The Devotion of Elisha

This comes from 2nd Kings 2

Elisha appears very devoted to Elijah. Even when Elijah suggests that he stay, Elijah says that he will not leave his side. So they continue on, now, an entire group of prophets, peers you could say, try to dissuade him, but he still says that he will stay by Elijah. First it was Elijah, his mentor, probably well meaning, suggesting that he stay behind. Next, it was his peers and a group of them too. Elijah again suggests that Elisha stay behind, but Elisha is determined to get blessed by Elijah, and, ultimately, God.

Again, more prophets, peers, try to dissuade Elisha from doing what he feels that he needs to do. And again, Elisha turns them down. Again, Elijah suggests that Elisha stay. Once more, Elisha, ever determined, declines and they continue. They cross a river (the cool way, by having it part and them crossing it).

Elijah realizes that Elisha won’t give up, so he asks Elisha what he wants from him. Elisha asks Elijah for a double portion of his spirit. I’m assuming it meant the prophet ability and miracle working power or something of that sort. Elijah says that it is a hard thing (Elijah may have meant “a lot to ask”, as nothing is too hard for God!) but that if he sees Elijah when he is taken, he will get it, otherwise he won’t.
Elijah is taken up into Heaven via chariot (What a way to go! I suspect that Elijah, along with Enoch, will return as the two prophets in Revelation. They are the only people mentioned in the Bible, other than Christ Himself, and even He died, to have gone into Heaven and escaped death and not returned to life or something (like Lazarus or others)) and Elisha sees him go.

Elisha tore his clothes in two (as a sign of mourning). Elijah’s coat landed next to Elisha, who, having kinda ripped his old outfit, put it on and wore it. (Good idea. It wouldn’t do for a prophet of God to go around in his underwear!) Elisha is able to cross the river by splitting it like Elijah did. Elisha has indeed gotten double Elijah’s spirit. (Indeed, he raised two people from the dead. One while he was alive, and one when he was dead when his corpse happened to touch the corpse of another as Elisha was being buried. Elijah only raised one.)

Elisha was later met by some prophets (who were with them earlier, and should have known WHERE Elijah went, if they had LISTENED) who wanted to send out a search party for Elijah. Elisha kept saying no, but, after being pestered a lot, Elisha finally basically said “Go ahead. Knock yourselves out.” They went and couldn’t find him and Elisha basically said “I told you so!” when they got back.

Elisha then helped heal the waters of Jericho (which may have been afflicted by a curse from Joshua (See Joshua 6:26 and 1 Kings 16:34)).
Elisha had stayed determined and had gotten a blessing from God. May we not lose our focus and be detracted from getting the best from God.


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