the third year that I have opted my son out of testing. The first year, I spoke to the superintendent. He just told me that my son would have to sit quietly in the testing room with all of the other students. He could write or draw on the scrap paper that they give the students for the test or read a book. There were no problems. Last year, they gave a practice test before the official test. My son told his teacher that he was not supposed to take the test. The principal called me at work to confirm what my son had said. The principal was very nice, and there were no problems. This year, I contacted my son’s two teachers and the three administrative staff at his school to let them know that he would not be taking the test. A few days later, I received a letter from the superintendent stating that the school could not honor my request, and that all students were required to take the test. I have not replied to his letter, yet. I did not make a request. I made a command. I feel that it is my right as a parent to choose whether my son participates in the test or not. He will not be taking the test.

So, that’s the kicker…..95% to stay on good standing with DESE! How dare parents exercise their rights and create a problem with the state department that has a strangle hold on our kids now! Wow, that’s how important state and federal control are to the operation of our local schools! We desperately need the return of local control, get the government out of our classrooms and allow parents, teachers and local taxpayers (which by the way contributes about 90% of funding) to demand how and what our children are taught in our schools.

So now we have another college (Bunker Hill Community College) banning giving out copies of the Constitution:

Ug, an adult drag queen performance at a grade school talent show!   Speechless.

And here is a comment from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group on said article (Note, I don’t think they go to that school and that this is a separate incident from the article):

My daughters kindergarten teacher (a male) dressed up on drag last year. No sex act but totally weird. We moved.   He also had the kids sing a song with the chorus: “it’s not time to twerk, it’s time to work”. This was at the Christmastime school concert in front of all the parents. Everyone laughed as I froze in horror.  Public school, Santa Monica, CA.

Here is a post that was shared in the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

“Today I got a phone call from my third-grade son who was in the kind nurse’s office and crying. He proceeded to tell me about his jaw and how it was really hurting. I asked if he wanted to come home and he replied that he didn’t think he could because of EOGs. Of course you can, I said, it’s just a test.

‘If I don’t pass, I won’t go to fourth grade.’

I told him that wasn’t true. I got a letter telling me that you’re going to fourth grade, I said. I lied. How did it come to this? He’s a good student, only nine, and I’m reminded of his brother last year before the EOGs. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve talked to the principal and the teacher and we’ve all reassured him. I’ve met with the superintendent and talked to Governor Roy Cooper. I’ve written our senators and representatives and Mark Johnson, our state superintendent. Just today, I spoke quite a while to First Lady Cooper’s chief of staff who interestingly enough refuses to allow her children to participate in NC EOGs.

I can’t find one person that praises them or offers valuable benefits. I hear about showing growth, but who gives a sh*t? Schools at the top don’t grow, there’s no where to go. Tell me how EOGs and the pressure they bring benefit my family. What message are we sending to our children? How will they remember the days of elementary school? Will they remember the awesome teachers that nurtured them or will they only remember those tests? Tests that had little to do with amazing schools.

I am making a plea to the general public. Please share your thoughts and your experiences with anyone who is willing to listen and especially with those who don’t want to listen. Use your voice to speak for our children and our teachers. Think of Amos and the kids with special needs who are required to read passages even if they cannot read. Fifty years ago, a group of people lobbied for children of color to be integrated into the school system. Ten years later, a group of people fought for children with disabilities to have a right to public school access. Today, I ask you stand up and come forward and say no to EOGs. North Carolina, we can do so much better.”


Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

Dear NC Parents,

Please, speak up for your children. Go to your child’s teacher, your principal, your superintendent and then move on to the Department of Public Instruction. If something feels not right, it may be against the law or may just be a bad idea. No one knows how you feel, if you don’t speak up. You must speak up.

Yesterday, I reached out to the Department of Public Instruction for the zillionth time and shared the story of a NC school rewarding high test scores with a trip to Kings Dominion. DPI’s response? We are not a policing agency, I was told. Well, I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it smells fishy to me. If so, it would mean that districts are under no compelling reason to follow the law from a state level. If this is true, then why do our public schools cite the state as pressuring them? You can’t have it both ways.

This morning, I called and emailed the director of FERPA (Family Education Right to Privacy Act.) The worst that happens is that he tells me that I am wrong. At the end of the day, I am trying. Our children matter to me, not just my own and I have had it. The federal government has handed common core and testing on a silver platter and our states have run away with the utensils. Instead of proper eating, there is scavenging. Financial rewards are being bequeathed to third grade teachers who hit high scores and our schools get graded based on the results. As much as folks want to pretend poverty is insignificant, we know that it is an untruth. Our children, families, teachers, and principals should not be punished for teaching our children, really teaching, not testing.

The Governor told me to talk to his wife’s assistant. The state superintendent refuses to call me personally. The folks at DPI tell me that they don’t have a bone in this fight. Well, I’ll go down trying. I hope you’ll join me. If we all call one person today, maybe someone will listen.

Mark Johnson- NC Superintendent (919) 807-3430
Roy Cooper- Governor (919) 814-2000
FERMA (800) 872-5327
Don’t forget your House representatives!

Adrian H. Wood, PhD
Mother of four children (11,9, 7 & a 3 year old with extra special needs)
Writer/ Advocate/ Speaker…/mom-fed-end-…/story%3Fid%3D47866293

Maybe  Baltimore schools would do better if they focused more on education and less on racial social justice:

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

When I first started teaching elementary school aged students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, we were informed that it was a violation of the California Civil Code and the “rules” of LAUSD, for any teacher to “teach to the test!” Since then, there has been no notification of the repeal of THAT part of the California Civil Code, so when the philosophy changed, I still refused to teach to the test! I taught the First, Second and Third grade students through the years:

(1) how to learn on their own,
(2) analytical thinking skills
(3) critical thinking skills
(4) constructive thinking skills
(5) that just because one has a title doesn’t means that he/she is necessarily qualified to say or do whatever is being said or done.
(6) if anyone says something that causes questions, it is the students’ right and duty to call for evidence that clearly backs it up.
(7) each student is to be able to think for one’s self.

Six years ago, I was forced into an early retirement by a principal who had told me to make her “look good, by doing everything needed to get high test scores from each of my students, or (she) would write me up for insubordination for anything that (she) could!”

One must remember that the word, “school,” stems from a Greek word that meant, “…to Control, to Hinder, or to Retard!”

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Imagine a world where your child learns at his or her own pace.

A world where all the data of all the children is collected, compiled, researched, refined.

A world where all the data is used to determine how the children think in every ethnicity, gender and age group.

A world where the data is used to determine what will be taught and how the algorithms will be written to teach the children in the next phase of their learning.

A world where there is no teacher or parent interference between the child and the matter produced by the algorithm.

A world where the algorithm can be refined to produce a desired end result for the way children think, feel and respond socially, emotionally and academically to certain stimuli.

THAT is personalized learning and THAT is the model Texas is moving to.

Is that the world you want for your children? How will they achieve individualism? How will they become what they were created to be when they are driven by a manipulative system designed to engineer their thinking, socially, emotionally and for whatever is deemed “academically?”

Get to know personalized learning and soon. Your child will.

More attacks on prayer and the First Amendment by public school administrators:

Here is a post from a pro-Trump FB group:

Today my daughter got the gold award in Math at her school. Only one child gets a gold award in each subject: health, PE, Science, English. No one gets two gold awards.
My child also got the presidents academic achievement award. 50 people got the President’s achievement award. It is signed by Donald Trump. My daughter says a large number of recipients tore their award up because it is signed by Donald Trump.

So much for local control, eh President Trump:  

I applaud this girl’s civil disobedience against the God-hating school administration at Beaver High School in Beaver County, Pennsylvania: 

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Today’s Common Core Geometry Regents Exam. Once again hearing what an absolute disgrace it was. It appears that Educational Malpractice is being performed on our children. Where will it end?! When?! Our children are being burned in the flames of this fire. I’ve had enough!

And here are some replies to said post:

My daughter and her friends took it and they said it was the hardest test they have ever taken.

My niece a high school honors student and she missed my sons 8th Grade graduation today because my sister said she was so burned out from taking her regents.. guess now I understand why.. I thought the common core bs didn’t infiltrate high schools 😣and the worst part is there’s no opting out of regents like state testing!! it’s like fighting a losing terrible if this is what hs is gonna be like for my son

My son took the geometry regents also he said parts 3 and 4 were super hard and at least 2 questions he never learned at all. This is ridiculous. My son is a honor roll student and this has knocked his confidence down all year this course and now he regents really did him in.

t would be great if all the students with a tale to tell re. the Math Regents would write their experience briefly and mail them to their Regent. Give a little agita as the summer begins, and let them know how awful these useless tests are. Only 3 states to my knowledge use these sorts of tests – uncalled for

And the parents too. The kids who sat through this monster are drained and need adults to call SED and the Board of Regents. Power in numbers.

The Global Studies exam was extremely difficult, because they used anchor papers that seem to have been written by college level students. This means that it will be very difficult for students to do well on the writing.

And here is another post from said group:

This is a call to all NY educators and parents.

There is a group called “Multiple pathways to a diploma for all” and they are planning a trip to Albany July 17 th (BOR meeting)

This group is working tirelessly to try to change the RIDICULOUS regents requirements for a diploma.

Not sure if many of you are aware that a student can get 90s in their classes, yet if they fail the regents, they can be at risk for NOT getting a diploma.

For students with learning disabilities this is discrimination at the most basic level. These tests are such high stakes for these kids.

SOMETHING has to be done to change this mentality in NYS.

I am putting this out there for you to become members of this group and to join our fight.

Not for me, but for all the kids with learning disabilities. There has to be a better way.

Together we can create the change.

Another story of Islamic indoctrination in schools: 

More instances of free speech being silenced on college campuses: 

University of Alaska joins in on the Trump hate:  

The US Department of Education’s phony civil rights department has issued an internal memo stating that schools could be investigated for not using transgender pronouns.   I thought we got rid of this crap when Otraitor left!  Apparently not:  

So now some schools are making white students apologize to black students for “white privilege”: 

Looks like even Texas isn’t safe from the Gay Agenda: 

Looks like at least 100 colleges have social justice programs, minors, or majors:

Another intolerant school, I thought Alabama knew better, banning books: 

Here are some posts on a Breitbart anti-Common Core article:

I have two school teachers in my family and I have seen the common core curriculum. It is totally devoid of anything that would create a sound set of basic mathematical skills, K through 6. It is a nebulous model based system that has absolutely nothing founded on common sense. So, I do feel sorry for these kids. Also, if there was an inclination to teach “old school” math, many of the newest generation of teachers have very little grasp of the subject having been weened on socialist garbage concerning spinners and feel good classroom teaching methods.

I’ve noted the same. When my daughter told me she was not allowed to obtain a math answer by using the most direct route and my husband and I were dumbfounded that the methods being used to arrive at the answer to a problem took 3 times as long I knew that it would not be successful. It does, however, encourage children to really detest math.

When my youngest daughter was attending her method of math instruction class, her professors actually threatened to give her failing marks when she included “direct” methods based on math facts in her course work. Being an engineer, I was able to ensure she was able to check the common core instruction blocks in school and have a solid grounding in traditional methods of mathematics.

That’s exactly what my daughter experienced in high school. Of course with this same program they don’t care if children learn to spell (I didn’t believe my daughter until I verified with the teachers it was true) and writing is no longer taught either. You might even suspect they were hoping to dumb our children down! Good for you, my husband taught my daughter some of the direct methods for math as well, she just couldn’t use them for school without negative results and possible disciplinary action (ridiculous)!

Here is a post from a Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Today, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced her pick to become the new Chief Operating Officer of Federal Student Aid, touting A. Wayne Johnson’s “30 years of experience.” She forgot, however, to mention one important piece of that experience: His current job.

Johnson is the CEO of for-profit lender, Reunion Student Loan Services, BuzzFeed’s Molly Hensley-Clancy revealed soon after the press release announced the pick. Hensley-Clancy confirmed Johnson’s current status with the company after noticing his position on the company website and his personal CV. The Department of Education has yet to comment on the glaring omission.

Ummm…conflict of interest?!!!

Now North Carolina State University is blocking students from sharing their faith: 

Here is another post from the Massachusetts anti-Common Core group:

Wanted to share something that happened today. My 9 year old son and I went to a paint night kind of thing for parents with their kids, we just had a long week learning about our future struggles we will be facing with my 5 year old so I was looking forward to some quality time with my older one. Anyways, we started painting and I wasn’t sure he was enjoying it so I said how are you doing? And my son replied, are we being timed?
My heart sank!!!!!

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Look at Minnesota and opt out squashing!!

MInnesota will shortly be in the news in every state across America!!! Minnesota Dept of Ed has released their template for the ESSA State Plan. Minnesota students will now earn full ***points*** for exceeding or meeting standards, lesser ***points*** for partially meets standards. NO ***Points*** awarded for any student who opts out of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCAs-federal accountability test) who will be deemed as NOT PROFICIENT. This not proficient label has nothing to do with academic prowess, but only the student’s and families’ compliancy with federal/international testing and curriculum. The hearing is July 19th (Wednesday) 1:00 – 3:00pm in the State Office Building Rm 5.
“Indicator 1 – Academic Achievement: all schools An achievement index using math and reading tests will give half points for students in the “partially meets standards” achievement level and full points for students in the “meets standards” or “exceeds standards” levels. Any student that does not participate in an assessment, with the exception of medically-exempt students, will count as “not proficient” in the academic achievement indicator calculation.”

And here is a reply to said post:

I am a parent & have been with MACC for nearly 5 years. My eldest will graduate next year and have opted out of standardized testing since discovering that as a parent, I HAVE that right. We were fortunate because the district my child attends, never had a thing to say on opt-outs…until this Spring of 2017, when the MN Dept of Ed started issuing ‘scripts’ for principals on DIS-couraging opt-outs. My child was a Junior in HS this year – do you think these tests have ANYTHING to do with my child’s outcome in college? In life? I now have a child heading into Kindergarten this fall, namely a private school. They are doing on-line standardized testing twice per year. With this legislation, it appears ALL schools (public, private & charter) will be affected by ESSA. They are TRAMPLING on parent rights AND only punishing the child.

NOTE: From the office of State Legislative Auditor:
The State spends over $19.2 on the MCA (which the state now wants to increase participation in to gather more data by giving students who are opted-out a “not proficient” rating, rather than just “did not participate”).
This does not include $$ spent by districts to provide the MCA.
That money goes to Pearson for collecting the data and they distribute it to the state, the federal government, and other outside commercial interests.

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

(Shared from another site. Edited to add that Washington IS part of this)
Please #Share. This is something we can DO. Alert parents that this is happening. Two states (GA and TN) have already dropped out.

Washington is partnered with CASEL, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. CASEL’s mission is to gather personal information about students’ emotional behavior, and **turn emotion into a standard** to rank and measure children. Interesting to note that CASEL played a role in providing guidance on ESSA, and CASEL is partially funded by the federal government. And now CAEL is partnering directly with districts and states to collect SEL data and help build these national emotional standards.

Looks like the University of Wisconsin-Madison is hiring a “Social Justice Specialist” to “promote a safe campus climate for minority students, LGBTQ students, women, and other historically marginalized groups”:

And yet more “Social Justice” programs in colleges, this time in Philadelphia: 

Here is a post that is in response to an article about Common Core:

Choice-Vouchers-Education Savings Accounts-Common Core-testing-data collection-curriclum is all one complete package. You truly cannot be against one and not all because they are all attached and all needed to move the progressive agenda of changing attitudes, values and the belief system of all future generations of American children to a successful conclusion. Charters, Vouchers and Education Savings Accounts is how they will destroy traditional public schools, private, religious and home school. The real intent or agenda is not to provide choice but to do quite the opposite. What parents will end up with is choice of location for their child’s education but no choice in what they will be taught. The system for it to succeed MUST have ALL children in the system. There can be no outliers. Charters-Vouchers-ESAs is how they will accomplish that. So you can take that voucher and go to a private schools, or a home school family can take that ESA, or you can send you child to a Charter school but all of these so called choices will be teaching the same thing. The federal government and state government never give any money for anything without strings attached.

Here is a post, written by a friend of mine, that was share in a Rhode Island anti-Common Core group:

Schools have been moving away from teaching academics toward skills training – for workforce labor. Workforce development has nothing to do with self-selecting career choices and building a resume to that end.

Workforce labor development is a pre-selected path based on external information, not driven by a student’s dreams, desires or determination.

This teaching model is a departure from Classical Approach for Education to BF Skinner’s Behavior Modification model of education.

If an expectation is not met, a child must repeat the drill again and again until they meet the predetermined outcome.

No need to prepare and no need to strive to do better; just do enough to get by and move on to the next standard. Subject matter will be broken down and compartmentalized.

A set of pre-determined expectations are the gate keeper to moving to the next compartmentalized subject matter.

No need to prepare; they just need to know how to properly respond by hitting the correct button. This will enforce compliance.

Does this sound like the development of creative, innovative and independent thinkers? Or does this sound more like training pigeons?

Does this sound like we are creating competitive opportunities for them?
Please consider this:

Independent, creative students will become the job creators.

Students who can manage the pressure of competition will succeed and thrive with the future challenges they will face.

The highest achievers and lowest achievers are either disheartened or disenfranchised, respectively.

The incessant, constant testing of each tiny, segregated standard has disemboweled every subject matter.

Learning is not linear!
The whole picture is lost to them.

Truth and knowledge are irrelevant.

Students will be sorted and ranked using psychometric (behavioral) data collected.

A child’s behavior, attitude, belief system and attributes will determine a child’s ‘value’

Children are referred to as human capital for the global labor market.

A premium is set for a student to know how to respond to a series of questions not what is of value and substance. The former is a subjective (opinion based) assessment; the latter is the only quantifiable (factual) assessment.

Like a rat navigating a maze in a lab, children are expected to navigate the useless information with a mouse to complete their test on time.

Behavior modification SEL(social emotional learning is all the rage now via laptops aka personalized learning) has nothing to do with true education, that of acquiring knowledge, using logic, or assessing truth. But this is the focus in education now, especially with CBE competency based education.

And here are some replies to said post:

The most troubling thing to me is the parents. They are so conditioned to accept and trust authority they are intentionally blind to this. If a child questions the teacher when they don’t understand something, they are told they are. Ring disruptive.. and sent to hallway to sit or to principles office to sit.

Teachers should be encouraging questions. That gives them a window into the student’s thought process, as well as letting the student know that questions lead to clarification and/or new insights. Part of what really disturbs me in the mania for online digital modules is that the student is led along by the nose and has no chance to ask questions!

We were taught NOT to sit in front of tv .. get outside… watched parents bombarded with messages their kids should not be on computers nor tv so much.. yet everywhere I go.. that damn smart phone is magnetized to adults heads.. and kids follow suit.. and parents ignore their kids as they are too busy on their phones.. it’s criminal. I have to tell people who visit to put phones down while here.. it’s rude to those expecting social interaction.

Evergreen State College is asking professors to boost the grades of students who are protesting:  

Georgia State University has joined the Social Justice brigade: 

Whitman College has canceled classes for a “Power and Privilege Symposium”: 

Grand Valley State University is offering scholarships for students to attend a “White Privilege Conference”: 

Here is a post from a Washington anti-Common Core group:

Under OSPI’s plan for ESSA, they think locking us into Common Core and Smarter Balanced will produce this under:
1.1.A Academic Achievement
(see chart)
“Some of the important aspects or properties of this goal setting strategy and measure include the following:
• The measure is closely aligned with Washington’s vision of all students meeting career and college ready standards.
• The measure values proficiency and growth to proficiency.
• Annual improvement steps are ambitious and attainable.
• Learning gaps are cut by one-half after ten years and are designed to be eliminated after 20 years
*The endpoint goal of 100 percent meeting standard or on-track to meeting standard is designed for all student groups at all schools.
“Washington fully implemented the Smarter Balanced assessments in the 2014–15 and 2015–16 school years, so there are two years of assessment results from which to compute adequate growth percentiles, using the Smarter Balanced student growth percentile data. Washington is generating adequate growth percentiles, and will conduct analyses to be sure the inclusion of adequate growth for purposes of goal-setting in the achievement measure (students who are proficient plus those that are on track to being proficient) is reliable and meaningful. Washington proposes to use the 2016–17 state assessment results (including adequate growth) as the baseline.”

sad Washington state

And here are some replies to said post:

According to the WEA feedback in the nearly 500 page document for ESSA comments:
“1.1.A. Academic Achievement
“Washington proposes setting long-term goals that are ambitious and achievable, but also innovative.” This portion of the plan outlines long-term goals and interim measures at a level of detail not discussed or agreed to in the ESSA workgroups or by the Consolidated Plan Team. There was no consensus reached to stick with the failed hundred percent goals of NCLB moving forward under ESSA. It is difficult to understand how these ambitious goals can be considered “innovative” as they are not only similar to the
failed unrealistic goals under NCLB, but the goals are set without regard to actual student growth or any guarantee of resources to help address these gaps. There is nothing innovative about setting goals with no supports or resources to achieve them. Areas of concern include:
• The draft plan includes a goal of 100% of students to standard, or on-track to standard in elementary and middle school, in 20 years and in 10 years, to cut the “learning gap” in half. In HS, students would need to reach proficiency. There was no consensus reached by the either the Accountability Workgroup or Consolidated Plan Team to reach 100% student proficiency within
twenty years, and 90% proficiency in ten-years for all student sub-groups. While we would agree that this is an ambitious goal, the state in their plan provides no evidence that this is an achievable goal and does not offer a different system of support to close these gaps.”

They must be smoking weed when they thought of this possibility.

We don’t even know what the state of Education will look like in 10-15 years. Actually we sort of do and it’s a very sad direction.

And here are some other posts from said group, concerning an article on changing grading policy in Maine:

I’ve been out of teaching for four years, but I did the 1-4 standards based grading system in Federal Way for several years before I left. It’s been here a while, at least at the elementary level. I’m sure they’ll continue to pay outside advisors though. 😕

Federal Way has been the start of all these reforms with Tom Vander Ark. It’s so sad how we are reducing kids into data. Thank you for all your hard work for the kids!

When Lake Washington went from junior highs to middle schools there was a lot of discussion about standards based grading for middle schools. I left about then so I am not sure about all the details but it was not implemented. The author hits one point very well, it tends to make things more opaque for parents. Letter grades are easily understood by all. A good teacher will talk with parents and students about what problems there are that might lead to that 72 and an online grade book can certainly show deficits.
Just another fad. Every few years, the educrats come up with the next silver bullet that will fix our schools. A bunch of time and money is spent and 5-10 years into it everyone realizes that the silver bullet doesn’t work and we move on to the next one.

I sure hope we figure it out soon that the current fad just isn’t working. We’re at about the five year mark here in WA. I’ve only seen things decline, not improve. If I’m wrong, I’d love to see the proof (but not by a Gates backed study). 😉

Yes, grades only decline under competency based grading. It’s called grade compression.


I was raised and educated with a grading system of A,B,C,D,F. Some of these grading letters had plus or minus signs and they worked perfect for hundreds of years. At least you knew if you were doing good in school or not. Simple, A and B’s you were excelling, C’s represented boarder line and you need improvement. F- meant you failed the course. How much simpler do you want?
This new grading system that comes with Common Core really sucks and is confusing.When a parent has to approach a teacher to ask what the grade means, then you need to change it. My Dad always told me , :If it is NOT broken, Don’t fix it”. Common Core, however, is a broken idea and it should be tossed out the window and go back to basic math, basic grading and basic common sense. If you want to change the education system, change how you teach, what you teach and change the class room settings. Make classes more interesting, have more one on ones, and keep government and politics out of it. Students need to be challenged and they should be more competitive. You don’t hand out trophies or awards or passing grades to all students because you do not want to hurt their feelings. What is wrong with all you people?


My kids got all 3’s and 4’s this year, and that means different things for different teachers. 🙄


It’s not supposed to. They are supposed to follow w the rubrics. But of course they know best and not some stupid rubric.
3’s and 4’s don’t tell much. An A is an A. A D is a D. 91 is much better than a 73. 3’s and 4’s stink. Again, if it ain’t broke don’t try something just because a few, with vested interests, say, “it will be good (better) for you”
Competency based grading is all about ELIMINATING ACHIEVEMENT GAPS. If you get rid of the 100 point precision in grading for a 4 point system, there are fewer GAPS to close. It’s all about helping the slower students (and de facto slowing down the faster students).
 confused about why you would want to slow down faster students? That seems contrary to education by definition? 
I was asking about the Common Core tests and found out the following information from people in an anti-Common Core group:
These tests are time consuming, long and not appropriate grade level or questions they ask about your personal life and or family life. They sit there and read these questions and what goes through their mind is “Why are they asking me this?!” ” I didn’t learn this yet, IDK! Then their anxiety rises and the begin to fidget. And feel their eyeballs are going to pop out by starring at the screen. We have countless testing We have career cruising NEWA, SAT, ACT, M-Step, surveys, including end of lesson exams. When I was in high school, I didn’t have to take them. Now it is a requirement for you to take college entrance exams or you won’t be able to walk across the stage to get your diploma. And Now , the states. Like Chicago, they will not let kids leave high school until they are out in college, a trade school or you are employed full time with benefits. Compulsory Ed ends at 18.
Also they are “graded” by AIR which is a behavioral institute— they are recording/storing way more then just the scores. The questions have implications used to “pick their brains”. Conveniently obama gutted FERPA which effectively bypasses parental rights and HIPPA to store mental & behavioral info on our kids WITHOUT parental permission or knowledge.
Here is a reply to an article on an anti-Common Core friend’s page that mentioned the AP classes:
The AP system is a way for the government to circumvent true teaching and learning and instead create a forced educational grid that all students have to fit through….ultimately dictating what they believe. That being said, I am teaching an AP history class this year…..but my goal is to really teach history and show my students how to think and help them fight through the system. I kid you not, almost every essay question on last year’s test had to do with women’s rights….I mean, really??? From 1450-2016 and you can only come up with questions on women??? I can honestly say that none of my history classes in college were taught in the AP style… is very watered down. And I think that they believe if they are pushing tons of content then somehow they are at college level, when in reality that isn’t it at all.
Here is a post shared on an anti-Common Core person’s page:

“…To take away play and replace it with “rigor,” is simply a way to start controlling children’s minds at a younger age.

I teach middle school. Even at this age kids could certainly use recess. But, no. That would be a waste of time when there are so many requirements to slog through.

I’m beginning to think that the entire goal of “education” is to make kids hate learning so much that they are relieved to land a job out of college where all they have to do is perform like a trained seal. Isn’t that what socialists want?

I think it was Ebenezer Scrooge who used the term “thrifty working class” to describe those of the populace whom he loathed. I would add the word “ignorant” to Mr. Scrooge’s description. The elite hate the working class and want them to remain ignorant and devoid of the curiosity that sets Americans apart in medicine, science, politics, and education. The elite also want to control long held views on all things having to do with morality.

Where better to foment change than in public schools with the very youngest and most vulnerable? Certainly, perversion of sexuality will be part of the programming of those preschoolers. In short, the control of minds, bodies, and morality is a curse being forced upon our children when they are away from parents who have entrusted them (often blindly), to university-programmed teachers.

To rise up means that we are racist, backwards, homophobes, who are intolerant and too religious. Welcome to Europe, where many countries have done the slippery slide from which there is no return.

The health care system in England has decided that for Charlie Gard, it, for all intents and purposes, is his parent. That is exactly where this country is headed.

Our education system is corrupting minds at younger and younger ages, with adults allowing it to happen.”

And here are some replies to said post:
Ah! Praising God that this teacher woke up. Praying more teachers will wake up and realize that the public school system was designed, from its inception, to control the masses.
We need to pray that they will be able to speak out about what is happening without fear of losing their jobs and pensions! If teachers could tell us what’s really going on, it would be stopped.
The system cannot allow that. It cannot be reformed. The foundation was flawed from the beginninng. The system must be abandoned. But God is able to meet the needs of teachers. That is why I have been praying that Christian educators will create God-honoring, parent empowering alternatives to the taxpayer funded system.
I used to think it could be reformed. I don’t think so anymore. It needs a reset. I advocate homeschooling.

I’m the teacher who wrote the above piece. I didn’t start teaching until I was already about 20 years older than most new teachers. My biggest question has always been, why fix what was never broken? But true education is no longer the goal of this institution.

We who are older, and perhaps a bit wiser, know that nothing was broken that required a radical overhaul. Instead, we watched as little by little, indoctrination and control of the masses became the new standard to rise to. It was like herding cattle through a chute. Thus, the push for earlier control, the need to keep parents out of the decision-making process, the expulsion of wise teachers, and the convoluted mess of socialism filled the school rooms of public education.

Those who seek to control use words that sound benign to describe the garbage that is spewed onto our children, and parents applaud the move toward a glorious future without knowing the truth, and in many cases not caring to know. In defense of parents, the system is a pea soup of well-financed big words and bigger programs that only the most astute and energized parents could begin to tackle.

There are way too many people at the top who have been bought out. The question is, where does anyone begin? Washington? The state legislatures? Local districts? As a teacher, if I speak out, I am a disgruntled employee. Suddenly, my reviews are terrible and I am forced to disappear. This has happened to others. Again…where do we begin?



Here’s another instance of anti-Trump indoctrination in schools, this one in Plainfield, Illinois: 

anti-trump indoctrination

Here is a comment someone made in reply to the article above:

We had a similar incident in our Junior High a few years back. My daughter was in a Social Studies class and brought homework home that suggested that Mitt Romney was less than qualified to run against Obama.
As a member of our Board of Education, I took the homework to the district Superintendent and allowed him to handle it. The teacher was disciplined and to this day, that teacher knows to keep their politics out of the classroom. The teacher was reprimanded and the disciplinary action was added to his professional file. In accordance with the negotiated agreement between the district and the Union, this was all that we could do.
My point is, don’t be to quick to judge the district on this. Believe it or not, this is NOT an offense that is worthy of termination of a teacher according to most Union contracts. The district does have avenues to enforce discipline, but unless this teacher has already gone through disciplinary actions in the past, chances are, all the district will be able to do, is slap her on the wrist.


And here is another comment:

The most disturbing issue for me is the school administration and their attitude: “We are conducting an inquiry and review of the matter and if warranted, will take appropriate disciplinary action.”
If warranted!?! A conservative teacher would have been gone before any inquiry could have been started!


And yet another comment:

Over 30 yrs. ago, I lived in the Fla. Keys and my husband and I had a charter boat business. My 2nd grade son was having trouble with some homework on ’social skills’ or something. The question was ”You are fishing and haven’t caught anything in an hour. Some kids come and start swimming. Do you A) stop fishing and join them, or B) Give up and go home. He said he wouldn’t do either. I asked what he would do. He said ”I would ask them to move down a ways because I was fishing and they were scaring the fish.” It made perfect sense to me and I told him to write that in . My husband and I got a request for a ’Parent/Teacher meeting! LOLOLOL! She said it was very ’anti-social.’ My husband spit back ”Yes,..Those other children were very thoughtless to disturb the person fishing. Totally rude and unacceptable.” My kid was raised to respect others when fishing and from on shore or out in one of our boats, you keep your distance from fellow fisherman/ women. If on the water, you don’t want lines tangled, and what idiot would go swimming when they see a person with a sharp hook in the water? The teacher AND the school got worse on him. Fortunately we moved a few months later, but trying to control our children goes back decades. I found many of the questions given to the kids to be ”You MUST make this choice. You MUST join the others. You are WRONG to think differently.” (What political party comes to mind?)


And still yet another comment:

The ”fake news” meme started immediately after Trump’s election with Media Matters demanding entities like Facebook and Google comply with its demands (which they did).

The question about ”non-biased news” is tailored to allude to that ”fake news” meme.

I doubt any eighth grader is aware of European countries sanitizing their reporting on Islamist activities and news that is not flattering to muslims over there so asking them for a one line opinion is naive at best. Unless of course you’re trying to get the children to believe that Trump falsely accused them…another meme of the left.

Context little guy….I told you already…context.

Yes…that does look like pretty liberal stuff right there despite your best efforts to whitewash it.


Here are some posts I’ve found on The Conservative Hammer Facebook page:

I am 49 years old , a freshman in college, taking a sociology class for my degree in history… one other conservative in my class and he too is a Marine… 24 years old and can’t understand how screwed up the rest of our class is…. I speak up I speak out, I argue with facts… the snowflakes start to agree with logic until they realize what they are doing… that is what is scary…. yes buy guns and lots of ammo!!!   The liberal bullshit the first day made me almost need one of my nitrostat pills…. it is insane! And it is a small local community college…. wife said wait until you have to take psychology… oh boy and then my 4 year school… no wonder our kids are screwed!!!


My 18 year old son gets it. His first year of college here in Ft Worth was a total waste of time. He couldn’t believe the crap they were spewing.


In San Diego, parents are pushing back against inappropriate sex ed curriculum:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My daughter was told by Weber School District Superintendent, Jeff Stephens, that SAGE testing protects individual student data. He said no personally identifiable info leaves Weber District. Does anyone know if this is true?


And here is a reply to said post:

The SAGE is taken on servers belonging to the test vendor AIR. They aren’t even located in utah. All the PII data is uploaded by the State to AIR. There is no way that’s true. The data doesn’t even stay in Weber County.


And here is another post from said group:

So I sat down to a game of cards the other night with family and the scoring of the game involved counting the cards you played, which were worth 1 point, and subtracting the cards you didn’t play, which were worth 2 points. My 20 yr old niece could count her cards, but she could not figure out the total of the 2 point cards, nor subtract that total from the 1 point cards. She had to have someone else figure out her total points every hand because she could not do the math in her head. #commoncorefail  


Here is a post from a Georgia anti-Common Core group:

To all my fellow Common Core haters, there is another issue that we need to fight for, and that is Summer Vacation! With the first school system in the state set to start classes a week from this Friday, we as parents need to work together to return to schools having summer vacation, instead of the current Spring Vacation. The only way to do that seems counterintuitive to what we want, but we need the State Legislature to set a statewide school start date, like many other states. The most commonly used date is the Wednesday following Labor Day (which is the unofficial end of summer).

If you look at the start dates across the state, it is very possible that someone moves from one of the counties that starts after Labor Day to Rockdale County, which is the first system to start in the state, and will in effect have missed more than a whole month of school. That is ridiculous! If the start date is set statewide, to after Labor Day, it will eliminate that potential month gap in education, it will keep our kids out of the ovens called school busses, and trust me, I used to drive one, they can be extremely hot in August, and it starts cooling down in September, as fall arrives. Our children are in school more during the hot summer than they do in the cooler spring.

We need to push our State Senators and Representatives, to reign in the school calendars, and set a single day to start school’s statewide, and make it after Labor Day. I saw a story on one of the Atlanta Channels about this, and they say that it is just as hot in September as it is in August. Well duh, do you want children to suffer in 110 degree school busses for two months or only one? How about wanting your young children having to go outside for recess in 100 degree August weather? Look for a petition to be started soon to push the Legislature to pass legislation to ensure the safety of our young generation.


And here is a reply to said post:

From everything I’ve read this schedule of starting the last week of July or first week of August is again all due to to TESTING! It gives the teachers more time before testing to force it down the kids throats and then just a couple weeks after they are done. If they started in September they would miss a whole month or or more of test cramming. That’s their logic, I think it’s ridiculous!


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

NYS Regents should be disbanded, they do not represent parents as the go between with StateEd as they were intended, they are an expansion of NY Education Department. Appointed by a body of Assembly democrat-led
legislators, that work hand in hand with the governors appointed Commissioner of Ed Elia that was a disaster in Florida, they have ignored and/or watered down any decent legislation to protect children from continued doubling down of rebranded education malpractice.


Here is a post someone made in an anti-Common Core group in response to a question of mine about the Opt Out movement:

Opt out was first created by the PTA on NYC as a reaction to the use of common core testing. These tests have not passed reliability or validity testing. They were being used to rank and rate students. 2/3 of all students were ranked as below proficient on these tests and they had real life consequences for students and families. (Some testing questions that actually came to light had questions that were inappropriate and out raged parents. In addition some questions had no correct answers or multiple answers. Many questions were two or more years above common core grade level expectations). The passing rate was arbitrarily set to guarantee the failure rate as a way to undermine public schools. In addition the FERPA rules where changed that decreased the right of student privacy. All of these changes were created without parent or teacher input. Some tried to say it was the union that started the opt out movement. Not true, teachers were threatened with loss of credentials if they fought against the testing.

50% of teachers accountability was tied to these tests. Many teachers were graded as incompetent based on scores of students they had never taught in both New York and Florida. California posted teacher scores in the local Newspaper. Many teachers particularly in poorer districts lost their jobs based on these tests. Some of them were outstanding award winning educators. Many educators fled the state. Many schools were functioning with long term subs or TFA teachers. These teachers were given full teaching credentials after only five weeks of training and placed in schools with a two year contact. This left a lot of schools in turmoil.

When parents contacted their school boards to address their concerns, the school board refused to listen. At one time, when it became apparent that parents, teachers and parents had concerns, the school board walked out of the meetings and cancelled others. Parents then began to picket in front of their school boards homes and places of business. They got no response. This is when the opt out movement started. If the system is deprived of data the whole system fails.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Warning! Sit down. This is why students in NYS are losing quality education. This just in from NYSUT President Andy Pollatta HOLY LYING SPIN!

“How to measure progress? That’s great question. In the fight to reduce standardized testing and return decision-making to classroom teachers, some critics say New York is moving too slowly.

They say: There’s too much testing! Let teachers teach!

In response to that fierce criticism, the Board of Regents took an important step recently to address the widespread belief by parents and educators that New York State tests students far too much.

(DUH! And what happened? Local testing eliminated in favor of common core standardized testing, SLOs and surveys!)

The Regents reduced standardized testing in English Language Arts and Math from six days to four days … a 33 percent decrease that will re-capture two additional days next year for teaching and learning. I applauded that move as a positive step.

(BIG DEAL! It’s still common core standardized flawed testing for FOUR DAYS! Stop participating in the problem, stop administering the TESTS! It’s not rocket science! This IS NOT WINNING!)

However, the State Education Department also placed a gag order on teachers that prohibited them from discussing Regents’ exams.

NYSUT – the union I lead – jumped in on behalf of teachers. Teachers are professionals who must be free to speak out if they believe test questions are unfair … or contain errors that would hurt their students. We insisted on transparency in testing and the Department quickly responded to our concerns. The gag order was rescinded and now teachers can communicate about the exams after they are fully administered.

(AFTER ABUSE HAS BEEN ADMINISTERED! Really? Andy! Spineless useless tool)

I see both of these as signs of slow, steady progress.

(No! No it’s not! Here’s a clue: why is NYS requiring FIVE exams of ALL students to graduate? You’re supposed to be the smartest in the room?! Gag!)

Teachers and parents, working together, are in the process of banishing the test-and-punish agenda to the ash heap of history.

(Test and punish still exists, who are you kidding?!)

Under pressure from parents, teachers and teachers’ unions, New York has shortened both the number of questions on state tests and – now – the number of days devoted to standardized testing.

(Still failing to get it huh?)

Under pressure from teachers and parents, the Common Core is gone. Good riddance!

(THIS IS RICH! Your Union in conjunction with the Nations largest teachers unions eviscerated Secretary of Ed DeVos for making a similar statement!
ARE YOU SERIOUSLY SAYING COMMON CORE IS GONE?! Holy dumb! It’s a friggin REBRAND that’s WORSE on younger students!)!!!

Instead, New York is in the process of adopting Next Generation standards.


Together, we’ve won a moratorium on the use of invalid and inaccurate Common Core tests. These flawed tests can’t be used to hurt students or educators – a decision that came because of the powerful opt-out movement led by parents and teachers.

(No accountability for doing what you do every day, all year, and collect a paycheck for being willingly COMPLICIT! BUT continues to CRUSH STUDENTS! Not feeling the love or witnessing the protection of students and yes they do HURT)

Whether this progress is too slow … about right … or downright quick, I’ll leave to others. But I will say the progress we made this year is real and is having a positive impact on the classroom. Teaching and learning is winning out over testing. Little by little, a little is becoming a lot.

(ICYMI NYS is full speed ahead with testing, reforms, data mining, SEL that is embedded in CBE THAT WILL RENDER TEACHERS AS FACILITATORS! See yesterday’s 6-Hour Board of Regents meeting dumbass!)

In the fall, the state will turn its attention to how teachers should be evaluated. That’s the next battle, and it is going to be a difficult one. Teachers want their evaluations to be fair and meaningful.

(Used kids as tools with Opt Out for your 3 year moratorium and FAILED to protect kids! Best of luck! Tick-Tock!!
This parent is no longer advocating a failed action that left kids being used, abused, data mined, targeted by your members for politics and teacher protections!)

They want evaluations to be decided locally… by their own communities. To borrow a cliché … one size does not fit all. And, they don’t want to be judged by how their students perform on a standardized test of dubious value.

(Project Pipeline that stacked Boards of Ed with union friendly pro reform members and challenged parents from gaining seats! Local control the big LIE!)

I know that teachers and parents are going to press just as strongly. And, I’m confident that we will not only make progress, but we will prevail.

(You may be in for a BIG SURPRISE you duplicitous hack! You failed to put children FIRST and your jobs only exist because of our children!)

Andy Pallotta is president of the 600,000-plus member New York State United Teachers.


Here is another post from an anti-Common Core group:

The HITS JUST KEEP COMING! P-20 is here, not coming, it’s cemented.

Students may not be the only ones who have to measure up to new standards later this year. School administrators may have to do so as well.

The state Board of Regents, which will likely approve revised state learning standards (REBRAND COMMON CORE FORTHCOMING)at its September meeting, is also expected to decide on new guidelines for educational leaders, according to a Tuesday presentation.

LINDA DARLING HAMMOND SOLD TO THE STATE AND THEU NODDED LIKE PAVLOVS DOGS. The standards were developed by the National Policy Board for Educational Administration. They will focus on issues such as “ethics, equity and cultural responsiveness.” WHO CARES ABOUT ACTUAL ACADEMICS WHEN BEHAVIORS AND MINDSETS CAN BE MANIPULATED AND DATA TRACKED TO CONFORM FOR THE AGENDA.

The state Education Department created an advisory team to review the standards, and the team recommended on Tuesday that the state adopt them. The team also recommended making initial principal certification competency-based, exploring opportunities to create full-time school-based internships for aspiring principals, providing increased coaching and mentoring, and providing incentives for P-20 partnerships.” — POLITICO New York’s Keshia Clukey.


Here is a post that was shared in an Ohio anti-Common Core group.  Looks like someone is dealing with a Senator who has chosen to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution:

Here is a return letter I received from Senator Sherrod Brown. Interested in your thoughts after reading it. I, personally do not agree with him.

Dear Mrs. [Name Withheld]

Thank you for getting in touch with me about Common Core State Standards and standardized testing requirements.

American students must be able to compete in an international economy. The Common Core State Standards is a voluntary initiative that seeks to make sure that all students graduating from high school possess the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in college or career. These standards, which are research and evidence-based and were developed in consultation with teachers, established learning goals and standards for math and language arts that are benchmarked to international learning standards. Since 2010, states have had the option to join the initiative and to implement the standards that were established by local educators. Over 40 states and the District of Columbia have elected to adopt these standards.

Accurate, reliable, and timely testing can be a valuable tool for both educators and policymakers. However, some parents, students, and teachers have expressed concerns over the burden standardized testing can place on our nation’s schools. Many states and local school districts implement additional mandatory annual assessments and some of these local assessments can be duplicative or outdated. That is why I was an original co-sponsor of the Support Making Assessments Reliable and Timely (SMART) Act, which helps states ensure local and statewide assessments are aligned to college and career ready standards as well as reliable and timely. The SMART Act would also help them eliminate duplicative and outdated tests and provide states funds to quicken the delivery of assessment data to teachers and parents to better inform instruction. I am glad key provisions of the SMART Act were included in the December 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act, which reauthorized the Every Student Succeeds Act.

I will continue to work to ensure all students – regardless of income or geography – have access to the academic resources they need from early childhood through college completion. All students should be prepared for jobs in a twenty-first century workforce. It is also essential that student progress, school improvements, and teacher quality and effectiveness are measured with fairness and flexibility, so that resources are directed where they are needed most.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.


Sherrod Brown

United States Senator


And here are some replies to said post:

Its a typical draft letter. Politicians NEVER answer a question with a direct answer. They have to be politically correct don’t ya know ( I’m being sarcastic there). This is why the establishment government doesn’t want Trump as President, because he’s NOT PC’d!!!. Drain the swamp, fire them all and start over.


OFTEN look at senator brown’s facebook. Myself, i just cannot, because it makes me angry angry angry. But if many of you could and many could throw in comments therein—–you would be doing a great great act of PATRIOTISM. Very pleased to see this POST> You could also get to know his wife, on her facebook. Her name: connie schultz ( i hope i remembered this correctly) Really looking forward to feedback from many of you, who go on his facebook and/or read his facebook often. He lives in Cleveland Ohio.     He mentions ESSA in this letter. But he does NOT mention having read the 1000 pages that explains ESSA. I remember hearing only a few know of these 1000 pages, in Congress, but they voted in favor of ESSA without reading its 1000 page definition. One excuse, that they had to rush home for the holidays, dec 2015. ST NICK PATRON SAINT OF CHILDREN, these congressmen deserve COAL IN THEIR STOCKINGS!


The Minnesota Department of “Education” is giving out “Transgender Toolkits”: 

Marquette University in Wisconsin is paying for faculty to attend an “overcoming Islamophobia” workshop: 

The Leftist New Jersey legislature has sent a bill to the governor that would push the Gay/Trans Agenda in New Jersey schools: 

Here is a post from a  Utah anti-Common Core group:

Drove over an hour to this super convenient, well-populated location *sarc* during a really convenient time for families (dinnertime) to miss most of the closest public meeting (the presentation was over in 15 minutes apparently and there was No Q&A) about the Our Schools Now ballot initiative to raise taxes. There were about 6 parents, one superintendent, one PTO president, and a reporter there. At the end the presenter who identified herself as a history teacher said, “Thanks for your effort to be here. This is your government.” What? This was not my supposedly limited, representative government, but a ballot initiative by a small group of wealthy central planners in a meeting that seemed designed to discourage public participation but met the technical guidelines of the initiative process.

And here are some replies to said post:

I am more and more convinced that education should be a free market endeavor. Civics should be taught in some guaranteed way by government, because everyone needs to know how the Republic should work, but the rest is a mess! It’s one of the most heavily subsidized services provided by government, but if it was private prices would go down, and availability and quality would go up. Many elected officials do such a bad job administering education, and many teachers do such a bad job teaching that if they were doing their current jobs in a privately run business it would go out of business, we simply would stop paying them and look for someone else better. We badly need competition and basic market forces in education. Badly!


Almost agree, except that education needs to be accountable to parents whose children they are. Neither federal public schools nor privatized schools are accountable to parents. If we could find a way for privatized schools to answer to parents, I would agree with you. Either way, as it is, that’s gone, anyway.


But if parents are paying then those schools are accountable parents. That’s the beauty of the market. We can vote with our feet anytime we want!


True. That’s the theory. But, where would those funds actually come from? If they go to the schools directly from the parents, the free market would dictate the curriculum as we would ‘vote’ with our dollars. However, if those funds are paid to the schools in the form or taxes, then the schools, regardless of who runs them, would be beholden to the government and we’d be in the same mess we’re in, now. Only, if run by businesses, parents would lose their voices entirely as the parent-voted school board would cease to exist. The third-party payer (government taxes) would need to be completely eliminated in order for a true market system to exist.


The funds would come from parents, and businesses with smarts would listen to their customers in all of the ways currently available, negating the need for a board. The voice of the customer is loud enough, and the methods for hearing it are developed enough to give private schools all they would need.


The problem is that government does not like competition. If you do not play by their standards, credentials, accreditations, you as a teacher cannot teach beyond a private school or homeschool, homeschooled courses aren’t acceptable as graduation credit, expirence doesn’t count for much.


I love [Name Withheld]’s solution, except I’d want the civics NOT taught by the same corrupt government that has monopolized education in the first place. That’s why they balk at reforms that lessen their control – to coin a scriptural phrase, it “destroy[s] their craft”.


Absolutely agree, accreditation’s,industry associations, unions etc are all protection rackets, the greatest innovators had not standards to work to, so we need to move past them. If people don’t have the confidence to provide goods and services based on their own perfomance, if they need someone else (other than a previous customer) to tell you that they are good at what they do, there’s a problem. Hence, increasing accreditation’s across various industries has not lead to more satisfied customers, it’s just lead to higher prices and more red tape for providers, leading to corporatism, undermining small business and real innovation in the market place. We need to totally deregulate education, and every industry, they should all stand or fall on merit. Laureen, I agree with you, I’m like Jefferson, he vacillated between government provided civics type education, and having no provision. The rub is, how do we make sure every generation understands the Republic, and freedom, and how government should operate? The best solution would be for families to teach it themselves, and for individuals with means to help those without means to get that education to. Usurpers will always exist, and there-in lies the challenge. But everything else in education should be totally off the table as far as the government is concerned. Government funding in education, like government funding into anything, has driven up prices, and decreased quality and outcomes. It needs to be stopped, totally.


Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

My next question: Is opting out of SAGE still useful? If a student does all their schoolwork on an iPad or computer, isn’t the student’s personal info out there in the hands of tech/ed/government already? Wouldn’t one just be protecting the SAGE scores alone, because “they” have everything about the student?


And here are some replies to said post:

SAGE uses personality profiling. Regular schoolwork, not-so-much. You really don’t want the Feds to know your kids’ emotional strengths and weaknesses, as well as their ethics and beliefs.


Very true


It’s the last line of defense. Yes the iPad has probably as much or more data and we need to push back against that as well. I’m in favor of showing my objections whenever and wherever i can.


It all collects data but supposedly a parent could access the student’s curriculum on the iPad (not easy but possible) and see what the student is doing. Aside from the data, I oppose SAGE because parents and teachers can’t see the student’s work in context.


For me, both SAGE and tech learning are about curriculum control as much as data control. We need to demand control over both as it is our natural right.


Here is a post from an anti-Common Core Facebook page:

Myerstown, Pennsylvania Parent; 6/22/2017

“Chew on this.
The World History teacher in our high school, the only World History teacher we employ who is certified to teach AP WORLD history and only teaches the higher level World History and Sociology classes, was so distraught over the 2016 election results, she didn’t teach from November thru February.

She showed up to school every day. She gave her students reading assignments to do in class and gave open book and open note quizzes and tests.
She didn’t update her grade book until the day grades were due for report cards.

She rarely answered questions or engaged with the students except to tell them that if any of them complained to “mommy and daddy” or to the administration she would see to it that they fail the marking period.
She is the Advisor for National Honor Society. She threatened those students as well.
“You want your pin, your ropes and academic achievement awards…? Don’t go running to mommy and daddy or send them in to rat on me.”

Various students had video and audio of the warning speeches the World History TYRANT put on for the students in her classes.

They did share them with their parents and parents did meet with administration and contacted school board members and the SHE DEVIL caught wind of it.

The parents informed the principal and the superintendent and members of the board they had audio and video of the Tyrants speeches in their possession.

And the Superintendent told the parents that if they shared the audio and video with administration or members of the school board they would be setting their children up to be charged with illegal wire tapping.
They scared the kids into begging their parents to back off and just let it be.

This Tyrant was PERMITTED to mess with the top 10 students of the class of 2017, including the valedictorian and salutatorian.

How’s that for disgusting.
I know the Tyrant. I went toe to toe with her and made it my mission to find out everything I could about her. I no longer have children in school but I want this one. I want her head on a platter. She must go and I want to be the first in the line to wave goodbye as she drives off the parking lot for the last time. I have a salute. You wanna see it? Lol!

She is a Hot MESS! A 90k per year HOT MESS!

Everyone knows about her. They’ve known about her long before I started digging and we can’t get rid of her or at least we’re told they can’t do anything about her because….that’s right…
“Our hands are tied.” They claim the union is to strong in our district and firing her sorry ass would cost us more than it would be to just keep her.



Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From [Name withheld]

When money and data follows the child in a so called, “back pack” or “savings account”, so does control. Michigan has a new data “dashboard” that will collect the data that will determine who gets the dollars. Remember according to Snyder, in a P-20 system the state makes the “tough choices.” Don’t buy the hype of “school choice” this isn’t about choice but control.  


This article shows the links between Common Core, CTE groups, and some school clubs:  

This article tells more of what’s really going on with the STEM push and that it’s actually global, not national:  


Here is a post from a anti-Common Core group:

I’ve been teaching my kids to play cribbage. While it’s a lot of fun, one of the boys commented on how he can do math in his head so much faster than his friends. He said many of them only know the Common Core way and don’t have basic facts memorized. How far will the educational system fall before it’s too late?


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Went to the Ohio State Fair today. Adult rides still closed. Bought something and handed the lady a $50. She left and was gone for a while. I found out she didn’t know how to make change. I told her I needed $28 back. I looked at my 9 year old and asked him what 50-22 was. He immediately gave me the answer. Shaking my head….


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