The Big List of Information Pages

As I make information articles, I will add them to here.   These are what I have so far.
ACLU Supporters:


Al Sharpton Buddies:
Amnesty Supporters:


Anti-Deportation Groups and Sanctaury Cities:
Big Abortion:
Black Lives Matter Supporters:
Common Core:



Common Core Diva (a leader in informing the public about Common Core):

Companies Outsourcing:

Companies Promoting the Bad Stuff on TV:
Convention of States (or how to save America) :



Supporters of Opponents of:
Crony Capitalists and Lobbyists:

Democrat Supporters:

Dream Act Supporters:

Education Groups Being Bought Off by Bill Gates:

Enviro-Statist Supporters:

ESSA Supporters:

Euthanasia Supporters:

Evil Foundations:

Gaystapo and Transtapo Supporters:

George Soros Groups:

Globalist Plans and Supporters:

Government Spying Supporters:

Groups Helping Illegal Alien Youth:

Gun Control Supporters:

Guys Giving Illegals Education Benefits, Drivers Licenses, and Obamaphones:

H1B visa pushers:

Hillary Clinton Supporters:
Holiday Bad Guys (Companies being Scrooges on Christmas or ruining people’s Thanksgivings):

Information about Jobs and the Economy:

Islamist Supporters:

Leftist and RINO Media Funders:

“Net Neutrality” Supporters:

Obamacare/Single-payer Healthcare Buddies:

Open Borders Groups:

Opponents of Voter ID:

Progressive Groups in Each State:

Radical Hard Left Groups:

“Refugee” Supporters:

RINO Supporters:

School Choice Opponents:

Speculation on the Cyber Attacks:

Sports Hall of Shame (anti-American teams):

The Rebel Alliance (list of conservative sites and other useful links):

Truth about ICANN:

Truth about the Gay/Trans Agenda:

Truth about what is going on with public schools, Common Core, and universities:

Villains in the EU:


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