Taking Your Eyes Off of God and Getting Back on Track

This is from 1 Kings 19.

Jezebel wasn’t pleased about the deaths of all of her prophets. So, she vowed that she would make Elijah dead too or else hoped the gods would kill her or do worse to her (Careful what you vow!). So, Elijah, having just won a great victory, runs off and hides in the wilderness. It seems that he has taken his eye off God, who has seen him through so far.

Not only has Elijah ran for it, but he asks God to kill him, for he wants to die. Fortunately, God doesn’t grant his request. God has an angel send Elijah food and water, and Elijah eats and drinks. However, that doesn’t appear to have cheered him up.

An angel comes a second time and gives him something to eat and drink. This time, Elijah is able to go 40 days and nights (musta been a lot of food and drink or else divinely made stuff!!!) Elijah came to Mount Horeb (which appears to be Mount Sinai.). However, Elijah goes and hides in a cave. It seems he’s still feeling down.
God asked him what he was doing hiding in a cave. (God of course knows. He wants Elijah to answer why.) Elijah goes on a rant that he has been zealous for God and is the only one left and loyal (I think he’s forgotten about the 100 guys that Obadiah hid!!!).

God told Elijah to come out of the cave and Elijah did. God came in a wind, but God wasn’t in there, and then an earthquake, but God wasn’t in the earthquake. Then there was a fire, but God wasn’t in the fire. Elijah heard God in a still, small voice (I wonder if that’s how God talks often.)

God again asks Elijah what he is doing there. Elijah again goes on and on about how he’s the last guy standing, this time whining that Jezebel wants to kill him (He had people out to kill him before, yet that didn’t stop him the other times!!!!) Elijah seems to be having a pity party. Fortunately, God doesn’t give up.

God then sent Elijah to go anoint some people for different roles. (Hazel as King of Aram. (That seems to be future tense, as Ben-Hadad is still around. However, he was defeated later.) Jehu to be a new king of Israel, (probably future tense, as, as Elijah no doubt knows, Ahab is still around!) and Elisha to be his second-in-command prophet .) God also tells Elijah that there are 7000 guys (I admit that is low still!!!) that haven’t bowed down to the false gods. (Guess Elijah isn’t the last guy standing after all!!!!) Elijah then went and did the tasks that God had told him to. He was back on track now, focusing once more on God and not circumstances.


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