Shortage of IT talent, my butt!

You have probably heard that there is a shortage of talent in the STEM field (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). You may even have heard it from some like Ted Cruz.

However, other sources show otherwise.1 2 3 4 5 6 7

In short, we seem to be seeing the following trends:

  • A demand for cheap foreign labor via the H1B Visas
  • A demand for a huge set of skills that are hard to fulfill
  • An unwillingness to train American workers so that they can do the job.
  • Age discrimination
  • HR and Recruiters who aren’t qualified to get the people needed as they lack knowledge in the industry and cannot tell really who would be a good fit.
  • People determining who is a “good” fit based on a keyword search of resumes
  • Stagnation of STEM wages, or even decreases, over at least the past decade.
  • Job boards listing jobs that they really don’t intend to hire for or that they don’t intend to hire US workers for but put them up anyway to appear to be complying with US law.
  • A rise in temp jobs and contract jobs vs regular secure full time jobs.
  • The jobs not paying enough to justify taking out the college loans to get the required degrees or, even worse, the jobs not even being available enough to justify the time and money spent to get the required degrees.
  • A demand for skills related to certain, sometimes proprietary, technology that one usually doesn’t encounter in college yet one is expected to know for “entry-level” jobs.

So, if the tech industry is making enough bullcrap to manure all the farm fields in the United States, why should we trust them with their College and Career Ready Common Core?8 9 What do they hope to get out of that?

More profit and greed of course! And, also, so that the kids will be used to learning to do what they’re told and will work in the sweatshops the corporatists have planned for them and will not question the Big Government elites when they try and make us like Venezuela or Cuba.

Yes, Big Government is in league with the H1B Visa scheme too as well as Common Core. But what does Big Government get out of the tech industry ripoff scheme? More unemployed equals more on government aid which equals more government dependency. And you don’t even need a degree from MIT to figure that one out! Yes Bernie, free college won’t help if there are NO jobs!

I used to want to go into STEM for a career but, after finding out the truth, I am going to go into writing and blogging (where, in the end, I’ll probably do better off anyway than those who continue to try and get into they dying STEM industry) and let my Bachelors of Science and my Associates of Arts and Associates of Science just be for naught (well, not totally, as I use those skills on this WordPress site and other things.) I used to want to be in the IT industry but now, for the most part, I wouldn’t even SPIT in the direction of a lot of firms.


One thought on “Shortage of IT talent, my butt!

  1. Amen,

    Keep America At Work
    Can’t even get hired by the Veterans Administration pushing a broom right now because my credit and employment history have been destroyed by (a) firms sending our jobs to other countries and (b) firms importing temporary non immigrant workers to take our jobs here at home


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