Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 3

save the kidsI again decided to do a new page due to the length of the 2nd page seeming about as long as the first.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

“If enacted, ANSWERS would be among the most intrusive longitudinal data systems in the country – only 16 states and D.C. have such an Orwellian system. But most Alabama parents understand that the government has no right to collect highly personal data on their children, or on adults for that matter, and give it to other agencies to track their journey through the workforce and through life. It is none of the government’s business.”

“An equally fundamental, and troubling, aspect of this contemplated data repository is its adoption of the statist ‘socialization,’ workforce-development philosophy of education.”

I posted on some anti-Common Core forums the following questions:

1.) What do you hate the MOST about Common Core?
2.) How has it impacted YOU personally (or your kids, grandkids, etc)?
3.) What would you say to those who had it in their power to bring about the end of Common Core but didn’t either due to fear or due to greed or lust for power? Especially what would you say to those who didn’t act due to fear?
4.) What would you like to be done to the US Department of Education, the ESSA, the “College and Career Ready” stuff, the Social Emotional Learning, etc?
5.) What is your view on the government robbing the taxpayers via federal taxes and then using the money to bait states with Race to the Top funding and further bullying states by threatening to withdraw said funding unless they had transgender bathrooms in schools?
6.) What do you think of all the data mining, all the surveys on health, and all the forms the government gives your kids to fill out?
I got the following replies:
 1) rewriting of history & the constitution
2) had to pull my kids out of certain classes and fought with more schools & teachers than I can count
3) Grow a pair!!! It’s not about you, it’s about innocent kids
4) get rid of it!
5) unconstitutional
6) it’s illegal and goes against everything that is morally & ethically right
1. Everything
2. I never thought I’d homeschool and now I am.
3. Coward
4. Get rid of it. All of it.
5. I’ve got nothing nice to say about question 5. I think it’s better I don’t.
6. It’s very concerning. This isn’t information that our government needs… Unless for specefic purposes. None of those being good purposes.
1. I cannot name just one thing. Developmentally inappropriate expectations, no acknowledgement of differing learning styles. indoctrination towards globalism, inappropriate and invalid testing, outcome based education, inappropriate lesson content, outcome based education, data mining, texts on Chrome books, prescripted lessons – robbing teachers of creativity and personalized teaching, etcetera.
1. The strict you must do it this way. There are many ways to do things and not everyone does something the same way. This is teaching conformity.
2. I originally was homeschooling my child but then we found a stem school but this has impacted us because of transportation to and from school.
3. I would tell them they are a coward and need to start listening to the world around them.
4. I want to see more openness for the teachers to teach. Community College offered to high schoolers to start college earlier. More programs that help impoverished people.
5. This is so wrong. There are many students left behind because they can’t keep up and then the schools who can’t keep up are losing more money so they fall farther behind.
6. They have no business involved in this. Each school should make that decision. And around me they have done a good job of coming up with solution that both parties are ok with.

None of my grandkids can do math. They can’t even do basic math such as subtraction with borrowing & I’m talking 8th grade! It isn’t just them but their friends also. It’s pathetic! The history is being slanted, corrupted, just left out & ignored. I’m constantly correcting what they’ve been taught & filling in what’s left out. Cursive isn’t being taught either. Research it & see why it’s important if you don’t know. CC needs to be gotten rid of & tried & true methods & curriculums gone back to. We need to go back to what has shown positive results. The federal government needs to get out education & leave it to the states & local districts. No state wants their kids to have poor educations. The feds do NOT need to be involved. It isn’t even constitutional for them to be telling the states what/how to educate. That is the state’s responsibility

The thing I hate most is federal control over local children. It’s a race to the bottom. If children in Detroit can’t read they make all the children do extra reading. There are children in Montana who need Ag stem to run farms but because the reading scores are so low in Detroit, they have to read more in Montana (that’s a made up example but you get the point). Personally, I have a son with a gifted IQ. He was supposed to take one of those reading tests (the kid has an A in English) he says “I have a headache” the teacher says “you have to take this” he just clicked B the whole way through and the next year was put in Learn to Read class with no consideration for the fact that he is an A student. These kids work all year to earn grades and then because of that ONE test on ONE day that determines their entire next year of classes?! Even the teacher was appealing to the school board to get him out of her class. I’d like to see the DOE closed down all together. Our parents and grandparents were plenty educated and they didn’t have a DOE until 1977. Everything was local. If your town had a reading deficit, your school board addressed it, if you needed ag stem or manufacturing stem your town addressed that too. Federal level control isn’t about children, when you are trying to come up with policies that will literally apply to millions of children you can’t possibly think one policy is going to be good for all. It’s completely impractical.

Found this post on the Choose to Refuse Common Core group page:

Thoughts on this ? A friend of a friend sent to me


Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling group:

Thank you so much for accepting me, wow what a ride. My 13 yr daughter is failing the 7th grade an her teaches just informed me she is on a reading comprehension level of a 3rd or 4th grader so my question to them was how on earth has she made it this far??? Well “no child left behind” was their response but that she would not be able to enter into the 8th grade.. so I have decided this summer when she gets out of school, I will be homeschooling her a Christian Based curriculum from that day forward she will not be back in a public school until she goes to college, any advice an prayers are greatly appreciated, I have no idea where to begin she is so far behind so I have decided to test her on 4th, 5th an 6th grade test levels hoping this will give me a good idea of how to personalize her homeschooling.. I guess my question is am I started off on the right track?? I am 1 frustrated mamma😭😱Ty all so much for having me

And here are some replies to said post:

My daughter is in 4th and I was notified at the end of last year that she is not up to par with reading comprehension either! We pulled them and are now homeschooling both 4th and 9th.. We are working on spelling with our 9th, because apparently that wasn’t important either! I was very upset. 😣 I have no advice, but I’m hoping things start to turn around for y’all! Someone had shared a site called that I went ahead and joined for a year at $20. First I printed off the free ones! My 4th grader said, she enjoyed doing them today 😊 I’m hoping it’ll get her up to grade level!

I pulled my son, he had an IEP for reading but was being taught by the IEP teacher with a math degree. He would’ve been in 4th if he’d stayed in ps. He was reading almost at full 2nd grade level. We do Charlotte Mason Language Lessons. You can start at any level so I agree with you that testing is definitely a must! You get reading, writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation and comprehension all together so it’s not overwhelming. My kiddo has ADD and his patience level is extremely low! Within a couple months he was reading large print chapter books. Now he’s reading grade level books up to the 6th-8th grade range. Also, let her pick books with subjects that interest her. That at least helped us, we started with magazines and comics, I didn’t care what he was reading and was just over the moon he was taking a interest. Go to the library, bookstores, etc… Let her feel like she’s got control, that truly helps also! Good luck and you’ve got this!!!


My oldest has the same problem. Should be in 4th but in 3rd on a 2nd grade reading level yet no one did anything to help besides me. Where can I get these lessons?
I also took my oldest child out of public school when she was in 7th grade. I gave her a diagnostic test before ordering curriculum and it showed she was on 5th grade level in Math and English . So, that is where we began in our homeschooling.

I taught her year-round in those two subjects until she got caught up to normally expected grade level. It took us three years to get caught up. Despite her set backs, she graduated one year ahead of her public school peers. When she began college after homeschool/high school graduation, she was ready for all college-level courses. No remedial courses.

I took my 14 yr old daughter out of school this yr, she is in 7th grade. she was held back in preschool for speech they said she would skip young 5’s but she also did that too. not being held back or anything k-now. she tested at 5th grade math and is really struggling with it. she don’t get concepts of multiplying and division even adding with carry overs or subtracting with borrowing is sometimes hard. but instead of her getting farther behind in p.s. I see her getting better and moving forward. she lacks in handwriting, spelling and science but the more one on one I can see her work and demand better instead of it just being lost in the 35 kids that a p.s. teacher would have or just be handed a f. she gets a chance at home to fix everything and actually learn instead of just getting that bad grade.

I am 1 month into the exact same journey. Pulled my 7th grader due to writing clearly being about 4th-5th grade level. For me I found using Alpha Omega placement was a big help to place him in the Monarch curriculums. As suspected we started at level 5 for LA. The plus for personization was the rest of his courses I could place wherever I wanted them. I am using the “special projects” for now in the courses for writing opportunities and really digging in on the “how.”

We learned in KY that “NCLB” means the teachers, principal, and schools are penalized heavily if they hold a student back, so they push them through became she it comes down to teachers not being allowed to hold kids back when they need it. 🙄

We are in the same boat. Removing our son today from PS. Hes in the 6th grade,3rd grade level,IEP. Made the decision and going with it. We’ll learn as we go but its got to be better then where he is now.

Sounds like my daughter…she is 7th now heading to 8th and has a reading comprehension level of mow 6th grade but when I pulled her she was in the 6th grade with a comprehension of 2nd grade…Thw school knew something was wrong and forced her to take summer school every year to move on to the next grade…they had me get her tested for add, adhd, and autism looking ro blame one of those and I kept requesting they have her tested for dyslexia…they finally tested her at the end of 5th grade and guess what she is dyslexic. We tried a year of their special services but she hated it because all of the other dyslexic kids in her group were 2 and 3 graders. (Who the school of course tested in a timely manner unlike my daughter who I had been asking them to test since kindergarten.) The final straw for me was her end of year parent teacher conference where they all started asking about her adhd meds and why she wasn’t taking them, I was like because the doctors said she wasn’t add or adhd or anything else that needed meds and so she wasn’t on any…2 days later CPS was at my door opening an investigation because I was with holding her meds (someone at the school called them) without specifing what meds I had with held…SHE WAS NOT AND IS NOT ON ANY MEDS!!! Took them 6 months to drop the investigation and I pulled her from public school immediately. We use to help with her dyslexia and she has been making huge improvements. We also have subscribed to Audible for her literature, I can download almost every book I want her to read and she can follow along in her hard copy…but I do stop her a few random times so she can show me where they are in the book so I can be sure she isn’t just holding the book up and listening to the story.

My 12 yr old has a first grade reading level… p.s. just keeps pushing him up hes in 6th grade now. My question is the same as urs… how did the PS let him get this far?? Idk how this can be allowed. Good luck. I just pulled my 8th grader. And looks like ill be pulling this one soon too
Some inappropriate subject matter is being taught in a middle school in Madison, WI:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group.   Looks like their kid got punished for not bowing down to the whims of the Testing Consortium:

question with rewards or prizes. I opted my son out of a naep test. He came home devastated that he didn’t get a pair of ear buds. (I’ll buy him some) I remember reading that rewards can’t be withheld from a child who opted out is that correct? is it a state or national guideline?

And here is a reply to said post:

that’s even more interesting that they were gifted to kids because NAEP is a federal test. it’s called the “Nation’s Report Card”. it seems whenever the federal government wants us to do things, they bribe us. usually with money, but with 4th & 8th graders i guess it’s ear buds…

Ouija boards in kindergarten?  Yikes!

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Beyond the high amount of stupidity… and I’m in high school.
 And here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

A teachers way to implement Common Core behind our backs.

My 9 year old absolutley would not finish her math because she did not understand it. My 9 year old would not let her mother, a Valedictorian, assist her before she went to school with uncompleted work.

Daughters response

“My teacher says if I don’t understand it to only bring it to her. My teacher said parents don’t know how to do this so just see her about getting help”

 And here is a reply to said post:

The superintendent told me not to teach my child at home because it creates divided loyalties. I said that she is MY child. Meanwhile, the district still puts out the usual B.S. about wanting more parental involvement.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

My son is 6 and in first grade. In January he began a new school, and has been very stressed out. Richie went from loving school and doing great, to a poor progress report and dreading school. There’s hardly any recess!! The progress report did surprise me, and seemed a little harsh, Richie was always ahead of the class, and he just started. This school does seem more aligned with common core (for Valentine’s day there was no party, but there was themed math!)

Recently he missed a family tree project, which even that had a strict rubric. My son can’t recall doing any of the family unit in social studies (start of February), nor discussing the project. How do you deal with a child so young missing projects and units? Richie seems genuine in not knowing, and it isn’t like him to not care about school. I wrote to the teacher, who only said maybe the papers were misplaced. Thanks for any input 😀

And here are some replies to said post:
It sounds like he is in a school that is strict about common core. Talk to them about not putting too much pressure on him. He is 6 years old and they need to teach him developmentally appropriate material and it is their job not to stress out the small children in their care.
That’s how I feel. At first I wasn’t happy with my son but then I realized how ridiculous that was. In preschool [child’s name withheld] did a family tree in a week. This goes back a month. I’ve stalled the project because of how it’s graded, and no clear answers as to why my son missed it… Recently he was absent two days and received a pile of papers!
Many parents have had similar issues. Kids need to work at their own age appropriate pace, and work should not be sent home when they are sick.
The amount of work they cover in a day of CC is ridiculous. You can’t be out for one day because it will take two to catch up!!!
Just pull your kid from this school. Find another. Homeschooling if you must. I’m sorry if I sound impatient with public schools but the torture my son endured through the end of first grade, before we found a private school without Common Core, shames me. You won’t be sorry. Get him out!
it is bullshit as i have said the teachers the principals the parents and as i have said before the parents are stronger then they are led to believe and i must add this goes for all children what the people dont get our politicians and our own govt. is selling usa bill of goods charter schools is not he answer but people like eva moskowitz is certainly making mega bucks and the naccp are against charter schools because they are going back to the 70s the polticial world is doing exactly what they want and that is because weather your black or white our children are getting the wrong end of the stick and by dividing us is not helping our kids wake up we must fight and i do not give a damm where you live yes there are bad areas and yes those children are getting the raw end of the stick just as well in the better areas because what our polticians and business people who have become ivolved in our schools they want to become involved that is fine give us money where we can get 15 kids in a class and special need kids who needs extra things and lets get rid of charter schools common core and last but not least betsy devos must go and here we are a billionaire never worked in a school i wonder if all the politicians and our govt who have children if god for bid there children got ill who would they call a farmer or a good doctor well what every parent wants is a good teacher and get more people into the schools that need certain extra needs and not only the children the parents as well
They are setting these children up for failure, the increase in children being put on medication for inability to focus has gone up since the inception of common core, and now they are taking away diplomas for kids that struggle. I guess if they can’t get it at the same pace as everybody else or they struggle they are not worth allowing them to graduate and go on to a bright future
This is why I struggle to “punish.” On one hand, no a kid shouldn’t be forgetting hw, or whole units, but on the other they do so much work!
They complain about kids being obese and not going outside, but let me ask a question. (not to anybody specific, but to everybody) if a 3rd grader has 3 1/2 hours of homwork and gets home at 3:30 – 4pm. That 3 1/2 hours of homework brings the time to 7 -7:30pm and your gonna send them out to play at that time. Or let them play and then they will be up till 10pm doing homework?
I have heard kids in 4th and 5th grade state” I should kill myself because I am stupid. ” because they don’t understand what is being taught, and with the curriculum being paved and set the way it is, if the teacher is asked by a student to explain it again, they don’t because “sorry no time, but you can give up your lunch to maybe get the extra help, (i say maybe because a 42 min lunch period and 12 or more kids come for extra help, not everybody gets helped and then they have missed their lunch and got no help and still don’t understand it)
[child’s name withheld]’s biggest complaint is a lack of recess. It seems like anything below 45 and the kids stay in! Indoor recess is work or a movie. I can’t imagine that much homework for a 3rd grader!
Mine too, and he is now in middle school and I will tell you he hates school, doesn’t eat much, and never smiles anymore, he struggles everyday and it’s a fight to get him to do work, because he says why bother, I am gonna fail anyway. Way to go common core, way to go schools and BOE
And they wonder why there is a increase in childhood suicide, anorexia, drugs (the legal stimulants as well as the illegal stuff) and drop outs

He’s six and the teacher expects him to be responsible for writing down his homework and details of a project without checking before they leave for the day?


There should be a daily planner where all assignments are noted and the teacher reviews each one before dismissing the class. The parent should be signing off on the page every night after ensuring that everything has been done.


They are SIX!!!!


Our schools use this method from K-5, although at the higher grades the teacher doesn’t check that they wrote everything down, but if they miss turning in an assignment they make a note in the planner so the parent knows immediately.

Hmmm, what could be on these tests that schools would have kids sign forms promising not to tell their parents what’s on them, especially when the parents didn’t know about the forms:
Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Today I am telling everyone about 2017 Utah SB 196. This bill will allow Equality Utah to distribute its literature in Utah schools legally and will allow pro-LGBTQ teachers to advocate for homosexuality in Utah Schools.

You can call your Utah House Rep. and tell him or her you are against this bill for these reasons.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro City schools will be closed on March 8th, 2017 due to a “Day Without Women” strike among the faculty:

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

GRR! Just found out from my daughter that in Health class they have had someone coming in from Planned Parenthood to talk to the class! I’m sorry, but I refuse to let my daughter participate when it involves baby killers! Her health teacher will be getting a real nice email from me for sure!

An honors program at the Sam Houston State University in Texas (SHSU). is offering a scholarship of over $2000 to students who take courses on “White Privilege” and Black Lives Matter and also gives them other privileges too for taking these courses:

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

If my kids went to Alexandria City, VA schools or Chapel Hill, NC schools — I would be livid!! “A Day Without Women” — all the teachers requested the day off tomorrow, resulting in the schools closing!! Could this be any MORE political?? If they all requested the day off to go to a ball game, they would be denied. But this was approved. They should rename it “A Day Without Privileged Women,” as now working moms who cannot just take a day off must scramble to find last-minute childcare, or go a day without pay. Good job Alexandria and Chapel Hill teachers. Clearly your allegiance is to the progressive left, not the children you profess to care about.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

So I was just checking my son’s grades online, and noticed he is failing Science. I pull his complete progress report and notice there have only been two – yes two – science assignments this term. One of them is the permission slip for 5th grade maturation. He didn’t get it turned in on Friday so he got a 0 on that assignment. Is the school really allowed to give a science grade for a permission slip? I’ve never heard of such a thing, and it makes me not want to turn it in at all!

And here are some replies to said post:

Isn’t that program optional anyway??

Yes…optional! I always did one on one with my children except one….and it was VERY NICELY DONE by a woman gynecologist. Parents were invited to a night program. It was well done but I still took that daughter out for treats and a private followthrough discussion afterwards.

I would be sending an email right away. I would ask why/how a permission slip for an optional activity can be counted on a grade

He has a 100 percent on his other science assignment. He had an A and now has an F! This from a teacher who REQUIRES that each student put their name on both sides of any assignment. If they don’t do this, the assignment goes into the ‘no name’ box… Even though their name is on it! Yeah I’ll be calling the school tomorrow, I don’t think he should get a 0 and I also don’t think other children should get 100 just for turning it in!

Along the same lines, it is unjust that the kids are also graded on their parents signing those disclosures at the beginning of every year. There are a lot of them I won’t sign at all and others in my own form. Why are our kids being graded or their grades docked for their parents’ refusal to comply with the system?

Get to the principal. A teacher is really slacking off and you need to just walk in and tell him/her what happened. I have never heard of a permission slip being graded. No, no NO!! (Retired teacher)

Ive seen grades for such things before,but usually they were only worth a quarter to half an assignment grade though often than not these things were extra credit. Never have I seen something like this take up half a grade unless it was very early in a semeste, before getting more assignments

Either way, the kids shouldn’t be docked for their parents’ assignments.

I homeschool my kids, but when I did not, I had 3 notes every day coming home. It was ridiculous. I felt like I had a half hour to an hour of homework, just for myself, every night. When my kids did not get notes signed and taken back th next day, my child would miss recess. This was in elementary school.

Sigh. So messed up!

I am glad that as a homeschool mom, I do not have to do this!

My daughter got a 0 because I couldn’t “volunteer” X amount of hours for her, my daughter was my oldest I had 4 boys after (and another baby) spread 17 years apart. We home schooled the elementary kids. I didn’t bother with the principal I went straight to the superintendent. My daughter could NOT receive a 0 according to MY efforts, and I was reprimanded by the principal for going above his head and was told next time not to call the superintendent’s office. I immediately called the super’s office and told him what I had been told, he said call anytime I felt like I needed to. Well, needless to say I never needed to call again 😉 and she had that class all 4 years. **moral of the story – you are the only voice for your child, do what you have to and don’t take their bull. **

That moment you realize how much of the school experience is about conditioning kids to comply unquestioning with authority…

Really it is time for parents to get their kids out of these schools. Form community groups and start educating your kids at home. Working together you can make it happen. I recommend Freedom Project Academy.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Just reviewed one of the major history exams. A third of it is about Islam and Syrian refugees. Seriously and nothing about America. Now this pisses me off! What a disgrace! You truly believe the republicans in the Texas house and Senate stand on their beliefs. Give me a break. All pushing the indoctrination of our children. Their lying to you.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Well something new for me to research…alarm bells went off in my head when I saw in the principal’s weekly letter the “exciting news” that next year our school will be piloting a “standards based report card.” I’m curious to hear if anyone has had experience with this?

And here are some replies to said post:

It was so bad at our high school they quit at semester. It was basically what the teacher thought of you. There was no ruberic and the teachers couldn’t even tell you where her grade was until semester. I actually had one teacher tell me she was getting a b because she thought my daughter tried hard. Grades on assignments didn’t matter. It was a mess.

We have had one at the elementary level for a few years. It is a disaster, 4 pages long, not parent friendly, confusing, tedious to fill out and try to understand, a really bad idea!

My son’s elementary school does something similar to this until 4th grade. I thought he did really well until this year. All Fs and I can’t get the school to help him. He’s on an IEP and I worry daily that he will fall behind and be forgotten.

My middle daughter was doing 8th grade math in 5th grade…and she told she was just meeting standards. This system is not usable by most administrators, teacher or parents. There is extreme manipulation – as an attempt to show “growth” by the end of the year. It’s garbage.

One of our local high schools used some alternative grading. This kids who busted it and turned in projects on time received equal or less grades than those who slacked and turned them in late. Maybe the slackers had more time to research? Who knows? I know the ones who turned them in on time were not happy.

Here is another post from said anti-Common Core group:

I refused naep testing for my son by submitting a written letter to the school. My son just informed me they are giving him a test anyway his teachers said it’s a ‘fake’ test and extra homework. His teacher singled him out and told him he is the only student in his class not taking the exam. Thoughts?

And here are some replies to said post:

I would be down at that school first thing tomorrow to reinforce that I was the parent and my letter said NO NAEP. How dare they?!

He said it’s a fake test. I said you aren’t taking any test that day and that I had sent in a letter and his teacher said he has to take a ‘fake’ test since he wasn’t participating naep testing.

Pull him from school that day.

thats what I did when they said I wasn’t “allowed” to refuse the leap test…pulled her from school for the week, wrote to everyone from the school to the school board, then she homeschooled this year

Update: my son came home from school today and said tom during naep testing he will be given computer test while the other students are taking he naep and that people will be in the classroom besides his normal teachers observing. When I called the school to find out protocol for him they said to call in the am they weren’t sure. I’m keeping him home.

And here is yet another post from said group:

Are we as parents not given the option to opt out of ELA and Math Assessments? This is what I found online regarding state testing so I’m confused and still learning. Grateful for this group. “Federal law and the New York State Education Department requires all students to participate in the 3-8 NYS ELA and Math Assessments as part of the core academic program. There is no provision in statute or regulation allowing parents to opt their children out of state tests.”

And here are some replies to said post:

It depends on the state they were in. Utah does allow parents to opt out. But not every state does. Just have them skip school the days of testing.

Yeah. I’m glad to be in Utah. I’ve also taught my daughter what to watch for and to refuse to do it – even if it means she has to go to the Principals office and call me. Can never be to safe. The scary part is they adapting these tests to be happening in everyday education. It will be an integrated part of their everyday learning. 😦

I kept my daughter home also, when they said she’ll have to take the make up I said then she’ll be out two weeks and tried to threaten me with failure due to absences… I told them I’d send that threat to a lawyer, she never heard anything about a make up test

You cannot ‘opt out’ you have to REFUSE the testing. Semantics I know but that’s the way they want to play the game

Looks like the state of West Virginia is endangering homeschooling:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Results of testing young children are SO BOGUS. If we put ANY relevance on testing them with computers we are badly off base. I retired. Then I signed up to teach early morning orchestra at a school in the same district. 45 minutes twice a week, then I went to use the super MAC Computers in the massive lab. Pretty high class neighborhood but that doesn’t matter… is what happened in reality during SAGE TESTING: Two teachers both in one corner helping SPED students try to read and type. Lab aide in back getting materials ready for next class at her desk. (I stayed EVERY DAY I TAUGHT…2X A WEEK…and observed) The students are left to read and mark answers on their own. Even if told to raise their hand, nobody is paying attention, so they give up holding up their hand. Most just would click any answer. I would see them helping each other, reading for one another, giving answers to each other (sometimes wrong answers…) and peeking around carrels to see what other kids are answering or how far along they are. Rarely is any teacher (except me…) watching the whole class or monitoring. In the few times they ARE, they would keep kids on track better. But I got to hear what they said out of earshot of the teachers. Like: Who can get hold of a jump-rope first. Like: recess is only 5 minutes away and if we don’t finish we don’t get recess! So.. Let’s hurry and finish….questions not even read. Answers clicked to the finish line without a care whether they are right or not….
So is it any wonder we are testing poorly in America? Or maybe we are NOT testing poorly because WE GUESSED LUCKY! That is the real scenario of sitting kids in a computer lab with too many questions and not enough activity at an inappropriate age. It is utterly wasted, useless time spent getting false statistics that the many idiots in upper education solemnly base their data, procedures, and appalling conclusions of “education today.” They are the ones to blame in the first place…taking students away from lessons and teachers. Testing should be short, verbal, random and not be the entire basis for grading knowledge and retention. Kids get blocks during testing .. Even oral testing.

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

This is my first year with a jr high student. In elementary school, when SAGE testing was done, I would pull my child out or they would allow them to work on other assignments. But this year, in jr high, I’m being told she has to take a written test. Can anyone fill me in on this? Sounds like a back door to the opt out.

And here are some replies to said post:

i would ask 2 questions:
(1) where are the questions for the written test coming from? from the SAGE Formative system (learning point navigator) or are they written by the teacher?
(2) will she be graded on it?

if the questions are coming from SAGE Formative i would still have concerns because SAGE Formative is part of the opt out (even if it’s in written form).
she shouldn’t be graded on her written test because the students taking SAGE aren’t graded on their test.

Thank you. I thought, surely they aren’t trying to trick students who opted out to still take the SAGE test…..but I was wrong. My 12 yr old will be happy to know she gets to sleep in for a couple days later this month (its her 1st period class). Thank you for replying.

The written test is still part of sage. I think it’s a way around to get the opted out kids to actually take it. 😬 Pull your kid out at those times if you can. At the end of the year when all they did was make up work, my sons teacher gave him a “make up test.” When he got the test my son said, “isn’t this sage?” She got a little irritated and said, “just put it on my desk then!”

I asked and you are right. It is just the written version. Clearly, these teacher don’t really understand why people opt out. (Self imposed ignorance in most cases, I’m sure.) Or maybe they are pressured to do it? Who knows.

I wonder if they’re pressured. She seemed upset about it, which is weird. Why would she be? Since it doesn’t go on their grade it shouldn’t bother her whether my son took it or not. Lol. I’m glad you got answers though.

The evil publishing company Pearson is spying on social media accounts of students in regards to information on the PARRC testing:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core forum:

We are heading out to sign our child up for kindergarten. What are some questions concerns or comments that any of you recommend us to discuss with the administration to let them know we aren’t interested in any Common Core curriculum?

And here are some replies to said post:

I have fought this system with my kids’ schools since they implemented it n 2010. There were ways around it while still keeping them in the public school system. Every year, they’d legislate us out of the loopholes I’d found the previous year. At this point, with their stealth, imbedded testing and ‘written tests’ in place of sage tests, which are the same thing and collect the same data, and with the way they mix and mingle every topic into each other, each one laced with liberal propaganda, Marxist, Socialist indoctrination, race and wage-baiting, gender confusion, sexualization of children, Agenda 21, pro-Humanist and Islamic religion-tainted, anti-Christian agenda nonsense, there is no longer any way to protect your kid in the public school system OR to ensure them an actual, decent education. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest exit.

Yes! I agree 100%!

Spot on

So people that are still trying to opt their kids out of the testing and so on aren’t really doing any good now?

Opting your kids out of the tests is essential. If enough parents do it, their testing system will collapse and they’ll have no choice but to officially declare it ‘invalid,’ although it already is without the official recognition. However, they are still collecting the data points and sharing it with whomever AIR deems worthy without parental knowledge or consent. So, no, SAGE testing is not the biggest issue anymore, although it’s still important to opt out. There’s no reason to hand them the data without a fight.

And I thought certain states were able to get away from it?

Only on the surface. What they’re finding is that the feds have a chokehold on this issue and they’re not being ‘allowed’ to get away from Common Core without financial repercussions, which no one, so far, has been willing to lose. So, what’s actually been happening is that states are re-branding their curriculum, changing a sentence or two, re-naming it and selling it back to the public as ‘not Common Core.’ Rest assured, it’s still Common Core. I don’t know of a single state that’s successfully unentwined itself, yet.

Everyone in Utah’s Ed Establishment and govt says ‘we don’t have Common Core, we have Utah Core.’ But English is word for word except cursive and math just got some very minor revisions. But the same…

So you parents that still have kids in public school what is the answer. Homeschooling for us would not work right now. All I see as an answer is an expensive private school.

even the private schools are turning to common core. My kids are in Public schools. My best advice is to be all in. If you are going to send them to school make sure you know what is going on in their classes and be involved. Read minutes from school board meetings if you can’t attend and try to keep up on things as much as possible.

Teach carefully at home. If your kid is okay with it, don’t be afraid to send them back with no homework done (part of common core is serious homework every day). And make sure your kids are well taught early who they are and what they believe, so when they encounter contradictory infornation, they already have another pov, and know they can ask you. Whether you are officially homeschooling or not, you will have to spend some time homeschooling your kids to keep them safe from indoctrination and teach them how to think for themselves.

It’s tricky, too, because a lot of schools SAY they value parental input, but when it comes down to it, they still do what they think. I call them “parent handlers.” Grrr. If you qualify for an iep, get one. Yes, there is risk of labeling, and a long history of the disability, but as a parent with an iep child you have more leverage.

I have 3 kids in Elementary and we fight common core stuff daily. The biggest benefit I have found is being a very involved parent. Be in the classroom, look at every worksheet that comes home, talk about what your child learned. At my kids school, Davis district, after 3rd grade they have 1:1 computers so much of the work is completed on the computers and I don’t see much coming home. The whole state is slowly moving toward this route and my kids school was selected to pilot the program. My oldest knows how to work a computer and emails me things occasionally and I try to have my kids login to the computer programs so I can see what they are doing. I’m frustrated because over the last 8 years, 3 of which I was teaching for, I’ve slowly been kicked out as a parent in my children’s education. When I expressed concern to the principal he said I wouldn’t be seeing much come home anymore which makes I it difficult to help kids that struggle, or even to discuss what is happening in school. The biggest piece of advice I could give about sending your kids to school is just be involved. Look at the standards, know what they will be teaching about when and talk about it at the dinner table.

It is a tough thing to navigate. As stated you can’t avoid all of it. I would say to watch the online programs they use. Our school uses Waterford. It is a free program for kinders. Keep in mind that the standards are sometimes unreasonable. Don’t make a big deal if they tell you your child is behind. Reading is normal between the ages of 4 and 7. You can limit computer exposure and tell them how much your child can have. Don’t focus on the grade, just how much your child has learned. Volunteer in the class and be up front with the teacher.

I am in a similar position here in PA. My son is in kindergarten and has a wonderful (and conservative) teacher. However, the curriculum and Common Core makes me batty. He is already learning things I find age-inappropriate. Talking to the administration really doesn’t change anything. I get lip service and the “we have always done this” response. We live in a rural area, so there aren’t really any homeschool co-ops and my son ADORES school. He would be heartbroken if I pulled him.

I am not loaded. I work part time and home school 3 of my kids. I make it fit my schedule. We downsized and now,we are free to spend quality time with our kids teaching them what matters most. They do! Not money, not big houses, not loads of things, nice cars or our careers. It is a mindset and requires a paradigm shift to be willing to change. So many people i know nowadays either choose self reliance or big government. I choose self reliance because in the end that is what matters most. The government does not give a crap about you or your kids. Once you cut yourself off, it is very freeing.

The elite are going to damage everything. In 1990, Sweden went to a voucher system. Now all schools, including private, are funded and controlled by the government and everyone has to take the same tests. The New American says it is a fascist system.

I am not loaded. I homeschool 6 kids. It is expensive for books and supplies and classes which I hire people to teach. Truly, we make huge sacrifices. I sacrifice my time like crazy. It is hard work. I have to make more food from scratch. We shop at the Deseret Industries and take hand-me downs from everybody. We use a garden.

For liberty and God and Jesus Christ, it is worth it.

When you send your kindergarten child to school, don’t forget us, the people who told you about homeschooling. It is not impossible like you think it is.

Remember us and come back on and ask. You will surely end up homeschooling. I bet your bottom dollar you will. It is worse than you think. You will see that it is. You will be apalled. Kindergarten is not a garden of play. There is no time for play anymore. Kindergarten is a bootcamp for slavery under the NWO. Your child will lose happiness and joy. You will see it slip away slowly.

When that happens, do not forget that homeschooling is there and available.

It is worth the sacrifice. You love your child.

Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

I see from your other posts that you are pro-vouchers. If you want to ask me questions, I know exactly why vouchers are bad. I will tell you right now. The voucher system is a fascist idea. Fascism is a form of Government wherein small businesses are controlled by the government. The voucher plan is all about this. It will appear to be grand. People will be very happy. The low income families (that is what Secretary DeVos and Pres. Trump specified) will get federal money to educate each child in a homeschool or a private school. I am sure many homeschooling parents will jump right on, to the detriment of our entire system of liberty in the U.S. The Taxpayers of the U.S. will have an outcry, causing standards to be applied to private schools and homeschool families as well. They will make sure you are not teaching religion in your homeschool. They will make sure private schools are not teaching religion, either. You will get visits from people coming to check on you at your house. They will know what books and dvd’s you use. They will want to know what curricula you use. If you make your own lesson plans, they will want them written so that they can decide whether to approve them. Every child will be receiving the government indoctrination. Vouchers are NOT a good thing. I will not be accepting government money for my homeschool. Even then, because private schools and homeschool families will have accepted the money, the laws about homeschooling and what we teach and how we teach it (and the tests) will all come crashing down on even me and my homeschool. We will have a fascist nation.

A California elementary school has banned the game of tag:

Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

So in CCSD, 5th grade is scheduled for SBAC May 15-26. I just was just told by Assistant Principal that there is no opting out, it’s a state requirement.

And here are some replies to said post:

Wrong, lie

There is also an interim test, at least last year there was about a month prior. I didn’t use any form for that one, I informed teacher that if they had no work to give during the interim testing, I would keep my son home. They provided him with work. He is in CCSD too, 5th grade last year.

Yeah my daughter told me they started preparing this week- that’s the only way I knew.

I will still notify the teacher regarding all the practice tests – at this point, I’ll send the form certified mail return receipt….and we’ll go from there.

I have to call my son’s school, he has no clue if there are interim tests. I don’t like calling, all the bologna.

And for the record, Principal at my son’s school said if he didn’t take test, he wouldn’t be able to be placed in classes for 6th grade – another fib. You would not be the 1st to be given misinformation. 🙄

Sad but true!

My step daughter came home telling us how kids were crying from being forced to sit.; and being denied bathroom breaks until the tests were done. So now I save up my vacation time because my kids won’t be tortured like that.

My sons charter school forced my son to take it. I turned in an opt out form and was led to believe everything was fine until last week on Monday with my son called me and told me he was going into testing and they were making him take it. Neither the principal nor the Vice Principal return my phone calls. I’m still beyond livid 😡

This has to be illegal. Doesn’t federal law supercede state? Surely CCSD can’t pick and choose, legally. Something needs to be done – yes common core is ridiculous but this is becoming more than being solely about that

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

My daughter is a freshman. I’ve opted her out of common core testing previously but this year they’re telling me if I opt her out she will have a hard path to follow in order to be able to graduate. What should I do? Is their a possibility common core qualifications to graduate based on this testing will change soon?

And here are some replies to said post:

My son came home last week and told me that he was told if he doesn’t take the PARCC test next year he isn’t allowed French , which he wants (or any elective) that he must take labs?? Looks like another phone call to guidance to see what is going on.

In Georgia, you can not “opt out” in High School as the test accounts for 20-30% of their class grade. Not taking it and dramatically dropping your score will decrease your GPA and ultimately hinder your college choices.

Tired?  Southern Illinois University is holding “nap ins” so that students can “dream of diversity”:

A public school in PA is forcing a bunch of boys to dress with a girl who pretends to be a boy (what the Left calls “transgender”) and told them to make it as “natural” as possible:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

So, this letter was sent home with my son on Tuesday. They can’t be serious! We are not allowed to make doctor appointments for 5 weeks! Surely the children are not going to be tested every day for 5 weeks!

mean test form

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core FB group:

My heart breaks with what our children go through at school. Michael is being bullied at school. It primarily happens at recess. He is called vulgar names, hit, and something called trucking done to him. He says he tries to stay away from the perpetrators, but it doesn’t work. Even the teachers send him away, when he goes to them for help. I know they are busy with other kids. It is hard for Michael to understand why they turn him away. The school has done little to stop this. In fact, one special needs student was removed from the school by his parents for bullying. The school would not even consent to a change of classrooms. He comes home angry, upset, and depressed. I wish beyond grief that I could homeschool my kids and not have to work. It tears my heart out.

And here are some replies to said post:

Hard is life when decision is involved and it’s not the one we want. It’s your kids don’t let another day go by till it’s set right go to his school watch photo vidio and if necessary go kick some child ass but don’t let it happen another day

keep him home, report to the school board, and tell them you will press charges against the administrators and teachers, and the school board if they do not take this seriously. If he is special needs, you may be able to compel them to tutor him….God bless you guys

Yes. Please be his complete advocate! Or you may end up with something as horrible as suicide.

twenty years ago, I had to refuse to send my handicapped daughter to school when they refused to address her being inappropriately touched by an aide. They brought her into the school counselor’s office, and both the aide and the counselor tried to convince her she was just grieving for our neighbor recently deceased. I knew nothing about it, until we were out a few days later…and she brutally attacked me. After that, it all came out from her. Took her to school the next day, demanded to see the counselor who tried to brush it off. Took her home, and informed the school she was NOT coming back there as she could not feel safe (I was scared I would get in trouble, but said fk it anyways. They had to provide an education for her, so they had to get a tutor.

Go to school with your son, have him point out the bully’s, take their pictures. Take pictures of the teachers, ( screw them saying they are busy, he is their job), report to superintendent. If no response contact lawyer, after moving your child. He has to know you have done everything you can. I have gone right to kid homes with my child and trust me, parents have no defense when you have your child there pointing at their brat. Honestly, most parents want their kids to act correctly and with compassion , otherwise, kick the parents a—.

back to grandson. had one they humiliated daily. called principal who got smart with me and flippant. said, well things like that happen, and I answered, so did columbine… she stopped it. called students into office and threatened them to expell and call parents. it all stopped. bullies need their butts whipped by a strong parent but school needs to step in. if your child is being treated like this, you can bet others are too. threaten to close the school down, get a group. ask your child what other children are being treated like this. do something. there is power in one and when others see you stand, they will stand too. I can only encourage you, this is not a new thing.

My daughter’s last 4 years of school were the most horrific time in her life. It definitely changed her. We went to the school officials and got 0 help. Her car was vandalized and later rammed by some of these ANIMALS, (just a couple examples) We tried reaching out to the parents and were treated like we were NOTHING, and our daughter meant absolutely nothing to them. I still feel rage. It’s been 5 years since graduation. It is way past time for parents to DEMAND change. If I had it to do again, you can bet I would handle it differently. My heart goes out to you and your Son. Whatever it takes GET HIM OUT of that situation. Prayers for both of you.

We really need to expose the schools for what they are. The anti-bullying campaign was never about real bullying. All the talk about zero tolerance, yada, yada, yada. The movement was always about shutting down free speech on opinions that disagree with the state’s liberal and immoral agenda by calling such divergence bullying. But a start would be to expose what the policy is NOT about: bullying.

exactly what my daughter is going through. They just tell her go play with the other kids. It doesn’t always help when they seak her out to tell her “I don’t like you”. One child was giving her indian rug burns and pushing her and and tripping her repeatedly.

I was a Teacher’s aid for years and it’s not that easy. kids don’t act like that because of years of guidance from their loving families. They are like that because of parents who don’t care to instill morals and discipline and guidance. Talking to them about lil Johnny’s behavior is like talking to a wall. You hear the “not MY kid and what did THEY do to make him act that way “or if they are of a different race than the victim it’s the race card or they just flat out blow you off. Raising a decent kid requires good parenting as well as other adults in authority reinforcing good behavior. When they fail to do their job and even put the kid at risk it’s time for another course of action

You need to raise hell, sue the school district. To bad we live in an age where they want our children to “tolerate” what is happening. When we were young, we were taught to stand up to bullies, now they want our children to be pussies. You need to fight for your child, or this will haunt you, and your child for the rest of your lives.

I find it thought provoking how their slogans are “no violence is tolerated”…yet continue to allow kids to be picked on then punish the kids if they fight back or retaliate.

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

I have a question, I refused the state testing for my child and sent in the refusal letter. In his folder I found a Common core testing sheet for ELA. He told me it was a practice test that they were told they had to do even they weren’t taking the test. I thought when I opt him out I also opt out of practice materials also.

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Everyone, please call the governor’s office this morning (801-538-1000) and ask him to sign HB 136, Board of Education Revisions. We need to counter those who are pressuring him not to sign the bill. This is the bill that lets the state board reject federal mandates.

Watch out Utah, the governor caved and now they can push the Gay Agenda in Utah schools:

Here is a post from the Utah anti-Common Core group that underscores my point as to why “school choice” as it is is a bad idea as it just extends federal control:

“Vouchers threaten the autonomy of Catholic schools…. At least two schools had already purchased books and were told to use different ones, or they would lose their accreditation from the state as well as voucher money.
“In March of 1984, the U.S. Supreme Court made it clear that private schools are subject to government regulations if they enroll students with government money.”

Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Sadly, YOUR children might be being taught that our Constitution is disposable.
Via Karla Ritzen:
Oh my, please don’t my friends report me on Facebook because snowflakes will cause me the loss of my job…
Doing a government simulation today, all three teachers in one room. 70 + kids. We had the 9 Supreme Court justices explain the bill of rights to the class. Well, we got into a heated discussion in EVERY PERIOD about the 4th amendment! Because I believe that what is being done to us at the airports COMPLETELY VIOLATES the 4th amendment! They dont have a right to rifle through my luggage, which has happened twice. They don’t have a right to stick their gloved hands down my buttcrack which has happened once in front of my very frightened 12 year old son!!! You have to have PROBABLE CLAUSE! And even when you have probable clause, you need a judge’s warrant to search my suitcase!!!! The two other teachers disagree with me and shared their arguments about “it’s keeping us safe!” “The country that gives up its freedom in order to keep its safety, deserves neither! Roughly the quote of Franklin! The sad part for me was that NONE OF THE KIDS AGREED WITH ME! I actually had kids ask me, ” what if your family member got killed by someone because there were no checks?” I said, “do nt even go there with me because my son signed up to die for that beautiful document and went to war twice to protect it! And I would rather die than give up my freedom. So would he!” If the airport situation is ok, then the next terrorist who strikes a Kroger store will now dictate that we have to be checked before going to the grocery store!!!! I am just sad today because I am a teacher who TEACHES THE CONSTITUTION! My partner teachers actually said that because of 9/11, common sense tells us that the 4th amendment shouldn’t matter because it’s about our safety! STUDENTS CHEERED!!!!! I wanted to cry!!!! Then I said, “because of your logic, if there is a terrorist attack at Kroger tomorrow, then we will have to now rifle through everyone’s purse who goes to Kroger! Where does it stop? I even told them that ONE TIME I gave them probable cause to search my luggage. I missed my flight, had to take a later flight, but my suitcase made the first flight. It was sitting at the airport for 5 hours . That is a REASON AND A PROBABLE CAUSE but they still need a WARRANT! We have pissed on the 4th amendment due to our “safety.” sad thing is… Kids think that’s all ok! Sorry for the long rant!

Disagree with a school’s ADHD diagnosis of your kids and lose all seven of them to CPS:

An “anti-bullying” text for 1st graders that features a  cross-dressing boy.

Looks like Tennessee students who are opting out of PARCC testing are being made to miss not just the testing but also some regular class (no doubt as a form of punishment):

Student suspended from Rollins College for daring to challenge radical Islam:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core FB group page:

I wrote a few months back about my disdain for the common core math modules we have to teach in my school. Now, I have a new bit of insight into how the common core, the modules (or any other proud common core aligned curriculum), and the state tests, have all conspired in a perfect storm to steal teachers’ autonomy and sense of purpose away from them.
I was noticing in my fifth grade class’s writing journals some pretty clumsy writing when they were quoting from the text for evidence. I decided, like I think a good teacher should, that a mini-lesson showing how to quote from a text but write it more seamlessly might be in order. So that’s just what I did. Afterward, when the class had left for P.E., I asked my co-teacher how she thought it went. She said, “I know you were trying to teach them like a writer, but I don’t want them to get confused. The state test is in just a couple weeks.”

Now, I love the woman I’m co-teaching with this year. She has a heart of gold, loves books and ELA just as much as I, and bends over backwards for the students. And I don’t think for a minute she would have said such a thing if we were teaching in, let’s say, 1985. But since it’s 2017 and standardized education is all the rage, I understand (though disagree) with her position.

She just wants to do the right thing. She, like many, many other elementary educators, believes the right thing is to prepare children for a middle school and high school experience that will, in the words of our reading interventionist this morning, “not ask the kids to do much, if any, narrative writing, but will have them do evidence-based writing again and again and again. It’s just practical to get them ready for it.”

I want to be impractical.

I want many more teachers (and parents!) to feel the same way, because there is a sick point of view about learning endemic to our current public education system because of Common Core. Think teachers nowadays are helping your child find his or her “voice” anymore in their writing? Think again. ELA has become a steady stream of mind-altering lessons geared toward teaching novels like they’re some sort of crime scene where you need to pick up the clues to deduce someone else’s message or theme. The joy, the enthusiasm, the personal connections, the empathy, the wonder, the questions … all the things that make reading literature so compelling and fascinating have all been stripped away.

It’s freakin’ sad, it’s wrong, and I’m sick of it.

Here are some replies to said post:

I teach third and know exactly how you feel…. some days I just want to crawl under my desk and cry at the hoplessness of the whole “data driven” model that burns both students and teachers out. I went into teaching because of a desire to educate but we don’t do that anymore, do we??? It seems the new buzzword is “facilitate” and if that’s the case, what’s the point? The dictionary definition of facilitate is “to make easier.” To that I ask, why? As an educator, I want to challenge my students, have them strive to do their best and to WANT to learn more… making it easier, teaches them not to try, to be lazy and to take what is offered, not to strive for more…. is that what we want from the next generation? This is not what I signed up for as a teacher.


You’re right. I agree totally. We’re facilitating learned helplessness. A lot of times I hear the blame for learned helplessness being placed squarely on the shoulders of parents, but I see US, the teachers, encouraging it, too. Not because we want to, but because our canned lessons are so unintelligible at times that we have to facilitate the kids (i.e. basically re-state and re-teach everything so it makes sense to them). Our common core ELA and math modules in New York State are garbage. They were being written up hastily at the same time our state was adopting the CC. Albany told all of us they’d be the best way to prepare for the state standardized test, and since that’s the reason for our existence now as teachers (to prepare for the crummy test), we naturally adopted the modules. It’s sick. My admin and some of my colleagues look at my like I’m screwy when I talk like this, because it is simply the new norm now. Why question it? Why fight against something you can’t possibly hope to change? Well, I don’t hope to change it. I hope parents will change it, by pressuring school boards, questioning teachers, and turning the screws on administrators (not to mention state DOE bureacrats). The change will not come from withing. (Well, unless test scores go down … then we’ll double down on even worse curriculum, history suggests.)

My 7th grader has spent the entire year reading snippets of garbage and then finding approved OLD sources from the school’s sanctioned search engine for the purpose of writing arguments (for or against) one damn social justice issue after another… and believe me, the kids KNOW which position they had better take, and I’m sick to death if it!
This has been going on all year long, “argumentative writing”.

My 1st grader has already begun “opinion pieces” having to back up her opinion with argument. . Smh.

We refuse to teach or do common core math at home. And I have told the teachers also. If they bring home homework it will be the right answer but not done the way asked. I am not going to work full time and sit at home googling why the heck my kid needs boxes to come up with a very simple answer. Math is math. The fact I have 6 th graders that still do not know basic multiplication and division and who can’t count back change is very scary. And this all teaching to get it all in for the testing is ridiculous. I want my kids to be able to function out in the world. The world isn’t standardized tests. We are not preparing our kids for that. I hope common core leaves very soon! Let’s go back to teaching kids how to learn and love it and teach each kid how they learn. We are making them robots that have to learn exactly the same way. Kids are not exactly the same

Here, let me add to this. My kids just got this little fun article for homework last night. I believe the title was “America’s Space Disaster” about Apollo 13. The article covered parts of the early space race, America’s achievements with Project Apollo and the disaster. But, it just couldn’t help itself with this little blurb out of absolutely nowhere. There was also a question about this blurb in the packet they had for homework. THIS is what our children’s heads are being filled with. There’s no such thing as actual comprehension of a story anymore. It HAS to have political influence in everything. Thanks Common Core, you’ve killed our kid’s future!


They are in eighth grade. I have seen little inserts of suggestions like this for years now in what what appear to be legitimate periodicals. If I told you the rest of the story, your heads would explode!

And here are some replies to said post:

Sadly, my head would not explode. My kid brought home a “Time for Kids” that put the Crusades ‘holy war’ on par with the brutal Islamic conquest that it was trying to squash. Their spin was — holy wars–everyone is doing it! This was at a Catholic school. I wrote to the Superintendent and principal to express my disdain. Ugh. I told my kids to ignore every article in the Time for Kids.

Believe me, if you found out your daughter was having “gender identity issues” because of The insistence from the public school system that not feeling comfortable in your body during puberty was “abnormal”, your head would explode!

Every school district should ban Scholastic. i told my district the only good use of those magazines is to demonstrate bias and inappropriateness (now known as fake news).


Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

My daughter is a happy camper! I wrote a note this morning opting her out of those stupid tests and they are honoring that note! Apparently a crap load of other kids opted out as well and this is a very small school with small classes! My guess is only 1/4 – 1/2 of 7th graders and 8th graders are actually taking the tests. She told me the classroom her and the other 8th graders who opted out got to stay in today was pretty much filled up. She was literally crying her eyes out this morning because of the stress that she knows the tests would give her, so I decided she isn’t going to take them. And she came home in quite the good mood!!


A school has cut its budget due to “having too many white students”:


Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core page:

Can anyone tell me if they know if a teacher can legally do this in regards to SAGE testing? Just trying to understand the law… I was under the impression a teacher couldn’t do this. She is letting kids that score high on SAGE opt out of a final, and for the kids opting out of SAGE she is giving them a test of equal length in place of it. Can she do that???

utah misery.jpg

And here is a reply to said post:

they can require another assignment or written test (as long as the test is not SAGE Formative because SAGE Formative is included in the opt out… be sure to get clarification on how the test is created & if they will be logging in to the SAGE Portal or Learning Point Navigator to take it), but it cannot go against their grade. the reason is because students who take the SAGE test cannot be graded on it, so students who take an alternate test/assignment cannot be graded either.

allowing students who receive a certain score on the SAGE test to not take a final is rewarding students who take the test, which is in violation of the law. there is no way to make sure the tests are equal when every student is given a different test because SAGE is computer adaptive for one & for two, those taking an alternate test will obviously not be taking the same test. teachers are not allowed to see the questions on the SAGE test, so they would not be able to make a written alternate test in any way similar to what the other students are taking.

here’s another link that will be helpful. it’s State Board Rule & it says:
(3)(b) …..”upon exercising the right to exempt a child from a state required assessment under this provision, an LEA may not impose an adverse consequence on a child as a result of the exercise of rights under this provision.”

& (9) “An LEA may not reward a student for taking a state required assessment.”


A student was penalized on an essay for “not using gender neutral words” for using the word “mankind”:

Looks like the Department of Education is funding Islam:


 Here is a post from an Arizona anti-Common Core group:

My son goes to school for math and electives (and I homeschool him for core classes) so he had to only take the math test. I talked to him about possible political questions. Advised him if any questions asked his opinion, to skip it or answer no opinion.
Why on a math test are they asking a 7th grade this opinion on voting.

And here are some replies to said post:
What was the question?
Here is one my son got a few years back: “What is the reason GMO is good for our environment?” My son refused to answer this question because he knew GMO is not good for the environment, so the teacher promptly threatened to drop his test into the trash unless he picked an answer. That was the end of high-stakes testing for us; he never took another test and now I homeschool.
Just be aware: when you call the State Board of Education to discuss a question like that, their canned answer is, “We are not allowed to discuss the test as it is proprietary information. ” That was Mary Pat
Here is another post from the Arizona anti-Common Core group:
We gave in this year and our son is currently testing. Yesterday on the reading portion of the test, one of the subjects he was tested on was Hillary Clinton’s speech on gender wage gap earnings. Another of my sons had a question about how to solve the problem of plastic bags hurting the environment. I am so frustrated that indoctrination of political views is being pushed on kids, this is exactly why I don’t like the testing. Who writes these tests? Where is the question about a speech on illegal immigration or how raising minimum wage could harm the economy? If they are going to insert politics, why not show different points of view and allow for critical thinking?
And here are some replies to said post:
My 10th grader had to read four essays about “Should a student be able to control their education.” And then comment on them. Three of the four were against it.
Mine had the same… he did not want to comment on the subject.
My boy said it was kind of fun tearing apart their statements.
I’m administering the test to elementary students this week….don’t even get me started.😏
What really bothers me is that they told us that the school is in danger of being shut down because a large number of students have refused the test in the past and so they may not have enough funding to stay open and this year they are receiving a letter grade based on the testing so investors may no longer want to help fund the school if they receive a low grade.
Yes, schools are now being held accountable. And I believe they have to have 95% of the students take the test in order to keep their funding level. Below that could affect their funding and status.
In New York they threatened the same thing and even though there was a significant boycott of the tests nothing happened.
We really like this school and don’t want it to be shut down so we gave in. My son was told that police officers can come to your home and arrest your parents, kids can be taken away from parents, they used bribery by allowing them to not wear uniforms for taking the test and possibly not having to take the final if they excel in a certain subject on a test. I’m guessing they are referring to truancy laws when they talk about parents being arrested, but that’s not even relevant here because they have testing for half a day, then regular classes the other half, so even those who refuse to test are technically not absent that day. They also said by law the kids have to test and read the attorney general letter saying parents don’t have the right to opt out, which is bogus because it is his opinion and interpretation of the law, not the law, but the kids don’t know that. In the past this school has handled testing really well, and never did any of this garbage, so I am pretty dissapointed that they are using fear based intimidation, false information and bribery to convince kids to take the test . The teachers really are afraid the school will be shut down.
Thank you for letting us know some of the subject content of these questions. I was wavering on letting my kids take the test or not, this makes my choice much easier.
My daughter’s prompt was should school lunches be organic, why or why not! I can’t remember my son’s but it was weird too!
My 10th grade nephew had the reading comprehension test today. All the passages were speeches from political figures: Obama, Coolidge, and Kennedy.
Now I remember my son’s prompt was about what is happening to the honey new population.
 Here is another post from the Arizona anti-Common Core group:

Feeling sick… my 4th and 8th grader (different schools) have both been told that if they don’t do well on the AZ Merit test they will have to repeat the grade that they’re in.

Is this true? Ideas? Suggestions? Not much dialogue on here, and hoping for some support!


And here are some replies to said post:

Did they supply the proof in writing ? If not ask for it always do this when in doubt.


I have only heard that about 3rd graders and the reading portion. I hope that’s not the case because I have an 8th grader and even though his grades are great- he’s been doing really poorly on the “practice” type tests.


Scare tactics. They are doing it all over the state, in every grade. If all it took was failing a test to get held back, no one would try in class. Call the school and tell them the teacher is scaring your child. I did that in my son’s high school. They apologized and said they’d talk to the teacher.


The Dept of Ed is panicking because CC and the test is flopping.


Our kids do not take the test at all! They are the ones that are scared and it’s not helping the kids by scaring them.


AZ piblic schools are terrible. That may not be popular to say but I have been subbing and I am shocked. I lived in NoVA last year and the year before and guess what? They don’t use CC! You know why? The Senators and Congressmen live there and know it is worthless. I would say they can’t hold your kid back and if they try just go to a charter school.


Our illustrious Governor Brewer signed us on for it. She bought in and screwed us all in AZ.


Charters do it too… Battle Year #3


Get everything in writing. There are exceptions for third grade but you’re being misinformed about 8th grade. Also, please contact your state representatives and senator! If you need any help with that, please feel free to privately message me.


The student who was expelled from Rollins College has been reinstated:


Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

For those that wonder if REFUSING has had any effect:

After almost 1/4 million in 2015. Elia & Cuomo had to acknowledge parents rights; Cuomo’s very public task force clearly showed that we knew what we were talking about. he provided us public forum thinking we’d go away, instead we used it to spread our message (a lot still on video at Stop CC NYS ).

Pre spring 2016 tests they tried robo calls, an Elia tour, and a $500,000 ad campaign to get people to opt in….
…and in 2016 tests our final refusal numbers broke 1/4 million. By the way the ads are running again…robo calls will probably be next…again.

Again they are reacting…and digging a deeper hole: false claims, misleading statements, lies….and refusal is still going to stay strong.

Every time they react they underestimate ….we weren’t supposed to still be here. They have politics and huge money and can readily publicize their side of the story……we have no money and no mainstream media and guess what: We are still here.

This year’s numbers will stay steady which means new parents in lower grades will have replaced “old” parents whose lids have moved onto HS.

They, Cuomo, Elia, and company will be forced to react once more.

I think now is a good time between ELA and Math to turn up heat on the Regents. I will be posting at end of week about that.

I personally never thought this would be over after 2015 and 2016….”They” thought we’d be gone. …they had no longterm plan to deal with us and it shows in their toolkits, attempts at intimidation, and the inept and condescending way Elia & Cuomo speak (or don’t speak).

Look past your anger, but don’t lose it…fine tune it again and use it like a lazer.


Here are some replies to said post:



We were informed that only the test takers were given snacks after the tests yesterday. Zxxxx. has a box of Girl Scout cookies and 15 dollars with him today to buy ice cream at lunch for the test Refusers only.
Please ensure they are thanked for being brave and for putting up with being made to sit still for over two hours and constantly reprimanded for any fidgety movement. These children are the heroes in our book and are unfortunately in the middle of an adult issue. We would like to discuss this further, but given our history with the school and the fact that we are going to the Supreme Court on April 7 over this Common Core issue, We doubt that will happen.


48% of our 1 building in middle School. One of our 6th grade teams has 90 kids…21 are taking the test. Greece, which is one of the largest districts in NY is 40% total. Hilton, a smaller district is 41%. The news said Fairport is in the lead but not sure how many. Spencerport did a good job too!


Here is another post from the New York anti-Common Core group:

Anyone else dealing with school admin bribing students to take the test with ice cream parties?


And here are some replies to said post:

A few yrs ago I heard about that, I’m sure it’s still being done..awful


I had to ask because my kids school (an elementary school run by BOCES no less) is doing this, according to my daughter, which is incredibly frustrating and disappointing.


Yes 2 schools I know of do it, it’s ridiculous


My daughters class (3rd grade) received mint gum and lollipops during the test to “make their brains work better”.


Sick. Prep and more prep for the life of me why administering the useless tests is not morally reprehensible.
Mints, candy, ice cream for “hard work” nearly mentally breaking a child.
I cannot figure out the profession allowed such a morphing to occur in the classrooms.

What are we talking?
6 weeks prep math..
4 weeks prep ELA…
10’weeks prep and 2 weeks lost testing…
12 weeks—> 3 months of 10

Of course the days lost on benchmarking, SLOs, surveys three times a year and after tests learning basically comes to a halt, so in May…

Basically kids fill a seat for Guinea pig status, data tracked and minimally trained for a job determined by 6th grade.

But 3rd grade data will ping if they’re ok track for college.

That’s some profession.


Here ? Sugar candy BEFORE the test.NO lunch when can’t complete test on time.So..just a dandy sugar crash in the middle of the test ! One grandchild takes the test,one refuses it (first child in our district to refuse ) I highly doubt the fourth grader test taker will take them again.He was sooo abused. He made his own decisions,and now they lost one I am sure.



And here are some posts from this Facebook page of stories of what goes on with all of this testing:


You may read this and think, “oh no, not in my school” BUT IT HAPPENING! Did you know that some educators could push a child to the breaking point like this?

6th grade ELA day 3: Student who took Day 1 and 2 just couldn’t take it anymore. Just gave up and was hitting his head on the desk. Told the proctors he just didn’t care if he failed, he wasn’t writing anything, he just couldn’t do it anymore. Said his head hurt from trying to read the passages, refused to go to the nurse, didn’t want to “rest his eyes” or take a break. Was of course told to try, just try. Student understood he would fail if he didn’t take the 3rd day, the first 2 days would have been for nothing. So he writes to get the proctor off his back. Proceeds to write in the answer spaces about how this pain needs to end, he’d rather fail than have this pain in his head, in his eyes, why can’t he leave to a refusal room, why does the state torture the kids like this, he’d rather fail than hurt, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop. Admins came in, guidance came in, didn’t matter. Without parent consent, the kid can’t “officially refuse” so he had to sit there, banging his head, crying, writing how he felt, and fringing (ripping) his test book, instead of being moved to an opt out room. (And I have to say, my school was very respectful about opt outs, we had a lot of them and they were very accommodating. But if a kid refuses and has no letter, they call the parents. If the parents say no the kid does not have my consent, then the kid gets the test. They didn’t force him to erase his “work” but he did need to stay in that room until testing was over because of this. )


Anonymous Parent 3/31/17

“My 5th grade daughter missed school Monday, the day before testing.

When she returned Tuesday, her classmates told her that a “specific-named” teacher felt BAD for her …when my daughter asked why, she was told because this teacher told her classmates yesterday (while she was absent) that she would never know how to take a test since we refuse them on her behalf…yes, a teacher totally uninvolved in testing judging my daughter to her classmates in her absence.

Insane! I did contact the superintendent immediately. But how ridiculously frustrating this time of year is for us all. My daughter’s reaction?? “Oh my gosh, I’ve taken a 1,000 tests, mom!” PRICELESS!!”


This may be the absolute worst story yet! Not for the weak at heart.

My daughters diabetes was neglected because of this test.. Apparently scores are more important than giving lunch and insulin at appropriate time. Forgot to give insulin shot 2 hours later because of these tests?! I do have a problem with that. To top it off my daughters had ketones last couple days.. Neglecting a shot could result in a trip to ER.


Anonymous Teacher NY Day 2

“If parents could get a chance to see what happens to kids taking a 2-3 (or more) hour test for 3 consecutive days, we wouldn’t have to say another word about refusing them.

It doesn’t build strength or stamina or character . It builds resentment toward learning and almost always causes some level of regression to bad reading and
writing habits –simply because kids are exhausted .

The law of diminishing returns kicks in on day 2 typically and you see rushed work , frustration and a desire to “get it over with”. What do we learn from the tests THEN!

We shouldn’t be giving the tests at all”


Anonymous Parent NY 3/30/17

“My daughter said the only thing she can read is the test, and she got so bored she resorted to counting the ceiling tiles. But my 5th grade daughter could read quietly. Makes no sense.”


Anonymous Parent NY 3/30/17

“I’m sad to hear my 5th grader say the kids that took the test got mints, and those that opted out didn’t. I was hoping the teachers weren’t exploiting students. 😦 Guess it happens everywhere!)”
*mints used to ‘wake up’ their brains apparently*


Anonymous Parent NY 3/30/17

“My son in 3rd grade at Oriskany said he was the only one in his class to refuse. My son in 4th said he was on of 2 or 3 kids to refuse. They were made to sit at their desks but allowed to read.

However, my 8th grade son (Oriskany HS) has been refusing the test for years and his class has SEVERAL children refusing, but those who do still have the test out in front of them and are made to sit and stare.

Not even allowed to have a book. Just the test on their desks the entire time.

How can a district have such different rules!? And why are the refusals for elementary so low? Any suggestions on what to do to get the numbers up and the sit and stare policy to be changed??”


Today is a complete disaster beyond my comprehension. Extreme inferencing well beyond their age level. Kids are definitely feeling it today. Begging for help and we were only on the first question.Stories range in difficulty level and the questions require so much inferencing. And the need for two details is so discouraging for third grade when there is really no second detail to explain it. I don’t understand why an 8 year old needs two details!!! Especially for some questions. I don’t understand why third graders (or any grade) are subjected to this insanity! Why is day one shorter for third grade but day two and three are just as hard and long? Why the need for 7 short answer and two full essays? Why do third graders have to answer two separate questions on essays??? This is their first experience taking a standardized exam and they are exhausted and broken!! This is child abuse. This is not good practice for future exams!! Parents that opt in really need to do more research. It was sickening to sit here. I really wanted to walk out and say I Refuse to administer them but then my kids need me.


Another post, another school.

“Our district (not sure who paid) is rewarding students who take NYS tests with pizza tomorrow. My child and others who opted out are being segregated from peers while this happens in a public school. Is there anything I can do about this – from a legal standpoint? HELP!!!!”


Anonymous teacher NY

“Another student shut down in the middle of reading the same passage. He was confused and unable to follow the story. I watched as he began fidgeting, tapping, rocking and crying. He was on the verge of a meltdown. It took him 2 hours to complete entire the assessment even with my encouragement and praises.
The readability of passage 2 was 4.9.

I observed a student who reads at the first grade level chunk almost every word with his fingers. Good teaching tells us when a child reads like that, the text is too hard, that we shouldn’t push a child to read when he lacks the strategies and tools to be successful. But today wasn’t about being a good teacher. Today I was a good proctor.

As the assessment went on the readability actually leaned closer to third grader. But the students were already exhausted and beaten down by the onset of challenging passages and tricky vocabulary.

It’s only day 1.
Passage 2, a biography, had me curious about one particular paragraph that caught my eye.

It seemed to target public education. It clearly stated the person referenced in the article went to public schools and claimed to not be “encouraged” by elementary teachers and until he went to a “selective high school”. It was there his learning needs were met. Curious, I looked the passage up because I couldn’t believe this was intended for third graders.”


Anonymous Day 2

“I’m so mad!!!…One of the teachers in our district bought ice cream for all the kids who took the tests. The ones who didn’t take…didn’t get any! 3rd graders, my son is crushed. He opted out to save his teachers job and she didn’t give him ice cream. He’s 8!!! Been in her class all year. What do I say to him”


Anonymous NY Day 2

******* – you are right. We have ALOT in common!!! Except in my school the majority had opted out in the past couple of years. We had support of the BOE and administration. Then we were designated as a focus district.

The state targeted us thru our students with disabilities. And now the tune has changed, our administration has been replaced, and we are being told that the only way to save our district is to test.”


Anonymous NY 3/29/17

“Conkling school utica district unfortunately has less students opting out. And staff telling students “parents want school to be shut down and don’t care about you or your friends”


Anonymous NY 3.28.2017

“3rd Grade was BRUTAL today. The questions and passages were way over students’ heads, both on level and readability. Students read an excerpt from STAT: Standing Tall & Talented by Amar’e Stoudemire, rated Level Q and 6-8 grade readability. In the questions, they had to define the phrase ‘ran that back’. Next, they read an article called ‘Astrophysicist and Space Advoctate Neil DeGrasse Tyson’, which comes from a Level U book. What 3rd Grader would know what astrophysics is?!

The questions were rough, and definitely not appropriate for 3rd grade. Half if not more asked students some variation of ‘How does paragraph X relate to paragraph Y in the story?’ I highly doubt any teacher approved these questions, as NYSED claims.

Last, 3rd Grade tests were spiraled, so many students had completely different reading passages in the 2nd half of the test. There is NO WAY that this can be reliable or valid to compare students across the state if they are all answering different questions about different passages!”


Anonymous NY 3.28.2017

“On the 8th grade ELA, a passage from Melville’s “Bartleby the Scrivener” was included followed by multiple choice questions. THIS IS A COLLEGE LEVEL TEXT. It was written in 1853. The language is beyond dense with antiquated vocabulary. TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE and could in NO way assess an 8th grader. My 12AP Lit students (who studied that story this year) were horrified, saying that they struggled with understanding that story, 8th graders must have felt “SO stupid” as they tried to decipher that text.”


Day #1 NY

“The entire school lower grades watched an f-ing Disney movie in the auditorium!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡 In addition, we were supposed to have the younger one assessed for French language after school and register for K in the fall. Both were canceled at 11am after I had arranged to work from home to ensure she was able to get there for the assessment. It is now pushed until next week.😡 What I don’t understand is why the state has such an importance on the results of these tests tied to funding! I love our principle and the for the most part the school, but they really encourage everyone to take the tests because so much is dependent the results. Oh and the teachers stop all curriculum months before to prep the kids. So bilingual classes become monolingual dec-mar 😡


This is just day #1

Anonymous post:
“Today I had to read the entire test to middle school special Ed students. The words were impossible for even adults to understand. Kids were in tears.
One was banging his head on the desk calling himself “stupid”.”


This comments below were from the City Data forum while talking about teaching and profanity in schools:

Has this been a thing for years and I missed it? To the extent and volume and amount that it is now?
I mean (heck) I would occasionally let a dirty word slip out when I was in high school back during the Dark Ages. But you hear it IN CLASS, as part of general discussion. The “s” word is not a bad word? Really?
I changed schools after this past year. This school is not a “poor” school, but it is instead a mix bag….professor’s kids and welfare children. Across the board. And they all seem to be swearing. Non-stop. Every day, all day. I am top of it as far as reprimanding and correcting, but it is viral.
I bring it up to admin, and they look at me like it’s not a big issue. (Yes I know that’s much of the problem)
Man I feel old.


While I hate hearing this, you have to remember, it is just words. The best thing you can do is to ignore it and not answer if it is used to you. In most cases, I assume it is used to their peers and the kids don’t think anything of it. I remember when my son was 3 back in 1974, we walked past a group of teens in our suburb (full of the kids of Northwestern profs, but very diverse) and my son picked up the f word since he thought it was cool because the older kids were using it. We told people he was trying to say truck… I don’t think this is a new thing. Teenagers have always tried to shock the older generation.


No. The best thing you can do is establish that inappropriate language, like any other disrespectful behavior, will not be tolerated in your classroom. I have worked with colleagues that said it was impossible control, blah, blah, blah…. Funny, I had those same kids in my class and they managed to control themselves in my class, or if they did use it they went to the trouble to make sure I didn’t hear it. We do not do kids a favor by failing to reinforce that there are more stringent expectations of behavior in a formal situation (school or job) than when you are just hanging with family or friends.


I was a substitute teacher at various high schools and students knew that I did not tolerate inappropriate language or gay bashing/gay slang in my presence. The students knew that and followed through on it. Students who I knew routinely called peers Q***r or Gay or F****t in other classrooms or used foul language (because their teachers told me) never did it in front of me. If a student slipped, they immediately apologized to me. And, I was “just a substitute” not their regular teacher, so it can be done.


No way in our district is behavior, civil or otherwise, graded. The libs believe this is judgemental, and since we are (rich, white, male, female, old, put in another adjective) it is not our place to grade based on moral grounds, like behavior, participation, etc. Even homework is NEVER graded because some kids have a bad homelife thus homework cannot be required.

With that said, I realized the futility in education when in 2008, I began teaching in an urban high school, having been transferred from a middle class middle school. Anyway, my students were tough. They cursed, insulted, made racial comments to each other and myself, daily, heck, all the time. I began issuing administrative referrals for the more profane, and the referrals began piling up. (I draw the line on words like: mother^)O)U, nig***, ******, cu&& especially when used in a bullying form). Eventually I was called on the carpet and a couple of administrators berated me for lack of classroom management, and the high number of referrals. I defended myself by saying that in my classroom I cannot tolerate excessive, racial/sexist profanity, thus I refer them. The administrators told me “that’s part of their culture, that’s just their way of expressing themselves”, etc. To paraphrase, I was told that I needed to “understand” their culture a bit more, establish a rapport with them, eliminate the referrals, and perhaps travel and shop, eat in their neighborhoods so I could understand them, walk a mile in their shoes.

When I countered that this type of behavior isn’t tolerated in most schools and certainly not in most workplaces, of which they would eventually begin, they grew defensive, angry, and put me on their formal intervention list. Basically how dare I question their wisdom.

Thus….I began my decline in standards of expected behavior. Thus I’ve abandoned most of my principles. Basically I just work hard enough not to get in trouble. Thing is, the kids love me and the administration does too, because I enforce nothing. Why would I, how could a middle age, middle class, married white male comprehend this “new” culture.


I used to be in a similar situation in California. Before I retired we were catching kids smoking weed in the bathrooms almost daily. If they were white, we were to send them to the office for punishment. If they were non-white we were to send them on to class with a verbal warning. Of course I quit sending anyone to the office for this.
The pressure on us began when Eric Holder required all districts to provide suspension data to the federal government looking for unequal treatment.
We simply quit suspending non-white children for almost anything. It took about one day for the kids to realize they had become untouchable.
I’ve since retired and moved to Maui where I sub. The kids here are wonderful but they do swear like crazy!


Yes…this downturn all began with Obama’s administration. I hate to sound political, but now there are actual quota numbers regarding discipline, referrals, suspensions, expulsions. My school is only 10% white, primarily hispanic. You really can’t do anything to get kicked out of here short of murder, even assault is blown over…i.e. a recent teacher was pushed and the administration accused him of “provoking” the student. Urban public schools are a mess, unless of course you are a lib or a teacher who only has seniors in the “honors program”. Don’t believe me??? Drop by any urban high school, step into a required core course and prepare yourself for the shock of your life. I always tell my lib friends, “hey work with me for one week and you’ll become so conservative you’ll make Rush Limbaugh sound like Jimmy Carter”


I was aware that some of our kids swear at times once they were in highs school, but we do not tolerate it in our house. My youngest son (now 17) was playing one of his multiplayer online computer games with kids from school and left the sound on (normally he uses headphones) and his friends kept yelling “F *** me up the A**” seemingly any time anything good or bad happened in the game. Apparently that is the new common curse or exclamation for today’s youth. I did not comment, but when he mentions various friends I might ask “oh is that the gay friend who kept asking you for anal sex the other day.” Now he always says stridently “my dad is here” if I am around. Translation “clean up your language!”


I teach in an affluent school and they use f-bombs constantly. I can’t say anything to them in the hallway but if they do it in my classroom I can ask them to stop. I can’t write them up unless they refuse to stop after I tell them to do so as that is insubordination. We don’t have a real rule against swearing.


You are asking about High Schoolers? Really? In the Elementary building where my wife works the First Graders will tell an adult who is trying to mold them in the proper direction to “F – Off” Except these kids use the entire word, not just the first letter.

And the Principal does nothing because he is terrified of the parents.


So pathetic to see how the education system has degraded over the years.

Complete lack of discipline, respect and order.


Students in Oklahoma getting implanted with birth control devices without parental consent:


Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group (albeit shared from a person in another group):

Look what they are trying to teach in my school!!!

blm lies

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

From a University on bathrooms..l

lib bathroom tyranny


In an Iowa State University class,  students got an assignment to image 9/11 from a terrorist’s perspective.  The University defended the assignment:


Here is a post from a North Dakota anti-Common Core group:

This week at a Bismarck public middle school, 7th graders spent at least 1 full day attending & “studying the human environmental interaction” of the new Beauty and the Beast movie. Today they will spend 1/2 the day at a Sparkler party. I truly believe if children were taught the subjects school was intended to teach, it could be accomplished in 4 hour school days.

Further, said person said:

My son was told the next day by other students that they were surprised that a gay character was in the movie & that it was obvious to them-that it was not subtle. I heard from the school that I was the only parent who expressed my displeasure at their choice to use the 1st Disney movie w an openly gay character for 7th graders to attend & spend class time studying. It was also pointed out to me that teachers would b making sure students understood what the movie involved😳. My son was home learning to drive the skidsteer that day.


Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

The school just call me about the refusal letter that I sent before the ELA testing. They want to see me at the end of the month. Any ideas of what to expect? I have two weeks to get ready for this meeting. I have to stand for my child. Just last night he was crying because he hasn’t had a real vacation. Every vacation we get homework package and most of them are graded. I got letters letting me know that if my child doesn’t do his homework vacation package he will get a zero. I have to admit that he had got two or three but it is ridiculous that the have that MUCH!!! I understand getting stuff so they don’t forget what they have learn in one week but seriously getting enough homework for every day all day long???? I am afraid of what we are going to get on Friday.


And here are some replies to said post:

I don’t see a reason to have a meeting. All they are going to do is try to bully you into making your child take the test so they don’t lose funding. I would reply with, thank you for understanding my refusal to have my child sit out for the testing. I will kindly supply him with a book to read during that period of time.


Refuse. Don’t let them treat you as if you are their subjects. You are THEIR employer.


Funny how they always want to talk to the parents when you refuse testing, but when you have an issue you would like to discuss they avoid you like the plaque.


Stand your ground! They will TRY to bully you into allowing your child into the testing… if you choose to attend this meeting document everyone’s name that is in attendance(that makes them nervous, so ask for correct spelling) and if it doesn’t go in a favorable manner excuse yourself and go directly to the director of schools in your district. Climb the chain and make yourself heard but stand your ground! It’s your Constitutional Right!


I agree with Ivey you start with your childs teacher then the principle and if no success bosrd of education let them know they will listen to you or you will go above their heads .threaten to call the media that will open their eyes thats how I handled a situation at my kids school.


I would also contact the school board or principle to find out if the homework is really included in their grade. Send letter email so that their response is in writing. I found out that my sons elementary school does not count homework toward their grade. We do a good portion of the homework but not all of it. I refuse to do the homework over vacation, illness etc unless it is only spelling words or something simple.


Unreal how things have gotten. It’s like the school systems no longer want to truly teach


No they are more about taking control of our kids and shaming parents for their mistakes and teaching the kids to trust them over their parents.
They are still teaching though…how to push adult agenda down kids throats.


Don’t allow it. Simple. You are the parent, and you have final say. Do enough to be what you feel is enough for a vacation time, with the rest, send a note that you have family rules during vacation time and general off time. If he gets a zero, oh well. I don’t play nice, and ended up pulling my son to home school.


When you realize that the reason they have so much homework is to separate you from them, you will begin to call the shots.


You know what the funny part is …. No child left behind it’s up to the parents to hold your children back … so who gives a shit if your kid gets a zero


Vacation homework package ? WHY are they so inept ? When I was in school there were NO packages and we did just fine. That is a crock of propagandizing…


I got many Os in high school. I was busy doing fun stuff. My life has been just fine.


I remember counselors saying “this will go in your permanent record”. Once when I was interviewing for a job I asked the guy does he check my permanent record? He said ” check your what”?


Homework on school breaks, vacations, days off of school, never gets completed in this house, ever! I might get my kids to do one page a day while on vacation, then one page a day until it’s done, and I turn it in when it’s finished. Screw the teachers who give so much work that a vacation from school isn’t really a vacation!


I have such sympathy for you and your child. They have managed to take all the joy out of learning and turned it into a meaningless drudgery.


my daughter was overwhelmed with homework. One night she had over six hours, three of which were spent trying to find un-copyrighted busy work. I had to help her because she was too young to be allowed to search the internet alone. I had two other sick children, and was nursing one. We finished at midnight and no one had any dinner. I went into the school after that, to tell them that they were giving out too much homework, and to consider the lives of children. We have no idea the hardships they face in their own homes. All the homework dampened my daughter’s creativity. She had been writing 55 novels, but abandoned them all due to mental saturation.


I know the feeling. 😢😢


You guys are all hard working. loving, caring parents that just want the best for your kids. Please, remember……you are the ones, where the buck stops, the one who decides…..seems like the government (yes,that is what I call them now) schools try to assert some fake authority they have over your kids at home. I just want you to do what is in your hearts, and take that control back. Do not allow your kids to do 6 hours of homework. That is beyond absurd. Set a limit, regardless of what they tell you. Your kids have one childhood, one time to be little. That’s just how I feel about it all. The massive amount of homework, no recess, blah blah blah… intentional. Believe that. Rant over……:/


my daughter was suicidal, she was given a lot of leway with all the busywork.most is unnecessary.


A teacher asked 8th grade students “How comfortable are you in a gay bar?”:


Boston Public Schools are deciding to have “less racist” maps:


Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling FB group:

If you once had your child in regular school, what was your reason for crossing over to homeschooling?


And here are some replies to said post:

Afternoon meltdowns galore… him being bored … me having to reteach him things because the teacher in 4th grade couldn’t control the brat squad… and the pushing of the last nail in the coffin he can home with 100 HARD math problems that the whole class was assigned as punishment because 3 kids were misbehaving


My daughter was a high school sophomore and she wanted to go to college to study either veterinary medicine or psychology. She had good grades and did well in all of her required science classes. Her high school requires students to choose a “focus area” for their electives and she wanted to choose science. She wanted to register for biology 2 and Anatomy & Phys as her electives for her Jr year, but they told her she couldn’t. They told her she had to choose home economics as her focus area because she had taken food prep and teen living classes when she was a freshman and that locked her in to her focus area. There were other reasons as well, but this was the final straw. My other children are 6, 2.5, and 8mths and they will not be starting public school.
Eta: in her Jr and Sr years at home, she’s been able to study any electives she wanted and she has taken dual enrollment classes. The high school would have allowed her one de class her senior year and she has taken 8 as a homeschooler. She was able to take a few classes that interested her as well as knock out a few classes that are required for college freshmen.


We loved our public school and many of the teachers. But I felt very much like someone else was in control of my children. There were lots of tiny things that added up. The main thing for me was they came home from school – tired and grouchy and then we had to do homework together. It was like I was getting the worst left overs of time with my kids. I wanted more time, flexibility, and less stress. My poor oldest two were so stressed to “achieve”.




The schools in my county do not allow parents in the school, not even to volunteer. Found out the hard way the teacher was bullying my dyslexic child for reading too slow in those ridiculous common core books. When my son’s teacher found out I was planning on pulling out my daughter she said made sure to tell me to pull out my son too. “Because you don’t want him to do ‘fine’ you want him to do ‘great'” Pulled them both.


The list is long but the clincher was when I realized that public school was concerned with WHAT my children are going to when they grow up and I am concerned with WHO they are going to be.
My oldest was not getting the education she needed, and they were pushing her ahead and now, I can get her caught up and allow her to work at her own pace! Plus she had major anxiety about tests and would throw up a lot before every. single. test. It was insane. Now there are no tests! Yay!


We were forced because we didn’t want them in the local district as it was a failing school with 60% graduation rate. Since we are not a minority race … we did not qualify for school of choice in AR and were threatened with Jail time and fines if we did not return out kids to the right school. So … we chose home school! Haven’t looked back. 8 years 🙂


My very happy little girl was sad every single day before and after kindergarten. Color behavior charts are a joke in a classroom with 30+ children. No recess, sometimes for weeks. Testing. She learned how to say the “F” word the first week. She wanted school lunch like her friends, but stopped going potty when they would just let her eat dairy (in the 10 minutes she had to eat.) They said she didn’t know letters and numbers, she knew when she was 2, in English and Spanish! I honestly felt like I was sending her to jail everyday. Bless her teacher’s hearts though. They were so worried about testing and delt with so many behavioral issues. They even had to worry if some of the children would have dinner when they went home. There’s no way I will ever put my youngest child (with sensory issues) in school, if my typical child had this much trouble. “Mommy you said school would be so much fun, but it’s not. The only fun is when we get candy for being good, but the teachers leave me on green even when I’m good.”


Sb277 in CA


Same here. :/


Bullying and realizing that children are not safe in PS.

When a lawyer looks you in the eyes and tells you to run from the system, you wake up and see the truth real quick!


Sounds like the time a police officer told me he could do nothing to the child who attacked my son and tried to beat him up at our local park. They didn’t even go talk to the kid. He told me to keep my kids away from there! It’s sad that we can’t protect our children. If this was an adult beating me up, he would be arrested.


I don’t want my son in a government school anymore.


I can only imagine…my kids went to “good” schools and every day it was something different and unacceptable to me…and those were just the things I HEARD about!
Lack of support for IEPs and Special Needs in our district. Over-testing, high stress environments were wearing my kids down.
The school completely ignoring the needs of MY child and covering up learning struggles by cooking the books and giving her B’s at times when she probably should have had C’s and D’s. All so they wouldn’t have to extend actual help to her.
All the little things, plus the uncertainty of the way the country is going. I also don’t like the things they are required to teach and the things they are allowed to teach vs the things they are not allowed to teach. It seems like every year they took more and more control, to the point they had more control over my child than i did. I can teach them more at home in less time and they can get the education I choose. I can work with them 1 on 1 so they get more attention and more help at their own pace. My son was 2 years behind on math because they never gave him the help he needed and didn’t make me aware he needed help. Some examples of the little things, 7 teachers in 7 years have asked me if i considered medication for my child and there is nothing wrong with him other than the fact that he was bored to death. Meds are just their go to choice to make regular kids calm drones so they don’t have to deal with them. 2nd they gave my kids a choice between the regularly scheduled lunch or a thing they call “wow butter”. It is a fake peanut butter that doesn’t effect peanut allergies. Turns out my children have chosen wow butter almost every day for a year before I was made aware they were allowed to do this. 3rd my boys had a race where parents come to watch and give support but I was forbidden to take pictures of my own child. It’s just stupid little stuff like that that added up and made me finally take matters into my own hands. This was our first year homeschooling and although we are still finding our “groove” it has been one of the best decisions of my life.
Haven’t made the leap yet, but it’s all adding up. Bullying going unchecked to the point my son blows and puts them in line himself, then, of course, he gets in trouble. Being denied recess, being sidelined bc he is far and above the other kids in reading, writing, and math; and we have to wait until the third grade for gifted programing (IF Evers can block Devos.)
Struggling to keep up, iep team suggested letting her fall further behind to SEE if she qualified for special education.. high anxiety in 1st grade.. too much for me.. mama will be able to teach her in a loving environment to help her learn to love Learning. CA DOESN’T recognize dyslexia as a disability either. So homeschooling is our answer. Filling affidavit next week.
We’d thought about it for years, but the crying, frustrated first grader with homework that took 2 hours every night was it for us. We get all of her schoolwork done now in the time it used to take to do her homework.
There were a lot of reasons….some different and some similar for both of my boys (then in 2nd and 7th grade). The reasons started off small and were annoying…and just kept building and more reasons kept getting added to the pile for almost a 2 year period until we finally pulled them out. I’ll try to “short story” the reasons a bit….bullying (by peers AND adults), illegally labeling and adding items to IEP (which innocently enough started as just some basic speech therapy), Moving too fast for my oldest (he would start the year as an A in math, finish the year barely passing), Holding my youngest back (he would get in trouble for bringing books above 2nd grade level to school, for trying to “figure out” multiplication instead of “mastering” addition, etc. Even though he scored at least 2-4 grades higher on testing…they would never adapt for him, and would never move him up a grade), I caught teachers and faculty lying and trying to manipulate / bully me on multiple occasions, Crazy amounts of “busy work” home work, Labeling my oldest as “aggressive” and threatening physical action when he would “shut down”…he would sit quietly with his arms crossed and not move. Funny thing….he is a very laid back “go with the flow” guy….I could never get a straight answer from faculty as to what happened that made him THAT upset? He hasn’t been like that since we started home school. Anyways, there are lots more “reasons” and incidents, and examples, but that is a nutshell. After the first six months of home schooling….such a huge change in my boys. They were “themselves” again. No more yelling, and fighting. They were happy and sweet and loving. We were bonding as a family again. My boys began to become friends again. 3 years later….my only regret is that I didn’t pull them a whole lot sooner!
We had great teachers-my kids had been in their classes for 15 years, but CC and all of the evils that came with it sealed the deal. I’d heard about what was coming, and it was even worse than what I’d been warned of. To be honest, not one of the teachers I spoke with (behind closed doors and in hushed tones) liked it.

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