Exposing the “the United States is overpopulated” myth

The Left and others like to claim that the United States is overpopulated.   I cannot find that to be true.    The sustainable fertility rate is about 2.1 or 2.0 children/woman.   In the US, our rate is about 1.87 children/woman.   That means that we’d need some kind of immigration to keep us from dying out.  (On the other hand, I don’t think we’re so low that we can’t get it back up to where we don’t need to rely on immigration to keep from dying out.)

Meanwhile, the actual world fertility rate is about 2.42 children/woman..   The fertility rate of the European Union is 1.61 children/woman.

Also, here are the fertility rates of the third world countries where refugees and illegals come from:

Afghanistan:  5.22 children/woman.

Egypt   3.53 children/woman

Guatemala:  2.83 children/woman

Iraq:  4.06 children/woman

Mexico:  2.25 children/woman

Syria:  2.55 children/woman


Now can you see why they’d want us to decrease our population while bringing in immigrants (legal or otherwise) and refugees from the third world?

Incidentally, or not, Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortion provider, is for illegal immigration.   Also, incidentally, or not, the “climate change” movement whines about how the “rising population” of the USA, etc, is damaging the environment.    Of course, they would suggest that we’re overpopulated.   (And they have.)    And the federal government wants to control our healthcare.   And, some are pushing right to die to help get rid of elderly too.     See a pattern here?

There is this claim that we have too many people for too few jobs.   The two few jobs argument is true, but not the “too many people” one.    But if we DID have too many people, why does Big Government and Big Business claim that we have a “skills shortage” and need to bring in more people from Indian, etc, but we “cannot find” qualified help here?

Also, if, as they might claim, it’s our education system that’s the problem, why are a lot of guys who whine about a “skills shortage” pushing the Common Core standards that are making the nation stupider?   Also, is it true that illegal immigrants are doing “jobs Americans don’t want to do” or is it possible that they intend to bring up the labor supply thus bringing down wages to third world levels while bringing in more third worlders and also causing more and more Americans to have to rely on the federal government to exist?



One thought on “Exposing the “the United States is overpopulated” myth

  1. So true in many ways, but I would like to add the following that does not seem to be considered as part of the conversation but needs to be.

    As our population grows, this INCREASES the need for more jobs
    Yet as we send our jobs to other countries via free trade agreements, this DECREASES the jobs available to our population.
    And as we import non-immigrant guest workers, this also DECREASES the jobs available to our population.

    This is what is forcing capable, experienced, knowledgeable formerly middle class workers like myself out of the middle class and is making it impossible for our young children to climb into the middle class.

    If we look at total nonfarm job numbers from 1939 till present we find that we hit a peak in 2007 and are barely above that peak 10 years later even though the population continues to grow yearly.


    And when we look at the gain in jobs from 2007 till now, we find that the bulk of jobs have gone to Foreign Born rather than Native Born citizens.


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