Public Schools or Public Screwels? Part 2


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So far, from what I’ve gathered, the following patterns are showing up:

  • Elimination of honor roll and valedictorian.  Competition is bad in the eyes of the ruling elite.
  • Pushing of the same-sex and transgender agendas as part of the Sexuality Standards.
  • Several schools are race baiting by harping on “white privilege” or openly have the staff support BLM.
  • Colleges appear, in a disturbing number, to be breeding grounds for indoctrination, liberal insanity, and “safe spaces”.
  • Common Core is sneakily being rebranded by states to fool the people, so even if they say it’s gone, it may not be.
  • Lots of data is being collected on students.
  • The ESSA DOES NOT support local control.
  • There is hate for the American flag, hate for the Confederate flag, and indeed even cases of banning students chanting “USA!  USA!  USA!” at sporting events.
  • Several of these colleges are supporting illegal immigration and some are openly calling themselves “sanctuary campuses”
  • The Common Core math is making things crazily complicated and is making kids hate math and has been shown to make students do WORSE in math.
  • Islam is increasingly being pushed in public schools, while, at the same time, Christianity is further being pushed out.
  • Even some private and charter schools are using Common Core.   Also, the textbooks, especially via the evil Pearson, are pushing the Common Core line.
  • The College and Career Ready standards are a plot to govern kids from cradle to career.
  • The Social Emotional Learning (standards) are a new and deadly standard that has come along since Common Core started and is as dangerous as its name implies.
  • Bill Gates is a tyrant who is trying to revamp the education system of the entire country.

LA public schools have created a hotline for students who are upset with Trump winning, just in case you wanted to call:

Here is another post from an anti-Common Core group:

A lunchroom worker of the Marion City School lunchrooms has reported that they have been instructed to not add pork to any dishes because Muslims have complained. WHAT?? We fought just 2 years ago to keep the 10 Commandments Plaque on the wall at Harding HS and now this!! I’m in the process of contacting Superintendant Barber and also the person in charge of all the lunchrooms in MCS. I would like an email or paper copy of that directive. I will also find out when the next School Board meeting is scheduled. We just can’t let this get started as it will only lead to further demands.

Please let me know if you have any further information on this.

A school has censored “A Charlie Brown Christmas” poster, claiming it might offend people:

Here is a sad post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

I have read that many children have committed suicide, cause they could not come up to their parents’ expectations. The Common Core is wrecking havoc on the private thoughts of each child! And many parents clueless how the their desires for their children are being sabotaged in the classroom. So the child burdened with problems that belong squarely on the Face of the Federal Govt and all its accomplices, including its Federal Govt ‘tentacles’ in each single State.

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group about DeVos:

My predictions regarding DeVos-

She will not eliminate Fed Ed.
She will change the standards and reduce the impact of the radical social agenda content, but will keep data collection and assessments in place at the federal level in order to feed her hedge fund investing friend$’ workforce development program through their charter$.

She will implement school choice, but in the context of workforce development, the choice will be the schools choosing students rather than the students choosing the schools.
Lower performing students will be left in the dust and in the public school system just as they would have been under the current CC scenario;
But the higher performing students will likely gain access to legitimately more challenging and less socially driven curriculum.
Hopefully, socioemotional evaluations and curriculum will be significantly reduced from current intended efforts.
Our kids will still be fed into the workforce development machine, but it will present broader opportunities for higher academically performing students and those with less socialistic and liberal leaning views than under the current CC machine.

The unions will take a well deserved hit but the power will transfer significantly to the charters; not local school districts or parents.

Overall a better scenario, but not the legitimate access based, locally controlled education that parents want and students deserve.

Just my thoughts….
Time will tell.

At the University of Pennsylvania, a Shakespeare photo has been replaced with that of a black lesbian feminist to “make the place more inclusive”:

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Your children are being brain washed by our schools and colleges.

Josh Collins
December 7 at 8:11pm ·
You know, as a white male conservative, I have put up with a lot of prejudicial and biased comments directed towards me while attending Loyola University New Orleans. I usually think the comments are funny because the ideals of a 18 year old ultra socialist frankly are funny to me. But today made me sad for the youth and the college I have attended for 8 years. Given how busy we have been this past week, including today, I showed up to class late and was still in full uniform because I didn’t have time to change. Obviously, being in full police uniform, I was armed. This is the first time after having six previous classes that anyone became aware of my profession. Shortly after my arrival, a fellow classmate complained to the professor of their uncomfortableness of having an armed police officer in the class. Mind you, I have sat in the same class for the last six weeks in civilian clothing. My professor then called the police. Of course I was not privileged to either of these conversations as they took place behind my back. My professor then pulled me out of class and told me that he had called the police based on the student complaint The police obviously never came and told him over the phone that I was perfectly within the law.
First of all, what type of over sensitive indoctrinated liberal flower petals has this generation created that they are scared of going to school with a uniformed police officer.
Secondly, how ironical and dumbfounding is it that you called the police to tell them that there was a police officer sitting in your class. Loyola University, a Jesuit Institution, prides itself on its commitment to social justice. However, in creating an environment where everyone is accepted for who they are, you have now created an environment where I have been ostracized. As a police officer, I feel as though I must hide my profession in order to obtain a fair education.
Funniest of all, the title of the class is LAW AND MORALITY.
#DiscriminatedagainstbecauseIamBLUE #loyolauniversityneworleans  

Texas Women’s University is the latest Grinch to wage war on Christmas:

I found this post in a pro-homeschooling group:

I need advice ASAP!!!! I have four sons. 17,10,9,3. My two oldest are in ps. My 9 year old is homeschooling. My 3 year old is in preschool. I am having issues with my 10 year old in fifth grade in ps. For the most part he makes good grades and loves school but I am against the literature he is reading at school and they told me there is no alternative story to give him. So he will receive zeros until they get to the next story. What can I do now to ensure he does not fail? Please HELP!!!!

The book is excerpts from the house on mango street. I am floored they approved this type of literature for 10 year olds.

And here are some replies to said post:

I had to read that in eighth grade, plus it was in play format. It’s a terrible book no matter the age but there is no way a 10 year old should have to read any part of it. Keep on fighting it mama!!

The reading content gets even worse at the upper grades.

I haven’t read the book but just read the synopsis and it looks like a lot of sexual overtones are in it ( especially for a ten year old)

This is one of the many reasons we started homeschooling…age inappropriate reading material, and inappropriate assignments in general (largely due to the implementation of common core standards) and like [Name Withheld] said, you basically give up a lot of rights as parents when you enroll into public schools. If you really want the right to have a say in what you think is appropriate for your child, you almost have to homeschool nowadays, or fork out a lot of money for the right private school. otherwise you’re mostly stuck with what the government wants your kid to learn, or know. Sure you can b*tch and moan to the super, or make a fuss at the boe meetings, but in most cases it’s a lot of stress and effort on your part, and in the end they’re largely gonna ignore you and do their own thing.

The assignment and lack of admin/teacher response would be enough to make me lose trust w the school and pull him for good. They are not influencing your child to your standards. I wish you well as you work through everything as it’s not easy.

Good point [Name Withheld]….I said this to my son’s school guidance counselor who had handed out a Marvel like comic book to my Kindergartener which was multiple stories about drinking and boys sneaking out of the window to go get drunk, other scenario where a group coming out of a bar discussing how “wasted” they were etc etc….come to find out the counselor only skimmed the contents. I conceded it is an important topic but not for a 5 and 6 yr old audience so to be prepared in the future because I do and will parent MY child. I told him my real concern was what is said or taught in a face to face scenario and not the propaganda that I can easily choose to throw away since he can’t read yet.

If I had gone up the ladder at the school and got nowhere, I would call the local news channel or paper.

Also, one zero isn’t going to ruin his chances for Harvard, but it can build character in this situation. Sometimes there are negative consequences for doing the right thing.

They tried telling me that in high school when I opted out of A Clockwork Orange. I had to get my parents involved and my work load was double that of my class since they would havenclass discussions while I had to write reports on the book I was reading, but you CAN do something else. I think teachers say that because it’s more work for them if one student does their own work, but there is a long list of district approved books I was able to choose from to do in my own

I’ve done this a lot too. I’m in FL but they still want to give us a hard time. My kids didn’t do the state tests, homework or any assignments I thought were out of line. They passed. But I was at that school every day and every other day was some kind of meeting. They were happy I pulled my kids out. I was educating too many parents of their legal rights.

I would just let your child take the zeros because I just read many reviews from parents and teens and even the writer says it shouldn’t be read by kids under 14 , I’ve never heard of the book so I had to look it up. I have 5 kids and I defiantly would never allow my kids to read this book under the age of 16 , if no luck with the school then just let him not participate.

And here are some other posts from the pro-homeschooling group:

In Texas zeros aren’t allowed and alternate work has to be given.

that is the new thing in ps. They voted in my parish/county to not let the kids have an f on a test or they have to retake the test. I think it’s ridiculous on so many levels. I forgot about that until you questioned it.

When I taught in Texas (at multiple different districts) 0’s weren’t allowed. The lowest grade we could give was a 50, even when a kid didn’t do the work.

They do their grades like that, because the grades are the most important part to receiving funding. If the school is “not performing well” they get less funding… Public schools in this country are so messed up 😦

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

It is not the government’s job to parent our children no matter how good or bad they are at parenting. Besides they are using their own yardstick to determine at risk children. Gee what is next. Determining in advance who will be a bad parent in the eyes of the government and sterilizing them so they don’t reproduce? Don’t laugh. It is not that far fetched. There was a time in history when this was done. Think America many years ago and Nazi Germany. The government set out to destroy the family and now they want to fix the fact that we have so many dysfunctional families. Was this the goal all along. The Hegelian Dialectic. They cause the crisis then swoop in with the fix. So now that they have destroyed the family was the real goal to take control of our children? Yes I believe it was. They cannot change society until they have the hearts, minds and souls of our children. Maybe they just need to stop handing out free stuff to people having children out of wedlock. There was a day that if you had a child out of wedlock you payed for it and that was motivation for many women not to fool around and get pregnant. Today getting pregnant out of wedlock is no longer embarrassing and they just go to the taxpayer to pay for the children these unwed mothers are bringing into this world. So instead of taking charge of these children why not try ending the free handouts. I believe this behavior is encouraged by the government in order to take charge of our kids. I have a friend that was a guidance counselor and she told me she had girls tell her their mothers told them it was time to have a baby and bring home the welfare check.

Here is an age inappropriate assignment for kindergartners:


Selinsgrove Area School District is allowing boys in girls restrooms:

In a North Carolina public high school, they are sneaking Islam into English class:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Hi group, I need a little help. I once had a link to a peer reviewed scientific study that showed that if kids are taught a LOT of different methods to do math, those kids end up being worse at math generally than their peers who are taught one or two methods.

I am dealing with my daughter’s second grade teacher who thinks that the only way to really get my child to “understand” subtraction is to show some 5 different common core-inspired methods. The poor kid is as confused as ever. She told me that “the teacher said your parents won’t understand, so do it my way, not theirs.” Wow!

I had to call my brother-in-law, her uncle who is an engineer, to convince my little girl that engineers use ONE method to do subtraction, not five… The “right method” doesn’t prevent the bridge from falling down, the right ANSWER does!

And here are some replies to said post:

This is exactly why I pulled my son from public school. There’s not much you can do when your school/district has drank the Koolaid, as most have done. This is happening all over. Go to your school board meetings, throw a fit, it’s the only way.

Pulled our daughter for this year, she was roughly two years behind in math— same issue, confused by the what is right this week is counted wrong next week even with a correct answer. She’s caught up and slightly ahead.

I went through it with an older child. I know what is to come—-it all goes back to doing it the way it was always done. So I emailed my younger child’s teacher and told her that I don’t care if my child fails the tests. If she can add/subract 2 numbers, goal met. I will not stress her out learning, breaking apart, compensation, number lines or hundred charts. The teacher then made it so they can do it anyway they want on the tests. We are much happier that way 🙂

Thanks. Reading now. This is interesting but it doesn’t seem to be the one. The one I am seeking focuses on the idea that a crap-ton of methods makes kids much slower. Right now my daughter comes up with the right answer and the teacher doesn’t care (as another commenter here also lamented). The teacher wants today’s “new way.” Last month it was number line, okay. I can live with that. This month it’s putting lines in boxes. Good grief..!

Last night my daughter ended up trying to subtract 9 from 7 using the stupid “boxes” method. She hesitated and looked at me and said, “wouldn’t the answer be… a negative two?”

I told her yes, but that’s not what you’re _supposed_ to arrive at using your teacher’s method! So I wrote a note on the paper to the teacher explaining that — if your way is so awesome, how does my daughter have to start using negative numbers to do subtraction?! THAT CANNOT BE CORRECT!! LOL

Underlying message: You cannot turn to your parents. We are the only ones who can help you. This happened to my own daughter, a girl able to do math in her head at age 4. She chronically scored very poorly on standardized tests and in math class. On day one of homeschooling I asked her to show me how she was taught to do multiplication and division. After I shook off the disgust and dismay I showed her how I was taught. One method. Tried and true for generations. At the end of the school year her standardized test scores rose from the low 50 percentile to 95-98th percentile.

I agree with you 100%. I teach third grade and we use Everyday Math. I HAVE to follow the curriculum. I had to show my students three different ways to add. It is very confusing for most of the kids, especially since we only spend one day on each method. Instead of having them practice one method until they master it, we are forced to show them various methods and they only complete 3-5 problems. It is so sad. This is my 20th year of teaching and each year it only gets worse.

Another coach punished for praying:

New York schoolkids are being taught anti-Israel propaganda:

Here is a sad post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Don’t know if I can post this but I have a step daughter and she is disabled the school put a FINS on her the other day, my husband and I have been fighting this since 2015. Needing a pro-bono lawyer any suggestions would be nice.    FINS is when the school decides to send your child in-front of the judge to be either sent away to a youth facility or put on probation regardless of child’s situation.  The judge here is NOT tolerant to the children he has sent off 5 yr olds.  He tells the parents they have to drug up the child in order to go back to school once the child is in the system the government owns them.  Sad thing is we told the teacher the principal and counselor she is disabled they said nothing is wrong with her because she looks normal but if your around her you can tell.

Here is a post from a friend of mine:

The NAEP is a federal test given every 2 years to 4th, 8th and sometimes 12th grade students. It is NOT a required test but it DOES include a very inappropriate survey at the end. NAEP has also been revised to measure attitudes, values and beliefs. Not every school in the US gets to administer the NAEP test. The US Dept. of Education selects the schools that will participate. So at this time all we know is the NAEP will be given after the start of 2017. If you have a child in 4th, 8th or 12th grade send your letter to their school today advising the schools that your child is not to participate in the NAEP test. Again, remember this is not a mandatory test but they will try to intimidate you. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO TAKE THIS TEST.

Just so you know, the University of Wisconsin is offering a class on the Problem of Whiteness:

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Our children in some states, have been indoctrination process is brutal. The process involves, has been breaking our children spirit for eight full years. Now American is waking up. My son went to Private School, SIX YEARS AGO, so when I heard about Common Core, I thought, “Common Core” would not effect me. When I asked my son to get me his math workbook, I saw the words, “Common Core” and felt like I just got kicked in the gut. Sort of how it felt after the first term of Obama. 😉

Yes, teachers are being intimidated to not speak out against Common Core and punished if they do, as this teacher was, fired for an anti-Common Core FB post:

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Gov’t “schools” should NEVER have been allowed to mandate “student service” or “community service” as part of school. Some jurisdictions let students accrue hours given “voluntarily” to APPROVED organizations & efforts in order to graduate. Other jurisdictions “weave” a number of hours of “service learning” throughout any & all school subjects before graduation. This kidnapping of volunteerism has supported Activist-Gov’t-School’s College & Career-Ready standards (Common Core-type), in which ACTIVISM is a required part of all subjects, beginning at earliest stages. Read K-Gr 3 standards in any subject to see how they initiate the molding of children into activists to “change our world.”

A NC public school district is banning all of its choirs from participating in a Christmas event:

I applaud the civil disobedience of these students against the anti-Christmas Grinches at the University of Tennessee:

Here is the motherload of articles and stories on Islamic indoctrination in public schools (both in the US and in Europe):

Here is a sad post from an anti-Common Core group:

My son just graduated highschool early . He said well mom graduated and school didn’t prepare ME AT ALL FOR WORKING IN THE REAL WORLD !!!!   He was not involved in sports, got bullied by coaches and teachers. Took summer on line classes and busted his butt . Schools don’t teach anymore . Just worksheets and tests. SAD

 A school lesson is teaching that “Christians are treating Muslims harshly”:
And there is an Islamic State recruiting assignment in Texas.  Apparently, it was done to “teach critical thinking” (Something that people who assigned it apparently never learned how to do…..):
As you can see, the “climate change” brainwashing is an official part of the Common Core “science” standards:
More proof that “climate change” is an official part of the “Next Generation Science Standards” of Common Core:
Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group highlighting more evidence of the government pushing “climate change” as part of the Common Core “science” standards:

From the EPA: “A Student’s Guide to Global Climate Change” —

College & Career-Ready Standards (C&CR), such as Common Core, weave CLIMATE JUSTICE & CLIMATE GUILT into all subjects, including Art & Music. Very creative–WHY? Because these people are determined to shut down knowledge that allows American liberty, life, & societal prosperity/productivity. Misguided or deliberate–It is an un-American use of Government.

Here is another post from an anti-Common Core group:

Recently a video was shared that showed how moronic a simple subtraction problem like 43-13 can become when it is common cored. I had to laugh when I watched it because it reminds me of lessons I do almost everyday in my fifth grade class that I co-teach in (I’m a special ed teacher in NYS). I’ve been teaching for 12 years.

The lead writer of the math common core standards, Jason Zimba, once said that the standards weren’t meant to be elite standards for super good math students who might major in math one day at a good university (I’m paraphrasing here, of course). The standards, all of them, were meant to help students avoid remedial courses in their freshman year at a two year community college. This is what is meant by “college and career readiness” and this is how it is to be measured. This has become the de facto prime motivation for education in too many of our country’s public schools. College and career readiness is reformy double-speak for dumbed down test preparation. Silly me, for having higher aspirations for myself as a teacher and for my students.

But we already know that. What galls me as a teacher is the TIME WASTED in our classrooms everyday on this stuff. The desire to make sure kids’ understand place value is admirable; but teaching something, like this video describes, is nothing more than a numbers trick. I could get more concept taught in a year if I didn’t have to teach gimmicks. It can take literally days to teach this trick and make sure the students have practiced it long enough to learn it for a test. But to what end? No end at all. A lot of times, those gimmicks don’t even appear on our end of module assessment.!(A module is a reformy word for unit).

But surely, you ask, there must be a pay off down the road, right? Something must stick. The kids are becoming better problem solvers, right? Well … no, at least not that I’ve seen. I’ve taught kids now in Grades K-6. My sixth graders last year had exposure to common core math for four straight years. They hate it, none of the gimmicky methods stuck, and they didn’t learn the standard methods, the old stand-bys, well enough to solve relatively simple problems half the time. They were just good at parroting what their teachers had taught them in the past, not thinking for themselves.

To coin a phrase, the situation is “deplorable.”

And here are some replies to said post:

(Not so) funny story. My oldest was 4th grade when her school started using EngageNy. I fought it tooth and nail. Her entire grade level did not learn multiplication tables and fell very far behind in math. I fought with school administration that they need to learn the basic, only tooth be belittled and called a troublemaker. This entire grade had to have remedial math in 6th grade to teach them basic math skills like long division and multiplication tables. Fast foward 3 years. My youngest is in 4th grade. Her teacher, who is wonderfully adopting brothers who are middle school aged, recently told me that she was now teaching her class basic math skills even though she didn’t have to because they use that in middle school still. She had no idea! It would feel a little like vindication if it wasn’t so sad.

I’m a 6th grade math teacher and our 5th grade teachers use the engage NY program. Over the course of the last three years I’ve witness our students coming into my classroom far less prepared. It does a huge disservice to our children. So I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment!

I agree! I’ve been in many classrooms for over 20 years. The time being wasted today on these common core practices is excruciating! Most of all, this curriculum is slaying our talented & gifted students, while spoon feeding the average student.

I fought it too, it started when my daughter was in second grade just math took about an hour and half, staying up til 11 r 12 at nite. Even paying a tutor every week. She fell way behind, and had to take remedial math when some of the kids, not alot went to french class or library. She is in the 5th grade still in remedial math class because she is still learning the basics of division and multiplying and counting money. I still have to help her count money now.

Here is a great article on how Black Lives Matter is sneaking into the classroom across the country:

University of Kansas has joined the transgender insanity now:

Here are some comments from the Wrong Planet (Aspergers) forums on Common Core:

Common Core was grounded in a good idea, but like most things the government does, it went way off track and turned to muck. The standards are so low, the curriculum is all out of sync, and the questions and concepts that are in most of these worksheets and workbooks are entirely made up. If you had engineers trained in CC and then engineers trained in the old ways, many will not be able to understand each other without a while to know what they are talking about. All questions are worded horribly. They are incredibly open ended. As an Aspie it is already a struggle to understand what a teacher wants in current questions, but these questions are even worse. Many students will not know the difference nor even care. The government is doing something entirely different than what they should be doing. They need to focus more on getting the unions to back off when you have a low performing teacher. Most teachers, becuase of the unions, can’t be fired, even if they suck. They should also treat teachers as professionals, rather than just assembly line managers. That’s really what the current educational system is. A giant assembly line of students. Made with horrible quality for many reasons both in and out of school.

Take a look at this Common Core math problem:

“Juanita wants to give bags of stickers to her friends. She wants to give the same number of stickers to each friend. She’s not sure if she needs 4 bags or 6 bags of stickers. How many stickers could she buy so there are no stickers left over?”

I’ve seen this described both as the worst math problem in history and as the Kobayashi Maru of math problems (if anyone doesn’t recognize the reference, please post and I’ll respond). It has so many flaws and ambiguities, it’s hard to even begin counting them.

superpentil wrote:
Common Core was grounded in a good idea, but like most things the government does, it went way off track and turned to muck. The standards are so low, the curriculum is all out of sync, and the questions and concepts that are in most of these worksheets and workbooks are entirely made up. If you had engineers trained in CC and then engineers trained in the old ways, many will not be able to understand each other without a while to know what they are talking about. All questions are worded horribly. They are incredibly open ended. As an Aspie it is already a struggle to understand what a teacher wants in current questions, but these questions are even worse. Many students will not know the difference nor even care. The government is doing something entirely different than what they should be doing. They need to focus more on getting the unions to back off when you have a low performing teacher. Most teachers, becuase of the unions, can’t be fired, even if they suck. They should also treat teachers as professionals, rather than just assembly line managers. That’s really what the current educational system is. A giant assembly line of students. Made with horrible quality for many reasons both in and out of school.

This pretty much covers it.

The first year, I really liked CC math. They were learning concepts, doing addition with manipulatives, actually LEARNING MATH instead of memorizing rules and addition and subtraction facts. I was THRILLED.

The second year?? They’re doing the same stuff they did last year, with really really really obtuse story problems. I’m not totally against story problems– I realize that life seldom throws numbers at you in neat little columns– but I long for the days when a kid with executive function issues like task sequencing and using multiple pieces of information at once could still enjoy, and be good at, math.

I do see the social engineering agenda in CC– that’s why it practically gutted literature instruction, because in literature instruction lies the tools to think about something like a social engineering agenda and the dystopian mess that is the likely result. I see it, and I don’t like it.

Our public school system REALLY IS an “education factory.” That’s the reason that it doesn’t work, and it isn’t about to change.

I attended a public Utah Board of Education meeting a couple years ago about the Common Core curriculum which was ordered by the governor. The meeting was hosted at my nearby local school board building. Two-thirds of the 300-person audience were paid employees of the state and local boards while 1/3 were parents from around the state. The employees wore their workplace IDs to identify each other (and prove that they should have been at their desks working like the public servants they were, but were, instead, getting paid to attend the meeting and promote the curriculum which would result in “more funding” for “classrooms.”

In other words, they were paid to lobby their employers for even more money within a system that is already broke. Classy. The parents, however, tried to oppose the curriculum for what they saw as outrageous reasons (“2+2=5 if the student argues well … 63861.html that it should be so”). The education employees were livid that ordinary parents (scum) would dare involve themselves in such an important matter. Childless, I chose to sit near the back of the crowd alone, but was quickly overrun by cackling employees who openly, verbally and loudly insulted me for … not having an employee ID and, therefore, appearing to be one of their “opponents” or parents. I have had almost 35 years on politics, lobbying and such, and I have never seen such a ravenous crowd of hostile zombies demanding more tribute. That experience, combined with the sheer logic of the matter, taught me all I need to know about the curriculum idea.

I can only imagine how students with ASDs would function under such a curriculum.

They are HORRIBLE, especially math. At the end of the 2012-13 school year in Algebra I (as a freshman), I was getting a B overall…and then also got a B in Geometry before I had to move out here to eastern Washington. I think my district got on the Common Core bandwagon before my previous one, because my grade fell 10 points due to CONFUSING, HORRIBLE, IRRITATING quizzes and tests. How in the he– can I do these problems now with these new standards?
It also makes me cringe and jealous when other classmates get 90-100% on Common Core standards math tests. Wish I had their angular gyrus part of their brains…
Now I am in Algebra II and things have gotten even worse. We are still mainly reviewing “from Algebra I” but it doesn’t seem like it, due to the horrible quiz/test grades. I’m in the medium-high F range on almost every test (around 40-55%). My grade has dropped to an almost-all time low D+ at 67%. And we HFA and AS kids are supposed to learn all these standards? The problems are confusing, and the teachers are not as helpful as they should be – they go through the lesson and give zero time for HW or questions on the assignment.
I try on quizzes and tests, so hard, but it still gets me in Fs. That’s with several different things; studying between classes, studying and multitasking in non-math classes, going out to the hall to do it without shuffling noises, doing my tests earlier in the day so I had time to finish it in my math period, etc. About every person I run into says to go to after-school help, which may or may not help me, because it is students (most likely 99.9% NTs) helping others.
On tests/quizzes the counselors always say “oh, take deep breaths”…like I already knew that from 5th grade. Fidgets are definitely REAL distractions to me in quizzes/tests and don’t help me at all. I don’t have an iPod but those aren’t allowed, EVER at our school. There’s new rules that say any electronic devices will be confiscated between 1st tardy bell and the final dismissal bell.
I wish America would repeal this darn Common Core. It’s making every student look the same, not different.

Glad I saw this. My son has AS. He used to love math and reading and said they were his favorite things. Both subjects he tests above average in. Since CC started though, he now comes home crying and says he hates them. They push tests on him daily in each area. Math is absurd and was basically designed for anyone that has AS to fail because it is all abstract garbage. Too many story problems. Too many opinion based questions that are marked wrong. I looked at one of his questions that was multiple choice but totally subjective. Two of the answers were valid but of course you’d be marked wrong if you picked the one not in the answer key. Reading is not enjoyable for him anymore because of the pressure they put on him. He is a smart kid but with schools pushing him like this I’m afraid will diminish his desire to learn. It already seems like it has.

It is damaging, and it’s just going to get worse. With SBAC and PARCC in full force now, 2nd graders are force fed mass information for next year’s test. And then the 3rd graders are force fed mass information on the first day of school, all the way into the standardized test. Rinse and repeat with 4th, 5th, 6th, all the way into high school to graduation. With the crazy methods teachers are doing now “because it’s Common Core standard”, these students are having to do 8 steps to figure out 10+10 or 5×5, rather than 1 step.
It is probably why schools offer sports, have pep assemblies, offer after-school clubs, etc. This is so that the kids can get their mind off of massive force fed information and studies for a little while. And of course, assemblies to honor those in sports, and so the students can have some over-stimulated fun (in the form of screaming/school spirit competitions…ever heard of the Spirit Stick?)
Today I was a little disappointed. We were supposed to color (yeah, like 7 year olds) the 11 states with the most electoral votes. Several students (mind you, 17 and 18 years old!) STILL didn’t know Michigan had an Upper Peninsula, and didn’t color that part in! These are the same kids who don’t know half of the streets in town, except for a few close ones and interstates. :roll:

Orange County schools are giving students information on how to deal with ICE raids.  I wonder how many of the students are here legally.

I found the following comment on an anti-Common Core article:

My 8th grader and I just spent about 2 hours on his math homework, which consisted of only 18 problems. TWO HOURS! The worksheet was titled “Simplify Square Roots and Square Roots with Variables”. 18 problems and 2 hours later, and he is still just as confused on how to work these problems as when we started. He is so stressed out, and so am I. Get rid of Common Core!

I tied AIR (American Institutes for Research) to this SEL thing. I was googling for the terms “College and Career Ready” AND “Social Emotional Learning”. I came across this thing from 2013:

I also found SEL documents for some states:

Illinois SEL:

Kansas SEL:

Pennsylvania SEL:

Wisconsin SEL:

New York SEL:

Here is a Common Core document that mentions “character development”, and yes, it does involve SEL:

This Breitbart article shows how our Republican controlled Congress secretly imposed the Common Core standards on the entire country via their dead of night ESSA bill:

The Maine Common Core Sexuality Standards would prefer to have 4th-6th graders (they said that 5th grade was ideal) label sexual parts, appear to think that the anus is a part of the reproductive system, and also appear to be teaching terms about sexual orientation, gender identity, etc too:

I found another comment online about how Common Core is hurting those with Aspergers:

The more I learn about this national curriculum, the more concerned I become for my son and for anyone who is “outside the box.”. Throughout the Standards and through every subject, there is a huge emphasis on writing, communication, group work, etc.–all areas that challenge our kids. Less than 2 pages of the Standards address special needs (out of hundreds) and the jist of it is that, while support, accommodations and assistive technology are called for, they must not “change the standards but allow students to learn within the framework of the Common Core.

Many of the “skills” emphasized by the Common Core seem more like the personality and traits of a very social, outgoing, assertive and successful adult that have been “back mapped” onto children. They are developmentally inappropriate even for typically developing children, let alone those with ASD, ADHD, OCD, etc.

In addition, the teaching methods that are “aligned” with Common Core are constructivist in philosophy, which means that the child is given a problem (word problems are especially emphasized) and asked to construct a solution, often without prior modeling, using inefficient methods such as drawing diagrams, breaking numbers apart into hundreds, tens, and ones in order to add them together using mental math, etc. Then the child must explain his/her thinking in writing. Consider the impact this could have on your Aspie’s grade when more points (2 of 3 total) are given for the picture and explanation than for accurately doing the MATH! My 9 year old’s explanation for one problem was “It’s obvious what I did here.” Another was “I’m sorry, I am afraid my body does not let my mind explain.”.

I am very worried that this new reform will put our unique children at a disadvantage and obscure their true gifts. And there will be little recourse because these Standards are copyrighted and cannot be altered or neglected by local teachers, principals, superintendents or even the state officials who so eagerly promised to adopt them to get State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, Race to the Top grants or NCLB waivers, all with serious strings attached. I am deeply worried for our teachers too. These reforms threaten their autonomy and authority in the classroom, linking individual test scores to individual teachers to evaluate their effectiveness in implementing Common Core. Sounds fine on the surface, but considering all the social and communication skills that are integral to the Standards and the assessments that go with them, I can imagine the pressure they will be under to pound our precious square pegs into round holes, even when they do not want to, at risk of their employment.

Mom and teachers, please share your stories as you encounter Common Core. Though I object to Common Core on the principle that it flies in the face of our American tradition of local control over schools, positive stories are welcome too. If we are really stuck with this, I could use a little hope.

P.S. The data mining that comes along with this reform is a whole other area of serious concern. With Arne Duncan using federal grant money to bribe states to expand data systems that are set up to easily share data across states, FERPA definitions expanded to the point of being meaningless, and all the paranoia about “mental health” and guns, I can’t help but be deeply concerned about the possibility that my son’s school provided label will follow, haunt and limit him in a data driven progressive 21st century..

And here are some replies to said post:

I hope you don’t mind me posting…I am a dad but when I was searching for info on the same subject, your letter came up. I am dead on with you! My son attends parochial school and they too have taken up the Common Core flag. They already move at a fast pace but with the Common Core system I am seeing my son fall behind and because they are a private school, they do not offer any “special ed” assistance. I am losing sleep over this…My son feels like he is dumb because he “doesn’t get it”. I am struggling to keep him in the game. There seems to be so little data on how Common Core works with learning disabled kids.

My 10 year old is being treated unfairly. His math teacher says he has an 80 in math at the moment so she sees no reason i should be concerned. But he brings home f’s every week in his tests and school work. He is not understanding this new math and is getting so frustrated he justs rights down the wrong answer without even trying. Nightly at home with the ton of homework that is sent home by her we start at4 and do not quit until 8. It a total battle every night every one is worn down and frustrated. I know he is not learning anything like this yet she says no problem. As long as he is passing he is fine, but fully know is capable of making better grades all the way around. When he leaves my home he knows the material yet he brings home 20’s on his work. Something is OFF! So frustrated with his teachers. The Social Studies teacher wrote on a project last week he needed to work on his eye contact or next time she will count off points. (she is aware of his aspergers) They all claim i am using aspergers as an excuse for him.

Absolutely hate this new math! My son is in fifth grade now. Aspergers and he is simply falling behind. He can look at the problem and solve it, but Common Core dictates writing out the process of how the person got the answer in this “formatted” idea of how it is solved.

I have a 9 yo Aspie … I’m just starting to learn about Common Core Curriculum. What I’ve heard scares me for all my kiddos…. not just the Aspie. Where are you finding your info? I’d like to know more.

Another school caves to the ACLU Thought Police:

Want schools to teach this?

schools are perverted.png

Speaking of Sexuality Standards, here is some from Maryland:

The Gaystapo strikes in Alaska:

Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling FB group:

I think it is interesting that we are taught to trust someone else with the well being of our children. My son is in 5th grade and He doesn’t even truly know his basic times tables. How did he advance? How did he get moved forward? They don’t care. My daughter is a straight A student and when I pulled her out the teachers were all so sad and upset that she was leaving, but I know that they are upset because the cash cow that boosted their funding is gone. They don’t care about my children’s dreams and aspirations and I can’t expect them too.

And here is a reply to said post:

Same here. When we told my daughters teacher she was going to be homeschooled she responded with ” I am happy for you, BUT our school really needs smart kids like your daughter to boost our test scores.” Sad that that is what schools care most about these days.

Found these from a friend of mine.  Apparently her son was getting them in school.

Here is a comment from the leader of the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Good day Members 🙂
I joined Facebook and began our group because I found indoctrination literature in my son’s backpack. I am a business owner and need to be an activist, like I need a hole in my head. I did not choose this path for me…..
Last month, my son’s friend, also autistic mainstreamed, told me that he loves Islam because “their bible has not been changed in thousands of years”. When I told him that the bible has not been changed. he just shook his head and said, “I do not know why I like Islam, I just do.”
Members, we have lost our children to “Common Core”.

And another comment from the leader of Choose to Refuse Common Core:

Of course my 8th grade is learning “Imperialism”.
Indoctrinating our kids to dislike America.


Here is another post on how Common Core is hurting those with Aspergers:

My husband is an Aspie whose maternal grandfather worked on the creation of this Common Core crap. He despises it. Thus far, it sounds like a colossal mistake, like making the U.S. education system as much like a German gymnasium system of education as possible…which Einstein flunked out of. Einstein was quite likely an Aspie, and he certainly wasn’t stupid. How many geniuses is this nonsense going to label stupid, and how many perfectly intelligent Aspies are going to have their futures trashed by it?! 😡

And here is a reply to said post:

I agree. My son’s problem is that he can calculate the stuff presented to him in his head. The problem starts with all the questions. “How did you come up with this answer?”. Thing is, you have to have come up with it their way, your way is not acceptable. A few years ago he would get A in math, now he barely passes, all because it has to be done their way. This is in Sweden. This crap have been spread all over the western world since 2010. It seems to become reality in all classes, not only math.

What do you think of this Common Core assignment?


I found that CASEL, one of the groups behind SEL, endorsed the ESSA and also, it appears, was kind enough to post some other SEL bills that were passed in Congress.  Now we know about H.R. 497 ( the “Supporting Social and Emotional Learning Act”), the Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning Act of 2015 ( H.R. 850), and S. 897 the “Jesse Lewis Empowering Educators Act”.


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group that further illustrates how tyrannical the Common Core testing is:

A friend has a 3rd grader who failed/missed/whatever the third grade reading guarantee on the MAP ELA testing. What else can she do to not let her child repeat 3rd grade? I don’t let my kids do any testing so I don’t know how to advise. Thanks in advance 🙂

And here are some replies to said post:

Unfortunately, if he cannot take the test at all, I was told too bad so sad. I had to let my 3rd grader take it. She can talk to her child’s principal or superintendent and see what can be done.

That is what I was afraid of- so since her child missed the cut off regardless of actual reading level or ability, because I think she said it was something like 3-6 points, the child is held back? That seems ridiculous. Thank you though!!! I will definitely let her know.

Yes it is ridiculous! That is why we must fight for our children and against common core. Until parents rise up, there will be no change!

The way my sons 3rd grade teacher explained it to us is if they dont meet the benchmark on the MAP or AIR tests in the spring, no matter what their regular grades are in school, thry will be held back next year and have to repeat the whole 3rd grade over again. Some districts in Ohio ( and I think its state regulated) that if your child misses the benchmark for math or reading, they only have to repeat 3rd grade math or reading next year while they are promoted to 4th grade. But in our district (Buckeye Local) if a 3rd grader misses the benchmark during the MAP and or AIR tests for math or reading, they have to repeat the whole 3rd grade again. I think its bs, and I feel our district is setting our kids up for failure. Condidering on part of the reading assessment on one of the tests they have to type 800-1000 words in like 30 minutes ( I believe).

I am in Grove city. Thry told me, my son would have to repeat the entire grade again. It is crap!

Another inappropriate 9/11 lesson plan:

Here is a post from a California anti-Common Core group:

Dear Parents in the Capistrano Unified School District – I wanted to give those of you who value your families right to privacy a heads up regarding CCP. CUSD is unique- it makes our students take CCP as a requirement to graduate no other district does this. CUSD is incorporating Naviance into CCP which means that your child must complete personality testing as a requirement for graduation. CUSD is incorporating Naviance Family into core educational classes such as English and Social Studies. This means your family cannot OPT OUT of Naviance. Until recently, Naviance has always been a tool to help kids get into college, to track applications and keep dealines straight. It was considered a college planning tool. Recently there has been a change at Naviance. The company is now tracking students from TK- college. The implication is that college readiness now starts in Transitional kindergarten. Personality testing without permission (OPT IN) has always been a violation of student privacy rights protected by FERPA. A loophole has been created by an Obama Executive Order which allows school districts to share personally identifiable data with 3rd party for-profit companies who conduct surveys or students on students. Trustee Lynn Hatton-Hodsons company InnovateEd is “Systems Leadership Collaborative” which is a collaboration lead by ACSA, Fullan, InnovateEd, The Flippin Group and Fagen, Friedman and Fulfrost. They are using our students as a test pilot for implementation of Common Core and are tracking not only your student at school, but your family at home through Naviance. THIS IS WRONG. Parents should have been informed of the fact that their children’s data is being stored and shared with for-profit companies. Parents should have the ability to opt out. I want to share the resume of a Naviance Engineer with you. Learn More at the following link:…/divergent-cusd-style-w……/divergent-cusd-style-w……/warning-parents-all-cusd-9th-10th-11th-g…

Here are some replies to said post:

Just to clarify, your assertion is incorrect. Glendora USD also requires CCP for graduation. Yes, it is a mandatory elective. (Add that to your oxymoron file!)

The Social Emotional Learning is embedded in ESSA through grants. If the districts want this money then they must grade their schools in part on SEL. Our high school district, Sweetwater, is spending 39k a yr to be a part of the CORE district study.

This district is in the tank. And the CCP is a ridiculous program. They don’t use Naviance effectively, and waste money hand over fist.

Common Core Standards are data tags. Nobody is getting rid of Common Core anything unless the system for ed data funding, collection, and storage is completely dismantled. Charter schools and vouchers will have the same standards because they must fall under the same systems to receive the money. The day I see the Trump administration make a move to disrupt this system of carrot & stick compliance is the day I might believe he’s serious.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is only happening in one district. A district in Anaheim hills is doing the same thing. My guess is there are many mandating the “free” test. I’m not surprised about CUSD though. Back in 2014 when the OCBE held the public forum on CCSS, Bill Evers’ wife helped us host a talk at one of the schools. The speakers included Evers, Robin Eubanks, Gary Thompson and a few others. A red flag went up for me when Evers and the others associated with the district refused to discuss the connection between CCSS and technology. In fact, they seemed to think Eubanks and Thompson were wearing tinfoil hats. But they were the only ones speaking who weren’t invested politically or otherwise and were the only ones who tried to warn people what was coming. Not sure if people remember, but early on there were many “leaders” in the anti-common core crowd who insisted this reform wasn’t about technology. Those ideas were top down, coming out of powerful think tanks on both sides. Parents can’t sit back and wait for Trump to fix this. Everyone in the political arena has a vested interest in education data. The prospect of designing a planned workforce is a race both sides want to win. Unless we fight for ownership of student data, they will continue to strip students of their right to privacy under the guise of continuous school improvement.

I remember. The fact that Evers is pro-charter but not concerned with the fact that CC and charters are linked is also very revealing. Both the Left & Right are completely playing parents. The only difference is whose friends get to rake in the money.

Mandatory testing on a computer is not testing, do the parents get to see the questions and answers? No! My 8 year old took one of these mandatory tests, multiple choice, proceed to the next question when the student picks the answer the government dictates. As in; “What is a couple” a. man and man, b. woman and woman, c. man and woman, d. all of the above

the child answers until the child gets it right, the child answers until the child accepts the state dictated answer.

Social programming that is further reinforced with the reading material. I know, it happened to my child.

Was that a question?

yes, it was a question given to my boy at 8 years old

In our district, (I am a private college planner in the CUSD area, and thanks to a horrible CCP program, we have tons of business) the CCP is not only a waste of time and resources, but is given by unqualified people in the students freshman year….There actually is nothing redeeming about it in our district….

And in our district, it should be called “College Planning” because that is all they teach/preach.there is no help for those who want to go into skilled labor careers.

That is SUCH a shame…same here. VoTech is totally looked down on in high school, by the admin and the kids….and the academic 4 year propaganda mill experience is pushed on everyone. We lead parents to make their OWN decisions, and with the huge financial cost, and the lack of jobs….some are (thankfully) choosing to delay college until their child is emotionally and financially mature enough.

Here is another post from the California anti-Common Core group:

Just got my very first call ever from the school principal about my SBAC opt out (which was actually the PJI Form opt out). She informed me that that the CIA (not the central intelligence agency) said some of the items didn’t apply to them, so I’d have to write a note. I informed her that the form cites CA education code. She acknowledged that, but said that it was more than just the SBAC. I informed her that that’s correct, that they aren’t to take any surveys asking about feelings or anything else either. Then she said “Your child is very bright. Don’t you want to know how he’s doing?”. I informed her that I already know how well he’s doing. Then she nailed it “So you don’t want the state to have any data on him?” I replied “That’s correct”.

She’s going to contact the CIA (does know what this stands for? she told me, but I can’t remember what she said) person again and get back to me tomorrow. I’ll probably ask her which parts of the form don’t apply and then ask why it’s a problem for them to be there if I don’t want my kids participating in those activities. I get the feeling that they want to be able to give my kids the surveys and as long as they have me write a handwritten note for everything, they can do it and claim I didn’t opt them out.

I’m a little shocked about this. I’ve been turning in the PJI form for 3 years now and I’ve never had a problem until now. I also think this only came up because I was going to go with my youngest to the school library to make sure he returned his book and checked out another one (we’ve been having some issues with him). I emailed yesterday to see if there was any problems with coming to the school. Today I get a call from the principal? Yeah, these people are really paranoid about parents showing up during school hours.

Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling FB group:

I know this has probably has been asked before but I’m curious…what was the moment where your spouse became just as on board with homeschool and even to a point where they help with it? We have been homeschooling a couple of years now…I prayed and waited until my husband gave me a green light (as women I respected who were more seasoned homeschoolers suggested). The green light from him was when we had a hard time advocating for our daughter with hf ASD and SPD in our ps. She did beautifully in ps the first few years with no IEP, etc. the right teacher makes all the difference. She was honor roll, scored high on state tests, etc….but it took only one or two people to unravel that at her school and that’s when we had to start advocating for her…just getting an IEP eval was like pulling teeth…luckily I knew our rights, etc but it was a bad situation. While my husband is somewhat on board…his thoughts about hs is “that’s your thing, not mine”. Test scores alone aren’t a convincing factor for him…with state testing my kids actually did better when I took them out (it’s not required in our state anymore so we didn’t take them last year…they just took it the first year we started hs…and y’all know how that first year can be so I was excited how well they did despite navigating the hs waters for the first time ). My husband did great in ps and he’s quite traditional so the idea of hs is new to him. I am glad we are hs, it’s a good fit for us. I’m thankful we are able to. I would love more help from him though at times like with some of their school work. The little bit of help I would ask wouldn’t require him to LP…it might be to give/grade a math tests or listen to them read…I remind him what I am asking for help with is definitely a lot less time then what we both spent helping our kids with their homework when they were in ps. I will say he’s good about providing financially for what we need and says to get what we need…so that part is good (I still try to be conservative and wise in our purchases). But yeah…since hs is a newer idea to him…I would love to hear what was the moment that your spouses were just as on board. Thanks in advance.

(WordPress sometimes is a nightmare with line spacing.  Sometimes, I have to improvise.)

And here are some replies to said post:


My husband gave the green light when he realized that our son is no longer excited for school. He’s constantly in trouble for moving or talking which tells me he’s likely bored. We’ll be starting next school year. I’m going to get him involved with the fun stuff like science projects & field trips.



My husband jumped on board when my child’s teacher looked at me and said she could no longer look at herself in the mirror, because she felt that she was “mentally abusing children for a living.”   That was the last year she taught 2nd grade. She was incredibly supportive of us home schooling.
 What I find ironic is how much support I get from ps teachers. Sometimes more so then other people (other then those already homeschooling of course).
I think more ps teachers are on board because they know the issues that are in the classroom, in the school boards and the benefits of one on one education.
Also they are getting burned out by all the state testing stuff and the hoops they have jump thru. And they see how the kids are burned out and losing their love of learning.
We honestly evolved into the idea together. After years of trying to make ps work for our dyslexic child through iep, 504, changing schools, private tutoring and lots of hard work and tears we knew. The system was s focused on high stakes testing it seemed to care little about the overall education and well being of a child. We really weren’t parents who were exposed to homeschooling or knew anything about it when our oldest started school. It definitely has been the best choice for our family. We are only a few months into our journey but we know without question that our children will be better prepared for life now.
My husband gave me the Green Light after I took him to a state led meeting that was introducing Common Core. He doesn’t help much at all and I’m okay with that. My husband is a Mr fix it, when he fixing something around the house or working on the car I send one of the kids to help him. This way they are learning life skills from Dad and I add that time spent learning into there hs records. A way to get dad’s involved more is just simply have the kids tell dad during dinner or maybe while in the car what they have been learning in school. Have the kids talk to dad about what book they are reading or maybe have them share an interesting history or science fact they learned that day. This will help dads know their kids are learning and will help mom’s know how much their kids are remembering.
When the public school wanted him to have border walls around his desk, not allowed to have recess or lunch with his peers, and only allowed a bathroom 2x a day, not allowed to have a locker ..I think was where my partner kind of said.. let’s do this we have no choice.. and we are a month in so far
Strict bathroom rules were hard for me as kid in ps. So I can feel for your child. Thankfully my parents talked to the teacher and it did get better. But man it’s hard to hold it for long periods when u gotta go. Adults don’t like having to hold it so why would a child fare well with that.
I agree I ended up with a kidney infection and life long repercussions from a similar issue in high school. But for my son the other children are allowed to go when needed, it’s just him who is only allowed to go when an administrator is available to take him

Not until he listened to local people talking about the high teen pregnancy rate, drug use, etc was my husband willing to talk home school. And then it was for our oldest only. Having watched my confident, happy little boy lose his self confidence, convince himself he was a loser due to the school environment and lack of proper academic help I pushed for him to come home as well. My daughter probably would have been fine in public. My son has thrived in home school. His grades and self confidence have soared.

And now my husband is convinced he was pro homeschooling from the get go.


 Now Philadelphia schools are joining the Black Lives Matter indoctrination:
Here are 54 colleges that allow students to change their gender on college records:
Augsburg College
Baldwin-Wallace College
Bowdoin College
Carleton College
Case Western University*
Chapman University
Community College of Baltimore County
Connecticut College
Cornell University
Emory University
Georgetown University
Gettysburg College*
Illinois Wesleyan University
Ithaca College
Lewis and Clark College
Macalester College
Marlboro College
Maryland Institute College of Art
Montclair State University
Muhlenberg College
New York University
Northern Arizona University
Oberlin College
Princeton University*
Southern Oregon University
Syracuse University
Tulane University*
University of California, Hastings College of the Law
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside*
University of California, Santa Cruz
University of Chicago
University of Colorado, Boulder*
University of Delaware
University of Iowa
University of Maine, Machias
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts, Amherst*
University of Minnesota, Duluth*
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of Northern Iowa
University of Oregon
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Texas, Austin*
University of Vermont
University of Washington
Vassar College
Washington University in St. Louis
Waubonsee Community College
Western Oregon University
Wright State University

6 Colleges Enable Students to Indicate the Pronouns They Use for Themselves on Course Rosters

Hampshire College
Ohio University
University of Alabama
University of Iowa
University of Michigan
University of Vermont


Syracuse University thinks that color coded signage is “gender bias” and is encouraging students to report it:

Schools in Colorado bringing students to X-rated “sex ed” content.  Parents fighting back:

On various anti-Common Core sites, I again asked the following:

Just out of curiosity, have you and/or your kids suffered for your stance against Common Core, data mining, invasion of privacy, etc and if so, did they give your kids zeroes, refuse to give them honors, not give them treats that the “obedient” kids got, did any of you get in trouble with your work or even have to leave because your company was pushing Common Core?

I got the following replies:

Yes. Before we pulled our daughter out of public school, we didn’t allow her to be tested. The teacher told her she would not be allowed to join in the pizza party after the tests or end of yr festivities. So we told the school we would provide pizza for any student who didn’t test and have our own yr end festivities. Too many parents stay silent because they are scared the teachers will single out their children in a negative way…I say let them and them sue the crap out of the school. Kids are not allowed to bully other kids but teachers and administration can. So happy we left the government institutions behind us 🙂

I pulled my son from public school two yrs ago. Many of our teachers hate CC, and didn’t single my son out for non testing.

I was “that” Mom…they were happy to see me leave…would of loved to keep our son though! Homeschool now….recently ran into son’s old English/homeroom teacher at an event. He asked us how things are going….happy to give laundry list of opportunites and skills our son wouldn’t of had if he stayed in ps!.   I was almost banned from campus (long story…) but then I asked who would man the school store (volunteering!)and please tell me how I would pick up my son….smh. lol

They banned me from the PTA lol. We homeschooled for a yr now our daughter goes to an amazing little Christian academy.

They were glad to see me go too but were sure happy that I still volunteered with their big community fundraiser the next 2 years. We started homeschooling and when we see their old teachers they tell me how they can’t wait until thy can retire out of the chaos. So sad!

Just a little background: I was a high school teacher in a small, rural school in upstate NY. My children both attended the school where I taught. I was also Union president for 2 years of this time which, I am sure for the admins, did not help my fight against Common Core.

I first noticed an issue with CC when my son was in 3rd grade. His Science and Social Studies report card grades were listed at NT for the first 3 quarters. When I asked about this, the teacher told me it meant Not Taught because they did not have time to teach these subjects until after the State Exams. Being a HS teacher, I had no idea about the monster that was testing and Common Core, so I dug further into the issue.

After a great deal of research and advocacy from a few friends who already were knowledgeable, I started to be more and more vocal about the issue of testing and CC. I did this as a parent, not as a teacher, per se. As you might imagine, the lines were very blurred for me since I was both parent and teacher in the school.

My first “punishment” for speaking out to other parents came in my class assignments. Most HS teachers get a study hall assigned to them as a duty. When the new semester’s class lists came out, I had a study hall of 30 7th graders. Now, in some schools, that number is normal; however, our entire K-12 school has just under 400 kids in it. Only one other teacher had a study hall so large and she happened to be another “trouble maker” in the admin’s eyes. As with most professional punishments, they knew exactly what they could do to let you know they were unhappy while staying just this side of the legality and contractual side of the issue.

The second thing that happened to me me concerned my professional development. Every year, for 7 years in a row, i attended the AP grading conference. Being selected as one of 2000 teachers in the country to grade these exams was a pat on the back and, for me, validated my worth in the profession. In my 8th year, I applied, as usual, for the PD time. I was called into the office and was told that I would not be allowed to attend. When I asked why, the superintendent said that that I did not deserve to go because i was being “unbelievably cruel to him and the district”. I can still hear him saying it in my head. He told me that he only approved these things as a favor to people and that he did not owe me any favors.

This is on top of a lot of other little things that I can’t prove, like being passed by for technology in my room, repairs for my classroom and appointments to committees. Again, they are very skilled at doing just what they can to make you miserable, but in a “legal” way, within the confines of the contracts. Oh, and by the way, my super did not speak to me for over 2 years. He would see me coming down the hall and duck into a classroom or go down another hallway to avoid me. He had a way of being very professional…..

Now, I had a big set of shoulders and could handle all of the professional stuff. It was a different story when the school started taking it out on my own children. The biggest issue became a national news story on Fox News and other outlets. Google Ice Cream Gate Common Core for an idea of what happened.

At the end of testing, 3-8 teachers were given certificates to pass out in class. The students were brought to the cafeteria and split into 2 groups: those that tested and those that refused. The ones that tested were allowed to turn in their certificate and were given ice cream sundaes. Those that didn’t get a certificate were told to sit there and wait for the bell to ring. They made my kids sit there and watch the others be rewarded. That witch principal punished my children for a decision that my wife and I had made on their behalf.

Another teacher handed out “Great Job” bracelets to test takers while my daughter sat there watching. i have no doubt that those teachers and admins would have gone even further if they had been directed to by the State or Admin.

It was at that point that I no longer hid my feelings behind Facebook. I attended rallies and meetings against CC and even took a day to visit my reps in Albany. I was always professional in the classroom, but they were no longer going to manipulate my life outside of that building.

For this reason, we must continue to fight for the protection of tenure. I consider myself a right of center person politically and have always been against tenure. This experience, however, has proven to me that it is needed. If I did not have the protection of tenure, my super would have fired me in an instant…..not because I was a bad teacher, but rather because I was rocking the boat. He hated me and the feeling was mutual.

The pressure on our family ended up being too much. After 10 years at that district and 20 years in the profession, I resigned as teacher. I could no longer support the profession i loved and I had realized that it was not going in the right direction. We pulled our kids from public schools when my wife got a job oversees. My kids now attend a local high school here in Europe and are getting a traditional, classical education that makes sense. Testing is used to verify knowledge, not to judge the teacher or the school. I am so happy for the path our lives took because I was getting very tired of the fight.

Well, that was long winded, but I hope it helps you understand what people are experiencing behind the headlines and the scenes. I’d be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Thanks for letting me vent; I’m not sure I have put this all down in words since we left!

I forgot to add, that when I sent my intention to refuse my kids for the second year, the school threatened to not allow my children to return. Since they were out of district, they were going to refuse them and force them to return to their home district. This after having been students there for 7 and 5 years, respectively, and after having paid out-of-district tuition for them. They took the tests because I wanted to spare them the situation of removing them from their friends and from the life they built over that time.

Refusing Maps testing today for our 6th grader mostly because of data mining, over emphasis on testing especially since school district went to International baccalaureate programming for k-12 the past two years. Yes, principal called me up originally telling me it isn’t data mined although it’s done on computers not ipads (like that makes a difference! )I also pointed out that I would like to see an audit report on their computer security and he wormed his way out saying that he had a mtg to go to & didnt realize how late it was! I do know that maps testing like any other testing was tied to Appr scores but he told me that our school district doesn’t work like that any longer! Yes, they try to belittle you!

Also, someone posted:

Yes still, the kids rule the school and the principal is allowing it. They do what ever they want. My son is special needs. They don’t care about him at all. All because I know WHAT I know about CC. They are retailing still.

I asked:

What do you mean by that? Is the school itself bullying your son or deliberately turning a blind eye to others doing it as payback?

They replied:

All of the above and going through puberty, we are divorced. it’s a mess. They can’t / won’t help him. I am truly seeing the affects. This really scary stuff. Nobody believes me, no one wants to listen. Except his psychologist. It’s so frustrating. He sitting crying about the work at home, Pushing his button and telling me he really needs to go back to his psy. for another eval. Etc.. etc.. put him on meds. He is only a typical teen growing up. I had stunk feeling when I stumble upon these groups that this was exactly going to happen. We need to get this out of our schools fast.

And here is another post on the subject, though from someone else:

High school diplomas are being held hostage unless a child takes THREE tests, consecutively, in the 11th grade. One test out of the trifecta Michigan’s 11th grade students take, ACT Workkeys, is available to potential employers to assist in the decision whether that child would be a good “fit” in their organization.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

The following posts are from Karen Bracken about the Betty Devo confirmation hearing

BANG she just made a HUGE plug for Competency Education with no teacher just a facilitator. And I am sure not one Senator found that to be wrong???
Competency Based Education is in ESSA. It is hooking your child up to a computer ALL DAY. No teacher just a room monitor. Students get all of their instruction from the computer. They are tested all day everyday. So tell me how will parents EVER know what is REALLY being taught to their children. They. will teach them to love the global new world order not their own country, family or God. Competency Based Education and Assessment is the exact same as Outcome Based Education many activists fought in the 90’s and were victorious. But it just keeps getting renamed and pushed forward. Believe me it was technology they needed in order to advance the agenda.

From Karen Bracken about the Betsy De voe hearing

So far she has never answered one question that would bind her into a commitment. Now she is being grilled about sexual assault. This sounds to me like a guy is pushing the National Sexuality Standards. Thank you Senator for that question, I look forward to working with you on that issue. That is her response for everything she is being asked.

The following colleges are planning anti-Trump protests (with faculty and student help) to protest the Trump inauguration:

American University Washington, D.C.
University of California, Berkeley
Brisbane Free University
California Institute of the Arts
California Institute of Technology
University of Cincinnati
Columbia University
University of Dayton
University of Minnesota
National University of Singapore
New York University
Princeton University
RMIT University
University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Cruz
Sapienza University of Rome
Scripps College
Texas State University
University at Buffalo
University of Pennsylvania
University of Kentucky
University of Southern California
California State University, Los Angeles
Vanderbilt University
University of Washington


Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

How many parents have kids who are freaking out about the MAP tests they are taking within the next couple weeks? I have a 3rd and 8th grader who are so stressed they are making themselves sick.

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

Question: My daughter is in a NYC public school 4th grade. Last year she was in private school and did not have to take the NYS exams because they do not test students in 3rd grade. This year she’s suppose to take the test but I do not want her too. My concern is that I’ve heard that middle schools look at 4th grade grades and scores when making their determination for acceptance (I want her to go a particular middle school that’s not our zone school). She gets excellent grades. But do you think it will be a problem with middle school if she does not take her 4th grade state exams? Really do not want her to take them. Also Where can I find the opting out form?
Thank you in advance 🙂

And here are some replies to said post:

Definitely do NOT opt out until you speak to everyone in your school and research everything! Nyc is way different and yes, they will use certain things to stop kids from getting into other schools.

I would call the middle school and ask for criteria for placement. Our district uses state test scores as part of criteria for placement in certain programs. Lack of a state test score does not necessarily mean they are penalized. They just rely more heavily on the other criteria they have. So taking the test can either hurt or help in our school. If your child has a great report card and teacher recommendation a poor state score could hurt. If they are in borderline on getting in, a great test score can help. You take your chances either way.

my daughter NEVER took a state test i parent refused her every year my concern was based on her score and her score only no grades to be considered she could be placed in remedial classes i would have no say what so ever as a parent …and i REFUSE to let this or any government over rule interfere or otherwise control my child in ANY way !

Here is a story from a New Hampshire anti-Common Core page:

Hi there –

Thanks for all you do on behalf of our children who are apart of the New Hampshire public school system. I’m a former teacher. I have a M.Ed from **** College. I used to teach elementary school but have been a stay at home mom for many years now while still keeping my certification valid.

I’m writing to let you know how Common Core, and other educational reforms, have impacted my children’s lives in the public school system. I have three children.

My two older kids had a great experience going through our public school system in elementary school. They are now in high school. Common Core started in our school system when they were in middle school. The way it has impacted them is the push we’re seeing to bring down the top kids and bring up the lower level learners. Both my older children are higher level learners. One qualified for a higher level math class in 6th grade. Instead of being encourage to pursue this great opportunity, we were being persuaded to keep him in a lower class so he could feel more apart of his peers. We put him in the higher level class anyway. We see similar things in high school. There seems to be a push to keep the higher level learners from being challenged.

My youngest is in second grade and I pulled her from school this year to homeschool. I pulled her also for the lack of being challenged. She is a higher level learner like her older siblings. At her elementary school there was plenty of extra help for the lower achievers. The teachers teach, using the standards, to the rest of the class. The higher level learners are left to be bored. When I asked the principal if there was a way to challenge her in math, I was told to challenge her in other areas of her life like extra curricular. When asked her teacher to challenge her, I was continually dismissed and told she needs to go “wider and deeper” and not higher. In kindergarten, when asked if she could move on to more advanced topics, she was instead given frustrating maze like math challenges to “improve her perseverance”. In 1st grade, my goals for her to be challenged in math were ignored. She cruised through all the math lessons not learning or being challenged.

I feel as though Common Core keeps kids in a box. There isn’t a way to move ahead if you are in first grade and on a third grade math level. When you get to 4th and 5th grade, I’ve heard repeatedly from parents over and over that the way math is taught is confusing for both students and parents and does not make sense. That is not incentive to put my daughter back into public school.

Our elementary school is a great elementary school with super teachers. We moved to this town because of our wonderful school. I would like to see our teachers free to collaborate and create their own standards within our school. The teachers in a school know their community of students best.

In addition, I do not like the Smarter Balanced. I have respectfully refused all standardized testing for all of my children in the past. I don’t like that the test not only tests for academics but also for dispositions and beliefs. I don’t like data being collected about my children. The countries top private schools do not use the Common Core and do not use the Smarter Balanced. We should use these top school as models.

A great number of parents in our school system also do not like the shift to Competency Based Assessments either. Our schools are slowly changing over. Again it’s the parents of the higher level learners that seem to prefer traditional grading. We had a petition in our school system going around on to keep traditional grading. Many parents and students signed it with numerous comments and reasons to keep traditional grading.

We are much happier out of the public school system and not having to deal with all these educational reforms like Common Core, Smarter Balanced and Competency Based Assessments. With homeschooling I can tailor my youngest child’s education to her individual needs. Public school can’t do that at this point in time with the restraints and expectations of Common Core. As I’ve personally seen at various grade levels, there seems to be a push to keep the higher level learners from being challenged. Many other parents I have talked to feel he same way.

I would love to turn back the clock when school was fun and teachers had the autonomy in the classroom to teach towards each childs individual needs and challenge them and take them as far as they can go.

Parent from SAU16

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

Has anyone opted out their JUNIOR high child out of sage testing in Alpine school district?

Here are some replies to said post:


Did you find much push back or teachers try to use it against or kid?

Bullying by the assistant principals. Every test. My son was prepared for it and happy to have them pull his file and look.

Let me know if this happens. I didn’t have any trouble, but I’m a problem child and everyone knows it.

LOVE IT. I am a trouble child too but I don’t have all the answer like others. I have opted my kids out in elementary but I am nervous that doing it in JUnior high and High school she will get dinged or punished some how. It won’t affect graduation or entering college?

I’m reticent to draw attention to an otherwise fabulous school. What’s ironic is the teachers were very supportive. They hated it. But almost every time the students were corralled in the computer lab, my son had both assistants at the door forcing him to stay, until they’d walk him downstairs to the office and pull his file.


Did you have any problems?

At first yes. One teacher threatened my daughter that she would have to take a harder test if she did not do sage test. I called the Principal and read him our rights. He agreed and said he would take care of it. My daughter was left alone after that.

Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

Parents, your School Districts paid thousands equal to, if not more, to jump the hoops to receive grants for “Digital Teaching and Learning.” They wasted tax payer money, money that could have been better spent in your child’s classrooms to apply for this grant monies that Senator Howard Stephenson commissioned the State Board to disperse.

Be aware that FERPA is not protecting your child’s data, including and especially those children with IEP’s. Senator Jake Anderegg’s Student Data Protection bill hasn’t been fully implemented, meaning as of last week I found out that the State Board has not written up rules for the Districts to follow. The State did hire a wonderful lady to help create the rules and she and I have been talking. We are on the same page.

Things will get done, but in the meantime, be aware of what is going on in your classrooms at all times!

Looks like schools in Providence, RI are going to let students get away with anti-Trump walkouts:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

Here are the words of Elyria High School Teacher of Ohio—Stacey Starr. “I cannot do it anymore, not in this ‘drill ’em and kill ’em’ atmosphere, I don’t think anyone understands that in this environment if your child cannot quickly grasp material, study like a robot and pass all these tests, they will not survive” So we all now know that ESSA is common core but far far worse. And we know that DeVos promises to make ESSA a full reality. My prayer: Dear God, awaken the heart of Trump, get him to be a member of this outstanding facebook, AND to speak one on one with RACHEL. amen.

Islamic indoctrination in an Indiana school:

Hat tip to Campus Reform for exposing the schools that are offering “safe spaces” to combat “toxic masculinity”:

  • Ithaca College
  • Duke University
  • Oregon State University
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Amherst University
  • Brown University

Here is a post from a New York anti-Common Core group:

So dropped off a letter to opt out my son from state test and called to follow up, the principal want to see me. Is it necessary? What is it that she wants to talk about? Any advise and suggestions thanks.

And here is a reply:

My principal said to me in front of a class of parents “what are you teaching your child by doing that”😡
I hope your meeting goes well

Um, to stand up for things you believe in….to not give in to peer pressure….to not give in when ‘people in authority try to bully you…Thanks principal, I’m teaching my kids a lot and you just made the lesson that more important!! (I probably wouldn’t say all that but that is what we are teaching our kids!) Just because the government and schools say we should do something doesn’t mean we should!

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

I am amazed at what happens when we inspire and not require. In my local homeschool coop I am teaching a microbiology science activity. 67 people (including moms & their older kids) have responded. 67! And the number is still growing! The ages are from 6 – 18 yo. How many 6 or 7 year olds get to explore microbiology and look through a microscope? I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the attention span, politeness, curiosity, and desire to learn that I have noticed in homeschoolers.

I have class activities planned for Glycobiology a brand new field of science that is just now getting more attention. The new NGSS does not allow time or room in credit requirements for high schools to start offering classes in Glycobiology. I read the standards went to one of five parent meetings in the state to hear feedback from parents. I believe that education has been standardized to the point where it has stifled creativity and the desire to learn. Public education doesn’t allow me to pick and choose what my daughters learn. My youngest loves to pick a topic and learn all she can about the moon or different dog breeds. She loved the math activity where we did price comparison at our local grocery store for ingredients for her favorite meal. She amazingly retains that information years later.

My 7 yo spent 25 hours per week in math instruction alone. Five years later she still thinks she is dumb at math (even though I pulled her out of math time for the previous 2 years in public school). Common core has been a waste of resources and has caused psychological harm to my daughter. This is why I now homeschool both of my kids full-time. I didn’t feel like I had another option. I don’t want 5 million data points per hour to be collected from my children via tech savvy schools. I will protect my kids’ personal information.

A few months ago I spent some time with the Governor’s staff member asking her questions and letting her know how common core had negatively affected my family. She met my daughter who hates math. I hope to work with those local state representatives and senators to create solutions to the chaotic education mess we are in.

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

I’ve been asked many times, what would you suggest for kids who can’t get out of their school situation? How would you fix education for them?

My answer: go back to the old ways. Let the teachers actually teach. Do you think these young men and women who graduate high school with the desire to be teachers dream of having their hands tied by governments? No. They want to teach children. They have a gift and they want to use it. They want to make a difference. And then they get to the schools and realize their gifts are secondary to state and federal standards, test scores, and checklists. Their gifts are secondary to the agendas of a small group of unelected policy writers and corporations and billionaires.

So how do we fix education? Simplify it again. Go back to the old ways. Shut down agencies. Get rid of districts. Put the control where we all say we want it: with the local town and school board.

Before the 20th century, schools were simple and terribly underfunded. As civilization moved west in America, education followed in the form of very young women, sometimes teenagers, who were hired by a group of townspeople to teach their children. The men of the town donated wood and labor to build the schoolhouse, or even a building that doubled as a church. (Wait: a church?? How did they rectify that fabled separation of church and state in the 19th century??)

Before the 20th century, a school’s curriculum consisted of a stack of readers like the McGuffeys, and if they were lucky they had a map and a blackboard. Some even had a few extra books donated to the school by townspeople. Those readers consisted of reading, grammar, and writing lessons all combined with the history of the world and the scientific discoveries up to that point. The student read a long portion of history and then practiced vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation with that history. When a school was not available due to geographical distances, those same readers were used in the home. Those that finished their local school might advance their learning through a local, private college or through a tutor. They would study more history, philosophy, Latin, Greek, law or medicine. Many who didn’t attend college advanced their own education by reading every book they could find in their spare time. (Abe Lincoln, anyone?)

Before the 20th century, this simple education method produced world-changers. People like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Michael Faraday, Samuel Morse, Charles Goodyear, the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, Nikolai Tesla and hundreds of others.

Those men were not the result of standardized anything…they were the result of a simple method of learning and exploring, and I guarantee you: they spent plenty of time in hard work and valued their small amount of free time. Time to explore their ideas and experiments. They weren’t held to “grade levels” because there weren’t any grade levels. The McGuffey system allowed every student to learn at their own pace. The student simply progressed from one reader to the next without regard to calendars or class groups.

This old-fashioned system is not outdated. In fact, much of what I described here is what happens in the living rooms and kitchens of homeschoolers everywhere. A small stack of books, progressing at the pace of the student, basic instruction centered around classic works of history and literature, and very little regard for grade levels or education budget — this is what makes learning fun and what makes education successful.

It’s not money. It’s not standardized regulations. It’s not STEM. It’s not technology. None of those things were part of the equation before the revamping of the public school system in the early 20th century. It’s not politicians. It’s not small groups of unelected policy writers and corporate billionaires who need to be making these decisions. It should be up to parents, their local school board, and the teachers. And if the local school isn’t working for a child, parents still do have the right, and should exercise it, to take that simplified education method into their own hands without worrying about state and federal oversight — the oversight that has strangled our schools and teachers and kids, and has made us all want a “choice” to begin with.

(Note: I’ve been asked this because I talk a lot about education lately. That doesn’t make me an expert. It illustrates the fact that it doesn’t take experts to educate kids. Experts keep messing things up. The average human can teach other humans and do an excellent job.)

Here is another post from the Texas anti-Common Core group:

Because charter schools still fall under the public school umbrella since they accept taxpayer funding.

Instructional Materials can be Common Core-aligned up to 50% since the passage of SB 6 allowed ISD’s and charters to purchase their own curriculum/IM’s using the Texas Permanent School Fund, bypassing the SBOE. And open enrollment charter schools have a different set of standards and less accountability than their public ISD school counterparts.

Also, do not think that the other 50% of IM’s are safe from Common Core because they follow the TEKS. We have had proof for quite some time that the National Standards, another name for Common Core, has been embedded within the TEKS at the direction of TASA. The STAAR assessment has elements of Common Core process and content standards within the mathematics section. Not sure about the ELA/R section, but would not be surprised if it has been polluted too.

Lastly, on now-Governor Greg Abbott’s departure from the AG office, he gave a legal opinion that as long as 2+2=4, Common Core is okay.

And another post from the Texas anti-Common Core group:

Almost all of the math instructional materials have been corupted by the Common Core/ reformist math agenda. With the adoption of Common Core by so many of the states and the fact that the states that didn’t “adopt” common core revised their standards to be virtually identical, all of the publishers changed to include reform math. Even Saxon Math books printed today will have elements of Common Core. If you are looking for resources that are not Common Core, I suggest Saxon Math printed in 2004 or earlier.

And yet another comment from said group:

I don’t buy the solution of privatized charters this is yet another scam. If the energy were spent repealing ESSA and instituting true academics for ALL children then we would at least be on the correct path. Charters as well as commie community- based schools were pushed by Arne Duncan as well as expanding charters. The charters I am seeing are in relationships with already existing public schools (SKY program) and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation throwing money around to grow more of them. In the end the goals are to CONTROL CURRICULUM, ELIMINATE REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY (dispense with local school boards) and cash in on the education spending. There will be little difference between public/charters by the time they are done. The question is how many people will fall for the School Choice ruse to entrap homeschool/private families who think the government is going to drop 5-8K into an ESA to help them out on education WITHOUT STRINGS ATTACHED. The private schools will be subject to the regs thus eliminating their reason for being. They will still serve up the same prison food. What a total waste of time.

And another post:

Here is some law that very few know about but believe me the progressives know about it.

THE INTERAGENCY DAY CARE STANDARDS: “Any agency, public or private which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract….or by way of a voucher plan must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for the public schools. Acceptance of federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

So do you still think Charters/Vouchers/ESAs are about CHOICE. They are about no choice and no voice. WAKE THE HECK UP because I am getting tired of telling this to people that refuse to listen. It is time for parents to take control and that means finding ways to get your kids out of the system. Time to STARVE THE BEAST. Take a penny of state or federal money and no matter what lies tbey tell you your kids will be in the system and they ALL will be trained up in whatever way the government sees fit and you will have power to change it. Sorry but that is our reality at this point.

Now the state of Ohio is going after a homeschooling parent on bogus charges.  Luckily, she is fighting back:

Students at Kellogg Community College in Michigan were arrested for handing out copies of the Constitution:

I found this post in the Choose to Refuse Common Core group.  It’s about Education Savings Accounts (ESAs):

And this is from Karen Braun … follow her on facebook. She and Tami Carlone are common core gurus in Michigan. Her insight and efforts are most appreciated. From Karen:

Let the ESA (Education Savings Accounts) debate begin in Michigan. Senator Patrick Colbeck has written an op/ed in support of ESA when they are funded by BUSINESS and/or the tax-payer and our children are the commodity that business is buying. This is straight from the DeVos playbook And you all thought I was a chicken little or kidding about the public/private partnerships for workforce development, didn’t you? Read it and weep.

“Where does the money come from if it is not from taxes? Businesses. No we are not talking about shaking down businesses for higher fees or taxes. In a free market, a customer is willing to give up their hard-earned money in exchange for something they find of equal value.

So, what are businesses looking for that could help raise $3,000 per pupil? Good employees and good information.

Regarding good employees, businesses are eager to fill job openings in Michigan’s growing economy. Many are already willing to invest $7,000 per year per pupil in student-specific accounts called Education Savings Accounts (ESA) for 9th thru 12th grade students who are willing to work part-time during school year for as few as 5 days a month. Businesses get much needed help. Students get much needed work experience – work experience that can help bring valuable focus to their future studies and sharpen their resumes for future jobs.”

Is Senator Colbeck aware that most 9th and 10th graders are not old enough to work in the workplace? For most jobs, a student has to be sixteen.

In a “free market” the worker is PAID directly for the JOB they apply to do. And if they choose to they can spend it or save it on whatever THEY decide. The idea that we would “allow” a student to work for a business that would deposit money for their future is NOT free market. Pay a student for the work that they do and let them really learn how the free market works. The business is not a “customer” of our children, their information, or their labor.

Oh and the information that the businesses collect is no big deal because the student “volunteered.”

Oh what a tangled web we weave when government attempts to “help” the free market work.

There’s so much more to this but I’ll stop there.

I have decided that I will show some screenshots from the Maine Sexuality Standards that I posted above.  This stuff was recommended for 4th-6th grade with 5th grade as “ideal”:

Here are some comments from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group about what the “charming” Common Core does to children:

It makes children a nervous wreck,dont understand this stupid way of getting a simple question answered….

My daughter last year would yell, “I’m stupid, stupid, stupid! Then in April she started running away from my wife and would NOT get on the bus, this continued until the end of school. I despise CC and ALL of thise involved in the creation of this bs!

Spoke with my son last night and we were talking about his job. He told me that the hire-fire rate is huge and that he fires probably six people a month. They do not understand work, the responsibilities, the entire concept. They have very little vocabulary comprehension and when they try to dumb down and explanation they still do not understand. He is one boss that is very frustrated.
I have been to so many school board meetings that when I walk in they just start rolling their eyes. I keep telling my 4th grade grand daughter we are going to get rid of common core. The administrators of our school district are swimming naked in obama’s koolade, but this being a small town where everyone knows everyone else and where they live there are some things in common core they are not teaching. We would not put up with it.
 This is happening to my daughter as well . She comes home daily upset , she has anxiety , she is stressed out because of common core BS !! She’s only 8!!! I try and help her with her homework and it’s ridiculous.. a lot of the work she brings home is way above a third grade level . I can’t stand the way our kids are being taught . Horrible . I can’t wait until common core is destroyed. 😡😡😡

I go through this son almost every day he has a breakdown I hate it.


Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

After an email to the Principal……my 7th grader doesn’t have to watch CNN Student News in Class anymore. It’s been changed to CNN 10 now. He has to find an alternate news source to write about in class on the subject of the day. No other Parents complained….their kids are still held Hostage…..a Captive Audience…..watching CNN 10… School.

 Texas Christian University, again in trouble on here, has made students in one of its courses HAVE to go to a mosque:


Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:
Hi, I need some help. My son’s class is teaching islam now. They are being told that muhammad was a honest businessman who married a 50 year old woman. They are telling the students that muhammad went into a cave to meditate on life and that is when Gabriel and gave him the word of allah. They are saying that for the 1st time ever, with islam, women had rights, could own their own businesses, etc…
Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

This was my 4th grade son’s homework tonight, he had to fill in the blanks with these. Was a fun night of homework…not.


Common Core 1st grade math:


Looks like Mooch’s school lunch program is going away:

And here are the replies from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group to the story:

My daughter pack her lunch everyday! She hates it, first time she had lunch at school. Never again she said!

Kids were going without rather than eat her terrible lunches.Thats her “Legacy”

I used to pay for my kids school lunch until they told me the food was disgusting. Now I just prepare their food to take with them.

The lunch ladies at my sons school said lots of food went to waste when this program started.

JUNK LUNCH you mean ? They were throwing that crap away my grandkids would tell me ..sent pics so I could see what they had to eat …yuk ..let her eat that junk !!!

I’ had to chaperone lunch at my kids school, and I watched kids just sit and stare at the lunch…as if it was alive still….most of the kids just tossed it in the trash! I watched as lunch ladies opened large cans of greenbeans, pour them in the stem table and start shoveling it on the kids trays…not even hot, and not a single seasoning what-so-ever! I decided that very day…I would pack my babies lunch from home….that was 3 years ago!

I have cleaned in schools and when the food is good there are very little scraps in the trash cans. When it is horrible the cans will be full of the food untouched! The last elementary school I worked at the 2 trash cans in the cafeteria were very heavy every day.

I’ve SEEN those “lunches” first hand- BLOW IT UP!!!!! Thank GOD she’s not around to tell us all how to eat anymore!!!!

Amen. My son said he will never eat in the school cafe bc the food is disgusting.

My son is in 2nd grade. He will only eat school lunch on Fridays (pizza day! LOL) His school offers a small salad bar but I doubt many kids are eating it…

They even put charts up of what is acceptable to take and what isn’t if you do not buy ala carte

Heads up from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

SB0078 is a terrible bill, because it is a philosophical litmus test for teachers. To get or keep a job teaching it will require them to be purists in the constructivist pedagogy that the colleges of education are trying to force on all teachers and schools. It is what gave us “New Math or Investigations Math.” It gave us “Whole Language,” no or little phonics, grammar, and bad spelling. Discovery everything.
Common Core is already doing some of this with the assessments, which are written, not to test kids, but to make sure teachers are teaching with this false philosophy. This bill will force all teachers to be constructivists or not be hired. It is a bill promoted by the colleges of education purists. It needs to be killed!

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

I am in PA. My child stepped on and broke my laptop about 2? years ago. I never replaced it. I am a single mom. And my phone gives me what internet I need. I received a note from his teacher today. Kindergarten! Stating I am behind in his reading eggs program. It’s a website they use in school. I don’t have a computer. As far as I know it is not required. But I am being shamed and my son has been scolded for it. He reads at least 6 books a night. More than most kids I guarantee. He isn’t behind in any way shape or form. Why do I need to buy a computer to do reading eggs when he reads real books? Is the school going to pay for it? If not I say bugger off.

And here are some replies to said post:

This is how they track you and the work you’re doing at home. But they’re not seeing him playing outside after school and having actual interactions.

My daughter did reading eggs at her online pubkic school. She hated it. All it is,is a bunch if clicking with the mouse to learn letters and sounds. They have book on there to read but i guarantee wht books you have at home are way better. Her had otso tired of clicking i was affraid she would get carpel tunnel at a young age. No joke. Told the school no more.

What I really HATE about schools are when they have a reading assignment,they force you to read what is on THEIR list,due primarily to the fact that is what the teacher read in college so they know what to read in a book report,why don’t they let kids read age appropiate books and get off their butts and read the same book then kids will read more instead of curriculum books where they will forget what they.learned after completing the assignment.

IMO: the teachers are pushing the teaching part of their job on the parent. they are relying on computers and tablets far too much. I worked as a custodian at an elementary school and tablets are given to first graders for their lessons.

In PA there was a law on the books..if your child was adhd or in anyway disABLED.. And needed anything to keep up. The school had to provide it My child was mainstreamed and they did not have enough books for her and another student. My husband took the law to a school board meeting and stated either all the children have books or you take the books and none of the children have books. They found books. The school cannot demand that you have a laptop at home unless you provide it. If they in anyway chastise your is DISICRIMINATION..and subject to a lawsuit.
I would suggest you remind the school if that. This is unnecessary.
You can also remind the school that books increase arrention spas..computers do not.

God I hate public ed right now. Do NOT allow this teacher to scold your child for something he/she has no control over. I would be having a very frank conversation with that teacher. Also, they can’t make you buy a new computer, that’s another conversation I’d be having with your school. This is bullshit.

I agree with the other posters. Draft a handwritten letter to the school board that your child is NOT to be bullied- any concerns go directly to you. Also, you are refusing this program for your child based on 1 you limit his screen time 2 he reads real books 3 you object to the datamining 4 they are placing undue hardship on you.

I have gone to the school and the school board and shamed them both for this kind of stuff, hold your head up , never let them see you uncomfortable ,take a deep breath and let them have it, because you are not the only one to not have a comp. and or the Internet and you shouldn’t have to. It is the schools reasponability to make sure they meet your child’s learning needs if that means printing off the papers. I told them if they could not do their jobs then it was time for parents to start looking at other options such as charter schools, home schooling, private schools, and fighting for the money to follow the student, when you start talking them losing the money they really start paying attention and remind them you are not only speaking for your child but every child that does not, can not or just have a parent that don’t care about having a comp. and the Internet.

A Clark County, Nevada school district is considering declaring itself a sanctuary district:

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

From Jaime Youngblood Campbell
The following was taken from Mary Kay Bacallao in GA. She is a dedicated person to ridding the system of CC and gaining local control back. She actually ran for state school superintendent. I agree with her assessment:
ESSA is the new federal education law. It cemented common core and now the central aim is to have digital report cards on all students with common assessments to be submitted to congress. The charter schools are accountable only to the Feds because that is the only entity to which schools are accountable under the new law. States are middle managers or the Feds can go directly to the LEA or school and by-pass the state. Private schools are also included in the bill and will be under the same data collection and assessment system if they take any government money. All state, local and federal money will be consolidated. DeVos cannot and will not shut it down. She will implement the next step which is to eliminate locally elected education oversight and bring private schools into the system through the use of “vouchers”.
This statement is reinforced to me by looking at the new appointments for the DOE office. Each of them have played a massive part and profited greatly off the backs of our children. I am concerned.

Want to learn how to identity how to identity microaggressions and privilege?  Ohio State is offering a course on that:

Here  is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

From a friend of mine in Maryland:
Last night I had the shock of my life..while playing cards with my grandson Matt who is a senior he said..”Nana I need some help on an English assignment..I said okay..he said here are the two topics I have to choose from..1. Give the reasons why we should kill all people over the age of 62..2. Why is it a good idea to eat babies.? I said this is a joke right…he said no it is not a joke it is a English assignment. I just said tell that b===h she is crazy. This is not his assignment but the assignment of a friend. I told him I could understand the need to get kids to think outside the box but once you think of it and then put it in writing it is kind of ingrained in your mind. I reminded him of my little mental experiment on the color pink for breast cancer that I did last year..once I spent the day being offended I am now truly offended by the color pink which before I really liked. before I decided to become offended by it…What the hell is going on in our school system. Now if any of my friends are sick enough to come up with an answer to these two questions or creative enough I would love to hear it..I can come up with reasons why you would kill the elderly but since I now fall into that catagory I would prefer to keep those reasons to myself..but eat babies..really.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Due to common core and many other failures of our education system, I am leaving public education as a teacher. I gave ten years and things are getting worse.

And here are some replies to said post:

I really wanted to hear that there was a bright light….my daughter so wants to go back public

Unfortunately no, things are worse, we are being forced to present information that is more-so nationalizing our children. We are also forced to adhere to forced passing rates that reward children for mediocre or no work at all. I have a 4 year old and 2 year old and will not allow them to enter a public school system that will sexualize them and force them to be low productive citizens with nationalized morals.

a friend was complaining that her straight A child didn’t know a basic unit of measure, that was a heads up right there. What is she getting those grades for if she’s not LEARNING anything!! thank you for the info

I left last summer. I miss it but know if I go back, it won’t be worth it.

too bad more teachers don’t feel that way. God bless you for sticking up for our children

I’m sure plenty do but they need a job.

I left after 11 years. I miss teaching and having a classroom. I surely do NOT miss the admins not having my back, the biased and untruthful curriculum, the consultants that make Big Buck$ by pushing yet another “Better Way To Teach” that every single teacher has to follow to the letter – or else, or the kids who have no respect nor self-discipline.

I always wanted to be a teacher but wont because of common core. I wanted to change kids lives and be the safe one for kids to come to. Not give tests and teach to the test. Thats not teaching. 😦 sry to hear that you are leaving but i understand.

I pulled mine from public 4 years ago when common core rolled out. We homeschool and haven’t looked back! Homeschooling has grown 61% in the last ten years alone. It says a lot about the failing govt schools.

We removed our kids from public schools in the Atlanta area because of the very poor education they were receiving. It was a constant battle against liberal ideals and socially unacceptable practices with the teachers and principles!

We also removed them because of the class of children who obviously lack home training. The mouths on some of these kids was unbelievable.

My wife has a masters degree in education. She teaches Pre-K during the week, and HS math on the weekends.

We put her degrees to good use as we homeschool our kids together. They are flourishing!

My straight A 6th grader can’t write a proper sentence or paragraph .. but he has straight A’s .. 🤔

That’s just incredible! I’m so sorry! I hound my kids during school times. I tell them that if they can’t compose a proper sentence or paragraph, and spell it properly, no one will ever take them seriously! What a shame ! What I’ve always said… The government is a poor steward of the people’s money, and an even poorer steward the the people’s minds!

He went to a private school until this year .. his father and I had no idea until I started checking his homework and had a heart attack !! His teacher assures me this is normal !

I was going to be a teacher back in 2000 but saw how it wasn’t a secure career anymore with layoffs and such. I decided against it. I’m glad I did. Because I would have quit by now and burned out due to fighting the admin so hard and losing. So glad I’m not a teacher.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

Look what the Public School System of “Conservative” Anne Arundel County, Maryland sent to parents (in English & Spanish):
January 30, 2017
To Our Students, Parents, Guardians, and Employees:
Emotions have run high across our nation in recent days in the wake of changes to federal immigration policy.
Regardless of one’s personal beliefs on the issue, the order and reaction to it has the potential to impact the more than
81,000 students we are charged with educating every day, especially those who are immigrants or the children of
To that end, let us be clear: It is our moral, ethical, and legal obligation to embrace, encourage, and support all of the
children in our care. In our quest to Elevate All Students and Eliminate All Gaps, “all” must mean “all.” There can be
no exceptions.
Our schools should be places that are immune to and insulated from the political conversation of the day. They must
be buildings where staff and students unite in the common, undistracted mission of education. We should certainly
undertake, where instructionally appropriate, discussions and conversations that enhance understanding of the
workings of government. However, those discussions must never be allowed to adversely impact the safety of our
students or detract from the instructional purposes for which our educational system has been established.
Our students must know that bias-motivated behavior of any kind against any other student – no matter the reason for
it and no matter whether it was meant in a joking manner – will not be tolerated. Anyone who witnesses or is subject
to such behavior – be it on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other factor
– should report it to a responsible adult immediately. Reports can also be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week to
the Student Safety Hotline at 877-676-9854.
Our parents and guardians must join us in reinforcing that message, along with an appreciation for diverse views and
backgrounds, to their children. Our employees must understand that personal beliefs can never – ever – find their way
into an instructional lesson. We have a mission to educate every single child in our care, and we must carry out that
mission without distraction.
Our children travel a variety of different paths on their way to our schoolhouse doors. Once they walk through those
doorways, however, they should bear just one label: student. We owe it to every one of them to provide equitable
supports that help them realize their full potential.
Every child and every employee offers something unique to our school system. We create diversity by our very
existence and presence in our schools. It is only by working together that we can use that diversity as a source of
strength that builds us up, not weakness that tears us down. We thank you for the part you play in that effort.
Stacy Korbelak, President, Board of Education & George Arlotto, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools

Here is a frightening post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:



And here are some replies to said post:

They sent home at letter like this once with oldest son but it was for vision. It said they gave him a vision test, that he failed and we were recommended to seek an eye doctor immediately. The geniuses took his glasses off then gave him a vision test. We sent back note saying he already regularly sees an eye doctor that they should maybe note he already has glasses for vision correction. The school called CPS told them we were denying my son healthcare.

Three of my daughters went to schools in charlton…the youngest daughter who is now 30 had her medical rights violated I can say the control started 30 yrs ago and now with a 8yr. Old granddaughter in this system that is much worse is going through mental abuse and medical abuse My granddaughter is sick to her stomach and a nervous wreck. And so are her parents that are having to deal with this Control from her school!,, The teachers are rude, controlling bullies!,,

I got a letter for my daughter that she failed her sight screening. I had just had her to the eye doctor 2 months prior but I thought well maybe something changed. NO it didn’t and I got to pay another $100 to tell me the school was wrong and they usually are because they don’t have proper equipment or lighting. when I was checking out they told me that they need the paper to send back to the school to prove that I brought her in. I said are you serious…this is my child and no one controls me or my child. I went back to the school and gave them a waiver that they where not to exam my child ever again…ugh No wonder more people are home schooling.

Don’t feel too bad, a child in Baltimore came home with 3 teeth pulled due to one of these. The mother never signed off on that and the school never contacted her for permission. The child missed the bus and had to walk home in pain!!

They are indoctrinating your children. They are letting your child know the state watches out for them. This undermines your parental rights.

That’s shady business and dirty pool if a school ASSUMES that if you DON’T send something back signed and dated, that you CONSENT to whatever. Kids of all ages are going to lose slips and sheets of paper for some reason or other–I think schools bet on this so they can get the control and information they want.

The schools don’t even bother to tell parents. My school did send home a short form saying sign here. No where on the form did it let a parent know that they could refuse. They also sent home a form for a dentist to fill out. I refused. It is not mandatory. Probably will be some day.

Exactly. The government is trying to create “Community” schools. One stop shopping. No parental control.

A kindergarten teacher won’t let boys play with Legos in the name of “gender equality”:

Hat tip to our pals at the NEA who gave us the following information:

The Every Student Succeeds Act also boosts early
education in a significant way. Preschool development
grants form the foundation of a permanent
program to improve coordination, enhance quality,
and broaden access to early education, especially
for children from low-income families. Housed
in the U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services, the program will be jointly administered
with the U.S. Department of Education.

So apparently the feds are sneaking their control over preschools and the DOE and HHS are working together to do something that I bet is totally unconstitutional.

After investigating whether the “medical annoyances” of above were tied to the ESSA, as I had heard of some program called the Full Service Community School Act that was proposed in 2015 and was said to amend the ESSA.  This bill appeared to die in the Senate.  However, I feared, given the closeness in proximity to the “Christmas Miracle” that was the ESSA nightmare, that it was just shoved into the ESSA itself.  And I was RIGHT:

Apparently, there are two groups, Coalition for Community Schools and the Institute for Educational Leadership (IEL)  that are involved in this too.

A teacher was fired  for displaying a Confederate flag while teaching about the Civil War:

I found this on the site of Coalition for Community Schools partner, National School Climate Center.  It’s SEL for middle schoolers:

Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group:

Why is our Texas Legislature pushing School Choice? Do you really believe that outside lobbying groups are concerned that inner city schools are successful? No, they are not.There is a greater plan in motion here with no concern for our children. The government wants access and control over all children rather public, private or home schooled. The earlier the better for them. They call it the “Cradle to Grave”, google it.
Lt Gov Dan Patrick, Gov Abbott and other Texas legislators are funded greatly by lobbying groups that are pushing School Choice agenda. Dan Patrick and Abbott know what they are doing. Do I think all our reps know what they are doing? No I do not. It is up to us to let them know by calling their phones and writing and emailing them.
If they still choose to go down this path we will work to have them voted out for not protecting our children.

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

This is a worksheet for 5th grade in TN. This is indoctrination at its finest. There are no positive sentences about police. And it portrays them as dumb and bad and I have no idea WHY 5th graders in rural TN need to be exposed to any kind of shooter scenario.


Rochester City School District in New York has said  February 17th will be” Black Lives Matter at School: A Day of Understanding & Affirmation.”:

Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:

My friend has her daughter in distance learning at canyon grove. They are doing benchmark testing and told her she is not allowed to opt out. Is that true? I thought you could opt out of any state testing.

And here are some replies to said post:

In the state of Utah you can opt out. Some schools have you sign agreements that the students all test in order to stay enrolled at the school.

We just found out the hard way that you can’t opt out because the USOE has notified the districts to not use the SAGE portal anymore and to select their own systems. Granite is using School City for their benchmark test platform. Since it is not on a State system or the SAGE portal, it no longer fits under the Opt Out law and they can now use it on the student’s grades.

They have figured out a loop hole in the law and they are obviously one step ahead of parents. It’s infuriating!

That is awful! They could still refuse to answer questions.

yes… you can even still opt them out of the test. But it now counts as part of their grade. So… if I had a kid in elementary or Jr High, I would still opt out. At the high school level it’s, unfortunately, not an option if they don’t want to hose their grade. 😕

I think this is what is happening. They told her it wasn’t a state test, but just a school test, but also said it was a hoop they had to jump through to get funding. Her daughter took it online so she could see it, and she mentioned how confusing and poorly worded the questions were, even to her and her husband. The school assured them when they signed up for this program that they use zero common core…

Common Core is essentially mandated at this time through all of the state standards per grade. Sadly publically funded schools are not exempt from Common Core. Charters are included in this as they are publically funded. I would be asking some more questions of the school

Agreed. Sounds like a Sales pitch to me. They can’t legally not teach the state standards and not administer the annual state test (SAGE except in 11th grade this year and then ACT Aspire–NOT the real ACT–in 9-10 next year. )

I know they are doing sage later, which she can opt out of. But I am annoyed that they assure parents their kids won’t be doing common core. I have a lot of homeschool friends who put their kids in this program 1.5 days a week. I’m glad I didn’t.

Utah state law recognizes parents is responsible for their kids’ education and schools as secondary. Although some schools will ask you to sign something saying you will not opt out, they cannot violate state law.

Sadly though they can make it so your child cannot attend if you don’t agree to their terms. It’s one of those do what they want and ask for forgiveness later especially with charter schools. I’ve tried taking to the State but they say they have no oversight, can only suggest changes (if they even offer this option) and that families have to work directly with the school to resolve which is a dead end

Yup… but in my case, they have no problem allowing me to exercise my parental right to opt out of their new District testing system, but they still have the right to hurt my daughter’s grade because of it; and therefore, risk problems getting into college. It’s such a catch 22.

State law passed last year says they CANNOT hurt your kids grade for opting out.

it may come down to verbage. They can’t hurt your kids grades for opting out of “state testing” but I don’t think the law includes “school testing” so they can use the premise of “school testing” even though the results may be sent to the state and work around the law. As far as sales pitch – I’m not surprised.

but only on SAGE or state test taking platform or a state mandated test. Formative/benchmarks are not mandated and Granite has gone to a non-state system based on USOE’s direction. The assessment director in Granite said all districts were told to get off of the SAGE platform.

Here is another message from the Utah anti-Common Core group:

HB 215 which would introduce comprehensive sexuality education into Utah schools will be decided upon soon. Now would be a good time to pass this cool meme around to help people know it isn’t a good bill. Oppose HB 215.

In Chesterfield, Missouri, a student was attacked for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.  Because he fought back, he got suspended too.   This is messed up:

Ohio State University is at it again, this time with a pro-Islam course that mentions Islam in America:

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Think this is appropriate for second grade? My son had to write about what side he chooses.


Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

I refused this TRANSGENDER assignment for my son. My son got all of the Transgender questions, wrong. 😉

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Thank you for the add!! I am so over this common core junk, I am sure you know! Just last week my daughter told me a couple teachers said that I wasn’t allowed to help her with her homework because of being taught differently. It frustrates me to the core that I can’t help her because even if we get the answer right, they will still mark it wrong because it wasn’t done the common core way! This curriculum is just dumbing our kids down so darn bad. I pray every day that President Trump does away with it, and soon!

I found a Massachusetts SEL document, which also has information on SEL in other states too:

Here is a post from a pro-homeschooling FB group:

I’m just one more “issue” away from pulling my son. I have a meeting with the asst principal tomorrow because my 6yo fakes sick and doesn’t want to go to school because he’s scared of this boy hurting him again. This kid picks on a bunch of kids and had so many parent complaints on him. I can’t switch my kids classroom BC it’s the only English speaking class at that school for kindergarten.

Like the AARP?  Did you know that they are making pro-Common Core lesson plans:

And yes, the AARP Experience Corps is Common Core aligned and AARP knows it: and thinks Common Core is good:

Also, AARP is a corporate sponsor of the pro-Common Core National Urban League:

Feeling gender confused and need help?  Virginia Commonwealth University has a flow chart to help you (And it’s not the ole “Check in your pants!” one either.):

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Question. My daughter is a senior in public school. She was homeschooled during one year of highschool. We went through a groups that basically is considered a tutor during that year. We pulled her grades from that year and incorporated them into a transcript to re-enter public school. The PS is now telling her that since it is a “homemade” transcript, the grades during that time do not count towards her accumulated GPA??????? Anybody ever heard of this. So angry right now.

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

This past school year, it was voted that Common Core was to be done away with in my state (West Virginia) and then the governor vetoed it, saying that our children “need” that quality education. 😦 Do any of you have such moronic government where you live?

And here are some replies to said post:

TN government told its citizens that it was doing away with it but just renamed it TNReady- so beware of that too.

It’s pretty much the same everywhere – even a conservative state like Utah. People don’t really know what is at its core and disregard it or don’t do their research to see how far reaching it is. And as far as school boards- all they pay attention to is their federal dollars being threatened.

Oh please, I live in MA…the best rated standards in the country pre-common core and they still signed up for this joke; for the money of course…160,000 signatures against it and still they were able to bring a lawsuit to stop our ballot question. Ya know, after we stood out for hours upon hours getting signatures. I feel your pain…

Unfortunately New York h as Cuomo- a peddle pusher for common core abuse!

Yep ….. the “National Governors Association” .. OWNS .. the copyright to Common Core/College and Career Ready Standards. Do you think our Governors are going to give up those royalties easily?

Yeah, in Washington where I live now Transgenderism is a class for five-year-olds and Jay Inslee is suing Trump over the travel ban. I think governors are braindead sycophantic @$$h073$ everywhere.

I live in California what do you think. It’s a illegal, muslim ,communist loving state. We have a liberal moron for the head of our state.

Yes here in NY where Governor Cuomo made up a law that if student scores don’t increase by 2 on 1- 4 scale two yrs in a row on the ELA test the teacher gets terminated.

Yes, but the common core math crap and other common core learning nonsense is NOT a quality education. It is in fact turn our kids’ brains into mush. I am having a great deal of trouble trying to reteach and retrain my son’s brain to where he can do basic simple math so he can pass his ASVAB. This is often difficult and trying for my stress and frequent migraines.

This stuff teaches kinds to memorize stuff not learn it. Imho. With want I’ve seen with my nephew and helping him with homework. He says this is how we are taught. Do you know why. No. Just do it this way. I feel there is no learning

Texas said it would not have common core and it sounded good but when you see the work it was common core. Im sure they threatened taking funding away so they caved

AZ has re-branded common core….twice! :0

Ugh, West Virginia has a bad history of education overreach. They treat home schoolers with down right hostility.

Yes, in MI we sure do. Our gov is a lying piece of crap. And oh boy, we have Betsie DeVos!

Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Parents are being depicted to our children as old and outdated (traditionalists). Just found this in my son’s binder. Merrick Avenue Middle School.

Here is a post from an Ohio anti-Common Core group:

ACTION ALERT……..OHIO: The State Board is voting this month on adopting the “revised” content standards. If you’ve been following public education in Ohio, you will know Ohio renamed the Common Core Standards to the Ohio Learning Standards, but they are EXACTLY THE SAME THING. As the standards themselves are copyrighted and intricately tied to the AIR testing, there will be no substantive revision to any of the standards. If you are against the testing and/or against the standards, will you take a couple minutes and send an email to the full board and urge them to vote “No”? Those of us who oppose Common Core in our public schools need to continue to make sure our elected leaders hear our voices.
Subject: February Board Meeting
Members of the Board,
It has come to my attention the Board will be voting to adopt the academic content standards on mathematics and ELA at the February board meeting. I urge the Board to cast a “No” vote. The Ohio Learning Standards is a renaming of the Common Core State Standards. These standards are copyrighted and therefore, cannot be changed. If you, as a board member, are not in support of the Common Core State Standards and corresponding AIR testing, then you must vote “No” for the adoption of the content standards. No material changes have been made. Please do not show support for the Common Core State Standards.
Thank you for serving on the Ohio State Board of Education.

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

If anyone lives in NC and is familiar with any laws pertaining to the teaching of Islam/other religions in school, please message me with links to that information. My young son was given a detailed assignment on Islam today and after his request for another artical to complete his assignment on, his teacher refused. If it was an assignment based on demographics and different parts of the world concerning several religions rather than going into the details of one specific religion I would be okay with it. This, however, is not ok.

It appears that HR. 610 is giving out federal funds to home schoolers.   The HSLDA is worried about this for the same reason I am: that it will mean that the federal funds will end up, over time, subjecting those who take it to more federal oversight:


Looks like a crooked New York CPS has taken the children of a homeschooling family:

Duke University is training students in anti-Trump activism:

Here are some comments from someone on the Patriot Journalist Network:

I know. Marissa was ‘encouraged’ to walk out. She declined No one has bothered her about it. So I give UNM credit for that. But she said she’s surrounded by SJW’s.
I told her on ‘political’ statements she wants to make do it anymously for her own protection.
Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:
 My ADHD son , Michael came home with a report saying he is NEAR proficient on reading informational text and writing, BELOW proficient on reading literary text, and FAILED English language arts. All his report cards give him an average grade in all reading categories. I am both disappointed and upset by this. When I asked him what language arts was, he said he didn’t know! He said most of his class had about the same results. I feel our education system is failing our children. We read with him almost nightly. Anyone have any ideas on what types of chapter books a 9 year old boy would find interesting? ? I am concerned, if he doesn’t do better the next time, he may not pass to 4th grade. In OHIO, they HAVE to pass the 3rd Grade reading test or they can’t move on.
Liberal superintendents are firing Trump-supporting teachers:
Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:
AIR Testing is in Ohio still, be warned.
Here is another post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

from Stop Common Core in Oakland County, MI
This is long but worth the read. Especially for the newbies and for those wanting a refresher…

I encourage you to investigate the “bigger picture” on how our children are seen and treated as experimental human capital in the education to workforce pipeline.

Educational standards drive the curriculum. Educational standards also drive state and federal accountability for the student, teacher, school, and school district through standardized testing and the collection of data. Curriculum, textbook and handouts, is the go between of the standards and tests.

The adoption and implementation of Common Core State Standards in the state of Michigan is one for the record books, literally. The final version of the Common Core State Standards was publicly released June 02, 2010. Then Michigan’s State Board of Education immediately adopted the standards on June 15, 2010. There was little, if any, time for adequate public review or comments let alone time to review the entire K-12 framework. Not only was the adoption of Common Core a slam dunk so was the creation of Common Core. The National Governors Association and Council of Chief State School Officers put the entire K-12 framework together in approximately one year. That means the Common Core State Standards lacks validity and reliability and have never been proven or “benchmarked” to be superior by any means from what we have had before this boondoggle. There is nothing available that demonstrates Common Core educates children, nothing. You only need to look at the past two years of the dismal M-STEP results to see for yourself…/Spring_2016_M-STEP_and_MME_Statew… In other words, our school children have been guinea pigs in a colossal educational experiment spanning several states driven by bad standards, testing mania, and data collection in order to create a future workforce, not to educate.

Parents and grassroots fought the adoption but the Michigan Legislature approved Common Core in 2013 despite the contentious debate on the House floor. All districts are now at full implementation. The dirty little secret is that the Common Core State Standards, CC for short, were developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and by the National Governors Association (NGA) despite the “rebranding” of the name to Michigan Educational Standards due to the toxicity of the brand name of Common Core. Both CCSSO and NGA are lobbying organizations. The standards are not state owned nor can they be changed if there’s a problem or deficiency. You may be asking, why? WHY can they NOT be changed? They cannot be changed because the standards are copyrighted property owned by CCSSO and the NGA. The CC standards are a key component in the testing madness since it demonstrates mastery of the content.

In kindergarten children were being manipulated by an extremely subjective assessment called the KEA (Kindergarten Entry Assessment)…/0,4615,7-140-22709_65339—,… within the first 60 days of the start of the school year. This assessment was being administered by teachers who do not hold a license or any type of credentials in psychology in order give an invalid assessment of subjective childhood behaviors. The KEA assessment has been discontinued as of Fall 2016 school year. The KEA has now MORPHED into a more academic standardized test for K-2 twice a year, once in the fall for 1st and 2nd graders then again in the spring for K, 1st, and 2nd graders.…/mde/Spotlight_2-18-16_515072_7.pdf and…/state-superintendent-student-ass… The results of this assessment are then forwarded to Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) which is the gatekeeper at the state level for ALL student data,4546,7-113-21423—,00.html which in turn is entered into the Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS),4546,7-113-56472—,00.html

From there, children in 3rd through 8th grade are expected to take the M-STEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Performance) to supposedly measure their academic growth. However, this test was created by AIRS and SBAC which are workforce/psychological research testing companies. The M-STEP test may not necessarily be academic in nature since parents and educators are not allowed to view the test for questionable and inappropriate questions. Since the implementation of ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015) the state is now required to test children based on their Social, Emotional Learning (SEL) which consists of at least one additional “nonacademic” indicator of school quality and/or student success. This opens Pandora’s Box for testing of children’s “grit,” “rigor,” moral and belief systems, political affiliations, religious affiliations, etc. Again, each time this test is administered it is then entered into the SLDS by a non-governmental organization, CEPI, and is interoperable and accessed by the federal government

Come 3rd grade, children are under immense pressure to perform well on the M-STEP since the passage of HB 4822 Third Grade Reading Retention Bill which was signed into law October 2016 This bill virtually eliminates parents from the decision making process of whether to promote their child to the next grade or the child is retained in 3rd grade. This decision is made at the district level. Not the teacher, not the parent, but by the superintendent who more than likely never meet the struggling 3rd grader during their short stint at the local elementary school. I do want to remind you of PA 451 of 1976, 380.10 Rights of Parents and Legal Guardians, Duties of Public Schools The PARENT is the one who directs their child’s education. However, the Michigan Department of Education believes that parents are in a “partnership” relationship with the State as it pertains to the student’s educational needs…/parental_rights_122553_7.pdf

In the 7th grade, Michigan’s school districts are mandated to have children develop an Educational Development Plan (EDP) and maintain it throughout each academic year until high school completion…/MDE_EDP_10-2-09_296459_7.pdf It is encouraged by the school and state for the child to continue to use their EDP throughout their college and career. The EDP asks questions that were originally designed by Human Resource personnel and Industrial & Organizational Psychologists for adults to focus on their strengths and goals for re-entry into the workforce or to change careers. It was NOT developed for minor children to assist with their career choices or goals.

Then in 11th grade, our teenagers are expected to take a gruesome trifecta of tests called the Michigan Merit Exam…/0,4615,7-140-22709_35150—,… This consists of the M-STEP, ACT Workkeys, and the SAT taken back-to-back during spring testing season. It does not count towards their cumulative grade. It does not hold them back from graduation if they fail. Non-compliance and test refusal of the MME mandate may result in the loss of the student’s diploma and the loss of the culmination of 12 years worth of hard work for the opportunity to walk across the stage during the graduation ceremony. To make matter worse, Gov. Snyder has authorized private companies’ access to the ACT Workkeys test results through his Work Ready Communities Initiative. This program encourages employers to use the ACT Workkeys test results as an employability factor.…/michigan-work-ready-initiative-…/ Is it fair or just to allow a test score by a 16 or 17 year old to determine whether they are hired or not once they enter their chosen career? If you’re so inclined, you could also view this as a form of government subsidized welfare for big business via the ACT Workkeys test and for colleges via the SAT test.

You may be asking, HOW can potential employers get these test results without parent or student permission? Aren’t educational records protected? Well, three key terms in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) were redefined in 2011 to allow virtually ANYONE with a vested interest in education access to what used to be privately held information within the local school district The three key redefinitions are 1) “Authorized Representative” 2) “Education Program” 3) “Directory Information.” This allows the state and 3rd party vendors working for the state or district to collect OVER 400 data points of entry Scary, huh? Just think, that mega giant breakfast cereal company wants to know if children who eat breakfast at 6am compared to children who don’t eat breakfast do better on standardized tests like what’s represented in this video clip

All this is required in order for the development of the P20 (PRENATAL to grave) system which organizes children into career pathways based on their strengths and weaknesses from their state assessment scores along with their responses to the mandated EDP. House Bill 4552 was brought forth in 2015 to the Workforce and Talent Development Committee for middle and high school counselors to receive additional professional development. This would have required counselors to interpret the data produced by the standardized tests to recommend which classes a child should take based on their strengths and weaknesses. Thank goodness this bill died in the Education Committee. I’m sure there’s a computer program capable and less costly which will do that for the State since education is the new gold rush of the wild west.

Once you are able to connect the dots in a timeline format, it is astounding what is revealed. Yes, this is on the fast-track to becoming a fascist approach for creating the future workforce of tomorrow by government and private businesses in a collaborative effort. If this continues, no longer will a child be free to choose their profession based on their passion. Whether it’s becoming a cashier at the local market, the next rocket scientist, or even President of the United States- those tough decisions in a P20 (PRENATAL to grave) system will be made for them based on the needs of the local economy which outweighs the aspiration and passion of the child.

I implore you to join us at in our fight to take the entire P20 (PRENATAL to grave) system of the education to workforce behemoth down. Sign up for our email blasts. Research. Come to the legislative hearings. Numbers is power. You can’t get anywhere without taking that first step, the elimination of Common Core State Standards at the legislative level with the introduction and signing of House Bill 4192 Our children deserve a superior education with PROVEN, valid, and reliable standards. Join us in our fight to save education.

I hope to see YOU at the next hearing. Until then, advocate for your child’s education- you only have one chance at their education to get it right.

 Here is a post from a Utah anti-Common Core group:
Monday’s the deadline to comment at the Federal Register. They want to data mine toddlers for SEL (social emotional learning and assessment). To me, this is theft. It’s nonconsensual, and it’s invasive, and kids are too young to protect their own data privacy! Make it short and simple, but please say something. If no one fights it, it moves forward. The same thing, by the way, is happening at the state level with SB 100. Ann Milner and Becky Edwards are running that horrible bill. If you can find it in you, please let the Utah legislature know that this is not what we citizens want– not at the federal level and not at the state level! Protect the little ones from the well-intentioned tyranny of data mining. #WellIntentionedTyranny#StopDataMining #NonconsensualDataMining #ProtectBabies #NoFedEd
Here is another post from the Utah anti-Common Core group:
What is the current or is there current data information of how many parents are still opting thier children out of Sage? I feel like not many are in my district.
And here are some replies:
Good question. Only 3 in my oldest son’s class have opted out.
I asked at the Highschool when I opted mine out and they said less than 10. I don’t know if it was accurate but that’s what they said.
Hmm, I just opt out my middle schooler last minute. I sat on it not sure if was still worth doing. But if we have opt out this far then stay the course. Unless if there is new information that could change my mind.
My brother wanted to opt his kids out but they told him his kids would up the scores fr the school and convinced him not to opt out
Bummer. They have been saying that to parents since sage testing started.
That is why wonder if more and morr parents are just giving up and surrendering to avoid the same comments year after year. I kinda was feeling that this year too, but was no I have opted out each thus far.
We do at a high school and charter in Davis county
We just moved from UT to ID. If I opt my kids out here, they don’t get a diploma at graduation….. talk about taking parents rights away!!! Don’t move to ID if you opt out and want to protect your children. I hope the percentages are high and getting higher in UT and parents realize they have power and a voice in their opting out.
 California schools are cutting meat and cheese from school lunches to “fight global warming”:

Here is a post from the leader of the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

My child came to me last night very disturbed. My autistic mainstreamed son, told me that he feels that school is pushing anal sex, the same or better than vaginal sex. My son told me that now “sexual intercourse” is defined as either , anal and vaginal sex.
That is when I remembered the 2nd grader’s sheet and new Sex Standards for 2nd graders, currently in our schools. “ANUS”??

Here are some comments from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group of the sex ed stuff that they have personally (or from a family member or friends) encountered via Common Core and public schools:

I think, as we saw with the man in NY, it was the teacher that put the questions on the worksheet.
We are also very rural here, and still involved in the classrooms.
One thing to watch for, a fresh out of college teacher every year sporting their liberal ideas. my daughter had 3 in 3 years, didn’t learn anything, just what a tramp stamp was, and other things that shouldn’t be discussed.

I heard from a father that he saw papers in his daughter’s backpack outline the semester’s agenda and in health class they are going to discuss how to put on a condom…… His daughter is in 6th grade in PA. He’s setting up a meeting immediately. I heard this last week.

About 5 years ago, a close friend, who is raising her grandson, had him ask her to go to his school as they were going to have a sex-ed class taught by a school nurse. She called the school and was allowed to sit in. The Principal, who knowing a parent would be observing, decided he’d sit with her in case of questions/problems. After the first hour, they took a break and the nurse announced that when they came back they would be discussing oral sex. These were 5th graders. Not only was my friend shocked, but the Principal stood up immediately and told the nurse that the class was over, as of right that moment. He then appoligized and my friend wondered had she not been there, how was this discussion going to go?

Wow! I’m going to have to up my dialogue with the kids! I will tell you , I was shocked that my 14 year old was able to school my husband on the “correct” terminology for the LGBT community. Did you know they now call those of us (formerly known as heterosexual / straight “cisgender”?? WTH? Why are the bedroom habits of less than 10% of the population calling the shots on our national vocabulary & why do the kids need to know this? Isn’t it confusing enough just to get through puberty without all this other noise??? God help us!

It is everywhere in parkway school district , St. Louis. Mo. It is terrible!!
By second grade, gender is male, female, neither or both and can change. Oral and Anal sex by 7 Th grade. They try to draw students away from parents and towards the community for things like health services. They use technology to keep parents unaware of what is happening in the schools.

While trying to look up Obamacare supporters, I happened to come across this article.  It was signed by Obama’s Secretary of Education and his Secretary of Health and Human Services .    From reading it, I’m wondering if those dental clinic, etc, stories mentioned earlier were not just “authorized” by the ESSA, but by Obamacare as well:

While trying to find supporters of Career Technical Education, I came across this on a California school site:

On April 28, 2016, representatives of twelve agencies of the Federal government signed a joint letter announcing that the Federal partnership regarding Career Pathways has been expanded and strengthened. The agencies represented are the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education (Career, Technical, and Adult Education; Special Education and Rehabilitative Services), Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Justice, Labor, and Transportation, and the Social Security Administration.

And I found the letter here:

So now we know that at least 12 federal departments are involved in this preschool through career “education” scheme.

Here is a post from an anti-Common Core group:

President Trump is looking at a tax credit to allow parents to send their children to private or religious schools (which by the way are private schools too so not sure why they differentiate them). But just in case you need to understand the meaning of PRIVATE school. Here goes:

Do private schools receive funding from the government?
Private schools, also known as independent schools, non-governmental, or nonstate schools, are not administered by local, state or national governments; thus, they retain the right to select their students and are funded in whole or in part by charging their students tuition, rather than relying on mandatory taxation through public (government) funding; at some private schools students may be able to get a scholarship, which makes the cost cheaper, depending on a talent the student may have (e.g. sport scholarship, art scholarship, academic scholarship), financial need, or tax credit scholarships that might be available. (Note from Karen Bracken: these scholarships are paid for by the private school not government)

And from the Interagency Day Care Act:
“The Interagency Day Care Standards,”, 1971, states that “Any agency, public or private,
which receives federal funds directly or indirectly through a grant or contract… or by way of a voucher plan” must meet all program requirements (ed) that are set down for public schools. Acceptance of Federal funds is an agreement to abide by the requirements.”

No one as of yet knows the details of this policy but always remember whatever the government funds the government runs. Whoever pays the pipe picks the tune. ESSA (which Trump and DeVos strongly support) along with this scheme will do nothing but to give parents the choice of school location but not choice in what your children will learn. Trump is being sucked into something he does not understand and those that do are taking full advantage of his lack of understanding around the history of education in America and how and why we are where we are today. Without that understanding he is being easily led down a very slippery slope. We have tried every way we know how to get a meeting with him or someone on his staff but just like they kept Reagan (who wanted to shut down the department long before it grew into the monster it is today) they are isolating Trump from the truth too. The results will be as devastating as the failure of Reagan to shut down the department when it made sense to do so. Now education policy is in just about every federal agency.

Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

My son, 15, told me today they learned about oral and anal sex today in health. We live in California and I did not sign a permission slip over this topic

And here are some replies to said post:

Distributing pornography to any minor should be against the law especially when it’s in school. This should be a lawsuit. We are finding in South Dakota that there are no consequences or penalties for teachers doing this


About 4 or 5 years ago in CA, the law changed so kids are automatically opted IN and need parent signature to opt them OUT. This is with ALL things that historically required parental permission, including all surveys, online testing, etc.


South Dakota has a codified law that addresses this. It started out in 2014 as senate bill 63 and was converted to law. I will get the codified law number for you so you can get it to a legislator for a bill you can present next year. Our law states a parent must opt in, otherwise all students are automatically opted out.


I never got an opt out list.


they are teaching it in schools as part of health and no longer ask permission. they are starting as early as kindergarden for sexual education.


My kids in MN I got a message to call if I wanted to opt out, so I called and opted out of a survey she was to take, but now my daughter is telling me she needs to get another form, that my call was not enough….. this was for a survey. I’ve seen the MN survey but I don’t know if this is same one, and my research has given me nothing. The survey I saw, was not something I was pleased with, so don’t want to chance this being the same one.


Some, I have read, are teaching of sex act between the same sexes and going into specifics.

Homosexual acts are looked upon as wrong by some families, therefore, this teaching could cause conflict.

To me, they do not need that information at such a young age. Let them be little for a while for pete’s sake!


I dont know about California but here in Wyoming they tried to sneak a paper in at the end of the year that you have to fill out and send in on the last 3 days…my husband caught a ton of garbage on those permission slips.


Wyoming brought common core in sight unseen for a large cash pay out…when i fought to have my son removed from the islamic religious assignment i was bombarded by 5 people when it was supposed to be me the principal and the teacher. They tried to tell me a bunch of different ways that the common core being taught her was designed by the state school board here. I said if that is the case why am i seeing the same assignment from people all of the country upset by the exact same assignment??? They had no words


My child came home telling me what they were teaching her about sex and privates in 1st grade!


We need LOCAL control. Even in our (SD)conservative state, and I use that word lightly, considering we have democrats running as republicans, didn’t support stopping common core or the vile surveys. The South Dakota Senate House Education committee chariman said to let Trump handle it! He took it right out of our hands! We also need to defund the federal dept of education.


My sons first public school before home school had cross dressing day. That week we started home school


I’m in NY. My step daughter learned oral, anal, vaginal, hetero/bi/lesbian/homosexual sex and some things I don’t know at 42… she is mentally younger than her 14 year old body. She was totally freaked out, and when asked directly “True or False, Condoms are the only way to prevent pregnancy and spread of disease.” She answered FALSE— and qualified it with ABSTINENCE is the only way to prevent pregnancy and disease. She was repeatedly told she was wrong!!!! She also told the teacher that a woman with a hysterectomy cannot get pregnant and the teacher told her hysterectomy was only 95% effective in preventing pregnancy.
Most importantly, at 14, this child cringed as she was forced to learn about anal sex in a mixed class…. it was a horiffic experience that MOM insisted the child sit thru… 😦


the diploma means nothing so whatever u can teach your kid will be great…they learn nothing after grade school..i took my son out in 7th grade and he went on to community college


Found this post on a New York anti-Common Core page.   Looks like a NY school district is having a race-baiting brainwashing seminar,  oops, I mean an all day teach-in on racism:

Arlington Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Brendan Lyons holds a discussion with students. Lyons will be attending the high school’s teach-in on race.
Arlington Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Brendan Lyons holds a discussion with students. Lyons will be attending the high school’s teach-in on race. Photo Credit: Contributed
LAGRANGEVILLE, N.Y. — Arlington High School is hoping to enhance students’ understanding of the issues of race and racism at a special all-day teach-in Wednesday.

“Race and Racism in America” will be discussed from 7:30 a.m. until 2:10 p.m. Speakers like Maria Hoen will discuss refugee solidarity, while Dr. Mehmet Kucukozer will talk about the sociology of race. A local imam and the school safety officer will also be talking to students.

Julia Bucklin, a teacher at Arlington, came up with the idea after talking about race in her philosophy class led to three heated days of discussion.

“There was a lot of talk and a lot of soundbites,” Bucklin said. “But not a lot of understanding.”

Bucklin had previously put on a teach-in about the War in Iraq.

“I really felt this was a similar urgent moment, particularly for young people,” Bucklin said. “This is the world in which they live and their understanding of one another is limited. It’s useful to get grownups in here to put this into context.”

After each speaker finishes their 20-25 minute talk, students will get a chance to ask questions. Bucklin said Arlington is a pretty diverse district, both racially and economically.

“We have kids who want for nothing and we have kids who are homeless,” Bucklin said.

When Bucklin tried to discuss racism in her class, she found students wanted to talk about a wide array of issues- from white privilege to black lives matter to affirmative action. She said they didn’t get very far.

“One girl started heading for the door in reaction to what someone said,” Bucklin said. “I told her to get back here, that we don’t walk away from this stuff. What is it about what this person is saying that you’re finding troubling?”

Bucklin said racism is an issue everywhere, including Arlington.

“We’ve had to explain to students why they can’t wear a belt buckle with the Confederate flag,” Bucklin said. “They say it means rebel, but no, it doesn’t just mean that. We’ve had discussions about freedom of speech and political correctness. Where is the balance there? You don’t want people to just say whatever they want, not in a public school.”

Bucklin admits that talking about race and racism is a complicated and messy issue, but she hopes kids will have a better understanding of the issue and be able to talk more openly after the discussion.

“I want them to open themselves up and be more attune of the larger dialogue that is going on,” Bucklin said. “This won’t begin and end on Wednesday, but hopefully it’s the beginning of a dialogue going forward.”


Here is a post from a Texas anti-Common Core group.  Looks like they have trouble with Leftist government propaganda in the schools there too:

Does anyone know the best way to go about addressing the curriculum re: Scholastic? These magazines my 5th grader must answer questions seem very inappropriate. First pushing the protesting of pipeline. Then inauguration issue spent half article focused on “woman’s march”. Pictured with pussy hats. Questions on protests and demonstrations. This theme seems to be a very large focus of their materials.


I found this post in a Utah anti-Common Core group.  It was in reply to someone asking what to do since their daughter wanted to opt out of the SAGE testing:

if your daughter is an 11th grader, and you havent opted her out before, then she has probably taken the SAGE test the past 3 years? She’s probably familiar with how it works, how it makes her feel, and whether or not she thinks or finds this is a worthwhile endeavor .If I’ve learned anything raising my 5 children, 3 of which are now adults, it is to listen to them, and my gut instinct. Look up and check out how they pride themselves on tracking and working in “behavioral science” . What’s a behavioral science tracking company doing creating, administering and tracking what is supposed to be an “academic test”? The answer is as scary as it sounds. They are collecting more than whether or not Johnny and Susie can do Algebra and read and write. When the SAGE test first came out, my son’s 9th grade teacher gave me the link to the SAGE portal and I went in to look at example questions in the ELA portion of my son’s grade. Holy moly! Can you say propaganda? The kids were supposed to read an opinionated article about how women’s clothing size charts were developed, and then answer very carefully crafted questions that guided them to a conclusion that the government saved the clothing industry by creating women’s sizes. In the very next line, it states that not all manufacturers used the government’s sizing charts but continued to praise the Dept of Agriculture for “saving” the clothing manufacturing industry. All of us ladies know that different brands of clothing today, have different sizing charts, and you might wear a different size in one brand than another. This was their EXAMPLE and by studying the portal and looking at AIR’S website, I knew there was no way my two youngest boys were ever going to take that test and they are so grateful they haven’t had to. Instead we focus on the ACT and now that ACT is changing, we’re looking at the CLT test for college.


Another person said:

The sleight of hand is that the state board is looking at replacing SAGE in 9-11 with ACT Aspire which is a CC-aligned test made by the ACT company. It is NOT the ACT test that we use for college entrance. The legislature already made the switch last year to allow the ACT (the normal one) to be used for 11th grade.

And another comment:

There’s enough stress on kids these days,I don’t believe they should take the SAGE test since it does not count towards their grade it’s a ridiculous thing to put them through. It’s also a computer-generated so if they get something right they continue to get harder and harder questions until they get something wrong which is not good for their self-confidence if they’re smart kids. A lot of kids know this so they’ll answer incorrectly to get easier questions or they just answer everything wrong because they know it doesn’t towards grades.


And another comment:

I was the only community council parent that took a stand at the meetings. The other parents where deer in headlights. So don’t always take their opinion. As a parent, you need to research. These women know their stuff and when you get to the core, it’s unconstitutional. Let the states take back the control. That will only happen when parents start education themselves and others around them. Don’t be afraid to take a step. The school isn’t gonna hate you. After talking with many teachers after they found out I opted out, they came to me and thanked me. They can’t say anything to students or parents or they chance losing their job. That concerns me. Good luck. And know there are many around you that will support you. It’s one of those things no one wants to talk about because they don’t know enough, but most are concerned. Data mining our kids is wrong. Cradle to grave.


And another comment:

SAGE is a non valid, data gathering, embarrassing, $40,000,000.00 waste of tax payers money, and your children’s and teacher’s time.

Ask any elected politician or State or local Board member of their opinion of the SAGE. If their reply is anything LESS than, “It is a invalid measure of academic achievement, and one of the biggest mistakes ever made in Utah education history”…..walk away…..and then go check what special interest groups are putting money in their political bank accounts.

As long as agenda/identity politics (from both parties) continue their stranglehold on public school education policy, it behooves smart parents to take what schools say to them with a grain of salt, and to investigate independently on behalf of their children.

“Parents are, and must always be, the resident experts of their own children”.


Here is a post from the Choose to Refuse Common Core group:

Just read that Ohio voted for Common Core for 5 more years.


The University of Washington thinks that proper grammar is racist:


Here is more proof that the Next Generation “Science” Standards are pushing the “climate change” nonsense:

ESS2.D: Weather and Climate


ESS3.D: Global Climate Change




Here is a post from a Nevada anti-Common Core group:

Nevada excels in one area: tracking individual students from Pre-K through the workforce. Currently only 17 others states do this: CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MN, MS, NC, RI, TN, TX, VA, WA, and WV. In addition the NV Dept. of Edu. (NDE) has told us: “The NDE will follow INDIVIDUAL student’s progress from pre-K through high school all the way to the work force. The system will help DIRECT students to the type of college or career ready jobs, and into a field which will allow them a successful outcome for both the student and their state.”…/nevada-wins-4-million-grant-for-longit…


And another post from the Nevada anti-Common Core group:

If you hear of a legislator who wants to revive BDR 273 to stop CC in NV please let me know. I spoke to Senator Scott Hammond the other day. Remember Hammond had a bill to end CC last session, but it never got a hearing. Senator Hammond said he will not be bring a stop CC bill because the governor will not sign it.


And another post from the Nevada anti-Common Core group:

NV is still attempting to FORCE all 3rd-8th graders to take the SBAC. From the article: “Most states have rejected PARCC and Smarter Balanced tests.
• Nineteen states… will administer PARCC or Smarter Balanced tests in 2016-17. That’s one fewer than last year and nine fewer than two years ago.”


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