Temp/Staffing Agencies Seem to Be Like Politicians

From what I am reading so far about Temp and staffing agencies, they seem to be like politicians. There seems to be few good ones and varying degrees of bad ones.

I have checked out reports, from common people, on Ajilon Finance, Aerotek 1 2 3, Robert Half4 5, TEK Systems, Manpower, etc.

Also, I have found that temp and staffing agencies are notorious for posting fake job postings .

Some of the comments that I have read at these comment pages show that some think that our government is paying these job sites to post these fake jobs so that it can help cover the BS they and their media allies are pushing about the “recovery”, a thought that wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were true! Also, a common complaint that I am seeing is that these temp and staffing agencies are really not after jobs, but to data mine resumes. Another thing that they tend to do is to hire people, letting them believe that it is temp to perm, but, right before it is supposed to go perm, they let them go to avoid paying benefits, unemployment, etc (reminds me of the practices that they were notorious for doing in the old grape picker days). Also, I have read, and I believe it, posts that regular companies are doing this crap too, so it’s not just temp/staffing guys, though temp/staffing seems to have a reputation for doing it.

Interestingly, it’s not just the young getting shortchanged by these guys, but even people with over 20 years of experience. Often people that worked in a skill set for over a decade were supposedly “not qualified”.

I’ve seen temp and staffing agencies compared to pimps, and, if you think about it, they’re right. Many of these guys find you a job and take a bit of the cut for themselves. Also, while this is bad, they also are happy about the illegal immigration situation. As can be seen here, they have been known to take advantage of illegal immigrants (and I’m sure they are not hiring Americans too but the illegals instead). This article here shows such a place. Also, I have found that Manpower Group was one of the companies that asked Congress to have Amnesty, so I know that other temp agencies are in on the cheap foreign labor scheme.

Of course, it’s not just illegal immigration that they’ll take. They also don’t mind using the legal temp foreign workers either.6 7

Also, temp agencies make a great way for companies to get around Obamacare.8 9 10

So temp and staffing agencies, like politicians, might have a few good ones, but far too many seem to be like parasites that feed off of the misfortune of others to make a living.


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