Falling Short of What God Plans for You

This is from 2 Kings 9-10.

Elisha told a young prophet to anoint this guy named Jehu. The prophet went and did that. He said that God said that he was to be the new king. Jehu was told to wipe out the house of Ahab and also to kill Jezebel. Jehu’s servants asked what the guy wanted. Jehu finally says that he was supposed to be anointed king. So the guys take off their robes (is it normal to go in your undies when a guy becomes king?) and put it in the steps in front of Jehu. Then they blew a trumpet and announced that Jehu was king.

Jehu plots against Joram, Ahab’s evil son. Jehu seems to be in luck, as Joram, having been injured in a fight with King Hazel of Aram, is heading to Jezreel to heal. Jehu tells his servants to make sure that his scheme isn’t known in the town. Jehu goes after Joram.

Meanwhile, King Ahaziah, the evil king of Judah, came to visit Joram. They noticed Jehu coming. Joram sent some guys asking him if he came in peace, and Jehu said that they had nothing to do with peace and asked him to join them (and, I gather that either they did or he killed them as neither of them came back to Joram.) Finally, Joram and Ahaziah went out to meet Jehu. Joram asked Jehu if he came in peace. Jehu said that there could be no peace as long as he and his evil mother Jezebel were still doing their acts of evil. (On a side note, both Joram ad Ahaziah had evil mothers (Jezebel and Athaliah). You could probably say, the most evil mothers that kings of the divided kingdom ever had. In some ways, Athaliah makes Jezebel look GOOD.)
Joram yelled to Ahaziah that it was a trick and Joram ran away (coward!). Jehu, however, shot the already injured Joram with a bow and Joram got hit in the heart and died. He had his guys throw Joram’s body in Naboth’s field (to avenge Naboth’s death and the deaths of his sons). He then told his guys to kill Ahaziah too (Ahaziah was not only evil, but also was the son of a relative of Ahab’s so he kinda was part of the evil family too anyway.) He got hit, ran off, and died somewhere else and was buried by his people.

Jehu then had some guys throw down Jezebel out the window. He was gonna have her buried, but, as God has said, the dogs had eaten her, so only her skull, her feet, and the palms of her hand were left. They presumably buried what was left of the body.
Jehu then went and had all of Ahab’s sons killed and wiped out the house of Ahab. He also wiped out friends and advisors to Ahab. Also, he killed some relatives of Ahaziah too.

Next, Jehu decides to set up a sting for all the Baal worshippers. He says that Ahab served Baal a little, but Jehu will serve Baal much. He said that he would kill any worshipper of Baal that didn’t come to the meeting. Jehu made sure that no servants of God came by mistake or were there. He had the Baal worshippers go into a temple. They went inside. Jehu had 80 guys go in and kill them all. He then destroyed the memorial stones to Baal inside the temple. He had the temple burned down. He had the temple site turned into a public toilet (how funny!). He stomped out the worship of Baal.

So far, he seems to be set out to be a good king. Indeed, he did do a lot of things for God. However, he didn’t become a great king in that he didn’t turn from the worship of the golden calves. They stayed a snare to him. He was still blessed by God for wiping out the house of Ahab and ending Baal worship, but he likely would have had his family on the throne forever if he had followed God completely. He still got the throne all of his life and was guaranteed by God to have four generations of kings after him. However, he could have gotten better. Also, a lot of land was lost from Israel during Jehu’s time as king (no doubt as a punishment for Jehu causing the nation of Israel to sin by keeping up the calf worship.) While it is certain that he was the best king of Israel in the divided kingdom, and the only decent one, his salvation is in doubt. Let us make sure that we don’t fall short of what God has for us and miss His blessing!


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