Bad Trump Ideas that We Need to Stop

Yes, Trump has a lot of ideas, especially on immigration and cracking down on the EPA and cutting funding to the UN.   However, his economic plans have, when tried by previous regimes in the past, been a disaster.


Bad Idea #1:   Tax Imports to Punish Other Countries

Imports are bought by Americans.  That means American companies and American consumers buy those, which means higher prices for the already struggling Americans, possibly more layoffs, etc.

If you want to punish a country, taxing the EXPORTS would be more effective.   Also, we can use sanctions like we did on Iran and Cuba (and we should really bring those sanctions back.)

Bad Idea #2:   Punish the Companies Who Try to Leave

While this sounds helpful, not all companies leave because they hate America and want cheap labor.   Many may be sick of EPA, etc, regulations and also not like our high corporate tax rate.  This crony capitalist behavior of shaking down will cause good companies that might want to come here to decide not to as they wouldn’t want to be shaken down.   As for stopping the bad companies that really WOULD sell out America for a quick buck, do you really WANT them to stay in the US, or would you rather they leave and create conditions so that better companies, that love America, can take their place?

Bad Idea #3:   Tax the Imports to Encourage Making Stuff in America

Again, taxing imports hurts US, not the other guys.    Also, in the past, we tried this massive tariff scheme that was supposed to help American industries.  It was called Smoot-Hawley.  It causes this thing called the Great Depression.

Bad Idea #4:   $1 trillion in infrastructure spending

When Obama did something like this, we rightly booed him.   Now, our side is doing this and apparently we aren’t upset.   This is another $1 trillion that we don’t have that we’re spending on things the feds aren’t supposed to constitutionally be spending on (the 10th Amendment leaves infrastructure to the states).   Also, this “infrastructure” spending has always ended up being a crony capitalist slush fund for special interests, local groups, etc, and really doesn’t help the “infrastructure” of the country as a whole.

Let’s instead spend that money on the border wall, deporting illegals, and enforcing our border laws,  rebuilding our military, securing our servers, etc, so we don’t get hacked, etc.  You know, stuff the feds are actually supposed to spend  on!



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