The Imposter (Judas Story)

Jesus chose 12 disciples. One of them was a fake. His name was Judas. He went with the others, traveled with the others, and likely even cast out devils [The Bible says the unsaved could cast out demons possibly in Matthew 7:22).
Judas was in charge of the disciples’ treasury. He had criticized a woman for pouring costly ointment on Jesus, saying the money could have gone to the poor. However, Judas didn’t really care for the poor. He had the integrity of Harry Reid and was stealing from the treasury. Jesus knew that Judas was a fake.

One day, Judas, disillusioned that Jesus was not the hero the people of Israel thought would come (at least not the way they planned) and defeat the Romans and set Himself up as King, was persuaded by Satan to betray Jesus. He agreed to sell out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver (Cheapskate! Jesus is worth far more than that!!!!) Satan entered Judas. Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray Him and told him to get it done quickly. Jesus showed to Judas that He knew what Judas was going to do by breaking bread and giving it to him. (None of the other disciples must have noticed this, as it is certain that Peter for one would have cleaned his clock if he had known it.)

Judas went and kissed Jesus as a signal. The bad guys came and arrested Jesus. Judas later felt bad, but he didn’t repent. Instead he threw his 30 pieces of silver at the feet of the bad guys and went and hanged himself. His body ripped open and his insides spilled out on the ground.

Judas may have looked like a real Christian and tried to act like one, but Jesus knew he was a fake. The truth about Judas came out in the end. God knows who is truly His and who is an imposter.

January 16th, 2016 A City Worse than Sodom (Matthew 11:23)
No, this isn’t about Washington D.C.. It’s about Capernaum. Capernaum was a city where Jesus performed many miracles. However, tragically, most of the city rejected Him. His judgment on the city was harsh.

He said that the city of Sodom (known for its blatant homosexuality, laziness, pride , and uncaring for the poor) was less bad than Capernaum. He said that if His miracles had been performed in Sodom, the city would have repented and not have perished like it had.

He said that it would be better for Sodom than for Capernaum. I cannot find out exactly happened to the city (it ironically was spared by the Romans during the Jewish revolt), but it is today and ruin and has been a ruin since about the 5th century. What was once a mighty and proud city is now a ruin, never to be rebuilt. (Also, something must have happened to the city. Cities don’t usually become ruins by themselves.) He said that their city that was exalted above the heavens (either in wealth and/or because they got to have Jesus come there and had a great opportunity that many cities didn’t) would be brought lower than Hell.
The sins even of sodomy, pride, laziness, and being uncaring for the poor can be forgiven. However, rejection of Christ is the worst sin out there and the one that will ultimately send one to Hell.


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