Cartoon Humor

While the situation is very serious in our country and around the world, sometimes it’s fun to express our frustration and, at times, admiration for the good guys, in a humorous way. Most of the pictures I got were from the Land Before Time Series, though some were from Star Wars, Spongebob, Lord of the Rings, and Spiderman.

Big Government is growing like the Sandman near the Sahara Desert
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
It Is Our Responsibility to Have a Convention of States
Our Federal government has grown into a monster
Spike’s reaction to Obama’s plot to bring in 100,000 Syrian “refugees”
How you felt after watching most of the CNN “debate” fiasco
Mama Longneck has had it with Big Government
Your anger at Obama’s plot to legalize 8 million illegals and fix the 2016 elections
What would happen if the Great Valley treated their border like the U.S. treats theirs
Ali after watching MSNBC
Don’t let Big Government fly off with your children! Stop Common Core!
Chomper is angry about all the people being killed by the illegals the government is letting in
Ducky realized what the hope and change she voted for looks like
Sierra: The Founder of the Sierra Club
If the IRS was in Lord of the Rings, they’d be Nazgûl
Spike pretends to be a liberal!
Littlefoot’s Reaction to Hearing that Obama again is doing zilch to fight ISIS
Ruby’s Reaction to Hearing Latest Lie from State Department About Iran
Ali after hearing yet ANOTHER Obama speech
Big Government trying to steal more of your nest eggs!
How you feel as you march to fight Big Government
What We’d Like Many Members of Congress to Do
How You Feel Most Days Under Obama Regime
If You Don’t Want the Sith in Charge, Have a Convention of States
How watching your liberty be stolen away makes you feel
How You Feel About the Future of America
Ducky’s Reaction to Boehner’s Resignation
Guido is annoyed by the con-con drones
Ducky and Chomper are glad we got COS passed in Alabama
How all the capitulation by the RINOs makes you feel
You suck Obama!
We love you Netanyahu!
Petrie says “Wake up America!”
How you feel when the RINOs AGAIN fail to do anything to stop Obama
How you feel when Andy Biggs single-handedly kills your Convention of States application
The look you get when you realize the mess liberals have made of this country
When you are totally wide awake as to what is going on in this country
How the American people are feeling after all of these government atrocities
Guido is shocked at the brazenness of Obama
How Republicans act in Congress when we need them
How other countries view us thanks to the Left.

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