My observations on the political, economic, etc climate

NOTE: These are subject to change the more I research

1.)  LGBTQ, NAACP, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Club, La Raza, Black Lives Matter, etc are just front groups for the Communist party.   They all endorse each other and support each other and everything and trash their common opponents with labels like sexist, homophobe, transphobe, Islamophobe, bigot, racist, xenophobe, etc.

2.) The economy has NOT gotten better since the Great Recession. Most  of the new jobs have been lower wage, part time.

3) The Old Left (JFK, Reagan Democrats, etc) and the Old Right (Reagan, etc) are the good guys and would support the Constitution and at least some form of limited  government.  The Populists (Theodore Roosevelt, Herbert Hoover, FDR, Donald Trump, etc), the New Left (LBJ – Hillary, abortion, hippies, etc), the New New Left (Bernie, Black Lives Matter, the radical illegal immigration front groups, same-sex “marriage”, transgenderism, etc),  and the Corporatists (US Chamber of Commerce, Paul Ryan, the Bush family, etc) all support growing the federal government and are opposed, some more than others, to the US Constitution.

4.) The so-called “higher education” system of college has become a farce.  While it still does what it used to in some fields, increasingly, it is just a place of radical indoctrination and a place that creates high debt but doesn’t create skills to either get any decent job or work on your own.   Thus, a new system is needed.

5.) The federal government is not going to EVER fix itself.



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