Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 5

common core rebel

The part 4 was getting kind of long so I decided to make a Part 5.

Here is a post from a Missouri anti-Common Core group:

Questions for this morning/Quick response needed:
Is there a process by which I can exempt my third graders from MAP testing? If so, can you please describe the process and/or link to an official website? One of my 3 third graders has her 2nd day of testing today (this morning, I believe).

Apparently, without notification, this testing began yesterday. I am new to the state and until this year did not allow any of my four elementary school children to participate in standardized testing.

Upon moving here, I decided to “let it go” but the way this has been handled (no notification of parents and now a teacher who sent an email stating “Unfortunately as far as I am aware it is not an option to not take the test.”, etc.)

I tried to find information on this topic on the MO education website without success. I did find this info:

“Tip #9: Prepare for testing day.
o Be aware of the testing schedule.
o Be certain that your child has had adequate rest (this may mean getting them used to an earlier bed time before the week of testing).
o Be on time for school.
o Avoid scheduling appointments that can be done at a later date.
o Dress your child in layered clothing. This way, the child may add clothing to get warmer or remove some clothing to be cooler.
o If your school allows it, make sure your child has a book to read when the testing session is complete.
o Have a positive attitude.”

Note, it’s difficult to follow these (logical) recommendations if the school does not disclose the testing dates.

Also, if she doesn’t complete the second day of testing but has completed the full math section, what happens to her scores?



And here are some replies to said post:

[Name withheld], students are currently taking the Common Core Standards-aligned test called the Missouri Assessment Program. Many parents have battled to get rid of CC and all that goes with it to no avail. I have heard from some parents that have had success in refusing the tests for their child, but most stories say the opposite – that they were told their child had to take the tests.

I would try if I were you and see where you end up. IF you are denied, there is something you can do to join in the fight to take back our educational system from federal control. Currently, there is an opt out bill on the table awaiting a hearing by the Senate Education Committee. It’s iffy, as to whether this bill will go very far, but to date we are hoping to have a hearing next week (Tuesday?). If you could come to Jeff City and testify in support of the bill, telling your story of not wanting your child to take these tests and being prevented from making decisions that are in the best interest of your child, that would be helpful. There are others on stand by to testify and many parents and teachers who have submitted written testimony. (Personal testimony holds more weight). Like I said, the bill may not progress but we’re trying…..


In my district, Raymor-Peculiar, I just inform the principal that my children will not take the test and they accommodate us. I know in others, it’s not as easy. I would try calling the principal or going to your child’s school this morning. I don’t ask how to opt them out. I inform the school my children will not take the test, in a respectful manner of course, and talk to them about alternatives for your kids during testing.


Unfortunately, in most schools in the U.S. now, we are no longer going to be able to change things by “being respectful”. Where has that strategy produced desired results? How much more do we take? How much?


I have friends in our district that has a twelve year old son , who is an honor student, that they have always opted out of testing. Administration and teachers do not like it, but it is an option in Missouri.


Not for everyone. Some districts give parents the run around and some just forbid it.


Really? I don’t see how they can legally do that. If there were a way to forbid it, I’m sure they would here because they get by with anything else. Oh, they try to make parents think they can’t, and make it difficult for the kids, by offering rewards for taking the test and leaving out the ones who don’t, but know they can’t do anything about it.


Actually isn’t it even ridiculous to even have to “opt out”? How can anyone opt out of something that they never “opted in” to begin with? Parents never gave schools the ok to accept fed $$ for something no one even knew what it was they would get in return ( “new learning standards”) aka Common Core. This is like a malpractice case. If a Doctor prescribed a pill that he said would make you better, and instead it killed you, that would be considered a malpractice offence in a court of law. Education was prescribed a pill, (common core), and it will kill the future minds of the United States. GUILTY! HANDS DOWN! a judge would say.


The following was written by a friend here in our district as part of her position platform while running for school board recently;

“I have opted my son out of taking the MAP test. I do not want the government collecting data on my son, and that is my right as a parent. He is about the only one who doesn’t take the test. If more parents would opt out of the test, we could have an impact.”

Her son is an honor student, and the school has allowed her request for several years. He is in 7th grade. I know of other parents that have done the same. Not taking the test will not cause them to fail or reflect on their grades.


The denial came from the superintendent. I called the president of the school board who said to write a letter/that parents should be able to opt out of testing.

My son has straight As – all year. One daughter has all As except for one B. Second daughter is all As and Bs and third daughter has all As/Bs except in the subject in which she has a diagnosed learning disability.

To say I’m angry is an understatement. I told the superintenent that I may withdraw them from school tomorrow – All four of them. Four kids from the same elementary school. He told me this is a school-specific and teacher-specific issue. I went to the school today and discussed this issue with 2 of the 3 third grade teachers who teach my three third-grade kids. They confirmed as does my text messaging that parents haven’t been notified. They can’t believe it either.


From what I have found, Missouri doesn’t have an official opt-out policy. I think it is up to each school district to make that decision or policy. The schools are required to administer the tests, and for the school to be in good standing with MO DESE, 95% of the students in each grade level have to participate. This will be the third year that I have opted my son out of testing. The first year, I spoke to the superintendent. He just told me that my son would have to sit quietly in the testing room with all of the other students. He could write or draw on the scrap paper that they give the students for the test or read a book. There were no problems. Last year, they gave a practice test before the official test. My son told his teacher that he was not supposed to take the test. The principal called me at work to confirm what my son had said. The principal was very nice, and there were no problems. This year, I contacted my son’s two teachers and the three administrative staff at his school to let them know that he would not be taking the test. A few days later, I received a letter from the superintendent stating that the school could not honor my request, and that all students were required to take the test. I have not replied to his letter, yet. I did not make a request. I made a command. I feel that it is my right as a parent to choose whether my son participates in the test or not. He will not be taking the test.


So, that’s the kicker…..95% to stay on good standing with DESE! How dare parents exercise their rights and create a problem with the state department that has a strangle hold on our kids now! Wow, that’s how important state and federal control are to the operation of our local schools! We desperately need the return of local control, get the government out of our classrooms and allow parents, teachers and local taxpayers (which by the way contributes about 90% of funding) to demand how and what our children are taught in our schools.


So now we have another college (Bunker Hill Community College) banning giving out copies of the Constitution:


Ug, an adult drag queen performance at a grade school talent show!   Speechless.

And here is a comment from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group on said article (Note, I don’t think they go to that school and that this is a separate incident from the article):

My daughters kindergarten teacher (a male) dressed up on drag last year. No sex act but totally weird. We moved.   He also had the kids sing a song with the chorus: “it’s not time to twerk, it’s time to work”. This was at the Christmastime school concert in front of all the parents. Everyone laughed as I froze in horror.  Public school, Santa Monica, CA.


Here is a post that was shared in the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

“Today I got a phone call from my third-grade son who was in the kind nurse’s office and crying. He proceeded to tell me about his jaw and how it was really hurting. I asked if he wanted to come home and he replied that he didn’t think he could because of EOGs. Of course you can, I said, it’s just a test.

‘If I don’t pass, I won’t go to fourth grade.’

I told him that wasn’t true. I got a letter telling me that you’re going to fourth grade, I said. I lied. How did it come to this? He’s a good student, only nine, and I’m reminded of his brother last year before the EOGs. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve talked to the principal and the teacher and we’ve all reassured him. I’ve met with the superintendent and talked to Governor Roy Cooper. I’ve written our senators and representatives and Mark Johnson, our state superintendent. Just today, I spoke quite a while to First Lady Cooper’s chief of staff who interestingly enough refuses to allow her children to participate in NC EOGs.

I can’t find one person that praises them or offers valuable benefits. I hear about showing growth, but who gives a sh*t? Schools at the top don’t grow, there’s no where to go. Tell me how EOGs and the pressure they bring benefit my family. What message are we sending to our children? How will they remember the days of elementary school? Will they remember the awesome teachers that nurtured them or will they only remember those tests? Tests that had little to do with amazing schools.

I am making a plea to the general public. Please share your thoughts and your experiences with anyone who is willing to listen and especially with those who don’t want to listen. Use your voice to speak for our children and our teachers. Think of Amos and the kids with special needs who are required to read passages even if they cannot read. Fifty years ago, a group of people lobbied for children of color to be integrated into the school system. Ten years later, a group of people fought for children with disabilities to have a right to public school access. Today, I ask you stand up and come forward and say no to EOGs. North Carolina, we can do so much better.”



Here is a post that was shared in an anti-Common Core group:

Dear NC Parents,

Please, speak up for your children. Go to your child’s teacher, your principal, your superintendent and then move on to the Department of Public Instruction. If something feels not right, it may be against the law or may just be a bad idea. No one knows how you feel, if you don’t speak up. You must speak up.

Yesterday, I reached out to the Department of Public Instruction for the zillionth time and shared the story of a NC school rewarding high test scores with a trip to Kings Dominion. DPI’s response? We are not a policing agency, I was told. Well, I don’t know whether that’s true or not, but it smells fishy to me. If so, it would mean that districts are under no compelling reason to follow the law from a state level. If this is true, then why do our public schools cite the state as pressuring them? You can’t have it both ways.

This morning, I called and emailed the director of FERPA (Family Education Right to Privacy Act.) The worst that happens is that he tells me that I am wrong. At the end of the day, I am trying. Our children matter to me, not just my own and I have had it. The federal government has handed common core and testing on a silver platter and our states have run away with the utensils. Instead of proper eating, there is scavenging. Financial rewards are being bequeathed to third grade teachers who hit high scores and our schools get graded based on the results. As much as folks want to pretend poverty is insignificant, we know that it is an untruth. Our children, families, teachers, and principals should not be punished for teaching our children, really teaching, not testing.

The Governor told me to talk to his wife’s assistant. The state superintendent refuses to call me personally. The folks at DPI tell me that they don’t have a bone in this fight. Well, I’ll go down trying. I hope you’ll join me. If we all call one person today, maybe someone will listen.

Mark Johnson- NC Superintendent (919) 807-3430
Roy Cooper- Governor (919) 814-2000
FERMA (800) 872-5327
Don’t forget your House representatives!

Adrian H. Wood, PhD
Mother of four children (11,9, 7 & a 3 year old with extra special needs)
Writer/ Advocate/ Speaker…/mom-fed-end-…/story%3Fid%3D47866293


Maybe  Baltimore schools would do better if they focused more on education and less on racial social justice:

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

When I first started teaching elementary school aged students in the Los Angeles Unified School District, we were informed that it was a violation of the California Civil Code and the “rules” of LAUSD, for any teacher to “teach to the test!” Since then, there has been no notification of the repeal of THAT part of the California Civil Code, so when the philosophy changed, I still refused to teach to the test! I taught the First, Second and Third grade students through the years:

(1) how to learn on their own,
(2) analytical thinking skills
(3) critical thinking skills
(4) constructive thinking skills
(5) that just because one has a title doesn’t means that he/she is necessarily qualified to say or do whatever is being said or done.
(6) if anyone says something that causes questions, it is the students’ right and duty to call for evidence that clearly backs it up.
(7) each student is to be able to think for one’s self.

Six years ago, I was forced into an early retirement by a principal who had told me to make her “look good, by doing everything needed to get high test scores from each of my students, or (she) would write me up for insubordination for anything that (she) could!”

One must remember that the word, “school,” stems from a Greek word that meant, “…to Control, to Hinder, or to Retard!”


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Imagine a world where your child learns at his or her own pace.

A world where all the data of all the children is collected, compiled, researched, refined.

A world where all the data is used to determine how the children think in every ethnicity, gender and age group.

A world where the data is used to determine what will be taught and how the algorithms will be written to teach the children in the next phase of their learning.

A world where there is no teacher or parent interference between the child and the matter produced by the algorithm.

A world where the algorithm can be refined to produce a desired end result for the way children think, feel and respond socially, emotionally and academically to certain stimuli.

THAT is personalized learning and THAT is the model Texas is moving to.

Is that the world you want for your children? How will they achieve individualism? How will they become what they were created to be when they are driven by a manipulative system designed to engineer their thinking, socially, emotionally and for whatever is deemed “academically?”

Get to know personalized learning and soon. Your child will.


More attacks on prayer and the First Amendment by public school administrators:


Here is a post from a pro-Trump FB group:

Today my daughter got the gold award in Math at her school. Only one child gets a gold award in each subject: health, PE, Science, English. No one gets two gold awards.
My child also got the presidents academic achievement award. 50 people got the President’s achievement award. It is signed by Donald Trump. My daughter says a large number of recipients tore their award up because it is signed by Donald Trump.


So much for local control, eh President Trump:  

I applaud this girl’s civil disobedience against the God-hating school administration at Beaver High School in Beaver County, Pennsylvania: 

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Today’s Common Core Geometry Regents Exam. Once again hearing what an absolute disgrace it was. It appears that Educational Malpractice is being performed on our children. Where will it end?! When?! Our children are being burned in the flames of this fire. I’ve had enough!


And here are some replies to said post:

My daughter and her friends took it and they said it was the hardest test they have ever taken.


My niece a high school honors student and she missed my sons 8th Grade graduation today because my sister said she was so burned out from taking her regents.. guess now I understand why.. I thought the common core bs didn’t infiltrate high schools 😣and the worst part is there’s no opting out of regents like state testing!! it’s like fighting a losing terrible if this is what hs is gonna be like for my son


My son took the geometry regents also he said parts 3 and 4 were super hard and at least 2 questions he never learned at all. This is ridiculous. My son is a honor roll student and this has knocked his confidence down all year this course and now he regents really did him in.


t would be great if all the students with a tale to tell re. the Math Regents would write their experience briefly and mail them to their Regent. Give a little agita as the summer begins, and let them know how awful these useless tests are. Only 3 states to my knowledge use these sorts of tests – uncalled for


And the parents too. The kids who sat through this monster are drained and need adults to call SED and the Board of Regents. Power in numbers.


The Global Studies exam was extremely difficult, because they used anchor papers that seem to have been written by college level students. This means that it will be very difficult for students to do well on the writing.


And here is another post from said group:

This is a call to all NY educators and parents.

There is a group called “Multiple pathways to a diploma for all” and they are planning a trip to Albany July 17 th (BOR meeting)

This group is working tirelessly to try to change the RIDICULOUS regents requirements for a diploma.

Not sure if many of you are aware that a student can get 90s in their classes, yet if they fail the regents, they can be at risk for NOT getting a diploma.

For students with learning disabilities this is discrimination at the most basic level. These tests are such high stakes for these kids.

SOMETHING has to be done to change this mentality in NYS.

I am putting this out there for you to become members of this group and to join our fight.

Not for me, but for all the kids with learning disabilities. There has to be a better way.

Together we can create the change.


Another story of Islamic indoctrination in schools: 


More instances of free speech being silenced on college campuses: 


University of Alaska joins in on the Trump hate:  


The US Department of Education’s phony civil rights department has issued an internal memo stating that schools could be investigated for not using transgender pronouns.   I thought we got rid of this crap when Otraitor left!  Apparently not:  


So now some schools are making white students apologize to black students for “white privilege”: 

Looks like even Texas isn’t safe from the Gay Agenda:


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