Recent Cyber Attacks: Caused or Deliberately Allowed by the Federal Government?

For those who don’t know, there was a cyber attack today:

From this attack, this appears to be the third cyber attack, so apparently there were two earlier:

Interestingly, people were worried that this sort of thing might happen if the ICANN transfer happened.  As it turned out, their fears turned out to be legit.

However, my fear is that this is actually going to lead to something far more sinister than just mere websites down.   Recall how the FEC said they were going to oversee our elections to “protect them from cyber attacks”:

Do you think this is just coincidence?  Personally, I don’t.   I think it’s possibly them hoping for an excuse to take over our elections to “protect us” from hackers.    In addition, perhaps they are hoping for the stories of the cyber attacks to drown out all the negative information about Hillary coming out.   You know, Hillary, the one who leaves our information around for the bad guys to find and then someone manages to always get away with criminal negligence (if not worse).

Whatever it is, we’ll see, in time.   Keep alert America.   Our government cannot be trusted.

BREAKING: While the US says they are planning cyber attacks on Russia, whom they blame for the waves of cyber attacks, their actual target, so far, appears to be Julian Assange and Wikileaks:


Interestingly, I may have thought, looking at other factors, that the October cyber attacks may have been caused by Assange supporters to try and get the globalists off his back.   Hacker allies have, in the past, done hackings to try and blackmail government agencies into backing off of Assange.


However, in light of the recent attacks again recently (as in May 16th, 2017), I am suspecting something even darker.    It is possible that Russia is continuously brought up as a boogeyman to:

1.) Discredit Trump in hopes of the Democrats winning again in 2020

2.) Have a convenient excuse to blame Russia for what is possibly an inside job.

According to the New American, the recent tools used by the Wannacry hackers were, in part, designed by the NSA and stolen by the hackers.

But, it has occurred to me, what if they WEREN’T stolen but GIVEN instead?  There are enough Deep State agents within the CIA and NSA that want to bring Trump, and, indeed, the country, down, that they may have leaked in, hopes of causing mayhem that might “justify” more increase of government powers to “fix” the problem.


Ok, this story, if true, seems to increase the possibility that  the cyber attacks were either allowed by DC to try and make a power grab (or worse, that they attacked us themselves):


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