A Judgment of God

This is also from 2nd Kings 2

Here, some boys came and bothered Elisha, telling him to “Get up bald-head!” or something like that. The KJV says “little children” but this is probably not the best description. More likely youths (teenagers to 25 years old) would be more likely to fit. Also, if so, they would probably be about Elisha’s own age (Remember, he had left his mother and father when he went with Elijah. He couldn’t have been TOO old at this point.) The likelihood of Elisha being bald from old age, therefore, is pretty slim (unless Elisha was a mama’s boy that didn’t leave home till he was 70, which I highly doubt!!!).

Also, their comments about “go up” may have been an insult, not just at Elisha, but at Elijah as well. The story of Elijah going into Heaven probably had been going around for a while by then. They could have been saying “Why don’t you go away from us like your pal Elijah did?”. In short, they didn’t want him and were mocking him.
Also, in that time period, “bald head” could also mean what we might consider “empty head”. In short, they could have been calling Elisha stupid.

Also, the people of the area were likely Baal worshippers and could have been taunting Elisha for his loyalty to God. In addition, there were at least 42 boys there and they may have been of the sort that play knock-out here (Google it) and may have sought to bring harm to Elisha.

Whatever the case, Elisha felt that they should be punished and God agreed. God sent 2 she bears that tore 42 of them (It doesn’t say that anybody died, please note.) Clearly, if God thought Elisha was just acting in anger, He would have ignored him. (On a side note, the Bible mentions bears attacking people and also lions too. I don’t recall any tigers ever attacking anyone in the Bible. Maybe God did this so nobody would say “Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!”.) It is clear that you don’t mess with God’s messengers!


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