Truth about illegal immigration

These are the stories the Lame Stream Media doesn’t want you to know.

I found this story on an online forum:

When we moved to AZ in 1990, we had a 4 year old son with Down syndrome. He was still not speaking. I was told at a clinic that he needed speech therapy 3 or 4 times per week. The school told me that they could provide speech therapy 1 time per week. I asked why with the huge budget for Special Education he couldn’t get the speech therapy he needed, I was told that “English As A Second Language” was such a huge expense and given priority that there wasn’t funding for what my son needed.

I, at that time, called Border Patrol Admin, and had an extensive talk with them. I was horrified that thousands of illegal aliens crossed the border every month, and told that the schools didn’t care where the kids came from since they were funded per kid by the state.

We moved around and returned to SE KS eventually. My husband was working at a manufacturing plant of about 200 people. I watched employees replaced with illegal aliens, my husband included. I learned this was happening around the town. They were not e-verifying at any of the businesses. These illegal aliens were carpooling into town and often had crashes in their overloaded vehicles.

When we had arrived in KS, there was a 5 year waiting list for people, adults, with developmental disabilities to receive Medicaid services for day/residential, yet I learned they were providing maternity, delivery and emergency health services (illegal aliens visit the emergency room 3 times as often as citizens on the taxpayer dime) along with anchor babies getting entire families in Section 8 subsidized housing while citizens were waiting for housing.

We moved to a town that used to be nice. Our older son went to college here, now, it is becoming a 3rd world dump. The poverty rate has risen to 25% and crime has grown. We were just VERY lucky to have sold our home.

Some will say “How do you know they are illegal aliens?” Trust me, it doesn’t take long to be able to pick them out. We have a number of Hispanic/Latino people that have been here for generations.

Additionally, auto insurance rates are higher when there are illegal aliens in your region due to the number of accidents and DUIs.

Now, imagine just my little corner and illegal aliens multiplied by thousands!

I work in construction. I’m constantly outbid by other companies who hire illegals for the bulk of their work. My friends have a hard time getting work in the field because of this also. If you are in any trade it affects your pay, and who you can hire. This is how they end up working for the government. Contractors win a government bid because it’s so low, then they bring a crew full of illegals getting very little pay for a days work. Noway a legal American contractor with a crew of legals could bid that low and cover costs, and obey labor laws.

I also have a close relative involved in a car accident with an illegal. He was severely injured and received no compensation and paid all out of pocket. Went broke doing it. The illegal didn’t pay anything and couldn’t even be held or found.

I have no problem if they’re legal, that way they can’t be blackmailed into working for peanuts. The illegals can, it’s sad, unethical and abused a lot in the trades.

Thirty years ago, when we moved to our current town, it was a mostly blue collar town. However, it did attract white collar people because it was an affordable place to buy a starter home—which we did. At the time, there were some legal immigrants who spoke English and took care of their homes. The Hispanics we ran into, also were fluent in English and made an effort to get to know people in the community.

The schools were decent with many parents (myself included) volunteering in the classroom. During my daughter’s elementary school years, she never had a bad teacher. When she was in middle school (mid 90s), things started to gradually change. She told us of Hispanic kids who were in gangs and she knew one kid who got beaten up. Yet…things had yet to get to alarming levels. When she was in high school, they had a great football team that was rated in the top 20 in the Metro area. They went to states twice during her time there. When her senior year came, she was noticing more and more kids showing up who didn’t know English. The teachers were getting frustrated, In one of her classes, there was a very bright girl who was Hispanic and her family had been in the community for a long time. Teachers would make her sit with the newcomers to translate for them. I couldn’t help but feel how negatively this must have affected the girl’s own education. At one point, my daughter said that every day she was seeing kids she never saw before showing up at school and none of them knew English.

I think she got out of there at the right time (early 00s). Gradually, more and more long time residents left the community. We had widows and single women who lived alone and began to feel unsafe. One widow had an illegal break into her house as she slept and he raped her. I knew women who had tears in their eyes when they left the homes where they had planned to spend the rest of their lives.

The once good elementary school that my daughter went to couldn’t even get state accreditation—it had sunk that low. The high school has to beg kids to join sports teams. They even told people who couldn’t swim that they would teach them. As one of our neighbors said, it’s way too easy for kids to earn letters in school now.

We have far too many flophouses. I once talked to a police officer that told me she went to one flophouse that had 16 people in it and the conditions were deplorable—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many townhouse communities have turned into slums as the owners made illegal apartments in the basements and no one takes care of their property.

A couple of years ago, a kid waiting for the high school bus got shot and killed by 3 illegal alien gang members. When we first moved here, the idea of something happening like that was unthinkable.

Our local elected officials made overcrowding laws that have no teeth in them. If they go to a house and they all say they are related, they are allowed to continue overcrowd. It’s like the law-abiding people are punished while the scofflaws are handled with kid gloves.

All this overcrowding has made life h*ll for when it comes to parking problems. We had such bad problems in our neighborhood that we petitioned to become a permit parking district. Of course local government dragged their heels making the process three times longer than it should have been. In our neighborhood, we used to see people park their cars then wait around for someone to pick them up and take them home.

We’re planning to sell our home, downsize and move out of the area. My next door neighbor told us he and his wife are worried about who will buy our house—and we understand. Overall, our property values have suffered due to the surrounding community.

In 2000 when we were at Disney World, the union was fighting with management as management was demanding that ALL employees learn Spanish. We hadn’t been there in a while but it became evident that they were hiring people who did not understand English.

Many jobs advertised in the paper in many different require one speak Spanish, especially those for some school and government programs.

It was tough in AZ as some of the special “Chapter’ jobs like for reading and/or math at that time required that one be fluent in Spanish. I was looking for a job as a teacher’s assistant and that kept me from applying for a significant number of openings. I also see this where we are now, bilingual required.

Geesh, I should stay out of this thread as in reality I am sure I will think of more and more ways that not enforcing the immigration laws has impacted me.

My true impact was when I had to take my wife to the local emergency room. It was 10PM in the evening, and she felt that sick that she begged me to take her to the ER. I have never seen her this bad.

When we arrived in the ER 15 minutes later I was in shock how packed it was. I asked the nurse how long the wait was, and she mentioned 4-5 hours. At that time I realized that at least 80% was Hispanic in the ER. At 3AM in the morning my wife asked me to leave since she preferred to be home and go to a urgent care the next morning. Or call an ambulance if things get worse.

Our son, an adult with DS, has Medicaid. When he went to the emergency room, we had to sign papers saying that we would pay everything that Medicaid did not cover. Whenever he goes for any care, we must sign a paper saying we will be responsible for any costs that Medicaid doesn’t cover before he is seen, although in the emergency room, they give you a minute to collect yourself.

Hospitals are required to provide emergency care. The illegal aliens don’t generally have health insurance, and I know this happens with some of our own citizens that are not insured, so they just show up at the emergency room. Medicaid for Illegal Immigrants | Emergency Medicaid and Medicaid pays about $2 billion per year for illegal aliens!

The Medicaid waiver is what brings in services for the frail elderly and disabled. I noticed that the longest waiting lists are generally those with highest number of illegal aliens.

As we know, the rules for illegal aliens are not the same for our citizens. Try committing a felony and then running from the police to sanctuary in a church. If you do this, post here and I’ll send you something nice to trade for favors in prison.

75% of American citizens that filed for medical bankruptcy had health insurance, How Many Americans Go Bankrupt Due to Medical Purposes Each Year? which means they were in no shape to pay their bills either, doesn’t seem to matter. The article is older, but I have read that even with ObamaCareNot, it hasn’t really gotten better.

Hey, we should just be happy that when they show up, they aren’t using OUR stolen identities!

And another post:

Ok…. I will chime in

Our school district has 2 high schools since it is large so the school assignment is based on where you live. Now there are 8 courses not available at the one school that is available at the other. The children that were going “out of district” were told they needed to provide transportation. Well I will let you guess which group went and BITCHED and threatened legal action if their precious NON ENGLISH SPEAKING children were not provided transportation at the DISTRICT’S expense for the English as a Secondition Language program…. now the parents of the Legal Citizen CHILDREN went and complained about this and were told too bad we can’t help you the TAX PAYING LEGAL CITIZENS…… and to top it off the “Non speaking English high school kids” ride on a Middle School bus that has to go out of its way to go to this one high school, deal with amazing amounts of traffic and now has roudy, upset Middle school kids THAT WANT TO GO HOME.

And another post:

Here are the ways I’ve been affected by illegals — we lived in a border state for seven years.

1. Two illegals watched my husband walk out of our bank and walk back to our neighborhood. They followed him and knocked him out with a crowbar and robbed him of the cash he’d gotten from our bank. After stitching his head, the ER doctor told him if it had been a woman or weaker elderly person, they’d be dead from that hit on the temple area. A man saw the incidence and got their truck’s license, but they had fled back across the border and police told us its so common they never even peruse these cases.

2. Our development was increasingly getting burglarized by gangs of illegals so that we had to hire a private security company. One neighbor’s dog was poisoned with meat so they could get over their adobe wall to rob them while they were at work. The police knew the illegals who were doing it, but because we were a sanctuary city and a tourist city there was no political effort to deal with it. They were afraid the tourist industry would suffer if they started informing people how bad it really was. Our newspaper never published the incidents, and the police were not even allowed to ask if they were illegals!

3. My Hispanic-American house cleaner was so proud she had raised two sons and never been on welfare do to her outstanding quality housecleaning company she had formed. But slowly she was being put out of business because she could not compete with the huge influx of illegals and their extremely low prices. Thankfully my neighbors were so pi$$ed off at the illegal situation (see #2) that we all banded together and hired her at her wages, but she had to fire her employees and just go back to doing it herself instead of as a larger cleaning company.

4. Our mason was a fourth-generation mason and was put out of business because he could not compete with the illegals any longer.

5. I had a serious allergic reaction to a prescription drug, and my husband took me to the ER at our hospital.
It was a six hour wait to see a doctor!! Groups of pregnant illegals who want anchor babies to have American citizenship wait outside the hospital with a private nurse they hire to tell them when they are dilated enough to be considered emergency and the hospital has to take them right away. Apparently, there were fifteen pregnant illegals in labor that night, and all had to go before me. The nurse told us all about it and they were laughing at the craziness of it that night, but my husband was furious!

6. We moved out of that border state and bought a nice property surrounded by good property values partly due to a well-rated elementary school. Unfortunately part of the area is highly agricultural and there’s been a huge influx of illegals severely impacting the elementary school which has now dropped to the very bottom in rating. Property owners are furious as RE agents are telling us values and attraction to our area is going down due to the lousy overly illegal-packed school there.

7. We lend money to private loans, and a builder we lend to has never used illegals before which made us want to do business with him over the years. Two days ago we went to inspect the progress on his newest project and every single worker was a Hispanic immigrant — we don’t know if they were illegals or not as we haven’t gotten a hold of him yet to ask. These are jobs Americans will do — I am sure his answer will be that he can’t compete any longer without illegals. Trump needs to crack down on the employers who hire them so there is an even playing field for companies that don’t use illegals!!

And yet another post:

They basically destroyed the safe little town I grew up in. This town was so”Americana” that a movie “Hometown USA” was filmed there in 1979.
Little be little as the years passed, things changed. Higher Population, Higher crime. People began to lock their doors and build fences and walls around their property. And a lot of them moved away.

Everything went bilingual. Many jobs changed their job requirements from “Must have excellent English skills” to ‘Bilingual helpful” to ” Bilingual Preferred” , and then finally “Must speak fluent Spanish”

By the early to mid 2000’s – we began to see walls and building sides spray painted with gang messages. Finally the gang members in their “wife-beater” shirts, baggy black pants and tattoos were everywhere.

Crime rates continued to rise.
“Hometown USA” is now a dangerous place to be.



Here are some posts on a Breitbart article:

The other item that is not brought to light here is the fact that if you live in Calif. Az…south western states (don’t know about Florida even though we visit there at least once a year), you are at a real disadvantage if you are not bi-lingual (Spanish). A white, non-bi-lingual applicant now even in parts of Washington and Oregon, having equal job application credentials and experience will not be considered for those jobs with a Hispanic competing applicant. Reason? These states are now, also, being smothered with illegals. Our local Wal Mart now plays Mexican music and the loud speaker announcements are in Spanish as well as English. Sad state of affairs, when legal Americans have to deal with employment denial due to not speaking a foreign language in their own country. It is what it is, and it is here.

And another post:

I live in California. There is a COMPLETELY different employment scenario here and has been–FOR DECADES. All fast food restaurants here in California hire illegal adults for full-time jobs. In the past, those jobs were part-time and generally reserved for American teenagers. Many teenagers used their part time work to pay for car insurance, incidentals, and even help their parents pay bills. The American teen unemployment rate in California is in excess of 50%! It is unconscionable that this ILLEGAL ACTIVITY continues–and with the blessing of the CA State government…Absolutely deplorable!


Here is a post from the City Data forums:

I once met somebody in the neighborhood and after several times chatting, she started running off at the mouth,and she told me her BF was here illegally from ex-Salvador. Apparently he got deported once , got a 10 year ban and snuck back in. And of course he’s employed at a warehouse here in good ole LA county. Ex Gang member at that. Hopefully ICE takes a look and hopefully there will be a chain reaction where the employer gets scared and starts hiring people legitimately on the books. I’m sure he’s not the only illegal there.


Here is a post that I found on an anti-illegal immigration forum:

Guess that’s why they are also told to apply for asylum under the refugee Act!

Seventeen years ago, I viewed a tape recorded undercover by off-duty Latino officers of the former Immigration and Naturalization Service in Georgia. Several INS officers there had formed an immigration-control activist group that allied with a group I was in.
These immigration-enforcement officers were furious, and much of that anger was directed at our government, which was, and is, undermining its own citizens. Our government’s policies have greatly increased the dangers immigration and local police officers face.
The Georgia tape showed a Mexican official instructing a room of Latino “illegal aliens” on how to evade U.S. laws and how to tap into our welfare system. When presidents talk about deporting only “criminal aliens,” actually all adult “illegal aliens” are “criminal aliens.”
That’s what those words should mean, not just murderers and rapists. “Illegal aliens” have to commit a number of crimes, such as fraud and driving without a license to remain in this country.
As for welfare, more immigrant households are getting it than are households headed by our native born, according to Census data and a study from the Center for Immigration Studies.
Our laws say that, except for refugees and asylum seekers, we’re not to admit immigrants likely to become burdens on the American people. Well, that happens every day, and a profit-making industry is devoted to bringing in refugees, automatically eligible for welfare.


Here is a post from the City Data forum:

Do you know the problems that overcrowded housing causes? It causes disease to rapidly spread. It becomes a fire hazard as the electrical system in a single family home isn’t adequate enough to serve 16-20. The plumbing system also isn’t adequate to handle that many people either. A failed plumbing system also is a cause of diseases spreading. In some flophouses, since there aren’t enough toilets, the residents use the backyard. Since they want to hide the fact that they have a flophouse, they often don’t put out their trash and instead leave it in the backyard, which attracts vermin.

The law-abiding people who live one family to a house find that once flophouses show up on their street, their property values go down as well as their quality of life.

It’s a simple fact. If the only way you can live somewhere is to overcrowd, then you can’t afford to live there. For example, suppose I want to rent an apartment in NYC on 5th Avenue that has a view of Central Park. I take a look at what a one bedroom rents for and quickly realize that the only way I could make the rent is to move 10 or 12 more people in with me. That right there tells me that I can’t afford to live there. No to mention that no decent landlord would put up with anyone doing the overcrowding.

Over 100 years ago (as I mentioned in my other post in this thread) there was a massive crackdown on overcrowding. People had figured that overcrowded tenements spread disease and were fire hazards. Our country managed just fine. Today a massive crackdown on this type of living will send more illegals packing. Those who are here legally and do this, will face heavy fines and ordered to rip out anything in their home that wasn’t up to code.

As long as we have jurisdictions willing to turn a blind eye to this nonsense, it will continue. If it continues, it will allow sleazy businesses to continually underpay their employees. Americans won’t put up with living in overcrowded conditions. The vast majority of us grew up knowing that it was unacceptable to live that way.

About 10 years ago, my Dad was living in a senior citizen trailer park in Las Vegas. My nephew went to there with the intention of finding work then getting his own place. Nephew had back of the house restaurant experience so he went out and pounded the pavement. Everywhere he went, they weren’t hiring. He noticed all the Hispanics working these jobs. When he went out to look for housing, he quickly learned that if he got a BOH job at a restaurant, he couldn’t afford the rent on an efficiency apartment. He asked my Dad how these “Mexicans” (his word, not mine) can afford to live here. My Dad told him they live up to 20 people in a house or apartment.


And a reply to said post:

I’ve seen it as well, but as long as the slumlords are permitted to do this, then they will continue to make good money for crap housing by allowing overcrowding. The market is perverted when people are willing or forced to live like that ( 5 people in a studio and worse )


A lot of this happening in L.A too of course .
I used to work with a young lady that lived in an older apartment building that sounded run down . It was in a nice part of town so demand was high . She mentioned that the landlords didn’t care how many people were in the building.

It was her and her husband and two kids in a 1 bedroom .. but it sounded like some units had a lot more people .
She said the building was pretty noisy. The landlords were Asian and also owned a dry cleaners across the street, sounded like the building wasn’t maintained too well.

It is kind of a tenantment type of situation happening in many of these sanctuary cities .

Reality is the vast majority of illegals are uneducated and in poverty . We don’t need to be importing more of that.
Of course the open border liberals will say that’s mean and cruel .


Here is a post from an anti-open borders group on FB:

Take a look at this – Apparently a dry wall company owner in Texas named Oscar Martinez says or claims “The Americans I hire can’t last in this job more than half a day.”
So apparently per this cheap labor panderer, ‘You American Men and Women’ cannot hold a candle on the job next to an illegal alien.
Pandering, cheap labor, pro illegal B.S.
Hope his asinine statements reflect heavily on his business while we continue to deport illegal aliens and put Americans back to work
Just thought you hard working American Construction Workers – would like to know.

Here is a Breitbart article that shows how illegal immigration has decimated wages in the California construction industry:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I had an interesting conversation with my cousin today–a former teacher, retired from the Granite District. She mentioned that the teachers weren’t/aren’t allowed to ask the students if they were “documented” or not; maybe you knew that. Then she mentioned that they had an Iranian student who knew very little English, so the district has to pay for an interpreter fluent in Farsi to assist the student in taking tests, etc. Fun stuff, right? No big problem, though . . . because we all know that we have unlimited funds/budgets at every level of government, and we can EASILY absorb and support the roughly 7,000,000,000 third-world residents who want to come here and enjoy our country, right? Suuuure. No problem.


Here is a post from an anti-Amnesty group:

In A Nutshell… Another Factual Aspect/Perspective

Profit and Non-Profits alike, making big bucks with our government confiscated hard-earned tax dollars via the government – the same government that refuses to enforce our immigration laws, deport those illegally in the Country and Build the Wall.

Just saying!!!

CoreCivic (formerly the Corrections Corporation of America), and the GEO Group are the two largest prison corporations in the country.
Both are listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
The two corporations together “have spent more than $10 million on political candidates and have spent nearly $25 million on lobbying efforts since 1989,” according to an ITPI report.
In 2017, GEO and CoreCivic had combined revenue of about $4 billion, according to the companies’ annual reports.


HARLINGEN, Tex. — The business of housing, transporting and watching over migrant children detained along the southwest border is not a multi million-dollar business.
It’s a billion-dollar one.
The nonprofit Southwest Key Programs has won at least $955 million in federal contracts since 2015 to run shelters and provide other services to immigrant children in federal custody.…/migrant-shelters-border-crossing.…


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